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June 30, 2005  



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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June 30, 2005

Gerrer Rebbe Shlit"a: "Moshiach this year, or by the end of next year."


The Gerrer Rebbe Shlit"a; exquisite portrait by Carl Braude, courtesy of

Rabbi Yakov Aryeh Alter, better known as the Gerrer Rebbe, one of the world's most prominent, respected, and influential rabbinical leaders joins the lineup of Tzaddikim who expect the arrival of Moshiach in the nearest future. Expressing himself in Yiddish, the Gerrer Rebbe Shlit"a said recently, "Moshiach will come this year, or by the end of next year." The Gerrer Rebbe is known as an individual of tremendous spiritual stature, who does much and says very little.


After news of the Melitzer Rebbe's comment last week (that this is the generation of Moshiach) spread like wildfire throughout Israel, I was approached by a leading Gerrer Chassid who told me that the Gerrer Rebbe made a similar statement at his home on Passover Seder Night, nine weeks ago. For the last five days, while checking the dependability of my source, I heard five different versions of what the Rebbe presumably said. Yesterday, I met with Rabbi Shlomo Tzvi Alter - one of the Gerrer Rebbe's sons who, along with his brothers, heard the Rebbe say emphatically before Kiddush, "Moshiach will come this year, or by the end of next year." After the Seder, the Rebbe concluded by saying in Yiddish, "We'll soon discover that the entire Golus was worth eating one little piece of meat (alluding to the korban Pesach, or Pascal lamb, which G-d willing we'll all be eating in the Holy Temple this coming Passover)," meaning that we have no idea of the value of Moshiach, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, korbonos, and the spiritual treasures that are in store for us. When one of his sons asked him to elaborate, the Rebbe refused, saying, "Ich hob schoin gezugt tzu fil," or, "I've already said too much."

The practical message in the Gerrer Rebbe's statement is that it's high time for all of us across the globe to return home to authentic, no-compromise Yiddishkeit, and for our esteemed non-Jewish friends to share in the glory by accepting the Seven Noahide commandments.

With a spiritually-powerful lineup of the world's leading Sephardi, Lithuanian, Chassidic, and Kabbalist rabbis now on record that Moshiach is imminent, spiritual preparation is the key word. Strengthening ourselves in Torah, Tshuva, and good deeds is the ticket to participating in the glorious coronation of Moshiach, soon and in our days, amen.

Gerrer_rebbe I couldn't resist sharing with you another breathtaking portrait of the Gerrer Rebbe Shlit'a, with the image of his father, the Lev Simcha Zatza"l in the background, by artist Carl Braude and courtesy of








The Red Sofiet Talmudic Dragons, son of perdition, cometh soon



Sanhedrin Front Page Translated

Sanhedrin – big court of 71"
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· the site was prepared in order to help to the process cinono of big court.

· to your aspects specify to the receipt of information and documents.

· allowable and advisable to photograph every document in order to circulate.

· take note. Very advisable to condense direct referrals on the phone in the fax and in the letters concerning great load to the extreme on the active ensnared. How much given advisable to act by means of a pump of information and forms from the site and by means of mailings is electronic.

· given/possible to return a second shelf to this sheet by means of pressing on label " the previous " ( " back " ) the situated in the head of the screen [screen head].


· idea of renewal [renewal idea] of the big court, and the rudiments hhlctim to the activity

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Subjects to the discussion
· decisions that got accepted up to here

· planned subjects to the discussion in future

tclt white, blast to the incentive of Jewish business [jewish business incentive] and work Hebrew

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· reinforcement of the religion [religion reinforcement] ( answers to know a truth)

· how it's possible to help?

· form an offer of candidate to meeting in the sanhedrin

Comfortable boy
Because and the sanhedrin is supposed to appoint a king. And the likely king is the king the Messiah. And whereas and his main task here is to straighten the heart of the people all of them labodt the maker to process him Nablus is one. As you know/but essential to develop the infrastructure hhlctit of this task.

Intention of us to group from all students of the intelligent that is interested in the subject of my comfortable boy [comfortable boy subject] or / and irritable resident, ideas, opinions, went, and renewals. 

If you that read resume you idea in the matter or from exit of interesting renewal in the on duty literature, as you know/but, nbkshh to the knew this.

We mean to create a directory I went surround that will be able to serve to the goal of a distribution of the judgements of the doctrine for those who they are not Jews.

By the same token intention of us will be comprehended pronounced what the significance of because boy to the nation Israel. The written will be translated to the language the English and possibly that also to the other languages. It will be factory of Israeli rule [israeli rule factory]. We will prefer that the launcher hidoshio will leave middle contact to him ( telephone and address ) in order that we will be able to clarify with him blocked points when necessary and no to be helped in him in the new matters that will arise and that possibly that from power of his interest [interest power] will be able to contribute to the remainder of vehemence by the distribution of 7 good deeds of my comfortable boy.

Intention of us to receive ideas also from those who they are not Jews that want to renew in the field of the good deeds [good deeds field] that touch to them around age me comfortable.

Below sources and ideas:

Deuteronomy Rambam book of judges [judges book] went kings dismantle h ' went ' until end of chapter '

Manual is very important – file of sources [sources file] I went in the subject : Meeting of gentiles [gentiles meeting] in the country Israel. By the expense of meeting " the Jewish idea " that Maria 11 bop 6918 Jerusalem dew. 025823540 .

rmb"n an affair of Nablus

Renewal of the great wolf solobitsik zts"l comfortable boy can not testify on himself to pledge mita because maybe wants he to commit suicide,

The source is the book " pnini the great" 



02.07.2002 15:51:54: 

Written by : Arel corps, 


The subject : Judgement lives a resident drives in our sea?


There are rabbis that claim, that judgement lives a resident does not drive in our sea, and therefore impossible to appertain to the gentiles of life [life gentile] today in the country as to live residents, also if they fulfil good deeds of my comfortable boy. It is right?

For this end we will peruse the source of this judgement, in Gemara their values ct. "Said r ' Shimon boy alazr : Not live a resident drives but in the time 

That the jubilee drives ". And the Gemara explains from where he learned this : From the expression " good 

Him ", that appears also in the judgement lives a resident and also in the judgement worked Hebrew : Like that judgement worked Hebrew drives 

Only in the time of the jubilee, so also judgement lives a resident. 

But in which " judgement lives a resident " speaking? We will read in the doctrine ( things cg 16 ) : " you will not surrender 

Worked, to adonio, which will be saved to you from with adonio. With you will sit amongst you, instead of which will choose one 

Your gates, in the good him ; not tonno. " according to skinning, speaking here only in the worked that in the street madonio 

That abroad to the country Israel ( this is one of the interpretations in Gemara, their divorces mh. ). But hpsokit " which 

Will be saved to you from with adonio " hints that speaking here not only in the worked, but in all gentile that in the street 

From with him and from his oaths and come to us. And so construed in my book put. According to it, if gentile like this ready to receive on himself 

That not to work a"z, must enable him to reside between us and forbidden to surrender him to his people. From the expression 

"In the good him ", that we will say in this affair, it's possible to conclude that this judgement drive only in the time 

The jubilee. I.e. : In our time there is not a duty to receive a gentile that in the street to us, and allowable to return him to his homeland. 

But it at all does not appertain to the gentiles that already situated here and therefore it are irrelevant to interest us. 

It yes relevant laninim other, for example : Inasmuch as that judgement lives a resident " the aforesaid does not drive in our sea, 

Allowable to return people of SLA to Lebanon, and allowable to surrender msht"pim Palestinians to the Palestinian Authority. 

But should not finish with the situation. There are judgements that not drive in our sea, and even so intelligent our purse 

That will drive mdrbnn. The most prominent in which he is a judgement of the abandonment [abandonment judgement] ( according to most of the opinions he does not drive in our sea 

From the doctrine, but he indeed drives mdrbnn ). Inasmuch as that the thing of datum [datum thing] to balancing of mind of intelligent, is imposed 

On/about them responsibility to repair that this important judgement will drive also in our sea ( at least partially ). Impossible 

To tell lmsht"pim that endanger " sorry, we must surrender you to PA, because judgement live a resident do not drive bimino... ". 

The problem of the collaborators that are Arab, between if people of SLA and between if arabs of country Israel are resolvable simple by the a position of demand to the relinquishment of the Islam and a receipt of 7 good deeds of my comfortable boy [comfortable boy good deeds] from within belief by the doctrine of Moshe. This thing will promise that the man will not be he or his descendants after him in the frame of enlisted fifth. For this end essential as well to establish schools to my son/benny comfortable.

See Heil Bushkeviks "Education Day USA" of blasphemy and Treason

Without me this, you have to see the collaborators c"cdainikim " shshtpo action in exchange for good those gratification or other.
-So decrees the Rambam : " boy rests that runs to do a good deed from remainder of good deeds [good deeds remainder] of the doctrine in order to receive a remuneration, there is not monain him to do her chlcth... ", and so correspondent as regards matzohs of word : " allowable to Israel to circumcise pronounced if wants pronounced to dig the foreskin and to remove her, according to intellect of good deed [good deed intellect] is pronounced does givers of them him rise of remuneration, but he not as the person that he is authoritative and does, and only shiashna when he thanks by the prediction of Moshe rbino, the authoritative this from times these will rise, and believe in this " ( answers the Rambam an edition of Belau, flour ).

Could be that boy rest will exist most of good deeds of the doctrine [doctrine good deeds] in his desire, no that he we will not become Groucho justice.

"If runs to receive on it at the time the start of his chalks more matzohs except for attested, as well occurs his receipt, that committed later to establish " ( explanation went sign of greeting [greeting sign] ).

But/auditorium will be marked shb"agrot Moshe " discuss as such and decreed that comfortable boy that did more from 7 good deeds does not receive thereon remuneration ots"a.

Indeed comfortable boy doesn't have to in the kiddush of the name [name kiddush] and therefore he is not obliged to deliver his soul on prohibitions of foreign work and bloodshed. But/auditorium he has debit to deliver his soul for murder is this from any the taste that remembers in Passovers the : Began in his presumption also in the comfortable boy we were may front ddma didh smik dropper. 
And inasmuch as that the doctrine clicks bloodshed lariot. Therefore therefore lan"d that married woman of girl [girl woman] is comfortable entitled to rescue herself in the soul of that comes to her rape and also comfortable other entitled boy to death him concerning he could be judge of committee to the implementation of the verdict immediately.
Comfortable boy that there was a partner to Israel in the violation that did Israel is punished like the Israeli so resultant lan"d from the supposed bsho"a stone hazr si ' in clause in ots"a.


10.07.2002 01:07:14: 

Faisal Husseini ymh his name was boy of participant of action [action participant].
In the middle the long it is dangerous to receive msht"pim and easy and substance a danger of spiritual as explained in the vision of man [man vision] is seventh sign of pitcher

Treaty lhamdt big court according to the doctrine

Goals : 

Sentence of the doctrine [doctrine sentence] as sentence commits and agreed in the country 

The a position of big court according to a doctrine of Israel 

An establishment of subordinate courts to the big court in all city and city

Renewal of matzohs [matzohs renewal] of membership of judges and policemen 

bkbts d ' oaths of Israel are prevalent with him to the country of his imposed heritage [imposed heritage country]


now see a very real Public Law, By George H. W. Bush and the 102nc Congress 1991


 of the duty on the public are single the adherents to the pact which the feast of almighty with us in the aridity ( the things, in ) to establish matzohs did main the written by the doctrine of Moshe : shptim and bills will give you in all your gates ( things tz, yh ). And returned the written and we cautioned a justice of justice [justice justice] will chase for the sake of revival and inherited the country ( things tz, about ). And required intelligent : It's worthwhile he is a membership of the judges [judges membership] of validations to revive Israel and to seat them on their land ( rsh"i according to my book ). 

Sentence hncr and his danger 

Compared with the authoritative the godly, arises a legal system that imposes on the nation of system [system nation] of laws is dug. This system, the absent yrat these, going and overrides a doctrine of Israel to the fund of angle [angle fund]. In the reality, there is not a sentence of the doctrine [doctrine sentence] prevails in the country. 

The verdicts that exit from the upper court erase her characters that is Jewish of the state, change the state of the Jews to the state of every her citizens, and negate rights the nation the Jewish as her husbands that are exclusive of country Israel, helpless thing continued existence of with Israel in his country. 

The sentence of the profit [profit sentence] sees in the doctrine of Jewish inner interest that disturbs the culture of the state. The chief rabbinate, and the local rabbinates that act from her force, subordinate they, husband crhn, to the authority which appointed them. Apprehenders of the doctrine of engines [engines doctrine], and no at times fear, to express datm mind of doctrine, and not them determine in the relevant law and sentence, not all the more so in the national subjects that touch to the lives the with ' in his country. To the independent courts of character [character courts] of my sector, and therefore they don't have veritable effect on lives of the nation in entirety. 

The state does not concentrate on existence of the doctrine [doctrine existence] in Israel and is not sees as such goal of her sprinklers. The rabbinical courts are accredited to discuss the limited fields only, and no here act within cutter omzaor their authorities. 

Is required an establishment of the big court to the rule Israel : Uncommitted court in the mind of the authority [authority mind] and not on behalf of him. 

Membership of the big court [big court membership], authoritative to the generations 

The Rambam blessed memory in the book of the matzohs [matzohs book] ( did ka"o ) determines because matzohs of seventieth membership of old people she is eternal and committed in all generation and generation. And this his tongue: 

The imperative shntstwino to appoint judges to put into action htorh...ohoa that from mannas in all twentieth city and three judges (The Treasonous Three Judge Panels)  that cluster all of them instead of one in the gate hair...ommnim in Jerusalem big court seventy judges. And from one mannas on them the seventieth and he is a head of the meeting [meeting head], (Nassi, Nasi, NAZI)  and he that read him intelligent also nshia...ohoa said will rise to Moshe assembly me seventy man from beards of Israel ( in the desert hey tz ). And said ' every place that is told me as you know/but he exist never '. I.e. that he edicts of permanent and is not authoritative as of now, but it is a duty during returns

The a position of the big court in the country Israel is previous the lioness of the Messiah 

and they Crucified the TRUE Christ, and now they seek one who will come in his own name, Moshiach ben Satan

By the pointlessness of eighteen which our purse ' 20'th century of old people [old people 20'th century] and in them several prophets on the order ' ( in the without scroll yz, in ), firstly ' and wondered a miracle to group our postcards ', later ' the return of our judge cbrashona ' and only later ' plant of uncle of your pregnant worked will grow ', to teach us that kibbutz are overt and the sabbath of the sentence are previous a lioness of Messiah cousin, and they are necessary condition to his concert.

We unionized, apoa, as authoritative and stand as one man in the one heart, to prepare and to promote his establishment actually of big court to the rule Israel, which will stand in the head of system [system head] of courts that will be subordinate him, and which sat in all place and place as doctrine. Duty is authoritative on the public and for single to motivate grazed and his friends, you morio and gentlemen him, to be active partners to this authoritative renewal and her attainment actually in our generation. 

1: And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
2: And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:
and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

Commander that support the treaty 

We hereby call to collect the intelligent and the students in the country Israel in this time in order will be founded the big court and to choose bnshiao as the things of the Rambam that is aforesaid. All the adherent to the thing ' becomes in his this signature of partner [partner signature] to this great authoritative renewal which hcmino blessed memory delivered cost their soul is known ( in the without sanhedrin yg, by hand, a ), and receives on it as such authority of the big court that stands to stand and his instructions in all thing and interest, as written : And guarded to do as all which your Euro ( things yz, ). 

The subscribers on this treaty read to the reverential public d ' and Sumerian doctrine and good deeds to be numbered and to receive on themselves authority of the big court [big court authority] lcshikom, with the help of the '. Process a choice of friends of the big court will be done during consultation in the public that function, as costs according to Moshe quarreled the hbo you intelligent people onbnim and knowledges lshbticm and I will put them in your heads ( things, a, yg ), ocdrsht intelligent ' detained known you ' ( my book put, was brought brsh"i oa ' in Rambam hl ' sanhedrin in, z ). And also banned one Hundred fiftieth and three mrbotino the first blessed memory in the known brought boycott bsho"t mhr"m mrotnborg sheet ki"g, obsho"t signed counts ho"m sign c"a. 

Every functions and comes on the stamped informs as such because he is a partner is authoritative, and the avoid, on it said rbotino blessed memory : And deficit will not be able to this inclusion that numbered his components to talk authoritative and he will not number their nation ( in the without celebration t, in ). oprsh"i : appointed his components to talk a good deed, that told him comes our nation, and not went. Situated that lacks himself from the same their mannas. He will not be able to limnot, more in the same their mannas, that already they made the good deed. 

By the petition of tpiltino before lord of the worlds [worlds lord] that will take place in us soon things of nbiao : Mark in the sentence will cash and exile in the justice ( her deliverances a, cz) , 

"War of the WORLDS"

We stood on us good deeds, and heading them the sabbath of our judge [judge sabbath] cbrashona and our adviser as at first, and therefore we sever and write this treaty, 

; z ; was
; z ; was

Report from activity of the association [association activity] by the year of htshsb
Below report from activity of the association [association activity] in the course tshs"b ( preliminary draft):

· because and we experienced the turn lgdoli the generation from all the courses during them of several years previously in the goal to receive their support to establish big one court for all rule Israel. 

· and because and the reactions never negated the idea but anybody from the big the salesmen avoid to give a support on behalf of it or other, we were:

· or that avoids to experience an opinion or that said : " I do not determine ", " I want to hear what great felony will say in the matter ", " I should think thereon " ocio"b.

· by the those circumstances because and good deed ka"o ok the good deeds of the Rambam that are authoritative on us to establish a big strong court and exists, expense of reading [reading expense] b52000 forms of quarrel of committee Elat in the synagogues. In reading was asked offers of nomination [nomination offer] to the companies in the big active court concerning process a choice of judges to the big court.

· became clear that the responsiveness was moatt. There is quarrel that his apprehension in his honor that to the great it or other or to the position of this rabbinate or differently. Usually there was his apprehension ashot thing from without me explicit instruction whose that sell cgdoli the generation ( every course ogdolio ).

· our impression was because there is in the laden subject it also very much touches and no furthermore.

· according we convened those who interested and answered in my origin of arbor day [arbor day origin] tshs"b. In this assembly is chosen a committee to the advancement of the subject [subject advancement].

· summoning was authorized to augment her extent. Summoning will convene in any way possible once in 3 weeks.

· was decided intellect of friend [friend intellect] will pay 35, per month. 

· tsrop friend to summon her will do from between the friends of the association.

Report of activity [activity report] by the year of tshs"g
Below report of activity [activity report] 

In the course the start of this year became clear because there is a place to try to convince pastoral the generation to support the idea. According was prepared by means of the great deer aidan pamphlet authorized that was invented to the perusal to the potential supporter.

Below contents of the pamphlet [pamphlet contents]:

lcb ' decrees the generation of the righteous great genius [righteous great genius generation] ... ; a"tilsh

Further to be us at ct"r before counted weeks that we asked his respect on good deed from the doctrine to choose adjacent and from since that this good deed she in the frame of dies a good deed and we heard mcb ' that the delay to this good deed because the adjacent should be worthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety and as the things of the Rambam by the went sanhedrin p"k went h ' and blessed memory and they have appoint whoever that will want to the single things and he that will be worthy for all the things how intelligent amazing that worthy to order for all the doctrine in entirety there is to the court to depend him etc... ', ai"sh and source of the things [things source] the Rambam are those correspondent of second bread that he is Jerusalemite p"k dhgiga ai"sh and also proven from Rambam interpretation that are ancillary and blessed memory name inside his words and more ntbar in the celebration dbni marba that even to constitute him to talk one is not allowable until that will be intelligent in all the judgements of the doctrine ai"sh.

Moshiach ben David, false Christ anointed king of the great harlot

And there are to pressings on it that as you know/but the Rambam wrote bp"a went sanhedrin the and blessed memory every city that not in her two intelligent big one worthy to teach and to order in all the doctrine in entirety one knows to hear and knows to ask and to answer not moshibin in her snhdri though because there is in her thousandth from Israel ac"l oai"sh in the second money that wrote and visible the remainder that should that there will be know to ask and to answer in the a little their judgements though that they do not know to ask and to answer in all the doctrine dal"c your she will become in the sanhedrin of people [people sanhedrin] that they will not know to ask and to answer, ac"l, and proven that from mannas in the sanhedrin though that unworthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety and how correspondent hr"m bp"d went h ' that should be worthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety. And you have will be sat it according to what correspondent of the bread [bread correspondent] changes bp"b went sanhedrin went a ' shhr"m correspondent that not mamidin in the sanhedrin between in the big between in the little but intelligent judicious people moplgin bhcmt the doctrine have a numerous opinion etc... ' and correspondent on it is the bread changes and blessed memory from that above dbahd knows to hear one knows to talk sgi, already rationalized bhh dhca not laicoba will be verified is not in their eye but one years to talk one to hear and the remainder that will be a little intelligent but that there will be all of them moplgin bhcmt the doctrine like that wrote here rbino it is not but to do a sanhedrin that not above/up/upward will number but millimeters them the years or g ' bbnonit or d ' sensibly should that knew remainder of the things that remember a here and according to the bread changes and second money that wrote that remainder of the sanhedrin quite that there will be proficient in the a little judgements there must be what correspondent hr"m bp"d h"h that there will be worthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety we were to begin with and if want to do a sanhedrin that not above/up/upward will number and as my thing hlh"m but in retrospect all of this is not laicoba. And so much additions ra"sh by her parents sheet z. a"a the h"d and blessed memory and it's possible shmoshibin in the sanhedrin though that he is unworthy to the instruction ai"sh and so much hrdb"z bhl ' sanhedrin of chapter [chapter sanhedrin] in ' h"z shhr"m correspondent shbi"d of g ' though that not mdkdkin in them in all those the things should that will be in each one of them seven things are those they are intelligence oanoa and show and a hatred of financing and the love of the truth and a love of are syllabic them and has a good name and all those the things mporshin they are in the doctrine etc... ' ai"sh. And perused bsho"t rlb"h sheet sh"g and in the new printing press of sheet [sheet printing press] cg that also mhr"i birb orlb"h understood shhr"m talks bbi"d adjacent ai"sh more in the sheet shc in the new printing press of sheet of charm. And so much buffer of education [education buffer] of sign tts"a ai"sh and also turns out that as you know/but hr"m brings visibility mbi"d that appointed Moshe quarreled and so much second bread ai"sh. And here brdb"z correspondent and blessed memory oa"t as you know/but that were not found g ' that there will be to them every hmdot what will do Israel and who fisticuffer to them oi"l that were not said those things but to begin with that if come to stand judges will request those who there will be in them from these pit and if will were not found g ' will request in ' and join their nation are one and if will were not found years will request one and if not situated will request g ' that will join in them hmdot these in all their trio and never will choose the bad in his paucity and will not stand Israel without judges there won't be aoibino crime and develop bdoro as Shmuel in his generation since that received them on them though there won't be in them hmdot these dinihm judgement etc... '.

And according to it there must be what correspondent rdb"z bhl ' sanhedrin p"d hi"a that seems that should hnsmh that there will be worthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety and far to because there is in this generation those who worthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety and so much hhzo"a in my compilation ho"m s"a signal g ' to dhm miri in the membership as correspondent hr"m explicitly the ancillary p"k dsnhdrin that from mannas is previous the head and on the way it is unquestionable that should that will be worthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety and as my thing hr"m bp"a went h '. But if from mannas are previous bi"d of three adjacent not in them a delay and as my thing hr"m in h"z and according to from and to the undersigned otos ' ra"sh also remainder of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin remainder] from mannas no that unworthy to order in all the doctrine. oa"c you have to appoint firstly courts of three adjacent on mind the wise of Israel and as my thing hr"m bp"d hi"a and to begin with we will search the good that in each with Israel olcshngia to number of 71 select you that are amazing that worthy to order in all the doctrine in entirety. And in my book ashot sentence of worthy pamphlet [worthy pamphlet sentence] to order etc... ' brought according to the Rambam in his introduction next to the strong that if know and proficient in all the things of the Rambam micro worthy to order in all the doctrine and as such universe what is said oashiba your judges cbrashona and your advisers as at first and the thereafter will read you city of the justice bb"a.

The pamphlet was returned after perusal and was asked an explanation opposite the fact that the vision of man [man vision] rejected course like this. Pamphlet of explanation [explanation pamphlet] like this situated in the preparation.

And will be invented to the additional perusal to the personality is this.

In the meantime expressed the great complete boy Shimon from the big court to be adjacent first. The association concentrates at this time in the two tracks to bring to the support of are rabbinical Israel at all and main world of the doctrine [doctrine world] especially to support the accreditation of that is adjacent the first. To the effort joined also the great brightens Mazuz ab"d in Tel Aviv. Given up to here support of ash / Ruth rabbis in the course.


Writing of new reaction [new reaction writing

And on the stamped- 


Allowable and advisable to photograph there distribution

In order to receive a concept on the sides hhlctim the different of the idea to establish the big court newly is recommended to peruse the sources that come:

; a ashot sentence – the great deer aidan ( tshn"h ). By the expense of the connector Shimon that is righteous 27 Jerusalem.

In. Renewal of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin renewal] in our renewed state – the great to financing blessed memory ( tshi"a ). By the expense of great institution kok.

; g oashiba your judges – the great deer mkobski ( trh"ts)

d.thomin y"h ( tshn"h ), sanhedrin now a ' 448 – the great Moshe tsorial

The. hmain ( will soak tshl"a volume y"a newspaper a ' ) cancellation of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin cancellation] and authorized and their renewal a ' 58– the great gave aortnr

The rudiments hhlctim to the activity of the movement [movement activity].

Next body litol leadership on with Israel must suck a his strength from all avenue is peaceful confidences of Israel.

According we act on base of Israeli rule [israeli rule base].

Our faces for all the accessible synagogues in the country by means of the company of distribution [distribution the company] b52000 forms that read to the public to take part by the choice of the people are appropriate. We convened according convention in Jerusalem and according, in the form of parity [parity form] of value for all participant were chosen the different people and was decided on continuation of the steps.

The reasons to the taking measures on the way this are the sources that come:

That arranged tune hshn sentence of sign [sign sentence] ks"g.

Great talmud study oihi ts"h

Light of life [life light] of things l"g the'

Rambam are bitter p"a h"z

mhr"m from Rotenberg sheet ki"g 

Great talmud study of the judges [judges talmud study] ' signal z'

List partially of the friends of the sanhedrin is private background about them:

Explanation of background [background explanation]
The friends of the sanhedrin are in the most of them people that enjoy migia their spoon. They in the frame of the supposed in the second – loved the work and that please the rabbinate.

In the most of them the decisive takes place a demand of the Rambam to deal in the doctrine without litol thereon remuneration from man do not depend in their doctrine in the man but those who said and there was the world.

triune gods/Shekinah/Elohim

Order of advertising [advertising order] of the names does not teach on order of the importance. He rinses according to kibbutz of the information [information kibbutz]. The information on the people in this stage not always full

Delicate rabbi of stone [stone rabbi] Israel ( shtinzlts ) native of trts"z 
From race of the relation [relation race] – descendant ladmor"i livingrooms and more.

Steinsaltz, Nasi

The great delicate stone Israel shtinzlts was born in Jerusalem by the year of 1937 to the secular family. He testifies on himself that read Marx before read the bible. And but/auditorium his father, which claimed always that unimportant him if person will be apikors or believes and only that there will not be with Haaretz, brought him in the young age teach that will teach a doctrine.

In tandem to the instruction of the doctrine [doctrine instruction] learned the great shtinzlts mathematics and chemistry at the Hebrew University. btsairoto established innovative school in the area of the south [the south area], and in the age 24 there was to the manager of the most young school in the country.

By the year of 1965 established you " the Israeli institute to Talmudic advertisings ", and from the same time and hither dedicated himself to the great task of translation and interpretation the Talmud in the without and Jerusalemite.

Talmud bavli of Babylon and the Yerushalon talmud

 His aspiration, the a transport of and come Trues, she to open gates of the Talmud and to enable for all Jewish concerning he is an access to the treasures of the wind [wind treasure] that are big of the nation that is Jewish. "The Talmud that is explained " became one of the Jewish most important creations that go and was created in our generation. Up to here exited in light of 36 volumes of the Talmud my Babylon and one volume of the Jerusalemite in Hebrew, 21 volumes in English, 18 volumes in French and 4 volumes is Russian.

By the year of 1984 established the great stone Israel you " institutions of source [source institutions] of life " in Jerusalem, totality of institutions of education that reflect a perception of aolmo the educational the exclusive. Nowadays learn in them c760 students, from age 3 committee after middle.

By the year of 1988 received the great stone Israel prize Israel on factory his life.

By the year of 1989 doorway the great in Moscow his meeting, the first that won to the recognition and to the auspices officially of the Russian government and of the Russian academy to the sciences. Nowadays act in Russia a few more institutions of education [education institutions] sponsored by the great stone Israel : The Jewish university of Moscow, the school to the teachers and horticulture ( together with institutions " light of doctrine [doctrine light] " ) learned ", the organization to the teachers to the Jewish tradition in the friend of the nations.

In the same year, established his friends and supporters of the great shtinzlts a fellowship of " thousand " in United States, in England, in Australia, and in Israel, hmkdisha herself to the distribution of my great thing and to the support in his institutionss are many.

In November 1995, suggested the chief rabbis of Russia and leaders of communities put to the great shtinzlts to receive serves " doלcoיbאnהi rטbהin " spiritual leader is Jewish Russia.

In 1996 exited in light of the first volume of the Talmud that is explained in Russian,, that he is the first translated volume is Russian modern. In the same summer removed the great in light of pirosho a mask of fathers is Chinese, and discount of seminars [seminars discount] in the subject of thought in the universities big'ng oshnghi.

Additional for those publicized the great shtinzlts books and many varied wide articles are thematic. His books saw light in the great languages all over the world, from Brazil committee to the far East. The great increases to appear by the communities Israel in the world by the lectures and in the rates of doctrine, and also he is invited to the acceptability in the well known universities such as yil and Princeton, and he was interviewed great in the press and in the television all over the world.

In March 2002, the Israeli institute lprsomim Talmudic used to/would win the prize in memory of him of Zalman is foreign blessed memory, to the respect of the concert [concert respect] of the volume hl"o of the Talmud that is explained of the great shtinzlts.

To the great degrees of DR. respect from the meeting of university [university meeting] in New York, an university of Bar Ilan, and an university of Ben Gurion in ber Sheva. He participated by the year of 2000 in muinnellim“ world peace summit of religious and spiritual leaders”באו"ם built spits.

The great shtinzlts lives in Jerusalem with his wife. He is a father to triple her and grandfather for seven.

Rabbi of deer [deer rabbi] aidan native of 
Connector of books [books connector]. Stand in the gross head. 

His books, sound of count, ashot sentence.

The theoretician that found the way hhlctit to renew the sanhedrin properly.

Antiquary in the activity to the renewal of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin renewal] already tens in the years.

Served as judge in the court of the Rabbi Kedouri n"i.

Teacher went in the community lshoalim and beats a doctrine.

Rabbi yshaiho the Cohen holndr native of trts"z 

Native of United States, New York. Rose will want btsh"h.

Until a year of tsh"s – publisher of newspaper Internet of the Talmud that is biblical

tsh"s – great in the gross of the order.

tshn"b tshn"t engineer of logistic systems [logistic systems engineer].

tshn"a tshn"b, instruction in school to the administration of business [business administration] by the university of Tel Aviv

Rich background in the education, marketing. And management of projects [projects management] in the free market.

Rabbi Abraham toldno native of tshi"h
Father for seven.

Morocco mknas. Learned by varied meetings, orthodoxy and Zionist. Aix les bains in France, by meeting " tree of life [life tree] " bmontri shbshoits, " port Joseph " o"bi"s high to the technology " in Jerusalem ( institute of heart ).

Engineer of computers [computers engineer] on duty me development of systems and management, and expert to the alternative medicine.

Husband passed rich in the public activity for the sake of with Israel.

Taught by different meetings Gemara and went 

His connections –

Pamphlet " position hncri in the went"

Article of eulogies [eulogies article], proportions of the altar and his structure, reading of newspapers, nida and more.

Pronunciation and value –

ct"i Munich ( in his completeness ) on msctot that not business in them grammatical count"

"Gates of the paradise " lrbino Yakov kapil ( an expense of " exhibition of the books [books exhibition] ")

"Deed of pharmacist [pharmacist deed] " interpretation according to secret lrbino alazr pharmacist from Amsterdam

Rabbi to her him shts native of trts"d

Father to 11 children and grandfather to 41 grandchildren. 3 from his boys were grooms of bible in Israel.

Connected more m20 books on the bible. From them commentary of old testaments [old testaments commentary] on the way skinning and also the books

"Authenticity cronologit the bible " 1986, " the tastes of the good deeds from scientific examination " 1991, interpretation to her him on predictions of the redemption [redemption prediction] " 2004.

DR. to the physical chemistry

Rose will want with his family in tshl"b

Connector of more from 100 reports and scientific articles in English in the subjects of chemistry, physics, and computers.

In the country worked as scientist in the militaristic industry during 21 years.

Rabbi alitsor born corps tsh"c
Learned ten years by meeting of great center [great center meeting] in Jerusalem

Author st"m butcher and circumciser, 

Gleaned the book " lights that sanctifies " from doctrine of hrai"a kok on building of the temple [temple building], connects a book " times and places of year " on the holidays.

From learned and device of my author [author device] st"m 

Connector of articles [articles connector] poblitsistim quarrel in the field of the thought and religious law.

Rabbi Moshe is complete antlmn native of trts"g
Native of United States New Jersey

Student of meeting [meeting student] Yitzhak El Chanan omtibta life Berlin student of the great Yitzhak hotnr zts"l oiblh"a Aron shctr was authorized an accreditation includes to the rabbinate at the great uncle grinwld zts"l.
Comprehensive background in the rabbinate and in the instruction. Teacher to the communities of my comfortable boy.

tshl"d, ab"d upper of United States.

His books – to destroy the Israeli belief.

Eldest devil

To cash from wait for divorce

The big controversy on anchoreds

International expert to the physical chemistry

Value two aintsiklopdiot scientific

Connected a number of scientific articles

Innovator of number of commercial tricks from them secret.

Candidate to Nobel Prize.

Adviser l500 companies, institute and Weitzman to the science

Rabbi Daniel miclson, native of tsh"t

riga, Latvia. 

Rose to the country tshl"a. 

Of the great the researchers of the temple, geography tn"cit, proportions and weights, times in the bible, holy the new, between the suns etc... '. 

Part from the substance gave to find in the site 

Connector of the articles-

Article on bounds Haaretz b"malin bkdsh"

And article on the form of the lamp in each through his opinion " ( Bar Ilan ).

Professor ' to the mathematics, department to the computer science and useful mathematics, institute Weitzman to the science.

Rabbi DOV Abraham boy of born ox [born ox boy] tshc"o
Native of United States is related to the uncle of the king [king uncle] olbash"t

Boy to the merger of evidence [evidence merger] to the traditional family. Educational secular background.

Resident elevates a friend.

Mature an university of Miami in the linguistics and no accredited on behalf of hkolg ' to the studious Judaism in Cleveland. 

Worked as reporter and there was a husband 3 ad agencies in United States.

Student of the great mshash zts"l oiblt"a the great and Yakov erupted n"i

Butcher of circumciser [circumciser butcher] and counts st"m.

Rose will want tshm"t.

From learned in the Spanish talmudic school.

Connected writings, books etc...' -

Prohibition and the rest

Their mixtures

Judgements of fines

Interpretation on the doctrine, Shmuel, where 

Book on a work of the ', interpretation according to prd"s on a mask of best wishes

Books in English, guide to begin living life as a jew

Arrangement to the count of haomr and a ten of days of answer according to intentions hrsh"sh

Server in the exclusive fighting unit in the army.

Served as great in her audience in United States ( williamsport, pa ).

Rabbi brightens Yakov, hkak the Levy native of tshi"t, 
Resident of star [star resident] Yakov 
Father l9 children

My pursuit – journalism, management of industrial economic projects [industrial economic projects management] 

Engineer of industry [industry engineer] and management – mature the Technion Haifa, in the frame of the studies is responsible computer by the faculty of industry and management, specialization : Management of manpower [manpower management] and marketing.

Initiatives of marketing [marketing initiatives] and from wide knowledge 

Student of institute [institute student] brightens meeting of center of rabbi, ocolli midnight. Establishes institutions of education [education institutions] are on duty and teacher in them. And lecturer in the on duty subjects.

Served Rabins Levy nhmni zts"l oiblht"a Yakov erupted.

In the army of diver [diver army] fights – commando days of. Commander an unit of marksmen in the reserve duty.

Languages, Hebrew English 

Rabbi Michael in the born eyelash

Student of great center [great center student] 9 years. And later including country of desire [desire country]

Head including judicial institute of country [country institute] 

Responsible to their expense in light of the connections of the institute a ' : " judgement, judgement and discussion " ; in ' : " assertions and visibility "

Taught 8 years by meetings of the order [the order meeting]

Has a first degree and two in the sentences from the university the Hebrew.

Rabbi Mordechai cslo native of trts"z
Marry of rabbi DOV aliazrob zts"l. 

Native of was shined. Return in reply btsairoto. Clear student of delicate rabbi of stone [stone rabbi] Israel ( shtinzlts ).

Nowadays the biggest expert in the world to the botany in the went.

Professor by the university of Bar Ilan to the archeological botany

Connected above/up/upward from one Hundred different articles in the botany in the went ocio"b. From them won to advertising in the prestigious newspapers science ocio"b.

Additional given details to find about him/it on the internet in the academic site of Place his work.

Rabbi of life [life rabbi] rits'mn native of
Native of United States

Rose will want tshl"h.
There was active in the Jewish education in United States

Manages the department to my contact outside of institute that sanctifies already 16 year.

Active bhnhgtm and guidance of my comfortable many boy.


 Founding an organization to the comprehension between Jews to the gentiles according to the belief of the bible in the name " light to the gentiles"

Wanted speaker bkonprnsim two Years different. And he is englishspeaking the most adept in the subject that sanctifies. He has a program that steady vesicle in the program of television [television program] in United States ( his picture appears in New York times b3 aok. 99 lmninm ).

Correspondent of books [books correspondent] and many articles in English -

The odyssey of the third temple ( with rabbi yisrael ariel)

The holy temple of jerusalem

House of prayer for all nations

The mystery of the red heifer

The light of the temple

The encyclopedia of the holy temple

The light of life – the commentary of the ohr hachaim hakadosh on the torah

Reviving the stones – video documentary of temple mount destruction

By the same token translate to English you

The temple haggada with commentary by rabbi yisrael ariel

Haggada for passover with commentary by rabbi adin steinzaltz

And value the book 

Pri mayim chaim, original torah thoughts of rabbi david hertzberg z"l

Rabbi DOV Stein native of trts"t
Native of Israel. Father for seven. One mhogi the idea of renewal of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin renewal] 

Descendant of hmhr"l from Prague o"htori gold"

In his girls received a secular religious education alternately.

Was authorized to the rabbinate by means of the great to her him shtrnbrg zts"l from orthodox protest.

Server in the army on duty my battle in the infantry is required by means of the army chaplaincy more in his regular service to the roles in her frame, in her officiated in roles different that the last in which there was great of a brigade of armour.

From preliminary professions of the computers [computers profession] in the country. Developed and managed project of the computerization [computerization project] of census of the residents in the government and there was the professional main adviser of office of the treasure to the procurement of hardware and software for all the government offices and inspection on the institutes of the computerization that are big of the government. And no developed projects mihshobim in the private market.

Second husband of my mature degree [mature degree husband] from the university the Hebrew a ) statistic and her geographers in ) economy.

Accredited to the instruction of computers in the high schools.

Has an educational great attempt in the instruction in the schools of meetings [meetings schools] and seminars of religious orthodox jews and secularizations.

His connections -

Article on relational religious secularizations published in allowed " t'

Connection " answers to ' mind of truth [truth mind] ' " explanations surround on problems of element are great in the belief in our famous sea on the internet in the site www.beith ( site him established to the advancement of idea of the sanhedrin ).

By the same token editor in the same site, sub site to the guidance of my comfortable boy in them there are his writings and of other rabbis.

Speaker Hebrew English Yiddish and few German.

Rabbi of eulogy [eulogy rabbi] Weiss native of tsh"d
mhogi idea of renewal [renewal idea] of the sanhedrin is active by the establishment of institutions of the state of the doctrine.
Resident of red root [red root resident] that in Samaria

Connector of about ten books in the literature Hebrew and tens articles in Hebrew and in English

Field of his specialization [specialization field] – the contact and the attachment of the new literature to our literary jewish sources.

Professor to the literature of the nation [nation literature] that is Jewish by the university of Bar Ilan.


Editor of section [section editor] of the literature in first source ".

Additional given details to find about him/it on the internet in the academic site of Place his work.

Rabbi Israel Ariel native of around age 65 laoi"t
Head of institute [institute head] that sanctifies. Of the great the experts to the went the temple.

Connector of many books [many books connector] in the subject that sanctifies.

There was great militaristic soldier of soldier of the north [the north soldier] in the service determined

Decisions that got accepted:

; a To authorize bi"d limited that select to enclose to him more on duty people towards growth lbi"d of 71

In. To repair blessing of food [food blessing] according to immemorial formulae that in our hands like great arrangement Amram genius and more, have an attachment more is harassed the tradition of our fathers that in the country Israel in the goal to bring to the peaceful coalescence of confidences of Israel in their customs for the sake of will not be separate classes. In the side of this achievement [this achievement side] there is an advantage to accustom the public to congratulate actually on regularity of banquet on alimony, by reduction of the burden of saying of blessing of long food that she does not coerced.

; g To qualify chickens of the pheasant [pheasant chicken] is placid.

Record below:

In the matter when harnesses of chicken of the pheasant [pheasant chicken] ( phasianus colchicus ) and placid chicken ( coturnix coturnix)

We hereby in this to inform and approve a minister ' Shmuel Newman hi"o from captivity Samaria requested to hear the thing ' this went in the asked when harnesses of two aforesaid chickens.

And here – all the signs of our name [name sign] are intelligent in the pure chickens there are in the two those chickens. And additionally, saw that exist evidence specifically and devotee dwkniot concerning two of the aforesaid chickens. 

There is not Place to be satisfied in the thing that two those pure chickens and when rim to the food without pkpok.

To the against our eye were evidence specifically on clear tradition as regards two aforesaid chickens:

In the interest of chicken [chicken interest] of the pheasant pheasant, saw and we heard his explicit evidence has a here ( that was photographed ) and in writing, the stamped in writing his hand of the amazing genius mo"r r ' Joseph kaph zts"l, that this pure chicken in the known tradition him. 

In the placid interest, quail, saw evidence of the great uncle of eagle [eagle uncle] shlit"a that received ancillary butchers from the beards of the butchers in Jerusalem aih"k, the great respect monsa, beard of the Spanish butchers, and from the great Pinchas Eisen, sho"b in Jerusalem aih"k from the previous generation, that this pure chicken in the known tradition to the both. 

This and more – rabbi of uncle [uncle rabbi] h"i bar of life shlit"a heard from times the great alitsor corps shlit"a from ore, that he sho"b, that received from times the amazing genius mo"r r ' Joseph kaph zts"l the aforesaid intellect of the types of the pheasant is placid pure they, and there is not Place to doubt and to distribute between their types, that all of them call a pheasant or placid.

And hence – two these chickens as ministers for all house Israel.

And to the vision in the we on the stamped ( according to order of father [father order]) : 

Speech Judea boy yaish pleuritic

Speech Moshe is complete antlmn

Speech Abraham in the fire

Speech of inaugurated uncle [inaugurated uncle speech] Yitzhak bh"r life rpal

Speech hzkiho boy aozial

Speech to her him Alexander great boy Yakov Moshe sh"ts

Speech Elimelach boy Aryeh

; d To offer the formula a prayer of " nhm " dlhln as preferable formula to tell him in the 9th of av:

"Uterus d ' our Alec in your uteruss are many obhsdih the adherents on Israel with you and on Jerusalem your city and on mark houses your respect and on Place house of your temple [temple house], the mountain of the mourning and the sword, the destroyed and the desolate the datum by hand foreign, the oppressed in the spoon are wicked, oirshoho your enemies oihlloho will be recognized with you – because to Israel with you gave mark of heritage, and to the sperm yshoron inherited her bequeathing, because in the fire a destruction of, and in the fire you are a future to build her, as mentioned : And I will be her – spoke d ' – a wall of fire around, and to the respect will be in her."

This offer is relied on the original formula in Gemara is Jerusalemite taniot in ; and best wishes d g and she comes to prevent two deficits that in the acceptable prayer:

; a The saying the acceptable formula is situated speaker of lies [lies speaker] that as you know/but Jerusalem are built with construction in her and is not desolate.

In. The saying the acceptable formula is situated atheist in the favor of the Place on with him Israel.

The association attends to see that activity of the court [court activity] did not win to the public support as her buoy. Therefore decided the directorate of the association to try to convince main world of the doctrine [doctrine world]. According was decided to establish one day course in the subject of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin subject] that will take place according to that seem between as mounds of meeting " rivers " in the participation is personal key are important. The conference exited soon to the laborer.


The court of the association of encumbrance [encumbrance association] on himself task to harden existence of good deeds of the doctrine in the commerce by a deed of business so that there will be more compatible to the good deeds of the doctrine. The advertisings here they according to flowed information to us from different sources. Obviously made to be errors. Will be happy for additional information oa every repair of error [error repair] that will be invented beside us.

A preference of boys of Israel according to criteria of eulogies [eulogies criteria]. We were yshralioto of the salesman or and a hatred of Israel because he has.

In the first stage we bring information glmiot.

We request an information from all source about including/total business of details [details business] about the ownership:

; a Jews are Sumerian doctrine 

In. Jews are traditional, we were are converted to the appetite.

; g Jews are converted to anger – we were, amongst others, from hollow sabbath bprhsia or in the gill to the good deeds 

; d Who that they are not Jews

The. Arabs Moslems have Israeli nationality

And. Arabs created have Israeli nationality. 

; z Arabs of Yesha.

Take. Arabs are other. 

; t Who they are the companies and character of the subcontractors [subcontractors character] of ditto.

Number of the workers is including/total and a division of number of the workers in the business according to distribution of number [number distribution] of the workers according to my stone discerned forgoing. 

Http : / / / shabat


Address of Jewish professionals [jewish professionals address]

Work site Hebrew

Http : / / / avodaivrit

A list of businesses that guard a sabbath:

Institutions are Sumerian sabbath " summoning for the sake of the sabbath ", http : / / / shabat /, 

Taxis that act on weekdays only. (* Next to engage Jews only)

Smadar 5664444 the loaf 5827777 Givat Shaul 6512111 boy Judea 652111 redemption 6251222 spring 6257366

The city 5380777 htsomt5826666 hdwidka 5383899 bar ailn 5866666 their glory 5814111 the deer 5371666

aiznbah5371144 the peak 6421111 mountain of sceneries [sceneries mountain] 6518802 Jerusalem 6253223 rommh5385555 

High oak*


Taxis from emptiness of sabbath [sabbath emptiness] – discovered the nation of the hill of the boardwalk of the president the Palmach Israel are humid rise the town rhbia


Gas stations from emptiness of sabbath [sabbath emptiness] – pines fair knig 2 Jerusalem garden of the bell by Bethlehem 2 Jerusalem

The hill the French Jerusalem museum Israel Jerusalem Ma'Aleh Adumim, street Jerusalem Jericho 

nwa tree of street [street tree] Jerusalem Tel Aviv niot – junction niot Jerusalem city is complete – junction a here of ] Jerusalem

A town of comforts – way hnrita sald Jerusalem are high cluster parn Jerusalem

Pumps, street Jerusalem Tel Aviv

The pursuit in the operation of the different problems [different problems operation] that were raised in my pamphlet " mind of truth"

Received agreed and blessing of the rabbis 

Joseph happiness ginzborg n"i, great of will be converted

And Yoel Schwartz n"i, connector of many books


Thank you given to the people that helped by the acquisition of information in the different fields :

Professor ' to her him shook, the institute to the mathematics Hebrew University. 

Professor ' Daniel miclson, institute Weizmann to the science. 

The great DR. Mordechai hlprin, the institute to the medicine according to religious law. 

Professor ' Mordechai cslo, an university of Bar Ilan. 

DR. Shimon bolg, the high school to the technology in Jerusalem. 

The things hnctbim here destined to appertain to the hard assertions that were raised versus a doctrine of with us omsorotio in the consecutive pamphlets that were advertised under the caption " mind of truth [truth mind] ".

The written here destined to the people is Sumerian doctrine is these that they are not Sumerian doctrine still.

In this stage, the things are arranged scarcity of computerized file [computerized file scarcity]. Without is dwelled, lcshtstim the editing to combine progressive ink, will print this. The file is given/possible to opening to his recipient in the diskette in the simple resources in my computer pc or also on the internet.

The file will pass industrious improvements according to information that will be gleaned over time. adcnoto will be identified by means of date of the document [document date].

Given and allowable to copy the file in the computer and to circulate him. Forbidden to circulate him in the change.

At times will do an use bnotrikonim:

; rzaa nba = hah

ao"h = lifestyle

ar"i = will discuss us rabbi Yitzhak. 

; aimshd ataisb = grandfather

d ' = nickname to the name the saintly blessed he. 

d"a = mind of truth [truth mind], the intention is to the pamphlets of the institutes " mind of truth " and to their connectors. 

The = wasp that starts ( we were the words of the primacy [primacy words] of the segment ). 

dh"a = the things of the days a '. 

Almighty = the holy blessed he. 

zia"a = remembered will protect on us artist. 

And = hs and hello, god forbid. 

ho"m = sensualist of sentence [sentence sensualist]

yo"d = shoots an opinion.

mohr"r = morno the great rabbi. 

nbg"m = his soul in the archivists of heights. 

Were " = his disappointing candle

s"k = little clause. 

ph"i = Passover today.

rm"a = rabbi Moshe aisrlish ( that wrote amongst others you are my custom ashcnz bsho"a ).

Rambam = rabbi Moshe boy mimon. 

rmb"n = rabbi Moshe boy nhmn. 

rmh"l = rabbi Moshe life lotsato. 

rm"k = rabbi Moshe kordobro. 

rsh"i = complete rabbi my Yitzhak. 

From = poverty mtibta, we were great of a group of students in meeting. 

shh"i = sabbath today.

sho"a = arranged table. 

sho"t = questions and answers. 

Shas = six orders, the intention for all that changes or for all the Talmud.

In the mark put the mask of, the intention is to her Talmudic edition hbblit.

Sheet in Talmud ( Gemara ) will be stated at times, according to notation of the characters [characters notation] that is taken care of, in the accompaniment of point to stand a ' for example: 

"pz. " and two points to stand in ' of blast for example : " PAZ : ".

The preparation of the substance does not financed by public budgets every that they.

Too bad that should manage a dialogue like this, concerning there is in this style on behalf of them of the controversies that raise that occurred in the middle ages between the wise of Israel to the priests created ( that many of them there were apostate ). What also because there are from the similar assertions amazingly to the assertions )the former( } for example in the relevant the prediction, controversy of r ' Joseph my flour, book of the pact [pact book], bag of the controversies ( 58 a ' 16 ) {. Considerable part according to the criticism are based on discounts advance erroneous ( maybe accidentally ), but also to the mortification, from within financial touches, within survivor of public monies [public monies survivor]. 

Like in all Place that occurs a discussion between boys of culture, essential that he will do from within respect and integrity and not to the goals nigoh. The pamphlets of the institutes [institutes pamphlet] " mind of truth " do not stand in the stone tests this. They are tendentious. 

Given there was of course to specify annalss of manager of the project [project manager] " mind of truth ", that Sumerian public of the doctrine received at the time you returned him in reply in the hot pretty form. Where in the things that wrote there is from any the persecution of the truth, and where there is from any a justification of cishlono by guarding of good deeds [good deeds guarding] in his life the private until that destruction of big pretty family, to the reader I will leave the jurisdiction. The interested will be able to turn to meeting in the settlement " ridges ".

It's worthwhile very to bring an interesting story concerning so:

At the end of the century 19 officiated as great in the city brisk " rabbi of life [life rabbi] solobitsik " that there was also head of meeting. Someday arrived to visit him one of his former students. And rabbi of life [life rabbi] discovered to his shock because this student hkdih his casserole ohtpkr. 
Open the student and said to the fought the former : " I have number of questions and difficulties is relevant religion, maybe will be able to mori and rabbi to answer on them?" Rabbi of life [life rabbi] sulked.

Continued the student and pressing on the religion more and more. And rabbi of life [life rabbi] continue and silent.

The student is not despondent and the plaster more line of difficulties and that the El Als hah to, on the Judaism, on the Talmud and on the religion. And rabbi of life [life rabbi] continue and silent.

Lastly break of rabbi [rabbi break] live his silence and asked the student : " students of, after ended your questions and your difficulties, I have question to you : Those questions cost in your mind before wanted lhtpkr, or lest after wanted lhtpkr?"

The student gmgm and lastly thanked : " cn.. Those questions indeed cost in my mind/opinion after tasted from lives of this world [this world lives] and requested lhtpkr. But what it is connected, as you know/but the questions so hard, and I am sure that rabbi of the genius [genius rabbi] will be able to brighten my eyes in them!"

We will torture a rabbi of life [life rabbi] and said : " students of the former. I know to answer answers on difficulties. Also on difficulties from the type that you raised I have detailed answers. The problem she, that these questions, adopted you as excuses lhtpkrot. You are not an exhibitor before questions, you are an exhibitor before excuses. 'On questions I have answers, on excuses I don't have answers!'".

Therefore there are not in the things hnctbim below fence of answers to the people of d"a. That as you know/but their problem is that they do not want to guard a doctrine and good deeds. In the times the acceptable calls the thing of defect [defect thing] in the sense of crown ". The things below are written to the those that were not hurt in the root hshrshim, we were with pleasure, but the things of the circulated pamphlets awakened at their place questions hnohtsot genuine answer.

In the annals Israel were two big of generation are famous that acerbated : yrbam boy of sprout [sprout boy] and that in the please the author. The first in which, opened, flattery of injury respectfully him, process of loss [loss process] of the ten of the tribes from Israel ( sanhedrin kb. ). Second, according to that seems, flattery of absence of belief [belief absence] ohtbtlot to the Assyrian culture, almost succeeded to arrive at the similar goal concerning that in TIM that are remaining ( sanhedrin co. ).

In spite of this also when Jewish arrives to Hebrew times pht in his wars is holy blessed he, as you know/but all the frustrations and the angers on produce a world will not disconnect him from him ( Shmuel in chapter of hand [hand chapter] of verse of hand : " ...To the not yהdלחh from him nהdלטh " ). adrba, man like this, lcshihzor in him, possibly that will bring as such happiness and kiddush of the name [name kiddush] in the world, and repair as such more than what shklkl up to here. Dear will be thought him the thing. As such will realize a purpose of anwa that she is a proportion of Moshe quarreled. Which therefore there will be the things that will be written, as much as possible, moderate and from within seriousness to the assertions to the font. 

industrialized attempting to isolate between the different assertions and to appertain to them respectively. If you that read are impressed that jump an assertion and she is unanswerable, flat our request to waken thereon, in order that there will be relation so.

There was pleasant to detect that the pamphlets reflect indeed search of truth [truth search] and not hatred and vindictiveness. The written things here destined mainly to those that search a truth. Between so and between so as you know/but part of the questions that embezzle, touch the problems of thoroughness [thoroughness problem], and purify an effort and perusal by the views of element in Judaism. Great questions they are actually questions of big of Israel to their generations, great times without me their answers if accidentally and maybe to the sorrow of the heart [heart sorrow] maliciously.

The peculiar he, shd"a could have been able to make use in the renewals of the doctrine of big of Israel are quarrel, in which there are tremendous difficulties on the Shas, that every one of them lcshtotsg before the innocent reader will think that world of the doctrine [doctrine world] of sword. And of course not so the thing. But that is way of a doctrine of truth. From within mutual respect and from within the persecution of the truth, deal peaceful confidences of Israel in the inquiry, in the appeal and in the excuse of the things of the doctrine, in order to descend deeply her purpose, we were, deeply purpose " desire " our maker of us, that as you know/but were not produced but in order to serve konno.

In all probability that the questions and their solution, in retrospect will bring contrary to expectation great blessing to the lady/increase of the belief [belief lady/increase] and instruction of the doctrine, and then will be found calculate the distribution of the pamphlets, in retrospect, bring vice versa crosshairs of their distributors. 

The operation of the things become willfully lilac in the line of the truth [truth line]. We were, defended views the Judaism, and in tandem there will be on inimical views, should shtinkna from solid sources. The intention here in our operation to avoid to protect on important values that they don't have base of my view [view base] is necessary in our doctrine. On the other hand when essential it's impossible to avoid to demonstrate an inferiority of foreign views. 

In the body of the things [things body]. Remember at times the concepts of secularizations [secularizations concept] of vacations ocio"b. Those most problematic nicknames concerning considerable part of the groups are these simply were captured or / and weakened they or their fatherss and their servitudes to their generations under pressure of glot bitter, including/total murder of crowds [crowds murder] and robbery of wholesaler, a prevention of ability to learn a doctrine, alienation from Jewish company, an annihilation of literature that aroma Judaism in her, a negation of a language of passed, broadcasts of radio and tv ocio"b tens ways of direct compulsion and detour to believe by the different beliefs that seem as simple clear truth. To this degree that those groups joined later who in good faith and who " to the appetite " are and their boys after them to the culture of from our axis during all appearance. This is the situation to his Assyria. Situation of secularizations, vacations ocio"b that life today in the environment in her given/possible to learn and to reconstruct their original culture in the authentic form, becomes in some respects more easy. The thing comes to expression in the movement going and grows of return in reply. 

But/auditorium you have to remember that process of returned in reply becomes not before brain of searches the way already flooded in the thousands of incorrect concepts that contravene a doctrine of Israel and disturb him to adopt her also after a long time. Part grows and goes from those groups starts to understand what aolla appearance of conversion [conversion appearance] and her aftermaths. He intensifies and relinquishes them. But/auditorium always always there is he that the speculative break and the effort do not seem him according to his forcess. In tandem created empathy going and grows of those groups with reproductions hncriot that returned them. ldabonno they also hobrim lmtsirino actually. Therefore the expression is secular ocio"b hnamr here appertains to the lost because there is a vital inevitability to do last efforts to their Jewish rescue from finished religious persecution. Those captives of war ( a war of culture with all the idolatrous world that rose us many blood I civilized therefore ) ours, and their boys after them, that lost the contact with our culture. To the sorrow to the in us, under pressure longterm appearance, very often, joined the war of reproduction of the rule [rule reproduction] is world against Jews or / and Judaism and as such changed to be to the traitors actually ( yrmiho t father, psalms kit kn"h ). Who that will not manage to do from between those prisoners the important turn, made within years is not great to be resided in the process of assimilation [assimilation process] like the apostate in the course all returns, if after decrease from Haaretz, or even also here between our neighbour hishmaalim, pronounced from Russia, h"aobdim the foreign " that flood country kdshno forces of the peace " the international the spys inside us. This situated process already now in his intensification, of course as regards the Israelis that descend, the assimilators bncr more quickly from all Jewish Diasporas. Also here in the country, already, to the mortification, there is a myriad of Jewish women that our the bottom bishmaalim. 

; a On errors. 

You have to discern properly between opinions of personality [personality opinion] of the wise of Israel in the different generations and ideals of the Jewish belief. Every saying, opinion of every intelligent here is obviously goal to the criticism for all person in Israel, examination and examination return. This is the cultured main work of the Jewish nation to her generations. There were the wise of Israel are quarrel from Moshe committee to dwell us shdaotihm his morning and went was stopped or was decided that not like thought. Supplier if there is intelligent important one that not morning on his view hhlctit. The wise of Israel are meat and blood. Allowable to them also to err. Relation of our respect [our respect relation] to the wise of Israel is resultant from the persecution of the truth that there was a candle lrglihm. Not only in the meaning hscolsti but also in their lives actually. They are not his Bush to thank/admit to their opponents in the controversy if erred. This relation mhibno to be careful to hurry and to negate an opinion that was announced by intelligent it or other. Still there is not the opinion hsint criticism. Possibly that in the aftermath of discussion of my criticism [criticism discussion] will be negated. 

There is not a sympathy in the any culture to the nickname of actions [actions nickname] of her spiritual leaders in the name " error ". The thing reduces relation of the respect [respect relation] to the things. The mother those who he heard once in the services of broadcast of what that she is a state that her upper court erred!?. Superfluous from this their specialization hmhshbtit and the creative of hz"l there was in the field of the sentence [sentence field] of the thought and the belief. To specialize them in the sciences arrived hz"l, usually, as integral part of problems hlctiot that were brought before them in the field of the agriculture [agriculture field], the zoology, the physics ocio"b. Be that as it may will obtain in our culture, culture of the truth [truth culture] without partiality, that even to Moshe quarreled from relations, according to the understood from the doctrine herself , errors, as mentioned brsh"i : In the desert of chapter [chapter desert] is not a verse c"a " ' and say alazr the Cohen and back ' ', according to that come Moshe rule of next anger to the rule taot... And also you find in the eighth to the reserve duty, that are said ( and read, t"z ) ' and foam on alazr and on Itamar ', come to the rule of anger [anger rule], come to the rule of error, and also ( in the desert about,, hey ) ' bshmao please the teachers ' and strike the rock, by means of the anger erred ". 

Secular zion must fall for talmudic Judaism

mtsino in Talmud is Jerusalemite shtna claimed to the rabbi akiba, that there was big the conditions, in the expressive form, you err : tanit chapter d ' the : " way cozba from Yakov rabbi Akiva pitcher of trouble [trouble pitcher] is Hamitic bar lies a trouble said a judgement he mlca mshiha said lia rabbi yohnn boy torta Akiva will go up herbs to smile and still cousin will not be comen ". 

{Translation the Aramaic from the word " pitcher " – when used to/would see bar cocba, used to/would say it is the king the Messiah.} 

Even the sanhedrin can err. Two first chapters by the mask of her parents deal in that regard. 

Remember this when they deliver you up to be afflicted and slain, for JESUS the Christ cannot err

On the Rambam we will say, ' from Moshe until Moshe will not arise as Moshe '. Even so his enemy from the wise of Israel and said that the Rambam erred. (Will be perused sho"t hrib"sh from the and also sho"t will prepare and Boaz is smooth a sign kl"d wasp that start " and what that the straw ". And also bsho"a yo"d ka"t explicitly hgr"a s"k ] y"g [ ).

So also we found in my thing we quarreled sadia genius will be perused a treasure of the geniuses [geniuses treasure] is smooth the answers gitin s"h : That there is we did not must receive a mind hz"l in the matters of nature and medicine only if the thing are acceptable as well according to our information.

So also mtsino in the things of rabbi Abraham boy the Rambam – article on drshot hz"l drish book of eye [
eye book] Yakov the " da because you"

Apparently that the error is the big advantage of the healthy. There is here paradox, forbidden you to err but your ability to err she that gives a value to your actions and your views. Much/many from the medicines of inventions [inventions medicine] of discoveries ocio"b resulted from errors. shridot of sexual life that are different over the land possibly and she is conditional in the possibility that will be errors bshcpol the cells. He is the judgement mistakenly hz"l. The errors are these vitality to the development of the Jewish world view and success to adapt to the cultured varied realities in order to swallow them to digest them olhpcn apropos aloki. Opinion of tna / Amora hnamrt instead of and in the time of felony can that there will be postdated completely whereas instead of and in the other time possibly that there will be owner of/having attacks. Indeed hrmh"l b"msilt straight " about ' says that went as house of eulogy [eulogy house] never, but/auditorium, tradition in our hands ( from house of talmud study of the acceptable and the followers of their students ), went as house of eulogy and to the future to come there will be went as house of appraiser ( " oikhl Moshe " lr ' Moshe grap tn"t mh. ) what seems today as impossible, like for example mouse that crossed a land. Possibly and in another 50 years will be possible. Or then will becomes clear that the things that we will say in the interest will change to be very belong oaninim. Turns out that this explanation of article hz"l ( best wishes sheet ld page in ) : " damr rabbi consented : Place that my husband answer aomdin, righteous finished not aomdin " we were the remedied error that ranch has an answer aoshtho according to this preferable view on those who not sin of rule [rule sin]. For whatever reason it is similar to the them the particles of the universe that act in him temporarily as substance and as wave. Absolute thing does not belong apparently never life : In the beginning great ( oilna ) affair t the " in his doctrine ] to say in the renewals of his doctrine [ of rabbi brighten found written, and here good very and here good death ". I.e. very good = good death ( and ). Turns out that still we don't have enough knowledge and comprehension by the recognition of aolmno certainty not on my way the maker in order to understand those paradoxes. 

In. Heritage Israel.

The doctrine from moment is given/possible to the nation Israel here is his spiritual assets ( " doctrine tswa us Moshe is allowed a community of Yakov " things lg d ). So called subordinate almighty to the adjudication hhlctit of Israel. At times also if there is in her error. His spiritual essence of with Israel is the desire to base thing d ' in the world. Whereas and the
Jewish nation of beast [beast nation] inside our compound world as is, we were, including many gentiles and great cultures, as you know/but obviously situated the view of the doctrine in the contact of industrious mutuality with other cultures. 

Views, concepts, coinages and words of different recorded cultures in our culture when the Jewish nation serve to the those opinions of crucible [crucible opinion] and distillation that at times reclines on generations. Therefore possibly to find foreign views that got accepted as their creation in our culture and there is that received different shade, different absolutely and no contrary. From this examination was caught with Israel is emissarial almighty in the world to the improvement and reclamation of every the found here in this world. 

This errand catch also as regards opinions of gentiles, so that there will be have a contents and positive weight to the distribution of thing d ' and his divine presence in the world. This is ancient expressed vision in the without scroll t. On the verse in the pentateuch in the beginning t " ' ypt Alecs fibrosis and house in my aloe-wood put ', beauties of ypt – Greece, will be in my aloe-wood put ", weight of Israeli cost to the not arranged on weight of angel. From this examination succeeds with Israel in his errand ( as the things of the Rambam ) works is that extent of the idolatry [idolatry extent] in the world poht and goes. 

; g The Gemara / Talmud.

Indeed the Gemara here is, in retrospect, apparently the last authority of a determination of went for all Israel ( will be perused the introduction of the Rambam to tell him a deuteronomy ), but/auditorium: 

1. There are blocked great points by the version of the Gemara ( mainly on account of intervention of htsnzorim pronounced and the apostate ) and understanding the Gemara what gram and factor to the disputes and to the criticism. 

2. This authority moknit to Gemara only and absolutely only in the field of my religious law [religious law field]. Concerning to the opinions and views by the creations of world [world creation], science, Eged )Bus Co.(S ocio"b as you know/but every time that they don't have significance hlctit they don't have commentary commit. We were given/possible to construe them in all by and the sail he will not calculate as husband of illegitimate opinions [illegitimate opinions husband] ( introduction the Talmud to the rabbi Shmuel the director, rmb"n – " controversy hrmb"n with paolos " ). In Gemara herself there is an admission in the thing of errors [errors thing] of the wise of Israel opposite the wise of pronounced. The wise of Israel thought because there are cases in them the wise of nations of the world [world nation] more right and no agreed because there is an intelligence in the gentiles ( of course according to you understood the scientific then ) : In the without Passovers sheet of side [side sheet] of page in " said a rabbi : ...onrain dbrihn our desert ". And also mtsino in the things of the Rambam " teacher are perplexed " smooth g chapter of hand [hand chapter]. Of course there is Place to the reconsideration in the things according to the information that resume concerning at times possibly that what that announced/india erred.

; d Position of the prophet [prophet position].

When the prophet acts as intelligent will apply on his words the supposed in the introduction a. 

The. Sanhedrin.

on duty reproduction today act in the situation of disability. Absence of sanhedrin [sanhedrin absence] prevents the receipt of essential decisions of vitality in the different fields and update of many religious edicts concerning in all judiciary there is not a law is interpreted or their disruption but by the upper adjacent authority so ( except for local regulations is ad hoc that concerning them there is limited known authority ). Simple estimation she shlcshtkom the sanhedrin will be it is a decisive step in the process of the redemption [redemption process]. The present situation is similar to the condition of company that she doesn't have upper court and not authorities of enforcement [enforcement authorities]. 

And. Equality.

With Israel does not act as company shwionit but as functional company in the errand. From this similar examination of the Jewish company [jewish company examination] to the army, as mentioned in the doctrine " oihi from stop that to put of year four hundred year oihi actually today this exited every armies d ' from country Egypt " names yb mb. Idea of the equality [equality idea] is in essence religious idea. This based idea on the discount that to the all person there is a soul, and this, while being spark aloki from over, she is immeasurable. So is brought btna Debby to her him great affair : " and because what nature of bee that she judged Israel omtnbat on them, that is/are not Pinchas boy alazr stands, testifies an I on me the heavens AND the country, between gentile and between Israel between man and between woman between worked between that her can everything according to deed that does so the holy spirit of line [line holy spirit] on it ". With all of this, flattery of a love of Israel you d ' and desire Israel to do a satisfaction to our maker, as you know/but, weight of idea [idea weight] of the
equality vanishes and is deleted opposite idea of the efficiency. We were the division of the roles in Israel became not on base of the equality [equality base] but on base of usefulness to the lady/increase of power the effect of a doctrine of d ' in Israel and no on reproduction of the rule is world. Body of my inferior efficient equality [inferior efficient equality body]. This is the reason that in the war is operated an army that actually his definition does not act as body of my equality [equality body]. In the army actually there is not an equality in the authority. 

; z Upper value.

In the head of ladder [ladder head] of the values of Jewish stands desire d '. This value prevails for other value, that if insincere stand
we ourselves are these separate owner of/having attacks preferable and, ( according to the first precedent, a binding of Yitzhak, and in his footsteps by the temples of the name in the fire and in the water in their myriads in all returns ). 

To the essence of the assertions [assertions essence]: 

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 1.

Assertion :

To Moshe quarreled were delivered in sinai 50 gates of wisdom lacks one ( new year ca. ). And how if yes the wise of Israel erred understanding the processes of life as such that believed because there is a creation of spontaneous life.


; a The world view of hz"l in that regard indeed compatible quite views that his profit in their scientific world of boys of their generations. There is a place to suppose that if there was a sanhedrin exists today there were religious laws that touch to this matter are tested newly according to the known us today. Will be perused, the introduction ', that he doesn't have to the judge but what his eyes see – sanhedrin and and also according to the rule – is not in the heavens she. 

In. Be that as it may his business in this question of rabbis [rabbis question] in the last generations like for example rabbi Yitzhak lmpronti ( fear Yitzhak ) that decreed therefore, that not as acceptable, to worsen that not to kill as her yen in the sabbath.

; g The mind gives that there is not a creation of spontaneous life ( that not from life ), acceptable but/auditorium also the rule " did not see is not a vision ". Known also known on disagreement between the microbiologists of the experts [experts microbiologist] in our sea on the possibility to the living creatures are inanimate ( will be perused for example – value " life " in the encyclopedia the Hebrew volume y"z a ' 375 ). Things of doctrine they are eternal and were given also for generations in them maybe they will succeed the microbiologists to the living creatures. To the remainder attack will say that the view by which it's impossible to the living creatures as believe in her d"a comfortable from examination tamoltit ( superficial ) much more. She gives more attacks so because you have produces the tuner you that are healthy that only in the strength to the living creatures.

; d Peaceful confidences of Israel receive this, as mentioned in Gemara the in. And more be that as it may those who not believes as such he is not an atheist mainly. yaoi in the introduction g '.

Assertion : 

There are only tri"b good deeds ( and not tri"g ) because good deeds that run occur regarding that not there was and was not produced ( Rambam will not do kat ) we were " the prohibition to eat ' that run hmthwim from the mustinesses ' ". 


; a Will be perused reply to the previous assertion.

In. The Rambam in the frame of description [description frame] of matter hshrtsim appertains lshrtsim as those and so they were described in Gemara. The source he hspra. Will be perused the introductions a g.

; g mnin the good deeds is matter of tradition. Also if will be deleted a count of certain good deed still there are great known disputes properly about the question what they tri"g good deeds. The method of the Rambam is not unique. For example the Rambam is not a counter of good deeds [good deeds counter] of settlement a"i and also counter of good deeds of belief omshigo hrmb"n vice versa.

; d We have bmsortno great wonders from this type. Like for example the known myth by which future of almighty [almighty future] to do a banquet are righteous precursor of whale to the future to come ( in the without comes btra ah. ) unintelligible rule what it is to their small hook. lcshttconn the sanhedrin apparently we will know. Will be perused also sho"t signed counts a part in ( shoots an opinion ) sign yt the " and I said because ". 

And. There are from the productions that indeed created from the mustinesses. They created from eggs or larvas ocio"b that they not nhzim to the eyes of normal person, )??huh??( also sharp-sighted. Just as that productions in the size like this they are not forbidden to eating concerning they not are thought to the entity hlctit, so also they not are thought to the entity to Need a creation of visible life to the eye of the person [person eye]. On behalf of it is the assertion that productions nbraim from the mustiness is possible ( yaoin Moshe and hey, testing of food properly a ' 97, that simpleton of life [life simpleton] in magician froze, on me pigeon a"z p"g, letter maliho h"d shn"o in the note, hzo"a their sick the g ).

Assertion :

hz"l erred understanding the reality concerning believed because there is a mouse that crossed a land, and therefore arrived to the disproved conclusions.


a.ain the previous state a ' in '.

In. An adjudication of went on base of error here is familiar entity in all social system. There are judicial cases that in the world of the lawyers [lawyers world] of every state are acceptable to think that her upper court erred. With all of this, as you know/but every court in the instance more low must receive onward the decision of the error of the upper court of her company until that this decision will be repaired by the upper court by himself ( )??huh??( also in the other composition ). So it also in the on duty company. This is the reason therefore that even change clear " will receive to Need the decision hhlctit his this thing is acceptable today as error. From this examination indeed we are prisoners in the system of decisions [decisions system] that expect the reconsideration by the sanhedrin that we expect that will prepare quickly in our sea and will discuss and test this newly. You have to estimate that will arise sanhedrin cshtsbor
Sumerian the doctrine will comprehend to unite, maybe even before that there will be most of in the country of the sacredness [sacredness country]. Until then we don't have authority as organized responsible public lsor from decisions that our disruption in the proper proceedings.


Shinar where they Builded them a Tower in Babylon and made a shem for them selves, and they say they are gods

; g An adjudication of went according to theoretical discussion that he doesn't have significance yshomit at the time of the discussion in him or even any entity in the reality here is normal thing in the discussions in Gemara. He is one of the advantages hmhshbtim of Jewish reproduction. This thing becomes by the issues " boy sorr and teacher ", " city hnidht " ocio"b. A method of this normal thinking you lomdia to the abstraction. Not here place to expand the discussion in the significance of Jewish resultant intelligentsia from style of discussion [discussion style] like this. Therefore also went this possibly that in this stage she in the frame of abstract discussion whereas within time, with development of professions [professions development] of the microbiology, and in particular, apparently
, the genetic engineering, there will be the thing is realistic. 

; d The source from him was brought that brought a rise points d"a when corpse is discussion with Cleopatra the Egyptian queen of the corpse [corpse queen]. The example in her used hcmino in order to answer her comes to conciliate her mind according to her her beliefs. Not from here vision in their mind of hz"l lcshatsmm.


Article hz"l " watched baorita and produced a world " is childish article. And because possibly that the error of Amora or tna occurs on them name aorita that on his mouth was produced the world?!.


a.haolm we will deforest with the ability to err. perused an introduction a. Therefore occurs on my thing tna and Amora put aorita that on his mouth was produced the world.

In. The assertion also her mine on turn according to the continuation that quoted from the Rambam in the teacher are perplexed part g chapter of hand [hand chapter]. That as you know/but the claimant thanks if yes that he is an intruder to the open door. That as you know/but the wise of Israel acted in the matter from within knowledge and full awareness. 

; g d"a was caught to the word " doctrine " that she is a variegateds. For example we believe that everything hinted and planned in the doctrine. If yes also things of my husband d"a is doctrine, to the majority of the absurdity [absurdity majority]. With all of this in the meaning of the intention, those pamphlets of course they are not a doctrine, but, converted.

Assertion :

Education lhstgrot proves a weakness. The weakness is resultant from it that the truth situated by the hands of the public is free " contrary to expectation. 

Global Enslavement, Noahides to these gods, who are NO GOD


Indeed right the thing that Sumerian public of the doctrine [doctrine public] is situated by the position of weakness. This is not resultant necessarily from it that the truth situated b"ciso " of the public is free " contrary to expectation. (A note of by the way, the nickname " free " shadowy quite that as you know/but smokers of drugs and drunkards not " free " so also subservient people to the greed of ariot and should fear in the inertia from a disease of aids or jaundice that is heavy b ocio"b ). There might be other explanations. In order to explain the things should enter the mask of are painful of relations between " free " to the believe.


You will be forced to bow to their dragon

 There was a place to avoid to write this if the relation is Sumerian doctrine was more restrained. Indeed the educational official line in the institutions of the education [education institutions] tries today to design the rest of moderation and mutual respect. With all of this, today, in hour that to the media outlets of larger power [larger power media outlets] in the design of opinions of trainees of system of the education, turns out that my drug from here mutual respect vice versa, almost every representable information in the communication distorts derogatory and foments ( this I say from personal attempt cshnochti before as twenty year that interview that was recorded in sound Israel " with years from members of " organization exiters of an army of adherents of doctrine " in him told shbts.h.l. There are religious severe problems, was not published. When I clarified with the interviewers why, I was answered " it is not manin"... ). But/auditorium, blit choice, direction that was imposed a fault in the intelligentsia of Sumerian the doctrine there is a constraint to answer within the deployment of the sheet and willfully to answer to the assertion and note not. Weakness like this is the downloadable there was during all years of appearance [appearance years] opposite great opinions that not there was in them a veritable iota. And because the Christianity that is idolatrous and the Islam more the primitive right from the Judaism. Even so dissociated peaceful confidences of Israel from contact with those cultures because he becomes in the conditions of lack of equality and fair chance. shig and shrub between boys of cultures stands always under tsila of the social reality that controls the same time. Big of the philosophers ( like higl in the matters of the Christianity, oaplton bhkdisho rooster to work foreign awilit and more ) expressed at times in the form mgocht by right of the religion of the domineering [domineering religion] from any his shahs inside the environment of her influence. Who that used to/would arise and claims then shhigl or aplton charlatans bamrm those things was was caught ctpshon. Here in the country of leaders [leaders country] of the media outlets, broadcasters of commentators ohogi opinions " sell " select to their role and are interviewed, in the form from crosshairs, mainly understands people of the public is free " and their pronounced friends while being together most of. Most of it wins to the representation that he much passage to relate him the numerical in the population. hogi opinions are religious ( and actually to a degree also hogi opinions are national ) embezzle on miracle mainly when their opinions cost in line with the views h"cprniot " that drive ( for example, without to try to underestimate here from his image, hprop ' yshaiho libobits blessed memory ). Also the courts so. In the hour that the boys of the religious public of counters [counters public] of third from the Jews in the country ( according to ytsogm in the parliament, in spite of because there are Sumerian considerable good deeds that not point idealistic cargos or as those that point to the parties that they are undeclared as religious ) as you know/but in the court the upper sit an upper one judge of moderate restrained yarmulka wearer that actually also he is select by people " searches " on mind to be " rose fig " o"yes man " ( " say they " ), not here intention to determine that he indeed realizes this, although, undoubtedly that he knows why they made him you are a benevolence " this, membership to the upper judge. 

The fear of the secular population from the Judean effect of orthodox jews [orthodox jews effect] on the youth is transparent and he comes to expression in the prohibition of concert of lecturers have this quality in the army are middle and in the universities and no in the ugly struggles to the prevention of ability of lecturers and those rabbis to talk freely in the auditoriums them try to bar before them also within a contravention of contracts ( the interested will be able to receive from the great Amnon Yitzhak rich information ). Thoughtss of religious people moalmim by hand shameless level. For example known and famous plural thoughts of belligerent ts.h.l. In the frame of the connection [connection frame] h"monomntli " " shrub fight ". Who knows that in the frame of the interviews [interviews frame] with the combatants towards arictm as creation mogmrt the binoculars you are belligerent ts.h.l. Were interviewd also people is Sumerian doctrine. They of course announced those different thoughts of Bonn ton " of the secularizations. The result of the innocent public [innocent public result] thinks that this is thing is Israeli " intelligent " oh"rgish"... . We were not less and not more than cultured adulteration ( will be perused thereon in the newspaper " Haaretz " m11 June 02 lmninm that found to the right to advertise this after tens years, when to the detection of the adulteration [adulteration detection] was not already public significant value ).

So it also in the security. Already 50 year was not from world of champion [champion world] guards a doctrine on duty me command, registrees of commands, registrees of navy and air, registrees of departments of operations, apsnaot, or manpower, lieutenant of high command, commands an intelligence service, main the Shabak and the institution ; stands me the police ocio"b. Speaking in the hundred officers " to their generations ", not to mention subjects of role of high command [high command role] and police chief ( speaking in the tens ). The discrimination is transparent. Even man " from sayings of they " religious is not a counter to the role like this. This in spite of because there is a religious youth that enlists to the army. This youth of volunteer [volunteer youth] for all role with pleasure and staff/mans the single the combativeness in the high rate more than it of the secular population notably ( polls that published in the press in the sabbath of evening of head of month comforts a father tshs"a ). He also fills lines of the junior officers' corps [junior officers' corps line] of passage to number him by the population of the soldiers. But the rulers of the army h"hopshim " the mammals of their political power [political power mammal] in the very considerable way from third of the population that is/are not Jewish of the state, prevent from him ( at times, unabashedly, in saying in the full here, that not want religious people by the high degrees to the extreme ) to arrive at the roles of command are decisive by the different methods. From this examination of their relation [relation examination] to hdrozim preferable. The state hnshltt by the hands of " vacations " bets also in the membership of the rabbis [rabbis membership] in the country in the cities and in the army unjustly ( that arranged tune hshn sentence ksg ) therefore there are the claimants that membership of the rabbis and payment of their salaries he, from certain aspect, in the hidden form, in the frame of attempt for payment hush money. The mother great on duty chief rabbi ventures to say while being on duty like this what will venture to say when doesn't great on behalf of the state. There is not a difference between what says great on duty " Rishon Lezion " and what will say as private man?!. The state bets also on my way the educational guidance of the religious young people. State/citizen religious education for example, is actually, far and away, education to guarding of doctrine [doctrine guarding] and good deeds according to perception of sings the education that is usually those who he not in the frame of guards a doctrine. The factors are these together harden a man you grazed. This one great entity zroait. Of course that all of this creates a condition of communication [communication condition] of shrub of argument that are remote from balance, and no alienation to the state and to her institutionss. For example there is an assertion of hard criticism on the young people of the orthodox jews [orthodox jews young people] on truancy from enlistment to the army. As known the army enjoys refuge of censorship [censorship refuge]. To the soldier there are not authority to turn to the outside sources concerning his assertions. He can do this only when the communication and the legal system will support in him, the attempt show shgormim those restrain those turns. Religious many soldiers, quarrel to the extreme, see in the those factors of agents [agents factor] of factors that fight in all detection of Jewish belief. The mother those who he is in the state heard on problems of the comprehensive fitness [comprehensive fitness problem] majority of the kitchens of the army. Who that he knows on the ways of the detour in them adopt command in the army as regards their commitments to give to the soldiers are Sumerian good deeds to pray that not under pressure. Who discusses actually you thousands of the officers that do that their daughter sand and operate the militaristic systems that not to Need within a presentation of demonstrations in the thing of militaristic vital inevitability [militaristic vital inevitability thing] in the not a reasonable criticism. And what in the thing nibol the here of the lechery [lechery here] and pornography today daily in them encounters young in the army?!. The fruits of orders [orders fruits] of the army are relevant religion ( that his formula by the army, shbrasho secular command, and not by means of rabbinate are any ) they in the frame of bread of law for all religious soldier in all an unit of field. The girls in the army indeed protected from sexual survivor?! (Will be perused the reports of agent [agent reports] of admissibility of the soldiers ). Really there is to the religious soldier to who to turn in his problems?! The mother those who he is defensive on it efficiently before deeds of religious compulsion, if maliciously if in lying and if bhitmmot, to desecrate a sabbath and holiday, or her failure by eating of foods [foods eating] of prohibition ocio"b by the assertions of mendacity. How many command are punished thereon?!, How punish them?! Who punishes them?! As you know/but this is exactly vigorous the story of the cat that guards on the cream. The religious situation that worsens in the army of factor [factor army] already to the increase of doubtfulness from side of the extremists shbmhibi the military service is authoritative religious. Who that he did a study what used to/would happen in the contrary situation, we were, what there was a rate that shirk from military service understands the secular public if there were data in the regime of government and soldier my husband most of religious?! Actually how many structural this public were remaining " marks "?! How many from them there were remaining at all in the country?!. The religious public is situated also under pressure economic certain, different parties, from them that touch to the guest his life omhn to the social economic structure in the country, and to the legal the employment and the tax. For example married couple with children, )??huh??( also quarrel, pays for their mutual business of tax [tax business] as if the income she of one of them only, we were tax progrsibi very high. Usually prefers a couple guards good deeds to work together and not to work in the foreign places on behalf of me chastity and compatible treatment in the boys of the family are many. If if you will not be able to work with the father she in all probability will struggle at all to work because the treatment are paltry the family will prevent this from her. In contrast couple that he is not an official couple ( secular custom strips ) divisible his parliament actually between two of the partners that must according to the tax laws in the very low tax. 

Father l10 children that will want to bestow taught of playing to his boys, also if he are ready to work hard for this end. As you know/but surplus of his earningss [earningss surplus] because of addition of his work " will eat " almost completely by means of authorities of the tax h"progrsibim " when the reparation of the social security will be negligible. Therefore, he will not be able to bestow this to his boys. 

If gives birth guards a doctrine usually she does not receive vacation of birth in the remuneration. Because before her birth was busy in the increase paototia the previous. To the service of the public is free " stands actually all the politics and world reproduction and no the world communication. He is smooth from her. Also ncrim are imported here will want in their crowds by the different pretexts in order to amplify power of that argue h"hopshim " in argument " with Sumerian the good deeds and to promise the victory are democratic " in controversy ". Sumerian public of the doctrine [doctrine public] is situated in the situation is called in the times the acceptable " glot mob " slowly hopct glot this to detect between ncrim concerning the natural multiplicity of the public is free " tends to be negative and you that lack fill h"hpshim " bncrim. In the founding of the state [state founding] were the citizens hncrim 11% today they already more from 30%. Percent the pronounced residents ( that considerable part of them future lhtazrh ) arrive at the rate of 40%. h"hpshim " act according to the prophetic known rule " ate and drank because tomorrow is died ". In the conditions like these hard to edit a controversy. 

Known the psychological experiments about ambient social effect even on jurisdiction of the senses [senses jurisdiction] ( in all book of introduction to the psychology ).
Sumerian the doctrine absorbed already properly you therefore her of this cultured trap.

See the Protocols of Tzion, where it was them who destroyed the Holy Unction of the KINGS of the God of Heaven, to replace it with a false Cry of freedom, in which they set into motion every unclean abomination, to eventually correct this false freedom, with their own planted king, Moshiach ben Satan the son of perdition, the snare of the Dragon



All of this together brings of course to the step the more judicious, seclusion. Israel were since then and from world " ... With alone will house and in the backs he will not consider " ( in the desert of chapter [chapter desert] cg verse t ). Seclusion she is a tool of self defence [self defence tool] is excellent. When army ( will be perused an introduction and ' ) is inveighed in the inconvenient conditions, on it to retrench to remain and to collect a force. The situation today identical quite. Indeed seclusion hurt the certain aspects in the abilities of boys of this public. Even so, in all returns, as you know/but boys of this public were on the average, in the clear statistical, more boys of culture. They invested more institutional time and chance in the studies and there were therefore also more intelligent ( students of the middle religious schools and the middle meetings pass in the rate more, high in 5%, examinations of the adulthood [adulthood examination] in spite of the great load of instruction of doctrine are great and despite the origin hsotsio economic the more low ). They less drunk and stoned, less involved in the practical murder of robbery [robbery murder] of thefts and accidents of ways ( sstistikot of obligated ' the insurance ), their families more stability, they nihnim by far spontaneous institutional benevolence and in the frugality. Exiters of their loins more strict that not to neglect them when zkntm and treat them when their return. They also they do not establish families of truth [truth family] that from hearer of heavy encumbrance on the company concerning boys of those frames of subjects with them from mental hard sockets and financial public expenses to the aid. They do not fulfil those fictitious families when the woman receives a nat'l insurance from taxes without end in the hour that actually she is a beast in the familial frame ( phenomenon that surrounds myriads of my robber [robber myriad] of nat'l insurance ). 


by robbing the masses by Tax, they sent thier sons to Yesha's, schools of mystery Babylon of that whore city, jerusalem. These were learned in the mystery Babylon, while the masses were delusioned in ever manner of false freedoms and by that "freedom" they were easily snared unto the laws of the Dragon



Their boys are healthy bnpshm sick and die less clear parties. (Will be perused : Goren j.j.medaile j.h., neufeld n.h., et al : An epidemiologic investigation of hypertension and ischemic heart disease within a defined segment of the adult male population of israel. Israel j. Med.sci., 4:177 1968 ) or also what was published in Ma'Ariv " 27 may 96 about study that was carried out at the Hebrew University and was published in american journal of public health about the rates of the health in the religious kibbutzim opposite secularizations. Resides clear to wonder her more low in all the types of the diseases amongst the friends of the religious kibbutzim, also in the broadcasts of Israel in the net b' on Monday h' in his folly h'tshs"a was published that the life expectancy of inhabitants of the orthodox city [orthodox city inhabitants] Bnei Barak are the most high in the country. To establish what we will say in the doctrine and call by reading heard " for the sake of will increase ymicm... " also according to skinning to the eyes of the sun, therefore bs"a, in the final analysis, overburden a Sumerian public of the doctrine [doctrine public] systems of the sentence, police, jails of health and more, less. In the bank of the blood [blood bank] prefer donated of Sumerian doctrine concerning their blood is sure much more from risks of diseases of blood are deadly aids jaundice bוכנראה more their malefactors bishin. Comparison is this on base socio economic gave always results even more clear. The conclusion that is asked here is contrary. Contrary to expectation the boys of the public are free " fear. The break of parents is Sumerian good deeds shnocho bhtpkrotm of their boys before 80 until 40 year ( at times in their abduction violently and in lying in the full form or partially ) when not yet knew to remain or struggled to remain ( because on that score avoided from them the ability to subsist ), began to alternate, in the aftermath of seclusion of the fortification [fortification seclusion] and the consolidation, b"zakot the break " that go and from culture on boys and girls that return in reply. Their book ( replete the fictions ) of the old people of futilities [futilities old people] of the family of mlr hcoabt he is an example of beast. Her Jewish continuity of the family of mlr, apparently her continuity at all, notba in entirety white h"sorr ". The boys h"sorrim " these they in the final analysis future of the nation [nation future]. From the vacations h"normlim " will not remain in the great the days are male Jewish. If at all they will remain to them progeny every that they. Penalty of the recognition [recognition penalty] began on them according to the doctrine, to our sorrow, was floated actually. If the population is free " there was sure forcibly her not there was hesitant to associate boys of Sumerian public of the good deeds [good deeds public] in all the roles according to part of them in the population and no was needed lanzkkt l"bni pact " ncrim like hmtiwnim before two Thousand year or the assimilators in Russia htsarit ohibsktsia in Ussr the communist. Apparently that the explanation the more deepens he because there is an apprehension from culture of the truth [truth culture] that is the most robust in the annals of the mankind. The mind gives because there are those beets and to the next hostility in its wake similar shades is those that there were us already in the course of millennia [millennia course]. hnomros klaozos 0 in the army and 1 in the courts proves this. Written the hostility and the abashment like " trampled all dos " odomotihn they bs"a familiar aspect of relations between Jews to the gentiles with defined name properly. In the style " participation " like this there is tsidok to the limitation of the interest in the culture " the free ". 

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 2.

Assertion :

Not to live the killing venom.


; a This assertion is wrong knowingly. The concept " venom " pirosho made substance to the moan. In the base of the assertion [assertion base] situated the discount that absolutely only substances that attack bmbnihm the chemical the direct systems of the nerves or the blood and as exits in this they and only they will read in the name " venom ". That is his belief hmaosha of d"a only. Who that learned and year thinks differently. The live the killing busy frequent, coin britn, in the fetish of live other. Therefore remaining bpihn and in their toenails, frequent, remainders of blood and meat hntrpim. Those remainders of their coin [coin remainders] are rotting within time are not great. Who that there was close to beast of prey senses pretty latch hrkbon this. When beast of prey inserts her fingernails in the body hntrp as you know/but created the danger of microbial poisening wiralit. The bacteria are these, ( in particular their raffia increase ) secrete toxins ( venomous substances ) hmmitim you hntrp ( material the venom of the bacteria is these not less dangerous in their those poisonousness of serpentine venom ) that is the reason that because of her beware all the predators approach the breasts between them and try to end the quarrels between them by demonstrations of power [power demonstration]. Alas also to the winner. Of course that poisening is this she also question of amount of the substance [substance amount] that spreads from htprim of the predator. Passage to range certain hopct the poisening lhzkt certainty. cshhtprim the wry that we will inserted bntrp are yanked outside they " mtnkim " by pressed the skin and the meat of hntrp and then remaining almost all the rotten substance in the body hntrp. This is pollution more severe from the pollution that happens when the fetish is inserted and not is yanked. Superfluous from this, because ohtsprnim the wry are yanked from the fetish as you know/but in general they also rip the skin and formation in the area and gourmets to the ambient pollution more severe. This pollution is of course relational. Concerning scratch of cat that industrialized in the severe does not influence in the far reaching severe form will overcome a rise in the forces himself by means of sphericality of the blood [blood sphericality] that are white and his natural immunity. Not so there will be when the cat will mob on pigeon. This thing comes to expression explicit in the went by the went unkosher food bshlhn arranged shoots an opinion in the start, put there is a discrimination in the frame of me trampled according to the involved. Live the fetish is known attack the fetish mainly bpihn ob"idihn " and not brglihn. Therefore there is a difference between treading by hand to treading on foot concerning on foot the infections of rotten meat is not severe and they have chance much larger to the natural cleanliness. From here resultant that the things of the Rambam ( went massacre of the chapter [chapter massacre] went g ) them tries d"a to contradict muscles and exist. The disparagement of connects d"a in my great thing pridlndr in letter maliho " volume d ' page 355 he is a disparagement of flippancy. Beyond that d"a knowledge that name situated right answer to his assertions and even so claimed assertions from error.

In. Will be perused the previous state a in g the that also if every the aforesaid there was wrong quite there was in them to postpone the assertions. 

Assertion :

hrshb"a thing on three spaces that in the heart. So also decreed hshlhn arranged shoots an opinion of sign [sign opinion] from ' and more anatomical assertions.


; a Will be perused the previous state a in g the that quite in them in order to answer to the assertion.

In. Turns out that write d"a by himself saw that the wise of Israel update in the research of the reality [reality research] and treat the understood from it as brought by himself from hand Judea " went tearings. If there was remaining in the frame of guards good deeds could able, of course on the way emeritus, as acceptable between boys of culture, to write a pamphlet of acquisitions [acquisitions pamphlet] on the religious edicts that appear bsho"a. In case like this there is to suppose that used to/would win also to the serious relation. Actually, the acquisitions are not new. Those given acquisitions to find in the things of meditation of rabbis are reverential d ' of our generation. For example article on renewal of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin renewal] that was published in one of my pamphlet " somewhat like " by our great friend Moshe tsorial from Bnei Barak ( connector of several books have a weight ) also he obtains anatomical acquisitions somewhat like those ( available at his place great substance and updates in the subjects of renewal of the sanhedrin and his implicationss ). d"a, in his words, governeds to methodize her the detector bimino America, if not knew from it ; and as you know/but he is a liar, if the leaves is this.

; g Concerning to the heart, as you know/but seemingly it was possible to claim that in the hour that the matter will discuss and was summarized bshlhn arranged shoots an opinion of sign [sign opinion] from ' there was not the anatomical pathologic medicine is developed and therefore the estimations were based ( as acceptable in the world of the medicine and the science in the middle ages ) on literature and not on examination ( actually, also today, only paucity is very small of explore needy people for examination in the laboratory of results of study that were advertised in the professional press. Usually most of them as all of them rely on advertisings in the scientific press without that they are needy people for examination assertory in the laboratory ). The explanation so that in my thing that decree found even so based discussion on three spaces that in the resultant heart apparently from it that the lefty corridor, little more than remainder of the spaces [spaces remainder] that in the heart, and therefore reputed as basin of drain of and venous the lung and not to distribute cardiac ( will be marked that in the crawl there are indeed only 3 spaces ). Turns out therefore that speaking bsmntika different to the worth knowledge. Superfluous from this character hmhitsot between the corridors and the rooms is not identical and therefore the question will be if every from her partition that between room to the rise will be in the frame of from her finished partition to Need shares of hollow the heart. Will be marked because there is in the Jewish literature also cardiac division to the two spaces of similar cargos [similar cargos spaces]. In the division to the two parts as you know/but turns out shhmhitsot between hollow the heart not always reputed to the departments. Very hard to understand differently the things that as you know/but by the adjudication of religious law in the subject dealt people that were brought to their faces actually hearts to the operation and examination of unkosher food is hard to say that they not saw all hollow the heart. Be that as it may also if there is here in the element of religious law [religious law element] is this error, open the way to obtain. To the went every pothole in each one of the spaces that in the brought heart today before every great decree will disqualify the tested beast. Even one great he will not claim that the pothole is in the space that not remember bposkim.

Assertion :

How it are intelligent that assist the holy spirit prosper in their thoughts?!


In order ldik will say that the concept of the holy spirit [holy spirit concept] is not unequivocal. The mother the intention to the type of prediction in her stair that is the most low, or maybe with the aid of horrifies to the deeds. ac"p if d"a mtcwin to the type of prediction of error [error prediction] in his hand.

  the Queen of heaven their false and unholy spirit

The belief shhz"l in their adjudication abetted in the holy spirit is not from main the belief. Actually in the certain aspects of the converse [the converse aspect] he that is right. hz"l did they not receive any proof that got accepted as a result from intervention of upper forces. Below number of sources that encourage this: 

; a In the without a mask of comes mtsiaa antitank : " if went quantitative, from the heavens will prove. ytsata echo and said : What do you at rabbi Eliezer that went his amount in all place! Stand a rabbi Yehusha on his legs and said : Is not in the heavens she. - May ( things to ) " are not in the heavens she "? - Said a rabbi yrmia : That already gave a doctrine from Mount Sinai, there is we did not are their caretakers in the echo, that already wrotes in Mount Sinai in the doctrine of names [names doctrine] c"g " after quarrel burnt ". ashchia rabbi gave laliho, said lia : May abid kodsha brih he is that shata? - Said lia : ka smiled and said victories of my boy, victories of my boy ". 

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and this cannot be forgiven. These deny the Holy Spirit

In. In the without a mask of in consideration for t"z. "Said great Joseph : Fault of thick ktni. And hah Joseph boy of maidenhair [maidenhair boy] of undershirt miplig plig in the thick! told him to Yehusha asked! Said to them : " things to " are not in the heavens she. told him to Shmuel asked! Said to them : These the matzohs, that there is not the prophet are entitled to renew a thing hence ". 

; g Jerusalemite a mask of little time and place of chapter [chapter time and place] g sheet here page d went a " hitco groups and gave a sand between holia lholia rabbi Eliezer purifies and intelligent conceals it tnoro of hcini said a rabbi yrmia big scab becomes on the same day every place that there was aino of rabbi Eliezer mbtt there was is blasted and nevermore but even one wheat of intersection is blasted and intersection is not blasted and there were home pages of the committee are loose told them rabbi Yehusha if friends mtlhmim you what care you and exited an echo and said went as Eliezer my boy said a rabbi Yehusha is not in the heavens she ". 

; d Rambam went basic the doctrine of chapter [chapter doctrine] t went d " ...And also if barren thing speak that learned from times the rumour or that said in the political judgement of doctrine [doctrine judgement] of demon ' her decree him that the judgement so he and went as things of felony as you know/but it is the false prophet and choke, though that did signal, that as you know/but comes to deny the doctrine that said is not in the heavens she, but as of now their listeners him in all. 

Be that as it may because and there is a private surveillance baolmno we suppose that almighty bets bnasha in the world in this form or differently. High reasonability you have to instruct because there is siata dshmia in the practical court and by the adjudication of are intelligent. adrba if erred a court in his deed as you know/but, apparently, from the heavens glglo this error and justly ".

Assertion :

Different rabbis attacked connect my pamphlet " mind of truth [truth mind] " on lack of by country and perverse quotations in the hour that they are not as those. 


; a Right he is that in the hour because there is desire to badmouth as you know/but tongue of glidings [glidings tongue] will not be able to cover on crosshairs of the pamphlets. Therefore tsdko the rabbis. 

In. To the body of matter indeed there are distortions in the pamphlets and them will mark also in the things of the answer to the pamphlets that come a name they are found considerable. The distortion the more heavy ( the considerable already now ) is the disregard from it peaceful intellect of confidences [confidences intellect] Israel pray 3 times on day, every day on his day by the prayer of footing, " the return of our judge cbrashonh... ". Known beautiful that this prayer is not said in order to express the idea that the judges are these, to them we hope, sat on their chairs by the bureau of that are gaseous they will scratch pdhotihm and yawn out loud. The reason hmbiatno to pray this prayer she exactly vigorous all the cracks and the chasms, shnibao since then indolence of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin indolence] before millennias, as a result from the changes in the human general knowledge ( that took place as likely according to the supposed bzhr on a year of t"r. Will be perused the book of sound [sound book] of the turn is great kosher ) that doubled at this time every 4 years, and from the political social new situations omhtarcot appearance. We need the sanhedrin in order that will discuss newly in the judgements of the unkosher food, the determination of a moment the death to Need a transplant of limbs, coalescence of the customs [customs coalescence] of the evidence and liquidation of the disputes by decision, Hebrew exact unitary pronunciation, design cycles dressed Jewish, testing of the compatible time and place to the perception of country Israel until the contravention of. Development of the method [method development] of explanation in the world in entirety to guarding 7 good deeds of my comfortable boy onihog her application, testing of my stone in the beauty to sojourn them of gentiles in the country Israel, up to date calculation of periods this year and more much hard open problems. The pamphlets are these begin committee of end [end committee] every their matter is to search exactly the points that hurt these. At least as such bring those pamphlets of blessing [blessing pamphlet], ( indeed from within desire to tatoo swamp of Israel ). They sharpen more the Need that are urgent in the sanhedrin.


They say in their laws they are gods, thus as gods they must make all final decisions by law, regulating every facet of your life under these seven Noahide Laws of comfortable boy......Noahides

The translation is bad, But the Lord has shown me to read the text very fast eliminating useless words, try it, then when you find anything i have omitted please e mail me

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 3.

Generally speaking were written several connections in the interest of information [information interest] hz"l in the natural science like: 

; a Connection of hprop ' Judea Felix on " chapter of sperms [sperms chapter], connection of country is Israeli aboriginal on nature of the productions with introduction of explanation and fulfillment " was printed inside the book " went country Israel from the archived ".

In. Count of professor ' Judea Levy on information hz"l in the natural science.

; g Assemblies of important many additional articles [important many additional articles assembly] like :, " in the breast " magazine to the matters of doctrine and science by the expense of an university of Bar Ilan. - Files of " doctrine and science " by the expense of an association of people of Sumerian science of doctrine [doctrine science], their fields. And more. Information hz"l there were, like information the Greeks, are not compatible you that are known us today. At times there were subjects shhz"l diko more and at times the Greeks diko more. Be that as it may, there is in my thing hz"l very often interesting innovative knowledge that surprises all the spring in him. For example gestation of snake is in the types of certain long snakes of very range [very range snake] and reclines on several years. Concerning the female guards sperm reminded in the corpse over the years.

Assertion :

The vision of man [man vision] is great bloh head of meeting tlz his relation are intelligent prophetic knowledge. 


Of course that when withdraw things of the context including/total there is a place l"lshalot " on the wise of Israel. Also is not one of the people is these thinks versus Gemara is explicit the determinant that holiday zcria and angelic there were ahroni the prophets.

perused the introductions of paragraphs [paragraphs introduction] a in g. Indeed peaceful confidences of Israel tend to estimate the wise of Israel to their generations as the person shnihono bsiata dshmia. Be that as it may examination of their things became in the basis according to logic of their things [things logic] to the body of things. 

only by Logic, not by the Spirit of God

Assertion :

The rabbit and the hare not raise lives bngod to the supposed in the doctrine in the book and read a chapter hey the verse.


As introduction for all discussion will ask the question if doctrine is given in sinai in the sixtieth position will be comen unreliable vulture to the determination of the fact is this. Who that he is unprepared in principle to receive a source of this information [this information source], as you know/but only concerning them essential to enter the discussion in the subject. The question hnshalt she who they two animals those. From the zoological historical examination is known us properly identity of the hare [hare identity], not so the thing as regards the rabbit. Have life that are preliminary that worthy that is tested in relation so are 3 animals that come the identified today according to the taxonomy as below : Years that belong to the family of harnbim.Hare type harnbon oryctolagus this is rabbit " of the books of the children. Type of the hare [hare type], lepus grows a bar in the country. Rabbit, ( in English procovia syriaca, ( syrian coney, hyrax grows a bar in the country. Will be stated that as regards a three of animals those there are different translations concerning there are dictionaries that translate the terms within guaranteed fields : Dictionary alklai rabbit, hare rabbitארנבת, rabbit hare also in the languages of the nations [the nations languages] of names animals those alternate. Known us apparently the identification of the hare hmkrait. That is apparently according to the sources that compare the known from course of the history [history course] and from seventieth translation of the hare is forgoing. As regards the rabbit of the identification [identification rabbit] of my bible possibly and he is a rabbit of the rocks that is found much in the country. But possibly and the rabbit of my bible [bible rabbit] we were contrary to expectation harnbon. And maybe speaking bba"h other. Possibly as well that this is one of the owners life shnchd completely from the world like animals quarrel that there were and not them more ( like the mammoth, tiger of the sword [sword tiger], elephant nnsi ocio"b ). That is problem a taxonomy of that is laden additional clarification. Unknown us visibility to the identification of the rabbit [rabbit identification] several that machine today " rabbit of the rocks ". There is maybe vision seemingly that the animal of the machine [machine animal] in the name " rabbit of the rocks " he is not the rabbit of my bible. This because the name " rabbit " appears in the bible as appertains to the persons, men. If indeed there was the rabbit hmkrai the same the rabbit that sells us today as you know/but then hard to understand how will give Jewish, that lives in the culture of belief and good deeds, to the in us nickname, name of husband lives an impure coward. Indeed mtsino in the late generations of phenomenon [phenomenon generation] of reading of names of animals impure to Jews, Aryeh DOV wolf but in the all of them speaking in the courageous assertive animals and apparently also in relation has religious national significance ( Aryeh puppy Aryeh Judea = nickname to clone Judea, DOV DOV lurks he me aryan bmstrim = nickname lkb"a, wolf Benjamin wolf ytrp=cinoi to clone Benjamin ). What also that the people hmkraim the subjects put it were have a position and importance are very high in the social religious terrace that in their generation, and then ensnared us what saw to stick in the name like this that appertains to the gutless animal. Be that as it may possibly and crosshairs of the doctrine [doctrine crosshairs] is that the rabbit is harnbon and that is maybe also the reason to writing two have these life together in the one verse in the doctrine in the pentateuch of things yz g " and the hare and the rabbit " that as you know/but the different camel is essential from them is written in the separate verse. The written in the psalms kd yh " rocks of shelter [shelter rock] to the rabbits " lead to the variety of possibilities are very wide, that as you know/but rocks serve a shelter are varied wide of animals. harnbim from on me lives indeed on the way different mmali heamorrhage that are normal. Animals those digest the food of digestion [digestion food] bi the stages of the machine kopropogia. After first heart of the digestion they withdraw the same way of straight anus [straight anus way] into times them in the situation half is digested and in the second stage they chew and digest the same final digestion. Their prevention from doing so hurts their health concerning material linchpin of the food [food linchpin], that font needs him, will not be produced from the food concerning anybody from the stages is these becomes on the way different from viewpoint the processes of the digestion. From this different examination of their custom [custom examination] from it of pig hnizon from excrement just concerning he " hziri"... . Exits if yes that their foods descended to the system of the digestion [digestion system] and were raised again to the throat. The word " her chalk " can that will be cut from implanted " drawing " ( will be perused the book hshrshim lrbno uncle of my flour [flour uncle] of the great that scrutinize ). Reasonable that the word of derivitive [derivitive word] from the word " throat ". A method of this digestion she is the transmission of the food of process [process food] bi my clear involved2 stage in the passage of the food once second by the throat after his increase to him. As such similar the process to it of from on me heamorrhage have the cloven horseshoes and my husband 4 stomaches. A method of digestion bi my stage like this mutual also to live other, like for example the rat. We will show that remainder that live that drive so enter the definitions of the doctrine in the relation lshrtsim. Will be stated that the phenomenon of an increase of lives by the methods of rumination [rumination method] are other, we were less stomaches or exterior bound rumination of their coin in the appeal what to attacks the sign as sign of fitness. That is maybe the reason so that the doctrine marks that in live the impure their prohibition is resultant from it that they are degrees of her chalk [chalk degrees] and not them from Pariss cloven horseshoe. As you know/but seemingly surprises why the doctrine marks the rumination as reason to the disqualification. But, therefore, apparently, because from on me heamorrhage that are classic vomit the food according to them from one of their stomaches and swallow him again to the appropriate stomach to the continuation of the digestion [digestion continuation]. My thing rsh"i the sail that rumination appertains, to vomiting from inside, surroundeds contrary to expectation, according to contact in his words, on interest of rumination [rumination interest] of from on me heamorrhage that are classic we were the wild animals, armies, does, their YaelS ocio"b and on in the they the House, we were sheep and beef, hnaclim. Therefore they don't constitute difficulty on from on me immigration that are other as wants to claim d"a. Also if it was possible to prove shrsh"i not dik in the thing as you know/but then we returned to the introduction a. As regards harnbim we found a source in the scientific literature. Will be perused the book : 7991, k. Schmidt, nilson, animal physiology 5 th edition, cambridge university press. P 149כך also in the book that lives and the flora of a"i, azria smooth seventh oak a ' 90. As regards bah"h the machine " rabbit of the rocks [rocks rabbit] " maybe there is not an adequate information today. We were we didn't find in the scientific literature of source [source literature] that treats the matter in the basic form. Actually unknown us in this stage if in the scientific field that lives acceptable that husband lives it sells as elevates lives or to the or. Exists the simple possibility as regards husband lives it that because and rumination at that live the impure is not absolute, situated he is in the extreme boundary of deplorable rumination as such that he does a rumination as action visually exterior merely. This maybe the reason so that by the mask of holin net. were remembered only hgmlim cmali lives. Possibly and the subject orders a compatible study shnnsa to realize him. We were if husband lives it drives as custom harnbim or to the or. There are signs so that possibly and was hyrax indeed elevate her chalk in the form every that she. This because we obtained an information that points thereon because there is ltsoato different character according to seasons. By the same token in the book " that lives and the flora of a"i ", azria smooth seventh oak a ' 234 situated written that in his mastication there is a rumination. And also will be perused the book " small talk ", real cousin page ' t"i on structure of system [system structure] of the digestion because there is in her a certain similarity to it of from on me heamorrhage. This thing comes also to expression in the book of professor ' Judea Felix, " mirrors that change, that live in the second " a ' 160, also bbtaon the on duty " sound of the doctrine [doctrine sound] " nisn tshn"o is brought evidence support certain in this direction. The thing of the motive [motive thing] to the derision of d"a on island of the rumination of the hare and the rabbit he is not a search of the truth but appointed and Epicureanism merely. That as you know/but as regards the hare, that to the collection there are proofs lzihoia, fails in his estimation with certainty what comes to expression in the differences that between the different editions of kontrsio the helpers in the interest. What remaining by the hands of him it absolutely only things of disparagement by the estimation of the doctrine to the has live that he is unidentified still in the any type of certainty of rabbit [rabbit certainty] " my bible. If we will obtain a scientific additional information as you know/but we will update those who will leave to us in the interest. As a note of by the way will be stated that the excellent animals in the bible and that identifications are unquestionable, as you know/but the doctrine mdikt in the form from puzzlement. For example ( except for the rabbit that there is not an explicit identification ) as you know/but not any husband lives in the world in entirety, also is not in the new world, ( America and Australia ) that certainty that not used to/would sell to the recipients of the doctrine, has those qualities except for have life that belong to the family of hgmlim ( includes hgoanko and his cultured descendants from as you know/but handim that in America that is southern and bride in the to die the Tibetan ). Also returned that remembers in the doctrine is the unique that remembers in the doctrine cmpris horseshoe and doesn't elevates lives. He also the unique like this in the reality. So he is the situation also as regards demonstrated. There are all the reasons seemingly to instruct that only paucity from demonstrated was known to the recipients of the doctrine and afterwards lhz"l. Be that as it may all have life have the dandruff they also have a fin exactly as we will space to the went, we were a piece of fish her there is a babble is known that she is pure and The Fish from him was taken equipped in the fin with certainty. Of course that if will obtain a fish that is confused and doesn't has a fin not as such contradiction according to the doctrine but only private event in him hz"l or

1. We meant to the known animals in the scientific world of then and then also if there is a given exception to depend on hzkt most of big of have the babble.

2. Or will apply on the supposed event in the introduction a.

As regards the concept from on me heamorrhage that in the doctrine will be marked that there is not a rule of necessity [necessity rule] to say that the list of have life that they not as ministers hmalim live appear in the bible are exhaustive world that lives. So also as regards returned hmpris cloven horseshoe. Commentary like this she is inessential, in spite of because there is an interpretive access like this.

For example. We will say in the doctrine for thing of crime [crime thing] on severe ox on that the on complete for loss which will say because he is the one until these importation of thing both which yrshiaon these will pay years lraho ( an affair of sentences ).

There is not this judgement occurs also on camel?! We understand the list that in the verse as examples to the building of model generalize. So there is a solid place to the presumption that the list of that live by the affair of that live the impure builds a model generalizes.

In the addition to the ideas is forgoing as you know/but possibly and the rabbit numbers so since he is seems as elevates lives concerning the doctrine of mint [mint doctrine] from on me lives that they not from on me lives from the similar more committee more the remote from an increase of lives. We were the camel indeed elevates lives but he does not elevate lives absolute concerning he is armed in 3 stomaches only that not cmali heamorrhage that are other the normal therefore also process of his rumination [his rumination process] lacks few.

The hare a degree of her exterior chalk and is not armed rule by the stomaches cmali immigration.

The rabbit is the deplorable that in the list from viewpoint his rumination and actions they in the frame of similarity of rumination.

Assertion :

The great that they removed them rpal hirsh erred.


perused the introductions of paragraphs [paragraphs introduction] a in g. 

Assertion :

bsho"t " remnants of fire " erred logical error. 


; a perused the introduction of paragraphs [paragraphs introduction] a in g. 

In. In our sea there is to the a note of h"shridi fire " weight. Him ytsoir that by means of genetic engineering will succeed to bring never hare " remedied " by the cloven horseshoes. As you know/but then canal as imminent the question if the hare is kosher or to the or.

Mixing the iron with the miry clay, chemara's

Assertion :

Attracted a gestation of animals quarrel that reminded bhz"l he is not compatible you that are known us today.


; a Mutations that coincided in the course of the years [years course] and change on condition life vacillated qualities zoaolgiot in the world that lives. For example mshklo his floor and length his life the average of person of boy [boy person] ymino perverts notably upwards compared with average person from before 100 year ( for example length of lives of average person in our big sea approximately times shtim the weight is big apparently bcshlish and the height in about 15% ).

In. Estimations hz"l in this field were not exact less from the zoological estimations that there were acceptable in the world of the Greek science [greek science world]. Apparently that they diko more.

Assertion :

You have to examine the reality in order to estimate her.


; a Husband d"a himself know ( because quoted this ) that those they are the things of the Rambam ( will be perused Rambam went holy this month yz pitcher and also " teacher are perplexed " in h, and also yg hand ) and in us ( article about drshot hz"l that printed at the start of " eye Yakov " ) and also my great thing yshaiho mtrani answer of grandfather [grandfather answer] and also my thing hrmh"l in the book " wisdoms " and what him because will grumble.

In. In all scientific field there are many based operations on literature and not on examination in the territory. The discount of the operations is these she is that the works that appear in the written there were tested properly and therefore there is no need to their examiner.

; g The discount seemingly in the assertion here is that in the science there is the persecution of the truth to the axiom. But/auditorium there is people of many science that we will encounter the inimical of the scientific community that not wanted to examine facts if not tamo the perception of the acceptable world. Example so she is the persecution of the scientific community with regard to hprop' Emanuel wlikobski ] that there was a man of key in the annals Hebrew University details about him/it and acted were advertised by means of Hebrew University bnisn tsh"s in the magazine of graduates of the university a'32 [ and not there was apparently contrary to expectation Jewish guards good deeds that claimed that the supposed in the doctrine in the interest a departure of Egypt adapt to the findings over every the earth in the different places and no proved this. Given to remind the scientific operations that they became in his time by scientists that acted on behalf of companies of the tobacco [tobacco companies] which found that there is not an actual risk in smoking. So also in the thing of the readiness [readiness thing] to receive exploratory results about genetic differences between high that transpose of human races. The scientific community of cargos [cargos community] of homanistika, democracy, equality, budgets are acceptable social there was unprepared to approve the findings and to give a stage every that she is to the discussion in these racial findings. bs"a the science is not a field tsrop of pure thinking. There are in him conspiracies, financial interests, groups pressed and no philosophical views that not between them and science and nothing. The idea that scientists do not err is disproved. There is between them " that err " on purpose.

; d According to husband d"a therefore that the wise of Israel indeed examined and arrived to the conclusion because there are errors in the calculation time an entrance of and a departure of sabbath. Known properly to the writer is prevalent to the every day the method to worsen by the departure of the sabbath crbno naive, we were in order gear 4 mil after invested ( 72 – 96 minutes ). This method demonstrates an opinion that takes in the account assertions d"a. So that there is not in my thing d"a renewal.

h.iaoin in the introduction a in g the. 

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 4.

Assertion :

lhz"l there was a perception of astronomical world that corpse.


; a Astronomical views of the ancient world were those that stood before the last courts in Israel. The great attacker because there is to the sanhedrin is the reason to the immutability stopped according to the renewals of the astronomy the later. There is not in the taking measures in this way by peaceful confidences of Israel error of direction [direction error] that the doctrine is authoritative to be sounded to the sanhedrin and the sounds him exempt punishes and vice versa.

In. Scientific world view she in the frame of thing passes. Also in our sea there are scientific subjects that became clear as error and there is of course as those that will becomes clear as error in future. Therefore the relinquishment of stopped the last of the sanhedrin in this subject should that will be considered seriously. Discussion like this should that will done by the new sanhedrin is middle quickly.

; g The right he because there are repairs to the hardware that take in the account what developed in the science since then, like a method of quarreled naive by the departure of the sabbath.

; d d"a by himself evacuates lrprnsia from which understood that in this subject were exchange of words between big of Israel that waivered between the attacker of the latest science and attacker of my thing that are aboriginal. If yes what him because will grumble?!

Assertion :

The firmament is not a dome. Thought is this she is an absolute futility.


Vague from what derivitive of the word [word derivitive] " dome ". The mother from implanted " bowing " or that the word " dome " derivitive from the word " kplos " we were " head ". In any case speaking bakima continuous as an example of ball. The head in essence globular quite. Therefore the word of made dome [made dome word] to be interpreted as ball or as segment of ball. The firmament, or the firmaments, according to the modern perception he actually the universe in entirety. We don't have clear knowledge on the structure of the universe in entirety. The mind gives because he has prone form to be globule as the example of all the galaxies otsbiri the stars. Which therefore there is a place with them to the presumption that the firmament he resembling dome ( ball ) in all place in him observer of the person [person observer] to him.

Assertion :

The sun does not pass by the firmament.


By saying d"a is supposed the discount shhz"l thought that the firmament is not the universe in entirety. By the same token is supposed the discount shhz"l presumed that the earth is not a part of the universe. So there is not a vision. The discount supposes the wanted. Therefore the idea according to it the sun passes by ductile thickness is not incorrect. We were, because and the sun passes line of the horizon [horizon line] as you know/but a picture of the dome of the heavens of the detail will include also body of the earth. Or then indeed the sun situated in the ductile thickness. Reference so shhz"l presumed that indeed the sun passes under the country and therefore understood that the dome of the heavens includes the earth are situated by the went " our water " sho"a lifestyle tna.

Fixed Earth


Assertion :

Provisional today and tonight are determined according to turn of the earth [earth turn] around his axis.


Indeed this is the acceptable discount. This discount still is not contradictory an assertion of hz"l. hz"l received the discount that Haaretz rotates around her axis because announced/india as such to the wise of Greece. Passovers sheet of side [side sheet] of page in " said a rabbi : ...onrain dbrihn our desert ". And also mtsino in the things of the Rambam " teacher are perplexed " smooth g chapter y"d. d"a means maybe to claim that not ductile thickness he that disturbs the sunshine. But then will ask the question who said shhz"l is not include the earth in the ductile thickness while being passage to the horizon?! The adhesion of rbno hnnal in the explanation that get accepteds to him according to hz"l she from the judicial jewish examination is justifiable. Whereas and there is not a sanhedrin there are not possibility in this stage to change adjudications were promoted.

the sanhedrin will change the times and the Laws

With all of this, you have to remember that in the tongue that rinses speak according to hntspa actually and not according to the balancing that are theoretical the known. There is not a defect in saying " the sun of phosphate [phosphate sun] " in spite of that what that cold actually, according to the science that drives, is " Haaretz hzdrha ".

Assertion :

The genius of rabbi [rabbi genius] to her him in his adjudication, caused so intellect Israel they in the frame of from hollow sabbath.


d"a not learned the mask of her parents. The reality by which every Israel prosper in the went according to the sanhedrin is treated properly. lcshtkom the sanhedrin if will becomes clear an error will be in her the treatment is known. Error can that there will be and also in the relevant foreign work. In this stage, if indeed there is error then me, apparently, Israel, in case the deplorable, will calculate only as forced the exempt from all.

Assertion :

Only the perusal and the examination of the experiment [experiment examination] and the observation are the way to the real reality.


The sentence is vague and contradicts her sexes obia. As you know/but possibly and the perusal will bring to the contrary conclusion from the observation. All that deals in the science knows this. The work of the person she to build/girls a picture of world that takes in the account the known observations is those that there were, like observations about solar eclipses in the course of the human history [human history course] and sixtieth observations will be comen in the position Mount Sinai ocio"b in order to build/girls a picture of scientific behavioral compatible world.

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 5.

Assertion :

The wise of Israel were their cripples in the astronomical basic information. 


; a d"a did not appertain a rule to the question what there were middle the measurement of the Babylons that brought them to their achievements. As of this date unknown what there were those resources. Those resources are thought also relatively to our sea are exquisite. If there is preference to the astronomy hbblit as you know/but she therefore peculiar. The problem by the determination of aorco the accurate of month is not from extract in the division the time that between one solar eclipse to connect him, but, by the measurement of the time that between the faults. More accurately will say that also a measurement of time and place of the fault [fault time and place] is not a simple thing of rule and main point. Given to discern with ease in the fault, very hard but/auditorium ldik babhon similar situation in the different faults to the point of accuracy that will give afterwards negligible error. Therefore possibly very that the Babylons received a knowledge in the astronomy from the wise of Israel that his business in the calculation is new of this year to the practical vital needs more long before the century 5 that before a count of hncrim ( close to train years previously, it is not a seniority of what as such ). Therefore conclusion of d"a that the intelligence of the quality is relevant calculation of the movement [movement calculation] that is white there was of the Babylons before the Israelis she doesn't have about what will rely. The mind gives by the those circumstances that the converse he that is right. What written in Gemara reflects in the final analysis every the intelligence of returns that are Israeli that before period of the Gemara. Possibly very that the great accuracy of the wise of Israel was obtained contrary to expectation in the prediction. Fact that not us a concept how is measured this specified time not by the Israelis and not by the Babylons. There were not then any known resources for evaluation accurate as those of the time. mtsino Jewish most ancient sources on knowledge in the calculation of the times [times calculation]. btospta best wishes here we found the division of the hour to 13824 moments. Well in her in the hour that we specify the division of the time hbblit according to 1080 parts we were accuracy of three seconds and second third. As you know/but bmkorotino we find an accuracy of second quarter. In this is explained the tradition in the nation Israel that this intelligence of felony [felony intelligence] contrary to expectation from Israel lamim. d"a himself brings concerning so the things of the Rambam by the went holy this month yz pitcher. 

In. From within the things are understood shd"a use lnigoh in the subject that he is an interest between the wise of Israel in the frame of war [war frame] of doctrine. Not in his words renewal but returned on things of the wise of Israel in their disputess with the wise of Israel are other.

; g perused the introductions.

; d d"a ignores the astronomical knowledge of hz"l that according to that seems there was their heritage and not the heritage of the astronomers hncrim. For example hz"l knew that the sun situated in the vagina that prevents wall mlclot the world ( in the beginning great p ' and ' ). Find d"a knowledge like this at the nations?! So also as regards forecasts is relevant the comet hali ( her parents ), and also as regards stars do not brighten, what called today " black holes " ( Passovers b. ). Also bzhr ( and read ) we found information on turn of the earth [earth turn] long before Copernicus and the astronomers of the new time. Also in the doctrine we found information that there were not known to the wise of the nations. Like for example number of the stars. On days of the Babylons and their predecessors, without me the devices of the measurement that are optical, seemed on condition sight are good only about 6000 stars is this in the hour that the doctrine appertains to the formidable numbers to the not arranged, as known us nil of their stops [stops nil] today ( in the beginning to the, cb yz, co d, noticed yg, things a, cb, force of grandfather nhmia t cg, dh"a cz cg, psalms kmz d ). In his persecution to find errors in my thing hz"l, he is situated underestimates unjustly from respect of with Israel and no situated joins a linguist Israel. No wonder he that between people of d"a you have that appear by the demonstrations with Arabs will be dissuaded Israel in their demand to the ownership on our country.

Assertion :

bbrita that brought a stone azra there is important white different month of computerizations [computerizations month] of rabbi gmlial and therefore rabbi gmlial he does not reflect a tradition of antiquity in the nation Israel. 


hbrita this she according to method of Shmuel. This method was not received her to the went concerning she is deficient 73 / 1080 of hour we were according to our equal clock l4.05555 minutes. The spring in the tongue hbrita will be proved with ease that speaking soon on round base of account of hours [hours account] that as you know/but htna indicated length this month by the hours only. Therefore actually also a method of Shmuel is not an error but compatible rough estimate to the certain subjects like every rough estimate in all field. Actually every made estimation to becomes clear as obscene. Accompany what she is his goal.

Assertion :

The division of the hour lttr"p ( 1080 ) parts she doesn't have brother is bad and from here vision shhz"l didn't know astronomy properly, that as you know/but amtso a method of this calculation from hncrim. 


; a Reddish the division of the hour according to acceptable methods between gentiles not in her a vision to the ignorance. And because those who specifies today on the date foreign necessarily he does not know the Hebrew date?!. ְתמהה! 

In. mtsino Jewish ancient sources on knowledge in the calculation of the times [times calculation], accurate calculation more than it of the Babylons. btospta best wishes here we found the division of the hour to 13824 moments. d"a brought this source by himself in this pamphlet. For whatever reason " that force " this when formulated his pretext.

Assertion :

In the things of rabbi gmlial there is error. The formula in my Babylon new year so. According to it there is not a renewal of the white less from twenty nine day and from crossed and two third hour oa"g parts is disrupted formula in Gemara.


It that in Gemara there are disruptions is not a renewal ( perused the introduction g ). d"a governeds again, in case the good, to one mmgli
America in our sea. The Gemara put instead of says explicitly that at times comes in the long and times that come summarily. If that was the minimum was unintelligible every course of the issue [issue course]. That as you know/but name in the issue found that the moon comes also in the less from this duration. Will be concluded returns were wary to quote tongue the Gemara as her creation when there is not a contradictory source. This is rule of iron [iron rule] in all conservation of tradition. It is up to you to pass the tongue as her creation every time that not in your hand tradition verbally tested differently. This in spite of that knew properly the real time. Undoubtedly that as a result of the fluctuations are the big of new white astronomical length were actually evidence of immediacy [immediacy evidence] before rabbi gmlial of short month by far from that quoted. Cease of changes clear " indeed reflects this. We were, the quotation must be exact that as you know/but differently will not remain stone on stone in the written tradition of doctrine that in the according to. On the other hand the religious edict appertains to the average concerning until to the average there is a place to suppose that inappreciable still the depreciation of that is white. That as you know/but religious law she that on us to hold the majority as source to the judgement ( according to the rule of my religious law [religious law rule] most him as in entirety ) in most of the cases of length this month he does not cost on 29.5 days otshts"g parts ( and but he does not descend from him ).

Assertion :

hz"l not understood what between middle nativity is real.


d"a was caught to slander the formal of changes clear " bsho"a sign planned in order to conclude conclusions sail. According to his estimation, husband change clear " decreed hlcotio without to know and to understand spreaded the sources in Gemara. As you know/but in Gemara is said a name specifically that course of the moon [moon course] is unstable.

Assertion :

hcmino received the astronomical knowledge from the Greeks. 


; a What the bad as such. From lines in this leadership of the rule [rule leadership], which he is intelligent that learns from all person. The religious truth is not incommunicado from the knowledge of the rule [rule knowledge] is human. On the one hand grumbles d"a that we do not learn tarry ( will be perused kontrso tax. 6 ) whereas when the thing becomes as you know/but he claims that this proof to the inferiority of hcmino. Worthy that will exit from self coaching of ovary [ovary coaching] in her. 

In. perused the introduction in '. 

; g perused reply to the previous assertions. 

; d As you know/but d"a by himself estimated that the Greeks bought their astronomical intelligence from the Babylons. Their mannas ld"a that the Babylons we didn't buy their intelligence from the pasts?!

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 6.

Assertion :

hcitsd people of doctrine in our sea venture to peruse the books of science [science book] are exterior.


; a The pursuit are intelligent exterior hiwa since then and from world of problem [problem world]. From sharp, the perusal are intelligent exterior is vital to the you understood great issues bhcmt Israel, on the other hand, the pursuit are intelligent those bound, obviously, in the assimilation of concepts of base hshkptim problematic, concerning pronounced that deal in them Lukes by the beliefs of great pointlessnesses [great pointlessnesses belief]. Likewise the extent of the intelligent the exterior will be blew and go. The pursuit in them, so that the deal will arrive at the level professional favor, made to occupy a long time to the point of loss of the stable solid contact [stable solid contact loss] to our doctrine. The wants to peruse the those issues deeply them will peruse the book of rector " meeting yonibrsiti " in United States hprop ' to the mother, " doctrine and science ". The spring in the book will obtain an extensive collection of opinions the wise of Israel here and here. Of course not here the intention to obligate or to negate conclusion of the honorable rector that acted actually in the direction of combination. The irony that sounds in my thing d"a plays exactly on the tense string between two opinions, between this hgorst because you have to deal also in the fullness of the extent [extent fullness] in the science and this hgorst because there is to suppose the pursuit that is intense in the science concerning pursuit by the doctrine of Israel bthrta he has preferences hshkptiot ocio"b. There is not an intention here to decide between the opinions. Be that as it may never avoided the wise of Israel to need to 7 intelligent when was in them need to the solution of problem [problem solution] hlctit. Therefore, the wonder of d"a on hzdkkotm of learners of a doctrine in our sea to the perusal in this scientific literature or differently, in her base, in case the deplorable, here is untruthful pretense, and in best case, immemorial opinions that dwell in the heads of my editor d"a.

Assertion :

The wise of returns concocted the concept " period of great will soar ". Simple vision is this invention merely here is that not mtsanoa in all the Gemara. 


Indeed brings the gestation he in the sense of our intelligence and our wisdom to the eyes of the nations, with all of this he is bound properly in the ancient concept, " secret of the gestation [gestation secret] ", therefore there is not an astonishment that not they raised on the correspondent in Gemara supposed thing to be guarded secretly. Our intelligence and will be given she as such that created a methodical successful board that combines pretty the different movements of the sun of the moon [moon sun] and the earth, the three of bony the basic heavens in the lives of the person on earth, that act in the form is not compatible and unstable, so that they will adapt together to the astronomical mathematical frame lengthwise a long time very. Not a single different nation that succeeded to adapt to herself something like this actually.

Assertion :

There is a great disarray in my thing hz"l and the decree that come in their footstepss concerning the determination of the times to the went.


If pursuit of hz"l there was in the examination and development of astronomical views [astronomical views development] merely as you know/but then there was in the things of the criticism of taste. The problem is that you all the knowledge hastronmi had to translate to the language of the deed, we were twin of the board [board twin] and religious laws so that they tamodna in the test of the astronomy. Obviously, because and speaking in the two disciplines are very different as you know/but every solution will order a criticism. d"a that force from his Talmud much. bs"a very much went are determined not according to the reality but according to the consciousness of the person. So in the judgements of uncleanness othra and so also in the many other judgements. This access becomes clears today ctopst mainly in the research of the particles [particles research] of the element of the substance. Hot blessing according to criteria of round eulogies [round eulogies criteria] ocio"b, lengthwise glotino conversion not in her a taste to the defect. There is to suppose that in time will discuss the issue again.

Assertion :

We celebrate holiday the Passover that not in the allowable time and place to the went.


The great DR. pigeon mrtsbh zts"l that there was a head of meeting [meeting head] " sound of doctrine " omtimtikai bhcshrto the academic business in the subject of the Hebrew board in special deepening. He proved in the orderly article that digression until 44 day still she is not a deviation that hurts the went of ideal " month of the spring [spring month] ". Therefore not still digression that hurts the supposed in the doctrine. yaoin in 16 articles that wrote in this subject ( in us hprop ' on me mrtsbh from the course to the mathematics by the university of Bar Ilan are unquestionable will help lmtanin in the subject by the list of the articles and places of their advertising [advertising places] ) in particular in the book " rose pigeon, an assembly of articles and writings " tshm"t. The fact that we arrive at this time to the period of the twilight of range went holy this month teaches apparently exile dino of second eulogy that standard the board won in the actions to the inspiration of divine presence bhzoto range of long appearance [long appearance range] and last conversion, the supposed to end according to all that seems, in our generations, generations akbta dmshiha

Newspaper of tax [tax newspaper]. 7.


To the matter of the uncleanness [uncleanness matter] shook. Uncleanness is not a found subject in the field of the inquiry [inquiry field] of the natural science. This she is a spiritual negative estimation. Not between uncleanness othra from sharp and impurity and cleanliness on the other hand and nothing. Might be uncleanness in the clean pure conditions and from extract and might be thra on condition dirtied.

Assertion :

The concept " nida " his significance, alienation and humiliation. 


; a Right that the nickname he is a nickname of alienation but he is not an expression of humiliation. He is an accent of similar idea [similar idea accent] to the acceptable idea today in the hospitals with regard to sick of the sick in the adhesive disease, room of insulation. Just as that room of insulation [insulation room] does not come to express a humiliation so also the concept nida. 

In. The word of derivitive [derivitive word] according to that seems from the word NED ( like moves and NED ) and meaning that the woman is itinerant mortgages the steady together with her husband. Will be offered the spring to examine in the dictionaries if there is he that explains the word as humiliation.

; g In the doctrine that here is the preliminary source does not remember the degree " nida " to the woman in the situation like this but " sick " that therefore her " sick ". 

and the bloody whore will be humialiated, jerusalem the Niddah



Assertion :

An alienation of mates love here is bad cutting.


; a Indeed this cutting. The criticism directed to this custom from her understood that this bad cutting contrary to expectation, relies on mhshbotio uprooting of d"a and note not. d"a thinks that consecutive advantageous contact to the love between mates. Visibility are exploratory to this assertion not. This she bs"a, in this stage, a presumption of paunch of d"a. 

In. The doctrine thinks the opposite. We were seasonal alienation between has to the woman brings an usefulness to attach that between them. The interconnection of mates [mates interconnection] depends very in the tension that between them. This tension touches to one from the urges the more basic of the person, urge of the sex [sex urge]. Like every urge, his satisfaction and his availability in the overdose take S his taste. Boy that loves to lick an icecream is awake in her if ykblna without boundary. So all the urges. The thing comes to expression in the article hz"l, little member there is in the person mraibo seven mshbiao hunger ( in the without sukkah predicted : ) this is intelligent simple the known and meaning for all bar of mind [mind bar]. To be appeared her this, that not like to the view of d"a, there is a support in the studies that they became in the matter already for a long time/long ago : 1979 the new sex therapy h.s. Kaolan on sexual apathy in the male in an analysis of human sexual inadqacy n.y. 1970

; g Was brought to our knowledge on example that contradicts an assertion of has d"a. The responsible editor of the pamphlets is these divorced from his wife not before intellect of the family members [the family members intellect] htpkro.

Assertion :

Blood of the menstruation [menstruation blood] is normal blood like blood from the no or from the stomach.


; a Blood of the menstruation [menstruation blood] indeed comes from system of the general blood like every blood from all other sore. But/auditorium of next blood [next blood but/auditorium] from the uterus, in particular at the time of the monthly cycle, connected contact bl will disconnect by the hormonal excretions that coincide in the uterus. He is an escort in the process of drain of remainders [remainders drain] of embroideries of the envelope of that is inner of the uterus and also mucous from glands that in the uterus. In our hands tradition shhz"l in his time, knew to discern between blood hnidot to the other blood even though that came from the same system of blood [blood system] and not in an attempt. bimino loss of the tradition [tradition loss] of methods of the diagnosis.

In. There are all the good reasons are whispered so that blood of the menstruation [menstruation blood] and the uncleanness of the woman bnidta damage the health whereas guarding on my judgement thrt the family are advantageous to the health. Equating of populations of Jewish women [jewish women population] before 80 year at the time that they guarded all of them on thrt the family compared with women are structural other nations prove that the primacy got sick less by the malignant diseases in the clear form. 

.1921 nonsurgical treatment of cancer prof. L. Duncan bulkley the relative infrequency of cancer of the uterus in women of the hebrew race july 1919.

; g Infectious dangers that in the liason at the time of the menstruation are known already for a long time/long ago. Will be perused for example in the book : Diseases of women [women disease], DR. Aryeh sdobski 1949.

; d Guarding thrt the family not became by peaceful confidences of Israel on behalf of me psychology, higina, medicine ocio"b, but because this cutting of king [king cutting] of world.

Assertion :

hz"l believed by the beliefs of futility [futility belief] in the thing of the damages of blood of the menstruation.


The belief is this is not the belief of futility. She appears in the scientific magazines from before not very much time : 1924 journal of pharmacological and experimental therapeutics vol 22, a pharmacological study of menstural toxin. Prof. David j macht.כמובן because there is a place to the checked newly.

Assertion :

The assertion " distraught blood and becomes a milk " is the assertion of futility.


The thing not in the slightest futility. hlglog he is a deed of the futility [futility deed]. According to that seems there is in him also experience to the deceit of mind of the readers of the pamphlet d"a. The source to the milk if he, has an inevitability of things, system of the blood [blood system] that provides material the food that feed process a creation of milk of the woman. Ascertain that part of the fluids that in the blood becomes hld. There is not simple source of my other fluid [other fluid source] that can to feed the process. 

Assertion :

The Rambam not knew lashora the physiology of the menstruation.


; a perused the introduction a '. You understood the Rambam process of the menstruation [menstruation process] does not change religious law that is determined in this subject in the doctrine. 

In. d"a bases in his criticism on names of different concepts [different concepts names] in our sea compared with days of the Rambam ohz"l. Will be perused further.

Assertion :

hz"l erred a stage that determined a woman mzrat firstly gives birth male, man inseminates firstly gives birth female ( nida ch. ) that as you know/but the chromosomes they are the determinants are this.


; a The subject is situated in the disagreement in Gemara by the mask of nida in the storm. Name there is a point of vue that prayer she is this is the advantageous. Disagreement " similar " ntglaa also between people of the science that tried to explore the subject when part of them claimed that time and place of the ovulation [ovulation time and place] determine and there is opposite them that claimed that he doesn't have effect.

In. The determination that the chromosomes they and only they only the determinants baby sex is wrong. A determination of baby suspicious sex to be determined according to factors of background are important additional as below:

· the differences rapidly the movement of cellular the sperm according to their sex ( this different speed ).

· the functional effect of platform of the background [background platform] in him found cellular the sperm on cellular the sperm according to their sex. 

· footings of cellular the sperm according to their sex on condition environment are different. 

· attracted life of cellular the sperm according to their sex. 

· cellular size of the sperm [sperm size] according to the sex. 

· time and place of the ovulation [ovulation time and place] relatively to the time and place of the fertilization.

· amount that around age the sperm and the quality.

· ability of the fertilization [fertilization ability] of cellular sperm from different sex.

There are to suppose because there are more factors. Will be perused: 

How to choose the sex of your baby, landrum b. Shettles m.d., ph.d

And david m.rorvik pp 62 99 1989 

And also DR. toil of bar [bar toil] of dew rozin, the Israeli directory to the pregnancy and birth by the expense of twig of booth Tel Aviv 98 ( to their quorum ) a'32 31 name tsoino those balancings in the simplicity as known reality.

Clarifies the idea that is asked that speaking seemingly in the opinionated charlatan. 

; g I did not find the source to the things, but/auditorium, remembered me that in the study that becomes between pilots of battle became clear that to the pilots of battle ( masculine characters more than others ) there is in the way more clear girls of buildings [buildings girls]. Of course that this subject should that will be examined also according to the balancings is forgoing.

; d There is visibility are circumstantial clear so that actually except for the chromosomes there are more factors that influence on sex hilod.idoa, properly that cellular the sex of the man created by the division of the cells in the time and place that before the fertilization. This division is not a normal division but sexual. We were half is cellular the sex marry the garden x the determinant that the was born from them there will be female and half the garden y the determinant that baby canceled sex from him there will be male contrary to expectation. Therefore also half of the cells [cells half] are these will fathering zcrim and their half are female. And saw it is an astonishment, it is clear that more from half that are baby they zcrim. Speaking in the clear gap of percent over exit poll of millions of them what promises actually clear absolute. For example in the statistical yearbook of tax [tax yearbook]. 40 ( 1989 lmninm ) page 75 board in / 20 in the age 0 were registered 50.8 thousands of zcrim whereas female 48.5 we were there are about 5% zcrim more perforate. So accumulative the statistic by which percent hnplim from male high sex in the clear form more than it of the female. Understood without a doubt because there are more factors that influence on baby sex in contrast to his security hmaosha of d"a.

Assertion :

In my thing hz"l there is arbobia and misunderstanding in the structure of the uterus [uterus structure] and judgements of an uncleanness of nida.


; a perused the introduction a in g. 

In. Will be perused the settlement of the difficulties [difficulties settlement] in this subject in the articles :

"asia " volume sa grandfather DR. Mordechai hlprin on significance of the concept [concept significance] ' uterus ' in the tongue hz"l a ' 105 109. Volume worshipped sd 

Professor ' Judea Levy, his intelligent parable bashh... a ' 169 176 the impression is that from name aobxxo the things of the criticism that lack of d"a.

Assertion :

lhz"l there were beliefs of pointlessnesses [pointlessnesses belief] bmagia and when heres oihso them to the woman nida.


Indeed there is from the wise of Israel that not believed in the magics but most of them presumed because there is in them really. d"a not checked in the experiments if lmagia, magics ocio"b there is an effect every that she is in the world. The things that wrote they in the frame of field of the beliefs [beliefs field] that are acceptable in our sea between people hnhshbim for whatever reason to the literate. You have to surmise that not disappears Magen David Adom the fact that subject of the supernatural forces [supernatural forces subject] not only in the field of the thinking of kdmonino but also in the field of the thinking of majority of the nations since the days of preceded and as of this date this really. parpsicologia is investigated today in the honorable universities concerning great phenomena in this field nhzo without ability to explain them but in the transcendent access. parapsicologia he is a matter that catches a place has a weight. Do is not embarrassed to deal as such also scientists from the first line, like for example groom Nobel Prize to the physics b.d.josephson ( yhoin in the breast of volume [volume breast] 5 a ' 50 ). The exploratory literature in this subject are extensive below partial gleaning: 

-parapsicologia and forces of the soul [soul forces] of book of the spiritualism, h. ; trgdlog 

-Life after the death, Scott rogo 

-Body and soul, ditto 

-Alive as death, DR. handle ring 

-Rehearsal from hmhr, DR. George Ritchie 

Given to find wide gleaning of sources in the subject in the book " tracks to foster her ", Joseph gabbai. 

Will be marked that article on development of psychiatric based method [psychiatric based method development] on incarnation of souls was advertised amongst others in the supplement of country " on the date 23 sumach. 02 lmninm page ' 48. The article is chosen by attracted. The health to the distribution between the factors of the health in the country.

If there was d"a relies on scientific orderly studies that disprove beliefs " pointlessnesses " those there was it's possible to receive the criticism in earnest. In this stage speaking apparently again in the opinionated charlatan. For the time being there are great proofs to the extreme so that not all the forces that act in our world indeed known. The concerts of luminous Geller odomio they only in the frame of edge of iceberg [iceberg edge].

Assertion :

The assertion of cautioned to the disposal of the divine presence [divine presence disposal] instead of shook ( that were quoted by means of the great a. Joseph ) causes to the disposal of respect [respect disposal] d ' from different places and therefore his respect is not full aolm... 


; a d"a not learned to discern between respect d ' to his divine presence. An inspiration of divine presence is from gradation more high of feeling of reality [reality feeling] d ' from that emeritus d '. She is connected learning of the kingdom [kingdom learning] we were the proportion the more lower and more important in the meditation that are acceptable. 

In. In this subject there are different opinions between that decree and there is that they do not presume cloaked ' a. Joseph.

; g The disparagement of d"a resultant from lack of belief [belief lack] in my concept thra and uncleanness only and not from field of the mind.

; d The source to the things in the final analysis is not a book h"zhr " but the things of the doctrine in the pentateuch of things [things pentateuch] to and, " aspect will be in you awake thing and returned mahrih"

Assertion :

Blood of baby girl [baby girl blood] that saw from impure and therefore the uncleanness is unrelated to the cycle.


d"a supposes the wanted on his hand to the need of the criticism [criticism need]. An uncleanness of hnidot unrelated to the periodicity contrary to expectation but to the phenomenon of regulator also when this aperiodic that as you know/but also old or girl the first time from impure in the menstruation. Will be stated that baby girl that sees a blood is event that reflects a hormonal pathologic phenomenon exists.

Assertion :

Woman that overthrows image of crocodile [crocodile image] ocio"b as remember in Gemara as you know/but it is a futilities.


d"a apparently did not visit in the schools to the medicine in order to see pass that were overthrew ( mainly those the pathologic ), from guards bpormlin. The found figures of name [name figures] are passage for all similarity. Will be stated that process of the development [development process] of passes the person passes a series of figures that is similar to this of animals by the degrees of improvement are different. Hard to discern between passes a person to the mammalian other fetus, and even reptilian, in the first stages of the pregnancy. 

Assertion :

The great waznr does not understand the process of the pregnancy [pregnancy process].


perused the introduction a. Also if indeed he does not understand seemingly, then me island you understood him in that regard does not elevate and not lowers as regards went nidot ocio"b. Who that he recognizes a person that understands to their Assyria all the realities that around him?!.

Assertion :

Religious laws are human creation that no possibly and were disrupted in the course are narrow appearance.


Right that
books of religious laws are human creation. But/auditorium, the sources that quoted d"a teach that speaking under discussion to the determination of went in them there are disputes flattery of narrow appearance. Not in his words any vision so that sources of the devotee [devotee sources] h"mshobshot " these not from Mount Sinai. Vice versa, the fact that disruptions of tradition happened ( not once ) and takes place about them discussion reconstructs serious teaches thereon because you have to give a confidence to the process of the tradition [tradition process] concerning he becomes in the responsible form and under public criticism. Considerable part of the Gemara deals in the subject of clarification of authenticity [authenticity clarification] are disrupted. Also if occurs a disruption, in spite of this, clean we the doctrine concerning is not given doctrine is angelic the server but to bode and blood that do optimum the efforts to be adherents to the source. There is not a next almighty in the complaint thereon to his creatures. Vice versa, he gave in our hands fullness of the authority [authority fullness] so and what that becomes by the wise of Israel he he that commits. Will be perused the introduction a in.


they made their law unto themselves for they are a stiffnecked people with no faith in the only REDEEMER, and by their law, they are Judged

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 8.

Introduction Israel are previous in their importance to the importance of the doctrine [doctrine importance] and to the importance of every matter ( in Genesis is great p"a d and also tna Debby to her him part a ' chapter y"d, brightened in kc"a and also ra"a braia mhimna obh"g rn"g a ' braia mhimna obrm"z name aoh"t ttrm"g and also ttrl"d poverty an affair of because will come, and also quarreled miracles are dwelled a charm :, this basic idea is situated also in the literature hmdrshit hkblit and the very pious profusely like also in good day of new year attracted trs"o " mhadmo"r the fifth of dynasty Habad rabbi hello will be burnt nbg"m ) weight of the doctrine, software, formula, and formula of the doctrine [doctrine formula] that in the according to he is a matter of Israel, are the absolute husbands of the doctrine. Almighty receives the doctrine that by the hands of peaceful confidences of Israel cmhibt. They are this that in writing and they are this that in the according to. Thoughtss of the Jewish nation, public that stand before the divine presence in Mount Sinai ( there is not a dead public ), is desire d ' in his world. There are not by the assertions of d"a to expropriate this thing. The assertions in the thing of the authority [authority thing] of doctrine that in the according to decide on attacks of doctrine that in writing they are not assertions. They are essence of doctrine that in writing. To the doctrine that in writing there are not significance, attacks, authenticity and ability from without me doctrine that in the according to hmlwta. There are not possibility to know without me doctrine that in the according to what he is an interpretation of great words in the doctrine like ttpot, what they 4 the sexes and how know what they are the angel that are forbidden in the sabbath.

Assertion :

Doctrine that by heart human creation she.


Insofar as certain the things are right. Right but/auditorium he is that our nation, obviously, received from sinai additional knowledge ( maybe from viewpoint them at times blocked ) that there was also passage to the scientific knowledge of period of giving of the doctrine [doctrine giving]. Can't be that the things that were written then are not to the hook in the explanations. They no received went additional that arrived from Mount Sinai in the according to like for example judgements of their partitions and from their partitions, went tefillin and way of their deed [deed way].

Assertion :

hz"l htaimo the truth htortit to the science that in each generation and generation.


That is quality of all scientific view. When there is an incompatibility between scientific different findings. Bargain hunter of the science [science bargain hunter] of functional theory which will settle between the findings within taking in the account of their weight.

Assertion :

Judgements of unkosher food are not up to date.


Possibly. But what as such. As you know/but what determines with regard to almighty this is an adjudication of the wise of Israel is forgoing.

Assertion :

The medical reality that ascribes to the person mita if intersects his leg over his knees proves that in the beast claimed 

The wise of Israel. 


Administration of the medicines [medicines administration] of every State is remedied in the prohibitive world of marketing of medicines that were discovered as advantageous in the animals before became clear that they are from compatability also to the persons. This from any because there are differences in the natures between people and live. d"a errs as such that he supposes as certainty equating of the medical qualities of in the they are and the persons.

Assertion :

There are changes in the went as regards those who intersect his leg over his knee and also hnold to the eighth that hurl the same in the sabbath.


The change not in the went but in the reality only. We were since then and from world was decreed a position of every thing in the world according to hzkto. In case of fell, on condition the medicine then there was hzkto that he dies. Today hzkto that he lives. Religious law changed with the change firmly that in the reality. Religious law of today there was drives also on days of the Talmud if then there was lnpl hzkt life. d"a disparage in reply that there was to his face her quoted. Apparently that not understood the issue.

Assertion :

Most of the judgements that exit from the Talmud from the presumption of are intelligent they, things of meat and blood.


In principle there is not in the deed of meat [meat deed] and blood of deficit but advantage. In this subject there are two accesses. shtihn fitness. shtihn suck from position Mount Sinai and from the given in him, we were, are doctrine that in writing and they are this that in the according to. shtihn also from this completeness I will sojourn raota and those they: 

*Everything given/possible to be learned by the hands of the intelligent insofar as that the doctrine is required in them ( have the additions), 

*Everything escort in the tradition from sinai ( mind hrmb"n and also to a degree the Rambam ). 

In the two submitted is guarded meticulous relation to sucking of religious law [religious law sucking] from position Mount Sinai, as source to the authority.

Assertion :

y"g proportions of the instruction [instruction proportion] they according to count, we were human invention.


Proportions that the doctrine is learned in them they bring my litigation between the wise of Israel. You have that presumed that should use only in 7 proportions. On part of the proportions are known us in the reality that they commit from the doctrine herself like for example by the affair of the goblet of Joseph and more, from there is learned the proportion " easy and substance " so also as regards hiksh and more. Absence of tradition [tradition absence] on the sources from them learned intelligent for proportion does not prove that the proportions ( even all of them ) were not learned from the doctrine on my way operation are logical. Be that as it may, as you know/but besides this there is in our hands tradition on their receipt in the according to in sinai. But/auditorium also if hz"l determined us this as a result from examination and estimation is holy will say to them.

Assertion :

bi"g proportions there is not a logic.


Why?!. Not sample. If there was an example, strong on d"a that used to/would bring. Logic is matter acsiomti. Will be offered my husband d"a to learn a logics and in particular logics mtimtit in order shitashto from their errors.

Assertion :

Rabbi Yossi boy will soar proved in the easy and substance of contradiction [contradiction substance] in the doctrine.


Is not her sexes and not mktstia. Easy and substance like this built in the defective form. Given to bring much parched grain and contradictory substance of things [things substance] of doctrine. For example and from the Cohens are big do not call impure and when die as you know/but he taints a severe uncleanness, the uncleanness of that dies, easy and substance, called camel in the doctrine is impure, bmitto will be taints an uncleanness of dies. 

Simplify and substance of rabbi Yossi boy will soar will be permitted went previous from the doctrine that know her judgement. Therefore he expires from the start. To the easy and substance there is a value only and absolutely only when he newly thing that there is not known concerning them in the doctrine of something [something doctrine]. His serious relation of rabbi Yossi boy will soar to the assertion, brought apparently, justly, so that rabbi gmlial postponed, apparently in order that will teach newly the entrances that are essential to the pursuit bhiskim valid in the taught the doctrine.

Assertion :

hz"l changed their things to talk a doctrine from sinai by the assertions scanned.


; a d"a supposes that so called not produce the world can to expect all returns in advance and act according. The doctrine, a doctrine of d ', gave to the wise of Israel the force to determine regulations and to construe the doctrine. Investigations of this discount was not a place to his assertion. He simply supposes the wanted. 

In. perused an introduction g '.

Assertion :

hz"l determined religious law according to their presumptions and not in the wind dedicated.


; a Preferable explanation on wind dedicated that as you know/but intelligent preferable from prophet ( comes btra yb. ). Accordingly there is not in the acquisition of d"a but fence of the acquisition of with Haaretz. Every this happened from hour that stopped to learn a doctrine sacredly.

In. Did not prove by means of d"a that religious laws they contrary to expectation from explanation and not in the wind dedicated.

Newspaper of number [number newspaper] 9.

Assertion :

The doctrine not nshtmra in our hands her original scarcity that as you know/but in the sanhedrin ca : We will say " said Mister zotra and island tima Mister aokba originally given doctrine to Israel in writing Hebrew and tongue of the sacredness [sacredness tongue] of rehearsal is given/possible to them on days of azra in writing Assyrian and tongue Aramaic " unknown us rule on you returned her to slander dedicated certainty azra sleep at the time of the deed of the translation. 


; a Translation of the doctrine [doctrine translation] to Aramaic and copying of the doctrine to the Assyrian correspondent was vital inevitability in the same generation concerning this was the language of the crowd. Also in our sea they became and become translations of all the scriptures, including the Talmud to the great languages as vital inevitability to the distribution of the doctrine. Many translated texts completely or also registered in the characters Latinism are Russian ocio"b according to higoin Hebrew. So also then. Given to understand from here that the authentic sources that in our hands in our language are lost?! Should as a result from it translate them again returned to slander the sacredness?! Unintelligible rule what brings d"a to claim so as regards the doctrine then. Spread he has brasho early discounts that the doctrine of loss [loss doctrine] in the course of the incarnations of the languages in the nation Israel. Argument like this reminds the next joke- 

Reuven to Shimon : You know their mannas know we that Abraham consented used to/would drive to go donned bshtrimal?! 

Shimon to Reuven : Their mannas??? 

Reuven to Shimon : As you know/but written " and go Abraham to ber Sheva "!! 

Shimon to Reuven : Then mnin the proof that there was a bandage of hat [hat bandage] shtrimal?? 

Reuven to Shimon : And because will raise on dath that Abraham we consented went without shtrimal?! 

In. If there was the translation is perverse as you know/but there was the thing was notified immediately and because lack there were knowers of two of the languages [languages two] in the big public in the same days?! 

Assertion :

The correspondent was exchanged ohz"l in the bi from their hearts tradition from sinai like as regards period of r ' will soar.


; a Who that not believes in the possibility of doctrine from sinai arrives to the those conclusions, too bad.

In. There is not an interconnection of the exchange [exchange interconnection] of the correspondent lbdit traditions. 

; g On period of great I will soar perused above in reply to the pamphlet 6.

Assertion :

Middle of the verses [verses middle] of the doctrine, her boxes and her characterss is not as excellent in the books what teaches shabd great text.


; a Generally speaking a work of a count of characters, words and verses in the doctrine here is work is very hard. Error in the count is possible matter. Will be perused the introduction a '. Which therefore there is not a vision from the count of my author preceded err in the text. Countability are manual different that they became during returns higiao to the different results.

In. Will be perused the article that tries to solve the mystique her exhibitor d"a in the matter of the count [count matter] of the characters of the words and the verses in the magazine " moria " from Elul tshn"h. And also b"shmatin " 43 tmoz tshl"a main the things : The talked he is in the characters of verses [verses characters] and boxes of exception, double ocio"b and not in the fluent text. We did not examine the assertions to the font by count of hnamr in the those articles. Not we will be surprised if also in the those countability got sick errors mainly because the devotee about characters of exception [exception characters] bgdln they are patchy and there are in our hands different traditions on those countability. Known us that problems in the countability of characters in the doctrine occurred disruptions already on days of the conditions that they themselves knew that they are not proficient in the deficient and superiority as mentioned on hbrita that by the mask of their kiddushes ( their kiddushes l. ) and no rbno naive by the went torah that wrote, support the idea of the uncertainty [uncertainty idea] of entirety of the text bhstmco on cycle oitri ( an edition of brlinr, nirnbrg trp"g, a ' 683. 

The acceptable count in our sea is not the unit, for example by the mask of count a chapter t ' in half of the verses [verses half] is " and squeeze that in the book and read h and. In the different sources of the devotee and read h h he half the doctrine in the verses.

; g Big wonder she why will be imputed d"a to the problem of middle of the doctrine [doctrine middle] in the verses of words and characters. As you know/but there are in our hands traditions that in the doctrine there are sixty will be comen characters : sho"t signed counts a file of answers [answers file] of sign predicted a desert of previous state lhhid"a, system ' signal and ', flag of camp of ashes an affair of and show, light of their eyes oikhl, and beg, and go. Beds hbshm in the desert of speaker [speaker desert] of justice of signal ] d [ my thing count signal ] him [ and more quarrel. And here the count of the characters in the doctrine gives only as half numbers it. That is deviation much more sharp and why name did not asked his questions?! But, clear that if used to/would ask his questions on this hard interest used to/would to claim that half from text of the doctrine [doctrine text] disappears a jail was. oadrba used to/would exit us in the clear that interest of the countability [countability interest] are these are not simple rule and main point. 

Ascertain he that we do not know today to count right characters of the doctrine [doctrine characters]. Possibly and essential to count the characters of the thoroughness [thoroughness characters] that assemble the characters, like for example the signal " h " the built from two characters z, z or according to other opinions and, z. Possibly maybe because you have to count the reserve duty of every signal like for example " in the beginning " = house of thousandth poverty [thousandth poverty house] that yen of iodine of note we were 11 characters. Also as regards words of the question [question words] will be if the name shlomial is two words or one. And so also as regards verses will be asked the question if the taste of pause [pause taste] creates an additional verse like mind is defensive heroes " and when. That as you know/but also in the tastes of the bible there are to suppose that took place disruptions.

yaoin thereon in the newspaper " the informer " mc"z in tebeth tshn"b a ' c"g article of DR. Moshe Katz in the name of book [book name] " and worked the Levy " written by the great yhial Horowitz according to my thing hrm"a mpano in his book " article of the soul ". yaoin also in face Yehusha " their kiddushes to. . Interesting solution to the question is given/possible to find in the article of DR. Moshe Katz in their fields ca ( tshs"a ) a ' 555 560.

Concerning so worthy also to bring his words of professor ' on me mrtsbh from an university of Bar Ilan that published in her weekly sheet :

Written by the center is studious element in Judaism, in the name of grumbling and Paul Schulman, number 334, an affair of eighth, tsh"s

The department to the mathematics and to the computer science

In their kiddushes to, a"a is said:

Accordingly were read first count, that used to/would count all the characters that in the doctrine, that used to/would say: 

oa"o dghon and read hey mb – htsin of characters of torah, 

Required required and read tz, htsinshl boxes, and shaved and read lg of verses.

This article is unintelligible, that as you know/but if will count the characters, the words and the verses, we will receive other results. For example, number of the words that in the doctrine he 79980, situated arrows of the doctrine by the boxes 39990,

Whereas " required required " are the words 40,921 and 40,922 from start of in the beginning.

Quarrel his business in the clarification of this issue [this issue clarification], but unresolvable attests desire. 

The great Reuven Margolites brought ] 1 [ bspro sources of bag that from destitution is great the island of genius, and also many other sources.

Also the great ] 2 [ ahrntroi deals in the problem, and also there is a detailed discussion in the pentateuch of complete doctrine of the great from ' kosher ] 3 [. Name he evacuates to the article of Abraham kormn ] 4 [, that quotes things from times r ' Yitzhak Joseph Zilber, that book all the verses, the words and the characters of the doctrine and found solutions to the problems that arose. Below we will relate only to the problem of the count of the words.

To know r ' Zilber, not " required required " middle of boxes of the doctrine [doctrine box], but they are middle of double words such as : " Abraham Abraham " that reminded in the doctrine. 

He writes because there are 77 double words like these, and " required required " is the team 39 to say 38 double lyrics until " required required ", 38 and double lyrics after " required required ".

r ' Zilber added, because hz"l did not calculate the teams " you you " in the beginning yb a ( and also " put put " ) names to so that indeed were doubled, but they are not from one root, and so exit that my thing hz"l adjust.

Those things appear also in the article of uncle mrtsbh ] 5 [ in the addition of pretty explanations to the importance are computational middle of the doctrine.

In any event, it is clear that number of the double words in the doctrine with the same root not 77 but 89 and here the list of completion [completion list].

1. ; and about a ' great, guarded guarded 

2. Sperm of sperm [sperm sperm], bar ' a ct.

3. Sperm of sperm [sperm sperm], bar ' a ct.

4. Nachal rests, bar ' and t.

5. Seven seven, bar ' z in.

6. Seven seven, bar ' z g.

7. Years of years [years years], bar ' z t.

8. hrmsh hrmsh, bar ' z hand.

9. Years of years [years years], bar ' z to.

10. Very very, bar ' z yt.

11. Spawned spawned, bar ' z ca.

12. ; zi h ' great, guarded guarded 

13. Put put, bar ' hey.

14. trh trh, bar ' hey cz.

15. bart bart, bar ' hand.

16. Stopped stopped, bar ' about yh.

17. Abraham Abraham, bar ' cb hey. 

18. Abraham Abraham, bar ' so yt.

19. The person of the person [person person], bar ' so to.

20. Exited exited, bar ' cz to.

21. Very very, bar ' to magician.

22. Stopped stopped, bar ' heart yz.

23. King of king [king king], bar ' him not.

24. Fetish of fetish [fetish fetish], bar ' lz lg.

25. Day in and day out, bar ' charm.

26. The witness of the witness [witness witness], bar ' magician g.

27. I bereaved that my bride, bar ' magician of hand [hand magician].

28. Fetish of fetish [fetish fetish], bar ' meter of force.

29. Yakov Yakov, bar ' mo in.

30. Braid of braid [braid braid], put ' in yt.

31. Moshe Moshe, put ' g d.

32. So so, put ' z tz yz.

33. hmrm their bitumen, put ' h.

34. Proud proud, put ' to a.

35. Proud proud, put ' to ca.

36. Day in and day out, put ' tz the.

37. In the beef in the beef, put ' tz ca.

38. Few few, put ' cg to.

39. In the beef in the beef, put ' to z.

40. The ' the ', put ' ld and.

41. In the beef in the beef, put ' him g.

42. Man of man [man man], put ' him d.

43. Guilty guilty, and I was ' the yt.

44. In the beef in the beef, and was ' the and.

45. Required required, and I was ' tz.

46. Spawned spawned, and I was ' hey ma.

47. Spawned spawned, and I was ' hey mb.

48. Spawned spawned, and I was ' hey magician.

49. In the thymus in the thymus, and was ' yg humid.

50. Man of man [man man], and was ' to in.

51. Man of man [man man], and was ' yz g.

52. Man of man [man man], and was ' yz h.

53. The lives that live, and I was ' yz.

54. The lives that live, and I was ' yz yg.

55. Man of man [man man], and was ' yh and.

56. The lives that live, and I was ' yt ld.

57. Man of man [man man], and was ' about in.

58. The lives that live, and I was ' about in.

59. Man of man [man man], and was ' about t.

60. Man of man [man man], and was ' cb d.

61. Man of man [man man], and was ' cb yh.

62. Man of man [man man], and was ' pitcher to.

63. Man of man [man man], in the meter ' a d.

64. Man of man [man man], in the meter ' a meter.

65. ntonm their datum, in the meter ' g t.

66. A five of a five of, in the meter ' g mz.

67. Man of man [man man], in the meter ' d yt.

68. Man of man [man man], in the meter ' d checkmate.

69. Man of man [man man], in the meter ' the yb.

70. Artist of artist [artist artist], in the meter ' the cb.

71. Ten ten, in the meter ' z po.

72. ; zt h ' dmb, will be given will be given 

73. Man of man [man man], in the meter ' t.

74. Vegetable of vegetable [vegetable vegetable], in the meter ' yb hand.

75. Very very, in the meter ' hand z.

76. Day in and day out, in the meter ' hand ld.

77. Staff of staff [staff staff], in the meter ' yz yz.

78. The battle of the battle [battle battle], in the meter ' yz force.

79. ashron ashron, in the meter ' force ca.

80. ashron ashron, in the meter ' force ct.

81. ashron ashron, in the meter ' ct.

82. Exited exited, in the meter ' her co.

83. On the way on the way, DOV ' in cz.

84. Few few, DOV ' z cb.

85. Annually, DOV ' hand cb.

86. Justice of justice [justice justice], DOV ' tz about.

87. Degree elevates, DOV ' force of magician [magician force].

88. Staff of staff [staff staff], DOV ' force of magician.

89. I I, DOV ' heart of charm [charm heart].
Impressive this costs because there are 44 double words until " required required ", 44 and double words after " required required ". 

The double boxes " required required " they exactly half of these words [these words half], i.e. number 45.

It's possible to add, direction that number of the double teams he tells paired island – 89, therefore " required required " he really in middle of, and meaning why said hz"l : " required from here and required from here ".

And last practical note. You have to remember, because the goal of the authors in the countability that are different of the characters, the words, the verses and difference was to guard on unity and accuracy of the doctrine [doctrine accuracy] that in writing. They wanted to give methods

Examination are simple for all holders of the torahs in order to examine that indeed do not is forgotten a thing, and there are not additions in the doctrine. This is not practical to request from person to count 80,000 words, and therefore they suggested simple examinations much more, although unsubstantiated with certainty. Also in the interest of quorum [quorum interest] of half of the characters in the doctrine, the signal and of ' belly ' and read hey mb she is not the middle signal of the doctrine, but the middle signal between the special characters, signal zaira, greater signal, signal ktiaa, and there is only 17 like these in all the doctrine.

The couple " required required " the situated in middle of the double words with the same root, hints us because we have to require oldik in all the doctrine in entirety!

] 1 [ the bible and the devotee, an expense of great institution kok, Jerusalem tshc"d.

] 2 [ bspro perusals in my thing hz"l.

] 3 [ volume c"h, page rp"o rp"t.

] 4 [ his article was published bshmatin, tmoz tshl"a, year of grade twelve, page 34, page ' 3 9.

] 5 [ book of the jubilee of a community of a love of doctrine, Haifa tsh"n, page ' 162 762.

In summary will say that more reasonable to receive an estimation of hcmino to their generations because we have disruptions in the count flattery of the great difficulty in their editing without to err and no there are disruptions in the bible in the places in them there is not a change in the significance concerning in the things somewhat like those made people to err with ease. In contrast with that actually crosshairs hmilin and contents of the text [text contents] is hard there will be very to estimate that disruption hshtrsh. This because the text is learned in the diligence and no call plural and therefore past in the inertia under aino opened of the public. Superfluous from this also him ytsoir that took place disruptions in the text of my bible [bible text] )??huh??( also, as a result from it occurred errors understanding the required ( what unacceptable ditto on the mind ), also then, like in all amenable army, cshmgiaa disrupted order from the upper soldier to the subordinate unit, will do every effort to execute the instruction according to optimum the jurisdiction according to her formula is easy and substance of instruction of king of the kings of the kings of almighty. In case ours direction that we believe because you have produces a world which caretaker on his creatures, there is a solid place to presume that almighty wouldn't supposes that his instruction in the position Mount Sinai is given/possible to win/forever will be disrupted to the point in the course of troubles [troubles course] of the years are many that passed.

Assertion :

What determined and pronunciation and printed, Daniel bombrg certainty incorrect that as you know/but later hshtmd. 


; a A work of Daniel bombrg is not disqualified flattery of the future. Just as that prayer in their mannas does not spoil their Hamans if will becomes clear later that one of the worshipers hshtmd and. That as you know/but until then hzkt fitness he had. So he also as regards tobia mobshobits from people of d"a that was made on duty religious great responsibility. From hour shhtpkr, hshtmd etc... ' only then are disqualified actions.

In. We receive the truth from those who said. The reviser Daniel bombrg did according to that seems a work of good expert.

; g The work of the editing is this felony of eye [eye felony] tests of thousands of Jews from all the evidence and not situated in her idealistic defect.

Assertion :

A holiness of formula of the doctrine [doctrine formula] is agreed human she.


What bad as such?! That is agreed human of Israel with holy and from here her holiness. Conclusion of hprop ' comforts Cohen in this subject, in the basis, right. ld"a there is a serious idea how to give to the what that she is a culture of place [place culture] and significance without me people that will carry this culture in their brains oblibotihm?.

Assertion :

The doctrine not nshtmra in our hands her original scarcity that as you know/but in the kings in chapter cb verse h written that situated torah that will be prepared there was unknown.


The verse seemingly indeed hard. Be that as it may should shtshalna several questions:

1 ) how possibly that the cultured tradition of with Israel that used to/would live and exists until that generation disappears completely. Does not sound like this in the annals any with. I.e. every boys of Israel in the generations that until yashiho lost all their cultured knowledge and here the doctrine that resides rescued h"mtsb"...?!

2 ) the verses are these that document the affair they as you know/but seemingly in the sense of mine of hunter [hunter mine] to guarding of confidences to the doctrine and who he hawil shictbm in the old testament is destined through and through to harden the belief?! 

3 ) peculiar why tried hard that asks, husband d"a, to quote the supposed in the kings and not brought the things as his author also in the book of the things [things book] of the days in ' chapter l"d verse to. 

The answer to the questions is simple. Not speaking in the those verses of stage [stage verse] that the critic claim but in the finding the torah that wrote Moshe quarreled. Also today if we were find a book of element [element book], every book of element, because there is to relate him textual high authenticity, the known properly in the public is written by trustworthy man, we had big happiness if we could have been able compare him to the formulas that in our hands in order to try to receive a picture more exact on tongue of the text. Think us every badge and all signal in the book like this. lwai and there was in our hands ancient trustworthy torah like this by which we could have been able to decide in the changes of the formula in the relation to the word of oppression [oppression word] / bruising in the doctrine ocio"b like that already was brought by means of rabbi akiba stockpiled in the newspaper ra"a on sabbath na. (We will remind several happiness was in the smooth detection from crown Aram will be brought " and several sorrow was about what was destroyed in him by means of rioters Arabs ). In the book of the things [things book] of the days is said the thing specifically. In the two of the sources [sources two] of tongue of the text proves this concerning is said a name " the torah " in the hah the knowledge. And in the things of the days is said specifically " book a doctrine of d ' by hand Moshe ". Unwritten name of book [book name] " a doctrine of Moshe ", that then there was it's possible to understand this as torah every that he, as the torahs return us. There you understood the event should read all the verses that deal in the affair and in her addendums and then sit properly my thing hz"l the sayings that the book is situated rolled by the affair of the exhortation what brought to the big seriousness of relation of the king [king relation] and the nation to happen. And will be perused also in the book " righteous fruit " maximal tsdok the Cohen mloblin nbg"m part g paragraph cg. 

Assertion :

What determined and pronunciation and printed, Daniel bombrg certainty incorrect that as you know/but later hshtmd. 


; a A work of Daniel bombrg is not disqualified flattery of the future. Just as that prayer in their mannas does not spoil their Hamans if will becomes clear later that one of the worshipers hshtmd and. That as you know/but until then hzkt fitness he had. So he also as regards tobia mobshobits from people of d"a that was made on duty religious great responsibility. From hour shhtpkr, hshtmd etc... ' only then are disqualified actions.

In. We receive the truth from those who said. The reviser Daniel bombrg did according to that seems a work of good expert.

; g The work of the editing is this felony of eye [eye felony] tests of thousands of Jews from all the evidence and not situated in her idealistic defect.

Assertion :

A holiness of formula of the doctrine [doctrine formula] is agreed human she.


What bad as such?! That is agreed human of Israel with holy and from here her holiness. Conclusion of hprop ' comforts Cohen in this subject, in the basis, right. ld"a there is a serious idea how to give to the what that she is a culture of place [place culture] and significance without me people that will carry this culture in their brains oblibotihm?.

Assertion :

The doctrine not nshtmra in our hands her original scarcity that as you know/but in the kings in chapter cb verse h written that situated torah that will be prepared there was unknown.


The verse seemingly indeed hard. Be that as it may should shtshalna several questions:

1 ) how possibly that the cultured tradition of with Israel that used to/would live and exists until that generation disappears completely. Does not sound like this in the annals any with. I.e. every boys of Israel in the generations that until yashiho lost all their cultured knowledge and here the doctrine that resides rescued h"mtsb"...?!

2 ) the verses are these that document the affair they as you know/but seemingly in the sense of mine of hunter [hunter mine] to guarding of confidences to the doctrine and who he hawil shictbm in the old testament is destined through and through to harden the belief?! 

3 ) peculiar why tried hard that asks, husband d"a, to quote the supposed in the kings and not brought the things as his author also in the book of the things [things book] of the days in ' chapter l"d verse to. 

The answer to the questions is simple. Not speaking in the those verses of stage [stage verse] that the critic claim but in the finding the torah that wrote Moshe quarreled. Also today if we were find a book of element [element book], every book of element, because there is to relate him textual high authenticity, the known properly in the public is written by trustworthy man, we had big happiness if we could have been able compare him to the formulas that in our hands in order to try to receive a picture more exact on tongue of the text. Think us every badge and all signal in the book like this. lwai and there was in our hands ancient trustworthy torah like this by which we could have been able to decide in the changes of the formula in the relation to the word of oppression [oppression word] / bruising in the doctrine ocio"b like that already was brought by means of rabbi akiba stockpiled in the newspaper ra"a on sabbath na. (We will remind several happiness was in the smooth detection from crown Aram will be brought " and several sorrow was about what was destroyed in him by means of rioters Arabs ). In the book of the things [things book] of the days is said the thing specifically. In the two of the sources [sources two] of tongue of the text proves this concerning is said a name " the torah " in the hah the knowledge. And in the things of the days is said specifically " book a doctrine of d ' by hand Moshe ". Unwritten name of book [book name] " a doctrine of Moshe ", that then there was it's possible to understand this as torah every that he, as the torahs return us. There you understood the event should read all the verses that deal in the affair and in her addendums and then sit properly my thing hz"l the sayings that the book is situated rolled by the affair of the exhortation what brought to the big seriousness of relation of the king [king relation] and the nation to happen. And will be perused also in the book " righteous fruit " maximal tsdok the Cohen mloblin nbg"m part g paragraph cg. 

Newspaper cslo tsh"s ( color tclt ) in the matter of leapings [leapings matter] of characters

Assertion :

In the bible there are great deficient words and superiority in their characterss and therefore not to conclude any conclusion from leapings of characters. Therefore not any significance lhidoshim the resultant from the inquiry of the doctrine in the based form on leapings of characters.


; a Indeed we have traditions on disruptions in the tongue of text [text tongue] of the doctrine. As also hbiam rabbi akiba stockpiled in the newspaper ra"a on sabbath the. And more torah elders in Israel. We are from yeast also the disruptions. The question she what he is the thing the more important, the doctrine or Israel and who from them his holiness nalit more. The answer so she is that a holiness of Israel nalit from that of the holiness of the doctrine. So she is the conclusion of the talmud study ( tna Debby to her him ) and a conclusion of that are acceptable ( will be perused lengthily in the matter in the book " good day of new year trs"o " } the machine, attracted trs"o will be burnt mliobawitsh a ' rct article sh"p in the desert rso ) the reality she is crystallized by the hands of with Israel text of bibles [bibles text] of my doctrine quite is defined. bs"a most of majority of with Israel receives a text in him there are apparently two easy changes between the evidence. Those changes do not influence usually on editing of study [study editing] of leapings. The fact that by the hands of with Israel crystallized this text contrary to expectation she in their mind Judean believe my boy believe significant. There is we did not believe on the chance. Everything under surveillance. Situated almighty in all electron. From it resultant that to the study like this made to be significance.

In. There is Place to the presumption that the concept of superfluousness [superfluousness concept] and lack appertains is not to the deficit of characters or to the characters of superiority, but, to the deficient and superiority in the proud person. Accordingly lack of our expertise in this subject his intention contrary to expectation to the question what they exactly the characters that deviate in their size in the text of my doctrine [doctrine text]. Deviation is this does not disturb the study by the method of the leapings.

; g Idea of the inquiry [inquiry idea] of the doctrine by the method of the leapings is ancient idea that there was by the hands of the wise of Israel. The pursuit in him now not in him an idealistic renewal. Will be perused for example in the gate of the attachment [attachment gate] in the book " orchard of pomegranates " from the great the acceptable Moshe kordobro zia"a.

ac"p the reality is that the method yields ideas amaze.

Assertion :

Many experts in the field hmtimti and the probabilistic arrived to the conclusion that not any statistical significance to the study on the way of leapings in the characters of the doctrine [doctrine characters].


; a The scientific customary discipline today here is has a position of opening of taking [taking opening] in the account of attendance of upper force. From this examination were in the annals of the science [science annals] of changes. ac"p exceptionally, apparently flattery of the statistical assertions of heaviness [heaviness assertion] of the weight and the people that support in them, from them experts in the mathematics and probability of the subjects of academic important degrees ( like professor ' Robert harlik from an university of Seattle, Washington, DR. Moshe Katz from the Technion, professor ' to her him shook from the university the Hebrew the institute to the mathematics, harold gants the former explore senior by the unit of the hiding of the pentagon and more important experts, from them there is as those that decided in their soul to do an answer as a result from probabilistic operation of the results that got accepted ). was advertised in the magazine statistiscal science sumach. 94 lmninm volume 9 tax. 3 article of the exhibitor [exhibitor article] the high probabilities are transcendent of the doctrine. For example her differences that are first ( age 13 verses only ) by opening of pentateuch [pentateuch opening] " and read " the machine also in the name " a doctrine of Cohens ", appear stannic the name " Aron " ( that there was of course AVI all the Cohens ) cptih to 25 times are stannic ahead or backwards. The probability so here is 2 millionths. That is probability provide for all subject hnbdk in the scientific form. Examination like this became on other texts samples the torah the Samaritan, in the all them got accepted mimtsaim normal according to htspi the probabilistic, we were around 8 cases. In response publicized her a group of statisticians by the year of 99 lmninm reaction that claims to the negation of the statistical assertions from all and all. The assertions of the critics appertained mainly so that the found findings were not examined on supposition open random but, they, to their assertion, in the sense of draft of the goal [goal draft] after the injury of the arrow. In order to stand in my stone discerned the scientific the required also according to mind of the group [group mind] that visits is done a based study on text that not select by the group of hmtimtikaim the believers, but he is an ancient text that is tested today in retrospect. 

The findings that got accepted there were my husband clear decisive ( 1 / 600 ). The thing was published also on the internet. Given to find the discussions concerning so in the sites http : / / / and also http : / / /. There is also important article of Harold gants ...The primer. To this study, that becomes under constraints worsen of mathematical acceptable disciplines in the world of the science [science world], do not reside up to here any criticism that disprove the results. We will show that the results are persuasive in the overwhelming form. Will be perused also in the book of oitstom " additional dimension " and also in the important article and train that published b"bdd " tax. 7 tshn"h a ' 49 76, Doron oitstom – on the clue hurriedly the worth. Worthy to load up in the knowledge mtimti probabilistic / statistical there you understood the article.

Superfluous from this, by the those circumstances, there is an additional vision, at least seemingly, that the doctrine as she in our hands, in spite of everything, creation alokit one she.

Will be marked as a note of by the way that not those who bases his belief on leapings of characters. But/auditorium there and there is Place to wonder on the results that amaze. In the matters of belief, so turn Out, to the admission really there are implications of that thank really on hnhgotio the personality. It is hard. So and only so given/possible to explain palm of people of d"a. Will be perused the book of luminous brightened, " not we/they gave chance ". There is to suppose that if there was today revelation like the revelation in Mount Sinai were people of d"a photograph nonchalantly the event without that the thing will penetrate never their emotion. As you know/but saw that immediatly after Chinese position failed thousandth from the nation in the veal of the gold [gold veal]. Turns out that application of belief [belief application] is not a thing hnkna only by the proofs )??huh??( also very good. Person has in spite of everything free choice.

In. How much the method owner of/having attacks from given interest to test by search of name of manager [manager name] of the on duty studies of d"a – shot them scholar, by the method of the leapings. The search becomes by means of a software of leapings that is situated in the use of hprop ' to her him shook from Hebrew University. Well, turns out that his name appears stannic of 32096 characters from Genesis chapter of checkmate [checkmate chapter] of verse ca come that in the word " eye ". The last signal of his name appears by the affair of hazino hdna in the posterity of the days [days posterity] in the chapter of heart of the verse " hld ' will reciprocate this with harp and not intelligent hloa he will embarrass knh he ashh oicnnh ". Come non that in the word of your nest [nest word]. The commentary that are asked she that in spite of that the man enters fence of harp as is defined in the bible ( said a harp in his heart not alkim... - Psalms of hand [hand psalms] a ) be that as it may still apparently he bought of produces a world maybe from force what learned and year and dedicated time so btsairoto. From this examination there is Place to see in him man samples alisha boy alas her that but he year and left and nevertheless tend we to believe according to the supposed by the mask of " celebration " that won even so, after torments of absolution, in the hereafter. So also search of the website " site of vacation [vacation site] ", our watchmaker nigoha of a doctrine of Israel, in the reversal, hurriedly of 15700 began in the pentateuch in the desert of chapter d verse PAZ Beit Shan " that in the word " sheep " finishes in the book of things of chapter ct verse yh " because in the strong my heart will go for the sake of couches hroa the her thirst " come a that in the word " you ". Maybe the things they will awaken a thought at that deal by the distribution of things of the her harp.

Assertion :

Rabbis lie.


Apparently there is not the thing is known, impassable lie from the doctrine.
Nowhere in the doctrine was not forbidden to lie ( except for in the court at the time of giving of evidence [evidence giving] or lie that is dishonesty has significance from taxi ), although reputed lie is indecent cmoba in the book " gates of answer " lrbino pigeon mgirondi the counter bspro staircase of the liars. There is )??huh??( also Person is one that not lied in the course his life?! Ascertain as sun because there are cases in them allowable and good deed to lie. For example Reuven hides under his bed inside his house and Shimon mhpsho in knife that luffa. The mother allowable to lie and to say to Shimon that Reuven traveled. Ascertain that it that is worthy to be done although possibly and the saying will be caught by Shimon as liar. On the way similar will ask the question if allowable to lie to the girl her Yehuds is remaining alive from comparison in the monastery on our arrival to convince her to leave the monastery. And so forth given/possible to ask on construction that was born her later. And also given/possible to ask this on those who was kidnapped bmabrot from parents exiters of Yemen and secular size in contrast to the desire his parents the natural, if allowable to lead astray him in order that will credit to the suitable opportunity to recognize his Jewish culture. And also given/possible to ask for detail and detail in the nation Israel that is seized by the conceptions of gentiles will be dissuaded Israel as a result of compulsion that forbid or restrictive the ability to consolidate cultured independent tools in the exile. Meaning that not to believe whom that tries to find splits by the doctrine of Israel on his arrival to accuse great in the lies. Concerning the attempt prevents in the cultured foreign motives. On behalf of it is not to believe the any factor that serves actually as cultured agent of culture of her opponent [opponent culture] to the culture of the great. This according to the supposed in the went (Exile)  that not to believe and receive a slander on who because he has hate. Be that as it may the discretion to lie in order to return in reply or to prevent despicableness ( licentiousness ) should be considered according to disgrace of the lie according to the tactical usefulness and the strategic loss. The reality is that this balancing of compere [compere balancing] actually every serious culture. Not so the thing when you have to appertain to the assertions to the font. It is clear, because there is here in the country of culture [culture country] of people of sins that supported the abduction of children physically ( according to that seems speaking in the thousandth ), and in the abduction to the institutions of education in the threats hard, when was the thing by hand her. This for the sake of cultured goals " shoes ", by fraud in lying and no violently and in the threats in the weapon to the point of practical murder actually ( great murder of baskets [baskets murder] of boy of baskets Yakov g'irapi ztsok"l bmabrot – will be perused in family " d' maple b' h'tshn"z 13 March 97 lmninm ). This, within a contravention of confidences, when were data to the benevolences of built her culture, bmabrot and on my way the rise will want ( like boys of Tehran ). Boys of this culture, according to all that seem, winners as of this date this lmtrit defensive of hbrihm the dominators in the police in the communication in Shabak and in the institutions of the legislation [legislation institutions] and the sentence. Colored these exited mgidrm in order to detect one boy that his grandfather received from his parents to the shift willingly them and the communicated to him mental when didn't want to return it ( an affair of yosla ) by an activation of every arms of the security [security arm] over every the earth. The incitement was then so sharp that Person has sight of guards good deeds underestimated his departure to the street from his apprehension before the bullies of the secularizations.

To the body of unknown matter to the which a software of searches appertains a husband d"a on his arrival to accuse great it or other in the lies because there are several those worthy softwares used to/would that will specify his sourcess hmlaim..

ok to lie as long as it benefits the shemborg Collective

Assertion :

In the book of war [war book] and hello situated leapings interest on name d '.


The book of war [war book] and hello like every thing in the situated universe in hand from crosshairs of the line in all and from the astonishments if will obtain also in him the explicit name. Of course that the thing should that will test according to my balancing are clear statistical. If there is in the aberration is this clear big as you know/but it could be reason apropos big. Simple explanation she that not here any clear statistical concerning name d ' built from characters have incidence is very high and therefore probability is very high. By the same token built the word from 4 characters only what elevates very the chance to find tsrop like this.

Assertion :

The name ysh"o appears stannic in the doctrine also he.


; a Because and the doctrine here is correspondent of the planning [planning correspondent] of the world as you know/but what is the astonishment if will appear a name of him wicked. And because wicked is not a part manini the world?! But/auditorium again needs the interest lhidon according to my balancing are clear statistical. Will be stated that because and the word " Jesus " here is age 3 characters only as you know/but the statistical probability to the finding this name is very high, what also because there is in this name two characters of movement [movement characters] have high incidence, we were the characters and. By the those circumstances finding name like this is not in her any deviation and is not clear statistical rule. By the same token essential to test if not to examine this as regards his Jewish original name of ysh"o.

Assertion :

Also in the book " war and hello " there is a clue, " Rabin dies a prize lives ".


Does not is examined the fact. I order who because he has the computerized text of the book to invent him us for examination assertory. ac"p if the thing deviates from reasonable probability as you know/but possibly and indeed also in this book there are real clues. That as you know/but situated almighty in all thing and Place.

Assertion :

Better to Person to leave to require in the blocked matters in them there is not he is expert and there is not he understands.


Right! Wadi lhcima in the hint!

Newspaper from his follies tsh"s ( in the yellow color ) on the things of the rabbi mlobawitsh nbg"m.

Assertion :

Belief is interest that depends in the soul and therefore possibly that Person will be also does not believe.


; a There is Place is solid to the presumption shbtocci his soul, of every Person there is a belief in the maker of the caretaker [caretaker maker] on it. Questionnaires that were served for example in this subject for all friends of input of his age because there is solitary that deviate from this rule ( to their assertion ). Especially right the thing as regards soul of Jewish because there is in her a belief of cloth [cloth belief] ' also if he claims differently. Not only this, but, Jewish in the root of his soul [soul root] wants to do desire d '. And this according to mind is big the acceptable the last, har"i. To know har"i he so called from a software of so. Also the Rambam and also har"i think that Jewish that really and in the innocent he does not believe, as you know/but apparently he is not from sperm Israel. That is also mind of religious law [religious law mind] in the went the famous by the went divorce and actually in all religious laws that as you know/but " copin him until that will say ran an I ". If this discount was wrong there were in the dews all religious laws that in Shas bmsctot dlhln : New year and page a, ybmot line of page [page line] a, kidoshin sheet were a page a, comes btra sheet specialized a page a, arcin sheet ca page a. From within attempt by the wars Israel up to here, as you know/but was floated to the eye every how materialization of the danger [danger materialization] of the death discovered by the lavas all the soldiers ( except for solitary that apparently gentiles were ) their belief openly ( in other ways ). 

In. There is not in the pamphlet of the criticism [criticism pamphlet] any proof to the negation of the belief of cloth '. In contrast with that there is visibility from different fields, the situated in the things of the Judean meditation and no ncrim, not only to the reality of d ' but also to his continuous surveillance.

Assertion :

Also Secularizations have a conscience.


Given to approach the subject on base of philosophical operation. Thereon were poured rivers of ink. Example to the discussion like this situated in English in the file " in the breast " that by the expense of an university of Bar Ilan volume 1 pages 47 58. There is no need to specify here what she is the conclusion of the writer like that there is no point to specify what there will be a conclusion of write that will write on bring it is in the stage that belongs to the university of Tel Aviv. Different access could be access of measurement. This she submitted the acceptable in the sciences. We were statistical examination of people Secularizations opposite religious by the hours of test [test hour] of morality. Measurable as those they became already not once. got accepted results is very clear. Will be marked that in the city Bnei Barak, populous city, has an orthodox quality, as you know/but in spite of the average hsotsio economic the feeble there is not a police station. Spread not in her a need. Except for neighborhood of orchard Katz that she is a secular neighborhood in the side of Bnei Barak, in her there is a police station. Also in the commerce in the diamonds there is a very high rate of peaceful confidences of Israel. This thing wouldn't could be spiral the attempt of all that deal in the branch that those straight dependable people. As you know/but us answer to the question. 

Assertion :

To Person is secular there is a conscience that as you know/but he professes in the equality of democracy [democracy equality] etc... ' in contrast according to the rabbi that ignores it.


; a The concept of conscience [conscience concept] does not touch to the concepts of life about equality ocio"b. He touches why that coincides instead of the north from eyes of meat and blood. We were in the soul of has the conscience. In the bible appertains the concept lirat and the love of the maker and to adjust her her the north in the heart the Person. Also if there is he that wants to change significance of the concept [concept significance] of my bible he will not be able to escape from the simple significance that the speaking he bmotspn and not in the thing in him profess concerning dgila she is a public overt matter and not conscience. Which therefore the fact that Person professes in the democracy of equality [equality democracy] etc... ' there is not between it and conscience of something. Coulds Person profess in the evaluational equality and democracy openly, obstr to be murders obnoxious. adrba to his crimes and you hid there will be bdgila this usefulness. 

In. The values of
religion of the democracy [democracy religion] of the equality etc... ' seem wonderful only to those who believe btsdktm. Much/many religions were in the annals of the mankind [mankind annals] that there were a heritage of publics is very big. It is not the poors the Jewish culture in particular. Religion of the equality [equality religion] and the democracy is unacceptable in the nation Israel is Doric generations. This idea occurs in our culture only and absolutely only on people that receive on them basic certain values ( will be perused an arranged table hshn sentence of sign [sign sentence] ksg in my thing hrm"a ). In our opinion Person that he does not receive evaluational those element appears to be by the certain dangerous circumstances much more a sustenance of fetish ( as is said in the book ailima greater mhrm"k ). Sample historical not thsrna ( only bdorotim the last : Hitler ] that rose to the authority on the way democratic [ and Stalin ym"sh, that acted as atheists contrary to expectation and poured bloods of tens millions of people ). 

Also in this day and age, as you know/but democratic great states support actually on my way sanctimonious pretense ocio"b, in the practical the murder that are obnoxious of the Arabs in the innocent children, women are embryonic guest in the attacks that extend.

Either the Arabs accept their Noahide demonicrazy or they are to be slain


Assertion :

Religion Israel not shwionit and democratic.


According to the ideas of equality and democracy was place to examine repeatedly on base of poll of every the people or at least those splendors in the middle East about you were right existence of a State of Israel. As you know/but poll on base of sovereignty does not reflect an equality but you " his strength " of the lord. And what he is the
interconnection of force [force interconnection] to the justice?! Our relation to the based gentiles indeed on conscience but also on reciprocity. We suppose that usually gentiles do not appertain to us according to ideals of decency. This discount of proof [proof discount] not counted times. The votings in UN prove this also today ( at times 3:150 ). Also the agreements with arab states of last at the time [last at the time arab states], reflect all of them little lie to relate real hsotrm.

Assertion :

The relation to the gentile is relation as to person from type in '.


Inaccurate. The relation to gentile not as to person of type [type person] in ', but, more severe, as to human from other sex ( rmh"l and all the acceptable that their philosophical method she is this that sheep actually the hegemony in Judaism ). The thing is not resultant biological genetic parties or racial that as you know/but him pronounced after received on it live a resident ( we were 7 good deeds of my comfortable boy [comfortable boy good deeds] in the court duly ) varied his position absolutely. 

Sheepboy goyim must abide by the shems seven Noahide laws for they are not of the genetic superiority of the gods


And if received on it tri"g good deeds of sleep [sleep good deeds] again his position absolutely and became to Israel. World view that sees in the persons of productions [productions person] have a value according to their views oshiocm the social to the good and bad preferable to the not arranged on this hmtalmt from this aspect and appertain to the material genetic equality only. Example is good so here is the difference between dog to the wolf. From the genetic examination of the dogs [dogs examination] are species of wolves, they also bars of hybridization. Even so, in spite of the identity in the racial genetic origin ohbiaologi they are thought to the different sexes, concerning, by and large, the dog are reputed usually to the advantageous and the wolf are dangerous and damage. 

In the obscene analogy and will be mimicked ( concerning soul of Jewish is caught as connected actually lalokim life ), disruptions Israel to d ' as dogs to the people whereas pronounced disruptions to d ' as wolves to people. A little instruction of my thing days of the relations between Jews to the gentiles will teach how much this right analogy.

Assertion :

Why not to answer a loss to the gentile?


Loss is financing that exited corroborative that loses. By the doctrine of Israel there is a special demand that touches to the brotherhood that between Jews to do formerly from the line of the judgement and to return a loss, in spite of that from main point of explanation [explanation main point], the loss exited corroborative that loses. Be that as it may there is authority and in the certain aspects also good deed ( are not an affirmation ), saintly cargos d ' to return a loss to the gentile. Therefore if there is or there will be a group every that she of gentiles that will adopt to herself actually reciprocal dependable leadership of a recovery of loss to Jews as you know/but then there is to suppose extrusion of affirmation [affirmation extrusion] to return to this group as well her losses. Superfluous from that group is this mshtwtsr, as you know/but almost unquestionable the thing, intellect bi"d there will be ready to receive on khlo attempt of behavior [behavior attempt] like this, when Israel will be hnbhnim the first so.

Rob the Goyim of their money

Assertion :

Why escorts to the gentile in the interest and to Israel not.


Loan without interest is Jewish she is an action of brotherhood that formerly from the line of the judgement. From main point of explanation [explanation main point] is worthy that moneyed will receive fruits for his invested fortune. There is to suppose that mental sacrifice that between gentiles of next of kin [next of kin gentile], little from that that between Jews that they are not a family members are natural. Indeed in the certain cases, gentiles, brtsotm to detect magnanimous, they do not drive to take interest by the loans are structural their families are next. It of course will be caught at their place as deed that formerly from the line of the judgement even with regard to krobihm. Because and the spiritual dimension at Jews is preferable on the material dimension, biaologi, as you know/but our spiritual brotherhood is important not less and no more from the familial acceptable brotherhood in the just people ( written here : ).
We don't have brotherhood with gentiles, is not material certainty is not spiritual and therefore not also reason lhlwtm without interest. 

How they have robbed mankind for they are contrary unto all mankind

Assertion :

Inspection of soul [soul inspection] of gentile does not postpone a sabbath.


Our culture appertains to sit/shabbat as value has significance is very high. Her guarding discovers that guards situated by the group of the people that receive the idea that almighty produced the world and caretaker on it. Without this idea there are not Judaism. Desecrater of sabbath [sabbath desecrater] bprhsia, with its being reputed to moderate her valuable to Messiah tsdkno in the posterity of the days ( yshaiho so about, and more ), as you know/but he is reputed to the apostate / is converted every time that not returned in reply ( will be perused an introduction to the volume g ' went sabbath in changes clear " ). mtsino in the book of wars [wars book] the Jews to Joseph boy mttiho a prevention of war in the sabbath also while danger flattery of her holiness and her importance, every this because still did they not find then, at least in the same position, the wise of Israel then, the way to permit a desecration of sabbath to the rescue of souls. Then in retrospect brought this access to the loss of souls [souls loss] Israel are dear. Avoidance from desecration of sabbath [sabbath desecration] to the rescue of gentile not flattery of a hatred of are pronounced but flattery of the holiness of the sabbath. A rescue of Jewish soul in the sabbath here is flattery of the sabbath herself or evaluational the element that lead to her. "And guarded boys of Israel the sabbath to do the sabbath ldortm pact of world [world pact] between me and between boys of Israel signal she never because a six of days did d ' the heavens AND the country and in the seventh day of sabbath oinpsh " ( names not tz yz ) required hz"l " space on it one sabbath in order that will guard that in the berry much " and also, " which will do them the person and live in them " ( and read yh the ) and also here required hz"l " and live in them } in the good deeds of the doctrine, including sabbath { and not puttings in them ". Be that as it may we will rescue gentiles in the sabbath and return to them loss ocio"b if we will have reason to believe that they belong to the social group that retribution us as well so. That is also stopped actually nowadays. We have matter indeed to create a system of real mutuality [real mutuality system] like this with gentiles, contrary to expectation flattery of an affection of guarding of the sabbath and verified her guards.


Different assertions on position of the woman [woman position].


Because od"a his nuisance to expand the sheet later in the special pamphlet that touches to the position of the woman [woman position]. As you know/but given in reply to this pamphlet of name [name pamphlet] of answers. There is no point to write twice the same the thing.

Assertion :

There was you forgot the doctrine cnlmd to know d"a from the verses that brought.


Will be perused " righteous fruit ", exultant rabbi the Cohen mloblin, on the Passover an edition of shnidmasar a ' 58 59. In short will say that to the all the examples hmkraiot there was a reason aninit to describe finding the doctrine as renewal. Will be perused detail one of the answers is supposed in reply to the newspaper d"a number 9.

Assertion :

The doctrine not nshtmra in our hands her original scarcity that as you know/but vacillated new names to the Persian airless names etc... '.


Unintelligible rule why the change of name this month from this month the first per month nisn proves that the doctrine not nshtmra in our hands. As you know/but as of this date this are guarded in our hands two groups of the names [names group], we were the names hmsopotmim, Persian and their Hebrew numbers.

Assertion :

Our culture was influenced from other cultures and from their languagess.


And because there is he that claimed differently?! Culture of the doctrine [doctrine culture] are strong vulture in order to absorb concepts from other cultures and to enlist them according to their advantages to her goals. It he exactly what the doctrine in the book in the beginning says – " ypt Alecs fibrosis and nickname in my aloe-wood put ".

Assertion :

The doctrine can't be the evidence to herself.


This an assertion of liar. And because the doctrine she that testifies on her readiness?!. Is not the doctrine she that testifies but that hold in her and actually also the objectors her, generation after generation in their crowds. Also the critic by himself holds by the hands of him bible you will be diverted he wants to tatoo and even so he not in a hurry to print a remedied formula or to claim rewriting by the hands of him differently. If will do so know he that will obtain a liar. Historical built proofs on archeological most shadowy objects. Him we were find his helmet and that to the bi of hnibal we were not learn from them lcshatsmm and nothing. Act of hnibal known in the head is first from the human historical tradition.

Assertion :

Israel were not in Egypt that as you know/but not so exterior evidence was crucified.


Below a list of sources that disprove this assertion completely:

; a astlt Mister were doorway ii

In. Encyclopedia Hebrew pitcher 234 and also not 228.

; g Every books of hprop ' Emanuel olikobski ( that possibly and not used to/would guard good deeds ) that value thereon studies mkipi world. Every the community of the agnostics in the belief in the bible ( that they are considerable ) her value against him on that score a war of destruction.

; d Israel in egypt, prof. James k. Hoffmeier

An expense of oxforduniversity press


A test of time, the bible from myth to history, prof. David rohl 

The man was the editor of journal of the ancient chronology forum in the years 1986 1992 lmninm.

And. Biblical archaeology review. September / october 1990 pp21 38

; z The aforesaid advertising july / august 1993 pp 44 45 

Take. The aforesaid advertising march / april 1993 pp 48 95

; t The aforesaid advertising march / april 2000 pp 28 69

י. My advertising hjerusalrm post on the internet b10 pages from the date 17 June 01 lmninm:

Wysiwyg : / / 6 / http : / / / edition12 / jewishvalues / jewishvalaish.28027.html

Assertion :

You have to worsen and to forbid bitsi lice that as you know/but ac"p mspika you have to worsen and to forbid killing of lice [lice killing] in the sabbath.


; a Will be perused the introductions a the. 

In. There is a place to the presumption that tradition hz"l she owner of/having attacks strong more and prevalent from that the resultant from scientific examinations that they became in the laboratory. For the sake of the truth of the assertion [assertion truth] lcshatsma she does not contradicted that as you know/but even so condition of the laboratory even once do not succeed to mimic the conditions that exist in the nature fully. On behalf of it is not an apprehension to the lice that exit from eggs under examination that his statistical estimation here is that they are paucity. That is exactly vigorous mind the Rambam ( book of the good deeds [good deeds book], will not do kat ). In the went we go after the majority. Will be stated that the concept of lice [lice concept], according to that seems from the sources appertain to the group of animals wide according to key tksonomi that take first and foremost you suffered the person from those groups. This according to the view that the person he nzr the healthy ohmiptoh htksonomi should that will appertain first and foremost to him. For example :, thirteen things were said in the breakfast : ... And kills as her yen that in the boys of intestine. (Comes mtsiaa gauze : ). Therefore that speaking in the parasites sample the concatenation. - ... Is not as her yen and muck in the fruits and not wine acerbates and not fat stinks ( books of things from ). Therefore that speaking in the detrimental to the flora. - ... (Medical offer ) liti as her yen dzcr and female, olitli lia to the man in the maidservant and to the woman in the same place ( gtin set : ). If there is male and female therefore that known that they are bulls are many. - Fourteen sexual lice brought an almighty on the Egyptian, and those they : ...(To her him great h ). Because and known us only as the yens of the head, the clothes and the genitals as you know/but therefore that speaking in another other sexes that they not what we nickname today lice. - killed a wood worm ( as her yen ), as you know/but this hangs in her. How much she hangs? Rabbi hnina boy antignos says until as groats of Paul ; and even though that not killed. And hangs in her boy or in her husband ( changes nida h in ). Therefore that speaking apparently in her destructions. That as you know/but as her yen that from appears a blood will not stain a garment in the expansive blood on size of groats of Paul. - There are in Passovers kib : Revered a hornet of to the lice. What points on possibility is very realistic that also mites that causes to the diseases of skin [skin disease], also they were considered to the lice. From interest what there was a view of science " the relevant the Greek : aristo, big the researchers of the nature the Greeks ( 322 384 before a count of are pronounced ) ( book that live 5, 31 ) correspondent : ( is translated to Hebrew ) " briat lice begin with formation of little bubbles without abscess. But tikob in them pothole every that he, immediately they will slip from contents of lice [lice contents]. These bubbles, cshtalina on body that contain lihot great, liable to the converse to the disease, which will cause at times no for the death of the sick. The lice are numerous at children more than at adults and at women more than at men ". The difference between the Greek science to the Jewish science he as such that the Greek science presumed that this she is the real reality. In contrast with that hz"l knew that the things are not simple. Their informations in this subject, turn Out that there were similar to the information of the modern science [modern science information]. mtsino btospta ( immemorial source more than that changes ) sabbath tz ca cb house of appraiser [appraiser house] say not horgin the wood worm in the sabbath and house of eulogy mtirin.ish feet to talk shhtospta this was connected btkopto of aristo, what point that worthy to consider positively the idea that the scientific knowledge of with Israel was in the period of aristo wide more than it of the Greeks. In the sabbath of gauze [gauze sabbath] : We found : " rabbi Eliezer says that kills as her yen in the sabbath as kills a camel in the sabbath ". As known there was a rabbi Eliezer has tendencies of house of appraiser [appraiser house]. This thing also express here to the went that as you know/but decreed as house of appraiser [appraiser house]. Perusal bsogia name will teach that not any vision so that rabbi Eliezer presume that lice are not fruits are great. Explanation gives that rabbi Eliezer thinks that they are fruits are great that as you know/but the Gemara do not stiffen on it why he do not presume as our masters ( we were house of eulogy [eulogy house] ). Not only this, but, that name in the issue there are difficulties on the method of house of eulogy [eulogy house] from what that pressing of my fathers " sits an almighty and species from Karni buffalos of committee bitsi lice " we were they are fruits are great. Indeed the difficulty was rejected but therefore because there is Amora is important, my fathers, that but he presume as house of appraiser [appraiser house] in this regard. If indeed exits us because there is school of thought of the wise of Israel, house of appraiser [appraiser house] and the go in light of them and more intelligent additional, presumed that the lice yes fruits are great. The interpretation the more acceptable to founding the disagreement that between house of appraiser [appraiser house] to the house of eulogy was the question if we decree to the persons according to the axiom of the things in the objective form. Or that we decree to them according to their subjective perception. Example so mtsino in the written yz. "House of appraiser [appraiser house] say : Bride of amount [amount bride] that she, and house of eulogy say a nice looking graceful bride. told them house of appraiser [appraiser house] to the house of eulogy : As you know/but that there was higrt or soma, tell her ' nice looking graceful bride '? And the doctrine said ' from falsehood will remove '?! said to them house of eulogy [eulogy house] to the house of appraiser : To your things, those who took from take bad from the market, yshbhno to him or will defend to him?! That means yshbhno to him ". House of eulogy [eulogy house] say that the fact that the groom chose this woman to his bride teaches that in his eyes she is nice looking and therefore you have to sing also in the wedding of ugly woman in the objective way, because nice looking graceful bride " that as you know/but to him subjective she is nice looking. So the thing also in the great other disputes in which the theoretical truth she is the compere house of appraiser [appraiser house]. Literature on from the housecoats of appraiser [appraiser housecoat] and house of eulogy ohrtsionl theirs there is great. So also in our matter, house of eulogy [eulogy house] go according to the perception of the subjective truth. According to this perception of the lice [lice perception] ( in the meaning htksonomi the wide of hz"l ) will not be floated usually as belong to the group of have life of differences are many flattery of ktnotn. On behalf of it was possible to suppose that they nbraot from the sudor that as you know/but sobiiktit so it seems seemingly. In contrast with that house of appraiser [appraiser house] that their truth here is objective absolute truth we claimed that she yes cow is great and therefore forbidden her killing. 

Will be marked that acceptable we are that to the future to come will return went to be as house of appraiser [appraiser house] contrary to expectation. I.e. aninino husband to suppose that approaches the moment, that there was likely already in advance, many generations in the past the remote, that prepared will calculate to the cow are great as acceptable in the modern objective science. Resultant from here that adopted religious law today she is not error but weighed mind is inspected. For the sake of the truth you understood the perception of house of eulogy [eulogy house] cmhibt to the went, seems from day to day, with expansion of the scientific knowledge and his leach to the consciousness of are many, increasingly hard. This thing comes to expression as such because you have decree that felt also today to substantiate the objective ( fear Yitzhak ). What will be cshthodsh the sanhedrin, time will tell. ac"p the discount of that decree, that continue in the element of the things [things element] house of eulogy here is that phenomena that they are not in the field of the perception of the senses do not commit to the went. If we were mhshibim the unapparent field as commits to the went we did not could have been able to eat a thing concerning the air of the water [water air] and the food nationalizes alive in the given field to the detection with ease in the microscope. Processes of fertilization and the reproduction of the lice are not in the field hntspa in the reality. The field hntspa he of because them mature in the forbidden image in eating as that runs but is not an absolution is great. It what commits to the went. Comprehensive discussion quite about the unapparent field in the went given/possible to find b"hlicot field " by the expense of the institute to the research of the agriculture [agriculture research] according to the doctrine, number 50, in the article that is written by the great Elyakim that to carpenter. Indeed can that ensnared why if yes not belonged hz"l to the flies and mosquitos of absence [absence mosquito] of her bulls and increase. Turns out that the answer so she is that groups animals those are floated actually by every boy as deal in the copulation.

; g Taking measures according to pski hz"l in good faith does not commit that holds bpsk it is in the penalty also if there was in the adjudication of error [error adjudication] is not reputed to disinfect even is not a sin of errs. That is responsibility of the sanhedrin [sanhedrin responsibility] that will prepare quickly.

Strain gnats and swallow camels

Newspaper of maple [maple newspaper] a ' tsh"s ( contemptuous color ' ) explanation in Matter the prediction.

Before will discuss on existence or island of existence [existence island] of predictions of prophet of gleaning of predictions are wonderful that coexisted that as you know/but next to the historical tradition to their existence not any historical contradictory tradition. There is from them that known htkimotn without a doubt. Superfluous from this speaking in the great from them on a routine of longterm life. 

Every prediction like this her visible existence is not reasonable in the reality cshnamra : 10 lowerings, a laceration of Red Sea, who bitter, feeding of the nation [nation feeding] in the desert in the from, punish a korah, the rash of the staff, snake of the copper, the amputation of the Jordan, brown Jericho, stones of house horon, sun bgbaon, death of army Assyria on days of hzkiho, Daniel in the den of lions, hnnia will be asked oazria in the crematorium, desolation of second house, dissemination Israel bglot. And read so a ca in Matter my Arab crop of sabbatical years [sabbatical years crop] that not any tradition hmchishtn ( that take place actually until our those sea as testified people of the village are lanky that guarded an abandonment in spite of island of the security of my religious law btiaroca and won to the tremendous different crops from all their neighbours around that not guarded an abandonment ). In the desert hey force in Matter abberant woman. Names to hey yb, Shmuel in pitcher in yh in Matter command. And read co his wave, yrmiho ct island, azra a ' a g, the things of the days in him ca in Matter recovery from first appearance to our country. 

And read co hand ld ( 5 predictions ) : 1 ) desolation Haaretz 2 ) desolation that sanctify 3 ) our enemy not yprihoa 4 ) will dissipate by the nations 5 ) not situated rest and read co ( further ) and with Israel could not. 

Names ld ld in Matter the security that Haaretz you will not covet our ownership to celebrate. yrmia h not h ( and will be perused a name explicitly mlbi"m on " Renault to Yakov happiness " ) in Matter a return of futuristic mark that takes place seemingly opposite our eye.

Assertion :

There are predictions that not coexisted.


; a Is rationalized by d"a by himself that as you know/but pothole by himself in the sources so that bad prediction can that will not take place when became answer and prediction is good can that will not take place flattery of the sin. 

In. Predictions are downloadable concerning them by means of d"a that not coexisted there were not and were not produced. For example desolation Babylon shd"a mchisho he works historical. Babylon ruin and not arises again concerning the prizes will dry sources from navy. The city of ruin [ruin city] as of this date. Compatible you that are supposed birmia please lz : " and I ruined lake and I dried from beam ".

Assertion :

It's impossible to identify a prophet concerning always can rationalize that the prediction is lied as a result of practical people. We were if the prophet predicted to the bad and not coexisted his words then me will be rationalized the thing as such that vacillated their ways to the favor, and if predicted to the favor and not coexisted his words as you know/but it maybe flattery of that applauded their ways. 


This assertion tries to base an idea is made lhshtma as a theft of mind ( will suppose that this became in good faith ) we were there are two types of predictions : Good predictions or bad only. If there was speaking in the boolean algebra, we were prophet to the favor or to the bad this is test of the prediction [prediction test], then me there was the thing simply, we were there was seemingly is negated the possibility to the testing of the prediction in Israel as wants to conclude a husband d"a. 

But/auditorium of prediction [prediction but/auditorium] of prophet can that there will be at least in 5 ways and not in 2 as was placed. 

1.נבואה to talk bad. Like a prediction of pigeon to the occupants of ninoa. 

2. Prediction to talk good. Like a prediction of Moshe to descend Haman ( bread put ). 

3. Prediction to talk bad on condition bl will pass. Like a prediction of Moshe to the gulp of the land ice of his committee [committee ice]. That name said Moshe specifically : " and say Moshe is this tdaon because d ' that tuneful to do all these deeds because is not from my heart, if amount all the person ymton these and ordered all the person will command on them not d ' that tuneful" 

4. Prediction to talk good as condition bl will pass. In the easy and substance from 3. 

5. Prediction to talk has a value noitrli. Like a rash of staff Aron, in the desert tz about ' or the fleece of the wool at Gideon – judges and ' or the shadow in the degrees of grasp [grasp degrees], kings in ' about ' I purified. 

Also those predictions you have to distribute to divide her from secondly dicotomit additional. We were predictions to the person privately that not in them obviously test to be him a prophet concerning actions the bad and the good the private made to change that predicted ( introduction to the second interpretation of the Rambam ), and in contrast with them public predictions. 

Indeed predictions from type 1 and also predictions of privacy [privacy prediction] from type 2 possibly that not ttkimna. But/auditorium, usually an examination of attacks the prediction becomes in the bible by other deeds from the characters 3 5 publicly. Also according to characters 1 2 might be an examination of prediction, that as you know/but, if importation of prophet [prophet importation] and predict a thing that he doesn't have daybreak according to explanation, to the good or to the bad, like a prediction of pigeon to the people of ninoa, and take place his prediction as you know/but also then there is to suppose that will intensify as well to the prophet. Although if you will not turn ninoa we will be able to say that they made answer as excellent in the bible what usually was floated with ease in the behavior of the boys [boys behavior] of the city. Which therefore rule and not in the slightest is negated the possibility to test a prophet. Superfluous from this, the prediction in the just became when there is in the background of sanhedrin [sanhedrin background]. There is we did not fear that person will take on himself to predict things are made that not to take place. The sanhedrin is made to arrive at the conclusion that speaking in the liar and then there will be dino, sooner or later, death. And vice versa of course, if they will take place his words beast will live ( h open ). 

Newspaper of maple [maple newspaper] a ' tsh"s in Matter hpai ( orange color ).

Note : Below will be nicknamed the value pai about – p.

Assertion :

hz"l didn't know the account.P this account was known already to Archimedes before about 2300 year according to the estimation 3.14 olhiron before about 1900 year according to estimation of 3.14159 

a For the sake of the truth was the value p known in the very immemorial world. Before 3500 year he was estimated 3.16 in Egypt ( egyptian rhind papirus ). In China already before 2250 year thinks the value of p according to 142 / 45=...3.155555. Before 1550 year thinks again the value in China ...3.1415929=355 / 113. 

In. Not any vision so shhz"l didn't know the on.P as already correspondent the Rambam in the interest. All estimation of p will discover ignorance concerning the number is trntsndnti and therefore every number of literature that try to point out this value not tspkna. Explanation gives shhz"l was satisfied in the rate 3:1 as rate provides from viewpoint his accuracy to the needs of religious law, from this examination adopted hz"l on the way of adjudication that is satisfied in the obscene estimations concerning are not given doctrine are angelic the server but to the persons that should function in the realistic form. On behalf of it also was stopped religious law, in the matter that run that they do not seem in the eye not fucked but only by means of optical devices, that not in them a prohibition. 

; g The visibility that brought as proof to the island of the knowledge [knowledge island] of the value of p by hz"l they do not stand on their legs. For this end is recommended to peruse b"thomin " volume yt name was published article of architect of deer [deer architect] shpltr that proved that all the sources from them try to learn on island a knowledge of p by hz"l deal in the bodies tlt mimdim conic. adrba from within operation in the access of operation are engraved, this more appropriate to the sources that from they are pumped the opinion shhz"l didn't know on value, p turns out shhz"l knew on value pבדרגת very good accuracy. For example in the computational the circuit of made sukkah as understood crematorium of accuracy [accuracy crematorium] of 3.14.

; d Superfluous from this, there is a place to presume that already on days of complete the king possibly and known there was a value of p in the degree is good quite. As known complete the king built a big round basin of water to the needs of thrt the Cohens in the temple. The bible specifies proportions of building that sanctifies oclio and therefore also the basin. This basin is called in the bible in the name, sea, sea of complete. Breakdown of the interest [interest breakdown] is reminded in the kings a chapter z verses cg lz. By the same token appears the breakdown in the things of the days in chapter d verses in, and. The sources are these serve a source of relation [relation source] for all computational p that they became from here and hither in all the literature the Hebrew. In the sources hmkraim there is the data that come: 

The diameter is 10 will die. 

Extent of the sea [sea extent] was 30 will die. 

Thickness of the sea [sea thickness] used to/would struck. 

Thickness of the beachfront [beachfront thickness] was relatively scolded, as a language of glass of flower of lily ( tongue of the bible ). 

From the data a, in, therefore seemingly that p there was 3. Not from here any necessary conclusion as regards the knowledge of the engineers that in us the sea. You have to discern properly between knowledge mtimti to the of engineering ability. We will add so that the speaking in the bible is by the work of melting is very complex concerning also today a work of melting of copper in the size like this ( like in my huge bell ) made to be failed in the many cases ( for example the colossal bell shb"gn the bell " in Jerusalem cracked ), deviation of arrangement [arrangement deviation] p of 0.14159 in melting like this on condition the melting of yore was bring in the great chance lhisdkot the sea. Possibly very that the estimation of thickness of sea [sea thickness] " is quite obscene from any shaobio there was not in the stable rate absolutely. Superfluous from this in the basin like this big hard that not to discern in the gaps between calculation of the extent [extent calculation] to the diameter, that as you know/but speaking bcama and half. By the same token possibly that to the need of this of engineering description [this of engineering description need] of digression of ...0.14159 from p there was not significant from viewpoint the goal of the tool. And from the as such if the language of the tool was in the elliptical form few!?. 

Is asked the question why appertains the concept " sea ". The concept " sea " appears in the bible of great times [great times bible]. First in which " ...olmkoa the water read ymim... " in the beginning a. From reasonable name hrmb"n " according to that ground hmkoa call ". Explanation like this there are in another places. Possibly that outwards seems the basin, sea, in the unitary line from outside and then the gradient was with regard to face. I.e. according to this operation, cut of the language [language cut] of the basin of complete there was made like straight triangle of angle when his permit he is the gradient of the language into the sea and two nitsbio the other are thickness of the basin and continuation of the exterior line of the basin. Exits if yes that a measurement of sea " appertains apparently formerly the basin ( the of land ) and she became maybe by shoe tree of the marine melting [marine melting shoe tree] or bkrkaito actually. His diameter appertains from language to the language because the language of minute [minute language] quite. By the those circumstances of the caliber [caliber circumstance] of the extent is actually of 10 will die less 2 tphim thickness of the basin. On days of the bible was maidservant age 5 tphim. This resultant thing from the Gemara by the mask of comperes tsz. Proven name of number [number name] yhzkal because there is a maidservant mkrait age 5 tphim. According to this access get accepteds a relation of 150 / 48 this worth relation to 3.125 here there will be already the aberration from p little. If we will not ignore thickness of the language [language thickness], as you know/but that will get accepted an accurate value even more of.Pהיינו in light of the supposed in the bible that the language of the basin was as a language of flower of lily [lily flower], we were minute, will ask the question if it was so approximately him the absolute or the relational. That as you know/but the basin in entirety seem there was to a degree as open flower partially. If thickness of the basin [basin thickness] in his language was not sharp really but sharp relatively to the size of the basin, will suppose in the thickness as finger and half, or that he was her bar few inward from the exterior line of the basin in the rate like this, then me we will receive possibility of very good accuracy of.Pגם if we will suppose that speaking in the maidservant age 6 tphim as you know/but then we will receive in the obscene account of estimation [estimation account] pשל 3.1. On the way similar given there will be to edit an alternative other calculation that relies thereon shh"im " used to/would seem like lily. That as you know/but the written says specifically " a language of flower of lily [lily flower] " the lily htshor made so that in his upper caption he opened/develop few. In case like this, again, given/possible to estimate that diameter of the sea [sea diameter] is measured in his language whereas his extent instead of in him situated the water. Again, also in this way we will be able to receive a calculation of p that sits pretty with structure of the sea [sea structure]. 

There is a place to point out that to maximize her the astonishment instead of the unique in which described in the bible whichever exact calculation from him given/possible to conclude conclusions on p slept readable and spelling. When there is a change like this you have to stand on his exact intentions. Phenomenon like this demonstrates two aspects of the word in her occurs the change. In general there are in the those cases of discussion [discussion cases] in Gemara on the different significances and on the comparison that between them ( in the tongue hz"l : " if to the tradition " if to the bible " ) the spelling of a word of contour of line [line contour] of the circuit in the verse that describes extent of the circuit is " her line " whereas tradition of his reading here is " line ". The relation the between p according to preliminary skinning in the description, we were 3 the and p the real we were ...3.14159, is 1.047197551 hgimtria of koh=56100=111 whereas of ko=6100=106. The relation between the writing and the reading is to maximize her the astonishment 1.047169811 and was p that adapts him is therefore 3.1415. Because and speaking exactly in rate of third percent of percent, that there was that at the time of accuracy of passage [passage accuracy] for all known calculation, as you know/but be that as it may that possibly and that is accidental result, there are feet to talk that indeed things in the back. The attempt of d"a to disparage in p of kdmonino by quotation are brought from other sources in the bible about the significance of the word " line " will not help him because line of the contour [contour line] of the word " line " by the affair of the sea of complete appertains contrary to expectation to the route of the circuit and not to the other contour like because there are in the other sources. Also the attempt to demonstrate the calculation is untruthful concerning he nohts early knowledge of value p he in the sense of the discount of that is wanted. We were, writes d"a supposes shkdmonino didn't know value p and therefore can't be that they expressed this relation in the bible. Disappears from his eyes the logical error that in the argument.

Newspaper of maple [maple newspaper] a tsh"s greenish in the matter of abandonment.

Assertion :

hz"l erred in the historical followup of the things of the days.


; a Indeed there is a big gap between the historical acceptable board between the nations and it that is acceptable in Israel. This gap appertains for the period the Persian her quotes d"a. Historical disrupted traditions they are acceptable thing in the history. ac"p also if right that the count of pronounced she that is accurate not so any consequence hlctit that as you know/but the determinant is in this stage of our historical tradition [historical tradition stage]. Will be stated that not a single nation and tongue her there is registered historical orderly like laomtno. The picture of the historical world of the researchers of the history today here is result of a work of calculates of grading of my stone [stone grading] psips of history from all the nations. In the what from de this picture, concerning for the period the Persian, preferable on the picture of our historical world, verified the historians of number [number historian] 1 in the annals of the mankind, we will know apparently lcshttconn sanhedrin. Unquestionable sanhedrin will discuss the research of the reasons [reasons research] to the gaps of the historical calculations as regards this period between Israel lamim. And no will decide which calculation to adopt and from the will be the implications of reddish it. There is to point out that our devotee are compatible the calculations that drive as regards other traditions because there is in our hands, for example tiaroh desolation of the second temple [second temple desolation] ( 9th of av ) that there was according to our devotees on saturday night. According to the customary calculations by historians of this tradition [this tradition historian] will not adapt what that not yes according to calculations of our devotees. So also as regards accounts hshmitin and the jubilees. Therefore opposite the historical certainties of nations of the world [world nation] there are certainties tsolbot ours. Need to take into account that in the background to my calculation are pronounced slept the interest to adapt the history to foster her the Christian. Those historical essential accommodations at times to the created in order to parallel them to the predictions " Daniel " ocio"b. In ) in the element of the matter [matter element] there is not this disagreement between the wise of Israel to the wise of the nations, but, disagreement between the wise of Israel and themselves. Will be perused azra and hand bmlbi"m that brings also you that are great zrhia the Levy in the matter.

Assertion :

There are disputes of disarray [disarray disputes] and blurring as regards the sabbatical year.


; a To the determination of years of the abandonment [abandonment years] there are different methods. Whereas and abandonment in this time to the majority of the methods [methods majority] she mdrbnn ( and so was decreed to the went ), as you know/but exits us that this is spika drbnn our demon to the leniency. Therefore there is we did not worsen as all the methods. We adopted us one method that was seen lposkim. In this we went in the paved pathway of hz"l by the problem of sabbath when were lost to the person of order [order person] of the days while being in the desert ocio"b. That then must he to adopt to himself certain day as sabbath and to stick in him until that will be informed him the Saturday to his Assyria. As regards the abandonment of the situation [situation abandonment] more comfortable concerning there is much more involvement of with Israel by the determination of order of years of the abandonment, from this power also if was adopted a method that she not according to the real count possibly and there was stands properly according to line of the truth of my religious law also if there was in her a defect. From this examination as you know/but the treatment in the matter stands properly in the general demands of religious law [religious law demand]. Ascertain that to the all a method of adjudication there is a reference that stiffens on her the company. From this examination also the assertions to the incompatibility to plate the general enter her stone in the beauty. 

In. perused answers to the previous assertion.

Copy of letter [letter copy] that is sent ld"a. ; s"sht'a nwisb z"i

lcb ' " mind of truth [truth mind]" 

Dear Sir and Madame. 

In reply to your turn to me. The pamphlets them your they circulate made in the good graphical taste. Tendentious great invested thought in them. Meaning that their editing, their printing and circulated burdens of great financing [great financing burden]. Interest me very sources of the financing [financing sources] to their expense that as you know/but not in the twenty shekels speaking. From testing of the subject turned Out that speaking in the sources of financing [financing sources] that his name to them to the goal to ram a doctrine of Israel. Of course that by the circumstances is those cease the pamphlets to be pamphlets of a persecution of truth. They actually, what obvious, tool of propaganda [propaganda tool] by the hands of the courses that finance. Mind of truth [truth mind] is tested while being able to thank/admit in the errors and mistakenly. It is not saw. Because and your pursuit by the expense of the pamphlets became source of your livelihood [livelihood source] as you know/but my drug from here objective truth. There are many pamphlets published by courses are Sumerian good deeds. Given there will be to say that they are tendentious. Island it will be possible to say that they feign to the secular. In their expense in light of there are not hypocrisy. Not so my pamphlet " mind of truth [truth mind] ". If rodpi truth you were about you to give a free stage to the answers that you receive that stiffen about you, by opening of system [system opening] of the addresses that their assembly to the distribution of written substance by those them you mean to attack. By the same token about you there was to thank/admit btaoioticm. Like by the affair of the hare and the rabbit. The disregard challenge it teaches because there is here hypocrisy. Hard to claim in the pamphlets that not there was a departure of Egypt and later to congratulate an evening of holiday [holiday evening] the Passover blessing " happy holiday ". You are inconsistent and not you rodpi truth. lcshatsmi I am a credible person to the tradition Israel grandfather. The subjects that elevated interest very and the candidacy with them, maybe to your surprise, hardened my belief by the doctrine of Israel. From this examination turns out that the pamphlets brought and bring apparently numerous blessing to the religion Israel. They maybe in the first stage obtain their goal, we were scepticism. But in the longterm, will harden the belief in the authenticity a doctrine of Israel and harden the recognition bhcmtm of the wise of Israel. 

Sincerely yours, 

DOV brightens Stein 

Rachel fostered 47 Jerusalem 93228 dew. 02 - 5661962 

In the a note of by the way will be marked that between the supporters bd"a found public bodies of the mammals [mammals body] also from governmental budgets – such as a college of valley the Jordan the hostess the website of " mind of truth ".


Formulae of the doctrine [doctrine formulae] air tshs"a

There is not in the things of this pamphlet any renewal. bs"a already we appertained to the problem of versions of the bible [bible version] at all and the doctrine especially.

Possibly and my husband d"a find themselves in the lack of employment [employment lack] and in order to justify a receipt of grants and monies from the public funds that finance their salaries, they return on things that already wrote repeatedly.

Will be perused reply to the pamphlet of leapings [leapings pamphlet] of characters and also answers to the newspaper 9.

Pamphlet mmnhm father tshs"a in the blue color

In the matters of fish

As introduction to the offered discussion to peruse the studies of the great DR. Israel brightens loingr ( zoologist and vet ) – bspro kosher food from that lives by the expense of the institute to the research of the agriculture [agriculture research] according to htorh., chapter g '. 

By the same token there are assertions in this manual in them return d"a on assertions of idealism [idealism assertion] that to them we appertained btshobotino the previous and in particular by the introductions. Therefore not always there is a taste to write every detail repeatedly.

Assertion :

You have return in reply the claimants that because and there are not fish have a babble to them there are not fins, as you know/but us proof to the reality of almighty [almighty reality] that as you know/but so determined hz"l this in the hour that actually there is a fish because he has babble and he doesn't have fin.


; a d"a comes to curse and situated congratulates. Below the specifications of The Fish as mtsanom in the big database in the world of fish. Address of the website [website address] of this database is, / search.cfm 

Monopterus cuchia

Monopterus cuchia ( hamilton, 1822) 

Synbranchidae ( swamp eels) 
No fishbase pictures available. Try googleimages. 


Actinopterygii ( ray finned fishes)

Fishbase name:

Max. Size: 
70.0 cm tl ( male / unsexed)

Demersal ; freshwater ; brackish 

Tropical ; 40°n, 10°n

Fisheries : Commercial

Asia : Pakistan, india, nepal and myanmar. Recorded from bangladesh ( ref. 1479).

A rudimentary dorsal fin originates a little anterior to vertical from anus. Presence of numerous spots all over tail. 

Known to hibernate in mud during cold season ( ref. 6351). Feeds mainly on small fishes, tadpoles and aquatic insects ( ref. 6351).

Not in iucn red list, ( ref. 36508) 


F? Vorito, sandra 

Main ref: 
Talwar, p.k. And a.g. Jhingran. 1992. (Ref. 4833) 

Modified by eli, 25.06.02 

Spread people of d"a claimed and their hopes is lied. Superfluous from this. It is clear that intelligence of hz"l the capacity before close to the two Thousand year in order to deal with every the directories of the found fish today by the hands of the researchers that there were not found in their days and that them scanned people of d"a. The details are these were found on the internet the reader understands the English will be proved that registered specifically because there is to this fish of dorsal effete fin [dorsal effete fin fish] as characterization identifies. Will be marked in the same the opportunity that the doctrine requires a fin and not fins. We were enough one.

In. In the assertion Corpse has awilot. That as you know/but name of The Fish testifies on its being has a solitary fin concerning the word ptero

biwnit therefore her " wing " and the word moneמשמעה " single ". (Thank you to the great Pinchas and to manure n"i shhamidni thereon ).

; g Be that as it may will be perused an introduction a.

Assertion : 

h"madni good day " tried to rationalize in the peculiar form of contradiction [contradiction form] between views hz"l and the reality.


; a Not any defect in the expression of thoughts that come will be sat between disciplines. It becomes in all scientific field. Indeed at times those ideas could be peculiar and no seemingly remote from the mind, but/auditorium, the reality proves that many remote ideas from the mind they are those that in the final analysis won to solve problems that are most hard. For example the idea that her driver in the middle ages ( newly ) according to it Haaretz rotates around the sun, reputed as far from the mind and not realistic rule in his time.

In. l"madni good day " there was a fullness of the right [right fullness] to obtain on my thing hrmb"n because

1 ) hrmb"n did not determine his opinion in the prediction but bshclo the datum to the criticism.

2 ) hrmb"n in his words restriction himself bamro specifically name " in my opinion"

; g There are too many cases in them it is clear shhz"l his justice against straight intellect ". Therefore assertion of the fruit is new " by which worthy to examine ways to encourage my thing hz"l justifiable. So will do every explore in all field bhitklo in the contradictory observation to comprehend. Firstly will try to examine if did she not err in the discounts of his element [his element discounts], by the method of the observation, or, in the operation. That as you know/but if insincere will obtain himself to the derision and mockery in the scientific community after will becomes clear that erred. Because and rabbinical Israel appertained, justly, lhz"l on the way great country not quickly him rule to expropriate or to contradict their things. So befitting and so nice looking for all boy of culture [culture boy] that respect his culture. From here committee to the assertion that they made themselves somim to talk remote the way according to my quotation d"a by himself.


The idea that fin was and eagle, or, that the fin is made to grow in future is in the frame of " futilities ".


The futility is the idea is vulgar that only what there will be against hz"l he in the frame of reasonability. Just as because there are fish that elevate a babble to her hour possibly also to think about fins so. Not any defect to try to test those different possibilities them expect people of d"a. In particular right the thing when he becomes in the scientific poor environment in the tool of study [study tool] that not like because there is today.


The doctrine said to the free also fin and also babble that as you know/but to know the Gemara in their sick so : For all who because there is a babble there is a fin. And therefore what said the doctrine is said just in order to augment a doctrine and to idealize her.


There is a place to the presumption shd"a by himself did not understood the supposed in Gemara put. According to course of the issue [issue course] in the sheet and no my thing htos ' the will augment, therefore, that the reason to giving two of the signs she in order to promise a full comprehension so that speaking in the two phenomena are different : Dressed The Fish we were babble, oars of The Fish we were fin.


hz"l erred and presumed that only to live pure there are Karnis.


There is a reasonable place to estimate shd"a you didn't understood the issue. As you know/but name instead of explains htos ' that that is mind tna single, r ' dosa, and no proved this. All the attempts because there are bmobaot that brought d"a they to locate the signs to Karnis are impure.


hz"l there were not consistent in the matter of adulthood [adulthood matter] of women.


d"a by himself brings that the matter in the disagreement and therefore that decree appertain to the event like this according to the rule – supplier of doctrine [doctrine supplier] to the hardware, what him because will grumble? d"a did not bring also any scientific vision to the contradiction of estimations of hz"l in the matter. bs"a in this way will be able to claim an intellect of disagreement [disagreement intellect] between the wise of Israel binoculars tpshot ignorance etc... ' too bad that his hatred passes him on his opinion.


hz"l didn't know to discern right between hzkt pure fish are impure concerning they distributed between fish that his wide head that he is pure to whom that his narrow head that he is impure. And experts of demonstrated negated division like this.


; a Name in Gemara in the next page a"z from : We will remember specifically because there are pure fish that their heads are similar to the impure. "Said my fathers because will dissuade that bara ' oplmoda ( apparently one of types of the fishes of the tuna ) ddmo rishiho to the impure ". In the different tongue diono of d"a lacks in the form of her bar [bar form].

In. To the fishes of the cartilage there is according to most of sharp head. This thing was floated in particular in the sharks. In the pure fish of the here [here fish] are situated usually bkdmt the head. 


hz"l erred bkbam my name is because he has head and backbone as you know/but he is a kosher fish.


Signs of The Fish that are pure found only in my fish caused ( loingr tshm"a a ' 102 ). We were they have indeed head and backbone. In contrast with that apparently every the fishes of the cartilage are impure fish. According to that seems fish to them there are cartilaginous bones were not considered to hz"l as fish have a backbone. Of course because there is here question smntit we were in the what proportion is given/possible to attribute to broadcast her cartilaginous the degree of backbone [backbone degree]. Turn Out shhz"l presumed that there is not a cartilage in the frame of backbone. Not as such contradiction lmimtsaim of aicitologim modrnim concerning this question smntit what she is the proportion of the related difficulty to broadcast her.

On behalf of it on arrival of hz"l to qualify a fish they made right when used the sign that constitutes a compatible sign to the most demonstrated that sell as fishes of food. For this end will be perused brsh"i obtos ' put the and in the fish. We were this sign is undistinguished.


hz"l fed brbot unjustly


In order to understand that talked worthy to peruse the sources that come:

*On identification The Fish that is called brbot"a, DR. brightens loingr hmain tebeth tshm"b.

*To the perusal in the asked fish hbrbot, DR. brightens loingr. In the newspaper " remnants " the air tshd"m

*Kosher food from that lives ( third chapter ) – Israel brightens loingr ( advisable the third edition and hither ) by the expense of the institute to the research of the agriculture [agriculture research] according to the doctrine.

The name brbot the given/possible to the fish appertain to the different fish from waking to the edge. Possibly and the name is resultant amongst others from the foreign name to the beard ( for example from here comes the nickname pridrih vandal her Ross we were has the red beard ) therefore hbrbot apparently appertains also to the fish my husband " beard " and so given/possible to explain how was created the interconnection of the family [family interconnection] of the armed catfishes b"sharot " long that seem like " moustache " or like " beard " and error of d"a. That as you know/but really the catfishes are impure.

There are different additional fish you can insert them there barbur ( or barbut ) we were fish from a family of 

The polynemidaer those fish in their element are pure.

Visible but/auditorium with certainty he is that disagreement of hcmino in this subject surrounded on The Fish rhombus maximus from a series of fishes of Moshe quarreled. This fish was datum in the hard disputes as regards his fitness. Indeed The Fish is this does not grow dandruff of but/auditorium [but/auditorium dandruff] he is similar as two drops of water to the other close fish of his family is very next to him – rhombus laevis that is pure fish without a doubt concerning he has clear dandruff. Also aicitolgim experts they will struggle to discern between demonstrated is these if yalimo splinters of the one 

The problem she if there are here two different sexes or to the or. Indeed in the modern taxonomy they are thought to the two sexes but the reality is that they act discern certain like him sex that as you know/but they are crossed in the one nature in the two and then receive fish of subjects [subjects fish] of dandruff ( possibly and there is a place no to say that show of the dandruff in the fish hbrbot found genetic in the form rtstsibit, sbila ). Therefore exits us because there is a question if there is lhhshibm to the went as one sex ( to remind the taxonomy of hz"l from inclusion more that as you know/but they distribute demonstrated l700 sexual pure fish only in contrast laicitologim hmodrnim that sort the group is this as group has myriads of sexes [sexes myriad] ) if is said that they are boys of one sex will ask the question if kosher fish is tested according to existence of dandruff in him himself or maybe ( what unacceptable to the went ) enough because there are dandruff in my boy mino. It he in the final analysis apparently base of the disagreement [disagreement base]. Possibly and this disagreement proves that the girlss of rabbinical Israel to their generations in the fish was to the not more arranged good from what shd"a know from his sourcess and surmise.

Actually acceptable today that not drive lhizon from this fish as kosher fish.


hz"l presumed because there are 700 sexual fish and we know today because there are about 25000 sexes. Therefore exits shhcmino in the bi things mlibm...


The talked he b700 sexual pure jerusalemite fish tanit chapter d '. Be that as it may also if there was speaking in all demonstrated as you know/but this empty assertion concerning she sucks from field tksonomi. Discrimination between different sexes she is a matter that alternates in the inertia between people of the science also in our sea. For example if you have to discern between all sorts of ( and no my type ) the bears or that actually speaking in a kind of one DOV.

Very unfortunate that hatred of d"a for all Jewish thing passes them on their mind to the point of bizoio in vain.


hz"l did they not estimate right ways of fertilization and increase of fish.


Majority of the fishes [fishes majority] of the cartilage spawn life. The fishes of the gram except for exceptional scant, imposers of eggs. There are also pure fish spawn life like fishes of the family of hgmbozim. But apparently there is not a fishes of food mshritsi life.

Name in Gemara a"z from : Find we are different resultant opinions from the zoological facts of the objectivity [objectivity fact]. But/auditorium put also mtsino " said great brona ( maybe the intention put to Kahane ) said great ( big the Amoras ) kirbi fish and their fetus not nikhin but from the expert ". Therefore that he thinks that there is not in the thing of rule [rule thing] hnkba according to the ways of the imposition / spawned and not even by discrimination of scarcity of the eggs. Again situated d"a editor of deficient discussion [deficient discussion editor] and therefore also her bar.


hz"l not discerned right between the types of the eggs to Need their validation.


Will be perused the answer is forgoing. What also shd"a by himself brought my thing htos ' in the matter that postponed those signs of cargos [cargos sign] are hepatic weight that are connected to the trustworthy the signs from mind the Gemara herself what him because will grumble.


cilbit can will not that will develop in the barrel. According to pamphlet of tax [tax pamphlet]. 1.


; a Will be perused reply to the pamphlet of tax [tax pamphlet]. 1.

In. Speaking in the possibility of development from situated eggs in the barrel. bs"a not speaking in the sterile barrel.


msho"a yo"d premature h ' therefore that rabbinical Israel did not rely on the signs that in Shas bbitsi fish.


Turns out our heatwaves used their informations and not relied in the form awrt on decree other. In the different tongue what d"a claims he that they were intelligent and what him because will grumble. From sharp was received d"a that they do not examine the reality to her Assyria and on the other hand was received he when they indeed examine the reality to her Assyria.


Rabbinical Israel did not rely on sign of fitness [fitness sign] of divided tail in the two ptslim equal contrary to expectation.


Turns out our heatwaves used their informations and not relied in the form awrt on decree other. In the different tongue what d"a claims he that they were intelligent and what him because will grumble. From sharp was received d"a that they do not examine the reality to her Assyria and on the other hand he was received when they indeed examine the reality to her Assyria. Again fails d"a in the same type of assertions.


In Jerusalemite tanit p"d sheet of set [set sheet] : There is a myth is not reasonable.


Eged )Bus Co.(S the Shas are very great. This is not the only myth of rise [rise myth] is given/possible to pressings. Will be perused also in Eged )Bus Co.(S is great bar Hannah by the mask of in and more. 

Acceptable properly in Israel that Eged )Bus Co.(S the Shas is not matters pshtim but clues to the different ideas. Mainly the matter already wrote in the thing is big of Israel, as reminded already in the introduction in ' that thing that he not to the went given/possible to construe him as our desire and not as such agnosticism in the doctrine.

Pamphlet from Elul tshs"a in the pink color

Position of the woman [woman position] in the went the Jewish


The discriminations hhlctiot because there are between women to the men are facts of background [background fact] on our arrival to discuss the position of the woman in Judaism. 

Those given facts to construe in the two ways. mshnbhr interpretation, as you know/but he in the frame of philosophical relation. There is not he is an accent but thoughts of the sail. Although possibly and he is from certain real right side. ac"p in the doctrine and in my thing hz"l is not said nowhere that his spiritual value of one of two of the sexes are preferable. Vice versa will be perused an introduction and '.

Well one way here is this in which adopted d"a we were position of the man [man position] is preferable on it of the woman and there is here discrimination.

Not any intention to come and to claim that there are not the things are right, it does not disturb the person believes. Just as well it was possible to find visibility " transversal " that position of the man [man position] of cripple more. Be that as it may definitely given/possible to say because there is in Judaism disparity. The Cohens are preferable in their position on the accompaniments are those preferable on Israelis. The people the Israelis are preferable on the Israeli women. The women of preference [preference women] on slaves are those on gentiles. Gentiles just preferable on the Canaans are those preferable on hamlkim. From this examination in the because the doctrine a doctrine of life and not a doctrine of equality there is a difference barcm the position of men compared with it of women from the simple reason that they are different. This difference comes to expression in the many fields as comprehended to poll them my husband d"a. We are Sumerian the doctrine receive edicts of the maker not only when they contravene an equality but also when they contravene our right to live. We love almighty are ready to fill all his instructions gladly and in the good heart. Who that will want to claim that the Judaism is racial we will not protest thereon because we think that in the resistance Racism have much hypocrisy. Fact she that in his life the private every person is racial. And because there is a person that he does not take in the account of racial data [racial data account] bbhro mate?! To the person not care to the attached to the life with mate when knowledge that his boys will be sick of hemophilia or retarded in their intellect?! There is a kibbutz that will not take in the account of those data [those data account] on his arrival to decide on absorption of family?! Because and we rodpi truth and not rodpi agreed lies there is we did not think that the people are equal. Superfluous from this, also instead of in him situated seemingly the people are equal not quite as such that they will fix norms of life [life norms] because we think that old basic laws commit ( our doctrine ) before all decision according to most of. We will not agree so that the most will decide to dig ears of them of adomi the gate to the needs of scientific study also if the exploratory usefulness from it to the rule will be great, what in the democratic resources ( without basic laws ) the thing within reach. In the different tongue there is we did not Democrats necessarily but first and foremost we have basic laws. If will want that want, will nickname peaceful confidences of Israel in the name tiaokrtim. We were thing of important almighty to us more deserts of people also if there will be those billions of them. Also thousand billions of them, relatively endlessly, equal nil.

On the other hand, in spite of all the aforesaid there is not a necessity to arrive at the conclusions of d"a. The things that will say further they will come to expropriate the certainty that ascribe d"a to his operation according to it the woman is slighted in Judaism. Given and given/possible to prove that there are not the things necessarily so. Possibly and possibly that the converse he that is right!.

Assertion in the introduction

Release of the woman [woman release] in the company he from the important achievements.


Release is not a judicial matter. It is an essential matter. There is a place to examine if indeed release there is here. Possibly that speaking in the ring of strangulation [strangulation ring] to the woman. And possibly as well that the new situation is lien of the men [men lien]. 

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted and reputed as owner of/having position of cripple [cripple position] and hah vision that the man of heir and the woman not.:


Religious law here is collection of the judgements [judgements collection] is fat the doctrine and according to count. The latest situation of my religious law [religious law situation] is that the woman is eligible at the time nishoaia to the tenth from assets of the father what that not yes the man ( sho"a stone hazr nz s"k a, buffer Yitzhak is smooth and kmz ). Authoritative on the father lhshia his girlss more than his sons. Therefore possibly and the boy, in the final analysis, in case of rich father, in the posterity days of him will credit to the more from what that won the daughter. But vice versa dear when the father is poor that then will remain white negligible inheritance in the hour that his sister won to the more. By the same token the woman wins the tenth the assets in her childhood and the man only in the death his father. To the timing of the win [win timing] in the assets there is economic financial significance cbdt weight. From this examination methods of the win in the assets of the father [father assets] are tipkodim, we were to the favor of the girls in order shtinshana easily, what will amplify the birth, that as you know/but the birth hanging much more bmitsoi period of the productivity of the women. And to the favor of the boys in order that there will be to them many resources to finance the strong the family at the time hiwtsra ( later ).


Position of the woman [woman position] as position of that her can.


From position of the woman in Judaism is not incommunicado from norms of life [life norms] in them acted rabbinical Israel to their generations.

Those norms sucked, has as uterus, also from condition of life [life condition] that are basic. The men were mshcimim founding to their work and return after hard work day in the manual agriculture. The right he that also the woman worked much more hard, but/auditorium, every bar of mind [mind bar] understands pretty that the work of the men was to the not more arranged backbreaking. Man like this when comes from the field, pillowcase, justly to the aid of his wife to the recovery of roho and a help of Neves his House btsrcio the basic with you returned him home. We today don't understnd this concerning the work day in the field the meaning work in the mechanical rescued tool from a radiation of that are hot tempered and in meeting.

This custom is not authoritative from the doctrine but lifestyle.

No wonder, therefore, that the customs of life that are mutual between mates is peaceful confidences of Israel they changed with the change that occurs in the lifestyle. The right he is that in the absence of sanhedrin [sanhedrin absence] that will fix new norms to the relations was created situation that he anacronisti. He is resultant relates the holiness to the customs of Israel since then there was a sanhedrin. You have to surmise that those norms tshtnina otshkpna in future alleviation in the fields them chose d"a to point out to the favor of aggravation in the debts of the woman [woman debts] in the other fields. For example in the livelihood.


The judicial defense on rights of the women [women rights] in the secular preferable law on this of legal the doctrine. It is a law " naor"...


Pretty was marked that speaking in the judicial defense merely. The goal of legal the doctrine here is different. This goal here is existence of desire [desire existence] that produces. Peaceful confidences of Israel think that existence of this goal [this goal existence] brings to the larger happiness to the people and also to the women. This given thing to test with ease according to extent of the investments [investments extent] of the customs so in the judicial conflicts and in the divorce.

One from the bad the sick of the modern company she is a purification to the judicial norms and to the discussions in the courts that them praise d"a. Bad sick this from minor the national affluence and the economic growth in the form that is most sharp. Almost all the monies that are paid to the lawyers today given there was in the regime of the doctrine [doctrine regime] to divert to the investments in the economic growth that used to/would bring an enormous welfare to the public. System of the law [law system] and the sentence in the deplorable state and damages. In the regime of the doctrine [doctrine regime] of her cost wouldn't arrives to the tenth ( according to obscene calculations that edited cost of sentence according to sentence of the doctrine costs as percent one only!). Not to mention the procrastination of years what expropriates the usefulness from the verdict.

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted to the bad as such that not receive her evidence.


According to the truth of good deeds [good deeds truth] of the doctrine they in the sense of cuttable that we fulfil them as decrees of king. From this examination there are also discriminated Judean as such that they can not lhizon from pork. Be that as it may the reasons so, that seem seemingly to the eye, are in the fields that come: 

; a The woman is made from force of her femininity [femininity force] to conjugate the spoon in her influence on the judges. Known and famous btsbor that to the women there is a preferable chance in the courts. The thing was published while him by joined the men that fight to the equality of rights [rights equality] of the men. The assertion she that speaking in the sharp deprivation that arrives to relate 9:1 in the judicial the divorce for example.

In. The woman is busy in her family. This is the goal the more important because she is contiguous to the increase of generation [generation increase] of the future. The harassment of the woman by the concerts in the courts will disturb the management of the familial cell [familial cell management]. The familial cell he is her main task what resultant from the authoritative the first that in the doctrine we were, Peru and fought.

; g The position of the woman in the inquiry is made lbzota as woman and to hurt modestly her ( will be perused the without written until aa ). Every things of princess [princess belongings] inward ( psalms what hand ) is the ideal that enables the belief in Messiah cousin ( in the without ybmot az. ). Injury at all it is made to lower sorely the national demographic productivity.

; d The demise of the woman from good deeds of evidence [evidence good deeds] is her discrimination to the favor that as you know/but just until risk that will obtain " false witness " and even more severe " until premeditate ", also if testified a truth. As you know/but in all sentence are made to be errors. His made penalty to arrive at the point of mita and. 

The. Indeed the woman is judicious more but frivolous more. Also tpista the spatial facts in the defective reality few compared with this of the man. Psychological studies that they became encourage the known fact properly because there are kosher spatial differences of the people ( the men are preferable as was floated the thing for example in command on the helm in the streets ) compared with the women ( the preference are kosher the verbal theirs ). In the essential evidence apparently, in essence of thing, spatial diagnosis.

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted to the bad as such that she can not discuss.


In essence of thing of the rationales [rationales thing], there is to suppose, to the prevention to the receipt of evidence of the woman are similar to the those of a prevention of membership of woman to the judge.

The assertion that in the courts in the country sit women of the judgeship [judgeship women] in the wisdom and justly she not brt discussion and therefore empty from contents. Very hard to nationalize in the country to claim on this judge or other that is actually we will be able, if will claim so sat in the imprisonment. Unquestionable that will not be able to say this on the judgeship or on the system in entirety. Vacation expression of opinion on nature hshpita there are only to the ideological partners of the judges. They sit opposite cameras of the television [television cameras] and the broadcasts of the radio and in the system d"a and say that the system she that is most htobh... . Therefore that radiated from there blasted and his value even is not a nil. 

Justice of integrity [integrity justice] and wisdom bshpita mensurable only on the way one, the satisfaction of the population. System hshpita in the country absorbed before time is not great demonstration in the attendance actually of six hundred thousand demonstrate ( objective estimation of cnn ). This without women and many children that not could come to this demonstration. There is a place to the presumption that speaking in the one-fifth until quarter from the population that express directly and indirectly publicly me abhorred a soul from the legal system. In the any state in the world did not coincide something like this. 

Superfluous from this is the justice that becomes in the courts cost to the national economy of fortune [fortune economy]. 

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted to the bad as such that not from mannas her to the memberships.


In essence of thing, there are to suppose, that the rationales to the prevention of evidence of woman [woman evidence] and appointed to the dominion are similar.

d"a forgot to point out what happened in the country in the once the unit when the prime minister was woman. It was the militaristic biggest failure in the annals of the state [state annals] ( a war of Yom Kippur ). This failure resulted in the frivolous reality. It is connected of course to the assertion of hz"l that woman of her easy mind [easy mind woman]. 

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted to the bad that as you know/but her fathers can sanctify her to the man of has [has man] crha and so can he also to the sold lama. She doesn't have rights and she lacks a position.


There is not in this thing, to the majority of the puzzlement [puzzlement majority], defect. Will be offered lmpkpk as such to come to the countries of poverty [poverty country] and to see what happen to build/girls to consent poor from Rods. If it's impossible lhshian early ( sale of lama [lama sale] btortno she especially in order lhnsha to the man ). In any case not tnaia bad mtnaio slavish Hebrew that according to the doctrine tnaio preferable actually on tnaio of employee. The girls deteriorate to the prostitution and to the lives of street [street lives]. It is a thing that he is not commensurable to the successful solution of the doctrine. The solution that in the doctrine is destined lrboi natural high )??huh??( also on condition pressure are economic concerning the productivity almost above all. It is a good solution. On condition appearance, that they are smooth inseparably from lives of the nation [nation lives] up to here, when pronounced used to/would harass the girls are Jewish, nishoaihn there were in the frame of rescue.

With all of this gave the doctrine by the hands of the courts in Israel right to bet by the determination of additional rules expand or condense according to the period. Therefore his carrot are intelligent, with transience haitim, that forbidden to the father to do so. Assertion on one law within his dissociation from the including/total system mhtiaa the goal. From this examination, there are and there are regulations chance that come to adapt legal the doctrine for the period, to the economic social conditions. So also becomes. In the final analysis it is clear that condition of the relations [relations condition] between the women and the men in the company of the doctrine are good to the not arranged.


The woman of assets [assets woman] of the has.


The marriage create attachments of reciprocity [reciprocity attachment] between two of the mates. The fact that the has buys the woman and therefore she rcosho is expropriated. The husband indeed acquires rights of but/auditorium [but/auditorium rights] not less from it buys also the woman of rights. The fact that by the constitution of the doctrine a carrying of called woman " property " she maybe contrary to expectation lrat the man. That as you know/but if in the woman fell momim other the marriage, will not be able to the husband on this base request to divorce her oihi must in her address because we tell him nsthpa shdh.. In contrast with that Woman has a place to claim this assertion because the husband not " a property " his. The interested to see collateral the reciprocal affirmations of two of the mates [mates two] will peruse the book whose that there was a judge of the upper court in the state : DR. boy of mark [mark boy] shrshbski – judgements of family. ac"p there is not a corpse of the Woman is acquired to the husband. For example if there was a corpse is acquired there was he must in her damages and not so she is a religious law.

d"a number is positive the man from the doctrine ( to know hrmb"n ) are only relational matrimony. He don't tell what they are positive the Woman that are considerable from the verses with regard to the man. Actually except for loyalty nothing. Then what found bad in the doctrine?!


From examination from taxi the Woman is slighted.


During the things of the criticism on hz"l thanks d"a that in exchange for affirmations mmonim those receive the Woman rights from taxis. Who said what preferable. d"a decided in his soul shhazon that determined hcmino he is bad. Vision of their mannas [mannas vision]? ְתמהה!. Be that as it may can the Woman determine agreements mmonim other as condition to the marriage. Those conditions catch. Who prevents from the women that you are their respect and their position require people of d"a to do those agreements.

So we found in Rambam went matrimony of chapter [chapter matrimony] yb went d : " and more you will designate intelligent that there will be a deed of the hands [hands deed] the Woman versus her alimonies, and her proceeds versus eating of fruits of her assets, and her burial versus his inheritance to her address, accordingly if said the Woman not nizont and caused does 

Their listeners her and not copin her ". (But the husband copin ).


The Woman must the craftsmans of personality [personality craftsman] AND the Woman is allowable to hit in the whip in order lcopa do them.


Concerning to the style of the personal service [personal service style] will be perused the introduction to this pamphlet.

Concerning to the hits. In all company there are different opinions as regards the reciprocal lifestyle. Also to Rambam is allowable to express an opinion. The fact is that this opinion of the Rambam did she not get accepted to the adjudication actually. Concerning there is in her at least an apprehension of prohibition from the doctrine of " will not add " that he is the prohibition to hit. Will be marked that the Rambam decreed decreed when lives in the countries the Islam that there were reputed then to the countries of culture [culture country]. In the relations between mates in the countries the Islam that was drive acceptable. And in any case also to know the Rambam was the permit in the little extent much more from the acceptable in the relational the couples of Moslems.


The woman is subservient to the man to the utensil every time that will want and vice versa not.


This thing is wrong. The man in any case forbidden in the utensil during 12 day in the cycle at least. The lien to the utensil on other situated days in the attachment to the problems that come:

; a The man is made to be failed bawn an expense of sperm to cancel her if the woman will not be available him. What that not yes the woman.

In. The estimation of hz"l here is shhzdkkoto of the man to the utensil, physiologist is mental, big from that of the woman. That is apparently right fact concerning humankind from viewpoint his built nature to the polygamy. Who that searches a similarity between the big apes to the persons will obtain this reality in all which will leave.

; g The man is obliged in her bulls and increase and not the woman. If not taot to establish relational matrimony will hurt the thing in good shape the paired productivity.


The woman, with nishoaia, is expropriated from respect of her fathers [fathers respect] and maidservant.


Generally speaking the reality she that instead of that not those who determines hard to establish a peace at home. Usually women are married from heaviness you my parents )of( them actually. But/auditorium was necessity to determine a ladder of commitments [commitments ladder], that if insincere he will not prevail an order of life commit that he is the base to the peace at home. Because and the man he usually the more Adult and deals more in the taught doctrine is given in his hand the force to decide in the divisions of opinions. From this examination there is not the woman is slighted contrary to expectation. That as you know/but on the other hand women of her subservient brothers [subservient brothers women] to the respect of father and if that she exited from him. This arrangement imposes the responsibility on the people that in their hands were delivered from the start the resources.


A contravention of are dwelled by the hands of the husband.


This she discriminated the woman to the favor. That as you know/but to the husband not who improved ndrio.

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted and reputed as owner of/having position of cripple [cripple position] and hah vision that the man can divorce her has her inevitability and vice versa not.


There is in the assertion on turn of hypocrisy [hypocrisy turn]. Who prevents from the woman to leave her house lcshthpts?!. The problem of the position of discounts [discounts position] of the woman is found mainly in their head whose that they do not respect a doctrine and good deeds. Indeed legal their hypocrisy are equal the woman, but, actually, the treasonable phenomenon in the woman with other women ( include married ) and also the phenomena of striking of woman [woman striking] and her murder by her husband exclusive almost absolutely to the secular public contrary to expectation.

ac"p religious law here is collection of the judgements [judgements collection] is fat the doctrine and according to count. The latest situation of the relationship that between women to the men in the went is that the man can not divorce a woman of has [has woman] crha. Vice versa the woman can request from the court to receive a divorce from her husband by the assertion of " loathsome on me " not so the man. The deprivation of the woman in her deportations in the resultant court from it that to the court today there is not in the frame is legal the states of enlightenment [enlightenment states] " the authority to force according to the fences of the compulsion hhlctim, from defect. The state is restrictive ability of the court [court ability] to act in the subject efficiently. The assertions should shtopnina to the regimes that claim to the enlightenment and to their laws. In the a note of by the way will say that to punish from defect there is the clear advantages that come ( at least): 

1. The her Luke cleans himself completely and reputed like every other person in the company from viewpoint his position ( as mentioned in the doctrine – ..."And roast ahih"... ).

2. To the company there are not expenses is huge to establish buildings to the jails of expenses [expenses jails] of upkeep of guarding of nutrition ocio"b. 

3. The man is unaffected to the bad in the prison as a result of connection to the other criminals and not even learns to improve rshato. 

4. Person in the prison is not a person of my manufacturer [manufacturer person]. We were there is a loss of years of work [work years] to the national economy.

5. Unemployment of the prisoner mbiato beside me/to sin.

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted that as you know/but to the allowable man to carry several women ( polygamy ) and to the woman is forbidden lhnsha to several people ( poliandria ).


The marriage become first and foremost to the goal of productivity.

; a Number hwldot that will be able to bring a woman in the marriage poliandrim will not cultivate. The woman can in him temporarily to the pregnant one pregnancy and note not. Insincere in the polygamy. In the a note of by the way will be marked : That the state under pressure them of secular courses that see themselves as belong to the fields of Christian reproduction, the driving in this subject of religious compulsion [religious compulsion subject] on religious people in contrast to their conscience and their religion.

In. The involved2 men will not desire the children concerning not they will have a reason to want to invest in the boy that they don't have security in their fatherhood him. If will be fathered children as you know/but the involved2 men they will evade from the responsibility to his increase.

; g Multiplicity of women [women multiplicity] is natural customary phenomenon usually also in the world that lives.

; d There is a surplus of women compared with men in the age of the productivity [productivity age] as a result of: 

1 ) natural mortality more low of women. 

2 ) the mortality by the accidents of ways [ways accident] at men is high times 2.9 ( the advertisings of the central bureau to the statistic)

3 ) the mortality by the wars more high at men at least times 10.

4 ) age of the productivity [productivity age] of women start in the age more low and in the population in her there is a natural multiplicity ( in particular natural high multiplicity ) factor of the thing lcshatsmo to the big surplus of women in the market of the marriage. 

5 ) zcrim suicide ( in particular with expansion of reproduction hmtiwnt in the last generations ) times 2.3 from the women.

Will be marked as a note of by the way : The state forbids men an establishment of two families and above ( polygamy ) in their religious kiddushes. She does not forbid this that not in the legal marriage also if the thing of factor [factor thing] to the destruction of different family and an expense of put bad on her boys. As a result there is also compulsion on religious women to realize their right to the servitude in the religious frame according to their belief. The secular public realizes a religious obscene compulsion in that regard and get discovereds here bmaromi his hypocrisy in his assertions on religious compulsion from Sumerian side of the good deeds [good deeds side].


The woman is exempt her violators and increase and therefore she can not exit from cables of the marriage.


There is to the woman of simple way [simple way woman] to go out from the marriage as well by the assertion of " loathsome on me ". What prevents this he is the secular authority is enlightened " that he does not give authority to the courts in Israel lhlkot the husband of the objector [objector husband] until that will give divorce.


The woman is exempt from education of her boys [boys education].


If indeed exits us that the man he that is slighted. That as you know/but he is the one of the committed to dedicate from his time and his fortune to the education his sons.


The woman is not inherit her fathers. 


Will be perused above in the introduction to the pamphlet.


The husband of heir [heir husband] his wife and not vice versa.


It is a part of the reciprocal conditions. In contrast with that the woman is eligible to write her / alimony lcshttalmn what the man not.


There is not the woman inherits her boy and her daughter.


Why that will inherit?! If they have children, heirs they and if to the or heir of their fathers [fathers heir] concerning he for his part promises the mother them special financial other rights.


The work of the temple bzcrim.


Seemingly this is the discrimination of the men the Cohens that must evacuate more than two weeks in the year labodt the temple.

The spring in the sources will be proved several work this was bound in the loss. The Cohen was made to the defect if did not act as required from him and no at times occurs by the diseases of bowels [bowels disease]. There was on it to go on the floor of the temple is barefoot also in the cold winter. Therewithal did they not receive the Cohens heritage.


In the contribution of the man [man contribution] is eligible in eating and the woman not.


The discrimination her marks d"a here is also contrary. We were when Israeli woman nishat to officiate as you know/but she eats in the contribution what that not yes Israel that was made girl Cohen.

By the same token to the Israeli woman there is always chance that construction will be Cohens whereas Israeli man never he will not be able to arrive so.


Cohen is forbidden lhtma to the dead.


This she actually according to the philosophy of d"a discriminated the man is bad. That as you know/but he will not be able to litol part in the good deeds of burial [burial good deeds]. 


The family of the father determines to the judgements of uncleanness.


There are in this sides must and to the negation. ac"p not here discrimination.


To officiate forbidden to carry prostitute of divorcee [divorcee prostitute] and her space.


This she seemingly discrimination is bad of the men the Cohens. Ascertain that it is connected to the functional the holiness that imposed on the Cohens. But/auditorium of those functionings [those functionings but/auditorium] is not resultant from justifications of the balance of the Cohens but from the order of my doctrine that determined a certain group to the existence of good deeds of the peasant in the temple. Without me determination like this, hard there was very to establish a burden of sanctifies and sacredness in Israel.


Do not drive to give to the woman to squeeze or to circumcise actually.


Justly. bs"a those works that require a bravery that women usually not nihnot in him. It's worthwhile compare you percent the surgical between the doctors compared with percent the women between the doctors.


Woman will not suppose a tefillin


; a Cutting that is written hmtila the debit so on people and not on women because this good deeds did that the time caused. Simple explanation she that because and the woman is busy in the home making and increase of the children [children increase] ptrta the doctrine from certain good deeds flattery of the imposed load of rise. bs"a this is the discrimination of the man l"raa ".

In. Because and the landed special tefillin mainly to the people, as you know/but there is a place to fear that in this authoritative existence by women they ticnsna to fence the prohibition of will not wear a woman of tool [tool woman] of man similarly to the prohibition on men that will not wear a man of tool of woman.

; g Forgot people of d"a to write my second clear thing fully name bs"k yb the women – perused the fruit from corianders that he is the judgement to the matter of slaves [slaves matter] and perused the book of additions of sabbath that wrote bhdia ( explicitly ) vice versa and perused the book of annals Jerusalem.

; d The words " ] that not to blow [ " they of d"a.


Woman does not read in the public in the doctrine.


; a Respect of the public [public respect] he that will read in the doctrine those who obliged in her more and those who acceptable social to be important. You have to peruse the question if change in the position of the woman [woman position] that becomes in the modern states ( and to the or contrary to expectation to her favor ) made there will be to change religious law in the matter after establishment of the sanhedrin.

In. Because and the doctrine calls in the pleasant, old problem hlctit in principle concerning sound ( her singer ) in the woman is reputed to the genitals. We were while a hearing of singer from woman is forbidden to learn a doctrine.


Woman is not in the invitation.


In the element of the matter [matter element] of the reason so she is her commitment more the little to congratulate blessing of the food from the doctrine. This discriminated the woman to the favor that as you know/but as such she is exempt great times from cables of affirmation of the invitation [invitation affirmation] in them obliged men.


Lazy woman.


It is in the element of the matter [matter element] is laden testing of truth. lan"d the things are right. Possibly that this a quality of soul of woman and possibly that it is an other parties – like mental great load concerning increase of the children [children increase] and the debts in the management of the housekeeping. Might be her also other reasons. 

d"a thinks apparently that something like this should that will examined by politicians ( encouraged hnpim ) or the advertisings of the press ( appropriate herself to her customers ). ac"p there are objective indexes are exceptional to test authenticity of the matter [matter authenticity]. 

; a The remuneration that employ independent ready to pay to the men compared with it that paid to the women in the same soak. This index is very objective because if the output of the women was identical to this of the men, as you know/but, employs independent used to/would prefer women until that the costs ttazina ( legal economy are simple ). Our religion is religion of truth [truth religion] before because her religion of hello as mentioned by the prayer of that a palm branches of " truth is stable oncon... " we were, " truth " before " stable ". Of course that she is not a religion of cult hnpim. 

In. My lesson hbkorim of women compared with men at doctors. Considering that their basic health of women apparently high from that of men that as you know/but they are from length of life [life length] more. Well, according to advertisings of the Health Ministry on use in the health as you know/but in the poll 1996 there was a rate of the visits [visits rate] at doctors of funds of the sick to the women in the year 7.7 whereas zcrim 5.9. At/by/near my doctor the two of them 2.3 lzcrim and 3.0 to the female.

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted and reputed as owner of/having position of cripple [cripple position] in her intellect and hah vision that is said a rise that her easy mind.


Right that reputed woman is frivolous but on the other hand she is reputed to the more judicious ( about what written by the affair of in the beginning " oibn d ' says the talmud study, superfluous given wisdom in the woman ) exit if yes shhz"l ( also if will claim the claimant that they didn't know the truth on distaffs of the woman ) will test as her rational oxes of the woman in the functional form and not in the form deprives. Therewithal known because there are differences by the digression of the standard by the measurements of the portion [portion measurement] that transposes of women compared with men ( at the men of the aberrations are larger ). That is/are not our eye see because there are differences is very significant between the achievements hnmddim in the Nobel Prizes and also those that in the shah of checkmate [checkmate shah] between men to the women. And also also vice versa, rate that are retarded amongst hzcrim big from it that amongst the female. 

Of course will ask the question what preferable. There is a solid place to the presumption that a digression of big standard more preferable. It is right in all world that lives, the more the variety is larger ability hshridot of the sex grows.

Our religion is religion of truth [truth religion] and not religion of democratic flattery.

Assertion :

The woman in Judaism is slighted and reputed as owner of/having position of cripple [cripple position]. That as you know/but she is cashed from death in the low preference from that of the man as mentioned in the second her parents yg. "The man is previous to revive and to answer a loss ". 


In the same changes mtsino " the woman is previous to the man to cover and to withdraw her from house of the captivity [captivity house] ". Seemingly hard death more than captivity. But in Gemara is reputed the thing is different " hard captivity from all of them " comes btra h :, justly according to condition of those days [those days condition]. Again find we are tendentious quotation lacks of d"a.

Authenticity of the things [things authenticity] the Gemara are this found also in the book of yospos plabios that degree speech of the persuasion of leader of the rebels in Massada on his arrival to convince his audience to agree to commit suicide concerning good death from captivity. Indeed, in spite of shiospos number that there were several escaped from fate that suicide in Massada concerning they nhbao, as you know/but be that as it may that possibly and those they are the things that his past never us by means of the remnants are these, you have doubt if the speech was real or fruit dmiono of yospos plbios. But, also if we will say that it is a fruit dmiono of yospos plabios, also then, there was not the man boda mlibo imaginary assertions that they don't have base in the reality.


Not to teach women of doctrine [doctrine women] from any sexual anarchy.


d"a did not deal a rule with authenticity of the assertions [assertions authenticity]. Indeed very comfortable to attack in State " enlightened " agreed stitched. No One not checked agreed those so that will be able to prove that they are wrong. They simply unacceptable in the frame of culture [culture frame] of the democratic flattery are worthy. Examine people of d"a if women are interested in a kind of more or less from people?! People not always love to hear the truth. Be that as it may my thing d"a perverse as below.


Better that will burn things of doctrine and only that will not teach in them women.


Deficient quotation. Indeed we will say so. Be that as it may by the went Talmud doctrine decreed hshlhn arranged actually because there are by the hands of the women of remuneration [remuneration women] on instruction of the doctrine is theirs.


The desire of the woman subjugates her to the husband 


Will be happy to see the study that negates this.


And finds an I Mister from death you hashh...


And there is also vice versa. "Find a woman found good ". And both right. Anybody in his circumstance.


Prohibition of conversation [conversation prohibition] with the woman 


Several good said this. She is this that promises much more security of mates of man [man mate] braho. The scandalous the ugly that erupted to the communication for example banino of the minister Yitzhak Mordechai it he exactly from radiant. Disparagement in my thing hz"l hmtrim in the those subjects in contrast to the whimsies of d"a.


Infelicitous importance to the woman.


d"a ignores the question why infelicitous. The answer so she that we do not love the situation in him women situated instead of that attracts an attention around them from the tastes is forgoing.


zcrim preferable always perforate.


Wrong. The sample very great ohbiaonom above for example in the proceeds from captivity. By the same token when boys and girls of orphans [orphans girls] and not quite lprns you all of them from the assets of the father exited the boys to group alms and the girls tsharna lhizon at home.

From side of the father [father side] indeed there is a reason to the excellent concerns in the article. With all of this we found also vice versa in the sources like on old woman that she in the sense of stone is good at home whereas the old man the opposite ( grandmother bbita sima bbita grandfather bbita pha bbita their values yt. ). So also mtsino shlcshnoldt to the man of girl [girl man] congratulate " her bulls and next increase never " ( gitin chapter hnizkin ) and not congratulate this to AVI male baby.


Easy woman to be seduced.


There is ld"a study that proves the opposite?!


Loquacious woman.


The style " loquacious " is his select style of d"a. In the sources mtsino 10 kbin conversation descended never 9 from them took the women. Why chose people of d"a in this style is not hard to guess. We were, the halitosis of her good aroma [good aroma halitosis] of doctrine and Judaism in the brain of the women. Be that as it may there is not bmkorotino sympathy, putting it mildly, to the communicative style. That as you know/but " restriction to the intelligence of silence [silence intelligence] " ( chapters of fathers ). Concerning to the objective fact, indeed right that women from leadership much more than people. 

d"a was trapped here between two disciplines that he believes that they are compatible. We were the scientific truth compared with values of democratic company shwionit. It is clear that two of the values [values two] are these not quite compatible. We were, the scientific truth places in this subject the women as the person because they have human special weakness them we were numerous conversation. Given with ease to clarify the facts to their Assyria by means of perusal in the reports of study [study reports] of companies of the telephones in all the world.


The listener by the advice of woman of heir [heir woman] of hell.


Name on site in my quotation d"a therefore because there are subjects in them the contrary situation.

Not only this we are acceptable that Yakov we will punish on that not the her poor to the daughter lhnsha to the they made. That if it was thus does there was mhzirto to the better. This talmud study comes to expression also in balancings of eulogies [eulogies balancing] – sho"t signed counts a part d ( stone hazr in ' ) sign a"g the about. And as you know/but exits us that if there was continuous after his wife her judgement was heir of paradise [paradise heir].

Therefore that the thing depends by the including/total circumstances.


The woman in Judaism is slighted and reputed as owner of/having position of cripple [cripple position] and hah vision that she congratulates in the best wishes the daybreak " that smokes of crtsono ".


Seemingly indeed it so seems. But/auditorium of the concept [concept but/auditorium] " desire " on it congratulates the woman touches according to mind that are acceptable to the examination of the crown that she is the examination the more high. From this examination of blessing [blessing examination] of the woman more we will rise congratulates the man that congratulates on the way the negation only. To know the acceptable, in the world of the correction [correction world], a woman of force a corona of her husband. I.e. she in the sense of crown on his head.


The man respects his wife and she in exchange for this will give work, we were lack of equality.


Already we dealt previously in the matter of the equality [equality matter] him mbca d"a. Again we will stress that we not in favor of equality but in favor of efficiency and happiness are functional maximum. It is not the same thing. ac"p the presentation of the things is tendentious because compared with debtss of the woman forgot people of d"a to point out his debtss are many of the husband like lprns his wife and his boys. Also what we claimed that deed of her hands [hands deed] to her husband he is wrong. Woman can leave a deed of her hands [hands deed] to herself in exchange for her concession on her rightss that are opposing lhizon.

In summary

In the company in her the goals they are the work of the maker and not self materialization or / and equality customarily in the democratic modern company, possibly disparity in the position, of course is not in the spiritual remuneration, that as you know/but possibly Cohen is big " wins " lgihnm and woman wins to the paradise ( introduction and ' ). There are matters in them the MEN " slighted " and there is vice versa. Materialization of the democratic modern ideas [democratic modern ideas materialization] will bring why that described properly in the article shntprsma in the newspaper of country " ( that he is not a suspect on incomparable love lihdot... ) bi"a bsiwn tshs"b ( 22 may 02 lmninm ) in the article " children is this trouble ". 

19% from the American women upon completion period of the productivity are not servitude.

42% from the American women in the age of the productivity [productivity age] are not servitude.

Amongst the girls 40 bashiron the income that is upper – at least third without children

49% mshcbt the senior management of women of girls [girls women] 40 in the corporations the Americans – women that profit 8000$ per month they without children.

This trend situated in the acceleration. 

That is the picture of the situation of public that his password here is " ates and drank because tomorrow is died " – her deliverances cb 13.

Public because he has errand alokit longterm with national human responsibility by and large acts differently.

In the public hnhntni the genetics of the portion of that transposes going and was devaluated. From any that the talented women are a few to bear. Also the MEN that are talented from a few and tarry to fathering.

In the reverential public d ' the intelligent genetics going and intensifies. The exclusive marry more quickly and bear more children.

In the public hnhnti, to our sorrow, the demography increasingly negative. He could within little time and goes, from himself.

In the reverential public d ' the demography increasingly positive. Therefore ykoim in him increasingly quickly " because right and that from strength will erupt ozrah gentiles inherited and cities of souls [souls city] will seat " – yshaia NED 3, we were, cmsocm properly in the things that come the right also from public examination : " if will accumulate as ashes of money [money ashes] and as bitumen will prepare a garment will prepare and righteous will wear and clean money will distribute " – aiob cz 16 17.

Pamphlet from his folly tshs"a

As introduction to the answer to the pamphlet as you know/but below article of hprop ' Mordechai cslo that the publicized in the magazine " Chinese ".

The examination of the identifications of 10 sexual from on me heamorrhage that are pure according to htcsonomia


Three beasts seven live pure number in the doctrine : " this is the beast which will eat, ox that was as return and that her goats. Ram and deer and fallow deer, oako and fertilization and his cell and singer. And all beast from a horseshoe of horseshoe and splits split two horseshoes a degree of lives in the beast, her will eat " ( things of hand [hand things], bi ). According to tna Debby rabbi yshmaal : " this is the beast which will eat " ( and read hey, in ). From learned that caught an almighty from all sex and sex and showed him to Moshe and told him : This ates and this is not ticol ( in the without, their sick mb, a ). But/auditorium, today will not be discussed a tradition for that live the pure. Perusal bpiroshim the traditional and in the new studies shows, that considerable part of the identifications of the ten of from on me heamorrhage that are pure that reminded in the doctrine is not unequivocal and doesn't agreed on everything. In another that identifications of ox, lamb and goat, and also that live a hart and deer and no ako, known and acceptable, as you know/but these of a four of the remaining still is not our Libya every your flint. The translations of the doctrine that are ancient and the new, the dictionaries and my researcher that lives of countries of the bible [bible country] bring rejected offers that part of them they not mshcnaot.1 summaries and discussions in this subject that still is not his chaff every your flint were advertised recently by means of several hokrim.2 together still, there are to point out that them three of the beasts that are pure that there were on days of Moshe, their increase are continuous as of this date in the extensive extent in all the world. 

Even before clarification of the identifications [identifications clarification] you have to stress that name of beast that is written in the doctrine is not parallel to the one sex or to the type that are customary btcsonomia the modern, thing that pressing on hzihoi.3 indeed, identified ox with beef of the house ( הרפ= ) ( bos taurus ), identical lamb with lamb of the house ( ( ovis ariesועז identical with goat of the house ( capra aegagrus ). But deer in the doctrine appertains to the three of sexual the deer of his shahs [shahs deer] in the country or in the past the Jordan in the same period of deer artsishrali ( = found deer ) ( gazella gazella ), deer talks ( = deer the Negev ) ( g. Dorcas ) and Persian deer
(G. Subgutturosa ).4 exists also contrary example, two identified names with different sexes of the same the type, the one beast is second beast, ako the identified with Yael nobi ( capra ibex nubiana ), included inside the type of goat [goat type] ( capra ) together with goat of the house. From the examples that were brought we will be able to learn shhtpisha htcsonomit that supposed in the different doctrine from that the customary today ; but together still, every name of only accent [only accent name] tcsonomit : At times sex or a group of close sexes and at times type and no a group of close types. The goal of the work here she not finding new identifications, but enlargement smntit, according to the division of sub a series of from on me heamorrhage ( ruminantia ) to the families, sub families and that in TIM, of the different identifications that already were offered, to the rejected the forms of that live the pure in our area and in the world. You have to give an expression to the fact that people that visit in the zoo or viewers in the movies of nature, and in them live from remote areas, know to say that this is sex of deer [deer sex] and this is sex of hart, though that not saw these sexes of their waters, because they are similar to these the salesmen. Every name in the doctrine is example or archetype lmali heamorrhage that are similar him life over Haaretz. 

Clarification of the method [method clarification] of the identification

For whatever reason focused researchers of names have life that in the doctrine mainly in the identifications of live the found today in the country. Actually, these names represent many sexes more of animals, oloa from the simple reason that number that live the fitness to eating in the area was larger in the same period. It's possible to explain this partially as such, intellect put expresses at times in his limited meaning and at times in the wider meaning that represents also you that live the similar, oaap"c the researchers identified the names in their limited meaning. In contrast with that, according to the verses that were reminded above, determined the Rambam rule that expands very significances of the names [names significance] : " you don't have in all beast and beast that in the world is allowable in eating outside tithes the sexes of the memberships [memberships sex] in the doctrine. Three sexual bhmh... Seven sexual hih... They are and their sexes, such as the wild bull and took Off that they are from sex of the ox [ox sex]. And all enrichment of sexes [sexes enrichment] and their sexes elevate live and from Paris horseshoe. Accordingly, those who he mcirn he does not should examine, is not in the here and not in the hooves " ( Rambam, went corrosive forbidden a, h ). His adjudication bases on the Talmud my Babylon ( their sick p, a ) : " said a rabbi Yitzhak : Enrich in the they are portion that is written and note not " ( tells a deuteronomy on the Rambam, put ). I.e., there is not the intention because there is only ten sexual from on me lives, but the division of all these validations she for ten groups. We will show, that rabbi Yitzhak, and the Rambam in his footsteps, learned from the generalizations ' beast ' in the head of verse [verse head] d ' and in the end of verse and ' in the things of hand, because you have to expand the significance of that live hmnoiot appointed the similar to them, and actually all cloven of the horseshoe and from on me heamorrhage they as ministers. 

Indeed, in details several the method of the Rambam needs an explanation. The narrator changes and the money changes tmhim on the Rambam that the wild bull he is a sex of ox [ox sex], because his translated cell by means of aonklos, torbla, and his verbal translation back/in return to Hebrew is ox of the forest : " but what mnmnt his cell at all beast and correspondent of the wild bull [wild bull correspondent] of sex of beast, I do not know to rationalize according to a version of sprino, thus far his tongue ( of the narrator changes ) ... dha I will disobey their spike sbri dmdmtrgminn torbla sex of beast [beast sex] and on your inevitability I will delimit he dkamr mtrgminn torbla. And since dpsk as our masters dshor the bar of sex [sex bar] of beast he, if yes tao sex of beast she, and present lia four sexual beast six sexual hih... But what mnmnt his cell at all beast and correspondent of the wild bull [wild bull correspondent] of sex bhmh... perused the book of button [button book] and flower of chapter n"h ( one Hundred hand to their quorum )." And indeed situated name of excuse [excuse name] : " sex because there is in him according to and from the settlement, such as ox and the wild bull, wild bull of sex [sex wild bull] of beast, rabbi Yossi says : Sex of beast [beast sex] ( changes, jails h, and ). I found in the book htg'nis to the rabbi Judea boy in the to the nation ( one Hundred hey ) : Said rbino sadia blessed memory ( one Hundred ), shhg'amos kosher to approach them and his forbidden milk, that we will say : That my at the time cost rams and milk mriaim ( yshaiho a, hey ). And says : Slaughter an ox omria otsan... (Kings a a, yt ) obtospta ( jails a, h ) : Five things were said in the wild bull, forbidden from any the same and you in us, and his forbidden milk, and battle as regards the altar, and must as a gift, and we will take in the money tithes to the thank-offerings but not to bode a greed, and as you know/but he is as beast for all thing. r ' Yossi says this is his written cell in the doctrine, and allowable from any the same and you in us, and his allowable milk, and illegitimate from dorsal altar, and exempt from the gifts, etc... ' and as you know/but he is as beast for all thing. And intelligent say tao creature in itself, the wild bull of creature [creature wild bull] in front of atsmh... orbino sadia as intelligent. And here rbino sadia in the translation of the doctrine [doctrine translation] wrote his cell and singer, to titl and to zrpa,5 and will not stone g'amos. From all place, from within my those thing of the geniuses [geniuses thing] knew that the wild bull he g'amos."6 i.e., has a button and flower brings his opinion of great sadia genius that the wild bull is identical lg'mos, otorbla ( = his cell ) he is a sex ahr.7 indeed, still remains a difficulty in the things of the Rambam, if mria and the wild bull mark the same sex of beast, why he brings both. But/auditorium, seems that it's possible to rationalize her without difficulty rb.8 from all place, according to this opinion exits that the Rambam does not presume that the big beast that went onchda in the middle ages and in the new period and machine in the turned/removed the wild bull ( bos primigenius ) she in the frame of beast.

Majority from on me heamorrhage that are pure subjects on rashm couple Karnis, the found very little at animals other. The Karnis are divided to the two main types : Karni the harts ( in English antlers ) ; and Karni the prime, such as lamb and Yael ( in English horns ). The Karnis that are last only fitness to the preparation of shofar, outside from these of beef of the house [house beef] ( and the similar sexes him ). To know the additions, these of beef of the house [house beef] are made layers of layers, yielded from that, no of buffalo are not fitness, before they always call in the bible of fund and not shofar ( in the without new year co, a ; additions the outside parable of cow ; sho"a, ao"h tkp"o, a ; rm"a name ). Karnis from other type, that they are disorganized in this couple in this side, are Karni the rhinoceross, that they actually incarnation of that awake. These Karnis are hard the made from substance Karni only, and found this after this by preceded the head. From bibliographer two in general and the anterior in which long mhahorit.9 indeed, is reminded a kosher beast has one fund, plank, but not know what her nature ( in the without, holin net, in ; Rambam, corrosive forbidden a, yb ).10

hz"l bring couple the Karnis as sign of pure cheek piece [pure cheek piece sign], though that they are not found always. They are deficient temporarily at the young, deficient at the female of much sexes, and no at reminded of haiilim in the period of the dropout are theirs. This apparently the reason that the Karnis do not appear as sign in the doctrine but only in Talmud : " those they are signs of beast that halva are allowable? Every because she has Karnis and hooves. Rabbi dosa says : She has Karnis, island you should return on hooves. She has hooves, needs you return on Karnis " ( in the without, holin net, in ). We will show that the Rambam presume that sign the Karnis is brought in Talmud to the help in the identification : " stage of supposed things [supposed things stage], in a kind of that he not mciro. But seven sexual beast that are supposed in the doctrine, if used to/would recognize them, even did not find him Karnis, as you know/but it eats his milk and must cover demo " ( Rambam, corrosive forbidden a, hey ). From interest because there are sexes from on me lives that they don't have Karnis, not to perforate her and not even in memory of. To this group of from on me heamorrhage lacking Karnis belong that sexual at the time a family of haiilonim and two types from a family of haiilim, alkrn and hart of musk [musk hart]. Their dispersal in the announced/india, east Asia and Africa hmshwnit, and reasonable shhz"l did not recognize these sexes. Other sign bring hz"l to brutalize her pure, absence are transversal and dialects in the upper jaw : " give our masters : ... Every beast that a degree of lives, in the known that she doesn't have teeth above/up/upward and pure " ( perused : In the without, holin net, a ; tospta, their sick g, about ; Rambam, corrosive forbidden a, in ). This typical quality to the most most of them of from on me heamorrhage, outside from the family of haiilonim. From here because there are several sexes between from on me heamorrhage that seemingly they as ministers mdaorita but forbidden mdrbnn. 

Today towers several sexes from a family of haiilim, such as hart of the north [the north hart] ( rangifer tarandus ), European fallow deer ( dama dama ) and sanguine hart ( = noble hart ) ( cervus elaphus ) ; and from a family of the prime, such as American bison ( bison bison ), as domesticated lmhtsh.11 in all these you have to discuss if exited from hedge and passed to fence a supplier of beast of supplier of beast ( one of the meanings of scorched ). 

On our arrival to discuss the identification live that reminded in the doctrine or in the bible, you have to demarcate the area in which we discuss. I.e., there is a need to clarify in advance if only live that there were known from country Israel herself come in the account to the identification, or also like these that area of their dispersal [dispersal area] does not arrive but to the adjacent countries her. We will show that the suitable term field of the area [area field] re he is a countries of the bible, and in it included, except for country Israel, also superficial the kingdoms are the big of Egyptian, Mesopotamia oantolia Syria. Only by the periods more late, in the aftermath of occupations of Alexander mokdon or consolidation of the empire [empire consolidation] the Latin, there was more easy to arrive eastward until announced/india and also to the countries like France and Spain. From here, that the rationale that bring explore several in order to postpone an offer to the identification of beast [beast identification], such as g'irp, because she she not situated or not there was in the country but only in the adjacent countries, we did not attack. This, at least from the reason that the doctrine is given is not in the country but in sinai, to the nation Israel that recognized properly you are Egyptian and her culture. Difficulties in the identification are resultant also from the longlasting process of disappearance are sexual mammals and especially from on me live from Haaretz and from the area in entirety, began from periods of prehistories [prehistories period] of committee hiom.12 process like this factor from essence drowned to the information is not absolute, the findings of the bones are shameful archaeological do not provide the required information for all period, and the identifications of the drawings and the evidence in writing and has a here always for the researchers. 

From all the supposed above exits, because there is preference to the malleable identification that represents also group, because at least in the part of the cases are clear that the name appertains to the more from one sex. Today number 72 types and 179 sexes of from on me lives. The little in which he Ayalon that height ctpio he about 20 centimeters only and his weight 2 2.5 kilograms, and the big, g ' will slacken, that his general height cost on 6 from ' or bulls, that their weight above/up/upward from 1000 kilograms. In general hzcrim big from the female. The division htcsonomit helper to classify a sexual anybody from on me heamorrhage to one tithes the written names in the doctrine ( chart 1 ). Also if situated beast that not there was known up to here, such as pseudoryx nghetinhensi, that is found only before as eight years in the forests in the boundary Vietnam Laos – hnmnit on sub the family of the YaelS, we will be able to attribute her to one from 7 that live the pure, in which case lako. 


Depiction from on me heamorrhage

To the sexes that number on sub a series of from on me live typical sent body ( narrow and oblong ), big long head, wide teeth, are adapted to eating of plants [plants eating], long neck, and high fine legs that end in the two fingers. Axis hmshant of weight of the body [body weight] passes between the fingers is third and the quarter that are developed , and the body in entirety leans on them. Edges of the fingers [fingers edge] enveloped a horseshoe that rise they step, cloven horseshoe. The horseshoes, like htsipornim, arrogance during all life and the friction in the ground guards on their thicknesses that is advisable and on their form. The stomach is divisible to 4 sections ( outside from sexual haiilonim which to them 3 sections in the stomach ). Order of the sections from the here and backwards he : hmss, house of the glasses [glasses house], a stomach of halalim and the stomach of the juices. The three of the first parts developed apparently from the esophagus, whereas the stomach of the juices from complaint to the stomach of remainder of the mammals [mammals remainder]. The food hnthn in the here descends lhmss in him dismantle unicellular and bacteria you that are cellular. From there arrives the food to the house of the glasses [glasses house], in him he passes a process of mixing. At home the glasses was created conglomerate of processed food [processed_ food conglomerate] partially the immigrant here to renewed grinding, an increase of lives. After this grinding descends the food to the stomach of halalim and continues his way in the rebel of conduit [conduit rebel] of the digestion. That is sub the big developed series understands all hprstnim. The division htcsonomit and the brought depictions below they according to the zoological lexicon and the encyclopedia, that live and the flora of country yshral.13 the depictions come to fill insofar as certain the flock of the illustrations [illustrations flock]. From on me heamorrhage are divided to 5 families, and at times there are also divisions changes to the family members olshbtim ( according to 


1. aiilonim ( tragulidae ), the family that is the most primitive between from on me heamorrhage. Lacking Karnis. The upper dialects are developed ( mainly bzcr ), stall from within the here and serve to protect her. In the stomach 3 sections, special quality to this group. 7 included sexes in 2 types : Sexual Ayalon, length of their body [body length] 40 centimeters, otpotstm southeast announced/india Asia. And also Ayalon the water, the big a little more, reminds a pig of his scarcity [scarcity pig] is found in the tropical areas in the west Africa. Possibly eighth this family is not included in 7 that live the fitness, because they don't have representation in our area, they don't have Karnis, they have dialects and cut in the upper jaw and they don't have 4 sections in the stomach.

2. A family of haiilim ( cervidae ). The second family in her size inside the a tea of series, counter 17 types and in them 53 sexes. The family is undistributed to give families or lshbtim. Her clear sign, Karnis boniness, made essence only, that not as Karnis that are vacuous of the sheep, the beef, the armies and the antelopes, the made substance Karni. They situated only bzcrim, except for hart of the north [the north hart] that also to perforate her there are Karnis. Karni the harts are divided and made from an embroidery of essence that develop one to the year from bony found base on herself the forehead. There are also sexes have Karnis are simple, such as sexual mzma ( mazama ). The essence grows and with her sizes of the comprehensive skin [comprehensive skin size] her and the blood vessel that feed essence and the skin that rise. bhgia the fund to her final size, shrivel the blood vessel that in her base, the skin dries and falls tears of tears [tears tear] onotrt made fund from essence only. The removal of the skin is perceivable by friction of the fund [fund friction] are virtual hard as stones and branches of trees. This process ends in general before the season of the reproduction, and then serve the Karnis to the wars between hzcrim or to the demonstration of power at the time of guarding on territory. Upon completion the season of the reproduction fall the Karnis as a result from formation an embroidery of dissociation in their base and a little while later was created Karnis are new instead of these that his eagle. Additional trademark : lzcrim ( but is not to the hart the Carmel and to the fallow deer ) big dialects in the upper jaw, that they are developed more than these that by the family of the prime. But/auditorium, they don't have transversal ( to the female also there are not dialects ), and according to this qualify my type haiilim. Sexual the family situated in Europe, Asia and America, and only one found sex in Africa ( in the north west the continent ). To the two sexes of attachment [attachment sex] with names live that appear in the doctrine, identified hart with hart the Carmel
(Capreolus capreolus ) that lives in the country until before about 90 year ( chart 1 ) ; and there are the sails are identical fallow deer with fallow deer of my bible [bible fallow deer] ( dama mesopotamica ), shnchd from Haaretz together with hart the Carmel.

3. antilokprim ( antilocapridae ). American family of girl [girl family] of type and one sex, antilokpra. In memory of Karnis are derived a scarcity of fork [fork scarcity], that fall every once in a while. The Karnis boniness, from glasses is discussed my hard skin that he not but that around age that awake joined, hmthlpt in all year. Delegate of the family [family delegate] constitutes a form of are interim between their YaelS laiilim. 

4. The family of hg'irpim. From on me lives absolute. In the forehead reminded 2 Karnis that they are protuberances of boniness [boniness protuberance] from glasses of skin that they do not alternate in the course of life. Similar protuberance oap"r short more situated bkdmt the forehead, and sometimes situated behind couple the Karnis second couple is smaller. Two types : g'irp, and in it today one sex 
(Giraffa cameleoparadalis ) the prevalent in areas of hswna that from south to commercialize her. His peculiar form attracted the attention more from yore. Second type has one sex – aokapi ( okapia johnstoni ), was discovered only by the year of 1900 in Congo and his height until 1.5 meter. g'irp was brought to Egyptian more in middle of the thousandth the third lpsh"n. He appears not once by the pictures that describe brought Shai oms,15 and seventieth translation translate singer, camel of my tiger [tiger camel]. As mentioned, great sadia genius identified a singer with g'irp, and seem his words. Reality of singer [singer reality] in the end of the list, similarly to the bat by the list of the impure chickens, hints on relation hg'irp to the list of that live the fitness ( chart 1 ). As you know/but he has every the signs of the fitness mdaorita omdrbnn, no that he are different his scarcity mmali heamorrhage that are other.

5. Prime ( bovidae ). The big family bmali heamorrhage. 4 sections in the stomach. The Karnis to the most at two of the mates [mates two], simple, vacuous, from permanence, the built substance Karni that envelops the protuberances of the boniness, the hollow of essence of the forehead. To the young female details there are in general Karnis are smaller approve lzcrim. To most of the prime there is only couple Karnis is one, but there is one type, four fund ( tetracerus ), that he is a has four Karnis. There are also races of lamb of the house [house lamb] and goat of their house four Karnis. The family of counter [counter family] 50 types and in them 116 grouped sexes in five sub families. Three hahronot included in the name of antelopes [antelopes name]. These from interchangeable in Africa ( outside from one sex ) you haiilim. 

; a Their YaelS ( caprinae ). Will be prepared rocky mountains, their body is heavy and from was convened, and the legs are short and strong. Sub this family includes four that in TIM : 1. saigot ( saigini ), and in it 2 unisexual types – similar to the antelopes. 2. Antelopes their YaelS ( rupicaprini ), 4 unisexual types – similar slanders. 3. Lamb of the musk [musk lamb] ( ovibovini ), 2 unisexual types. Dispersal of all the sexes by the three of the tribes that were reminded, from outside to the countries of the bible [bible country]. 4. Goats ( caprini ), the counter 5 types and between them, goat ( including Yael ) and lamb. As mentioned, three sexes in this identified tribe with three animals pure, lamb, goat oako ( chart 1 ).

In. Bulls ( bovinae ). These big and heavy string the prime, the tail is long, exist collateral little horseshoes ( the remnants of the second fifth finger ). Sub the family of counter [counter family] 3 that in TIM : 1. slilni Karnis 
(Strepsicerotini ), big pretty antelopes, theirs Karnis are long, sliliot ophosot. In the tribe 3 types : Bongo, his code, and her nest. 2. Short circuits of Karnis ( boselaphini ), in memory of Karnis are very short. In the tribe 2 sexes that number on 2 types : Four fund, nilgo. The live ancillary the tribes that were reminded above they do not live in the countries of the bible [bible country]. 3. Beef 
(Bovini ). The big and the clumsy in the family, their head does not exalt over the shoulders, the Karnis mediocrity, crimp of skin [skin crimp] under their neck, the tail is long obktsho a crest of gate. In the tribe 5 types : Bull ( bos ), bison ( bison ), anoaa, his African cell ) ( syncerus caffer ), and his Indian cell ( = g'mos ) ( bubalus bubalis ). As mentioned, identified ox with beef of the house [house beef] ( = cow ) ; and his identified cell with the wild bull ( bos primigenius ) ( chart 1 ).16

; g Armies ( antilopinae ). Little antelopes quite and subtlety. Sub this family of second counter [second counter family] that in TIM : 1. Antelopes of mountains [mountains antelope] ( neotragini ), their den until 50 centimeters, appointed quarrel there are Karnis only in memory of. In the tribe 7 African types, apparently from outside to the area of countries [countries area] of the bible. 2. Robberies ( antilopini ), dwell a prairie and talks, their den 60 100 centimeters. In this tribe the Karnis exist at two of the mates [mates two]. In the tribe 7 types and between them deer ( gazella ). As mentioned, deer numbers on that live the pure ( chart 1 ).

; d Qualities ( cephalophinae ), 2 types of little antelopes, have Karnis are short, tend to the rear. Their dispersal in Africa, from outside to the countries of the bible [bible country]. 

The. Buffalos ( hippotraginae ). Girl of this family [this family girl] includes big antelopes and is divided to 3 that in TIM : 1. Lovers of humidity ( reduncini ), their body are heavy and only in memory of there are Karnis. In the tribe three types will be prepared in the ignited or forests in Africa, from outside to the countries of the bible [bible country]. 2. Will be prepared desertization ( hippotragini ). The Karnis are long and exist also at the female. In the tribe three types : Fertilization ( addax nasomaculatus ), that lives until recently in Egyptian ; buffalo, such as Arab buffalo ( = buffalo of my skewer [skewer buffalo] ) ( oryx gazella ), that lives once in Negev ; and equine antelope. From identical fertilization with Arab buffalo
(Chart 1 ). 3. Will be prepared guarantee ( alcelaphini ), the legs are high and fine and the head is oblong. In the tribe three types : Defend, dmlisk obobl, in Africa. Seventieth translation and several spread from identical fallow deer with bobl my hart
(Alcephalus busephalus ) 71, that his dispersal was wider, and lives in the country until before as one Hundred year ( chart 1 ).


In principle, all from on me heamorrhage ( outside from delegates of the family of haiilonim ) they live fitness mdaorita omdrbnn. And this is not the place to discuss if there is or there is no need today in the tradition in order to eat them. The groups and the different sexes are orderly in the chart, according lkrbtm htcsonomit okrbtm to the written sexes in the doctrine ( chart 1 ). The chart is distributed to the inner nucleus and to the two circuits that rotate him. In the nucleus, the ten of the brought names in the doctrine and their identifications, in the discount, intellect put identical to the one sex that represents a separate group of from on me lives. According to the mutable extent of the significance hsmntit, orderly around to the second nucleus of circuits [circuits nucleus] of groups tcsonomiot ; in the inner circuit of close groups more to the identified sex, and in the exterior circuit of the sexes more the remote they are from examination tcsonomit and they are from geographic examination.

Five names number on the family of the prime the varied and laden with the sexes, put one to the family of 
haiilim, the unitary and the second in her size, one1, lg'irp the special. Together covers the ten of the names every groups from on me heamorrhage of validations [validations heamorrhage] to eating. Part of the exterior circuits shampoo insofar as certain. I.e., from on me lives the found in the exterior remote circuit of their scarcity [scarcity circuit] from one archetype, could be similar to the other archetype. So, sexual girl of the family [family girl] of the buffalos could be similar or to the Arab buffalo or lbobl my hart, and so, different antelopes can belong to this group or differently according to their similarity to the sex in the nucleus – the archetype – to the deer, to the buffalo, lbobl or to Yael. In the they my husband only one circuit and in it only the domesticated next sexes them. 

The chart is orderly in the modular adapted form also to the other opinions, so that because there is a change in the identification, it's possible to exchange the identifications without to change the frame. For example, identified fertilization here with Arab buffalo, and if is wanted, we will be able to exchange the buffalo in the fertilization without to change something in the circuits. So it's possible to exchange the wild bull with European bison, because both represent tribe of the beef [beef tribe] and you sub the family of differences. Even change of the identification [identification changex] of fallow deer that in the doctrine, mbobl to the fallow deer of my bible he will not shake the frame. But/auditorium, hard to cede on the identification of singer [singer identification], g'irp, because his moving to one the exterior circuits creates difficulties several ( chart 1 ). His loneliness in his type, and far and away no in his family, explains you from will arise in the end of the list [list end] that live the pure.

Chart 1

The division of the groups of from on me heamorrhage according to ten that live the pure

Exterior circuit 
Inner circuit 
The identification to the sex 
The name in the doctrine
Girl of family [family girl]


Sexual lamb are domesticated

Lamb of the house [house lamb]

Ovis aries
Their YaelS

Goat of the house [house goat]

Capra aegagrus

Remainder the YaelS


Yael nobi

Capra ibex
; oka

Sexual bull are domesticated

Beef of the house [house beef]

Bos taurus

Remainder of differences [differences remainder]


The wild bull

Bos primigenius
His cell


Armies antilopinae
Deer artsishrali

Gazella gazella

Remainder of the buffalos [buffalos remainder] hippotraginae
Will be prepared desertization hippotragini
Arab buffalo

Oryx gazella
Will be prepared desertization

Remainder of the buffalos [buffalos remainder] hippotraginae
Will be prepared guarantee

bobl my hart

Alcephalus busephalus
Fallow deer
Will be prepared guarantee


; miilia

Hart the Carmel

Capreolus capreolus
; miilia

; ypakoa

; pri'g

; mipri'g


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The War of the North and the South, unto desolation begins

Expulsion Has Begun: Gush Katif Hotel Forcibly Evacuated
17:30 Jun 30, '05 / 23 Sivan 5765

In a relatively quick but violent action, police and army forces completed the evacuation of the Maoz HaYam Hotel in Gush Katif this afternoon.

It took less than two hours for hundreds of policemen to forcibly evacuate approximately 150-200 residents of the hotel this afternoon. Televised pictures showed young crying girls wearing orange shirts being dragged away by four and five Border Guard policemen. Some girls were seen with their hands self-bound with orange ribbons.

The residents, who have been there between a few days and a year, were dragged onto waiting buses. One woman who was forcibly evacuated spoke with Arutz-7, and said, "They took us by bus to a place around 40 minutes away - and they just dropped us off! In the middle of nowhere, they told us to get back ourselves!" She said that she was able to hitch a ride back to Gush Katif, and because of her ID card showing that she is an official resident of the area, was allowed in.

"Even more of a scandal than just dropping us off in the middle of nowhere," the woman said, "is the fact that this morning the army did not allow the supermarket truck to make deliveries of milk to our children. My children are starving! If the army would have prevented Arab children from getting milk, what a stink there would be!"

The local police commander confirmed that the closure on Gush Katif is only temporary, and "specifically for the purpose of ridding the area of these extremists in the hotel."

Journalists on the scene were skeptical of this claim. "We'll see if that's what will really happen," said one. "Don't forget that today is the last day of school, and if they open Gush Katif, many people will start streaming in."

A compromise proposal is that Gush Katif residents would be allowed to travel freely, but that checkpoints at the entrance to Gush Katif would carefully screen incoming traffic.

Nadia Matar, of Women in Green, who now lives in Gush Katif, had strong accusations against the Yesha Council and other officials today: "This was a disgusting deal they made, to go along with the army plans to temporarily close off the area in order to clear the area of so-called extremists. This hotel was to be a critical location both for us and for the army during the coming weeks - and this deal enabled them to take it over."

Despite her fury, she said, "We will continue the struggle. True, we won't be able to go back to the hotel, as the army will have taken it over, but we'll work from other places."

One young man who was dragged onto a bus, who has been living in the hotel for over a year, spoke to reporters from the bus. "We have been on a bus for over an hour, but no one has told us where we're going," he said.

"The police and security forces came in and beat us for no reason," the young man said. "People here are really hurt. I told them that we live in the hotel legally; we're on the other side of the hotel, not in the part that's so famous. We are here with all the right permits. But still, we said that we would go out peacefully - and yet they took us away with great force, and hurt us. Now we're on the bus, and have been here for over an hour, no one is telling us where we're going, we haven't been able to see a medic or get something to drink."

The man, speaking with Voice of Israel Radio, said that he, his brother and several friends from Gush Katif have been living in the hotel for several months. Other long-time Gush Katif residents have been living in the hotel for several months as well.

Another of those residents later told Arutz-7 that in fact, he and his friends have been allowed to remain. He said that the above-quoted man was arrested "by mistake," and had already returned home to the hotel.


Her Furer Bushkevik's Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch sorcery in his speech 6-29-2005, mind numbing the Judeo Masses

Pascal Richι, a journalist for the French Daily "Liberation" has kindly posted on his blog a synopsis of yesterday's speech by Bush at Fort Bragg, leaving in only those most important words that conveyed the core of the message that Karl Rove wanted to get across to the American people.

Note, all of these words appeared in this order in Bush's speech.

"Global war on terror, September the 11th, 2001, terrorists, terrorists, totalitarian ideology , freedom, tyranny, oppression, terror, kill, terrorists, September the 11th, freedom, enemy , war, terrorists, kill, murderous ideology , terrorism, terrorists, free nation, war on terror, freedom, violence and instability, dangerous, violence, bloodshed, violence, sacrifice , war on terror, violence, killers, freedom, criminal elements, hateful ideology, freedom, liberty, democracy, terrorists, war on terror, terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, murder and destruction, enemy, terrorists, car bombs, enemy, terrorists, suicide bomber, enemy, terrorists, violence, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists , freedom, enemies, September the 11th, Bin Laden, enemy, free, tyranny, terrorists, anti-terrorist, free, al Qaeda, free nation, terrorists, terrorists, enemy security terrorists, anti-terrorist terrorists, terror, enemy, tyranny , enemies, freedom, freedom, ideologies of murder, atrocity, September the 11th 2001, car bombers and assassins, freedom, freedom, flying the flag, freedom, freedom, September the 11th 2001, enemies".

Noahide enslavement and obedience of DIE

Bush orders assets seized

President Bush ordered the seizure of assets belonging to Syrian, Iranian and North Korean entities believed involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The executive order, issued Wednesday, allows the United States to seize the assets of seven entities should the assets in any way come under U.S. jurisdiction. Four of the entities named in an annex to the order are North Korean, three are Iranian and one is Syrian. Some of the entities are businesses, while others appear to be government-affiliated.

Among the groups: the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and the Scientific Studies and Research Center, which apparently is Syria’s weapons agency.


a Queer people, these hassidim Chabad Lubavitch of Sanhedrin

Conservative rabbis support gays

A group of Conservative rabbis launched a Web site supporting the inclusion of gays in their movement.

The site,, went online earlier this month and now lists 99 rabbis who support the ordination of gay rabbis and the inclusion of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender Jews in movement activities and institutions. Some of the rabbis also support allowing Conservative rabbis to perform gay wedding ceremonies, though not all have signed on to that.

“The primary purpose is to give Conservative rabbis who are inclusive in their approach a chance to connect and learn together and to reassure each other that they are not alone,” said Rabbi Menachem Creditor of Sharon, Mass., one of the site’s six founding rabbis. “But the primary purpose is to offer GLBT Jews an opportunity to connect with Conservative and Masorti rabbis who are inclusive in their approach.”

The Rabbinical Assembly, the movement’s rabbinic arm, voted in 1992 against ordaining gay rabbis and officiating at same-sex weddings, but will reconsider its approach to homosexuality in March


SHUT them UP

Canadian Jewish groups back deportation

Jewish groups in Canada welcomed a decision by Canada’s Supreme Court reinstating a deportation order against a man for fomenting hate.

Leon Mugesera was accused of hate-mongering and inciting genocide against the Tutsi minority in a speech he gave in his native Rwanda in 1992. A federal court previously had overturned the deportation order. As part of his fight to stay in Canada, Mugesera had alleged a widespread Jewish conspiracy and claimed that Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella and other prominent Canadian Jews functioned as a hidden, parallel judicial system. The court rejected the argument Tuesday. “This decision infuses real meaning into Canada’s determination not to be seen as a haven for purveyors of hateful and violent messages,” said Ed Morgan, national president of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

After a decade of procedural difficulties that prevented successful prosecutions of crimes involving hate-mongering and incitement to genocide, the Mugesera decision “puts us back on track,” asserted David Matas, senior legal counsel for B’nai Brith Canada. “It sends a signal that Canada will join the global community in fighting the worst crimes known to humanity.


sheeesh, and they are them who seek to decapitate any who refuse their shemborg collective of shame


Education DAY USA and the 

SOS ( sons of satan) Police State of the Hoodlum haha of the dragon and his Sanhedrin

N.Y. Tolerance Center to open to public

The New York Tolerance Center will open to the public on Mondays.

The Associated Press reported Monday that the center, affiliated with the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, will accept reservations of groups of 30 for two-and-a-half-hour tours beginning July 11. According to Faith Manney, an administrative coordinator for the center, the heavily interactive and multimedia features of the museum require close staff supervision and therefore don’t allow for more public hours.

The center, which focuses on the Holocaust and current conflicts, primarily serves educators and law enforcement officials.




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