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May 13, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Rv:13:17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


Real ID Card Senate Vote -
Unanimous Treason

By Charlotte Iserbyt
The U.S Senate's unanimous vote on the REAL ID card is a tragedy for our nation. What an abuse of the U.S. Constitution! Ghastly news.
This neat little package says we won't be able to open a bank account, board a plane or bus or drive a car. And just wait until the deliberately dumbed down socialist bureaucrats have finished with writing the regulations!!!!!!
The unanimous vote by the Senate shows they have been "unanimously" dumbed down. "Deliberately" in order to take our country down. The majority of our elected officials have never read the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and, sadly enough, if one even mentions that old relic to them, they don't seem to care or take it seriously.
Had this legislation been voted on separately, there is a big possibility it would not have passed since the vote on it was close in the House. How is it possible that such a very important piece of legislation, designed to affect all Americans and their offspring forever, had little or no discussion?
hahahahhahhahahahahha does anyone want me to explain
 How deceitful, disgusting, manipulative for the Senate to have attached it to a military appropriations bill which dealt with the important issue of funding the needs of our servicemen and women. Do we really believe our young people serving abroad are going to be happy when they return to a country that tracks its citizens as is done in totalitarian countries? Surely they will ask "exactly what have we been fighting for?"
Why couldn't the Senators who opposed this totalitarian internal passport, and there were quite a few, have said they were going to vote "no" on the whole package unless the internal passport provision was removed from the military appropriation? That might have forced the Senate's hand and allowed two separate votes on these two very separate issues. This writer heard via C-SPAN two Democrat Senators, Reid from Nevada and Nelson from Florida, speak strongly against the sneaky way it was going to be voted on, but unfortunately they went along and voted with the rest of the dumbed down.
Is it any wonder Senators Snowe and Collins, ME, have refused to tell me, over a period of two years, the truth about exactly who helped design this internal passport? Former KGB Chiefs Primakov and Karpov, who were involved, must be laughing on their way to the international socialist government planned by Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, et al.
If these Senators (all 100 of them!) represent the views of their constituents, one must assume that our nation has gone stark, raving, mad.
© 2004 Charlotte T. Iserbyt - All Rights Reserved

Sold to satan, the highest bidder of the flesh



Major 911 Curiosity Completely
Ignored By The Media

By Ted Lang
©2004-2005 All Rights Reserved
I have already expressed my painfully-arrived-at conclusion: the Bush administration planned, plotted and carried out the indiscriminate slaughter of its own citizens on September 11, 2001. I am certain of this, and will stand by what I have concluded. And for those that cannot bring themselves to believe the growing laundry list of evidence and facts that unmistakably point to this obvious conclusion, all that is required is to pick just one known fact and pound it with further inquiry.
This is not TRUE. IN fact the King of the south, Judah, Aholibah the whore, Mossad struck the WTC and the Pentagon, in this final war for the Whore of Babylon, that bloody city Jerusalem, against Dan the hassidim, Aholah the whore of the North, who controls the White House and the Sanhedrin and Russia and France and Germany and Britain and China.  And now Bushkevik and Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch will take the whore city by force and install the final despot of all the earth, the son of perdition, their false Christ Moshiach, but they shall fall in their vision of their talmudic Universal Noahide laws the enslavement of all mankind, unto the Assyrian, for the Lord comes with ten thousands of his saints they slay, with great and terrible wrath on that Day of the End of the flesh. 
Although the media initially picked up on the event, their Zionist allegiance necessitated their immediate distancing from, and aversion of, the obvious facts. As it may be recalled, five Israelis were observed in Weehawken, New Jersey, celebrating the "collapse" of the World Trade Towers and the deaths of three thousand of our fellow citizens. 
The Hassidim Pharisees of Sanhedrin the Beast which was "REVIVED" from the seas, Hate the whore of zion and they seek to devour her flesh, Do not be deceived, for they are now attacking secular zion, Judah and Sharon to topple his government to install Sanhedrin Rule of Dan. The two have warred since Israel was in the beginning, jewry against Israel, both of the flesh, and both given to strange gods who are not the IAM only God from the beginning, even the Everlasting Father, Almighty God, Christ Jesus the image of the invisible God, his Father.
They were reported to police and eventually picked up by the FBI. The five turned out to be agents of Israeli intelligence - the Mossad. This incident was followed up on by FOXNews reporter Carl Cameron and presented on TV as a four-part series documenting Israeli spy operations targeting America.
Here's what Dr. Henry Makow has written: "The head of the Department of Homeland Security is Israeli dual citizen and Zionist Michael Chertoff.
Chertoff hates secular zion, for he is of the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch, of Talmud Bavli, put into place to serve the Dragon and slay the saints of Jesus the Christ and the "Lesser" Jews. All who are in Judea, Who hear, when you see the Abomination which causes desolation stand in the Place of the IAM, whom these hassidim Pharisees call Moshiach ben David, Flee from the whore city quickly, for there will be tribulation this world has never seen.......DO YOU HEAR?
He was the New Jersey State Attorney when five Mossad agents were arrested after witnesses saw them congratulating themselves on the destruction of the World Trade Centre. Their van tested positive for explosives." Makow credited investigative reporter Chris Bollyn as the source of that report.
They let them go, for they are attempting to establish their final global kingdom, their Hassidim Olam Haba of Sanhedrin. This gave Heil Bushkevik total Justification to go into Babylon Proper, and take control of that whore city by force, very soon. They are gearing up for the countdown to megiddo. 
At my place of employment, we have access to both FOXNews and CNN TV 24-7 news broadcasts. After a fellow employee, who was on the phone on that beautiful Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, told us that his caller told him that a plane had just crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center, we quickly switched our computers to IPTV mode. As one of the World Trade Towers was in the process of "collapsing," I uttered these words to my supervisor, who was watching my monitor and standing next to me at the time: "My God, there are explosions everywhere!" My supervisor, in a slightly corrective tone, offered: "The building is collapsing." Obviously, we were both right.
What's so important about seeing with your own eyes that explosions were happening "everywhere?" This is exactly the same methodology and process that I have witnessed before. It is used in "controlled demolitions" that are executed to bring down buildings targeted for removal. The explosions are "planted" to actually cause "implosion," or inward collapse.
A few years back, I believe it was in the city of Newark, New Jersey, a federal housing project was scheduled for such demolition. It was an issue because the federal building was only fifteen years old, but the occupants had so trashed the premises that they needed to be taken down. The object in controlled demolition is to bring the building straight down to minimize the impact area where concrete, brick and structural steel will fall. The collapse of the WTC tower that I witnessed, as it was happening, was an exact replay of that Newark building demolition I witnessed on TV years before.
So what are the implications? The facts are right out there in the open for all to see, but why is it that no one can make the obvious connection? Why hasn't our government come forward, and why hasn't the media? Let's take a closer look now.
Do not be misdirected as I was for a long while until my Lord showed me the TRUTH of these last days. Do not point the blame at the "Lesser Brethren" the jews, for all the earth are now in apostasy, save the elect of the Kingdom of God. Only them who have put on faith in Jesus the Christ, who stand firm against these Hassidim Vipers and their Vision against the ONLY Everlasting Covenant of Salvation, by their satanic Noahide Laws which their man of Dan Chertoff will begin executing very soon in apostate "Amaraka" 
How could a building, especially the size of not just one, but two World Trade Towers, be so saturated with the obviously numerous and highly powerful explosive charges needed to bring them down via controlled demolition? Think about that for a moment. How were those explosive charges installed, wired and concealed? Why wouldn't at least one employee at the WTC notice the effort? Wouldn't it require massive manpower, many "workers," to install the huge quantity of necessary explosives?
As to the quantity of explosives and their numerous placements, and their powerful force, consider the reasoning offered by <>Professor David Ray Griffin. He offers in his presentation at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, that the explosions were so well distributed, and so powerful, that the WTC towers were disintegrated into a humongous cloud of dust. "Drop a piece of concrete from a height of 1,000 feet," he relates, "and you'll never see it disintegrate into dust - it will fracture, possibly into pieces, but not dust."
you will find later that the Mosasad of Judah and the CIA who employed Usama were in the animal house together
Clearly, the planting of explosive charges would have to be not only labor intensive, well planned, and conducted in a clandestine manner; it would have to be done when no WTC employees were around to observe the operation. In all likelihood, the explosives were planted at night when the building was almost empty. Now pretend for a moment, that you were one of the perpetrators. How and when would you be able to do your work? And wouldn't you use a precautionary and easily explained cover in the case of an unexpected inquiry? You are now part of the "Mission Impossible" force; how would you proceed?
To transport large quantities of explosives, you would have to initially conceal them in a non-conspicuous container. How about those large cardboard self-constructing boxes so often used in office moves? How many times, if you work in an office, or even moved to a new residence, and were given these self-construct cartons, have you seen and handled such containers? Would it be unusual to see such containers in an office building, even at night, when a "moving company's" employees are just doing their job in the middle of the night thereby taking advantage of the ease of maneuverability made possible by the absence of the usual throngs of office workers? What would be suspicious about that?
But even if the ruse used wasn't a moving company, but instead, a plumbing contractor, or an electrical contractor, or an HVAC contractor, how easy would it be for any one of these covers, or even a combination of them, to install the explosive charges when the building was deserted at night? But the five Israelites, and then-employed agents of Mossad, were indeed "working" for, what is now known to be, a phony "moving company." This provided both the cover and the necessary van to transport the explosives in a concealed manner. Real original, no?
Now if an ordinary person like me can figure that out, then why couldn't the FBI? The fact is that they DID KNOW - they were part of the operation! Consider the van; and traces of explosives?! What the hell were explosives doing in a van of Israeli amateur photographers and filmmakers? And how did they know what was about to happen? And why did Bush's FBI quietly spirit them out of the country? Didn't the Bush FBI do exactly the same thing for Osama bin Laden's relatives right after 9-11? Ergo, the silence and non-inquisitiveness of the Zionist media!
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano was right when he offered that the United States Government, at ALL levels, is not your friend. But isn't slaughtering 3,000 of your own citizens way over the top even more so than Waco? And "in the greatest city in the world" as Bush acolyte Sean Hannity loves to say. Consider how lucky "We the People" really are - the Bush Butchers could have killed as many as 50 to 100 thousand American citizens! But not to worry - over 100,000 Iraqis died for our government and they were the same kind of people: unarmed, non-combatant men, women and children. [Applause!]
Now isn't it easy to figure out why the "Weehawken Five" knew in advance that the WTC towers were coming down? Isn't it easy to tie the trace of explosives, the van and the "moving" company together? And do we really need to ask why the FBI hustled these Mossad killers quickly out of the country? And don't tell me you're still curious as to why the FBI did that! And don't expect me to believe for a moment that Israeli intelligence knew about it, tried to tell our government, but had nothing whatsoever to do with it!
Using the color code scheme of our Israeli Department of Homeland Security, run by yet another citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff, and as was the case with the recently-resigned Pentagon Comptroller, Dov Zakheim, and also the briefly-tenured former head of NJ Homeland Security, Golan Cipel, it's beginning to look like we are in a permanent "Condition Red!" We've got foreign nationals running both our military and our intelligence departments. And if you and your family don't vote Republican in the next elections, you and your family may well be sent to Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib for some Israeli-designed humiliation, torture and death.
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
Ted Lang is in no wise of Christ Jesus the LORD Almighty
But he too has until the last minute to REPENT. Won't you come out of the Great harlot into the marvelous Light of Jesus the Christ the Alpha Omega the Creator?




Very soon, they, the Sanhedrin and their Talmudic Laws unto the Dragon will completely "Cut off" Jesus the Christ from all mankind, there will be a famine of the WORD of God, as the Darkness grows. Only them who Stand Firm in their Testimony and witness of the Only Living God are in His marvelous LIGHT. Will you be consumed by the Darkness? Or will you stand in the LIGHT of GOD?

There is Only One Covenant, and it is everlasting to His fold, There is only ONE Lamb, and he died for you, and rose to His Kingdom, God Almighty, is this Covenant confirmed in your heart, or have you fallen for the fables of flesh zion and a false messiah?

Daniel 9:

26: And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
27: And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

For the LAST WAR unto the END has Begun. George Bush is studying the Dark sentences of the Dragon......

They had to get Syria out, so they could take Lebanon for Eretz ISREALHELL, Babylon proper

May. 13, 2005 0:11  | Updated May. 13, 2005 18:02
Hizbullah fires at IDF post on northern border

In yet another attack by Hizbullah terrorists in south Lebanon, a number of rockets or mortar shells were fired at IDF posts in the Har Dov area on Friday afternoon. No one was wounded in the attacks.

The army said that nine either rockets or mortar shells were fired at IDF posts at Har Dov. The IDF responded with artillery fire. IDF tanks also fired shells at Hizbullah positions in the southern sector, and the air force attacked two Hizbullah positions near Har Dov.

Hizbullah's Al-Manar television said the attack was in retaliation for Israeli attacks on Lebanese territory, including a hit on civilian houses in the village of Kfar Chouba. It said the guerrillas used the "appropriate" weapons and scored a direct hit on the Roueissat el-Alam position.

"The Islamic Resistance warns the Zionist enemy that any attack on on civilians will be met with the appropriate response," the statement said.

The heavy exchange came after days of sporadic shelling by both sides, which began when Israel mistakenly fired an artillery shell into Lebanon earlier this week while clearing explosives planted by Hizbullah terrorists near the border. The Israeli army said the shell fell in an open area, causing no damage or casualties.

Late Thursday night two rockets were fired from southern Lebanon at IDF posts in the Har Dov sector, and late Wednesday night, as residents in the northern town of Shlomi began celebrating Independence Day, a katyusha rocket was fired at the town. It exploded in the town's industrial site severely damaging a bakery but causing no casualties.

Following the attack, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom on Thursday directed Israel's delegation to the UN to lodge a formal complaint with Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Annan, in turn, called on Lebanon, from where the rocket was fired, to take control of it's territory.

However, despite the United Nation's security council's call on Lebanon to disarm the militant groups, the army noted Friday that the Lebanese government continues to grant freedom of movement to terrorists operating within its borders without making any attempts to disarm them.

they must obey the Noahide Laws and submit in humiliation or be slain

After the Katyusha attack, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying it was a "blatant violation of the international boundary between Israel and Lebanon." The statement said the attack again proved the urgent need for the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559 which, in addition to its call for a removal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, also calls for the disarming of militias in Lebanon.

A statement issued by the IDF said the army was investigating the incident and that it would take the necessary steps to thwart such attacks in the future.

"The Lebanese government is responsible for what occurs in its country and must implement the United Nations Security Council resolution," the IDF statement said.

Or they will sen Shem-eon and Pharez and Mordechai and Esther

In New York, Annan released a statement urging Lebanon to take control of all of its territory and on both sides to respect the UN-drawn border, stressing that one violation of the line cannot justify another.

He said that an incident like Israel's inadvertent firing of an artillery shell into Lebanese territory earlier in the week did not justify subsequent violations originating from Lebanon.


After the attack on Shlomi, security officials convened to assess the situation and decide whether to continue with celebrations in the town. On Thursday, with a large presence of security forces, the festivities resumed.

"I believe [the attack] was carried out in response to Israel's Independence Day celebrations," Shlomi Local Council head Gabi Ne'eman told reporters


Building the Case for GoG and MaGoG of Shema-GoG the greenlight and the"Road Map" to Megiddo

FM: Iran may have nuclear know-how in less than nine months

By Haaretz Service and News Agencies

Iran may develop the know-how to make nuclear weapons in six to nine months, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on Friday. He called on the United Nations to impose sanctions on Iran.

saith henny penny

"Iran poses an existential threat, and that's why I think that the entire world understands that it's impossible to give such an extremist regime the possibility of having a nuclear bomb that can essentially threaten the integrity of the world," Shalom said Friday in an interview with Israel Radio.

hahahaha see ISREALHELL

The day before, Shalom warned that Tehran was close to knowing how to make nuclear weapons.

Peace say's War

Iran's announcement of their decision to renew uranium enrichment is, of course, a very dangerous announcement that must be viewed with appropriate concern," he told foreign diplomats at a reception at the President's Residence on Thursday. "Unfortunately, we see that indeed Iran will do everything to reach nuclear capability. The question is not whether Iran will have a nuclear bomb in 2009 or 2011. The question is when will they have sufficient knowledge [to build one], and we think that this possibility even exists, possibly, in another six to nine months."

Shalom also called on the International Atomic Energy Association to use its June 13 meeting to make a "clear and unequivocal decision" to bring the Iran issue before the United Nations Security Council, which he said "has the sole authority to impose sanctions on Iran."

European states warn Iran not to resume nuclear work
France, Britain and Germany have warned Iran they will break off talks and join Washington in seeking UN Security Council action if Tehran makes good on its threats to resume atomic work, European Union officials said on Thursday.

The foreign ministers of the European Union's three biggest powers sent a strongly worded letter to Hassan Rohani, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, warning that resuming potentially arms-related nuclear work "would bring the negotiating process to an end," an EU diplomat quoted the letter as saying.

"The consequences could only be negative for Iran," it said.

On Thursday night the head of Iran's nuclear agency said it may postpone resumption of uranium reprocessing after increasing European pressure not to end its suspension of a program that officials fear could result in a nuclear bomb.

"No certain day is fixed for resumption of reprocessing. It is possible to postpone it some days," Gholamreza Aghazadeh, the head of Iran's Atomic Organization, told the Tehran state-run television in a live roundtable discussion.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon told Army Radio on Thursday that Israel knows how to protect itself against a potential Iranian threat.

"Iran is the central proponent of terrorism and Islamic fanaticism and it has a non-conventional leadership that is liable to develop non-conventional weaponry," Ya'alon said. "Israel, therefore, needs to know how to defend itself against every threat and will always know how to do so."

the Zohar has outlined the plan to Pit Ishmael against the west, create the final war, where they believe that ISREALHELL of flesh will be the ONLY Global superpower, and all Goyim will be under their hasidic Pharisaic Sanhedrin beast enslavement or be Killed

Earlier in the day Rohani, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, said Tehran would resume some nuclear activities because it cannot continue nuclear negotiations with Europeans.

"Continuation of negotiations in their present format is not possible for us," Rohani told state-run television, saying the talks were not balanced and were costly for Iran.

"The basic point that the Islamic Republic of Iran will resume part of its nuclear activities in the near future is definite," Rohani had said.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair spelled out the potential consequences, telling reporters: "We certainly will support referral to the United Nations Security Council if Iran breaches its obligations and undertakings."

see Blairs false Reports of weapons of Mass Discussion and the murders of thousands of innocent civilians in IRAQ

The United States believes Iran's nuclear energy program is a front to develop atomic weapons and has been pressing for Iran's case to be sent to the 15-member UN council for possible economic sanctions and other actions.

the Globo Cop, gawd bliss "Amaraka"

The EU shares U.S. suspicions but has offered incentives to try to get Tehran to give up its atomic fuel program, which Iran insists is only for nuclear power plants, not for arms.

French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier also urged Iran to maintain its voluntary freeze on enrichment-related activities.

"We continue to hope that Iran will not go ahead with this move, for which it is aware of the consequences," Barnier told the French Senate upper house of parliament.

The EU letter proposed "ministerial level talks" between the Iranians and Europeans within the next two weeks to break the impasse and avoid a crisis, EU diplomats said


And of course the Sanhedrin's Catholicos Benedict Arnold II sets up Judeo-Churchinsanity to worship the flesh beast of ISREALHELL of the Harlot City Spiritual Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified

Last update - 18:25 13/05/2005

Pope to visit Cologne synagogue in August

By The Associated Press

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI has told Israel's ambassador to the Vatican that he intends to visit the main synagogue in Cologne, Germany, in August, becoming the second pontiff in history to visit a Jewish place of worship.

where they worship the Dragon of Talmud Bavli

Ambassador Oded Ben-Hur said the pope told him of his intention following an audience with the diplomatic corps assigned to the Vatican on Thursday.

Benedict's predecessor, John Paul II, made a groundbreaking visit to Rome's synagogue in 1986. The new pope has said he intends to continue John Paul's work toward improving relations between Catholics and Jews.


Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg says he knows in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand. "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed."

Last update - 01:07 13/05/2005

U.S. Anglicans eyeing divestment criticize Israel W. Bank policy

By The Associated Press

The U.S. Episcopal Church, considering a review of investments in companies that do business with Israel, said on Thursday a high-level fact-finding team came back deeply disturbed after visiting the West Bank and nearby areas.

"Israel has a right to defend itself. But it appears that, in the name of security, injustices are being done to the Palestinians that amount to collective punishment," said Jacqueline Scott, a member of the Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns.


Iran and Malaysia Condemn the Israeli Threats on al-Aqsa

Capitals, May 12 (SANA)-

Iranian President condemned Thursday Israeli “aggressive practices and policy” against the Palestinians and the holy places in Jerusalem.

President Mohammed Khatami expressed when met Malaysian Premier Abdullah Badawi wordy regarding recent situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Israeli threats of breaking in al-Aqsa Mosque.

For his part Badawi stressed the importance of al-Aqsa mosque, saying “there is no way to separate this holy place from Palestine as well as there is no political solution can neglect Palestinians’ right of being in their mother land”.

Meanwhile, Arab League demanded the international community to shoulder responsibility regarding latest Israeli threats for breaking in al-Aqsa mosque.

“Israel is responsible for any damage that hits al-Aqsa and any Islamic or Christian holy place in occupied Palestinian territories,” Arab League said In a statement.

A.Zeitoun / S.Younes



It just ain't gonna happen. Bushkevik knows the Hassidic double-cross well. There will be no Olso II, but they will attempt to Take Jerusalem by Force, then that son of perdition will be "REVEALED"

'Israel must leave Jerusalem, too'

By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

May 12th, 2005


JERUSALEM - Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is not enough if the Jewish state wants peace with the Arab world, according to a joint declaration following this week's Arab-South American summit in Brasilia, Brazil.

PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas, one of only seven major Arab leaders to attend the gathering, reiterated his demand that the Jews vacate every inch of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip as part of any final status agreement.

"We are very keen to reaching just peace with Israel on basis of full Israeli withdrawal from all the Arab and Palestinian lands [sic] it occupied in 1967," Abbas said.

He suggested all of the Middle East's current instability and violence was the result of Israel's failure to retreat in accordance with the UN's recommendations in resolutions 242 and 338.

"The Middle East, including Palestine as its core concern, is still suffering from instability and violence, simply because Israel has not so far complied with the international legitimacy resolutions 338 and 242," Abbas insisted, ignoring decades of regional upheaval and violence against the Jews prior to 1967.

South American leaders had hoped to keep the summit focused on economic cooperation in an effort to counter American domination in that area.

They acquiesced to the passions of their Arab guests, however, and condemnation of Israel was made the centerpiece of the summit's "Declaration of Brasilia."

The declaration's draft, which was approved by attending foreign ministers Monday, demanded the removal of all Jewish settlements, including "those in east Jerusalem."

It also lent approval to anti-Jewish "Palestinian" terrorism under the guise of resisting "foreign occupation in accordance with the principles of international legitimacy and in compliance with international humanitarian law."

The document denounced terrorism in accordance with today's widespread feelings on the subject, but called for an international conference to define who is a terrorist, suggesting that the killers of Israeli Jews and US soldiers in Iraq do not fit the bill.

A Brazilian diplomat told Reuters the declaration was unlikely to be changed before its official adoption.


Good bye Infernal Rothschild Service (IRS), for they have already destroyed the economy of the US and went unto Pharaoh,7340,L-3084606,00.html

'U.S. aid to be cut in 3-4 years’


Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel on way to economic independence
By Sever Plocker and Gad Lior

TEL AVIV - In three or four years, Israel will achieve economic independence and American financial aid for non-military purposes would end completely, Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.


“By the end of 2006, or in two years at the latest, there will no longer be any poor elderly Israelis,” he declared in a particularly optimistic Independence Day interview.

not according to the Kol Nidre "Wings of Angels at The Babylonian Network....TBN,,,,oooooh abba fadder, why are there not many more trees


Other pledges made by Netanyahu include a reduction in unemployment figures, a boost in tourism, and the initiation of mega-projects, namely what Bibi refers to as a “Bible Belt,” aimed at Christian tourists, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and a casino in the southern town of Eilat.

the Judeo Churchinsanities must have their casino's to cast lots for the Robe of Jesus

However, despite what Netanyahu - and many others in Israel and abroad - views as a highly successful term at the Treasury, the finance minister sets his sights even higher.

“Do I want to again become a prime minister? Yes,” he says. “Do I think I’m suitable to be a prime minister? Yes.”

However, Netanyahu’s drive to the top is likely to face at least one major obstacle, in the person of current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who in the past has declared his intention to run for another term.

When asked whether Sharon is too old to go for another term, Bibi resorts to a diplomatic answer.

“It’s a question every person must answer on his own…while taking into account his suitability and capabilities,” he said.

Massive tax reduction planned 

Despite the recent apparent economic slowdown, Netanyahu looks to the future with hope and says he is working on what he calls a significant but balanced tax reduction .

The move would see taxes lowered to the tune of billions of shekels, he says, but refuses to provided further details.

“My wish is to lower almost all taxes in Israel,” he says. “Most of them are too high.” 

Netanyahu says the Treasury and the Bank of Israel see eye to eye on the matter and notes he already discussed the issue with new Bank Governor Stanley Fischer .

Treasonous Viper

“The governor certainly backs the move,” he says. “I presented some of the planned measures to him and saw that he agrees with the. We must push growth forward and reduce unemployment.”

Indeed, Netanyahu also remembers to repeat his ambitious long-term objective, which he has already presented before.

“Israel will be one of the world’s 10 richest countries and overtake the average standard of living in Western Europe,” he says


and thanks to apostate "Amaraka" and the 3 Trillion taken by Tax you have delivered their false Christ of mammon


The jew of Dan


                           Does the information below explain this ?             


Mathias Bush is listed on Page 15 under Revolutionary War as Jews who signed the non-Importation Resolution of 1765

Major George Bush, Major Louis Bush and Major Solomon Bush who are listed at the top of page 16 as participating in the Revolutionary War.


PURE Treason

Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona

By Jerry Seper

U.S. Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens along the section of the Arizona border where protesters patrolled last month because an increase in apprehensions there would prove the effectiveness of Minuteman volunteers, The Washington Times has learned.
    More than a dozen agents, all of whom asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, said orders relayed by Border Patrol supervisors at the Naco, Ariz., station made it clear that arrests were "not to go up" along the 23-mile section of border that the volunteers monitored to protest illegal immigration.

"It was clear to everyone here what was being said and why," said one veteran agent. "The apprehensions were not to increase after the Minuteman volunteers left. It was as simple as that."
    Another agent said the Naco supervisors "were clear in their intention" to keep new arrests to an "absolute minimum" to offset the effect of the Minuteman vigil, adding that patrols along the border have been severely limited.
    Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar at the agency's Washington headquarters called the accusations "outright wrong," saying that supervisors at the Naco station had not blocked agents from making arrests and that the station's 350 agents were being "supported in carrying out" their duties.
    "Border Patrol agents are the front line of defense against terrorism," Chief Aguilar said, adding that the 11,000 agents nationwide are "meeting that challenge, head-on ... as daunting a task as that may sound."
    The chief -- a former head of the agency's Tucson sector, which includes the Naco station -- said that with the world watching the Arizona border because of the Minuteman Project, agents in Naco "demonstrated flexibility and resilience in carrying out their critical homeland security duties and responsibilities."
    But Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, yesterday said "credible sources" within the Border Patrol also had told him of the decision by Naco supervisors to keep new arrests to a minimum, saying he was angry but not surprised.
    "It's like telling a cop to stand by and watch burglars loot a store but don't arrest any of them," he said. "This is another example of decisions being made at the highest levels of the Border Patrol that are hurting morale and helping to rot the agency from within.
    "I worry about our efforts in Congress to increase the number of agents," he said. "Based on these kinds of orders, we could spend the equivalent of the national debt and never have secure borders."

It is much better making the citizen's of the US criminals...then with these open borders send in the "RED" armies of Esau

    Mr. Tancredo, chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, blamed the Bush administration for setting an immigration enforcement tone that suggests to those enforcing the law that he is not serious about secure borders.
    "We need to get the president to come to grips with the seriousness of the problem," he said. "I know he doesn't like to utter the words, 'I was wrong,' but if we have another incident like September 11 by people who came through our borders without permission, I hope he doesn't have to say 'I'm sorry.' "
    During the Minuteman vigil, Border Patrol supervisors in Arizona discounted their efforts, saying a drop in apprehensions during their protest was because of the Mexican government's deployment of military and police south of the targeted area and a new federal program known as the Arizona Border Control Initiative that brought manpower increases to the state.
    The Naco supervisors blamed the volunteers for unnecessarily tripping sensors, disturbing draglines and interfering with the normal operations of the agents. They said that their impact on illegals was "negligible" and that civilians should leave immigration enforcement "to the professionals."
    Several field agents credited the volunteers with cutting the flow of illegal aliens in the targeted Naco area, saying the number of apprehended illegals dropped from an average of 500 a day to less than 15 a day.
    More than 850 volunteers, in a protest of the lax immigration enforcement policies of the White House and Congress, sought to reduce the flow of illegal aliens along a popular immigration corridor on the Arizona-Mexico border near Naco by reporting illegals to the Border Patrol as they crossed into the United States.

Bushkevik is sincerely fighting "terrorism"

    Their goal was to show that increased manpower on the border would effectively deter illegal immigration. Organizers said the protest resulted in Border Patrol arrests of 349 illegal aliens.
    Area residents, in a half-page ad in the Sunday edition of the Sierra Vista Herald, told the volunteers: "Thanks for doing what our government won't -- close the border to illegal aliens. It was the quietest month we've had in many years ... You made us feel safe because the border was closed."


Open doors for the REDS of Heil Bushkevik


They should all be hanged

"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."   President George H.W. Bush, quoted by Sarah McClendon
(White House Reporter) in her June 1992 Newsletter.

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Published by the Hoover Institution

Lubavitchers and Liberals

By Peter Berkowitz
Peter Berkowitz teaches at George Mason University School of Law and is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

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Jan Feldman.
Lubavitchers as Citizens: A Paradox of Liberal Democracy.
Cornell University Press. 212 pages. $32.50

Highly educated Americans tend to have little place in their imagination and less patience in their hearts for the devoutly religious. The cruder among the highly educated dismiss religion as a crude relic of a bygone era. Moderates may tell you that religion, in moderation, is a fine thing. From time to time, they may indulge in it themselves at weddings, at funerals, and at the celebration each year of a few major holidays. But the devoutly religious, especially if they are fellow citizens, especially if they belong to faiths that have become part of the American mainstream, especially if they are fellow Christians and Jews, are another matter. It’s not that those who place religious belief at the center of their lives are, for that reason, more inclined to break the law or impose a special financial burden on the state. No, what truly discomfits so many of the highly educated about the devoutly religious is the determination to stand apart, to refuse to join in, to go their own way.

But why? For the most part, devoutly religious Christians and Jews happily embrace modernity’s great political achievements — individual rights and equality before the law. So the problem is more with what the devoutly religious stand for. To varying degrees, they say "no thank you" to the glorification of one of modernity’s moral ideals, autonomy, as well as to its many enticements — sexual liberation, popular culture, and affluent, commercial society. And notwithstanding the high-flown theorizing the highly educated can put forward to justify their distaste and the impartiality and universality they may claim for their reasoning, it is this "no thank you," no matter how politely put, that rankles and drives them to distraction.

What is true of many highly educated people tends to be more true of our professional political theorists. Indeed, most schools of political theory, it seems, have reason for denigrating the devoutly religious. Academic liberals dislike the proud dependence of the devoutly religious on external authorities, particularly spiritual leaders and God. Communitarians, when brought face-to-face with a real-life, tightly-knit community in which individuals are commanded to subordinate their private desires to the community’s good, suddenly discover that the good of community consists in no small measure in its having been chosen freely by those who belong to it. With barely distinguishable differences in emphasis, deliberative democrats and civic republicans wax indignant about the failure of religiously devout parents to educate their children for the responsibilities of citizenship, primary among which the theorists believe is the responsibility to engage regularly in vigorous public debate about constitutional first principles and the fine points of public policy. Too often, feminists, regardless of what devoutly religious women say about the dignity and fulfillment of their lives, cannot bring themselves to see in them anything but subordination to men. And multiculturalists find themselves confounded by a group within their midst — rather than safely located on some distant shore — whose members do not regard multiculturalism as a supreme value that ought to be affirmed by each member of the group.

But don’t be fooled by the profusion of scholarly slogans and schools. When all is said and done, the vast majority of these theorists see eye-to-eye. They are all — at least those who belong to the dominant schools — progressive liberals. Of course progressive liberalism needn’t go hand-in-hand with a Voltairean hostility to religion. As the exemplary writings of William Galston, Charles Taylor, and Michael Walzer have demonstrated, respect for the wisdom, beauty, and even truth of religion can be compellingly combined with a belief in government’s high responsibility to protect the powerless and voiceless. Nevertheless, a sizeable majority of our political theorists, in the name of progress and freedom — or under some other name but in the service of a progressive interpretation of individual freedom — insist upon, or at least would welcome, state intervention, particularly in the form of inculcation by the public schools, of the right virtues and values in order to correct the beliefs and practices of the children of the devoutly religious.

Proponents of this view are called "perfectionist liberals"; they believe that it is the task of the liberal state to perfect the liberalism of its citizens. They welcome state intervention not merely for the public good, but for the sake of the devoutly religious themselves, in order to save them or at least their children from their supposedly unfulfilling, backward, and degrading faith. Perfectionist liberals are not much perturbed, if they notice it at all, by the intolerance that underwrites their determination to use government to save, or transform the souls of, their fellow citizens and their belief that the state has not only a right but a duty to do so.

From another vantage point, the religiously devout are to many of today’s political theorists what Jews were to Christian thinkers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: an embarrassment and a reproach. If Christianity represented the transcendence of the Law, what but stubbornness, such thinkers asked, could account for the determination by Jews to adhere to their ancestral ways? No doubt many simply assumed the falsity of Judaism. But for some, the question was driven by a nagging, perhaps subterranean doubt: What if the Jews knew something important? What if Christianity had not transcended God’s revelation to Moses? Similarly, many political theorists today silently presume that in our enlightened age it can only be the stubborn refusal to see the light that explains the resolve of the devoutly religious to cling to their peculiar beliefs. Some come to this conclusion because of an atheism as invincible as it is unprovable. But, in the case of the more acute, lurking behind the presumption is also an anxiety: What if the religiously devout know something that we do not know, something to which we prefer to close our eyes lest it complicate our lives? And in this anxiety lies an opportunity.

It is political scientist Jan Feldman’s startling contention that the Lubavitcher Jews have a great deal to teach academic political theorists, particularly perfectionist liberals, about citizenship and liberalism. It is also an audacious contention. The Lubavitchers are a school of Hasidism (also known as Chabad) whose members revere the late Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the Lubavitcher rebbe. They are not just any devoutly religious group. Numbering between 150,000 and 200,000 worldwide, with perhaps another 250,000 maintaining close ties, the Lubavitchers have been described in the New York Times, not without cause, as "the most ambitious, aggressive, and, at times, detested Jewish movement." In contrast to most movements within Judaism, including much of orthodox and ultra-orthodox Judaism, they are seen as proselytizers, political opportunists, and zealous proclaimers of the Messiah. Feldman’s book, the work of a woman who is herself both a professor and an observant Jew with "a close affiliation with Lubavitch," succeeds in humanizing the Lubavitchers and in capturing the rhythm of their lives, built around the Hasidic belief that even ordinary people can hasten the coming of the messiah through the joyous, enthusiastic fulfillment of the commandments. She also exposes some typical limitations of academic political theory concerning the devoutly religious. But neither a friendly portrayal of their faith nor a critique of the excesses of the academics leaves the Lubavitchers as immune from criticism as she would have readers believe.

That strikes the eye first about the Lubavitchers is their anachronistic appearance: the men in their black hats and black suits and bushy beards (which replicate the appearance of eighteenth century Polish aristocrats); the women in their long skirts and long sleeves and big wigs (which they believe protect the dignity of men as well as women); and the parents with their great gaggles of children (who reflect the priorities they believe imposed on the them by God’s commandments). Of course the Lubavitchers are also known for their massive outreach programs. The mobilized faithful can be seen in the pale and awkward young men hovering beside their mitzvah-mobiles on college campuses and busy city street corners, insistently inviting Jews passing by to step into the back of their open U-Haul trucks to say a prayer, and in the establishment around the world of Chabad Houses that provide Torah study, a Shabbat meal, and a seat at holiday feasts to Jews away from home. And the Lubavitchers are notorious for their enthusiasm for their spiritual leader, investing the Lubavitcher rebbe, in death as in life, with mystical, messianic, world-redemptive powers.

So the chasm between the Lubavitcher life and the liberal or progressive life is real and wide. It also provides Feldman with her opening. For the liberal life places a special emphasis on respecting humanity in its breathtaking diversity, and so is compelled by its own principles to, at minimum, tolerate much that it finds disagreeable in the Lubavitcher life and, at its best, to come to grips with what is respectable in the Lubavitcher life.

Feldman, who, with her family, lived for a year among the Lubavitchers in Montreal and whose research is also based on a wealth of detailed interviews, does not gaze at the Lubavitchers through rose-colored glasses. She does, though, leave to others the unseemly thrill of airing the community’s dirty linen (in recent years others have stepped to the plate). She understands the complexities of what Martin Buber had in mind when he described ultra-orthodox Jews in Jerusalem as at once "sublime and grotesque." Yet Feldman has her priorities. She wants to bring into focus what is sublime in the Lubavitchers and to show that much that strikes the secular intellectual as grotesque in their ways is based on a failure of understanding and want of sympathetic imagination.

At the same time, her inquiry, which grows out of her personal concerns as observant Jew and professional political theorist, is narrowly focused. What she especially wants to know is whether, in a liberal democracy, one can be both a good Lubavitcher and a good citizen.

No saith Pat Robertson


 Although Lubavitchers see no particular contradiction, the preponderance of opinion among her fellow professional political theorists, she stresses, is that one can’t. Because of their faith, the expert consensus goes, the devoutly religious

are incapable of informed, rational, autonomous political deliberation. They are assumed to march in lockstep to the polls to cast their leader’s vote. They are seen as refusing to be bound by the accepted standard of "reasonable public speech" because they may refer to Torah, the core of Jewish law, for guidance. This is regarded as a breach of political civility. Finally, they are perceived as rejecting our fundamental principles of justice and democracy when they reject liberal values. We put the burden of proof on them to demonstrate that their "otherness" is not a threat to us.

Feldman thinks that the expert consensus, which reflects the predominance in the academy of perfectionist or, as she sometimes refers to it, "militant" liberalism, is partly right and partly wrong. It is partly right because the Lubavitchers do reject the image of the good citizen as the freely choosing, autonomous individual subject to no authority save his own critical intellect. But it is partly wrong because it conflates one peculiar and demanding interpretation of good citizenship with democratic citizenship as such.

Feldman can’t quite bring herself to say that the theorists’ rarefied conception of citizenship is unreasonable in its demands and illiberal in its reach. Yet it is, because it demands a specific orientation of the mind and because it reaches beyond lawful outer conduct to pry into matters of conscience. Instead, she sets out to show that nothing in the Lubavitcher life stands in the way of the lesser and bottom-line requirements of merely democratic citizenship, by which she seems to mean the ordinary, common-sense view that citizenship in a free country largely consists in obeying the law, voting one’s interest and one’s conscience, and caring for oneself, one’s family, and one’s community.

Given this looser understanding, the Lubavitcher rebbe, Feldman earnestly contends, can be seen as a "friendly critic of American democracy." While devoted to religious freedom, he also believed that the best arguments for religious freedom, and the virtues necessary for maintaining it, had religious sources. In fact, the religious grounding of religious freedom has great precursors in the American intellectual tradition, particularly the Puritans who set sail from England in order to find a land where they could practice their austere religion as conscience dictated. What would have undoubtedly astounded our Puritan forbears, however, was the rebbe’s belief that the religion on which freedom and democracy in America particularly depended was Torah Judaism.

While wishing to bolster what they believe to be the foundations of democracy in America, the rebbe’s followers have no desire to alter or abolish them, argues Feldman. They embrace the rabbinic teaching, dina d’malchuta, dina, or the law of the land is law. 

as a fact PUBLIC Law 102-14 of House Joint Resolution 104 of the 102nd Congress of TREASON and satan


And they emphasize that the seven Noahide Laws — constituting the covenant entered into by Noah and God after the Flood — include respect for other human beings, respect for their rights and property, and the creation of a judicial system, and are binding on all humanity. These religious principles, grounded in the Torah and elaborated in the Talmud, form the backbone of the Lubavitchers’ theological justification for honoring liberal democracy in America.

The Lubavitchers, however, do not simply embrace the protections of civil and criminal law, mind their own business, and withdraw from public life. In fact, they have shown a certain facility with the mess and the mechanics of the democratic process and have established themselves as significant political players in Canada as well as in America. In 1994, their representatives on Capitol Hill demonstrated their comfort in the halls of power by successfully lobbying for the rebbe to receive the Congressional Gold Medal.

In general, Jews in North America are the most progressive of ethnic and racial groups. At the same time, most ultra-orthodox Jews avoid the politics of the secular state. In contrast to both, the Lubavitchers, Feldman notes, have their own agenda. They have entered the political fray both to pursue narrow, local goals, seeking to obtain more of government’s scarce resources for their communities, and to advance the largest, most universal goals, the hastening of the messiah’s (Moshiach ben satan, the son of perdition of Dan Heil Bushkevik)  arrival and the redemption of the world, the best known instance of which is their fight to display giant menorahs in public places in order to increase the nation’s spirituality.

demon devil spirits of the abyss, and almost all are now fallen for the fables of the Talmudic jews

While politically aggressive, the Lubavitchers defy conventional partisan categories. They are, Feldman reports the Lubavitcher emissary in Washington saying, "sometimes to the left of the Democrats, and sometimes to the right of Republicans." 

Get these hassidic Vipers out of Washington DC, Root them from all Government agencies....NOW, for they manipulate Pontus Pilate Bushkevik to murder


They would keep abortion "safe, legal, and rare" but favor school prayer. 

double minded men of satan's confusion are these vermin

They strongly support social welfare programs but support with equal strength school vouchers and military spending. They oppose gay marriage but also oppose discrimination against minorities and favor criminalizing "hate speech." They embrace the separation of church and state but reject the idea that the public square should be denuded of religious symbols.

and they inculcated satan with state in 1991

So why do so many schools of professional political theory, above all the perfectionist liberals, implicitly condemn Lubavitchers as bad citizens? The problem, according to Feldman, lies less with the Lubavitchers than with the theorists’ fantastically ambitious conception of citizenship, which lays claim not merely to the individual citizen’s outer conformity to law but to the personality or spirit that citizens bring to political life. What has usually been thought good enough in a free society — earning a living, raising a family, worshiping God as you see fit or not, pursuing your interests as you understand them, casting or not casting your vote, arguing if you like with fellow citizens, and all the while refraining from infringing the rights of others — is thought not good enough by many of our leading theorists. What a free citizen owes his or her fellow citizens, according to them, turns out to be rather more rigorous. It requires a specific kind of personality, which as it happens coincides exactly with many political theorists’ idealized self-image.


This personality celebrates the multiplicity of goods, the openness of choices, the subjectivity of values, the rights of individuals, and the diversity of societies. Valuing these goods of course can form, or contribute to the formation of, an appealing personality. But according to the perfectionist liberals, it should not be optional. Parents and government have an obligation to instill these beliefs in their children. Parents play their part by exposing their children to a wide variety of lifestyles, and government plays its by ensuring a public school curriculum that reinforces the lesson. To do less is to deprive young people of the opportunity to choose for themselves what is right and good.

BY force, for their gods are the god of forces...the DRAGON of dark sentences

The question, though, is whether requiring this much deprives parents of their right to educate their children as they believe proper.

Yes for their is no child left behind from Satan in Dan Bushkeviks scheme of the shem sham of Dan

 And the danger is that this form of education exalts the act of choice at the expense of the thing chosen, fostering a confusion between the freedom to choose in accordance with what is right and good and the rightness and goodness of whatever individuals choose.

Indeed, by making the celebration of autonomous choice the ticket of admission to the public square, the political theorists’ favored conception of citizenship takes sides against the central teaching of devout Christians and Jews that what is needful is loving recognition of Him to whom one owes obedience.

Do not be deceived, the reference is Judeo Churchinsanities  the proselytes of the hassidim Pharisees, see Crouch, Fall-Well, Robertson, Hagee, Copeland, Parsley, Stome, Graham, Jakes....ALL of the Talmudic conrtrolled and purchased men of their cemetery teachings 

These are they who are behind the Vermin Bush and his Chabad Lubavitch and their Sanhedrin

 Of course, if the devoutly religious life were truly irrational and manifestly cultivated bad citizens, which is the underlying conceit of much contemporary citizenship theory, then such undermining could hardly be considered a loss.

ahhahahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahha and see that Heil Bushkevik will criminalize any who oppose his Hoodlum hoo haha Mitzvah

But is the Lubavitcher way truly irrational? Are you a bad citizen if you do not pledge allegiance to critical rationality and individual autonomy? Feldman answers with a resounding "no." The Lubavitcher life displays its own rationality, she contends, which the liberal life can’t see or won’t consider.

Do not be deceived the god of the Re-puppet-kens is a more patriotic god than the god of the demon-crats

In defending her claim, Feldman manages to go not far enough and also too far. What Feldman should have said but does not say is that the Lubavitcher life embodies goods that political theorists ought to appreciate and is based on claims about humanity’s obligations and God’s governance that they lack reasons for rejecting, as they are wont to do, out of hand. But what she should not have said but does say is that there are two rationalities, a Lubavitcher rationality and a liberal rationality.

a Neo-con Repuppet-ken conservative by force to the dragon

and a Demon-Crat of freedom of choice

in the name of a strange god they deceive both


 While perspectives are multiple and conflicting, and while wisdom comes in many forms, there is only one reason. And the Lubavitcher life, by taking a great deal on faith and placing it securely beyond question or doubt, substantially restricts reason’s operation.

Lk:7:35: But wisdom is justified of all her children.


Feldman finds rationality pervading the Lubavitcher life. Central to it, as for all observant Jews, is Torah study. 

Torah Mishnah of the Babylonian Talmud, which states that Jesus the Christ is in hell boiling in human excrement and any who worship him as God will be soon decapitated

This education, Feldman argues, is anything but rote, mechanical, or dogmatic. Young men, and increasingly young women, hone their intellects through endless hours poring over the Talmud and confronting its conflicting commentaries and interpretations, multiple layers of play and paradox, and constant posing of dissenting opinion. 


While such study has its fixed points — the sovereignty of God, the sanctity of Torah, the wisdom of the sages — it forms an endless school in the complexity of human affairs. And while such study often encourages hair-splitting and distinction-mongering, it constantly calls attention to the exalted purpose — the love of God and the repair of the world — for which it is undertaken.

the love of their god of this world the Dragon and their flesh lust of a little temporary wanna be kingdom of gods

But what of the Lubavitcher conviction that the world is 5,763 years old and that evolution is myth? And how about their belief in the efficacy of prayer, in the divine supervision of the world, in the miraculous powers of righteous men (tzaddkim),

There are none righteous, and the LORD came to save sinners not righteous men who need not salvation who say they are not corrupted by mans fallen nature.

 in the obligation to obey strictly an ancient legal code (halacha)? What place can these beliefs and convictions have in a liberal and enlightened world? Feldman readily concedes that many will find Lubavitcher beliefs "strange, incomprehensible, even downright crazy." But invoking the bedrock liberal distinction between public life and private life, she argues that such convictions and beliefs are not political in nature and demand nothing special from the polity. As for the case of Simcha Goldman, an observant Jew and captain in the U.S. Army who did demand something special, the right to wear his kippah (skullcap) while in uniform, Feldman sees it as an example of the constitutional order working as it should.

inculcating satan with state

 Goldman took his claim to the courts, the Supreme Court decided Goldman had no right, and eventually Congress passed legislation effectively overruling the Court by granting the right.

For they are animal farm's pigs of TREASON, and not one is EXEMPT...ALL

But what of the women? Surely the way the Lubavitchers treat their women rises to the level of public concern. And to an extent it does. Like all citizens, the Lubavitchers are prohibited by the laws of the land from depriving their female children of a basic education, from assaulting and battering their women or physically harming them in any way and, once they reach maturity, from blocking their exit from the community. 

But they are above their laws and like their Pharisee fathers move not one finger to do the laws

But beyond that, the state must mind its own business. No doubt some will shudder at the thought of allowing Lubavitcher parents to teach their children that men and women are subject to overlapping but differing catalogues of divine commandments;

That their women are sub-human, and their daughters can be sexually molested up to three years and a day according to their Talmud hasatan

 that, owing to the quality of natural differences or the quality of their souls, women must take a leading role at home while men must take a leading role in public; that separation of the sexes should be the norm and that women should dress modestly in public and hide their hair under wigs lest they sexually arouse easily arousable men.

I assure you, this is sick jealous perversion and they are of their father the murderer since the beginning who killed the Prophets and Crucified the Messiah

 But a shudder is not an argument. And the arguments for liberating the women (and children) of the devoutly religious from their parents, however ingenious, that the citizenship theorists muster to justify their shudder turn on assigning the state responsibility for the health of the hearts and souls of its citizens. But no healthy liberal state can properly claim citizens as its creatures, to be compressed into a mold of the state’s own making.

Thus the Government of the People by the People and For the People, is now a Dictatorship of heil Bushkevik and his satanid cronies of Chabad Lubavitch of the Dragon and the beast Sanhedrin

Furthermore, in a critical respect, the Lubavitcher life enhances women’s choices. As Feldman emphasizes, Lubavitcher communities have become home to many ba’alot teshuva, literally "masters of return."

master thieves of the Dragons sorceries, the wizards of Yid

 These are women who have grown up in secular, educated and, in many cases, well-to-do households but have chosen to adopt the Lubavitcher way of life.

hahahhhahhahha by force and intimidation threatened with stoning and excommunication and gets (divorce)

 In her conversations with them, Feldman heard these "refugees from liberal lifestyles" explain that the contemporary culture of promiscuity, and the opportunities that the marketplace provides to compete with men and other women left them feeling hollow, sullied, and estranged from their deepest longings — and that observant Judaism celebrates their roles as wives, mothers, and women in search of a way of life that makes even the routine of daily life an occasion for affirming the world’s holiness.

slaves in bondage to the dragon by force

By elaborating the logic of the Lubavticher life, Feldman aims to convince liberals of their obligation to tolerate "nonliberal" subgroups. In making her case, she is partly right and partly wrong. She is right that the Lubavitchers in America have every right to be tolerated, but she is wrong to downplay the irreducible tensions between the liberal life and the Lubavitcher life. Clash there is between the liberal life and the Lubavitcher life, but to grasp it properly one must go beyond Feldman’s framing of the issues. One must also understand the clash within the liberal life and the suppression of clash within the Lubavitcher life.

and if you aint with them then you is against em


Feldman grants the perfectionist liberals too much. The consensus that she takes as an authoritative representation of the liberal tradition, while a powerful persuasion within it, has gone astray. It has made an idol of autonomy. It threatens to sacrifice toleration on autonomy’s altar. And so it endangers the balance of competing principles critical to conserving our liberalism.

In fact, toleration and autonomy are kindred principles. Both grow out of respect for the equal rights of individuals, and both provide interpretations of how that respect should be put into practice. The principle of toleration maintains that individuals should be allowed to pursue their lives free of government supervision, provided that they respect the life, liberty, and possessions of others. The principle of autonomy affirms that individuals achieve their full potential in choosing for themselves how to conduct their lives, guided by no authority — meaning not only government authority but also that of parents, teachers, and custom and tradition — save their own critical intellect.

or be slain, purged from their utopian Talmudic Hoodlum haha

Whereas the principle of toleration concerns the limits of political authority, the principle of autonomy advances a moral ideal. The liberal spirit is drawn by both, but often in competing directions. The principle of toleration imposes limits on the regulation of belief and conduct beyond which the state may not pass. In contrast, the principle of autonomy, especially as progressively interpreted, provides the state with a justification for passing beyond those critical limits on the regulation of belief and conduct that the liberal tradition has solemnly warned the state to honor: limits that separate matters that pertain to the body from those that pertain to the soul, that distinguish harm to others from harm to oneself, that divide the public realm of politics from the private realm of family and religion.

a shemborg collective Government of Sanhedrin

Liberals who put the emphasis on toleration are willing to suffer within their midst individuals who worship other gods or no gods at all. 

Thus Robertsons Justice Sunday and the Demoncrats are not worshipping the gods of the RE-puppet-kens

But those who put autonomy first yearn to sanctify the freely choosing life as the only life worth living. 

the flesh of corruption, Thus shunning the eternal Life of Christ Jesus

They have learned too little from Rousseau, the French Revolution, and other more sinister forms of what Isaiah Berlin called "positive liberty," and so they indulge the self-important delusion that they and the state have a moral obligation to force their fellow citizens to be free.

see how this is played out in the "Protocols of zion" the demize of LIBERTY, and their coming global despot of the whoredom of Babylon

The tension between securing the conditions for toleration and promoting the life of autonomy runs throughout the modern liberal tradition; in On Liberty Mill provides a model for managing it. Mill certainly takes his stand in favor of the autonomous life and acknowledges its opposition to the traditional life: "The despotism of custom is everywhere the standing hindrance to human advancement, being in unceasing antagonism to that disposition to aim at something better than customary, which is called, according to circumstances, the spirit of liberty, or that of progress or improvement." But, Mill stresses, the spirit of progress or improvement — by which he means progress in enlarging the number of individuals who pursue autonomy and improving their exercise of it — is not identical to the spirit of liberty, and they must not be conflated:

The spirit of improvement is not always a spirit of liberty, for it may aim at forcing improvements on an unwilling people; and the spirit of liberty, in so far as it resists such attempts, may ally itself locally and temporarily with the opponents of improvement; but the only unfailing and permanent source of improvement is liberty, since by it there are as many possible independent centers of improvement as there are individuals. The progressive principle, however, in either shape, whether as the love of liberty or of improvement, is antagonistic to the sway of Custom, involving at least emancipation from that yoke; and the contest between the two constitutes the chief interest of the history of mankind.

"Freedom is slavery"; Orwell

When push comes to shove, the spirit of improvement must yield to the spirit of liberty. Toleration takes precedence over autonomy, because you cannot respect individuals by forcing them to abandon strongly held beliefs and deeply entrenched practices.

But in this limitation Mill also finds progressive hope. The blessings of toleration, he suggests, are a constant enticement to the pursuit of autonomy and hasten the spread of its appeal. 

see Protocols, for they knew if they put all the filth into apostate "Amaraka" they control such as drugs and porno and sickness and perversion and evil and chaos and racial strife and murder and theft, soon they would get the cry of "enough" from their snared Judeo-Churchinsanity Evangelicals, and they too would cry "Give us a KING to be Over Us, and deny the KING of KINGS

The liberal state exerts an ineluctable pull on its citizens and cannot help but shape their sensibilities and inform their morals. Its political institutions and laws, its public debates, and its popular culture loudly proclaim and subtly insinuate the moral ideal of the sovereign and self-aware individual.

By evil they think, they bring righteousness

In other words, it is one thing, as Mill envisaged, to create the political conditions under which individuals are free to undertake "new and original experiments in living." It is quite another, as some of his more enthusiastic descendants would do, to assign government responsibility to root out religious faith, employ the resources of the state to rigorously train individuals to reject custom and tradition, and to legislate autonomy as the nation’s norm. Surely a free country has room for those who instead wish to serve God in accordance with their conscience and their tradition.

as Obedient Noahides snared by the leaven of the Pharisees

Actually, America also has an interest in welcoming the devoutly religious, and for the reason that Mill in the nineteenth century, as popular government and the liberal state were consolidating in England, welcomed personal eccentricity: because the devoutly religious embody a part of the truth that their absence would leave it more difficult for the rest of us to discern. Particularly in America, where democracy has triumphed and the liberal life is growing routinized, the devoutly religious remind us of the possibility of service to an authority higher than self. They teach about the costs of progress. They instruct about the variety of ways of being human.

and they lure all whose names are not written in the lambs Book of life into the open arms of the dragon and their Moshiach ben satan, then by force he will saly marvelously

Neither tolerating nor learning from the Lubavtichers, however, requires the suspension of the operation of our critical faculties. To the contrary, we have every reason to notice that Torah study for them commonly departs from an ideal which they also recognize, instead confining students to repetitive study of Tanya (1796), the classic Chabad work of its founder Rabbi Schneur Zalman, and a narrow range of Lubavticher interpretations of sacred texts, cutting them off from the wider world of human learning, and constricting their sentiments and sense of what is possible and valuable as a human being. We have an obligation to observe that Lubavitcher spiritual leaders and basic beliefs have contributed to the creation of a cult-like reverence for the Lubavitcher rebbe, a reverence that passes well beyond respect for his achievements as a man and love for the spirit he embodied, and threatens to transform him into a fairy-tale wizard for the faithful and to induce a worship of him that borders on the idolatrous. And we have a duty to take account of the fact that the Lubavitcher life educates individuals, from the time they are boys and girls and throughout their lives as men and women, to feel ill at ease in each other’s presence, and thereby cultivates distance and distrust in every member of its faith community for half of humanity.

Dogmatism, fanaticism, and puritanical austerity will be a danger wherever religion is freely practiced. Nevertheless, a religious faith like that of the Lubavitchers — which, despite its foreign ways, is grounded in the biblical belief that all human beings are created in the image of God, and which teaches respect for basic rights and the laws of the land — offers common ground enough with liberalism for the Lubavitchers to respect liberal ways and for liberals to respect Lubavitcher ways.

BEWARE of the snare for these Lubavitchers say that any who worship the TRUE Messiah Jesus the Christ are IDOL Worshippers and  should be slain

All that is necessary to understand this is a healthy skepticism about the moral ideal of autonomy, a generosity in the understanding of those whose beliefs about God differ from one’s own, and a toleration for those commands of conscience that do not violate other people’s rights. All that is necessary, in short, is a return to what is finest in the liberal tradition.

Shut the Christ Jesus believers up.....force them to submit to the new tolerance of intolerance unto the Dragon and his Moshiach, they cry



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