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Now to continue with this scientific book called "The Cell of Life;


Life wherever it exists, is a product of starlight. All life on earth feeds on radiation, coming from a yellow and middle aged star, which we call the sun. The energy of sunlight becomes life, through the mediation of plant, and animal cells. All life on earth, from the lowliest rockbound organism, to the mightiest philosopher, exists because of a dual miracle of chemistry, photosynthesis (sunlight), and respiration (breath).

The dictionary says of this word "photosynthesis;"

pho·to·syn·the·sis (f½"t½-sın"thı-sıs) n. The process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source. Most forms of photosynthesis release oxygen as a byproduct. --pho"to·syn·thet"ic (-sın-thµt"ık) adj. --pho"to·syn·thet"i·cal·ly adv.

The dictionary says of the word "respiration;"



res·pi·ra·tion (rµs"p…-r³"sh…n) n. Abbr. resp. 1.a. The act or process of inhaling and exhaling; breathing. b. The act or process by which an organism without lungs, such as a fish or plant, exchanges gases with its environment. 2.a. The oxidative process occurring within living cells by which the chemical energy of organic molecules is released in a series of metabolic steps involving the consumption of oxygen and the liberation of carbon dioxide and water. b. Any of various analogous metabolic processes by which certain organisms, such as fungi and anaerobic bacteria, obtain energy from organic molecules. --res"pi·ra"tion·al adj.


This scientific book continues, and says;

Through photosynthesis, a plant cell traps a tiny amount of the sun's radiant energy, and uses it to convert water, from the soil, and carbon dioxide from the air, into sugar and oxygen.

Here again, notice that the unseen spiritual forces within a cell, command the water, the light, carbon dioxide, and instruct these elements on what they have to do, to create life. The kinds of life that will be created will be according to the instructions written inside the DNA of it's cells. These spiritual forces within the plants cells, command and instruct the elements, to produce the chemicals, proteins, and sugars that are needed to bring forth, and maintain life.

As you can see, the elements, that the plant uses to create life, come into the plant from the soil, through it's roots, and from the atmosphere. These elements then obey these worded instructions written in the DNA of the plant's cells. This WORD OF LIFE is written within the nucleus of each of it's cells. Scientists call this WORD OF LIFE, the Genetic code.

This scientific book continues, and says;

Through respiration, (breathing), both plant and animal cells, take in oxygen, and use it to turn the sugar into food energy. The byproducts of respiration, water, and carbon dioxide, are returned to the atmosphere, to be used once again, in photosynthesis. This cycle of life is endlessly repeated.

A cow eats the plants, and by respiration, uses the sugar's energy to produce milk and flesh. Man uses the milk, to slake his thirst, and the flesh to ease his hunger, and with the energy so provided, he plants more grain, and scales mountains. Sunlight, photosynthesis, and respiration sustain all life.


Before I can go on with this crash course on genetics, I will have to give you some more information to help you understand the meaning of three very important words. These words are "WORD, NAME, and LANGUAGE."

As we know, there are all kinds of languages. Languages constitute words, and instructions. There are verbal languages, sign languages, body languages, and computer languages, visual languages (for the deaf), Braille (a written language for the blind), coded languages, foreign languages, etc. but there is also a language of electricity, and chemistry that your body understands.

As you will see, all life on earth, be it vegetable, or animal, listens to this language, that is written in each one of it's cells, and obeys it. This language is a combination of electrical, chemical, hormonal, etc. The information written within the nucleus of a cell uses this genetic language, and through the use of this Genetic language, transfers this logic, and instructions, to the rest of the cell.

bible animation

As this scientific book called, "The Cell of Life" and other books on the science of Genetics explain, the body works on this unique principle of genetic words, and genetic languages. As I continue to discuss this very interesting and important subject of, "the genetic communications within a cell," this will be easily seen,

The body cells within an organism communicate with each other, in their own genetic language. This genetic language could be chemical, electrical or whatever. The cell's language consists of Genetic Words. These Genetic Words are made up of four chemical letters. These four Genetic Letters are called "THE ALPHABET OF LIFE" by Geneticists.

Computer languages are made up of the simple logic of two numbers. These numbers are the number "1" and the number "0." (I'm not sure if zero is a number but nonetheless, computer science uses it, and it seems to work quite well for them when Computer Programmers program computers).



The '1's" and "0's" used in Computer Programming is the alphabet that is used in computer logic. Morse code is a language, and is made up of "dots and dashes." The dots and dashes are the alphabet used in constructing the words and sentences, that make up the language of Morse code.

The dictionary says of the word "alphabet;"


al·pha·bet (²l"f…-bµt", -bıt) n. 1. The letters of a language, arranged in the order fixed by custom. 2. A system of characters or symbols representing sounds or things. 3. The basic or elementary principles; rudiments.

bible animation dna helix bible animation


Words are made up of letters, and languages are made up of words, and these words written in our DNA have power to command, instruct, and bring forth life according to the specifications of THE WORD OF LIFE written in the DNA of a living cell.

For example the engineering orders that go into the creation of an airplane, are all words, mathematics, and logic. This wisdom of the engineer, was the logic used in the creation of the airplane. Words and mathematics were the verbal mechanics used to build that airplane. This language of building airplanes is a technical language, spoken in mathematical formulas, and equations.

The engineer who designed this plane is really making a statement. This statement is a combination of letters, numbers, and words, that produce the written logic, that will produce the airplane. In that sense, the engineer's word has authority, and power. His words, which consists of the engineering blueprints, schematics, and engineering orders, were given power and authority, by the company he represents, to instruct, and command, all the other people, who possess the technical skills, that are needed to produce this airplane. In this sense, the engineer's word, came alive, and had the power to create.


The point I am trying to make, is to redefine and expand the understanding of the term "WORD." I would like to point out that in this sense, words do come alive, and have the power to create, destroy, and command, much like the engineer who produced that airplane. The engineer who produced that airplane created that airplane through the power and logic of "WORDS." Words constitute the tools used, to bring forth logic, and wisdom.

atom animation atom animation atom animation
The dictionary says of the words "logic, and wisdom;"


log·ic (lĵj"ık) n. Abbr. log. 1. The study of the principles of reasoning, especially of the structure of propositions as distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning. 2.a. A system of reasoning. b. A mode of reasoning. c. The formal, guiding principles of a discipline, school, or science. 3. Valid reasoning. 4. The relationship between elements and between an element and the whole in a set of objects, individuals, principles, or events. 5. Computer Science. a. The nonarithmetic operations performed by a computer, such as sorting, comparing, and matching, that involve yes-no decisions. b. Computer circuitry. c. Graphic representation of computer circuitry.

wis·dom (wız"d…m) n. 1. Understanding of what is true, right, or lasting; insight. 2. Common sense; good judgment. 3.a. The sum of scholarly learning through the ages; knowledge. b. Wise teachings of the ancient sages. 4. A wise outlook, plan, or course of action. 5. Wisdom. Bible. Wisdom of Solomon.


Letters of the alphabet are the building blocks of words. Logic and/or wisdom, are the origin, and prime movers behind the mechanics of words. Words are the building blocks of sentences. Sentences are the building blocks of languages, and languages are used to communicate.

Dots and dashes, which are used in Morse code, make up the alphabet that is used to put together the words that will create the language of Morse code. Morse code is used to transfer the logic, and/or wisdom of the originator, to the recipient. This language would be the language of "Morse Code."

The dots and dashes, used in constitute its alphabet, because the dots and dash letters of the Morse code alphabet are used in the construction of words. When you put these words together you are expanding the logic and/or wisdom behind these words. As the use of words are increased and made into sentences, these sentences expand the logic and/or wisdom behind the statement or whatever.


bible animation airplane animation bible animation

In this sense, words are the mechanics used to express wisdom and/or logic. All the words put together by the engineer made one word, and that word is "AIRPLANE." In other words, this word "AIRPLANE" is its name. It tells you what it is, even though it took millions of words to build it. The word "AIRPLANE" is a word, but it is also its NAME. In this case we can expand the meaning of the word "AIRPLANE," because its word, is also it's name.

To repeat, this word "AIRPLANE" is also it's name. Its word identifies what it is, but it is also it's name. You must think this out, and understand this terminology, before you will understand the Genetic Word, and other prophecies in the Book of Revelations.

Another way I can put this, is for you to take a look at all the things around you, such as plants, trees, dirt, water etc. We know that all these things put together make up the "world," which is yet another word. Coincidentally, if you take the letter "L" out of the word "WORLD" you see its root word, which is "WORD." I believe that the letter "L" was put into the word "WORLD" to differentiate it from the word, "WORD."

The Biblical definition of the word "WORD," that I am looking for is;



bible animation god left hand animation bible animation

The Bible says that God's Word has the power to do what it has been sent out to accomplish, it says;


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Isa. 55: 10: For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:


lightning small horizontal god left hand animation lightning small horizontal


I believe this definition to be pretty close to the correct Biblical meaning of the word "WORD."

God's Word has power and authority, and will accomplish what God has set out for it to accomplish. God's Word is THE WORD OF LIFE that is found written in your DNA. After the WORD OF LIFE accomplishes what it has set out to accomplish (for example creating your life and body); THE WORD OF LIFE returns to God who sent it, and you then die and are returned to the dust from whence you came.

wooden cross graveyard wooden cross

Another way to look at it is when you listen to a story on the radio, or read a novel, there is a mental picture being created of this story within your mind. Your mind automatically and unconsciously visualizes the story that these spoken words are telling you, and these words literally come alive within your mind. Those words will create a mental picture, of the story you are being told. This mental image being created by the words of the story being told, is real to you, because you will be able to see see it with your mind's eye.



In this sense the words of the story being told, has the power within themselves, to create an image of the story within your mind. These written or spoken words actually come alive and create a picture that your minds' eye can actually see.

Words can hurt your feelings. Words can start wars. Words can cause divorces. Therefore words have logic and in this sense, words they have the power to create, or to destroy.



dna helix small ark cov dna helix

lightning small horizontal

Another language I will be discussing later, is the most important language of all, it is "SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE." SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE is the "WORD OF GOD." The words that proceed forth from out of the mouth of God are collectively called "THE WORD OF GOD." The Bible says that "GOD'S WORD IS SPIRIT."

Instead of using the three words "LANGUAGE, LOGIC AND NAME," separately I will include these three words, and their meanings into one word, and this word will be "WORD." This is much like saying that all the words in the Bible are called collectively "THE WORD OF GOD." This is the expanded, Biblical definition and amore accurate meaning of the Biblical word, "WORD."

Therefore the expanded Biblical and Genetic definition of the word, "WORD" is; logic, intelligence, name, instructions, and power to bring forth what the WORD conveys in whatever language the word is composed of, such as verbal, digital, chemical etc. This I believe is pretty close to the true Biblical, and Genetic definition of the word, "WORD."

The dictionary has a meaning that is pretty accurate, it says of the word, "WORD;"

word (wûrd) n. Abbr. wd. 1. A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes. 2. Something said; an utterance, a remark, or a comment. 3. Computer Science. A set of bits constituting the smallest unit of addressable memory. 4. words. Discourse or talk; speech. 5. words. Music. The text of a vocal composition; lyrics. 6. An assurance or a promise; sworn intention. 7.a. A command or direction; an order. b. A verbal signal; a password or watchword. 8.a. News. b. Rumor. 9. words. Hostile or angry remarks made back and forth. 10. Word.a. See Logos. b. The Scriptures; the Bible. --word tr.v. word·ed, word·ing, words. To express in words. --idioms. at a word. In immediate response. good word. 1. A favorable comment. 2. Favorable news. have no words for. To be unable to describe or talk about. in a word. In short; in summary. in so many words. 1. In precisely those words; exactly. 2. Speaking candidly and straightforwardly. of few words. Not conversational or loquacious; laconic. of (one's) word. Displaying personal dependability. take at (one's) word. To be convinced of another's sincerity and act in accord with his or her statement. upon my word. Indeed; really.



The meaning of the WORD I have just defined, will be the one that I will be using when I discuss Genetics, and the Book of Genesis. The definition of "WORD" will include the words "NAME, LANGUAGE, AND WORD." This meaning is also the true meaning of the Genetic Code.

Now back to the scientific book called the Cell of Life. This book was released in about 1962, and is now out of print. But there are other books that are just as good, if not better, that explain the mystery of Genetics.

double helix red blur

This book continues and says;




The most vivid view of the activity within a cell is provided by time lapse motion pictures, taken at magnifications of a thousand fold or more. Such films speed up the natural pace of events, with every second of running time representing a minute in the cells' life, and it exaggerates the normal state of commotion. They give the general impression, of a bubbling, boiling, highly turbulent fluid, which look like racing cars gone out of control.



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In the midst of this turmoil, lies the quiet heart of the cell; a dead spot, where nothing much seems to be happening. This region, isolated by "A DOUBLE MEMBRANED ENVELOPE," from the surrounding fluids, is the cell's Nucleus. Its apparent calm is an illusion. It contains the keys to "LIFE,S GREATEST MYSTERIES." New discoveries about how it operates are revolutionizing research in all branches of biology, and medicine.


Observe here again that this scientific book says that inside the cell is a double membraned secret chamber that contains THE KEYS TO LIFE'S GREATEST MYSTERIES. Note also that a DOUBLE MEMRANED ENVELOPE isolates this region from the rest of the cell. This scientific description of the nucleus of a cell where the GENETIC CODE rests, is also an accurate description of the Mysterious, Sacred, and Holy Ark of the Covenant, which rested inside the Temple of Solomon, in Ancient Israel.

Inside the Temple of Solomon was a room that was called the HOLY OF HOLIES. Inside this HOLY OF HOLIES rested the Mysterious, Sacred, and Holy Ark of the Covenant. The Mysterious, Sacred, and Holy Ark of the Covenant contained THE WORD OF GOD. The Temple of Solomon contained life's greatest mystery, "THE MYSTERY OF GOD." A living cell is patterned after the heavenly design of The Mysterious, Sacred, and Holy Ark of the Covenant. A living cell's nucleus contains "GOD'S WORD OF LIFE."

dna helix small ark cov dna helix
This scientific book on Genetics continues and says;


In 1869, bio-chemist Friedrich Miescher isolated a substance from the Nuclei of cells. He had no idea of its importance, and he did not pursue his discovery, to its conclusion. His discovery hovered for decades in the limbo of unrecognized breakthroughs. More than half a century later, scientists began to suspect, that Miescher's forgotten chemical, now called "DNA," was the missing link between INANIMATE MATTER, and ANIMATE MATTER.


The dictionary says of the word animate;


an·i·mate (²n"…-m³t") tr.v. an·i·mat·ed, an·i·mat·ing, an·i·mates. 1. TO GIVE LIFE; TO FILL WITH LIFE. 2. To impart interest or zest to; enliven. 3. To fill with spirit, courage, or resolution; encourage. 4. To inspire to action; prompt. 5. To impart motion or activity to. 6. To make, design, or produce (a cartoon, for example) so as to create the illusion of motion. --an·i·mate (²n"…-mıt) adj. 1. Possessing life; living. 2. Of or relating to animal life as distinct from plant life. 3. Belonging to the class of nouns that stand for living things


The dictionary says of the words inanimate,


In·an·i·mate (ın-²n"…-mıt) adj. 1. Not having the qualities associated with active, living organisms; not animate. 2. Not animated or energetic; dull. 3. Grammar. Belonging to the class of nouns that stand for nonliving things. --in·an"i·mate·ly adv. --in·an"i·mate·ness n.


Scientists again say that there is a mysterious spiritual connection that resides within a cell. They call this connection "ANIMATE" which means "TO GIVE AND FILL WITH LIFE." They call this unseen spiritual connection "ANIMATE AND/OR COSMIC," for lack of a better understanding of what this unseen force is. They say that this mysterious unseen force, is what gives life to a cell. They admit that there is a link from the "ANIMATE" (spiritual-unseen), to the "INANIMATE" (the non-living elements within a cell), which makes life happen. These scientists have scientifically proven that there is a mysterious unseen force, inside a cell that is spiritual. They call this mysterious unseen spiritual force, "cosmic forces."

lightning small horizontal lightning small horizontal

Scientists have described this mysterious unseen spiritual force as an ANIMATE FORCE. They say that this mysterious unseen animate force (the force that they say imparts life), connects with the INANIMATE (non-living) elements within a cell. They admit that this mysterious unseen ANIMATE FORCE, is the spiritual connection that brings forth life within a cell. They call these mysterious unseen forces "animate," which means, "TO GIVE AND FILL WITH LIFE." They say that this unseen spiritual force, which they also call "cosmic force" is what makes life happen. The Bible says that these ANIMATE-COSMIC FORCES as scientists call them, are spiritual forces.

This very well done scientific book on Genetics continues, and says;



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