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May 29, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Rv:9:11: And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.



'Prophet' Summons
UFO For Camera
Las Vegas TV Station Captures, Broadcasts Image
An ABC-TV affiliate in Las Vegas broadcast images of a UFO summoned by a self-styled "prophet" who predicts many more will be seen throughout the area next week.
Ramon Watkins, also known as "Prophet Yahweh" agreed to meet with a reporter and camera crew of KTNV at a location of their choice and time.
What they witnessed, and captured on camera, stunned the reporter and crew.
Watkins claims to have seen some 1,500 UFOs over the last 25 years and has learned to summon them by reading the Old Testament.



May 30, Memorial Day

Gawd Bliss "Amaraka" Evangelical Right Judeo Churchinsanity, In ah ha name aha Judeo Jaysoose, kill all em dirty Arab's, Patriot Day, so hep me gawd, day

Ah, but the Sanhedrin DID meet April and May.........moving right along into Hoodlum hoo haha of Moshaich ben satan and the Sanhedrin global Noahide rule.

1. 18 May 2005  Kabbalist Blesses Jones: Now´s the Time to Find Holy Lost Ark
2. 29 April 2005  Hundreds Protest Desecration of Graves; Dozens Arrested
3. 8 March 2005  The Sanhedrin´s Declaration Concerning the Disengagement
4. 8 February 2005  Reestablished Sanhedrin Convenes to Discuss Temple
5. 14 January 2005  Sanhedrin Rabbis Discuss Sublime, Procedural Issues
6. 30 December 2004  800 Years Since Death of Maimonides
7. 9 December 2004  Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount
8. 8 December 2004  Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount
9. 17 November 2004  Now on Air: Who Cares About The Past?
10. 17 October 2004  Now On Air: How Much Power Will the New Sanhedrin Wield?

Sanhedrin May 2005

Hundreds Protest Desecration of Graves; Dozens Arrested
02:06 May 01, '05 / 22 Nisan 5765


Some 300 hareidi-religious Jews demonstrated at Highway 6 construction sites in the north yesterday, protesting against the desecration of Jewish graves from the Second Temple period.

At one site, approximately 100 demonstrators held a protest prayer near the planned highway route not far from Kibbutz Regavim. The prayer service held up the paving works.

Some four busloads of people were turned back on their way to the rally. Some 30 people on one of the buses, in which were found tires ready for burning, were arrested and taken to the Gelilot police station. Another 130 people were detained and then released. At one of the protests, police were aided by hired guards - at least one of whom was photographed and shown on national television using electric shockers to "quell" the protest.



Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit (Likud) had sharp words for the demonstrators. "The hareidim are the ones who are not acting according to the law," he said, "and are demonstrating just for the sake of demonstrating. What do they expect, that we'll stop everything just because of a grave?"

Hassidim Chabad Lubavitchers

Sheetrit said that graves were removed two weeks ago. A spokesman for the hareidim contacted by Arutz-7, however, said that many more graves still remain.

"With a little good will, the problem could easily be solved," said Aharon Y. of Zikhron

Yaakov. "There is a solution that has been used in many places - including on Shmuel HaNavi St. in Jerusalem, and even in Cairo, Egypt - and that is to build two roofs over the graves. It costs a little extra, but there is a group called Atra Kadisha that has helped out in these situations."

Sheetrit ignored this possibility, telling the Ynet news site, "I would like to [have] their agreement, but now there is no other choice. We talked with them, we have no argument with them, but they are demonstrating just for the sake of demonstrating. No grave is being harmed. This is violence, and violence must not win."

Asked how he knows that Jews were buried in the graves, Aharon said, "There are many signs - Jewish decorations, and the fact that the bones were buried in the 'likut atzamot' style. Your question reminds me of the time when an archaeologist once told me that some graves were of Arabs because the feet were pointing to Mecca; when I asked him how old he thinks the graves are, he said, 'Oh, about 2,000 years' - well before Islam was even founded..."

Aharon explained that it is forbidden by Jewish Law in all but extreme cases to remove bodies from their graves. Asked why his group is not protesting against the planned removal of some 50 bodies from their graves in Gush Katif, he said, "When there is a fear that the graves will be desecrated, they may be removed. Certainly in this case there is great concern that this would happen if the bodies are not relocated from Gush Katif."

A-7: "But your party - Degel HaTorah [a faction of United Torah Judaism] - enabled this plan to go through in the first place, when it joined the government a number of months ago and prevented it from falling?"

Aharon: "That was a different issue, one that only the rabbis - some say only the Sanhedrin - can decide. It's a question of whether it is more life-threatening to remain in Gush Katif, or to leave there. In any event, once it has been decided to leave Gush Katif, the graves must be removed."

The Coastal Region Police District is dealing with the daily protests, which have been going on in varying scales for some three weeks. One police spokesman said that the protests are preventing them from fighting their routine war against crime



Setting up the Talmudic Hoodlum hoo haha by Noahide Deception, the Moral Laws of Talmud Bavli Double speak...



Behukotai - No Automatic
Promise Of Jewish Land
We're not the Chosen People just by virtue of our forefathers;
Leviticus warns that if we continue to be stiff-necked
and evil, the land will vomit us out, too.
By Avraham Burg
This Sabbath we read the last weekly portion in the Book of Leviticus. Most of the book deals with the Cohanim (priests) - their duties, privileges and responsibilities.
However, here and there, the book interjects topics that apply to us, the simple people. One of these topics appears at the head of this week's Torah portion, Behukotai ("in accordance with My laws"), and deals with the complicated relationship between the Chosen People, God and the Land of Israel.
had to slip the "Chosen" people in there,..... though
In the opening verses, God presents the simplest and most generous of offers: If we behave as we are supposed to then not even the sky is the limit to God's generosity.
But there's a downside: If you break the covenant, I, God, will not follow through on My commitment. The verses go on to elaborate a frightening list of punishments and plagues that will befall without respite on our heads - here and in the exile.
Do I hear Noahide Morality coming....? 
It'll be a very personal, no-holds-barred grudge match between God and the Jewish People.
What is the significance of this covenant? What are these verses, stuck in the middle of details about sacrifices, supposed to teach us? It seems that there's no eternal guarantee to this holy land.
Still, the Land of Israel is our destination and our only land. True, we do not dream of any other place in the world. But out presence in the land is neither eternal nor automatic.
Rather, our presence in the land is intimately connected with our moral behavior (our treatment of the stranger, widow and orphan) as a nation.
hahhahhahhahhehhhehehhehhehehhehhewhooooooooey Universal Noahide Shabbos Goyim enslavement of the Palestinians who must submit to their Humiliation........

The limits of choseness

If we act wickedly towards the stranger; turn our heads from the poverty of the orphan, and stuff our ears to the cries of the widow, then the land will vomit us out - just as it had done to so many nations before us.
So Sheinerman, Sharon, the king of the South, Judah, Aholibah the whore must go to bring in Dan, Samaria, Aholah Talmudic Law, by deception they do indeed war

When life is not
lived morally, there's no difference between Jews and Amorites, between Israelis and Canaanites, Romans or Crusaders.
Faith in Jesus the Christ, then only then, there is no difference between Jew and Greek
Every time the land tries to vomit us out, it's incumbent upon us to figure out what have we violated in the covenant.
Their Tamudic Satanic Covenant with Death and hell they have made in that Un-Holy Land of whoredom of spiritual Sodom and Egypt where Our LORD was crucified 
The hassidim of the Greater Land of Israel movement should ask themselves in what way was their zealotry, which gave expression to our distorted and unjust existence in the land, was a violation of the covenant.

Because of their superfluous zealotry, we are being punished and expelled from part of the land -- perhaps to be given another chance to save what's left of Israel and its society.

-- Presented in collaboration with the radio program "Mishal in the Morning",7340,L-3091632,00.html

they must have their Noahide Hoodlum hoo haha of Moshiach ben satan and the Sanhedrin beast 


Dan Bushkevik aims his sites on "if'n's you aint with us, then you'un's musted be aginst us" opposition......namely the saints of Jesus the Christ


Thanks Frogs


White House conducting counterterrorism review

Sun May 29, 9:46 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration is conducting an internal review of its global war on terrorism strategy as it tries to adjust to changes in the al Qaeda network and from other militant threats, administration officials said on Sunday.

U.S. forces have killed and captured key members of al Qaeda since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but the network's leader,

Osama bin Laden, has not been found.

"We are constantly looking at ways to strengthen our global counterterrorism strategy. ... That is what an interagency review is all about," said Frederick Jones, spokesman for the White House National Security Council.

White House officials declined to say what specific policy changes would come out of the high-level review, first reported by the Washington Post in Sunday's edition.

The Post said the review was aimed at moving away from a policy that has stressed efforts to capture and kill al Qaeda leaders, and toward what a senior official called a broader "strategy against violent extremism."

the damned "Intolerants"

Frances Townsend,

President Bush's top adviser on terrorism, told the Washington Post in an interview that the review was needed to take into account the "ripple effect" from years of operations targeting known al Qaeda leaders linked to the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Naturally, the enemy has adapted," she was quoted saying. "As you capture a Khalid Sheik Mohammed, an Abu Faraj al-Libbi raises up. Nature abhors a vacuum."

The newspaper said much attention is focused on how to deal with a new generation of terrorists schooled in

Iraq, including jihadists who have since moved to other countries across the Middle East and Western Europe.

Bush last week credited counterterrorism operations in

Afghanistan and Iraq with putting key al Qaeda leaders "on the run, and now they spend their days avoiding capture."

U.S. officials said an Internet posting on Web sites used by Iraqi insurgents said last week that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the group's leader in Iraq, had been wounded was credible. However, the group said Zarqawi was now leading a new Iraqi offensive.

On CBS's "Face the Nation" Sunday, U.S. Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff added, "getting him (Zarqawi) probably won't stop this jihad movement. The al Qaeda will put somebody else into the breach."

The review could lead to a new national security presidential directive, superseding the one issue shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, that promised "the elimination of terrorism as a threat to our way of life," the Post said.

"It is aimed at making sure we are doing everything we can to protect the American people from those who seek to do us harm," Jones said.


Gawd Bliss "Amaraka" the New "Moral" Evangelical Judeo-Churchinsanity right of Dan Hassidim of Sanhedrin of Moshiach ben satan, of Talmud Bavli unto the Dragon and his ONE World Odour


Dan Bush's double speak, against Sharon the king of the south, For he knows it will position the Sanhedrin of Chabad Lubavitch and their Moshiach ben satan into Power, it is....deception and High treason and not be deceived, for he knows the Sanhedrin will never concede

Bush and his hassidim Chabad Lubavitch who control the white House and the Sanhedrin, have cautiously calculated their OLSO II Ruse which will backfire upon all the People upon the earth. The twofold Proselyte children of hell are with him.....the Judeo-Churchinsanity evangelicals of death and hell, the "neo cons" of Talmud Bavli, which make the WORD of GOD of None Effect. Am I the only man on this earth who understands? Who will Stand with the LORD against these workers of Iniquity? Are there any?

The Sanhedrin will have their Temporary little Hoodlum hoo haha and their coveted seven nations, do not be deceived


Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land,
which by his hand shall be consumed

News Analysis: Bush Policy Pushes Israel Back to 1949 Armistice
18:14 May 29, '05 / 20 Iyar 5765

When challenged about his disengagement plan, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon consistently retorts that his concessions earned historic achievements in the form of the Bush letter of April, 2004.

Sharon argues that the disengagement plan cemented US support for retaining large blocks of Israeli towns in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria.

For example, on April 18th, 2004 Sharon declared in the Knesset:

"…whoever wants to maintain large settlement blocs under our control forever; whoever wants to guarantee that for as long as the Palestinians don't act against terrorism, diplomatic pressures will not be exerted upon us... must support the disengagement plan."
Sharon further said:
"The diplomatic support we received during my visit to the U.S. is an unprecedented achievement. Never since the establishment of the State have we received such support with such strength and comprehension. The Palestinians see the Bush letter as the strongest blow they have received since [our] War of Independence."
In light of the May 26th Bush-Abbas summit and the subsequent statements, Arutz Sheva presents the following analysis of what is left of Sharon's unprecedented gains:

U.S. President George W. Bush’s statement welcoming PA leader Mahmoud Abbas into the White House Rose Garden on May 26, provided a highly transparent view of the administration’s policy toward Israel and an unsettling perspective on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s claims that Bush has agreed to allow Israel to retain large settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria.

The most unsettling, if not shocking remark by the president was a direct reference to the 1949 “Armistice lines” agreed to by Israel and Jordan at the end of the War of Independence. Those lines, the famous “Auschwitz borders” (They must always use the "anti-Shem Proxy trump card to get their satanic desire) as they were called by the late Israeli Labor-party statesman Abba Eban, leaves Israel’s heavily populated coastal plain, just 9-11 miles from the border of what would be Palestine.

Not only are none of the major settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria, such as Ma’ale Adumim included in those borders, but neither are the Western Wall, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ramot, Gilo, Neve Yaakov, East Talpiot, Pisgat Ze’ev (to name a few), nor the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway (Route 1) as it crosses into the Latrun area.

By deception they bringeth Sanhedrin and haha Moshiach ben satan, that son of perdition to rule the earth via Universal Noahide Laws unto their Dragon against Jesus the Christ the ONLY Everlasting Holy Covenant of God

Yet President Bush, standing next to the man whom he would like to become the first president of Palestine, (The Chabad puppet) told Abbas and the rest of the world, that the reference point for negotiating the future boundary between the two states was the 1949 lines, and that any change to that border “must be mutually agreed to” between Israel and the Arabs.

never gonna happen

In other words, as far as Bush is concerned, Abbas must approve Israel's annexing the Western Wall or even part of the Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem highway to the Jewish State. Conversely, without his agreement, those areas are slated to be part of an independent State of Palestine.

Where then, is the great quid-pro-quo for the Gaza withdrawal, the highly-touted and heavily-marketed Bush promises to Sharon that the U.S. recognizes the facts on the ground in Judea and Samaria, the settlement blocs that preclude a withdrawal to the 1949 Armistice lines?

According to Yoram Ettinger, a consultant on U.S. Israel relations and former liaison for Congressional affairs in the Israel Washington embassy, Bush’s April, 2004 letter supposedly guaranteeing U.S. support for retaining major settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria “was grossly misrepresented by the Prime Minister and his spokesman. Bush has not committed the United States to recognizing anything beyond the 1949 cease-fire lines. Bush doesn’t recognize any single settlement or blocs of settlements.”

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak concurs with this analysis of Bush’s view of the future border between Israel and a Palestinian state. In a recent interview for Haaretz, Barak said:

“A campaign is under way here whose gist is to mislead the nation about substantive issues in order to prevent it from asking what the quid pro quo for the disengagement is. Sharon’s claim that he made painful decisions in Gaza and in return obtained an unprecedented achievement in Judea and Samaria is not correct

“After all, it is obvious that the U.S. administration is against the Ariel-Kedumim bloc and against Ma’ale Adumim and is even against Efrat [locataed in the Gush Etzion bloc]…Sharon is not telling the people the truth. He is treating us all as though we are infantile and incapable of debating our own fate.”

They are simply setting up Sheinerman, the king of the south to fall , to bring in Sanhedrin and Moshiach ben False god

It is not surprising therefore, that Bush, instead of emphasizing the importance of Abbas fighting terror and keeping his obligations under the road map, focused mostly on Israel’s roadmap obligations, primarily to halt all settlement construction in Judea and Samaria and remove what he called, “unauthorized outposts.”

George W. Bush is a president who means what he says. After mentioning the 1949 lines, Bush said the following: “A viable two-state solution must ensure contiguity of the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work. There must also be meaningful linkages between the West Bank and Gaza. This is the position of the United States today, it will be the position of the United States at the time of final status negotiations.”

Territorial contiguity in Judea and Samaria for a viable Palestinian State is not a prescription for accepting settlement blocs anywhere.

It’s about time the Israeli public recognizes that the “Bush vision” as expressed repeatedly by the President and his Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, does not include any territory east of the 1949 lines. Rather, it holds the disengagement plan as the first phase of an ongoing process of Israeli withdrawals back to what the Labor party leader termed "the Auschwitz borders."


Marcia, "Locust" who is attacking the forum, who do you Lie, you say, I have sent you, and you do lie, Because I know you not.


The U.S. removes the Nuclear Brakes:

Transforming the Nuclear Bomb into a "Legitimate Weapon" for Waging War

by Reuven Pedatzur

Haaretz , 26 May 2005 30 May  2005

The URL of this article is:

Under the cloak of secrecy imparted by use of military code names, the American administration has been taking a big - and dangerous - step that will lead to the transformation of the nuclear bomb into a legitimate weapon for waging war.

Ever since the terror attack of September 11, 2001, the Bush administration has gradually done away with all the nuclear brakes that characterized American policy during the Cold War. No longer are nuclear bombs considered "the weapon of last resort." No longer is the nuclear bomb the ultimate means of deterrence against nuclear powers, which the United States would never be the first to employ.

In the era of a single, ruthless superpower, whose leadership intends to shape the world according to its own forceful world view, nuclear weapons have become a attractive instrument for waging wars, even against enemies that do not possess nuclear arms.

Remember the code name "CONPLAN 8022."

As in "Neo Con" as in Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch "Plan"

Last week, the Washington Post reported that this unintelligible nickname masks a military program whose implementation could drag the world into nuclear war.

CONPLAN 8022 is a series of operational plans prepared by Startcom, the U.S. Army's Strategic Command, which calls for preemptive nuclear strikes against Iran and North Korea. One of the plan's major components is the use of nuclear weapons to destroy the underground facilities where North Korea and Iran are developing their nuclear weapons. The standard ordnance deployed by the Americans is not capable of destroying these facilities.

After the war in Afghanistan, it became clear that despite the widespread use of huge conventional bombs, "bunker-busters," some of the bunkers dug by Al-Qaida remained untouched. This discovery soon led to a decision to develop nuclear weapons that would be able to penetrate and destroy the underground shelters in which the two member states of the "axis of evil" are developing weapons of mass destruction.

those Aginst Bushkevik and his Hassidim" of Sanhedrin and hala Moshiach ben hoo haha

The explanation given by administration experts calls these "small" bombs, which would have a moderate effect on the environment. 

suitcase Nukes?

The effect of the bomb would not be discernible above ground, the radioactive fallout would be negligible, and the "collateral damage" caused to civilians would be minimal.

Accordingly, America's deterrent credibility against the "rogue states" would grow, because it is clear that the U.S. would allow itself to make use of these "small bombs" - as they would destroy the weapon sites but not cause the death of many civilians.

do not be deceived, there will be "Collective Punishment on all who oppose their Hoodlum hoo haha shemborg collective Noahide laws

The war in Iraq, whose purpose was the destruction of Saddam Hussein's development facilities and stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, but which led to America's miring in the Iraqi swamp, has increased the attraction of nuclear weapons. After all, it would have been much simpler and more logical to destroy Saddam's facilities with a few "small bombs," which would not have caused any real damage to the civilian population, than to become entangled in a ground war that has resulted in 150,000 American soldiers treading water in the Iraqi swamp.

see Hiroshima

The problem with this argument is that it is hopeless. To understand this, one may analyze the effect of a nuclear attack of the sort posited by American military strategists in CONPLAN 8022.

Chassidic Neo Con Plan 8022

 Obviously, the U.S. would not use less than five to ten "small bombs" were it to attack Iran or North Korea, since, considering the number of relevant targets in the two countries, anything less would fail to achieve the goal of deterrence and prevention. According to the plan, each bomb would have a 10-kiloton yield - about two-thirds of that of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Neo Con Plans 1 & II

Each detonation of a bomb a few meters underground would destroy most of the buildings on the surface to a range of two kilometers. After the explosion, there would be a need to quickly evacuate civilians from an area of 100 square kilometers, to avoid the deadly effects of the radioactive fallout; buildings, agricultural crops and livestock would be affected in an area of thousands of square kilometers, and depending on wind direction and velocity, there could be a need to evacuate more people from thousands of additional square kilometers.

By Peace they shall destroy wonderfully

None of this takes into account the political and psychological repercussions of using nuclear weapons for the first time in more than 60 years. The Bush administration regards all this as "limited collateral damage."

Their will be no Limit on that Day of Great wrath of Jesus the Christ the Collateral

The nuclear policy that the Bush administration continues to formulate, including plans for a preemptive nuclear strike against states that do not possess such weapons and the development of new nuclear weapons - is a recipe for disaster. It is a policy that blurs the line between conventional and nuclear war. This blurring could undermine the relative strategic stability that has set in since the Cold War.

WWIII of the Neo Con Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch Plan to usher in the Shemborg Collective of haha Moshiach ben satan of their Sanhedrin beast

In addition, the Bush administration's approach contains a message that is liable to encourage Iran and North Korea to reassess the contribution such a weapon would make to their own nuclear policies, possibly providing the incentive that would accelerate such development.

Herein lies an inherent contradiction in the American approach that on the one hand acts with commendable determination to prevent the proliferation of nuclear arms, but on the other hand, contributes toward it by adopting an irresponsible nuclear policy.

of the Neo Con Shem Sham collective


Learning from nuclear strike

Military strikes would not stop Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons but could effectively delay it, a former Israeli air force chief said.

“You cannot eliminate an idea, a national will. But you can delay progress on a nuclear program with the appropriate military action,” David Ivry, who masterminded Israel’s 1981 air strike on the Iraqi reactor at Osirak, told Reuters on Monday. Some have speculated that Israel or the United States could take similar action against Iran if it doesn’t stop its nuclear program, but some analysts believe the Iranian reactors are too dispersed and well-defended to tackle militarily. Ivry argued that limited air strikes would be sufficient.

“It is enough to hit the key component of the production cycle to put the whole operation out of action,” he said. “When Israel struck Osirak, the intention was never to get rid of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear plans. We wanted to buy time, and we succeeded in doing that.”



Bush's Judeo-Churchinsanity, Evangelicals spill the shem sham beans

As withdrawal nears, evangelicals
and Jews mount a protest mission

NEW YORK, May 30 (JTA) — A Jewish-evangelical protest mission to Israel represents one of the latest acts of opposition to Israel’s Gaza Strip withdrawal plan — and an uncommon step for members of both groups.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind is coordinating the trip, which leaves New York on Sunday, to support the Jews of Gaza.

Hikind is part of a vocal minority staging demonstrations against the withdrawal plan, which has broad backing from Israelis, American Jewry and the Israeli and U.S. governments.

Some have opposed the withdrawal on religious grounds, stressing that Gaza has a long Jewish history and belongs under Jewish control.


Like Victoria B., who recently e-mailed me, they always refer to Jesus in Past tense "he "WAS" a jew.....go figure for "HE WAS slain from the Foundation of the WORLD, where there were no "jews"

for HE is the EVERLASTING Father who has no "Racial Identity.

ALPHA and Omega

does this make him of "ALF" conformed to their flesh standard?


The Murdererous Treasonous Blasphemer, AWOL Cowardly Viper, gonna Honor who?

Bush: America Will Honor Fallen Soldiers Bush: America Will Honor Fallen Soldiers
ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) - Quoting letters of the fallen from the war in Iraq, President Bush vowed Monday to a Memorial Day audience of military families and soldiers in uniform that the nation will honor its dead by striving for peace and democracy, no
matter the cost.  



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Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws

The Leaven of the Chabad Lubavitch Chassidim Pharisees

Exod-U.S the coming Geula 


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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