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5-7- 2007 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Iyar 18, of Talmudic

 Perpetual PURIM   5767 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5767

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The RED Talmudic Anti-Christ Siege against the saints of Jesus the Christ


Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. 

The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory


Thursday, 12 October, 2000, 16:35 GMT 17:35 UK

Call to uncover freemason judges

Court graphic
A hearing will now take place later this month
A man who is facing trial in Scotland has begun legal proceedings which could force judges to put on record if they are freemasons or members of a secret society.

Thomas Monogue, 55, from Dunfermline, faces a housebreaking charge, but he claims that if his hearing is presided over by a freemason it will not be impartial.

The company director is using the European Convention on Human Rights to make his claim.

He told Sheriff Stuart Forbes at Dunfermline on Thursday: "I contend there is a possibility that a court presided over by a freemason deciding my guilt would not be impartial to me as a non-freemason or could discriminate against me.

"This is based on my understanding of the promise freemasons make, swearing in effect that they will give a brother mason the benefit of the doubt in interpreting all things, including the law.

"In the event this request is refused, before I take the oath, or at some other early stage in my defence, I or my counsel be granted the opportunity to address the learned judge who is conducting my trial, with the question, 'are you a freemason?'."

Mr Monogue said that if the judge declines to answer the question then he will not co-operate or recognise the impartiality of the court.

"A sheriff's membership of a masonic brotherhood infringes my human rights and damages the impartiality of the court," he added.

Human rights law

The case is due to be heard on 27 October by Sheriff Isabella McColl.

But a preliminary hearing will now take place on 19 October in which Mr Monogue, managing director of Kingdom Engineering, will argue his case based on the human rights law.

He will ask for a ruling to be made or the matter referred to the High Court.

Mr Monogue is pleading not guilty to a charge that in December last year he broke into business premises in Fife and stole a quantity of bridge parts.

Unlike in England and Wales there are no plans in Scotland to introduce legislation which compels people to disclose if they are a member of a secret organisation.


What about Maraka? Bwah hahahahahahahahahahahaha yeah right

I advise you all to read the Protocols of zion of the forged people


And these Anti-Christ Satanic Freemason Noahide Vipers of Treason and Blasphemy now control the Courts of Maraka the apostate and braindead. Any Judge who is found to be a FREEMASON is Guilty of HIGH TREASON and will be held accountable on the Day of the Lords Wrath


[A] revision of the Old Charges . . . contained this passage: 'A Mason is obliged by his tenure to obey the Moral Law.'     In the edition of 1738, Dr. Anderson has, without authority, completed the sentence by adding the words, 'As a true Noachida . . . . . the only religious laws which a Freemason is required to obey are those which are contained in the code that has been attributed to Noah.   This sentiment is still further expressed toward the close of the 'Old Charges' where it is said that the Mason is obliged only 'to that religion in which all men agree,' excluding therefore atheism and requiring the observance of such simple laws of morality as are enjoined in the precepts of Noah" (ibid p. 408-411).


Jesus didnt say "no" to noahide, HE WAS THE AUTHOR OF IT

Pickles "right hand", his god is THE BEAST. Its the SON OF MAN, JESUS "THE KIKE" who has kicked God the father of the throne and sits on it yonder in heaven........THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE!) Jason Guenther 34th sideline, Pickering Ontario Canada



Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform. All economic and technological aid to the Communist Bloc, including the PLO, will be terminated immediately. Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.

Jewish courts (the batei dini of the rabbis) will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha [Jewish law] . . .  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law.
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Look at this sentence from the above quote:

Jewish courts (the batei dini of the rabbis) will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.

This is no less than a plan for insurrection.  The Jewish fifth column is in place; when the rabbis give the word, it will jump out and overturn whatever is left of our system of justice, based as it was on the principles of Anglo-Saxon law.

And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law.

This is the police state, with Hasidic Gentiles used as front men, Lubavitchers as commissars.

and you sleep Maraka, over 60 million Christ Believers were slain in Russia by these same Talmudic Hasidic Anti-Christ Vipers of Hell


Your Enemies are very real and very ready to slay you for their god wannabe SATAN, and their reign the American courts by their Terrorism and TREASON

Albert Mackey explains the Noachide laws. "The precepts of the patriarch Noah, which were preserved as the Constitutions of our ancient brethren ... The 'proselytes of the gate', as the Jews termed those who lived among them without undergoing circumcision or observing the ceremonial law, were bound to obey the seven precepts of Noah. The Talmud says that the first six of these precepts were given originally by God to Adam and the seventh afterward to Noah. These precepts were designed to be obligatory on all the Noachide, or descendants of Noah, and consequently, from the time of Moses, the Jews would not suffer (allow) a stranger to live among them unless he observed these precepts and never gave quarter in battle to an enemy who was ignorant of them." ["An Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences", by Albert G. Mackey, 33°, Volume II, Published by The Masonic History Company, New York, 1878]


Open Letter To Alex Jones
by John O'Connor Tuesday, Mar. 22, 2005 at 1:37 PM

The more Alex Jones refrains from talking about Zionism and the Noahide Laws, the more he is looking like and Israeli Disinfomationist.


Dear Mr. Jones

After having listened to your radio show for years and having watched most of your films I am greatly disapointed. You have given your audience much to expound on and conclude about certain elements of the New World Order but you fail to connect the dots for them. Wether you want your viewers to connect the dots for themselves, so you avoid being taken off air, is a mystery to me.

You give all the groundwork for the New World Order but you will not tell the truth about the Judeo-Masonic headship of it. Are you afraid of loosing your show? Are you afraid of getting killed like Cooper, Webb, JFK, and others? Are you afraid of being imprisoned illegally like Fritz Springmeier?

You may think laying the groundwork is good enough but I do not. If you are going to tell the truth, tell all of it. Alex you are a smart man and I believe you have seen the evidence of the Judeo-Masonic elite running the show. Your friend is Texe Marrs, a man of God, who has not sileneced himself when it comes to Israel and Zionism.

You do a tremendous job bringing to attention the latest draconian legislation up for pass in Congress but I have never heard you talk about HJR 104-102-14 (Noahide Laws) passed in March of 1991, signed by GH Bush and Rabbi Mendel Menachem Schneerson. This law recognizeds, as its called in "Education Day," its legal term, that America is founded upon the precepts of the Jewish Law of Noahidism which comes from the Jewish Talmud.
7 laws which seem rather biblical but when they are interpreted though the Rabbis and Talmudic pharisees, they take on a whole new meaning. Noahide Law 2 prohibits blasphemy of the jewish-masonic god, "G-d" or "Hashem. Under Talmudic interpretation worshipping any other god is an act of idolatry and blasphemy. Worshipping Jesus would be an act of idoltary, and would provoke the death penatly, under Sanhedrin 57a.

Speaking of the Sanhedrin, I did not see you make mention of that either. The Jewish Sanhedrin was reinstated on October 13, 2004. 13 a favourite occultic day. In fact, I hardly ever hear you critisize Zionism or Israel. In Police State 3 you made mention of Mossad running Hamas. This is as far as you go. I am shocked that you even did that.

Back to the Noahide Laws. Noahide Law 7 calls for the establishing of "Courts of Justice." Not sovereign courts to their respected countries, but Jewish instituted court systems. World Court, World religion , wrapped up in 2 laws that Bush enacted.

Alex, the time is running out to remain silent on such issues as these. I am fed up with your complacency on the issue. There is no where to hide now Alex, you might as well tell ALL of the truth. If you have to sacrifice some of your viewers for telling the truth, than don't worry about it. You will be rewared by Christ for not compromising the truth.

World Government is the theme of the Jewish Talmud and Kabballa Alex, I am sure you have read some parts of it. Texe Marrs certainly has, and he has exposed it well. It is time to connect the dots Alex.

I thought your last film Martial Law, Rise of the Police State was some of your best work, considering you are only telling half truths. Why don't you show the Mossad/Zionist connections to Larry Silverstein like Jeff Rense and Libertyfourm has?

I will write you agian Alex, as the truth needs to be told.


John O'Connor


This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith;Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. Titus 1:13-14


People it is not Gonna Happen, It already has happened, they did it by their Talmudic Arbitration shemsham of shame

Outline Re: The Secular Enforceability of Bais Din Judgements
Professor Steven H. Resnicoff1
(c) 2000 All rights reserved

* * *

This is a slightly revised version of a handout distributed by Prof. Resnicoff at his presentation at Agudath Israel's Halacha Conference in Manhattan on April 25, 1999. Prof. Resnicoff, who teaches law at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, is a musmach of Rav Moshe Feinstein, zt"zl, and a graduate of Princeton College, Yale Law School and the Lakewood Yeshiva.

* * *
DISCLAIMER: This has been prepared, and is posted, on the understanding that Prof. Resnicoff is not rendering any legal or other professional service. Instead, this material is for educational purposes only. No one - whether attorney or layman - should rely on this information in dealing with a specific legal matter. Instead, attorneys should research original and fully current sources of authority and laymen should consult attorneys who are licensed in their specific jurisdictions.

* * *



    To have disputes among Jews decided by rabbinic courts and to be able, if necessary, to enforce such rabbinic judgments in secular court.





      A. Common law arbitration


        1. Did common law arbitration survive the enactment of state arbitration statutes?


        1. This depends on the law in each state. Most states have said that common law arbitration did survive enactment of state arbitration statutes. See, e.g.:


          5A OH Jur.3d, Alternative Dispute Resolution §210;
          14 Summ PA Jur. 2d Insurance § 20:8;
          House Grain Co. v. Obst, 659 S.W.2d 903 (Tex.App.-Corpus Christi 1983);

          Blitz v. Beth Isaac Adas Israel Congregation, 352 Md. 31, 720 A.2d 912 (1998) (discussing Maryland law).


        2. As to New York, see:

          Kozlowski v. Seville Syndicate, Inc., 54 Misc.2d 109, 314 N.Y.S.2d 439 (N.Y.Co. 1970)(indicating that common law arbitration survived enactment of state arbitration statute); Hellman v. Wolbrom , 31 A.D.2d 477 (1st Dept.), 298 N.Y.S.2d 540; 5 NY Jur. 2d, Arbitration and Award § 247.


        3. As to New Jersey, see:

          Mills v. J. Daunoras Const., Inc. ,278 N.J.Super. 373, 651 A.2d 114 (A.D.1995)(common law arbitration persists); Heffner v. Jacobson , 100 N.J. 554 (1985). See Vincent P. Celli, "Matrimonial Arbitration:

          An Old Technique in a New Home," New Jersey Lawyer (Nov./Dec. 1993). Cf.See also Elmora Hebrew Center, Inc. v. Fishman , 239 N.J. Super. 229, 570 A.2d 1297 (1990) (stating that common law arbitration does not require compliance with all procedural details), aff'd 125 N.J. 404, 593 A.2d 725 (court approving the "analogy" to common law arbitration).

          But see Policeman's Benevolent Association, Local 292 v. Borough of North Haledon , 305 N.J.Super. 454, 703 A.2d 1(1997) (the majority opinion states that there is doubt as to the continued vitality of common law arbitration in New Jersey).


          2. Compare common law versus statutory arbitration as to:


            a. Specific enforcement of the right to arbitrate.

            Generally speaking, a common law agreement to arbitrate will not be specifically enforced, although a secular cause of action might lie for damages arising out of breach of the contract to arbitrate.
            See 5 NY Jur. 2d, Arbitration and Award §249.

            If parties submit to common law arbitration, either party may revoke the submission, even if the language of the submission explicitly states that the submission is not revocable.

            Possible Exception:
            Some authority states that a party cannot revoke a submission simply because it senses defeat in the arbitration.
            See 5 NY Jur. 2d, Arbitration and Award § 248.


            1. Specific enforcement of an arbitration award
              Once an award is rendered, the award is specifically enforceable.
              See 5 NY Jur. 2d, Arbitration and Award § 248.


          B. Statutory Arbitration


          1. Federal statutes
            E.g., the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), 9 U.S.C. §1 et seq.

            "A written provision in any maritime transaction or a contract evidencing a transaction involving commerce to settle by arbitration a controversy thereafter arising out of such contract or transaction, or the refusal to perform the whole or any part thereof, or an agreement in writing to submit to arbitration an existing controversy arising out of such a contract, transaction, or refusal, shall be valid, irrevocable, and enforceable, save upon such grounds as exist at law or in equity for the revocation of any contract." 9 U.S.C. §2.

            See Allied-Bruce Terminix Companies, Inc. v. Dobson, 513 U.S. 265 (1995).
            * The FAA is coextensive with the Congressional power to regulate commerce and, where it applies, it preempts any contrary state statute. Thus, in Dobson the FAA preempted an Alabama statute that would have otherwise invalidated a predispute arbitration clause.

            * The FAA was intended "to overturn the traditional common-law hostility to arbitration clauses." Vimar Seguros Y Reaseguros, S.A. v. M/v Sky Reefer, 132 L.Ed.2d 462 (1995).

            See also Doctor's Associates, Inc. v. Casarotto, 134 L.Ed.2d 902 (1996) (FAA preempts Montana law).


          2. State statutes
            1. There may both be general statutes regarding arbitration as well as specific statutes that might mandate or promote arbitration of certain types of disputes.


            2. 34 states and the District of Columbia have enacted some version of the Uniform Arbitration Act, found at 7 U.L.A.. Nevertheless, neither New York nor New Jersey are among those 34 states.


            3. New York's basic arbitration statutes appear at CPLR §7501 et seq.


            4. New Jersey's basic arbitration statutes appear at NJS 2A:24-1 et seq.




    1. Drafting the arbitration agreement
      1. Have a written arbitration agreement.
        1. A written arbitration agreement is necessary for secular arbitration statutes to permit specific enforcement of the right to arbitration and enforcement of any arbitration award.
          See, e.g., Izsak v. Izsak, 10/21/96 N.Y.L.J. 31 (col. 4).

        2. It is possible that a person who refuses to execute an arbitration agreement that would be enforceable in secular court "might be considered as if he will not follow the decision of the Jewish court." See Michael Broyde, The Pursuit of Justice and Jewish Law, at p. 45-46, n. 19. If so, a rabbinic court might permit such a person's adversary to proceed to secular court. Id. (referring to the writings of Rav Yosef Eliyahu Henkin).


      2. Attorneys may want to have the written arbitration agreement part of the original commercial contract for various reasons, such as:
        1. To ensure the ability to specifically compel arbitration pursuant to an applicable arbitration statute;
        2. To ensure agreement as to arbitration by a particular rabbinic court.


      3. Irrespective of when the arbitration agreement is executed, attorneys may want to draft the agreement to further their respective clients' interests, for instance, by structuring the order in which issues are to be resolved, by providing (to the extent permitted by secular law) for the confidentiality of information provided or statements made during the arbitration.


      4. Rabbinical courts should have competent legal counsel draft their arbitration agreements and review any agreements proffered by attorneys for the parties.


      5. The arbitration agreement should describe the dispute to be arbitrated. The law is that the arbitrators may not exceed their powers.

        Although some authorities indicate that arguably vague descriptions are not always fatal,

        see, e.g., Meisels v. Uhr, 79 N.Y.2d 526, 583 N.Y.S.2d 951 (1992)(applying NY law); Sound Around, Inc. v. CE Electronic Sales Corp., 1998 WL 199871, not reported in F.Supp. (applying FAA); Kingsbridge Center of Israel, 98 A.D.2d 664, 459 N.Y.S.2d 732 (1st Dept. 1983). See also Mendelsohn v. A & D Catering Corporation, 100 A.D.2d 209, 473 N.Y.S.2d 481 (2d Dept. 1984),

        imprecise or inadequate language has caused serious problems in a number of cases.
        See, e.g., Mikel v. Scharf, 105 Misc.2d 548, 432 N.Y.S.2d 602 (Kings Co. 1980); Heifetz v. Tugendracjh, 542 F.Supp. 1207 (E.D.N.Y. 1982) (applying New York law).


      6. The arbitration agreement must clearly indicate the parties to the agreement. Thus, it must be clear whether an individual is signing an arbitration agreement in his own personal capacity and/or on behalf of an entity, such as a partnership or a corporation. The rabbinical court should consult a competent legal authority to ensure that it has any and all necessary legal documentation to prove that an individual who purports to sign the arbitration agreement on behalf of an entity has the necessary legal authority to bind the entity.

        For miscellaneous cases concerning issues about the capacity in which someone signed an arbitration agreement, see Mikel v. Scharf, 105 Misc.2d 548, 432 N.Y.S.2d 602 (Kings. Co. 1980); Glauber v. Coren, 204 A.D. 2d 389, 614 N.Y.S.2d 602 (2nd Dept. 1994); Sound Around, Inc. v. CE Electronic Sales Corp., 1998 WL 199871 (E.D.N.Y.); Waldman v. Bausk, N.Y.L.J. 2/7/94 (p. 34, col. 2).

        All necessary parties must be part of the arbitration if they are to be bound by it. See, e.g., Levovitz v. Yeshiva Beth Henoch, Inc., 120 A.D.2d 289, 508 N.Y.S.2d 196 (2d Dept. 1986).


      7. Because courts may vacate an arbitration award if the arbitrators demonstrated a "manifest disregard of the law," the arbitration agreement should specify that the arbitrators are to decide according to Jewish law or compromise (or, possibly, whatever the arbitrators believe to be fair under the circumstances).

        Cf. Mastrobuono v. Sshearson Lehman Hutton, Inc., 131 L.Ed.2d 76 (1995) (parties may specify, by contract, rules by which they will arbitrate).

        In the absence of such specification, it is unclear to what extent secular law requires arbitrators to consider the substantive provisions of the secular law in fashioning their award. To some extent, this aspect of secular law may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. See, e.g., Murray S. Levin, "The Role of Substantive Law in Business Arbitration and the Importance of Volition," 35 American Business Law Journal 105 (Fall 1997); John F. X. Peloso and Stuart M. Sarnoff, "Whether Arbitrators Have a Duty to Apply the Law," 4/18/96 N.Y.L.J. 3, (col. 1).


      8. Because any ultimate arbitration award must be "final" if it is to be enforced, the arbitration agreement should clearly state that the parties waive any and all rights to appeal the arbitration to any other court, including any other rabbinic court.

        For a very questionable decision finding a rabbinic award unenforceable because it might be appealed to another rabbinic court, see a Florida case, Ainsworth v. Schoen, 606 So.2d 1275 (Ct.App. 3 Dist.1992). The result in this case could pose serious problems in light of the possibility of an appeal to a "higher" bais din. See The Jewish Press, February 11, 1994, page 3, in which a "public notice" announces what seems to be an "appellate decision" by Rabbis Chaim Pinchus Scheinberg, Tuvia Goldstein and Reuven Feinstein.

        See also E-3, below.


      9. If any specific waivable procedures are to be employed, the arbitration agreement should contain a clear and express waiver.

        For a discussion of proper procedures and of whether noncompliance can be waived:

        See Fein v. Fein, 160 Misc. 2d 760, 610 N.Y.S.2d 1002) (1994); Kozlowski v. Seville Syndicate, Inc., 54 Misc.2d 109, 314 N.Y.S.2d 439 (N.Y.Co. 1970)(indicating that common law arbitration survived enactment of state arbitration statute); Hellman v. Wolbrom, 31 A.D.2d 477 (1st Dept.), 298 N.Y.S.2d 540.

        In a recent case, the court emphasized that a waiver must be in writing. See Matter of Stein, 9/23/99 N.Y.L.J. 30, (col. 2).


      10. Certain procedural rules cannot be waived. For example, under New York's arbitration statute, a party must be entitled to be represented by an attorney, who must be able to introduce evidence and cross-examine witnesses.

        C.P.L.R §7506(d) states:
        "Representation by attorney. A party has the right to be represented by an attorney and may claim such right at any time as to any part of the arbitration or hearings which have not taken place. This right may not be waived. If a party is represented by an attorney, papers to be served on the party shall be served upon his attorney."

        C.P.L.R. §7506(f) states:
        "Except as provided in subdivision (d), a requirement of this section may be waived by written consent of the parties and it is waived if the parties continue with the arbitration without objection."

        See also Mikel v. Scharf, 85 A.D.2d 604 (Kings Co. 1980), 444 N.Y.S.2d 690; Nastasi v. Artenberg, 130 A.D.2d 409, 515 N.Y.S.2d 52 (2d Dep't 1987).

        This does not mean that a party must have an attorney. It only means that a party must be allowed to have one whenever it requests one. Any purported waiver of the right is ineffective.

        One New York court has held that a party cannot waive the disclosure of possible financial bias on behalf of a rabbinic arbitrator.
        See Fein v. Fein, 160 Misc. 2d 760, 610 N.Y.S.2d 1002)(1994): There is no question that some procedural variations may be waived and that some may not [citation omitted] . . . [T]he need to guarantee impartiality of the arbitrator increases in direct proportion to the degree to which the tribunal departs from procedural requirements common to statutory arbitration."

        Similarly, the arbitration procedure may not be "fundamentally unfair." Id.

        Sometimes a party's continued participation in a proceeding may constitute a waiver of objection to jurisdiction, but this may depend on whether or not the arbitration is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. See, e.g., Matter of Lubin & Schlesinger, Inc. and Scheinberg, 168 Misc.2d 291, 641 N.Y.S.2d 5009 (N.Y. Co. 1996)(although participation may constitute a waiver of objection to jurisdiction under New York's arbitration law, it is not a waiver under the Federal Arbitration Act).


    2. Executing the arbitration agreement
      Before the arbitration agreement is signed, there must be full disclosure of any possible financial biases.

      See Fein v. Fein, 160 Misc. 2d 760, 610 N.Y.S.2d 1002) (1994) (even assuming that an arbitrator attempted to disclose a possible financial bias and a party expressly waived such disclosure, waiver of the disclosure was ineffective in the context of a rabbinic arbitration; consequently, the arbitration award would not be confirmed).


    3. Preserving the right to arbitrate
      After execution of an arbitration agreement, the parties must be careful not to waive their right to arbitrate.

      See, e.g., Doctor's Associates, Inc. v. Distajo, 103 F.3rd 126 (2d Cir. 1997) (parties may waive a right to arbitrate by engaging in "protracted litigation" to the prejudice of the other party or by undue delay in asserting the right to arbitration); Fried Trading Company v. Austern, 1989 WL 13132 (N.D.Ill.); JWC Co. v. Jarnow Corp., 2/9/95 N.Y.L.J. 29, (col. 5)(Sup. Ct., Justice Milano) (defendant waived contractual right to arbitrate when it ignored three letters of hazmanah from the designated rabbinical court).

      An example of a case in which no waiver was found is Congregation Darech Amuno v. Blasof, 226 A.D.2d 236, 640 N.Y.S.2d 564 (1st Dep't 1996).


    4. Conducting the arbitration proceeding
      1. The burden of proving that an arbitration proceeding was irregular is typically borne by the party asserting the error. See, e.g., Kovacs v. Kovacs, 98 Md.App.289, 303-304, 633 A.2d 425 (1993), cert. denied, 1994 (citing cases from various jurisdictions).


      2. Even if a proceeding does not fully comport with an applicable statute, courts in some jurisdictions may enforce an arbitration award so long as all of the parties voluntarily and knowingly agreed to the procedures. See, e.g., Kovacs v. Kovacs, 98 Md.App.289, 303-306, 633 A.2d 425 (1993), cert. denied (agreement to a procedure as provided for by the "Shulchan Oruch (Code of Jewish Law) as interpreted by the Bais Din" constituted a waiver of the requirements of the Maryland arbitration statute). Nevertheless, "if arbitration proceedings do not conform to notions of basic fairness or due process, the court would be justified in refusing to confirm an award." Id., at 304-305.


      3. It is perhaps especially important that the arbitrators not conduct their own investigation (such as by inspecting relevant places, objects or evidence or questioning fact witnesses, expert witnesses or parties) unless all of the parties are present. Not only could such conduct raise halachic problems,* they could prevent any arbitration award from being secularly enforced. Of course the secular problems would be minimized (but still perhaps not eliminated) if, in the arbitration agreement, the parties clearly waive their respective. As to any particular procedure, the advice of competent counsel must be sought.

        * Possible halachic problems include violation of the rule that that forbids a litigant from having discussions with a judge outside of the presence of the other litigant(s).


    5. Issuing the arbitration award
      1. There are formalities that must be satisfied.


      2. Once the award is issued, any effort to "modify" the award is very likely to be ineffective under secular law. Consequently, the bais din should have a competent attorney review the wording of the award BEFORE it is issued.

        See, e.g., Chaco Energy Company v. Thercol Energy Co., 97 N.M. 127, 637 P.2d 558 (1981).


      3. The arbitration award must be "final." See also #A-8, above. The rabbinic court should have a legal authority review it.


        1. It must leave the parties clear as to the resolution of their disputes.

          See Kozlowski v. Seville Syndicate, Inc., 64 Misc.2d 109, 314 N.Y.S.2d 439 (NY Co. 1970) (an award regarding the respective rights of the 3 shareholders of a close corporation was not final because it failed to clarify whether it deprived one of those shareholders of his office or status as a member of the board of directors).


        2. Some cases, however, indicate that an award may contain a provision whereby the rabbinic court retains jurisdiction as to future problems that may arise in connection with implementation of the award.

          See, e.g., Meisels v. Uhr, 79 N.Y.2d 526, 583 N.Y.S.2d 951 (1992); Weisshaus v. Ganli, 7/10/92 N.Y.L.J. 28 (col. 5).


        3. At least one federal court in New York has indicated that there may be secular enforcement of a rabbinic court award of temporary equitable relief.

          See Rakower v. Aker, 1998 WL 432092 (E.D.N.Y. 1998), not reported in F.Supp. This court cited similar rulings by courts in the 6th, 7th and 9th federal circuits.


        4. An award that definitely resolves a separate and independent claim may also be secularly confirmed even if the award does not resolve all of the claims that were submitted to arbitration.

          See Rakower v. Aker, 1998 WL 432092 (E.D.N.Y. 1998), not reported in F.Supp. (citing cases).


    6. Confirming the arbitration award


      1. The award may not be "irrational."

        See, e.g., Mikel v. Scharf, 105 Misc.2d 548, 432 N.Y.S.2d 602 (Kings. Co. 1980); Ostreicher v. Ostreicher, 217 A.D.2d 629 (2d Dist. 1995), 629 N.Y.S.2d 470.


      2. The prevailing party must move to confirm the award within the proper statutorily prescribed time period.

        As to various "timing" problems, see, e.g.
        Katz v. Kar, 192 A.D.2d 695, 597 N.Y.S.2d 135 (2d Dept. 1993)(cause of action could not be maintained when there was a prior arbitration award on the same claim; the failure to confirm the arbitration award within the proper time period was fatal to the plaintiff's claim);

        Sassower v. Greenspan, Kanarek, Jaffe & Funk, 121 A.D.2d 549, 504 N.Y.S.2d 31 (2d Dept. 1986)(failure to comply with statutory method of delivery of award did not toll the one-year statute of limitation under CPLR §7510 in light of the fact that the award was actually delivered);.

        Kilstein v. Agudath Council of Greater New York, Inc., 133 A.D.2d 809, 520 N.Y.S.2d 189 (2d Dept. 1987)(respondent was estopped from denying that its improperly motivated motions for reargument before the rabbinic court tolled the one-year statute of limitations);

        Estate of Haskel Werczberger, 6/26/97, N.Y.L.J. 31, (col. 3).


Miscellaneous issues:

1. Secular courts may not enforce arbitration agreements or arbitration awards as to certain types of matters. Consider the various positions taken by courts as to the following topics:


  1. As to the disputes regarding a will:

    See, e.g. In re Will of Jacobovitz, 58 Misc.2d 330, 295 N.Y.S.2d 527 (Nassau Co. (1968) (wills cannot be arbitrated).


  2. As to child custody and support:
    In New York, it seems that secular courts will not simply enforce child custody or child support arbitration awards, because the courts must ensure that the decisions are in the best interest of the child. See, e.g., Glauber v. Glauber, 600 N.Y.S.2d 740 (2d Dep't 1993) (child custody not arbitrable). See also Matter of Stein, 9/23/99 N.Y. L.J. 30, ( col. 2); Rakoszynski v. Rakoszynski, 11/6/97 N.Y.L.J. 25, (col.5) (child support arbitration award cannot be confirmed when the record is devo id of any information as to what factors were considered by the arbitrators); Stanley G. v. Eileen G., 10/13/94 N.Y.L.J. 22, (col. 6)(rabbinic arbitration panel could not restrict party's future right to apply to secular court for modification of child support); Lemmer v. Lemmer, 9/28/90 N.Y.L.J. 23, (col. 2)(child custody is subject to arbitration but any arbitration award is reviewable by state courts in their role as parens patriae). The rule may be different in other jurisdictions. See, e.g., Dick v. Dick, 210 Mich.App. 576, 587-588, 534 N.W.2d 185 (1995) (child custody and child support are ubject to binding arbitration).


  3. As to prenuptial agreements to arbitrate family dissolution issues in bais din: There is considerable disagreement among courts in various jurisdictions as to whether these prenuptial agreements are specifically enforceable. The New York Court of Appeals, in Avitzur v. Avitzur, 58 N.Y.2d 108, cert. denied, 464 U.S. 817 (1983), enforced such an agreement by a vote of 4 to 3. By contrast, a more recent New Jersey decision expressed agreement with the 3 dissenters in Avitzur. See, e.g., Aflalo v. Aflalo, 295 N.J.Super. 527 (1996).

    For reasons why such agreements, if properly drafted, should be specifically enforced, see, e.g., J. David Bleich, Jewish Divorce: Judicial Misconceptions and Possible Means of Civil Enforcement, 16 U.Conn.L.Rev. 201 (1984).


NOTE, however, even if secular law will not enforce a particular rabbinic arbitration agreement or rabbinic arbitration award, this does NOT mean that Jewish law permits the parties to resort directly to secular court. A competent Jewish law authority should be consulted in every instance.

2. The true publication of the fact that a siruv was issued may not give rise to a claim for defamation.

See Neiman Ginsburg & Mairanz v. Goldburg, 179 Misc.2d 125, 684 N.Y.S.2d 405, 1998 N.Y.Slip Op. 98692 (N.Y. Co. 1998). See also Berman v. Shatness Laboratory, 43 A.2d 736, 365 N.Y.S.2d 703 92d Dept. 1973) (although this may have been decided on other grounds).

3. The "threat" of a siruv is not "duress" that invalidates an arbitration agreement.

See Mikel v. Scharf, 105 Misc.2d 548, 432 N.Y.S.2d 602 (Kings Co. 1980);
Greenberg v. Greenberg, 238 A.D. 420, 656 N.Y.S.2d 369 (2d Dept. 1997).

4. Civil courts may not enjoin excommunication.

See Grunwald v. Bornfreund, 696 F.Supp. 838 (E.D.N.Y. 1988)

5. Various additional cases in which rabbinic arbitration decisions have been upheld include:

Friedman v. Penzer, 8/26/96 N.Y.L.J. 31, (col.1);

Holler v. Goldberg, 9/19/94 N.Y.L.J. 27, (col. 1);

Wiesshaus v. Gangl, 7/10/92 N.Y.L.J. 28, (col. 5);

Congregation Darech Amuno v. Blasof, 226 A.D.2d 236, 640 N.Y.S.2d 564 (1st Dep't 1996) (temporary relief granted pending arbitration before rabbinical court);

Millinery Center Synagogue v. Wahrman, 9/19/94 N.Y.L.J. 25, (col. 5).


1) Prof. Resnicoff thanks attorneys Ronald Coleman (Pitney, Hardin et al., Morristowm, N.J.), Ira Kasdan ("Of Counsel" to Galland, Kharasch et al., D.C.), Kenneth H. Ryesky (East Northport, NY) and Prof. Michael Broyde (Emory University) for generously sharing information and insights.

Noahide Courts and TREASON and Blasphemy


Lk:21:12: But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake.

Mt:10:21: And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.

Informing on Others for Violating
American Law: A Jewish Law View

by Rabbi Michael J. Broyde 1


Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Classical Jewish Law and Informing: An Overview

see Protocols of the "Forged" People who are "Self Exalted"

III. Informing on People When Government is Committed to Procedural Justice: Five Opinions of Contemporary Decisors

A. The View of the Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg: No Prohibition to Inform when Government is Just

B. The View of Rabbi Ezra Batzri: There Are No Just Legal Systems and No Just Prisons

C. The View of Rabbi Yitzchak Shmelkes: Informing as a Tort in a Just Government

D. The View of Rabbi Shmuel Wozner: Informing is Permitted when Jewish Law Recognizes Secular Law as Valid

Noahide Law, see:

E. The View of Rabbis Feinstein and Breisch: The Prohibition is Unchanged by a Just Government

IV. Hypotheticals and Conclusion


I. Introduction

This article addresses the question of whether and when Jewish law permits, prohibits or mandates that a person inform governmental authorities of the fact that a Jew is violating one aspect or another of secular law. In particular, this article will focus on the application of the classical rules of informing (mesira) to modern day America, with its (procedurally) just system of government.2

Besides this introduction, this article is divided into three sections. The first briefly explains the central principles related to informing and summarizes the halacha as found in the Shulchan Aruch and decisors (poskim). The second section explores the various positions taken by modern decisors in regard to the prohibition to inform when society and government are just. The conclusion presents six hypotheticals that concern informing in a just society and notes the various views taken by modern decisors on them.

Two initial points need to be made to provide a certain amount of background to the relevant Jewish law. Firstly, "informing" is itself not a sufficienty precise translation of the Hebrew term
3 that is the concern of this article. Jewish law discusses three different problems: informing a bandit that a person has money or some other item of value; informing an abusive government of the same, and informing the government that someone has violated its laws. As is obvious to anyone with even a vague familiarity with the flow of Jewish history, Jews have generally lived in situations where government was unjust (or unjust towards Jews) or bandits formed the basis for government, and telling the abusive government that a Jew had money or that a Jew had broken the law was a dangerous act. Indeed, this conduct clearly, readily and directly caused people to have their money taken, themselves beaten or tortured and sometimes simply murdered. The Talmudic Sages had no choice but to enact rabbinic decrees prohibiting such informing.4 This article focuses on how these rabbinic decrees affect people's conduct in a just government, where government only acts to punish law-breakers.

But not any more: 

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. 

The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory


Secondly -- as will become clear throughout this work
5 -- this article is not discussing the proper response to violent criminals or people whose conduct endangers other people or the community as a whole.6 Even in unjust societies, it was clear that one must bring such people to the attention of the secular authorities, if that was the only way to get them to cease their violent ways.7 This article is discussing the problems of informing as it relates to violators of non- dangerous law or non-violent or regulatory laws, from cat-burglers and tax cheaters to zoning violators and prescription drug abusers. This article is not discussing serial killers, armed robbers, sexual predators or muggers. They must all be informed upon if that is needed to protect society from them.8

II. Classical Jewish Law and Informing: An Overview

Even though Jewish law expects people to observe the law of the land, 

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg is more determined. He knows that in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand. He writes, "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed." (Ma'ariv, 10/6/04)


and even imposes that obligation as a religious duty,9 the Talmud recounts -- in a number of places -- that it is prohibited to inform on Jews to the secular government, even when their conduct is a violation of secular law and even when their conduct is a violation of Jewish law. While there are a number of exceptions to this prohibition (which are explained further in this section), the essential halacha was that Jewish law prohibits such informing absent specific circumstances. Even if secular government were to incorporate substantive Jewish law into secular law and punish violations of what is, in effect, Jewish law, Jews would still be prohibited from cooperating with such a system.10 

TREASON TREASON TREASON these self Exalted wannabe gods have seduced you to their god wannabe, and he is a MURDERER from the beginning.

Indeed, classical Jewish law treats a person who repeatedly informs on others as a pursuer (a rodef) who may be killed to prevent him from informing, even without a formal court ruling.

Like I have informed over 54,000,000 people of these Robbers of Satan?

The prohibition of informing derives from three different talmudic incidents,
11 whose central theme is that informing on a Jew so that others take the property of the one informed upon is both prohibited and tortious. One the talmudic incidents12 clarifies that the act of informing causes one to be in the formal status of a pursuer (rodef), whose life may be taken to prevent the act of informing from occurring.

The reason for the rabbinic decree positing that an informer (moser) is a life-threatening pursuer (rodef) is simply stated by Rabbenu Asher.

One who runs to inform so that Jewish money is given to a bandit (anas)13 is analogized by the rabbis to one who is running after a person to kill him. This is seen from the verse (Isaiah 51:20) 'your children lie in a swoon at the corner of every street, like an antelope caught in a net.' Just like when an antelope is caught in a net, the hunter has no mercy towards it, so too the money of a Jew, once it falls into the hands of bandits, the bandits have no mercy on the Jew. They take some money today, and tomorrow all of it, and in the end, they capture and kill him, since perhaps he has more money. Thus, an informer is like a pursuer to kill someone, and the victim may be saved at the cost of the life of the pursued.14

Mammon of Jew-el-ry

According to Rabbenu Asher, what makes informing worse than any other act which improperly damages another Jew is that informing puts a person in danger of life and limb -- even when the initial act of informing is over a small money matter. Once one is enmeshed with these types of people, one never can tell what will happen and even death can result. Thus one who informs is like a pursuer who might kill.

Thus your Talmudic Noahide JUDGES are in absolute FEAR of their Master Race wannabe gods of Jewry

Mordechai states the matter differently. He writes:

Even though as a general matter we do not push into a pit [to kill] any tort-feasor, even a thief or an armed robber, the reason an informer is different is that the pagans gain and the Jews lose through this conduct; this is disgusting and one who regularly trains himself to engage in such informing to pagans -- his status is worse than other tort-feasors.15
According to Mordechai, informing is different from any other act which damages another because the Rabbis decreed that a person who regularly involves himself in ensuring that Jews lose and gentiles improperly gain is engaging in an evil activity and forfeits his normal rights as a Jew.

A complete review of the rules related to informing is both complex and beyond the scope of this paper,
16 but a simple understanding of the nuanced rules is needed to understand why a just government might be different.

Eight different sets of rules can be given that outline the general approach halacha takes.
  1. It is prohibited to inform on a fellow Jew to a gentile, whether the act of informing is about monetary matters or physical security.17 One may not inform on a Jew, even if the Jew is a sinful and bad person.18

  2. One who informs is liable to pay damages if his act of informing damages another.19 As a general rule one is not liable for torts done to another by a third party, informing is an exception to this rule.20

  3. Even without the order of a Jewish law court, one may kill a person who has certainly set out to inform on another, prior to their act of informing, as informing poses a danger to the one who is informed upon.21 Once a person informs, one may not kill the informer as punishment for the sin, and one may not steal from an informer (unless taking his property will stop him from informing).22 One who regularly informs may be killed without warning.23

  4. One who troubles the community through misconduct may be informed upon; so too one who engages in conduct that endangers members of the community may be informed upon.24 One who hits other people, or otherwise engages in acts of violence against people, may be informed upon.25

  5. When a Jew owes money to a gentile, and the Jew is seeking to improperly avoid payment of the money to the gentile, and another Jew informs the gentile of this fact who then collects the money rightfully owed to him, that is not called informing, as the Jew who is informed upon only has to pay that which he ought to pay, anyway.26 Payment of taxes to the government is exactly such a debt.27 Some say such informing is frowned on when it gratuitously benefits a pagan, and others say such conduct is proper.28 All agree that when such conduct leads to a desecration of God's name, it is prohibited to decline to report such a person.29 the god of mammon

  6. A Jew who is threatened with physical harm unless he informs on another is not called an informer if he delivers information, and he is not liable for the damage causes.30 There is a dispute as to whether such conduct is proper or simply immune from liability.31

  7. There is a dispute about whether a Jew who is threatened with economic harm unless he illicitly informs on another is called an informer or not and whether such conduct is permitted or not.32

  8. Many authorities rule that no liability is present if one informs on another to save one's own property without any gratuitous intent to hurt the other person.33
Taken at face value, these rules would prohibit a person from calling the governmental authorities when he is aware of illicit activity by a Jew unless the informer is himself under duress to inform, or the criminal is violent or threatening of the community, or according to some decisors, the informer does so to protect his own property.34 (In cases of desecration of God's name, informing is also sometimes permitted.) These rules, by their simple direct application, would prevent a person from informing on his neighbor who is cheating on his taxes (since the government imprisons such people, and does not merely retake the money owed), violating non-safety related zoning law, stealing cable television from the cable company, and a host of other violations of American law. Informing on a serial killer, mugger, assaulter, child abuser, or any other violent criminal would be permitted.35

The next section considers whether just governments have different rules according to Jewish law.

III. Informing on People When Government is Committed to Procedural Justice: Five Opinions of Contemporary Decisors

How do the halachic rules of informing apply to a just government of laws -- with non-discriminatory laws properly enforced by police who obeys the laws,

BY Treason to the Talmudic Noahide Law

 and who punish people in accordance with its laws -- is the question this section will address. This section makes certain assumptions about the nature and operation of American law that need to be stated, as this section is predicated on these assumptions. At least four specific assumptions are posited in this section about the nature of American society and its government.

  1. The government of the United States of America and of the various states and other governmental units are just and proper governments that do not, as a general matter, punish people beyond the dictates of the secular law.36 They are not corrupt governments.37
  2. Bwah haw haw haw haw haw haw haw

  3. Governmental actions are not generally motivated by anti-Semitism, and the conduct of governmental officials is not anti-Semitic.38   for the fear of the jews are upon them

  4. As a matter of American law, people cannot be compelled to go to a Jewish law court (a bet din) to resolve claims against them if they do not wish to submit to the bet din. But as of March 15 when Congress was convened to enforce these ZSatanic laws it all changed in Maraka

  5. As a matter of American law, batai din are unable to adjudicate matters that require physical punishment, incarceration or restraint of people, and cannot respond in emergency situations when force is needed.
As will be shown throughout this section, disagreeing with any one of these four factual points will frequently lead to significant changes in the applicable Jewish law of informing.

One additional point needs to be made about American law, as it impacts on the relevant Jewish law. As a general proposition, members of our secular society are not obligated, according to American criminal or tort law to report violators of American law.
39 In modern American law, unlike Jewish law, if one did not cause the violation or have some other special relationship either to the victim or the criminal, one bears absolutely no legal obligation to intervene to stop a crime or even call the police.40 In American law one need not report one's neighbor for tax fraud, or call the police when one witnesses a crime, or rescue a drowning person from a river. Thus, even in circumstances where Jewish law mandates that one not inform on a person, the person who has knowledge of criminal activity by another, and does not report it, is not violating American law at all. However, once one is summoned to testify, or even questioned by a government official, it is a crime to lie to a governmental official about a relevant matter.41

No less than five different halachic answers have been presented with regard to whether the prohibition against informing applies in a just society. These five views can be summarized as follows:
  1. The rules of informing have not changed at all, as they are independent of the status of the government as just or unjust. Informing is thus only permitted in cases of harm to others, or any one of the exceptions permitting informing mentioned above.

  2. An informer is not a pursuer anymore, but informing is still a tort, and one who informs on another without cause is liable for the damages caused.42 Informing is a tort no different than damaging a person's property with a baseball bat.

  3. Even a just government behaves improperly sometimes, or runs jails that are improper places, and the presence of even occasional improper behavior by government or its agents or in its prisons justifies the prohibition of informing. Thus, the rules of informing have not changed.

  4. There is no prohibition of informing to the secular government when the secular government is enforcing a law that Jewish law deems valid under "the law of the land is the law" or according to the obligation of gentiles to create a proper system of law (dinnim).

  5. There is no prohibition of informing when government conduct is governed by law and order generally. The talmudic Sages prohibited informing to bandits and unjust governments only.
As has been made clear throughout this work -- these five views are not discussing serial killers, armed robbers, sexual predators, muggers or other similar violent criminal. They must all be informed upon if that is needed to protect society from them.

A. The View of the Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg: No Prohibition to Inform when Government is Just

The view that the prohibition of informing does not apply to a government that protects property rights and is generally governed by law and order is first articulated in the writings of Rabbi Yecheil Michel Epstein in his restatement of Jewish law, the Aruch Hashulchan. He states:
Note: As is widely known, in times of old in places far away, no person had any assurance in the safety of his life or money because of the pirates and bandits, even if they took upon themselves the form of government. It is known that this is true nowadays in some places in Africa where the government itself is grounded in theft and robbery. One should remind people of the kingdoms in Europe and particularly our ruler the Czar and his predecessors, and the kings of England, who spread their influence over many lands in order that people should have confidence in the security of their body and money. The wealthy do not have to hide themselves so that others will not loot or kill them. On all of this [the presence of looting and killing] hinges the rules of informing [moser] and slandering [malshin] in the talmud and later authorities, as I will explain infra: These rules apply only to one who informs on another to bandits and so endangers that person's money and life, as these bandits chase after the person's body and money, and thus one may use deadly force to save oneself.43
The question of whether the writer of the Aruch Hashulchan really meant what he wrote or he wrote it for the sake of the censor is still a matter in dispute.44 However, Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg adopts the view of the Aruch Hashulchan explicitly. In the course of discussing whether one may inform on a teacher who is molesting children, Rabbi Waldenberg states:
Even in the understanding of the secular court system it appears that there is a difference between primitive and enlightened governments as is noted by the Aruch Hashulchan in Choshen Mishpat 388:7 where it states that "every issue related to informing found in the Talmud and poskim deals with those far away places where no one was secure in his money or body because of the bandits and pirates, even those who had authority, as we know nowadays in places like Africa" such is not the case in Europe, as the Aruch Hashulchan notes. ... I write this as a notation of general importance in the matter of the laws of informing.45
The halachic predicate for this view is that the repeated use of the term bandit (anas) throughout the many halachic texts dealing with informing is to be limited to its simple meaning -- it is only prohibited to inform on people to bandits. The many different rules limiting when one can inform on a Jew are limited to cases where the people to whom you are informing are unethical and unjust individuals or an unethical and unjust government.

The language of the Tur supports this. Tur states:
One who delivers another's money into the hands of a bandit, whether the bandit is Jew or Gentile, must pay damages that he caused, since he caused a loss of money....46
A close examination of the words of Rabbenu Asher quoted above47 does indeed indicate that it is the fear of improper murder or torture of the victim that caused this rabbinic decree.

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv explicitly adopts this logic. A questioner asked:
The office of Religious Affairs in our location has been robbed of collected money on more than one occasion. All of the indications point to one of the workers, but all of our efforts have not led this person to confess. We are asking if it is proper to call the police, who after investigation, if successful, will bring the suspect to secular court. The matter could be serious, as we suspect that the person is the husband of a large family, and this person is connected to Torah activities; it is possible that there will be a desecration of God's name, Heaven forbid. On the other hand, public money is missing, and who knows what else is gone.

see Pentagon and Dov Zahkeim and missing 2 trillion dollars

Rabbi Elyashiv replied:
See Responsa Panim Me'erot 2:155 dealing with our matter of one who found an open chest, and much was stolen from it. There is reasonable grounds to believe that one of his workers did this act of theft. Is it permissible to inform on this worker to the secular authorities? He proves from Bava Batra 117 and Bava Metzia 25 that there is a religious duty on the judge of this matter to hit and punish based on the knowledge that he has, when his knowledge is correct. He then quotes from the incident with Rabbi Heshel and the view of the Shach but he ends he concludes "nonetheless I [the author of the Panim Me'erot] say that is it improper to report him to secular authorities, as our Talmud sages recount 'they treat him like a caught animal' and one must be afraid that they will kill him." From this it is clear that such is not applicable in our [Rabbi Elyashiv's] times. By the halacha it would be proper to report him to the police. But, you ponder the possibility that this will lead to a desecration of God's name, and it is not in my ability to evaluate this, since I do not know the facts.48
This view posits that when fear of death or torture is functionally gone, the rabbinic decree prohibiting informing does not apply.49 This is true according to these authorities even when the government has no right (according to Jewish law) to enforce this particular law on its Jewish citizens or is punishing them in a manner far beyond that permitted by Jewish law, and even applies when the government is arresting an apparently innocent person, as the system as a whole is just and fair. Even non-violent criminals or people who violate regulatory directives (such as zoning laws) may be informed upon, in this view.

However for the Goyim'

This approach posits that informing -- even when the government does (as a matter of after-the- fact truth) use the information provided by the informer to produce an improper result -- is not a classical tort at all in the eyes of Jewish law, but was a special rabbinic decree prohibiting conduct that was not intrinsically tortious, and that rabbinic decree prohibiting informing was limited to situations of banditry.
50 Thus in situations where there is no prohibition to inform, there is no violation of Jewish law to inform. Any damage that is caused is not attributable to the informer but to the one who does the damage.

B. The View of Rabbi Ezra Batzri: There Are No Just Legal Systems and No Just Prisons

Rabbi Ezra Batzri, in his modern multi-volume treaties on Jewish commercial law, Dinnai Mamonut, responds to the view discussed in the Aruch Hashulchan above. After stating the view that informing is prohibited, he notes the following:

Do not be surprised by the rules in this chapter, and think that they are inapplicable nowadays since governments are enlightened and democratic, a beacon for people to travel. This should be thought true of only by the very naive, as even in democracies, in truth when there is a matter that involves the government, the matter is treated as out of the normal protocol as happens when matters relate to security of the state. All rules of informing are applicable even currently. Anyone who knows and understands and sees not only what is externally visible, and what previously was, will see that only the external appearance has changed -- the outside has changed -- but the central characteristic [of government] has not changed. Even if they bring all matters to court, it is clear that, through interrogation and the police, government can destroy people and in many places they do, in fact, destroy people.51

Of course according to their Talmud, only Jews are people...Goyim are animals

Rabbi Batzri posits that even when the external justice system seems to work, nonetheless the executive and judicial systems is so deeply fraught with exceptions, and extra-judicial misconduct, and coerced confessions, that one must assume injustice will occur and thus informing on a fellow Jew remains generally prohibited, as always.52

Rabbi Yaakov Yeshaya Blau, author of the multi-volume Pitchai Chosen raises a related point as a possibility. Even if the justice system works up until the point of incarceration:
nonetheless the punishment of imprisonment is analogous to endangering a person's life by informing on them in a way that endangers their life, since imprisonment poses a possibility of life threatening conditions.53

So jews are above all US Laws, and now by Congressional authority

Rabbi Blau proposes the possibility that even if a justice system works only to incarcerate people who are deserving of incarceration, jail is a most unpleasant place to be, with physical duress exactly of the type the Talmud imagined, and thus informing on a person in a way that might produce a prison sentence is prohibited.54 Evaluating this type of claim is very difficult, but Rabbi Blau's observation has a certain amount of merit in this matter. One well known commentator on prisons in America observed:
Prisons, never safe places, are growing increasingly dangerous to inmates. The most recent Department of Justice research shows that 14% of all prison inmates -- and 20% of those under the age of 25 have been assaulted while in prison.55
According to Rabbi Blau, it is in prison where halacha now fears that the observations of the Rosh are correct -- people are abused and tortured without any basis in law.

If the approach of either Rabbis Batzri or Blau is correct, one divides cases of informing into three types of categories. One situation occurs when a person is being informed upon is an individual who is violent, or threatens violence, or induces harm to others or endangers the welfare of the community. Such a person may be informed upon, as Jewish law recognizes the need to remove these people from the community, even if these people might be harmed by the brutal prison system.
56 The second situation is that of the non-violent criminal (white collar crimes such as intentionally bouncing checks, or recreational personal drug use). Because the prison system might be brutal to them,57 Jewish law rules that one may not inform on them to the police because the punishment imposed on them is unacceptable according to Jewish law. Other areas of informing, such as parking violations, building code violations, unintentional environmental damage, and the like, where arrest and detention is not a possibility, would not be prohibited by this rationale.

In this writer's opinion, this observation -- that prisons are (sadly enough and to the shame of our society) treacherous places with tortious conditions incapable of punishing people justly -- has a powerful practical logic to it and seems factually persuasive. If American society cannot run a criminal justice system that punishes non-violent criminals properly, Jewish law should not be an accomplice to a criminal justice system that in fact brutally punishes people for non-violent offenses.

C. The View of Rabbi Yitzchak Shmelkes: Informing as a Tort in a Just Government

Rabbi Yitzchak Shmelkes advances a novel answer to the question of informing in a just society. He states:
As you wrote on the central matter of one who informs about monetary matters nowadays, such a person does not have the status of a pursuer, as there is no fear, nowadays that such informing will lead to danger to life, and certainly such a person is not ineligible to serve as a witness according to Torah law....58
According to Rabbi Shmelkes, one must make a factual determination as to whether informing can lead to life threatening conditions. If it can, then informing leads to one being classified as a pursuer; otherwise, such conduct is a generic tort and while damages have to be paid, one is not considered a pursuer (rodef) because of such conduct. One might not even be deemed a "sinner" but merely a tort-feasor.

A similar such view is seemingly endorsed by Rabbi Yaakov Yeshaya Blau, writing in the Pitchai Choshen, who states:
In the writings of many decisors we have seen that they found some merit (lamdu zechut) on the kings and governments of their time that the rules of informing did not apply. But it is widely known that in these kinds of works the hand of the censor is present. In circumstances they wrote (or left out) matters out of fear of the censor or the government, or at the least because of hatred of the Jews (aiva), and it is thus hard to learn from these sources. Nonetheless, in my humble opinion, there is an acceptable aspect of this view [that informing does not apply in just society] since the essence of the prohibition to inform even on monetary matters is 'lest they come to kill you.' It is clear that in a country where the government is just, even though informing is clearly prohibited, nonetheless there is no fear that they will kill you. Thus an informer is no different from any other damager of the property of another, and none of the strictures concerning informing which can result in physical duress apply....59
To understand this view, one must accept that there are really at least two distinctly different components to the rules of informing: the tort component of damaging another, and the sin of endangering the life of another through informing. In a society where, in fact, there is no danger of life and limb through informing to the governmental authorities, the informer loses his status as a pursuer, according to the view of Rabbi Shmelkes.

Indeed -- although Rabbi Shmelkes does not state so explicitly -- when only the tort prohibition is present, the only reason informing is prohibited is because one is improperly damaging the property of another. Absent the danger -- both economic and physical -- informing becomes merely a tort. It is an unusual tort according to Jewish law in that the causation is indirect, but that would be the essence of the remaining rabbinic decree -- that informing on another improperly, creates liability according to Jewish law.
60 In fact, the halacha does become much more complex in that once informing is treated like any other form of damages, it becomes permissible to engage in informing any time damaging another is permissible.61 Thus, for example, consider the case of one who was improperly disposing of waste oil into another's backyard. If this person's misconduct did halachically recognizable harm to another, and that person needed to abate the harm being done him, he could call the relevant governmental organizations, which would issue the suitable regulatory remedy. However, according to the rationale of Rabbi Shmelkes, if one simply called the relevant authorities in a case in which there was no harm to oneself, such action would be prohibited according to Jewish law, as it would be causing damage without any right to do so according to Jewish law.62 One would then be liable for the full damages one did, including lawyer's fees and the like.

D. The View of Rabbi Shmuel Wozner: Informing is Permitted when Jewish Law Recognizes Secular Law as Valid

Another view relates the prohibition of informing to the legality (from the perspective of Jewish law) of the secular government's actions. In this view, informing is prohibited only when the government seeks to enforce secular law that Jewish law does not consider obligatory upon Jews, according to Jewish law.

Consider, for example, Rabbi Shmuel Wozner's discussion of whether one may work as a tax auditor for the government.
In the matter of one who works in the tax offices, and when he sees one who defrauds the government he has to report him to the courts. That person wants to know if he is in the status of an informer or "the law of the land is the law [and is thus proper]."

It is clear that according to the halacha, taxes -- without dispute or controversy -- are covered by the obligation to obey the law of the land....

For they are the Tax Collectors of the US Goyim, by TREASON see Jekyll Island 16th amendment

On the question of informing to the government, it is clear from the incident discussed in Bava Metzia 83b with Rabbi Eleizer who informed upon a person to the government, that this conduct was permitted because of loyalty to the government; even though they said to him "how long will you hand over God's nation to be killed?" that is because this matter relates to the danger to the life of a Jew. So too, that which Elijah recounts to Rabbi Yishmael [that he should cease informing] is applicable, but the technical halacha appears that this matter has a benefit to the government....
63 See also Rama [Choshen Mishpat] 388:11 who notes that if one wishes to flee to avoid paying a gentile what he actually owes him, and another reveals this information, the latter person lacks the status of an informer. Even though that Rama concludes "nonetheless, bad was done, as it is analogous to returning the a lost object to a pagan," that is limited to returning the lost object to an individual pagan. However, that which is relevant to the government and its designee, there is no sin [either of informing or returning lost objects improperly]. Nonetheless, ab initio it is better not to accept an appointment to engage in such activity, since it entails informing on one even in a permissible way, which is not the conduct of the righteous, as is noted in the Jerusalem Talmud Teruma 8:4.... Furthermore this case is not analogous to other cases as those cases involve danger to life when the gentiles are informed; this case is different because punishment imposed on the violator nowadays never involves mortal danger.64

In this view, informing is a violation of halacha only when Jewish law does not recognize the inherent validity of the right of the secular government to enforce its actions through the law of the land. Whether the conduct one is reporting violates autonomous Jewish law (absent secular law) is completely irrelevant to this mode of analysis. Whether the person is punished in a matter consistent with Jewish law or not also does not matter, because Jewish law only prohibits informing when secular law is invalid in the eyes of Jewish law.65

In this writer's opinion, this approach is broadly predicated on the conceptual analysis of Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki (Rashi), com­menting on the Talmud, who seems to accept that Jewish law recognizes that the secular government may properly enforce any law validly promul­gated under the rule "the law of the land is the law" (dina de-malkhuta dina), even against Jews as a function of the [law creating] dinim obligation imposed on Gentiles.

HJR 104, PL 102-14

Main­taining law and order is unques­tion­ably one such function, as is collecting taxes. Indeed, once one accepts that Gentiles are empowered by Noachide law (through the commandment of dinim) to make and enforce laws, it is not a far leap of logic to observe that such criminal laws, once made, are binding upon Jews to the extent that Jewish law does not mandate a different result.


If that is so, the Jewish community may assist in the enforcement of Noachide law without stepping afoul of the rabbinic prohibition of informing (mesira).67

As noted by Rabbi Wozner, this approach can be found explicitly in a number of talmudic incidents, and the commentaries of various rishonim on it. The Talmud states:

Rabbi Eleazar son of Rabbi Simeon met a police officer. Rabbi Eleazar said to him, "How can you detect the thieves . . . ? Perhaps you take the inno­cent and leave behind the guilty." The officer replied "And what shall I do? It is the king's com­mand." [Rabbi Eleazar then advised this police­man how to determine who was a thief and who was not] . . . A report was heard in the royal court. They said, "Let the reader of the letter become the mes­senger." Rabbi Eleazar son of Rabbi Simeon was brought to the court and he proceeded to appre­hend thieves. Rabbi Joshua son of Karchah, sent word to him, "Vinegar, son of wine! [i.e., inferior son of a superior father] How long will you deliver the people of our God for slaugh­ter?" Rabbi Eleazar sent the reply, "I eradicate thorns from the vine­yard." Rabbi Joshua responded, "Let the owner of the vineyard come and eradi­cate his thorns". . . . A similar incident befell­ Rabbi Yishmael the son of Rabbi Yosi. The prophet Elijah ap­peared to him and re­buked him. . . . "What can I do -- it is the royal decree," responded Rabbi Yish­mael. Elijah retorted "Your father fled to Assia, you flee to Laodica [i.e., you should flee and not obey]."68
Thus, the Talmud records that two sages were re­buked for assisting the government in the prosecu­tion of criminals, indicating that this conduct is not proper, or at least the subject of a dispute between Rabbi Eleazar and Rabbi Joshua. A number of commentaries advance an explanation which changes the focus of this reprimand. Rabbi Yom Tov Ishbili (Ritva)69 states that even Rabbi Joshua -- who rebuked Rabbi Eleazar for working as a police officer -- admits that it is only scholars and rabbis of the caliber of Rabbi Eleazar and Rabbi Yishmael who should not assist the government as prosecu­tors or police officers. Even for these individuals such conduct was not prohibited, but only frowned upon.70 Many authorities agree with this explana­tion.71 Ac­cording to this analysis, it is only the pious who should not engage in this type of work as it is undig­nified for scholars to act as government agents in these circumstanc­es -- but all others may.72 There is not a technical prohibition to inform in such cases.

Mt:10:17: But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;

Mt:10:19: But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak.

Mt:24:9: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.

If Rabbi Wozner's conceptual observation is correct, the scope of the prohibition to inform is inversely related to the scope of the obligation to obey the law of the land, about which there are three theories. While a full survey of the reach of the obligation to obey secular law is well beyond the breadth of this article, a brief review of the relevant theories is worthwhile and explains when informing is permitted, according to this theory. There are three principal perspectives regarding A the law of the land is the law:

  1. Rabbi Joseph Karo rules that secular law is binding under Jewish law only to the extent that it directly affects the government's financial interests. Thus, secular laws imposing taxes or tolls would be valid under Jewish law.73For Mammon is of the jews
  2. Rabbi Moshe Isserles (Rama) agrees that secular laws directly affecting the government=s financial interests are binding, but adds that secular laws are enacted for the benefit of the people of the community as a whole are also, as a general matter, effective under Jewish law. 74

  3. Rabbi Shabtai HaKohen (Shach) disagrees with Rabbi Isserles in one respect. He believes that even if secular laws are enacted for the benefit of the community, they are not valid under Jewish law if they are specifically contrary to indigenous Jewish law obligations.75Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg is more determined. He knows that in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand. He writes, "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed." (Ma'ariv, 10/6/04)
While there is substantial debate among Jewish law authorities as to which approach to follow, 76 nevertheless, it seems that most modern authorities agree that, at least outside of the State of Israel, Rabbi Isserles= view should be applied, and such is the view all four of the deans of Jewish law in America in the previous generation: Rabbis Moses Feinstein,77 Eliyahu Yosef Henkin,78 Joseph Soloveitchik,79 and Yoel Teitelbaum.80 In this view, almost all applications of secular law are valid under Jewish law.81

Based on this approach -- informing is only prohibited where Jewish law rules that one need not obey secular law -- one could argue cogently that informing is actually permitted in any situation in which the person on whom one is informing has actually violated secular law that Jewish law deems valid, and the person who is informing on the person gains financially from governmental enforcement, or from the abatement of the tort.
82 So too, in a situation where silence would lead to a desecration of God's name and informing would lead to a sanctification, informing would be permitted.83

for they are as gods in their fables and their laws

In this writer's view, this understanding of Jewish law -- that the prohibition of informing does not apply when the secular government is acting consistent with its rights under Jewish law, and Jews are duty bound under Jewish law to obey such laws -- has a powerful theoretical logic to it and seems halachically persuasive.
84 If Jews are obligated to obey any particular secular law, and Jewish law recognizes as valid any particular penalty that the secular government imposes for a violation of that secular law, it makes no halachic sense to rule that assisting the government in enforcing that law is a violation of the rules of informing and a tort. It ought not be tortious to help enforce a secular law that Jewish law rules one obligated to obey.

E. The View of Rabbis Feinstein and Breisch: The Prohibition is Unchanged by a Just Government

The view of Rabbi Briesch (explicitly) and Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (implicitly) is that the rules relating to informing are unrelated to the status of the government as just or unjust, proper or improper. In three distinctly different responsa, Rabbi Feinstein appears to posit that the prohibition of informing remains identical in a just society.
85 In 1961 Rabbi Feinstein answered a question concerning whether the communal rabbinate may report to the police a person who had been selling not kosher food as kosher, if this person, instead, is willing to consent to a din torah by the rabbis themselves. Rabbi Feinstein writes:

I received your letter with regard to an evil doer who came into a kosher factory and forged the kosher symbol, placed it on non-kosher items, which he sold to Jews as kosher. The question is can one inform on him to the secular authorities who will judge him severely with either a fine or prison, or must the rabbis judge him according to Jewish law? In my opinion, even though his sin is great, and he shows no repentance, nonetheless so long as we cannot say that the Jewish judges cannot judge him, one may not turn the matter over to the secular authorities.... In addition, since it is certain that the secular authorities will adjudicate the matter through incarceration or a fine inconsistent with Jewish law, one must be fearful of the prohibition of informing, as it is prohibited to inform on a Jew to the secular authorities, whether through danger to his body or his money, even if he be a sinner.86
No mention is made of the fact that the secular authorities (in this case, the state of Maryland) will adjudicate the matter fairly (i.e., consistent with its laws) or that prison was the proper penalty according to secular law. Rather, Rabbi Feinstein adopts the view that unless one of the exceptions permitting informing is present, it is prohibited to inform on a person according to Jewish law as the punishments imposed by secular law violate Jewish law, and thus may not be imposed on a person lest one violate the prohibition of informing.87

This view of Rabbi Feinstein is repeated again in Rabbi Feinstein's discussion of whether one can be a tax auditor for the government. Rabbi Feinstein states:
In the matter of one who wants to be an auditor for the government such that on occasion one will encounter the tax returns of one who has cheated, and he will detect the fraud, [and will thus report it to his superiors] and will be like one who informs the government, and they will punish this person more than he is liable according to Jewish law. It seems logical to me that since anyone who examines tax returns will encounter the fraud, and even if this person declines the job, others will take the job and discover the fraud, one sees from this that the one who commits the fraud suffers no loss whether this person takes the job or not and another is there, and thus the one who cheats loses nothing whether or not this person takes the job and without a loss there is no prohibition.88

Hypocrites and Vipers

Again, Rabbi Feinstein posits that there is no justification to inform on a person given the just American government. Rather he provides a narrow "technical" explanation for why this particular activity of informing while working for the IRS is not prohibited to this particular person. Rabbi Feinstein would rule that in a case where if any particular person did not inform, then the cheater would not be caught, then it would be prohibited to inform.

Indeed, in a responsa entitled "May One Inform on a Thief to the Courts of the Land" Rabbi Feinstein states:
It is prohibited for us to inform on a person for a matter where the punishment is unfounded in Jewish law. In Jewish law, theft is resolved through restitution as measured by an expert, and secular law punishes through imprisonment, unfounded in Jewish law.89
Although Rabbi Feinstein provides no explicit discussion of whether a just government is of any relevance, Rabbi Feinstein repeatedly focuses on the fact that the punishment imposed by the secular government is contrary to Jewish law in its magnitude or scope, and thus when one Jew causes another to be punished in excess of the punishment directed by Jewish law, that is a prohibited form of damage grounded in the tort of informing as the punishment is unjust by definition as Jewish law has a different punishment. Thus, in all of these responsa Rabbi Feinstein posits that the punishment authorized by the secular statute is greater than that permitted by Jewish law, and thus the conduct of informing is prohibited. In cases where the punishment is not greater than that directed by Jewish law, it would appear logical to posit that Rabbi Feinstein would not prohibit informing as (in Rabbi Feinstein's own words) "there would be no damages and when there are no damages, there is no prohibition."90

Treasonous Bastards they are

A different rationale is explicitly stated by Rabbi Ya'akov Briesch, who notes that the rules which prohibit informing cover even cases where there is no threat to bodily harm. Rabbi Breisch was asked:

Is the prohibition of informing specifically when they are chasing after Jews, and thus if one informs on one's friend they punish him because he is a Jew, but if a gentile did this they would not punish him, then one is called an informer (moser), or it is even nowadays, when they are not pursuing Jews through law, and if a gentile had violated the law they would punish him as what he did is a crime, is that too called informing as defined in Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 388
Rabbi Briesch answers:
One who looks in Shulchan Aruch and other decisors will see explicitly that there is no difference, and even when one who uses secular courts to reclaim his own, the matter is in dispute in Choshen Mishpat 388:5 and the Shach views such a person as an informer. A similar view is taken Brachot 58a concerning . . . [a person who slandered government] and such a person became a pursuer [to destroy the government] and he was killed. Even though it is certain that if a gentile had done the same thing and called the government bitter they would have punished him, still Rav Shelai considered him an informer (moser) and killed him; while it is true that this case is different in that Rav Shelai was certain that they would be punished for mocking the government. .... Even the money of a Jew, once it falls into the hands of a gentile, they show no mercy on it, as is quoted in Shulchan Aruch and other decisors, and as a matter of normative halacha this matter does not change ....91 That which we have seen in recent times [the Holocaust] provides proof to this.92
Rabbi Briesch is stating that even when there is no illicit harming of one's body, money is taken contrary to Jewish law, and that alone validates the rabbinic prohibition against informing.

Both of these approaches finds considerable halachic justification in the alternative approach developed by the rishonim to explain the conduct of Rabbi Eleazer and Rabbi Joshua in Bava Metzia 83b-84a.
93 This approach rejects the opinion of Rabbi Eleazar that one may serve as a police officer and informant, and states that Rabbi Joshua, who rebuked Rabbi Eleazar, represents the normative opinion which prohibits this con­duct.94 If Rabbi Joshua's opinion is normative, then the only time it would be permitted to assist the secular government in criminal prosecutions is when the person poses a threat to others through his conduct95 or where the criminal poses a threat to the community through his con­duct.96 Both of these situations are based upon the rules of a pursuer (rodef). Indeed, in Jewish law, one who poses a threat to the life of others must be prevented from accomplishing the intended harm; force -- even deadly force -- may be used in such a case without the need for a court hearing. This threat need not be limited to the possibili­ty that the criminal will actually harm another, but includes such factors as the possibili­ty that in response to a Jew being appre­hend­ed for commit­ting a crime, other Jews will be injured or anti-Semitism will be promoted.97

If the approach of either Rabbis Feinstein or Breisch is correct, one divides cases of informing into two types of categories, no different in a procedurally just society than in an unjust society. One situation occurs when the person is being informed upon is an individual who is violent, or threatens violence, or induces harm to others or endangers the welfare of the community. Such a person may be informed upon, as Jewish law recognizes the need to remove these people from the community, as such conduct is not prohibited, given the lack of authority the bet din has in the community currently.
98 In all other cases, informing is prohibited, and is subject to the rules of informing, as explained in part II of this article.99 In cases where the outcome is identical in secular law and Jewish law, Rabbi Feinstein would aver that there is no problem of informing, as there is no damage.100

IV. Hypotheticals and Conclusion

This article has sought to elaborate and explain on the Jewish law prohibition of informing, with a particular focus on how the prohibition applies to a democracy, with a just system of government that grants freedom to its many different citizens. One group of decisors posit that just governments are exempt from the prohibition of informing, either because the whole prohibition did not apply when government was just, or because governments that operate within the confines of the Jewish law obligations of the "law of the land is the law" are exempt. Another group of decisors posit that the prohibition of informing fully applies even to just governments, as the rabbis did not want Jews assisting in the punishing of Jews in a manner inconsistent with Jewish law -- even if the government itself can engage in this conduct, Jews should not help it. A third group of decisors posits that the system -- even as it appears just -- is not, and thus informing is prohibited.

Consider six simple cases to elaborate on the various views. (Assume in each of these cases that such a person will not obey the directives of a bet din to stop, and, in fact, the community and its bet din is internally powerless to stop such a person.)
1. A Jew regularly assaults people. May one inform on him to the police? This case is straightforward. All agree that such a person must be informed upon, either because informing is permitted generally or because a violent person should be informed upon.
101 Thus, it is clear, that one must report allegations of child abuse (sexual or physical) when one is aware of it, (even if this means that the child might be places in a Gentile foster home).102
2. A Jew is a regular non-violent vandalizer of others property. May one inform on him to the police?
If the person rises to the level of one who makes the community suffer by regularly doing such vandalization, then all agree that such a person may be informed upon to the police.
103 However, if one does not rise to such a level, then whether one may report such a person depends on which view of informing one accepts in modern times.104 According to the view of Rabbi Waldenberg, who permits informing generally, or those authorities who permit informing when secular law is valid in the eyes of Jewish law,105 or Rabbi Shmelkes, who think that informing is merely a tort, one may inform in this case if one is the victim of such conduct (as government will treat this person justly, and one is permitted to do a tort to one who damages one's property, if that will cause the one who is behaving improperly to stop).106 However, in the view of Rabbi Feinstein, who rules that no aspect of informing has changed, or Rabbi Batzri, who rules that any form of incarceration creates improper informing, such informing is wrong.
3. A Yeshiva has built a building with a non-dangerous107 zoning violation in place.108 May one inform on them to the zoning authorities?109
According to the view of Rabbi Waldenberg, because informing is no longer sinful in a just government, such conduct is permitted. According to those authorities who permit informing when secular law is valid in the eyes of Jewish law,110 although such conduct is not informing it is prohibited under the rubric mashiv avedat akum --unless being silent leads to desecration of God's name or informing leads to a sanctification of God's name, in which case informing is mandatory111 -- and would only be permitted when the informer stands to benefit concretely from the enforcement of the zoning violation112 or when it is the informer's job to find such violators. According to the view of Rabbi Shmelkes, such conduct is not prohibited informing, but is a tort, and would only be permitted in cases where tortious conduct is permitted. According to Rabbi Feinstein, such conduct is prohibited.113
4. A Jew is a recreational marijuana user (but not seller), who grows his own marijuana in his backyard. May one inform on him to the police?
According the view of Rabbi Waldenberg, such conduct is permitted since informing is not wrong in a just government. According to Rabbi Batzri, such informing is prohibited and makes the informer a pursuer, as it will land the drug user in jail, and that is prohibited. According those authorities who permit informing when secular law is valid in the eyes of Jewish law,
114 although such conduct is not informing, it is prohibited under the rubric mashiv avedat akum -- unless being silent leads to desecration of God's name or informing leads to a sanctification of God's name, in which case informing is mandatory115 -- and would only be permitted when the informer stands concretely to benefit from the arrest, it was one's job to arrest such people. According to Rabbi Feinstein, such informing is prohibited and makes the informer a pursuer (unless this conduct is one's job, and if you did not do it, someone else would or the person violating the law would be detected anyway.116)
5. A Jew is knowingly and intentionally cheating on his United States taxes. May one inform on him to the Internal Revenue Service? According the view of Rabbi Waldenberg, such conduct is permitted because informing is not wrong to a just government. According to Rabbi Batzri, such informing is prohibited and makes the informer a pursuer, as it will land the tax cheater in jail, and that is prohibited. According to Rabbi Wozner, although such conduct is not informing, it is prohibited under the rubric doing gratuitous harm to another,117 and would only be permitted when the informer stands to concretely benefit from the arrest,118 or when it was one's job to detect such people or when being silent leads to desecration of God's name or informing leads to a sanctification of God's name, in which case informing is mandatory.119 According to Rabbi Feinstein, such informing is prohibited and makes the informer a pursuer (unless this conduct is one's job, and if you did not do it, someone else would and the person would be detected anyway.120)
6. A rabbi in New York repeatedly performs Jewish weddings aware of the fact that the couple that he is marrying according to Jewish law have not been issued a civil marriage license, and do not wish to have one issued, in violation of New York law.
This law is of debatable constitutionality, perhaps only applies in situations where the couple wants to be married according to civil law, and is on the outer limits of the proper application of "the law of the land is the law.122" Only Rabbi Waldenberg's view would permit informing in such a case, although performing such a wedding is a deeply unwise idea for many different reasons.123 This case is readily distinguished from the case of a man who is religiously (but not civilly) divorced from his wife, and now he wishes to religiously (but not civilly) marry another woman. In that case, there are many more serious grounds for prohibiting such a religious ceremony - two are readily apparent. First, and most significantly, such conduct is a chillul hashem in that the man and woman who are religiously married to each other are conducting an adulterous relationship in the eyes of secular society. Second, the secular law that is being violated in that case is the bigamy statue, whose validity is without contest in halacha through dina demalchuta.124


The application of talmudic rules to modern life is complex and difficult, and frequently requires that one ask questions that until modern times were not be asked, as the social conditions made the question irrelevant. This article poses such a question -- how do the rules of informing apply in a just society with an honorable government -- and notes the variety of answers taken by different decisors. The central theoretical analytic question revolves around the question of what is the scope of Jewish law's recognition of valid secular criminal legislation which Jews should serve as agents of enforcement for.
125 One view adopts the view that Jewish law has no prohibition to inform once society has a system of laws and justice, rather than institutional banditry, as government was in the middle ages. The other view states that Jewish law allows cooperation with secular law only when Jewish law recognizes that any particular secular law is valid (and that is contingent on the scope of the rule "the law of the land is the law"). The final view posits that Jewish law does not allow Jews to voluntarily cooperate with secular authorities in the punishing of Jews in situations where the substantive punishment meted out is harsher than that imposed by Jewish law itself. All however agree that the excersize of substantive governmental authority is itself valid in the eyes of Jewish law; the question merely is whether one my cooperate in a society where cooperation is not mandatory.

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But it is too late Maraka you have accepted it, and them who seek to destroy you


They Say "NO to the Satanic Noahide Laws of Sanhedrins Hasidim and Chabad Lubavitch

Sarkozy's election victory marred by riots

Last updated at 17:36pm on 7th May 2007


Street violence took some of the shine off victory in the French elections for new president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Far-left activists (Noahide neocon opposition)  had running battles with police across France as 270 people were taken in for questioning and 367 parked vehicles were torched

Riot police fired tear gas into a crowd gathered at the Place de la Bastille in Paris as news of Sarkozy's victory came through.



Trouble on the streets of France following Nicolas Sarkozy's election win

Small bands of youths hurled stones and other objects at police and bared their backsides at riot officers.

Other fights with the police broke out in Toulouse, Lyon, Rennes and Nantes.

Two police unions said firebombs targeted schools and recreation centres in several towns in the Essonne region just south of Paris.


French riots

More than 350 cars were set on fire across France after Sarkozy's victory was confirmed


BFM TV described rioters as "militant anarchists" apparently upset by the victory of a man of the right. (Sanhedrin wrong) 

There had been fears that the impoverished suburban housing projects, home to Arab and African immigrants and their French-born children, would erupt again at the victory of a man who labeled those responsible for rioting in 2005 as "scum."

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French riots

Flaming debris from the Paris riots


That abrasive style raised doubts over whether Sarkozy, himself the son of a Hungarian refugee, could unite a politically polarized, increasingly diverse nation.


French riots

Cars were overturned, many were set ablaze


He is widely unpopular among youths from the projects who showed their preference for Sarkozy's Socialist rival, Segolene Royal, in the first-round vote earlier in the month

wonder why?


Now you understand


France Is Gone - Europe Is
Now Zionism's Slave

From Dick Eastman
The globalist took the election in France because the French opposition was divided by an array of Kucinich-Perot candidates, ensuring the victory of the candidate of (TALMUDIC) Zionist Jewish global domination. Having money taken out of the control of their governments with an unaccountable European monetary system based on the "Euro", Europeans are now headed for government taken out of the control of their national populations. (See what is coming for us in the North American Union -- do you really think the proud Frenchman or the Moselms living in France wanted that for themselves.) I wrote again and again that Le Pen was the last hope of France -- and I was right -- now there is Sarkozy and there is no more France, it is gone forever.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Sarko Wins One For The Global Elite
By Kurt Nimmo
Now that Nicolas Sarkozy has won the French election and appears to be the favorite of the French people-who are apparently as easily brainwashed as Americans, but of course with typical if oft satirized arrogant French élan-we can expect the idea of a supranational Europe, previously rejected by the people of France, to take center stage.
"One thing that both candidates recognize is that Europe needs to be united to be influential on the world stage. The French referendum on the EU constitution produced a shocking 'no' in a nation that has always supported EU integration," opines Germany's Deutsche Welle. "It is a top priority to get the European bicycle rolling again, according to Pierre Lellouche, Sarkozy's foreign policy advisor. The differences between the candidates is more one of approach rather than substance, with Sarkozy being the better strategist." According to Lellouche, even the top dog socialists in France "admit they'll vote for Sarkozy," as their primary focus is globalization. Ségolène Royal's big mistake, obviously, was her election campaign promise to seek a referendum on selling France and Europe out to the one-worlders.
In 2005, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso described the French rejection as "a very serious problem," while insisting it was premature to say "the treaty is dead." Indeed, Sarko in France, in league with Merkel in Germany and the European Commission, will keep pushing until the globalist "super state" is firmly and irrevocably in place.
In hindsight, it was really quite stupid to allow the French and Dutch people to vote on the dismantlement of their national sovereignty. In North America, slipping in world government by stealth is all the craze, mostly notably with the hush-hush creation of the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" in 2005, a much less burdensome process than the European experience, as the people are methodically excluded.
In fact, to this day, if you make noise about this exclusionary, indeed totalitarian process of world government by drib and drab under cover of stealth, you're considered a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut, never mind the very real existence of the so-called NAFTA highway currently under construction in Texas and a flurry of "white papers" and "recommendations" on creating under the cover of darkness a "North America Community" issued by the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales, and other conspirators lurking in the shadows.
Sarkozy's immediate task will be to make sure there are no more silly mistakes and one world globalization remains unflinchingly on track. "The European Commission believes that rightist Sarkozy offers a better plan for the revival of the European Constitution, which would be placed for voting in the Parliament, while Segolene Royal wants to update the constitutional accord and hold another referendum which causes a risk that the constitution will not pass the referendum voting," Javno explains. "Critics of Segolene Royal consider she did not manage to adequately present her program and that she is not feisty enough to become the future president of France, while on the other hand Sarkozy has showed more edge and feistiness, and his program was more substantial."
In other words, Sarko was more effective than Royal at insisting France be rolled into the EU-never mind the opposition of a few million French citizens-and that's why he was selected to "win" by the transnational business elite, the international bankers, the kings and queens and princes, and all their bought or compromised chancellors, prime ministers, ambassadors, secretaries of state, ad nauseam.
It certainly helps, as well, that enough people in France were bamboozled-as the Americans were bamboozled twice running-to put a dull shine of legitimacy on this phase of what will soon enough become one world tyranny and global slavery.



France bites the Noahide dust too

A new Jewish force

By Yair Ettinger

MARSEILLE - There was symbolic significance to the timing of the "spiritual journey" undertaken by Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman and Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter, the Gerrer rebbe, in France, between the first and second rounds of the presidential elections in that country. The two drove all over France, from north to south, this week, at a time when the Jewish citizens, along with all the other citizens of the republic, have to choose between Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal. Most of them will apparently vote for Sarkozy but, at the same time, in the shadow of the shake-up occurring in their country - and also in the shadow of what is happening in Israel - many of them were occupied with completely different choices.

If France is busy with its national identity and with the identification of Frenchmen with their country, a large number of its Jews are going back to their "tribe" - returning to Jewish tradition and to a glatt-kosher existence. This is a prolonged process and it did not start this week, but the excitement and scenes of admiration of the masses of Jews in Marseille, Lyon and Paris generated by the visit of the ultra-Orthodox rabbis from Israel was a clear demonstration of a new Jewish force.

'Three seconds, please'

Two police motorcycles, their lights flashing, pushed forward at high speed as they passed through red lights and opened up the way for the rabbis' convoy last Sunday, which was trying in vain to get to the meeting on time. Hundreds of men and a handful of women were already waiting for them at the Pekudat Elazar synagogue. The two VIPs were on a very tight schedule - a meeting with ultra-Orthodox rabbis at the synagogue and, immediately after that, an hour during which they would dispense personal blessings to the general public - that is, the men in that sector.

"My teachers, gentlemen, I ask of you, in every way possible," said one of the ushers as he tried to find places for everyone. "There is a long line and everyone can have only three seconds, please." A random poll revealed that many of those waiting, who included traditional Jews who had put on skullcaps specially for the occasion, had never heard of the rabbis before the campaign led by members of the Jewish community that announced the arrival in town of "the two sages of Israel of our generation." But when their turn came to receive a personal blessing, each of them fought for every second to be had in the presence of the wise men.

"Here we show respect for rabbis, respect for the Torah, and it does not matter whether the rabbi is Ashkenazi or Sephardi," explained one of them as the rabbis sat themselves down in the study hall under a giant picture of the Sephardi spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. The two visiting rabbis, both Ashkenazi, at first had reservations about the Sephardi nature of the place, in which a meeting can begin with a hasty kiss on the back of the hand of the pious man, or even perhaps on his beard - but later they capitulated and accepted the practices.

Time was precious, and at the very same hour, another hall was filling up with admirers on the far side of town. Thousands of men and women filled to capacity three floors of a wedding hall on the beach, waiting to see and hear the "great men of Israel."

A previous trip, a year earlier, had taken Steinman and Alter to the American continent for a "spiritual journey" - that is, one that does not include fundraising. This time, the trip took them to six stations in Europe: Marseille, Lyon and Paris in France, Manchester and Gateshead in England, and Antwerp in Belgium. Additional communities in Western Europe that had hoped to be put on the list, were left disappointed.

In Israel, every ultra-Orthodox child can tell you who the "head of the yeshiva," Rabbi Steinman, is, and who Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter, the Gerrer Rebbe and the senior Hasidic luminary, is. The joint journeys of the two have caused immense excitement among the ultra-Orthodox population in Israel, since they consider the cooperation a sign of unity between Hasidim and the non-Hasidic "Lithuanians" in the Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox community.

'Secular' doesn't exist

Some 60,000-70,000 Jews live in Marseille, France's southern port city, and about 90 percent of them immigrated there from the countries of North Africa. "The Israeli definitions of religious or non-religious do not exist here," says Rabbi Shmuel Hatuel, the deputy chief rabbi of the city, who is an ultra-Orthodox Lithuanian follower of Mizrahi descent. "The term 'secular' does not exist. Nor do the terms 'Ashkenazi' and 'Sephardi' exist or 'ba'alei teshuva' [newly religious], for whom the ultra-Orthodox in Israel have established separate institutions. The entire concept of categorization into sectors is not comprehensible to the Jews of Marseille. When there is tension in Israel, the ultra-Orthodox here care also, and when the situation is difficult here, as it has been in the past few years, everyone converges together around their Jewishness, and it is unimportant to them what color skullcap the rabbi wears."

The solidarity that Hatuel describes is connected with the general malaise felt by the Jews of France, which stems from the feeling, on the one hand, that their country has abandoned Israel to such an extent that it questions the country's very right to existence; and on the other, that time after time, France fails to protect them from anti-Semitic attacks in the street and at synagogues and cemeteries. Every such attack, such as the one last week in Marseille in which unknown assailants drew a swastika on the body of a young Jewish woman - gives rise to a wave of fears and lessens Jews' feeling of attachment to France.

This feeling, needless to say, also has an effect on the community's voting patterns. "The left is dangerous," explained Moshe Yitzhak Ostreicher, an ultra-Orthodox man who teaches Judaism in Marseille. "The left is capable of bringing in another million Arabs to this country. But any way you look at it, the situation in France is not getting better. The only reason, in my opinion, for voting for the right is that in this way the Jews will have a few more years during which it will be tolerable to live here."

Rabbi Reuven Ohana, the city's chief rabbi, and a pupil of Steinman, projects a more conciliatory approach: "Despite France's desire to make things good for the Jews, there is a given situation in which the Jews do not feel comfortable. It's not that the Jews have a problem with their place in France, but there is a great deal of dissatisfaction from the fact that the Arabs are gaining control of many places in France. In my opinion, Sarkozy is going in the direction of moderating the Arab influence."


The affinity to religion and tradition in France can be compared to a process taking place in other Jewish communities in other parts of the world, and is related to shared fears, mainly the fear of assimilation. But there is another and more prosaic reason for the ongoing growth of ultra-Orthodoxy in Marseille, Paris and Lyon. Years ago, groups of dominant Haredi rabbis settled down in those cities, and their influence on the Jewish communities is now being felt. That influence has led, for example, to the opening, over the past few years, of five kollels (yeshivas for married men) in Marseille, in which several hundred men now study. About 100 of them, for whom Torah study is a way of life, do not work and live off grants provided for them by the rich of the community. There are also several Talmud Torahs (ultra-Orthodox houses of religious study) in the city and some small yeshivas, and this week Rabbi Steinman and the Gerrer Rebbe gave their blessings to the establishment of what will be a first large yeshiva for single men aged 18 and above.

The influence can be felt among all the members of Marseille's Jewish community. About half of the 17 Jewish day-schools were founded in the past few years and the number of pupils attending them has doubled, and currently numbers some 4,000. The number of kosher restaurants has skyrocketed in the past five years, from 19 to 33, while the number of synagogues has had a more moderate increase, from 43 five years ago to 49 today. All of this has taken place at a time when, according to the Jewish Agency, some 2,000 Jews, most of them religious or traditional, have left Marseille and gone to live in Israel. Many others have become assimilated during this period.

"The greatest threat in the eyes of the Jews in France is assimilation," says the principal of the ORT school in Marseille, Maurice Cohen-Zaguri. In his school, skullcaps are not worn nor are religious subjects such as Talmud and halakha (Jewish religious law) taught, but he says: "Fewer and fewer parents want to send their children to schools that are not religious, even though we too are strengthening our traditional side. The aim of 90 percent of the parents is that their children should keep kosher and observe the Sabbath, and that Heaven forbid, they should not marry a non-Jew."

Rabbi Steinman, who delivered the main sermon at every one of the stops this week, has a decisive answer to assimilation: "Without the Torah, human beings have no worth," he says to the pupils of the Jewish day schools, religious and otherwise. "Every Jew has to aspire to be a son of the Torah." His recipe against assimilation includes taking upon oneself a fully ultra-Orthodox way of life: studying Torah, living modestly, making do with little, and refraining from participating in anything that smacks of being French.

'A trade is poison'

Rabbi Steinman is 93 years old and is revered throughout the ultra-Orthodox world, even by those who do not belong to his designated audience. His trips abroad are a sharp divergence from the usual habits of other rabbinical leaders from his world, which is generally quite introverted. Both he and the Gerrer rebbe have been recruited into activities that were until now the sole domain of Chabad, even if this didn't include the distribution among women of candles for the Sabbath, or invitations to the men to lay tefillin. Steinman, the dominant one of the two as a speaker, headed off to Europe with a luggage filled with a strictly ultra-Orthodox message - which he had packed all by himself.

What is the importance of this? As recently as a few years ago, the elderly leader of the Lithuanian yeshiva world represented the pure hope of moderate religious and secular people who regarded him as an ultra-Orthodox reformer who was afraid of nothing; a moderate ultra-Orthodox leader who was prepared to be flexible in a way that no other ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi leader had been flexible for the past 60 years. This week, in Marseille, Lyon and Paris, he presented an unswerving and uncompromising ultra-Orthodox line. In Marseille, for example, he was asked by local rabbis how to treat young men who had left the yeshivas and "cannot find themselves either here or there." Rabbi Ohana asked him: "Would it be possible to set up a yeshiva for them where they would also learn a trade?"

"You are saying that since he is already not good, then we should send him to learn a trade?" Steinman replied. "That is merely adding poison to poison. A trade is poison."

Work an insult to the self exalted gods

About the education of children, he said that it was absolutely forbidden to teach them secular subjects, declaring: "Everything must be merely Torah." In his previous trips to America and France, he also said that education for women must be kept to "the minimum of the minimum." About the prospect of cooperating with modern-Orthodox rabbis, he said that it was tantamount to "uprooting the religion."

Strengthen Judaism

Twenty-two year-old Yonatan Bukaya was waiting impatiently at the wedding hall. "I heard that these rabbis are great scholars of Torah," he said. "I hope they will be able to give the people the feeling that there is nothing for us to look for now in the Diaspora, and that we must immigrate to the Land of Israel." Bukaya was waiting in vain. In Marseille, Paris and Lyon the rabbis' message was almost the opposite: The Jewish communities of Europe must be strengthened and turned into ultra-Orthodox communities.

"So long as the Jews live and exist here, everything must be done to ensure they remain Jewish," Rabbi Ohana said. "It is not my aim to get the Jews to immigrate to Israel, but only to strengthen Judaism here. The secondary effect is that whoever is strengthened eventually does want to immigrate to Israel, but the aim of maintaining the spark of Judaism is far more important than the aim of getting people to emigrate to Israel. We also do not want to discriminate against those who remain here."

Thus it is not difficult to understand why representatives of the Israeli Consulate in Marseille were absent from the gatherings and why official representatives of the state, who normally are at pains to attend local Jewish events, were also absent from the gatherings in Paris. Despite the general cooperation between the Jewish and the Israeli bodies in France, the growing influence of the ultra-Orthodox often causes tension between people who belong to the establishment on both sides.

It is no less symbolic that the central gathering of the two rabbis in Marseille was held this week on the same day - and at exactly the same hour - as an "aliyah [immigration] fair" organized by the Jewish Agency in another part of the city. Last year, on Israel's Independence Day, only one third of those invited showed up at the central event organized by the consulate; the remainder participated instead in a gala event organized that evening by the Mikdash Institute, a right-wing, ultra-Orthodox body.

This goes to show that Israeli politics has penetrated all the way to Marseille. Nonetheless the ultra-Orthodox teacher Moshe Yitzhak Ostreicher says that "anti-Zionism is not my flag. A soldier in the Israel Defense Forces is like a brother to me. In a class I attended two weeks ago, people asked whether it was permitted for them to shave the beard they had grown during the days of counting the Omer [between Passover and Shavuot, when religious men refrain from shaving] on Independence Day. I said I was not in favor of this, but that it was not a big deal. In any event, our aims here are not political, but rather to save people from assimilation."

Viva La France, OY VEY


Rv:11:18: And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

~An Environmental Impact Overview~

By Dr. R. Michael Castle


Posted: 27 March 2004

In this century, we believe we are witnessing the gradual, purposeful demise of the Earth's Natural System. There are those who will debunk/dis-info all that is written regarding the subject of this paper: ChemTrails. What's this? ChemTrails are only a vague description, in lay-terms, of a greater theater of toxic materials being released into the atmosphere/stratosphere, for a myriad of crude and toxic agendas.

The author, Dr. R. Michael Castle, will attempt to put this Global debacle into a profile of events. Technical specificity of all the identified components would require at least a book in length, to recite them all. A short Bibliography follows, and links to various pertinent documents of unquestionable validity.

First Rule of Understanding: There are very large, winner-take-all games orchestrated by the Global Interests of the World. We have investigated, researched and found substantial evidence of a multiplicity of Global operations designed to mitigate various and theoretical Global catastrophes, as defined by a late 1980's and 1990's International Panel of Conferees. (The value of who are they, what's the politics smell like and all that is not of the utmost importance in our attempt, herein, to describe what serious destruction they have caused and are causing to Humans and our Finite Environment. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

Many of the operations we have collectively found in our investigations of this debacle have remained a secret, classified and not for general populace information or knowledge. You must answer the question, Dear Reader as to why someone would possibly deploy these Geo-weapons. Just follow the money trails. We will yield all of our voluminous data, information and all references we have used in our validation of facts surrounding this Global atrocity. The recipients of this information must be interested enough in what we are trying to expose, the Human-health risks, the Environmental risks and the plain, simple "wrongness" that prevails. We must determine first if you are provoked to really care, because the research and development of this information for a Major Media whistle-blowing expose will require passion and dedication. Our research work has spanned almost five years of....watching and discovering, with disgust, the scenarios which follow.

This is not a small task.....but the Mission is simple. Expose and Stop the Methodic Demolition of our Natural Earth and its inhabitants.

Executive Summary

Dr. Edward Teller wrote a white paper in the late 1990's describing a remedial operation, strategy, epic-in-proportion, to change the predicted course of what was believed by an International group of Scientists, including Dr. Edward Teller, Livermore National Laboratories, et al, to be the cataclysmic certainty from the results of global-warming, crisis level Ultra-Violet/Cosmic radiation, crisis Ozone-layer depletion and other theoretical doom. (Edward Teller's "Sun Screen" Document - PDF: Demonstrating here, that the same mind, Dr. Edward Teller, Father H-Bomb, was responsible for many ill-conceived strategies and not one gave considerations to the consequences in the Human realm. Safety, toxicity, lethality, exposure, Environmental Impact, morality, were not words with which Dr. Teller had a high-degree of familiarity. (WHO IS EDWARD TELLER?:

These Global-Warming Mitigation Strategies, UV Mitigation and the cessation of the effects of Atmospheric Greenhouse-gases were given a commonality by Teller, et al, and this was the use of a sub-micron particulate. Barium, Aluminum, Thorium, Selenium were to be processed into a sub-micron particle dispensed from high-altitude aircraft, ionized with a specific electrical charge. (BARIUM FLUORIDE OPTICAL CRYSTAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: (Chemtrails and Barium - absorption & inhalation .. see links below)(2003 Chemtrails over America (Scroll down to: RADIO FREQUENCY MISSION PLANNER): We must surmise that ionization keeps the specific heavy metal particulate aloft for longer periods of time. This electronically charged particulate matrix might also be the perfect RF control field. Theoretically, the heavy metals would block and reflect the sunlight from entering the Earth's atmosphere and reflect 1-2% back into space. UV radiation levels would decline. Teller also recommended the use of Commercial Aircraft as-well-as-Military Aircraft to carry out the enormous and epic task of coverage to the Earth's Stratosphere. We believe that the weaponization use of these technologies has been well demonstrated for a US DOD program entitled "RF Dominance". The US Air Force VTRP and the Navy's RFMP are other military programs utilizing aerosolized heavy metal particulates, including aluminized fiberglass or chaffe are characteristic of current military operations. ([2025] Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025:

CIA-led Project Cloverleaf was one of the initial "aerosolized heavy-metal particulate" operations. Massive spraying of the upper-atmosphere/Stratosphere commenced. The U.S. DOD operations soon followed, as the US Air Force became embedded in the overall operations, strategically. The U.S. Air Force would also play significantly into the expansion of a significant Global-Warming Mitigation strategies in the form of Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering practices. (AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning... | (Ch 1): (Carnicom - Aerosol Operations:

Federally Approved Contractors became involved in this massive, Global effort to save Earth from certain doom. Federal Approved Contractors, FAC's, were part of the research, Development and deployment aspects of these projects, and many of them have visited the premiere website (Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming: US Patent: 5,003,186-Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding: Click Here)9 (See - Visitors) FAC Academia, multi-National Corporations, U.S. Military/Industrial Complex/Corporations, became eager partners in this effort. One in particular, Hughes Aircraft Corporation of California turned research efforts towards this endeavor.

Thorium and oxides, Aluminum and Silicon carbide have been identified in a special mixture referred to generally as Welsbach Refractory Seeding Agents US Patent 5, 003,186. - March 26, 1991 (Aerosol Programs Patently Obvious: This patent was assigned and awarded in 1990 to Hughes Aircraft Corporation. The Welsbach Refractory Seeding under unrestricted deployment operations began in the early 1990's over a vast area of Stratosphere above the North American Continent. (HAARP HOME PAGE: Expanding over the entire western hemisphere, many operations were believed to have been enjoined in Ozone Depletion Mitigation Aerial operations of the US Air Force, connected to the HAARPs (High Frequency Active Aural Research Project) for Ionospheric Heating, located in Alaska ) Ozone Remediation was 1 of 3 active mission parameters for HAARPs, as defined by Dr. Bernard Eastlund, Inventor and Director of HAARPs. The Ionospheric Heating Research Facility was manned and operated by the US Air Force (Reserve) and the US Navy. HAARPs had been weaponized; therefore, all operations were and remain classified. (Correspondence with Dr. Bernard Eastlund: Space Based Weather Control: The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite: (Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison: PCMDI Home Page:

Weather Modification/Climate Change

HAARPs is utilized for many clandestine missions, of which Weather Modification is a fundamental objective. Microwave, ELF (Extreme Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency) and other EMR/EMF-based systems are transmitted into the atmosphere and reflected by the ionosphere, back through the Earth's Stratosphere/Atmosphere where various airborne chemical particulates, polymer filaments and other electromagnetic frequency absorbers and reflectors are used to push or pull the prevailing Jet-Streams, changing Weather patterns. (Note: Vast files of our research are available on the particulate, polymers, Microwave, ELF, VLF & EMG, etc) In many instances, Drought Inducement Technologies have been found in patented systems. Drought Inducement occurs, according to reviewed technologies by heating the Stratosphere with Microwaves, placing airborne chemical particulates in the airspace and thereby changing the base-line moisture gradients via microwaves from HAARPs and desiccating chemically with Barium Titanates, Methyl Aluminum and Potassium mixtures. (Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison: PCMDI Home Page:

HAARPs punches massive holes in the open-air column Ozone, electronically. This is the basis for the Ozone Remediation/Mitigation Strategies found associated with HAARPs. However, "patching" the holes in the Ozone layer has become a standard practice for US Air Force and FAC flight operations. The US Air Force has recently, 2001-2002, resorted to the utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) technology. High-flying Stratospheric Robotic Platforms negate the manned operation factors. Robots don't complain and never talk and remain, forever, non-union. Welsbach Seeding and Ozone Hole Remediation sciences utilize chemistries that are toxic to Humans and the Environment.

The Pilots cannot be held accountable for MURDER, But Bushwhacker and his Hasidic Talmudic anti-Christ Chabad and Sanhedrin MURDERERS will be held accountable

Welsbach Refractory Agents use Aluminum, Thorium, Zirconium and other emissitivity-refractive metals and metals oxides. Thorium is elementally, 98% purity. The remaining 2% are identified radioactive materials. Ground-fall includes Thorium. Mid and Eastern Canada are suffering from what has been clinically identified as Thorium poisoning. There are no other base-line resources for Thorium, all from residuals of aerosolized heavy metal particulate spraying into the Stratosphere.

Alaska Flight 261

One other observation has been made regarding Welsbach refractory agents - the extreme abrasion characteristics of some of the other patented components, namely, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide. These materials are extremely high MOH's Hardness and only second in abrasativity to Diamond. These 1 micron and sub-micron dusts, upon falling through the Atmosphere, could conceivably find deposition onto a somewhat, adhesive surface, inside the working flight components of all aircraft traveling through the "grit-plume". The greases used on the Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers, Ailerons, Flaps and Landing Gear trucks may be seriously damaged with abrasion of metals on the aircraft. A horizontal-stabilizer Jack-Screw continuously coated with these highly abrasive dusts from the Welsbach Refractory materials will cause a gradual milling of the jack-screw metals and cause complete failure, jamming the flight controls into an uncontrollable down or up attitude configuration. We believe that Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was a victim of this unforeseen circumstance. Alaska Flight 261 made daily passage through heavy grit plumes from ChemTrails operations associated with Welsbach Refractory Seeding operations, principally along the West Coast of the US, down throughout Dallas, Texas.

Other aircraft, Commercial and Military, Civilian have also suffered these flight-component failures and attributed them to sub-standard Aviation Machinist's quality. As did the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) in the Alaska Flight 261 aviation fatalities. These conclusions could not have been farther from the Truth in these matters. Collateral damage or just another consequence of ChemTrails?

Ozone-Hole Remediation - The composition most notably utilized in Ozone-hole patching is elemental Selenium and an Aromatic Hydrocarbon such as Toluene (Benzene component of Gasoline) and mixed isomers of Xylene. Sprayed from Stratospheric flying Aircraft, films of this toxic mixture fall into the area just above the Troupopause, the Ozone Layer. Ozone or triatomic Oxygen forms rapidly upon the irradiation of the Selenium and the Hydrocarbon with Ultra-Violet/Actinic sunlight. This is the identical photon/chemical reaction that causes Ozone Alert Days and is problematic. The solid-state reaction of Selenium and Ultra-violet radiation is the same as the reaction that occurs during Xerography. Copy machines generate minute amounts of Ozone when the Selenium Toners are irradiated with UV light sources.

The US/NASA TOMS (Total Ozone Mapping) Satellites have verified these Ozone Patching operations that occur principally over the northern sectors of the North American Continent. We have been studying these phenomena since the early 2000 time line. (TOMS -- Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer:

Ground-fall Impacts of Selenium/Aromatic Hydrocarbons - The aromatic Hydrocarbon, when ground fall occurs, (there is substantial evidence that this has repeatedly occurred in the United States and Canada) is causative of Benzene over-exposure. Carcinogenicity of Benzene is known, not suspect. Surface water pollution with Benzene is a continuous threat.

Selenium poisoning is characteristic of most heavy metals including Lead (Pb).

Weather Modification - An integral part of the US Department of Energy's (US DOE) Global-Warming/UV Mitigation/Climate Change, Strategies. Led by the US Air Force, as a distinct Geo-Weapons method, Weather Modification is occurring on a Global basis. (AIR FORCE 2025 FINAL REPORT: This Executive Summary will be confined to ChemTrails deployment in the United States and Canada due to the expansive nature of a global theatre.

Professional independent investigators have retrieved numerous samples of soils and waters; these were analyzed and documented. Extensive testing has demonstrated the highly suspicious toxic levels of Barium and Methyl Aluminum in many areas of the United States and Canada that have no extraneous sources of these heavy-metals. The sample retrieval areas have been documented for extreme ChemTrails observation. Accompanied by verbal and written complaints to many Public Health Care Agencies, causes for the elevated levels of Barium and Aluminum found in the bloodstream were not forthcoming; just another clinical conundrum. (See Attachment - Chemtrails Pertinent Links)

Conclusions - Although this summary is only a fraction of the overall ChemTrails debacle, we encourage impartial investigators and/or credible news journalists to assess this core information and either validate or refute our findings, thus far. The entirety of the Human Health suffering and the Environmental Impacts are staggering and too voluminous to write at this time. Other aerosol-related programs will be discussed at a follow-up session. Moreover, biological materials and genetically mutated fungi used as biocontrols may even be more damaging and egregious to Humans or the Environment than chemical-based aerosolized chemical materials sprayed into the atmosphere. (RIZZO DM - Oak Tree Sudden Death:

All of the chemical spraying operations have been conducted and deployed without public knowledge and not one Human Health Risk Assessment nor Environmental Impact Study has been submitted for Public and Civil scrutiny or for comments. This alone is an egregious violation of Civil, Environmental and International Laws, with respect to Treaties.

The Natural Earth's biological systems are slowly beginning to fail. Rhizobacteria-endomycorrhizae, a critical microbial organism, is slowly becoming extinct in soils due to Barium and Aluminum heavy-metal toxicities. This microbe is responsible for the transfer of nutrients from soils-matrix to the plants/trees feeder-root system. The Barium/Aluminum heavy-metal salts are alkaline, i.e. Barium Hydroxide, and are shifting the base-line pH of surface soils and waters to new highs - elevated enough that certain plant species cannot survive. According to our experts in this field, without this microbe, natural plant growth is impossible. The ChemTrails are spoiling our Infinite Natural Eco-System and no one is watching, albeit the evidence for microbial extinction events abound.

The events of the 1990's were characterized with phrases such as; "re-inventing" Commerce, Government, etc., are uniquely defined by the clandestine operations carried forth by the embedded personnel of US Agencies, in collaboration with International Alliances with subjects such as Weather Control, Food and Water Control and expansion of pharmaceuticals treating new diseases, all having direct linkage to what we have compressed into something that is called ChemTrails. Does this story interest you in the least?

We, a group of concerned individuals from around the World, numbering in the millions, are now extremely convinced that we are witnessing the methodic demise of the Natural Earth in the name of Commerce and Control, big Corporate and a hideous form of Socialism via the Military Industrial Complex. The technologies identified in ChemTrails are crude, poisonous and lethal. The bankrupt independent Farmer of the United States and Canada never knew that the Drought that had-no-end and destroyed their businesses was actually contrived. Seems though, all their properties were purchased for pennies-on-the-dollar by either International Farming interests or International Grain-Farming interests and all that is grown and harvested on these farms are genetically mutated grains and foodstuff, most likely with a Monsanto Patented Product. These farms do not take USDA Subsidies either. Well, that's good for the US Taxpayer, right? This is the emergence of the Food Weapon.

Our ultimate mission is to develop Legislation for the United States Congress to pass that will halt, prohibit and forever abate the practices of deploying, dispensing or otherwise releasing any chemical into the Atmosphere/Stratosphere of the airspace above the entire North American Continent. Such a Draft Law has been written by the Author, R. M. Castle, entitled: The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003 (UAPA3), has been reviewed by other ChemTrails Investigators and seems to be the only method of intervention to halt these insidious methodologies. However, the US Congressman we hoped would carry our cause, tends to back off when it becomes clear that the US Government is strategically involved in many aspects of the debacle. We are not asking for this legislation to be considered, we will demand its passage. Once in force, who will then become bankrupt? We will shut down the HAARPs Electromagnetic radiation machine with UAPA3. I would be very honored if anyone would like to receive a copy of the draft legislation UAPA3, for review and/or endorsement.

Author - Dr. R. Michael Castle is an Environmental Professional whom holds a National Certification for Environmental Risk Assessment with 15 years of field practice in Environmental Risk Assessment, Investigation, Analyses and Remediation. A Polymer Chemist for 22 years prior to establishment of the Environmental Consulting and Engineering Firm, Castle Concepts Consultants, Inc., and is on the International Advisory Board of the World Natural Health Organization, (Bio of Dr. R.Michael Castle,

Dr. Castle may be contacted at the following email address:



----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Pickle
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 9:01 PM
Subject: Documented fact

You are a bit late. Stand fast in Faith of Christ Jesus is all you have now.




  1. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:


  2. Edward Teller's "Sun Screen" Document - PDF:

    Edward Teller's "sun screen" document: Global Warming and Ice Ages: I. Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change, E. Teller et al., August 15, 1997, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, as PDF
    Presented at: 22nd Intl. Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, Erice (Sicily), Italy



    This is the same Dr. Edward Teller known as Father-H-Bomb. (The same person that once recommended "nuking" a prominent East Coast U.S. harbor in order to make it deeper for ships of International flags' commerce. In the Super-Port that would result, International Commerce and Trade would be exceptional; especially one that would not be a Union controlled port. None-the-less, someone nixed that idea after they reviewed the potential lethality of the residual radiation for at least 1,000 years.




  5. 2003 Chemtrails over America (Scroll down to: RADIO FREQUENCY MISSION PLANNER):


  6. [2025] Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025:

    PDF:Weather as a Force Multiplier - Owning the Weather 2025:


  7. AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning... | (Ch 1):


  8. Carnicom - Aerosol Operations:


  9. Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming:
    US Patent: 5,003,186-Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding:
    Click Here


  10. Aerosol Programs Patently Obvious:





  12. Correspondence with Dr. Bernard Eastlund:
    Space Based Weather Control: The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite:


  13. Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison:
    PCMDI Home Page:


  14. TOMS -- Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer:




  16. RIZZO DM - Oak Tree Sudden Death:

The Unified Atmospheric
Preservation Act

Dr. R. Michael Castle
Revised May 18, 2005
----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Pickle
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 9:01 PM
Subject: Documented fact

You are a bit late. Stand fast in Faith of Christ Jesus is all you have now. And even he is sufficient forever.


Prohibiting the utilization of aerial deployment regarding aerosolized chemicals or biological agents for any purpose in the United States Global Warming Mitigation, Climate Change and/or Weather Modification Programs which are deployed into the unified atmosphere over the United States or Canada. This will result in irreparable, long term, toxic and heavy metal poisoning of the populace. This is not to exclude the infinite environment of the United States and Canada, which includes our land masses, rivers, lakes, waters, forests and seas. The atmosphere, and upper-atmosphere will also be affected." This Environmental Terrorism must end.


A proposed Law that effectively Bans and Prohibits the deployment or otherwise released, into or on the Earths Natural Atmospheric/Stratospheric column:


1. Banning mixtures (any Organic or Inorganic chemicals or compounds, elements of the Periodic Table, gases, solids or plasmas) of chemical materials known as chaff from military training operations. Ceasing the operation of Chemical trails (ChemTrails) that occlude sunlight. Weather modifications or any combination of chemical biological mixtures used for any purpose are expressly prohibited;


2. Cloud Seeding and Atmospheric/Stratospheric seeding technologies that utilize chemicals, gases, synthetic filament carriers or biological substances of any sort for the purposes of weather manipulation/modification, such as precipitation, drought, cyclonic, ultra-violet, infra-red heat or cosmic storm management.


3. Electro-Magnetic radiation/radio and SCALAR or plasmic energy waves generated, transmitted, propagated, reflected or otherwise articulated into a focused beam or pattern. These include: microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Extreme High Frequency spectrum, all energies traveling through the Atmosphere, bedrock or oceans reflected back to the planet surfaces. Doing so would result in total and cumulative radiation dosage to Humans and the Environment. The use of such technology exceeds pre-set EMR thresholds and limitations and is banned from use.


4. Vaccines deployed into or unto the Atmospheric/Stratospheric Air Column. Bio-controls deployed aerially in mass are expressly banned and prohibited from usage that have any mixtures of chemical or biological materials. Bio-controls containing genetically engineered microbes or biological life forms, natural or genetically engineered are banned and prohibited.


5. Document Vectors/Modalities and Standards


6. Emergency Research Funding-$8.0 Million to research for environmentally benign substitutes to replace UV and Cosmic energy aerial radiation screens, shields or reflectants. Exo-Atmospheric, low-sub-orbital materials to achieve same.


7. International Operational Coordination and Treaty by the Directives of this Bill, the President of the United States shall seek International cooperation through the coordination of all technologies utilized, globally.

The President shall engage In International negotiations for the Enjoinment of the United States in an International Treaty for the prohibition and banning of A aerosolized chemicals or biological agents and/or genetically engineered life forms, released into the Unified Atmosphere or Stratosphere of the entire planet.


Purpose: Ceasing aerial chemical / biological / electromagnetic treatment, deployment, modification or manipulation of the Unified Atmosphere/Stratosphere via any artificial means, for any and all purposes.


Scope: A vote by the citizens of the United States of America through our elected United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, with the signature of the President of the United States, this legal and binding authorization would put a ban and prohibit the release of any organic/inorganic chemicals, compounds, elements as heavy metal aerosol particulates, polymer filaments, dipoles of metallized glass or crystalline compositions. This would include vaccines; bio-controls of genetically altered biological life forms. This Law will effectively abate all fallout (back-to-earth), aerial-released chemicals, biological materials, extraneous and spatial reflected electromagnetic radiation.


Section 1. This Law shall ban and prohibit the intentional and purposeful release of all chemical and biological substances into the Unified Atmosphere including the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. Current laws and International treaties do NOT recognize, prohibit or regulate atmospheric/stratospheric releases of chemicals, elements, or biological materials which are used in Global Warming Mitigation, Weather-Modification(s), Climate change or other biosphere mitigation strategies.


These substances and agents will fall back to Earth with results of widespread chemical and heavy-metal contamination of breathable air, food, water supplies (including groundwaters), foliage and fauna. The release of toxic substances will be causative of chemical poisoning and toxicity to the infinite environment and humankind as a whole.


This Law is intended to interrupt and impede current and all future practices of artificial/man-made aerial releases or deployment(s) of various chemicals, which cause residual fall-out of pollutants that will descend to the earths surface.


Section 2. This Law is designed to intercede and bring to immediate cessation any and all current and future operations. To also ban and prohibit deploying of aerosolized polymer filaments, chemical technologies, climate changing/weather modification/manipulation chemicals, and EMR energy-excited operations for the further cause of Global Warming Mitigation. To declare an immediate national moratorium on the deployment or use of Global Warming Mitigation technologies that are intended to artificially shield the Earths surface from ultra-violet and cosmic radiation or in-situ reparations of the ozone or ionospheric layers in the unified atmosphere/stratosphere.


Section 3. Vaccine Prohibition - Prohibits the aerial release of any artificial vaccine en-masse onto segments of the human or animal species. This encompasses chemical or biological experimentation on humans until such a time when exacting, exhaustive public, civil and private-sector medical/scientific studies can prove the overall benefit(s) to humans and the environment. To also inform the Public of the acute/chronic effects that the vaccines will have on humanity and mother earth.


No Agency of the United States, including the U.S. Military shall have the authority or official capacity to dispense, deploy or otherwise release some form of mass vaccine(s) on to the Civil or Military populace. Specifically, the President of the United States nor the Secretary of Defense may order mass aerial vaccines be deployed unless a Declaration of War has been declared by the United States Congress.

Section 4. Document Languages/Vectors/Modalities and Standards


Human Health Risk Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Public and Civil Disclosures shall be written in languages, statistics, data and vocabularies that common people and citizens of the United States of America may read, hear or otherwise be informed of; to understand any transmitted communication on the subject(s) of this Law.


All information pertaining to the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Law shall be the responsibility and duty of the U.S. Homeland Security and/or the U.S. Justice Department for collection and transmittal or disbursement to the public. The public notification(s) will be vectored through the Federal Agency to the States Attorney General Offices to the Regional or State Emergency Management Agency, direct to the public. The US Environmental Protection Agency is excluded and shall not, in any way, be involved with Policy issues, public information or interface and be relegated to the role of overseeing testing and accumulation of data. The US EPA shall report all findings to the U.S. Homeland Security Agency or the U.S. Justice Department.


Prior to deployment or usage of any UV/Cosmic radiation screening technologies, an exhaustive disclosure should be made available to the Public of all the known health risk factors, environmental consequences or predicted conclusions, which includes cause and effect surrounding the deployed countermeasure technologies. The issuance of a clear, concise and unbiased Comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement would provide and protect Humans and the natural infinite Environment from any chemical, energy and biological pollutants, should the effects be warranted.


This Law will ensure that pre-deployment knowledge, derived from toxicological and integrative research of Earths Bio-spherical/Geo-spherical system sciences with disclosure(s) of all Human Health Risks and Environmental Impact factors be in compliance with the directives contained herein, for any current or future countermeasure technology considerations.


An original Standard for direct or reflective source(s), Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure (EME) shall be established and maintained by this Law. These standards shall establish exacting electromagnetic exposure thresholds and limits to Humans and the infinite Environment from point source, reflected or cumulative energy specificity. These Standards will prohibit the utilization of HAARPS (Tesla/Eastlund), High-Energy technologies and plasmic transmissions to orbiting geo-stationary satellite receivers and re-transmitting to the Earth's surface. Also prohibits reflected high dosage sources of microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) and Electromagnetic Radar/Airborne Chemical synergism Interface via the ionosphere.


Section 5. Emergency Research Funding


Understanding the magnitude of the task of substituting the current toxic technologies utilized and the funding for current operations will be a great necessity to find or develop benign technologies to replace them on a national or global basis.


The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003 responds to this anticipated necessity. The President shall establish monetary provisions for Emergency Research Funding to explore, evaluate and develop these varying benign solutions for the expressed doom. Therefore, major Research Grants shall be established and funded to Universities, Private sector, Governmental Agencies and Citizen Groups of the United States to find these solutions that are benign to Humans and the Infinite Environment.


The initial feasibility Appropriations Funding Grants shall be $800 Million dollars. The initial funding phase will be directed towards the feasibility to research, evaluate and develop substitutions for technologies that are passive and benign in terms of Human and Environmental toxins. An expansion of this technical marshalling plan will be developed and provided for Agency Oversight and Budget Appropriation Guidelines.


Research to protect the Earth and her Life.


Section 6. International Operational Coordination and Treaty


The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003 shall direct the President of the United States to engage in active consultation and negotiations of a Comprehensive International Treaty to enjoin in the international research for UV and Cosmic energy screening and filter alternatives to the aerosolized technologies banned and prohibited by International Treaty.


This Legislation will also encompass Emergency Research Funding for technology alternatives to the aerosolized/electromagnetic/biologic scenarios. The science currently understood in the realm of mitigation technologies for Global Warming, Ultra Violet and Cosmic Radiation deflection do not consider or account for the Human suffrage or infinite environment destruction caused by the deployed countermeasures utilized. Toxicology to Humans and the entirety of the Earth's infinite environment has been ignored. Upon passage of the "Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003", the International Treaty, will ban and prohibit use of aerosolized particulates, plasmas, biological and/or chemical/EMR technologies. This will also ensure that Environmental Terrorism will not occur, again, as a result of Global Warming/Climate Changing/Weather Modification countermeasures or mitigation efforts.

"We, the People, will prevail"


Prepared and authored by Richard M. Castle, Columbus, Ohio, USA
December 7, 2002
Revised May 2005


Do not be a sold out anti-Christ filthy soul.....


Jesus didnt say "no" to noahide, HE WAS THE AUTHOR OF IT

Pickles "right hand", his god is THE BEAST. Its the SON OF MAN, JESUS "THE KIKE" who has kicked God the father of the throne and sits on it yonder in heaven........THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE!) Jason Guenther 34th sideline, Pickering Ontario Canada


Noahide News Part 733



Romans 10

1: Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.
2: For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
3: For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own
(Noahide) righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

Jesus who is and forever the ONLY Everlasting Righteousness

4: For Christ is the
end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
5: For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.
6: But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:)

Hasidim and their Moshiach, that son of Perdition

7: Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)
8: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Not maybe

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
11: For the scripture saith, 

Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
13: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
14: How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? 

and how shall they hear without a preacher?

15: And how shall they preach, except they be sent? 

not ordained by a state sanctioned 501 C3 institution of Satan's religion, BUT SENT BY THE FATHER

as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
16: But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?
17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
18: But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.
19: But I say, 

Did not Israel know? 

First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.
20: But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me.
21: But to Israel he saith, 

All day long I have stretched forth my hands 

unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.

Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

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Saints of the Living God

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Noahide News Part 289 Terminated page

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Jesus said No to Noahide

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Noahide News Part 606 RED Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Noahide News Part 647 updated

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