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March 17,  2005 

Day 119 of 1290 of 2300



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

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The Son of Talmudic Rib-eyes of the Universal Noahide Laws, will soon strike like a VIPER for his strange gods of ISREALHELL'S REVIVED Beast, that shema-GoG of MaGoG of satan, the sanhedrin, Via their Homelandt "SSSay" Kurity of the Wars on any who oppose their jackbooted Nasi Hoodlum hoo haha of their shemgods the "Master Race" of the shemborg collective. Prepare of Treason and Blasphemy like this eath has never witnessed given it's power by the Dragon, who, are their god of this world

Lob thise missiles upon the Prole useless eater the shems demand

Americans must accept threat of terror attack, Chertoff says


Wed Mar 16, 6:33 PM ET

By Frank Davies, Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - New Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff asked the public Wednesday to learn to live with the long-term risks of terrorism as he pledged to do a better job assessing that danger.


Long term Freedom destruction


We win the war against terror by rejecting terror as a tool of intimidation, and we triumph when we take account of real risks and threats but do not become hypersensitive or overly responsive to them," Chertoff said in his first major speech since taking over the huge 2-year-old department.

He offered no direct criticism of his predecessor, Tom Ridge , or of the color-coded terrorism alert system that became a staple for late-night comedians. But he told an audience at George Washington University that terrorists "seek to exploit psychological vulnerability" and to "control and manipulate our behavior."

see Universal Noahide manipulation of shemgod terror of the borgs

He recalled that Winston Churchill , Britain's prime minister during World War II, rallied the citizens of London during German bombing raids with a message of perseverance.

"We want to live mindfully but do not want to live fearfully," Chertoff said, adding that Americans could follow Churchill's exhortation: "We will not flinch or weary of the struggle."

Speaking to his fellow "Man" who are not those lesser animals the Goyim

Chertoff said he was launching a top-to-bottom "comprehensive review" of how Homeland Security - a department with 180,000 employees from 22 once-separate agencies - should be organized. The reviewers would make recommendations without regard to "old jurisdictions and old turf," he said.

One World Odour of the shemsham hoodlum hoo haha of satan

Critics of the department, including recently departed Inspector General Clark Kent Ervin , say it was slow to get organized under Ridge. Ervin said bad management was hurting hiring and impeding progress in such areas as passport controls and the consolidation of terrorist watch lists.

After his speech, Chertoff said he'd try to "resist the temptation to give information prematurely" on specific threats or to cause unwarranted alarm.

In what Chertoff said was an error, the state of Hawaii posted on its Web site a draft of a Homeland Security Department report on scenarios for terrorist strikes in the United States , from chemical attacks to the plague, with estimates of casualties. The report was removed from the Web page Tuesday. Despite that incident, Chertoff said the department would still share tips with state and local officials.

Limited to the Only need to know groups

In his speech, he said that while homeland security may improve, "we cannot pretend that nothing bad can ever happen and that perfect safety is within our reach."

For the WAR Rages

"The American people do understand this, and we have to respect that understanding," he said.

James Carafano, who chaired a task force on homeland security for the Heritage Foundation, a policy research center, described the speech as a "realistic tough-love message" to the public and said it was timely.

Just in Old Nicks time

"Some of the warnings and messages after 9-11 treated people like children with, `Don't worry, we'll take care of you,'" Carafano said. "Maybe it's like the Cold War; as this goes on, there's an effort to treat people more like adults."

and slay them as adults? Via HJR 104, PL 102-14 Chert-off ?

Carafano's task force, like Ervin, called for improvements in the management of the Homeland Security Department so that employees of such agencies as Immigration, Border Patrol and the Federal Emergency Management Agency could coordinate better and develop loyalty to the department.

That's essential in tasks - such as passport controls and screening at the border - that involve data from several agencies, analysts have said.

Chertoff's pledge of a thorough review of the department "was a message and a warning to all employees that everything is on the table," Carafano said.

Yet nothing is in the Open.....until now that is

"Chertoff has a great opportunity here because Congress really wants the department better organized and will support him," added Carafano, who presented his task force's report to Congress in January.

ALL of CONGRESS, NOT one Exempt, every single one are in contempt of God the Father, every one is a TREASONOUS Blasphemous Viper, and will be paid double in recompense for their murders upon mankind on that Great and terrible Day of Our Lords Wrath. Do not pray for even one, for they have their reward, and they will be cast into the Pit along with all of their anti-Christ shems, and the shemgod Moshiach ben Satan that Son of Perdition they invoke


Levanoni, Sanhedrin Viper

Srikes yet again for his lord the Dragon anti-Christ

Comment on previous e-mail 3-16-2005

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nice chapters! so what are you conclude?


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Allow me to blow some more words
Ezekiel 6:
1: And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
2: Son of man, set thy face toward the mountains of Israel, and prophesy against them,
3: And say, Ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord GOD; Thus saith the Lord GOD to the mountains, and to the hills, to the rivers, and to the valleys; Behold, I, even I, will bring a sword upon you, and I will destroy your high places.
4: And your altars shall be desolate, and your images shall be broken: and I will cast down your slain men before your idols.
5: And I will lay the dead carcases of the children of Israel before their idols; and I will scatter your bones round about your altars.
6: In all your dwellingplaces the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be desolate; that your altars may be laid waste and made desolate, and your idols may be broken and cease, and your images may be cut down, and your works may be abolished.
7: And the slain shall fall in the midst of you, and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
8: Yet will I leave a remnant, that ye may have some that shall escape the sword among the nations, when ye shall be scattered through the countries.
9: And they that escape of you shall remember me among the nations whither they shall be carried captives, because I am broken with their whorish heart, which hath departed from me, and with their eyes, which go a whoring after their idols: and they shall lothe themselves for the evils which they have committed in all their abominations.
10: And they shall know that I am the LORD, and that I have not said in vain that I would do this evil unto them.
11: Thus saith the Lord GOD; Smite with thine hand, and stamp with thy foot, and say, Alas for all the evil abominations of the house of Israel!  for they shall fall by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence.
12: He that is far off shall die of the pestilence; and he that is near shall fall by the sword; and he that remaineth and is besieged shall die by the famine: thus will I accomplish my fury upon them.
13: Then shall ye know that I am the LORD, when their slain men shall be among their idols round about their altars, upon every high hill, in all the tops of the mountains, and under every green tree, and under every thick oak, the place where they did offer sweet savour to all their idols.
14: So will I stretch out my hand upon them, and make the land desolate, yea, more desolate than the wilderness toward Diblath, in all their habitations: and they shall know that I am the LORD.
5: Then said he unto me, Son of man, lift up thine eyes now the way toward the north.  So I lifted up mine eyes the way toward the north, and behold northward at the gate of the altar this image of jealousy in the entry.
6: He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do?  even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should go far off from my sanctuary?  but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations.
7: And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall.
8: Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door.
9: And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.
10: So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, pourtrayed upon the wall round about.
11: And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up.
12: Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery?  for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth.
13: He said also unto me, Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations that they do.
14: Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.
15: Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man?  turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these.
16: And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD's house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.
17: Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man?  Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here?  for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose.
18: Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them.
How many more Blowed words do you need, ancient of the seventy?


And Yet another Talmudic Shemgod Treasonous Viper nominated to be appointed to the head of the shemborg Hoodlum hoo haha, to Rob Billions, to murder millions of widows and orphans....and "Amaraka" the apostate, Locks their god in a brick and mortar building, Five Days a week.

Wolfowitz on shortlist for World Bank top post
>By Andrew Balls and Edward Alden in Washington
>Published: March 1 2005 00:43 | Last updated: March 1 2005 00:43


Paul Wolfowitz, US deputy secretary of defence, has emerged as a leading candidate to replace James Wolfensohn as the president of the World Bank.

the same murdering shem of the Falsification's of the Iraq War

Mr Wolfowitz is one of a small number of people being considered for the US nomination, administration insiders said.

The shemgods now control all the mammon and Gold

The nomination of Mr Wolfowitz, one of the chief architects of the Iraq war and a former US ambassador to Indonesia, would likely be highly controversial, and could raise new questions about the process by which the World Bank chief is selected. One administration official said his nomination “would have enormous repercussions within the development community”.

Others on the US shortlist include Randall Tobias, former head of Eli Lilly and the administration's co-ordinator on Aids.

He coordinates the dispensing of Aids?

Leadership of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is decided by all the shareholders in the institutions. But the US and Europe in effect divide up the top jobs, with an American heading the bank and a European running the fund.

The effort to pick the US candidate has been led by the White House National Security Council and the Council of Economic Advisers. The Treasury is leading consultations with other World Bank shareholders. Asked about Mr Wolfowitz's possible nomination, Rob Nichols, Treasury spokesman, said: “We don't speculate on personnel appointments before they are made.”

Other names on the US list are John Taylor, the top Treasury official for international affairs, and Peter McPherson, president of Michigan State University. But they are not seen by the administration as leading candidates.

European officials point to the dispute over Caio Koch-Weser a candidate for the IMF post favoured by Europe but blocked by the US as setting a precedent that could see them veto the US nominee. Developing countries have also demanded a greater say in the selection.


Bush the High Treasonous Viper who DESTROYED apostae "Amaraka"

Choosing Wolfowitz definitely benefits Israel

Senior Israeli officials expressed high satisfaction after hearing news of choosing Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, one of Bush's administration's hawks, to take over as head of the World Bank.

Wolfowitz, currently Deputy Defence Secretary to Donald Rumsfeld, was "a compassionate, decent man who will do a fine job at the World Bank. That's why I put him up," U.S. President George W. Bush told a news conference on Wednesday.

Wolfowitz is slated to replace James Wolfensohn, who will end 10 years as World Bank President on June 1.

According to analysts, choosing  Wolfowitz to head the World Bank will have significance for Israel, as the World Bank is expected to play a key economic role in Gaza after the implementation of Ariel Sharon’s withdrawal plan.

Wolfowitz, a leading neo-conservative,(TALMUDIC JEW)  is widely viewed as a close friend to Israel,  who is quite aware of the Middle East issues.

a warmongerer shemgod of satan

On the other hand, the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's top poverty adviser criticized Wolfowitz’s nomination, saying that he has no experience helping developing countries. "It's time for other candidates to come forward that have experience in development," Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Annan adviser, said.

Wolfowitz, 61, is one of the most forceful officials in Bush's administration who claimed that the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.  He also predicted that Americans would be welcomed as liberators rather than occupiers once they oust Saddam's regime.

a LIAR of his father the father of lies the murderer since the beginning

The World Bank will be supervising the implementation of hundreds of million of dollars worth of projects to rebuild Gaza. 

Which Wolf Of No Witz will skim millions for his head shems


One official said that Wolfowitz would likely ensure that the Palestinians fulfill strict conditions regarding reform and democratization to get the money needed.

Noahide Laws imposed and enforced

The World Bank will also  oversee channeling millions of dollars into the Galilee and Negev for the implementation of development projects in these regions as well.

The U.S., the World Bank's largest shareholder, traditionally chooses the head of the 184-member Bank. Now, the Bank's 24 member board has to vote on the Wolfowitz nomination, expected to stir a lively debate in Europe, where Wolfowitz is a highly controversial figure




By: Jim Moore

Is this a great country, or what?  Our values have become so mega-warped that it has become well nigh impossible to distinguish between a man who only disgraces the presidency and one who destroys it.

That doesn't let Bill Clinton off the hook. He did his share of breaking the presidential oath of office by the transfer, on his watch, of U.S. nuclear technology to our arch enemy, China. 

But strike that. His REAL crime (as the Congress saw it) was not furthering China's capacity to enhance their nuclear potential, it was (heaven forbid) his romp in the Oval Office with Monica,(Jewess)  an intern; and then lying about it under oath--- and demolishing the meaning of the word "IS" in the process.--- that did him in.

For that unzip of the trouser and slip of the tongue, Clinton got the ultimate in presidential punishment: he was impeached.

Fast forward to another president, George W. Bush, self-proclaimed master of all he surveys.  Here we have an avaricious, power-hungry, autocratic, mystically-ordained president whose mission in this life (and maybe the next as well) is to force the political system of democracy (Noahide Laws) down the throats of every "non-believer" in the world, whether they like it or not, and even if they know that democracies, unlike republics, historically degenerate into tyranny and totalitarianism.

This, too, is a breach of the presidential oath, which reads like this:  "I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."   

Kol Nidre

But is Bush's breaking of the presidential oath a matter of treason, or merely promises to the American people that are not kept? 

We shall see.

The Constitutional provisions concerning impeachment states:  "The President, Vice President, and all other civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." 

The Constitution itself is ambiguous about the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors" so we will automatically strike that from any Bush indictment.  We will strike "bribery" as well, since if Bush bribed anybody it's so well covered that finding it would be like digging for oil with a spoon.

But treason is quite another thing.  Treason is defined as: Violation of allegiance to one's country or sovereign; especially betrayal of one's own country; a betrayal of trust or confidence.  With this definition, Bush, it seems to me, is as guilty of treason as if, when he took the oath of office, he had put his left hand in the air and his right hand on a copy of Mad Magazine.

Admittedly, much of what Bush is doing might not be ruled treasonable, if defended by verbally-adept lawyers,(Bar of Mitzvah)  but instead would be relegated to categories such as, bad taste, unpopular policy, poor judgment, or human error.  And, although Bush ranks low in all these categories, they do not rise to the level of treason, as defined above.

But these do.

+  He joined Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in a "secret" pact to go to war; as reported by Britain's former international development secretary. 

+  He lied to mislead America into war, claimed by Ritter, a former Marine.

+  He declared we had ironclad proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction which posed an immanent threat to the U.S., and therefore "justified" a preemptive war, as reported by Ray Close, former CIA analyst

+  He committed possible war crimes in Iraq, a claim by former U.S. Representative Clare Callan of Nebraska, and now being adjudicated in federal court.

+  He admitted sending terror suspects to countries that practice torture, despite the fact that the U.S. is party to the 1987 convention against torture.

+  He ambiguously sneers at international law one day and invokes it the next, and expects other countries not to do the same.

+  He threatened small nations if they support a resolution to move international debate about U.S. occupation of Iraq from the Security Council to the General Assembly where the U.S. has no vote.

+  He betrayed our boys who enlist expecting the President to uphold his oath of office, and carry out all operations within the Constitution and treaties to which we are bound.

+  He conducted a secret "dirty tricks" campaign against U.S. Security Council delegation in New York in a effort to win votes in favor of war against Iraq.

+  He is creating permanent military bases in Iraq from which to dominate the Middle East.

+  He is shredding the Constitutional guarantees of basic legal rights and sanctuary from government spying. 

+  He is negating civilian control of the military (as the Constitution requires) to give more power to the military and the CIA.

+   He is promoting military injustice by pushing trials with no juries, no right to choose counsel, and no public admitted.

And these are small potatoes. You will notice that there is no mention here of Bush's unwillingness or inability to 

(1) reign in his war-driven staff of neo-conservatives,(Talmudic Jews) 

 (2) his unconcern with the enormous (and rising) war debt,

 (3) his economic "payoffs" to small nations that "cooperate",

 (4) his blatant disregard for dissenting congressional advice,

 (5) his "patriotic" shutting down of opposition voices, 

(6) his determination to "democratize"(Noahidize)  every nation in the world at the expense of American lives and money, and 

(7) his careless disregard for Constitutional law and the Bill of Rights.

All this may be true, you say, but after all, Bush is only one man, he probably is not doing all these things personally.  Perhaps, but they reflect the actions of his administration, which reflect the agenda of the president.  To believe otherwise would be like saying:  if a major corporation is scammed into bankruptcy, don't blame the CEO.

Truman was right. The buck stops with the president.  And if this president is guilty of only a fraction of the treasonous acts he is accused of he should be impeached, and faster than Clinton was.

"Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."


Not one is exempt for HIGH TREASON.....NOT ONE

Howard Dean backs Israel
March 16, 2005

Howard Dean said strong support for Israel was critical to U.S foreign policy and that Iran was potentially the most dangerous place on earth.

Dean spoke Monday to the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee's New Leadership Network, his first meeting with the pro-Israel community since his election as chairman of the Democratic National Committee last month. He sought to assuage concerns arising from his bid for the presidency in 2004, when he called for a more “even-handed” approach to the Middle East. 

“A strong Israel is an essential part of the ability of the United States to build democracy everywhere in the world,” 

Noahide Demonicrazy for his shegods and their hoodlu haha of satan

he said to applause. Iran's bid to get the bomb makes it “potentially the most dangerous nation on the face of the earth.”

Next up....the stepping stone to Syria for the recovery of Babylon

Also speaking Monday at AIPAC was Dean's Republican counterpart, Ken Mehlman, who is Jewish



Apostate "Amaraka" get ready for you demise, ordo ad chao of the shemgods you have "Chosen" WWIII and the REVEALING of their haha Moshiach ben Satan, that son of perdition you have willingly accepted


Russia Plans War To
Defend Syria And Iran?
Posted By Il_Bagattel
This excerpt appeared in last night's (3-14) Le Metropole Cafe daily report:
The Cafe and GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) have developed quite the information network around the world. On that note I am passing on what I am hearing from a solid source. None of this can go in the verified camp, so it all must be treated as RUMOR until we receive proper verification:
* Russia is preparing for possible war and its actions on the dollar indicate just that; they are going to back Syria, Iran. China will back Iran.
* Russia has made deals on oil and gas projects and opened its minerals to trading. This should show soon in response to Chinese raw materials buying.
* Russia has also abandoned efforts to tie the ruble's movement closely to the dollar and switched to shadowing both the euro and the US currency. This is the first step to war. Other countries operating de facto dollar pegs will follow suit. With 81 per cent of Russia's oil exports currently sold to Europe, the move means that Russia will eventually denominate its oil in euros.
* Remember Russia is the world's second-largest oil exporter, behind Saudi Arabia.
* Asia is following Russia, or should I say leading, and is about to dump dollars in sizeable chunks; they believe that the U.S. dollar is no longer seen as a stable currency and it appears that Malaysia will be the first major Asian economy to dump the dollar. China has already calculated when they will optimize the dumping of the dollar to provide the greatest strength to a newly un-pegged Yuan. Both events will occur very close together and it will be planned to do the most damage to the US.
As you know Bush had a record budget deficit forecast of $427 billion for this fiscal year. All this has other investors turning to the euro and when Asian central banks turn; the dollar's problem will worsen. Dumping dollars will result in stronger Asian currencies and by un-pegging the Chinese currency from the dollar will most certainly trigger the wholesale dismemberment of America's middle class. These developments, when they happen, will be the financial equivalent of a nuclear first strike. When Asians pull the plug, U.S. rates will skyrocket this will be followed by Russia, Germany and maybe France. The Mexican Peso will have more value than the US dollar."
* Halliburton is all over Alaska and probing mining companies there.
* There will be an eventual cutoff of oil to the U.S once an attack on Bushehr occurs. The situation in the US will be worse than 1973.
* The US is going to war and Syria and Iran will be hit. Field commanders have the authority and a green light to go any time.
* Iran has had nuclear weapons since 1991.
* "I'm told in a specific time frame, 36 months or less, the central banks will be completely diversified in currencies and out of the U.S dollar. Be advised they are buyers of gold. When I learned this I was astounded by it."
* "I believe our troops to north of Iraq are all in danger. They will have to have a draft. There is no question about it as they are short people despite U.S officials/congress comments. I have the stats and I know this for a fact that they can not go longer with out doing a draft. They are well over 100,000 short of personnel which was said directly to me; massive preparation like that of WW2 would have to take effect immediately."
Just food for thought for you. Take it or leave it. Time will tell on all counts.
You probably won't be able to access this link without signing up for the two week trial subscription...which is not a bad deal for free.



It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg



Bush Continues To
Alienate World

By Bill Gallagher
Niagara Falls Reporter
DETROIT -- President George W. Bush has created an atmosphere of unparalleled distrust toward the United States as people from places around the globe now shudder when he makes increasingly frequent declarations about his "vision" for the world. From avowed enemies to longtime allies and even our closest neighbors, open hostility toward the United States is epidemic.
People who once looked toward America with admiration and respect and as a beacon for liberty and civility now see a supremely arrogant rogue nation that holds international law and institutions in disdain.
George W. Bush and the neocon (Talmudic Jews)  crazies who pull his strings, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, have created this reality and an indelible image and ignominious legacy that will take generations to erase.
Every day, we see Bush's high and hamhanded arrogance toward the rest of the world. The bullying and unipolar madness are despicable qualities more suitable for 19th-century British colonialism and 20th-century Stalinism than the behavior of a great nation.
We do as we please, never accept responsibility for failed policies and routinely duck accountability for the tragic mistakes and miscalculations of our military machine. The president's cavalier assurance -- his substitute for true leadership -- the righteousness of his messianic (Talmudic Moshiach of Judeao-Churchinsanity bloodlust)  mission and the infallibility of his strategies foster a sense of national supremacy that is as wrong as it is dangerous.
Causing all the world to hate the saints of Jesus the Christ, for his namesake, the almost perfect scheme to set them up for their Murder by the hand of their false Christ of satan
The death of Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari has outraged an ally and generated even more hostility toward the United States. Calipari heroically protected the life of Giuliana Sgrena, the journalist he had just helped free from her Iraqi captors.
With few facts available, U.S. military commanders quickly defended the troops who fired hundreds of rounds into the car carrying Calipari and Sgrena to the Baghdad airport. It was all justified and the Italians were blamed for the tragedy. A chorus of retired generals on the payrolls of cable news networks echoed the same fact-devoid conclusion -- whatever our troops did was provoked and our flawless intelligence made no mistakes about the passengers in the approaching car.
But Giuliana Sgrena, the only eyewitness speaking on the record, tells an entirely different story. The Italian and U.S. versions of the events are radically opposed.
Italian intelligence told U.S. authorities Sgrena had been freed as she was being hurried to the airport for a flight to Rome. The U.S. military authorities say they didn't know a thing about her release.
They say the car was traveling at a high rate of speed -- estimated to be over 100 mph -- did not stop at a checkpoint and warning shots and lights were unheeded. Sgrena says the car was traveling at moderate speed and there was no checkpoint, no warning shots or lights. Somebody is very wrong.
I don't believe for a moment U.S. troops were deliberately targeting the Italians, but the unending instability in Iraq breeds fear-inspired trigger-happiness and recklessness. This week, as we mark the second year since the U.S. invasion, Iraq remains in bloody chaos and the overstretched troops make plenty of mistakes every day with Iraqi civilians, and more than a few Americans in uniforms commit acts of murder and brutality.
in the name of Judeao-Jaysooooooose who is no Lifegiver, but their counterfeit Talmudic shemsham murderer they have chosen....the god of the Talmudic jews 
Calipari's death and the wounding of Sgrena caused more furor because, instead of nameless Iraqis, this incident struck well-known Europeans.
The Italian people were torn from the euphoria over Sgrena's release to the searing anguish of Calipari's death. The Italian media reported on the anger and outrage on the streets and the sense people have there that the United States will shrug off the incident as one of those things that are unavoidable in war.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who usually defends his friend George W. Bush, rejected the U.S. account of the incident and demanded an investigation and answers. The Italians are skeptical and for good reason.
They will never forget the 1998 incident when a U.S. Marine pilot's jet sliced through a ski gondola cable, sending 20 people plunging to their deaths. Capt. Richard Ashby was charged with involuntary manslaughter and was accused of recklessly flying his EA-6B Prowler jet on the training mission in the Italian Alps.
The prosecution in the military trial argued Ashby was getting his machismo kicks "flat-hatting" -- flying too low and too fast -- when the aircraft cut the cable. People in the area long had complained that pilots from the NATO base in Aviano, Italy, engaged in dangerous "Top Gun" antics.
Ashby testified under cross-examination that he ignored Marine flight procedures during the flight and admitted adjusting his altitude warning device from the prescribed minimum of 1,000 feet to 800 feet because, he said, "you don't want the thing going off continuously."
Ashby and his navigator also faced an obstruction of justice charge because of the mysterious disappearance of a videotape the navigator made of the fatal flight. Ashby blamed malfunctioning equipment and poor maps for the tragedy. The Marine Corps jury acquitted the Marine Corps flight crew on all charges.
A member of the Italian Parliament, Achille Occhetto, said, "In the face of many dead, and such clear responsibility, this verdict is an act of arrogance and prevarication."
The Pentagon's typical tendency with controversial incidents is to lie, deny, cover up and create myths. This is nothing new, but the Bush administration has encouraged new depths of military deception, further eroding our national credibility with friends and providing our enemies with convenient propaganda.
Bush has fostered an attitude where the United States acts as though it is not responsible for terrible deeds and is immune from international accountability. Bush proclaims and the world is supposed to bow in fealty.
The Canadians bucked our demand that they join in a North American missile shield and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice petulantly canceled a planned trip to Canada. Tests on the "Star Wars" system have failed repeatedly, but Bush is adamant about proceeding with the project that will provide billions of dollars to his cherished military contractors.
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin said Ottawa will not support the "weaponization of space." That remark sparked a hissy-fit from Paul Celluci, U.S. ambassador to Canada. He said the decision "stunned" him and accused the Canadians of giving up their sovereignty.
Celluci is a third-rate political hack from Massachusetts posing as a diplomat, whose knowledge of Canada extends to hockey and maple syrup. He publicly insulted the Canadians for their refusal to support the war in Iraq.
The Canadians did, however, send troops to Afghanistan and some died there in a friendly fire incident that still outrages many Canadians. A U.S. fighter pilot mistakenly bombed Canadians training near the Kandahar airport, killing four and wounding eight.
Maj. Harry Schmidt was charged initially with manslaughter and aggravated assault, but the charges were reduced to dereliction of duty. He was flying an Illinois Air National Guard F-16 over Afghanistan when, according to his account, he thought he was under attack. The Canadian troop was below in a recognized training zone drilling with live ammunition. They were not firing in the air.
Schmidt requested permission to fire at the flashes he saw and an air controller explicitly ordered him to "hold fire." Schmidt instead dropped a 500-pound bomb, killing the Canadian troops.
A U.S. military inquiry found Schmidt "acted shamefully on April 17, 2002, over Tarnak Farms, Afghanistan, exhibiting arrogance and lack of flight discipline." He was found guilty of dereliction of duty but only fined $5,000.
Maureen Decaire, whose son Brian was killed, told the Toronto Star, "I would like to see him accept responsibility, which I don't think has happened." Taking responsibility is not a big deal in George W. Bush's world, especially if it gets in your way.
That's what our neighbors in Mexico learned when the United States withdrew from a world judicial body after it ordered new hearings for 51 Mexicans on Death Row in the United States.
The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations gives people arrested abroad the right to contact their home countries' embassies or consulates. The United States signed the protocol to protect its own citizens.
The treaty gives the International Court of Justice in the Hague -- the World Court -- the final say in cases in which foreign citizens claim their access to their own consulates was denied.
The World Court ruled last year that the Mexican nationals were not given the treaty protection and required American state courts to grant "review and reconsideration" to claims that their cases had been hurt because local authorities failed to allow them to contact their consulates.
The decision would not get the inmates off Death Row. It only required a hearing. But the Busheviks would have none of that. How dare anyone tell us what to do! We'll just withdraw from the protocol. Peter J. Spiro, an international law professor from the University of Georgia, told The New York Times that the United States' behavior was "a sore-loser kind of move," saying, "If we can't win, we're not going to play."
Ironically, the United States was the first nation to invoke the protocol when Iran took 52 American hostages at our embassy in Tehran in 1978 and the World Court upheld the U.S. position.
The nomination of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations trumpets George W. Bush's disdain for international law and amounts to giving the world community of nations his middle finger.
Bolton, whose thinking was conceived in some wild neocon mating festival, despises what the UN stands for and once said there should be only one permanent seat on the Security Council -- occupied, of course, by the United States.
Bush has brought back his old handler and confidante Karen Hughes to try to polish the nation's tarnished image abroad. Hughes is very skilled in imagery, having helped a dry-drunk, intellectually lazy, mediocre Texas governor become president.
Bush has nominated her to become Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. Her job will be to spin a positive image of his warped world view.
That's a formidable task anywhere, but especially outside the United States, where people do more than watch the cable news networks and listen to Rush Limbaugh to understand George W. Bush's pitiful stature in the world.
- Bill Gallagher, a Peabody Award winner, is a former Niagara Falls city councilman who now covers Detroit for Fox2 News. His e-mail address is




Daniel 11:

6: And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement:

Olso, Jerusalem the whore

 but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm:

Rabin assassinated by the Hasidim for Disengagement plan

 but she shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that strengthened her in these times.

Dan, did not Take her, Judah Aholibah remanined

7: But out of a branch of her roots shall one stand up in his estate, which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north, and shall deal against them, and shall prevail: 

Shembolic WTC, World to Come, Hoodlum haha, Olam Haba


8: And shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods, with their princes, and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold; and he shall continue more years than the king of the north.

Destroyed "American" economy

9: So the king of the south shall come into his kingdom, and shall return into his own land. 

Mossad sent home

10: But his sons shall be stirred up, and shall assemble a multitude of great forces: and one shall certainly come, and overflow, and pass through: then shall he return, and be stirred up, even to his fortress. 


11: And the king of the south shall be moved with choler, and shall come forth and fight with him, even with the king of the north: and he shall set forth a great multitude; but the multitude shall be given into his hand.
12: And when he hath taken away the multitude, his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast down many ten thousands: but he shall not be strengthened by it.

13: For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches.

Babylon, Iraq

And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

They are all going against Sharon, Judah, Aholibah, secular zion, Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch leading to establish their One World shem god Order of Dan, Aholah and their Universal Noahide laws.......But they will fall, for the Lord Comes with great Wrath

15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

But it will only be Temporary

16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.



The Paradox of the Hassidim who are destroying Zion which they created, in order to get Talmudic reign, the reign of Global Terror

Background / How can Sharon be stopped now?

By Bradley Burston, Haaretz Correspondent

By any stretch of the imagination, Sharon should have been stopped long ago.

His own party has been in open revolt for three of his four years in power. He has called his life's work into question by doing what no predecessor, not Rabin, not Barak, nor even Shimon Peres, dared even suggest: take down settlements, and not just the odd, isolated, depopulated enclave, but more than two dozen at a stroke. His grip on power has been authoritatively pronounced dead dozens of times. And there he is, still.

Then there is the matter of the settlement movement.

No social movement in Israel's history has fought the government with so much intelligence, physical effort, and money - much of it the government's own - and with so little to show for it.

In gargantuan protests, settlers and their allies on the right have fought Sharon on the beaches, they have fought him on the streets and highways, they have vowed never to surrender. In Likud election after Likud election they have won every battle.

They have resigned from his cabinet and from his coalition. They have mobilized influential rabbis and powerful American Jewish communities against him. They know their 77-year-old opponent as well as they know themselves.

And they haven't slowed him a single step.

At this point, with recent polls showing two-thirds of the public backing the prime minister and his disengagement plan, how can Sharon be stopped?


4: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


The State Budget, Likud party primaries, early elections.


Purim March 25 (Good Friday)

March 27 Astarte celebration, weeping for tammuz, Esther, Ishatar, Queen of Heaven Isis celebration, Semi-ramis, Venus......................Lucifer

Moshiach Revealed?....the triumphant entry of the false suffering servant?


March 31 - By law, if the State Budget fails to win Knesset approval by this date, the government must fall. If it does...

April 10........ten thousand scales Temple Mount of doom? Mosque destroyed?

April 14 - The 155,000 registered members of the Likud Party vote in polling stations nationwide to select the party's candidate for prime minister. Likely candidates: Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netan-Yahoo whom the Judeao-Churchinsanity Evangelicals embrace for the Hassidim shemborg unto their gods, the Shekinah Triune gods? 

April 21 - Likud selects its Knesset list in a primary at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds

June 27 - General elections.

Civil war in ISREAL:HELL which spreads to all the earth?

STRATEGY: At present, analysts say, the parliament is evenly divided over the budget. Despite their vocal support of the disengagement, Sharon's former partners the secular-centrist Shinui party have sworn to vote against, as have a number of the baker's dozen of anti-disengagement Likud "rebels."

Somewhat uncomfortably - if conveniently - for anti-disengagement forces, the budget vote could also see a number of Arab MKs voting against, along with the far-right National Union, the strongly pro-settler National Religious Party and its new splinter, Religious Zionism.

TACTICS: Work to sink the budget in its late March do-or-die vote. Try to keep Shinui from caving in to pressure to support the budget in order to bolster the disengagement.

If a budget defeat causes the government to collapse, quickly mobilize the thousands of hardline Likud members - many of whom, recruited by party ultra-hawk Moshe Feiglin, have freely admitted to being loyal voters of rival right-wing parties - to vote for Netanyahu against Sharon in April primaries.

Finally, mobilize all right-wing voters,
(Hassidim Talmudic)
and hope for a lukewarm vote from a long-divided and paralyzed left, in order to assure the election of a hawkish coalition led by Netanyahu.

and his Judeao-Proselyte Evangelicals of apostate "Amaraka"

OBJECTIVE: Even if Netanyahu lends grudging lip-service to the disengagement, past performance strongly suggests that he can delay it to death.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: The main stumbling block appears to be Netanyahu himself. He has given strong indications that his overriding priority at present is to see the budget passed by month's end.

He has disappointed the right before over the disengagement, notably in having issued an ultimatum last October, in which he gave Sharon 14 days to agree to a nationwide referendum over the pullout. Otherwise, Netanyahu warned, he and key Likud cabinet ministers Limor Livnat and Silvan Shalom would bolt the government. But the threat soon evaporated, to the great chagrin of anti-disengagement forces.

Netanyahu may quietly hope that Sharon succeeds in the disengagement, at great political cost to Sharon and at no genuine political risk to himself, so that he can pick up the pieces of the Likud in the relatively near future. More than 20 years younger than Sharon, Netanyahu
well afford to bide his time.

There is also the possibility that Sharon can triumph in the Likud primaries and in a general election. If he does, the referendum campaign will be rendered moot, and it is unlikely that anything can stop Sharon short of cataclysmic events [see DOOMESDAY OPTIONS, below]


it aint gonna happen saith the serpents den Sanhedrin



WEAPON OF CHOICE: The referendum.


Next week: The Knesset Law, Justice and Constitution Committee is to vote on a proposal that could lead to legislation providing for a referendum.

and all the people will cry "Give us a King, Give us the "Robber" and they will REVEAL that Son of Perdition

Mid-April: Law Committee Chairman Michael Eitan, who is nearly alone in supporting both the disengagement and the referendum, may move to re-open debate on the already-approved Evacuation Compensation Bill, which provides the legal, financial, and logistical underpinnings of the pullout.


Halt the foregone-conclusion momentum of Sharon's disengagement bandwagon by shifting the focus to the complicated and unprecedented process of legislating, phrasing, campaigning for and carrying out a nationwide plebiscite. Also, lobby for the concept that a landslide majority will be needed for passage.


Convince Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of the ultra-Orthodox Sephardi Shas party, to change course and back the referendum. If he does, the votes of the 11 Shas MKs could create a groundswell in the Knesset, which is presently far from a pro-plebiscite majority.


Key ultra-Orthodox sages, Rabbi Yosef among them, still fear that the referendum precedent could return to haunt them, with the non-Orthodox majority in Israel eventually voting to roll back Orthodox control over such spheres as marriage, divorce, commercial regulations and burial practices.

Additional factors which have undermined popular support for a referendum:

* The settlers and the far-right were the first to oppose the referendum concept when it was first proposed.

* Some rightists have insisted that the referendum majority needed to approve a disengagement must be as high as 70-75 percent, in order that the votes of Israeli Arabs do not prove decisive.

* Many settlers and soldiers have said that regardless of the results of a referendum, they will refuse to take part in evacuation, or will actively resist.



WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Petitions urging IDF soldiers to pledge to disobey evacuation orders; Orange Stars of David recalling the yellow patch the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust; tires set alight to block Tel Aviv's busiest freeway during rush hour; Wall posters comparing Sharon to Stalin and to ancient kings who ordered the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem; declarations by a few Gaza settlers that they would prefer to renounce their Israeli citizenship and live under Palestinian rule, rather than leave their homes.


April-June: Escalating attempts to fill Gaza settlements with anti-disengagement activists from Israel and the West Bank, in order to hamper the eventual escalation.

Civil war

Mid-July: IDF expected to declare Gaza Strip and parts of the northern West Bank a closed military zone; Israel Police will seal off the Strip to bar entry of non-residents.

July 20: Evacuation to begin. Thousands of soldiers may refuse orders to take part.

STRATEGY: "The public doesn't listen to the person who's nice, the public listens to the person who is determined," said Feiglin, who organized the militant protests that preceded the 1995 assassination of then-prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Departing from other public figures, Feiglin this week praised the highway blockers as heroes to whom all Israel owed a debt. He dismissed settlement movement criticism of the highway protest, which the settlers' Yesha Council denounced as a counter-productive move which had only alienated and angered the stranded public.

"I am not trying to curry sympathy. I am trying to wake up a sleeping public. The simple man, even one who's sitting there getting angry in his car, if this man is made to see that the house is burning, he begins to see that there's a problem."

"When the house is on fire, you don't speak politely," Feiglin said. "When the house is on fire, you come with a fire hose, even if some people get wet"

TACTICS: They have changed on a weekly, even a daily basis. This week, a
New York congressman led a delegation of U.S. Jews, ostensibly the vanguard of thousands of settlement supporters who planned to flood Gaza settlements in an effort to stymie the evacuation.

a Danaaite Hassidim Treasonous Viper of "Amarakan" Tax Payers dollars

In a related move, settlers began an Internet campaign to persuade West Bank settlement residents to formally change their place of residence and even produce forged rental contracts, to enable them to enter Gaza settlements and help fight the disengagement.

Feiglin, meanwhile, has promised that the road blockages will spread throughout Israel. "The Ayalon Highway just an appetizer."



Polls have shown that Israelis abhor and fear military refusal, whether of the left or of the right.

Israelis, including many settlers and World War II concentration camp survivors, have voiced pained indignation to repeated efforts to draw parallels between the disengagement and the Nazi Holocaust.

Talmudic Hassidic favorite PROXY Shembology words

In a nation which never takes kindly to foreign influence, the arrival of Jewish sympathizers from America, a congressman among them, is likely to accentuate the estrangement most Israelis feel regarding Gaza, which is seen by the public at large as markedly less a part of Israel, biblically, historically, and geographically.

At first, the public reacted positively when the settlers began their anti-disengagement campaign, as Gush Katif residents portrayed themselves as average Israelis just trying to remain in their homes, subject to the same terrorism that was incinerating buses and cafes in central Israel.

The effect of refusal campaigns and highway blockages has been the opposite, however, with the settlers appearing less and less loyal to Israel.

So have rabbinical statements holding that the sanctity of the Land of Israel and the settlements takes precedence over the nation, its laws and elected government.


Should these plans fail:


They will cause it, and once again blame it on Ishmael, this will cause DanBushkevik to enter with his troops

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Wave of suicide bombings in Israeli cities.

Mossad and CIA of Dan

Until recently, the most telling anti-disengagement argument was that militants, keen to claim the pullout as a victory for terror, would unleash a surge of attacks to shore up their claim.

In practice, however, terrorism has declined dramatically, as has support for terror among Palestinians. A recent poll showed that the sole suicide bombing of recent months won the approval of only 29 percent of Palestinians, versus 77 percent that backed a similar attack last August.

Much may depend on the outcome of this week's Cairo conference. If PA leader Mahmoud Abbas' efforts to forge a truce fail, and a surge of terrorism erupts prior to the evacuation date, Sharon will be hard-pressed to carry out the disengagement.

hahahhha they will cause the talks to fail as usual




Attack on the mosques of the Temple Mount, assassination of the Prime Minister.

STRATEGY: In the first event, to re-ignite the Intifada, perhaps in a global context, to foil the disengagement.

In the second, to murder Sharon on the assumption that only he commands the political clout to see a government through a disengagement.

Are you ready saints? STAND FIRM and do not let Jerusalem be your stumbling block, harm no man, Murder No Human, Testify of the Life Giver even unto your death, for you will have eternal life with the LORD GOD



HIGH TREASON and Blasphemy at Chistian Tax Payers cost

NY Legislator to Bring 1,000 US Jews to Gaza
17:03 Mar 17, '05 / 6 Adar 5765


NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind has concluded an intense three-day tour of Jewish Gaza by committing to return to the controversial area with 1,000 New York Jews on his next solidarity mission.

Hikind brought more than 40 persons to Gaza this week, including NY State Supreme Court Justices, businessmen, doctors and Jewish lay leaders. Participants received a detailed tour of each of Jewish Gaza’s 21 communities, from the most heavily populated to the most isolated.

Aside from meeting and socializing with the besieged Gazan residents, participants ate and slept in a Jewish area just outside N'vei Dekalim. They thus displayed complete unity with the “brave citizens of Gush Katif,” according to one participant.

All of the Jewish communities in Gaza, along Israel’s southern Mediterranean coastline, are slated for expulsion and demolition under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's proposed disengagement plan. Four additional communities in Northern Shomron, east of the heavily-populated Haifa-Tel Aviv area, are also part of the expulsion plan.

Given the intense political climate surrounding the Gaza evacuation, participant Michael Friend, of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, (Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters of Vermin Vipers) was glad to witness routine life in Gush Katif. “This is where we come to see life that’s actually normal,” he said.

Many of the participants, including delegation-leader Hikind, believe that the "normal" aspects of life in Gaza go largely unnoticed by the Jewish public abroad, and especially within Israel. “If they only knew what their country is willing to give away,” he said. “Too many people just have no idea what life is for these individuals.”

He is trying to correct false perceptions within his own community, by bringing as many New York Jews as possible to Gaza in upcoming weeks. Hikind also called upon rabbis to do the same, exhorting them to take off a few days and lead their congregants on short trips to Gush Katif.

“I intend to bring 1,000 Jews to Gaza at one time, in upcoming weeks, as a show of solidarity with our Jewish brethren during this tragic period” Hikind said. “It would be radical and extreme to allow them to feel isolated.”


This was Hikind’s second trip in just one month. He believes it is not improper for a U.S. assemblyman to spend so much time and energy on a small strip of land, an ocean away from his congressional district. "It's my obligation to support the Jews of Gaza," he said. “Israel is extremely important to me, as it should be for every Jew. No one would be concerned if a Puerto Rican congressman was involved in humanitarian matters in Puerto Rico. No one would be concerned in an African-American leader was concerned about Africa.”

Overall, participants were pleased with the gracious Israeli hospitality they received – despite having been detained by airport police for close to a half-hour upon their arrival in Israel. Some members of the delegation were questioned about the purpose of their visit, and some had their American passports temporarily confiscated while being falsely told that Gaza is a "closed military zone.”

While incensed at the methods employed by the police, Hikind was pleased that the incident brought additional attention to his mission, as stories of the airport questioning appeared in news services across the world.

At least one of those detained was upset that her time enjoying Israel was being cut short. “Why won’t you let me go home?” asked Baltimore resident Beth Gordon, of her interrogator. Beth, who considers Israel to be the true home of all the Jewish people in the world, is planning Aliyah [immigration to Israel] with her family in the summer of 2006. “This has been a dream of our family for twenty years,” she said

Come to Pharaoh Moshiach



The Great Hoodlum haha of the shemborg Collective, Obedient Treasonous Blasphemous Goyim Noahides who will not be able to Hide on that Great day.....NO-Hide of Our Lord

World Mayors to Converge on Jerusalem
16:07 Mar 14, '05 / 3 Adar 5765

That whore city whom all the kings of the earth drink of her cup of iniquity

Seventy mayors from major cities around the world will convene in Jerusalem for city’s Conference of Mayors the week of April 10-16.

Mayors attending the event will hail from India, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Lithuania, Ukraine, Albania, Georgia, Singapore, and the United States.

Mayor of Jerusalem Uri Lupolianski will be hosting the conference, entitled “The 21st Century City: Where Diversity and Complexity Converge”, which will enable the leaders to discuss current challenges facing today’s rapidly changing cities.

Shemborg collective

“Jerusalem is flourishing both culturally and economically, and tourism is increasing,” said Mayor Lupolianski, “I am happy to see this trend reflected in the impressive number of mayors who have confirmed their participation in what has become the largest conference ever. I am sure that all those participating will benefit from and enjoy this experience, will interact with Israeli community leaders, and become faithful ambassadors of Jerusalem in their home countries.”

The conference is sponsored by the American Jewish Congress Council for World Jewry, who initiating the annual gathering in 1980, it is held with the cooperation and support of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the US Conference of Mayors




UK will end its support to the U.S. and withdraw its troops from Iraq!

3/16/2005 7:02:00 AM GMT

It seems every one has realized the failure of the doomed Bush mission in Iraq. It turned out to be total disaster and shame to all civilized nations who participated in this illegal war.

Washington is facing more isolation in the world, the only two countries who resort to violence to solve conflicts are the U.S. and Israel.

The U.S. will soon find itself contained by the Zionist state because it will be its only friend in this world. Even the United Kingdom will withdraw its support to the U.S. and take its troops home.

The adventure of the U.S. and Israel in the Middle East is falling apart.

It’s a well known fact that these wars and interventions in the affairs of the Middle East countries will not bring anything but disaster to the U.S. and its friends.


For they believed not the Truth in Righteousness, But Believed the Lie, for God sent them strong they embrace the father of the lie

The Limits of Ecumenical Dialogue
By Isi Leibler   March 16, 2005

In these times we are surely obliged to forge new alliances. Our traditional friends of yesteryear -- the liberals and the left -- now stand at the forefront of campaigns to demonize and delegitimize Israel and increasingly indulge in outright anti Semitic rhetoric.

The right which is wrong = Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch of Sanhedrin

The left = any who oppose the Right who are wrong

It is not coincidental that the Bush Administration -- which today stands alone between Israel and its foes -- has been strongly influenced by Christian evangelicals who continue to demand that American foreign policy be based on moral and biblical foundations. 

seven Moral Universal Laws of Noahide...the Judaizers

In stark contrast to the Presbyterians and the World Council of Churches who even now continue campaigning for divestment and delegitimization, the evangelicals have elevated support for the Jewish state as one of their top priorities.

Kill all em Arabs for Judeao Jasooooooose they cry

Interdenominational activities have always been a sensitive issue. Rabbi Joseph Soloveichik, the revered spiritual leader of modern orthodoxy, warned of the dangers of becoming involved in theological or interfaith dialogue both on halachic and pragmatic grounds. He predicted that such activities would invariably encourage
false facades of supposed shared theological foundations.

Rabbi Soloveichik did approve of activities with other denominations to promote common humanitarian objectives. He would assuredly have endorsed relations with evangelicals based on support of Israel and common social goals as long as theological dialogue was avoided.


The relationship with the Catholic Church is more problematic. After Nostra Aetate led to a repudiation of charges of deicide against the Jewish people the International Jewish Committee on Inter-Religious Consultation (IJCIC) was created as an umbrella body for Jewish organizations liaising with the Vatican. Relations were intensified with the advent of Pope John Paul II who encouraged a softening of the traditional Catholic hostility against the Jewish state. However, as a rule, Orthodox rabbinical and lay leaders tended to distance themselves from this activity.

Over the past few years the World Jewish Congress bypassed IJCIC and began negotiating independently with the Catholic Church. A series of meetings with international Catholic prelates were held in New York in which progress was achieved in relation to the struggle against anti Semitism.

These initiatives began to assume a theological flavor as exemplified at the recent New York meeting, when Cardinal Angelo Scola informed the WJC gathering that "the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob -- like the God of Jesus Christ, is the living God who is maintaining close and salvic relations with his people". Although well intentioned, such remarks crossed the line delineated by Rabbi Soloveichik.

Not surprisingly the centrist orthodox "Rabbinical Council of America" did not attend these meetings. It is therefore somewhat paradoxical that the main impetus for the new direction came from the WJC governing board chairman Israel Singer wearing his orthodox rabbinical hat. Even more surprising was that he was supported by the two ultra orthodox Rabbis closely associated with him in WJC activities -- Rabbi Bleich from the Ukraine and Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt from Moscow.

However, the most disconcerting aspect of the WJC relationship with the Catholics is the prominent role accorded to the Cardinal of Paris, Jean Marie Lustiger, who until his recent retirement was regarded as a possible candidate to become the next Pope.

Over the past two years,
Cardinal Lustiger, a Jew who converted to Catholicism,(Kol Nidre)  has become a virtual World Jewish Congress icon. He was a major speaker at Governing Board and Executive meetings and, even more surprisingly, was selected to be the keynote speaker for the WJC Plenary Assembly held earlier this year in Brussels.

a plant of Sime-On Magus

There is no doubt that Lustiger is sincerely committed to combating anti-Semitism in the Church and obviously enjoys representing the Church at Jewish and Jewish related activities. The Pope is clearly happy to use him in this capacity and even appointed him to be his personal representative at the 60th commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz in Warsaw.

They have gutted the Catholicos and they are become Noahides

However it is difficult to understand how an international Jewish body headed by an orthodox Jew using a rabbinical mantle, repeatedly invites Cardinal Lustiger to participate at gatherings of international Jewish leaders, ignoring the fact that Cardinal Lustiger is not just an enlightened Catholic prelate opposed to anti Semitism. He is an apostate, a Jew converted to Catholicism. More than that, Lustiger who speaks Yiddish, continues to describe himself as a Jew, albeit a "fulfilled Jew".

The deception runs deep

This in no way detracts from the fact that Lustiger is undoubtedly an honorable man, a victim of the Holocaust placed in safe keeping by his parents in a Catholic boarding school.

But having said that, it is surely still bizarre for an international Jewish body to elevate such a person to a leading role at Jewish gatherings. Repeatedly promoting an apostate demonstrates an utter lack of sensitivity to the chequered role in history assumed by Jewish converts to Christianity in relation to their own people.

Jewry is the religion unto satan the "Robber"

In the past such situations were avoided. When the World Council of Churches nominated the Rev. Dr. Hans Ucko to be their liaison on Jewish affairs, IJCIC with the full support of the WJC, politely declined on the grounds that they did not wish to deal publicly with an intermediary who was an apostate. They would certainly never have considered him as a keynote speaker to an international Jewish meeting.

Now all of this is highly delicate. But whilst we are obliged to maintain cordial relations with the Catholic and other Churches they must understand that we Jews also share profound sensitivities.

There may be grounds for liaising privately with a man such as Cardinal Lustiger, but it is surely grotesque and crossing the line if Jews promote him as a role model. It is not only a matter of Jewish dignity. As Rabbi Soloveichik emphasized, we also need clarity regarding our end goals in relation to ecumenical activities. Otherwise one day we may even have some bright PR activists appealing for more Jews to convert in order to more effectively fight anti-Semitism

 Thus any and all who "Convert" to Jewry are contrary unto Jesus the Christ OUR Lord and CREATOR


Beware, the end is nigh

March 18, 2005

A BROAD coalition of Victorian churches is about to play host to potentially one of the most influential men in American politics.

Franklin Graham, a prominent leader of the Christian Right, will be the main draw
card to Festival Victoria to be held at Telstra Dome this weekend. Church support is based largely on Franklin's paternity – he is the son of Billy Graham, whose 1959 crusade at the MCG still holds the record for attendance at that illustrious venue. But son Franklin has a far more ambitious agenda than saving souls.

Noahide snarer

Graham's politics are no secret in the US. He has been a vocal supporter of the Iraq war as part of what he has termed the "third world war", the "global fight against Islamic terrorism". 

Bloodlust for his father the murderer since the beginning the father of Judeao-Churchinsanity who say their god is the god of the jews who the jews say is the Tetragrammaton shekinah plural gods who has no ONLY Begotten son

He is largely credited with framing American AIDS policy in Africa – which promotes abstinence over condoms. And he endorses the Christian Zionist perspective on Israel/Palestine, which supports fundamentalist Jewish claims to "biblical" Israel (incorporating the occupied territories and all of Jerusalem).

Judaizers for satan that dragon of the un-Holy whore city that spiritual Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified

Graham's political agenda carries much weight in America. Nearly half the US Congress, most of them Republicans, are now supported by the three main Christian Right advocacy groups.

who are brainwashed by the hassidic Chabad Lubavitchers the leaven of the Pharisees who controls the Sanhedrin and the whitehouse of her Pimp of proxy

 While Graham is not one of the more extreme leaders of the Christian coalition, his friendship with George W. Bush means that, arguably, he is the most influential. "I speak to the President's advisers on issues all the time," he acknowledged during an interview last October.

When the Sanhedrin "REVEALS" their Moshiach, these who are sent stong delusion by the Father to believe the Lie, will immediately embrace the Moshiach, and then all the earth will point there fingers at us, the TRUE saints of Jesus the Christ, and blame us for all who have been slain upon the o man, how they have set us up in the name of Jesus the Christ.........But that is ok, for we will indeed stand Firm in the testimony and be decapitated by the masses of the proselytes of satan's shemaGoG ......and have eternal life for our reward 

While Graham's political views and influence are comparatively well known, less understood is the end-time theology that underpins it. 

wanna bet ?


During Graham's crusade in Kansas last October he told the Observer: "Judgment Day is approaching fast, there are major prophecies that have been fulfilled. The rebirth of Israel. All of this was foretold. The great tribulation will come then. The true followers of Jesus will be taken up and the remainder left behind."

They are deceiving the masses watching for seven years of tribulations and secret raptures, never knowing that all is almost fulfilled, they have fallen away from the TRUE IAMHE and the Sanhedrin is about to REVEAL that son of perdition that false king the false Christ....and they sleep in total apostasy


In a sympathetic interview with the journal Christianity Today, Graham said what motivates his work is that "we're living in the last days... He's coming back. Then it's going to be too late."

That is TRUE

End-time theology influences US public opinion at many levels. It encourages indifference to pressing environmental issues: facing biblical Armageddon, nature's version is irrelevant. International law and the UN are distractions – America is God's favoured nation and charged with divine responsibilities that can never be compromised. 

"Amaraka" is the sickest pit of pure anti-Christ on earth

But even more disturbing, it encourages resistance to any action seen as delaying the fulfillment of prophecies set out in the Book of Revelation – such as the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, or a final showdown between good and evil in the Middle East.

These Vipers encourage the Temple and satan

Such views are widely held. A 2002 Time/CNN poll found that 59 per cent of Americans believe that the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are going to come true. Nearly 25 per cent think the Bible predicted the 9/11 attacks.

Yep, Daniel 11

The link between such theology and politics is evident in Graham's views of Islam. 

Keeel all em dirty Arabs in the name of Judeao-Jaysooooooose, so hep me gawd. Aeeeeen foah onlay $49.95 you to can geit my boooook, and have the Exclusive woad of gawd


On November 16, 2001, he told NBC Nightly News: "We're not attacking Islam but Islam has attacked us. I believe it is a very evil and wicked religion."

hahahhaha indeed Islam rejects Jesus the Christ as the LORD of LORDS, but yet in their Koran it states that Jesus is coming back to destroy the "jewish" Moshiach

These were not the rushed words of a TV door stop, but beliefs Graham has articulated elsewhere, and never retracted. In his book The Name, (The Shem)  Graham concluded: "The ultimate objective of Islam is world domination."

hahahhahahha how the shemgods have their Judaizers of the One Worlsd Religion of satan the Universal Noahide Laws set up and running and leading many to the Pit of destruction

In The Wall Street Journal, in what was meant to be an article clearing up the "misunderstandings" that had resulted from his comments, Graham argued that "the persecution or elimination of non-Muslims has been a cornerstone of Islamic conquests and rule for centuries. The Koran provides ample evidence that Islam encourages violence in order to win converts and to reach the ultimate goal of an Islamic world."

He is a paid Viper, his only reward the mammon of his Masonic god

Graham's beliefs would not be shared by the vast majority of those who will attend Festival Victoria. Most would probably consider them irresponsible and dangerous.

But if the recently completed Festival Tasmania is a guide, festival-goers will not be told the truth. From the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania down, there was uncritical public support for the crusade and silence about Graham's politics and theology. 

And lest this be thought a Tasmanian oddity, the patron of Festival Victoria is Archbishop Peter Watson and senior members of all the main denominations (including the Catholic and Uniting churches) sit on its Council of Reference. It seems that this broad involvement came with the understanding that Graham would not talk politics or Armageddon while in Australia. However, there are such explicit links between Graham's call to conversion and his broader religious/political outlook that such a concession is both futile and deceptive.

There are many indications that Australian evangelical Christianity is being increasingly influenced by American fundamentalism. This is a trend that most people of good will, of all political persuasions and faiths, would deplore.

If this radical new movement is to be confronted, and fundamentalist extremists in all the monotheist religions consistently condemned, our Christian leaders must be more open about Festival Victoria's star attraction. Now is not the time for a superficial display of public unity, but for clergy to speak the truth about the teachings of Jesus as they and their church understand them. To his credit, even Graham would expect nothing less

Pure sickness and apostasy and Blasphemy


How C.I Scofield Lured you into apostasy, "Amaraka"


Judaism and Christianity stand in a unique relationship in that both believe the writings of the Tenach or Old Testament to be the inspired word of God and yet come to radically different conclusions in their interpretations of this book. 

The beguille you into believing that they put precedence in any of the writing of the Prophets of God. The only writings they cherish are the 613 Mitzvah (laws), but all Jewry have their Un-Holy perversion of the Oral Tradition of the elders, the Torah Mishnah of Talmud Bavli, sick and perverted Babble of confusion of the so-called rabbi's of rabad chabad


What is more for both faiths the Tenach needs another book to interpret it.

There are no two faiths. 

There is but one faith in Christ Jesus, of his saints who are the seed of Abraham, heirs to his Everlasting Promise


 For Christianity the New Testament points to Jesus as the Messiah who came to fulfil the Law and the Prophets. 

Jesus came Once and for all, and is the fulfillment of the Law and the prophets forever. He is soon to come and harvest his, and take his Fold to Sion into a company of inumerrable angels to God's Holy City, New Jerusalem. He needs not this corruption of flesh, for His Kingdom is a far away Kingdom inherited by his Father since the foundation of the world, sealed at Calvary. His Kingdom is Long come, and only his have been in his Kingdom written in their hearts


For Judaism the Oral Law is believed to be necessary to interpret the Bible.

and the curse and snare of their Universal Noahide laws to enslave man in their wretched flesh

 According to Rabbinic teaching this was first given by God to Moses at Sinai and passed on by word of mouth to Joshua and succeeding generations. The Oral Law was finally codified in the Talmud which is believed to give the correct interpretation of the Tenach and looks for a Messiah to come.

The tradition which make the WORD of God of None effect........unto satan a non-god, they have made their god of this world to their flesh in their flesh sacrifice of a flesh animal Lamb who is not the Lamb sent from the father, to a flesh king who is not the King of Kings, in a flesh temple of doom, which is not the temple torn down and on the third day raised and ascended to the Father where he Jesus is the Temple therein. Not a flesh god of mammon and Lust and murder but to the Father of Life

When it comes to the issue of the end of days there is a great deal written in the Prophetic writings of the Tenach. So it is not surprising that this theme is also found in the New Testament and the Talmud. One of the difficulties of understanding the Prophetic writings, especially about the Messiah and the end of days, is that they seem to be saying contradictory things. For example the Prophet Isaiah alone presents the following difficulties:

Chapter 2 speaks of Messiah reigning with power from Jerusalem, all nations going to hear the word of the Lord and as a result living in peace together.

There are two ISraels

the flesh and the spiritual

The flesh has her reward, while the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus the Christ are heirs to His promise of God's Holy Mountain in Heaven in that beautiful unblemished city, white and clean wearing the white of the Testimony of the Righteousness of his saints who stood firm that he is the Only IAM, and their in his city he will reign forever. But they have led their proselytes to their whorish city that spiritual Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified that bloody city who is responsible for the murders of the Prophets of the Father who spulchres they glean, and ALL who are slain upon the earth, even where Our Lord was crucified, that Harlot unto Babylon the Mystery of the sorcery of their Un-Holy Perverted Unholy sick Talmud Bavli which state that Jesus is in Hell boiling in human excrement, and that their gods of shekinah which is not of the WORD of God, has no ONLY Begotten son. This is the gods that all of Judeao-Chuuchinsanity have embraced and deceived into following


Chapter 53 speaks of Messiah being despised and rejected of men, having our iniquities laid on him, when he is cut off from the land of the living, executed with transgressors, buried and yet living to see the 'travail of his soul.' (N.B. Much of modern Judaism follows Rashi in denying that Isaiah 53 is about the Messiah, claiming that the 'servant' refers to Israel. The text itself makes this interpretation difficult if not impossible to uphold. Contradicting Rashi, Rabbi Alshech of Sfat wrote of Isaiah 53, "Our Rabbis with one voice accept and affirm that the prophet is speaking of King Messiah.")

making them the Messiah over the GOYIM via Noahide Concision

Chapter II speaks of the earth being full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea, returning to conditions of paradise with even the animals being vegetarian and not destroying each other.

a New Heaven and a New earth

Chapter 24 speaks of the earth being devastated, cities destroyed and people scorched with few survivors.

The wrath of that Great Day of the LORD Jesus' wrath........the END

These paradoxes are reflected in the ways in which Orthodox Judaism interprets prophecies of the end of days. The Lubavitch movement has been very active in spreading the idea that we are living in the days leading up to the coming of the Messiah:

after they rejected the Messiah for two thousand years. But now they usher in the False Christ that Son of Perdition that their REVIVED Beast the Sanhedrin is about to REVEAL. For all whose names are not written in the lambs book of life are fallen away from TRUTH in the same Creator sice the beginning the WORD of God, who they have replaced with their Talmudic "Replacement Theology" unto strange gods....Triune gods of Judeao Churchinsanity....shekinah gods who are no gods 

"All the signs indicate that we are nearing the end of days ... It is certain beyond a shadow of doubt that the era of redemption has arrived ... All that is required is to greet our righteous Messiah (Moshiach), so that he can fulfil his mission and redeem all Israel from exile." The Lubavitcher Rebbe.

I just cannot understand what it is about END of Days they cannot understand, But they cling to their flesh.

Lubavitch is currently presenting an optimistic view of the end of days, seeing in such events as the fall of Communism and Israel's protection during the Gulf War signs that redemption is near. In an advertisement in the Jerusalem Post (31/8/91) Lubavitch supporters announced:

Communism is Talmudism is Judaism of the Sofiet Reds of Esau of the Hassidic Pharisees and certainly did not fall but has infiltrated Bushkeviks CHABAD"Amaraka" and has destroyed her freedom in Jesus the Christ.

"We are living in the most extraordinary times as our world evolves towards a state of peace, 

A Police State of Noahide enslavement unto satan, where they will slay all of the saints of Jesus the Christ, for their god that dragon they worship

and mankind thrives towards a state of perfection. The times are changing not just for the better but for the best. A cornerstone of Jewish faith is the belief that ultimately good and peace must triumph. This is the essence of Moshiach who will usher in the final redemption ordained in the Torah."

This is the Son of Perdition who will destroy wonderfully unto the end and to THAT Day of the Wrath of the LORD God Almighty unto all who denied the Name above all names and who refused to STAND FIRM in the face of the Beast and testify for Him the ONLY Life Giver the Creator the WORD since the beginning


A leaflet encouraging Jewish people to 'demand Moshiach as a laborer demands his wages at the end of the workday announces that current events are miracles which should 'inspire a recognition of the Divine hand in the affairs of humankind, and will give us a glimpse of the miracles that will transform the world with the coming of Moshiach.

Invoke satans son of Perdition, and he will deceive all whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of life by the miracles he does in the site of the beast


' It states that the disarmament agreements between the USA and the CIS 'point to the beginning of the prophetic beating of swords into plough shares.' (see Isaiah 2.4)

After they have succeeded in pitting the 1.5 Billion Ishmaelite Noahides against the Judeao-Churchian Noahides and MILLION upon Millions are slain very soon, then all the earth will war one against the other, and they think to be the Only Power left upon the earth and all goyim to be their slaves by the Power of their Beast and his false Prophet


On the other hand the book Prophecy and Providence' by Rabbi Sokolovsky argues that the era of lkveta d'Meshicha' (the heels of Messiah, the last days of this age) will be days of spiritual decline and trouble. This is illustrated by the following quotations from the Talmud:

"Tragedy will come upon you at the end of all the days." Targum Yonathan.

it is

"During the era preceding the Moshiach, prices will soar. The vine will produce its fruit but wine will be very expensive." Sotah 49b.

they have by design of the costliness of the whore jerusalem

"During the lkveta d'Meshicha insolence will abound.. The young will make the faces of the elderly grow ashen with shame; the elderly will have to rise before the young; sons will disgrace fathers; daughters will rise up against their mothers; the members of one's family will become his enemies." Sotah 49b

He brought a sword, Mother against daughter, father against Son, Brother against brother, even my own family are brainwashed by the "Chosen" who chose the Robber, and Crucified the Chooser, who say they are gods, and they have too rushed to claim the gods of the Talmudic jews, who theTalmudic  jews say in their oral perverted tradition has no ONLY Begotten Son, and when told the truth, they are become mine enemies, and call me a "Hater" and the proxy word of their gods, anti-Shem, which indeed IAM, for I am opposed to their self made shem sham and wannabe godhood, which they made when they crucified the Heir to the Fathers Kingdom, But By his Own Plan, for as many as would believe that he is the IAMHE

"During the lkveta d'Meshicha government will turn atheist and there will be no protest. Truth will vanish." Sanhedrin 97a, Sotah 49b.

A Famine of Hearing the WORD of GOD, for they are about to abolish the Gospel of the Living Word

The Talmud also recognises that there are different ways in which the Messiah will come according to the writings of the Prophets:

"Rabbi Yochanan said: The son of David (Moshiach) comes only to a generation which is altogether worthy or altogether unworthy. We learn that he may come in a generation which is altogether worthy from the verse: If your people is altogether righteous, they shall inherit the land forever/ (Yeshayahu / Isaiah 60.21). Or he may come in a generation which is altogether unworthy, as it is written: "And if He see that there is no 'ish' (worthy man), and He is astonished that there is no intercessor, therefore His own arm brings salvation unto Him" (Isaiah 59.16).

He will Come With Great Wrath on that terrible day against this Moshaich ben satan and all who worship him

"Rabbi Alexander said: Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi noted the apparent contradiction in the following two verses. It is written:

Mt:23:8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

... and behold, one like a son of man (Moshiach) comes with the clouds of heaven. Daniel 7.13

Behold Jesus the Christ our Lord who comes with ten thousands of his saints, with great and terrible wrath

But it also says:

Rejoice greatly 0 daughter of Zion, shout, 0 daughter of Jerusalem. Behold your king shall come to you, righteous and a savior is he, a pauper and riding on an ass. Zechariah 9.9

Christ Our Lord, the TRIUMPHANT ENTRY into Jerusalem who Crucified him in UNBELIEF whose house is left DESOLATE until they say "Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name Of the LORD

These verses may be reconciled: If they are worthy Moshiach will appear with the clouds. If not, he will be a pauper and ride on a an ass." Sanhedrin98a.

How they pervert the Word by their tradition of men the doctrine of devils. Not only do these vipers close the door to heaven but they shut out others from entering therein

An alternative way to resolve this apparent contradiction is the one we hold to: that there are two comings of the same Messiah. Firstly he comes as a Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53), coming in humility on the back of an ass, as Jesus did when he rode into Jerusalem in fulfillment of Zechariah's prophecy at the beginning of the final week leading to his sacrificial death and resurrection. The second time he will come on the clouds of heaven as Jesus told the Sanhedrin he would at his trial:

and HE DID and HEIS

The high priest asked him, "Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed?"

And Jesus said, "I am and you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Power and coming with the clouds of heaven." Mark 15.61-62

That day will be the close of this age, the second coming of the Messiah.

the END is the End, then eternal Life to as many as stood firm and Testified. Will you Stand Firm for the Life Giver

This also gives the answer to the other paradox, whether the end of days will be days of disaster or days of deliverance. Jesus' return will be preceded by a time of spiritual decline and tribulation of which the Hebrew Prophets write (Isaiah 24, Jeremiah 30, Ezekiel 38-39, Daniel 11-12, Zechariah 12). In his own prophecy of the end of days Jesus also described world conditions in these terms (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21).

This will be followed by his glorious reign when Isaiah 2, II, Zechariah 14 and Revelation 20 will be fulfilled and the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, Satan will be unable to deceive the nations any more and there will be universal peace.

We recommend for further reading, 'What the Rabbis know about the Messiah' by Rachmiel Frydland, available from the shop for £5.50 +p&p (10%)

rabbi's KNOW NOTHING of the SON for they do not have THE FATHER



Bush appoints yet another sympathizer of satan to destroy the "Amarakan" economy in favor of ISREALHELL

Although no U.S. officials were on hand for the synagogue opening, many sent letters of congratulations, including Sen. Joseph Lieberman (R-Conn.), Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), the members of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus in the U.S. Congress and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Originally the rededication ceremony was to have taken place the previous week, on March 14, but in the wake of the Krasnodon coal mine disaster, in which 81 people lost their lives, Jewish community leaders decided to postpone the ceremony and offer a memorial service to the miners instead. Members of several Jewish organizations raised some 100,000 hrv, which was delivered to the miners' families.

The Great Synagogue, also known as the Central Synagogue, the Brodsky Synagogue and the Choral Synagogue, was returned to the Jewish community of Kyiv in 1992 after a March 4 decree by President Leonid Kravchuk. The Jewish religious organization Chabad conducted the first religious service in the returned synagogue during Hanukkah 1992.

Bush picks trade representative

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush named Rep. Rob Portman of Ohio to be U.S. trade representative, the administration's top salesman for free-trade agreements around the world.

Bush announced the choice at a ceremony Thursday morning.

If confirmed by the Senate, the 49-year-old Republican congressman from the Cincinnati area would replace Robert Zoellick, who has become Condoleezza Rice's top deputy at the State Department. As one of Bush's chief links to Congress on trade, tax and other issues, Portman has been a strong advocate of free trade even though he comes from a state that has been hit hard by job losses.

The next trade representative will face a tough fight in Congress to win approval for the Central American Free Trade Agreement. CAFTA would remove trade barriers between the United States and five Central American countries plus the Dominican Republic.

While the administration sees the pact as a continuation of its efforts to open markets for American manufacturers and farmers, it has attracted opposition from groups ranging from organized labor to U.S. sugar producers and textile manufacturers.

In Congress, Portman has served since 2001 as the official liaison between the White House and House leadership. In that role, Portman frequently is called upon to move Bush-backed legislation through the House, such as the bill creating the Department of Homeland Security.

Portman, who lives in the Cincinnati suburb of Terrace Park with his wife, Jane, and three young children, was an associate counsel in the White House during the administration of Bush's father and eventually became director of its Office of Legislative Affairs.

When George W. Bush took office in 2000, Portman's name turned up on the short list for several administration jobs, including secretary of commerce and director of the Office of Management and Budget. He is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, where he has concentrated on tax and finance issues, such as IRS reform.

Portman was elected to Congress in a special election in 1993, following the abrupt departure of Rep. Bill Gradison, who resigned to head a health insurance lobbying group. He was re-elected last year with 72 percent of the vote. For Bush's re-election, Portman served as the campaign's communications director for Ohio. He also helped coach Vice President Dick Cheney for his debates, both in 2000 and again in 2004.

If approved as the next trade negotiator, Portman also will be trying to ignite new energy into negotiating a hemisphere-wide free trade zone -- one of the administration's top trade goals -- and finishing the round of global trade talks being conducted at Doha, Qatar, by the World Trade Organization.

Opponents of the administration's free trade efforts argue that the policies have failed to protect U.S. workers from unfair competition from countries with low wages and lax environmental laws. They point to a loss of 2.7 million manufacturing jobs during the past four years and record deficits.

The U.S. trade gap surged by 24.3 percent in 2004 to set a record for the third straight year at $617.1 billion and private economists said another record trade imbalance could be posted this year.

The next trade representative also would guide the administration's push to strike free trade deals with several countries in the Middle East -- part of Bush's goal of creating a free trade zone through the region by 2013.

The administration believes that expanded trade with the United States will bolster economic growth in the region and help support Bush's goals of fighting terrorism and spreading (Noahide) democracy in that part of the world.

The administration has free trade agreements with Israel, Jordan and Morocco. A free trade deal negotiated last year with Bahrain is pending congressional approval. In addition, a U.S. delegation began free trade negotiations in March in the United Arab Emirates and has traveled to Oman to launch free trade negotiations there as well.

During his stint in the post, Zoellick, known as a tireless administration loyalist, helped win congressional approval for Trade Promotion Authority, which allows the administration to negotiate new trade deals. That legislation had been stalled for most of the Clinton administration. With that authority, Zoellick completed free trade negotiations with countries including Australia, Chile and Singapore.


One World, Hoodlum haha of the dragon their beast



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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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