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Feb. 23, 2005 

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Fun-duh-mental evangelical Judaeo Churchinsanity has nothing to do with Jesus the Christ, for these say, their god is the god of the jews who say in their tradition their god has no ONLY Begotten Son, and indeed, dangerous are these haters of humanity, who cry for the blood of the Ishmaelites for their "Chosen" masters, in the name of another Jesus, a Judaeo Jaysoose of Luke warm apostasy


A pernicious, dangerous alliance

By Avshalom Vilan

There has been an upsurge of late in reports about the alliance forged between the extreme right in Israel and the Evangelist Christians in the United States. A bizarre coalition of settlers from the hilly area of Israel and fundamentalist Christians from the American heartland - and not the East or West coasts - is fighting in unison against territorial concessions of any sort in the Holy Land.

They work for the Chabad Lubavitch and for the Sanhedrin who are about to "REVEAL" their Moshiach ben satan, for they are become twofold the children of hell and are anti-Christ apostates in their Lukewarm unbelief. They have eaten the leaven of the Pharisees, the manufacture of the Talmudic jews Untermier and C. I Scofield and his doctrines of demons. These will think to do their Judaeo-Churchian god a favor when they deliver the saints of the Most High to be slain. Beware of them saints of Jesus the Christ and Stand firm for the testimony of the Only Everlasting Father

The apex of this odd alliance is the new book by former cabinet minister Benny Elon, which was written in English and explains in plain language why we are entitled to the entire land and why we cannot agree to give back a single square inch of the Holy Land.

And now these proselytes of the Talmudic jews too have made a Covenant with Death and Hell, for they Broke the Covenant of the Land when they made their "Replacement theology" to another root, another Vine, another god, who is not the ONLY Living Lord Almighty the Creator, Jesus the Christ, slain since the foundation of the world, sealed at Calvary. These only give lip service to a prosperity savior, mammon and their Chosen, who "Chose" the Robber and crucified the "Chooser".

In addition, the Israeli right led by MK Yuri Stern of the National Union party has been pursuing a prolonged dialogue with the Evangelist leadership, which has an influential lobby in Washington. The effort has yielded fecund results. The American dollars flow through the ocean, reaching the settlements and greasing the wheels of the struggle against disengagement that is waged by the Yesha Council.

Knowing not, because of their unrighteousness and unbelief in the Truth, so that they perish and are damned, God the Father has sent them strong delusion so they believe the lie, and they themselves promote the whore, the Hassidim, the Pharisees and their shema-GoG of satan, the Revived beast out of the sea, the sanhedrin of abominations of hell and sorcery.

Even the fact that the Evangelists believe that after the land is redeemed the messiah will then return, and that all of us will then accept Christianity and the land will be restored to its true owners, the Christians, seems not to throw up any obstacle to the cooperative effort. The working assumption of the Jewish messianists is that since this scenario is not about to be realized in the near future, there is nothing wrong with collaborating with those who threaten to supplant us when the time comes.

The Blind leading the blind, and both go into the abyss

Nevertheless, this ideological coalition presents a genuine danger to Israel-U.S. relations. The vast majority of American Jews support the Democratic Party, although there have been recent indications of a gradual transition to support for the Republicans. 

Both parties are controlled by the hassidim, but the "Fun-duh-mentalist" are totally inbed with the rabid rib-eyes of hell

Jews, who constitute only 2.5 percent of American citizens but whose contributions to political parties are much higher than their percentage of the general population would suggest, are one of the most powerful sources of influence in American politics. The link with the new Christians shuffles the deck and creates a new situation of reliance on a chance conjecture that may be no more than shifting sands. This is liable to lead to a break in the historic link between American Jews and the Democratic Party, and even weaken the link between them and the mainstream Republican Party. This would do heavy political damage.

I recently spent a few days in Washington as part of a Knesset delegation. We met with dozens of senators, congressmen and members of the administration, and heard comprehensive rundowns on American political interests. We also took part in a breakfast with the U.S. president, along with many other participants. These meetings pointed up that without a doubt the clash between America's pragmatic political interests in the Middle East - its desire to exit Iraq within two years and achieve some sort of stability in the region, on the one hand, and the new Evangelist messianism on the other - will be decided by a knockout victory in favor of the political interests.

It is clear, as well, that even the great freedom given to the Sharon government during President Bush's first term has ended. The current administration will be much more firm and brutal in its attitude toward us. The need to placate the Arab world in order to maintain interests is stronger than any religious balderdash. Therefore, the formation of a coalition with the Evangelists will supply the current administration with another reason for a head-on collision with us.

For Dan the serpent, Aholah, the king of the North and his "upright" Chabad Lubavitcher Sofiet REDs, hate the whore Jerusalem, Aholibah and seek to devour her flesh. Beware you who are in Judea, when you see the Abomination of Desolation spoken of By Jesus the Christ, stand in the holy place of the creator's stead, flee into the mountains. All who deny Jesus the Christ will be denied before the father in Heaven at Sion his Holy Mountain

The Republican administration also has economic interests it must uphold - for instance, those related to oil. In the prospective collision between economic interests and religious prattle, it is utterly clear who will pay the full political price for being on the wrong side, particularly as oil is found in the fields of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and not Israel.

There is no escaping the
conclusion that the unholy alliance between the Jewish and Christian extreme right wings is short-term, and absolutely runs counter to Israel's long-term interests. Thanks to painstaking work of many years, the State of Israel has succeeded in reaching far-ranging understandings with the American administration that have enabled the transfer of weapons and freedom of diplomatic maneuvering. 

TREASON to a foreign nation

The hyper-activity of Israeli extremist right-wing groups is liable to harm these good relations. Destroying is much easier than building.

And they do not even know what they do. Soon their total destruction shall fall upon their apostate souls....REPENT in Jesus the Alpha and Omega.

The king of the north and the king of the south sit at one table deceiving one another for the seat of the throne of the earth and flesh.


What abomination and murder will take place this day?


Happy Purim Katan
15:31 Feb 23, '05 / 14 Adar 5765

Today is the holiday of Purim Katan, or Little Purim, which takes place on the 14th day of Adar I during a leap year in which there are two months of Adar

The little-known, yet important holiday of Purim Katan only takes place seven times in the course of the 19-year cycle of regular and “pregnant” years (as Jewish leap years are referred to) that make up the Jewish calendar.

Purim Katan is frequently overlooked by the popular Purim Festival, which takes place during the second Adar. However, the Mishna (the codification of Jewish oral law) teaches that “there is no difference between the first Adar and the second Adar, aside from the reading of the Megillah and the distribution of gifts to the poor (Megillah 6b).” The very last entry in Orech Chayim (Jewish Laws of Daily Life) concerns Purim Katan and says that it is praiseworthy to have a festive meal to celebrate the day.

Meal of human flesh?

Following Purim Kattan is Shushan Purim Katan, which begins Wednesday evening. Shushan Purim is regularly celebrated on the 15th of Adar II and it is the day Purim is celebrated in Jerusalem as well as other Israeli cities surrounded by walls in the time of the Joshua's conquest of the land.

All the days of Purim are a celebration of the hidden ways in which God runs the world and redeems the Jewish people, and the Jewish people’s refusal to bow down to oppressors.

Their gods the Shekinah gods male and female in which Astarte is the Queen, the Male Tetragrammaton Illuminated angel transformed from darkness, the god of murder and the lust they do for their god who is no GOD, the Creator, and now the Judaeo-Apostate Churchinsantiy are with them and their gods of hell and death, the "new' covenant they have made, but is not the EVERLASTING Covenant of Christ Jesus the Lord and Savior. Now the murders will rage for the love of most wax cold.

The Scroll of Esther, read twice on Purim, describes the saga of the Jews near-annihilation in Persia at the hands of a King influenced by an evil advisor, Haman. The megillah contains the phrase oft-repeated throughout the festive day: "And it turned about: the Jews gained the upper hand over their adversaries." (Esther 9:2)


These same pre-cog murderers are LIARS and their Megillah Esther is nothing but pure evil, and it was this jewess of Adultery who herself had the Megillah Esther put into the scripture, it had and has nothing to do with the Life Giver, Jesus the Creator, but had everything to do with satan and the high priest Mordechai of the shema-GoG of satan the Sanhedrin. This same Sanhedrin beast is revived and once more they will murder wonderfully the lust of their father the murdering serpent

The word "Purim" means "lots" and refers to the lottery that Haman used to choose the date for the massacre of all of the Jews of the Persian empire.

And they cast lots (PURIM)  for Jesus Clothing

In 1927, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn of Lubavitch delivered a massive address about the greatness of Purim and the re-acceptance of the Torah on Purim Katan in the largest synagogue in the capital city of Russia. The Rabbi disregarded the inherent dangers of giving such a speech publicly at the time, emulating the act of Mordechai in the Purim story. Mordechai refused to bow down to the wicked Haman despite that refusing to do so kindled the powerful advisor's anger against all the Jewish people

Haman, prototype Jesus


Police want big bucks to prevent attacks on Jerusalem's Temple Mount

By: Associated Press   

Published: February 23, 2005   

Police have asked the government for an additional 61 million shekels ($14 million) to deal with what they said are serious warnings about a possible attack by Jewish extremists on the Jerusalem holy site, officials said Wednesday.

Israeli security officials have warned for months that extremists (hassidic Chabad Lubavitch) might try to attack the shrine -- known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as Haram as-Sharif -- to inflame Israeli-Arab tensions and sabotage Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate the Gaza Strip this summer.

the disengagement of disengagement roadmap to hell

At the shrine, police on Wednesday arrested a 23-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank who had a knife in his possession. Police spokesman Gil Kleiman said the man told investigators he had come to stab a Jew.

excellent propaganda

Police Chief Moshe Karadi appeared before parliament's Finance Committee on Tuesday to ask for more money to protect the shrine, but did not elaborate on the nature of the threats, a committee spokesman said Wednesday.

Karadi said he wants to hire 187 more officers to help protect the site from attack, the committee said in a statement.

The holy site is one of the most contentious issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and any attack would resonate worldwide. 

and resonate soon it will be.....WWIII, they are preparing their final chaos now

The Al Aqsa Mosque compound, Islam's third-holiest site, is built atop the ruins of the biblical Jewish Temples, Judaism's holiest site.

Nothing of Judaism is Holy

In 1969, an Australian Christian fundamentalist set fire to Al Aqsa and caused extensive damage, saying he wanted to clear the way for rebuilding the Temple.

In 1982, an Israeli reserves soldier from the United States opened fire on the Dome of the Rock, the golden-capped mosque opposite Al Aqsa, killing two Palestinians and wounding nine. Two years later, the Shin Bet security service caught Jewish extremists who had amassed large amounts of army explosives to blow up the Dome of the Rock


Monday, February 21, 2005

Pres.Bush: Palestinians must confront, dismantle terrorist groups; state with contiguous territory on West Bank

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 21, 2005
Remarks by the President at Concert Noble
Concert Noble
Brussels, Belgium
2:08 P.M. (Local)

THE PRESIDENT: ...Our greatest opportunity and immediate goal is peace in
the Middle East. After many false starts, and dashed hopes, and stolen
lives, a settlement of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is now
within reach. America and Europe have made a moral commitment:

a Universal Noahide seven Moral laws upon all mankind unto satan, commtiment


 We will not
stand by as another generation in the Holy Land grows up in an atmosphere of
violence and hopelessness. 

Rv:11:8: And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

no, nothing Holy there


America and Europe also share a strategic
interest: By helping to build a lasting peace, we will remove an unsettled
grievance that is used to stir hatred and violence across the Middle East.

Our efforts are guided by a clear vision: We're determined to see two
democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and
security. (Applause.)

1Thes:5:3: For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


The Palestinian people deserve a government that is
representative, honest and peaceful. The people of Israel need an end to
terror and a reliable, steadfast partner for peace. And the world must not
rest until there is a just and lasting resolution of this conflict.

Moshiach ben satan their godman

All the parties have responsibilities to meet. Arab states must end
incitement in their own media, cut off public and private funding for
terrorism, stop their support for extremist education, and establish normal
relations with Israel. 

and get rid of CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and CNN the bloodlust rousers of the Judaeo-Churchinsanities


Palestinian leaders must confront and dismantle
terrorist groups, fight corruption, encourage free enterprise, and rest true
authority with the people. Only a democracy can serve the hopes of
Palestinians, and make Israel secure, and raise the flag of a free

a Noahide Demonicrazy of Humiliation and murder and mayhem obedient slaves to the "Chosen" Master race of spiritual Sodom

A successful Palestinian democracy should be Israel's top goal as well. So
Israel must freeze settlement activity, help Palestinians build a thriving
economy, and ensure that a new Palestinian state is truly viable, with
contiguous territory on the West Bank. A state of scattered territories will
not work. (Applause.) As Palestinian leaders assume responsibility for Gaza
and increasingly larger territory, we will help them build the economic and
political and security institutions needed to govern effectively

with out Jesus the Christ, it just ain't gonna happen.....Duh... George

These vital steps are also difficult steps, because progress requires new
trust, and because terrorists will do all they can to destroy that trust.

See Chabad who controls the Bushkevik regime

Yet we are moving forward in practical ways. Next month in London, Prime
Minister Blair will host a conference to help the Palestinian people build
the democratic institutions of their state. President Abbas (father-)  has the
opportunity to put forward a strategy of reform, which can and will gain
financial support from the international community -- including financial

while I and my cronies destroy the "Amarakan" economy

I hope he will seize the moment. I have asked Secretary Rice to
attend the conference, and to convey America's strong support for the
Palestinian people as they build a democratic state. 

Condo Sleezy

And I appreciate the
prominent role that
Prime Minister Blair and other European leaders are playing in the cause of

Liars of the weapons of Mass Distraction

We seek peace between Israel and Palestine for its own sake. We also know
that a free and peaceful Palestine can add to the momentum of reform
throughout the broader Middle East. In the long run, we cannot live in peace
and safety if the Middle East continues to produce ideologies of murder, and
terrorists who seek the deadliest weapons. 


Regimes that terrorize their own
people will not hesitate to support terror abroad.

see Mossad and CIA, WTC Massacre

 A status quo of tyranny
and hopelessness in the Middle East -- the false stability of dictatorship
and stagnation -- can only lead to deeper resentment in a troubled region,
and further tragedy in free nations. The future of our nations, and the
future of the Middle East, are linked -- and our peace depends on their hope
and development and freedom.

Or share the pain?

....great and proud nation of Egypt, which showed the way toward peace in
the Middle East, can now show the way toward democracy in the Middle East.

Egypt will be annihilated and an Abomination, Bushkevik

Our shared commitment to democratic progress is being tested in Lebanon -- a
once-thriving country that now suffers under the influence of an oppressive
neighbor. Just as the Syrian regime must take stronger action to stop those
who support violence and subversion in Iraq, and must end its support for
terrorist groups seeking to destroy the hope of peace between Israelis and
Palestinians, Syria must also end its occupation of Lebanon. (Applause.)

and Bushkevik must get Osama off the CIA payroll

The Lebanese people have the right to be free, and the United States and
Europe share an interest in a democratic, independent Lebanon. My nation and
France worked to pass Security Council Resolution 1559, which demands that
Lebanon's sovereignty be respected, that foreign troops and agents be
withdrawn, and that free elections be conducted without foreign
interference. In the last several months, the world has seen men and women
voting in historic elections, from Kabul to Ramallah to Baghdad -- and
without Syrian interference, Lebanon's parliamentary elections in the spring
can be another milestone of liberty.

the serpent Ouroboros completing its full circle 


Mason's making a move in Israel, and a closer look at the Road Map.
Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2005
- written by jerry golden

This picture was taken by a friend while in Eilat recently.  It is on the road that crosses the border and one of the first things a visitor sees when coming from Egypt into Israel.  I have written about the involvement of Freemasonry in the Israeli Government mainly through the Supreme Court and the Knesset.  But this makes a clear statement to anyone crossing the border into Israel that the Illuminati (or freemasons) are in control here. 





Ah that proverbial invisible, untouchable "Illuminati" they rave about  and do not know it is the Hassidic Illuminated Masters of the Chabad Lubavitch and talmud Bavli who have established their shema-GoG of satan that Sanhedrin beast "Revived" from the seas........they know NOTHING. Jerry Golden understands nothing. If you are outside of Jesus the Christ, you know NOTHING, Zero,  Nada, Zilch.......


The Bush Road Map made even clearer


In a recent report I wrote about the statement that some thought was just a slip of the tongue or possibly a mistake by Condoleezza Rice, when she said that the new Palestinian state would have to be contiguous, meaning it would have to be touching and not scattered. 


I received many emails from people who are still deceived by Bush and his great love for Israel and they told me that Bush would never go for that, that he would never turn his back on Israel.  


Bush the freemason king of Dan and his hassidic Chabad Lubavitchers who say they are jews but who are not but are Liars and are of the shema-GoG of satan hate the whore Jerusalem and seek to devour her flesh and burn her.



But in Brussels on Monday he said the same thing.  He called for a contiguous Palestinian state, and said Israel must freeze all Settlements.  He said “A state of scattered territories will not work.”


Bush knows the plan. He knows they will never allow the disengagement. He knows Chaos must come about very soon so his Hassidim Pharisees can "REVEAL" that son of perdition. Bush has his Talmudic Judaeo-Churchinsanity reward already


It now seems more light is coming on the subject of the Bush Road Map, that was a Saudi peace plan at first, Bush just adopted it and it became the Bush Road Map. 


Bush never adopted it. It is promoted by the Chabad Lubavitchers who controll the white house, the very same who oppose it and are causing WAR over it. While they war, the Worlds attention will be taken from that whore once again as was the intifada, to IRAQ.....Thus they kill seven birds with one big rock........walah, they will have their Greater ISREALHELL and they will be in control of all the earth after WWIII......they think, but they shall surely fall and be destroyed on that Great and terrible day of the Lord's Wrath



 Many believed including myself that Bush made a deal with the 22 Arab countries that if they would sit still while the US attacked Iraq, he would give them Israel, but his way.  


Baloney, their Zohar of perversion said they MUST create this final war, pitting Ishmael against the West so that the Talmudic Hoodlum hoo haha, Olam haba and their Moshiach ben satan  would reign supreme


While they sat still and now they want to be paid for it.  What we are now seeing is Bush making speech after speech in Brussels that seems to indicate that he has to deliver the same package to the Europeans as well, so his promise seems to have been two fold, to the Arab World and the Europeans. 


what is it they do not understand, that ALL the KINGS of the earth are drunken with the wine of the whore's iniquity


But nothing in this world is without complications and he certainly has his hands full with Iran and their Nukes, North Korea and their nukes, China and their Nukes, and Russia supplying all the enemies of the US with weapons and know how.  Bush is managing to do all of this while trying to keep a humanitarian face on all his activities, still telling the world that he and Putin are great friends.  In the mean time millions are being murdered in Africa.  But his real problem will not be Europe or Africa it will be Jerusalem, and it will be such a problem that it could very well start the third world war. 


They are indeed in it together. Their families will be protected while the nations perish. They get their coveted population reduction, their Moshiach ben satan, their Hoodlum hoo haha, and 2800 Goyim slaves, and get rid of them Pesky true "Christ Believers"


In the mean time here in Israel there seems to be only one last political opportunity to stop Sharon from giving away this land to the enemies of God.  That opportunity is the Budget for if it does not pass by March 31st we must have elections.  That would most certainly stop the disengagement and the election would in effect be the referendum we all want.  Sharon will need 61 votes to pass the budget, and the MK’s who are against the disengagement but not necessarily the budget will vote it down anyway just to bring the Government down. 


But Sharon will do has magic once again, and the Arab Parties will of course vote for Sharon and his budget along with Labor led by Shimon Peres.  Shas will take their 30 pieces of silver and vote for Sharon.  Shinui is against the budget but will vote for it because they want the disengagement to go through, as does Yahad. 


This Jerry Golden is yet another provocateur of the hassidim hoodlum hoo haha who is going against the king of the south with the Robbers of the people


Sharon is acting more like a Mafia leader than a head of state and while the Supreme Court cleared him or said there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him but there was enough to convict his son Omri, he seems willing to make that sacrifice, even his own son. 


But the real truth of the battle will lay with Netanyahu (Bi Bi) but the real truth of the matter is Netanyahu could have stopped Sharon several times but just didn’t have the courage to face him in a battle in the Knesset. 


BB is BBusy bbuying the Judaeo-Churchinsanity bbunch of Judaeo-apostasy



 Now he has lost most of his support among the Knesset members.  But he is still the Finance Minister and could cause such problems with the budget that it would be sure to fail, and bring Sharon down.  But don’t hold your breath for there is no indication that he has regained any of his lost courage.  And it’s my guess that he will fold under the pressure of Sharon once again.  So we must wait and see, one thing is certain there is another factor not being considered and that is God, for He has many ways He can stop Sharon, but then we like to think we know what God will do, but His plans are above ours and His ways above our ways.  But I think, that God will do something to stop Sharon, I am just not sure how.


READ the Scripture of the only LIVING Lord, it is called the Gospel


But this whole thing about disengagement has gone to far to just be stopped by some political movement.  With the Arabs all in a mad rush to get nukes, and the Europeans moving towards another holocaust with anti-Semitism raging throughout Europe.  And the Russians once again supplying all the Arabs with nuclear capabilities things don’t look so good, for Israel or the US.

OR satan and his Illuminated angels of darkness and the Illuminated Chassidim "Masters"



America you are warned, that your destruction is nigh. You have went the way of the whoredom of ISREALHELL and the leaven of the Pharisees, the Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch who have infiltrated the House of the LORD, who is ONE LORD ALMIGHTY, and you have replaced this CREATOR with a foreign and a strange god, the god of the anti-Christ Talmudic Jews, whom they say has no ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. A god, that is no God, whom they say in their unholy perversion of Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah the tradition of satan's evil is a plural gods, shekinah.

Now, rightly so the LORD GOD the CREATOR has sent you a strong delusion for you believed not the TRUTH in Righteousness (Jesus the Only RIGHTEOUS), so that you are damned and shall perish.

Dan the serpent is in full control of your Government and shall soon slay his own people wonderfully, by the false peace and Noahide Demonicrazy which they have made Law, and you have willingly accepted.

I have heard many state "Oh no, I will never take the MARK of the Beast", yet they have taken hold of the evil so called gods of Judaism which is CONTRARY unto Christ Jesus and all mankind.

Not only have most of you accepted, but lovingly cry for the so called gods, who are of HELL.

You now cry every name, Yaweh, Yahoose, Esus, Yah-Hoveh, Yeshu, Yeshua, anything but the name above all names, for you are fallen for the fables of the Jews.

Soon when the murdering in America goes wholesale and is mainly targeted against them who stand FIRM in the Testimony of that name, you will be terrified and cling to your flesh, a-shemed of Jesus the Christ, and you will be cast into the pit along with death and hell for your iniquity.

It is upon you now, and Van IMpe, Hal Lindsay, Crouch, Henn, Copeland, Hagee, cannot and will not be able to save your Talmudized Judaizes apostisized carcases.

It is you Laodicea, Lukewarm, in need of nothing in your prosperity need of seed of greed creed mammonite cashite temples, who have become two fold the children of hell and the proselytes of the house of satan, who will think to do your gods a service when the saints of Jesus the Christ stand firm in the testimony that He alone is God and his Father.

Your time is about up, and I highly recommend this moment that you truly repent in Jesus the Christ the LORD

You who are in Judea, you who have ears, do you hear? 


Freedoms Lost Under G.W. Bush
By Chuck Baldwin
Supporters and apologists for President G.W. Bush will often assail my assertion that the Bush administration has done more to dismantle constitutional protections of our liberties than any president in modern memory. It seems that these people believe that until federal Storm Troopers knock down the doors of their homes and drag them off to the gulags, they have lost no freedoms. Nothing could be further from the truth.
If history is any teacher, it instructs us in the incremental process that elitists use to implement their totalitarian agenda. The first step is to use an incessant, highly orchestrated propaganda. For all practical purposes, the major media in the United States is providing that propaganda. At the national level, there is hardly any investigative journalism going on. Instead, the national press corps has become little more than lazy lackeys for the White House.
The second step is to lay the foundation for totalitarianism by passing legislation that may later be used against the citizenry. And that is exactly what the Bush administration has very successfully accomplished. It very adroitly succeeded where the Clinton administration failed.
For example, most conservatives would be surprised to learn that the Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security was the brainchild of one William Jefferson Clinton. However, a recalcitrant Republican Congress denied Clinton the opportunity to implement these plans. Of course, with the Republican, G.W. Bush, serving as President, that same Republican Congress was all too eager to pass these bills into law.
The third step is to demonize and marginalize anyone and everyone who opposes the government's plans and ambitions. Such opponents are characterized as "unpatriotic," "obstructionist," "uncompassionate," or even "ungodly." Once again, the Bush minions have very skillfully done just that. Anyone who dares to oppose or even question Bush must be regarded as enemies of America or even as enemies of God.
Of course, the last step is to begin using the power and force of government to physically silence or remove those who are determined to require such treatment. And, as Germany's National Socialists proved, by the time this happens, there is no one around who is capable of coming to the assistance of such people.
For those who are willing to objectively analyze Bush's actions and policies, the truth is clearly seen: this President has systematically put in place laws, policies, and bureaucracies that can, are, and will continue to strip the American citizenry of the constitutional protections of their liberties.
Following are examples of freedoms which President Bush and his fellow Republicans in Congress have already expunged (as reported by the Associated Press):
FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigations.
FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once-public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public records questions.
FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation.
RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Government may monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.
FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES: Government may search and seize Americans' papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.
RIGHT TO A SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL: Government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.
RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them.
These rights have already been lost! Whether individual Americans have been personally subjected to the resultant tyranny or not doesn't change the fact that they have already lost these freedoms! This fact, alone, should be enough for any studious lover-of-liberty to be outraged.
That good citizens are compliant and unconcerned regarding G.W. Bush's propensity to trample constitutional freedoms bespeaks a great ignorance or a great apathy, or both.


A Talmudic Jew, who hates Jesus the Christ, who hates the saints of Jesus the Christ, who believes the putrid perversion of the satanic Talmud Bavli, Jewish Mishnah Torah, which states that Jesus the Christ the LORD, is in hell boiling in human excrement, which states in the tractate Sanhedrin that any who worship Jesus or call God the FATHER will be decapitated. This man is now in charge of the "War on any who oppose" the Dan Bushkevik ad-menstruation. This Man and the Other Talmudic Danite jews who control washington, who say they are jews but are not, but are Liars and are of the Sanhedrin Shema-Gog of satan, the beast which has been "REVIVED" in Tiberius, shall do the lust of their father the murderer since the beginning and will slay wonderfully in the name of "Peace" by the laws they have made, by Blasphemy and TREASON, in 1991 by the Viperous Treasonist Congress 102, House Joint resolution 104, Public Law 102-14. And Apostate "Amaraka" of greater ISREALHELL, you have let it happen in pure evil apostasy. 

TREASON of Foreign Citizens


"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can
be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or
military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers
to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the
greatest enemy of the State."
-- Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945

New Homeland Security
Czar Is An Israeli Citizen

By Christopher Bollyn
On February 15, 2005, Judge Michael Chertoff, a "de jure" Israeli citizen, was sworn in as the second Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security for the United States.
While his official biographies carefully omit the essentials of his parents' citizenship, this much can be deduced.
Michael Chertoff, was born on November 28, 1953 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, to an Israeli mother, Livia Chertoff, and Rabbi Gershon Chertoff (citizenship unknown).
His mother Livia was the first airline hostess for Israel's El Al Airlines, and participated in Operation Magic Carpet, the airlift of 45,000 Yemenite to Israeli-occupied Palestine in May 1949.
It is simply not possible that Livia could have even become a U.S. citizen by November 1953, due to the 5-year residency requirement. She could have only have been an Israeli citizen (and perhaps Polish if she retained the citizenship of her birth nation).
Here is Livia Chertoff's obituary:
Source: The Star-Ledger Newark, NJ
Published: December 21, 1998
Livia Chertoff, 73, El Al flight attendant
21 December 1998
The Star-Ledger Newark, NJ
OBITUARY Services for Mrs. Livia Chertoff, 73, of Delray Beach, Fla., mother of former U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Michael Chertoff, will be held at 1 p.m. today in the Kreitzman's Memorial Home, 1500 Morris Ave., Union.
Mrs. Chertoff died Saturday in the Ashbrook Nursing Home, Scotch Plains.
She was the first airline hostess for El Al Airlines and participated in Operation Magic Carpet, the famous airlift of Yemenite Jews to Israel.
Mrs. Chertoff also operated L'Artigue, an art gallery in Elizabeth.
Her son, Michael, served as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 1983 through 1987 and as First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey from 1987 through 1990. He was U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey from 1990 through 1994 and during the Whitewater investigation in 1995 and 1996, he was counsel for the Senate Banking Committee.
Born in Poland, Mrs. Chertoff lived in Palestine and Elizabeth before moving to Florida several years ago.
Also surviving are three sisters, a brother and two grandchildren.
Below are Israel's citizenship laws, which clearly show that Michael Chertoff was an automatic Israeli citizen at birth, despite the fact that he was born in New Jersey.
The operative law for Michael Chertoff is this one:
By Descent:
Child born on or after July 14, 1952, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of Israel, regardless of the child's country of birth.
CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship is based upon the Citizenship Law of 1952 and amended in 1968.
Any Jew who immigrated to Israel before July 14, 1952, was granted citizenship after declaring a desire to reside permanently in Israel.
Any former citizen of Palestine, present in Israel before July 14, 1952, was granted citizenship upon fulfillment of certain (unspecified) conditions.
Any Jew or a member of a family of a Jew who immigrates to Israel after expressing their intention to settle in Israel, if from the date of their arrival as an immigrant, unless, being abovethe age of eighteen and a foreign citizen, they declare within three months from the date of arrival, that they do not wish to become an Israeli citizen. A "member of a family" of a Jewincludes a spouse, a grandchild, and spouses of the child or grandchild of a Jew.
BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Israel does not automatically confer citizenship.*
Being born in Israel to a citizen of Israel.
Stateless person, born in Israel after May 14, 1948, is able to apply for citizenship between their 18th and 21st birthdays, provided they have resided in Israel for at least five years before application.*
Child born on or after July 14, 1952, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of Israel, regardless of the child's country of birth.
A person born outside Israel while a parent was an Israeli citizen by Return (a'renaturalized' Jew), Residence, or Naturalization.
The son of El Al's first hostess is keeping our "homeland" safe.
Don't you feel more secure already


Sanhedrin, strike three, and your out


Mein Kampf Homelandt "Say" kurity of the Master race "Chosen" who chooses satan the "Robber"



In response to the collective concerns of American citizens, The United States Congress, this year, created an entirely new division within the Federal government known as the Department of Homeland Security. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been allocated to help Tom Ridge and his staff ensure our safety and security.

But our fears, somehow remain. And our children still feel exposed and in danger.

The Jewish People are no strangers to this frightening phenomenon. Indeed, it has been part and parcel of our every day frail existence for thousands of years. Even the Haggadah, read at the Seder when we celebrate our most dramatic emancipation, reminds us that, "In each and every generation there are those who hover over us to annihilate us."

But the sentence that follows reminds us of the comforting reality. "The Almighty continues to save us from their hands."

Perhaps Passover can be dedicated as the occasion to make our kids feel safer. After all, this is the holiday that highlights the significance of transmitting every miraculous detail of our flight to freedom -- to our children. This is the festival that underscores the generational bonds that have kept our People vibrant and our traditions meaningful. The entire Seder, in fact, is predicated on a process of questions and answers, of story-telling, of capturing the interest of the children, so that they will inquire, understand, and some day, relate the story themselves.

Maybe Passover, then, can become the Homeland Security for the Jewish People, especially the children, with the Seder its main arena.


Michael Chert-off-with-their-heads



Congregants laud the rabbis in homeland nominee’s past

by Johanna Ginsberg
NJJN Staff Writer

Michael Chertoff, President Bush’s nominee to head the Department of Homeland Security, grew up in Elizabeth surrounded by scholarship and compassion, according to former congregants of
his father, Rabbi Gershon Chertoff, of the former Congregation Bnai Israel in Elizabeth, and students of his grandfather, Rabbi Paul Chertoff, a Talmud professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary for over 40 years.


in addition to the teaching of the Jewish law that punishment for violating one of the seven Noahide Laws includes death by decapitation (Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin 57a),

At Congregation B’nai Israel in Millburn, which merged with the Elizabeth synagogue in 1992, former congregants recall Gershon Chertoff, ordained in 1941, as a particularly intellectual rabbi who had equal parts compassion and understanding. Born in 1915, he died in 1996.

One recent Shabbat morning, Joe Keselman, 76, of Springfield, who was a member of the congregation 20 years before it merged with the Millburn synagogue, recalled Rabbi Chertoff as “very intellectual.

“He had an enormous personal library. He gave very good sermons and was particularly passionate about politics,” he told NJ Jewish News.

Mona Hirschberg, 78, of Elizabeth, whose grandparents were members of the Elizabeth synagogue and who attended Hebrew school there before becoming affiliated as an adult, eventually served as Sisterhood president. She offered a glowing portrait of Gershon Chertoff, a man who thought deeply about the issues of his time and read widely; who held strong opinions and was involved in every decision of the synagogue, and who was deeply empathetic toward his congregants.

The first time she saw Rabbi Chertoff, she told NJJN, was at a brit. “It was just in passing, but I noticed he was a very handsome young man coming into the temple.” She ultimately came to know him well, she said, as a “true man of the book. When he was not busy with his congregational duties, he could be found every day from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. in his office with his head in a book. The walls were lined with books, and I think he could have recited most of them by heart.”

When the congregation merged with Millburn’s B’nai Israel, most of the items in the synagogue were donated to the Salvation Army, according to Hirschberg. “His great concern was what would happen to his books.” So, she explained, the synagogue board rented an office for him at the local Y and built him a bookcase. His books were moved there so he would continue to have access to them.

He also had a great understanding and compassion for his congregants. “If someone had a loss, he was always there with words of wisdom or understanding…He was always there for us. He related so beautifully to my two daughters. If one had a problem, she would go to him. After my husband died, he gave me very good advice. He told me don’t sell the house. Your younger daughter needs the stability of knowing the house where she grew up is still here. He touched me deeply. He cared.”

While his sermons were brilliant, Hirschberg said, “they were never over anyone’s head.” While he never offered a partisan view of politics, she added, he always discussed the issues of the day in his sermons, particularly on the Shabbat before election day, when he would encourage everyone to vote.

The congregation was proud of his many affiliations with the broader community, and the respect with which he was accorded. “He was consulted by several governors, Democratic and Republican alike.
He was a consultant to the state supreme court, and he was asked to sit on the board of Union County College,” according to Hirschberg,

And Gershon Chertoff was respected even when the congregation was divided. When the Conservative movement decided to become egalitarian, “Rabbi leaned more toward practices of yesteryear rather than new practices,” said Hirschberg. “He would weigh and measure his thoughts. There was a huge congregational meeting. And he ultimately prevailed because he was respected. Women could go up and open the ark as long as they were appropriately dressed. Before that, women were not permitted on the bima at all.”

He had opinions on all matters of the synagogue, even the spelling of its name. “He didn’t like the apostrophe in ‘Bnai,’ and so there was no apostrophe.”

Gershon maintained his ties with the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he had trained. When Hirschberg asked the rabbi where he went with his own problems, he responded that he went to his teachers at JTS.

And he had another tie to the seminary: His father, Rabbi Paul Chertoff, ordained in 1911,
was a respected Talmud professor who taught undergraduates at what was then called Teacher’s Institute (now known as the Albert A. List College) as well as those preparing for the rabbinate in a graduate program known as the pre-theological program. Today, the Rabbi Paul Chertoff Prize, established by the TI Class of 1941, is awarded each year by List College to an outstanding student of Talmud. Paul Chertoff died in 1966.

Dr. Avraham Holtz, Simon H Fabian Professor of Hebrew Literature at JTS, recalls sitting in Paul Chertoff’s class as a pre-rabbinic student and finding a teacher who was very interested in his students. “He was very well dressed. He had a very good sense of humor. He was a wonderful person and a fine teacher. For me, it was the first time I had studied Talmud in English. [Holtz had previously studied Talmud in Hebrew.] He was very understanding that it was something new for me. He had patience. He would always try to make each student feel that he was the most important. He would be certain each student understood what he was saying and that he understood what each person was saying. He entertained questions and appreciated students’ remarks and would build on them.” Looking at photos of Michael Chertoff in the news, Holtz added, “There’s something of his face that reminds me of his grandfather.”

A member for many years of Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield, Michael Chertoff, who lives in Bernardsville, is now a member of Congregation B’nai Israel in Basking Ridge.

a very real practitioner of the Satanic Talmud Bavli and the Universal Noahide laws

Rabbi Perry Raphael Rank, leader of the Midway Jewish Center in Syosset, was rabbi at Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield from 1987-1999 and recalled that Chertoff “was a good Conservative Jew” who was a member of the synagogue’s havura. Its current rabbi, Mark Mallach recalls that Chertoff and his wife, Meryl, were among the first people he met when they hosted a tea at their home for the new rabbi.

If confirmed by the Senate, Chertoff, a federal appeals court judge who served as U.S. attorney for New Jersey, would succeed Tom Ridge at the helm of a federal department that spans 22 federal agencies.

Johanna Ginsberg can be reached at


Extreme HIGH Satanic TREASON


Or did Bush choke on the Pretzel......Chertoffwithyourhead? You figure it out apostate TREASONOUS Blasphemous "Amaraka"

resident Bush talks to reporters on Monday morning

The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson's revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin



Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg says he knows in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand.

 "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed."


Chertoffwithyourhead, the enforcer of the satanic Talmudic Universal Noahide Laws against Jesus the Christ the Everlasting Holy Covenant

Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; 

but they shall fall.


Former head of 'Joint Terrorism Task Force' is an anti-White zealot; misused power to persecute Doles, Hale, Duke, and other innocent activists and investigators.

by M.P. Shiel

    THIS MORNING President idiot, George W. Bush ,nominated former JTTF boss and current federal judge Michael Chertoff (pictured, with Bush this morning), a thuggish and fanatical Jewish supremacist, to replace Tom Ridge as the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

    Bush stated, speaking of Chertoff the Jew, as of a close and revered friend: "When Mike is confirmed by the Senate, the Department of Homeland Security will be led by a practical organizer, a skilled manager and a brilliant thinker." Bush referred to Chertoff as a "good leader in the war against terror."

    and if'n you'uns ain't with us, then you'uns musted be aginst us

    Possibly implying that Chertoff, the Jew, gave short shrift to the law and constitutional rights when attacking the enemies of Zionism and multiracialism, Bush said that Chertoff "had an impressive record of cutting through red tape as an assistant attorney general."

    cutting through the throats of them who stand firm against satan's shemmy-GoG and Talmud Bavli which makes the WORD of GOD of none effect to the "SAYERS" and their Judaeo-Churchian proselyets the "evangelicals of Judaeo-insanity

    Stating that "Our nation is still at war," Bush equated "cyberterrorism" (by which he may mean nothing more than investigative online journalism which exposes Jewish supremacist crimes) with "Weapons of Mass Destruction":

    "The Department of Homeland Security will also continue working to reduce the nation's vulnerabilities to weapons of mass destruction and
    cyberterrorism," Bush said.

    Bush was also quick to point out Chertoff's multiraciailist credentials: "He stood against racial profiling. He's worked with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to represent poor inmates on death row."

    a charatible Viper....haha beautiful outward in appearance full of dead inside

    Investigator and author
    Mark Farrell stated that Chertoff was reportedly "instrumental to the entrapment and fraud" which resulted in the imprisonment of Matt Hale, adding that Chertoff and his accomplices ought to be put on trial themselves, saying that "they should be fairly dealt with in the courts for their crimes, and not have statements manufactured against them, unlike in Hale's case."

    Pro-White activist Chester Doles had false gun charges laid against him under Chertoff's watch, though Doles possessed firearms no different from those of his neighbors and had done nothing more than speak out for White interests and against a real terror threat that Chertoff and his gang pointedly ignored -- illegal immigration.

    Pro-White writer and thinker
    David Duke was forced into prison on outrageously falsified charges under direct orders from Chertoff immediately after he began an international speaking tour exposing Zionist espionage and manipulation of the U.S. government into war against Iraq. Duke stated in an American Dissident Voices interview with Kevin Alfred Strom: "Within thirty days, I was prosecuted by the Justice Department in this case, and the pressure from that came out of Washington and Michael Chertoff's office."

    Steven Swan, a writer who exposed the Isreali/9-11 connection, also states that he was railroaded into prison under selective prosecution initiated by Chertoff's office.

    Jewish supremacists were quick to praise Chertoff's latest appointment. "Judge Michael Chertoff is a wise choice to lead the Department of Homeland Security during these dangerous times," according to Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the "American Center for Law and Justice" a neoconservative front group. (Sekulow, by the way, was an employee of Chertoff at the Justice Department.)

    The BBC notes that "Mr Chertoff has been described as the driving force behind some of the most controversial initiatives in the war on terrorism.... Civil liberties groups have accused him of curtailing free speech and the rights of the criminal defendant."

    Principled civil libertarians on both the left and right note
    Chertoff's willingness to skirt the law and justify imprisonment without trial or counsel.

    According to author Steve Brill in his book After, Chertoff stated that his department's "detainees" should be held for long periods of questioning without a hearing and that even if some got a hearing, "the hearings could not only be done in secret, but also could be delayed, and that even after the hearings were held and they were ordered deported [usually for only minor immigration violations], there was nothing in the law that said they absolutely had to be deported immediately. They could be held still longer."

    Chertoff, according to Brill, knew that the prisoners "were entitled to call a lawyer from jail, but the lists the INS provided of available lawyers invariably had phone numbers that were not in service.... according to one person who says he was there, someone in the room remarked that the government should not try too hard to make sure these people could contact lawyers. 'Let's not make it so they can get Johnnie Cochran on the phone,' another lawyer added."

    Brill, according to columnist Nat Hentoff, states that "there was indeed a deliberate, pervasive blocking of detainees' right to phone lawyers. And those orders, as Brill's book reveals, came from the top. At the very top, next to Ashcroft, was Michael Chertoff."

    The conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media claims that Chertoff was involved in the
    TWA Flight 800 coverup, while Independent Judiciary investigators say that Chertoff is responsible for "dangerous curtailments to free speech and the rights of criminal defendants."

    Chertoff's Zionist sympathies are well known. It was under Chertoff's direct orders that the largest foreign spy ring ever to operate in the United States -- the Mossad's over 200 "
    Israeli Art Students" -- were released and sent back to Israel without having to face a single charge. This occurred not long before the revelation that the Mossad was assembling literal murder gangs -- death squads -- to kill enemies of Israel and Zionism worldwide, specifically including the United States. The Israeli hit squad announcements were not even mentioned, much less criticized, by "tough" "anti-terrorist" Chertoff and Bush.

    In 2002, Chertoff turned down an offer by Bush to name him to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, evidently believing that his then-position at the Justice Department would give him greater opportunities f
    or advancing Jewish interests. As is usual, the Jewish agenda is supported by bought politicians on both sides of the aisle -- "liberal" Democrat Ted Kennedy supported Chertoff when he was appointed to the U.S. Appeals Court and observers predict he and other Democrats will support him now. Another Democrat , Charles Schumer, has come out strongly in support of Chertoff: "[he has an] understanding of New York's and America's neglected homeland security needs... at the outset, he appears to be a strong choice." (In 2003, Chertoff was confirmed 88 to 1, the one being Hilary Clinton who has a non-political personal grudge against Chertoff because of the Whitewater investigation.)


Fooledya at Fallujah, apostate Amaraka



By Christopher Dickey


Issues 2003 —  As George W. Bush looks at the Middle East, powerful voices in and around his administration tell him the status quo is unsalvageable. They say Arabs are just waiting for a visionary American president to clear away the corruption and dictatorship that curse the region, starting with Saddam Hussein. Apocalyptic optimists like Joshua Muravchik at the American Enterprise Institute suggest the invasion of Iraq will “unleash a tsunami across the Islamic world,” a tidal wave of democracy and modernization.



One of the ideas, members said, is to climb the Mount and build the altar within minutes and sacrifice the lamb before security forces can stop them. Another, said leading Sanhedrin member Baruch Ben-Yosef, is to pray for a tsunami-like disaster on the Mount.

"In one second, God wiped out 150,000 people," he said. "Who knows? Maybe he'll help us if we show him we are ready."

Devastating tsunami bomb viable, say experts

By Eugene Bingham

Tsunami experts believe a bomb secretly tested off the coast of Auckland 50 years ago could be developed to devastating effect.

University of Waikato researchers believe a modern approach to the wartime idea tested off Whangaparaoa could produce waves up to 30m high.

Dr Willem de Lange, of the Department of Earth Sciences, said studies proved that while a single explosion was not necessarily effective, a series of explosions could have a significant impact.

"It's a bit like sliding backwards and forwards in a bath - the waves grow higher," Dr de Lange said yesterday.

He was responding to a Weekend Herald report of experiments at Whangaparaoa in 1944-45 to create a tidal wave bomb. The top-secret work by the late Professor Tom Leech was detailed in 53-year-old papers released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Dr de Lange said a coastal marine group from the university recently studied the likely impacts of underwater volcanic explosions.

Their work concluded that the next eruption in the Auckland region was likely to be under water, given the large amount of water around the city.

But tests showed a single explosion in the Hauraki Gulf would not trigger much of a tsunami.

"For most places the wave was less than 1m high, but it could be a bit more in the Tamaki Estuary."

Dr de Lange said the waves were not high because the energy was projected upwards, not sideways. He believed the same principle would be true for a tsunami bomb.

"You can't confine the energy. Once the explosion gets big enough, all of its energy goes into the atmosphere and not into the water. But one of the things we discovered was if you had a series of explosions in the same place, it's much more effective and can produce much bigger waves."



Tsunami bomb NZ's devastating war secret

By Eugene Bingham

Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal.

An Auckland University professor seconded to the Army set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945.

Professor Thomas Leech's work was considered so significant that United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the war it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb.

Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Papers stamped "top secret" show the US and British military were eager for Seal to be developed in the post-war years too. They even considered sending Professor Leech to Bikini Atoll to view the US nuclear tests and see if they had any application to his work.

He did not make the visit, although a member of the US board of assessors of atomic tests, Dr Karl Compton, was sent to New Zealand.

"Dr Compton is impressed with Professor Leech's deductions on the Seal project and is prepared to recommend to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that all technical data from the test relevant to the Seal project should be made available to the New Zealand Government for further study by Professor Leech," said a July 1946 letter from Washington to Wellington.

Professor Leech, who died in his native Australia in 1973, was the university's dean of engineering from 1940 to 1950.

News of his being awarded a CBE in 1947 for research on a weapon led to speculation in newspapers around the world about what was being developed.

Though high-ranking New Zealand and US officers spoke out in support of the research, no details of it were released because the work was on-going.

A former colleague of Professor Leech, Neil Kirton, told the Weekend Herald that the experiments involved laying a pattern of explosives underwater to create a tsunami.

Small-scale explosions were carried out in the Pacific and off Whangaparaoa, which at the time was controlled by the Army.

It is unclear what happened to Project Seal once the final report was forwarded to Wellington Defence Headquarters late in the 1940s.

The bomb was never tested on a full scale, and Mr Kirton doubts that Aucklanders would have noticed the trials.

"Whether it could ever be resurrected ... Under some circumstances I think it could be devastating



Spiritual Sodom, that city, where our LORD was crucified. But whom the Judaeo-Churchinsanity of apostate Amaraka, cling on iniquity whoredom...

Hookly gooply gakee mooowah haha blah..blah so hep me gawd...will you pleeeeze feed the seed of my need...pass the cashite plate and gawd will bliss you Halel-U-Yah

Feb. 24, 2005 3:49  | Updated Feb. 24, 2005 17:13
Gay parade a no-go?

Jerusalem police are considering canceling a major international gay pride parade scheduled to take place this summer because they will be overburdened by the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and will not be able to provide adequate security for such a large event at the same time, police said Wednesday.

The 10-day, "Jerusalem World Pride 2005," is slated to take place in the city in mid-August, just four weeks after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is supposed to get underway.

The pullout from 21 Jewish settlements in Gaza and four in the northern West Bank, which is scheduled to begin on July 20, is expected to take anywhere from five to nine weeks.
In all, 9,000 Jewish residents are slated to be evacuated from their homes as part of the plan, with many likely to leave only by force.

Nearly the entire 24,000 strong police field force will be assigned to the pullout, with the remainder of the police's manpower is slated to be stationed to ward off civil disturbances against the withdrawal throughout the country.

About 18,000 officers will be assigned to the withdrawal, including 2,500 unarmed police officers who will evacuate settlers who refuse to leave voluntarily, and 4,000 officers will be posted at passages into Gaza, police said.

"We are examining this issue [of canceling the parade] based on the security needs on the ground," Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said Wednesday.

He declined to say when a final decision would be made on the matter.

The issuance of permits for marches and other public events in the country is under the jurisdiction of the police.

Local organizers of the event expressed confidence Wednesday that the international parade would go ahead as scheduled, despite the evident lack of police manpower to secure the event.

"As Israelis and Palestinians are moving towards more peaceful times, we are confident that the world pride events will take place as planned this August in Jerusalem, and are working closely with the police towards this goal," said Hagai El-Ad, the executive director of Jerusalem's Gay and Lesbian Center, whose organization is planning to host the international event.

He declined to comment over a possible postponement of the event.

Even before the conflict with the Gaza pullout emerged, the idea of holding an international gay parade in Jerusalem was a source of bitter controversy.

In a largely conservative city, with a strong religious demographic makeup, the idea of holding such a parade in Jerusalem is seen by many – even outside of observant circles and Jerusalem's haredi-run city hall – as out of touch with both the spiritual character of the "holy city" as well as the sensitivities of its religious residents.

there is nothing holy about ISREALHELL of the FLESH

Jerusalem held its first annual local gay parade three years ago.

The event, which draws several thousand participants, has been the source of repeated debate each year.

When the first gay pride parade was held in the capital in 2002, former Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert withheld funding for the event, after failing to convince organizers and participants to join Tel Aviv's pride parade, where an annual procession enjoys a much larger turnout.

The Jerusalem Municipality was later ordered by the Supreme Court to pay the organizers NIS 40,000 for the annual event, in keeping with the amount the municipality contributed toward other city marches.

The last international gay parade, which took place in Rome in 2000, attracted about half a million participants. Local organizers expect tens of thousands of revelers to attend the Jerusalem event this summer


Jerusalem 2005, the queer city of satan


The Raiser of Taxes

Beware of Heil Bushkevik's TREASONOUS VIPER Blasphemous, Sofiet Red Esau/Edomite flat tax plan of Talmud Bavli and his Hassidim controllers. For if you do not have the king haha hamoshiach's MARK, you will not BUY or SELL

Excerpts from the Protocols of the Illuminated Masters of Tzion


5. The tax upon the poor man is a seed of revolution and works to the detriment of the State which is hunting after the trifling is missing the big. Quite apart from this, a tax on capitalists diminishes the growth of wealth in private hands in which we have in these days concentrated it as a counterpoise to the government strength of the GOYIM - their State finances.

6. A tax increasing in a percentage ratio to capital will give much larger revenue than the present individual or property tax, which is useful to us now for the sole reason that it excites trouble and discontent among the GOYIM. 

7. The force upon which our king will rest consists in the equilibrium and the guarantee of peace, 

Universal Noahide  Demonicracy of the satanic jackbooted thug Hoodlum haha of the Beast Sanhedrin and the ten kings, Shomrei ha saf and their Moshiach ben hell and death

for the sake of which things it is indispensable that the capitalists should yield up a portion of their incomes for the sake of the secure working of the machinery of the State. State needs must be paid by those who will not feel the burden and have enough to take from.

8. Such a measure will destroy the hatred of the poor man for the rich, in whom he will see a necessary financial support for the State, will see in him the organizer of peace and well-being since he will see that it is the rich man who is paying the necessary means to attain these things.

9. In order that payers of the educated classes should not too much distress themselves over the new payments they will have full accounts given them of the destination of those payments, with the exception of such sums as will be appropriated for the needs of the throne and the administrative institutions.

10. He who reigns will not have any properties of his own once all in the State represented his patrimony, or else the one would be in contradiction to the other; the fact of holding private means would destroy the right of property in the common possessions of all.

11. Relatives of him who reigns, his heirs excepted, who will be maintained by the resources of the State, must enter the ranks of servants of the State or must work to obtain the right to property; the privilege of royal blood must not serve for the spoiling of the treasury.

12. Purchase, receipt of money or inheritance will be subject to the payment of a stamp progressive tax. Any transfer of property, whether money or other, without evidence of payment of this tax which will be strictly registered by names, will render the former holder liable to pay interest on the tax from the moment of transfer of these sums up to the discovery of his evasion of declaration of the transfer. Transfer documents must be presented weekly at the local treasury office with notifications of the name, surname and permanent place of residence of the former and the new holder of the property. This transfer with register of names must begin from a definite sum which exceeds the ordinary expenses of buying and selling necessaries, and these will be subject to payment only by a stamp impost of a definite percentage of the unit.

13. Just strike an estimate of how many times such taxes as these will cover the revenue of the GOYIM States.


14. The State exchequer will have to maintain a definite complement of reserve sums, and all that is collected above that complement must be returned into circulation. On these sums will be organized public works. The initiative in works of this kind, proceeding from State sources, will blind the working class firmly to the interests of the State and to those who reign. From these same sums also a part will be set aside as rewards of inventiveness and productiveness.

15. On no account should so much as a single unit above the definite and freely estimated sums be retained in the State Treasuries, for money exists to be circulated and any kind of stagnation of money acts ruinously on the running of the State machinery, for which it is the lubricant; a stagnation of the lubricant may stop the regular working of the mechanism.

16. The substitution of interest-bearing paper for a part of the token of exchange has produced exactly this stagnation. The consequences of this circumstance are already sufficiently noticeable.

17. A court of account will also be instituted by us, and in it the ruler will find at any moment a full accounting for State income and expenditure, with the exception of the current monthly account, not yet made up, and that of the preceding month, which will not yet have been delivered.

18. The one and only person who will have no interest in robbing the State is its owner, the ruler. This is why his personal control will remove the possibility of leakages or extravagances.

19. The representative function of the ruler at receptions for the sake of etiquette, which absorbs so much invaluable time, will be abolished in order that the ruler may have time for control and consideration. His power will not then be split up into fractional parts among time-serving favorites who surround the throne for its pomp and splendor, and are interested only in their own and not in the common interests of the State.

20. Economic crises have been produced by us for the GOYIM by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capitals have stagnated, withdrawing money from States, which were constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals .... The concentration of industry in the hands of capitalists out of the hands of small masters has drained away all the juices of the peoples and with them also the States .... (Now we know the purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation!!)

21. The present issue of money in general does not correspond with the requirements per head, and cannot therefore satisfy all the needs of the workers. The issue of money ought to correspond with the growth of population and thereby children also must absolutely be reckoned as consumers of currency from the day of their birth. The revision of issue is a material question for the whole world.



23. With us the standard that must be introduced is the cost of working-man power, whether it be reckoned in paper or in wood. We shall make the issue of money in accordance with the normal requirements of each subject, adding to the quantity with every birth and subtracting with every death.

24. The accounts will be managed by each department (the French administrative division), each circle.

25. In order that there may be no delays in the paying our of money for State needs the sums and terms of such payments will be fixed by decree of the ruler; this will do away with the protection by a ministry of one institution to the detriment of others.

26. The budgets of income and expenditure will be carried out side by side that they may not be obscured by distance one to another.

27. The reforms projected by us in the financial institutions and principles of the GOYIM will be clothed by us in such forms as will alarm nobody. We shall point out the necessity of reforms in consequence of the disorderly darkness into which the GOYIM by their irregularities have plunged the finances. The first irregularity, as we shall point out, consists in their beginning with drawing up a single budget which year after year grows owing to the following cause: this budget is dragged out to half the year, then they demand a budget to put things right, and this they expend in three months, after which they ask for a supplementary budget, and all this ends with a liquidation budget. But, as the budget of the following year is drawn up in accordance with the sum of the total addition, the annual departure from the normal reaches as much as 50 per cent in a year, and so the annual budget is trebled in ten years. Thanks to such methods, allowed by the carelessness of the GOY States, their treasuries are empty. The period of loans supervenes, and that has swallowed up remainders and brought all the GOY States to bankruptcy. (The United States was declared "bankrupt" at the Geneva Convention of 1929! [see 31 USC 5112, 5118, and 5119).

28. You understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggested to the GOYIM by us, cannot be carried on by us.

29. Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the State and a want of understanding of the rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm of our bankers. Foreign loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off of themselves or the State flings them off. But the GOY States do not tear them off; they go on in persisting in putting more on to themselves so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood-letting.

Thu Feb 24 2005 10:04:04 ET

President Bush, who has pledged to reform the U.S. tax code in his second term, today praised the flat tax implemented by Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda of the Slovak Republic. During their meeting in Bratislava, Bush, without prompting, made a point of touting the flat tax:

“I complimented the Prime Minister on putting policies in place that have helped this economy grow. The most important responsibility we have at home is to make sure our people can find work. And the president put a flat tax in place; he simplified his tax code, which has helped to attract capital and create economic vitality and growth. I really congratulate you and your government for making wise decisions.”

Moving rapidly along, now isn't we...heheheh


Just the Talmudic Hassidic jew who can do it, just in the "Old Nick" of time. YET ANOTHER TALMUDIC JACKBOOTED THUG ADDED TO THE BUSHKEVIK AD-MENSTRUATION

Bush promotes economic adviser


Thursday, February 24, 2005 Posted: 9:37 AM EST (1437 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush on Wednesday promoted Harvey Rosen to be chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers, the group that advises him on economic issues and prepares the administration's annual economic report to Congress.

Rosen, a former economics professor at Princeton University, is a member of the council. He succeeds Gregory Mankiw, who resigned last week to return to his teaching post at Harvard University.

Rosen is considered one of the country's leading experts on tax policy. One of Bush's top domestic goals in his second term is to overhaul the country's tax system to make it simpler.

A SIMPLE TALMUDIC SATANIC mass progressive Illuminated protocols of zion Tax.......good-bye propertied owners

Rosen's promotion was announced as Bush was in Europe on a five-day trip. All three members of the council must be confirmed by the Senate, but the president has the power to designate who will serve as chairman.


The other remaining council member is Kristin J. Forbes.

But of course

One of those who had been considered by the White House for the CEA chairman's job was Ben Bernanke, who is serving on the Federal Reserve Board and has been mentioned as a possible successor to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, whose term at the Fed will end in January

yet...another talmudic jew




Sent to Sanhedrin of the Covenant with death and Hell 2-24-2005

Hello Illuminated rib-eye's of the serpents den. How is it coming along with the Ten Shomrei hasaf  and the Mooshiyuck ben satan?
When is the next meeting?
Gonna reveal the suffering servant in time for Astarte?
then after, like ,Harod gonna behead the goy after?
Why are you hesitating?
You know you must slay your last true enemies the true anti-Shem-ites, the saints of JESUS the Christ
why are you waiting? You have your two fold proselytes the Judaeo-Churchinsanitys in place.
You have your obedient goyim freemason satanic Noahide Judges of Blasphemy and TREASON set up.
and you know, it is written.
so why do you hesitate?
Is it you are in fear of him whom you hate, Jesus the Nazarene?
Is it because you doubt your gods?
Is it because you may fear that when the last saint is slain, Michael the prince of the LORD Jesus' people will stand up with a shout, and that same Jesus whom you crucified in that spiritual Sodom and Egypt the whore city, will return on that great DAY of his Wrath?
If you do not fear, you should. For that Day is fast approaching, then on that DAY you, your son of perdition, his prophet and all who worship him will be cast into outer darkness where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth forever.
But hear ye this, you too can have SALVATION forever and LIFE Abundantly, REPENT in HIM whom you Crucified, Jesus the Christ the LORD GOD and His Father, whom ye know not. REPENT now for the time is upon you. And this is the last time.
for after strike three, you are OUT.
even so, come QUICKLY LORD JESUS, MY LORD and my GOD


Acts 12:

1: Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church.
2: And he killed James the brother of John with the sword.
3: And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)
4: And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.


Easter, Esther, Astarte, Ishatar, Venus, ISIS, Semiramis, Queen of Heaven.....Lucifer's DAY of the jews. Easter has nothing to do with JESUS the CHRIST, but you celebrate for it PLEASES the jews


Making room for RE

Pope Has Tracheotomy to Help Breathing

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Doctors carried out an operation on Pope John Paul II on Thursday to help ease his breathing problems, the Vatican said, hours after the 84-year-old pontiff was rushed to the hospital for the second time in a month, suffering fever and congestion.

Surgeons performed a tracheotomy - a procedure in which they puncture a hole in the throat and insert a tube to assist breathing, a Vatican spokesman said



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