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Part 62

October 28, 2004

Day 469-475 of 490 

Twenty  days unto the FINISH of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

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Newsmax, September 30, 2004
"New York's Jewish community favors John Kerry by a whopping 64 percent to a mere 24 percent for George Bush, according to the American Jewish Committee (AJC), which recently conducted a poll. But among Russian Jews in the Big Apple - about 20 percent of the city's Jewish population - Bush comes out with 54 percent to Kerry's mere 14 percent, in another AJC survey not yet made public.

"From my conversations with a wide assortment of people in the Russian community, I would estimate that the numbers are something like 8 to 1 for Bush over Kerry," Ari Kagan, executive director of the United Association of East European Jewry and a commentator for the Russian Forward, told New York's The Jewish Week.
"The feeling for Bush is so vociferous that I don't know of one prominent person in the Russian community who is willing to say openly he is backing Kerry," Kagan added. "Even though Russian Jews are mainly registered Democrats, lately many are reluctant to say out loud they are Democrats because they don't want to be tied to Kerry." Fira Stukelman, former president of the Association of Holocaust Survivors from the Former Soviet Union and one of the community's leading advocates for seniors, told The Jewish Week that while older Russians voted strongly for Al Gore over Bush in 2000, "This time they are going overwhelmingly for Bush over Kerry

The reason is simple: Israel, Israel and Israel.

"Russian Jews are convinced Bush is the best friend Israel has ever had and is doing more to protect Israel's interests than any other American president." 

This despite media reports that the Bush administration is proposing sharp cuts in funding for Section 8 housing and concurrent steep rises in rents for those federally subsidized residents. "Many of our people live in Section 8 apartments and simply cannot afford rent hikes," she said. "Yet they say, 'First and foremost, let Israel live and we'll worry about everything else, including housing costs, after that' ... Hank Sheinkopf, a political consultant who works primarily for Democrats, told The Jewish Week he is concerned about what the growth of the New York Russian community means for his party not only this year but in the future. 

"The future of the Jewish community in New York City clearly rests with the Russians,"

Sheinkopf told The Jewish Week. "There is a question as to whether they share the communal agenda, but the Jewish community needs them if we are to have any political force in the future.' 'It seems to me that the overall Jewish community is moving toward the center-right,' he added. 'These days the Jewish agenda is less ideological and more bread and butter. 

Jews are a lot more concerned about Israel and anti-Semitism than they are about 


Will Johan "Poretz" Kohen, become Kohen Gadol High Priest of Talmudic Sorcery, Mystery Babylon over the Entire World and Enforce his shemgod Universal Laws upon mankind on November 3rd 2004 ?

Or will Dan Bushkevik Judge his People by these laws as a tribe of ISREALHELL?

Who will Prevail, Dan of the Uttermost Parts of the North

or Kohen of Judah the king of the South?

Neither, for the LORD Almighty is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Christ Jesus the LORD God and His Father.

He is coming as a thief in the night unto an apostate world....were you watching? Have you tended your house?


September 23, 2004

Jews for Kerry

Once again we see more proof that Bush does not receive the support of most Jews in America. Kerry does.

Survey: 69% of American Jews would vote for Kerry

Electoral Vote shows that Bush's overall lead in the polls has been reduced. Bush now edges Kerry by 273 electoral votes to 255. 270 are needed to win outright.



And ALL the kings of the earth are in bed with the Great Whore of Babylon

Rabbi Mendy Mintz, Shliach in Aspen, CO and U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, following a recent meeting


Canada's Chiraq


The Why?


Col. Jacob Goldstein, Chief of Chaplains for New York State Army National Guard relaxing on Saddam Hussein's chair made of pure gold during his recent tour of duty in Iraq.

The inscription on the back of the chair indicated that Saddam designed the chair with plans to take to take it to Yerushlayim "upon his victory over Israel".

Made Possible by the Pimp of the Great Whore


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg poses with Rabbi Karps class on his way out from the CHJCC Legislative breakfast on Sunday.


Rabbi Levi Krinsky of Lubavitch of New Hampshire with Democratic Presidential hopefuls - Sen. Joe Lieberman (top) and Howard Dean (bottom) @ a Chanukah Party in NH.


Behold the "Illuminati" the Illuminated "Masters" of the Pharisaic Satanic Chasidim whom all the kings of the earth are in the bed with....the Great whore of Babylon


Neten-yahoo the Judaeo-Churchinsanity hero of the Whore of babylon

CEO of Shmais News Service & Levi Hodakov with Israel's Finance Minister and former Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Sunday evening in Jerusalem.

Dan Bushkevik, appointed by Schneerson of the Talmudic Universal Noahide fame, HJR 104, PL 102-14....kill all Christ believers law

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder meets with Rabbi Yehuda Tiechtel, Shliach to Berlin, and Rabbi Levi shemtov of American Friends of Lubavitch at the conclusion of the OSCE Conference on anti-semitism.


Bought and Paid Full


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