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Jan. 25, 2005 

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.


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The ex Talmudic Sofiet Union well knows the sickness of these self made wanna be gods and their doctrines of Devils, in which they hope to ensnare all "Goyim" nations or slay any who oppose them and their hoodlum haha

Russian Lawmakers
Target Jewish Groups

By Steve Gutterman
Associated Press Writer
MOSCOW - A group of nationalist Russian lawmakers called Monday for a sweeping investigation aimed at outlawing all Jewish organizations and punishing officials who support them, accusing Jews of fomenting ethnic hatred and saying they provoke anti-Semitism.
In a letter dated Jan. 13, about 20 members of the lower house of parliament, the State Duma, asked Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov to investigate their claims and to launch proceedings "on the prohibition in our country of all religious and ethnic Jewish organizations as extremist."
The letter, faxed in part to The Associated Press by the office of lawmaker Alexander Krutov, said, "The negative assessments by Russian patriots of the qualities and actions against non-Jews that are typical of Jews correspond to the truth ... The statements and publications against Jews that have incriminated patriots are self-defense, which is not always stylistically correct but is justified in essence."
The stunning call to ban all Jewish groups raised concerns of persistent anti-Semitism in Russia.
Jewish leaders have praised President Vladimir Putin's government for encouraging religious tolerance, but rights groups accuse the authorities of failing to prosecute the perpetrators of anti-Semitic and racial violence.
Russia's chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, said lawmakers were looking for support "by playing the anti-Semitic card."
The prosecutor general's office could not immediately be reached for comment on the letter, which the Interfax news agency said was signed by lawmakers from the nationalist Rodina and Liberal Democratic parties as well as the Communist Party.
Krutov, a Rodina member, is deputy chief of the Duma's Committee on Information Policy.
With Putin planning to join events this week commemorating the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by Soviet troops, Russia's Holocaust Foundation head Alla Gerber said it was "horrible that as we're marking the 60th anniversary of this tragic and great day ... we can speak of the danger of fascism in the countries that defeated fascism."
against fascism
While the Russian state itself is no longer anti-Semitic, there are "anti-Semitic campaigns that are led by all sorts of organizations," she said.
"The economic situation is ripe for this. An enemy is needed, and the enemy is well-known, traditional," Gerber said.
Echoing anti-Semitic tracts of the Czarist era, the letter's authors accuse Jews of working against the interests of the countries where they live and of monopolizing power worldwide. They say the United States "has become an instrument for achieving the global aims of Judaism."
"It is possible to say that the entire democratic world today is under the monetary and political control of international Judaism, which high-profile bankers are openly proud of," the letter says.
Along with outlawing Jewish organizations, the lawmakers call for the prosecution of "individuals responsible for providing these groups with state and municipal property, privileges and state financing."


Quebec backtracks on full Jewish-school funding; Charest cites 'prejudice'



Jean CharestNot really guilty Quebec Premier Jean Charest announced that his government will backtrack on funding for Jewish schools. [Pure coincidence that his party received massive secret Jewish donation on the day his Government made this decision.](CP PHOTO/Jacques Boissinot)

QUEBEC (CP) - The Quebec government dropped a decision to cover the full cost of private Jewish schools Wednesday after a furious public response that Premier Jean Charest said sometimes slipped into demagogy and prejudice.

"We want to help bring cultures together but our method was not accepted by Quebec people as we'd hoped," said Charest, who was flanked at a news conference by embattled Education Minister Pierre Reid. "There is always some who will be tempted by demagoguery and prejudice. I've heard some of that and I regret that."

Charest dismissed suggestions that Quebecers' outrage largely centred on the fact the funding decision was made after Jewish community groups reportedly raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his Liberal party.

"We don't do our accounting on an ethnic basis," Charest said. "There was no link between fundraising and that decision. There was not and will never be. There is not a political party that counts donations along ethnic lines."

Last month's decision to fund 100 per cent of private Jewish schools in Quebec passed quietly until reports surfaced that the decision was taken without cabinet approval or discussion, days after Jewish groups raised $750,000 for the party.

While many ordinary Quebecers and pundits were outraged at the apparent exchange of money for favourable funding, others wondered about the Jewish community's capacity to raise money and access power.

"It has nothing to do with the prejudice some want to evoke," Charest said.

Charest said his government will pursue other links with cultural groups to "allow us to move away from this prejudice that some people entertain about certain communities."

Sylvain Abitbol, president of the Jewish philanthropy group Federation Combined Jewish Appeal, said he did not believe the debate descended into prejudice.

"I participated in many debates and interviews, and I don't think any of the arguments were against the Jewish community or constituted an attack," Abitbol told a news conference in Montreal.

"I am disappointed we were not able to advance this project, we had noble ambitions. We wanted to build bridges."

The government devised the plan after the [Website: purely fortuitous] firebombing of a Jewish elementary school library last spring that was condemned around the world, Reid said earlier this week.

One Montreal school board rejected the school-funding plan by voting Tuesday to end cultural-exchange contracts with five of the private Jewish schools.

Parti Quebecois education critic Pauline Marois blasted Charest for blaming Quebecers for killing the plan that could have benefited 15 Jewish schools.

"People in general showed no evidence of intolerance," Marois said.

"On the contrary. They judged this issue on the face of it. This issue always came down to the question of public financing for private religious schools, not a problem of integration or intolerance."




To the Ishmaelites of the Middle East

In 1990-91 I was employed to Al Mansoori Specialized Engineering of Dubai, UAE to supervise the drilling of water wells to extinguish the Oilwells burning in Kuwait.

I offer my sincere apology to Mr. Al Mansoori for my actions while in Kuwait, while representing his Family name.

I apologize because I was alien to the Arab Culture, and my decisions were rash and did not conform to the integrity of your peoples.

I apologize because our Judeao-apostate Treasonous Government in Washington DC had pumped me for years with Talmudic Propaganda, and they instilled hatred into us for all Ishmael.

I apologize because at the time, I had no understanding of what the Talmudic Vipers were doing against the peoples of the middle east, how they have persecuted you since they founded their Talmudic Secular zionist Aholibah whorish flesh ISREALHELL.

I did not understand why you fight with a vengeance, against the slavery they have attempted to oppose upon you through their Universal Noahide Laws of Satan of the perversion of their luciferian books the Babylonian Talmud, the oral tradition which makes the WORD of God of none effect unto them.

Now I understand your pride and how you oppose the humiliations you suffer at the hand of these Talmudic Pharisaic Vipers and their Pimp the Whore House in Washington DC.

However, I do want to tell you that even they have led you to great error, in that your god is their god, Allah, the same tetragrammaton of Illumination YWVH, who is no God, but plural gods of shekinah, male and female gods.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knew him not by the name JEHOVAH

Do you not understand the god of these Talmudic Jews is the murderer since the Beginning.

Did you not know that Jesus the Christ is the Word of God the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Doesn't your Koran state that Esa "Jesus" will return to slay the false Christ of the talmudic Jews at the Apocalypse? this Moshiach ben David they hope to coronate soon in ISREALHELL of flesh corruption, a mere man king who is not sent by the Father in heaven, but is sent by satan, the son of perdition, their god and his son of flesh and death and hell the covenant they have made.

How can Jesus Return if He is not the First begotten of the dead?

How can he Return if He did Not ascend to his Fathers Kingdom and was witnessed by 500 people of Good standing, both jew and gentile?

Do you not see that the Word was with God and the Word is God and the Word was made Flesh, the Image of the Invisible God which No man has ever seen?

There is only ONE, and none before him nor after Him?

The Image in which he, the Word which hath created everything which hath been created, and created man in that image.

Do you not know that Adam was the first Adam which had fallen and in which all mankind was fallen, and that NO man upon this earth are Righteous? All fall short of the Glory and the Perfection of the Father in heaven? That these Talmudic shems reject the Kingdom of perfection to cling to the flesh Adam?

Did you not know that Abraham believed the Word of God and was counted to as Righteous and that this same Jesus the Only Begotten Son of God the Image, is the Only Righteous.

Did you not understand that Isaac, believed that very same WORD by faith in the promise of the Lamb Provided, Jesus the Christ the Word of God since the Beginning the IAM the Alpha and the Omega the Beginning and the Ending the First and the Last, the Everlasting Father?

Or that Jacob wrestled with the same Word of God?

And can you not see that they have caused you to too, accept a "Replacement theology" another god who is no God and a god who Has no Only Begotten SON the Savior of All mankind, God come in the flesh to Give Us Salvation by his Grace, who came and Gave his Life for His own to atone Adams Fall and the fall of mankind of the corruption of flesh?

That The Father is the Root and Jesus the Christ the True Vine and they who believe the same since the foundation of the earth are the True Branches, and yet you too, can be grafted back into the True Vine of the Root, by faith in that same Redeemer since the beginning, the same the Messengers, the Prophets spoke, but were rejected and slain and put into prison by the Replacement Theologian Talmudic Pharisees of plural shekinah shemgods.

I apologize my brothers, that "America" the Land of the Brave, the once Beautiful, has turned against you in cowardly murder and treachery, and robberies of the wealth of your countries, but you must understand almost all of America has been brainwashed to the "Replacement god" of the Talmudic Pharisees and their leaven, and almost all of America now call themselves "Judaeo-Christians" and are become twofold the children of hell for they are become proselytes of their chosen master race the jews, who say their god, the "Replacement Theology" god, is now their own god, and yet the Talmudic jews say their god has no Savior, thus almost all of America has become anti-Christ, only giving lip service to Jesus the Christ the IAMHE, but bowing to this strange god of these jews who say that they and their flesh are the gods in which all mankind must bow, and kow-tow to their laws of enslavement of Universal Noahide Las of the Talmud of perversion.

These too, now think they are worshipping a god who they know not is the satans.

They now do the bidding of their master race little wanna be gods and do the Lust of their father the murderer since the beginning and they slay mercilessly in their Talmudic blood lust at the  direction of their master race chosen, in complete apostasy.

These who lead them the hasidim Pharisees of Chabad Lubavitch are not jews, but are liars and are the sons of the shema-GoG of satan, and it will also be them who will cause the deaths of many secular jews of Aholibah, Jerusalem. For Aholah of Dan of the USA Chabad hate the whore Aholibah and seek to devour her flesh, and many will die for they too have rejected the lord Jesus the Christ the King of the Jews.

I am sorry, my friends, for the double crossing you have been dealt by the Treasonous Vipers in Washington DC, Yet even your kings too, are in bed with this great harlot of Babylon.

I come to you in complete sorrow, and we who are the saints of Jesus the Christ who will stand firm in our testimony of Him, seek to slay not one man woman or child upon this planet, for our King Jesus is the Bringer of Life and Life more abundant forever more, and we too are to become the victims of these murderous vipers for we too oppose them and their little wannabe kingdom of the flesh of the  whore Aholah of Dan, the hasidic Chabad Lubavitch who seek to establish their temporary flesh kingdom against Jesus the Everlasting Holy Covenant. We  Preach LIFE Eternal in our faith. Let the dead do the lust of their murderous father, they call themselves Judaeo-Christians. The moral law obedient goyim proslyes who call for the blood of your peoples for they have fallen for shem's sham.

But there is wonderful news, for that Same Word Isaiah spoke of, the son who was born unto us the Everlasting Father the Almighty God, Isaiah 9, has given you Salvation Freely, by his Grace, and he ask you, "Who do you say that IAM"?

To as many as Believe that the same Word who gave us that Promise by faith has the Life eternal given free, a Gift, for he came to set the record straight once and for ever against these vipers, the Talmudic Pharisaic perversions and their god, once and for all, and your Koran is right, he, Jesus the Christ of mankind will surely soon come and put and end to all of mankind's suffering. He is gather his own to himself and his Kingdom of the Father he has inherited since the beginning.

It is quite ironic that they have raised the blood lust against you who even say that Jesus is Returning, and yet they and almost all of America cling to a people who says in their beloved Talmud Bavli that Jesus is in Hell boiling in human excrement, and that now they even deny their is a hell, and cling to the people who deny him the lord, yet declare hi is in hell.

I cry out to you, to accept this Salvation and eternal Life in the Kingdom of the Father, and to not slay any more humans, for any who slay are of the murderer since the beginning and do that lust of him.

We cry for your families, your children and your stolen properties, they that have been slain by the hand of these Talmudic Vipers and the pimp treasonous vipers in Washington DC lead by George W. Bush the head Talmudic satanic viper.

Please forgive the saints of Jesus the Christ for we do not partake in their vision to enslave mankind to their Talmudic Noahide Laws this Treasonous government who the peoples of America have accepted and back in the bloodlust of the killing of your people, made to themselves in 1991 by their accepted Treasonous Congressional leaders House Joint Resolution 104, Public law 102-14, before they began the "TERROR" against the peoples of this earth to enforce their little wanna be gods kingdom of Death and Hell the Covenant they have made.

All I can say to you, after all my apologies is, even so, come Quickly Lord Jesus

Robert G. Pickle and Family and the True believes in Life forever, the Lord Jesus the Christ.


We don't want your freedom

01/21/2005 10:49

President Bush: Keep your freedom and democracy to yourself

The international community does not want George W. Bush's Freedom and Democracy neither does it want its Hearts and Minds won over by Shock and Awe tactics, thank you very much. If George Bush was elected President of the United States of America, why does he address himself to the rest of the world?

Let's face it, if there was an election in the international community, George W. Bush might get elected as a member of a freak show, or perhaps a kitchen hand, handing out plastic turkeys in tents but for the leadership of a country? Perhaps, in a handful of countries like Albania, for instance, which might think first about the bank account rather than any notion of political leadership but in the international community as a whole, the NO vote would be far in excess of 80%, as is patently evident in numerous opinion polls.

If President Bush is an example to go by, we do not want his freedom and democracy. We do not want a model of freedom and democracy which sees the President of a country slink into his office in an armoured car which resembles a tank, guarded by 13.000 bodyguards plus countless other security personnel, creeping along a route lined by thousands of protesters.

We do not want his freedom and democracy which saw him slip out the back door of Number 10 Downing Street on his visit to London, the first such escape route used by any international leader any time in history, and during whose visit for the first time ever a statue of the President of the United States of America was toppled, to the cheers of thousands of lookers-on. Jimmy carter got out of his car and walked to the White House. Why can't Bush? The answer is simple: people do not like his Freedom and Democracy.

We do not want his freedom and democracy which is so popular that even in London, the capital city of the country and government closest to Washington, his state visit was restricted to three streets and a hurried trip to Tony Blair's constituency in a heavily guarded motorcade.

We do not want his freedom and democracy, which saw the wholesale slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq, a country invaded upon a pretext which did not exist. We do not want a freedom and democracy based upon barefaced lies.

We do not want a freedom and democracy based on the US model, where the electoral system can be rigged so easily, in this, one of the few countries which still has the death penalty. We do not want a freedom and democracy based on Washington's flawed model, controlled by a clique of corporate elitists who gravitate around the White House, making a mockery of their people and a mockery of democracy and which practice a policy of freedom of the press which makes the Gestapo look like fairy godmothers.

The international community is made up of hundreds of sovereign nations with models of government which reflect in some cases thousands of years of history and culture, which is to be respected, not obliterated in a wave of blind arrogance fuelled by the greed of Washington's invisible masters.

The international community does not want, nor does it need, the model imposed by a country barely 200 years old, with serious human rights problems, whose history is associated with ethnic cleansing of its native population, whose history is based upon the illegal deportation of races, a country whose military forces even today practice torture and which has concentration camps in more than one continent where the terms of the Geneva Convention are broken.

George Bush can keep his freedom and democracy to himself and to his own country. Nobody asked for his opinion abroad and nobody is interested in his opinion abroad. Each and every movement of the US regime outside its territory will be seen as belligerence, interference, and arrogance and is bound to produce an exponential reaction of hatred in the four corners of the Earth.

The very notion that George Bush can make a speech to begin his second and last term as president of the USA, referring to the international community, gives rise to the notion that he has a self-opinionated and inflated sense of his own importance.

Who asked for his opinion outside the USA and basically, who gives a two penny damn about what he believes in? It is his problem and that of the people he claims elected him. As for the rest, take a look at Iraq to see how very successful his foreign policy can be. Two years on, his forces are on the defensive, have lost control of the situation and there are now more Resistance Fighters than US troops.

Washington's Freedom and Democracy, anyone? No thanks. Let George Bush sort his own problems out and leave the rest of the world alone. Nobody called him and nobody wants him and judging by his inauguration "party", neither do a substantial proportion of American citizens.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


US & UK 'Ignore Torture
By Iraqi Police'

By Kim Sengupta in Basra
The Independent - UK
Iraqi security forces have been committing widespread torture and other human rights abuses while US and British authorities turn a blind eye, according to a report.
The accusation that police and soldiers, trained by the occupying powers, are routinely mistreating detainees, including children, is made by the pressure group Human Rights Watch. In a report called The New Iraq - Torture and Ill-treatment of Detainees in Iraqi Custody, it has catalogued malpractice by security forces ranging from arbitrary arrest and severe beatings to extortion. It says the interim government of Iyad Allawi had flouted the principles for which the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was justified.
Human Rights Watch says international monitors put in place to prevent corruption and brutality by Iraqi security officials have failed to act."The US government has devoted considerable resources towards providing international advisers to assist the Iraqi interim government in training and equipping Iraq's security and police forces. Unfortunately, these advisers have apparently given low priority to addressing the crucial issue of detainee abuse by the Iraqi police."
The report says US soldiers intervened at times to stop abuse by members of the Iraqi security forces and made arrests.But the soldiers' superiors usually told them not to interfere.
©2005 Independent News & Media (UK) Ltd.



Just in Time

Countdown To
Global Catastrophe
'Point Of No Return' Looming
By Michael McCarthy
Environment Editor
The Independent - UK
The global warming danger threshold for the world is clearly marked for the first time in an international report to be published tomorrow - and the bad news is, the world has nearly reached it already.
The countdown to climate-change catastrophe is spelt out by a task force of senior politicians, business leaders and academics from around the world - and it is remarkably brief. In as little as 10 years, or even less, their report indicates, the point of no return with global warming may have been reached.
The report, Meeting The Climate Challenge, is aimed at policymakers in every country, from national leaders down. It has been timed to coincide with Tony Blair's promised efforts to advance climate change policy in 2005 as chairman of both the G8 group of rich countries and the European Union.
And it breaks new ground by putting a figure - for the first time in such a high-level document - on the danger point of global warming, that is, the temperature rise beyond which the world would be irretrievably committed to disastrous changes. These could include widespread agricultural failure, water shortages and major droughts, increased disease, sea-level rise and the death of forests - with the added possibility of abrupt catastrophic events such as "runaway" global warming, the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, or the switching-off of the Gulf Stream.
The report says this point will be two degrees centigrade above the average world temperature prevailing in 1750 before the industrial revolution, when human activities - mainly the production of waste gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), which retain the sun's heat in the atmosphere - first started to affect the climate. But it points out that global average temperature has already risen by 0.8 degrees since then, with more rises already in the pipeline - so the world has little more than a single degree of temperature latitude before the crucial point is reached.
More ominously still, it assesses the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere after which the two-degree rise will become inevitable, and says it will be 400 parts per million by volume (ppm) of CO2.
The current level is 379ppm, and rising by more than 2ppm annually - so it is likely that the vital 400ppm threshold will be crossed in just 10 years' time, or even less (although the two-degree temperature rise might take longer to come into effect).
"There is an ecological timebomb ticking away," said Stephen Byers, the former transport secretary, who co-chaired the task force that produced the report with the US Republican senator Olympia Snowe. It was assembled by the Institute for Public Policy Research in the UK, the Centre for American Progress in the US, and The Australia Institute.The group's chief scientific adviser is Dr Rakendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
The report urges all the G8 countries to agree to generate a quarter of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025, and to double their research spending on low-carbon energy technologies by 2010. It also calls on the G8 to form a climate group with leading developing nations such as India and China, which have big and growing CO2 emissions.
"What this underscores is that it's what we invest in now and in the next 20 years that will deliver a stable climate, not what we do in the middle of the century or later," said Tom Burke, a former government adviser on green issues who now advises business.
The report starkly spells out the likely consequences of exceeding the threshold. "Beyond the 2 degrees C level, the risks to human societies and ecosystems grow significantly," it says.
"It is likely, for example, that average-temperature increases larger than this will entail substantial agricultural losses, greatly increased numbers of people at risk of water shortages, and widespread adverse health impacts. [They] could also imperil a very high proportion of the world's coral reefs and cause irreversible damage to important terrestrial ecosystems, including the Amazon rainforest."
It goes on: "Above the 2 degrees level, the risks of abrupt, accelerated, or runaway climate change also increase. The possibilities include reaching climatic tipping points leading, for example, to the loss of the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets (which, between them, could raise sea level more than 10 metres over the space of a few centuries), the shutdown of the thermohaline ocean circulation (and, with it, the Gulf Stream), and the transformation of the planet's forests and soils from a net sink of carbon to a net source of carbon."
©2005 Independent News & Media (UK) Ltd.


Their god, the murderer since the beginning and so, the lust of their father they do unto their Judaeo-gawd

Christian Warriors
Rediscover God In Boot Camps

By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles
The Telegraph - UK
A growing Christian movement is encouraging men to discard their "nice guy" personas and emulate the warrior heroes of films such as Braveheart and Gladiator to get closer to God.
Churches and Christian groups worldwide are organising military-style boot camps and "weekend warrior" retreats to help men fight their perceived emasculation within church-going societies. The inspiration for the movement is Wild at Heart, a book by Colorado-based author John Eldredge, who believes "God designed men to be dangerous". The book has already sold 1.5 million copies in English and been translated into 16 languages.
In it, he claims many Christian men have become bored, "really nice guys", and urges them to rediscover passion by seeing their mission as "A battle to fight. An adventure to live. A beauty to rescue".
"This is what a man longs for. This is what makes him come alive," he writes on his website, "There is something fierce, passionate, and wild in the heart of every man. That is how he bears the image of God."
The tetragrammaton of murder, YWVH they call Yah and Yaweh and Jehova
He believes most men abandon paths of adventure and risk, and Christianity, which often "feels like nothing more than pressure to be a nice guy", is in part to blame.
"It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to death," he says. The kind of character Mr Eldredge cites is Russell Crowe in Gladiator as he fights noble battles and finds adventure.
The author, who was caught up in the Los Angeles drug scene before discovering spirituality and the church, said he had been astounded by the response to his book, first brought out in 2001 by a Christian publisher.
why? for most of the world worship the beast 
The retreats he organises - the "boot camp" and more advanced "platoon leaders' training" to help men "find and recover your masculine heart" - are vastly oversubscribed. And Wild At Heart has inspired other retreats and study groups worldwide, from Virginia, where the Immanuel Bible Church holds weekends for God's Warriors, to Kazakhstan. But critics say the movement is in danger of reinforcing stereotypes.
"The basic premise that men need a princess to rescue has set back the male-female relationship in the church by 30 years," said Chapman Clark, associate professor of youth, family, and culture at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.
© Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2005.

Training them up to slay in their bloodlust



Who say they are jews but who do Lie and are the sons of the shema-GoG of satan


Ironical enforcement of the Talmudic Noahide laws of death

Company Fires All Employees Who Smoke

Michigan Firm Won't Allow Smoking, Even On Employee's Own Time


UPDATED: 1:59 PM EST January 25, 2005


Four employees of a health care company have been fired for refusing to take a test to determine whether they smoke cigarettes.

Weyco Inc., a health benefits administrator based in Okemos, Mich., adopted a policy Jan. 1 that allows employees to be fired if they smoke, even if the smoking happens after business hours or at home.

Company founder Howard Weyers has said the anti-smoking rule was designed to shield the firm from high health care costs. "I don't want to pay for the results of smoking," he said.

How about driving fast?

or maybe to much love with your spouse?

Or skydiving?

or wine and beer?

The rule led one employee to quit before the policy was adopted. Four others were fired when they balked at the smoking test.

fire them if their DNA has no Y Alu Poly Morphic mutated genes?


Chief Financial Officer Gary Climes estimated that 18 to 20 of the company's 200 employers were smokers when the policy was announced in 2003. Of those, as many as 14 quit smoking before the policy went into effect. The company offered them help to kick the habit.

"That is absolutely a victory," Climes said.

For fear of the jews many became jews in "Amaraka" the Land of the free

On the company's Web site, it states:


    Weyco Inc. is a non-smoking company that strongly supports its employees in living healthy lifestyles.


Bushkevik's Gestapo

Mon Jan 24 2005 21:30:10 ET

THE four Britons still held in Guantanamo Bay are due to fly home today as their lawyers prepare to launch a record £30million compensation claim over their 'illegal' detention.

The UK's DAILY MAIL is planning to report on Tuesday: At least two of the men allege they have been tortured and all four are understood to claim their human rights were consistently abused during three years in the controversial camp on Cuba.

The claims will form the basis of the biggest compensation suit so far against the U.S. authorities over alleged torture and abuse.

aren't you so proud "Amaraka

It will detail a string of what are said to be 'devastating' allegations over the four men's detention and treatment.

Under the agreement with the U.S. to secure their freedom, the four will be questioned by anti-terrorist detectives at Paddington Green police station in Central London where they can be held for up to seven days.

Former law student and father of four Moazzam Begg, 36, from Birmingham, computer programmer Feroz Abbasi, 24, motorcycle courier Martin Mubanga, 29, and Richard Belmar, 24, all from London, will be arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 after arriving in Britain today on an RAF plane.

are you an opposed "Terrorist" to the Bushkeviks?


By Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, A.U.S. Ret.

Was there a special reason the Serbs were picked out as a NATO target? I believe there was. Stalin's plans in 1923, long before the time of Adolph Hitler, to destroy Christian Germany, were International Jewish plans. As early as 1902, the International Zionists had amassed a War Chest of over 1 billion dollars for the destruction of Christian Germany, which was the strongest Christian nation in Europe. Their watchword was, "First we will destroy Christian Russia; (they did this with the Bolshevik Revolution, which was Jewish led and financed) then we will destroy Germany and the rest of Christian Europe; then we will subdue the Far East, and Africa, and when we are finished, America will find herself surrounded, with no friends and she will drop into our lap like an overripe fruit!" we are very close to that point now. This brings us back to the reason for the NATO attack against Serbia. They are one of the strongest Orthodox Christian countries in Europe and once they are subdued, the Roman Catholics will be next, followed by Protestant Christianity


Will you Stand Firm against the shem sham of shame or become a proselyte of the Talmudic hasidim for fear?

New bill in US calls for rating countries on treatment of Jews

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Jewish organizations have hailed final congressional approval of a bill that compels the State Department to create a special office to monitor anti-Semitic abuses around the world and compile annual reports rating countries on their treatment of Jews. 

The bill, known as the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, was introduced by Democratic Representative Tom Lantos (news, bio, voting record), the only Holocaust survivor in the US Congress, in response to recent acts of anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East. 

The measure quietly cleared both the Senate and the House of Representatives by agreement and voice vote late last week -- over objections by the State Department. 

Bye Bye Colon Polyp

The department has opposed the bill because it felt it would be seen as giving preferential treatment to Jews over other religious or ethnic groups in human rights reporting. 

But last month, it received an angry letter from more than 100 prominent Americans, including former Republican vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp and ex-UN ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, saying that US diplomats were "wrong." 

"It is the anti-Semites who are singling out Jews, and that is why the fight against anti-Semitism deserves specific, focused attention," the letter said. 

See Talmudic Satanic Noahide laws against anti-shems

Under the legislation, the State Department will have to produce an annual report on anti-Semitism around the world and publish it as part of its annual review of human rights. 

Moreover, the bill creates a specific office within the department that would document anti-Semitic abuses and design strategies to combat them. It would be headed by a special envoy to spearhead the worldwide fight against anti-Semitism

any opposed to the shemgod Hoodlum hahahahahhahahhahahha

"Considering that anti-Semitism plagues all regions of the world, this special office will ensure that the United States resolutely denounces acts of anti-Semitism across the board, including state-sponsored anti-Semitism in Syria and elsewhere," said Republican Congressman Chris Smith, a co-sponsor of the legislation. 

obedient goy freemason of the shemgods, useful yid-iot Treasonous Viper

Rafael Medoff, director of the Pennsylvania-based David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, praised members of Congress on Monday for their "vision, courage and determination in overcoming the State Department's obstacles and achieving this crucial step in the battle against anti-Semitism." 

Joel Schindler, president of the National Council of Soviet Jewry

Hey wait a moment what Sofiets? Duh.........

said Congress "has now provided new avenues" for combating anti-Semitism around the world. 

saith Sofiet Jewry

Barbara Balser, national chairwoman of the Anti-Defamation League, and Abraham Foxman, its national director, said acts of anti- Semitism witnessed over the last two years have underscored the need for greater monitoring of such crimes. 

if'n you'uns ain't with us, then you'uns musted be aginst us saith Georgie

"As more governments take on this responsibility, strong US reporting on anti-Semitism as a human rights and religious freedom issue is vitally important," Balser and Foxman said. 

The measure, which is largely expected to be signed by President George W. Bush (news - web sites), requires that the State Department document acts of physical violence against Jews, their property, cemeteries and places of worship abroad, as well as local governments' responses to them. 

The saints of Jesus the Christ denounces all Violence George

The report will also take note of instances of anti-Jewish propaganda and governments' readiness to promote unbiased school curricula emphasizing tolerance. 

What about Ishmael propaganda and Violence George Bushkevik? Huh...Huh?

Among the attacks that prompted passage of the bill, the sponsors mentioned the burning of a Jewish synagogue in Toulon, France, last March, the desecration of about 50 Jewish gravestones in St. Petersburg, Russia, in February, and the recent claim by former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad that Jews "rule the world by proxy."


No mention of Churches though, no why did I already know that?


Do you know this TREASONOUS Blasphemous Viper?


Shut Up, for "we" are your gods

Against The Law To
Criticize Israel?

By Terrell E. Arnold
Scholars and journalists who for years have studied, written and talked about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict suddenly are facing a potential brick wall. This wall, not unlike the concrete barrier now being built by Israel to keep out the Palestinians, is designed to silence all discussion of Middle East issues that involves any form of criticism of Israel on any American university campus. The wall, if it were built, would be created in law by senators Rick Santorum (Pa) and Sam Brownback (Kan.) through an amendment to Title VI of the Higher Education Act. Deceptively to be called an amendment to include "ideological diversity and "sexual equality as prerequisites for federal funding, the real purpose of the measure is to require denial of federal funds to any university whose faculty or students, perhaps even guest lecturers, make statements that are in any way critical of Israel. The argument is that any action or statement critical of Israel is perforce anti-Semitic.
Among hardliner supporters of Israel and the Zionists this type of move has been brewing for some time. Critics of Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people have been increasing in number and clarity. But in human relations there are always several ways to deal with criticism. One obviously is to ignore it. A second is to meet criticism head on with superior proofs and arguments. A third is to kill the messenger. A fourth is to assert that the critic is actually the problem. A fifth is to argue that the critic or even everybody does the thing being criticized. A sixth is to assert that the criticism falls within a broad class of statements that are taboo, e.g., anti-Semitism. When all these essentially social control options prove unworkable, as in the Israeli case they have, the last ditch option is to suppress criticism by law.
Note that the optimum choice is and always has been, of course, to modify the behavior being criticized. However, anyone listening and watching closely what Israeli leadership is doing under Sharon and the Likud party knows that there is no intent whatsoever to modify behavior. That would require acquiescence in creation of a Palestinian state as well as acceptance of the Palestinian State as an equal in the family of nations. This, in turn, would require once and for all determinations of the size and shape of Israel. The Zionist dream of a Greater Israel would have to remain just that.
It may not be possible to persuade the Zionists and their supporters, Israelis, fundamentalist Christians, or well-wishers in general that the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies through recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people. It may not be possible for Israelis and their supporters to face the fact that denial of Palestinian rights and repression of their freedom are the taproots of Palestinian terrorism. Nor may it be possible to persuade the White House and the Congress, as well as the Democratic candidate for President that unconditional support for Israel is not and never has been a winning strategy for the United States. But they all must understand that continued insistence on this posture is courting a national disaster.
This proposed amendment is an echo of Nazi, Communist and other totalitarian forms of censorship. If enacted it would provide cover for increasing Israeli excesses against the Palestinians. That will surely provoke more Palestinian resistance, including more terrorism. Every member of the Senate and House of Representatives who is worth the confidence we placed in them and the salary we pay them should vote against this amendment. Their best strategy would be to prevent it from coming to the floor. To do otherwise would be to pervert our national laws, to willfully corrupt our diplomatic relations with other countries, and to undermine the intellectual freedom of our higher educational system.
George Washington saw the problem clearly, as outlined in his farewell address more than 200 years ago: " . . . a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest.. and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and the wars of the latter without adequate inducements or justification.. It leads, also, to concessions to the favorite nation of privileges denied to others, which are apt doubly to injure the nation making the concessions, by unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained, and by exciting jealousy, ill will and a disposition to retaliate in the parties from whom equal privileges are withheld."
The definition of national interest as Washington saw it has not changed. Nor has the stickiness of the flypaper wrapped around the proposed amendment. We have conceded to no other nation such a license to interfere in our internal affairs. The way for Israel to reduce or eliminate most of the criticism that is abroad today is to clean up its own act.
The writer is a retired Senior Foreign Service Officer of the US Department of State. He will welcome comments at


A Slice of Life

The Radio Rabbi of Russia
by Shoshanna Silcove

In 1985, when Rabbi Dov Ber Haskelevitch was asked by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to be producer and commentator for a weekly rabbi's talk he had some concerns. "Most of my listeners would not be Jewish. I had to discuss things that were relevant to everyone without compromising my Torah principles."

Since the Lubavitcher Rebbe had begun speaking about the Seven Noahide Laws as universal laws for all non-Jews, Rabbi Haskelevitch saw this as a unique opportunity to fulfill the Rebbe's directive by educating his largely non-Jewish audience to follow the Seven Noahide Laws.

"I began,"he said, "by concentrating on episodes from the Bible (Not the Christian Bible, but the babylonian Babble) and explaining them in light of Chasidic philosophy and also in terms of the Seven Noahide Laws. I received a very positive reaction from Jews and non-Jews."

they rush to embrace THE FLESHITES

One non-Jewish family recently wrote to the rabbi that they have become so inspired by the weekly talk that the entire family now routinely listens to the show every week. They are thoroughly convinced that the Seven Noahide Laws are the answer to all of the world's problems.

For each one of them will receive 2800 Goyim slaves when the Mosshiyuck arrives and is REVEALED by the semi-shems

Today, Rabbi Haskelevitch's radio program reaches 50 to 60 million listeners across the former Soviet Union and in other parts of Eastern Europe as well.

Note how they Love to refer to Russia as the FSU. Why? Because they are the Sofiet Tzadiks

 "When I first began doing this program it was before Glasnost. The management asked me to wish the Russian people a good year on January 1, 1985. I expressed my hope that the Russian nation should come to appreciate religious freedom. 

Religious freedom by the snare and Yoke of their satanic laws....yes indeedy dooey, their religious freedom to worship the Dragon, then impose it upon all mankind

People called me afterwards and asked me, 'Do you really believe that such a country could have any real changes?' I answered that I sincerely believed it. I had a sense from the Rebbe's advice to Jews in Russia at the time--telling them to cooperate with the government--that the Rebbe was anticipating a change. My hunch was correct."

hahahhahahahahahaah I guess it was, wasn't it.

With the unprecedented and miraculous downfall of the most repressive regime known to world history came the opening up of the floodgates of religious freedom.

Then they imposed their Talmudic Sofiet Red Esau Noahide Laws of their curse and murders upon all mankind, then sneaked their worldwide Sofiet system in

 Unfortunately, however, this also brought on a resurgence in anti-Semitism.

Oh well

 Pamphlets have been printed in Russia accusing Jews of baking matzohs with Christian blood and people believe it to such an extent that some are even afraid to let their children out of the house during the Passover season.

only because they eat ears, that's why Russians are always seen wearing earmuff's or those funny looking hats that protect the ears

"Another objective of my program is to dispel anti-Semitism. I say that Torah teaches love of one's neighbor (If not, kill them all) and it would never condone the victimization of gentiles. 

Death by decapitation?

They learn that through the Seven Noahide Laws they are equal partners with us in G-d's creation. This changes their attitude."

Quickly unless they are standing firm and love not their lives unto their deaths for Jesus name sake

Rabbi Haskelevitch grew up the son of a respected Torah scholar under the Soviet regime. At an early age he had to resolve intellectual conflicts resulting from the discrepancy between his Jewish upbringing and the propaganda he learned in the Soviet school system.

Much like Education Day USA of Talmud Bavli's Noahide law Propaganda to teach your childen to worship his god...aka...satan

The teachings of Chabad Chasidut helped him to reject atheistic indoctrination and at age 14 he became a Lubavitcher chasid. Later as a young man Rabbi Haskelevitch came to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where he now resides with his Russian-born wife Chaya Sara and their eight children. "I originally came to see if everything I had heard about the Rebbe was true. I came for a short visit and I never went back," he said.

The Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty program is creating some controversy in several segments of Russian society. A newspaper article recently asserted that the chasidim are trying to destroy particularistic Russian nationalism by introducing the "dangerous" concept of a universal set of laws for all nations. A political party, the anti-Semitic Pamyat, after learning of the Jewish roots of the Russian Orthodox religion, is seeking to erase any trace of Jewish influence on its creed, thereby going back to Russian paganism. 

Jesus the Christ they blaspheme

Gorbachev himself admitted, after having escaped a coup d'etat with his life, that he owed his survival to the fact that he was listening to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. "After Gorbachev admitted this, my program rose greatly in its popularity. I am convinced that Gorbachev had always been listening to me." Rabbi Haskelevitch asserted.

Do you see what Gorby has Done "Amaraka"?

To Rabbi Haskelevitch, however, the controversy surrounding his work is merely amusing. He is mostly concerned with reaching the average Russian citizens and educating them to understand spiritual concepts that they were denied access to for so long. That is why he has expanded his work to include an umbrella organization called H.O.A.S.C.A.N.I.M. (Hebrew Orthodox Assoc. for Societal and Cultural Advancement through National and International Media). HOASCANIM, which is the Hebrew word for activists, supports Radio Liberty and is publishing books and magazines in Russia as well as conducting lectures to the many groups which have recently formed to keep and learn more about the Seven Noahide Laws. Its objectives are to spread the teachings of Torah among Jews, to educate gentiles on the Seven Noahide Laws, and to dispel anti-Semitic myths.

By fables of the Talmudic jews, who are not jews, but who are Liars and are of the shema-GoG of satan, who seek to devour the remnant

To what does Rabbi Haskelevitch attribute his success? "When we are talking to the deeply atheistic nations of the former Soviet empire, now miraculously turned anti-communist, about a religion of one G-d with one set of laws for all mankind, 

Their one gods of plural polytheism shekinah with his Assyrian Yoke to snare mankind

then this is an indication that we are living in the times right before the coming of the Messiah.

Moshiach ben satan the Son of Perdition their god the Dragon gives him his power

 Actually, communism was the belief in a good future, a utopia. 

NEW WORLD ORDER, wtc, WORLD to Come, Hoodlum hoo haha of the Sofiet REDS

The idea of communism was that mankind could build a world that could become so prosperous that life could become better for all people. This is an idea that I underscore as coming from Judaism. We can use all of science and materialism for the good but first we must become better. That can only be through faith. This is a Messianic idea and it is a Jewish one that must be based on faith."

Amaraka the Duped devil worshippers


E Mail 1-25-2005

Words of a Woman's wisdom in Jesus the Christ

Kristina Perez

Those that love the Truth are not about shunning the opportunity to learn what is out there.
 The lies that we may learn about ,as we study and observe the things around us ,are as important to the condition of being be fully armed as the LORD guides us to be instructed of HIM.
This IS the application of the study of the written WORD to life as we live it ...being IN the world but NOT OF it.

Those that are unlearned or ignorant fear to know what the TRUTH is, many are just PROGRAMED to have a knee jerk reaction to whatever does not fit in their box of religious thought.

That is what Jesus was up against. Romans tells us that because they did not like to retain the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD in their minds that GOD gave them over to a reprobate mind,.

 When you meet someone who has a reprobate mind they are usually PROUD . Intellectual pride is a prominent characteristic.They DO NOT SEE the benefit of testing all things! How do you test something unless you have been willing to look at it in the first place.

At the very least, you may be giving them the opportunity to have knowledge of something that can sit in their minds and be there to testify to the Truth  later as it comes to pass.

Heaven and earth will pass away but My WORD will not.....saith the Lord.

Michael has a t-shirt that says "I would like to have a battle of wits with you but you appear to be unarmed"! I LOVED that shirt when I saw it.

Too many people do not know, what they do not know.

...and they DOUBT the words of any man. This is Truth that all men are liars but they , not KNOWING THE TRUTH who is Jesus Christ God and His Father,causes them to fear because they do not have the Truth to tell the difference....The teaching going on in the so called churches today undermines the veracity of the testimony of the Bible.

 The pen and ink BIBLE IS NOT "HOLY" BUT it testifies of  the living WORD of GOD  who is JESUS IS HOLY. If you know HIM you see HIM in it throughout , beginning to end.

..HE is revealed to those who in meekness have asked Him to guide them into ALL TRUTH.

 Wherever there IS Truth through out those things that we run across in other areas, be it print or experience, (Those He has allowed across our paths) we can see the Truths there.

In some cases it is instruction ,as to observe HOW the false ones have USED some truth to capture peoples minds.

They can only DO THIS to people do not LOVE the Truth enough to GO TO HIM who is Truth so that they can learn to know the difference!

Because they settle for an earthly teacher, doubting God is able and willing to teach them ...they go after human teachers ...ALL MEN are liars!

They fear to hear what  men may say because they do NOT HAVE The SPIRIT of Truth that will speak to them as they pass through any particular learning session of life that the GOOD SHEPHERD has arranged for them.

This rebellion that takes the form of rejecting KNOWLEDGE leaves them with DOGMA instead of the council of Word that is the sure WORD OF PROPHECY hidden in their hearts...".The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy " Rev 20:10

"Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake for theirs is the kingdom of God"

"Blessed are ye , when men shall revile you, and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil  against you falsely for My sake."

"Rejoice and be exceedingly glad:for great is your reward in heaven; For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."                                                            Matt 5:10-12

It is like the parable Jesus taught about the husbandmen in the vineyard who thought nothing of killing the servants sent by the owner of the vineyard. They even killed the SON of the Owner of the Vineyard IMAGINING that they would receive the INHERITANCE!!!.....If they killed the Son why do we suppose they should worry over persecuting or even killing the servants?

 They are making big plans for what they intend to do with the inheritance but He will not allow them to keep it...We are watching these wicked children of the devil in the news as they do even as He has taught us!

No matter WHAT the dispensations teaching from the TALMUD  (that was the origin of this idea) We are sons AND servants of the most High God who is Jesus Christ , God and His Father...for Hear oh Israel God is ONE. and He does not give His glory to ANOTHER!

We know that we have ONE MASTER ....we do not know all that  He has in mind for us to learn, but if we are not afraid to follow what He inspires we will learn what HE has in mind for us to know.

He WALKED through the world and as He went he taught those who FOLLOWED HIM. This is still the way it works in the life of a follower today.

We fill out minds with His Word and that word comes to life as it councils us in every situation that HE ALLOWS into our life.

 He is sovereign, He goes before us..Nothing comes into the life of one of HIS that He does not intend to use as a tool of learning.

 BECAUSE we have LOVED THE TRUTH, we LOVE HIM with ALL our MIND as well as all our soul, strength, and heart!

Those that bite and devour, gossip about one another in the supposed "Watching for the souls "of others , presume to stand in the stead of Jesus Christ. They watch for the bankbook of their polluted "temples..made with hands"!

..hmmmm....I WONDER where they learned THAT.! To be a "shepherd"....According to the Bible...Those that oppose the work of God are ANTI CHRIST....they also presume to filter information as if they are standing in Christ's stead.False Shepherds! They will flee when the master comes!

Jesus Christ is the LORD OF ALL. He is capable of teaching through whatever we see or read as we are remaining with our hearts and minds turned toward HIM..That is meekness.

"To the pure all things are pure" refers to this aspect of our learning. If He has approved of something then we CAN rejoice and be thankful in EVERYTHING because we know that it came THROUGH the direction of our Saviour for our learning!

We may not see the benefit of that info or experience at the time we are going through it, but because we KNOW HIM and that He is GOOD then we can endure and persevere through it and patiently anticipate the benefit that we expect HE had in mind.

In EVERY THING give thanks for this is the will of God concerning YOU.....Not everyone has this protection in life for not all KNOW HIM. They are dead in trespasses and sin...I would rather be DEAD IN CHRIST and have my life HID in HIM.

Fearing to be EXPOSED to anything that He has brought to a person, reveals that that person is not made perfect in love (God is love .agape love)  . that  indicates that that person has not had the LORD reveal Himself to them so that they KNOW for a surety that HE is the KEEPER of that which is HIS.

 That gives forth the fruit of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, not fear , but a confidence that what He has begun He is able also to keep and finish until the day redemption.

Our salvation was "FINISHED" a little over 2000 years ago. The entire record of the BIBLE is FINISHED as well...where He is seated in the heavenlies.It is all over....

We stand to testify to that Truth. Our testimony is NOT going to be received by all, it is only to testify as to the TRUTH IS a testimony against those who refute it ...or try to...and THAT to they OWN destruction

 Those that do not receive it with gladness and at least with a  view to study to see if what is presented is TRUE are in danger of believing ANYTHING.(Even those that claim they do not believe in ANYTHING lie...for they believe THAT!)

I send things that are testimony to all aspects ...the reports of the activities of the Synagogue of Satan are for us to SEE that the prophecies that we have studied are coming to pass very quickly.

They serve to build up our confidence in those things that we read as INDEED the testimony of TRUTH. The confirm it.

Those that do not read those sections of the Word that tells us to be watchmen and then provide WHAT we are to be watching for, are in disobedience to consider ALL SCRIPTURE.

 They deny Christ for HE IS THE WORD.

 They TAKE away from the Word by their attitude to NOT study those sections because they are "written for our learning" YES! Those things are written that we would not be "destroyed for lack of knowledge" .

 Knowledge that is written that we might KNOW those things that pertain to LIFE and Godliness"

ALL is the software of the mind of Christ to teach us as we go along the way, As we sit down, when we rise up, when we go along the way.

"And these WORDS  which I command thee this day,shall be in thy heart:

And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sit test in thy house, and when thou walk est by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up."

Deut 6:6-7...and more.....

The "scholars " of our times deny the sheep to go IN the straight gate and will not go in themselves. They say "Oh you need ME to teach you" "YOU cannot know the TRUE meaning of this passage" They choke on gnats and swallow camels ..they do not SEE and notice what the LORD is teaching..They are looking in a mirror and admiring their commendations of men....It's ALL ABOUT THEM!

They puff, they blow,  they pronounce, they appear to these newly born and unlearned or unskillful in the HEARING of Christ's voice  as if they are  "the great protector of their lives" as they profess to "shepherd " the flock all the while FLEECING the flock. like hell from those false PROFESSORS of faith. Stand with the ONLY True lover and Shepherd of your soul. and FEAR NOT !

"Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of YOUR FIRE, and in the sparks that YE have kindled. THIS SHALL YE HAVE AT MY HAND; ye shall lie down in SORROW."                                Isaiah 50:11

They insist that they are walking in the light but it is their OWN light not the light of the GOD and Creator of all .....

"Thus saith the Lord, After this manner will I MAR THE PRIDE OF JUDAH and the GREAT PRIDE OF JERUSALEM."

"This evil people which refuse to hear My words, which walk in the imagination of their heart, and walk after OTHER GODS, to serve them, and to worship them, shall even be as this girdle which is GOOD FOR NOTHING"                               Jeremiah 13:9-10

To truly HEAR the WORDS of GOD as a result of seeking with a meekness toward HIM prevents the error of walking in the above abominations!

The Day is at hand . Be strong and very confident that the Lords appearing will extract what some men have not humbly and WILLINGLY given. EVERY knee shall bow EVERY TONGUE shall confess Jesus is Lord....but too late for those that do NOT do so while they still have time!

Those that LOSE their lives will have saved them.

Those that give up the "rights" to BE a "Believer " in the eyes of the worldly Churchianity by THEIR definition..will hear HIS voice and another they WILL NOT FOLLOW.

Those that seek to save their lives will lose certain of it.

Those that revile you now we pray for, they are going to need it, May God grant them mercy to repent and come to Him as the Sermon on the Mount describes .


In His shadow, under His wing,



How to convert your race to the race of jewry...who say they are jews but do lie


you too can become a bonafide Jew, if not a bonafide No-hide slave of a jew


by Dr. Lawrence J. Epstein

The subject of conversion to Judaism has recently become prominent primarily because conversion has been offered as a perceived antidote to intermarriage. Whatever efficacy conversion may or may not have in reducing the number of intermarriages, the linking of the two subjects distorts conversion's crucial role in Jewish theology, its centrality at important eras in Jewish history, and its promise as a component of Jewish renewal.

Conversion's importance to Judaism will come as a surprise to many Jews; their reluctance to welcome others to their faith is so embedded in their conception of Judaism that it has become part of the faith itself.

Part of the problem is definitional. "Welcoming" is used here to mean openly proclaiming the willingness of the Jewish people to accept sincere converts, accepting them as genuine and authentic Jews when they do convert, and integrating them fully into the community after the conversion. "Welcoming" excludes using any physical or emotional pressure, deceit, bribery, or intrusive behavior to gain converts. 

Or even death threat by decapitation?

It excludes belittling the faith of others

such as the anti-shems do

 or promising eternal reward for converting or eternal damnation for not converting. 

The Kingdom of the Father  in Heaven, whence these vipers are cast out

"Welcoming," that is, specifically excludes the tactics used by some non-Jewish missionaries.

Just a handful, for most have become proselytes of their shemgods

 It also excludes an understanding of Judaism which refuses to offer Judaism to interested gentiles, which creates so many obstacles to conversion that the obstacles become tantamount to a refusal to accept converts, or which does not accept converts as fully Jewish.

1/2 jew....hehehehehehhhahahhahwhooooey, is that like Judaeo-Churchianity 1/2 Christians.....if not, sawed asunder perhaps?

The question of why so central a Jewish enterprise as welcoming converts became peripheral and then antithetical to what was defined as mainstream Judaism requires a recapitulation of conversion's fate within Jewish thought and history. Such a recapitulation provides the background for an explanation of the Jewish reluctance to welcome converts, a reluctance which has had and continues to have a profoundly negative effect on the fate of Judaism and the Jewish people.

for without conversion of the twofold children of hell...what would become of the Religion of jewry

It is notoriously awkward to talk of Judaism as a specific religious world view. Especially before Rabbinic Judaism and after the Enlightenment,

The Illumination of the dragon head Illuminati

 Judaism contained multiple, sometimes contradictory, intellectual strands which, even when intertwined, retained some of their distinctiveness. Additionally, ideas in Judaism proceed text by text, whereas in reconstructing those ideas to make a unified thesis the ideas are ripped from different texts at different times. Such a process can easily result in doing violence to the idea and the texts.

Despite these and other difficulties in interpreting Jewish thought, it is still possible to discern, broadly, Judaism's central views about conversion to Judaism.

It is first important to chart the location of conversionary activity in the logical geography of Jewish thought.

The foundational ideas of Judaism are a belief in one God, the idea that God made an incursion into human history to make a revelation, the Torah, and that the ethical and ritual instructions in that revelation, the mitzvot, are the divine commandments which define a good life.

The foundation is a gods shekinah which is composed of both male and female gods of the talmud bavli of Mystery babylon Mishnah Torah the oral tradition which makes the WORD of God the IMAHE of none effect in their basphemous flesh hoodlum hoo haha of sorcery

 The theological structure built on such a foundation rests on these beliefs. The revolutionary notion of monotheism, for example, led to the view that God was not just a God of the Israelites, but of all the cosmos, and therefore of all people.

And he came in that IMAGE WHICH HE CREATED MAN, and a son was born and he is the Everlasting Father, see Isaiah 9

 After all, the Torah begins with creation, not revelation. 

Torah Mishnah hand book of sorceries of the Talmudic Pharisaic rib-eyes, who are no Jews

The first human created was not Jewish. Such a God was concerned with the morality of all people.

He was not jewish in religion for he knew the WORD the IAMHE Jesus the Christ since the beginning whom they replaced with the gods of jewry, Judaism after before and Calvary


 Any Godly plans for humanity rested on the notion that humans were part of a unified family, and the spiritual message that God wanted to give was not to be limited to just some people but was available and meant for all.

so they make their laws unto themselves yet will not lift a finger to move them themselves

The Jews were elected by God, who revealed to the Jewish people a universal moral instruction that was meant for all humanity, not just the Jews. 

Their gods of the Dragon who has no ONLY Begotten Son the WORD of God

Jews were to be the messengers, bringing such instructions to all.

Who slew the messengers of the Father in heaven the Nobelman then said come let us slay his Only Begotten Son and rob him of his inheritance, and now say they are emissaries of their gods of the Dragon

 At first, it seems strange that a universal revelation should be given to a small, powerless people in the middle of a desert after an escape from slavery. 

at last it is still strange unto these strange gods

Of course, it is this very strangeness that helps identify the reasons for such a Godly choice. Human freedom requires the ability to choose disbelief. 

Not anymore, now you will worship their Monotheistic yet plural gods shekinah and their flesh hood Moshiach ben satan or be Purged from their Vision to establish their hoodlum hoo haha mitzvah

Had God chosen to give a revelation obvious and available to all people, the human choice would have been restricted; humans would have had to accept God's moral precepts. Had the message been given to a powerful people, the freedom to accept or reject such a message would also have been restricted because it would have been difficult to separate the message from the power of the messengers. However, when the message was given to a landless group of ex-slaves to transmit, the message would have to be considered entirely on its own, and humans would be free to accept or reject it only on its merits. 

or be decapitated by the shemgods

A desert is the perfect spot for a universal divine revelation because the desert belongs to no nation (as the Mekhilta on Exodus 19:2 makes clear), and so none can claim exclusivity over the revelation.

Then I claim the Sahara, and now it is mine

 The notion of giving the message to the newly-liberated constructed a powerful psychological and social tie between attachment to God's message and the significance of freedom--both in the notions of free choice and political and economic freedom.

Free to not be decapitated ?

It was at Mount Sinai that God made a covenant with the Jewish people. The Jews accepted the revelation from God, with its divine commission to present that revelation to the world. 

When they cast His Commandments to the golden Calf?

God, in turn, would make the Jews "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." 

Priest unto the Dragon

and the Christ Believers Priest of the Father in Heaven, is this why you say the Father cannot be called the Father or any who do shall be decapitated when your laws of your gods satan is enforced?

The idea of a "kingdom of priests" has been interpreted in many ways. Obadiah ben Jacob Sforno argued that the passage meant the Jews had a religious vocation to bring the revelation to all humanity. 

But no mandate from the Father through the Christ who is no religion of man

This interpretation was adopted by 19th and 20th century Reform thinkers, from Abraham Geiger onward. Geiger, for example in his book Judische Zeitschrift fur Wissenshaft und Leben 2, read the passage to see the Jews as universal priests. Most Talmudic Rabbis, however, did not see the phrase as having universal implications.

But nooooowwwwwww they do cause it is adopted

The phrase, then, resonates with particularlistic and universalistic strains, as does Judaism as a whole. The covenant given by God was a mixture of the two. The universalistic elements provided the core religious content of the message the Jewish people was to convey to humanity. The danger of focusing solely on the universalistic strains lay in ignoring the specific contributions the particularistic played in performing the universal mission, such as by separating Jewish beliefs, morality, and way of life from a more generalized universal set of such beliefs, morality, and way of life.


The particularistic elements also played a vital role. They existed to prevent Jews from sacrificing their religion in the name of any other religion or some supra-religion and as a fence around the sacred teachings which were to be transmitted; the particularities were to force Jews to be a separate people so as not to let their Godly message be overwhelmed by the stronger cultures which surrounded them. The danger of focusing solely on the particularistic strains lay in interpreting Jewish chosenness to imply some sense of superiority rather than what it did imply: chosenness to perform a mission to all.

Chosen by the Chooser, who came unto his own and they rejected him, and Chose the "Robber" then crucified that Chooser, who now say they are chosen by plural gods of shekinah....aka...satan

Additionally, the particularities were healthy in preventing the Jewish people from developing a sense of religious superiority because they had been the people to receive the divine message.

Thus decapitation?

 Such a separation also limits the nature of delivering the message. A people apart could not force their religion upon others. 

see Noahide Laws made Public law 102-14 of the 102nd Congress of the United States by the head Dragon worshipper Schneerson, enforced by his Skull and Bonesman of TREASON

A people apart cannot be religious imperialists.

And you are ever so right for your vision shall fall said Daniel who saw Jesus the Christ in the middle of the River

 The ethical implication here is clear: while the Jewish mission was to bring God's universal message to all humanity, Jews could only offer the message; they could not mandate its acceptance.

But they have see IRAQ and Afghanistan and russia and germany and finally USA of DAN

 The Jews were to be a "light unto the nations." 

But were snuffed by the Father in Heaven at Calvary

They could offer Judaism and welcome those who accepted the message, people who chose to become chosen, people who became Jewish.

In theyah ha name ah ha Judaeo Jaysooooose so hep me gawd, do you ah ha meanah that I too ah ha caaaaan become ah ha a "Chosen Massh Race and be a little gawd, so hep me lawd

 Such people, coming to Judaism freely, without fear for their salvation, were to be embraced.

Lovingly into the fold of legion

The separation has another important implication, one explicitly noted in Jewish literature: salvation is universal; it is dependent on moral behavior not on accepting Judaism.

So yoked by the law of the Assyrian the Dragon will save you unto his fold of devils?

 The righteous of all faiths have an equal chance to be saved. Judaism was not triumphalist; it called for worship of God, not for the disappearance of gentiles or non-Jewish religions.

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg says he knows in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand. 

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed."



Judaism's vision is not that of every person becoming Jewish. Conversion is to be available but not mandated. It is to be offered but not forced. Of course, such a view, while undermining the potential for conversionary activism, was valuable in defining the boundaries of the Jewish mission.

if they all became jews then the shemgods would not get their promised 2800 goyim slaves

Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah (Moshiach) comes every Jew will have 2,800 slaves

Such a mission involved both the Jewish people obeying the covenant themselves scrupulously so as to be a moral model, again emphasizing the particular, and conveying the revelation to all humanity, emphasizing the universal.

Jews were to be active witnesses on behalf of their faith. The basis for such activity was derived from a variety of sources. God's divine revelation itself, of course, was an active act of offering Judaism, of God sharing a faith.

ooops wrong gods


Demonicrazy Noahidism of Bushkevik and chasidic cHabad company

Iran: Next Victim of ‘Freedom’?
Linda Heard,


During George W. Bush’s inaugural speech one of the most evocative words in the English-language “freedom” was mentioned more than 40 times. This was the “big picture” address. The man who believes he has a mandate from not only the American people but also the Creator to pursue his agenda refrained from sullying his lips with his country’s murky adventurism in Afghanistan or Iraq. After all, who knows how those freedom-spreading New American Century projects will be written up in future history books?

Is “freedom” going the way of “democracy”, a word, which has replaced the “bogeyman” in the vocabulary of some harassed Iraqi mothers? “If you don’t behave, democracy will get you,” they warn.

Iraqis are preparing to receive their version of democracy on Sunday by sealing their borders, closing down the airport, restricting travel, applying curfews, keeping candidates and the location of polling stations secret and planning to surround them with US tanks.

Interestingly just days before the election, the elusive Abu-Musab Al-Zarqawi, who has a $25 million bounty on his head, put out an anti-democracy tape and calls Ayatollah Ali Sistani “Satan”. This is curiously reminiscent of the tape issued by the even more elusive Osama Bin Laden, whose bounty has been upped to $50 million, days before the US vote. Some suggest this served to sway voters in their commander-in-chief’s favor.

Hey everybody, I saw Osama driving and eighteen wheeler in Memphis on Sunday

The president may have refrained from an unseemly descent from Cloud Nine to the sordid world of Real Politic in that speech, but his faithful mentor Dick Cheney had little compunction in doing so. In “good cop, bad cop” style, Cheney was on the radio virtually giving a green light to Israel to bomb Iran’s nuclear reactors.

“One of the concerns people have is that Israel might do it without being asked; that if, in fact, the Israelis became convinced the Iranians had a significant nuclear capability, given the fact that Iran has a stated policy that their objective is the destruction of Israel, that the Israelis might well decide to act first and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess afterward,” he said.

seven months?

Cheney’s response serves as an apology for Israel even before it takes any such decision. America’s newly confirmed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice later put Iran among “six outposts of tyranny” while Bush refused to rule out a military option.

Condo Sleezy

It looks as though the freedom merchants could be on the warpath again soon, although, this time without the coalition of the coerced, most of which have already packed up and gone home. Nowadays unconcerned about how the Middle East will react to anything, Israel will be anointed to lead the charge.

Israel is the only state in the region whose nuclear arsenal is blessed. This is the unwritten rule. Israel can have as many nukes as it pleases because it and it alone can be counted upon to behave responsibly. Translated, this means Israel will protect America’s interests and do its bidding. That is as long as America supports its own.

who eat of the meat of their table

Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who broke the Abu Ghraib story, lends credence to the indications concerning Iran. He quotes an intelligence source as saying US operatives have planted nuclear detection devices in Iran and are sharing information with their Israeli counterparts. Hersh maintains that intelligence and military officials have repeatedly told him “the next strategic target is Iran”.

This is of course music to the ears of Ariel Sharon who during an interview with The Times as far back as 2002 called upon the international community to target Iran once the Iraq conflict concluded. “Iran is a center of world terror and makes every effort to possess weapons of mass destruction,” he said, adding “that is a danger to the Middle East, to Israel and a danger to Europe.”

cause they have the "same" weapons of Mass Discussion that Iraq Had ????

The EU, which is going all out to seek a diplomatic solution with the help of the nuclear watchdog the IAEA, seemingly begs to differ.

As did Ritter

Paul Craig Roberts, a former assistant secretary to the US Treasury writing on CounterPunch asks: “Can you believe this administration’s insanity? Bush intends to rise from the ashes of defeat in Iraq by invading Iran, a country three times the size in population and geography?”

I am not so sure that the US intends to invade Iran, although the hawks would love to be able to do so. The fact is that its forces, weapons and equipment are stretched, while morale throughout the services is faltering with complaints of a back-door draft.

Hey we got Nukes and Judaeo-churchinsanity now

Military recruiters are having a hard time getting youngsters to sign up.

so what the draft boards are being formed

US public opinion is wavering over the validity of invading Iraq following reports from the Iraq Survey Group contradicting the administration’s earlier assertions.

but they will be raise to the call of bloodlust once again when another attack on her occurs

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice et al will, no doubt, have a hard time selling this war whether internally or externally.

wanna beit

 Surely, it is far better from their point of view to allow Israel — already considered by many a pariah state — to carry out its dirty work, while it helps out covertly.

Until Tehran attacks Jerusalem

Bearing in mind the current saber rattling directed at Iran, it is unlikely that country actually possesses a nuclear capability. 

Don't stick your finger in a rattler's mouth to see if it has teeth

No such threats have gone the way of nuclear North Korea, for instance. Notice, too, that China isn’t being threatened with democracy.

They have been Marxist Sofiet talmudic goyim no-hides of the Dragon for a very long time, of course they are demon-cratic in the no-hide style

Furthermore, Israel isn’t dumb enough to strike a nuclear-armed enemy near enough to be capable of wiping it off the map. When Israel attacked Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981, it was certain Iraq could not respond with a nuclear warhead. Sadly, it was due to that pre-emptive strike that Saddam Hussein decided to pursue a uranium enrichment program.

that sorry un-Noahide anti-Shem

It is surely ironic that prior to its inclusion in Bush’s evil axis and the build-up of anti-Iranian rhetoric, Iran was pursuing a path to freedom on its own. The reformists were gaining strength and the mullas losing their iron grip. There were growing possibilities of dialogue between Iran and the US, especially post-Sept.11 when thousands of Iranians took to the streets to light candles for the victims. Iran, further, went out of its way to be helpful with the War on Terror. This opportunity for rapprochement was squandered.

As was the case with Iraq in the run-up to war, Iran does not seek confrontation and has shown willingness to compromise. Would the same could be said of the latter day Lady Liberty, whose beacon of freedom has been swapped for a sword.

— Linda S. Heard is a specialist writer on Middle East affairs. She welcomes feedback.


anti-shems are what jews call the people they hate

The Devil cries out while he kicks downed mankind

anti-shema-tism is necessary for the nmanagement of our "lesser" brethre...protocols of chabad Lubavitch

Israel Blames Brit Media
For Rise In Anti-Semitism

LONDON (AFP) - Britain recorded the steepest rise in anti-Semitic crimes of any country last year, and the increase was due to hostile and biased reporting in the British media, the Israeli government alleges.
Good bye BBC
The Guardian newspaper on Tuesday described an Israeli government report which found that violent attacks on Jews in Britain had risen by nearly half last year, to 77.
The global forum against anti-Semitism, the Israeli body responsible for the report, found that France still had the most anti-Semitic violence, with 96 incidents reported. But it said that the total number of British incidents rose to 304 from 163 a year earlier, when crimes like verbal assaults and desecration of graves were included.
50 thousand babies are aborted every year mainly by jewish doctors
Israeli minister Natan Sharansky was quoted blaming the British figures on "years of hostile reporting and commentary about Israel in the British press now spilling into the streets".
never mentioning the Jews of the Bolshevik Sofiet Union who slew 67 million Goyim and Christians
Sharansky accused the left-leaning Guardian and the BBC public broadcaster, in particular, of "likening Israel to a Nazi state", and also criticized The Independent newspaper.
Well they are Likened to a Nasi state
One example highlighted by David Weinberg, a coordinator of the forum and advisor to Sharansky, was the coverage of the Israeli army incursion in the West Bank town of Jenin in 2002.
Weinberg said that the incursion, in which 58 Palestinians -- mostly armed men -- were killed, was wrongly described as a "massacre" by some British media.
"You can't brainwash people for four years that Israel is an illegitimate country and that Israelis are like the Nazis and that Israelis are monsters and expect that nothing will happen to Jews," another Sharansky advisor, Tehila Nahalon, was quoted by the Guardian as saying.
The Israeli forum report on anti-Semitism was released as the world prepares to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, where more than one million Jews perished at the hands of the Nazis.
at the hands of the Nasi's
A spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which is reportedly releasing its own statistics next month on anti-Semitism in Britain, agreed with the Israeli claim of bias in journalism here.
"The British media has portrayed Israel in a very unfair light," the spokesman, Jason Pearlman, said. "It's what's not said as much as what's said: the fact that most Palestinian attacks on Israel are not reported in the British press, and the fact that almost all the attacks on the Palestinians are reported."
British police have confirmed a steady increase in attacks against Jews in Britain over the last decade, The Times newspaper reported in August.
In 2003, there were 375 anti-Semitic incidents recorded in the country, according to police records.

None reported on the non-Noahides


satan's mind control the Ministry of Truth of doublespeak

Israeli Army Reviving
Psychological Warfare Unit

By Amos Harel
The Israel Defense Forces is reestablishing its psychological warfare unit, after a lengthy period in which the unit was dormant. It operates mostly in the Palestinian arena.
Lately, dozens of new job slots have been approved for it, and the unit commander has begun filling officer's positions.
The psychological warfare unit was dramatically reduced five years ago, but during the war with the Palestinians, the army grew frustrated with the difficulty of influencing Palestinian opinion in the territories - indeed, of even finding a way of communicating with the population.
Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon often spoke about the need to "sear into the consciousness" of the Palestinians that terror would not lead to achievements. But the army found it difficult to get the message across in the territories and rarely spoke directly with the residents.
Lately, as part of the "battle for the consciousness," Ya'alon decided to grant the status of a company to the unit. Heading it will be a veteran intelligence officer holding the rank of colonel. He was given about 70 positions to fill with officers and soldiers, with emphasis on Arabic speakers.
The doctrine for the unit is still in development, based on consultation with veteran intelligence officers in reserves.
The overall intention is to conduct "awareness operations" to influence Palestinian public opinion, mostly through propaganda, psychological warfare and sometimes disinformation.
nasi style
It will be under the command of the Operations Branch in the general staff, but will get professional guidance from Military Intelligence. MI had reservations about the unit in the past, when at various times it was located in the field security unit, and MI's research department has been opposed to including in its purview psychological warfare in its various incarnations.
Lately, the psychological warfare department has been involved in IDF propaganda efforts in Gaza.
A senior military source told Haaretz that the air force distributed some 250,000 leaflets in the last two weeks, in which the army explained its reasoning in the war against terrorism, emphasizing that non-combatant civilians are paying the price for Hamas terrorism.
Collective Purim
At the Karni and Rafah crossings, which the army closed after deadly attacks, the army hung huge signs reading "Closed because of the Hamas."
Because of the Wall of the prison
The unit's activities have been controversial for years. In October 1999, Aluf Benn revealed in Haaretz that members of the unit used the Israeli media to emphasize reports initiated by the unit that it managed to place in the Arab press. He reported that the news reports focused on Iranian and Hezbollah involvement in terror activity.
Psychological warfare officers were in touch with Israeli journalists covering the Arab world, gave them translated articles from Arab papers (which were planted by the IDF) and pressed the Israeli reporters to publish the same news here.
and in the Washington post, and the New York Times...etc  CBS, FOX, ABE...etc
That was meant to strengthen the perception of the Iranian threat in Israeli public opinion.
The MI chief at the time, Amos Malka, was not enthusiastic about MI's responsibility for the unit and he used the embarrassing reports to reduce its activity. Most of the officers who served in the unit were transferred elsewhere. A lieutenant colonel was left in charge but the unit's activities were frozen.
© Copyright 2005 Haaretz. All rights reserved


Amaraka, Dig deep

Bush Seeks $80bn More For
Wars In Iraq, Afghanistan

By Adam Entous
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The Bush administration plans to announce as early as Tuesday that it will seek about $80 billion in new funding for military operations this year in Iraq and Afghanistan, pushing the total for both conflicts to almost $300 billion so far.
Is that all
 ha that's chump change for the shemsham
Administration and congressional officials said on Monday that the new request would come on top of the $25 billion in emergency spending already approved for this fiscal year.
That means funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan will total nearly $105 billion in fiscal 2005 alone -- a record amount that shatters initial estimates of the cost.
In addition to money for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and for new Army equipment, up to $650 million is expected to be earmarked for U.S. humanitarian aid, reconstruction and military operations in Asian nations devastated by last month's tsunami, congressional aides said.
$650 million to save a people
$160 Billion to murder people
Yep, their is the murdrer since the beginning
The administration is also considering debt relief for Indonesia, the hardest-hit country, they said.
White House officials declined to comment on the size of the package or when it would be unveiled. But administration and congressional sources said they expected a White House announcement as early as Tuesday.
The funding request is expected to be formally submitted to Congress for approval next month after President George W. Bush sends up his fiscal 2006 budget on Feb. 7.
The Blasphemous Treasonous Congress of Noahide murders
Democrats have accused Bush of excluding Iraq-related costs from previous budgets to meet his deficit reduction goals, a charge the White House denies. Some Republican lawmakers have also been critical of the practice.
But congressional sources said they expected the White House to incorporate the spending request into the 2006 budget's deficit projections.
In addition to money for military operations, at least $780 million in the package would go to combat the drug trade in Afghanistan.
Why? they are a demoncratic Government now aren't they?
The administration is also considering including $1 billion to $2 billion to construct a new U.S. embassy complex in Baghdad, and up to $200 million in aid for the Palestinians to shore up newly-elected President Mahmoud Abbas.
Aid for Ukraine may also be included to bolster new President Viktor Yushchenko, congressional aides said.
Yet another Noahide "Righteous" ger Tochav complete with a Bushkevik halo, preparing for the Illuminated capstone heil Moshiach
Bush has so far pledged $350 million in tsunami aid.
The new package is expected to include up to $650 million, including $250 million to $350 million for reconstruction, and up to $300 million to replenish funds spent by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Pentagon.
The latest funding request comes as Bush faces calls from fellow Republicans to rein in the budget deficit, which hit a record $412.55 billion in 2004.
Bush has promised to halve the deficit by 2009 from an earlier 2004 deficit forecast of $512 billion.
The White House has projected a budget deficit of $331 billion for the 2005 fiscal year, which began on Oct. 1, but that projection did not include the new funding request.
White House officials maintain Bush will still meet his deficit reduction goal despite rising war costs.
At nearly $105 billion, total funding for military operations in 2005 would be more than 13 times larger than Bush's budget for the Environmental Protection Agency and would be nearly as big as the state of California's annual budget.
Administration and congressional officials had initially expected this year's supplemental spending to total closer to $50 billion. But cost estimates skyrocketed to as much as $100 billion as the Iraq insurgency intensified.
Critics have long accused Bush and his advisers of understating the costs. Before the invasion, then-White House budget director Mitch Daniels predicted Iraq would be "an affordable endeavor," and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz assured Congress: "We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon."
Not including the new funding request, Congress has so far approved $120 billion for Iraq and another $60 billion for Afghanistan. Last year it also approved a $25 billion contingency fund for the Pentagon.
Yet only a fraction of the $18.4 billion set aside for rebuilding Iraq has been spent. The White House blames the insurgency for the slow pace of reconstruction.
- Additional reporting by Steve Holland and Anna Willard

And we will all be eating rainbow stew with a silver spoon


The Son of perdition Revealed

5765/5766 –  that G-d may choose another date, however it is interesting to note that the Zohar (Va'era 119a) states that "in the year sixty six the Moshiach will appear."


The Judeao-Churchinsanitys lured into apostasy have given them their flesh hoodlum hoo haha and their Third Temple of abomination on a silver platter, for they are going to soon be secretly raptured...oooops Oh wait can I hear them saying the god of these jews who has no son is their god too? Oooops, do you mean this is exactly what the fallen away is and all that is left is the son of perdition their false Messiah, Moshiach be REVEALED? And we missed our "Come up hither" somewhere amidst our Judaeo zionist Scofield text? OH noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

One sick perverted world, let them have their flesh, and let them eat their cake





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