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Feb. 25 , 2006 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Happy "New World Odor"

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Shevat 28, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766


Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Extra Extra

When this Picture first appeared at it made NO MENTION of being a spoof. There are NO Other "Spoofs" in the Archives of Pics. It was not until Texe Marrs began broadcasting the PIC, when they were alerted, they added the "Word" Spoof, to deceive the masses. Too Late, he is REVEALED as a Talmudic Hassidic Treasonous Blasphemous jew. Dan.


In 2003, I reported the shem sham scheme was to attack Iraq then to divide her. This will be how the Sanhedrin of their dragon will implement Babylon Proper, Eretze Itsrealhell via Noahide enforcement.

Whose Bombs were They

by Mike Whitney


“The only viable strategy, then, may be to correct (Iraq’s) historical defect and move in stages toward a three-state solution: Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center and Shiites in the south” Leslie H. Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations; from “Three-state Solution” NY Times 11-25-03

“We are facing a major conspiracy that is targeting Iraq’s unity.” Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

There’s no telling who was behind the bombing of the al-Askariya Mosque. There were no security cameras at the site and it’s doubtful that the police will be able to perform a thorough forensic investigation.

That’s too bad; the bomb-residue would probably provide clear evidence of who engineered the attack. So far, there’s little more to go on than the early reports of four men (three who were dressed in black, one in a police uniform) who overtook security guards at the mosque and placed the bombs in broad daylight.

It was a bold assault that strongly suggests the involvement of highly-trained paramilitaries conducting a well-rehearsed plan. Still, that doesn’t give us any solid proof of what groups may have been involved.

The destruction of the Samarra shrine, also known as the Golden Mosque, has unleashed a wave of retaliatory attacks against the Sunnis. Overnight, more than 110 people were reported killed by the rampaging Shia. More than 90 Sunni mosques have been either destroyed or badly damaged. In Baghdad alone, 47 men have been found scattered throughout the city after being killed execution-style with a bullet to the back of the head. The chaos ends a week of increased violence following two major suicide bombings directed against Shia civilians that resulted in the deaths of 36 people.

The public outrage at the desecration of one of the country’s holiest sights has reached fever-pitch and its doubtful that the flimsy American-backed regime will be able to head-off a civil war.

It is difficult to imagine that the perpetrators of this heinous attack couldn’t anticipate its disastrous effects. Certainly, the Sunni-led resistance does not benefit from alienating the very people it is trying to enlist in its fight against the American occupation. Accordingly, most of the prominent Sunni groups have denied involvement in the attack and dismissed it as collaboration between American and Iranian intelligence agencies.

A communiqué from “The Foreign Relations Department of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party” denounced the attack pointing the finger at the Interior Ministry’s Badr Brigade and American paramilitaries.

The Ba’ath statement explains:

“America is the main party responsible for the crime of attacking the tomb of Ali al-Hadi…because it is the power that occupies Iraq and has a basic interest in committing it.”

“The escalation of differences between America and Iran has found their main political arena in Iraq, because the most important group of agents of Iran is there and are able to use the blood of Iraqis and the future of Iraq to exert pressure on America. Iran has laid out a plan to embroil America in the Iraqi morass to prevent it from obstructing Iran’s nuclear plans. Particularly since America is eager to move on to completing arrangements for a withdrawal from Iraq, after signing binding agreements on oil and strategy. America believes that without the participation of “Sunni” parties in the regime those arrangements will fail. For that reason ‘cutting Iran’s claws’ has become one of the important requirements for American plans. This is what Ambassador Zalmay spoke of recently when he declared that no sectarian would take control of the Ministries of the Interior or Defense. Similarly, America has begun to publish information that it formally kept hidden regarding the crimes of the Badr Brigade and the Interior Ministry.”

Whether the communiqué is authentic is incidental; the point is well taken. The escalating violence may prevent Iraq from forming a power-sharing government which would greatly benefit the Shia majority and their Iranian allies. Many critics agree that what is taking place Iraq represents a larger struggle between the United States and Iran for regional domination.

This theory, however, is at odds with the response of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei following the bombing. Khamenei said, “The occupation forces and Zionism, which seeing their plans dissolve, have planned this atrocity to sew hate between Muslims and fuel divisions between Sunnis and Shiites….Do not fall into the enemy trap by attacking mosques and sacred places of your Sunni brothers….The enemy wants nothing more than weakening of the Islamis front right as Muslims with a single voice have been protesting against the continual provocations of their enemies.”

The belief that the attack was the work of American and Israeli covert-operations (Black-ops) is widespread throughout the region as well as among leftist political-analysts in the United States. Journalist Kurt Nimmo sees the bombing as a means of realizing “a plan sketched out in Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” (the balkanization
(Noahidization)  of Arab and Muslim society and culture.) Nimmo suggests that the plan may have been carried out by “American, British or Israeli Intelligence operatives or their double-agent Arab lunatics, or crazies incited by Rumsfeld’s Proactive Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG) designed to ‘stimulate’ terrorist reaction.”

Nimmo is not alone in his judgment. Other prominent analysts including, Pepe Escobar, Ghali Hassan, AK Gupta, Dahr Jamail, and Christian Parenti all agree that the Bush administration appears to be inciting civil war as part of an exit strategy. Certainly, the Pentagon is running out of options as well as time. Numerous leaked documents have confirmed that significant numbers of troops will have to be rotated out of the theatre by summer. A strategy to foment sectarian hostilities may be the last desperate attempt to divert the nearly 100 attacks per day away from coalition troops and finalize plans to divide Iraq into more manageable statlets.

The division of Iraq has been recommended in a number of documents that were prepared for the Defense Department. The Rand Corporation suggested that “Sunni, Shiite and Arab, non-Arab divides should be exploited to exploit the US policy objectives in the Muslim world.” The 2004 study titled “US Strategy in the Muslim World” was to identify key cleavages and fault-lines among sectarian, ethnic, regional, and national lines to assess how these cleavages generate challenges and opportunities for the United States.” (Abdus Sattar Ghazali; thanks Liz Burbank)

This verifies that the strategy to split up Iraq has been circulating at the top levels of government from the very beginning of the occupation.

By Peace they destroy wonderfully.....MURDER

A similar report was produced by David Philip for the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) financed by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation a conservative think-tank with connections to the Bush administration and the American Enterprise Institute. According to Pepe Escobar:

“The plan would be ‘sold’ under the admission that the recently elected, Shi’ite dominated Jaafari government is incapable of controlling Iraq and bringing the Sunni-Arab guerillas to the negotiating table. More significantly, the plan is an exact replica of an extreme right-wing Israeli plan to balkanize Iraq
(Hassidic Sanhedrin Chabad Lubavitch RED Sofiet Scheme of shem's sham)
an essential part of the balkanization of the whole Middle East.”

Is the bombing of the Golden Mosque the final phase of a much broader strategy to inflame sectarian hatred and provoke civil war?

Clearly, many Sunnis, Iranians, and political analysts seem to believe so. Even the Bush administration’s own documents support the general theory that Iraq should be broken up into three separate pieces. But, is this proof that the impending civil war is the work of foreign provocateurs?

The final confirmation of Washington’s sinister plan was issued by Leslie Gelb, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, in a New York Times editorial on 11-25-03. The CFR is the ideological headquarters for America’s imperial interventions providing the meager rationale
that papers-over the massive bloodletting that inevitably follow. Gelb stated:

“For decades, the United States has worshipped at the altar of a unified Iraqi state. Allowing all three communities within that false state to emerge at least as self-governing regions would be both difficult and dangerous. Washington would have to be very hard-headed and hard-hearted, to engineer this breakup. But such a course is manageable, even necessary, because it would allow us to find Iraq’s future in its denied but natural past.”

There you have it; the United States is only pursuing this genocidal policy for ‘Iraq’s own good’. We should remember Gelb’s statesman-like pronouncements in the months and years to come as Iraq slips further into the morass of social-disintegration and unfathomable human suffering.


Collective Punishment of Perpetual Purim of shems shame


Hassidic Rats !

Was Jerry Jewish?

“Tom and Jerry” was part of a Jewish conspiracy to present mice as clean, an Iranian official said. Hasan Bolkhari, an adviser to the Iranian Education ministry on mass media, said Hollywood Jews created the cartoon in an attempt to turn around the dirty image of mice, because Nazis had stigmatized Jews as mice. “The mouse is very clever and smart,” Bolkhari said in a televised seminar on film last week monitored by the Middle East Media Research Instuite. “Everything he does is so cute. He kicks the poor cat’s ass. Yet this cruelty does not make you despise the mouse. He looks so nice, and he is so clever...This is exactly why some say it was meant to erase this image of mice from the minds of European children, and to show that the mouse is not dirty and has these traits.”


Chabad Harvard

Under the hammerbeam trusses and stenciled ceiling of Harvard’s Annenberg Hall, between stained glass windows and oil paintings with Civil War themes, in the soaring space where all Harvard freshmen dine, the tables were set with white roses and crisp tablecloths in honor of the Shabbat dubbed “Shabbat 1000.”

“Although nothing like it had ever happened before," Professor Ruth Wisse told "Shabbat 1000 in Harvard's largest dining hall felt like a natural extension of the Shabbat many students enjoy at Chabad and Hillel. The organizers offered the campus a wonderful experience.”

Wisse, the Peretz Professor of Yiddish, Professor of Comparative Literature, is one of Chabad at Harvard’s faculty advisors who attended the dinner along with fellow Chabad faculty advisor Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan Dershowitz.

The Murderous Hassidic Treasonous, blasphemous, Torture advocate of that old Dragon and Satan, and his Masters of Illumination at Sanhedrin

Twenty marble busts lining the perimeter of Annenberg Hall are carved in the likenesses of Harvard luminaries, many of whom presided over Harvard’s policies that long prevented Jews from enrolling in the 370-year- old college. At the dinner, in what would be one of Lawrence H. Summers’s final appearances before resigning as Harvard’s president, he noted the contrast between the old restrictions and Harvard’s large Jewish numbers now. “It was not always so,” Summers said, according to the Harvard Crimson. “But now it is so, and it will always be so. This is a special moment for Harvard’s Jewish community.”

Chabad at Harvard’s Shabbat dinner was reportedly the biggest assemblage of Jewish Harvard students for Shabbat
Sandra Di Capua, a Romance Languages and Literatures major, who worked on the event remarked, “It was only after President Summers stepped up to the podium that I realized that this most prestigious institution--set in its values and traditions--had changed for the better. To see the Jewish President of Harvard University address such a large crowd at this historic event was awing and inspiring.”

and sickening

Even today, when surveys suggest Jews comprise up to 25% of Harvard’s student body, Chabad at Harvard’s Shabbat dinner was reportedly the biggest assemblage of Jewish Harvard students for Shabbat – ever. The first 200 spots at the dinner were snapped up via a special event website within three days. Ten days before dinner was served, the event reached max capacity and generated a waitlist close to 100 names long, according to event organizer, Rebecca Rohr, Student President of Chabad at Harvard.

Pulling a crowd together that included members of the Harvard Democrats, the Harvard Republicans, theater majors and law school students, and convincing them to turn up for a Shabbat meal, required sensitivity to what would and would not fly on campus. In order to unite the Jewish community, a student-led planning committee shaped the event and Chabad invited Hillel to be its partner in the dinner. Annenberg Hall was selected because it was centrally located and “a neutral space,” said Rohr, without religious Jewish ties that allowed a larger segment of the Harvard community to “be open to the experience even if they had never been to a Shabbat dinner” on campus.

Chabad at Harvard’s co-director, Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi praised Rohr’s deft hand in assuring the event’s success. “Rebecca’s leadership has been a blessing to the work of Chabad at Harvard. She brings incredible sensitivity and passion to her work and as our leader on campus serves as a very special role model to many,” said Rabbi Zarchi.

The success of the mega, university-wide event was built upon Chabad at Harvard’s enormously successful graduate school Shabbat dinners. Its Business school Shabbat dinner brought together 275 future MBAs and the Law School Shabbat meal attracted 400 hungry legal eagles. Each week an average of up to 100 students attend Chabad’s regular Shabbat meals.

When the long-awaited Friday night arrived, 600 students surrounded the white cloth covered tables. “Within the immense community, were smaller, intimate spaces created at each table: old friends, new acquaintances, people who celebrate Shabbat each week, people who haven't in years,” said Judy Greenberg, former Undergraduate president of Harvard Hillel who helped coordinate the event.

As the traditional Shalom Aleichem hymn was sung, Annenberg Hall filled with voices some fluent in Hebrew, some recalling wisps of Hebrew school memories, some breaking their teeth over the transliterated song sheets, Shabbat truly arrived in Harvard Yard. A moment for which Chabad at Harvard’s co-director Elkie Zarchi described feeling “inadequate to fully capture in words the awesome moment when Harvard’s history, leadership, and students representing every school and discipline at Harvard came together as one united Jewish family in celebration of Shabbat.”

In the days that followed Shabbat 1000, Rohr said feedback from the event was incredible. New faces appeared at the Matisyahu Pre-concert Dinner at the Chabad House. People approached Rohr and told her they had felt disconnected from Harvard’s Jewish community ever since they arrived on campus, and the dinner had gone ways to repair the breach.


Gloating shemGoats

UK Jewish groups applaud Livingstone's suspension

Jewish leaders in Britain have applauded Friday's decision by a civil service tribunal to suspend London Mayor Ken Livingstone from office for making an anti-Semitic slur, but noted that it was the mayor's own intransigence that forced the issue.

"All we ever sought was an apology," Jon Benjamin, chief executive officer of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, told The Jerusalem Post. But he "brazened it out and fought the case" defying "the prime minister and his own Labor Party councillors."

A three-man committee from the Adjudication Panel for England on February 24 unanimously held that Livingstone had been "unnecessarily insensitive and offensive" to Oliver Finegold, a journalist at the Evening Standard. The tribunal suspended Livingstone from office for "four weeks from March 1" and fined him the costs of the litigation, approximately 80,000.

Heck wait til they get a hold of the saints of Jesus who is Christ

The Board of Deputies of British Jews brought the case to the civil service review board after he refused to apologize for comments he made last February. Livingstone responded to a question from the reporter by saying, "What did you do before? Were you a German war criminal?"

Finegold replied, "No, I'm Jewish. I wasn't a German war criminal. I'm actually quite offended by that." Mr. Livingstone replied, "Well you might be, but actually you are just like a concentration camp guard. You're just doing it 'cause you're paid to, aren't you?"

David Laverick, chairman of the panel said, "the tribunal is concerned that the mayor does seem to have failed, from the outset of this case, to have appreciated that his conduct was unacceptable, was a breach of the [civil service code of conduct] and did damage to the reputation of his office."

"It was his comments that started the matter and thereafter his position seems to have become ever more entrenched" and it "the mayor who must take responsibility," Laverick said.

Livingstone, who did not attend the hearing, issued a statement denouncing the ruling, saying that he was considering an appeal. "This decision strikes at the heart of democracy. Elected politicians should only be able to be removed by the voters or for breaking the law," he said.

Not so, for the Borg is above Global Law, Via Noahide shemgod of shame enslvement

"I have been advised that the decision of this tribunal today may be open to challenge. I will meet with my legal representatives early next week and will then make a statement about whether I will be exercising my right of challenge," the mayor said.

Livingstone, whom the Board of Deputies has accused of being an apologist for Muslim interests, has had a stormy relationship with British Jews.

Opposed to the shemborg collective

Following July 7 terror bombings in London he justified Palestinian terrorism against Israelis, saying, "The Palestinians don't have jets and bombs, they only have their bodies to use as weapons" and has equated the Likud to Hamas saying they were "two sides to the same coin."

You cannot slander Sanhedrin's Hamas, every one knows that

In a statement released after the verdict, the Board of Deputies of British Jews said it "regrets that the mayor's intransigence over his hurtful comments last February outside City Hall and his subsequent failure to apologize has led to a finding that the Office of the Mayor has been brought into disrepute.

"Had the mayor simply recognized the upset his comments had caused, this sorry episode could have been avoided. He has been the architect of his own misfortune," it said.

"We didn't want this to happen," Benjamin told the Post, but the mayor "must recognize the consequences of his actions."


Keep in mind......

e-mail from the Hassidic anti-Christ Pharisaic Chabad Lovtobitch (Lubavitch) Sanhedrin of the Dragon....rabid rib-eye Dov Stein

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט

-----Original Message-----
From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Tuesday,
August 16, 2005 9:06 PM
To: Dov

Dov SSStein
IT is not chamas who you control who you worry about....IT IS JESUS the Christ GOD and his Father you so tremble.
Very soon your Moshiach and Sanhedrin and your dragon is cast into the pit with death and hell the Covenant you have made to yourselves

His Reply

We authentic Jews will treat CHAMAS (Hamas)  wonderful when we get rid from your christian influence during 2000 years of murdering and thethts. Soon the CHAMAS will treat you christians as it did 11/9 (9-11-2001)


They will come to you before as 11/9
The only chance that you will remain  is the treatment that we the jews will the CHAMAS


From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 6:32 PM
To: Dov

Dov Stein
hahah neat manuever
14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.
15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
So it is time to have your Hamas to "Proceed with your all engulfing "TERROR"
Lob those missiles on the "Lesser Brethren"
and send in Bigboy haha Bushitler
and then double cross him
hahahha gotta hand it to you den of Vipers, you are following the Prophecy of Jesus the Christ 100% and know it not
OH well IW...ITSREALHELL Warner here has told you, REPENT or perish forever, Don Stein

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory


E-mail from Dov Stein, Sanhedrin 1-26-2006

From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 6:10 PM
To: Dov

well lookie, lookie Dov Stein, the Sanhedrin has pulled off their Hamas Victory, Now all you need is more "Terror" to Justify reinvadeing the Gaza and begin Noahide Enforcement to your strange gods who are no God the Creator, but the murderer from the beginning, that Old serpent the dragon who has given you your power and seat and authority. But lo, and alas It is very, very Temporary, where will you hide on that Great and Terrible Day of the Lord's wrath for your iniquities, and blasphemy and theft's and murders? Repent in Jesus the Christ Mighty Name, Dov Stein


From: ??
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 11:52 AM
Subject: RE:

Hamas is better. Now we will have the oportunity to through all of them back to Saudi Arabia what was impossible with Fatach.


Christians under cover

If Hamas installs strict Islamic religious rule, Palestinian Christians stand to become a legally subjugated minority inside Palestinian society

In a nod to religious Muslims, the only Palestinian beer brewery is putting the finishing touches on its first non-alcoholic beer

Palestinian educator Dr. Maria Khoury geared up for the winter chill with what was at the time a meaningless purchase: a black silk scarf with silver stripes to drape around her neck.

But now, on her daily excursions from the West Bank's Taiba to nearby Ramallah, the scarf serves as a political symbol of the changing times.

"Since Hamas took over, I cover my head in Ramallah," she says. "I don't feel comfortable."

In the largely cosmopolitan Ramallah, though they comprise some 10 percent of the population, Christians are becoming less and less visible.

The first time that Khoury ran into her local parish priest there with her head covered, he raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"I see more and more women covered up," Khoury says, explaining that for now, it's preferable to play it safe and assimilate on the street, even if she would never choose to cover her head otherwise.

resistance is futile without Christ Jesus

"Years ago I even used to go in short sleeves," she says. "You'd have to put a gun to my head to get me to wear short sleeves now."

With fear of government-supported religious coercion on the rise since Hamas's unexpected win in January's Palestinian elections, Christians across the West Bank and Gaza Strip are keeping a low profile, with eyes wide open.

Though no changes on the ground have affected their rights as of yet, they are watching carefully and anxiously to see if an already precarious "church and state" separation in Palestinian government is about to disintegrate.

They have reason for concern: If Hamas follows on its founders' path to fight Israel and install strict Islamic religious rule, Palestinian Christians stand to become a legally subjugated minority inside Palestinian society, while suffering further conflict with neighboring Israel.

A small minority, estimated to be between one to two percent of the total Palestinian population, Christians have long been in an awkward position, managing a balancing act of simultaneously being insiders and outsiders.

Local Christians see themselves as part of a single Palestinian people with Muslims - with a shared destiny, language and culture, a shared political goal to keeping their land in a safe, sovereign Palestinian state and shared suffering and anger.

On the other hand, they are an ever-shrinking minority, with separate religious beliefs and rituals, trying to fight for religious equality and oppose violence as a means of legitimate struggle, without isolating or alienating themselves from the larger Palestinian population. Intermarriage between Palestinian Christians and Muslims is a rare, sensitive and sometimes risky issue.

Further exaggerating the balancing act in recent years is an insecure relationship with western Evangelical Christians, who fervently support Israel, leaving indigenous Palestinian Christians on the other side of the security fence sometimes feeling neglected or like the enemy, despite a shared reverence for the Christian Gospels.

Judeo Churchinsanity who Hate the Christ Believers of Christ, who only say Lord, Lord, but then say their god is the god of the jews who say that Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement...Babylonian Talmud....yeah let them worship their 'Chosen gods, LORD Give them their flesh be it

Amidst this already tenuous situation, Palestinian Christians are holding their breath, as a new Palestinian leadership determines their future.

Leave NOW Palestinian Christians.....Go into another country, if you are in Judaea....flee, for they are about to REVEAL the Son of Perdition, the abomination which causes desolation

While locals and analysts doubt Hamas will enforce a strict Shari'a religious law, the Christian community is proceeding with a "just in case" caution.

Noahide Law

ALCOHOL IS one of the things on the minds of Christian and secular Palestinians these days - not because the society drinks very much, but because it is an at-risk symbol of freedom in a secular society, a symbol that was tolerated under the largely secular Fatah leadership.

Though in Gaza alcohol was banned in recent years and only smuggled in, legal alcohol manufacturers, distributors and pubs can be found across the West Bank in many areas with Christian populations, like east Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bir Zeit, Jericho, Jifna and around Bethlehem.

Since the elections, a new joke has hit these neighborhoods: "Better drink up now - while we still can." Despite the joke, business for vendors is a little slow.

"There is a change in the market because people are hesitant to overstock," says Nakhle Jubran, a Ramallah-based family manufacturer of Arak, an anise-flavored liquor. "People are taking a 'wait and see' approach. This happens whenever the political climate changes. I assume it's temporary."

People are hoping for order, and not only freedom, he added: "Before Hamas there were problems, people shooting in bars and nightclubs for stupid or no reasons. [Lawlessness] and chaos is not only a problem for Christians, but all minorities, rich and poor."

In Taiba, a solely Christian neighborhood with fewer than 2,000 residents, the only micro-brewing plant in the Middle East and the only Palestinian beer brewery is finishing the last touches on its first non-alcoholic beer.

"It's a good time to launch," says Nadim Khoury, head of the Taybeh Brewing Company.

Not only is a non-alcoholic beer a respectful and careful nod to religious Muslims, but the product is also good for Palestinian economic interests, a fact that Hamas is unlikely to ignore, he says: "Other non-alcoholic beers are already produced in Turkey, Egypt and Bavaria, so a locally-produced product would benefit the Palestinian economy. Hamas knows it needs all kinds of support. We also generate revenue for the Palestinian economy by buying gas for our trucks, paying our workers, etc."

Hana Karkar, an east Jerusalem and West Bank distributor of Taybeh Beer, as well as Israeli and foreign beers, says it's not just the alcohol industry that's on edge. "Restaurants are afraid that the Palestinian Authority won't be able to pay their monthly bill, because of all their financial problems."

OTHER SYMBOLS of religious and social freedom, from secular dress to coeducational schools and the right to opt out of a mandatory Islamic religion and history test for students, are on the list of rights that Christians are talking about in the wake of the Hamas win.

But the issues they aren't talking about are even more critical, says an area bishop who spoke to The Jerusalem Post on condition of anonymity.

"The situation is complex, very delicate, very sensitive. Tensions between Christians and Muslims revolve around social and criminal issues, but there are also religious issues, strong and sometimes harsh issues," he said. "Fear of revenge, isolation and misunderstanding keeps them from speaking up. There are many prejudices, and it can be dangerous. For this reason, and sometimes to protect the family's honor, sometimes things are not reported."

Gawd Bliss Tellytubby televangelist Judeo Churchinsanity, who care more for their Talmudic rib-eyes than the Christ Believers in Palestine

One issue that is underreported is what the bishop calls "property abuse," instances when a Muslim steals the property of a Christian, he says. "It's important to add that on occasion this happens with the help of other Christians, who get paid off to report when a family is on vacation."

Attorney Justus Reid Weiner recently published a report via the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs that says Palestinian Christians also frequently underreport violence and harassment, including sexual harassment and rape.

Oh how they paint their anti-Christ filthy pictures of the Christ believers, see Jewllywood

And tensions are always high when Christians feel their neighborhoods or holy places are being violated, like after a September attack on 14 Christian family homes in Taiba. A local priest, Father Raed Abu Sahliyeh, told The Palestine Report that 14 young men from Deir Jreir were arrested, but released in exchange for calm.

The attack took place after a Muslim woman caught having an affair with a Christian man was purportedly killed by her family in an "honor killing," and angry neighbors came out to target the relatives of the Christian man. Villagers reported hearing the rampagers saying, "Let's get the Christians."

Palestinian security forces were delayed from intervening, held up at Israel's Beit El checkpoint, making the Christians feel abandoned by their Muslim neighbors and by Israel. But their religious leader spoke cautiously.

"The attack by the young men of Deir Jreir was a violent, unjustified and barbaric reaction, but it should not be taken as an attack by a Muslim village against a Christian village," the priest told local newspapers, adding that such events have happened previously and with worse results, including deaths.

"I reject the newspapers and the people who spoke about an attack by Muslims against Christians," he added. "I will repeat this a million times: We are Arabs, we are Palestinians and we are Christian since 2,000 years. This is a small biblical village. We have lived in peace with surrounding Muslim villages for 14 centuries. This mistake between two people should not poison the relations between Muslims and Christians. Those who are playing this dirty game should calm down. We are wise and we say that we have no choice but to live together, side by side, and with friendly relations."

The plight of Christians is not known to Palestinian human rights organizations, says Bassam Eid, director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. "I'm quite sure there are some troubles or clashes but they do not represent a trend," he says. "Our organization has never received information about discrimination; we have only heard rumors, which seem exagerated. If there is persecution or discrimination, the Christian community must raise it at once to Christian Palestinian Legislative Council members and to rights organizations."

Such messages as have already been sent have been hesitant. Thirteen Holy Land patriarchs and bishops sent a statement to Hamas on February 1, congratulating the Palestinians on their democratic performance, and offering cooperation toward "justice and peace in a nonviolent way, whether in regard to foreign relations [or] the rule of law together with full religious freedom." They also offered prayers for "the Holy Land with all its inhabitants, Palestinians and Israelis, be they Muslims, Christians or Jews."

Days later, delegations of Christian Arabs from Israel appealed to a Vatican assembly for aid for Holy Land Christians, to help stem further emigration and despair. 

Aid from the Catholicos of Sanhedrin....Beware


Christians around the world worry that ancient Christian neighborhoods will become antique ruins without native inhabitants. Since the 19th century, periods of economic and political turmoil have often led to periods of migration for Christians, many of whom already have family in North, Central and South America.

"The whole Palestinian people is suffering because of the general situation, but Palestinian Christians suffer twice as much," says Palestinian theologian and psychologist George Khoury, who recently emigrated to the United States.

DESPITE TENSIONS, analysts predict that Hamas's hunt for financial stability and international recognition and legitimacy is likely to keep it more moderate - at least for the time being.

"Hamas is trying so hard to be accepted internationally that they will work even harder than Fatah in this direction," says Palestinian journalist and commentator Daoud Kuttab.

"In Bethlehem, Palestinian Christians had some real problems with the way the PA dealt with some of their complaints. The current feeling is that Hamas will do better in this direction. [Shari'a being imposed] is a risk, although I don't think at present it is a big risk. Hamas barely won in real terms and so they don't have anything close to the 2/3 majority they would need to make such changes."

Palestinian legislation currently reserves six local seats for Christian candidates to help govern their own cities, and in the cities with the largest Christian populations, Ramallah and Bethlehem, Hamas voted as well for the local Christian candidates, a point Kuttab says also underlines a Hamas awareness of Christian concerns.

Recent events also made political analysts around the world take a second look at Hamas.

When protests broke out across Gaza after the publishing of the Muhammad caricatures, Muslim gunmen associated with Fatah threatened local Christians and their churches. But when word got out to local Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar, he astounded locals and internationals by paying a visit to a Catholic church to apologize and offer the protection of his own military forces.

"You are our brothers," Zahar purportedly told Father Manuel Musallem.

BEWARE it is a set up, you who are in Judea, Do you hear?

Fatah gunmen then returned to the Catholic grounds there, armed this time with red carnations, to apologize for their comrades' transgressions.

Later, members of the Greek Orthodox church joined their Muslim neighbors in Gaza City for a peaceful solidarity protest against the caricatures.

In Nablus in December, the Hamas-affiliated Mayor Adli Yaish told The Jerusalem Post that he planned to uphold one of his campaign pledges: to run Nablus as a city for all its citizens. "Our slogan is Nablus for all, which means Christians, Muslims, Samaritans and people from the villages," he said. Local Christians there also helped elect the Hamas city council candidates, who won a sweeping majority.

Randa Siniora, a Palestinian lawyer and head of Al-Haq, a Palestinian human rights watch group, explains that Hamas will be very careful not to step on the rights of Christians, even though Shari'a remains one source for legislation.

"It was shocking, stunning that Hamas won. We saw the worries of Christians and also secular Muslims who want a separation [of church and state]. But Hamas has other priorities and will postpone addressing these issues [of Shari'a]. There are some voices for Islamization, but they have been shut down. [These] voices are not the trend in Hamas leaders, who are focusing on political, not social, issues. Hamas is pragmatic; it knows that if you touch these issues it could be detrimental, even catastrophic for them."

All the While Apostate Amaraka calls for the inculcation of Dragon and State, VIA HJR 104, PL 102-14 and are enslaved to the non god of the Dragon's Sanhedrin, anti-Christ Noahide Laws ....gawd bliss Amaraka

If there are any changes they will be gradual and with the people's approval, she added.

"If you look at the basic Palestinian law, it clearly outlines respect for religion and religious practice. Laws about family status will affect only Muslims. Shari'a is tricky, it can be interpreted in many ways by different individuals. In Palestinian law it's hard to drop Shari'a as a source."

Palestinian society itself may also put up a fight against strict Shari'a, as locals are considered much more liberal than many other Arab populations across the Middle East and Africa, where Christians routinely complain of discrimination, coercion and violence under Shari'a.

ACROSS THE WEST BANK, local Christians, the secular and other minorities are waiting to see whether agreements signed by Yasser Arafat will be upheld, like the year 2000 agreement between the Holy See and the PLO guaranteeing freedom of religion, and the Palestinian "Basic Law" passed by the PLC in 1997 and ratified by Arafat in 2002.

All of that is finished....beware

Regarding religion, the Basic Law says: "Islam is the official religion; the respect and sanctity of all other heavenly religions shall be maintained; the principles of Shari'a shall be a major source of legislation; all Palestinians are equal under the law and judiciary, without discrimination because of race, sex, gender, religion, or political views; freedom of belief and performance of religious rituals are guaranteed [unless] they violate public order or public morals."

Seven Laws of Noahide, forced moral, which the Christian already has through Christ by Faith

Though Siniora doesn't think Hamas will go so far as to attempt to control the way people dress or participate in drinking or secular activities in public, she does think people will observe self censorship as a defensive measure.

"I think people will censor themselves," she says. "Young people usually celebrate Valentine's Day at Bethlehem University. This year [after the elections] they didn't, but nobody censored them. This [self censorship] is more dangerous because it is creating changes on the ground."

Bernard Sabella, a Bethlehem University sociologist who was elected in January to Bethlehem's city council, was apparently thinking about such issues several years ago. In 1999, after increased tensions between Muslims and Christians when Muslims laid the cornerstone for a mosque in Nazareth, he was quoted in Cairo's Al-Ahram newspaper as saying, "A majority-minority relationship means either you don't have equal rights before the law or that you are dependent on the good will of the majority for these rights. At the dawn of the 21st century, this idea is simply no longer acceptable to Palestinian Christians. I exist in Palestine not because Muslims or the PA or Israel 'protects' me. I exist here by virtue of my birth, my ancestors and, above all, because I am a Palestinian. I don't owe this existence to anybody. The age of Ahl Ad-Dhimma [second-class citizenship] is over."

Like Sabella, Palestinian Christians worry that the rest of the world has forgotten that their roots are indigenous.

"This is called the Holy Land and we were here before the Muslims... I mean, look at our late president [Arafat]. He was always saying 'Christians and Muslims;' he always said Christians first, because he knew we were here before Muhammad," says Nadim Khoury.

"But I think it's too early now for Hamas to worry about Christians. Hamas will either become more moderate and succeed in parliament, or will become more religious and strict on women's dress and alcohol - but nobody will like that, so I don't think they will choose that path.

"Let's give them a chance. After all, [Menachem] Begin delivered Sinai and [Ariel] Sharon delivered Gaza. Maybe Hamas will deliver, too."

Deliver persecution

His sister-in-law, Maria Khoury, agrees.

"We will follow any rules, but it's important for my son to have the same freedoms he had before. We already struggle under Israeli occupation; we don't want to struggle under Islamic rule. We want everyone to have rights, not just Christians."

And by summer she hopes things will have cooled down.

"By then," she says, "the black scarf will be very hot to wear over my head


Of course they will for they put Hamas in Power by the hand of their Chabad Lubavitch Hassidic RED Sofiet Talmudic son of satan's shemmyGOG

US Promises to Continue to Aid PA Led by Hamas Terror Group
21:04 Feb 25, '06 / 27 Shevat 5766
By Ezra HaLevi

  The United States has decided to continue aid to the Palestinian Authority, headed by the Hamas Islamic terrorist group, which enjoys ties with Iran and Al Qaeda.

PA official Saeb Erekat announced Saturday that the U.S. State Department had promised him that America would not freeze aid to the Arabs of the PA-controlled areas, but would merely redirect it. Erekat made the announcement after meeting with State Department official David Welch. “[The United states has] never transferred a single dollar to the Palestinian Authority directly. The money was being transferred via non-governmental organizations,” said Erekat, adding that such an arrangement would continue regardless of Hamas's actions. Welch refused to speak with reporters.

Erekat’s words contrast those of U.S. President George W. Bush, who said Friday that Hamas would have to recognize Israel's right to exist, renounce terrorism and strive toward peace if they wished to receive U.S. aid.

Both the U.S. and European Union continue to list Hamas as a terrorist organization. Senior Hamas official Dr. Nizar Rian himself said at a Hamas rally in northern Gaza Friday, "The fact we engage in political negotiations does not imply we are not busy in preparations for the Palestinians resistance against the crimes of the occupation…"

Meretz-Yahad Chairman Dr. Yossi Beilin also met with Erekat, on Friday. Erekat suggested to Beilin that permanent-status talks be held between Israel and the PA following the upcoming Israeli elections, after which the results would be brought before PA residents in a referendum. After the meeting, Beilin said that he "estimates" that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas would resign after the Israeli elections if Israel shows no willingness to compromise further its position. “So, those who do not want negotiations with Abbas will get a Hamas representative such as Khaled Mashaal or Mahmoud al-Zahar heading the PA,” Beilin threatened.

The Olmert government, all the while, continues to allow PA Arabs from Gaza to enter Israel's pre-1967 borders, despite earlier promises to close the borders and a specific recommendation by Israel's security establishment last week.

At least 5,000 Gazan Arabs entered Israel during a single opening of the Erez Crossing last Thursday.

You are TRULY Lost apostate Amaraka



E-mail from Dov Stein at Sanhedrin 2-25-2006

From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 10:18 PM
To: Dov

Well I'll be, you have managed to conquer and divide Iraq....on to Syria and Iran for Babylon Proper Eretze ITSREALHELL of the dragon of Sanhedrin


His reply

From: ??
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 3:54 PM
Subject: RE:

You are right that you are afraid of the Sanhedrin!


To: ??
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 4:13 PM
Subject: Re:

and you are right that you are afraid of that Spirit King, Jesus the Christ the LORD....allelujah
Keep on reading DOV, it does not stop there....It stops on that Great and Terrible Day of the LORDS Wrath, Yeah you think to war against the LORD and His saints, but the Story says YOU LOSE.
In the Name of the MIGHTY Everlasting be it in Christ the LORD's Mighty Name,.....Pharisee



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