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Part 465

May 7, 2006 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Iyar 9, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

Extra Extra

When this Picture first appeared at it made NO MENTION of being a spoof. There are NO Other "Spoofs" in the Archives of Pics. It was not until Texe Marrs began broadcasting the PIC, when they were alerted, they added the "Word" Spoof, to deceive the masses. Too Late, he is REVEALED as a Talmudic Hassidic jew. I have read many denials, which state that this Photo was photoshopped from another Pic. I demand that any Man, Woman or Child, Produce the Original, or forever...."Shut Up" the Documentation is rock solid, here on this site of what they are about, I challenge any of you apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity or Talmudic Jew to Dispute the Proof. Bush is of DAN of the Talmudic RED Hassidim unto the beast Sanhedrin unto the Dragon the Murderer their father, the son's of the synagogue of Satan, and is not a man of the LIVING LORD JESUS who is the only Iam. 


E- Mail Dov Stein, Sanhedrin May 7, 2006

To: ??
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006 11:00 AM
Subject: Re:

what happened Dov, where did all your "Defenders" hide today?, you have failed in your vision.........So now Bushwhacker must come and take the most fenced cities, then your wannabe king Mooshiyuck ben wannabe......then Jesus Christ Great and Terrible Day of his wrath.......Nohide, no, no place to hide

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall......
15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

Announcement Concerning
"Beit Shapira" in Hebron

The Special Court
For Matters Concerning The Nation and the State
under the Auspices of the Sanhedrin

The 6 Iyyar 5766 decision states in part:

The decision of the supreme court in the matter of "Beit Shapira" by which they will evacuate the Jews from a house that was rented according to law...


The Court for Matter of the Nation and the State, a body affiliated with the 71-member nascent Sanhedrin, issued a call upon Hevron residents to stand strong. The court, which has ruled on matters relating to the Disengagement and Land of Israel issues in the past, said an expulsion from Hevron is the first step in removing Jews from Judea, Samaria and all of Israel. The statement issued by the religious court said that the decision by Israel's Supreme Court is "opposed to justice and law and harms the rights of the buyer. The
Supreme Court has been recruited by the state, and together they are destroying and undermining the rights of Jews in the Land of Israel."

The statement concludes, calling upon the public to "put on helmets and come with bandages to bodily prevent the expulsion of Jews."

It is signed:

Chief Justice R' Yisrael Ariel

Justice R' Dov Meir Stein

Justice R' Hillel Weiss

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PM: Israel will not yield to 'bullying' by settlers

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that the eviction of three settler families holed up in a Palestinian-owned house in the West Bank city of Hebron was the expression of the government's uncompromising approach to lawlessness in the territories.

Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch Talmudic reds

"We will not reconcile ourselves to bullying and creating facts outside of the law, c
rtainly not in sensitive areas like this," Olmert said.

The prime minister spoke after security forces completed the eviction of the three families from the Al-Nazar house in Hebron. The families left the premises having agreeed with police that they would resist the eviction without exercising violence.

"In every case where the law is violated, we will respond without compromise, and we won't reconcile ourselves to illegal facts on the ground," he went on.

Speaking at the first cabinet meeting of his new government,
(Secular Aholibah of the South) Olmert said the eviction of the families bears no relation to the government's plan to evacuate most West Bank settlements.

New Defense Minister Amir Peretz updated the government on the chain of events that lead to the eviction. He said that the government is obligated to enforce the law down to the last letter in the territories as much as it is obligated to do so in Israel proper.

On Friday the High Court of Justice ordered the evacuation of the house by Monday after rejecting a petition by the settlers to reconsider the eviction order.

Three settler families have refused to evacuate the Palestinian home that they have been illegally occupying for a month.

The three families forced their way into the Al-Nazar family home near the Avraham Avinu neighborhood on April 6.

for they are of the "robbers" of the people 

Some forty to fifty youths who came to reinforce the families' resistance remained in the house after its residents were evicted. They threw paint at the security forces personnel who came to evict them but were also removed from the premises eventually.

A policeman was lightly wounded in his face during the scuffle.

The standoff's conclusion followed a night of clashes between settlers and police in which thirteen Border Police were wounded and seven settlers were arrested.

Policemen entered the house close to 8.00 A.M. after cutting its front door with a disc-saw for nearly an hour. Channel 10 TV showed pictures of Israel Police and Border Police making their way slowly into the house without meeting any opposition.

Earlier, Channel 2 and Channel 10 TV showed pictures of policemen trying to break down the house's iron door with hammers, as police refrained from using any heavy equipment.

After evacuating the house, settler Tzippi Schlissel said she and her husband Yisrael contacted police to negotiate a peaceful eviction after overhearing policemen saying they want to "break hands and legs."

propaganda of Arutz Aholah national news

Thirteen officers injured overnight
In the nighttime struggles between police and dozens of rioters thirteen Border Police officers were injured, as the three families facing eviction were joined by settler reinforcement.

As officers attempted to enter the house, youths holed up inside poured paint on them from above. Police sources estimated there were between 30 and 60 people, mostly youths, inside the home.

Rabbi Yisrael Schlissel, speaking with Israel Radio Sunday morning from the house, denied any violence was used against police and accused the evacuators of violence.

"I have not seen any violence directed at police," he said.

The eviction began after the security forces managed to evacuate the dozens of settlers who had set up in front of the home during the night. They threw stones, firebombs, paint and flaming tires at the officers.

The condition of the injured officers was not immediately known, but seven were evacuated to receive medical treatment.

Seven settlers were reportedly arrested at the onset of the clashes, according to an Army Radio report.

seven of 770 shem-bolism

The report said that in addition to the injured officers, five settlers were lightly injured.

The High Court of Justice gave security forces until Monday to evacuate the settlers. The court ruled that the settlers could be removed forcibly if necessary.

The eviction, which was approved a month ago by the defense minister, was delayed while the High Court considered a petition against the eviction order submitted by the Jewish community of Hebron.

The eviction order was based on claims that the lease was based on identity fraud carried out by a Palestinian falsely claiming to be the home's owner



Thus the set up for the king of the North, Dan Bushwhacker, more "Terror" and the False Flag operation ensues, unto desolation

Last update - 14:45 07/05/2006

Bush: Iran's threats to destroy Israel should be taken seriously

By Haaretz Service and News Agencies

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's threats to destroy Israel should be taken seriously and suggest he could target other countries as well, President George W. Bush told German weekly Bild am Sonntag.

But Hamanahmadinejad never said that, this is their false Propaganda operation to justify the attack, which will ensue after a false Iranian" "Terror Strike"

Ahmadinejad has said Israel should be "wiped off the map" and referred to the Holocaust as a myth.

He said If Europe was responsible for the holocaust, then they should be housing the jews, not the Paletstinian's who are robbed and slain all the day long by the jewish proxy of shame

"When (Ahmadinejad) says that he wants to destroy Israel, the world needs to take it seriously," said Bush.

Even while Bushwhacker murders wonderfully in the name of Noahide Demonicrazy

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

"This is a serious threat, aimed at an ally of the United States and Germany. What Ahmadinejad also means is that if he is ready to destroy one country, then he would also be ready to destroy others. This is a threat that needs to be dealt with," he added.

As he is destroying one Nation after the other for shem's sham of shame unto the Talmudic Hassidic Dragon he serves

Iran threatens to withdraw from NPT

The Iranian parliament threatened in a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Sunday to force the government to withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty if the United States continued pressuring Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment.

The letter, read on state radio, said Annan and the Security Council must
resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear program "peacefully, (or) there will be no option for the parliament but to ask the government to withdraw its signature" from an addendum to the treaty that calls for signers to allow intrusive, snap inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency - the treaty monitoring body.

Iran has already stopped snap IAEA inspections, saying its 2003 agreement was being implemented voluntarily and had not been ratified by parliament and the Guardian Council, a powerful oversight body dominated by Islamic hard-liners. The protocol allows unfettered and unannounced IAEA inspections to ensure overall compliance with the NPT.

Furthermore, the letter said, the lawmakers would order a "review (of) Article 10 of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty," the section of the agreement that outlines procedures for withdrawal.

Article 10 allows signatories to pull out of the treaty if they decide that extraordinary events have jeopardized their own supreme interests. A nation wanting to withdraw must give fellow treaty signers and the U.N. three months notice and detail events leading up to the decision.

North Korea withdrew from the treaty in 2003 on that basis.

The threat comes after Iran said Sunday that any measures taken against its nuclear program by the UN Security Council would be illegal actions that would push Tehran towards confrontation with the West rather than cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog.

"Involving the UN Security Council and adopting incorrect decisions will change the direction of work from cooperation to confrontation," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told a weekly news conference.

Asefi also repeated the declaration that there was nothing the international community could do to prompt Iran to suspend uranium enrichment and accused Iran's antagonists of being politically motivated.

"Countries sponsoring the draft resolution (Britain, France and the United States) have political motivations," Asefi said. "It's clear that any action by the UN Security Council will leave a negative impact on our cooperation with the IAEA."

The United States, Britain and France have expressed concern Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons under cover of its enrichment program and are trying to craft a UN resolution that would involve some measure of punishment should Iran fail to cease processing uranium. Russia and China have refused to agree to a draft resolution, calling for further diplomacy.

according to the Hassidic plan and the prophets of Baa'l, never knowing GOD the Creator controls it all

Iran insists the program is designed only to make fuel for reactors to
generate electricity,
and the IAEA says there is no evidence Iran has a
nuclear weapons program.

"The UN Security Council should not take any action that it cannot later
undo. We won't give up our rights and the issue of suspension (of enrichment)is not on our agenda," Asefi said at his weekly briefing.

At the UN, Britain, France and the United States were trying to bridge
differences with Russia and China, the other two veto holding members, on a resolution that could eventually lead to sanctions against Tehran.

The United States said it wants a vote in the coming week, with or without support from Moscow and Beijing.

onward toward more Murder

After an informal two-hour meeting Saturday at Britain's UN Mission, council members said they made some progress in a paragraph-by-paragraph discussion of the draft resolution. But Britain's UN Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry said the most contentious issues were not discussed in detail, which leaves a major question mark over prospects for the resolution's speedy adoption.

"We are still working to achieve unanimity ... but we're prepared to go to a vote without it," U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said. "We're not prepared to extend these negotiations endlessly ... I think it's realistic to consider this for a vote next week."

Bolton a Talmudic Hassidic son of Satan's synaGOG

The resolution, co-sponsored by Britain and France and backed by the United States, would make mandatory the previous Security Council demands that Iran suspend uranium enrichment, plutonium reprocessing, and construction of a heavy-water nuclear reactor.

Even while Amaraka slays wonderfully with depleted Uranium Bombs

The draft states that the "proliferation risk" posed by Iran constitutes a threat to international peace and security, and the resolution would be
adopted under Chapter 7
(of 770 serpents den)
of the U.N. Charter, which can be enforced by
sanctions - or if necessary - military action.

Russia and China, both permanent council members with veto power, and some nonpermanent members object to putting the resolution under Chapter 7. They contend that there is no evidence that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons - as the United States and its allies believe - and they object to the call for possible "further measures" to ensure Tehran's compliance.

Iran has said it wants the issue turned back over to the IAEA for further
negotiations. But the agency has referred the Iranian program to the council, making it unlikely in the short term that some sort of action in the Security Council will move forward.

Iran says it has the right to enrich uranium under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, monitored by the IAEA. Iran's council opponents on the issue say that right was given up when the IAEA determined in 2002 that Iran had conducted secret nuclear research and development for decades


Sorcery and Blasphemy celebration

Last update - 16:46 07/05/2006

Kabbala rabbi celebration to attract crowd of 800,000 people

By Itim

Police expect some 800,000 people to attend the celebration of the (Perverted Hassidic) saintly rabbi, Rabbi Simeon Bar Yohai, which will take place at his grave on Mount Meron next Monday, the Itim news agency reported Sunday.

Some 5,000 police officers will secure the annual event, celebrated on the Jewish holiday of Lag Baomer.

counting homers

As of Sunday, new traffic regulations will be in place around the settlement of Meron near the Rabbi Bar Yohai's grave and a headquarters will be setup to help organizers coordinate the festivities.

During Lag Baomer, Israelis light bonfires symbolizing the fires lit by 2nd century Jewish rebels, who marked their temporary defeat of the Romans during the Second Jewish Revolt. (Molech fire) 

Simeon Bar Yohai was a famous 2nd century rabbi who is attribuited with writting the book of Zohar, one of the chief works of the Kabbalah. He is believed to have died on Lag Baomer.

the Book of the Prophets of Baa'l's sorcery and Blasphemy of ITSREALHELL


The German Noahide Juden-Chirstian proselyte Noahide of the Nasi

Merkel: German Jews a ‘joy’

Germany’s growing Jewish community is a source of “great joy,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said. “We are able to note with great joy that Jewish schools are thriving, synagogues are being built and, as of next fall, rabbis will be ordained,” Merkel said Thursday, addressing the American Jewish Committee’s 100th anniversary celebrations in Washington.

Germany’s Jewish community, which Merkel estimated at 200,000, is the only one outside Israel undergoing substantial growth, mainly because of immigration from the former Soviet Union. Merkel also said her country would not tolerate a nuclear weapon for Iran.


The Seven of Sanhedrin of the Dragon anti-Christ

הקש כאן לקבל האתר של הסנהדרין בעברית 

Current members of the Sanhedrin

Background Information

The members of the Sanhedrin can generally be characterized as people who are extremely dedicated to their work  They fall under the category of our Mishnah –

the tradition which makes the WORD of GOD of none effect

 “Those who love the effort and hate the [pride that comes with the] Rabbinut.” (Pirke Avot)  Many of them try to fulfill the words of the Rambam, to endeavor in Torah without receiving compensation for such.  

They Hate the WORD of God, but cling to their Babylonian Fables

Many distance themselves from serving in appointed positions as rabbis.

Mt:23:8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

 The following material is based on publicly available information, and thus is not always complete.

Due to concerns that external pressure would be brought to bear upon individuals not to take part in the establishment of a Sanhedrin, the names of most participants have been withheld up to this point, upon the request of the Sanhedrin's spokesmen.

On condition of anonymity 

The Sanhedrin selected of a group of seven individuals from among themselves to represent the institution in dealings with the public and with Gedolei Yisrael - recognized spiritual leaders of Israel. It was decided to release the names for purposes of transparency as well. It is hoped that the release of the seven names will encourage those who believe that their own rabbis or teachers can contribute to the endeavor, to propose that they also be included in the legislature.

Rv:17:10: And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

The authorized representatives of the Sanhedrin are as follows:

Rabbi Adin (Even-Israel) Steinzaltz, Nassi (President)
NASI, Nazi of the Dragon anti-Christ Sanhedrin
Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz Teacher, philosopher, social critic and prolific author who has been hailed by Time magazine as a "once-in-a-millennium scholar." His lifelong work in Jewish education earned him the Israel Prize, his country’s highest honor. Born in Jerusalem in 1937, Rabbi Steinsaltz studied physics and chemistry at the Hebrew University. Following graduation, he established several experimental schools and, at the age of 24, became Israel’s youngest school principal.

In 1965, he began his monumental Hebrew translation and commentary on the Talmud. To date, he has published 38 of the anticipated 46 volumes. The Rabbi’s classic work of Kabbalah, The Thirteen Petalled Rose, was first published in 1980 and now appears in eight languages. In all, Rabbi Steinsaltz has authored some 60 books and hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from theology to social commentary.

Continuing his work as a teacher and spiritual mentor, Rabbi Steinsaltz established a network of schools and educational institutions in Israel and the former Soviet Union. He has served as scholar in residence at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies in Washington, D.C. and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University. His honorary degrees include doctorates from Yeshiva University, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Bar Ilan University, Brandeis University, and Florida International University.

Rabbi Nachman Kahana
Av Beith Ha-Din (Chancellor) 
Rabbi Nachman Kahana Phd., Rabbinic Scholar, Rabbi of the Young Israel of Jerusalem's Old City and head of the Institute for Talmudic Commentaries, which is involved in the study of the rituals and ceremonies related to Kodshim, as well as creating a database of reliable Kohanim (priests) in Israel.  Graduate of Yeshivat Mir and author of the Mai menuchot series, explanations of Tosefot commentaries.

Rabbi Yoel Shwartz, Segan Av Beith Ha-Din (Vice Chancelllor)
Global anti-Christ Noahide enforcer

Rabbi Yoel Shwartz An outstanding Torah scholar and prolific writer has published over 200 seforim. He is a product of the great Yeshivot Poneviz and Mir and merited to study with the famous Mashgiach of Yeshivat Mir, Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevitch zt"l. As a past Mashgiach in Yeshivat Itri and currently a Ram in Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim, Rabbi Schwartz brings scores of years of experience in Torah education to the Nahal Haredi. Rabbi Schwartz has served as a spiritual advisor and educator since the inception of the program in 1999. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Directly under these are four more rabbis who, together with the above three, are the democratically-elected leadership council of the Sanhedrin.  They are (not in order of seniority):

Rabbi Dov

Rabbi Dov Levanoni Torah scholar and author of ha-Mikdash: Teur Bet ha-Mikdash ha-Sheni lefi shitat ha-Rambam  HaMikdash : a description of the Second Temple according to the Rambam

Chabad Lubavitch

Rabbi Yisrael

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel A former Yeshiva head and founder of the Machon Hamikdash. Rabbi Ariel was the Rosh Yeshiva and spiritual leader of Yamit. Rabbi Ariel is a scholar of great renown, and is also the author of many Hebrew works, including the highly acclaimed "Atlas of the Biblical Boundaries of the Land of Israel." He served in the paratrooper brigade which liberated the Western Wall in the Six Day War of 1967, and was one of the first soldiers to reach the Wall.

Rabbi Yehudah

Rabbi Yehudah 'Edri Torah Scholar and accomplished writer, a principal and educational supervisor for the hareidi Shas Party´s El HaMa´yan educational system  Expert on the various opinions regarding the history and location of the Mikdash and its measures.

Rabbi Dov Stein, Secretariat

Rabbi Dov Stein Received semikha for the Rabbinut from Rav Sternberg of Edas Hareidi. A pioneer in the Sanhedrin's renewal for the last 20 years, he has been secretary of the Sanhedrin since its inception, dealing with logistical aspects as well as interacting with recognized Torah scholars and inviting rabbis to join the body.

afraid that the camera will rob him of his soul spark essence

The seven-member leadership council (above) convenes on weekly basis within a larger court of ordained rabbis from the general ranks of the Sanhedrin that grows steadily, in the ongoing development of a full Sanhedrin Qe`tanah (small Sanhedrin) to lead the Sanhedrin. 

Rv:17:12: And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

THE VILNA GA'ON (ibid.) supports Rashi's interpretation. He explains that when Sanhedrin sat, ten (of the most important members) sat in the middle of the group, and they were surrounded by the other sixty. These are the "sixty mighty men *around* the bed of Shlomo. (The ten in the middle correspond to the seven "Ro'ei Pnei ha'Melech" and three "Shomrei ha'Saf," who are closest to the king, in a king's court -- and in the king of king's court -- see Megilah 23a. The verse in II Melachem 25:19, which associates these authoritative members of the king's court with sixty other men, is discussing the members of the Sanhedrin.

The leadership of the developing Sanhedrin stress that they are still in a transitional phase, and that though today's members are Torah scholars and experts in many secular and scientific fields, every one of them has agreed to step aside the moment a more deserving candidate should step forward.


Mystery Babylon, Noahide anti-Christ, Mother Harlot of all the earth, back in full attire

Greek Gods Prepare
For Comeback

By Helena Smith in Athens
The Guardian UK
It has taken almost 2,000 years, but those who worship the 12 gods of ancient Greece have finally triumphed. An Athens court has ordered that the adulation of Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Athena and co is to be unbanned, paving the way for a comeback of pagans on Mount Olympus.
The followers, who say they "defend the genuine traditions, religion and ethos" of the ancients by adhering to a pre-Christian polytheistic culture, are poised to take their battle to the temples of Greece.
"What we want, now, is for the government to fully recognise our religion," Vasillis Tsantilas told the Guardian. "We will petition the Greek parliament, and the EU if that fails, for access to worship in places like the Acropolis, for permission to have our own cemeteries and, where necessary, to re-bury the [ancient] bones of the dead.
About 98% of Greeks are Orthodox Christian, and all other religions except Judaism and Islam had been banned.
Yet the pagans say as many as 2,000 Greeks have signed up to their movement. Mr Tsantilas, 42, a computer scientist who came to paganism after toying with Buddhism, Taoism and Islam, said worshippers perceived the ancient gods as the "personification of the divine".
But Greece's powerful Orthodox Church takes a less charitable view, accusing the worshippers of idolatry and "poisonous New Age practices".
Father Eustathios Kollas, who presides over the community of Greek priests, said: "They are a handful of miserable resuscitators of a degenerate dead religion who wish to return to the monstrous dark delusions of the past."


Any thing, but KING Jesus

Dan:9:26: And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

Judge threatens fine to enforce '91 ruling

By Onell R. Soto

May 4, 2006

NELVIN CEPEDA / Union-Tribune
The cross was dedicated in 1954 as a war memorial.
A federal judge (Freemason Noahide)  moved to end a 17-year legal saga yesterday by ordering the city of San Diego to remove the Mount Soledad cross from city property within 90 days or be fined $5,000 a day.

and to put of a Chabad Menorah?

“It is now time, and perhaps long overdue, for this Court to enforce its initial permanent injunction forbidding the presence of the Mount Soledad Cross on City property,” U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson Jr. said.

Thompson found the presence of the cross on city property unconstitutional in 1991, two years after its legality was challenged.

When HJR 104, PL 102-14 superceded the Constitution

Since then, his order and the cross have been subject to litigation, public debates and three votes.

Courts have invalidated three land transfers – two sales to a private group and a gift to the federal government – designed to keep the cross atop one of the city's most scenic landmarks.

In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the city's appeal.

Although Mayor Jerry Sanders said he will propose appealing yesterday's ruling, City Attorney Mike Aguirre said an appeal would be a waste of time and resources.

It is unclear whether the City Council would approve an appeal.

The daily fines are a way for Thompson to force the issue, said Shaun Martin, a professor at the University of San Diego School of Law.

“That's the usual way you tell people to put up or shut up,” Martin said.

All solutions other than removing the cross from Mount Soledad have been considered and rejected by the courts, he said, including land transfers and designating the site as a historic memorial.

“They've already tried everything short of moving the cross and lost,” Martin said.

Thompson, he said, showed extraordinary patience for such maneuvers, but yesterday the judge decided enough was enough.

“This was a way to actually get people off their duffs to make a decision and in some ways to give them cover for giving up,” Martin said.

The head of the private organization that operates the memorial said it is prepared to have the cross moved to private property nearby and replaced at the memorial with another fitting symbol for veterans of the Korean War.

“We feel it's very important that the cross be saved,” said William Kellogg, president of the Mount Soledad Memorial Association. “The location of the cross is not the primary issue.”

The lawyer who fought for the removal of the cross said he expects city officials to comply with the judge's order.

“I don't think the city has its heart in taking more action,” James McElroy said. “It's time to end 17 years of litigation and it's time for the taxpayers to end footing the bill for futile litigation.”

McElroy said he has fielded death threats, one as recently as yesterday, as a result of handling the case.

The mayor said an appeal would be worth the money, but acknowledged he didn't know what an appeal would cost the budget-strapped city.

Sanders justified continuing the legal battle despite Aguirre's advice and the city's dismal record of fighting it in court because, he said, most San Diegans believe the cross should stay.

“Seventy-five percent of the voters said they thought it was extremely important. I think we need to go to an appeal,” he said.

He was referring to Proposition A, last July's ballot measure to transfer the cross to the federal government that was approved by nearly 76 percent of those who cast votes. However, San Diego Superior Court Judge Patricia Yim Cowett ruled in October the proposition violated the state constitution. That decision is on appeal.

McElroy said he hopes Sanders' comments are “political posturing.”

“He needs to make an intelligent decision about the financial consequences here,” McElroy said. “I think he knows he can't win the case, so, does he really want to throw taxpayers' money at a losing case?”

In addition to its own legal costs, the city has been ordered to pay McElroy's legal bills, which a judge in a related Superior Court case recently estimated were $280,000, on top of the $233,000 the city was forced to pay McElroy and the American Civil Liberties Union several years ago in a related lawsuit.

Philip Paulson, the atheist (Noahide) who sued in 1989 for removal of the cross, declined comment after yesterday's ruling.

Philip Thalheimer, the head of a private organization that backed Proposition A, said his group might help the city financially with the appeal and the fines.

“People across the country are watching this,” said Thalheimer, chairman of San Diegans for the Mount Soledad National War Memorial.

During its ballot campaign, he said, “we raised $300,000 in about five weeks.”

Thalheimer said the group would like to appeal the decision, but it is unclear whether it has the legal right to do so.

A lawyer representing the group appeared at yesterday's hearing as a friend of the court – a legal description for parties that may argue before a judge even though they are not a plaintiff or a defendant.

Aguirre said he doubts that an appeals court would overturn Thompson's ruling and he expects city officials to work out a way to end the litigation.

“We're free to disagree with the court's ruling but not to disobey it,” he said. “It's very disappointing, I know, for the religious community. My hope is that we'll be able to use the next 90 days to find a resolution that allows us to come together to solve this problem.”

He accused city officials of having “politicized the issue.”

Of eight members of the City Council, three – Brian Maienschein, Jim Madaffer and Tony Young – have voted in favor of keeping the cross where it is. Council President Scott Peters and Councilwomen Toni Atkins and Donna Frye have voted to move it.

The newest members of the council, Kevin Faulconer and Ben Hueso, have not voted on the cross issue.

Peters, through a spokeswoman, said he believes the cross issue is a losing proposition and the city should work to end the litigation, but said he would docket the matter for a vote if Sanders asks for it.

In his ruling, Thompson said he has spent years hearing arguments over the cross, as have other courts.

“Consistently, every court that has addressed the issue has ruled that the presence of the Latin cross on Mount Soledad, land which is owned by the city of San Diego . . . violates Article I Section 4 of the California Constitution,” he said in his order.

And, he said, two cases that came up at the same time as this one – involving a cross on Mount Helix and a cross on the La Mesa city seal – have long since been resolved.


Hypocrites and murderers

Brazil Unveils Uranium Enrichment Center

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil May 6, 2006 (AP)— Brazil has inaugurated a uranium enrichment center capable of producing nuclear fuel for the South American country's power plants.

Brazil's enrichment center will save millions of dollars the country now spends to enrich fuel at Urenco, the European enrichment consortium, Science and Technology Minister Sergio Rezende told the government news agency Agencia Brasil Saturday.

Iran is seeking to produce the same fuel, but is facing international pressure against doing so. Brazil like Iran has signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and Brazil's constitution bans the military use of nuclear energy.

Brazil has the world's sixth-largest uranium reserves, but has been unable to use the fuel for energy without shipping it to and from Urenco.

Rezende stressed Brazil's commitment to the peaceful use of nuclear energy at a ceremony Friday at the plant built on a former coffee plantation in Resende, 90 miles west of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2004, the Brazilian government drew attention when it refused unrestricted inspections by the International Atomic Energy Association, arguing that full access to its centrifuges would put it at risk of industrial espionage.

Inspectors said they were satisfied after monitoring the uranium that comes in and out of the centrifuges.

Brazil's nuclear program began during a 1964-85 military dictatorship, and the ruling generals had secret plans to test an atomic bomb underground in the Amazon jungle. The idea was scrapped in 1990.


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No to Noahide



Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11: For
the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


Please purchase a Notonoahide baseball cap to get the Word out

No to Noahide

We need help alerting the World who will listen. If you are a complacent apathetic Apostate Amarakan fence sitter, I highly recommend that you go into the Lowestroom of arrogant pride and return to the Vomit of Noahide Law, where they worship the Dragon. Are you one who comes here to understand, Day by Day, and yet you refuse to tell others? We have told you before, these hats and shirts are for one purpose and one purpose alone, and that is to get the word out regarding the Noahide Satanic laws of the Hassidim Vipers and them who agree with them the proselytes of that Old Dragon and the serpent and satan, who say that he is GOD.

If you disagree, then move on to another site which fits your fits of fancy.....................and "adios" to them who say "It aint gonna happen"r fits of fancy.....................and "adios" to them who say "It aint gonna happen"


hahahhahaahahhahahahah whooooooey


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