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Part 221

June 28, 2005  



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Have you accepted the Beast? Do not even know or understand that the Judgment of the Creator has been unleashed upon all the unbelievers, the ungodly upon the earth? That the Revelation of Jesus the Christ, Chapter 13, the Sanhedrin has risen from the seas of the masses of the worshippers of the Dragon, October 13, 2004? Do you even understand that George Herbert Walker Bush and the Blasphemous 102nd Congress of Treason, of the United States of Greater ISREALHELL, have made the Law of this Sanhedrin the Law of the US, the Law of their tradition of perversion, the oral Mishnah Torah of Talmud Bavli unto the Dragon?

Do you even care, that the ultima Goal is to Cut-off jesus the Christ the Lord God the Almighty IAM from all mankind, and cause all to worship the beast of the Sanhedrin, their false Messiah, whom they seek to "REVEAL" very soon, whom they call Moshiach ben David, and who is not of David of the House of the same Creator, Jesus the Christ the ONLY REDEEMER from the very beginning, who they have "REPLACED" with their Talmudic "SAY" tanic "replacement theology" of Talmudic Judaism of the Pharisaic Chassidim, the Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet RED Esau, who not only control the Sanhedrin, But all the kings of the earth and the White House?

Can you understand that now, the Borders of the American Continent all belong to the beast, Sanhedrin, and are of his territory, by mass invocation?

Do you understand that the masses of Judeo-Churchinsanity now say their god is the same god of Talmudic Judaism, who say Jesus is in hell boiling in human excrement in their perverted satanic Blasphemous Sorcery and Treason and Murder and hatred for mankind? Their non-god, who in their laws say Has no Only Begotten SON, and whom these Lukewarm cashite mammonites of prosperity teaching have watered down to be a "Person" of a shekinah plural gods, and that they too have these gods. That the LORD GOD Almighty, the Everlasting Father the image of the invisible GOD is no RESPECTOR of persons, for he is ONE GOD and there are none before him from the foundation of Creation?

Do you understand there is no lost seven years of the Talmudic Vipers of the den of the serpent, and the time is upon the earth and the Prophecy is almost completed? There will be no peace in that whore city jerusalem the great harlot Spiritual Sodom and Egypt, where even our LORD Was Crucified. That, that same Creator GOD need no flesh kingdom of corruption, for his Kingdom is SION where there are a company of innurmable angels and his beloved white BRIDE "NEW Jerusalem resides.

Do you understand you have been deceived? And to enter that KINGDOM which is no flesh corruption, you must STAND FIRM even against these laws of the WHORE which has been made PUBLIC Law in Apostate "Amaraka" and Testify and give witness of that same Creator GOD Christ Jesus, even unto the death by their law, which states that if you do not DENY Jesus the Christ as the ONLY Deity, they by their law and the New "SAY" tanic freemason Noahide Courts, you will be DECAPITATED?

If you are fearful of the Dragon, and deny the ONE you had better begin to Fear, GOD ALMIGHTY, then you are already deceived, and can become a proselyte of these Pharisees made two fold a child of Hell moreso than these Pharisee Hassidim. You will get maybe at least another 3.5 years to live this flesh....then eternal Damnation. But if you stand FIRM against the Dragon and his Sanhedrin of Hell and his sons of the shemaGoG of "SAY"tan of the "Sayers" you will surely die the first death, and LIVE FOREVER in SION and rule and reign with the LORD GOD 1,000 years, then the LORD will create a New heaven and a New Earth, and you shall dwell in New Jerusalem his bride, a guest invited, forever, and forever...........amen

Who will come and Drink the LIVING Water?

The Groom says come, and his Bride says come, Put on white robes, wedding garment of his Bride, and enter in the Chambers of the LORD.


Ger Toshav, Righteous Goyim of the Dragon, Resident Alien of Eretz ISREALHELL USA


Accepting the Seven Commandments

No gentile is ever to be forced to become a Jew. If a gentile decides not to
accept the obligations of Judaism, he is still obligated to live a righteous life as a gentile.

and DENY JESUS the Christ or die the first death, for it is appointed unto all men to die the first death. These who "Accept" the Beast will taste the second and eternal death of the worm, their soul, in outer darkness where their is gnashing of teeth, forever.

Moses was commanded from G-d to teach all non-Jews how to do that, to live a righteous life as a gentile. To be considered righteous in G-d's eyes, a gentile is required to know and to keep the seven commandments.

Jesus the Christ is the ONLY LIGHT UNTO the Gentiles, Beware of the snare and the YOKE of the Assyrian and the cursed laws of these Vipers of the Dragons Lair the Sanhedrin who also Crucified the Cornerstone.

A gentile who accepts upon himself to keep the seven commandments which the children of Noach were commanded was called a "resident alien".

of HELL of the Dragon of Sanhedrin

 During the time when the Jews lived on their land and worshiped at the Holy Temple, the practice of idol worship was common among gentiles. A gentile about whom nothing else was known, was assumed (by the Jews) to be an idol worshiper, pagan. If a gentile formally abandoned the idol worship practice, and accepted the seven commandments, in front of a tribunal consisting of three of his peers,(Three Judge Talmudic Panel of FREEMASONRY of the Dragon)  he was granted the honor of the title of "resident alien". This status conferred certain rights, over and above the rights which an idol worshiper was granted, as we shall see later, G-d willing.

The HOODLUM haha of the Dragon these Hassidic Pharisaic Vipers call their New World Odor, the "World to Come" shembolized by their WTC massacre, Three and a half years ago, September 11, 2001, or. Now the Moshiach ben Dragon is about to be "REVEALED" and he is Given 1290 days, then he will suffer a deadly wound, as a "Suffering servant" and then is given by GOD the Father 1260 days to test the TRUE Saints of Jesus the Christ who stand FIRM in their testimony of HIM  

Any gentile who accepts the seven commandments upon himself and keeps the seven commandments under the following condition, is considered one of the righteous gentiles of the world. 

of the World who they love for they have enmity against that same Creator, and all who dwell upon the earth who are not slain by their beast Moshiach ben Perdition, will worship the Dragon of the Sanhedrin

He has a portion of the World to Come, a heavenly reward. The title of righteous gentile is dependent on the condition that the gentile has faithfully kept the seven commandments because G-d commanded them through the Torah which was transmitted through Moses, and through the Jewish people, to us today. 

These are they who say they are the seed of Abraham but who do lie for they are not the seed by faith in the Creator Jesus the Christ, the one seed, and they are NOT Heirs to the PROMISE of Eternal Life in God's Holy Mountain in Heaven, Sion and the Beloved Virgin Bride New Jerusalem. But they are of the Talmudic Judaism "Replacement theology of their tetragrammaton YWVH who is not the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Abraham believed, the WORD of GOD, Jesus the Creator since the Beginning and unto the end.


If a gentile observes the seven commandments for this reason, then he is considered as one of the righteous gentiles. If not, and even if he keeps the commandments, but keeps them because of his own reasons or logic, or for any other reasons, he does not earn the title of righteous gentile.

Nevertheless, a gentile who keeps the seven commandments for any reason will merit a heavenly reward.

of eternal damnation

 This applies whether the commandments were kept because of a gentile's own rationalization and logic, or because of any other philosophy or belief, or because G-d commanded it. G-d does not forget any righteous act, and rewards any righteous act, regardless of the motivation of the righteous act. And the opposite is also true. Any sin, any act which contradicts any of the seven commandments, is punished. This concept of reward and punishment for doing good or evil, applies to both Jews and gentiles.

Beware of these who say in their laws they are gods, for they will surely deceive all mankind who does not know the ONE God Jesus the Christ the image of His father, sent once and for all to set these Lying murderers and their fables straight.

"One who is commanded and fulfills is rewarded much more than one who is not commanded and fulfills".

The Talmud relates the story of one gentile, Dama the son of Natina of the city of Ashkelon, who on one occasion, refused to wake his father, thereby missing the chance for a large profit, but fulfilling the commandment of "honor thy father". He was rewarded by being granted (from Heaven) the opportunity for an even larger profit. 

Matthew 15;

4: For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.
5: But ye say, Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother, It is a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me;
6: And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.
7: Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,
8: This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
9: But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.


A Talmudic sage comments on this story by saying that this shows that "(this gentile) who is not commanded (to 'honor thy father)', and still is granted a great reward implies that someone who IS commanded and fulfills (commandments) is granted a much greater reward."

The only Honor they have is their Damnable profit of mammon

Jewish sages accept this as stated, and speculate about it. Tosfos says that one who is commanded has "worries and fears" about fulfilling obligation. Other sages observe that a natural rebelliousness or "evil inclination" exists in man, which creates a barrier to fulfillment of commanded obligations. All agree that it is more difficult to fulfil an obligated commandment, and thus the reward is greater. "The amount of reward is according to the difficulty" say the Jewish sages.

forced religion unto the Dragon or death

The same reasoning would also imply that one is rewarded for fulfilling his commandments and obligations, even though he does not feel obligated, and fulfills his responsibilities for a reason other than a sense of obligation. Good deeds are always rewarded from Heaven, whether in this world or in the world to come.

Thus we see the difference between a resident alien (gentile) and a righteous gentile. The resident alien has accepted to keep the seven commandments, and has promised to do so in front of his peers. The righteous gentile has done likewise, but also fulfills the seven commandments under a sense of obligation that the commandments were given by G-d and transmitted to the nations of the world through Moses and the Jewish people. The resident alien is rewarded from Heaven for his efforts. The righteous gentile is also rewarded from Heaven for his efforts, and is promised a many-times greater reward in this world and the world to come, because he acted under a sense of obligation.

Resident Aliens of the United States of Eretz ISREALHELL


U.S., Canada, Mexico to Tighten Security

By BETH DUFF-BROWN, Associated Press Writer Tue Jun 28, 7:13 AM ET

TORONTO - The United States, Canada and Mexico pledged Monday to shore up security by integrating their terrorist watchlists and beefing up joint protection of borders and bridges.


At the same time, they promised to expand what is already the world's largest trading partnership by developing a single program to facilitate the free flow of people and goods across their shared borders.

"We are three countries, three friends living in the same neighborhood, so we have a common interest in our mutual security and our mutual prosperity,"

Homeland Security
Michael Chertoff told a news conference in Ottawa after he and his Canadian and Mexican counterparts unveiled their list of targets and initiatives.

Chertoff a Talmudic rib-eyes son and grandson

"We want to confront external threats; we want to prevent and respond to threats to North America and we want to facilitate the flow of traffic across our borders," Chertoff said. "The more secure our region is, the more our prosperity will flourish."

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan said 300 proposals were under review to ensure security and the free flow of North American trade and harmonize the screening of dangerous people or cargo.

"The proposals today will go a long way toward protecting North America, while maintaining each country's sovereignty," she said.

Monday's session follows the March 23 formation of a Security and Prosperity Partnership initiative announced by

President Bush
, Canadian
Prime Minister Paul Martin
and Mexican President
Vicente Fox
after their meeting in Waco, Texas.

The three leaders, who have sought to improve coordination since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, asked their top security and trade ministers to report back within 90 days on initiatives to enhance security and promote the economic well-being of their citizens.

resident aliens

Some other proposals include:

• Coordinating programs to ensure governments are prepared for large-scale emergencies or terrorist attacks;

• Joint protection of critical cross-border infrastructure, such as the Ambassador Bridge that spans the Detroit River and facilitates one-fourth of the daily $1.4 billion in trade between Canada and the United States;

• Strengthening approaches to maritime and aviation security;

• Establishing a second site for a Canada-U.S. pilot project that would check cargo and passengers before they cross the border;

• And creating a single, integrated program to allow "trusted travelers" who frequent the borders to travel quickly by air, land and sea.

The partnership initiative has its detractors, who are concerned that further integration of North American security and trade will be skewed toward big business and a threat to Canada's sovereignty.

"Deep integration uses security as a Trojan Horse for the complete surrender of our sovereignty to North American big business," Peter Julian, a New Democratic Party member of Parliament, told the House of Commons earlier this month as he pledged to fight the plan.

On the economic front, U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Carlos Gutierrez and his Canadian and Mexican counterparts, David Emerson and Carlos Abascal, said they would develop a coordinated strategy to combat counterfeiting and piracy by the end of next year; create more regulatory consistency and further integrate their automobile and steel industries; and relax rules that will allow for an additional $25 billion worth of duty free goods.

Gutierrez said the United States, Canada and Mexico have a trading relationship worth more than $700 billion a year; an increase of 88 percent between 1993 and 2003.

"So we have a lot of jobs and a lot of prosperity tied to this very important trading relationship," Gutierrez said, but added: "No market economy can thrive without safety and security for its people. The threats we face require seamless cooperation that extends beyond our borders."

Emerson said the three nations must stand as one powerful trading block against other growing economies. North America accounts for one-third of the world's gross domestic product and he said investors would continue to look toward North America only if it is competitive.

"The rest of the world has not been standing still — far from it," Emerson said. "A booming China is changing the competitive landscape and causing the reconfiguration of global supply chains. India is not far behind; the

European Union, despite recent setbacks, will continue to get bigger and stronger."

The White House praised the efforts of the ministers, who said they would report back to their leaders in the fall.

"Their report represents an important first step in achieving the goals of the SPP," read a statement from the White House


A Noahide Nation of ger toshav "righteous Goyim of the dragon and resident aliens

The Day America Died
By Doug Thompson
Capitol Hill Blue
America as a free nation died Thursday. Death came without mercy at the hands of the United States Supreme Court which ruled, in a split 5-4 decision, that a city has the right to steal an American citizen's property without due course and turn it over to private developers.
Death came to America after a prolonged period of life support. The United States has, for too long, been in a persistent vegetative state, brought on by a government that has abandoned the protections once guaranteed by the Constitution. The Bush administration, using fear of terrorism as a political sledgehammer, has stripped Americans of the right to counsel, the right to privacy and threatened even freedom of expression by suggesting that anyone who dares disagree with Dubya's extremist right-wing views is a traitor to the flag.
But the Supreme Court yanked this ailing nation off life support Thursday by proving, as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has said, the "Constitution is an outdated document."
time for the new "Republican Constitution of the Protocols od the hassidic learned Elders of the Dragon and his Sanhedrin
Incredible. Simply incredible. The Supremes, abandoning any reason, ruled the City of New London, CT, can seize property of private homeowners and give it to a private developer who wants to build condos and office buildings along the city's waterfront.
The reason is Blasphemy and murder and theft and sorcery and TREASON
"The U.S. Supreme Court destroyed everybody's lives today, everybody who owns a home," said Richard Beyer, who will lose his property in New London.
The Supreme Court destroyed far more. It destroyed the American way of life, the American dream of home ownership and the concept that one's property is their own and protected from those who want it for their own greedy purposes.
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor voted against the court's appalling ruling and wrote the dissent.
"Today the Court abandons this long-held, basic limitation on government power," Justice O'Connor wrote. "Under the banner of economic development, all private property is now vulnerable to being taken and transferred to another private owner."
Up until now, we have had to depend on the court to stop the ever-increasing encroachment by the government into our lives. The courts have been the only path left to stop the Bush administration's assault on freedom and the Constitution.
No more. The last hope for America died when the court sided with land speculators and fatcats who already control all the other branches of local, state and federal governments with their checkbooks and political action committees.
At one time, we who called America home considered it the home of the brave and the land of the free.
No more. We ceased being the home of the brave on September 11, 2001, when a band of thugs (Mossad Aholibah)  hijacked airliners and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. Our president, seizing on the politics of the moment, used fear to turn this nation into a police state.
after choking on a Talmudic Kosher Pretzel
On Thursday, five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court destroyed the land of the free. If people cannot own property without living in fear that the government can take it and turn it over to the fatcats who own our elected officials, then we are no longer free.
"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose," songwriter Kris Kristofferson wrote in his song, Me and Bobby McGee.
There's nothing left to lose. The government and the courts have taken it all.

A Nation of COWARDLY murder of their shemborg collective of their dragon of hell





Michael Rivero, What Really Happened



June 27, 2005

The evidence for the US Government having deliberately lied to the people of this nation to trick them into supporting a war of conquest is now overwhelming. The Downing Street Memos, the "Dodgy Dossier", the forged Nigerian "Yellow Cake" papers, Colin Powell's fraudulent presentation to the UN, .etc .etc .etc all establish a clear pattern of intentional deception.

The government lied to us all. The mainstream media helped them do it. So did Israel. Yes, all those necessary hundreds of people needed to promote the lie did all conspire to do exactly that. That is a fact, and it is time to accept it.

That lie, profitable for a few, has cost the rest of us a great deal. Families have lost loved ones. The government says about 1800. But we dare not trust that claim because we now know the government lies. There are indications that the government has been "fudging the books" by not counting as killed in action soldiers who die in or on their way to the hospitals. During a recent MSNBC interview of the officer in charge of processing the personal items of dead soldiers, he let slip that his unit alone had processed 3500 such sets of personal items. Other reports from Germany suggest that the US has lost close to 10,000 young men and women in Iraq.

Then there are the wounded. Officially numbered as around 10,000, but like the KIA figures, most likely a lie. These are young men and women whose lives will forever be changed by the crippling injuries they have suffered. Even those men and women who come home without any visible signs of injury are carrying with them depleted uranium contamination, which will give rise to increased cancers and leukemia, and an epidemic of birth defects in children not yet born. These young men and women also carry with them the memory of deeds done in support of a war they know was morally and legally wrong.

All of us, along with the moral burden of an illegal war of conquest, carry the financial burden, already over $1000 for each and every American, including babies. That $1000 is borrowed money, so you are also paying the interest on that loan, plus Congress continues to pour more money into Iraq and Afghanistan, and gets ready to follow the President (and Israel) into yet another war in yet another Mideast country.

Beyond the direct costs you will be forced to pay, the lies of the government cost you in other ways. Fuel prices have skyrocketed. The claim that Iraq's oil would pay for the cost of the war has proven as false as every other claim about Iraq. For each $150 million in oil the US takes out of Iraq, the US spends about $5 billion. Meanwhile, as the US continues to do Israel's bidding, and attacks Israel enemies, those enemies, who have the oil we need, are less inclined to cut the US any special deals. Meanwhile, those machines needed to wage war burn fuel at a profligate rate, reducing supply and increasing demand. Some of Iraq's oil is being sent to Israel, so even less is available for your cars and trucks. So the price at the pump goes up. And it is going up as a direct result of the US Government lying to trick this nation into a war of conquest.

As the price of fuel goes up, so too does the price of everything else. Electricity created by fuel-driven generators costs more, which means your home lighting and air conditioning bill goes up. So does the cooling at the market, which means they have to raise prices on top of the increase they are already paying because it now costs more to truck products into the market from the farms, which also use fuel to run their farm equipment and must increase their prices as well. Increase on top of increase on top of increase on top of increase. And all of it trickling down to you. That is the price YOU pay, every single day, for the lies that sent this nation to war. So don't pretend the lies don't affect you, they do. Every time you fill up your tank or buy groceries or turn on a light, you are paying for the lies that tricked this nation into war.

So, now that we know the government lies to the people, the government can no longer claim the presumption of honesty. The government's credibility is shot. And they will not soon get it back. The burden of proof has shifted. No longer are critics required to prove that the government is lying, the government must prove that it is telling the truth. The time has come for the wise and prudent citizen is going to step back and examine what other claims the government has made for accuracy and honesty. After all, government is the single most expensive purchase we are all forced to make and we have a right to be just as careful that we are getting our money's worth as if we were buying a used car or a house. We have a customer's right to open the hood, kick the tires, and demand proof that there are no termites!

So, what else have we been lied to about?

We now know that earlier Presidents have tricked us into wars. FDR not only knew the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor but that he had intentionally goaded them into it, to get the US into the war against Hitler. LBJ lied about the Gulf of Tonkin. McKinley lied about the USS Maine.

Most Americans are now aware that the Warren Report lied about the "crazed lone gunman" theory. The House Select Committee on Assassinations proved (and subsequent advances in technology have confirmed) that there was more than one gunman shooting at John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza. Likewise the Robert Kennedy assassination, in which the government still clings to the official story that Sirhan Sirhan fired 11 shots from an 8 shot weapon. More recently, the official story that Vincent Foster committed suicide unraveled rather quickly at the hands of blogs like this one.

So, what else have we been lied to about?

Is the economy improving? It's hard to accept this claim when one looks at the crumbling infrastructure, closed emergency rooms, and impoverished public schools in our nation. Of the world's 30 top industrialized nations, the US comes in 29th in the issue of child poverty. Only Mexico has more children living in poverty than the US.

In the 12 years of Reagan/Bush-1, the US went from the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor nation, all to pay for a gigantic hoax called the Strategic Defense Initiative. The US Government is now so mired in debt that all the income tax collected from all the citizens cannot even keep up with the interest payments. Their solution? Raise taxes, cut services, keep on borrowing and stick the next generation with the payments.

Over the last thirty years, as business leaders dropped product development in favor of "financial instruments" as the path to success, manufacturing and manufacturing jobs have steadily moved to the more business-friendly climates in other nations. Products invented in the US are now imported into the US and the net result is a billion and a half a DAY trade deficit which is prevented from sinking the dollar only through yet more borrowing.

Americans are now aware that there never was a budget surplus under Clinton. He simply looted the Social Security trust fund and spent the money as if it were general funds. The Social Security system is full of government IOUs, which can be redeemed ONLY through more taxation of the people. Bush is trying to "Privatize" Social Security to conceal the looting, in the hopes that if the money gets shifted around in circles fast enough, most Americans won't realize how much of it is already gone.

Are federal income taxes even legal? In two recent landmark cases, defendants who refused to file federal income tax were acquitted when the US Government was unable to cite an actual law compelling citizens to pay an income tax. For years questions have been raised regarding the ratification of the 16th amendment, followed by years of avoidance of the issue by the government. Did they lie about ratification of the tax amendment? Only a fool would assume the government was any more truthful back then than they have demonstrated to be today.

As election after election rolls by, the evidence of massive vote fraud in this country becomes more obvious, and equally obvious is the role of the mainstream media, the supposed watchdog of government abuse, in dismissing and trivializing the issue. This should come as no surprise, since it is the media which owns the company that tallies the votes in the national elections.

What have they lied to us about? It would seem that it's pretty much everything. Americans are the most lied-to people on the face of the Earth.

In the end, the issue facing the American people goes beyond any one lie. The Constitution does not authorize the government to lie to the people. The Tenth amendment forbids the government from arrogating that right to itself. Therefore, when the government lies, it acts illegally and unconstitutionally. A government that lies to the people breaks faith with the people, and loses the moral and legal right to rule. A government that lies to the people delegitimizes itself.

There is no legal argument that can be put forward that We The People are obligated to obey or pay taxes to a government that has, by virtue of their lies, rendered itself illegitimate. The moment the US Government lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, We The People were freed of any promise or covenant to obey, support, or defend that government.

Because Bush lied to the Congress in his letter of March 18, 2003, the Congressional authorization for the use of force in Iraq is not legally in effect. Therefore, no serviceman or servicewoman is legally obligated to serve in Iraq one more day.

As long as we tolerate lies in government we will live under a government that lies to us. And because of those lies, we can never know the truth of the world we live in, whether taxes are legal, wars are just, our economy as good as it can be. On the day We The People have the strength to make the cost of a lie outweigh the gain, on the day We The People drag the liars from office and hurl them into the streets in the most humiliating manner possible, then and only then will we have a government that is truthful.

And we will not have it one day before.

We have caught the government lying to us. What will you do about it?


we have met the enemy and it is us....pogo


Bo means "come." The name derives from our Parshah's opening verse, in which G-d instructs Moses to "come to Pharaoh"

What's puzzling is that the name "Bo" means "Come" and the Torah reading is so named after the phrase "come to Pharaoh" in its opening verse. A strange name indeed for the Parshah in which the long-awaited Yetziat Mitzrayim ("Going Out of Egypt," or "Exodus" in the Latin) of the Israelites finally takes place.

Come to Pharaoh

Sharon to U.S. Jews: We want you

Ariel Sharon said U.S. Jewish immigration is vital for Israel’s survival as a Jewish homeland.

of the Talmudic controlled homelandt "Say" kurity of the Talmudic goyim hater Chertoff of dan Bushkeviks admenstruation of bloody murder

“The first step to ensuring a Jewish majority is aliyah — widespread and broad aliyah from the entire Jewish Diaspora, and particularly from North America. Aliyah ensures not only the future of the State of Israel, but also the future of the Jewish people,” the Israeli prime minister said in a speech to the Jewish Agency for Israel’s assembly in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Take all their silver and gold and come unto the golden calf and the red heifer unto the dragon

In the past, Sharon has called for 1 million Jews to move from the United States to Israel. But some experts do not share his optimism. “I don’t see those numbers now, but I think we ought to take a positive approach and do what we can to help people come, not because they are running from something but they are running to something,” Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, told Israel’s Army Radio


Running to Pharaoh ha Moshiach ben satan



Thus they set up their satanic shemborg Noahide courts of non justice via Bar Mitzvah of murder and treason, they will soon do the lust of their father the murderer since the beginning, for their false Christ, Moshiach ben satan

Lawyers of the world, unite

A new umbrella organization was formed for Jewish lawyers in North America.

Several groups of Jewish lawyers formed the North American Network of Jewish Lawyers’ Organizations to address issues such as anti-Semitism on college campuses, legal attacks on Israel and anti-Israel and anti-Semitism at the United Nations, among other things.

The group’s board will have its first meeting in August in Chicago during the annual meeting of the American Bar Association.

For the shems are above their laws



Mt:23:4: For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.


A Proposal for P'sharah: A Jewish Mediation/Arbitration Service

Ira Yitzchak Kasdan Jewish Action, A Magazine of the Orthodox Union, Spring 1990

This article originally appeared on the "Jewish Law" web site located at and is re-posted here with permission
of the author

Himmelfarb and Goldberg had been friends and sole shareholders in a large, successful real estate development company for ten years. As the regional economy where the company was based changed, the company began experiencing a downturn in business. With the decrease in profits came a deterioration in the relationship between the friends. Each accused the other of taking self-serving actions which allegedly were detrimental to the business as a whole. Before long, Himmelfarb claimed that Goldberg had misappropriated company funds. In turn, Goldberg accused Himmelfarb of breaching certain of his fiduciary duties. One thing led to another until the parties became embroiled in a lawsuit -- Himmelfarb having sued Goldberg for $500,000 and Goldberg having counterclaimed for $750,000.

Both Himmelfarb and Goldberg entered into the litigation convinced of the justice of their respective positions and certain of complete vindication in court. However, after countless depositions, subpoenas, document requests and interrogatories - all legitimate discovery tools - hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and seemingly interminable time dedicated to the case, the antagonists learned the painful and expensive lesson that there are two sides to a dispute. Like (an estimated) 95% of other parties in litigation, the erstwhile friends decided to settle without going to trial. They agreed to dissolve the business, split the remaining assets and drop the claims against each other without admitting culpability. They still remain angry with one another.

Himmelfarb and Goldberg were vaguely aware that according to Jewish law, Halacha, Jewish disputants were not supposed to resolve their differences in secular court,
but rather in a Jewish court, a Beit Din. However, they mistakenly believed that the prohibition of Arkaot - litigation in secular court - did not apply to today's judicial system. In any event, they had rejected suggestions that a Beit Din adjudicate the dispute.

Had Himmelfarb and Goldberg heeded the advice of their lawyers who had forewarned them of the expensive and time-consuming nature of courtroom litigation, they might have decided not to sue each other. They might have opted for private, less costly and more expedient alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation or arbitration -- forms of p'sharah discussed in Jewish law -- either of which could have been conducted in an halachically-acceptable manner. By choosing to litigate in a public forum, these disputants ended in a "no-win" situation which cost them dearly; both financially and emotionally.

The mistakes of our fictitious antagonists need not be repeated....

Halacha generally prohibits a Jew from initiating legal action against a fellow Jew in a court other than a Beit Din.(1) Despite this Torah-based prohibition,(2) religious Jews, like others in today's litigious society, unfortunately turn to the courts of this land to resolve disputes in which they become embroiled.

The conceivable reasons behind the derogation of this halacha are manifold.
First, it appears that the restriction against proceeding in Arkaot Shel Nochrim, the reference to
non-Jewish courts, (3) is not well-known. Relatively few responsa over the past few decades (4) have delved exhaustively into issues surrounding secular litigation. Only recently have articles on this topic begun to appear in popular halachic journals. (5 )

Second, many Orthodox Jews who even have a general knowledge of the problem, miscomprehend the parameters of the issue of Arkaot. Two misconceptions abound: (1) that our judicial system cannot be considered Arkaot and, therefore, is not covered by the prohibition, and (2) that the law of the land, "dina d'malchuta dina," automatically sanctions secular court lawsuits.

The initial misconception stems from the mistaken notion that Arkaot Shel Nochrim encompasses only idolatrous or corrupt courts. In fact, the Halacha prohibits a Jew from litigating in any non-Jewish court. (6) By not proceeding in Beit Din, the individual raises the potential Chilul Hashem inference that Jewish law is incapable of resolving the case at hand. (7) Additionally, should a civil court order monetary relief in a case where the Halacha would not, a plaintiff could come to transgress the prohibition of g'zelah. (8)

Moreover, dina d'malchuta dina in no way condones the bypassing of Beit Din. The law of the land is more narrowly applied in Halacha than, perhaps, is commonly recognized. (9) In any event, it is a substantive rule of law and does not specifically speak to the question of choice of a Jewish or non-Jewish forum to resolve a dispute.

A third reason why many may disregard the primacy of Beit Din jurisdiction in favor of secular courts, concerns the inability of Beit Din to enforce its own decrees. Of course, this problem may be solved by the advance agreement of parties t
o be bound by the Beit Din's holding and permit state or federal court enforcement of the judgment. Nonetheless, instances arise where a Beit Din's decision is not upheld due to procedural and/or substantive challenges to the Beit Din proceeding. (10)

Another possible explanation for the lack of enthusiasm for Beit Din is the concern putative litigants have regarding what substantive law applies. Jewish law certainly does not always coincide with the statutory or common law that, in people's minds, formed the basis for the transaction or circumstance now in dispute. Parties refuse to subject themselves to the jurisdiction of a Beit Din which might, it is perceived, unfairly elevate halachic dictates and responsibilities over commonly accepted, albeit secular, laws and customs.

Regardless of whether the various rationales to avoid Beit Din are valid or are misplaced, the fact remains that the halachic restriction against Arkaot proceedings cannot be supplanted. Without obtaining the permission of a Beit Din, the plaintiffs
attorney halachically is required to abstain from aiding in the instigation or continuance of a lawsuit outside the confines of Beit Din.(11)

For the client who, for whatever reasons, refuses to turn to a Beit Din and for the lawyer who does not wish to lose litigation business, two alternatives exist which are halachically viable and practicable: mediation and arbitration. These two methods of alternative dispute resolution are well-founded in Halacha in the form of "p'sharah" or "bitzua"
and can be tailor-made to serve the needs of Jewish litigants.


Is derived from Talmud Bavli

Arbitration is the voluntary reference by disputants of their disagreement to one or more (typically, three) impartial individuals who, after a hearing at which evidence and argument are presented, render a binding decision called an award. Although the arbitration proceeding is private and less formal than litigation in a court of law -- e.g., discovery is circumscribed and strict evidentiary rules are not applied -- it is governed by rules and procedures to which the parties have agreed in advance. At times, these rules and procedures are standardized, such as when the parties agree to arbitrate in accordance with the rules of an arbitral organization like the American Arbitration Association. In other instances, the procedures governing the arbitration are formulated, negotiated and agreed upon separately by the parties and their attorneys.

In addition, state and federal statutes provide guidance on the conduct of arbitrations to ensure fairness in the process. (12) Arbitration awards may be appealable under various statutes, but the grounds for court review are narrow. Generally, a court will not vacate an arbitrator's decision unless presented with evidence that the arbitration proceeding was tainted by fraud or bias, or that the arbitrators exceeded their powers (13) in a manner which results in a manifest disregard of the law.


Mediation is a dispute resolution method by which an outsider helps persuade parties to settle their differences voluntarily. Unlike arbitration, no decision is rendered in mediation. Any suggestions the mediator makes for resolving the dispute are not binding upon the parties.

The modus operandi of the mediator is not prescribed. He may preside over face-to-face meetings between parties, caucus with each side separately, or (and most likely) use both of these approaches freely and interchangeably. The mediator listens to the parties' real or imagined grievances and seeks to gain understanding of their respective positions. He attempts to define the issues and areas of dispute, and determine what common ground, if any, the parties may share.

The mediator is available to the parties as an objective, "sounding board" to offer an impartial evaluation of the merits of their case. In this regard, the parties can choose to share confidences with the mediator, who, without prior consent, will not divulge such information to others. Conversely, the mediator can serve as a conduit through which the two sides can exchange information or settlement proposals. In the end, the mediator resorts to his skills to find creative compromise solutions which are palatable to the antagonists. If acceptable, the mediator's proposals are finalized in a written, enforceable agreement which the parties execute.

P'sharah and Bitzua

The terms p'sharah and bitzua are used interchangeably by the
Talmud in the first chapter of Massechet Sanhedrin and, as explained below, apparently refer both to arbitration and mediation processes.

The Talmud reports a dispute between Rabbi Meir and Chachamim as to the number ofindividuals needed to preside over p'sharah and bitzua.(14)

"Bitzua is with three [individuals] according to R. Meir; And Chachamim say that p'sharah is with one [individual]."

The Soncino translation defines the terms p'sharah and bitzua to mean "arbitration":
"Arbitration is by three, so says R. Meir. The Sages say that one is sufficient."

Talmudic unconstitutional Treasonous Three Judge panels

The continuation of the Gemara focuses upon the respective rationales of R. Meir and the Chachamim and concludes that their argument is based on whether p'sharah/bitzua can be compared to "din," formal court proceedings?(15 )

"All [both R. Meir and the Sages] agree that legal
decision is by three, and the point in which they differ is this: One [R. Meir] holds that the force of arbitration should be regarded as equal to that of legal decision, while the other disputes it."

The view of Chachamim is codified by R. Yosef Karo in the
Shulchan Aruch which holds that p'sharah may be conducted by a single individual, (16) unlike strict legal proceedings which require three judges. (17)

The Sanhedrin Rules US law now, and they are 100% anti-Christ

Because p'sharah is not comparable to din, the Shulchan Aruch,(18) in accordance with the continuation of the Gemara in Sanhedrin, (19) requires parties submitting to p'sharah to pledge themselves, through kinyan, to adhere to the award rendered. Rashi in Sanhedrin opines, (20) and the Shulchan Aruch concurs, (21) that a kinyan is necessary for enforcement of the award even where the p'sharah is conducted by three individuals, i.e., the number necessary for din.


Although, as noted above, the Soncino translation of both p'sharah and bitzua is "arbitration," whether those Talmudic terms refer to the present-day concepts of arbitration or mediation turns, in part, on the timing of the kinyan necessary for enforcement of the p'sharah/bitzua. If a kinyan is made in advance, thereby binding the parties to a decision, then p'sharah/bitzua is in this sense akin to arbitration. If a kinyan is required as an afterevent, then the p'sharah/bitzua is like non-binding mediation in which settlement of the dispute is made enforceable only by the subsequent agreement of the parties.

Forced Arbitration laws by them who make them in their favor

Tosafot in Sanhedrin (22) actually contemplates both circumstances: (i) A kinyan may be made by the parties at the outset to become bound by the judgment to be rendered at the conclusion of the p'sharah proceeding or (ii) a kinyan may be made by the parties after pronouncement of the p'sharah decision to fulfill otherwise non-binding terms.

That p'sharah and bitzua encompass not only an arbitration but also a mediation format is also clear from the explanation of the
Shiltei Giborim (23) to another statement in Sanhedrin:(24)

The Giborim seventy of the Sanhedrin who sit upon the seat of Moses whom the Dragon has given them their seat and their authority. These are the offspring of the nephilim of their spirits, the sons of the serpent dragon

"After a case has been decided by legal judgment, one must not attempt a settlement."

The Shiltei Giborim qualifies this proscription: While judges may not, after rendition of the strict law. impose a settlement, they may encourage voluntary conciliation. i.e., mediation, in the form of p'sharah. Indeed, according to the Shiltei Giborim, not only is it "worthy" for the judges to do so through assuagement and persuasion, it is a "great mitzvah." because voluntary conciliation brings "shalom" -- harmony - between opposing litigants. (25)

P'sharah/Bitzua Today

According to all opinions, p'sharah/bitzua is certainly acceptable. if not preferable, at least before disputants approach a Beit Din for a strict din proceeding(26) Indeed, the Shulchan Aruch rules that even a Beit Din must ask litigants whether they wish to proceed in p'sharah or in din before commencement of the latter process. (27) The Aruch HaShulchan further rules that it is a mitzvah for the judges to encourage the parties to proceed on the basis of p'sharah rather than din. (28)

Today, those litigants who choose to go to Beit Din generally agree to accept a decision of the judges termed "p'sharah karov l' din" (29) or "din k'ein p'sharah," i.e., a compromise judgment for which the
judges need not adhere absolutely or strictly to the law. (30) To the extent, however, that disputants do not bring their cases to Beit Din, they obviously are not afforded -- and probably are not even aware of -- the options of p'sharah or p'sharah karov l' din under Beit Din auspices. Unfortunately, even when apprised of these alternative proceedings before a Beit Din, some otherwise Torah-abiding Jews simply refuse, for whatever reasons, to become involved with a Rabbinic, judicial or quasi-judicial panel. For these individuals who otherwise will turn to secular courts, the question arises whether arbitration or mediation proceedings outside the jurisdiction of a formal Beit Din, e.g., before Jewish or non-Jewish attorneys and other professionals acting as arbitrators/mediators, is permissible.

While non-Jewish arbitration or mediation panels may be halachically acceptable, (31) it would be preferable, where possible, to have parties voluntarily appear before fellow, from Jews. First, keeping squabbles "within the family" would help reduce the potential for Chilul Hashem. Second, a mediation or arbitration over which an halachically-knowledgeable lawyer or other professional presides can consider not only common law and statutory customs and principles, but also principles of Choshen Mishpat and the spirit of "yashrut." (32) So long as the litigants voluntarily agree to have their case mediated or arbitrated on these bases, there should be no halachic objection to these forms of p'sharah or bitzua. (33) In this regard, Rav Eliezer Yehudah Waldenberg has ruled it permissible for neighbors in a shared housing or condominium-type facility to have disputes decided without any reference to Torah law. (34) Rav Waldenberg relied, in part, on sources cited by R. Akivah Eiger (35) that permit businessmen to have their arguments resolved on the basis of their industry-accepted practices and customs -- again without reliance upon the laws of the Torah.(36)

There is strong precedent for the conduct of p'sharah outside the jurisdiction of Beit Din. The first and foremost arbitrator/mediator was Aharon HaCohen. The Gemara in Sanhedrin extols Aharon as one who "loved peace and pursued peace and made peace between man and man.... " (37) Tosafot in Sanhedrin (38) notes specifically that Aharon fulfilled p'sharah in his individual capacity, in contrast to his brother.
Moshe Rabbeinu, who applied strict din in his capacity as a dayan (judge). Similarly, R. Yoel Sirkus, the Bach. (39) speaks of p'sharah conducted by "baalei batim" -- lay individuals who are not part of a formal Beit Din. According to the Bach, the decisions or sugestions of the baalei batim become binding through a kinyan, as discussed above. Finally, R. Shlomo Ganzfried in his Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (40) upholds the validity of a p'sharah proceeding separate from Beit Din:

"Occasionally, litigants choose arbitrators to sit either jointly [in conjunction] with the Beit Din or without [apart from] the Beit Din. This is a proper procedure, because each arbitrator advances the cause of the one who has chosen him, and thus a just settlement will be reached."

A Proposal For P'sharah

A Jewish mediation/arbitration service staffed by
Torah-abiding attorneys, (Talmud Mishnah Torah)  with access to competent Rabbinic authorities for consultation where necessary, can act as a modern-day Aharon in the pursuit of shalom. Such a service could afford Jewish disputants who, for whatever reasons, are unwilling to appear before a Beit Din, the opportunity to have their cases settled or decided in a more private, speedy and cost-effective manner than courtroom litigation. More importantly, such a service would enable both lawyers and their clients to avoid the potential of transgressing the prohibition against litigation in Arkaot, and attendant problems of Chilul Hashem and, possibly, g'zelah.

Cases brought to the service, by advance agreement, would be settled in mediation or decided in arbitration by reference to Torah law, secular customs and practices based upon common and statutory law, and by taking into account general notions of fairness and equity and yashrut Also by advance agreement, the fees and costs could be allocated by the mediator(s)/arbitrator(s), or shared equally by the parties. (41) The parties could represent themselves or, if they preferred, be accompanied and represented by their own attorneys. Finally, the parties would also agree not to appeal the results of the mediation or arbitration to court, and to have the arbitrator(s)/mediator(s) retain jurisdiction to ensure compliance.

This writer was recently involved in mediations involving religious Jews. In each case, with the aid of the mediator, the parties came to appreciate some of the strengths and, more importantly, the weaknesses in their respective positions. They thus were able to gauge their probability of success (or lack thereof) in subsequent court action or arbitration. They also came to recognize the potential, enormous outlay in time and expense that further proceedings of any kind would engender. As a result, in each case, the parties negotiated an amicable settlement through the mediator who conducted "shuttle diplomacy" between them. Although mediation will not resolve every conceivable dispute, in these cases the disputants left the process wiser (and wealthier) for having made the good faith efforts they did to avoid litigation.

In this time of overuse and misuse - halachically and otherwise - of the courts, it is time for a Jewish mediation/arbitration service.

Ira Yitzchak Kasdan - The author is a partner in the law firm of Ginsburg, Feldman and Bress,
Chartered, located in Washington, D.C. He is also a cofounder of P'SHARA Jewish Dispute Resolution, Inc., which offers disputants the opportunity to resolve differences through mediation or arbitration conducted in an halachically-acceptable manner.


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So you see the Talmudic Hassidim who controls the Dan Bushkevik is immune to "goyim law"


About these Giborim of Sanhedrin

The Sainted Rav Chaim Vital (the primary student and collator of the works of the Holy Ari z"l), from his introductions to Sha'ar Hakdamot, speaks of the element of Rabbinate that are referred to as the "Giborim" (men of power) as representing the very embodiment of the worst of the
five levels of the dreaded Eruv Rav:

Universal Torah
The aspersions are cast by the ERUV RAV, those who lust for the material world and
... It is necessary to overthrow the ERUV RAV and to make Moses the king. ...

"Be careful with the Eruv Rav, that category of Rabbis whose main purpose is to achieve honor and to make a name (shem)  for themselves. These people
turn Torah into a desert...

by their tradition they make the WORD of God of none effect

They cause the fountain of wisdom to be removed. They build Bati
Kinasot and Bati Medroshot, they do this not for its sake but for their own honor. The Gemarah in B'rachot says regarding these people, “It would
have been better if they would have died during childbirth.” However, these people pretend to be righteous and humble they make it seem as if they learn Torah for its sake....woe is to all creatures because of this
embarrassment of the Torah.Foolish people of the world, they only look
at these outer garments of the Torah."

but these are full of dead men's bones inwardly

Rabbi Chayim Vital continues this core concept of Halachic Judaism in his introduction to Sefer Etz Chayim: "concerning the Erev Rav: All those that do kindness and toil in the Torah, all they do for themselves, and in particular through our many sins, in our times, the Torah has
been made into a hammer with which to do their own ends for many ba'alei torah, occupy themselves in the Torah in order to receive their reward
and other benefits and luxuries, and in order to be in the group of heads of Yeshivot, and judges (dayanim) in their courts, so that their names and fame spread throughout the land, and the actions of these Rabbis
resemble those of the generation of the Dispersion, those who built the Tower of Babel, with its top reaching the heavens, and the main motivation for their actions is what is written there in the Torah: “Let us
make a name for ourselves”
as it is written in the Zohar (Bereshit 25b) on the verse : “These are the generations of the Heavens and earth…” that there are five types of Erev Rav and the third type is called Giborim (men of power) and on them it is written: “These are the Giborim
of old, men of name” and they belong to the side of those about whom it is written: “Let us build for ourselves a city and a tower…” and "let us make a name for ourselves" by building Synagogues and Houses of Study
and putting in them Torah Scrolls with crowns on their heads but not for G-d’s sake they do thus but for their own benefit.


and "everyone" is doing the Daf of these Giborim who control the Dan Bushkevik ad-menstruation of blood and murder


Daf Yavamos 109b

AGADAH: The Gemara cites the verse in Shir ha'Shirim (3:7-8) that states, "Behold, it is the bed of Shlomo, surrounded by sixty Giborim (mighty men) of the mighty men of Israel. They all grasp the sword and are trained in warfare; each man with his sword upon his thigh, [protecting] against the dread of the nights." The Chachamim derive from this verse that a Dayan, when issuing a ruling, should be as fearful as though a sword is placed beneath him between his legs and Gehinom is below him.

According to the Gemara's Derashah, who are the "sixty" men mentioned in the verse?

(a) RASHI explains that the mighty men are the Talmidei Chachamim who comprise the Sanhedrin, who are fearful as though a sword is placed beneath them etc. However, we know that the Sanhedrin was comprised of *seventy* Dayanim, and not just sixty. Where are the other ten?

the ten kings of their Moshiach ben false god of Sanhedrin

Rashi in Sanhedrin (7b) says that according to this Derashah, the number sixty in the verse is indeed not an exact figure. The point of the verse is to emphasize that Talmidei Chachamim should be adequately prepared when they issue rulings.

The MAHARSHA (in Sanhedrin) brings support for Rashi's interpretation of who the mighty men of the verse are from a Midrash Rabah (Bamidbar 11:7) which explains that the sixty men are Dayanim.

Judges of DAN

(b) TOSFOS argues and says that "Giborim" refers to the sixty myriads (600,000) of the Jewish people. (This also has its source in the Midrash, ibid. and Yalkut Shimoni 2:986.) It seems that according to Tosfos, the verse is saying that Shlomo ha'Melech,(Solomon)  the Dayan, is surrounded by the Jewish people who come to him to judge their cases, and he and his associates must be afraid of Gehinom.

The ROKE'ACH (on Shir ha'Shirim) brings support for this from a Gematria: "Shishim Giborim" is equal in numerical value to "Eleh Shishim Rivo."

(c) THE VILNA GA'ON (ibid.) supports Rashi's interpretation. He explains that when Sanhedrin sat, ten (of the most important members) sat in the middle of the group, and they were surrounded by the other sixty. These are the "sixty mighty men *around* the bed of Shlomo. (The ten in the middle correspond to the seven "Ro'ei Pnei ha'Melech" and three "Shomrei ha'Saf," who are closest to the king, in a king's court -- and in the king of king's court -- see Megilah 23a. The verse in II Melachem 25:19, which associates these authoritative members of the king's court with sixty other men, is discussing the members of the Sanhedrin.

The source for his explanation is the Shir ha'Shirim Raba (3:13) and Yerushalmi Sanhedrin (1:2), which associates the verse about Shlomo's bed with the verses about the Ro'ei Pnei ha'Melech and the sixty others, just as the Vilna Gaon explains


Rv:17:12: And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.



incoming e-mail from Sanhedrin 6-28, 2005

Have they made their Judgement decision against the saints of Jesus the Christ?


----- Original Message -----
From: קישורית
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 11:49 AM
Subject: מוקד 69 על פי נוהל 6 של משרד התחבורה


Dayan = Judge
קצין רכב/ קצין בטיחות / מנהל רכש נכבדים ,
החל מ-1 ליולי 2005 נוהל 6 של משרד התחבורה
מחייב כל עסק/ מפעל/ מוסד שברשותו 20 רכבים ומעלה
להפעיל מוקד טלפוני מאויש 24 שעות ביממה לקבלת
דיווחים על אופן נהיגה לא תקין של הנוהגים ברכבי החברה.
"קישורית מענה עסקי" מפעילה את "מוקד 69 " הפועל
24 שעות ביממה 7 ימים בשבוע בדיוק למטרה זו
ובעלות מינימלית ביותר !!!
קישורית מענה עסקי בע"מ הינה חברת המענה הטלפוני, 24 שעות ביממה,
הגדולה בישראל מאז 1993,  ומשרתת מעל 2000 עסקים ומוסדות
בכל רחבי הארץ.
לפרטים, צרו קשר : 771818- 800 -1 
קישורית מענה עסקי בע"מ
רח' הירקון 35 א.ת. בני ברק
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anyone care to interpret?


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and Jesus the Christ is LORD


E Mail From Kathy M 6-30-2005, Thank you Kathy.

There is a free trial Translator Online... at URL below. I pasted text from your email... It is as follows...  This is Sick yet Ambiguous in message...  Did this just pop in your inbox?
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Began from 1 to July 2005 procedure 6 of office of the transportation [transportation office]
Commits every business / factory / institution that in his possession 20 vehicles and above
To operate a telephone manned focus 24 hours per day to the receipt of
Reports on way of driving [driving way] of the customs are vehicular the company.
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24 hours per day 7 days in the week exactly to this goal
And ownership that are most minimal!!!
Link tortures business ltd. here is the company that tortures the telephone, 24 hours per day,
The big in Israel since then 1993, and serves over 2000 business and institutions
All over Haaretz.
To the details, contact : 771818 800 1
Link tortures business ltd.
Street ' the yarkon 35 a.t. Bnei Barak
Tel : 03 5771818, fax : 03 6182999




For Fear of the Talmudic Hassidc Pharisees, Chabad RED Sofiet Esau of the Dragon

Last update - 20:32 28/06/2005


Russia ends probe into claims of incitement in Jewish text


Berel Lazar, Chabad Lubavitcher


By Amiram Barkat, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and Itim


Russia's state prosecutor announced Tuesday afternoon that he is canceling an investigation into claims that a 19th century abridged code of Jewish law (halakha) contains incitement against non-Jews.

The preliminary investigation of the Jewish umbrella organization for distributing a Russian translation of the text has also been dropped. The lawyer for Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar (Chabad Lubavitch) was informed of the decision.

"There's no reason to persecute a whole sector of society because of religious texts held sacred to them. The decision to launch an investigation was a mistake," said a source at the attorney general's office.

The report of the investigations, first revealed Monday in Haaretz, sparked widespread expressions of concern from Israel as well as Jewish and human rights groups worldwide.

The decision to cancel the probe came following a meeting Tuesday morning between Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov.

Olmert, who is on an official state visit to Russia, told Fradkov that Israel expects Moscow to take substantial steps to combat anti-Semitism in the country, and not suffice with verbal condemnations.

In a personal letter to Putin, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, wrote Tuesday that the probe evoked the anti-Semitic persecution of the Stalin era.

while the Chabad Lubavitch Devil is kicking man, he cries out...Ohhhhhhhhhh don't slander meeeeeeee

Israeli and Jewish officials, human rights activists and Russian journalists have spent the last few days trying to understand what has caused the prosecutor to order the preliminary investigation of the Jewish umbrella organization for distributing a Russian translation of the Kitzur Shulhan Arukh.

The Damned Noahide Laws of their Dragon upon all mankind

They want to know whether it is an expression of anti-Semitism in the Russian prosecution or an investigation ordered by the Kremlin.

The Shulhan Arukh was compiled by Sephardi Rabbi Joseph Caro in the mid-16th century and is considered to be the authoritative text on Jewish law.

which they have made Universal Law and overidden the Constitution of the United states

On Thursday, attorneys from the Moscow prosecutor's office questioned Rabbi Zinovy Kogan, the chairman of the Congress of Jewish Organizations. The prosecution, which is subordinate to Russia's state prosecution, said it summoned him to discuss the text, and the meeting was described as a preliminary investigation of the congress and its leaders, who are suspected of racist incitement, a criminal violation.

and of course he used the oath of Kol Nidre and Lies and deception

Prosecution officials asked Kogan questions regarding the identities of those responsible for translating, printing and distributing the book in Russia. They also asked him about his editing considerations.

Jewish groups in Russia were angered and shocked by Kogan's interrogation.

"We're trying to clarify what is behind the decision," Rabbi Lazar said.

Moscow Chief Rabbi Pinhas Goldschmidt said he was "astonished" by the prosecution's actions.

Chabad Lubavitch

Israeli government officials believe that Kogan's interrogation cannot pass unquestioned. They said that for state officials to question a Jewish religious leader on the content of religious writings is "an event the likes of which have not occurred for decades, not in Russia and not in other countries with which Israel has diplomatic ties."

I contacted every civil rights and major criminal attornies in this country in alert of the Talmudic Law HJR 104, PL 102-14 and in fear they all denied there is substance to challenge the law, then they simply fled

What makes the case even worse in Israel's view is that the Russian Foreign Ministry has until now ignored requests for an explanation of the interrogation. Political officials in Israel said Monday they think "the Kremlin expects gestures from Israel in exchange for the elimination of the affair."

Some Russian analysts support this interpretation. Anton Nosik, a well-known independent Russian journalist, said the current situation is comfortable for the Kremlin. He expects Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase the price he plans to extract from Israel the worse the problem is depicted.

"When you ask the Kremlin for a favor, it can be assumed that the Kremlin will ask favors in return," said Nosik. However, he thinks that in this case the investigation does not come from the top. "The assumption that the prosecution got instructions from above cannot be reconciled with the inconsistent behavior it has shown throughout the affair," he said.

In January, the Russian state prosecution was asked in a petition to open an investigation into the Jewish organizations in Russia suspected of spreading hate via their sacred texts. Some 500 people signed the petition, about 20 of whom are members of the Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament.

Those who submitted the petition retracted it and submitted a second one about a month later, this time with 5,000 signatures. On June 10, the prosecution said the Kitzur Shulhan Arukh is injurious to the feelings of non-Jews, but that there was no reason to open a criminal investigation against the Jewish group that distributed the book. But Wednesday the chief prosecutor of Moscow called for a renewed assessment of the case.

But no one gives one Hoot when they BLASPHEME JESUS the Christ, for they are ALL apostate Cowards of HELL



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