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Another Child Dies
As Rafah Mourns

By Sandra Jordan
The Observer - UK
RAFAH -- Rawan Mohammed Abu Zaed, aged three and a half, went to the shop with two of her sisters to spend their pocket money on sweets.
Sick of being cooped up at home after a week of Israeli army attacks, the girls were taking advantage of a lull in the violence, but minutes after leaving home Rawan was shot in the face and neck by an Israeli tank.
Her dying words were: 'Mummy, Mummy'.
Three hours after her death yesterday, her father, Mohammed, placed Rawan's small body in a grave. All he had left of her was a photograph of a pretty elfin girl.
The 45-year-old father of 12 cried as he told of how Rawan used to run to him and how she loved to sleep in his arms. 'Her mother died giving birth,' he said, 'so I always try to compensate, and that's why we are so attached. I am both mum and dad to her. She's very intelligent, more like a 10-year-old than a three-year-old.'
According to the Palestinians, Rawan was the 11th child to be killed by the Israeli Defence Force since Operation Rainbow began last week. During the funeral, IDF planes circled the skies, giving the citizens of Rafah little hope for a let-up in the offensive that has killed at least 60 Palestinians so far.
The Israeli attacks began in response to the killing of seven soldiers here. The IDF claims it is targeting only militants and demolishing houses that conceal tunnels used to smuggle arms from Egypt. 'Does Rawan drive a tank?' asked Mohammed. 'Does she fire rockets?
There was none of the usual rhetoric common at the funerals of Palestinians killed by the IDF. There was just Mohammed, an unemployed labourer who used to work in Israel, saying quietly: 'Sharon is the first and last to blame.'
Rawan's uncle Abed trembled as he denounced her killers: 'She was an innocent child. And she deserved a gentle hand after losing her mother. Instead, she was killed by an Israeli hand with an American weapon.'
A stench of decaying flesh permeated the cemetery: half-filled mass graves remain open for shaheeds or martyrs. There were no gunmen firing over Rawan's tomb, and the crowd was smaller than the usual turnout of thousands to honour the death of an infant.
Instead, most of her neighbours were packing their belongings on donkey carts and fleeing the homes they fear will be destroyed during the next Israeli incursion.
Much of the area is without electricity or water and looks as if it has been hit by an earthquake: the roads have been ploughed up by tanks and whole streets of former houses are in ruins.
At least 3,000 people have been made homeless in the past week and thousands more, including Mohammed, expect to join their ranks over the weekend.
'I never expected my child to be a shaheed. Now I will make a prison for my other children at home and I won't let them ever leave the house.'
Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2004 http://WWW.GUARDIAN.CO.UK/israel/Story/0,2763,1222713,00.html



Two More Israelis In Van
Arrested Near
US Nuke Facility

By Daniel Hopsicker
For the second time in the past two weeks Israelis in a moving van have been detained near a U.S. nuclear facility, this time at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base near St. Marys, GA.
"Security scare shuts Kings Bay" reported the Jacksonville Times-Union on Saturday. "Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base was locked down for security reasons Friday after two Israelis were detained for questioning."
Two Israeli men attempted to enter the base about 10:30 a.m., on the pretext that that had been hired by a moving-and-storage company to pick up household goods at an address on the base, the paper reported.
One occupant of the vehicle was unable to provide base security personnel with proper credentials, a base spokesman told reporters.
"Base personnel then inspected the van."
What the MP's found has no doubt since become highly classified. But before that could happen, a base spokesman had blurted this much of it out...
"A briefcase was removed from the vehicle with a remote control robot, but nothing was found in it."
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"When Matt & Katie aren't enough."
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Israeli Troops Kill
4-Year-Old Girl - Witnesses

By Cynthia Johnston
RAFAH, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 4-year-old Palestinian girl Saturday in the latest bloodshed in the Rafah refugee camp, Palestinian medics and witnesses said.
The army had no immediate comment on the incident, in which witnesses said three other Palestinians were wounded.
Rawan Abu-Zeid's uncle Khader said the 4-year-old, who had been cooped up inside since Israeli tanks and armored vehicles rumbled into the camp Tuesday, had just left the house to buy something from a nearby shop.
"She took half a shekel from her father and left the house. As she left we heard heavy shooting and when we went out we found her on the ground, two bullets in her neck and head," said Abu-Zeid, noting Israelis snipers were positioned near the home.
Israel pulled tanks and troops out of the Rafah refugee camp Friday, under international pressure to the end fighting, but said the operation in the area was not over.
The 4-year-old's death brought to 42 the number of Palestinian deaths in the camp since Tuesday.
Reporters on a tour of the area with Peter Hansen, chief of the United Nations agency for refugees UNRWA, heard gunshots before the girl was killed. "We have now confirmation from the hospital that a girl was shot and killed in one of the two gun bursts we heard," Hansen said.
Also Saturday, medics reported the death of a 17-year-old who died from wounds sustained in violence in Gaza City last week.
An Israeli military source said forces had been "thinned out" in Rafah, a militant stronghold. Palestinian security sources said most of the estimated 100 tanks and other vehicles that had rumbled into the camp had left but some armor took up new positions outside the camp.
Israel faced U.S. displeasure after forces killed 10 Palestinians at a peace protest Wednesday. Troops said they did not aim to hit the rally.
Israel launched the raid after it lost 13 soldiers in Gaza last week. Israeli officials have said the operation is intended to uncover arms smuggling tunnels in the area.
Violence in Gaza has risen since Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon proposed evacuating troops and Jewish settlers in a plan backed by most Israelis and the United States, but rejected by his right-wing Likud party in a referendum this month.
(Additional reporting by Shahdi al-Kashif)
© Reuters 2004. All Rights Reserved.


The New, New Deal Olam Haha and that evil Son of perdition of the shem gods......

A Proposed New Whole Vision for Israel

Dr. Yitzhak (Isaac) Hayut-Man, cyber-architect

Director, the Hayut Foundation for Renewing the Zionist Vision

The classical Zionist vision that brought about the establishment of the State of Israel, has now become obsolete. Since "where there is no vision, the people become unruly" (Proverbs 29:18), the time has come to raise a new and integrative Vision for the State of Israel, in which there is also an alternative to the division of the land and establishment of a hostile Palestinian State. There are three main principles in the proposed vision:

1. The Dilemmas of Contemporary Israeli Society: There are three schisms that presently threaten Israeli society: the Jewish/Arab schism; the religious/secular schism and the Oriental/Ashkenazy (or Western) schism. Other or additional schisms are probable in the future, as these tendencies are prevelant in Israeli society. Our (post)modern society has witnessed a devaluation of ideology and a kind of "evil spirit" that has insinuated itself into the contemporary Israeli cultural scene, threatening to disintegrate national solidarity.

Thesis: A new approach is required for the healing of the collective Jewish soul. There's need for a new Jewish and Israeli vision. Toward this aim, we must nurture "the Israeli Soul" that draws from the characteristics of "the Jewish Soul" and recognizes the legacy of the Jewish trauma of the Exile, the Holocaust and the wars of Israel, as well as the legacy of the Arab trauma of the defeats of 1948 and 1967.

2 - The Present Decline of Zionism and its Possible Renewal: Zionism suffers from "the curse of success" and from degeneration due to institutionalization and ossification. The decline of ideology in our times affects Zionism too. Historically, Zionism was characterized by Western (Ashkenazy) dominance, which no longer fits the present social structure. Zionism also left many unresolved problems, including the attitude toward the native Arab population. For the renewal of Zionism it is necessary to adopt a combination of revolution and tradition (as was in the teachings of Herzl and Zabotinski, for example). We need to acknowledge the value of mass communications, the momentum of the Palestinian ideology and the appearance of new global ideologies, including tribalism, ecology, Christian (-Zionist) Fundamentalism and the "Noahide" religion. We must examine how Zionism can adopt new contents that will nevertheless be recognized as "Zionist".

3 - "The Old-New Zion" - The Heavenly Jerusalem as the City of Understandings: Both in Jewish and Christian culture, "Zion" symbolizes "The Heavenly (or New) Jerusalem", which is the perfected city/society. In our new interpretation of Zion, Heavenly Jerusalem would be "A City of Understandings" (in Hebrew Havannot) - made up of the different cultures which comprise the Israeli people, including the friends of Jerusalem world-wide. According to this approach, the Heavenly Jerusalem will also have a concrete symbolic-geometrical expression in the form of a light structure in the pattern of "The Heavenly Jerusalem/Temple" hovering over the earthly holy city. This structure will serve as a three-dimensional screen for the collection and display of measurable achievements in building inter-cultural understandings in various popular frameworks.

4 - The Proposed Jubilee Legislation for Economic Justice: With the collapse of communism and the ebbing of socialism in our times, the hope for economic justice must find a venue through the market economy. "The Capitalist Manifest" of Luis Kelso and Mortimer Adler proposes the wide distribution of capital assets as the alternative to the application of socialism worldwide. The social proposition of Zabotinski (which was also mentioned by Theodore Herzl in his "Altneuland") was to adapt the Biblical Jubilee plan for a modern economy. 

Hey People......can't understand all the yap-yapping of the "Conspiracy Theorist" their Illuminati..?

Chabad Lubavitch is the Illuminated "Masters of the gods....the shem's, any opposed to their godhood hoodlum haha will be purged from their new jew god's world order



Today, in the information age, capital ownership is mainly through stocks that can be diluted or re-distributed through the application of a computer program. It is proposed that every fifty years there will be a new dealing of the national capital - or a certain portion thereof. In this manner, it should be possible to solve the dilemma of reparations for Palestinian refugees, which is one of the fundamental problems of reconciliation. It is therefore proposed to plan and institute a Jubilee system for socio-economic justice, whose beneficiaries will be the various parts of Israeli society - the tribes.

A New economic order in USA 2005

5 - The Jubilee and the Tribes of Israel: According to the Halakha (Jewish religious law), the Jubilee is dependent on the return to the twelve-tribe social structure of Israel. 

Moshiach ben Satan will determine the useless geneologies of the 12 tribes


Twelve is the right number to demonstrate the concept of the Whole in any situation. The Twelve Tribes signify the multifaceted whole of the Nation of Israel. The assembly of the Twelve can serve to integrate all the groups that exist in Israel and are distinguished by characteristics of intermarriage, voting and communications. At present, the distinctions are primarily Jewish/Arab, Oriental/Occidental, Religious/Secular. Yet the principle is that each subsequent Jubilee will require a reassessment of the primary distinctions within the whole of Israeli society and a redefinition of the tribes and their relative rights accordingly.

Oh neat, how they set themselves up to be the gods of the earth............without a Savior

6 - How was the Ancient Israeli-Covenant Formed: An analysis of the Biblical narrative through Biblical criticism and archeological findings (see "The Israeli Nation" by Onn Zayit, in Hebrew) shows that in fact there was then an ongoing process of integration of "mixed multitudes" (Erev Rav) and the tribes of Canaan within the Israelite covenant. The significance of Judah and the "Children of Leah" in the Biblical narrative is plural seniority (6 tribes from among the 12) for the "Jewish" side. "Levi" is the tribe of associates-escorts (Levaya) intended for religious function, whereas the "House of Yoseph" (Joseph) are those who are added (Nosaph) willingly to Judah, and the "Sons of the Maid-Servants" (1/3 of the tribes) are related to the conquered native people, who were absorbed into Israel. The Bible is in this way similar to the late dialogues of Plato, which proposed an ideal state based on twelve groups.

Thesis: the Biblical model offers a radical Israeli solution for thefundamental problems of contemporary Israel.

7 - The Possibility of Absorbing the Palestinians into the New Israel Tribes: Despite the Oslo agreements the Palestinian dilemma remains unsolvable, and both parties cannot bear the price of war or the price of annexation. The Israelis fear the loss of a Jewish majority in a bi-national state - but what is proposed here is a multi-national covenant in the original Israeli pattern, in which a Jewish seniority will be safeguarded through the inclusion of other tribes along with the Arab ones. Alongside with the development of Palestinian national identity among Israeli Arabs, in practice they prefer Israeli citizenship - and so would the Palestinians, if they really had the choice. The incorporation would be a controlled process - one which issues from a declaration of principles that offers a full and comprehensive future solution for the Arab tribes of Israel - and gradual realization at each jubilee. Modeled after the ancient Hebrew tribes, each will find equal status in the new society, including the Palestinians.

ger tav's Obedient shabbos Goyim yoked to the god's of Talmud Bavli

Thesis: The Arabs of the land can be incorporated into the system of the Israeli covenant and culture.

8 - The Integration of "Noahides" and Christian-Zionists - a right-hand support for the New Israel: From the time of Theodore Herzl there existed much Christian support for the State of Israel. The mythos of their being counedt among Tribes of Israel is gaining strength in the Christian and post-Christian world. There are many Christian-Zionists who would be willing to be absorbed into Israel - even under the condition that they would not strive for the conversion of the Jews. In parallel, there is the emergence of the "Noahides" as a new universal religion that acknowledges a Jewish seniority. It is therefore conceivable to include immigrants from the (post) Christian countries, Western and worldwide, as tribes of "the House of Joseph" of the New Israel, and as a complementary and balancing factor in respect to the Arab population.

2 Thes. 2 the apostasy and the Son of Perdition to be "REVEALED"

Thesis: The establishment of a balanced tribal system for "the Greater Israel" also offers a resolution of the historical Jewish-Christian conflict.

9 - The Global Role of Jerusalem as focus for Humankind - the New Temple: Zionism, Zion and Jerusalem are all facets of the same vision, and the larger Zionist Vision relates to the realization of Jerusalem and the Temple. 

Their vision against the Everlasting Holy Covenant Jesus the Christos

(There was already talk of a New Temple in Herzl's Altneuland and by "Yair" Abraham Stern). (Murderous Stern Gang)  There is substance to the traditional view of Jerusalem as "the center of the world" - namely the center of gravity of the inhabited continents, and therefore of all of humankind, which is located in Asia where the majority of humans live. Jerusalem also has much significance and importance in world culture and can therefore serve as a global point of reference and site for a temple dedicated to the perfection of all humankind. With this novel global formulation, which is in accord with the universal vision of the prophets of Israel (Prophets of Baa'l) concerning Jerusalem and her Temple as "A House of Prayer for All Peoples"  it is possible to overcome the obstacles for actualizing the Temple in our times. The whole Old City and its visual basin should be granted a special status as a new Temple-City. By these means it would be possible to transform Jerusalem from a focus of conflict into a fulcrum for peace and amplifying Israel's status in the world.

10 - A Demonstration - The 2012 cultural Olympics in Jerusalem: The first Cultural Olympic Games will take part in Barcelona in 2004 and Jerusalem would be a natural choice for hosting subsequent games. The choice of Jerusalem as a permanent sister site for Cultural Olympics is an example of how a global Jerusalem project might operate. A project is thus proposed of collecting results of achievements of human culture through the Internet, and their display in a model of "Heavenly Jerusalem" that will be built over the visual basin of the Old City of Jerusalem (featured as "Yoru-Shalem" - the display of the whole of all humankind).


Summary: The importance of the proposed vision is in raising conceptual alternatives and novel modes of thinking, a broadening of the horizons of the cultural and national discussion in Israel and its transition from the vain disputations and rehashing of old positions, into a joint creation. The new visions and ideas will provide challenge and inspiration for discussions on the future of Israel, and will prompt even the political system to attend to fundamental issues. The vision will fructify the discussions that take place in the educational systems (formal and informal) and will restore a Jewish-Biblical motif to questions of current events, and current relevance to the studies of Judaism.


Welcome to the Hoodlum bru haha haba of the shem's


Operation Rainbow

All people are considered Bnei Noach, but anyone who lives by these laws is also termed a Noahide (follower of the covenant of Noah), also called a righteous (chassid) gentile (goy) or G-d fearer (Geir). The Rainbow

The rainbow effect can be observed whenever there are water drops in the air and sunlight shining from behind the observer
..... Click the link for more information.
 is the symbol of the Noahides.

The first documented Jewish council dealing with Gentiles who had expressed interest in living under a Jewish Legal System is the Nazarene council mentioned in the book of Acts 15 verses 19-21 & 28-29. Here Paqid Jacob Halophai (James the Just) dictates the first epistle to gentiles who wish to be under Israel's law. It is apparently taken for granted that such gentiles understood the prohibitions against Idolatry, Blasphemey, Murder & Stealing, but specific problems of contact with things poluted through Idolatry, Kashrut

James the Freemason.....the "brother" of the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF  GOD? Not even close to Hardly



The Fables of the shem's, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine of the Illumined "Master Race"


In like manner, the land of Canaan, originally given to the seven tribes which lived in that land, was later given to the Israelites who only drove out the people engaged in idolatry and allowed to remain those who agreed to abide by the universal moral code given to all of mankind, called the Laws of Noah. There was never a wholesale slaughter of the people of Canaan, as some unlearned folks teach, since each time a city was surrounded by Joshua and his men it was only surrounded on three sides. This left the fourth side as a means of escape for those individuals wanting to sue for peace and who wanted to leave the land alive or stay in the land as Noahides (i.e., loyal to the nation of Israel and their God). The Torah teaches no less than 42 times the proper ethical treatment of strangers in the land of Israel and the Jewish people are not allowed (by their religion) to oppress a minority population in their God-given land.


"Rabbinism was but an unfolding of Pharisaism, the full and swelling stream of corrupt doctrines, views and practices, of which the rivulets run up to the days of Christ and stretch back to those of Ezra until they are lost in the fountain-head, the Religious Philosophy of a debased Zoroastrianism." (Rev. J. Kitto, Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature.)



Matthew 23: verses 6,7 and 8 read: Pharisees in the New Testament times and hundreds of years earlier, considered themselves a separate group from their brethren; the name in its Semitic form is translated ‘the separated ones’ or ‘separatists’. ‘Chassidim,’ is another name associated with them, especially in modern religious Jewish history. They became a closely knit society for ultra-orthodox religious people, loyal to each other; but other Jews of the same basic religion, are considered ‘outsiders’. These Pharisees or Chassid’s dressed in different fashion to the norm, so were easily recognizable. They despised those whom they did not consider equals and were haughty and arrogant because they believed they were the only true interpreters of God and His word. They strictly adhered to the minutest details of the traditional laws and the ceremonial purity it entailed. Salvation through good works alone, became their final reward to reserve a place in heaven. Yeshua clearly condemned their ostentation, hypocrisy and salvation by works, and their impenitence and lovelessness. ‘Mitzvot’, or good works, is central to the Pharisee tradition; and to do good to please God- is indeed good! But their reason for doing it is questionable, even unlawful! Let us read what the Lord has to say about it: Matthew 6: 1-8



This year (5764-2004), Shavuot, also called Zman Matan Torateinu, (the "Time of the Giving of Our Torah") starts at sundown, Tuesday, May 25th and lasts for two days, Wednesday, May 26th and Thursday, May 27th, the 6th and 7th of Sivan. In Eretz Yisroel, The Yom Tov of Shavuot lasts for one day, Wednesday May 26th, the 6th of Sivan.



Where will this Moshiach come out of? Well of course Galilee, he is the false Messiah, so they must re-enact  for his for HE who they reject.

The Holy City of Tsfat (Safed, Zefat)

Tsfat, a town high in the mountains in the north of Israel, is considered one of the four "holy cites." The others are Hevron ('earth'), Yerushalayim ('fire'), and Tiverya ('water').

Tsfat is associated with the element of air, and "the air of the Holy Land makes one wise." The Zohar, a primary source of Jewish mysticism, states that the air of Zefat is the purest in all of Israel. It is no coincidence that the holy Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as "the Ari", revealed great depths of kabbalah while living in Tsfat. The Zohar also states that the Moshiach will come first to the Galilee, in the north of Israel; the Remaz, a main commentary on the Zohar, states unequivocally that this is referring to Tsfat!


Lit. annointed. A man who will be chosen by G-d to put an end to all evil in the world, rebuild the Temple, bring the exiles back to Israel and usher in the world to come. It is better to use the Hebrew term "moshiach" when speaking of the Jewish messiah, because the Jewish concept is very different from the Christian one.



The Son of Perdition, who comes in His Own Name

"The [Messiah] will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The moshiach is often referred to as 'moshiach ben David' (moshiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments. (Isaiah 11:2-5) He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being." - (Judaism 101)


Matthew 22:41-44

41: While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them,
42: Saying, What think ye of Christ? whose son is he? They say unto him, The Son of David.
43: He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying,
44: The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?
45: If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?



What is it about False Christ, shewing himself to be the Christ, that you do not understand? What, Did Van Impe, Fall-well, Robertson, Crouch..teach you there was coming a "anti-Christ" who would come foaming at the mouth, rabid towards Jesus of Nazareth and millions of Jesus the Christ true followers? Yes that is exactly what these zionist wolves in mammonite sheep's clothing wanted you to think, so that they could silently usher in their New World Order without opposition of the gullible apostate agapean's of Scofield's dispen-Satan-alism.

Behold the False Messiah, your god, ye Noahides of Satan's Fremasonry



Judaism Teaches…or Does It?

by Moishe Rosen


This article originally appeared in ISSUES 11:2


The man didn't want to believe in Jesus. He didn't want to overhear any more about it, so he joined the conversation with the intention of turning off the Jesus-talk like a faucet. He took his stand and said: "We can't believe in Jesus because Judaism teaches that the Messiah will not be a man. Instead there will be a time of worldwide peace."

Then another Jew, also a bystander, said: "You must be a Reform Jew. Real Judaism teaches that the Messiah will be a man who comes on the clouds of heaven!"

A third Jew spoke up: "Ideas of the Messiah had their origins in desperate times when we needed hope for deliverance."

Then the second Jew replied incredulously, "Do you mean to say that the Messiah is no more than a notion born out of desperation? Is that what your rabbi teaches?"

And the Jew who had labeled the Messiah as nothing more than a mere notion conceived to give hope to the desperate said, with great bearing and dignity: "I am the rabbi."

Perhaps if you queried the three more carefully, they would find yet a fourth thesis of what Judaism teaches, because, as the saying goes, "Where there are three Jews, there are four opinions."

A case in point: What are the most important differences between Judaism and Christianity? According to Rabbi Benzion Milecki of Australia, "What essentially defines Judaism, and differentiates it from Christianity, is adherence to Halacha in day to day life." (1) Taking a different view, Rabbi Isser Z. Weisberg affirms that "with regards to Christianity, its most serious deviation from Judaism is by far the concept of the Trinity, and attributing Divinity to a human." (2) David Berger, in a response to Weisberg, agrees, but then goes on to say that Jewish sources "almost surely deny altogether the option of a Messiah who returns from the grave.…It is an assertion of what the Jewish religion believes as a defining element of the faith." (3) Which most clearly distinguishes Judaism from Christianity: observance, the Trinity or a dying and resurrected Messiah? Here we have three recognized Jewish authorities expounding on the same matter and giving different opinions!

The phrase "Judaism teaches" was never meant to be used as a weapon to silence those with whom one disagrees. Those who use the phrase today are following in the ancient tradition of the Talmudists by which a rabbi would attribute his own teaching or axiomatic truth to his rabbi.

Rabbinic ordination is not hereditary. Neither was it institutional, until recent times. Traditionally, a rabbi who was known and respected would take disciples or students. When they had completed the course of study to his satisfaction, he would give them a letter saying that the student was now competent to teach. Each rabbi tried to be a credit to the rabbi who had ordained him. So, throughout the Talmud, we have teachings attributed to rabbis by their disciples.

Today, however, among Reform and Conservative Jews, it is the seminary that ordains, not one's individual teacher. Many rabbis do not attribute their teaching to the seminary but instead say, "Judaism teaches." By expressing themselves in this way, they hope that their wise opinions, verdicts or personal doctrine will serve to enhance the prestige of the Jewish religion, but at the same time, they hope to bring the authority of the Jewish religion to their teaching. The result is that a dimension of truth is lost.

Some rabbis trivialize the beliefs and teachings of other rabbis by saying, "That's not mainstream Judaism," as if somehow truth could be determined by majority vote. The presumption is that Jews have always known the truth and that those Jews who believed in Jesus were certainly wrong. And not only were they wrong, but they were un-Jewish in their beliefs.

The uninformed imagine that the phrase "Judaism teaches" always introduces a carefully thought through and universally shared consensus opinion. But in fact, the body of rabbinic literature contains all kinds of teachings, many of which contradict other teachings—all presented as Judaism. Some readers will be surprised to learn that Reform Judaism was originally derided as not really Jewish by its traditional opponents, and the early adherents of Reform Judaism were castigated as non-Jews, subjected to slander and in one case actually poisoned to death by an opposing traditionalist!

There are some teachers who acknowledge the dissonance among Jewish authorities, but they make it appear as if there were unanimity on at least one important matter: the messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth. It is as though the very existence of Judaism depends on conformity in this one matter. In order to be authentically Jewish, it is said, one must renounce Jesus and avoid Christians and Christianity.

Judaism rightly discerns that all of Christianity is built on one key concept: that according to the Scriptures, the Messiah would die or be killed, that he would be buried and that he would rise again. Therefore, to establish Jewish distinctives, Jews must be indoctrinated to believe that no Jews ever believed any such thing. It is said that "Judaism teaches" that it is not necessary to have a Messiah die for the sins of the people and rise again to return and finish the work of redemption. The rabbis say that the idea of a substitutionary atonement—one person dying for the sins of many—is not what Judaism teaches. The notion that this person should come back from the dead is regarded as preposterous.

The only reason there is seeming consensus and unanimity is because any Jew who discovers, believes and says that Jesus is the promised Messiah is made an outcast and regarded as a non-Jew. Hence, by tautology, the rabbis can say that no Jew believes in Jesus.

But a remarkable phenomenon has occurred that raises serious questions about the monolithic picture of what "Judaism teaches."

The Amazing Lubavitcher Controversy

One could hardly find a sect of Judaism more committed to what it understands to be traditional Judaism than the Brooklyn-based Lubavitch sect. Lubavitcher are so strict that they will not accept kashrut set by other rabbis but insist on glatt kosher (an extra measure of kosher observance), and they are peerless in their level of commitment to and observance of what they understand to be Jewish law.

The followers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson, who died on June 12, 1994, at age ninety-two, were the ones who chanted, "We want Moshiach now." That chorus began as early as 1981. At first they only whispered that their rabbi was Moshiach. Then they openly declared it. Finally, they published huge newspaper ads and rented billboards to tell everyone that their rabbi was the promised Messiah who would bring worldwide redemption. When he suffered a stroke that rendered him unable to speak, some in the Lubavitch movement applied to him the suffering servant text of Isaiah 53, which Christian theologians say refers to the Messiah. (4) The Lubavitch Hasidim also say that Isaiah 53 applies to the Messiah. But their Messiah is not the thirty-three-year-old crucified one who said, "No man can take my life from me" and taught that there was no greater love than that of the one who would lay down his life for others. Instead, their version of the Messiah is a ninety-two-year-old rabbi who not only suffered a stroke, but went on to die through the ravages of old age.

Since Menachem Schneerson's death, some Jews have been perplexed by an issue that has created a maelstrom within the community of seriously observant Jews. Since Schneerson's death, a significant number of the Lubavitch sect are saying, "Yes, he died, but he is going to be resurrected and complete the work of redemption."

It is notable that some members of the Lubavitch movement have admitted that the suffering servant passage is messianic. Today we are generally told that "Judaism teaches" that the suffering servant passage applies to Israel and not to the Messiah. Yet one can find any number of rabbis who have given a contradictory opinion.

The belief that the Rebbe-as-Messiah will come back from the dead is not only held popularly, but is also being maintained by scholars within the Lubavitcher movement. They are now drawing from the body of traditional Jewish literature in order to demonstrate that the concept of a Messiah who rises from the dead is a valid Jewish viewpoint. A lively interchange was printed recently between David Berger, professor of history at Brooklyn College, and others, such as Rabbi Isser Z. Weisberg of Toronto and Rabbi Shmuel M. Butman, chairman of the Lubavitcher-sponsored International Campaign to Bring Moshiach. Weisberg and Butman both extensively cited traditional Jewish writings that they maintained indicate the possibility, if not the probability, of a Messiah who dies before completing his mission of redemption and then returns from the dead to see it to completion.

For example, the traditional Jewish midrash Eicha (Lamentations) Rabbah 1:51 says: "King Messiah, whether he be of those still living or of those who are dead, bears the name of David." According to the Lubavitcher, writings such as this clearly indicate the possibility of a Messiah who comes resurrected from the dead.

Is there indeed a "Jewish consensus" on these matters? Is belief in a Messiah who dies or a Messiah who rises from the dead contrary to what "Judaism teaches"? If there is no such consensus, there are implications for the Lubavitcher—and for those Jews who believe in Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah.

Schneerson of Brooklyn or Jesus of Nazareth?

The Lubavitcher Hasidim are right to assert that the idea of a dying Messiah is found within Jewish thought. Some of those who have taken exception to the views of the Lubavitcher have argued in this way: even if the idea of a dying Messiah, or one who returns from the dead, is found in Jewish sources, there is no evidence that Jews have believed in a Messiah who died before completing his messianic mission, only to come back from the dead to complete it.

Indeed, for the Lubavitcher Hasidim, the death of Rebbe Schneerson has been at best a temporary roadblock in the way of redemption. Some of his followers are now saying that he will return from the dead to redeem Israel. In fact, some expected him to return from the dead even before he was buried.

But supposing the redemptive mission of the Messiah is to atone for sin through his death? Suppose the Messiah's death is in fact the means of redemption?

Whereas Schneerson's death is an unpleasant bump on the road of messianic expectations, the New Testament finds redemptive value in the death of Jesus of Nazareth. In fact, it speaks of Jesus' death in terms similar to those of Genesis 22, which recounts the Akedah, the near-sacrifice of Isaac. Recall that in Genesis 22, God substituted a ram in place of Isaac, but in some later Jewish traditions, Isaac was actually thought to have died as an atonement for our sin.

Then God said, "Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about." (Genesis 22:2)
Now compare the New Testament account:


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

When Jewish artist Marc Chagall painted the Sacrifice of Isaac, in an astounding visual analogy, he portrayed Jesus carrying the cross in the upper right corner, red paint streaming down like blood from that scene onto Abraham with his knife raised over Isaac.

Remember too that in Isaiah 53 (which many Jewish sources interpreted as relating to the atonement provided by the Messiah), the character described as the "servant" of God voluntarily gives up his life; his death is not forced on him. In a later time, Jesus also affirmed that his impending death was voluntary. Even though he seemed to go to death by force of circumstance, he placed himself in those circumstances, so that he could say: "I lay down my life—only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord" (John 10:17-18).

The Resurrection

According to the Bible and much Jewish tradition, three things are clear: the Messiah would die; his death would atone for sin and he would be resurrected is a Jewish belief. Although some speak against the resurrection of Jesus, offering a variety of other explanations as to what really happened, Pinchas Lapide, an Orthodox Jewish scholar and author, affirmed the resurrection of Jesus when he wrote:

In none of the cases where rabbinic literature speaks of such visions did it result in an essential change in the life of the resuscitated or of those who had experienced the visions.…It is different with the disciples of Jesus on that Easter Sunday.…If the defeated and depressed group of disciples overnight could change into a victorious movement of faith, based only on autosuggestion or self-deception—without a fundamental faith experience—then this would be a much greater miracle than the resurrection itself. (9)

It makes much better sense to see the resurrection as a real event, not as a desperate groping after a failed hope for which the disciples were nevertheless willing to die. People may, after all, die for false hopes; but nobody dies for failed hopes.

In short, the idea of a Messiah who dies is a Jewish idea. It is both biblical and rabbinic. The idea of a Messiah whose death atones for our sins is likewise Jewish, found in both the Bible and the rabbinical writings. The idea of resurrection is also Jewish. What "Judaism teaches" today is not always what Judaism once taught!

Nevertheless, those of us who have found this teaching to be true are unwilling to place it in the Jewish cafeteria of ideas and doctrines to be picked or rejected. We do not say that "Judaism teaches," but rather that the "Word of God teaches," the Word given by the Creator of all. That Word we honestly believe teaches us that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah who died, who atoned for our sin, who already has risen from the dead and who will complete the redemption from sin, injustice and evil.


No...this one is not the Messiah....but one who will deceive all whose names are not written in Jesus the CHRIST, THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE. 


Moshiach: The Messiah

I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the moshiach, and though he may tarry, still I await him every day.

Principle 12 of Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith

The Messianic Idea in Judaism

Belief in the eventual coming of the moshiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism. It is part of Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith, the minimum requirements of Jewish belief. In the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, recited three times daily, we pray for all of the elements of the coming of the moshiach: ingathering of the exiles; restoration of the religious courts of justice; an end of wickedness, sin and heresy; reward to the righteous; rebuilding of Jerusalem; restoration of the line of King David; and restoration of Temple service. Modern scholars suggest that the messianic concept was introduced later in the history of Judaism, during the age of the prophets. They note that the messianic concept is not mentioned anywhere in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).

The moshiach will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The moshiach is often referred to as "moshiach ben David" (moshiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments. (Isaiah 11:2-5) He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being.

It has been said that in every generation, a person is born with the potential to be the moshiach. If the time is right for the messianic age within that person's lifetime, then that person will be the moshiach But if that person dies before he completes the mission of the moshiach, then that person is not the moshiach.

What Will the Moshiach Do?

Before the time of the moshiach, there shall be war and suffering (Ezekiel 38:16)
The moshiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15).

Olam Ha-Ba: The Messianic Age

Olam Ha-Ba (oh-LAHM hah-BAH), the World to Come. This term can cause some confusion, because it is also used to refer to a spiritual afterlife. In English, we commonly use the term "messianic age" to refer specifically to the time of the messiah

Olam Ha-Ba will be characterized by the peaceful co-existence of all people. (Isaiah 2:4) Hatred, intolerance and war will cease to exist. Some authorities suggest that the laws of nature will change, so that predatory beasts will no longer seek prey and agriculture will bring forth supernatural abundance (Isaiah 11:6-11:9). Others, however, say that these statements are merely an allegory for peace and prosperity.

All of the Jewish people will return from their exile among the nations to their home in Israel (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). The law of the Jubilee will be reinstated.

In the Olam Ha-Ba, the whole world will recognize the Jewish G-d as the only true G-d, and the Jewish religion as the only true religion (Isaiah 2:3; 11:10; Micah 4:2-3; Zechariah 14:9). There will be no murder, robbery, competition or jealousy. There will be no sin (Zephaniah 3:13). Sacrifices will continue to be brought in the Temple, but these will be limited to thanksgiving offerings, because there will be no further need for expiatory offerings.

Perhaps the oldest records we have of a formal difference of opinion among Jews dates back to the time of the Maccabean revolt, which is the basis for the story of Chanukkah. At that time, the land of Israel was under the relatively benevolent control of Greece, and was deeply influenced by Greek culture. Hellenizing Jews were opposed by a religious traditionalist group known as the Chasideans (no direct relation to the modern movement known as Chasidism). As the Selucid Greeks began to oppress the Jews, war broke out and the Jewish people united in their opposition to the Greeks.

The war continued for 25 years, and the Jewish people remained united in purpose. But after the war ended, the Jewish people became divided into three groups: the Essenes, the Sadducees and the Pharisees.

The Essenes were an ascetic and mystical group devoted to strict discipline. They lived in isolation from the world. The Dead Sea Scrolls are believed to be the product of an Essene sect. Some scholars believe that early Christianity was influenced by the mystical and hermetical teachings of the Essenes.

The Sadducees evolved out of the Hellenistic elements of Judaism. The movement was made up of the priests and the aristocrats of Jewish society. They were religiously conservative but socially liberal. The Sadducees believed in a strict, narrow and unchanging interpretation of the written Torah, and they did not believe in oral Torah. The Temple and its sacrificial services were at the center of their worship. Socially, they adopted the ways of the neighboring Greek culture.

The Pharisees believed that G-d gave the Jews both a written Torah and an oral Torah, both of which were equally binding and both of which were open to reinterpretation by the rabbis, people with sufficient education to make such decisions. The Pharisees were devoted to study of the Torah and education for all.

After Judea was conquered by Rome and tensions with Rome began to mount, a fourth group appeared: the Zealots. The Zealots were basically a nationalistic movement, not a religious one. They favored war against Rome, and believed that death was preferable to being under Roman control. They would commit suicide rather than be taken prisoner. The most famous example of the Zealots was the defenders of Masada, who held the mountain fortress against the Roman Tenth Legion for months and ultimately committed suicide rather than surrender.

The Pharisaic school of thought is the only one that survived the destruction of the Temple. The Zealots were killed off during the war with Rome. The Sadducees could not survive without the Temple, which was the center of their religion. The Essenes, who were never very numerous, were apparently killed off by the Romans (they were easily recognizable in their isolated communities).

Jewish View of Jesus

When we speak about Jesus it's not simply about programs or inquisitions, or the Holocaust. It's not about if those who perpetrated unspeakable violence against the Jews in the name of Jesus were actually his followers or not. Many a teacher has had his disciples misinterpret, misunderstand, or misuse the most sublime of teachings. So, lets not blame the teacher for the student's failure until we examine whether or not the student has learned his lessons well and is, indeed, following the teacher's instructions. By the same rule let's not blame the student until we see what the teacher has taught.

What did Jesus teach and preach? Looking at how those who proclaimed to be his followers have acted over the centuries one might suspect the teacher was himself full of hate. And that is exactly right. Does it surprise anyone that the New Testament's Jesus advocates persecution of those who do not follow him? The Gospels speak for themselves. In particular it is the Jewish people who are singled out for attack.

It was to the Jewish people that the Gospel's Jesus presented himself and it was they who rejected his hypocrisy, arrogance and false claims. As a result it was those "unbelieving" Jews who He condemned and ordered his followers to murder.



Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.

(Luke 19:27) But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

For the Gospel's Jesus, the dictum (Mat 5:44) But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; did not rule out the oppression and slaughter of those who did not accept him Jesus' supposed prayer " (Luke 23:34) Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots, an interpolation not found in the earliest manuscripts of Luke, is carefully crafted to exonerate the soldiers who physically affixed him to the cross. The Jews remain unforgiven. The claim of a gentle Jesus, meek and mild, is simply not true.

The Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew says. (Mat 11:29) Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

In compliance many of his followers throughout the centuries, have hypocritically perpetrated a façade of pseudo-piety declaring "Christ-like" gentleness and humility of some loathsome haters of Jews. They have learned well for Jesus, "gentle and humble in heart," was one who viciously called for the death of al who did not believe in him. Indeed, it has led to the slaughter of Christians deemed heretics by other Christians as well as millions of others who would not accept the "peace Christ has to offer." If Christianity is judged solely on the person of Jesus as the Gospels depict him, the result is a negative one. One does not have to point to the horrible persecutions perpetrated over the centuries in the name of Jesus, but only to what is taught by the Gospel's Jesus.

Jesus is recorded as forgiving sins of those who sinned against others (Mat 9:2) And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy; Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.

(Mark 2:5) When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.

(John 8:11) She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. He is even supposed to have told God to forgive

(Luke 23:34) Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots., but he himself forgave no one who disagreed with him

(Luke 19:27) But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me. Or did anything against him.

(Mat 26:24) The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born.

Jesus did not not live by his own precept that you must love your enemies and pray for them that persecute you

(Mat 11:20-24) Then began he to upbraid the cities wherein most of his mighty works were done, because they repented not: {21} Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works, which were done in you, had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. {22} But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgment, than for you. {23} And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. {24} But I say unto you, That it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee.

He taught others to "turn the other cheek" (Mat 5:39) But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

(Luke 6:29) And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also. But did not heed his own teaching.

(John 18:22-23) And when he had thus spoken, one of the officers which stood by struck Jesus with the palm of his hand, saying, Answerest thou the high priest so? {23} Jesus answered him, If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil: but if well, why smitest thou me?

The New Testament Jesus did not love or pray for his Jewish adversaries in any interaction with them. Those who disagreed with him were vilified, called unrepentant sinners and condemned.

The gospels Jesus condemns the entire Jewish people, not for what may be classified as their own sins, but for shedding of all righteous blood throughout history.

(Mat 23:35) That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.

(Luke 11:50-51) That the blood of all the prophets, which was shed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this generation; {51} From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation.

The Gospel's Jesus irrationally denounced the entire Jewish people for murders they nor fathers committed. He holds them liable for sins they could not have had no part in because they were committed even before the birht of Abraham, the progenitor of the nation of Israel.

John's Jesus is portrayed as though he is no longer a member of the Jewish people. He willfully disassociates himself from the Jews

(John 8:17) It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.

(John 10:34) Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

Moreover, Jesus identifies the Jews as being the children of the devil; they want to carry out the desires of their father and so are murders and liars

(John 8:44) Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

The students have learned their lessons well, Unfortunately, the teacher's message includes a great deal of evil Often Jesus' pronouncements are nothing more than seedbeds for future destructive accusations and mayhem

(Mat 10:34) Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

(Luke 12:51) Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:

The religious context in which they are taught only provides moral justification to the immoral. The students are who they are. How they interpret and carry out or ignore their teacher's dictums may be debated, but what their teacher taught plain simple tells us about the teacher.

Yes. It's about Jesus, the Jesus of the New Testament. It's about what he actually taught.

What was good was not new and what was new was not good.

Yes it's about Jesus and it's not good.


And they will even Blaspheme him On that Great and Terrible day of the Lord's Wrath


Twice the children of hell


Now back to our problem. A non-Jew who converts to Judaism becomes a member of the community of Israel, prays with it, keeps the Sabbath and the rest of its sacred calendar with it, eats kosher food with it, and rapidly socializes almost exclusively with religious Jews. Our Noahide can and will move around a lot more. According to the universal Jewish teachings, it is possible to live a life of faithfulness to G-d without being restricted by the limitations of a Jewish lifestyle.


Their One World Order, who will this imposter king have as his global Prophet? Giovanni Batista RA of Is-RA-EL?

The Children of Noah are the Gentiles, comprising the seventy nations of the world. They are commanded concerning the Seven Universal Laws, also known as the Seven Laws of the Children of Noah or the Seven Noahide Laws



Either you obey the yoke of the laws of the Pharisees, of their Mooshi-yuck ben Satan the False-Christ or you will be given a white Robe the reward of Jesus the Christ the Iam, for standing firm in your witness for Him the ONLY Creator.....your choice the Life or the murderer since the beginning the god of the shem gods

The Yoke of the Assyrian


The Foundation of All foundations

The Lubavitcher Rebbe noted that about fifty years ago [during World War II], the world witnessed how low man can stoop, without ‘G‑d-given’ morals, in spite of all the learning, culture and intellect.  Yet, just as a wise person is distinguished by his knowledge, so too must he be distinguished by his actions, behavior, and conduct. [30]

The foundation of all foundations, and the pillar of all wisdom is to know that there is a First Existence, who brings all existence into being. [31]


The Seven Laws

The Torah recognized this by establishing a the Seven Noahide Laws which had been given to Moses at Mt. Sinai for all the Peoples of the World.  The Divine Revelation at Mount Sinai, witnessed by millions, the entire People of Israel. Millions in our day received it from their parents, and these millions in turn from the previous generation, and so on in an uninterrupted chain, from millions to millions, generation after generation. [32]

At the time of Moshiach, these laws, previously given (in part) to Adam and then to Noah, will be universally recognized and observed as G-d’s Law by all of the world’s nations.

They include:

*       Prohibition of Idolatry,

*        Prohibition of Blasphemy,

*        Prohibition of Murder,

*        Prohibition of Incest, Adultery & Unnatural Relationships,

*        Prohibition of Theft,

*        Prohibition of Eating Flesh Cut From a Living Animal,

*       Civil Justice (To establish a legal system to enforce these laws).

Inherent in these laws is to be kind, merciful and charitable to every human being, and not to be cruel even to animals.

By observing these laws, the nations of the world will give testimony to G-d’s Supremacy, (The "Robber" they "Chose" after they rejected the cornerstone and continue to do so) and any person who keeps these laws because G‑d so commanded through Moses has a share in the World to Come. [33]


Oh yes....did they forget to explain the penalties for not worshipping their shem god the "Robber" they chose?

The Talmud also states the penalty for disobedience: "One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57A)"

Just think....made HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION....PUBLIC LAW......aka, real law.....aka, real ratified law....aka law of the land.......new deal deal 1991 by the daddy of george Bushkevik in 1991........awwwwwwwh there ain't nothing to that silly law........

Prepare in the Name above all names, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth

(Talmud - Sukkah 52a). With the end of free will, the opportunity to earn reward and enhance one's portion in the World to Come will also cease -- forever.


No.....no True Christians of the Messiah the Lamb of God the Christ on this here world..........do you still believe they were Talmudically Scofieldically Euphorically Secretly Raptured, before the seventh TRUMPET ? If you do, I have some ocean front property on mars


Maimonides Mishnah Torah, in Chapter 10 of the English Translation, states concerning Jesus Christ:

"It is a mitzvah [religious duty; ARC], however, to eradicate Jewish traitors, minnim, and apikorsim, and to cause them to descend to the pit of destruction, since they cause difficulty to the Jews and sway the people away from God, as did Jesus of Nazareth and his students, and Tzadok, Baithos, and their students. May the name of the wicked rot." 6.


Fade in Usama......fade out...a wolf comes on the televeiwer.....Saddam..................Usama......Saddam,..............Emmanuel Goldstein.........lob them shell at the proles..........sing them Patriotic country in the red white and blue, songs.....It is Oceana....no..it is eurasia.....their coming to take me away haha.............to the funny farm.......No Noahide stew for me they say..ho ho..haha hee hee

The Bushkeviks are coming

The Chassidim shem's will rule the earth as gods.........temporarily that is.......to the pit they all go......ho ho 

May 26, 11:06 AM (ET)


(AP) Officer Aaron Brodsky of the Capitol Police guards the Capitol Building, Sunday, Dec. 21, 2003 in...

WASHINGTON (AP) - Homeland Security

Homelandt "SAY" Kurity

 Secretary Tom Ridge said Wednesday new information indicates terrorists are planning an attack on America, possibly connected to high-profile upcoming events such as the dedication of a new World War II monument, economic summit and political conventions.

"I can confirm that we have seen for the past several weeks a continuous stream of reporting that talks about the possibility of attacks on the United States," Ridge said.

YEP the Shem's are coming..the shem's are coming...the sky is falling.....let the wolf guard the henhouse...hehe

Appearing on morning television news shows in advance of a news conference later Wednesday by Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller, Ridge said of potential terrorists on U.S. soil: "It's our job, obviously, to try to identify who they are and apprehend them."

Before or after...Mr. Ridgeback rodent? Oh No......more commission's are coming to the washington whorehouse yap yap lap dogs.......

Ashcroft and Mueller were expected to draw new attention to photos of several suspected al-Qaida operatives the FBI has been pursuing for months. They include Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, a Saudi native who once lived in Florida, and Aafia Siddiqui, a woman from Pakistan who studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


(AP) This Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles photo, released by the FBI, shows...

A federal law enforcement official, speaking Wednesday on condition of anonymity,(of course, it's secret) said there was no new information indicating those individuals were in the United States. But ratcheting up publicity about them could lead investigators to some of their associates who remain in the country, the official said.

U.S. counterterrorism and law enforcement officials ( Kestapo of theosophy of Qabalah influence) said Tuesday that new intelligence indicates a group of terrorists already deployed inside the United States is preparing to launch a major attack this summer. This information was described by a senior counterterrorism official on condition of anonymity as extremely credible and backed by an unusually high level of corroboration.

On Condition of anonymity.....extremely credible.......extremely false witness on condition of anonymity.....for thirty pieces of silver...the condition

But Ridge, interviewed on NBC's "Today" show, said there are no current plans to lift the national alert status from yellow, where it has stood since January. That's the midlevel alert level on a five-step warning program.

Yellow the high alert status for the treasonous cowards of anonymity of the whorehouse

"First of all, every day we take a look at the overall threat reporting that we receive," Ridge said. "There's not a consensus within the administration that we need to raise the threat level. ... We do not need to raise the threat level to increase security. Right now, there's no need to put the entire country on a (elevated) national alert."

UNTIL after....the "Day After" huh...Mr Rodesian Ridge-Back? The Noahide Stew full ahead...huh..Mr. Bushkevik?

The intelligence does not include a time, place or method of attack but is among the most disturbing received by the government since the al-Qaida attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the senior counterterrorism official said.

so "SAY" the shem's of Olam Hoodlum Haba


(AP) Aafia Siddiqui, a woman from Pakistan who studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is...

"There is clearly a steady drumbeat of information that they are going to attack and hit us hard," the official said.

Beginning with Saturday's dedication of the new World War II Memorial in Washington, the summer presents a number of high-profile targets in the United States. They include the G-8 summit in Georgia next month that will attract top officials from some of America's closest allies, plus the Democratic National Convention in Boston in July and the Republican National Convention in August in New York City.

The FBI and Homeland Security Department also are concerned about so-called soft targets such as shopping malls anywhere in the United States that offer a far less protected environment than a political convention hall.

economic disaster plan


Of special concern, the counterterrorism (Kestapo)official said, is the possibility that terrorists may possess and use a chemical, biological or radiological weapon that could cause much more damage and casualties than a conventional bomb.

Leave the containment area unauthorised and Kestapo, will shoot you in the back.....On condition of Anonymity...Marshal Law....Rainbow stew with a silver spoon underneath a chemtrail sky


Los Angeles police held a news conference Tuesday to reassure the public.

We are here today on a condition of anonymity to reassure the public all hell is about to break lose....huh...MR. RIDGED ?


"We would be foolhardy to ignore those statements, but I think it would be irresponsible to panic," said John Miller, head of the LAPD counterterrorism bureau.

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said city officials had not been advised that terrorists were plotting an attack there.

OF COURSE NOT, why would terrorist advise them?

"We are receiving highly sensitive intelligence information on a regular basis, including today, and there is nothing in that reporting to indicate a specific threat or looming attack against New York City," Kelly said in a statement late Tuesday.

Kind of oxymoronic wouldn't one of sound mind thinketh?

U.S. authorities have said repeatedly that al-Qaida is determined to mount an attack on U.S. soil, in part to announce to the world that it remains capable of doing so despite the money and effort that has gone into homeland security since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Yet once again Home-a-landt SAYKURITY amongst this sensitive intelligence......noweth not where Emmanuel Goldstein will lob the next bombs......................................

There also is concern terrorists might try to mount an attack to coincide with the November election. The political fallout from the March 11 train bombings in Spain taught al-Qaida that an attack timed to an election can have a major impact. Spain's former ruling party was ousted in the voting that followed the bombing, which killed 191 and injured more than 2,000.

Oh  NO not more hanging chad's


Special security attention already is being focused to the nation's rail, subway and bus lines.


On the Net:

FBI: www.fbi.gov

Homeland Security: www.dhs.gov

Paper's Please !




Operation Rainbow Stew for Universal Noahide joo, a success

Is-ra-el Pulls Army Out
Of Rafah After Int'l Outcry

By Donald Macintyre
The Independent - UK
RAFAH -- The Israeli Army finally pulled out of Rafah yesterday - for the moment at least - after a week-long operation, that has left 45 Palestinians dead, 67 homes demolished, and a trail of destroyed or damaged farmland, roads and infrastructure.
For the Palestinians of Rafah, the worst afflicted in Gaza since the beginning of the present uprising, the incursion into three sections of the town's sprawling refugee camp almost certainly generated more fear than any other in the last three and half years.
It was preceded by an operation four days earlier close to the heavily guarded Egypt-Gaza border in which 15 Palestinians were killed and 88 homes demolished as Israeli forces hunted for the body parts of five soldiers killed when their armoured troop carrier was blown up by militants.
But it is Operation Rainbow, which began last Monday when armoured forces rumbled into the Rafah refugee camp's neighbourhood of Tel Sultan, that Said Zorab will remember. The town's mayor, now grappling with the task of making good the devastation, declared in his office yesterday: "This has been the worst nine days of my life".
Yet the question now being asked in sections of the Israeli media and public is whether the achievements have so far been worth the price.
For the rooting out of militants and the hunting down of tunnels used for smuggling weapons may not have been quite as comprehensive as the advance publicity - comparing the operation with the West Bank Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 - suggested it might be. Brigadier General Shmuel Zakai, in overall charge of the operation, said on Monday that its goals had "been achieved". Three tunnels have been found in varying degrees of operational readiness. According to Army figures, 41 militants have been killed during the two operations and 10 suspects have been detained out of a total of 100 arrested.
While most house demolitions, and much of the shooting, were in the Brazil neighbourhood, the tanks and snipers stayed longest in Tel Sultan, not usually regarded as one of the top militant strongholds in the town. Because of the relatively wide streets, Israeli forces find it somewhat easier to move through the district than in the maze of alleys running through the packed neighbourhoods of Yebna, Bashit and Shabura, which is closer to the centre of town, and known to be a particularly active base for armed militants. Indeed several residents have said during the past week that, fearing an incursion, they sent their families to Tel Sultan assuming - unwisely as it turned out - it would be the safest place.
Many Palestinians here contend the Israelis wanted to improve their troops' morale, after the killings of 13 soldiers in Rafah and Gaza City, with the minimum of danger to their own forces. But at least one Israeli media assumption is that the Army had intended a wider incursion but decided to stay its hand, perhaps partly because of the adverse international reaction (Anti-Shem-i-tick) to the deaths of civilians, including nine children under 16, but especially because of the carnage which ended the protesters' march on Tel Sultan last Wednesday. (The Army admits to a total of 14 civilians killed overall but Palestinian sources put the figure significantly higher.)
According to Amir Rapoport, the military commentator on Maariv newspaper, "The fact that the [Army] left Rafah - and the bottom line is that this was because of criticism in the world and Israel, and because it feared a humanitarian disaster - without even daring to enter the Shabura neighbourhood, is to a degree a failure as is the fact that no ammunition stores were found." Against, this he argued, lay the fact that no Israeli soldiers were hurt, despite heavy exchanges of gunfire.
The Israeli Army does not take kindly to suggestions, however qualified, of "failure". Which may be a reason why at least one senior Army officer was quoted as suggesting the operation was not over and the forces were now taking a "deep breath".
The risks, to both sides, of incursions into districts like Shabura, are great. But it may be premature to assume that the Israeli forces have abandoned any notion of a fresh and wider assault on the city. Which is why the residents of Rafah, at any rate, are assuming no such thing.
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Now once more look and see how the shem's of Satan's synagogue of Talmud Bavli their Oral Mishnah Torah of Zohar and Quabalah, set up their vision of their Hoodlum haha, against the Lord Jesus the Christ the Everlasting Holy Covenant and his True Believers, Just as he warned two thousnad years ago, exactly to the absolute Prophecy. Those of you nay "SAYERS" cling to your master race who say they are gods the creature, Hold fast, for many will come out of the east and the West and sup with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, while you find yourselves cast out where there will be a gnashing of teeth and eternal damnation.

Keep in mind all it takes is one witness to convict you of breaking any of their Talmudic Laws by false witness, the same false witness they delivered Jesus, and also keep in mind that according to this abomination of lawlessness, Their Talmud of their god that tetragramatron who has no SON, their YVWH and their Talmud Bavli Tractate Sanhedrin 57A. Death by decapitation, just as Jesus the Christ warned, and he said fear them not who destroy the flesh, but fear HIM who can destroy both the soul and the flesh and cast it into the pit with their Beast Moshaich ben Perdition the false Messiah who they are About to "REVEAL"

Big Brother, shem's



Education Day, U.S.A.

By Nathaniel Segal


Mr. Segal is currently updating this article and will post the revisions to his web page at http://www.mcs.net/~nseggle/EduDay.html. More information concerning Public Law 102-14 of the 102d Congress can be found through the Library of Congress search engine at http://thomas.loc.gov/home/thomas2.html.


Public Law 102-14

102d CONGRESS, 1st Session

H. J. RES. 104


To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day , U.S.A. '.

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe,' this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving,' the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A. '. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Approved March 20, 1991. Signed by George Bush, President of the United States of America

April 7, 1998

Nissan 11, 5758

By the grace of G-d

America's strength lies in her human resources, and in the freedom and tolerance that enable these resources to blossom.

Education is the first and foremost vehicle of fostering these most basic and inexhaustible national resources.

Our challenge is to create an educational system that promotes warmth, love, joy, and disciplined freedom, spurring all to develop their G-d-given potential and dedicate themselves to a life of positive activity.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Chabad Magazine, Tammuz 5755


It is abundantly clear to educators and law-enforcement agents that neither intimidation nor threat of punishment can foster a deep sense of moral obligation. This can only come through the knowledge-- through education--that there is an "Eye that sees and an Ear that hears" to Whom we are all accountable.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Lubavitch International, Summer 5750


No true education can leave out the moral and spiritual dimensions of human life and human striving.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

in a letter to President Ronald Reagan, 10 Iyar 5746/May 19, 1986


Education does not stop at the school gates. It is not a business, run on a time-clock. It is a vocation, a sacred calling, the molding of future generations. In practical terms, schools must arrange programs for their students after school hours. This does not necessarily mean extra hours of study. Rather, activities which are enjoyable, while simultaneously reinforcing the concepts learned at school. It does not really matter which activities are chosen, as long as they are wholesome, good for the soul as well as the body.

The goal is to ensure that every moment of a child's life is occupied with positive actions.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

After School Hours
Student's Translation / adapted from a sicha 19 Kislev 5742


The Rebbe has been sending messengers from one lost person to another, telling each of these people who they are. "You are not animals. You are human beings."

"Look within yourself and you will see that you are far better than you imagined. Just look. Open your eyes."

The Rebbe said to everybody: "You can be better. You can be far better. You just have to let yourself."

This is the story and secret of your own being. It is not like climbing a big mountain. It is just allowing your soul to speak.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

At The George Washington University
June 1995

Educating Our Youth

Education is not merely the transfer of information and skills, but more importantly, the communication of values and character traits which parents and grandparents have learned through their studies and life experience.

Ideally, morality and ethics, learning right from wrong, are taught at home. Unfortunately, many parents today do not or cannot provide such an education, so the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the public school system.

American families share a core of beliefs. This country was born on the foundation of what we print on our dollar bills: "In G-d We Trust." As in the business world, where assets are given to another to be held in trust, we Americans are confident that every detail of our lives can be safely entrusted to G-d. The G-d in Whom we trust commanded us in the Bible to respect parents, and He warned us against robbery, murder, and even covetousness. The educational system of our great nation was founded on these principles.

Twenty Years

For twenty years (since 1978), Congress and each President have designated the day which is four days before the Jewish holiday of Passover as "Education Day, U.S.A." They have called upon us to renew our national commitment to education that embraces the moral and ethical values which are the cornerstone of civilized society.

Passover and Education

The holiday dinner on the night of Passover is organized around teaching Jewish children faith in G-d and answering their questions. The order of the night is to climb fifteen steps of awareness that lead to spiritual freedom.

The fourth cup of wine is poured after everyone has finished eating and said Grace. The time is generally after midnight, but two more steps remain. The front door is opened without fear as a demonstration that "In G-d We Trust." True, these actual words are not in the prayer book, but King David composed a similar phrase thousands of years ago -- "Ye who fear the L-rd, trust in the L-rd . . ." (Psalms 115:11).

A Moment of Silence

No true education can leave out the moral and spiritual dimensions of human life and human striving. It is abundantly clear to educators and law-enforcement agents that neither intimidation nor threat of punishment can foster a deep sense of moral obligation. This can only come through the knowledge -- through education -- that there is an "Eye that sees and an Ear that hears" to Whom we are all accountable and in Whom we all trust.

When schools establish a "Moment of Silence" at the start of the school day, children have the opportunity to think about the most important things in their lives as instructed by their parents. Each child is free to use this reflection time without teacher, supervisor, or government intervention.

Pronunciation Notes:

Nissan - NIH suhn

Lubavitcher - loo BAH vitch er

Lubavitch - loo BAH vitch

Rebbe - REH bee, REH beh

Chabad - khah BAHD


The Fallen Away, just before their Son of Perdition, Moshiach ben Satan is "REVEALED"

Noahide Concision Part II

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

In the July-August 1991 issue of the Gap, a newsletter published by the Noahide movement, Ernest Easterly, Professor of International Law at Southern University Law Center, made the following statement:

*With further recognition by other nations and international courts, the Seven Noahide Laws should become the cornerstone of a truly civilized international legal order.*

This one statement shows boldly they do not take the act of US Congress to be just a birthday deal.

In the same paper, Rabbi Michael Katz said that: *there were an additional 30 laws that the B'nai Noah (sons of Noah) would be obligated to keep, the transgression of which is punished by execution.*

The entire New Testament is to be replaced by the seven Noahide laws. Salvation in Messiah is totally abolished and it would be a death penalty to witness to another about Calvary or even to believe in Jesus for salvation. In establishing the Noahide Laws, any reference to "the name" of Jesus Messiah and Christianity are to be blotted out of public view in all cities, towns, streets, highways, buildings, schools, and universities.

If any of these bear what may be considered a Christian name, or that of Jesus Messiah, that name must be changed. The focus now is removing BC and AD from religious articles and government documents; removing Crosses where ever possible and especially from along highways where someone was killed; oppose any Christian display on public property; protest prayer in public school for fear a Jewish child will hear a prayer end in the name of Jesus; cast the Bible out of school because it contains the New Testament:  if it had only the Old Testament it would be considered antisemetic to throw that out; violation of civil rights to witness to a non-Christian on the job; prayer or mention of Jesus at high school graduations etc. etc.,  ...but more cleansing of Jesus from the public is coming down the pike.

Christian cleansing, is all about us, and prison camps for the next holocaust are said to already being built on closed down military bases?

Christian cleansing will be publicly approved by the government alleging that certain individuals are a threat to society. Waco and Randy Weaver, may have been staged to gage approval by the public for murderous attacks against those who have a funny religion or who are targeted for extinction.  The news media are experts now of creating in the minds of the public *manufactured consent,* to kill men, women, and children, if the right lies are told.

There may be many more government staged attacks, against certain unalienable human rights of American citizens in their freedom of worship and freedom of speech. The cleansing of the name of Jesus Messiah from society will take place all over the entire world, and the American government will support this antichrist purge of God's people.

I ask all of you, is this not the antichrist system out of the midst of which the man of sin will arise to power and transfer this to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount? Is this not the goal of the antichrist system, that Irvin Baxter and other Oneness Brethren are playing prophecy-tease games with? Shall we really be hated of all nations for the name of Jesus sake?

It is unknown if these Noahide laws have been voted into law in any other nation. It is unknown if these Noahide laws have been secretly incorporated somehow into the laws of the United Nations. The statement has been made: If it is an empty gesture, why are the Jews and existing Noahides already working on International implementation of the Noahide laws.

In his book *The Miracle On Main Street,* by F. Tupper Saussy, page 139, enjoins the world to adopt the Noahide laws:

"These instructions, found first in the Babylonian Talmud (Sanhedrin 56-60) Are addressed first to Adam, then to Noah; they have become known as The Noahide Laws . . . .You may wonder, as I have, why the Noahide Laws are nowhere found in the Bible I have no explanation."

They are not identified in the Bible as such Mr. Saussy, because God did not give them to Adam or Noah, nor to any other Godly man to be interpreted privately, as a secret goal to replace the New Testament as the NEW COVENANT.

That the Seven Noahide Laws are first found in the Talmud, speaks enough to any man of intelligence, that they were fabricated as a scheme to destroy Christianity. The Noahide laws exclude the Gentiles from an equality with Jews. In Jesus Messiah, the Jew and Gentile are equal at the foot of the Cross, and neither has an advantage or superiority over the other.

The mere existence of the Noahide Laws places the unbelieving Jew in a superior position and gives them an advantage over Gentiles, by forcing Gentiles to join the Talmudic Jewish religion or be killed.  Men of God, I urge you to rise up again and preach the Gospel of the New Covenant as never before.  Preach boldly that NOTHING can disannul it, correct it, add to it, replace it, or be equal to it. There is no other Gospel by which we or the world must be saved.

The seven noahide laws are totally missing from any Jewish literature prior to the Talmud and not mentioned once as an opposing doctrine in any century of the Church prior to the the compilation of the Babylonian Talmud.

Since the New Testament was rejected as the New Covenant, these Talmudist felt it essential to find a way to convert Gentiles and accomplish for Israel what Jesus was doing separate from Israel.  In this manner, the Gentiles would be brought under the power and control of Jerusalem and the Pharisees.  It has taken nearly a thousand years, but the fruit of that scheme is coming to pass in the endtime just in time for the Noahide laws to be used to destroy the Apostolic Truth and persecute the endtime Saints.

If the Old Covenant is the forced religion of antichrist, even many Oneness Brethren would deny the finished work of Jesus and go back under the Law for partial salvation. They already believe the Law with animal sacrifices and a Talmudic priesthood is re-activated for the Millennial, so why would going under the Law seven years early seem blasphemy?   Nope, you go back under the Law for salvation and agree that animal sacrifices can be offered for sin, and you just as well be a Buddhist or a Hindu.

Followers of antichrist will not think that what they are doing is such a bad sin! The Noahide laws will give enforcement authority of the death penalty for worshiping Jesus, and the death penalty for confessing and holding in admiration the doctrine and writings of the Apostles.

The replacement of the entire New Testament by the Noahide Laws is a goal; The rejection of the atonement upon the Cross is a goal; The rejection of the plan of salvation according to Acts 2:38 is a goal; The spying on one another to supply the one eyewitness needed to execute the death penalty is a goal; The necessity of keeping the other 30 Laws, which includes keeping the Sabbath is a goal; Circumcision of all males is a goal; Eating only kosher foods is a goal; Forbidding holding religious services of any type in a place that is not an approved assembly place for Noahides  is a goal; The death penalty for any man to claim that God has spoken by him in any form of teaching, preaching, or writing is a goal; It will be a goal to make it a crime to claim to be a Prophet, Minister, or Pastor, whom the antichrist authorities have not issued a certificate of license; It will be a death penalty offense to speak against this new religion. By speak against, they mean to speak against any Jewish Priest, any Jewish Rabbi, any Noahide Minister, any Noahide or Jewish Temple or place of worship, or any doctrine they teach or advocate.

If a person speaks against any of these, it is considered the same as speaking against God. You will recall that some of these same ideas concerning blaspheming God existed among the Temple cult in the days of Jesus. Common Jews were fearful of the Temple Cult. Remember the lame man who was healed, that if his parents confessed that Jesus had healed him, they were to be cast out of the Temple and excommunicated? Why do you think Jesus tried to keep his work private? Was it not, to avoid the rapid strike of the snake throne against his Ministry, and against the innocent Jews whom the temple cult would have thrust out of the Temple and later did killed many, if they should confess him?"

JOHN 12:42 Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue.


Talmudic Judaism Is antichrist

Can you imagine Paul going to antichrist Jews or the Concision (ancient noahides), to get their opinion of Messiah and agree to publish their denials that Jesus did not qualify to be Messiah? Irwin Baxter has done this very thing in his EndTime magazine. He offered not a single word of rebuttal to the Rabbi's Talmudic lies. He showed no signs of remorse, no signs of repentance, and no signs of turning from Babylonian Talmudism, to publish the pure doctrines of Messiah and the Apostles on this and several other essential Oneness doctrines.

This Minister is so interested in publishing a magazine and making a name for himself, that he has willingly departed from the purpose of the Apostolic Ministry to preach the Truth.

Where are we told to preach old Israel has revelations for the New Testament Church or about a profane Temple site? Where are we told to preach Mount Moriah more Mount Calvary? Did not Jesus tell the woman in Samaria that: neither in this mountain or the mountain in Jerusalem, would the Children of God worship, but the Mount of God would be where ever there was worshipers in *Spirit and Truth?* Where are we told to preach Mount Moriah has any special place in God's plans? Where are we told to preach the Temple? Where are we told to preach old Israel still has a valid priesthood that can be reconsecrated with the blood and ashes of a red heifer? Where are we told to preach red heifers. Where are we told to preach a third regathering of old Israel that is not in the Bible anywhere?

Why do some preach the Jews have not received all the land promised to Abraham, when in Joshua 21:43-45, the Scriptures clearly report they received *all the land which he sware unto their fathers.* Where are we told it is alright now to have fellowship with the works of darkness and the Synagogues of satan? Who told Apostolic Ministers to go ask the apostate Jews anything about the Word of God, much less ask them for Talmudic interpretations concerning Bible prophecy, the Messiah, the Temple, and Salvation?

Has the antichrist system arrived and Ministers and others are ignorantly contributing to its acceptance by believing several monthly pro-Temple magazines? A sign we might look for, is a mass flocking of Oneness Brethren, to hear these and other antichrist spout off, about how holy they are and the grand plans for a new Temple, built and dedicated" according to Talmudic instructions.

I marvel that these Apostolic Pastors have fallen prostrate to this Concision, and allowed them to come into their Churches wearing little god-hats having their heads covered. If another Apostolic Minister was to pray, preach, or prophesy with a god-hat on or even a base-ball cap, they would stomp out, outraged!  Antichrist can come into our churches and deny Jesus was the Messiah, take an offering for the Temple or raise money for red heifers and get away with denying Calvary in Oneness Churches, HOW?  WHY?

Accepting this approach to fellowship with antichrist, will likely lead many Oneness Brethren and Saints to easily adopt the seven Noahide laws as an addendum to, or replacement of the New Testament.

At first, friendship will lead to a mixture of pro-Talmudic doctrines with the Gospel. Then joint Church meetings will take place, where antichrist such as Gershom Solomon and Chaim Richman will speak. They are preaching the red heifers at these meetings already. The Talmud is being preached as the holy book of God at these meetings. They are preaching about Talmud instructions and doctrines at these meetings. They are taking offerings for these antichrist already. All that they lack is asking for converts to the Noahide laws or outright conversion to Judaism.


Red Esau Alert ! Alert ! the reds are coming.....the red's are coming

Happy happy Shavuot 5764, May 26, 2004, the giving of the oral tradition which makes the WORD of GOD of None effect, the Rumors of Orwelian wars and the enforcement of Universal Noahidism , the purging of the anti-Shem's ites Via GENERAL Ashkroft televised shavuot, May 26, 2004. The New World Order of their Olam Hoodlum haha haba. No greater friend is there than one who would lay down his life, for them............I give you the warning from My Lord and My God, Jesus the Lamb of Life Eternal...........Wake up Prole's

Repent you apostates, for if not yours is the kingdom of the beast, and you will come and worship at mine and my brethren the saints feet, with great fear and trembling, for you are in condemnation of your abomination's.


Go ahead Lob those missile's satan.......the True Prole's are NOT NOAHIDE'S 


Just in....wars and rumors of wars, the coming of the black horse, just in time for Shavuot Satan

Officer's Taser is used on girl, 9

09:17 AM MST on Tuesday, May 25, 2004

By C.J. Karamargin / Arizona Daily Star

A veteran South Tucson police sergeant is under investigation for firing his stun gun to subdue a handcuffed 9-year-old girl.

At the request of Chief Sixto Molina, the Pima County Sheriff's Department is trying to determine if the sergeant committed a crime when he sent a jolt through the child's body.

The police officer used a Taser on the girl at about 5:30 p.m. May 8, Molina said. The nonlethal weapon uses a pulsating electrical charge to immobilize a person for several seconds.

"I'll be the first to admit, you've got a veteran sergeant Tasing a 9-year-old girl, it doesn't look good," said Molina.

The sergeant was one of at least two officers who responded to a call from the Arizona Children's Home, a school for special needs children, on South Eighth Avenue, he said.

"It had to do with a runaway from the institution," the chief said. He declined to provide further details.

The school could not be reached for comment late Monday. But Molina said that the facility is the source of frequent calls to his 25-person department.

Molina said one officer initially responded to the call from the school. That officer requested assistance from another officer and specifically asked that the second officer bring a Taser.

He said the girl was handcuffed at the time the weapon was used.

The sergeant who used the hand-held Taser remains on duty. His name is not being released while the investigation is under way.

That may well be best for this Jack Booted Thug of the New World order of satan and his shem's

"It didn't involve an integrity issue," Molina said. "The officer made a decision to do what he thought he needed to do."

Nope no integrity questioned here

Deputy Dawn Barkman, a spokeswoman with the Sheriff's Department, confirmed a review of the incident is under way but said she had no further details.

The results of the probe will be forwarded to the Pima County Attorney's Office.

"They'll have to present it to us to see if any criminal charges are warranted," said County Attorney's Office spokesman Dan Benavides.

Of course there won't be charges, got to program the Noahides

Sgt. Dan Snyder, a South Tucson police spokesman, said the investigation could be complete by the end of the week.

It will be completed at Judgment Day


the Shem shams SAY

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

In the modern concept of rights developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, variously formulated as "life, liberty and property" or "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," rights transcend civil society, which then translates them into constitutional, civil, criminal, and property rights. In contrast, the traditional Jewish view on rights is derived from the biblical sense of the obligation of all humans to God as their creator, sovereign, and covenant partner. Fundamental to the Jewish conception is the principle that God is the creator and sovereign of the universe, all of which ultimately belongs to Him including all life within it. What emerges out of the biblical approach are a series of protections and limitations which can roughly be translated into rights and obligations. While humans have nothing other than what God grants or covenants with them, as God's possessions no human instrumentality, certainly no state, can legitimately interfere with their God-given rights, liberties, protections, or obligations. While there may not be natural rights, there are fundamental rights in the sense that all humans are bound by covenant with God, at least through the Noahide covenant. These fundamental rights are in that sense constitutional or federal rather than inherent. A different agenda for the studying of obligations, rights, liberties, and protections must be developed to deal with classical Jewish thought and the subsequent Jewish experience.

For they are become the pre-cog god's


Maimonides is teaching that unless humanity accepts fundamental morality – Thou shalt not rape, Thou shalt not murder- a free humanity will not endure. The Torah of the seven Noahide laws must be accepted by everyone; those who do not,

the saints who stand firm in the Name of Jesus the Christ in his testimony

 and have the capability to destroy,

so they say...because they are anti-Shem-ites..like that Hitler, who was one of them in this Hoodlum haha ruse....then we are become as destroyers...and RIGHTLY SO, for we wirld the two edged SWORD of the LORD's WORD on their abominable woeful souls 

 are automatically in the category of "those who come to murder innocent people, must be killed before they can wreak their havoc."

Killed like in "Decapitated"


Awwww your so silllllllllyyyyyyyyy!


From: Webmaster, www.asknoah.org

To: Dr. Regenstein, Cornell University

Date: Aug. 21/02 12:28 PM

Subject: Inquiry regarding U.S. standards for ritual and general slaughter of livestock and fowl

Dear Dr. Regenstein,

I would like to pose a few questions for you regarding the U.S. standards for general slaughter of livestock and fowl, and how these regulations might be developed in the future.

I am the Webmaster for the outreach website www.asknoah.org, which is a serious and wide-ranging effort to raise the level of public awareness and learning about the Seven Commandments for the Children of Noah. The Lubavitcher Rebbe greatly stressed the need for such efforts, especially in the last decades of his leadership.

As part of this work, I have done considerable research into the 7th Noahide Commandment which forbids all Gentiles to eat “flesh removed from a living animal.” Although there are several opinions in the Talmud of how this is to be defined, Maimonides holds that meat that was cut from a living animal is forbidden as food for Gentiles even after the animal is dead, and that the religious law is that "living" means that the animal's heart is still beating. (If meat is removed after the heart has stopped beating but before the limbs stop moving, Maimonides holds that it is accepted after the fact, but it is forbidden from the outset.)

From my studying of the U.S. slaughter regulations, it seems that across the board, the standard for livestock slaughtering, skinning and butchering is that the animal must be rendered insensitive (i.e, put into a state of surgical anesthesia) before it is skinned or flesh is removed. However, I have not found any regulation that says the animal must be "dead," nor does it define death.

From my communications with the humane slaughter expert, Temple Grandin, I have learned that practically speaking, the majority of U.S.-processed livestock meat is probably not “flesh removed from a living animal,” since before the butchering commences, the animals are usually sufficiently bled out so that the heart is stopped. However, there are no official regulations on this matter. (For fowl the situation is worse, since all the slaughter regulations are presently voluntary.)

It seems to me that some developments in the past few years have made the environment very favorable for motivating federal action to bring the slaughtering regulations closer into alignment with the definition of "kosher" for Gentiles, or at least to create a new optional category for slaughter houses to get this certification. First of all, more and more people are becoming aware of the Seven Commandments through outreach efforts.

Furthermore, in 1991, the US Congress signed a Joint Resolution (Public Law 102-14, 102d Congress, 1st Session, H. J. RES. 104) to designate March 26, 1991 (the Lubavitcher Rebbe's birthday) as Education Day, U.S.A., which contained the following declarations regarding the Seven Noahide Laws:

"Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

“Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws; Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

“Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

“Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future..."

Similar Joint Resolutions have been passed in the subsequent years, so there definitely is awareness on the Congressional and Presidential level about the importance of the Noahide Laws.

To summarize, I would like to know your opinion on the prospects for an effort to create regulatory or voluntary standards for defining certified practices to avoid “flesh removed from a living animal” in U.S. livestock (or fowl) slaughtering operations for the general public.


Webmaster, www.asknoah.org

From: Dr. J. M. Regenstein

Date: Aug. 21/02 08:37 PM

Subject: Re: Inquiry regarding U.S. standards for ritual and general slaughter of livestock and fowl


Your timing is interesting. The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the National Council of Chain Restaurants (NCCR) are currently working on rewriting the rules for animal agriculture by using the power of the marketplace rather than the government. They are working with the trade associations to develop third -party independently audited standards for animal welfare issues including kosher and halal issues. The American Meat Institute (AMI) guidelines are a starting point for this (they are on the AMI website.) I believe they call for the animal to be "dead" before further processing commences. And it may even be in the audit sheets -- which are still in development. So I think this issue may resolve itself in the US in a fairly natural way. It would be nice to see.

Hope that is helpful.

Dr. J.M. Regenstein

To: Dr. Regenstein, Cornell University

Date: Fri., 23 Aug 02 17:25

Subject: Follow up to my question about animal slaughter guidelines

Dr. Regenstein,

Thank you for your informative reply! I have searched extensively through the AMI guidelines, and I can't find an explicit statement that says an animal must be "dead" before further processing commences. All the guidelines seem to be based on a requirement for "insensitivity," and that signs of a return to sensitivity in an animal being processed indicate a problem with the stunning technique. If you could point me to something further than that in the AMI guidelines, it would be greatly helpful.

Best regards,

Webmaster, www.asknoah.org

From: Dr. J. M. Regenstein

Date: Aug. 25/02 08:53 AM

Subject: Re: Follow up to my question about animal slaughter guidelines

Hi! I think I need to follow this up with Temple Grandin and others. I think the issue is one of measurement -- you can only audit what you can measure and insensibility is measurable, death is not. But I'll try to learn more.

Dr. J. M. Regenstein

To: Dr. Regenstein, Cornell University

Date: 3 September ’02 4:31 PM

Subject: For your reference: selected laws of permissible meat for Gentiles.

Dear Dr. Regenstein,

Thank you for your plans to follow up with other experts regarding how our modern animal-slaughter regulations might be crafted to included consideration of the prohibition of “flesh removed from a living animal” for Gentiles. A useful resource for the relevant laws is the book "Path of the Righteous Gentile", by C. Clorfene and Y. Rogalsky.

Here are a few selected rules of "flesh removed from a living animal" from the book:

· [In the Covenant with Noah, G-d commanded] ... "Every moving thing that lives shall be for you for food; just as the green herbs, I have given you everything. But flesh with its living soul, its blood, you shall not eat." (Gen.9:3-4) This does not mean that an animal's blood is its soul and G-d was forbidding man to drink animal blood. The vitalizing animal soul is contained within the blood, and this is what the commandment refers to, for when an animal dies, this vitalizing soul departs. So long as this vitalizing soul remains within the animal, its flesh is forbidden to man as food. ...

· Although the [Noahide] courts do not punish for [eating the limb or flesh of a living fowl], it is forbidden. (Note: Animals, birds, and fish may be killed for food in any way that man deems to be efficient, and it should be done as humanely as possible. Slaughtering of animals or birds does not have to be in a ritual manner as with Jews. Fish are considered dead the moment they are taken out of the water, but even so, one may not eat a fish while it appears to be alive, as this is a lack of refinement ...)

· When one slaughters an animal, even if its windpipe and esophagus are severed, so long as the limbs are still moving, the limbs and the meat that are separated from them are forbidden to a Noahide because of this law. However, if one eats the limb or flesh of an animal after it has been killed, but while it is still moving, he is not punished for this by the [Noahide] courts, for it is not actually considered the limb or flesh of a living animal.

Best regards,

Webmaster, www.asknoah.org

From: Dr. J. M. Regenstein

Date: Sept. 04/02 08:03 AM

Subject: Re: For your reference: selected laws of permissible meat for Gentiles


Hi! I got to speak to Dr. Grandin the other night -- and she indicated that the insensitive standard that is used is actually longer than "heart death" -- if the animal is properly bled out, there should be no problems and any of the larger plants leave sufficient time for bleed out to reach such insensitiveness. The only place she was at all concerned was possibly small plants, those that might not become a part of the upcoming audit plan.


Hope that helps.

Dr. J. M. Regenstein



Are ya ready ready ready?

for the shem god's and their Mooshi-yuck da ben Perdition of Hoodlum haha?


By Rabbi Aron Tendler

The societal obligation of establishing a judicial system is one of the seven Noahide laws. It is a responsibility incumbent upon every nation and every society. The opening Mitzvah in this week's Parsha states, "Establish for yourselves judges and enforcers in all your cities." Is this different than the general Noahide obligation for creating a judicial system or is it the same? If it is different, how is it different? If it is the same, why did G-d command the Jews separately from the other nations?

There are three components to a judicial system. 1. Establish laws for the proper functioning of society. 2. Appoint judges who will judge with wisdom and integrity. 3. Empower a police force with the ability to enforce the laws of that society.

Practically speaking, a judicial system must have all three components for it to function. If there are no laws there is no scale by which to differentiate right from wrong. If there are no judges there is no one who will evaluate and apply the law. If there is no enforcement there cannot be consequences, and without consequences there is no reliable, bottom-line incentive for the individual to accept societal law.

Whether Jewish or non-Jewish, the three components of a judicial system are necessary. There is however one significant difference between the Jewish and the non-Jewish judicial systems. The non-Jewish nations are responsible for making laws and enforcing them. Their laws must support the basic tenets of the Seven Noahide laws but the rest of the system is up to them. The Jews on the other hand, were commanded a complete system. It is a comprehensive system of laws and consequences that was established by G-d and G-d alone. Judges must still evaluate and apply the law; however, they are applying divine judgment rather than mere human rational and intellect.

The "divine imperative" of the Jewish judicial system is central to who the Jews are. Right and wrong, good and bad, are determined by divine ruling. Human rational and intellect are essential in understanding and applying G-d's law, but it always remains G-d's law. In fact, the permission for judges to create "new laws - rabbinic laws" is restricted to laws that protect or enhance the adherence to divine law. (17:11) "You must do in accordance to the Torah that they will teach you and the commandments that they will tell you..." Rashi comments, "Even if they tell you that right is left and left is right, and certainly if they tell you that left is left and that right is right, you must do as the rabbis command."

The Torah commanded the Jews to suspend their own rational judgment and follow even the seemingly irrational and illogical commandments of "the Rabbis - the Judges." Can dogmatic irrationality be G-d's expectation for justice? Is that the meaning of righteous justice?

Who are the judges - rabbis and what is their primary mandate? The opening verses in this week's Parsha state that "they must judge righteously. They may not pervert justice by taking bribes and they may not show deference to one party over another. They must pursue righteous justice." The Torah goes on to explain that bribery and deference perverts justice by "blinding the eyes of the wise and skewing the words of the righteous."

Rabbi Dessler explained in his essay on motive and bias that intellectual bias is a given in all rational deliberations, and that it goes without saying that bias plays a significant role in all emotional deliberations. The mere fact that a person thinks his own thought already biases against any other opinion. That does not mean that there is no unbiased justice in the world. There can definitely be true justice; however, the judge must be honest with himself and recognize his inherent intellectual or emotional bias. He must then work to overcome that bias when administering justice.

A judge must first and foremost be a true Eved Hashem (servant of G-d). He must be wiling and able to suspend his own intellectual processing and assumption of justice and apply the law of G-d. He must accept the limitations of his own mortality and trust the eternal truth of G-d and His Torah. In doing so, in being a true Eved Hashem, there is great comfort, confidence and courage. As humans we can never be certain that we know the truth. "Do not believe in yourself until your dying day." Only in the Olam Haemes - the World of Truth - will we know with certainty whether we were or were not truthful with our motives and ourselves. However, justice must be applied in this world, and the person who is committed to the word of G-d as taught by Moshe (Jesus the Christ the WORD of God which Moses Wrote) and passed down through the generations can trust that he has lived his life and applied justice in concert with G-d's wishes.

The Judge is really no different than any other Jew. His challenge is the fundamental challenge facing every Jew all the time. Will he do as G-d wishes or will he do as he wishes? This week's Parsha points out that the conflict is usually not so obvious. The conflict between doing the will of G-d or serving other gods (including the god of self) comes in stages.

all judges to be shem's of hashem their god that tetragramatron...satan the serpent who is a murderer since the beginning and they seek to fulfill the lust of their father

Motive is the question. What motivates the sinner to deny the will of G-d and do otherwise? The Torah begins by focusing on motive. Is the judge being truthful or biased in his assessment of the situation and the application of justice? In order to render true justice the judge must be totally impartial. His sole goal must be to impart the word and will of G-d. "Wherever you mention my name I will come to you and bless you." The Talmud says that we learn from this verse that G-d is present at all judicial deliberations! The judge must feel as if G-d is standing behind him looking over his shoulder. The judge must believe that he is acting as G-d's agent and that he has no other choice but to render divine justice. What he personally thinks and feels is less than irrelevant. Only that which is a product of G-d's Torah can have any significance.

the judge of their god...the murderer since the beginning the "Robber" they chose

It is this imagery (their imagination of a false god the serpent)  that protects the mortal judge from being biased by any other motive except ascertaining and applying the will of G-d. 

Murder and bondage of the neo con men the shem's of the semeon

It is that kind of righteous justice that guarantees the nation's survival in Eretz Yisroel. Just as the judge must be a role model of complete subjugation to the word of G-d to all of us, so too the Jewish nation living in Eretz Yisroel must model for the other nations how a nation must subjugate itself to the will of G-d. If we do so, we deserve to live on the Land; if we do not, we deserve to be exiled from the Land.

One World Religion of their mere man king and his false prophet of Simon Magus the Pontifex Maximas

If a judge/person/nation does not subjugate himself to the law of G-d he begins to flirt with idol worship. The next Mitzvah in the Parsha is the prohibition against planting an Ashera. It seems that the Canaanites used to plant a leafy, evergreen, shade tree called "Ashera" next to their altars. It was considered part of their worship in addition to the practical intention of creating a more comfortable setting for worship. Such a tree and practice is forbidden.

The Ashera is unique because it contains both components, the practical and the irrational. Idol worship in general is irrational. "He who says to wood, You have given birth to me." Yet, there are components that are aesthetically pleasing and intelligent. Why not borrow the rational and eliminate the irrational?

The juxtaposition of the two sets of laws, justice and the Ashera tells us that the motive for adopting the seemingly rational is not so truthful. In fact, it is a veiled attempt at applying mortal intellect to divine law. The danger is far beyond rationalizing "a leafy evergreen tree" as an enhancement for G-d's law. The danger is believing in oneself and one's own righteousness. Once a person begins to trust his own justice there is no divine justice. Once a person begins to do as he wishes he is no longer doing as G-d wishes.

Complete IAM Sui Juris Sovereignty under the Law written in our Hearts by Jesus the Christ is sufficient. For we the saints are not murderers but testify of Life abundantly. It is the Whore who is responsible for all who are slain upon the earth

The Parsha continues to describe the slippery slope of human intellect and rational. The Ashera is only the beginning. At first the conflict between G-d's law and personal desire is hidden behind the rational of aesthetic and practical enhancements. Soon enough true motives begin to emerge. All of a sudden the person wishes to show his devotion by erecting a monolith - an obelisk - a monument - in honor of G-d. 

a washington egyptian Talmudic Phallic symbol in honor to horus the one eyed shem god

What could be so bad? It's only a symbol of his devotion and fealty! It personalizes his relationship with the Divine and will inspire others to believe and worship! However, the Torah says that such an expression is hateful to G-d. If it is hateful to G-d and you wish to do His will, you should not do something that is hateful to the One you wish to serve! The prohibition against erecting a Matzevah strips away the illusion of whose will is really being done. As the Torah states, "Do not erect a monument for yourself...'

Enhancements and innovations within divine service are still subtle challenges to total subjugation and service. However, the Torah forewarned us that there is yet a far more insidious stage before a person openly defies G-d and worships idols.

In the two preceding laws the expressed motivation of the sinner was to go beyond the commanded and the expected. The individual's motivation was to enhance, personalize, and innovate on G-d's service. However, the case of the blemished offering is a stage beyond the rationalized facade. Emerging from behind the delusion of creative devotion creeps the true motive of self-worship and divine diminution.

None of this Talmudic garbage has anything to do with Jesus the Christ, But is an abomination unto the Lord, let them stand in their own judgment

Remember the conflict between Kayin and Hevel? (Cain and Abel )Kayin innovated and decided to express his devotion to G-d by making an offering from his produce. However, he offered the second best fruit rather than the very best. Kayin rationalized his actions by pointing out that G-d did not eat and therefore the entire offering was only symbolic. Why waste the best on a symbolic gesture. It's the thought that counts!

Hevel knew better. He appreciated Kayin's desire to express service and subjugation, but he understood that symbols are far more than thoughts. We are mortal and G-d is infinite. No gesture, physical or other, gives G-d "what He needs." G-d is infinite and He needs nothing! Therefore, the most we can do is relate to Him minimally as we would to a king of flesh and blood. To a mortal king only the best would do. Therefore, how much more so should we give G-d only the best! Kayin presented an offering that minimized himself and maximized G-d. Kayin offered a gift that minimized G-d and maximized himself.

yep...uh huh

The act of offering a blemished animal openly expresses Kayin's philosophy of, "In this world my needs take precedence over devotion and fealty." Lest one think that open rebellion is more "honest" and therefore admirable the Torah says, "it is disgusting to G-d!' G-d may hate rationalized and hidden rebellion but it does not disgust Him. At least there is a desire on the part of the sinner to maintain an image of devotion and subjugation. Open rebellion is far worse. It reveals a deliberate desire to minimize G-d in this world. It denies the very mission of the Jewish people and the mission of all of humanity.

The final stage is open Avodah Zara - idol worship. It catapults human will beyond the realm of the rational into the irrational realm of offering the unblemished and the pure to gods of wood and stone. When that happens G-d turns to His Chosen People (his shem's) and says, "Let society be the judges. Let them bring testimony against these sinners. By the word of two or three eyewitnesses shall judgment be passed.(Only One if Goyim)  If such testimony exists it proves that their rebellion was beyond redemption. They have perverted their divine missions and forfeited their lives. In so doing you will have removed the evil from within your midst



A Gentile is just as bound by the Noachide law and its logical permutations as the Jews are by the 613 mitzvot! Moses was commanded to enforce the Noachide laws and severely punish those who did not keep it.


Good bye Philistines in Gaza


The Talmud states that in addition to conversion to Judaism, a non-Jew may be accepted as an official resident in Eretz Yisrael by officially accepting the seven Noahide Laws before a court of ordained judges. 
The Seven Noahide Laws (Sheva Mitzvot Bnai Noach) were until just a few years ago an esoteric and totally theoretical subject. In parallel a few Jews and a few Gentiles became inspired by these ideas. Today there are small Noahide communities scattered throughout the world and a growing cyber-community of Jews and non-Jews discussing these issues on the Internet. These Noahides are crying out for guidance in learning Torah and creating a lifestyle which is neither Christian nor Jewish, but based on the vision of the Written and Oral Torah for the non-Jewish world.
There is a prohibition against allowing idolaters to live in the Land of Israel when Israel has the power to enforce it. When external pressure limits the authority of the government, the effective power of that prohibition is mitigated. When there are opinions that certain practitioners of other religions, such as Christians, are not idolaters, there is a further reason to be lenient. The obligation to be responsible
for the welfare and livelihood of a resident non-Jew "ger toshav" will not apply according to many opinions.



"Please note that the Seven 'Noahide laws' are to be found exclusively in the Jewish Talmud. According to certain Jewish sects (including Bush's favourite, the Chabad-Lubavitcher), it is the holy responsibility of all Jews to enforce these laws on the world's six billion gentiles. The rules will be enforced by a system of supreme rabbinical courts, and they include prohibition of Christianity as well as other "idolatry".



Hence the Noahide Code is meaningful only when Jews exercise political power: they take responsibility for the seventh commandment and set up a judicial system to enforce the other six commandments on their non-Jewish subjects. In this form, "natural law" is very much an imperial creation, and here, as in other empires, it marks out a way of tolerating foreign nations. Or, at least, it defines a limited toleration: resident aliens must give up idolatry; they need not convert to Judaism.



These are the Seven Noahide Laws, as enumerated in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 56a:



George W. Bush, His cabinet, and every elected official in these United States of America of Jesus the Christ, are traitors and cowards and have sold their souls to satan the god of the jews, and have sold the lives of your children to zion for thirty pieces of Silver. Who are you people that e-mail me with every kind of abomination? Where are you you useful apostate yid-diots of Id? Where are you Goyim "Righteous Noahide Proselytes of Hell" Where are you hiding your guillotines? Where is ONE MAN who KNOWS who LOVES His SOUL enough to save it from satan's den and his newly aquired pit? Come Forth and let the WORD be DONE in Jesus the Christ Mighty Name ye Cowards, who call yourselves "Judeo-Christians" when in fact your god is the god of the jews who has no SON. I spit with a holy indignation upon your deception, and your murders.

JESUS is the Christ the Maker of All, the Word, the IAM, the Lamb, the Redeemer, and the Savior of all who stand firm.

I rebuke and I oppose the shem's who say they are god's who crucified my Lord and who seek to devour all his sheep. That is what you can report to your god rabid rabbi's of Lucifer.



Yeah it is very real, Christian America is under seige

Duke University


Jewish Law, 563.01
Prof. M. Golding

Spring 2004 Wed. 2:40-4:30
Room 4039
Offices: 201 West Duke; 3023 Law
Prof. Golding

This syllabus is tentative. Roman numerals indicate topics, not weeks; some topics may require more than one week, and some topics may be omitted. Many of the listed readings are optional; these will be designated in class. [* = handout] For each class meeting (including the first meeting) students are expected to prepare a one or two page report on any aspect of the reading assignment (to be handed in). A short term paper will be required.


L. Jacobs, Jewish Law (ppb)
A. Cohen, An Introduction to Jewish Civil Law

HANDOUTS (short selections from the Talmud)


M. Elon (ed.), The Principles of Jewish Law
M.P. Golding (ed.), Jewish Law and Legal Theory
G. Horowitz, The Spirit of Jewish Law
A. Steinsaltz, The Essential Talmud



I. Methodological issues in the investigation of Jewish Law (Halakhah, Mishpat Ivri)

The first two meetings will mainly deal with how the contents of the Halakhah (Jewish Law) are to be identified and with some methodological issues in their investigation. For the first meeting, read (copy on WEB and at library Desk):

(1) ELON, Menachem: "The Ethiopian Jews: a Case Study in the Functioning of the Jewish Legal System," 19 New York Univ. J. of International Law and Politics (1987), 535 - 563.

(2) In re an alleged case of SEXUAL HARASSMENT (B.Talmud, Baba Kamma 27a, 83b, and adjoined New York Times article). Question: Does what is said in that article about the talmudic passage (27a) conform to your understanding of the latter?

Prepare a one or two page report on any aspect of the assignment.

II. Historical Introduction

literary and formal sources of Jewish Law
periodization of Jewish Law

(1) Cohen, 1-90, 262-279 OR Steinsaltz, 1-88
(2) Elon, Menachem: "The Legal System of Jewish Law." [also in Golding]
(3) (Recommended: Feldman, D.: "The Structure of Jewish Law") [also in Golding]

III. Juristic Interpretation of Biblical Texts

Interpenetration of "Religious" and "Civil" Law

"Eye for an Eye" *Exodus, 21; Leviticus, 24
*B. Talmud, Bava Kama, 83b-84a [and another translation on WEB]
Enker, "Lex Talionis: The 'Plain Meaning' of the Text"
*Maimonides, Code, Torts, Wounding and Damaging, Ch. V
*Deuteronomy 21 [the Captive Woman]

Halakhic Exegesis

Steinsaltz, Chapters 27-30
Jacobs, 1-20
Lamm and Kirschenbaum, "Freedom and Constraint in the Jewish Judicial Process" (also in Golding)

Law of Agency

*Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Kiddushin 41a-42a
Horowitz, Secs. 288-296
Povarsky, "The Theory of Agency in Jewish and American Law."

IV. Harms (Nezikin)

*B. Talmud, Bava Kama, 2a ff.
Horowitz, Title Ten (Obligations by Wrongful Conduct)
Elon (ed.), Principles, 319-329
*Maimonides, Code, Torts, Property Damage, selections
Steinsaltz, Chapter 19

V. Domains, Premises (Reshuyoth) in re Harms

*B. Talmud, Bava Kama, 9b ff.
Cohen, 91-126

VI. Causation (Gerama and Garme)

*B. Talmud, Bava Kama, 23b ff.
*Responsum of R. Simon b. Zemach Duran (Liability of an expert who gives his opinion gratis)
Jacobs, "Patur mi-diney adam ve-hayyav be-diney shamayim: cases where there is liability in the eyes of God even though human Courts cannot enforce payment."
Shilo, "On One Aspect of Law and Morals in Jewish Law: Lifnim Mishurat HaDin."

VII. Morality and Law [some items from the readings below will be assigned]

Jacobs, 106 - 118
Cohen, 145 - 184
Shilo, "Kofin Al Midat S'dom: Jewish Law's Concept of the Abuse of Rights."
Kirschenbaum, "Jewish Law and the Abuse of Rights."
Dratch, "His Money or Her Life? Heinz's Dilemma in Jewish Law."

VIII. The Duty to Rescue

Kirschenbaum, "The Bystander's Duty to Rescue in Jewish Law." (also in Golding)
Weinrib, "Rescue and Restitution." (also in Golding)

IX. Labor Law (contracts of employment)

*Leviticus, 25
*B. Talmud, Kiddushin, 20a f.
*B. Talmud, Bava Metzia 76a ff.
Horowitz, Secs. 78-81, 286-287
Elon (ed.), Principles, 309-319
Jacobs, 57-61

X. Marriage and Divorce; Levirate Marriage

*Deuteronomy, 24 and 25
*Book of Ruth (Bible)
Steinsaltz, Chapters 17 and 18
Horowitz, Chapters 17-19
Elon (ed.), Principles, 353-370, 379-387, 414-423
*Responsum of R. Yom Tov b. Ashbili (Forcing a gambler to divorce his wife at her insistence)
*B. Talmud, Gittin 10b f., 24a f. (Writs of Divorce)
*Maimonides, Women, Marriage, Ch. 1; Divorce, Ch. 1-2

XI. Usury [may skip this unit]

*Mishnah, Bava Metzia, Chapter 5
Horowitz, Secs. 262-269
Elon (ed.), 500-505
Maimonides, Code, Civil Laws, Creditor and Debtor Ch. 4
*Biblical passages
Cohen, 185-22

XII. Jewish Public Law and Other Legal Systems

Rakover, "The 'Law' and the Noahides."
Enker, "Aspects of Interaction between the Torah Law, the King's Law, and the Noahide Law in Jewish Criminal Law."
Shilo, Shmuel: "Maimonides on 'Dina de-Malkhuta Dina' (The Law of the State is Law)"
Kirschenbaum, "The Role of Punishment in Jewish Criminal Law: a Chapter in Rabbinic Penological Thought."
Cohen, 195 -206
Stone, Suzanne Last: "Siniatic and Noahide Law: Legal Pluralism in Jewish Law"

XIII. "Deciding" a Case: Bleich, "The Controversy Concerning the Sotheby Sale"



Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory


The Seven Laws must be explained in a way that the nations can relate to and, because non-Jews do not possess genuine free will, they will be willing to change more quickly and easily than a Jew.
Hisvaduyos 5748 3:183, cited in "The Deed is the Main Thing," Kol Boi Ha'olam, p. 385-386.


Noachides may not observe any religious holidays outside the rabbinical traditions of Torah — most especially including such Christian holidays as X-mas, Easter, Halloween, All Saint's Day, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and probably even the "new year" (January 1st).  Alien religious holidays are forbidden even under the minimum of the Noachide code; these are violations of the commandment against idolatry.

Instead, Noachides should commemorate at least the following holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Sukkos, the 19th of Kislev (the chasidic "new year"), Chanukah, Purim, Shavuos — and each person's birthday on the Hebrew calendar.  However, Noachide participation in these holidays is different in various ways from the manner of Jewish observance.



Hear the "SAYERS" the shem's the self god's admit their blasphemy and the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ the LORD, they hope to snare the earth in their satanic Luciferian scheme.

Jesus Christ is regarded as a false prophet whose execution was justified under Talmudic law for reasons like the following:

1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the purpose of subverting Jewish worship (Sanhedrin 43a).

2) He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned), was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent (Sanhedrin 107b; Sotah 47a).

3) He learned witchcraft in Egypt and, to perform miracles, used procedures that involved cutting his flesh — which is also explicitly banned in the Bible (Shabbos 104b).



The plan for world conquest

The background of the Habad Hasidic plan having been outlined above, we are now ready for the gist — the world conquest part.

It will help in understanding the following excerpt to be reminded that: Moshiach is the Messiah; Amalek is a hidden nation that for thirty-three continuous centuries has conspired to rid the world of Jewish influence and of Jews, and that is so thoroughly evil that it is beyond redemption and must be destroyed; and a legal code which conforms to halacha is one that conforms to Talmudic writing on legal matters.  The appearance of "be" below — which I have written in red — where we would expect "the" was in the original.

The Final War for Jerusalem

Why Permanent Israeli Victory
Is Now Within Reach

Judaism has always been a conquering religion, not for the purpose of converting gentiles to become Jews, but rather with the mission of returning the world to the universal covenant between G-d and Noah.  For halachic reasons too numerous and detailed to list here, gentiles today who follow Christianity, Islam, or other religions are not, for the most part, "righteous gentiles" who inherit the World to Come.  That status belongs only to those gentiles who carefully observe the Seven Laws of Noah, including following the halachic authority of the oral Torah and the rabbis.

the shem gods

(For those who find the concept confusing, we hasten to point out that this is not part of a conversion to Judaism, nor even a step in the process.  The Children of Noah have their own, independent role to play in assisting the Jewish people and refining the world.  Those individuals who wish to convert may do so, but there is no such requirement.  In the Messianic era, these righteous gentiles will worship in the Jerusalem Temple and celebrate certain Torah holidays, but will maintain a separate court system and not intermarry with Jews.  Today, such Noachides also assist in bringing non-observant Jews back to Torah, among other functions.)

Jn:4:21: Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.

During the time of the first Temple, the dream of eventually refining and transforming the gentiles was reflected in the presence of ten menorahs in the Temple sanctuary — for a total of seventy lights — representing the elevation of the seventy gentile nations.  But when the Temple was destroyed, the Jews had to influence the gentiles in a more quiet, gradual manner. 

the zionizer pastors of the zionist doctrine of devels

 Although causing the gentiles to observe the Seven Noachide Laws is itself one of the 613 mitzvos of the Torah, the exile at times sank to such depths of harshness and oppression that Jews simply could not fulfill this mitzvah for fear of death.  In such times, Judaism was forced to adapt itself to mere survival; conquest was simply out of the question.

That situation has completely reversed itself today.  The very fact that Amalek can stir up such chaos in the world is proof that gentile society no longer presents true opposition to Jewish teachings.  One now sees anti-Semitism only where Amalek is provoking trouble,

they who are the Amalekite's call the saints the anti-Shem's and rightly so, for Our Lord was anti-SHEM the self made god's who crucified GOD, never understand this was the plan of Salvation all along for them who believed him.

 which is precisely where gentiles are the most desperate for guidance.  As Christianity spirals downward into strife and theological confusion, it becomes a vacuum unable to defend itself against either the lies of Amalek or the truth of Torah.  Amalek can exploit the worldwide collapse of Christianity only by default — that is, only when the Jewish people do not seize the unprecedented opportunity.

How Scofield financed by Untermier, financed by Rothschild...set up "Judeo-Churchizionity" for the Great falling away apostasy before they "REVEAL" their false god moshiach

And as the Lubavitcher Rebbe has explained, by transforming the gentiles we can quickly create a vast army of supporters who will help us reveal Moshiach and bring all Jews back to the Torah.  Specifically, the Rebbe has emphasized that the "peace process" in Israel will be defeated only through our influence on the gentiles — especially through the campaign to teach the Noachide Laws (see Sichos in English, vol. 16, [19 Kislev 5743]).

Our most pressing task, to put it simply, is to launch an international Noachide revolution without delay.  The process has already begun, with dozens of tiny Noachide communities having appeared throughout the United States, generally composed of former Christians who have abandoned that religion.  The task of organizing the revolution can be divided into two broad stages:

1) We must first create a new Noachide society as an international network of communities and organizations functioning inside, but separately from, the surrounding society (based on halachic requirements and directives, Noachide institutions function quite differently from their Christian and secular counterparts).

these will be the spies, useful idiots of freemasonry of solomon's moloch god

This starts with an aggressive outreach program, by Jews and Noachides alike, to teach gentiles about their responsibilities according to Torah.

Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah which makes the WORD (Jesus) of none effect to the apostasy

Simultaneously, we must organize functioning programs and institutions that are prepared to absorb these vast numbers of ex-Christians and immediately involve them in efforts to bring Moshiach. 

the satanic invocation

 The Noachide communities require schools for their children, modeled after the Jewish yeshiva programs;

House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14 the New Noahide Nation of Talmud Bavli in subjugation to the shem's the god's

 Torah study groups geared for their specific needs; coordinated celebrations of appropriate Torah holidays; family services for marriage, support for the elderly, and burial; courts of justice, led by rabbinically trained righteous judges, which will function similarly to Jewish batei dinim; and tzedaka programs to assist the needy, to build new Noachide schools, and to support Jewish settlements in Israel and synagogues throughout the diaspora.

No Child left behind saith satan and his shem god's

2) In the second stage, the growing Noachide movement will seize political power — using only peaceful, lawful means — in the capitals of the Western nations. 

See all of the US Congress and the Bushkevik admenustration regime

This, of course, will not take place until the Noachide society has grown to some threshold size.  We do not know how large this needs to be nor which nations will join the revolution first, although the United States, as a fairly religious, conservative nation, certainly tops the list of prospects.

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  All economic and technological aid to the Communist Bloc, including the PLO, will be terminated immediately. 

See Bushkevik administration

 Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas,

see operation RAINBOW 5-2004

 with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts (the batei dinim of the rabbis) will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  

the shem god's to be above the law and the constitution For the United States of Greater Is Real Hell

The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha; in the United States, the emphasis will be on restoring the authority of the Constitution and abolishing all unconstitutional government programs and agencies.  

interpreted by Talmudic rabbi's of satan's illuminated hoodlum haha

The national debt will be foreclosed, probably by paying off creditors with government land holdings, thus averting economic disaster. 

All Public Parks, Recreation areas etc............even Government financed housing

 And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law.

Homelandt "SAY" Kurity the protection agency of the sayers hoodlum haba against the followers of Jesus the Christ the anti-Shem's

Almost as soon as aid to the Communist Bloc stops, the international Communist revolution will plunge headlong into crisis.  

see 1991, the bushka regime after Reagan, and at the time of the making of the Talmudic laws of satan's little kingdom, temporarily that is.....

The captive peoples, seeing their liberation at hand, will genuinely rise up to throw their brutal dictators out of power, and the armies of Gog and Magog — ranging from the Soviet Communists to the PLO — will self-destruct before the eyes of the entire world.

their gog and magog prophecies of baa'l they have accomplished by their 200 year planning....see Iraq, "Purim Saddam"

Naturally, Amalek's agents will scream hysterically to intimidate Jews from carrying out the above campaign, hoping to delay this victory.  

They make reference to me, a saint of the Lord Jesus the Christ and them who stand firm for the witness of the ONLY LIVING GOD, Christ Jesus

They have no power, however, to prevent our successful action; they can only try to create doubts and hesitation.

the saints wield the two edged sword of the Lord's Great Wrath and the destruction of the seed of the synagogues of satan, who say they are the seed of Abraham jews, but who do lie and are not the seed of Abraham by faith in the Savior, according to the Everlasting Covenant. These have only made a covenant with death and hell and all they who follow them are cast into outer darkness, forever, where there will be gnashing and gnawing of teeth, they will perish the second death along with their Moshaich false god

As the world plunges headlong toward the imminent revelation of Moshiach while the last walls of the exile disintegrate, the number of confused gentiles ready to change is rising exponentially. 

For the fear of the jews

 If the Jewish people immediately begin preparing adequate structures for the Noachide movement, this tide will be channeled directly into a glorious revelation of Truth. 

the truth of their god, they have chosen...the "Robber" who calls for his children who rejected the cornerstone and cried "Let His Blood be on our hands and our childrens hands

 But if we allow ourselves to be caught unprepared, this same overwhelming force for social change can, G-d forbid, be diverted to empower Amalek's final assault on holiness.  

Every eye shall see him and every knee shall bow to him, Jesus the Christ when he comes in the clouds with great glory and wrath and anger. He will take that evil lawless one and all his illuminated minions of hell and all the lukewarm apostate ex- so called Christians and cast them into the fire of damnation. You were warned.

It is not a matter of whether gentile society will explode in the face of the growing crisis; this event is an inevitable, and fast-approaching, reality.  We do not want to miss this incredible opportunity to provide light in the final moments of darkness.

Ordo ab chao

The world has reached its ultimate point of decision, and the power to succeed belongs entirely to the Jewish people.  We can wait until Moshiach comes on his own, following a world war, or we can bring him through our own actions, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe has stated is our mission.  The choice is ours.

There is not a minute to waste. Jews everywhere, unite!

Come Quickly Lord Jesus the Christ

Copyright © 1998 by the Committee for Israeli Victory



Here are three quotes for your use in case you have not seen them:

"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders
of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to
drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or
a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people
can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have
to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for
lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."

 — Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II

"Today Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered into Los Angeles to
restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they
were told there was an outside threat from beyond...whether real or
promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the
world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing
that every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario,
individual rights will be willfully relinquished...guarantees of their well-being
guaranteed to them by their World Government..."

 — Henry Kissinger, statement to Bilderberger Organization, Evian, France
5-21-92, from a tape recording by Swiss delegates.

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as
an independent press. You know it and I know it.  There is not one of you who
dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that
it would never appear in print".

"I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am
connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any
of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the
streets looking for another job.  If I allowed my honest opinions to appear
in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone".

"The business of the Journalist is to destroy truth; To lie outright; To
pervert; To vilify; To fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his
race for his daily bread.  You know it and I know it and what folly is this
toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind
the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our
talents, our possibilities and or lives are all the property of other men. 
We are intellectual prostitutes."

 —  John Swinton, known by his Peers to be the "Dean of his Profession" as
former Chief of Staff of the New York Times, statement made in 1953 to the New
York Press Club when asked to give a toast.


Satan's Lair of Liar's


What goes on in Rabbi Schneerson's Schools?

Bushkevik's No Child Left Behind AKT and Education DAY USA

Rabbi Schneerson's idea of education is to chain children to the Lubavitcher movement by making them unfit for life in the modern world:

Noachides, generally speaking, should not limit the number of children they have.  Moreover, a proper Torah education for their children is absolutely essential.  Ultimately, such a Torah-learning program will be similar to the programs for Jewish children, but with many important differences.  Right now, a supplemental daily home-schooling Torah program is being developed and used to teach Noachide children.  All parents must rapidly get involved, teaching their children at least one hour per day (after school, for example) according to this program.  As the number of participating families grows, it will soon be possible to organize full-time Noachide chedarim (day schools for grade-school children) in many communities.  This approach to education, based on the three-thousand-year-old Jewish yeshiva system, drastically minimizes secular studies (math, science, history, English, social studies, computers & other technical studies) in favor of total immersion in Torah, the Word of G-d.  This includes written Torah, oral Torah, halacha (religious law), Hebrew language, etc.; this philosophy of education is fundamentally opposite the one used in public and private schools and in standard home-schooling programs.

From the above acknowledgement, one might wonder whether there is anyone in the United States less suited to be honored on Education Day than Rabbi Schneerson.  One may go on to ask how it comes to pass that the single person who does more to pervert education in the United States than perhaps anyone else is chosen by successive American Presidents to be honored year after year on Education Day?  To "drastically minimize" the study of mathematics, science, history, English, social studies, computers and other technical subjects has the effect of making a student of small use to his fellow man (which is to say unemployable), of removing him from participation in the intellectual life of the nation, and of crippling his capacity to resist manipulation by charlatans, mountebanks, impostors, demagogues, and quacks.

To not a few Americans, the intellectual starvation to which Lubavitchers subject children might seem more like child abuse than education, and might appear to call more for intervention on the part of child-welfare agencies, or even prosecutors, than for Presidential commendation.




by Aryeh Gallin

JERUSALEM, D.C. (David's Capital), Yom Rishon (Day One - "Sunday"), 1 Tevet, 5759 (December 20, 1998), Root & Branch:  In his weekly Jerusalem Post column, my friend Moshe Kohn wrote:  "'The World', as represented by the United Nations Organization and the various other international combinations, would have preferred that the Jewish faith/people had not come into being in the first place with its message of purpose, ethics and hope."  (Jerusalem Post, December 18, 1998)

May we all live to see the day when the "United Nations" is replaced by the NOAHIDE NATIONS, representing a humanity redeemed through its faith in the G-d of Israel and through its commitment, in word AND deed, to observe His Noahide Covenant and Laws.



Quit the UN

By Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President, Foundation for Constitutional Democracy. July 11, 2002.

Back in 1975, when the UN declared Zionism a form of racism, I proposed that Israel resign from the UN. Here is what I now say:

The Jewish state of Israel is supposed to set an example to mankind. 

as they indeed do, death, robbery and mayhym....and all the whore's daughters with them

Therefore, Israel will not establish diplomatic relations with any tyrannical regime. To do so is to dignify tyrants and perpetuate their unjust rule over their people.

Yeah right, see yoke of Satan's Talmud Bavli HJR 104, Public law 102-14 and decapitation scheme for all who oppose the shem gods

 It also lowers the moral standards of the Jewish people. The Torah (Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah the Oral tradition)  makes distinctions between good and bad regimes, and warns against seeking relations with those that are wicked.


 To seek the recognition of Arab states only arouses their contempt for Israel; and to offer them "land for peace" not only makes them more contemptuous of Jews, but encourages them to make war. By not seeking relations with hostile Arab and Islamic states, Israel will cease to be diplomatically dependent on Washington.

and of course "Share the Pain plan of 400 nukes

Consistent with the preceding, Israel should quit the United Nations. The UN, which is dominated by Arab-Islamic and other dictatorships, has repeatedly passed resolutions condemning Israel. Here is a brief summary based on a study by Middle East analyst Gail Winston:

and Is REAL HELL has paid no heed to any of the more than 60 resolutions against their covenant with death and hell

The Security Council: "condemned", "censured", "deplored", "strongly deplored", etc. Israel 49 times; the Arabs: Zero. The Security Council passed 131 Resolutions: 43 were neutral; 88 criticized or opposed or judged against Israel. Zero critical of any Arab state or entity such as the PLO (founded in 1964). (rock throwers)

The General Assembly: cumulative number of votes cast with or for Israel: 7,938; against Israel: 55,642. The General Assembly passed 429 Resolutions against Israel's desires (62%); only 56 against Arab desires (8%). The General Assembly "condemned", "vigorously condemned", "strongly condemned", "deplored", "strongly deplored", "censured", "denounced" Israel 321 times -- the Arabs Zero condemnations.

Since it first convened in 1946, at least one Arab state sat on the nine-country Security Council in 39 of its first 43 years. Israel never sat on the Security Council. [In June 2002 Syria, which is still listed on the U.S. State Department as a Terrorist State, was voted in as Head of the Security Council.]

The vast majority of the countries represented in the UN membership are dictatorships that should never have been admitted to the UN, for they violate Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which declares: "Everyone has the right to take part in the Government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives."

same people here who slew God's Holy Unction Kings and replaced them with Noahide Demoncrazies

The principle of one nation/one vote in the General Assembly places democratic and despotic regimes on the same level. This is morally repugnant.

so say them "SAYERS" who say all mankind should be subjugated to the shem god's or die by decapitation

Israel's having an international forum at the UN is of dubious value, as is the UN itself. Fred Fleitz, senior adviser to Under Secretary of State John Bolton, exposes UN waste and corruption and the human costs that resulted there from. His book, Peacekeeping Fiascoes of the 1990s: Causes, Solutions, and U.S. Interests, provides a comprehensive and highly critical assessment of the UN. Among other debacles, he shows how the failed UN mission in Bosnia led to genocide; how the UN debacle in Somalia emboldened terrorists the world over; how the UN operation in Cambodia enabled a ruthless dictator, Hun Sen, to consolidate and retain power in Cambodia; how the UN peacekeeping operation in Haiti collapsed, with the billions of dollars squandered on it principally benefitting Haitian President Jean-Bertrande Artistide.

How the UN turns it's back on hundreds and thousands of slain Palestinian children at the hand of satan's army the IDF

To all this, add the UN sponsored Durban Conference, which became a vicious instrument of anti-Semitism and Israel-bashing.

anti-shem god's

The very reason why Israel (as well as the United States) has (belatedly) refused to become a member of the recently formed International Criminal Court (ICC) is the same reason why Israel should cease being a member of the UN (an attitude shared by many millions of Americans. The UN can instruct the ICC to try Jewish settlers as "war criminals"!

 the shem god's cannot be under jurisdiction of "Goyim" courts, they are above the laws of the land, they must change the laws of all their lands 

The UN is not only a sinkhole of corruption and ineptitude. It is intended by globalists to metamorphose into a world government.




hoodlum haha haba !



Such a government would constitute the greatest tyranny in human history. A world government would have a monopoly of military power with agents in every country to prevent any country from developing its own arms. Such a government would impose a stultifying uniformity on all nations, contrary to the Torah. God creates nations, which have a right to develop their own cultural identity, limited only by the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality.

Orwelian Double Speak to all ignorant proles

In announcing its resignation from the UN, Israel should call for the establishment of a new United Nations, one whose states are democracies that recognize the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality, which a U.S. joint session of Congress explicitly incorporated in Public Law 102-14 (102 P.L. 14; 1991 H.J. Res. 104; 105 Stat. 44) establishing March 26, 1991 as "Education Day"!

If the corruption and failings of the UN were also publicized, I dare say that a majority of the American people would cheer Israel for taking the high moral ground and call upon the Bush Administration to leave the present UN and take the lead in establishing a new one.



Resistance is futile, do not oppose the shem god's and their hoodlum haha haba, you will all be assimilated.........saith the Global commune socialist who dwell in walled cities, prisons of their captor.....satan


Foundation for Constitutional Democracy in the Middle East

Since socialists are democrats and Arabs are autocrats, why does the Socialist International, of which Israel's Labor Party is a member, support the Arab cause against Israel? Can it be that socialism is intrinsically anti-Semitic? To answer this question, we shall have to grasp the unique character of the first Jew, Abraham.

As the Father of a Multitude of Nations, Abraham is the first universalist, the first to teach ethical monotheism to nations steeped in paganism and ethnocentric egoism. Jews therefore constitute a unique nation, one that unites nationalism and internationalism. In other words, Judaism represents a synthesis of particularism and universalism.

and Plural gods called shems

Judaism maintains that nations, like individuals, are creations of G-d. Each nation has its own unique character, its own excellence, its own historical function. Nevertheless, the behaviors of nations, like those of individuals, are not morally equal judged from the standard of ethical monotheism or what are known as the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality. The latter prohibit, murder, robbery, idolatry, blasphemy, adultery, and cruelty on the one hand, while requiring the establishment of courts of justice on the other.

and decapitation for any who oppose their satanic laws

Judaism rejects moral and cultural relativism along with the notion that human nature is simply altruistic. Self-preference, ambition, avarice, envy, and hatred are natural inclinations. They prompt individuals and nations to impose their will or way of life on others. War -- more than 1000 in the last 2500 years -- has ever been the norm of international relations.

and.....these simeon double forked tongued serpents seek to do the same hundred fold

The basic cause of war, however, is not nationalism or the nation-state system but the failure of human beings to observe a few universal laws of morality.

This whoredom to the "ROBBER" is responsible for all slain upon the earth and who crucified the Messiah. Immediately when ONE converts to Judaism, a jew, that person become the child of the "ROBBER"

 Is it not strange that Europe, the home of Christianity and of secular humanism, has been repeatedly drenched in rivers of blood?

Not strange at all, for Talmudism hates Christianity, so there fore prompts wars to murder the GOYIM

 Clearly, these divergent universalisms have failed to transform the beast in man. Perhaps because the former is too otherworldly, while the latter is simply mundane. Contrast Judaism, which sanctifies this world by the laws and teachings of the Torah.

such as it is ok for a jew to cohabit and have sex with a girl child three years and one day

It has been said that universalism came to Europe only on loan from Judaism, but as any foreign implant, it could not be absorbed by nations whose spirit is basically pagan. Witness the European Holocaust

Created by their hired hand Blavatsky's, Hitler to create satan's Hoodlum haha haba

Mankind needs authentic universalism, which is expressed only through the medium of Israel's nationhood.

Is REAL HELL....and of course you may call me an anti-Shem-ite

The chief anti-Shem god ite

Jn:7:1: After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him

 Awaited is nothing less than Israel's COMPLETE physical and spiritual restoration. We are touching on a basic cause of anti-Semitism and of socialist antipathy toward Israel.


Socialists, on principle, scorn nationalism. They deem the nation-state an artificial entity. Although this may be said of liberals who disdain patriotism, the Marxist influence on socialism renders the latter more prone to a vacuous internationalism or cosmopolitanism. Marx hated Judaism if only because Judaism justifies nationalism while offering, in the Torah, the only rational and ethical basis for internationalism.

hahahhahhehhehhehehehehhoooooooooey Roll Over George Orwell...MARX was a damned Quabalist of Talmud Bavli....


 I am alluding to these words of Genesis: G-d created man in His own image. That lapidary sentence of holy writ provides the only solid foundation for the moral unity of the human race and international peace.

This piece of dung "alludes" that Talmud Bavli say's that only Jews are MaN AND ALL THE GOYIM ARE AS THE ANIMAL SPECIS

Against all human experience, socialism bases its faith on science and the redistribution of wealth. The socialist agenda is also tainted by egalitarian envy or hatred of greatness. Antipathy toward the Chosen People follow.

Who Slew the "Chooser" and said we "Choose" the Robber

Now we can better understand why the United Nations so often condemns Israel. The concept of the Chosen People contradicts the equality of all nations represented in the UN General Assembly. This is not all. Although the UN Charter explicitly acknowledges the sovereignty of each nation, the UN increasingly interferes in the purely internal affairs of nations, and on matters having nothing to do with international peace. THE AIM OF THE UN IS TO PROMOTE INDISCRIMINATE MORAL EQUALITY WITHIN AND BETWEEN ALL NATIONS. This requires the end of ideology and the worldwide recognition of moral and cultural relativism. Once nations see there are no moral or religious absolutes, then, given the alleviation of human suffering by scientific technology, national borders and war will be a thing of the past.

This is the agenda of international socialism, manifested in the UN. The UN is attempting to create a New World Order devoid of absolute ethics and sovereign states. It is in this light that we are to understand UN hostility toward Israel.

hahahahahha the deceptions they raise in order to do the exact same thing they refute

Of course antipathy toward Israel may also be understood in economic terms. The essence of the nations is economic. The ultimate purpose of social as well as liberal democracies is commodious living, which today depends to no small extent on Persian Gulf oil and arms sales to Arab states. But rather than succumb to vulgar Marxism by explaining human behavior simply in terms of material interests, a deeper truth must be emphasized. Advocates of a New World Order -- international socialists above all -- cannot endure a strong and independent Jewish State.

Oh LORD LISTEN to the children of the LIAR the MUrderer since the Beginning who it is who is the True campaigners of their Olam haba New World Talmudic Order of Universal Noahidism....and the ignorant masses will fall for the leaven of these Pharisaic Seed of the serpent


Such a state presages a world that acknowledges the sovereignty of G-d rather than a world-leveling organization.

Their god they have made unto themselves...the shems who say they are god's in their traditions of satan

Now we can also better understand the American State Department's 50-year antipathy toward Israel. Of all departments of the Federal Government, the State Department has the most highly educated personnel. 

see how they intend to destroy the State Department in their Illuminated protocols of their Talmudic Illuminated "Masters, their rabid rabbi's and the sages of satan

It so happens, however, that higher education in the United States, as elsewhere in the West, is cosmopolitan on the one hand, and dominated by left-leaning cultural relativists on the other.

the other.....Chabad Lubavitch jews of Talmud Bavli, Education Day USA, No Child left behind Universal Noahide laws

 This is one reason why the PLO, an organization committed to Israel's destruction, is well-represented on major American campuses. 

Lookie at who destroys who........

These campuses are breeding grounds for anti-Semitism, by which I now mean hatred of Jewish particularism-cum-universalism, the alternative to a leveling socialist internationalism.

anti-shem gods and their Hoodlum haha haba of their ha-shem haha ha Moshiach ben Perdition false Christ

This anti-Semitism will be found in a clique of left-wing Jews in Israel, Jews aligned with Israel's enemies. 

Now how can a shem be anti_Shem of Haha Shem, shem?

This was foretold by the Sages. All the more reason for optimism, since

Yep all foretold by the Illuminated seers of the serpent seed



Establishing the Noahide Nations Organization", (Replacing Today's "United Nations" which worships a Pagan Trinity of Oil, Drugs and Weapons with a Noahide Nations Organization based on Fear of G-d and Observance of His Noahide Covenant and Laws) by Mr. Aryeh Gallin, Founder & President, Root & Branch



APRIL 30, 2004


On Wednesday Secretary of State Colin Powell took part as the US's representative at a 55 nation 'anti-Semitism' conference in Berlin. What went totally ignored by the controlled news media was his visit to Berlin's new Lubavitch Center, a Hassidic group dedicated to furthering the teachings of the late rabbi, Menachem Schneerson (right), who has held an occult sway over the federal government for nearly 20 years.



The shem serpents want genital mutilation for everyman of hoodlum haha haba, No laughing matter. The lust of their father they do


Transcultural, Multireligious, & Interdisciplinary Dimensions
of Appropriating Universal Paradigms
Regarding The Human Rights Challenge Of Genital Mutilation

Anastasios Zavales

Presented at
The Third International Symposium on Circumcision,
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
May 22-25, 1994.


IF they can circumsize every one of their obedient goyim universal noahides, they can certainly insert tracking systems into their brain dead bodies.



Imagine a world where only snakes dwell, want to be there do you?


ok....ok...all you obedient shem god worshippers who call your selves "Judeo-Churchizionazi's......i am admitting openly that i am anti-shem-god ite. I admit, I confess, I want no part of your hoodlum haha....I admit I am come out of the Great whore and I am crucified with my Lord and Born again into his Kingdom. And you are born again into the kingdom of serpentry. The wrath is not mine...the vengeance belong's not to me...the Wrath belong's to the Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ.


Who can do battle against the zionazi beast?

Jesus has, and the beast is defeated at Calvary, by faith according to the Promise.



Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive


Posted By: tenavision
Date: Thursday, 24 April 2003, 3:29 p.m.

Read and learn, people, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! It is the last time I am going to post this information, so if you want it, please bookmark James' site below.


Fact, the 1213 Charta took place, the king gave his possessions to the Pope.

Fact, the 1215 Charta took place, the king granted rights and lands to the Barons, with the Pope signing off on the Charta.

Fact, a couple of months later the Pope declared the 1215 Magna Charta null and void.

Fact, the king started businesses (trusts), called Virginia and Carolina in America.

Fact, these American Charters were non-revocable trusts.

Fact, the king claimed all lands in America settled by his subjects as his as a matter of Conquest.

Fact, the king by way of the Charters possessed allodial ownership of this land.

Fact, by way of the Charters the king retained for himself and all his heirs and successors 30 percent of all gold, silver and copper, to be sent to him annually.

Fact, our forefathers declared themselves subjects of the king.

Fact, the king had lawful title to this land, our forefathers could not claim what they never owned.

Fact, the Revolutionary War was over taxation, not subjection to the king.

Fact, the king ceded the land above ground in the 1783 Peace Treaty to the States.

Fact, the king did not cede the gold, silver and copper to the States.

Fact, the king could not cede the minerals to the States
because of parties not yet born, and successors yet to serve future kings of England, as a result of the Trust he created.

Fact, the inhabitants were not granted anything by the king.

Fact, since the king retained the mineral rights to America, no man, free or otherwise had allodial title to his land, he was a mere tenant.

Fact, the king allowed the inhabitants of the States to believe they were free, just as with the British people in the 1215 Charta and the 1689 Declaration of Rights.

Fact, for a short period of time, eleven years to be exact, the inhabitants of the Colonies/States were declared to be freeman.

Fact, freeman status ended with the passage of the 1787 Constitution, because all State inhabitants were now declared by their representatives to be citizens, subject to the laws of the U.S. government.

Fact, the States ceded their grants of land and most of their sovereignty to the 1787 Constitution and U.S. government.

Fact, the king knew a central government was going to be created by the States when he signed the 1783 Peace Treaty.

Fact, by the creation of the 1787 Constitution a Republic was created.

Fact, the Republic in no way was a hindrance to the king in regaining his land, via taxation and banking.

Fact, the 1787 Constitution created a 10-mile square district, not subject to the restraints of the 1787 Constitution.

Fact, in 1789 the Judiciary Act was passed by Congress, which established courts of law, compatible with England, so contracts and business would continue with England.

Fact, in 1791 Washington who once said "no" to being the king, and also said he did not want independence from the king, allowed the office of President to become a monarchy, outside of the 1787 Constitution, when he declared he was dividing the States into district States.

Fact, the district States are subject to the President, this has never been changed.

Fact, 1791 the Bank of the United States was allowed to be chartered by Washington.

Fact, the Bank was financed by the British Board of Trade, that was controlled by the Pope and Rothschild cabal.

Fact, in 1811 when Congress refused to re-charter the Bank, England declared war on the United States.

Fact, in 1810 the Thirteenth Amendment was proposed, which would have effectively removed the king s power of reclaiming his land from the American people, by removing the possibility of lawyers/esquires running and obtaining office in the United States government.

Fact, the War of 1812 took place, the main objective was the burning of our documents in Washington and increasing the debt of the U.S., so the Bank would have to be re-chartered.

Fact, the Jay Treaty of 1792 took place giving away much of what was won in the 1783 Peace Treaty.

Fact, in 1816 the second Bank of the United States was chartered.

Fact, in 1836 President Jackson refused to allow the Bank to be re-chartered, an assassination attempt was then made on his life.

Fact, since the king was denied the taxation through his bank, Congress passed the Act of 1845, his emissaries and loyal subjects, the Judiciary (lawyers/esquires) confirmed the Act of 1845 with the Insular cases, allowing admiralty law to come on land, granting Congress and the President even more power.

Fact, England began using propaganda through the news media concerning the slaves in the South, when the king was the biggest slave trader in the world.

Fact, the Civil War ended the 1787 Constitution, first by Sine Die (no lawful Congress) second, by passage of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Fact, the Southern States were granted a full pardon by Presidents Lincoln and Johnson.

Fact, the Southern States retook their seats in Congress.

Fact, the reseated Southern States voted on the Thirteenth Amendment in Congress and it was ratified by the Southern States.

Fact, the Northern States re-declared war against the Southern States, because they would not ratify the Fourteenth Amendment.

Fact, a permanent state of Emergency was declared and martial law put in place by the unlawful passage of the Reconstruction Acts.

Fact, lawful State governments were removed by an unlawful Military occupation, by direction of an unlawful Congress.

Fact, puppet governments were put into place by the unlawful Military Occupying Commanders, by direction of the unlawful Congress.

Fact, the puppet governments of the Southern States ratified the Fourteenth Amendment.

Fact, the 1787 Constitution by the unlawful passage of the Fourteenth Amendment was forever dead.

Fact, with the king again in control, the bankers began the rape of America.

Fact, in 1869 one year after the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, Gould and Fisk cornered the Gold market for the bankers, with the help of President Grant, which was known as black Friday.

Fact, in 1873 Congress removed the silver coin from the market, that same year the crash of 1873 began and lasted for three years.

Fact, in 1900 Congress passed the Gold Standard Act and created a gold reserve of one hundred and fifty billion dollars, and allowed the bankers to sell bonds to maintain this gold level.

Fact, in 1907, just seven years later the stock market crashed.

Fact, because of this crash, two death blows occured in 1913, the Sixteenth Amendment is passed, and the Federal Reserve Act is passed.

Fact, the Federal Reserve Act was written in England at the Bank of England by New York and English Bankers.

Fact, the Federal Reserve is a direct descendant of England s Exchequer, which comes from William the Conquerer and his taxation via the doomsday book.

Fact, the doomsday book of William the Conquerer is the county recorder's office today.

Fact, World War one increased the national debt, and saw the passage of the War Powers Act in 1917.

Fact, the true United States Independent Treasury created in 1846 that dealt in specie, was abolished by the act of 1920, thereby allowing the private Federal reserve board to control the money of America as the fiscal agent of the United States.

Fact, between 1913 and 1929 the Bankers and the Congress enter into gold guaranteed contracts totaling three hundred billion dollars when only three percent of that amount of gold existed in the World.

Fact, the New York bankers, via fraudulent acts, transfer huge amounts of gold to the Bank of England by 1929, along with the debt of the U.S., bringing about the stock market crash of 1929.

Fact, in 1933 the American people are declared enemies of the bankers and the Conquest and transference of America is complete.

Fact, in 1933 because of the United States Corporation s insolvency, the United States is forced to reorganize and implement the social and financial programs mandated by the Bankers of New York and England.

Fact, in 1933 the king s holding and ownership of America s gold via the Bankers is complete, and America s death is insured by the acceptance of fiat money, Federal Reserve Notes.

Fact, after 1933 the king s collection of taxes increases, along with increased power given to the IRS, his collection arm.

Fact, World War II increases the debt even further, which demands more taxes on the backs of Americans, now that they are co- sureties for the debt as defined by the Federal Insurance Contribution Act of 1934.

Fact, now that the enslavement of America is complete, the enslavement of the world was begun by the ratification of the U.N. Charter in 1945.

Fact, the United States had to turn over 8 billion in gold to join the United Nations just 12 years after there was not enough gold in this Country, and it was declared having gold was a crime.

Fact, the Korean and Vietnam wars explode the debt heaped on the backs of the American people.

Here we are, I have given you just some of the historical facts contained in my research papers. Because they are a matter of history and/or Congressional Record, they cannot be rebutted, I have done the leg work and have given the sources in my research papers. Those that are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.

By:James Montgomery


Fact, the Bank was financed by the British Board of Trade, that was controlled by the Pope and Rothschild cabal.

Fact, the true United States Independent Treasury created in 1846 that dealt in specie, was abolished by the act of 1920, thereby allowing the private Federal reserve board to control the money of America as the fiscal agent of the United States.


So, since we are ALL under the laws of CONQUEST, we were FOOLED into believing that we were free citizens. The acts our government are doing in our name are a part of public law. And just wait until the NOAHIDE laws, waiting in the wings, are put into effect. BEHEADING, ANYONE???




Using the 7 Commandments of Bnei Noah to protect Israel
and to Establish Peace on Earth
written by a student of R. Bar Hayim

In its essence, the conflict in the Land of Israel is not a struggle between two nationalist movements but is the epicenter of a worldwide war between the Tora (Satan's Talmud Bavli)  of Israel and its fiercest competitors, Islam and Xtianity.(How they hate the Christ, Jesus) 

The resolution of this war–for the good–can only occur when the nations of the world abandon these two rival monotheisms in favor of our Tora. 

for their shem godhood hoodlum haha haba of haha Moshiach ben Perdition

There will be no true peace for Israel otherwise, because both Xtianity and Islam are premised on the abrogation of the Covenant and replacement of us by them. 

who replaced the Creator the Word of God with the "Robber"

What everyone calls a territorial conflict in the Land of Israel is really a religious war for the whole planet; 

for satan's vision of hoodlum haha haba against the Everlasting Covenant, Jesus the lamb of God the Father

we can only lose if we refrain from identifying the matter at stake and instead continue to present our case, for example, in terms of how unfair it is that there are 22 Arab countries yet they begrudge us one. Bringing to light the Seven Commandments and the code based upon them will not simply affect individual gentile truth-seekers—it will confound our enemies and allow us to bring back the estranged members of Israel.



Failing to identify the context of the ongoing violence as a religious war has meant (a) failing to provide our people with either a realistic explanation of what it will take to end the war or to provide a cause in which the people can believe and continue to fight for, and (b)

thereby giving the initiative to our enemies and ensuring that we will always fight on the defensive.

The focus of a campaign to forestall our destruction requires reaching as much of ‘Am Israel as is possible. That does not mean reaching the small minority of people who identify themselves as nationalist or "right-wing." It means reaching the majority of our people who are totally disconnected from the concerns of the Nation, who think of themselves in essentially gentile terms, who give their strength to gentile-oriented projects and struggle to improve gentile value systems, and think of the destiny of Israel, if at all, at best as a joke and at worst as intolerant racism and superstition.


 These people will not be moved by proclamations that the residents of the Holy Land are in danger–because these people either just don’t care or believe that the Israelis have brought it upon themselves by being mean to the Palestinians. They are also unwilling to accept that they themselves are in personal danger. (America’s different, you see.) In order to reach them on a mass scale it will be necessary to present them with a completely alternative model for understanding existence and human history. Such a model should entail:

WTC Massacre...Homelandt "SAY" Kurity for the shem gods

1. Defining the conflict as a religious war. This step is necessary to counter the dominant model of "ethnic conflict" which leads our people (a) to believe that the struggle is comparable to other "ethnic conflicts,"(b) to think of it as unrelated to other societal problems, and (c) to believe that if we would just compromise then so would the Other Side.

War on the Ishmaelites...then the Believers of of Jesus...the religious wars of their satanic Hoodlum haha Universal Noahidism

In this religious war there can be no compromise since it is our continued existence that implicitly challenges the validity of Xtianity while the assertion of political sovereignty in the form of a "State of Israel" implicitly challenges the validity of Islam. According to the first, we are damned to obsolescence for rejecting JC while according to the second, when Mohammed replaced Moshe Rabbeinu we were relegated to dhimma status. By establishing an independent sovereignty in the midst of the realm of Islam, we have attacked the legitimacy of Islam itself, everywhere. At the same time, while our conflict with Xtianity is less acute, as long as we do not provide an alternative to that "religion," it will continue to be the default value system for a billion people. When they seek meaning and ritual, they will most likely find them in that idolatrous value system with its essential message that we have thwarted humanity’s salvation.

2. Explaining that the Land of Israel is ours, not because the United Nations said we could share it with a State of Palestine, but because it was given to Avraham and his descendants through Isshaq. Our sovereignty there is not, therefore, conditioned on the approval of the nations. Furthermore, the occupation of the Land of Israel by Arabic-speaking gentiles under color of the Islamic conquest has no bearing on true ownership of the Land. From the perspective of the Tora of Israel as the authentic revelation for all of humanity, Islam is an impostor which confers no authority.

3. Eliminating the idea that there are equally valid claims to the Land. The point stated above at (2) is important for redeeming those of our people who repeat the widely promoted proposition that there are two competing, equally valid claims to the Land of Israel. Since neither Islam nor Xtianity are valid spiritual paths, but instead are attempts to displace the Tora (in the form of the Noahide Code, based on the Seven Commandments) as the universal spiritual code, the Islamic-Xtian occupation of the Holy Land is entirely illegitimate. Were the gentiles in question to renounce Islam and Xtianity and submit themselves to the authority of the Tora of Israel, we would have Peace Now and a New Middle East. To the extent that they are not willing to do so, there is no room for compromise. According to the foregoing, the current attempt to establish a foreign sovereignty in Land of Israel is invalid and must be stopped for the good of humanity.

Humanity being jews....the god shem's

4. Identifying the destiny of Israel as world peace under the G-d of Israel, and the Noahide Code based on the Seven Commandments as the instrument. The destiny of Israel, the meaning and purpose, is to establish the kingship of HaShem in this world.

The son of Perdition of the Talmudic Illuminated Chassidic Pharisaic shem gods of hoodlum haha haba

 The destiny of Israel is thus not limited to a small territory on the east side of the Mediterranean, but rather the Tora of Israel enjoys worldwide jurisdiction. 


The majority of our people harbor vague sentiments of universal brotherhood and tolerance, which they suppose can be accomplished through some kind of egalitarian program. This model is a perversion of the universal peace and morality which will result through implementation of the Seven Commandments. The Seven Commandments serve to explain that Xtianity and Islam are unnecessary and provide the terms on which the nations of the world may live in peace with each other and with Israel.

Or else our beast shall destroy them all and "share the pain of the shem sham

It is possible to implement this program, and thereby launch a counteroffensive, from anywhere in the world. 


This paper proposes applying the Seven Commandments to the war in the Land of Israel, yet this program applies in all locales just as well to fighting missionaries and cults, and in combating assimilation and intermarriage.

Hoodlum haha ha Judeo Churchizionity of the god's of the shem sham


No wonder he lost his mind like Nebuchednezzer

Proclamation 5317 -- Education Day, U.S.A., 1985

April 4, 1985

By the President of the United States

of America

A Proclamation

In order to achieve its highest goals, education must be more than just a training in facts and figures, or even in basic skills, as important as they are. It must also include instruction in the deepest ethical values of our civilization.

Very few Americans have done more to promote these ethical values as the basis of civilization than Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement. The word ``Lubavitch'' comes from the name of a Russian city and means city of love. That is very appropriate because, of all the ethical values which inform our civilization, none is more important than love -- love of wisdom, love of our fellowman, and love of our Creator.

These are the values which Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson exemplifies. And they are the values, with their roots in the Seven Noahide Laws, which have guided the Lubavitch movement throughout its history. They are the essence of education at its best, and we should be certain that we pass on this precious heritage to all young Americans.

In recognition of Rabbi Schneerson's contributions and in honor of his 83rd birthday, which falls this year on April 2, the Congress, by House Joint Resolution 186, has designated April 2, 1985, as ``Education Day, U.S.A.'' and authorized and requested the President to issue an appropriate proclamation in observance of this event.

Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, April 2, 1985, as Education Day, U.S.A., and I call upon the people of the United States, and in particular our teachers and other educational leaders, to observe that day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this fourth day of April, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty-five, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and ninth.

Ronald Reagan

[Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 11:48 a.m., April 5, 1985]

Note: The proclamation was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on April 5.



No wonder Bushkevik senior has a son like Georgie JR.


"The Message of Education Day, USA"

Part 1: Address by the Rebbe,
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson,

on the Sabbath before Passover of 5746 (1986)

From the Publisher's Forward: This farbrengen [Chassidic gathering, at which the Rebbe spoke] also celebrated the 84th birthday of the Rebbe. (The Rebbe's birthday actually occurred on Sunday, the 11th of Nissan, but this farbrengen was viewed as the official celebration.) In his discourses on that day the Rebbe acknowledged the proclamation issued by President Reagan and the U.S. Congress concerning the duty of mankind to observe the Seven Noachide Laws. The Rebbe also expressed his approbation of the proclamation establishing "Education Day" on the 11th of Nissan {the Rebbe's birthday). In this excerpt the Rebbe explains the importance of encouraging Gentiles to observe the universal Seven Noachide Laws, and the importance of teaching and inculcating the future generations to follow the Seven Noachide Laws. Successful, global education depends on love, brotherhood, personal example, sincerity and dedication. The world can become a place where all people will serve G-d together.]


"Everything Begins With Torah"

Talmud Bavli the Mishnah Torah and Gemara that states Jesus was a bastard and the son of a whore and a roman soldier.....

and America is a sleeping apostasy

Tradition teaches us that everything in creation finds its source in Torah. The Zohar describes it this way:

"The Holy One, Blessed be He, looked into the Torah and created the world, so man looks into the Torah and keeps the world alive."

they "allude to Talmud Bavli"

(Zohar II, p. 161b)

Moreover, we find cases when true Torah sages made halachic [Torah-based] rulings, and as a result certain changes took place in worldly matters.

There is a well-known story told of the Ragachover Gaon, who was called the "Prince of Torah" by the Rebbe Rashab [the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneerson] and the previous Rebbe [Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson]. The Ragachover once received a letter from the government tax department which described two types of taxes which he was being charged. He studied the bill and the explanations and then said that one form of tax was legitimate on the basis of the Torah, and therefore should be paid in accordance with the dictum, "The law of the government is law" (Tractate Gittin 10b). However, he pointed out that the second tax was not acceptable by Torah standards and should not be paid (see Maimonides, Laws of Robbery, 5:14).

see jewish kosher tax of baa'l

Several days passed and a second notice arrived. This time the tax department apologized for making a mistake in the previous tax bill and admitted that he was not liable to pay the second tax!

Quite an extraordinary occurrence! In "that" country [Russia], which opposed all aspects of Judaism, Torah and its commandments [mitzvos], and in the city of Petersburg, where many important government ministries were situated, and where the protocol of government bureaucracy was carefully adhered to, the Ragachover's halachic ruling, based on the Torah's truth, caused the government to withdraw its demand for taxes - truly amazing!

They lie for their father is the father of lies and the lust of their father who is a murderer since the beginning, the Sofiet Union was created by Talmudic Jews from New York City

The incident was all the more astonishing when we remember that in "that" country, once someone was assessed a tax it was virtually impossible to rescind the assessment, yet here they recalled the tax bill and apologized! The power of a Torah ruling can change the way the world functions, against its own nature.

Unlike this story there are many rulings of Torah which already exist and need not be judged anew. One example would be the ruling of Maimonides: … to encourage the Gentiles of the world to act in accordance with the Seven Noachide Commandments. [This concerns] the welfare of all peoples, for the world was "formed to be inhabited," which will only be when society follows the Divine plan.

the "divine" Plan of their shem sham god the "Robber" they chose to snare all the souls of the earth whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life slain since the foundation of the world 

In this country there is an additional incentive, since the President has issued a proclamation urging and encouraging the observance of the Seven Noachide Laws. He has indicated that only in this way can the world remain inhabited and civilized. …

if Not IS REAL HELL intends to share the pain

 The President's proclamation emphasizes the revelation of G-dliness through the essence of the corporeal world. It also lends support to disseminating the Seven Noachide Laws among all humanity.

Behold your man of dan Judeo-Churchizionians, his name is George Bushkevik. Then get pissed all you want for you pisseth against the wall.

When We "Receive" We Must Also "Give"

It is therefore appropriate to express our appreciation to the Government of the United States and to its head, the President, for this proclamation regarding the Seven Noachide Laws. At the same time we must express our gratitude to the Holy One Blessed be( ROBBER of the shem sham) He that our government represents a benevolent republic, which extends assistance and aid … [An important] act in that respect was to help gain the release of the previous Rebbe from "that" country [in 1927]. This set the stage for the continuous expansion of Chabad Chassidus through the previous Rebbe to the rest of the world, until Moshiach's days.

Education Day - U.S.A.

The President has also issued a government proclamation designating a day in the month of Nissan [the 11th, the Rebbe's birthday] as "Education Day." Since the laws of Noach are basic and elementary, e.g. not to rob, not to murder, to believe in G-d, etc., it is obvious that these laws must be taught to children so that they should grow up righteous and good. 

UH...sorry chaplain charlie.....these laws are already in place thank you very much. Oh ps...this man is very dead in the ground since 94 AD

Consequently, we must improve and adapt the educational system in America to properly transmit these principles and values to the next generation. In fact, in the Seven Noachide Laws we find the commandment for education:

They are making your children bondservants to satan, without a peep from American Parents, the good pious Judeo-Churchizionians

The duty is enjoined upon them to set up judges in each district to deal with these six commandments and to caution (educate) the people.
Maimonides, Laws of Kings 9:14)

Teach The Laws Of Noach To All

Clearly they must teach the people to know and to live by the Laws of Noach. The foundation and basis of the Seven Noachide Laws is love and brotherhood.

and decapitation to them who do not bow to the god of Babylon

Even the word Noach indicates: pleasantness and friendliness. And when Gentiles observe the Seven Noachide Laws they are called "pious (righteous) Gentiles," which indicates kindness and love.

They are called apostate proselyte's twice the children of hell the lukewarm apostates. Don't ya just love em, who hate Jesus the Christ and his Father

In reaching out to encourage the observance of the Seven Noachide Laws we must also show kindness and emphasize the goodness and pleasantness which their observance will bring to the world and society. In general, education must also be approached with love and cooperation; a child must always be brought close with the right hand:

No Child left behind, huh Tim Lehaye

A child...thrust (him) away (only) with the left hand and draw (him) near with the (stronger) right hand.
Sotah 47a)

This means that even when the child needs chastisement, do it only "with the left hand," meaning with restraint, while at the same time reach out to assist him "with the right hand." For a teacher to be successful he/she must speak to his/her students with words that emerge from the heart, for only then will they penetrate the heart and accomplish their goal. Most importantly, teachers must always remember that the first principle of education is that the teacher must be a living example, many times over.

a satanite

May it be the will of G-d that we soon see the complete perfection of the world, when all people will serve G-d together.


Blaspheme the gods of the shem sham scam...and be prepared to....die the first death....Blessed is he who shall lose his life for my namesake ...Jesus the Christ

“R. Joseph said, the school of Rav stated: For three commandments a Noahide must be willing to die, for
forbidden sexual relations, bloodshed and blasphemy.”
85 In other words, Israelite tradition holds that these fundamental edicts of natural morality are obligatory for every individual and society


Moloch's own


Our 14 year torture of the Iraq people is based on our worship of our idols. We worship the talmudic idea of might makes right.
This idolatry of self was called Molech and Remphan in the Bible.

We prosecute the Iraqi people according to the Noahide laws that we have adopted as national administrative law. Under those codes, anyone accused (susptected) by a rabbi is guilty and liable to death.

Under these codes, democracy means putting all nations under the yoke of the rabbis.

The burning of heretics in Waco was a domestic example of the implimentation of the Noahide laws.

It is the same talmudic program as the inquisition wherein all who were accused were tortured and killed.

For the time being, a few are released to pretty up our public image.


Dan:8:24: And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

another shem sham


How Can We Achieve World Peace?

by Rav B. Horovitz

International relations have acquired a new urgency because of the increasing destructiveness of war, the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.  We have witnessed the rise of new ideologies, the decline of colonialism, and the establishment of universal organizations.  In addition, there has been increasing interdependence of nations through modern transport, communication and trade.

Inadequacies in International Relations
(a) "The basic pattern of International Relations in the twentieth century has been an aspiration for power of autonomous political units in three ways:

Group self-interest rules.  There is no actual sovereignty above the state, or group of states, and therefore international law is generally only respected out of self-interest.  Even where the conviction exists that reason should dictate international relations, if "Raison D'Etat" opposes, it invariably wins.  The leaders of the international system are subordinate to their role as representatives of the national self-interest.  Thus, serious abuses result from modern tyranny.

(b) Today's International Law generally operates only between states. Internal affairs of state are not subject to any universal law.  Minority groups have no authority to which they can appeal for wrongs committed.  Stateless person remain unprotected.  Wrongs done to foreign individuals are only rectified if an when their State takes up the claim.

(c) There is an absence of an absolute code of justice.  Instead, this is replaced by a relative righteousness which is often corrupted by tyrants and false environmental trends.  There is often no real freedom or equality, which is witnessed by unjust discrimination against minorities, races, classes and groups.

The Universal Noachaide Code
As stated in the Bible (Genesis 9:1-7)(NO IT IS NOT IN THE BIBLE, but the zionist babel) and Talmud, the Universal Noachide code is a guide to general ethics and also international relations which would remedy these inadequacies:

One World Shem odor

The seven principles of the Universal Noachaide Code are presented below, combined with an application of these principles to a world governing body.

1. The principle of justice should rule all nations.  For only by this means, can the integrity of international judicial procedure be upheld.  The arbitration of disputes should be attempted.  Nations who recognize the Universal Code are members of the world Government, and should unite to protect it.  World-wide education should be pursued.  Majority rule would be decisive.  Individual procedure would be conducted with the greatest of integrity.  Every case should be brought to trial; all evidence produced; bribery prohibited. Protection would be given to minorities, aliens and weak parties.

especially the shem gods

2. The prohibition of blasphemy demands the minimum respect for the Deity who is the prime authority over the Universal Code.  As a citizen of the world created by G-d and governed by His law, man has an obligation to respect him

haha ha Moshiach ben Perdition, their false Messiah.

All oaths and treaties which refer to G-d's name must be strictly honored.  Examples are found in the covenant between Abraham and Abimelech (Genesis 21:22-32), which was respected by the children of Israel centuries later when they entered the land of Canaan (Joshua 15:63; II Samuel 24:10).  The covenant made between Joshua and the Givonim, a Canaanite tribe, although made under false pretenses, was yet considered to be completely binding (Joshua 9:14-20).

they refer to the Bible only to ensnare the ignorant

3. The idolatry of our day takes the form of the worship of man, power, pleasure and state, and increased corruption.  

yeah the creatures the shem's and their chief shem sham of the scheme of hoodlum haha

When an Absolute Authority is denied, decisions are governed by self-interest.  The right of the state to issue commands is based upon the power it possesses.  This may lead to tyranny.  Laws are based upon the projection of the state as an absolute power or the self-idolatry of the leaders.  Widespread religious education must be introduced to teach people to have respect for G-d.

and snare your little children whom they suffer not to come unto Christ Jesus

4. Moral corruption is undermining civilization and international discipline.  The "New Morality" is contributing to nihilistic tendencies, thus wakening the consciousness of an Absolute Authority.  In certain cases even government leaders engage in inappropriate sexual behavior.  If national representatives lead immoral lives, how can they uphold the Universal Code as an ideal for their country?

Yep see Clinton snared by the Jewess Lewinsky

"When immorality engulfs a land, it is the end of civilization."  (Gibbon)  "The land shall vomit them out".  (Lev. 18:28)  To prevent this from happening, self-discipline and acceptance of the basic sexual code, prohibiting adultery and homosexuality, is essential.

So, thus they ridded Jesus the Christ from the Public...and..........

5. Murder is common.  In many places human life is no longer held sacred, despite increased education and affluence.  Mass-murder and genocide are traits of the 20th Century.  Because of the World Wars, the distinction between the killing of civilians and military forces has been weakened.

So we intend to decapitate any who are against our zionazi regime

War is permitted only in self-defense or as a means to uphold the Universal Code if no other means is available.  No direct cruelties are allowed.  

see Bushka "PURIM SADDAM"

Captives must be humanely treated, and life and property must be spared.  Treaties must always be respected, and the right of neutrals recognized.  Envoys must be protected.  During war each community is regarded ethically like an individual, and war becomes a collective responsibility.

The reason of Abu Ghraib torture's by Mossad to create the illusion

6. The Universal Code prohibits theft, which the nations of the world should discourage through the realization of the brotherhood of man from the fatherhood of G-d.

The Constitution of the United States for the United States already do this bubba

Man has to curb his predatory instinct, which is a major source of international conflict.  He should respect the rights and possessions of individual neighbors and of neighboring nations, in action, word and thought.

7. Cruelty to animals is still widespread and has a negative influence upon the human character.  Cruel sports are still not prohibited in many states.  Cruelty is depicted on films, television and in literature, which has a damaging effect on the minds of the masses.  The Universal Code demands a standard of mercy and kindness in all dealings with the animal world. Leaders in particular must be humane and merciful.


Application of the Universal Code Today
Hugo Grotius and John Selden describe the Nochaide Code as the source of the International Law which they are credited with founding.  

"The Noachide Code contains no creed, no theoretic statement about the nature of G-d, belief in which is the condition of salvation.  It consists of solely of such articles of practical morality as are an essential condition of civilized life.  This is reflected in the use made of it from the tenth to the seventeenth century.  In the hands of the Purists, it became one of the main elements in the foundation of the edifice of Universal International Law."  (Leon Roth)

Atheist unto satan's code

The United Nations Organization is striving to fulfill many of the principles of the Universal Code.  The UN could well develop into an agency for implementing the Noachide Code, and bringing it to universal acceptance, as the basis for true harmonious International Relations.

World government based on the Universal Code of G-d could be introduced and maintained by a minimum use of force.  Since the discipline and education of such a lifestyle is basically pacifist, little or no force would be required to maintain it.

What better approach for universal peace?


What? Did you not hear a law, a proclamation by Harob Bushkevik and company was made? A Law which Outlaws True Believer in Jesus the Christ? A Law which makes them the opposition of the shem god's? A Law which states Death by Decaptiation very soon, in One Hour at that time of the Temptation unto all the earth? That Law, Public Law 102-14 of the 102nd Congress, 1991


The Great Whore setting up her pimp

This man is one perverted Talmudic piece of Garbage...and Judeo-Churchizionity froth's at the mouth.......



By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Part I

    America can’t win the war against global terrorism because the U.S. has mistakenly identified the enemy.  The enemy is nothing less than Islam, and democratic, multicultural America is conceptually incapable of conquering such an enemy.   

the enemy of mankind is the Talmudic zionist shem's of satan's sham scam

    We have here a “clash of civilizations” of world-historical significance.  The United States, including its intellectual elites, obscure this fact by defining the enemy as “Islamic fundamentalism,” supposedly an extremist aspect of Islam.  But as I shall here show, what is called “Islamic fundamentalism” is authentic Islam, now resurgent.  

They hope to subjugate Ishmael first then to aradicate all who worship Jesus the Christ the Lord God Almighty

    First, consider a booklet entitled Arab Theologians on Jews and Israel (1971) edited by D.F. Green.  The booklet is a 76-page condensation of a 951-page volume containing papers presented at “The Fourth Conference of the Academy of Islamic Research” of Al Azhar University in Cairo (1968).  Al Azhar University, it should be emphasized, is the Harvard of the Islamic world.  The university is attached to the office of the President of Egypt and unofficially represents the theological-political position of that country and most of the Arab-Islamic world.

    Delegates from 24 countries attended the conference:  Algeria, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, Sierra-Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Togoland, Turkey, Uganda, Yemen, and Yugoslavia. 

    Some 22 papers were presented by Islamic theologians and professors.  The papers frequently denote Jews as the “Enemies of God” or the “Enemies of humanity.”  One paper refers to Jews as “the dogs of humanity.”  The Bible of Israel is referred to in pejorative terms.   Jews, we are told, deserve the hatred and persecution of all the peoples with whom they have come into contact—and this was said in full awareness of the Nazi Holocaust!  Also, the State of Israel is described as a culmination of historical and cultural depravity.    

Nasi Holy-cost....see nasi the leader of their generation they created to get zion

    This was not a conference of “Islamic fundamentalists,” unless Islamic fundamentalism is the nature of Islam!

    Second, while delegates from Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria were preparing for the U.S. sponsored Madrid Middle East Peace Conference of October 31, 1991, delegates from these same countries and from dozens of other Islamic regimes were attending the “International Conference to Support the Islamic Revolution of Palestine” held in Teheran ten days earlier.  All the delegates signed 28 resolutions issued by this conference, resolutions hostile not only to Israel, but to the United States.  For example, Resolution 3 calls for the “elimination of the Zionist existence.”  Resolution 15 “strongly condemns the extensive presence of the U.S. in the sensitive region of the Persian Gulf.”  Resolution 16 “considers the migration of  Soviet Jews to Palestine … an attempt to alter its [the Middle East’s] … Islamic identity.”  Resolution 22 emphasizes “the need for an all-out jihad against the Zionist regime.”  Egypt signed those resolutions, despite its peace treaty with Israel and despite its being the recipient of American aid!  This was not a conference of “Islamic fundamentalists” or of any single Islamic sect—Sunni, Shi’ite, or Wahabbi.   

where do I sign up?

    Third, allow me to paraphrase and quote at length from an article written by Norman Podhoretz in the Wall Street Journal (September 20, 2001).  There we learn that a Professor Fouad Ajami, an American who grew up as a Muslim in Lebanon, has been insisting for years that “the great refusal” to accept Israel—under any conditions whatever—persists in the Arab world among ordinary men and women, as well as among intellectuals.  Moreover, “the force of this refusal can be seen in the press of the governments and of the oppositionists, among the secularists and the Islamists alike, in countries that have concluded diplomatic agreements with Israel and those that haven't.”  Furthermore, “Mr. Ajami adds that the great refusal ‘remains fiercest in Egypt,’ notwithstanding the peace treaty it has signed with Israel.”  Nor is this all.  

“Only about two weeks before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Ab'd Al-Mun'im Murad, a columnist in Al-Akhbar, a daily newspaper sponsored by the Egyptian government, wrote: ‘The conflict that we call the Arab-Israeli conflict is, in truth an Arab conflict with Western, and particularly American, colonialism….”  America, said the same writer in another piece, is seeking to impose hegemony on the Arab world.

then the five Is Real Helli's were caught FILMING the WTC giving each other high fives

In a third piece, also published in late August, Mr. Murad declared:  “The Statue of Liberty, in New York Harbor, must be destroyed ... The age of the American collapse has begun.”  This, from an Arab country that everyone regards as “moderate.”  No wonder “radical” states like Iraq and Iran identify America as the “Great Satan.”

They do not like the statue of the jews Isis, Astarte, Ishatar, Venus, Semiramis, Esther, the Queeen of Heaven, Lucifer

   Mr. Podhoretz logically concludes:  “if Israel had never come into existence, or if it were magically to disappear, the United States would still stand as an embodiment of everything that most these Arabs consider evil. Indeed, the hatred of Israel is in large part a surrogate for anti-Americanism. 

They know the Bushkevik regime are the Pimps of the harlot

Israel is seen as the spearhead of the American drive for domination over the Middle East. The Jewish state is a translation, as it were, of America into Hebrew—the ‘little enemy,’ the ‘little Satan’—and to rid the region of it would thus be tantamount to cleansing an area belonging to Islam (Dar-al-Islam) of the blasphemous political, social, and cultural influences emanating from a barbaric and murderous force [i.e., America].”  

Double cross

    Podhoretz warns:  “We have all been repeatedly instructed in the past few days that suicide bombing, whether in Jerusalem or New York, represents a perversion of Islam fostered by a tiny minority of fundamentalists. This may well be so. Yet it is also true that exhortations to and celebrations of this tactic by leading Muslim clerics, notably in Egypt and within the Palestinian Authority, have for some time now drowned out the few lonely protests against it.”

”Is it any wonder,” he continues, “that so many youngsters were dancing in the streets of East Jerusalem and Ramallah, when in textbooks published by the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Education, and in use this very school year, seventh-graders were being taught that Islam ‘will defeat all other religions and it will be disseminated, by Allah's will, through the Muslim jihad [holy war] fighters’? So, too, 11th-graders were taught that Western civilization ‘has begun to collapse and to become a pile of rubble.’ A pile of rubble: the sight of the World Trade Center reduced to endless tons of debris must have seemed the fulfillment of a prophecy to young minds poisoned by such teachings.”

Part II             

    Pity that Mr. Podhoretz does not elaborate on his statement that Islam perceives Israel as a spearhead of America’s drive to dominate the Middle East.   If Israel is a spearhead of American imperialism, it can only be such as a secular democratic state as opposed to a truly Jewish or Torah-oriented state.  For it is primarily as a secular democratic state that Israel threatens the religio-political power structure of the Islamic world.  To identify Israel with the West, however, is misleading.  Just what does the West stand for, and why is it anathema to Islam?

    The West exalts the individual, and it conceives of the state as a giant insurance agency to promote the individual’s comfort and security.  In other words, the primary function of the state is not to cultivate virtue or morality but to foster freedom and material prosperity.  In the West, therefore, religion is a private matter, divorced from public law. 

hahahahhahahahaha this liar of Lucifer's lair, knows the Public Law is now Noahide Universal....He is a sick puppy of deception

 Contrast the world of Islam.  There personal and political freedom are unknown.  There the state is all-powerful.  Its primary function is to serve Allah by imbuing people with the moral and religious teachings of the Koran.   There poverty is endemic.   

    The World Trade Center represented the pinnacle of wealth.  Like the Tower of Babel, it symbolized human power and invention.  The Twin Towers were monuments of scientific technology in stark contrast to pre-industrial, feudal Islam.   

Owned By a Jew

    The destruction of the Twin Towers by suicide bombers reveals the unbridgeable gap between the West’s preoccupation with the things of this world and Islam’s concern with the world hereafter.  While the West pursues a life of pleasure here and now, Islam is infatuated with death as the entry to eternal bliss—Paradise.  

Bombed by Multiple Bombs by their master's Mossad

    Multicultural America is incapable of winning a war against this kind of enemy.  It lacks the concepts, the understanding, and the staying power required to win such a war.  President Bush called the destruction of the World Trade Center a “cowardly” act, when, in truth, it was an act of dauntless courage.  He called this act “senseless,” when in fact it was well-calculated to humble America, to uplift Islamic pride, to glorify Allah.  

and do the Talmudic Masters Know this well

    To attribute this monstrous act to Islamic fundamentalism, or to a network of terrorists led by Osama bin Laden, minimizes the profundity and magnitude of the conflict.  True, Islamic states were held responsible for harboring these terrorists.  But this tacitly indicates that the so-called war against global terrorism implicates Islam as a whole:  there is hardly an Islamic state that does not provide a haven for Arab terrorists.  Yet, to make a mockery of the World Trade Center disaster, the U.S. has invited Islamic regimes and even arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat to join the war against international terrorism!  

man don't that just pithed you off

    President Bush calls this a war between good and evil.  And so it is.  But the United States and the West have long been silent about evil, indeed, have honored the personification of evil, again, Yasser Arafat.  Hence the U.S. is far from being simply good.   Besides, American cultural imperialism is vulgarizing much of the world, undermining moral and religious values.    

    And then there is Washington’s mindless support of Oslo, which has resulted in the murder of more than 700 Jews—an enormous number for a small country like Israel.   True, Oslo is primarily the product of Westernized or secularized Jews.  In fact, the Israeli architects of Oslo were animated by one ultimate objective, and that is to destroy Israel as a Jewish state and to transform it into miniature, multicultural America!  Yet, I shall argue that only Israel, as an authentic Jewish state, can resolve the conflict between Islam and the West. 

hahahahahhahah turned the tide well didn't they with their Universal Noahide laws of Lucifer

Part III

    Because America has enormous economic interests in the Islamic Middle East, this alone will undermine its war against Islamic terrorism.  Besides, there are more than forty Muslim states and more than one billion Muslims on this planet; they are not going to be cowed by America.  And they will find support from Russia and China, whatever Moscow and Beijing may say. 

    To win this war, America would have to bring about—beyond its capacity—a Reformation of Islam.   Muslims would have to renounce the principle of jihad.  Islam would then cease to be a militant and expansionist creed.   It would have to recognize, as does the Bible of Israel, that God creates nations as well as individuals, and that the independence of diverse nations, above all Israel, is to be respected so long as they observe the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality or ethical monotheism—to which Islam is far from being consistent. 

    Moreover, Islamic autocracies, without separating religion and state, would have to become republics with institutional checks and balances.   On the one hand, they would no longer be corporate states in which the individual has no unalienable rights.  On the other hand, the rights of individuals would not be exalted at the expense of religious-based morality.  This means that freedom would have ethical constraints, and equality would be an elevating principle, rather than a leveling principle that nowadays undermines deference and excellence.  Thus conceived, an Islamic republic would introduce an ethical market economy.  This would promise an end to the poverty prevalent in the Islamic world.  It would promote creativity and the development of a middle class, a precondition of a moderate and stable republic.  

    From this it should be obvious that the worldwide influence of American pop culture is indeed a threat to the Islamic world.  Notwithstanding its many virtues, American democracy has serious vices.  It took the destruction of the World Trade Center to overcome, for the time being, the moral relativism that permeates American society.  This doctrine removes all restraints on freedom and thereby fosters hedonism and vulgarity.  The same doctrine generates an indiscriminate egalitarianism that places all individuals or groups—all lifestyles—on the same level regardless of their ethical character.  

and the WTC made the masses run and worship the jewish god of talmud Bavli even more that tetragramatron YVWH

    To the extent that Israel has imported these vices, it will be perceived as a spearhead of American cultural imperialism.  If, however, Israel were true to the Torah and became an authentic Jewish state, then Islam, I maintain, would undergo a transformation comparable to that outlined above.  Let me explain

    Israel was created to be a light unto the nations, and it was placed here in the Middle East to be the synthesis of East and West.   Unlike the East, which subordinates the individual to the state, and unlike the West, which reduces the community to an aggregation of individuals having no purpose transcending their own egos, Israel avoids both extremes.  This can be seen via the Torah concept of malchus.  Here I rely on Rabbi Matis Weinberg (Patterns in Time - Chanukah, pp. 106-107).  

Hanukah upchucka Quabalah MOOSHI-YUCKA

    Malchus, which literally means kingship, involves an organizational structure that unites individuality and community and, at the same time, reconciles transience and permanence.   “Malchus is a structure, broad enough to allow each detail to be not only itself, but also an essential part of a totality.  It creates broader potential by opening the world for the individual and providing him expanded significance.”

    Malchus is a concept, not a person.  A king has no separate existence of his own.  Rather, he comes to be the equivalent of the entire society of which he is an expression—its visions, its values, its lifestyles.  “He becomes the identification of an era; a reference point in history.”   

“The power of malchus is a function of the individuality of the parts and the strength of the bonds between them.”  Weinberg illustrates this individuality by referring to the manner in which the tribes of Israel were encamped in the desert:   “And Bil’am lifted his eyes and saw Yisrael according to its tribes… How goodly are your tents, Yaakov, your dwellings, Yisrael” (Numbers 24:2,5), to which Rashi comments:  “He saw each tribe dwelling individually without blurring [their differences] and saw how no doorway would face another, preserving privacy.” 

    Weinberg reinforces this commentary by referring to the unique character of Israel’s census in the desert:  “Being numbered is part of establishing the interrelatedness of individuals to the klal [the community].  But counting usually strips individuality; people want to be a ‘name, not a number.’  No other nation totals by name, assigning positions of importance at the very same moment that the individual is counted among the klal.  Our census is taken ... [as] ‘the number of names.’”  This renders Israel, like no other nation, a “kingdom of noblemen,” “a malchus which is the expression of components of intense individual significance; components of nobility.”

    When Israel again becomes a malchus, Islam will undergo a healthy and friendly transformation.  For apart from any other purpose, the hostility of Islam serves as an instrument of God to chastise Israel for its unfaithfulness to the Torah, given at Sinai not merely for the Jews, but ultimately for all mankind. 


Professor Paul Eidelberg a Political scientist, author and lecturer is the co-founder and president of The Foundation For Constitutional Democracy with offices in Jerusalem and Washington, DC.

Professor Eidelberg was born in Brooklyn, New York.  From high school he enlisted in the United States Air Force where he held the rank of first lieutenant.  He received his doctoral degree in political science at the University of Chicago.  While studying at the University, he designed and constructed the electronics system for the first brain scanner used at the Argonne Cancer Research Hospital.
Professor Eidelberg wrote a trilogy on the statesmanship of America's
founding fathers:  On the Silence of the Declaration of Independence; The Philosophy of the American Constitution, and A Discourse on Statesmanship.
Eidelberg joined Israel's Bar-Ilan University faculty in 1976.  He has
written several books on the Arab-Israel conflict and on Judaism:
Demophrenia provides a psychological analysis of Israel's foreign policy. Jerusalem versus Athens and Beyond the Secular Mind apply Jewish concepts for an understanding of modern problems.  Judaic Man develops concepts for a Jewish psychology.  His most recent book, Jewish Statesmanship:  Lest Israel Fall, provides the philosophical and institutional foundations for reconstructing the State of Israel.  It has also been published in Hebrew and in Russian.
Professor Eidelberg is on the Editorial Board of Israel's premier journal
Nativ, as well as on the Advisory Council of the Ariel Center for Policy
Research.  He has written more than 800 articles for newspapers and
scholarly journals in the United States and Israel.
Eidelberg has lectured before Israel's Foreign Office and has written
policy papers for various Knesset Members.  He chaired a panel discussion on the topic "Why Israel Needs a Constitution" at the 1997 American Political Science Association conference in Washington, DC.  He has drafted a Constitution for Israel which has been published in Hebrew and Russian.
During the past two years, Professor Eidelberg has been conducting seminars on constitutions, diverse parliamentary electoral systems, Jewish law, and related topics at the Jerusalem center of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy.
P.O. Box 23702
Jerusalem 91236 Israel
Tel. 972-2-586-1297; 972-54-928621; Fax: 972-2-586-0141;
E-Mail: pauleid@netvision.net.il 



As the days get shorter, the desensitizing of decapitation will grow to prepare the masses.....


From Friday's Sun
Grisly murder of 3 children stuns neighborhood
Police describe 'gruesome' scene at city apartment
By Stephanie Hanes, Ryan Davis and Richard Irwin
Sun Staff
Originally published May 27, 2004, 11:18 PM EDT
The bodies of three young children -- one decapitated, two partially decapitated -- were found in an apartment in a quiet Northwest Baltimore neighborhood Thursday, and detectives were questioning a man about the murders.

The mother of at least one of the children found the bodies hours after they had returned from elementary school, encountering a scene that stunned even veteran city police officers.

"There's blood all over my apartment," police dispatch reported a woman saying in a 911 call made around 5:25 p.m. "They've killed my family!"

Police said the call was probably made by a neighbor helping the mother, who has difficulty speaking English.

Mayor Martin O'Malley visited the scene Thursday night and urged members of the community to "reach out to one another, support one another."

As of Thursday night, the man being questioned by detectives was described by police as "a person of interest only" and had not been charged with any crime. He was picked up a couple of blocks from the scene and was described by police as cooperative.

Police said they believe the man had some sort of dispute with the children's relatives, and the mother had pointed investigators to him.

Deputy Police Commissioner Kenneth Blackwell said police are also "looking elsewhere," implying that there may be more suspects. Late Thursday night, police were also trying to determine if there were signs of forced entry.

The fire department's Medic 14 was the first to arrive at the Art Deco-style apartment complex in the 7000 block of Park Heights Ave. late Thursday afternoon.

"You can imagine their feeling when they saw what was inside the apartment," said fire department spokesman Kevin Cartwright.

The emergency workers found them on the floor in two different rooms -- two 9-year-old sisters and one 10-year-old boy. Police did not immediately identify any of the children Thursday night.

They were a trio that neighbors said always seemed to be together -- playing in the nearby willow tree, asking for the phone number for Chuck-E-Cheese.

The first police officer to enter the apartment was overcome by the scene, which Blackwell described as "gruesome," and "something I've not seen before in all the years I've been a part of the agency."

Blackwell said investigators recovered a weapon from outside the apartment, but would not elaborate on the type of weapon or where, exactly, it was found. No weapons were found inside the apartment and there was no trace of drugs or drug use, he said.

Police picked up a priest from St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church in Central Park Heights to counsel grieving family members.

"You've got three young kids, 10 years of age or younger, who have obviously done nothing wrong," Blackwell said.

The 1930s-era Samester Parkway Apartments -- which was listed in 1998 on the National Register of Historic Places -- is on the southern edge of a neighborhood considered largely Orthodox Jewish, in a section that now has a mix of white, black and Hispanic residents.

Neighbors described it as a safe place, one unaccustomed to the swarm of police cars and de tectives present there Thursday. Police records back that notion: not once in the past six months have officers responded to G-2 or any other unit at the apartment complex, according to a police spokeswoman.

"This is highly unusual for this neighborhood," Blackwell said.

Gregory Carter, who lives in another apartment in the building, hadn't heard about the slayings until he was called by a reporter at work. He described the crime as "unbelievable."

Carter said he doesn't know any of his neighbors' names but believed there was only one family in the building with children -- on the first floor, where the killings occurred. He said he had seen the children the day before, describing them as "carefree kids."

"Every time I saw them, they was playing cheerfully out in the yard," Carter said. One time, he said, the children came upstairs and knocked on his door asking for a phone number for Chuck E. Cheese.

Decapitate the Goyim?


Chopper blades decapitate pilot
From correspondents in New Delhi
May 09, 2004

A HELICOPTER pilot who flew India's agriculture minister to an election rally was decapitated by the chopper's blades in a freak accident today.

Anil Nakra was killed in the Indian hill city of Dehradun.

"The pilot was checking smoke coming out of the helicopter's engine when the accident took place. It's really unfortunate," Agriculture Minister Rajnath Singh told television networks.

The pilot had flown the minister to an election rally in Dehradun ahead of the last round of voting on Monday in India's massive staggered general election.

The first of the five rounds of voting began on April 20.


Military Policy Research



1993:02258 Boycott, crime, and sin: ethical and Talmudic responses to injustice abroad Noam J Zohar Ethics & International Affairs

Examines the ethical issues surrounding use of the boycott as a weapon of economic warfare, in terms of the 'halakha' (system of moral and religious precepts) laid down by the Noahide Code. Details some defects exposed by application of the precepts to the cases of Iraq and Yugoslavia, for example in relation to the supply of oil: "the point is not that soldiers, like other people, need to keep warm, but rather that the same substance that keeps people warm is also used for driving tanks... it seems wrong to let the Serbian military use their own people as hostages to the point of compelling us to supply them with the means of continuing their crimes against the Bosnians".
Director, Center for Halakha, ethics and medicine, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem. A useful analysis of the problem of complicity that arises in cases of 'trading with the enemy' (or with middlemen known or suspected of so trading). It also canvasses the question whether the sovereignty of wrong-doing states affects the legitimacy of intervention differently, according to whether military intervention or economic warfare (by means of sanction or boycott) is in issue.

Category Codes: N1, A4.10


From a speech delivered to a gathering of American Friends of Lubavitch marking the Rebbe's 100th birthday, held at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., March 11, 2002

Marching Orders

By Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael (Steinsaltz)

We are celebrating 100 years since the birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. One hundred years is a long time. It is an interval that marks change in many ways. It is a very significant number in Jewish lore, because 100 years marks a full cycle of life. One hundred years also defines a unit of historical time -- a century -- and I want to give it the recognition it deserves. I want to speak a little about that century, the century of the Rebbe.

The Rebbe's century was a time in which truly astounding things happened. The world has changed more in this century than in the thousand years before, perhaps even the two thousand years before. In the sphere of geopolitics, this century witnessed numerous earth-shaking revolutions. Totalitarian dictatorships in Russia, Germany, Italy, and Spain emerged and grew and achieved hegemony -- and all of them collapsed. The maps of the world changed tremendously over this century -- Europe, Africa, and Asia changed their faces. Almost everywhere, so much happened during this span of time, including two world wars that shattered the planet.

There were changes in the spheres of thought and knowledge. The new disciplines of psychology and psychoanalysis made a lasting impact on our general culture. Abstract art, new forms of literature and computerization brought entirely new images and ideas into the human experience. Our new grasp of biology has brought about a tremendous post-modernist shift in our understanding of how we change and of the changes we generate. The theory of relativity was a remarkable insight, changing the world's perception and understanding of itself, a position from which it cannot return. It begat the atom bomb, while our understanding of biology created genetic engineering. These achievements, and so many others, hover over us as threats and as opportunities.

Taking a closer look at Jewish life, we also see great changes. Within this century, Jewish life underwent three major transformations. The first unfolded over an extended time, while its significance was not immediately evident right away, but it was quite dramatic. Following an extended period in which the Jewish people had been more or less religious, observant people, there began a clear trend away from orthodoxy. By the end of World War I, most Jews were non-observant. This is a huge change.

The second change was brought about by the Shoah, the Holocaust. The Shoah murdered the core of Jewish life: men, women and children who were the most vibrant, animated elements of the Jewish people. Six million of them -- or more -- were killed.

sacrificed to get the zionist hoodlum haba, for they do the lust of their father who is a murderer since the beginning

And then there was the establishment of the state of Israel: another unprecedented event, another tremendous change. All of these things represent dramatic alterations in the history and life of the Jewish people; nothing like them had happened in the previous thousand years.

So the political world changed, the intellectual world changed, and the Jewish world changed.

The Rebbe did not just live in the century in which these events occurred. The Rebbe participated, at various levels and in different ways, in many of them. He survived the pogroms in Russia as a child, was a young man at the time of the Russian Revolution, and escaped from Europe during the Nazi regime. His knowledge and understanding of what was happening in the world were unique. One must remember that the Rebbe could draw on vast stores of both spiritual and scientific wisdom, on his mastery of physics, biology, literature, and human nature. The Rebbe was a part of all those changes, and he was also a person who created and worked within them. He lived through the most fascinating, frightening and changeable time.

The Rebbe lived in the most difficult of times, yet he was always able to forge ahead. The Rebbe was not just aware of many of these changes; he predicted and warned against some of them.

the chief Prophet of Baa'l's Illuminations

But we must go one step further. Of course, the Rebbe was very aware of the past -- his own past, the past of his people, and the past of humanity. But with all that, he was never a man of the past; the Rebbe was always a man of the future. If you read through his many writings, you will find hints here and there about the past, but the focus and direction are on the future. He sometimes spoke about what had happened, but more about what should happen, what will happen. Some people looked at him as a symbol and a picture of the glory of the Jewish past, but this is an error. In so many ways, he was a man of the next century, a man who belonged far more to the future than to the past. And that will explain what was so very important to the Rebbe in his last years.

The Rebbe watched the world and saw and felt so much happening, so much quivering and shaking all over the world, but he did not see these developments as final effects; he saw them as preliminary tremors preceding a big upheaval. The Rebbe saw all the change and distress throughout the century as labor pains that herald an impending birth. And that was what The Rebbe had in mind when he talked about Moshiach.

Because the rebbe was a disciple of the false Christ that evil lawless son of perdition they soon will "REVEAL" to their obedient fallen away Noahides

The Rebbe spoke about Moshiach because he saw all the past, the century he lived through, as the preparatory rumblings before the occurrence of a huge upheaval. This is what he tried to tell people. This is the message he tried to communicate. As the years passed, he became more and more intense, more and more emphatic, about the idea that Moshiach was about to come. He saw it not only through some heavenly vision; he perceived it in observing how the world was moving, in the changes he had witnessed. He saw the movement, the suffering, and the pain as presaging a major event, a major change, and that change is the arrival of Moshiach.

Clearly, the coming of Moshiach is not a mere happening within the world; it is far more important, far more profound. In the words of the prophets, Moshiach signifies the end of days -- that is, the end of history. It marks the end of ordinary days, and the beginning of a completely new era, an era so new that nothing in the past is parallel to it. 

The shem sham god's of their New World Odor, the Olam Hoodlum Haba

Moshiach will change history permanently, change human life permanently, and usher in a future that will be very different from the past.

Full of death and destruction and decapitation's

The Rebbe was not just making conversation about Moshiach, and he was not just talking about a prophecy that he wanted to preserve. The Rebbe spoke about Moshiach because he understood that the coming of Moshiach is a process in which we must be both active participants and passive beneficiaries. It is a dual process, like birth, where you cannot specify what part comes from Above and what part comes from the inner working of the human body.

Give us the "Robber"

Jn:18:40: Then cried they all again, saying, Not this man, but Barabbas. Now Barabbas was a robber.

This synthesis is what the Rebbe referred to when he spoke about Moshiach. Therefore, the Rebbe did not see "Moshiach" as a mantra to say six times or ten times a day to overcome difficult times. For the Rebbe, Moshiach was something to work on, to deal with, to fight for. That is because we are built and our history is built, from the very beginning, as the prelude toward the end of days. We are not building up to the end of human life or to the end of earthly existence, but to a tremendous change in all of that. So that is something that we must not only speak about, but something for which we must prepare.

Rv:21:1: And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

In this context, let me address the notion of the Rebbe's "legacy." One should not use that word in talking about the Rebbe. The Rebbe did not leave a legacy. The Rebbe left marching orders. This is an entirely different concept. The Rebbe did not just leave a collection of books, videos, and speeches. He left a task to be completed, and the books and other resources provide the understanding that will enable people to carry it out.

Invoking Satan's Son of Perdition

I will try to outline some of the ideas that are in those orders, properly and correctly, and render his lofty words in simple, down-to-earth language. I believe that his is not just a personal interpretation, but is the outlook of the official leadership of Chabad. I hope, also, that this explication will be valuable for the Chabad movement, which, I believe, is larger than its organization. And I hope that these words will go beyond that, to reach the much wider community of all of those whom the Rebbe touched in one way or another, and they will cause something of a shift.

When we speak about the coming of Moshiach, we speak about a mega-event, a major phenomenon that changes everything. We may not be fully prepared and we don't know the how, what, or when of this event, but we are talking about major changes. One of the consequences of this statement is that, if we are expecting things to change in a major way, we will have to make major changes, too. And one of these changes is that we have to cast away a huge number of petty quarrels and petty issues; insignificant clashes that are not just vicious and unprofitable, but ludicrous.

Next to the truly momentous changes we are anticipating, all of our trivial arguments shrink into trifles; our disputes are comic, not just painful. I am not speaking about personal quarrels only, but about the whole notion of political trappings that you deal with in this country and that we deal with in Israel, my country. Many of the things that people fight about are the sheerest, shallowest nonsense, especially if we compare these quarrels to the establishment of an entirely different order. In that sense, whether Party A or Party B will have a particular right or a particular authority seems ridiculous. Who will remember all these foolish people who were fighting about such things? When the tsunami is about to envelop the world, no one will remember if my shop was on the west side of the street or the east side; everything will be moved.

So, the coming of Moshiach means, among other things, the casting away of internal fights. We must talk to people about what Moshiach means. We must abandon, for example, the Jewish interdenominational quarrels, many of which are associated with small, short-term calculations and evaluations: What will be better for my organization, for my little group, for my little thing in the next two, three, or five years? How will I gain a little bit more support from this rich man or the other rich man? How can I maneuver in another little way to be written up in one newspaper or another? Again, compared to the big things, all these are nonsensical.

It is even more important to talk about the future, what people are going to do, when the time will come… and the time is coming, whether we want it or not. The status quo will change, and all these petty issues will be wiped away. That means, also, there are lots of things we must do. So what do we do?

Let me start by saying something about Israel. We are stuck in a very unfortunate position. We try to move to the right, and the way is blocked. We try to move to the left, and the way is blocked. We try to go forward, but we cannot. We try to retreat, but we are cut off. So, we are surrounded and blocked on every side. There is one direction, however, that is not closed: upward. That route is still open, and we should try to move in that direction.

We should do it not just as a statement, as a slogan, but as a serious practical move toward a different way of life. This does not mean "Let's cast away all kinds of things we are dealing with and go and deal directly with the Above." It does not mean being unearthly and forgetting to eat your breakfast. (People won't forget that even in the World to Come). But we can put our lives and our rational crises in perspective, and when we put them in perspective, they will become very different, because our real notions should be with the Above.

In a more concrete way, it means being genuinely concerned about, and working for, every segment of society, not just in details, but in major areas of society: addressing the rifts among ethnic groups and the growing gap between the rich and the poor; making education (not just knowledge) a primary and universal ambition, and bringing the whole country - not just a segment of it - to an awareness of the Divine. It also means being careful not to use the Almighty to achieve narrow benefits (even praiseworthy ones), but to remember that all of us, right and left, are the people of G-d.

deceived by the Great "SAYER" satan

In a more emphatic way, this is the direction and an order for the Lubavitcher movement, a movement that has to continue to progress. So much has been done; so much has been achieved. In some places, the achievements are marvelous, unimaginable. In some places, it is like seeing the flowering of the desert, where Jewish life seemed to be dead, and it has been revived.

But all that is not enough, by far not enough, because we are now talking about a much bigger process. We cannot now stand still and gloat. It is true that when one Jew puts on a pair of tefillin once in his lifetime, there is a new light in the world. It is true that when a Jew eliminates one non-kosher food from his diet, even though he is not abstaining from other non-kosher things, this is a gain, an advance. But we now have to talk to people not only about small changes, but about major changes, about transforming completely. We have to face them; they have to see themselves as Jews. It is not easy to make such changes; it is sometimes quite difficult to suggest them, but now is the time to do it. We don't know when, in two years or ten years, but something great is happening. And if we are to be prepared, then we have to tell people to throw away all the nonsense, to stop indulging in things that are not important, to start to go a different way. That means both those who dedicate their lives to this work and those who are volunteers. That means speaking to those who are here and to many more who are not.

We have to start talking now about changing, not just about turning, but about returning on a big scale. "On a big scale", means that it is not sufficient to make token gestures, for example, to say to an older man, "Do me a favor and send your grandchild to study in cheder for two hours." Rather, this is about reaching people in a deeper and more meaningful way, getting them to change their lives, to set their priorities where they should be set, and to put their efforts where they should be put, because a time is coming when these are the things that will count, and most of the rest will not matter at all. It will be a different reality; things won't be the same. We have to tell people about it. We have to say it again and again in a most emphatic way. This does not mean that we must invalidate what we are doing; we must just work on a much grander scale. We have to act in a much more urgent way. These ideas have to be expressed not only to individuals, but also to organizations, to groups, to the Jewish community at large. We have to repeat the call of the sixth Rebbe: "Teshuvah now -- redemption now." Whatever has been done is not enough. It is never enough. It has to be done ten times as much, if we want to be ready for the time.

For they crucified the REDEEMER....and Now they cry "Give us a king over us" a mere man who will be "REVEALED" and they will MAKE him their Christ, a false Christ, that son of perdition

There is something else we must say, something that has to do with our attitude about the world. The Rebbe began, but we have to continue to say it, not only to our own Jewish brothers and sisters, but to all of humanity: We have to talk about what are called the Seven Noahide Commandments, the seven laws that the Almighty gave Noah after the Flood. These commandments are for all humanity, for every human being. We should speak about these commandments not just to one individual, as if we were selling merchandise, but to all the peoples and the nations of the world, so that we can change the world. Our goal is not to give a compliment to the Rebbe. A new and different world will come in a short time, and we have to address it. We have to tell people that a different time is coming, a time when different things will count. We must get everyone to keep the basic Noahide laws, the laws of nature and the laws of the Divine, and we must bring the people together. This is what we have to tell individuals and nations.

How can we do it? Because the Rebbe is behind us, in a sense doing and saying these things. It means recognizing that now is the time to go to others and to ourselves, and pay attention to the big things and the important things, and to let the small details go.

Our sages tell us, in reading Genesis 49:33, that "Our father Jacob did not die." The idea is that, as long as there are Jews in the world, the seed of Jacob is alive, living within us.

Who say they are the seed of Abraham, who was counted Righteous for He Believed the WORD of GOD by Faith, But they do lie for they do not Believe the WORD the Christ the Only Messiah, Jesus the Righteous, according to the Promise and the Prophets whom they also slew and prisoned. These are only the flesh SAYERS who in their laws of their tradition of Torah Mishnah of Talmud Bavli that they are as gods.......these are shem god's of satan's sham upon all of mankind, and is contrary unto all mankind

 In everything we do in our lives, a small minuscule part of him lives within us. We say in our prayers "David, the King of Israel, is alive and enduring", which means the kingship of David never died. Someone could kill the last Jewish king, but no one can destroy the kingship of the Jewish people. The kingship is still alive, still here. We may be downtrodden, we may be kicked, but the kingship of Israel continues. In that sense, I would say that the Rebbe implanted his spirit in so many people, that his dreams, his visions, his insight, and his tremendous desire continue. If we sustain his utmost desire to bring about that big change, then we can say that the Rebbe lives on. The Rebbe is here, when we are here and we are doing all the things that he left in his marching orders. He said we should advance. He said we should not walk, but we should run. We should attack. He said we should go further.

We should do it, and we will do it.

From a speech delivered to a gathering of American Friends of Lubavitch marking the Rebbe's 100th birthday, held at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., March 11, 2002

Talmud Bavli the greatest Hate Crime against Mankind. All of Congress and the president of the United States of Greater IS REAL HELL are criminal's of hatred. You who "SAY" you are jews, wake and repent, for soon that old dragon will be upon you who are in Judea, seeking to devour your souls. The haters are they who "SAY" that you do not need Jesus the ONLY Messiah of Mankind


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (excepting the Jewish religion which may be favored), or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (excepting the Christian religion); or abridging the freedom of speech (excepting historical revisionists on college campuses), or of the press (excepting access to the major media by those critical of the Talmudic/Zionist agenda); or the right of the people peaceably to assemble (excepting historical revisionists on college campuses and pro-lifers too close to abortion clinics), and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."


America your souls have been sold to satan...and you stand unawares


US Supreme Court Justices Meet with European Counterparts at Cardozo

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, with Judge Fidelma O'Kelly Macken, the first woman appointed to the Court of Justice
Justice Sandra Day OíConnor, the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, with Judge Fidelma OíKelly Macken, the first woman appointed to the Court of Justice When members of two of the world's most important courts met at Cardozo, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer of the United States Supreme Court came prepared with a greeting in French. However, the historic conference made it clear that the Supreme Court justices and their colleagues on the Court of Justice of the European Communities have begun to develop a common language. They are applying similar principles to complex issues confronting both the United States and the 15-member European Union and beginning to learn from each other.
     Eight judges and advocates general of the European court gathered at Cardozo with three of their American counterparts - Justices Breyer, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Anthony M. Kennedy - for a round of judicial shop talk cosponsored by Cardozo and the New York University School of Law. This marked the first official visit of the European Court of Justice to the US. The European jurists also participated in a day-long series of panels at NYU on current constitutional issues in antitrust policy, environmental regulation, and Internet privacy. The European delegation then visited the United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC and the Texas Supreme Court.
     The program continued a dialogue begun two years ago when United States Supreme Court justices visited the European court in Luxembourg. Dean Paul Verkuil and Prof. Michel Rosenfeld, president of the International Association of Constitutional Law, accompanied the American delegation.

Dean Michael Herz addressing members of the Court of Justice at NYU. Judge Claus Gulmann is on the left:

Noahide Code Panel Packed
Noahide Code Panel     More than 300 guests attended "Application of the Noahide Code to Contemporary Social Problems." The big crowd reflected the resurgent interest in this ancient set of basic legal and moral principles among the clergy, academics, and, most notably, the wider public. The symposium was sponsored by Cardozo's Leonard and Bea Diener Institute of Jewish Law and the Tree of Life Society. Panelists included (from left) Rabbi Alter Metzger, Rabbi Israel Chait, Rabbi Michael Katz, and Dr. Aaron Lichenstein. Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Nakum Rakover, and Cardozo Professor Rabbi J. David Bleich also participated.


so you know why the obedient freemason Judge Roy Bean Moore, put on the shem sham of his stone monument which made reference to these Moral laws, natural laws of Noahideism


At the end of the day, the Talmud harmonizes the apparently contradictory views of Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yohanan It concludes that Rabbi Meir's statement applies to a gentile who limits his Torah study to the seven Noahide commandments which he is required to observe. However, if he studies the other parts of the Torah that are intended solely for a Jewish audience, he will indeed deserve the death penalty. (It should be mentioned that the poskim viewed Rabbi Yohanan's ruling as completely theoretical, and it really functions as a kind of aggadic statement. See the RaMBaM's (Hilkhot Melakhim 10:9) opinion, which says that if a gentile studies areas of the Torah beyond the Noahide commandments "they flog him and punish him, and tell him that he deserves to die for his actions, but he is not killed.")

The Jewish Encyclopedia envisages a Noahide regime as a possible world order immediately preceding the universal reign of the Talmud.
Under the Talmud's counterfeit Noahide Laws, the worship of Jesus is
forbidden under penalty of death, since such worship of Christ is
condemned by Judaism as idolatry. Meanwhile various forms of incest are
permitted under the Talmudic understanding of the Noahide code.
(Enziklopediya Talmudit, note 1, pp. 351-352).


The courts are being set up this moment to murder the saints of Our Lord

Institute for Talmudic Law Established in Washington D.C. for American Lawyers and Judges


[ Researcher Insert: One not so minor problem with Mr. Hoffman is that he (rightfully) denigrates anti-Christ TalMUD-ic judaism, but goes to the other extreme by near-worship of the muslim Arabs, Palestinians et al. They are ALL anti-Christ ! ]

Three Supreme Court Justices Approve

Advocate of Murder of Arab Civilians is "helping establish the institute"

The article below from the Jerusalem Post is evidence of the growing Talmudic influence over the Federal government and its judiciary. The supposition is that the "National Institute for Judaic Law" will be grounded in Old Testament law, when in fact the religion of Judaism nullifies Old Testament law by filtering it through the distorting prism of the Talmud. There is even a reference to the Talmud in paragraph seven of the Jerusalem Post article reproduced below.

The Institute's founder's dinner was attended by three of its supporters on the Supreme Court-- the Court's two Zionist justices appointed by Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan's supposed, "stalwart conservative of sterling integrity," Antonin Scalia. But in a Supreme Court case a few years ago, Justice Scalia voted in favor of having a Talmudic religious school operated at taxpayer expense in Monsey, New York. He cited his awe of rabbis and of the cult of Holocaustianity in reaching his  decision, which the majority of the court rejected.

The National Institute for Judaic Law is being "established" by Nathan Lewin. Justice Scalia and President Bush know who Nathan Lewin is. He is the infamous Zionist lawyer who earlier this year advocated the "total eradication" of the wives, mothers and children of accused Palestinian suicide bombers (cf. The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, p. 102).

Now we observe the formation of a Talmudic school for American judges and lawyers in our nation's capitol, established by an advocate of the murder of Arab women and children. Here is further evidence that Judaism is becoming the de facto state religion of America, a nation founded to prevent sectarian Old World hatreds and prejudices from infecting the Federal government, and there is no meaningful resistance to this deadly treason.

Jewish law institute launched in DC

The Jerusalem Post, Nov. 9, 2002

Jewish legal experts have created a new institute that will educate jurists



Noahide Church, Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

Found in Complete List: 1 [Showing 1-1]
Lordship of Christ
4405 Mall Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (770) 774-7040
Business Types: Noahide Church
Noahide Church, Fayetteville, Georgia (GA)

Found in Complete List: 1 [Showing 1-1]
Lordship of Christ Christian Church
105 Wildhorse Way
Fayetteville, GA 30215-4660
Phone: (770) 719-9271
Business Types: Noahide Church


Son's of the synagogue of Satan, American Traitors to the Christian Nation, Criminals and murderer's HERE THEY ARE PEOPLE

Majority Leader:
Richard A. Gephardt (D-Missouri) cosponsored
1/31/1991 H.J.Res.104

Republican Leader:
Robert H. Michel (R-Illinois) sponsored
1/31/1991 H.J.Res.104

Republican Whip:
Newt Gingrich (R-Georgia) cosponsored
3/5/1991 H.J.Res.104

Republican Conference Chairman:
Jerry Lewis (R-California) cosponsored
3/5/1991 H.J.Res.104

One Hundred Second Congress of the United States of America


Begun and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January,

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one

Joint Resolution

To designate March 26, 1991, as ` Education Day, U.S.A.´.

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;


Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, (…), is designated as ` Education Day, U.S.A.´.  The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Vice President of the United States and

President of the Senate.





Noahide News Part 11




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