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May 4, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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He Fooledya at Fallujah

Iraq: When Was The Die Cast?
John Prados,

May 03, 2005

John Prados is a senior fellow with the National Security Archive in Washington, DC. He is author of Hoodwinked: The Documents That Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War (The New Press).

Coming just days after the release of the original secret legal advice given to the British government on the lack of foundation in international law for invading Iraq, a fresh leak out of London now reveals with stunning clarity that the goal of overthrowing Saddam Hussein was set at least a year in advance.

It has been set for a Hundred years, to regain Eretz ISREALHELL, Babylon proper, and to establish their vision of the Hoodlum haha temporary little kingdom over all flesh and their son of perdition....Moshiach ben satan, despot of the earth.

Emerging in the final days before the UK's parliamentary election, a memo leaked to the London Sunday Times reveals that Bush decided to go to war by April of 2002, and that by July of that same year it was clear that the United States would fabricate the intelligence necessary to justify the war.

It was decided when Bushkevik choked on the "Kosher pretzels of Washington"

The Bush administration's pious rhetoric about strengthening the United Nations was strictly for public consumption.

Pure propaganda to set up the Supra Bogey Government structure....see protocols

Its talk about alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction”as Lord Goldsmith's legal opinion demonstrates”was crucial because the only avenue offering a fig leaf of legal justification for war was to claim to be enforcing U.N. disarmament resolutions. And President Bush's repeated assertions that no decision had been made about attacking Iraq were plainly false.

Treason and murder and Blasphemy of the Dragons minions, George W. BUSH is a MURDERER and his Evangelical Judeo-Churchinsanities are his accomplices

Decision Made: November 2001-April 2002

Military planning for Iraq actually began in November 2001, while the campaign in Afghanistan absorbed the public's attention. 

Usama is Emmanuel Goldstein...see Orwell's 1984

In his memoirs, American field commander General Tommy Franks tells us that on December 4, in his very first briefing of the existing U.S. contingency plan for Iraq, Franks told defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld that, "I am assuming the principle objective will be to remove the regime of Saddam Hussein." Rumsfeld replied that the president would make the ultimate decision but that, "That is my assumption too." After several weeks of fleshing out the preliminary concept, General Franks presented it to George W. Bush at the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas, on December 28. 

Note: ALL TREASON Activity is away from Washington DC, always planned in Crawford Texas

At that meeting Franks told the group that regime change and WMD removal were the working assumptions behind his concept, with "a murmur of assent" being the reaction of those at the table or watching the teleconference. At the end of the presentation, Bush expressed confidence that diplomacy and international pressure would make military action unnecessary.

Neither in his various statements to the media nor in interviews ”including those with Bob Woodward” has Bush ever recounted his evolving thinking or detailed his actions. However, reports show that at the same time of Frank's planning ”around the end of 2001” the president signed a directive authorizing the CIA to act against Saddam. Bush subsequently targeted Iraq as a member of his invented "Axis of Evil" in the State of the Union address in late January 2002. When asked on February 6, 2002, about the administration's desire for regime change in Iraq, Secretary of State Colin Powell replied, "We are looking at a variety of options that would bring that about." This was the day before General Franks presented a more detailed war plan to Bush and the National Security Council at the White House. Bush specifically told the press on February 12, regarding his options on Iraq, "I'll keep them close to my vest."

The following month Vice President Richard Cheney made an extensive tour of European and Middle Eastern nations which failed to enlist much support for action against Iraq. This made the attitude of the British a vital question for Bush. Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the United States early in April and met with Bush at Crawford. The latest leak from London in this case a briefing paper prepared for a British cabinet meeting during the summer, show that it was at that meeting that Blair told Bush he would support the objective of regime change in Iraq. Bush emerged so triumphant from his encounter with the British that he blurted out, in a comment the administration later tried to downplay, "I explained to the prime minister that the policy of my government is the removal of Saddam."

announced  on the Talmudic bloodlust day "Purim Eve" March 17, 2003

Thus, evidence now shows that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, included in the earliest planning assumptions for war with Iraq, had become a firm goal by February 2002, and would be set in concrete at Crawford in April, almost exactly a year before U.S. troops reached Baghdad.

War In The First Resort

President Bush considered only military options for the removal of Saddam. This process had begun to move quickly by then, with General Franks bringing both the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his force commanders into the picture in March. Bush held the next key meeting at Camp David in May, with Tony Blair's assurances in his pocket. At that conference, General Franks notes, "I...described a series of military options to remove Saddam Hussein from power."

Remember Tommy Franks is Jewish

Secretary Powell brought up the significant diplomatic obstacles at Camp David, telling the group it would be difficult to line up international support for an invasion of Iraq. Franks clearly recalls that exchange. Domestic political support was obviously a corollary problem. This development explains the timing of the original demand for the CIA to assemble a document retailing claims of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that could be released to the public to encourage fears of Saddam. The Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation of the Iraq intelligence reveals that the white paper was originally requested in May 2002. Not coincidentally, it now appears, the Blair government asked British intelligence to begin work on a similar document at the same time.

According to the leaked minutes of Blair's cabinet meeting on July 23, British intelligence chief Sir Richard Dearlove, just returned from talks in Washington, told the group that "military action was now seen as inevitable," and that "Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD." Dearlove also remarked that "the intelligence facts were being fixed around the policy." Both British foreign secretary Jack Straw and attorney general Lord Goldsmith warned of the thin case for war. Tony Blair did not disagree, he countered, telling the cabinet that "if the political context were right, people would support regime change." That appears to be Bush's exact calculation as well.

Cooking The Books

Thus the cooking of the books to justify the Iraq war was known at the time, not just in Washington but in London as well. Claims that the intelligence reporting on Iraq-both CIA and British-were simple errors of interpretation should be considered settled. And as for Bush's purposefulness in attacking Iraq, a Joint Chiefs of Staff "lessons learned" study from the war shows that the president signed a national security directive to finalize plans and deploy for the invasion at the end of June. All this happened before any of the diplomatic activity that the Bush administration represented as its main course of action.

In sum, to the threadbare legal justification for an aggressive war we must add premeditation of action. 

premeditated TREASON and MURDER

If this were a homicide, the district attorney would be considering indictment for conspiracy to murder. In international affairs, we're told, Iraq is just some broken china on the road to a miraculous blossoming of democracy in the Middle East.

Global Noahidism to satan their Dragon wanna be god

 The arrogance, audacity, and cynicism in all this is exceeded only by its illegality. Small wonder that last week the military commander in chief who led British forces into the Iraq war, Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, told a correspondent of the newspaper The Observer, "If my soldiers went to jail and I did some other people go as well with me."

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The Planners of their Hassidic Talmudic Sofiet RED ESAU, satanic, Pharisaic vision to seat their "REVEALED" Moshiach ben satan the son of perdition on the seat of king David...the prophets of Baa'l.......

"Just as we find that Moshe Rabbeinu [Moses] ascended to Heaven, body and soul, and remained there for 40 days...similary, Moshiach [King Messiah] will, through the help of the Almighty, merit to attain that lofty soul. He will then realize that he is in fact Moshiach [King Messiah] , although no one else wil be aware of this. This is the secret to which the Zohar alludes, 'Moshiach [King Messiah] will be revealed, yet no one will perceive him'.

wanna beit?

The son of Perdition who is soon "REVEALED"

"Moshiach [King Messiah] will thereupon rise up to Heaven just as Moshe [Moses] ascended to the firmament, and will subsequently [return and] be revealed completely for all to see. The entire Jewish people will then perceive him and flock towards him."

The god of the dead........who was and is not and yet will come

The answer is surprisingly enough, a resounding yes!
In the second to the last Rashi (the foremost explainer of the scripture and the Talmud, printed in every text) in the book of Daniel, (12:12) he writes: "The Moshiach [King Messiah] will reveal himself and then be concealed.... and then revealed once more, and so it says in the Midrash on Ruth and in the poems of Rabbi Eliezer HaKalir."
So it states in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 98b), "If the Moshiach [King Messiah] comes from the dead he will be someone like Daniel." Rashi there explains this to mean exactly what it says; Moshiach [King Messiah] can come from the dead.

Their Talmudic scheme to pit ISHMAEL against the West, with the help of their faithful Evangelical Judeo-Churchinsanity of satans shemaGOG, the chinese flag waving, dime store Patriots, who in fact are "Fallen away" and are made two fold the children of hell of their Talmudic Masters. Who say let us go and take the hem of a jews skirt, for we have heard that God is with them, their "Chosen" who chose the "Robber" and they are with them, partakers of the cup of the whores iniquity....can I hear aeen ameeean....

The White House recently stated that it has irrefutable evidence of weapons of mass destruction being in the possession of Saddam Hussein.
"The president of the United States and the secretary of defense would not assert as plainly and vocally as they have that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction if it was not true and if they did not have a solid basis for saying it," [Ari] Fleischer said
) The following discourse (quoted here in part) was delivered by Rabbi Schneerson
the end of the last Gulf War in 1991. 
Schneerson the head of the Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet RED ESAU Vipers pit
and the promoters of the Congress treason of HJR 104, PL 102-14
[quotation from Rabbi Schneerson's discourse begins now]

"As explained above, the emergence from exile [of the Jewish people] [explanation: the vast majority of world Jewry are presently scattered all over the world in exile as a result of the Roman conquest of the Holy Land circa year 70 of the common era] is associated with two factors: [FIRST FACTOR STATED NOW] A) the elevation of the sparks of holiness that have fallen into exile [When God made the world..
GOD the Father scattered them into eternal exile for their satanic worship of devils...see Ezekiel 8
..sparks of Holiness fell into physical creation]. 
Isa:50:11: Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow
This is accomplished through our observance of Torah and mitzvos [The Jewish Bible and its Commandments] (Talmud Bavli, Mystery Babylon) and our service of "May all your deeds be for the sake of heaven" in which we use the material substance of the world for a spiritual intent. 
spirits of devils working iniquity
[SECOND FACTOR STATED NOW] B) The destruction and nullification of those negative factors which cannot be elevated to holiness. For this reason, we find many prophecies describing the fall of the nations which ruled over the Jews, e.g., "Babylon has fallen and she will be broken,"
and they have their Eretz ISREALHELL of Babylon PROPER back now, and their Noahide Laws are in effect in Iraq, and all who opposes them will be slain by the Murderous Bushkevik ad-menstruation of Blasphemy and TREASON

And saviors will ascend on Mount Zion to judge the Mount of Esav." [Rabbi Schneerson now continues his discourse]
Their saviors are devils working iniquity, for there is ONE SION God's HOLY MOUNT IN HEAVEN and ONE JUDGE, and ONE TEMPLE, these Vipers thought to destroy, and that Temple was raised on the THIRD Day and ascended to the KINGDOM of the Father, Sion and HE, Jesus the Christ is the TEMPLE Therein

The only nations which will remain will be those which help and support the Jewish people, as it is written, "I will send refugees
from them... and they shall bring their brethren from among the nations an offering to G-d... upon My holy mountain Jerusalem."
And the angels will harvest his, unto him, at Sion God;s Holy Mountain in Heaven into that Beautiful white and unblemished Bride, that City New Jerusalem, and He Jesus will be the LIGHT of it unto his seed the seed of Abraham, by faith, heirs to His Promise, for these are spiritual ISRAEL, circumcised of the Heart by Faith unwavering.
 At that time, "I will transform all the nations to a pure tongue, so that they will all call upon the name of G-d, to form a single block." see footnote [284]
Footnote [284] The nullification of the gentile powers and the positive transformation of those who remain is reflected in the Zohar's statements at the conclusion of Parshas Vaeira:
the gentile's are them who "say" they are jews, but who are not the seed of Abraham by faith, for God can raise rocks to be the seed of Abraham, but these "SAYERS" deny Jesus the Christ, and in their sick perverted oral tradition of Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah, say that Jesus the Christ, is a bastard and the son of a whore and a Roman soldier. And noe apostate "Amaraka" the self styled Evangelical Judeo-Churchians say their god is the God of the Jews, and the Jews say their god the tetragrammaton, that angel of darkness who has "Illuminated" himself to be an angel of light, of the Illuminated "masters" the Hassidim of Chabad Lubavitch, Has no ONLY Begotten son, but that they are gods.....These evangelicals by Blasphemy and TREASON Deliver to themselves their destruction and death in the covenant with death and hell they too have made. In their self righteousness, by their unbelief, they fell for the "Secret "Rapture of Scofield and the Judaizers, so they do not know what is upon them, and when these vipers begain slaying the saints of Jesus the Christ for the Testimony they hold, they in fear will cling to the Moshiach of hell, as their redeemer.

"There will come a time when the descendants of Yishmael [All Arab peoples trace their lineage back to {Y}Ishmael who was one of Abraham's sons.] will stir up great battles in the world.... At that time, a nation from the ends of the world will be aroused... and will wage war with them ... and at that time
ISREALHELL'S Jewrisdiction of the USA
Summary #2:- The Zohar that is being cited states that God will bring about a transformation of all the nations and that this will occur in the time frame of a multi-national war against the descendents of Ishmael. Sound familiar?
Yes it does rabid ribeye yess, for then the LORD will come in his Glory with ten thousands of his saints they killed


...In the future, the children of Yishmael will rule over the Holy land for a long time while the land is empty, just as their circumcision is empty and without completion. 
Turn rightside up, for these hassidim are the gentiles, and only the saints of God are the TRUE ISRAEL, these are "SAYERS
And they will hinder the children of Israel from returning to their place, until their merit in the Holy land runs out. In the future the children of Yishmael will stir great wars in the world.
the Talmudic Hasidim are stirring these wars, do not be deceived, their puppet of Dan, Heil Bushkevik is promoting their Noahide scheme of the Dragon
 And the children of Edom [the West] will gather against them, and make war with them, one on the sea, and one on the land, and one by Jerusalem; 
Gulf War
Bush's war on Terror, turned illegal treasonous war of murder
then....Megiddo of God MaGoG of shema-GoG....WWIII
and each one will prevail over the other but the Holy land will not fall to the hands of Edom. 
of Dan
At the same time, a nation from the end of the world will be awakened against wicked Rome.(Rome here is said to refer to the spiritual center of western civilization) and it will make war against her for three months, and many nations will gather there, and they will fall by her hand, until all the children of Edom will gather against her from all corners of the earth.
China......Russia? alarming news from the east and the north
 And then G-d will awaken Himself against them, as it says, "a sacrificial slaughter for the Lord in Batzra", and it says, "to shake the corners of the Land". And after this, the children of Yishmael will be finished from the world. And all the supernal powers of the nations will be broken, and no power will remain above except for the power of Israel alone.
and we, Israel of the LORD GOD, will be with him in Sion, and he comes with ten thousands of his saints, and who can stand against the KING of KINGS?



How they twist the TRUTH

Bush's Big Blunder

The defining moment in George W. Bush's presidency was clearly the terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001. 

perfect set up to enforce the Noahide Laws upon the earth

Within days, the president realized the full significance of that atrocity as the Pearl Harbor of a new global war -- a terrorist war on Western democracies in general, and on the United States, in particular.

which would pit Ishmael against the west for the vision of the shemborg collective plan

Unlike the US' European allies, who, with the exception of Great Britain, are still unable to fathom the full extent of the Islamic war on their continent, the US, under President Bush's leadership, has declared war and is actively pursing all terrorist groups around the globe.

all "Rogue" nations, any who oppose the Hoodlum haha of that old dragon

Europe -- enervated by a shrinking Christian population, by a lack of national spirit, by a now sixty-year old war-phobia brought on by the horrors of World War II -- has, in effect, thrown in the towel. It is slowly being conquered by Islam; so far, with barely a shot being fired in its defense. Europe's completely porous borders reflect its Swiss cheese-like immigration policies that have permitted its Arab population since the sixties to grow geometrically, so that today, one out of every ten Europeans is Muslim.

Listen closely....dig into the wall deeply, hear their propaganda of hatred incitement and treason

Ten percent. That is the critical demographic Muslim mass, and whenever that fraction has been attained by Muslim residents of any state on the planet, it marked the onset of civil unrest, violence, political instability, religious intolerance and secessionist demands. The Philippines, Kashmir, Chechnya, Israel and now Europe are the most obvious examples of that phenomenon.

they raise the bloodlust level in their PROXY

In addition to Mr. Bush's commitment to militarily root out Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, the president realizes that the long term victory of the West over radical Islam will only come when, in the places it sprouts and gets it sustenance, a counter-culture will be actively encouraged -- a culture of freedom, democracy and hope for a better life. 

Noahide Demon-crazy of TREASON and sorcery and Blasphemy of hell

The fact that the president has been able to all but defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to bring about free elections in both states, bodes well for the prospects of freedom and democracy (Noahidism)  throughout the Muslim World; that is, if the president will not relent, and will pursue his dream evenly across the Middle East board without sentiment and favoritism to former "friends".

So, where have the president's policies gone wrong? Only in a sliver of land, a tiny place, but a place with great moral, political and religious importance to Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. That place is called Israel, the Holy Land.

that Spiritual SODOM and EGYPT where OUR LORD was crucified that whore city Jerusalem whose robes are stained with the blood of the saints of the LORD, where they crucified our Lord Jesus and killed his messengers his Prophets

Islam's general antipathy for the West, for Christians, for democracy, for modernity has been distilled and focused into radical anti-Americanism relatively recently. On the other hand, ever since 1948, Islam has seen Israel as America's proxy in the Middle East, and used war against the Jewish state as a more "legitimate" and more "politically correct" outlet for its anti-Americanism. Thus, what happened to the US on 9/11/01 has been happening to Israel since its birth in 1948. 

SO ISREALHELL Shared the Pain

Just in that year alone, one percent of the newly born state's population was killed by Arabs. To put that number in perspective, it is comparable to the killing of 2.8 million Americans in a war, God forbid.

hahahha build your Judeo Churchian bloodlust now, for it will soon turn against you in your deceptions

Over the years, an additional 14,000 Israeli Jews were murdered by terrorist attacks or killed in wars instigated by Israel's Arab neighbors. No matter how one analyzes it, the bottom line is that Israel is seen by its neighbors as Western, democratic, Christian-like, foreign -- and, therefore, intolerable. 

see how he throws "Christian like" in the fray of his deception

Islam refers to both Christians and Jews derogatorily as dimmi -- second-class citizens who must always be on a lower socioeconomic rung, in keeping with their lower theological status.

as Talmud Bavli says all goyim, non-jews are as animals and slaves

 Thus, the Arabs tried to destroy Israel while in its birth pangs, when it was even tinier than today, and seemingly helpless. 

helpless with over 200 nuclear weapons

They tried again in 1956, in 1967 and in 1973 in conventional military and economic acts of aggression. Since 1996, they are engaged in a terrorist war that has lasted eight years and counting. History has shown that no matter how small Israel will be, due to its being a proponent of American ideals, it will not be permitted to live in peace by its neighbors. That is an awful truth that both Jews and Christians have to accept, and the sooner the better -- for Israel, the US and the world.

thus the evangelical proselytes of that spiritual Sodom cling to whoredom of their beloved "Chosen" who choose the "Robber"

So, why has Mr. Bush, who is so actively opposing Islamic terrorism in every corner of the world, and is pushing Arab states to move toward democracy, so blind when it comes to the first and primary object of Arab anti-Western, anti-democratic hatred -- Israel?

for he is Dan the serpent by the wayside

Apparently, despite President Bush's initial surprise at Ariel Sharon's "disengagement" plan, he has come to accept it and now even incorporates it into his "Road Map". But how can he do this? Surely he must know that by retreating from Gaza, Israel will create a military vacuum there, transforming it into a terrorist mini-state controlled by Hamas and Islamic Jihad -- two organizations whose "terrorist" credentials are beyond dispute. That is not only the opinion of this writer, but the firm position of Israel's current Chief of Staff and the recent head of the General Security Services, both of whom were forced out of office for not towing Sharon's defeatist defense dogma.

Bushkevik knows full well the Road map is destined for hell

To expect, or even hope, that Mahmoud Abbas can or even wants to rein in these groups is to place a huge and dangerous bet on the security of Europe and the US. 

for if it fails they have planted terror under every major city...see "Protocols" of zions and the Dragon

It is important to remember that Hamas is a fanatic religious organization, and as such, if it takes control of Gaza, it's a sure bet to become the next Afghanistan -- a haven for terrorists with global ambitions. That is the position of Ya'acov Amidror, former head of intelligence for the Israel Defense Forces.

hahahahhahahha by deception they do war

As soon as Israel leaves Gaza, it will morph, under Hamas' leadership, into Al-Qaeda's base in the Mediterranean, the underbelly of Europe. The US' war against terror will take a huge step backwards. Some say that Hamas can be encouraged to change, to become a purely political party. To expect Hamas -- a fanatic religious organization -- to be integrated into the Palestinian Authority, and to abandon its basic religious goals, is the height of naivete and wishful thinking -- and a bet that the US can't afford to take.

they so fear opposition they must destroy by deception and PROXY

If Mr. Bush is sincere and consistent in his drive to change the Middle East into a region moving toward democracy (Noahide)  and freedom,(Slavery) he must face the facts that the autocratic kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Jordan are the first to go, for they are the worst enemies of democracy and the best havens for frustrated radical extremists and their adherents. 

thus the seven nations to get Babylon proper

Pressure must be put on Saudi Arabia and Jordan to begin the long process of democratization. (Noahidization) King Abdullah of Jordan will eventually have to abdicate, or at best remain a figurehead. There is no other way for democracy in Jordan to take off.

The Jordanian people - 70% of whom are Palestinians -- will then create a Palestinian state east of the Jordan River, and that will obviate the need for a second Palestinian state west of the Jordan. A Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza will be a state whose existence will be a daily threat to the existence of Israel. 

hahahhahah the double cross against Ishmael and the US continues

It will be a terrorist state that will destabilize the region, will export terrorism to Europe, to America, to the world at-large, a state that will receive military and financial aid not only from Hamas, but also from Hizbullah, Al-Qaeda and every other anti-Western gang in the world.

fear...fear...fear...terror...terror...the sky is falling

Israel is a tiny country (about the size of New Jersey), whose population density is one of the world's highest -- ten times that of the US. Over time, the pressure for land and water will inevitably lead to strife with the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, even if the Arab population there can be miraculously brainwashed of Islam's fourteen-hundred-year-old indoctrination of Jew-hating. 

Thus the lust for Eretz ISREALHELL

On the other hand, Jordan already occupies three-quarters of Palestine, it is largely barren and under-populated. It quacks like Palestine, walks like Palestine and looks like Palestine.

But the best reason for declaring Jordan as Palestine and giving Israel sovereignty over the so-called West Bank, as Mr. Bush knows very well, is that God granted it to the Jewish people as part of their homeland -- not a hundred years ago, not a thousand years ago, but 3,717 years ago. 

and God taketh away

Mr. Bush, read your Bible.


 Judea, Samaria and Gaza belong to Israel as its "Divine Destiny", and that is the best reason for the president to oppose all efforts to resist God's written mandate for the Jewish people.

Mr. Bush should do two things. First, it's time to tell Mr. Sharon to stop his self-serving personal machinations to stay in power at the expense of the welfare of Israel, the US and the world. Second, he should fully understand the traditional anti-Jewish/anti-Israel position of the Europeans.

Daniel 11;

18: After this shall he turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many: but a prince for his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease; without his own reproach he shall cause it to turn upon him.


 Nothing better illustrates Europe's moral bankruptcy vis-a-vis Israel than the fact that even as the Germans were transporting, incarcerating and burning millions of Jews all over Europe, Britain was arrogantly holding on to its Mandate in Palestine, refusing to let Jewish survivors of the Holocaust enter their homeland. Even the most pro-Israel pope ever, John Paul II, could not come to fully accept the role of the Church's two-thousand-year-old enmity for Jews as a prime cause and facilitator of the Holocaust.

The Sanhedrin's Catholicos of the Sime-ON Magus of Nimrods high priesthood of Babylon

As the Holocaust's horrific memories dimmed with time,(insert PROXY here)  Europe's traditional anti-Jewish sentiments returned, disguised this time as anti-Israelism, fuelled by nefarious Arab claims of victimization. Desirous of finding favor with the Middle East oil barons, and increasingly influenced by a rising Arab population, Europe's anti-Israelism has grown ever more intense, more unabashed, and in some cases, virulent. It would be a great mistake today for President Bush, in his attempt to gain European acceptance for his war in Iraq and for his global war on terror, which will be at most "quarter-hearted", to make Israel the sacrificial lamb of that bargain. Europe's moral bankruptcy should not be America's. This is President Bush's greatest challenge, and so far, his greatest blunder


"IT" just ain't gonna happen

"It Became the Cornerstone"

Passover is now behind us. The holiday was both relaxing and invigorating - a chance to spend more time with the family and more time with Am Yisrael. Here in Hebron, well over 30,000 visitors flocked to the streets, partaking in tours of Ma'arat HaMachpela and all the Jewish neighborhoods in the city. The pinnacle of Hebron's holiday came on Tuesday, when thousands celebrated the dedication of Beit Menachem, a new apartment building in the Admot Yishai-Tel Rumeida neighborhood.

The new structure, named for the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneerson,, houses seven families and the Ohr Shlomo Torah Center. Participating in the ceremonies were Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, the former Chief Rabbi and Rishon L'Tzion, Rabbi Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of Hebron-Kiryat Arba, and Rabbi Leibel Gruner, former secretary to the Rebbe. Speaker of the Knesset Rubi Rivlin, a staunch friend of Hebron and an unwavering supporter of all Eretz Yisrael also participated, and spoke not only about the significance of Hebron, but also of the vital importance of Gush Katif and the northern Shomron. Rivlin steadfastly opposes Sharon's plans to abandon these regions to our enemies.

The dedication ceremonies included an official introduction to the Tel Hebron Excavations, located directly under Beit Menachem. 

the cave where Mooshiyuck is "Hiding"

Fascinating artifacts, dating back over four thousand five hundred years - i.e., to the days of Noah - were discovered during this archeological dig, some five years ago. Amongst the finds: a four thousand five hundred year old wall, a four thousand year old road and house, and wine cisterns only 1,500 years old. Archeologists also uncovered seals imprinted on pottery from the era of King Hezekiah, some 2,700 years ago, which had written on them, in ancient Hebrew, the word "Hebron".(Chevron)  After these seals were discovered, the archeologists told us, "If anyone had any doubts as to whether this is the authentic site of ancient, Biblical Hebron, those doubts have all been erased. We have positive proof that Jews lived here from the days of Abraham."

Thus Moshiach ben satan 

Of course, celebrations could not have been complete without the semi-annual Hebron music festival, outside Ma'arat HaMachpela, where Israeli artists performed all afternoon for crowds of music-lovers.

However, this Passover, the limelight of activities was not only in Hebron. All eyes were on Gush Katif and the northern Shomron, the focal points of this spring's holiday. The tens and hundreds of thousands of Jews who flooded these regions with a massive outpouring of love and support proved again that Am Yisrael is bound to its land with all its heart and soul. There were those who used these activities to eulogize the twenty-six communities and their almost 10,000 residents, calling the events a kind of 'last hurrah' or farewell. But in reality, these outings were nothing of the sort. They were only a precursor to what will occur should the Ariel Sharon expulsion plan actually begin. These hundreds of thousands, and many more whose beliefs are identical, will take to the streets on the day these areas are declared 'off-limits' and if, G-d forbid, following Tisha b'Av, the police and army should move in. The vibrant electricity that was in the air - the determination never to give up, never relinquish our land, never to lose faith, to continue to grow and build - was tangible.

all about their flesh and land, nothing about the Father in Heaven and his Christ

I had never before visited the Homesh community, located in the northern Shomron. In truth, standing at the neighborhood's highest point, I could not believe my eyes. Looking west, the Mediterranean Sea is clearly visible, only 30 to 40 kilometers away. From the top of Homesh, you can see, on a clear day, from Netanya via Hadera to Tel Aviv and further south, to Ashdod. It is truly unbelievable. No, not the view – that, too, is breathtaking - rather, what is unbelievable is that an Israeli prime minister initiated a plan to give this land, free of charge, to our sworn enemies. This peak is one of the most strategically important areas in Israel. It overlooks the entire coast. My host, Benny, who has lived there for many years, told us unequivocally, "Arik Sharon knows this land like the back of his hand; he knows exactly what he's giving them."

Unbelievable. Only last week, Ma'ariv newspaper's internet site headlined the fact that anti-aircraft and anti-tank weaponry has reached Judea and Samaria. Missiles knocking down aircraft landing or taking off from Ben-Gurion Airport is not a laughing matter. Yet, in this week's press, it was reported that Sharon is considering transforming the four north Shomron communities into 'camps' for the so-called 'Palestinian police'. I guess that will be good training for them – looking out from the Shomron hills, down at the coast, planning their next terror attack, from air, land or sea.

I did hear one very interesting story which I feel almost obligated to repeat. A company (I don't remember which), after receiving the contract to evacuate all the material property belonging to families, offices, organizations, etc. as part of the expulsion program, concluded that they would need two thousand gigantic containers, utilized around the clock, in order to fulfill their 'mission'. The only company in Israel that could provide such containers is the Israeli shipping corporation Zim. When they met with Zim executives, asking how many containers the company could provide, they were told three or four hundred at most. Shocked, they insisted that Zim obtain all the containers they needed, but were refused. "It can't be done; it costs too much money. We can't do it."

So, if containers are out, what next? They then approached the largest trucking company in Israel and began negotiating with them for a huge fleet of trucks. When the trucking executives asked why they needed the vehicles, they were told, "For the disengagement." At that point, the trucking company executives pointed to the door and said, "Will the last one out please shut the door."

"Why, you don't want the contract?"

"Maybe you didn't hear correctly. The meeting is over."

"But why?"

"The owner of this company made it quite clear – whoever lifts one finger to assist with the so-called 'Disengagement' can start looking for a new job. Have a good day."

This week, Minister of Diaspora Affairs Natan Sharansky submitted his resignation from the government due to his opposition to the abandonment of Gush Katif and the northern Shomron. Though he has not ruled out leaving Gush Katif as part of a 'final status' agreement, Sharansky said, (as quoted from the Jerusalem Post), "Will we, by leaving Gaza encourage freedom of expression and a judicial system that protects human rights?

Noahide laws of Demonicrazy enslavement

 Will the incitement in the Palestinian education system cease? Will the terror groups be dismantled? The answer to all of the above is, of course, no."

In an interview with IDF Radio Monday morning, Sharansky said, "I have always believed that the Disengagement Plan is a heavy price to pay and encourages terrorism." He added, "A cabinet seat is not a job, but a mission. When the only justification for the government's existence is the implementation of the pullout, I do not feel it is my mission."

Sharansky is to be lauded for his courage and honesty. Israel needs more politicians of such integrity.

More promoters of Dan Bushkeviks Noahide enforcement of the hassidic Sanhedrin of hell

I might add several quotes from Friday's Ha'aretz newspaper: "According to a senior-ranking IDF officer: We must accept, as a fact of life, that immediately after the disengagement the 'West Bank' will erupt in flames. We cannot allow the other side to have Kassam missiles and anti-tank weapons.

they must remain slaves of humiliation armed with only rocks

"Why don't officers speak openly about the dangers of eruption after the disengagement? When senior-ranking officers are asked about this, they usually tend to be evasive."

I began this commentary with the dedication of Beit Menachem in Admot Yishai. One of themes repeated by several of the speakers was from Psalms 118:22, "Even ma'asu habonim, haita l'rosh pina," which means, "The stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone." This verse can be interpreted representing many different events, but I think today its significance is clear. This land, which some people have despised and rejected, this land is to become the most significant of all. 

that Harlot City spiritual Sodom and Egypt where Jesus the Christ was crucified

Gush Katif, Samaria, Judea, Homesh, Sanur, N'vei Dekalim, Kfar Darom - the land unwanted by the builders - this land will be known as the cornerstone of Eretz Yisrael

of Mystery Babylon


e-mail received 5-4-2005

----- Original Message -----
To: ; ;
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 9:20 AM
Subject: critical book on chabad-lubavitch. a question

ladies and gentlemen,
i recently have finished a critical book on the occult-fundamentalist chabad-cult - now i am looking for a jewish author, who would be willing, to "frame" the work with a foreword. could you help me, by naming hebrew chabad-critics you have heard about?
thank you for thinking about my inquiry and - congratulations for your brilliant work!!!
warm regards from munich/germany
wolfgang eggert

My response

I know none who are willing to confront the Chabad Lubavitch.
But, Please send me a copy asap

His reply

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 10:32 AM
Subject: Re: critical book on chabad-lubavitch. a question

dear robert,

thanks a lot for your answer.

you can see the text - unfortunately so far only in german - on the publishing-homepage

i give you an english summary, what
"first manhattan, then berlin -end time fanatics are forcing the end" - is dealing about:

the book starts with, lets say, a true story of a fictionized song-text. i am refering to leonard cohen´s brilliant "first we take manhattan, then we take berlin". when 9/11 happened, cohen immedeately was asked, if he had foreseen the wtc-desaster, when he wrote his lyrics twenty years earlier - the singer said: yes, "first we" can be understood as being written from the view of a high-tech-terrorist, sitting in a plane.
"how could he have known", i asked myself, when I first heard about this interview. cohen answered this question by himself, saying, that his texts are often inspired by
wise chassids, he had talked with.

------ so far the colourful world of art, we are leaving now to meet some darker sides of politics, when the author takes the role of "inspector colombo"------

my questions, answers and (some) proofs are as follows
1. who are the chassids - members of a kabbalistic sect, which shows a path to god. some of them are "political" active, some passive.
2. what is the aim of the active fraction - see my first letter ("thesis")
3. do they have enough influence on/within judaism, to put their "israeli view" of the "tikkun" (Hoodlum haha)  into reality? - yes. Israeli politics, made by
schneerson, kook et al. temple-mount fundamentalism, 6-days-war, predicted by schabatai schiloh and rav kook. gush emunim & rav kook´s merkaz harav. the first iraqi-war: "bible code author" dr. jeffrey satinover says, that mossad officials tried to read the future from the bible, before they started "secular actions" on the political platform. the murder of rabin: prophecied in old scriptures, before occult rabbis (avraham hecht, avigdor askin) shouted: "kill the pm". rabin condemned as a rodef - by a pulsa denura. after the muder - the end of a secular israel. moshe katsav, pupil of schneerson; netanjahu, pupil of merkaz harav (says rabbi david samson), the minister of justice/law, pupil of rav kook (says -samson), scharon, (Sharon)  money puppet of the temple-mount fanatic .
4. does active chassidism have enough influence on/within the northern might-hemisphere, to put its "wider range"  of the "tikkun" into reality? - yes  irrational politics by irrational fundamentalist-networks:
end-times christian in americas bible-belt. (Judeo-Churchinsanity evangelicals of the leaven of the Pharisees)


Its influence on the bush administration. in foreign service: americas right wing "israel lobby". a (un-) controlled society: high-degree, politic aiming, freemasonry. p2.  quatuor-coronati 2076

 and the temple mount. the historical speech of henri l. baranger, 33. degr., souverane grand-commander of the french supreme order: our work is political. its aims: to fulfill end-times prophecy. "no one is as strong as they are": lubavitch-lobbying in washington

5. "the towers of rome"- 9/11, a biblical incident?  Rabbis say yes.  Traces of the incident lead to near east and the neocons.

Talmudic jews of dan in the whitehouse

 bible-prophecy, talmud, kabbala. theme- relevant 9/11 connections: bin laden, cia-puppet since afghanistan-war against ussr. invented americas international "war against terror" in 1999. us´neocon pnac predicted in 2000: we need a second pearl harbor, to get an american imperium started within the next years. the oil lobby "made" bushs presidency, and it was them, who - with the d.o.d. - planned an afghanistan war for oil, which was planned to be started on october 2001 (actual war startet the same time). the second iraq-war, from purim to purim- foreseen by schneerson

Pnac/neocons (Talmudic jews)  made bush declare war on iraq, says nyt-friedman. and I forced congress, says chabad-darling lieberman. how the nato was being lied into war.
6. bushs next  target: iran. the problems: 1. how to manipulate the people into the war, who no longer believe the pentagon (lies about iraq-weapons-threat) to get europe, "the axis of unwilligness" into the boat. a possible solution: a major abc-weapon-
terror- attack in berlin or paris, with traces to teheran. the neocon iran-basher and cia covert-actions-expert michael "gladio" ledeen: germany and france are friends of islamic terror and could be our next targets. 

occult excuses for a bloodbath, from a near eastern perspective: god made germany to be israels big antaginest, says rabbi david kimschi. is history repeating? astonishing historical parallels between countries, their leaders, and their terror: comparing the usa with germany & the 30/40s with today
7. brutal implications:
next war may be apocalyptic. visions from the kabbala: "in rome/usa three towers will fall. then a fire will come from the temple mount", says moshiach online. bible-code-bestseller michael drosnin: "the old scriptures foresee a third nuclear world war". drosnin discusses with pm shimon peres and mossad-chief danny yatom. bible prophecy accepted?: avigdor lieberman: "let´s bomb cairo and teheran". prof. martin van crefeld: "we are able to destroy the world". saul zadka: "perhaps we should destroy europe". prof. ian lustick: a long time running war or a nuclear apocalypsis are sure - when ´"jewish" fundamentalism come to power in israel.

Talmudic Sanhedrin and the Dan Bushkeviks Hassidim

8. the messiahs donkeys:
biblical messianism means anti-semitism. rabbi eliezer waldmann/rav kook: total war and bloodbath are needed for the birth of the messiah. 

Moshiach "REVEALED" by sacrifice of billions


"american jerusalem temple foundation", falwell, robertson, reagan, bush : the last fight must take place in israel. second shoah ahead: in israel millions will have to die...

Matthew 24:

15: When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
16: Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:
17: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:
18: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
19: And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
20: But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
21: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
22: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.


Chertoff the Talmudic Jew who will enforce the Talmudic Laws of Noahide for his "Homelandt "SAY" kurity of Dan of the Sanhedrin the "Revived" beast out of the sea, for the Moshiach ben satan, that soon to be "REVEALED" Moshiach, has made the "MOVE" against the saints of Christ Jesus the LORD

Chertoff Moves For Total
Personal Information Control
DHS Chief Floats Idea Of Collecting Data On Private Citizens
Call It Total Information Awareness, Homeland-Style.
By Siobhan Gorman
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff this week floated an idea to start a nonprofit group that would collect information on private citizens, flag suspicious activity, and send names of suspicious people to his department.
see Hitler and the enablink akt
The idea, which Chertoff tossed out at an April 27 meeting with security-industry officials, is reminiscent of the Defense Department's now-dead Total Information Awareness program that sought to sift though heaps of foreign intelligence information to root out potential terrorist activity.
According to one techie who attended the April 27 meeting, Chertoff told the group, "Maybe we can create a nonprofit and track people's activities, and an algorithm could red-flag individuals. Then, the nonprofit could give us the names."
and thus a non prophet should be hunted down like a dog and hanged for TREASON
Chertoff also suggested that private industry form a group to collect proprietary information about cyber- and other infrastructure-security breaches from companies; scrub it of identifying information; aggregate it; and pass it along to the department. The financial services industry already has such a group.
so that no man buy or sell unless thwey have the Mark of their beast
"The secretary was responding to a hypothetical question with a hypothetical answer," said Homeland Security Department press secretary Brian Roehrkasse. "He did not offer specific programmatic content or discuss any specific proposed approach. Rather, he was discussing, in general terms, the importance of this issue of balancing security and privacy."
of High TREASON and Blasphemy
Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, organized the gathering of about 50 security-industry executives from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Verizon. 
Reached by phone at the meeting, he characterized the event as "an organizational meeting to discuss how the [information-technology] industry can work more effectively with each other" and with the Homeland Security Department.
ahahahahahahahahahaha good bye internet
Because the meeting was closed to the press, Miller would not discuss Chertoff's comments.
satan always meets in secrecy
One meeting participant said that Chertoff told the group that having a nonprofit collect names rather than the government "would alleviate some of the concerns people have." Not so for this participant: "This is what made me sort of shift in my seat. It sounds like investigating every person for no reason." He was particularly concerned that an unknown formula created by this new group would determine the red flags.
the Pre-Cogs of the shemborg collective are about now, seeking whom they can devour



Planned US-Israeli
Attack on Iran
By Michel Chossudovsky
At the outset of Bush's second term, Vice President Dick Cheney dropped a bombshell. He hinted, in no uncertain terms, that Iran was "right at the top of the list" of the rogue enemies of America, and that Israel would, so to speak, "be doing the bombing for us", without US military involvement and without us putting pressure on them "to do it":
after all the US just sent them 150 depleted uranium bunker buster bombs
"One of the concerns people have is that Israel might do it without being asked... Given the fact that Iran has a stated policy that their objective is the destruction of Israel, the Israelis might well decide to act first, and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess afterwards," (quoted from an MSNBC Interview Jan 2005)
A.html Israel is a Rottweiler on a leash: The US wants to "set Israel loose" to attack Iran.
Commenting the Vice President's assertion, former National Security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski in an interview on PBS, confirmed with some apprehension, yes: Cheney wants Prime Ariel Sharon to act on America's behalf and "do it" for us:
do it for them...ISREALHELL
"Iran I think is more ambiguous. And there the issue is certainly not tyranny; it's nuclear weapons. And the vice president today in a kind of a strange parallel statement to this declaration of freedom hinted that the Israelis may do it and in fact used language which sounds like a justification or even an encouragement for the Israelis to do it."
The foregoing statements are misleading. The US is not "encouraging Israel". What we are dealing with is a joint US-Israeli military operation to bomb Iran, which has been in the active planning stage for more than a year. 
when US troops are in out world
The Neocons (Talmudic Jews)  in the Defense Department, under Douglas Feith, have been working assiduously with their Israeli military and intelligence counterparts, carefully identifying targets inside Iran
Seymour Hersh,
Under this working arrangement, Israel will not act unilaterally, without a green light from Washington. In other words, Israel will not implement an attack without the participation of the US.
Covert Intelligence Operations: Stirring Ethnic Tensions in Iran
Meanwhile, for the last two years, Washington has been involved in covert intelligence operations inside Iran. American and British intelligence and special forces (working with their Israeli counterparts) are involved in this operation.
"A British intelligence official said that any campaign against Iran would not be a ground war like the one in Iraq. The Americans will use different tactics, said the intelligence officer. 'It is getting quite scary.'"
Nukes of the murderers
Evening Standard, 17 June 2003,
The expectation is that a US-Israeli bombing raid of Iran's nuclear facilities will stir up ethnic tensions and trigger "regime change" in favor of the US.
See Arab Monitor,
Bush advisers believe that the "Iranian opposition movement" will unseat the Mullahs. This assessment constitutes a gross misjudgment of social forces inside Iran. What is more likely to occur is that Iranians will consistently rally behind a wartime government against foreign aggression. In fact, the entire Middle East and beyond would rise up against US interventionism.
Retaliation in the Case of a US-Israeli Aerial Attack
Tehran has confirmed that it will retaliate if attacked, in the form of ballistic missile strikes directed against Israel (CNN, 8 Feb 2005). These attacks, could also target US military facilities in the Persian Gulf, which would immediately lead us into a scenario of military escalation and all out war.
see Hellfire sunburn missle's..that ISREALHELL has, and will blame on IRAN
In other words, the air strikes against Iran could contribute to unleashing a war in the broader Middle East Central Asian region.
Moreover, the planned attack on Iran should also be understood in relation to the timely withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, which has opened up a new space, for the deployment of Israeli forces. The participation of Turkey in the US-Israeli military operation is also a factor, following an agreement reached between Ankara and Tel Aviv.
the Ouroboros is completed in Constanople
In other words, US and Israeli military planners must carefully weigh the far-reaching implications of their actions.
Israel Builds up its Stockpile of Deadly Military Hardware
A massive buildup in military hardware has occurred in preparation for a possible attack on Iran.
Israel has recently taken delivery from the US of some 5,000 "smart air launched weapons" including some 500 rticle1198.html BLU 109 'bunker-buster bombs. The (uranium coated) munitions are said to be more than "adequate to address the full range of Iranian targets, with the possible exception of the buried facility at Natanz, which may require the [more powerful] http: // BLU-113 bunker buster ":
"Given Israel's already substantial holdings of such weapons, this increase in its inventory would allow a sustained assault with or without further US involvement."
See Richard Bennett,
The Israeli Air Force would attack http://www.globa Iran's nuclear facility at Bushehr using US as well Israeli produced bunker buster bombs. The attack would be carried out in three separate waves "with the radar and communications jamming protection being provided by U.S. Air Force AWACS and other U.S. aircraft in the area".
See W Madsen,
Bear in mind that the bunker buster bombs can also be used to deliver tactical nuclear bombs. The B61-11 is the "nuclear version" of the "conventional" BLU 113. It can be delivered in much same way as the conventional bunker buster bomb.
(See Michel Chossudovsky,
see also< FONT SIZE=+1>
According to the Pentagon, tactical nuclear weapons are "safe for civilians". Their use has been authorized by the US Senate.
See Michel Chossudovsky,
Moreover, reported in late 2003, Israeli Dolphin-class submarines equipped with US Harpoon missiles armed with nuclear warheads are now aimed at Iran.
See Gordon Thomas,
Even if tactical nuclear weapons are not used by Israel, an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities not only raises the specter of a broader war, but also of nuclear radiation over a wide area:
"To attack Iran's nuclear facilities will not only provoke war, but it could also unleash clouds of radiation far beyond the targets and the borders of Iran." (Statement of Prof Elias Tuma, Arab Internet Network, Federal News Service, 1 March 2005)
Moreover, while most reports have centered on the issue punitive air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities, there are indications that the possibility of a ground war is also being contemplated.
 Dan:11:29: At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter.
Iran's Military Capabilities
Despite its overall weaknesses in relation to Israel and the US, Iran has an advanced air defense system, deployed to protect its nuclear sites; "they are dispersed and underground making potential air strikes difficult and without any guarantees of success." (Jerusalem Post, 20 April 2005). It has upgraded its Shahab-3 missile, which can reach targets in Israel. Iran's armed forces have recently conducted high-profile military exercises in anticipation of a US led attack. Iran also possesses some 12 X-55 strategic cruise missiles, produced by the Ukraine. Iran's air defense systems is said to feature Russian SA-2, SA-5, SA-6 as well as shoulder-launched SA-7 missiles (Jaffa Center for Strategic Studies).
The US "Military Road Map"
The Bush administration has officially identified Iran and Syria as the next stage of the road map to war.
for the Sanhedrin Hassidim Pharisees must have Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi, Iran, Egypt and Turkey to finish Greater Babylon Proper of their dragon and his Moshiach ben satan
Targeting Iran is a bipartisan project, which broadly serves the interests of the Anglo-American oil conglomerates, the Wall Street financial establishment and the military-industrial complex.
do not be deceived it benefits the Chabad Lubavitch, and only the Hassidim........everything else will automatucally be theirs...temporarily that is
The broader Middle East-Central Asian region encompasses more than 70% of the World's reserves of oil and natural gas. Iran possesses 10% of the world's oil and ranks third after Saudi Arabia (25 %) and Iraq (11 %) in the size of its reserves. In comparison, the US possesses less than 2.8 % of global oil reserves.
See Eric Waddell, The Battle for Oil,
The announcement to target Iran should come as no surprise. It is part of the battle for oil. Already during the Clinton administration, US Central Command (USCENTCOM) had formulated "in war theater plans" to invade both Iraq and Iran:
It has nothing to do with oil...Do not be deceived...IT is for the shemborg Collective of the son of perdition 
"The broad national security interests and objectives expressed in the President's National Security Strategy (NSS) and the Chairman's National Military Strategy (NMS) form the foundation of the United States Central Command's theater strategy. The NSS directs implementation of a strategy of dual containment of the rogue states of Iraq and Iran as long as those states pose a threat to U.S. interests, to other states in the region, and to their own citizens. Dual containment is designed to maintain the balance of power in the region without depending on either Iraq or Iran. USCENTCOM's theater strategy is interest-based and threat-focused. The purpose of U.S. engagement, as espoused in the NSS, is to protect the United States' vital interest in the region - uninterrupted, secure U.S./Allied access to Gulf oil.
Main Military Actors
While the US, Israel, as well as Turkey are the main actors in this process, a number of other countries, in the region, allies of the US, including several Central Asian former Soviet republics have been enlisted. Britain is closely involved despite its official denials at the diplomatic level. Turkey occupies a central role in the Iran operation. It has an extensive military cooperation agreement with Israel. There are indications that NATO is also formally involved in the context of an Israel-NATO agreement reached in November 2004.
Planning The Aerial Attack on Iran
According to former weapons inspector Scott Ritter, George W. Bush has already signed off on orders for an aerial attack on Iran, scheduled for June.
See http://www.globalresea
The June cut-off date should be understood. It does not signify that the attack will occur in June. What it suggests is that the US and Israel are "in a state of readiness" and are prepared to launch an attack by June or at a later date. In other words, the decision to launch the attack has not been made.
Ritter's observation concerning an impending military operation should nonetheless be taken seriously. In recent months, there is ample evidence that a major military operation is in preparation:
1) several high profile military exercises have been conducted in recent months, involving military deployment and the testing of weapons systems.
2) military planning meetings have been held between the various parties involved. There has been a shuttle of military and government officials between Washington, Tel Aviv and Ankara.
3) A significant change in the military command structure in Israel has occurred, with the appointment of a new Chief of Staff.
4) Intense diplomatic exchanges have been carried out at the international level with a view to securing areas of military cooperation and/or support for a US-Israeli led military operation directed against Iran.
5) Ongoing intelligence operations inside Iran have been stepped up.
6) Consensus Building: Media propaganda on the need to intervene in Iran has been stepped up, with daily reports on how Iran constitutes a threat to peace and global security.
Timeline of Key Initiatives
In the last few months, various key initiatives have been taken, which are broadly indicative that an aerial bombing of Iran is in the military pipeline:
November 2004 in Brussels: NATO-Israel protocol: Israel's IDF delegation to the NATO conference to met with military brass of six members of the Mediterranean basin nations, including Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania. "NATO seeks to revive the framework, known as the Mediterranean Dialogue program, which would include Israel. The Israeli delegation accepted to participate in military exercises and "anti-terror maneuvers" together with several Arab countries.
January 2005: the US, Israel and Turkey held http://forum.keypublishing.c military exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean , off the coast of Syria. These exercises, which have been held in previous years were described as routine.
February 2005. Following the decision reached in Brussels in November 2004, Israel was involved for the first time in military exercises with NATO, which also included several Arab countries.
February 2005: Assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The assassination, which was blamed on Syria, serves Israeli and US interests and was used as a pretext to demand the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.
February 2005: Sharon fires his Chief-of-Staff, Moshe Yaalon and appoints Air Force General Dan Halutz. This is the first time in Israeli history that an Air Force General is appointed Chief of Staff
See Uri Avnery, http://www.globalresea
The appointment of Major General Dan Halutz to IDF chief of Staff is considered in Israeli political circles as "the appointment of the right man at the right time." The central issue is that a major aerial operation against Iran is in the planning stage, and Maj General Halutz is slated to coordinate the aerial bombing raids on Iran. Halutz's appointment was specifically linked to the Iran agenda. "As chief of staff, he will in the best position to prepare the military for such a scenario."
March 2005 NATO's Secretary General was in Jerusalem for follow-up talks with Ariel Sharon and Israel's military brass, following the joint NATO-Israel military exercise. These military cooperation ties are viewed by the Israeli military as a means to "enhance Israel's deterrence capability regarding potential enemies threatening it, mainly Iran and Syria." The premise underlying NATO-Israel military cooperation is that Israel is under attack:
"The more Israel's image is strengthened as a country facing enemies who attempt to attack it for no justified reason, the greater will be the possibility that aid will be extended to Israel by NATO. Furthermore, Iran and Syria will have to take into account the possibility that the increasing cooperation between Israel and NATO will strengthen Israel's links with Turkey, also a member of NATO. Given Turkey's impressive military potential and its geographic proximity to both Iran and Syria, Israel's operational options against them, if and when it sees the need, could gain considerable strength. "
Jaffa Center for Strategic Studies, sa/v7n4p4Shalom.html
The Israel-NATO protocol is all the more important because it obligates NATO to align itself with the US-Israeli plan to bomb Iran, as an act of self defense on the part of Israel. It also means that NATO is also involved in the process of military consultations relating to the planned aerial bombing of Iran.
Late March 2005: News leaks in Israel indicated an "initial authorization" by Prime Minster Ariel Sharon of an Israeli attack on Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment plant "if diplomacy failed to stop Iran's nuclear program". (The Hindu, 28 March 2005)
March-April 2005: The Holding in Israel of Joint US-Israeli military exercises specifically pertaining to the launching of Patriot missiles.
US Patriot missile crews stationed in Germany were sent to Israel to participate in http:/ / the joint Juniper Cobra exercise with the Israeli military. The exercise was described as routine and "unconnected to events in the Middle East": "As always, we are interested in implementing lessons learned from training exercises." (UPI, 9 March 2005).
April 2005: Donald Rumsfeld was on an official visits to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. His diplomatic endeavors were described by the Russian media as "literally circling Iran in an attempt to find the best bridgehead for a possible military operation against that country."
In Baku, Azerbaijan Rumsfeld was busy discussing the date for deployment of US troops in Azerbaijan on Iran's North-Western border. US military bases described as "mobile groups" in Azerbaijan are slated to play a role in a military operation directed against Iran.
Azerbaijan is a member of GUUAM, a military cooperation agreement with the US and NATO, which allows for the stationing of US troops in several of the member countries, including Georgia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. The stated short term objective is to "neutralize Iran". The longer term objective under the Pentagon's "Caspian Plan" is to exert military and economic control over the entire Caspian sea basin, with a view to ensuring US authority over oil reserves and pipeline corridors.
During his visit in April, Rumsfeld was pushing the US initiative of establishing "American special task forces and military bases to secure US influence in the Caspian region:
"Called Caspian Watch, the project stipulates a network of special task forces and police units in the countries of the regions to be used in emergencies including threats to objects of the oil complex and pipelines. Project Caspian Watch will be financed by the United States ($100 million). It will become an advance guard of the US European Command whose zone of responsibility includes the Caspian region. Command center of the project with a powerful radar is to be located in Baku." ( Defense and Security Russia, April 27, 2005)
Rumsfeld's visit followed shortly after that of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami's to Baku.
April 2005: Iran signs a military cooperation with Tajikistan, which occupies a strategic position bordering Afghanistan's Northern frontier. Tajikistan is a member of "The Shanghai Five" military cooperation group, which also includes Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. Iran also has economic cooperation with Turkmenistan.
Mid April 2005: Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon meets George W Bush at his Texas Ranch. Iran is on the agenda of bilateral talks. More significantly, the visit of Ariel Sharon was used to carry out high level talks between US and Israeli military planners pertaining to Iran.
Treason Ranch
Late April 2005. President Vladmir Putin is in Israel on an official visit. He announces Russia decision's to sell short-range anti-aircraft missiles to Syria and to continue supporting Iran's nuclear industry. Beneath the gilded surface of international diplomacy, Putin's timely visit to Israel must be interpreted as "a signal to Israel" regarding its planned aerial attack on Iran.
Late April 2005: US pressure in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been exerted with a view to blocking the re-appointment of Mohammed Al Baradei, who according to US officials "is not being tough enough on Iran..." Following US pressures, the vote on the appointment of a new IAEA chief was put off until June. These developments suggest that Washington wants to put forth their own hand-picked nominee prior to launching US-Israeli aerial attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities.
See VOA m/english/2005-04-27-voa51.cfm
(In February 2003, Al Baradei along with UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix challenged the (phony) intelligence on WMD presented by the US to the UN Security Council, with a view to justifying the war on Iraq.)
Late April 2005, Sale of deadly military hardware to Israel. GBU-28 Buster Bunker Bombs: Coinciding with Putin's visit to Israel, the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (Department of Defense) announced the sale of an additional 100 bunker-buster bombs produced by Lockheed Martin to Israel. This decision was viewed by the US media as "a warning to Iran about its nuclear ambitions."
The sale pertains to the larger and more sophisticated "Guided Bomb Unit-28 (GBU-28) BLU-113 Penetrator" http: // the WGU-36A/B guidance control unit and support equipment). The GBU-28 is described as "a special weapon for penetrating hardened command centers located deep underground. The fact of the matter is that the GBU-28 is among the World's most deadly "conventional" weapons used in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, capable of causing thousands of civilian deaths through massive explosions.
The Israeli Air Force are slated to use the GBU-28s on their F-15 aircraft.
See text of DSCA news release at
Late April 2005- early May: Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Israel for follow-up talks with Ariel Sharon. He was accompanied by his Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul, who met with senior Israeli military officials. On the official agenda of these talks: joint defense projects, including the joint production of Arrow II Theater Missile Defense starwars/program/arrow.htm and Popeye II missiles. The latter also known as the Have Lite, are advanced small missiles, designed for deployment on fighter planes. Tel Aviv and Ankara decide to establish a hotline to share intelligence.
May 2005: Syrian troops scheduled to withdraw from Lebanon, leading to a major shift in the Middle East security situation, in favor of Israel and the US.
Iran Surrounded
The US has troops and military bases in Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and of course Iraq.
In other words, Iran is virtually surrounded by US military bases. These countries including Turkmenistan are members of part of NATO`s partnership for Peace Program. and have military cooperation agreement with NATO.
In other words, we are dealing with a potentially explosive scenario in which a number of countries, including several former Soviet republics, could be brought into a US led war with Iran., a Russian based news and military analysis group has suggested, in this regard:
"since Iranian nuclear objects are scattered all over the country, Israel will need a mass strike with different fly-in and fly-out approaches - Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other countries... Azerbaijan seriously fears Tehran's reaction should Baku issue a permit to Israeli aircraft to overfly its territory." (Defense and Security Russia, 12 April 2005).
Concluding remarks:
The World is at an important crossroads.
The Bush Administration has embarked upon a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity.
Iran is the next military target. The planned military operation, which is by no means limited to punitive strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities, is part of a project of World domination, a military roadmap, launched at the end of the Cold War.
Military action against Iran would directly involve Israel's participation, which in turn is likely to trigger a broader war throughout the Middle East, not to mention an implosion in the Palestinian occupied territories. Turkey is closely associated with the proposed aerial attacks.
Israel is a nuclear power with a sophisticated nuclear arsenal. (See text box below). The use of nuclear weapons by Israel or the US cannot be excluded, particularly in view of the fact that tactical nuclear weapons have now been reclassified as a variant of the conventional bunker buster bombs and are authorized by the US Senate for use in conventional war theaters. ("they are harmless to civilians because ther explosion is underground")
In this regard, Israel and the US rather than Iran constitute a nuclear threat.
The planned attack on Iran must be understood in relation to the existing active war theaters in the Middle East, namely Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.
The conflict could easily spread from the Middle East to the Caspian sea basin. It could also involve the participation of Azerbaijan and Georgia, where US troops are stationed.
An attack on Iran would have a direct impact on the resistance movement inside Iraq. It would also put pressure on America's overstretched military capabilities and resources in both the Iraqi and Afghan war theaters. (The 150,000 US troops in Iraq are already fully engaged and could not be deployed in the case of a war with Iran.)
In other words, the shaky geopolitics of the Central Asia- Middle East region, the three existing war theaters in which America is currently, involved, the direct participation of Israel and Turkey, the structure of US sponsored military alliances, etc. raises the specter of a broader conflict.
Moreover, US military action on Iran not only threatens Russian and Chinese interests, which have geopolitical interests in the Caspian sea basin and which have bilateral agreements with Iran. It also backlashes on European oil interests in Iran and is likely to produce major divisions between Western allies, between the US and its European partners as well as within the European Union.
Through its participation in NATO, Europe, despite its reluctance, would be brought into the Iran operation. The participation of NATO largely hinges on a military cooperation agreement reached between NATO and Israel. This agreement would bind NATO to defend Israel against Syria and Iran. NATO would therefore support a preemptive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, and could take on a more active role if Iran were to retaliate following US-Israeli air strikes.
Needless to say, the war against Iran is part of a longer term US military agenda which seeks to militarize the entire Caspian sea basin, eventually leading to the destabilization and conquest of the Russian Federation.
The Antiwar Movement
The antiwar movement must act, consistently, to prevent the next phase of this war from happening.
This is no easy matter. The holding of large antiwar rallies will not in itself reverse the tide of war.
High ranking officials of the Bush administration, members of the military and the US Congress have been granted the authority to uphold an illegal war agenda.
What is required is a grass roots network, a mass movement at national and international levels, which challenges the legitimacy of the military and political actors, and which is ultimately instrumental in unseating those who rule in our name.
War criminals occupy positions of authority. The citizenry is galvanized into supporting the rulers, who are "committed to their safety and well-being". Through media disinformation, war is given a humanitarian mandate.
To reverse the tide of war, military bases must be closed down, the war machine (namely the production of advanced weapons systems) must be stopped and the burgeoning police state must be dismantled.
The corporate backers and sponsors of war and war crimes must also be targeted including the oil companies, the defense contractors, the financial institutions and the corporate media, which has become an integral part of the war propaganda machine.
Antiwar sentiment does not dismantle a war agenda. The war criminals in the US, Israel and Britain must be removed from high office.
What is needed is to reveal the true face of the American Empire and the underlying criminalization of US foreign policy, which uses the "war on terrorism" and the threat of Al Qaeda to galvanize public opinion in support of a global war agenda.
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Everything is in place for Ordo ab chao, WWIII and the "REVEALING of the Moshiach ben satan


Betcha didn't hear thin on the Katy Couric entertainment show this morning

May. 4, 2005 18:56  | Updated May. 4, 2005 21:55
FBI arrests Pentagon analyst in AIPAC scandal

The FBI arrested a Defense Department analyst Wednesday on charges that he illegally passed classified information about potential attacks against US forces in Iraq to employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Larry Franklin, 58, turned himself in Wednesday, FBI spokeswoman Debra Weierman said. He was scheduled to make an initial appearance in US District Court in Virginia later Wednesday, Weierman said.

The charge is the first in an investigation dating back to 2001 about whether Israel improperly obtained classified US information.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

Franklin, who specialized on Iran and Middle Eastern affairs, allegedly gave the information to two people not entitled to receive it at a luncheon meeting at a suburban restaurant in June 2003, FBI agent Catherine Hanna said in an affidavit accompanying the criminal complaint against Franklin.

The people at the lunch were employees of AIPAC, a law enforcement official said on condition of anonymity because they are not identified in court papers.

FBI agents twice searched AIPAC offices as part of the investigation about whether Israel improperly obtained classified US information on Iran. They also have interviewed two AIPAC employees about whether Franklin gave them classified information that wound up with Israel.

AIPAC said it gave the FBI files related to those same two employees, who previously were identified as Steve Rosen, the director of research, and Keith Weissman, deputy director of foreign policy issues.

Neither still works for the group.

A Pentagon official said Franklin continued to work at the Pentagon until his arrest, but he could not immediately say what kind of work he performed or who was his immediate supervisor. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is under FBI investigation.

However, Franklin's top secret security clearance was suspended in June 2004, the Justice Department said. He formerly worked in the office of policy undersecretary Douglas Feith. (Talmudic Jew)

The suspension followed a search of Franklin's West Virginia home that turned up 83 classified documents, Hanna said.

Franklin holds a doctorate in Asian studies and is a colonel in the Air Force Reserves.

The Israeli government has denied spying on the United States, saying that meetings between US and Israeli officials are common and that the two countries share many secrets. Iran, particularly any assessments of its nuclear ambitions, is of critical importance to Israel's security interests.

Israel said it has imposed a ban on espionage in the United States since the scandal over Jonathan Pollard, an American caught spying for Israel in 1985.


This case appears to bear no resemblance to the Pollard affair


Because they know that all nations will be in their total control and that every jew will have 2800 goyim when their Moshiach ben satan is "REVEALED", but they are deceived, for that very same "Redeemer" will destroy them all, and they are deceived for it is the CREATOR who sends him, for Judgment is upon  the earth

100,000 Former Soviet Jews
In Israel Return To Russia
By Michael Mainville
Special to the Star
The Toronto Star
MOSCOW -- When she fled the Soviet Union for Israel with her family as a teenager, the last place Irina Azanyan expected to end up 15 years later was in Moscow.
"My parents were desperate to get away and we went as soon as we could," she says. "I loved Israel, even before I'd ever been there. I don't know why, maybe it was in my genes."
Yet here she sits in her fifth-floor office at the Moscow Jewish Community Centre, switching effortlessly between Russian and Hebrew as she fields calls for Russia's chief rabbi, Berl Lazar.
who is the Chief lizard this Lazar, of the Chabad Lubavitch in Moscow
Two floors down, a cleaning woman is sweeping out the massive banquet hall in preparation for this weekend's dinner marking the end of Passover.
The chorus of a group of pensioners studying Hebrew emanates from a nearby classroom as bearded young men in broad-rimmed black hats stroll the halls with books under their arms.
Azanyan and her family fled the repressive Soviet regime at the tail end of a massive wave of emigration that saw about 1 million Soviet Jews settle in Israel by the mid-1990s. But now she is among the estimated 100,000 who have come back - the strongest sign yet of a startling revival of Jewish life in a country that has one of the worst records of Jewish persecution in history.
a country ruled by the Talmudic Jews who slew 67 million Goyim
"It's absolutely extraordinary how many people are returning," says Lazar, who has been Russia's chief rabbi since 2000.
"When they left, there was no community, no Jewish life. People felt that being Jewish was an historical mistake that happened to their family. Now, they know they can live in Russia as part of a community."
Last week also marked a turning point for Russian Jews with President Vladimir Putin's historic visit to Israel, the first by a Russian or Soviet head of state. Asked if he thought five years ago that he would ever accompany a Russian president on a trip to Israel, Lazar laughs.
"Honestly, I didn't think two months ago that this would have been possible," he says. "There has been a sincere change in the official attitude to Israel and the Jewish community in Russia."
During his visit, Putin paid tribute to the Jewish community's contributions to Russia and spoke out against anti-Semitism while touring Jerusalem's Holocaust History Museum.
"Today, we must state clearly that there can be no place in the 21st century for xenophobia, anti-Semitism or any other manifestations of ethnic and religious intolerance," said Putin.
Insert Proxy
"This is not only our duty before the memory of the millions of people killed by bullets or in the gas chambers, it is also our obligation to future generations."
Lazar says the visit was a testament to how far Russia has come since the days when Jews were largely barred from public worship and faced open discrimination in jobs and education.
Christians were barred from Public worship, but that does not matter...remember PROXY of the whore is all that matters to the people of their flesh world
Russia has a long history of anti-Semitism, dating back to the establishment of the Pale of Jewish Settlement when the country absorbed large populations of Polish and Ukrainian Jews in the late 18th century.
For nearly 150 years, Jews required special permission to live in Russia proper and faced a host of other restrictions. Anti-Jewish riots were common and a wave of pogroms in southern Russia in the early 1880s prompted about 2 million Russian Jews to immigrate to North America.
gee thanks
By the early 20th century - radicalized by generations of repression - Jews were at the forefront of revolutionary activity in Russia. Jewish activists played a prominent role in the Russian Revolution and actually outnumbered ethnic Russians in the first Communist Central Committee.
One of Lenin's first actions as Soviet leader was to abolish the Pale of Settlement and grant freedom of worship. In the next few years, 40 per cent of Soviet Jews left the Pale and settled in large Russian cities. But early hopes for emancipation were dashed by the rise of Stalin, who grew increasingly paranoid and anti-Semitic during his rule.
who was poisoned by the Talmudic jews
Many of the most prominent victims of his purges - including Leon Trotsky, Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev - were Jewish. Many historians contend that, at the time of his death in 1953, Stalin was preparing for a mass deportation of Soviet Jews to the so-called Jewish Autonomous Zone in the Siberian wastelands north of China.
so they say 
For the remainder of the Soviet period, Jews - their ethnicity clearly marked on internal passports - faced a range of state-sponsored and unofficial anti-Semitism. Universities were allowed to accept only a small number of Jewish students and many jobs, especially government positions, were closed to them.
In the years after its founding in 1948, Israel's emergence as a close Western ally led to the persecution of many Soviet Jews as alleged Zionist sympathizers. The few token synagogues still in operation were under open police surveillance.
see Sofiet Talmudic Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch "New Wold Odor and the US of  Greater ISREALHELL Police state
Azanyan's experiences were typical. Growing up in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, she knew little of her Jewish heritage, except for a few words of Yiddish and the names of important holidays.
Fearful of persecution, her grandfather had changed his last name from Eisenberg to the Armenian-sounding Azanyan after World War II.
there must be a kazillion crypto jews
This would come back to haunt the family when Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev opened the doors for Soviet Jews to immigrate to Israel in the 1980s. Without an obvious Jewish name, the family was repeatedly denied the right to leave the Soviet Union. Thirteen-year-old Azanyan nonetheless began studying Hebrew and learning all she could about Israel.
The Azanyans were finally able to emigrate as the Soviet Union was disintegrating in 1990. They touched down in Israel on Azanyan's 16th birthday.
"It was like a dream come true," she recalls.
After finishing high school and her two years of mandatory military service, Azanyan studied history and archaeology at the Tel Aviv University. In 1998, she followed a Russian Jewish boyfriend back to the former Soviet Union and found a job at the Israeli embassy in Moscow.
While there, she was stunned to be dealing with hundreds of other Israelis who were returning to Russia.
"People were coming back for many different reasons," she says.
"Some people saw economic opportunities in Russia. Some people were worried about security in Israel. And some people came back because they weren't ready to go to Israel.
"They expected too much and didn't realize how much work it would be to start a new life in a different country."
After leaving the embassy in 2001, she decided to stay in Russia and took the job as Lazar's assistant.
"I still love Israel and I'd like to go back some day," she says. "But for now, I'm happy here."
Like Azanyan, most of those who've returned have kept their Israeli passports and, in some cases, maintain homes in both countries.
jews are the only ones on the earth who have dual citizenship in almost every country
Rabbi Lazar says it's irrelevant whether returning Jews are planning to stay in Russia permanently or some day go back to Israel.
"They don't know how long they're going to stay. Two years, a year, six months, what's the difference? The fact that they're coming back at all is a strong statement."
Which isn't to say that anti-Semitism is no longer a problem in Russia. In fact, some observers believe that the community's increasing profile has sparked a backlash from nationalist Russians.
In January, 19 nationalist lawmakers sent a letter to Russia's prosecutor-general, asking him to outlaw all Jewish organizations on the grounds that they foster ethnic hatred against Russians.
Two months later, several Russian cultural figures, including former world chess champion Boris Spassky, sent a similar letter backed by a petition signed by 5,000 Russians. Among other accusations, the letter accused Jews of being "anti-Christian and inhumane" and of "committing ritual murders."
Nationalist politicians - a growing force in Russian politics - rant openly about Jewish conspiracies to control the Russian economy, pointing out that many of Russia's billionaire oligarchs are Jewish, including former Yukos oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who is in jail awaiting a verdict in his long-running tax-evasion and fraud trial.
Defending the letter in a February appearance on one of Russia's most popular political talk shows, State Duma deputy Albert Makashov spoke for nearly an hour about the allegedly illegal privatizations that left much of the country's wealth in the oligarchs' hands.
"All I am saying is that most oligarchs come from one diaspora: Jewish," he said. "They stole everything God gave us."
Asked to call in their support for either Makashov or his opponent in the debate, more than 53,000 of about 100,000 callers chose Makashov.
Attacks on Jews also remain a problem. The Moscow Bureau of Human Rights reported this month that 27 anti-Semitic attacks occurred in Moscow in 2004 and the first three months of 2005.
In January, six thugs shouting anti-Semitic slurs attacked a group of Orthodox Jews in a Moscow underpass. Two young boys and one man escaped, but Rabbi Alexander Lakshin was left beaten and bloodied.
When he tried to ask employees at a local shop to use their phone to call the police, they refused and told him to leave.
Yet even Lakshin is encouraged by recent developments in Russia. In the weeks since the attack, police arrested three suspects, two of whom are now facing charges that could land them in jail for years.
"No country in the world can boast of having no anti-Semites," he says. "It's how a society reacts to these kinds of attacks that's important.
"Yes, it was a sad thing that happened. But when I think about how much tremendous change there has been in Russia since I was a boy, when I see groups of young people walking about unafraid, it makes me so happy."
At the seven-storey, $25 million Moscow Jewish Community Centre built five years ago, there's a growing sense that the Jewish renaissance is irreversible.
Stretching over two city blocks, the centre includes a synagogue, library, fitness centre and kosher restaurant, all built with donations from abroad and the local community. Record numbers of Jewish families are signing up for its free services and this year's Passover celebrations have been the biggest in memory.
Down the street, a $125 million complex - which will include Russia's first Jewish museum, a medical centre and a school - is being built on land donated by the city of Moscow. Smaller centres, most featuring the first local Jewish schools in decades, are being built across the country.
In the past five years, the number of distinct Jewish communities in Russia has swelled from 87 to more than 200. Fifteen years ago, there was not a single Jewish school in all of Russia. Today, more than 15,000 students attend such schools.
Lazar says that of the estimated 1 million Jews who remained in Russia following the exodus to Israel, very few were once prepared to even identify themselves as Jewish. But today, about 120,000 Jews are fully involved in the community.
"Nowhere in the world have we ever seen a Jewish community of this size reviving from essentially nothing."
Avraham Berkowitz, executive director of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the former Soviet Union, says he felt the change most acutely during Passover this year.
Every year, the FJC co-ordinates a campaign to send kosher food products used in making Passover dishes to Jewish communities across the country.
This year's campaign was the largest ever, with 1.2 million pounds of matzo and 250,000 bottles of wine distributed nationwide.
"More and more Jews are coming out of the woodwork and they're not afraid to say so," muses Berkowitz.
"The change in Russia from 15 years ago to today is nothing short of a miracle."
Michael Mainville is a Canadian journalist based in Moscow.
In the past five years, the number of distinct Jewish communities in Russia has swelled from 87 to more than 200. Fifteen years ago, there was not a single Jewish school in all of Russia. Today, more than 15,000 students attend such schools


One big happy Hassidim brood of vipers, family

What Really Happened With The Chabad-Putin Medal

The Forward has a revealing article on the Chabad medal given to Putin at Auschwitz:

Was the medal a planned part of the ceremony?

"Many people were surprised by this, as this was not on the official program the day before the event," [Poland's Chief Rabbi] Schudrich said.

Why wasn't the medal-granting ceremony on the official program? And why was Poland's president given a medal at last minute?

Speaking through an aide, Lazar told the Forward that he had decided to honor Putin in order to recognizing the Soviet army's role in liberating Auschwitz.

Yet, Rabbi Lazar told Ha'aretz that the medal was "state-sponsored" although he declined to say which country was sponsoring the medal.

Lazar told a press conference that he would be presenting the Salvation award at Auschwitz together with the president of Israel, Moshe Katsav. But a Katsav political adviser, Avi Granot, said the Israeli leader had no knowledge of it and would not be a "partner to it."

So, how did Rabbi Lazar – who obviously has difficulty both telling the truth and with general morality – come to be the 'Chief Rabbi' of Russia?

Lazar, the Moscow Lubavitcher, was named chief rabbi of Russia in May 2000 at a gathering of Russian Lubavitch representatives, who do not recognize the long-serving chief rabbi chosen in the 1980s, Adolph Shayevich, a Modern Orthodox rabbi. Since then Lazar and his allies have grown increasingly close to Putin's circle, while Shayevich and his allies are often identified with Putin's democratic (Noahide) opponents.

And the effects of the Putin medal?

In the days since, as Israeli and Jewish leaders have scrambled to distance themselves from the medal, Lazar's gesture has come to symbolize in some eyes the growing international debate over Putin's real intentions. Putin is under fire for growing signs of autocracy at home, warming toward radical regimes in Syria and Iran and a slow response to mounting Russian antisemitism.

gearing up for their global ordo ab chao

What about non-Jewish leaders?

In the last week, however, Putin has come under fire for a series of actions — and omissions — that critics say belie his words. Eastern European leaders complained that he failed at Auschwitz to acknowledge the Soviet tyranny that replaced the Nazis. Numerous observers noted tartly that he was the only speaker at the camp to omit any explicit mention of Jews. Critics at home complain that he has failed to speak out directly against a recent antisemitic statement by a group of Russian politicians, leaving it to other government ministries to respond.

Putin has also begun the rehibilitation of Josef Stalin, something that has sent chills down the spine of Eastern Europe.

At home, meanwhile, Putin "does just enough to keep the Jewish community and the international community off his back," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. "What is missing is the will of his government to use the instruments of law and order to show these antisemitic incidents are unacceptable."

So, which state sponsored the medal? The State of Chabad and its Patron, Mr. Putin's Mother Russia.

The dismissive … response [to the medal] was typical of those interviewed about the award. 

"Rabbi Lazar represents Chabad of Russia

not the Jews of Russia and certainly not European Jewry or world Jewry," one prominent European rabbi told the Forward, speaking on condition of anonymity. [My guess is that this quote is from Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine.]

And what of world Jewry?

Meanwhile, Israel and its allies are voicing alarm over an apparent shift in Moscow's Middle East policy. Putin confirmed to reporters in Krakow that Russia intended to proceed with a planned missile sale to Syria, despite Israeli protests.

Because secular zion, Aholibah, Judah, Sharons government must fall to make way for moshiach ben satan

 This week Iran and Russia reached an agreement on disposal of spent nuclear fuel, clearing the way for Russia to fire up Iran's first nuclear power plant.

Don't you just love Chabad?

You can read the Forward's article here.

February 03, 2005 in Chabad and the Holocaust, Court Jews & Quislings, Jewish Leadership, Lies, Spin and 'Creative' PR | Permalink


I can never quite shake the feeling that Chabad's system of Kabbalah allows them to balance any two profane forces off against one another and gain from both. For instance, after pro-Yanukovich Chabad Rabbis in Ukraine unwisely tried to launch a campaign against non-Chabad, pro-Yushchenko Rabbis, thereby making themselves look anti-American, Condi Rice responded by demanding Russia release the Lubavitch Library. I can only assume she was trying to prove publicly that she and her boss still love Chabad, despite its occasional faux pas.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | February 5, 2005 09:38 AM

Liminim velamalshinim al tehi tiqwah
vekhol hazeidim kerega'a yovedu
vekhol oyeveikha vessoneikha mehara yikkaretu
umalkhut harishaa mehera teakker uteshabber utemagger utekhallem vetakhniem bimheira beyameinu

From the original undiluted liturgy

Posted by: Paqah | February 6, 2005 10:37 AM

Lubavitcher Noahidism is in a different head space than Berel Lazar regarding Putin. Consider this from their online newsletter of January 30, 2005:

"Much confusion has been generated by the ongoing but ever less credible claims by the Soviet Russian regime that it has collapsed—despite the fact that every Russian leader for the last 14 years has been a long-time official of the Communist Party, including Boris Yeltsin, Yevgeniy Primakov, and Vladimir Putin (indeed, Primakov and Putin are "former" heads of the KGB secret police, which continues to operate the more than 2500 concentration camps in that nation). Socialism, police-state terror, and militaristic mobilization for war remain unchanged throughout the Soviet republics. In
fact, in the early 1980s, top Soviet KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn accurately predicted the theatrical "self-collapse" of Communism—because he
was one of the original planners of the entire scenario back in the 1950s.

hahahahhaha the RED Sofiet Talmudic sons of satan's shemaGoG now control the White House and Heil Bushkevik's ad-menstruation

"Apostate" Amaraka" you brought your own destruction upon your own heads.....REPENT for the wrath of God is Nigh upon you


Winds of change sweep Russian Jewry as kabbalist takes over a leading group

By Lev Krichevsky 

MOSCOW (JTA) —  A leadership change in a top Russian Jewish organization is likely to dramatically change the balance of power in the Russian Jewish community — and is raising questions about the degree of Kremlin involvement in Jewish communal affairs. 

Leading donors to the Russian Jewish Congress approved the choice of Vladimir Slutsker as president at an Oct. 18 closed-door meeting. He was expected to be installed Wednesday after a vote by the group’s board.

A banker, enthusiast of the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah and a member of the upper house of Russia’s Parliament, Slutsker, 48, will replace Yevgeny Satanovsky, a longtime Jewish activist who has been RJC president since 2001.

Slutsker is little known to the public. He joined the RJC leadership only this month by making a financial contribution of $250,000, the minimum required to join the RJC’s board.

Since its founding in 1996, the RJC has raised more than $70 million from domestic donors to support various Jewish projects. The group also aspires to represent Russian Jewry on political and social issues before the government, but its role has diminished in recent years.

Though Slutsker’s previous involvement in public Jewish causes is not widely known, sources in the Federation of Jewish Communities, a rival organization run by Chabad that has become the largest Jewish group in Russia, said Slutsker was one of the biggest local donors to federation projects, including construction of the group’s prime facility in Moscow, the Marina Roscha Synagogue and community center. 

Slutsker was unavailable for comment this week. His appointment appears to be the result of a combination of factors. 

Satanovsky has become unpopular with many RJC leaders and supporters, mostly because of his leadership style — what one critic has described to JTA as his inability to make friends.

Just a month and a half ago, Satanovsky was re-elected as RJC president despite fierce criticism by some of the group’s lay leaders, who made it clear they would try to replace him. 

Some critics objected to the fact that under Satanovsky, the RJC stopped supporting religious programs and saw its presence in the Russian provinces wither under pressure from state officials who favored the federation. 

Most recently, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee backed out of its 2-year-old agreement to build a multimillion-dollar Jewish community center in Moscow together with the RJC and a few other partners.

In a statement released earlier this month, the JDC cited unexpected growth in project costs. But some observers believe the JDC was unhappy with Satanovsky, who oversaw the project.

For his part, Satanovsky told JTA he cared about the organization so he had agreed to help restructure it for the sake of its future.

According to a preliminary agreement between Slutsker and main RJC donors, Satanovsky may remain within the RJC executive structure to focus on issues of Jewish college education and scientific research, areas of longstanding personal interest.

At the same time, the selection of Slutsker could indicate that the Kremlin has managed to defeat the remaining traces of independence among Jewish community organizations in Russia, although the federation steadfastly maintains that it is independent.

Since Vladimir Putin became Russia’s president in 1999, he and his administration have given preferential treatment to the federation because the Kremlin wants the Jewish community to be represented by a single voice as part of its desire to control all political parties and religious communities, analysts believe. 

The latest evidence of the Chabad-Putin alliance came Monday, when Putin praised the federation for its activities on behalf of Russian Jewry. In a message delivered by a Kremlin representative to delegates of the group’s biannual conference, the Russian president said, “The activities of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia contributes to acquainting Russian Jews with national culture, serves the noble goals of reviving spiritual and moral values, of preserving the centuries-old traditions of mutual respect, neighborly relations and tolerance.”

Noahide laws

The federation became the Kremlin’s favored Jewish entity in part because the RJC was headed by Vladimir Goussinsky, an influential Jewish media mogul who was outspoken in his criticism of Putin

Goussinsky was later expelled from Russia on Kremlin-spearheaded charges of tax evasion.

hahahaha they run the Russian IRS

To overcome this stigma of being linked to Goussinsky, Satanovsky lately had been trying to please the Kremlin, though he never succeeded at that, said Yevgeniya Albats, a liberal journalist and member of the RJC leadership who was one of the most vocal opponents of Satanovsky within the group. 

She was referring to the fact that under Satanovsky, the RJC — like most other local Jewish organizations — avoided criticizing the authorities over the arrest of Jewish oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky or over Putin’s recent initiative to revamp Russia’s electoral system, which was criticized by democracy (Noahide)  advocates.

For its part, Chabad has used the Kremlin stamp of approval to help spread Judaism throughout Russia. 

Slutsker is believed to be close to Vladimir Ressin, the Jewish deputy mayor of Moscow, who has sought to overcome the existing split between the RJC and the federation.

Last year, Ressin came out with an initiative to create a single Jewish religious community structure to replace the federation and the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Communities, an umbrella group backed by the RJC. 

Leaders of the RJC-allied group criticized the initiative, which they feared would pave the way for all Russian Jewish religious communities to come under control of the Lubavitch-run federation. Some believe that would serve Kremlin interests by creating a more unified Jewish community that would be easier to control. 

The initiative was dropped quickly. 

It is believed that Slutsker would bring the two groups together, a belief given evidence Monday when Slutsker spoke to the federation.

The era of infighting within the Russian Jewish community is over, he said, addressing delegates to the biannual conference of the federation. “The main task on today’s agenda is the fight against terrorism. To succeed in this fight, it is necessary that all Jewish organizations are united.”

The RJC always has had poor relations with the federation, but under Satanovsky they grew especially hostile, federation spokesman Borukh Gorin said. 

Gorin said he hoped the appointment of Slutsker, whom he described as a longtime personal friend, would improve relations between the two groups.

Gorin also implied Ressin was involved in picking Slutsker as the RJC leader. 

“I hope that under Slutsker, RJC will pursue a policy of peace that will become even more tangible with the growth of influence of Mr. Ressin,” he said.

While the reasons behind the RJC shakeup appear transparent to many, the group’s prospects — and the future balance of power within Russian Jewry — remain an open question, given the fact that Slutsker himself is an unknown quantity for many in the community. 

“Satanovsky lacked some basic leadership qualities, and his replacement was absolutely necessary,” Albats said. “But I don’t know who Slutsker is.”

Another prominent Jewish community figure, who had been sharply critical of Satanovsky, said he had some doubts about Slutsker as well. 

Tankred Golenpolsky, founder of the International Jewish Gazette, an independent Moscow weekly, said he was running an article headlined, “Who is Mr. Slutsker?”

Golenpolsky said he did not believe Slutsker was a pawn in a Kremlin game, though he did expect him to seek more cooperation with the federation, which Satanovsky had opposed. 

“The community is one, the leaders could be different, but those who suffer from the split are not the leaders but the ordinary Jews,” Golenpolsky said.

the "Lesser Brethren" see protocols

Though he doesn’t know Slutsker well, he approves of the choice, Golenpolsky said.

“He is a nice person, and he has a tefillin and a tallit,” Golenpolsky said, referring to the fact that Slutsker, unlike Satanovsky, is regarded as a religiously observant.

Yet Slutsker’s religiosity is raising even more questions as to where the RJC might head under its new president.

Slutsker is known to have two passions, Kabbalah and karate. He had been one of the most ardent followers and biggest donors to Kabbalah guru Michael Laitman, a Russian-born Israeli rabbi who has spearheaded a recent revival of Jewish mysticism among Russian Jews

Slutsker parted ways with Laitman some time ago, reportedly over financial matters, and became a Kabbalah lecturer himself, leading a group in Moscow that is especially popular with members of the Russian business elite. 

Slusker is keen on talking about Kabbalah in public meetings, and already has indicated that as RJC president he would primarily focus on the group’s religious agenda and its P.R. campaign


and all the kings of the earth are in bed with the Great Whore ISREALHELL of Greater Babylon



Inculcating Satan to State

Department of State SealInternational Information Programs and USINFO.STATE.GOV url

U.S. Envoy Testifies on Schneerson Collection of Jewish Texts

Ambassador Edward B. O'Donnell addresses Helsinki Commission hearing

The United States government remains committed to working with the Russian government and the Lubavitch community on the issue of the "Schneerson Collection" of sacred and irreplaceable Jewish books and manuscripts, Ambassador Edward B. O'Donnell testified in a Helsinki Commission hearing April 6.

O'Donnell, the special envoy for Holocaust issues, (insert Proxy) outlined in his prepared testimony U.S. government efforts in support of a resolution of this issue, the current U.S. government position, and the current Russian position as Russian officials have conveyed it to the U.S. State Department.

The Schneerson collection of Jewish books and manuscripts sacred to the Lubavitch Chasidic community is currently housed at the Russian State Library and the Russian State Military Archive. It consists of two parts: a library seized by the former Soviet government after the 1917 revolution in Russia, and an archive believed to have been seized by the Nazis when they captured Warsaw, Poland, in 1939 and subsequently seized by the Soviets at the end of World War II.

why? for the sorcery of Mystery Babylon...of course

“In a 1993 Memorandum of Understanding, the United States Government received a political commitment from the Russians to transfer the Schneerson Library to a facility that was both readily accessible to the Chabad community as well as better suited for the protection and conservation of fragile and valuable documents,” said O’Donnell.

But the both the question of access to and preservation of the collection and of the collection’s ultimate home remain at issue, he said.

“The Russians made a political commitment to negotiate a resolution of the final status of the Schneerson Library, but now maintain that they are prepared only to discuss the use of the library and not its transfer,” he said. “Russian officials maintain that the establishment of the Center for Oriental Literature and the refurbishment of a building to house the Center show Russia's intention to provide the Schneerson Library with a modern and appropriate facility.”

Chabad leaders, on the other hand, do not believe that having limited, periodic access to the collection is sufficient.

ask your self why so much interest? Why Tax payer dollars are being used for these books of the sorcery and blasphemy of their Dragon?

Among the other witnesses testifying at the hearing was Leon Fuerth, the former national security advisor to Vice President Albert Gore, who recounted efforts to achieve the return of the collection during the Clinton administration.  Gore also submitted a prepared statement on those efforts.

The Helsinki Commission wrote Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 22 urging him “to take every appropriate measure” to see the collection restored to the Lubavitch Chasidic community.

In its letter, the commission noted that all 100 U.S. senators had signed a letter to President Putin requesting his assistance in the return of the collection.

100 TREASONOUS Blasphemous Dogs, the proselytes of the pharisees of HELL who have betrayed you "Amaraka"

A transcript of the hearing, statements by the witnesses, and a statement by the Russian government are available on the Helsinki Commission’s Web site at

The U.S. Helsinki Commission, which is also known as the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, is an independent federal agency that monitors and encourages progress in implementing provisions of the Helsinki Accords. The commission, created in 1976, is composed of nine senators, nine representatives, and one official each from the departments of State, Defense and Commerce.

Following is O’Donnell’s prepared statement:


Ambassador Edward B. O'Donnell, Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues
Testimony Before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Washington, D.C.
April 6, 2005

Chairman Brownback, Co-Chairman Smith, CSCE Commissioners, thank you for this opportunity to discuss with the Commission the case of the Schneerson Collection. This complex issue has been on our diplomatic agenda with Russia for many years. The fate of the Schneerson Collection resonates as an issue of basic fairness for members of Congress, and for Americans of various faiths.

various Evangelical Proselyte Noahide Judeo-Churchinsanity faiths unto the Dragon of bloodlust, their father.

My testimony will address past United States Government efforts in support of a resolution of this issue, the current United States Government position, and the current Russian position as Russian officials have conveyed it to us.

Past Efforts of the United States

The U.S. Government has long been involved in the effort to facilitate a mutually agreeable arrangement between the Russian Government and Agudas Chasidei Chabad ("Chabad") concerning the possession of and access to the Schneerson Collection, which consists of two parts.

reckon how many Millions of Taxpayer Dollars have gone toward this satanic activity?

 One part is the Schneerson Library, a collection of religious texts maintained by the first five Lubavitcher Rebbes dating to 1772. The Government of the USSR took possession of the library after the 1917 revolution and, since 1924, has housed it in the Russian State Library. The Schneerson Library has been the focus of our attention since the early 1990s.

for they know who the seven kings are, and they think even Schneerson is the eighth, and even one of the seven rebbe's of the Habeed Loobavitch

The second part of the Collection is an archive of the teachings of the successive Lubavitcher Rebbes. We understand that the Lubavitch organization learned about this material in early 2003 and that it is comprised of documents that the then Rebbe took from Moscow to Rostov-on-the-Don in 1917 and subsequently took to Riga and Warsaw. It is believed that the Nazis seized the archive when they captured Warsaw in 1939 and that the USSR took custody of the archive either in Germany or in Poland at the end of World War II and shipped it to Moscow. It is now stored in the Russian Military Archive outside Moscow.

for they know the sorcery has satanic power in these last days, they truly believe they will give the beast their power and that he may truly defeat Jesus the Christ and his saints on that great and terrible day of his wrath

When it learned about this second Archive, Chabad asked Ambassador Vershbow for advice on how to proceed. The Ambassador responded that after Chabad submitted a formal request for the Archive to the Russian Government, the Embassy would follow-up. Chabad has not yet advised the Embassy that it has submitted a formal request to the Russian Government. The Department has informed Chabad of the possibility of a government-to-government claim. The Embassy has requested permission to inspect the Archive.

So that we can distinguish between these two separate entities, I will use the term "Library" for the items we have known about for more than two decades, and the term "Archive" for the recently discovered materials. The term Collection will be used to refer to the two entities together.

Since the early 1990s, the United States Government strongly supported efforts by Chabad to obtain the Schneerson Library. Our efforts were at the level of presidential summits, as well as in cabinet, ambassadorial and working level diplomatic discussions.

In 1992, Acting Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger denied the Russian State Library, formerly the Lenin State Library, assistance under the FREEDOM Support Act. He made this decision as a policy matter, based on the Russian State Library's continued possession of the Schneerson Library. In so doing, Acting Secretary Eagleburger noted that the U.S. Government was committed to seeing the Schneerson Library transferred to its rightful owners and had raised the issue with President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin.

In a 1993 Memorandum of Understanding, the United States Government received a political commitment from the Russians to transfer the Schneerson Library to a facility that was both readily accessible to the Chabad community as well as better suited for the protection and conservation of fragile and valuable documents.

The Government of Russia formally established the Center for Oriental Literature in 1993 under the umbrella of the Russian State Library, thus creating a new home for the Collection. The original plan called for the transfer of the Schneerson Library to the Center for Oriental Literature to take place by March 1994. The building designated by the Russian Government for the new center, however, required far more extensive renovations than were foreseen originally. A lack of funding slowed construction. The result was a decade of delay. The Center formally opened in 2003. Renovation of the building is now nearing completion. The building includes separate space for the storage of the Schneerson library as well as space for Chabad adherents to perform religious ceremonies. We understand that the Russian State Library expects to complete the transfer of the Schneerson Library to the Center for Oriental Literature in May.

A second subject of the discussions was a library-to-library loan, which was arranged in 1994 between the Russian State Library and the Library of Congress. The loaned books are still in the United States. The terms of the loan have been the cause of continuing disagreement.

In addition, Russia made a good-will gesture in 1993 when Russia presented then Vice President Gore with one book from the library. The Vice President immediately presented the book to the Lubavitch community.

In 2002, the Russian State Library permanently gave a number of volumes from the Schneerson Library to the Lubavitch synagogue in Moscow, Marina Roscha. The Schneerson library had more than one copy of these volumes.

In summary, the discussions, based on the 1993 MOU, centered on two separate issues   access to and the preservation of the collection, and a permanent resolution of the issue. The result of years of often intense effort has been a minimum of progress on these issues.

Position of the United States Government

This Administration remains committed to working with the Russian Government and the Lubavitch community to resolve this issue. Each of our ambassadors to Russia over the past 15 years has been personally involved in this effort. Our Embassy in Moscow monitors events concerning the Schneerson Collection closely and maintains contact with all of the parties involved.

In 2003, Ambassador Vershbow suggested to both the Russian Minister of Culture and to Chabad that the two parties meet with him at the Embassy for a "roundtable" discussion of the Schneerson Library issue. The Embassy continues to offer this proposal.

I also want to acknowledge the helpful and important interventions by Members of Congress on this issue, the most recent being the letter to President Putin signed by all 100 members of the Senate. Senior White House officials conveyed the letter to President Putin's delegation at the February 24 Bratislava Summit.

Russian Government's Position

Russian officials have frequently referred to the Schneerson Library as a national treasure, a part of Russia's cultural heritage. They cite various laws and decrees as providing the basis for Russia to retain the Schneerson Library, which they point out was created in Russia and has always been in Russia.

Russian officials frequently maintain that divestiture of the Schneerson Library would violate Russian law, and would also establish a legal precedent for the return of other cultural property nationalized in the wake of the Russian revolution.

The Russians made a political commitment to negotiate a resolution of the final status of the Schneerson Library, but now maintain that they are prepared only to discuss the use of the library and not its transfer. Russian officials maintain that the establishment of the Center for Oriental Literature and the refurbishment of a building to house the Center show Russia's intention to provide the Schneerson Library with a modern and appropriate facility.

Additionally, Russian officials maintain that Chabad has not fulfilled responsibilities it assumed for appraising the value of the library and insuring it, and for funding conservation and safekeeping measures undertaken by the Russians.


In closing, I would note that this hearing will bring the Schneerson Library and Archive to public attention, which we welcome. We hope that the hearing will help both parties to realize the importance of reaching a mutually acceptable solution. For Chabad, the Collection has a strong and understandable religious value. Chabad members want to be able to benefit from the teachings of their Rebbes. According to Chabad leaders, having limited, periodic access to the Collection does not serve that purpose. For Russia, the Collection bears witness to the activities of a vibrant Jewish group for nearly two and one-half centuries.

It is now up to both parties to identify their respective interests and to seek an arrangement by which to further and protect those interests. If these hearings help to accomplish that objective, they will have done a service for us all

so now you know who pulls the strings to these Noahide puppet regimes



Noahide News Part 182




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