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August 25, 2005  

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Av 20 their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The Real Motive Behind
'Dept Of Global Anti-Semitism'

By Rev. Ted
On October 16, 2004 President Bush signed into law the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act. It establishes a special department within the U.S. State Department to monitor global anti-Semitism, reporting annually to Congress.
This is more "Hate Crimes" legislation, orchestrated by the international Jewish religious, educational, and fraternal organization, B'nai B'rith, and its Anti-Defamation League. The new "Department of Global Anti-Semitism" is designed to make critics of Israel not only into "anti-Semites" but ultimately into "domestic terrorists."
But first, what is anti-Semitism? Simple: It is the racist belief that Jews, because of heredity, are evil, greedy, corrupting, subversive, degenerate, etc. Hitler believed this. So do the KKK and certain "Christian identity" and white supremacist groups.
anti-Shema-tism is not anti-Christ
Such dehumanization of Jews is evil, un-Christian, un-American.
The Sanhedrin
 1: And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
2: And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the
dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
On the other hand, if the actions of individual Jews, Jewish institutions, Jewish religious or secular leaders, or the nation Israel have been evil, then vehement criticism is not anti-Semitic. It is courageous and laudable. Certainly, the Biblical prophets, including Christ, engaged in vitriolic criticism of the sinful nation Israel and its false leaders. No one considers them anti-Semitic.
However, in its "Report on Global Anti-Semitism" and "Global Anti-Semitism Report," the U.S. State Department ignores the above perspectives. Here is a list of beliefs or activities the U.S. government now considers anti-Semitic:
1. Any assertion "that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world" is anti-Semitic.
2. "Strong anti-Israel sentiment" is anti-Semitic.
3. "Virulent criticism" of Israel's leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic. According to the State Department, anti-Semitism occurs when a swastika is portrayed in a cartoon decrying the behavior of a past or present Zionist leader. Thus, a cartoon that includes a swastika to criticize Ariel Sharon's brutal 2002 invasion of the West Bank, raining "hell-fire" missiles on hapless Palestinian men, women and children, is anti-Semitic. Similarly, when the word "Zionazi" is used to describe Sharon's saturation bombing in Lebanon in 1982 (killing 17,500 innocent refugees), it is also "anti-Semitic."
4. Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature (especially the Talmud and Kabbalah) is anti-Semitic.
Robert G. Pickle is 100% bonafide, certified by the TRREASONUS Blasphemous Bushitler regime of his Hassidic handlers.......anti Shemantick. I stand FIRM for the Testimony of Jesus the Christ against the Beast the Sanhedrin and the Dragon and the Seventy sons of satan's shemaGOG and their Anti-Christ, Universal Noahide Laws, Made Public Law by the 102nd Congress of  the Devil and the Bushitler family. I AM NOT, anti-Christ.
5. Criticism of the U.S. government and Congress for being under undue influence by the Jewish-Zionist community (including AIPAC) is anti-Semitic.
See the Treason of the Talmudic RED Sofiets of AIPAC 
6. Criticism of the Jewish-Zionist community for promoting globalism (the "New World Order") is anti-Semitic.
1000% now 
7. Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-Semitic.
Then the Word of God is anti-Shemictick, and they are anti-Christ Blasphemers 
 1: And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
8. Diminishing the "six million" figure of Holocaust victims is anti-Semitic.
9. Calling Israel a "racist" state is anti-Semitic.
10. Asserting that there exists a "Zionist Conspiracy" is anti-Semitic.
11. Claiming that Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia is anti-Semitic.
12. Making "derogatory statements about Jewish persons" is anti-Semitic.
13. Denying spiritually disobedient Jews the biblical right to re-occupy Palestine is anti-Semitic.
14. Alleging that Mossad was behind the 9/11 attack is anti-Semitic.
In the Global Anti-Semitism Report, State Department spokespersons Ambassador Edward O'Donnell and the head of the office of global anti-Semitism, Ambassador Michael B. Kozak, defend the State Department's definitions. O'Donnell's statement that he wants to "end all anti-Semitism and other hate crimes" reveals that he considers anti-Semitism a hate crime. Presumably, he would like such a "crime" to be punished.
Welcome to the Hoodlum haha (Olam Haba) of the beast and their soon to be "REVEALED" Moshiach ben satan 
These State Department reports repeatedly equate "strong, anti-Israel sentiment" and criticism of matters Jewish with "hate." They give no recognition to the possibility that such criticism might be sincerely motivated not by hate but by moral indignation or even love for the Jewish people.
The Report on Global Anti-Semitism repeatedly calls for passage, both nationally and internationally, of "hate crime" legislation. These laws, the brainchild of B'nai B'rith/ADL, also have as their ultimate goal making it a "hate crime" to criticize Jews, matters Jewish, or the state of Israel.

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Being anti-Shema-Tick and Loving Jesus the Christ............."priceless"
The Report on Global Anti-Semitism reeks with B'nai B'rith/ADL logic, phraseology, and evidence of their incredible worldwide organizational and statistic-gathering capacities. It contains thirty-three pages of minute documentation of "anti-Semitic incidents" in fifty-eight countries of the world, documentation which only B'nai B'rith/ADL, with its offices in more than fifty countries, could compile or even be that vitally interested in. Without a doubt, as with hate laws, this Global Anti-Semitism Review Act is their creation.
Thus, the Department of Anti-Semitism, (Ministry of Love) applauded and advised by B'nai B'rith/ADL, is working to create a worldwide "criticism-free zone" for Jews in the "New World Order" that is coming. This report ignores whether criticisms of matters Jewish are true. What must be defended are the sensitivities of the Jewish people! Consequently, relating such unflattering realities as the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile contents of the Talmud and Kabbalah, Jewish origins of bolshevism, Jewish dominance of Hollywood and the media, Jewish control of Congress through AIPAC, Zionist atrocities and abrasiveness in the Middle East is anti-Semitic. It is "hate." It does not matter that such facts can be easily and extensively documented, often from impeccable Jewish sources such as the Encyclopedia Judaica.
The Seven Noachide laws are general commandments with many details. Transgressing any one of them is considered such a breach in the natural order that the offender incurs the death penalty. Apart from a few exceptions, the death sentence for a Ben Noach is Sayif, death by the sword / decapitation, the least painful of the four modes of execution of criminals (see the Rambam's Hilchos Melachim 9:14). (The four methods of capital punishment in Torah are: S’kilah - Stoning; S’rifah - Burning; Hereg - Decapitation; Henek - Strangulation.) The many formalities of procedure essential when the accused is an Israelite need not be observed in the case of the Noachite. The latter may be convicted on the testimony of one witness, even on that of relatives, but not on that of a woman. He need have had no warning from the witnesses; and a single judge may pass sentence on him (Sanhedrin 57a, b; Rambam, Hilchos Melakim 9:14).
Rv:20:4: And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

All such anti-Semitism, this report says, is a "scourge," an "intolerable burden," which "for an increasingly interdependent world must be ended."
On the other hand, according to the U.S. State Department, there does exist some possibility that "objective criticism" of Israel and its leaders can be tolerated - that is, just as long as such criticism does not "cross the line" and become "strong anti-Israel sentiment" and "virulent." Such criticism should not "demonize" Jews, Jewish religious or political leaders, or the state of Israel.
However, what may be considered "virulence" or "demonization" by Zionists may be seen as nothing more than salty truth-telling by critics of Israel. Hypocritically, the State Department itself is not above "demonizing" strong critics of Israel in the most "virulent" terms as a "plague" and "scourge" on mankind!
The State Department's twisted definition of anti-Semitism provides exponential opportunities to persecute Bible-believing Christians, anti-war activists, Moslems, as well as publishers and broadcasters in the years ahead. In fact, by turning "strong" criticism of the American/Zionist coalition into "anti-Semitism and other hate crimes," the State Department opens the door to eventual characterization of those who criticize Israel as not only anti-Semites but also as "domestic terrorists."
Or either they bow down in slavery to the shemborg Collective, and the Sanhedrin Beast out of the sea and their dragon who gives them their power
Rv:14:11: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

Here's how it can be done:
Today, those who raise funds in America to support America's and Israel's terrorist enemies are arrested as "domestic terrorists." But what if articulate Americans provided something else, potentially even more valuable to Israel's enemies: "strong criticism" of Israel? Such could weaken Israel morally in the sight of the world, giving justification to the claims of her terrorist enemies. Should they also be punished?
As the Second World War was beginning in 1939, Charles Lindberg was publicly critical of international Jews for inveigling America into a war to destroy Hitler. Lindberg believed that Hitler should be allowed to do what he wanted to do most, move east and destroy "Jewish Communism" in Russia.
In 1944, 30 Americans, who agreed with Lindberg, were arrested for the crime of "sedition," weakening America's resolve in the fight against fascism. Later investigation under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that the ADL, attempting to equate criticism of international Jews with Nazism, had entirely created the FBI case.
Records revealed that the ADL was "only warming up" by pursuing sedition convictions against 30 innocent Americans. Their ultimate ambition was to imprison prominent critics of evil Jewish leadership, especially Charles Lindberg. Fortunately, ADL's attempt to transform 30 critics of international Jews into "Nazis" failed when the judge died and the case was dissolved.
Today, America and Israel are allies in the "war on terror." Tomorrow, especially if the war on terror intensifies and America and Israel cooperate even more closely, criticism of America's ally in the war on terrorism may be construed as "aiding and abetting the enemy." Such "strong criticism" or anti-Semitism may be seen as not only weakening Israel, but America itself.
Turning millions of Americans into anti-Semites for criticizing Israel is thus a transition toward ADL's ultimate goal: making such persons "enemies of the war on terror," i.e., "domestic terrorists."

Keep in mind......

e-mail from the Hassidic anti-Christ Pharisaic Chabad Lovtobitch (Lubavitch) Sanhedrin of the Dragon....rabid rib-eye Dov Stein

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט

-----Original Message-----
From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 9:06 PM
To: Dov

Dov SSStein
IT is not chamas who you control who you worry about....IT IS JESUS the Christ GOD and his Father you so tremble.
Very soon your Moshiach and Sanhedrin and your dragon is cast into the pit with death and hell the Covenant you have made to yourselves

His Reply

We authentic Jews will treat CHAMAS (Hamas)  wonderful when we get rid from your christian influence during 2000 years of murdering and thethts. Soon the CHAMAS will treat you christians as it did 11/9 (9-11-2001)


They will come to you before as 11/9
The only chance that you will remain  is the treatment that we the jews will the CHAMAS


From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 6:32 PM
To: Dov

Dov Stein
hahah neat manuever
14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.
15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
So it is time to have your Hamas to "Proceed with your all engulfing "TERROR"
Lob those missiles on the "Lesser Brethren"
and send in Bigboy haha Bushitler
and then double cross him
hahahha gotta hand it to you den of Vipers, you are following the Prophecy of Jesus the Christ 100% and know it not
OH well IW...ITSREALHELL Warner here has told you, REPENT or perish forever, Don Stein

His reply



They then can be prosecuted under Homeland Security laws.
By CHERTOFF the Talmudic son of a Hassidic Pharisee rib-eye of the Dragon satan's Eretz ISREALHELL Jewrisdiction USA, Homelandt "SAY" kurity of the Whore and Bushitlers bloody ad-menstruation of hell 
In Canada, we are seeing exactly this happen. Ernst Zundel is a Holocaust revisionist who doubts that a full six million Jews were deliberately murdered by the Nazis, largely by gassing. He asserts that untold numbers of Jews in German internment camps, especially in the last years of the war, died not in gas chambers, but as a result of massive, well-documented typhus epidemics, which also killed countless Poles, Gypsies, Russians, etc. Yet in Canada, thanks to ADL/B'nai B'rith, it is a "hate crime" to lesson to any degree the six million figure of Holocaust dead, or that most of them died in gas chambers. Such diminishment is anti-Semitism, a "hate crime" punishable by harsh fines and imprisonment. Several years ago Zundel was deported from his home in Tennessee back to Canada to spend more than two years in solitary confinement in a Canadian prison. He was then deported back to his native Germany where he remains in prison.
Under what charge have Canadian authorities been holding him?
You guessed it. He is a "terrorist threat!"
So it will be for millions of Americans tomorrow if ADL/B'nai B'rith have their way and the Department of Anti-Semitism's twisted definitions of anti-Semitism are allowed to stand.
The Department of Global Anti-Semitism is informing the world who the "domestic terrorists" of tomorrow will be.
They are you and I.
We can do plenty!
Call our members of Congress toll-free at 1-877-762-8762
hahahahahahahahahaheeeeeeeeeewhooooooey call the fox who guards the chickens coup 
Call the U.S. State Department comment line at 1-202-647-4000
Demand that all funding and authority for the development of the Department of Anti-Semitism be rescinded.
Demand that Congressional hearings be held to re-formulate a workable, balanced definition of "anti-Semitism" - one that protects Bible-believing Christians, critics of Israel, and Moslems from persecution as "anti-Semites."
Also, call into talk shows, especially large, syndicated ones.
Since the threat of hate laws is "taboo" on most large shows, do not tell the talk show operator that you want to comment on that subject. If the topic of the day is even remotely related to the issue of free speech, terrorism, the Mid-East, etc., begin with those topics but quickly move the discussion to the threat of hate laws. Describe how free speech is lost in Canada; how eleven Christians were arrested under Pennsylvania's hate law; how the "Department of Anti-semitism" would make many Americans into anti-semites.
Talk show hosts: For an interview with Rev. Ted Pike on the "Department of Anti-Semitism," call 503-631-3808.
For many articles on "hate crimes" legislation and B'nai B'rith's role in creating it, visit
For a gripping 80-minute video documentary by Ted Pike, "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians," at $24.90 postpaid, call 503-631-3808, order online, or write
National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

SICK Treason and Blasphemy and murder

Rv:13:8: And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.


Do you hear, saints of the LIVING GOD the IAM, Jesus the Christ?

Do you hear you who are in Judea? REPENT in the Mighty Salvation of the REDEEMER from the beginning slain at the foundation of the world, the LAMB of the living God, Jesus the LORD GOD Almighty whom these Pharisaic Hassidic Vipers, the Chabad RED Sofiet LUVTOBITCHERS have replaced with their Tetragrammaton Babylonian Illuminated angel of darkness who has transformed him self into an angel of Light....REPENT in the Name Above every name and come out of that Great WHORE jerusalem and her beast sanhedrin and he world religion of Universal Noahide the Woman who rides upon the beast....REPENT now, before these Vipers "REVEAL" their Moshiach who is he who comes in his own name whom the Sanhedrin will accept. Repent in Jesus the Christ and do not worship the beast Moshiach nor his star of Moloch.....REPENT ISRAEL in Spirit and Come unto Sion God's Holy Mountain in Heaven


ALL the kings of the earth are in bed with the WHORE and drunken with the cup of her Iniquity

Ps:94:16: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?


New Law slated to install Police State in Canada

August 24, 2005

Connie Fogal, Leader of CAP, says   " 'NO' to an impending federal law to give police and national security agencies new powers to eavesdrop on cellphone calls and monitor the Internet activities of Canadians".

 "This law is another destruction of  Canadian freedom,"insists Fogal. "It moves  Canada even further into the realm of a police state. This is an adjunct to our nefarious anti terrorism laws imposed on an uninformed citizenry by our  Parliament and Senate. It is another elimination of some of our sovereign rights that were supposed to be guaranteed to us  under our Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is an act of stealth imposed  under the guise of national security."

Fogal asks? "Why is this being done? Canada is mirroring recent  U.S legislation because our government has committed Canada by stealth and backroom deals to a North American Union: US, Canada, and Mexico under US command and control.  Information on this year's meeting by the three national leaders at Bush's ranch in Texas  on North American Union has been revealed even in mainstream media."

Bushitlers Ranch where he does all his Treason with "Secret" meetings

"This latest piece of liberty stripping legislation is but one more incremental step of stealth because Canadians would not tolerate this if we were allowed to have full information of what is going on. This is an incredible situation," reported Fogal.

She continued, "Many Canadians  fought and died in  WW2 to stop this very kind of police state activity. What we are witnessing now with these types of laws is an exact pattern of liberty -stripping imposed by Hitler on Germans under the guise of 'National Security'. Good people there who turned a blind eye or failed to resist  later discovered it was too late.
Their liberty was completely eliminated . Eventually it reached a stage where even Germany's  highest court judges were committing crimes by convicting innocent people.
Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory
 See the Nuremburg Trials. Even Judges are corruptible in such regimes.  As Harry Rankin, Vancouver's renowned 25 year alderman and criminal lawyer, used to say, 'If you want justice, go to church, not to the courts. The courts are there to apply the law created by politicians.' "

"Fogal, a lawyer, said, "Canada along with many countries has been participating for years in an eavesdropping program called Echelon. That is illegal. What government is trying to do is make it legal.  It is illegal because our system as a democracy had built in protections for the good and innocent. 

The United States of America is not a Noahide Demonicrazy. IT is a REPUBLIC Democracy, of the PEOPLE, BY the People, FOR.......FOR the people. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.....BEWARE Vipers of TREASON and Blasphemy, for ON that Day of the LORD you will be paid recompense TWO FOLD for your murders and thefts and Murders and Blasphemy and Treason.

People REPENT unto Jesus the Christ the IAM the Image of the Invisible God, who made you in that Image, the ONLY IAM. Your destruction and death is Nigh Upon you, but you slumber in the pews of Filthy leaven of the Pharisees............REPENT NOW and Come unto the LIVING Waters the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY into New Jerusalem who is no bloody whore to the Beast and her Dragon


Police have to justify any invasion of privacy  before a court of law. If the court did not accept the reason  for the invasion, it was not allowed. This protection is core to civil liberties.  We should not abandon it. We must not  abandon it, if we are to be a free and democratic people."


"It is such hypocrisy for Canada to be supporting the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq as deliverers of "freedom" when new local draconian laws at home are stripping Canadians and Americans  of our liberty.  It is time for a reality check," insisted Fogal.

"At a crucial point in 'the tide of the affairs of men' human beings have to take a stand and be counted.  Better sooner than later when to do so means imprisonment or death, as happened in Germany. I, for one, say "NO" to another deceitful  and wrongful law. I also speak as the leader of a small federal party voicing the view of thousands of Canadians who  feel betrayed by the existing Parliamentarians,"said Fogal.

Connie Fogal, lawyer, Director Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee and Leader of Canadian Action Party/parti action Canadienne


The Sanhedrin who controls the hooded thugs Hamas, command "Lob the Missiles at the Lesser Brethren the Proles, for it is necessary for their management....Come to Pharaoh Moshiach they cry

Note; Most pics they provide are unexploded missiles in the sand

Terrorists Fire Rockets as Israel Withdraws

Days after the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, and while the destruction of the communities there continues, rockets have already been fired upon towns both in the Negev and northern Israel.
25.08.2005 14:56
Terrorists Fire Rockets as Israel Withdraws



It is good for the non-Jew if the Land of Israel is not in his possesion so that he may remain alive. 


August 24, 2005

Chabad Deception Over Gaza In Montreal

The Canadian Jewish News reports:

An Orthodox rabbi who is well-known for his right-wing (Hassidic Talmudic)  views on Israel severely criticized the organizers of a highly publicized outdoor rally last week against the disengagement from Gaza and the northern West Bank for being hypocritical and misleading.

Rabbi Reuben Poupko told The CJN that members of the Lubavitch community, who he noted were the event’s primary organizers, should not publicly denounce the government of Israel, because, he said, the group is “anti-Zionist.”


He also called print and radio advertising for the event “deceptive,” because it did not identify the rally’s sponsors, and because it stressed “unity and prayer” and gave no indication the main thrust would be to protest the disengagement.

“What kind of hubris can a group of people in the Diaspora, who view the creation of the State of Israel as a crime against God and His Torah, have [to be able] to take it upon themselves to attempt to dictate the security policy of the State of Israel or to a man like [Israeli Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon?” Rabbi Poupko asked.

The anti-disengagement rally, held in Cote St. Luc’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park on the day the pullout began, drew about 400 people from different segments of the Jewish community. Several speakers, mainly Lubavitch rabbis or adherents, affirmed that Gaza and “Samaria” are integral to Eretz Yisrael (ITSREALHELL) and warned of the dire consequences of ceding any part of biblical Israel to the “enemies” of the modern state.

One of the protest organizers, Rabbi Asher Jacobson of Congregation Chevra Kadisha, told The CJN that Rabbi Poupko’s comments were unfair.

“This event is intended to gather as many Jews as possible to lend their voice of support to the Jews of Gaza who are being demonized and smeared in many quarters. This is a way of saying our hearts are in the East… It’s a shame it is being turned into a Lubavitch or chassidic issue. Forty to 45 per cent of Israelis disagree with disengagement.”

Rabbi Jacobson did not deny that Lubavitch is not Zionist, but he noted there are more than 1,000 Chabad institutions in Israel, and that the late Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson met with all Jewish leaders, including Sharon, and encouraged Jews to go to Israel when it was being shelled by Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War. [The Rebbe never visited Israel himself.]

Dan is Aholah, Samaria the whore, king of the North, the Hassidic Chabad RED Sofiet LUVTOBITCH and they control Bushitler and all the kings of the earth and the beast Sanhedrin of the Babylonian Talmud of sorcery and blasphemy and murder. They are attempting to establish their vision against Jesus the Christ the Everlasting Holy Covenant, to build their talmudic World ODOR, their third temple of Doom and usher in their false Christ, Moshiach ben satan

And they hate the Whore of Judah, Sharons secular zion collective, the king of the south, Aholibah the sister whore of Dan

They war one against the other as since 2 Kings 16, for the Throne of the earth, to place their false kingdom of flesh unto the Dragon whom has Given them their seat and power and authority


they are both ANTI-Christ haters of the Creator, and BOTH will not repent of their "REPLACEMENT Theology of their dragon worship

Unless they say blessed is HE who came in the Name of the LORD, Jesus the IAMHE they will surey perish the first death then the second death of the worm forever


are you with them, or are you against them and stand Firm for the testimony of Jesus the Christ and the WORD of God? Your Choice, have no fear in the Eternal Life, Stand Firm all you saints of the living God, Stand firm and TESTIFY. Come out of the WHORE and see the TRUTH or die



While the anti-pullout rally was going on, Rabbi Poupko – along with fellow modern Orthodox rabbis Chaim Steinmetz of Congregation Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem and Mordecai Zeitz of Congregation Beth Tikvah – held a concurrent gathering at his nearby shul, Congregation Beth Israel-Beth Aaron.

The brief, hastily called event drew less than 100 people – both for and against the disengagement, Rabbi Poupko said – for prayer and what he called “dignified” reflection on the course the Israeli government is taking.

Meanwhile, on the sidewalk beside Trudeau Park, approximately 20 chassidic men from the anti-Zionist sects Tash in Boisbriand, Que., and Neturei Karta, based in Monsey, N.Y,. stood with placards denouncing the State of Israel as contrary to Judaism.

secular zion is contrary to the Hoodlum haha of the Dragons leaven

A heavy police presence kept the anti-Zionist protesters away from the anti-withdrawal rally, and officers quickly removed one man who tried to tear a sign away from one of the Chassidim.

At the rally, Rabbi Jacobson said: “The message is that Montreal Jewry is opposed to any future unilateral concession that would weaken the security of the Jews of Israel or around the world.”

The disengagement, he said, gives the impression that Israel is a country that “runs from terrorism and is amputating itself to the forces that wish to destroy it. While Americans are losing people every day in the fight against terrorism, Israel is surrendering.”

While your sons and your daughters die for the wars of the DRAGON of Bushitler and his Hassidim, for they KNOW this Chaos will bring temporary order from their soon to be "REVEALED, son of perdition, Moshiach ben satan

He called the pullout a violation of human rights and of Jewish law, which he said forbids endangering any Jew by giving back land that was given to them by God for eternity.

The Chooser God, Who chose the Jews for Salvation, whom sent the Lamb Chosen, who they Crucified and Chose the Robber, who GOD sent into eternal Exile, whose house is left desolate until they REPENT in the REDEEMER from the Beginning. Who are not the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus the Christ, and who refuse to be Heirs according to HIS Promise. NO there is nothing HOLY about that spiritual Sodom and Egypt that whore city jerusalem, where our LORD was crucified, and she will be burned with fire, and that City of Eretz ISREALHELL of Babylon Proper, will be remembered no more on that Great and terrible Day of the Lord's Great and terrible wrath. DO you hear in Judea, DO you hear? repent in the Name above every name, JESUS the Christ the Lord God Almighty the Everlasting father

“I have heard many arguments that we should not be here, that it is too late. But it is not any more late than going to a shivah,” said the event’s MC Murray Dalfen, who said terrorism should not be “rewarded” and no further territorial concession should be made.

I agree TERRORISM in Amaraka the Apostate by the hand of the Chabad LUVTOBIOTCH of the RED Dragon and their Robbery and murder should never be tolerated, suffer not the sorcerers of witchery to live among you "Amaraka"   REPENT or Perish forever

“They say we have no right because we do not live in Israel… But we are asked at other times to raise money for Israel and to speak publicly on her behalf, to show an interest in our homeland. Tonight, we are expressing our deep concern for what is happening in our homeland,” Dalfen said.

“A Palestinian state in Gaza will be a terrorist entity, with the sole purpose of capturing Eretz Israel, and [it will be] an anti-American dictatorship.”

Not so saith the Hassidic Vipers of Bushitlers whorehouse and the Sanhedrin of ITSREALHELL....

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory


Pesach Nussbaum, the Montreal representative of the Los Angeles-based Save Gush Katif organization, who was introduced as the event’s principal organizer, described the disengagement as “a terrible misadventure.”

His organization wants to stop “parts of Israel from being served to its savage enemies on a silver platter,” which he said endangers Jews everywhere.

Rabbi David Sabbah, who is regarded as the spiritual leader of much of the Sephardi community, circulated a signed flyer stating that “it is forbidden, under any circumstances, to hand over parts of Israel to the Arabs.”

It is good for the non-Jew if the Land of Israel is not in his possesion so that he may remain alive. 

The Treasonous Vipers of bloodlust and Murder in the BUSHITLER Regime will soon SHUT ME UP with their anti-Christ laws of anti-Shame-atism. So be it, with the ALMIGHTY GRACE of MY LORD and MY God, I stand Firm in the Testimony of the LORD Jesus the Christ, even unto my death by the Purpose that God has Purposed upon all mankind, to Break the YOKE of the Assyrian from the Backs of Men by their testimony of the Lamb Provided. BY the Name of the Most High, bring em on, Bushitler, bring them on, and see your everlasting damnation. ALL of you who follow after Bush and his Telly tubby Talmudic televangelist you will all surely perish in your apostasy and murders and bloodlust and greed and doctrines of devils in your sheep's dens of dragons Dung


It cited a passage from the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) that permits Jews to desecrate Shabbat and use weapons against “heathens” invading a border area.

Their laws they have made unto themselves and they refuse to move one with even a pinky finger.....they are SICK and anti-Christ and Hate God

“The ruling in Shulchan Aruch pertaining to a city close to the border is clear: ‘Even if the attackers only come to rob straw and stubble (i.e. they claim they want peace, not territory), one is obligated to take up arms and go out against them,’” it read. “The current situation in our Holy Land is far more severe than that depicted in the Shulchan Aruch… Hence, this is certainly a matter of pikuach nefesh [saving a life], without any shadow of a doubt.” [This halakha does not in any way prevent a government from ceding land if it determines that is the best course to take. To present it as if it does is sheer deception – or absolute stupidity.]

Milton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, said via phone hook-up that what Israel is making is a “tragic and historical mistake” under pressure from the United States and Europe. A message of appreciation from Knesset member Uzi Landau, a staunch opponent of the pullout who has announced he will challenge Sharon for the Likud leadership, was also read.

The event in the park was peaceful, a mixture of the solemn and almost festive, with a barbecue and infants in strollers. A few people in the crowd wore orange, the colour of the pullout resisters.

Several people interviewed said they had come out of sympathy for the settlers, not as a protest. “I support the Israeli government and believe in respect for the rule of law,” said Aaron Remer. “But we still have an obligation to publicly express our feelings for those Jews whose lives are being uprooted.”

There were no Israeli flags, nor was Hatikvah sung. The evening concluded with the singing of Sheybaneh Beit Hamikdash, which expresses the hope of rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem.

Third and final temple of Abomination

The most forceful speaker and the one who received the most applause was Rabbi Avrohom Jacks of Congregation Zichron Kedoshim, who painted a disturbing picture of the crackdown on resisters and the physical removal of residents. “This is the first time in history that synagogues have been destroyed by Jewish soldiers.” [Not really. It happened during the 1st war against Rome.]

and they say they are in the Roman Captivity of Dispora, in the West Today

He alleged that the Israeli government has spent $3 billion on the disengagement, money that has been taken away from social spending, resulting in “thousands of abused children being returned to their homes.”

Money fleeced from apostate Amaraka for the Dragons Hoodlum haha




AV 20, August 25-2005 of our LORD

Sofiet Talmudic Comminitarian RED Day

Chof Av - 61 Years

Today, Chof Av, marks 61 years since the passing of R. Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, father of the Rebbe, MH"M.  His resting place is in Alma Ata.  According to directives of the Rebbe, MH"M, this day is noted with farbrengens during which the participants learn from the Torah of R. Levi Yitzchak and accept upon themselves good resolutions.  The hachnasas Sefer Torah of the fourth children's Torah will also be held today.


PEOPLE Wake up, IT is a RUSE to deceive the Entire earth, to cause them to worship the Dragon and his Beast Moshiach ben satan

It is ALL ABOUT the Chabad LUVTOBITCH Sofiet RED Dragon Worshippers


Final Days of Sanur


Pictures of the final days of Chabad activities in the Northern Shomron before the cruel expulsion.



Final Days of Sanur




The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, would often say that you don’t fight darkness with broomsticks; rather a little light dispels and illuminates a lot of darkness. Darkness is merely the void, the absence of light. Consequently, the darkness offers no resistance as it melts away and disappears even before the smallest light. The Jewish soul which is compared in Proverbs to a flame was charged with the divine mission to illuminate the world with the light of Torah and Mitzvot. Collectively, our individual flames add up to a blazing torch that has the ability to illuminate the darkness that has engulfed us, and lead us all towards the great dawn of our redemption, the Messianic era, when “Passion” will flame out, and anti-Semitism will go the way of communism and become history. The ball is in our court! 


They have delivered your children into the awaitling arms of the RED Sofiet Dragon, while you slept, apostate "Amaraka

Education Day U.S.A.


Public Law 102-14
102d CONGRESS, 1st Session
H. J. RES. 104

To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day , U.S.A. '.
Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;
Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;
Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;
Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;
Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;
Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe,' this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving,' the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws;

and Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A. '. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Approved March 20, 1991. Signed by George Bush, President of the United States of America

April 7, 1998
Nissan 11, 5758
By the grace of G-d

America's strength lies in her human resources, and in the freedom and tolerance that enable these resources to blossom.
Education is the first and foremost vehicle of fostering these most basic and inexhaustible national resources.
Our challenge is to create an educational system that promotes warmth, love, joy, and disciplined freedom, spurring all to develop their G-d-given potential and dedicate themselves to a life of positive activity.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson The Lubavitcher Rebbe

PURE Satanic Treason and BLASPHEMY against Jesus the Christ.

ANTI-Christ Chabad LUVTOBITCH of the DRAGON and their Covenant with death and hell they have made unto themselves

It is abundantly clear to educators and law-enforcement agents that neither intimidation nor threat of punishment can foster a deep sense of moral obligation. This can only come through the knowledge-- through education--that there is an "Eye that sees and an Ear that hears" to Whom we are all accountable.
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Lubavitch International, Summer 5750
No true education can leave out the moral and spiritual dimensions of human life and human striving.
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe in a letter to President Ronald Reagan, 10 Iyar 5746/May 19, 1986

"Education does not stop at the school gates. It is not a business, run on a time-clock. It is a vocation, a sacred calling, the molding of future generations. In practical terms, schools must arrange programs for their students after school hours. This does not necessarily mean extra hours of study. Rather, activities which are enjoyable, while simultaneously reinforcing the concepts learned at school. It does not really matter which activities are chosen, as long as they are wholesome, good for the soul as well as the body.
The goal is to ensure that every moment of a child's life is occupied with positive actions.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe
After School Hours
Student's Translation / adapted from a sicha 19 Kislev 5742
The Rebbe has been sending messengers from one lost person to another, telling each of these people who they are. "You are not animals. You are human beings."
"Look within yourself and you will see that you are far better than you imagined. Just look. Open your eyes."

Mt:16:24: Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

The Rebbe said to everybody: "You can be better. You can be far better. You just have to let yourself."
This is the story and secret of your own being. It is not like climbing a big mountain. It is just allowing your soul to speak.
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
At The George Washington University
June 1995

Educating Our Youth
Education is not merely the transfer of information and skills, but more importantly, the communication of values and character traits which parents and grandparents have learned through their studies and life experience.
Ideally, morality and ethics, learning right from wrong, are taught at home. Unfortunately, many parents today do not or cannot provide such an education, so the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the public school system.

Mt:23:15: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves

American families share a core of beliefs. This country was born on the foundation of what we print on our dollar bills: "In G-d We Trust." 

The Egyptian Talmudic One Eyed g-d the Dragon

As in the business world, where assets are given to another to be held in trust, we Americans are confident that every detail of our lives can be safely entrusted to G-d. The G-d in Whom we trust commanded us in the Bible to respect parents, and He warned us against robbery, murder, and even covetousness. The educational system of our great nation was founded on these principles.
Twenty Years
For twenty years (since 1978), Congress and each President have designated the day which is four days before the Jewish holiday of Passover as "Education Day, U.S.A." They have called upon us to renew our national commitment to education that embraces the moral and ethical values which are the cornerstone of civilized society.

Mk:7:8: For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

Passover and Education
The holiday dinner on the night of Passover is organized around teaching Jewish children faith in G-d and answering their questions. The order of the night is to climb fifteen steps of awareness that lead to spiritual freedom.

Mk:7:9: And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

The fourth cup of wine is poured after everyone has finished eating and said Grace. The time is generally after midnight, but two more steps remain. The front door is opened without fear as a demonstration that "In G-d We Trust." True, these actual words are not in the prayer book, but King David composed a similar phrase thousands of years ago -- "Ye who fear the L-rd, trust in the L-rd . . ." (Psalms 115:11).

Ps:110:1: The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

A Moment of Silence
No true education can leave out the moral and spiritual dimensions of human life and human striving. It is abundantly clear to educators and law-enforcement agents that neither intimidation nor threat of punishment can foster a deep sense of moral obligation. This can only come through the knowledge -- through education -- that there is an "Eye that sees and an Ear that hears" to Whom we are all accountable and in Whom we all trust.

When schools establish a "Moment of Silence" at the start of the school day, children have the opportunity to think about the most important things in their lives as instructed by their parents. Each child is free to use this reflection time without teacher, supervisor, or government intervention.

How these Hassidic Vipers whop Control all of the Congress and the jewdicial freemason Noahide Supreme Court have taken prayer in Jesus the Christ name out to induce Dragon worship in your 'Kids" for they have transformed the sheep into Goats of their flesh enslavement 

Pronunciation Notes:
Nissan - NIH suhn
Lubavitcher - loo BAH vitch er
Lubavitch - loo BAH vitch
Rebbe - REH bee, REH beh
Chabad - khah BAHD

 So, am I anti-Shemborg collective? You had better bet your boots Iam, But I AM NOT anti-Christ and a worshipper of the Red Sofiet Talmudic Chassidic DRAGON...anti-Christ of Hell and death. I stand Firm in my Testimony of Jesus the Christ the LORD and these vermin TREMBLE before Him

So be it, It is written




The Treason and the Blasphemy of Dummy Rumsfeldt

Rumsfeld meets Jewish leaders

Jewish officials and other religious leaders discussed religious tolerance issues with Donald Rumsfeld.

The U.S. defense secretary expressed support for forthcoming guidelines on religious tolerance in the Air Force on Wednesday, in the wake of discriminatory practices at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., and said that if the guidelines were effective they could be replicated at other branches of the military, sources told JTA. The religious leaders also were briefed about accomodations at a makeshift prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The Jewish community was represented by Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Washington director of American Friends of Lubavitch; Jason Isaacson, director of government and international affairs for the American Jewish Committee; Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism; Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America; and Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


ROOT them from your midst apostate "Amaraka", and REPENT in the ONLY IAM, Jesus the LORD Almighty


A Judaizing WOLF in Sheeps Clothing

Robertson: God will punish Israel

Televangelist Pat Robertson reportedly said God will judge Israel for withdrawing from the Gaza Strip.

“The almighty God said he was going to judge the nation which has parted from his land and that he was going to bring judgment upon that nation,” the Jerusalem Post reported, citing the Christian Coalition’s Web site. Robertson long has been a supporter of Israeli settlers.

his Chassidic handlers, Chabad LUVTOBITCH of the same Dragon he serves


Rabbi suspended after drug arrest

A rabbi in New York was suspended from his job after he was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Congregation Sons of Israel, located not far from New York City, suspended Steven Kane with pay for 30 days early Wednesday morning after Kane was arrested earlier this month for possession after police pulled him over for driving erratically, The New York Times reported.

Kane will be subject to random drug testing and will help develop a curriculum on drugs and alcohol for the congregation’s Hebrew school.


All the kings of the earth are drunken with the whores cup of INIQUITY

Vladimir Matveyev

Ukranian President Viktor Yuschenko, shown lighting a menorah in Kiev in 2004, is being called upon by the Jewish community to be more active in cracking down on anti-Semitism.


Ukrainian Jewish officials want
legal crackdown on anti-Semitism

August 23, 2005

KIEV, Ukraine, Aug. 23 (JTA) — Jewish leaders in Ukraine are protesting what they consider authorities’ inadequate response to a recent spate of anti-Semitic propaganda.

Facts based upon the Talmudic Noahide Global Enforcement and their sick perverted books of the Serpent Schneerson regime of Sanhedrin of their shemborg collective

Ukrainian nationalists recently asked President Viktor Yuschenko to open criminal proceedings against “Judeo-Nazis” in Ukraine, singling out Chabad rabbis and the main work of Chabad literature, the Tanya.


In an open letter to Yuschenko, members of the Ukrainian Conservative Party and several extremist editors demanded that Jews be prevented from teaching the Tanya in Jewish schools and synagogues to stop the spread of “this misanthropic religious system.”

In a separate appeal, one of many that appeared in the media during the last few weeks, Ukrainians were urged not to buy food products that carry kosher certification.

“Every conscientious Ukrainian should once and for all give up using all foodstuffs containing kosher symbols,” read the appeal, published in a Kiev newspaper.

A number of leading Ukrainian brands of beer, soft drinks, vodka and candy — some of which are sold abroad as well — have obtained kosher certification in recent years.

The appeals, which come as Ukraine begins looking forward to parliamentary elections in spring 2006, is throwing the spotlight on the controversial activities of what is believed to be Ukraine’s largest private university.

MAUP, an acronym for the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, has gained a reputation as the largest anti-Semitic publishing house in the country.

Some 70 percent of all anti-Semitic publications that appear in Ukraine are produced by MAUP and its affiliates, according to Josef Zissels, leader of the Ukrainian Va’ad, the oldest secular Jewish umbrella group in the country.

“These are mostly publications of one organization, and other Ukrainian media don’t get involved” lately in anti-Semitic propaganda, Zissels said.

Among other things, MAUP recently published a blacklist of media and organizations distributing or supporting “Jewish racism, Judeo-Nazism and Jewish organized crime in Ukraine.”

Early this summer, MAUP hosted an anti-Semitic conference titled “Zionism as the Greatest Threat to Contemporary Civilization” co-chaired by U.S. white supremacist David Duke.

A series of anti-Semitic articles was published in recent weeks by Personnel Plus, a MAUP newspaper sold in Kiev that has a sizeable circulation. The owner and president of MAUP, Georgiy Schokin, also co-founded a new political party, the Ukrainian Conservative (Ruse) Party, that will campaign in next year’s parliamentary election.

Most observers agree that the recent wave of anti-Semitic propaganda has to do with the elections. But not all Jewish leaders are convinced.

“This is part of the long-term activity of anti-Semitic groups in Ukraine,” Eduard Dolinsky, executive director of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine umbrella organization, told JTA.

Jewish leaders expect authorities to respond strongly.

SHUT THE UP !!!!!! They cry in every country on the earth....shut they goyim anti-Shemborg collective opponents up !!!!

These groups “must be taken to court for the incitement of ethnic hatred,” Dolinsky said. “So far Ukrainian authorities have been doing nothing to stop it.”

Yuschenko has made a number of public statements condemning anti-Semitism since his inauguration in January, but Jewish leaders say authorities must do more to combat anti-Semitism in the media.

“During their visits abroad and in meetings with Jewish delegations in Ukraine, top Ukrainian officials always speak of their opposition to xenophobia and anti-Semitism,” said Mikhail Frenkel, a veteran Jewish journalist in Kiev and head of the Association of Jewish Media in Ukraine. “However, anti-Semitic conferences,

articles and petitions in MAUP’s publications continue to spread, and remain a big concern.”

In response, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko promised to personally protect the interests of ethnic minorities. In a July 30 Cabinet meeting, Timoshenko said she was ready to address the issue since other leading politicians have been unable to do so.

For the fear of the jews many became "Converted" to the jews religion unto the Dragon

“If there is no political power which protects ethnic minorities, I personally, and those people who are united around Fatherland, will do it,” Timoshenko said referring to her political party.

Jewish leaders aren’t impressed. They say Timoshenko should long ago have expelled an anti-Semitic politician from Fatherland: Lawmaker Levko Lukyanenko was among participants in a anti-Zionist conference organized by MAUP. Lukyanenko was never rebuked by Timoshenko or the party.

But a Jewish member of Timoshenko’s bloc said he had confidence in her.

“Her words will be supported by action,” Alexander Feldman, a lawmaker and president of the Jewish Foundation of Ukraine, said in a recent interview.

He said he hoped a state-organized roundtable on protecting ethnic minorities, scheduled for late August, might help ease tensions in society.

I smell Esther and Mordechai Purim coming

For Jewish leaders, the anti-Semitic wave is likely to be a test for the country’s new leadership, which swept to power on the wave of public protests last year against a rigged presidential vote.

“Viktor Yuschenko is not an anti-Semite, but he is probably too tolerant to people who are,” Rabbi Ya’akov Dov Bleich, the chief rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine, told JTA earlier this year.

Poison time....again?

Another leading Jewish authority said anti-Semitic propaganda, as well as a few physical incidents, may result from the initial stage of democratization in Ukraine triggered by last year’s popular protests.

“The anti-Semitic outbursts are a post-revolutionary scum,” said Rabbi Moshe Azman, Kiev’s chief rabbi

Saith a Hassidic Vermin crawled out from the scum filled abyss


Jn:5:43: I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
2Thes:2:3: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;


In Talmudic literature the title Mashiach, or Melech Hamashiach, (the King Messiah) is reserved for the Jewish leader who will redeem Israel in the End of Days.

All the nations of the world will recognise Mashiach to be a world leader and will accept his dominion. In the messianic era there will be world peace, no more wars nor famine and, in general, a high standard of living.

Mashiach will be a man who possesses extraordinary qualities. He will be proficient in both the written and oral Torah traditions. He will incessantly campaign for Torah observance among Jews and observance of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws by non-Jews. He will be scrupulously observant and encourage the highest standards from others. He will defend religious principles and repair breaches in their observance. Above all, Mashiach will be heralded as a true Jewish King, a person who leads the way in the service of G–d, totally humble yet enormously inspiring.

The Sanhedrin – a supreme Jewish law court of 71 sages – will be established and will decide on all matters of law. At this time all Jews will return to full Torah observance and practice. It should be noted that in this present age of great assimilation and emancipation an unprecedented return of Jews to true Torah values has taken place. This “Baal Teshuvah” phenomenon is on the increase and paves the way for a full return in the messianic era.

The Talmud describes the period immediately prior to the advent of Mashiach as one of great travail and turmoil. There will be a world recession and governments will be controlled by despots. It is in this troubled setting that Mashiach will arrive.

There is a tradition that a great war will take place, called the war of Gog and Magog, and there is much speculation as to the precise timing of this war in relation to Mashiach’s arrival.

There is a tradition that Elijah the prophet will come to the world and announce the imminent arrival of Mashiach. However, according to other opinions, Mashiach may arrive unannounced. Elijah would then arrive to assist in the peace process. Some suggest that if the Mashiach arrives in his predestined time then Elijah will announce his arrival, but if Mashiach comes suddenly then Elijah will appear after Mashiach has come.

The Sanhedrin Beast is risen out of the seas, October 13 2004

The Revelation of Jesus the Christ Our Lord


1: And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

THE VILNA GA'ON (ibid.) supports Rashi's interpretation. He explains that when Sanhedrin sat, ten (of the most important members) sat in the middle of the group, and they were surrounded by the other sixty. These are the "sixty mighty men *around* the bed of Shlomo. (The ten in the middle correspond to the seven "Ro'ei Pnei ha'Melech" and three "Shomrei ha'Saf," who are closest to the king, in a king's court -- and in the king of king's court -- see Megilah 23a. The verse in II Melachem 25:19, which associates these authoritative members of the king's court with sixty other men, is discussing the members of the Sanhedrin.


The seven heads have been selected

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz Elected to Lead Re-established Sanhedrin
16:31 Jun 07, '05 / 29 Iyar 5765

( Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) was elected to lead the Sanhedrin rabbinical governing body Monday.

The Sanhedrin decided to elect seven members to interact with known Torah sages and the public. In addition to Rabbi Steinaltz, they are Rabbi Nachman Kahane, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, Rabbi Yoel Shwartz, Rabbi Dov Stein, Rabbi Yehuda Edri and Rabbi Dov Levanoni.

2: And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.


3: And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Why do Jews not accept Jesus as a god or a messiah?
The Process of Moshiach's arrival, Life in the Messianic Age ... there is the
so-called "proof" from Isaiah 53, which refers to a "Suffering Servant

This is the essence of Moshiach who will usher in the final redemption ...
Firstly he comes as a Suffering Servant

4: And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Rv:20:10: And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

5: And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

The Rebbe As Moshiach - Based On Torah Sources
Moshiach Has Everlasting Life. Rebbe. The Rebbe Says That Our Generation Ushers
in Everlasting Life. Moshiach Revealed and then Hidden ...

6: And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

Why Don't Jews Believe In Jesus | The difference between Judaism ...
Moses, our teacher, because of the miracles he performed.

Why Jews do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah
Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner explains why Jews do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. - 39k

7: And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

The Seven Noachide laws are general commandments with many details. Transgressing any one of them is considered such a breach in the natural order that the offender incurs the death penalty. Apart from a few exceptions, the death sentence for a Ben Noach is Sayif, death by the sword / decapitation, the least painful of the four modes of execution of criminals (see the Rambam's Hilchos Melachim 9:14). (The four methods of capital punishment in Torah are: S’kilah - Stoning; S’rifah - Burning; Hereg - Decapitation; Henek - Strangulation.) The many formalities of procedure essential when the accused is an Israelite need not be observed in the case of the Noachite. The latter may be convicted on the testimony of one witness, even on that of relatives, but not on that of a woman. He need have had no warning from the witnesses; and a single judge may pass sentence on him (Sanhedrin 57a, b; Rambam, Hilchos Melakim 9:14).


8: And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

There are NO OTHERS....have you been deceived that you are going to escape what is Written? Who has warned you to flee the wrath to come Vipers?


9: If any man have an ear, let him hear.
10: He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

For Murder is of the murderer the father of the Hassidim murderers and the Judeo-Churchinsanity murderers from the beginning.

Jesus the Christ is the LIFE and His saints go to that LIFE Eternal

11: And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

His False prophet, the false Elijah, who is not JOHN the Baptist, Elijah has already come...and DIED in Christ

12: And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

There is a tradition that Elijah the prophet will come to the world and announce the imminent arrival of Mashiach. However, according to other opinions, Mashiach may arrive unannounced. Elijah would then arrive to assist in the peace process. Some suggest that if the Mashiach arrives in his predestined time then Elijah will announce his arrival, but if Mashiach comes suddenly then Elijah will appear after Mashiach has come.

Not so saith the Lord

Mt:3:1: In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea,

Mt:11:11: Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

Mt:11:12: And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Mt:14:2: And said unto his servants, This is John the Baptist; he is risen from the dead; and therefore mighty works do shew forth themselves in him.

Mt:16:14: And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.

Mt:17:13: Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.


13: And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
14: And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

  • There will be "holy fire" that will make righteous gentiles want to convert ("their last chance to convert before Moshiach") Those righteous gentiles who don't want to convert will be "forced" to convert by the "holy fire".

  • This "holy fire" will also "force" all non-observant Jews to accept the mitzvos of the Torah. Their neshoma will leave their body, and "drop all the way underground" (not to gehinnom). Their bodies will fulfill the mitzvos without the neshoma, "like robots." Nonetheless, they will be happy, even though "it's better to do mitzvos with a neshoma."



15: And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

The Making of a Golem

It’s been a painful few days and it promises to get worse. I’m all out of Extra-Strength Tylenol. Although, I’m sure that nothing short of general anesthesia would do the trick. But then again, sooner or later, I’d have to wake up.

Some say it’s the birth pangs before Moshiach and others claim it’s the death rattle of secular Zionism. Whatever is going down here, we as Jews are not relieved of our responsibility to act. That means putting to use whatever talents and skills we’ve been blessed with and doing our best to correct the situation.


16: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

The Mark of his name.....the false Moshiach ben David....the Magan david, the star of Molech of sorcery and superstition



This sterling silver amulet is in the shape of the six-pointed 'Star of
David'. In the center is the Hebrew inscription "El Shaddai" (The Lord The
Almighty). Each point of the star bears a Hebrew letter, which together
form the Hebrew words "Magan David" (Shield of David).
Amulets protected the wearer, his family and possessions from natural disaster, spells and evil spirits. Some served to cure diseases or
barrenness. Others guarded the wearer in his travels, ensured blessings and success, or aroused goodwill or love.
The power of amulets lay in the names and formulas of the Divine Name
inscribed on them. The names were written in combinations, abbreviations,
codes or acrostics of biblical verses. For extra protection the name of the
owner was sometimes added.

The Star of David

17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18: Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Tet = 9= king

Tzadik = 90

final Tzadik = 900



Behold the son of perdition, their king they will have over them from the bottemless pit, they say he is righteous a Tzadik, But is of the Dragon and is no wise righteous out from Jesus the Christ by who righteousness comes in salvation, and they say he is their final Tzadik of the world....Moshiach ben Satan about to be "REVEALED

Do you Hear? Do you Repent in the Name and the Witness and the testimony of the Only Lord From the Beginning the Image of the Invisible father who no man, no rib-eye, no Pharisee knoweth. The Word of God the Creator who has created everything created for his own pleasure. DO you worship the "Replacement Theology" of the shekinah plural gods of the talmudic jews of the dragons Sanhedrin? If you do you are worshipping their Dragon and Not Jesus the Christ. Have you watered down Jesus to a secondary little god of a three gods doctrine of devils? REPENT NOW in Jesus Mighty Name the Only Name in which to enter his KINGDOM



Double crossed

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Israel says it will take Palestinian settlement

Los Angeles Times

JERUSALEM — Israel said yesterday it had ordered the seizure of land owned by Palestinians to build a separation barrier that will encompass the West Bank's largest Jewish settlement.

Palestinian officials objected vehemently to the plan, which effectively annexes the settlement of Maaleh Adumim to Israel. They called on the Bush administration to intercede.

"This is a disastrous decision," said Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator.

The plan would place Maaleh Adumim, five miles east of Jerusalem, inside the security barrier Israel is building around the West Bank. The settlement, which has a population of about 30,000, has been cited repeatedly by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as among the Jewish population centers in the West Bank that Israel intends to keep if and when the Palestinians achieve statehood.

The landowners have the right to appeal the orders to Israel's Supreme Court, and Palestinian officials indicated they would do so.

Erekat said that after Israel's withdrawal from the Jewish settlements of the Gaza Strip and a small swath of the northern West Bank, "We are looking for hope and peace, but this step undermines any attempt to resume meaningful negotiations."

Challenges to Israel's high court have in several instances resulted in orders to reroute the 425-mile barrier, a blend of fencing and high concrete walls, augmented by patrol roads, watchtowers and trenches. Israel built the barrier to keep out Palestinian suicide bombers, but the World Court ruled it illegal.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military raid on a West Bank refugee camp left five Palestinians dead and an Orthodox Jewish man was stabbed to death in Jerusalem.

At the Tulkarem refugee camp, Israeli soldiers surrounded a house and exchanged fire with its occupants inside and outside, witnesses said. Five Palestinians died. Israeli military officials identified the Palestinians as local leaders of the Islamic Jihad, responsible for the last two suicide bombings in Israel: in Tel Aviv in February and Netanya in July.

Earlier in Jerusalem, a Palestinian stabbed two ultra-Orthodox Jews in the Old City, police said. One victim died, and the assailant escaped. Israeli media reported the dead man was a seminary student from Britain.

Also yesterday, Israel said it had finalized an arrangement handing Egypt the primary responsibility for policing the Arab nation's border with Gaza.

Israel currently has a heavy troop presence in the frontier zone, which is a major route for arms smuggling.



a  sacrifice to manage the "Lesser" brethren

the SOS, Chassidic Talmudic Sons of satan's shema-GoG, men in black of the Sofiet red Dragon

Last update - 22:57 25/08/2005

Police boost security in Jerusalem's Old City in wake of murder

By Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent, and Agencies

Jerusalem police boosted security Thursday following the murder of a yeshiva student on Wednesday night. Shmuel Mett, 21, and his fellow student were attacked with a 30-centimeter kitchen knife close to the Jaffa Gate as they were apparently making their way back from the Western Wall to their ultra-Orthodox seminary, also in the Old City.

The murder was caught on police video cameras placed around the Old City.

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski spoke Thursday with the police Jerusalem District commander General Ilan Franco about the deteriorating safety in the city's eastern parts, and about protests of ultra-Orthodox residents over Mett's autopsy.

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators caused damage to an ambulance Wednesday night at the hospital, protesting their assumption that an autopsy would be performed on Mett's body.

Police at the scene dispersed the rioters by force. Three police officers were injured and four people were arrested on suspicion of causing disturbance.

Lupolianski and Franco agreed that security efforts would be boosted in an effort to make visitors and tourists feel safer when visiting the old city.

The mayor said that a lot of merchants from Eastern Jerusalem contacted him after the murder to express their condemnation of the act, which has a negative impact on their livelihood.

Lupolianski also announced that he is working to establish understandings between police and ultra-Orthodox leaders in the city in wake of the violent protests Wednesday night.

Third victim talks to police
Also Thursday, police managed to trace a third victim in the attack. Ya'akov Rapaport, 46, who was lightly wounded reached the police minority department and testified. He told police he did not know the two other victims and that he decided to walk along with them on David street, where they were attacked, because he was scared to walk there at night on his own.

Family refuses to allow autopsy
Mett was laid to rest in the capital Thursday afternoon as police continued their search for the Palestinian man behind Wednesday night's attack.

Mett was taken to Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Kerem, where he died of his wounds; his companion, 22-year-old Sam Weissbart, also from London, was hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Members of Mett's family refused to allow officials to perform an autopsy on his body, Israel Radio reported early Thursday.

In response to the family's wishes, police said they would make do with an external examination of the body.

After the attack late Wednesday, Weissbart managed to reach a police station some 200 meters away and led police to his critically wounded friend at the site of the stabbing.

Yoram Halevy, commander of the Old City's police station, said a Palestinian carried out the stabbings. Police said the attack was nationally motivated.

According to one of the paramedics who treated the two, Weissbart said that he and his friend had been returning to their yeshiva

(Chassidic school of satan worship of babylonian Talmud, Mystery babylon)  from the Western Wall when they were attacked.

The paramedic said Weissbart told her he did not know who the assailant was, but presumed he was an Arab


The Treason and Blasphemy is endless. All the world whose names are not written in the Lambs book of life slain from the foundation of the world, worship the beast of the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch

President Nazarbayev Helps Dedicate Synagogue, Calls on

World to Follow Kazakhstan’s Example of Religious Peace
Noahide enforcement, the religion of the Beast and their Dragon
President Nursultan Nazarbayev called on the people of the world to follow his country’s example of preserving interethnic and inter-religious harmony as he helped to dedicate the largest synagogue in Central Asia in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana on September 7.
At the ceremony dedicating the synagogue, he said: “Recently, an Islamic cultural center was built on the capital’s left bank; a Russian Orthodox church and a Roman Catholic cathedral have also opened their doors. Today, the followers of Judaism have their own house of worship.”
The President continued: “After the visit of Pope John Paul II [in 2001] and the first Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions [in 2003] Astana can rightfully claim to be the spiritual center of Eurasia.”
President Nazarbayev believes Kazakhstan has something to offer to the World: “Today Kazakhstan is able to develop precisely due to hard work, mutual trust and friendship of people of 130 ethnic groups and 45 religions. If all of the world follows the example of the peoples of Kazakhstan, peace and calm will reign on the planet… let it be so!”

As he helped dedicate the synagogue,
the President was joined by the Chief
Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, Muslim
and Jewish clergy from Kazakhstan,
Israel, Russia, Ukraine, as well as
Alexander Mashkevich, President of
the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and
the Jewish Congress of Kazakhstan.

The construction of the synagogue,
named “Beit Rachel – Chabad Lubavitch”
in memory of Mr. Machkevich’s mother,
was financed by the Euro-Asian Jewish
Congress based in Almaty.

There is an American connection at Beit
Rachel. Representative Robert Wexler, a
Democratic member of the U.S. Congress
from Florida who is Jewish, laid its
cornerstone on a visit to Astana in 2002.
Ronald Lauder, founder and president of
The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, which
supports Jewish communities in Eastern
Europe, came from New York for the

Speaking at the ceremony, Rabbi Metzger
thanked all those who made the synagogue
possible and remarked that it had been a
long time since a new synagogue opened
its doors in a country that is predominantly
Muslim. Along with other Rabbis, he
presented President Nazarbayev with a
Menorah. Representatives of Jewish
organizations from 60 cities across
Kazakhstan also took part in the

Earlier that day, Rabbi Metzger and Mr.
Mashkevich also presented President
Nazarbayev with the International Maimonidis Prize. Mr. Mashkevich believes the world at this perilous time, needs to see the example of a leader who would find ways to ensure conflict-free coexistence of all peoples and all religions: “This outstanding prize is [therefore] awarded to an outstanding man, the President of Kazakhstan.”
An important part of the ceremony at the synagogue, which will also serve as a Jewish community center, was the presentation of a Torah scroll written in Israel specially for this synagogue. Its last words were inscribed by honored members of Kazakhstan’s Jewish community and Rabbis from abroad. Two more scrolls were handed over to the new synagogue as presents from the Jewish community of Ukraine, and a message was delivered from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

The dedication closed with a special prayer to accompany the arrival of the Torah scrolls, followed by a joyful dance with the Torah scrolls.

Beit Rachel’s site covers 5,600 square meters (60,000 square feet). The tip of the Star of David is 25 meters (75 feet) above ground.

The Jewish Center of Kazakhstan "Chabad Lubavitch", in a press release said: “The opening of the synagogue in the state capital provides a shining example of the policy of tolerance to religious beliefs and clearly demonstrates the sincere aspiration of Kazakhstan’s leadership for peace and accord between nations.”
Noahide Demonicrazies

There are many thousands of Jews in Kazakhstan who, along with Muslims, Christians, and others, experienced a remarkable religious revival since Kazakhstan became independent in 1991.


Treason and Blasphemy. The Hassidim Pharisees, anti-Christ of the earth control Washington DC and the Bushitler bloody admenstruation

Hasidic Outpost In D.C.

New Lubavitch Center Raises Profile of Popular Director

Washington Post/July 3, 1999
By Bill Broadway

The American Friends of Lubavitch (TRAITORS and Murderous Coward dogs) has opened a $2 million center in Washington's embassy district, solidifying the Hasidic sect's presence in the diplomatic community and increasing the visibility of its director, Levi Shemtov, already considered by many to be the unofficial rabbi of Capitol Hill.

"Some people have started calling us the Lubavitch Embassy," said Shemtov, 31, who became the office's first full-time director six years ago. He said he doesn't mind the embassy label, as it represents the office's role as liaison with the 50 countries that have Lubavitch centers and those where sites are planned.

Chabad Lubavitch, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a charismatic movement founded in Russia in the 18th century. Like other Orthodox groups, it teaches strict observance of Jewish law given in the Torah.

Perverted sick Mishnah Torah of the Babylonian TALMUD of pure hatred for mankind and Jesus the Christ, their tradition which makes the WORD of God of none effect unto them and their proselytes their obedient goyim slaves the NO-Hides


Unlike other Orthodox groups, which tend to keep to themselves, Lubavitch uses outreach programs--in schools, prisons, communities--to attract new followers, especially among nonobservant Jews. The sect, a fringe movement of mainstream Judaism, has about 250,000 followers in 44 states and other countries, or about 3 percent of the world's Jewish population.

The organization's new center is at 2110 LeRoy Pl. NW, a block west of Connecticut Avenue, in a renovated five-story row house that once was part of the Italian Embassy.

The 10,000-square-foot building houses a library, soon to be open to the public, of more than 2,000 books on Chabad Lubavitch and Jewish mysticism. A large meeting room converts into an Orthodox synagogue on Friday nights. Shemtov and his family--wife Nechama, 28, and children Esti, 7, Menachem, 4, and Shoshana, 2--live on the top floor.

A host of politicians, ambassadors and financial backers gathered at the center June 16 for its official opening. D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams proclaimed the day "American Friends of Lubavitch Day" and called the center "a spiritual and physical enhancement to the renewal of this city."

Other well-wishers included Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman; Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.); Reps. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.) and Peter Deutsch (D-Fla.); George Washington University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg; and local philanthropists Estelle Gelman and Gerald Sigal.

Other financial contributors were not present, but their names are posted in the entrance hall. Among them: international banker Edmundo Safdie; New York billionaire and Revlon executive Ronald O. Perelman; Boca Raton, Fla., entrepreneur Monte Friedkin, chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Committee; and Mel Sembler, finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and former envoy to Australia.

As one of his diplomatic duties, Shemtov said, he met recently with the ambassador of Uzbekistan to help clear political and social obstacles to establishing a new Chabad Lubavitch center, which has just opened there. And he helped the center's director, a U.S. citizen, obtain a long-term visa.

Most Washingtonians familiar with Shemtov know him for his work on the Hill. He meets privately with Jewish members of Congress and staffers--almost always at their invitation--and holds monthly or bimonthly Capitol Jewish Forums on such issues as ethics, holiday traditions and the relationship between religion and government.

He also hosts great parties, said Cardin, who has attended many holiday celebrations on the Hill sponsored by Shemtov's office and remembers his first Purim party several years ago as "absolutely a lot of fun on a very hectic day."

Cardin, 55, called Shemtov "a real asset for the Jewish members and Jewish staffers on the Hill." The lawmaker, a lifelong member of Beth Tfiloh in Pikesville, Md., the largest Orthodox synagogue in the Baltimore area, said Shemtov makes it easy for any Jewish politician, staffer or lobbyist to celebrate High Holy Days when they are here, away from their families and home towns. The rabbi also sends Jewish holiday calendars to all 535 congressional offices to remind Jews and non-Jews of holiday observances. Shellie Bressler, 32, a Senate staff member who has worked on the Hill for 10 years, said Jewish members of Congress and their staffs call on Shemtov "when they have a religious issue and they don't know who else to turn to. . . . He's very accessible and not judgmental, and he doesn't make you feel stupid if you ask a question."

Bressler, who was raised in a Conservative household in Memphis, said she is like many Jewish staffers in their late twenties or early thirties who have no synagogue affiliation but like to "connect" with Judaism, especially on High Holy Days. She said the Friends of Lubavitch makes that easy by hosting free Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services in or near their offices.

Attending services at local synagogues is often not an option, she said, because most synagogues sell tickets to those events, which can be expensive for a young professional, and usually give preference to members.

Shemtov said his work on the Hill the past six years has filled a void. "I guess over time we have become the primary nonpolitical Jewish resource," he said.

One of his efforts was calling an impromptu memorial service for Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1996. 



The day of Rabin's funeral, which most of the Jewish members of Congress attended, Shemtov received numerous calls from staffers who said, "We feel very broken. We have to do something."

So Shemtov quickly organized a service that afternoon that was attended by two dozen staffers.

On occasion, the rabbi has stepped beyond his clerical and counseling responsibilities to make a plea to Congress on behalf of all Jews. Last September, when Republican House leaders scheduled votes on the impeachment of President Clinton during High Holy Days, Shemtov visited the office of Rep. Richard K. Armey (R-Tex.) and persuaded him to change the schedule.


Despite Shemtov's popularity, some Jews are skeptical of the ultra-Orthodox movement of which he is part.

"All of my interactions with Levi Shemtov have been positive," said Jack Moline, rabbi of Agudas Achim Congregation in Alexandria. "He is well informed, very principled, very accommodating. And his work on the Hill represents good for the American Jewish community and the American community in general."

But Moline perceives Chabad Lubavitch as being uncompromising in its view of Judaism and how Jews should practice their religion. Not only do Lubavitchers proselytize, a practice not common to Judaism, but the goal of their outreach programs is to bring all Jews "to a particular form of observance" that allows no variation, Moline said. 

Mt:23:15: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.


"They are welcoming but not affirming," he said of the Lubavitchers' missionary fervor. They have "almost a desperate love" in trying to bring people back to fundamental Judaism. "Shemtov is the exception."

In an interview, Shemtov said he practices a form of evangelism, but "not to bring [people] to my way of doing it. I like to think that I'm bringing them to their way. I've never pushed anybody to do anything. If anything, I'm God's agent, not His enforcer."

His g-d......the Dragon

He said, however, that some Lubavitchers have carried their zealousness too far, claiming that the movement's late leader, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, called the "Rebbe," is the Messiah. Some have even purchased billboard space here and in Israel with a photo of Schneerson and the motto "Long live the Rebbe, King Moshiach [Messiah]. Forever and ever."

Schneerson, who died in 1994 at age 92, was a man of extraordinary intelligence, vision and people skills, Shemtov said. There's "the possibility, even the probability" that no one can replace him--that there never may be another rebbe of Chabad Lubavitch, the young rabbi said.

But Shemtov stressed that neither he nor anyone affiliated with him had anything to do with the billboards or claims that the Messiah has come.

God has not sent the message that the Rebbe was--or is--the Messiah, Shemtov said. And no one can make Schneerson or anyone else the Messiah by announcing it is so. "You can presume, you can hope, but you can't anoint," he said. "That's God's job."



Ask your self WHY ?

Dr. Condoleezza Rice


Duh....are you still waiting on the Hageeite doctrine of demons of a some where over the horizon "risen Roman Empire" and a Gentile anti-Christ after you get secretly Raptured? Hate to break your wittle heart but they the Pharisees have succeeded and the time is upon you. Many of you simply refuse the truth and are lead into damnation for you loved not the Truth, so God has sent you strong delusion. Some of you will REPENT and come out of the Great whoredom of that spiritual Sodom and Egypt religion unto the Dragon they now call Judeo-Christianity, which is irreconcilable to Christ Jesus the ONLY way to enter the KINGDOM of Sion.

Do you hear, will you Drink the Living Water?



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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Noahide News Part 143 THE JEWISH RELIGION Its InfluenceToday

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Alert ! Noahide News Part 169 Alert ! Alert ! false Elijah cometh?

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"Left Behind"

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