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July 1, 2005  



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

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Alert ! Alert! Alert!

The Sanhedrin, whom the Dragon has given their seat and their authority, the seventy offspring of the Nephilim, who say they are Giborim, gods, are about to Have Indiana Jones (Vendyl, Bene Noach) produce the ark of the Temple of Doom. Their is BUT ONE Vessel of the WORD of God, and he is even HIM, the everlasting Holy Covenant, that these hope to have their vision against, Jesus the Christ the LORD

Pin camera ready to roll on Ark of Covenant discovery

by Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press.
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Toronto-- Mark August 14, 2005 on your calendar as potentially momentous. It’s one day before Ariel Sharon’s planned removal of 8,000 settlers from the Gaza strip, a dramatic event no matter the outcome.

THE 9th of AV

Providing even more drama of a coincidental kind is Dr. Vendyl Jones. With the kind of credentials that make him one of the world’s most renowned experts on Qumran and the Land of Israel, Jones last month announced on Israel National Radio that he hopes to reveal the long-hidden site of the Ark of the Covenant "by August 14."

Stirring human imagination down through the ages, the Ark of the Covenant is allegedly the acacia chest in which Moses placed the Ten Commandments.

Jones calls his project to reveal the site of the ark, "Project Petakh Tiquah", "Door or opening of Hope".

Opening the Door of the abyss

No single story could ever do justice to the amazing accomplishments of Vendyl Jones, who was the true-life inspiration for Indiana Jones of Raiders of the Lost Ark blockbuster movie fame.

and the TEMPLE of DOOM


The real heroes of life are not up on the silver screen, they’re out in the field conducting tireless missions, under funded, media mocked, but soldiering on. The true-life red-blooded version always dwarfs the movie version.

Dr. Vendyl Jones’ painstaking detective work pinpoints the long lost ark as being "hidden in a secret passage that runs 18 miles south of the Temple Mount into the Judean desert."

Beware you who are in Judea, for the Abomination which causes desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet and verified by the LORD, is about to be "REVEALED" and he is the son of perdition of the seventy of the beast Sanhedrin

No Hollywood hype could provide the same level of anticipation.

Since 1972, Jones has conducted eight major excavations of Qumran, the area where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in 1947.

The Noahide Dead mens Dead sea scrolls of Blasphemy


 The Shemen Afar Shimon, the Holy Annointing Oil from the Holy Temple, was found in April 1988 by Jones’ archeological team. With an investment of nearly $2 million, all of it donated by supporters of his Vendyl Jones Research Institute and none of it from government, foundations and grants, Jones’ digs involve over 300 dedicated volunteers.

They are surely about to make them a king over them, and this beast who ascends from the bottomless pit will scatter and slay they who STAND FIRM in their testimony and their witness of Jesus the Christ the LORD of LORDS and KING of KINGS, Pray and watch.

Should Vendyl Jones find what he is looking for in the Judean desert,

Enoch said this is the Desert of Dudael, where this beast is locked up. Is this their cave in "Chevron" ?

 Indiana Jones, the flickering ghost of the screen will be replaced by truth-is- stranger-than-fiction immortality.

By Aug. 14, Jones and Company are going to drill a borehole into the chamber which they believe contains the ark, drop a pin-camera in and, hopefully reveal the find to a watching world.

Non-believers may be interested to know that Jones has already discovered some of the holy items associated with the ark.

A credible Torah teacher, (Talmud Bavli of the Dragon's Blasphemy and perversion and sorcery and murders) who hails from Texas, Jones has represented the Israeli Foreign Minister in a two-year lecture series on college campuses with P.L.O. representatives.

Rabbi Adin Israel Steinsalz, head of the Institute for Talmudic research  (The Nasi, Nazi of Sanhedrin of the Dragon who has Given him his seat and his authority) and thought to be the world’s most renowned Talmudic scholar called Jones’ work, "Scientifically valid research which may result in important findings for the Jewish people and the world."

Wherever you plan to be on or around Aug. 14, you could be front row center to the filmed discovery of one of the world’s greatest artifacts of all time.

The Last time, anti-Christ cometh


Missing for centuries, the ark is believed to have disappeared with the destruction of the First Temple by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon in 587 B.C. Indeed, the exact whereabouts of the ark have been shrouded in mystery ever since.

Rv:11:19: And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

Incredibly the Ark of the Covenant has a pretender.

With the blessings of the United Nations, a bizarre ark knock-off, carried through Vermont farm fields and sailed by sloop to UN Manhattan headquarters, has been making the rounds as a show-and-tell exercise at public schools. 

"No Child Left Behind".....from  the dragon, Education Day USA "restoring" this nation to their Universal Noahide Laws to the Dragon

Called the Ark of Hope, the replica carries, among other things, the Earth Charter, a replacement for the Ten Commandments as advocated by former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev and Kofi Annan right hand man, Maurice Strong.

The Holistic Consciousness of the coming "Cosmic Christ" out of the abyss. The Head Sofiet Viper, Moshiach ben Dragon


The Earth Charter is "an international peoples’ treaty for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century". (Philologos Bible Prophecy Research).

the Phileo love of man is not the AGAPI LOVE of Jesus the Christ, but deception of the Dragon

Even as you read this, the hidden location of the real artifact is underway with results possibly coming your way the summer of 2005.

The War of the WORLDS


Canada Free Press founding editor Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the media. A former Toronto Sun and Kingston Whig Standard columnist, she has also appeared on, the Drudge Report,, and World Net Daily. Judi can be reached at:


Prepare Planet Earth for thine Destruction is Nigh

Violent Evacuation-Attempt Near Shirat HaYam
17:51 Jun 29, '05 / 22 Sivan 5765

Seven Jews were arrested in the attempt to evacuate an abandoned Gush Katif building. The violent struggle involved four sides: the army/police; Gush Katif people; nearby Arab rock-throwers; media.

The army forces were called in to evacuate some 150-200 youths from the building, near Shirat HaYam. As of late this afternoon, close to 300 youths were still on the scene. They call the building "Tal Yam," Sea Dew, after Tali Hatuel, who was murdered, together with her four daughters, over a year ago by Palestinian terrorists on a nearby road.

The youths took over the building on Sunday after the army destroyed ten abandoned structures nearby. The army's intent was to prevent anti-expulsion civilians from moving in and making the withdrawal from Gush Katif even more difficult that it already threatens to be.

Today, army and police forces moved in to throw them out. Nearby Arabs living in a building across the road began throwing rocks, injuring one Israeli, and the Jews began throwing rocks back. At the same time, soldiers began to arrest Jews, while other youths climbed on their jeeps and tried to prevent them from being taken away.

No Arabs were arrested, though one was seriously hurt, but seven Jews were brought to an unknown area. Clerks at the police stations in Erez, Kisufim and Gush Katif said the seven were not in their custody. Late this afternoon, the Honenu legal organization was trying to quickly verify the disposition of their cases before the expected wave of road-blocking arrestees arrived at the various police stations and jails.

The anti-expulsion groups accuse the Israeli media of "dividing and instigating" instead of "reporting on the facts." They say that the media have been reporting for a few days about the clashes, without bothering to mention the massive Arab rock-throwing that preceded them.

As an example, they said that one Jewish man was filmed throwing a rock at Arabs, but the reporter - who was on the scene the whole time - did not mention that the Jew had been attacked just moments before.


Mt:24:29: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

Incredible New Solar
Patterns Appear

By Ted Twietmeyer
NOTATED IMAGE - MORNING (June 28th 2005)
Upon checking the updated solar X-ray image (taken at 28.4nm,) I discovered a larger polygon-shaped X-ray "hole" has formed overnight. This covers an area hundreds of times larger than our earth. The darkened area with almost no x-ray emission will slowly move to the right (eastward) as the sun rotates.
Compare the above image to last night's image below, which is also recently posted on
In the more than 15 years I've been monitoring solar activity, never before has such a large, dark contiguous area appeared WITH several right angled edges. Right angles are uncommon in nature, except for certain natural crystals which have a natural ordering. These angles are should not be present with a random, violent process like the sun. The remainder of the sun's 28.4nm emission across the surface appears to be fairly homogenous for the most part, at least for the side of our star that we can see from this satellite at this time.
In the northeast USA and in Canada there is a record heat wave, as in other regions of the US. If it's this hot in June- how hot will it be in August? Could there be a direct or indirect connection to reduced solar x-ray emission?
Oddly enough, despite this unusual darkened area of X-ray emission, the sun (as of this writing on the evening of June 28th 2005) is classified as "quiet" by NOAA. In fact, it's extremely quiet as far as proton flux, electron flux and magnetic activity are concerned.
In the above image, note the bottom of the darkened area. It is now more distinctly box-shaped, and even more so than last night or this morning. This shape on the sun is very uncommon. Is someone trying to tell us something here?
There are many instruments and telescopes that observe the sun everyday, in several countries around the globe. If some other unusual activity is observed by other astronomers, perhaps they can explain what we are seeing now. What no one really knows for sure - is what's inside the sun and therefore, the exact mechanism involved that generates heat, radio frequencies and light. And gravity - which can reach deep into space, to distances millions of times larger than our star's diameter to keep planets in orbit like Pluto. There are theories, but none can really be proven.
And yes, I know about the white "artifact" at the edge of the upper left corner of this morning's image.
Stay tuned...
Ted Twietmeyer


Incredible New Solar
Patterns Appear
Part 2 - The Pattern Remains
By Ted Twietmeyer
The right-angled, geometric shaped X-ray region on our sun (above) is not going away. It is rotating toward the right with the sun's rotation. East and west are reversed with respect to earth east and west directions.
The image below shows the pattern at a wavelength of 28.4nm. It has moved only a few degrees to right with the sun's rotation since it was first observed two days ago. This indicates this region is on the surface of the sun. The sun's surface is supposed to be a seething, boiling, super-hot mass of plasma in complete chaos (mainstream physics theory, not mine.) This begs to ask the question - how can this pattern can remain intact? In fact, what we are seeing would appear to contradict popular physics theory about fusion in a star. I would love to hear from any astronomer out there that can explain this.
Upon examining a 17.1nm image of the sun below (which represents even shorter X-ray wavelengths) we can see that this region extends further downward we can see above. The pattern then curves to the left. Also clearly visible are small white loops, that do not appear in other X-ray wavelength images. These are arcing outward into space, in the general direction of the satellite's camera. As small as they appear, these reach out thousands of miles. On the left and right horizons, we can also see 'fuzzy' blue loops that arc out into space and loop back in again. These may be solar flares, or just X-ray manifestations of powerful localized magnetic fields.
Visible on the left horizon of the sun in the above image, is a brilliant white region slowly rotating in our direction. This is a sunspot (see picture at bottom of page.) X-Rays are high velocity particles which are affected by electrostatic and magnetic fields. There may be a connection here with Thunderbolt's electrical solar theory for these structures.
We can readily see in the above 30.4nm image that with longer wavelength images, the missing X-ray region is less visible.
It also explains the reason why white light images do not show this region (see below.) We can observe that more sunspots are slowly rotating to the right, toward the satellite's camera.
We will continue to monitor this most unusual event as well as the weather to look for a connection.
SOMETHING is indeed happening here. Let's hope and pray this isn't some twisted, black ops hi-tech project.
What will be interesting is to see what comes next.
Stay tuned...
Ted Twietmeyer



The Talmudic Noahide Supreme Freemason Court of the dragon's injustice

O’Connor retires from court

Jewish groups are expected to mobilize for a moderate replacement after Justice Sandra Day O’Connor retired from the U.S. Supreme Court.

O’Connor, who was seen by many as the moderate balance of the court, announced her resignation Friday. The move was unexpected; many had expected Chief Justice William Rehnquist to retire this week. O’Connor’s retirement is likely to prompt strong advocacy from American Jewish groups, who are concerned that she will be replaced by a conservative jurist, tipping the court’s balance on issues such as abortion and separation of church and state.

Several Jewish groups and other faith organizations have been preparing a letter to U.S. senators, reminding them of the importance of “advise and consent,” the process by which the president consults with the Senate over his appointments.


again, above the Law of the Goyim, the shemborg collective

Argentine Jewish lawyers of the world, unite

Jewish lawyers in Argentina are forming a group.

The Argentine office of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life gathered 105 lawyers Thursday night to initiate a Jewish lawyers’ association. “Hillel’s Argentina Law Club focuses on the creation of a new generation of Jewish lawyers, committed to Argentine democracy, (Noahide Demonicrazy)  based on the philosophical and historical legacy of the Hebrew law,” said Gabriel Trajtenberg, Hillel Argentina’s executive director.


Noahide Lebanon

Israeli artillery shells south Lebanon

1 July 2005

SHEBAA, Lebanon - Israeli artillery shelled south Lebanon on Friday near a disputed border area where an outbreak of fighting has seen at least one Israeli soldier killed this week, Lebanese police said.

Israeli aircraft flew over south Lebanon as three shells landed on the Ramtha area on the Lebanese side of the Blue Line drawn by the United Nations marking the border between the two foes, police said.

No casualties were reported.

Israeli warplanes had launched another raid on the same area on Thursday, the day after a soldier was killed in an attack by the Lebanese Shiite Muslim militia Hezbollah.

UN special representative Geir Pederson called Thursday for a halt to the Israeli air raids but also called for action from the Lebanese government against Hezbollah, which it said was at the origin of the fighting.

“The Israeli authorities (should) refrain from their air violations of the Blue Line,” Pederson said, referring to the border demarcated by the United Nations after Israel ended its 22-year occupation of the south in May 2000.

Pederson also “called upon the government of Lebanon to extend its control over all of its territory, to exert its monopoly on the use of force and to put an end to all attacks emanating from its territory.”

The small mountainous Shebaa Farms area lies at the convergence of the Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian borders. It was captured from Syria in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and is now claimed by Lebanon, with Damascus’s approval.



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