Ishmael, Obedient Goyim Universal Noahide

Saddam Hussein, stageplay 5, scene 4

Hanukah hoya goya, the attempt to defeat the "Grecians"

Video image of captured former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein displayed at a news conference in Baghdad

Jewish Talmudic Holyday Kislev 19, 5764

March 17, 2003 Bush declared "Purim Saddam"

Easter (Esther)  2003 Bush declared "Liberation"

Belataine Day, May 1, 2003 Bush lands on "Abraham" say's war is over

Easter, April the command to finish and restore the Military Street and Wall was given

49 days, seven weeks The wall began June 13-19 Talmudic holiday Shavuot the "Giving of the Torah Mishnah", the oral tradtion.

Chanukah Dec. 14, 2003 the defeat of Talmud Bavli modern day Nebuchenezzer, Saddam Hussein



The mystery of the stretching forth of the golden scepter. It is an amazing expression of being drawn close. An incredible level of knowledge and illumination is drawn down even upon a person extremely distant from G-d. If a person experiences a great deal of gevurot, [he must know that] prayer and fasting can transform them all into the greatest levels of chassadim. That is why we are privileged this year to read the megilla right after the fast [which is not usually the case in Yerushalayim]. Through this, we can merit to attain the highest level of chassadim that can exist, just as they merited to rise to such levels of chassadim through their three days of fasting during Esther’s time. It was transformed into Yom HaKippurim. This year [in Yerushalayim], the fast and the megilla reading are close to one another. The next time this will happen is in 5765

It is only through the Tzaddikim, who draw down the light of Moshiach. Purim is the light of Moshiach that fear/heavenly awe draws down from the supernal intellect. The Divine intelligence that shines on Purim is the highest level of Divine intelligence—the level of “ad di’lo yada” (“beyond knowing”), which is from the fiftieth gate. This is the intellect of Moshiach. On Purim, it is possible to bring Melech HaMoshiach, who will draw down heavenly awe with such lofty intelligence that [this fear] will be able to influence even the worst person for the better. Even such a person will know that he still has hope.
    Many people return to Jewish observance on Purim. On Purim, there was such an illumination that “many of the peoples of the land became Jews.” Purim is a time when many people return to Jewish observance, when they come to recognize the Tzaddik.


And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king's commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.


Daniel 9:

24: Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.
25: Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.
26: And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
27: And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

The Danaaite King of the North, Buska, the man o' Dan. Danny boy the pipes are calling.


The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson's revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin


Daniel 11:

3: And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.
4: And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.

Saddam Hussein insists that the Gulf War was a victory for Iraq

Daniel 11:

2: And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.

Hanuka 2003, Saddam the Persian who stirred up the Ishmaelites against the Grecians (Amerika) which belongs to the others, the Talmudicist satan worshippers who took her in Coup 2000, via the Schneerson appointment of the Buska ad-menustration.

Arik Sheinerman, king of Judah to the South

Daniel 11:

5: And the king of the south shall be strong, and one of his princes; and he shall be strong above him, and have dominion; his dominion shall be a great dominion.

Sheinerman's son is a chabad lubavitcher.

Daniel 11:

6: And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the king's daughter of the south shall (Jerusalem) come to the king of the north to make an agreement: but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: but she shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that strengthened her in these times.

Jerusalem the whorem, the flesh temple mount of false zion.

Daniel 11

7: But out of a branch of her roots shall one stand up in his estate, which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north, and shall deal against them, and shall prevail: 

Coup d E'tat


The First Satanic synagogue of Satan, Chabad Lubavitch Illuminated "Master", Tzadik

Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812). 

and there are seven, and the seventh, Schneerson even he is of the seven and is the eighth.

Who was and is not and yet is to come. Satan's son, that son of Perdition.


Lubavitch World Headquarters, NY-- Sunday, December 14 will long be remembered for the day on which Saddam Hussein was captured by American Coalition Forces in Iraq. This year, the date corresponds to the Hebrew calendar date of 19 Kislev, known as the Chasidic New Year.

The Year of Universal Talmudic Mystery Babylon obedient Ishmaelite Goyim


After the destruction of a raiser of Taxes, President Elect 2004.....Moshiach ben Satan, that son of Perdition REVEALED....

Daniel 11

20: Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

Howard Dean?

21: And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.
22: And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant.
23: And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people.

Chabad Lubavitch


The small people. The Cult of Satan, Chabad Lubavitch

Special report by Fred Shmidt

The centenary of the birth of the Lubavitcher rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson was April 18. His estimated 200,000 followers have plans to build a palace for this man who they believe to be the messiah.

The dream of a 10,000 square meter white and gold palace for the messiah may become a reality soon. A plot has been purchased, an architect hired, and they had a ground breaking ceremony back in 1992. If and when the palace rises, it will not rest on Mount Zion, or the Temple Mount, or the Mount of Olives, where the Scriptures prophesy messiah is to return. Instead, the new palace will be located in Kfar Chabad, a rustic but unpicturesque village 20 minutes south of Tel Aviv, home of 660 Lubavitcher families. Here, it would overlook a full-scale replica of the rebbe’s Brooklyn residence, constructed in 1986 so he could feel at home if he ever came to Israel — something he never achieved during his lifetime.

Rabbi Schneerson’s followers planned to publicly proclaim him as the messiah when he was stricken with a stroke and died in 1994, at age 92. His Chabad followers still keep a prayer vigil, believing that he will rise from the dead soon.

Most Jews oppose the notion Rabbi Schneerson is the messiah. To them it is anathema. Chabad sect adherents have established Beit Chabad, a community center-cum-yeshiva in a large building in Jerusalem’s Old Katamon neighborhood. Posters show Rabbi Schneerson’s photo bearing the word “Moshiach.” A free brochure entitled “Citizens in the State of the Messiah” carries advice from “the Lubavitcher rebbe, messiah, the king.” Photos of the planned palace can be picked from a table of literature without charge. Zusha Rivkin, and his wife, Nomi, outspoken proponents of the sect said to the Jerusalem Report, “The rebbe taught us to do everything to hasten the messiah’s arrival — his arrival.”

A mansion was built in 1907 by the Yehudayoff family in Jerusalem’s Bukharan Quarter, and was also intended for the messiah. It too was called “the palace.” Today, it is used by the Lubavitcher Beit Chana school.

None of the several false messiah’s in Israel’s long history have come even close to qualifying for the office from the Scriptural perspective. Why? Evidently, the Scriptures pertaining to all of the qualifications which the true Messiah must meet are withheld from yeshiva students and synagogue members. If they were knowledgeable about the Scriptures which speak of Messiah, they would have stopped false candidates, correcting those deceived by showing the Scriptures. Why do you suppose that the prophecies of Isaiah are omitted from any of the Haftorah readings in the synagogues?

The true Messiah will meet all of the Scriptural requirements:
1. He would be the seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15; Gal. 4:4).
2. Come through Abraham (Gen. 22:18; Jn. 11:51-52).
3. Come through Isaac (21:12; Heb. 11:17-19).
4. Through Jacob and Judah (Gen. 28:14).
5. Messiah would come at a set time (Gen. 49:10; Lu. 2:1-2).
6. The time was foretold by Daniel (Dan. 9:26; Lu. 3:21-22).
7. Through David’s line (2 Sam. 7:12-13; Jer. 23:5; Acts 13:23; Rom. 1:3-4).
8. Born of a virgin (Isa. 7:14; Matt. 1:18, 21).
9. Born in Bethlehem of Judea (Micah 5:2; Matt. 2:1).
10. Great people to adore Him (Ps. 72:10; Matt. 2:2, 11).
11. Coming into the Temple (Hagg. 2:7, 9; Lu. 2:27, 32).
12. Preceded by John the Baptizer (Mal. 3:1; Lu. 1:17).
13. Israel’s regathering and restoration by God’s grace and mercy (Jer. 31:10; Ezek. 36:22-24).
14. From desolation to reforestation (Ezek. 36:1-8).
These Scriptures will open any man’s eyes. Messiah is Yeshua! 

Yes the vision they will attempt against the Everlasting and Holy Covenant, Christ Jesus the Lord. So go the plans of the Prophets of Illumination who control the elite "Money Changers" of mammon.


The crisis begins

Twelve years ago, about a month after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, as the U.S. began building a coalition of nations against Saddam Hussein, one of the foremost religious voices of our generation began quoting an ancient passage of the Midrash, foretelling the events of the day.

It was Sabbath afternoon, Aug. 18, 1990, when the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, addressed thousands of disciples at his headquarters in Brooklyn (1). The mood in the Jewish world was stern, as Saddam pledged war against Israel if he were attacked. The Rebbe quoted words of the Sages dating back some 1,500 years.

"The leader of Persia," states the Midrash, "will attack an Arab nation and the Arab king will go to Aram for advice. The leader of Persia will bring destruction to the entire world, and all of the nations will be struck by panic and fear ... Israel will also be overtaken by panic and fear, and they will cry, 'Where shall we go? Where shall we go'?

"Moshiach will then tell them: 'My children, fear not. Everything I have done, I have done for you. Why are you afraid? Do not fear! The time of your liberation has arrived (2).'"

The People of the world are lured to the fables of the Talmudic "SAYERS of the synagogue of Satan, Judeo-Churchizionity Goyim Noahidism of Talmud Babylon the Mystery


Who is Persia? Who is Aram?

A few weeks later, during the holiday of Sukkos (3) in October 1990, the Rebbe went on to explain that the Midrashic words "the leader of Persia" may be understood as "the leader of Iraq," since ancient Persia included the territory of present-day Iraq. "Aram," which in Hebrew means "exalted," or "powerful," refers to the world's superpower. Thus, "the Arab king going to Aram for advice" may represent an Arab country, Kuwait, coming to the U.S. for help (4).

"Despite the ominous situation," the Rebbe declared, "there was no reason to become confounded or fearful." On the contrary, this confrontation was heralding the time of our redemption, that moment in history when the authentic spiritual and moral core of humanity will emerge in its full splendor and heaven will become one with earth.

During the next months, the Lubavitcher Rebbe reiterated these Midrashic words numerous times, as he called on the Jewish people and the world to replace fear with courage and confusion with determination. We ought to prepare ourselves and the world at large, the Rebbe said, for the great spiritual revolution that will engulf the globe, by increasing in the study of Torah, the observance of mitzvos, and acts of goodness and kindness. Each and every one of us, the Rebbe suggested, should be teaching himself and the surrounding world about a higher way of living -- a life of ethics, honesty, goodness and peace. A life of Moshiach.


And they continue the Invocation of Lucifer their god the "Robber"


The war begins

The war began on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1991. A tremendous part of the fighting was concentrated in Basra, that ancient port city off the Persian Gulf in southern Iraq, home to the Republican Guard and, according to many, the location of the dictator himself.

Three days later, on Sabbath, Jan. 19 (4 Shevat 5750), the Lubavitcher Rebbe devoted a large part of his public address to the war against Saddam Hussein. The Rebbe viewed Saddam - a person who chopped off the ears and noses of dissidents, tortured children in front of their parents, gassed thousands to death and craved the death of Israel - as a truly evil person.

The Rebbe saw him as a scion of the great anti-Semites of old, professing the legendary brutality and Jew-hatred of Nebuchadnezzar (ancient king of Iraq and Babylonia, arch-hero of Saddam), Amalek, Haman and Pharaoh.

The Rebbe knew very well of the ulterior motives accompanying so many American foreign-policy decisions. Yet he felt America and its values of freedom and individual liberty were a blessing for mankind, and that its war against a monstrous tyrant was a moral act, one that would save and liberate countless innocent lives.

I recall vividly how during his address on that Sabbath, the Rebbe encouraged the American armed forces to finish the job they had successfully begun. "Seventy or 80 percent of the work has been accomplished already," the Rebbe stated. "The job should be concluded 100 percent."


"During that time, I had the privilege of working as one of the oral scribes of the Rebbe, reviewing and transcribing his public talks for publication. That night, I received a telephone call from one of the Rebbe's secretaries, Rabbi Laibel Groner, who instructed me, in the name of the Rebbe, not to publish the segment of the talk that dealt with the U.S. war against Iraq.

The Rebbe had told his secretary at the time, that "these words will be applicable at a future time (10)."


"The tyrant will soon be gone. The day of your liberation is near."

The day of our liberation, too, is near.

Video image of captured former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein displayed at a news conference in Baghdad

Purim Haman Saddam 2004? Decaptitated?

For Olam Haba The "Jew World Order" of Chabad Lubavitch


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to light Chabad's Menorah @ the State Capitol


SNS has learned that recently elected California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be lighting the Shamash at a grand Menorah lighting ceremony this coming Friday.

Chabad of Sacramento together with Chabad of California will be honoring the Governor with the inauguration of the Menorah of Freedom, standing tall outside California's State Capitol. .


The "New Year of the Hassidic Pharisees, the enemies of Jesus Christ the Lord


Kislev 19
The "New Year" of Chassidism

The 19th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev (this year, Sunday, December 14, 2003) is celebrated as the "Rosh Hashanah of Chassidism." It was on this date, in the year 1798, that the founder of Chabad Chassidism, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), was freed from his imprisonment in Czarist Russia. More than a personal liberation, this was a watershed event in the history of Chassidism, heralding a new era in the revelation of the "inner soul" of Torah.

This is why Nicolai must be murdered. The audacity, to imprison a Tzadik

The public dissemination of teachings of Chassidism had in fact begun two generations earlier. The founder of the Chassidic movement, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov (1698-1760), revealed to his disciples gleanings from the mystical soul of Torah which had previously been the sole province of select Kabbalists in each generation. This work was continued by the Baal Shem Tov's disciple, Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch (d. 1772). But Rabbi Schneur Zalman went much farther than his predecessors, bringing these teachings to broader segments of the Jewish population of Eastern Europe. More significantly, Rabbi Schneur Zalman founded the "Chabad" approach -- a philosophy and system of study, meditation, and character refinement that made these abstract concepts rationally comprehensible and practically applicable in daily life. 

In its formative years, the Chassidic movement was the object of strong, and often venomous, opposition from establishment rabbis and laymen. Even within the Chassidic community, a number of Rabbi Schneur Zalman's contemporaries and colleagues felt that he had "gone to far" in tangibalizing and popularizing the hitherto hidden soul of Torah.

In the fall of 1798, Rabbi Schneur Zalman was arrested on charges that his teachings and activities threatened the imperial authority of the Czar, and was imprisoned in an island fortress in the Neva River in Petersburg. In his interrogations, he was compelled to present to the Czar's ministers the basic tenets of Judaism and explain various points of Chassidic philosophy and practice. After 52 days, he was exonerated of all charges and released.

Rabbi Schneur Zalman saw these events as a reflection of what was transpiring Above. He regarded his arrest as but the earthly echo of a Heavenly indictment against his revelation of the most intimate secrets of the Torah. And he saw his release as signifying his vindication in the Heavenly court. Following his liberation on Kislev 19, he redoubled his efforts, disseminating his teachings on a far broader scale, and with more detailed and "down to earth" explanations, than before.

Kislev 19 therefore marks the "birth" of Chassidism: the point at which it was allowed to emerge from the womb of "mysticism" into the light of day, to grow and develop as an integral part of Torah and Jewish life.

And they say, who can battle the Beast of the whore? Be comforted in Jesus Christ who has defeated his enemies at Calvary whom his saints who stand firm for the testimony of the Living God will deliver as his footstool according to the Will of God.



And they work the Wall of whoredom


The Prophets of Baal, Chabad Lubavitch, only propagate a plan for the Son of Perdition, who is no Christ a Messiah, but the son of satan. The Prophet of God, Daniel clearly told us what would transpire according to Jesus Christ the Spirit of All Prophecy, in the Last Days.


Saddam Haman The Great Purim of Liberation.

Ishmael will either stand and fight Israel and it's Pimp or become obedient Goyim, before the Moshiach comes and has the final Purim saints of Jesus Christ the Lord Over All Mankind.


The Rebbe saw him as a scion of the great anti-Semites of old, professing the legendary brutality and Jew-hatred of Nebuchadnezzar (ancient king of Iraq and Babylonia, arch-hero of Saddam), Amalek, Haman and Pharaoh.


Yes they have gotten what they hoped for at the expense of the deaths of many American Boys and girls and the three thousand innocent men and women in the World Trade Center.

Economic collapse.

and a coming raiser of taxes......Olam Haba of Lucifer, their god...


LaRouche - 50% Collapse
Of The Dollar Signals
Bankruptcy Of The Nation

Press Release
Larouche In 2004

Dec. 16--At a Dec. 12 international webcast from Washington, D.C. Democratic Party pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche began by addressing the accelerating collapse of the U.S dollar and the descent of the nation into bankruptcy, a theme which he returned to repeatedly thoughout his address.
In his opening words to the audience, LaRouche characterized the economic crisis as fully as serious as that which faced Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. He said:
"Since the new European currency was introduced, the value of the U.S. dollar has dropped by almost 50%, most of that directly under the present Bush Administration. In the most recent period, the rate of collapse of the dollar has accelerated, so that the most recent phase, short-term phase, has been a 20% collapse--and it hasn't stopped collapsing, yet.
"Think of it: A nearly 50% collapse in the value of the dollar, in terms of the leading world market. And it's not stopped yet.
"The current account deficit of the United States brings us toward bankruptcy. The insane policies of the present administration, in terms of budgetary policy, tax policy, and so forth, have brought the nation to bankruptcy. It is worse than that: We are now in a crisis, which is fully as serious as that which Franklin Roosevelt faced in March of 1933."
LaRouche cautioned that there is no way the nation will get to the November 2004 Presidential election intact, without the application of FDR-style remedies under his leadership. He said:
"There's no way that we will get to the November 2004 election, with the United States which continues to represent what most foolish people believe it represents, at this moment today. This will not happen months down the line: We're on the verge of a total collapse. The breaking point could come at any moment. It could come in your Christmas stocking--or in the hole in your Christmas stocking. It could come later, because the ability to print money indefinitely, and using electronic means, as well as printing-press means, does give governments the ability to postpone a collapse which is already onrushing. Such methods of postponing a collapse, however, only make things worse. But we're in that period, at which, in a fairly short period of time, in the near term--during the course of the coming year, if it doesn't happen before Christmas--this thing is going down!"
The critical question, LaRouche stated, is who will pay for the collapse, the people or the financiers. He said:
"What's the problem? The United States has become a great parasite, a great parasite of financier speculation, as a power. Now, that financial system, that monetary system, is bankrupt. The question is, when the firm goes bankrupt, who pays? These fellows (financiers--ed.) say..., The people will pay. They'll pay, because we loot another country to pay these bills. Or, we'll loot our own people to pay these bills. And therefore, the essential conflict is between the national interest and the financiers. Hitler was not a creation of a bunch of dummies in brown uniforms. Hitler was the creation of bankers:.... The bankers of this type, the private bankers, created Hitler, because there was a financial crisis, and under conditions of financial crisis, if the government is accountable to the people, it is the bankers that will pay, not the people. And therefore, the bankers say, It's the people, it's the government, that has to go."
LaRouche pointed out that outside of his own candidacy, no- one in the Democratic Party is prepared to deal with the implications of the dollar collapse and economic breakdown. He said:
"...we're on the verge of the greatest financial collapse known to any of you. And it's coming on soon. Unfortunately, none of the candidates I'm up against, none of the rivals, so-called, are prepared to even discuss it. They certainly have not discussed it in any of their so-called debates--which are not really debates, more clown-shows than debates, I must say."
LaRouche in 2004
P.O. Box 730
Leesburg, VA 20178

What is coming next? What will the Talmudic Illuminated Masters who are against Jesus Christ the Everlasting Covenant do next?

Daniel 11:

7: But out of a branch of her roots shall one stand up in his estate, which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north, and shall deal against them, and shall prevail: 

Election 2000. Appointment, Bush by Schneerson the final Tzaddik

WTC Mossad Massacre to instigate Ishmael against USA

Greater Israel's USA

8: And shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods, with their princes, and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold; and he shall continue more years than the king of the north.

Shifting Global Economy

9: So the king of the south shall come into his kingdom, and shall return into his own land. 
10: But his sons shall be stirred up, and shall assemble a multitude of great forces: and one shall certainly come, and overflow, and pass through: then shall he return, and be stirred up, even to his fortress. 
11: And the king of the south shall be moved with choler, and shall come forth and fight with him, even with the king of the north: and he shall set forth a great multitude; but the multitude shall be given into his hand.

Purim Saddam

12: And when he hath taken away the multitude, his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast down many ten thousands: but he shall not be strengthened by it.
13: For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches.
14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Bush and the Schneerson Chabad shall go against Arik Sheinerman

Dan of the uttermost parts of the North, Bush

Judah the King of the South, Shenierman

15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

The King of Dan and Chabad Lubavitch of the North will attempt to seat the false Christ

16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.
17: He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.


18: After this shall he turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many: but a prince for his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease; without his own reproach he shall cause it to turn upon him.
19: Then he shall turn his face toward the fort of his own land: but he shall stumble and fall, and not be found.

Good bye Bushka

20: Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, Lie- Berman?

Most Likely Dean Clark?

21: And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

Moshiach ben Satan, the false Christ, the son of Perdition. of Chabad Lubavitch

22: And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant.

Once again Jesus Christ is cut-off according to the Promise. The he comes in the clouds with great wrath and anger, for he is a jealous God, our Lord

23: And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people.

Chabad Lubavitcher jews

24: He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.
25: And he shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the south with a great army; and the king of the south shall be stirred up to battle with a very great and mighty army; but he shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him.
26: Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow: and many shall fall down slain.
27: And both these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed. 
28: Then shall he return into his land with great riches; and his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall do exploits, and return to his own land.

He hates Jesus Christ the Everlasting and Holy Covenant

29: At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter. 
30: For the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant. 

Chabad Lubavitch, Mossad, CIA, MI6

31: And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

False Christ, Moshiach ben Satan

32: And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

The saints of Jesus Christ who stand firm

33: And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.
34: Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.
35: And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.

The saints of Jesus Christ our Lord

36: And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.
37: Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.


And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them. 


38: But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

Jehova the Talmudic Strange god

39: Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.
40: And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
41: He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.
42: He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.
43: But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.
44: But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.
45: And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

For he shall be cast into the pit and all Chabad Lubavitcher synagogue of satan and all they who denied that Jesus Christ is the Only Everlasting Holy Covenant, in which to enter into the Kingdom of our Lord.


Now they are gloating, Code Orange....the signal of Obedient Goyim....ala, Homelandt Sekurity.

www.aish.com e-mail 12-22-2003

The Capture of Saddam: A Chanukah Meditation


Some surprising lessons are unearthed with Saddam Hussein.

The headline of the International Herald Tribune screamed: DEVIL IN THE DETAILS: A FIBER BETRAYS SADDAM. The article went on to report how the most wanted man of the year had been found when an American soldier, combing the area for a second time, noticed a tiny tuft of fiber protruding from the dirt. "Only a sliver of a mat was evident under the dirt where he was standing. But the soldier thought it was strange." When he yanked at the mat, he uncovered the hole in the ground where Saddam Hussein was hiding.

Reading the account, I was intrigued. Had the soldier not paid attention to that tiny detail, the dramatic capture would never have happened. Yet details generally get bad press in our modern culture. Focusing on picayune details, nit-picking, fastidiousness are all considered symptomatic of small minds. Big minds, according to our culture, see the big picture.

In fact, one of the most oft-repeated charges against Torah observance is that it is too concerned with the details. Why not observe Shabbat, goes the argument, by simply resting? Don't go to work and don't clean the garage, have dinner with the family and relax on the deck. Why have so many detailed points in Jewish law -- no writing, no cooking, no completing an electrical circuit, no washing out a stain in your best white blouse, etc.? Isn't Judaism missing the forest for the trees?

Perhaps this scorn for detail-consciousness is reserved only for religion. No one ever blames a nuclear physicist for focusing on itsy-bitsy particles. No one ever tells a painter of the school of Super Realism to discard his tiny brush and just paint wide swatches of color. No one ever castigates the builders of jet planes for paying too much attention to details. Where religion is concerned, however, only grand, sweeping ideas are appreciated.

Chanukah is an appropriate time to appreciate that there's more to reality than what we can observe with our eyes.

The truth is that everyone living in the age of microbes and sub-atomic particles knows that something invisible to the naked eye can make the difference between life and death. The issue is not size, but whether the object in question can be observed at all. The ancient Greek method of discovering truth, which all of us were raised on, is: observation, understanding, conclusions. Therefore, as long as something can be observed, even if only by a high-power electron microscope or by inference from the movement of other observable bodies, it is real.

Spiritual entities such as God and the soul, on the other hand, are not observable by any physical means. From the Greek point of view, therefore, they are illusory. The war between the Greeks and the Jews which forms the backdrop of Chanukah was really a Kulturkampf which only towards the end turned into a military battle. The Greeks believed that reality is primarily physical. The Jews believed that reality is essentially spiritual, with a veneer of physicality.

These competing concepts of reality determine which details are worthy of concern. The Greek worldview recognizes that a microscopic virus is a real danger to the body; the Jewish worldview recognizes that a violation of a fine point of Torah law is a real danger to the soul. Chanukah is an appropriate time to appreciate that there's more to reality than what we can observe with our eyes -- or our high-powered instruments. In fact, the latest scientific discoveries, the culmination of the Greek method, seem to bear this out.

A recent Newsweek science article deals with "mysterious, theoretical stuff called dark matter." Dark matter has never been observed, and cannot be observed, because it doesn't reflect light and barely interacts with anything else. Why then are many physicists convinced that it exists? Because in 1998, astrophysicists discovered that the universe's expansion, which should be gradually slowing down since the Big Bang, instead is accelerating. This phenomenon can be explained only by positing that a "mystery force, called dark energy, may work against gravity, driving the galaxies faster and faster apart."

The truly startling discovery, which deals a knockout blow to the observation-based Greek worldview, is: "Recent data from WMAP [the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotrophy Probe] suggests that dark matter in fact accounts for 90 percent of creation."

What? Ninety percent of the universe is made up of something that cannot be observed by physical means? I checked to make sure I was reading Newsweek, and not the Torah.


The second lesson I learned from the capture of Saddam Hussein is also a Chanukah allegory. Saddam thought of himself -- and built monuments to himself -- as the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient Babylonian emperor who destroyed the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem and drove the Jews into exile. Certainly Saddam's compulsion to again destroy the Jewish state made him a worthy successor to the malevolent Nebuchadnezzar.

Evil has the power to destroy but it does not have the power to endure.

The image of Saddam, disheveled, dusty, and disguised, climbing out of his hole and obsequiously surrendering to American forces rather than heroically fighting to the death, provides a stark metaphor for the true nature of evil. The Talmud describes evil as a giant standing at the crossroads, fiercely swinging his machete, filling all onlookers with fear. A closer look, however, reveals that the giant has no feet.

Evil has the power to destroy but it does not have the power to endure. For all its bluster, it always eventually meets an inglorious end. Nothing has proved this as graphically as the downfall of Saddam Hussein.

When people rise up to fight evil, rather than cowering before it, they must somehow believe in the possibility of victory. They must intuit that, despite all appearances, evil ultimately has no substance.

When the old priest Mattisyahu, with the help of his sons and his friends, launched his rebellion against the mighty Greek empire, no objective observer would have credited him with any chance of success. Who could have imagined that one day this meager Jewish fighting force would drive the invincible Greek army out of Jerusalem and out of the Holy Temple?

The Chanukah liturgy extols God: "You delivered the strong into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few..." Chanukah is the triumph of the small over the great, of the unperceivable over the apparent.

Which brings us back to details. The miracle of the oil, which we commemorate by lighting the Chanukah candles, is a celebration of focusing on the details. In the vast recesses of the Temple storerooms, amidst the chaos following the battle, amidst countless cruses of profaned olive oil, one person -- perhaps one soldier -- noticed a single cruse of oil with the seal of the High Priest still intact. The sages assert that finding that one unsullied cruse was in itself a miracle.

The Herald Tribune got it wrong. It's not the devil, but rather God, who's in the details.


Sara Yoheved Rigler is a graduate of Brandeis University. Her spiritual journey took her to India and through fifteen years of teaching Vedanta philosophy and meditation. Since 1987, she has been practicing Torah Judaism. A writer, she resides in the Old City of Jerusalem with her husband and children. Her articles have appeared in: Jewish Women Speak about Jewish Matters, Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul, and Heaven on Earth.
All symbolism which propagates the prophets of Baa'l for the  authority of the Illuminated to establish their vision against Jesus Christ the Everlasting Holy Covenant. And the Judeo-Churchizionain's of Amerika eat it all up, hook line and sinker. The Amerikan zionist partake with the whore.
We got him: Kurds say they caught Saddam
By Paul McGeough, Herald Correspondent in Baghdad
December 22, 2003


Washington's claims that brilliant US intelligence work led to the capture of Saddam Hussein are being challenged by reports sourced in Iraq's Kurdish media claiming that its militia set the circumstances in which the US merely had to go to a farm identified by the Kurds to bag the fugitive former president.

The first media account of the December 13 arrest was aired by a Tehran-based news agency.

American forces took Saddam into custody around 8.30pm local time, but sat on the news until 3pm the next day.

However, in the early hours of Sunday, a Kurdish language wire service reported explicitly: "Saddam Hussein was captured by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. A special intelligence unit led by Qusrat Rasul Ali, a high-ranking member of the PUK, found Saddam Hussein in the city of Tikrit, his birthplace.

"Qusrat's team was accompanied by a group of US soldiers. Further details of the capture will emerge during the day; but the global Kurdish party is about to begin!"

The head of the PUK, Jalal Talabani, was in the Iranian capital en route to Europe.

The Western media in Baghdad were electrified by the Iranian agency's revelation, but as reports of the arrest built, they relied almost exclusively on accounts from US military and intelligence organisations, starting with the words of the US-appointed administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer: "Ladies and gentlemen: we got 'im".

US officials said that they had extracted the vital piece of information on Saddam's whereabouts from one of the 20 suspects around 5.30pm on December 13 and had immediately assembled a 600-strong force to surround the farm on which he was captured at al-Dwar, south of Tikrit.

Little attention was paid to a line in Pentagon briefings that some of the Kurdish militia might have been in on what was described as a "joint operation"; or to a statement by Ahmed Chalabi, head of the Iraq National Congress, which said that Qusrat and his PUK forces had provided vital information and more.

A Scottish newspaper, the Sunday Herald, quoted from an interview aired on the PUK's al-Hurriyah radio station last Wednesday, in which Adil Murad, a member of the PUK's political bureau,

said that the day before Saddam's capture he was tipped off by a PUK general - Thamir al-Sultan - that Saddam would be arrested within the next 72 hours.

An unnamed Western intelligence source in the Middle East was quoted in the British Sunday Express yesterday: "Saddam was not captured as a result of any American or British intelligence. We knew that someone would eventually take their revenge, it was just a matter of time."

There has been no American response to the Kurdish claims.

An intriguing question is why Kurdish forces were allowed to join what the US desperately needed to present as an American intelligence success - unless the Kurds had something vital to contribute to the operation so far south of their usual area of activity.

A report from the PUK's northern stronghold, Suliymaniah, early last week claimed a vital intelligence breakthrough after a telephone conversation between Qusrat and Saddam's second wife, Samirah.


All an Orwellian Ruse for the mindless masses of their Olam Haba and the scheme to enslave mankind to Satan's Universal Noahide Laws of the Mystery Babylon the great whore master race, which is no race but a religion to Baa'l. And the Bush-ka regime lies again to the apathetic masses of blind.

Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops
Sat Dec 20,11:00 PM ET

LONDON, (AFP) - Saddam Hussein  was captured by US troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British Sunday newspaper said.

Saddam came into the hands of the Kurdish Patriotic Front after being betrayed to the group by a member of the al-Jabour tribe, whose daughter had been raped by Saddam's son Uday, leading to a blood feud, reported the Sunday Express, which quoted an unnamed senior British military intelligence officer.

The newspaper said the full story of events leading up to the ousted Iraqi president's capture on December 13 near his hometown of Tikrit in northern Iraq , "exposes the version peddled by American spin doctors as incomplete".

A former Iraqi intelligence officer, whom the Express did not name, told the paper that Saddam was held prisoner by a leader of the Kurdish Patriotic Front, which fought alongside US forces during the Iraq war, until he negotiated a deal.

The deal apparently involved the group gaining political advantage in the region.

An unnamed Western intelligence source in the Middle East told the Express: "Saddam was not captured as a result of any American or British intelligence. We knew that someone would eventually take their revenge, it was just a matter of time."


Looky here what we have mysteriously found, boys

Didn't even put up a fight, But we beat em anyway.

Did Ya'll bring the cash Wolfonowitz sent?


Say Cheese, Special Op CIA crew
Gee thanks Saddam for your "Cooperation" Happy Chanuuka

WOW, What a High

Photos Of Saddam's Capture
From David Williams

Just a matter of time




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