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August 13, 2004

Day 393-400 of 490 

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Bush, Congress Are Puppets
Of Israeli Govt - Nader

By Brian Faler
Washington Post
Ralph Nader, that master of controversy, has a new bete noire: the Anti-Defamation League. The independent presidential candidate has become embroiled in an ugly exchange with the Jewish organization, after he suggested that President Bush and Congress were "puppets" of the Israeli government.
"The days when the chief Israeli puppeteer comes to the United States and meets with the puppet in the White House and then proceeds to Capitol Hill, where he meets with hundreds of other puppets, should be replaced," Nader said earlier this summer. That prompted an angry letter from the league, which complained that the "image of the Jewish state as a 'puppeteer,' controlling the powerful US Congress feeds into many age-old stereotypes which have no place in legitimate public discourse."
Nader is not backing down. In a letter to the group that will be released today, he reiterated his arguments, challenged the league to cite a recent example of when American leaders have pursued a policy opposed by the Israeli government and pointed to Israeli peace groups that he said share his criticism of that country's leadership. "There is far more freedom in the media, in town squares and among citizens, soldiers, elected representatives and academicians in Israel to debate and discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than there is in the United States," Nader wrote.
The longtime consumer advocate's willingness to criticize Israel may win him some votes, since both Bush and Democratic nominee John F. Kerry strongly support Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. But not if Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the league has anything to say about it. "What he said smacks of bigotry," Foxman said.

The shemgod defender, that old fox of the Master race of the shemborg collective, head global bigots of their supremecist hoodlum haha, saith Nader is a bigot.....hahhahahahahhaha a fox guarding the shemhen (Shameman) house



Did 20-65 Million Russian's Really Die in the Sofiet Talmudic Controlled Communitarian Noahide Jewish State?


Zundel Case On AP Wire
From Ingrid Rimland
Here is a lesson in Journalism 101. First, I will show you an article as it was written, then then I will supply the facts that should have been mentioned - but weren't.
Holocaust Denier Gets Court Reprieve
Sevier resident, being held in Canada, should be able to fight deportation
By Jamie Satterfield
August 12, 2004
A Holocaust denier booted from his Sevier County home - and the country - should get a shot at arguing against his deportation, a federal appellate court has ruled.
Whether Ernst Zundel, 65, will actually be allowed to appear in U.S. District Court in Knoxville remains unclear, however. Zundel is in solitary confinement in a detention center in Toronto, Canada, where he is accused of being a threat to that country's national security.
Zundel is a German-born graphic artist and publisher whose 1980 pamphlet "Did Six Million Really Die?" rocketed him to infamy as a Holocaust denier and - as some allege - a neo-Nazi.
He lived in Canada for decades, but had long been denied citizenship. In 2000, Zundel entered the United States on a temporary visa. He then married Ingrid A. Rimland, a native of the Soviet Union who had become a U.S. citizen.
The couple moved to Wears Valley and opened an art gallery. In February 2003, the INS arrested Zundel on a charge that he had overstayed his visa and failed to follow through on his attempts to attain permanent residence status here.
Zundel and his wife cried foul, claiming the Holocaust revisionist was being persecuted for his views. Sevierville attorney Boyd Venable III filed a petition in federal court here to try to stop his deportation, but Senior Federal Judge James Jarvis refused to hear it, writing that there was "no legal basis" for his intervention.
Zundel was eventually deported to Canada, where officials are trying to send him back to Germany. He faces hate crime charges there in connection with his writings, which include the book "The Hitler We Loved and Why," and his Web site,
In an opinion released late last week, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Zundel is entitled to a hearing challenging his deportation.
"These claims require consideration by the district court," the opinion stated.
The U.S. Department of Justice argued that Zundel has already been deported, rendering his petition for relief as moot. The Justice Department also contends that the federal court here lacks any jurisdiction.
But the appellate court countered that those issues should be aired in Knoxville's federal courtroom.
"Whether, as the government argues, (federal law) strips the federal courts of jurisdiction to hear the remaining claims is a matter for the district court to take up," the opinion states. "So is the question whether Zundel waived his right to contest removal because it remains unclear whether Zundel most recently entered the country under the visa waiver pilot program."
There are many things about Zundel's swift trip back to Canada that the appellate court states it found "unclear."
"The precise nature of the events that resulted in Ernst Zundel's deportation to Canada casts more shadows than light on this appeal," the opinion states.
The court also finds fuzzy the reason for Zundel's continued imprisonment in Canada, where he is not charged with any crime but has been labeled a security threat.
"Canadian officials apparently took Zundel into custody and continue to detain him for reasons not revealed by this sparse record," the opinion states.
Zundel's wife still lives in Sevier County and maintains his Web site, where she posts updates on his case.
In an official response to the 6th Circuit ruling, Ingrid Zundel wrote, "There are dimensions to this important ruling I can't discuss at this point. It means, however, that now we can begin discovery - a process where we can ask questions and demand documents on court directives that are going to expose the depth of deceit and political interference of this deportation that was, in fact, a well-coordinated political kidnapping."
Zundel's imprisonment in Canada has sparked several protests by groups such as the Canadian Association for Free Expression. Those events have drawn counter-protests from antiracism groups.
Jamie Satterfield may be reached at 865-342-6308.


Maraka, whut happened ? You went from the chinese dime store little flags of Bushkevik Patriotism

 to little yellow ribbons ? You were gung ho in blood lust, now you whine that your children are dying in Babylon? Why ?


You should have a Moloch David six pointed star on your automobiles


because this is why the peoples of the earth die.





For Immediate Release

Office of the Press Secretary

March 25, 2002

Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A. Proclamation

By the President of the United States of America

A Proclamation


America's future depends in part on ensuring that every child in America receives a quality (Noahide) education. And by teaching our children the importance of serving those in need, (shemgods)  we will help fulfill an important part of their education, showing them the rewards that come from compassionate outreach.


reward, a share in the Hoodlum haha, a Ger Toshav shabbos goy life if shemgod borg servitude


Education has always played a vital role in the success of our Nation. It has provided hope through the principle that any citizen can realize the American dream, regardless of background, ethnicity, or faith.


Except Jesus the Christ


By challenging young people to set high goals and to work hard to achieve them, we prepare our youth to carry on the success of the American story and to become leaders of this great Nation. A core foundation of knowledge and values is essential for students to excel and contribute to the well-being of our communities, our country, and the world.


Parents are a child's first and most important teachers, and they provide the cornerstone of a child's early education. Quality teachers, however, also play an important role in a child's personal and intellectual development.


of course as long as the "Cornerstone" is not included


The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, (satan will have em all)  which I signed into law in January 2002, requires that, by the end of the 2005-06 school year, there must be a "highly qualified" (righteous goyim Noahide trained) teacher in every classroom. Through this new law, States and school districts will have multiple tools to help them meet the new teacher quality requirements.


Homelandt "Say" kurity" tools


Key elements of this effort include providing State grants to recruit and train teachers, and recruiting high-quality individuals to become teachers, offering expanded student loan forgiveness for teachers. And we must encourage Americans to volunteer their time to serve as mentors to our young people.


Great teachers are also found outside the classroom, making a positive impact on children and on local families. For example, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, demonstrated the power of teaching others to pursue both intellectual and moral excellence.


seven No-hide laws of satan


For this purpose, he established education and outreach centers that offered social services and humanitarian aid. Today, more than 1,400 of these centers operate in 35 countries, meeting the spiritual and material needs of local communities.


Communist Communitarian Village Yid-iot centers

These beacons of hope communicate the Rebbe's ideal of living a meaningful life through personal responsibility and dedication to those in need.


serve the shemborg collective


On the 100th anniversary of the Rebbe's birth, I encourage Americans to help teach our young people. In classrooms, homes, and places of worship, we can all make a lasting impact on individual children and thus invest in our country as a whole.


The dead leads the dead


NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, ( Skull and Bones) President of the United States of America, by virtue of the (Treasonous) authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws (HJR 104, PL, 102-14)  of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 24, 2002, as Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A., 2002.


I call on all Americans to help our young people better understand the importance of character and develop a true love of learning. By doing so, we invest in the future of our country.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-first day of March, in the year of our Lord (Their Tetragrammaton)  two thousand two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-sixth.

 ( finished)

GEORGE W. BUSH    the Traitor of the People                                                             


Condemned to eternal damnation



In another discussion of the Noahide courts,
in the book The Path of the Righteous Gentile,
Rabbis Clorfene and Rogalsky state, "A court
system that perverts justice by handing down
rulings in conflict with the Seven Universal Laws
is an instrument for driving G-d`s blessings out of
the world. Anyone who fails to establish a court
system ... is punishable by death. One who
establishes or maintains courts of law that operate
contrary to the Seven Universal Laws is similarly


(Talmud - Sukkah 52a). 

With the end of free will, the opportunity to earn reward and enhance one's portion in the World to Come will also cease -- forever.


Maimonides Mishnah Torah, in Chapter 10 of the English Translation, states concerning Jesus Christ:

"It is a mitzvah [religious duty; ARC], however, to eradicate Jewish traitors, minnim, and apikorsim, and to cause them to descend to the pit of destruction, since they cause difficulty to the Jews and sway the people away from God, as did Jesus of Nazareth and his students, and Tzadok, Baithos, and their students. May the name of the wicked rot." 6.


"AMARAKA" your beloved president that you worship as apotheosis, Bushkevik of the shemborg's has given Iraq, babylon, which the shem's of shame whore after a democracy...a Solialism Talmudic Judaic Communistic, Communitarian Noahide demon-crazy "democracy" and you are lured into "Judeo-Church-insanity" and do the LUST of your father, the murderer since the beginning, for you father you boast, is the god of the jews, whose god that tetragrammaton, satan, has not ONLY Begotten SON the Savior, whom they say....Jesus the Christ is in hell boiling in human excrement. Amaraka, your destruction will be well deserved, IF you do NOT Wake and repent, and leave the doctrine of devils of the jews.

"Communal Democracy and Liberal Democracy in the Jewish Political Tradition" * Communal Democracy and Liberal Democracy in the Jewish Political Tradition - Daniel J. Elazar * The Attitude Towards Democracy in Medieval Jewish Philosophy - Avraham Melamed * Democracy and Judaism: The Question of Equality - Martin Sicker * From Private Rights to Public Good: The Communitarian Critique of Liberalism in Judaic Perspective- Alan Mittleman * Communal Democracy, Modernity, and the Jewish Political Tradition - Robert A. Licht

To date, the formal function and power of this proposed Political Advisory Council only include approval over the appointment of key administrators. Its real authority and writ will come from how well it can work. If the tribal, religious, party, and civic leaders accept their appointments and demonstrate that national concerns override parochial ones, the council will eventually assume ever-greater visibility and authority. We, indeed all Americans, can only hope this will be so, for the council will, if it succeeds, be a significant down payment on the American pledge to bring democracy–democracy of a communitarian sort but democracy by Iraqi standards nonetheless–to Iraq . On a more quotidian level, a successful council will serve to make more palatable the continued American control of Iraq .

Why do you think they fight? They fight for their freedom, while "Amaraka" loses hers

the Iraqi Noahides

§3 Male and female members of any Iraqi community, including non-secular and non-feminist communities, should be entitled to federal interference on their behalf to secure for them a decent minimum of communitarian-democratic citizen rights.


And apostate "AMARAKA" you are already snared....while your zionist pastor have you directed to the smoke in the distant horizion, for his shemgods, so that you will not know what happened, and it is too late.

In 1994, Clinton applauded Dr. Etzioni and the Department of Education's program to help create "a new communitarian vision for America." (53) What program was that?

Since 1979, Amitai Etzioni, a celebrated Third Way "thinker," (currently the Director of the obscure Communitarian Studies Program at George Washington University in DC), has been a Senior White House staff advisor to U.S. Presidents Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush Jr. Mike Allen of the Washington Post identifies 11 communitarian thinkers in Bush White House. (54)

Fabian Socialism and The Democratic Leadership Council both embrace the global ideal of a world-wide communitarian government. When Americans voted for Bill Clinton, they were voting for communitarianism; they were actually voting away their protection against the global elites, voting away freedom clearly outlined under the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights. An admitted liar and exposed sexual predator, Clinton spoke before the British Labor Party about his personal commitment to American family "values." (55)

Communitarian-Third Way thinkers have perfected bull&^%^&  in a way that would make any con-man proud, especially the phony Texan in the White House, whose phony father sold himself to American voters using an unbelievable Texas oilfield rags-to-riches story. (56)


It was most unsettling to learn the truth about the Bush family and the facts surrounding Grandpa Prescott Bush's indictments in 1945 for Trading with the Nazis in W.W.II. The family tie to "big oil" (in the Bush's Carlyle cartel) includes the Binladen family, and Jeb Bush's neat little New American Century group is endorsed by Dr. Amitai Etzioni. (57)

Why do reporters steer clear of Amitai Etzioni and the whole Communitarian Network? How many law schools has Etzioni taught communitarian law to in the past decade? What is his "new moral dialogue," and how does it differ from open, free, public debate? What is Etzioni's current tie to Israeli Zionists, and why is the United States creating a new legal council to incorporate Judaic Law into U.S. law schools (endorsed by 3 U.S. Supreme Court Justices)? (58) (Do they use a Babylonian Talmud or the original Jeruselem Talmud?)

The U.S. Constitution is not based on the Seven Noachide Laws. (58a) Why does the current U.S. President congratulate their efforts and encourage their study of innovative ways of "returning" us to ancient Jewish values, supporting as acceptable the balancing of our constitution against the 2000 year old Talmudic system of law? And what Imperial country "left" the Zionist-Fabian-soldier Dr. Etzioni to fight for Palestine in 1949? (59)




Tolerance versus pluralism in Judaism

Suzanne Last Stone A1

A1 Yeshiva University



This paper outlines three features of the Jewish classical tradition that contribute toward pluralism. First, the limitation of the Jewish religion to one nation is accompanied by a positive valuation of the role of other collectivities in the divine plan. 

Judaism recognizes that certain of its core values are shared by other political or religious entities, although realized in a variety of diverse ways. This recognition allows for legal and social interaction and sharing between Judaism and other traditions. Second, Judaism's sceptical approach to truth-claims and appreciation of intellectual diversity fosters intellectual pluralism within the normative community. Third, Judaism's emphasis on tolerance not as an abstract political principle but, rather, as an encounter with persons who must be understood in light of their diverse circumstances allows for intra-group pluralism. The paper concludes by contrasting pluralism with tolerance and argues that pluralism transcends the liberal notion of toleration.



Two further parallels should be pointed out. The first concerns the impor-

tance of community. All three papers make a significant appeal to the com-

munity as the carrier of the spiritual message and as the ultimate agent of

hospitality. The case is obvious with regard to Judaism, whose very self 

defi-nition is communitarian.

"Some call it communism, I call it Judaism."

Anti-Semites have been fond of quoting this statement, which they say, Stephen Wise prominent New York rabbi and Zionist leader, once made. Actually, Rabbi Wise was a life-long foe of Communism; and an official at Manhattan's Hebrew Union College, where Wise's papers are kept, reported that no such statement appears anywhere in Wise's writings. Even George Lincoln Rockwell, American Nazi leader, was forced to admit it was a fake (1).

Sold out to the Talmudic Communist Reds of Esau, "Amaraka" by TREASON and apostasy.

Behold the whore, ISREALHELL and her Universal Beast of zion, Noahidism of Satanism


The Criminal Conspiracy to Create Chaos, to Sovietize America,

and to Unleash the Horrors of 21st Century Totalitarianism


This book describes in chilling detail the criminal transformation of America. It is a riveting, nonstop page-turner that reveals the Communist program for total world conquest, including the United States. You'll discover that for decades the Communists in Russia, Red China, and other totalitarian police states have been supported and sustained by America's leaders. The global power cabal seeks to transform the United States into a Communist New World Order. The monstrous betrayal by the Clinton/Bush Administrations and their complicity in the conspiracy against freedom should send shock waves across the nation. Though organized internationalists are terrifyingly close to achieving their purposes, this book shows that we can still turn back the tide of impending disaster and save this country.

Before it's too late, it is imperative that Americans find out the truth. Has the Bush Administration adopted and advanced approximately the same basic policies as its treasonous predecessor, the Clinton-Gore Administration? Is the Bush Administration endangering national security and selling out America to this country's deadliest enemies? Is it collaborating with Communist totalitarian police states, with criminal regimes which sponsor terrorism, with nations which aim to destroy the United States and set up a Communist New World Order? In this powerful, revolutionary book, we provide an overwhelming body of evidence that proves the answers, each of which is an emphatic: yes.

Using every means, including subversion, psychological warfare, terrorism, disinformation, economic warfare, and "wars of national liberation," the Communists have striven to effect the conquest of all nations of the world. Their ultimate goal is the creation of an Orwellian New World Order—a brutal, terror-inspiring, totalitarian world police state.

This book shows that the criminal conspirators have pursued a deliberate, concerted, long-range program to subvert and destroy America's culture and to produce maximum chaos. The mounting turmoil—moral, political, and economic—is the devastating result of the planned destruction of America. To Sovietize the nation, communitarian (Communist) psychopoliticians have waged psychological warfare, carrying forward their mission to capture the minds of Americans, to align and secure their thoughts and loyalties, and to enforce obedience upon them. It is the mission of Psychopolitics to intensify the attack upon the mind—to eradicate the American view of man and life and to achieve the conversion of the people to another idea of life: life under Soviet Communism (whose hallmarks are secret police, terror, and mass murder).

The ruling elite holds that America's cultural and political choices all lie within a framework of communitarianism (Communism). Hostile to the American system, it has used the Communist environmental and communitarian (communistic community-building) movements to attack freedom, individual rights, private property, and national sovereignty and gradually to assume control over every aspect of human existence.

The destruction of all rights and all freedoms and the imposition of a police state are the real aims of terrorist revolutionaries and their sponsors. Have the communitarian Clinton/Bush Administrations exploited the specter of terrorism as a further step toward a police state in America? This explosive book contains what people need to know and understand in order to answer these questions—and to save this country and the world from a global reign of Communist-led terror.

Talmudism is Judaism is Communism is Communitarianism is Noahidism is SATANISM of the shemgods, the BORG


Rebuilding America

by Niki Raapana, April 3, 2004 (this page is under construction)

The United States of America is not just rebuilding Iraq into a more "democratic" country. The US is also rebuilding itself into a more modern version of democracy. We are no longer a government of the people designed only to protect the rights of individuals to live, work and prosper. The United States' Constitutional government has been rebuilt. The new US government follows in the footsteps of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, who all followed Marx's mandate to "rebuild the world." For over 150 years the ultimate goal of Marxism has been to rebuild the entire world according to communist ideology. The Marxist's rebuilt world was to be ruled over by a dictatorship of the proletariat (which actually meant a dictatorship of the elite communist party members).

While the Communist Party continues to focus on agitating for violent revolutions, the London based Fabian-Marxists have been doing a "slow march through the institutions" for over 110 years. Fabian agents of change were trained to infiltrate and co-opt every institution on the planet. Amitai Etzioni, Israeli founder of the American Communitarian Network, openly admits to holding Fabian values. The Communitarian Movement originated with the "left." This is not a conspiracy theory. The Marxists have never hidden their overall plans, in fact they have always written about it quite openly. They never denied they had a plan. They only hid the exact WAY they were going to go about it. First-- in 1776-- the London Marxists defined American "capitalism," then-- in 1847---the London Marxists defined the conflict between capitalism and communism, and finally-- in 1991-- the London Marxists introduced the solution. Rebuilding America to communitarian values is the 21st Century London Imperialists' "Marxist" solution.

The ultimate goal of the Third Way (introduced by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1992) is to define community values and rebuild the world according to community values. The Marxist plan to rebuild the world has been covertly successful. Now, in 2004, rebuilt Russia and China are the models for rebuilding the rest of the world into a global democratic Utopia, not only including the U.S. but using the U.S. to bring every country under the umbrella of protective democracy. Even though the governments of Russia and China represent the models for more "progressive" governments, Americans seem to have forgotten that the term democracy does not define a free, constitutional republic managed by public servants operating under a strict code for governance. The U.S. used to be governed under an established rule of law.

Americans are deceived by the term democratic, and the reigning government of the United States uses this to their full advantage. President Bush II knows the true meaning of democracy. Bush knew exactly what kind of democracy he was exporting when he ordered the invasion of Iraq. Americans are seldom reminded of this, but "democracy" was used to define the communist-totalitarian fascist government that took over the governments of Russia, China, Cambodia, and Cuba. Today it is used to circumvent American government. Today we are governed by appointed community stakeholders who follow mandates passed down from the United Nations. Community stakeholders are openly trained to become "change agents." Change agents are Marxists who've been trained to "change the world."

There are now six levels of "participatory democracy" in our Rebuilt America:

1. The International government (United Nations- Earth Charter) - appointed stakeholders
2. The National government (United States Constitution)- elected representatives
3. The States government (50 individual states- 50 individual constitutions)- elected representatives
4. The County government- elected representatives
5. The City government- elected representatives
6. The Community government (United Nations- Earth Charter)- appointed stakeholders

Rebuilt America enforces communitarian values that supercede the U.S. Constitutional mandates for legal government actions. While nobody ever bothered to explain it to Americans, the new rule of law is the U.N. Earth Charter. Rebuilt American communities take their mandates from U.N. The incorporation of community development principles begins with the Marxist visioning process. These community visions are led by change agents and created by citizens who share the same values as Marx. No matter how lovely they make it sound, community government operates outside the former rules for U.S. Constitutional government. Levels 2 through 5 have all been incorporated into the global system. Most of our esteemed American elected representatives shamelessly vote for legislation that legalizes U.N. community government operations and programs. Some of our American representatives openly support a global dictatorship of the "workers." (For a great example see David Kuchinich's "ideals.")

President Bush's speech on October 9th before the New Hamsphire folks explains the role of US democracy building in Iraq: "Our goal in Iraq is to leave behind a stable, self-governing society, which will no longer be a threat to the Middle East or to the United States. We're following an orderly plan to reach this goal. Iraq now has a Governing Council, which has appointed interim government ministers. Once a constitution has been written, Iraq will move toward national elections. We want this process to go as quickly as possible -- yet it must be done right. The free institutions of Iraq must stand the test of time. And a democratic Iraq will stand as an example to all the Middle East. We believe -- and the Iraqi people will show -- that liberty is the hope and the right of every land." [emphasis added]

The Structuring of a Rebuilt America

This simple chart shows the heirarchy for a rebuilt America: The Chain of Command and Rule of Law.

The communitarian Third Way is the final goal of Marxism.

In this chart we compare the U.S. system to the U.N. system. We show why it's so difficult for Americans to appeal the new zoning and local land use ordinances, especially the ones that have the power to take their property away. We show the absolute futility of requesting due process under our new and improved laws. When a law comes down from the United Nations that violates property or privacy rights, it cannot be challenged under U.S. Constitutional Law. Communitarian law balances outdated constitutional law.

Constitutional law does not pertain to community building laws. U.N. community building is a law unto itself. As this chart clearly shows, insisting on the legal American route to justice is a circular path that gets you nowhere. There's no established path to file a grievance against an unjust community development fine. There's no way of contacting your elected representatives on the community development council. It's a waste of time requesting legal documents from the enforcement agency that's planning ways to circumvent the constitution,. Everyone will send you to someone else. There are literally thousands of participants in rebuilding community, in 1000s of communities world-wide, and each one will tell you the new plans and laws were your neighbor's idea. Local Agenda 21 exists way outside the former avenues for obtaining speedy American justice.

For a not-so-simple chart explaining how we see the overall plan, click here. Locals will find themselves at the bottom of this chart. Imagine what it'll be like defending yourself against Big Mother trying to use American law. It's all over but the crying. The U.S. Bill of Rights has been balanced under the new authority of this wide assortment of players, programmes, stakeholder agencies, and enforcement arms.

Our Community Councils page explains the Seven Tiers of Communitarian government.

Resources useful to understanding the rebuilding process

President Bush 'wants you' By Linda D. Kozaryn, American Forces Press Service, WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2002

One America- Rebuilding Communities Campaign "Metropolitan Organizations for People works through local organizing committees, which use dialogues to create opportunities for individuals to respond to the needs of their families and participate in the improvement of their community. The Rebuilding Community Campaign focuses on empowering people in the local neighborhoods. Through one-on-one visits with neighbors and fellow congregation members, the campaign attempts to expose major concerns facing families, identify potential new leaders from the community and examine the cultural diversity of Denver. Community members are trained by MOP volunteers and members of the local organizing committees to reach out and listen to the fears and frustrations of neighbors, discuss how the problems affect their families and challenge them to get involved. Active participants in the campaign receive leadership training and control the direction of the organization. As these leaders do more and more one-on-one visits and build a team of neighbors, they are trained in doing research to better understand why the problems exist and what can be done. Also, leaders are trained in how to run meetings, make agendas and develop a powerful and efficient organization that can operate at different levels of power and decision making."[emphasis added]

Communist Party USA brings us HR 1564, Rebuilding America's Infrastructure Act.

II The Positive Programme of Russian Positivism IIyenkov Internet Archives posted by

Road to Revolution 4.5- Smash Reformism- Fight for Communism posted by PLP. "In 1851, Karl Marx wrote, "We say to the workers: `You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power.'" Marx, the activist and theoretician, realized the road to communist revolution was neither absolutely known or unknown. PLP's own march along the road to revolution has taken us through the process of many changes. Each has been a struggle to equip our Party for the seizure of power and the building of communist society. As the road to communism draws closer, the path gets clearer."

Freedom and the West: Shifting Meaning in Post-Soviet Culture by Olesya Turkina at the Conference in Rio de Janiero, Brazil - July 2001

Punabbhava? Or The Undead? details the various communitarian factions and is a great summary of the split in the Communist Party in the USA.

Times Watch Rebuilding Plans for War Torn America?

Rebuilding America By Felix Rohatyn.

Toward Comprehensive approaches For Strengthening Communities by Robert O. Zdneck, Shelterforce Online, March/April 1994.

Rebuilding America by Richard Florida.

Rebuilding Their World: Bukharan Jews in the United States.

On Mao Tsetung's Contributions posted by Red Star September 2001.


Just one big Red Talmudic Sofiet Commune Noahide Collective of the shemborg one world odor, hoodlum haha

Gawd bless are already a nation of satan, but you can come out of the great WHORE of zion and REPENT unto Jesus the Christ the LORD







decapitationdecapitation - execution by cutting off the victim's head

capital punishment, death penalty, executing, execution - putting a condemned person to death




decapitation - killing by cutting off the head

kill, putting to death, killing - the act of terminating a life


The GOOD News

Rv:20:4: And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.


reckon why Jesus disciples were not raptured, or 50 thousand aborted babies every year?

YEP, your zionist Pastors have set you up  for the slaughter of Satan.


counter attack

Join the ADL

anti-demon league and fight anti-Christ

Report an Anti-Christ Incident

Fill in the form below if:
  • you are the victim of anti-Christ harassment or vandalism
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yes all the above, they Crucified me at Calvary


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2000 years ago and now they seek to slay my children


at Calvary, now they seek to slay my saints throughout the Earth



My Father sent me to Offer Jerusalem and all mankind salvation, I came and raised the dead and gave sight to the Blind and the lame walks. I told the Chabad Lubavitch Pharisees the truth, but they would not have it. The Builders who were chosen for Salvation, who rejected the Cornerstone instead chose the "ROBBER". They sent false witness against me and My Father, and they Crucified me after they beat me and they Pierced me on Good Friday. But My Father Raised me on the Third Day, where I showed My disciples and 500 men of good report, then I ascended to heaven to my Father where I have inherited everything Created and the Heaven and the earth. Those who believe me, are my children, my sheep, and they are the TRUE Believers. But now the Chabad Lubavitcher's who are the Pharisees, have passed laws to slay my saints also. that Old FOX is their head demon.


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