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March 24 , 2006 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Perpetual Purim ha Goyim Day

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Adar 24, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766


Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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When this Picture first appeared at it made NO MENTION of being a spoof. There are NO Other "Spoofs" in the Archives of Pics. It was not until Texe Marrs began broadcasting the PIC, when they were alerted, they added the "Word" Spoof, to deceive the masses. Too Late, he is REVEALED as a Talmudic Hassidic 


Dear Bob,

You know I am a fan of yours, but I wish you would stop reprinting your email correspondence with Dov
Stein every single day - it really doesn't prove what you claim, as you presumably know, and just
repeating it all the time doesn't alter that fact.

best, Rowan


From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
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To: Dov

Hey Dov, well, four days and you lose the election. So who are you going to have strike first, Hamas or Amadinejad?
Bushitler looks as though he is ready with Nato to take that whore city for you.
So tell me what is Moshiach's real name?
In  Jesus the Christ

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Perpetual Purim continues, as does the Talmudic anti-Christ Repetition,7340,L-3231788,00.html

Rabbi Ovadia: Kadima voters going to hell


Photo: Eli Elgart
'Secular people also come to the mikveh.' Rabbi Yosef Photo: Eli Elgart

After promising paradise to Shas voters, party’s spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef continues dealing with the afterlife, tells haredi weekly ‘he who votes Kadima goes backwards, to hell.’ Rabbi also proud of Shas' achievement in outgoing government: ‘We built mikvehs with beautiful tiles that even Achashverosh didn't have’

Shas' spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said in an interview to the haredi weekly magazine Bakehila that “he who votes Kadima goes backwards, to hell."

The rabbi referred in his interview to Shas' demands from the coalition and to the issue of whether the party will resume its demand for children's subsidies, saying that "Shas is for Torah (Talmud) and charity. (to jews only) There are poor people with no food for Shabbat; we must bolster the government so that we have the power to give to the needy. I will not allow our representatives to go back to the government until they bring back children subsidies."

'We want more and more' 

Speaking on the subject of the electoral capability of Shas among the haredi communities the rabbi said he believes that Sephardic yeshiva students will vote for the party even if they study in an Ashkenazi yeshiva. (Talmudic school) 

"The public isn't indifferent; there is much enthusiasm", he said.

Yosef also talked about the last elections, telling the story of when he called on the haredi public to vote for Shas but people didn't listen to him, claiming he was overdoing it.

“As a result the prime minister made an alliance with Shinui and dropped the religious parties; cancelled budgets for yeshivas and cut back on countless spiritual things. We believed in (Ariel) Sharon at that time; they said it was good to have a strong Likud. What happened? An Alliance with Shinui - evil Torah-haters," he said.

"haters" of the dragons anti-Christ Talmud Bavli


The rabbi stressed that when he formed Shas he didn't do it for the sake of gaining political power but for spreading the Torah (Talmud) among the Israeli people.

Yosef didn't shy away from post-elections demands, saying "a little is not enough for us. We want more and more – not only Torah but also good deeds. Four years ago we managed to get a big budget, build 138 mikvehs and renovate another 156 around the country. We installed beautiful tiles; even Achashverosh’s floor wasn't that nice.

“Today, secular people also come to the mikveh", he said.



President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 with the banner in the background.

President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 (Beltaine Day 2003, with the banner in the background.

Benchmarks: US Iraq casualties stay high

UPI Senior News Analyst

WASHINGTON, March 22 (UPI) -- As Iraq teeters on -- or over -- the brink of civil war the pressure is not easing on the hard-pressed U.S. ground forces there.

Over the past month, the average rate at which U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq has significantly fallen, the but the rates at which they are being wounded have dramatically increased.

U.S. mainstream media reports have focused only on the numbers being killed. But over the past eight months, we have repeatedly emphasized in this column that the far larger numbers of U.S. troops wounded, especially those wounded too seriously to return to active duty, represent a far broader and more statistically significant figure of the scale of insurgent activity and the degree to which it is succeeding or failing to inflict significant casualties on U.S. forces.

The total number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq through Tuesday, March 21 since the start of U.S. operations to topple Saddam Hussein on March 19, 2003, was 2,319, according to official figures issued by the Department of Defense, a rise of 49 in the past 39 days or an average of just over 1.3 killed per day.

The good news is that this is a more than 60 percent improvement on the rate of 3.1 killed per day in early February. And it is a 350 percent improvement on the 33 U.S. soldiers killed in only seven days from Jan. 11 through Jan. 17, an average of 4.7 soldiers killed per day.

The bad news, however, is that in the 39 days from Feb. 11 through March 21, 616 U.S. soldiers were injured in Iraq, an average of 15.8 per day. This was more than twice as bad as the Feb. 4-10 period when 47 U.S. soldiers were injured at an average rate of just under seven per day. And it was also more than 36 percent worse than the rate of the five-day period from Jan. 30 through Feb. 3 when 58 U.S. soldiers were injured, according to the DOD figures, at an average rate of 11.6 per day.

These figures are also of significance in that they represent a trend over almost 40 days -- a far longer period than than the ones in which we usually examine casualty rates and their statistical trends in the conflict.

The number of U.S. troops wounded in action from the beginning of hostilities on March 19, 2003, through March 21, 10, was 17,269, according to the Department of Defense figures.

Some 7,981 of those troops were wounded so seriously that they were listed as "WIA Not RTD" in the DOD figures. In other words: Wounded in Action Not Returned to Duty, an increase of 275 such casualties in 39 days, at an average rate of just over seven injured per day.

This more than twice as bad as the 3.3 per day average of the Feb. 4-10 period and it was almost 50 percent worse than the Jan. 30-Feb. 3 period when 24 U.S. troops were wounded seriously enough that they were not returned to duty at an average rate of 4.8 per day.

These figures should also be seen in the context of another trend in the Iraqi conflict. Since the destruction of the dome of the Golden Mosque in Samara last month, for the first time Iraqi Shiites have started reacting in a popular, violent manner on a broad scale against the Sunni community.

This might be expected to distract the Sunni Muslim insurgents from focusing on targeting U.S. troops and, indeed, just a few days ago USA Today reported a trend we have been monitoring and documenting in this column for almost four months -- the number of attacks and casualties inflicted on U.S. forces has been decreasing somewhat while the insurgents have turned with increasing ferocity first on the new Iraqi security forces and, since January, against Iraqi civilian targets.

However, as we noted above, the capability of the insurgents to go on waging attacks on U.S. forces and increasing the number of them they are injuring has not diminished, it has increased: The insurgency is therefore clearly growing in its capabilities as it has been able to inflict far worse punishment on the Iraqi Shiite community while maintaining or even increasing its rate of casualties inflicted on U.S. troops at the same time.

President George W. Bush's optimism and determination to stay the course in his press conference Tuesday must therefore be tempered by the sobering reality reflected in the statistics issued by his own Department of Defense: There is not the slightest indication that current U.S. strategy and tactics in Iraq are diminishing the popularity and capability of the insurgency. It continues to grow in its tactical capabilities against both U.S. forces and Iraqi civilians.

President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 with the banner in the background.


4 Days to Sanhedrin "Terror"?


Fear factor

Iran's War on Israel

At the same time that they are striving to develop a nuclear capability, the Ayatollahs in Iran are also busy intensifying their war-by-proxy against the Jewish state.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

With Israel’s elections just days away, the Teheran terror-masters are urging their Palestinian cohorts to carry out a major attack.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

Indeed, just the other day, Israeli police foiled a suicide bombing when they heroically captured a Palestinian terrorist on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway who was on his way to his target.


And now, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has revealed that the Iranians transferred $1.8 million to the Islamic Jihad terrorist group to carry out attacks against Israel.

It is Sanhedrin Aholah Dan who controls Hamas and Amadinejad

This, Mofaz noted, is the largest short-term transfer of cash that Iran has ever sent to the Palestinian terror organization.


Iran_sucks So let there be no mistake about what Iran’s intentions are: they want to kill as many Jews as possible, whether by funding terror attacks or obtaining more lethal non-conventional weapons systems.



"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg



Thus, however frightening or alarming the idea of a military operation against Iran may seem, we should have no doubts about why such an undertaking may have to be carried out. Quite simply – there may be no other way to stop the mullahs from pursuing their madness to the end.



Iran orders attack on Israelis before elections
Fear of large-scale bombing tightens security in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

Posted: March 23, 2006
10:42 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2006

JERUSALEM – Iran has ordered Palestinian terror groups to carry out a large-scale bombing inside Israel before elections here next week, security officials told WorldNetDaily.

Right on Talmudic Sanhedrin Schedule, Bushitler sets next AKT

The information has prompted nationwide alerts and tightened security measures in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

"The Tehran regime is looking to disrupt the election process and deteriorate the security situation to distract international attention from the pressure over its nuclear program," a senior security official said. Attract Global attention to their pre-planned Sanhedrin Terror Scheme of the War unto desolation

Officials say Iran has instructed the Islamic Jihad and West Bank cells of the Fatah-linked Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror groups to infiltrate immediately an Israeli city and carry out a mass-casualty attack.

Which will cause Bushwhacker, to Call out NATO, even he thinks his god who is not God the Creator, is sending him in to Take the Whore city, But she is not for him, but she is for the "Robber" in her Whoredom....The False Christ, son of Perdition, Moshiach ben Satan the false wanna be King, who comes in his own name

Israel says both Islamic Jihad and the Brigades receive funding from the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia. Brigades leaders previously have told WorldNetDaily they coordinate with Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad, whose leaders frequently visit Iran, has taken responsibility for every suicide bombing in Israel the past 11 months.

And World Net daily of the Moonies verify it all

Israeli security services are following leads on more than 50 general and 11 specific terror warnings, including information on attacks in Jerusalem.

Yesterday, a suicide bomber was caught trying to infiltrate from Ramallah. On Tuesday, a dramatic high-speed chase on the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway involving police motorcycles and helicopter units ended in the capture of a bomber on his way to blow up a target in central Israel.

"The coming period is a very tense one in which terrorist organizations will come and try to carry out an attack. We are organizing in a very big way in an attempt to prevent an attack," said police chief Gen. Moshe Karadi.

National elections are scheduled for this Tuesday. Suicide bombings ahead of previous Israeli elections have tended to bolster the success of more right-wing parties, which espouse tougher defense policies.

especially from them who the all engulfing Terror, proceeds the Vast right Wing conspirator's.......the Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch RED Sofiet Talmudic anti-Christ, Sanhedrin whom the Dragon has given them their power and self exaltation

Israeli security officials say Iran prefers a hard-line Jerusalem leadership more willing to start a confrontation with Palestinian groups.

Iran prefers Sanhedrin-Dan, Aholah against Aholibah, for they all dote after the Assyrian's YOKE of the Noahide Laws in their whoredom's. All the kings of the earth are drunken with the whores cup of Iniquity

Both the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been placed under tight military closure for at least the next week due to the security concerns. Police presence throughout Jerusalem has been noticeably boosted. Israel has the past few days conducted anti-terror operations in the West Bank cities of Jenin and Nablus in response to specific threats.

Iran long has backed Palestinian terror groups, but Israel has been concerned lately about the increased role Tehran is playing in Palestinian affairs following Hamas' election victory in January.

Iran earlier this month pledged financial support to Hamas to replace an expected halt of European and U.S. aid to the new Palestinian government. Media reports stated Iran would give as much as $250 million to the PA, but Hamas officials said no actual amount had been discussed.

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Dov Stein, Sanhedrin, this ones for you Rowan


From: ??
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
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Hamas is better. Now we will have the oportunity to through (throw) all of them back to Saudi Arabia what was impossible with Fatach.



Scholars' Attack on Pro-Israel Lobby Met With Silence

WASHINGTON — In the face of one of the harshest reports on the pro-Israel lobby to emerge from academia, Jewish organizations are holding fire in order to avoid generating publicity for their critics.

Officials at Jewish organizations are furious over "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," a new paper by John Mearsheimer, a top international relations theorists based at the University of Chicago, and Stephen Walt, the academic dean of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. In their report — versions of which appear on the Kennedy School Web site and in the March 26 issue of the London Review of Books — the scholars depict "the Israel lobby" as a "loose coalition" of politicians, media outlets, research institutions, Jewish groups and Evangelical Christians that steers America's Middle East policy in directions beneficial to Israel, even if it requires harming American interests.

Despite their anger, Jewish organizations are avoiding a frontal debate with the two scholars, while at the same time seeking indirect ways to rebut and discredit the scholars' arguments. Officials with pro-Israel organizations say that given the limited public attention generated by the new study — as of Tuesday most major print outlets had ignored it — they prefer not to draw attention to the paper by taking issue with it head on. As of Wednesday morning, none of the largest Jewish organizations had issued a press release on the report.

"The key here is to not do what they probably want, which is to have this become a battle between us and them, or for them to say that they are being silenced," said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. "It's much better to let others respond."

Pro-Israel activists were planning a briefing for congressional staffers to be held Thursday. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are considering releasing a letter in response to the new paper, congressional staffers said.

Some of the arguments made in the new paper are reminiscent — both in content and style — of ones routinely found on virulently anti-Israeli Web sites, both on the extreme right and on the extreme left, pro-Israel activists said. For example, Mearsheimer and Walt argue that "the main driving force behind the [Iraq] war was a small band of neo-conservatives, many with ties to Likud"; Israel "is becoming a strategic burden" on the United States and "does not behave like a loyal ally"; "the U.S. has a terrorism problem in good part because it is so closely allied with Israel, not the other way around," and that in Israel, "citizenship is based on the principle of blood kinship." The paper argues that "thanks to the lobby, the United States has become the de-facto enabler of Israeli expansion in the Occupied Territories, making it complicit in the crimes perpetrated against the Palestinians."

Like no other lobby, Mearsheimer and Walt argue, pro-Israel forces have "managed to divert U.S. foreign policy as far from what the American national interest would otherwise suggest." The tentacles of that lobby, the paper argues, reach far into Washington think tanks from the liberal-leaning Brookings Institution to the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute. It argues that pro-Israel views pervade the editorial boards of the liberal New York Times and the conservative Wall Street Journal.

The study left pro-Israel activists fuming, albeit behind the scenes. "The truth is that this really wouldn't be worth spending any time discussing if not for the fact of where these people are located and what their reputations are," said Ken Jacobson, associate national director of the Anti-Defamation League. He pointed out that the paper contains no new revelations or insights, is riddled with factual errors and makes arguments that the ADL is accustomed to dealing with from extremists on the margins of America's political arena. Jacobson said that he had prepared a rebuttal to the study, but for the time being it is only being used for internal ADL purposes.

"In these kinds of things you're always trying to debate how important will it be in terms of the impact, if you give it more attention," he said. "The amount of attention we will give it will depend on how it plays out" in the public domain.

At least one leading pro-Israel luminary, Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, author of "The Case for Israel," is attempting to confront Walt and Mearsheimer. He has challenged the scholars to a debate; the two, prodded by Harvard's campus newspaper The Crimson, accepted, "under the appropriate circumstances."

Mearsheimer and Walt also seem to be resisting further publicity.

"I don't have an agenda in the sense of viewing myself as proselytizing or trying to sell this," Mearsheimer told the Forward. "I am a scholar, not an activist, and I am reticent to take questions from the media because I do believe that this is a subject that has to be approached very carefully. You don't want to say the wrong thing. The potential for saying the wrong thing is very great here."

Mearsheimer was hosted on National Public Radio Tuesday for a full hour, to talk about Iraq, but did not make any mention of the controversial paper he co-authored. "To have a throwaway line or two on public radio to promote yourself is a bad idea," he told the Forward, following his NPR appearance. "I prefer to take the high road, although that is not always easy." Since publication, Mearsheimeradded, he and Walt also turned down offers from major newspapers, radio and television networks to lay out their thesis.

The abstract of the report posted on the Kennedy School Web site appears to soft-pedal Mearsheimer and Walt's argument. It states that the authors argue that America's commitment to Israel is "often justified as reflecting shared strategic interests or compelling moral imperatives," though in fact the report works to undercut the notion of Israel as a dependable ally that shares the values of the United States.

While the paper has generated little attention in the mainstream media or policymaking circles, it has produced a buzz within the academic community and among advocates on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Palestinian activists and Arab affairs scholars sent the article to many people by email, but the controversy rarely strayed beyond the realm of Internet blogs.

Several editors, foreign affairs reporters and columnists for major American newspapers contacted by the Forward did not know about the study. They didn't sound especially interested when told about the report's findings.

"We might take a look at it, to see if there is any interest from a lobbying point of view," said David Meyers, managing editor of Roll Call, a Washington-based publication that covers Capitol Hill. A senior editor with one of America's largest daily newspapers, who asked not to be quoted by name, said: "We don't get excited about academic papers unless they tell us something new, and this one doesn't."

Given the relatively low publicity, pro-Israel activists said they are not worried about the short-term impact of the study. The main concern voiced by pro-Israel advocates was that the study would become a major archival resource on the role that American supporters of Israel play in shaping the government's Middle East policy.

"We live in a Google age," said Jennifer Laszlo-Mizrahi, a public relations expert who heads The Israel Project, an organization devoted to improving Israel's image in the media, "and in this age things like this can take a life of their own."


Bushwhacker now, has no way out, but a staged Terror attack with MASS Casualty...MASS

Then once again the Bloodlust will be awakened in the Judeo-Apostate masses hearts to attack the  blamed nations and peoples

State After State
Repudiates Bush

By Sam Parry
George W. Bush's admission that he expects to leave the Iraq War mess behind for his successor to clean up underscores why he is facing a historic collapse in polls across the country, with tracking surveys now showing him with net negatives exceeding 20 percentage points in more than half the states.
According to, which tracks Bush's approval ratings in all 50 states, Bush's support in the March readings plunged to double-digit net negative numbers even in some staunchly Republican states: -12% in South Carolina, -17% in Indiana, -18% in Virginia, and -19% in Tennessee. In Bush's home state of Texas, public disapproval topped approval by 14 percentage points.
All told, Bush - dragged down by the Iraq War, his inept Katrina response and the exploding federal debt - has higher disapproval than approval numbers in 43 states. Bush is at -10% or worse in 37 states; -20% or worse in 26 states; -30% or worse in 13 states; and a staggering -40% or worse in six states.
The March readings show Bush with positive numbers in only seven states (and then by mostly narrow margins): Nebraska +1%, Mississippi +2%, Oklahoma +2%, Idaho +3%, Alabama +5%, Wyoming +7%, and Utah +13%.
While's averaging of the numbers for the 50 states fits with recent national surveys showing Bush with about 35% approval and 60% disapproval - a net negative of 25 points - the state-by-state numbers highlight the pervasiveness of Bush's political troubles.
Electoral Fears
The dismal numbers also help explain why some Republicans, facing elections this November, are shying away from Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, who suffers even lower ratings than Bush.
Plus, over the past half year, Bush has shown little ability to rebound. His national numbers have been low since last summer's Katrina debacle reinforced doubts about his administration's competence, which already had taken a beating over the Iraq War. Those concerns now have mixed with growing suspicions about his honesty.
Still, despite last year's post-Katrina slump, Bush retained favorable numbers in many "red states" that he carried in 2004. In most months, he was even or in positive numbers in at least 10 states, though in November 2005 the number of plus or break-even states slid to six.
Even then, however, Bush enjoyed robust numbers in the reddest "red states" - with a +21% bulge in Utah and +20% in Idaho. There were also fewer extremely negative numbers in November, with Bush at -10% or worse in only 15 states, compared to 37 such states now.
By March 2006, Bush's public support had crumbled across the country. Even among his seven favorable states, his edge was within the polling "margin of error" in four of them, meaning that Bush might be down to as few as three states still favoring him. In Election 2004, Bush carried those same seven states by margins ranging from +20% to +46%.
The seven remaining pro-Bush states also are lightly populated, accounting for only 16.5 million people or less than 6% of the U.S. population in the 2000 census. They have just 39 electoral votes.
Bush's plunge in the polls has been perhaps most dramatic in the swing states of Florida and Ohio, where Bush claimed his controversial victories in Election 2000 and Election 2004, respectively. Bush now gets a net approval rating in Ohio of -30% and in Florida -22%.
In other swing states of Election 2004, Bush's net ratings are -23% in Nevada and New Mexico; -24% in Missouri; -25% in Colorado; -27% in Iowa; and -28% in Arkansas.
Narrowed Options
Given the depth and breadth of this political collapse, it's hard to envision how Bush can rebuild his standing between now and November, short of some major external event, such as the death or capture of Osama bin-Laden, or a breakthrough in the Iraq War, or the nation rallying around him because of some new military or terrorist crisis.
Across the Internet, there has been open speculation by Bush critics that he might cynically launch a new war against Iran to bolster his numbers - or that Republicans will resort to widespread electoral fraud to keep control of Congress.
But the realistic options for Bush turning his predicament around seem to be narrowing as he loses support even in his strongest political strongholds. Plus, the likely course of events in the Middle East and domestically do not seem to favor Bush.
At his press conference on March 21, Bush acknowledged that the continuing bloodshed in Iraq had drained his political capital. He then blurted out that the issue of whether to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq would be decided by "future presidents and future governments of Iraq."
This comment marked one of the few times Bush has given a clue about how long he expects the war to continue.
But the suggestion that his successors will have to make the hard decisions on extricating U.S. troops reinforces Bush's image as a feckless son of privilege who rushes into projects, flounders and then gets bailed out by others. [See's "The Bush Family 'Oiligarchy'" or Robert Parry's Secrecy & Privilege.]
Bush's critics also are sure to accuse him of dragging out the war - and getting thousands of more Americans and Iraqis killed - in part to avoid having to take responsibility for his own mistakes. By extending the war until 2009, Bush's supporters also may be hoping to blame whoever succeeds Bush for "losing Iraq."
While this strategy of palming off the Iraq disaster on a future President might make some sense for the political legacies of Bush and his neoconservative (Talmudic)  allies, it's unlikely to help Republicans in this November's elections.
GOP candidates will face a choice of either distancing themselves from the President (and risking alienating Bush's hard-core backers) or tying themselves to Bush (and having voters opt for a more independent candidate).
Still, even with Bush's low poll numbers, the chances for a Democratic sweep of the House and Senate don't appear high, given the limited number of "competitive" seats. But political analysts can't rule out an electoral tidal wave, like the one in 1994 that overwhelmed the Democrats and carried the Republicans to majorities in both chambers.
Whatever the outcome in November, however, Bush's personal reversal of fortune over the past several months has been extraordinary.
For a "wartime" President who celebrated his Second Inaugural with high-blown rhetoric only 14 months ago - and who once enjoyed 90% approval ratings - to be clinging to positive ratings in only seven states represents a political flameout not seen in Washington since the Watergate scandal drove Richard Nixon from office more than three decades ago.
Plus, Bush's supporters can't just point to their man's unpopularity among "liberal elites" in Hollywood or Manhattan.
With another new poll showing more and more Americans judging him an "incompetent" and a "liar," Bush also is losing the backing of millions of Middle Americans in states like Texas, Ohio and South Dakota.


They will have their shemborg War, They will attempt to restore eretz Itsrealhell Babylon Proper. 

They Must put bushwhacker into a corner, so he will come out like a rabid treasonous cowardly dog that he is

It's criminal

Posted by Scott Ritter at 9:59 AM on March 20, 2006.

As America reaches the third anniversary of President Bush's decision to invade and occupy Iraq, there is for the first time the unsettling realization brought about by the clarity of acts that emerges only after the passage of time that something horrible has happened.

This awakening of collective awareness on the part of the American people is reflected not only in the numerous polls which show President Bush's popularity plummeting to all-time lows, largely because of the war in Iraq, but also the collective shrug of the shoulders on the part of the one-time cheerleaders for the war in Iraq -- the mainstream American media -- when covering the hollow rhetoric of the President as he tries to rally a nation around a cause that has long since lost its allure.

No amount of flowery language and repeated pulls at the patriotic heartstrings of America, no repeated assault on the senses and sensibilities through repetitious referral to the events of 9/11 can jump start a second phase of the kind of mindless nationalistic fervor that greeted the erstwhile Cowboy President when he first herded a compliant America down the path of war with Iraq three years ago.

Looking back on the string of unfulfilled objectives, broken promises, squandered dreams, shattered bodies and eviscerated lives that was and is the war in Iraq, one thought emerges plain and clear. This isn't simply a result of bad governance. This is criminal.

Bad governance is telling the American people that a war with Iraq would be concluded in a manner of months, and would cost the American taxpayer less that $2 billion, when in fact the war has gone on for three years now, with no end in sight, and over a quarter-trillion dollars have been expended, with untold billions more to be spent.

Criminal governance is the fabrication of a justification for war (weapons of mass destruction), hiding the President’s true intentions from the American people and the Congress of the United States (Bush signed off on the Iraq war plans in late August 2002, and yet continued to publicly state that no decision for military action had been made), and shredding international law by waging an aggressive war of pre-emption void of any United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing such actions.

Bad governance is manipulating war planning on the part of military professionals so that we enter into a conflict with far too few troops for the task, with no plan for how to proceed once the fighting ended and the reality of occupation set in.

Criminal governance is violating every principle of the laws of war in the conduct of the occupation of Iraq, manipulating the economic and political direction of Iraq, suppressing its population, and engaging in wanton acts of widespread murder, torture and abuse of the Iraqi people.

The fact is the war in Iraq has degenerated into one giant hate crime.

American soldiers and Marines are being thrown into a cauldron of our own making, scalded by a conflict with no purpose or direction, with the end result being that in order to survive these fighting men and women have dehumanized the totality of the Iraqi people.

The ancestors of ancient Babylon have become nothing more than "sand niggers", "rag-heads", "camel jockeys", "ninja women" or "haji" in the hearts and minds of American fighting men who are now killing Iraqis in ever increasing numbers. Gone is any talk of rebuilding Iraq. We are there to destroy it. The criminal nature of the war in Iraq is starting to become common knowledge among observers of the war.

It has long sense been common knowledge on the part of those waging it. In Vietnam Americans were shocked by the revelations of Mai Lai and the murder of innocent Vietnamese civilians by American fighting men. But Mai Lai is repeated in bits and pieces every day in Iraq, with the American military occupation slaughtering family after family of Iraqis in the name of bringing peace and security.

The realization that something has gone horribly wrong in Iraq, however, has not translated into any kind of discernable action on the part of the American people. While pundit after pundit breaks ranks with the Bush administration on Iraq, often repudiating their own pre-war chest beating and encouragement of the war, the fact is that the manifesto which manifested itself in the invasion of Iraq -- the 2002 National Security Strategy of the United States -- continues to dictate the manner and nature of America's interfacing with the rest of the world in unquestioned fashion.

Indeed, President Bush has, on the eve of the third anniversary of the Iraqi war, promulgated a new, improved version of this manifesto, the 2006 National Security Strategy of the United States, which re-affirms America's commitment to the principles of pre-emptive war. In short, the President has re-certified America as the greatest threat to international peace and security in modern times, especially when one considers that even as America is engaged in the brutal rape and occupation of Iraq, President Bush has his eyes firmly set on another war of aggression in Iran.

What are the American people doing in response? There is a huge difference between becoming aware and taking action. While poll numbers on Iraq reflect a growing unease about the war, this unease has not manifested itself into any discernable reaction of consequence. The Democratic Party has remained largely mute, largely because of the culpability on the part of much of its membership in facilitating and sustaining the Iraqi war and its underlining doctrine of global domination by the United States.

But in the face of the near total subservience on the part of the Republican Party in supporting the policies of President Bush no matter how illegal and harmful they are to America and the world, the Democratic Party must shake itself free of the doldrums it currently finds itself stuck in. The time for passive recognition that the war in Iraq has gone bad is long past.

The time for concrete political action has arrived. The Democrats need to recognize that the political struggle in America today is not a trivial extension of the partisan Red State-Blue State nonsense the American media likes to bandy about, but rather a far more serious struggle of national survival, if one in fact defines the American nation as being reflective of the ideals and values set forth by the Constitution of the United States.

The Iraq War, if anything, is a reflection of the total abrogation of constitutional responsibility and process by the Congress of the United States. As a result, the President has led a nationdown the path of illegal war of aggression which has damaged America's reputation abroad, and its very fabric here at home. The Republican-controlled Congress has done little to stop this collective march towards national self-destruction, rubber-stamping the president's illegal actions with little regard to either the rule of law or Congress's status as a second but equal branch of government.

This must end.

The fact is that America today stands on the brink of having everything we stand for as a nation being swept away by a power-crazed President and a compliant Congress, both of whom are Republican. Whatever direction the Democratic Party takes in the future, it must be with the recognition that the hopes and dreams of saving the United States as a nation of laws founded in the words and principles of the Constitution rest heavily on their shoulders. The Democratic Party must become laser-like in its rejection of the war in Iraq, resolute in condemning this war for what it is, an illegal war of aggression,and determined in fighting for the concept of a nation governed by the rule of law by holding President Bush accountable for his illegal actions.

In short, the rallying cry of the Democratic Party must become impeachment. Given the magnitude of the crimes committed by the United States in Iraq under the direction and leadership of President Bush and his administration, there is simply no other recourse that can bring a halt to the madness in Iraq, and the insanity being planned in Iran and elsewhere.

The remedy is clear. The question now is whether the Democratic Party is up to the task.


Global Noahide Demonicrazy, Mystery Babylon MOTHER Harlot of the Earth

Democratizing The World -
One Torture Victim At A Time

By Jason Miller
Analysis of the Long, Repulsive History of the United States Inflicting Torture on Its "Suspected Enemies" (in Conjunction with a Review of A Question of Torture by Alfred W. McCoy)
Psychological torture, sleep deprivation, brutality, severe sexual humiliation, and murder summon visions of a dank dungeon in a remote region of pre-invasion Iraq, Iran, or North Korea, replete with evil inquisitors and hooded executioners. However, those manifestations of horror did not spring forth from the Axis of Evil. They are actually drawn from official post-9/11 US policy. Despite its fabled commitment to human rights, the United States government has been committing and enabling acts of torture for half a century. Not even Superman had the power to snatch "Truth, Justice and the American Way" from the crushing jaws of imperialistic ambition and avarice.
Ironically titled, Albert McCoy's A Question of Torture probes and exposes the extent of "the Land of the Free's" involvement in human torture over the years. Only a mainstream media 90% controlled by five major corporations (whose executives and major stockholders are amongst the de facto rulers of the America's so-called republic) could so effectively maintain the illusion that the United States is the world leader in protecting human rights. Somewhere out there, David Copperfield is burning with envy. Rest easy, David. They are running out of magic. Destroying our Constitution and reversing the humanitarian gains achieved by millions of Americans with a social conscience throughout our nation's history , the Bush Regime is extinguishing the candle of hope America once offered to humanity. Despite the exhaustive efforts of the media handmaidens, people are taking notice.
Painstakingly slow ascent....high velocity decline
From our nation's birth, many fine Americans labored vigorously to attain a higher moral plane by ending slavery and advancing the rights of children, minorities, women, and workers. Contrary to the fairy tale of America's benevolent government "of the people", many amongst the plutocracy and emerging corporatocracy fought the American evolution of human rights tooth and nail. Rumsfeld, Gonzales, and company have taken that resistance to new heights and are plunging the United States into an abyss of evil, at home and abroad. Minority Americans, Native Americans, and citizens of other nations have been aware of this descent for years, even before the Neocon (Hassidic Talmudic jews)  catalyzed acceleration. However, as the ruthlessly brazen disciples of Strauss have fervently attacked human rights, many amongst America's indoctrinated White working class are smelling the coffee, and it is not the best part of waking up.
On March 8, 2006, the US State Department released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2005, in which it detailed human rights abuses occurring in over 190 nations. In an act of supreme hypocrisy, they excluded themselves. As one can readily discern simply from reading McCoy's expose' of human torture committed by the United States since 1950, the United States is far from being a bastion of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".
Home of the Brave
"Torture is evil, pure and simple," is the powerful lesson Peggy Piel imparted to her son, Alfred McCoy. Having spent a year of her childhood in Nazi Germany, this erudite Jewish American knew a bit about the subject of torture. Despite his mother's moralistic viewpoint, McCoy penned his examination of the history of torture committed and facilitated by the United States in a detached, analytical manner, without imposing a moral judgment. Noting over 30 pages of sources, McCoy meticulously researched his chilling glimpse into America's Heart of Darkness, yet still maintained relative objectivity. No easy task in light of the virtually countless egregious violations of human rights and acts of murder committed by the American Empire and its proxies.
Abu Gharib was simply a sign of a "few bad apples"....or was it?
In 1950, the intelligence organization of the "leader of the free world" began to take a strong interest in research involving psychological torture.
McCoy summarizes:
"From 1950 to 1962, the CIA became involved in torture through a massive mind-control effort, with psychological warfare and secret research into human consciousness that reached a cost of a billion dollars annually-a veritable Manhattan Project of the mind."
While the United States was trumpeting its deep devotion to universal human rights, the CIA was busily developing and funding research to yield "new and improved" torture tactics with which they could extract information from Cold War enemies. Utilizing its unique capacity to wield tremendous power clandestinely, the United States' intelligence juggernaut infiltrated and exploited hospitals, divisions of the military, and universities to enable its research.
Many of the nauseating acts of inhumanity depicted in the Abu Gharib photos reflect the rotten fruits of CIA labors. Years of study and experimentation determined that torture involving physical pain lacked efficacy. The CIA found that strong subjects usually responded by stiffening their resistance and weaker ones often gave false information just to end the pain. Psychological torture, including sensory deprivation, sensory disorientation, assault on personal identity and self-inflicted pain appeared to provide a much richer yield of information. The Abu Ghraib photos are a window through which one can view the CIA-created world of psychological torture. Hooding, stress positions, extreme intimidation with ferocious dogs (for which a soldier was convicted on 3/21), and sexual humiliation are recurring images in the Abu Gharib pictures and are powerful examples of CIA torture protocol. Other techniques of psychological torture the US military and CIA have used on detained suspects in the "War on Terror" are sleep deprivation, isolation, and dietary manipulation. As the Command Responsibility report by Human Rights First indicates, 45 detainees in the US "War on Terror" have been murdered or have died as a result of physical abuse. 
Land of the Free
As McCoy argues, there is a fine line between psychological torture and physical torture, and as the American Gulag has demonstrated, torturers usually cross that line.
As an aside, it is important to remember that there are currently over 14,000 "suspected terrorists" or "enemy combatants" in US custody. These individuals have been charged with no crime and have been denied due process. Guilty until proven innocent. Now that is justice the American way. Abu Gharib is only an aberration because the torturers were caught. Inflicting severe psychological and mental anguish on suspected enemies of the Empire is now official policy and has taken place at Bagram Air Base, Camp Cropper, Guantanamo Bay and throughout the American Gulag. As for the McCain Anti-Torture Law, Bush and his fellow war criminals are already inventing ways to circumvent it.
Abu Gharib is simply a public display of the psychological and physical torture the CIA has been implementing and practicing for years. From 1962 to 1974, the CIA sharpened its talons through a federal entity called the Office of Public Safety, a branch of US AID. According to McCoy, the OPS trained one million police officers in 47 countries. Not surprisingly, it was not long before these same law enforcement entities began committing severe human right rights abuses and acts of torture.
"Practice makes perfect"
It was morally repugnant enough that the United States killed three million Vietnamese civilians in their imperialistic escapade into Southeast Asia, euphemistically labeling them as "collateral damage".
Shemborg Collective Punishment
 However, McCoy describes torture policies and techniques which resulted in the murder of tens of thousands more Vietnamese. The Phoenix program was implemented by the CIA to eradicate the Vietcong underground. Under CIA administration and supervision, the PRUs (aka Provincial Interrogation Centers) of the Phoenix program degenerated into a collection of South Vietnamese murderers, thugs and criminals who accepted bribes, presumed guilt based on gossip, and murdered their detainees after they completed their interrogation. Ultimately, (if one is gullible enough to take the word of former CIA director William Colby), the Phoenix program murdered 20,587 "Vietcong". Saigon's government puts the figure at 40,994.
Educating them on the finer points of torture and murder
The CIA also bears responsibility for the creation of SAVAK, the Shah of Iran's ruthless secret police force. SAVAK killed 20,000 Iraqi "dissidents" during the Shah's reign. In the Philippines, CIA instruction resulted in 3,257 murders and 35,000 victims of torture by the Ferdinand Marcos regime.
After its defeat in Vietnam, the United States government infiltrated Latin America with a vengeance (to stop the spread of the "Communist threat"). Project X, represented another CIA endeavor to impart their wisdom in the arts of torture to ruthless US allies Not satisfied with their 1963 torture manual called Kubark, the CIA wrote a sequel in Spanish entitled Handling of Sources, Interrogation, Combat Intelligence, and Terrorism and the Urban Guerilla.
Of the sequel, McCoy writes,
"Apart from these cold-blooded tactics of kidnapping, murder, beatings, and betrayal, the manual evidences, in its 144 single-spaced pages, an amorality, a studied willingness to exploit an ally without restraint or compunction, hardened on the anvil of the Vietnam conflict."
Once located in Panama, an odious US Army institution known as the School of Americas (sometimes called the School of Assassins) bestowed the CIA's torture wisdom upon hundreds of Latin American military officers. The School of Americas fell under the auspices of Project X and provided the "hands on" training to accompany the CIA torture manuals. Interestingly, by 1983 the CIA had begun to re-emphasize the use of psychological over physical torture when it wrote its Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual. A laundry list of CIA-trained Latin American military personnel and dictators murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands thanks to the tutelage of Project X.
Of war crimes, evasion of responsibility and impunity
McCoy notes that the United States took a break and out-sourced torture to its allies throughout the 1990's. Unfortunately for the world, the Bush Regime opportunistically seized 9/11 to begin its PNAC inspired quest for global military dominance. In the process, the administration implemented torture as official United States policy. Desperately attempting to fend off critics and preserve the crumbling façade of moral superiority, America's ruling class has sacrificed several from amongst those near the bottom of the food chain. However, calling the prosecution and conviction of a handful of military personnel justice would be a farce. Those ultimately responsible for America's abject torture continue to act with impunity.
As McCoy has vividly illustrated, America's "grunts" at Abu Gharib and throughout the American Gulag were acting under the orders of the Bush Regime and under the supervision of the CIA:
1. On September 11, 2001, George Bush told Donald Rumsfeld and his staff, "Any barriers in your way, they are gone." When they reminded him of legal constraints, Bush shouted, "I don't care what the international lawyers say; we are going to kick some ass."
2. Six days later, Bush authorized the CIA to begin rendition of terror suspects to nations known to commit torture.
3. On November 13, the President determined that Al Qaeda suspects would be denied access to domestic or international courts.
4. Close to the end of 2001, Bush's Justice Department approved the use of "sleep deprivation and deployment of 'stress factors'" for counter-terror interrogation.
5. Bush decided the Geneva Conventions did not apply to his "War on Terror" on January 8, 2002.
6. On January 9, 2002, John Woo of the Justice Department crafted a memo denying application of the Geneva Conventions and the US War Crimes Act to suspected members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, whom he characterized as "enemy combatants". Since they were now neither soldier nor citizen, the articles of the Geneva Convention barring "cruel treatment and torture" and "humiliating and degrading treatment" did not apply to them (according to Yoo's perverse logic).
7. As Afghans captured in the "War on Terror" started populating Guantanamo Bay prison on January 11, Donald Rumsfeld stated that those "unlawful combatants do not have any rights under the Geneva Convention."
8. On January 18, the man Bush later elevated from White House legal counsel to Attorney General (for his loyalty to the Empire) informed the President that the Justice Department "had issued a formal legal opinion concluding that the Geneva Convention III on the Treatment of Prisoners of War does not apply to the conflict with Al Qaeda."
9. The following day, Rumsfeld advised his field commanders that "Al Qaeda and Taliban individuals under the control of the Department of Defense are not entitled to prisoner of war status for purposes of the Geneva Conventions of 1949."
10. January 22, 2002: Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee presented Alberto Gonzales with a 37 page memo which outlined the means to implement "coercive interrogation" without legal consequences, affirming that "neither the federal War Crimes Act nor the Geneva Conventions would apply to the detention conditions of al Qaeda prisoners", and that Bush had the Constitutional power to suspend US treaties with Afghanistan.
11. Behind the scenes, Bush and Rumsfeld approved an SAP or "special-access program" within the CIA. By its very nature, only a handful of top level government officials are aware of the existence of an SAP. This particular SAP endowed the CIA, Navy Seals, and Army Delta Force with the power to assassinate, kidnap and, of course, to torture. Concurrently, the CIA began creating the American Gulag by establishing secret prisons in places like Diego Garcia Island and Thailand.
12. The Bush administration entrusted the CIA with "operational command" of its long coveted "War on Terror", which enabled the United States to abandon FBI and military restrictions on torture.
13. In August of 2002, Bybee, Yoo, and Vice Presidential counsel David Addington created another Justice Department memo "legitimizing" torture. Employing reasoning which defied the laws of reality, this trio determined that federal law and the UN anti-torture conventions only prohibited torture that was "specifically intended to inflict severe pain or suffering, whether mental or physical." They concluded that to be a crime, the torture must "be equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death." Utilizing this memo, the CIA could evade responsibility for torturing "enemy combatants" simply by claiming they were attempting to gain information rather than to inflict pain. The memo also constructed a very strict definition of psychological torture, interpreting many CIA techniques as legal. Most significantly, in defiance of the Supreme Court's decision in Youngstown Sheet and Tube et al vs. Sawyer, Bybee and his cohorts asserted that restraints on Bush's directives to interrogate would "represent an unconstitutional infringement of the President's authority to conduct war."
14. At about the same time as the release of the Bybee memo, the Justice Department gave the CIA classified permission to utilize harsher interrogation tactics than the military, including water boarding, a practice which leads the victim to believe they are drowning.
Bush and his murderous cabal gave the authorization, the CIA provided supervision, and the military carried out the "coercive interrogation". A Question of Torture sheds significant light on the culpability of Generals Miller and Sanchez in implementing the policy of inflicting excruciating psychological and physical pain on "enemy combatants" throughout the military prison system in Iraq, the nation America "rescued" from Saddam Hussein. America's leaders condoned torture and ordered their subordinates to carry it out. In the tradition of monsters like Pol Pot and Idi Amin, they revel in their endless access to money, power, and immunity. Small wonder much of the world hates the American Empire, and its de facto rulers in particular.
Playing with fire
The CIA has repeatedly demonstrated that they are slow learners. Brutality, abuse, and torture, whether physical or psychological, are not only gross violations of a person's inalienable human rights; they are ineffective means of extracting information or modifying behavior. The FBI is one of the few federal law enforcement or military entities not implicated in the web of torture emerging in the "War on Terror" and, according to McCoy's research, its agents' legal, humane interrogation tactics were yielding respectable results before Bush superseded them with the CIA.
Besides lacking value beyond its capacity to satisfy a primal urge for revenge, torture is a double-edged sword which harms both perpetrator and victim. McCoy points out that committing torture intoxicates one with power. Organizations and governments engaging in mass torture deteriorate as the rule of law and respect for humanity disintegrates, breaking down their political and social structures. Objectifying and inflicting suffering upon helpless human beings leaves deep scars upon the souls of the torturers and creates monstrous sociopaths Contrary to the wishful thinking of the Bush Regime, the United States will reap a bitter harvest once the noxious weeds of torture grow to maturity.
Realistically, except in the minds of those who tenaciously cling to their indoctrination from the American Empire, there is no question that the United States egregiously violates human rights on a frequent basis. For a more thorough examination of the cancer of torture ravaging the United States, read A Question of Torture by Alfred McCoy.
"Gawd Bliss Amaraka the Apostate"

The well planned Population reduction scheme
Bush, Feds Can Quarantine
Anyone With 'Flu-Like' Diseases

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
April 1, 2005
Executive Order: Amendment to E.O. 13295
Relating to Certain Influenza Viruses and Quarantinable Communicable Diseases
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 361(b) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 264(b)), it is hereby ordered as follows:
Section 1. Based upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Surgeon General, and for the purpose set forth in section 1 of Executive Order 13295 of April 4, 2003, section 1 of such order is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new subsection:
"(c) Influenza caused by novel or re-emergent influenza viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic.".
Sec. 2. This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, entities, officers, employees or agents, or any other person.
April 1, 2005.


Noahide News Part 427




Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11: For
the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


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"Left Behind"

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Saints of the Living God

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Jesus said No to Noahide

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