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Part 349

December 13 , 2005 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Kislev 12, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766


Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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E-mail from Dov Stein, Sanhedrin 12-13-2005


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Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 11:46 PM
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hahahhahaha......Sion is the Kingdom of God, New Jerusalem his Bride
That whore city will soon see the "Purim" of God. The Great harlot church of Universal Noahide who sits astride Sanhedrin will all be destroyed and cast into the Lake of Fire


Dov's reply....their plan

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט

מדריך לבאי האתר:

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Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 12:24 AM
Subject: RE:
So much Christian hatred. The Islam will swollow the Christians countries. The only one hope for the idolic Christians is to leave there stupid faith and to adopt  the Noachide faith. You know this is the true.

Soon the Sanhedrin plans false flag ops against Amaraka the apostate to blame Ishmael and bring the World to another World War, ordo ab chao unto their Moshaich false Christ


Try, try again: Another nuke drill in Charleston -- Monday

Information Awareness

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Back in August, this website and others exposed the plan to nuke Charleston, South Carolina in a false flag operation. The idea of the dark forces behind this plan was that only a purported "nuclear terror" attack could provide sufficient pretext for all-out nuclear war with Iran. (Conventional war with Iran has no chance of success given the overextension of US troops.)

It seems this plan is still on the table, as another "radiological" drill is set for the Charleston harbor on Monday. This website does not see this drill as going live on Monday. But this drill is a useful exercise for the shadow government to refine their plans for another run at a nuclear false flag some time in 2006.

From Charleston Post-Courier Friday, December 09, 2005:

"Don't get nervous, but terrorists will be attacking Charleston Harbor on Monday with a weapon of mass destruction.

Just kidding. It's only a simulation.

But be warned: It could look like the real thing, complete with armed bad guys and helicopters buzzing around. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is sponsoring a disaster preparedness drill involving more than 40 local, state and federal agencies to measure how well each group responds to a post-Sept. 11 catastrophe.

Because part of the drill will be visible to the public, officials are trying to get word of the event out now to head off a potential panic from anyone who might think Charleston is under attack.

Of particular concern are commuters crossing the Cooper River during Monday morning's rush hour who might see events unfold in the water beneath them.

"If people see any unusual activity around the harbor, it's most likely related to the exercise," said Marlene Phillips, a spokeswoman with Homeland Security.

The public is likely to see police boats in action, as well as helicopters, gun-toting security personnel, lots of flashing emergency lights and, potentially, fake casualties.

Preparing Amaraka for the Fourth Reich

The method of Monday's mock attack isn't being disclosed. The intent is to keep the 300 area responders, which include medical personnel, police and rescue workers, off guard as to what they can expect to unfold. What is confirmed is that it will involve "a radiological incident."



Then there is the lowestroom who are sleeping in the same bed. Once again he took a break from going to and from in the earth, to go up before God and accuse the Saints of Jesus the Christ.....and he's Back with yet another dark cloud.

 I should've in fact called this one "interview with a demon" because that's what I've had FORCED upon me for about "5 MONTHS" now and strangely enough, the Lord has revealed to me now just exactly WHAT I've had forced upon me. 

This poor sap cannot think of anything but Robert Pickle and the Beast he worships, He calles the DAY of the LORDS Wrath and his army in Joel 2, the beast from the bottomless pit who Blasphemes the god of heaven, Hiding the Scheme of his Hassidic masters


I've had someone now for5 MONTHS, harass, flood my e-mail box, send threats, use ISP disguising software to attempt to enter internet banking accounts of mine, send anonymous phone calls to me in the night, and WILL NOT STOP even though I've warned him that Ill contact the authorities.

This coward cannot do anything but slander, Hide, seal up their lowerpit, then make false accusation against any who oppose them in the filthy pit.

hahahhahhahhhahhahhahhha the Lord Laugh's this Hassidim to derision


 He claims he's a christian, has a website ministry, but what has become completely apparent is that HE'S A LOCUST/SCORPION, of that "demonic" army of Joel ch.2, Rev.9, and Now ladies and gentlemen, be absolutely aware and know for a fact that THE LOCUSTS OF REV.9 ARE HERE and they come in the disguise of "CHRISTIANS" and as Ill show, that's EXACTLY what the bible proves!. This LOCUST I'm referring to is named ROBERT PICKLE, and what he is exactly is someone who has been POSSESSED WITH A DISEMBODIED SPIRIT OF THE NEPHILLIM as Ill show. Now, I saw a  movie the other night that I've seen before, but not in this light since ive had this experience with one of these THINGS. The movie is called "CAPE FEAR", its a remake of an old movie and this one has Robert De Niro in the role of the "wacko". Robert De Niro plays a nutcase who claimed was "wrongly imprisoned",,,,,,,,

This man lives on "Hollywood" go figure

Yep, all you lil LOCUSTS ARE DOOMED, IM GONNA EAT AND HAVE A BIG FEAST ON YOU, A "MARRIAGE SUPPER" YUM YUM YUM AND R.PICKLE IS THE FIRST "SNACK"!!! Mmm, mmm, mmm, "LOCUSTS" and "wild honey'!(Rev.10:10) The LIGHT shall surely manifest you HIDING in people, you will exposed and your works done in and of DARKNESS shall not come to pass..............DEVILS! YOU HAVE ALL DRUNK OF THE CUP OF WRATH, THUS SPEAK YE OF WRATH.......UPON YORUSELVES!


This guy has been "interviewed" and tested positive for "DEVIL INFECTION".....WWW.SAMLIQUIDATION.COM. 

The sayanim have great need to attack your families, Business and slander your person, to conceal the works of their Hassidim


Beware beware, he is leading you to the worship of THE BEAST HES DRANK OF AND MARKED BY and seduces you to worship him...

Jesus who Is forever Christ, he blasphemes


..A FALLEN ANGEL. Everything he says is a LIE for his FATHER IS THE DEVIL, doubt it not, ive got the records "written with a pen of iron and the point of a diamond". HES DRUNK OF BACHUS, NEW WINE, HES BEEN PASSED THROUGH THE FIRE UNTO MOLOCH! Stay away from anything that you discern is "signs and wonders" partakers because THEY VE BEEN DESOLATED, ABOMINATED, HAVE HAD THE DESTROYER COME "INTO THEIR HOUSE" AND HAVE "THAT KING"..........OVER THEM!!!

hahhahahhahhahha. let them have their Talmudic Noahide beast, they surely deserve him ion their blasphemous lowerpit. They Hide yet.....they accuse the saints of exactly what they are about and what they conceal........


hahahhahha poor saps yap yap yapping in fear.


sent to me by a reader

From: James Lloyd
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 10:34 PM
Subject: RE: Do you know that jason guenther

Thanks, I've got emails from this person from years ago swearing with the foulest language imaginable. He's been kicked off every Internet forum imaginable as his erratic behaviour is clearly inconsistent with his supposed faith. No one we know takes him seriously  


The Round up is begun, any who oppose the shemborg Collective and their Global Noahide enslavement is targeted

Crown wraps up Internet hate-crimes case

Edmonton Journal
Published: December 12, 2005

The prosecution presented its Internet hate-crimes case against an Edmonton
man this morning by filing documents the Crown alleges to be anti-Semetic.

Reinhard Gustav Mueller, 62, is being tried on a charge of wilfully
promoting hatred through an Internet website.

He was charged in June 2004 after police came across a website containing
anti-Jewish essays. Police were investigating a complaint he made about
Molotov cocktails being found outside his building.

911 emergency, why of course, call the coppers of Sanhedrin

Mt:26:55: In that same hour said Jesus to the multitudes, Are ye come out as against a thief with swords and staves for to take me? I sat daily with you teaching in the temple, and ye laid no hold on me.

The Crown wrapped up its case in just one morning in court by filing
documents taken from the Internet.
The prosecution called no witnesses.

Mueller is to present his defence Tuesday. He is acting as his own lawyer.

The case, being held in Court of Queen’s Bench, will go to a jury

It delves into a relatively new area of promoting hatred over the Internet.

Although there have been a number of hate-crimes prosecutions, only a few
have involved posting material on the Internet.

Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel was deported to Germany after a long history
of distirbuting anti-Semetic material through books,
brochures and on the
He has been charged with hate crimes in Germany.

Former social studies teacher Jim Keegstra was fined $5,000 for teaching his
students in a central Alberta high school that Jews were an evil group
spreading an evil religion and trying to take over the world.


There you have it, The Revelation of Jesus the Christ being fulfilled NOW. Will you Stand Firm and testify of the LORD or will you hide in the "lowestroom" in fear?


Remember the words of Dov Stein at the Sanhedrin

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Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 3:30 PM
Subject: RE:

Syria is an Israeli teritory at the near future coming as it was promised in the Bible

Iran Is Purim


Iranian threat already surfaces
as hot issue in Israeli elections

December 12, 2005

JERUSALEM, Dec. 12 (JTA) — Iran may be just months away from being able to produce a nuclear bomb, and a fierce debate is raging in Israel over how to react.

The critical date could come in March, (PURIM 2006)  when a series of developments will converge:


Purim 5766

Monday - Wednesday
13-15 Adar, 5766
March 13-15, 2006

remember Iraq Purim March 17, 2003


• It will be too late to stop Iran from making a bomb, according to Israel’s chief of military intelligence, Maj. Gen. Aharon Farkash-Ze’evi.


• The International Atomic Energy Agency is due to issue a report that month on Iran’s nuclear drive that could lead to sanctions against Tehran or highlight the international community’s inability to act in concert on the issue.

Protocols of the "Illuminated Hassidic Masters Chabad Lubavitch who control, Moscow, London, Berlin, Paris, Washington DC and Sanhedrin, the fourth beast


3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.


• Israeli elections are scheduled for March 28, with the Iranian nuclear threat already shaping up to be a hot campaign issue.

• The London Sunday Times claims Israel has ordered elite forces to be ready by late March for a possible strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Both Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s office and Israeli defense officials dismissed the Sunday Times story as a “baseless fabrication.”

At the same time, Sharon says Israel will not be able to tolerate a nuclear Iran and that the Jewish state has the capability to act to prevent it.

“We have the ability to deal with this and we are making all the preparations to be ready for such a situation,” he declared in an early December news conference.

But does Israel really have a military option against the Iranian nuclear threat? And can it go it alone, as it did against Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981? Most leading Israeli pundits are skeptical. And some fear election rhetoric could compromise Israeli policy, hurt Israel’s international standing and generally prove counterproductive.

Iranian statements over the past few months underline just how dangerous the threat to Israel could be.

In October, Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel should be “wiped off the map,” and earlier this month he said Israel should be dismantled and re-established in Europe.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

Israeli officials say a bomb in the hands of leaders with ideas like these adds up to a rogue regime with a predisposition and the means to destroy Israel.

Destroy any who oppose the shemborg Collective

Israel’s dilemma is acute: how to get the international community to act without seeming to be goading it into action; or alternatively, how to act itself without incurring international opprobrium or aggravating the situation.

Powerful voices in the international community are cautioning Israel against attacking. In Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize over the weekend, the IAEA’s director, Mohammed ElBaradei asserted that force simply wouldn’t work.

“You cannot use force to prevent a country from obtaining nuclear weapons,” he told the Oslo-based Aftenposten. “By bombing them half to death, you can only delay the plans. But they will come back, and they will demand revenge.”

It is precisely because of the complexity of the issue that Sharon has been keen to put it on the election agenda. His message is plain: Labor leader Amir Peretz is too inexperienced to handle it, and Likud front-runner Benjamin Netanyahu too unreliable.

Indeed, Netanyahu seemed to play into Sharon’s hands by declaring that if he became prime minister, he would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities the way Israel bombed the Iraqi reactor under Menachem Begin. This drew a sharp response from Ha’aretz. “Whoever publicly recommends an Israeli military option sins doubly. He incites the Israeli public unnecessarily; presents Israel as pushing the U.S. into a major new war; drags this sensitive subject into the overheated rhetoric of an election campaign; and invites Iranian threats and various anti-Israel reactions,” Ha’aretz wrote in an editorial.

Official Israeli policy remains deliberately vague.

Not any more

On the one hand, Israeli officials insist that for now the policy is to help mobilize international pressure on Tehran, but they refuse to rule out a future Israeli military strike.

“At the moment, in the current phase, the focus is in the sphere of international diplomacy,” Amos Gilead, head of the Defense Ministry’s strategic policy team, explained on Israel TV. But then, commenting on the Sunday Times story, he said he denied “the specifics” of the report, including the timetables and the Israeli intelligence operation in northern Iraq. But, he added, “it’s impossible to say in advance that all the options will be ruled out.”

Leading Israeli pundits, however, doubt whether Israel really has a military option. Writing in the Ma’ariv newspaper, analyst Ben Caspit pointed out the chief difference between Iraq in 1981 and Iran today: Whereas Iraq’s nuclear capacity was concentrated in one weakly guarded reactor, Iran’s fuel enrichment program is via centrifuges housed in several well-protected sites across the huge country.

“To attack, we would need a lot of intelligence, multiple strikes, the ability to hover over Iran for long periods and in large numbers, lots of luck, lots of bunker-busting bombs, and with all that, the chances of success would be slight,” Caspit wrote.

The former commander of the Israeli air force, reserve Maj. Gen. Eitan Ben-Eliyahu, said that if there is an attack some time in the future, Israel would only be part of a larger force — partly because the job is just too big for Israel to handle alone.


3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.


There would be too many targets, each target would need several fighter-bombers, protected by fighters, accompanied by rescue planes to pick up crew members who might be shot down.

“Maybe,” Ben-Eliyahu said, “there will be a joint decision for joint action one day, involving countries like the U.S., Britain, Germany and Turkey.”

Reuven Pedatzur, a strategist at the Netanya Academic College, said he doubts that any such joint action will ever materialize. Nor is it likely that Israel or any of the other players will take action to stop Iran alone.

“Iran may well come to possess nuclear arms,” he said. “And if that happens, Israel will have to learn to live with the Iranian threat and to neutralize it by means of credible deterrence.”

Israel’s deterrent capacity is impressive. Its Arrow anti-missile defense system is the most advanced of its kind in the world.

Israel, according to foreign sources, also has an impressive second-strike capability: F-15 fighter bombers that can reach Iran without refueling, Dolphin submarines that can launch nuclear weapons from the sea and long-range missiles of it own. Theoretically, an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel could be blocked by the Arrow system, while an Israeli second strike could destroy Iran.

That equation, strategists like Pedatzur believe, should be enough to deter Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs who effectively rule Iran, even if they do finally manage to produce a bomb.


Bushitler Calls for Noahide Enforcement in all of the Middle East

Bush to Israel supporters: Back Mideast democracy

President Bush urged supporters of Israel to heed his call for the democratization of the Middle East.

“If you’re a supporter of Israel, I would strongly urge you to help other countries become democracies,”

Noahide Demonicrazies of the Judeo-Churchinsanity Great Proselyte Harlot World Religion who sits astride the beast Sanhedrin of that whore city spiritual Sodom and Egypt where our LORD was crucified

 Bush said at a speech Monday at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. “Israel’s long-term survival depends upon the spread of democracy in the Middle East.”

Differences over regime change in Syria have emerged in recent weeks between Israel and the Bush administration. Israel favors keeping Syrian President Bashar Assad in place, albeit with sanctions to push Syria to end its support for terrorism.

Dan Hassidim of Sanhedrin, Chabad Lubavitch the RED Sofiets want to strike Syria

Israel fears that Assad’s removal could lead to chaos and greater militancy, but administration officials say that could create the conditions for democracy. Israel is also increasingly concerned over the fallout of the U.S.-led Iraq war, fearing that elections this week could hand a victory to allies of Iran, viewed by Israel as its deadliest enemy in the region


Hahahaha so much for the Ad opposed to their Treasonous Noahide Scheme in the New York Hymies

Republican Jews to show war support

The Republican Jewish Coalition will take out ads in The New York Times and other newspapers to express support for the war in Iraq. The ad campaign comes after the Union for Reform Judaism called last month for the United States to begin withdrawing from Iraq. The ad says “Freedom is Worth Waiting For,”

Freedom is slavery 

 over a picture of an Iraqi woman whose finger is stained with ink, presumably after voting in the recent elections. It expresses support for President Bush and the war on terrorism, and calls recent comments by URJ President Rabbi Eric Yoffie “misleading and wrong.”

Said Matthew Brooks, RJC’s executive director: “We want to make the case that on this issue, they don’t speak for all Reform Jews and they don´t speak for all American Jews.” The ad is signed by several prominent Jews and members of the U.S. Congress, including U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.). A Reform Jewish leader took issue with the ad.


2 Thes. 2: 

1: Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,
2: That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.
3: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4: Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.


The Talmudic Noahide Rainbow stew of the Dragon's Moshiach that son of Perdition, according to them who dwell in the loweroom Sanhedrin

Daily Vort

Before the coming of Moshiach, a very special rainbow will appear. This rainbow will be so bright that all rainbows that have appeared on earth will seem very dim and weak in comparison. The bright strong colors of this rainbow are a sign that the Redemption is about to come. It is this rainbow, the Zohar tells us, that G-d was speaking about when He said to Noah (Gen. 9:16), "I will look at it to recall the eternal promise." (Zohar 1:72b as quoted in Discover Moshiach)

False Christ and false prophets

Bringing Moshiach to New York
The Moshiach leaflets. Note the map of New York in the background
This week hundreds of Tmimim and visitors took part in a huge mivtza to bring the awareness of Moshiach to the streets of New York. During a farbrengen for Yud Shevat, a group of Tmimim resolved to increase in spreading the knowledge of the Geula (False Redemption) even further among the general public. After many telephone calls, fundraising, and various inquires, the campaign began.  In just a single day around 55,000 leaflets on Moshiach were given out on subway trains, buses and even in yellow cabs.
Bringing Moshiach to New York
The Moshiach leaflets. Note the map of New York in the background
This week hundreds of Tmimim and visitors took part in a huge mivtza to bring the awareness of Moshiach to the streets of New York. During a farbrengen for Yud Shevat, a group of Tmimim resolved to increase in spreading the knowledge of the Geula even further among the general public. After many telephone calls, fundraising, and various inquires, the campaign began.  In just a single day around 55,000 leaflets on Moshiach were given out on subway trains, buses and even in yellow cabs.


Bringing Moshiach to New York
The Moshiach leaflets. Note the map of New York in the background
This week hundreds of Tmimim and visitors took part in a huge mivtza to bring the awareness of Moshiach to the streets of New York. During a farbrengen for Yud Shevat, a group of Tmimim resolved to increase in spreading the knowledge of the Geula even further among the general public. After many telephone calls, fundraising, and various inquires, the campaign began.  In just a single day around 55,000 leaflets on Moshiach were given out on subway trains, buses and even in yellow cabs.

M. Alfasi

Noahide Sri Lanka

Chabad in Sri Lanka, Despite Terror
Chabad House of Sri Lanka ארכיון חב"ד אינפו 
Despite ongoing terrorism in the Far Eastern country of Sri Lanka, the shluchim there have announced that they plan to stay and continue with their activities. On Sunday, members of the Tamil Tigers terrorist group sotrmed a local hospital and killed a Sri-Lankan military policeman. The shliach in Sri Lanka, Rabbi Mendy Crombey, says that he plans to remain to attend to the needs of Israeli tourists both in the capital city of Colombo and the vacation resort of Hikkaduwa.

Rabbi Crombey and his wife run Chabad activities in Colombo, while two temimim manage the Chabad House of the resort at Hikkaduwa.


Happy Hanooka of the dragon, Noahides of "hollywood"

The abolishment of Christ-mas



Chanukah To Light Up Universal Studios
STUDIO CITY, CA — Monday, December 12, 2005
Will the ten thousand people who flood Universal City Walk’s cinema square to witness Chabad of the Valley’s menorah lighting and watch the giant Astrovision screen beam scenes from Chanukah around the world on Tuesday, December 27, from 5-9 p.m., know where to look first?

City Walk’s streetscape that features a sky-scraping electric guitar, a giant ape hanging from a storefront, and enough neon to rival Vegas, is the perfect backdrop for Chabad’s upcoming Chanukah Menorah lighting that will feature a kaleidoscope of important people, Jewish rock, and patriotic tributes. In the past Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Red Sox right fielder Gabe Kapler were hoisted up by cherry picker to light Chabad’s 18-foot tall steel menorah that weighs in at well over 1,000 lbs.

Rabbi Mayer Greene, who knows that kids and their families expect excellence from his decades Chabad of the Valley’s director of youth activities, is producing the event with a team of Chabad representatives so it runs seamlessly from securing special security to booking Avraham Fried, a bona fide superstar of Jewish music, who will bring his trademark soul sounds to the night. Fresh from the release of their hit “Tracht Gut” CD, Eighth Day, a Jewish alt-rock group with deep Lubavitch roots will riff a few sets, too.
The menorah’s light digs deep and invigorates us all.
If that’s not enough excitement, there will even be an award-winning juggler, an award winning one, on stage and kosher food will be sold on site. Students who won school-sponsored Chanukah writing contests at local public schools and Jewish day schools will receive prizes, similar to last year’s electric scooters, from Chabad at the event. “It will be a four-hour action packed event,” said Rabbi Yanky Kahn, Chabad of the Valley’s director of development, “no one will be bored.”

The night of head spinning fun during hours usually occupied by dreidel spinning is the brainchild of Chanie Baitelman, Chabad’s representative in Studio City. She and her husband, Rabbi Yossi Baitelman, lead a Chabad house a mile away from Universal City Walk. “What better place to publicize Chanukah than a place that attracts so many people during this season? You see thousands of people walking by and they suddenly stop and watch the giant screen as they see the menorah being lit at the Eiffel Tower,” said Rabbi Baitelman. “It’s amazing.”

When Chabad of the Valley outgrew its mall menorah lighting events, kindling the lights at the studio-owned venue became a yearly event not despite of its Hollywood ties but because of them, according to executive director of Chabad of the Valley, Rabbi Joshua Gordon. “Even in a world represented by City Walk culture, there is a G-d. There is a menorah. There is the triumph of light over darkness, freedom over tyranny,” said Rabbi Gordon. 

By enslaving the Goyim via their satanic Noahide anti-Christ laws

In the Chanukah talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, he “stressed repeatedly the importance of the Chanukah menorah as tool that can illuminate the darkest corners of the deepest exile. The menorah’s light digs deep and invigorates us all,” Rabbi Gordon said.

Chanukah’s place in Jewish history as a miraculous military victory, when a band of Jews led by a priestly family fought victoriously against mighty armies, is particularly significant this year. In recognition of the sacrifice made by America’s military,(To satan's Whoredom)  representatives from the U.S. armed forces and members of the Israeli Defense Forces will be honored at the lighting. “In a world enshrouded in darkness, when we are faced with adversity from within and without, we salute those who, like the Maccabees, are standing up against tyranny today,” said the Associate Director of Chabad of the Valley Rabbi Mordechai Einbinder.

Now in its fourth year, the City Walk event has had a significant impact on the Jews of southern California. Once, after the giant menorah was kindled and a video of the Chanukah around the world was broadcast on the huge outdoor screen, Rabbi Gordon received a letter from a man who attended the event with his children and grandchildren. The man wrote: “The Rebbe really knew what he was doing when he called for public Chanukah events of this magnitude. Wow”


"it ain't gonna happen" jlow

Fox News foments a controversy

Occasionally the question comes up: why do Jews think they need their own country anyway? After all, the Holocaust ended 60 years ago. Anti-Semitism is a phenomenon that has been relegated almost exclusively to the political fringes. Above all, we American Jews have a safe home in the United States, a nation that has been relatively immune to the anti-Semitism bacillus.

Who needs Israel?

Some of the answers to this query are obvious. Although the Holocaust is history, anti-Semitism remains prevalent well beyond the fringes in whole swaths of the globe. When the president of Iran calls for "wiping Israel off the map," he is talking not only about a state to whose existence he objects but also about killing the six million Jews who live there.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

Even in the West, expressions of anti-Semitism are relatively common. I am not talking about attacks on Israel's policies, which are as legitimate as criticism of the policies of any nation or government. I am talking about the attacks and threats against Jews as Jews - including, of course, attacks on Israelis for being Israeli - which are as illegitimate and ugly as any other form of hatred of people for simply being what they are.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

Of course, it's a long way from mouthing anti-Semitism to the Holocaust. But given anti-Semitism's ubiquity, it is not surprising that Jews feel that a state and an army is not such a bad idea. Even those post-national types who argue that anthems, flags, and armies are outdated in the 21st century all live in countries that have them. And those people who don't - most notably, the Palestinians - share the Jewish view that even if they can live safely in places other than the national homeland, they would feel infinitely more secure knowing that they have one.

In other words, sometimes living in Diaspora, or in fact as a minority anywhere, can feel mighty uncomfortable.

And that brings me to the "war on Christmas" which has become a permanent fixture on American cable television this time of year.

Let me explain.

The "war on Christmas" is a term invented by the far-Right (Hassidim and their Judeo-Churchinsanity freemason proselytes) to describe what they consider an onslaught by non-Christians against their most significant holiday. The title of a best-selling book by Fox News anchor John Gibson pretty much sums up the entire argument: It is called The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday is Worse Than You Thought."

Has nothing to do with Liberals, a ruse of deception

And how is this war being fought? According to John Gibson, it is fought every time someone uses the greeting Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas. This is how columnist Joel Stein described it in the in Tuesday's Los Angeles Times: "Gibson and fellow Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly…have organized a boycott of Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart and Sears for using the phrase 'Happy Holidays' in their ads instead of 'Merry Christmas.' "

For O'Reilly and others, talking about the "holidays" rather than Christmas represents a victory by the secular left and a defeat for all Christians.

O'Reilly covers for his Hassidic acidic rib-eyes of Chabad Lubavitch, his employers

It sounds crazy but both CNN and MSNBC have reported on the "controversy." The champion, of course, is Fox News, which invented the controversy and which from November 28 to December 2 devoted 58 segments to the subject!

And now the war has spread to Washington, DC. On Wednesday, the conservative and once serious Heritage Foundation actually held a symposium on "the liberal plot" to ban Christmas.

Even President Bush is being attacked for abandoning Christmas. Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, called out President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush for sending out "Season's Greetings" cards, asking whether the Bushes' card is "sinister" or just pandering to secularists. "Sometimes," he says, "it's hard to tell whether this is sinister….or whether it just political correctness run amok."

Laura Bush's press secretary, Susan Whitson, has the answer. "Certainly President and Mrs. Bush celebrate Christmas." But their friends include "people of all faiths."

Noahide faith

OF COURSE, the "war on Christmas" it is totally manufactured. 

But of course

There is no Jewish, or other non-Christian group, that campaigns to ban the term "Merry Christmas."

Nope, No siree, Just Christ and his saints

I suppose there are individual Jews (or Muslims, or others) who prefer to be wished "happy holidays," but that is simply neither here nor there. As for the secular liberal groups making war on the term, they don't exist either.

The whole issue was invented to divide Americans from one another, at Christmas time no less. As the Christmas warriors probably know, the reason businesses have adopted the term "the holidays" in place of Christmas is that Christmas is one day, December 25th. "The holidays" suggests a period that runs from Thanksgiving through New Year's, more time for shopping and exchanging.

Christmas of Christ Jesus unto US a Child is Born

Anti-Christmas animus is a myth.

anti-Christ is not

But that does not mean that the "war on Christmas" brouhaha is not threatening to Jews. Long before there was awareness that Muslims or Hindus lived in the United States, there was an awareness that Jews did. And, in the wake of World War II, Americans did, to their credit, begin acknowledging Jews and their traditions as part of the American fabric. That is why schoolchildren in states where few Jews live sing "I Had a Little Dreidel" along with "The Christmas Song."

Voy, Voy

Bill O'Reilly knows that and doesn't like it one bit, as evidenced by his response to a Jewish caller last December who said that he found O'Reilly's views on Christmas objectionable. O'Reilly told him to "move to Israel."

It may also be why, when asked who the power was behind the "war on Christmas", he answered, "Now the reason this is happening is because of the ACLU and George Soros, Peter Lewis. Just a reminder: George Soros and Peter Lewis are the far-left, secular progressive billionaires who have funded - they pour money into the ACLU, they pour money into the smear Web sites, you know, they buy up a lot of the media time. And they basically want to change the country from a Christian-based philosophical country to a secular progressive country like they have in Western Europe."

Now O'Reilly is of Dan Aholah, a Hassidim and attackes Aholibah, Sharon, Judah. For he is yet another yarn spinner of the Chabad Lubavitchers who are going against Sharon's secular zionist Government..........a mis-direction ruse

Soros is a Holocaust survivor, in addition to being a billionaire who backs liberal causes. Lewis, also a billionaire, is a major donor to progressive and Jewish causes.

This week O'Reilly really went to town. After showing a clip from John Stewart's late night show which extolled separation of church and state, O'Reilly said. "There you go, Jon Stewart….We know what he's doing over there [on Comedy Central]. And it's not just Stewart. You know, 90 percent of quote unquote entertainers are secular progressives…

Thus O'Reilly promotes the Universal Harlot Noahide religion of Judeo-Churchinsanity's Freemason proselytes


And a Merry Christmas to you John Stewart. As I said in my newspaper column this week, three wise men showed up to honor the baby Jesus way back when. And if corporate executives are not wise enough to emulate that, well, those of us who respect Christmas might look elsewhere."

Presumably, O'Reilly knows that Stewart is Jewish. And that may be why a few days later he brought on Jewish comedian Jackie Mason, who endorsed everything O'Reilly said about the anti-Christmas war and added that he was founding a new organization called "Jews Against the Defamation of Christmas."

Mason, who recently refused to perform in a show because an Arab-American was on the bill and who makes little effort to disguise his racism (he once called Mayor Dinkins of New York a "fancy shvartze with a moustache") said he was horrified that "if you want to say something good, talk about love and brotherhood by recognizing Christ as the savior…all this is not allowed.

He also joined O'Reilly in his denunciation of George Soros and others like him as "sick people" whose goal is to "destroy Christmas."

But they want you to celebrate, and choose them as the chosen....until their Moshiach son of perdition is Revealed. Satan Clause has nothing to do with the LIVING GOD who is no baby

It all sounds like a joke, especially when Jackie Mason, the Stepin Fetchit of Jewish comedians, signs up with Bill O'Reilly to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers."

But it is not funny at all. It is, instead, downright scary. The fact that the Christmas warriors are talking in code should not fool anybody. When a political candidate denounces his opponent for receiving campaign contributions from New York and Beverly Hills, we all know who they are talking about. Similarly, denunciations of secular liberals, especially when coupled with references to, say, George Soros, Peter Lewis and John Stewart, are pretty unambiguous.

Is it reason to move to Israel? No, Bill O'Reilly, it is not. But it is a reason every American Jew has to be grateful that James Madison erected the bar separating church and state.

That Bar was cut asunder in 1991 Via HJR 104, PL 102-14

And, at the same time, one more reason to be grateful that the State of Israel exists.




Missionaries Lobby Israeli Gov´t to Stop Demonstrations in Arad
17:11 Dec 13, '05 / 12 Kislev 5766
By Scott Shiloh

  Christian missionaries, primarily from the United States, have been pressuring the Israeli government to prevent demonstrations against their activity.

Missionaries, who attempt to convert Jews to Christianity, have recently stepped up their efforts in Arad, a city in the southeast Negev, with a large immigrant population of Jews from Russia and other former Soviet republics. These immigrants, and others lacking in Jewish education, are considered susceptible targets for missionary activity.

Under Jewish law, converting to Christianity is virtually synonymous with destroying a person’s soul. According to Israeli law, offering material benefits as an inducement to convert to Christianity, is a criminal offense.

Hareidi-Torah Jews, who have attempted to protest missionary activity in Arad, were denied permits to demonstrate by the police department.

While the Hareidi protestors have appealed to the High Court to overturn the police decision, a missionary publication in Hebrew says missionaries have been lobbying government ministers and senior police officials to ensure that demonstrations against their activity do not take place.

The publication, called “Kivun” (or “Direction” in English), says that the missionaries have been enlisting Christian supporters of Israel in the United States to pressure the Israeli government to stop the demonstrations.

The extent of the missionaries’ activities in Israel and their attempts to influence the Israeli government, can be learned from an article published in a recent edition of Kivun.

The magazine writes: “The demonstrations, threats, shouts, and scheming against Messianic Jews [“Jews for Jesus”] in Arad have been continuing on and off for more than a year and a half already. All this began when the Yad L’Achim organization [a Jewish anti-missionary organization] became aware that a youth, a local resident, was baptized.

“At the same time, we opened a chess club that distributed messianic [Christian] material. These two events enraged Yad L’ Achim activists, and they started inciting Gur Hasidim which have a large yeshiva in the city.”

The magazine goes on to explain that the missionaries “began writing to their friends abroad” about the problems in Arad. “They began to apply pressure on the [Israeli] government” to stop what they termed “religious persecution.”

“They wrote to government ministries, the Prime Minister’s office, the Internal Security Ministry, the Interior Ministry the police…[saying] that that if the offices get inundated with letters from Christians around the world, who are demanding safety for believers in the Messiah [Jesus] in Arad, the offices will not be able to claim later that they did not know” about the situation, writes Kivun.

“Write to your Senators,” the magazine exhorted, “about how this situation is such a great injustice, and that they who persecute us are absolutely evil and primitive.”

Hahahahaha write to your Noahide proselyte Treasonous Blasphemous Senators.....

The magazine reports that in a letter to Chief of Police Moshe Karadi, the missionaries demanded that he act aggressively against the Haredi-Jewish community in Arad.

Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifshitz of Yad L’Achim said, in response to the quotes from the missionary magazine, that “the words of the missionaries and their activities speak for themselves.”

He said his organization was waiting for the High Court to decide on their right to demonstrate against the missionaries in Arad.


Purim Iran

US Intelligence Expert: Regime-Change the Answer in Iran
16:52 Dec 13, '05 / 12 Kislev 5766
By Ezra HaLevi

Yet another Treasonous Viper

  Former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor and intelligence expert John Loftus says that Israel is unable to thwart Iran's nuclear projects through military action – but that there is an alternative.

"Israel only has a few option and striking back is not one of 'em," Loftus told Israel National Radio's Tovia Singer. "The F-16-IL version that Israel possesses only has a combat radius of about 2,200 kilometers and you would need about 3,000 to hit the hard targets in Iran. Iran saw what [Israel] did to the Osarik reactor in Iraq and have spread their nuclear development stuff all over the country and a lot of the stuff is in the northeast corner of the country – completely out of Israel's flight range. So, unless Iraq votes to allow Israel overflight rights to attack Iran – which isn't going to happen - then Israel simply doesn't have the fuel to fly around Saudi Arabia to come up the Straits of Hormuz and attack Iran. There is simply not a military option available to Israel."

Loftus stressed, however, that there are other options that are likely to succeed and are already being put into effect. "The Bush administration is hoping that, ironically with [French Prime Minister Jacques] Chirac's help, UN pressure will cause a regime-change in Syria. That the [UN's] Mehlis investigation [examining the Syrian government's connection to the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri] is going to come down hard and heavy. The US military is chomping at the bit to go across the border and take out the terror bases in Syria that Assad claims are not there. Once Syria is gone, Iran is isolated, with US troops on both their borders, in Afghanistan and in Iraq."

Babylon Proper, Eretz ITSREALHELL

"it ain't gonna happen" jaylow

The intelligence expert, who has contacts in the Pentagon, says that the strategy is not for the US to actually invade Iran, but to affect a regime-change. "One of the intelligence agencies, which shall remain nameless, asked me to hold a conference of dissident groups in Iran. We are holding that conference and getting ready for regime-change."

Singer asked Loftus why US fighter jets do not bomb Iranian nuclear targets on their own from aircraft carriers in the region.

Singer is a Chabad Lubavitcher Viper of the shemaGoG of satan

"That's a real good question that has been carefully studied," Loftus answered. "There are over 360 separate targets inside Iran that have been identified. Most of them are non-vulnerable – many underneath residential neighborhoods and Islamic shrines. These are not places we can bomb. The Iranians were paying attention when Iraq's reactor was bombed and have learned the lessons."

"So what is to be done to bring about a regime-change?" singer asked.

"The aircraft carriers are there to defend the picket-line of ships that will place a blockade on the Straits of Hormuz," Loftus said. 

That is where the US will be attacked to blame Iran...Remember Pearl Harbor

"Ninety percent of Iran's economy is based on oil exports – so a blockade of as little as three weeks can cause their economy to collapse, the people to rise up and the mullahs to be overthrown. The problem with this is that Iran knows that this is the most likely scenario and they have been preparing for three years to thwart it. They [Iran] have developed vessels whose job is to sink as many oil tankers as possible to block the Straits of Hormuz [to other countries that use that route]. Once two, three or four vessels are sunk, you have cut off 40% of the world's oil supply. So the US doesn't mind – we have a six-month stockpile of oil - but the EU is much more fragile and susceptible to oil shocks. So we might have to dump a large share of the US stockpile on the world market until the regime falls."

Yes indeed "Amaraka" you will pay the cost

Asked whether he really thinks the government will topple so easily, Loftus responded, "It is hard to do polling in Iran – you have to do it by telephone and you therefore only end up talking to the urban population. But we found that 83% of the Iranian urban population hates the mullahs and don't want to grow up under a dictatorship. Most of the country is young and wants music videos and TV and not the mullahs."

They want mammon the Talmudic jews offer


The Rage

Hassidic Reggae Star Matisyahu Captivates Israeli Audiences
17:05 Dec 13, '05 / 12 Kislev 5766
By Debbie Berman

  Up and coming Reggae music star Matisyahu played to sold-out audiences in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem last week.

The Israeli public warmly received Matisyahu’s mix of Reggae and Rap music with content containing strong Jewish spiritual messages. Matisyahu's third album 'Youth' is slated for release by Sony records in January 2006.

Matisyahu, born 26 years ago as Matthew Miller, was an upper middle class unaffiliated Jew until he underwent a spiritual transformation during a trip to Israel. 

he was translated

Upon his return to the US, Miller attended the New School for Social Research and explored the possibilities of Reggae music at various New York City clubs. At the same time, he continued to pursue his religious identity, eventually changing his name to Matisyahu and becoming a Lubavitch Hassid, studying Jewish texts at a Yeshiva (rabbinic seminary) in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Matisyahu decided to take a break from his full time Yeshiva studies and re-entered the music scene as the world’s first ultra-orthodox Jewish Reggae musician. His first two albums were huge commercial successes, and he was quickly snatched up by Sony Records, which will be releasing his next album at the start of the coming year.

Matisyahu performing with his band

Matisyahu attributes his newfound success to divine guidance, claiming that all of his efforts to succeed in the music business before he became religious did not yield results. Miller believes that after he began studying at Yeshiva, G-d began directing the course of his life, including his music, and that is when things started happening for him.

deal with the devil. Soon you will see this Hassidim on Paul Crouch's TBN "The babylonian Network"

Matisyahu draws on his life experience and personal spiritual realizations to create his original music. His lyrics are replete with references to the constant conflicts for a religious person in a modern society and his continued hope for redemption to come. In the song 'Warrior,' Matisyahu writes, "You're a warrior fighting for your soul/Taken from the world above and brought down the world below/You're the son of his majesty/Remember how it used to be/In the light of day it's easy to see/Now it's nighttime/You had to leave."

Although his Rabbis showed some concern when Matisyahu announced he would be leaving the yeshiva world to pursue a mainstream Reggae music career, they ultimately came to accept and even glorify Matisyahu's musical achievements. Matisyahu describes his musical career as an extension of the Chabad Lubavitch outreach efforts;

you gonna be Noahide or you gonna be dead, you gonna worship MOOSHIYUCK OR YOU GONNA LOSE DE HEAD


his goal is to bring the messages of truth and spiritual clarity to a wide-based audience. While some Jewish authorities may frown upon Matisyahu's appearances to a mixed audience, the singer explains he is careful not to transgress any Jewish laws while still providing an atmosphere of freedom that welcomes anyone who wants to come to his shows.

Unlike most religiously motivated Jewish musicians, Matisyahu made the decision not to limit his music to a Jewish-only audience. As a result, Matisyahu has become the first religious Jewish artist to appeal to a mainstream audience. He attributes his ability to crossover into the popular music world to his continuing to see himself as the same person he was before he became religious.

Although Matisyahu’s music is enjoying growing popularity in the US, ironically, in Israel, he is still relatively unknown. Matisyahu continues to feel a strong connection to Israel, and described his visit to Israel as a visit home. He said he hoped to use his Israeli tour to forge contacts with local musicians and visit Israel’s holy sites, including the Western Wall and the mystic northern town of Tzfat. The audiences at Matisyahu's Israeli shows were packed with a rare mix of secular, religious and hareidi-religious coming together to enjoy authentic Jewish Reggae.

"This is the real test, to perform close to G-d. My music makes a place for people. They can tear down the walls and go inside it. If the music was in the background and my whole purpose was to bring people closer to G-d, it wouldn't have had any chance of catching on like it has. It goes way beyond that," Miller told Haaretz.

The god of the jews and their Proselytes who is no GOD, Jesus the Lord God Almighty, but the dragon they worship

He added, "It's not that I think it will bring world peace or anything like that. But there will be religious people at the concert and a lot of secular people, just like in my shows here, in America, and I think this music has the power to bridge between the two."


Oppose the shem sham of shame and Go to Jail

Last update - 19:35 13/12/2005

Austria to try historian David Irving on Holocaust denial charges in February

By Reuters

VIENNA - An Austrian court will begin the trial of British historian David Irving in February on charges of denying the Holocaust, a court spokesman said on Tuesday.

Irving was arrested in the southern province of Styria last month under a warrant issued in 1989 and has since been remanded in custody and charged with denying the Holocaust, a crime in Austria which carries a sentence of one to
10 years in prison.

"Irving's trial will take place on Feb. 20 and 21 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. (0800-1500 GMT)," said a spokesman for the Vienna regional court. "I can't say any more on that now," he added.

Irving's Web site said he had been invited by students to address a university association in Austria. In a message dated Nov. 11, it said he was on a one-day visit to the Austrian capital.

When driving to the meeting in Vienna, students noticed
plainclothes detectives waiting for him, Irving told Austrian weekly magazine News last month. He changed plans and drove to Graz in the southern province of Styria to visit one of his publishers. Police stopped him on the motorway and detained him.


The Apostate Amaraka Judeo-Churchinsanity non god of the jews they worship

Gallup: Poll Finds Americans' Belief in God Remains Strong

By E&P Staff

Published: December 13, 2005 12:15 PM ET

NEW YORK A new Gallup survey released today finds that four decades after the "God Is Dead" controversy was first noted, Americans retain a strong belief in a higher power. Some 94% think God exists.

Only 5% feel God "does not exist" -- and even most of them "are not sure" of that. Exactly 1% are certain there is no God.

But how strongly do the believers believe? Nearly 8 in 10, in fact, say they are "convinced" God exists, although Gallup does not ask them why that is.

Conservatives are more likely to be convinced than liberals (87% vs. 61%), women a little more likely than men (82% vs. 73%), and residents of the South more than those in the East (88% vs. 70%).

Surprisingly, some 61% of those who seldom or never attend church are nevertheless convinced that God exists.


President Bush Is Well-Known
For Being Extremely Profane -
But That Isn't The Story

By Doug Thompson
Capital Hill Blue
After Capital Hill Blue released the story about Bush's outburst referring to the U.S. Constitution as a
"G-dd-amned piece of paper," there has been an outpouring of demands for the journal to reveal its sources so they can ostensibly be grilled by the neo-con worshippers for letting slip how much Bush is losing it.
The truth is that this demand for sources is a complete smokescreen and spin to try to discredit an alternative news site which on every occaision has been proven right about its initial reports. Each story CHB has published about Bush's cursing, tantrums and violent outburts which came from anonymous sources have been later confirmed by mainstream news outlets such as the New York Daily News.
The supplemental spin on the story is to redirect the outrage away from the context of Bush's statement to the President's language itself. The controversy becomes his use of an expletive rather than the fact that he is stomping on the greatest symbol of our republic. Everyone is clinging to the curse words but the really damaging element of Bush's tantrum is that it reveals he is aware that he is destroying everything printed on that "piece of paper."
The neo-cons (Talmudic Hassidim and their Proselytes of Treason and Blasphemy) must not have their way and spin this seven ways to Sunday. We must remind people that what's at stake here is not whether or not we have a profane president (although we know we do) but that we have an immature manchild at the figurative helm of the nation who is knowingly crushing our God-given rights - to enhance his power (and the power of his masters).
Every time we publish a major story that puts some elected official in a bad light we get a chorus of boos from detractors who claim everything we publish is garbage and/or just a figment of an overactive imagination.
>From 1994 until 2001, when Bill Clinton led the follies at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the cackle of disapproval came from hardcore Democrats who couldn't believe we would dare question the actions of their beloved President.
Since 2001, the rabid right-wing packed the cheap seats and showered us with catcalls because we uncovered the many misdeeds of George W. Bush and the questionable Republican leadership of Congress.
Oh, we still get raspberries from the lefties. They remember what we wrote about Clinton and we still go after Democrats who screw up. To partisans, anyone who doesn't write from a politically-biased point of view is automatically suspect.
Our latest story on President Bush's disrespectful comments on the Constitution ("it's just a goddamned piece of paper") brought the usual flurry of emails from readers who wanted to let us know that (insert name of web site here) is (pick one) "questioning your integrity/calling you a clown/saying your web site is a joke/etc."
Often, when we check into who's calling us what we find the questions come from an anonymous poster on a bulletin board or a partisan blogger who publishes under a nom de plume. They question both our use of anonymous sources and the credibility of those sources.
There is a laughable irony that comes from some keyboard commando who hides behind an anonymous "handle" criticizing us for publishing a story that uses anonymous sources.
The first journalism award I won, a Feature Writing First Place from The Virginia Press Association in 1967, came from a story about an anonymous teenager in Roanoke who obtained an abortion that was illegal at the time. I've won more than 30 journalism awards over the last 38 years and about half of them for stories that depended heavily on anonymous sources.
In a political system where retaliation rules, you can't expose corruption or misdeeds by depending entirely on those willing to allow use of their names. Without anonymous sources, the truth about Watergate would never have emerged. The Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting most often goes to a newspaper story or series of stories that depends heavily on use of anonymous sources.
We put our reputation on the line every time we publish a story that depends on information from anonymous sources. Sometimes we get burned and when we do we admit it publicly, take our well-deserved lumps, and move on.
In 2003, we published reports that intelligence professionals had raised doubts about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and questioned claims of a link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Our detractors claimed we made the whole thing up. Two years later, we were proven right.
Last year, when we published reports on the President's increasing temper tantrums, the doubters again claimed the reports were fantasy. Yet mainstream media outlets reported the same thing this year. We were rightand we got it first.
We were the first news outlet to identify the names of women who claimed sexual abuse by Bill Clinton when he was attorney general and later governor of Arkansas. We were the first news outlet to report on the ethical problems of many members of Congress in our series: America's Criminal Class: The Congress of the United States. And we were the first to report on the abuse of underage girls on teen model web sites. Links to all of these award-winning stories can be found on our home page.
That doesn't mean you should take everything we print as gospel. Never do that with us or any other news source. Do your own research and reach your own conclusions. And consider the record of the sources you use for news and information. We've published more than 25,000 stories since going online on October 1, 1994, and we've had to retract two of them. That's a record I'm willing to stand on.
So, the next time somebody calls Capitol Hill Blue a "garbage site" or claims I'm a clown, ask them for their qualifications and background. Did they get their information from credible sources or some anonymous poster on a partisan bulletin board or a blogger with a political ax to grind?
My bio can be found on this link. I put my name on everything I write. And I stand behind what I write. I'm an arrogant, stubborn, driven bastard who takes no prisoners and backs down from no one.
When I'm wrong, I admit it. Thankfully, I haven't had to do that very often.
When I'm right I don't give a damn who doesn't like it or what they say about it.
An editor who taught me a lot once said: "If you piss off both sides you're doing your job."
That's good enough for me


Satan and his Chemara manufacturing

Posted on Mon, Dec. 12, 2005

Mice grow human brain cells after stem cell injections

Associated Press

Add another creation to the strange scientific menagerie where animal species are being mixed together in ever more exotic combinations.

Scientists announced Monday that they had created mice with small amounts of human brain cells in an effort to make realistic models of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease.

Led by Fred Gage of the Salk Institute in San Diego, the researchers created the mice by injecting about 100,000 human embryonic stem cells per mouse into the brains of 14-day-old rodent fetuses.

Killing Babies making super mice

Those mice were each born with about 0.1 percent of human cells in each of their heads, a trace amount that doesn't remotely come close to "humanizing" the rodents.

But dehumanizes the Embryo

"This illustrates that injecting human stem cells into mouse brains doesn't restructure the brain," Gage said.

Still, the work adds to the growing ethical concerns of mixing human and animal cells when it comes to stem cell and cloning research. After all, mice are 97.5 percent genetically identical to humans.

"The worry is if you humanize them too much you cross certain boundaries," said David Magnus, director of the Stanford Medical Center for Biomedical Ethics. "But I don't think this research comes even close to that."

soon coming..."mantraps"

Researchers are nevertheless beginning to bump up against what bioethicists call the "yuck factor."

Three top cloning researchers, for instance, have applied for a patent that contemplates fusing a complete set of human DNA into animal eggs in order to manufacturer human embryonic stem cells.

One of the patent applicants, Jose Cibelli, first attempted such an experiment in 1998 when he fused cells from his cheek into cow eggs.

"The idea is to hijack the machinery of the egg," said Cibelli, whose current work at Michigan State University does not involve human material because that would violate state law.

Researchers argue that co-mingling human and animal tissue is vital to ensuring that experimental drugs and new tissue replacement therapies are safe for people.

Others have performed similar experiments with rabbit and chicken eggs while University of California-Irvine researchers have reported making paralyzed rodents walk after injecting them with human nerve cells.

Doctors have transplanted pig valves into human hearts for years, and scientists have injected human cells into lab animals for even longer. But the brain poses an additional level of concern because some envision nightmare scenarios in which a human mind might be trapped in an animal head.

"Human diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, might be amenable to stem cell therapy, and it is conceivable, although unlikely, that an animal's cognitive abilities could also be affected by such therapy," a report issued in April by the influential National Academies of Science that sought to draw some ethical research boundaries.

So the report recommended that such work be allowed, but with strict ethical guidelines established.

"Protocols should be reviewed to ensure that they take into account those sorts of possibilities and that they include ethically sensitive plans to manage them if they arise," the report concluded.

At the same time, the report did endorse research that co-mingles human and animal tissue as vital to ensuring that experimental drugs and new tissue replacement therapies are safe for people.

Gage said the work published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is another step in overcoming one of the biggest technical hurdles confronting stem cell researchers: when exactly to inject the cells into patients.

The results suggest that human embryonic stem cells, once injected into people, will mature into the cells that surround them. No known human has ever received an injection of embryonic stem cells because so little is known about how those cells will mature once inside the body.

For now, Gage said his work is more geared toward understanding disease than to finding a cure.

"It's a way for us to begin to tease out the way these diseases develop," Gage said.

Human embryonic stem cells are created in the first days after conception and give rise to all the organs and tissues in the human body. Scientists hope they can someday use stem cells to replace diseased tissue. But many social conservatives, including President Bush, oppose the work because embryos are destroyed during research.

Bush does not mind the Killing of innocent Iraqi babies

Stem cell researchers argue that mixing human and animal cells is the only way to advance the field because it's far too risky to experiment on people; so little is known about stem cells.

"The experiments have to be done, which does mean human cells into non-human cells," said Dr. Evan Snyder, a stem cell researcher at the Burnham Institute in San Diego. "You don't work out the issues on your child or your grandmother. You want to work this out in an animal first."

Snyder is injecting human embryonic stem cells into monkeys and is convinced that there's little danger.

"It's true that there is a huge amount of similarity, but the difference are huge," Snyder said. "You will never ever have a little human trapped inside a mouse or monkey's body."


1. H.J.RES.104 : To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A.".
Sponsor: Rep Michel, Robert H. [IL-18] (introduced 1/31/1991)      Cosponsors (225)
Committees: House Post Office and Civil Service
Latest Major Action: 3/20/1991 Became Public Law No: 102-14.


Bill of Rights

Amendment I


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


Saints of Jesus the Christ
all others need not read

All Constitutional Law is now nullified. There is no "Bill of rights". By House Joint Resolution 104, PL 102 14 of the 102nd Congress of Treason of these United States, these Laws are forever abolished.

Therefore, The Laws which regulate Tax is therefore nullified.

Your Property rights are abolished

Your right to citizenship is forfeited.

Your right to worship your God is made a criminal act.

So, There is no president of the United States

There is no Congress

There is no Judicial

There is no LAW

Unless they openly admit the courts are TREASONOUS Noahide Courts

Or the Congress of the United States, rescinds this treasonous Public Law and restores the Government of the People by the People and For the People.

It is time to Make your final Stand unto the Coming of the LORD, Jesus the Creator.

He is Our King

Sion is our Great Kingdom

He is OUR Law

He is OUR Judge

He is Our Counselor

He is Our GOD and Savior

All others, I advise you to finds rocks and caves and lowestrooms and Hide. For Candles which cannot burn are hid under the bed.

Searching for One Man or Woman, who has the Funds, and who seeks and Hungers for Righteousness, to Finance a Full Page Ad in the New York Times, or Washington Post, about the Treasonous Blasphemous House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14, "restoring" this Nation to the Talmudic anti-Christ Noahide Laws of the beast Sanhedrin.

All of Congress, All the staff of the executive, all Judicial are indicted to answer this call to summons.

If they refuse to accept this Ad, we will sue them in their own Noahide Courts

By their own Talmudic law

Contact me:

no you will not get rich on mammon if you send any money for this Advertisement
This cannot be written off on Taxes, we are no IRS, 501 C-3 organization.

Send a Check or Money Order for any amount to:
Robert G. Pickle
P.O Box 489
Bay Minette AL 36507-0489

This is not a request for Seed of Greed creed need. If you are in the lowestroom hiding, you may not want to partake in this Stand against the workers of iniquity.

Saints of Jesus the Christ it is time to bring their cowardly shemsham into the open. It is time that they stop their cowardly antics of coming out in the middle of the night and Taking the Lord's Chosen. Let satan be Exposed. Let satan's workers be Exposed, forever.

Ps:94:16: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against 


The Jewish anticipation for the arrival of the Messiah (False Christ)  includes the reconstitution of this body of sages.

 Maimonides and other medieval commentators suggested that although the line of Semicha from Moses had been broken at the dissolution of the Sanhedrin, if the sages of the Land of Israel united in suggesting a single candidate as Nasi (leader), that individual would have Semicha, and could then grant it to others and thus re-establish the Sanhedrin.

Not so, see Ezekiel 8

 Operating under these principles, a group of rabbis claiming to represent varied communities in Israel purported to reestablish the Sanhedrin in a ceremony in Tiberias, where the original Sanhedrin was disbanded, on October, 2004 (Tishrei 5765). The authority of this body is not recognized by the Israeli government (Aholibah, secular zion)  and neither by the vast majority of Jews, whether orthodox or not. Even in the haredi world, most people do not accept the authority of this "reinstated Sanhedrin". Although the new Sanhedrin selected ( well-known Jewish author Adin Steinsaltz as its Nasi generally the initiative has been dismissed ( as the efforts of "right-wing extremists".

The majority of the membership of the new 71-member Sanhedrin remain anonymous but three out of seven members who have been selected ( to represent the body are leaders of the Temple Mount

"it ain't gonna happen" "jaylow"

"It gonna happen

 movement (, an array of extremist groups who advocate ( demolishing the Al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for a Third Temple in Jerusalem. The new Sanhedrin as a whole has confirmed its place within the Temple Mount movement by announcing  ( its intention to take steps toward the rebuilding of the Third Temple.


The witnesses of Talmud Bavli's anti-Christ Tetragrammaton YVWH

What Is the

"The Talmud is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable literary productions of all times."—The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia.

"[The Talmud is] one of the great intellectual accomplishments of humankind, a document so dense, so rich, so subtle that it has kept superb minds busy for more than a millennium and a half."—Jacob Neusner, Jewish scholar and author.

"The Talmud is the central pillar [of Judaism] supporting the entire spiritual and intellectual edifice of Jewish life."—Adin Steinsaltz, Talmudic scholar and rabbi.

THE Talmud has unquestionably had a tremendous influence on the Jewish people for centuries. In contrast with the above-quoted accolades, however, the Talmud has been denigrated and called "a sea of obscurity and mud." It has been denounced as a blasphemous work of the Devil. By papal decree, it was repeatedly censored, confiscated, and even burned in large numbers in the public squares of Europe.

Exactly what is this work that has stirred so much controversy? What makes the Talmud unique among Jewish writings? Why was it written? How has it come to have such an impact on Judaism? Does it have meaning for the non-Jewish world?

During the 150 years following the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 C.E., academies of rabbinic sages throughout Israel urgently sought a new basis for maintaining Jewish practice. They debated and consolidated various traditions of their oral law. Building on this foundation, they set new limits and requirements for Judaism, giving direction for a day-to-day life of holiness without a temple. This new spiritual framework was outlined in the Mishnah, compiled by Judah ha-Nasi by the beginning of the third century C.E.*

The Mishnah stood on its own, not seeking justification on the basis of Biblical references. Its method of discussion and even the style of its Hebrew were unique, distinct from the Bible text. The decisions of the rabbis quoted in the Mishnah would affect the day-to-day lives of Jews everywhere. Indeed, Jacob Neusner comments: "The Mishnah provided Israel's constitution. . . . It demanded assent and conformity to its rules."

But what if some questioned whether the authority of the sages quoted in the Mishnah was really equal to revealed Scripture? The rabbis would have to show that teachings of the Tannaim (teachers of the oral law) found in the Mishnah were in perfect harmony with the Hebrew Scriptures. Further commentary became a necessity. They felt the need to explain and justify the Mishnah and prove that it originated with the Law given to Moses at Sinai. The rabbis felt compelled to prove that the oral and written law are of one spirit and purpose. Rather than being the final word on Judaism, then, the Mishnah became a new foundation for religious discussion and debate.

The Talmud in the Making

The rabbis who took up this new challenge were known as Amoraim—"interpreters," or "explainers," of the Mishnah. Each academy centered around a prominent rabbi. A small circle of scholars and students held discussions all year. But the most important sessions were held biannually, during the months of Adar and Elul, when agricultural work was slack and hundreds or even thousands more could attend.

Adin Steinsaltz explains: "The academy head presided, seated on a chair or on special mats. In the front rows opposite him sat the important scholars, including his colleagues or outstanding pupils, and behind them all the other scholars. . . . The order of seating was based on a precisely defined hierarchy [according to importance]." A portion of the Mishnah would be recited. This would then be compared with parallel or supplementary material gathered by the Tannaim but not included in the Mishnah. The process of analysis would begin. Questions were posed, and contradictions were analyzed to find internal harmony between teachings. Proof texts from the Hebrew Scriptures were sought to support rabbinic teachings.

Although carefully structured, these discussions were intense, sometimes turbulent. One sage quoted in the Talmud spoke of "sparks of fire" leaping between the mouths of the rabbis during a debate. (Hullin 137b, Babylonian Talmud) Steinsaltz says this of the proceedings: "The academy head, or the sage delivering the lecture, would give his own interpretation of problems. The scholars in the audience would often bombard him with questions on the basis of other sources, the views of other commentators, or their own logical conclusions. Sometimes the debate was very brief and restricted to an unequivocal and conclusive response to a given question. In other cases other scholars would offer alternative solutions and a large-scale debate would ensue." All in attendance were free to take part. Issues clarified at the sessions would be transmitted to other academies for other scholars to review.

Yet, these sessions were not just endless legalistic debates. Legal matters dealing with rules and regulations of Jewish religious life are called Halakah. This term comes from the Hebrew root "to go" and indicates the 'way of life one should go by.' All other matters—stories about rabbis and Bible characters, wise sayings, concepts of belief and philosophy—are called Haggadah, from the Hebrew root "to tell." Halakah and Haggadah were intermingled during rabbinic debate.

In his book The World of the Talmud, Morris Adler comments: "A wise teacher would interrupt a lengthy and difficult legal argument with a digression of a less taxing and more edifying nature. . . . Thus we find legend and history, contemporary science and folklore, Biblical exegesis and biography, homily and theology woven together into what, to one unfamiliar with the ways of the academies, would seem to be a curious medley of unorganized data." To the scholars at the academies, all such digressions were for a purpose and were related to the point under discussion. Halakah and Haggadah were the building blocks of a new structure under construction in the rabbinic academies.

The Making of Two Talmuds

Eventually, the main rabbinic center in Palestine moved to Tiberias. Other important academies were located at Sepphoris, Caesarea, and Lydda. But the deteriorating economic situation, constant political instability, and finally the pressure and persecution from apostate Christianity led to large-scale immigration to another major Jewish population center to the East—Babylonia.

For centuries, students had flocked from Babylonia to Palestine to study under the great rabbis at the academies. One such student was Abba ben Ibo, also called Abba Arika—Abba the tall one—but later known simply as Rab. He returned to Babylonia about 219 C.E. after studying under Judah ha-Nasi, and this marked a turning point for the spiritual importance of the Babylonian Jewish community. Rab set up an academy at Sura, an area with many Jews but little scholarship. His reputation drew 1,200 regular students to his academy, with thousands more in attendance during the Jewish months of Adar and Elul. Rab's prominent contemporary, Samuel, set up an academy in Nehardea. Other important academies sprang up at Pumbeditha and Mehoza.

Now there was no necessity to travel to Palestine, for one could study under the great scholars in Babylonia. The formulation of the Mishnah as a separate text paved the way for the complete independence of the Babylonian academies. Although different styles and methods of study now developed in Palestine and Babylonia, frequent communication and interchange of teachers preserved the unity of the academies.

Toward the end of the fourth and in the beginning of the fifth centuries C.E., the situation became particularly difficult for the Jews in Palestine. Waves of restrictions and persecution under the rising authority of apostate Christendom led to the final blow of abolishing both the Sanhedrin and the position of Nasi (patriarch) by about 425 C.E. So the Palestinian Amoraim began consolidating in a single coherent work the summaries of the debates in the academies to ensure their preservation. This work, compiled in haste in the latter part of the fourth century C.E., became known as the Palestinian Talmud.#

While the academies in Palestine were on the decline, the Babylonian Amoraim were reaching the peak of their abilities. Abaye and Raba took the level of debate into intricate and subtle argumentation that later became the model of Talmudic analysis. Next, Ashi, the head of the academy at Sura (371-427 C.E.), began compiling and editing the summations of debates. According to Steinsaltz, he did so "fearing that, disorganized as it was, the vast bulk of oral material was in danger of sinking into oblivion."

This great mass of material was more than one man or even one generation could organize. The period of the Amoraim ended in Babylonia in the fifth century C.E., but the work of final editing of the Babylonian Talmud was continued into the sixth century C.E. by a group called the Saboraim, an Aramaic term meaning "the expositors," or "holders of opinion." These final editors pulled together the thousands of loose ends and the centuries of rabbinic debate, imparting a style and structure to the Babylonian Talmud that set it apart from all previous Jewish writings.

The Two Talmuds—
How Do They Compare?

The Hebrew word "Talmud" means "study" or "learning." The Amoraim of Palestine and Babylonia had set out to study, or analyze, the Mishnah. Both Talmuds (Palestinian and Babylonian) do this, but how do they compare? Jacob Neusner writes: "The first Talmud analyzes evidence, the second investigates premises; the first remains wholly within the limits of its case, the second vastly transcends them."

The more intensive and thorough editing given to the Babylonian Talmud made it not only much larger but also deeper and more penetrating in its mode of thought and analysis. When the word "Talmud" is mentioned, it is usually the Babylonian Talmud that is meant. This is the Talmud that has been most studied and commented on throughout the centuries. In the opinion of Neusner, the Palestinian Talmud "is a work of competence," and the Babylonian Talmud "is a work of genius."

What Did the Talmud Accomplish?

The rabbis of the Talmud set out to prove that the Mishnah was from the same source as the Hebrew Scriptures. But why? Jacob Neusner comments: "The stated issue was the standing of the Mishnah. But the heart of the matter turns out to have been the authority of the sage himself." To reinforce this authority, each line of the Mishnah, sometimes every word, was examined, challenged, explained, and harmonized in a fashion. Neusner observes that in this way the rabbis "shifted the orbit of the Mishnah from one path to another." Although created as a work complete in itself, the Mishnah had now been dissected. During this process, it had been recreated, redefined.

This new work—the Talmud—served the rabbis' purpose. They set the rules of analysis, and it therefore taught people to think like rabbis. The rabbis believed that their method of study and analysis reflected the mind of God. Talmudic study itself became the object, a form of worship—the use of the mind supposedly in imitation of God. For generations to come, the Talmud itself would be analyzed by this same method. The result? Historian Cecil Roth writes: "The Talmud . . . gave [Jews] the characteristic imprint which distinguished them from others, as well as their remarkable power of resistance and cohesion. Its dialectic sharpened their wits, and conferred upon them . . . mental acuteness. . . . The Talmud gave the persecuted Jew of the Middle Ages another world into which he could escape . . . It gave him a fatherland, which he could carry about with him when his own land was lost."

* For more information on the development and content of the Mishnah, see the article "The Mishnah and God's Law to Moses" in The Watchtower of November 15, 1997.

# The Palestinian Talmud is popularly known as the Jerusalem Talmud. However, this term is a misnomer, since Jerusalem was off limits to the Jews during most of the Amoraic period.


A Chabad rabbi alluded to the place of religion in government in blessing President Bush. Rabbi Levi Shemtov delivered the invocation Wednesday night at a pre-inaugural dinner attended by Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. "Dear God,(Not the creator God)  the president has, during the years of his first term, and even before, publicly, yet humbly, expressed his sentiment from deep in his heart that the world and certainly he rise and fall, live and die, succeed and fail, face challenges and arrive at destiny, ultimately according to your will," Shemtov said. 

the will of the Talmudic god who is no God but the devil

"Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, the Lubavitcher rebbe, taught us in the Jewish faith to recognize and give thanks to you for this historic benevolent and gracious nation, built upon the noble foundation of religious freedom. This freedom was meant to be of religion, not from religion

Now an anti-Christ nation of satan, via HJR 104, PL 102-14




The decision to do everything himself worked perfectly. Two years ago Azoulay organized a four-performance tour in large halls for Rita and Rami Kleinstein. The tickets were snapped up but American Embassy officials, who were suspicious after the collapse of the Twin Towers, refused to issue a work permit for Rita, who was born in Iran.

Azoulay received word of this at his home in Washington. He contacted Benjamin Netanyahu, who promised to help, and the American ambassador in Israel, who said his hands were tied, and finally the bureau of President Moshe Katsav, who was also born in Iran. The president contacted the ambassador and was told the new regulations even applied to Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, and therefore nothing could be done.

Azoulay was already imagining the crash.

Only a few days remained before the first performance, nearly all the tickets had been sold, and Rita was still unable to come. "There's appropriate insurance against such situations, but I hadn't taken it out," relates Azoulay. The newspapers in Israel reported that Rita had not received a visa to the United States, and the people who had bought tickets demanded their money back.

Azoulay decided on a final rescue move: He looked for a line to Tom Ridge, who as head of Homeland Security was in charge of security and visas. He recalled that at one of the events he had organized he had seen the rabbi of the Chabad branch in Washington, Shem-Tov Levy, embracing and engaging in a friendly conversation with White House spokesmen Ari Fleischer. Azoulay contacted the Chabadnik and asked him to use his connection with Fleischer who would in turn talk to Ridge. The rabbi promised to try, Fleischer also promised and three hours later Azoulay heard: Ridge had arranged everything. Rita could go to the embassy and receive a visa.


Godtoldme W. Bush

Wed Oct 12, 2005 08:19

The picture attached to this article is the scariest picture I have ever seen. On a scale of one to ten it surpasses, even, a photo of the leather-faced Texas Chainsaw Murderer. Be afraid, America; be afraid world; be really afraid.

of what? The saints do not have the spirit of fear, but the Fear of God

Godtoldme W. Bush and his (Talmudic) Hassidim handlers are doing to Christianity what the Texas Chainsaw Murderer did to a van full of drugged-up young dim-wits. True Christianity is hard to find in America, and when found, it is as rare as is a library card in the pocket of an Alabama politician, a Birmingham talk radio host, or a so-called holiness preacher.

The Beast has your President. He is carrying a volume of the Talmud Bavli (Babyloian Talmud), at the top of this vulgar photo are the words 'Daf Tomi' which is a daily program, doing the Daf is "...the practice of studying one double sided folio or page of the Talmud each day. Started in 1923, by Rabbi Meir Shapiro, it takes seven and one half years of study to complete the cycle. The last study period ended March, 1, 2005.

The picture does not come from some conspiracy, Jew hating, Jihadist web page. It is not a fabrication with Bush’s head poorly pasted on another’s body, no, no, this picture can be found on a braggart J-w page,

The caption reads; “President Bush waves to reporters on the way to his new Daf Yom Shiur with his former spokesman and recently ordained Rabbi Ari Fleischer.”

It should read; “he who teaches a child is like to one who writes on clean paper.” So said Elisha ben Abuya, (Sacred Books, Literature of the East, pg. 109.)

So, Godtoldme W. Bush has joined those stalwart intellectuals Madonna, Britney Spears, TV preachers and others in the pig’s sty of Talmud/Kabbalah study.

Knowing this and knowing that Bush’s whole world is surrounded and infested by Hassidic Talmudic so called Jews, it is easy to believe that god told him to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, and promote an all Jew, Jew only State, in Palestine. The germane question is which god or gods are talking to this idiot. (BBC has a program coming-up on God talking to Bush. Type-in ‘Bush denies God’ and read.)

WorldNetDaily: White House denies 'God told me' claims
The White House flatly denies Palestinian claims trumpeted by a BBC television
program that President Bush confided to PA leaders God personally instructed ...

Digression – Here I must violate a long standing principle. In the past I have quoted passages from J-w books without naming the book, because I did not want people to give money to these filthy devils. In this case I must, because the Talmud under Bush’s arm is one book of the much revised, sanitized, Schottenstein Edition, Talmud Bavli, (Babylonian). Even the Soncino Edition, which was used by that wonderful lady, Elizabeth Dilling, my mentor, (The Plot Against Christianity, now, The Jewish Religion, Its Influence Today) even this work, the Soncino was redacted over and again.

So, I will give you, under duress from this inconceivable situation, the names of books and authors who have become so embolden that they now say the unsayable, reveling that which has been so zealously kept from all but a chosen few. (End of digression)

It took my wife, (She who must be obeyed) and me many years before we began to mock the non-Jew- Jews by putting a dash between the J and the w, as J-w. This is how they write G-d’s name to avoid pronouncing or writing the Name.

We did this as soon as we learned that “The Jew created G-d so G-d could create the Jew.” “He who “keeps” the precepts of the Law…if one may say so, ‘makes Him who is above.” “It is actually mankind’s activities that transform Ein-Sof into the personal God of Judaism.” “The Zohar even

goes so far as to say that man, in effect, has the opportunity to make his creator.” ‘Symbols of Kabbalah,’ Sanford L. Drob.

So, when Godtoldme W. Bush said “god told me,” he was not lying if every J-w is a god. I say this because we know who told him to invade, kill, occupy, and establish their ‘peculiar democracy’ (Noahide)  in the Middle East.

Lenin had Zinoviev, Kamenev, Sverdlov, Radek, Litvinov, Joffe, Sokolnikov, Uritsky, Lozovsky and hundreds of others whom Trotsky called non-Jew- Jews. (Trotsky, Robert Wistrich)

Bush, in his quest for ‘Demintern International’ through perpetual war, is encircled, daily, by the ferret-faced descendants, or co-religionists of those who destroyed Mother Russia and slaughtered, some say, one hundred and sixty million Christians.

These Trotskyites have Americanized their names, wrapped themselves in the flag, and weaseled their way into the highest positions of this government. These people have determined the fate of our country through occupation of State Department, Defense Department Committees, think tanks, which are little more than poison propaganda dream works, and dominance of all media.

And yet and still they are not satisfied; they want Bush to prostrate himself at the crypt of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson their lately deceased and still dead Messiah. Godtoldme W. Bush issued a "Proclamation" on 19 April 2005, declaring 20 April, (Interesting date), "Education and Sharing Day," in honor of Rebe Menachem Schneerson.

Made PUBLIC LAW, HJR 104, PL 102-14, 1991 -102nd Congress of Treason and Blasphemy. EVERY politician in Washington DC is the enemy of these United States of America, who do not oppose their talmudic satanic anti-Christ Noahide Laws

“Mainstream Orthodoxy now appoints heads of rabbinic courts, teachers and principals who conclude their prayers on the Day of Atonement with the passionate, twin affirmations, “The Lord is God! May our Master, Teacher, and Rabbi the King Messiah (Schneerson, Ed.) live forever! By extending this recognition, Orthodox Jewry has repealed a defining element not only of the messianic faith but of the Jewish religion itself.

Highly educated lay people are comfortable with the term "man-God," asserting that when you speak to the Rebbe you speak to God, and a sophisticated follower emerges from instruction in Habad principles with the conviction that there is no material difference between Lubavitch beliefs about the righteous and the Christian affirmation of the divinity of Jesus. To dismiss adherents of this theology as so marginal that they can be ignored…is to close one’s eyes to reality.” (From an internet J-w who objects to the messiah theology of the Orthodox movement called Lubavitch, or Habad, and Hasidism. In their pantheon of gods, Schneerson became first among equals.)

Like so many of my neighbors who are forever looking for God in all the wrong places, Bush is flirting with total destruction. Destruction of what little is left of his mind and the possibility of destruction of a large portion of the world.

So long, Jesus, it’s been good to know you! MAZEL TOV!

To be continued until the hate crime bill is signed and then I will begin plan B. Meanwhile, remember that Jerusalem is the Great Whore and Judaism, as we know it today, is the Beast.

The Harlot of the earth is the Babylonian Noahide Religion, she sits on the seven mountains of that great whore city, that spiritual Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified, she sits upon the beast of Sanhedrin, and I assure you that beast who Blasphemes God, is not that Great and terrible Day of the Lords wrath against this beast and his followers, of Joel 2. when he comes on THAT DAY with his ten Thousands of his saints they slew. Do not be deceived. These are leading you to another Christ who is no Christ the Savior forever, that is why they say any who say he is Christ, Christos, Savior, Salvation forever do it. For they want you to deny the Christ who is forever. Beware of that "lowestpit" of hell and death. Jason Guenther is a well trained Hassidim leading you to a false Messiah, Moshiach ben satan, that is why he totally denies the Revelation of Jesus who is Christ. That is why he rages so.


The Talmudic God told him to do it

Before I share with you what this all means to you, to me and to everyone on this planet I ask you to carefully read the following.

Prior to his "passing" Rabbi Schneerson was visited by the former Chief Rabbi of Israel. Here are the chief Rabbi's comments given publicly after that special meeting:-
Rabbi Mordechi Eliyahu, the past Chief Rabbi of Israel after his visit to the Rebbe said. "I saw that no secret is hidden from him, and I mean that simply and explicitly. He knows all of the Talmud, Poskim (legal precedents)
Dark sentences of the "Craft"
 and in the Mystical works his understanding is VERY VERY deep. He is the master of light.
2Cor:11:14: And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

2Cor:11:15: Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
 He is a master of all the Torah. And is an expert on everything that is happening in Israel. His face shines like an angel of G-d and he himself is higher than any angel.
and Jaylow tells you that God is an angel
 He is the greatest Torah master in our generation and no one is even close to him. And together with this he worries for every Jew in the world."

Now to address the skeptics.

One could postulate that even though Rabbi Schneerson identified himself numerous times publicly to the Jewish world as KIng Messiah.....perhaps he was a little  "deranged" shall we say?
Please do, but he is very dead
One could also postulate that even the 1,000 Chassidic Rabbis who saw clearly that he was and still is King Messiah even after his passing were and are also a little "deranged" about him?
and they remain of unsound mind

But if you will carefully study the home page links to the Gulf War and The Jupiter Event there you will find the truth that silences all scepticisim and mocking.
The planning of satan's little wanna be Godhood kingdom for his Mooshiyuck, never understanding God has put it in their hearts to fullfill his WORD

Prophecy comes from God alone. Only God can impart knowledge of future events that happen hundreds of years in the future.
See the Revelation of Jesus who is forever Christ

The Gulf War and the Jupiter Event are two such God given Prophecies. They "sandwich" (in the context of time..i.e. 1991 and 1994) Rabbi Schneerson's self proclamation and provide nothing less than Independent Divine corrboration and Divine Affirmation that Rabbi Schneerson's claims about himself being Judaism's and mankind's Final Redeemer, King Messiah are indeed true!
True to them who believe the Lie

God has sent two clear messages to the world in the above fulfiled Prophecies for all the doubters and scoffers to ponder.
Rabbi Mordechi Eliyahu, the past Chief Rabbi of Israel after his visit to the Rebbe said. "I saw that no secret is hidden from him, and I mean that simply and explicitly. He knows all of the Talmud, Poskim (legal precedents) and in the Mystical works his understanding is VERY VERY deep. He is the master of light. He is a master of all the Torah. And is an expert on everything that is happening in Israel. His face shines like an angel of G-d and he himself is higher than any angel. He is the greatest Torah master in our generation and no one is even close to him. And together with this he worries for every Jew in the world."

Now.......What lies ahead for the immediate future?

Understand that Rabbi Schneerson handed out to his followers (of which I am one) profound discourses which explain why King Messiah must die as part of the process of his later revelation.
The False suffering servant, False Christ
Plus...(when the world is able to come to terms with this) the world will understand that even though there was a formal death and burial according to Jewish Law...all of the "death scenario" is nothing but a concealment of the actual truth...namely, that in spite of his "passing" Rabbi Schneerson is literally alive...a soul in a in this alive physically as you or I.

If you think that this is wild...just wait until I get to the really good stuff!

Only a very small handful of people have any inkling of what we are dealing with here. We have a pending event that will surpass by far what happened on Mount Sinai with Moses...and I mean this literally....and in our days.

There will be a Divine Intervention wherein the physical world will become literally transparent to reveal the hidden Godliness that gives life to all creation.
non- Noahide saint purging

We will see Rabbi Schneerson reappear physically in his younger physical body
Reincarnated according to their Sorcery, But this one is not Schneerson who is forever dead
and he most certainly will destroy all evil at its spiritual root. Get that? NO MORE EVIL...FOREVER!!!
No saints of Jesus whom they so hate, all other hide in the lowestroom in fear

Everyone will have a home and enough food to eat. No more illness.... FOREVER!!!. Universal peace and perfection will reign forever.

Rabbi Schnerson will literally rule from sea to sea with the willing and enthusiastic consent of the vast, vast, majority of mankind.

Rabbi Moshe Yess
Jesus say's No to Yess, bye bye




“For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us,

what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” – I Peter 4:17


“And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held.” – Revelation 6:9

On January 17, 1951, the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch elected Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson to be the Lubavitch “Rebbe.”  The “Rebbe,” who is regarded by the International Lubavitch Movement as the “messiah,” was also recognized as a moral leader by many U.S. presidents, starting with President Richard Nixon. According to the Chabad-Lubavitch, the Rebbe enjoyed an especially close relationship with Ronald Reagan, who began the process of giving legislative status to what the Lubavitchers call “the Seven Universal Laws”:

“The President was an early and enthusiastic adherent of the Rebbe’s call to make all people aware of the Seven Universal Laws, based on the belief in a Supreme Being. The Rebbe’s call for a moment of silence in the public schools, and his persistent belief that America must export to the world faith-based moral values, were among the themes that found a welcoming ear in President Reagan.”

According to The Encyclopedia of Judaism these Seven Universal Laws, also called the Seven Noahide Laws, are as follows:


(1) Civil justice [the duty to establish a legal system];

(2) Prohibition of blasphemy [which includes the bearing of false witness];

(3) The abandonment of idolatry;

(4) The prohibition of incest [including adultery and other sexual offenses];

(5) The prohibition of murder;

(6) Also that of theft;

(7) The law against eating flesh [a limb] cut from a living animal [i.e., cruelty in any shape or form] (T.B. Sanh. 56A)


The Encyclopedia of Judaism identifies the source of the Noahide Laws as the Talmud Bavli, the Babylonian Talmud, which is the most authoritative Talmud for Orthodox Judaism which regards it as divinely inspired.  The Talmud also delimits the penalty for disobedience of one Noahide Law: “One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanhedrin Tract 57A)”


The Seven Noahide Laws do not apply to Jews, but only to Gentiles, and will establish a legal framework for the Jewish elite to rule the Gentile world during the Tribulation period. The B’nai Noach website put it this way: “A bat Noach [daughter of Noah] or b’nai Noach [son/child of Noah] is a non-Jew (Noahide) who follows the Jewish laws specifically given by God (satan) for them.”

 note: Jaylow's Laws

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, due process will not be followed in the prosecution of Noachides: “The many formalities of procedure essential when the accused is an Israelite need not be observed in the case of the Noachid. The latter may be convicted on the testimony of one witness, even on that of relatives, but not on that of a woman. He need have had no warning (‘hatra’ah’) from the witnesses; and a single judge may pass sentence on him (ib. 57a, b; ‘Yad,’ l.c. ix. 14).” [For more information on the Noahide Laws, see the Watch Unto Prayer report, Under the Law.]

 see the Hassidic: Deception, denying Jesus the FULLNESS of the LAW written in the hearts of his saints, he also denies Jesus is the Christ, and denies the White Robes of the saints.

In 1982, in honor of the 80th birthday of Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, President Reagan issued a declaration, which Congress confirmed, that April 4 would become a National Day of Reflection on the Seven Noahide Laws as a moral code for mankind. 

    “One shining example for people of all faiths of what education ought to be is that provided by the Lubavitch movement, headed by Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, a worldwide spiritual leader who will celebrate his 80th birthday on April 4, 1982. The Lubavitcher Rebbe's work stands as a reminder that knowledge is an unworthy goal unless it is accompanied by moral and spiritual wisdom and understanding. He has provided a vivid example of the eternal validity of the Seven Noahide Laws, a moral code for all of us regardless of religious faith. May he go from strength to strength.

    “In recognition of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's 80th birthday, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled have issued House Joint Resolution 447 to set aside April 4, 1982, as a "National Day of Reflection.

    “NOW, THEREFORE, I, RONALD REAGAN, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim April 4, 1982, as National Day of Reflection.”

Nine years later, in 1991, the Seven Noahide Laws became Public Law 102-14 after a vote by the U.S. Congress on the recommendation of Reagan’s successor, President George H.W. Bush. 


"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."   President George H.W. Bush, quoted by Sarah McClendon
(White House Reporter) in her June 1992 Newsletter.



Before a joint session of Congress, President Bush honored Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, the now deceased “messiah” of the Lubavitch Movement, by establishing the observance of Education Day, USA. This national observance was intended “to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws.” In reality, P.L. 102-14 established the Talmud as of the supreme Law of the Land.

Unto the Dragon of Revelation Chapter 13


Lest the reader think the current President of the United States, who claims to be a Christian, would never pay tribute to the Lubavitchers’ false messiah like his father who issued the Education Day proclamation, on March 26, 2002, President George W. Bush, held a White House reception in honor of the 100th birthday of Rabbi Schneerson.


Bush Meets Lubavitch Rabbis to Mark Rebbe’s 100th Birthday.” 


U.S. President George W. Bush hosted a delegation of 10 leading rabbis and officials from the Lubavitch Hasidic movement at the White House yesterday. The 90-minute meeting took place in the framework of events organized by the movement to mark the 100th birthday of the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson... Bush added his signature to a document declaring the late Rebbe’s birthday ‘The day of education and charity.’  [Avraham] Rabbi Shem-Tov thanked the president for his support of Israel and presented him with a Passover Haggadah.”


If decapitation is the penalty for violation of even a single Noahide Law, and beheading is the preferred method of exterminating multitudes of believers during the Tribulation period, is it foreseeable that the Tribulation saints might be accused of violating one of these Talmudic laws?


We now turn to the proceedings of a meeting that took place at the Vatican just a few months prior to the March 2002 White House reception in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. This Jewish-Christian dialogue, which was conducted by the Chief Rabbi of Rome, presaged the very grim future that awaits the Tribulation saints:


“The Noachides & Romes Chief Rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni”



The Great Sanhedrin alone had the right to appoint, or confirm the appointment of, the high priest. His consecration might take place only in the day-time. Two high priests must not be appointed together. Every high priest had a "mishneh" (a second) called the Segan, or "memunneh," to stand at his right; another assistant was the "catholicos"("Yad," l.c. 16-17).



    “In Rome, on January 17, 2002, in the Lecture hall of the Major Roman Pontifical Seminary, a meeting was organized by the Diocese of Rome, part of the Day of Jewish-Christian dialogue. Present on the Catholic side were Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia and Msgr. Rino Fisichella, and on the Jewish side, Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, who replaced Rabbi Elio Toaff as Chief Rabbi of Rome ...

    “Rabbi Di Segni...explains [the seven precepts that all noachides must respect]:

    “These rules are: interdiction of all worship except monotheism, interdiction on blasphemy, the obligation to form tribunals, the interdiction on homicide, theft, adultery, and incest, and the interdiction on eating food torn from living animals.

    “...The Rabbi’s attention is completely fixed on the first precept, that of monotheism: ‘As to the monotheist cult, apparently, it poses no doubt for the major religions.’ Aren’t  Judaism, Christianity and Islam defined, in post-conciliar language that has become colloquial today,  as ‘the three major monotheist religions’? In fact, Di Segni sees no difficulty in defining  Muslims as strict and even circumcised monotheists. But, as to Christians, he has some doubts....

    christians: monotheists or idolators?


Dov's reply....their plan

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט

מדריך לבאי האתר:

----- Original Message -----
From: ?? ?????
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 12:24 AM
Subject: RE:
So much Christian hatred. The Islam will swollow the Christians countries. The only one hope for the idolic Christians is to leave there stupid faith and to adopt  the Noachide faith. You know this is the true.





    “This is where Di Segni—who is the author of the re-publication of the Toledoths Jeshu, under the new title, Il Vangelo del Ghetto [The Gospel of the Ghetto], with the Toledoths Jeshu being  the most inflammatory Jewish legends against Jesus (1)---‘speaks clearly’ to the prelates who heard him:

    “At the point we have now reached, it is necessary to make a clarification on Jewish theology, which, on the subject of monotheism and how it is lived by Christianity, gives rise to a debate that is essentially a dilemma. The point in question is in view of establishing whether Jesus’ divinity can be compatible, for a non-Jew (because for a Jew it is absolutely not) with the monotheistic concept. 

    “In other words: The Jew who would become a Christian, thus then believing in the divinity of Jesus, would cease to be a monotheist in order to become an idolater. Must one say the same thing of a non-Jew? Is believing in Jesus’ divinity a sin of idolatry, a violation of the first precept of the Noachide law? Rabbi Di Segni advises:

    “‘As to be expected, in Jewish theology, the answer to this question is not unanimous: some firmly deny it, others place certain conditions on it. The consequence is that, according to the literal opinion, the Christian would not be on the path of salvation’ since he is guilty of idolatry...

    “Di Segni concludes: ‘If one must literally apply the Noachide system of laws, it [the punishment of death] would be applied to all, so that the Noachides might observe it. Likewise, the punishment of death would apply to what treats forbidding the worship of strange gods,’ in view of monotheism.” (559) (emphasis added)


Source: “The Noachides and Rome’s Chief Rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni,” Father Francesco Ricossa, Sodalitium, French Edition, No. 53, July, 2002, translated by Suzanne M. Rini, Trans Et Alia, Vol. 3, No. 3, Sept. 2002.


The Chief Rabbi of Rome is putting the Roman Catholic hierarchy on notice that the Jewish elite, which even now controls the world from behind the scenes, will soon have legal authority to prosecute and exterminate Christians for the crime of idolatry.  

It ain't gonna happen" "jaylow

Of course it ain't gonna happen to Jaylow and his jaybirds, they get an additional 3.5 years before everlasting Damnation, as do all the fallen away


According to the Sodalitium article, not one of the Vatican prelates protested the agenda of the Jews: “Today, the unthinkable has been realized. But the Cardinals present at the lecture of...Rabbi Di Segni, keep silent. Nor did the prelates question the Jewish power in a court of law.


We note that this meeting took place on January 17, the day on which Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson was elected as the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1951. January 17 is also the date upon which Convents of the Prieuré de Sion are traditionally held for the election of Grand Masters. January is the month of the Roman god Janus, whom the Prieuré worships as Diana, which is the reason the name ‘John’ or ‘Jean is the esoteric name of its Grand Masters. The fact that January 17 was chosen to announce the impending enforcement of the Noahide Laws implicates the Prieuré de Sion, which is the central command of all secret societies, as a Jewish organization.

The Protocols of the Illuminated Hassidic Chabad satanic anti-Christ Masters, and.....jaylow




As Americans watch events unfold in the daily news which presage a new world order and one world religion, it should be apparent that the United States is rapidly becoming a nation governed by judicial fiat rather than separate but equal branches of governmentThe establishment of a super-judiciary is not happenstance, but was planned well in advance to condition the masses to accept a court system that is controlled and staffed by Judeo-Freemasonry. For the Church Age—the Age of Grace—will soon come to a close with the Rapture of the Church, and the 70th week Daniel will commence God’s dealings with the nation of Israel which will once again come under the Mosaic Law, or rather the Talmudic version of the Mosaic Law.

And this is great error, for that DAY of the COMING of the LORD will not happen until the Falling away and that Son of Perdition be REVEALED, do not be deceived


Daniel 7:25 says of the Antichrist: “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

How did they get to become saints of God is all who belived are ruptured? Total error. For them who Stand NOT in their Testimony are sent strong delusion to believe the LIE....Beware


Since the Jews do not believe that Jesus fulfilled the criteria for the Jewish messiah, they are awaiting a different messiah who will restore the Jewish nation to pre-70 A.D. conditions. The criteria for a false messiah acceptable to the Jews are posted at Light to the Nations:

 Moshiach ben satan

“According to the prophets of the Bible, amongst the most basic missions of the messiah are:

  • to cause all the world to return to G-d and His teachings,

  • to restore the royal dynasty to the descendants of David,

  • to oversee the rebuilding of Jerusalem, including the Temple, in the event that it has not yet been rebuilt;

  • to gather the Jewish people from all over the world and bring them home to the Land of Israel,

  • and to reestablish the sanhedrin,

  • restore the sacrificial system,

  • as well as the Sabbatical year and Jubilee.”

BEWARE these people do as Jaylow, first they give you Truth, then snare you with their Leaven.

To cause them who believe to Return to the Creator God, Christ from the Foundation of the World the WORD of God

Jesus is the ONLY who has the Key to David, His Kingdom is SION

Heb:12:22: But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

New Jerusalem is that City, not the Whore city Sodom and spiritual Egypt where the Lord was crucified

Jesus is the TEMPLE therein

Jesus is the ONLY Lamb everlasting Covenant Sacrifice for ALL who believe by faith

The Jubilee is Christ Day


Restoration of the Sanhedrin in Israel is, in fact, a work that is quietly in progress. The 71-member body which conspired to crucify Jesus Christ two thousand years ago was reestablished on October 13, 2004.


    “A unique ceremony - probably only the second of its kind in the past 1,600 years - is taking place in Tiberias today: The launching of a Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish-legal tribunal in the Land of Israel.
    “The Sanhedrin, a religious assembly that convened in one of the Holy Temple chambers in Jerusalem, comprised 71 sages and existed during the Tannaitic period, from several decades before the Common Era until roughly 425 C.E. Details of today’s ceremony are still sketchy, but the organizers announced their intention to convene 71 rabbis who have received special rabbinic ordination as specified by Maimonides...

    “One of the leaders of today’s attempt to revive the Sanhedrin is Rabbi Yeshai Ba’avad of Beit El. He said that the 71 rabbis ‘from across the spectrum received the special ordination, in accordance with Maimonides’ rulings, over the past several months.’ Rabbi Ba’avad explained that the membership of the new body is not permanent: ‘What is much more crucial is the establishment of this body. Those who are members of it today will not necessarily be its members tomorrow. But the goal is to have one rabbinic body in Jerusalem that will convene monthly and issue rulings on central issues. This is the need of the generation and of the hour.’
    “Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who heads the Temple institute in Jerusalem , is one of the participating rabbis. He told Arutz-7 today, ‘Whether this will be the actual Sanhedrin that we await, is a question of time - just like the establishment of the State; we rejoiced in it, but we are still awaiting something much more ideal. It’s a process. Today’s ceremony is really the continuation of the renewal of the Ordination process in Israel , which we marked several months ago. Our Talmudic Sages describe the ten stages of exile of the Sanhedrin from Jerusalem to other locations, until it ended in Tiberias - and this is the place where it was foretold that it would be renewed, and from here it will be relocated to Jerusalem.’”  (Arutz Sheva News, 1066)


Ironically, October 13 is the date nearly 700 years ago (October 13, 1307) on which King Phillip IV of France, with the complicity of Pope Clement V, ordered the arrests of the Knights Templar in France prior to executing nearly the entire order.  Weeks later the Pope issued a bull to all Christian rulers in Western Europe ordering them to arrest all Knights of the Order of the Temple resident in their countries.


A few months following the announcement of a restored Sanhedrin, the Arutz Sheva reported that its members ascended the Temple Mount in anticipation of their accession to this most powerful tribunal which will convene in the rebuilt Temple. The date of the rabbis’ ascent of the Temple Mount???  

Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount
12:17 Jan 20, ‘05 / 10 Shevat 5765

“In a dramatic but unpublicized move, members of the newly established Sanhedrin ascended the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, this past Monday. [January 17!] Close to 50 recently ordained s’muchim, members of the Sanhedrin, lined up at the foot of the Temple Mount Monday morning. [The word s’muchim comes from the same root as s’michah, rabbinic ordination.] The men, many ascending the Temple Mount for the first time, had immersed in mikvaot (ritual baths) that morning, and planned to ascend as a group.”

One member of the Sanhedrin was quoted as saying, “Those behind the revival of the Sanhedrin stress that the revival of the legal body is not optional, but mandated by the Torah. ‘We don’t have a choice,’ says Rabbi Richman. ‘It is a religious mandate for us to establish a Sanhedrin.’” The rabbi cited no Scripture mandating revival of the Sanhedrin, but rather the Talmud:


“A tradition is recorded in the Talmud (Tractate Megillah 17b, Rashi) that the Sanhedrin will be restored after a partial ingathering of the Jewish exiles, but before Jerusalem is completely rebuilt and restored. Another Talmudic tradition (Eruvin 43b; Maharatz Chajas ad loc; Rashash to Sanhedrin 13b) states that Elijah the Prophet will present himself before a duly-ordained Sanhedrin when he announces the coming of the Messiah. This indicates that despite common misconceptions, a Sanhedrin is a pre-, not post-messianic institution.”

Since the restored Sanhedrin is mandated by the Talmud, which denigrates Jesus Christ, the messianic figure it heralds must (Is False Christ) be the Antichrist, in whose service the 71 rabbis will be employed.  “And he shall...think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” (Dan. 7:25 )

The Arutz article continued, “The rabbis behind the Sanhedrin’s reconstitution...see it as a vessel that, once established, will reach the stature and authority that it once had.” A very recent article, dated May 18, 2005, quoted Vendyl Jones on the subject of the authority of the Sanhedrin.

According to Jones, The Sharon government will soon be history and the Sanhedrin (the Jewish High Court of 71 judges) will take its place and lead the Jewish people. ‘The Sanhedrin was established October the 13th of last year. Now all we have to do is have an election to elect counselors. The Sanhedrin is like a Senate and the elected counselors are like a House of Representatives.’” (“Kabbalist Blesses Jones: Now's the Time to Uncover Holy Lost Ark”)

Also published was a partial listing of issues the Sanhedrin would be deciding. Among the weightier matters of governance were “restoring the Davidic monarchy” and “the establishment of regional ‘small Sanhedrins’” (“Sanhedrin Rabbis Discuss Sublime, Procedural Issues”)

And so, the reconstituted Sanhedrin will function as a Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court, all rolled into one. And by virtue of the fact that a Jewish Antichrist (False Christ Moshiach ben satan)  will rule the world, the Sanhedrin will preside, not only over Israel , but over all mankind. Within its judicial purview will be the interpretation of the Noahide Laws for the lower courts (‘small Sanhedrins’) to administer to the Gentiles. Vendyl Jones, who claims to have discovered the Ark of the Covenant under the Temple Mount, says he has received the word from an unidentified “Kabbalist” to reveal the lost Ark by August 14, 2005. Perhaps the unveiling of the alleged Ark, which once held the Ten Commandments, will be conveniently staged just in time to provide Biblical justification for universal enforcement of the Noahide Laws.




There you have it, the legal foundation for beheading those who hold the testimony of Jesus as He is presented in the Word of God and the Jewish High Court, the Sanhedrin, which will interpret and oversee global implementation of the Noahide Laws. When these Talmudic Laws are imposed on the Gentiles, the Tribulation events will be well underway, the King James Version will have been banned by law and the media frenzy against King James Bible readers will move into high gear, generating public outcries for their execution as a threat to the social order.


But isn’t the “testimony of Jesus” also found in modern versions of the Bible?  That modern versions actually deny the doctrine of Christ is the subject of the following report by Janet and Jerry Moser who, in the process of researching the origins of the Alexandrian manuscripts—the corrupted Greek manuscripts upon which modern versions are based—discovered the Jewish identity of those who originally corrupted the New Testament. Although King James defenders have done well to expose the plot to corrupt the New Testament manuscripts in Alexandria , Egypt , they have failed to disclose that the Alexandrian Gnostics were Jewish and their corruption of the New Testament was a continuation of the Jews’ desperate attempt to hinder the gospel, lest the whole world believe in Jesus Christ.


Moreover, Scripture indicates that the original manuscript mischief took place in the first century and closer to home—in Jerusalem , within the elite body of apostate Jews who crucified Jesus Christ and persecuted His Church—among the Scribes of the Sanhedrin.  For the Scribes were the copyists of Scripture and would have had a vested interest in intercepting and revising the apostles’ letters as they circulated among the churches. Moreover, the Sanhedrin maintained close contact with the Alexandrian Jews and the Alexandrian manuscripts mysteriously reflect the doctrine of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. We can well imagine the alarm of the Jewish scribes as the New Testament gospels and epistles were added to the Old Testament to complete the canon of Scripture for the Church. At this point, the Sanhedrin was no longer functioning; however the Alexandrian Jews probably organized a formal revision committee not unlike the New Testament Revision Committee that met in the
“Jerusalem Chamber” in Westminster Abbey.  Among the membership of the latter committee were B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort, who supplied their fellow Bible revisers with a New Greek Text, based on Alexandrian manuscripts, for translation of the 1881 English Revised Version.

In retrospect, we should not be surprised that revision of the Bible was a  project of apostate Jews, for were not Westcott and  Hort also members of the Apostles Club, the secret society to which powerful Zionist Jews, such as Arthur Balfour and Victor Rothschild, belonged? Years after his Cambridge mentors had passed away, Lord Balfour, as Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, would issue the Balfour Declaration, addressed to Lord Rothschild, proclaiming British support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The Apostles Club was also intimately connected with Round Table of Cecil Rhodes, who was the principal agent for the House of Rothschild. As well, the Apostles Club had connections with other occult and conspiratorial societies that were comprised of and funded by Zionist Jews.


Was the House of Rothschild also behind the revision of the Christian Bible?  It will become apparent in the following report that corruption of the Christian Bible must have been high on the Jewish agenda for a New World Order. For the modern versions, which are based on the corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts, have redefined the doctrine of Christ according to the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees. As such, they are preparing the way for a Jewish messiah more acceptable to many than Jesus Christ. 


That is why Jaylow and all Hassidim and all Proselytes hate the KJV, Beware.

Read the NIV, Daniel 9

It makes Jesus the Everlasting Covenant into the False Christ, Moshaich, Compare with the KJV 


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Alert ! Noahide News Part 169 Alert ! Alert ! false Elijah cometh?

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"Left Behind"

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Saints of the Living God

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Goon squad part II

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Goon Squad 3 Do you Understand?

Goon Squad 4 Can you hear, you who Partake?

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