The Final Nassi

"Nazi" Part 4




"Howbeit no man spake openly of Him for fear of the Jews."

—John 7:13


Texe Marrs

Oh what spiritual horrors often come from the unseemly ambitions of political men! Take for example, the graphic example of President George W. Bush.

When running for the office of Governor for the State of Texas back in '93, the younger Bush was asked at a news conference if he believed Jesus was the only way to heaven. In response, George W. Bush stated, "I believe that people who do not accept Jesus cannot go to heaven."

That was in 1993. It was good politics, because Texas has a large populace of conservative Christians who believe exactly this very same thing—that Jesus is the only way, and that only he is the Saviour of humanity (John 3:16). Appreciating George W's stand for Jesus, many Texas Christians warmly embraced their brother-in-Christ (they thought!). Bush went on to easily beat his Democratic opposition, the silver-tongued reprobate, Ann Richards, and became Governor of Texas.

Bush Sought Jewish Approval for the Presidency

But, in 1998, just five years later, tiring of his Governor job and seeking greener pastures in Washington, D.C., Bush knew he would have to first win the approval of the Jewish bigwigs if he were to ever become President of the United States. Chief among the Jewish groups he would have to bow down to were the talmudic elite of the Jewish ADL.


Obediently wearing his Jewish skull cap, then Governor George Bush prays at the wailing wall of the Jews in Jerusalem.


That organization was determined to straighten politician George W. Bush out. To the antichrist Jews of the ADL, his religious views about Jesus didn't make muster. If you want to be President, Abe Foxman, head of the ADL, warned Bush, you will have to ditch the idea that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Nooooo problem. Not for an unprincipled and ambitious, would-be President of the United States. Young George just rounded up his mother, Barbara, and his Illuminati family pal and Judaizer extraordinaire, Billy Graham, and, using them as "cover," he just up and changed his religious views on a dime.

As Governor Bush's spokesperson, the talented Karen Hughes, put it in an official statement made to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper (Austin is the capitol city of the state of Texas), Mother Bush, Barbara the gray head, an Episcopalian who, incidentally, is a big believer in abortion, assured her son that people of all faiths, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Moslem, were going to go to heaven even if they rejected Jesus as Lord.

Then, reinforcing Mama Bush's wide, umbrella-like religious spirit, Billy Graham told an inquiring Bush seeking the renowned evangelist's sage advice that he should never, but never preach to people that only the Christian religion was right or that Jesus was the only way. "Never play God...don't be harshly judgmental of others," Graham counseled Bush.

Smart Politicians

Smart politician, that Billy Graham. Under George W's new, revised, more politically correct Christian doctrine, it was decided that Jesus would no longer be the saviour of all mankind. No longer would Jesus be the way to heaven. No longer need a man or a woman believe in Him if they wanted to get to heaven. The exclusive deity of Jesus had to be ditched, and it was, by Bush.

What a difference a run for the Oval Office makes! According to George W's new, more politically astute religious beliefs-acceptable to Jews and liberals-Jesus lied when he said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6)


George’s mother, Barbara, told her ambitious son that Jews do not have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven, and neither do Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, and other religionists. Billy Graham backed up Mama Bush, telling George he should disregard the scriptures.


Judgements About Heaven Do Not Belong

"Judgements about heaven do not belong in the realm of politics or this world," Bush announced in a formal statement he made on the subject (Austin American-Statesman, online archives, December 13, 1998, page B3).

Moreover, to prove to his erstwhile Jewish critics that he's no longer a "Jesus Only" man, George W. trekked over to Israel in November and December, 1998 (Austin American-Statesman, on-line archives, December 4, 1998, page B1), on a trip paid for and sponsored by the National Jewish Coalition. While there in Jerusalem, he went up to the ruins of the Temple wall, put on his Jewish yarmulke (skull cap) and prayed just like he was a Jew. None other than Ariel Sharon, then Defense Minister of Israel, escorted him around the country.

"I was there to listen and learn a lot," Bush said. "Smart folks," he added, referring to the Jews.

A Different Man, A Tolerant Man

George W. came back from Israel a different man, formally endorsed and beloved by the Jews and ready for his successful run at the White House. "I have shown people that I'm a tolerant person," Bush said. "I've got great respect for the other religions of the world..."

The sea change difference in his pre-Israel visit belief in "Jesus Only" as Lord and his post-Israel visit conviction that Jesus is "one of many" acceptable gods was soon made glaringly visible. Here it is, right from Bush's own mouth, as reported verbatim in the Austin, Texas press:


"Asked if he believes heaven is open only to Christians, Bush said, 'No, I don't believe that.'"


A Signed Contract: Bush and Jewish ADL Agree

To further convince his Jewish masters that his conversion to Zionism was legitimate and that his ditching of Jesus was the real thing, Bush was evidently told by the ADL boss, Abe Foxman, to put it in writing. And Governor Bush, like some kind of sock puppet, dutifully complied. His office even furnished Old Hater Abe Foxman and his ADL Jewish henchmen a letter to that effect signed by Bush personally.

That prompted the ADL to also put their approval of Bush's Judaic conversion in writing as well.

As Dave McNeely and Ken Herman, reporters with the Austin American-Statesman newspaper (online archives, December 13, 1998 page B3), explained: "In a statement that could prove helpful if Governor George W. Bush enters the presidential race, the Anti-Defamation League has put its seal in writing."

The ADL's Abe Foxman (Fox. Hmmm... Is that "fox" as in Herod's title given by Jesus, "That old fox"?) was no doubt greatly impressed that Bush had so easily and without fanfare demoted Jesus and had so quickly developed such a healthy respect for Judaism and other religions.

"George W. Bush," Foxman and his ADL hate organization crowed, "has proven his commitment to tolerance and diversity, and the principles of religious freedom."

A Sign of His Toadiness?

Now isn't that special? Essentially, George W. is told by Abe Foxman and the ADL that he must convert and mend his Christian ways. He must abandon and deny Jesus as the only way to heaven. He also better show some respect, as soul singer Aretha Franklin might say, to other religions. And finally, to get the Jews' support for the presidency, Bush apparently understood that he would have to adopt a rabid form of extreme Zionism. He must become a lackey of the militant nation of Israel.

Properly chastised, probably shaking in his boots, Big Texas Governor Bush then flies over to Jerusalem, kowtows down to serial killer Ariel Sharon, wearing his little skull cap all the while as a sign and symbol of his toadiness. And upon his return to Texas and the U.S.A., young Bush signs a "Covenant" of sorts with the Jewish representative to official Washingtondom, His Bearded Eminence, Abraham Foxman ("that old fox").

According to the Austin newspaper, the Governor's office refused to release a copy of that secret letter, the "Covenant Agreement," that Bush had signed with the Jews' Foxman and his Israeli Zionist hate group, the ADL (Americans for Doomed Liberty?). "That's a private matter," explained Bush's press secretary, the pretty Karen Hughes.

Who knows, maybe Bush signed the Covenant with the Jews in his own blood!

In any event, whatever words and promises were contained in that mysterious letter of surrender sent to his ADL overlords by Bush, the Jews sure ate it up. As the Austin American-Statesman article remarked:


"(The ADL's) Foxman said the letter, and his conversations with Bush, convinced him the ADL has no cause for concern as a result of his (Bush's) 1993 remarks. 'The matter of the 1993 statement is now behind us.'"


Splendid. The year 1998 dawns. The rigors of the presidential campaign lie just ahead for him. George W. Bush is primed for stardom. He has the ADL's stamp of approval. The Zionists and he have signed a secret Covenant Agreement. "The bloody young chap is in the chips," as they might say in jolly Britain.

Like Magic, Jewish Bank Accounts Open to Bush

Indeed, in the ensuing presidential campaign, Bush demolishes his Republican Party competition. He eventually even overcomes Democrat Al Gore, another Jewish go-for boy. Wowee! Like magic, Jewish billionaires open their bank accounts to Bush and the money flowed like milk and honey.

Abe Foxman and his Christian-hating Jewish ADL praised George W. Bush for abandoning his "Jesus only" stance. "He has proven his commitment to tolerance and diversity," Foxman said of Bush. The ADL’s endorsement paved the way for Bush to run for President.


Key among the wealthy Jews giving Bush a boost was rich computer magnate Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer Corporation, the largest com-puter manufacturer in the world. In one important, little old meeting held at Austin's Jewish Community Center, billionaire Dell and Bush warmly embraced, and the rich Jews present, pals of Michael, went "ga-ga" for young George W. After all, he already had earned the "seal of approval" of that old fox, Abe Foxman.

Michael Dell, one of the richest men in America, is an enthusiastic supporter and fundraiser for George Bush. Did Bush’s adoption of pro-Zionist and anti-Jesus positions make a difference?


Bush must have been more than a little shocked at his resounding success among the Jews. Why, all he had to do to win their approval was to promise to be a good little Zionist and to renounce Jesus as the Lord and King of mankind (Note: Bush still reserved the right to retain Jesus as his "personal" saviour, albeit that is a more limited jurisdiction for the deity true Christians recognize as sovereign of all the universe).

Yep, for Bush, the magic formula was to just ditch the biblical Jesus and announce his newfound belief in a new, more trimmed down, shrunken "Jesus," and, Voila!, the bucks from the Jews came a pouring in.

A Few Chores to Do

Of course, Ariel Sharon must have reminded Georgie boy that there remained a few little old household chores that pseudo cowboy George would have to do for his new, wealthy, six-pointed star associates. First he would have to go along with the Israeli Mossad and the CIA's planned World Trade Center 9/11 massacre and hoax. Second, he would have to send troops over to get rid of Israel's modern-day "Hamen," Iraq's Saddam Hussein. And naturally, Israel's Arab foes, Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, would have to eventually be dealt with (i.e. destroyed) by the mercenary forces of the mighty U.S. Armed Forces.

But all that, Bush knew, was just details.

Denying Jesus, Bush Can Go Far

The albatross of "Jesus Only" off his neck and the cross of Jesus off his back, in 1998 George W. Bush had to have figured he was gonna go real far. Political paradise was in view, glittery like a big ball of crunched up aluminum foil. After all, it's a long, long way to Tipperary, the old song goes, and just short a short, short hop into the abyss. So, into the spiritual ditch Bush went, just the place he had tried to throw Jesus.

As any ambitious politician knows, it's always better to take the path of least resistance. That path, the wide path, in this case the denial of Jesus as Lord of all, was the one that George W. Bush willingly chose. And as the Scriptures testify, it's the wide path, not the narrow one, that leads to.... Well, you know the destination that George W. Bush is headed to now, don't you?"

By pleasing the Jews, George W. Bush has, indeed, been able to vault to the very top of earth's political mountain. But up higher, beyond the stratosphere of this planet, George W. cannot go. Sadly, up in heaven, in terms of eternal salvation, George W. Bush, leader of the world's greatest empire, the U.S.A. (also known as Israel II) is a complete unknown:


"But he that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God."

—Luke 12:9

Jesus anti-Semitic?



After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.


Jewish Groups Preview "Passion Of Christ"


Pilate saith unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified.


 When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.

Mt:27:25: T

hen answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.

Judeo-Churchizionian Obedient Noahides

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, who has accused Gibson of holding anti-Semitic views, saw the film for the first time Wednesday night in Florida. He said it is an ``unambiguous portrayal of Jews as being responsible for the death of Jesus.''

Gibson, who directed, funded and co-scripted the film, has repeatedly denied that his movie maligns Jews. His spokesman, Alan Nierob, did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

Jewish groups have been worried that Gibson's script would ignore modern teaching by the Roman Catholic Church (Pontifex Maximus of Simon Magus) and many other denominations ($5's $ 10's and $ 20's) that Jews were not collectively responsible for Christ's death. The notion of Jewish guilt fueled anti-Semitism for centuries.

anti-Christ fueld anti-Semitism

An article about the film in The New Yorker magazine last September indicated Gibson would keep a biblical verse out that upsets Jews and has been used to justify anti-Semitism: ``His blood be on us and on our children!'' (Matthew 27:25). That verse was not included in a version of the film The Associated Press saw last month.

compromise for the fear of the jews

But Rabbi James Rudin, a longtime interfaith expert for the American Jewish Committee, a New York-based public policy group, Rabbi David Elcott, the organization's director of interreligious affairs, and Foxman all said the verse was now in the film. The movie is scheduled to be released on Ash Wednesday Feb. 25.

``It's very disturbing that that was added,'' Rudin said. ``It's not just another verse from the Gospels. It's a chilling verse because I know, and everyone knows, that that verse is the basis of blood libel.''

It is

Elcott said the movie was not anti-Semitic, but called it ``inflammatory'' instead. And he said he did not anticipate any violence against Jews as a result of the movie.

But he, Rudin and Foxman, feared it would generate ill will toward Jews, especially overseas, where anti-Semitism is on the rise.

``The movie undermines the sense of community that has existed between Jews and Christians for decades,'' Elcott said. ``This film makes it more important than ever for like-minded Christians and Jews to reassert their dedication to promoting interfaith harmony.''

Contrary unto all mankind is Talmudic jewry

Full Text Of Statement Issued By The American Jewish Committee

"The Passion of the Christ", Mel Gibson's soon-to-be released film about the last 12 hours of Jesus' life, represents a disturbing setback to the remarkable achievements in Christian-Jewish relations over the past 40 years, the American Jewish Committee said today.

AJC's interreligious experts viewed the film earlier in the week and emerged deeply troubled by its anti-Jewish elements and potential for polarization among people of different faiths. The film is offensive to all Americans dedicated to the betterment of society through interreligious understanding and initiatives.

Goyim Noahides

"The film reasserts offensive stereotypes about Jews that Catholic and Protestant leaders have overwhelmingly rejected," said David Elcott, AJC's U.S. director of interreligious affairs, who viewed the film in Chicago.

Wolves in sheeps clothing

"The movie undermines the sense of community that has existed between Jews and Christians for decades in its unnecessary and destructive imagery of Jews. This film makes it more important than ever for like-minded Christians and Jews to reassert their dedication to promoting interfaith harmony, the hallmark of U.S. religious life," he added.

Obedient slaves to their god mammon

Foremost among problems with the Gibson film is the inclusion of verse 27:25 from Matthew, the verse that blames Jews for Jesus' death and was repudiated by Vatican II in 1965. The deicide charge was not present in an earlier version of the film, viewed by Rabbi James Rudin, AJC's senior interreligious adviser. AJC urges Gibson and others working on the film to reconsider this addition before the movie is released on February 25.

"The presentation of alleged culpability of Jews - and their 'primary responsibility' for the crucifixion of Jesus - has been the core problem of all Passion Plays since their inception during the Middle Ages," Rudin said.

For nearly 100 years, AJC has pioneered the advancement of interreligious mutual understanding and cooperation, and has played a central role in deepening Christian-Jewish relations since Vatican II. "No organization I know in this city, in this country, in this world, has done more to improve Christian-Jewish relations than the American Jewish Committee," said the late Cardinal John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York.

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e-mail sent to me 1-26-2004

January 24, 2003

Pursuant to the Standing Rules of the Senate and House of Representative, the undersigned hereby Petitions the United States Senate, and House of Representatives make available to each Senator & House Member, the within Open Letter which could have a political and legal bearing upon each of them.







The President of the United States, Congress, ACLU & others


Open letter to the President of the United States, GEORGE W. BUSH, U.S. Congress, U.S. Attorney General, Ashcroft, Justices of the Supreme Court, United Nations, World Press, and the American People, to wit:


The U.S. Congress and the President, George Bush, (the farther) indicated in public law 102-14, 102nd Congress, approved March 20, 1991 that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah. Affirmed by like Proclamation of former Presidents, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.


I am outraged by this action, Congress declaring that the United States was founded on some Jewish biblical laws (Noahide laws), the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, Congress and the President, ignoring in a conspiracy, the fundamental principles of the Separation of Church and State Constitutional Doctrine. Each of the members of Congress and the President has violated their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution, and therefore, must be removed from office, those that participated in this gross violation of the Constitution and are still in office, are subject to removal, the law must be revoked. Need I remind you, (current) Mr. President and members of Congress that did not participate in the Constitutional violations, that unless you revoke this Law you become just as guilty as the perpetrators? This is only half of it, the law further provides that the American people, and future generation be taught about the Noahide Laws. Failure of the Congress and the President to take action against this Constitutional violation will foster legal action.


Butz v. Economou (1978-SC). Although federal officials may not be sued for mistakes of judgment, they are personally liable for acting in a way that they know, or should know, violates a person’s constitutional rights.


The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide laws in legislation, which was passed by both houses of Congress and the President of the United States, George Bush, indicated in public law 102-14, 102nd congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, and that these laws have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization. They also acknowledged that the seven laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that recent weakening of these principles threaten the fabric of civilized society, and that justified preoccupation in educating the citizens of the United States of America and future generations is needed. For this purpose, this public law designated March 26, 1991 as "Education Day, U.S.A." Further President Ronald Reagan pursuant to House Joint Resolution 186, proclaimed Tuesday, April 2, 1985, as Education Day, U.S.A. advocating that the American people observe the Jewish Noahide Laws. Again on April 19, 1986, in accordance with Proclamation 5463 –Education Day, U.S.A., 1986, President Ronald Reagan, proclaimed Sunday, April 20, 1986 as Education day, U.S.A. advocating the observance of the Seven Noahide Laws by the American people. On April 18, 1978, President Carter signed into law Education Day, U.S.A. President, William J. Clinton proclaimed March 28, 2000, as Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A., 2000, advocating that the American people observe the Seven Noahide Laws. George W. Bush, current President of the United States, proclaimed April 13, 2003 as Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A. and ascribed the Seven Noahide Laws for the Nation. Indeed for the past 19, years the previous Presidents of the United States have made similar Proclamation.


CC: Press



How the Liars wait

Jewish Leaders Pose As Pastors -
Pan Gibson's 'Passion'


ORLANDO, Florida (AP)) -- Leaders of two Jewish groups are giving negative reviews after posing as pastors so they could attend an advance screening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."
Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League and Rabbis James Rudin and David Elcott of the American Jewish Committee sat among thousands of pastors, who had been addressed earlier in the day by Gibson himself.
They registered for the conference under a fabricated church name and signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding contents of the film.
But afterwards, they called reporters to complain that the movie includes a verse from the Gospels that historically has been used to blame the Jewish people for killing Jesus. In Matthew 27:25, Jews calling for Jesus' crucifixion say, "His blood be on us and on our children."
Jewish Groups Trash Jesus Movie
Two leading Jewish groups gave a thumbs-down to Mel Gibson's new movie about Jesus, death. Officials of the Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish Committee who saw the film at separate screenings said it echoed centuries-old charges that the Jews were behind the crucifixion. "At every single opportunity, Gibson's film reinforces the notion that the Jewish authorities and the Jewish mob are the ones ultimately responsible for the crucifixion," ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said. David Elcott, director of interreligious affairs for the AJCommittee, said the movie offers an "ugly" vision of Jews and "reasserts offensive stereotypes about Jews that Catholic and Protestant leaders have overwhelmingly rejected."
Judaics Vandalize And
Harass Nuns In New York

By Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

MONSEY, NY -- Most of the 400-plus Catholic women's orders in the United States were started in the 1800s by Irish immigrants or their daughters to help Catholic immigrants before a public welfare system existed. The sisters taught and opened schools and hospitals, and as a welfare system came into being, concentrated more on teaching and nursing.
The Sisters of Reparation of the Congregation of Mary is an order of nuns founded in 1903 by an Irish immigrant who wanted to aid women struggling to repair their lives. The order attempted to do this by providing a safe haven for women, to the poor, to immigrants and to senior citizens.
Since 1938, the sisters have lived at St. Zita's Villa in the heart of downtown Monsey, New York. The surrounding neighborhood is now home to mostly Orthodox Judaics, and Hasidic Judaics of the Satmar sect.
Adjacent to the nuns' facility is an adult-care facility that feels more homey than institutional exactly what the sisters wanted, said the order's mother superior, Sister Maureen Francis, also the adult home's executive director.
The sisters, with help from a small staff, care for 30 women in their 70s through 90s, providing meals and assistance in taking medication, among other tasks. Many residents attend nearby senior center programs; several have become close friends.
The villa is generally a quiet place, but its peace was shattered Nov. 22, 2003 when a 6-foot statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was toppled. It had stood undisturbed on an outdoor pedestal for more than 40 years; it now lies face up on the ground with broken pieces nearby. Experts have told the sisters the damage cannot be repaired; it would cost $14,000 to replace.
Police continue to investigate, but they have said their effort stalled over a lack of information from the surrounding Jewish community. Three Judaics were seen near the statue minutes before it was discovered toppled; police are seeking them as possible witnesses.
It was just the latest in a series of incidents Sister Maureen described as "harassment." Judaics have sought to purchase the 16-acre site for years. Fake "for sale" signs have been placed along the property, developers make incessant phone calls to the order and a lawsuit notice has been filed from a Jewish resident who claims to have fallen on the sidewalk.
Nothing will chase the sisters away, however, because they have a mission to fulfill.
"We are here to do our work, and we want to do that and live in peace," Sister Maureen said.
Reward Offered
A $500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for toppling a statue of Jesus at St. Zita's Villa in Monsey on Nov. 22. All tips and information will be kept confidential. Call Ramapo police at 845-357-2400.
How to Help:
Donations to help replace the statue of Jesus and letters and cards of support for the beseiged nuns may be sent to: St. Zita's Villa, 50 Saddle River Road, Monsey, NY 10952.
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"The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."
--Thomas Jefferson

Impeach Bush With Patriot Act
From Young With A Future
Portland Indy Media

Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice and Powell have all commited FELONY VIOLATIONS of the U.S.A. Patriot Act.
Fabrication or misrepresentation of intelligence data on terrorism, (WMD in Iraq), is a FELONY CLASS violation of the U.S.A. Patriot Act.
" ... conveys or causes to be conveyed false information, knowing the information to be false,concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being made or to be made,to do any act which would be a crime prohibited by this subsection ... "
Prosecute bush with FELONY charges as provided for in the Patriot Act.
Force Bush's lawyers to attack the Patriot Act in his defence.
Only the destruction of the Patriot Act in a court of law would provide relief to bush.
The damage done to Bush and his Cabal and the Patriot Act by using this law against its creators will be immeasurable.
If we rid ourselves of Bush and the Patriot Act remains, the next President would be tempted to ascend the ladder of TYRANNY with the Patriot Act.
I assert that destroying the Patriot Act is more important than getting rid of bush.


Just Like Hitler, Just like the Skull and Boneman, Bushka II

The Jewish Declaration of War
on Nazi Germany

The Economic Boycott of 1933


The London Daily Express, March 24, 1933
Samuel Untermyer
Few people know the facts about the singular event that helped spark what ultimately became known as World War II - the international Jewish declaration of war on Germany shortly after Adolf Hitler came to power and well before any official German government sanctions or reprisals against Jews were carried out. The March 24, 1933 issue of The Daily Express of London (shown above) described how Jewish leaders, in combination with powerful international Jewish financial interests, had launched a boycott of Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already precarious economy in the hope of bringing down the new Hitler regime. It was only then that Germany struck back in response. Thus, if truth be told, it was the worldwide Jewish leadership - not the Third Reich - that effectively fired the first shot in the Second World War. Prominent New York attorney Samuel Untermyer (above right) was one of the leading agitators in the war against Germany, describing the Jewish campaign as nothing less than a "holy war."
Long before the Hitler government began restricting the rights of the German Jews, the leaders of the worldwide Jewish community formally declared war on the "New Germany" at a time when the U.S. government and even the Jewish leaders in Germany were urging caution in dealing with the new Hitler regime.

The war by the international Jewish leadership on Germany not only sparked definite reprisals by the German government but also set the stage for a little-known economic and political alliance between the Hitler government and the leaders of the Zionist movement who hoped that the tension between the Germans and the Jews would lead to massive emigration to Palestine. In short, the result was a tactical alliance between the Nazis and the founders of the modern-day state of Israel - a fact that many today would prefer be forgotten.

To this day, it is generally (although incorrectly) believed that when Adolf Hitler was appointed German chancellor in January of 1933, the German government began policies to suppress the Jews of Germany, including rounding up of Jews and putting them in concentration camps and launching campaigns of terror and violence against the domestic Jewish population.

While there were sporadic eruptions of violence against Jews in Germany after Hitler came to power, this was not officially sanctioned or encouraged. And the truth is that anti-Jewish sentiments in Germany (or elsewhere in Europe) were actually nothing new. As all Jewish historians attest with much fervor, anti-Semitic uprisings of various degrees had been ever-present in European history.

In any case, in early 1933, Hitler was not the undisputed leader of Germany, nor did he have full command of the armed forces. Hitler was a major figure in a coalition government, but he was far from being the government himself. That was the result of a process of consolidation which evolved later.

Even Germany's Jewish Central Association, known as the Verein, contested the suggestion (made by some Jewish leaders outside Germany) that the new government was deliberately provoking anti-Jewish uprisings.

The Verein issued a statement that "the responsible government authorities [i.e. the Hitler regime] are unaware of the threatening situation," saying, "we do not believe our German fellow citizens will let themselves be carried away into committing excesses against the Jews."

Despite this, Jewish leaders in the United States and Britain determined on their own that it was necessary to launch a war against the Hitler government.

On March 12, 1933 the American Jewish Congress announced a massive protest at Madison Square Gardens for March 27. At that time the commander in chief of the Jewish War Veterans called for an American boycott of German goods. In the meantime, on March 23, 20,000 Jews protested at New York's City Hall as rallies were staged outside the North German Lloyd and Hamburg-American shipping lines and boycotts were mounted against German goods throughout shops and businesses in New York City.

According to The Daily Express of London of March 24, 1933, the Jews had already launched their boycott against Germany and her elected government. The headline read "Judea Declares War on Germany - Jews of All the World Unite - Boycott of German Goods - Mass Demonstrations." The article described a forthcoming "holy war" and went on to implore Jews everywhere to boycott German goods and engage in mass demonstrations against German economic interests. According to the Express:


The Express said that Germany was "now confronted with an international boycott of its trade, its finances, and its industry.... In London, New York, Paris and Warsaw, Jewish businessmen are united to go on an economic crusade."

The article said "worldwide preparations are being made to organize protest demonstrations," and reported that "the old and reunited nation of Israel gets in formation with new and modern weapons to fight out its age old battle against its persecutors."

This truly could be described as "the first shot fired in the Second World War."

In a similar vein, the Jewish newspaper Natscha Retsch wrote:


However, note well that the Zionist Association of Germany put out a telegram on the 26th of March rejecting many of the allegations made against the National Socialists as "propaganda," "mendacious" and "sensational."

In fact, the Zionist faction had every reason to ensure the permanence of National Socialist ideology in Germany. Klaus Polkehn, writing in the Journal of Palestine Studies ("The Secret Contacts: Zionism and Nazi Germany, 1933-1941"; JPS v. 3/4, spring/summer 1976), claims that the moderate attitude of the Zionists was due to their vested interest in seeing the financial victory of National Socialism to force immigration to Palestine. This little-known factor would ultimately come to play a pivotal part in the relationship between Nazi Germany and the Jews.

In the meantime, though, German Foreign Minister Konstantin von Neurath complained of the "vilification campaign" and said:


The fledgling Hitler government itself was clearly trying to contain the growing tension - both within Germany and without. In the United States, even U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull wired Rabbi Stephen Wise of the American Jewish Congress and urged caution:


The New 
York Daily News front page headline
This New York Daily News front page headline hailed the massive anti-German protest rally held in Madison Square Garden on March 27, 1933. Despite efforts by the German government to alleviate tensions and prevent the escalation of name-calling and threats by the international Jewish leadership, the rally was held as scheduled. Similar rallies and protest marches were also being held in other cities during the same time frame. The intensity of the Jewish campaign against Germany was such that the Hitler government vowed that if the campaign did not stop, there would be a one-day boycott in Germany of Jewish-owned stores. Despite this, the hate campaign continued, forcing Germany to take defensive measures that created a situation wherein the Jews of Germany became increasingly marginalized. The truth about the Jewish war on Germany has been suppressed by most histories of the period.
Despite all this, the leaders of the Jewish community refused to relent. On March 27 there were simultaneous protest rallies at Madison Square Garden, in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland and 70 other locations. The New York rally was broadcast worldwide. The bottom line is that "the New Germany" was declared to be an enemy of Jewish interests and thus needed to be economically strangled. This was before Hitler decided to boycott Jewish goods.

It was in direct response to this that the German government announced a one-day boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany on April 1. German Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels announced that if, after the one-day boycott, there were no further attacks on Germany, the boycott would be stopped. Hitler himself responded to the Jewish boycott and the threats in a speech on March 28 - four days after the original Jewish declaration of war - saying:


Thus, the fact - one conveniently left out of nearly all history on the subject - is that Hitler's March 28, 1933 boycott order was in direct response to the declaration of war on Germany by the worldwide Jewish leadership just four days earlier. Today, Hitler's boycott order is described as a naked act of aggression, yet the full circumstances leading up to his order are seldom described in even the most ponderous and detailed histories of "the Holocaust".

Not even Saul Friedlander in his otherwise comprehensive overview of German policy, Nazi Germany and the Jews, mentions the fact that the Jewish declaration of war and boycott preceded Hitler's speech of March 28, 1933. Discerning readers would be wise to ask why Friedlander felt this item of history so irrelevant.

The simple fact is that it was organized Jewry as a political entity - and not even the German Jewish community per se - that actually initiated the first shot in the war with Germany.

Deutsche! Wehrt Euch! Kauft nicht bei Juden!
Placard text:
"Germans! Defend yourselves!
Don't shop at Jewish stores!"

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Germany's response was a defensive - not an offensive - measure. Were that fact widely known today, it would cast new light on the subsequent events that ultimately led to the world-wide conflagration that followed.

To understand Hitler's reaction to the Jewish declaration of war, it is vital to understand the critical state of the German economy at the time. In 1933, the German economy was in a shambles. Some 3 million Germans were on public assistance with a total of 6 million unemployed. Hyper-inflation had destroyed the economic vitality of the German nation. Furthermore, the anti-German propaganda pouring out of the global press strengthened the resolve of Germany's enemies, especially the Poles and their hawkish military high command.

The Jewish leaders were not bluffing. The boycott was an act of war not solely in metaphor: it was a means, well crafted, to destroy Germany as a political, social and economic entity. The long term purpose of the Jewish boycott against Germany was to bankrupt her with respect to the reparation payments imposed on Germany after World War I and to keep Germany demilitarized and vulnerable.

The boycott, in fact, was quite crippling to Germany. Jewish scholars such as Edwin Black have reported that, in response to the boycott, German exports were cut by 10 percent, and that many were demanding seizing German assets in foreign countries (Edwin Black, The Transfer Agreement - The Untold Story of the Secret Pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine, New York, 1984).

The attacks on Germany did not cease. The worldwide Jewish leadership became ever the more belligerent and worked itself into a frenzy. An International Jewish Boycott Conference was held in Amsterdam to coordinate the ongoing boycott campaign. It was held under the auspices of the self-styled World Jewish Economic Federation, of which famous New York City attorney and longtime political power broker, Samuel Untermyer, was elected president.

Upon returning to the United States in the wake of the conference, Untermyer delivered a speech over WABC Radio (New York), a transcript of which was printed in The New York Times on August 7, 1933.

Untermyer's inflammatory oratory called for a "sacred war" against Germany, making the flat-out allegation that Germany was engaged in a plan to "exterminate the Jews." He said (in part):


Untermyer then proceeded to provide his listeners with a wholly fraudulent history of the circumstances of the German boycott and how it originated. He also proclaimed that the Germans were bent on a plan to "exterminate the Jews":


Untermyer concluded his largely fantastic and hysterical address by declaring that with the support of "Christian friends... we will drive the last nail in the coffin of bigotry and fanaticism...."

The Biggest Secret of WWII?
Why Germany Began Rounding Up Jews
and Deporting Them to the East
Chaim Weizmann Why did the Germans begin rounding up the Jews and interning them in the concentration camps to begin with? Contrary to popular myth, the Jews remained "free" inside Germany - albeit subject to laws which did restrict certain of their privileges - prior to the outbreak of World War II.
      Yet, the other little-known fact is that just before the war began, the leadership of the world Jewish community formally declared war on Germany - above and beyond the ongoing six-year-long economic boycott launched by the worldwide Jewish community when the Nazi Party came to power in 1933.
      As a consequence of the formal declaration of war, the German authorities thus deemed Jews to be potential enemy agents.
      Here's the story behind the story: Chaim Weizmann (above), president of both the international "Jewish Agency" and of the World Zionist Organization (and later Israel's first president), told British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in a letter published in The London Times on September 6, 1939 that:
      I wish to confirm, in the most explicit manner, the declarations which I and my colleagues have made during the last month, and especially in the last week, that the Jews stand by Great Britain and will fight on the side of the democracies. Our urgent desire is to give effect to these declarations [against Germany].
      We wish to do so in a way entirely consonant with the general scheme of British action, and therefore would place ourselves, in matters big and small, under the coordinating direction of His Majesty's Government. The Jewish Agency is ready to enter into immediate arrangements for utilizing Jewish manpower, technical ability, resources, etc.

[Emphasis in red added by The Scriptorium.]
That his allegations against Germany were made long before even Jewish historians today claim there were any gas chambers or even a plan to "exterminate" the Jews, displays the nature of the propaganda campaign confronting Germany.

However, during this same period there were some unusual developments at work: The spring of 1933 also witnessed the beginning of a period of private cooperation between the German government and the Zionist movement in Germany and Palestine (and actually worldwide) to increase the flow of German-Jewish immigrants and capital to Palestine.

The modern-day supporters of Zionist Israel and many historians have succeeded in keeping this Nazi-Zionist pact a secret to the general public for decades and while most Americans have no concept of the possibility that there could have been outright collaboration between the Nazi leadership and the founders of what became the state of Israel, the truth has begun to emerge.

Dissident Jewish writer Lenni Brennar's Zionism In the Age of the Dictators, published by a small press and not given the publicity it deserves by the so-called "mainstream" media (which is otherwise obsessed with the Holocaust era), was perhaps the first major endeavor in this realm.

In response to Brennar and others, the Zionist reaction has usually consisted of declarations that their collaboration with Nazi Germany was undertaken solely to save the lives of Jews. But the collaboration was all the more remarkable because it took place at a time when many Jews and Jewish organizations demanded a boycott of Germany.

To the Zionist leaders, Hitler's assumption of power held out the possibility of a flow of immigrants to Palestine. Previously, the majority of German Jews, who identified themselves as Germans, had little sympathy with the Zionist cause of promoting the ingathering of world Jewry to Palestine. But the Zionists saw that only the anti-Semitic Hitler was likely to push the anti-Zionist German Jews into the arms of Zionism.

For all the modern-day wailing by worldwide supporters of Israel (not to mention the Israelis themselves) about "the Holocaust", they neglect to mention that making the situation in Germany as uncomfortable for the Jews as possible - in cooperation with German National Socialism - was part of the plan.


This was the genesis of the so-called Transfer Agreement, the agreement between Zionist Jews and the National Socialist government to transfer German Jewry to Palestine.

According to Jewish historian Walter Laqueur and many others, German Jews were far from convinced that immigration to Palestine was the answer. Furthermore, although the majority of German Jews refused to consider the Zionists as their political leaders, it is clear that Hitler protected and cooperated with the Zionists for the purposes of implementing the final solution: the mass transfer of Jews to the Middle East.

Edwin Black, in his massive tome The Transfer Agreement (Macmillan, 1984), stated that although most Jews did not want to flee to Palestine at all, due to the Zionist movement's influence within Nazi Germany a Jew's best chance of getting out of Germany was by emigrating to Palestine. In other words, the Transfer Agreement itself mandated that Jewish capital could only to go Palestine.

Thus, according to the Zionists, a Jew could leave Germany only if he went to the Levant.

The primary difficulty with the Transfer Agreement (or even the idea of such an agreement) was that the English [!!!; Scriptorium] were demanding, as a condition of immigration, that each immigrant pay 1,000 pounds sterling upon arrival in Haifa or elsewhere. The difficulty was that such hard currency was nearly impossible to come by in a cash-strapped and radically inflationary Germany. This was the main idea behind the final Transfer Agreement. Laqueur writes:


Of course, this is of major historical importance in dealing with the relationship between Zionism and National Socialism in Germany in the 1930s. The relationship was not one merely of mutual interest and political favoritism on the part of Hitler, but a close financial relationship with German banking families and financial institutions as well. Black writes:


Thus one sees a radical fissure in world Jewry around 1933 and beyond. There were, first, the non-Zionist Jews (specifically the World Jewish Congress founded in 1933), who, on the one hand, demanded the boycott and eventual destruction of Germany. Black notes that many of these people were not just in New York and Amsterdam, but a major source for this also came from Palestine proper.

On the other hand, one can see the judicious use of such feelings by the Zionists for the sake of eventual resettlement in Palestine. In other words, it can be said (and Black does hint at this) that Zionism believed that, since Jews would be moving to the Levant, capital flight would be necessary for any new economy to function.

The result was the understanding that Zionism would have to ally itself with National Socialism, so that the German government would not impede the flow of Jewish capital out of the country.

It served the Zionist interests at the time that Jews be loud in their denunciations of German practices against the Jews to scare them into the Levant, but, on the other hand, Laqueur states that "The Zionists became motivated not to jeopardize the German economy or currency." In other words, the Zionist leadership of the Jewish Diaspora was one of subterfuge and underhandedness, with only the advent of German hostility towards Jewry convincing the world's Jews that immigration was the only escape.

The fact is that the ultimate establishment of the state of Israel was based on fraud. The Zionists did not represent anything more than a small minority of German Jews in 1933.

On the one hand, the Zionist fathers of Israel wanted loud denunciations of Germany's "cruelties" to the world's Jews while at the same time demanding moderation so that the National Socialist government would remain stable, financially and politically. Thus Zionism boycotted the boycott.

For all intents and purposes, the National Socialist government was the best thing to happen to Zionism in its history, for it "proved" to many Jews that Europeans were irredeemably anti-Jewish and that Palestine was the only answer: Zionism came to represent the overwhelming majority of Jews solely by trickery and cooperation with Adolf Hitler.

For the Zionists, both the denunciations of German policies towards Jews (to keep Jews frightened), plus the reinvigoration of the German economy (for the sake of final resettlement) was imperative for the Zionist movement. Ironically, today the Zionist leaders of Israel complain bitterly about the horrific and inhuman regime of the National Socialists. So the fraud continues.


Olam Haba Hum Bug, and satan be gone

Bush seeks backing for 'greater Mideast' plan

By Roula Khalaf in London and Guy Dinmore in Washington

Published: February 5 2004 4:00 | Last Updated: February 5 2004 4:00

The Bush administration is trying to enlist European support for a grand plan to reform the Arab and Islamic world and integrate it within a western security umbrella.

American and European Union officials held a meeting in Washington last week on the so-called "greater Middle East" initiative, an evolving project that could involve countries from Morocco to as far east as Pakistan and is being billed as a priority for US foreign policy this year.

Details of the proposals have yet to be worked out and it remained unclear whether the US was willing to dedicate new funds to the project.

But EU diplomats said the meeting had provided some clarity to an ambitious post-Iraq war idea that had been under debate in the US administration.

A package of political, security and economic proposals is expected to be unveiled this summer at a series of Nato, Group of Eight and EU-US summits in June.

The EU, however, wants to ensure that the project is more than a convenient slogan in a US presidential election year and that it would enhance rather than undermine its existing project: the EU-Mediterranean initiative launched in Barcelona in 1995 to promote economic reforms and create a free-trade area by 2010.

As important, according to EU diplomats, is that any new initiative should maintain the search for a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement.

The EU's Barcelona process, which includes Israel, has stumbled when the peace process has been in disarray, with Arab officials often refusing to attend meetings that included Israelis.

Dick Cheney, the US vice-president, called on Europe at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month to join the US in a "forward strategy for freedom" that "commits us to support those who work and sacrifice for reform across the greater Middle East".

Diplomats said the US was considering ways of increasing the level of relations Nato has with Arab countries, though it was unlikely that they would reach the stage of a Partnership for Peace Programme - the post-cold war co-operation pact with east European countries.

The US and EU are also considering issuing a joint statement on the "greater Middle East" at their summit in Ireland.

The initiative reflects the administration's post-September 11 recognition that authoritarianism is a main cause of terrorism. But it also appears to correspond to the neo-conservative view that reforming the Arab world should be the priority and would somehow facilitate a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

A high-profile new transatlantic initiative ahead of the US presidential elections could overshadow the collapse of the US- sponsored Middle East "road map" and US troubles in the reconstruction of Iraq.

Some Arab governments have been approached about the idea informally but, according to one US-based diplomat, the initial reaction from Egypt and Jordan was less than enthusiastic.


"You will be happy to learn that the former head of the KGB (the secret police of the former Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primakov, has been hired as a consultant by the US Department of Homeland Security."


And But of Course......the dismissal of the dissenters...

who oppose their Olam Haba, New World Talmudic Odour

John Ashcroft US Attorney general. Strong anti-abortion campaigner with a rigidly conservative and dogmatic outlook, who has expressed opposition to the National Endowment for the Arts. Ashcroft has earned the enmity of pro-choice women’s groups, conservation organisations, civil libertarians and Missouri’s black community. Ashcroft has been described as Bush’s gift to the right wing. Ashcroft, 58, was narrowly defeated for re-election as a Republican to the Senate in 2000. He is a staunch proponent of the death penalty. A militant Christian Zionist, puritan and neoconservative. Encourages Christian singalongs and prayer meetings in the Department of Justice. Promoter of draconian new policing laws.


Don't you people see it? The Re-puppet-Ken Party, the "Conservatives" are none other than the Lackey's of the 2000 Coup De'Etat of the Neo Conservative Chabad Lubavitch Illumined "Masters" setting up their laws of death against any who oppose their god of this world, Satan..., via Talmud Bavli Universal Noahide Laws, to slay any against them who STAND FIRM for the Mighty Jesus the Christ, the King they DO NOT Want. The Demoncrats are their jack booted boot lickers.

Go to court, snicker and laugh, raise your your right, ......ur...right hand and solomon'ly tell the Truth

Senior Bush administration officials mimic Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, second from left, as they use their left hand while being sworn in on Capitol Hill Thursday, July 11, 2002 prior to testifying before the House Select Committee on Homeland Security. From left are; Attorney General John Ashcroft, Rumsfled, Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and Secretary of State Colin Powell.  Rumsfeld's arm is in a cast after he had surgery Monday to correct a problem with arthritis. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

Note the one with the right hand......gone, O'Neil


Who can do battle against the Beast? Jesus the Christ, Has and is and Will forever More for the Beast was defeated since the foundation of the World, made the footstool of Christ Jesus the Lord by his saints who stood firm in testimony and witness of Him in opposition of Satan's Olam Haba, and the coming son of Perdition Moshaich Ben David, that False Christ of Talmud Bavli and the Universal Religion of Noahidism.


Aristide accuses U.S. of forcing his ouster

By Steve Miller and Joseph Curl

    Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said last night that he was forced from his country by the U.S. military early Sunday morning, an accusation the Bush administration dismissed as "complete nonsense."
    Calling his ouster a "coup d'etat" by the United States, Mr. Aristide said, "I was told that to avoid bloodshed I'd better leave." The soldiers who came to get him, he said, were "white American, white military."
    Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, responding to complaints earlier in the day from black U.S. lawmakers and activists, said Mr. Aristide "was not kidnapped. We did not force him on the airplane. He went on the plane willingly."
    White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the accusations were "complete nonsense," and administration officials outlined a detailed chain of events that led to Mr. Aristide's weekend departure.
    "We took steps to protect Mr. Aristide, we took steps to protect his family, and they departed Haiti," he said. "It was Mr. Aristide's decision to resign."

Want some ocean front property?

    "The idea that someone was abducted is just totally inconsistent with everything I heard or saw," Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld said.
    But Mr. Aristide told a different story in interviews last night with CNN and the Associated Press, arranged by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, one of many black lawmakers and activists who support Mr. Aristide.
    "Agents were telling me that if I don't leave they would start shooting and killing in a matter of time," Mr. Aristide said last night in an interview with the AP from Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, where he landed early yesterday.
    Mr. Aristide admitted signing documents that removed him from power, but he said he had done so out of fear that the violence in his country, which has raged during the nearly monthlong political siege, would continue.
    "And then, despite of diplomatic conversations we had, despite of all we did in a diplomatic way to prevent them to organize that massacre which would lead to a bloodshed, we had to leave and spent 20 hours in an American plane," he said.
    His captors, he told CNN, "were not Haitian forces. They were ... Americans and Haitians together, acting to surround the airport, my house, the palace."
    "No one should force an elected president to move in order to avoid bloodshed," Mr. Aristide said. "They lied to me, and they may lie to you, too."
    White House officials last night had no new comment on Mr. Aristide's interviews and stood by their remarks from earlier in the day.
    Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Charles B. Rangel of New York, as well as black activist and Aristide friend Randall Robinson, said in separate statements yesterday that armed U.S. guards took the Haitian leader out of his presidential home in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and put him on a plane.
    Mrs. Waters told CNN that she had talked on the phone with Mr. Aristide's wife, Mildred, who said he had been "forced to leave his home."
    Mrs. Waters also said that a U.S. Embassy official told Mr. Aristide that he "had to go now — that if he didn't go, he would be killed and a lot of Haitians would be killed."
    Mr. Robinson, speaking from his home on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, said Mr. Aristide had called him on a cellular phone yesterday from the Central African Republic, where the deposed leader said he was being guarded by African and French soldiers.
    "The president said to me that he had been abducted from his home by about 20 American soldiers in full battle gear with automatic weapons and put on a plane" on Sunday morning, Mr. Robinson said.
    Mr. Rangel said he had a similar cell-phone conversation with Mr. Aristide, who was elected to a five-year term in fractious balloting in 2001.
    Administration officials yesterday offered their account of the weekend events.

hahahaheeeeehooooooey olam haba hum bug....

    Late Saturday night, James B. Foley, U.S. ambassador to Haiti, got a phone call from a high-level aide to Mr. Aristide, with a simple question: If Mr. Aristide resigned, would the United States be able to protect him?
    The call prompted a series of events that included a middle-of-the-night phone call to President Bush and a scramble to find a plane to carry Mr. Aristide into exile.
    The call to Mr. Foley followed consultations between Mr. Aristide and U.S. officials as Haiti plunged deeper into civil war and rebels prepared to take Port-au-Prince.
    Earlier that day, the leader had learned that the United States had no plans to protect him if rebels swarmed into his presidential compound, according to a Bush administration official.
    Mr. Powell had called former Rep. Ron Dellums, California Democrat, whom Mr. Aristide had hired as a Washington lobbyist, and told him that the United States had no plans to protect the deposed leader.
    During the Saturday call with Mr. Foley, Mr. Aristide's aide asked whether the United States could "help facilitate his departure," Mr. McClellan said yesterday.
    Mr. Foley then called the Department of State and consulted with Mr. Powell and Roger Noriega, assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs. After more discussions, the ambassador called Mr. Aristide's office to say "that if he decided to leave, the United States could facilitate his departure," Mr. McClellan said.
    At 1:30 a.m. Sunday, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice called Mr. Bush to inform him that Mr. Aristide was resigning, Mr. McClellan said. Mr. Bush called Mr. Rumsfeld to authorize deployment of the Marines.
    Around 4:30 a.m. Sunday, Mr. Foley's deputy, Luis Moreno, went to the Haitian president's residence, where they had a "very civil, pleasant conversation," according to a senior-level State Department official.
    The United States arranged for a plane to Haiti to pick up Mr. Aristide, who traveled via motorcade to the airport with his own retinue of security guards, including some contracted Americans.
    Before takeoff at 6:15 a.m., Mr. Aristide gave a copy of his resignation letter to Mr. Moreno.
    The aircraft had no destination until it stopped to refuel in Antigua, after which it flew to the Central African Republic, where it landed at 1 a.m. yesterday, the senior State official said.
    Mr. Powell said "some 15 members of [Mr. Aristide's] personal security detachment were with him from his house to the airport, onto the plane with him, onto the refueling locations and onto the Central African Republic, and that's what's happened, notwithstanding any cell phone reports to the contrary."
    The United States is supporting the creation of a "council of elders" to run Haiti, organize elections and disarm rebels in the capital.
    U.S. diplomats yesterday began working to form a council of rebel leaders, Haiti government officials and the international community that within days should have about a dozen "eminent" Haitians, the State Department said.
    The council would arrange presidential and parliamentary elections and regroup Haitian police who fled this month as rebels swept across the country.
    Washington was focusing on forming the commission with Mr. Aristide's interim successor, Chief Justice Boniface Alexandre, Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and probably a representative from the Caribbean Community, a White House official said.
    Last night, Mr. Rangel hedged his earlier remarks, saying Mr. Aristide "felt as though he was kidnapped."
    "They strongly suggested that he get out of town. The military helped him make the decision," Mr. Rangel told reporters as a Congressional Black Caucus delegation met in New York last night with United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.
    A spokeswoman for Sen. Tom Harkin said the Iowa Democrat also doubted Mr. Aristide's accusation based on a conversation with the deposed leader.
    "Senator Harkin does not believe [Mr. Aristide] was kidnapped and does believe that he resigned," Allison Dobson told Newsday.
    •Nicholas Kralev contributed to this report.

Homelandt "SAY" kurity's
New Truck For US

From Richard Sauder, PhD
FYI. Homeland Security's new armored truck, with a remote-controlled .50 cal machine gun on the roof. For controlling American crowds when they realize how they've been betrayed by the Patriot Act, and the White House and Congress and Supreme Court, and the NWO, and the totalitarian Skull and Bones Libavitch Chassidim Pharisaic global agenda of absolute, violent social control?
Richard Sauder
The Army's new Smar Truck lll concept, designed for USA of Greater Israel's Olam haba homelandt "SAY"kurity, or for use in a war zone, sits outside Cobo Center March 6, 2004 before being put on display for it's March 8 unveilling at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2004 World Congress. Built in partnership with International Truck and Engine Corporation, the vehicle showcases the latest in armor protection, and detection and deterrent capabilities. Smar Truck lll is equipped with a weapons station module featuring a remote controlled .50-caliber machine gun which rises from the back of the vehicle and has sniper-detection directional sound capabilities. REUTERS/HO/Rebecca Cook


Giddy up giddy up Noahide


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