Dear friend and brother saint,
 I want to just take a of a moment of your time, to explain in a precise way what I have neglected in my haste in our prior discussions.
I want to elaborate on
"It's not the Jews Dummy"
It is not the flesh Jew, nor is it the Cathaholic, nor the Baptist, Method-ist, Episcopal, Mormon, Jahovah's witness, Bhuddist, Hindu, etc., etc......organized religions of the world.
It is Satan and his sons of Chabad, the Pharisees and men of the flesh
the destroyer, the murderer, the Liar, the Serpent, The Fallen Arch Angel of Darkness who has transformed himself into the angel of Illumination, O'Lucifer, son of the Morning, the Assyrian, The Babylonian, the powers and the principalities of darkness in high places,. Other choice words I had better not disclose.
The Jew is a Jew. If he say's he is Jew, then he is definitely a Jew. Just that, a self professed Jew in the flesh who has "chosen" to reject that which he was "chosen" for in the first place, Salvation of Christ Jesus.
But it is not the True Jews born of the Spirit by faith in Christ Jesus who are now the seed of Abraham the Spiritual Jews of Christ, True Israel, according to the Promise the Everlasting Covenant
Flesh Jewry is a religion and no specific nationality.
  The Khazarian lineage crap does not matter and is a lie, propagating the changing of the face of Flesh Jewry. The Flesh Jew was a Flesh Jew Jew long before the Khazarians.
Many factions are attempting to claim direct lineage to the Biblical tribe of Judah, but useless genealogies mean nothing. All flesh, no Christ. a Racial thing of master races.
It does not matter whether a man is a Jew or a Greek, American or Asian, white or black, only them who hath put on Christ Jesus, Salvation by the Everlasting Covenant, the Blood of the Lamb. The Spiritual Jews by the Lamb of the Everlasting Covenant. There is no difference, so stop with the stupidity of the races
This Khazarian  garbage is a trick to make the world hate the flesh Jews Jews even more, for Satan hates the flesh Jews too, as well as the Christian who by faith are the True Spiritual seed of Abraham.
The Chabad Lubavitch Illuminated Rabbi's need anti-Semiticism against their "Lesser Flesh Jew"  to bring their king Moshiach ben Satan.
They need it to deceive the nations of the world to undermind finally and the last onslaught of the true followers of Christ Jesus True Jews in spirit. After all the elders of the Pharisaic Sanhedrin said in their "Protocols" that anti-Semitism is indispensable for the management of their "Lesser Brethren"
A Jew was a flesh Jew when they came out of Babylon after rejecting the WORD, the seat of Nimrod the man god, whom these hardnosed people of Judah, when rejecting the ONLY GOD, was expelled from Jerusalem and exiled for Baal worship. Jerusalem the Great whore after another groom.
She sits a queen and says she is no widow. These follow their Chabad Lubavitch leaders of the oral tradition of the Babylonians, in their anti-Christ books of Talmud Bavli.
They are liars and are not spiritual Jews by the Word and the Promise.
 Jesus admitted that salvation was of the Jew.
And thus it is by faith are ye then the seed of Abraham.
According to their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and salvation was under the law and Jesus Christ was the Law fulfilled by Grace of God.
The flesh Jew, who was a flesh Jew of Judah, exiled to Babylon for their unbelief and returned and still did not believe rejected that for which they were indeed chosen, Salvation of the Savior the Redeemer the God of Abraham the Lamb as was promised to atone once and for all, man's sin. 
A flesh Jew can be any man, woman or child on this planet. One who simply despises Jesus Christ and converts to follow after another god who is no god, and prefers the perversion of Talmud Bavli.
Sin is only one thing, and not all that gnat straining of Churchzionity today, but the worship of another god, as was the case in the Valley of Sin at Sin-ai, where they made the choice to continue worshipping Baal. And where they have followed their evil propagation of their man-made laws, but not the Laws of God the Most High "As IT Is Written", but oral laws made by the men who sat on the seat of Moses, the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin.
First to the Jew then to the Gentile, is salvation offered.
The flesh Jew turned down spiritual Jew salvation.
The Chabad Lubavitch Pharisees of the oral tradition of the Babylonian Talmud, Talmud Bavli, the Mishna, were and are not spiritual Jews for they even rejected the true Jewry of the commandments of God and would not lift a finger to even move one of the laws themselves.
These are known as the Chabad Lubavitch Babylonian Talmudic Sofiet Bolshevik Mystical Qabalist Zohar Illuminated Elders of Zion Rabbi's of the synagogue of Satan.
These were born of the house of the serpent, Satan's seed, the seed of the serpent.
There is only two seeds upon the whole earth. The seed of God and the seed of the Serpent, the two have enmity and are contrary to one another. The seed of the serpent by spiritual choice.
They walked like flesh Jews and they talked like flesh Jews but they were not spiritual Jews for they did not obey the commandments of God and they caused the children to err, thus the curse of the law, that they made by their oral traditions, making null the WORD of God, who was and is Jesus Christ the WORD of GOD. They made the oral laws of their Pharisaic traditions which they themselves would not lift even a finger to do themselves.
These are the High Priest of the order of Nimrod, Pontifex Maximus, the mere man g-d
Intermingled into Judah, not  spiritual Jews, but mixed into and cloven together. Attempting to mix "Mirey clay".
If, the flesh Jews who indeed were of the tribe of Judah of Israel and of Isaac and Abraham who was indeed chosen, but chosen for Salvation, but chose themselves instead to reject that salvation which was promised under the deceptions of the Liars of the synagogue of Baal, Satan, would only have accepted that which they were "chosen" they would not reject Jesus as Lord today. Much as western so called Judeo-Churchizionity is following these same wolves in sheeps clothing, today. Becoming flesh Churchi-zionians
But because the WORD, the IAM the creator already knew since the foundation of the World his plan of redemption for all and that they whom were chosen would ultimately reject him, for they were a stubborn people always returning to the worship of Baal, he prophesied through a Prophet of Himself, for he is the spirit of Prophecy, to Isaiah, that he would come as a light unto the Gentiles and the Gentile would trust his name, Christ Jesus the Savior through faith and by the grace of God. Grafted into the vine and become Jews of the spirit through faith of Christ Jesus, the seed of Abraham the seed of God.
The argument of the Khazarians is crap and will be a part of the reason why the nations will converge upon Israel and make Jerusalem their stumbling block. Those who say they are flesh Jew want it this way, a third world war to ensure of Global Chaos to usher in their god of this world, their boss of the flesh, Satan.
Yes Satan's sons, indeed, need this hatred, this propagation of anti-Semitism against flesh Jewry in order to bring the WWIII, anhilation of the masses, innoculation of diseases, death, murder, theivery in order to present their mere man g-d, their Moshiach of the Talmudic kind, the son of perdition, behold False Christ, who will settle the worlds problems...temporary and unblessed he be.
Many will put a face upon the erring flesh Jews that they are all imposter Jews........and n they are not. A flesh Jew is simply that, a Jew in flesh. Rejecting that Jesus came in the flesh to bring spiritual salvation through his blood.
Now we know that they are indeed flesh Jews
And we know that we are Jews of the Spirit and of the seed of Abraham who is the seed of the Word, the Iam. By faith in Christ Jesus the Creator and his seed.
and  even the flesh Jew can still have salvation, if he put on Christ Jesus.
and on at the sixth trumpet, of the men in Jerusalem were slain seven thousand, and many fell down and gave God the Most High of Heaven, Glory
and  a  flesh Mormon can have salvation when they seek after righteousness and Righteousness is Jesus Christ who is the only Righteous
and the same goes for a Hindi
and a Bhudda
and for all men who do not deny that Jesus came in the flesh, the incarnate expressed image of God the Most High the Great IAM, the Alpha and the Omega.
Yes  a flesh Jew is a Jew, but only a flesh Jew, yet to become a spiritual Jew by the fulfillment of the Law and of the Prophets of God the Most High, the Word Christ Jesus whom Abraham believed.
In the name above all names Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior, let us pray for the flesh Jews. For they know not what they do.
And the Mormons and the Baptist, and the Pentecostal, and the Methodist, and the Evangelicals, the Protestants, the Cathoholics, the Satanist, the Wiccans.............for they know not what they do, they have been deceived, but it ain't over until it is over.
It is not the True Jew "Dummy"
Former Israeli Minister -
'We've Become Barbarians'

Palestine Chronicle

"'The year 2002 was the worst in the state's history, not because of problems related to security, economy and corruption; it was the year of moral degeneration .." -- Shulamit Aloni, Former Isreali Minister Of Education
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM -- A former Israeli cabinet minister and founder of the liberal-oriented Meretz party has castigated the current state of affairs in the Jewish state, saying Israeli Jews effectively have became barbarians in the year 2002.
Shulamit Aloni, former Minister of Education, was quoted by the Israeli newspaper Yedeot Ahranot Wednesday as saying the year 2002 was "the worst in Israel's history."
"The year 2002 was the worst in the state's history, not because of problems related to security, economy and corruption; it was the year of moral degeneration during which we became an apartheid state, it was the year in which the government's legal advisor began burying the democratic system."
Aloni especially lambasted the Israeli government for adopting conspicuously-brazen discriminatory actions against Israel's growing Arab community.
"In the year 2002, Israel sought to negate the rights of the Arab community, they censored a film on Jenin, they closed down an Arab newspaper and they barred an Arab political party from taking part in the elections."
Aloni argued that the year 2002 was the "worst ever from the moral view point."
"We transformed ourselves into barbarians; we turned 3.5 million human beings into hostages, we turned every town and village into a detention camp; we destroy ancient buildings dating back 800 years in order to build a parkwe allowed an officer to decide to destroy an entire neighborhood with a mere hand signal"
-IAP News ( Published at the Palestine Chronicle.



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