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Where Will You Be Tomorrow?
What's your greatest asset? Is it your time, your money, or your life? In the current situation you are about to lose all three.
Your time is no longer yours anymore. Your money, under the terms of Patriot Acts One and the parts of Two that have been passed, will no longer belong to you once the next attack 'happens.' Your life, under the then pending Martial Law, administered by FEMA, will hang by the thinnest of threads, depending on where you are when the order is given.
What exactly is FEMA, in terms of its powers, once it's activated?
"EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months." http://www.sonic.net/sentinel/gvcon6.html
This has all been arranged for you; by paid-off government officials, who just took the money and looked the other way-whenever it came to what will become of you and me!
"Once the next 911 happens, the nation will be put on condition RED, and then we'll have PATRIOT II by executive order. This will unleash FEMA to do what it was designed to do - which is to round us all up, strip us of anything anyone in government might want, and throw the rest of us away. This will be courtesy of that secretive black-ops shadow government known as FEMA - that rising curse that gives shape to all the nightmares that Bush wants each of us to fear. This terrifying new world will exceed all natural bonds, and will even surpass our innate wish to remain a viably free and prosperous society. This will make Orwell's 1984 look like a fairy tale. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/pages/camps.html
All of the above was what 911 was really all about. September 11, 2001 was the trigger that began a national and international reign of fear and paranoia. Using this new 'terror' of an unknown and much feared 'enemy' ­ the public in America was easily led into the attack upon Afghanistan. That place that had been at war for many years already was held up to the world as the terrorist haven for Islamic Outlaws, bent on killing Americans. If so, they were outlaws trained, equipped, and financed by the CIA; having been created by that agency to resist the Russians several years before.
The flags were flying high, the bloodlust was pumping ­ and no one questioned how a bunch of rag-tag bandits inside a network of caves could have pulled off the events of 911, without help from American insiders. Most also failed to notice the newly developing, but land locked oil fields that surround Afghanistan. The oil from those fields needed to get to the sea, and would have to pass directly through Afghanistan. US military bases had been established before the war, north of Afghanistan in preparation for the attack we'd planned to carry out before September. Yet this was not mentioned or discussed by media, because it was the true point for what we went into that country to do. http://www.truthout.org/docs_02/12.30A.afgh.pipe.htm
After the Afghan pipeline deal was completed, and Al Qaeda had been created and identified as the brains behind the Taliban: then the media identified al Qaeda, as our one true global threat. This then, became a simple matter of linking the globetrotting terrorists to "the evil dictator of Iraq." It didn't matter that Saddam and terrorists had nothing in common, and in reality hated each other: nor did it matter that Al Qaeda was a CIA creation from the start. This was another unilateral "decision" handed down from the oval office, and that was that. No questions were asked no real justifications were ever given. Again Americans just bought the whole package, based on their trust in the word of George W. Bush, as the president of the United States.
After Afghanistan the real point of everything could at last begin. "Operation Shekhinah" Israel's intended Blitzkrieg, designed to steal Middle Eastern oil and land, was initiated.
http://www.joevialls.co.uk/subliminalsuggestion/oil.html This included all of Iraq as part of the map of Greater Israel, and that's been in the works for over three decades now.
This too was seen by the White House as a simple matter, given the gullibility of the American public to believe their staged productions that based all 'our' actions on protecting America from nuclear, biological, or chemical attacks upon US targets. For six months the boys & girls in government trotted out their tattered "evidence" and demanded a preemptive strike upon Iraq-"to save American lives," of course!
The mantra became American National Security, and armed with nothing more than that, Bush overrode the UN, trashed the Atlantic Alliance, mocked our European Allies, and nearly destroyed NATO: to "go it alone in Iraq." Bush would stop Saddam from sending his stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and or nuclear bombs to reign down upon American cities. The public, still mesmerized by 911, bought this new performance and got more flags, and thumped their chests, and off we went to war with the Brits close behind us, and the world clearly opposed.
In our haste, no one bothered to point out the true status of Saddam's military power prior to invasion. They had no air force; only a handful of defensive missiles, and according to their declaration and to UN weapons inspectors; no WMD's and no nuclear capabilities at all. The "war" immediately began. Rummy had crushed all opposition in the Pentagon, and re-written everything about how we'd fight this "war." He was wrong on each and every count, militarily, tactically and strategically. He wasted half our armor and the vehicles on his "Road to Baghdad" because he failed to understand the power of the desert sand storms. He also failed to consider the mechanical limits of the tanks and other vehicles that were never made to be driven like sports cars through the deserts of the world. Eventually the 'force' arrived, and attacked Baghdad, but the enemy had vanished. Bush used the opportunity to declare Victory over "major combat," and then the real war began.
That ugly and continuing slide goes on as this is being written, with no security or stability anywhere in country. We invaded we said, first to rid them of WMD's and then it was Saddam, and then it was-well no one any longer knows exactly why we went there. But, "we're there now, so we're going to "Stay the Course" whatever that might mean. Fascinating study, if it weren't for the millions of people that have died there, amid the lost political fortunes and the shattered plans of so many greedy interests. Bush keeps insisting; "nothing will keep us from accomplishing our mission in Iraq." Yet no one can say what that mission is or was, never mind what it's become today! What's clear is that there is still NO PLAN, and there have been no apologies for anything that we've done.
Recently the treatment of the POW's, has now come to light, and has begun to show how we think about the people and the population of Iraq. To stop the bad PR, the CIA got back into the business of fake videos. Within days they falsified evidence, again to try to change the world's opinion of those that are resisting our invasion. Bush claims that we're there to stop the terror and the fear that has become a way of life today. But it was not Iraqi's that brought this fear, or caused this new strain of terror that stalks the people of that land. It's less than 6 weeks from "the handover of power" and with the murder of the head of puppet-government, just yesterday, things don't look good for the future of Iraq, or for the USA. We attacked a nation with a brutal dictator, but under Saddam there was a form of daily life. And now what's there, is something no one wants to live in.
No one knows exactly why we went to war at all. Few Americans care about the causes anyhow. The reality is that this administration has much to answer for on every front: In policies, in practices, in the lies and deceptions that were used to drag us into war, when there were several other options-none of which were followed.
Then there are the costs of all of this. Casualties include the stability of the entire region, peace in the whole middle-east, the massive loss of human life, along with a lot of US treasure to underwrite this failed attempt. Also lost was the Iraqi way of life, the history of a people, and most of all the trust of the rest of the world, that once believed we had integrity and honor and that our word actually meant something on this planet. In money we may never know how much we lost. And in accountability-well here's one version: http://www.consortiumnews.com/2004/050704.html
All that's gone now. And with it there's a new distrust in every corner of the world today: Because what was attacked along with those two countries were all national and international law as well. The erosions of world order that this administration set in motion will reverberate for decades: because the stains of their corruption will haunt the world for generations yet unborn.
What's reflected above is the callous misuse of the public's trust, for private gain, with no consideration for the destruction of societies, of nation states, or of the world community-that's on top of the unconstitutionality of all that's happened here at home.
Privately it comes down to huge increases in the prices you will pay for all you buy, or use, or want. Ultimately this will be about "your time, your money and your life!"
But it's also about whether we can still be part of the community of nations. If you think that does not matter, then you haven't tried to travel lately, or tried to buy-or-sell anything to someone else, beyond our borders. The world's become a very small and overcrowded place, and none of us can dictate terms to all the rest, without consensus and belief. Meanwhile gasoline just passed $3 a gallon in Northern California.


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satan's Talmud Bavli it's oral perversions Jesus the Christ despises

Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").

Also see Kerithoth 6b under the sub-head, "Oil of Anointing" and Berakoth 58a in which Gentile women are designated animals ("she-asses").

Jews are Divine, Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.

Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews, Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a Gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma 37b. Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

Jews May Lie to Non-Jews, Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children Sub-Human, Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile children are animals.

Abodah Zarah 36b . Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.


Israeli Forces Fire on Crowd in Gaza, Killing 10

Israeli Forces Fire on Crowd in Gaza, Killing 10

May 19, 12:00 PM (ET)

By Cynthia Johnston

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Israeli tanks and helicopters fired on protesters in a refugee camp on Wednesday, killing 10 Palestinians and raising a two-day death toll to 33 in Israel's bloodiest Gaza raid in years, witnesses said.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").

Medics said about 50 people were wounded at the besieged Rafah camp in southern Gaza and that the casualties included many children and teenagers.

Non-Jewish Children Sub-Human, Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile children are animals.


The firing sent a marching crowd fleeing in terror, some dragging bloodied comrades and others carrying wounded children in their arms, demonstrators said.

Abodah Zarah 36b . Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Expressing "deep sorrow over the loss of civilian lives," the army said it did not fire deliberately at the procession but that tank fire designed to drive back the protesters may have caused casualties. It said gunmen were among the crowd.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


"It was horrifying," said Mahmoud Abu Hashem, 35. "There was one person with his intestines coming out. Another had blood covering his face and you couldn't even make out his features."

The Palestinian Authority called it a "war crime" and demanded international protection for Palestinians.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


In a rare but gently worded rebuff to its ally, Washington said it was "very concerned" about the number of Palestinian deaths in Gaza and had asked Israel to explain its actions.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


The bloodshed seemed certain to bring renewed international pressure on Israel to end its assault, which began on Tuesday with the stated goal of rooting out militants and uncovering tunnels used to smuggle weapons across the border from Egypt.


Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


Bodies carried on piling up in a flower freezer converted into a makeshift morgue after staff at the refugee camp's main hospital strained to cope with the dead along with dozens of wounded in two days of Israeli military assaults.

The firing began as marchers surged toward the Tel Sultan neighborhood, focal point of Israel's sweep into Rafah, to demand that humanitarian aid be allowed in.

Residents flooded the hospital to look for loved ones. "Did you see my brothers, the three of them who were in the rally?" cried one person. "Where is Ahmed?" a woman shouted.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


Brigadier Ruth Yaron, Israel's chief military spokeswoman, told Army Radio: "The claim that this was a case of deliberate fire (at the crowd) is false and I reject it completely."

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


She said the army was investigating and it was too soon to say what happened. But an army statement said Palestinians had rigged the road used by the marchers with explosives against Israeli forces.

Palestinians said the incident evoked bitter memories of the army's 2002 assault on the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, where forces flattened an entire neighborhood during pitched battles with militants following suicide bombings in Israel.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli forces killed four Palestinians in Rafah and demanded the surrender of militants. Troops searched house to house amid clashes with gunmen.

An international outcry was sparked by Israeli threats to flatten hundreds of Rafah homes to widen an army-controlled security corridor along the border with Egypt.

Amid the bloodletting, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon worked to revive his Gaza withdrawal plan, which aides said may be presented for cabinet approval as early as next week.

Violence has worsened in Gaza since Sharon proposed evacuating troops and Jewish settlers in a plan backed by most Israelis and the United States, but rejected by his right-wing Likud party in a referendum earlier this month.

Palestinian militants want to claim as a victory any pullout by Israel from territories it captured in the 1967 Middle East war, but the army is determined to smash them first. (Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza)

after all....Talmud Bavli, One World Order, a thousand points of Illumination, a line drawn in the sands of death

Rising Toll Of Children
Shot Dead By Israeli Snipers
By Chris McGreal
The Guardian - UK
RAFAH -- The tiny hole buried under Asma Mughayar's thick black hair, just above her right ear, is an illusion, according to the Israeli army. So is her family's insistance that Asma, 16, and her younger brother Ahmed, were both shot through the head by an Israeli soldier as they fed their pigeons and collected the laundry from the roof of their home in Rafah refugee camp.
But their corpses tell a different story, as do the bodies of other children brought to Rafah's hospital and makeshift mortuaries even before yesterday's carnage, in which Israeli tanks and helicopters fired on a peaceful protest by Palestinians in the camp, killing 10 demonstrators, according to Palestinian paramedics.
Israel disputes the Mughayar family's account: that soldiers shot the children on Tuesday. Hours after their death, Israeli officials blamed the Palestinians, telling reporters that Asma and Ahmed had been killed in a "work accident" - a euphemism for bomb-makers blowing themselves up - or by Palestinian fighters who had left a landmine in the street.
"A preliminary investigation indicates they were killed by a bomb intended to be used against soldiers. It was set outside a building by Palestinians to hit an Israeli vehicle. This is probably what happened," a military spokesman said yesterday.
Dr Ali Moussa, head of Rafah hospital, is as furious at the claim as he is at Israel's assertion that almost all the 20 or more people killed during the army's seizure of the Tel al-Sultan district of the Rafah refugee camp were armed men.
"They are liars, liars, liars, because these children have bullet wounds to the head. There is no doubt about it," he says.
Dr Ahmed Abu Nkaria, who pronounced the Mughayar children dead, insists on proving the manner of their killing. He pulls Asma's body from the mortuary's refrigeration unit and fumbles through the teenager's hair to reveal the hole where the bullet entered above one ear and ripped a much larger wound as it emerged above the other.
"The Israeli propaganda is that they were killed in a work accident. These are the kinds of lies they tell all the time," he says. "They say all the dead are fighters. They say they do not deliberately kill children, but about a quarter of the dead from the first day of shooting are children. The evidence is here in the morgue. Does this girl look as if she was blown up by a bomb?"
Asma's body lies in the hospital mortuary unburied, like all the other dead from Tel al-Sultan, because their relatives are trapped in their homes by a curfew. Her 13-year-old brother's corpse is a short drive away in the cold-storage room of an Israeli-owned flower-growing company.
Small boy
Ahmed lies with 14 other bodies. Some are wrapped in the flags of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, but Ahmed is swaddled only in the white sheet wrapped around him in the ambulance. He was a small boy who could not easily be mistaken for a man.
Dr Nkaria rolls the child over to show a tiny round hole in his forehead, just above his fringe. There is a much larger hole at the back of the head where the bullet came out. Neither Asma nor Ahmed show signs of any other injuries, particularly of the kind that might be expected from a blast, such as shrapnel spread across the body, burns, or mutilation.
"This is what the Israelis claim is a 'work accident'," Dr Nkaria says.
He points to the corpse of another youth in the cold-store."This is Ibrahim Alqun. He is 14 years old. He was shot in the back of the head. The bullet came out of his right eye," he says. The child's face is badly mutilated by the wound.
The bodies of the children continued to pile up in the mortuary yesterday.
Saber Abu Libda, 13, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers after he left his home in Tel al-Sultan in the morning to find water for his family.
Dr Nkaria's finger probes a tiny hole in the small child's back which masks the devastation done to his heart as the bullet shot through it.
"No one can say this child was a fighter. Look at the size of him and look where they shoot him - in the back, not coming to attack someone," the doctor says.
Saber stepped out of the door with his 16-year-old brother Yousef. He too was shot, but has survived so far, with critical chest injuries.
A third brother, Ayub, ran out to save his younger siblings and was also cut down by the snipers.
"My brothers only went out for water," Ayub says.
"We heard the gunshots and I went to their rescue. They were both lying there bleeding and I was shot in the arm.
"We tried to pull Yousef to the house, but we couldn't and he lay there bleeding for half an hour until the ambulance came."
Other children are luckier. Twelve-year-old Ahmed Hussein looked out of his window in Tel al-Sultan on Tuesday afternoon. A sniper's bullet hit him in the shoulder. The bullet passed through a fleshy part and hit his aunt in the hand.
"I thought the Israelis had withdrawn. I went to the window to see. I wanted to get out of the house and they shot me," he says in his hospital bed.
Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2004 http://www.guardian.co.uk/israel/Story/0,2763,1220635,00.html


The Schneerson -Bushkevik Regime......wants simple "Restraint" when this sick puppy cannot even restrain his Government

Bush Urges Israel to Exercise Restraint in Gaza

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush called on Israel on Wednesday to exercise restraint in Gaza and to respect "innocent life" after its forces opened fire on a Palestinian protest march.

I continue to urge restraint. It is essential that people respect innocent life in order for us to achieve peace," Bush told reporters.

Ole Bush-ka...one smart whipper snapper, ain't he?


The Bush administration has asked Israel to explain its actions, which killed at least 10 Palestinians and raised the two-day death toll to 33 in Israel's bloodiest raid in Gaza in years.

Kol  Nidre any one?

Jews May Lie to Non-Jews, Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

"We'll get clarification from the government. ... But I will continue to speak out about the need for all parties to respect innocent life in the Middle East," Bush said.

I am sure Bush-ka and company will ask the four year old Palestinian babies to show proper respect to the gods....

Jews are Divine, Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.


The Torah (Talmud Bavli)  describes a Jewish court as "Elohim" , which is also G-d's name. The reason for this is because G-d is with the court, and the verdict which is issued by the judges has G-d's seal of approval. However, this only applies when at least one of the judges was ordained by another rabbi with a direct chain of ordination dating back to Moses. For Moses bequeathed from his holiness unto Joshua and the other seventy elders (see Numbers 11:25 and Deuteronomy 34:9) who in turn bequeathed this holiness to their successors etc.

In a name ah ha of Judeo-Zion Jaysoose




Jesus the True Christ is not death. The Judeo-Churchi-zionazi Jaysoose of the Hal Lindsay and TBN and company of the Big Hair Network, "The Babylonian Noahide" company are in a covenant with their Judeo-Jaysoose covenant with death and hell. We who believe that our Lord is the ONLY Savior of mankind are bringers of Eternal Life, Murder is of the murderer since the beginning, no matter who is slain in whose name. The Whore is responsible for all who have been slain upon the earth from Abel to the Last saint of Jesus the Christ, who slew the Prophets of God, the disciples of Jesus the IAM, crucified the LORD, and will deliver his saints.


Soon, after Marshall Law is pronounced By the Bush-ka ad-menustration, when they enfore their Universal Religion unto that son of Perdition and they force as many as will accept his mark, that Mark of that statr unto Moloch they have made with their hands, that Mark of his Name, that satanic magan David of their false god Moshiach ben David, they will reinforce their Pharisaic Chassidic Sanhedrin of satan's Illuminated Masters who once again sit upon the SEAT OF MOSES.  These Illuminated massah's of the world will slay any who oppose their god hood, just the same way they slew the prophets God rose early and sent, as they slew the Apostles of Christ, as they slew millions of Christians, as they crucified Jesus who opposed their self chosen godhood even over the Savior they reject.

Prepare your selves in the Name above all names, for their One World Order, their One World Universal Religion, is not coming on some distant Scofield Dis-pen-saTAN-alism date, but is here now and we are in the midst of Daniel's Prophecy of the LAST DAYS, SEVENTY WEEKS WHICH BEGAN ON ESTHER 2003.  May the Lord have mercy upon as many as will receive him into their hearts, either jew or greek, for their is no difference in them by faith according to His Promise

Them who have ears let them hear!


When and why did the rabbis modify the Torah, discontinuing the practices of capital and corporeal punishment?
1. Capital punishment (decapitation) was only legally allowed as long as the Sanhedrin (the Jewish supreme court, comprised of 71 of the greatest sages of the time) was seated in the courtyard of the Holy Temple. The Sanhedrin ceased to sit in their chambers 40 years before the destruction of the Second Temple, and since then (30 c.e.) there is no capital punishment by Jewish courts.
The Torah speaks of the person who rebels against the Sanhedrin (High Court). 

How they delivered Jesus Christ the Cornerstone which the Prophets of God prophesied, to be crucified, by the Pharisee Talmudic Chassidim

In verse 12 we are told that "the man who will act with willfulness, not listening to the Kohen (priest) who stands there to serve the Lord, your G-d, or to the judge, that man shall die."
The Talmudic sages asked (Talmud Sanhedrin 52b), why does the Torah mention a Kohen in this verse? After all, the Sanhedrin did not have to include any Kohens in its ranks! From these words the rabbis inferred that the Sanhedrin has the right to administer the death penalty only as long as the Kohen is serving G-d in the Holy Temple.

2. Corporeal punishment was only allowed as long as there were rabbis who were ordained by another rabbi with a direct chain of ordination dating back to Moses

When they denied Moses of the WORD for Moses the Myth of Talmud

When this chain was stopped (by the anti-religious Roman Empire), the Jewish courts do not have the right to impose the Torah's corporeal punishments, nor do they have the right to hand out punitive damage awards. Instead, today's courts only assess monetary loss damages.
The Torah describes a Jewish court as "Elohim" (gods) , which is also G-d's name. The reason for this is because G-d is with the court, and the verdict which is issued by the judges has G-d's seal of approval.

Their God the Tetragramatron, who never had, never will have and Only Begotten Son Sent into all the world to offer Salvation according to the promise and prophesied by the Prophets they slew

 However, this only applies when at least one of the judges was ordained by another rabbi with a direct chain of ordination dating back to Moses. For Moses bequeathed from his holiness unto Joshua and the other seventy elders (see Numbers 11:25 and Deuteronomy 34:9) who in turn bequeathed this holiness to their successors etc.

And Moses never saw the Promised Land. At his death he told the jews they would worship false gods.

The same Lord, who Moses Believed, is the very same that Abraham was counted Righteous, for that Lord Almighty is and was and forever will be the WORD of God, Jesus the Christ, which hath created everything Created, who was made flesh and dwelled with man according to his own Promise, by Grace Salvation the Redeemer the builders rejected. It was they who sat upon the seat of Moses, who rejected the same Lord and replaced him with satan their god in their talmudic Judaic Replacement theology

There is no question that those rabbis who were ordained by Moses and imbued with his spirit (and those whom they ordained thereafter) had greater Divine assistance when executing their duties. For this reason they were allowed to order corporeal or capital punishment, knowing that G-d agreed with the verdict. This cannot be said of every other Jewish judge throughout history.

Murderers since the beginning

It is important to note that even after there ceased to be authentically ordained rabbis, the Jewish courts still have the right to mete out corporeal punishment as they see fit, but these aren't the lashes which the Torah mandates.

3. This does not G-d forbid represent any "modification" of the Bible. It simply means that present circumstances do not allow us to perform every single commandment - just as we cannot offer sacrifices without a holy temple.

When they get their flesh temple which is not that TEMPLE torn down and on the Third Day, they will get their useless flesh sacrifice to their god Satan, for their sacrifices is not the Only Everlasting Lamb of God sent for all mankind the Redeemer by faith, and they will get their king they would have over them, when in fact the King of Kings would have taken them under his wings as a mother chick, they will have their Moshiach their false messiah the son of perdition, satan's very own brood, and they will have their temporary little Olam hoodlum haba, for the LORD is Coming on THAT DAY, with great wrath and destruction upon all whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Are you among them...the "SAYERS" and their Proselytes?


The Chassidic Pharisaic Chief Prophet of Baa'l, whom satan's designed plan against the Everlasting Covenant went forth, for their Olam Ha ba and their New Illumined World Order to their god of this world, is to be 5765, or 2004 of September. This correlates perfectly with Daniel's vision  Their chassidic Prophet of llumination CANNOT BE WRONG, for they MUST DECEIVE the WORLD with the false Prophecies, which are indeed TRUE Prophecies according to the WORD who is the Spirit of ALL Prophecy. Their Wall and their Military street will be finished, then they will have the "Raiser" of Taxes for the Glory of their One World Hoodlum haba, then they will have their False Peace treaty which is not the Confirmation of the Everlasting Holy Covenant but a false covenant of their Moshiach ben Satan to the Noahide Nations of their Universal Religion unto their god, satan and his Moshiach ben Perdition.


The year of Talmud Bavli changing times and the Laws5765 will begin on:

Rosh Hashanah Tishri  1, 5765  Thu, Sep 16, 2004


May 19, 2004, their 45th day of the seven weeks of counting of the omer to the giving of their oral tradition which make the Word of God of none effect upon the world, the days of famine, of hearing the WORD of God...

Scofields seventy sevens of their Talmudic Shmita cycles unto their Moshiach....waiting on a utopian secret Rapture, are you?

The Rambam calculated that the next yovel year would be in 576557. There is a difficulty with this opinion:  Halachicly, we accept that we can determine shemittah years by dividing the current year by seven. All those years which are evenly divisible by seven are shemittah years. So, the last shemittah year was in 5754, and the next will be in 5761. Since, in Tishrei of 1998 (September 21, 1998), we will begin counting 5759, then we know that we have a disconnect between the Rambams yovel year calculation and the shemittah year calculations. If the next shemittah year is in 5761, we would expect that the next yovel year to be in 5762. Why then does Rambam say 5765? 

In addition, the laws pertaining to a Jewish slave only apply when "yovel", the Jubilee year, is in effect. Added to the fourteen years mentioned above of capturing and apportioning the land, this means that these laws will only begin to be applicable sixty four years after they enter the land. The Jewish people, obviously do not realize that so much time will elapse until these laws are applicable, but Hashem certainly knows. Why then must this Mitzvah be the first one Hashem gives to Moshe, is it really so urgent?  

Sanhedrin 97b Elijah said to Rab Judah, the brother of R. Salia the pious: The world shall exist not less than eighty five jubilees,58 and in the last jubilee the son of David will come.59 He asked him, At the beginning or at the end?60 He replied, I do not know. Shall [this period] be completed or not?61 - I do not know, he answered. R. Ashi said: He spoke thus to him, Before that, do not expect him; afterwards thou mayest await him.62 

According to the Talmud the yovel year did not come into effect automatically, with the advent of the fiftieth year, but the Bet Din had to see to it's implementation and officially proclaimed it by sounding the shofar (Vayikra (Leviticus) 25:9). 

It was the duty of the Bet Din to count the years of the Sabbatical year as one counts the omer. The duty of counting the omer fell on every Israelite, whereas the counting of Sabbatical years fell only on the Bet Din (Sifra, Be-Har 2, 106c). 

Humiliate them and make them Obedient Goyim Noahides ...is the Bush-ka-Schneerson plan, just like the Whore is doing in Palestine. They have to get their Ordo ab chao and their synthesis, Moshiach and Hoodlum haba


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A U.S. helicopter fired on a wedding party early Wednesday in western Iraq, killing more than 40 people, Iraqi officials said. The U.S. military said it could not confirm the report and was investigating.

Lt. Col Ziyad al-Jbouri, deputy police chief of the city of Ramadi, said between 42 and 45 people died in the attack, which took place about 2:45 a.m. in a remote desert area near the border with Syria and Jordan. He said those killed included 15 children and 10 women.

Dr. Salah al-Ani, who works at a hospital in Ramadi, put the death toll at 45.

Associated Press Television News obtained videotape showing a truck containing bodies of those allegedly killed.

About a dozen bodies, one without a head, could be clearly seen. but it appeared that bodies were piled on top of each other and a clear count was not possible.

The Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television reported that more than 20 people were killed and 10 injured in the attack.

Iraqis interviewed on the videotape said partygoers had fired into the air in a traditional wedding celebration. American troops have sometimes mistaken celebratory gunfire for hostile fire.

"I cannot comment on this because we have not received any reports from our units that this has happened nor that any were involved in such a tragedy," Lt. Col. Dan Williams, a U.S. military spokesman, wrote in an e-mail in response to a question from The Associated Press.

waiting to hear from Bush-ka and regime

"We take all these requests seriously and we have forwarded this inquiry to the Joint Operations Center for further review and any other information that may be available," Williams said.

The video footage showed mourners with shovels digging graves. A group of men crouched and wept around one coffin.

Al-Ani said people at the wedding fired weapons in the air, and that American troops came to investigate and left. However, al-Ani said, helicopters attacked the area at about 3 a.m. Two houses were destroyed, he said.

"This was a wedding and the (U.S.) planes came and attacked the people at a house. Is this the democracy and freedom that (President) Bush has brought us?" said a man on the videotape, Dahham Harraj. "There was no reason."

Another man shown on the tape, who refused to give his name, said the victims were at a wedding party "and the U.S. military planes came... and started killing everyone in the house."

In July 2002, Afghan officials said 48 civilians at a wedding party were killed and 117 wounded by a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province. An investigative report released by the U.S. Central Command said the airstrike was justified because American planes had come under fire.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


welcome to the Hoodlum haba of the gods


and if you think this is bad wait until Kerry walks into the Whitehouse for the Glory of their kingdom. And........then wait until his VP takes the Kingdom by flattery. Because then this earth will see tribulation which has never taken place upon mankind or ever will again.

and the nations are getting angry

Israel shows 'disregard for human life' in Rafah: EU presidency

DUBLIN (AFP) - Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, condemned Israel's military operation in Rafah as "reckless disregard for human life."

"It is clear that today's action was completely disproportionate to any threat faced by the Israeli military and that Israeli forces showed a reckless disregard for human life," he said Wednesday.

At least 10 Palestinians were killed and around 50 were wounded Wednesday when Israeli forces opened fire on a demonstration against a massive military operation in the southern Gaza refugee camp of Rafah.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").




And of course the Judeo-Churchizionian Scofield Apostates of dispen-satan-alism Euphoria which was manufactured by zion steps to the plate....keeeeeeeeeeeel all em dirty arab bastards in the na-ME OF JAYSOOSE

The Jesus Landing Pad
White House Checked With Rapture Christians
Before Latest Israel Move

By Rick Perlstein
The Village Voice
(Art by James Neff)
It was an e-mail we weren't meant to see. Not for our eyes were the notes that showed White House staffers taking two-hour meetings with Christian fundamentalists, where they passed off bogus social science on gay marriage as if it were holy writ and issued fiery warnings that "the Presidents [sic] Administration and current Government is engaged in cultural, economical, and social struggle on every level" - this to a group whose representative in Israel believed herself to have been attacked by witchcraft unleashed by proximity to a volume of Harry Potter. Most of all, apparently, we're not supposed to know the National Security Council's top Middle East aide consults with apocalyptic Christians eager to ensure American policy on Israel conforms with their sectarian doomsday scenarios.
But now we know.
"Everything that you're discussing is information you're not supposed to have," barked Pentecostal minister Robert G. Upton when asked about the off-the-record briefing his delegation received on March 25. Details of that meeting appear in a confidential memo signed by Upton and obtained by the Voice.
The e-mailed meeting summary reveals NSC Near East and North African Affairs director Elliott Abrams sitting down with the Apostolic Congress and massaging their theological concerns. Claiming to be "the Christian Voice in the Nation's Capital," the members vociferously oppose the idea of a Palestinian state. They fear an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza might enable just that, and they object on the grounds that all of Old Testament Israel belongs to the Jews. Until Israel is intact and David's temple rebuilt, they believe, Christ won't come back to earth.
Abrams attempted to assuage their concerns by stating that "the Gaza Strip had no significant Biblical influence such as Joseph's tomb or Rachel's tomb and therefore is a piece of land that can be sacrificed for the cause of peace."
Three weeks after the confab, President George W. Bush reversed long-standing U.S. policy, endorsing Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank in exchange for Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip.
In an interview with the Voice, Upton denied having written the document, though it was sent out from an e-mail account of one of his staffers and bears the organization's seal, which is nearly identical to the Great Seal of the United States. Its idiosyncratic grammar and punctuation tics also closely match those of texts on the Apostolic Congress's website, and Upton verified key details it recounted, including the number of participants in the meeting ("45 ministers including wives") and its conclusion "with a heart-moving send-off of the President in his Presidential helicopter."
Upton refused to confirm further details.
Affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church, the Apostolic Congress is part of an important and disciplined political constituency courted by recent Republican administrations. As a subset of the broader Christian Zionist movement, it has a lengthy history of opposition to any proposal that will not result in what it calls a "one-state solution" in Israel.
The White House's association with the congress, which has just posted a new staffer in Israel who may be running afoul of Israel's strict anti-missionary laws, also raises diplomatic concerns.
The staffer, Kim Hadassah Johnson, wrote in a report obtained by the Voice, "We are establishing the Meet the Need Fund in Israel - 'MNFI.' ... The fund will be an Interest Free Loan Fund that will enable us to loan funds to new believers (others upon application) who need assistance. They will have the opportunity to repay the loan (although it will not be mandatory)." When that language was read to Moshe Fox, minister for public and interreligious affairs at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, he responded, "It sounds against the law which prohibits any kind of money or material [inducement] to make people convert to another religion. That's what it sounds like." (Fox's judgment was e-mailed to Johnson, who did not return a request for comment.)
The Apostolic Congress dates its origins to 1981, when, according to its website, "Brother Stan Wachtstetter was able to open the door to Apostolic Christians into the White House." Apostolics, a sect of Pentecostals, claim legitimacy as the heirs of the original church because they, as the 12 apostles supposedly did, baptize converts in the name of Jesus, not in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Ronald Reagan bore theological affinities with such Christians because of his belief that the world would end in a fiery Armageddon. Reagan himself referenced this belief explicitly a half-dozen times during his presidency.
Reagan a 33rd degree Freemason
While the language of apocalyptic Christianity is absent from George W. Bush's speeches, he has proven eager to work with apocalyptics - a point of pride for Upton. "We're in constant contact with the White House," he boasts. "I'm briefed at least once a week via telephone briefings... I was there about two weeks ago ... At that time we met with the president."
Last spring, after President Bush announced his Road Map plan for peace in the Middle East, the Apostolic Congress co-sponsored an effort with the Jewish group Americans for a Safe Israel that placed billboards in 23 cities with a quotation from Genesis ("Unto thy offspring will I give this land") and the message, "Pray that President Bush Honors God's Covenant with Israel. Call the White House with this message." It then provided the White House phone number and the Apostolic Congress's Web address.
In the interview with the Voice, Pastor Upton claimed personal responsibility for directing 50,000 postcards to the White House opposing the Road Map, which aims to create a Palestinian state. "I'm in total disagreement with any form of Palestinian state," Upton said. "Within a two-week period, getting 50,000 postcards saying the exact same thing from places all over the country, that resonated with the White House. That really caused [President Bush] to backpedal on the Road Map."
When I sought to confirm Upton's account of the meeting with the White House, I was directed to National Security Council spokesman Frederick Jones, whose initial response upon being read a list of the names of White House staffers present was a curt, "You know half the people you just mentioned are Jewish?"
When asked for comment on top White House staffers meeting with representatives of an organization that may be breaking Israeli law, Jones responded, "Why would the White House comment on that?"
When asked whose job it is in the administration to study the Bible to discern what parts of Israel were or weren't acceptable sacrifices for peace, Jones said that his previous statements had been off-the-record.
When Pastor Upton was asked to explain why the group's website describes the Apostolic Congress as "the Christian Voice in the nation's capital," instead of simply a Christian voice in the nation's capital, he responded, "There has been a real lack of leadership in having someone emerge as a Christian voice, someone who doesn't speak for the right, someone who doesn't speak for the left, but someone who speaks for the people, and someone who speaks from a theocratical perspective."
When his words were repeated back to him to make sure he had said a "theocratical" perspective, not a "theological" perspective, he said, "Exactly. Exactly. We want to know what God would have us say or what God would have us do in every issue."
The Middle East was not the only issue discussed at the March 25 meeting. James Wilkinson, deputy national security advisor for communications, spoke first and is characterized as stating that the 9-11 Commission "is portraying those who have given their all to protect this nation as 'weak on terrorism,' " that "99 percent of all the men and women protecting us in this fight against terrorism are career citizens," and offered the example of Frances Town-send, deputy national security adviser for combating terrorism, "who sacrificed Christmas to do a 'security video' conference."
Tim Goeglein, deputy director of public liaison and the White House's point man with evangelical Christians, moderated, and he also spoke on the issue of same-sex marriage. According to the memo, he asked the rhetorical questions: "What will happen to our country if that actually happens? What do those pushing such hope to gain?" His answer: "They want to change America." How so? He quoted the research of Hoover Institute senior fellow Stanley Kurtz, who holds that since gay marriage was legalized in Scandinavia, marriage itself has virtually ceased to exist. (In fact, since Sweden instituted a registered-partnership law for same-sex couples in the mid '90s, there has been no overall change in the marriage and divorce rates there.)
It is Matt Schlapp, White House political director and Karl Rove's chief lieutenant, who was paraphrased as stating "that the Presidents Administration and current Government is engaged in cultural, economical, and social struggle on every level."
Also present at the meeting was Kristen Silverberg, deputy assistant to the president for domestic policy. (None of the participants responded to interview requests.)
The meeting was closed by Goeglein, who was asked, "What can we do to assist in this fight for these issues and our nations [sic] foundation and values?" and who reportedly responded, "Pray, pray, pray, pray."
The Apostolic Congress's representative in Israel, Kim Johnson, is ethnically Jewish, keeps kosher, and holds herself to the sumptuary standards of Orthodox Jewish women, so as to better blend in to her surroundings.
In one letter home obtained by the Voice she notes that many of the Apostolic Christians she works with in Israel are Filipino women "married to Jewish men - who on occasion accompany their wives to meetings. We are planning to start a fellowship with this select group where we can meet for dinners and get to know one another. Please Pray for the timing and formation of such." Elsewhere she talks of a discussion with someone "on the pitfalls and aggravations of Christians who missionize Jews." She works often among the Jewish poor - the kind of people who might be interested in interest-free loans - and is thrilled to "meet the outcasts of this Land - how wonderful because they are in the in-casts for His Kingdom."
An ecstatic figure who from her own reports appears to operate at the edge of sanity ("Two of the three nights in my apartment I have been attacked by a hair raising spirit of fear," she writes, noting the sublet contained a Harry Potter book; "at this time I am associating it with witchcraft"), Johnson has also met with Knesset member Gila Gamliel. (Gamliel did not respond to interview requests.) She also boasted of an imminent meeting with a "Knesset leader."
"At this point and for all future mails it is important for me to note that this country has very stiff anti-missionary laws," she warns the followers back home. [D]iscretion is required in all mails. This is particularly important to understand when people write mails or ask about organization efforts regarding such."
Her boss, Pastor Upton, displays a photograph on the Apostolic Congress website of a meeting between himself and Beny Elon, Prime Minister Sharon's tourism minister, famous in Israel for his advocacy of the expulsion of Palestinians from Israeli-controlled lands.
His spokesman in the U.S., Ronn Torassian, affirmed that "Minister Elon knows Mr. Upton well," but when asked whether he is aware that Mr. Upton's staffer may be breaking Israel's anti-missionary laws, snapped: "It's not something he's interested in discussing with The Village Voice."
In addition to its work in Israel, the Apostolic Congress is part of the increasingly Christian public face of pro-Israel activities in the United States. Don Wagner, author of the book Anxious for Armageddon, has been studying Christian Zionism for 15 years, and believes that the current hard-line pro-Israel movement in the U.S. is "predominantly gentile." Often, devotees work in concert with Jewish groups like Americans for a Safe Israel, or AFSI, which set up a mostly Christian Committee for a One-State Solution as the sponsor of last year's billboard campaign. The committee's board included, in addition to Upton, such evangelical luminaries as Gary Bauer and E.E. "Ed" McAteer of the Religious Roundtable.
AFSI's executive director, Helen Freedman, confirms the increasingly Christian cast of her coalition. "We have many good Jews, of course," she says, "but they're in the minority." She adds, "The liberal Jew is unable to believe the Arab when he says his goal is to Islamize the West... But I believe it. And evangelical Christians believe it."
Of Jews who might otherwise support her group's view of Jews' divine right to Israel, she laments, "They're embarrassed about quoting the Bible, about referring to the Covenant, about talking about the Promised Land."
Pastor Upton is not embarrassed, and Helen Freedman is proud of her association with him. She is wistful when asked if she, like Upton, has been able to finagle a meeting with the president. "Pastor Upton is the head of a whole Apostolic Congress," she laments. "It's a nationwide group of evangelicals."
Upton has something Freedman covets: a voting bloc.
She laughs off concerns that, for Christian Zionists, actual Jews living in Israel serve as mere props for their end-time scenario: "We have a different conception of what [the end of the world] will be like ... Whoever is right will rejoice, and whoever was wrong will say, 'Whoops!' "
She's not worried, either, about evangelical anti-Semitism: "I don't think it exists," she says. She does say, however, that it would concern her if she learned the Apostolic Congress had a representative in Israel trying to win converts: "If we discovered that people were trying to convert Jews to Christianity, we would be very upset."
Kim Johnson doesn't call it converting Jews to Christianity. She calls it "Circumcision of the Heart" - a spiritual circumcision Jews must undergo because, she writes in paraphrase of Jeremiah, chapter 9, "God will destroy all the uncircumcised nations along with the House of Israel, because the House of Israel is uncircumcised in the heart ... [I]t is through the Gospel ... that men's hearts are circumcised."
Apostolics believe that only 144,000 Jews who have not, prior to the Second Coming of Christ, acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah will be saved in the end times. Though even for those who do not believe in this literal interpretation of the Bible - or for anyone who lives in Israel, or who cares about Israel, or whose security might be affected by a widespread conflagration in the Middle East, which is everyone - the scriptural prophecies of the Christian Zionists should be the least of their worries.
Instead, we should be worried about self-fulfilling prophecies. "Biblically," stated one South Carolina minister in support of the anti-Road Map billboard campaign, "there's always going to be a war."
Don Wagner, an evangelical, worries that in the Republican Party, people who believe this "are dominating the discourse now, in an election year." He calls the attempt to yoke Scripture to current events "a modern heresy, with cultish proportions.
"I mean, it's appalling," he rails on. "And it also shows how marginalized mainstream Christian thinking, and the majority of evangelical thought, have become."
It demonstrates, he says, "the absolute convergence of the neoconservatives with the Christian Zionists and the pro-Israel lobby, driving U.S. Mideast policy."
The problem is not that George W. Bush is discussing policy with people who press right-wing solutions to achieve peace in the Middle East, or with devout Christians. It is that he is discussing policy with Christians who might not care about peace at all - at least until the rapture.
The Jewish pro-Israel lobby, in the interests of peace for those living in the present, might want to consider a disengagement.
Copyright © 2004 Village Voice Media, Inc., 36 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003


President George W. Bush waves before delivering remarks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, May 18, 2004. "Many in this room have worked and waited a lifetime for peace in the Holy Land," said the President. "I hear that deep concern for peace. Our vision is a Middle East where young Israelis and Palestinians can play and learn and grow without living in the shadow of death." White House photo by Paul Morse.

Bush the king of the Noahides, DAN who will Judge his People  as the jews


President Speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Remarks by the President to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Washington Convention Center
Washington, D.C.

8:53 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Finally, AIPAC elected a President I can kiss. (Laughter and applause.)

I'm honored to be here at AIPAC, thank you for such a warm welcome. It's good to be with so many friends -- friends of mine and friends of Israel. (Applause.) For more than 50 years, the United States and Israel have been steadfast allies. AIPAC is one of the reasons why. (Applause.) You've worked tirelessly to strengthen the ties that bind our nations -- our shared values, our strong commitment to freedom. (Applause.)

Proving those shared values in Iraq and Palestine

 By defending the freedom and prosperity and security of Israel, you're also serving the cause of America. (Applause.) Our nation is stronger and safer because we have a true and dependable ally in Israel. (Applause.) I appreciate -- (applause) -- I'm just getting warmed up. (Laughter and applause.)

Oom gawa gawa

I want to thank Amy for her leadership. (Applause.) I appreciate you taking time to serve a cause that -- in which you believe deeply. I want to thank Bernice for her willingness to serve, as well. (Applause.) I've known Howard for a long time. He's effective. (Laughter and applause.) I want to thank the AIPAC board -- AIPAC board members for their friendship and leadership. I'm honored to be in the presence of my friend, the Ambassador from Israel, Danny Ayalon. I appreciate you being here, Danny. (Applause.)

Ehud Olmert is with us. Ehud, it's good to see you again. Thank you, sir. (Applause.) I remember the first time we visited in 1998. I had just been re-elected as the Governor of Texas. I went to Israel, and Ehud welcomed me and three over governors to, I guess, your office. You were the Mayor, if I'm not mistaken, at that point in time. And you were focused on filling potholes and emptying the garbage of the people -- (laughter.) But we struck up a good relationship then, and it's great to see you again.


Olmert's visit was made possible by Caravan For Democracy, an organization that features different Israeli dignitaries at college campuses around the country to raise awareness about the link between Israel and America. Ohio State was the only university Olmert visited.

The Schottenstein Chabad house sponsored the event in coordination with Hillel.

I appreciate the other ministers who are here, some of whom I have met before, some of whom I have had not the honor of meeting. I know I met Tommy before. Appreciate you all being here. Welcome to America. Thank you, Tommy. (Applause.)

I'd like to also recognize many people this morning who are learning to participate in democracy. (Noahide State)  I'm told there are over 850 students here from 50 states. (Applause.) Make sure the Texas students behave well. (Laughter.) Your mothers are watching. (Laughter.) I know there are buses outside waiting to take you to Capitol Hill. I'm told -- Howard told me there's over 500 meetings scheduled with members of the Senate and the House. That is good news. I'm sure you're going to pass this message on to them: A free, prosperous and secure Israel is in this nation's national interest. (Applause.)

and of course ALL of CONGRESS treasonous obedient Noahides will give obescience

AIPAC is doing important work. I hope you know that. In Washington and beyond, AIPAC is calling attention to the great security challenges of our time. You're educating Congress and the American people on the growing dangers of proliferation. You've spoken out on the threat posed by Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. You've always understood and warned against the evil ambition of terrorism (anti-Shem-it-tism)  and their networks. In a dangerous new century, your work is more vital than ever. I thank you for doing your part in the cause of freedom. (Applause.)

Our nation, and the nation of Israel, have much in common. We're both relatively young nations, born of struggle and sacrifice. We're both founded by immigrants escaping religious persecution in other lands. We have both built vibrant democracies, built on the rule of law and market economies. And we're both countries founded on certain basic beliefs: that G-d watches over the affairs of men, and values every life. (Applause.)

These ties have made us natural allies, and these ties will never be broken. (Applause.) In the past, however, there was one great difference in the experience of our two nations: The United States, through most of our history, has been protected by vast oceans to our east and west, and blessed with friendly neighbors to our north and south. Israel has faced a different situation as a small country in a tough neighborhood. The Israeli people have always had enemies at their borders and terrorists close at hand. Again and again, Israel has defended itself with skill and heroism. And as a result of the courage of the Israeli people, Israel has earned the respect of the (Judeo-Churchizionist)  American people. (Applause.)

hahahaheeeheeeeheeeeheeehaaaahaaaa laugh all the way to the bank

On September the 11th, 2001, Americans saw that we are no longer protected by geography from the dangers of the world. We experienced the horror of being attacked in our homeland, on our streets, and in places of work. And from that experience came an even stronger determination, a fierce determination to defeat terrorism and to eliminate the threat it poses to free people everywhere. (Applause.)

Olam haba One World Order and Homelandt "SAY" Kurity 

Not all terrorist networks answer to the same orders and same leaders, but all terrorists burn with the same hatred. They hate all who reject their grim vision of tyranny. They hate people who love freedom. They kill without mercy. They kill without shame. And they count their victories in the death of the innocent.

Talmudic Communist Judaic Chassidim

We saw the nature of this enemy again in recent days when terrorists in Iraq beheaded an American citizen, Nicholas Berg. (CIA, MOSSAD) The message that accompanied the videotape of this brutal slaying promised more such atrocities. Here's what the killer said, "We will send you coffin after coffin, box after box, slaughtered in this way." The faces of the terrorists were cloaked, but we have seen their kind before.

Yes the Chassidic Illuminated Masters fully intend to slay many more ....this way....decapitation

Followers of the terrorist ideology executed an elderly man in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, and pushed his body off the side of a ship into the sea. They kidnapped the journalist, Daniel Pearl, and cut his throat, because he was a Jew. This enemy has left blood on the streets of Jakarta and Jerusalem, Casablanca and Riyadh, Mombasa and Istanbul, Bali, Baghdad and Madrid. They have declared war on the civilized world -- and war is what they got. (Applause.)

see all the wars caused by the whore

Freedom-loving people did not seek this conflict. It has come to us by the choices of violent men, hateful men. See, we seek peace.(Chassidic Illuminated gods)  We long for peace. Israel longs for peace. America longs for peace. Yet, there can be no peace without defending our security. (Applause.) 

By Peace they shall destroy wonderfully

There is only one path to peace and safety. America will use every resource we have to fight and defeat these enemies of freedom. (Applause.)

When they shall say Peace and safety, sudden destruction shall fall upon them

The lesson of September the 11th is clear and must never be forgotten.

Script based on 1984

 Emerging terrorist threats must be confronted before they can reach our country and harm our people. Every terrorist is at war with civilization, and every group or nation that aids them is equally responsible for the murders that the terrorists commit. (Applause.)

If'n you ain't with us in our Olam Haha, then you'un's musted be aginst us and our gods

So America has led a relentless global campaign against terrorists and their supporters.

the women and children in Iraq....oooh oooh don't forget the tortured men at Abu Ghraib and the innocent detainees at Quantanomo

 We're chasing them down one by one in caves, and in shadows where they try to hide. (Applause.) 

hehehehehehhehahahhahahahhoooooooey they all gleefully applause


We have uncovered -- we have uncovered terrorist cells on several continents.

we will soon root them from their Home Bible study groups...hehehhehehhehehehahahhahahahjooooooooo they applause


 We've prevented a number of terrorist attacks. We've removed the Taliban regime, which sheltered the plotters of September the 11th. (Applause.) We have stopped shipments -- we have stopped shipments of chemical precursors and nuclear-related -- weapons-related components bound for states that sponsor terror. By speaking clearly, and by meaning what we say, countries like Libya have gotten the message and have renounced their weapons programs. (Applause.)

become obedient goy nations....hehehhehehehhahahhahahahahhhhhoooooey applause

And for the sake of peace and security, we ended the regime of Saddam Hussein. (Applause.)

 and by lies and deception we continue to keeel all thaem evil arab bastards....heeeeehaaahahahahahahhooooooey they applause


 That regime cast a shadow, a dark shadow of aggression over the Middle East for decades. They invaded both Iran and Kuwait.

aen I know you like the fact that i declared "Purim Saddam on March 17 2004, Purim Ishatar 5763

hahahahhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooo they all....all applause gleefully


The regime built and used weapons of mass destruction against its neighbors, and its own people. 

yep so they say........."SAY"

The regime sponsored terror; it paid rewards of up to $25,000 to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers. That regime filled mass graves with innocent men, innocent women, and innocent children. 

see Viet Nam and Palestine

That regime defied the demands of the free world, and America, for more than a decade. And America is more secure, and the world is better off, because that regime is no more. (Applause.)

see resolutions against the gods by UN

America is on the offensive, and we will stay on the offensive until the terrorists are stopped and our people are safe. 

premeditated pre-eminant murder and detention against those opposed to our kingdom of shem




I will use every asset at our disposal to do our most important job, which is to protect the American people. (Applause.)

Marshall Law and Patriot AKT II....whooooooopie they shout

 And that includes the United States military.

On US Streets

 We have come to know the skill and the courage of the men and women of the United States military. (Applause.) 

The Pimp of the great whore dying for the Proxist

They have fulfilled every mission their country has given to them. They and their families have endured long deployments and uncertainty. (and Death for the gods) Our men and women in uniform have fought in mountain passes and desert sands in the remotest part of the world. They've lost brave friends and comrades, who will always be remembered and honored by a grateful nation. (Applause.)

whoooooooopeeeeee shout the jews who use the US young men and women to fight thier wars to enslave all mankind

They have done all this to defend our country and to advance the cause of freedom and peace. And their loved ones, and those who wear our uniform, must know that America is very grateful to their service. (Applause.)

so greatful they cannot and will not resupply them....hahahahhehhehehehhooooooo....they earnestly laugh

The peace we seek depends on defeating the violent. Yet, we also have a larger mission in the world. In the long-term, we must end terrorist violence at its source by undermining the terrorist ideology of hatred and fear


Terrorists find influence and recruits in societies where bitterness and resentment are common, and hope and opportunity are rare. The world's best hope for lasting security and stability across the Middle East is the establishment of just and free societies.

Tamudic Universal Noahidism of the gods of Talmud Bavli the Chabad Lubavitch

And so across that vital region, America is standing for the expansion of human liberty. This historic task is not easy in a part of the world that has known so much oppression and stagnation and violence. It's hard work. Yet, we must be strong in our firm belief that every human heart desires to be free. We must be strong in our belief that free societies are hopeful societies and peaceful societies. (Applause.)

that is when we shall finally have them all yoked to our Universal Laws of satan's Noahide Universale'..............hahahahhaahhhehehhehheheheheheheh...all the Jews, no Plaestinians, no Iraqi's..............deleriously giggle

We have made progress that few would have predicted or expected just three years ago

No one could guess what we were doing....hahahahahahahahahhhheeeeeeehooooooooey all the AIPAC jews laugh with GREAT exultation


In Afghanistan, our coalition is working with President Karzai to help the people of Afghanistan build a modern, peaceful and democratic government. 

a Noahide Nation with our hand picked dummiy Noahide leaders of Freemasonry

In January, Afghans approved a new constitution that protects the rights of all Afghan citizens, including women. (Applause.) Through weeks of negotiation and compromise, they agreed upon a fundamental law that respects tradition and establishes a foundation of modern political rights, including free speech, due process, and a vote for every citizen. We're making progress.

while we take these rights from Amaraka.......hehoooohahahhahahaha they tremble with euphoria

In Iraq, Saddam's brutal dictatorship is gone, and in its place an Iraqi democracy is emerging.

see what we do to them in their prisons?

 Iraqi leaders have signed a transitional administrative law that will guarantee basic freedoms. Iraq now has an independent judiciary, a free market, a new currency, more than 200 newspapers in circulation, and schools free of hateful propaganda. (Applause.)

We have striken their personal beliefs and made them illegal, they must become obedient Noahide ishmaelites.......hehehehhehehhehooooooooooohahahhahahahahahhhaha....a few pee in their pants

It's hard work in Iraq. Our efforts are approaching a crucial moment. On June 30th, our coalition will transfer its authority to a sovereign Iraqi government. With the assistance of the United Nations and our coalition, Iraqi citizens are currently making important decisions about the nature and scope of the interim government. In time, Iraq will be a free and democratic nation, at the heart of the Middle East. This will send a message, a powerful message, from Damascus to Tehran, that democracy can bring hope to lives in every culture. (Applause.) And this advance of freedom will bring greater security to America and to the world. These are historic times, it's an historic opportunity. (Applause.)

welcome fellow jews to Our Olam Haha haba

Yet, as June 30th approaches, the enemies of freedom grow even more desperate to prevent a rise of democracy in Iraq.

opposition to the gods and her pimp

 That's what you're seeing on your TV screens: desperation by a hateful few, people who cannot stand the thought of free societies in their midst.



 They're targeting brave Iraqis who are leaning toward democracy, such as Izzedine Salim, who was assassinated in Baghdad yesterday. They're murdering Iraqi policemen who stand as symbols of order. They're killing foreign aid workers who are helping to rebuild Iraq. They're attacking our military. 

they are sodomizing innocent Iraqi's in Abu Ghraib and Decapitating self hating jews who are opposed to Olam Ha Ba and world slavery

Their goal is to undermine the will of our coalition and the will of America, and to drive us out before our mission is complete. They're not going to succeed. They will not shake the will of America. (Applause.)


their vision against the everlasting Covenant Jesus the Christ....heeeeeeeeehooooooey the Talmudicist shout

My resolve is firm. (Applause.) The resolve of the American people is solid. Our military is skilled, spirits are high. They are determined to succeed. We understand the stakes are high for America and for the world. We will not be intimidated by thugs and assassins. We will win this essential important victory in the war on terror. (Applause.)

cause if we do...I might choke on another Pretzle, ain't that right Wolfowitz.....heheheeeeeeeeeee they laugh at his comedic humor

This is an historic moment. The world watches for weakness in our resolve. They will see no weakness. We will answer every challenge. U.S. Army soldiers and Iraqi security forces are systematically destroying the illegal militia in the south of Iraq. (Applause.) Coalition forces are working with Iraqis in Fallujah to end control by Saddam loyalists and foreign fighters. (Applause.) We're building up Iraqi security forces so they can safeguard their own country. We're flexible in our methods, but our goal is unchanging: Iraq will be free, and Iraq will be a democratic nation. (Applause.)

we are building 14 Military bases to make certain of our control from jerusalem... with Amarakan Tax monies..heeeeeeeeeeeeeehoooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahhahheeeeehhe


hehehhehehhehe they all quake

Freedom is also at the heart of our approach to bringing peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. 

and once we have annihilated all the Palestinian children the other will finally die of old age and we will have our peace.....hahahahhahhhhehehehehheheeh oom gawa gawa gawa they shout


The United States is strongly committed, and I am strongly committed, to the security of Israel as a vibrant Jewish state. (Applause.) Israel is a democracy and a friend, and has every right to defend itself from terror. (Applause.)

a true friend......yes a friend.....see all sabotauge against Amaraka by Israel in past US Liberty etc.....

For the sake of peace, this country is committed to helping the Palestinian people establish a democratic and viable state of their own. (Applause.) 

silent laughter

Israel needs a truly responsible partner in achieving peace. (Applause.) The Palestinian people deserve democratic institutions and responsible leaders. (Applause.) Progress towards this vision creates responsibilities for Israel, the Palestinian people, and Arab nations. Before these two states -- before there can be two states, all parties must renounce violence and fight terror. (Applause.)

All Parties must submit in complete obedience to the shem gods and their laws of satan's hoodlum haba, Universal Noahide of rainbow stew and a silver spoon.........or die

Security is the foundation for peace. (Applause.) All parties must embrace democracy and reform and take the necessary steps for peace. The unfolding violence in the Gaza Strip is troubling and underscores the need for all parties to seize every opportunity for peace. I supported the plan announced by Prime Minister Sharon to withdraw military installations and settlements from Gaza and parts of the West Bank. (Applause.) As I said in my statement on April 14, 2004, the Prime Minister's plan is a bold, courageous step, that can bring us closer to the goal of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace and security. (Applause.)

They laugh in amusement, for they know the Chassidim will never give up the land.

The Prime Minister's decision has given the Palestinian people and the free world a chance to take bold steps of their own toward peace. First, the Palestinian people must reject corrupt and failed leaders, and insist on a leadership committed to reform and progress and peace.

 (Applause.) Cause Bushka and bunch makes no mention of corruption of Sharon and US Government......hahahahahhahhehehehhehehehhooooooooooooooooey


 Second, they must renounce terror and violence that frustrate their aspirations and take so many innocent lives. 

(Applause.) AIPAC is chuckling for they know the death and destructive covenant they have made shall never cease until they get their Olam haha


 And, finally, by taking these steps, they will have an opportunity, a fantastic opportunity to build a modern economy and create the institutions and habits of liberty. The Palestinian people deserve a better future. (Applause.) And that future -- and that future can be achieved through democracy. 

(Applause.) Demon-crazy meaning Universal Noahidism of complete obedience to the god's

Many in this room have worked and waited a lifetime for peace in the Holy Land. 


For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.


For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


I hear that deep concern for peace. Our vision is a Middle East where young Israelis and Palestinians can play and learn and grow without living in the shadow of death. (Applause.) Our vision is a Middle East where borders are crossed for purposes of trade and commerce, not crossed for the purposes of murder and war. (Applause.) This vision is within our grasp if we have the faith and the courage and the resolve to achieve it. (Applause.)

Perhaps the deepest obstacle to peace is found in the hearts of men and women. The Jewish people have seen, over the years and over the centuries, that hate prepares the way for violence.

see Talmud Bavli hatred for all mankind

 The refusal to expose and confront intolerance can lead to crimes beyond imagining. So we have a duty to expose and confront anti-Semitism, wherever it is found. (Applause.)


Because it is all about anti-gods, anti-shems of the shem gods


After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.

Some of you attended a very important event in Berlin last month, the International Conference on Anti-Semitism. You understand that anti-Semitism is not a problem of the past; the hatred of Jews did not die in a Berlin bunker. In its cruder forms, it can be found in some Arab media, and this government will continue to call upon Arab governments to end libels and incitements. (Applause.) Such hatred can also take subtler forms. The demonization of Israel, the most extreme anti-Zionist rhetoric can be a flimsy cover for anti-Semitism, and contribute to an atmosphere of fear in which synagogues are desecrated, people are slandered, folks are threatened. I will continue to call upon our friends in Europe to renounce and fight any sign of anti-Semitism in their midst. (Applause.)


hehehehehhahhahhahahahhahhohohoohohohhhohooooooooooey they forceably bribble spittle.........Homelandt "SAY" Kurity will finally be enforced for all of the god's and then all mankind will submit to their Talmudic satanic king, Moshiach and their hoodlum haba of the six pointed MARK of his name

We are living through historic times. We are called to do important work in the world.

We are doing GAWD's works, the opposer's to our kingdom must be delivered to be slain and afflicted so we do gawd a service

 We will stand together against bigotry in every land and every language.

Except Apartheid Ethnically cleansed Israel of the god's

 We will answer violent men with patient, determined justice. We will expand human freedom and the peace that freedom brings. And by our resolve, and by our courage, we will prevail.

 (Applause.)......for the land of our god's, in the meanwhile by your laws of Talmud Bavli we shall make our own citizen's slaves and bondservants under Patriot AKT II

I want to thank you -- I want to thank you for your dedication to the security of America and to the safety of Israel. I want to thank you for your warm hospitality today. May God bless America. May God bless Israel. Thank you for coming. Thank you all for your time. Thank you all. (Applause.)

END 9:32 A.M. EDT


There's a big, brown cloud in the city,
And the countryside's a sin.
An' the price of life is too high to give up,
Gotta come down again.
When the world wide war is over and done,
And the dream of peace comes true.
We'll all be drinkin' free bubble-ubb,
Eatin' that rainbow stew.

When they find out how to burn water,
And the gasoline car is gone.
When an airplane flies without any fuel,
And the satellite heats our home.
One of these days when the air clears up,
And the sun comes shinin' through.
We'll all be drinkin' free bubble-ubb,
An' eatin' that rainbow stew.

You don't have to get high to get happy,
Just think about what's in store.
When people start doin' what they oughta be doin',
Then they won't be booin' no more.
When a President goes through the White House door,
An' does what he says he'll do.
We'll all be drinkin' free bubble-ubb,
Eatin' that rainbow stew.

 Merle Haggard



Palestinians killed during 'Operation Rainbow'

Reporter: Jane Hutcheon May 18, 2004

Mid seventy weeks of the Finish of the WALL and their Military Street, Just before Their Moshiach is "REVEALED" and their godhood hoodlum haba is enforced upon the seventy Goyim Noahide Nations of the earth. Any who are anti-god's, anti-Shem's will perish. Any who stand firm in testimony for the IAM, Jesus the Christ who they say in their laws is a bastard and the son of a whore and a Roman Soldier, Jesus of Nazareth shall be decapiated Sanhedrin 57A. and House Joint Resolution 104-Public Law 102-14....and all these are given white robes and the "SAYERS" shall come and worship at the Lord's saints feet.

TONY JONES: First to the Middle East, where at least 15 Palestinians have been killed during an Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli media is describing "Operation Rainbow" as one of the biggest offensives in two years.

Noahide in- Justice of Talmud Bavli

Helicopter gunships have struck a neighbourhood in the sprawling Rafah refugee camp, which Israel says has become a gateway for terrorism.

a few children throw rocks at the GUNSHIPS and are cut now mercilessly

But Palestinians say it is collective punishment and hundreds have fled their homes in fear.

Collective according to a city when they oppose....all shall die....see Talmud Bavli, Tractate Sanhedrin

Middle East correspondent Jane Hutcheon reports.

JANE HUTCHEON: Israel strikes the impoverished town of Rafah now a frontline in its conflict with the Palestinians.

This is a stronghold of militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad responsible for three attacks last week that killed 13 Israeli soldiers.

Missiles slammed into a neighbourhood near a mosque - just one of several attacks causing death and dozens of injuries.

But no sign yet of the mass demolitions threatened by the army.

There's been an international outcry over last week's destruction, which the UN said left more than 2,000 people homeless.

KOFI ANNAN, UN SECRETARY-GENERAL: I am really distressed that the destruction of houses continues.

It really is causing very difficult and painful situation for the people of Palestine.

JANE HUTCHEON: Israel says its actions are aimed at wiping out the tunnels used for smuggling weapons from Egypt to Gaza.

wiping out the resisters, they shall be assimilated say the Borg

SILVAN SHALOM, ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTER: So what we are trying to do now is put an end to these efforts of the extremist Palestinian organisations to kill our citizens.

JANE HUTCHEON: Rafah's residents aren't taking any chances in the refugee block close to the Egyptian border, Abu Mustapha takes anything of value.

His neighbours are doing the same thing.

"The situation is very dangerous, very serious," he says.

"We were expecting the tanks to come "and start destroying our houses at any time.

"The Israel tanks have no mercy."

Israel says it only demolishes homes which have been regularly commandeered by militants.

ELKANA ASULIN, ISRAELI ARMY: They are well armed and have no problem with trying to kill us, which is scary.

Non-Jews are Not Human Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men").


JANE HUTCHEON: Abu Mustapha says it's an excuse.

"This is a clean area," he says, "It's just propaganda when they say Palestinians use civilian houses "to shoot at Israeli targets."

For now, no sign of the mass house demolitions, but this widespread operation isn't about to wind down.

Israel may be talking evacuation from Gaza, but not before a thorough bombardment.

Jane Hutcheon, Lateline.

Damn the souls of the Chassidic 

Pharisees of Chabad Lubavitch who "SAY" they are the Illumined gods of the earth


Noahide Resources
... THE RAINBOW COVENANT Torah and the Seven Universal Laws MICHAEL ELLIAS DALLEN 6"
X 9 ... and most detailed of the books dedicated to exploring the Seven Noahide Laws ...

Seven Colors of the Rainbow
... a sacrifice and a covenant; meat is permitted, with a condition; the rainbow and
its ... Chapter IV: The quest of Aimé Pallière, a nineteenth-century Noahide. ...

What Is Noah's Covenant?
... B'nei Noach or "children of Noah") seven commandments that we are to obey, symbolized
by the seven colors of the rainbow. These Seven Noahide Laws were ...

B'nai Noach - Rachav
... of Noah" were kept by Enoch and by Adam, they were called Noahide laws because ... The
Rainbow with its seven colours, is the Sign of this Covenant for All Mankind ...

Noahide Laws - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... also called a righteous (chassid) gentile (goy) or Gd fearer (Geir).
The Rainbow is the symbol of many organised Noahide groups. ...


In ah ha theya name ah ha ha ha of our Judeo-Jaysoose, Gimme aeeeen ameeeean Brotha's and sista's. For Onlaaaaaaaaay  $49.95, you too can get the exclusive WORD of GAWD, in our new ah zionist collection......allelujah, brother Lindsay and Hagee and Jeffries and Stone and Crouch and Fall-well, and Copeland and Van Impe and all you proslyetes of the Leaven of the Pharisees who have sold Jesus for your thirty pieces of mammon


'Operation Rainbow'

The WALL they Daub with untempered Mortar


Rainbow' Wall

Day 308-315 of the 490 of Daniel's Vision of the Last Days of the seventy weeks of the WALL and the Military Street, just  before their Son of Perdition is "REVEALED" false Christ of the Judeo-Churchizionians and their gods the shem's...the hashem's 


Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

Jesus the Christ is the ONLY MOST HOLY...do not be deceived. Here is how they paint their picture of the final deception unto the world...their Operation "Rainbow" of Talmud Bavli and their Universal Religion unto satan


The One-Fence Solution (WALL and Street, military street

I note that a number of my posts today have to do with The Fence (aka The wall), and assume that this is because so many people are viewing this as The Big Issue, and downplaying the importance of terrorism because there is a temporary freeze on terror activities, albeit no disarming of terror groups. This article from The New York Times Magazine Section a useful summing up of both the Israeli and Palestinian positions.

Col. Dany Tirza switches into four-wheel drive, swerves around the water-filled ruts in the mud track in front of him and steers up a slope. Though he has an office in Jerusalem in the Israeli Army's Central Command and another in a Defense Ministry building in Tel Aviv, this car is Tirza's real HQ, and his real workplace is the Israeli countryside along the Green Line, the border between Israel and the land it has occupied since 1967. At the top of the hillock, he climbs out, hangs his assault rifle over his shoulder and looks out at his handiwork: a curtain of concrete stretching across the plain, broken by gray towers.


Beyond the wall, a low hill rises, covered with close-set houses: the town of Qalqilya, home to 43,000 Palestinians, at the very western edge of the occupied West Bank. On this side of the wall, the Israeli side, cars rush past on the newly opened north-south Trans-Israel Highway. The spot where we stand is on the outskirts of Kfar Sava, a Tel Aviv suburb.

On foreign maps, Qalqilya is outside Israel, on the Palestinian side of the Green Line. But the official maps of the Israeli government don't show the Green Line. For Israeli governments, the pre-1967 boundary is an armistice line that belongs to the past, and the real border remains to be set in future peace talks.


But if there is no border, there is now a barrier, a giant fence being constructed along the length of the country that will give physical form to the division between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Dany Tirza, 44, cleanshaven, with dark hair beginning to gray, is the man in charge of setting its precise route. The fence, Tirza asserts, is not a political measure, but a military one; Israel's army remains on both sides of the barrier, and Israeli settlements remain beyond it. Its intention, Tirza says, is to end the ''unbearable ease'' of terror. Less than a mile of open country, he notes, separates Qalqilya from Kfar Sava, and the Palestinian town was the base for the suicide bombing at the entrance to a Tel Aviv disco in June 2001, in which 21 Israelis died.

Yet in some way -- a way very much up for dispute -- Tirza is now designing a border between Israel and the West Bank, unilaterally imposed by Israel. For much of its length, the barrier will be a 240-foot-wide swath of barbed wire, sensors and roads, rather than a concrete wall. In either form, it will be a work of monumental proportions, a statement etched upon the land
Tirza admits, in his quiet, confident, barely inflected voice, that the barrier ''is something that will apparently last for many years,'' becoming the ''reference line'' for any peace talks, even if not the final line. Diplomatically, the barrier project has sparked widespread objections: at the first meeting between Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian prime minister, and Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, in May, Abbas demanded that Israel stop building the barrier. And at a late June meeting with Israel's security cabinet, Condoleezza Rice, the United States' national security adviser, reportedly said that the United States objected to the fence's construction. Along its route, both Jews and Arabs have angrily protested decisions about where it will run.

Tirza designed the wall that stands here, in front of Qalqilya, nearly 30 feet tall. He also put in the embankment that rises nearly to the top of the wall on the Israeli side. ''I made ramps,'' he explains, so that ''in a really extreme case'' an Israeli tank can climb the embankment and fire into Qalqilya.

As we watch, an olive green jeep climbs a ramp, stops so that the patrolling soldiers can look across and descends. The sunlight has become harsher; the barrier no longer looks like a curtain but like a prison wall. Palestinians say they're the ones jailed -- the barrier will completely surround Qalqilya, with just one exit, to the east, via an Israeli checkpoint. Or perhaps, as an Israeli critic suggests, Israelis are the ones inside the barrier, inside a fortress or a ghetto of their own making. The barrier is a statement, true, but its meaning is up for grabs.

When operation rainbow -- the unit that Tirza heads -- was established a decade ago, the Oslo peace process was beginning, and the mood was ''euphoric,'' Tirza says. He is driving north from Qalqilya along the so-called seam zone, a bit of Israeli officialese used to avoid reference to the Green Line or the word ''border.'' His cellphones keep ringing. Between interruptions, he describes the mood in the army in Oslo's early days. ''Our effort was to switch the diskette, from being an army responsible for everything -- to use a bad word, an occupying army -- to an army working with Palestinians to build peace.'' He smiles wistfully. ''It was an extraordinarily exciting mission. Yesterday you saw an armed Palestinian through cross hairs, and today you're driving with him to make peace.''


For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


All queers and Lesbians are fast becoming obedient Noahides of satan's hoodlum haba


Church flies gay flag

Churches in North-Norway guarantee homosexuals that they will be welcomed without prejudice. The parishes of Svolvaer and Vagan promise that no negative words can be uttered towards gay churchgoers in their churches, a promise that is bound not to please everyone.

In Svolvaer Church parish council member Yngve Henriksen hangs the rainbow colored flag used as homosexuality's banner. The flag is meant to show gays and lesbians that they are welcome here and can worship without fear of finding themselves the subject of a fiery sermon, newspaper Lofotposten reports. The two parish councils voted to do something to fight negative attitudes towards homosexuals. "The church has a sad history in that respect," parish educator Torbjoern Ollestad told the newspaper.



3,500 Rainbow Lives

Please visit the Rainbow Lives Blog at http://rainbowlives.blogspot.com
for notes and commentary on this project...

An Eclectic List of Over 3,500 Queer* Lives
Around the World and Throughout History...


Rotating TriangleRainbow Baptists
                      A Welcoming & Inclusive Place for All Christians

Who We Are

     Rainbow Baptists is a website providing support, information and advocacy for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer identified Baptists, their family and friends. Rainbow Baptists is an outreach ministry of The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists (AWAB). 2003 marked the 10th anniversary of AWAB and the 30th anniversary of the LGBTQ Baptist rights movement that began with the founding of American Baptists Concerned for Sexual Minorities.



Deaf Youth Rainbow

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