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Part 240

July 25, 2005  

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Tammuz 18,  their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Bush sees London attacks as reason for Patriot Act

By Bill Sammonand Audrey Hudson
July 21, 2005

President Bush yesterday invoked the terrorist attacks in London as a compelling reason for Congress to renew the USA Patriot Act and for local governments to beef up security on mass-transit systems.
    "As we saw in London, the terrorists are still active and they are still plotting to take innocent life," Mr. Bush told law-enforcement officers in Baltimore. "So my message to the Congress is clear: This is no time to let our guard down, and no time to roll back good laws."
    It was the first time the president cited the July 7 London attacks, which killed at least 56 persons in the British capital's subway and bus systems, to bolster support for renewal of the Patriot Act. The U.S. House is scheduled to vote on the measure this week.
    "The Patriot Act is expected to expire, but the terrorist threats will not expire," he said. "I expect, and the American people expect, the United States Congress and the United States Senate to renew the Patriot Act."
    The London attacks also have prompted a re-evaluation of mass-transit security by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. (Talmudic jew)
    "He took a look at the situation and said, 'Let's enhance our security and infrastructure points,'?" Mr. Bush said. "We're widening the use of explosive detection teams and nearly doubling the number of rail security inspectors."

    The president also defended Mr. Chertoff's assertion to the Associated Press last week that local communities are responsible for protecting transit systems. City officials in San Francisco and Chicago professed shock that the federal government was not assuming that responsibility.
    "Those who are going to be responsible for responding to an attack are at the local level," Mr. Bush said. 

Talmudic freemasons

"I think that makes sense to say to a mayor, 'If you've got a problem with your mass transit, here's a grant, and if you feel that's the best use of the money, use it there.'?"
    Although the federal government has provided $14 billion since September 11 to train and equip local emergency workers to respond to terrorist attacks, city leaders and some members of Congress insist that job should be handled at the federal level.
    "Michael Chertoff is a very smart guy, but I couldn't disagree more," said New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Both Talmudic jews

    Sen. Charles E. Schumer, (Talmudic Jew)  New York Democrat, demanded that Mr. Chertoff apologize for putting the onus on local communities.
    Mr. Chertoff said he does not want to load the nation's buses and trains with federal police. He emphasized that the federal government is moving to a risk-based management approach to focus limited federal dollars on the biggest targets.


Daniel 11:

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Hassidic Universal Noahide enslavement

15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

Dan Bush to Eretz ISREALHELL

16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.

Moshiach ben Yoseph, ha Bushkevik and Hassidim Talmud jews, whop are not jews but who do lie

17: He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.
18: After this shall he turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many: but a prince for his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease; without his own reproach he shall cause it to turn upon him.
19: Then he shall turn his face toward the fort of his own land: but he shall stumble and fall, and not be found.

Again we have "Eli" the so called, perpetual six year old Hassidic Propagandist

The wailing for Tammuz begins

An "Evil Moshiach"
(17 Tammuz/24 Jul 05)

Briefly, Eli spoke about something on Shabbos that he had never mentioned before: an "Evil Moshiach".

This "Evil Moshiach" will sound familiar to those with some knowledge of Torah sources, but those who are more familiar with sources from outside of Torah may leap to the wrong conclusion. Please read on.

Eli mentioned something about the "Evil Moshiach" trying to trick the Jews. So I asked Eli if the "Evil Moshiach" kept Torah and Mitzvos, and he said "No!" If so, I wondered, how could he trick Jews? His response was that he was very, very tricky. I also asked, if he doesn't keep Torah and Mitzvos, why does he even have the name "Moshiach" at all? Eli agreed that it was because he was against Moshiach.


Eli said that this "Evil Moshiach" is the black lion that his brothers have been dreaming about (see the posts in the forum by Eli's Dad) and that this was Ariel Sharon. He said that you could tell he was the "Evil Moshiach" because of his ears--he had ears that look like a bat's ears. 

see Ross Perot, real anti-Moshiach

Of course Ariel Sharon has no such ears, and this issue was raised, to which Eli replied (I am paraphrasing here) that the Evil Moshiach "got into" Ariel Sharon and is making him do the bad plan of the disengagement. 

This is all perfectly in line with the kabbalistic concept of Ibbur (prophets of Baa'l) and the figure of evil Armilus who is mentioned in several midrashim. (G-d willing we will try to post some translations of the Torah sources that speak of the Evil Armilus, which seems to be the spiritual entity that Eli is describing.)

Armillus is the secular zion, Aholibah,  they must remove for their Sanhedrin Rule and the Moshiach ben Dragon the son of Perdition to be "REVEALED" for their vision against Jesus the Christ

The exciting part of the discussion was when Eli said that as soon as we defeat the "Evil Moshiach", then the true Moshiach himself will come! 



Since Eli has mentioned a "real" Moshiach, a "fake" Moshiach, and has spoken of Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben Dovid separately, we asked which of them will come after the "Evil Moshiach" is defeated, and Eli replied: "all of them." 

Myshack or Yourshack and a Bungalow, and neither did they bow to the babylonian gods


This sounded good to us, and Eli explained that it is good, because it means "we will get more of everything." After the "Evil Moshiach" is defeated and we have the coming of our long-awited, righteous Moshiach, then the war begins (as described in the Scenario).

TO total desolation

We asked what is the best way to defeat the "Evil Moshiach", and Eli said he didn't know. But his little brother Gavi (four and a half years old) was present and said "do lots of Mitzvos".

Noahide Laws on the Goyim

Although this might sound like a stock response from a little boy, the fact is that Gavi has been telling his dreams of Moshiach which contain many things that he certainly doesn't know about and in fact probably wouldn't understand due to his age. Some of Gavi's dreams have been posted in the forum by his father, and we hope to be able to present some more in the near future, G-d willing.

Oh your dragon is willing, I assure you

 Noteably, for many months Gavi has been saying that Moshiach will come on "zero day"

D-Day = Devil day, disengagement, AV 9, August 14 2005, wailing for Tammuz month began July 17, and continues for three weeks

When asked if Moshiach was coming soon, he would say that there were "a lot of days and months" until "zero day". Most recently, however, he responded differently saying that Moshiach was coming on "zero day" and it would be "very soon".

We encourage everyone to turn the present period of the Three Weeks to best advantage--give tzedakah generously, perform mitzvos in the finest way possible, increase Torah study (with emphasis on the subject of the coming of Moshiach and the subjects of Chassidus), and look for every possible way to judge your fellow Jews favorably. (This includes Ariel Sharon himself, who will G-d willing do tshuva as suggested by Elis comments and stated explicitly by the holy Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, shlita). Say tehillim (psalms), join Rabbi Lazer Brody's Perek Shira campaign, and stand firm in every way against the evil plan to expell Jews from their homes (G-d forbid) in the land of Israel, and do not be disuaded by any arguments. If we overcome this hurdle of the planned "disengagement", we may very well see with our own eyes the "revealed miracles" spoken of by Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, shlita, and succeed to usher in the final war against Evil under the leadership of our true leader, Hashem's annointed, the King Moshiach.

Yep, their only last enemy, the saints of Jesus the Christ the LORD GOD Almighty



Withdrawal opponents resort to rumors?

Ariel Sharon accused Israeli opponents of the Gaza withdrawal plan of spreading a rumor that he suffered a heart attack.

Prompted by an unsourced report Sunday that the prime minister had collapsed during Sunday’s Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister’s Office put out an urgent bulletin saying all was well. Later, in a speech, Sharon recounted the incident with a laugh but said, “This was also part of the incitement against me.”

He was referring to an intensifying campaign against the upcoming Israeli withdrawals from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank.


Rebel rabbi in the ranks

An Israeli army rabbi may face criminal charges for urging fellow soldiers not to take part in the upcoming Gaza withdrawal.

“We did not enlist for this, to deport Jews from their homes,” Lt. Amital Barali of the Chaplaincy Corps said Sunday at a Gaza army checkpoint, in full view of television cameras. “It is an explicitly illegal order.” Military sources said Monday that the rabbi would undergo a disciplinary hearing, and may even face criminal charges such as sedition.

More than 40 Israeli soldiers, including officers, have been prosecuted for insubordination in connection with the upcoming withdrawals from Gaza and the northern West Bank


Analysts blame Israel for attack

Some Egyptian analysts blamed Israel for Saturday’s terrorist bombings at an Egyptian resort.

The analysts appeared on such outlets as Egypt’s state-run television and Al-Jazeera, the Jerusalem Post reported. “All the available details indicate that only the Israelis could have done this,” Dia Rashwan said over Al-Arabiya TV.


Ukrainian party blames Israel for terror

A new Ukrainian political party alleged that the recent terrorist attacks in London were part of a Zionist plan to achieve world domination.

Talmudic zion

A statement printed in last week’s edition of the Ukrainian Conservative Party’s weekly newspaper said the July 7 attacks in London “showed the presence in world politics of clandestine Zionist organizations,” which, “using common fears, wish to achieve their main goal, world domination.” The Ukrainian Conservative Party is headed by Georgy Schokin, president of MAUP, a private university known for its links to anti-Semitism.

The party was established earlier this year to run in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, slated for next spring.

 BEWARE....dis-information aimed at Sharon's Government


Drugging the Goyim

Israeli drugmaker growing

An Israeli pharmaceutical firm announced a deal that would unite two of the world’s largest manufacturers of generic drugs.

Teva said it would buy the Miami-based Ivax for $26 a share. Teva had sales of $4.8 billion last year, most of that in the United States and Europe.



Today's Dumbed down Goy TV News with "Good Mourning Amaraka"


What's that smell coming out of ABCNEWS?

Answer: Dog Poo was found in the 6th floor conference room in mid-town NYC by an executive late last week!

"I love you all BUT give me a break," demands GOOD MORNING AMERICA business manager Pam Tepper in an urgent e-mail to staff. "You should not bring your dog to work. Please do not let this happen again."

The gift left behind by the mystery canine at ABCNEWS follows a growing trend of city dwellers bringing their pets into the office space.


One more time

Pin camera ready to roll on Ark of Covenant discovery

by Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press.
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Toronto-- Mark August 14, 2005 on your calendar as potentially momentous. It’s one day before Ariel Sharon’s planned removal of 8,000 settlers from the Gaza strip, a dramatic event no matter the outcome.

Providing even more drama of a coincidental kind is Dr. Vendyl Jones. With the kind of credentials that make him one of the world’s most renowned experts on Qumran and the Land of Israel, Jones last month announced on Israel National Radio that he hopes to reveal the long-hidden site of the Ark of the Covenant "by August 14."

Stirring human imagination down through the ages, the Ark of the Covenant is allegedly the acacia chest in which Moses placed the Ten Commandments.

Jones calls his project to reveal the site of the ark, "Project Petakh Tiquah", "Door or opening of Hope".

No single story could ever do justice to the amazing accomplishments of Vendyl Jones, who was the true-life inspiration for Indiana Jones of Raiders of the Lost Ark blockbuster movie fame.

The real heroes of life are not up on the silver screen, they’re out in the field conducting tireless missions, under funded, media mocked, but soldiering on. The true-life red-blooded version always dwarfs the movie version.

Dr. Vendyl Jones’ painstaking detective work pinpoints the long lost ark as being "hidden in a secret passage that runs 18 miles south of the Temple Mount into the Judean desert."

No Hollywood hype could provide the same level of anticipation.

Since 1972, Jones has conducted eight major excavations of Qumran, the area where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in 1947. The Shemen Afar Shimon, the Holy Annointing Oil from the Holy Temple, was found in April 1988 by Jones’ archeological team. With an investment of nearly $2 million, all of it donated by supporters of his Vendyl Jones Research Institute and none of it from government, foundations and grants, Jones’ digs involve over 300 dedicated volunteers.

Should Vendyl Jones find what he is looking for in the Judean desert, Indiana Jones, the flickering ghost of the screen will be replaced by truth-is- stranger-than-fiction immortality.

By Aug. 14, Jones and Company are going to drill a borehole into the chamber which they believe contains the ark, drop a pin-camera in and, hopefully reveal the find to a watching world.

Non-believers may be interested to know that Jones has already discovered some of the holy items associated with the ark.

A credible Torah teacher, who hails from Texas, Jones has represented the Israeli Foreign Minister in a two-year lecture series on college campuses with P.L.O. representatives.

Rabbi Adin Israel Steinsalz, head of the Institute for Talmudic research and thought to be the world’s most renowned Talmudic scholar called Jones’ work, "Scientifically valid research which may result in important findings for the Jewish people and the world."

Wherever you plan to be on or around Aug. 14, you could be front row center to the filmed discovery of one of the world’s greatest artifacts of all time.

Missing for centuries, the ark is believed to have disappeared with the destruction of the First Temple by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon in 587 B.C. Indeed, the exact whereabouts of the ark have been shrouded in mystery ever since.

Incredibly the Ark of the Covenant has a pretender.

With the blessings of the United Nations, a bizarre ark knock-off, carried through Vermont farm fields and sailed by sloop to UN Manhattan headquarters, has been making the rounds as a show-and-tell exercise at public schools. Called the Ark of Hope, the replica carries, among other things, the Earth Charter, a replacement for the Ten Commandments as advocated by former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev and Kofi Annan right hand man, Maurice Strong.

The Earth Charter is "an international peoples’ treaty for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century". (Philologos Bible Prophecy Research).

Even as you read this, the hidden location of the real artifact is underway with results possibly coming your way the summer of 2005.


The Three weeks of Wailing for Tammuz

Ezek:8:14: Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.

What are “the Three Weeks”?

“The three weeks” refers to the 21 days between the fast days of Tammuz 17 and the Av 9. This usually takes place in July.

This period is officially called “Bein Ha’mitzarim”—“between the straits (or distresses),”* i.e., days that are between the abovementioned two days of misfortune and distress.

Throughout our history this period has been one of tragedies and suffering. Our first and second temples in Jerusalem were destroyed during these days


Sun-Day July 24, 2005

Tammuz 17

The seventy ancients of the house of ISREALHELL, who have gained their power and seat and authority from the Dragon

In Babylonia, the month Tammuz was established in honor of the eponymous god Tammuz, who originated as an Akkadian shepherd-god, Dumuzid or Dumuzi, the consort of Ishtar and the parallel of the Syrian Adonis who was drawn into the Greek pantheon. The name "Tammuz" seems to have been derived from the Akkadian form Tammuzi, based on early Sumerian Damu-zid. The later standard Sumerian form, Dumu-zid, in turn became Dumuzi in Akkadian.

The Sanhedrin admits their doctrine id the Sumerian Doctrine of RED Sofiet Dragon

 Beginning with the summer solstice came a time of mourning in the Ancient Near East as in the Aegean: the Babylonians marked the decline in daylight hours and the onset of killing summer heat and drought with a six-day "funeral" for the god that was observed even at the very door of the Temple in Jerusalem, to the horror of the reformer Ezekiel:

"Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the Lord's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz. Then said he unto to me, 'Hast thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these." — Ezekiel 8.14-15


The Myth

In the Sumerian King List Dumuzid the Fisherman appears as the third king of the first dynasty of Uruk, reigning between Lugalbanda and Gilgamesh the son of Lugalbanda, a situation not explained in extant texts. Nor is it explained why in other texts Dumuzid is always a shepherd, not a fisherman. The king list does list a Dumuzid the shepherd the fifth of the kings who reigned in Eridu before the flood. But Eridu, surrounded by freshwater marshes, is exactly where one would expect a fisherman and not a shepherd.

In any case a number of pastoral poems and songs relate the love affair of Inana and Dumuzid the shepherd. Apparently they marry.

Then Inana (Ishtar in the Akkadian texts) set off for the netherworld, for Kur, which was ruled by her sister Ereshkigal, perhaps to take it as her own. Inana/Ishtar passed through seven gates and at each one was required to leave a garment or an ornament so that when Inana/Ishtar had passed through the seventh gate she was entirely naked. Despite warnings about her presumption, Inana/Ishtar did not turn back but dared to sit herself down on Ereshkigal's throne. Immediately the Anunnaki of the underworld judged her, gazed at her with the eyes of death, and Inana/Ishtar became a corpse, hung up on a hook.

Inana's faithful servant attempted to get help from the other gods but only wise Enki/Ea responded. The details of Enki/Ea's plan differ slightly in the two surviving accounts but the end is that Inana/Ishtar lived again. But a "conservation of souls" law required her to find a replacement for herself in Kur. She went from one god to another, but each one pleaded with her and she had not the heart to go through with it until she found Dumuzid/Tammuz on her throne, apparently quite pleased that she was gone. Inana/Ishtar immediately set the demons on Dumuzid/Tammuz. At this point the Akkadian text fails as Tammuz' sister Belili, introduced for the first time, strips herself of her jewelry in mourning but claims that Tammuz and the dead will come back.

There is some confusion here. The name Belili occurs in one of the Sumerian texts also, but it is not the name of Dumuzid's sister who is there named Geshtinana, but is the name of an old woman whom another text calls Bilulu.

In any case, the Sumerian texts relate how Dumuzid fled to his sister Geshtinana who attempted to hide him but who could not in the end stand up to the demons. Dumuzid has one close call after another until the demons finally catch up with him under the supposed protection of this old woman called Bilulu or Belili and then they take him. However Inana repents.

Inana seeks vengence on Bilulu, on Bilulu's murderous son G̃irg̃ire and on G̃irg̃ire's consort Shirru "of the haunted desert, no-one's child and no-one's friend". Inana changes Bilulu into a waterskin and G̃irg̃ire into a protective god of the desert while Shirru is assigned to watch always that the proper rites are performed for protection against the hazards of the desert.

Finally, in some fashion, an arrangement is made by which Geshtinana will take Dumuzid's place in Kur for 6 months of the year.

Dumuzid/Tammuz being the god of the vegetation cycle, this corresponds to the changing of the seasons as the abundance of the earth diminishes in his absence. He is a life-death-rebirth deity.


On Sanhedrin's site, admitting they serve strange non-gods and hate the LORD GOD, in their own lying mouth they admit their god is the Dragon

translated by

We request an information from all source about including/total business of details [details business] about the ownership:

; a Jews are Sumerian doctrine 

In. Jews are traditional, we were are converted to the appetite.
Jews are converted to anger – we were, amongst others, from hollow sabbath bprhsia or in the gill to the good deeds 

The subscribers on this treaty read to the reverential public d ' and Sumerian doctrine and good deeds to be numbered and to receive on themselves authority of the big court [big court authority] lcshikom, with the help of the '. Process a choice of friends of the big court will be done during consultation in the public that function, as costs according to Moshe quarreled the hbo you intelligent people onbnim and knowledges lshbticm and I will put them in your heads ( things, a, yg ), ocdrsht intelligent ' detained known you ' ( my book put, was brought brsh"i oa ' in Rambam hl ' sanhedrin in, z ). And also banned one Hundred fiftieth and three mrbotino the first blessed memory in the known brought boycott bsho"t mhr"m mrotnborg sheet ki"g, obsho"t signed counts ho"m sign c"a. 

An adjudication of went on base of error here is familiar entity in all social system. There are judicial cases that in the world of the lawyers [lawyers world] of every state are acceptable to think that her upper court erred. With all of this, as you know/but every court in the instance more low must receive onward the decision of the error of the upper court of her company until that this decision will be repaired by the upper court by himself ( )??huh??( also in the other composition ). So it also in the on duty company. This is the reason therefore that even change clear " will receive to Need the decision hhlctit his this thing is acceptable today as error. From this examination indeed we are prisoners in the system of decisions [decisions system] that expect the reconsideration by the sanhedrin that we expect that will prepare quickly in our sea and will discuss and test this newly. You have to estimate that will arise sanhedrin cshtsbor Sumerian the doctrine will comprehend to unite, maybe even before that there will be most of in the country of the sacredness [sacredness country]. Until then we don't have authority as organized responsible public lsor from decisions that our disruption in the proper proceedings.

There are religious severe problems, was not published. When I clarified with the interviewers why, I was answered " it is not manin"... ). But/auditorium, blit choice, direction that was imposed a fault in the intelligentsia of Sumerian the doctrine there is a constraint to answer within the deployment of the sheet and willfully to answer to the assertion and note not. Weakness like this is the downloadable there was during all years of appearance [appearance years] opposite great opinions that not there was in them a veritable iota. And because the Christianity that is idolatrous and the Islam more the primitive right from the Judaism.

Known the psychological experiments about ambient social effect even on jurisdiction of the senses [senses jurisdiction] ( in all book of introduction to the psychology ). Sumerian the doctrine absorbed already properly you therefore her of this cultured trap.

Assemblies of important many additional articles [important many additional articles assembly] like :, " in the breast " magazine to the matters of doctrine and science by the expense of an university of Bar Ilan. - Files of " doctrine and science " by the expense of an association of people of Sumerian science of doctrine [doctrine science], their fields

We don't have brotherhood with gentiles, is not material certainty is not spiritual and therefore not also reason  without interest. 



On the first, seventh and fifteenth of the month I shall make a purification by washing.{18} Then one God should be slaughtered. And the gods can be purified by immersion. Nintu shall mix the clay with his flesh and blood. Then a god and a man will be mixed together in clay. Let us hear the drumbeat forever after, let a ghost come into existence from the God's flesh, let her proclaim it as her living sign. Let her inform him while alive of his token. And so that there be no forgetting, the ghost shall remain{19}


And the Sumerian Doctrine of devils and their non-gods do the Judeo-Apostate Churchinsanity worship, for they say the god of the jews is our God, and they Blaspheme The IAM, the Almighty God, who has come in the flesh to set the Lying Record straight of these hassidic Pharisees, the Chabad Lubavitchers of HELL.


A Blasphemer's Genealogy of YHWH
In Genesis and Exodus, Moses tells the story of the God of Abraham who is the one and only God. This doctrine is accepted by Jews, Christians and Muslims. In the Hebrew text, the name of God is considered so sacred, it is hidden, and meant to be unspoken. The most accepted transliteration of the name of God is YHWH. The Jehovah's Witnesses use the more pronounceable version "Yahweh". Is the Genesis account really the first account of the God who Moses calls YHWH? In the book of Genesis, Terah, Abraham's father, along with Abraham and Lot made a journey from the city of Ur to Canaan. If YHWH is the God of Abraham, could it be that YHWH is also the God of Terah? If so, how did Terah come to worship YHWH? To answer these questions, let's develop some background on the city of Ur. Ur was one of the twelve cities. It survived through the Babylonian times into Terah's time. In Sumerian mythology each city had a patron god. The patron god of the city of Ur was NANNA who is the heavenly moon. Later, the Semites named NANNA as SIN. Sumerian mythology is ancient. Scholars place the time at around 3500 BCE to 2500 BCE. This time estimate is highly uncertain because the astronomical and carbon dating observations are so sketchy. If we accept this time estimate, we can conclude that historically speaking, the Sumerian myths are as far away from the time of Moses as we are from the time of Moses. Many of the Sumerian myths are inferred from cuneiform tablets. Our interpretation of these writings is no doubt less certain than our interpretation of modern writing or greek manuscripts of the gospel about Jesus Christ. In spite of these uncertainties, these texts give us a faint clue of what people believed so many years ago. I propose that they give us a clue as to the genealogy of YHWH. Because of the fragmentary state of the material, I will only refer to portions of the myth which, in my opinion, are relevant to YHWH's genealogy. In Sumerian mythology there is a transcendental god named ANU, who is considered the god of the heavens. His wife ANTU is at his side in their heavenly abode. Because of their transcendental nature, ANU and ANTU generally are not involved in day to day affairs of the world. The day to day job is delegated to ENLIL (god of the firmament), the god of the heavens and the earth. To compare the organization with our modern day corporate structure, ANU would be the Chairman of the Board, and ENLIL would be the President and Chief Executive Officer. ENLIL has a younger brother named ENKI (god of the earth) whose role appears to be as chief scientist of the gods. The EN prefix in their names classifies these gods as having universal powers. So although they may actually be patron gods of some of the cities, their domain includes all 12 cities and other areas like the heavens and the oceans. ENLIL is finds his mate in SUD("the nurse"). The following cuneiform fragment describes ENLIL's desire: The shepherd Enlil, who decrees the fates, The Bright-Eyed One, saw her. The lord speaks to her of intercourse; she is unwilling. Enlil speaks to her of intercourse; she is unwilling: "My vagina is too small [she said], it knows no copulation; My lips are too little, they know not kissing." Different fragments show different versions of how SUD becomes ENLIL's wife. One version implies that after consulting with his chamberlain NUSHKU, ENLIL hatches a plan to persuade SUD to go sailing with him. Once they were alone in the boat away from the shore, ENLIL rapes SUD. Later, a repentant ENLIL sends NUSHKU to find SUD and ask her mother for the girl's hand. The mother agrees and that is how SUD becomes the wife of ENLIL. After the marriage, SUD's name is changed to NINLIL ("lady of the airspace"). When the gods learn of ENLIL's misdeed, he is punished (but no detail is available). Long after the marriage, it is discovered that the truth of the matter is that SUD was bathing naked in the stream near the path where ENLIL takes his daily walk on her mother's instructions, with the hope that ENLIL will notice SUD and "forthwith embrace and kiss you." From this episode came NANNA the moon god, as hinted in this dialogue from another fragment: NINLIL: "True, Enlil is thy king, but I am thy queen." ENLIL: "If now thou art my queen, let my hand touch thy ... " NINLIL: "The 'water' of thy king, the bright 'water' is in my heart, the 'water' of NANNA the bright 'water' is in my heart." ENLIL: "The 'water' of my king, let it go toward heaven, let it go toward the earth." Enlil as the man of the gate lay down in the ..., He kissed her and cohabited with her, The 'water' of ... Mestamataea he caused to flow over (her) heart. ENKI (the Serpent, and god of the Earth), being the Chief Scientist of the gods, was the actual formulator of man. Man was needed by the gods because they needed labor to help produce food and other economic goods. The first experiment was a collaboration between NINHURSAG (ENKI's sister, and maybe wife). In the following quote from the 12th Planet: ... according to Sumerian texts, Man was created by Ninhursag following processes and formulas devised by Enki. She was the Chief Nurse, and one in charge of the medical facilities; it was in that role that the goddess was called NINTI ("lady of life"). Some Scholars read in Adapa (the model man of Enki) the biblical Adama, or Adam. The double meaning of the Sumerian TI also raises biblical parallels. For TI could mean both life and rib, so that NIN.TI's name meant both "lady of life" and "lady of the rib." The biblical Eve -- whose name meant "life" -- was created out of Adam's rib, so Eve, too was in a way a "lady of life" and a "lady of the rib". As the actual "inventor" of Man, ENKI was constantly trying to improve Man by teaching him. ENKI was also in constant rivalry with ENLIL, who was the all powerful being. The Hebrew god YHWH is probably NANNA, the son of ENLIL and rival of ENKI; because observer that the Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar in honor of the moon god, the name YHWH is almost YHRH which in Hebrew means "moon", and name of the holy mountain considered to be YHWH's place is SIN.AI meaning SIN (Semitic for NANNA) AI (place). At this point, the reader may asking: "So what?" Well, if SIN is the God of Abraham, then all the stories pertaining to NANNA in the Sumerian myths also refer to SIN. This means that YHWH is the Sumerian god NANNA who is a descendant of ENLIL and NINLIL. According to Sumerian and Babylonian Myths NANNA is not the creator/formulator of Man. As a mater of fact, ENKI and NINHURSAG who are the creators of Man, are rivals of ENKI and NINLIL. Moses was rewriting the Sumerian myth to turn NANNA into the creator of Man. However, from the context of Sumerian myth we can interpret Man's fall from grace with less guilt. NANNA, in collaboration with ENLIL, banished Man from the Garden of Eden because they were angry at ENKI for teaching too much knowledge to Man (eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil). Consider this in Genesis 3:22: "And YHWH said: 'The man has now become like one of us knowing good and evil ..." I would say, YHWH was genuinely concerned that if ENKI would have continued providing the lessons, Man will have improved towards becoming just like God. Maybe the story about the fall from grace is simply an account of a political maneuvering involving pretty "heavy" hands. Bibliography: Samuel Noah Kramer. Sumerian Mythology. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia 1972. Zecharia Sitchin. The 12th Planet. AVON Books, A division of Hearst Corp., New York 1976. S. H. Hooke. Middle Eastern Mythology. Penguin Books, Baltimore 1963. Thompson Chain Reference Bible (New International Version) Interviews with Lew Jenkins, a dear friend



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