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Part 280

September 12, 2005

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Elul, 8 their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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the Hoodlums of Ha


What a relief to know all the Jews of NO are safe…whew….I was so worried about them. These poor, poor people are now distraught as they worry about their synagogues, homes and pretty parks in the aftermath of Katrina. Oh how they suffer!! Good thing the sheriff got them out, he probably understands how the nail of a Jew is worth more than the lives of a thousand goyim. Thank goodness there are many, many Jewish organizations taking donations for these 9-10 thousand displaced Jews. One group alone has already collected $4 million……. the g-d of mammon will provide. CF

New Orleans' Jews all thought safe

Though there is no direct count of the New Orleans Jewish community, a sigh of relief was heard Sunday from the head of the Jewish federation, now in Houston.

"I think we've got them all out," said Eric Stillman, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, which is now operating out of Texas.

Meanwhile, Israel Ambassador to the United States, Dani Ayalon, told Israel Radio Monday morning that the two Israelis who have been missing since the hurricane struck, are still unaccounted for.

However, Ayalon expressed hope that they may have been evacuated to Houston.

On Saturday night, teams led by the sheriff of Baton Rouge went into the city in search of the few remaining members of the Jewish community not yet accounted for. In a few hours, they were all out.

Bet he wears the six pointed star on his chest. Reckon how many "Goyim" the Sheriff saved?

Half of the city's 9,000 Jews went to Houston, with the others spread out in several neighboring cities. But the worries are not over yet.

"What will be of the synagogue and of the Jewish institutions left behind?"

Ohhhhhhh Nooooooooooooooo

 Stillman asked, requesting that I take a look at a few of them. The Jewish community center in Metairie, a New Orleans suburb, is intact. There were a few broken trees, some debris on the ground and a sign on the wall it will be closed until further notice because of Hurricane Katrina.

Next to it, Shir Hadash synagogue was not as lucky. Visitors to the Conservative synagogue are now welcomed by puddles on the floor, soaked carpeting and bad odors. The rabbi's announcements for the last Shabbat service, a week ago, are still posted. Two days after that service, all the congregants left.

The synagogues inside New Orleans were hit harder. Members of the federation have not yet been allowed to inspect the damage to them, because the area was considered too dangerous. On Sunday, it quieted down, and once the shooting ceased, a quick glance showed that both will need massive repairs.

Local Jewish leaders are now beginning to deal with the long-term effects of the disaster – assessing the damage, getting the buildings repaired and, most important, beginning to help every Jew who fled the city. They will need to find new jobs, get their children into new schools and receive financial, medical, and spiritual support.

But that did not deter the Jewish families around the region who opened their homes to the new refugees.

"The most important thing is that everyone is okay. I am 100 percent sure that the New Orleans Jewish community will rebuild itself and thrive again in New Orleans," Stillman said, although he could not say when.



Refugees from New Orleans behind barbed wire in Utah


by Don Nash, Unknown News


Sept. 6, 2005 [Day 9]

Utah's Governor Jon Huntsman has taken in some of the New Orleans refugees, at Camp Williams. Replete with barbed wire, armed soldiers with weapons at ready, police and sheriff with weapons at ready, and hell, they must surely feel right at home. In America yet.  I'm not done with this outrage, not by a long shot. I'm actually just getting started.

Unknown News needs to come up with some Press Credentials. I want access to Camp Williams and were I "media," they'd have to let me in and allow me to talk with the refugees? Wouldn't they?

Hell, they'd let me in, I'm certain. They might not let me back out but, they would let me in. Just a passing thought. Or then again, maybe it was passing wind. Or gas. I get that a lot. Gas, that is. I'm an old gas-bag deluxe.

Anyway, think about the press credentials thing. I am serious about that even thought I crack wise about it. I do want to get in there to talk with those poor folk.

*       *       *

The Hurricane Katrina insurgency from New Orleans is tucked safely away behind the 6-foot chain link fence with the accommodating barb wire atop chain links. The ONLY entry into Detention Camp Utah is through the highly secure military gates that are guarded by armed military guards twenty four seven.

The ONLY access to the New Orleans insurgency is granted to military, government officials, and MAINSTREAM media.

The armed military guards at the military gates will not take nor answer any questions regarding the New Orleans insurgency. The guards will however instruct one dissident radical pseudo-media personality to turn the car around and get gone post haste. Only officially cleared personnel can access the New Orleans insurgency.

Detention Camp Utah is located about 20 miles from downtown civilization. There is no transportation, public or otherwise, for the New Orleans insurgency. Supposedly, it has been reported by one local media concern that there will be twice-daily bus service available to "cleared" insurgents.

The armed military guards at the aforementioned closely guarded military gates would answer no questions regarding whether the New Orleans insurgency would be able to clear the gates to access the quickie mart, located down a rather steep hill about three miles from the Detention Camp Utah. Nor would the guards answer questions regarding whether they would allow the New Orleans insurgency to re-enter Detention Camp Utah if somehow they were able to gain an exit.

Detention Camp Utah is a windblown and barren military installation atop the foothills of what is known as the Oquirrh (pronounced ochre) Mountains. It is isolated and surely quiet.

What a pleasant spot for those that were relocated by the U.S. military and the New Orleans insurgency weren't even told where it was they were being shipped to. Not a one of the refugees/insurgents were told they were being sent to Utah. What a freaking shock that must have been.

That is all I was able to ascertain when I paid Detention Camp Utah a short visit on Labor Day. Due to the escalating hostility of the military guards at the armed military gates into Detention Camp Utah, I cut my visit short and also cut my questioning of the armed military guards short. The nice chap with the shiny Colt 45 and the three stripes on his sleeve was growing moderately curt and gave me one last instruction to get away while I still could.

That's the way it is, Labor Day 2005.


The New Order of the saints dome...MURDER by the Hassidic Talmudic Dragons den

For you Bambi, and Jason Guenther

We had to kill our patients

by C AROLINE GRAHAM and JO KNOWSLEY, Mail on Sunday 09:01am 11th September 2005

Doctors working in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans killed critically ill patients rather than leaving them to die in agony as they evacuated hospitals, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

With gangs of rapists and looters rampaging through wards in the flooded city, senior doctors took the harrowing decision to give massive overdoses of morphine to those they believed could not make it out alive.

In an extraordinary interview with The Mail on Sunday, one New Orleans doctor told how she 'prayed for God to have mercy on her soul' after she ignored every tenet of medical ethics and ended the lives of patients she had earlier fought to save.

Her heart-rending account has been corroborated by a hospital orderly and by local government officials. One emergency official, William 'Forest' McQueen, said: "Those who had no chance of making it were given a lot of morphine and lain down in a dark place to die."

Euthanasia is illegal in Louisiana, and The Mail on Sunday is protecting the identities of the medical staff concerned to prevent them being made scapegoats for the events of last week.


Their families believe their confessions are an indictment of the appalling failure of American authorities to help those in desperate need after Hurricane Katrina flooded the city, claiming thousands of lives and making 500,000 homeless.

'These people were going to die anyway'

The doctor said: "I didn't know if I was doing the right thing. But I did not have time. I had to make snap decisions, under the most appalling circumstances, and I did what I thought was right.

"I injected morphine into those patients who were dying and in agony. If the first dose was not enough, I gave a double dose. And at night I prayed to God to have mercy on my soul."

The doctor, who finally fled her hospital late last week in fear of being murdered by the armed looters, said: "This was not murder, this was compassion. They would have been dead within hours, if not days. We did not put people down. What we did was give comfort to the end.

"I had cancer patients who were in agony. In some cases the drugs may have speeded up the death process.

"We divided patients into three categories: those who were traumatised but medically fit enough to survive, those who needed urgent care, and the dying.

"People would find it impossible to understand the situation. I had to make life-or-death decisions in a split second.

"It came down to giving people the basic human right to die with dignity.

"There were patients with Do Not Resuscitate signs. Under normal circumstances, some could have lasted several days. But when the power went out, we had nothing.

"Some of the very sick became distressed. We tried to make them as comfortable as possible.

"The pharmacy was under lockdown because gangs of armed looters were roaming around looking for their fix. You have to understand these people were going to die anyway."

Mr McQueen, a utility manager for the town of Abita Springs, half an hour north of New Orleans, told relatives that patients had been 'put down', saying: "They injected them, but nurses stayed with them until they died."

Mr McQueen has been working closely with emergency teams and added: "They had to make unbearable decisions."


The shemborg collective "Goyim" PURIM begins


Sun's String of Fury Continues as 7th Major Flare Erupts
By Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
posted: 09 September 2005
10:33 pm ET

Updated 12:36 p.m. ET Sept. 11

An ongoing series of seven major solar flares, including two on Saturday, could disrupt communications on Earth and generate colorful sky shows for people at high northern latitudes for the next several days.

Already satellites have been affected. Even more serious effects are possible this week.

The spate of activity from the Sun is being generated by a large sunspot named 798. Sunspots are cooler and darker regions of pent-up magnetic activity. When they unleash their energy, it's a bit like the top coming off a shaken champagne bottle.

The sunspot is just rotating into view, so its energy has been directed sideways and not directly at Earth. In coming days, if more major flares erupt as forecasters expect, they'll head right at us and radio blackouts, cell phone dropouts and other communications disruptions are more likely, scientists said.


The Sofiet Talmudic United States of the Hassidic Pharisees of the Dragons beast Sanhedrin of Chabad Lubavitch of their covenant with death and hell

Comparison: USA v. USSR:
Is life today in the USA like life yesterday in the USSR?

(Part 1 of 2)

The centralization of political power in the hands of the federal government has allowed it to create a totalitarian state that in many ways is reminiscent of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Yes, there still are significant differences between the USA and the former USSR. Consumer goods are readily available in the USA (although our gigantic trade deficits indicate they are not produced here.) Some of our Constitutional rights remain intact, albeit eroded.

But let’s look at the similarities. Quotations about the USSR are from USC Professor Rodger Swearingen’s book - “The World of Communism” (1962).

Constitution, Government, Political Parties


“In theory, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a federally organized constitutional democracy [...]

Noahide enforced demonicrazy of the Talmud Bavli unto the Dragon, their "Replacement Theology"

 in practice, the constitution is relatively unimportant. [...] The various republics have little actual power [...] The Soviets have a “one-party system of government”

see the Hassidim of Chabad Lubavitch of the Sofiet Union who now control Washington DC and heil Bushkevik

 [...] No other political parties are deemed necessary [...] The nature of the Communist system makes voting in the Soviet Union a meaningless gesture, an exercise in rubber-stamping the party’s choice.”


The USA claims to be a Constitutional Union of States, but the federal government routinely disregards the Constitution. The fifty State governments have little actual power. We are continually told that we have a “two party system.” In practice, the two nominal parties function as one party, having no significant areas of disagreement. Third parties are legal, but deemed unnecessary. Only two of the 535 members of Congress are independents.

As a result of the one-party system, voting is a meaningless gesture. The reelection rate for Congressional incumbents is 95 - 98%.



“There are fundamental differences between professional politicians in other systems and in the Communist system. [...] In communist system, he who grabs power grabs privileges and indirectly grabs property. Consequently in Communism, power or politics as a profession is the ideal of those who have the the desire or the prospect of living as parasites at the expense of others.”


Federal judges and Congressmen are paid a minimum salary range of $145,000 to $158,000. These salaries place them in the top 5% of all income earners - public or private.

Yet federal judges complain constantly that they are underpaid, and Congress automatically grants itself a pay raise every year.

In the event that tax revenues become insufficient to pay these salaries, federal judges decided in Kelo v. City of New London that private property can be grabbed and sold in order to generate more taxes.

Many would agree that the federal government has an essentially parasitic nature.

Foreign Policy


“The fundamental attitude of the United States toward other peoples is that they should have the right to determine their fate themselves, without any other nation telling them what they can or cannot do. [...] our policy generally has been “hands off” [...] we have not adopted a policy of wholesale intervention in all countries of the world for the purpose of imposing American-style regimes on people everywhere.”

“The Soviet policy has been the opposite. While paying lip service to the principle of self-determination, the Russians have repeatedly, as a matter of policy, interfered with the affairs of other states whenever they thought it to their advantage, and whenever they thought they could get away with it.”

“The United States finds it difficult to combat such a ruthless foe by traditional, peaceful means. The Communists have no reluctance about using force. [...] If the Soviet threat were removed, we could, no doubt, move more quickly to abolish such unbecoming means altogether.”


Regardless of what it might say, the federal government does not believe that other nations have a right to self-determination. The federal government currently stations troops on over 6,000 military bases in 146 different countries.

That government routinely deploys those troops to enforce UN resolutions or impose what it calls “democracy.”

Contrary to Professor Swearingen’s prediction, the fall of the USSR did not result in the federal government curtailing the “unbecoming means” of force. On the contrary, it occasioned a binge of warmongering. Since the fall of the USSR, the federal government launched wars in Panama, Iraq (twice) Somalia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

The “Bush doctrine” claims that the federal government has the right as the “world’s sole remaining superpower” to launch “preemptive wars” against other countries.



“The current phase [...] is one of rampant propaganda against religion. Mandatory public schools teach atheism as a regular part of the program.” “From the first grade, the child learns that “there is no God.” “The government press maintains a constant campaign against religion.” [...] This takes the form of making jokes about the “old-fashioned people” who still believe the “nonsense about God.”

“Why, then does the Soviet government permit some churches to remain open? Isn’t this freedom of religion? [...] Religious freedom is more than an open church building. It has to do with attitudes, laws, policies and goals. True, there are a number of of Protestant, Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches open throughout Russia. So long as the churches remain open, the men in Moscow can use this fact to convince the uninformed that there is religious freedom. After all, the churches are open!”


In theory, the Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion. In practice, federal judges have ordered a “separation of church and state” that finds no mention in the Constitution.

Government schools or government funded organizations are ordered to make no reference to religion. For example, federal judges banned public school students from reciting the pledge of allegiance because it contains the words “under God.” The whole point of the phony “separation of church and state” is to ensure that the Christian religion never affects “attitudes, laws, policies and goals.”

But the Churches are open.



“The search for genuine truth has no place in Communist education. Students are not allowed to hear both sides of a question in courses in the social sciences and humanities. Much of his education turns out to be indoctrination and propaganda. His education is specialized, limited and slanted. If he is bright, he will have been well prepared to be a cog in the Soviet machine.”


“Politically correct” curricula in the social sciences and humanities amount to propaganda and indoctrination. State and local public schools operate under the direction of federal authorities - the “No Child Left Behind Act” (a/k/a the “No Child Moves Ahead Act”)

Local school boards lack authority to prescribe their own curriculum. For example, a federal judge ordered that Georgia schools must teach evolution as a fact, not just a theory.

The federal government’s educational system is designed to achieve mass indoctrination and produce a politically uniform, tractable citizenry.



“The Soviet Press ... has no freedom, no life of its own. There are 10,000 newspapers in the Soviet Union, but not one dares express an opinion which differs in the slightest degree from the official Party view on any major issue” [...] On the other hand, the “press of the Free World represents a wide range of differing political viewpoints and purposes.”


Nominally, there are thousands of newspapers and radio stations and hundreds of television channels. But the FCC and the Department of Justice (sic) allow most of them to be owned and controlled by a few media conglomerates.

According to media expert Tom Wolzien, 80% of the prime time TV audience is watching channels owned by media conglomerates such as Viacom, Disney, Time-Warner, News Corp. and NBC/Universal. For example, he notes that of the top 25 cable channels, 20 are now owned by one of the big five media companies.

In exchange for the federal government granting them an oligopoly, the media conglomerates refrain from criticizing its policies or exposing its corruption. Paul Craig Roberts notes that the media’s historical role as government watchdog has diminished as a result of media consolidation.

The media conglomerates permit a narrow range of political viewpoints that more or less correspond to those of the Republicrat Party. The voices of independent journalists like Nat Hentoff, Joseph Sobran or the late Samuel Francis are not heard.

Family Life


“Many of the jobs customarily held by men in America are done by women in the Soviet Union” The USSR boasts: “we have eliminated discrimination based on sex.”

“From the Soviet government’s point of view, it is in fact essential that as many women as possible work [...] The great majority of families in the Soviet Union would find it difficult to exist on the wages of the husband alone. Salaries are too low [...] Sunday is almost always taken up by shopping. [...] Recreation in leisure time, as we know it in the United States, is not part of the average Soviet citizen’s daily life.”

Divorce is legal for almost any reason. “The old quip was “Just marriage is grounds for divorce in Russia” The early revolutionaries prided themselves on the contempt with which they held the marriage relationship”


Through various trade, monetary, immigration and tax policies, the federal government has depressed the value of its citizens’ labor. According to the federal government’s own statistics, the average private sector hourly wage, adjusted for inflation and before taxes, declined from over $9.00 in 1973 to $7.50 in 1996.

During this period, families found it difficult to exist on the wages of the husband alone. Women were pressured to enter the workforce in order to maintain their family’s standard of living. This hardship to family life was sold as “women's liberation.”

Since most women are employed outside the home during the week, weekends are filled with household chores, errands and shopping. Many families lack time for recreation. Paid vacations of two weeks or more, which used to be standard for America’s middle class, are becoming a rarity.

Also, as America’s culture has become less Christian and more materialistic, Sundays are often spent at the shopping mall.

Divorce and cohabitation have become rampant. As a result, 37% of America’s children grow up apart from one or both of their biological parents - the highest percentage among Western nations.

Possibility of Reform


“Why don’t people in the Communist countries rebel against the system, or leave, if it’s a bad as we hear it is?”

“Rebellion is never an easy task. It is especially difficult in a totalitarian police state [...] we find an extensive system of surveillance [...] All Soviet citizens must carry identification papers.”

“Economic and social pressures are now the favorite means of enforcing the party’s demands for strict conformity. [...] Punitive unemployment can be the equivalent of a death sentence in the Soviet Union today. Not only does the individual lose his job and housing; no one will hire him.”

“The fact that people who conform get ahead and live more happily also promotes acceptance of the Soviet system.”


In order to identify and eventually suppress political dissent, which it calls “extremism,” the federal government is increasing surveillance of its own citizens.

The Patriot Act (sic) allows warrantless seizures of private records without probable cause and “sneak and peek” searches of private residences.

For years, the federal government has been using the Social Security Number and Drivers’ License to identify and track its citizens. The government’s use of surveillance cameras is expected to rise sharply.

Again, due to federal government policies, good jobs are hard to find, and once secured, people are reluctant to jeopardize their employment by engaging in dissent or resistance.

Many Americans subscribe to “politically correct” conformist views in order to “get ahead,” or out of a reasonable fear that an honest expression of their views will lead to reprisals, such as getting fired.

Conclusion: USA v. USSR

A “totalitarian” government is defined as one in which an “authoritarian government tolerates only one political party, to which all other institutions are subordinated and which demands the complete subservience of the individual to the state.” [OED]

Such a government will centralize all political power at the federal level, in order to impose its policies universally and uniformly. The centralized government will feature only one political party (either nominally or in practice) in order to limit the scope of political debate and marginalize dissent. Anything that can limit the authority or discretion of government officials, like a written Constitution, is routinely dispensed with. The members of the ruling political party enjoy lavish salaries and privileges. Private property is subject to heavy taxation and the threat of confiscation.

Randolph Bourne observed that for totalitarian governments, “War is the Health of the State.” Such governments respect the sovereignty of other nations as little as that of their own citizenry.

Totalitarian governments insist that all other human institutions - Church, School, Press and Family - must obediently serve their purposes. No institution may rival their power or stand in their way. No person, even the divine Person, may stand above or apart from totalitarian governments. Their subjects are not allowed to pledge allegiance to the State’s being “under God.”

If any person reserves to himself the autonomy to think or act freely, to form his own beliefs and purposes, the totalitarian government will seek his destruction. The complete subservience of individuals to the State means that individuals cannot be free to serve anything or anyone else. The totalitarian State permits no rivalries.

Since totalitarian governments repress human freedom to the point of denying human nature, their own citizens will eventually seek to overthrow them. Totalitarian governments know this, and try to quash incipient rebellion through the use of surveillance and other police-state tactics.

The inexorable conflict between the totalitarian government’s need for repression and man’s desire for freedom can only be resolved by revolution.

Next: Part 2 of 2

Comparison: USA v. USSR
Is the federal government poised for a “Soviet-style” collapse?

X - In Hoc Signo Vinces

Luke Exilarch -
August 16, 2005


Blackwater Mercenaries To Clear New Orleans

Hired by Chertoff

The Goyim Noahide Enforcement, or DIE

Blackwater Mercenaries Have Been Issued State ID's

They roam the streets with machine guns.

New Orleans' White Elite Want The Blacks Gone


New Orleans Elite




Over the last 30 years, many black families have moved into New Orleans from outlying rural areas, and the white gentry who control the city, want them evicted. Blackwater, considered as elite 'Guns for hire', walk New Orleans with the Louisiana Governor's blessing.

The New Orleans landed gentry imported Israeli contractors  to guard their properties.

History Of New Orleans

New Orleans, population 484,674, was founded in 1718 by the French. The port was considered as the gateway to the heart of North America, because it shipped cotton, general merchandise, was notorious as a trans-shipment center for contraband, and was a major center of the slave trade (1804-1862).

Jewish Merchants Built New Orleans

Many Jewish immigrants flocked to the South in the 1820's. They got started in the mercantile trade, and soon controlled the riverboats, cotton trade, banks, and the seamy side of life such as whorehouses and gambling parlors.

Julius Freyhan, who arrived in Louisiana in 1851 as a penniless German Jewish immigrant, died one of the richest men in the South. Other Jewish maverick immigrants who rose in wealth, numbered Rosenthal, Freeman, Speilgman and others.


New Orleans Slave Trade

The town was a major port for slave traders, and many of today's "New Orleans' Old Families", made their money in the slave trade.

Tulane - 'Their School'

Tulane was the old University Of Louisiana, and in 1881, it was taken into private ownership. It was named after 'Paul Tulane', whose money came from merchandising, real estate and, cotton.

Dean Cowen

Tulane's student body is 30% Jewish, and it's Law school's and Medical school's student bodies are 60% Jewish.



Blackwater Mercenaries In New Orleans

At last count, there were 300 of them, and they carried machine guns, were deputized by the State Of Louisiana to carry out arrests, and given permission to use lethal force. Residents claimed their neighbor refused to leave, and "army types" shot him.


Four "army men" in a SUV shot him.


Who Is Blackwater Security

Founded by Erik Prince, a 35 year-old heir to billions. He is a Zionist "Christian Conservative",

Judeo-Churchinsanity obedient 'Ger Toshav" Noahide

 whose father, Edgar Prince, was involved with Amway's DeVos and the Moral Majority.

of the FALL-Well Noahide Morals og the Judaisers of Talmud Bavli unto their dragon

His sister is Betsy DeVos.

Young Erik Prince
Here is a video showing these killers in action. Even the army is afraid of them.

Bush Signs A $51.8 Billion Aid Bill

Here is where Blackwater gets paid. FEMA will declare New Orleans a toxic area, and blacks will get a bill for $100,000 to clean up their homes, or be subjugated into selling out to some New York realtors for pennies.


Who Are These New Orleans Rulers?

They call themselves the'Krewes' a secret society of royalty based on a system of King, Queen, Dukes, Knights and so on. Old line families, descendants of the mercantile class, such as the Westfeldts, Freemans, Reismans, Jacobs, and so on.

Actual Roots of Mardi Gras

After the Civil War, these 'Carpetbaggers' held an annual Masquerade ball, that was really just decadent orgy. They dressed as French Royalty and brought in 'young companions' from as far away as New York.


A World Gone Insane

These 'Unholy Cretins', that stayed in their underworld, are coming out of the bogs, and taking off their masks. They lived by deceit, maneuvering us into their wars, freeing the way for their swindles, making fortunes off prostitution, gambling, drugs, pornography, Medicare swindles, and so forth. 

Today, kids die in Iraq, and tomorrow will probably die in Syria and Iran, so oil will flow to Haifa in Israel.

Putting 20,000 Blacks in the Superdome, with 200 mph winds, would have been a death warrant if Katrina hadn't veered. And as we see 'Mercenaries' brought in, the mysterious explosions and the breachings of the levee, become more suspect by the moment.



Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans
    By Jeremy Scahill and Daniela Crespo
    t r u t h o u t | Report

    Saturday 10 September 2005

    New Orleans - Heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm, infamous for their work in Iraq, are openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans. Some of the mercenaries say they have been "deputized" by the Louisiana governor; indeed some are wearing gold Louisiana state law enforcement badges on their chests and Blackwater photo identification cards on their arms. They say they are on contract with the Department of Homeland Security and have been given the authority to use lethal force. Several mercenaries we spoke with said they had served in Iraq on the personal security details of the former head of the US occupation, L. Paul Bremer and the former US ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte.

Amaraka TREASON and Blasphemy is now rampant

    "This is a totally new thing to have guys like us working CONUS (Continental United States)," a heavily armed Blackwater mercenary told us as we stood on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. "We're much better equipped to deal with the situation in Iraq."

    Blackwater mercenaries are some of the most feared professional killers in the world and they are accustomed to operating without worry of legal consequences. Their presence on the streets of New Orleans should be a cause for serious concern for the remaining residents of the city and raises alarming questions about why the government would allow men trained to kill with impunity in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to operate here. Some of the men now patrolling the streets of New Orleans returned from Iraq as recently as 2 weeks ago.

    What is most disturbing is the claim of several Blackwater mercenaries we spoke with that they are here under contract from the federal and Louisiana state governments.

    Blackwater is one of the leading private "security" firms servicing the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. It has several US government contracts and has provided security for many senior US diplomats, foreign dignitaries and corporations. The company rose to international prominence after 4 of its men were killed in Fallujah and two of their charred bodies were hung from a bridge in March 2004. Those killings sparked the massive US retaliation against the civilian population of Fallujah that resulted in scores of deaths and tens of thousands of refugees.

Collective Noahide Punishment

    As the threat of forced evictions now looms in New Orleans and the city confiscates even legally registered weapons from civilians, the private mercenaries of Blackwater patrol the streets openly wielding M-16s and other assault weapons. This despite Police Commissioner Eddie Compass' claim that "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons."

    Officially, Blackwater says its forces are in New Orleans to "join the Hurricane Relief Effort." A statement on the company's website, dated September 1, advertises airlift services, security services and crowd control. The company, according to news reports, has since begun taking private contracts to guard hotels, businesses and other properties. But what has not been publicly acknowledged is the claim, made to us by 2 Blackwater mercenaries, that they are actually engaged in general law enforcement activities including "securing neighborhoods" and "confronting criminals."

    That raises a key question: under what authority are Blackwater's men operating? A spokesperson for the Homeland Security Department, Russ Knocke, told the Washington Post he knows of no federal plans to hire Blackwater or other private security. "We believe we've got the right mix of personnel in law enforcement for the federal government to meet the demands of public safety." he said.

    But in an hour-long conversation with several Blackwater mercenaries, we heard a different story. The men we spoke with said they are indeed on contract with the Department of Homeland Security and the Louisiana governor's office and that some of them are sleeping in camps organized by Homeland Security in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. One of them wore a gold Louisiana state law enforcement badge and said he had been "deputized" by the governor. They told us they not only had authority to make arrests but also to use lethal force. We encountered the Blackwater forces as we walked through the streets of the largely deserted French Quarter. We were talking with 2 New York Police officers when an unmarked car without license plates sped up next to us and stopped. Inside were 3 men, dressed in khaki uniforms, flak jackets and wielding automatic weapons. "Y'all know where the Blackwater guys are?" they asked. One of the police officers responded, "There are a bunch of them around here," and pointed down the road.

    "Blackwater?" we asked. "The guys who are in Iraq?"

    "Yeah," said the officer. "They're all over the place."

    A short while later, as we continued down Bourbon Street, we ran into the men from the car. They wore Blackwater ID badges on their arms.

    "When they told me New Orleans, I said, 'What country is that in?,'" said one of the Blackwater men. He was wearing his company ID around his neck in a carrying case with the phrase "Operation Iraqi Freedom" printed on it. After bragging about how he drives around Iraq in a "State Department issued level 5, explosion proof BMW," he said he was "just trying to get back to Kirkuk (in the north of Iraq) where the real action is." Later we overheard him on his cell phone complaining that Blackwater was only paying $350 a day plus per diem. That is much less than the men make serving in more dangerous conditions in Iraq. Two men we spoke with said they plan on returning to Iraq in October. But, as one mercenary said, they've been told they could be in New Orleans for up to 6 months. "This is a trend," he told us. "You're going to see a lot more guys like us in these situations."

    If Blackwater's reputation and record in Iraq are any indication of the kind of "services" the company offers, the people of New Orleans have much to fear.


Apostate Amaraka, I have warned you for seven years that they would place foreign on US Soil to begin the murdering of all of "them who are against the hoodlum haha of the Hassidim of Sanhedrin of the Dragon. REPENT in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ for the Hour of Temptation is near.

Dutch, Mexican Marines
Help US Soldiers
With Cleanup

By George Pawlaczyk
Knight Ridder Newspapers
ABOARD THE PAPALOAPAN - The Marines have landed in Biloxi. The Mexican Marines.
And Dutch Marines, too.
Marines from Mexico, the Netherlands and the United States are allies in an international Hurricane Katrina cleanup effort based on ships about 20 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Four Canadian ships are on the way.
"Our president called George Bush, and three days later we came here," said Oscar Martinez Pretelin, an officer aboard the Papaloapan, a 440-foot-long, troop-landing ship. "We are honored to help the United States."
About 75 Mexican Marines landed Thursday on the beach just east of the Beau Rivage casino to begin cleaning up Biloxi, Miss., especially around schools and churches.
to begin Goyim Noahide cleanup operations
One of the Marines, Mario T. Rodriguez, said he left a small city in the far south of Mexico to volunteer for hurricane relief duty. He has a 3-month-old daughter with his wife at home.
"The U.S. is so rich, but even a rich country can need help," he said.
The Mexican Marines will be aided by Spanish-speaking crew members of the USS Bataan as they work in the devastated areas of Biloxi and Gulfport.
For the first time in the history of the Mexican military, women have been assigned a mission, said Lt. Leonardo Tun Humbert of the Papaloapan: Three female physicians and two nurses from the Mexican navy are aboard the ship waiting to be assigned to hurricane relief work.
"We are trained to help and we will help," said Sgt. Carmen Rodriguez Cruz, 26, a nurse from Veracruz.
A Dutch ship, the Van Amstel, a frigate that was pulled off a drug patrol near Aruba after Katrina struck on Aug. 29, is here, as well.
Lt. Cmdr. Henk Suurveld, the ship's second in command, said his men will patrol to make sure pleasure craft don't interfere with military operations. A contingent of about 70 Dutch Marines also landed on the beach in Biloxi on Thursday to clean up neighborhoods.
"The devastation is terrible. It is horrible," Suurveld said. "For us, job satisfaction is helping out in a situation like this."
The Mexican Marines got a bit of a culture shock when they met Capt. Nora Tyson, the commander of the Bataan. The 844-foot ship is equipped with six helicopters that began rescue operations in New Orleans the day after Katrina struck, then was sent to Biloxi on Thursday.
"We were surprised to find a woman commanding a ship," said Pretelin, the Mexican navy fleet officer. "We found her very professional, very well mannered."
"It's the same hard job for a woman as it is for a man," said Tyson, with a smile.
(Pawlaczyk reports for the Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat.)

Keep in mind......

e-mail from the Hassidic anti-Christ Pharisaic Chabad Lovtobitch (Lubavitch) Sanhedrin of the Dragon....rabid rib-eye Dov Stein

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט

-----Original Message-----
From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 9:06 PM
To: Dov

Dov SSStein
IT is not chamas who you control who you worry about....IT IS JESUS the Christ GOD and his Father you so tremble.
Very soon your Moshiach and Sanhedrin and your dragon is cast into the pit with death and hell the Covenant you have made to yourselves

His Reply

We authentic Jews will treat CHAMAS (Hamas)  wonderful when we get rid from your christian influence during 2000 years of murdering and thethts. Soon the CHAMAS will treat you christians as it did 11/9 (9-11-2001)


They will come to you before as 11/9
The only chance that you will remain  is the treatment that we the jews will the CHAMAS


From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 6:32 PM
To: Dov

Dov Stein
hahah neat manuever
14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.
15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
So it is time to have your Hamas to "Proceed with your all engulfing "TERROR"
Lob those missiles on the "Lesser Brethren"
and send in Bigboy haha Bushitler
and then double cross him
hahahha gotta hand it to you den of Vipers, you are following the Prophecy of Jesus the Christ 100% and know it not
OH well IW...ITSREALHELL Warner here has told you, REPENT or perish forever, Don Stein

His reply



and but of course......

"We´ve Barely Closed Gaza´s Gates and the Rockets Are Falling"
19:34 Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765
By Ezra HaLevi

  Two Kassam rockets landed in the western Negev as the IDF completed its withdrawal from Gaza Monday morning.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told reporters Monday morning that the IDF would react with “zero-tolerance” toward any terror attacks emanating from Gaza. Following the first rocket attack, which landed near Sderot, however, the IDF registered its protest, but offered no military response.

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Another rocket landed Monday afternoon near the tent city established by Jews expelled from their homes in the northern Gaza town of Elei Sinai.

The hassidim settlers......

Elei Sinai’s former secretary Yaniv Levi reported that one of the Kassam rockets touched down just 1,000 feet from the tent city. He said that he expected the State of Israel to respond by demolishing the area from which the rockets were fired. 

collective Purim punishment


“The Palestinians need to know that they will bring harm to their own property, infrastructure and homes – not just a house here and a house there – to utterly demolish. The moment the IDF does this, it will stop. They will stop firing the rockets.”

Noahide enforcement, worship the Dragon of Talmud Bavli and the whore city or be purged from the shemborg hoodlum haha

The quiet Negev community of Netiv HaAsarah all of the sudden became a frontier town Monday morning. Gil Nir, the chairman of the town’s security committee said that promises that they would be protected did not materialize and residents have been left exposed. He says that reinforcement of the roofs of public buildings and kindergartens has not been carried out and that a wall meant to protect them from gunfire from Gaza has not been completed. “They were in such a hurry to get the soldiers out that they ended up abandoning us civilians,” he said.

“One family has already left, and two more families have informed me that they are preparing to move,” he said. “We are not prepared to live as hostages while someone gambles with our lives. Just as the security establishment planned the Disengagement so meticulously, it must hurry to protect us in the necessary manner.”

In response to the Kassam fire, Shas Chairman Eli Yishai said, “He who thought and deluded himself that the Disengagement would lead to a reduction in terror has been proven wrong."

MK Yishai requested that the Knesset appoint a special emergency crew to concern itself with the protection of the city of Ashkelon from Kassam rocket fire.

"We've barely closed Gush Katif's gates and the rockets are already landing in Yad Mordechai,” Yishai said.

after all anti-Shematism is necessary for the management of the "Lesser jews", isn't it?


The Justification to destroy the Dome of the Rock. Sorcery, Blasphemy,murder and Treason

Police fear extreme right revenge attacks on mosques in Israel

By Haaretz Service and The Associated Press

Israel Police's most senior officers decided Monday to raise the level of alert over possible attempts by extreme right-wingers (Chassidic Talmudic Jews)  to attack mosques in Israel as revenge for the Palestinian destruction of synagogues in former Gaza Strip settlements.

The move came hours after Israel Defense Forces withdrew from the Gaza Strip, ending 38 years of Israeli military rule.

On Monday, Palestinian Authority bulldozers knocked down the walls of an empty synagogue in the evacuated Gaza settlement of Netzarim, in the first sign that the PA intends to raze the structures left behind by Israel after its pullout.

Crowds also set fire to four of the 19 synagogues Israel left behind. The fires in Netzarim, Neveh Dekalim, Morag and Kfar Darom caused little structural damage in the fortress-like concrete and stone structures, which PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said would be destroyed.

The Prime Minister's Office said Monday that the PA must act to prevent the "acts of arson."

"Israel expects the Palestinian Authority to maintain the dignity of the structures of the synagogues," said David Baker, an official in the PMO. "Unfortunately, that has not occurred, and the PA is expected to take the necessary steps to prevent these acts of arson."

Abbas has previously said that the synagogues would be demolished, and reiterated Monday that he does not consider the synagogues holy sites because they have been emptied of sacred objects.

Their is NOTHING Holy about the Talmudic dens of serpents of their tradition which makes the WORD of God of none effect

"They left empty buildings that used to be temples, but they removed all the religious symbols, and they are no longer religious places," he said.

As the settlers left their homes last month, they took the Torah scrolls from the synagogues, as well as prayer books and other holy items - symbolizing the end of the use of the buildings as houses of prayer.

Before dawn Monday, Palestinian gunmen climbed on the roof of the Netzarim synagogue and raised flags of militant groups. They chanted, "God is great," and "We don't want anything to remind us of the occupation."

They then set the Netzarim synagogue ablaze.

Palestinian police stood by and watched, admitting they were outnumbered by the crowds and had little motivation to stop them. An officer who refused to give his name said, "The people have the right to do what they are doing."

Shalom: Synagogue desecration 'barbaric'
Shalom on Monday called the Palestinian desecration of abandoned Gaza Strip synagogues a "barbaric act" by individuals with no respect for holy sites, Israel Radio reported.

The comments came a day after the cabinet reversed an earlier decision and said the IDF should withdraw without demolishing the synagogues.

Shalom was a prominent supporter of leaving the synagogues intact, even though security officials had said they expected the Palestinians to demolish the buildings. Opponents of the demolition - including Israel's chief rabbis - said Israel must not be responsible for the destruction, no matter what the Palestinians do.

Last year the cabinet ruled that the synagogues would be torn down. Since the evacuation of the settlers, however, rabbis mounted a high-profile campaign to save the buildings, demanding that the government see to it that they would be protected by the Palestinians or by international organizations. On Sunday, the cabinet reversed its decision, voting 14-2 against the destruction of the synagogues.

The United States issued a statement criticizing the Israeli reversal of policy, complaining that it put the Palestinians in a position in which "it may be criticized for whatever it does."

'Today it is our turn to destroy theirs'
Thousands of celebrating Palestinians swamped Neveh Dekalim early Monday just after IDF soldiers withdrew, setting fire to a building that just last month served as a rabbinical college.

There were similar scenes throughout Gaza as Palestinians headed straight for empty synagogues Israel left intact.

Flames shot skyward from the synagogue building in the isolated former settlement of Morag in southern Gaza, minutes after Israeli soldiers left and hundreds of Palestinians stormed in.

"They [Israelis] destroyed our homes and our mosques," said a man who gave his name only as Abu Ahmed. "Today it is our turn to destroy theirs."

In Neveh Dekalim, gunman from several militant factions stormed through the settlement, with some planting a flag from the ruling Fatah movement on the roof of the seminary as others set a fire inside.

The synagogue buildings were a focus of Palestinian anger after 38 years of Israeli military rule, primarily because they were among the only buildings left standing. Shortly after removing the last of the settlers two weeks ago, Israel sent in bulldozers to level the houses, leaving only a few public buildings and the synagogues.

Israel TV said crowds of Palestinians entered Kfar Darom in central Gaza and set several fires, including in the synagogue, scene of the harshest resistance by settlers and their backers to the pullout.


IT all about the Talmudic shems of shame, AND NOT THE USELESS EATERS THE "GOYIM"


Search and Rescue Efforts Shift Gears
LUBAVITCH HEADQUARTERS, NY — Friday, September 09, 2005
My half-brother, David is still missing. The last time I spoke to him was Monday night (August 29) more than a week ago. He was still at his home at ----- Street. That is one block on the other side of Esplanade Avenue, in the Marigny, near the French Quarter.

David is 25 years old, long light brown hair, long beard, about 5 ft 9 and about 225 lbs. He is a very kind and soft hearted man, very slightly mentally challenged. He worked at a big warehouse near the end of Canal Street. He might be hiding in there, but the last time I spoke to him he was hiding in his closet at his home on ----Street.

It’s the stuff of a real-life drama unfolding on the streets of New Orleans along perilously thin lines of life and death. Such were the appeals for help posted on the website. Yesterday, Chabad’s rescue teams pulled another five people from their homes to safety.

One of those rescued, a 62 year-old man who hadn’t eaten in eight days would not respond to military personnel who tried to get him to leave his place. “He is a very shy, loner type,” explained Jack, a volunteer from New York who joined Chabad’s rescue teams (and asked to have his last name withheld.) When Jack and Levi, a Chabad rabbinical student, arrived to the area, the MPs told them about Alan. Perhaps they would have more success in reaching him.
"We're putting all our resources to work to maximize the relief effort for the benefit of those affected," says Rabbi Krinsky.

those=Talmudic Hassidic jews of the Dragon worship


It was only when Alan saw Levi, in visibly Chasidic garb, explains Jack, that Alan came out of his house. “He was ecstatic at the sight of a rabbi coming to his rescue.” Alan was taken to Baton Rouge, where paramedics gave him medical attention, and from there, arrangements were made to place him with a host family.

As the rescue efforts employing boats, choppers and trucks to evacuate people from New Orleans winds down, Chabad is turning its attention to removing the dead, says Rabbi Mendel Sharfstein who is heading the crisis management team for Lubavitch Headquarters. Early this morning, Rabbi Edgar Gluck, Chaplain for the New York Medical Examiner’s Office left New York for New Orleans at the behest of Chabad’s rescue mission, to coordinate the difficult task of identifying and retrieving Jewish bodies and preparing them for burial in accordance with Jewish law. Relief workers say they expect to find many among the dead in the streets of New Orleans.

As each individual is brought to safety, family members are overwhelmed with gratitude. On Wednesday, it was Chabad’s turn to be touched when James O’connell, an intrepid and dedicated volunteer from Metro New York Search and Rescue, working closely with Chabad’s rescue mission, braved danger to salvage five Torah Scrolls from the Chabad center in New Orleans. “James was heroic in his daring,” says Sharfstein. When an additional two Torahs from the Chabad synagogue in Metairie were saved yesterday, rescue workers held an impromptu, small celebration.

A Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah scroll which has meaning less, vowel-less words scrawled on it, which they worship in their Tradition which Makes the WORD of God of none effect

On another front—and there are many competing demands for help that Chabad is working simultaneously to address —Chabad has sent additional human resources to step up its relief aid to people in the shelters. “We’ll be visiting as many shelters as we can to identify specific needs of Jewish evacuees and to provide kosher meals to kosher observers." says Mendel Druk, one of Chabad’s relief aid workers who is in Baton Rouge says. Druk adds that a number of Muslims who observe halal dietary laws approached Chabad for kosher meals, "and we were glad to accomodate them.

halel -U-Yah

Today a team of yeshiva students with an additional one thousand non-refrigerated self-heating meals in tow, are on the road in an RV from New York to Jackson, Mississippi, where they hope to improvise Shabbat services and dinners for Jewish evacuees. In the course of the next two weeks, the team expects to be visiting Gulf Stream cities that were hard hit by the hurricane, among them Biloxi, Gulfport and Mobile. “Our people in the field are in contact with area representatives of the UJC,” says Rabbi Sharfstein.

Chabad’s relief workers took a call earlier today from FEMA representatives in search of kosher provisions for their Orthodox Jewish workers. “We made our way there immediately, and brought kosher provisions to FEMA’s headquarters in Baton Rouge,” Druk says. “We’ll also be bringing them traditional Shabbos fare,” to tide them over the Shabbos as well.

and of course FEMA left thousands of Goyim to die

After several days in the thick of the most demanding rescue efforts, caught up with Jack who had just returned to New York, to be with his family.

“Chabad saved lives. They made it possible for me to do my part.” Jack points to the phenomenon of Chabad rabbis arriving in the middle of the south, where “so many people have never seen a religious Jew, and now they are being offered help. It was tremendous, he says, the way that Chabad got into this.

Some Teachings of the Jewish Talmud

· "The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts." Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

· "The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the non-Jew." Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30.

Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form". Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855

"Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human". Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b.

"If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog". Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b.


"And they'll just going to keep going.”

Indeed, Chabad's efforts show no sign of letting up. A Lubavitch Headquarters memo issued earlier today by Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky and Rabbi Zelig Rivkin, updated Chabad representatives nationwide with new information on Chabad’s eight-point relief effort: search and rescue, emergency aid to evacuees, housing, relocation, Mississippi outreach, Baton Rouge Outreach, and educational placement.

"We're putting all our resources to work to maximize the relief effort for the benefit of those affected," says Rabbi Krinsky.

Those......Talmudic Jews of the Dragon......No useless animal Goyim

Rabbi Sharfstein, who earlier this week met with Governor George Pataki at his New York City office at a meeting with representatives of the major religious organizagtions concerning their relief efforts, says he anticipates a long road ahead. "It'll be a while before people's lives are back in order," he says. "But that's the objective."

Tax-exempt donations can be made online Jewish Hurricane Relief Fund or by mail, payable to: Jewish Hurricane Relief Fund, 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY ll2l3


Deah Wib-eye


By Simon Jacobson

And the Living Shall Take to Heart

Dear Rabbi Jacobson,

I have heard some people suggesting that there is link between the recent Israeli evacuation from Gaza with the catastrophic devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast. 

Yeah, In Talmud Bavli it is the eye for an eye revenge


Citing Biblical (Babblycal of Talmud Bavli, Mishnah Torah) statements they are claiming that throughout history nations of the world have been punished for hurting the Jewish people. 

Tesla Chemtrail seeding and steering via HAARP

Since the United States pressured Israel to disengage from Gaza, which is against the will of G-d according to this theory, this country was punished, tit for tat, with the worst natural disaster in the USA that forced the evacuation of millions of people from Southern United States, and continues to be plagued by inept rescue efforts, rendering this mighty nation as helpless as a third world country.

Blasphemy from them who worship the Dragon, who deny that Jesus the Christ the image of the invisible God, came and dies for the sins of all mankind, and  was resurrected ascended and went back to His Kingdom. I assure you apostate WORLD, you will surely be paid recompense double for your murders and sorceries and thefts and TREASON and BLASPHEMY on that Great and terrible Day of the LORD's Wrath.

Some are even comparing the recent order to forcibly evacuate the 10,000 remaining residents in New Orleans with the forcible evacuation of approximately the same number of Jewish residents in Gaza.

Here’s a link where these issues are discussed.

Mind you, not all are arguing that this correlation needs to publicized or discussed. Rather they see it as unspeakable concern among the faithful.

I would like to have your opinion on this matter.

Thank you,


remember the perpetual six year old Chabad Lubavitch Hassidic boy

SELECTION A vast game of "musical chairs" will begin, "to decide who has to die before Moshiach comes and who doesn't." Those who "lose" will be taken up to shomayim (Heaven) because they are missing one thing, and there they will learn the whole Torah (but then "they will forget the second half"). They will come right back to their bodies. Those who don't have to die will then have "so much ohr (divine light)" that they will be able to bring back to life whomever they want. In what manner? "Like a spider spins its web around a fly, this is what will make the people live again." Can the people who are brought back to life then bring others back to life? No, because "then there would be too many people and the whole thing would have to start again." Their neshoma will "split" into two of the same neshomas, one of which will stay above, the other will return to the body. "They will be living on haaretz and in shomayim." The difference between "winning" and "losing" is that those who have to die will be "niftar" (deceased) before their neshoma returns, whereas the bodies of the others will be alive the whole time. 


French Judeo-Churchinsanity

The GOD of Israel is the same Redeemer from the beginning as the Redeemer today. The same Word of God, who has created everything created, the Word which was made flesh, the Son born unto us, God with man, Immanuel. The Israelites who were not of the Pharisaic Tradition which made the WORD of God of none effect to the Hassidim, knew the ONLY God of Israel and they waited on the Promise faithfully. When that Promise, the Everlasting Lamb of God came, it was they who knew him and believed. The Hassidic Talmudic Pharisees who are the same Chabad Lubavitch who control jewry today, took their tradition after Christ had come and after they had crucified the LORD, and put it to paper. This is the filthy "Replacement Theology" of the Talmud Bavli of Mystery Babylon unto the Dragon. The Root of Christ is the Father, the True Vine is Jesus and his branches are they who are the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus the Creator God from the beginning, and who are the chosen Heirs to his promise. The Judaizers are leading all who deny the TRUTH and who are damned, so that God has sent them strong delusion so they believe the lie, into the arms of the Dragon who all whose names are not written in the Lambs book of life slain from the foundation of the world. Are you one of these who say that they are the branch of Judeo-Churchinsanity?

These branches are cut-off and are cast into the fire, for the true Vine and the TRUE Branches are of spiritual ISRAEL. 

The useless flesh profits man NOTHING, and the fables of the jews is APOSTASY

Protestant-Jewish relations in France improving

A leading French Protestant said relations between his group and French Jews are improving.

Jean-Arnold de Clermont, the president of the Protestant Federation of France, made his comments in an interview this month in Reform, his group’s magazine. He announced that a commission of theological research will be founded this month as a collaboration between the Protestant Federation and the Consistoire, the umbrella group of religious French Jewish organizations.

The State of Israel is important for Christians as well, he noted, because “we are obviously aware that Christianity is anchored in Judaism.” Dina Azoulay, an official with the French Jewish umbrella group, CRIF, who is responsible for its relations with Protestants, said Clermont’s comments are particularly important because he has been a strong supporter of the Palestinians in the past.

A joint Protestant-Jewish trip to Israel is being organized by CRIF for the end of November.



Amaraka you wanted Heil Bushitler and you have him. Gawd Bliss Amaraka

45 Bodies Found at New Orleans Hospital
Sep 12 2:53 PM US/Eastern



Forty-five bodies have been found at a hospital that was evacuated more than a week ago after it was surrounded by floodwaters unleashed by Hurricane Katrina, a state health official said Monday.

The bodies were located Sunday at Memorial Medical Center, said Bob Johannesen, a spokesman for the Department of Health and Hospitals. Johannesen said the bodies were those of patients, but he had no other information.

The 317-bed hospital, owned by TenetHealthcare Corp., was surrounded by floodwaters in the aftermath of the hurricane and was evacuated.


The Double Crossing of Bushkevik

Mon Sep 12 2005 12:42:11 ET

After weeks of intense Katrina coverage from the main press, LA TIMES guru and former CNN host Michael Kinsley divulges that CNN was coaching guests to artificially enhance emotions!

Kinsley writes:

"The TV news networks, which only a few months ago were piously suppressing emotional fireworks by their pundits, are now piously encouraging their news anchors to break out of the emotional straitjackets and express outrage. A Los Angeles Times colleague of mine, appearing on CNN last week to talk about Katrina, was told by a producer to 'get angry.'"


Scape Goat sent to Azazel

Embattled FEMA Director Mike Brown Resigns
Sep 12 3:08 PM US/Eastern



Federal Emergency Management Agency director Mike Brown said Monday he has resigned "in the best interest of the agency and best interest of the president," three days after losing his onsite command of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

"The focus has got to be on FEMA, what the people are trying to do down there," Brown told The Associated Press.

His decision was not a surprise. Brown was abruptly recalled to Washington on Friday, a clear vote of no confidence from his superiors at the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Brown had been roundly criticized for FEMA's bearish response to the hurricane, which has caused political problem for Bush and fellow Republicans.

"I'm turning in my resignation today," Brown said. "I think it's in the best interest of the agency and the best interest of the president to do that and get the media focused on the good things that are going on, instead of me."


The mystery is this: Why was it, during the second century of the Common Era, 1800 years ago, that the Rabbis chose this text and no other to prove that Jews are united? On the face of it, no more peculiar text is imaginable. Because if you and I were searching for a text to prove that our destinies as Jews are interlinked, the question wouldn't be which text would we choose. The question would be which text wouldn't we choose. Practically every single line of the Torah (Talmud Bavli)  speaks about our collective fate. Whenever the Torah speaks about reward and punishment, it talks about our collective reward, our collective punishment. Everything about Judaism is collective. We prosper together, we suffer together. We share the same fate. We are bound together.

shem sham of shame, shemborg collective of the Dragon


SEE N.O of the dome of the saints,.... shembolism

The lust of their father they do

The solution is quite simple, and should have been taken long ago. Our planes should fly over all of Gaza and drop tens of thousands of warnings in Arabic, advising the residents that if another missile or mortar is fired from there, the houses of the entire community from the place where it is fired from will be destroyed by bombs and air attacks. We seem to be able to pin point from where these missiles are coming. The Arabs in these communities, which heretofore have taken no action whatsoever, must do so in order to save their own homes and property. It may be collective punishment, but it is punishment well deserved.


US Military Resorting to Collective Punishment

by Dahr Jamail

BAGHDAD - The U.S. military is resorting to collective punishment tactics in Iraq similar to those used by Israeli troops in the occupied territories of Palestine, residents say.


Israeli forces increase collective punishment

TEL AVIV – “Razing houses of terrorists is an effective deterrent for averting terrorist attacks,” a senior officer of the occupation army, told the Ha’arett daily. “It is a grave penalty for the next-of-kin of terrorists. It is not merely an economic blow to the family. A home has emotional value, which cannot be restored after demolition. The terrorists’ families are paying a heavy price for their sons’ activity …,” the officer continued.

In violation of international law, United Nations charter and the Geneva Convention, the Sharon government continues to use collective punishment of the Palestinians on the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Hurricane Katrina is Our 911: Sign that the Apocalypse is Upon Us

The first US catastrophe of the post-911 world and it went about as many of us would have predicted.

People of color/ poor people/ people who possess no power were treated worse than animals.

Recall the very first images of people wading through chemical- laced, sewage-laden water and make every Black face White. Can you really imagine that the situation would have been allowed to deteriorate as it has?

Imagine middle-class white people in that hell-hole formerly known as the Superdome. Can't quite picture that? Oh..that's right. Black people don't really mind living in those conditions. And they like pickin' cotton too.

All human beings are worthy. But some are more worthy than others. Do you suppose the New York Times will publish biographies of each of the dead of Katrina as they did of 911?

Years from now will the public be still talking of the trauma these people (those who survive) experienced?

No, because what you get depends on who you are.

What about the trauma of the Palestinians compared to the trauma of the Jewish settlers? One is huge and we hear little or nothing about it. One is small and we hear about it every day for a week.

The government does not care for the least of us. That should not come as a surprise.

The least of us are treated differently. So one shot fired at a Chinook helicopter, and rescue attempts are put on hold. That is collective punishment. Just like one Palestinian turns himself into a suicidal bomber, so Israel invades and destroys entire villages. Collective punishment and racism. One of you did this to us, so we will turn our might on all of you. Doesn't matter that the one act had nothing to do with the other.



By Shamai Leibowitz, Attorney, Tank Gunner in Reserve Duty, Tel Aviv

Ruling Over a Hostile Population

Our rule over three million Palestinian Arabs in the territories has perforce put us in a position of committing a number of moral outrages. Continued rule will necessitate not only continued denial of many basic rights to Palestinians, but will require our taking additional steps which are reprehensible, if not morally questionable. While we certainly did not set out intentionally to kill hundreds of innocent civilians, these are willy-nilly consequences of such a position. To maintain our rule we will have to continue to mete out collective punishment that often cruelly affects those who are not guilty.

Among the steps we have taken is the enclosing of millions of humans in their cities, towns, and villages. We often deny basic rights such as the right to earn a living, , to study, to move freely, to purchase basic necessities, to vote, to travel for medical care, to move sick or injured to medical facilities, etc. But most severe is that innocent civilians die. What is happening now is more than unintentional collateral deaths of civilians. Israel has resorted to forays of terror which are severe violations of the Geneva Convention and the Hague Convention.

The IDF is certainly not bloodthirsty and has no daily quota of corpses. Nevertheless, it seems that a large number of the hundreds of Palestinian civilians who die are not killed because Israeli armed forces are acting in self-defense. In this respect, the IDF is not to blame because to put down a popular uprising, drastic measures (i.e., maiming and killing civilians) are often needed, in addition to the enforcing of curfews, establishment of blockades, abrogation of civil rights, and condoning of inhumane treatment.

see N.O and the dome of the saints of shembolism


the Collective Punishment of the Shem's of shame

 (Genesis 49:5):

5: Simeon and Levi are brethren; instruments of cruelty are in their habitations. 
6: O my soul, come not thou into their secret; unto their assembly, mine honour, be not thou united: for in their anger they slew a man, and in their selfwill they digged down a wall.
7: Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel: I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel. 




Let us sum up Maimonides' (Talmudic prophet of Baa'l unto the Dragon) proposition in light of the Sforno's explanation: a society that isn't outraged by the unprovoked oppression of the defenseless, and is willing to tolerate and accept the kidnapper/rapist in its midst and fully sanction and protect his crime is not worthy of survival under the Noachide Laws. We shall see later that Jacob's opposition to the killings did not arise from any disagreement with this basic proposition, but was prompted by other considerations.

Nachmanides disagrees with this position. (Ibid 34,13) In his view, the obligation to establish a fair legal system is a positive commandment. A violation of a positive commandment cannot be considered a capital offence under any set of laws, certainly not under Noachide law. While Maimonides is correct in judging the people of Shechem at fault for tolerating the outrage, he was wrong in suggesting that the correction of this fault could have served as the justification for the killing of the inhabitants of Shechem.

Vayishlach (Genesis 32:4-36:43)
Rage and the Rape of the Innocent

One of the most shocking incidents recorded in the Bible, the destruction of the city of Shechem by Shimon and Levi, is in our Parsha. The issues raised by this story are plastered on the front pages of the newspapers of the world these past months, and we can shed some light on them by studying them from a Torah perspective in the light of our Parsha.

Maimonides and Nachmanides, two of the greatest Torah commentators, each offer a theory to explain the behavior of Jacob's sons. Before we discuss these theories it is important to get the story straight.


Shechem the son of Hamor, the ruler of the city of Shechem, kidnapped and raped Dinah, Jacob's only daughter. He fell in love with her and therefore wanted to legitimize his relationship and win her willing consent to cohabit with him. In order to accomplish this he had to obtain her family's consent to formally accept him as a son-in-law.

As he had physical possession of Dinah, who was kept locked up in his house during the course of the negotiations, and as he was the ruler's son with an army to back his position, he figured that he had Jacob and his family over a barrel. Unless he voluntarily let her go, they couldn't recover Dina in any case, and if he was nice and polite and also offered them a lot of money along with assurances for her future well being, he figured that they would bow to the inevitable and accept him. After all, he was a nobleman and a good catch, and they could surely see that he was genuinely smitten with her. It couldn't have been easy in those days to find a brilliant match for a girl who had been publicly raped.


Rescuing Dina was a difficult strategic problem. Jacob and his sons were fully behind the circumcision stratagem. The plan was to go in on the third day, when the inhabitants would be too sick to offer much resistance, rescue Dina, kill Shechem the rapist and head for the hills.

But then Shimon and Levi decided that this wasn't enough and destroyed the city, killing all its male inhabitants. It was clear that Jacob didn't condone this act, and what's more -- he never forgot it. On his deathbed, as he was distributing his blessings, it was still at the forefront of his mind.


Shimon and Levi are comrades, their weaponry is a stolen craft. Into their conspiracy may my soul not enter! With their congregation do not join O! My honor! For in their rage they murdered people and at their whim they hamstrung an ox. Accursed is their rage for it is intense, and their wrath for it is harsh; I will separate them within Jacob, and I will disperse them in Israel. (Genesis 49,5-7)

The rabbis tell us that this separation and dispersal resulted in the tribe of Levi being placed in the position of living off tithes, a humbling situation in life which also forced the Levites to live scattered throughout Israel, whereas the tribe of Shimon became elementary school teachers, hardly an exalted position in society, which also compelled them to spread out, parallel to the country's school system.


Maimonides offers the following rationale for the killings. (Laws of Kings, 9,14) One of the seven Noachide laws mandates the establishment of law and order. Human societies are held responsible for the creation of a legal system to administer the Noachide laws. Laws that are not enforceable aren't worth the paper they are inscribed on. The failure to set up such a system is a social rather than an individual crime.

The inhabitants of Shechem were in violation of their duty to set up such a system. The rapist/kidnapper Shechem continued to circulate freely among them with no apparent loss of stature or esteem. Indeed, so much was he honored, that he was able to persuade the entire population of Shechem to accept circumcision and enter into a confederation with the Jewish people. The high esteem retained by a rapist/kidnapper is symptomatic of a lawless society. As Shechem was a lawless society, it deserved to be annihilated under the Noachide laws.

The Sforno (Genesis 34,27) adds some depth. Shechem didn't rape just anyone; he selected his victim carefully. Dinah was a child of a foreign tribe and must have been considered fair game. People rarely do the unacceptable, even when they have power. Even leaders worry about their popularity and are always looking ahead to the next election or to its counterpart in those times. The fact that Shechem raped Dinah and kept her prisoner by force after the rape without shame, while he attempted to blackmail her family into reconciling themselves to the situation, is demonstrative of the fact that he was engaged in what was considered acceptable behavior in the eyes of his city.


We are looking at a society that finds the mistreatment of defenseless strangers acceptable, which has one standard for the citizen, and another standard for the stranger.

This view is reinforced by the stratagem adopted by Jacob and his sons to deal with the situation. Jacob and his sons responded to Shechem's offer by in effect saying, "We are only willing to countenance the match if you enter into a full union with our tribe and we become one people so that we are granted full citizenship rights. Otherwise we find your proposition unacceptable, as we have no guarantee of fair treatment in the future. As long as we are regarded as a foreign element, what is to prevent you from taking back everything you promise at your whim and throwing us out? Indeed, even if you agree to accept us we cannot believe that you are serious unless you and the inhabitants of the city demonstrate your willingness to tolerate us in your midst by voluntarily undergoing the painful rite of circumcision as a demonstration of your good faith."


Let us sum up Maimonides' proposition in light of the Sforno's explanation: a society that isn't outraged by the unprovoked oppression of the defenseless, and is willing to tolerate and accept the kidnapper/rapist in its midst and fully sanction and protect his crime is not worthy of survival under the Noachide Laws. We shall see later that Jacob's opposition to the killings did not arise from any disagreement with this basic proposition, but was prompted by other considerations.

Nachmanides disagrees with this position. (Ibid 34,13) In his view, the obligation to establish a fair legal system is a positive commandment. A violation of a positive commandment cannot be considered a capital offence under any set of laws, certainly not under Noachide law. While Maimonides is correct in judging the people of Shechem at fault for tolerating the outrage, he was wrong in suggesting that the correction of this fault could have served as the justification for the killing of the inhabitants of Shechem.


Nachmanides theorizes that the inhabitants of Shechem must have been in violation of the negative Noachide commandments, which do carry a death penalty under Torah law, such as the laws against idolatry, armed robbery or murder. Shimon and Levi took advantage of the weakness of the population of Shechem to carry out the Torah's edict, and executed the people of Shechem for their past capital offences. He offers textual support for the proposition that the Canaanite society of which the Chivites, the tribe that the people of Shechem belonged to, was evil and corrupt and deserved destruction.



(Hilchot Melachim 9:14), while Ramban (Nachmanides), in viewing the city as a single social unit with a collective responsibility, opines that: "They killed the king and all the people of his city because the latter were his slaves and under his charge." (Ramban on Gen. 34:13). Both views represent the Torah concept of collective punishment -- that is, the idea that ordinary people justly suffer the Divine Consequences of their leadership's conduct.


Large Portion of Los Angeles Loses Power
Sep 12 4:40 PM US/Eastern



A large portion of Los Angeles was hit with a blackout Monday afternoon. The city was investigating the cause and extent of the outage. But Sgt. Catherine Plows, a police spokeswoman, said terrorism was not suspected.

Electrical power was knocked out shortly before 1 p.m. after two power surges, and traffic was snarled at intersections throughout the city when stop lights went dark. The lights also went out at downtown high- rises.

The Police Department went on "full tactical alert," meaning no officers were allowed to leave duty.

The blackout came a day after ABC aired a videotape of a purported al- Qaida member making terrorist threats against Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia, on the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Heavy usage on hot days can lead to blackouts. But the weather in Los Angeles was not unsually hot Monday.


Police on Temple Mount

Fearing retaliation, police beef up security around mosques

Police beefed up security Monday afternoon around mosques throughout Israel, fearing far-right activists (Hassidic jews) would attack the Muslim holy places in retaliation to the torching and looting of Gush Katif synagogues by Palestinian mobs earlier in the day.

Kahane Chai activists on Monday called on the government to demolish the mosques on the Temple Mount.

"If the government does not do this," far-right activist Itamar Ben-Gvir warned. "It will not be surprising if Jews get together and with pride take action."

Internal Security Minister Gidon Ezra said Monday that security forces were preparing for a variety of extreme scenario following the torching of the Gaza synagogues.

He added that pictures of burning prayer houses were expected, and that intelligence was being gathered to prevent any acts of revenge by right-wing extremists


Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Responses to the Arabs´ Burning of the Synagogues
17:33 Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765
By Hillel Fendel

  Many justified the government decision not to blow up the synagogues, and many were not surprised at the Arabs' violent response. Yesha Rabbis Council: "This proves it's a religious war."

Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said today that despite the Arabs' violent behavior towards the synagogues, the decision to leave the buildings standing was the correct one.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said, "The desecration of the synagogues is a barbaric act by people who have no respect for holy sites."

MK Gila Finkelstein (NRP): "The Palestinians had an unusual opportunity to show their change by displaying their good will - but they preferred destruction. More than they want a state, they want to destroy every Jewish trace."

The Yesha Rabbis Council: "The burning of synagogues by Arab rioters proves again that this is a religious war, based on a hatred for Judaism, and not merely political hostility. This is not understood by our wicked government, which is trying to turn the Jews into a nation like all the others and detaches itself from Judaism. Only by connecting to the Torah, (Talmud Mishnah Torah) Land and Nation of Israel will we deter our various enemies."

MK Sha'ul Yahalom (National Religious Party): "The Palestinian Authority, as usual, showed total helplessness. This is a clear proof of the terrible future that awaits us from the terrorists of Gaza, and of the terrible mistake we made in running away from there."

MK Ehud Yatom (Likud): "Our rushed departure from the Gaza Strip, without giving thought to the arrangements that we could have made with the Palestinians, the Europeans and the Americans, detracted from the chances of preserving our synagogues. The government didn't think about how to grant the synagogues a measure of international protection."

In what was Netzarim, the PA police barely tried to control the mobs, and sat on the sidelines while thousands of Arabs looted and burned. They took wood pieces, aluminum, metal, abandoned objects such as electric cables, water piping, couches, tables and chairs, as well as mango fruits grown by the Netzarim farmers. Some destroyed fencing and gates, while others collected it for re-selling. Representatives of various terrorist groups climbed atop the synagogues and unfurled flags, while fires were set below. The scene was very similar in other former Jewish communities.

Associated Press reported that PA bulldozers began demolishing the synagogue in Netzarim early this afternoon.

Former N'vei Dekalim resident Amram Hazut told Maariv/NRG, "We're dealing with animals, not people. They didn't even wait half-a-minute to set the synagogues on fire. When they fired at us from mosques, we didn't touch them [the mosques], even though our lives were endangered. But for them, everything is permitted."

A former neighbor of his, Shlomit Al-Nekaveh, said, "I'm not so suprised. We've gone through so much. What more can I get excited about after I saw my brothers and sisters and friends taking us out of our homes? But life is strong, and we're going forward."

As the Israeli cabinet was about to vote on the fate of the Gaza synagogues on Sunday, Labor Party Knesset Member Rabbi Michael Melchior suggested on Israel TV that "we approach the Palestinians and ask them … to keep the buildings and maybe turn them into centers for inter-religious dialogue for peace and coexistence." 


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