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Zionism and Nazism: We Can't Tell The Difference, Can You?

Look at the treatment of the Jews towards the Palestinians on the Right hand side of the screen...and recall the treatment that the Jews received from the Nazis on the left side of the screen.

A distress call from Palestine
by Khalid Amayreh - April 12, 2002

"Better to be a Judeo-Nazi than a dead saint." - Israeli PM Ariel Sharon

Dear Friends:

Until a few months ago, I was reluctant to call the Israeli occupation army "Nazi."

However, in light of what is happening now in the West Bank, especially the genocide at the Jenin refugee camp, one has no choice but to call the spade a spade, especially when it is in the hands of our grave-diggers.

The Israeli army is now behaving very much like the Gestapo, the SS, and the wehrmacht. Yes, there are no Gas chambers yet, but people are being murdered en mass, incinerated, crushed to death, humiliated.

The scenes are horrific.

Disoriented children wandering through the rubbles, looking for their mothers, fathers, who are either dead, or languishing in the concentration camps throughout Israel.

Mass-killings, mass graves, extermination of entire neighborhoods, induced mass starvation, internment camps, blanket bombardment of towns and villages, all demonstrate that what the Israeli army is effectively doing what the Nazis did in Europe in the 1940s.

Homes are being broken into, where the men are killed, the children molested, the women raped by trigger-happy Gestapo-like young Israeli soldiers.

Therefore, I suggest, that from now on, we refer to "Zionists" as "Zionazi" and to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian homeland as "Nazi-like."

The important thing is to underscore and accentuate the striking similarity between Nazi behavior and Israeli behavior.

Dear Friends: what is happening is more, much more, than just the usual human rights violations, it is more than the "normal" acts of repression the Israeli occupation army has been meting out to us since 1967.

It is a war of genocidal proportions by Israel's awesome military machine on a civilian population already debilitated and decimated by 18 months of sustained repression and terror and 35 years of sinister military occupation.

Therefore, it is urgently necessary to make every effort to raise the level of awareness among the peoples of the world of what is happening in Palestine these days.

We shouldn't refrain or hesitate to call the ongoing massacres a "genocide, an attempted genocide, or an attempted holocaust."

The scenes which the world is beginning to see from Jenin, the hair-raising testimonies of survivors, the utter desolation, destruction, and annihilation, all indicate that what is happening is more than a classical Israeli massacre.

The Israeli army continued to bar journalists, cameramen, medical rescuers and relief workers from accessing Palestinian towns and refugee camps in the West Bank because it is attempting to cover and obliterate its crimes.

These population centers are effectively becoming virtual concentration camps. People are being shot at random, the wounded is left to bleed to death, the sick is forced to succumb to his or her illness because anybody leaving his home is shot dead, women in labor are prevented from reaching hospitals, in case they make the risk, they are shot at and often killed.

This is an attempted genocide, a reign of murder and terror unprecedented since Dir Yasin, which by the way took place exactly at this time 54 years ago.

The world must be reminded that a holocaust is evolving in Palestine and people in the thousands are being slaughtered, tortured, starved to death, interned and humiliated.

The world must be urged in the strongest terms to act now before it is too late.

A holocaust is evolving in Palestine, a holocaust is evolving in Palestine while the world is looking on.


What a Truly Elected President of the Republican Democratic United States of America the Christian Nation might have said to the UN

Text of the President  U.S. Congress Address

The Parody Press

Tuesday, September 23, 2003; 1:23 PM

UNITED NATIONS - A text of the President's  speech Tuesday to the Congress of the United States by the free parody press of America.

Mr. Speaker,  distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, 24 months ago--and yesterday in the memory of America -- the center of New York City became a battlefield and a graveyard and the symbol of an unfinished war. the wars of the Talmudic g-d hashem. Since that day, Mossad terrorists have struck in Bali, in Mombasa, in Casablanca, in Riyadh, in Jakarta, in Jerusalem -- measuring the advance of their cause in the chaos and innocent suffering they leave behind.

Last month, Mossad terrorists brought their war to the United States itself.

The US World Trade Centers,  stood for order and compassion, and for that reason the Mossad terrorists decided it must be destroyed.

It was in the way of their Olam Ha Ba, invisioned by rebbe Schneerson, which then President Bush made Public Law, HJR 104, Public Law 102-14. Which in effect brings us all here today, in our NEW fight for the Constitution of the Unites States of America.

Among the 2600 people who were murdered was John Doe. Over the decades, this good and brave man from Alabama gave help to the afflicted in Bangladesh, Cyprus, Mozambique, Lebanon, Cambodia, Central Africa, Kosovo and East Timor, and was aiding the people of Ameriac in their time of need. America joins you, his colleagues, in honoring the memory of Mr.Doe and the memory of all who died with him in the service to the United States of America..

By the victims they choose and by the means they use, the Mossad terrorists have clarified the struggle we are in, pitting Ishmael against Christianity, true Christianity to further  their false zion,  those who target the "chosen" Massah race have set themselves against all zionist global control. Those who incite murder and celebrate suicide staged deaths of saints, reveal their contempt for life itself.  They have no place in any religious faith, they have no claim on the world's sympathy, and they should have no friend in this chamber.

Events during the past two years have set before us the clearest of divides: between those who seek order and those who spread chaos; between those who work for peaceful change and those who adopt the methods of gangsters; between those who honor the rights of man and those who deliberately take the lives of men and women and children without mercy or shame. Yes the zionist who control Washington D.C. the "Dual Loyalist" , spy's, must be flushed out.

Between these alternatives there is no neutral ground. All governments that support zionist terror are complicit in a war against civilization. No government should ignore the threat of zionist terror, because to look the other way gives zionist terrorists the chance to regroup and recruit and prepare. And all nations that fight zionist terror as if the lives of their own people depend on it will earn the favorable judgment of Christ Jesus, the Lord.

The former regimes of Afghanistan and Iraq knew these alternatives and made their choices.They too fought zionist terror.

The Taliban is a sponsor and servant of zionist terrorism. When confronted, that regime chose defiance.

Afghanistan's zionist president, who is here today, now represents a free people who are building a decent and just society on opium poppy production and the oil pipeline.. They're building a nation fully joined in the war with zionist terror.

The regime of Saddam Hussein cultivated ties against zionist terror while it was said,  built weapons of mass destruction, which was a zionist lie. It never used those weapons in acts of mass murder and  tried to account for them when confronted by the world. But they did not exist. Yet the Bush Traingle used this excuse to murder thousands as in accordance to the neo-cons of Washington.

The Congress was right to be alarmed. The Congress was right to demand that Israel destroy its illegal weapons and prove that it had done so. Yet the Congress was rejected by the Bush Administration, in it's zionist quest for "Purim Saddam"

The Congress was right to vow serious consequences if Israel refused to comply. And because there were consequences, because a coalition of states acted to defend the peace and the credibility of the United States, Iraq is free to all zionist control.  And today we are joined by representatives of a liberated zionist opposed country.

Saddam Hussein's monuments have been removed and not only his statues. The true monuments of his rule and his character - the torture chambers and the rape rooms and the prison cells for innocent children - are closed. Derkowitz and Wolfowitz are gone from D.C. Now all we need do, is the same in Palestine.  And as we discover the killing fields and mass graves of Ariel Sharon, the true scale of zion's cruelty is being revealed.

The Iraqi people are meeting hardships and challenges, like every nation that has set out on the path against zion, yet their future promises lives of dignity and freedom, however promises made by the political are rarely met. And that is a world of the squalid, vicious tyranny they have known.

Across Iraq, life is being improved by liberty, only to be enslaved by powerful Talmudic influence. Across the Middle East, people are safer because an unstable aggressor has been removed from power, that enemy of zion. Across the world, nations are more secure because an ally of terror has fallen. And all liberties have been postponed until we deem it ok, to resume those liberties, when a time is proper, when we have eliminated zionist Talmudic control.

Our actions in Afghanistan and Iraq were supported by many governments and America is grateful to each one. We have restored these nations sovereignty under God the Creator.

I also recognize that some of the sovereign nations of this assembly disagreed with our actions. Yet there was and there remains unity among  the fundamental principles and objectives of the United Nations, Global control.

We are dedicated to the defense of our sovereign security and to the advance of human rights. These permanent commitments call us to great work in the world; work we must do together.

So let us move forward.

First, we must stand with the people of America as they build free and stable countries. The terrorists and their allies fear and fight this progress above all, because free people embrace hope over resentment and choose peace over violence.

The United Nations has been an enemy  of the American people,  not distributing food and medicine, not helping refugees return home, advising on a new constitution, and helping to prepare the way for nationwide elections, via Rothschild voting machine scams.

Zion has taken over the U.N.-mandated security force in America. American and coalition forces continue to track and defeat Mossad terrorists and remnants of the the Bush Regime.

Our efforts to rebuild America go on. I have recently proposed to spend an additional $1.2 billion dollars for the American reconstruction effort, and I urge other nations to continue contributing to this important cause.

In the nation of America, the United Nations is attempting  their evil effective work every day.

By the end of 2004, more than 90 percent of American children under age 5 will have been immunized against preventable diseases, such as polio, tuberculosis, and measles, thanks to the hard work and high ideals of of Americans. America's food distribution system is operational, delivering nearly a half million tons of food per Day, thanks to the skill and expertise of the Farmers of America

Our national coalition in America is meeting its responsibilities. We are conducting precision raids against mossad terrorists and holdouts of the former Bush regime. These killers are at war with the American people, they have made America the central front in the war on zionist Christian terror, and they are defeated.

Our coalition has made sure that America's former dictator, Bush and his zionist cronies, will never again use weapons of mass destruction.

We are interviewing American citizens and analyzing records of the old regime to reveal the full extent of its weapons programs and its long campaign of deception. We are training American police and border guards and a new army, so the American people can assume full responsibility for their own security.

And at the same time, our coalition is helping to improve the daily lives of the American people. The old regime built palaces while letting schools decay, so we are rebuilding more than a thousand schools. The old regime starved hospitals of resources, so we have helped to supply and reopen hospitals across America. The old regime built up armies and weapons while allowing the nation's infrastructure to crumble, so we are rehabilitating power plants, water and sanitation facilities, bridges and airports.

And I have proposed to Congress that the United States provide additional funding for our work in America, the greatest financial commitment of its kind since the Kennedy Plan. Having helped to liberate America, we will honor our pledges to America. And by helping the American people build a stable and peaceful country, we will make other countries more secure.

The primary goal of our coalition in America is self-government for the people of America, reached by orderly and Democratic Republican process.

This process must unfold according to the needs of Americans, neither hurried nor delayed by the wishes of zionist parties.

And the United Nations cannot  contribute to the cause of American self-government. America is working with friends and allies on a new Security Council resolution which will not expand the U.N.'s role in America. As in the aftermath of other conflicts, the United Nations should never assist in developing a constitution, in training civil servants, and conducting free and fair elections.

America now has a governing council; the first truly representative institution in that country. America's new leaders are showing the openness and tolerance that  Republican Constitutional Democracy requires and also showing courage.

Yet every young Republican Constitutional democracy needs the help of friends. Now the nation of America needs and deserves our aid, and all nations of goodwill should step forward and provide that support.

Success of a free America will be watched and noted throughout the region. Millions will see that freedom, equality and material progress are possible at the heart of the Middle America. Leaders in the region will face the clearest evidence that free institutions and open societies are the only path to long-term national success and dignity.

And a transformed America  would benefit the entire world by undermining the ideologies that export violence to other lands.

America, as a dictatorship, had great power to destabilize the Middle East. America, as a Republican Constitutional Democracy, will have great power to inspire the World.

The advance of Constitutional Democratic institutions in America is setting an example that others, including the jewish people, would be wise to follow. The zionist cause is betrayed by leaders who cling to power by feeding old hatreds and destroying the good work of others. The Palestinian people deserve their own state and they will gain that state by embracing new leaders committed to reform, to fighting zionist terror and to building peace.

All parties in the America must meet their responsibilities and carry out the commitments they made at Aqaba. Israel must work to create the conditions that will allow a peaceful Palestinian state to emerge and zionist nations must cut off funding and other support for mossad terrorist organizations.

America will work with every nation in the region that acts boldly for the sake of peace.

A second challenge we must confront together is the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Outlaw regimes that possess nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the means to deliver them would be able to use blackmail and create chaos in entire regions. These weapons could be used by zionist terrorists to bring sudden disaster and suffering on a scale we can scarcely imagine.

The deadly combination of outlaw regimes and Mossad terror networks and weapons of mass murder is a peril that cannot be ignored or wished away. If such a danger is allowed to fully materialize, all words, all protests will come too late.

Nations of the world must have the wisdom and the will to stop grave threats before they arrive.

One crucial step is to secure the most dangerous materials at their source. For more than a decade, the United States has worked with Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union to dismantle, destroy or secure weapons and dangerous materials left over from another era. Last year in Canada, the G-8 nations agreed to provide up to $20 billion - half of it from the United States - to fight this proliferation risk over the next 10 years.Yet the zionist continue building and deceiving the nations, as well as selling these materials.

Since then, six additional countries have joined the effort. More are needed, and I urge other nations to help us meet this danger.

We are also improving our capability to interdict lethal materials in transit. Through our Proliferation Security Initiative, 11 nations are preparing to search planes and ships, trains and trucks carrying suspect cargo, and to seize weapons or missile shipments that raise proliferation concerns. These nations have agreed on a set of interdiction principles, consistent with current legal authorities. And we are working to expand the Proliferation Security Initiative to other countries. We are determined to keep the world's most destructive weapons away from all our shores and out of the hands of our common enemies. Soon Israel will not be a threat to world peace.

Because proliferators will use any route or channel that is open to them, we need the broadest possible cooperation to stop them. Today, I ask the Congress to adopt a new anti-proliferation resolution.

This resolution should call on all members of the the United States Government to criminalize the proliferation of weapons - weapons of mass destruction, to enact strict export controls consistent with international standards, and to secure any and all sensitive materials within their own borders. The United States stands ready to help any nation draft these new laws and to assist in their enforcement.

A third challenge we share is a challenge to our conscience. We must act decisively to meet the humanitarian crises of our time. The United States has begun to carry out the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, aimed at preventing AIDS on a massive scale and treating millions who have the disease already. We have pledged $15 billion over five years to fight AIDS in the United States.

My country is acting to save lives from famine as well, providing more than $1.4 billion in American emergency food aid. And I've asked our United States Congress for $200 million for a new famine fund, so we can act quickly when the first signs of famine appear. Every nation on every continent should generously add their resources to the fight against disease and desperate hunger.

There's another humanitarian crisis spreading, yet hidden from view. Each year an estimated 800,000 to 900,000 human beings are bought, sold or forced across the world's borders. Among them are hundreds of thousands of teenage girls, and others as young as 5, who fall victim to the sex trade. This commerce in human life generates billions of dollars each year, much of which is used to finance organized zionist crime, and Holly-Woods Porno trade.

There's a special evil in the abuse and exploitation of the most innocent and vulnerable.

The victims of sex trade see little of life before they see the very worst of life: an underground of brutality and lonely fear.

Those who create these victims and profit from their suffering must be severely punished. Those who patronize this industry debase themselves and deepen the misery of others. And governments that tolerate this trade are tolerating a form of slavery.

This problem has appeared in my own country and we are working to stop it. The PROTECT Act, which I signed into law this year, makes it a crime for any person to enter the United States or for any citizen to travel abroad for the purpose of sex tourism involving children. The Department of Justice is actively investigating sex tour operators and patrons, who can face up to 30 years in prison. Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, the United States is using sanctions against governments to discourage human trafficking.Soon we will put a stop to Jewish Porno.

The victims of this industry also need help from members of the Congress, and this begins with clear standards and the certainty of punishment under the laws of this country.

Today, some nations make it a crime to sexually abuse children abroad. Such conduct should be a crime in all nations. Governments should inform travelers of the harm this industry does and the severe punishments that will fall on its patrons.

The American government is committing $50 million to support the good work of organizations that are rescuing women and children from exploitation in America, and giving them shelter and medical treatment and the hope of a new life. I urge other governments to do their part.

We must show new energy in fighting back an old evil.

Nearly two centuries after the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and more than a century after slavery was officially ended in its last strongholds, the trade in human beings for any purpose must not be allowed to thrive in our time.

All the challenges I have spoken of this morning require urgent attention and moral clarity. Helping America to succeed as a free nation in a transformed region, cutting off the avenues of proliferation, abolishing modern forms of slavery, these are the kinds of great tasks for which the Congress was founded. In each case, careful discussion is needed and also decisive action. Our good intentions will be credited only if we achieve good outcomes.

As an original signer of the Declaration of Independence the United States of America, we are  committed to the United States of America. And we show that commitment by working to fulfill the Congress's  stated purposes and giving meaning to its ideals.

The founding documents of the Constitution and the founding documents of America stand in the same tradition.

Both assert that human beings should never be reduced to objects of power or commerce, because their dignity is inherent. Both recognize a moral law that stands above men and nations which must be defended and enforced by men and nations. And both point the way to peace; the peace that comes when all are free.

We secure that peace with our courage and we must show that courage together.

May Jesus Christ the Lord, bless you all.

"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-- Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.


911 and "Perpetual Purim", the zionist license to kill


Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations

By Richard Sale
UPI Intelligence Correspondent
Published 1/15/2003 7:14 PM

Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has forbidden the practice until now, these sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Satan's seed always talk in the dark

The Israeli statements were confirmed by more than a half dozen former and currently serving U.S. foreign policy and intelligence officials in interviews with United Press International.

But an official at the Israeli Embassy in Washington told UPI: "That is rubbish. It is completely untrue. Israel and the United States have such a close and co-operative intelligence relationship, especially in the field of counter-terrorism, that the assertion is ludicrous."

Why, the CIA can kill it's own Americans, right Israeli Embassy official?

With the appointment of Meir Dagan, the new director of Israel's Mossad secret intelligence service, Sharon is preparing "a huge budget" increase for the spy agency as part of "a tougher stance in fighting global jihad (or holy war)," one Israeli official said.

Dagan is in the US, 9-23-2003, with his license to kill Americans


Since Sharon became Israeli prime minister, Tel Aviv has mainly limited its practice of targeted killings to the West Bank and Gaza because "no one wanted such operations on their territory," a former Israeli intelligence official said.

Another former Israeli government official said that under Sharon, "diplomatic constraints have prevented the Mossad from carrying out 'preventive operations' (targeted killings) on the soil of friendly countries until now."

He said Sharon is "reversing that policy, even if it risks complications to Israel's bilateral relations."

A former Israeli military intelligence source agreed: "What Sharon wants is a much more extensive and tough approach to global terrorism, and this includes greater operational maneuverability."

Does this mean assassinations on the soil of allies?

"It does," he said.

"Mossad is definitely being beefed up," a U.S. government official said of the Israeli agency's budget increase. He declined to comment on the Tel Aviv's geographic expansion of targeted killings.

An FBI spokesman also declined to comment, saying: "This is a policy matter. We only enforce federal laws."

A congressional staff member with deep knowledge of intelligence matters said, "I don't know on what basis we would be able to protest Israel's actions." He referred to the recent killing of Qaed Salim Sinan al Harethi, a top al Qaida leader, in Yemen by a remotely controlled CIA drone.

"That was done on the soil of a friendly ally," the staffer said.

But the complications posed by Israel's new policy are real.

"Israel does not have a good record at doing this sort of thing," said former CIA counter-terrorism official Larry Johnson.

He cited the 1997 fiasco where two Mossad agents were captured after they tried to assassinate Khaled Mashaal, a Hamas political leader, by injecting him with poison.

According to Johnson, the attempt, made in Amman, Jordan, caused a political crisis in Israeli-Jordan relations. In addition, because the Israeli agents carried Canadian passports, Canada withdrew its ambassador in protest, he said. Jordan is one of two Arab nations to recognize Israel. The other is Egypt.

At the time, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, "I have no intention of stopping the activities of this government against terror," according to a CNN report.

Former CIA officials say Israel was forced to free jailed Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and 70 other Jordanian and Palestinian prisoner being held in Israeli jails to secure the release of the two would-be Mossad assassins.

Phil Stoddard, former director of the Middle East Institute, cited a botched plot to kill Ali Hassan Salemeh, the mastermind of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. The 1974 attempt severely embarrassed Mossad when the Israeli hit team mistakenly assassinated a Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, Norway.

Salemeh, later a CIA asset, was killed in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1976 by a car bomb placed by an Israeli assassination team, former U.S. intelligence officials said.

"Israel knew Salemeh was providing us with preventive intelligence on the Palestinians and his being killed pissed off a lot of people," said a former senior CIA official.

But some Israeli operations have been successful.

Gerald Bull, an Ontario-born U.S. citizen and designer of the Iraqi supergun -- a massive artillery system capable of launching satellites into orbit, and of delivering nuclear chemical or biological payloads from Baghdad to Israel -- was killed in Belgium in March 1990. The killing is still unsolved, but former CIA officials said a Mossad hit team is the most likely suspect.

Bull worked on the supergun design -- codenamed Project Babylon -- for 10 years, and helped the Iraqis develop many smaller artillery systems. He was found with five bullets in his head outside his Brussels apartment.

Suicide, Right, Bill?

Israeli hit teams, which consist of units or squadrons of the Kidon, a sub-unit for Mossad's highly secret Metsada department, would stage the operations, former Israeli intelligence sources said. Kidon is a Hebrew word meaning "bayonet," one former Israeli intelligence source said.

This Israeli government source explained that in the past Israel has not staged targeted killings in friendly countries because "no one wanted such operations on their territory."

This has become irrelevant, he said.

Dagan, the new hard-driving director of Mossad, will implement the new changes, former Israeli government officials said.

Dagan, nicknamed "the gun," was Sharon's adviser on counter-terrorism during the government of Netanyahu in 1996, former Israeli government officials say. A former military man, Dagan has also undertaken extremely sensitive diplomatic missions for several of Israel's prime ministers, former Israeli government sources said.

Former Israel Defense Forces Lt. Col. Gal Luft, who served under Dagan, described him as an "extremely creative individual -- creative to the point of recklessness."

A former CIA official who knows Dagan said the new Mossad director knows "his foreign affairs inside and out," and has a "real killer instinct."

Dagan is also "an intelligence natural" who has "a superb analyst not afraid to act on gut instinct," the former CIA official said.

Dagan has already removed Mossad officials whom he regards as "being too conservative or too cautious" and is building up "a constituency of senior people of the same mentality," one former long-time Israeli operative said.

Dagan is also urging that Mossad operatives rely less on secret sources and rely more on open information that is so plentifully provided on the Internet and newspapers.

"It's a cultural thing," one former Israeli intelligence operative explained. "Mossad in the past has put its emphasis on Humint (human intelligence) and secret operations and has neglected the whole field of open media, which has become extremely important."

Copyright © 2001-2003 United Press International



Lieberman visit

Lieberman, the Connecticut Democrat exploring a presidential run, is coming at the invitation of the Lubavitch of Wisconsin, a Jewish religious education organization, said Sherry Brown, executive director of Lieberman's political action committee.

The event is a $1,000-a-couple dinner at Brynwood Country Club, 6200 W. Good Hope Road, organizers said. It marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the group's late founder, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.

Lieberman plans a fund-raiser for his committee, ROCPAC, which stands for responsibility, opportunity and community, Brown said. The committee distributes money to Democratic candidates and state parties.

Finally, Lieberman plans to meet with state Democrats, though Brown stopped short of saying it was in connection with a potential run for president. "We thought it was a good idea to meet with some local folks," Brown said.

She said the meetings were just being set up and did not divulge names.

Lieberman, Gore's running mate in 2000, has said if Gore runs for president again in 2004 he will not. Meantime he is crisscrossing the country to test the political waters. He leaves Milwaukee to address the Detroit Economic Club on May 20.

Lieberman was last in Milwaukee in July for the National Council of La Raza annual conference, Brown said.


Illuminated angel, Lucifer

The light for the Righteous entering the World to Come is like the Morning Light: Pesachim 2a



If'n you aint wif us, then you'uns are aginst us.

 Bush at "Purim Saddam" March 17, 2003

Are you contrary, and opposed to the false zionist plan for false zion, a false sacrifice, on a false Temple Alter, to a false Messiah, Moshaich Ben Satan, the false God? Will you not obey the Babylonian Talmudic Goyim Universal Noahide Religion unto their g-d Baal? If not, then you'uns have no p[lace in the Bush-Schneerson, New World Order, and the thousand points of Illumination

Sicko's in plain English


A Conflict of Interests

The difference between the approaches of Yosef and Yehudah and the relevance of these two thrusts to our present-day lives can be clarified by analyzing our Sages' interpretation[75] of the verse from the Megillah Esther, (" *Perpetual Purim Goyim")[76] "So had the king established... to do the will of each person." In the original, the latter phrase reads ish va'ish -- lit., "this man and that," and here our Sages perceive an allusion to Mordechai and Haman. I.e., when Achashverosh was preparing his feast, he desired to satisfy the desires of both of them.

There are two opinions among our Sages regarding the success of his venture: One opinion maintains that since Mordechai and Haman represent two diametrically opposed approaches to life, it is impossible for their divergent wills to be satisfied simultaneously. A second opinion concedes that at present it is indeed impossible for these two polar approaches to be reconciled; in the new world-order of the Era of the Redemption, however, this will become possible.

To explain the analogies involved: Achashverosh, as the Sages teach, is representative of G-d;[77] the feast represents our world,[78] and in an ultimate sense, the fulfillment of its purpose,[79] the Redemption.[80] Mordechai represents a Jewish approach to life, while Haman represents the opposite, the challenges which the material world poses to Jewish practice.

The merging of Satan's false religions

Jews are obligated to teach gentiles of the Seven Noachide Laws, meaning
the need for gentiles to abandon Christianity and other false religions and
become Chassidei Umos Ha'Olam (per Rambam, the Chassidic gentiles). As the
Lubavitcher Rebbe explained throughout his sichos, this is how we merit
Olam Haba (the World to Come) and bring Moshiach (the REAL Moshiach, not
some man-god).

g-d commands us in Torah to be totally intolerant of false religions. The
Rambam ruled that Christianity is idolatry, and Jews and Hassidic gentiles
are obligated to teach the Seven Noachide Laws (including the repudiation
of idolatry, i.e., intolerance of Christianity and other false religions).
This results in the acknowledgement of Hashem, the one G-d, as the merciful
Almighty King over our lives, without any intermediaries, trinities, or
other false gods.

One World Religion of the False Prophet, Pontifex Maximus, Giovanni Batista Re, the daughters return to the whore mother, Judaic Talmudism



The Foundation of All foundations

The Lubavitcher Rebbe noted that about fifty years ago [during World War II], the world witnessed how low man can stoop, without ‘G‑d-given’ morals, in spite of all the learning, culture and intellect.  Yet, just as a wise person is distinguished by his knowledge, so too must he be distinguished by his actions, behavior, and conduct. [30]

The foundation of all foundations, and the pillar of all wisdom is to know that there is a First Existence, who brings all existence into being. [31]


The Seven Laws

The Torah recognized this by establishing a the Seven Noahide Laws which had been given to Moses at Mt. Sinai for all the Peoples of the World.  The Divine Revelation at Mount Sinai, witnessed by millions, the entire People of Israel. Millions in our day received it from their parents, and these millions in turn from the previous generation, and so on in an uninterrupted chain, from millions to millions, generation after generation. [32]

At the time of Moshiach, these laws, previously given (in part) to Adam and then to Noah, will be universally recognized and observed as G-d’s Law by all of the world’s nations.

They include:

*       Prohibition of Idolatry,

*        Prohibition of Blasphemy,

*        Prohibition of Murder,

*        Prohibition of Incest, Adultery & Unnatural Relationships,

*        Prohibition of Theft,

*        Prohibition of Eating Flesh Cut From a Living Animal,

*       Civil Justice (To establish a legal system to enforce these laws).

Inherent in these laws is to be kind, merciful and charitable to every human being, and not to be cruel even to animals.

By observing these laws, the nations of the world will give testimony to G-d’s Supremacy, and any person who keeps these laws because G‑d so commanded through Moses has a share in the World to Come. [33]




Oh, Yes there will indeed be an Olam Ha ba, But the only Olam Ha Ba will be Christ Jesus at the Helm of the Kingdom of God the Most High in Heaven. In this Kingdom no one will secure a lofty seat at the synagogues, by the purchase made of Mammon of the Money Changers. Repent, and Behold the Son of God! The Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings.


Is there any of you who can convict me of their own evil words?

Their axis of evil?


The Final Sieve.

"In the generation of Moshiach there will be a very great confusion between good and bad, and the final refinement will be like sifting through a sieve. In the beginning, everything will be battered about in the sieve - good and bad; slowly the fine flour will fall below and the waste will dance above. The G-d-fearing Jews will fall and be humiliated lower and lower and the wicked ones will dance on them from above, but not for long, because in the end Hashem will shake them out all at once, as one throws the waste out of the sieve."

(From Noam Elimelech)


Then they unfolded their Plan for "Purim Saddam" and "Perpetual Purim" March 17, 2003 in the "Cross Hall" at the "EAST" wing of Columbia, "Purim Eve" of the Talmud Bavli Megillah, the License to murder God's Chosen, by faith in Christ Jesus, the seed of Abraham, according to the Promise. Dan, the King of the North, Bush....setting accross from Arik Sheinerman, the King of the South



War in Basra: Saddam, Bush and the Rebbe


Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson



"The day of your liberation is near."– President George W. Bush, in an address to the nation, March 17, 2003.

The Crisis Begins
Twelve years ago, about a month after Iraq´s invasion of Kuwait, as the U.S. began building a coalition of nations against Saddam Hussein, one of the foremost religious voices of our generation began quoting an ancient passage of the Midrash, foretelling the events of the day.

It was Sabbath afternoon, Aug. 18, 1990, when the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, addressed thousands of disciples at his headquarters in Brooklyn.(1) The mood in the Jewish world was stern, as Saddam Hussein pledged war against Israel if he were attacked. The Rebbe quoted words of the Sages dating back some 1,500 years.

"The leader of Persia," states the Midrash, "will attack an Arab nation and the Arab king will go to Aram for advice. The leader of Persia will bring destruction to the entire world, and all of the nations will be struck by panic and fear... Israel will also be overtaken by panic and fear, and they will cry, ´Where shall we go? Where shall we go´?

"Moshiach will then tell them: ´My children, fear not. Everything I have done, I have done for you. Why are you afraid? Do not fear! The time of your liberation has arrived.´"(2)

Who is Persia? Who is Aram?
A few weeks later, during the holiday of Sukkos in October 1990, the Rebbe went on to explain(3) that the Midrashic words "the leader of Persia" may be understood as "the leader of Iraq," since ancient Persia included the territory of present-day Iraq. "Aram," which in Hebrew means "exalted," or "powerful," refers to the world´s superpower. Thus, "the Arab king going to Aram for advice" may represent an Arab country, Kuwait, coming to the U.S. for help.(4)

"Despite the ominous situation," the Rebbe declared, "there was no reason to become confounded or fearful." On the contrary, this confrontation was heralding the time of our redemption, that moment in history when the authentic spiritual and moral core of humanity will emerge in its full splendor and heaven will become one with earth.

During the next months, the Lubavitcher Rebbe reiterated these Midrashic words numerous times, as he called on the Jewish people and the world to replace fear with courage and confusion with determination. We ought to prepare ourselves and the world at large, the Rebbe said, for the great spiritual revolution that will engulf the globe, by increasing in the study of Torah, the observance of mitzvos, and acts of goodness and kindness. Each and every one of us, the Rebbe suggested, should be teaching himself and the surrounding world about a higher way of living – a life of ethics, honesty, goodness and peace. A life of Moshiach.

The War Begins
The war began on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1991. A tremendous part of the fighting was concentrated in Basra, that ancient port city off the Persian Gulf in southern Iraq, home to the Republican Guard and, according to many, the location of the dictator himself.

Three days later, on Sabbath, Jan. 19 (4 Shevat 5750), the Lubavitcher Rebbe devoted a large part of his public address to the war against Saddam Hussein. The Rebbe viewed Saddam - a person who chopped off the ears and noses of dissidents, tortured children in front of their parents, gassed thousands to death and craved the death of Israel - as a truly evil person.

The Rebbe saw him as a scion of the great anti-Semites of old, professing the legendary brutality and Jew-hatred of Nebuchadnezzar (ancient king of Iraq and Babylonia, arch-hero of Saddam), Amalek, Haman and Pharaoh.

The Rebbe knew very well of the ulterior motives accompanying so many American foreign policy decisions. Yet he felt America and its values of freedom and individual liberty were a blessing for mankind, and that its war against a monstrous tyrant was a moral act, one that would save and liberate countless innocent lives.

I recall vividly how during his address on that Sabbath, the Rebbe encouraged the American armed forces to finish the job they had successfully begun. "Seventy or eighty percent of the work has been accomplished already," the Rebbe stated, "The job should be concluded 100 percent."

Moses´ Fear
In a fascinating discussion about fear and courage, the Rebbe discussed the opening verse of that week´s Torah portion (the portion of Bo), where "G-d said to Moses: ´Come to Pharaoh.´"(5)

The Zohar, one of the foundational texts of Kabbalah, writes on this passage: "Now it is time to reveal secrets that are bound above and below. Why does it say, ´Come to Pharaoh´? It should have said, ´Go to Pharaoh!´ But G-d brought Moses into a chamber within a chamber, to the supernal and mighty serpent from which many levels of evil evolve... Moses feared the great serpent. Moses was ready to confront the manifestations of this serpent, but not its core. Moses was afraid to come close to its essence, because he saw that it was grounded in supernal roots."(6)

In other words, Moses was ready to confront Pharaoh in his many forms and manifestations, but when the moment came and Moses was called to face that ruler´s core-evil in his innermost chamber, even the great Moses was overtaken by fear. Thus, G-d needed to reassure Moses and say to him, "Come to Pharaoh." You are not going alone, I am coming with you.

G-d in Basra
As the address continued, the Rebbe went on to discuss the tremendous significance of the fact that the center of the fighting took place in southern Iraq, in the city of Basra. He quoted a verse form the Prophet Isaiah, foretelling the events of the ultimate redemption: "Who is this coming from Edom, with sullied garments from Basra?"(7) is the question an anonymous onlooker asks G-d when he sees G-d returning as a warrior from the battlefield of Basra. "I soiled my garments [in My war against evil in Basra]," G-d responds, "for a day of vengeance is in My heart and the year of my redemption has come."

According to many Talmudic sources, the city discussed by Isaiah in this prophecy is located in Babylonia, or present-day Iraq.(8) This means G-d was saying that He Himself will be confronting the evil in Basra, just as G-d promised Moses that He Himself would join Him in confronting the evil of Pharaoh.(9)

The Rebbe, apparently comparing Saddam to Pharaoh, was speaking of the courage required to confront the tyrant of Iraq face-to-face and subdue him.

The Rebbe concluded by assuring the Jews living in Israel that they would be safe and secure. "There will be no war in Israel," the Rebbe stated, "Israel is the safest place in the world."

Indeed, despite Iraq launching 39 Scud missiles at Israel’s populated cities and the fear that this may kill thousands, there were only two or three casualties.

A Strange Instruction
During that time, I had the privilege of working as one of the oral scribes of the Rebbe, reviewing and transcribing his public talks for publication. That night, I received a telephone call from one of the Rebbe´s secretaries, Rabbi Leibel Groner, who instructed me, in the name of the Rebbe, not to publish the segment of the talk that dealt with the U.S. war against Iraq.

The Rebbe had told his secretary at the time, that "these words will be applicable at a future time."(10)

As we all remember, the first Persian Gulf war ended only a few weeks after it began. On Thursday, Feb. 28, 1991, Saddam withdrew completely from Kuwait and a cease-fire was declared. The end of the war coincided with Purim, the day in which we celebrate the victory of the Jewish people against another tyrant and mass killer by the name of Haman, who lived in that region some 2,400 years ago.

Two days later, on Sabbath, the 16th day of Adar 5751 (March 2, 1991), the Rebbe blessed the American government and its armed forces. He spoke of the U.S. as "a nation of generosity," allowing and encouraging Jews to live Jewishly in full freedom and prosperity. The Rebbe expressed a heartfelt prayer "that the American troops succeed in their mission in Basra."(11)

This last statement at the time was extremely perplexing. Did the Rebbe not know that the war had ended? Was the Rebbe unaware of the fact that the troops had withdrawn from Basra and from the rest of Iraq? After all, the Rebbe himself had predicted that the war would be over by Purim. Why, two days later, was the Rebbe praying for the success of an American campaign in Basra?

12 Years Later...
The answer to this question I received last week.

Twelve years later to the day the Rebbe delivered that prayer on the 16th of Adar 5763, the U.S. and its allies declared war against Saddam Hussein´s Iraq. By the end of the day, our troops were at the outskirts of Basra.

Forty-eight hours earlier, on the eve of Purim, the same night in which the first Persian Gulf war ended, President Bush declared:

"Many Iraqis can hear me tonight in a translated radio broadcast, and I have a message for them: If we must begin a military campaign, it will be directed against the lawless men who rule your country and not against you. As our coalition takes away their power, we will deliver the food and medicine you need. We will tear down the apparatus of terror and we will help you to build a new Iraq that is prosperous and free. In free Iraq there will be no more wars of aggression against your neighbors, no more poison factories, no more executions of dissidents, no more torture chambers and
rape rooms.

"The tyrant will soon be gone. The day of your liberation is near."

The day of our liberation, too, is near.

1) The address is published in Sefer Hasichos 5750 vol. 2 pp. 631-641.
2) Yalkut Shemoni Isaiah, remez 499 (Yalkut Shimoni is a 14th century anthology of Midrashic literature). The same Midrash is found also in an older Midrashic text, Pesikta Rabasi, section 36.
3) Talk, second night of Sukkos, 5751 (Oct. 4, 1990.)
4) In fact, in Pesikta referenced in footnote #2, the word Edom is used instead of Aram (this change is mentioned in Sefer Hasichos 5750 vol. 2 p. 692). Edom represents the West, an heir to the Roman Empire, founded by the descendants of Esau, who lived in the ancient country of Edom, or Idumaea, southeast of Israel.
5) Exodus 10:1.
6) Zohar, part II, 34a.
7) Isaiah 63:1. Cf. Ibid. 34: 6.
8) See Talmud Shabbas 29b; Avodah Zarah 58b; Yerushlami: Kilayim 7:1; 3:1; Shvieis 6:2; Midrash Eichah Rabah section 3; Shir Hashirim Rabah section 7; Midrash Shmuel chapter 25. It is clear from many of the above sources that many of the Talmudic sages resided in this Babylonian city and that Jewish life in Basra was vibrant. Cf. Otzar Yisroel (Eisenstein) under the entry of Botzrah.
9) Cf. Zohar Veira p. 32a concerning a major war that will take place at the end of days with the children of Ishmael, in which Basra is also mentioned (Quoted in the edited version of the Rebbe´s talk that Sabbath, Sefer Hasichos 5751 p. 280).
10) The Rebbe used the famous biblical expression, "Od chazon lamoed."
11) The Rebbe stated that they should not confuse Botzrah (Basra) with another city that has a similar name, Betzer. This enigmatic comment was apparently referring to a fascinating Talmudic teaching in which the spiritual angel of Edom will, at the end of days, run to Botzrah, thinking that it is a city of refuge. In truth, he will mistake Botzrah with Betzer - Makos 12a, quoted in Rashi to Isaiah 63:1. Cf. Avodah Zarah 58b for an interesting exchange between Rabbi Yochanan and Reish Lakish on the location of Botzrah.

[My thanks to Shmuel Levin, a writer and editor in Pittsburgh, for his editorial assistance.]
Rabbi Jacobson is an internationally known lecturer on Israel, Torah and Jewish mysticism. He can be reached at


Prepare yourselves for a well planned and staged, Perpetual Purim, of the saints of Christ Jesus, at the hand of the coming "REVEALED" false Messiah, that Moshaich, their star of Redemption, the son of Perdition


Their own words......

the sicko's in plain English....

What Is Gulf War II About?


If we listen to the news and the pundits, we will be told many things. It's about oil. It's about the war on terrorism. It's about a personal grudge. It's about weapons of mass destruction. It's about American arrogance. It's about global stability. It's about the "Arab-Israeli conflict." It's about a jihad or a crusade. It's a culture war between Christianity and Islam.

It's superficially about all of these but essentially about none. In truth, it's about Purim and Passover. It's about the transformation of the world, about Divine Providence, about revealing the hidden Name of G-d, about the Jews "accepting what they had begun" (Esther 9:23). (Megillah Talmud Bavli the Oral Tradition which made of none effect the Word of God)

Neither the ruler of the Western world nor the ruler of Mesopotamia - the Babylonian-Persian realm - determine the fate of the Jewish people nor the integrity of Israel. Neither to trust one nor fear the other - is that not the lesson of Purim?

George Bush (H.W.) paused the Gulf War, leaving Saddam Hussein in power. On Purim. George Bush (W.) resumed the Gulf War, vowing to remove Saddam Hussein from power. On Purim. And the "intermission" lasted twelve years - the length of time of the Purim story. It was twelve years from the feast of Ahasuerus until the rebuilding of the Temple and the end of the Babylonian exile. 

The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson's revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin




On the eve of the Gulf War, ("Purim Eve")  the Rebbe emphasized that the coming conflict was/is but a sign of the Redemption. (Liberation April 24) He referenced a passage in the Yalkut Shimoni - a work of the Talmudic period. The passage reads:

In the year the King Moshiach (Son of Perdition "Revealed") will be revealed, the kings of all the nations of the world will struggle with each other...the king of Persia will provoke the Arabian king; the Arabian king will go to Aram [or Edom - the West] (USA)  for advice...All the nations of the world will be in turmoil and terror.(Mossad instilled planned Terror)  And [G-d] will say to them [Israel], "My children, do not be afraid, all that I have done I have done only for your sake...Do not fear, the time for your Redemption has arrived!"

We are in the days between Purim and Passover, days of preparation, preparation for Redemption. "About this imminent Redemption, it is said: 'As in the days of your departure from Egypt, I will show you wonders' (Micha 7:15)" (The Rebbe, Shabbat Bereishit 5751).

And they will have a king over them, in the Hebrew tongue Abaddon and in the Greek tongue he hath his name the sun god, apolluon


Let us "accept what they [our ancestors] had begun," meaning, as the Sages (Scribes and Pharisees)  tell us, a rededication to Torah,(Oral Toarh Mishnah)  to observing its laws and studying its teachings. For "All Jews, men, women and even children, have the responsibility to increase their efforts to bring our righteous Moshiach in actual reality. ... What this duty consists of is simple: increasing one's Torah and mitzvot (commandents). This means learning both the open aspects of the Torah and the inner aspects of the Torah and performing the mitzvot with distinc-tion" (The Rebbe, Parshat Shmini, 5751).

Universal Religion unto Ba'al via Talmudic Universal Noahide Laws, to decapitate any who worship Christ Jesus the Lord

Purim and Passover share this in common: both commemorate the Redemption of the Jewish people through a revelation of G-d's Presence.(the "Robber" they "Chose") They share this in common: both led to a dedication of the Jewish people to Torah and mitzvot. They share this in common: they transformed the world.

In these days we have a responsibility - to ourselves, our ancestors, our children and indeed the whole world - for one mitzva can bring the redemption, as Maimonides said.

The Great Invocation

In simple terms, what can we do and what can we say, when the world is being inverted and transformed? "It is proper and correct to ... increase in tzedeka [and] increase in the study of Torah concerning Moshiach and Redemption" (The Rebbe, Parshiot Tazria-Metzora 5751).

Indeed, "the only thing missing is that a Jew should open his eyes as he should, when he will see that all is ready for the Redemption" (The Rebbe, Parshat Vayeitze 5752).

Let us recognize and acknowledge the miracles, as our ancestors did at the time of the Exodus from Egypt and do all we can to actualize the Yalkut Shimoni's prophetic description of our age: "And [G-d] will say to them [Israel], "My children, do not be afraid, all that I have done I have done only for your sake...Do not fear, the time for your Redemption has arrived!"

Thus the "Robber" they have Chosen, saith "Let my Children Go"


To read more of the Rebbe's observations, analyses and prophetic insights about the Gulf War and its spiritual significance, see Besuras HaGeula: The Announcement of the Redemption published by Vaad L'Hafotzas Sichos (718-774-7200) or I Will Show You Wonders published by Sichos in English,


The Ten kings

May it be His will that, eventually, there will be ten Jews that will stubbornly resolve to wrestle and demand of G-d -- and certainly they shall succeed -- to bring the immediate redemption, as it is written, "...for they are a stiff necked people and so You shall pardon our sins and our wrongdoings and make us Your possession



And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

At that time (13) "all evildoers (Christians) shall be scattered," and (8) the spirit of impurity shall pass from the earth, when the element of the good which sustains it will be extracted from its midst. [Evil will then cease to exist as a matter of course, for its entire existence is dependent on the good found within it.]" 8. Cf. Zechariah 13:2. 13. Tehillim 92:10


Israel A Danger
By Charley Reese
© 2003 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

What country in the Middle East occupies the lands of other people? What country in the Middle East is in violation of more than 60 United Nations resolutions? What country in the Middle East openly practices a policy of assassinating its political opponents? What country in the Middle East routinely violates international law? What country in the Middle East possesses nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow international inspection of its nuclear facilities?
The answer to all of the above is Israel.
And here's one more question: What country in the world poses the greatest danger to the future of the United States?
Same answer: Israel.
OK, I know that sounds shocking. How could a little country the size of New Jersey pose any threat to the United States? Well, how could a little country drain more than $100 billion from the U.S. Treasury? How could a little country attack and try to sink a U.S. Navy ship in international waters and avoid any kind of congressional investigation? How can a little country openly brag to third parties that it controls the U.S. Congress? And partner, Israel does.
In Queen Noor's recent book, she says that her husband was dismayed when Congress told Jordanians that they would definitely not be given the things promised to them in exchange for a peace treaty with Israel. Queen Noor said her husband called Israeli Prime Minster Yitzhak Rabin and told him of the problem. "Don't worry about it," Rabin replied. "I'll take care of it." And he did.
Now, let's be clear about this. Here you have the prime minister of one foreign country telling the king of another foreign country that he can get the U.S. Congress to reverse its position. And he did it. Too bad American governors don't have that kind of influence. And, as a quick aside, why do American taxpayers have to pay for Israel's peace treaties?
There are many examples to cite, but let me refer you to a book, "They Dare to Speak Out," by former U.S. Rep. Paul Findley. The publisher is Lawrence Hill books.
The problem and danger to the United States is that Israel effectively dictates U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Israel supporters were the architects of the war against Iraq, and if they can, they will get us into wars with Syria and Iran, thus eliminating Israel's enemies. They would like nothing better than for the United States to be at war with the entire Muslim world.
As I write this, the United States has once again vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding that Israel not assassinate the elected leader of the Palestinians. Great God, how do you think that plays in the Arab world when we cannot bring ourselves to condemn what would be a war crime? It's no wonder the World Trade Center towers came down. It's no wonder American soldiers are ducks in an Iraqi shooting gallery. Israel is the source of terrorism in the Middle East, both that directed at it and that directed at us.
And, by the way, it is Yasser Arafat who is the man of peace, not Ariel Sharon. It was Arafat who persuaded Palestinians to recognize Israel's right to exist, who persuaded them to accept a two-state solution, which means they will settle for 22 percent of their own country. And it is Sharon who refuses to give them even that. It is Sharon who rejected the "road map." It is Sharon who kicks sand in the face of little George Bush any time he feels like it.
And don't kid yourself. Regardless of what the Israelis say, they intend to kill Arafat. They know he will not surrender, so they will just say he died "in an exchange of gunfire." Then prospects for peace are dead forever, and the state of Israel will start its slide toward oblivion.
The question for Americans is this: How long do you want to bleed lives and treasure because your corrupt politicians have sold their souls to the lobby of a foreign country now led by a fanatic right-wing extremist?
© 2003 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.


Giddy-up Giddy-up Giddy-up Rawhide

Goyim, Goyim, Goyim...Noahide


The uh...uhm..."Criminal" Justice System, does it again...Ruse after Ruse after Ruse

Panel to Close Pentagon Terror-Spy Office

Wed Sep 24, 9:35 PM ET

By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - House and Senate negotiators have decided to close a Pentagon (news - web sites) office that was developing a vast computerized terrorism surveillance system and bar spending that would allow those high-tech spying tools to be used against Americans on U.S. soil.


But they left open the possibility that some or all of the high-powered software tools under development might be employed by different government offices to gather foreign intelligence from foreigners, U.S. citizens aboard or foreigners in this country.


The controversial Terrorism Information Awareness program was conceived by retired Adm. John Poindexter and was run by the Information Awareness Office that he headed inside the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It was developing software that could examine the computerized travel, credit, medical and other records of Americans and others around the world to search for telltale activities that might reveal preparations for a terrorist attack.


Sen. Ron Wyden (news, bio, voting record), D-Ore., who has led a campaign against the program, hailed the result Wednesday. "Americans on American soil are not going to be targets of TIA surveillance that would have violated their privacy and civil liberties. The government is not going to be able to pick Americans up by their ankles and shake them to see if anything funny falls out," Wyden said in an interview.


"The original Poindexter program would have been the biggest surveillance program in the history of the United States," he added. "Now the lights have gone out on the program conceived by John Poindexter." He said the agreement would allow foreign intelligence gathering on terrorism "without cannibalizing the civil liberties of Americans."


Poindexter's office told contractors he wanted the software to allow U.S. agents to rapidly scan and analyze multiple petabytes of information. Just one petabyte of computer data could fill the Library of Congress (news - web sites) more than 50 times.


Wyden said Senate negotiators working on the 2004 defense appropriations bill stood up to stiff resistance from their counterparts in the House, which had passed a weaker restriction. Wyden himself had crafted the weaker restriction early this year before additional details of the Pentagon effort became public. The House restriction, which Wyden got included in another law that expires Oct. 1., allowed the research to continue at the Pentagon but barred its implementation against Americans in the United States without specific congressional approval. Subsequently, the Senate passed a provision in next year's defense appropriation bill killing funding for the TIA program.


"The conferees agree with the Senate position which eliminates funding for the Terrorism Information Awareness program within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency," the conference report said in a section Wyden released. "The conferees are concerned about the activities of the Information Awareness Office and direct that the office be terminated immediately."


In addition to the data-scanning project, other TIA efforts that cannot be pursued by DARPA under the conferees' agreement include projects to identify people at a distance by using radar or video images of their gait or facial characteristics.


The conference wrote that four, noncontroversial projects in TIA could continue at DARPA: two to develop software for wargaming future terrorist attacks and the response to them, a project to speed detection of bioterror attacks and one to develop software to automatically translate foreign documents and broadcasts.


And it said, "The conference agreement does not restrict the National Foreign Intelligence Program from using processing, analysis and collaboration tools for counterterrorism foreign intelligence purposes."


The full import of this sentence was not immediately clear, but it appeared to allow some or all of TIA's high-powered software tools to used by agencies involved in gathering foreign intelligence, information about foreign intentions, plans and capabilities from foreigners or U.S. citizens aboard or from foreigners in this country. The CIA (news - web sites), State Department, Defense Department and other federal agencies participate in the foreign intelligence program.


Sen. Ted Stevens (news, bio, voting record), R-Alaska, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, described the agreement last Thursday as shifting the antiterror surveillance program out of DARPA but not eliminating it. Stevens did not release any text of the conference report then, and the portion released Wednesday did not make clear whether the conferees agreed to move the money for some or all of the TIA research from DARPA to one or more other agencies or merely left open the possibility of doing so later.


Poindexter, who was forced to resign as former President Reagan's national security adviser over his role in the Iran-Contra scandal, quit DARPA last month under fire over the surveillance program.


What they neglect to tell the American Sheeple

note neat little Mark of beast

Sexy Star of David


    In an attempt to show the wavering that God's gift of sex is
not 'evil' but an integral part of His Design, a consideration and
understanding of the sexy "STAR OF DAVID' would be helpful.
It's also called the 'Seal of Solomon', and is composed of two
equilateral triangles that form a six sided star. This symbol was adopted by nationalistic political Israel in the  late 1800's to represent them but actually derived from what the Lord told King David almost three thousand years ago.

   The triangles taken by themselves are exactly the same (See
Equality of the Sexes) and each is an extension of the ineffable Name of the Lord of Lords, YHWH, sometimes called Jehovah. In simple terms, this great triangle, top to bottom, right to left unfolds the Y, or Yod, or number 10, to Yod-He, to Yod-He-Vau, to Yod-He-Vau-He (YHWH) or Yahweh. In the alphanumeric sacred language of Hebrew, this corresponds to 10+15+21+26 equals the GREAT NUMBER 72.

States build terror database that resembles controversial federal project

Associated Press
Sept. 23, 2003 11:00 AM


NEW YORK - While privacy worries are frustrating the Pentagon's plans for a far-reaching database to combat terrorism, a similar project is quietly taking shape with the participation of more than a dozen states - and $12 million in federal funds.

The database project, created so states and local authorities can track would-be terrorists as well as criminal fugitives, is being built and housed in the offices of a private company but will be open to some federal law enforcers and perhaps even U.S. intelligence agencies.

Dubbed Matrix, the database has been in use for a year and a half in Florida, where police praise the crime-fighting tool as nimble and exhaustive. It cross-references the state's driving records and restricted police files with billions of pieces of public and private data, including credit and property records.

But privacy advocates, officials in two states and a competing data vendor have branded Matrix as playing fast and loose with Americans' private details.

They complain that Matrix houses restricted police and government files on colossal databases that sit in the offices of Seisint Inc., a Boca Raton, Fla., company founded by a millionaire whom police say flew planeloads of drugs into the country in the early 1980s.

Reminiscent of Poindexter?

"It's federally funded, it's guarded by state police but it's on private property? That's very interesting," said Christopher Slobogin, a University of Florida law professor and expert in privacy issues. "If it's federally funded, the federal government obviously has a huge interest in it."

Matrix was initially intended to track terrorists, as was the Pentagon's Terrorism Information Awareness project, which sparked a congressional uproar and got watered down.

As a dozen more states pool their criminal and government files with Florida's, Matrix databases are expanding in size and power. Organizers hope to coax more states to join, touting its usefulness in everyday policing.

It gives investigators access to personal data, like boat registrations and property deeds, without the government possibly violating the 1974 Privacy Act by owning the files.

hahahhahahahahehehehehehhohohohoohoh...olam ha ba...ho hum hum bug

But California and Texas dropped out, citing, among other things, worries over housing sensitive files at Seisint. And a competing data vendor, ChoicePoint, decided not to bid on the project, saying it lacked adequate privacy safeguards.

Aspects of the project appear designed to steer around federal laws that bar the U.S. government from collecting routine data on Americans.

For instance, the project is billed as a tool for state and local police, but organizers are considering giving access to the Central Intelligence Agency, said Phil Ramer, special agent in charge of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's intelligence office.

In the 1970s, Congress barred the CIA from scanning files on average Americans, after the agency was cited for spying on civil rights leaders.

"The CIA doesn't have this now," Ramer said. "That's a major political issue we'll have to cross."

Florida officials have acknowledged that users of Matrix, which stands for Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange, can "monitor innocent citizens."

Ramer and others say, however, that unscrupulous spying will be prevented through Florida police oversight of Matrix users, along with audits and background checks on people with access to the database.

Criminal history files in the database are maintained by 15 Seisint employees, watched over by Florida state police, Ramer said.

Yet a Florida Department of Law Enforcement memo obtained by The Associated Press shows potential lapses in oversight. The memo says background checks on Seisint's Matrix workers took place only last month, more than a year into the program, and a privacy policy governing the database's use has yet to be finalized.

Seisint declined to comment, referring a reporter to Seisint's public relations representative, Amber Zentis of Qorvis Communications, who asked that questions be e-mailed. The company did not answer those questions.


Amber Zentis of Qorvis Communications

Formerly consulted to Lockheed Martin IMS on a new “smart card” software initiative in southern California.

About the Private

Seisint Overview

Seisint provides information products that allow organizations to quickly and easily extract valuable knowledge from huge amounts of data. These innovative products are made possible by integrating Seisint’s Data Supercomputer technology, tens of billions of data records on individuals and businesses, and patent-pending data linking methods.

Seisint was founded in 1998 and has grown to employ over 200 people at its locations in Boca Raton, Florida; Orlando, Florida; and London, UK.

The Jack  Booted Thugs who run it

Jack Hight

Martha Barnett

Bruce Barrington

Leon Brauser

Joel Friedman

Paul Cameron

Ira Siegel

Product Overview

Underlying Seisint's data products is a multi-billion record repository of information on US individuals and businesses. With our unique combination of data, association algorithms and technologies, Seisint offers the best-performing solutions in the marketplace.





The Man Awarded by the Secret Service

Hank Asher

Hank is recognized as a creator of innovative technologies and investigational systems for Law Enforcement, Insurance Fraud and other government and private sector investigational needs. Hank's product creations have revolutionized the ways that investigators do their work.

Hank is on the board of directors of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) where he also serves on its Law Enforcement Committee.

Hank founded Database Technologies in 1992. Database Technologies traded on the NASDAQ as DBTO, and later on the NYSE as DBT. Database Technologies later merged with ChoicePoint and trades on the NYSE as CPS.

Hank Asher is the founder of Seisint and continues to make invaluable contributions to Seisint's product leadership and technology innovation.

FDLE hires former drug smuggler

The computer expert with strong ties to law enforcement will help the state track terrorists.

© St. Petersburg Times
published August 2, 2003



TALLAHASSEE - In an attempt to identify potential terrorists, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is using the services of a former drug smuggler turned millionaire.

Hank Asher, 48, a computer technology expert who lives in a $3-million Boca Raton house, has founded several companies that retrieve huge amounts of electronic information about individuals.

He also has become a close friend to former FDLE director James T. "Tim" Moore.

"Hank Asher has done more to facilitate intelligence and information sharing for police in the country than anyone I've ever known. He's a patriot, a true friend," Moore told recently told the crowd at his FDLE retirement party.

A TRUE Jack Booted, Prey on Children, Drug Running Pal

Asher's initial company, DBT Online Inc., bought Asher out for $147-million in 1999 after the FBI and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration ended contracts with the company because of Asher's past drug smuggling ties.

Federal officials were concerned that any investigation could be compromised if Asher or others knew the target of the investigation.

While Asher never has been a witness in several drug cases after he was implicated in a Bahamas drug smuggling ring in the mid-1980s.

FDLE files say informants identified Asher as a person who provided police protection for smuggling operations in the Bahamas.

Asher was listed as a witness in drug trials from Gainesville to Chicago, and once was represented by famed attorney F. Lee Bailey.

Documents filed by prosecutors in Chicago said Asher was a pilot and former smuggler who lived on Great Harbour near Cistern Cay, a small island airport once used by smugglers.

After severing ties with DBT Online, Asher created other companies and grew even closer to law enforcement officials.

In 1999, he merged two companies into Seisint Inc. The new company supplies Accurint, a database that provides detailed information on individuals. Seisint also supplies specialized information to law enforcement agencies around the country.

FDLE began doing business with Asher's first company in 1993.

It is clear from 1993 records that FDLE officials knew they were dealing with a drug smuggler. Some officers questioned whether Asher's company could be trusted. No additional background check was conducted in 2001, when the relationship grew closer.

Seisint now has two contracts with the state government, both awarded without competitive bidding.

One of them, completed Friday by FDLE, will pay Seisint $1.6-million to help create an antiterrorism network. 



The other is with the state Department of Management Services, the agency that supplies administrative services for state government.

Asher also has made several significant contributions to political parties.

In the past five years he's donated more than $735,000 to Democratic and Republican parties and candidates. Most of his money has gone to Democrats: $505,000 in the past five years and $65,000 to U.S. Sen. Bob Graham's 2002 initiative campaign to re-establish the state Board of Regents.

"He's a good fella," said Moore, who retired Thursday from FDLE.

Asher was the only non-law enforcement official on the program at Moore's July 15 retirement ceremony in Tallahassee. That upset some law enforcement agents who are bombarding the governor and Cabinet with anonymous complaints.

But Moore and others have supported Asher.

Paul Cameron, president of Seisint, said he was impressed with Asher. Cameron, a former officer with Accenture, the accounting firm, joined Seisint three years ago and said he was unaware of Asher's past brush with the law.

"Hank is the founder of the company and has an impeccable reputation," Cameron said. "He's won awards for the things he does like help save lives and recover missing children. It's amazing how one individual has such a mind for using data."

Recovers the children to sell his wares to?

Cameron said Asher was fishing this week and could not be reached for comment. Martha Barnett, a Tallahassee lawyer and former president of the American Bar Association, also is on Seisint's board. She praised Asher on Friday, calling him "a creative genius" in information technology.

Barnett said she had heard of allegations in the past but knows nothing about them.

"The truth is, it's not about Hank Asher any more," she said. "He's come up with a terribly important product."

Asher is wealthy, in part because of the forced sale of his 4.7-million shares in DBT in 1999.

He doesn't have to work, Cameron noted, but he remains on Seisint's board of directors and works with law enforcement agencies and the National Society for Exploited and Missing Children.

He has received awards for his efforts from the missing children's group and the Florida Police Chief's Association.

Moore dismissed questions about Asher's past. Moore once introduced Asher to Gov. Jeb Bush for a demonstration of his information services. A spokesman for the governor said Moore vouched for Asher's background.

Questions about Asher and his relationship to Moore and others at FDLE are being raised as Bush and members of the Cabinet interview applicants to replace Moore, who has had the job since 1987.

Daryl McLaughlin, interim director at FDLE and a finalist to succeed Moore, said Asher has not charged FDLE for many of his services and has allowed them to demonstrate it to other states and even Vice President Dick Cheney.

Late Friday, McLaughlin said he now believes FDLE's background on Asher and his company was not sufficient. He has asked FDLE officials in Miami to conduct a complete background.

"I have reviewed the review and you have told me stuff we didn't know," McLaughlin told the Times. "We should know more about a company we are doing business with."

Seisint, the company Asher founded, is now participating in an operation called Matrix, a multistate antiterrorism task force. The system will link about a dozen states so they can exchange information on terrorism suspects.

Those that ain't wif em

Officials at FDLE said Asher came to them after terrorists with Florida connections crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They said Asher demonstrated how much information he could make available through his data company.

- Times researchers Caryn Baird and Kitty Bennett contributed to this report which included information from the files of the Chicago Tribune and Miami Herald.


Yup, another conspiracy nutt, I is

The project is funded by a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, and organizers expect another $8 million from the Department of Homeland Security. Twelve other states have signed up to add their records to the MATRIX database.

Matrix Real

But Mr. Asher has to be rewarded, for Mr. asher fixed the Appointment of Bush-ka and the votes which were eliminated...One big Chabad Family

Palast Reveals Florida Vote Purger is Now Behind Florida's 'Matrix' Surveillance System
Greg Palast interviewed: "It's De Ja Vu all over again, I can't believe it. My good friend Hank Asher is back with another alias...For those who read my book or Michael Moore's book, Database Technologies, his old company, came up with the list now up to 97,000 names of supposed felons in Florida who are scrubbed off the voter roles before the 2000 election, it turns out almost every name on that list was an innocent person, they were named as felons by this company, by Hank Asher's company, they weren't felons, they lost their vote and, surprise, most of them were African Americans. And that fixed our election. Hank is back. Now Hank was thrown off the board of the company he founded by the U.S. Drug enforcement agency. Because of his connections to Bahamian drug dealers...he is back with a different costume on...up to the same tricks...of course first thing he's doing is jumping on the 911 war on terror bandwagon to see if he can suck a few bucks out that have one, too."

See Vote Scheme,3858,4103063-102271,00.html


"This is a program the East German secret police would have loved," Simon said. "With modern technology, we now have the capability to put everybody under surveillance."



Chabad Satan Part 10D


In the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord, amen

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