With the help of G'd
6-12-06 Sivan 16, 5766

To the Nascent Sanhedrin, the Sub-court for Matters Concerning
Bnai Noach, and members of the High Council of Bnai Noach.

Subject: Letter of resignation.

It is with sorrow that I must submit this letter of resignation.
However, because of recent and ongoing events I find it necessary to do so.

The original intention of appointing a High Council was for it to be an
instrument for unifying all the Bnai Noach groups, for educational
purposes, and for funneling halachic questions that could be answered by
the Sub-court for Bnai Noach set up by the Nascent Sanhedrin.

However, since the very inception of the High Court it has brought
practically nothing but alienation and conflict among the Bnai Noach, which
has even spread among the Jews. This is just the very opposite of what
it was intended for.

At first I thought these problems would go away if only given time and
perhaps some input by the High Council for Bnai Noach. Sadly, this has
not happened. Just the opposite happened. The conflicts have deepened
over time. It has come to the point of Bnai Noah denouncing Jews, Jews
denouncing Bnai Noah
, and Jews denouncing other Jews. This is not what
those who first came up with the idea of having a High Council for Bnai
Noach would or could have wanted.

I find that I have no place in such a group and want no part of it and
I therefore humbly submit my resignation.

May the King of the Universe (Satan)  Who chose to reveal Himself (son of perdition revealed)  to all of
humanity as the L'rd G'd of Israel continue to bless all of Israel and
those who love her. (The Harlot of the earth) 


Jack E. Saunders
Lector, Frazier's Chapel Bnai Noach Study Center
Director, First Covenant Foundation
Cleveland, Tennessee
United States of America



Rabbi Yoel Swartz.    

Vice-Chairman of the Sanhedrin.
Head of the Court for Bnei Noach.
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