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August 31, 2005

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Av 26 their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Apostate Amaraka, you were warned.

Officials Helpless Against Looters
Aug 31 11:41 AM US/Eastern



Officials watched helplessly as looters around the city ransacked stores for food, clothing, appliances and guns.

"We don't like looters one bit, but first and foremost is search and rescue," Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Wednesday.

In the city's Carrollton section, which is on relatively high ground, looters commandeered a forklift and used it to push up the storm shutters and break the glass of a Rite-Aid pharmacy. The crowd stormed the store, carrying out so much ice, water and food that it dropped from their arms as they ran. The street was littered with packages of ramen noodles and other items.

New Orleans' homeland security chief, Terry Ebbert, said looters were breaking into stores all over town and stealing guns. He said there are gangs of armed men moving around the city.

The Times-Picayune newspaper reported that the gun section at a new Wal-Mart in the Lower Garden District had been cleaned out by looters.

Gunshots were heard throughout the night in Carrollton.

Police spokesman Marlon Defilo said an officer and a looter were wounded in a shootout. Defilo had no word on their condition. Three or four others were also arrested, he said.

One looter shot and wounded a fellow looter, who was taken to a hospital and survived.

Staff members at Children's Hospital huddled with sick youngsters and waited in vain for help to arrive as looters tried to break through the locked door, Blanco spokeswoman Denise Bottcher told the newspaper. Neither the police nor the National Guard arrived.

Authorities planned to send more than 70 additional officers and an armed personnel carrier into the city.

On New Orleans' Canal Street, dozens of looters ripped open the steel gates on clothing and jewelry stores and grabbed merchandise. In Biloxi, Miss., people picked through casino slot machines for coins and ransacked other businesses. In some cases, the looting was in full view of police and National Guardsmen.

The historic French Quarter appeared to have been spared the worst flooding, but its stores were getting the worst of human nature.

"The looting is out of control. The French Quarter has been attacked," Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson said. "We're using exhausted, scarce police to control looting when they should be used for search and rescue while we still have people on rooftops."

Sen. Mary Landrieu's helicopter was taking off Tuesday for a flyover of the devastation and she watched as a group of people smashed a window at a gas-station convenience store and jumped in.

At a drug store in the French Quarter, people were running out with grocery baskets and coolers full of soft drinks, chips and diapers.


Amaraka there are 200,000 US Troops slaying mercilessly in the Middle East in an Illegal War, their are hundreds of thousands in Amaraka without homes, Jobs, Food, Clothing and Water, YET BUSHITLER does NOTHING. Wake up and Repent to the Lord God the IAM, Jesus the Christ the Creator


Energy Markets Jittery, Gas Being Rationed
Aug 31 11:39 AM US/Eastern



Crude oil prices fell in jittery trading Wednesday even after the U.S. government said it would loan oil to refiners struggling in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to keep production of gasoline and other fuels steady. But wholesale and retail gasoline prices leaped higher nationwide.

Some of the knottiest issues still to be resolved will be restoring electricity to Gulf Coast pipelines and refineries, which are also suffering from flooding that could very well have left critical electric motors submerged. It will be days before a full assessment of the damage can be done, industry officials and analysts said.

Meantime, wholesale gasoline suppliers have begun limiting the amount of fuel they sell to retailers in certain markets in order to make sure they do not take delivery of more fuel than they actually need.

Light sweet crude for October delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 56 cents to $69.25 a barrel, down from an overnight high of $70.65. On Tuesday, oil futures settled at $69.81, the highest closing price on Nymex since trading began in 1983, although still below the inflation-adjusted high of about $90 a barrel that was set in 1980.

But October gasoline futures surged by almost 20 cents to $2.67 a gallon on the Nymex. That is almost 75 cents, or 38 percent higher, than they were on Friday.

"There's too much uncertainty," said analyst John Kilduff at Fimat USA in New York.




August 31, 2005

Carriers Are Stricken by Cancellations and Lack of Fuel

The airline industry felt the brunt of Hurricane Katrina yesterday, with some airports running low on jet fuel and carriers canceling hundreds of flights. Meanwhile, Wall Street feared that the financial problems of the sickest airlines could grow worse.

The industry's trade group, the Air Transport Association, said the nation's supply of jet fuel had been cut 13 percent because of damage to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

The association arranged for supplies of jet fuel to be shipped by air tanker to airports in Charlotte, N.C., and Fort Myers and West Palm Beach in Florida, where supplies had dwindled, the group's chief economist, John Heimlich, said yesterday.

The group also planned to send jet fuel by tanker truck as well as plane to other airports, Mr. Heimlich said. Of particular concern are supplies at two big airports -Hartsfield, serving Atlanta, and Dulles, serving Washington. Both airports generally rely on supplies from refineries in Louisiana and in Memphis.

Complicating matters is the coming Labor Day weekend, which wraps up the summer travel season and is generally the last period of strong travel for the airlines until Thanksgiving. Car travel is also heavy then.

And with gasoline selling for upward of $3 a gallon in some parts of the country, versus $1.88 for jet fuel, Mr. Heimlich said the airlines were worried that refineries might choose to produce gasoline rather than jet fuel, which would be less in demand.

Yesterday, airports serving New Orleans and Gulfport-Biloxi in Mississippi remained closed, while operations at the airport in Jackson, Miss., were curtailed. The Federal Aviation Administration said it expected operations to resume in New Orleans today, although it could not predict when Gulfport-Biloxi would reopen.

Despite the reopening, some airlines, like United, canceled flights to New Orleans through tomorrow; US Airways canceled flights there through Saturday.

Delta Air Lines said it had canceled as many as 300 flights throughout the South, and AirTran, a low-fare carrier, said it had canceled about 190 since the weekend.

But industry analysts said the cancellations would not hurt the airlines' finances, since they could accommodate those passengers eventually.

The bigger concern, they said, was another rise in jet fuel prices, already at the highest level in history, up 53 cents a gallon this year. Contracts based on the future price of jet fuel spiked yesterday; in Los Angeles, usually the most expensive market across the country for jet fuel, the price closed at $2.24 a gallon.

That is a particular worry for Delta, which has warned it could seek bankruptcy protection because of a cash squeeze. The airline has said each rise of a penny in the price of jet fuel costs it $25 million.

With jet fuel prices up 53 cents so far this year, Delta is paying $1.35 billion more for fuel than it anticipated.

Airline shares fell yesterday. Delta shares was down 7 cents, to $1.20. Northwest lost 25 cents, to $4.94, and AMR, the parent of American, dropped 71 cents to $12.69.


Governor: Everyone Must Leave New Orleans
Aug 31 11:33 AM US/Eastern



The governor of Louisiana says everyone needs to leave New Orleans due to flooding from Hurricane Katrina. "We've sent buses in. We will be either loading them by boat, helicopter, anything that is necessary," Gov. Kathleen Blanco said. Army engineers trying to plug New Orleans' breached levees struggled to move giant sandbags and concrete barriers into place, and the governor said Wednesday the situation was growing more desperate and there was no choice but to abandon the flooded city.

"The challenge is an engineering nightmare," Gov. Kathleen Blanco said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

As the waters continued to rise in New Orleans, the Pentagon began mounting one of the biggest search-and-rescue operations in U.S. history, sending four Navy ships to the Gulf Coast with drinking water and other emergency supplies, along with the hospital ship USNS Comfort, search helicopters and eight swift-water rescue teams. Red Cross workers from across the country converged on the devastated region.

The Army Corps of Engineers said it planned to use heavy-duty Chinook helicopters to drop 3,000-pound sandbags Wednesday into the 500-foot gap in the failed floodwall. But the agency said it was having trouble getting the sandbags and dozens of 15-foot highway barriers to the site because the city's waterways were blocked by loose barges, boats and large debris.

Officials said they were also looking at a more audacious plan: finding a barge to plug the 500-foot hole.

The death toll from Hurricane Katrina reached at least 110 in Mississippi alone, while Louisiana put aside the counting of the dead to concentrate on rescuing the living, many of whom were still trapped on rooftops and in attics.

The Red Cross reported it had about 40,000 people in 200 shelters across the area in one of the biggest urban disasters the nation has ever seen.

A full day after the Big Easy thought it had escaped Katrina's full fury, two levees broke and spilled water into the streets Tuesday, swamping an estimated 80 percent of the bowl-shaped, below-sea-level city, inundating miles and miles of homes and rendering much of New Orleans uninhabitable for weeks or months.

"We are looking at 12 to 16 weeks before people can come in," Mayor Ray Nagin said on ABC's "Good Morning America, "and the other issue that's concerning me is we have dead bodies in the water. At some point in time the dead bodies are going to start to create a serious disease issue."

Blanco said she wanted the Superdome _ which had become a shelter of last resort for about 20,000 people _ evacuated within two days, along with other gathering points for storm refugees. The situation inside the dank and sweltering Superdome was becoming desperate: The water was rising, the air conditioning was out, toilets were broken, and tempers were rising.

At the same time, sections of Interstate 10, the only major freeway leading into New Orleans from the east, lay shattered, dozens of huge slabs of concrete floating in the floodwaters. I-10 is the only route for commercial trucking across southern Louisiana.

The sweltering city of 480,000 people _ an estimated 80 percent of whom obeyed orders to evacuate as Katrina closed in over the weekend _ also had no drinkable water, the electricity could be out for weeks, and looters were ransacking stores around town.

Leaving 96,000 destitute

"The logistical problems are impossible and we have to evacuate people in shelters," the governor said. "It's becoming untenable. There's no power. It's getting more difficult to get food and water supplies in, just basic essentials."

She gave no details on exactly where the refugees would be taken. But in Houston, Rusty Cornelius, a county emergency official, said at least 25,000 of them would travel in a bus convoy to Houston starting Wednesday and would be sheltered at the 40-year-old Astrodome, which is no longer used for professional sporting events.

Send 50 families to my Property in Alabama

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was considering putting people on cruise ships, in tent cities, mobile home parks, and so-called floating dormitories _ boats the agency uses to house its own employees.

Once the levees are fixed, Maj. Gen. Don Riley of the Army Corps of Engineers said, it could take close to a month to get the water out of the city. If the water rises a few feet higher, it could also wipe out the water system for the whole city, said New Orleans' homeland security chief, Terry Ebbert.

A helicopter view of the devastation over Louisiana and Mississippi revealed people standing on black rooftops, baking in the sunshine while waiting for rescue boats.

"I can only imagine that this is what Hiroshima looked like 60 years ago," said Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour after touring the destruction by air Tuesday.

All day long, rescuers in boats and helicopters plucked bedraggled flood refugees from rooftops and attics. Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu said 3,000 people have been rescued by boat and air, some placed shivering and wet into helicopter baskets. They were brought by the truckload into shelters, some in wheelchairs and some carrying babies, with stories of survival and of those who didn't make it.

"Oh my God, it was hell," said Kioka Williams, who had to hack through the ceiling of the beauty shop where she worked as floodwaters rose in New Orleans' low-lying Ninth Ward. "We were screaming, hollering, flashing lights. It was complete chaos."

Looting broke out in some New Orleans neighborhoods, prompting authorities to send more than 70 additional officers and an armed personnel carrier into the city. One police officer was shot in the head by a looter but was expected to recover, authorities said.

A giant new Wal-Mart in New Orleans was looted, and the entire gun collection was taken, The Times-Picayune newspaper reported. "There are gangs of armed men in the city moving around the city," said Ebbert, the city's homeland security chief. Also, looters tried to break into Children's Hospital, the governor's office said.

On New Orleans' Canal Street, dozens of looters ripped open the steel gates on clothing and jewelry stores and grabbed merchandise. In Biloxi, Miss., people picked through casino slot machines for coins and ransacked other businesses. In some cases, the looting took place in full view of police and National Guardsmen.

Blanco acknowledged that looting was a severe problem but said that officials had to focus on survivors. "We don't like looters one bit, but first and foremost is search and rescue," she said.

Officials said it was simply too early to estimate a death toll. One Mississippi county alone said it had suffered at least 100 deaths, and officials are "very, very worried that this is going to go a lot higher," said Joe Spraggins, civil defense director for Harrison County, home to Biloxi and Gulfport. In neighboring Jackson County, officials said at least 10 deaths were blamed on the storm.

Several of the dead in Harrison County were from a beachfront apartment building that collapsed under a 25-foot wall of water as Hurricane Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast with 145-mph winds Monday. Louisiana officials said many were feared dead there, too, making Katrina one of the most punishing storms to hit the United States in decades.

Blanco asked residents to spend Wednesday in prayer.

"That would be the best thing to calm our spirits and thank our Lord that we are survivors," she said. "Slowly, gradually, we will recover; we will survive; we will rebuild."

Across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, more than 1 million residents remained without electricity, some without clean drinking water. Officials said it could be weeks, if not months, before most evacuees will be able to return.

Emergency medical teams from across the country were sent into the region and President Bush cut short his Texas vacation Tuesday to return to Washington to focus on the storm damage.


Also, the Bush administration decided to release crude oil from federal petroleum reserves to help refiners whose supply was disrupted by Katrina. The announcement helped push oil prices lower.

Katrina, which was downgraded to a tropical depression, packed winds around 30 mph as it moved through the Ohio Valley early Wednesday, with the potential to dump 8 inches of rain and spin off deadly tornadoes.

The remnants of Katrina spawned bands of storms and tornadoes across Georgia that caused at least two deaths, multiple injuries and leveled dozens of buildings. A tornado damaged 13 homes near Marshall, Va.




August 31, 2005

In Search of a Place to Sleep, and News of Home

SARALAND, Ala., Aug. 30 - Hundreds of thousands of evacuees from the New Orleans area stranded in overcrowded hotels, motels and makeshift shelters and on highways across much of the South underscored a new reality on Tuesday: an extended diaspora of a city's worth of people, one rarely seen in the annals of urban disaster.

As news spread that the devastated, largely emptied and cordoned-off New Orleans area would not be habitable until at least next week, hurricane refugees gathered in hotel lobbies and shelters around television sets beaming images of their waterlogged city and turned to cellphones and laptops, usually in vain, for information about the homes, relatives and neighbors they had left behind.

Hotels as far away as Houston (350 miles from New Orleans), Memphis (395 miles) and Little Rock (445 miles) were booked, and the American Red Cross had opened more than 230 shelters in schools, churches and civic centers spread through six Southern states.

Many found themselves wandering anew after maxing out credit cards or being forced to leave previously booked rooms.

America Williams, 34, evacuated on Sunday, piling into a sport utility vehicle with her boyfriend and 13 of his relatives - seven of them children. "They just told us to drive, to drive east or west to get as far from the storm as possible," Ms. Williams said. "Our intention was to go to Atlanta, but it was raining so hard we stopped in Birmingham."

After two nights in three $50 rooms at a motel, the family ran out of money and moved on Tuesday to the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, where the Red Cross had just opened a shelter. "We're down to our very last," Ms. Williams said. "We came here for some type of assistance, some type of help."

One woman spent much of the day in her car on the side of the highway here in Saraland, just north of Mobile, since her car radio was the most reliable source of information in a region where electricity remained spotty. An extended family holed up at a hotel in Lafayette, La., sent a scouting mission to Baton Rouge in search of rental property in case they remain stranded for weeks.

"We're getting almost a second shift of refugees who are trying to find new spots from the original place where they've come from," said Brady Warner, coordinator of a Red Cross shelter in Baytown, Tex., the second of three to open in the Houston area. "People are very comfortable and very happy, but they'd also really like to go home."

Sandra and Robert Allums, from Metairie, La., said they evacuated on Sunday with just some insurance papers and clothes for a few days. They booked a room at the Hampton Inn here in Saraland, but with no electricity at the hotel and no cellphone service, they retreated to their car for its air-conditioned comfort and its radio for information. They said local radio call-in shows were the best source of information on the availability of gasoline, water and ice; some were playing audio of television news broadcasts otherwise unavailable because of power failures.

"The biggest fear is the unknown," Mr. Allums said. "We don't know how long before we can get back into our home and our work."

Three generations of the Costa family of Metairie formed a four-car caravan here at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, leaving the Hampton Inn, where they had taken refuge from the hurricane to begin the 160-mile journey home. But a half-hour into the predawn drive, the car radio crackled with warning that no one would be allowed into the New Orleans area until Monday.

So the Costas resignedly checked back into the hotel - except for one carload, which drove on toward Disney World in Orlando, Fla., in hopes of turning nightmare into adventure. By lunchtime, the Hampton Inn still lacked electricity, so employees prepared a barbecue in the parking lot as the Costas and other guests plotted their next steps.

"We're thinking of moving north; we'll become gypsies or something like that," said one, Heidi Purnell, 50, who went to Wal-Mart for groceries only to find it was out of water. "We've left one disaster for another."

At the Best Western Richmond Suites Hotel in Baton Rouge, 80 miles from New Orleans, some 600 people - plus their pets - were crammed into the 145 guest rooms, many of them helping the short-staffed management move patio chairs from the pool area and serve free meals of cold cuts or spaghetti with breakfast sausage. Garrett Kruithof, the general manager, said one woman offered to give up one of the two rooms her family of four was occupying to make room for another refugee.

At the Red Roof Inn in Memphis, a six-hour drive from New Orleans, all 130 rooms were booked, many of them double-booked for the coming weekend, when the television show "American Idol" is taping in town.

"We don't want to tell anyone they have to check out, because where would they go?" Michelle Williams, the general manager, said. "There is nowhere else to go."

Several families cut back from three rooms to two as they ran out of cash, Ms. Williams said.

At the Hilton Lafayette and Towers, 135 miles northwest of New Orleans, Susan Zimmerman's family fills 23 rooms and has commandeered a conference room, renamed Cousins Headquarters, where they play Texas hold 'em and the Family Feud board game and gather each afternoon at 5 p.m. around the votive candles they bought at a nearby Wal-Mart to recite the rosary.

Ms. Zimmerman secured the rooms Thursday night in a four-hour online search, and said she has "104.75 people, 3 cats, 13 dogs and 6 birds" staying at the hotel, noting that one cousin is nine months pregnant. Teenage nephews and nieces were "runners" to make sure each room got word when there was news.

"Today's been a bad day -the more news you get, the worse it gets," Ms. Zimmerman sighed, estimating that half her relatives' homes are submerged.

"My father, his name is Pops, and he's 81, and he broke down today," she said. "He cried. He said, 'I never thought that I would ever see this disaster occur that I've heard about my whole life.' "

Here at the Hampton Inn, Cookie Costas had the essentials - medicine for her husband's rheumatoid arthritis, birth certificates and passports, pictures from her granddaughter's graduation. "But I didn't pack for a week," she said. "We're not prepared for a week."

Similarly, Danny Mirovich brought "four pairs of underwear, four shirts" expecting to be away four days, maximum. But after three nights - the last without electricity - at the Hampton Inn in Tuscaloosa, Ala., 300 miles from his home in Red Ridge, La., a New Orleans suburb, Mr. Mirovich loaded his wife, three daughters and their Irish setter puppy, Rescue, back into the van on Tuesday, bound for Lynchburg, Va., 600 miles northeast.

"At $100 a night, how long can you stay here?" Mr. Mirovich asked.

"I'm going to go to Virginia and see my folks and just make a vacation out of it," he said. "I'm going to go sit at my mama's house. If my house is ruined, there's nothing I can do about it."

Ms. Allums said she and her husband were thinking of driving north to find a place cheaper than the $89 a night they pay here. Still, she said, they are eager to return home to rebuild their lives.

"When someone says the roots are gone, what happens to the rest of the plant?" Ms. Allums said. "It dies. New Orleans is our roots."

Kate Zernike reported from Saraland, Ala., for this article, and Jodi Wilgoren from Chicago. Gretchen Ruethling contributed reporting from Chicago.


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Mayor: Katrina May Have Killed Thousands
Aug 31 2:38 PM US/Eastern



The mayor said Wednesday that Hurricane Katrina probably killed thousands of people in New Orleans.

"We know there is a significant number of dead bodies in the water," and others dead in attics, Mayor Ray Nagin said. Asked how many, he said: "Minimum, hundreds. Most likely, thousands."

The frightening prediction came as Army engineers struggled to plug New Orleans' breached levees with giant sandbags and concrete barriers, while authorities drew up plans to move some 25,000 storm refugees out of the city to Houston in a huge bus convoy and all but abandon flooded-out New Orleans.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco said the situation was desperate and there was no choice but to clear out.

"The logistical problems are impossible and we have to evacuate people in shelters," the governor said. "It's becoming untenable. There's no power. It's getting more difficult to get food and water supplies in, just basic essentials."

The Pentagon, meanwhile, began mounting one of the largest search-and- rescue operations in U.S. history, sending four Navy ships to the Gulf Coast with drinking water and other emergency supplies, along with the hospital ship USNS Comfort, search helicopters and elite SEAL water- rescue teams. American Red Cross workers from across the country converged on the devastated region in the agency's biggest-ever relief operation.

The death toll from Hurricane Katrina has reached at least 110 in Mississippi alone. But Louisiana has put aside the counting of the dead to concentrate on rescuing the living, many of whom were still trapped on rooftops and in attics.

A full day after the Big Easy thought it had escaped Katrina's full fury, two levees broke and spilled water into the streets Tuesday, swamping an estimated 80 percent of the bowl-shaped, below-sea-level city, inundating miles and miles of homes and rendering much of New Orleans uninhabitable for weeks or months.

"We are looking at 12 to 16 weeks before people can come in," Nagin said on ABC's "Good Morning America, "and the other issue that's concerning me is we have dead bodies in the water. At some point in time the dead bodies are going to start to create a serious disease issue."

With the streets awash and looters brazenly cleaning out stores, authorities planned to move at least 25,000 of New Orlean's storm refugees _ most of them taking shelter in the dank and sweltering Superdome _ to the Astrodome in Houston in a vast exodus by bus.

Around midday, officials with the state and the Army Corps of Engineers said the water levels between the city and Lake Pontchartrain had equalized, and water had stopped rising in New Orleans, and even appeared to be falling, at least in some places. But the danger was far from over.

The Army Corps of Engineers said it planned to use heavy-duty Chinook helicopters to drop 3,000-pound sandbags Wednesday into the 500-foot gap in the failed floodwall. But the agency said it was having trouble getting the sandbags and dozens of 15-foot highway barriers to the site because the city's waterways were blocked by loose barges, boats and large debris.

Officials said they were also looking at a more audacious plan: finding a barge to plug the 500-foot hole.

"The challenge is an engineering nightmare," the governor said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

As New Orleans descended deeper into chaos, hundreds of people wandered aimlessly up and down Interstate 10, pushing shopping carts, laundry racks, anything they could find to carry their belongings. Dozens of fishermen from up to 200 miles away floated in on caravans of boats to pull residents out of flooded neighborhoods.

On some of the few roads that were still passable, people waved at passing cars with empty water jugs, begging for relief. Hundreds of people appeared to have spent the night on a crippled highway.

In one east New orleans neighborhood, refugees were being loaded onto the backs of moving vans like cattle, and in one case emergency workers with a sledgehammer and an ax broke open the back of a mail truck and used it to ferry sick and elderly residents.

Police officers were asking residents to give up any guns they had before they boarded buses and trucks because police desperately needed the firepower: Some officers who had been stranded on the roof of a motel said they were being shot at overnight.


e-mail 8-31-2005

I talked to an american electircal engineer...they found a square
in the Vortex of Hurricane Katrina....this thing reeks of HAARP or
some other Weather Modification technology


How Apostate Amaraka of the "Chosen" shems of shame have "saved" Iraq

695 Dead, 180 Hurt in Iraq Bridge Stampede
Aug 31 11:48 AM US/Eastern



Trampled, crushed against barricades or plunging into the Tigris River, about 700 Shiite pilgrims died Wednesday when a procession across a Baghdad bridge was engulfed in panic over rumors that a suicide bomber was at large.

Most of the dead were women and children, Interior Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Adnan Abdul-Rahman said. It was the single biggest confirmed loss of life in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion. Health Ministry spokesman Qassim Yahya said 695 were killed and 180 injured.

Tensions already had risen among the Shiite marchers because of a mortar attack two hours earlier on the shrine where they were heading. Then the crowd was slowed by barriers about a quarter of the way across the Two Imams Bridge, Interior Minister Bayn Jabr said on state-run TV.

"Pushing started when a rumor was spread by a terrorist who claimed that there was a person with an explosive belt, which caused panic and the pushing started," Jabr said. "Some fell from the bridge, others fell on the barricades" and were trampled to death.

The barriers are meant to keep Sunni and Shiite extremists out of each other's neighborhoods at opposite ends of the bridge.

The two-lane, 300-yard-long bridge was littered with abandoned hundreds of sandals lost in the pushing and panic. Children who had plunged 30 feet off the bridge floundered in the muddy waters, trying to reach dry land.

Survivors were rushed in ambulances and private cars to hospitals. Thousands raced to both banks of the river to search for survivors, and bare-chested men jumped in to try to recover bodies.

Scores of bodies covered with white sheets lay on the sidewalk outside one hospital whose morgue was jammed. Many were children, old men and black-gowned women.

Sobbing relatives wandered about, lifting sheets in search of their kin. When they found them, they would shriek in grief, pound their chests or collapse.

Casualty figures from official sources varied because survivors were taken to several hospitals, and officials were scrambling to establish accurate tallies.

Hamid Jassim, a doctor who was on the scene when panic erupted, said most of the dead were suffocated or trampled. "Many of the panicked people who jumped into the Tigris trying to save themselves survived with broken bones. Others drowned because they did not know how to swim," he told The Associated Press.

Hundreds of thousands of Shiites had been marching across the bridge, which links a Sunni district to Kazimiyah, a Shiite neighborhood which contains the tomb of Imam Mousa al-Kadhim, a 9th century Shiite saint.

TV reports said about 1 million pilgrims from Baghdad and outlying provinces had gathered near the shrine, about a mile from the bridge, for the annual commemoration of the saint's death.

"We were on the bridge. It was so crowded. Thousands of people were surrounding me," said survivor Fadhel Ali, 28, barefoot and soaked. "We heard that a suicide attacker was among the crowd. Everybody was yelling, so I jumped from the bridge into the river, swam and reached the bank. I saw women, children and old men falling after me into the water."

Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shiite, declared three days of mourning.

Shiite processions, which can draw huge crowds, are often targeted by Sunni extremists seeking to trigger sectarian war. Mortar shells had exploded in the shrine compound about two hours before the bridge disaster, killing at least seven people. U.S. Apache helicopters fired at the attackers.

In March 2004, suicide attackers struck at two shrines, killing at least 181 people.

The head of the country's major Sunni clerical group, the Association of Muslim Scholars, said it was the latest on "the list of ongoing Iraqi tragedies."

"We want to express our condolences to all the Iraqis and the parents of the martyrs, who fell today in Kazimiyah and all over Iraq," the cleric, Haith al-Dhari, told Al-Jazeera TV.

Elsewhere, a U.S. soldier was killed Tuesday by a roadside bomb in the city of Iskandariyah, about 30 miles south of Baghdad, the military said.

Witnesses said the town of Qaim, about 200 miles northwest of Baghdad, was quiet and virtually deserted Wednesday after a day of U.S. airstrikes and heavy fighting between the pro-government Bumahl tribe and the pro-insurgent Karabilah tribe. Iraqi officials said 45 people died, most in the tribal clashes, during which hundreds fled their homes for refuge in the countryside.

The border region is considered a prime infiltration route for smugglers and foreign militants trying to reach central and western Iraq.

This week's violence came amid new twists in the road to a constitution for post-Saddam Hussein Iraq. On Tuesday, U.S. ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad raised the possibility of further changes to the draft completed by the dominant Kurdish and Shiite Arab bloc but vehemently opposed by Arab Sunnis who form the core of the armed insurgency.

Khalilzad said he believed "a final, final draft has not yet been, or the edits have not been, presented yet" _ a strong hint to Shiites and Kurds that Washington wants another bid to accommodate the Sunnis before the charter goes to a referendum Oct. 15.

Khaled al-Attiyah, a Shiite on the constitution drafting committee, responded that "no changes are allowed ... except for minor edits for the language."

This indicated that the Shiites and Kurds were unlikely to compromise on their core demand that Iraq become a loose federation. Sunnis fear this would eventually lead to the breakup of the nation.

Sunni Arabs are about 20 percent of the population. They could still scuttle the charter because of a rule stating that if two-thirds of the voters in any three provinces reject it, it would be defeated.

Even if the Sunnis lose the referendum, a bitter political battle at a time when the Sunni-led insurgency shows no sign of abating could plunge the country into a full-scale sectarian conflict.

The Shiite Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq condemned attacks by foreign fighters against "our beloved people" and urged the government to "stop criminals and terrorists from crossing into Iraq."



Irreversible Murder

Chemtrails Coming
Out Of The Closet?

By William Thomas
Nearly seven years after extensive "lay downs" of lingering and spreading white plumes were first reported smearing skies over across North America, Europe is in an uproar and Washington could be close to coming clean about chemtrails.
At least the Bush White house will soon have a legitimate weather control agency to finally "launder" one of the biggest cons ever perpetrated.
Introduced in the US Senate on March 1, 2005, Bill S517 calls for a US "Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board" to officially commence operations in October 2005. When passed as expected, this law will make large-scale chemical alteration of the atmosphere legal across a formerly free and beautiful land called America.
YOU Guessed it......Katrina
It's already happening. Less than two weeks before the bill was introduced, Linda wrote from "up here in the mountains of northeast Georgia" of the worst spray day she had ever seen. "Not one day in the past two months have we had a blue sky with normal clouds," Linda wrote. Even normal clouds "are 'laced' with whatever the hell is coming out of those white planes that have no engine sounds, even when they fly low enough to see there is no printing anywhere on the planes."
Several years ago the US Air Force stated that it was repainting its silver aircraft white, and retrofitting its jet tanker fleet with "hush kits" to silence their engines.
Whatever fresh environmental disaster Bill S517 accomplishes, this bill will ease the way for admission of a project suspected by many and confirmed by air traffic controllers at America's biggest airports. When and if the US public demands that their government "do something" about the extreme weather pummeling their neighborhoods, Washington will be able to officially reply, "We are."
Intended to "develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy," the board is tasked with coordinating state and federal weather modification efforts. It's direct mandate is stepped-up research and development aimed at developing experimental "models, devices, equipment, materials, and processes" to change or control, "by artificial methods" the development of clouds and/or precipitation in the troposphere. This weather-forming region of the atmosphere lies between Earth's surface and the stratosphere, starting around 35,000 feet.
The federal weather modifiers will now directly oversee the cloud-seeding operations currently being carried out over dozens of states to increase rain and snowfall for irrigation, electrical power and winter recreation purposes. As droughts intensify under an onslaught of moisture-absorbing chemicals dispensed behind ozone-destroying jet tankers, and future towns wash away in sudden flash floods triggered by rain-inducing atmospheric tinkering, these unnatural disasters and other "inadvertent" effects of weather modification will be closely "studied" by the newly created board.
But no studies have been released on the implications of wide-scale alteration of regional atmospheric heat balances.
Large-scale weather modification is banned under the United Nations Environmental Modification Convention signed by Washington in 1970.
Meanwhile, recent heavy "Chemtrail" spraying over Portland, Oregon and Canada's west coast has eased off once again. Another long-time Chemtrail "hot zone", Santa Cruz, California continues reporting clear blue skies unmarked by the chemplanes' ugly scrawl.
As recently as May 2005, a Swiss resident sent photographs to Meria Heller's website, reporting: "Today was one of the heaviest Spraying in Switzerland ever."
Some Canadians also have their eyes wide open. in June 2005, large graffiti spray-painted on a major overpass in West Vancouver advised motorists: WAKE UP, LOOK UP, CHEMTRAILS ARE EVERYWHERE.
An active duty air force crew chief has described environmental combat missions already being flown by specially-outfitted C-130 Hercules transports, which can be reloaded, refueled and relaunched in just 10 minutes to continue their assault on violent storms afflicting US communities. Flown by regular air force pilots, these "science flights" include onboard meteorologists, who painstakingly log the results of each mission.
Big storm fronts and hurricanes require a vast amount of absorbent chemicals to reduce their destructive power. To achieve the fast turn-around times needed to complete their missions, flights of returning C-130s taxi to a stop and immediately commence refueling as the empty onboard spray canister is removed. as soon as the empty canister is clear of the aircraft, a waiting truck wheels a semi-trailer-size container of sky-seeding chemicals to the plane's lowered rear ramp, where it is slid inside on rails like a gigantic "soda dispenser".
The crew chief added that other spray missions spread (barium) chemtrails to facilitate 3D radar mapping of the entire continental United States. He also said that the air force has been spraying storm fronts "for a long time". The military's main interest, he added, is experimentation aimed at gaining control of the weather for military use.
Did the air force spray this year's first Caribbean hurricane, in which the western quadrant disintegrated just before making its Texas landfall? "There's no reason they wouldn't," the crew chief replied.
But C-130 turboprops would not necessarily be used to try to influence hurricanes that typically release more energy than all atomic arsenals combined. Referring to the 757s recently modified for aerial spraying, the crew chief told, "We've got them, but I can't talk about them."
He added that many people in the air force "are aware of William Thomas" and his reporting on chemtrails. The crew chief confirmed that this reporter "has it mostly right" concerning the application and purposes behind chemtrails. But would not elaborate on my reporting.
Meanwhile, the chemtrails controversy has taken Europe by storm following a series of articles by Swiss freelance journalist Gabriel Stetter in the German popular science magazine Raum+Zeit (Space and Time), circulation circa 50,000.
Stetter's first article, "White Skies" created a public relations nightmare for Greenpeace when it informed readers in January 2004 how "Thousands of people were thoroughly shocked when they realised, and were informed by Greenpeace in Germany, Switzerland and Austria that-for some reason or other-Greenpeace has no interest in the Chemtrail question whatsoever."
The Swiss government also came under public pressure to explain the checkerboards being painted in its skies. On March 5, 2004 the Environment Department in Berne, Switzerland responded to an inquiry by Rudolf Rechsteiner, Social Democratic member of parliament, admitting that "A number of ideas exist that show how it would be possible to reduce global warming by technical means, at least in the short term."
But these ideas, the government office hastened to add, "are no more than theoretical. We are not aware of any practical application of these methods, either at home or abroad."
Ten days later, Greenpeace Switzerland climate and transport expert Cyrill Studer wrote an internal memo assuring colleagues that while he had "heard of the chemtrails phenomenon," for the present, Greenpeace "will not be following up the theme of chemtrails."
Two reasons for inaction by Greenpeace climate change activists were given. First, Studer explained, "There is not a sufficiently solid scientific basis" for Greenpeace to risk its budget and reputation verifying this "supposed phenomenon". To do so, he added in his memo to Greenpeace staff, "would overstretch our capacities.Important elements of our climate campaign would suffer, particularly the promotion of energy efficiency and of renewable energies, or our active influence in present-day politics."
Outside Greenpeace's corporate offices, the controversy continued. On June 11 German Greenpeace spokeswoman Kristine Läger told concerned constituents:
The idea of reducing global warming by putting chemicals in the atmosphere has been around a long time. There are various proposals in this direction, suggesting the chemicals should be independently sprayed and that they should be mixed with the fuel of ordinary passenger aircraft. Whether in Germany such proposals have reached the point of actual realization is highly questionable. So far as we are aware there are no indications from research and observation of weather and climate that these so-called chemtrails exist. Nor are we aware of any project that has been realized in practice.. in all probability this is not happening.
But Gabriel Stetter believes that the Greenpeace "Rainbow Warriors" know all about the rainbows in the sky. They probably also know of geoengineering studies to reduce incoming sunlight and slow global warming issued by the National Academy of Sciences. "And they may even have taken a look at the Welsbach Patent," he writes. "But they have no idea what conclusions to draw from the chessboard pattern suspended in the Hamburg sky or the aluminium-enriched 'rainbows'.
"Supposing the word 'chemtrails' appeared in print in the Greenpeace Magazine," Stetter speculates. "How many tens of thousands of people more would look up into the sky and recognize that the supposedly Utopian "proposal" has long moved on via "spraying trials" to a systematic, long-term spreading of cloud cover over the whole of Europe?"
Back in Basel, Gabriel Stetter quoted unsourced opinion polls showing that in this "stronghold" of chemtrails believers, one in ten people "have already heard of them despite the media blackout. Several thousand people in the prosperous town at the bend in the Rhine know that the chemtrails phenomenon suggests that something is seriously wrong."
Among these Swiss chemtrails activists, he explained, "are well-to-do people, who because of their environmental awareness have been for a long time, in some cases for decades, members of Greenpeace."
Not any more.
"Veteran anti-nuclear activists, campaigners for animal welfare or against electrosmog-in their alarm they had all turned to Greenpeace because of the chemtrails, which are visible everywhere in the skies above Basel. But a painful experience awaited all of them. They were palmed off with the same unsatisfactory answers that we have by now grown tired of hearing. The consequence drawn by these elderly, well-to-do activists from Greenpeace's lack of interest was the immediate cancellation of membership of many years, the withdrawal of legacies, and the withholding of payments to Greenpeace until further notice."
As Brian Holmes notes on his website,, the October 2004 issue #131 of the Raum + Zeit contained many pages of letters from readers responding positively to Stetter's first article in issue #127. "Many of these letters are illustrated with color photographs supplied by the readers themselves."
Former six-year a board member of Greenpeace Germany, Monika Griefahn chaired the Committee for Culture and Media of the Federal German Parliament when she replied to a letter from two chemtrails dissenters in July 2004, stating, "I am in basic agreement with your concerns. Instead of making a concerted and determined effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world, experiments of various kinds are being carried out in the earth's atmosphere in order to cure the symptoms."
Former six-year a board member of Greenpeace Germany, Monika Griefahn chaired the Committee for Culture and Media of the Federal German Parliament when she replied to a letter from two chemtrails dissenters in July 2004, stating, "I am in basic agreement with your concerns. Instead of making a concerted and determined effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world, experiments of various kinds are being carried out in the earth's atmosphere in order to cure the symptoms."
After assuring her correspondents, "I share your concern over the use of aluminium or barium compounds which have a considerable toxic potential," the parliamentarian went on to say, "however, so far as I am aware the extent of their use is so far minimal."
"At last!" Stetter announced in the German science magazine. "There we have it. In the skies of Germany, so Social Democratic member of Parliament Monika Griefahn tells us, aluminium and barium compounds are being spread just as tens of thousands of concerned citizens have observed, documented and bitterly deplored."
Thanking the Honorable Griefahn her for her courage, Stetter suggested, "Maybe one day statues of politicians like Monika Griefahn or the equally plucky US Congressman Dennis Kucinich will adorn in marble splendor the squares of newly verdant German or American cities."
That would be nice.
But the public outcry in Europe will have to spread to North America if we are to stop this massive, illegal and continuing air and atmospheric pollution.
Excerpted from Convergence Weekly.


Gawd Bliss Amaraka the Apostate

Dozens Massacred
As US Bombs Iraqi Village

By Omar al-Faris, JUS
and Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice
The battle of Qaim has taken a dramatic turn but the direction depends on whether you believe US propaganda or reports from the ground. While US press claim that their recent bombing raids have killed "high level militants, local eye witnesses tell a much different story.
US forces said they had killed a known al-Qaida militant in western Iraq overnight in air strikes which a hospital official said had killed 47 people. An Iraqi security source claimed at least 56 people were killed in the bombings, but the US military said it did not have an exact number of casualties.
That was the picture painted by American dominated press after US warplanes launched three waves of strikes near Qaim, a staunchly Sunni area in Western Iraq near the Syrian border.
In a dispatch filed at 3:50pm Mecca time Tuesday afternoon, the Qa,im correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while before, US warplanes had bombed a children's health care center and neighboring houses in the as-Salman area in the west of the city. Witnesses said that the American aircraft targeted civilian houses and the children,s health care center in the as-Salman area with massive 500-pound bombs. The clinic was completely destroyed as were four nearby homes.
Some 50 local residents, all of them civilian, among them 25 women and children, perished in the savage air raid. At the time of writing, most of the victims were still buried under the rubble. Dr. Salman al-Kubaysi of al-Qa,im General Hospital told Mafkarat al-Islam that the hospital had already taken in more than 35 bodies of victims, among them 17 children and eight women in addition to six people with severe injuries.
"Intelligence leads Coalition forces to believe that Abu Islam and several of his associates were killed in the air strike," a US military spokeswoman said in Baghdad. Abu Islam is a common name among Arab Muslims and the relationship of this individual to Al-Qaida said to have been killed is tenuous at best. US spokesmen had no further information on his identity.


Muddy Waters
Keep On A Rising!
From Judith Moriarty;
The Gulf States look as though a nuclear bomb was dropped over the area. Hundreds of people are trapped in their homes and waving for help from rooftops. Buildings are burning, barges filled with toxic chemicals have capsized, and levees are breaking, flooding impoverished areas. Roads are totally closed off. There's no getting in or out.
It was announced on the news, that many people trapped, could not expect help until next MONDAY! Meantime-you might take note of the drumbeat for money taking place by the Red Cross and Operation Blessing. I would advise anyone thinking of donating money to either of these organizations, to do a little research. The Red Cross sure made a bundle out of the 9-11 catastrophe! Giving to Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing-just might see your money being invested in an African gold mine!
But the real chutzpah in all of this, that all Americans; be you a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or a purple ice bound Libertarian Eskimo, is witnessing first hand, the lack of any coordinated, organized, efficient, civil defense or crisis management in this nation. I'm asking people to put aside their dyed in the wool politics. Throw off your elephant ears, climb down off your jackass and see these people and this horror for the incompetence that it is. Freedom isn't freedom when you're drowning, or sloughing around in swamp piss, dodging alligators with no place to go.
Who can forget Gulf War I, when approximately 500,000 troops were mobilized? Tent cities and mobile hospitals [with operating rooms] were set up overnight in Kuwait. But then that was for war! How is it that there can be such efficiency in taking life and not saving it especially here on American soil? Like I remarked to a friend of mine, 'It's not like this disaster wasn't imagined! It's not like an asteroid had struck the place, which would cause confused panic. In fact, these past few days, have had FEMA personnel on TV remarking that they'd been 'planning' an event like this for some time! Fine-so where are the results of all this planning. I can't imagine, most especially in states most prone to natural disasters that the major one priority, wouldn't see to having several Crisis Centers-Emergency Hospitals-Food Stations etc; set up in places removed from the threat of levee breaks or surges from surrounding waters! One doesn't, as we can see, prepare for a crisis in the midst of one.
Somebody tell me, in this surreal scene of melting clocks; with highways and byways inundated [from the swamps], with poisonous snakes and alligators seeking dry ground, why the hell we're spending billions, upon billions, upon obscene billions, for some desert people to 'supposedly' celebrate FREEDOM [this weeks reason] when we can't care for FREEDOM'S PEOPLE right here at home? And what is the help that hundreds of thousands of American citizens are experiencing? Tens of thousands of the poor, elderly, dispossessed, handicapped, and special needs people, have been herded into a place called the Superdome, where gladiator sports take place. 'Keep off the grass'---or rather the turf, takes precedent over caring for sick, cold, tired, and fearful citizens! Is this unbelievable?
Because of the flooding the toilets can't be flushed. Due to the water treatment facilities being contaminated, they can't drink the water. The electricity is out, so people gasp in this Superdome hot house, where temperatures, in 1000% saturated Louisiana humidity, are in the nineties today. Barrels are overflowing [and this the first day] with trash. UNCONSIONABLE in this Super Power nation, in the 21st century, is the treatment and conditions being suffered, by the frail and elderly; in wheelchairs, who are lined up in rows five feet deep along one wall. One patient's IV bag is attached to a stadium seating sign. You can bet your last dollar, that had Cheney suffered another clogged line, in his rusty leaking heart, in New Orleans, you wouldn't find him in this Superdome field hospital, beneath the scoreboard!
Dr. Kevin Stephens Sr., head of the medical shelter in the Superdome states, "This is just too hot, too primitive, and too uncomfortable for the patients". Some have already died here. So much for our wondrous civil defense program! No billion dollar mountain retreat bunkers for the common folks. These refugees spent Monday night, with their children and plastic garbage bags of belongings, sitting in the bleacher seats of the 77,000-seat stadium-home of the NFL's New Orleans Saints or sprawled out on the concrete floor. With the roof ripped open and leaking, along with elevators and stairwells flooded, the folks have been shuffled around to different seats. Officials have stated that citizens shouldn't see this as a permanent shelter! Of course, with their homes gone, the streets flooded, and them with no transportation--------maybe a convoy to the Crawford Ranch is in order?
There's plenty of acreage there for a temporary tent city. Hey, maybe the President can hold a Cajun style BBQ, and everyone could sing Kumbaya around the campfire? Kumbaya, means, 'come by [h]yuh my Lawd ' which I find more than appropriate given the impossible suffering and death being reported hourly! "Someone's dying Lord-Kumbaya-someone's dying Lord, Kumbaya." Better yet, a song for the nation in these dying times!
In the midst of all this, we had President Bush showing up in Arizona; as the winds, rains, and citizens were a-dying in the South-----in Arizona, with a birthday cake [it melted] for Senator McCain! He should have used a plastic prop, like the plastic turkey [true]; he delivered to the troops at Thanksgiving! Hard to believe, Mama, but at the first sound of the trash can lids, careening down Bourbon Street, the oil companies et al, were announcing a raise in gas prices. Now there's a touch of Freedom's patriotism for you! These gilded, bejeweled, pompous-asses, sausage finger, hucksters, have cleaned up in PROFITS these past months by the BILLIONS! Citizens down south, were told to pack up and move on out, with no considerations given to the monetary crisis this would have on work-a-day people. Instead of having FREE GAS [or $1.00 a gallon] in a mandatory evacuation, they were charged top dollar.
The advice from the President, on his way to deliver a melting birthday cake to McCain was to, "stay put". GWB and those of his ilk, in the politico/corporate world are, by choice, totally detached from reality. The President certainly doesn't have to concern himself with filling up his tank, and ending up at a rest stop. Few families, especially those on unemployment, or holding minimum wage jobs, can afford an extended stay at some distant motel! He and his buddies don't have a dust, as to the desperate situation people have been thrown into. There they are in some parking lot, with children to feed, trying to secure needed medicines, no money, no gas, and no place to turn. "Stay where you are". Where? On the rooftop of a flooded home, the Superdome hot house, in a wheelchair in a stadium corridor, in the branches of a tree? It's not like any of these folks can take off for their second or third home! They don't have the choice of riding this thing out at their Kennebunkport family estate, fly fishing with Cheney, and the other corporate honchos, in their trophy homes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or a ski lodge in Colorado.
Hey maybe 'democracy' for a desert people just isn't worth the cost, when Freedom's Citizens, are accommodated with platitudes, slogans, and patronizing, sniff, 'this is a terrible time. While those on the road to nowhere, are being charged top dollar, to keep their gas tanks filled [even in a national emergency], the Washington crowd could care less. The cost of gas, no matter how high it goes, isn't coming out of their pockets. President Bush's jaunts around the country/world are costing a fortune. While the citizen's ordered to evacuate are scrounging for gas money, GWB, never gives it a thought, as he takes off on Air Force One. Almost every vehicle Bush uses is custom-made to add security and communications capabilities, and the heavier weight of these guzzlers drives up gas and jet fuel costs.
He has visited 46 countries, some of them several times, during his presidency. So far this year he has made 73 domestic and foreign trips, including crisscrossing the country on a 60-day city tour to promote his Social Security plan. The Ford truck which he putters around in, costs [us] $75.00 to fill up. Whenever he's out on the road, he's escorted by a caravan of well over a dozen-gas, guzzling vehicles. Starting with his inaugural in January, Bush began tooling around in a new 2006 Cadillac DTS limos. The outside company customizes the DTS for presidential use by 'stretching' it to limo length, adding bulletproof glass, HEAVY ARMOUR [missing on soldiers at war vehicles] and other bells and whistles-all making it significantly heavier and less fuel efficient.
In the air, Bush most often flies on a Boeing 747-200B laden with, among other things, an anti-missile system. Like gas for cars, fuel costs for the largest plane in the Air Force One fleet have gone up dramatically [for us-not him, from $3,974 an HOUR in fiscal 2004 to $6,029 per hour now. As the nation is told that the hurricane and war are driving up gas costs by the hour, on their vehicles, making it a bit difficult to escape in an emergency, the President advises that freedom is worth the cost [be it lives or gas prices]. "Someone's lying Lord, Kumbaya, someone's lying Lord KumbayaHmm-hmm-hmm"


More than 95 percent of Gulf oil production lost

8/30/2005, 2:24 p.m. CT
The Associated Press



BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — As oil prices flirted with the $70 per barrel mark, more than 95 percent of the Gulf of Mexico's normal daily oil production was shut in Tuesday because of Hurricane Katrina, a federal agency said.

The U.S. Minerals Management Service said 645 of the 819 staffed production platforms in the Gulf were shut down, delaying production of 1.43 million barrels of oil. On a normal day, the Gulf produces 1.5 million barrels.

The shutdowns also delayed production of 8.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas, or 88 percent of the Gulf's normal daily gas production of 10 billion cubic feet, the MMS reported from a survey of 68 companies.

Since Katrina first threatened Gulf platforms, 4.63 million barrels of oil and 25.4 billion cubic feet of gas have been delayed from reaching market.

Storm-related production delays in the Gulf, which accounts for about a third of nation's domestic oil production, have figured increasingly into energy price jumps. In July, three Gulf storms interrupted production.

Hurricane Emily delayed production of 240,024 barrels of oil and 1.58 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Hurricane Dennis interrupted the production of 5.29 million barrels of oil and 23.3 billion cubic feet of gas. Tropical Storm Emily delayed production of 312,127 barrels of oil and 1.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas, the MMS said.

Last fall's Hurricane Ivan damaged seven platforms, 100 underwater pipelines and resulted in the loss of nearly 44 million barrels of oil production between September 2004 and February 2005.

The Gulf normally produces 547.5 million barrels of oil and 3.65 trillion cubic feet of gas a year.

On Tuesday, the MMS also said 90 drilling rigs exploring for petroleum in the Gulf were evacuated.


The ultimate experiment, Noahide enslavement

Nola View

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Martial law declared
Local television stations report that Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes are all now under
martial law, allowing the military to assume control over civilian forces.


Qurei: Fight Has Begun for Jerusalem
16:14 Aug 30, '05 / 25 Av 5765
By Ezra HaLevi

  Following Israel's withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria, Ahmed Qurei, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister and senior PLO figure announced Sunday that the fight for Jerusalem has now begun.

Qurei, at a meeting held in Al-Quds University in the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Abu Dis Sunday, said that the PA would now focus its attention on Jerusalem. "The fight has begun for Jerusalem," Qurei said, "and it is a dangerous war. No Arab, Palestinian - Christian or Muslim - will accept Israel's racist plans." Abu Dis is under PA administrative control, but the IDF controls security around the neighborhood.

The senior PLO figure attacked the separation fence, insisting that it was to be the future border, something many Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria fear as well. "This wall is not a security wall. It is a wall meant to set borders. How else would you explain the fact that the fence runs through Palestinian communities? If they want a security fence, let them build it on the Green Line," he said.

Qurei demanded that US President George W. Bush pressure Israel to live up to the Bush's declared vision of a "viable" Palestinian state. "The only viable country would be with the 1967 borders," he said, "the Palestinians will not accept less than a state on the lands occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital."

Qurei also said that that the recent agreement between Egypt and Israel to allow the deployment of 750 armed Egyptian security officers along the southern borders of Gaza was a "positive step.


NOT SO Fast, because Bushitler and his Hassidim handlers want to take the whore city by force


Talmudic Noahide Law and Global slavery by TREASON and Blasphemy

First Hassid named dean of U.S. law school

By Shlomo Shamir

NEW YORK - Aaron Twerski was appointed dean of the Hofstra University School of Law yesterday, making him the first Hassidic Jew to be dean of an American law school, the New York Daily News reported this week.

Twerski earned his law degree in 1965, and has taught at Hofstra University School of Law and other law schools, including Harvard, Cornell and the University of Michigan.

"When I tried to get into the teaching profession, I faced pretty substantial discrimination," he told the Daily News. "I was told quite directly that it was because of the way that I was dressed."

Twerski's said that his goals for the law school include expanding programs in business litigation, family law and international law.

Noahide Law

Over his 40-year legal career, Twerski has become a national expert in tort law, the newspaper said. His extensive writing on the topic include 60 law review articles, five books and a tome he co-wrote that has become the de facto guide used by courts and judges in product liability lawsuits.

"I've always had a love for tort law that may have been spurred by my background in Talmudic law," he said. "It's something that all of us come into contact on a daily basis. We've all had some issue of personal injury."

A descendant of two influential rabbinic lines, Twerski is also an ordained rabbi but is the first in his family not to practice.

"Professor Twerski is an ideal choice to lead our excellent law school to even greater stature," Hofstra said in announcing the appointment. "He is a nationally and internationally renowned scholar and a revered teacher, who possesses tremendous energy, leadership ability, enthusiasm and integrity."


By reason of the Communitarian Sofiet RED Hassidic Talmudic whore's costliness

Penny Schwartz

"Support Peace, Reject Divestment," was the message delivered by union members of Boston´s Building Trades Union who held a banner in Somerville´s Davis Square on Aug. 9.


Jews in the labor movement fight
the divestment from Israel campaign

August 31, 2005

BOSTON, Aug. 28 (JTA) — Ties between American Jews and the U.S. labor movement have deep historical roots — and a local Jewish labor leader is playing a key role in keeping them strong.

David Borrus, a union organizer and the co-chairman of the New England region of the Jewish Labor Committee, was the go-to guy when the Boston Jewish community needed the support of local labor unions to fight a recent campaign in the suburb of Somerville to force the city’s municipal retirement funds to divest their holdings in Israel Bonds.


The fact that union organizers stood at a public meeting “behind Israel’s consul general to New England delivered a message to aldermen that this issue was not only important to Israel but to their own constituents,” said Alan Ronkin, the deputy director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston.

That particular divestment effort was defeated, but the larger battle is ongoing: Divestment proponents renewed their efforts to put the issue on a Somerville city ballot later this year.

“I don’t think there has been greater proof in recent memory of why our community needs the Jewish labor community,” said Ethan Felson, the assistant executive director of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, who has been active in the divestment fight. “They’ve been heroic in this divestment battle.”

Fighting divestment is part of the labor movement’s belief that more investment, not less, will help ease the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“The union’s view is that the worst thing for peace and for workers is divestment and isolation,” says Phillip Fishman, the AFL-CIO’s assistant director for international affairs and the point person on the divestment issue for the past decade.

Campaigns to fend off divestment efforts in Massachusetts, San Francisco and Milwaukee shed light on the historic relationship between Jews and organized labor. Jews were a vital part of the labor movement during the early- and mid-20th century, when the movement was one of the strongest political forces in the United States.

Founded in 1934 by Yiddish immigrant trade unionists to fight the rise of Nazism in Germany, the Jewish Labor Committee has regional offices in six cities around the country, with affiliated groups in others.

The committee’s Holocaust-education program, which boasts 800 graduates, is one of the organization’s most successful initiatives, according to Avram Lyon, the committee’s executive director. Another is the group’s Passover labor seders, which take place in cities across the country, bringing together union members, labor leaders and members of the Jewish community.

The Jewish Labor Committee’s board of directors is made up of some of the most influential labor leaders in the country, including Morton Bahr, the recently retired president of the Communications Workers of America, and Andrew Stern, the president of the Service Employees International Union.

Stern sent shock waves through the labor movement earlier this summer when he led a bitter revolt in the AFL-CIO and pulled his 1.3-million member union out of the labor federation. His move was followed by several other unions. In separate conversations after the AFL-CIO convention in Chicago, Lyon, Bahr and Stern all agreed that the split will not affect the workings of the Jewish Labor Committee, which is not taking sides in the issue.

In a phone conversation from his office in New York City, Lyon described one of the projects he’s involved in.

In June, Lyon met with executives of Mudd Jeans to relay the committee’s concerns about tactics being used by one of the company’s Mexican manufacturing contractors, who Lyon says are thwarting a union drive by workers. Copies of a follow-up letter were sent to hundreds of rabbis across the country.

“We had a response from Mudd’s lawyers within 72 hours,” Lyon recalls. The company agreed to exert its influence to force its Mexican contractor to conduct a free and fair union election for workers.

As of now, however, the contractor has postponed the election.

Today’s Jewish labor activists say there are two fundamental connections between their Jewish values and the labor movement: One is that organized labor has been a longtime supporter of Israel, and the other is social justice.

The ties between Israel and the American labor movement date from the formation of the Histadrut trade union federation, even before the founding of the State of Israel, notes Bahr, who serves as the treasurer of the Jewish Labor Committee.

“It’s no accident that labor remains pro-Israel,” Felson says. It reflects “a lot of work over lots of years, and it should be celebrated.”

While the U.S. labor movement is not as powerful as it once was, he noted, labor has “tremendous political influence in many segments, and we shouldn’t take it for granted.”

The economist Barry Bluestone, who directs Northeastern University’s Center for Urban and Regional Policy and has written extensively on American labor and the economy, attributes the historic ties between organized labor and Israel to labor’s long-standing affinity for progressive causes. He cites as an example the friendship between the United Auto Workers’ founder, Walter Reuther, and former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. At one time, Bluestone says, the UAW was perhaps the largest institutional purchaser of Israel Bonds.

Bluestone grew up in a union-centered family: His father, Irving Bluestone, with whom he co-wrote the book “Negotiating the Future,” was a vice president of the UAW, which has very few Jewish members, Bluestone noted. His mother, also a union member, worked in apparel shops on New York City’s Lower East Side.

“Historically, there’s always been a disproportionate number of Jews in progressive movements,” the element of his heritage that makes Bluestone proudest.

But several things have happened, Bluestone observes: The progressive movement and unions are very weak; Jews are not as prominent in the trade union movement as in earlier decades; and the unions in which Jews were most active, such as that of the apparel workers, have seen their membership numbers decline steeply since the mid-20th century.

The exception, Bluestone observes, is in the public sector, specifically the teachers’ unions, where there are a large number of Jewish professionals.

For the labor attorney Don Siegel, the connection is deeply personal.

“It’s the way I stay whole,” Siegel said. “I’m Jewish, I pray, go to services and I’m labor. I believe in both. It’s destabilizing on a personal level to have tension between the two communities. There’s a deep connection between the principles of our faith and the labor movement. Fair treatment for working people and decent standards for compensation — those are bedrocks.”

COMMUNISM is of jewry


Tue Aug 2005 30 22:23:23 ET

Metro Atlanta drivers are facing the possibility of paying considerably more than $3 a gallon for gas by Labor Day -- if they can get it at all, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting Wednesday.

The two pipelines that bring gasoline and jet fuel to the region are down -- powerless to pump as Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on electrical infrastructure.

The metro Atlanta region generally has about a 10-day supply of gasoline in inventory, said BP spokesman Michael Kumpf. The pipelines have been down for two days.

Alpharetta, Ga.-based Colonial Pipeline Co., cut off from its suppliers on the Gulf Coast, is now pumping gas from huge storage tanks, many in Powder Springs, Ga. Whether electric power can be restored to the pipeline pumps before supplies run out is "the great uncertainty ... that hangs over all of us," said Daniel Moenter, a spokesman for Marathon Ashland Petroleum, a major supplier of metro Atlanta's fuel.

The destruction of the US economy, new laws against bankruptcy, Talmudic courts and global slavery


Bush Says Katrina Recovery to Take Years
Aug 31 5:31 PM US/Eastern


AP Special Correspondent


President Bush said Wednesday his administration was moving quickly to save lives and provide sustenance to uncounted victims of Hurricane Katrina but recovery "will take years" from the storm that laid waste to the Gulf Coast.

"We're dealing with one of the worst national disasters in our nation's history," he said at the news conference hours after an aerial tour of the area.

"This is going to be a difficult road," he added, and made it clear the impact could broaden well past the four states along the battered coast.

"Our citizens must understand this storm has disrupted the capacity to make gasoline and to distribute gasoline," the president said.

Think about it "Amaraka" just think about it


OUR Office is located next to the Jacksonville FL to New Orleans Railroad CTX. Usually ten trains per day. Today Wednesday August 31, not one train. Imagine the effects of Katrina on the economy in the coming months. The Hassidim prophets of Baal will cry "See we told you, you must obey the fallen away religion of Noahide to the beast, Moshiach


Hurricane Katrina STEERED for New Orleans? 3000 Louisiana Nat. Guard off in Iraq bogus war

author: impeach the vacationing Bush

OK, I'll say it. I know you are thinking it like I am.
HAARP anyone? --- Bankrupt Venezuela? --- convenient federal FEMA militarization while Louisiana National Guard in Iraq?

Katrina has gone from Cat 1 to Cat 5 in days. It was even briefly downgraded lower than Cat 1 to a tropical storm as it left South Florida! Meterologists admit mystification--or feign mystification--at it. Now, devastation from Katrina is to be around 500x worse than the damage delivered to South Florida. A Category 5 hurricane does not cause five times as much damage as a Category 1. It causes 500 to 1,000 times the damage, hurricane scientists say, because the power of a storm increases exponentially as wind speeds grow.

In 1976 there was a U.N. Treaty, which Nations signed, promising not to affect each other using weather warfare. other words, the technology was available at least some degree.

FEMA's wet dream
FEMA's wet dream

summaries of several articles:

1.4m ordered to flee as Hurricane Katrina roars towards New Orleans

The levees intended to protect the city vary in height, from as low as 10
feet above sea level to about 14 feet, he said. They too are vulnerable,
because they are made of earth [and will erode], he said. Katrina could be
especially devastating if it strikes New Orleans because the city sits
below sea level and is dependent on levees and pumps to keep the water
out. A direct hit could submerge the city [for weeks]. Some 25 feet of
standing water is expected in many parts of the city --almost twice the
height of the average home -- and computer models suggest that more than
80 percent of buildings would be badly damaged or destroyed, he said.
Forecasters predicted the storm surge could reach 28 feet; the highest
levees around New Orleans are 18 feet high. About 70 percent of New
Orleans is below sea level, and is protected from the Mississippi River by
a series of levees. Mayor has said the levee will not hold. 20 feet of
water are possible. [Plus, Katrina will strike at high tide, approx. 8
a.m. Monday morning as well. Additionally, Katrina hit the Gulf's 'loop

In the Gulf of Mexico, all projections had been that the storm would
intensify as it drew energy from the warm waters there, and chance events
favored growth. It churned directly over an oceanic feature that is the
nemesis of gulf state disaster planners: the "loop current," a great, deep
whorl of tropics-hot seawater that pulses in between the Yucatan and Cuba
each year and then stays south of Louisiana into late summer. Often, even
in the Gulf of Mexico, storms weaken as they suck up cool water that lies
stratified beneath the warm surface. But in the loop, even the depths are

Katrina had a central pressure -- a measure of a storm's intensity -- of
902 millibars, which would make it one of the four strongest storms on
record. The Labor Day hurricane of 1935 that hit the Florida Keys, killing
some 600 people, was the strongest with a minimum central pressure of 892
millibars on landfall. "The lower the pressure [number], the stronger the

Category 5 is the most intense on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Only three
Category 5 hurricanes have made landfall in the United States since
records were kept. Those were the Labor Day hurricane of 1935, 1969's
Hurricane Camille [that missed New Orleans and still killed 250+ people]
and Hurricane Andrew, which devastated the Miami area in 1992. Andrew
remains the costliest U.S. hurricane on record, with $26.5 billion in
losses. [Katrina is #4] least 100,000 people in the city lack the transport to leave.

The huge storm, packing 160 mph winds [now 175 mph], is expected to hit
the northern Gulf Coast in the next 12 hours and make landfall as a
Category 4 or 5 hurricane Monday morning. The National Hurricane Center
reports that conditions are already deteriorating along the central and
northeastern coast. As far east as Mobile, Alabama, 118 miles away from
New Orleans, authorities warned of storm surges approaching 20 feet. A
statement from the National Weather Service in Slidell, near New Orleans,
Louisiana, warned that much of the affected area "will be uninhabitable
for weeks, perhaps longer."

CNN said officials expect the storm surge to cover the grounds of the
Super Dome itself [one of ten "emergency evacuation" sites], and people
will be there for several days.

There are around 25,000 people in the 100,000 seat Superdome stadium. The second level of the Superdome is around 35 feet from the base, so in the storm, it will be fine. It has been built to withstand at 200-215 mph winds. Katrina is around 175 mph. Unfortuantely, many other "evacuation shelters" are unable to withstand even 175 mph.

And much of FEMA money goes toward emergency response instead of emergency preparation. Much smarter pre-preparation strategies--instead of relying on "emergency aftermath strategies" would of course endanger FEMA lobby budgets... FEMA gets their wish, a test of the concentration camps: "In the French Quarter, the water could reach 20 feet, easily submerging the district's iconic cast-iron balconies and bars, the AP reported. Estimates predict that 60 percent to 80 percent of the city's houses will be destroyed by wind. With the flood damage, most of the people who live in and around New Orleans could be homeless, the AP said. "We're talking about in essence having - in the continental United States having a refugee camp of a million people," van Heerden said."

extremely sobering to think the area is now being faced with a likely
reality that matches a projection like this:

Ninety percent of the structures in the city are likely to be destroyed by
the combination of water and wind accompanying a Category 5 storm, said
Robert Eichorn, former director of the New Orleans Office of Emergency
Preparedness. The LSU Hurricane Center surveyed numerous large public
buildings in Jefferson Parish in hopes of identifying those that might
withstand such catastrophic winds. They found none.

Floodwaters from the east will carry toxic waste from the "Industrial
Canal" area, nicknamed after the chemical plants there. From the west,
floodwaters would flow through the Norco Destrehan Industrial Complex,
which includes refineries and chemical plants, said van Heerden, who has
studied computer models about the impact of a strong hurricane for four
years. "These chemical plants are going to start flying apart, just as the
other buildings do," he predicted. "So, we have the potential for release
of benzene, hydrochloric acid, chlorine and so on." That could result in
severe air and water pollution, he said. In New Orleans, which lies below
sea level, gas and diesel tanks are all located above ground for the same
reason that bodies are buried above ground. In the event of a flood,
"those tanks will start to float, shear their couplings, and we'll have
the release of these rather volatile compounds," van Heerden added.
Because gasoline floats on water, "we could end up with some pretty severe
and large -- area-wise -- fires." "So, we're looking at a bowl full of
highly contaminated water with contaminated air flowing around and,
literally, very few places for anybody to go where they'll be safe."

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 members of the Louisiana National Guards 256th Brigade serving in Iraq can only watch from Baghdad as Hurricane Katrina bears down on their families and homes in New Orleans... deployed soldiers and their equipment, which includes high water vehicles, Humvees and
generators, will be sorely missed... Bush declared an emergency in
Louisiana and Mississippi and a major disaster in Florida, measures that
allow federal aid and FEMA to be deployed. "We will do everything in our power [sic] to help the people and communities affected by this storm," Bush
said from his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Now watch me chop this wood.

At midnight CDT...0500z...the center of Hurricane Katrina was located near
latitude 27.9 north...longitude 89.5 west or about 90 miles
south-southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River and about 150 miles
south-southeast of New Orleans Louisiana. Katrina is moving toward the
north-northwest near 10 mph...and a turn to the north [toward New
Orleans] is expected over the next 12 to 24 hours. Movement toward...
north-northwest near 10 mph. Maximum sustained winds...160 mph. Minimum
central pressure... 908 mb.

And where is the Louisiana National Guard? Out fighting for Bush crime family Carlyle corporation oil contracts thousands of miles from where by law they SHOULD BE. Out fighting for Cheney investments in Halliburton.

map of Louisana/New Orleans population below sea level:
storm surge caused by the hurricane would probably come over the levees
that protect the city from the surrounding water of Lake Pontchartrain,
the Mississippi River and marshes.

satellite pic of katrina:,2106,3393262a12,00.html,20281,16419322-5001022,00.html


Gulf Coast Declared Health Emergency
Aug 31 2:13 PM US/Eastern


Associated Press Writer


Federal officials declared a public health emergency for the entire Gulf Coast Wednesday, calling life in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina "very dangerous." They rushed food, medicine and water to the victims as part of a wide-ranging government rescue-and-relief response.

Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt said his agency is concerned about potential disease outbreaks and was sending medical experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He urged residents of the coastal area to boil water and follow food safety precautions as well as to avoid situations that might lead to carbon monoxide poisoning from electricity generators.

He also said that mental health personnel were being sent to the area.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said: "The situation in all affected areas remains very dangerous."

Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta said his agency is working to restore highways, airports, seaports and oil pipelines in the region. And he said generators are being moved to pipeline pumping stations to restore the flow of oil to the region.

Environmental Protection Agency director Stephen Johnson said anti- pollution standards for gasoline are being eased throughout the country until Sept. 15, a step expected to ease shortages of the fuel.



August 31, 2005

Disease and Coordination Vie as Major Challenges

As they rushed medical equipment and experts to the Gulf Coast, federal officials warned yesterday that the public health consequences of Hurricane Katrina were likely to be enormous and long term.

The officials said they were particularly worried about outbreaks of disease spread through sewage contamination of drinking water, spoiled food, insects, and bites from snakes and other animals.

Scores of people have already died by drowning or other causes, two by carbon monoxide poisoning from the use of gas-powered generators in poorly ventilated areas. An additional nine people are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning, federal health officials said at a news conference in Atlanta, home of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Rescue workers searched for the injured and disabled yesterday in an effort to prevent additional fatalities, and, trying to head off outbreaks of diarrheal disease, used helicopters to deliver food and safe drinking water.

"We're racing the clock" to find stranded people, digging trapped victims out of collapsed concrete and metal, and providing food and water, Michael Chertoff, secretary of homeland security, said at the Atlanta news conference.

In New Orleans, Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, which was surrounded by about four feet of water, lost both of its backup generators to the flooding and began evacuating all its 200 patients, 30 requiring critical care. H.C.A., which manages the hospital, hired 20 helicopters to land in succession on its helipad, atop a parking garage, and ferry the patients to Women's and Children's Hospital in Lafayette, La., and elsewhere. In addition to the patients, more than 800 others were stranded at the Tulane hospital and also required evacuation: members of the staff as well as their families, families of patients and people who had simply sought shelter there.

The hospital had only portable generators remaining, which provided just enough power to run a small amount of equipment. Among the tasks was to light the helipad in the darkness last night. Because elevators were inoperable, members of the staff were carrying patients up the stairs.

Karen Troyer-Caraway, a vice president of the hospital, said by telephone at 8:20 p.m., New Orleans time, that "we are in absolute complete darkness," with only flashlights to guide those still there.

Michael O. Leavitt, secretary of health and human services, said his department was working to open up 1,000 hospital beds on an emergency basis in the Gulf Coast region.

The disease control centers has sent basic supplies like first-aid and suture kits, sterile gloves, bandages, blankets and portable oxygen tanks from the national stockpile.

In addition, the Public Health Service has deployed 38 doctors and nurses and has an additional 217 on stand-by.

Experts warned that a major challenge would be to coordinate efforts by government and private organizations and the many health care workers who might voluntarily go to the region.

But all the energy being expended in the initial phase of flood relief is likely to be dwarfed by what lies ahead.

"This is going to be a long-term event," said Dr. Thomas H. Sinks Jr., an epidemiologist at the C.D.C.

The affected area is "a couple of hundred miles wide, four to five times the geographic extent of Hurricane Andrew in 1992," Dr. Sinks said.

Wherever rescue efforts take place, there will be concerns about injuries from falls, broken glass, downed wires and other hazards, said Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University.

Other worries will focus on bites from poisonous snakes like the cottonmouth, an excellent swimmer. Alligators could also be a menace, as could raccoons, which are capable of spreading rabies and leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that can lead to meningitis, kidney damage and liver failure.

Health workers will also have to deal with the long-term mental health problems that develop among the hurricane's survivors.

Bushitlers Mental Health initiative kicking into gear?

Dr. Irwin Redlener, who directs the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at the Columbia School of Public Health, said yet another concern was that people might have lost or become separated from the drugs they rely on daily for diabetes, heart disease and other chronic ailments. Pharmacies in the affected areas may have insufficient stocks of vital drugs like insulin for diabetics, a circumstance creating a need to import and distribute essential medicines in the area. The shortage could go on for months, Dr. Redlener said.

The poorest areas are expected to be hit hardest. Experience has shown, Dr. Redlener said, that "the more underserved and more economically fragile a community is pre-disaster, the more we expect to see severe consequences after a disaster."


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Amaraka, won't you HELP?



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