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3-16- 2007 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  ADAR 27, PURIM   5767 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5767

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The Year 2007, The Beast Revived @ Tiberias October 13, 2003, anti-Christ Noahide laws passed for the beast Sanhedrin, All must deny Jesus by House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14 and be Marked, or be Purged From Planet Earth. Sounds like science fiction doesn't it? It is not, It is very real, and all whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of life, slain from the foundation of the World shall worship the Beast of the Beast Sanhedrin, for they will have a King over them.....Abba-Dan


VeriChip Passes Significant Milestone: Over 500 Hospitals Have Now Agreed to Adopt VeriMed Patient Identification System
Tuesday March 13, 8:30 am ET

VeriChip Adds 65 Hospitals/Emergency Departments to its VeriMed Network on First Day of AAEM Conference

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., March 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VeriChip Corporation (Nasdaq: CHIP - News), a provider of RFID systems for healthcare and patient-related needs, announced today that 65 new hospitals have agreed to participate in the VeriMed Patient Identification System network at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) 13th Annual Scientific Assembly conference in Las Vegas, bringing the Company's total number of enrolled hospitals to more than 500.

Scott R. Silverman, (Talmudic hassidic Jew)

The company's chief executive officer, Scott R. Silverman, is one of a half dozen executives who had chips implanted. Silverman said chips implanted for medical uses could also be used for security purposes, like tracking employee movement through nuclear power plants.


Scott Silverman, Chairman of the Board of VeriChip Corporation, has alarmed civil libertarians by promoting the company's subcutaneous human tracking device as a way to identify immigrants and guest workers. He appeared on the Fox News Channel earlier this week, the morning after President Bush called for high-tech measures to clamp down on Mexican immigrants.

Privacy advocates Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre are warning that a government-sanctioned chipping program such as that suggested by Silverman could quickly be expanded to include U. S. citizens, as well.


Chairman and CEO of VeriChip, commented, "We are very pleased to add 65 new hospitals to our network on day one of this three-day conference. Furthermore, we are proud to achieve a significant milestone in our infrastructure build-out. With more than 500 hospitals now enrolled in the VeriMed Patient Identification System, we are well on our way to meeting our stated year-end goal of 800 hospitals in the VeriMed network."

The VeriMed Patient Identification System, which consists of a hand-held radio frequency identification (RFID) scanner, an implantable RFID microchip, and a secure patient database, is being used to help rapidly identify and provide access to important health information on participating patients.

The new healthcare facilities agreed to use the VeriMed reader as standard protocol to scan patients that arrive in emergency rooms unconscious, delirious or confused. The Company continues to provide readers to hospitals and other healthcare facilities at no charge as part of its efforts to "seed" the infrastructure for the VeriMed patient identification system.

About VeriChip Corporation

VeriChip Corporation, headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, develops, markets and sells radio frequency identification, or RFID, systems used to identify, locate and protect people and assets. VeriChip's goal is to become the leading provider of RFID systems for people in the healthcare industry. VeriChip sells passive RFID systems for identification purposes and active RFID systems for local-area location and identification purposes. VeriChip recently began to market its VeriMed(TM) Patient Identification System for rapidly and accurately identifying people who arrive in an emergency room and are unable to communicate. This system uses the first human-implantable passive RFID microchip, the implantable VeriChip(TM), cleared for medical use in October 2004 by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

VeriChip Corporation is majority-owned by Applied Digital Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSX - News), which also owns a majority position in Digital Angel Corporation (Amex: DOC - News). For more information on VeriChip, please call 1-800- 970-2447, or email Additional information can be found online at

Statements about the Company's future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other statements in this press release other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as that term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, and the Company's actual results could differ materially from expected results. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequently occurring events or circumstances.


     VeriChip Corporation
     Allison Tomek

    The Ruth Group
     Nick Laudico (investors)
     (646) 536-7030

     Jason Rando (media)
     (646) 536-7025


Lock down is Begun, Dumbmass Maraka

REPENT by Faith and Believe, for the Lord Jesus warned you ahead of time



Rv:16:11: And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

Tracking the Spike in Boil / MRSA Outbreaks around the USA and World 

Continued from PAGE 1 (Best Remedies to Cure Boils). Please make sure you read Page 1 if you came to this site from a search engine -- it has some potent and effective home remedies to treat MRSA.

Not sure what the difference is between a boil, abscess, staph infection and MRSA? Click here to read up.

Contrary to popular medical opinion (which touts a person-to-person spread of staph), we believe new outbreaks occur every time it rains in certain parts of the country (like Los Angeles, Florida, etc) due to contaminants in the sky that fall to the ground, trees, pets, people, etc. in the rain or snow.  However, we need to hear back from a lot more people about whether or not an outbreak is happening after an intense storm before we can come to any conclusion!

Now located on a new page.  Click here to read the fascinating feedback.

Click here to read two more theories from our readers further down on this page.

11/23/2006: Kimberly form Sequin, TX writes, "I got several staph infections, but was never tested for MRSA. January of 2004, I got one on my forehead and one on the hairline near my neck. I chose to lance them at home, which was the biggest mistake I could have made. The infection on my neck got into my bloodstream, traveled into my spinal cord and festered for nearly three months. When my back pain began, doctors could find no cause for it, so they admitted me to the local hospital after three trips to the ER in agonizing pain, and treated me for five days for Kidney infection and Kidney stones. Turned out it was MRSA in my lungs, blood, spinal cord, pneumonia and bronchitis. By the time they realized this my blood pressure was dangerously low, as well as my blood oxygen level. I had about six hours to live at this point. Thankfully a rather risky back surgery saved my life, as well as 2 months of severe antibiotic treatments, where I was given Vancomyacin through a groshong catheter directly into my aorta. Lesson here, if you get more than one staph infection, get tested for MRSA. I didn't, and the result is life long pain. My son was only six months old when this happened. He is two now and I can still barely carry him for long."

1/17/2007: Anonymous from South Orange, NJ writes, "Hi, As I have been reading the comments on your site regarding boils it seems to me that alot of these people, especially those suffering from boils in the armpit, groin area, or breast area that are recurrent actually may have a condition called hidradentis supperitiva or acne inversa. This is also known as an orphan illness because it is forgotten and alot of people don't really know about it. For many like me it is misdiagnosed and antibiotics may or may not help. At present I am taking antibiotics to help control my acne but it is also helping out my recurrent boils which come up every now and then."

1/18/2007: Jan from Perth, Australia writes, "Several people have mentioned cures that did not work for their boils - particularly those people who had a number of boils in their armpit, breast or groin area. They may want to check to see if they have Hidradenitis Suppurativa which presents like boils in those areas but is not curable. There is a lot of information about HS on the web and it seems to be often misdiagnosed so it may be worth seeing a dermatologist for a second opinion."

Earth Clinic Note: Hidradenitis is a chronic disease of the apocrine glands (sweat gland found on certain parts of the body). These glands become plugged or clogged. The condition causes chronic scarring and pus formation of the underarms, groin and/or inner thigh areas. In women it can also occur under the breasts. Hidradenitis begins with a red, tender, swelling in the groin or armpit. Over time the lesions enlarge and burst open at the surface, draining clear to yellow fluid.

Please continue to write us and let us know if you (or people you know) are having an outbreak of boils. It is important that we continue to track this outbreak.

Click here to see a map of reported boil outbreaks by our readers.

One interesting thing that we are discovering lately is that boils appear on different parts of the body depending on the area reported.  For example, we heard from a friend on 8/23/2006 that she saw 4 friends in Los Angeles in one week with giant boils scabbing over on their faces at the exact location of the bottom lip. 

As you will read below, other regions report boils on the genitals and buttocks, while other locations report rashes that then turn into giant boils. Additionally, people (and doctors too, believe it or not) commonly believe that the boil is a spider bite. Only after repeated boil outbreaks do they figure out it is MRSA!

It also appears that boils (which are not MRSA) can appear in one city, while another city has spikes of highly contagious, sometimes lethal MRSA.

If you came to this page from a search engine, please make sure you check out our Cure Boils / MRSA main page.  You will see that the spice turmeric will heal MRSA when antibiotics will not.


Ordered By Location:


1/28/2007: Helene from Keaau (big island) , Hawaii writes, "I can't sit down because of my painful boils so there are misspelled words here. Three in the family got boils, over time. After my son got about 8 of them, went to the doctor and was given 300 mg clindamycin hcl. They slowly healed, but after 1.5 months are back for both my son and myself. It was raining for some time, this 2nd outbreak, but don't remember the first. We are both sweating a lot--me with major yard work and him with carpentry in the hot sun. We are very clean, but are forced to bathe with road catchment water, as most sub-divisions here have no water systems. Our drinking water is purified from outside water machines. These boils were on the side of leg, on groin, inside leg, lip, under arm, etc. I will now try a remedy with Hawaiian mineral rock salt--heard that will delete the pussy infection inside. These are terrible and pray is doesn't continue. I'm reluctant that anti-biotics does the trick. I am going to try the complete opposite---billions of probiotics--acidophilus/bifidus in powder form; I believe that will be the ticket."

8/19/2006: Shakti from Kihei, Maui Hawaii writes, "I'm writing because one of my daughters got an outbreak last May after camping in Hana. We thought it was a spider bite. It got swollen overnight, about the span of an open hand, which was startling. She had to get it lanced by a surgeon who verified the MRSA, but didn't really prepare us for what it was. Since then she has gotten recurring boils on thighs and hips at least 4 times in 3 months. She is on a different antibiotic and I'm very concerned for this epidemic. We are thankful to try the turmeric and mycrohydrin and anything else you can recommend to prevent re-infections or to prevent this from going systemic which I understand can be life-threatening. thank you and please keep me posted on anything else that I can do for her and to prevent my other daughter from getting it. Mahalo"

8/18/2006: Amanda from Kailua, HI writes, "I read your recommendation about the cure for staph being turmeric. I tried it and it worked. I used it in conjunction with a wet poultice of green clay. It cleared up the boil in 3 days and although 3 other little ones popped up, they never developed and disappeared on their 2nd day. We used this remedy after going to the doctor and getting antibiotics for a staph infection on my young son's leg. He took them and it went away but it came back on another leg a few days after we finished the treatment. The doctor said he had treated about 300 cases of staph in the past few weeks alone. He thought maybe the heat was causing the outbreak. Finding the turmeric was a wonderful stroke of luck, as I did not want to use antibiotics again, so I appreciate you posting this remedy. I have since found out that fresh turmeric root juice is a common remedy for staph on the Big Island of Hawaii, where staph is rampant, and with further research I have found out that turmeric is a potent healer of many ailments. Thanks again, Amanda"

8/4/2006: Kanioa from Honolulu, Hawaii writes, "I had one in the anal region which the Dr. lanced and it drained within a week or so. A few weeks later, three more appeared in my left armpit, a small one in my right armpit and one the inner side of my left calve. Dr. lanced the biggest one in left armpit. It's now a gaping hole the size of a dime and a quarter of an inch deep - and still painful! The others are healing expect for the one on my leg. I think that one is getting worse."


2/1/2007: Michaela from Fairbanks, Alaska writes, "Last summer I had a boil come up and tried taking care of it at home. I ended up in a Urgent Care facility and then 3 days later referred to the Emergency Room because the infection was so bad. They had tried to lance it unsuccessfully. I was set up for an emergency procedure in which they went 6 1/2 inches into by buttocks. I was given a 10 day supply of antibiotics and that was it. I began noticing a rash and when school started back I went to the clinic-I do not have a regular doctor, which is why I waited to go to the clinic. I was told I had a staph infection on my skin and again given the antibiotics. I had been noticing small bumps that I thought were possibly the same thing but they dissipated. I now have one on my leg and one on my thigh and one along my underwear line. I got the Turmeric 450 mg capsules and started taking them on the 26th. The boils on my leg have come up since then. When I was in the Urgent Care the doctor told me they had seen over 50 cases similar to mine since the first of the year. They did not know why I had this except "people sometimes get boils". Any suggestions on what to do? I am taking the Turmeric 2 capsules 3 times a day starting today since I have the information. I also found out that the hospital here has a big problem with this and no one seems to acknowledge anything. What does the MRSA stand for and is it a more intense condition than just a boil? PLEASR educate me. michaela"

Earth Clinic responds: Michaela, Ted has responded to your question here.

1/24/2007: Anonymous from Fairbanks, Alaska writes, "Milo was my brother who died September 2004 A month after being admitted to ICU with Staph infection. Ever since I have had many outbreaks of boils on my lower stomach, inner thighs, and buttocks. I will try the Turmeric Thank you very much."


2/19/2007: Sherrie (sap_kwm[at] from Lake Havasu City, AZ writes, "I have had recurring boils for about 5 years now. The first one was in my left groin area. I saw a doctor who lanced. BIG MISTAKE! Had to see a second doctor, who told me it was a staph infection in my sweat gland, that would have to be removed. I was down for about a month, couldn't sit, stand or walk for long periods of time. The whole left in my leg was big enough to stick you entire hand in. They did not sew it closed, left it open to heal from the inside out. Now, I have another one that has come before, but healed and went away. Now it is back, and VERY painful. I will try turmeric today, and will follow up."

1/5/2007: Ann from Phoenix, AZ writes, "I kept telling the doctors it was MRSA. They kept telling me it wasn't. I had searched everywhere and came to the conclusion that is was MRSA. I finally convinced them to test me and I was right. At one time I had 14 of them. Under the left armpit, left breast and groin area. Left Leg. Yesterday I started the Turmeric powder. Today the bump is not nearly as hard and I am hoping it takes the tiny spot away on the right breast. There are a lot of break outs here but everyone is believing the doctors when they're told it is a spider bite or cellulitis. I will respond back when I have more information."

11/24/2006: Mark from Avondale, AZ writes, "on july 4 2005 I went to the ER for a shot of antibiotics because I had a boil like sore on my knee and my leg swelled up and turn red in minutes when I was walking back to the apt from the pool, I barely made it back (2 blds ). I made it my bed the pain was incredible. In the ER the redness was moving higher about 2 in the hour I was there and my white blood cell count was down so I was admitted. The DR tried draining it for a couple of days but it didn't help. He performed surgery on the 8th and sucked out the infection. I watched a show about it being suck out and that was an important step since wiping out the infection wasn't good enough it didn't get it all. I laid in the hospital till the end of july. barely moving because the pain was incredible I had an IV of morphine every 4hrs and percocets in between to try to subside it. when I finally was able to move and the pain subsided I was released, I had home care and was still confined to the bed till the middle of August After the operation I had a pic line in my bicep for the antibiotic called Vancomyacin to be pumped in my arm (pressurized ball about the size of a mini pixie football) to kill the infection and rfamkin pill to prevent it from coming back. I did this til the end of sept at this point I was cleared by an infection disease clinic I was going to for my recovery. as a precaution I was giving another antibiotic pill for 30 days. Since then I have not had any reoccurrence or passed it on to anybody family or friends. Since then I watched the health channel perform an operation on it, CNBC and Invest buss daily do reports on the CO. who makes Vancomyacin and the local news has done the story a few times calling it the super bug (I've never had a tougher opponent to beat. They all claimed Vancomyacin is the only antibiotic to be effective and it is starting to build a resistance to it. I also heard they are close to another product that's working though I don't know what it is. to all that suffer from this my heart goes out to you may you soon find help. I hope these message helps somebody if not all after reading all these stories I want to again say thank you to my Dr and all my nurses who took care of me!!!! west valley and banner hospital Avondale Az THANK YOU ALL Mark"

10/18/2006: Frank from Tucson, AZ writes, "It's a funny thing but my outbreak of Boils started after a steady rain a few days ago. I never connected it, however. I'm trying Turmeric -- just started."

8/29/2006: Sophie from Phoenix, AZ writes: "My family has been going through this for generations. Mostly the women who get them the worst, but my 400 lb. uncle gets them worst them any of us. My mother her mother etc.. Some stay and drain for years."

3/9/2007: Cheryl from Folsom, California writes: "Thank you for making me feel not so alone, but these boils on my inner thigh areas stretching to my buttocks region now going down my inner thighs has only recently spread and been constantly inflamed (since November/December) and I have had one or two on my inner thighs at a time since my early twenties. I am now taking acne meds and a staff-fighting antibiotic. I tried to cut one out before when I only had one or two that grew together, but they cam back around and over the don't try it. Has anyone tried cutting the entire region away? Leaving only newer skin pulled tighter and just covering the muscle? If there is a doctor willing to surgically try this...I am willing to experiment."

2/14/2007: Karen from Ione, CA writes, "It started in June of '05 my first boil in the groin area. Very painful never had one before. 4months later another boil appears but on the opposite side in my groin, then on the back of my legs then on the lower leg then back to the groin and pubic area, the worst one was on my buttocks had to have this lanced and drained and packed very painful experience they also tested this and found out that it came back positive for MRSA.Yep, you guessed it, another round of antibiotics. Now antibiotics really not working. Also doctors try to pass this off on your existing health problem(diabetes) Went to a Infectious Disease Dr was told current health condition was not the problem. Gave me antibiotic ointment to put in my nose and gave me Bactrim then told me that there is nothing else I can do and that I would have to put up with these reoccurring boils (monthly bases sometime more than one. Found your site and am going to the market and pickup the Turmeric powder will let you know how it works."

2/13/2007: Nate from Hollywood, CA writes, "Live in Hollywood. Just got a boil 10 days ago. Progressively worse. Read your site. Just got the turmeric and put some campho phenique on. We'll see how it goes. Thought I'd let you know - as has rained here recently. Also seemingly a diet change of some junk food stuff. Will report back."

2/6/2007: Laurie from North Hollywood, CA writes, "i am answering your questions: yes, it rained 3 or 4 days ago and i live right next to the burbank airport and i have this huge boil that started growing on my chin 3 days ago and it is very painful i am on my way to get some turmeric, i will let you know how it works"

2/2/2007: TAF from Sherman Oaks, CA writes, "Yeah, the Boils came out of nowhere; and I personally think I am very watchful of my hygiene. Initially, I thought the first one that grew in my inner thigh was just ingrown hair. But as the swelling increased and the pain intensified, I suspected something else. And then other clusters started sprouting on varying parts of my body, stomach, wrist, under arm, knee...goodness. And the pain..., it all came at once; and I could not understand why this was happening. Eventually I went to see a Doctor. He lanced and took a sample of the boil fluid (pus). Result came back as MRSA. Okay... I get put on antibiotics (sulfa--something) and the boils disappeared; only for about 2 weeks; and now I'm getting boils again. Found this site, ran out and bought Turmeric.. will report back in a week. I hope it works, cause I'm really sick of this; I feel like I'm living in the Old Testament."

1/29/2007: Rachelle from Sacramento, CA writes, "i have staph and i have been to the emergency room 3 times in the last 3 months because it keeps coming back no matter what i do. I have done everything the doctors have told me to do i always take all of my antibiotics that i also have been prescribed and i stay very clean but still it never completely leaves my body and now i have scars all over ass and a couple on my back and still the staph infection keeps coming back and causing more boils and then scars."

1/25/2007: Lilly from Downe, CA writes, "You honestly don't know how good it feels to have found your website. I have been dealing with MRSA for about a year now. I just don't understand why i am getting it. I am very healthy, i had a physical and it shows that i am very healthy. It seems like once i got the MRSA it just keeps reoccurring Now i don't know about you but this is strange because i noticed alot of people are getting this infection. I have tried many anti-biotics, and it seems like every time i go back to the doctors they prescribe me a stronger medication. I have been using anti-bacterial soaps, its been working a little. I am so tired of getting them, they are painful, they have left ugly marks on my legs, my side, my nose...I even had one in my stomach that i had to get surgically removed and that was very painful and it left a nasty scar.I have another one in my underarm and i am just so glad and relieved that their are some things that sound like they are helping people, like the Turmeric, i will definitely try it. But i just hope that someone out there can educate people on this infection because i never knew what it was until i got it. I was about nineteen going on to twenty when this started, i am twenty one going on to twenty two, and i haven't gotten a break from the MRSA, i can honestly say i probably got a five month break from them, until now, i got another one...So i will be trying the Turmeric, hopefully this will be my answer to my problem."

1/12/2007: Teresa from Galt, CA writes, "I thought I got bitten by a spider a week ago, and I also had some prior to this on my stomach in August of last year. I was looking for a home remedy after looking at web pages on spider bites, and now I believe that these are boils again that I have. My son also has had a problem for quite a while with boils under his armpits. This is really scary stuff, for they are ruthless. I am going to get tested asap. Thank you."

12/1/2006: James from Los Angeles, CA writes, "I'm on antibiotics and i had both my boils lanced at a surgeon, ouch. I'm miserable, just as one boil was going away on my butt, i got another in the groin area and they are about the size of a quarter and hurt very much. doctor put me on antibiotics for a week which i'm still on. Hoping this goes away, i'm also taking acidophilus in between antibiotic doses, which helps the diarrhea and stomach bloating."

11/30/2006: Jessica from Fair Oaks, CA writes, "i am still having problems from a continuing sinus infection, which came from an abscess tooth, which came from more sinus infection, which came after a bout of bell's palsy and general fatigue and stress from care taking of family with ill health. i have boils from being so ill, have had rounds of infections and illness for about 3 years now, and so i will be trying the Hydrogen Peroxide and a few other things. my son has also had a lot of fungus infections, which i had him taking lots of garlic. i think i will have him try some of the other remedies of the HPO and ACV."

9/22/2006: Mia from Oakdale, CA writes, "I know several and I mean at least a dozen or more people in Oakdale, which is a very small town, that have had MRSA boils. The hospital doesn't quite even know about it. They told my boyfriend that it was a spider bite and non contagious, then I got it 3 weeks later. This was in January, we have had to be retreated 3 times. I have called Center Disease Control ...they didn't really care. We've used Tree Oil Soap, Sulfa, Bactroban, & Bactrim. Tea tree oil helps a lot."

8/23/2004: Auriel from Berkeley, CA writes, "Amazing what I have discovered on this website -- I got my first boil at the end of a one-month deluge of rains in the San Francisco area. It has now reoccurred twice since then and it seems that antibiotics are not working. It gets me so depressed as I lose work time, can't walk or sleep properly, can't wear pants (the boils are on my buttocks and on the hip area where the elastic of the panties rests) and the pain is unreal. I really do think that there is some correlation between toxicity in the rains of a locale and the residents of that locale suddenly getting things like boils when they never did before in their life."

7/31/2006: Joseph from Lindsay, CA writes, "I have an abscess inside the ear. I had an earache in 'Left' ear for 2 days, followed by 100% deafness. Now 50% cleared up. Two days later, earache moved to 'Right' ear with 100% deafness and no sleep for 5 days due to PAIN!. Family doctor prescribed AMOXICILLIN 500mg 3 times a day, and CODINE #3 for pain. Going to Ear/Nose/Throat doctor soon. I'm sure he will perform a surgery to correct this problem."

7/29/2006: Claudia from Marina del Rey, CA writes, "Boils appeared in buttock and caused fever. Doctor diagnosed MRSA and gave antibiotics. Two weeks later I am doing better though not completely healed. I used Bactrim (oral) and Mupirocin (topical).

7/9/2006: Jessica from Fort Bragg, CA writes, "i am 25, exercise, roller bade, yoga, regularly, no history of major illnesses, been vegetarian for 10 years. three weeks ago i went to sleep one night and woke up with a huge swollen gland under my chin. after a week on antibiotics, the hard mass my gland was started to condense into a large red boil that is soft and squishy with fluid. the doctor had no reasonable explanation about what caused it or why it came on so suddenly. i am hesitant to lance it for pain and scarring reasons and hope the turmeric treatment will work. i found it interesting that chemicals in the air could be causing this epidemic... i live in California where there are signs around food stores, apartment complexes, etc, where they say there are cancerous chemicals known to be there... yet people continue with their lives as if these signs are not there... unfortunately as healthy as i thought i was, i was one of those people not paying attention to the signs... maybe moving should be a plan after my boil heals. if anyone has helpful suggestions or similar stories please let me know... i don't want a huge scar in the middle of my neck.. thank you for reading.."

7/10/2006: John from Los Angeles writes, "Well, I started to get another boil on my chin yesterday after a respite of 5 months (I got 2 in February) but took care of it overnight with turmeric. Thanks for that one."

5/28/2006: Colm from San Francisco, CA writes, "Last year 2005 had boil lanced, plus some drugs. Using St. Johns Wort directly on chest boil, seems to work at drawing it out as puss comes on oozing out. Some infant boils on leg seem to be stopped before developing to a worse one. Chest one is large and very painful. I have had these recurring since last year, 2005. Had acupuncture plus Chinese herbs which cleaned me up for a while. Now back and painful indeed. Looking for any good news about this condition, I am 52 and eat well. Very frustrating and getting on a plane to Europe tomorrow, hope my home remedies work as no health insurance and wish to stay off drugs as they seem to add to problem. Will see if I can find some of this before I go."

1/3/2007: Lori from Reno, NV writes, "I live in Reno, NV (prior to this YES, LOS ANGELES) but MRSA is RAMPANT in RENO also!!!) Dr. lanced abscess (boil) which was thought by me to be a spider bite (of course, I can't remember being bitten), I used a heating pad & wet washcloth to draw out the puss.vNow, third boil in 2 months, I read your article, marched my unhappy a$$ into the Dr. and told him how sad it is that I must read the internet to get educated on my condition when he went to school for 10 years. I very nicely expressed that he WILL very PAINFULLY cut me open AGAIN and this time his happy a$$ would culture me for MRSA. Needless to say, I got my way, tested positive for MRSA and am taking Bactrim, have iodoform packing sticking out of my back, have been off work (a healthcare setting) for 8 days. While this is horribly painful, nasty and no fun, in perspective of other diseases in society today, I am dealing. Now, on Turmeric. I am SOLD!!!! I bought ground turmeric on the spice shelf in the store and began drinking it in my tea (I like ground better than capsule form, more in a minute). I experience what could be compared to an expectorant in cough medicine. It allows all bound up bodily fluids i.e. phlegm, mucus, puss from boil etc to DRAIN naturally and quickly. The reason I like the ground turmeric better is because it steeps in the tea and helps with the "draining effect". Lastly, I like the strength of the capsule turmeric better 450 mg. So, my new working remedy is to buy the capsules ($3.00 at Wal-Mart for 450mg), make a hot cup of mandarin orange tea (hides the nasty taste), open capsule = concentrated powder 450 mg = stronger dose = more therapeutic = boil drains TONS more & clears when I do this vs. if I only take antibiotics, hardly anything drains!!"

11/27/2006: Sheila from Las Vegas, Nevada writes, "I tried using antibiotics, constant washing with anti bacterial soaps, topical-bactrim spray, topical antibiotic creams, iodine soaks, hot water compress, loose clothing, etc. I moved to Las Vegas approximately a year and a half ago. I was in a swimming pool a lot, since I moved to Las Vegas from the Midwest and took advantage of the weather. Ever since one outbreak of boils, I consistently have reoccurring outbreaks and cannot get rid of them. I am going to the store this evening to purchase the tea tree oil and turmeric and hope that it does something. It is getting worse and I am getting more outbreaks as time goes on. I went to the doctor last week who seems to think I may have a hormonal imbalance which is causing the problem, I am waiting results of a blood test. I use to only have them on my inner thighs, they now have spread to my buttocks, genitals and most recently inside my nose. They leave horrible scars on the inside of my legs which has led me to some self esteem issues and is affecting my sex life, since I am uncomfortable with this. The pain prevents me from wearing clothing I like. It is really starting to affect me."

8/23/2006: Pam from Las Vegas, NV writes, "The doctor prescribed Zyvox (a $2,000.00 RX - not a type on the price!) Insurance covered, but as the boil was diagnosed as MRSA, this is what the dr. decided to try. 2nd boil was treated with Bactrim. Kept it from going full blown. Now on another one - have a RX for Bactrim. again, but am going to try the Turmeric. I  was diagnosed with an eczema a few years ago on my hands - horrible itchy little red bumps that would break open, and then scab (real ugly). Intense itching, then the skin around my fingertips would split open. this came and went for many, many months with doctors just saying it was a dermatitis.(Bull!) Then the boils started - always in the armpit. My husband has them on his thighs also. This is really a problem - the pain is so intense when they hit. No cure I guess for MRSA. Hope the turmeric helps. My dermatologist confirmed that they have been seeing a terrific increase in MRSA related outbreaks."

2/19/2007: Jessica (ibhisgirl4ever[at] from Portland, OR writes, "Thought they were spider bites... Two weeks ago, I started getting itchy, painful bumps on my skin. I had one on my leg and then I got one on my stomach that I thought was infected. As it grew both bigger and more painful, I pinched out this yellow looked like snot. My mother told me to soak in hot baths. I have been, however, I just got a new "boil" on my butt yesterday. I can hardly sit now. I pinched a ton of bloody, and yellowish green ooze out of it. Then came straight over to my mom's house to do research on her computer. I read that tumeric is a possible cure. Just drunk my first glass 1tsp in a mug of warm water. We'll see, I'll keep doing this and also get tested for MRSA, or "staff". Wish me luck, God bless us all."

11/18/2006: Erin from Eagle Point, OR writes, "To comment on the outbreak issue. I have had what I had always thought to be the occasional zit on my butt or in my arm pit. But never a regular occurrence. as a matter of fact I cant remember when the last time this would of occurred. I have now gotten one on my bikini line that never popped but has faded away in 16 days. I had one on my neck below my ear for 3 weeks, i never really messed with it because its so ugly and obvious, but it finally faded away to nothing (almost) I could still feel a little something deep down...but i was sure it was on its way out. Now 2 1/2 weeks after it healed, it's back. And in the exact same spot. I just wish it wasn't so red and gross i cant even wear my hair up anymore."

9/8/2006: Kathy from Sumner, WA writes, "About a month ago a friend got what he thought was a spider bite. He went to the doctor and was treated with lancing, antibiotics (not sure which one), and neosporin. It went away but then he started getting more. Then my oldest daughter started to get them and this past week my youngest daughter started having them show up. Nothing conventional medicine did seemed to help so I started researching the problem and found a LOT of scary information online. I also found some natural remedies which we only started yesterday so it is still too soon to know what is going to work. I am having them take some supplements to strengthen their immune systems (vit. C and garlic, among others) and am using allicin--from garlic--directly on the wounds. After reading about turmeric I am going to get some and try that as my friend can't even work because the pain is so bad. My daughters don't seem to have it as badly as he does but I also don't want them to get worse. This is an incredibly frustrating condition to have and I sure hope something works soon."

8/13/2006: Renee from Port Orchard, WA writes, "My uncle contracted MRSA about five months ago in Alaska. He almost lost his fingers due to the infection. He brought the MRSA infection back here to Washington where he gave it to his grandson, age 13. My best friend's mother got a boil about three months ago here in Washington, presumably acquired from a recent hospital stay. Most recently, my nephew, age 14 who has had no contact with the other people came down with MRSA in a boil on his leg which caused fever and chills and a hole in his leg the size of a shooter marble. He still has the infection, which the doctors are trying to treat with antibiotics and wound care. A few days ago I went down to my shop and I was visited there by a customer who had MRSA after being in the hospital for a broken leg, which had developed an infection that wouldn't heal. She kept going in for wound care on her leg and they never tested it for MRSA until she broke out in boils all over her body and her face swelled to twice it's normal size from touching her leg and then touching her face. She nearly died because the MRSA went to her brain.(Due to the proximity of the infection in her face) Now my six year old son has three bumps on his hands and arms which are presumably boils and he will be going to the doctor for testing tomorrow. This is definitely an epidemic. A nurse who goes to my church said that all of the staff at the hospital where she works are afraid to be tested because they see so many of these cases that they are sure that they all have it. The emergency room where my nephew was treated said that about 80% of all infections they see are now MRSA."

7/7/2006: Doreen from Olympia, WA writes, "Had a boil on my private part (Female), behind my left ear, and acne breakout on my back."


12/31/2007: Brittan from Sante Fe, NM writes, "This was the first and only boil I had, I was living in Mammoth CA. 5hrs North of LA. It was after the first snowfall of the long winter season. Also I would like to ask about acne...since moving to Santa Fe, NM I noticed a flare up in my acne as well as noticing major acne symptoms in most of my peers...I am 26. Could the nuclear test sites in New Mexico have anything to do with these afflictions?"

Earth Clinic responds: Brittan, we will post Ted's response on the Acne cures Q&A section when we hear back.

2/15/2007: Nellie from Bastrop, TX writes, "I started having boils on my stomach, thighs, legs, and groin area.  I had about 10 boils.  I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics.  They started to clear up, then couple of weeks later, I started having them again on breast, arms, groin, and panty line.  The doctor checked for MRSA and diabetes, and etc but said my results came back normal.  I am still taking the antibiotics.  I do live where I can see flight patterns in the distant as they traffic to the international airport.  We have had some rain, but I do not remember if it was just before I got the first outbursts.  The first  outbreak was before Thanksgiving. The doctor changed the antibiotic with the second outburst.  He said they this type of condition is becoming an epidemic."

2/7/2007: Linda from Austin, TX writes, "Wanted to let you know about another place where recurrent boils are happening. In early January, I had a boil on the left side of my stomach that the doctor decided was MRSA. I took antibiotics, and I thought I was fine. About 3 weeks later, I had another boil (this one EXTREMELY painful) on the right side of my stomach. More antibiotics - this time, two at once plus Bactroban in the nose. The doctor said that Austin is seeing a lot of this right now, for some reason. He said the CDC actually investigated our area because of the number of outbreaks. And, coincidentally enough, in answer to the question on your website, we DID have a very heavy rainfall the weekend I contracted the 2nd boil. I remember it distinctly, because many people were flooded in their homes one day."

2/4/2007: Amy from San Marcos, TX writes, "I have developed a large, painful boil in my groin area. I have not seen a doctor yet but I am certain it must be a boil. This would be my first. It appeared within hours a few days ago, and yes it was very misty and wet that day. I have not tried the Turmeric so many suggest on this website, but I have been compressing the boil with heat and this has caused it to become less hard and allowed my circulation to improve to allow white blood cells to fill the boil and fight the infection. From everything I read, boils may be caused by Staph infections which is a bit scary. Should I see a doctor or try the Turmeric first? The boil seems to be getting bigger and is still very painful."

Earth Clinic responds: Doctors are always a good idea when it comes to diagnosing staph infections!

1/17/2007: Forrest from Austin, TX writes, "I have been having a boil outbreak for about two weeks they come and new come in. It has been rainy here and I think got them from when my feet got wet on Dec.23rd 2006 and came in 28th of Dec. and slowly going away. But, I have to clean them and put new band aids on everyday. So , I found your website and started taking Ground Turmeric Spice in my tea twice a day. What else Can I do? So far I have been lucky and they haven't gotten two big where they hurt and there's pain. I just want them to go away. Sometimes, I just want to cry and ask why me. Thanks."

Earth Clinic responds: Forrest: Ted has already answered this question from other readers  Click here.

1/10/2007: Louis from Shenandoah, TX writes, "About three or four weeks ago I noticed jet streams going north and south and east and west from my house. being I live ten miles from a major airport, I didn't give it much thought. It rained that evening and the next day a Saturday my son and I were cleaning up around the pool area. the next day I noticed what appeared mosquito bites on may arms and legs,three days later I had sores (30r4) around the groin area and I itched all over. I thought I might have gotten bit by something .I put Neosporin on but it did not help .I went to the doctor's and was told it was shingles, he gave anti bio's and sent me home. I went the following week and the PA said it looked better and said not to use anti bio any longer. the next week three boils broke out out on leg head and groin area,which on the third visit he had to lance. which was yesterday. I started researching and ran across this article."

1/5/2007: Sarah from San Antonio, TX writes, "I have seen a HUGE outbreak in MRSA boils in this area. Almost everyone I know has either had these boils or knows someone who does. Using Acne Drying Lotion to heal the MRSA Boil."

1/3/2007: Chris from Dallas, TX writes, "I have tried prescription antibiotics, colloidal silver, oregano oil...did not cure the boils. i got a boil on my buttocks that was the size of a lemon. doctor gave me antibiotics that did not work. i now have boils recurring in my armpits, nothing has worked yet, i am going to try turmeric, i hope it works."

11/23/2006: Kimberly form Sequin, TX writes, "I got several staph infections, but was never tested for MRSA. January of 2004, I got one on my forehead and one on the hairline near my neck. I chose to lance them at home, which was the biggest mistake I could have made. The infection on my neck got into my bloodstream, traveled into my spinal cord and festered for nearly three months. When my back pain began, doctors could find no cause for it, so they admitted me to the local hospital after three trips to the ER in agonizing pain, and treated me for five days for Kidney infection and Kidney stones. Turned out it was MRSA in my lungs, blood, spinal cord, pneumonia and bronchitis. By the time they realized this my blood pressure was dangerously low, as well as my blood oxygen level. I had about six hours to live at this point. Thankfully a rather risky back surgery saved my life, as well as 2 months of severe antibiotic treatments, where I was given Vancomyacin through a groshong catheter directly into my aorta. Lesson here, if you get more than one staph infection, get tested for MRSA. I didn't, and the result is life long pain. My son was only six months old when this happened. He is two now and I can still barely carry him for long."

9/22/2006: Patricia from Houston, TX writes, "Working on a cure for multiple outbreak of boils to a 43 yr. old man that started back in Jan. 06-present. Antibiotics 3 times, herbal oils from a friend-2drops from ea. of 2 vials (smelled like Lavender and maybe Eucalyptus or vinegar extract-I am not sure it smelled almost like a pesticide), Bexatrol oil and immune booster is coming in the mail as I write this and now Turmeric 1 tsp. in 8 oz. of water (not spring but purified) 3 times a day for 3 days- we will try this before the Bexatrol kit, and then if that doesn't stop the boils from trying to manifest I am not sure what's next. We will send an update tomorrow once we start the Turmeric regimen today."

9/2/2006: Marth from Houston, TX writes, "My boil was located near my inner thigh the size of a lemon. I used Bactrim.  It seemed to help me, but my entire family has become infected. My uncle also had one near his genitals and buttocks. My little boy now has a boil near his genitals. I'm scared, this is really a bad strain. It is being spread everywhere. What is going on?

5/7/2006: Deb from Houston, TX writes, "Big outbreak in boils here in Houston. Doc even had an infection. Huge ones that doc had to lance. He said lots of kids coming in with boils."


3/11/2007: Emily from Denver, Colorado writes: "It wasn't me, rather an employee of mine. There were 2 Blizzards 1 week apart from each other that ended the 2006 year. Both left 3 feet of snow. Shortly after them, an employee of mine said that she fell on the ice and had a bad infection and she couldn't work. Immediately following that the removed half of her arm because of this "unstoppable, untreatable" bacteria that was rapidly growing (MSRA). The doctors said there must have been staph bacteria in the ice she landed on. Maybe you will find this story helpful?!"

2/19/2007: Michael from Steamboat Springs, CO: "I was just diagnosed with MRSA. This is the second MRSA in one year. My first contact with MRSA was community based and landed me in the hospital for 5 days. I completed a full series of antibiotics including Zyvox. With no issues for over 8 months including travel to Africa and Brazil. I just returned to Steamboat Springs, CO and with in 5 days I had the beginnings of my second MRSA. The weather has been cold and snowy. We do have constant contrails in the sky. It is well know that MRSA is in the community and could be widespread. I started taking BR+, a local herbal complex, as soon as I saw the "spider bite" and went to get tested 3 days after the first signs. BR+

I read about turmeric and added it to my regimen. I am also starting a week of Zyvox due to the fact that I am feeling pain in multiple areas of my body. I will email the results as I go along. Michael"

2/10/2007: Dana from Colorado Springs, CO writes, "I recently had a run in with boils appearing on my backside. It was new to me, I had never had a boil in my life before this. I tried all the traditional cures I could find and eventually stumbled upon your website, and started to use Turmeric with great success. Looking back on my lifestyle changes over the last few months I noted that I had been eating high fat greasy foods and during lunch and after work had been having mixed drinks with the mixer being coke, club soda etc. I stopped drinking the alcohol and soda and began consuming large amounts of water and taking turmeric and the boils went away. (oh a side note, I see contrails everyday in the skies above my town) Just as an experiment I went back to my unhealthy consumption and the boils came back..."

2/8/2007: Moira from Colorado Springs, CO writes, "Daughter came down with bad pylonidal cyst on 1/1 and 5 huge boils on buttocks and towards waist. ER lanced cyst and sent home. I was extremely careful on attending to her dressings (I'm a clinical lab. scientist). About 3 wks. later, I felt a small boil developing on my left arm and immediately applied a 90,000 heat unit cayenne pepper poultice. Applied these, alternating with pharmaceutical grade Lavender essential oil. Boil disappeared in about 3 days. About a week later, I felt a small, what I thought was a pimple on top of crotch. Should have treated as above, but waited and suddenly on the 3rd night there was a hard boil, about quarter sized in diameter. I have been soaking it in hot water with Celtic sea salt, cayenne and lavender. It's about half the size now. Began taking turmeric tonight, after finding this web site. My daughter's doc assured her they aren't contagious(not surprising!) I don't go to doctors as I lost faith in the "practice" of medicine a long time ago. We had a snow when this all occurred; didn't notice any unusually contrails (have seen the Fer de Lance pattern that people worry about at other times - not recently); don't eat junk food. We have noticed high pollution in the city, this winter."

10/3/2006: Cheyenne from Durango, CO writes, "I was just wanting to let you know that there has been several out breaks of MRSA here in the Durango Colorado area; my brother included. His condition is very bad right now, and had too visit the E.R. Three times over the weekend. His leg had been cut due to falling on his dirt bike, and his roommate had MRSA but did not realize it. Anyway, the roommate had slept in his bed and my brother got the infection on his leg. His leg swelled up 3x the size of his other leg. I just saw the recipe for the Turmeric remedy, so I will pass on the info, but I'm afraid that it may be to late at this time. He has been given heavy duty antibiotics but I know that this is not the answer. Anyway Just wanted to let you know about the "rampant Outbreaks", says the Durango Doctors, So you can update your map, or possibly send me any info.. Thank you for your time, Cheyenne"


11/17/2006: Rhonda from Mobile, AL writes, "I am outraged that the dr's aren't getting more interested in all these boils husband has got 5 on his side....he works over in gulf shores alabama. Does anyone seem to think that all the boil outbreaks in the southern and southeastern states has anything to do with hurricane katrina leaving some kind of bacteria in her wake?"

10/21/2006: Lori from Birmingham, AL writes, "I have had three boils this year in the same region of my buttock, is there anything that can be done?? Boils return though after a month or two, near same location on the buttock, not exact, but close to the same place. I have tried hot compresses, then squeezing out as much stuff as possible, then neosporin. also tried using a hypodermic needle to draw it out. That didn't work but it did seem to help it go away faster, by poking little holes all around the hard core."

9/25/2006: Brandy from Gulf Shores, AL writes, "Last spring I got what I thought was a mosquito bite on the back of my thigh. it turned into a softball sized boil that took 2 weeks to get better. I thought it was a spider bite. The DR thought an infected bug the way it killed tissue. the area is black now. I have since had one just as bad on my stomach and now I have another on the back of my other thigh. In between these.... every day I have what I thought were ant bites in the night. When I wake in the morning I have 2 or 3 white headed itchy bumps all over my legs. I have never had anything like this before. My mom has been telling me it's Staph for months but I didn't believe her. She said her mother, who lives in Birmingham, has been fighting this same thing for a year. Now my husband just got his first one a couple of days ago on his back. "

8/31/2006: Vivian form Dothan, AL writes, "I have Mrsa and so do my three kids and my husband. We have been trying to fight this off for 1 year. Bactrim helps clear it up, but doctor said MRSA has a 95% cure rate of the boil if drained so that's what I'm trying . I will be trying the iodine and the turmeric.  It hasn't gone away yet and has been a very painful experience for us all. I hope that these remedies work and thank you for a site that actually helps. Will respond when I know if these remedies work that this page has recommended. Thanks, Vivian'

8/3/2006: JR from Mobile, Alabama writes, "I started getting boils on my tailbone around May. Now they have moved all the way up around my vagina. Talk about painful. I have found the best remedy is cleanse the area as often as possible with warm water and something mild like baby shampoo, pour peroxide on it, when it dries apply tea tree oil. This is the best liquid antibacterial remedy i have found. you can find it at Walmart"


2/5/2007: Ruth from Lawrenceville, GA writes, "I had an infection on my leg this last summer and my doctor lanced it and put me on the mrsa antibiotics. I thought it was over but just recently I got another under my arm a little past the hair line. I have read about the turmeric and will try anything. I prefer herbal remedies because my body dos not take the synthetic med that the hospitals dish out well at all I just started the turmeric today and can already feel the difference. Also It has rained here for the last few days b4 the place under my arm appeared and that causes the planes at the near by air port to fly lower . Last summer when my leg was infected it was also raining during the first few days of noticing the infection. I grew up with a Indian grandmother and we never took OTC meds but we were never really sick for more than a day or so either. I am thankful for this website"

2/2/2007: Fran from Rocky Face, GA writes, "Wow, this is strange. I live in Rocky Face, Dalton Georgia. My brother and his wife and her son and his daughter all have boils constantly...We can't figure it out. I told them to check out the house and make sure no one before them used any thing such as meth in the house as I had heard that stuff lives in the wall of their home...Still it happens and no one knows why."

Earth Clinic responds: Ted has responded to your email, Fran.  Click here.

1/19/2007: Yvonne from NJ writes, "My grandson in Savannah Georgia has been getting boils, staph etc, etc. He is 1 year old, started daycare ... please add him to your mapping."

1/10/2007: Heather from Snellville, GA writes, "It was raining heavily within the last couple days. The boil appeared yesterday as what I thought was a pimple or bug bite on my elbow. I tried to pop it (didn't know better) and a little greenish pus came out. Later I noticed it was feeling tight and sore, so I went to look in a mirror and pop it again. All I got was a little clear liquid. Now it is big, feverish and inflamed. I spent all night with it throbbing and stinging, so I tried to put gauze and Neosporin on it. I just started tea tree oil and lavender, and will try turmeric pills if I can find them."

1/1/2007: Marilyn from Temple, GA writes, "I am going to try the turmeric -- as well as ACV -- as soon as I can get to the store. Anyway -- I am 53 yrs old (female) and my complexion has looked good for the past 20 yrs. Last week -- have a rainy Christmas -- a sore pimple popped up on my face -- and the next day 2 more appeared - after looking at your site here I think these are boils, as they are hard and are sore. We've had a long spell of fairly dry weather until Dec. 25 -- and it's been raining for 3 out of the past 7 days. My face looks awful. Oh -- and I live in an area that has quite a bit of air traffic, on it's way to the Atlanta airport. So - I am hoping to get some relief with the cures you recommend here."

12/12/2006: Lee from Vinings, GA writes, "I think it was Thanksgiving Weekend Friday that it rained. The following day was gorgeous, however the skies overhead were covered in contrails.  2 days later boils started to appear on both my boyfriend and myself:  For me, 2 itchy boils appeared on my chest, for him it was on the side of his neck. I took turmeric right away. He refused, thinking it was a large pimple. My boil disappeared overnight while his grew.  A few days later, more boils started to appear down his neck. At that point I MADE him take turmeric in water.  The smaller boils healed up overnight but the large one is still healing after 2 weeks now.  He thinks the outbreak happened after a week of junk food during the holidays (lots of chocolate). I think it may have had to do with the rain and contrails.  If there are any more people in this area of Georgia with boils, please let me know!  One more note: we live very close to an Air Force base which had a lot of cargo planes flying overhead that particular Saturday."

9/17/2006: Jeremy from Sulphur, LA writes, "I have had three boils in the last 8 months and have know at least 6-8 other people that have have multiple boils also. The first type of antibiotics I was given did not work because the boil was "resistance" to meds. 1 week ago I have another boil that has appeared in a different spot. Had to get it removed @ emergency room and use a specific antibiotic med."

8/22/2006: Ronnie from Ponchatoula, Louisiana writes, "I have been using Sulfamethoxazole DS & Rifampin 300 mg for 14 days along with Mupirocin ointment in me & my wife's noses and to use on all of my boils. (Used in nose to kill the germ.). Only have been on meds for 2 days now but some of them seem to be drying up. The doctor at our walk in clinic told me that they have never seen so many on 1 person. I have at least 15 on the front of each thigh with a very large, painful one over 1 knee. My lower stomach has 10 that are real red and some have a small pus head and then I have one on my buttocks that is also large and painful. I can hardly sit. I have been out of work 2 days now and am a self-employed truck driver so this is turning into a costly problem now. I would like to hear from anyone else that has MANY of these boils. Thanks."

8/3/2006: Christine from Ponchatoula, Louisiana writes, "For the past year I have been getting a bad boil every couple of months. My nieces, ages 6 and 3 also have been getting them and have to take antibiotics."

8/9/2006: Renita from Lafayette, LA writes, "I got my first boil in February after getting a tattoo on my stomach. It seemed to start as an ingrown hair and turned into quite a nasty boil; went to the doc for that one cuz i really didn't know what was up. he gave me leviquin which worked to start the pus draining but just left me with a yeast infection. i have had 4 more since then (one on my pubic area, and most recently 3 back to back on my butt) and each succeeding has been more painful than the last. I felt for a while as though i were the only one getting them but have since talk to quite a few people all my age (25) or younger who get them and antibiotics are not working. i am looking for something that prevents them from occurring again as i am very busy and the pain of these boils just drains all your energy."

10/6/2006: Elizabeth from Greenwood, Mississippi writes, "There seems to be an outbreak in our town and the physicians will quietly admit it, but no media attention has been generated yet. I am told that a man from the Greenwood area has been sent to University Hospital in Jackson with major problems with staph on his leg. Anyone entering his room is required to "suit up". That info was given to me by a local pharmacist. I am just wondering if this might be related to post Katrina conditions and migration from coast to other areas?"


10/26/2006: Adam from Kansas City, MO writes, "I've had about two boils before... all after I came down with mono. Perhaps I kissed a girl who had some MRSA ... one girl told me she had had a boil or two before and they hadn't been back since I had made out with her. I think she's where I got it from. Any ideas? I will try turmeric tonight!!"

10/21/2006: Jon from Columbia, MO writes, "List of boil outbreaks from people I know:
Man 1 - Continual outbreaks. Using antibiotics.
Man 2 - Outbreak on neck. Using antibiotics.
Boy 1 - Outbreak. Do not know remedy.
Myself - Outbreak. 4 days ago. On my way to try Turmeric remedy.

9/5/2006: Tina from High Point, MO writes, "Well since jan of this year my husband and I am my little girl have been getting boils. my husband has one right now. that makes 3 since jan. my little girl has had 2 and I have had 1. not sure what is going on, but these are very painful. I thought maybe it was in the air or something."

6/21/2006: Veronica from Sedalia MO writes, "we are seeing a lot of MRSA boils her in our area. My granddaughter had one on her buttocks, and now her mom has one on her shoulder and she is four months pregnant. The Dr used antibiotic on the child. She was two but they don't want to use it on the mom because of her pregnancy. We have never had a problem with this here until this year. We overheard some people talking in the store the other day and they had it to. We are right in the middle of the usa."

3/6/2007: Rita from Sophia, NC writes: About a year and 1/2 ago, my brother was diagnosed with MRSA; first thought to be a spider bite. Then my other brother has been diagnosed 3 times, last one today. I have boils that take months to heal, but do heal eventually. Have muscle spasms in my back to where I can't walk. Ever since, my bladder fells abnormally enlarged. Can't get a doctor to do a MRSA test. They think that I am crazy. What do you think?"

1/8/2007: Jen from Wilmington, NC writes, "Began having boils 6 days after moving here in late April 2006. Have tried everything I could find in the health food stores (vitamin C, various formulas, and more) plus bathing in ACV and/or Epsom salts. Seems that they'll get better for a couple weeks but nothing has totally stopped them yet. Still, the turmeric seems helpful. Just recently I added the 4-herb tea (similar to Essiac) to the agenda, both internally and externally. I intend to add water filters, as I was told by a naturopathic doctor that the water here is "terrible" with chemicals. Will keep you posted, as I am 52 and have always had beautiful skin (even as a teen-ager) and will not let this defeat me!! Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH to you and to Ted for this wonderful site. I've spent HOURS reading on various subjects, including ACV and more."

12/21/2006: Jennifer from Raleigh, NC writes, "BOILS-I just read about the spike in the incident of boils & I'd like you to put another spot on NC. I have had three boils this past year. I have never had them before in my life. I have had two polynoidal cysts, which are similar but are not the same, and I do not think they are related. It was about a month ago, so I can't recall the weather, etc. I will say my most recent ones did come after losing my job & laying around a lot. I just chalked up the boils to my bouts of depression & tendencies to have cysts & pimples. While it is upsetting to hear about the spike in boils, i must say I feel a bit better that I am not alone."

Jennifer writes again: Addendum to my email about the Boils. I meant to add that my boils have occurred.:
-on my inner thigh
-on my vulva (external, right below my stomach)
-near my bellybutton
-my right hip

Also, I have a friend who has been plagued by "spider bites" - also on his thigh & leg, and I recall him deciding the last one was a boil. His girlfriend had it as well on her leg. He works outside, so it is feasible that it is either a spider or from the rain."

12/12/2006: Annette from Elon, NC writes, "Several months ago my daughter had what we thought was a spider bite on her leg. A few days later while spending the weekend at her grandfathers' the pimple burst and started bleeding. When I got there it was hard and terrible looking, so we took her to the emergency room and discovered later from the culture that is was MRSA. The dr. gave her an antibiotic and it cleared up in less than a week. Well, last week my son discovered a pimple- like sore on his hip and after a few days of neosporin I could tell from the way it was acting that we had another case of MRSA on our hands. However, I was reluctant to go the antibiotic route again since the over-prescribing of antibiotics is a big part of the problem to begin with, so I decided to try the turmeric instead. That was a week and a half ago, and although it is taking longer to work than my daughter's antibiotic did, I'm happy to report that it is clearing up nicely. "

10/29/2006: Dallas from Asheville, NC writes, "A boil appeared Tuesday on my husbands right buttock. Within a few day it had swelled to the size of hotdog along his buttock. We will try the Turmeric idea & we hope it works. We will report back & let you know. This is great that there is a site with so much information & helpful advice. Thank you so much."

8/8/2006: Deborah from Piedmont Triad, NC writes, "I've been combating recurring boils this year too. I have decided that this must be coming from something in the environment so I made a solution to place in a spray bottle and carry it with me everywhere. I placed some colloidal silver solution in distilled water and added drops of lavender essential oils in the spray bottle. I take it with me where ever I go. I spray the boils. I spray it on my hands to wash when I'm not near a basin. I spray it on public toilet seats and for personal hygiene use afterwards. I've even used it to spritz my mouth a time or two thinking it'll disinfect my mouth. I spray my underarms and face. Crazy eh? LOL And I have spritzed the room with it. I shake to bottle to mix the lavender oil with the water before each application or use. It has cleared up my boils and I feel it's preventing other possible problems however, the boils do resurface. I started the turmeric today. Thanks."

7/5/2006: Marie from Charlotte, NC writes, "Just wanted to you to know that starting last month after a bunch of rains here, I also got boils on my skin that i have never had before."

6/22/2006: Grant from Wilmington, NC writes, "I just read this post about boil outbreaks... I went kayaking last weekend, in the sound here, then when I returned I crossed the middle of a marsh. Later that day I developed painful bumps, which have since become blisters (same as boils?). The only unusual thing I've done recently is cross that marsh. Weird..."

12/21/2006: T.M. from Lawton, OK writes, "I had an outbreak of boils less then two days after a two day rainstorm in Oklahoma. I also work on a military installation and get boils frequently. I did not notice any streaks in the sky... but I've read into that theory and find it interesting. I'm also pregnant... 17 weeks."

12/8/2006: J from Oklahoma City, OK writes, "Having been in pain for 4 days, and getting to the point where I almost couldn't walk (getting in and out of the car was near impossible, as well as crossing my legs or even bending over to pick things up) I stumbled across this website and thought I would try this remedy (too embarrassed to see doctor at this point, but was almost ready to throw in the towel). I took one capsule (450mg each) in the afternoon, and another before I went to bed last night. I also did a hot soak on the boil for approx. 30 minutes before I went to bed. I woke up at 3 this morning to find that the boil had finally burst. It's continuing to ooze a bit, but the relief from the pain is wonderful and makes up for the small mess. I don't usually go for natural remedies, but this truly is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. What have you got to lose, but a few dollars on investing in turmeric capsules?"

10/13/2006: Olivia from Broken Arrow, OK writes, "Prid and ichthomal as well as soaks echinacea, elderberry, neosporin and bacterium from the doctor and amoxacillan cured my husband's and my own boil. But my daughter is having her third series. All since May or so. The last one we thought was a brown recluse bite she was so deathly ill, now i am here trying again to find a solution silver has been recommended."

9/20/2006:Vicky from Arkoma, OK writes, "I have been struggling with boils since the end of 2004. My nieces got them from some of my sister in-laws family. They have had them since 2002. They have since spread to seven other people in our family including myself. Right now the doctor has me on Bactrim. I am not sure if it is going to work or not. I just started taking them this evening."

2/3/2007: Becky from Spartanburg, SC writes, "My daughter has recently been diagnosed with a staph infection. We are currently waiting on lab work to determine the strain. Our Dr. is pretty sure it is MRSA. We are currently using the turmeric to fight this infection. I have several questions: How long is this in the body before the boil begin to form. We are not sure how she contacted this except at the pool where she is a competitive swimmer. Reading your web sit I am beginning to wonder if they every go away. She is only 11 will she be fighting this her entire life. Help, desperate mom!!!"

Earth Clinic responds: Becky -- we sent your email to Ted and will post his response on our Boil Q&A page when we hear back.

12/29/2006: April from Myrtle Beach, SC writes, "My doctor would open them and drain them and then give me keflex. It did not work and they keep coming back. I have been cut on five times in the past six months. I went and saw another doctor and she said that is was mrsa and when the boils come back, come to her and she will culture it and then put me on the right antibiotics."

8/16/2006: Courtney from Bluffton, SC writes, "I have never had any type of skin problems and suddenly the past couple of months I have had three, what I believe to be, boils. I am just horrified to even leave the house b/c they are so ugly. the newest one is on my chin. just saw this and thought I would let someone know if it would help out on your study. thanks"

10/27/2006: Noelle from Nashville, TN writes, "I developed what I first thought was a series of spider bites on the side of my leg next to my knee. Then I got one on my buttocks which hurt. I got a friend to squeeze it, which was not just painful, but I later found out was very dangerous. I later developed small boils on my face and the final straw was a cluster of 4 under my armpit. I finally saw a doctor who prescribed me Doxycilin. That was about a month ago..and I don't know if its irony or what, but the first round of boils occurred about 2 weeks after some significant rain. Now a month later, it began raining a couple of days ago and is pouring today...and guess what, the scar on the buttocks from the first now becoming a boil again. GEEEEEZ LOUISE! So I'm heading to the pharmacy to get a refill of antibiotics. Will keep you posted."

2/12/2007: James from Radford, VA writes, "First, what is the difference between a Boil, Abscess, and Staph infection? I was first diagnosed with an Abscess last month on my thigh. Like others, I thought it to be a bug bite of some type but it grew to about the size of a half dollar in a matter of days with a constant puss discharge. I got it lanced and about 2-3 weeks later i got another one. After having the worst experience ever in getting the first one lanced I was desperate to find another solution. I have been taking Turmeric Curcumin for a day so far (Is there a difference between regular turmeric and turmeric with curcumin?) 3-4 times a and did notice that the boils around the initial boil disappeared. However, there is still a pus filled center and i have tried hot compress/cotton balls but very little pus oozes out. Is there something else I can do to accelerate this? I don't wish to lance it myself either. Thanks."

Earth Clinic responds: James, click here to read the differences between these infections. Also check Ted's answers to similar questions on our Q&A page.

9/8/2006: Brian from Edinburg, VA writes, "I have been going crazy wondering what the heck this was that kept coming back for the last month all around my right armpit area. I will go buy some turmeric tomorrow and start taking it!! Thanks. I will let you know how it works."

1/3/2007: Leslee from Grafton, West Virginia writes, "me and my children have been having reoccurring boils on and of for about 5 months now....I myself get the most my kids only get one or two, when I get them it is usually 3 or 4 @ a time. I have not noticed the rain or other weather causing the problems. I thought it was possibly caused by a cat entering the home. We have never had them before. Topical ointments, antibiotics, warm compresses.etc. heal the boils.... very slowly!"


3/8/2007: Vicki from Hartford City, IN writes: "I just wanted to let you folks know that I have 2 grown daughters who in the last few years have been having boil problems. They have had to go to the doctor and have them lanced. I have a problem with my right leg that turned into a staph infection. I have an awful scar left there now. My oldest daughter swears there is something wrong with our water here. Cancer is like an epidemic here, my Grandfather died from cancer, my Dad has bladder cancer, my Mom has outbreaks of facial skin cancer and was diagnosed with Lupus last summer. My oldest daughter has had breast cancer twice (first time at age 26), she is now 31. My son-in-law moved here from New Mexico 5 years ago and he just had surgery for testicular cancer. There are many people in this town I know of who have died from cancer here. I am so glad I came across this website. I have already tried Ted's Borax remedy on my dogs and am amazed!! 2 days and the itching is almost completely stopped!"

12/4/2006: Steve from Sabetha, KS writes, "'Most of the boils seemed to be clearing up when I went to the Dr. They continued to clear up, leaving skin a bit discolored and thickened, gradually disappearing, but a few small ones returned a couple weeks later on my right forearm. My first one was on my left ear, to the outside edge. Of course, as most everyone else, I suspected a spider bite, especially as we had been killing some inside our house just weeks before the onset. I can't recall any real rainstorms before, so not sure on that. I thought the one on my ear would break out on both the front and back, but it only did on the front. My second one was on the back of my neck, then one on my left wrist, and then one on my left thigh, and numerous ones on my right arm. Somewhere in the middle of this, my wife got one on her buttock. It got bigger than mine, the skin thickened alot, and got pretty hard. She had to go to the doctor and have it lanced (really deep), and put a wick in it to keep it open to drain. So, I got to dress it 2X per day, and the first time I did, the wick had worked out, so she went back and had another one put in, but it also worked out, so we just gave up on that, and re-dressed it each day, and it took a good two weeks to clear up, but it is still tender, about 3-4 weeks later. I am now having several small ones that have returned on my right forearm. I got a new antibiotic, "sulfa/meth". I am ready to try turmeric. I had read before that it is good."

9/9/2006: Sharon from Winfield, KS writes, "I just recently had an outbreak of MRSA with what appeared to be a slight blister on my arm that worsened and refused to heal. It took 2 weeks of antibiotic, not just any antibiotic, but doxicycline, to heal the outbreak. A couple of weeks later, I noticed another blister and sure enough, it began to fester so I am now on another round of doxicycline. Not sure why I am susceptible to this."


Christy from Chicago, IL writes, "I ended up in the ER with what I thought was an infected spider bite. This was in May - they gave me anti-biotics which did help. It was totally gross. But since then, I have not had a day without what I thought were spider bites. Now I know better & am trying the turmeric remedy. Just the notes on this forum have helped in easing the pain and anxiety over what is going on with my skin. I will let you know if it works. I have also heard of a few cases in Springfield, IL in which the boils turned into a flesh eating case."

8/10/2006: Cynthia from Illinois writes, "We do not know what is going on, they keep coming back. We had never had boil and now we both have and my husband have been bad enough to seek medical treatment. We are clean people with a clean house. We do have a dog and I watch little kids a lot. I disinfect the house all the time. We have tried hot compresses, bandaging and peroxide, sometimes antibiotic. Nothing helped -- they keep recurring, especially in my husband but me as well."

2/7/2007: Margaret from Taylor, MI writes, "My sons and husband had several outbreaks of boils starting in August of 2006. I don't remember if it was raining or not just before they broke out, but we live within 3 miles of Detroit Metrop Airport. Antibiotics eventually did work but if it happens again they will definitely use turmeric Thanks for the helpful information."

2/7/2007: Megan from Warren, MI writes, "I am extremely hopeful that turmeric will help with the boils (nodulocystic acne is what the doctor calls it) I never had any skin problems until I became pregnant with my second son. Almost immediately after conception, I began to get what started out as tiny little pimples on my chin, jaw and neck area. Then as pregnancy and delivery progressed, things have seemed to explode (almost literally). I had to have an incision and drainage on a 3cm boil on my chin and now have a large keloid scar as a result of it. I have changed my diet (no longer eat any animal proteins) but am seeing no results so far. My son is now 5 months old, so I have been living with this problem for about 15 months now. If you have any further advice, please contact me by e-mail. I wish I could send pictures but am not sure how to send attachments. Thank you for your time in reading this. Yours most sincerely, Megan"

1/29/2007: Juanita from Metro Detroit writes, "This is the most comprehensive info I have ever found regarding Boil & Abscess remedies!  I have experienced skin boils and abscesses for more than twenty years, primarily in the groin and buttocks area. I take considerable means to keeping that area clean, (Use diluted Hibiclens also) dry and try to make sure that my sexual partner did so also. I had always thought is was a result of skin contact during sex, and had myself STD tested on a regular basis. But I was always cleared and none of the doctors could explain what was my problem. I had one doctor that would not even consider touching them. (My theory: Possibly he knew about MRSA, but was not willing to have me checked because of my limited insurance?) There had been several times I had to get them lanced and also two occasions that I was hospitalized because of the location (base of ear and under breast) and deepness of the abscess. After the last hospitalization, I had to get antibiotics intravenously for two weeks as the incision healed, and had went almost a year without any abscesses. A diabetic relative told me that I was probably susceptible to becoming a diabetic, and to watch my diet, especially sweets, fried food/fast food, and consumption of foods with high white flour content. Still currently working on it, I cut down on carbonated soft drinks and that has reduced the amount of abscesses, but the boils are still reoccurring and become the worst during the hot and humid summer months. Drinking Burdock tea, organic unsweetened Beet juice, eating raw garlic and treating boils in the early stages with diluted Tea Tree oil (provided that the surface skin is not irritated/broken) helps. However I am very interested in trying the mentioned turmeric spice as a remedy. I have also come to the realization that diet really plays a part in those infections also. Thank you all for giving your individual experiences and for providing this site."


11/8/2006: Abigail from Ypsilanti, MI writes, "I have been having outbreaks since I was 14 and didn't see a doctor about the boils til I was 32. I have been on antibiotics for the past year and a half and the antibiotics have barely kept them at bay. This has become my last hope. Ever since the first rains in the area, I have broken out with over a dozen and a half boils on my legs, breasts, & stomach. The treatment you describe is my last hope. Wish me luck"

11/8/2006: Denise from Belleville, MI writes, "i don't have a remedy now, but i am definitely trying the turmeric for sure the next onset of one. I never had them before and then since june of 2006, i cannot count how many of them i have had. and many scars and pain from getting them lanced, packed, and a real mess. i will let u know how the turmeric works when i try it."

9/2/2006: Sangi from Jackson, MI 49201 writes, "I am a nature person myself and am willing to try out some home remedies because I know they work. I am so thankful I came across your site. Since last September I have been having recurring boils on and off on my body, not only are they painful but they leave these marks. Whether it is folliculitis or boils I don't know but some are really hard which don't break and internally subside and most have pus coming out. Recently I had them four or five under each armpit and it was very painful. I really will appreciate your advice on this matter. They are usually on my bikini line, thighs, pubic hair area, now on my waist and even I had a couple on my hands. Thank You."

6/28/2006: Marcie from Sturgis, MI writes, "I have a family of 9 people and was running a successful group daycare of 12 children until we got MRSA. The state of michigan shut my daycare down until we are released by a doctor that no one in the family has been contagious for awhile. Here is the problem we can't get rid of it. It keeps coming back. my daughter was the first to get it about 4 months ago and now we still have it going from family member to family member. We have used bleach on everything. I have even bleached my carpets!!!! We use rubber gloves to treat sores and intense hand washing, cleaning everything in hot hot water. nothing is working. Can you help. We are trying to become a family that uses all natural cures (we recently bought Kevin Trudeau's book)"

Earth Clinic responds: Please see our Turmeric cure. This is the best remedy for MRSA and boils. Your family may need to take it for a week or two to see a final cleansing. We also sent your question to Ted, our Bangkok contributor. You can read his detailed response here.

8/7/2006: Melanie from Minneapolis, MN writes, "My husband has been struggling with mrsa for several months. it began with an outbreak in february, then occurring again in april, then again in may, then again in july. we discovered another beginning boil last night, and are quite frustrated with the conventional medical answers: MORE ANTIBIOTICS! we are embarking on a journey to find answers! we have a baby, and we have to believe there is more hope than simply treating the boils when they occur. ISN'T THERE SOME KIND OF REMEDY THAT WILL HELP CLEANSE THE BODY FROM THE INSIDE OUT?"

Earth Clinic responds: Yes!  Try turmeric for a few weeks...

1/27/2007: Nichole from Cleveland, OH writes, "Hi, This appears to be my first time with what I hope is a boil. It was not raining, actually it has been snowing here in Ohio. I am not certain if I noticed jet fumes in the sky, but I do live close to an airport. My diet has actually been eating less that normally and nothing I am doing out of the ordinary that is why I am confused on why I got this. I drink lots of water so I don't know, I just wanted to send my feedback, hope one of your remedies work!!!"

1/20/2007: Mona from Cleveland, OH writes, "For the last 5-6 yrs. I've had cyst (s) in my groin area appear and disappear on their own. Some would come to a head, drain and go away. February 2006, they escalated to another level. I developed 3 in my right groin area and 1-2 on my left. The right side was treated w/hot compresses and swelled to the size of peas. I applied very hot compresses for 2 days and the head swelled w/pus but would not break. I woke day 3 in excruciating pain. So much pain, I could barely get out of bed, called off work and called my Internist. The 3 right-side ones had doubled in size but did not break-thru. My doctor squeezed me in that same day, took one look at them and sent me straight to a surgeon. He gave me local anesthesia and SLICED THEM OFF WITH A SCALPEL! The resulting pain was more greater than anything I've had in memory! I was immobilized. I was out for 8 days on Bactrim and pain pills. All 3 sliced-off and drained cysts returned about 3 months later.Same place, greater pain. Don't remember if it rained that day. What I do remember is they first appeared after I stopped taking birth-control pills the previous month or so. My co-worker gets them anywhere on her body. Legs, chest and face. they've only appeared on my groin. We have both been desperate enough to pop them ourselves (with a sterilized needle and downed a fifth of ANYTHING alcoholic). Can't say I wholly recommend this tactic, but I can appreciate the relief of pain at the breaking point. But this opens up a whole new can of infections! One thing for sure, I will never..EVER go through a surgical procedure w/out general anesthesia.The cyst/boils are so deep, local does not reach it. For close to a year, my cysts (boils) have never been totally absent. They are either in a stage of "coming or going". Never gone. So, here is what doctors (Internist, Dermatologist and OB-GYN)have told me: I have Sebaceous Cyst caused by Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). An over-production of a male hormone. My Internist told me to shower w/Dial Antibacterial soap and prescribed Keflex antibiotic. I filled the prescription and bought an 8 bar pack of the soap. Did not help. My dermatologist injected the one cyst on my left groin with a combination of steroids, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. She prescribed Dorxy and Eucurine antibacterial soap. She gave me samples of both because I protested about the cost and I am allergic to most antibiotics. That cyst shrunk to almost nothing. Almost. Antibiotic did not help. That was 6-7 months ago. About 3 months ago, it rivaled the 3 on the size and pain. My OB-GYN prescribed Keflex, then, Cipro. Drew blood to check hormone levels. I go for a follow-up next week to see if I am in need of a hormone suppressant drug. Based on info I've learned from your site, I will ask my doctor to test me for staph infections. I will report the findings. I am so very tired, embarrassed and just sick about the pain, fever and excuses I have given for skipping out on normal activities. Today, I will pop the herb Turmeric. My prayer is that I've stumbled across the answers I seek. Thank you for your time and patience in letting me tell my story."

8/29/2006: Greg from Cincinnati, OH writes, "I started getting reoccurring boils in August 2005. I usually get two at a time near elbows wrists or knees. I have had one on my right cheek 6 weeks ago which lasted about 10-12 days and currently have one of the worst ever just below my left knee which developed into cellulitious. I am taking a sulfa based antibiotic currently. I went to the doctor in the summer of 2005 and was told it was a spider bite. I went to a different doctor this past weekend and was told I probably have MRSA. I am a little upset that this problem keeps coming back. An additional note is that I developed blood in my stool at the same time the boils began and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I am so confused, on this last outbreak I almost called for an exterminator thinking spiders had taken over my bedroom. I also bought some benedryl thinking I had been bitten by a spider for like the 12th time. WTF is going on?"

8/13/2006: Nancy from Columbus, OH writes, "My 2 granddaughters in Oklahoma have been having MRSA and it has been a constant battle since Feb of this year 2006 they are 2 and 6 yrs. Nobody seems to know what to do with the outbreaks -- they keep spreading."

1/2/2007: Suzanne from Sioux Falls, SD writes, "we went to the doctor and he prescribed antibiotic and epsom baths...i also bought big bandages and triple biotic ointment and spray to soak the bandages. only started doing this at 8pm last night but look a little better now...still oozing. my son said that it started right after school break started...that would have been dec22...and i did not hear about it until jan 1 we did experience weird weather for this time of year... mainly rain while other areas around us received snow...all came from the la valley and up the gulf through denver....i am curious about this talk about toxic rains creating this problem because no one in my family has ever had this bear in mind my son is a teenager and is reluctant to take baths as often during school breaks...he is all about video games and what not instead...and i...short of pouring a bucket of water over his head... am at my wits end with this tude...i am sure this staph was exacerbated by his hygiene...but he now has 2 and almost another huge boil on his butt....we r getting the turmeric and a paste made out of the same thing as epsom salt to help him out...pray for the best!!!

2/4/2007: Mandy from Green Bay, WI writes, "I am just chiming in to let you know that I started working in Green Bay Wisconsin not too far from the Austin Straubel Airport. I do sit more then normal at this job, but have never gotten boils like I have been getting lately. I guess it started about a month ago and I have been getting huge boils in the creases of my leg and crotch area. This has never happened to me before. I will get one on the left side and then one on the right side will pop up. I am not familiar with this, so I am not sure what or why this is happening. I will have 2,3 or 4 down there at one time.. I am a clean person.. Got any ideas."

7/11/2006: Shawn from Milwaukee WI writes, "I am now on my 4th round of MRSA boils. I've had them in my crotch (very painful!), chin, waist line (back), and now on my neck (also quite painful). I started off at the Dr. office, surgical intervention, Rifampin, and sulfameth/trimethoprim. which worked for that round, but recurred about a month later. After some research I found a old study that linked zinc deficiency to recurrent boils, but was the days before MRSA outbreaks. I tried the Zinc, it seemed to help with the 2 boils i had at the time, but even with continued zinc, they came back. I'm hoping like heck that the turmeric will work. This is a great forum, thank you very much!"

8/1/2006: Jennifer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin writes, "I have had boils on and off for a year or so, but this one was SO incredibly painful! I literally could not sit or walk without extreme pain for 3 days..."



1/31/2007: EH from Stamford, CT writes, "I developed a boil on my left buttock last week and it has grown and is now closer to my groin and perineum than my buttock. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic. I have been taking it for 5 days now and have seen little change. I started taking Turmeric today. I take a 300mg capsule three times a day. Is this enough? What else could I do? Thank you."

Earth Clinic responds: EH, please see Ted's suggestions to other readers on the following pages: Boil Q&A and MRSA Q&A.

2/11/2007: Sherry from Wilmington, DE writes, "HI, I, too, have been suffering from a staph infection that won't go away. The first boil was in the groin area and I thought it was an ingrown hair. After about 4 days, it had spread at least three inches in each direction and the center was the size of a silver dollar. It traveled into my lymph nodes at the top of my leg and within hours I could not walk. Went to the dr. the next morning and he lanced it. Also tested for MRSA but I was told that it was "just" staph. it took about a week and the whole thing drained including the core. I've not been bothered in that area since. Now they are breaking out under my arms constantly. It takes about two weeks of antibiotics and they clear up, but then come right back again. It's not always the same pore that's involved. I have four right now under one arm and one under the other arm. I know that I contacted this from my son, who spent some time in prison for violating his probation. The first one that he got in there was diagnosed as a brown recluse spider bite, although they are not indigenous to our area of the country. They did not treat the kid for almost a week. We called the governor's office every hour on the hour until they finally took him to the infirmary. He spent another 7 days in there on IV antibiotics and morphine for the pain.

These things continue to pop up all over his body. We are going to try the Turmeric treatment and will let this board know how it works for us. By the way, my ex-husband has had one and my daughter has had one pop up. They seem to be OK as of now. Good luck everyone.

12/9/2006: Drew from Baltimore, MD writes, "You wanted to know if anyone noticed a correlation between rainstorms and an outbreak-well, I got mine under my armpit after a particularly hard rain. Oddly, about a month ago, my dog had a staph cyst, which I touched. Could that be it? I'm gonna try the turmeric today. So far, my sore has been non responsive. This thing got huge and insanely painful (I have a high tolerance for pain, too). 1st, the ER lanced it and took away the acute pain, but the majority of the boil persisted. I went to a surgeon who left me with a second, much larger hole in my side. And get this, the guy did it without gloves. I should have said something, but I was too loopy from the pain meds the ER gave me to care. I can still feel a huge pustule deep under the skin. It hurts again, but because of the open wound, I think. I also really, really, really, don't want my family to get this. I'm being as clean as I know how to be. Any help at all would be a blessing. Info on antibiotics that work. Are mine any good (Lanced twice (very painful). Bactrim, clindamycin) ? Any more turmeric stories? Any ideas on how to care for this hole in my side? Thank you all very much. Blessings! Drew"

Earth Clinic responds: Drew, Ted has responded to your post here.


2/7/2007: Shane from Lee, MA writes, "I am not really sure if i have boils. But they cover my back all over and they do not come to a head. They almost look like bruises and i know I'm not supposed to but i usually use a pin to drain the blood. Then they usually clear up. I have had this for about 5 months. I had this once before and found that yellow dye was the culprit.Once i stopped ingesting the dye they cleared up but not this time."

10/10/2006: Lauren from Allston, MA writes, "I have consistently for the last few months been getting these one or two at a time usually on my upper legs and back. I attributed it to poor diet and lifestyle, so I tried detoxing and getting healthy, but the minute I slack for a few days, or happen to drink or smoke a lot one weekend, I get another one! I also had 3 friends so far in the same time span (also in the Boston area) that got them as well for random reasons. I always got antibiotics quickly so never had to get them wicked, which they did. It does seem like a strange outbreak lately as I have not drastically changed my lifestyle or diet recently."

3/2/2007: Yolanda (littlemama-86/@/ from Burlington, NJ writes, "I have been suffering with boils for over 20 yrs. I've tried all kinds of home remedies, and I've been on every antibiotic that a person who is allergic to penicillin could take. My last outbreak in Jan 06 caused me to loose my job and become bed ridden after having the surgery to remove them. I've had 3 operations because of reoccurences. The doctors are now telling me that they recommend sweat gland removal in the armpits and groin area. They say this is the only way to stop them from coming back. After reading about the results from turmeric powder I'm gonna try it! I'm thankful for this website because I thought I was the only person suffering with this. I'll email in a week to let you know if turmeric really works."

10/9/2006: Jenette from Vineland, NJ writes, "I just want to thank you for the information on turmeric for MRSA this is the third time that I get this. It is very others I am getting it on my buttocks. the antibiotics just take it always temporary and then I get it again. I am on my way to the store to buy turmeric. I will get back to you very soon. Thanks again for the information."

4/9/2006: Eric from Pompton Lakes, NJ writes, "Just leaving a comment about the seeming increase in boils. Over the past month I have had a sudden outbreak of them, and while I've gotten them before, these new ones were far more extreme (large/painful). Just when I thought I have gotten rid of them I have two more forming on my thighs. Its not attractive, its very painful, and it is downright strange. I have never in my life had this sort of bizarre rapid outbreak, and I have no idea what could be causing it."

2/16/2006: Gigi from Ventnor City, NJ writes, "I'm just responding to the comments on the surge in boils. I believe what I have are boils, they are painful and itchy bumps. They are appearing on my face from one ear down the side of my face, underneath my mouth and back up to my other ear. I also have two painful itchy bumps on the inside of my left ring finger. It's driving me crazy and before I looked up boils, I was feeling like it was an infection or virus rather than common acne. I'm going to try a home remedy, probably baking soda first. By the way, I have been itching on my arms and upper body mostly, have a few small bumps on my neck, and for about 48 hours had painful lumps like swollen glands in both sides of my neck from below the ear down the neck as far as the jawline. No clue as to cause, and no insurance so starting here with home remedies. Thank You."

2/24/2006: Jean from Woodbury, NJ writes, "I was exposed to a person who had boils about two weeks ago. I had never had a boil but now I too have one very painful boil on my lip. I will try some of these remedies, especially any preventive after this because this is very painful!!!"

1/21/2007: Anonymous from Albany, NY writes, " i have had boils for 16 years. The best thing to do is to use fragrance free everything; such as soap, laundry det, perfume, and also keep it washed and cleaned with peroxide and plead the blood of jesus over my arm and go on with my life because there is no cure."

1/19/2007: Philip from Massapequa, NY writes, "I think I am prone to boils. I mostly get them around my waistline(where underwear rubs) and sometimes my shoulders or back. I just got an outbreak of THE MOST painful boils I have ever had! One on my cheek that's huge, and disfiguring my face, with all the swelling around the areas. I'm no wimp because i'm used to these things, but these on my face are particularly big, and painful. At least one inch round and one inch high, and I never got them on my face before. I have had it now for a few days, and tried different natural cures with no avail. I put tomato paste (remedy) on it, moxibustion (remedy) with a cigarette etc. If it does not get somewhat better in the next few days, i'm going to the doctor. I'm fearing it might be something more serious, perhaps it is a staph infection. Let me know if you want pics."

Earth Clinic responds: Philip, try the turmeric for a few days. And if it starts to work, yes, please take photos for us!

1/8/2007: Charles from Hillsdale, NY writes, "Boils I want to say I have had minor (thank goodness) "spider bites" for about three or four years now. When I visit friends in New Jersey they have mentioned that they have these "spider bites" sometimes. Coincidence? Nothing major but food for thought"

12/20/2006: Jim from Olean, NY writes, "i have had boils or carbuncles since i was 18 months old (yes months) most develop on or around my back side and have gotten as big as a silver dollar,i have had them lanced,tried drawing salve, hot compress and almost every other remedies you have in your list except the turmeric ,but i'm starting that today because i have a new one( same old place) i have to deal with at least one a year and would be very happy to find a cure. the doctors have giving me antibiotics, but they didn't help. I believe that they are possibly inherited because my father also had a problem with them also but not as bad as me. he thought they were caused by some types of soda if he drank root beer he would develop one ,no root beer no boil. My soda problem is orange soda -- if i drink one within 24 hours i get a boil and within another 24 hours it grows to 2-3 inches across. It may be in the air but for my family it seems to be in the blood or the soda."

12/14/2006: Simone from Bronx, NY writes, "I had my first boil in 2002 started as a small pimple on my rear end and the became very huge and painful. I went to the hospital after it burst and had it drained. I recall the Dr. saying that I may need surgery to remove a lump that I could feel once it healed. Me not listening thought nothing of it. A month later I had a pimple on my cheek, thought nothing of it because I suffer from acne. That pimple became very huge and painful. Then all over my body and face I began to get these inflamed pimples. Dermatologist called it cystic acne never really explained why it became so huge and painful. Took accutane in 04-05 for a year face cleared up no more breakouts of any kind. At the end of 05 or beginning of 06 I had a boil on rear end once again this time a lil in by the crack had it drained took some antibiotics from the Dr. was told not to shave or pop any pimples. I complied for awhile and I was doing good. Now I have a huge, huge boil on my rear end and it so painful. Went to the Hospital Monday to get it drained after having two Dr.s and one Surgeon probe my Butt and squeeze the boil, they decided that it was not ready to be drained gave me prescriptions Augmentin antibiotic, Ibuprofen, and Vicodin and told me to come back in two days when a head forms so they can drain it. I was infuriated. I dealt with all that embarrassment and they did nothing at all for me. I was still in pain. The next day I took one Augmentin pill my head started hurting and my chest felt funny. That's when I decided to seek a natural cure,stumbled on this site..... Ran out and purchased some Turmeric powder from an Indian store took the dosage 3x a day for a full two days and I'm still in pain and its still huge. Today is the third day I took only one dose so far but I'm about to give up this so unpleasant. I can't walk, I can't drive, I can't sit..... I'm going 2 finish the dose for today and see what happens. Oh yeah I have been soaking in hot water for about a week now........... I'll write in tomorrow with an update. Please help if possible."

Earth Clinic responds: Simone, please be patient with the turmeric. It will take a week or two to purify your blood (at least) since the infection has been in your system for so long. Ted has also responded to your post on our Q&A page.

7/25/2006: Cherie from Carthage, NY writes, "I have been taking Getracycline 500 mg twice a day. I am just now trying the turmeric remedy. I'll let you know if it works. I have had boils when I was a kid and only a few off and on since an adult but this is the worse case I've had in yrs."

4/6/2006: Paul from NY writes, "i had a boil behind my left ear. very painful. i am on levaquin for 10 days. this was the second time it came back in a month. the first i did not finish the antibiotics now i am on a 10 day of 500 mg levaquin. feeling better after 2 days they are the worst boils. i hear ya people, god bless."

3/21/2006: Shell from Upstate New York writes, "Many people are getting boils on their skin in upstate New York and all over! It is diagnosed as MRSA and it seems to be affecting healthy people. I never had a boil or any kind of acne all my life, and suddenly I was getting them one right after another. MRSA is resistant to many antibiotics but the dr. gave me bactroban to put in my nose for 10 days and it kills the infection where it starts and then they gave me tetracycline for another 10 days orally to stop the growth of bacteria on my skin. I had to finally go to the dermatologist to have actual results. I kept getting them for about 7 months. I had them on my armpits, rear end, elbow, my hip, and my back! Now they are sending me to an infectious disease dr. to get more information on now to prevent these from coming. The dr. kept giving me antibiotics that weren't doing a thing but harming my own body."

5/23/2006: Toni from Manchester, NH writes, "Hello, I was surprised to read your article about the upsurge in boils. I have a third boil on my face now and they seem more and more difficult to get rid of. I just read last night on-line that a boil can have several pockets of pus in them. This makes sense as one day I drain it, almost by itself there's so much pressure on the skin, and then the next day there's just as much pus if not more draining out. It's very frustrating to say the least. If there are some suggestions on how to get rid of these, please let me know. I would be so grateful. Take care, Toni."

3/15/2007: Eric from Johnstown, PA writes: "I've been treated with multiple antibiotics, oral and IV as well as surgeries to remove abcesses, about 10 total since last summer after a long hospital stay. I recently had a boil lanced in the ER of a FL hospital while I was on vacation. I thought I had turned the corner on these boils because the previous boil healed without incision or antibiotics. I used hot compresses and hyrdogen peroxide on a soaked cotton ball and held it on the boil for a minute 3 times a day. That worked. I also take garlic supplements. The next week, when I wasn't resting or eating as well, that method didn't work at all. I'm trying turmeric for the first time for this one. At least I can see this boil, it's on the front groin. I have used zyvox. It worked great, but doesn't get rid of MRSA, just the infection, then I'd get a new one in 10 days. It also interferes big-time with your diet. Oddly, some of the remedies, e.g.,yougurt & raisins, are to be avoided while on Zyvox. I'll add raisins and yougurt to my diet while I can."

11/16/2006: Mrs. J from Sayre, PA writes, "This is in response to Tracking the Spike in Boil / MRSA Outbreaks around the USA and World. I have a huge boil right below my bottom, in the place that creases when you walk and it's killing me. I am going to find turmeric hopefully tomorrow and try this along with a compress. Odd, it did begin to form after a day or two of rain. I suppose I agitated it when I was trying to figure out what the bump was. It's still raining and I'm still in pain. If the turmeric seems to help I'll let you know. I am also going to start oil pulling - it can't hurt, at least not anymore then what I'm feeling now. Is there a way to lessen scars from these things?"

Earth Clinic responds: Please read our Q&A pages for suggestions on how to lessen scarring from boils.

8/19/2006: Tamie from Harrisburg, PA writes, "I can't believe what I'm reading. This is no joke if there are chemicals in the air causing this. We don't deserve this. There's outbreaks everywhere from what I'm reading. No real cure.  This is crazy and I'm the first one to get one in my family. I can't live with the guilt of spreading this to my family.  What is going on?"

8/2/2006: Nise from Pennsylvania writes, "I have been struggling with painful pumps under my armpits that sometimes turns to cystic or boils. The first doctor assumed I had dermatitis and I was treated for that with a diaper rash creme. Soon one of the bumps developed into a cystic/boils, the doctor the gave me an antibiotic. I took blood work to test my sugar level as well as my CBC's etc. All blood work is positive sugar level was a little higher than normal 99. However the Antibiotic never cleared away the painful bumps. Went to a new doctor who told me I had infected hair follicles and to stop using the cremes altogether and in two to three weeks it will clear up. Well, for two weeks I endured pain and later another bump turned into a boil which I had cultured. The result was Meth Staph Res.. I was given a different antibiotic Cipro to clear up the infection from the boil. The Cipro worked well in clearing the infection in my arm from the infected boil and cleared away the bumps except I am often seeing one or two small bumps. The good thing they were not as painful. So just last week the doctor has given me a new prescription for 7 days of Cipro and no hope if this reoccurs. According to the test results I thought he would have prescribed something stronger. Well the bumps have reoccurred what is wrong with me. I live in constant fear that this is incurable."

7/31/2006: Enrique from Allentown, PA writes, "I'm 32 yrs young and I never had a boil in my life until march or april of this year 06' I've had 4 so far and I can't find a remedy that will get rid of it once and for all. The first one on my armpit, I went to the doctor and it was drained and they put a gauze in it, it healed in about 7 days, the second one right underneath my belly button, I drained it myself at home and just kept it cleaned until it healed in about 5 days, but the third one on my left hip was bigger and more painful and it just wouldn't go away, i went to the doctor after 5 days and they kept my in the hospital for another 5 days with antibiotics through IV, and three doctors couldn't figure out why it was happening, they drew blood for testing but couldn't come up with an answer, the one i have now on my scalp I'm treating it at home and so far it's healing fine. I just want to find a way to stop tem from coming back..."

7/17/2006: Kathy from Bristol, PA writes, "I say for about the last 4 years i probably have the worst outbreak of anyone. I have them all over my breast and down on my vagina and butt. MY sister also has them but not nearly has bad as me. If anyone as a remedy that will prevent them from coming back all together, please email."

Earth Clinic responds: Rhonda,  Ted from Bangkok has responded to your email here.

3/16/2006: Robin writes, "I live in Wilkes-Barre PA. It seems like everyone has sinus infections or boils. I believe there are some toxins in this area for sure."

2/10/2006: Debbie from Scranton, Pennsylvania confirms, "I have had a boil for the 1st time in my life. I had just gotten off an antibiotic, and 2 days later it occurred. I called the doc. and now they want to put me on another antibiotic. So i'm on your site to try a home remedy instead."


1/22/2007: Lory from Davie, FL writes, "Like Jennifer, I live in Davie, FL which is not all that big. Ironically we have the same boils on our legs. I have been on several antibiotics and ointments which helped, but the boils always come back. There is relief after you pop it and squeeze some of the pus out, but it does not cause it to go away, it will get worse after that. It is definitely MRSA, which I have been treated for by a dermatologist who prescribed me did not work. 1 week later the boils came back. I am going back tomorrow and insisting on intravenous vancomycin."

1/1/2007: Phoenix from Key West, FL writes, "I used Tea tree oil, peroxide, alcohol, sea salt, hot compresses to treat a boil. The sea salt seemed to help. This boil is on my nose. Never had one there and I am 58 years of age. Several days before the boil was noticed I had rode my moped during a very severe slashing rainstorm, this was on Xmas Eve. The boil started a few days later and is still a problem. I have had boils in other area's over the years. Under my armpits, the groin, a huge Monster on my buttocks. I am resistant now to all antibiotics except for Septra. Several were so big and so painful they had to be cut sometimes more then once. The hole where the boil has released some pus is so big I can stick the tip of a Q-Tip inside it. The strange thing is it has two drainage spots,one from inside my nostril and the other on the left front of my nose. I am going to buy Turmeric tomorrow first thing.

12/29/2006: Sheryl from Orlando, FL writes, "Currently on Augmentin and Cleocin has not cured anything at the moment. My 7, almost 8 month old son has a boil on his upper pubic area. It showed up 4 days ago as a small reddish black bump. By day 2 it was very painful and looked deep red with a black spot in the center. Day 3 was even more red and we visited the doctor who said because my husband was treated for MRSA 3-4 months ago, my son most likely has it as well. She started him on Cleocin. Today we went back to the doctor for a 24 hour follow-up and she added Augmentin. It looks no better or worse today than yesterday and the fever he had (103 on average) is no longer present."

1/1/2007: Carolyn from Hollywood, FL (#4) writes, "My face cleared up so nice using turmeric. That said, I went out like an idiot and did not take turmeric with me. I was out about 4 hours during which time maybe my body became acidic and the MRSA was making a boil for me in my ear. When I was happily checking my face to congratulate myself, there it was. Thanks to turmeric, it is shrinking. It is extremely scary to think that maybe there are boils inside my body. Another factor is that heavy rain is coming later today. The humidity of the coming acid rain must also have contributed to the new boil formation. I use some sea salt and have bought only alkaline foods to eat. My advice: don't let it fool you like it did to me. The boils might be gone, but Mr. MRSA is still there, waiting for us to lapse...When rain is coming, you need to take extra care and be more vigilant than usual. Don't make the mistake I did, of being over confident."

12/30/2006: Carolyn from Hollywood, FL (email #3) writes, "My boils are extremely tiny when they attack now but I have noticed something that may be very important. My nose bleeds heavily just before the boils appear under my skin. When I take alkaline foods then my nose has almost no bleeding when I gently blow it and the boils do not break the skin but they are angry little ****... you can fill this in. If you have MRSA boils, you know what to call them... they are drying up but the skin in that little area is firey red, which I think must mean the infection is still trying to regroup. I always have a tiny bit of blood when I blow my nose, but when there is suddenly a lot of blood on the paper tissue, then I know to check for new boils (and they are there) and RUN to get the turmeric and other alkaline foods FAST. I do not think we can eradicate MRSA from our body...but we can pay attention to our body signals in order to minimize the attacks. Be sure to follow what Ted says about keeping the body in an alkaline condition. I see almost nothing on the net about nosebleeds and MRSA, but it makes sense because MRSA hides in the nose. For me, it is basically one nostril that bleeds. But I have a broken nose from an abusive husband (I divorced him) so I am not typical as to where the MRSA is located in people's noses. Thank God for the people who own this wonderful website and also for Ted who has great advice. "

12/23/2006: Carolyn from Hollywood, FL (email #2) writes, "Hi, I was on the alert today because we got real heavy rain. Sure enough, on my forehead there appeared a tiny new bump. All my other boils on my cheek were completely dried up and healed. I never stopped taking turmeric, sipping it all day in whatever I am drinking at the time. The new bump is very small and I attacked it immediately with iodine. I could see infection under my skin in the surrounding area because I am 64 and my skin is thin and I saw the dark large spot surrounding the small bump so I want to say it is important to douse the surrounding area also. Many people do not have skin thin enough to see through it so they need to know this. Also to be extremely careful not to allow any iodine drips to get into the eyes. I always hold a clean tissue while applying the iodine. Needless to say, I am going to double up on the turmeric. I bought three more containers of turmeric and a couple more bottles of iodine. This is not povidone iodine, but the tincture of iodine in the little bottles that cost about $1. Thanks to the owner of this website and to Ted, I am able to kill these boils rapidly. But I always have to be on the alert watching for new ones. And never stop the turmeric. Thank God for the people who run this website. "

12/16/2006: Carolyn from Hollywood, FL writes, "Yes, we had heavy rain before the first big boil appeared on my cheek. Also, I went out shopping the day before the first one appeared. Yes, there are a lot of jets here because we are near the Ft. Lauderdale airport. But I have no idea where MRSA comes from or why the boils appeared. About a year ago, I first had on my forehead something that looked like an infected insect bite and it refused to heal. It bled periodically and seemingly after it looked like it was healed over. The little lumps were still there. I could feel them under the skin. But after about 8 solid months of applying triple antibiotic cream, it finally went away. No more little lumps under my skin in that location. This is what I am trying to do now, get this mother boil to finally disappear. I will send more information when I have it. I am 64, retired, live a quiet life. Like to garden, maybe this MRSA is in the soil... If it is in the air, then it naturally would be in the soil and therefore on veggies we buy, etc. There were no changes in what I usually eat so I don't think it is diet related, not sure.

Iodine straight onto the boils and doing it several times a day washing with antibiotic soap in between applications. This got rid of the satellite boils and reduced the mother boil down to a tiny bump so far. I know, you have to completely get rid of it or it regenerates itself. I am also doing the turmeric to try to clean the MRSA out of my system, which I know it must have been there for years. Iodine (put plenty on top of the boils), cured all the satellite baby boils and reduced the first boil (which was about 1 and 1/4 inch in diameter when it first appeared), to a tiny lump smaller than a pea."

12/13/2006: Jennifer from Davie, FL writes, "I tried Bactrim, Mupirocin, Turmeric pills, cortisone, Ichthammol, Epsom salt soaks, another antibiotic.  They cured NOTHING!!!!!   I have had two horrid boils on my legs for several months now. I went to the dermatologist, who told me that they were most likely caused by Staph. He prescribed Bactrim, which I believe is a sulpha medication. I had a severe allergic reaction to it, broke out in a body rash, and it did NOTHING. The mupirocin, complete waste of money. The Ichthammol, I don't think it really worked either. He told me I could come back if nothing worked, and have a steroid injection. Finally tonight, I took a sterilized pin to one of them, and it oozed pus and blood for some time. These things are COMPLETELY disgusting. They have nothing to do with rain in my case. I am ashamed to show my legs, I cannot actually. I am so neurotic, and this does nothing for my mental health, these huge, pus-filled infections in my leg. When I think back, I was swimming in a local public pool, and noticed the man swimming next to me had severe boil type looking lesions on his legs? I also went to have a pedicure, maybe it is from the gross equipment that they use on everyone else? I don't know, but my back is sore, my arms are sore, I feel completely ill, and these boils are not going away."

Earth Clinic responds: Jennifer, we sent your email to Ted and will post his response on the Q&A page when we hear back.

12/8/2006: Elizabeth from Orlando, FL writes, "How do you get a doctor to take the possibility of MRSA seriously. What test do you request. We suddenly started having boils in my family about 9 months ago. It started with my husband on his knee cap, then my baby girl in her groin area, and my 3 year old in the lower buttock area and now me in the back upper thigh area. My pediatrician says "aw it's just boils from heat rash, I've seen it alot in South America." Well how come we have never had it before know. Combined we have had at least 10 boils. I am at a loss. I have one now on the back of my thigh, I am starting your Turmeric remedy today. I will track its progress and let you know."

11/27/2006: Suzanne from Hollywood, FL writes, "My son pops them from itching. i use a flushing out system with hydrogen peroxide and then triple antibiotic ointment, flushing with hydrogen peroxide if boil is open seems to aid in healing faster.  They went away but now are back and on both kids 5, and 8. I notice that these do happen when heavy chemtrails, I didn't think to correlate if it rains but am going to watch, but i did notice a correlation when my kids go outside to play with the raise bumps and when they stay inside they seem less. first time went to doctor he said it was an insect bite and gave an antibiotic, but it didn't really work. now they are back again on both kids this time, they never had any skin problems before."

10/20/2006: Julie from St. Petersburg, FL writes, "I have been getting these MRSA boils for a couple of years. It hasn't rained here in a month or so, and I have a new boil..I don't think it's the rain. The first several boils were on my inner thigh to the point where I couldn't even sit up, it hurt so bad. I went to ER and they lanced it, drained and packed it. What an AWFUL experience. The 2nd and 3rd time they gave me Bactrim, and it worked but it took a good 3-5 days. The 4th time the Bactrim no longer worked and it ended up being lanced again. All of the ones that have been lanced are dark purple scars and it looks gross. This time I have a huge boil under my left armpit, and I am in agony. I am on my way to grab Turmeric Powder, please God, I hope it works. This sounds like something the Center For Disease Control should be on top of, and right away. The horror stories I am reading online have me very worried that this could cause alot of fatalities."

10/2/2006: Michelle from Jacksonville, FL writes, "Just wanted to give more confirmation from Jacksonville Fl. Since last March 2006 my husband, myself, my son, my daughter, my sister, my brother-in-law, my father, 12 friends and 10+ acquaintances have all had verified cases of MRSA. Most of us had no contact with each other except by phone. There are many others whom I have heard of but haven't spoken to personally so I can't verify what Dr's have told them. Amoxacillin, keflex, cyclosporin (sp?), antibiotic injections given at hospital. Not sure which one worked or if it was a combination of all of them"

10/10/2006: Michelle writes us again: "UPDATE: Just after my last post one of our local news channels did a story on the rise of MRSA in our area. I don't remember exact numbers but the number of confirmed cases that hospitals reported treating in 2003 was over 2,000 and by 2005 that number had risen to over 15,000."

7/16/2006: Clara from Ocoee, FL writes, "I live in the Central Florida area and my sister and mother both in the month of June started breaking out in multiple boils and fevers. This month I got one about two weeks ago from what seems to be from a insect bite while unloading the groceries out of the car! This thing is killing me with the pain! You need to invent a strong pain reliever that takes effect almost as soon as it has been taken. One without having to wait in line to get a prescription filled!"

6/15/2006: Maria from Lake Worth, FL writes, "After I healed then a few weeks later my husband got a boil, I had a few antibiotics and knew what to do so I treated him. A few months later we're in June now and my Grandson (13) just got one on the side of his leg. He's in a lot of pain and can hardly walk."

6/17/2006: Yvonne from Jacksonville, Florida writes, "I have had a terrible outbreak of boils right after the first tropical storm went through Florida."

2/13/2006: Trenice from Hallendale, FL writes, "WOW!! I have an boil and it hurts like hell. For some reason I never had one until now. when one leaves, another appears. antibiotics are not working. Is it just me, but it seems like I am the only one with this. Is it in the air or something?"


Click here to see a map of reported boil outbreaks by our readers.


2/1/2007: John from Sydney, Australia writes, "I have had boils around my neck area and jaw line for probably over two years now, they began small and i thought them nothing more than spots. As the months have progressed i have continually had to squeeze them (not a good idea) and attempt to get pus out of them - they average in diameter of around 3-4 cm therefore this is a very painful experience. I have tried doctor after doctor who advise antibiotics constantly. I saw a dermatologist who suggested a drug called roacutane. I did not want to take this drug as i had heard bad stories about it. As others i'm sure can appreciate, it is very depressing when you are continually getting these things all the b@stard time. So what a great idea from a dermatologist to take a drug that as a side effect causes depression! They certainly justify the amounts of money they get paid i have to say ! I have just bought some turmeric and am going to give this a go as from reading all your comments it seems to have worked for pretty much everyone. I will post up something with the results in a few days. I pray to god this at least helps as i am in a situation now where i don't even want to be seen in public!"

1/9/2007: Marysa from Nassau, Bahamas writes, "I am writing b/c you ask questions regarding heavy rain before first boil outbreaks. I was confined in my house during a hurricane in 2004. Afterwards I was in the yard cleaning up all the debris. About 6 days later first boil appeared. Got quite large to golfball size. Was lanced 2x by Dr.s. Took antibiotics, etc. all sorts of Dr.s advice. To no avail, gave up on conventional medicine. Have consistently had boils since then although they have gotten smaller and more plentiful. Have always been convinced that the hurricane gave me the condition (you know, stirring up bacteria). This is first site that mentions heavy rain and outbreaks/ am interested in more info."

12/28/2006: Tony from Montreal, Canada writes, "I have been fighting boils the last 12 months. 1 after another. I never had them before. Off and on antibiotics, never got rid of them. Turmeric has helped. I'm still a newbie turmeric user. I have been reading about contrails, i wonder if its just jet exhaust of all those commercial jets that are multiplying in the skys. Has anyone done a study on the amount of jet fuel by counting the number of flights that are increasing day after day? Perhaps its global warming, even with slight increase in temperatures gives possible rise to the possible spread of deadly bacteria's. I would like the CDC to give the public it works for a possible explanation of this rise in MRSA and other bacterial infections which are obviously exploding throughout our society."

11/19/2006: Kathryn from Chiangmai, Thailand writes, "I've taken diocycline, and many other type of antibiotic, naturopathic, homeopathic remedies.  Had first outbreak of boils (on buttock) Feb 2006 while working in Thailand, at same time my brother had same, in Seattle, WA. I still have boils, not yet gone, take antibiotic, then better for maybe one week, then back again. Dr. is concerned, as it seems to be antibiotic resistant. I suspect candida, which the local medical protocol is not familiar with."

7/26/2006: Toni from Brisbane, Australia writes, "Hi guys - wanted to let you know that there is a problem in Australia as well. My boils started 3yrs ago after having my first child. I've had recurring boils since with no help from the antibiotics. I had a boil lanced from under my arm last week - and a hint for everyone who shaves their armpits - don't shave before getting one lanced as this causes a cluster of boils. The infection spread into the broken skin after I shaved and now I have 5 more boils! (Smart move)."

7/24/2006: Rhonda from Montreal, Quebec, Canada writes, "i am looking for a natural way to bring the micro abscesses down. we have had a lot of rain this season also. much more than usual it seems. was sick for about two weeks before with what felt like a sore throat. i treated with cider vinegar and bee polis gargle, but kept reoccurring. became acute. I had an emergency treatment of antibiotics at the hospital, which relieved swelling of the throat."


7/12/2006: Dan from Prichard, WV writes, "A possible Iraq War link to the boils epidemic:

Fact: the U.S. army is using bombs and explosives in Iraq that have spent nuclear plant fuel embedded into the bombs. After exploding the dust created by the explosion of these bombs gets thrown into the atmosphere. Upper atmosphere winds carry the nuclear radiation dust between continents.

During January and February of 2006, there were more NEW lung cancer cases reported in the U.S. than in all 12 months of 2005.

Also in Jan & Febr 2006 there occurred a epidemic of skin boils in the U.S. population. If the nuclear fallout from the Iraq war finally began reaching the U.S. in January 2006, or just previous to January; then this is a possible explanation for the outbreak of both new lung cancer cases and un-explained skin diseases.

See: --------- Radiation In Iraq Equals 250000 Nagasaki Bomb How many Nagasaki Nuclear Bombs equal the Radiation loosed in the 2003 Iraq war?

Answer: About 250000 Nuclear Bombs. How many Nagasaki Nuclear Bombs equal ... -------------- dan b. in WV"

7/6/2006: Jean from Milwaukee, WI writes, "I would strongly suggest you do a google search on "chemtrails" This is something I've been studying for about the last three years, and it's very serious, and from what you've said, I suspect this is what's causing the boils outbreak. The government is spraying us with toxic chemicals and denying it. Read up on it, look at the pictures... there are tons of them on the internet... and then start watching the sky if you're skeptical. This is also the cause in the massive upswing in upper respiratory diseases in the last ten years. A couple years ago, I walked outside in the morning to see some kind of white fibrous material covering EVERYTHING... trees, grass, roof, cars... I picked some up to take a closer look at it and it was definitely a man-made chemical fiber. There was no way it was natural. A half hour later it had all disappeared. And again for skeptics, read up on it, study the pics, and see it for yourself. For those of you who aren't aware of it, our government has a nasty habit of using people, without their knowledge, for testing chemicals and drugs."

7/5/2006: Jean writes us again:

Here are some good sites with lots of pics. :)
This is a website by a meteorologist who's paying attention:

Go to Google Video and do a search on chemtrails. You will find a number of short videos that show chemtrails developing...

The comment I made stating that our government is known for testing chemicals and such on us is well documented by government papers released by the Freedom of Information Act, by government whistle blowers, and in most cases is ADMITTED to by the government. However, they have not yet admitted to the chemtrails. Watch the skies, then watch your health and everyone around you, during the week following a chemtrail spray. When you realize this is really going on... take these links and info to your doctors, pediatricians, senators, congressmen, schools, churches, newspapers, etc. etc. and RAISE HELL!!!"


Noahide News Part 689



Romans 10

1: Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.
2: For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
3: For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own
(Noahide) righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

4: For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
5: For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.
6: But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:)
7: Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)
8: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
13: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
14: How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
15: And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
16: But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?
17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
18: But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.
19: But I say, Did not Israel know? First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.
20: But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me.
21: But to Israel he saith, All day long I have stretched forth my hands unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.

Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

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