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May 16, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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People are you prepared for the Only 1000 year reign. The only people who will reign with Christ Jesus in Sion God's Holy Mountain in Heaven in a company of inumerable angels, are them who were "BEHEADED" for their testimony and the witness they Held. Uh............there are none other.....sorry

Rv:20:4: And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Will you stand firm in the Witness of Jesus the Christ against the hasssidic shemborg collective of the Dragon?


May. 16, 2005 16:04  | Updated May. 16, 2005 16:54
Jewish extremists held for plan to attack Temple Mount

Three Jewish extremists are under arrest for allegedly planning to carry out an attack on Jerusalem's Temple Mount in an effort to torpedo this summer's planned unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, police announced Monday.

The three were part of a group of nine Jewish Israeli suspects apprehended over the last month in two separate cases over alleged plans to attack the Temple Mount.

But calling into question the strength of the police's case, however, all of the suspects have been released from custody, with police not planning to press charges in the case.

The three key suspects in the first case, who were apprehended last month in a joint Jerusalem police-Shin Bet sting operation before they could carry out their plans, have been placed under house arrest by a Jerusalem court.

A court gag order which was in place on the case was lifted Monday afternoon. According to police, the three key suspects in the case planned to fire a missile at the heavily-guarded Temple Mount in order to thwart this summer's planned pullout from the Gaza Strip, and then to kill themselves.

so they were released?

Over the last year, Israeli security officials have repeatedly warned of the possibility that Jewish extremists could try to attack the super-sensitive Jerusalem holy site as a way of sabotaging the planned summer pullout from Gaza, an event Israeli security officials refer to as the "doomsday" scenario.

The former head of the domestic Shin Bet security service Avi Dichter has said that coupled with the possibility of an assassination attempt on the life of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the threat of an attack by Jewish extremists on the Temple Mount is of the highest concern among security officials, as Israel prepares to withdraw from Gaza.

But, they let them go

With the walled-in compound heavily guarded by police, security officials have warned in the past that Jewish extremists might try to fire a missile or a rocket at the main mosque at the site.

Police said that the prime suspect in the case, 21 year old Avtalion Kadosh, a Bratslev hassid asked a friend, Eyal Karmani, 23, of Rehovot if he could procure a Lau missile and grenades to carry out the attack.

Kadosh then told his family of his plans to attack the Temple Mount, police said. At a certain point, his brother, Akiva Kadosh, 25, recanted, and refused to cooperate with the plan.

During this time, the suspects in the case visited the Temple Mount as well as nearby rooftops in the Jewish and Muslim Quarters of the Old City from which they allegedly planned to carry out their attack.

In the end, the group picked the rooftop of a nearby yeshiva to fire the missile, police said. According to police, the two key suspects decided to kill themselves after their planned attack.

After the two suspects realized they had insufficient money for the arms and lacked the ability to assemble the missile, they allegedly consulted a third suspect, 26 year old Elior Chen of Beitar Ilit who suggested they take a loan from the bank to acquire the money, and offered to put them in touch with people who knew how to work the missile, police said.

Police said that the three main suspects in the case have confessed to the planned attack.

The prime suspect in the case told police that his goal in the attack was to "create a third intifada, and a war with the Arabs which would stop the Gaza pullout plan and bring about the transfer of Arabs from Israel," police said.

The attorney for the three central suspects said Sunday that the whole affair was that of a Shin Bet provocation.

Chabad Lubavitcher


the war unto the end unto desolation

Mass Civil Disobedience Campaign to Begin on Monday
16:22 May 13, '05 / 4 Iyar 5765

"If I had to predict," says Shai of Jerusalem, one of the organizers, "I would say that the country is going to be stopped up on Monday afternoon. We've had tons of phone calls and people taking flyers to distribute all over the country, and there is a great desire to take action to stop this plan."

The initiative is being held in response to the disengagement plan that was pushed through the government and Knesset by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Despite having lost a Likud Party referendum on the matter by a 60-40 margin, and despite having no majority in the Cabinet until he fired two ministers just before the vote, and despite a Likud Party Convention decision against the plan, Sharon managed to eke out passage of the Evacuation/Compensation Law this past February with less than an absolute majority of the Knesset. Only 59 MKs voted in favor, including the 8 Arab-party MKs and 23 (of 40) from the Likud - the party that was swept into power on a platform opposing a retreat from Gaza.

At least two Knesset Members - Benny Elon and Aryeh Eldad (see below) - have since called for civil disobedience to fight the plan.

Silent protests have long been held at 31 important intersections around the country, and these are the most likely candidates for a total blockage on Monday afternoon. These junctions include four each in Jerusalem, Haifa and the Tel Aviv area, five in the Galilee, and others at Modiin, Kiryat Gat, Rehovot, Petach Tikvah, Ben Gurion International Airport, Be'er Sheva and elsewhere.

"We have several important goals on Monday," Shai told Arutz-7 today. "First of all, we want to strengthen and encourage the standing power of the residents of Gush Katif and northern Shomron. They need to know that we're not waiting for them to be closed in by government orders before we start being ready to be jailed... In addition, we have to always be on the offensive in this contest with the police; we have to initiate, not respond. We also wish to see how the public will respond - though I believe that they will respond much more strongly and firmly if it becomes 'for real.' ... Finally, we wish to disrupt the police preparations for the uprooting."

Many leaders in the campaign against the disengagement have noted that the police appear to be unprepared for the extent of the public resistance they will face. The fact that Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi has made a personal appeal to all retired police officers to take part in this summer's police work, for instance, is taken as a sign of the desperate situation the police department faces.

"We are calling upon people not to be afraid to be arrested," Shai said. "However, there might be a problem in that we have heard that Sharon has said that the police should not arrest us. This might mean that there will be less arrests and more hospitalizations, if you understand me. Even though we have called upon our people to tie their hands with an orange ribbon [orange is the official color of the struggle to save Gush Katif - ed.], we know the police to have been very free with their violence in previous incidents."

In addition to 30,000 flyers describing Monday's event that have been distributed, with more on the way, and aside from the thousands of pamphlets describing the philosophy of the struggle in detail, many thousands of papers have been printed to be given out to drivers stuck on the roads. The papers read:

"Honored Driver! We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience. We are not fighting against you - but we must stop this plan before it's too late. UPROOTING is not just the evacuation of settlements and a blow at the residents; it's also a calamity - morally, nationally, militarily, and economically. Is it conceivable that after 2,000 years of Exile, Jews would come to expel Jews in our own Land? We must stop it now - for the sake of your nation, your children and your grandchildren."

MK Eldad, a university professor, originally called for civil disobedience at a giant rally in Gush Katif two weeks ago, after completing a 13-day march of 220 kilometers (137 miles) from northern Samaria to Gaza. "We are fighting for our homes," he told the crowds. "If [security forces] close Gush Katif, no one will travel in Israel. We will stop the country. No one will fly, no one will travel and no one will walk, if Jews are not allowed to live in every place in the Land of Israel."

He called on government employees not to be "cogs in a machine of destruction," and told the crowd to be prepared to be arrested and go to jail for breaking the new government law that prohibits crowds from gathering in Gaza during the planned evacuation.

Eldad later elaborated for Arutz-7: "I see it as a democratic right and moral obligation of a citizen in a democratic country to refuse to take part in immoral commands. 

Noahide courts of rabbinical god's, justice

If Sharon can say that even a soldier who cannot fulfill an order should say so to his commander and be willing to pay the price, then all the more so should public clerks and employees do so. Regular citizens who see a road on which trucks will travel to expel the Jews should sit there and block it, and not take part in any way in this destruction..."

"Civil disobedience," Eldad explained, "is everything that is not violent in which people say that they are not taking part in this machine that is embarking on its path to perpetrate a historic national crime against the Jewish People. Everyone in his own way: A clerk can tear up a paper that he received and say he's not taking part; a teacher can teach that a state cannot legislate racist laws, even if he is fired for it; and another can say that [Histadrut Labor Union chief] Amir Peretz threatened to close down the country several times over money, without being blamed for causing bloodshed - but those whose most basic beliefs are being threatened who say that if someone can't travel from one place to another [when the government closes the roads in preparation for the expulsion] or reach their homes in Gush Katif and northern Shomron, then no one can travel anywhere - they are not permitted to do so?"

Sources in Gush Katif report that all policemen studying in various courses and educational institutions will complete their courses early, on May 31, 2005. All police vacation days for this summer have also been canceled.

Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


BY Proxy

Israel bans former Malaysian PM
From correspondents in Ramallah
May 16, 2005

ISRAEL today banned former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, whose comments have in the past infuriated Jews, from entering Jerusalem while visiting the West Bank, the Palestinians said.

Mr Mahathir was delayed for an hour at the Allenby crossing from Jordan into the West Bank where Israeli officials banned him from going to Jerusalem or the city of Jenin in the West Bank, Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qorei said.

"I want to say to the entire world that this is the political mind of the occupation," Mr Qorei told a joint news conference with Mr Mahathir in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

"This is an important man, an international man and the Israelis prevent him from going to Jerusalem, they prevent him from going to Jenin," he added, expressing his apologies.

The former prime minister had caused uproar in Israel just before his retirement in 2003 by saying that Jews rule the world by proxy, getting others to fight and die for them.

Mr Mahathir, who championed the Palestinian cause during his 22 years in power before retiring in October last year, said he was visiting the West Bank as a show of solidarity with the Palestinians.

"It was not easy to come here and I was delayed a lot. I can't go to Jerusalem. I tried to go to Jenin, but I can't," he said.

"I hope that my next visit will be to Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian state," he added.

Sources in Mr Qorei's office said the former Malaysian leader would instead go to Abu Dis in an effort to catch a glimpse of the golden dome of Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound, the third holiest site in world Islam.

Jenin city council said Mr Mahathir had been invited to the northern West Bank city to tour the destruction caused during the last five years of the Palestinian uprising.

It said it had asked Mr Mahathir to head an international campaign to rebuild the impoverished, volatile city.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli authorities which continue to control the entrance into towns throughout most of the West Bank as well as controlling the border into Jordan.

Mr Mahathir had told the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in 2003: "The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million. But today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. 1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews.

"Of late because of their power and their apparent success they have become arrogant," he said at the time. "And arrogant people like angry people will make mistakes, will forget to think.


By Proxy......Shut them up in Canada

The Canadian-based Ukranian Archive web site is facing a Canadian Thought Crime tribunal because of Jewish totalitarianism in that country. This includes the assertion that linking to Jewish Tribal Review is some kind of crime, to be prohibited by Canadian law.

We will post a response to this censorial madness and our support of the Ukranian Archive within the next few days

Among the leading documents which constitute the Lubomyr Prytulak reply to the Canadian Jewish Congress Complaint are the following:

@  22-Dec-2003  Sherri Helgason: Respondent request for adequate time to answer
@  28-Jan-2004  Ed Morgan: Canadian Jewish Congress Fanaticism Infects the University of Toronto
@  20-Feb-2004  Mary M Gusella: Ukrainian Archive philo-Semitism encounters a snarling Rottweiler
@  13-Mar-2004  Irwin Cotler: Who's afraid of holocaust denial?
@  25-Mar-2004  Paul Martin: Irwin Cotler collaboration with Steven Rambam
@  27-Apr-2004  Paul Martin: Irwin Cotler Leadership in the Deschenes Commission Witch Hunt
@  06-May-2004  Mary M Gusella: UKAR reply to the CJC complaint of anti-Semitism
@  10-May-2004  Lubomyr Prytulak (UKAR) to Sherri Helgason (CHRC)
@  27-May-2004  Mary M Gusella: Lubomyr Prytulak Reply to CHRC Hannya Rizk Investigator's Report
@  12-Jun-2004  Paul Martin: Will the Liberal government criminalize investigation of archeological forgeries?
@  19-Jun-2004  Paul Martin: Canadian Jewish Congress Criminal Conspiracy Under The Competition Act
@  12-Jul-2004  Paul Martin: Please amend the Canadian Human Rights Act
@  18-Oct-2004  Paul Martin: Stage III — Irwin Cotler's Ukrainian Archive Bill
@  20-Oct-2004  Mary M Gusella: Lubomyr Prytulak Reply To CHRC Decision To Deal With CJC Complaint

Canadian Jewish Congress Complaint

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Red @s inserted below can be clicked to view the origin of a quoted UKAR statement, following which the reader will be able to return to his place by clicking BACK on his browser.
The eight pages below will be referred to collectively as the "Complaint," and the page numbers that have been added in large, bold red will facilitate more precise reference.

— 1 —
chrclog2 CANADIAN

Intake Services

Service de l'accueil
Si vous désirez obtenir une copie de cette lettre en français, veuillez communiquer avec la Commission à l'adresse ou au numéro de téléphone indiqués en bas de page.
File no. 20031527        NOV 27 2003        


Mr. Lubomyr Prytulak
4165 West 11th Avenue
Vancouver, BC   V6R 2L5

Dear Mr. Prytulak:

      The Canadian Human Rights Commission has received a complaint from Len Rudner alleging that your website (the Ukrainian Archive) is discriminating against persons or groups of persons because of religion and national or ethnic origin by communicating messages to Internet newsgroups which would likely expose individuals who are of the Jewish faith, and segments of the Jewish faith identified by their national or ethnic origin to hatred and/or contempt contrary to section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

      Under Part III of the Canadian Human Right Act, the Commission is required to address any complaint that alleges a violation of the Act.  Ms. Hannya Rizk is the investigator designated to gather the evidence in relation to the complainant's allegations and, once the investigation is complete, to report on the findings to the Members of the Commission.  You can reach her at (613) 943-9061 or by fax at (613) 947-7279.

      The report to the Commission will include a recommendation for the disposition of the complaint.  The investigator can recommend that a conciliator or a Human Rights Tribunal be appointed, if the evidence supports the allegations in the complaint, or that the complaint be dismissed, if the allegations are not supported by the evidence.  The investigator can also recommend to the Commission that a settlement be approved if the parties reach an agreement during the course of the investigation.

      At this time, I would appreciate receiving by December 23, 2003 your position regarding the allegations including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Do you own and/or control the Ukrainian Archive website?  If not, who own's and/or controls this website?  What is the Ukrainian Archive website's present Internet address (URL)?


344 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1E1
344, rue Slater, Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 1E1
Toll-free / Sans frais 1-888-214-1090, TTY / ATS 1-888-643-3304, Fax / téléc. (613) 947-7279

— 2 —

- 2 -
  1. What is the purpose of the Ukrainian Archive website?

  2. What is the intent of the information/documentation posted on the website?

  3. Who is responsible for editing and/or posting the content of the information/documentation on the website?

  4. How are the documents being posted on the Ukrainian Archive website?

  5. Who is your present Internet Service Provider (ISP)?  Where is it located?  Please provide a copy of the ISP's arrangement.  Please provide a copy of the agreement with ISP.

      If someone other than yourself will be representing your organisation in this matter, please let us know at your earliest opportunity.  Also, please be advised that you are required to preserve any material related to the complaint, including information in electronic formats, until the final disposition of the matter.

Yours sincerely,

[S. Best signature]

Suzanne Best


c.c.    Mr. Len Rudner

— 3 —
chrclog1   CANADIAN


2003  1527

November 7, 2003

Len Rudner

Lubomyr Prytulak
4165 West 11th Avenue
Vancouver, BC      V6R 2L5

ADDRESS WHERE INCIDENT OCCURRED (if different from the above)

Race, religion and
national or ethnic origin

PRACTICES (e.g., termination of employment, harassment, etc.)
Hate messaging

— 4 —



Len Rudner

Lubomyr Prytulak

I have reasonable grounds for believing that I have been discriminated against

  • in employment
  • in the provision of services
contrary to section(s) _____13_____of the Canadian Human Rights Act.  I declare that the following information is true to the best of my knowledge.

[Len Rudner left the area provided here blank because he supplied the requested "information" in the four pages attached.]

I consent to the release to the Canadian Human Rights Commission of all information and documents concerning me that the Commission considers necessary for its investigation, such as personnel records, documents, data, medical or hospital records which relate to the complaint.  I also authorize the Commission to have such information examined by any person it retains to provide advice and assistance in dealing with my complaint.

Signature:   [Len Rudner signature] Date:   November 6, 2003

— 5 —



4600 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M2R 3V2 Phone: (416) 635-2883 Fax: (416) 635-1408





Legal Counsel






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National President

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National Officers

Chair Board of Governors

UJA Federation
Chair of the Board

National Executive Vice President
and General Counsel

Human Rights Complaint against Internet web-site
The "Ukrainian Archive" (


Lubomyr Prytulak
4165 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC     V6R 2L5


Len Rudner
Director of Community Relations
Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region.

November 6, 2003

[Len Rudner signature]        
Executive Director

Supported and funded by Federations and Combined Jewish Appeals across Canada

— 6 —
The Canadian Human Rights Act

The "Ukrainian Archive" web-site contains material that is likely to expose members of the Jewish community to hatred or contempt by reason of their membership in an identifiable group, per section 2 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (the "Act").  Specifically, the "Ukrainian Archive" web-site is in violation of section 13(1) of the Act.  Our complaint contends that Lubomyr Prytulak and the "Ukrainian Archive" has committed at least four separate violations of section 13 of the Act:

  1. Through a discussion of the so-called "Kosher Tax" he contends that there is a Jewish conspiracy through which the Jewish people impose a form of tax fraud and engage in extortion against gentiles.
  2. He engages in Holocaust Denial
  3. He promotes antisemitic canards; that Jews are cruel, disloyal and dishonest.
  4. He provides links through his web-site to antisemitic web-sites
1.    The Kosher Tax

The "thesis" of the "Kosher Tax" section of the web-site is that Jews have secretly imposed a tax on gentile consumers in order to raise funds to "finance anti-Ukrainian calumny."  The negative perception of this so-called tax is made clear in Prytulak's own words (emphasis added):

"What we have stumbled upon here is a Jewish tax on food which appears to have spread throughout the kitchen to non-food items so as to become a Jewish tax on food plus kitchen products, and from there made its way to the laundry room so as to become a Jewish tax on food plus kitchen products plus laundry products, and from there metasticized [sic] to the medicine cabinet so as to become a Jewish tax on food plus kitchen products plus laundry products plus over-the-counter medications." @

In various places in this section, the "kosher tax" is referred to as "Jewish taxation without Gentile representation" @ and the cumulative effective of this tax is "paying for the bullet with which you are executed." @

"Why is this matter being broached on the Ukrainian Archive?  Simply because it has been documented on the Ukrainian Archive that inciting fear and hatred of Ukrainians is an integral part of Jewish culture.  The question becomes germane then of whether this incitement is financed at least in part, by a hidden Jewish tax on all Canadians...." @

2.    Holocaust Denial

Prytulak states that he does not deny the Jewish Holocaust, as it is a historical fact that the Nazis killed the Jews.  But stating this is in no way an affirmation of the historical veracity of the Holocaust, which was the deliberate, state-sponsored attempt by the Nazis to exterminate the Jewish people.  All Holocaust deniers concede that the Nazis hated the Jews and that some Jews died, though the numbers they will concede are generally

[Len Rudner signature]   

— 7 —
reduced by a significant magnitude, and the centrality of the genocide to Nazi policy is ignored.  In this "tradition", Prytulak denies the scope of the murder, both in numerical and geographical terms.  As he puts it:

"my experience pushes me toward the conclusion that the real and tragic history of the Jewish Holocaust has been hijacked by Holocaust fabulists who have perverted it beyond recognition." @

3.    Antisemitic Canards (Cruelty, Disloyalty, Dishonesty)


Mr. Prytulak states, without proof, that Kosher ritual slaughter is cruel and inhumane.  He relies on insinuation to make this claim.  This insult is especially grievous, given the many prohibitions that rabbinical authorities have set down through the centuries to ensure that animals are treated humanely and with compassion.  Prytulak's "conclusion" is presented below:

"In view of the evidence that gratuitous and avoidable cruelty continues to be associated with Jewish ritual slaughter, then it is indeed reasonable to expect that the non-Jewish public would avoid meat identified as kosher, and conceivable even that if more Jews became aware of what their own representatives were doing in the slaughterhouse, that Jews themselves would begin avoiding ritually-slaughtered meat." @


Prytulak places himself in the company of men such as Ernst Zundel, who continuously put forth that it is a strategy of the Jews to malign German culture.  Prytulak believes that the Jews have engaged in a deliberate and prolonged policy of "plundering" the Ukraine.  Israel and the Jews are represented as plunderers of the Ukraine, slandering the Ukraine with false charges of antisemitism.  This motif of Jewish "calumniators" (his term) repeats itself throughout the web-site.
[The string "Zundel" never appears on the UKAR web site.]

"Why is this matter being broached on the Ukrainian Archive?  Simply because it has been documented on the Ukrainian Archive that inciting fear and hatred of Ukrainians is an integral part of Jewish culture."[TAB 2] @

"... A topic not touched upon in Patrick Martin's article, but which I broach here in order to provide a context in which to read his article is that another way of encouraging Jews to immigrate [sic] from Russia and Ukraine, as well as of discouraging them from going back, is to incite and exaggerate Slavic anti-Semitism [sic]In this way can be explained a number of Jewish actions that otherwise appear to be gratuitous, and yet mysteriously and inexplicably concerted." @

[Len Rudner signature]   

— 8 —

Prytulak advances his argument against those individuals, all Jews, who engage in "calumny against Poland". @

"The gang of ten is Jewish.  One notices immediately that all ten of these "calumniators" of the Slavs are Jewish." @

"The really egregious calumniation only comes from Jews." @
["comes only from Jews" was in the original]

"It is not for me to justify why Jews appear so frequently on the pages of the Ukrainian Archive, it is for Jews to explain why no Gentiles can be found whose anti-Slavic calumnies are able to compete with those of the Jews in the gang of ten (or with those in the CBS gang of seven)." @

"why should it be the case that the leading slanderers of the Ukrainians are all Jewish.  How can it be that Jewish leaders are so prone to lying and have such palpable intellectual shortcomings, and sometimes even remarkable character defects?" @

4.    Links" to antisemitic web-sites provided by the "Ukrainian Archive"

The "Ukrainian Archive" provides links to more than 100 web-sites on a variety of topics.  For the purpose of this complaint, we draw attention to two specific categories: Historical Revisionism (i.e. Holocaust denial) and the Middle East.  While Prytulak maintains that the "listing of a web-sit...does not necessarily indicate "Ukrainian Archive" agreement with its contents..." it is our contention that these listings are a precise match to the themes that compose the narrative of his web-site.

a.  Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
b.  Institute for Historical Review
c.  Association des Anciens Amateurs de Recits de Guerre at d'Holocaust
[L'Association des Anciens Amateurs de Récits de Guerre et d'Holocauste is the correct citation]
d.  Campaign for Radical Truth in History
e.  Radio Islam
f.  Blacks and Jews
g.  La Voz de Aztlan
h.  Jewish Tribal Review

Remedy Sought

The information provided in this document is not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of the "Ukrainian Archive".  Rather, our intention is to provide sufficient information to initiate a formal human rights complaint.  It is our contention that the antisemitism expressed by Lubomyr Prytulak runs through every element of the "Ukrainian Archive" web-site.  We seek the removal of this web-site from the Internet in accordance with sections 13(1) and 13(2) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

[Len Rudner signature]   

Who in their "Right" mind would want to visit Canada?




May. 15, 2005 11:10  | Updated May. 16, 2005 19:04
Right-wing protestors shut down Israel's major highways


right wing = hasidim Sanhedrin controlled

According to country-wide plans by Right-wing activists to protest the Gaza disengagement plan, demonstrators gathered at dozens of locations around the country intending to block roads as part of the nationwide civil disobedience campaign.

By evening Monday, 45 had been arrested as hundreds of police worked to disperse the protestors. However, many roads in the capital and across the country were clogged and shut down to traffic as of Monday evening.

At 5:00 p.m. Monday, when the protests were slated to start, about 30 Right activists paraded on the main road entrance to Jerusalem, waving signs which read the popular anti-pullout slogan, "Jews don't deport Jews."

Although no violence had erupted, mayhem took hold of the street as cars honked their horns and large police forces astride horses and on foot stood by watching, filming and taking snapshots of the protestors.

The protestors sported T-shirts which declared, "If you are arrested you have won."

The activists said they came to the demonstration without cell phones of ID cards so if they were arrested they would not be identified by police – and would not have a criminal record.

Branches were bundled along the highway, but no fires had yet been started. The jammed roads were closed off traffic.

Special police forces trained in dispersing demonstrations were working hard to control the crowds, but they did not manage to disperse the protestors.

On Begin Street in Jerusalem, Right-wing activists lit a number of tires on fire. Police tried dragging the burning tires off to the side of the road, where some two dozen protesters sat. But the plume of black smoke over the road slowed traffic to a crawl. Seven suspects were detained.

Jerusalem's Bar-Ilan Road was shut down just after 5 pm at the height of the evening rush hour. The De Yosef Road and thoroughfares around the Malha mall towards Gilo were also blocked in Jerusalem.

In the south of the country, police reported that the Nir Am Junction was blocked. Disturbances had also broken out at southern entrance to Kiryat Gat, as well as near Dimona and Yeruham.

At the entrance to Beersheba, 150 protesters exited a bus and laid down in the middle of the street, blocking off the main entrance into Beersheba.

In preparation for the mass demonstrations, Israel Police raised the national alert level Monday morning to Level 3 - one degree below a state of emergency - and deployed large forces along major highways across the country.

Throughout the day Monday, police uncovered numerous caches of car tires, intended to be used for the road-blocking attempts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Some 500 tires were confiscated, Channel 2 reported.

The right-wing organization Beit Leumi (National Home) called on opponents to the planned disengagement to come out in full force on Monday.

Anti-disengagement activists have also tried a new tactic of alarming the public: suspicious objects, with anti-pullout slogans attached to them, have been placed in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

One such suspicious bag was found Monday morning at a central Jerusalem thoroughfare. Police sappers who were called to the scene on Bar Ilan Street found a note inside the bag reading: "The disengagement will explode on us, in our faces. This is just the beginning of a stubborn struggle."

Later in the day, a suspicious bag with wires and nails protruding out of it was discovered at a Jerusalem city bus stop, police said. A sign reading "A Jew does not expel a Jew" was attached to the bag.

But the Hassidic Jews have no squabble in expelling all opposed Goyim


Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

World-Wide Protests Against Evacuation
18:00 May 15, '05 / 6 Iyar 5765

Students from 46 U.S. college campuses are to begin a strike today, while other groups are planning simultaneous acts of civil disobedience.

Protestors decked out in orange - the color that has become symbolic of support for Jewish life in Gaza and northern Samaria - are preparing a noisy reception for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon when he arrives in the United States early next week.

The Coalition of Americans to Save Gush Katif/Gaza and the Northern Shomron Communities is promoting a mass protest and prayer vigil in New York City on Sunday, May 22.

Chabad Lubavitch Hassidic stronghold

 While Prime Minister Sharon will be a visiting guest of the Conference of Presidents, Federation and the Israeli Consulate, thousands of protestors are expected to be standing outside at Baruch College at 17 Lexington Ave. & 23 St. The organizers are urging attendees to wear orange clothing or purchase orange T-shirts at the demonstration.

Prominent rabbis and public figures who will speak at the rally include Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton Klein, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, and Rabbis Moshe Tendler, Steven Pruzansky, Heshy Reichman, and Neil Winkler.

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations has voted to support the evacuation, but has rejected a move to publicize its support. Liberal groups within the umbrella organization plan to publish pro-Sharon advertisements this week.

Malcolm Hoenlein, vice-president of the Conference, admits, "We're headed for more difficult times… It will be very difficult for a lot of people to see Jews taken from their homes."

Sharon fears that opposition to his plan will make it difficult to win Congressional support for massive aid, including a request for $1.6 billion to help fund the evacuation. A House Appropriations Committee member, speaking on condit
on of anonymity, questioned whether Congress would approve more aid. "What's the rationale? Israel says it's taking a unilateral action in its own interest."

On the other hand, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, told the Forward that he backed granting Israel financial aid to help offset the costs of the pullout - as well as for aid to the Palestinian Authority.

ZOA President Klein said his group "should be telling people that any extra funding that is being considered to help facilitate the forced deportation of Jews is funding used to violate human rights."

The ZOA also noted that the American population as a whole has reversed its opinion of two years ago concerning the establishment of a new Arab state. Most respondents now prefer a new state only after an end to violence and an Arab recognition of Israel. Two years ago, the majority felt that a new state would foster peace.

But now they Back the Noahide plan of the Sanhedrin and the Dragon

Active support for Jews under the threat of evacuation is coming from Jewish groups who are scheduled to visit Gush Katif in the coming weeks. New York State Assembly Dov Hikind is to lead his second mission in early June, on the heels of a mission this month by Americans for a Safe Israel. Hikind's group has prepared a back-up plan to stay in nearby Ashkelon in the event that the government tries to prevent them from entering Gush Katif.

Several members of Hikind's first mission were detained at the airport when they arrived, undergoing questioning and a "debriefing." Officials told them they could not visit Gush Katif because it was a closed military zone.

Hikind explained to the officials that his group comes from a country where protesting government policy is a right of every citizen, and that members of his mission would not be discouraged from exercising the same right in democratic Israel. After their release, they boarded buses and freely entered the area, which had not been closed to civilians


The Two Whore sisters in the final war, even as they have warred with one another since 2 Kings 16

Aholah of Dan USA and Aholibah of Judah secular zion



TREASON and Satanic Blasphemy in Tennessee

Rabbi addresses the Tennessee House of Representatives
12:46:AM Friday, Feb 04, 2005


On Monday afternoon, January 31, 2005, Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel from Congregation Beit Tefilah Chabad opened up the legislative session at the Tennessee State Capitol, with an invocation that inspired the 99 State legislators. Speaker of the House Mr. Jimmy Naifeh, and State Rep. Beth Harwell welcomed the Chabad Rabbi who placed the giant Menorah at the State Capitol during Chanukah, and then introduced Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel to recite the invocation.

The text for the invocation included the theme of the Seven Noahide Laws. Specifically the 7th of them: "That every society govern by just laws". Asking of the assembled lawmakers to enact laws which will govern the great State of Tennessee, and to always be conscious of the presence of G-d, and conduct their work accordingly.

After the invocation,(invoking the son of perdition)  The Speaker of the House presented Rabbi Tiechtel a certificate stating "Chaplain of the Day of the Tennessee State Capital".


BEWARE Tennessee you are sold out in Treason and Blasphemy

Lubavitcher Rabbi addresses the Tennessee House of Representatives
11:19:PM Tuesday, Jan 27, 2004


On Monday afternoon, Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel from Congregation Beit Tefilah Chabad in Nashville, TN, opened up the legislative session with an invocation that inspired the 99 State legislators.


Not one of these TREASONOUS Vipers are Exempt


 Speaker of the House Mr. Jimmy Naifeh and State Rep. Glen Casida welcomed the Rabbi and spoke about the presence of Chabad both locally and globally, before introducing Rabbi Tiechtel to recite the invocation.

The text for the invocation was based on answers from the Rebbe that were sent to Rabbi Moshe Feller the head Shliach in Minnesota, when he recited the invocation at the US Congress in Washington, and included the theme of the Seven Noahide Laws. Specifically the 7th of them: "That every society govern by just laws". Asking of the assembled lawmakers to enact laws which will govern the great State of Tennessee, and to always be conscious of the presence of G-d, and conduct their work accordingly.

After the invocation, the Speaker of the House presented Rabbi Tiechtel with a certificate stating "Chaplain of the Day for the Tennessee State Capital".

On his way out, one of the state legislators came up to Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel and told him, “I heard in your introduction that you went to a Yeshiva”, I want you to know, that I grew up in NY and remember the Yeshiva boys in my neighborhood. The legislator went on to say Im proud to see one of you delivering the invocation in the Tennessee State Capital

so give me my Mammon


Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky delivers opening prayer for New Jersey Assembly
10:55:PM Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004


On Monday in Trenton, NJ, before a packed house of the entire NJ State Assembly gathered for the last legislature voting session of the year, Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky Shliach in Monroe Township delivered the opening prayer.

In his remarks Zaklikovsky spoke about the "7 Noahide laws", and related a Chanukah message from the Rebbe.

Needless to say it was a Kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Shem Lubavitch.

All the shemborg collective are destined to the Pit with Death and hell and their son of perdition


One World Religion unto the Dragon

Chief Rabbi of Novgorod Takes to Airwaves
7:21:PM Monday, Dec 06, 2004


NOVGOROD VELIKY, Russia – The Chief Rabbi of Novgorod Veliky, Gershon Paley, participated in a popular program aired by the local television channel 'Slaviya'. During the interview, Rabbi Paley spoke on a number of themes, as well as highlighting the theme " The Seven Noahide Laws: universal moral laws for all of humanity".

Apart from addressing members of the audience and television viewers directly, Rabbi Paley also took the opportunity to answer a multitude of questions posed by audience members, most of which concerned Judaism and faith in general.

This is not Rabbi Paley's first appearance since he began serving the Jewish community of Novgorod. Earlier this year, he also took part in the popular talk show 'Solovei', broadcast by a local television channel, at which time he spoke about laws of Kashrut in Judaism and an array of issues concerning the development of the Jewish community.


Satanic theosophical theocrazy

Rabbi Feller Opens Senate with Prayer
1:26:AM Wednesday, Jun 23, 2004


As previously "scooped" on on Tuesday morning - Gimmel Tammuz - Rabbi Moshe Feller, director of Chabad-Lubavitch of the Upper Midwest opened the Senate with a special prayer.

SNS is pleased to provide an exclusive, partial - amateur video of the C-SPAN clip - of Rabbi Feller delivering the prayer.


The following is the Nussach of Rabbi Fellers prayer

Invocation to the Dragon of Sanhedrin

Almighty G-D, Master of the Universe, 

their god who has no Son Only Begotten a Savior, a non god....the Dragon tetragrammaton Illuminated angel of darkness

the Members of the U.S. Senate convene here today to fulfill one of the seven commandments which You first issued to Noah and his family after the great flood, the command to govern by just laws.

secretly given, but not of the Gospel scripture

As related in the book of Genesis and its sacred commentaries, You issued at that time the following seven laws:
To worship You alone; Never to blaspheme Your Holy Name;

the dragon by force

Not to commit murder;

see Iraq

Not to commit adultery or incest;

see the whoredom to the un-god of Babylon the mystery

Not to steal, lie, or cheat;

see how they Rob the apostate "Amarakan" masses

Not to be cruel to any living creature; and That every society govern by just laws based on the recognition and acknowledgment of You, O G-D, as the sovereign ruler of all men and all nations.

Grant, Almighty G-D, that the Members of the Senate constantly realize that in enacting just laws they are performing your will.

of Blasphemous Treason

Almighty G-D, I beseech You today to bless the Senate and the entire Nation in the merit of one of the spiritual giants of our time and of our country, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of righteous, blessed memory, who passed away 10 years ago today.

and has worms crawling through his wretched bones

 The Rebbe labored with great love, dedication, and self-sacrifice to make all mankind aware of Your sacred presence.

for he was chief son of satan's shema-GoG

May his memory be for a blessing, and his merit be for a shield for our Government and our country, which he always referred to as ‘‘a country of kindness.’’

since when does a Talmudic Jew become a shield for what once was a Christian Nation? Let me tell you when. It was when every man and Woman in the Congress, and Jew-dicial and the Executive, should have been Hanged for Treason and Blasphemy, not one, not even one exempt.

Every one of you, Not one exempt, who Partakes with these, your self made "Chosen" who deny Jesus the Christ, who call yourselves "Judeo Christians" are in Contempt of God the Father, and are HELL bound. Not one of you, until you REPENT will enter the KINGDOM of the Lord God Almighty Sion.

Apostate Amaraka, in your abject complacency, you have allowed the Talmudic Communitarian Sofiet RED Esau to take the USA from within.


The Rabbis of the Talmud say, 

'War comes to the world through the delay of justice, the perversion of justice, and the teaching of Torah out of accordance with its legal meaning.'

the rabid ribeyes of satan's Talmud are of their father the murderer since the beginning and the lust of their father they do

When all processes of law are rectified in this way, with good government applied to sustain them, functioning in Divine integrity, then grievances are properly handled and true peace emerges into the light of day. This is among the recognitions of the United States Congress in its Declaration endorsing the Noachide Laws (H.J. Res. 104, Public Law 102-14, March 1990 and subsequently), based on long historic understanding of the Jewish people and the Torah.

Based on the dragon and Blasphemy and sick perversion

satan with a black hat



Noahide News Part 189



The Last Deception

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section 14 "The Protocols of the Illuminated Elders of Tzion"

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      section 16 "The Beast Has Risen" 

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the gods

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