Answers to Freight Questions

How does freight work?

There are many different freight scenarios. For small parcel or case shipments we prefer UPS. For pallets we use several L.T.L ( less than a truckload carriers.) These are those half semi's you see going down the interstates. These L.T.L carriers are D.O.T regulated and apportioned for specific states. They usually just haul pallets. They send your pallets to their nearest terminal closest to you. This freight is relatively cheap as we have in place 50% discounts. We are in Alabama and often time ship to the west coast this way. Many customers in TN, MS. AR. TX. OK. FL. GA. etc. Have found after their initial trip to our warehouse, they can ship a lot cheaper than traveling here.


"A Trip to our warehouse is a small price to pay for an education."


You can usually ship by L.T.L a lot less expensive than the travel, gas, time & hotel expenses.


Then there are those customers on the west coast who cannot usually find good merchandise on the west coast as most of the major retailers and catalog companies corporate offices are on the east coat, opt to ship by PIGGYBACK

Piggy back is by rail. A typical scenario is we have just shipped a load of merchandise from GA. to Los Angeles. The over the road semi rate was $3,400.00. We did it by pig @ $2200.00, saving $1200.00. This is important for your profit margins.


Over the Road (O.T.R)

We use a broker, Wink, Inc. of Mobile, Alabama (800) 960-8785  who has moved hundreds of loads per year for us. He is set up on a D.A.T system which utilizes all truck stop terminals as well as OTR hauler dispatchers who are looking for loads to haul. On most loads you are welcome to use your own company, ( brother who has a truck, etc.) But we can almost assure you due to truck positioning logistics, we almost always end up moving the load after the truck did not show up. Wink, Inc. usually cost $ 100.00 more, but we guarantee it is absolutely worth $ 100.00 when the shelves are bare. Can't sell out of an empty cart.

Southern American Marketing, Inc. is not responsible for freight damage, Freight delay, loss or claims. However we will assist with any unexpected situation which can occur when dealing with freight.

All trailers are required to have seals on the doors as well as the seal number recorded on the bill of laden (B.O.L)

Southern American Marketing, Inc. is not a freight company. SAM provides this as a service to our valued customers. Freight takes considerable time, however we have found this service to be a valuable asset for our customer.

Does the freight company unload my merchandise?

NO, this is your responsibility. Please plan ahead.

Wink, Inc.

(800) 960-8785


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