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We sincerely believe that the fax machine has been one of the greatest tools for updating customers, of our merchandise availability. However some people will submit a fax number that is not a dedicated line. We send out broadcast to those folks who want the best deals on a 24 hour basis. If your fax is not dedicated, please keep in mind that you may be faxed in the middle of the night. If the fax number you are giving belongs to someone else please get permission as we are not responsible. We only fax the best deals as a service to those shrewd customers who usually jump on those best deals. 


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Does not buy data services. We depend exclusively upon our advertising efforts. However from time to time we will be offered a referral from a third party who has enjoyed a successful relationship with SAM. If you have received an unwanted fax broadcast from SAM, simply call the toll free number (800) 261-9150 which we have provided for your cost free request to be deleted from future faxes. Southern American Marketing, Inc., does not sell or give away our database for any purpose to any entity regardless of the reason for request. All correspondence is strictly monitored for your privacy convenience.


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