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December 2 , 2005 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Kislev 1, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766


Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The Sanhedrin's Noahide Peru

The Nasi cries Nazi, then they peg the term Neo Nasi against any who oppose their Shemborg Collective that controls every king of the earth who are drunk with the cup of the whore/s iniquity.

After all anti-shematism is necessary to bring in their Moshiach ben satan false Christ and his Hoodlum haha Odor. Soon you will beging hearing Bushitler and the Talmudic Media causing strife and Propaganda in Peru.



Courtesy of Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein

Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein, chief rabbi of Lima, Peru´s largest synagogue, Asociacion Judia 1870.


On rise in Peru, anti-Semitic attacks
threaten stability of Jewish community

December 1, 2005

BUENOS AIRES, Dec. 1 (JTA) — The Peruvian Jewish community is suffering from a rise in anti-Semitic attacks, according to Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein, chief rabbi of the largest and most influential of the capital city’s three main synagogues, Lima’s Asociacion Judia 1870.

He also believes that divisions within the community are developing as a result of political and social events unfolding in this unstable Andean country.

“It’s very rare that one hears of anti-Semitic statements in Lima, but in recent times there has been an obvious increase due to two major causes. Firstly, the increase of neo-Nazi groups, still a tiny minority but very noisy. The Jewish community is keeping a watchful eye on their activities,” Bronstein said.

Secondly, the closeness of certain members of the Jewish community to this government” of President Alejandro Toledo “and apparent heavy influence over government decisions has exposed us to certain criticisms. At the same time one must say that there are members of this government, like, for example, the vice president, David Waisman — a member of our congregation — who are very popular and esteemed in the public eye.”

Adding to the dangers posed by these two situations is a rapidly rising ethnic, indigenous, super-nationalist movement led by two Peruvian ex-military men, the Humala brothers, who have led two small rebellions against the Toledo government.

“They are openly xenophobic and have principally targeted their attacks at Chileans due to longstanding tensions between Peru and Chile, and Jews,” Bronstein said.

Since 1985, the Argentinean-raised Bronstein has been at the Asociacion Judia 1870, a Conservative congregation of German Jewish origin with about 200 families.

“In total we are about 3,000 Jews in Peru, with only three main synagogues, ours and two other, Orthodox temples. The vast majority of Jews live in Lima but there is a small community in Iquitos,” the main city in the Peruvian Amazon, “as well as scattered Jewish families living in cities like Arequipa, Trujillo and Cuzco.”

In the past few months there have been anti-Semitic threats against Salomon Lerner, the judge in charge of the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Noahide Court

 The commission was appointed to investigate the deadly insurgency of the Shining Path guerrilla movement and the excesses of the military during its crackdown on the Shining Path in the 1980s and early 1990s during an internal war believed to be responsible for some 80,000 deaths.

Lerner’s commission, after an exhaustive study, determined that 53 percent of the deaths were directly attributable to the Shining Path and the other 47 percent were the responsibility of the Peruvian armed forces. The report details how most of the victims of this period were innocent people.

The threats against Lerner have been anonymous, Bronstein says, “although they probably come from some extreme elements within the military in response to the report of the commission, which accused them of excessive force.”

Bronstein noted that Salomon Lerner, a law professor at the Catholic University in Lima, is actually a practicing Catholic;

Sanhedrin's Noahide catholicos of Simon Magus deception for two thousand years

 his father is Jewish and his mother Catholic. Lerner’s brother, Boris, is a practicing Jew and a member of Bronstein’s congregation.

The case of Alberto Fujimori, the populist ex-president who held office from 1990 to 2000, is proving to be a highly divisive factor within the Jewish community.

Charged with corruption and complicity in human rights violations in some of the massacres that occurred in the war against the Shining Path, Fujimori escaped prosecution by secretly leaving the country in October 2000 as his grasp on power slipped.

He resurfaced in Japan, sent his resignation to Peru by fax, and lived in Japan for five years. Just a few weeks ago Fujimori was detained in Chile and is being held for extradition to Peru to face the numerous charges against him.

“The Jewish community is very divided over Fujimori, with the basic lines drawn as the business community supporting him and the intellectual community against him,” said Bronstein. “The businessmen see the real possibility that Fujimori could return to power, not necessarily as president. But with a congressional bloc of 15-20 out of 120 seats, 

same old Demonicrazy which is not a REPUBLIC Democracy

anybody would have to negotiate with Fujimori to run the country. Other members of the Jewish community, mainly the intellectuals, perceive a return to power of Fujimori — in any form — as a democratic disaster for the country.”

To further complicate Peru’s social and political unrest, the country’s severe economic recession between 1997 and 2003 affected many Jews, who saw their wages drop and their savings drained. There have been economic problems for the Jewish institutions, although nothing on the order of the complete collapse that was seen in Argentina, for example.


the TRUTH of the Peruvian

Talmudic Shame-atism

Friday May 14, 2004

Scandals shake Peru’s tiny Jewish community

by larry luxner

lima, peru | The first lady of Peru, Eliane Karp, is Jewish. So is the country’s second vice president, David Waisman. And under former President Alberto Fujimori, the Peruvian economy was supervised by a Jewish finance minister, Efrain Goldenberg.

Yet the nation’s 3,000-member Jewish community — an island of wealth in the midst of 25 million poor people — has been shaken by various scandals that have resulted in the imprisonment of some of its most prominent members.

Combined with general economic and political uncertainty in Peru, the scandals have led to the decline of the community in recent years.

The most serious scandal involves the loss of more than $40 million by 100 to 200 Jews who had invested their life savings in the Panama-based offshore holding company of Banco Nuevo Mundo, or BNM.

The company’s six directors, all of them Jewish, sold millions of dollars in promissory notes to Jews and various Jewish organizations — including a retirement home — advertising annual interest rates of 10 percent or higher. Yet these notes became worthless when the Peruvian government, investigating allegations of impropriety, closed BNM.

“It was a big blow for the community,” said Herman Blank, vice president of Union Israelita del Peru, an Ashkenazi congregation that represents around 50 percent of Peru’s Jews. “Some people say they were completely wiped out, that they lost all their savings. We are really worried about what’s happened, and we hope that some money can be recovered.”

Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein of Sociedad Israelita de 1870 said BNM’s directors were warned three times by Peru’s superintendent of banking that the company needed to increase its capital.

“The bank was closed in December 2000,” he said. “Since then, not one cent has been reimbursed to the investors,” while “the bank’s shareholders have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to their lawyers.”

In June 2001, Bronstein said, he and two other Lima rabbis issued a psak din, or decree, excommunicating all six directors for failing to accept responsibility and return the money.

“According to Torah law and halachah, (Talmud Bavli) (Talmudic Peruvian Law of Noahide Enforcement)  the shareholders were responsible and must give back their savings to those who lost money,” he said.

But not to the "Goyim"

 “We also established that, as the shareholders did not do their part, they were not to participate in any ceremony or minyan. Should any of them die, they can be buried in the Jewish cemetery, but in a separate section.”

Meanwhile, Fujimori, who fled the country amid allegations of corruption, lives in exile in Japan, while Goldenberg is the subject of a government probe investigating the alleged mismanagement of $140 million in state funds.

Goldenberg, who resides in Lima, declined to be interviewed about the allegations, which remain unproven.

The current president, Alejandro Toledo, is among the most unpopular heads of state in Latin America — polls show his approval rating at around 11 percent — though he is struggling to reduce poverty and clean up corruption in his administration.

In the midst of this chaos, Peru’s Jewish population — which in the 1970s numbered 6,000 — continues to shrink.

And it is no anti-Shematism which has caused it, But jews who swindel jews as is their Talmudic nature against all of mankind 

“The community grows smaller every day because of the economic and political situation,” said Eric Topf, a prominent Lima architect and past president of B’nai B’rith Peru, which has 80 mostly elderly members. “People don’t encourage their sons and daughters who were sent to college in the U.S. and Israel to come back.”

Jews have lived in Peru since the earliest days of the Spanish Inquisition, though the first Jewish wave of immigration in modern times peaked around 1875.

Following a war between Chile and Peru from 1879-1883 that devastated the Peruvian economy, Jews fled to other countries, and the community nearly disappeared.

The second wave of immigration began in the 1920s, when Jews from Europe and North Africa came to Peru in search of economic opportunity. That lasted until the onset of the Holocaust, when immigration was closed to Jews.

For the Rothchild plan was to Itsrealhell for zionism

Of Peru’s 3,000 Jews, Topf said with some exaggeration, “2,999 of them live in Lima,” where the Union Israelita del Peru has approximately 500 member families.

Most of the remaining Jews are split between the Sociedad de Beneficiencia Israelita Sefaradi and the Sociedad Israelita de 1870, with about 200 families each.

In addition, Lima has a small Bet Chabad. Lately, the Lubavitchers have begun sending matzah and other kosher food from New York and organizing annual seders in Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital that has become a magnet for Israeli backpackers hiking the Inca Trail and visiting the “lost city” of Machu Picchu.

There also are two small groups outside Lima that have strong ties to Judaism. One, the B’nai Moshe, consists of converts from Christianity. Several hundred of these so-called “Inca Jews” have made aliyah, most of them moving to the West Bank settlement of Elon Moreh.

The second group comprises about 170 descendants of Moroccan Jewish immigrants who live in the Amazon jungle port of Iquitos, and who are seeking recognition by Lima’s Jewish establishment.

Despite the recent scandals that have placed the Jewish community in a negative light, Blank said he’s seen no real increase in anti-Semitism.

“It’s true that some newspapers and TV stations have identified the people involved as Jews,” he said. “But I wouldn’t say the scandals generated more anti-Semitism than before. Jews are emigrating to the United States or Israel because of the political and economic situation here. It doesn’t have anything to do with anti-Semitism.”

where they can fleece the Amaraka sheeple much easier



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You Better be for that One UNIT GOD, Jesus the Creator the image of the invisible God which no rib-eye of Sanhedrin has ever seen........IS COMING with Great Wrath, to see the seventy ancients of the House of Itsrealhell for the abomination they do therein.
Ezekiel where art thou?


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Iw=idol worker



Noahide Poland catholicos



New Chabad House Opens In Warsaw
WARSAW, POLAND — Thursday, December 01, 2005
With the opening of a Chabad House in Warsaw, the city’s Jewish community will finally enjoy the full range of Jewish communal services offered by Chabad.

The opening of the first full-time center in Poland under the direction of Rabbi Shalom Ber and Dina Stambler was made official at the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim last Sunday.

Until now, Chabad served Poland’s Jewish community through its rabbinical students who came at regular intervals throughout the year under the Lubavitch Jewish Community Enrichment Program. “Our rabbinical students—who had begun to visit Poland with the Rebbe’s blessing back in 1990,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, “provided a critical service to the county’s Jews.” But a variety of factors, not least of which is the growth of Poland’s Jewish population placed at 10,000 according to census figures, and double that according to Stambler—have contributed to the decision by Lubavitch to step up its activities there: Poland joined the European Union last year; the country has become increasingly open to Western trade and influences; Jewish traffic has swelled; and a new generation of Polish Jewry is beginning to face their Jewish roots with curiosity and interest.

The board at Lubavitch Headquarters has “carefully considered the Rebbe’s instructions in this regard,” said Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky. Krinsky, Chairman of the Lubavitch educational and social services division was referring to the Rebbe’s advice to several activists who met with him in 1990 regarding Poland’s Jewish population, advocating sending “instructors, teachers and leaders” to educate Jews in Poland, and to provide them with “opportunities for Jewish life.”

Watch out the Peruvian Hassidim are coming Poland, Goldangreenberg gonna be your treasurer.

The new Chabad representatives and the 10 rabbinical students who will be studying at the newly formed Lubavitch yeshiva in Warsaw, will be filling the roles of “instructors, teachers and leaders” to answer the Rebbe’s call. Building on the groundwork laid by Chabad’s visiting rabbinical students who, over the years, developed a large database with names of Jews scattered across Poland’s cities, towns and small villages, explained Rabbi Stambler, “Chabad’s newly arrived Yeshiva students will be spending Shabbat in different locations each week, meeting people and organizing services and Shabbat celebrations.”

Stambler and his wife are at the heart of a Jewish renaissance in Poland, managing an already thriving Chabad operation that includes a full schedule of Torah study classes, large Shabbat celebrations, a Sunday school, kindergarten, weekly social gatherings for various age groups, and more. Organizations such as the Lauder Foundation have been operating extensively over several years in the region, working to wake the remnants of Polish Jewry from their slumber following the holocaust.

According to Meir Stambler, a Chabad businessman who travels to Warsaw frequently with his father and partner, Zalman, the need for Jewish activity keeps growing. The Stamblers, along with the younger brother—Shalom Ber, began meeting and studying with people on their trips to Warsaw in recent years and hosted several Shabbat and holiday celebrations. Their activities, starting on a small scale, have become increasingly popular with growing numbers of locals and traveling businesspeople asking for more.

“In many ways Polish Jewry is still in hiding,” says David Tennenbaum, a holocaust survivor from Poland currently living in Queens, New York. Tennenbaum describes himself as a lone-ranger whose mission to bring Polish Jews back to their roots has brought him to Poland several times a year since the 1970’s. “Many Jews here want to be Polish, and nothing more. Others have tried to build a Jewish community and not succeeded. But Chabad’s activities under Rabbi Shalom Ber Stambler, who is building on his family’s foundation, are unique. I have not seen any kind of Jewish movement like this here since the war.”

With the generous support of the Rohr Family Foundation, Mr. Joseph Newman of New York, and the Stamblers, Chabad’s will offer Poland’s Jews all the opportunities for Jewish growth. The new center includes a library, study rooms and kosher restaurant- a particularly welcome development for Jewish businessmen and travelers, who number well over 20,000 each year.

“The most incredible thing is meeting Jews who have lived their entire lives unaware of, or carefully hiding, their Judaism,” says Stambler. He points to notable examples such as Poland’s former foreign minister and the wife of Warsaw’s former mayor, whom he recently discovered were Jewish. “As Jewish awareness grows, many have begun to come out of the closet, as it were, and allow the joy of Judaism to become a part of their lives,” he says.

Chabad of Warsaw is located at Slominskiego 19-508. For more information, contact Rabbi Shalom Ber Stambler at +48 603 200 485.

eye for an eye, the Revenge of the Pharisees, Noahide enforced poland, Goodbye Polish sausage


Aholah Dan Declares all out war on her whore sister Aholibah Judah

December 02, 2005

Rabbi Elyashiv Aplogizes – Wait a minute! Maybe not …, Chabad Declares War On Agudath Israel, Degel HaTorah

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the spiritual leader of Israel's Lithuanian haredim and of the Degel HaTorah political, party apologized today for slighting the Gerrer Rebbe, widely seen as the leader of Israel's hasidic haredim. Except that Rabbi Elyashiv, who quite regularly speaks out of both sides of his mouth, did not really apologize or, if he did, he did not do it for attribution. Matthew Wagner of the Jerusalem Post reports:

A purposely obscure, face-saving meeting Thursday between MK Moshe Gafni (Degel Hatorah) and the Gerer Rebbe, Rabbi Ya'acov Aryeh Alter, facilitated the merging of the Hassidic and Lithuanian haredi political parties into a united list.

After the meeting between Gafni and the Gerer rebbe, the Lithuanian Degel Hatora and the Hassidic Agudat Yisrael related contradictory reports on exactly what happened.

According to Agudat Yisrael, Gafni apologized to the Gerer rebbe in the name of Degel Hatorah for slighting the Hassidic leader.

According to Degel Hatorah, no apology was offered. The meeting had nothing to do with the ongoing tension between the two haredi parties that caused a split at the beginning of the year.

MK Ya'acov Litzman has demanded that Degel Hatorah apologize to the Gerer Rebbe for ignoring the Hassidic leader's opinion on joining Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's coalition.

However, Degel Hatorah has been unwilling to compromise itself by openly admitting that an apology was justified. [This is the same reason Rabbi Elyashiv has not publicly retracted erroneous rulings including his ruling against Indian hair wigs and his riduculous claim that Rabbi Nosson Slifkin was a heretic and that his books contained heresy. Rabbi Elyashiv doesn't like to look human in public. – FM editor.]

The Gerer Rebbe disagreed with Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the supreme halachic and spiritual authority for Degel Hatorah on how to join the government coalition. The Gerer rebbe felt it was important for all Agudah members to accept positions in the government immediately, while Rabbi Elyashiv demanded a three-month waiting period.

Gafni and Avraham Ravitz the two Degel MKs split with the three Agudah MKs after Agudah refused to accept Elyashiv's opinion.…

What is the motivation for this 'reconciliation'?

However, despite their difference there is one strong impetus for running on a united list: both parties are dangerously close to falling below the three-mandate minimum if they run alone.

Ah, but there is more to this starry-eyed love affair than meets the eye. Chabad has quietly gone on the warpath against Agudath Israel and, therefore against the Gerrer Rebbe, forcing Agudah to accept Rabbi Elyashiv's non-apology:

Rightwing haredi elements, particularly Chabad followers, plan to run an aggresive campaign against Agudah for sitting in the government during disengagement, said a Chabad source.

"An American Millionaire plans to fund a campaign that shows that [Agudath Israel's] Litzman was a partner in that crime."


Non essential "j-lo" useless trash, concealment of switch and spoof

moved to "Goon Squad III



Are you ready for the whores wars unto desolation?

The deception of the shemborg

Last update - 22:31 02/12/2005


Israel test-fires missile as Iran nuclear threat looms

By Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and Reuters

Israel carried out a successful test of its Arrow anti-missile system Friday morning, which Defense Ministry officials called a response to the increasing threat of ballistic missiles in the region.

The test launch came as a Russian newspaper reported that Iran has signed a deal to buy Russian tactical surface-to-air missile systems. The reports comes one day after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warned of the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

"The success of the test will improve the operational capabilities that already exist today in the Arrow system, which will be able to successfully cope with future threats," said Defense Ministry director general Yaakov Toran.

The simulated enemy missile used in the test resembles the Iranian Shahab-3 and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The test enemy missile was fired from an airplane over the Mediterranean Sea, from the west. The Arrow anti-missile missile was fired at 10:28 A.M. from an Israel Air Force base in the center of the country, and hit the target.

Friday's test is the 14th test of the Arrow system, which is being developed with the United States, and the ninth test of the missile itself.

Foreign Ministry condemns missile deal with Tehran
Also Friday the Foreign Ministry condemned an agreement reported by a Russian newspaper on a missile transaction between Moscow and Iran.

"The regime in Iran is extreme, supports radical terrorist groups and has articulated only recently its opposition to peace and reconciliation in the Middle East," spokesman Mark Regev said.

"When a country hopes to strengthen the military potential of Iran, they are serving to strengthen the most negative elements in the region," he added.

The Russian Vedomosti daily reported Friday that Iran is to buy 29 TOR-M1 systems, designed to bring down aircraft and guided missiles at low altitudes, citing Russian defense sources close to the deal.

The deal is the biggest sale of Russian defense hardware to Iran for about five years, the newspaper said. It did not say how much the order was worth.

Russian defense industry officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The United States said Friday it was looking into reports that Russia and Iran had signed an agreement for Russia to provide Tor M-1 air defense systems to Iran.

The newspaper cited an unidentified manager at a military-industrial enterprise.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said "we are at this point evaluating these reports" and that he could not validate them.

Tehran is under intense international pressure after failing to convince the United States and others its nuclear scientists are working on fuel for power stations rather than bombs.

Russia is helping Iran build a nuclear power station at Bushehr.

Sharon: A nuclear Iran endangers many countries
Sharon said Thursday that Israel is watching with growing concern Iran's efforts to achieve nuclear capabilities, and that Israel cannot accept the current situation.

However, Sharon added that "Israel is not spearheading the international struggle against Iran's nuclear arming," although he said it is working with the countries that are at the forefront.

The danger posed by Iran "does not relate only to Israel," Sharon told the editors convention at Sokolov House in Tel Aviv. "It puts at risk Israel, Middle Eastern countries and many other countries around the world. Therefore the efforts led by the U.S. today must include free countries that understand this grave danger."

Noahide Nations

Earlier this week, Military Intelligence chief Major General Aharon Ze'evi (Farkash) said diplomacy would have failed if Iran was still working on producing nuclear weapons by March.

"If by the end of March 2006, the international community does not manage to use diplomatic means to block Iran's effort to produce a nuclear bomb, there will no longer be any reason to continue diplomatic activity in this field, and it will be possible to say that the international attempts to thwart [Iran's efforts] have failed," Ze'evi told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Purim Iran as was Purim Iraq, Purim Eve March 17, 2003

Several MKs said they thought Ze'evi was saying military efforts would become necessary by April.

"The comments by the head of Military Intelligence convey a harsh, worrying and dark picture," said committee chairman MK Yuval Steinitz (Likud). "Iran is going to become a nuclear power in the region and the world is helpless."



There will be No withdrawal, For they need another war, another enemy to be added to the fray to keep Eretz Itsrealhell to bring in their Moshiach

Another false flag op of their terror to come in the USA?

The withdrawal from Iraq is coming

By Ze'ev Schiff

Israel must prepare itself for the American withdrawal from Iraq. An American withdrawal, especially if it takes place without the United States achieving its main goals in Iraq, will certainly influence the strategic situation throughout the region. The American military deployment in the Middle East in the wake of the Iraq war is of unprecedented scope. Its forces are deployed on the flanks of Iran and Syria, opposite Lebanon and near Jordan and Saudi Arabia. As a result, Iran and Syria are behaving much more cautiously.

However, the American public is badly influenced by the events in Iraq and the losses suffered there, without any sign of a tangible solution approaching. That feeling has penetrated Congress, and members of the president's own party are starting to talk about the need to develop an "exit strategy" from Iraq. President Bush's popularity is at an unprecedented low. But Bush keeps reiterating that he will not order an exit from Iraq until the goals of the war are met.

Well-informed American sources say that senior Republican Party officials are already dealing with the question of whom to send to the White House when Bush's term is over. They fear that the current situation will cause a Republican downfall in the next presidential elections, so they want to change the timetable for the withdrawal from Iraq. That will require them to change Washington's strategic goals in Iraq gradually. It's something the U.S. has done before, in Vietnam, as Henry Kissinger did.

American experts are already talking about it, saying that after the Iraqi elections a new government will be formed there with a different composition and more ministers from the Sunni community. With the Iraqi government's agreement, the process of "Iraqization" of the war against "the rebels" will begin in 2006. Something similar happened during the war in Vietnam, known as Vietnamization.

In Iraq, there is talk that the process will enable the U.S. to pull its forces out of the cities in 2006. The U.S. military involvement in Iraq will mostly be aerial support, deployment on the Iraq-Syria border and logistical help. That will reduce the number of American troops there, and as a result, the numbers of American casualties.

America's enemies will certainly exploit those changes to claim that Washington failed to achieve its minimal goals in the Iraq war. When defeated in wars in the past, the Arabs often managed to convince their people that they won. In any case, an unsuccessful American withdrawal from Iraq will certainly cause Iran to step up its involvement there, strengthen Hezbollah and further encourage terror against Israel.

The same fear Tactic always used in their hassidic talmudic Propaganda progrommes

Al-Qaida will also feel more confident in its attacks on moderate and pro-Western regimes like Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Palestinian extremists will draw encouragement from such a development. What doesn't get done before the American withdrawal with regard to Israeli-Palestinian road map arrangements will be much harder to accomplish afterward. The results of various elections in the Middle East could also make things more difficult for the moderates.

In any case, Israel must assume that an American withdrawal from Iraq will take place in three years at the latest, when a new president enters office. It doesn't matter if it is a Democrat or Republican. The new president will surely do everything possible to find a convenient formula for a withdrawal from Iraq. Therefore, Israel must prepare strategically for an American withdrawal and carefully examine what can be achieved in the realm of arrangements with the Palestinians.



Ten marines killed near Iraq's Fallujah

Dec 02 1:26 PM US/Eastern

A roadside explosion killed 10 US marines and wounded 11 more outside of the troubled Iraqi city of Fallujah, the US military said as they launched a new operation in the nearby city of Ramadi. The deadly attack against a foot patrol occurred Thursday, a US military statement said, and was the bloodiest single attack on US military since August.


The violence also coincided with the issue of a report by a Washington-based research group that suggested the insurgency was thriving and could get even stronger.

The marine patrol near Fallujah "was attacked with an IED (improvised explosive device) fashioned from several large artillery shells," the military said.

The deaths brought the US military toll in Iraq to 2,125 soldiers and defense personnel killed since the start of the US-led war in 2003, according to Pentagon figures.



The Fallujah blast came shortly after US and Iraqi forces launched a joint operation in nearby Ramadi where militants had staged a symbolic attack a day earlier.

Approximately 200 Iraqi Army soldiers and 300 Marines were taking part in Operation Shank, the fifth operation over the last few weeks targeting insurgents in the area around Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

The offensive was issued after residents of Ramadi, the capital of the restive province of Al-Anbar, reported on Thursday a sudden insurgent presence on the streets.

Rebels fired a rocket at a US-Iraqi checkpoint, and dozens of fighters briefly roamed unchecked and put up Al-Qaeda posters.

However, US military officials played down the seriousness of the Ramadi attack and called the reports "spurious" propaganda.


Major General Rick Lynch said Thursday that a series of operations over the last few months has been slowly clearing Al-Anbar of insurgents by moving from the Syrian border town of Al-Qaim, eastward down the Euphrates valley towards Ramadi and Fallujah.


According to Lynch these operations had dealt severe blows against the insurgents, especially the forces of Jordanian-born militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

"He is struggling because we have taken away his freedom of movement," Lynch said.

A study released by the Washington Institute of Near East Studies on Thursday, however, suggested that the insurgency remained robust as ever and could grow a good deal stronger.

Researchers said the insurgency had managed to exploit only a fraction of the disgruntled minority Sunni Arab population with any kind of military training.

"Should the insurgency succeed in exploiting this untapped potential, it could greatly increase its military capabilities," they wrote.

The analysts said the insurgents had scored "important tactical and operational successes" while establishing themselves as a major force in the Sunni Arab community.


The study maintained that foreign jihadists represented only five to seven percent of the insurgency and did not account for the majority of attacks or fatalities.

The tone of the report contrasted with the assertion in the "national strategy for victory in Iraq" unveiled on Wednesday by President George W. Bush, who said US forces were making "significant progress" in containing the insurgency.


Bush in his speech declined to give any kind of timetable for the reduction of US troops, saying it depended on the situation on the ground.

After a number of countries in the US-led coalition recently announced they would be cutting their troop levels in Iraq by 2006, British Minister of Defense John Reid paid a visit to the southern city of Basra to assess the readiness of Iraqi forces to assume more security responsibilities.

Reid had previously said British troops might begin leaving Iraq by next year, depending on conditions.

The lack of a concrete time table was criticized by Syrian ambassador to the United States Imad Mustapha, who said that Bush "decided on behalf of the Iraqi people what should happen in Iraq," flouting the wishes of Iraqis who want US troops out of their country.


Meanwhile, four Western Christian activists -- including one American, a Briton and two Canadians -- who were kidnapped in Baghdad Saturday and a fifth German archaeologist who was abducted separately on Friday remained in captivity.

Radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr issued a statement appealing for the release of the German national, a 43-year-old woman who converted to Islam and had been living in Iraq for ten years.

A policeman and his brother were gunned down in a drive by shooting in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul, while in the northern oil-hub of Kirkuk, an army officer and the bodyguard of a government official were killed, police said.

On Thursday night, a Shiite was killed and his brother wounded by gunmen dressed as Iraqi soldiers in Baquba.

Only a day earlier, an extremist Sunni group had distributed leaflets in Baquba, north of Baghdad, calling for the beheading of Shiites.


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The Noahide laws will flourish, they will prosper.  It is the way it was meant to be. Not by a man or mortal thinking.   You can't stop what G-d has ordained.   Seriously. 

My Reply

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And you cannot stop from being cast into the Pit by Jesus the Same Redeemer from the Beginning, for it is Written.



1. H.J.RES.104 : To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A.".
Sponsor: Rep Michel, Robert H. [IL-18] (introduced 1/31/1991)      Cosponsors (225)
Committees: House Post Office and Civil Service
Latest Major Action: 3/20/1991 Became Public Law No: 102-14.


Bill of Rights

Amendment I


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


Saints of Jesus the Christ
all others need not read

All Constitutional Law is now nullified. There is no "Bill of rights". By House Joint Resolution 104, PL 102 14 of the 102nd Congress of Treason of these United States, these Laws are forever abolished.

Therefore, The Laws which regulate Tax is therefore nullified.

Your Property rights are abolished

Your right to citizenship is forfeited.

Your right to worship your God is made a criminal act.

So, There is no president of the United States

There is no Congress

There is no Judicial

There is no LAW

Unless they openly admit the courts are TREASONOUS Noahide Courts

Or the Congress of the United States, rescinds this treasonous Public Law and restores the Government of the People by the People and For the People.

It is time to Make your final Stand unto the Coming of the LORD, Jesus the Creator.

All others, I advise you to finds rocks and caves and lowestrooms and Hide. For Candles which cannot burn are hid under the bed.

Searching for One Man or Woman, who has the Funds, and who seeks and Hungers for Righteousness, to Finance a Full Page Ad in the New York Times, about the Treasonous Blasphemous House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14, "restoring" this Nation to the Talmudic anti-Christ Noahide Laws of the beast Sanhedrin.

All of Congress, All the staff of the executive, all Judicial are indicted to answer this call to summons.

If they refuse to accept this Ad, we will sue them in their own Noahide Courts

Contact me:

no you will not get rich on mammon if you send any money for this Advertisement
This cannot be written off on Taxes, we are no IRS, 501 C-3 organization.

Send a Check or Money Order for any amount to:
Robert G. Pickle
P.O Box 489
Bay Minette AL 36507-0489

This is not a request for Seed of Greed creed need. If you are in the lowestroom hiding, you may not want to partake in this Stand against the workers of iniquity.

Saints of Jesus the Christ it is time to bring their cowardly shemsham into the open. It is time that they stop their cowardly antics of coming out in the middle of the night and Taking the Lord's Chosen. Let satan be Exposed. Let satan's workers be Exposed, forever.

Ps:94:16: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?


Noahide News Part 342


The Last Deception

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