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Part 443

April 12 , 2006 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Nissan 15, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766


Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

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When this Picture first appeared at it made NO MENTION of being a spoof. There are NO Other "Spoofs" in the Archives of Pics. It was not until Texe Marrs began broadcasting the PIC, when they were alerted, they added the "Word" Spoof, to deceive the masses. Too Late, he is REVEALED as a Talmudic Hassidic


The "War President of Dan AHOLAH

13. In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some "Panama" or other - then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honor connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Naturally, the authority of the presidents will then become a target for every possible form of attack, but we shall provide him with a means of self-defense in the right of an appeal to the people, for the decision of the people over the heads of their representatives, that is to say, an appeal to that same blind slave of ours - the majority of the mob. Independently of this we shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of war. We shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the whole army of the country must have it at his disposal, in case of need for the defense of the new republican constitution, the right to defend which will belong to him as the responsible representative of this constitution


For they All believed not the TRUTH in Righteousness, God has sent them strong delusion so they believe the lie of the murderer, their God from the beginning, and is no LIFE GIVER......They murder in the name of a strange god, who is no Father in Heaven

All the kings of the earth are drunken with the cup of the Great Whores iniquity, and they say "My god is bigger, than your god, and they murder wonderfully

Iran Hits Milestone in Nuclear Technology
Apr 11 1:42 PM US/Eastern

Iran has successfully enriched uranium for the first time, a landmark in its quest to develop nuclear fuel, hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday. He insisted, however, that his country does not aim to develop nuclear weapons.

In a nationally televised speech, Ahmadinejad called on the West "not to cause an everlasting hatred in the hearts of Iranians" by trying to force Iran to abandon uranium enrichment.

At this historic moment, with the blessings of God almighty and the efforts made by our scientists, I declare here that the laboratory- scale nuclear fuel cycle has been completed and young scientists produced enriched uranium needed to the degree for nuclear power plants Sunday," Ahmadinejad said.

"I formally declare that Iran has joined the club of nuclear countries," he told an audience that included top military commanders and clerics in the northwestern holy city of Mashhad. The crowd broke into cheers of "Allahu akbar!" or "God is great!" Some stood and thrust their fists in the air.

Now the propaganda for the War unto desolation

The U.N. Security Council has demanded that Iran stop all uranium enrichment activity by April 28. Iran has rejected the demand, saying it has a right to develop the process. The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, is due in Iran this week for talks to try to resolve the standoff.

The White House denounced the latest comments from Iranian officials, with spokesman Scott McClellan saying they "continue to show that Iran is moving in the wrong direction."

away from Noahide enforcement

Ahmadinejad said Iran "relies on the sublime beliefs that lie within the Iranian and Islamic culture. Our nation does not get its strength from nuclear arsenals."

He said Iran wanted to operate its nuclear program under supervision by the International Atomic Energy Agency and within its rights and regulations under the regulations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


The Talmudic making of the Ger Toshav, "Righteous Aliens" of Jewrisdiction USA of Eretz Itsrealhell and the Beast Sanhedrin's Talmudic shemborg anti-Christ Noahide Laws of the Great Harlot Mother, Mystery babylon of the Dragon they serve, Ordo ab chao

Reform leaders join immigration rally

A U.S. Reform Jewish leader compared the plight of illegal immigrants to that of the ancient Israelites.

Rabbi Scott Sperling, director of the Union for Reform Judaism’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Council, made his remarks at an immigration rally Monday in Washington in front of an estimated 100,000 people. Sperling said he would be adjusting the story of the Exodus at his seder to include undocumented immigrants.

The rally protested a bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives that would tighten border security and criminalize some of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country.

The Senate is at an impasse over a compromise that would provide illegal immigrants a path to legal status.


Jewish Dogs

Passover seder held for dogs

A Passover seder for dogs was held in Chicago.

The second annual seder was held at Soggie Paws, an upscale pet store in Chicago.

The dogs “sat content and still with tiny yarmulkes on their heads,” according to a news release.

The one's without beannie caps are the Proselytes, Noahide Dogs


The Cry for War unto Desolation, of the "War President" of his Hassidic Illuminated "Masters" of Tzion..........The Quartet is singing the same Noahide tune

Straw reiterates call for Iran to suspend enrichment

Russia joined Britain, Germany, France and the United States on Wednesday in criticizing Iran after its president said Teheran had successfully enriched uranium for the first time, a potential step toward developing nuclear weapons, reports said.

For the Chabad Hassidim control Washington DC, Berlin, Russia, Beijing, Paris, London

"We believe that this step is wrong. It runs counter to decisions of the IAEA (the UN nuclear watchdog) and resolutions of the UN Security Council," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin was quoted as saying by the ITAR-Tass news agency.

as commanded by Berel Lazar the Chabad Chief rib-eye of Moscow

He said Russia, which has close ties with Teheran, had learned "with concern" of the Iranian announcement. But the foreign minister cautioned against dramatizing the situation.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Wednesday he was "seriously concerned" by the Iranian president's assertion.

"I call upon Iran to suspend its activities, begin the process of building confidence and get back into negotiations," he said in London. "We will remain in close contact with our international partners, whose strong reactions show the depth of international concern there is about Iran's activities."

the WAR setup for even more Perpetual Purim for them who refuse to submit

In Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel's (Judeo-Churchinsanity right winger) government also said Iran's announcement was cause for concern. "It is another step in the wrong direction by Iran," German government spokesman Thomas Steg said.

French government officials called the move worrying. "We are in the process of diplomatic regulation of this affair. We call on Iran to respect its obligations" and stop nuclear activities, French government spokesman Jean-Francois Cope said.

Government spokesman Jean-Francois Cope insisted on the need for a "spirit ... to build a better world based on the universal Noahide Covenant and Laws as

In a morning radio interview, government spokesman Jean-Francois Cope said that whether the woman's account proved true or not had little bearing on France's need to stem hate crimes.

"The explosion of the number of racist and anti-Semitic acts committed in our country in the last few years is a reality that we must combat," Cope told RTL radio.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated Moscow's firm opposition to any military action against Iran. "I wouldn't rush into any hasty conclusions, as tensions are raised too often around Iran's nuclear program," he said.

Commenting on reports of US plans for a possible military attack on Iran, Lavrov added: "If such plans exist, and we have, of course, read about them in the media, they will not be able to resolve the problem," he said. "They will only create another hotbed of tension in the Middle East, a region which already has enough such hotbeds."

Another Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Andrei Krivtsov, said Moscow hopes a visit due to start Wednesday by the chief of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency may help resolve the standoff.

"We hope that Iran will use the visit to Teheran of IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei to agree on specific moves to resolve the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program," the RIA Novosti news agency quoted him as saying.

The timing of the Iranian announcement suggested Teheran wanted to present ElBaradei with a fait accompli and argue that it cannot be expected to entirely give up a program showing progress.

The UN Security Council has demanded that Iran stop all enrichment by April 28 because of suspicions the program, which Teheran maintains is peaceful, is designed to make nuclear weapons.

Former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani warned in remarks published Wednesday that Western pressure might have negative consequences for the Middle East.

If the West wants "to solve issues in good faith, that could be easily possible, and if they want to ... pressure us on our nuclear activities, things will become difficult and thorny for all," he said in an interview with Kuwait's Al-Rai Al-Aam newspaper.


The Making of Obedient "Goyim" anti-Christ Noahides, direct to you from Jewlywood

Not the Moses who believed the WORD of God, but the Talmudic version of Mystery Babylon the Great Mother Harlot of the earth

Moses rules

Jews, according to tradition, are commanded to retell the story of the Exodus every year, orally recalling the birth of Moses and his eventual transformation from Egyptian prince to Israelite liberator. 

Talmudic Moshiach

In the United States, Pessah observance has also long been practiced by network television, which for seemingly countless years has dutifully rebroadcast Hollywood's most famous rendering of the story, Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments, every spring.

This year, ABC television is sharing the Exodus with American viewers not once but two times, beginning April 10 and 11 with the airing of an original TV miniseries, also called The Ten Commandments, which stars Dougray Scott as Moses and a cast of 20,000 as the Israelite slaves he eventually frees. The following week, television audiences will have an opportunity to compare the new film with its predecessor, when the network once again broadcasts DeMille's 1956 version of The Ten Commandments.

Divided into two two-hour broadcasts, the new Ten Commandments is actually significantly shorter than the older film version of the story, which stars Charlton Heston as the Israelite leader and clocks in, even without commercials, at a whopping 220 minutes. (The new film, if shown commercial-free, would wrap up after 166 minutes.) The relatively short length of the new miniseries is reflected, for the better, in the film's more concise depiction of Moses' time urging the intransigent Pharaoh to liberate his Israelite slaves.

Though the 1956 version of The Ten Commandments has more or less attained the status of a classic, that picture is also famous for its flaws, which include an at times painfully melodramatic script and acting to match. At times, the film slows almost to a stop, particularly in sections devoted to a contrived romantic subplot only a major Hollywood studio would feel the need to add. The Biblical account of the Exodus certainly has no shortage of intrigue, conflict and suspense, but it's with pure soap opera style that DeMille's famous film gets so much of its tension from an ancient Egyptian love triangle, with Pharaoh angered more by his wife's attraction to Moses than by the demand that his empire's enslaved work force be freed. Fans may not like to admit it, but the film has come to feel dated in spite of its timeless story and the celebrated place it's achieved in the pantheon of classic films.
The new Ten Commandments, by contrast, creates a relatively nuanced view of the relationship between Moses and Pharaoh, depicting the Israelite leader's initial hesitancy to represent his people. Taking on the title of God's earthly ambassador is not something to be taken lightly, and Scott (Ever After, Dark Water) is given abundant opportunities to express Moses' own momentary failings of faith, which can come even as he castigates his followers for their own skepticism about their destiny. Moses' ambivalence toward the Egyptian royalty results here not from the advances of a coyly manipulative princess, but from the filial connection he feels with Bithia (Padma Lakshmi), the elder Egyptian princess who saved him as a baby and remains tender toward him even as he brings plagues on her people.

More compelling still may be the new film's portrayal of the Egyptians, who are fleshed out to the point that a few of them become real characters. The "hardening" of Pharaoh's heart, simply taken for granted in so many tellings of the Exodus story, is examined in the miniseries with refreshing diligence; his refusal to release the Israelites, even in the face of ever-worsening punishments, is a pivotal plot detail that deserves a decent explanation. The film doesn't labor excessively to apply modern psychology to a Biblical tyrant, nor does it excuse the pharaoh's cruelty, but the decision to give the character some depth lifts the drama above that of its frequently kitschy predecessor.

Also improved in the new film are the story's requisite special effects, most of which were created via technology DeMille couldn't have dreamed of. With an estimated budget of $20 million - a massive figure for a TV production - the new Ten Commandments offer a vastly more believable picture of both the ten plagues and the miracles performed during the Israelites' subsequent years wandering in the desert. But while filmmakers' technical inventiveness and flare are certainly on display, it's interesting that the best onscreen rendering of these scenes still comes from an animated film: the other major Hollywood depiction of the Exodus, the 1998 Dreamworks hit The Prince of Egypt. Perhaps Peter Jackson, given a budget like he had for The Lord of the Rings,(Mordechai)  could have recreated the miraculous splitting of the Red Sea with convincing precision; as things stand, only a cartoon so far has captured the story's nature-defying elements in a manner sufficiently vivid and grand.

With its 50-year head start and a hero portrayed by one of the leading figures in film history, the original Ten Commandments is unlikely to be budged from its place as the standard-bearing Exodus film. The fate of the new Ten Commandments will likely be decided by its popularity with fickle American TV audiences, who may decide they prefer their Bible told as camp rather than as credible human drama. Even if they do, however, the production of a twenty-first century Ten Commandments demonstrates the Exodus' unparalleled persistence as a source of both spiritual and artistic inspiration. The Passover story, it appears, will continue to be told for generations to come

Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin


Folio 56a


GEMARA. It has been taught: [The blasphemer is not punished] unless he 'blesses' the Name, by the Name.2  Whence do we know this? — Samuel said: The Writ sayeth, And he that blasphemeth [nokeb] the name of the Lord … when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death.3  How do you know that the word nokeb4  [used in the Hebrew] means a 'blessing'? — From the verse, How shall I curse [Ekkob]5  whom God hath not cursed;6  whilst the formal prohibition is contained in the verse, thou shalt not revile God.7  But perhaps it means 'to pierce,'8  as it is written, [So Jehoiada the priest took a chest,] and bored [wa-yikkob]9  a hole in the lid of it,10  the formal injunction against this being the verses, Ye shall destroy the names of them [idols] out of that place. Ye shall not do so unto the Lord your God?11  — The Name must be 'blessed' by the Name, which is absent here. But perhaps the text refers to the putting of two slips of parchment, each bearing the Divine Name, together, and piercing them both? — In that case one Name is pierced after the other.12  But perhaps it prohibits the engraving of the Divine Name on the Point of a knife and piercing therewith [the Divine Name written on a slip of parchment]? — In that case, the point of the knife pierces, not the Divine Name. But perhaps it refers to the pronunciation of the ineffable Name, as it is written, And Moses and Aaron took these men which are expressed [nikkebu]13  by their names;14  the formal prohibition being contained in the verse, Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God?15  — Firstly, the Name must be 'blessed' by the Name, which is absent here; and secondly, it is a prohibition in the form of a positive command, which is not deemed to be a prohibition at all.16  An alternative answer is this: The Writ saith, [And the Israelitish woman's son] blasphemed wa-yikkob17  [and cursed],18  proving that blasphemy [nokeb] denotes cursing. But perhaps it teaches that both offences must be perpetrated?19  You cannot think so, because it is written, Bring forth him that hath cursed,20  and not 'him that hath blasphemed and cursed', proving that one offence only is alluded to.

Our Rabbis taught: [Any man that curseth his God, shall bear his sin.21  It would have been sufficient to say], 'A man, etc:' What is taught by the expression any man?22  The inclusion of heathens, to whom blasphemy is prohibited just as to Israelites, and they are executed by decapitation; for every death penalty decreed for the sons of Noah is only by decapitation.23

Now, is [the prohibition of blasphemy to heathens] deduced from this verse? But it is deduced from another, viz., The Lord, referring to the 'blessing' of the Divine Name.24  — R. Isaac the smith25  replied; This phrase ['any man'] is necessary only as teaching the inclusion of substitutes of God's name,26  and the Baraitha is taught in accordance with R. Meir's views For it has been taught: Any man that curseth his God shall bear his sin.27  Why is this written? Has it not already been stated, And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord, he shall surely be put to death?28  Because it is stated, And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord shall surely be put to death, I might think that death is meted out only when the ineffable Name is employed.

The ineffable name of their anti-Christ god of Talmud Bavli Mother harlot of the earth Religion, Fables which make the WORD of God of none effect, their Dragon non god, non Creator, Tetragrammaton YVWH......................Noahide wanna be god


 Whence do I know that all substitutes [of the ineffable Name] are included [in this law]? From the verse, Any man that curseth his God — shewing culpability for any manner of blasphemy [even without uttering the Name, since the Name is not mentioned in this sentence]: this is the view of R. Meir. But the Sages (Prophets of Baa'l) maintain: [Blasphemy] with use of the ineffable Name, is punishable by death: with the employment of substitutes, it is the object of an injunction. [but not punishable by death].

This view [of R. Isaac the smith] conflicts with that of R. Miyasha; for R. Miyasha said: If a heathen [son of Noah] blasphemed, (JESUS is the Almighty God) employing substitutes of the ineffable Name, he is in the opinion of the Sages punishable by death. Why so? — Because it is written, as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land 

Jewrisdiction USA, of Eretz ITSREALHELL via HJR 104, PL 102-14

[when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death].29  This teaches that only the stranger [i.e.. a proselyte], and the native [i.e., a natural born Israelite] must utter the ineffable Name; but the heathen is punishable even for a substitute only. But how does R. Meir interpret the verse, 'as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land'? — It teaches that the stranger and citizen are stoned, but a heathen is decapitated. For I would think, since they are included [in the prohibition], they are included [in the manner of execution too]: hence we are taught otherwise. Now how does R. Isaac the smith interpret the verse, 'as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land', on the view of the Rabbis?

Ger Toshav, "righteous Alien" of Bushwhacker's HJR 104, PL 102-14, see immigration illegal 's protesting, this is their move for Babylon's hodge podge anti-Christ invasion of the USA

30  — It teaches that only a stranger and a native must revile the Name by the Name, but for a heathen this is unnecessary. Why does the Torah state any man?31  — The Torah employed normal human speech.32

Our Rabbis taught: seven precepts were the sons of Noah commanded: social laws;33  to refrain from blasphemy, idolatry; adultery; bloodshed; robbery; and eating flesh cut from a living animal.34

Mt:23:7: And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.

Mt:23:8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.


Original footnotes renumbered. See Structure of the Talmud Files


  1. The witnesses, in giving testimony, do not state that they heard the accused say, 'May He slay himself', uttering the actual divine name, but use the word 'Jose' as a substitute for the divine name. 'Jose' is chosen as a substitute, because it contains four letters, like the actual Tetragrammaton, which must have been used by the blasphemer for him to be punished. Moreover, the numerical value of 'Jose' is the same as of Elohim [81]. According to Levy, s.v. [H], the first Jose [H] stands for Jesus ([H], son), and the second is an abbreviation of [H], Joseph, the Father, by which, however, God was to be understood. The witnesses were accordingly asked whether the accused in his blasphemy had set Jesus above God. (R. Joshua b. Karha, the author of this saying, lived at a time when Judeo-Christians ascribed more power to Jesus than to God.)
  2. As in the Mishnah, 'Jose strike Jose'. 'Bless' is here a euphemism for curse, and is so in the whole of the ensuing discussion.
  3. Lev. XXIV, 16. The repetition shows that the Divine Name must be cursed by the Divine Name.
  4. [H]
  5. [H]
  6. Num. XXIII, 8.
  7. Ex. XXII, 27.
  8. I.e., it is a capital offence to pierce the Divine Name, written on a slip of parchment, and thus destroy it.
  9. [H]
  10. II Kings XII, 10.
  11. Deut. XII, 3f. The interpretation is based on the juxtaposition of the two verses; v. Mak. 22a.
  12. The knife passes successively from one slip to the other, but one Name does not pierce the other.
  13. uceb
  14. Num. 1, 17.
  15. Deut. VI, 13, which is interpreted as a prohibition against the unnecessary utterance of His Name.
  16. The statement, Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, though implying abstention from something, is nevertheless given as a positive command, but punishment is imposed for the violation only of a direct negative precept.
  17. [H]
  18. Lev. XXIV, 11.
  19. I.e., only he who both blasphemes, that is, utters the ineffable Name, and curses it, is executed.
  20. Ibid. XXIV, 14.
  21. Ibid. XXIV, 15.
  22. Lit., 'A man, a man', Heb. ish ish, [H].
  23. The only place where death is explicitly decreed for non-Israelites is in Gen. IX, 6: Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed. It is a general law, applicable to all, having been given in the pre-Abrahamic era; his blood shall be shed must refer to the sword, the only death whereby blood is shed.
  24. V. infra 56b. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden, thou mayest freely eat. Gen. II, 16. Every word or phrase in this verse is separately interpreted, the Lord teaching the prohibition of blasphemy to a Noachide.

    Perverted Fables of the Talmudic jews

  25. In the Talmudic period the Rabbi was an honorary official; consequently, he had to have a private occupation e.g., R. Joshua, who came into conflict with R. Gamaliel, was a blacksmith, (Ber. 28a.) others translate, charcoal-burner.
  26. I.e., even if only a substitute was employed in blasphemy, the death penalty is incurred.
  27. Lev. XXIV, 15
  28. Ibid. 16.
  29. Ibid.
  30. That a heathen too must use the ineffable Name for incurring punishment.
  31. This is a difficulty For R. Isaac and R. Miyasha, as they explain the opinions of the Sages. They both maintain that the culpability of a heathen is deduced from And the Lord (God commanded etc.) When employing substitutes, his culpability, in the view of R. Miyasha is deduced from as well the stranger etc.; Whilst R. Isaac denies that it is punishable at all. Hence the difficulty, why the repetition ish ish, a man, a man?
  32. I.e., no particular significance attaches to the repetition, it being the usual idiom.
  33. I.e., to establish courts of justice, or, perhaps, to observe social justice (Nahmanides on Gen. XXXIV, 13): Hast. Dict. (s.v. Noachian precepts) translates 'obedience to authority'.
  34. These commandments may be regarded as the foundations of all human and moral progress. Judaism has both a national and a universal outlook in life. In the former sense it is particularistic, setting up a people distinct and separate from others by its peculiar religious law. But in the latter, it recognises that moral progress and its concomitant Divine love and approval are the privilege and obligation of all mankind. And hence the Talmud lays down the seven Noachian precepts, by the observance of which all mankind may attain spiritual perfection, and without which moral death must inevitably ensue. That perhaps is the idea underlying the assertion (passim) that a heathen is liable to death for the neglect of any of these. The last mentioned is particularly instructive as showing the great importance attached to the humane treatment of animals; so much so, that it is declared to be fundamental to human righteousness.
Items 1 through 3 of 3

1. [102nd] H.J.RES.104 : To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A.".
Sponsor: Rep Michel, Robert H. [IL-18] (introduced 1/31/1991)      Cosponsors (225)
Committees: House Post Office and Civil Service
Latest Major Action: 3/20/1991 Became Public Law No: 102-14.

To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.'. (Enrolled as Agreed to or Passed by Both House and Senate)



One Hundred Second Congress of the United States of America


Begun and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January,

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one

Joint Resolution

To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.'.

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe', this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving', the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it


    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A.'. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Vice President of the United States and

President of the Senate.

When the War unto desolation begins it's final conflict unto Megiddo, when Bushitler attempts to Take that Whore city that spiritual Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified, Jerusalem the Mother city of seven mountains, the bloody whore who dotes after the "Robber" false Christ, When Sanhedrin has "Revealed" that man of sin their false king, False Christ who as God will say that HE is God, when they build that False Temple of Doom, they will begin by Treasonous Murderous Global Marshal Law, to round All who are opposed to their Shemborg Collective worship of the Dragon who has given them their seat and authority, before their Noahide Councils and their ShemmyGOGS of Shame to make the "Brit" (Oath) to obey their dragon god of force, or be slain by decapitation. This is the Hour of Temptation which comes upon all mankind in the same hour that the ten men of the bed of Shlomo are become kings with their Moshaich ben wannabe anti-Christ false Christ..............Who will stand Fast and Testify of the only Messiah King of Kings and LORD of LORDS Jesus the Christ My Lord and my GOD? There will be few, but they who worship the dragon will go in arrogant filthy pride into their lowerpits of Doctrin's of Devils and say, obey the Laws made by man against the Christ who is Forever. Are you One of these, Check your faith in Jesus, and REPENT unto the LORD God Almighty, the Father who is in Sion, Heaven, and even HE is the Temple therein


Rv:20:4: And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Hebrews 12:

21: And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake:)
22: But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,
23: To
the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,
24: And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.


E-Mail from an ex Chabad Lubavitch Talmudic Jew, who is Born a new Creature in Jesus the Christ our Lord

I am at a building where the local chabad house of death and murder is in sight. Sho' 'nuf, since it's another fake holiday, Passover, the parasite-beasts are swarming around the nest. They're gonna enjoy their "Shmuera Matzoh" which is imported from Kfar Chabad in  Itsrealhell, and is made with the dried blood of ritually murdered Palestinian (goy) children. Now when the beasts eat their bread of death, you should see 'em, they have this ritual where they have to cover their heads with their tallis (prayer shawl) while they shove the death bread into their filthy pie holes. I once asked "why do you do that? Cover your heads while eating the matzoh?' They told me (lying, of course) that for this and that reason, not even a drop of water can touch the matzoh." The real reason is that they are hiding their shame before God and man, in knowing that there is the blood of millions of dead innocents in their bread, and of course, ON THEIR HANDS!
Maybe tonight would be a good night for a little IMPRECATORY PRAYER.
A babe in Babylon

Rv:18:24: And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.


E.U's Prodi of Sanhedrin, who hates the Great Whore city

Italy's Prodi may not be Israel-friendly

Israel appeared to lose a good friend Tuesday, (Aholibah as election returns indicated former premier Romano Prodi had edged out current Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi by the slimmest of margins.

another Vote shem of shame sham......reckon Die-BOLD ran that election too


The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson's revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin


Berlusconi disputed the results and may force a recount. But even if the tally stands, Israeli officials and analysts said the elections do not spell disaster for the Israel-Italy relationship. Some, however, cautioned that there might be a change in the tenor of the conversation between the two countries.

"This certainly was a golden period for the relations between Italy and Israel,"

Catholicos Rome and her Morther Harlot, Sanhedrin

 former Israeli ambassador to Italy Avi Pazner told The Jerusalem Post. "I'm sure that the atmosphere that was created with Israel will continue, and I hope it will continue at the same level."

Ehud Gol, the current Israeli ambassador in Rome, used similar language when he told Army Radio he expected that "the warm relations will continue, though maybe not in the same form or on the same level."

Italian author and La Stampa Israel correspondent Fiamma Nirenstein warned, however, that Prodi "will not be as friendly as Berlusconi in understanding that Israel (Aholibah, secular zion of the South Judah) must defend itself from terrorism" and will push Israel "to concede as much territory as possible."

Berlusconi's conservative government distinguished itself with strong support of both Israel and the United States, even though his backing for the Iraq War was extremely unpopular at home. Despite pledging to pull out troops within the year, he seemed unable to overcome public displeasure with a suffering economy.

The center-left Prodi led a coalition of moderate Christian Democrats, Greens, liberals, former Communists and Communists, but it is unclear what parties would be in a government under his stewardship. Berlusconi has suggested a "grand coalition" might result.

a Grand Coalition of the Sanhedrin's Grand scheme

Nirenstein said that Prodi's narrow victory would certain mitigate Prodi's positions and powers.

And Italy expert, Hebrew University Professor Mario Sznajder said that regardless of the government's make up, Italy's interests remain the same - as would its good relationship with Israel. "They have to have a cordial relationship will Israel if they want to have any kind of influence in the Middle East," he said, pointing to its Mediterranean position, security concerns, and immigrant influx as key issues that contribute to its profile in the region.

Sznajder added that a Prodi administration "might be a bit more critical of Israel" in international forums - where Berlusconi often demonstrated his support for the Jewish state - but that in matters of substance "nothing has changed."

If there has been any significant shift, Sznajder suggested, it has been to distance Israel from unsavory alliances with a governing coalition tainted by anti-democratic tendencies. The Hebrew University professor singled out Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini, who refashioned his neo-fascist party into a mainstream conservative faction, for particular opprobrium.

He described ties between Israel and Jewish groups with Fini as "extremely harmful," and said that Israel's distancing itself from the outgoing Italian leadership could be a positive move if Israel "wants to be respected as a democracy."

But Nirenstein said that it was Berlusconi's ministers who took aggressive steps to help Israel, such as spearheading the campaign to have the European Union list Hamas as a terror organization. That decision has had major ramifications following the Hamas election victory, in which Europe's ability to fund and interact with the new Palestinian Authority has been limited.


And Nirenstein pointed out that Berlusconi refused to meet with Yasser Arafat. "This would not have happened with Prodi."

She stressed, though, that Prodi is not anti-Israel but does support a two-state solution.

Whatever the stance of the new administration, Pazner cautioned that Israel should not take its relationship with the Italian government for granted. "We'll have to work very hard at it."

May 20, 2005/Iyar 11 5765, Volume 57, No. 38

Chabad within Europe

In capital of European Union, Chabad wields great influence

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
"Battling for Europe's Jews" is the product of nearly a yearlong investigation by European correspondents of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency into the growth of Chabad in Europe and the impact that growth is having on Europe's Jews and its established Jewish communities. Last week, the series covered an overview of Chabad ("Chabad broadens reach," Jewish News, May 13) and the group's work on the Hungarian scene ("Chabad expands operations in Hungary."). This week, the series ends with a focus on Brussels, Berlin and Venice.


Then-European Commission President Romano Prodi confers with Rabbi Moshe Garelik, director of the Rabbinical Center of Europe, in February 2004, in Vienna.
Photo courtesy of
Across the street from the headquarters of the European Commission, in the very heart of the European Union, is the office of the Rabbinical Center of Europe. It looks like a war room: Stretched across one wall is a gigantic map of the European continent, stuck with hundreds of pins from Ireland to Kyrgyzstan. Each pin represents a Chabad rabbi affiliated with the center.

This is a map of Chabad-Lubavitch's sphere of influence in Europe. Sitting beneath it and surrounded by the flags of the E.U.'s 25 member states, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the Rabbinical Center's secretary-general, is proud of what his group has achieved in its four years in Brussels.

"We have around 700 rabbis across Europe who look to us for spiritual and technical guidance," he says.

In a sense, there is a battle going on. For Chabad, it is a battle for the souls of lost Jews; its foot soldiers are the thousands of Chabad emissaries sent to spread Yiddishkeit across the globe.

But for many Jewish organizations in Europe, it looks increasingly like a battle for control over Jewish communities and institutions.

Here, in the political capital of Europe, the activities of the Rabbinical Center have ramifications for Jewish political and communal interests throughout the continent. At a time when anti-Semitism and Israel's image in Europe are occupying the international Jewish agenda, the battle for political recognition, influence - and public funding - has intensified.

"It's a great sadness that this duplication exists in a Europe of 25 states where for the first time ever Jews are protected under the law and can cast off their shackles," says Jonathan Joseph, president of the European Council of Jewish Communities. "It's such a pity that having come this far, we should dissipate our energies with factionalism."

Jn:8:33: They answered him, We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?

The Chabad enterprise in Europe is coordinated through the Rabbinical Center in Brussels, acting either alone or through its affiliated organizations, most notably the European Jewish Community Center and a student organization, which maintain offices in the same building.

Although the struggle is described by others in the European Jewish community as one between themselves and Chabad, Margolin and his associates in Brussels say that the organizations they head are not Chabad institutions, though they are proud Lubavitchers themselves.

"I want to make it clear that the RCE is not a Chabad institution," says the center's director, Rabbi Moshe Garelik. "Chabad helped us at the beginning with things like the Web site, but some of our supporters would not feel comfortable with the RCE as a Chabad organization."

It is clear, however, that both the Rabbinical Center and the European Jewish Community Center were created as Chabad institutions and are still so considered by Chabad headquarters in Brooklyn. The official Web site of Chabad-Lubavitch lists the Rabbinical Center as one of the movement's institutions in Brussels.

And Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, the New York-based development director for Chabad's international emissary network, says Garelik was placed in Brussels by his organization.

Some Jewish organizations in Europe criticize the center's use of the acronym RCE, the same three letters, albeit in a different order, as those used by the continent's pre-existing Orthodox rabbinical group, the Conference of European Rabbis.

However, Margolin says that his group's choice of name reflects its pluralist approach. "In order to make sure there is no mistake about our willingness to help any and all we decided to indicate that in our name," he explained in an e-mail.

Other Jewish leaders feel there's more behind it, suggesting that Chabad wants to present themselves as the primary representative of the Jewish people.



24. Our State, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission. Just but merciless severity is the greatest factor of strength in the State: not only for the sake of gain but also in the name of duty, for the sake of victory, we must keep to the programme of violence and make-believe. The doctrine of squaring accounts is precisely as strong as the means of which it makes use. Therefore it is not so much by the means themselves as by the doctrine of severity that we shall triumph and bring all governments into subjection to our super-government. It is enough for them to know that we are too merciless for all disobedience to cease

2. The words of the liberal, which are in effect the words of our masonic watchword, namely, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," will, when we come into our kingdom, be changed by us into words no longer of a watchword, but only an expression of idealism, namely, into "The right of liberty, the duty of equality, the ideal of brotherhood." That is how we shall put it, - and so we shall catch the bull by the horns ... DE FACTO we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own, although DE JURE there still remain a good many of them. Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only PRO FORMA at our discretion and by our direction, for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS INDISPENSABLE TO US FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF OUR LESSER BRETHREN. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us

"I'd want them to say that they are really Chabad in order not to mix up terms," says Rabbi Avraham Guigui, chief rabbi of Belgium's Consistoire, an umbrella organization.

In what looks like a further effort to distance itself from its Chabad connection, the European Jewish Community Center does not use its last initial in its logo, referring to itself as the "EJC." These are the same initials used by the European Jewish Congress, the long-established umbrella body representing 38 national Jewish communities across Europe.

"We will certainly be confronting Chabad about this issue," says Cobi Benatoff, president of the European Jewish Congress. "This way of misleading people is not the Jewish way."

Currently, the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, works on a political level only with the European Jewish Congress and the Conference of European Rabbis. Some Jewish leaders fear that the Rabbinical Center and the Chabad rabbis it represents are trying to change that, and to present themselves as the officially recognized Jewish community of Europe.

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, the Brooklyn-based administrative head of the international Chabad-Lubavitch movement, says that Garelik's principal role "was and is to coordinate all the rabbis who are emissaries in West and Eastern Europe and bring them together in one coordinated group for all necessary rabbinic functions."


We are not here to beat our breasts in public and then do nothing," [European Commission President Romano Prodi] said, calling on EU interior, justice and education ministers to come together to debate the problem, and promising proposals by the commission.
Prodi also urged EU governments to adopt a commission proposal for an EU-wide law against racism and xenophobia, which among other things would define anti-Semitic acts and Holocaust denial as crimes across the bloc


President Prodi meets with Chief Rabbi Lazar and others

The President of the European commission Romano Prodi met with leaders of the Jewish community of Russia and the CIS on the eve of the European Union summit with Russia, to discuss ways of partnership and coordination with the community leaders in their important work today in the region.

Present at the meeting were Rabbi Berel Lazar the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Mr. Lev Leviev the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the CIS, Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz the Executive Director of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS and Rabbi Moshe Garelik the Director of the Rabbinical center of Europe.

Mr. Leviev informed President Prodi of the tremendous growth that has taken place in Jewish life and the establishment of dozens of educational institutions throughout the CIS, as well as the revival of Jewish Communities and religious freedom.

Noahide educashun abnd Shearing the sheep day

“There is enormous potential today between the EU and the candidates’ states in Eastern Europe; we should find ways to promote the cultural and educational issues for all the people of these countries” Prodi said.

Rabbi Lazar told the President of the changes that have taken place in Russia. Especially considering where the Jewish community was only ten years ago. Rabbi Lazar described many programs that the Jewish community is doing to provide support for the general population. He also addressed the rise of Anti Semitism in Europe and the situation in Russia Today people have a full understanding of the danger of Xenophobia and Nationalistic extremism. The best sign is the decline in Anti-Semitic acts in the past years. Much is thanks to the new policy of the current Government officials.

for the management of the "Lesser Jews" depends on the false anti-Shematism of them who are NOT Semitic

Mr. Leviev also stressed the important role of the immigrant Russian Jewish community in Europe and particularly the million Russian immigrants in Israel and the need to incorporate their potential into the initiatives and asked for President Prodi support for Israel during this time of crisis.

Avraham Berkowitz - Executive Director of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS pledged the Communities support to develop wide-ranging Cultural; Educational and Scientific initiatives that will help Russia and other CIS countries integrate with the rest of the European union.

“The valuable role of Jewish values, culture and education should play a central role in the contributions of Russia and the CIS countries when integrating with the European Union” said Berkowitz.

At the conclusion of the hour-long meeting Rabbi Lazar and Mr. Leviev presented the President with a menorah made in Russia. He said he would be proud to showcase it in his office.

The meeting was arranged through the efforts of Rabbi Moshe Garelik the Director of the Rabbinical center of Europe-Chabad Lubavitch and Hatomim Levi Matusof who work year round in Brussels in the EU on behalf of Shluchim and Jewish Communities across Europe and the Former Soviet Union.


Yona Metzger (R) (Aholah Dan of Sanhedrin)  Grand Rabbi of the Ashkenazis blesses European Union Commission President Romano Prodi of Italy during the opening of a Jewish school in Vienna. Metzger awarded Prodi with the 'Humanitarian Achievement Award' of the Rabbinical Center of Europe

Rv:17:6: And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.



Condo "Esther" Sleezy calls for Perpetual Purim Persia, BushAchashveirosh will Make the "Proclamation", for Pesach, Easter the whore queen of Heaven

Rice Calls for 'Strong Steps' Against Iran
Apr 12 1:58 PM US/Eastern

"Keel all 'em dirty arab bastards" cries Judeo-Churchinsanity of their bloodlust father the murderer from the beginning


Denouncing Iran's successful enrichment of uranium as unacceptable to the international community, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday the U.N. Security Council must consider "strong steps" to induce Tehran to change course.

Rice also telephoned Mohamed ElBaradei, the (Noahide proselyte)  head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to ask him to reinforce demands that Iran comply with its nonproliferation requirements when he holds talks in Tehran on Friday.

While Rice took a strong line, she did not call for an emergency meeting of the Council, saying it should consider action after receiving an IAEA report by April 28. She did not elaborate on what measures the United States would support, but economic and political sanctions are under consideration.

The European Union is considering travel restrictions on Iranian officials, but White House and State Department spokesmen said what the Security Council might be asked to do was under discussion.

"It's time for action and that is what the secretary was expressing," Scott McClellan, the White House spokesman, said. "The president wanted to make sure that she made that very clear to all that were listening."

On March 29, the Security Council adopted a statement that gave Iran 30 days to clear up suspicion that it wants to become a nuclear power. The statement demanded Iran comply with IAEA demands that it suspend enrichment and allow unannounced IAEA inspections.

If Iran goes ahead with its enrichment program the United States and European allies are certain to press for a Council resolution.

Noahide Council

"You can be sure that it needs to be more than a presidential statement at this point," McClellan said.

Asked if the United States would be running a risk of a disagreement with other members of the Council by pushing for strong measures, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said, "There is now a consensus Iran should not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapons program."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, (Haman) announcing on Tuesday that his country had crossed the line into enrichment, said Iran's objectives were peaceful. Iran is said by many analysts to lack the equipment, including a nuclear reactor, to make nuclear weapons.

But Rice brushed aside suggestions Iran was far from the goal the United States and its allies suspect _ nuclear weaponry.

She said the world believes Iran has the capacity and the technology that lead to nuclear weapons. "The (Talmudic) Security Council will need to take into consideration this move by Iran," she said. "It will be time when it reconvenes on this case for strong steps to make certain that we maintain the credibility of the international community."

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"This is not a question of Iran's right to civil nuclear power," she while greeting President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Moasogo of Equatorial Guinea. "This is a question of, ... the world does not believe that Iran should have the capability and the technology that could lead to a nuclear weapon."

speaking for all animal "goyim"

At the private Arms Control Association, executive director Daryl Kimball said the administration should consider direct talks with Iran on the nuclear issue. And, he said in an interview, "the administration should be extending non-aggression pledges rather than implied threats in order to weaken Iran's rationale for a nuclear weapons program."

"Otherwise," Kimball said, "the Bush administration is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure and military confrontation."

At the private Center for Strategic and International Studies, analyst Anthony Cordesman said, "What we need to understand when we call for strong action by the Security Council, we may not expect it today or on this particular round."

But, Cordesman added in an interview, "this issue is not going away. The more Iran pushes the tolerance of the international community to its limits, the more support the United States can count on in the future."

"This is a very complex and uncertain process," he said.


Universal Noahide Council, then National, then state, then city, then community

Mt:10:17: But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;

Mk:13:9: But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: 

and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them.


7 Nissan 5766 (April 5, 2006)

Mr. Billy Jack Dial:

We, the rabbis of the Beith Din for B'nei NoaH, hereby request of you a formal written statement, declaring the United Noachide Council, Inc, to be subsidiary to and under the general authority of the High Council of B'nei NoaH, as per our telephone conversation. The Beith Din wants to strongly emphasize that the High Council of B'nei NoaH is the only international Noahide Council that has the recognition of the Nascent Sanhedrin.

Main Entry: na·scent 
Pronunciation: 'na-s&nt, 'nA-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin nascent-, nascens, present participle of
nasci to be born
: coming or having recently come into existence

Our intention in this request is purely for the sake of peace: to save the rising Noahide movement from division, competition, jealousy, insult, and petty politics.

Stern Hiearchy

 Therefore it is tantamount that we all work together. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "We must all hang together, or we will most certainly hang separately."

So be it, on that Great Day of the Lord's Wrath

The United Noachide Council, Inc, indeed has a grand place in the organization and building of the Noahide movement, but only in its natural place in an established hierarchy, under the umbrella organization you personally were involved in forming: The High Council of B'nei NoaH. We request that you meet together with an authorized representative(s) of the Council for the purpose of establishing a dialogue in good faith, the result of which will be an official legal document delineating the specific jurisdiction and authority of your new council, under the auspices of the High Council. We request that this document be submitted to the Beith Din for B'nei NoaH for approval.

We want to make clear that there is absolutely no intention, neither by the Nascent Sanhedrin or the High Council to lord over or patronize you, your council, or anyone, G-d forbid. The purpose of the High Council is purely one of service to the Noahide world, not domination. Fittingly, the voice of your council deserves to be heard in earnest by the High Council, and it should eventually have its own representative to the High Council, ensuring your fair representation. However, the High Council deserves respect and freedom from competition by anyone threatening to co-opt its role. Accordingly, impatient demands, evil speech, blackmail, and power politics have no place in this relationship.... one that can only succeed in a spirit of genuine goodwill, mutual trust, and fear of Heaven.

If you follow this plan, the Committee for B'nei NoaH under the Nascent Sanhedrin and its Beith Din for B'nei NoaH, will be at your service, particularly as a caring third party to settle any disputes that may arise. The Beith Din will wait ten days for your written statement, before further action is considered.


Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Av Beit HaDin
Rabbi Dov Avraham Ben Shorr
Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron


Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 3:26 PM

GREED and Power
is your FILTHY Motive
anti-Christ, of the Dragon who has given them their seat and authority
Jesus is Christ forever.
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You crack me up Robert.

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Thanks Naugerhyde, it is indeed my pleasure in the Name of Jesus the Christ the Iam the Alpha and omega, the Redeemer from the beginning that your Talmudic Hassidic Pharisaic "masters, replaced with their tradition which makes the WORD of God of none effect.
I am certainly glad we have a bonding now
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Poor witty bitty Billy Jack finally has the "Hells Angels" kick his butt

Revoked Member of Noahide High Council Is Crying in His Beer

Revoked Member of Noahide High Council Reveals a Grossly Flawed Selection Process




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From: Billy Jack Dial <>

Date: Apr 10, 2006 11:24 AM

To:, ,,, ,,, ,


Further clarifications!


1. I was not involved in setting up the high council! I just joined it at the last minute. I had no say as it was already outlined before my involvement.


Why did I join? … I consider myself extremely sensitive to the public needs with respect to fair and equal representation which I determined there was none. Thus I told rabbi Toledano at the last minute, I was interested in joining. Thus I was sent to Rabbi Dov Stein, who sent me to Rabbi Bar-Ron. I barely had time to make the conference in California


2. … I will at least post the comments made to me since I was not afforded a fare hearing on the matters at hand … I doubt that an appeal process will be fare [sic] and would be biased or successful now that my esteem for the Sanhedren leaders no longer exist, I am sorry and heart broken to say the least. 



Shalom Billy Jack,


I had to respond right away.  Something in your e-mail excited me, actually.  You said, "just ask you not to be offended if "the people" decide to unite and create their own BN High Council"


Offended?!  I would be delighted.  That would be the whole project worthwhile.  I can also tell you that most of the Sanhedrin would be pleased to recognize and work with such a council.  The intent and the desire was/is really to get the BN community to form a community.



More and more to me it seems civil litigation may be more appeasing, … from a … Bnai Noach High Council that is set up by any body with out proper education to occupy the seats. I will not accept nothing except the disbandment of the current Bnai Noach High Council from the Sanhedrin.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


3. OATH: As xxxxxxxx stated: > who went to Israel and took the Noahide Oath before the nascent Sanhedrin


There was "no official oath" it was only a pledge. As I discovered later just before we were to give the oath, that it was decided against us not to take a Oath before the Safer Torah, as it is mentioned in the Talmud as one should do in order to make an official oath.  


Billy Jack Dial


The Lord may have saved you soul BJ


Overseer of Sanhedrin ruling council

outlines conditions for Joeish aliyah


Note the six statements below have been edited and approved by Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron, the only permanent overseer invited to sit on the 9-member ruling council of the 71-member Sanhedrin,  (The Little Horn, Moshaich is the Tenth) and one of two on that council who speak English. These statements do not at this time represent the view of the full Sanhedrin or the full ruling council. Maggid ben Yoseif also reserves comment on these statements for a later time.


  1. "With the approval of the secretary of the Sanhedrin, the topic of legislation entitled The Rights of Members of Ten Lost Tribes to their Territorial Lands after Conversion,  has been officially added to the Sanhedrin's long-term agenda."Naugerhydes who will not be able to Hide on the day of the Lord's wrath............


  3. The Sanhedrin will consider arranging a special giyur (conversion) for sincere Joes and any other part of the Assimilation, who wish to officially re-enter the People of Israel according to Torah law, that would still allow them to retain a unique tribal identity (if it can be demonstrated they have one), and retain rights to their ancestral heritage. This would also be retroactive, so that those who already have converted may have a tribal identity other than Judah. The condition attached would be that if at any time in the future it could be shown that these Joes or other converts were “not who they claim to be” (through genetic evidence that might someday be possible, for instance), their status would change to ordinary converts, who do not have the right of inheritance to tribal possessions at the Yovel (year of Jubilee), according to Halakhah."

  4. According to R. Bar-Ron, the "beit din (rabbinical court) overseeing the conversions would expect returning Joes to embrace  the Mishneh Torah of the Rambam (Moshe ben Maimon or Maimomides). It is the only encyclopedic Code of Israelite Law (the Oral Law), as it was transmitted through the last Sanhedrin," R. Bar-Ron says.             Mk:7:9: And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

    Mk:7:13: Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

  5. "It was codified and sealed by the Talmudic sages.  It is also far more accurate and authentic than any other code, especially the Mishnah Berurah and ShulHan 'Arukh, the more widely-embraced legal codes in the Orthodox Jewish world."  Living according to the eternal Law of Israel, the Written and Oral Torah as it was faithfully transmitted by the Sages of the Talmud, is not easy at first.  "For example," R. Bar Ron says, "unless one lives near a Jewish community, Hebrew legal dietary restrictions and laws can be formidable; however, in the Land of Israel they are far less difficult.  Outside of the Land, one must go out of one’s way to find certain food items with a certifed stamp of kashruth.  "However," according to R. Bar-Ron, "kashruth is the foundation of life as a member of any of the tribes of Israel." 

Talmudic Kosher Tax of the "Robbers of the people"


"T he Mishneh Torah represents a practical observance of Halakhah, that does not require detailed knowledge of the legal background of how the law developed into what it is today..  To do everything required one needs to know nothing more than the Torah sha-bikhtav (the Hebrew Bible, or "Written Torah") and the Mishneh Torah (the restatement of the Oral Torah)."  In other words, as R. Bar-Ron stated, "it is not necessary to be  "talmidei Hakhamim" (Torah scholars) but, nevertheless, one who has "mastered" the Mishneh Torah (Talmud Bavli) is truly a Talmid Hakhamim!   However, this study must only be done with the intent of conversion, and G-d forbid, not without the counsel of a qualified rabbi or Hakham. "

"The Torah (anti-Christ Talmud Bavli) is the heritage of the Hebrew nation, and an intricate system of law and ethics full of delicate nuances requiring years to master, in an unbroken chain of teachers and students from Moses at Sinai.   Learning Torah (Sorcery), for the uninitiated without proper guidance is dangerous to say the least.  However, Rabbi Bar-Ron believes a learning infrastructure can be set up, once a critical mass of a few thousand families begin the process.  Torah learning connected to the fulfillment of the 7-law Covenant of NoaH, (namely the Oral Law, and commandments that obligate Gentiles, however, can and should be pursued by all, even those not pursuing conversion, but with the counsel of an expert."


Note from MbY:  Many non-Jews who are a part of the Assimilation in exile have beliefs about Y’shua/Jesus which have been problematic to Orthodox conversion. There has not existed a religious body in Israel with the authority to address this question until now.  


  1. R. Bar Ron states:  "Because certain members of the Lubavitch community hold that the late Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, z’’l, was/is the messiah, the Sanhedrin "may" decide not to discriminate against those who hold Y’shua/Jesus to also be “an anointed one.”  Although believing in Jesus as a prophet, messiah, or tzadik is contrary to Jewish tradition and highly improper; such beliefs do not preclude the believer from becoming a kosher returnee to the Covenant of Abraham and the Israelite nation, according to Jewish law.                                                               Gal. 3: 27: For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
    28: There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
    29: And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

  2.  The absolute qualification is that no shi’tuf (association with the Deity) be made with Y’shua/Jesus, and that no prayers be directed to him, even as an intermediary.

Jn:14:6: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

6. Any Sadiq, a righteous man, be he Israelite or Gentile, must only have the most direct, unmediated, personal  relationship with HaShem (G-d).  


Rev 13.1: And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
2: And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the
dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
3: And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 





His Oneness is not a unity of parts, but an awesome, integral, invisible, noncorporal Oneness that is utterly unfathomable.  These are the basic ABC's of authentic Torah belief, the foundation of the Covenants of NoaH, Avraham, and Moses."  


Coll. 1.13: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
14: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:
15: Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:
16: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:





Let me be clear that neither R. Bar-Ron, the Sanhedrin, nor any Jewish halakhic authority recognize the covenant extended by Y'shua/Jesus to the Assimilation as a “barith” back into the community of Israel.  Therefore, the necessity for full conversion for those who plan to be recognized as true members of the Hebrew nation. 


That is right, for these who are not of the ROOT the Father, and of the TRUE Vine, who is Jesus, are cast out branches, and cannot be grafted Back to the Branch, until they say, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD, Almighty Jesus. For they have made their "talmudic replacement Theology" the Tradition which Makes the WORD of God of none effect unto them and their two fold children of hell their Noahide proselytes, who reject the REDEEMER from the Beginning

  1. "It is absolutely necessary that the non-Jews who identify with Joseph-Ephraim and who desire to fully reenter the barith of the Hebrew nation at Sinai also be aware of the other choices--notably, those of ordinary Jewish conversion and the goy tzadik to truly fulfill the barith (covenant) of NoaH.  "I believe in your (MbY's) vision, that there are many, many thousands who desire to return to the barith of Avraham.  However, that must not mislead and endanger those who should most properly live as righteous Gentiles. If there is a competition between the Banei NoaH movement and the Ephraim movement, it is a terrible thing.  They are two legitimate movements working for the same goal:  Qidush HaShem--the sanctity of HaShem's name.  We are not here to missionize, but for the purpose of emeth (truth)--to see who belongs where:  Who desires a life as a fully observant Hebrew (a major yoke), and whose soul would be severely damaged by such a change."

  2. "The formal recognition by the rabbinate of the 'Bnei Menasseh' of India is a very good sign.  This, together with the awful "disengagement" plan, may prove instrumental for us to introduce the need for the recognition of the rights of returning tribes to their ancestral inheritance, despite their halakhic conversions. We may be moving forward quite soon towards a significant precedent that may give us the experience and credibility required before tackling the conversion of the Joes.  A subcomittee is forming to oversee the reconversion of the Anussim, the descendents of the forcibly converted Spanish Jews, who number in their millions, particularly in South America.  However, as long as the State controls 'aliyah, these projects require true recognition of the Sanhedrin as a valid Jewish institution.  That is not at all simple.   You musn't look at the Anussim project as competition, G-d forbid.  There is simply an order of priority, and our preliminary work, seeking out those Joes who wish to return, can hopefully begin very soon." 

The G I Jews Joes of the beast


The Presidential Talmudic anti-Christ Oath of Kol  Nidre


White House denies report on Iraq WMD

Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:50pm ET


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Wednesday angrily denied a newspaper report that suggested President George W. Bush in 2003 declared the existence of biological weapons laboratories in Iraq while knowing it was not true.

On May 29, 2003, Bush hailed the capture of two trailers in Iraq as mobile biological laboratories and declared, "We have found the weapons of mass destruction."

Lying as Usual

The report in The Washington Post said a Pentagon-sponsored fact-finding mission had already concluded that the trailers had nothing to do with biological weapons. The newspaper cited government officials and weapons experts who participated in the secret mission or had direct knowledge of it.

The Post said the group's unanimous findings had been sent to the Pentagon in a field report, two days before the president's statement.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the account "reckless reporting" and said Bush made his statement based on the intelligence assessment of the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), an arm of the Pentagon.

Bush cited the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction as the prime justification for invading Iraq. No such weapons were found.

A U.S. intelligence official, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, confirmed the existence of the field report cited by the Post, but said it was a preliminary finding that had to be evaluated.

"You don't change a report that has been coordinated in the (intelligence) community based on a field report," the official said. "It's a preliminary report. No matter how strongly the individual may feel about the subject matter."

McClellan said the Post story was "nothing more than rehashing an old issue that was resolved long ago," pointing out that an independent commission on Iraq had already determined the intelligence on alleged Iraqi biological weapons was wrong.  


When an ABC reporter pressed McClellan on the subject at his morning briefing, McClellan upbraided the network for picking up on the report.

"This is reckless reporting and for you all to go on the air this morning and make such a charge is irresponsible, and I hope that ABC would apologize for it and make a correction on the air," he said.

The three-page field report and a 122-page final report three weeks later were classified and shelved, the Post reported. It added that for nearly a year after that, the Bush administration continued to publicly assert that the trailers were biological weapons factories.

The authors of the reports -- nine U.S. and British civilian experts -- were sent to Baghdad by the DIA, the newspaper said.

A DIA spokesman told the paper that the team's findings were neither ignored nor suppressed, but were incorporated in the work of the Iraqi Survey Group, which led the official search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

The team's work remains classified. But the newspaper said interviews revealed that the team was unequivocal in its conclusion that the trailers were not intended to manufacture biological weapons.

"There was no connection to anything biological," one expert who studied the trailers was quoted as saying.




Matthew 24

3: And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
4: And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
5: For many shall come in my name, saying, (That) I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
6: And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.
9: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.


26: And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

Come and learn the errors, distortions and falsehoods of christianity—the christology of paul—and its pagan roots. Learn how christian churches for 2,000 years have cleverly hidden, behind the cloak of "blind faith," that Christianity is IDOL WORSHIP!


The Christian myth grew by absorbing pagan cults. The Christ had to have a Virgin for a mother. Like the image of the child-god in the cult of Dionysus, he was pictured in swaddling clothes in a basket manger. He was born in a stable like Horus--the stable temple of the Virgin Goddess, Isis, Queen of Heaven. Again, like Dionysus, he turned water into wine & his resurrection took place, like that of Mithra, from a rock tomb.

Actually to seduce the masses the "Prophets of Baa'l of Talmudic Judaism the "Replacement Theology,  manufactured these False Gods to seem as though from Scripture, or the fables of the jews, then Came the TRUTH

The idea of a suffering god atoning by his death for the sins of men, who then descends into darkness and rises again to bring life, is NOT new.

We will also discuss how the (so-called) new testament is a hate filled work of Anti-Semitism.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg




24. Our State, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission. Just but merciless severity is the greatest factor of strength in the State: not only for the sake of gain but also in the name of duty, for the sake of victory, we must keep to the programme of violence and make-believe. The doctrine of squaring accounts is precisely as strong as the means of which it makes use. Therefore it is not so much by the means themselves as by the doctrine of severity that we shall triumph and bring all governments into subjection to our super-government. It is enough for them to know that we are too merciless for all disobedience to cease

2. The words of the liberal, which are in effect the words of our masonic watchword, namely, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," will, when we come into our kingdom, be changed by us into words no longer of a watchword, but only an expression of idealism, namely, into "The right of liberty, the duty of equality, the ideal of brotherhood." That is how we shall put it, - and so we shall catch the bull by the horns ... DE FACTO we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own, although DE JURE there still remain a good many of them. Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only PRO FORMA at our discretion and by our direction, for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS INDISPENSABLE TO US FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF OUR LESSER BRETHREN. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us


This IS NOT a debate list. Christianity-revealed (CR) is an internet classroom designed to educate in areas of christianity where people may not be aware, or have access to available resources from which to learn. CR is a no-holds barred group which hits hard at the very core of the fiction of the dead man-god religion which victimizes people by guilt and fear. We leave Christianity and its practitioners standing naked for all to see what it really is!


The Fallen away from the WORD of God the Truth, unto the fables of these Talmudic Hassidim of Sanhedrin of the DRAGON they worship

2 Thes. 2:

1: Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,
2: That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.
3: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Moshiach ben wannabe, the son of perdition

4: Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
5: Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
6: And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
7: For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
8: And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
9: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
10: And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
12: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
13: But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:
14: Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
15: Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.
16: Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace,
17: Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.


Hawaii governor makes kosher seder in her mansion an annual event.

In early 2002 Linda Lingle, the former mayor of Maui and then head of the Hawaii Republican Party, stopped by the seder we were running at the Chabad House in Honolulu. We had already finished the fourth cup of wine, so my husband, Rabbi Itchel Krasnjansky, duly introduced her to the guests as the “future governor of Hawaii.”

It was six months before the gubernatorial election, and she had not yet officially declared her candidacy for that office.

Lingle, who is Jewish and had known us for six months, stood by quietly and smiled.

sheeeeeeeeeeesh, TREASON TREASON TREASON of anti-Christ Blasphemy


How to Go to Hell in a Handbasket, Obey their anti-Christ, anti-GOD, Noahide Laws of the Dragon they serve



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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:43 pm    Post subject: The Laws Of The Land

How does one know where to divide the keeping of the laws of the land? I have a problem of not thinking and sometimes speaking about how evil these people are that are trying in every way that they can to bring all kinds of bad things upon us.....while I now understand that God is behind it all, I still can't have any affinity or compassion for those wanting to destroy in any way that they can the people's upon this earth. I just can't say anything nice about these men and women. Perhaps I shouldn't say anything at all, but I still think it.

Their Hassidic anti-Christ, Noahide Teacher replies

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:18 am    Post subject:

You have to look at the BIG overall picture Scandi. First of all, THIS IS NOT OUR HOME. We are just sojourners here and CALLED TO PEACE with 'all men'. So then, if all and everything under Gods determinate will, if we RESIST THE ORDINANCE then we RESIST THE POWER and that power is of God and if we resist God, WE SHEW WE ARE ENEMIES OF GOD

Not the God who sent the Law fulfilled Christ

There is no doubt that what the leaders do is UNGODLY and EVIL, but still, GOD HAS SET THEM UP AS PART OF HIS WILL and if we resist that will by resisting and FIGHTING against those ordained of the power then we fight against the judgment of God........THIS IS THE VERY BASIC PREMISE OF THE CORE OF THE GOSPEL AND SALVATION ITSELF.

Hahahhaahha accept the Noahide Laws, make a "Brit" (Oath) to serve the Hassidim and their anti-Christ Noahide laws, which are derived from Talmud bavli the Tradition which makes the WORD of GOD of None Effect, which state that Jesus is a bastard the son of a whore and a roman soldier and he is in hell boiling in human excrement. Now this law is the very Law which MY LORD who is Christ warned, in the Hour of temptation....BEWARE of these, for they are wolves in sheep's clothing who by their sorcery snare the easily deceived.


 God has called us to come into judgment by him NOW on this planet by the cross so we can escape the GREAT judgment later.

He is calling upon his goats to testify for another god who is no God, but is the murderer from the beginning. The saints of Jesus who is Christ forever more will stand fast in their testimony of the LIVING God, Jesus who is alive forever more, and when the last saint is slain by these hassidic Talmudic anti-Christ and their sanhedrin unto the Dragon they serve, the Trial is UP. These were worthy to enter into the Kingdom of the Father in Sion. beware of these sick perverted Filthy doctrines of devils for they are cast out into outer darkness where there will be gnashing of teeth forever. For they refused to Stand fast, but do hide in lowestrooms of evil and filthy arrogance


 In the same reverse/upside down premise of JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED, this principal applies to what you see out there and wish to resist!. You are deeming/judging it EVIL and you wish to REBEL. 

1Cor:6:2: Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?


You DONT resist evil.........

Mt 5:39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

The prayer and hope of the christian is to ESCAPE and be delivered from evil.........

Mt 6:13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Read the first part of that above verse,....LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION!. What you want to do is RESIST AND REBEL what God is bringing upon the world, thereby BEING LED INTO TEMPTATION!.

So bow your knee, Make the BRIT, accept the Mark of the beast Moshiach, False Christ of Sanhedrin and Deny Jesus the Christ, is what this Hassidim is teaching


 This is what the 'hour of temptation' is all about. Christs hour happened 2000 years ago. The temptation? Either he TOOK THE CHIEF SEAT AND CLAIMED HE WAS KING OF THE JEWS OR HE SHUT HIS MOUTH AND OBEYED TO THE CROSS!!!. 

This is the HOUR of temptation he denies, and is exactly why they refused to Stand Fast and testify only of Jesus who is Christ, for in fear they have submitted to that Old Devil and satan whom they have openly admitted is their god. There is NOTHING to argue with these for they are fallen away and cannot be redeemed. For they have Blasphemed the HOLY Spirit. The Hour of Temptation is that Hour they deliver you up before their Councils of Anti-Christ and Synagogues, when either you will stand fast in the Testimony of the Lord, or Testify for his and their laws unto Satan that Old Devil the dragon. These long ago accepted the dragons law


Thus, the churchianity is being led to that same place and the majority are railing and rebeling and resisting against the ordinance and what shall happen to them?

Thus this Hassidim wants you to Submit and Call Jesus a Bastard and the son of a Whore, and to deny Christ who is forever. Do not ask me....go and see for yourselves this doctrine of Sanhedrin's devils. Yes indeed we Rebel against the dragon this one calls Satan God , their god of the lowerpit of hell


He is advocating MURDER, even against the saints of God, for they think to do their god they call satan a service when we are delivered and slain. The Just reward is the white of the saints who Testified of Jesus the Christ and the WORD of GOD.


Thus, it is an EVIL TIME. Let your words be FEW and cast not your pearls before swine. Swear not by heaven or by the earth and be HIDDEN, cloaked in the hand of God and let those who are evil and do evil gave their hour because its their last and Im telling you, the worst offendors of those of that 'hour' CLAIM THE NAME OF CHRIST and its heard all around you. This is one of the most impressionable verses that relay the DELUSION God is casting down and who and how its "fallen to"........

Thus he snared a few

Lu 21:26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.


after he has delivered the saints to his Hassidic Talmudic Sanhedrin Masters

These are they of the lowestroom who already accept the Mark of the Beast they call god

Read that slow and careful. How are mens hearts failing them? FOR FEAR....."AND FOR LOOKING AFTER THOSE THINGS"........THEY "SAY".....are coming upon the earth and THATS how God is catching the WHORE in his delusion!!!

"They Say"...of course, for he denies that Jesus the Christ is the Only SAYER about any TRUTH

Tghe whore was Snared at Calvary even from the foundation of the WORD and defeated by FAITH

and The saints Stand watch and try to warn anymore from hiding in fear in the Lowerpit's of these Hassidic Wolves of Satan's shemmyGog

Rom:8:15: For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.


Incitement to Ishmael hatred

Nuclear Iran is threat to whole world: Israel    

Jerusalem, Apr 12: Iran's announcement that it has successfully enriched uranium should worry not just Israel but the entire world, the Israeli military's chief of staff said today.

"This announcement is worrying for everyone as we have seen with the international reaction," General Dan Halutz told army radio.

A nuclear-powered Iran "represents a threat to the whole world and not only Israel," added Halutz.

The Jewish state has come to view the regime in Tehran as its number one enemy, (After the prior number 1, Iraq)  alarmed in particular by a call last year from hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Israel to be wiped off the map.
"Moved to Eurpoe, because the palestinians should not pay for their Holycost hoax" 

Ahmadinejad called in a speech yesterday for a no-holds-barred acceleration of enrichment work -- a process that can be extended to make the fissile core of an atom bomb.
so the Kol Nidre students say

His comments came after Iran's Atomic Energy Chief Gholam Reza Aghazadeh had told the same conference that nuclear scientists had managed to enrich the uranium to 3.5 per cent, or the purity required for civilian reactor fuel.

Halutz said that Iran was still some way off from being in a position to develop nuclear weapons.
ITSREALHELL,  Who already has 400

"The Iranians are not there yet. Time is an essential element in the diplomatic process, and I believe that things will change during this process," said Halutz, who is of Iranian origin.


after Purim Iran begins

The head of Israeli military intelligence also said that the international community should be sceptical about how far down the road Iran was in developing its nuclear programme.

we are


Starting WWIII To Prevent It?
The Ultimate Hypocrisy
By Ted Twietmeyer
The illogic of the current administration to label a sovereign country's leader as another "Hitler" and start yet another war it cannot finish staggers the imagination. It's just plain wrong on so many levels. In fact, it is stating that America is the world's "thought police." We have already seen just how desperate the troops in Iraq are, as they sell government property which also includes "Secret" classified material. Crossing the line will surely result in courts martials, but the soldiers no longer care.
If you were condemned to stay in a radioactive wasteland, wouldn't you do anything to get out?
Iran is a country which is as different from it's neighbor Iraq, as night is from day. They may share some religions and three of the four letters in the country's names, but that's where all similarities end.
Let's compare the pertinent war-related data for these two countries extracted from the infamous "CIA fact book"[1]:
Area total: 437,072 sq km (about twice the size of Idaho)
Geographic coordinates: 33 00 N, 44 00 E (interesting even 33 number)
Coastline: 58km
Population: 26,783,383 (July 2006 est.)
Median Age: male: 19.6 years
Religion: Muslim 97% (Shi'a 60%-65%, Sunni 32%-37%), Christian or other 3%
Government type:  transitional democracy
Males age 18-49: 4,930,074 (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $3,400 (2005 est.)
Military expenditures: $1.34 billion (2005 est.)
Military expenditures % of GDP: NA
Area total: total: 1.648 million sq km (3.8 times bigger than Iraq bordering to the west)
Geographic coordinates: 32 00 N, 53 00 E
Coastline: 2,440 km; note - Iran also borders the Caspian Sea (740 km)
Population: 68,688,433 (July 2006 est.)
Median age: male: 24.6 years
Religion: Shi'a Muslim 89%, Sunni Muslim 9%, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, and Baha'i 2%
Government type: theocratic republic [2] (This is in sharp contrast to Iraq's former military dictatorship)
Males age 18-49: 15,665,725 (2005 est.) Note this is about 5 times that of Iraq
GDP per capita: $8,100 (2005 est.) This is more than double the GDP of Iraq
Military expenditures: 4.3 billion (2003 est.) This is 3.2 times the expenditure of Iraq
Military expenditures % of GDP: 3.3% (2003 est.) Iraq has no expenditures at this time
So what does all this mean? Trouble of the highest order for both the Iranian and American people. Iran has a well-structured economy, and their leadership is apparently not obsessed with war and oppressing their people. If you had a growing population of more than 68 million people living in an arid region with no hydroelectric dams and without coal mines, wouldn't you also consider nuclear power? When their people plug an appliance into an AC outlet, they expect it to work just as we do. Infrastructure is infrastructure no matter where you go on the planet.
Closing the border airtight around the US would be pointless. Iranian agents and sympathizers are already in America, and in the event Iran is attacked most likely so will US cities. One doesn't need to be a DoD war college graduate to realize that. Americans will be the ones to suffer as the end result. The attack on Iran will inevitably result in an attack on America soil. This will also crash the stock market. And if Iran doesn't do attack us, then special ops forces will. Remember Jack Ruby, held incommunicado throughout his entire life sentence for killing Oswald? No one was allowed to contact him because of what he knew, and he finally died a few years ago in isolation. Those who stage attacks on our cities will also be assassinated so they cannot talk.
In an instant life will suddenly become a nightmare, when martial law is declared. Checkpoints will make travel painful and people will disappear during the night. Thanks to the renewed "Patriot Act" which is actually against patriots, every law Hitler used to take control has returned. The Bill of Rights has been silently disabled. It was our real protection against government tyranny. This isn't about war, oil, dictators or nuclear weapons. It's all about the PNAC agenda and so-called "nation building." And that crazed University of Texas professor who calls for extermination of 90% of the world's population? That extermination will start in America with all those considered "patriots."
The war could easily accelerate into a full-fledged conflagration, with nukes dropping in the mid-east wherever another "Hitler" is deemed to be present. Don't forget the 2001 laundry list publicly announced by our dictator: "Iran, Iraq, Syria, N. Korea and China are the axis of evil." He later retracted China, but that doesn't mean it was removed from his list. The Bible tells us this about the last days. However, it is silent about Bush who through Rice, has been consulting religious leaders to actually confirm he's "following Bible prophecy." Clearly these are the machinations of a megalomaniac.
So this is why we must start WW3 - in order to prevent another war and to "fight terrorism." And as good American sheep, we are to accept the dictates of our non-elected president. Is it any wonder more and more military experts are forecasting another civil war? History has shown that you can push any citizen to the breaking point, and they start pushing back.
By declaring war on the American people, the government has effectively declared war on itself, since it is too, is composed of the Americans. Do the people working in the Pentagon ever think about this?
Ted Twietmeyer
[2] - Theocracy as defined by Wikipedia:
"In the most common usage of the term theocracy, some civil rulers are leaders of the dominant religion (e.g., Byzantine emperor as head of the Church); governmental policies are either identical with, or strongly influenced by, the principles of a religion, and typically, the government claims to rule on behalf of God or a higher power, as specified by the local religion."



Noahide News Part 444





Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11: For
the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


Please purchase a Notonoahide baseball cap to get the Word out

No to Noahide

We need help alerting the World who will listen. If you are a complacent apathetic Apostate Amarakan fence sitter, I highly recommend that you go into the Lowestroom of arrogant pride and return to the Vomit of Noahide Law, where they worship the Dragon. Are you one who comes here to understand, Day by Day, and yet you refuse to tell others? We have told you before, these hats and shirts are for one purpose and one purpose alone, and that is to get the word out regarding the Noahide Satanic laws of the Hassidim Vipers and them who agree with them the proselytes of that Old Dragon and the serpent and satan, who say that he is GOD.


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Daniel's Seventy Weeks

Was Peter a Jew?

The Two Witnesses

"The Whore of Babylon"

Mystery Babylon

 Are the " Ael-ians coming"

Ael-ians II

Wall Street " The Mark" is Here

Wall Street II

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It has happened "War Declared upon and in America"

Declared section Part II


"All you ever need to know about their god and Qabalah"

Qabalah Part II

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National Identification Card

 ADDED Material 3-25-2004 Prophecy Unfolding

A Sincere Request to  "Rapture" Teachers

"Seventh Trumpet"

Compulsory Constitutional Cremation

Homeland Security, "The Police State"

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I Witch, New One World Order Seal

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Mr. Prodi expressed his hope that considering Russia to be the largest European Jewish Community he sees great importance in cooperation to enhance Cultural and Educational initiatives.