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August 7, 2005  

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Av 2,  their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

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Bushitler the Hassidim's Nasi of the Goyim, the king of the North

"The Babylonian Networks" TBN, Favorite shemborg shem shammer of shame's son........Now totally turns against secular zion, Aholibah, Judah, Sharon.

Aug. 7, 2005 15:57  | Updated Aug. 7, 2005 18:52
Finance Minister Netanyahu resigns to protest the pullout

Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced his resignation from the government Sunday afternoon in protest of Israel's plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria.

His resignation, which came during a Sunday cabinet meeting to approve the first step of the evacuations, did not succeed in torpedoing the vote. It was easily passed 17-5.

Netanyahu held a press conference Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. to explain the reasons for his resignation.

"The disengagement is going ahead blindly," Netanyahu addressed reporters. "Like in Oslo, the warning signs are being ignored. I understand the intentions here who doesn't want peace? But here in the Middle East this is not the way to attain peace it has failed before and it will fail again."

Olso 1

Daniel 11:

5: And the king of the south shall be strong, and one of his princes; and he shall be strong above him, and have dominion; his dominion shall be a great dominion.
6: And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement: but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: but she shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that strengthened her in these times.

Olso 1 failed, Rabin Olso II to bring their false Christ Moshiach ben Dragon....Moshiach ben Dovid

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.
15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

Bushitler and hisss Hassidim attack Jerusalem

16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.
17: He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.


"At moments of truth a leader must ask himself what he stands for and what he is working towards?" Netanyahu added. "And I cannot be a part of this disengagement."

Olso II

The resignation will take effect within 48 hours of the time that he placed the letter on the prime minister's desk during Sunday's cabinet meeting shortly before 4:00 p.m.

Cabinet sources said that Netanyahu had not spoken much during the meeting, and he seemed nervous. His face was pale as he stood up to say he was leaving his vote against the disengagement. "It's been nice working with you," he said, and announced his resignation, leaving a three-page letter on the table before walking out.

"Record my resignation: Here's the letter," Netanyahu told the prime minister. The letter, quoted by Army Radio, contained severe criticism of the disengagement plan. "The moment of truth is here. I am not willing to collaborate with this process, which endangers the country's security," Netanyahu wrote.

He seeks to Bring the final global despot Moshiach ben Satan the False Christ, with his Hassidic leaders of Sanhedrin the beast risen from the seas of apostate masses of mankind

"I had demanded that we keep the Philadelphi route [along the Gaza-Egypt border] to counter the impression that we are running away from terrorism. The government is ignoring the reality: Terrorism is continuing, the Hamas is growing stronger, terrorists will smuggle weapons from Gaza to the southern West Bank.

and the all engulfing "Terror" proceeds from the Illuminated Hassidim of Sanhedrin to bring their king despot to all the earth and ensnare mankind via Noahide Laws, or death by decapitation.....are you listening people, are you listening in Judea? are you listening saints of the Living God the Word?

"I don't know when the terrorism will erupt in full force - my hope is that it won't ever. 

For he knows what the SSanhedrin has in store if the Olso II goes ahead as planned, the "Road Map to Hell of Bushitler and his Chabad Lovtobitchers of the Dragon who cries out while he is kicking humanity

But I am convinced today that the disengagement will eventually aggravate terrorism instead of reducing it. 

For then the TERROR upon all mankind will surely begin.


The security establishment also expects an increase in terrorism," Netanyahu wrote. "The withdrawal endangers Israel's security, divides its people and set the standards of the withdrawal to the '67 border," the finance minister summed.

They will have their Hassidic Pharisaic Rule or all mankind will suffer, and the "Lessser" jews is ITSREALHELL will be slain without mercy.

Netanyahu, a former prime minister and political hardliner, has long been conflicted over the Gaza withdrawal. He has voted in favor of the pullout in the cabinet, but tried to thwart the plan in parliamentary maneuvers.

for he is a LIAR of his father the murderer from the beginning, and now all of apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity the evangelicals are all with them and their vision against the Word of God and their Noahide Laws of the leaven of the yoke of the Assyrian of the Sanhedrin Sumerian Doctrine

Yisrael Maimon, the cabinet secretary, said on behalf of the cabinet that both the disengagement and the government's economic policies would continue unchanged.

He added that it was too early to speculate about who would replace the outgoing finance minister.

Netanyahu's dramatic decision was welcomed by a number of his allies, as well as a number of his opponents. Some expressed hopes that Netanyahu's move would prompt a wave of additional resignations, which would ultimately lead to the government's collapse, but others assessed that it would have minimal repercussions.


Behold the Hater's of the jews, them who are now aligned with the Pharisaic Hassidim Chabad Lovtobitcher's of Hell, these who say the jews do not need Jesus the Christ, for they have their own covenant. The Televangelicals of the Covenant with Death and Hell are become two fold the children of the Pharisee's covenant wit death and hell

The eloquent statesman, rumored to be interested in seeking the prime minister's post again, came to San Antonio under tight security as a guest of the Rev. John Hagee, who built the church through his successful television ministry. Hagee said donations collected during the event would be dedicated to the relief effort.


The Bloodlust of Judeo-Churchinsanity the proselytes of the shemborg collective of the Sanhedrin Beast of the Dragon

I received a phone call from Guyla Hills, a devout Catholic moviemaker, who calls herself a fundamentalist evangelical. Without knowing me prior to the call, she wanted to share her frustration. She said that she and, "thousands of other good Christians" are appalled at the message of Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson and others who are propagating a policy of hatred towards Arabs and Muslims and are supporting and actually advocating a policy of war against Iraq. She added that these people threaten the world with their crusading ideas. "Fortunately, not all Christians think like them, but unfortunately we don't have a microphone. They do," she added.


May God the Father have Mercy on the "Lesser jews" who their Hassidic Pharisaic Leaders lead into the abyss

Showdown in Kfar Darom
17:51 Aug 07, '05 / 2 Av 5765
By Hillel Fendel

Over 200 youths and residents are out in force at the entrance to the Gush Katif community of Kfar Darom this afternoon, preventing the army from removing a mobile antenna base used by the Shabak.

Avraham Yitzchak Schwartz, who has lived in Kfar Darom for a year and heads the local anti-disengagement efforts, told Arutz-7 that neither the residents nor the army want a violent clash. "Right now," he said, "there is a busload of Border Guard forces outside the gates, and we don't want to fight them. But it's important that we wage a struggle against expulsion activities."

The incident began at 11 AM, when an army truck arrived and began dismantling the antenna - stationed just inside the community's gate - and loading its caravan base onto a truck. Dozens of youths and residents quickly assembled around and blocked it from moving. The antenna was in the service of the General Security Service.

After three and a half hours of standoff, Arutz-7 asked Schwartz, "If the Border Guardsmen have already arrived, what are they waiting for? Why don't they just come in, disperse the crowds and allow the truck to get going?"

"Because they also don't want a clash," Schwartz answered. "Sharon doesn't need television footage of violence against citizens now... Right now, I'm about to meet with the Deputy Brigade Commander and several other officers, and we'll see how to proceed from here." The meeting did not produce concrete results.

Arutz-7's Yishai Fleisher reported from the scene that the army forces are outnumbered by the residents, who are taking the opportunity to remind the soldiers of their basic obligations. "Soldier, policeman, refuse orders!" is one of the chants, but was replaced by several others in turn: "Am Yisrael Chai! (The People of Israel Lives)," "We Love the IDF," and "Plan What You Will, G-d is With Us."

Not the creator God from the beginning Jesus the Image of his father, who jewry denies.

The residents also wished to protest the deteriorating security situation. They maintain that the equipment that the army wishes to remove is necessary for the day-to-day safety of both the soldiers and the residents.

As a result of the standoff, the army closed off the Kisufim entrance to Gush Katif, fearing that more anti-disengagement forces would try to reach Kfar Darom. Many cars are stuck at Kisufim, including the parents, grandparents and other friends and relatives of an eight-day-old baby whose ritual circumcision is scheduled for this afternoon in Gush Katif.

they need to include the perversion of the Mohell's

Others among the assembled protestors began giving speeches, including Mrs. Chana Bart, who recently gave birth to a baby boy despite being paralyzed from the waist down following a terror attack. She was followed by Ro'i Har-Melekh, who said, "Do you see what you are doing? Do you really wish to remove this brave woman and her family from their home, after what they have gone through? Your true obligation at this point is to refuse orders, and not to destroy the homes of innocent Jews in the Land of Israel."

Holocaust Proxy even being used against fellow jews, after all their management depends upon anti-Shem blame

The speaker's brother, Shalom, was murdered in a terror attack in August 2003. Shalom's wife and son continue to live in Chomesh, one of the four Shomron communities also slated for destruction under the disengagement plan.

Around 5:15 PM, the truckdriver - hired by the army to remove the equipment - apparently decided to give up, and tried to back up and unload the equipment. The crowd broke out into cheers for the driver, named Herzl. Herzl said he doesn't need this job: "It's not worth one cent for me if even one Jew gets hurt here."

Several hours earlier, a few of the youths tried to let the air out of the truck's tires; the driver yelled out, "I did nothing bad to you, so don't involve me!" The youths then backed off.

Arutz-7's homepage will provide continuous updates on the situation in Kfar Darom in its Latest News section


Hassidim of the king of the North Aholah show appreciation to Netanyahoo

Yesha Council applauds Netanyahu's move


By Haaretz Service


Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's resignation on Sunday raised a storm of reactions in the country's political and financial circles.

The resignation, instigated by the impending pullout from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank, was applauded by the Yesha Council of settlements,
(Hassidic Chabad Lovtobitchers of the Dragon and his son of Perdcition of Sanhedrin Moshiach ben Dragon they are about to "REVEAL" )  which commended Netanyahu "for showing national responsibility and leadership, for deciding not to lend his hand in the uprooting of Jewish communities to encourage terror."

ensuring his place in their Hoodlum haha of their Dragon who they worship

But politicians from the left blasted Netanyahu's move saying he placed his personal interests ahead of national considerations and was avoiding responsibility. "I presume he is striving to save [the Likud] primaries votes," Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer (Labor) said.

"Netanyahu is again revealing his true colors in historic moments," he said.

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Labor Party Secretary General, MK Eitan Cabel, said in reaction to the announcement: "Good riddance."

Housing and Construction Minister Isaac Herzog called on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to name a Labor MK as the next finance minister.

MK Yossi Sarid (Meretz-Yahad) said Netanyahu's resignation is a blessed occasion for Israel's unemployed, poor, disabled and residents of development towns who have been the main victims of the finance minister's policies in recent years.

"All of the weak and weakened in Israeli society need to breath a sign of relief. It's no coincidence that Netanyahu chose to resign one day ahead of the publication of the National Insurance Institute's poverty report," Sarid said.

Meretz-Yahad Chairman Yossi Beilin said Netanyahu?s resignation is one small step in the finance minister?s zigzagged route, and one large step for the weaker sectors in Israel, who will pay the full price for his three-year tenure.

There was no immediate reaction from the Prime Minister's Office, but Cabinet Secretary Yisrael Maimon said that the government's financial policy will not change following the resignation.

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin congratulated Netanyahu on his decision, but expressed doubt on whether the move would stop the disengamement plan. He called on the other Likud minister to follow Netanyahu.

Netanyahu, who had spearheaded a vast reform of Israel's market, rattled the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange with his announcement.

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


Last update - 19:34 07/08/2005

Focus: Netanyahu opens race for power - a moment too late?

By Bradley Burston, Haaretz correspondent

It was the classic campaign launch from the classic campaigner. The candidate is still formally unannounced, but Benjamin Netanyahu left no doubt Sunday evening that his gaze was fixed on a return to power.

For more than half a decade, Netanyahu waited for his moment to return to center stage, and to power. Sunday night, he made his move.

"The moment of truth has arrived," Netanyahu said in bolting the government with a fierce condemnation of the disengagement. "At the moment of truth, a man - especially a leader - must ask himself 'What are you doing, what do you stand for, what are you fighting for?'"

Broadening his call, he said he understood the desire of Israelis to leave Gaza, and to work for peace.

Taking to the stump, by turns presidential and emotional, he was unsparing in praise. He had been right about Oslo, he said. He had been right about the Palestinians, right about handing them guns, right about the pullout. He had been right about the economy, right about growth and economic reform.

But had he been right about the resignation?

After a landslide defeat in 1999 elections, he had entrusted the leadership of the Likud to Ariel Sharon in what the outgoing prime minister saw as a caretaker role. The has-been Sharon was to rise to power, offering Netanyahu the apparent poison pill of the treasury portfolio.

Netanyahu, for his part, gambled on an economic policy as politically risky as Sharon's disengagement, his free-market policies appearing to strike at the very strata of society that had been his power base in the Likud.

Now he has embarked on a new gamble. Netanyahu believes he can ride his residual strength within the Likud, coupled with the party hawks' antipathy to Sharon, to the party chairmanship.

From there, the flaccidity of the Labor Party could ensure a Netanyahu victory in general elections, however anemic it may be.

The key question is one for which Netanyahu was prepared: Did he wait too long to resign from the government and make his move? Has he already lost his credibility in the eyes of the right?

The Hassidim Neo-Conmen of Chabad Lovtobitch of SSSanhedrin, who also control hiel Bushitler in Washington DC

Asked after his resignation whether his standing within the right was harmed, Netanyahu reply was unusually direct. "Yes, there has been damage," he said.

But the politician was not far behind with a quick save, quoting aides as saying
"We have never seen you so at peace with yourself, so calm."

The damage will be tested soon enough, Netanyahu concluded. As will that inner peace.


The Sofiet RED Communitarians are separating from US Government as gods

It takes a Village Yiddiot



Thanks Rowan Berkely

US Hasidic group requests official status as shtetl-like
By Amiram Barkat, Haaretz, 7 Aug 05

Two weeks ago, shortly before Shabbat, an unusual request
arrived in Thompson, a quiet town in Sullivan County in upstate
New York. A group of Viznitz Hasidim living in the area wanted
their community to be recognized as a village to be named
Ateret. Their representative, Haim Fried, said that the purpose
of establishing the village was to allow the group to control
zoning and building in their area,
and to plan housing suitable
for large ultra-Orthodox families.

"We're good neighbors who pay taxes and contribute to the
economy," Fried told a local newspaper reporter. The response
from Town Supervisor Anthony Cellini was chilly. "I'm not really
enthusiastic about the request," he said. "I suppose it will
wind up in court."

If Fried's group has its way, Ateret will join three similar
communities established in New York State in recent decades.

These communities are managed and populated solely by Hasidim.
From a socioeconomic standpoint, the Hasidic towns are crowded
islands of poverty
amid New York's wealthy rural surroundings.

Sofiet RED Communes....Ghettos of shemborg of shame

The communities usually reach the public eye only when there are
reports of corruption scandals, arguments between neighbors,
shady real estate deals or controversial state funding for their
independent school systems.

But some in U.S. academic circles consider these towns a

Treasonous RED Sofiet Blasphemous Vipers


A team of researchers from universities in New York and
California studying the largest of the three, Kiryas Yoel,
believe this spells the beginning of a broad phenomena, and that
in the coming year numerous "American shtetls" will crop up
throughout New York, and perhaps elsewhere in the country.

see David Koresh and their jealous Murders

Until World War II, there were hardly any ultra-Orthodox in the
U.S. Now there are an estimated quarter of a million, many
concentrated in neighborhoods like Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The
move outside the New York metropolis, which began in the 1950s
and `60s, has been explained by overcrowding and the appearance
of new neighbors, blacks or Hispanics, in ultra-Orthodox areas.

In 1954, a group of Skverer Hasidim bought agricultural land in
Rockland County, an hour's drive north of New York City. In
1961, New Square was founded as the first ultra-Orthodox town in
Following that success, the Satmar leader, Reb Yoel
Teitelbaum, instructed his disciples to buy land in the Orange
County township of Monroe, north of Rockland. In 1977, the place
was designated the independent community of Kiryas Yoel. The
third town, Kaser, was founded in Rockland in 1990 by Viznitz

High birthrates and exodus from the city has caused a meteoric
rise in the population of the ultra-Orthodox towns. Kiryas Yoel,
which occupies 2.8 square kilometers, is now home to 17,000
people, and growing at an annual rate of 8 percent. Average
monthly income per family in the three towns does not exceed

Kiryas Yoel residents recently managed to purchase hundreds of
dunams, through a front man of Italian origin, which will permit
the town to double in size. A legal battle is still raging
surrounding Kiryas Yoel's application to be hooked up to New
York's main water carrier, to a pipeline that can supply the
needs of 60,000 residents.

Neighboring communities are urgently trying to safeguard the
rural character of the area and to prevent these towns from
becoming cities. So far, the campaign against the Haredim has
not been marred by any serious anti-Semitic slurs
except for
the term "teflon shtetl" given to Kiryas Yoel, and a local
politician who called residents "a community of parasites."


According to Prof. David Myers of the UCLA Center for Jewish
Studies, "what makes Haredi towns like Kiryas Yoel a unique and
fascinating phenomenon in the U.S. is that, here's a community
which, on the one hand, secludes itself and completely rejects
the values of the western society around it, and on the other
hand, does not hesitate to engage to the fullest the privileges
and means that society has granted it."

Leech Pharisaites

Another American scholar says "there are some in the U.S. who
view the conduct of the Haredi towns as incredible chutzpah."

The secret of these towns' power lies in their block voting
capacity - their ability to harness thousands of votes for
friendly politicians,
which is already making a crucial
difference in rural counties.

Hoodlum hoo haha of the shemborg collective of the wannabe gods over mankind who say in their laws of Talmud Bavli they are above the laws of the Goyim


Galloway - Blair, Bush
'Have Blood On Their Hands'

The Guardian - UK
Tony Blair and George Bush have "far more blood on their hands" than the terrorists who carried out the London tube bombings, George Galloway said today.
Mr Galloway, Respect MP for Bethnal Green, said that the attacks on the capital by Islamic extremists could not be separated from the invasion of Iraq and Britain's treatment of the Muslim world.
He said that the "al-Qaida phenomenon" had arisen directly as a result of western policies in the Middle East.
Mr Galloway had already attracted criticism for remarks made to Syrian television, attacking Arab governments which collaborated with foreigners in the "rape" of their "beautiful daughters" of Jerusalem and Baghdad.
In an interview with the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning, in the wake of the latest al-Qaida video blaming Mr Blair for the destruction in London and warning of more attacks, Mr Galloway insisted that he too condemned the bombings.
"The people who brought destruction to London were primarily the people who committed the acts of mass murder," he said.
"What we say is we refuse to be part of a conspiracy to deny that it has anything to do with the fact that our country is going round the world setting fire to other people's countries and killing them.
"I think there is hardly a sentient being in the land left who doesn't believe these things are connected.
"I am utterly against the punishing of innocent people for the crimes of the guilty, whether it is done on the underground in London or the streets of Fallujah by George Bush's air force."
He repeated his view that it was Mr Bush who was the world's "biggest terrorist" and said that the US president and Mr Blair had shed far more blood than the bombers.
"If it is a question of quantum, there is far more blood on the hands of George Bush and Tony Blair than there is on the hands of the murderers who killed those people in London," he said.
He denied that he was seeking to justify the terrorist attacks.
"If I say a car has four wheels and the Ford Motor Company say it has four wheels, that doesn't make me part of the Ford Motor Company," he said.
However, he said that the rise of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida was the direct result of western policies.
"The al-Qaida phenomenon arose out of the first war on Iraq; arose out of the occupation of Jerusalem and the killing of the Palestinians and the dispersal of the refugees around the world; arose out of our support for the puppet presidents and corrupt kings of the Muslim world," he said. Mr Galloway's comments were condemned as "twisted" and "absurd" by the shadow foreign secretary, Liam Fox.
"I think that George Galloway is a sad and twisted but ultimately irrelevant politician," Mr Fox told the Today programme.
"I think that his self-righteousness is matched only by his stupidity. I think his views are quite ridiculous."
He said that it was "deeply offensive" to describe insurgents and terrorists as "martyrs".
"He talks about them as martyrs which, I think, is language extraordinarily sympathetic to people who kill the innocent. It is the sort of language used by university debaters, not serious politicians," he said.
Guardian Unlimited Guardian Newspapers Limited 2005,15935,1543291,00.html


Opposed to the shemsham

Robin Cook dies aged 59

Mat Smith and Agencies
Saturday August 6, 2005

The former foreign secretary Robin Cook has died after collapsing on a
mountain in Scotland, Scottish police have announced.

Mr Cook had apparently collapsed with a suspected heart attack on the mountainside while out walking during his summer holidays.

He was also reported to have seriously injured himself in a fall after his collapse.

The father-of-two grown up sons was on the mountain for nearly half an hour before rescue services reached him.

Then, guided by medical experts via telephone, they battled to revive him using cardio pulmonary resuscitation equipment, before he was airlifted by helicopter to hospital in Inverness


Commons Ovation For
Robin Cook As He
Quits Cabinet & Rounds
On Blair & United States

By Michael White
Political Editor
The Guardian
March 18, 2003
Robin Cook last night let rip months of frustration with Tony Blair's Iraq policy when he used his cabinet resignation speech to warn colleagues that "history will be astonished at the diplomatic miscalculations" which now look certain to bring war in a matter of days.
In a sustained demolition job on the prime minister's strategy, which earned him a rare standing ovation from anti-war MPs, the ex-leader of the house praised the absent Mr Blair's "heroic efforts" and said he wants no part in attempts to overthrow him.
But, in urging the Commons to assert its authority by voting tonight to block British involvement in a war "that has neither international authority nor domestic support", Mr Cook challenged US motives - and warned that "we delude ourselves about the degree of international hostility to military action" if Britain simply blames the threatened French veto at the UN.
The international development secretary, Clare Short, announced that she would be "reflecting overnight" on whether to join Mr Cook on the rebellious Labour backbenches where he spoke last night for the first time in 23 years. However, sources indicated that she had made up her mind to stay in office.
Mr Cook slipped into No 10 to see Mr Blair before yesterday's emergency cabinet meeting which followed the announcement that Britain and the US had formally abandoned the search for UN support.
He later left by a side door, 70,000 a year poorer, to issue a statement regretting Anglo-US isolation in the war against terrorism and Mr Blair's isolation from other leftwing parties in Europe.
Mr Cook also took issue with the prime minister's jibe, in his letter of thanks for years of hard work and friendship, that as foreign secretary he had backed the war in Kosovo without a UN vote. That war was supported by Nato, the EU and Serbia's neighbours, he pointed out.
Downing Street said he signalled last week he would quit.
But the long-awaited break sounded alarm bells ahead of today's Commons debate on the crisis, which critics say will increase last month's rebellion by 122 Labour MPs to over 150, and will trigger more resignations.
A full scale damage-limitation exercise under way last night included an article in today's Guardian by the former US president, Bill Clinton, urging Labour MPs to trust Mr Blair. It was also revealed that Cherie Blair had phoned Mps asking them for support.
At Westminster, senior ministers including Gordon Brown and Jack Straw - who made an hour-long statement to MPs - called in their backbench waverers to pile blame on President Jacques Chirac's "in no circumstances" veto of the second UN resolution.
Significantly, Mr Brown and the home secretary, David Blunkett - the most likely contenders for Mr Blair's job if the road to Baghdad ends in unexpected military disaster - also went out of their way to stress support for the prime minister at a cabinet that was solidly behind the policy except for Ms Short's well-publicised doubts.



Mt:24:24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Rv:15:5: And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened:

Rv:11:19: And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

Rv:21:22: And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.

The Race For The Lost Ark
Posted 8/3/2005
By Dvora Waysman

Thousands of people saw the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark", and most of them knew that Indiana Jones was based on a real person, famous archaeologist Dr. Vendyl Jones. Less well-known is another charismatic contender, who believes he will be the first to uncover the hiding place of this fabulous prize. He was recently in Jerusalem, and his name is Lt. Barry S. Roffman of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Roffman is basing his search on the Bible Code ... a code encrypted in the Bible some 3,000 years ago, now unlocked by computer. The mathematician who discovered the code was Dr. Eliyahu Rips, one of the world`s leading experts in group theory, the field that underlies quantum physics. Jones is basing his research on the Talmud. Once a Christian pastor, he left his post to become a leader of the Noahide movement, Gentiles who observe the seven laws of Noah. His search is aided by an ancient document found in Qumran together with the Dead Sea Scrolls, known as the "Copper Scroll." He is convinced that he has pinpointed the ark`s location. ( For Roffman`s research, you can hear a 30 minute radio broadcast by accessing

In the case of Vendyl Jones, he plans to uncover the lost Ark of the Covenant by Tisha b`Av. It was the resting place of the Ten Commandments, given to the Jews at Mt. Sinai and supposedly hidden just before the First Temple was destroyed. Although the Talmud says the Ark is hidden under the Temple Mount, Jones believes the tunnel continues 18 miles to the south and is now in the Judean Desert. Jones is not Jewish, although his daughter Sarah has converted and lives in Samaria (Shomron). However, he is learned in Torah and Talmud and has contact with a mysterious kabbalist who has now given him his blessing to reveal the Ark by Tisha B`Av (August 14th), the anniversary of the destruction of both the First and Second Temples.

But Jones is not alone in his search. Barry Roffman, an Orthodox Jew and a Lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard and author of Ark Code, ( ) believes that the Torah codes he has discovered can unlock the secret of the Ark`s location, and his findings are very different from those of Vendyl Jones. According to Roffman, there are maps encoded in the Torah. Key site names are encoded in such a way that the angles between Jerusalem, Arabic sites and a suspect Egyptian Ark site correspond to actual course headings on real world maps. The site, which he describes as 31 degrees 9 minutes North, 33 degrees 4 minutes East, is where a cloud of fire blocked the Egyptian army from the Israelites before we crossed the Sea of Reeds (Yam Suf) at Lake Bardawil in Northern Sinai, Egypt. He cites Jeremiah as the last prophet to control the Ark before finishing his life in that area of Egypt. Roffman`s research is unique, quite different from methods used by other Bible code researchers. It is rooted in his expertise as a Coast Guard military planner. He has explanations as to why Jeremiah took the Ark to the site of the splitting of the sea, and believes that the Ark`s purpose is to prevent a nuclear war between Israel and its enemies.

Barry Roffman was born in 1947 in Philadelphia and now lives in California with his second wife, Katherine Kim Roffman and their young son David. He has a distinguished Navy background, and was also a high school teacher of earth science, biology, chemistry and physical science. In 1989, his book, A Matter of Spiritual Custody, dealt with an interfaith child custody battle in which the Catholic Church, possibly for the first and only time, annulled his older son`s baptism on a ruling by Edward A. McCarthy, Archbishop of Miami, on the grounds that it was carried out without the father`s knowledge or consent when the boy was seven and considered himself to be Jewish. Today, that son, Robert Altair Roffman, is an Orthodox Rabbi in the U.S. Air Force.

So now, the world is waiting with bated breath. Will it be Jones or Roffman who finds the Ark of the Covenant? Will it be found in Israel or in Egypt? Will it be discovered by means of ground-penetrating radar?

What will be the religious, political and scientific implications and ramifications if it is found? And what else can we learn of the future from the words encrypted in the Bible codes or the secrets of the Talmud? We may not have long to wait. The Nobel Laureate physicist, Richard Feynman, put it this way:

"To solve any problem that has never been solved before, you have to leave the door to the unknown, ajar."


Noahide News Part 252



The Last Deception

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Daniel's Seventy Weeks

Was Peter a Jew?

The Two Witnesses

"The Whore of Babylon"

Mystery Babylon

 Are the " Ael-ians coming"

Ael-ians II

Wall Street " The Mark" is Here

Wall Street II

Wall Street III

It has happened "War Declared upon and in America"

Declared section Part II


"All you ever need to know about their god and Qabalah"

Qabalah Part II

Qabalah Part III

National Identification Card

 ADDED Material 3-25-2004 Prophecy Unfolding

A Sincere Request to  "Rapture" Teachers

"Seventh Trumpet"

Compulsory Constitutional Cremation

Homeland Security, "The Police State"

"The Fourth Beast"

The Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah

The Scribes of Baal

How will they do it- " The false-christ"

False Christ Part II

The Word

Baal's food Tax

"The Changing of the Guards"

"Summation" The beginning of sorrows has begun

"Moshiach ben Lucifer"

Satan's Tales "Wagging the Global Dog"

"Satan's Plan", Protocols of Zion ( of course they will dispute it's authenticity)

I Witch, New One World Order Seal

Satan's Enforcers of Quaballah

Satan's Enforcers Part 2

Satan's Enforcers Part 3

Satan's Enforcers Part 4

The Seed of God or the Seed of Satan, Your choice by faith

Pledge of Allegiance Part Two

I AM, the Revelation of Jesus Christ

King of the Noachides

"Beware the Mark"

"Beware the Mark" part two

"Beware the Mark" Part 3

"Beware the Mark" Part Four

"Beware the Mark" Part Five

 Harvest of Fear

"Harvest of Fear" Part Two

"Harvest of Fear" Part Three

National Organization Against Hasidic International Talmudic Enforcement

Where's Da Plane Boss, wheres da plane?

The Tarot Card Killer of Olam Ha Ba

The "Lessor Jew"

Temporary Coup d' Etat

The Federal Reserve, Fed up with the Fed?

The Protocols Today. Dispute this, Liars !

Protocols Today Part Two

Letter to a friend "It's not the Jews Dummy"

Identity of the Illuminati

The "Son's of the Synagogue of Satan"Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Satan Part 1A

Chabad Satan Part 2

Chabad Satan Part 2A

Chabad Satan Part 2B

Chabad Satan Part 3

Chabad Satan Part 3A

Chabad Satan Part 4

Chabad Satan Part 4A

Chabad Satan Part 4B

Chabad Satan Part 4C

Chabad Satan Part 5

Chabad satan Part 5A

Chabad Satan Part 5B

Chabad Satan Part 5C

Chabad Satan Part 6

Chabad Satan Part 6B

Chabad Satan Part 6C

Chabad Satan Part 6D

Chabad Satan Part 7

Chabad Satan Part 7A

Chabad Satan Part 7B

Chabad Satan Part 7C

Chabad Satan Part 8

Chabad Satan Part 8A

Chabad Satan Part 8B

Chabad Satan Part 8C

Chabad Satan Part 8D

Chabad Satan Part 9

Chabad Satan Part 9A

Chabad Satan Part 9B

Chabad Satan Part 9C

Chabad Satan Part 9D

Chabad Satan Part 10

Chabad Satan Part 10A

Chabad Satan Part 10B

Chabad Satan Part 10C

Chabad Satan Part 10D

Chabad Satan Part 11

The Chabad Satan Wall of Destruction

Chabad Wall Part 2

Chabad Wall Part 3

Chabad Wall Part 4

The Chabad Phoenix is Rising

Columbia "The Queen of Heaven"

Patriot Akt II, Comrad 

The Infiltration of the leaven "Jerusalem Council"

Satan's One World Religion

OWR Part 2

OWR Part 3

OWR Part 4

One World Religion Part 5

One World Religion Part 6

One World Religion Part 7

Re the god of Talmud Bavli

Perpetual Purim

"The Raiser of Taxes"

Jewish Persecution

Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws

The Leaven of the Chabad Lubavitch Chassidim Pharisees

Exod-U.S the coming Geula 


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

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Letter to Bob Jones and President Bush and all televangelist

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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