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Company Overview

In 1994 the owner of Southern American Marketing, Inc., had recently recently returned from the middle east, where he was a liaison between the Kuwaiti Government and an international United Arab Emirate oil company of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. 

With the strain of traveling on the international market & the growing threat of terrorism aimed at Americans, he decided that after a twenty year career in the petroleum drilling business to change course and seek another career. He knew that whatever business he involved himself in, it definitely had to be something with a tremendous challenge, and the challenge had to be  ongoing. 

After learning of the secret distressed merchandise industry, he felt he had finally found the perfect challenge. A challenge that would be fun and also create above normal profit margins. Mr. Pickle assembled a group of associates and founded a wholesale division in Loxley, Alabama, to purchase and distribute distressed merchandise on both a national and international market. 

Robert and his associates had tremendous success.  With a personal dogged determination and tireless energy the company grew at an astronomical rate. They successfully tapped the international market. They accomplished contracts with many national manufacturers, national retailers and catalog companies.

After several years of massive growth,  and Mr. Pickle's  O.K. for a new warehouse distribution facility which was to be located several miles south to a small town near the sugar white beaches of the Gulf of Mexico in south Alabama.  The partnership eventually dissolved due to a growing difference of business philosophy. 

Even though this  demise of the partnership caused severe financial setbacks, it allowed Mr. Pickle to physically realize a positive & greater truth about business integrity and personal moral responsibility. With this deeper understanding he and several of his associates established Southern American Marketing, Inc. 

This time around Robert decided to change the business philosophy for all associates and future associates involved.

 To build a company that would never forget the little guy and the new comer. A company that would base it's business philosophy on volume, service & integrity. A company which would share the success with it's customers as well as it's employees.

 Robert found that the other way, the old way, that profits,  may have been greater, but eventually a company would run out of its valued customers. Customers who shrewdly look for the best opportunities available.  He also found that with the profit philosophy, customer retention was destined to inevitably vanish. But with volume, all parties would continue a business relationship which needed no apologies.

Once again, he experienced tremendous growth. But this time he has found that customer retention had become a success. His associates found that it's the little guy as well as the large corporation's that count most.

Southern American Marketing, Inc. has successfully broke away from the routine pack of the normal liquidation company used car salesman type attitude and eliminated the routine & typical  merchandise liquidator  hype and bull.  Southern American Marketing, Inc. has successfully built partner ships with our customers as well as with our former competitors & suppliers, across the country.

We are proud to announce that we have accomplished a successful customer database both national & international. We have successfully partnered with many manufacturers, national retailers, catalog companies and many others to move their unwanted & distressed merchandise into a secondary market which is away from their normal avenues of distribution.

We look forward to the joint prosperity of our suppliers, customers and of course SAM,  in the future, where all success opportunities are invited.

Thank you for your business.