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December 12 , 2005 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Kislev 11, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766


Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Apostate "Amaraka" are you ready for the murder of Purim Iran?

Are you ready to send even more of your sons and daughters to perish?,,2089-1920074,00.html

The Sunday Times December 11, 2005

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

ISRAEL’S armed forces have been ordered by Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, to be ready by the end of March for possible strikes on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran, military sources have revealed.

Just in time for "Purim"

The order came after Israeli intelligence warned the government that Iran was operating enrichment facilities, believed to be small and concealed in civilian locations.

Iran’s stand-off with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over nuclear inspections and aggressive rhetoric from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, who said last week that Israel should be moved to Europe, are causing mounting concern.

The crisis is set to come to a head in early March, when Mohamed El-Baradei, the head of the IAEA, will present his next report on Iran. El-Baradei, who received the Nobel peace prize yesterday, warned that the world was “losing patience” with Iran.

War is Peace

A senior White House source said the threat of a nuclear Iran was moving to the top of the international agenda and the issue now was: “What next?” That question would have to be answered in the next few months, he said.

Defence sources in Israel believe the end of March to be the “point of no return” after which Iran will have the technical expertise to enrich uranium in sufficient quantities to build a nuclear warhead in two to four years.

“Israel — and not only Israel — cannot accept a nuclear Iran,” Sharon warned recently. “We have the ability to deal with this and we’re making all the necessary preparations to be ready for such a situation.”

The order to prepare for a possible attack went through the Israeli defence ministry to the chief of staff. Sources inside special forces command confirmed that “G” readiness — the highest stage — for an operation was announced last week.

Gholamreza Aghazadeah, head of the Atomic Organisation of Iran, warned yesterday that his country would produce nuclear fuel. “There is no doubt that we have to carry out uranium enrichment,” he said.

He promised it would not be done during forthcoming talks with European negotiators. But although Iran insists it wants only nuclear energy, Israeli intelligence (Iraq weapons of mass discussion) has concluded it is deceiving the world and has no intention of giving up what it believes is its right to develop nuclear weapons.

A “massive” Israeli intelligence operation has been underway since Iran was designated the “top priority for 2005”, according to security sources.

The same Mossad of the WTC attack

Cross-border operations and signal intelligence from a base established by the Israelis in northern Iraq are said to have identified a number of Iranian uranium enrichment sites unknown to the the IAEA.

Since Israel destroyed the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981, “it has been understood that the lesson is, don’t have one site, have 50 sites”, a White House source said.

said a Treasonous Blasphemous murderer of the shem of shame shemborg collective

If a military operation is approved, Israel will use air and ground forces against several nuclear targets in the hope of stalling Tehran’s nuclear programme for years, according to Israeli military sources.

It is believed Israel would call on its top special forces brigade, Unit 262 — the equivalent of the SAS — and the F-15I strategic 69 Squadron, which can strike Iran and return to Israel without refuelling  

“If we opt for the military strike,” said a source, “it must be not less than 100% successful. It will resemble the destruction of the Egyptian air force in three hours in June 1967.”

Aharon Zeevi Farkash, the Israeli military intelligence chief, stepped up the pressure on Iran this month when he warned Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, that “if by the end of March the international community is unable to refer the Iranian issue to the United Nations security council, then we can say the international effort has run its course”.

Hahahahha is already has

The March deadline set for military readiness also stems from fears that Iran is improving its own intelligence-gathering capability. In October it launched its first satellite, the Sinah-1, which was carried by a Russian space launcher.

“The Iranians’ space programme is a matter of deep concern to us,” said an Israeli defence source. “If and when we launch an attack on several Iranian targets, the last thing we need is Iranian early warning received by satellite.”

Russia last week signed an estimated $1 billion contract — its largest since 2000 — to sell Iran advanced Tor-M1 systems capable of destroying guided missiles and laser-guided bombs from aircraft.

“Once the Iranians get the Tor-M1, it will make our life much more difficult,” said an Israeli air force source. “The installation of this system can be relatively quick and we can’t waste time on this one.”

The date set for possible Israeli strikes on Iran also coincides with Israel’s general election on March 28, prompting speculation that Sharon may be sabre-rattling for votes.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the frontrunner to lead Likud into the elections, said that if Sharon did not act against Iran, “then when I form the new Israeli government, we’ll do what we did in the past against Saddam’s reactor, which gave us 20 years of tranquillity”.


Iran’s foreign minister met leading figures from three Islamic militant groups to co-ordinate a united front against Israel days before a recent escalation of attacks against Israeli targets shattered fragile ceasefires with Lebanon and the Palestinians, writes Hugh Macleod in Damascus.

The minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, held talks with leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah in Damascus on November 15.

Among those who attended the meeting were Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas leader, and a deputy leader of Islamic Jihad, which claimed responsibility for last Monday’s suicide bombing of a shopping mall in Netanya that killed five Israeli citizens.

Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine- General Command, was also present. “We all confirmed that what is going on in occupied Palestine is organically connected to what is going on in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Lebanon,” said Jibril.

Seven days after the talks, Hezbollah fired a volley of rockets and mortars at Israeli targets, sparking the fiercest fighting between the two sides since Israel’s withdrawal from south Lebanon five years ago.


Ordo ab Chao

Gov't Officials Deny Plan to Strike Iran
10:36 Dec 11, '05 / 10 Kislev 5766
By Hillel Fendel

  The Sunday Times in London reports that Prime Minister Sharon is preparing for a possible strike on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran. Israeli officials deny.

Quoting unnamed military sources, the report states that Israeli intelligence warned its government that Iran was operating small enrichment facilities concealed in civilian locations. The Times says that Sharon has ordered the military to prepare for a possible strike by the end of March.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and sources in Sharon's office deny the Times report. "Israel is dealing with the Iranian issue only with diplomatic tools," Shalom said. Sharon staffers said the paper's report is totally untrue.

It is known that Iran will be able to build a nuclear warhead 2-4 year after it receives the technical expertise to enrich sufficient quantities of uranium - known as the "point of no return." No country will be able to bomb the reactor once this point is reached, for fear that the radioactive fallout will harm an unknown number of thousands of civilians.

The question is, when will this point be reached? The Times says that Israeli defense sources believe it will be the end of March.

It has been noted that this is "coincidentally" the time when Israeli elections will be held. MK Yuval Shteinitz (Likud), chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, was asked about the timing on Army Radio today. He said, "I believe that in issues like this that truly are life-and-death questions for Israel, no Prime Minister, including Sharon [of the rival party Kadima - ed.] would take action out of electoral considerations. Neither him nor any other Prime Minister."

Shteinitz said, "I refuse to relate to what Israel can or should do [regarding Iran] on the military plane. Regarding other countries, like the United States, certainly there is a military option against Iran... The Iranians feel vulnerable to an air strike; they have deployed air defenses around all their nuclear sites."

"The Iranian threat is a global one," Shteinitz said, "and not only upon Israel, but against the West and entire world. It is therefore desirable that the enlightened world, led by the US, take care of this threat. The world is doing too little, too late. Iran has passed the half-way mark and is coming close to nuclear weapons. The world has sufficed up to now with diplomacy and rhetoric."

Just last week, Prime Minister Sharon said, "I think it's clear that we cannot allow a situation in which Iran becomes a nuclear power... This is an international problem, and not just ours."

Two days ago, U.S. Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security Robert Joseph said that Iran is closing in on nuclear weapon production and that even U.N. sanctions may not deter it. He said the Iranian government is "very aggressive, very determined to develop nuclear weapons." Iran claims it is seeking only civilian nuclear power, but "we know this is not the case," Joseph said.

They know they covet Babylon Proper from the Nile to the Euphrates and they could care less how many "Goyim" Will die for the Whoredom's Fornication.

Mohammed El-Baradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said on Friday, "the international community is losing patience" with Iran's nuclear program. Speaking in Oslo just a day before receiving his Nobel Peace Prize, El-Baradei said he hopes that the issue will be cleared up by the time he presents his next report on Iran in March. He still feels that diplomacy must be employed to solve the problem.

By Noahide Peace they shall destroy wonderfully

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz does not agree. He told members of the foreign press a week ago that he does not believe American and European diplomatic pressures on Iran regarding the nuclear enrichment efforts will bear fruit.

"If a military operation is approved," the Sunday Times reports, "Israel will use air and ground forces against several nuclear targets in the hope of stalling Tehran’s nuclear program for years, according to Israeli military sources." The paper also quotes IDF Intelligence Chief Gen. Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash as having warned the Knesset this month that “if by the end of March the international community is unable to refer the Iranian issue to the United Nations security council, then we can say the international effort has run its course.”



Isa:9:12: The Syrians before, and the Philistines behind; and they shall devour Israel with open mouth. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

Isa:17:3: The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.

Assad: Anti-Syria sanctions will destabilize world

Syria's President Bashar Assad warned in an interview broadcast Sunday that an attempt to impose sanctions against his nation would destabilize the region and the entire world.

Assad was speaking to Russia's Rossiya state television before this week's release of a UN report on progress in the investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

The Syrian president again declared his country's innocence in the murder, and said the UN probe was politicized.

"The Middle East is the heart of the world, and Syria is the heart of the Middle East," Assad said. "If the situation in Syria and Iraq isn't good, the whole region will become unstable, and the entire world will pay for that."



Beirut blast kills anti-Syrian MP Monday, December 12, 2005 05:07:21 pmIANS
BEIRUT: A powerful explosion rocked an area east of Jordan's capital city Monday, killing at least three people and injuring more than 10, including anti-Syrian MP and journalist Jubran Tueini, police said.

The explosion took place in Mukles. Shattered glass covered the streets while black smoke was seen over the area. Witnesses said the force of the blast hurled a bulletproof car off the road.

The blast comes three days after a bomb, targetting a Hezbollah official, went off Friday in the eastern city of Baal-beck. There were, however, no casualties.

Tueini, editor-in-chief of the daily ‘An Nahar’ and a critic of Syria, was elected in the elections last May and June.



The Sanhedrin seeks Unification for the Hoodlum haha of their beloved Moshiach of the dragon and the Eretz Itsrealhell Babylon Proper

No Go Yet for National-Religious Unification
13:05 Dec 09, '05 / 8 Kislev 5766
By Hillel Fendel

  MK Chanan Porat, a former NRP Knesset Member and a National Union founder, says the rabbis must become more actively involved in removing the disputes blocking a merger between the two parties.

Speaking with Arutz-7's Yigal Shok on Thursday, Porat - himself a rabbi and Torah scholar - said, "The argument over who will head the party is that which is currently holding up the unification. The claims that the issues revolve around 'difficulties in formulating the agenda,' and the Land of Israel's weight in the agenda, are merely spins for the media."

NRP sources have claimed that the National Union (Sharons, Aholibah, Kadima) is placing too much emphasis on the struggle for the Land of Israel [Eretz Yisrael] for their taste, and that the NRP wishes to give more prominence to social and educational issues.

However, a talk with a close aide to NRP leader Zevulun Orlev [pictured above, right] Moshe Inbar, revealed that the personnel issue is the problem. For one complexity, the NRP originally had six MKs, while the current make-up of the National Union originally had four. The situation reversed itself when two NRP members joined the National Union. The NRP now demands equal representation in the list.

"We are coming with clean hands," Inbar told Arutz-7 today. "We say that there must be a survey carried out as to who - Benny [Elon of the National Union, pictured above left] or Zevulun [Orlev] - will bring more mandates to the joint list, and go according to its findings. Whoever is not #1, will receive the top ministerial portfolio if we join the government - hopefully the Education Ministry."

A-7: "Since Orlev wants the Education Ministry so badly, why doesn't he just agree straight out to be #2 and be the party's candidate for Education Minister?'

Inbar: "Because he wants what's best for the joint list. Perhaps if he heads the list, it would bring in more votes... We are coming with clean hands and without ultimatums; no one can say that our demands are not fair..."

A-7: "Certainly you demand surveys and equality, because you are coming to this partnership with less to offer. You have fewer MKs, and less support in the polls, and the perception that you were less opposed to the disengagement. The National Union is coming with demands because they have more to offer this partnership."

Inbar: "It depends how you look at it. The 2 MKs who joined the National Union received NRP votes, and certain sectors are very pleased with the way the NRP tried to stop the disengagement..."

Arutz-7 then spoke with Asi Talmon, a close aide to National Union MK Tzvi Hendel, who said the following:
"Look, it was clear all along that Benny Elon would head the list. We simply will not agree to a survey [to determine the #1 spot]; it will not be conclusive, it will include all sorts of voters from the left and right, and if it shows that three candidates get 10% each and Orlev gets 12%, then he'll say he should be the leader. But the fact is that many National Union voters simply will not vote for this joint list if Orlev heads it. He has spoken in favor of Avigdor Lieberman's plan [of trading parts of Arab-populated Israel for parts of Judea and Samaria], he wants to join a future government at almost any cost, he is associated with the uprooting of Jewish communities [because the NRP remained in the Sharon government until November 2004]. In addition, we ran a sharp campaign against him demanding that he leave the government. For all these reasons, he simply cannot lead our joint list, and the NRP knows this."

Rabbi Porat said that since a unification of the parties is so important, the rabbis must be more involved. He said he turned to the Chief Rabbis of Ramat Gan, Beit El and Kiryat Arba - Rabbis Yaakov Ariel, Zalman Melamed and Dov Lior - and asked them not to suffice with merely "calling" for a unification. "You must stand with your finger on the pulse," he said he told them, "and if the talks get stuck - not because of agenda problems but because of people - then, please, take the reins and respond to the request of the public and the MKs, and serve as arbitrators. The public will not forgive us if a merger does not result in light of the bitter national and social reality facing us."

Referendum and they all cried out "Crucify Jesus and Give us the Robber Moshiach" 

Porat related to disputes over the agenda of the joint list. "Do they want the party platform not to state clearly that we totally negate the establishment of a Palestinian state, or the uprooting of Jewish communities? If they want to humiliate or hide or nullify the matter of Eretz Yisrael, we will not agree - and I don't think the NRP will agree either."

"Given the current reality," he said, "in which [Ariel Sharon's] Kadima [Forward] party is going backwards, and the Likud is in a daze, it is important that there be one party that speaks clearly about the importance of Eretz Yisrael... and our adherence to it."

"The worst thing is," Porat emphasized, "is that if the social and educational agenda is taken advantage of to reduce the value of Eretz Yisrael, the educational agenda is also reduced, because then it is simply being used. Teaching love of the Land is like teaching love of the Nation and the Torah (Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah of satan) ; these are three things that are one."

In a related story, the 5th and 10th spots on the National Religious Party list will be reserved for a woman and Youth Wing member, respectively. MK Gila Finkelstein has announced that she will run again for the woman's spot, and Chaim Falk is all but guaranteed to receive the Youth spot.


Noahide Australia, pitting Ishmael against the west

Australian Intifada?
16:27 Dec 12, '05 / 11 Kislev 5766
By Ezra HaLevi

  First Israel, then France, Denmark and Belgium - and now Australia. Muslims rioted for a second night in Sydney and nearby suburbs Monday, attacking resident and police and smashing cars.

The latest "Intifada" began down under with a group of Lebanese immigrants beating two life guards on Sydney's Cronulla beach Sunday. The Beach is the site of a memorial for victims of the Islamic terror attacks in Bali, in which six local women were murdered. Thousands of Australian youths then flocked to the beach and began indiscriminately attacking anyone they believed to be Arab immigrants. About 300,000 Muslims live in Australia, the majority in large cities.

Soon after, Arab youth began attacking police and smashing cars around the Sydney area. Thirty-one people were injured, 28 arrested and approximately one hundred cars were smashed during the night. Hundreds of young Muslims then gathered near the Lakemba Mosque in southern Sydney, readying to travel to Maroubra Beach where up to 300 locals were reportedly waiting for an arranged fight until the police intervened.

Monday night, Arab mobs descended on Cronulla, stabbing a woman, assaulted several passers-by and smashing shops around the area. Police told Australian news agencies that there were hundreds of armed men in the Muslim crowd as well.

Meanwhile, crowds of local Muslims surrounded mosques, flashing handguns before news cameras and saying they were merely responding to information they had that local gangs intended to attack their place of worship.

There are also reports of text messages circulating within the Arab community calling for revenge attacks in Cronulla next Sunday and police are still searching for an Arab man who stabbed another man in the back Sunday night. The Australian Associated Press reported that gunshots were heard near Cronulla beach Monday, but police could not confirm the report.

The main focus - in the aftermath of Sunday's events - was on the attacks launched by local Australians, including drunken surfers and white-supremacists, on fellow citizens of Arab descent. Australian Prime Minister John Howard condemned the attacks on the Arabs at the Sydney beach. "Attacking people on the basis of their race, their appearance, their ethnicity, is totally unacceptable and should be repudiated by all Australians irrespective of their own background and their politics," Howard said.

Noahidce Enforcement, Australia


When will Itsrealhell attack the US Fith Fleet and blame it on Iran? Pearl Harbor Day?

Iran tests surface-to-sea missiles

Iran has successfully tested surface-to-sea missiles with a range of 110 kilometers (68 miles), Iranian state television reported Monday.

The testing of the Silkworm missiles was the most important project of Monday's military maneuvers in southern Iran, the television said.

It said the Silkworms have a speed of 290 kilometers per second and a range of 110 kilometers. They can detect targets from a distance of 15 kilometers and have the capacity to destroy a warship.

The report did not say whether the missiles could carry nuclear warheads.


Iran's armed forces began their biggest military maneuvers Friday in national waters in the Sea of Oman and Indian Ocean, close to Pakistan. The drills involved submarines, warships, missiles, jet fighters and gunships.

On Sunday, Iran commissioned its second domestically-built submarine, a vessel that can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously.

According to recent reports, Germany has agreed to sell Israel two Dolphin submarines for a deeply discounted price. According to Jane's Defense Weekly, it has the capability to launch cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

Iran produces the Shahab-3 missile, capable of reaching Israel and US forces stationed in the region. Since 1992, it also has produced its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles and a fighter plane.


Daniel 11:

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south:

Judah, Sharon, Secular Zion, Aholibah the Whore sister of Dan of the North, the Hassidim who control the Whitehouse and Sanhedrin, Aholah Chabad Lubavitch

 also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Chabad, the sons of the shema-Gog of Satan

15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

People that is happening even now.

Dan will take Jerusalem to set up their Moshiach false Christ

16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.

Mooshiyuck that son of perdition

17: He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.

are you hiding in a "loweroom" ?


Setting up for a Noahide Syria, the fables of the Jews

Last update - 19:18 12/12/2005

Lebanese anti-Syrian MP killed in Beirut car bomb

By News Agencies

Staunch anti-Syrian lawmaker and journalist Gebran Tueni and two others were killed Monday when an explosion hit his convoy as it made its way through Beirut, a day after he returned from France, where he had been staying periodically for fear of assassination.

The blast destroyed the armored car as it was driving in the Mekalis area, a
Christian eastern suburb that lies a few kilometers from the headquarters of the United Nations team investigating the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri in February.

added for the yarn spinning of the Israeli Ministry of Truth

At least three people inside the car were killed, their bodies charred beyond recognition, witnesses said.
A previously unknown group later in the day claimed responsibility for the attack, although there was no way to verify the authenticity of the statement.

In a statement faxed to Reuters bearing no insignia or letterhead, the group calling itself "Strugglers for the Unity and Freedom of the Levant", said the same fate awaited other opponents of "Arabism" in Lebanon.

"We have broken the pen of Gebran Tueni and shut his mouth forever and transformed al-Nahar into a very dark night," it said, referring to the newspaper Tueni published.

"We have succeeded today again in liquidating another of the mouthpieces that have ... spread their poison and lies and not stopped despite the warnings we have sent him time and again."

Tueni was a firebrand critic of Syria who was elected to parliament in this year's election.

Lebanese Druze leader and anti-Syrian MP Walid Jumblatt confirmed Tueni's death and accused Syria of killing him. Jumblatt's opinion is shared by many in the Middle East.

Asked if he was jumping the gun by accusing Syria, he told Al Jazeera television: "This is my reading of the situation. We've had enough killings, enough assassinations. [Tueni] was targeted because he was the voice of freedom, him and others like him."

Syria said later that the timing of the explosion indicated an intention to damage Damascus' reputation.

In a statement carried by its official news agency SANA, Syria denounced the "bombing that took place in the Mekalis suburb of Beirut... whose timing is intended to direct accusations to Syria."

"Syria is pained over the bombings and assassinations that target the security of Lebanon," said the news agency.

SANA said those who level such accusations against Syria
"are completing the work of the criminals who carry out bombings in Lebanon and targeting Syria, Lebanon and the truth."

Now even more yarn spinning, if you are a daily reader of jewish News sites, first they make their statements then they get you detoured into their yarn spinning to build their case. Satan's sons are expert in this....remember Jaylow? the hassidim anti-Christ?

UN probe of Hariri murder slow going; Lebanon asks Security Council to look into Tueni killing, too
Monday was also the day the United Nations released its report on the probe into the assassination of another prominent Lebanese politician, Rafik Hariri. The report on the investigation headed by Detlev Mehlis into Hariri's February murder named five Syrian officials as suspects in the crime, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's brother-in-law may also be implicated.

Mehlis' report also crticized Syria for foot-dragging during the investigation, and called for the probe to be extended another six months.

Following the Tueni murder, Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora asked the UN Security Council to also investigate that incident.

"We have no option but to confront the criminals until we defeat them," Siniora said, adding that he would not bow to intimidation.

Lebanon has been rocked by a series of mysterious explosion targeting anti-Syrian figures in recent months. Media reports have linked the bombings to the investigation into Hariri's assassination as an attempt to derail the probe.

A deafening explosion
The bodies of Tueni, 48, his driver and a bodyguard were found in the car, charred beyond recognition. Assault rifles and military bags laid beside them inside the wrecked vehicle.

Security sources said a parked car packed with up to 100 kg of dynamite, more than earlier reported, was detonated by remote control as Tueni's car passed by.

Tueni's car was hurled from the road and landed in a different street dozens of metres away.Shattered glass covered the streets while a heavy black smoke was seen bilowing over the area.

"I heard a deafening explosion and when I looked up I saw a car flying in the air," one passerby said.

Several cars were set ablaze and nearby shops and buildings suffered some damage in the blast. Police and soldiers cordoned off the area as rescue workers ferried casualties to hospitals. Some 38 people were reportedly wounded in the blast.

The news triggered an outpouring of grief for Tueni, a respected columnist and the general manager of Al-Nahar, the country's leading newspaper.

Bells of Orthodox churches tolled in the Christian quarter of Ashrafieh, Tueni's constituency. Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora called an emergency meeting of top security officials and asked the Cabinet to convene later Monday.

Convenient to have the Judeo-Churchians in Lebanon cry for the bloodlust of Ishmael as they do in the US and the rest of the Noahide world

An elderly man wept openly at the scene of the bombing, pounding his head and shouting: "My God, Gebran, you were the only one who told the truth!"

At the Al-Nahar offices, staff with tears in their eyes received diplomats and other dignitaries who arrived to give their condolences. Scores of people, many of them students, gathered outside the paper's offices in downtown Beirut.

Tueni was elected as a member of parliament for the Greek Orthodox seat in Beirut in the May election on an anti-Syrian slate led by Saad Hariri, son of Rafik Hariri.

As publisher of Al-Nahar, Tueni voiced fierce criticism of Syria's domination in Lebanon since the end of the 1975-1990 civil war. He was among the most outspoken critics of Damascus and blamed it for Hariri's murder.

He said in August he had received "accurate" information that his name was on an assassination hit-list and had spent much of his time abroad since then, citing security fears.

Tueni's uncle, anti-Syrian Druze
(The Druze accepted the Noahide Laws - Arab Druze Religious Leader Commits to Noahide
Druze Religious Leader Commits to Noachide "Seven Laws" 17:46 Jan 18, '04 / 24 Tevet 5764. The spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel , Sheikh

 ) Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamadeh, survived an assassination attempt in a car bomb in 2004.

Murder draws widespread condemnation
The United States strongly condemned the assassination on Monday.

and but of course, blamed it on Syria

"His murder is another act of terrorism aimed at trying to subjugate Lebanon to Syrian domination," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

He called Tueni a "Lebanese patriot."

Germany also slammed the murder. "Today's attack appears to be a further attempt to sabotage the process underway leading to an independent, sovereign and democratic Lebanon," German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said. "Those responsible must be countered with determination


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Last update - 19:13 12/12/2005

Analysis: An uncomplicated murder in the Lebanese capital

By Zvi Barel, Haaretz Correspondent

If there ever was a Lebanese political-intellectual persona who took upon himself the struggle for Lebanese independence from Syrian occupation, it was Gebran Tueni, the editor and manager of Al Nahar newspaper. Because of this he was murdered, apparently at the hands of Syrian intelligence sources or someone acting in their name.

Although murdering such a heavyweight of the political opposition precisely on the day on which the United Nations publishes its report into the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri seems to be skewed logic on Syria's part, the reason is actually quite uncomplicated.

Syria - which is apparently also behind the murder of the journalist Samir Kasir (another Al-Nahar staffer), the attempted assassination of female journalist Mai Shidik, and the murder of the head of the Communist party, not to mention being likely responsible for the killing of Hariri - has been operating on two tracks since its pullout from Lebanon. On the one hand, Damascus is attempting to build ties with the new Lebanese government headed by Fuad Siniora.

On the other hand, Syria continues to take revenge on those it sees as responsible for its poor international image.

Tueni was a primary target in Syria's revenge mission. In the first weeks following Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon, Tueni began convincing campaign against the continued presence of Syria in Lebanon.

He strongly criticized the Lebanese government for not acting with determination following Israel's withdrawal to establish sovereignty throughout the entire country, notably along the Lebanon-Israel border.

In his articles, Tueni also attacked Hezbollah and blamed the militant organization for unnecessarily entangling Lebanon in conflict and thus granting Israel rationale for continued military strikes.

Tueni, who saw the continued presence of Syria as hindering independent Lebanese action, hosted columnists from the Syrian opposition who found Al Nahar a welcoming forum.

Syria was unable to forgive Tueni for the fact that his newspaper in 2000 published a petition by intellectuals identified with the Syrian opposition calling for reforms in Syrian rule.

Syria is also unable to forget that Al Nahar editorials called for an international investigation into the Hariri assassination and supported UN Resolution 1559 calling for Syrian departure from Lebanon.

The publications in Al Nahar were a powerful inspiration for anti-Syrian and pro-Syrian activists who filled the streets of Beirut and clashed with Lebanese security forces.

Finally, Al Nahar can take credit for initiating a string of events that led to Syria's eventual departure from Lebanon.

The considerable number of threats on his life that he received over the years deterred neither Tueni nor his father, veteran journalist Ghassan Tueni, who returned to Lebanon on Monday to attend his son's funeral.

The Lebanese government now has no choice but to respond to Tueni's murder, which has brought Lebanese-Syrian relations to a nearly intolerable situation.

see the Protocols of the Illuminated Masters of HELL

The question now is how tightly Lebanon can draw connections between the UN report on the Hariri murder and Monday's Tueni killing.
It is also unclear how determined the Americans are to place sanctions on Syria for what appears to be Damascus' failure to cooperate with international investigators probing the Hariri assassination.



Obedient Shabbo's Goyim status sought for Noahide

Last update - 12:00 11/12/2005

Righteous Gentile status sought for Ukrainian priest

By Yossi Melman and Asaf Carmel

A group of Holocaust survivors and their relatives have petitioned Yad Vashem (Holocaust)  to ask that Ukrainian priest Andrei Sheptyts'kyi be recognized as a Righteous Gentile. The petitioners credit Sheptyts'kyi, who headed the Ukrainian church at the time, with saving hundreds of Jews, mainly children who were hidden in church institutions. Nevertheless, Yad Vashem has thus far refused to grant him the title, on the grounds that being a Ukrainian nationalist, he initially supported the Nazi invasion. The petition was sent in response to an article in Haaretz Magazine earlier this year, in which a Yad Vashem spokeswoman said the institute would reconsider if a new request were submitted.


The jews cry out once again "anti-Semitic" and their Judeo-Churchinsanity Harry Potterites will listen......NO JESUS Christ

ain't that right Jaylow?

Phil Bray/Disney/Walden
In "The Chronicles of Narnia," Edmund, a ‘son of Adam´ played by Skandar Keynes is led astray by the White Witch, played by Tilda Swinton.


As Narnia film hits theaters, Jews
uneasy with strong Christian theme

J. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California
December 7, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 6 (JTA) — A potential mega-blockbuster film, financed by a fervent Christian and bursting with Christian overtones, is being mass-marketed to — guess who? — Christians.

Judeo-Churchians who are not of Jesus the Christ

Church groups are buying up whole theater showings just like Daddy Warbucks did for Annie. Advance screenings are being held for pastors and ministers, who have given the film their blessing, literally. Catholic publishing companies are putting out companion guides.

These are NOT of Jesus the Creator

And the Jewish community is … well, no one knows quite what to think.

That’s because the film in question isn’t Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” It’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” the special-effects laden adaptation of British author C.S. Lewis’ classic 1950 children’s book.

The $250 million film, which opens Dec. 9, was produced by the owner of the San Francisco Examiner, the right-wing evangelical billionaire Philip Anschutz, who also owns Walden Media. 

Right Wing of the Hassidim, Sanhedrin of witchcraft unto the Dragon, who say their god is the god of the jews and the jews say their God has no Christ, but a soon to be "Revealed" Moahiach the murderer

Walt Disney Co. also helped, especially on the distribution end. In fact, many of the same firms that so successfully recruited whole congregations to attend showings of “The Passion” have been contracted again for “Lion.”

Mel's Noahide Tale the Dolorus Catholicos Passion

The re-oiling and firing up of the machinery that pulled Christians into theaters and made “The Passion” a huge hit, as well as “Lion’s” Christian overtones, have given some Jews reservations.

Rabbi Judah Dardik was hooked on “Lion” when he read it years ago as a day-school student. He borrowed the entire series from his older sister and devoured them.

Mt:23:8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren

It was only years later that he was told it was steeped in Christian allegories. He was “surprised and embarrassed I hadn’t realized. I felt duped,” Dardik said.

Rereading the series, he saw more and more allegories and could never appreciate the books as mere fiction again. Now he sees them as theology — beautifully written theology.

Fairy Tale Theology the "Judeo-Churchinsanity" have accepted even as they have ACCEPTED THE "REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY" OF THE HASSIDIC PHARISEES AND SAY THEIR GOD IS THE GOD OF THE JEWS WHO SAY JESUS IS IN HELL BOILING IN HUMAN EXCREMENT.  Yes, these say that he is LORD Christ, but they deceive many

“Should Jewish children see this movie or read the books? I’m unsure. My personal jury is still out,” said Dardik, the spiritual leader of Beth Jacob Congregation in Oakland, Calif. “I read them … clearly it didn’t affect my personal theology.”

He added, “I haven’t seen the movie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they fleshed out the Christianity a bit more to be satisfying to the Christian audience. That’s the part that’s most disconcerting to me. I also have concerns about the marketing. Hollywood has a way of being very in-your-face.”

Like Gibson, Anschutz is a figure who makes many wary. Walden Media in recent years began creating Christian-friendly films short on sexual content or profanity — drug abuse and philandering were trimmed from last year’s Ray Charles biopic “Ray,” for example.

Anschutz also is an outspoken evangelical, who was attracted to the Narnia tales for the same reason others in the business were repelled — its Christian messages.

There is no message of the LIVING GOD in any tale

But “Lion” is no “Passion.” Compared to the extremely negative reaction “Passion” garnered from Jewish organizations before, during and after its release, the marketing of Christian allegory as popular entertainment in “Lion” has created hardly a ripple.

The story is based on a book many people read as children, only to learn later that “Lion” and the six other books in Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series were full of Christian allegories.

Jesus who is Christ needs no ALLEGORY, dissection or Exegesis

The latent nature of “Lion’s” Christian message, and the fact that one can be completely oblivious yet still enjoy the story, allows the film’s producers to promote “Lion” on two levels: one method for avowedly Christian audiences and one for everyone else.

While the uplifting Christian message is pitched to pastors and church groups, the theatrical trailer features a dazzling array of special effects created by Peter Jackson’s WETA — the company the New Zealand-based director founded to tackle “Lord of the Rings” (Mordechai and Esther of "Purim Fame") — and huge battle scenes.

Disney is allocating about 5 percent of its promotional budget to wooing Christian groups. Peter Sealey, a marketing professor at the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and the former president of marketing and distribution for Columbia Pictures, describes this as “a very effective use of that money … that audience does not have as many films as it wants.”

Sealey, however, saw “duplicity” in the way Disney is shying away from mentioning Lewis’ Christian message in its general publicity materials. In a 16-page “Narnia Educator Guide” that Sealey found on the film’s Web site, religion and Christianity aren’t mentioned even once.

IN HA NAME ah ha Judeo-Jaysoooooooose, so hep me Gawd

“The issue is secular audiences. Will they appreciate seeing a religious message without knowing it?” he asked. Disney “should make a statement, they should let people know. The lion is resurrected. … It’s a great piece of entertainment and you can enjoy it if you’re Christian or not. However, the underpinnings of the work reflect the New Testament.”

Can't have that in apostate Amaraka of satan's Noahide notions, now, can we? 

Once it’s known that Lewis was a theologian who wrote with a Christian message in mind, the parallels between the Narnia tales and the New Testament easily fall into place.

Only to the deceived

For starters:

• Narnia is a magical kingdom created by the divine King Aslan, but currently in a state of perpetual winter due to a curse of the evil White Witch. The four children (two “Sons of Adam,” two “Daughters of Eve”) stumble in via the enchanted, eponymous wardrobe and become the disciples of Aslan.

Kind of like Dorothy in jewish OZ and some where over the Noahide rainbow?

The child Edmund betrays his siblings and Aslan, Judas-style, to aid the White Witch, and is saved when Aslan allows himself to be sacrificed, not unlike Jesus.

• Aslan is resurrected and the White Witch is vanquished. The four children are crowned kings and queens of Narnia. Peter — not a coincidental choice of names — becomes High King.

• In the last of the Chronicles of Narnia, fittingly titled “The Last Battle,” an army of people described in a manner recalling the medieval Turks and aligned with a donkey in a lion costume (a false god, if you will) invades Narnia.

Those who believe in Aslan pass through a gate into another realm. After a terrifying moment passing through the gate, a beautiful kingdom is revealed. Aslan decrees that he has ended Narnia just as he began it, and the four children, who died in the world of postwar Great Britain, can now live with him forever in paradise along with other believers.

You figure it out.

Pastor Earl Palmer, co-founder of Berkeley’s New College and a scholar on Lewis, said Lewis always saw his tales as “stories of the marvelous,” but Palmer admits that Aslan is a loosely veiled Christ figure. But Lewis wasn’t trying to fool anyone, Palmer says: Before turning to children’s books, he wrote Christian religious tracts.

“Lewis said you can take a rock out of your shoe, but you can’t take an idea out of your mind. His faith is in everything he writes,” said Palmer, senior minister at Seattle’s University Presbyterian Church.

His Noahide set-up for the Talmudic Judeo deception the falling away

“I always say that you should let the story flow over you. Don’t try to interpret it,” he said. “Later, when you look back, you’ll see certain biblical allusions. There are theological themes, just like in ‘Lord of the Rings.’”

Yeah Just like Mordechai's Ring signet to slay the non-Noahides for Easter, Esther, Isis, Venus, Ishatar, Astarte, Queen of heaven....aka saint purim

Lewis, however, denied he was writing allegorically. Instead, he claimed to simply be imagining the concepts of good, evil and the ultimate redeemer in a mystical world of his own creation.

But he never went so far as to claim the obvious Christian parallels were a coincidence.

“There’s one funny line he put in a letter. He said children know who Aslan is,” Palmer said. “The great golden lion, son of the emperor from beyond the sea, is a Christ reference.”

And the golden lion is the sole redeemer.


Demoncrat's Back Aholibah

Clinton backs Israel’s security fence

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) backed Israel’s right to construct its West Bank security barrier.

Clinton, speaking after receiving an honorary degree from Yeshiva (Talmudic)  University on Sunday evening, said that a recent visit to Gilo, a town on the outskirts of Jerusalem, gave her “an even greater appreciation for the importance and rationale” of the fence, which has helped reduce Palestinian terrorist attacks.

At the height of the intifada, Gilo was the target of frequent shootings from the neighboring Palestinian town of Beit Jalla.

Israel has the “right to build a security barrier to try to keep out those who would do harm to Israel,” Clinton said. Clinton also slammed recent comments by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who suggested Israel be moved to Europe and who questioned the Holocaust.

The comments, Clinton said, were “outrageous” and “simply beyond the pale of international discourse.”


Noahide Jesse

Jackson slams Iranian leader on remarks

The Rev. Jesse Jackson called on Iran’s president to retract anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments.

The comments by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “are a threat to the fragile fabric of the world community,” Jackson said in a statement.

In comments made last week, Ahmadinejad said: “If the Europeans are honest they should give some of their provinces in Europe — like in Germany, Austria or other countries — to the Zionists and the Zionists can establish their state in Europe. You offer part of Europe and we will support it.” He earlier called for Israel’s destruction.


Sanhedrin's Keystone rib-eye Coppers of the shemborg collective and their Mammon

Israeli ‘rabbicops’ probed

Hundreds of Israeli policemen are believed to be obtaining rabbinical ordination to boost their salaries.

Citing Justice Ministry sources, Ha’aretz reported in a weekend expose that as many as 600 policemen have taken courses for the Orthodox clergy so they could receive $430 monthly stipends.

According to the newspaper, some of the “rabbicops” are openly secular, and the sages administering the ordination courses have been known to allow their students to abbreviate the studies for the sake of convenience.

Police spokesmen declined comment on the affair, citing a probe already under way.


Noahide France

Israelis advise France on riots

Israeli security chiefs are advising France on riot control.

Israel’s security minister, Gideon Ezra, and the chief of police, Moshe Karadi, flew to Paris this week for meetings with Ezra’s French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, Ha’aretz reported Monday.

According to the newspaper, the French, who last month endured a wave of rioting by disaffected Arab immigrant youths, want to learn from Israeli security experts.

Also on the agenda is Russian Jewish billionaire Arkady Gaidamak, who France wants extradited from Israel on international fraud charges, Ha’aretz reported. French officials confirmed the trip by Ezra and Karadi but declined further comment.


Are you a Jesus the Creator, Christ believing "extremist"? Opposed to the shemborg Hoodlum haha of the Dragon?

Denier backed at Prague rally

Extremists staged a demonstration outside the Austrian Embassy in Prague in support of Holocaust denier David Irving.

Irving was recently arrested in Austria, where denying the Holocaust is a crime.

Opponents of Saturday’s demonstration, including Jewish community representatives and former concentration camp prisoners, tried to thwart the protest by ringing bells.


Judeo-Churchinsanity's Intelligent design, But not the creator Jesus the Christ, but the Talmudic non-God

December 12, 2005

Chabad's 'Science' Exposed: Of Lice And Men

The Florida Sun-Sentinal has early coverage of Chabad's Torah and Science conference:

But the main focus will come Wednesday with a keynote address by William A. Dembski, a champion of intelligent design and the first evangelical Christian ever to address the conference. Dembski, of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, ( feemason Noahide cemetary) will share the dais with three Jewish experts who will look at various facets of evolution.

Ask Rabbi Sholom Lipskar, one of the conference organizers, about the topic, and he sounds much like a conservative Christian.

the two are the same

"The moral and ethical morass today -- hate among nations, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, family breakdown -- comes from people not believing there is a higher authority that owns and directs the world," said Lipskar, of The Shul of Bal Harbour. [This must be the problem! Quick! Let's tell Osama Bin Laden about religion!] "But when we look to purpose and meaning, a superior authority, things fall into place, socially and spiritually."


Lipskar met head-on the suggestions by some that intelligent design is meant as a "back door" to putting religion in schools. 

DONE DONE THAT....HJR 104, PL 102-14

"It's not a back door, it's a front door!" he said. "But the objective is not to make people religious. It's to make them understand that the world was put into place by an intelligent being. We are not random chemical reactions."


To have a conference on Torah and Science whose keynote speaker is a Baptist is, shall we say, unusual. But even more unusual is to have a keynote speaker with no peer-reviewed work, and for the conference to present that work as peer-reviewed science. Even worse, that speaker is sharing a presentation with scientists, including Yeshiva University's Rabbi Dr. Moses Tendler, who give his presentation authority it would not otherwise have.

Coincidentally, RebelJew points out that Chabad's view of science is, shall we say, heavily warped by extreme apologetics like this, on spontaneous generation:

… The literal meaning of Torah’s (TALMUD BAVLI of the DRAGON) words must always be upheld. Terrible damage has been caused by the attempts in the past — and that are again being made — to “smooth” some people’s inner confusion and perplexity by arguing that the words of Torah should be understood non-literally. [Yet,  Rishonim did understand parts of the Torah non-literally.]

They clearly understand that if you do not Obey the seven universal Noahide anti-Christ laws you are to be beheaded

This is especially forbidden when dealing with areas that are relevant to practical Halacha. (Talmudic Law) The question that you mentioned is of this variety: The existence of spontaneously generated worms is mentioned with regard to the laws of Shabbat, since such creatures may permissibly be killed on Shabbat. It is therefore obvious that there is no issue of a parable here; we are talking about real, live, and factual entities.

It is also forbidden to undermine the literal meaning of the verses with regard to the six days of creation — days, not eras! — since it is connected with the fundamental concept of the Shabbat day, which was established on the seventh day of the world’s existence, as well as with specific laws concerning Shabbat.

On the other hand, there is no need to ignore the seeming contradiction. Someone whose faith is strong is not bothered by such a contradiction, since the foundation of our faith is that the Torah of truth is the ultimate truth.

Mk:7:9: And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

Mk:7:13: Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.


 However, if some people do feel bothered by what seems to them to be a contradiction, it is obviously necessary to examine seriously and in detail the root of the contradiction, and to prove the mistake in a specific experiment or theory. It is also possible that an unjustified generalization or inclusion has been made in the extrapolation of some scientific result or another.

The issue with spontaneously generated worms is very simple. True, experiments do allow for following the process through which a worm [larva] develops from an egg. And, when there are also explanations for the process of how these eggs were laid, that allows for the conclusion that these specific worms were created through a reproductive process. However, when eggs found in rot are identified as belonging to a specific species of worm, and the worms found there also bear signs of belonging to that species, that in no way proves that it is impossible for these worms to have appeared without the eggs, through spontaneous generation.

RebelJew's riff on this is very important and should be read. Even more important is knowing the name of the co-author of the above Chabad quote – it is none other than Dr. Herman Branover, the co-head of Chabad's Torah and Science conference and an avowed messianist

Moshiach ben satanist


Worse yet, the entire quote is a paraphrase of a letter written by the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, the 'Sorbonne'-educated 'scientist,' Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

So much for the science of charlatans



Noahide Russia

Ha'aretz: How Chabad Took Russia

Ha'aretz has a long, detailed report on the fighting between the various Jewish organizations in Russia, with a focus on the Rabbi Goldschmidt ban. It contains the best explanation of how Berel Lazar and Chabad took over Russia:

[Oligarch Roman] Abramovich, who had business ties with [Chabad Oligarch Lev] Leviev, recruited the Israeli diamond merchant for a struggle on behalf of Putin and against Gusinsky. In return, Leviev received the support of Putin, who in 2000 was elected president of Russia. That support made it possible for Lazar to receive Russian citizenship in record time and to be recognized in practice as the chief rabbi of Russian Jewry. Shayevich was shunted to the sidelines.

The Jewish "federation" of Lazar and Leviev became the darling of the government. This was clearly manifested when President Putin took part in a resplendent ceremony to dedicate the FEOR center in the Marina Roscha neighborhood in 2001.

A plaque at the entrance to the building lists the donors. They include Leviev, his partner Gaydamak, [Chabad oligarch Vladimir] Slutsker [please see below] and other oligarchs. But at the top of the list is Abramovich. He donated $5 million for the construction of the building. Lazar and FEOR left REK. 

In 2002 Gusinsky was forced to leave Russia and then to sell his assets there. The authorities launched an investigation against him for tax violations. He based himself in Israel and Europe and invested in the Israeli daily Maariv and in the local Russian press; during the past year he has spent most of his time in the United States. He was replaced as REK president by Leonid Nevzlin, Khodorkovsky's associate. However, a year later, when it became apparent that the Putin government supported FEOR, Nevzlin realized that his place at the head of an organization identified with Gusinsky, who is loathed by the government, was liable to be detrimental to him and to affect Yukos as well. Nevzlin resigned and the deterioration of REK has continued apace ever since.

FEOR flourishes
In contrast, FEOR has flourished in the past five years. The success of Lazar and Leviev can be attributed to the fact that Putin used them in his struggle against Gusinsky and received a Jewish "umbrella" from them in return. 

But another reason for the close ties between the Putin government and FEOR lies in the promises made by Leviev and Lazar that they would make their connections available to Putin and assist the Kremlin to open doors in the corridors of power in Washington

The RED United Sofiet Talmudic Judeo-Churchinsanity States of HaBushitlers "Amaraka" of the Sanhedrin Shemborg to the dragon

Most importantly, they let Putin and his aides understand that their influence and lobbying would bring about the abolition of a 1974 Congressional amendment to the Trade Reform Act sponsored by Senator Henry Jackson and Representative Charles Vanik, both Democrats. Putin is deeply distressed by this legislation, which stipulates that countries, such as the former Soviet Union, which restrict freedom of movement and prevent the free emigration of their citizens will not receive special trade benefits from the United States. Even though the Jews of the former Soviet Union, and then Russia, were allowed to leave, the amendment has not been repealed.…

… Rabbi Lazar talks of an organization that has 200 communities across Russia and which provides both spiritual support (sacred articles, religious services, rabbis) and material backing (food, education, health, financial aid) to hundreds of thousands of Jews. "In Moscow alone," he says in an interview, "130,000 Jews have ties with us."

There are some who are skeptical of these figures. Two years ago, when Tzipi Livni, then Israel's immigrant absorption minister, asked FEOR for a list of these Jews, her request was rejected with the slightly peculiar explanation that this would be a violation of privacy.

Gusinsky supported democracy. Putin is a neo-Stalinist. Chabad supported Putin and worked to destroy Gusinsky and the Russian Jewish Congress. Then, late last year they got one of their own oilgarchs, Vladimir Slutsker, elected head of the now-comatose RJC. What was Slutsker's first (and last) big move? He forced out the non-Chabad Chief Rabbi of Moscow:

The conversation with Slutsker took place over a month ago in his luxurious office, which is located in a modern new glass building in the center of Moscow. Even though he was ousted some weeks ago from his position as president of the Russian Jewish Congress (REK), he was in buoyant spirits. Like all the Russian oligarchs, he is surrounded by bodyguards, chauffeurs and young energetic female assistants dressed in tailored suits. Hanging above him on the wall is a photograph of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. "Don't get me wrong," Slutsker emphasizes. "I do not care about money and I am not greedy, because I am a kabbalist [Jewish mystic] and therefore I have added the name Moshe Shlomo. I am not a Chabad member like Leviev, but I recognize the spiritual authority of the Lubavitcher Rebbe."

Just like anti-Christ apostate "Amaraka"

Items 1 through 3 of 3

1. H.J.RES.104 : To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A.".
Sponsor: Rep Michel, Robert H. [IL-18] (introduced 1/31/1991)      Cosponsors (225)
Committees: House Post Office and Civil Service
Latest Major Action: 3/20/1991 Became Public Law No: 102-14.


Slutsker explains that he has always been drawn to public activity, especially "spiritual religious activity," and therefore he has donated generously from his own pocket to Jewish institutions and organizations in Russia. Under the influence of "my good friend" Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, (NASI)  he says, he established a yeshiva and a kabbala center called Tree of Life, which according to Slutsker has 200 students. "A year and a half ago I was approached with a request to save the Russian Jewish Congress, which was in a state of collapse and barely functioning," he continues, "I saw this as a challenge and threw myself into the work."…

Slutsker's major and most talked-about dispute is with Rabbi Goldschmidt. At stake is control of a property - the headquarters of the Russian Jewish Congress, located in a building that was transferred to the ownership of the Jewish Community in Moscow, which is headed by Goldschmidt. As a religious organization, the community has a tax-exempt status. "After some time," Slutsker notes, "Rabbi Goldschmidt asked us to pay him rent as though the offices actually belong to him. Naturally, I and the congress refused to pay."

Goldschmidt's confidants say that the request was not for rent, but payments to cover the costs of ongoing maintenance of the structure, such as electricity.

Be that as it may, on September 15, 2005, Slutsker, to his "great surprise," received a fax from a rabbinical court, the Jerusalem Court for Civil Law and Ancestral Law, in which he was notified that he and the congress were being summoned to din Torah, a lawsuit in which judgment is given according to the strict letter of traditional Jewish law.


 The plaintiff was the "Jewish Community of Moscow." "I did not even bother to answer them," Slutsker says. "I do not recognize the authority of a court in Jerusalem to address a commercial dispute in Moscow. What connection do they have with me?"

Ten days later, in one of those strange coincidences, Goldschmidt was deported from Russia. "There is absolutely no connection," Slutsker states.



"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."   President George H.W. Bush, quoted by Sarah McClendon
(White House Reporter) in her June 1992 Newsletter.




YOU are sold out to the RED Sofiet Dragon apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity "Amaraka" you have already accepted the beast

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No love lost

MOSCOW - The visa permit of Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt arrived a few days ago. Until then he cynically defined himself as "a Prisoner of Zion." For the past two months he has been in almost solitary confinement in his residence in Jerusalem, unable to return to Russia. Since 1989 he has been considered the chief rabbi of Moscow. However, the government of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin will not allow him to return to his flock.

On September 26, Rabbi Goldschmidt, who is 42, arrived at Domodevo Airport, outside Moscow. "To my surprise I was detained when I alighted from the plane and asked to wait. After I waited for about half an hour, the head of the (security) shift arrived and told me that my visa had been canceled and that I could choose between a flight to Switzerland [Goldschmidt holds Swiss citizenship] or deportation by plane to the country from which I had arrived, namely Israel. I chose Israel. I was not given any reasons."

The incident at the airport reflects what has been going on for the past months within the Jewish community in Russia: power struggles between oligarchs over control of the organizations that represent the country's Jews and for the favors of the government. In the background, senior officials of the Putin government are stirring up things. In addition, attempts are being made to involve the Israeli government, the Jewish Agency, Jewish organizations elsewhere and Western governments in the intrigue.

"What is happening in the Jewish community is something we have never seen before. There is a paradoxical situation: The Jews in Russia have power, money and influence, such as they never had before; yet at the same time the situation of the Jewish community is at an all-time low," Goldschmidt says.

Who expelled Goldschmidt?
Pinchas Goldschmidt is a relatively minor player in this story, along with the chief rabbis of Russia, Berel Lazar and Adolf Shayevich. The central characters are the oligarchs Vladimir Slutsker, Vyacheslav Kantor, Mikhail Friedman, Lev Leviev and Arcadi Gaydamak. Other individuals and groups are active behind the scenes: Roman Abramovich, who is thought to be the richest person in Russia; the Russian Federal Security Service FSB); Nativ, the Israel-based organization that is responsible for issuing immigration visas to Israel for immigrants from Russia and the republics of the former Soviet Union; the Israeli embassy in Moscow; the European Jewish Congress; and the American relief organization, the Joint Distribution Committee.

It was only a few days after Goldschmidt's deportation to Israel that the Russian authorities provided a semi-official explanation for the incident. They claimed that his visa had expired. Sources in the Putin government relate that Goldschmidt had two visas, "one a tourist visa and the other a business visa for a European company that has not existed for a long time. Does it sound logical that a person who claims to be a chief rabbi should be in the country on a tourist visa and a business visa - and for 15 years or so?"

The rabbi's confidants have an explanation. They say that Goldschmidt arrived in the Soviet Union at the invitation of an academic organization - the department for the study of cultures in the Academy of Sciences, founded by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.  (Nasi of the beast sanhedrin) 


He then stayed on in Russia and represented Jewish groups that had not received the official status of a religious organization from the country's Ministry of the Interior. He had no choice but to use a tourist and business visa. The organization with which Rabbi Goldschmidt is identified is the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Communities in Russia, known for its Russian acronym Keror. Its new patron is Arcadi Gaydamak.

Even if the official claim of the Russian authorities about the validity of Goldschmidt's visa is correct, Russia is rife with rumors and conspiracy theories. A simple explanation, even if it contains a grain of truth, is received skeptically. In regard to the case at hand, many questions have to be asked. Why did the authorities allow the rabbi to use his tourist and business visas for 15 years? Why did they decide at this time to take action against a spiritual leader of the Jewish community, who also wields influence in the Israeli establishment and among Jewish organizations worldwide? Are his rivals banding together against him vis-a-vis the authorities? Who is behind the refusal to allow him to return? And why have they now suddenly issued him a visa to return?

Two witnesses
Swiss-born Pinchas Goldschmidt is married to an American citizen and served as the rabbi of Upper Nazareth until being invited to Moscow in 1989. Urgent efforts were made to formalize his status and get him back to Moscow. Among those who were active in this regard are Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, Nativ, the Swiss government, the U.S. administration and the European Union, to whom Goldschmidt has appealed to intercede on his behalf.

 Because of the sensitive situation in which he finds himself, he declines to be interviewed and only offers a few brief comments. One of them is, "It is no secret: Everyone knows who brought about my expulsion." But he will absolutely not elaborate.

However, Vladimir Slutsker knows who Goldschmidt is referring to. "Yes," he says, "I heard the rumors to the effect that I was the one who caused Goldschmidt's deportation and those rumors do not make me happy."
Who circulated them?

Slutsker: "Goldschmidt himself. I sent him a message that he is a rabbi and therefore, according to the Torah and the precepts, he must come up with two witnesses that I was the one who brought about his expulsion. If he will be unable to prove that, he will be a gossip-monger and a spreader of rumors, and he must cease to be a rabbi and leave his post. I myself have two witnesses who heard him make the accusation, and so I am considering the possibility of bringing him before a rabbinical court."

The conversation with Slutsker took place over a month ago in his luxurious office, which is located in a modern new glass building in the center of Moscow. Even though he was ousted some weeks ago from his position as president of the Russian Jewish Congress (REK), he was in buoyant spirits. Like all the Russian oligarchs, he is surrounded by bodyguards, chauffeurs and young energetic female assistants dressed in tailored suits. Hanging above him on the wall is a photograph of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. "Don't get me wrong," Slutsker emphasizes. "I do not care about money and I am not greedy, because I am a kabbalist [Jewish mystic] and therefore I have added the name Moshe Shlomo. I am not a Chabad member like Leviev, but I recognize the spiritual authority of the Lubavitcher Rebbe."

'Two Jews in the republic'
Slutsker was born in Moscow in 1956 and attended the Institute for Transportation Engineering in Moscow, obtaining a Ph.D. in civil engineering in 1985. During the perestroika period he opened a private business and established a trading company in Switzerland that dealt with the Soviet Union, buying raw materials and selling equipment for the automotive industry. In 1992 he expanded his activities, trading in oil and metals, and selling technology and machinery for the food-processing and construction industries. He also owned a bank and a financial investment company. He is estimated to be worth $300 million. In the past four years he has also been a senator in the Federation Council, the upper House of the Russian parliament (the members of the lower House, known as the Duma, are elected, whereas the senators are appointed).

Slutsker represents the Chuvashia Autonomous Republic in the Volga region, home to peoples of Finno-Ugric and Turkic descent. They speak a language similar to Turkish. "I am apparently one of the only two Jews in the whole republic," he says and bursts into laughter; in fact, almost every other sentence he utters is punctuated with rolling laughter. His position as a senator accords him political clout that opens doors and helps him forge connections and accumulate influence in the Kremlin. "I am a secular politician and a religious Jew," he says, though people who know him are hard-put to say wherein his religiosity resides. And not only because he is bare-headed.

Slutsker explains that he has always been drawn to public activity, especially "spiritual religious activity," and therefore he has donated generously from his own pocket to Jewish institutions and organizations in Russia. Under the influence of "my good friend" Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, he says, he established a yeshiva and a kabbala center called Tree of Life, which according to Slutsker has 200 students. "A year and a half ago I was approached with a request to save the Russian Jewish Congress, which was in a state of collapse and barely functioning," he continues, "I saw this as a challenge and threw myself into the work."

American model
Slutsker was elected president of the group in November 2004. He found "an organization that existed on paper, a virtual organization. I wanted to create something central and strong, like the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in the United States." That did not happen: Slutsker quickly became embroiled with other oligarchs, including Vyacheslav Kantor and particularly Mikhail Friedman, who owns the Alpha Bank and TNK - an oil company that is a partner with British Petroleum. Friedman is thought to be one of Russia?s wealthiest individuals.

Slutsker: "I knew that becoming entangled with Friedman was not just some small thing. He has tremendous influence and is colossally rich. But I had to stick to my principles."

However, Slutsker's major and most talked-about dispute is with Rabbi Goldschmidt. At stake is control of a property - the headquarters of the Russian Jewish Congress, located in a building that was transferred to the ownership of the Jewish Community in Moscow, which is headed by Goldschmidt. As a religious organization, the community has a tax-exempt status. "After some time," Slutsker notes, "Rabbi Goldschmidt asked us to pay him rent as though the offices actually belong to him. Naturally, I and the congress refused to pay."

Goldschmidt's confidants say that the request was not for rent, but payments to cover the costs of ongoing maintenance of the structure, such as electricity.

Be that as it may, on September 15, 2005, Slutsker, to his "great surprise," received a fax from a rabbinical court, the Jerusalem Court for Civil Law and Ancestral Law, in which he was notified that he and the congress were being summoned to din Torah, a lawsuit in which judgment is given according to the strict letter of traditional Jewish law. The plaintiff was the "Jewish Community of Moscow." "I did not even bother to answer them," Slutsker says. "I do not recognize the authority of a court in Jerusalem to address a commercial dispute in Moscow. What connection do they have with me?"

Ten days later, in one of those strange coincidences, Goldschmidt was deported from Russia. "There is absolutely no connection," Slutsker states. "Almost a year ago Rabbi Goldschmidt told me that he had problems with security people in Russia and asked me to help. He refused to tell me what his problems were, but explained that he was under pressure. I explained to him that he would not be able to retain the status of chief rabbi of Moscow and head of a Jewish organization after 15 years of entering the country on a tourist visa or as a businessman representing a foreign firm. He came to me again in June of this year and told me that the security authorities had asked him to cooperate and that he was under heavy pressure. Afterward I discovered that he had gone to the American embassy, even though he is not an American citizen, and told them that pressure was being put on him. I don't know why he did that."

To cooperate - in what sense? To be an agent or an informer of the FSB?
"It is clear to everyone what is meant by 'cooperation.' Therefore, I will add nothing more about that. I will only tell you that I asked him, 'Did you tell them no, that you would not cooperate?' He replied, 'I did not reply to them.' Still, I tried to help him, and then to my great surprise he was expelled."

an agent of Dan

Slutsker's involvement in this affair is one of the reasons why, about a month ago, the members of the board of the Russian Jewish Congress decided they had had enough of him. When it became clear to him that he would not be reelected, he resigned.

Slutsker was replaced by Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor. At 52, Kantor, too, is a combination of oligarch, philanthropist and typical public activist. His wealth is estimated at $1 billion. He is the principal donor to the Kantor Center for the History, Culture and Life of Eurasian Jews at Tel Aviv University, and in return was awarded an honorary doctorate by the university. He has also contributed to museums and synagogues in Russia and Geneva, and paid out of his pocket for the ceremonies held at Krakow to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Until recently he was vice president of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, headed by Alexander Mashkevich, another Russian oligarch, - but the two also had a falling out. Kantor is also chairman of the board of governors of the European Jewish Congress.

Laden with representative titles, he, like many oligarchs, likes to travel the world in his private plane and hobnob with fat cats, businessmen and other Jewish leaders. He holds a Ph.D. from the Moscow Aviation University. Toward the end of the perestroika period he became a businessman and today owns a fertilizer company called Akron, which has dealings in Russia, China, the republics of the former Soviet Union and Western Europe. His critics say he served as a tool in the hands of the FSB and the General Prosecution in Russia in the incrimination of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who owned the huge Yukos conglomerate.

Until about two years ago, Khodorkovsky (who is Jewish on his father's side, but does not consider himself Jewish or close to Israel) was thought to be the richest man in Russia. When President Putin and his aides decided to topple him and his colleagues in Yukos, because of their support for the opposition parties and their criticism of the president, they found an ally in Kantor: He is involved in a business dispute with a Yukos subsidiary.

Against this background Kantor drew up memoranda, which reached the prosecution, detailing the essence of the dispute, which had to do with coordinating the prices of certain chemical products. The FSB and the prosecution made use of the memoranda to fire the opening salvo in a war that ended with Khodorkovsky being sent to a Siberian prison for eight years. His associate, Leonid Nevzlin, found asylum in Israel. Yukos was dissolved and transferred to other magnates, who are close to Putin.

Now you know Bushitlers and Cheney's part with his Pal, Putin 

"The facts you mention are totally inaccurate and mistaken," Kantor wrote in his response to Haaretz, "but I have no intention of discussing the subject when the person you are talking about [Khodorkovsky] is in distress."

Kantor believes he will succeed where Slutsker failed. He promises "to restore the organization's strength and powers" - and, of course, to heighten the cooperation between the community he ostensibly represents and the authorities.

The No. 1 Jew
The Russian Jewish Congress (REK) was founded in 1994 by Vladimir Gusinsky, who was a theater director in the Soviet period and became a highly influential oligarch during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin.
Gusinsky owned a company called Most, which at its peak controlled television and radio stations, banks, investment firms and construction companies. Gusinsky tried to emulate the American model. It was thus not by chance that the name he chose for his organization evoked that of the influential Canadian-American tycoon, Edgar Bronfman, the World Jewish Congress.

As president of the WJC, Bronfman was considered by the international media to be the representative of the Jewish people, and thus was able to form ties which he could not have done solely as the owner of a liquor concern. Bronfman was received for private audiences by the pope, (Sanhedrin's Catholicos)  held negotiations in the name of the "Jewish people" with Swiss banks and flew to meetings with world leaders. Gusinsky understood the vast importance and the public and personal benefit that could accrue to him as head of the Jewish community of Russia. His idea was to establish an umbrella organization for all the movements, institutions and factions related to the Jewish world in Russia - religious and secular alike.

Indeed, Gusinsky's novel and creative move succeeded beyond anyone's predictions. Among those who joined his organization were Chabad, the Jewish Community of Moscow under Rabbi Goldschmidt, the chief rabbi of Russia Adolf Shayevich and oligarchs such as Friedman. REK was recognized by the State of Israel, the Jewish Agency, the Joint Distribution Committee, the ORT vocational schools network and the other Jewish organizations around the world. For a time Gusinsky became the No. 1 Jew in Russia.

Soon, though, it became apparent that everything revolved around business and politics. The oligarchs Gusinsky, Boris Berezovsky (who declared that he does not consider himself a Jew) and Roman Abramovich began to compete for influence in the Kremlin. The period was the late 1990s, in the waning days of the government of Boris Yeltsin, who was old, tired and drinking heavily. "The Family" - the name given to all the relatives, aides, confidants and hangers-on surrounding Yeltsin, many of whom got rich at the expense of the public coffers - was divided into a number of factions. Abramovich tried to sponsor a few candidates for prime minister as a counterweight to the influence wielded by Gusinsky and Berezovsky on the government.

The group of oligarchs split and the fragmentation affected Gusinsky's Jewish organization as well. Abramovich and others realized that Gusinsky was exploiting not only his businesses and ties, but also REK to further his standing at their expense. His opponents therefore decided to diminish the organization's prestige and sought an appropriate Jewish alternative. They found it in the persons of Lev Leviev and Berel Lazar.

"My first meeting with Lev Leviev was in 1992," Berel Lazar relates in his Moscow office, which is located in the modern building that is the center of activity of the organization he represents, the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia (FEOR). The building, a community and cultural center that also contains a synagogue, is located in the Marina Roscha neighborhood and is named after it. Originally there was a wooden structure here, built in 1926, which held the only synagogue built in the Soviet Union after the Revolution.

Lazar: "Someone told me about a businessman in Israel and gave me his phone number. I called him and invited him to a circumcision ceremony."

Pedophiliac Party

This was the beginning of a partnership that made Lev Leviev the most influential, most active and most connected person in the Jewish community of Russia, and made Lazar the country's chief rabbi.

Attacks on Gusinsky
Lazar's baby face belies his 41 years. His parents immigrated to the United States from Europe and became Chabad followers. Lazar was born in 1964 in Italy, where his parents were sent on a mission by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Like them, he also became a Chabad emissary, arriving in the Soviet Union in 1987. Afterward he returned to the United States for a brief period, married and then returned to Moscow to act as the rabbi of the Chabad community there. The acquaintanceship with Leviev, who is also a Chabad follower, became a springboard on Lazar's way to
success and recognition.

It was thanks to Leviev's contributions that the FEOR was established in 1997. Leviev began to donate from his private fortune - he is thought to give away 10 percent of his revenues from his diamond business - to institutions that are run by Lazar and Chabad in Russia. "For a few years I worked in full cooperation with Gusinsky and REK," Lazar emphasizes, "until Gusinsky started to run a political campaign."

Gusinsky ran candidates of his own for the presidency against Putin. Abramovich backed Putin. "I said openly," Lazar maintains, "that what Gusinsky was doing was not desirable and would hurt the Jewish community. But I was in the minority. And the fact is that after a time the FSB launched a campaign against him that included a physical assault on him.

Gusinsky claimed he was being harassed because of his Jewishness, and described the acts as anti-Semitic and called on the Jews of Russia to support him. Many Jews felt uncomfortable because the impression was that they were against the government. They felt that Gusinsky had made them hostages against the authorities. This was the background for a large conference of the representatives of 87 communities, to which Rabbi Shayevich was also invited. However, he did not come to the conference and it was decided that a different chief rabbi would be appointed. It is true that Rabbi Shayevich complained about the vote and argued that it was illegal.

But there is also a different version of the course of events, one that is less innocent than Rabbi Lazar's account. This version maintains that Abramovich, who had business ties with Leviev, recruited the Israeli diamond merchant for a struggle on behalf of Putin and against Gusinsky. In return, Leviev received the support of Putin, who in 2000 was elected president of Russia. That support made it possible for Lazar to receive Russian citizenship in record time and to be recognized in practice as the chief rabbi of Russian Jewry. Shayevich was shunted to the sidelines.

The Jewish "federation" of Lazar and Leviev became the darling of the government. This was clearly manifested when President Putin took part in a resplendent ceremony to dedicate the FEOR center in the Marina Roscha neighborhood in 2001.

A plaque at the entrance to the building lists the donors. They include Leviev, his partner Gaydamak, Slutsker and other oligarchs. But at the top of the list is Abramovich. He donated $5 million for the construction of the building. Lazar and FEOR left REK. In 2002 Gusinsky was forced to leave Russia and then to sell his assets there. The authorities launched an investigation against him for tax violations. He based himself in Israel and Europe and invested in the Israeli daily Maariv and in the local Russian press; during the past year he has spent most of his time in the United States. He was replaced as REK president by Leonid Nevzlin, Khodorkovsky's associate. However, a year later, when it became apparent that the Putin government supported FEOR, Nevzlin realized that his place at the head of an organization identified with Gusinsky, who is loathed by the government, was liable to be detrimental to him and to affect Yukos as well. Nevzlin resigned and the deterioration of REK has continued apace ever since.

FEOR flourishes
In contrast, FEOR has flourished in the past five years. The success of Lazar and Leviev can be attributed to the fact that Putin used them in his struggle against Gusinsky and received a Jewish "umbrella" from them in return. But another reason for the close ties between the Putin government and FEOR lies in the promises made by Leviev and Lazar that they would make their connections available to Putin and assist the Kremlin to open doors in the corridors of power in Washington.

 Most importantly, they let Putin and his aides understand that their influence and lobbying would bring about the abolition of a 1974 Congressional amendment to the Trade Reform Act sponsored by Senator Henry Jackson and Representative Charles Vanik, both Democrats. Putin is deeply distressed by this legislation, which stipulates that countries, such as the former Soviet Union, which restrict freedom of movement and prevent the free emigration of their citizens will not receive special trade benefits from the United States. Even though the Jews of the former Soviet Union, and then Russia, were allowed to leave, the amendment has not been repealed.

Even Lazar and Leviev's rivals admit that their organization is the largest and strongest in Russia. Lazar declines to reveal FEOR's budget, but informed sources say it has a turnover of $35 million a year. About a third of the money, or slightly less, comes directly from Leviev?s pocket, the rest from donations in Russia and elsewhere. FEOR also has a very active and successful friends organization in the United States. At a cost of $70 million, the organization is currently building a vast complex adjacent to the Marina Roscha site, where the central bus station of Moscow once stood. Some of the structures are earmarked for preservation and are considered architectural landmarks. The land, worth an estimated $10 million, was donated by the Moscow municipality. The complex will include schools, a swimming pool, sports halls and a museum of the history of the Jewish people.

However, FEOR's success cannot be attributed solely to connections and money. It is also due to the devotion of its activists, most of them young Chabad people who are always ready, steadfastly and enthusiastically, to embark on a mission at the behest of their rabbis to the Russian hinterland, no matter how awful the physical conditions. After all, what prevents the Reform movement, for example, from dispatching young representatives on similar missions? Rabbi Lazar talks of an organization that has 200 communities across Russia and which provides both spiritual support (sacred articles, religious services, rabbis) and material backing (food, education, health, financial aid) to hundreds of thousands of Jews. "In Moscow alone," he says in an interview, "130,000 Jews have ties with us."

There are some who are skeptical of these figures. Two years ago, when Tzipi Livni, then Israel?s immigrant absorption minister, asked FEOR for a list of these Jews, her request was rejected with the slightly peculiar explanation that this would be a violation of privacy.

Putin's court Jew

Mordechai the Non Noahide Murderer

Success has a price. Some harsh allegations have been leveled at Lazar. The first is that he has become a kind of court Jew of Vladimir Putin. He has passionately defended the Russian government on quite a few occasions and rebuffed criticism that was voiced about anti-Semitism in Russia. "I do not know what a court Jew is," he says. "There are some people whose only purpose is to speak in condemnation of the government. I try to be objective. The situation in Russia has improved under Putin. People get pensions. The standard of living is rising. There are also negative phenomena, which deserve to be criticized. There is corruption at all levels, though that has been characteristic of Russia in the past 80 years. The reform is in bad shape and there are also many other ills."

What about anti-Semitism?
Lazar: "There is definitely anti-Semitism and manifestations of nationalism. But the government is trying to fight the anti-Semitism. The government is returning assets of Jews. Putin sends me Rosh Hashanah greetings. Jews are getting respect and one can be a Jew and walk the streets as a Jew without fear."

Some say that your organization plays down the connection with Zionism and Israel.

"That is not true. We are very proud of the connection with Israel and do not hide it. Just last year we organized visits for 4,000 young people in Israel. But we say that we also have to respect the Jews who are not thinking about immigrating to Israel. The Jewish community in Russia is not only a pipeline for immigration to Israel. There are people who have got used to the notion that Russia is a source of immigration. But the situation is changing. There are Jews in Russia who are not thinking about immigrating to Israel. We have to look after them, too. Our approach is that Jews should feel like Jews and that they have to decide themselves where they want to live and not that someone should decide for them. We believe that there is Israel, but that one also has to be a Jew."
What do you say about the view that FEOR is a religious organization? Why is the gym in Marina Roscha open alternately for separate activities for men and women?

"We are not a missionary organization. People who enter our gates are secular; we have no interest in imposing our opinion on them. People walk around in the building without skullcaps. Most of the students in our schools are secular. But we also definitely educate toward Judaism and Yiddishkeit."

Despite everything, the past few months have seen something of a decline in the status of FEOR. One reason is that Roman Abramovich has lowered his public profile (he recently sold parts of his giant company Sibneft Oil and diminished his business activity in Russia), and that Leviev's influence in the Kremlin is also not what it used to be. The officials with whom he cooperated have fallen out of favor and lost their
power. In addition, FEOR and Leviev face another danger - in the person of Arcadi Gaydamak.

"Politics and business"
There is a great deal of bustle in the Great Synagogue in Moscow. The impressive historic building with its distinctive dome is undergoing a face-lift ahead of the events that will be held in another 10 months, marking the centenary of its establishment. The rabbi of the synagogue is Adolf Shayevich. The conversation with him takes place in his modest
office. Shayevich is not a Kremlin favorite; Lazar enjoys a far stronger status.

"What happened," he explains, "has nothing to with religion and everything to do with politics and business. The president invites him to receptions and does not invite me. I am not offended."

This is the place to note that Russian law does not recognize the concept of chief rabbi. "In fact," admits Prof. Mikhail Chlenov, one of Russia's foremost Jewish intellectuals, "every organization can appoint itself a rabbi and grant him an imposing title." He adds, laughing, "You, too, could be a chief rabbi here." In other words, Rabbis Shayevich and Lazar, who both claim to be chief rabbi of Russia, or Rabbi Goldschmidt, the chief rabbi of Moscow, are appointees of Jewish organizations and not of the Russian government. Russia maintains a separation between religion and state that is enshrined in law.

There is no shortage of chief rabbis in Russia, nor of Jewish organizations. Chlenov, who teaches linguistics at the University of Moscow and is dean of the Maimonides Academy in the city, is not only a commentator - he is also an activist and heads a Jewish organization called the Va'ad (a Hebrew word meaning "committee"). That is not all: In 2003 he established the National-Cultural Autonomy organization and a year before that, he was one of the founders of the Kazakhstan-based Euro-Asian Jewish Congress together with the Jewish oligarch Alexander Mashkevich.

Shayevich is 68. He was born in the Soviet Union, worked as an engineer in Khabarovsk, in southeast Russia, and after studying for seven years at a Budapest yeshiva was appointed chief rabbi of Russia's Jews during the Soviet regime. Obviously, he would do the will of the regime. He held the title until 1998, when Lazar adopted the identical title. "They," Shayevich says, referring to Leviev, Abramovich and Lazar, "set up an organization that was aimed against Gusinsky. Because of that they received everything from the Russian government, including citizenship and the title of chief rabbi for Rabbi Lazar. All the doors were opened to them."

And what is your status?
Shayevich: "I am no longer connected to the government and, thank God, the government does not bother us. We are free today to do as we wish."
Now that you have a patron in the person of Gaydamak, is there a chance that your organization will get stronger?

"Yes. I very much hope that our situation will improve. Arcadi has been our president for the past half a year. He helps us and donates generously. That makes it possible for us to expand. We already have 80 communities in Russia. We send them rabbis, sacred articles and kosher food and help them renovate or build synagogues."

"Amaraka" you were deceived. The RED Talmudic Sofiet Union was never abolished, and Now these Same Hassidim of Chabad Lubavitch control, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, London and Washington DC as well as the anti-Christ beast Sanhedrin.


The Shem sham of shame shemborg seek to enslave any who refuse their Talmudic Red Sofiet Moshiach and his Dragon non god

The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe MH"M’s revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin



Sukkos has always been connected with the nations of the world. In the Musaf prayer on Sukkos, we mention the oxen that were sacrificed when the Beis HaMikdash stood; seventy oxen corresponding to the seventy nations.


Their Blasphemous anti-Christ Noahide nations of satan


These sacrifices affected the spiritual sources of the nations so that they would be influenced by the holiness of the Beis HaMikdash (Temple of abomination)  and would receive their life force from it. (Or be decapitated)  The spiritual elevation attained by the nations of the world refined them and prepared them to fulfill the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach. 




1st Session

H. J. RES. 104


To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.'.

HJ 104 EH


1st Session

H. J. RES. 104


To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.'.

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;







The Midrash says that if the nations knew what benefit they received from the Beis HaMikdash, they would stand and guard it!


Or stand Firm against it in their Testimony and witness of Jesus the Christ who they so Hate, the Creator


The connection gentiles have with their mitzvos began on Rosh HaShana when the first man was created and was given six mitzvos (aside from the seventh, not to eat a limb from a living animal, which was given to Noach). 


Fables of the jews and their tradition Talmud Bavli of the dragon "Robber" they have chosen


The civilization of the world is dependent on the fulfillment of these mitzvos, which includes the implementation of a system of justice to enforce the fulfillment of the mitzvos between man and his fellow. Apparently it’s difficult for the gentiles to deal with the mitzvos on their own, and they need the Jewish people to bring sacrifices on their behalf on Sukkos.


to their non god wannabe god.......the dragon, that Devil, Satan


After the murderous attack in New York and Washington D.C., gentiles have, in a sense, begun to realize that without the fulfillment of the Sheva Mitzvos, the world cannot exist.


For if they do not accept the beast they will be slain



Upon examining the frightful events that took place in the capitol city of Nasi Doreinu,

On first glance, the term seems
to express the uniqueness of 770 less
than the other terms as it’s merely
the “Daled amos of nasi doreinu,” as opposed to, “the nasi’s place.” Yet on
many occasions the Rebbe hails 770
for being the shul  in which the Rebbe
Rayatz davened in his final ten years,


(It was Judah, Sharon, Aholibah, secular zion who struck this Nasi Doreinu (New York, and their shembolical WTC of their "World to Come" of Aholah Dan)


 one can view it as would a gentile, i.e., there are groups of terrorists who can destroy the modern world, therefore we must eradicate them and beef up our security. Or, one can view it from a Jewish perspective, as a Chabad Chassid would, putting it in the context of that which began ten years ago.


In 5750, after the silent revolution that led to the dismantling of the Communist bloc, which up until that point had represented the war on faith, the time had come to continue the revolution throughout the world. How? By teaching the Sheva Mitzvos to all nations of the world.


anti-Christ laws of their dragon



This revolution actually began in the 80’s when the United States ratified some laws and resolutions about the Sheva Mitzvos in accordance with the Rebbe’s request. However, these principles were not promulgated throughout the world.


But George W. Bushitler is now enforcing their satanic Law of Universal Noahide by MURDER




At the end of 5750, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, a unique opportunity to convey a clear message was presented, the message that all nations of the world must conduct themselves in a manner which ensures the civilization of the world.


Noahide Law of the beast. You who are in Guenthers "lowestroom" this is why he is screaming "Law" Law" and that if you say Jesus is Christ you are worshipping satan......BEWARE...........YOU WERE Warned about this Hassidim slandering Coward, who CANNOT STAND up to the WORD of GOD the CREATOR


In the Rebbe’s talks at the time, two points were repeated: 1) The Jewish people need not fear what was going on, for events were preparing the ground for the coming of Moshiach, who already stood on the roof of the Beis HaMikdash (770) and announced, "Humble ones, the time of your redemption has arrived."


2) Since the time for Geula (Redemption with a REDEEMER) had arrived, and it was therefore already possible to experience a foretaste and beginning of the fulfillment of the prophecies of Geula, the United States could have used the opportunity to tell the world once and for all, that humanity’s first priority is "yishuvo shel olam" (settling the world), and a nation that acts contrary to this priority, will be severely punished.


A few years prior to this, when the Rebbe began talking about the Sheva Mitzvos in earnest, the Rebbe made it clear that the U.S. had an important role to play in teaching the Sheva Mitzvos to the world. Being a kingdom of chesed with worldwide economic clout, the U.S. could use its strong position in the world to influence the nations to fulfill their mitzvos.


In one of the Rebbe’s talks during the Gulf War, the Rebbe said that a special opportunity had arisen to completely eradicate the Iraqi threat. The Rebbe explicitly said that they should be wiped off the face of the earth. If President George Bush had taken advantage of the opportunity, the Arabs would have been shaken up and would not have dared to consider using violent means to further their goals. They would realize that those who used violence, those who worked against the Sheva Mitzvos, would be eliminated from the map.


Namely ME and the SAINTS of JESUS the ONLY Christ. So are you with these workers of INIQUITY in the lowestroom hiding in FEAR?


But Bush did not use the opportunity. Maybe he didn’t have the z’chus. And the Rebbe said not to publicize this sharp sicha.


Ten years passed.




On the one hand, terrorist activities have increased. On the other hand, the world has progressed to the time for the Rebbe MH"M’s revelation. Providence had it that Bush’s son has become president and is now being given the opportunity to complete that which his father began: eradicating evil from the world as a beginning and foretaste of the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies, when "I will remove the spirit of impurity from the land."


Dan Bush serves their dragon and their False Christ Moshiach, and it is Sharon who is Fighting tooth and nail for that WHORE City and that Great Harlot of the Earth who sits upon the beast Sanhedrin, that Harlot is the Universal Noahide Religion to the Dragon, the Great Falling AWAY



Bush’s son announced an all-out war against evil in the world. 


If you ain't with us you are against us.......The AXIS of Evil



In a speech to the nation on 3 Tishrei, he said that the United States would go to war for the purpose of excising evil from the world.


And Judeo-Churchinsanity apostasy that is what you do, for your murderer from the beginning, your father.....Murder wonderfully for the Beast and his shemborg of Shame, your "Chosen" you have chose, for you too reject the Chooser the Christ


Terror has reigned in Eretz Yisroel for years. In the U.S. this was observed and ignored. 


and Now apostate "Amaraka" they funnel their all engulfing TERROR upon you RED Sofiet Talmudic Style, and you cry give us anything, Take our Freedom, Just stop the Terror and we will bow down to your non god Satan and his Moshiach false Christ


For years, the Rebbe called on the U.S. to use its worldwide economic influence and support of many nations in order to spread the observance of the Sheva Mitzvos, but the U.S. preferred to focus on its own narrow interests.


So they had a great need to WAKEN "Amaraka", Thus the Terror


But since the time has come for the revelation of the Rebbe MH"M, the U.S. has no choice, and must fulfill its destiny and instill the Sheva Mitzvos within all of humanity.



Items 1 through 3 of 3

1. H.J.RES.104 : To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A.".
Sponsor: Rep Michel, Robert H. [IL-18] (introduced 1/31/1991)      Cosponsors (225)
Committees: House Post Office and Civil Service
Latest Major Action: 3/20/1991 Became Public Law No: 102-14.





The unfathomable has come to pass and terrorism struck right here. America has no choice but to go to war against terror now.


Beware Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt for they want your Land, from the Nile to the Euphrates, Beware and Take heed saints of the LIVING GOD, for you are either "with him" or you are against "HIM"



Upon examining the details of the events, one sees how it is all written Above with open Divine providence:


Providence of satan, never understanding that the Spirit of Prophecy Jesus the Christ has  warned you, for IT is HE who PUTS it in their Hearts to fulfill his will. This is why the Hassidim Jaylow wants you to Call Jesus the Christ a beast, for they deliver you to the Beast Moshiach ben Satan


In order to get the U.S. to go to war, the president needs the consent of four sectors: the government, the military, the financiers, and the people. In Vietnam, for example, the people did not want the war, and it pulled out in the middle. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center affected all four sectors simultaneously:


Within minutes, for it was pre-planned by the Hassidim Pharisees who say they are the "Illuminated Masters" Chabad Lubavitch


The White House and the President’s plane were quite possibly terrorist targets; the Pentagon, nerve center of the U.S. army, was attacked and partially destroyed; the World Trade Center, home to the high-powered financial movers and shakers, was completely demolished and thousands of civilians killed, leaving millions more frightened of what is to come.


Aside from the physical devastation, the attack severely affected the morale of all four sectors. There is great shame over the debacle of the President of the United States fleeing in his plane to an undisclosed destination, all because of a group of terrorists who used knives to commandeer American planes and transform them into missiles to attack America. The tremendous shame led to unprecedented support by all four sectors of the president’s decision to go to war.


A near Perfect Scheme


Also, the fact that the attacks were simultaneous compelled the U.S. to go on the offensive against terrorism. It is very possible that if the attacks were spaced over a number of weeks, that the U.S. would not have reacted as strongly as it did, just as it did not react to the numerous other attacks against it over the past five years.


It raised the Judeo-Churchinsanity Bloodlust Cry, of their father the murderer from the beginning


When examining this chain of frightening events with a Chassidic eye, you see that the U.S. is being pushed towards fulfilling its historic role of teaching the Sheva Mitzvos to the world. There has been an unprecedented spiritual awakening in America, with the president himself asking the nation to pray for peace. Thousands of Jews who never visited a shul before, attended shul this Rosh HaShana.


And the Great Falling Away is COMPLETE



By the way, the attacks took place on Tuesday, the third day of Slichos, the day the Rebbeim would say special maamarim, though not revealing why this day of Slichos was special. This secret was transmitted from Rebbe to Rebbe.


Viper to Viper


What practical lessons can we derive from current events?


1) The Rebbe gave us the job of bringing Moshiach. If we thought for a moment that we could get out of it, recent events have shown us otherwise. The previous President Bush also thought he could get out of fulfilling the role which the Rebbe said America has, but the Rebbe arranged things so that his son could complete the job.


"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."   President George H.W. Bush, quoted by Sarah McClendon
(White House Reporter) in her June 1992 Newsletter



The world is waiting for us, for us to fulfill our role in preparing the world to greet Moshiach. The Rebbe is waging the wars of Moshiach on his own, but he gave the job of preparing the world to us, and we have to use this Shnas Hakhel and fulfill the task with chesed and rachamim.


2) In his speech to the American people, Bush said that the U.S. would not only fight against terrorists, but against their supporters. Any nation that grants immunity to terrorists would have to contend with the U.S. Whoever would not join the coalition in the war against terror, would be counted among the terrorists. The world became black and white. No gray. Whoever is not with us is against us.


I AM AGAINST YOU. I am With Jesus the Christ the LORD GOD.  I AM, Robert G. PICKLE


In Chassidus we call this, "yisboreru v’yislabnu ha’dvarim" (the matters becoming clear and white). Whoever doesn’t join the coalition to bring the Geula, ch’v, takes full responsibility for the continuing Galus! You cannot stand off to the side and say, "I’m not getting involved in matters that are steeped in controversy..." Whoever stands with arms folded while Chabad Chassidim make the effort to bring the Geula, is counted among those who "mocked the footsteps of Your anointed one." Every person must decide where he belongs.


The separation of the Bleeting Goats or the Twestifying Sheep


3) We must know that since the Rebbe announced, "Humble ones, do not fear, the time for your redemption has arrived," we can clearly see how all world events are for our benefit. Jews have been fighting Arab terrorism for fifty years, and when Israel demonstrated an uncompromising war against terror, the Western world refused to see the justice in their position.


On the Shabbos following the World Trade Center attacks, the Haftora said, "For the sake of Tziyon I will not be silent, and for the sake of Yerushalayim I will not be quiet, until Your justice goes out against it and her salvation burns like a torch. And nations will see Your justice..." It was on account of those towering flames of fire that the nations finally began to see the justice in Yerushalayim’s stubborn war against terrorism.




1. H.J.RES.104 : To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A.".
Sponsor: Rep Michel, Robert H. [IL-18] (introduced 1/31/1991)      Cosponsors (225)
Committees: House Post Office and Civil Service
Latest Major Action: 3/20/1991 Became Public Law No: 102-14.


Bill of Rights

Amendment I


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


Saints of Jesus the Christ
all others need not read

All Constitutional Law is now nullified. There is no "Bill of rights". By House Joint Resolution 104, PL 102 14 of the 102nd Congress of Treason of these United States, these Laws are forever abolished.

Therefore, The Laws which regulate Tax is therefore nullified.

Your Property rights are abolished

Your right to citizenship is forfeited.

Your right to worship your God is made a criminal act.

So, There is no president of the United States

There is no Congress

There is no Judicial

There is no LAW

Unless they openly admit the courts are TREASONOUS Noahide Courts

Or the Congress of the United States, rescinds this treasonous Public Law and restores the Government of the People by the People and For the People.

It is time to Make your final Stand unto the Coming of the LORD, Jesus the Creator.

He is Our King

Sion is our Great Kingdom

He is OUR Law

He is OUR Judge

He is Our Counselor

He is Our GOD and Savior

All others, I advise you to finds rocks and caves and lowestrooms and Hide. For Candles which cannot burn are hid under the bed.

Searching for One Man or Woman, who has the Funds, and who seeks and Hungers for Righteousness, to Finance a Full Page Ad in the New York Times, or Washington Post, about the Treasonous Blasphemous House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14, "restoring" this Nation to the Talmudic anti-Christ Noahide Laws of the beast Sanhedrin.

All of Congress, All the staff of the executive, all Judicial are indicted to answer this call to summons.

If they refuse to accept this Ad, we will sue them in their own Noahide Courts

By their own Talmudic law

Contact me:

no you will not get rich on mammon if you send any money for this Advertisement
This cannot be written off on Taxes, we are no IRS, 501 C-3 organization.

Send a Check or Money Order for any amount to:
Robert G. Pickle
P.O Box 489
Bay Minette AL 36507-0489

This is not a request for Seed of Greed creed need. If you are in the lowestroom hiding, you may not want to partake in this Stand against the workers of iniquity.

Saints of Jesus the Christ it is time to bring their cowardly shemsham into the open. It is time that they stop their cowardly antics of coming out in the middle of the night and Taking the Lord's Chosen. Let satan be Exposed. Let satan's workers be Exposed, forever.

Ps:94:16: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?


E-Mail to Dov Stein, One of the Seven of Sanhedrin


-----Original Message-----
From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 7:30 PM
To: Dov

Good evening Dov,
I see you folks are moving right along with Purim Iran and Purim Syria


His Reply

From: ?? ?????
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 3:30 PM
Subject: RE:

Syria is an Israeli teritory at the near future coming as it was promised in the Bible
Iran Is Purim

My response

hahahhahaha......Sion is the Kingdom of God, New Jerusalem his Bride
That whore city will soon see the "Purim" of God. The Great harlot church of Universal Noahide who sits astride Sanhedrin will all be destroyed and cast into the Lake of Fire


"it ain't gonna happen" "jlow" the hassidim


December 09, 2005

Buy A Rabbi – Israel's Chief Rabbinate Scandal Widens

Ha'aretz writes:

Buy a rabbi
By Haaretz Editorial

This weekend's Haaretz magazine exposes a major corruption scandal that could be called the "Latvia 2 affair." Hundreds of policemen, army officers and noncommissioned officers are suspected of having received fictitious certification as rabbis from important yeshivas. This gave them salary increases of up to NIS 2,000 a month, equivalent to the increase granted to those with academic degrees. For the yeshivas, it was worthwhile due to the tuition they collected for the few hours of study each week. But the treasury annually suffered millions of shekels of damages.

This scam, which has been going on for three years already, involved senior members of the rabbinic establishment: former Sephardi chief rabbi Mordechai Eliahu, former Sephardi chief rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron, and members of the Chief Rabbinate Council, including Haifa Chief Rabbi She'ar Yeshuv Hacohen, Be'er Sheva Chief Rabbi Yehuda Deri, and Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu.

Employers ought to encourage their workers to pursue an education in their line of business and reward them with pay increases. But in recent years, Israel has witnessed a growing phenomenon of "pseudo-education" solely for the purpose of salary increases, which turns the issue of professional education into a laughingstock and is liable to injure those who truly deserve such raises.

The Latvia affair involved people who obtained academic degrees without studying at all. Sources involved in the investigation in the current affair reported that some of those certified as rabbis were not even familiar with basic Jewish concepts. Particularly grave was the fact that policemen, including senior police officers, behaved as if the law did not apply to them.

The religious world attaches great importance to the term hillul hashem (desecration of God's name), meaning acts that are not only undesirable and even forbidden, but that sow contempt for religion. The rabbinic certification affair is a desecration of God's name on a grand scale. The Chief Rabbinate is striving to preserve its monopoly over the rabbinic establishment and prevent state recognition of Reform and Conservative rabbis. Therefore, one would have expected Chief Rabbinate Council members to demonstrate greater responsibility when certifying people as rabbis, instead of cutting off the branch on which they are sitting.

The investigation, which is being conducted by the Justice Ministry's Department for Investigating Policemen, the National Fraud Squad, and the Military Police, has been under way for three years already. Such a drawn-out process is liable to create the impression that the police have no interest in completing a probe involving the force itself.

Claims made by Chief Rabbinate officials that the police pressed to have the certificates issued to policemen quickly must be investigated. The police's deputy chief rabbi, Chief Superintendent Aharon Gotsdiner, has resigned, but the public deserves to know whether the police's chief rabbi, Ya'akov Gross, also was involved in the affair. The policemen involved in the affair are complaining about the lengthy investigation, saying it has impeded their promotions. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the probe and bring this affair to an end expeditiously.


Treason and Blasphemy


Bush - Constitution
'Just A Goddamned
Piece Of Paper'

move over jaylow

By Doug Thompson
Capitol Hill Blue
Last month, Republican Congressional leaders filed into the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush and talk about renewing the controversial USA Patriot Act.
Several provisions of the act, passed in the shell shocked period immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, caused enough anger that liberal groups like the American Civil Liberties Union had joined forces with prominent conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly and Bob Barr to oppose renewal.
GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.
"I don't give a goddamn," Bush retorted. "I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way."
"Mr. President," one aide in the meeting said. "There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution."
"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"
I've talked to three people present for the meeting that day and they all confirm that the President of the United States called the Constitution "a goddamned piece of paper."
And, to the Bush Administration, the Constitution of the United States is little more than toilet paper stained from all the crap that this group of power-mad despots have dumped on the freedoms that "goddamned piece of paper" used to guarantee.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, while still White House counsel, wrote that the "Constitution is an outdated document."
Put aside, for a moment, political affiliation or personal beliefs. It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent. It doesn't matter if you support the invasion or Iraq or not.  Despite our differences, the Constitution has stood for two centuries as the defining document of our government, the final source to determine ­ in the end ­ if something is legal or right.
Every federal official ­ including the President ­ who takes an oath of office swears to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States."
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says he cringes when someone calls the Constitution a "living document."
""Oh, how I hate the phrase we have-a 'living document,'" Scalia says. "We now have a Constitution that means whatever we want it to mean. The Constitution is not a living organism, for Pete's sake."
As a judge, Scalia says, "I don't have to prove that the Constitution is perfect; I just have to prove that it's better than anything else."
President Bush has proposed seven amendments to the Constitution over the last five years, including a controversial amendment to define marriage as a "union between a man and woman."  Members of Congress have proposed some 11,000 amendments over the last decade, ranging from repeal of the right to bear arms to a Constitutional ban on abortion.
Scalia says the danger of tinkering with the Constitution comes from a loss of rights.
"We can take away rights just as we can grant new ones," Scalia warns. "Don't think that it's a one-way street."
And don't buy the White House hype that the USA Patriot Act is a necessary tool to fight terrorism. It is a dangerous law that infringes on the rights of every American citizen and, as one brave aide told President Bush, something that undermines the Constitution of the United States.
But why should Bush care? After all, the Constitution is just "a goddamned piece of paper."
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Date : 2005-08-10

Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US


By Patrick Martin – World Socialist Web Site

According to a report published Monday by the Washington Post, the Pentagon has developed its first ever war plans for operations within the continental United States, in which terrorist attacks would be used as the justification for imposing martial law on cities, regions or the entire country.

The front-page article cites sources working at the headquarters of the military’s Northern Command (Northcom), located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The plans themselves are classified, but “officers who drafted the plans” gave details to Post reporter Bradley Graham, who was recently given a tour of Northcom headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base. The article thus appears to be a deliberate leak conducted for the purpose of accustoming the American population to the prospect of military rule.


" Bush screamed back. "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

According to Graham, “the new plans provide for what several senior officers acknowledged is the likelihood that the military will have to take charge in some situations, especially when dealing with mass-casualty attacks that could quickly overwhelm civilian resources.”

The Post account declares, “The war plans represent a historic shift for the Pentagon, which has been reluctant to become involved in domestic operations and is legally constrained from engaging in law enforcement.”

The Pentagon has NO SAY over Constitutional Legislation

A total of 15 potential crisis scenarios are outlined, ranging from “low-end,” which Graham describes as “relatively modest crowd-control missions,” to “high-end,” after as many as three simultaneous catastrophic mass-casualty events, such as a nuclear, biological or chemical weapons attack.

In each case, the military would deploy a quick-reaction force of as many as 3,000 troops per attack—i.e., 9,000 total in the worst-case scenario. More troops could be made available as needed.

The Post quotes a statement by Admiral Timothy J. Keating, head of Northcom: “In my estimation, [in the event of] a biological, a chemical or nuclear attack in any of the 50 states, the Department of Defense is best positioned—of the various eight federal agencies that would be involved—to take the lead.”

The newspaper describes an unresolved debate among the military planners on how to integrate the new domestic mission with ongoing US deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and other foreign conflicts. One major document of over 1,000 pages, designated CONPLAN 2002, provides a general overview of air, sea and land operations in both a post-attack situation and for “prevention and deterrence actions aimed at intercepting threats before they reach the United States.” A second document, CONPLAN 0500, details the 15 scenarios and the actions associated with them.

The Post reports: “CONPLAN 2002 has passed a review by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff and is due to go soon to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and top aides for further study and approval, the officers said. CONPLAN 0500 is still undergoing final drafting” at Northcom headquarters.

While Northcom was established only in October 2002, its headquarters staff of 640 is already larger than that of the Southern Command, which overseas US military operations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

About 1,400 National Guard troops have been formed into a dozen regional response units, while smaller quick-reaction forces have been set up in each of the 50 states. Northcom also has the power to mobilize four active-duty Army battalions, as well as Navy and Coast Guard ships and air defense fighter jets.

The Pentagon is acutely conscious of the potential political backlash as its role in future security operations becomes known. Graham writes: “Military exercises code-named Vital Archer, which involve troops in lead roles, are shrouded in secrecy. By contrast, other homeland exercises featuring troops in supporting roles are widely publicized.”

Military lawyers have studied the legal implications of such deployments, which risk coming into conflict with a longstanding congressional prohibition on the use of the military for domestic policing, known as posse comitatus. Involving the National Guard, which is exempt from posse comitatus, could be one solution, Admiral Keating told the Post. “He cited a potential situation in which Guard units might begin rounding up people (saints) while regular forces could not,” Graham wrote.

Graham adds: “when it comes to ground forces possibly taking a lead role in homeland operations, senior Northcom officers remain reluctant to discuss specifics. Keating said such situations, if they arise, probably would be temporary, with lead responsibility passing back to civilian authorities.”

A remarkable phrase: “probably would be temporary.” In other words, the military takeover might not be temporary, and could become permanent!

In his article, Graham describes the Northern Command’s “Combined Intelligence and Fusion Center, which joins military analysts with law enforcement and counterintelligence specialists from such civilian agencies as the FBI, the CIA and the Secret Service.” 

Der Homelandt "Say" Kurity of der Kapitant Chert-off, son of the devil who will slay the saints of Jesus wonderfully


The article continues: “A senior supervisor at the facility said the staff there does no intelligence collection, only analysis. He also said the military operates under long-standing rules intended to protect civilian liberties. The rules, for instance, block military access to intelligence information on political dissent or purely criminal activity.”

Again, despite the soothing reassurances about respecting civil liberties, another phrase leaps out: “intelligence information on political dissent.” What right do US intelligence agencies have to collect information on political dissent? Political dissent is not only perfectly legal, but essential to the functioning of a democracy.

wanna beit ?

The reality is that the military brass is intensely interested in monitoring political dissent because its domestic operations will be directed not against a relative handful of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists—who have not carried out a single operation inside the United States since September 11, 2001—but against the democratic rights of the American people.

It was not Ishmael who carried out the WTC attack

The plans of Northcom have their origins not in the terrible events of 9/11, but in longstanding concerns in corporate America about the political stability of the United States. This is a society increasingly polarized between the fabulously wealthy elite at the top, and the vast majority of working people who face an increasingly difficult struggle to survive. The nightmare of the American ruling class is the emergence of a mass movement from below that challenges its political and economic domination.

As long ago as 1984—when Osama bin Laden was still working hand-in-hand with the CIA in the anti-Soviet guerrilla war in Afghanistan—the Reagan administration was drawing up similar contingency plans for military rule.

Talmudic Noahide Courts of so called satanic Justice


 A Marine Corps officer detailed to the National Security Council drafted plans for Operation Rex ’84, a headquarters exercise that simulated rounding up 300,000 Central American immigrants and likely political opponents of a US invasion of Nicaragua or El Salvador and jailing them at mothballed military bases. This officer later became well known to the public: Lt. Colonel Oliver North, the organizer of the illegal network to arm the “contra” terrorists in Nicaragua and a principal figure in the Iran-Contra scandal.

As for the claims that these military plans are driven by genuine concern over the threat of terrorist attacks, these are belied by the actual conduct of the American ruling elite since 9/11. The Bush administration has done everything possible to suppress any investigation into the circumstances of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon—most likely because its own negligence, possibly deliberate, would be exposed.

While the Pentagon claims that its plans are a response to the danger of nuclear, biological or chemical attacks, no serious practical measures have been taken to forestall such attacks or minimize their impact. The Bush administration and Congress have refused even to restrict the movement of rail tank cars loaded with toxic chemicals through the US capital, though even an accidental leak, let alone a terrorist attack, would cause mass casualties.

Bush went directly to Northcom the Day of Purim NOLA, Katrina

In relation to bioterrorism, the Defense Science Board determined in a 2000 study that the federal government had only 1 of the 57 drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools required to deal with such an attack. According to a report in the Washington Post August 7, in the five years since the Pentagon report, only one additional resource has been developed, bringing the total to 2 out of 57. Drug companies have simply refused to conduct the research required to find antidotes to anthrax and other potential toxins, and the Bush administration has done nothing to compel them.

see chemtrails and Population reduction...see murals at Denver International Airport of the Nasi, see GA. Guidestone...see apostate Amaraka

As for the danger of nuclear or “dirty-bomb” attacks, the Bush administration and the congressional Republican leadership recently rammed through a measure loosening restrictions on exports of radioactive substances, at the behest of a Canadian-based manufacturer of medical supplies which conducted a well-financed lobbying campaign.

Evidently, the administration and the corporate elite which it represents do not take seriously their own warnings about the imminent threat of terrorist attacks using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons—at least not when it comes to security measures that would impact corporate profits.

The anti-terrorism scare has a propaganda purpose: to manipulate the American people and induce the public to accept drastic inroads against democratic rights. As the Pentagon planning suggests, the American working class faces the danger of some form of military-police dictatorship in the United States.

The Nasi of DAN


Some where over the Noahide Rainbow

Oz - Race Warfare
Divides Sydney

By Simon Kearney and Jennifer Sexton
The Australian
Sydney exploded into a second night of race warfare as tensions between rival ethnic gangs escalated into a series of late-night revenge attacks on white Australian males across the south and west of the city.
Shots were fired as groups of young men from western Sydney picked fights in and near Cronulla, the scene of Sunday's ugly mob attacks on anyone of Middle Eastern appearance.
Police made at least six arrests, and a number of people were injured, amid reports of local residents being targeted by the gangs in assaults from Cronulla to Punchbowl, in the west.
The violence has been fuelled by a series of text messages urging revenge attacks for the assaults on men and women of Middle Eastern appearance by a 5000-strong crowd at Cronulla on Sunday.
A separate series of text messages call on locals to defend Sydney's suburban beach strip.
The new wave of violence broke out as police promised to hunt down suspected right-wing instigators of the violent outbreaks and debate raged over the reasons behind the vicious assaults.
John Howard was forced to reject suggestions that government warnings about homegrown terrorists fuelled the rampage, as academics blamed talkback radio and the influence of Pauline Hanson's One Nation.
Police, who set up a 24-hour command unit ready to deploy tactical units in force to any troublespot, fear both sides are preparing for a massive confrontation this Sunday, with Cronulla and Maroubra, in the city's south and east, considered flashpoints.
As white supremacist groups admitted involvement, political, religious and community leaders united in condemnation of Sunday's violence.
Of the 14 men and two youths arrested on Sunday on a total of 42 charges -- including assault, affray, malicious damage and possession of a knife -- 12 were from Sutherland Shire, one was from Bondi Junction and three were from southwest and western Sydney suburbs. A further three men face charges of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing a 20-year-old man.
Far-Right groups accused of links to neo-Nazis have admitted mobilising more than 100 people to join the mob of drunken people on the rampage at Cronulla.
Three ultra right-wing organisations -- Australia First, the Patriotic Youth League and the Newcastle-based skinhead group Blood and Honour -- handed out pamphlets at the rally.
The NSW secretary of Australia First, Jim Saleam, said his members had recruited up to 120 people, but he denied any involvement in violence and said his group played no part in the text-message campaign.
"Rather than say that one supports what people did, all I'd say to you is: I wouldn't condone it, but I wouldn't condemn it," Dr Saleam said.
The NSW Government, stunned by the ferocity of Sunday's attacks, launched measures to combat a feared escalation.
NSW Premier Morris Iemma announced the creation of a taskforce to hunt down suspected right-wing instigators, and raised the possibility of recalling parliament to give police more powers.
Police Commissioner Ken Moroney promised a review of tactics -- even the possibility of using water cannons -- to break up unruly crowds.
"We have witnessed this weekend amongst the worst violence that I have ever seen in my policing service of 40 years," he said. "Never in my working life did I ever imagine a mob, a drunken mob, turning on a woman, an innocent woman, who happened to stray into their path." Ethnic politics academic James Jupp, from the Australian National University, said people in the area had seen a resurgence of nationalist, racist politics.
"People don't normally walk around with an Australian flag in their pocket," he said, adding that 10 years of talkback radio incitement in Sydney, and Cronulla's unique position as a "white ghetto", were to blame.
NSW Police Minister Carl Scully said a small number of white supremacists were involved and they had "no place in mainstream Australian society".
DO you hear what they are preparing Globally?
But while the Prime Minister, who is heading off on a trip to Asia, warned of the dangers of "tribalism", he repeatedly deflected questions of whether Sunday's violence involved racism.
"I do not accept there is underlying racism in this country," Mr Howard told journalists.
NSW Opposition Leader Peter Debnam challenged the Government to recall parliament this week to introduce tougher laws.
He claimed the Government was in denial in not realising that many communities were controlled by ethnic gangs, and called for the end of a "softly, softly" approach by police.
Mr Moroney denied that his officers had taken such an approach to crowd control or that they had miscalculated the anger in Cronulla.
Fadi Rahman, who runs the Icra Youth Centre at Lidcombe, said a "racial vendetta" was at the centre of the violence and that revenge attacks would continue. "Unless something is done, this is going to turn into another Paris riot," Mr Rahman said.

another Noahide Nation


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