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Part 286

September 19, 2005

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Elul, 15 their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Mercenaries guard homes of the rich in New Orleans


Jamie Wilson in New Orleans
Monday September 12, 2005
The Guardian

Hundreds of mercenaries have descended on New Orleans to guard the property of the city's millionaires from looters.

The heavily armed men, employed by private military companies including Blackwater and ISI, are part of the militarization of a city which had a reputation for being one of the most relaxed and easy-going in America.

After scenes of looting and lawlessness in the days immediately after Hurricane Katrina struck, New Orleans has turned into an armed camp, patrolled by thousands of local, state and federal law enforcement officers, as well as 70,000 national guard troops and active-duty soldiers now based in the region.

Blackwater, one of the fastest-growing private security firms in the world, which achieved global prominence last year when four of its men were killed and their bodies mutilated in the Iraqi city of Falluja, has set up camp in the back garden of a vast mansion in the wealthy Uptown district of the city.

David Reagan, 52, a semi-retired US army colonel from Huntsville, Alabama, who fought in the first Gulf war and is commander of Blackwater's operations in the city, refused to say how many men he had in New Orleans but indicated it was in the hundreds.

Asked if they had encountered many looters so far, Mr Reagan said that the sight of his heavily armed men - a pump action shotgun was propped against the wall near to where he was standing - was enough to put most people off.

Two Israeli mercenaries from ISI, another private military company, were guarding Audubon Place, a gated community. Wearing bulletproof vests, they were carrying M16 assault rifles.

Gill, 40, and Yovi, 42, who refused to give their surnames, said they were army veterans of the Israeli war in Lebanon, but had been living in Houston for 17 years. They had been hired by Jimmy Reiss, a descendant of an old New Orleans family who made his fortune selling electronic systems to shipbuilders. They had been flown by private jet to Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana, and then helicoptered to Audubon Place, they said.

"I spoke to one of the other owners on the telephone earlier in the week," Yovi said. "I told him how the water had stopped just at the back gate. God watches out for the rich people, I guess."




Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating dying hurricane victims


September  Saturday 17th  2005


In the midst of administering chest compressions to a dying woman several days after Hurricane Katrina struck, Dr. Mark N. Perlmutter was ordered to stop by a federal official because he wasn’t registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"I begged him to let me continue," said Perlmutter, who left his home and practice as an orthopedic surgeon in Pennsylvania to come to Louisiana and volunteer to care for hurricane victims. "People were dying, and I was the only doctor on the tarmac (at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport) where scores of nonresponsive patients lay on stretchers. Two patients died in front of me.

"I showed him (the U.S. Coast Guard official in charge) my medical credentials. I had tried to get through to FEMA for 12 hours the day before and finally gave up. I asked him to let me stay until I was replaced by another doctor, but he refused. He said he was afraid of being sued. I informed him about the Good Samaritan laws and asked him if he was willing to let people die so the government wouldn’t be sued, but he would not back down. I had to leave."

FEMA issued a formal response to Perlmutter’s story, acknowledging that the agency does not use voluntary physicians.

"We have a cadre of physicians of our own," FEMA spokesman Kim Pease said Thursday. "They are the National Disaster Medical Team. ... The voluntary doctor was not a credentialed FEMA physician and, thus, was subject to law enforcement rules in a disaster area."

Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed").


A Coast Guard spokesman said he was looking into the incident but was not able to confirm it.

Perlmutter, Dr. Clark Gerhart and medical student Alison Torrens flew into Baton Rouge on a private jet loaned by a Pennsylvania businessman several days after Katrina hit. They brought medicine and supplies with them. They stayed the first night in Baton Rouge and persuaded an Army Blackhawk helicopter pilot to fly them into New Orleans the next day.

"I was going to make it happen," the orthopedic surgeon said. "I was at Ground Zero too, and I had to lie to get in there."

At the triage area in the New Orleans airport, Perlmutter was successful in getting FEMA to accept the insulin and morphine he had brought. "The pharmacist told us they were completely out of insulin and our donation would save numerous lives. Still, I felt we were the most-valuable resource, and we were sent away."

Gerhart said the scene they confronted at the airport was one of "hundreds of people lying on the ground, many soaked in their own urine and feces, some coding (dying) before our eyes." FEMA workers initially seemed glad for help and asked Gerhart to work inside the terminal and Perlmutter to work out on the tarmac. They were told only a single obstetrician had been on call at the site for the past 24 hours.

Then, the Coast Guard official informed the group that he could not credential them or guarantee tort coverage and that they should return to Baton Rouge. "That shocked me, that those would be his concerns in a time of emergency," Gerhart said.

Pushing the Talmudic Tort Reform by force, using the dying

Transported back to Baton Rouge, Perlmutter’s frustrated group went to state health officials who finally got them certified -- a simple process that took only a few seconds.

"I found numerous other doctors in Baton Rouge waiting to be assigned and others who were sent away, and there was no shortage of need," he said.

Perlmutter spent some time at the Department of Health and Hospital’s operational center at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries before moving to the makeshift "Kmart Hospital" doctors established at an abandoned store to care for patients. After organizing an orthopedics room and setting up ventilators there, Perlmutter went back to the Swaggart Center and then to the LSU Pete Maravich Assembly Center’s field hospital to care for patients being flown in from the New Orleans area.

"We saw elderly patients who had been off their medicine for days, diabetics without insulin going into shock, uncontrolled hypertension, patients with psychosis and other mental disorders, lots of diarrhea, dehydration and things you would expect. I slept on a patient cot there every night until I came home."

Gerhart said he felt the experience overall was successful and rewarding, although frustrating at times. "You don’t expect catastrophes to be well organized. A lot of people, both private citizens and government officials, were working very hard."

Perlmutter did not return home empty-handed. He brought a family of four evacuees back with him and is still working with Baton Rouge volunteer Hollis Barry to facilitate the relocation of additional hurricane victims to Pennsylvania.

He also returned with a sense of outrage. "I have been trying to call Sen. Arlen Specter (of Pennsylvania) to let him know of our experience.

TRY calling any of the Treasonous Vipers ...and get an out of office reply

"I have been going to Ecuador and Mexico (on medical missions) for 14 years. I was at ground zero. I’ve seen hundreds of people die. This was different because we knew the hurricane was coming. FEMA showed up late and then rejected help for the sake of organization. They put form before function, and people died."

Both FEMA and the Coast Guard operate under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,

Chertoff the Talmudic Viper of Hell

 which has been widely criticized for its disjointed, slow response to the devastation caused by Katrina. Federal officials are urging medical personnel who want to volunteer to help with disaster relief to contact the Medical Reserve Corps or the American Red Cross for registration, training and organization.



Barcelona clubbers get chipped

Simon Morton gets his microchip
Having the chip inserted was a breeze
Imagine having a glass capsule measuring 1.3mm by 1mm, about the size of a large grain of rice injected under your skin.

Implanting microchips that emit a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) into animals has been common practice in many countries around the world, with some looking to make it a legal requirement for domestic pet owners.

The idea of having my very own microchip implanted in my body appealed. I have always been an early adopter, so why not.

Last week I headed for the bright lights of the Catalan city of Barcelona to enter the exclusive VIP Baja Beach Club.

The night club offers its VIP clients the opportunity to have a syringe-injected microchip implanted in their upper arms that not only gives them special access to VIP lounges, but also acts as a debit account from which they can pay for drinks.

This sort of thing is handy for a beach club where bikinis and board shorts are the uniform and carrying a wallet or purse is really not practical.

Thumping heart

I met the owner of the club, Conrad Chase, who had come up with the idea when trying to develop the ultimate in membership cards and was the first person implanted with the capsule, made by VeriChip Corporation.

Nurse Laia preps the chip
Nurse Laia held a rather large needle
With a waiver in his hand Conrad asked me to sign my life away, confirming that if I wanted the chip removed it was my responsibility.

Four aspiring VIP members sat quietly sipping their beverages as the nurse Laia began preparing the surgical materials.

Like a scene from a sci-fi movie, latex gloves and syringes were laid out on the table as the DJ played loud dance tunes that made my heart thump, or was it just fear?

Questions were going through my mind. Would it hurt? What are the risks? What if I want to get it out?

I ordered another drink.

Comfortably numb

Laia started by disinfecting my upper arm and then administered a local anaesthetic to numb the area where the chip would be implanted.

With the large needle in her hand, she tested the zone which made me flinch and led to another dose of the anaesthetic.

The microchip
The chip is contained in a tiny glass capsule
With a numb arm, Laia held up the rather large needle containing the microchip and inserted it beneath the layer of skin and fat on my arm.

She pressed the injector and it was in - my very own 10 digit number safely located in my body.

The chip is made of glass and is inert so there is no risk of it reacting with my body.

It sits dormant under the skin sending out a very low range radio frequency so it will not set off airport security systems.

The chip responds to a signal when a scanner is held near it and supplies its own unique ID number.

The number can then be linked to a database that is linked to other data, at the Baja beach club it make charges to a customers account.

If I want to leave the club then I can have it surgically removed - a pretty simple procedure similar to having it put in.

Now, the question of did it hurt. Having the chip inserted was a breeze, no real pain to report of.

The real pain was the sore head the following day after a night on an open bar tab.


Eminent Domain &
The New Orleans Land Grab
A Prediction

By Noose Papier
The disaster in New Orleans has created an opportunity for land speculators and developers alike, much in the way corporations see the third world.
The disaster in New Orleans has created an opportunity for land speculators and developers alike, much in the way corporations see the third world. Only in our case has the Supreme Court already set up the legal framework for doing so. With two Bush appointees in the works, a land grab is only a matter of time.
Take for example, the case in Lakewood Ohio, where occupants of perfectly inhabitable housing were forced to leave their homes through a court order, so that the government could turn the property over to private developers, under the guise of "the public good". An article, published on a CBS website over a year ago states, "Cities across the country have been using eminent domain to force people off their land, so private developers can build more expensive homes and offices that will pay more in property taxes than the buildings they're replacing." (Eminent Domain: Being Abused?, 60 Minutes)
In Lakewood, the houses were not even "blighted". In the case of New Orleans, where many homeowners will be declaring bankruptcy, and wanting to liquidate property, speculators will be waiting around to snatch up land deals. New Orleans is ripe for "redevelopment". And just like Baghdad, Halliburton gets the contract for "reconstruction", though many from the South will argue that many places never recovered from the blight caused by the Civil War.
It is clear the eminent domain is being used as a means of transferring wealth to developers; a wealth redistribution scheme for the rich. The Supreme Court, in their recent decision concerning a case in New London, Connecticut, has endorsed this. An AP report quipped, "Cities may bulldoze people's homes to make way for shopping malls or other private development, a divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday [June 23rd, 2005], giving local governments broad power to seize private property to generate tax revenue." What this will mean for the poor is an eventual spike in rents, ensuring that many poor folks will never return to their urban home.
The privitization schemes have yet to materialize in full, but this, too, is a matter of time.
These land redistribution schemes have been played out over and over in other places, through international corporation and lending institutions, with the legal support of local governments. In many case in this hemisphere, with few options available, people took matters into their own hands. Similar conditions present themselves in New Orleans--people desperate for basic needs, governments that are complicit in land grabs, and US corporations always willing to make the "investment". It makes one wonder what the real reason for so much security and so little food in post hurricane Katrina was. Starving out and controlling a possible armed insurrection, in the wake of denial of food, water, and medical supplies, may be what proof lies in some classified memo yet to be released.


Eye on Uncle Sam

The Coming Depression

By Patrick Meloy
Sept 11, 2005

The United States is pushing towards a war with Iran with the stated reason that Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons. We now know that Iraq’s alleged “weapons of mass destruction” that were said to be poised to annihilate the free world at a moment’s notice, did not exist. The United States and Britain used weak and false intelligence to spread this fallacy in an effort to legitimize a war of aggression and they are trying to do the same thing again. Iraq did indeed pose a real and serious threat to the United States, but not by way any military weapons. Iraq had the power to destroy the value of the American Dollar and along with it, the American Economy.

To understand this true weapon of mass destruction, you must understand the position the American Dollar holds in the world economy.

After WWII, Europe lay in ruins. The United States instituted the Marshall Plan where the US loaned massive amounts of money to European nations with the condition that goods and services be purchased from the United States. It was a great success; Europe was quickly able to rebuild its infrastructure and industry while US companies made fortunes supplying Europe’s needs. Because so many countries had so many US dollars, they ended up using them to purchase goods and services from other countries as well - including oil from the Middle East. In fact, two energy exchanges, the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) in London, and the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) emerged as the only places to trade energy products and everything was priced in US dollars. In the 1970s, after the US made deal with Saudi Arabia, virtually the only currency you could use to purchase oil was the US dollar. This made the Greenback the dominant currency in the world, used for most (Western) trade and all energy purchases. This was a great deal for the United States - the value of the US dollar gained strength rapidly and they could afford to print huge sums of money without risk of devaluing their currency. Most of the newly printed money ended up offshore, in the vaults of central banks around the world that needed it for trade and energy.

Due to Free Trade, Globalization, and Reaganomics, American manufacturing fled to low-wage countries in search of higher profits. American output fell; unemployment rose, and the Federal government started borrowing madly to maintain spending levels; at the same time, their ability to pay shrank. America is now in a worse economic position than that of either Brazil or Korea when those countries’ economies melted down. The United States has an advantage that neither of those countries had though, massive amounts of their own currency sitting in other countries’ central banks collecting dust. America was able to borrow back its own currency from a multitude of countries that were happy to have their reserves earning interest instead of just laying around. This process of printing money for use outside the country and then having it come back as investments is known as “Recycling the Petro Dollar”.

Most of the world now realizes that the main reason for the USA to invade Iraq was to take its oil. What most governments, but few citizens, know, is that the rush to war was due to Saddam Hussain’s committing the high crime of accepting Euro dollars for oil under the “Oil for Food” program. While oil sales from Iraq were minimal due to UN sanctions, the act of defiance did not go unnoticed. Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea all started to dump portions of their US dollar reserves, and OPEC itself received European Union representatives who gave a presentation on the advantages of using the Euro currency for oil sales. The EU today is actually a larger market than the USA. It has more people and more money, and uses more oil than the United States. As OPECs largest single customer, it makes sense to use their currency. With Europe posing a major threat to the hegemony of the US Greenback, the USA decided it had to do something drastic to show OPEC that it would not allow a switch to the Euro. This is why; shortly after Iraq’s conversion to the Euro in late 2000, the USA used the excuse of 9/11 to invade Iraq - not to fight terrorism, but to perpetrate terror itself in order to keep OPEC in line. One can understand the reticence of Germany, France, and Russia when it came to invading Iraq, as switching to the Euro would have been a strategic economic victory.

In 2003, Iran began selling oil for Euros to a large number of Euro-dominated countries. The Euro was already making inroads as a replacement trade currency and this switch to the Euro for oil has played a large part in the US dollar’s declining value. As if this crime against the USA wasn’t enough, Iran also announced its intention to open its own Oil Bourse (exchange) in late 2005 (now delayed until spring 2006), competing with the two American owned exchanges, NYMEX and IPE. The last technical hurdle to the Euro taking over as both world trade and energy currency would be eliminated; the US dollar would likely go into freefall as central banks dumped their Greenbacks and bought Euros. The US has been working hard overtly, with its weapons of mass destruction smear campaign, as well as covertly, using its own cadre of terrorists, the M.E.K, to destabilize the Iranian government. The USA lacks the troops to invade and Dick Cheney has asked the Pentagon to draft a plan to use nuclear weapons against Iran. Assuming that Russia and China do not retaliate with a missile attack against the USA and its assets, using nuclear weapons against Iran could push the rest of the world to use its only real defense against the USA, dumping the Greenback and destroying the US economy. If the US does not attack, the oil bourse will open and the ultimate result will likely be the same: the end of the USA as a world power and the start of a new “Great Depression”.


The move which China has made to Put IRAN and Syrian as the final non-Noahide Holdouts

Sep. 19, 2005 7:42  | Updated Sep. 19, 2005 19:08
N. Korea pledges to give up nukes

North Korea pledged to drop its nuclear weapons development and rejoin international arms treaties in a unanimous agreement Monday with other countries at arms talks, in the first-ever joint statement in more than two years of negotiations.

The chief US envoy to the talks, US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, praised the breakthrough as a "win-win situation" and a "good agreement for all of us. But he promptly urged Pyongyang to make good on its promises by ending operations at its main nuclear facility at Yongbyon.

"What is the purpose of operating it at this point?" Hill said. "The time to turn it off would be about now."

Despite the deal's potential to significantly help in easing friction between North Korea and the United States after years of false starts and setbacks, Hill remained cautious.

"We have to see what comes in the days and weeks ahead. We have to seize the momentum of this," he said before leaving for the airport to return to Washington.

The North "committed to abandoning all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs and returning at an early date" to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards, according to the agreement by the six countries at the talks.

Negotiators agreed to hold more talks in November, where they were expected to begin concrete discussions about implementing the broad principles outlined in Monday's agreement. Hill has warned that could still be a long process.

"The six parties unanimously reaffirmed that the goal of the six-party talks is the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in a peaceful manner," the statement said.

North Korea and United States also pledged in the agreement to respect each other's sovereignty and right to peaceful coexistence, and also to take steps to normalize relations.


"The United States affirmed that it has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and has no intention to attack or invade (North Korea) with nuclear or conventional weapons," according to the statement, in assurances echoed by South Korea.

The negotiations had been deadlocked over North Korea's demand that it retain the right to civilian nuclear programs after it disarms, and the statement acknowledges the North has made such an assertion but doesn't go beyond that.

North Korea had also demanded that it be given a light-water nuclear reactor at the latest talks - a type less easily diverted for weapons use - but Washington had said it and other countries at the talks wouldn't meet that request.

Putting aside the question for now, the joint statement said: "the other parties expressed their respect and agreed to discuss at an appropriate time the subject of the provision of a light-water reactor" to North Korea.

North Korea has also refused to totally disarm without getting concessions along the way, while Washington has said it wants to see the weapons programs totally dismantled before granting rewards. The statement, however, says the sides agreed to take steps to implement the agreement "in a phased manner in line with the principle of 'commitment for commitment, action for action."'

The other countries at the talks said they were willing give energy assistance to the North, including a South Korean plan to deliver electricity across the heavily armed border dividing the peninsula.

"This is the most important result since the six-party talks started more than two years ago," said Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei, Beijing's envoy.

The talks, which began in August 2003, include China, Japan, Russia, the United States and the two Koreas.

North Korea was promised two light-water reactors under a 1994 deal with Washington to abandon its nuclear weapons. That agreement fell apart in late 2002 with the outbreak of the latest nuclear crisis, when US officials said North Korea admitted to having a secret uranium enrichment program.

The North is believed to have enough radioactive material for about half a dozen bombs from its publicly acknowledged plutonium program, but hasn't performed any known nuclear tests to prove its capability. In February, the North claimed it had nuclear weapons.

Japan and North Korea also said in the statement that they would move to normalize relations regarding "the outstanding issues of concern." The reference appears to allude to Tokyo's concerns over its citizens, which the North has admitted abducting.

Leaving two in Bushitlers axis of evil, Iran then onto Syria



Mohel Agrees To Stop Oral-To-Genital-Suction During Circumcision

As you read this keep in mind that the beit din is under the control of Satmar's Central Rabbinical Congress, and no investigation they perform is likely to be fair. Their community has already come out strongly against any ban on metzitza b'peh (oral-to-genital-suction during circumcision) and has equated the practice with a mitzva d'orita (a positive commandment from the Torah),


 making it mandatory during all circumcisions. This is clearly a political deal orchestrated by NYC's mayor in a crass attempt top buy votes. Further, it appears to be illegal, a violation of church-state separation that will be found unconstitutional if challenged in court. NYC infants are supposed to be protected from public health hazards by the city's Department of Health, not by rabbis with a public vested stake in finding the mohel disease-free. Further, none of these rabbinic "experts" have public health training. None have a secular education. None have a science education. And none are competent – or Constitutionally able – to investigate this case.

The only way this deal could be kosher is if the CRC's beit din is investigating ways of doing metzitza (suction) without using the mouth – for example, through a sterile glass tube or with sterile gauze – and if the result of the beit din is metzitza with a sterile tube or the like becoming an approved method for haredi circumcisions and Rabbi Fischer's only method for doing them.

The Journal News reports:

A Monsey rabbi linked to three infants who contracted herpes has agreed to stop performing oral suction circumcisions in New York City until a religious panel investigates the method, the city announced yesterday.

Yitzchok Fischer has been under a temporary restraining order issued by a New York City court not to perform oral-suction circumcisions in the five boroughs. Rockland health officials have placed a separate ban on the rabbi.

Fischer uses his mouth to suction blood from the wound after he removes the foreskin. The centuries-old ritual, called metzizah bi peh, is used by Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox Jews.


Fischer and the circumcision method came under scrutiny when a Manhattan newborn died of herpes in November, and his twin was diagnosed with the virus. A Staten Island newborn circumcised by Fischer was diagnosed with herpes in November.

MURDER premeditated, covered up by the Hassidic Bloomberg

The strain of herpes found in the infants is transmitted orally.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene had been trying for months in court to stop Fischer from using oral-suction circumcision.

Yesterday, an agency spokeswoman said an agreement had been reached.

"Rabbi Fischer has agreed to stop performing metzizah bi peh in NYC pending an investigation being conducted by the Rabbinical Court of the Central Rabbinical Congress," spokeswoman Sandra Mullin said in a statement.

superceding the US Courts

Fischer's lawyers, Mark J. Kurzmann and his son Hillel M. Kurzmann of Pearl River, said the rabbi agreed to the religious tribunal request.


"Rabbi Fischer has been asked by the rabbinical court to refrain from practicing metzizah bi peh and agreed," Mark Kurzmann said.

Kurzmann said no conclusive medical evidence has been shown that the infants contracted the virus from the rabbi. The rabbi took a herpes test, but the results have not been released by the state or city.

cover up of Treason

"I remain as convinced as ever that a thorough investigation will confirm that my client was not the source of any of the three unfortunate infections," he said.

The New York state Health Department had rescinded its ban on Fischer and joined New York City's plan for a committee of rabbis and medical personnel to review the oral-suction procedure and come up with guidelines.

Rockland Health Commissioner Joan Facelle was awaiting guidance from the state on how to proceed with the county's ban.

September 16, 2005

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory


The Goyim anti-Christ Noahide Nations

Swords to Plowshares

"And they will make their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks."  On Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim, 5752, the Rebbe spoke about how this prophecy is beginning to be fulfilled, in connection to accords reached between Russia and the U.S., to find peaceful uses for nuclear technology.  This prophecy once again shows signs of being fulfilled, with the announcement that North Korea has agreed to drop its nuclear arsenal in exchange for aid.  

in exchange to keep from being attacked by the Hassidim who control Washington DC and Bushitler and thier Sanhedrin beast

North Korea signed an agreement with six countries, including the United States, Russia, Japan and China. 

(Miami Herald) BEIJING - In a turnabout that came suddenly after years of failed talks, North Korea on Monday pledged to scrap its nuclear weapons in exchange for energy, trade and security benefits and steps toward diplomatic relations with the United States and Japan.

North Korea also said it would rejoin a global nonproliferation treaty, and let international inspectors ensure compliance. Around the region, leaders hailed the surprise agreement. South Korea’s leader called it “epoch-making.” A senior Chinese diplomat applauded envoys from six nations for “overcoming one mountain after another, one wall after another.”

“We had a great day today,” said the chief U.S. negotiator, Christopher Hill. “As you all know, it wasn’t easy. But important things often don’t come easily.”

The pledge by North Korea, once condemned by the Bush administration as part of an “axis of evil,” along with Iran and pre-war Iraq, marked an apparent turning point for the Korean Peninsula, which remains divided, heavily militarized and technically in a state of war half a century after it was engulfed in conflict.

In return for dismantling its nuclear programs, energy-starved North Korea won commitments of huge amounts of electricity from South Korea, economic cooperation from other nations and promises from Washington to “exist peacefully” with Pyongyang.

U.S. intelligence officials say North Korea harbors between six and nine nuclear weapons. As recently as last week, the North said it would build more nuclear weapons if other nations did not concede to its demand for a light-water nuclear reactor, worth $2 to $3 billion, to generate electricity. The Bush administration fears Pyongyang might sell one of its nuclear bombs to a terrorist group.

SYRIA ? Iran?

As recently as over the weekend, the talks appeared on the cusp of failure. As the clock ticked by, Hill announced that he would leave for Washington Monday afternoon. Negotiators then reached a breakthrough.

A 17-paragraph “agreement of principles” said that China, Russia, the United States, Japan and South Korea would “discuss at an appropriate time the subject of the provision of light-water reactor” to North Korea, also known as the DPRK.

“What is an appropriate time?” Hill said in a news briefing. “The appropriate time comes when the DPRK gets rid of its nuclear weapons, gets rid of its nuclear programs, comes back into the (Non-proliferation Treaty) and comes back with full (International Atomic Energy Agency) safeguards.”

The breakthrough marked a major success for China, which has hosted the six-party talks since 2003, in a region that has seen growing tensions and rivalries.

Why North Korea agreed to dismantle its nuclear programs, after four failed rounds of six-party talks over two years, was not immediately clear.

For fear of the jews

A throng of journalists and cameramen waited outside the imposing North Korean Embassy in Beijing late Monday, waiting for a news conference that never materialized.

The agreement marked the first time North Korea has signed a document pledging “the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” since 2002, when it admitted to the United States it had broken a 1994 accord to cease development of nuclear weapons.

Acknowledging a secret weapons program, North Korea expelled International Atomic Energy Agency monitors and pulled out of a global nonproliferation regime.

In February, Pyongyang confirmed that it had developed nuclear weapons.

Envoys from China, Russia, Japan, the United States and South Korea, all parties to six-nation talks that began in 2003, signed Monday’s agreement.

In exchange for North Korea agreeing to destroy its nuclear weapons and halt all nuclear programs, the other five nations promised cooperation “in the fields of energy, trade and investment.” The agreement said the United States affirms it “has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula” and “has no intention to attack or invade” North Korea.

Both the United States and Japan agreed to “take steps to normalize their relations” with North Korea, but no timetable for diplomatic normalization was announced.

The six countries agreed also to discuss setting up a new multilateral security forum for Northeast Asia, separate from the six-nation talks.

Diplomats said the next round of talks, set for early November, would establish a sequence of phased actions, designed to ensure thorough action by North Korea while rewarding the nation with incentives.

South Korean Unification Minister Chung Dong-young cited his nation’s offer of two million kilowatts of electric power to the North, first made in July, along with Washington’s pledge to normalize relations with Pyongyang as key to the outcome.

Washington’s flexibility in moving “to normalize North Korea-U.S. relations can be viewed as an achievement of the Bush administration,” Chung said in Seoul, according to the state Yonhap news agency.
In Hill’s closing statement to the talks, he reaffirmed Washington’s willingness to establish relations with Pyongyang but also said the United States has “serious concerns” about human rights abuses, biological and chemical weapons development, terrorism, and illicit activities by North Korea’s Stalinist regime.
The U.S. signing of the agreement “should in no way be interpreted as meaning we accept all aspects of the DPRK’s system, human rights situation or treatment of its people. We intend to sit down and make sure that our concerns in these areas are addressed,” Hill said. Since North Korea is entering the agreement voluntarily, Hill said the United States would not push for forceful weapons inspections across the nation.

“We do not plan to go out on the landscape of the DPRK and start hunting for nuclear facilities. We expect those to be shown to us, and we expect to move quickly,” Hill said. “This is absolutely in the DPRK’s interest, the sooner the better, and I think they know that.”

Coming.....Purim IRAN


Obedient Goyim Noahide

Helene C. Stikkel/Dept. of Defense
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.


Musharraf sets conditions for ties
to Israel, but appearance is historic

September 18, 2005

NEW YORK, Sept. 18 (JTA) — It was a remarkable sight: the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan sitting on a New York dais alongside leaders of the American Jewish community and Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, eating a kosher dinner beneath a blue-and-white banner reading “Council for World Jewry.”


It was all the more notable considering the significant personal risk the appearance must have entailed for Pervez Musharraf, who has been the subject of several recent assassination attempts at the hands of Muslim extremists who are violently anti-Israel and anti-America.

And indeed, there was near-unanimous agreement among Jews and Pakistanis at Saturday night’s event that Musharraf’s mere presence before an audience of Jewish officials represented a potentially historic step in Muslim-Jewish relations.

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For his landmark gesture, the Pakistani general received a series of standing ovations.

“I would never have imagined that a Muslim, a president of Pakistan and, more than that, a man in uniform would ever get such a warm reception from the Jewish community,” Musharraf said as he ascended the platform to excited applause.

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Beyond the novelty of the appearance, however, Musharraf’s half-hour speech met with disappointment from some Jewish leaders who found his remarks rich in hyperbole but poor in specific proposals.

“If we waited 100 years” to hold this meeting “it would have been even more historic, but what is it we have achieved?” asked Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. “In his world, in his culture, in his environment, this is a major step. From our perspective, it isn’t.”

Norman Liss, an attorney and a member of the American Jewish Congress’ executive committee, was less circumspect.

“Zero progress,” he said before the applause had died down, noting that Musharraf said little beyond earlier comments about establishing relations with Israel — providing Israel takes a series of steps and a Palestinian state is established.

Musharraf’s address followed closely on the heels of his brief encounter last week with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on the sidelines of the United Nations World Summit and a recent meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries, which do not have full diplomatic ties.

Still, said Jack Rosen, the chairman of the AJCongress — whose Council for World Jewry sponsored the event — given Musharraf’s domestic political constraints, Jews should not have exaggerated what he was able to offer.

“It is not helpful for us to be critical of a Muslim leader who, given his political pressures, comes to speak to us and doesn’t give us everything we want at that moment in time,” Rosen told JTA on Sunday. “We couldn’t have expected that he would have announced last night that he would immediately begin normalizing relations with Israel. It wasn’t a real expectation.”

Challenged by Foxman to show more leadership by moving to formalize Israeli-Pakistani relations right away, Musharraf responded that “57 years of hatred, bitterness, animosity cannot be undone so fast.”

“It is my sincere judgment that this is not the time to do it,” he said. “We need to be very patient. I need some more reasons and rationale. I need some more support” to be able to convince the Pakistani people to go along with the move.

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Musharraf spoke about religious similarities between Muslims and Jews and characterized recent hostility between the two groups as an aberration against a background of historical coexistence. He further earned plaudits for insisting that terrorism “cannot be condoned for any cause.”

While he referred to “Schindler’s List”  (Righteous Goyim Ger Toshav proselytes of their Proxy) and praised Sharon for the recent Gaza Strip withdrawal, Musharraf upset many in the audience by insisting that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a root cause of world terrorism and that Pakistan won’t forge diplomatic ties with Israel until the Palestinians have a state — essentially giving the Palestinians a veto over the entire process, several Jewish leaders noted afterward.

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“Palestine has been at the heart of troubles in the Middle East,” Musharraf said. “I have no doubt whatsoever that any attempt to shy away or ignore the root causes of terrorism is shutting ones eyes to reality and is a sure recipe for failure.”

That sentiment struck a raw nerve among many Jews in the audience, who lamented that Muslim nations for too long have tried to lay the blame for many of the world’s ills on Israel.

“The root cause of terrorism is the same as the root cause of Nazism: simply, the hatred of Jews through teaching hatred of Jews,” said Morton Klein, the president of the Zionist Organization of America.

Beacause of the Hatred of the Goyim in their Bigoted anti-Christ Talmud Bavli of Mystery Babylon

Musharraf also called on Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and respect other faiths’ attachment to Jerusalem. He did not express any corresponding demands on the Palestinian side.

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“Israel must come to terms with geopolitical reality and let justice prevail for the Palestinians,” Musharraf said. “They want their own independent state, and they must get it.”

Since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Pakistan has had something of an image problem in the West.

Daniel Pearl, a Jewish reporter for The Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped and decapitated by terrorists in Pakistan; Osama bin Laden is thought to be in hiding somewhere along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border; a Pakistani nuclear scientist was discovered to have supplied nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea; and Pakistan’s extensive network of religious schools has been accused of spreading a radically violent and anti-Western version of Islam.

The Propaganda for Emanuel Goldstein

Judea Pearl, Daniel Pearl’s father, said Musharraf had not responded to his proposal to establish a center for East-West dialogue in Daniel Pearl’s name in Karachi.

While Pearl regretted that Musharraf offered little substantive in his speech — for example, he did not take the opportunity to affirm the Jewish state’s right to exist — the symbolism of his appearance was important for a country where anti-Semitic and anti-Western ideologies are common.

“In Pakistan, organized world Jewry generally is portrayed as a hostile force with an anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian agenda. This meeting will help dispel that portrayal,” said Pearl, who is based in California and was not at the New York event. “This will definitely lead to legitimization of further dialogue. The whole process has received an injection of goodwill, and that’s very positive.”

Many in the audience saw Musharraf’s decision to address a Jewish audience as a public-relations move rather than the reflection of a serious desire for detente. Like many in the Muslim world, Musharraf views the American Jewish community as key to securing political influence along the Beltway, some said.

Musharraf didn’t do much to dispel this impression.

“I feel privileged to be speaking to so many members of what is probably the most distinguished and influential community in the United States,” he said.

But Mossadaq Chughtai, the director of the Pakistani American Liaison Center, which runs the Congressional Pakistan Caucus, dismissed this line of thinking.

“We have good standing with Congress” and the White House, he said, noting that President Bush has hosted Musharraf at Camp David. “Not as good as AIPAC, but we’re making strides,” Chughtai said, referring to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Still, many considered the symbolism of the event key. Unlike Palestinian leaders, who often have made conciliatory statements to foreign leaders in English while urging their constituents to war in Arabic, Musharraf spoke before a full contingent of Pakistani media beaming his words back home, where they are likely to be controversial.

For Dr. Abdul Rehman, an officer of the MMSI mosque in Staten Island, N.Y., Musharraf’s appearance gives the “green light” to Muslims to work toward cooperation and dialogue with


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“This gives us the credibility to go out and speak,” he said.

Berel Lazar, one of Russia’s chief rabbis,(CHABAD SOFIET LUBAVITCHER)  thought Musharraf was “very sincere” and praised him for not making grand promises that he would not be able to fulfill.

“There’s no question he will have a hard time explaining to his people what he’s doing and trying to bring them along,” Lazar said. “On the other hand, he didn’t give any kind of time frame” for normalizing ties with Israel.

At the least, the event led to immediate inter-religious dialogue in the hallways: Lazar was seen chatting and posing for photos with Imam Ghulam Rasul of the MMSI mosque and invited mosque leaders to visit him if they’re in Moscow.

Other Jewish leaders also made small talk with Pakistanis in attendance, and Pakistani television reporters pulled Israelis and American Jews aside for interviews to be broadcast in Pakistan.

“I think the event was very significant,” said Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. “The fact that it took place; the president of Pakistan met with Jewish leaders and it was broadcast to his home country. Was it everything everybody wanted to hear? Probably not.

“I still think it was a very important event and something that hopefully can be built upon.”

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After North Korea, Israel eyes Iran

Israel welcomed North Korea’s pledge to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said after Pyongyang’s announcement Monday that the West should bring similar pressure to bear on Iran to stop its quest for atomic arms. “Since 2000, there have been four dangerous states that have tried to develop nuclear weapons — namely Libya, Iraq, Iran and North Korea,” Steinitz told Israel Radio. “Only Iran remains, and with this agreement having been sealed, there should be pressure on it.”

Steinitz voiced hope that North Korea would also curb its export of missile technology, which has been vital to Iran’s long-range ballistic program.

yep the coming "Purim" Iran, between Iraq and a hard place



The Judeo Churchinsanity anti-Christ

Courtesy of Jordanian Embassy
Jordan´s King Abdullah II and Queen Rania meet with Muslim, Jewish and Christian students in Washington on Sept. 13.


In effort to orient Jordan to West,
Abdullah seeks aid of U.S. Jewry

September 19, 2005

WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (JTA) — Jordan’s king believes Jews can play a key role in his campaign to win back the Muslim street.

“The Amman message,” initiated by Abdullah II, brought together scholars from the eight main streams of Islam in July to issue edicts that marginalize terrorists who purport to act in the name of Islam — particularly Al-Qaida and its leader, Osama bin Laden.


The next step is to bring the message to Jews and Christians, according to Joseph Lumbar, the young American Muslim hired by the king to coordinate outreach.

“We want to get beyond the idea of a clash of civilizations to a dialogue of civilizations,” Lumbar said. “We would like to expand the term Judeo-Christian tradition to Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition.”

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Abdullah and his Palestinian-born queen, Rania, met recently with Pope Benedict XVI and followed it up with a policy speech at Catholic University in Washington. This week, Abdullah is to speak on “Judaism and Islam: Beyond Tolerance” to more than 80 rabbis from around the United States gathered in Washington.

The speech will draw on Koranic verses and Jewish readings that counsel accommodation and respect for other monotheistic faiths.

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More than any other Arab leader — and even more than his father, the late King Hussein — Abdullah has attached his fate to the West. He has opened Jordanian markets and plans to introduce western democratic reforms.

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Like his father, Abdullah also has fostered the only truly warm Arab-Israeli peace, and he met with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the United Nations last Friday.

Coupled with a biography firmly rooted in the West — his mother is British and his schooling is American and British — these goals deny Abdullah the appeal among ordinary Arabs that many of his contemporaries have, despite his lineage: Hashemite kings are believed to be direct descendants of Mohammed.

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Abdullah’s solution is to use the Arab street’s hardiest vehicle — Islam — to move it toward his vision of moderation. The July assembly in Amman of 180 Islamic scholars from 45 countries concluded with 17 of the most senior scholars among issuing religious edicts outlining two principles: Fatwas issued by Muslims not formally trained in Islamic are not legitimate; and Muslims must refrain from calling other Muslims apostates.

The two statements were clearly aimed at Al-Qaida and its leaders. Lumbard, a Cairo-based scholar who helped organize the summit, said the pedigree of the scholars at the Amman meeting lent heft to their fatwas in a way that multiple other efforts to moderate Islam — many of them stemming from Western capitals — could not.

Whether the effort resonates remains to be seen. Lumbard acknowledged that even those scholars, respected as they are, have become remote from an Arab street succored by the Internet and satellite television. The next step, he said, was to compete in those fields with the radicals who advocate terrorism.

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Abdullah, 43, places much stock in youth, since half of Jordan’s population is 18 or younger. His first stop in the United States was a meeting with a group of high school students from two Washington public schools, the Hebrew Academy in Rockville, Md., and the Islamic Academy in Fairfax, Va.

NO TRUE saints anywhere

Significantly, the most skeptical students at the gathering appeared to be Muslims from the Saudi-backed academy. When one young woman in a scarf expressed doubts that Abdullah’s moderation reflected the Arab world’s “general consensus,” Queen Rania struggled for a response, and could cite only an outpouring of Arab sympathy for Americans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

By contrast, the Jewish students were clearly impressed.

“He’s very courageous for taking such a message,” said Moshe Broder, a senior at the Hebrew Academy. “He’s a pioneer.”

delivering the arabs unto our global godhood status

Abdullah will have to start at home, and that could be a problem. Creating change in Jordan’s highly conservative and tribalized political culture has never been easy. A recent campaign against “honor killings” of women has had mixed results at best, and the royal court’s embrace of peace with Israel is not shared by other Jordanian elites, never mind ordinary Jordanians.

The king will have to flex the kind of muscle his father occasionally did to overcome skeptics who see him as ensconced in the West, said Hiam Nawas, a Jordanian expert on political Islam.

Tyrannical muscle, Noahide enforcement

“Abdullah will have to spend a fair amount of his own political capital if he wants his message to become authoritative in Jordan,” she said.

One way to sell the moderation is to show that it brings results. Hence Abdullah’s appeal in the West, simultaneous with his religious outreach, for expanded trade and political ties.

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“Even as we work for peace, development must go forward,” he said at the United Nations last week. “When developed nations commit to active, increased development support, they advance global progress for all. 

Noahide Enforcenment

The world knows what is needed — fair trade, increased direct assistance, and debt relief.”

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That means persuading the West that Islam has a place alongside Judaism and Christianity as an equal. That’s where Abdullah’s current tour of the major faiths comes in.

the Fallen away complete

He has some persuading to do. As welcome as the Amman summit was, it falls short of specifically addressing terrorist acts or of addressing the virulent strain of Islamic anti-Zionism that negates some fundamentals of Jewish and Israeli existence.

Marc Gopin, an Orthodox rabbi and a religion professor at George Mason University in Virginia who has helped organize Abdullah’s address to rabbis, says Jews should see the July fatwas as a crucial first step in marginalizing extremism.

“This helps cut off terrorism’s legs, because terrorism is based on fatwas,” he said. “That may be dissatisfying from the Israeli-Palestinian perspective, but it’s an admirable goal and one we should support.”

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Adds Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, “We’re encouraged by what he has been saying and doing. He’s a model of what we would like to see elsewhere in the Middle East.”

More Noahides

By reaching out to religious leaders, Abdullah also addresses a facet of the conflict that diplomats often neglect, said Robert Eisen, who heads the religion department at George Washington University — that the men and women of the Middle East viscerally see the conflict as not just about borders but about beliefs. The king could demonstrate that the language of religion is as much a basis for reconciliation as for conflict, he said.

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“Jews and Muslims share common moral values that should allow us to find common ground to fight the extremists in our religions,” he said.


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350th Anniversary of American Jewish Life
President Bush receives a medal marking the 350th anniversary of the first Jewish settlement in North America on Sept. 14 in Washington.


At event honoring U.S. Jewry,
Bush pushes for faith-based aid

September 18, 2005

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 (JTA) — Spearheading massive federal assistance to rebuild areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, President Bush wants the faith-based community to play a role as well.

His first stop: U.S. Jews.

Addressing the culminating event Sept. 14 of Celebrate 350, the coalition commemorating 350 years of Jewish life in America, Bush outlined the critical role Jews play in galvanizing faith-based giving in the United States.

“Jewish Americans have made countless contributions to our land,” Bush said to an appreciative audience that packed the cavernous National Building Museum. “The prophet Jeremiah once called out to his nation, ‘Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf.’ ”

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While paying heed — to applause — to the principle of church-state separation, Bush said there’s a place for faith-based giving as well.

SEE HJR 104, PL 102-14, the inculcation of Judeo-Churchinsanity to the Devil

“Men and women throughout our history have acted on the words of Scripture, and they have made America a better, more hopeful place,” he said. “At this moment, volunteers from all walks of life across our great land are helping the good folks of Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana recover from one of the worst natural disasters in our nation’s history. The outpouring of compassion is phenomenal. American Jewish organizations have already raised over $10 million, plus the $50,000 tonight, for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.”

ONLY for their Jewish brethren

Bush’s speech at the Jewish event appeared to be a dress rehearsal for his speech to the nation the following night, in which he peppered his announcement of federal aid for the afflicted region with appeals for faith-based giving.

“It is the armies of compassion — charities and houses of worship and idealistic men and women — that give our reconstruction effort its humanity,” Bush said in a Sept. 15 speech from New Orleans.

Launching his appeal for faith-based giving with a speech to Jewish groups was unusual: Many Jewish groups object to the specifics of Bush’s faith-based programming, concerned that there are few proscriptions that would prevent federal money from going to groups that discriminate by religion in hiring and that proselytize.

Still, the Jewish community agrees broadly with the president about the role of faith groups in helping those in need. That, coupled with the unusually close relationship Bush enjoys with the U.S. Jewish leadership, guaranteed him a warm reception.

The speech came after a tour of the historic Sixth and I synagogue in downtown Washington and an examination of a Torah scroll there that survived the Holocaust.

The speech itself was laced with nuanced references to American Jewish history. Bush noted Asher Levy’s insistence in the 17th century on joining the New Amsterdam Citizens Guard — despite its proscription against Jews — calling Levy “the first of many Jewish Americans who have proudly worn the uniform of the United States.”

The popular misconception that Jews are under-represented in the armed forces has long frustrated Jewish veterans’ groups.

Bush also announced plans to award the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military honor, to Cpl. Tibor Rubin, a Holocaust survivor who enlisted in the U.S. Army and fought in the Korean War.

Bush hid from war, a coward TREASONOUS Viper and now full of Blasphemy who serves the god of jewry who has no Savior Jesus the Christ

Rubin’s smuggling of food and medical supplies in a POW camp during the Korean War is credited with saving more than 40 lives. He is to receive the medal in a White House ceremony this Friday.

Bush, who met earlier in the day with Ariel Sharon at the United Nations, called the Israeli prime minister “a man of courage, a man of peace” 

The Butcher of Jenin

for the recent pullout from the Gaza Strip. The president also condemned the destruction of Gaza synagogues by Palestinians following the withdrawal.

set up double cross

The Celebrate 350 chairman, Robert Rifkind, gave Bush the coalition’s commemorative medal.

This Wednesday, Bush was to address a luncheon marking the 20th anniversary of the Republican Jewish Coalition, rounding out an unusual week with two Jewish speeches. The sold-out event, drawing about 500 people, was to be simulcast to RJC chapters across the United States and in Israel.

PURE TREASON and Blasphemy


Iran say's "We aint with you and your Hassidim Bushitler"

Iran Says It Won't Be
Bullied Over Its
Nuclear Rights

IRNA reported that Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said that referral of Iran's nuclear dossier to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has no legal basis and even if it goes to the UNSC, there is clear-cut procedure to deal with it.
The official news agency said: Speaking to the media on his weekly briefing, he added that Iran's high potential in the management of crisis has been proved in the past and that being referred to SC will not be the end of the world. 
In response to a question about resumption of nuclear activities at Natanz in Isfahan province, he said that the issue of uranium enrichment is not currently on the agenda. "We look forward to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Monday session and hope for promising results paving the way for negotiation," he added. Asked whether more IAEA Board of Governors member states are in favor of referring Iran's nuclear dossier to the UNSC, he replied that some countries may be subject to the pressure of the world powers and act against their will. 
About the extent of being optimistic that the dossier will not be referred to UNSC, he said, "If logic, wisdom, international laws and legal reasoning are taken into view, I will be one hundred percent optimistic that it will not be sent to the Security Council. "But if the matter is politicized and a single view is to be imposed upon Iran, it will be quite different. We should wait and see whether legal principles and international regulations will prevail or discrimination and bullying."
Asefi said the fuel cycle is Iran's natural right and Iran is determined to keep on its way to preserve it. "Based on the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), possessing fuel cycle is among our inalienable rights," he added.
Meantime, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday offered Iran's proposal on the country's nuclear program to the international community at the 60th meeting of the UN General Assembly. President Ahmadinejad called on the UN General Assembly, as the largest organ of the world body, to set up a special committee to compile a comprehensive report and draw up practical strategies for complete disarmament.
"The special committee should report on how the material, technology and equipment needed for production of nuclear weapons has been transferred to the Zionist regime in contravention of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and come up with practical plans to make the Middle East free from nuclear arms," he said. 
"Certain powerful states are attempting to lay the foundations of a nuclear apartheid system through discriminatory approach to the access of NPT member states to peaceful nuclear material, equipment and technology."
"Therefore, we are concerned that with certain powerful states imposing their full domination on nuclear energy technology and sources and preventing other states from enjoying such technologies, we will witness a wide gap between the powerful states and others and division of world countries into bright and dark nations in the future." 
"Unfortunately, no effective steps have been taken over the past 30 years to operationalize the recognized rights of NPT member states to gain access to civilian application of nuclear energy as per Article 4 of the Treaty. "So, it is essential for the General Assembly to require International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to file a report as per Article 2 of the Agency's Articles of Association on violations committed by certain countries in preventing the operationalization of this article and to offer practical and applicable solutions for its materialization."
Logic............YET the JG Noahides rage
"The point which deserves to be given attention is that applying nuclear energy for civilian purposes without possessing fuel cycle is an empty term. Nuclear plants in a country, if they make that country permanently dependent on bullying states which spare no efforts to advance their own goals, will be nothing but to make the country and its nation dependent on others more than ever before. No popular and responsible government does regard such work as a service to its nation." "The story of oil in oil-rich countries under foreign domination is an experience which no independent country is ready to repeat," the Iranian president said.
Speaking to CNN, Ahmadinejad noted to the high prices and profits requested by some countries and western countries for the sales of nuclear fuel and indicated that this may be a good business for Iran to get into.
Iran War Clouds On
The Harvest Moon
The New Moon of Sanhedrin

Rumsfeld 10-12 Is Imminent

By Webster Griffin Tarpley
WASHINGTON, DC -- The Bush-Cheney war drive continues unabated, despite hurricane Katrina. The US government continues to operate under Cheney's order to prepare in the short term for the nuclear bombing of Iran in the wake of a new 9/11 of state sponsored, false flag synthetic terrorism, as revealed in late July by Philip Giraldi in The American Conservative.
But Iran is not the only possible target in the wake of a new 9/11. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, speaking at the United Nations this past week, formally accused the US of preparing an unprovoked aggression against his country as well. Chavez promised a hundred years, war to beat back such an invasion.
Bush had pledged to the German CDU-CSU opposition that there would be no attack on Iran before today's German election. 
Got to let Merkle the Goyim Ger Toshav win first, then get Germany's approval for another PURIM Festival of the Bushitler ad-menstruation
The result of the German voting indicates that Gerhard Schroeder of the SPD may well be able to remain in power as the chancellor of an independent Germany. Schroeder has pledged that he will not take part in a US-led attack on Iran. His challenger, Angelika Merkel, is a neocon (Talmudic Freemason rainbow girlie man) and far too weak to be able to resist orders from Bush and Cheney to join in the planned suicidal adventure. This was sensed by German voters, who declined to give Merkel a mandate to rule.
she lost, thank goodness
The most immediate war signal is a 180-degree policy reversal by the British government, with an announcement that the long-touted pullout of UK troops from Iraq will not occur. Instead, one of the British elite units, the 7th Armoured Brigade, will arrive in Iraq in October:
"Secret plans by the Government to reduce troop numbers in Iraq have been shelved - and there is now no official date for the withdrawal of British soldiers, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.- "The decision comes as ministers prepare to announce an unexpected redeployment of up to 6,000 members of the 7th Armoured Brigade - the renowned Desert Rats - in the conflict zone next month. This follows growing concerns that Iraq is heading into full-scale civil war. Under the original withdrawal plans of John Reid, the Defence Secretary, up to 8,500 troops should have returned to Britain by next month with the rest coming home by the middle of next year.- (Sunday Telegraph, September 18, 2005)
It is necessary abandon any illusions that the Bush-Cheney disaster relief and civil defense debacle in the wake of hurricane Katrina will do anything to avoid or even postpone the war mobilization on the part of the US. Do not be deceived by the ostentatious presence, for the moment, of parts of the US 82nd Airborne Division in New Orleans. On Sept. 2, the Washington Post announced that the US military had discarded its plans to boost the troop presence in Iran during the October 15 to December 15 period, the time of the Iraqi constitutional referendum and the parliamentary elections. Defending these elections is the obvious cover story for a US buildup targeting Iran. General John Vines in Baghdad suggested that there would be only an increase of 2,000 soldiers over and above the current level of just under 140,000. (Washington Post, September 3, 2002) The Pentagon had earlier suggested that the level would have to be increased to 160,000 for the election period. What would the impact of the New Orleans situation be?
Rumsfeld and Meyers, in a Sept. 6 press conference at the Pentagon, told reporters that the "plus-up- was going to proceed on schedule, thus giving the US the extra capability needed for the type of raids into Iran that are now being contemplated:
Asked whether the military's response to the Katrina disaster had been hindered by the Iraq deployment, Rumsfeld shot back: "It's just flat wrong. Anyone who's saying that doesn't understand the situation." Myers concurred, pointing to the decision to bring back the Louisiana and Mississippi guard units as evidence of the military's flexibility.,
Ironically, the main accuser of Iran in the State Department is none other than the discredit hack Robert Joseph, who was responsible for the infamous 16 words about Iraq seeking nuclear weapons into Bush's January 2002 State of the Union Address; these words played an important role in setting up the attack on Iraq. Joseph's slide show is entitled "A History of Concealment and Deception,- and alleges that Ian is committed to developing nuclear weapons, although it offers no proof.
Joining in the bluster is Zalmay Khalilzad, the US Ambassador to Iraq. Khalilzad, a leading neocon in his own right, delivered a diatribe against Syria from the podium of the State Department:
"Our patience is running out with Syria. They need to decide: Are they going to be with a successful Iraq or are they going to be an obstacle to the success of Iraq? Iraq will succeed. Iraq will succeed. Syria has to decide what price it's willing to pay in making Iraq success difficult. And time is running out for Damascus to decide on this issue.....- Special Briefing, Washington, September 12, 2005)
A few days later, State Department spokesman Ada Ereli repeated the same threats:
"Syria, more and more, is being recognized as a destabilizing element in the region." "It's not just about Iraq; it's about Iraq, it's about Lebanon, it's about the Palestinian Authority. Because there's a connection between Syria and terrorism and murder and mayhem in each of these three different areas." (Associated Press, 17/09/2005)
Are the neocons (Talmudic Jews and their Treasonous proselytes)  seriously proposing to attack both Iran and Syria at the same time, in a double flight forward from their current hopeless situation in Iraq? Or was this strategic deception, designed to let Iranians think they might not be next?
Bush himself, although nearer than ever to a nervous breakdown as a result of wide criticism of the Katrina disaster, is still on message, and the message is a new terror attack. On September 6, Bush remarked:
"What I intend to do is to lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong. And I'll tell you why: It's very important for us to understand the relationship between the federal government, the state government and the local government when it comes to a major catastrophe And the reason it's important is that we still live in an unsettled world. 
Not yet enslaved to the shemborg collective
We want to make sure that we can respond properly if there's a WMD attack or another major storm. And so I'm going to find out over time what went right and what went wrong." (September 6, 2005)
and set up Military Martial Law
A few days later, on Sept. 13, Bush specified that Iran is the main target of the US, at least for the moment. Speaking of his talks at the UN this past week, Bush stated that his main goal was to haul Iran before the UN Security Council:
"I will bring the subject up with leaders whom I'll be meeting with today and tomorrow and later on this week I will be speaking candidly about Iran with the - Hu Jintao, as well as with President Putin, for example. Just had a conversation with Tony Blair and the subject came up.... It is very important for the world to understand that Iran with a nuclear weapon will be incredibly destabilizing. And, therefore, we must work together to prevent them from having the wherewithal to develop a nuclear weapon.-
Knowledgeable observers around the world are fully aware of the slide towards an immensely wider war in the Middle East. 
For eretz ITSREALHELL, Babylon Proper
At the end of August, Anthony Wedgewood Benn, the grand old man of the left wing of the British Labour Party, warned that Bush might see the attack on Iran as a
"way to regain some of the political credibility he has lost.
What must be intended is a US airstrike, or airstrikes, on Iranian nuclear installations, comparable to Israel's bombing of Iraq in 1981Some influential Americans appear to be convinced that the US will attack Iran. The build-up to a new war is taking exactly the same form as it did in 2002" against Iraq. 
While the US and UK talked of diplomatic measures, leaked UK memos show that the decision to go to war had already been taken long before. That may be the position now, and I fear that if a US attack does take place, the prime minister will give it his full support. Now that the US president has announced that he has not ruled out an attack on Iran, if it does not abandon its nuclear programme, the Middle East faces a crisis that could dwarf even the dangers arising from the war in Iraq. Even a conventional weapon fired at a nuclear research centre -- whether or not a bomb was being made there -- would almost certainly release radioactivity into the atmosphere, with consequences seen worldwide as a mini-Hiroshima.- (Guardian, Aug. 31, 2005)
George Galloway, on a book tour in the US, was alert to importance of a new synthetic terrorist to furnish the pretext for the coming attack. He told Alex Jones in a radio interview:
"So you cannot discount some kind of provocation being staged by those elements who want to propel the US into an even more disastrous invasion.-
Sanhedrin of the Devil
As Alex Jones summed up the exchange, "Galloway went on to suggest that it is not beyond the realm of imagination for a situation to arise where the power hungry elite in the US uses staged provocation to drag Iran into a geopolitical set-to, using Israel as the hammer. If this were to happen, the consequences could be as far reaching as to start a third world war which would be devastating for humanity. This would provide the authorities with the perfect excuse to set up a police state domestically to regulate the activities of everyone and have complete control.-
Global Noahide Enslavement to their Dragon
 (, September 13, 2005)
Iran's new President Achmadinejad told the United Nations on September 16:
"A country which possesses the biggest nuclear arsenal, embarks on proliferation of nuclear weapons in defiance of the safeguards and threatens to use them against others, is not competent to comment on peaceful use of nuclear know-how by other states. These countries should be brought under supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency.- (IRNA, September 16, 2005)
The British International Institute for Strategic Studies has in effect confirmed the finding of the CIA's latest National Intelligence Estimate, which found that Iran was many years away from being able to build atomic bombs. According to the French press, "It appears probable that Iran does not have significant stocks of non-declared fissile material, or that it is dissimulating the installations capable of producing such material." (Le Monde, September 7, 2005)
Retired Gen. Colin Powell told Barbara Walters of 20/20 that "there is no military solution for the problem with Iran.- Powell recommended instead a creative diplomatic solution. (20/20, ABC television, September 9, 2005)
New revelations from the Pentagon's Able Danger military intelligence unit have, whatever the intentions of the leading actors, tended to re-open the entire 9/11 question in ways which pose serious dangers not only for Bush, but for the whole of the pro-war invisible government faction. Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) revealed on September 15 that "a Pentagon employee was ordered to destroy documents that identified Mohamed Atta as a terrorist two years before the 2001 attacks.The employee is prepared to testify next week before the Senate Judiciary Committee and was expected to name the person who ordered him to destroy the large volume of documents.- (Associated Press, September 15, 2005)
The usual suspects have continued to beat the drum for a new 9/11. Joseph Farah offered the following terror scenario: "Raising new concerns about the use of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, al-Qaeda is planning spectacular attacks next month against the U.S., Russia and Europe in what it is calling the Great Ramadan Offensive., Ramadan, the holiest period in the Muslim calendar, begins Oct. 4 this year and lasts a month. (World Net Daily, September 8, 2005) Such an event would be the immediate prelude to a move against Iran.
An alleged America al-Qaeda has also been dredged up with a histrionic tape threatening terror attacks against Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia.
More to the point may be the following op-ed from Jim Hoagland in the Washington Post:
"Bush's informal minister of war, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, perhaps best captures this spirit. Think constantly and urgently about 10/12, he reportedly tells Pentagon staffers in private meetings - and what you will wish you had done to prevent it. The 10/12 reference is Rumsfeld's epigrammatic way, not of predicting the date of a new terror attack, but of emphasizing that the horror of 9/11 is likely to be repeated and augmented. It is a chilling symbol of the broad challenge that Bush must confront.- (Jim Hoagland, "Cruel September,- Washington Post, September 15, 2005)
We might do well to take Rumsfeld quite seriously. As already noted, the immediate window for an attack on Iran would appear to be approximately the interval that spans the October 15 constitutional referendum and the December 15 general elections in Iran. The US invisible government (Sanhedrin Hassidim) might deliver a new 9/11 at any time within this interval, or even sooner. We should at the same time bear in mind that the US timetable for aggression will depend very heavily on surprise bombing attacks, with limited use of special forces and paratroopers to seize and destroy key labs, nuclear facilities, reactor sites, enrichment plants, and the like.
As in Desert Storm and the March 2003 attack, it must be expected that the US-UK bombers will prefer to go into action during the dark of the moon, when planes are harder to locate. The new moons of the last quarter of 2005 are as follows:
October 3
November 2
December 1
Everything points to one of these new moons as the period of maximum danger of a US-UK sneak attack on Iran. Working backward, we can assume that the new 9/11 provocation that must furnish the pretext for this attack will have to take place several days to two weeks earlier, in order to orchestrate public opinion and complete last-minute military preparations. We have therefore already entered the danger zone for spectacular terrorist events staged by the rogue network infesting the key departments and agencies of the US government. It is time for a political mobilization to stop these events from happening.

It is written



from Sanhedrin, response in Blue

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט


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Deuteronomy 33
. 26 There is none like unto God, O Jeshurun, who rideth upon the heaven as thy help, and in His excellency on the skies. 27 The eternal God is a dwelling-place, and underneath are the everlasting arms; and He thrust out the enemy from before thee, and said: 'Destroy.' 28 And Israel dwelleth in safety,
The seed of Abraham, the Father of many nations who was a Chaldean from Ur, and no jew, but them who are his seed by FAITH in Jesus the Christ the WORD from the beginning Heirs to his Promise........sorry "SAYERS" whose flesh profits you NOTHING
the fountain of Jacob alone, in a land of corn and wine; yea, his heavens drop down dew. 29 Happy art thou, O Israel, who is like unto thee? a people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help, and that is the sword of thy excellency!
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the TRUE seed of ISRAEL who by faith Believed the WORD which in your tradition you and your fathers make of none  effect  and have "Replaced the WORD by your perversions of Babylon
And thine enemies shall dwindle away before thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places. {S}
and indeed the LORD comes with his ten thousands of his saints who stand firm for that same REDEEMER from the Beginning the Creator Christ Jesus the ONLY Messiah, and you and your fathers are Idol worshippers of strange gods who are no gods, but LEGION
You garnish the Sepulchers of the Messengers sent early who you admit your fathers slew from ABEL to Zacharias in the Gate


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