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Who would like to cut off religious Jews and believing (evangelical, fundamentalist or rather "born-again") Christians? Who is their enemy? The only religions preaching and proclaiming that the Messiah could not be a guru, or a Tibetan Master or any of the ideas promoted by the New Age, are religious/fundamentalist Jews and Christians. The religious Jews are still awaiting their Messiah and will, according to the Tanakh (Old Testament), realize that the New Age Messiah is a fake and will denounce him. Also, Christians cannot accept a guru Messiah as Jesus Christ, whose Second Coming they await. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other major religions in the world can easily reconcile their awaited "Messiah" with the New Age caricature. And who would like to be promoted to the status of the Jewish Messiah and Christians' Jesus? According to the Jewish and Christian Bibles that character is called Lucifer. Hannah Newman continues:  Thus, is this Maitreya (possessed by Lucifer) going to appear, and if so, when? What date do the New Agers themselves promote? The Year 2000.

Wheel in a Wheel

The Good Angels


4: And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire. 

5: Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man. 

6: And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.

7: And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.

8: And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings.

9: Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.

10: As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.

11: Thus were their faces: and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies.

12: And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went.

13: As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

14: And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.

15: Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.

16: The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

17: When they went, they went upon their four sides: and they turned not when they went.

18: As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them four.

19: And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.

20: Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

21: When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

22: And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the colour of the terrible crystal, stretched forth over their heads above.

23: And under the firmament were their wings straight, the one toward the other: every one had two, which covered on this side, and every one had two, which covered on that side, their bodies

24: And when they went, I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the noise of an host: when they stood, they let down their wings.

25: And there was a voice from the firmament that was over their heads, when they stood, and had let down their wings. 

26: And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone: and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above upon it.

27: And I saw as the colour of amber, as the appearance of fire round about within it, from the appearance of his loins even upward, and from the appearance of his loins even downward, I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round about. 

28: As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake. 


Consider this, the Governments of the World have been attempting to create "Flying Saucers since the beginning of the 1900's. In the 1930-40's major breakthroughs occurred and the Gravity-Rand corporation reported that there was no further need to perfect this flying device, but to perfect engineering. Then mysteriously all global research disappeared altogether from public view.


Townsend Browns earlier gravitation experiments 30-40 era


ship model gravitator 30-40-50


Underground Magnetic Monitoring Station 1937 @ Naval Research Laboratory


First Model of the Wheel in a Wheel anti Gravitational Electro Magnetic Flight "Flying Saucer" 1952


Townsend Brown's working model "Flying Saucer" Anti-Gravity Electro Magnetics




Argentina 1977



New Mexico sighting and Browns Model



Brazil sighting 1954


Canada 1975



Ed Walters UFO and Brown Model / Japan Sighting 1978



Rhode Island 1967 sighting and Townsend Brown Model



April 1966 sighting and scale model of Townsend Browns Bell Shaped Electric Magnetic 

"Flying Saucer"


This data comes from clay tablets unearthed in Israel and is thousands of years old. BTW, Israelis have managed to render Genesis as mathematical equations. The letters of the original Hebrew alphabet depict the path of charged particles following the gradient of scalar charges in the vacuum lattice structure, a hyperspatial environment that is the substrate for the creation of matter. See the diagram of "the grid"(grid.gif) and "the cube." (cube.gif.) The all positive octant is the "north pole (gravity well, pulling)" and the all negative octant is the "south pole (gravity hill, pushing)." In a levitating vessel, the six remaining octants are conformable as suits the design engineer, with a ring emitting lights generally used to satisfy the toroidal creations in many designs.

1 John 2:22-23

22: Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
23: Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also



This is a photograph of Professor Searl, an Englishman, accompanied by students standing on top of one of their saucers.


Space Vacuum Tube for testing


Equipment at the Bahnson Lab, 1958.




Townsend Brown and experimental 3' flying disk 1958


The Newspapers around the world were abuzz with an invention which would forever change Humanity it has


"Another Step Toward Anti-Gravity"

by Gaston Burridge

American Mercury
June, 1958

One of the greatest energies on earth - even greater in the universe - is the Force of gravitation. As a power potential, it probably outstrips atomic energy many times, with no deadly gamma rays as its aftermath.

The force of gravity is one of the great mysteries confronting mankind today. If we Americans can straighten out the question mark behind this, until now mysterious force, and make it into an exclamation point, we need not care who will be first to reach the moon.

Sometime before 1923, Dr. Paul Alfred Biefield, Physics and Astronomy at Denison University, Granville, Ohio, and a former classmate of Albert Einstein, in Switzerland, noticed a phenomenon relative to the movement in an electrical condenser when charged. This observation was the actual birth of the so-called Biefield-Brown Effect (Ed. note: in some accounts, such as this, Biefield is credited with the initial discovery, even though Townsend Brown had been studying the effect for many years prior to meeting Biefield). The successful application of this Effect by Thomas Townsend brown during the last 30 years, appears now to have been accomplished; our first anti-gravity device seems within our grasp.

Townsend Brown, however, has been something of a scientific outcast in the United States, because his views have been at odds with orthodox "opinion." His recent and essential research has been conducted in France, under French Government sponsorship. Realizing how riddled France is with Communists, it may well be that the United States no longer possesses all the known pieces of this scientific puzzle.

Townsend Brown was a student at Denison University in the early 1920's. A quiet, retiring young man then - as he is a reticent, middle-aged scholar, today - he has always had a great interest in the strange, unexplained mysteries of the electrical field, but his keenest interest attached itself early to the strangest of electrical phenomena, the movement which Dr. Biefield had noted in electrical condensers when charged.

To capture the essentials of this phenomenon and to apply this movement toward an anti-gravity device became a passion in Brown's life, an unquenchable fire which has consumed his own considerable private fortune and most of his waking hours. If ever a man willed the application of an idea into reality it is Townsend Brown. He now has a new and very capable sponsor, one who long has been interested in the force of gravity.


As far as science has yet determined, everything in our universe is motivated by only three energies: electricity, magnetism and gravitation. From the greatest spiral star cluster down through the smallest atom known - hydrogen and its parts - only these three forces are active. Whether they are three distinct and separate energies, or separate phases of one force which we have not yet been able to recognize, appears to be a point of endless argument between physicists and metaphysicists. Nobody knows, yet.

Taken by itself, not one of the three forces amounts to much. A combination of electricity and magnetism, however, has boosted man to his present high standard of living. The potential of thiscombination is known to every high school physics student, and we are far from having researched its ultimate usefulness.

While the kinship of electricity and magnetism has been discovered and has become very applicable, as similar association between electricity and gravitation has remained most theoretical. American scientists do (unenthusiastically) acknowledge a very loose coupling effect between these two forces, but most of them deny that this coupling effect is at all applicable. This is where Mr. Brown and orthodox science part company, he believes the coupling force is strong and that it is applicable.

The connection between magnetism and gravitation remains still more nebulous. However, if there is a relationship between electricity and magnetism, and between electricity and gravitation, as Mr. Brown appears to have proven, then it would seem that an association between magnetism and gravitation also exists.

Mr. Brown maintains that, through the Biefield-Brown Effect, a tie between electricity and gravitation has been established, brought about and held by the simple means of an electrical means of an electrical condenser.


An electrical condenser is a device which will absorb electrical energy as an "elastic stress." In simplest form it can be two metal plates. Placed between them is a piece of material through which an electric current cannot ordinarily pass. This material, of such nature as to be able to absorb and hold electrical energy as an elastic stress, is known as a dielectric.

There are many different types of dielectrics - glass, hard and soft rubber, air, ceramics, paper, Bakelite and various other plastics, each possessing its own special advantage in a particular use.

Some dielectrics are capable of absorbing huge quantities of electrical energy if fed them slowly at low potentials. Others, like lead-free glass, can be charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times a second at extremely high potentials!

How does an electrical condenser operate? Let us assume that we have a piece of sponge rubber four by six inches, two inches thick. It is the dielectric. We place this between our two hands (which are the condenser plates) and press - which is the charging potential or voltage. The plates (our hands) distribute this energy evenly over the rubber, forcing energy into a smaller space, where it remains until our arms cease to act; then the rubber springs back into its original shape. When the rubber is compressed it is similar to the condenser being charged. It is discharged when it "jumps" back into its original shape.

The Biefield-Brown Effect proves that an electrical condenser will move toward its positive pole, and remain so positioned until discharged; that this movement will occur, regardless of which plate of the condenser is made the positive pole, or which side of the dielectric receives the positive charge.

The movement does not nullify the scientific "law" that every action carries within it an equal reaction. A reaction is present, but, in the case of gravitation itself, the reaction is not obvious.

Discoid airfoils 24 inches in diameter, designed and built by Brown, have attained a speed of 17 feet per second, or about 11.8 miles per hour, in the Brown laboratories. These discs were a variation of the simple two-plate condenser, charges with 50 kilovolts, or about fifty thousand volts, of direct electrical current. Tethered to a mast, they spun in a circular 20 feet in diameter. The continuous energy input to keep them flying is reported to have been only 50 watts, or that required to light a small bulb.

Another set of experimental discs three feet in diameter, also tethered to a central pole, ran a 50 foot diameter course. These discs were placed under 50 kilovolts also, and their speeds were reported to be so impressive as to be highly classified.

There is a slight hum emanating from the discs as they fly. In the dark they glow with a weird lavender light. They whirl in free flight, their power being supplied to them through wires from the central mast.

Many scientists and engineers have witnessed these flying discs. Their opinion has been, generally, that the motive force propelling them was one which is often called "electric wind." Few, if any, up to now, have believed the Brown discs were propelled by the new principle Biefield or Brown had discovered.

Though brown did not agree, there was little he could do until he went to France. There he "sailed" some of his discs in a high vacuum with singular success. Not only did the discs fly more efficiently, but as there was no air present there could be no "electric wind."


The first empirical experiments which led to the present scientific flowering of the Biefield-Brown Effect are these: suspend a simple, two-plate electrical condenser by a cord to allow as complete freedom of movement in all directions as possible - except of course, downward. When this condenser is charged with the proper amount and pressure of direct electrical current, it will swing from its vertical, uncharged position, to an angular one and remain there, quite evidently "defying gravity." The new position is always toward the positive pole of the condenser.

When this condenser is discharged, and the positive and negative wires reversed relative to their former positions - and the condenser recharged - the entire condenser swings in the opposite direction from the one assumed during the first charge. In both cases the condenser maintains its angular position as long as the condenser is kept charged. This angular movement is equal in both directions, regardless of which side of the dielectric is positively charged.

By proper electrical switching arrangements, quickly changing the sides of the dielectric upon which the positive charge acts, it can be seen that a swinging motion, similar to that of pendulum, can be obtained. Further, it will be noted that if a proper series of condensers is attached to, and placed around, a movable axis - and the series of condensers is properly and rhythmically charged and discharged - a rotary motion of the axis will result.

Another experiment is by balancing a simple, two-plate condenser at one end of a beam. Place enough dead weight at the other end of the beam to balance and maintain the bar in a horizontal position, if suspended at its center. Now, charge the condenser. If the position of the positive pole faces "up" or toward the sky, the dead weight at the opposite end of the bar will drop downward. This indicates that the condenser has lost some of its "weight" on being charged.

If the positive pole of the condenser is placed on the bottom or facing downward, and charged, the condenser will appear to have gained weight and will raise the dead weight on the opposite end of the beam.

These two positions will be maintained as long as the condenser is charged, the original balance between them returning when the condenser is discharged. This is the application of the Biefield-Brown Effect which is of the most importance antigravitationally.


It would appear, therefore, that a definite relationship between electricity and gravitation exists; that this relation is as potent as the one long established between electricity and magnetism, and that it possesses definite scientific future applicability, perhaps when applied practically in aeronautic and astronautic space flight.

At present, detailed answers cannot be presented - for several reasons. Not all answers are yet known. Many of the known answers must await the granting of some 19 patent applications, now before the U.S. Patent Office.

It seems most probable, however, that a space vehicle using the Biefield-Brown Effect will be discoid, the shape which appears most efficient. The discoid probably will be surrounded by a flat rim, about one quarter as wide as the diameter of the disc, making the vehicle look as if a ladder had been bent completely around it at the edge of the disc. The forward and rear portions of this "ladder rim" will be left open - with just the "ladder rungs" or spokes connecting the outer and inner rims. The side portions will be closed in solid.

The leading and trailing edges of this ladder rim will determine the direction of the disc's flight, the spokes or ladder rungs for the most part, acting as the condenser plates, the air between them being the dielectric. When charged, these condensers produce a propulsive force, the front being positive, the rear, negative.

On reaching full charge, a condenser normally loses its propulsive force, but in this configuration the air between the spokes is also being charged; so, in principle, the charging force can be prolonged indefinitely, because it does not ever come into fulfillment while forward motion is desired. As the vehicle moves ahead, the charged air is left behind and the disc moves into new, uncharged air. Thus, the propulsion is continuous. Thus, also, we may create, someday, actual space "flying saucers."


Man's present use of power in jet and rocket propelled vehicles is called by some scientists a "sledge and hammer" approach to high-speed, high-altitude flight. In the turbo-jet aircraft, man has increased vehicle thrust some 20 times. But he has achieved only a little more than twice the speed of the original vehicles. Is brute rocket force the best way to reach the stars? Scientist in France now doubt it.

The anti-gravity and propulsion properties of the Biefield-Brown Effect should not be thought of as "perpetual motion." But as far as is known in our universe, nothing ever is totally gained or lost, just used while passing from a higher differential to a lower. Though in different forms, perhaps all that ever was, still is - countless transitions to the contrary!

The force of gravitation is part of and a force in the universe. It exists and operates under scientific laws as rigid and precise as those governing electricity and magnetism. Why should we believe that gravitational force is beyond man's scientific control?

If man at last, successfully opens this puzzle box, all other power for propulsion may fade into horse and buggy history. We shall have passed through jet and rocket age into America's Force of Gravity Era. We shall have achieved, at last, ultimate power.



"The Flying Saucer"

The Application of the Biefield-Brown Effect to the Solution of the Problems of Space Navigation

by Mason Rose, Ph.D., President
University for Social Research (1952)

Published in Science and Invention,

 August 1929, 

The scientist and layman alike encounter a primary difficulty in understanding the Biefeld-Brown effect and it's relation to the solution of the flying saucer mystery.

A proper interpretation of this theory is prevented because both scientist and layman are conditioned to think in electromagnetic concepts, whereas the Biefeld-Brown effect relates to electrogravitation.

Their lack of awareness is justifiable, however, because the data on electrogravitation, inasmuch as it is a comparatively recent and unpublished development, has limited availability and circulation. Townsend Brown, the discoverer of electrogravitational coupling, is the only known experimental scientist in this new area of scientific development as of this writing. Thus, anyone wanting to understand electrogravitation and its applications to astronautics must dismiss the principles of electromagnetics in order to grasp the essentially different principles of electrogravitation. Electrogravitational effects do not obey the known principles of electromagnetism. Electrogravitation must be understood as an entirely new field of scientific investigation and technical development.

The most efficient method of effecting an understanding of electrogravitation is to review the evolutionary development of electromagnetism.

From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, the universe operates on three basic forces, namely Electricity, Magnetism and Gravitation. These forces can be represented as follows:


 Graphic - Three Forces: 


Taken separately, these forces are of no real practical use. Electricity by itself is static electricity and therefore functionless. It will make your hair stand on end, but that is about all.

Magnetism by itself has very few practical applications aside from the magnetic compass, and gravity simply keeps objects and people pinned to the earth.

However, when they are used to work in combination with each other, almost endless technical applications come into being. Currently, our total electrical development is based on the coupling of electricity with magnetism, which provides the basis for the countless uses we make of electricity in modern societies.

Faraday conducted the first productive empirical experiment with electromagnetism around 1830, and Maxwell did the basic theoretical work in 1865.

The application of electromagnetism to microscopic and sub-microscopic particles was accomplished by Max Planck's work in quantum physics about 1890; and then in 1905 Einstein came forward with relativity, which dealt with gravitation as applied to celestial bodies and universal mechanics.

It is principally out of the work of these four great scientists that our electrical developments, ranging from the simple lightbulb to the complexities of nuclear physics, have emerged.

In 1923, Dr. Biefield, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dennison University and a former classmate of Einstein in Switzerland, suggested to his protoge, Townsend Brown, certain experiments which led to the discovery of the Biefield-Brown effect, and ultimately to the electrogravitational energy spectrum (in actuality, it was Brown who first observed the effect and brought it to the attention of Dr. Biefield, who suggest further experiments to determine the origin of and enhance the effect - Juniper). Biefeld wondered if an electrical condenser, hung by a thread, would have a tendency to move when it was given a heavy electrical charge. Townsend Brown provided the answer. There is such a tendency.

After 28 years of investigation by Brown into the coupling effect between electricity and gravitation, it was found that for each electromagnetic phenomenon there exists an electrogravitational analogue. This means, from the technical and commercial viewpoint, potentialities for future development and exploitation are as great or greater than the present electrical industry. When one considers that electromagnetism is basic to the telephone, telegraph, radio, television, radar, electric generators and motors, power production and distribution, and is an indispensable adjunct to transportation of all kinds, one can see that the possibility of a parallel, but different development in electrogravitation has almost unlimited prospects.

The initial experiments conducted by Townsend Brown, concerning the behavior of a condenser when charged with electricity, had the characteristic of simplicity which has marked most other great scientific advancements.

The first startling revelation was that if placed in free suspension with the poles horizontal, the condenser, when charged, exhibited a forward thrust toward the positive poles. A reversal of polarity caused a reversal of the direction of thrust. The experiment was set up as follows:


 Graphic - Biefield-Brown Effect: 



The antigravity effect of vertical thrust is demonstrated by balancing a condenser on a beam balance and then charging it. After charging, if the positive pole is pointed upward, the condenser moves up.

If the charge is reversed and the positive pole pointed downward, the condenser thrusts down. The experiment is conducted as follows:


 Graphic - Balance Experiment: 


These two simple experiments demonstrate what is now known as the Biefeld-Brown effect. It is the first and, to the best of our knowledge, the only method of affecting a gravitational field by electrical means. It contains the seeds of control of gravity by man. The intensity of the effects is determined by five factors, which are:


It is this fifth point which is inexplicable from the electromagnetic viewpoint and which provides the connection with gravitation.

On the basis of further experimental work from 1923 to 1926; Townsend Brown in 1926, described what he called a "space car." This was a revolutionary method of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial flight, presented for experiment while motor propelled planes were yet in a primitive stage.

This engineering feat by Townsend Brown was all the more remarkable when we consider such a machine produces thrust with no moving parts, does not use any aerodynamic principles of flight, and has neither control surfaces, or a propeller. Townsend Brown had discovered the secret of how the flying saucers fly years before and such objects were reported.

Now the basic differences between electromagnetism and electrogravity have been described and the basic principles of the Biefield-Brown effect have been outlined, we are finally ready to understand the principles of astronautics or the conquest of space.

The earth creates and is surrounded with a gravitational field which approaches zero as we go far into space. This field presses objects and people to the earth's surface; hence it presses a saucer object to the earth.

However, through the utilization of the Biefield-Brown effect, the flying saucer can generate an electrogravitational field of its own which modifies the earth's field.

This field acts like a wave, with the negative pole at the top of the wave and the positive pole at the bottom, the saucer travels like a surfboard on the incline of a wave that is kept continuously moving by the saucer's electrogravitational generator.

Since the orientation of the field can be controlled, the saucer can thus travel on its own continuously generated wave in any desired angle or direction of flight.

Since the saucer always moves towards its positive pole, the control of the saucer is accomplished by varying the orientation of the positive charge. Control, therefore, is gained by switching charges rather than by the control surfaces. Since the saucer is traveling on the incline of a continually moving wave which it generates to modify the earth's gravitational field, no mechanical propulsion is necessary.


 Graphic - Saucer Movement Control: 



Once we understand that the horizontal and vertical controls are obtained by shifting the positive pole which turns the field, then we are in a position to extrapolate a finished saucer design.

The method of controlling the flight of the saucer is illustrated by the following simple diagrams showing the charge variations necessary to accomplish all directions of flight.


 Graphic - Saucer Flight Control: 


The saucer's edge would contain a number of conductor segments, and the saucer would turn in any direction simply by shifting the positive and negative charges to appropriate positions along its edge.

The vertical thrust would be regulated by varying the charge on top of the saucer, the amount of thrust being regulated by the amount of charge generated.

In all probability, flying saucers do not utilize external controls for direction, nor do they have any visible means of propulsion. Flying saucers travel using the Biefield-Brown electrogravitational effect, and hence do not utilize any of the standard aerodynamic principles of an airfoil. Flying saucers cannot be understood from the traditional principles of aeronautical engineering; however, the older points of view are useful for critical theoretical analysis and empirical testing.

Before UFO's were ever seen and validly reported, Townsend Brown developed a captive flying saucer - a scale model saucer with a free bearing going around a stationary pole.

Brown did not start with round objects, in fact, the first object that he flew was a triangle, the next a square, then a square with the edges cut off, and finally a round shaped saucer.

Eventually, experiments proved the saucer shape most effective. Changes were made for empirical reasons.

Having solved the problem of horizontal thrust, Townsend Brown developed a profile shape which would be most efficient to navigate the electrogravitational field for maximum vertical thrust. The final profile that developed was the shape illustrated here:


 Graphic - Saucer Profile: 


The first report of a disc-shaped object in the sky dates back to the sixteenth century. At long intervals during the centuries since then have come other reports. Most of them are undoubtedly unreliable as observations, distorted by telling and retelling. But in these older reports, as well as in the very numerous series which has accumulated since 1947, there is a teasing common thread concerning appearance and behavior which makes any certainties about the unreality of flying saucers very insecure.

One of the great difficulties in substantiation of these reports is that, in both appearances and behavior, these objects seem to be simple scientific impossibilities. Here are some of the reasons advanced by technical men to prove the impossibility of devices such as the reports describe:


These are weighty arguments PROVIDED THE ASSUMPTIONS BEHIND THEM ARE CORRECT. As I have previously indicated, the observed motion of condenser has been labeled the Biefield-Brown effect.

Studying this effect, Brown pointed out in 1923 that this tendency of a charged condenser to move might easily grow into a new and basically different method of propulsion.

By 1926 he had described a "space car" utilizing this new principle.

By 1928 he had built working models of a boat propelled in this manner.

By 1938 he had shown that his specially designed condensers not only moved, but had certain interesting effects on plants and animals.

All of this, while very exciting, is for most of us just a repetition and reinforcement of the rapid scientific development so characteristic of our age. But then came the unexpected Townsend Brown, working in his laboratory, building models and trying endless variations in size, shape and design of his charged condensers, made a flying saucer which flew around a maypole, before flying saucers became a newspaper topic. And the reasons listed above, which led the specialists to reject the reports of observed saucers, proved to be both explicable and necessary to their operation under the electrogravitational principle.

Let us look at the four main objectives in a new light:


The reasons advanced by the experts to "explain away" the saucer reports, when seen from a new and different viewpoint appear to be the specific reasons why they can operate, on electrogravitational rather than electromagnetic principles.

The next opinion which must be corrected is the idea of overly intensified supersonic vibration. The Townsend Brown experiments indicate that the positive field which is traveling in front of the saucer acts as a buffer wing which starts moving the air out of the way. This immaterial electrogravitational field acts as an entering wedge which softens the supersonic barrier, thus allowing the material leading edge to enter into a softened pressure area. Diagramed, this would be illustrated as follows:


 Graphic - Buffer Wing: 


It should be noted that in a jet plane or guided missile the extra weight added to create the Biefield-Brown electrogravitational effect would be compensated for by the added thrust created by the movement of the plane toward the positive field created in front of the leading edge.

As we have previously stated, for every known electromagnetic effect there is an analogous electrogravitational effect but electrogravitational applications and results differ from those of electromagnetic. This presupposes that an entire new electrogravitational industry comparable to the present electromagnetic industry will emerge from the theoretical formulations and empirical experiments of Townsend Brown.



Gravity Rand Ltd.
December 1956

Volume XI - No. 5, 1956, pages 373-374

From the Anti-Gravity Articles and References of INE

Theme of the science for 1956-1970: SERENDIPITY

Einstein's view:-

"It may not be an unattainable hope that some day a clearer knowledge of the processes of gravitation may be reached; and the extreme generality and detachment of the relativity theory may be illuminated by the particular study of a precise mechanism".


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I - Engineering note on present frontiers of knowledge 

II - Management note on the gravitics situation 

III - Glossary 

IV - References 

V - Appendix.


Thanks to the Gravity Research Foundation for Appendix II - VI

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I - Engineering note on present frontiers of knowledge

Gravitics is likely to follow a number of separate lines of development: the best known short term proposition is Townsend Brown's electrostatic propulsion by gravitators (details of which are to be found in the Appendix I). An extreme extrapolation of Brown's later rigs appears to suggest a Mach 3 interceptor type aircraft. Brown called this basically force and motion, but it does not appear to be the road to a gravitational shield or reflector. His is the brute force approach of concentrating high electrostatic charges along the leading edge of the periphery of a disk which yields propulsive effect. Brown originally maintained that his gravitators operate independently of all frames of reference and it is motion in the absolute sense - relative to the universe as a whole. There is however no evidence to support this. In the absence of any such evidence, it is perhaps more convenient to think of Brown's disks as electrostatic propulsion which has its own niche in aviation. Electrostatic disks can provide lift without speed over a flat surface. This could be an important advance over all forms of airfoil which require induced flow; and lift without air flow is a development that deserves to be followed up in its own right, and one that for military purposes is already envisaged by the users as applicable to all three services. This point has been appreciated in the United States and a program in hand may now ensure that development of large sized disks will be continued. This is backed by the U.S. Government but it is something that will be pursued on a small scale. This acceptance follows Brown's original suggestion embodied in Project Winterhaven. Winterhaven recommended that a major effort be concentrated on electrogravitics based on the principle of his disks. The U.S. Government evaluated the disks wrongly, and misinterpreted the nature of the energy. This incorrect report was filed as an official assessment, and it took some three years to correct the


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earlier misconception. That brings developments up to the fairly recent past. and by that time it was realized that no effort on the lines of Winterhaven was practical, and that more modest aims should be substituted. These were re-written around a new report which is apparently based on newer thoughts and with some later patents not yet published which form the basis of current U.S. policy. It is a matter of some controversy whether this research could be accelerated by more money but the impression in Gravity Rand is that the base of industry is perhaps more than adequately wide. Already companies are specializing in evolution of particular components of an electrogravitics disk. This implies that the science is in the same state as the ICBM - namely that no new breakthroughs are needed, only intensive development engineering. This may be an optimistic reading of the situation: it is true that materials are now available for the condensers giving higher k figures than were postulated in Winterhaven as necessary, and all the ingredients necessary for the disks appear to be available. But industry is still some way from having an adequate power sources and possessing any practical experience of running such equipment.

The long term development of gravity shields, absorbers, and 'magic metals' appears at the moment however to be a basically different problem, and work on this is not being sponsored* so far as is known. The absorber or shield could be intrinsically a weapon of a great power, the limits of which are difficult to foresee. The power of the device to undermine the electrostatic forces holding the atom together is a destructive by-product of military significance. In unpublished work Gravity Rand has indicated the possible effect of such a device for demolition. The likelihood of such work being sponsored in small countries outside the U.S. is slight, since there is general lack of money and resources and in all such countries quick returns are essential.

* officially, that is


GS page -4-

Many people hold that little or no progress can be made until the link in the Einstein unified field theory has been found. This is surely a somewhat defeatist view, because although no all embracing explanation of the relationship between the extraordinary variety of high energy particles continually being uncovered is yet available much can be done to pin down the general nature of anti-gravity devices.

There are several promising approaches one of them is the search for negative mass, a second is to find a relationship between gravity and heat, and a third is to find the link between gravitation and the coupled particles. Taking the first of these: negative mass, the initial task is to prove the existence of negative mass, and Appendix II outlines how it might be done. This is Mozer's approach which is based on the Schroedinger time independent equation with the center of mass motion removed. As the paper shows, this requires some 100 bev - which is beyond the power of existing particle accelerators: however the present Russian and American nuclear programs envisage 50 bev bevatrons within a few years and at the present rate of progress in the nuclear sciences it seems possible that the existence of negamass will be proved by this method of a Bragg analysis of the crystal structure - or disproved.

If negamass is established, the precise part played by the subnuclear particles could be quickly determined. Working theories have been built up to explain how negative masses would be repelled by positive masses and pairs would accelerate gaining kinetic energy until they reach the speed of light and then assume the role of the high energy particles. It has been suggested by Ferrell that this might explain the role of neutrino, but this seems unlikely without some explanation of the spin ascribed to the neutrino. Yet the absence of rest mass or charge of the neutrino makes it especially intriguing. Certainly, further study of the neutrino would be relevant to gravitational problems. If, therefore, the aircraft industry regards anti-gravity as part


GS page -5-

of its responsibilities it cannot escape the necessity of monitoring high energy physics or the neutrino. There are two aircraft companies definitely doing this; but little or no evidence that most of the others know even what a neutrino is.

The relationship between electrical charges and gravitational forces however will depend on the right deductions being drawn from excessively small anomalies.* First clues to such small and hitherto unnoticed effects will come by study of the unified field theory. such effects may be observed in work on the gravithermals, and interacting effect of heat and gravity. Here, at least, there is firmer evidence materials are capable of temperature changes depending on gravity. This, as Beams says, (see Appendix III) is due to results from the alignment of the atoms. Gravity tensions applied across the ends of a tube filled with electrolyte can produce heat or be used to furnish power. The logical extension of this is an absorber of gravity in the form of a flat plate and the gravitative flux acting on it (its atomic and molecular structure, its weight density and form are not, at this stage, clear) would lead to an increase in heat of the mass of its surface and subsurface particles.

The third approach is to aim at discovering a connection between nuclear particles and the gravitational field. This also returns to the need for interpreting macroscopic relativistic phenomena at one extreme in terms of microscopic quantum mechanical phenomena at the other. Beaumont in suggesting a solution recalls how early theory established rough and ready assumptions of the characteristics of electron spin before the whole science of the atomic orbital was worked out. These were based on observation and they were used with some effect at a time when data was needed. Similar assumptions of complex spin might be used to link the microscopic to the macroscopic. At any rate, there are some loose ends in complex spin to be tied up, and these could logically he sponsored with some expectation of results by companies wondering how to make a contribution.

* See Appendix VI

GS page -6-p>
If a real spin or rotation is applied to a planar geoid the gravitational equipotentials can be made less convex, plane or concave. These have the effect of adjusting the intensity of the gravitational field at will which is a requirement for the gravity absorber. Beaumont seemed doubtful whether external power would have to be applied to achieve this. but it seems reasonable to suppose that power could be fed into the system to achieve a beneficial adjustment to the gravitational field, and conventional engineering methods could ensure that the weight of power input services would be more than offset by weightlessness from the spin inducer. The engineering details of this are naturally still in the realms of conjecture; but, at least, it is something that could be worked out with laboratory rigs; and, again, the starting point is to make more accurate observations of small effects. The technique would be to accept any anomalies in nature and from them to establish what would be needed to induce a spin artificially.


* * *

It has been argued that the scientific community faces a seemingly impossible task in attempting to alter gravity when the force is set up by a body as large as this planet and that to change it might demand a comparable force of similar planetary dimensions. It was scarcely surprising therefore that experience had shown that while it has been possible to observe the effects of gravity it resisted any form of control or manipulation. But the time is fast approaching when for the first time it will be within the capability of engineers with bevatrons to work directly with particles that it, is increasingly accepted, contribute to the source of gravitation; and whilst that in itself may not lead to an absorber of gravity, it will at least throw some light on the sources of the power.


GS page -7-

Another task is solution* of outstanding equations to convert gravitational phenomena to nuclear energy. The problem, still not yet solved may support the Bondi-Hoyle theory that expansion of the universe represents energy continually annihilated instead of being carried to the boundaries of the universe. This energy loss manifests itself in the behaviour of the hyperon and K-particles which would, or might, form the link between the microcosm and macrocosm. Indeed Deser and Arnowitt propose that the new particles are a direct link between gravitationally produced energy and nuclear energy. If this were so it would be the place to begin in the search for practical methods of gravity manipulation. It would be realistic to assume that the K-particles are such a link. Then a possible approach might be to disregard objections which cannot be explained at this juncture until further unified field links are established. As in the case of the spin and orbital theories, which were naive in the beginning, the technique might have to accept the apparent forces and make theory fit observation until more is known.


* * *

Some people feel that the chances of finding such a unified field theory to link gravity and electrodynamics are high; yet think that the finding of a gravity shield is slight because of the size of the energy source, and because the chances of seeing unnoticed effects seem slender. Others feel the opposite and believe that a link between nuclear energy and gravitational energy may precede the link between the Einstein general relativistic and Quantum Theory disciplines. Some hope that both discoveries may come together; while a few believe that a partial explanation of both may come about the same time,, which will afford sufficient knowledge of gravitational fields to perfect an interim type of absorber using field links that are available.

* See Appendix IV


GS page -8-

This latter seems the more likely since it is already beginning to happen. There is not likely to be any sudden full explanation of the microcosm and macrocosm; but one strand after another joining them will be fashioned, as progress is made towards quantizing the Einstein theory.


GS page -9-

II - Management note on the Gravitics Situation

The present anti-gravity situation as one of watching and waiting by the large aircraft prime contractors for lofting inventions or technological breakthroughs. Clarence Birdseye in one of his last utterances thought that an insulator might be discovered by accident by someone working on a quite different problem; and in 500 years gravity insulators would be commonplace. One might go further than Birdseye and say that principles of the insulator would, by then, be fundamental to human affairs; it would be as basic to the society as the difference today between the weight of one metal and another. But at the same time it would be wrong to infer from Birdseye's remark that a sudden isolated discovery will be the key to the science. The hardware will come at a time when the industry is ready and waiting for it. It will arrive after a long period of getting accustomed to thinking in terms of weightlessness, and naturally it will appear after the feasibility of achieving it in one form or another has been established in theory.*

The aim of companies at this stage must therefore surely be to monitor the areas of progress in the world of high energy physics which seem likely to lead to establishment of the foundations of anti-gravity. This means keeping a watchful eye on electrogravitics, magnetogravitics gravitics isotopes; and electrostatics in various forms for propulsion or levitation. This is not at the present stage a very expensive business, and

* But this does not mean that harnessed forces will be necessarily fully understood at the outset.


GS page -10-

investment in laboratory man-hours is necessary only when a certain line of reasoning which may look promising comes to a dead-end for lack of experimental data, or only when it might be worth running some laboratory tests to bridge a chasm between one part of a theory and another or in connecting two or more theories together. If this is right, anti-gravity is in a state similar to nuclear propulsion after the NEPA findings, yet before the ANP project got under way. It will be remembered that was the period when the Atomic Energy Commission sponsored odd things here and there that needed doing. But it would be misleading to imply that hardware progress on electrostatic disks is presently so far along as nuclear propulsion was in that state represented by ANP. True the NEPA men came to the conclusion that a nuclear-propelled aircraft of a kind could be built, but it would be only a curiosity. Even at the time of the Lexington and Whitman reports it was still some way from fruition: the aircraft would have been more than a curiosity but not competitive enough to be seriously considered.

It is not in doubt that work on anti-gravity is in the realm of the longer term future. One of the tests of virility of an industry is the extent to which it is so self confident of its position that it can afford to sponsor R&D which cannot promise a quick return. A closing of minds to anything except lines of development that will provide a quick return is a sign of either a strait-laced economy or of a pure lack of prescience, (or both).


GS page -11-

Another consideration that will play its part in managerial decision is that major turning points in anti-gravity work are likely to prove far removed from the tools of the aircraft engineer. A key instrument for example that may determine the existence of negamass and establish posimass-negamass interaction is the super bevatron. It needs some 100 bev gammas on hydrogen to perform a Bragg analysis of the elementary particle structure by selective reflection to prove the existence of negamass. This value is double as much the new Russian bevatron under construction and it is 15 times as powerful as the highest particle accelerations in the Berkeley bevatron so far attained. Many people think that nothing much can be done until negamass has been observed. If industry were to adopt this approach it would have a long wait and a quick answer at the end. But the negamass-posimass theory can be further developed; and, in anticipation of its existence, means of using it in a gravitationally neutralized body could be worked out. This, moreover, is certainly not the only possible approach: a breakthrough may well come in the interaction between gravitative action and heat theory at the moment suggests that if gravity could produce heat the effect is limited at the moment to a narrow range.* But the significant thing would be establishment of a principle.

History may repeat itself thirty years ago, and even as recently as the German attempts to produce nuclear energy in the war, nobody would have guessed that power would be unlocked by an accident at the high end of the atomic table. All prophecies of atomic energy were concerned with how quickly means of fusion could be applied at the low end. In anti-gravity work, and this

* See Appendix V


GS page -12-

goes back to Birdseye, it may be an unrelated accident that will be the means of getting into the gravitational age. It is a prime responsibility of management to be aware of possible ways of using theory to accelerate such a process. In other words serendipity.

It is a common thought in industry to look upon the nuclear experience as a precedent for gravity, and to argue that gravitics will similarly depend on the use of giant tools, beyond the capabilities of the air industry and that companies will edge into the gravitational age on the coat-tails of the Government as industry has done, or is doing, in nuclear physics. But this over looks the point that the two sciences are likely to be different in their investment. Itwill not need a place like Hanford or Savannah River to produce a gravity shield or insulator once the knowhow has been established. As a piece of conceptual engineering the project is probably likely to be much more like a repetition of the turbine engine. It will be simple in its essence, but the detailed componentry will become progressively more complex to interpret in the form of a stable flying platform and even more intricate when it comes to applying the underlying principles to a flexibility of operating altitude ranging from low present flight speeds at one extreme to flight in a vacuum at the other. This latter will be the extreme test of its powers. Again the principle itself will function equally in a vacuum - Townsend Brown's saucers could move in a vacuum readily enough - but the supporting parts must also work in a vacuum. In practice, they tend to give trouble, just as gas turbine bits and pieces start giving trouble in proportion to the altitude gained in flight.


GS page -13-

But one has to see this rise in complexity with performance and with altitude attainment in perspective: eventually the most advanced capability may be attained with the most extremely simple configurations. As is usual however in physics developments the shortest line of progress is a geodesic, which may in turn lead the propulsion trade into many roundabout paths as being the shortest distance between aims and achievement.

But aviation business is understandably interested in knowing precisely how to recognize early discoveries of significance and this Gravity Rand report is intended to try and outline some of the more promising lines. One suggestion frequently made is that propulsion and levitation may be only the last - though most important - of a series of others, some of which will have varying degrees of gravitic element in their constitution. It may be that the first practical application will be in the greater freedom of communications offered by the change in wave technique that it implies. A second application is to use the wave technique for anti-submarine detection, either airborne or seaborne. This would combine the width of horizon in search radar with the underwater precision of Magnetic Airborne Detection, and indeed it may have the range of scatter transmissions. Chance discoveries in the development of this equipment may lead to the formulation of new laws which would define the relationship of gravity in terms of usable propulsion symbols. Exactly how this would happen nobody yet knows and what industry and government can do at this stage is to explore all the possible applications simultaneously, putting pressure where results seem to warrant it.


GS page -14-

In a paper of this kind it is not easy to discuss the details of the wave technique in communications, and the following are some of theories, briefly stated which require no mathematical training to understand, which it would be worth management keeping an eye on. In particular, watch should be made of quantitative tests on lofting, and beneficiation of material. Even quite small beneficiation ratios are likely to be significant. There are some lofting claims being made of 20% and more, and the validity of these will have to be weighed carefully. Needless to say much higher ratios than this will have to be attained. New high-k techniques and extreme-k materials are significant. High speeds in electrostatic propulsion of small discs will be worth keeping track of (by high speed one means hundreds of m.p.h.) and some of these results are beginning to filter through for general evaluation. Weight mass anomalies, new oil-cooled cables, interesting megavolt gimmicks, novel forms of electrostatic augmentation with, hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fuels are indicative, new patents under the broadest headings of force and motion may have value, new electrostatic generator inventions could tip the scales and unusual ways of turning condensers inside-out, new angular propulsion ideas for barycentric control; and generally certain types of saucer configuration are valuable pointers to ways minds are working.

Then there is the personnel reaction to such developments. Managements are in the hands of their technical men, and they should beware of technical teams who are dogmatic at this state. To assert electrogravitics is nonsense; is as unreal as to say it is practically extant. Management should be careful of men in their employ with a closed mind - or even partially closed mind - on the subject.


GS page -15-

This is a dangerous age: when not only is anything possible, but it is possible quickly. A wise Frenchman once said you have only to live long enough to see everything 'and the reverse of everything;' and that is true in dealing with very advanced high energy physics of this kind.

Scientists are not politicians: they can reverse themselves once with acclaim - twice even with impunity. They may have to do so in the long road to attainment of this virtually perfect air vehicle. It is so easy to get bogged down with problems of the present; and whilst policy has to be made essentially with the present in mind - and in aviation a conservative policy always pays - it is management's task and duty to itself to look as far ahead as the best of its technicians in assessing the posture of the industry.


GS page -16-


Gravithermals: alloys which may be heated or cooled by gravity waves. (Lover's definition)

Thermisters: materials capable of being influenced by gravity.

Electrads: materials capable of being influenced by gravity.

Gravitator: a plurality of cell units connected in series: negative and positive electrodes with an interposed insulating member (Townsend Brown's definition).

Lofting: the action of levitation where gravity's force is more than overcome by electrostatic or other propulsion.

Beneficiation: the treatment of an alloy or substance to leave it with an improved mass-weight ratio.

Counterbary: this, apparently, is another name for lofting.

Barycentric control: the environment for regulation of lofting processes in a vehicle.

Modulation: the contribution to lofting conferred on a vehicle by, treatment of the substance of its construction as distinct from that added to it by outside forces. Lofting is a synthesis of intrinsic and extrinsic agencies.

Absorber; insulator: these terms - there is no formal distinction between them as yet - are based on an analogy with electromagnetism. This is a questionable assumption since the similarity between electromagnetic and gravitational fields is valid only in some respects such as both having electric and magnetic elements. But the difference in coupling strengths, noted by many experimenters, is fundamental to the science. Gravity moreover may turn out to be the only non-quantized field in nature, which would make it, basically, unique. The borrowing


GS page -17-

of terms from the field of electromagnetism is therefore only a temporary convenience. Lack of Cartesian representation makes this a baffling science for many people.

Negamass: proposed mass that inherently has a negative charge.

Posimass: mass the observed quantity - positively charged.

Shield: a device which not only opposes gravity (such as an absorber) but also furnishes an essential path along which or through which, gravity can act. Thus whereas absorbers reflectors and insulators can provide a gravitationally neutralized body, a shield would enable a vehicle or sphere to 'fall away' in proportion to the quantity of shielding material.

Screening: gravity screening was implied by Lanczos. It is the result of any combination of electric or magnetic fields in which one or both elements are not subject to varying permeability in matter.

Reflector: a device consisting of material capable of generating buoyant forces which balance the force of attraction. The denser the material, the greater the buoyancy force. When the density of the material equals the density of the medium the result will be gravitationally neutralized. A greater density of material assumes a lofting role.

Electrogravitics: the application of modulating influences in an electrostatic propulsion system.

Magnetogravitics: the influence of electromagnetic and meson fields in a reflector.

Bosun fields: these are defined as gravitational electromagnetic, ¼ and r meson fields (Metric tensor).

Fermion fields: these are electrons neutrinos muons nucleons and V-particles (Spinors).


GS page -18-

Gravitator cellular body: two or more gravitator cells connected in series within a body (Townsend Brown's definition).


GS page -19-


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"How I Control Gravitation"

Published in Science and Invention, August 1929, and
Psychic Observer, Vol. XXXVII, No. 1
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There is a decided tendency in the physical sciences to unify the great basic laws and to relate, by a single structure or mechanism, such individual phenomena as gravitation, electrodynamics and even matter itself. It is found that matter and electricity are very closely related in structure. In the final analysis matter loses its traditional individuality and becomes merely an "electrical condition." In fact, it might be said that the concrete body of the universe is nothing more than an assemblage of energy which, in itself, is quite intangible. Of course, it is self-evident that matter is connected with gravitation and it follows logically that electricity is likewise connected. These relations exist in the realm of pure energy and consequently are very basic in nature. In all reality they constitute the true backbone of the universe. It is needless to say that the relations are not simple, and full understanding of their concepts is complicated by the outstanding lack of information and research on the real nature of gravitation.


The theory of relativity introduced a new and revolutionary light to the subject by injecting a new conception of space and time. Gravitation thus becomes the natural outcome of so-called "distorted space." It loses its Newtonian interpretation as a tangible mechanical force and gains the rank of an "apparent" force, due merely to the condition of space itself.


Fields in space are produced by the presence of material bodies or electric charges. They are gravitational fields or electric fields according to their causes. Apparently they have no connection one with the other. This fact is substantiated by observations to the effect that electric fields can be shielded and annulled while gravitational fields are nearly perfectly penetrating. This dissimilarity has been the chief hardship to those who would compose a Theory of Combination.


It required Dr. Einstein's own close study for a period of several years to achieve the results others have sought in vain and to announce with certainty the unitary field laws.


Einstein's field theory is purely mathematical. It is not based on the results of any laboratory test and does not, so far as known, predict any method by which an actual demonstration or proof may be made. The new theory accomplishes its purpose by "rounding out" the accepted Principles of Relativity so as to embrace electrical phenomena.


The Theory of Relativity thus supplemented represents the last word in mathematical physics. It is most certainly a theoretical structure of overpowering magnitude and importance. The thought involved is so far reaching that it may be many years before the work is fully appreciated and understood.


Early Investigations:

The writer and his colleagues anticipated the present situation even as early as 1923, and began at that time to construct the necessary theoretical bridge between the two then separate phenomena, electricity and gravitation. The first actual demonstration of the relation was made in 1924. Observations were made of the individual and combined motions of two heavy lead balls which were suspended by wires 45 cm. apart. The balls were given opposite electrical charges and the charges were maintained. Sensitive optical methods were employed in measuring the movements, and as near as could be observed the balls appeared to behave according to the following law: "Any system of two bodies possesses a mutual and unidirectional force (typically in the line of the bodies) which is directly proportional to the product of the masses, directly proportional to the potential difference and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them."

The peculiar result is that the gravitational field of the Earth had no apparent connection with the experiment. The gravitational factors entered through the consideration of the mass of the electrified bodies.


The newly discovered force was quite obviously the resultant physical effect of an electro-gravitational interaction. It represented the first actual evidence of the very basic relationship. The force was named "gravitator action" for want of a better term and the apparatus or system of masses employed was called a "gravitator."


Graphic - Figure 1: 


Since the time of the first test the apparatus and the methods used have been greatly improved and simplified. Cellular "gravitators" have taken the place of the large balls of lead. Rotating frames supporting two and four gravitators have made possible acceleration measurements. Molecular gravitators made of solid blocks of massive dielectric have given still greater efficiency. Rotors and pendulums operating under oil have eliminated atmospheric considerations as to pressure, temperature and humidity. The disturbing effects of ionization, electron emission and pure electro-statics have likewise been carefully analyzed and eliminated. Finally after many years of tedious work and with refinement of methods we succeeded in observing the gravitational variations produced by the moon and sun and much smaller variations produced by the different planets. It is a curious fact that the effects are most pronounced when the affecting body is in the alignment of the differently charged elements and least pronounced when it is at right angles.


Much of the credit for this research is due to Dr. Paul Biefield, Director of Swazey Observatory. The writer is deeply indebted to him for his assistance and for his many valuable and timely suggestions.


Gravitator Action an Impulse:

Let us take, for example, the case of a gravitator totally immersed in oil but suspended so as to act as a pendulum and swing along the line of its elements.

Graphic - Figure 2: 


When the direct current with high voltage (75-300 kilovolts) is applied the gravitator swings up the arc until its propulsive force balances the force of the earth's gravity resolved to that point, then it stops, but it does not remain there. The pendulum then gradually returns to the vertical or starting position even while the potential is maintained. The pendulum swings only to one side of the vertical. Less than five seconds is required for the test pendulum to reach the maximum amplitude of the swing but from thirty to eighty seconds are required for it to return to zero.


Graphic - Figure 3: 


The total time or duration of the impulse varies with such cosmic conditions as the relative position and distance of the moon, sun and so forth. It is in no way affected by fluctuations in the supplied voltage and averages the same for every mass or material under test. The duration of the impulse is governed solely by the condition of the gravitational field. It is a value which is unaffected by changes in the experimental set-up, voltage applied or type of gravitator employed. Any number of different kinds of gravitators operating simultaneously on widely different voltages would reveal exactly the same impulse duration at any instant. Over an extended period of time all gravitators would show equal variations in the duration of the impulse.


Graphic - Figure 4: 


After the gravitator is once fully discharged, its impulse exhausted, the electrical potential must be removed for at least five minutes in order that it may recharge itself and regain its normal gravitic condition. The effect is much like that of discharging and charging a storage battery, except that electricity is handled in a reverse manner. When the duration of the impulse is great the time required for complete recharge is likewise great. The times of discharge and recharge are always proportional. Technically speaking, the exo-gravitic rate and the endo-gravitic rate are proportional to the gravitic capacity.


Summing up the observations of the electro-gravitic pendulum the following characteristics are noted:


APPLIED VOLTAGE determines only the amplitude of the swing.

APPLIED AMPERAGE is only sufficient to overcome leakage and maintain the required voltage through the losses of the dielectric. Thus the total load approximates on 37 ten-millionths of an ampere. It apparently has no other relation to the movement at least from the present state of physics.

MASS of the dielectric is a factor in determining the total energy involved in the impulse. For a given amplitude an increase in mass is productive of an increase in the energy exhibited by the system (E = mg).

DURATION OF THE IMPULSE with electrical conditions maintained is independent of all of the foregoing factors. It is governed solely by external gravitational conditions, positions of the moon, sun, etc., and represents the total energy or summation of energy values which are effective at that instant.


Graphic - Figure 5: 


GRAVITATIONAL ENERGY LEVELS are observable as the pendulum returns from the maximum deflection to the zero point or vertical position. The pendulum hesitates in its return movement on definite levels or steps. The relative position and influence of these steps vary continuously every minute of the day. One step or energy value corresponds in effect to each cosmic body that is influencing the electrified mass or gravitator. By merely tracing a succession of values over a period of time a fairly intelligible record of the paths and the relative gravitational effects of the moon, sun, etc., may be obtained.

In general then, every material body possesses inherently within its substance separate and distinct energy levels corresponding to the gravitational influences of every other body. these levels are readily revealed as the electro-gravitic impulse dies and as the total gravitic content of the body is slowly released.


Graphic - Figure 6: 


The gravitator, in all reality, is a very efficient electric motor. Unlike other forms of motors it does not in any way involve the principles of electromagnetism, but instead it utilizes the newer principles of electro-gravitation. A simple gravitator has no moving parts but is apparently capable of moving itself from within itself. it is highly efficient for the reason that it uses no gears, shafts, propellers or wheels in creating its motive power. It has no internal resistance and no observable rise in temperature. Contrary to the common belief that gravitational motors must necessarily be vertical-acting the gravitator, it is found, acts equally well in every conceivable direction.

While the gravitator is at present primarily a scientific instrument, perhaps even an astronomical instrument, it also is rapidly advancing to a position of commercial value. Multi-impulse gravitators weighing hundreds of tons may propel the ocean liners of the future. Smaller and more concentrated units may propel automobiles and even airplanes. Perhaps even the fantastic "space cars" and the promised visit to Mars may be the final outcome. Who can tell?




Research and Preliminary Engineering
Space Vehicle Program

Main Proposal 


SUBJECT: Research and Preliminary Engineering for Space Vehicle Program


Part I - Propulsion

Part II - Navigational and Flight Control Instruments

Part III - Communication and Remote Control Systems

Part IV - Materials of Construction



This proposal recommends a long-range coordinated program for the research and preliminary engineering leading to the construction of prototype space vehicles.

The proposal stresses the importance of research on gravitation and on the relationships between electrodynamics and gravitation. It calls attention to certain possibilities inherent in such a program of development.

The program would be divided and conducted in steps, as follows:


(a) Preliminary investigations of physical methods,

(b) Engineering development,

(c) Advance design,

(d) Construction of operating prototypes.



(a) Propulsion

The program anticipates the use of electric methods of propulsion and control, and specifically excludes the consideration of jet or rocket propulsion devices, per se, except as a means for generating the required high electrical potential. Emphasis is placed on studies of the physical relationships between electrodynamics and gravitation leading to the development of methods of electrogravitic propulsion and steering control.

(b) Navigational and Flight Control Instruments

Problems of space navigation are to be examined, particularly with the view of applying electrogravitic principles in the design of flight instruments to indicate:


1. Gravitational Vector (insensitive to acceleration),

2. Acceleration (insensitive to gravity),

3. Gravitational Gradient (insensitive to acceleration),

4. Gravitational Potential of Space,

5. Electrical Potential of Space,

6. Space Speed (absolute ether drift).

(c) Communication and Remote Control Systems

Applications of electrogravitic induction to communications and remote control are to be developed. Use of gravitational radiation is the objective.

Basic tests with electrically-shielded capacitors and massive high-K dielectrics are proposed. Methods are to extended into full-scale communication systems. Such systems, while similar to electromagnetic (radio) systems may be found to offer many advantages - such as higher penetrability, elimination, elimination of "shaded" areas, higher velocity of wave propagation and a wholly new spectrum of channels.

(d) Materials of Construction

Continuation of the research of the late Charles Francis Brush on the "non-equivalence of mass and weight" is recommended (see appendix). Further confirmation of the Brush findings may be provided by the existence of gravitational isotopes, as distinguished from mass isotopes. Procedures for isolating gravitational isotopes in common aircraft metals, with the object of creating super-light alloys.

Methods of beneficiation are suggested for enriching the content of lighter gravitational isotopes in common aircraft metals, with the object of creating super-light alloys. The spontaneous evolution of heat, observed by Brush and Harrington, appears to be one of the characteristics of lighter gravitational isotopes, and may serve as a tracer in the steps of beneficiation. Studies are proposed to determine the source of the energy and to investigate possible uses of said heat.

This program is to include a study of the rare earth metals and their alloys, and also the metal tantalum, regarded as potential aircraft materials. In nature, most of the rare earth metals (and tantalum) indicate mean values of specific gravity having large negative anomalies, and this property makes them interesting as probable rich sources of gravitational isotopes required in the manufacture of super-light materials of construction.




Purpose: Generation of quasi-gravitation by electrical means, quantitative measurements and derivation of equations.


One of the basic relationships between the electrodynamic field and the gravitational field appears to be revealed "during the process of charging or discharging electric capacitors".


Confirming experiments are proposed in which two or more large high-voltage capacitors are associated spatially with a short-period geophysical gravimeter. Careful observations are to be made of the momentary gravitational anomalies induced in the region which accompany the change in electrical state. Studies are proposed of the effects of varying total capacitance, rate-of-change of electric charge, mass of dielectric materials, specific inductive capacity of said materials and whether the effects are vector or scalar. These investigations shall be directed toward the derivation of a satisfactory mathematical expression including all of the above factors.



Purpose: Transmission and reception of electro-gravitational waves for purposes of communication and remote control.


Preliminary experiments have indicated the existence of an inductive inter-action between two independent shielded capacitors. In these experiments, a discharging capacitor induces a voltage in an adjacent capacitor, and the effect appears to penetrate electromagnetic shielding. Theoretically, this effect of one capacitor upon another appears to be electrogravitic in nature and constitutes evidence of a new type of wave propagation. It is believed that this form of inductive transmission may eventually be utilized in a completely new method of wireless communication.


It is proposed that progressively larger-scale and longer-range transmissions be conducted. Beginning with untuned systems, laboratory tests are proposed to explore the basic electrogravitic relationships between simple systems of capacitors. Then, progressing to tuned systems, and pulsed (radar) applications, large-scale out-of-door demonstrations are suggested. Such demonstrations shall be conducted between suitably protected transmitting and receiving vaults (preferably underground) which are thoroughly shielded against electromagnetic radiation. Appropriate studies of wave attenuation due to transmission through large masses of earth may then be undertaken. Similar studies of wave attenuation in sea water are also prosed. These studies are to be supported by fundamental research on the nature of electrogravitic induction (See appendix for outline).



Purpose: Isolation and measurement of electrogravitic forces in solid dielectrics.


Investigations conducted by Biefeld and Brown point to the existence of a hitherto unrecognized ponderomotive force in all ferroelectrics under changing electric stress. This force appears to be a function of the specific inductive capacitance and the mass of the dielectric material, as well as high voltage and current factors. Recent availability of the massive barium titanate (high-K) dielectrics and other dielectrics of this class give promise of developing these forces to the point where they may become of practical importance in specific propulsion applications.


A survey of dielectric materials revealing this effect is proposed. Beginning with a critical analysis, using the Townsend Brown Differential Electrometer (an instrument developed at the Naval Research Laboratory and at the University of Pennsylvania), studies are proposed of the forces developed in mica, glass, marble, phenolics and dielectrics in general and then, in particular, the newer ceramic dielectrics. This work is to be augmented by basic determinations of the Biefeld-Brown effect in vacuum. (See appendix).

It is proposed that, after suitably active materials are selected, scale models of other rotary and linear "motors" be constructed and tested. With the necessary engineering data then at hand, a motor to weigh approximately 500 lbs. may be constructed to propel a model ship. This is proposed as a practical demonstration of one of the forms of electrogravitic drive.

Ether drift and space-couple observations, including specifically a repetition of the classic Trouton-Noble experiment (but using massive dielectrics) are suggested as being of interest not only for their contribution to basic knowledge of the nature of space but as bearing upon the principle of operation of space speed indicators (See appendix).

Low temperature experiments in physics of the solid state (using the liquid-helium cryostat) are highly recommended but are expensive. These experiments, however, may be so designed as to provide answers to many questions relative to the fundamental nature of gravitation. They are to embrace such subjects as the "Anomalous Mass of the Electron in Metals" and the "Behavior of Super-Cooled Dielectrics".

The availability of the liquid-helium cryostat would enable the project to engage continuously in low-temperature work which could contribute enormously to our knowledge of solid state physics.



Purpose: Development of high speed electrokinetic propulsive systems for spacecraft.


Studies of boundary forces (where electrodes are in contact with fluid dielectrics) reveal the existence of a "complex" of inter-acting forces, some of which are purely electrostatic, some electromagnetic and some which could be electrogravitic. The tentative theory requires these electrogravitic forces to be present whenever a mass of dielectric material is charged and moving, and to increase in proportion to the volume of the fluid which is charged and moved. Hence, it is, in a sense, the juxtaposition of the elements of the static form of the capacitor described in Group C experiments, and provides what may be described as an electrokinetic propulsive system, with direct applications to high speed aircraft and spacecraft.


It is proposed that electrically-charged circular airfoils be mathematically analyzed and improved. Starting with 2 ft. discs at 50 KV, the steps of the development should include 4 ft. discs at 150 KV and a 10 ft. disc at 500 KV. Careful measurements are to be made of both static and dynamic thrust. Studies are also proposed wherein the discs are adapted for vertical lift (levitation) as well as for horizontal thrust and this feature may be incorporated in the design of the 10 ft. experimental model.

It is proposed that studies likewise be made of various methods for obtaining the required high voltages, and these studies should include the development and evaluation of the capacitor voltage multiplier and the "flame-jet" electrostatic generator to provide up to 15 million volts (See appendix).

This work is to be augmented by the engineering studies on the relative efficiency of propulsion of electrified discs in air at reduced pressure or in vacuum and at various voltages.



Purpose: To establish the existence of the positive effects observed by Brush and Harrington, determine the origin of the energy represented and extend the observations into the rare earth /and other/ elements.


The discovery by Charles Francis Brush of an unexplained heating effect in certain materials is strikingly reminiscent of the discovery of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel which led to the isolation of radium by the Curies. Recent studies have indicated a certain parallelism between the radioactive elements and the rare earth elements, revealing the possibility of a spontaneous release of energy (in this instance in the form of heat alone) by the rare earth elements.

Thus, the newly discovered "thermoactivity" may bear the same relationship with the rare earth elements as "radioactivity" bears with the radioactive elements. In all probability the source of the energy represented in thermoactivity will be found in the complex unstable electronic shells of the rare earth atoms, and not in the nuclei as in radioactivity.

The anomalous gravitational properties of the rare earth elements and their wide-spread but tenuous occurrence in nature point to other parallels with the radioactive elements such as decay of activity and critical limits of mass.



1. Conduct an organized examination of materials (complex silicates, lavas, and clays) known to exhibit spontaneous heating.

2. Conduct a field search for additional materials.

3. Attempt to isolate and purify materials showing spontaneous heating.

4. Extend the examinations into the rare earth metals and tantalum.

5. Conduct mathematical and theoretical studies of gravitational isotopes as distinguished from mass isotopes.

6. Study the mechanism of spontaneous heat generation and the decay of the effect.

7. Study the effects of ionization, electric and magnetic fields upon the effect.

8. Study methods of beneficiation of materials for intensification of the heating effect.




1. Gravitational Vector (stable vertical)

2. Accelerometer (inertial gradient)

3. Gravitational Gradient (gravity)


Purpose: Engineering development and design, adaptation for operation in conjunction with servo mechanisms for actuating flight control devices.


The physical principles underlying the operation of these instruments have evolved from the findings of C. F. Brush (see appendix - references). Quite recently, careful studies of the records of the Brush experiments have been made. The conclusions, while still highly controversial, leave no doubt that the Brush concept, if supported, can provide answers to many difficult and, as yet unsolved, problems in navigational and flight control instrumentation.

The Brush findings may be expressed simply:


"the ratio of mass to weight is not the same for all kinds of matter, as has been supposed, and the mass-weight ratio is not constant even in the same kind of matter".
Based on the hypothesis of the non-equivalence of mass and weight, the principles of three instruments have evolved as follows:

1. Gravitational vector (stable vertical)

Two equal (inertial) masses of unequal weight are utilized in a balanced pivoted device. Such a device may be said to be inertially symmetrical and gravitationally asymmetrical. The pivoted system will orient itself to the vector of gravity and yet remain insensitive to the inertial effects of acceleration and centrifugal force.

2. Accelerometer (inertial gradient)

Two unequal (inertial) masses of equal weight disposed in a pivoted device as above, but with spiral spring (or the like) tending to restore the movable system to zero position. The pivoted element responds quantitatively to inertial effects of acceleration and centrifugal force but is insensitive to gravity.

3. Gravitational Gradient (gravity)

Such an instrument is the reverse of the accelerometer above and structurally resembles the gravitational vector indicator except that it includes a spring which is adjusted to restore the indication to zero in the absence of a gravitational field. The movable element responds quantitatively to gravity (g) only and is completely insensitive to all inertial effects such as acceleration or centrifugal force.


It is proposed that operating models of the three types of instruments be constructed and tested on a centrifugal carriage. Materials for the dipoles of the pivoted systems are to be selected from benificiated gravitational isotopes (both light and heavy) developed under Group E. These prototype instruments are to be adaptable for operation in conjunction with telemetric circuits or servo mechanisms for actuating flight control devices.


Graphic - Space Program Proposal Flow Chart: 


Now see NASA'A

real program coverup




Increase human knowledge of nature's processing using the space environment 

HEDS Enterprise Objective 1.1:

Understand the fundamental role of gravity and the space environment in biological, chemical, and physical systems 

KSC Future Plans:

DE Accomplishments:


Browns program



(a) Laboraory facilities

To be supplied directly by the parent company or its subsidiaries.

(b) Personnel

Members of the regular research and engineering staff of the parent company and its subsidiaries, with services of such technical or operational consultants as may be necessary.

(c) Sub-contracts

To be awarded only when it is impractical or uneconomical to perform the work with company facilities.




1955 - October through December (3 months only)
Organizational work and planning ($ 3,000.00)

Establishment of technical reference library on gravitation and allied subjects ($ 5,000.00)

Preliminary beneficiation of gravitational isotopes ($ 12,500.00)

Engineering design of flight control instruments ($ 12,500.00)

Quantitative tests of Biefeld_Brown effects in solid dielectrics ($ 9,500.00)

Basic tests on propagation of gravitational waves for communication purposes ($15,000.00)

Total ($ 57,500.00)


1956 - 1958 (3 years)


Detailed schedule and expenditures to be determined during the preliminary organizational and planning stage.


Respectfully submitted.

T. Townsend Brown

Washington D. C.
December 1, 1955


"The Wizard of Electro-gravity"

The man who discovered how UFO's are powered
by William L. Moore

Saga UFO Report, May 1978



The most illuminating insight into how UFO's are powered can be found in the life and work of an obscure but brilliant American scientist and inventor, Thomas Townsend Brown. Born into a prominent Zanesville, Ohio family in 1905, Brown displayed early in life an interest in space travel - a subject consider4ed sheer fantasy in the days when there were still those who looked askance at the Wright Brothers' flying machines. Nonetheless, young Brown was not so easily dissuaded, and enjoyed dabbling with what then regarded as "modern" electronics. It was his youthful toying with the then infant ideas of radio and electromagnetism that provided a background which was to be invaluable to him in later years; and it was during the course of this experimenting that Brown somehow acquired a Coolidge X-ray tube - an item that was to lead him to make a startling discovery.
X-rays,(or Roentgen Rays) were indeed mysterious forces in those days (in fact, American physical chemist William D. Coolidge had only just invented the "Coolidge tube" itself in 1913), and even legitimate science was only beginning to learn anything about them. Brown wasn't interested in the X-rays, per se, however. Somewhere in his head rested the idea that maybe a key to space flight might be found here; and toward that end, he set up an experiment to determine whether there might be a useful force of some sort exerted by the X-rays emanating from his Coolidge tube.

Trying something that no other scientist of his day had thought of, Brown mounted his tube in extremely delicate balance and began "testing" for results. To his disappointment, he was unable to detect any measurable force exerted by the rays regardless of which way he turned his apparatus; but to his amazement, he did note a very strange quality of the Coolidge tube itself. Every time it was turned on, the tube seemed to exhibit a motion of its own - a "thrust" of some sort, as if the apparatus was trying to move! Investigating further, Brown had to spend considerable time and effort before the truth finally dawned. The X-rays had nothing whatsoever to do with this new-found phenomenon - it was the high voltage used to produce the rays which was behind it!

Brown now began a series of experiments designed to determine the nature of the "force" he had discovered, and after much effort finally succeeded in developing a device which he optimistically called a "Gravitor." His invention looked like nothing more than a Bakelite case some twelve inches long and four inches square, but when placed on a scale and connected to a one hundred kilovolt power source, the apparatus proceeded to gain or lose about one percent of its weight (depending on polarity). Brown was sure he had discovered a new electrical principle, but he remained unsure of just what to do with it. And in spite of the fact that there were a few newspaper accounts of his work, no scientist of any stature expressed an interest in his discovery - a not entirely surprising reaction when one considers that Brown was only then about to graduate from high school!

Readily recognizing his youth as a handicap, Brown elected to "proceed with caution," and in 1922 he entered the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) at Pasadena, CA. as a "promising young freshman," and spent his first year courting the favor of his professors - among them the late physicist and Nobel laureate, Dr. Robert A. Millikan. His success in being able to convince his instructors of his excellence as a lab man was offset by his complete inability to gain even the slightest measure of recognition for his ideas about electro-gravity. His teachers, steeped to the last in the rigors of 19th century scientific discipline, steadfastly refused to admit that such a thing could exist, and hence, "weren't interested." Undaunted, Brown transferred nearer to home to Kenyon College (Gambier, Ohio) in 1923, remaining there only a year and then transferring to Denison University at Granville, Ohio, where he studied as an electronics resident in the Department of Physics under Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld, professor of physics and astronomy and former classmate, in Switzerland, of Dr. Albert Einstein.

Unlike Dr. Millikan at Caltech, Bielfeld proved to be interested in Brown's discovery, and together the two of them, professor and student, experimenting with charged electrical capacitors, developed a principle of physics which came to be tentatively knowns as the "Biefeld-Brown Effect." Basically, the "effect" concerned the observed tendancy of a highly charged electrical condenser to exhibit motion toward its positive pole - the same motion observed earlier by Brown with his Coolidge tube.

Following the completion of his formal education, Townsend Brown joined the staff of the Swazey Observatory in Ohio, where he remained some four years and during which time he married. Opportunity came searching in 1930, and Brown left the staff of Swazey to sign on with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C., as a specialist in radiation, field physics and spectroscopy.

It was during this phase of his life that he participated in the Navy Department's International Gravity Expedition to the West Indies in 1932, and as a physicist in the Johnson-Smithsonian Deep Sea Expedition of 1933. Later that same year, the Depression took its toll and budget cutbacks forced him to leave the Naval Research Lab in search of "greener pastures." Undaunted, he joined the U.S. Naval Reserve, and, finding scientific jobs scarce, ;anded a position first as a soil engineer for the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and later as an administrator for the Civilian Conservation Corps in Ohio.

Daytime jobs during the thirties, however, did not prevent Brown from continuing his studies of physics in general and the Biefeld-Brown effect in particular during available evening and weekend hours; and with the passage of time, the original "Gravitator" design saw numerous improvements.

In 1939, Brown, now a lieutenant in the naval reserve went to Maryland as a material engineer for the Glenn L. Martin Company of Baltimore (later Martin Aerospace), but was there only a matter of months when he was called upon by the Navy to become officer in charge of magnetic and accoustic minesweeping research and development under the Bureau of Ships. He served faithfully, presing over the expenditure of nearly $50 million for research (there were some fifteen Ph.D.'s responsible to Brown at one point), and even consulting with Einstein himself on occasion (the common bond, remember, was Dr. Biefeld), until after Pearl Harbor when he was transferred, with the rank of lieutenant commander, to Norfolk to continue his research while heading up the Navy's Atlantic Fleet Radar School there.

The early years of the war saw Lieutenant Commander Brown deeply involved as a physicist with projects conducted under the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC), and later under its successor, the Office of Scientific Research headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush. Among other things, Brown performed some very valuable high-vacuum work as well as experiments centered on perfecting methods of ship deguassing. However, the combined effects of his having worked "too long and too hard," and of his personal disappointment in the failure of his projects to gain proper recognition resulted in a nervous collapse in December of 1943. Retirement from the service quickly followed and Brown was sent home to rest.

Six months later, the spring of 1944 found him working as a radar consultant for the advanced design section of Lockheed-Vega Aircraft Corporation in California. Colleagues referred to him as a "quiet, modest, retiring man...a brilliant solver of engineering problems" and "exactly the sort (of man) one expects to find in important research installations." More importantly, he was still working on his Gravitator, although, interestingly, Brown would not speak in terms of gravity when describing it - preferring rather to use the more scientific but decidedly less sensational term "stress in dielectrics."

Things began to look up just a bit in the post-war years. After leaving Lockheed, Brown went to Hawaii to take up private residence and to continue his research. It was during this time, partly through the efforts of an old friend (A.L. Kitselman) who was then teaching calculus at Pearl Harbor, that Brown's Gravitor device, somewhat improved over earlier editions, came to the interest of none other than Admiral Arthur W. Radford, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet (later to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Eisenhower, 1953-57). As a result of Admiral Radford's interest, Brown was temporarily accorded consultant status to the Pearl harbor Navy Yard, but in spite of the fact that the former lieutenant commander was well treated by his navy friends, it appears from the evidence that they considered his invention as rather more of an interesting curiosity rather than any sort of key to space travel. Perhaps, to engage in a bit of speculation, had Brown been more of a salesman than a scientist, things might have been different.

In the meantime, the appearance of UFO's on the American scene at the turn of the decade had succeeded in capturing Brown's personal interest. Eagerly following the controversy as it raged among the military and scientific community in the late forties and early fifties, Brown postulated that perhaps with the proper worldwide scientific appraoch, the question of how UFO's are powered might be solved. In those days, his belief in the abilities of modern science was such that he even dared to speculate on the posibility of a quick solution, given the proper resources and manpower, and, of course, he remained constantly aware of the possibility that he had, through his own efforts at research into electrogravity, hit upon one of the keys to the mystery.

Moving to Cleveland in 1952, Brown conceived of a project he called "Winterhaven." An idea which he hoped with proper refinements could be offered for sale to the military establishment. Through patient research, he succeeded in improving the lift force of his Gravitator apparatus until it was such that it could lift significantly in excess of one hundred per-cent of its own weight - a success that should have raised the eyebrows of any respectable scientist or pentagon official - but apparently didn't, even though the aparatus involved was quite sophisticated and, as we shall see, the demonstrations most impressive.

According to modern science, everything in the known universe owes its existence to three basic energies or forces: electromagnetism, nuclear forces and gravity. Whether these three are separate forces, or whether they are manifestations of some more basic unifying force is still a matter of conjecture. Indeed, Albert Einstein's life work was largely devoted to trying to perfect a theory of Unified Field, and in the process of trying to derive the field equations involved, came to speculate that what we call "matter" is, in reality, only a local phenomenon exhibited by areas of extreme field-energy concentration. Even establishment science does not question the patently obvious relationship between electricity and magnetism, but the relationship of these two fields to the "gravity field" constitutes an area physics, which, more than twenty years after Einstein's death, is still largely incomprehensible to modern science. In general, most of orthodox science in the seventies does tend to recognize a loose linking or "coupling" effect of some sort between electrical and gravitational forces, but precious few scientists have seen fit to speculate that this coupling effect might be at all applicable. At least, such is the case officially, although there exists sufficient reason to suspect that there may have been significant advancements in this area which are still well hidden under that proverbial "brass lid" emblazoned with the phrase "Top Secret."

In any event, Townsend Brown's departure from orthodoxy rests on the above point. Brown firmly believes there is a linking force between gravity and electricity. Whether there may be a further connection between magnetism and gravity, and hence a "unifying" field relationship between all three is yet another question. But to get back to basics; Townsend Brown believes - and his experiments seem to bear him out - that the Biefeld-Brown Effect manifests a proven link between electricity and gravity.

A "dielectric" is defined as a material which has the unique ability of absorbing electrical energy or "charge" without ordinarily passing this energy on to neighboring materials. Some dielectrics are able to absorb enormous quantities of electrical energy (also referred to as "elastic stress") without discharging, providing that the energy is fed into the dielectric slowly and at low potential. Still others can be charged at extremely high potential at a rate equal to several thousand times each second. Townsend Brown concerned himself principally with this latter type. Using just such a dielectric, Brown constructed disc (or saucer) shaped condensers, and, by applying various amounts of high voltage direct current, witnessed the Biefeld-Brown effect in action. With the proper construction and electrical potential (in the kilovolt range) the disc-shaped "airfoils" were made to fly under their own power, emitting a slight hum and a bluish electrical glow as they did so. More scientifically, perhaps, this process of "flight" might best be described as "motion under the influence of interaction between electrical and gravitational fields in the direction of the positive electrode."

In 1953, Brown succeeded in demonstrating, in his laboratories, the flight of disc-shaped air foils two feet in diameter around a circular course twenty feet in diameter. The process involved tethering these saucer-shaped craft to a central pole by means of a wire through which the necessary D.C. electrical potential was supplied at a rate of fifty thousand volts with a continuous input of fifty watts. The tests produced an observable top speed of an amazing seventeen feet per-second (11.5 miles per hour).

Working with almost superhuman determination and at great cost to his personal finances, Brown soon succeeded in surpassing even this accomplishment. At his next display, he exhibited a set of disks three feet across flying a fifty foot diameter course with results so spectacular that they were immediately classified. Even so, most scientists who witnessed the demonstrations remained skeptical and generally attributed Brown's motive force to what they called an "electrical wind," in spite of the fact that a veritable "electrical hurricane" would have to be involved to produce the lift-potential observed. Pitiful few gave any credence whatsoever to the idea that the Biefeld-Brown Effect might represent anything new in the world of physics. Government funds were sought to enable the work to continue, but in 1955, seeing that the money was not forthcoming, a disgruntled Brown went to Europe in hopes that perhaps he might be able to generate a little more entusiasm on the continent.

Demonstrations were given first in England, but it was on the mainland under the auspices of a French corporation, La Socie'te' National de Construction Aeronautique Sud Ouest (SNCASO), that things really began to look promising. During a set of tests performed confidentially within the company's research laboratory, Brown succeeded in flying some of his discs in a high vacuum with amazing results, thereby proving that, in fact, his discs flew more efficiently without air. Also proven during this series of experiments was that the speed and efficiency of the the "craft" could be increased by providing greater voltage to the dielectric plates. Contemporary accounts easily visualized speeds of several hundred miles-per-hour using voltages in the range of one to two hundred thousand electron volts, and at least one writer spoke of of a "flame jet generator" then in the planning stage, which supposedly would be able to provide power potential up to 15 million volts! In fact, plans had been laid for the immediate construction of a large vacuum chamber and a one-half million volt power supply when disaster struck the project in the form of a corporate merger. SNCASO had agreed to combine with a larger company to form what was termed a "Super Douglass of France": Sud Est. The president of the emerging company proceeded to demonstrate an appalling lack of interest in "these far-out propulsion research efforts" and favored instead an increased interest in "air frame manufacture." All faciliteis designated and created by the former president to carry on the work on electro-gravity were summarily cancelled and a thouroughly disappointed Brown was forced to return home to the U.S. in 1956.

The summer of that year found him living in the Washington, D.C. area still interested in UFO research and hoping fervently that if scientific evidence could be uncovered suggesting their possible method of propulsion, his own work would be greatly enhanced - an idea which leads us down yet another avenue of Townsend Brown's life.

The key to this phase was a then 67-year-old widow named Mrs. Walton C. John - better known as "Clara" to her friends. Clara John was the occasional publisher of a mimeographed tract known as The Little Listening Post which dealt with a variety of of novel and esoteric items, not the least of which was the UFO. In the course of her excursions into the netherworld of the bizarre and the novel, she had come into contact with Townsend brown and by 1955 had managed to maintain an intermittant correspondence with him for several years.

Clara John, however, was far too active a personality to satisfy her interests through mere correspondance. In the spring of 1956, Mrs. John had enthusiastically organized a small circle of friends and acquantances, all of whom shared a common interest in the UFO, into what came to be called "The Flying Saucer Discussion Group" - an informal collection of the curious and interested which met on a more-or-less monthly basis at the Y.W.C.A. and invited well known figures in the UFO field to speak.

Barely a month later, what was to become the largest, and for a time the most influential, of the UFO organizations was created: "the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena," more commonly referred to as NICAP. On Aug. 29, 1956, a mere two weeks after final endorsement by the Flying Saucer Discussion Group. Townsend Brown filed documents of incorporation for the new organization in the District of Columbia, listing among the Board of Governors two physicists, two ministers, two businessmen, a former rear admiral and a retired army brigadier general. Clara John voiced the hopes of all concerned by stating her expectations that the "floodgates of confusion" in the UFO field had "at last found a safe and orderly outlet."

Through September and October, Brown, in his capacity as director began to set up shop. The new committee, he felt, should be organized along proven corporate lines so as to insure maximum efficiency in all phases of the operation. Accordingly, an acting treasurer was appointed, office space was acquired, and the services of a secretary obtained. At last, with the final approval on Oct. 24, 1956 of NICAP's corporate charter, Brown's dream became reality. It was, for Brown, to be short lived.

The showdown came at a climatic meeting of the membership in January, 1957, at which Brown was accused of following an iresponsible fisical policy and leading the group on too radical a course. During the shouting match that followed, Brown's anti-gravity theories were repeatedly referred to amidst allegations that Brown's sole purpose was to further his own research. Faced with bankruptcy or reorganization, the Board of Governors forced Brown's resignation the next day and appointed former Marine Major Donald E. Keyhoe, noted UFO author and investigator, as the new director with virtually unlimited powers.

The loss of the helm following the January confrontation was, at the very least, a severe blow to Brown's hopes for Winterhaven - but the work went on. Within a year, he was busily engaged as chief research and development consultant for the Whitehall Rand Project, a new anti-gravity venture being conducted under the personal auspices of Agnew Bahnson, president of the Bahnson Company of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In 1958, believing he had finally generated enough momentum to "go it alone," Townsend Brown organized his own corporation under the name of Rand International Limited, and set himself up as president. Although numerous patents were applied for and granted both in the U.S. and abroad, and in spite of many patiently given demonstrations to interested governmental and corporate groups, success again eluded him.

In the early sixties, Brown did a brief stint as physicist for Electrokinetics Inc., of Bala Cynwyd, PA. and upon terminating his employment there, went into semi-retirement. Since then, he has lived on in California, quietly pursuing his research in hopes that perhaps someday, with a little luck, the world will notice.

His most recent involvement is with a project housed largely at Stanford Research Institute with additional assistance being provided by the University of California and the Ames Research Center of NASA. The object of the research, details of which are still largely under wraps, is to try to determine what connection there is, if any, between the earth's gravitational field and rock electricity (petroelectricity).

Which, of course, leads us to the prime question of this article: Why indeed has Townsend Brown's impressive life's work gone so seemingly unoticed for the past three decades? Even today, Brown is still of the opinion that further research into the Biefeld-Brown Effect could lead to a sensational breakthrough in space propulsion methods, not to mention the more domestic variety - if appropriate funding could be made available. Granted, research is expensive, but - is money the real reason for the apparent lack of interest? Perhaps. Or maybe, as Brown himself suggests, the human race is not yet ready to accept a scientific breakthrough that could place man within reach of the stars.


See NASA's Site on their Pyramid programs for Space

Pyramid Parallel Unstructured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Library

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Aliens: ETs or demons?

Tom Hami

Ever since the Kenneth Arnold "flying saucer" sighting and the Roswell incident, both of 1947, our country has had a fascination with the notion that beings from outer space have visited our planet. But in the last couple decades, so called "alien abductions" have gotten much attention from the mainstream media, and people are beginning to question the nature of this phenomenon. It is of particular interest that just in the last couple years, the religious press has been full of articles about ETs and UFOs. This is because these "aliens" seem to primarily be on a mission to lead people away from God. And because of this fact, we must attempt to identify and fully understand their true nature. I believe the answer, just like so many others, can be found in the Holy Scriptures.

I first want to look into the theory that says that this alien presence is from another planet, or extraterrestrial.

This theory is definitely troubled. The statistics against intelligent extraterrestrial life ever being able to reach our planet go a long way to disproving this notion, but they are simply not convincing to many. So we must examine other factors. The bizarre actions of these supposedly advanced beings need to be considered:


This is not exactly what we would expect from a highly-evolved race of intergalactic travelers. And there are still other factors that don't add up:


There really is no hard evidence that UFOs are actually physical objects, and with these factors I have just mentioned in mind, it seems even more unlikely. It seems that beings such as these who claim to be so advanced and evolved would be civilized as well. However, they are not civilized beings at all, but rather are cruel towards humans and hostile towards Christianity (which they have attempted to discredit without ceasing). And yet, to do these trivial things the aliens have supposedly traveled millions of light years.


Another curious aspect of the alien abductee phenomenon is the fact that the aliens always return their victims. These beings do not show any mercy towards our humanity in other ways, and yet, the abductee's are always left to tell their story. This simply would not make sense if the beings truly were extraterrestrial.

It is improbable for these and so many other reasons that we have ever been visited by a superior race from another planet. Yet there is a wealth of information that quite clearly exposes the true nature of the "aliens": they are just another satanic deception.

The first matter I want to look into is that these entities have shown a great deal of interest in casting doubt on the validity of the Bible. They often will do this by influencing people to twist the scriptures, and make it appear as if they are the real god of the Bible. An example of this that I will refer to occasionally is called 'The Way', an online deception that claims that Jesus (along with Buddha and Mohammed) were messengers sent by the aliens to bring enlightenment to the world. Bible verses are also taken out of context and twisted to support this position; this tactic, however, strongly suggests that the aliens are demonic, because we know that twisting the scriptures is one of Satan's favorite tools of deception. He even used it himself when tempting Jesus:

"Then the devil took him to the holy city and placed him on
the pinnacle of the temple, saying to him, "If you are the Son
of God, throw yourself down; for it is written, 'He will command
his angels concerning you,' and 'On their hands they will bear
you up, so that you will not dash your foot against a stone.'"
Jesus said to him, "Again it is written, 'Do not put the Lord your
God to the test.'" (Luke 4:5-7)

The principal goal of evil is to sway people to its side, and evil always targets those who have already found the light, and are of God. Satan has rightly determined that one of the best techniques to deceive the faithful is to use their own Holy Book against them. So, what the aliens are doing is admitting that their message is not strong enough to stand on its own, and it needs to use the Bible as a crutch. Those who know the truth know that the Bible needs nothing else to support it's message; it can stand completely on its own.

So what are these people seeing and experiencing? Abductee's have reached a consensus about who and what their abductors are, and that is that they are physical beings. So the question we must ask is, can we find anything in the Bible similar to this, that describes evil beings, not of this earth, that have visited our planet? What comes to mind is the account of the "Sons of God" in Genesis 6, which corrupted the earth with evil and mated with earth women to produce the Nephilim/giants. These actions sound very similar to the reports of abductees that say they were forced into sexual intercourse with the aliens. All in all, this is just another instance of how the workings of evil are the same as they have always been. The only difference is that they have been given a new, clever packaging for this "new age".

The Sons of God are understood by most to be the angels that participated in Satan's rebellion against God; thus, they were fallen angels. In Genesis 6, these fallen angels had taken on physical human bodies, just as angels of the Lord have done from time to time (Gen 18, 19). These visitations to earth by Satan's angels have been frequent throughout all of time, and they were in reality responsible for the worship of pagan gods. Actually, they probably were the gods of pagan mythology. You see, all of the world's myths have multiple gods and goddesses as their main focal point. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the only religions which are and have been monotheistic. So, in their attempts to thwart the purpose of the one true God, the fallen angels would pretend to be divine, so as to cause the gentiles to worship them. And isn't this why Satan (and his angels) rebelled in the first place? Because they wanted to be like God?

13: For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
14: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
(Isa 14:13-14)

Not only did the fallen angels influence all of ancient mythology in general, but by causing the Gentiles to worship them, they pitted the Jews (and later the Christians) against everyone else. This may not seem to be relevant to the whole alien issue, but if we look closely at what these entities are doing today, we see obvious parallels to ancient times. As you can read in 'The Way', the aliens are claiming through their contactee's that they are the God of the Bible. They are enforcing devil worship, just as they did in ancient times by bringing about pagan religion.

1 Cor 10:20
20: But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.

This passage identifies the object of pagan sacrifice as demons. This confirms the relationship between demons and aliens: in ancient times, the evil angels pitted the Gentiles against the men of God; today, the aliens have brought about New Age philosophy and religion to oppose Christianity. Evil is still doing things in the exact same way it did them so long ago.

But those with faith have the Holy Scriptures as a constant reassurance that this modernized paganism is merely the work of demons, which have no power over the faithful:

Gal 4:8-9

8: Howbeit then, when ye knew not God, ye did service unto them which by nature are no gods.
9: But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage?

New Ager's pervert the scriptures to supplement the explanations given to them by the aliens, but they do not realize that if they had actually read the whole Bible, they would find passages like this one, which expose the true nature of their "space brothers". They are bowing down the same god that their pagan predecessors worshiped - and that "god" is Satan!

The supernatural nature of the fallen angels allows them to move in and out of this dimension, even disguising themselves in order to further the deception. Evil angels have appeared to many people in forms such as Jesus, Mary, celebrities, or dead relatives. According to some sources, Pope John the 23rd wrote in his diary that both Jesus and Mary appeared to him many times, and made many false predictions to him about the future - (1). So it is not a stretch to say that Satan's angels could appear to humans as little grey creatures, reptilian beings, etc. Remember that Satan appeared to Eve in the form of a snake, which we know is not the only form that has been taken by him. Evil merely conforms itself to each particular situation; for example, if it is necessary to appear as Mary to further somebody's deception, that is what it will do. Since the people of this generation have a great desire for contact with beings from other planets, that is how satanic forces have chosen to appear to people. Of course, they can not hide their true nature from us, and in the process of deceiving people they feel it necessary to torment them as well, just as in the demonic possession of old.

There is even more in scripture that connects the fallen angels to demons, and thus to the aliens of today. Consider these two verses:

Psalm 103:20

20: Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.

2 Pet 2:11

"Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring
not railing accusation against them before the Lord."

These both tell us that all angelic beings, created by God, are much stronger and powerful than us humans. We are also told in 2 Kings 19:35 that it only took a single angel to slay 185,000 Assyrians. These illustrations make it clear that the angels can easily dominate us humans. So with this in mind, consider these verses:

 Mark 5:3-4

3: Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains:
4: Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him.

Acts 19:13-14, 16

13: Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.
14: And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.
15: And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?
16: And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

Based on these passages, I think it is likely that some demons are the same as fallen angels, because they share many of the same attributes. Even after their fall, these angels did not lose their physical prowess.

Another theory explaining the "alien" (Ael-ian) phenomenon is that they are demonic spirit beings which inhabit genetically engineered bodies; this may be true as well. The only sure thing about aliens is that they are a tool of Satan, who is the "prince of the power of the air" (Eph 2:2). And since the origin of all evil is from the "heavenly places", we can better understand why it still comes from there in the form of deceptive UFOs. We truly do "struggle against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places" (Eph 6:12).

Another interesting aspect of these beings is that they know what they are up against:

"You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons
believe—and shudder." (James 2:19)

They know the truth about God, but they ignore it, because after the rebellion and fall from heaven, their fate in the lake of fire was sealed (Matt 25:41). Since then, it has become one of their premier goals to cause confusion amongst people about God's identity, and leave us questioning the validity of the scriptures. Today, these demons promote "New Age" religion to undermine faith in God; however, this same method of deception is most definitely not new. We know these same practices, promoted by the aliens, as having been with us throughout history, yet they have only recently been given the title of "New Age". People used to recognize these same evil beliefs and practices as being a part of the world of the occult, and the fact that New Age practices are so similar to occultic rituals makes a clear connection between aliens and demons.

The UFO phenomenon is the first occultic comparison I wish to make. Now we all know what we see when we see UFOs, but what are they really? I have already affirmed that it is unlikely that most UFOs are physical objects. And while some UFO sightings can be explained by natural phenomena, misidentifications, or just plain hoaxes, often something is really there. The theory which I support is that the fallen angels are powerfully manipulating matter and energy to create the effect of flying craft. This process is known as transmorgrification in the world of the occult, and is tied in with magic. Basically, UFOs are produced by a form of magic. This is explained in the following excerpt from a booklet on UFOs:

"However the UFO is produced, it is frequently of small
dimensions - an area where an extremely large amount of energy
is concentrated.... This energy can manifest pulsed light
phenomena of a variety of colors, and apparently produce
electromagnetic radiation that may distort mechanical operations
and/or witnesses' perceptions." (2)

Remember that the fallen angels have been around for a very long time, since the initial creation of this world (Job 38:7). Not only were they given superhuman powers, but they have had a long long time to become masters of their trade of deception. We may not know exactly how they can do what they do, but we can be sure that they are the ones doing it.

There is another connection to be made between the fallen angels and the aliens of today. But before I discuss that, I want to make something perfectly clear:

the gods of mythology = fallen angels = demons = "aliens" Ael-ians



The aliens of today are powerfully creating the illusion that UFOs are actual physical craft. And we know that illusions are a vital part of the world of magic, as well as in the occult. So you'll be interested to know that, by some accounts, it was in fact the gods/fallen angels that first introduced magic into the world. We read of this in the apocryphal Book of Enoch:

"Amazarak taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots: Armers taught the solution of sorcery; Barkayal taught the
astrologers; Akibeel taught signs...." (1 Enoch 8:3)

The teachers referred to in that verse were some of the 200 hundred evil angels which descended onto the earth (1 En 6:8) and began the spread of magic, and thus the occult. The connection to the gods of mythology is confirmed in this excerpt from a Bible dictionary:

"The employment of magic by gods as a means to achieve
definite purposes is well attested in the Sumero-Akkadian and
Canaanite religious literatures." (3)

This shows us that the characters of the gods in mythology were, in fact, heavily influenced by the fallen angels. The dictionary went on to say that "the goddess Ishtar wore charms when she descended to the nether world." The connection I am making here may be understood by those who are familiar with the Marian apparition and Mary-entity phenomena. In the last century there has been a huge outbreak of appearances by an entity claiming to be the Virgin Mary. However, it seems much more likely that this Mary entity is synonymous with many of the goddesses of ancient mythology, such as Isis, Ishtar, Diana, and even the pagan-goddess Ashera, that is spoken of in the scriptures. 'The Way' admits as much. The connection made here is that the Mary-entity is still making use of magic, as was seen in the Fatima and Zeitoun, Cairo appearances of Mary.

This all shows that the same demonic beings which introduced magic and astrology into the world in the first place, continue to use it for their own purposes, mostly to deceive mankind. UFOs are all a part of the endtimes deception that is currently preparing people to accept the Antichrist.

2 Thes 9-11

9: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
10: And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

Matthew 24:24

24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Revelation 13:14-14

13: And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
14: And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

These passages clearly state that in the endtimes, there will be false signs associated with satanic forces and the Anti-Christ, and I believe we are already seeing some of these in the form of counterfeit UFOs. I discuss further the purpose of UFOs and the mission of the aliens in 'The Alien Objective'.

The occult has been with us throughout history, as we can see in the numerous Biblical accounts of pagan rituals and magic. Yet God's law has always forbidden any of these practices, and we know that God has not by any means changed His stance on the subject:

Deut 18:10-11

10: There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
11: Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

This statement condemns people who "consult spirits" and "seek oracles from the dead", also known as mediums. These mediums have always been around, making contact with demons that impersonate the dead, and deceiving those that are ignorant and gullible. Yet this exact same practice continues to go on today, under a different name. In the world of New Age, these people are called "channelers" or alien "contactees". They are serving the same purpose to demons that mediums always have, and that purpose is to spread deception. The mediums/contactees of today are telling people that the demonic spirits they are making contact with are actually extraterrestrials, who desire to come and help our planet. The contactee movement is giving New Agers and many others the false impression that aliens are benevolent, and are coming to save this broken down world. But this is the farthest thing from the truth, as we have already seen. They are here merely to lead people from the truth about God and the Bible, and prepare this world to welcome the Antichrist as king.

The next subject to be discussed is Whitley Strieber, who has authored a very revealing series of books about the nature of aliens. These books tell us so much about aliens for one reason: the author is an an alien abductee/contactee. He has assumed the role of one who has been deceived by these beings, into thinking that they are benign, despite the torture that he has undergone at their hands. His works reveal the true nature of aliens for what they are:

"[It] seemed almost to be a demon with a narrow face and dark,
slanted eyes. It spoke to me in a high, squeaky voice." (4)

"I felt an indescribable sense of menace. It was hell on earth to
be there, and yet I couldn't move, couldn't cry out, couldn't get
away. I'd lay still as death, suffering inner agonies. Whatever
was there seemed so monstrously ugly, so filthy and dark and
sinister. Of course they were demons. They had to be. And they
were here and I couldn't get away." (5)

Despite the fact that he knows what these creatures really are, he begins to welcome them and becomes convinced that contact with them is a positive experience:

"Again, though, I felt love. Despite all the ugliness and the
terrible things that had been done, I found myself longing for
them, missing them!" (6)

Demons are very very smart, and they have ways of attracting people to them, regardless of the torment that they might receive. Strieber is truly a victim of demonic possession, which we know about from the Bible. He has also become influenced by their anti-Christian declarations, as he is quoted as calling the Lord and his angels "Nazis of the air" - (7).

We can gather from his account and many other people's abduction stories that aliens usually do not prey on those who know Jesus. In fact, in an article from the Florida Today, we read of a non-religious man who was in the process of being "abducted" by aliens, but called out to Jesus, and the abduction stopped - (8). If they were extraterrestrial beings, why would they respond to that name? The answer may be found in this Bible verse:

Mark 16:17

17: And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

As I have said, these demons are merely posing as extraterrestrials - but they can't hide their demonic nature. There are many additional accounts of abductions just plain stopping after Jesus was mentioned, in the same way that demon possession can only end with Jesus' name being spoken. And what is just as fascinating is that in nearly every account of alien abduction, there is a definite lack of genuine faith in God among the abductees - there is no evidence of a faithful Christian having ever been abducted. So if alien abduction is just an updated version of the demonic possession of old, then it may be that aliens simply can not abduct those who have true faith in Jesus Christ. For confirmation of this we can look to Romans 8:38-39, where we read that nothing in this world will be able to separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ, not even the "principalities" and "powers" that are identified in Ephesians 6:12 as being the "rulers of the darkness of this world" (fallen angels and demons).

Another question which arises from these findings is, how could an abduction in a UFO even conceivably stop midway? It seems in all the cases where an abduction stopped that the abductee was immediatly back in bed. Again, the explanation can be found if we are to equate aliens with demons.

When people are "kidnapped by aliens", it is usually just demons playing with their head - altering people's perceptions of their surroundings, and controlling what they see and even think. In the Bible, it says that Satan showed Jesus all the world's kingdoms "in a moment of time" (Luke 4:5), probably by controlling His perceptions in the same way that demons control the perceptions of their "abductees".

Also, some of the more fantastic details about alien abduction come from hypnotic regressions, which are not reliable sources of truth, because often times the hypnotists are New Agers who may have ulterior motives. Hypnotists have the power to control and alter a person's consciousness, sometimes making them "remember" things in a slightly different way than how things really happened. Consider the fact that many abductees have reported being taken, in a UFO, from their apartment in crowded cities such as New York. How could this be possible, without anyone else seeing the craft and reporting it? Yet hypnotic episodes are often used as the sole evidence that people have actually been taken aboard alien craft, even though many abduction researchers have admitted that these experiences are "almost completely psychological in origin" - (9).

What is undisputable, however, is that these abduction experiences are extremely traumatizing to the victims. This is for two reasons: the overwhelming power of the demons involved, and the lack of faith of the victim. Christ acknowledged just how powerful a demon-spirit could be over a person in Mark 9:29. And earlier in this account, He taught of how it is absolutely necessary that a person have faith in God before a demon can be cast out (Mark 9:23). This is exactly what we are seeing today.

I mentioned earlier how it would not make sense for beings of an extraterrestrial origin to leave their victims back in their homes after the abduction. The way I see it, if they are really that interested in doing tests and breeding with humans, why not just take them permanently? In fact, I have not read a single abduction report where a person actually describes being taken onto another planet. It seems that if the aliens really were from another world, they would be taking people there all the time. But that is not the case. I believe there is a good reason for this:

If we are to accept that aliens are the same as demons, then we also will accept that their realm is in another dimension of this very planet. They are allowed to move in and out of the different dimensions of earth, but there are certain things which they can not do. They simply can not take other people into their dimension. Because demons are spiritual in nature, they can freely penetrate the barriers between our dimension and theirs. But we can not. God has put up this barrier for a reason: to prevent demons from permanently stealing humans. While God does allow aliens to torment some people, he makes sure that they can not be taken for good. And because of this fact, humans are never taken to the realm of the aliens. They are probably never even removed from their bedroom.

Now the aliens/demons will not torment just anyone. A person must in one way or another, welcome that kind of evil into their lives. Satan can not have access to a person's soul unless they in one way or another give him their free will consent. In some situations, a parent's involvement in the occult may cause a demonic spirit to torment their offspring; but often times, the person being possessed will have at one point in time given Satan his permission to send in demonic forces. While occult practices, such as witchcraft, or even the use of a Ouija board, are always easy ways to attract evil spirits, physical weakness plus a lack of faith has often brought on demonic possession.

Many trance inducing and mind altering techniques used by New Agers have in the past also brought on alien abduction and demon possession. Some of these include New Age meditation, kundalini yoga, channeling, and visualization with the intent of astral projection, also known as the OBE (out of body experience). In fact, Robert A. Monroe, who has authored many of the modern astral projection techniques, has spoken of having problems with demons. You see, once your spirit leaves your body, demons are free to come and take your place. When you return, you may find that you must now share your body with evil spirits. In Mark 9:26-27, the demon-possessed boy actually died after his demon was cast out, suggesting that his body no longer contained his own spirit, but was completely controlled by a demon. Experimenting with New Age practices is the simplest way to give Satan permission to do as he pleases to you.

As I said earlier, physical weakness often will clue demons in to the fact that a person may be susceptible to them. You'll notice that the only time that Jesus' faith was questioned by evil was when he had been fasting for forty days and was most likely in a weakened state (Matt 4). All the other times, Satan knew he didn't have a chance to tempt him, so he didn't even try. This is exactly how demons operate; when you are broken down and failing physically, demons may prey on your weaknesses to try to turn you from good to evil. If you have doubts about God, they might bring those out and attempt to ruin your faith with them. Remember, we don't know exactly how these spirit beings operate, but we most certainly are at spiritual war with them (Eph 6:12). And because we are in the endtimes, it is crucial that we understand the point I am making: aliens and demons want to claim our soul for Satan! They want to keep us from the truth:

"In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the
unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of
the glory of Christ, who is the image of God." (2 Cor 4:4)

While that passage was speaking of those who don't believe, the forces of evil use these same techniques when they tempt us. Evil tries to keep the truth from us, because it knows that when we know the truth, they can not touch us. It is only in our weakened state (a.k.a. our time of trial), when we are doubting the truth, that evil thinks it has a chance at succeeding. The only action they can take against us is to exploit our doubts, fears, or pride to make us disregard the truth. Now there are obvious measures that can be taken to overcome these weaknesses that are outlined for us in the Holy Scriptures, you just have to search a little. Truly, the best offensive we can take up against Satan is to build a strong defense on the Word and on prayer.

Getting back to the main issue, I want to take a moment to speak to those who recognize the similarities between aliens and demons, but still have an image in their minds that aliens as benevolent. My advice would be that every time you see or read about aliens, you mentally equate them with the demons that really they are. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking that they have any of our interests at heart. They are only interested in serving their master Satan. There is not one good demon, not one! In the same way, there is not one good alien. Even though they may appear to be from the light (2 Cor 11:14), they are most definitely beings of darkness. They rape, torture, and paralyze innocent humans for their own pleasure, and denounce the Lord our God whenever they can. They drive people to insanity and often to suicide. They rob people of their souls.

The pressure put on the saints in the endtimes by the forces of Satan will not only be the physical persecutions by the Falsechrist, but also by spiritual warfare from his demons the fallen angels. The temptation to give in to the devil will be strong, as will be the delusion, so we need to fully realize and accept the true nature of these beings now. Please pray for those caught up in New Age/occultic practices, because they truly are under the power of Satan. Please pray that these people will find a release from their tormenters, which can only be found in Jesus Christ. And finally, pray that God will help you work this new knowledge of aliens and demons fully into your own understanding of the world. Peace be with you.


I presume you have also heard about the Zohar (Parshas Balak 3:212b) that is creating so much commotion. This is a free rendering of the text:

"On the sixth day, there will be seen a comet" [which is discussed in the paragraph in the text that precedes this quote. Commentaries explain it is not really a comet, but a fireball that will explode in mid-air, heralding 1) the fall of the dominion of the gentile nations, and 2) the transfer of authority to King Moshiach, who is about to be revealed], "on the 25th day of the 6th month" [the 25th of Elul (September 13th in the year 2001)] "and this will conclude on the 7th day, at the end of 70 days" (the implication is that we should watch for something on or around Thanksgiving Day of this year). [Note: As of Thanksgiving Day, news reports revealed that the Taliban began to surrender; since that day there has been a growing sense of imminent triumph on the part of the Americans.]


Behold the coming of the sun god RE the Cosmic christ, the son of perdition and his demons, just in time for their wars of their g-d hashem and the revealing of their Olam Ha Ba under his temporary helm. Prepare your selves in the name of Jesus Christ the Word of God the Most High.


Inserted 2-17-2004

NASA Admits Two Large
Comets Will Become Visible
In Less Than 10 Weeks

By David Booth

Announcing Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR)
Credit & Copyright: Mike Holloway

Explanation: A newly discovered comet may outshine most stars in the sky by May. Designated Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR), the comet was discovered in 2002 October by project LINEAR. Many reports already place the comet as brighter than magnitude 7, meaning that it can now be seen with binoculars. Reports also indicate the comet already has a visible tail nearly the length of a full Moon. Since predicting the future brightness of comets is a very tricky business, there remains the possibility that T7 might never become visible to the unaided eye. Alternatively, another comet, C/2001 Q4 (NEAT), may also reach naked eye visibility at nearly the same time, making 2004 April and May two of the busiest bright-comet months in centuries. Comet T7 can be seen on the above right on January 20, while an airplane trail is visible on the left


In a world looking for answers about the many predictions of earth changes associated with a possible incoming planetary body, and it's associated entourage, please don't look to NASA! Now, I'm not saying this out of disrespect but rather from their history of obstructing, confusing and downright hiding of information from the very people that provide them their funding, the public. Three months ago we began receiving reports from researchers in the Southern Hemisphere that a number of 'objects' were becoming visible to the naked eye, and had been previously picked up through telescopes. Well, image my surprise when reading from NASA a couple of days ago: Alternatively, another comet, C/2002 Q4 (NEAT), may also reach naked eye visibility at nearly the same time, making 2004 April and May two of the busiest bright-comet months in centuries. Say what? That's right! NASA is now saying that during April and May, 2004 not one, but two naked eye comets will be visible.
There are some caveats though, mainly that these comets are approaching the earth from the southern hemisphere and will not be that visible to people in the Northern Hemisphere. In a world where NASA is always looking for positive publicity they sort of 'sneak' two naked eye comets becoming visible into the news just short of 8 weeks before the world sees them? I don't buy it! After all, we've been hearing about these 'objects' (and though they're admitting two, we're hearing about 5-6) for months.
We're at this very moment translating some interesting reports we've received over the weekend from Russia and I'll report back to you tomorrow on them. For now? Get ready for the 'show' of the century!
According to NASA that is. NASA Link: Until Tomorrow David Booth WhatDoesItMean.Com





Who is Ra?



also spelled RA, OR PHRA, in ancient Egyptian religion, god of the sun and creator god. He was believed to travel across the sky in his solar bark and, during the night, to make his passage in another bark through the underworld, where, in order to be born again for the new day, he had to vanquish the evil serpent Apopis (Apepi). As the creator, he rose from the ocean of chaos on the primeval hill, creating himself and then in turn engendering eight other gods.

Originally most solar gods had falcon form and were assimilated to Horus. By the 4th dynasty (c. 2575-c. 2465 BC), however, Re had risen to his leading position. Many syncretisms were formed between Re and other gods, producing such names as Re-Harakhty, Amon-Re, Sebek-Re, and Khnum-Re. Aspects of other gods influenced Re himself; his falcon-headed appearance as Re-Harakhty originated through association with Horus. The influence of Re was spread from On (Heliopolis), which was the centre of his worship. From the 4th dynasty, kings held the title "Son of Re," and "Re" later became part of the throne name they adopted at accession. As the father of Ma'at, Re was the ultimate source of right and justice in the cosmos.

At Thebes, by the late 11th dynasty (c. 1980 BC), Re was associated with Amon as Amon-Re, who was for more than a millennium the principal god of the pantheon, the "king of the gods," and the patron of kings. The greatest development of solar religion was during the New Kingdom (1539-c. 1075 BC). The revolutionary worship of the sun disk Aton during the abortive Amarna period (1353-1336 BC) was a radical simplification of the cult of Re. During the New Kingdom, beliefs about Re were harmonized with those concerning Osiris, the ruler of the underworld.


Revelation 13:11-18

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth: and he had two horns like a lamb (Like Jesus) and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all of the power of the first beast (False Christ) (As his apostle?) before him. , and he causeth the earth and those that dwelleth therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And deceiveth them that dwelleth upon the earth, by means of those miracles, which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell upon the earth, that they should make an image unto the beast, which had the wound by a sword and did live. 

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand 

(Star of Molech-Star of Shame? Star of ownership? Star of the new messiah Ben David?) 

or in their foreheads; And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: And his number is Six Hundred, Three Score and Six 


Your Government is covering up the star on it's way. Note the eye of Horus. And they had a King over them who had his name in Greek Appoluon and in the Hebrew Tongue Abaddon.....and in the Egyptian tongue Horus the sun g-d

"The son of David (i.e. Moshiach) will not come until all souls will be brought forth from the spiritual treasure called `guf' ("body" in the heavens above)," which at the time of birth, becomes vested into a physical, corporeal body.



Great Seal of the United States (reverse, detail)



9th Degree Apron Memphis and Misraim

Magi Philosophy=999 Trinity of the sun, what the fallen angels taught to man.







But Isis, Semiramis, Columbia = Liberty died, remember the space shuttle?

Apollo and the Continents
Giovanni Batista Tiepolo, 1731


& who is the next Pontifex Maximus of the order of the Talmudic Simon Magus? Giovanni Batista RE

More on the Cosmic Christ@



While you were all being deceived by the Whore of the Babylonian G-d, the Talmudic hoax propagated by Untermyer and C. I Scofield, they, the sons of satan's synagogue who call themselves Jew but who do lie, the Pharisees of the god of Babylon known as Baal, Osiris, Horus, Abaddon, Appoloun and all the kings of the earth which have drank out of the cup of the whores indignation, have gotten their Olam Ha Ba , New World Order. All the while you were complacent and apathetic and apostate to the WORD of God the Most High. Oh, No...there is no seven year Peace Treaty, the Only Covenant, the Holy Everlasting Covenant is Confirmed by the ONLY Messiah the Only Prince of God the Most High, Christ Jesus.

Says the Zohar HaKodesh.

I will show you, but not for now, for these things will only come to be at that time, some after time and some in the Days of King Moshiach. "A star has gone forth from Ya'akov [Jacob] ..." (Bamidbar 24:17). This teaches us that in the future, The Holy One, Blessed is He, (Moshaich ben Satan) will build Jerusalem and one star will spark within seventy pillars of fire and seventy sparks will receive light from it in the middle of the sky. The other seventy stars will be swallowed within it. It will give off light and blaze for seventy days. At the end of the sixth day [6,000 years] it will become visible at the beginning of the twenty-fifth day of the sixth month. It will be gathered in at the end of seventy complete days  and be visible in the city of Rome, and on that day, three great walls will fall and great hail will fall and the power of that city will die. Then this star will become visible in the world, and it will instigate a great war from all four sides ...(Bear-Lion-Eagle-Leopard?) When Moshiach becomes revealed the people of the world will be suffering trouble after trouble, and the enemies of the Jewish people will be prevailing. Then the spirit of Moshiach will be aroused and the evil Edom [Esau, Jacob's brother] will be destroyed and the Land of Seir [Esau's land] will be burned with fire ... (Zohar, Balak, 212b)


Olam Ha Ba-One World Order

Their wars of their g-d hashem which they say is God the Word, but it is not, for they rejected the God of Abraham the Word. They believe they must get the land from the Nile to the Euphates back, this will trigger WWIII

In these troublous times, nation against nation Mother against Daughter, father against son under TIPS, Homeland Security, famine pestilence and Tesla earthquakes by use of the ELF Electromagnetic Longitudinal Frequency Howitzer

The Sofiet Bear, the Chinese Bear, The Franco-German Leopard, The British Lion, the American Eagle will spawn a Sofiet Bolshevik,socialist, capitalist fourth beast which is stronger then them, the "New World Order"

The Universal Noachide Laws will be declared, any who refuse the Talmudic Olam ha Ba "New World Order and stand firm that Jesus Christ is the Only Messiah the Only Prince the Word of God made flesh, God and his Father, the Alpha and the Omega, and give their testimony of him, the life, will be expelled from the Olam ha ba, these haters of secular Talmudism, from the Olam Ha Ba, for the good of humanity and even for their own good, so that according to the Talmudic Chabad Lubavitch Illuminated Elders of Pharisaic Zion they can be reincarnated and come back and bow down to Moshaich ben Perdition. They will be beheaded according to the Perverted books of the sons of the synagogue of Satan, the Talmud Bavli for their testimony of Christ Jesus. They who were decieved and who believed not the Word in Righteousness but gave in to the fables of these Talmudic Jews and their lackeys the preachers of false Zionism will worship the beast, for God hath sent them a strong delusion so that they believe the Lie.


The command will go forth FROM GOD THE MOST HIGH to build the Temple unto the Messiah the Prince, the Only Messiah the Only Prince of God, Christ Jesus

seven weeks later the building will begin in these troublous times

sixty two weeks or 1 year and ten weeks later it will be finished

In the middle of the last week they once again will cut the Messiah the Prince off with their sacrifice of another animal dismissing the Final Sacrificial Lamb, Christ Jesus the Messiah the Prince

The false Christ, their new mere man, Moshiach ben Satan will be revealed

he will be for 30 days and receive a terrible wound, many will think him dead, but his father Satan will revive him

he will continue for 1290 days

Blessed are they who cometh and waiteth unto the 1335 days

As for the rest of the beast they lose their dominion but not their lives for 1 year and 1 season

From this vision to begin the sacrifice unto the cleansing of the Temple is 2300 days




All coming together with smooth rapidity

Ancient Israel, the Zodiac, and the Sun God

The latest edition of Biblical Archaeology Review asks an interesting question: Did some ancient Jews observe the Zodiac and worship Helios, the Greek sun god? Raiders News Update believes 2 Kings 23: 11 and similar verses prove this to be true--but what does this mean?

Archaeologist Zeev Weiss describes a mosaic recently uncovered in an ancient Jewish synagogue in Sepphoris in which a zodiac surrounds a striking portrayal of the Greek sun god Helios. Evidently similar artwork has been discovered in synagogues at Tiberias, Khirbet Susiya, Na'aran, Husifa, Yafia, Beit Alpha and Sephoris.

Lucille Roussin, writing for the March-April edition of BAR believes she knows why the mosaics were made, and her explanation might bother some people. 

"The Babylonian Talmud (Shabbat 156b) records a debate about the validity of astrology for Jews," she says. "Rabbi Hanina, a Babylonian who came to Palestine to study with the great Judah ha Nasi, compiler of the Mishna, said, 'The planetary influence gives wisdom, the planetary influence gives wealth and Israel stands under planetary influence.' In contrast, Rabbi Yohanan, who lived in about 250 C.E., declared, 'There are no constellations for Israel.'"

According to Roussin the rest of Shabbat 156b "is devoted to arguments in support of Rabbi Yohanan's position against planetary influence." Roussin points out that this very argument proves that some Jews did indeed believe "that Israel stood under planetary influence" and that Helios was probably a related minor deity to whom they offered prayer.

Either way, Roussin cannot help but ask, "What in the world is a Greek god doing in a synagogue?" The same questions provided fodder in the RNU book, The Gods Who Walk Among Us

While Roussin's assumptions are correct in that "Synagogue mosaics from the late Roman and early Byzantine periods in Palestine offer evidence that Jews did indeed believe that Israel stood under planetary influence," she fails to address the bigger issues of 1) where did the ancient Hebrews derive such a notion; 2) did similar religious concepts exist in divergent cultures simultaneously around the world; and 3) does this weaken or support the fundamentalist biblical view of a single Creator.

"What in the world is a Greek god doing in a synagogue?"

Can zodiacs and dedications to a Greek god in an ancient Jewish synagogue actually provide support for the notion that Yahweh is the one true God and Creator? Probably, and the somewhat unorthodox conclusion begins with a simple idea called Original Revelation. 

The basic premise is that a perfect revelation existed between God and man "in the beginning." The first man Adam was one with God and perceived divine knowledge from the mind of God. The human was "in tune" with the mental processes of God, and understood, therefore, what God knew about science, astronomy, cosmology, eschatology, and so on.

After the fall, Adam was "detached" from the mind of God, but retained an imperfect memory of the Original Revelation including a knowledge of God's plan of redemption. This point of view seems reasonable when one considers that the earliest historical and archeological records from civilizations around the world consistently point back to and repeat portions of a similar Creation story.

Two things began to occur in the decades after the Fall: 1) information from the original revelation became distant and distorted as it was dispersed among the nations and as it was passed from generation to generation; and 2) (for those who believe in a real Devil) the realm of Satan seized upon this opportunity to receive worship, and to turn people away from Yahweh, by distorting and counterfeiting the original revelation with pagan ideas and "gods". Instead of viewing the galaxy and stars as a heavenly map laid out by God, men began celebrating the stars and worshiping the 'deities' believed represented by them. "Profesessing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God..." (Rom. 1:22-23).


And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Apollo (Son of Zeus)

Horus (Son of Osiris Re)

Short Excerpt from Jungian author, Edward Edinger's book - The Eternal Drama: "Apollo's attributes are the sun, light, clarity, truth. He represents the principle of rational consciousness which, in so many of the positive and heroic figures of mythology, faces great difficulties in being born.

Hera in her jealousy (of Zeus' affairs) pursued Apollo's mother, Leto, so that no place on earth could be found for his birth. Finally he was born on the floating island of Delos, which shows us in what tenuous ways the light of "consciousness" first comes into the world…

Apollo killed the Python of Delphi and took over that oracle, so he is vanquisher of unconscious terrors. He is golden-haired like the sun; he is an archer who shoots arrows of insight and/or death; he is a god of music and the lyre. Healing belongs to his realm: he was the father of Asclepius, the god of medicine. The Muses are part of his retinue, so that music, history, dreams, poetry, dance, all belong to him. The Muses are those we call on when we evoke creative imagination to give us helpful images…

The sun god of the Babylonian Talmudic Order of Nimrod of Simon Magus the Pontifex Maximus sent by the Talmudic Bavli sons of the synagogue of Satan to finally bring total discredit to the TRUE Church of CHRIST JESUS the Messiah the Only Prince. And yes their g-d is returning, and the Pharisaic Rabbi's are doing the work of their father, the father of lies, and they are scattering the power of the TRUE SAINTS of the Lord, who by faith in Christ Jesus are the seed of Abraham, whose God is the WORD. The whoer's daughters are returning. The Pontifex Maximus John Paul II is giving his blessings to all world religions and telling them they do not need Christ Jesus for Salvation. Making them obedient Goyim Freemason Noachides under the Talmudic Bavli laws of Satan, thus again rejecting Christ Jesus the Lamb slain since the foundation of the world, and sent to give Salvation unto all who believe.

"This would be the first instance I know where a great power (in fact, a
superpower) [the United States] would do the fighting as the proxy of a
small client state [Israel]." --Historian Paul W. Schroeder

Ezekiel 8:6-18

6: He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should go far off from my sanctuary? but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations. 
7: And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall.
8: Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door.
9: And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.
10: So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, pourtrayed upon the wall round about.
11: And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up.
12: Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth.
13: He said also unto me, Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations that they do.
14: Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.
15: Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these.
16: And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD's house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east;
and they worshipped the sun toward the east.
17: Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose.
18: Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them.

The Star Of David

star of Moloch, they made with their hands

By Cohen G. Reckart

Light To The Nations

With quotes from Gershom Sholem's book *The Star Of David*

Above, the hex is symbolic of the light and dark sides in witchcraft. God is pictured as both good and evil, light and darkness.  The solar serpent lucifer is the symbol of the knowledge (gnosis) of the revelation of eternal life.  The macroprosopus is said to be copied in the microprosopus (the Macro and Micro of the universe).  This god wears the triple crown and emblazoned on his chest is the occult Maltese Cross.  The idea transferred is that God is what man is (male & female a bisexual); as above so below, as in the spiritual so in the natural. The entire body of mysticism of Kabbalah is hidden within the hex.

Here are several quotes from the above book and some comments to help bring the history of the ancient hex up to modern day.

Mr. Sholem says:  "The hexagram is not a Jewish symbol.  It arouses no hopes.  Insofar as it had any connection at all with the emotional world of a pious Jew, it was on the level of fears which might be overcome by magic (p 259)."

So in our first quote, we see the hex was an amulet and has to do with fear not hope.

The figure of the hexagram, with its two interlocked triangles is to be found among many peoples and is often associated with another figure, the pentagram.  The seal of Solomon, ...a protective sign in magic. Its first certain appearance can be established on the head of Ashtoreth as her personal sign. It next appears in the seal of one Joshua ben Asaiah, which dates from the late monarch period (about 600BC) probably about Jeremiah's time.  The hexagram next appears much later on a Synagogue in Capernaum (2nd or 3d century building), ...displaying the Hitler swastika RIGHT NEXT TO IT?

Rabbi Akiba allegedly used it as a Messianic symbol in the war of liberation conducted by Simon ben Cozeba who took on the messianic name *Bar Kochba,* which means the "son of the star."  He led the Jewish revolt against the Emperor Hadrian (see p 261).

The real history of the Shield of David and its emergence in Judaism, ...leads us back into the world of Jewish magic (see p 263).

It is said that the Tetragrammaton YHVH or YHWH was replaced or substituted by the hexagram on Solomon's signet ring sometime before the sixth century AD (see p 265).

It appears in magic versions of a secret Jewish witchcraft book called: *The Key Of Solomon The King* now published by Richard Cavendish, Samuel Weiser, Inc., publishers.*  Before this was brought out of the secrecy of Judaism and the gypsies practice of it, the hex was found in versions of the Mezuzah, ...a capsule containing the Bible passage of Deut 6:4.  This verse was written on parchment and according to Rabbi Eliezer of Metz (12th Century) it was a common practice to add seals at the end of the verse contained in the Mezuzah for the sake of the increased security of the home from evil.

Maimonides protested that the Jews had perverted the great commandment regarding the proclamation of God's unity, the honor and love of him of which the Mezuzah speaks by making it an amulet, ...i.e. inserting hexagrams at the end of Deut 6:4, when it was supposed to be a mark of distinction upon their doorways of the monotheism of God and his blessings provided they keep the Law, otherwise a curse would be upon the home and family.  Some believe that the use of the hex was to ward off God bringing evil upon a Jewish home or family if they did not observe or keep all the Sinai Covenant.

The above mentioned practice of the magic version of the Mezuzah originated no doubt in Babylon.  During the dark ages, the Jews numbering in the millions still lived there until around 1054AD when an Arab ruler evicted them.

Isaac (Isaak) Luria's students in Safed, Israel knew of a certain "general talisman" which they describe as a hexagram and designate it as the seal of Solomon.

Sholem reports: "Beginning in the 16th century, many such amulets displaying a hexagram achieved considerable popularity (see p 267)."

This sign of the distinctive MARK of the Davidic house was thus connected with magic within the Kabbalistic symbolism of the "kingdom of David".  Among the Kabbalist this "kingdom" is a symbol of the tenth sefirah (Malkuth) in the tree of the ten emanations by which the Godhead manifests itself.  This sefirah is represented in the upper world by the mystical body of the congregation of Israel, in the lower, however, by the "kingdom of David" (see p 271).

The career of the shield of David as magic not only reaches its height, but it moves beyond the realm of magic to become a symbol of the vision of the messianic redemption, which the followers of the Kabbalistic messiah Sabbatai Zevi (1666), believed they had already begun to detect.

Hexagram=The seal of MBD, or seal of the God of Israel.
Hexagram=A messianic symbol of the arrival of the redemption embodied in Sabbatai Zevi.

If Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschutz, one of the greatest Talmudic scholars of the age, was a Sabbatian, then we would have to admit that the Shield of David was a very significant symbol for his secret vision of redemption (due to his prolific use of it).  It was not only the seal of David, but also that of the Son of David, who is the messiah.

The Hex on the head of the great whore Asthtoreth as her personal symbol, cannot be overlooked as having an influence and a possible source of this diabolical image of jealousy (see Ezk 8:3), that has now become associated with the one true God and His Messianic Kingdom.

The Modern interpretation of the emblem as a symbol of redemption, ...Star of Redemption, owes its initial rise to the stammerings of the Sabbatians about the redemption to which these amulets bear secret witness.  ...The fathers of the Zionist movement, when they emblazoned the Shield of David on the flag of the Jewish rebirth of the nation, ...were in harmony with the secret intentions of those Sabbatians.  ...Again their opponents compared the Zionist venture to that of the Sabbatians.  ..The discovery of THIS SECRET FAMILY TREE OF THEIR SYMBOL (see p 273).

The pentagram must still have been competing with the Shield of David as a type of Jewish insignia (see p. 277).

After 1680 the Shield of David, emanating from Prague and Vienna (the Askkenazic not the Sephardic branch of Judaism), uses it on its seal from the 18th century onward.

Sholem says the Jews of the emancipation period were looking for a "symbol of Judaism" to match the symbol of Christianity (see p 279).

Choosing a symbol for the Jewish religion as such, was for them concealed by the magic nature of the sign which was familiar to them from numerous amulets.  All of the trust which the pious Jew has in the Shield of David rests on the feeling it give him of protection and security from hostile powers.  So the symbol is also of hope and redemption.

The Hex also appears on a coin of Herod the Great and on that coin it is poised over the dome of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Recent findings in Redpaths History of the world, shows several cuts taken from Babylonian engravings that pictures the hex used as a symbol of Nimrod. It appears the symbol was also used to represent Shemesh or the sun-god. If it can be drawn that Nimrod was represented as the son of Shemesh in the same manner that the Pharaohs were considered sons of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god, then the history of the hex back to Babylon and to ancient satanic pagan religions would be unrefutable. That the hex then came to Canaan via the dispersion of the races in the figure used for Baal and his consort goddess Ashtoreth as copies of Nimrod and Simeramus, makes the hex the symbol of the snake throne of Mystery Babylon.

It is no mystery that in all the occults, the hex plays a central role in satan worship and upon and within these covens, human sacrifices are offered to lucifer. To hex someone has long been understood to mark someone for an evil curse or for death. Something we dare not overlook in this expose of the use of the stars in Israel is that Stephen in Acts 7:43 preached that the *STAR* of their god Molech was also a symbol used in Remphan, a supposed Babylonian Chaldean city of iniquity.  Brother Stephen lost his life over that message.

And finally, we may find chiseled on Jewish Synagogues the Hexagram, the Pentagram, and the Swastika.  Those who study symbolism know that the Swastika and the Maltese Cross were adopted by Hitler because of their occult connection, and these led back to the Kabbalah.

Kabbalist have associated the Hex with Druid temple of the sun in Stonehenge as pictured to the left by Kabbalist Charles Ponce.  This is a satanic union that should not be ignored.  It is a confession in symbolism that they are both of the same religious antiquity.  The first use of the Hex in Babylon is found within the winged sun-disc.  The Hex then is an ancient pagan symbol having nothing to do with God.  By the Kabbalist superimposing the hex upon Stonehenge, they are confirming through symbolism that the six-pointed star is the *mark, seal, or symbol* of the sun god.  If this sun god *Shemesh* is found to be worshiped in the person of Baal or lucifer, the light bearer, and the one to enlighten mankind in the mystery of iniquity, then the hex becomes a symbol of the highest satanic religion upon the earth.  It is symbolic of the snake throne.  How then can Christians use it, and how can Jews adopt it for their national or messianic symbol and representative of their God?

If Jesus and the Apostles had put any faith or confidence in a mark or symbol of the Messianic Kingdom being the Hex, the Pentagram, the Swastika, or the Maltese Cross, this would be found in the New Testament. They are not found there or hinted at all.  They are not found associated at all with primitive Christianity.  We must conclude then, that these are apostate symbols belonging to the occult and and snake throne kingdom and totally foreign to Christianity.  No true Christian will use them in any manner or fashion as they are tied to apostasy, the snake throne, and to the antichrist.




More  of Satan's Qabalah Talmudic Mystical demon communications to his beloved earth followers.



 H. P. Blavatsky's, The Secret Doctrine. On pages 4 and 5, a number of ancient symbols are depicted. Every one of them has appeared as a crop formation in some form. One of them is a five-pointed star reversed, with two points (horns) turned heavenward, that is, pointing up. This, she says, is the esoteric symbol of the Kali Yuga. The star in the crop formation had two points to the north, and one to the south.

Another symbol of Kali is the swastika. Several swastikas or swastika-circles have appeared. The swastika circle of 1989 and the swastika of 1997 appear below. Unfortunately, some of the swastika crop formations were mowed off by the farmers as soon as they appeared.

Keep in Mind Hitler was an avid follower of Madam Blavatsky. Prescott Bush the father of George Herbert Walker Bush and the grandfather of George W. Bush who financed Hitler during this mass Satanic Ritual of sacrificing millions of Jews to Baal under Qabalah.

Star of Molech

September 22, 2001 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada - Last Sunday, September 16th, the largest crop formation in Canadian history was discovered in a wheat field about six kilometers east of Red Deer, Alberta. Red Deer is south of Edmonton. The farmer, 73-year-old Ken Bickford, became aware of it as he moved through one side on his combine. Later he told a newspaper reporter that in 60 years of farming he has "never seen anything remotely like it." The ripe spring wheat had been flattened in a hexagram pattern of two overlapping triangles. Each triangle point had a circle at the tip and a large, seventh circle measuring 100 feet in diameter at the center. The whole hexagram measured 422 feet in diameter. Mr. Bickford looked for evidence of people's shoe tracks or other evidence, but could not find any.

Seven orange, glowing triangles moving in formation from
northwest to southeast over Lacombe, Alberta, Canada nursing home.
Six triangles formed the perimeter around a seventh inside the circle
as shown in the above drawing by Judy Milne.

The very ancient Seal of Solomon, a six-pointed star
formed by extending each of the sides of a regular hexagon
into equilateral woven triangles, likely of Arabic origin.
Alpha and Omega are top and bottom points;
The Babylonian Tau is centered within the six-sided interior hexagon.
Drawing from Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles © 2001 by Linda Moulton Howe.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life discovered on May 3, 1997, near Barbury Castle
in same field that menorah and horned concentric rings would be found on May 31, 1999.
Aerial videograph © 1997 by Peter R. Sorensen.

Fyfield Down, Wiltshire, England "Devil's Den" hexagram superimposed on hexagon inside a circle.
Formation in wheat discovered July 19, 1999, 61 meters (200 feet) in diameter.
Devil's Den ancient stone dolmen is at upper right.
Aerial photograph © 1999 by Steve Alexander.



NASA explores electromagnetic space launches

January 3, 2002 Posted: 2:22 PM EST (1922 GMT)

January 3, 2002 Posted: 2:22 PM EST (1922 GMT)

January 3, 2002 Posted: 2:22 PM EST (1922 GMT)

An artist's concept of a magnetic levitation system for space launch

An artist's concept of a magnetic levitation system for space launch  

By Fred Katayama
CNN Financial Correspondent

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (CNN) -- Researchers at NASA are looking into whether electromagnets can be used to send rockets into space, a technological leap that could dramatically cut launch costs.

Spacecraft burn hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel to reach orbit. But rocket engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center are investigating whether electromagnetic power can do the job.

It would be a much cleaner and safer method of launching vehicles, and much cheaper. NASA hopes to drive down the cost of rocket departures from $10,000 per pound to $1,000 per pound.

"Hopefully, we can reduce the weight of the fuel and oxidizer that's needed to be carried on board the vehicle and that will decrease the size of the vehicle," said NASA scientist Kenneth House. "So hopefully, we could get more payload into space with less of the fuel."

Magnetic levitation, or maglev for short, works by using opposing magnetic polarities to lift a metal sled carrying a plane off the tracks. For propulsion, the magnetic fields in the sled and in the rails repel each other, pushing the vehicle forward.

Last spring, NASA succeeded in magnetically launching a model plane, which accelerated to 60 miles an hour in less than half a second.

NASA researchers have set lofty goals for this project, but they face a major obstacle: the scarcity of funding. They have only $30,000 for the next phase of this project. NASA cannot move onto the next stage immediately, but welcomes competitors working on similar projects.

"This is research, so we're interested in anybody somewhere pursuing this," said John Cole, manager of space transportation research at Marshall.

The U.S. Navy is conducting maglev research. It plans to make its fleet largely electric, catapulting fighters from its carriers with magnetic propulsion instead of steam. Northrop Grumman and General Atomics of San Diego are the development contractors competing on the project.

"A very high power propulsion system is needed to give the energy to launch a large aircraft in the length of a football field. That will be demonstrated in about two years," said John Rawls, vice president of electromagnetic systems for General Atomics.

Rockets are a bigger challenge. NASA's next hurdle is launching a rocket at 150 mph on a track that can carry up to two tons.

Some NASA scientists think maglev launches may be 20 years away. But one of the agency's research partners is more optimistic.

"Within five years, you'll see aircraft being launched magnetically. Most of the technical challenges have been overcome. We are now in the scaling areas to match the aerodynamics of the launch with the spacecraft and the launcher," said George Scelzo of Chicago-based PRT Advanced Maglev Systems.

But to propel their research onto the next stage, NASA and its partners will need to land millions more in money.

And now.......


Planet X

Do not let them deceive you with the coming of the Babylonians / Sumerians / Superior beings. These will be, if indeed it is true, Revelation coming about rapidly in conjunction with their Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Moschiach, the Final Tzaddik. These will be his fallen angels, Demons.


We know today that beyond the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn lie more major planets, Uranus and Neptune, and a small planet, Pluto. But such knowledge is quiet recent. Uranus was discovered, through the use of improved telescopes, in 1781. Neptune was pinpointed by astronomers (guided by mathmatical calculations) in 1846. It became evident that Neptune was being subjected to unknown gravitational pull, and in 1930 Pluto (was located).


Something out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Uranus and Neptune. Some gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object that may be the long- sought Planet X. The last time a serious search of the skies was made it led to the discovery in 1930 of Pluto, the ninth planet. But the story begins more than a century before that, after the discovery of Uranus in 1781 by the English astronomer and musician William Herschel. Until then, the planetary system seemed to end with Saturn.Today, scientists accept theories concerning plate tectonics. There are articles and studies showing that, at one time, all of Earth continents were on one side of the planet. What the stories don't explore is the question, if all the continents were on one side, what was on the other? The other side has been described as a tremendous gap, matching the Sumerian story of how the Earth came about. The Sumerians said Earth was really half a planet called Tiamat, which broke up in a collision with Nibiru, [or Planet X].

The discovery of new planets has, in the last two hundred years, owed more to the science of mathematics than it has to the design of bigger and better telescopes. The unaccounted-for mathematical irregularities in the orbits of the outer planets have prompted astronomers to speculate upon the existence of a further, undiscovered planet. Astronomers are so certain of this planet's existence that they have already named it 'Planet X' - the Tenth Planet.

In 1982, NASA themselves officially recognised the possibility of Planet X, with an announcement that 'some kind of mystery object is really there - far beyond the outermost planets'. One year later, the newly launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted a large mysterious object in the depths of space. The Washington Post summarised an interview with the chief IRAS scientist from JPL, California, as follows:

"A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope... 'All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is', said Gerry Neugebauer, chief IRAS scientist.

The 6,000 year old Sumerian descriptions of our solar system include one more planet they called "Nibiru", which means "Planet of the crossing".The descriptions of this planet by the Sumerians match precisely the specifications of "Planet X" (the Tenth Planet), which is currently being sought by astronomers in the depths of our own Solar System. Why has Planet X not been seen in recent times? Views from modern and ancient astronomy, which both suggest a highly elliptical, comet-like orbit, takes Planet X into the depths of space, well beyond the orbit of Pluto. We discovered Pluto with our telescopes just recently in 1930. Is it not possible that there are other forces at work on our solar  system besides the nine planets we know of? YES!!!! The Sumerian descriptions of Our Solar System are being confirmed with modern advances in science. This article will show actual diagrams from the Sumerian times and how the accuracy for describing the planets is overwhelming!
 Pelegai logo, symbol for the 9D Nibiruan Council of the Galactic Federation.

To illustrate some of the amazing knowledge the Sumerians possessed 6,000 years ago, I will use a reference to something that to this day is still being taught in our high schools and colleges. When the Earth was much older, we can determine the land mass was a once a clumped together mass at one point in time. But due to the process known as "Continental Drift" the land clump was slowly pulled apart to where the current land masses are today. We can see clear proof that the continents were all once connected by simply looking at a map of the Earth and seeing how the pieces fit. That would only mean that at one time, Earth was basically half a planet. If you were to syphon all the water off of Earth's surface, you would see a large gapping hole where the ocean has filled in this tremendous missing part of the Earth. Where did it go? Why is Earth only half a planet? The diagrams shown here are descriptions from the Sumerians explaining how our Earth came to be... They state that PLANET X, (Nibiru) as they called it, collided with our primitive Earth in the past. Creating the asteroid belt and forever becoming another member of our solar system in a comet like 3,600 year orbit around the sun.

In February, 1971, the United States launched Pioneer 10. Pioneer 10 scientists attached to it an engraved aluminium plaque. It attempts to tell whoever might find the plaque that Mankind is male and female, etc., and that (Pioneer 10) is from the 3rd planet of this Sun. Our astronomy is geared to the notion that Earth is the 3rd planet, which indeed it is if one begins the count from the center of our system, the Sun. But to someone nearing our solar system from the outside, the 1st planet to be encountered would be Pluto, the 2nd Neptune, the 3rd Uranus, the 4th Saturn, the 5th Jupiter, the 6th Mars .. and the Earth would be 7th.

The (12th) Planet's periodic appearance and disappearance from Earth's view confirms the assumption of its permanence in solar orbit. In this it acts like many comets. If so, why are our astronomers not aware of the existence of this planet? The fact is that even an orbit half as long as the lower figure for (the comet) Kohoutek, (every 7,500 years), would take the 12th Planet about 6 times farther away from us than Pluto - a distance at which such a planet would not be visible from Earth. In fact, the known planets beyond Saturn were first discovered not visually but mathematically.


Here is a cylinder seal from the Berlin Museum of Ancient Near East. When the central god or celestial body is enlarged, (see below) we can see that it depicts a large, ray-emitting star surrounded by eleven heavenly bodies-planets. These in turn, rest on a chain of twenty-four smaller globes. It is only a coincidence that the number of all the "moons" or satellites, of the planets in our solar system (astronomers exclude those of ten miles or less in diameter) is also exactly twenty-four? 

Now there is, of coarse, a catch to claiming that these depictions-of a Sun and eleven planets-represent our solar system, for the scholars tell us that the planetary system of which Earth is a part comprises the Sun, Earth and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This adds up to the Sun and only ten planets (when the Moon is counted as one). 

But that is not what the Sumerians said. They claimed that our system was made up of the Sun and eleven planets (counting the moon), and held steadfastly to the opinion that, in addition to the planets known to us today, there has been a 12th member of the solar system - the home planet of the Nefilim. (Annunaki) What we know call Planet X. 

And they will deceive you,with,but of course the eye of Horus
Wherever the archaeologists uncovered the remains of Near Eastern peoples, the symbol of the Winged Globe was conspicuous, dominating temples and palaces, carved on rocks, etched on cylinder seals, painted on walls. It accompanied kings and priests, stood above their thrones, "hovered" above them in battle sciences, was etched into their chariots.

Central to the religious beliefs and astronomy of the ancient world remained within the solar system and that its grand orbit returned it periodically to the Earth's vicinity. The pictograph sign for the 12th planet the "Planet of the Crossing", was a cross. This cuneiform sign, (Fig1.) ,Which also meant "Divine" also evolved in the Semitic languages to the letter tav, which meant "the sign".(Fig2-4.)


The ancient peoples not only expected the periodic arrival of the 12th planet, but also charted it's advancing coarse. Many of the Sumerian Cylinder seals describe a planet that's orbit takes it far beyond Pluto, but also comes in from the SOUTH and moves in a clockwise direction - according to the Mesopotamian data.

Mesopotamian texts exalt the planet's radiance and suggested that it could be seen even at daytime: "visible at sunrise, disappearing from view at sunset." A cylinder seal found at Nippur, depicts a group of plowmen looking up with awe as the 12th planet (depicted as the Cross) is visible in the skies.

The Mesopotamian texts spoke of the planet's periodic appearance as an anticipated, predictable, and observable event. The nearing planet, however, was expected to cause rains and flooding, as its strong gravitational effects have been known to do. Like the Mesopotamian savants, the Hebrew prophets considered the time of the planet's approaching Earth and becoming visible to Mankind as ushering in a new era.

Many of the Cylinder seals describe the movements of the planet and the three crucial points at which its appearance can be observed and charted from earth. The first opportunity to observe the 12th planet as its orbit brings it back to the Earth's vicinity , then, was when it aligned with Mercury (Point A) - by our calculations, at an angle of 30 degrees to the imaginary celestial axis of Sun-Earth-perigee. Coming closer to the Earth and thus appearing to "rise" farther in the Earth's skies (another 30 degrees), the planet crossed the orbit of Jupiter at (Point B). Finally arriving at the place where Planet X originally Hit the primitive Earth (Point C). 

The actual expectations for the return of the Kingdom of Heaven, was thus based on the actual experiences of Earth's people: their witnessing the periodic return of the 12th planet. 

The planet's periodic appearance and disappearance from Earth's view confirms the assumptions of its permanence in the solar orbit. It this it acts like many comets. 

The Mesopotamian and biblical sources present strong evidence that the orbital period of the 12th Planet is 3,600 years. The number 3,600 was written in Sumerian as a large circle. The epithet for the planet, shar, also meant "a perfect circle" or "a completed cycle". It also meant the number 3,600. The identity of the three terms - planet/orbit/3,600 - could not be a mere coincidence. The reign periods (a Sumarian text) gives are also perfect multiples of the 3,600 year shar. The conclusion that suggests itself is that these shar's of rulership were related to the orbital period shar,

 3,600 years


All the people of the ancient world considered the periodic nearing of the 12th Planet as a sign of great upheavals, great changes, new eras. The Mesopotamian texts spoke of the planet's periodic appearance as an anticipated, predictable, and observable event. "The great planet, at his appearance dark red." The day itself was described by the Old Testament as a time of rains, inundation's, and earthquakes.

If we think of the biblical passages as referring, like their Mesopotamian counterparts, to the passage in Earth's vicinity of a large planet with a strong gravitational pull, the words of Isaiah can be plainly understood. "From a far away land they came, from the end-point of Heaven do the Lord and his weapons of wrath come to destroy the whole Earth. Therefore will I agitate the Heaven and Earth shall be shaken out of its place. When the Lord of Hosts shall be crossing, the day of his burning wrath."

I presume you have also heard about the Zohar (Parshas Balak 3:212b) that is creating so much commotion. This is a free rendering of the text:

"On the sixth day, there will be seen a comet" [which is discussed in the paragraph in the text that precedes this quote. Commentaries explain it is not really a comet, but a fireball that will explode in mid-air, heralding 1) the fall of the dominion of the gentile nations, and 2) the transfer of authority to King Moshiach, who is about to be revealed], "on the 25th day of the 6th month" [the 25th of Elul (September 13th in the year 2001)] "and this will conclude on the 7th day, at the end of 70 days" (the implication is that we should watch for something on or around Thanksgiving Day of this year). [Note: As of Thanksgiving Day, news reports revealed that the Taliban began to surrender; since that day there has been a growing sense of imminent triumph on the part of the Americans.]




Alan Boyle


       SPECULATION ABOUT the existence of unseen celestial companions dates back far before the discovery of Pluto in 1929 — and even figures in more recent fringe phenomena such as the 1997 “Heaven’s Gate” tragedy and talk of a new “Planet X.” This latest hypothesis, however, is aimed at answering nagging scientific questions about how particular types of comets make their way into the inner solar system.
       Some comets, like Halley’s Comet, follow relatively short-period orbits — circling the sun in less than two hundred years. These comets are thought to originate in the Kuiper Belt, a disk of cosmic debris that lies beyond Neptune’s orbit.
       The best way to think of the distances involved is in terms of Astronomical Units. One AU is the distance from Earth to the sun (93 million miles or 149.6 million kilometers). Pluto, the most distant of the planets, is at 39 AU. The Kuiper Belt extends from 30 AU to perhaps 1,000 AU.
       Even further out is the Oort Cloud, a spherical haze of comets surrounding the solar system at distances between 10,000 AU and more than 50,000 AU. That’s where long-period comets such as Hale-Bopp are thought to come from. For some time, astronomers have noticed that the directional patterns of these comets are not completely random. And after years of study, some researchers are reporting that the patterns hint at something big out there perturbing the cometary paths.



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No telescope has yet detected this object. But on the basis of its gravitational effect, John B. Murray, a planetary scientist at Britain’s Open University, speculates that the object could be a planet larger than Jupiter, the biggest of the solar system’s known planets. Murray puts the object’s orbit at 32,000 AU, or 2.98 trillion miles from the sun. His proposal appears in the Oct. 11 issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
       Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette say the object could be a planet or brown dwarf — that is, a dark, failed star — roughly three times the size of Jupiter and orbiting at 25,000 AU. The researchers, led by physicist John Matese, say their paper is to be published by the journal Icarus.
       Both studies acknowledge that other factors could influence the pattern seen in long-period comets: for example, the Milky Way’s gravitational tidal effects. But the Louisiana researchers say the cometary patterns are best explained by the existence of “a perturber, acting in concert with the galactic tide.”
       Matese said the proposed object should make one orbit around the sun every 4 million to 5 million years. Murray said the object he had in mind would make one orbit every 6 million years, circling the sun in a direction counter to that followed by the nine traditional planets.
       The two researchers said they were familiar with each other’s work but hadn’t taken a close look at each other’s studies. They acknowledged that their estimates for the mass and orbit of a mysterious object were similar, but couldn’t say whether they were talking about the same object.
       How could such a massive object exist so far from the sun? The researchers say a planet or dark star could have coalesced during the formation of the solar system billions of years ago, but more probably would be a passing celestial body that was captured by the sun’s subtle gravitational pull.

       Another question: Why hasn’t such an object been seen? Murray says that even a Jupiter-scale planet could not be observed at the immense distances involved. Matese and his colleagues say that their hypothetical brown dwarf wouldn’t have been detected even by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite, which surveyed the heavens in 1983 — but that the yet-to-be-launched Space Infrared Telescope Facility just might be able to pick it up.
       All this may sound like science fiction, but an expert in the field notes that the hypothesis has been a subject of serious speculation for years.
       “We’ve all wondered whether there was something out there,” said Brian Marsden, who heads the International Astronomical Union’s Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams as well as the Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.
       However, Marsden also expressed some skepticism about the evidence behind the latest research.
       “I’m not convinced it is not due to chance,” he told MSNBC in an e-mail message. “In any case, the data may not be as good as one would like.”
       If the research holds up, it could open the door for renewed speculation on even spookier questions: Some theorists have proposed that the gravitational effect of a massive unseen object in a distant orbit — nicknamed “Nemesis” or the “Death Star” — could set off periodic cometary storms, which would increase the chances of a catastrophic impact with Earth. Indeed, physicist Daniel Whitmire, a colleague of Matese’s who is a co-author of the new research, laid out just such a scenario in 1985 to explain mass extinctions on Earth, such as the demise of the dinosaurs.
       Matese also speculated back then about such an effect, but he emphasized that the newly detected object didn’t fit the doomsday profile.
       “This object is not a Nemesis,” he told MSNBC. “It does not create comet storms.”
       He said his proposed object appeared to have an influence on about 25 percent of the long-period comets coming in from the Oort Cloud.

     Matese noted that theories proposing a correlation between extinctions on Earth and celestial orbits had fallen out of scientific favor in recent years. But he said there could be a “much more gentle” effect that links periodic changes in cratering to the solar system’s oscillating motion through the galactic plane.
       As the solar system moves around the Milky Way’s center, it bobs slowly up and down through the galactic disk, Matese explained. The gravitational effects could cause changes in the number of comets sent into the inner solar system, he said.
       “We don’t know the precise period of that motion” through the plane of the galaxy, he said. “If we discover that it’s closer to a 35-million-year period, then a case can be made that it causes periodic changes in cratering.”

Then they covered it up at NASA


But of course we understand, wrong Lord of Host, wrong wrath

But by the plan of God the Most High of Heaven, the only let-ter of anything

The Eye of Horus News agency in the UNITED KINGDOM?  For NASA wants your opinion. Not CNN-CBS-ABC or the Whitehouse but NASA the experts of the black budget.

NASA the NEW WORLD ORDER Space Agency?

Brought to my attention from


AnanovaThe other side of America, 1935

Vote for your favourite planet to be investigated

Members of the public have just days to tell Nasa where to go.

The US space agency wants to find out what everyone wants from its planetary exploration programme.

The results, along with independent expert advice, will help Nasa plan its missions over the next 10 years.

Staff at the US National Research Council have asked The Planetary Society to publish the questionnaire 

Nasa wants to find out the type of missions people want to see take place and how any information gathered on them should be made public.

It also gives people the chance to vote for the five missions they think should be given top priority over the next decade.

Nasa bosses say the public interest in any mission is as important as its cost, feasibility and scientific return.

The deadline for completed forms to be submitted will be on Thursday, January 31.


Do you think, maybe we might oughta vote to check out Planet X?


The Comet 'Kudo-Fujikawa'
From T F Sima

'Kudo-Fujikawa' going around the sun...looks like it is huge.
It looks like it is coming out way. That thing is got to be huge to look that big rounding the other side of the sun. Funny that we have heard nothing in the major news on it yet.
These links are always to the most current and will include newer pics tomorrow.






The facts

  1. God the Most High is the creator

  2. Man is the creature, created by God the Most High.

  3. the angels were created for God's pleasure

  4. Angels are not omnipotent nor omnipresent

  5. Satan was the angel of light

  6. Satan is not omnipresent, but created by God the Most High.

  7. The son's of God saw the daughters of men and came down to earth and took each one of them wives. It has been written that there were two hundred of these which were led by Shemjaza, Azazel,Urakibaram-eel, Akib-eel, Tam-iel, Ramu-el, Dan-el, Ezeque-el, Saraquj-al, As-ael, Batra-al, Samsave-el, Sart-ael, Tur-el, Jomj-ael, Arazj-al.

  8. Fact, angels traveled in a wheel in a wheel. see EZEK :1

  9.  There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
     And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

  10. God destroyed all of his creation on earth who were evil except Noah, Shem , Japeth & Ham and their wives.  

  11. It is a fact, that Enoch walked with God, the seventh from Adam and he prophesized this exact event and all events which would fall upon the earth from the beginning until the consummation and the return of the Messiah, Jesus the Lord, including the thousand year reign of the Lord and the New Heaven and the New earth, then eternity.

  12. It is a fact that James, the half brother of Jesus spoke of the Book of Enoch, along with Jude.

  13. It is a fact that the Book of Enoch was held as God inspired scripture, by the early Christians.

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  76. It is a fact that the first resurrection is at the last trumpet call and it is clear that the prophets were also knowledgeable at the seventh trumpet, Rev 10:7 

  77. It is a fact that the Star of Molech (some call David) is printed on the one dollar bill and disguised as 13 stars

  78. It is a fact that the Great Pyramid Cheop's was built by pagan worshippers and if any dispute it bring them on.

  79. It is a fact that there were fallen angels

  80. It is not a fact that any man has ever seen a being from another planet

  81. It is a fact that if these do not come in the name of the Lord, then they are not of the Lord

  82. It is clear that that chief Ael-ian, Satan will rise soon that son of perdition

  83. It is a fact that Satan was that guardian Cherub and that Illuminated angel that the world follows after

  84. It is a fact that the Papacy has embraced Satan

  85. It is a fact that Jerusalem is a whore after another God

  86. It is a fact that scripture clearly stated: He shall confirm THE COVENANT

  87. It is a fact that Satan has led all those who reject the truth to go after their puffed up knowledge

  88. It is a fact that something indeed happened in 1948 at Roswell New Mexico

  89. It is a fact that the Bilderberger's sought a world Government exactly like today's world government

  90. It is a fact that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have been finally revealed to be true

  91. It is a fact that those Jews who obey God and the Law, and or have turned to salvation, are Gods Children

  92. It is True that there is no difference between Jew and Gentile who are under Salvation

  93. It is true and absolute fact that there are those who call them selves Jew, but are liars and of the synagogue of Satan

  94. It is a fact that the only literature on earth which has been exactly correct in prophecy is the Holy Bible and none other

  95. It is a fact that all religions on earth have embraced Babylon

  96. It is a fact that Israel will have no peace

  97. It is a fact that all the world has been deceived except those whose names are written in the Book of Life

  98. It is a fact and truth that if the word is twisted that person is doomed to Hell

  99. It is a fact that Enoch referred to the Egyptians as wolves

  100. It is fact that Jesus said that they would be wolves in sheep's clothing

  101. It is a fact that sheep are Jesus flock

  102. It is a fact that the wolves are now deceiving the flock

  103. It is a fact that the Federal Reserve is a hoax

  104. It is a fact that all of the money in America belongs to European Bankers

  105. It is a fact that America can never pay off it debt

  106. It is a fact that America has totally given away its sovereignty

  107. It is a fact there is nothing you can do, neither bear arms nor fight this evil, the only thing to do is pray, and this is the patience of the saints

  108. And the saints are those beheaded for the witness and the testimony of Jesus Christ

  109. It is a fact that the dead shall rise first and then those living will be caught up in a twinkling of an eye to be with the Lord

  110. It is a fact, blessed is he who waiteth and cometh to the 1335 days

  111. It is a fact that God is no respecter of Americans

  112. It is a fact that Americans have sat back and idly allow over 30 million babies to be destroyed

  113. It is a fact that these same Americans believe they will be ejected out of here because they think they are better than anyone else in the world

  114. It is a fact that these believe God likes them better than their neighbor

  115. It is a fact they have been deceived and if they do not seek the truth will be deceived further

  116. And it is a fact that this deception is a matter of concern, because they lead many into the abyss

  117. It is a fact that the Trilateral commission is nothing but coward traitors to this country and God the Most High

  118. It is a fact that the Council on Foreign Relations who are seeking this world government are cowards and belong to Lucifer

  119. It is a fact that any Government which finds that many of us know the truth about this Plan, and seek to destroy us are cowards and belong to the Highest Demon Satan and will be thrown into the lake of fire with the False Christ and his prophet and will be eternally damned forever

  120. It is a fact that those who understand shall shine like the stars forever and lead many into righteousness

  121. It is a fact that righteousness is Truth in the infallible and written word of God

  122. It is true that God is the same today, yesterday and forever

  123. It is a fact that those who change the gospel will be damned

  124. It is a fact that not all Jews are under the influence of the oral Babylon Talmud

  125. It is a fact that many Jews are still faithful to the Torah and the commandments

  126. It is a fact that the Qabalah is of the oral tradition of the Satanic Babylonian Talmud

  127. It is a fact that these Rabbis seek to control all of the world and all gentiles

  128. It is a fact that the so-called star of David originated in Babylon under the worship of Baal

  129. It is a fact that this star is the star of Molech & Chiun

  130. More coming


March 27, 2002 

Paris thinkers seek lingua franca with space aliens

PARIS (Reuters) -- It seemed an unlikely place to discuss how to communicate with aliens from space, a gray house off a nondescript alley in a none-too-interesting suburb of Paris.

But as rain poured from the heavens outdoors, scientists, astronomers, artists and musicians hunkered down in the warm sitting room of the private home to swap ideas on how to chat with E.T. if he ever calls. And what, if anything, to say.

Seemingly fulfilling every possible cliche -- from a young computer whiz, to a softly-spoken NASA scientist, a professor with a shock of white hair and an excitable Russian -- the group of respectable professionals were earnest in their arcane endeavors.

Mathematical equations filled overhead projection slides, exotic Indonesian gong music rang out and the talk was of complex scientific phenomena and deeply philosophical questions about the nature of human beings and their relationships.

"We are not trying to find the best message or even the most intelligible," said Douglas Vakoch, who led the Paris workshop. In his other incarnation, Vakoch runs the interstellar message group at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) institute in the United States.

"I think we should construct thousands of messages in the hope one of them could be understood ... I think there is a reasonable chance we can overcome the barriers between human and extraterrestrial worlds, but maybe we can't."

"Maybe, even if we get a signal from them, their way of conceptualizing will be so alien to us that we just can't."

Good listeners

SETI, a private nonprofit organization sponsored by the U.S. government, NASA and technology giants such as Sun Microsystems, has been monitoring radio signals for the past 40 years in the hope of picking up a transmission from outer space.

"We have to use the tools that we have right now to search for signs of alien life. We are very hopeful," Vakoch said, as he sat in the kitchen of the Paris house.

"We are looking for signals by radio ... but we can't rule out that they may already be trying to contact us and we can't detect them."

But, with computer and other technologies making advances all the time, Vakoch argues it is time to get serious about working out what, if anything, humanity would want to say to an alien civilization.

The assumption is that any signals picked up by SETI will be in radio form and therefore the alien sending the message will likely have similar technology and share our language of physics and maths -- making possible a conversation, of sorts.

And that is where the Paris meeting comes in.

In the house of the late Frank Malina, a U.S. pioneer in jet propulsion, and in the very rooms that some of the early Russian cosmonauts spent time learning English, the assembled artists and scientists put their heads together to brainstorm possible messages.

"Today the focus has been on whether we can explain something about our aesthetic sensibilities. Is there something about art that is either universal or that can be taught, step by step, to another intelligence?" Vakoch said.

Music, math, rainbows

Surrounded by walls covered in Malina's kinetic art -- pulses of electric light shining through moving elements -- people from six nations discussed what aspects of the human understanding of art and beauty could be revealed to other beings.

A professor of theoretical computer science suggested using music as a teaching aid to help aliens learn a coded language for cosmic conversations. He suggested employing the strange sounds of Indonesian gongs and gave a demonstration, once he had worked out how to switch on the tape recorder.

An artist suggested using a rainbow as a metaphor for mankind's unity through diversity; (Homosexual symbol) a symbol of peace and a bridge. He would like to transmit the mathematical formula for color wavelengths so that alien beings could create rainbows for themselves.

"Imagine how amazing it would be if we introduced color into an alien species' life for the first time," he said.

Others talked of algorithmic communication or computer systems that mimic human responses.

For Vakoch, all the theorizing serves another useful purpose.

"The truth is we don't know if there is alien life out there, but in thinking about how we would communicate something about our sense of beauty or who we are, we are forced to reflect differently on ourselves and question our basic assumptions," he says.

In discussing alien life and how it may or may not differ from our own, Vakoch says, the differences here on Earth between cultures, ethnic groups, nationalities and the sexes are put into a context which renders them less significant.



Pray that you are counted worthy to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.


Scotland ranked top spot for alien visitors

June 24, 2002 Posted: 12:01 PM EDT (1601 GMT)

June 24, 2002 Posted: 12:01 PM EDT (1601 GMT)

June 24, 2002 Posted: 12:01 PM EDT (1601 GMT)

To better understand this article see Solomon's 33rd degree of the tribe of Dan of the Scottish Rite, Bush's Bloodline Lineage of the Kings of Scotland @


Scotland ranked top spot for alien visitors  

LONDON (Reuters) -- Want to see a flying saucer? Then go to Scotland.

The country, better known as the home of legendary Loch Ness monster, has the highest concentration of UFO sightings on the planet, according to figures released Monday.

Around 300 "Unidentified Flying Objects" are spotted in Scotland each year, the most per square kilometer and per head of population of anywhere in the world, figures compiled by Scotland's official tourist body found.

VisitScotland said 0.004 UFOs were spotted for every square kilometer of Scotland -- a rate four times as high as in France or Italy, this planet's other UFO hotspots. The 2,000 UFOs are spotted every year in the United States represent just 0.0002 sightings per square kilometer.

"This confirms that Scotland is the nearest thing there is to the Costa del Sol for aliens," a VisitScotland spokesman said, referring to the tourist mecca of southern Spain, which attracts tens of thousands of holidaymakers every year.

There was one UFO sighting per 17,000 inhabitants in Scotland compared to one per 61,200 in Canada, and one per 136,450 in the United States.

The Scots' favorite spot for extraterrestrial visitors is Bonnybridge, 50 km (30 miles) west of Edinburgh. One local government official has even called for the town to be twinned with Roswell in New Mexico, the U.S. UFO capital.

"Traditionally Scotland has had a lot of odd incidents, right through history, from ghosts and poltergeists to supernatural beings and the Loch Ness monster. So, Scotland is well-known as a place where strange things happen, Ron Halliday, author of "UFO Scotland," said.

Others had a less dramatic explanation.

"UFOs tend to be attracted to regions that are fairly remote. Plus if you have a remote area, look out for airbases; Scotland is littered with them," Graham Birdsall, editor of UFO magazine, said.

"In 90 percent of UFO reports a bit of diligent research will produce a simple explanation."

The figures' release coincided with what aficionados celebrate as International UFO day, the anniversary of June 24, 1947.

On that date, a U.S. air force pilot claimed to have spotted nine mysterious disc-shaped objects over the Cascade Mountains in Washington, leading to the term "flying saucer."



Investigation Casts Light on the Mysterious Flying Black Triangle
Mon Aug 5, 9:03 AM ET

By Leonard David,


They are big, black, and triangular. In UFO folklore they are proof-positive that planet Earth is a rest stop for joyriding, but road-weary, extraterrestrials.

A just released study by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), based in Las Vegas, Nevada, sheds new light on the dark and mysterious craft. They offer a more down-to-earth hypothesis.

NIDS researchers contend that these type vehicles are lighter-than-air, blimp-style craft of the U.S. military's making. Likely powered by "electrokinetic" drive, the lifting body-shaped airships have been skirting the skies from perhaps the early to mid 1980s.

Illinois sighting

NIDS has followed up on their study of last year that correlated sightings of large triangular or delta-shaped objects with Air Force Materiel Command and Air Mobility Command bases throughout the United States. Matches were made suggesting flight paths in and out of certain base locations.

The new assessment focuses on what four police officers, and more than a dozen others observed on January 5, 2000: A large, silent, low-flying black triangular shaped object. It flew on a southwesterly direction between Highland, Illinois and Dupo, located less than 30 miles (48 kilometers) from St. Louis, Missouri.

Part of the flight path took the enormous object near the perimeter of Scott Air Force Base.

NIDS does not come up with definite conclusion regarding the origin of the object sighted in Illinois.

However, the reports jibe with over 150 separate reports of sightings of large triangular or deltoid shaped objects. Those eyewitness accounts, accumulated by NIDS, have mainly come from the United States. A small number of the sightings they have on file come from Canada and Europe.

Ballooning expectations

To bolster their case about military airships being taken for UFOs, analysts at NIDS make a historical note.

Lighter-than-air vehicles held all records for payload, distance, duration, and altitude within the first four decades of the 20th century - even with the advent of the airplane. In fact, save for rocket-powered research aircraft, like the X-15 and the space shuttle, all absolute altitude records are still held by high-altitude scientific balloons.

NIDS makes the case that Big Black Deltas, or BBDs, are U.S. Defense Department airships. They are so large they can carry massive payloads at low altitudes, cruising at speeds three to five times as fast as surface ships.

Among a range of NIDS observations, the group believes the BBDs are powered by electrokinetic/field drives, or airborne nuclear power units. These craft also fly at extreme altitudes, high above conventional aircraft and the pulsing of ground-based traffic control radar.

Elecrokinetic propulsion means that no propellers or jets are used. A hybrid lighter-than-air craft would rely on aerostatic, lift gas, like a balloon. No helicopter-like downwash would be produced. Except for a slight humming from high-voltage control equipment -- and in older BBD versions an occasional coronal discharge -- a Big Black Delta makes no noise.

Given a slew of BBD capabilities -- from silent running, diminished drag, elimination of sonic shockwaves, to operation from ground level to full vacuum -- NIDS calls for pushing this black world technology out into daylight for commercial benefit.

Wheat from the chaff

"What we're trying to do is transform unidentified flying objects, UFOs, into IFOs, or identified flying objects," said Colm Kelleher, deputy administrator for NIDS.

"We want to limit the number of cases that are unidentified in our data base. The more that are identified, obviously the less we have to work on. That's our prime motivation& to eliminate the wheat from the chaff," Kelleher told

NIDS has amassed some 1,000 cases that are under review. Of those, about 200 are Big Black Delta sightings. In the last year or two, BBD reports have been on the rise.

Kelleher said that military may well be ready to take the wraps off the black triangle vehicles. The Illinois case, for instance, has been built on hours of public views of the mystery airship. "That's not exactly stealth mode. It's inevitable that it will be declassified," he said.

Leaping across the sky

"There appears to be an increase in deployment of these vehicles," Kelleher said. "The only time you see these things are when they are leaving or coming in. A lot of these sightings are at night. Our information is that they spend a long time aloft, weeks at a time. They can be thought of as ocean-going ships, rather than aircraft," he said.

Over the years, the BBDs appear to fall into different size categories. "The ones that dominate our database are very, very large. They are low-flying, silent, and are reported to be about the size of a football field," Kelleher said.

The BBDs have been seen accelerating very rapidly from a hovering position. "They can look as though they are leaping across the sky. Being silent, it's almost spooky," Kelleher said.

Heavy lifting

L. Scott Miller, professor of Aerospace Engineering at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, said the idea of a large, still-classified airship floating about is on the mark.

"I do think that a large airship, with a heavy lift and other mission objectives, has been built," Miller told

Miller is also a distinguished lecturer of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and specializes in black aircraft and the world of secret flight.

The NIDS research documentation parallels, about 50 percent of the time, a theory that Miller has detailed in his AIAA talks for some two years.

"Lockheed has shown a great deal of interest in airships for many years. The real question is whether the Department of Defense has committed to buy and use such machines," Miller said.

Stealth blimp

Large airships are of benefit to the military.

They are capable of carrying extremely large and heavy payloads at a reasonable speed, for which there is a real mission need, Miller said.

The U.S. airlift fleet is getting old, taking a great beating in the last 10 years in such locales as Iran, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Some new aircraft are making it into the inventory, but they still have limits. For instance, to move loads of tanks and other gear requires lots of flights and support.

"An airship that could carry a large number of tanks, troops, and supplies into a region overnight would be fantastic," Miller said.

Miller does take issue with the NIDS study's view of a black triangle's propulsion. "Interesting, but I'm not sure it is necessary," he said.

"I suspect that a neutrally buoyant aerodynamically lifting airships using conventional prop-rotor systems would be useful in implementing a practical airship design," Miller said. Such a vehicle could be a cross between the V-22 Osprey  -- a craft having short wings and thrust vectoring rotors -- and a blended wing aircraft, he said.

Miller said that by careful shaping, the systems used, and carefully orchestrating operational procedures, the vulnerability of an airship in a combat environment could be reduced.

"Low altitude flights, at night, and an awareness of enemy capabilities would be critical. Indeed, slow flight at the right time can render enemy radar useless. A 'stealth blimp' would be feasible in this respect," Miller said.

Black world wizardry

Still, the true nature and use of the black triangle craft remains a head scratcher.

"I suspect that the people in Illinois saw an airship of some type. Is it operational? I don't know. Would it be 'sexy enough' for the Defense Department inventory, compared to other high-tech aircraft like the B-2? I don't know," Miller said.

"Each sighting requires a great deal of analysis. A witness's perceptions of speed, acceleration, and size are likely of very little value," Miller said. "I have taken an approach of first identifying needs -- or mission requirements -- and technology availability. Then I compare those with the cold raw, simple facts of a sighting, not the conjecture or guess work of a witness," he said.

"I suspect that, as a result, perhaps up to 30 percent of the recent 'Triangle UFO' sightings are of black world aircraft, jets or airships," Miller concluded


Secret American Space Planes
To Dominate Planet Earth

The USA has been working on secret, new-generation space planes In the beginning of the 1990s, Russian intelligence uncovered the fact that the USA was testing a super-secret plane at one of its airbases. Russian agents attempted to see the new object with their own eyes and take pictures of it, but all attempts failed. The Americans provided incredible security for their secret weapon, and they tested the plane only at night. However, Russian agents managed to get some information about the new plane, which the USA calls Aurora, in honor of the Goddess of the Dawn.
The mystery aircraft is capable of flying very high, at a height of 40 and more kilometers. Even the latest pursuit planes cannot fly so high. The Aurora plane also possesses fantastic supersonic speed, the so-called 6M speed, as scientists call it. One M is equal to 340 meters a second. In other words, Aurora can fly at a speed of two kilometers a second, and this is not the limit. This speed is achieved due to extremely powerful engines and the special design of the plane's hull and wings.
The aircraft was constructed based on Stealth technology, which was selected by the American defense industry long ago. The technology poses great difficulties for both ground and air radar systems.
A picture of the real Aurora aircraft is even more rare than a picture of an UFO. So far, Russia has only one picture of the mysterious American plane. The picture was taken by a Russian intelligence officer at the moment when the Aurora plane was refueling in the air. Later, it became known that before the "flying tank of fuel (KC-135 aircraft) refueled the Aurora, a spy plane flew across Russia from east to west and was not detected by any radar systems.
The Americans invented a new aircraft, which is almost like a rocket. The new plane was invented by American defense scientists with an eye towards the future. The most powerful pursuit planes can fly at heights of 35-40 kilometers. Russia is capable matching its strength with the USA in this respect. Russia has such aircraft: Su-2711, MiG-29, and MiG-31. However, these planes can only fly in the near-Earth environment, whereas the environment between the Earth,s atmosphere and space is still vacant, so to speak. That is why, the development of the near-Earth space environment weapon is so relevant for defense. Who gets there first becomes the winner.
Here, we are talking about totally new kinds of aircraft: spy planes, fighter planes, transport planes, ect. They will be able to fly from the atmosphere into space and then return to Earth. The Americans have been working on this kind of aircraft for years already, developing several "star wars projects. The United States has been designing and testing such planes for a long time. They already have the X-33, X-34, X-37, and X-38 planes.
X-33: This supersonic aircraft was designed based upon up-to-date titanic alloys. It is equipped with oxygen-hydrogen jet engines. This plane can reach speeds up to 4,420 meters per second. Graphite and ceramic (thermostable) technologies are used in its engines. Some of this technology was either bought or stolen from Russia. The maximum flight height is 120 kilometers.
X-34: A more modern supersonic aircraft. It is equipped with unique electronic devices and has a special heat-shielding coating. One of its peculiar features is the fact that the plane takes off from an aircraft-carrier, which is also a plane, not a vessel. The X-34 can reach speeds up to 5,440 meters a second. The maximum height is up to 150 kilometers.
Supersonic aircraft of the X class can be both unmanned and piloted planes, with vertical and horizontal takeoffs. It was officially reported that such planes are meant to considerably reduce the amount of money spent on delivering cargo into space. At the present moment, one such delivery costs 22 thousand dollars per one kilo of cargo. These new aircraft will definitely serve defense purposes, such as launching military satellites into orbit. Supersonic space planes can also be equipped with super-powerful telescopes and other equipment. Scientists and engineers are developing ways to equip these planes with missiles, laser weapons, and so on.
In other words, America is working on the first ever space army, which would provide the United States with complete domination in near-Earth orbit. It will not be possible for any anti-missile defense complexes to hit such planes, as they will be completely out of reach. The American space army will be able to hit any target on planet Earth at any moment.
Soviet engineers tried to challenge the Americans and designed a unique aircraft called the Buran. Unfortunately, the aircraft proved to be unsuccessful, and competition with the USA failed. When military opposition between the USSR and the USA was over, the Buran became a part of an exhibition in Moscow's Park of Culture. The first Soviet space aircraft became a dull memory of a bygone power and might-have-been hopes.
Major General Sergey Kolganov, an academician of the Russian Space Academy, said that the USA's work on the development of supersonic space aircraft poses yet another potential threat to Russia. "I doubt that Russia is ready to fight with these American space planes. Some of our anti-missile defense complexes can hit targets up to 100 kilometers high. However, these new American aircraft can fly higher. Russia has very good ideas for defense, I am certain of that. The Americans have not even dreamed about them. However, they are only ideas, nothing more. Our scientists are not working on any projects that might counteract the American space planes," Kolganov said.
Anomalia.Ru Translated by Dmitry Sudakov



Times Online

August 20, 2002

India calls in X-Files agents to unmask face-scratching alien

UFO sightings have sparked hysteria and riots, says our reporter

A MYSTERIOUS flying object said to attack sleeping villagers has sparked mass hysteria and rioting across the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Police shot dead one man and injured 12 others when a mob of hundreds stormed the police station in Barabanki, demanding protection against what they believe is an alien assailant terrorising villages.

The object, described as a flying sphere emitting red and blue light, is said to strike in the middle of the night, leaving victims with burns or scratches on their faces and limbs, and earning it the name the muhnochwa (face-scratcher).

At least seven unexplained deaths in the area have been attributed to the muhnochwa, sparking panic among villagers who blame police for not providing enough protection.

Officials have suggested a raft of explanations, from an alien invasion to a new and unknown breed of insect.

Perhaps the most bizarre theory was that of Police Deputy Inspector General K. N. D. Dwivedi, who said that the assailant was a genetically engineered insect introduced by “anti-national elements” from outside India to cause mayhem.

In common Indian parlance, this is taken to mean that it was the work of the Pakistani spy agency, the universal scapegoat for all unexplained Indian woes. That theory has not won over many believers.

Villagers across the region no longer sleep outside, as they usually do during the sweltering summer heat and long power failures, fearing that they will be easy prey for the muhnochwa.

In some villages the entire population are squeezing into the headman’s house for the night, seeking shelter and safety in numbers.

Having lost faith in the police, villagers have formed nocturnal protection squads.

In Shanwa village, where the attacks are said to have started, men patrol all night, banging drums and shouting slogans to frighten off intruders, such as: “Everyone be alert. Attackers beware.”

Residents have dismantled television aerials and taken satellite dishes down from their roofs, fearing that they may attract the mysterious object. Even radios have fallen silent at night under selfimposed blackout.

The Times of India reported that the national intelligence bureau was sufficiently concerned to send its own agents, like Mulder and Scully from television’s X-Files, to investigate the “alien” invasion.

After listening to villagers’ descriptions of the muhnochwa, the agents constructed their own replica from the base of a mixer-grinder, fitted with coloured lights, and hoisted it onto a pole in an attempt to entice the extraterrestrial. Then they waited.

At 1.05am they were rewarded with a flash of light “like a photocopier”, which repeated three times. A videotape was said to show a flash of light passing across the screen. The agents concluded that the villagers were right and that they were indeed experiencing an extra-terrestrial invasion.

Local doctors, however, have dismissed the phenomenon as mass hysteria, saying that most of the injuries have been self-inflicted by panicked villagers, evoking memories of the “monkey man” hysteria in Delhi last year.

At least three people died jumping from roofs and dozens more were injured during the mystery simian’s two-week reign of terror before officials dismissed it as a mass delusion and sightings petered out.


Pravda.RU:Top Stories:More in detail



 14:53 2002-09-13
Dozens of weird incidents have been reported in Israel since 1993

Residents of the towns of Kadima and Rishon Letzion have reported numerous sightings of UFOs in the spring of 1993. Some people have even claimed that UFOs have landed on their lawns. Circles were found on the landing sites, and ufologists discovered silver-colored metal pieces or an oil-like red in the circles.

Analysis of the substances showed that the silver-colored metal was pure silicon, which does not exist in nature. Cadmium was found in the oil. Often, scientists found strange traces near the landing sites.

That is not all. People say that they saw bald-headed creatures coming out of the flying objects. The creatures were very tall, and they rushed into houses, acting very aggressively.

Hanna Sameh from the settlement of Burgatu (two miles from Kadima) was doing some housework in the kitchen. All of a sudden, she heard her dog barking very loudly. The woman could see the dog in the window, and she did not believe her eyes. The dog was raised in the air; then it flew by the window and slammed into a wall. Hanna opened the door in order to see what was happening outside. When she stepped out of her house, she could not take another step further. She saw a tall, bald man. The man was gazing at her pickup truck. “What have you done to my dog?” – asked the woman. “It was bothering me, as you are now. I can do the same to you; get out of here,” – answered the weird stranger.

Gertzl Kasatini, from a small village near Rishon Letzion, saw a strange flashlight in a window of his house. He opened the door and bumped into tall creatures. They were wearing shiny gray clothes. Their faces were covered with a luminous haze. Kasatini shut the door that instant. He fell seriously ill two days after that. He went through a detailed medical examination, but the doctors did not manage to find the reason for his mysterious illness.

Aliens were seen in the settlement of Moshe Poret, not far from Kadima. They landed there and destroyed all the domestic animals. Memuneh Guet woke up in the middle of the night and found her little dog whining on the floor. The women picked up her dog and saw that someone ripped its eyes out! There was no blood at all. The dog died several minutes later. Then the woman rushed to her barn and found all of her sheep dead. Someone drilled little holes in their heads. The corpses of the sheep did not decay for four months.

During 1995-1996, Israeli drivers were often the victims of aggressive aliens. Doctor Harav bin Bari and his cousin Muamad returing home. Driving along a bridge at night, they saw an odd figure. Something made the men stop the car. A silhouette was approaching. The guys could see that it appeared to be a small white-colored man with large black eyes. When Bin Bari looked into the man’s eyes, he realized that the creature was reading his mind. The doctor could not take his eyes off him for several seconds. A couple of minutes later, the men recovered from the hypnosis and kept on driving.

Dozens of such incidents have been reported in Israel since 1993.
There is the impression that aliens have a plan for Israel. However, no one knows the purpose of their activity.


Pravda.RU:Top Stories:More in detail


17:34 2002-09-12
Ahnenerbe was the most secret service of the Third Reich

Ukrainian workers found strange graves at a construction in one of the towns in the south of Ukraine. The graves were found at a depth of two or two and a half meters.

At first, they thought that it was an ancient Scythian graveyard. Then, someone saw a medallion of a German soldier in one of the coffins. The finding was a grave of German soldiers. However, when archeologists arrived to the site, they were shocked with what they saw. Some of the human skeletons in the grave had their spines sawn lengthwise. Some of them did not have heads, while others had skull trepanation. Other skeletons had little holes drilled in their cannon-bones. After that, there were tens of other graves found. They were all covered with lime and calcium chloride. Some of the human remains preserved the vestiges of chemical impact. Someone was trying to find a “third eye” in the heads of several officers: their skulls were opened in several places.

Experts determined that the found graves were the vestiges of Ahnenerbe’s activities. This was the most secret organization of the Third Reich. The people of the true Aryan race were its victims. Ahnenerbe’s doctors believed that medical tests and experiments were supposed to eventually result in a new breed of a human being.

Scythian fields are not the only place where Nazi mystics performed their horrid tests. They were travelling all over the world. Ahnenerbe means “Ancestors’ Inheritance;” the organization appeared in 1933. After the establishment of Hitler’s regime in Germany, Ahnenerbe was entrusted with searching for anything dealing with spirit, traditions, and peculiar features of the Indo-German Nordic race. In 1937, the Ahnenerbe was incorporated into the SS. The study of the ancient German history was conducted with only one goal: to prove the superiority of the Aryan race within the scope of the Nazi race doctrine.

First-class scientists took part in the research. They performed expeditions to Tibet, the Middle East, and Ukraine. When WWII started, research of ancient German culture was reduced. New projects were totally devoted to anthropological research, including infamous research in Dachau and Auschwitz.

Ahnenerbe was founded by philosopher Friedrich Gilscher and Doctor German Hirt. It is interesting that professor Gilscher never became a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. He was in friendly relations with Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. In the beginning of 1940s, Hirt was appointed to the position of chairman of the Anatomic Institute in Strasbourg. The institute was working on the scientific substantiation of the race theory. In the summer of 1944, Hirt was ordered to destroy his laboratories. He did not manage to do that, so the allied troops found numerous beheaded corpses. Hirt disappeared afterwards. People say that he was seen in Chile and in Paraguay.

Karl Maria Willigut was the most conspicuous person in the organization. He was known as an outstanding specialist in the field of black magic. He was called Himmler’s Rasputin due to his immense influence on Nazi high-ranking officials. His last name is translated as the “god of will.” According to mystical terminology, this is a synonym to a “fallen angel.” Karl Willigut died in 1946; he was never called into criminal account for his activities.

It is also worth mentioning that Ahnenerbe maintained contacts with Tibet. When Soviet troops entered Berlin in 1945, they were very surprised to find thousands of Tibetan corpses in SS uniforms.

Ahnenerbe’s members were all tall, muscular, blond men, like in all other Nazi services. They were supposed to be married in their twenties. Marriages could only be racially pure. Ahnenerbe was preoccupied with the same issues as the Soviet Institute of Human Brain. They tried to invent a psychotropic weapon there in order to obtain control over the human mind. Experiments and tests were performed on people. Ahnenerbe also dealt with the study of occultism, vivisection on people, espionage, invention of the arms of retaliation, and so on and so forth. By the end of the war, the Germans had nine scientific enterprises that were testing projects of “flying disks.” Some scientists say that Ahnenerbe had a large base in Antarctica. There are rumors that this base still exists. According to other rumors, there is an underground city called New Berlin there with a two-million-strong population. The people of the underground city allegedly deal with genetic engineering and space exploration. Indirect proof of such a city is the fact that UFOs can often be seen around the South Pole. In 1976, the Japanese saw 19 round objects at once. They all came down on Antarctica from space and vanished from radar screens. Furthermore, scientists found several ownerless satellites in orbit around Earth.

Crystal skulls were one of the most mysterious findings of the 20th century. The skulls were found in Central America during an expedition of the well-known English archaeologist Albert Mitchell. The skulls were delivered to a Brazilian museum. Ahnenerbe agents were detained after an attempt to rob the museum in 1943. They said during interrogations that they had been sent to South America with a special task: to obtain crystal skulls. The Nazis were hoping that Aryan ancestors’ knowledge would allow them to create a superman and place other people under their command. Some experts say that those crystal skulls were made in Atlantis. If this was really so, then it is clear why the SS was so interested in them. When the war was over, the majority of Ahnenerbe members disappeared without leaving a trace.


Sent to me, from Jason Guenther



I was sitting down reading some news tonight, when
my 2 yr.old son came up to me
                      and dropped a peice of paper on my lap, from an
old treatise written in the 50's by
                      my father and a freind of his.(Im trying to find
out where he found it, cuz I havent
                      been able to remember where I put it years ago).
Im going to write out the first two
                      pages so you can ask yourself some questions, and
PROOVE to you that youve been
                      lied to in every department there is for hundreds
of years.....

                      Pebbles dropped in water a little apart send out
waves. These collide as they meet
                      creating a pressure between each other. Sound and
radiations do the same thing
                      and from this it can be concluded that:

                      1. A force cannot be pushing outwards and pulling
inwards at the same time.

                      2. A force cannot be pulling inward and pushing
outwards at the same time.

                      3. A force can push outwards and inwards to other
sources and by the reaction bind

                      A force expanding as radiation cannot be an
attraction. Its particles are bombarding
                      outward bullets. A sun sending out radiations is
also recipient of radiations from
                      other suns thus creating a pressure between the
two which is not an attraction. Our
                      sun does not attract our planet nor do we attract
our sun. It radiates a pressure
                      against us and our magnetic feild repels this
pressure, thus creating the space
                      between our bodies that is so necessary for the
survival and identity of each other
                      and especially our planet. Sir James Jeans
expressed an opinion that if a 6 inch
                      cannon ball was heated to 50 million degrees (temp
of the sun) the impact of its
                      radiation would mow down like a jet of water
anyone within 50 miles. If a ball was
                      placed a hundred miles from the first one, an idea
of pressure that would exist
                      between these could be imagined. Increase these to
the size of suns and the
                      distance between them will be caused by the
pressures between them for they are
                      pushing apart. The space is needed for individual
identity and purpose.
                      Our solar system is centered as in a bubble of
space surrounded by countless suns,
                      these exerting a pressure on each other clearing a
central space. Cosmic dust was
                      caught in these pressures and forced to the center
of space. The volume and
                      pressures increased, the right effect for this to
become a sun which radiates
                      outward. Subsequent dust could not continue
inwards nor could it return outwards.
                      For this reason it was obliged to follow a path
that made a curve through space as
                      do our planets. Each planet requires a space for
its purpose and this provides for it
                      The opposite mechanics would have the opposite
effect. Radiations from distant
                      suns bombarded our planet, shooting down through
us like bullets at the speed of
                      light. They are not pulled down but come down from
a higher to lower pressure.
                      After passing through all surface matter they
penetrate deep into the earth. They
                      collide with the atoms in the atmosphere and in
our bodies, pressing down on all
                      things in their journey downwards towards the
center of the earth. This determines
                      our weight and pressure of the atmosphere around
us. When we clear the mass of
                      the earth we become weightless. Equalizing
radiations press into us from all sides to
                      make this so. Having this force pushing down, a
force is not needed to pull down. If
                      a pebble is dropped into the ocean, does the
pebble pull the ocean to itself by
                      attraction? For what reason would a pull-down be
needed when the opposite force is
                      in action!
                      Gravitation cannot be defined. IT DOES NOT EXIST!.
There is no need for its
                      existance. A few billion suns emit the pressure;
are they unable to do the job that
                      our humble planet is able to do? Isaac Newton was
                      the source of power directing the apple and the
universe, for he looked D -->
                      OWN instead of UP and confirmed the wrong law
which is not universal law but a complete
                      COUNTERFEIT. Correct this and the natural law will
correct the progress in error this has
                      caused. Gravitation is a PHILOSOPHY. It is
disasterous as it effects us all at this time. Its
                      principals are accumulation, monopoly and
centralized BONDAGE. It was this that was pointed
                      out as the ROOT OF ALL EVIL(1 Tim.6:10) by one who
was in authority on laws. It is not a
                      natural law. The opposite was expounded as the
greatest (Love!). For it is the TRUE LAW.
                      One is a pulling-in law, the other is a giving-out
                      Mechanical principals are involved, recognized as
operating at all levels and in dimensions of
                      physical, mental, spiritual and mechanical. There
is ONE basic universal governing law operating
                      in the atom and throughout the universe. For
like-structures like-mechanics are needed. When an
                      atom takes on energy the electron skips to a
higher orbit for the same reason that a planet is held
                      out from the sun and we step back from a camp-fire
that is to hot. We are all of the same dust.
                      Radiations, gases, liquids and solids are set in
motion by an exerted pressure higher on one side
                      than the other, thus forcing the substance into
location of low pressure. NO ATTRACTION IS
                      NEEDED. All nature works by pressures. If this
were not so, nothing could have moved
                      anywhere. If attraction was the rule, what force
could break its bonds? Things would stay
                      attracted to the closest point of attraction and
would not rotate for life, therefore an exerted
                      pressure by another force is needed and PROVIDED.
We see lightning, hear thunder, rain falls.
                      Did 'gravitation' cause this? Radiations exert a
pressure around a ton per square foot on
                      atmosphere at sea level. How much more will they
exert on a solid as the earth which stops the
                      full impact of the speed? We seek shelter from the
wind or from the radiation of heat. We can
                      step behind a building to do this. The building
does not attract us. It is the PRESSURE of the
                      wind and or radiation that prompted the decision.
The moon also seeks shelter that is provided by
                      the mass of the earth and provides in return
shelter. between these bodies there is a lower
                      pressure of radiation, a mechanical reason. Into
this lower pressure theocean tides expand and
                      magnetic fields of earth and moon REPEL each other
to alotted distances. The pressure
                      between them keeps them apart!. In numerous
similar ways and rhythms we emulate the actions
                      of these. They orbit as to a universal rhythm of
harmony. We operate under the same law and
                      must learn the true nature of its mechanics to
copy and get accord with this in every dimension
                      possible. Each sun radiates OUTWARD from its own
solar system contributing thus to the
                      pressure of the whole and in turn being sustained
by an expanding force which is true
                      mechanical nature of universal law (LOVE!).
between these pressures the planets are
                      suspended and thus are provided with the necessary
space, light and heat for individual purpose
                      and survival. The suns are of an order much
greater than the planets. Sound waves follow the
                      pattern set by pebbles dropped in water. Sound is
also manifested in radiations that are emitted in
                      different degrees and octaves of vibration as heat
and so on. A sound wave is the prototype of
                      the mechanisms operating in creations. It is
beleived that such as thses were in the begining a
                      FIRST CAUSE (John 1:1). Sound waves from different
sources meeting and colliding in a
                      sphere of water in this suitable environment at
some depth, the right conditions could exist for
                      certain types of vegatation and life to begin. The
atom is a model to be copied and applied as a
                      motor, which it is, to create an abundance by
using this free source of energy, by copying the
                      TRUE mechanics and breaking the chains of the
FALSE DOCTRINE and its disasterous

                      - John Guenther & Bill Simpson

                      My father has a 6th grade education, but assuredly
he has more brains than NEWTON,
                      EINSTEIN, or HAWKINGS, plus something else....LOVE
(Jesus Christ!)

                      Sir Isaac Newton was a GRAND MASTER ROSICRUCIAN by
the time he formulated his
                      false doctrine, having started out just as
apostate, a CATHOLIC, but once having seen the
                      heresy in catholic doctrine and giving up on God
alltogether, he joined SATAN and introduced
                      one of the most devastating false doctrines ever
to set upon mankind.......THE "LIE" OF
                      GRAVITY!. Grand Master Newton stole the name for
his heresy from the scripture...

                      Strongs 4587 semnotes, sem-not-ace; from 4586;
venerableness, i.e. PROBITY:- gravity,

                      Strongs 4586 semnos, sem-nos;from 4576; venerable,
i.e. honorable:- grave, HONEST.

                      Strongs 4576 sebomai, seb-om-ahee; mid. voice of
an appar. primary verb; TO REVERE, i.e.
                      ADORE:- DEVOUT RELIGIOUS WORSHIP

                      Calculations for gravitation are CHANGED once 600
miles above the earths surface is acheived
                      in NASA space missions. If you need any reason
whatsoever to home-school your children from
                      being brainwashed with FALSE DOCTRINE, you dont
need to look any further then SATANS
                      UNIVERSAL LAW BY HIS DUPE ISAAC NEWTON which is a
cornerstone and foundation
                      of the sciences.

                      SATANS LAW = PULL/TAKE

                      GODS LAW = PUSH/GIVE

                      Still beleive in 'gravity"? THEN YOU HAVE

Jason G.


FBI Grabs Fox UFO Video -
Expert Certifies Object Genuine

Preliminary NUFORC statement regarding the footage captured by FOX 23
television in Albany, NY, on Sunday, October 20, 2002.
By Peter Davenport
Director, National UFO Reporting Center

Video Clip (approx. 2.9 megs, cross-platform Quicktime)
you may need to add .mov to the end of the file name to play the clip

Albany, NY Fox TV UFO Case
At 07:30 hrs. (Pacific) on Monday morning, October 21, 2002, the National UFO Reporting Center received a telephone call from a television news reporter, Mr. Dan Bazile, with FOX 23 news (a Clear Channel Communication-owned station), who apprised us that one of their photographers had inadvertently captured brief footage of a very bizarre object streaking across the sky near Albany, NY. He described that one of their photographers had been out on Sunday afternoon, October 20th, photographing aircraft at a nearby airport, and that the peculiar object had been detected in the news studio when the footage was being examined at slow speed.
From that first telephone conversation, NUFORC was not left with a clear understanding of the nature of the object and its appearance, but Mr. Bazile offered to forward to NUFORC still images from the tape. NUFORC offered to help identify the object, if possible, and to put the station in touch with photo analysts, who might be able to assist in further analysis.
In a second conversation with Mr. Bazile on Tuesday morning, October 22, he apprised NUFORC that the original video tape of the object had been forcibly "confiscated" from the "young photographer" by "four FBI agents," from the Albany, NY, FBI offices, a statement which now is in question. (Please see paragraphs below.) Mr. Bazile went on to describe how the agents had invited the photographer outside the station, and that the agents had then "taken" the "original" tape from the photographer, who had it on his person at the time of the meeting with the FBI personnel. When NUFORC suggested that such an act, in the absence of a court warrant, might be illegal, Mr. Bazile averred that he agreed with that assessment. However, he stated that the station still had in its possession several copies of the original tape.
When NUFORC asked Mr. Bazile whether FOX 23 was planning to do a news report on the incident with the FBI, he responded that the station was "considering" that possibility, but such a decision was out of his hands. He then stated that in order to answer that question, he would like first to speak with his "supervisor" about the matter, and that he would call back "in a few minutes."
After approximately 45 minutes had elapsed, NUFORC telephoned FOX 23 and requested to be put in touch with Mr. Bazile. After a short period of time, he came on the line, but after only a very short conversation he said he would like to put his supervisor, Mr. Dave Brown, Station News Director for FOX 23, on the line.
During our 7-minute conversation with Mr. Brown, he stated that a copy of the tape had been provided to the personnel from the FBI by his station voluntarily, because his station "willingly co-operated with members of law enforcement." He added that he personally had provided the video to the FBI, that it had not been "taken" by them, as had been suggested by Mr. Bazile. Mr. Brown stated that he had arrived at work on Sunday evening "at about 8 or 9 o'clock," and that FBI personnel had been photographed in the station while they watched the tape, and that that footage had been aired by the station on Sunday night as a news report. Mr. Brown implied that this fact illustrated that there had been no "mystery" surrounding the FBI's interest in the footage, and that, in his opinion, no impropriety surrounded the transfer of the tape to the FBI personnel.
Mr. Brown also added that he did not know whether the original tape had been provided to the FBI, or whether they had received a copy. However, he said that with digital tape, it really did not matter, since very little fidelity was lost in a copied tape.
When asked how many representatives from the FBI had been present at the station on Sunday night, he said that he did not know, but there were at least two representatives from that office present. He said there might have been more, but he could not be certain, since "there were so many people present in the station that night."
Mr. Brown closed the conversation with the statement that FOX 23 would not be devoting any more news coverage to the footage, suggesting that the story was now old news, and that, in his opinion, it did not warrant any further attention by his station.
Following our conversation with Mr. Brown, NUFORC contacted the FBI offices in Albany [(518) 465-7551]. We spoke with Lisa Massaroni, a public affairs spokeswoman, who apprised us that to the best of her knowledge, the FBI office did have a copy of the tape, that their personnel were planning to analyze it, but that she did not know the status of the investigation. She directed us to her supervisor for any further questions, and added that he would be out of his office until October 24th.
NUFORC also was contacted by a gentleman from Birmingham, AL, Mr. Brian Huff, a forensic video analyst, who had captured the video from the FOX 23 website, and who has analyzed the tape. We provide elements of his video analysis with this statement. Mr. Huff has stated to NUFORC that, based on his analysis of the footage, the object is genuine, and that it is not a superimposed image. He also stated that the object is on the other side of the clouds, which provides some perspective as to the size of the object, and its velocity, which Mr. Huff concludes is considerable. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Huff for sharing his analysis with NUFORC and Jeff Rense.
Prepared by Peter B. Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center on
October 22, 2002.
Peter B. Davenport, Director
National UFO Reporting Center
P. O. Box 45623 University Station
Seattle, WA 98145
Reporting Hotline: (206) 722-3000
Forensic Video Analyst Certifies Object Is Genuine
Note - The following data is from Mr. Brian Huff as sent to Peter Davenport...
From Brian Huff
Birmingham, Alabama
3d Forensic Graphics, Video editing, production and verification, Virtual crime scene 3d walkthoughs, Expert Witness and Consultant. Specializing in verification, visualization. and re-creation.
Goal 1 - Verify authenticity of video with respect to object as an original embedded component.
Goal 2 - Clarify shape and size for analysis and comparison.
Goal 3 - Establish that object is not of the nature of a small "close proximity "rod" (as identified in the research of Jose Escamilla -ed) or insect illusion.
Object Verification
Direct color inversion of non-enhance video still. Objects in the atmosphere generally reflect the color of their environment-and appear somewhat as monochromatic images.
Direct color inversion is useful for detecting overlays, pasting, chromakey, and other methods used to "fake" photo and film.
An authentic image should invert to an alternative pseudo-monochromatic color scheme, with no obvious foreign colors or anmalies-sharp lines, etc.
Object Definition---light source
Object defined by contrast increase 61% and brightness reduction of 18%.
Object Definition-Shape Visualization
Reveals overal edges, suggests "capsule shaped" appendages.
Object Definition
Similar to traditional techniques of sharpening images, but appling sharpening to each pixel irrespective of that pixels "nearest neighbor" pixelation.
Advanced Object Definition (proprietary)
Further suggests "capsule shaped" appendages.
Un-enhanced Magnification of Object.


to understand this power that the sons of the synagogue control over men, given them by the high priest of evil and his minions see

and pray.


Yes Gorby tore down that wall. That wall was no longer needed. The Talmudic Sofiets, the Bolsheviks, the Babylonian Pharisees indeed have taken control of the earth. One World Order "Olam Hah Ba". soon, their king will be revealed, the one that they worship and the world has followed the whore and her gifts. Their god is not the god of Abraham. Abrahams God is the Word. Their god is man, the Talmud.


"Are you ready ready ready"

Hank Williams Jr.

Then go to

NASA Challenged On Data Integrity
By Francis C. P. Knize
203 544 9603

News Release
The Enterprise Mission (Richard Hoagland; science consultant, author), Keith Laney (image analyst), Francis C. P. Knize (producer) has today submitted a "Correction of Data" request to NASA, under the authority of the newly instigated "Data Quality Act". This will be the first challenge ever of its kind. NASA will have to answer concerning a mysterious download from the Mars Odyssey probe, which seems to contain images of building and transportation structures underground the Mars Cydonia region. At the very least, an inconsistency of data has occurred within NASA which must officially be looked into and corrected. We are hoping the American Press will become open to SETI issues today, as have most distinguished countries worldwide. Please help open the doors of science and report, and join Russia, China, Belgium, France, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, San Marino, Italy, England, and many other nationalities to allow for the people's voice on SETI matters. .
Beyond our mandates inguiry of NASA, our investigation team is determined to arrange for a debate with official organizations, scientists, researchers spanning the globe to consider the possibility for life on other planets in our Solar System, leading further to the question of evidence for intelligent life. We are set on associating with all significant entities pushing for American freedoms to pursue open Space Science, and to fairly observe the most important topic within the realm of Space Exploration: ..."are we or are we not alone?"
To move things along, I have been left little option, after being stalemated for nearly two years by NASA, but to open what is known as the (newly instigated) "Data Quality Act ," which has been put upon all federal agencies for the protection of the integrity of data. The recent episode concerning Richard Hoagland; Space Science investigator, and a questionable download his organization made from the NASA site containing Mars Odyssey THEMIS (infrared) imagery data (and possible anomalies seen underground), and of which data appears now missing from NASA archives, raises many questions about the transparency of data dispelled from JPL.
I have conducted an enormous amount of research in these legal areas and have contacted essential Data Quality Officers at NASA, as well as being in frequent touch with Don Savage, Public Relations Officer. I would be honored to update The Press on all these events. I can send a link to a radio show accomplished a few days ago concerning that topic (Mars Revealer radio show).
I also foresee a greater association with either AMES Research Center's noted MARSOWEB system for space probe analysis or JPL.'s new system for image analysis, whereby scientists from both outside and inside NASA can compare interpretations of the data and post them on the Internet. There is much evidence to discuss, I disagree with the present NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) analysis that there's not enough there to warrant further study for Solar System SETI. Arthur C. Clarke seems to think there's enough to go on to have forums about possible life-forms (leading to Intelligence) on Mars, not to mention a host of scientists worldwide ready to open discussion? Even the SETI Institute (NASA sanctioned) appears to be changing their attitude about finding life in our neighborhood.
Our team has already contacted many mainstream scientists to become involved with our venture and are ready for the Panel. Our goal is to form a just forum which can conduct lively open debate according to the dictates of the NSF and the NAS. Director Joseph Alexander of the National Academy of the Sciences has written me in support of our project. Members of The Society For Planetary SETI Research, Richard Hoagland, Stephen Bassett, Richard Dolan, ...mainstream astronomers, Geologists, Anthropologists, Authors, Government officials involved in science; have all expressed an interest to see our project succeed. We are well on the way to the reality of our event for an international debate on television.
One can reference some of my activities through these links:
File for CORRECTION OF DATA submitted today, October 31, 2002 to NASA:
RE: Data Quality Act inquiry concerning problems with NASA dissemination of data
October 31th 2002
On behalf of Ames Laboratory consultant, Keith Laney, and the American public at large of whom have a stake in the knowledge gained through Mr. Laney's interpretation of NASA data, we wish to submit for an official inquiry, for the purpose that NASA conduct a "correction of data" as outlined by NASA guidelines for the defined mandates of the Data Quality Act, of which were implemented recently by Congress. Keith Laney is to be considered the primary "affected party ." Since Keith Laney has observed Mars Odyssey THEMIS data by request of science writer, Richard Hoagland, and his organization known as "The Enterprise Mission ," he reserves the right to include Mr. Hoagland's organization also as an "affected party ."
We mean, when we say "American public at large" as represented by the most recent poll concerning SETI Research, known as the Roper poll, which showed a clear majority of 72 percent of the American public felt the government has not been forthcoming about what it knows about SETI matters. We hold that the interest of America is bound to our inquiry and therefore the public is to be considered, as well, an affected party. I, as a producer, represent the majority public opinion concerning The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Therefore I consider myself, through associations with The Enterprise Mission and being a professional communicator aligned with this Inquisition, an affected party also.
The incident in question concerning possible non-transparency, non-credibility, non-integrity of NASA/ASU data, transpired on July 25th 2002, whereby Keith Laney made a download directly from the Mars Odyssey THEMIS section at the NASA/ASU Internet site, under recommendations of a person claiming to be a NASA employee, and that this download appeared to be different in nature than downloads which were made earlier from that same NASA Internet source, as well as downloads that were made later. Put in Mr. Laney's own words, please read the following e-mail he sent to me:
Re: I need to hear from you now please... Date: 10/28/2002 11:09:33 PM Eastern Standard Time From: <> To: <> <> Sent from the Internet (Details
Hi Frank,
It's as easy as this, I received a different Cydonia infrared image upon download than what was the supposed to be the ASU THEMIS webpage's official version. It is unquestionably different from as officially portrayed at the site now and at that time, and unquestionably different from the images as portrayed now in the raw pds releases.
I've already went over the whole ordeal in detail here,
"Timeline, Testimony, Processing, and Politics of a Leaked THEMIS Image"
The politics.
I had been sharing my imaging results with Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara, who after review of them were astounded also. The strange thing about it was that no one else was getting near the same results as I. Holger Isenberg wasn't, Steve Wingate wasn't, (In fact he only seems interesting in debunking this image, which sadly he has looked very foolish doing) Richard wasn't. No one that tried did. The best attempts I saw from others were rather streaked and the color values were smudged, weak, with high noise levels. Not very good examples of true false color multispectrals worthy of the capabilities of the wonderful THEMIS, which for the most part are supposed to be clean and colorful where there are thermal and compositional differences being imaged.
The reason for this became apparent when I went back to the THEMIS site on August 26th. I found that the image now there is very different from the one I downloaded on July 25th. I could not believe it. This image was much "prettier." This was obviously not the same one that Noel just described as having blocks. In comparison, it looks very much like a visible image. This was the reason why the others were not getting the same results. I for some reason had a different image. Somehow, This is strange because the only source for that image on July 25th would have been the THEMIS site. No doubt my image came from there. This is further confirmed by comparing the official present image with what Noel described to me above. The block effect is not noticeable on the ratio images made from the "official" image, it is not evident in the individual band images from it either, yet it is in both on the image that I got, just as described.
These "blocks" are in no way a result of any further processing that I have done on the parent image, these were on the image the day I got it. I have done slight processing work on my original dated file download image and saved it. Nothing destructive, and for the simple reason of trying to lessen the severity of the blocks while comparing it to the different clear image from the THEMIS site at present. This was on Aug 26th as evidenced by the modified file date. Original copies were made and saved from it beforehand, and all the work and ratios I have for the color multispectral images were made from it beforehand as well. I did this quite inadvertently, but because the processes done on it are necessary and compatible for what processes are being done to the image to make quality multispectrals that is of little consequence. A lot of people have done a lot of torture processes on the image to try to discredit it's pedigree, but as of yet no one including myself has been able to replicate it using the image that is at the THEMIS site now.
I have so far processed nearly every possible band ratio combination from my downloaded image, the "official" THEMIS page image of the present, and the other separate version from an associate obtained independently that is very similar to the one I downloaded. Without exception, and in every band combination tried, the version I got on July 25th is superior both in color data levels and clarity.
The Official image at the THEMIS site is in fact a prettied up, heavily destreaked, and warp registered later version of the image I received. This is extremely important, because my image has no hints of destreaking or warp registration. Both of these are irreversible processes. There is no way I could have made my image from the version now at the THEMIS website. Not even had I wanted to. The inferior looking image produces superior multispectrals. That's all there is to it.
I challenge ANY image processor to counter the conclusions I have made comparing these images.
The image data also confirms somewhat that this image is valid. Clearly in the header of my image, (Which is a tiff) and unalterable by any method I know was the identifier. My image is labeled as a II* ¶µF Standard converted PNM file. The tiff image now available at the THEMIS site is headered with this label. II* dz. The GIF was labeled GIF, the png was labeled png, and the jpeg was labeled jiff. Might I remind any that PNM is a standard raw satellite data transferal format?
There have been many to attempt to "debunk" this image. No one has, and I have a good hunch no one ever will.
It is plain faulty analysis to take an image and subject it to overtly data torturous nonsense processes designed only to fake a claim that it's a fake based on the observations of said overprocessing steps. The only true way to analyze this image is to process all the data sets and compare. All else is foolhardy supposition using an array of dubious practices for ascertainment. Nonsense in other words.
Where did I get this image? From ASU's (Arizonia State University) THEMIS site. No speculation needed. What did I do to this image? Nothing in any way image destructive. I will stand before all and defend my stance on this. Perhaps I was "bamfed" to where the real picture was kept? I do know this, somehow I obtained an unaltered tiff image with a different header identifier which produces superior IR multispectrals over and beyond the presently displayed and original July 24th image release. Having looked at some of the example images and visible overlays both on my site and The Enterprise Mission you might come to the same conclusion. Personally, I think they are fantastic, opening up an entire new era in Mars exploration.
Keith Laney"
END of testimony.
Clearly, Mr. Keith Laney's testimony above not only describes in detail how he acquired his downloaded data from NASA, but also describes a complex set of communications between an important researcher named Noel Gorelick from within the ASU imaging department in a direct association with NASA. This accompaniment of official advice adds to the process of dissemination and must be included in the consideration of integrity for data for this circumstance.
We wish that the Data Quality officer e-mail all responses to Keith Laney at (telephone 704-573-6144) with CC to Richard Hoagland; and Francis Knize; (203 544-9603)
Mr. Hoagland has indicated he will provide the documentary evidence upon request, which is a record kept of the headers attached to each download. Apparently the download headers indicate a difference of data size as well as other attributes.
Should NASA maintain that the data Mr. Laney claims to have received could not have come from a NASA source, then this should be considered a point of need for inspection rather than denial of inspection. An open Panel must then analyze how the elements of Mr. Laney's frame relates to the original as posted at the NASA site. Only then can it be properly determined how data was received by Mr. Laney, and disseminated by NASA
We request that a panel for peer review be set up consisting of members from both inside and outside of NASA to determine why data does not seem transparent and, additionally, the process and mode for dissemination not transparent. This is according to original OMB guidelines for data quality. A review conducted solely from the inside of the agency could be considered a continuance of prejudicial treatment in determining integrity. A fair proceeding would include agreement from imaging professionals from both inside and outside the agency. The selection must include recognized scientists previously involved in anomalies study as well as having credentials in image analysis. Open peer review status would be according to the original Data Quality Act determinations of which the NASA guidelines should be encompassing. Judgments need to include the opinions of well-established scientists who have centered on SETI study of which NASA has little inkling and knowledge, since the agency has officially indicated that it has little interest today to pursue SETI Research in our Solar System. 
NASA guidelines place upon affected parties to have a duty to explain where data should be corrected, but it must also be realized that this cannot be easily determined until a reexamination is conducted to see where possibly information was corrupted, or altered, as image data often holds levels of complexity that best wait for an appropriate scientific approach for clarification. If we as a combined group of affected interests had to explain where we would like to see a correction in data take place, it would be in the correction to establish transparency of data, in other words that data would remain the same from the same NASA source for independent researchers who depend on consistency. This has clearly not been the case as depicted by the testimony above. A correction will occur when data is consistent, Mr. Laney's data for image frame was skewed when received. Mr. Laney's data contained a certain "blocking phenomenon" which appears not to be a result of photographic artifacting and pixilation, but rather to exhibit visual elements that are real. The aforementioned attributes were not contained in the image later showing at the same THEMIS source, which shows an inconsistency and unwarranted degradation in the official version now posted of the frame in question at the official NASA Internet site.
Please return notice as soon as possible concerning our Data Quality Act inquiry into NASA space probe imagery activities. The public anxiously awaits your reply.
Francis C. P. Knize; producer
Keith Laney; independent researcher, Ames Research Center consultant
Richard Hoagland; science writer, author, science consultant
The Enterprise Mission; Space Research organization
SETI scientists from about the globe
72 percent of the American population







Tiny Humanoid Creature
Found In Chile

Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Source: Ovnis

CONCEPCION, Chile -- On October first of 2002, while vacationing in the Southern Chilean city of Concepcion, a group of family members found what appeared to be a small humanoid creature. The miniscule being measures about 7.2 centimeters long. It has a relatively large head, two arms with long fingers, and two legs. The discovery was first reported by Mega News Service, which is the local news channel in the Santiago area.
According to previously gathered evidence and interviews conducted by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte, the bizarre creature was found among bushes by one of the children during an outdoors trip. The child allegedly picked it up and wrapped it with a piece of paper. The child claims that it stayed alive for about eight days, and in some instances, it even opened its eyes.
Nevertheless, after supposedly being dead for a few days, the small creature displays signs of advanced decomposition; it even appears to be in a strange state of mummification.
Specialists from the University of Chile pointed out to a possibility that it might be a fetus from local wild life, such as a wild cat. However, they have not reached a conclusion to determine the exact species the supposed fetus could be scientifically associated with. They expect to carry out DNA testing in order to come up with a conclusion.
The Henriquez Carreño family described the accounts to News Service, and how 22 days earlier, they found the strange-looking creature. They provided shocking and bizarre details about the discovery. They invited the journalist inside their modest home, located in the suburban area of Pintana.
Julio Carreño, the child that found the tiny creature, was the one in charge of showing it to members of the media. Carefully and jealously guarding it, he brought it inside a first-aid kit box, still marked with a red cross. As he opened the box, the journalists were astounded to see the tiny humanoid-like creature, lying in the center of the box, among carefully placed cotton material.
'It has changed color since we had found it. It used to be more pinkish; now, it has turned darker. May be it is turning darker because we are keeping it in the refrigerator", he explained. And indeed, some areas of its tiny body look almost as dry as a red pepper.
The first thing that caught the attention of the journalists was the size of the skull in relation to the body. The fingers -located on what appear to be the hands - seem to have quite long fingernails: "They seem to be continuingly growing", Carreño said. The slanted-shaped eyes, although closed, can easily be seen. They are located on each side of the head.
The body, almost in its entirety, somehow appears to be mummified. In some parts of the extremities, tiny black stains can be seen. The carcass is very light and fragile; it is for that reason that it is kept inside the first-aid box with cotton inside. "We keep it inside the box to avoid causing any damage", they said.
Nowadays, for the Henriquez Carreño Family is almost normal to have frequent visits from journalists and other people interested in seeing the so-called humanoid-carcass. "A lot of people have come to visit us: Media, psychiatrists, and even people that claim to have special powers", said Mrs. Luisa Carreño.
None of the members of the family could specify the exact day, nor the reasons to explain why the alleged creature died. However, they all agree that it was alive about eight days ago. "When we found it in Concepcion, it was able to open its eyes. Then a few days later, once we had returned to Santiago, it opened its eyes one more time. After that, it never opened them again. But there was something peculiar about that: When we thought it was already dead, the body was still warm, and it stayed warm for a long time. I always thought that a dead body was supposed to be cold", said Armando.
But because they were not able to determine whether the alleged creature was still alive or not, the family members waited too long the take it to the veterinarian, a specialist, or the local authorities in order to have it examined. Therefore, it died. "The truth is that we never really thought about it. But even after noticing that its body was still warm, we took it to a local veterinarian so he could give us an opinion. But the veterinarian was puzzled; he told us that this was the strangest thing, and he did not have a clue about what it really was", said Julio.
In spite of the fact that this story is fairly recent (it broke on Monday, the 21st of October), rumors have already begun to spread in relation to it. Perhaps the most talked about rumor is the story about how the alleged creature made telepathic contact with the children's mother, which is completely false.
"That rumor began when those people that claim to have super powers came to the house. A lady that claimed to be a medium was talking to people on the street about how she was able to communicate with the being using telepathy. When that happened, I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I doubt that that ever took place", said Mrs. Luisa.
Another version mentions how "the being" stood up and opened its eyes, which according to family members, it never happened. They assure that although it did slowly open its eyes at one point, it never stood up.
The family pointed out to that the only thing they can do is to wait for an educational institution or local health officials to carry out the necessary tests to determine the origins of the creature. "I am waiting for someone to do a DNA test. Nobody really knows what it is right now. Up until now, they have told me that they are still figuring out where these tests can be done. Unfortunately, when this happens, people tend to forget about the whole thing and it all turns into an inconvenience as time passes by", said Carrasco.
Many veterinarians have already expressed their interest to study "the being" - as they call it. However, none of them have conducted even a serious lab analysis.
The studies would allow them to determine if it is a fetus, an animal, or just a hoax. Furthermore, the preliminary results would indicate if this was indeed a living being of biological form -something that must be made clear in order to proceed with any further studies. If indeed this was, at one point in time a living being, a more in-depth analysis may determine its origin, whether it is from local wild life, from earth or perhaps even extraterrestrial.
Special thanks to Cristian Riffo, Ovnis, and Jaime Ferrer
Translation by Mario Andrade


New Setback In Chilean
Humanoid Investigation
Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

The organization known as CIO (Corporación para la Investigación OVNI, or Corporation for the Investigation of UFOs - ed), which was recently responsible for the investigation of the tiny creature discovered in Concepcion, Chile, has decided to withdraw from the case. The announcement was made in light of recent requests from the family members and owners of the alleged creature also known as TOY,. The family is reportedly 'under pressure' to stop the investigation from going any further.
SANTIAGO -- Through an official statement, the CIO organization announced the decision not to proceed with the investigations regarding the alleged creature found near Concepcion, Chile by family members from Santiago. The information provided by CIO points out the following:
On November 5, 2002, during a meeting of directors, a unanimous decision was reached to retire from the investigation of the TOY case, a phenomenon broadly covered by the news media.
This decision is based fundamentally because of pressures upon the family members and even recently, on our own director. Given these unfavorable circumstances, the required investigation of this particular case cannot proceed.
We want to express our most sincere thanks to Veterinarian Enzo Bossco and his team, for their unconditional participation and support for CIO in Chile, clearly demonstrating their scientific interest in the case.
We leave the case up to the family members and owners of TOY, under their absolute freewill, to make the final decision. We also want to let them know that there is absolutely no commitment nor pressure from us to force them to make a decision regarding this case. We want to express our gratitude for their trust and for letting us manage the initial steps of the investigation.
We apologize to all those who followed this case and somehow put their trust in us, hoping to hear about the final results. We truly hope you understand the reasons for our decision.
Enrique Sepulveda Sariego President CIO Chile
Translation by Mario Andrade

So who has forced the CIO away from these test?



What Is Happening To
The Weather In Serbia?
By Goran Pavlovic

During the NATO military operations in Serbia in 1998 witnesses reported weird phenomenon. Weather during the last and the worst bombing campaign around the Serbia was very strange. Huge black clouds materialized out of the blue sky, and stayed there until the end of the campaign which is couple of weeks. There was no rain falling from the clouds. What did fall on Belgrade was hailstone the size of eggs. You can still see the marks it left on houses. During that time witnesses describe strange "lighting" in the sky that lasted for hours that didn't look like anything anybody saw before. The "thunders" that accompanied the strange "lightning" were equally strange. They were hundreds of times stronger than any thunders anybody remembers. They were so loud that they were louder then the sound of bomb explosions. Couple of days before the capitulation of Serbian army was signed a very strong earthquake stroke Belgrade.
The weather cleared very soon after the bombing campaign was over.
Since then the climate in Serbia has changed considerably. Serbia experienced one of the worst draughts in its history. For last two years it looked as if the rain and snow were missing Serbia on purpose. This was before everywhere else around Serbia the climate is still the same as it ever was. So we can not talk about the global worming or natural climatic changes because the neighboring countries to the west, east, north or south that are not affected. Last year Serbia had 8 months without a drop of rain. This continues even as we speak as Serbia didn't get any snow this year. Even worse the temperature at the moment is 19 degrees Celsius.
Last week scientists in Serbia released the report which states that the electromagnetic field over Serbia is punctured. The hole is almost the size of Serbia. it starts at the border between Kosovo and Albania in the south and ends near Yugoslav Hungarian border in the north. The reason for conducting the measuring was the strange behavior of the cloud masses that twice a year come to Balkans from Libya. Normally they would unload their cargo of water over Balkans. In last two years however they would hit the southern border of Kosovo, and as the river flaws around the island in its current the cloud masses split and completely miss the Serbian territory leaving an empty hole visible in the satellite pictures. The first time the scientists noticed this phenomenon was at the December 28. 2000. The cloud masses divided into a stronger eastern and weaker western stream and went around the Serbian territory. The same happened on December 31 when the rain that would usually fall in Serbia went east and caused over 200 ml of rain per square meter in the territories east of Kosovo. All of this is about to cause the possibly the worst draught ever to hit Serbia and potentially a famine as the crops would be destroyed if rain or snow doesnt fall in Serbia soon.
Could somebody help me find out if there was anything unusual happening in the electromagnetic world during the final days of bombing of Serbia which is summer 1999. Also does anybody have any indication that anything unusual happened with earth electromagnetic field on 28.12.2000. or 31.12.2000.


The Coming 'ET Threat'
Will Be A Lie

From Duncan Roads

I have attached below the startling testimony by Carol Rosin to the Project Disclosure (Steven Greer). Take note of the date, it is well before Sept 11, and subsequent events. It deals with the hidden agenda to weaponize space under cover of four bogus threats - specifically, a Russian threat (culminating in Star Wars); a terrorist/rogue nations threat (son of Star Wars); followed by an asteroid threat, and finally a hostile ET threat.
I am sure you are familiar with it, but given recent history I feel more people should consider this agenda as a likely candidate for one of the hidden reasons behind the 'war on terror' etc. I have already published it years ago, and mention it at any conference I speak at. I am always astonished at how few so-called UFO researchers have even heard of her, given that they all should have read all of the testimonies delivered to Greer's Disclosure Project.
Duncan Roads
NEXUS Magazine
Testimony of Dr Carol Rosin
December 2000
Dr Carol Rosin was the first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and was spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun in the last years of his life. She founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space in Washington DC and has testified before Congress on many occasions about space based weapons. Von Braun revealed to Dr Rosin a plan to justify weapons in spaced based on hoaxing an extraterrestrial threat. She was also present at meetings in the '70s when the scenario for the Gulf War of the '90s was planned.
CR: Dr Carol Rosin
SG: Dr Steven Greer
CR: My name is Carol Rosin. I am an educator who became the first woman corporate manager of an Aerospace Company, Fairchild Industries.

I am a Space and Missile Defense Consultant and have consulted to a number of companies, organizations, and government departments, even the intelligence community. I was a consultant to TRW working on the MX missile, so I was part of that strategy, which turned out to be a role model for how to sell space-based weapons to the public. The MX missile is yet another weapon system that we didn't need. I founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, a Washington DC based think tank. I am an author and have testified before Congress and the President's Commission on Space.

When I was a Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries from 1974 through 1977, I met the late Dr Wernher Von Braun. We first met in early 1974. At that time, Von Braun was dying of cancer but he assured me that he would live a few more years to tell me about the game that was being played- that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control the Earth from space and space itself. Von Braun had a history of working with weapons systems. He escaped from Germany to come to this country and became a Vice President of Fairchild Industries when I had met him. Von Braun's purpose during the last years of his life, his dying years, was to educate the public and decision-makers about why space-based weapons are dumb, dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, unworkable, and an undesirable idea, and about the alternatives that are available.
As practically a deathbed speech, he educated me about those concepts and who the players were in this game. He gave me the responsibility, since he was dying, of continuing this effort to prevent the weaponization of outer space. When Wernher Von Braun was dying of cancer, he asked me to be his spokesperson, to appear on occasions when he was too ill to speak. I did this.
What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again during the approximately four years that I had the opportunity to work with him. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics That was how we identify an enemy. The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had "killer satellites". We were told that they were coming to get us and control us-that they were "Commies."

Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country "crazies." We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.
The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it.

Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.
And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."

I think I was too naïve at that time to know the seriousness of the nature of the spin that was being put on the system. And now, the pieces are starting to fall into place. We are building a space-based weapons system on a premise that is a lie, a spin. Wernher Von Braun was trying to hint that to me back in the early 70's and right up until the moment when he died in 1977.

What he told me was that there is an accelerated effort in place. He didn't mention a timeline but he said that it was going to be speeding up faster than anybody could possibly imagine. That the effort to put weapons into space was not only based on a lie but would accelerate past the point of people even understanding it until it was already up there and too late.

When Von Braun was dying in front of me, the very first day that I met him, he had tubes draining out of his side. He was tapping on the desk telling me, "You will come to Fairchild." I was a schoolteacher. He said, "You will come to Fairchild and you will be responsible for keeping weapons out of space." The way he said it with this intenseness in his eyes, and added that very first day, the first time I met him, that space-based weapons were a dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, untestable, unworkable idea.

The last card that was being held was the extraterrestrial enemy card.

The intensity with which he said that, made me realize that he knew something that he was too afraid to mention. He was too afraid to talk about it. He would not tell me the details.

I am not sure that I would have absorbed them if he had told me the details or even believed him in 1974. But there was no question that that man knew and had a need to know, I found out later.
There is no doubt in my mind that Wernher Von Braun knew about the extraterrestrial issue. He explained to me the reasons why weapons were going to be put into space, the enemies against whom we were going to build these weapons, and that all of that was a lie. He mentioned that extraterrestrials were going to be identified as the final enemy against whom we were going to build space-based weapons back in 1974.

The way he said it to me, there was no doubt in my mind that he knew something that he was too afraid to talk about.

Wernher Von Braun never spoke to me about any of the details that he knew related to extraterrestrials except that one day extraterrestrials were going to be identified as an enemy against whom we are going to build an enormous space-based weapons system. Wernher Von Braun actually told me that the spin was a lie-that the premise for space-based weaponry, the reasons that were going to be given, the enemies that we were going to identify-were all based on a lie.

I have been tracking the space-based weapons issue for about 26 years.

I have debated Generals and Congressional Representatives. I have testified before the Congress and the Senate. I have met with people in over 100 countries. But I have not been able to identify who the people are who are making this space-based weapons system happen. I see the news. I see the administrative decisions being made. I know that they are all based on lies and greed.
But I have yet to be able to identify who the people are. That is after tracking this issue for 26 years. I know that there are big secrets being kept and I know that it is time the public and decision-makers pay attention to the people who are now going to be disclosing the truth. Then we need to make some definite changes and build a system in space that will benefit every single person, and all of the animals, and the environment of this planet. The technology is there. The solutions to Earth's urgent and long-term potential problems are there. I have a feeling that once we start studying this extraterrestrial issue, all of the questions are going to be answered that I have had for 26 years.

But I have concluded that it is based on a few people making a lot of money and gaining power. It is about ego. It is not about our essence and who we really are on this planet and loving each other and being at peace and cooperating. It isn't about using technology to solve problems and heal people in the planet. It isn't about that. It is about a few people who really are playing an old, dangerous, costly game for their own pocketbooks and power struggle. That is all it is.

I believe that this entire space-based weapons game is initiated right here in the United States of America. What I hope is that with this information that is being disclosed, the new administration will to do what is right. That is to transform the war game into a space game so that we use the technologies that are available not just as spin-offs of war technology, but as direct technological applications to build a cooperative space system that will benefit the entire world and that will allow us to communicate with the extraterrestrial cultures that are obviously out there.

Who would benefit from these space-based weapons? They are the people who work in that arena, people in the military, in industries, in universities and labs, in the intelligence community. This is not just in the United States but it is worldwide. This is a worldwide cooperative system. Wars are cooperative. Just as peace will be when it breaks out. But right now there are a lot of people benefiting.

This is what our economy has been based on in this country and spreading around the world-war. People suffer as a result. It is not fair. It never has been. People have screamed: "out of swords let us build plow shares, let's have peace and hold hands around the world," but it hasn't worked because too many people are benefiting. Not only are they benefiting financially, but from what my experience is there are people who actually believe that Armageddon should happen so we have to have these wars.

So, it is going from the pocketbook, to the religious right: some people actually believe that we have to have wars for these religious reasons. There are people who just love war. I have met warriors who just love to go to war. Then there are the good people, the soldiers, who just take orders. They have to feed their children and send them to college so they want to keep their jobs.

People in laboratories have told me that they don't want to work on these technologies for war but if they don't they won't get a paycheck. Who is going to pay them? But what I see is that there are not only dual uses for these technologies but there are many uses for the same technologies.
We can build space hospitals, schools, hotels, laboratories, farms, industries. It may sound far out but if we don't do that we are going to build battle stations and weapons pointed down all of our throats and into space. Apparently we have been doing some of that already.

We have a choice now that can be made. We can all benefit-all of the people in the military industrial complex, in the intelligence community, in universities and labs, in the United States and all over the world-we can all benefit. We can just transform that industry so easily with just a decision based on our highest consciousness, our spirituality, and on the fact that we have no choice unless we all want to die. And we don't. So we can all benefit financially, spiritually, socially, psychologically; it is technologically and politically feasible to transform this game now and everybody will benefit.

In 1977, I was at a meeting in Fairchild Industries in a conference room called the War Room. In that room were a lot of charts on the walls with enemies, identified enemies. There were other more obscure names, names like Saddam Hussein and Khadafi. But we were talking then about terrorists, the potential terrorists. No one had ever talked about this before but this was the next stage after the Russians against whom we were going to build these space-based weapons. I stood up in this meeting and I said, "Excuse me, why are we talking about these potential enemies against whom we are going to build space-based weapons if, in fact, we know that they are not the enemy at this time?"

Well, they continued the conversation about how they were going to antagonize these enemies and that at some point, there was going to be a war in the Gulf, a Gulf War. Now this is 1977, 1977! And they were talking about creating a war in the Gulf Region when there was 25 billion dollars in the space-based weapons program that had yet to be identified. It wasn't called the Strategic Defense Initiative, at least. Not until 1983. This weapons system, then, had obviously been going on for some time and I didn't know anything about. So I stood up in this meeting in 1977 and said, "I would like to know why we are talking about space-based weapons against these enemies. I would like to know more about this. Would someone please tell me what this is about?" Nobody answered. They just went on with this meeting as though I hadn't said anything.

Suddenly, I stood up in the room and said, "If nobody can tell me why you are planning a war in the Gulf when there is a certain amount of money in a budget so that you can create the next set of weapons systems that will be the beginning of the sell to the public about why we need space-based weapons, then consider this: my resignation. And you will not hear from me again!"

And nobody said a word, because they were planning a war in the Gulf and it happened exactly as they planned it, on time.

SG: Who was at this meeting?

CR: The room was filled with people in the revolving door game. There were people that I had seen once in a military uniform and other times in a gray suit and an industry outfit. These people play a revolving door game. They work as consultants, industry people, and/or military and intelligence people. They work in the industries and they revolve themselves through these doors and right into government positions.

I stood up in this meeting and asked if I was hearing correctly. That when there was 25 billion dollars expended in the space-based weapons budget, that there was going to be a war in the Gulf, stimulated, created, so that they could then sell the next phase of weapons to the public and the decision-makers. This war was going to be created so that they could dump the old weapons and create a whole new set of weapons. So I had to resign from that position. I could no longer work in that industry.

In about 1990 I was sitting in my living room looking at the money that had been spent on space-based weapons research and development programs and I realized that it had come to that number, about 25 billion dollars, and I said to my husband, "I am now going to stop everything. I am now going to stop and sit and watch CNN television and I am going to wait for the war to happen." My husband said, "Well, you have finally gone over the edge. You have flipped out."
Friends said, "You have really gone too far this time. There is not going to be a war in the Gulf, nobody is talking about a war in the Gulf."

I said, "There is going to be a war in the Gulf. I am going to sit here and wait for the war in the Gulf." And it happened right on schedule.

As part of the war game in the Gulf, we in the public were told that the United States was successful in shooting down Russian Scud Missiles. We were rationalizing new budgets based on that success. In fact, we found out later, after the budgets were approved for the next phase of weapons, that it was a lie. We did not have successful shoot-downs the way we were told. It was all a lie, just to get more money put in the budget to make more weapons.

I was one of the first people to go independently to Russia when I heard that they had "killer satellites."
[See the testimony of Dr Paul Czysz. SG]

When I went to Russia in the early 70's, I found out that they didn't have killer satellites, that it was a lie. In fact, the Russian leaders and people wanted peace. They wanted to cooperate with the United States and with the people of the world.

Another time I called Saddam Hussein when he was lighting his oil fields on fire. My husband was in the kitchen while I was making this phone call. I got a call back from his First Attaché with Saddam Hussein nearby and he asked, "Are you a reporter? Are you an agent?

Why do you want to know?"

I said, "No. I am just a citizen who helped to start the movement to prevent the weaponization of outer space and I have found that a lot of stories that I have been told about weapons systems and the enemies are not true. I wanted to find out what would satisfy Saddam Hussein so he would stop making these oil fields catch fire and stop antagonizing people." He said, "Well, nobody has ever asked him that question, what he wants."
So, when I hear that there is a possible threat of extraterrestrials-and I look at the history of thousands of years of possible ET visitations, and hear the disclosures of honest military-intelligence- industry people who have had experiences with UFO's, with crashes and landings, with live and dead bodies of extraterrestrial beings-I know it is a lie. And if I am ever told that these are enemies against whom we have to build space-based weapons systems, based on my own personal experience of having worked in the military industrial complex on weapons systems and military strategy, I am going to know it is a lie.

It is a lie.

Not only will I not believe it, but I am going to go out as loudly as I can and tell everyone to take a look. They [the ET's] have not taken us away yet. We are still here after thousands of years of visits. If in fact they are still visiting us now and we have not been harmed then we have to look at this as something that is not a hostile occurrence.

It would be my hope and my intention to do everything I could to work with people who are working to communicate with and cooperate with these extraterrestrial beings. They are clearly not hostile. We are here. That is enough proof for me.

There is no limit to how people can choose to live on this planet. We have a chance to do that and I think that the window is closing rapidly. I don't think that we have much time in which to make that decision. We are too close in too many ways to having some horrible disaster happen, having some sort of war take place, whether it is from high technology or an exotic weapons system.

We need leadership and it has to start with the United States President and that is who we all have to reach. If you are international, if you are around the world, if you are in the United States of America, whether you are from any party, any belief system or religion- the United States Commander in Chief, the President of the United States is the person that needs to be reached.

We need to say that we want an ultimate, comprehensive, verifiable ban on all space-based weapons.
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"The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means. On the contrary, the means always determine the end."
(Aldous Huxley)




Yes soon indeed when Moshiach ben Satan the falsegod is REVEALED, it will be time to announce that there are for certain life from other planets. This life, chose eternal damnation. This life will be Ael-Ians, demons, fallen angels, and they have a king over them, their choice god, the choice god of this world, Satan.
The son of Perdition, the son of his father, Perdition himself, Satan will announce their arrival soon.
Are you ready, ready, ready
Let's Rumble.
Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, God and his Father
I am back, two years later, 12-19-2002 and loooooooookie here
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Groups Say Cloned Babies Due in Weeks

By MALCOLM RITTER, AP Science Writer

NEW YORK - The race to produce the first birth of a human clone is nearing the finish line — if you believe the public pronouncements.


Last month, it was an Italian fertility doctor, Dr. Severino Antinori, who promised a cloned baby boy in January.


On Thursday, it was a scientist who belongs to a group that believes life on earth was created by extraterrestrials. Brigitte Boisselier, head of a company called Clonaid, said a cloned baby girl is expected to be born this month.


And she says she'll offer proof the baby is a clone of the woman carrying it to term.


Many scientists say they don't put much stock in either cloning effort. They discount Boisselier chiefly because she does not specialize in reproductive medicine, but is a chemist by training.


Clonaid, which declines to say where its facilities are, was founded in the Bahamas in 1997 by the head of a group called the Raelians. They contend the truth about the origin of life on earth was revealed to their founder, Rael, by a visitor from another planet. Boisselier, a Raelian bishop, said Clonaid retains "philosophical" but not economic links to the group.


In a telephone interview, Boisselier said the cloned baby will be delivered by Caesarean section from an American woman in her 30s. She declined to say where or when the birth will take place, but ruled out Christmas Day. She also said four more clone births are due by the end of February.


The cloning was performed by fusing a cell from the woman with one of her eggs, from which the nucleus had been removed, Boisselier said.


Many scientists oppose cloning to produce humans, saying it's too risky because of abnormalities seen in cloned animals. Boisselier answers that long experience with human test-tube fertilization allows for safer cloning in people than animals.


To prove that the baby due this month is a clone, Boisselier said, a DNA expert chosen by a documentary maker will take DNA samples from the baby and the mother a few days after the birth and test them for a match. She declined to name the production company recording the project.


In recent interviews, cloning experts said independent DNA testing would be required to convince them a newborn is indeed a clone.


"I think the world would demand it," said Mark Westhusin of Texas A&M University, who made headlines last February with the first cloning of a cat. "I would certainly want someone else to run that DNA for me."


Standard DNA profiling, used for forensic tasks like identifying bodies or matching semen to a rape suspect, would be appropriate, the experts said. Such tests can be done in about a week.


But Randall Prather, a cloning expert with the University of Missouri, noted that under the traditional scientific standards, proving that a baby is a clone would involve another step that opponents of human cloning would find unpalatable.


"The proof in science is replication, I hate to say," Prather said. "So somebody else is going to have to repeat it."

Courtesy: Frank Lemay :


And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

New Evidence of German UFO'S




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