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November 30, 2004

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.


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Behold world of apostasy, cometh the Son of Perdition


Thursday 2nd December, 2004

U.S., Britain deny Afghan poppy spraying   

Big News     Wednesday 1st December, 2004  

The United States and Britain have both denied spraying herbicides on opium-producing poppy fields in two eastern Afghanistan districts, the BBC said Tuesday.

The Afghan government said villagers in Nangarhar had complained of feeling sick after the mystery spraying two weeks ago, prompting Afghan officials to query U.S. and British officials.

"It is not just serious for us because of some health problems, it is not just serious for us because it harms the other crops, it is being taken very seriously because it affects the national integrity of our country," presidential spokesman Jawed Ludin told a Kabul news conference.

An investigation is continuing in Nangarhar with soil samples taken from the Shinwar and Khogyani districts.

The United Nations said this month Afghanistan now supplies 87 percent of world opium. In 2003, the trade was worth $2.8 billion, representing more than 60 percent of gross domestic product.

Thanks Poppy Bushkevik


The Judaeo-Churchinsanity brotherhood, which is Contrary to Jesus the Christ

The Christian-Jewish Alliance Behind Bush's Victory
Hagai Segal

Bush's victory over Kerry, an especially sweet victory of the forces of light, has rekindled an old complaint against the strange alliance of interests between the religious Right in the US and the religious Right in Israel. The smiles common to those who wear skullcaps here and those who wear crosses there when the results were announced angered many secular people in the Holy Land. Despite their support, in principle, for peace processes, they look balefully upon this new alliance.

They claim that there is something anti-historical about it. They have difficulty understanding how the settlement enterprise in Judea, Samaria and Gaza could form bonds of brotherly love with the American evangelical community or why Rabbi Elyashiv supports a devoted Christian such as Bush. 

Bush is not a Christ believer. Bush'g god has No Only Begotten Son. Bush only pays lip service to Jesus as does all evangelical Judaeo-Churchians, who say their god is the god of the jews, who has No only Begotten Son the IAMHE


After all the pogroms, after The Passion of the Christ, there should be eternal enmity between those who preserve the embers of both religions, and here all of a sudden they are hugging each other and even run a successful candidate in common for the White House.

But the truth is that there is nothing strange here. It is certainly no stranger than the common aim of the elitist left wing and fundamentalist Islam to establish a Palestinian state. When religious-Zionist leaders such as Benny Elon do not reject the Christian hand extended to them from the US and even shake it warmly, they are not transgressing their religion but fulfilling an ancient biblical prophecy, the vision of future reconciliation between Jews and the rest of the world.

reconciliation of satan worshippers, death by decapitation of true believers, according to their same laws in which they Crucified Jesus and slew the disciples.

This is not the place to quote the relevant verses (Micah 4, for example), but the general idea says that one day the gentiles will lay down the sword of their hatred against us and offer us their help.

and all....ALL whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life slain since the foundation of the world will worship after the zionist fourth beast, and these proselytes along with their self gods are cast into outer darkness


 Although at the moment we are talking about approximately "only" fifty million American gentiles out of six billion gentiles throughout the world, but it is not a bad beginning.

Yeah it is a terrible end

Honestly, what is so bad if we have a hard kernel of support in the world's most significant empire? What is so bad if the most important man in the world sprouted from that kernel? All through the years the left wing has preached Israeli integration in global processes, yet when these processes suddenly align with Israeli interests, it is struck by mockery and disgust only because they stem from religious motives or could disrupt its schemes of retreat.

It is ridiculous to hear secular opinion-makers warn against supposed missionary plots by evangelical Christians in the US. Nearly every report in Hebrew about right-wing American support for Israel includes the allegation that the reason for the support is a despicable desire to Christianize those who dwell in Zion. It will not take much more to get United Torah Judaism and the Labor Party to submit an urgent joint proposal to the Knesset's agenda against the American mission's invasion of Israel.

So both can stop worrying. Christianity missed its historic opportunity to convert the Jews. The mission's time is over. 

and not only do these evangelicals keep the jews from entering the Kingdom of the Father inherited by Jesus his Christ, but they themselve's in all their gloating will neither enter therein. For they deny that Jesus is the LORD over every man, and they are fallen for fear of the jews, these are the World haters. These hate Jesus, and they will in no wise stand firm in his Mighty Name and Testify, for they have been filled by the fables of the Judaizers and think that they are to be taken from this world, escaping their denial of Him. These are dogs who cannot bark, and have no clue about what is happening, for they wait on Mystery Babylon, a Roman Empire and "Secret Rapture" made know to them by C. I Scofield and his flesh zion doctrine of demons. Scofield who was financed by the propagandist Untermier of the Rothschild satanic little flesh empire. These will perish for they Rejected the Truth, the Lord God has sent them strong delusion so they will believe the Lie, and when their flesh gods "REVEAL" their false messiah that Moshiach ben David, these will flock to the lie in total deception. Many already wear the Mark of this False Christ name, that "Magan "David" of that coming Moshiach ben David who the rabid rib-eyes are about to reveal. They have so deceived these unbelievers that they will be thoroughly convinced that the rib-eyes of satan's shema-GOG were right all along. And when these vermin generation of Vipers began to slay the Lord's saints by their satanic Talmudic so called Universal Noahide laws, they will flock for fear of the jews to the jews in masses.


Although many Christians still dream of the day that we recognize their savior and from time to time a few soul-hunters for Jesus wander around Jerusalem, they are no more than a curiosity. Tens of millions of American Christians support the idea of Greater Israel (deceived) and of a strong Israel, and not for missionary reasons. It is far more important to them to persuade George Bush to support the settlements than to convince settlers to convert.

aid and abet satan's hoodlum haha of the shemgod's whom they worship. And they to will have their king over them, sent by the LORD, for they denied the KING of KINGS as do their creatures they have worshipped.....the gods, who are no gods, only flesh who will be cast into outer darkness forever

This appeared in Maariv on November 9th, 2004



Israeli jails hold 312 Palestinian youth



RAMALLAH, West Bank, Dec. 1 (UPI) -- The Palestinian ministry for prisoners' affairs issued a report Wednesday stating that 312 Palestinian children and youth were being held in Israeli jails.

The report said the children held in Israeli detention centers in the West Bank "are being deprived of their basic rights granted by international laws and treaties, regardless of their religion, sex and affiliations."

It said 12 girls were among the prisoners whom the Israeli authorities have classified "potential terrorists."

"Israel has been maltreating the young prisoners, including depriving them of sleep and food, humiliating them and abusing them physically and morally to force them into making wrong confessions," the report added.


Sick Humans


Peretz......a Kohen?

A new movement in the shadows

By Yair Sheleg

Tnufa, a new social action group, will soon start preparing critiques on the operation of various government ministries and local authorities.

The social action niche in the political system is beginning to get crowded: Two days after the founding convention of Amir Peretz's new social forum, Adam, this evening Jerusalem's International Convention Center will host the founding convention of another new social movement, Tnufa, this one initiated and headed by Knesset member Rabbi Michael Melchior (Labor Meimad).

Among the prominent figures in the movement are well known social activists such as former MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz) and Tami Molad-Hayou, former coordinator for the headquarters of the joint struggle of the social organizations; Rabbi Gilad Kariv, head of the Reform Movement's Israel Religious Action Center; Arieh Shumer, former director general of the President's Residence; Aryeh Barnea, former principal of Herzliya Gymnasia in Tel Aviv, who is serving as Tnufa's director general, and Dr. Yunis Abu-Rabia, director of the Family Health Center in the Bedouin village of Rahat.

Melchior explains that the new movement
will operate as a shadow government in various aspects of life, "but as a civilian shadow government, not as a political one," said Melchior. "This means there will be no politicians setting their sights on specific offices, but rather groups of public figures, experts in their fields, who will prepare critiques on the operation of the various government ministries and local authorities - first in the social and economic arenas, but in future in the diplomatic-security arena too."

The extra-parliamentary character of the movement also allows Tnufa's people to distinguish themselves from
Peretz's new movement.

"They are an inner circle within the Labor Party," says Molad-Hayou. "We are speaking about a body with political influence, but extra-parliamentary. Also, unlike Peretz's movement, we are not subject to the electoral considerations of a person or party."

Right from the start, Tnufa, which means
momentum in Hebrew, will present a few interesting innovations: it is an extra-parliamentary movement (for now, at least; as will be explained, this situation can change rapidly) led by an active politician and MK, but what is much more important and interesting - it is a movement from the center of the Israeli political spectrum, not from the extreme left, and is led by a rabbi who wears a black skullcap, one of whose main aspirations is Jewish-Arab cooperation.

Downplaying Jewishness

The impetus behind the establishment of the movement is twofold: the real social distress, on one hand, and the distress of Melchior and his Meimad movement in the political arena, on the other. From one perspective, Melchior is a true social politician. When he was chosen to serve as minister of Diaspora affairs (in Ehud Barak's government), he took pains to add to his ministry a mandate to deal with "social affairs," too. That was how he founded the Yahad council for formulating consensuses between religious and secular, and the Forum for National Consensus, which deals with the Jewish-Arab dialogue, and with fund-raising for the Arab sector. In the current Knesset, Melchior chairs the Council for the Rights of the Child and the Environment Lobby (along with Omri Sharon). The current social crisis has prompted Melchior to make such statements as "Bibi Netanyahu makes even Margaret Thatcher look like a social worker."

On the other hand, Meimad, which Melchior heads, is in a continuous crisis. Even before the last elections, there was a bitter dispute in the party over partnership with Labor (Meimad is not part of the party but rather its partner in a parliamentary bloc), and many central members left after the decision to continue the partnership. Melchior himself is not happy with the partnership either: his close associates say he is not treated seriously by Labor's leaders at all. Even the message that the party has emphasized since its founding in 1988, that of the moderate religious, has apparently lost its luster and its allure: these days there are many religious forces proposing conventions and compromises, and in the diplomatic arena the voice of a lone MK among the already dovish positions of the Labor Party does not attract much attention.

Melchior also does not have the media charisma of Meimad's founder, Rabbi Yehuda Amital (who is now 80 and rarely makes public statements), or Avraham Burg, until recently Melchior's rival for the position of "moderate religious politician." In the words of one member of Meimad's leadership, "If only one out of 29 religious MKs votes for the disengagement plan, we are not succeeding in making our presence felt, and there is good reason to focus on other, broader, fields of activity."

This, it seems, is the reason that all Meimad's institutions consented, by a large majority, to Melchior's working toward the launching of the new movement (those who oppose him are anyway no longer party members), and even agreed that its agenda focus on social issues, rather than on moderate religious or political positions, as Meimad does. They had long dreamed of Meimad's expansion beyond the borders of the religious public, but Melchior did not prepare for the expansion of the Meimad brand, but rather a new movement, which probably signals Meimad's demise.

In the meantime, not only is Tnufa's agenda different - at this stage, at least, it is not emphasizing "Jewish terminology" as the foundation for a social message, as Meimad's people hoped it would. Quotes from the Scriptures are absent not only from the newspaper ads; even the movement's platform makes do with barely a sentence and a half of "Jewish terminology," for the sake of some mention.

"The uniqueness of the movement," states the platform, "is that it derives its main charge from Judaism - putting social justice at the top of the national agenda." One other sentence mentions that the goal of a "just and orderly society, kindness and mercy," 

Molad-Hayou, a prominent secular activist in the movement, says it is precisely because she is secular that she is "interested in the social struggle drawing its inspiration from the Jewish sources."

Still, there are some in Tnufa who can testify that other secular activists were afraid of an overly religious image for the new movement. Melchior himself says, "Our intention is clear, to emphasize the "Jewish language," but in practice it appears that, for now at least, he is taking pains to make the movement attractive to those who are suspicious of a religious image (not to mention the desire to attract Arabs), even at the expense of sighs of regret among its religious members.

No confidence in Barak

Still, everyone is being careful to keep all the options open. Tnufa, at this stage, is a public movement and not a political party - which allows it to enjoy snazzy promos even on Army Radio - with Melchior stressing that the timing of the movement's establishment has no connection to the possibility of impending elections.

"For the past year we have been holding preliminary conventions on various subjects, and the process simply ripened," says Melchior. "Of course I do not dismiss the possibility that we will become a party."

On what will that depend? On developments in the political system, of course, particularly in the Labor Party. People close to Melchior put it this way: If Peretz were to lead the Labor Party, or if the party at least reverted somewhat to its social character, there would be a good chance that Melchior and his movement would become integrated into it. If, on the other hand, Barak becomes party leader, then Melchior, who feels a total lack of confidence in Barak on both a personal level (after Barak surprised Melchior toward the end of his stewardship as prime minister with a "secular revolution" for opportunistic electoral needs) and an ideological level, Melchior will have no place in it. Then, the movement may continue to preserve its public character or may try to join forces with other bodies. In the meantime, Meimad is in no hurry to announce its dismantling.

The truth is that some think it is not at all certain that Melchior will continue to lead the movement in the long run. One of Meimad's leadership who is interested in Meimad's integration into Tnufa, says that "when the time comes, particularly if Tnufa does want to become a political party and run in the elections, we may well have to go to Melchior and tell him, `As much as we appreciate your work, you will have to move over, despite the pain this involves, for someone else who can be more popular with the general public.'"

People close to Melchior do not dismiss the possibility, and one has even said, "Melchior has enough to do even without leading Tnufa," but at the same time stresses, "it is still unclear whether an alternative charismatic candidate exists."

"We don't even believe in having a star," insists Molad-Hayou. "If you ask me, the public is tired of them, because they fall at the same speed with which they rise."

This may even be Tnufa's good news, this time in the broad political arena: enough with the arrogant talents, the new Ben-Gurions. The time has come for people more like Levi Eshkol.

Still, the biggest news about Tnufa is its Jewish-Arabic character. This is quite interesting and prompts more than a few questions, the biggest of which is: Will the movement's Jewish-Zionist message be blurred in favor of the sharing social message? When asked about this, Melchior stressed that the movement's platform states that it will "work toward strengthening the Jewish identity of the State of Israel alongside reinforcing its democratic character."

From this perspective, it is not less interesting that Israeli Arabs are willing to become members of this type of movement. Abu-Rabia says he decided to join "after I saw Melchior's work for the betterment of the Arab sector, and I saw that the issue of correcting the distortions in that area is in his soul. I am prepared to accept the definition of Israel as a Jewish state, as long as it will also be truly democratic. It is also clear to me that we, the Arab citizens, must integrate into the Zionist parties and try to change people's conceptions of the Arab public from inside the parties. We must be like the Jews in America:
having an influence from the inside."

Abu-Rabia figures that this is a conception that is growing stronger in the Arab sector in general, particularly in the wake of the bloody events of October 2000.

"We saw that it is better to integrate into society than not to integrate," concludes Abu-Rabia.


Moving right along now.......

Bring back the hangman

Israel needs the death penalty in its arsenal against today’s generation of criminals, who, as proven by the Azar case, will stop at nothing, including the premeditated assassination of a judge just to prove a point. The point has been made, its time to have the death penalty on the books.

The police today can justifiably add a feather or two to their cap, following their successful cracking of the Azar murder case.

District Court Justice Adi Azar was executed gangland style four months ago outside his Ramat Hasharon house, one of Tel Aviv’s leafiest suburbs. Initially the police were literally clueless. This lead to a spate of rumors that the murder had nothing to do with Justice Azar’s position or work, but was related to what was defined as “personal issues”, besmirching his reputation and in effect putting his bereaved family under a cloud of suspicion.

Yesterday the police announced that they had solved the crime. In a dramatic press conference they accused Itzhak Zozashvili, a convicted murderer currently serving a life sentence of having orchestrated the assassination in order to pressure the authorities to either grant him a new trial or commute his sentence. Eight judges were targeted, Azar was chosen because his house offered the best escape route.

Law and order is already under siege in Israel at all levels of society. At the top, bent public figures are given preferential treatment. Law enforcement officials are in danger of finding themselves forced by the politicians having to choose between their integrity and careers. Organized crime has succeeded in at least partly infiltrating major parties, including most ominously of all, the one currently in power.

At the bottom there is an unprecedented epidemic of violence. Teachers are scared to discipline their students, for fear of violent retaliation. Sports fans assault players and coaches with impunity. Road rage and other forms of random violence have become an every day occurrence. Most ominous of all, the level of tolerance of violence has risen almost as fast as the violence itself. The hooligan is no longer marginal, but reigns supreme.

It’s time to get tough on law and order issues. Society needs to send a very loud and strong message that it will not and cannot tolerate these phenomena. Hooligans need to know that they will pay a stiff price for their behavior, including long jail terms and loss of personal property, most of which should go to compensate the victims of their misdeeds and thuggery.

Most important of all, it’s time to reconsider bringing back the death penalty, abolished (except for convicted NAZI criminals) shortly after the state was founded. When a convicted murderer serving a life sentence has the audacity to target and assassinate a judge, it is clear that there are some people for whom nothing is sacred, who respect no rules and have no inhibitions, who, as we say in Hebrew “have no red lights in their lives”. Such people are a menace to society, and its time society took adequate measures to protect itself.

any who oppose the rib-eyes and the Hoodlum hoo haha of satan

The death penalty is not inherently evil or immoral. Like many things in life, it depends how it is used. If abused and misused, as happens in some states in the US, it becomes a negative factor. Used sparingly, with discretion and sagacity, it is a powerful instrument that has a place in society.

A man like Zozashvili, if convicted of the crime he has been accused of, is deserving of the death penalty. Clearly life imprisonment is not a sufficient deterrent for such a person. Society needs a means to deal with such people, the death penalty is a fitting and apt one.


Fear, the tool of the son's of the shema-Gog of satan, and his shemgod Hoodlum haha

Perils of Allowing Israel to Redefine Anti-Semitism
Suraya Al-Shehry


US President George Bush’s signing of the new law authorizing the State Department to keep a watch on the anti-Semitic activities the world over before the recent elections has invited sharp criticism from several quarters. Anybody can guess the real motivation for enacting such a law in the background of a general election. The anti-Semitism was, apparently, used in the past as well with some ulterior motives.

In order to have a clear perception of the issue one should understand what precisely is meant by the word anti-Semitism. The Bible divided mankind into three major races. They are the Semites, the Hamites and the sons of Japheth. While the Semites descended from Shem, son of Noah, Hamites were scions of Ham. While the Hamites were black and the Japhites had both white and yellow complexions, the Semites were a mixture of black and white.

The Semites settled in Iraq, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula. The racial discrimination in Europe was mainly based on the classification of the people as Aryan and non-Aryan. The non-Aryans included the Arabs, Jews and other races with an Oriental origin. The discrimination was aggravated by European fears of a Semitic threat to dominate the Aryan people and reached its climax during the Nazi regime.

It is an acknowledged fact that the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis, but they were not the only people who fell victim to Nazi excesses in World War II. Gypsies, Slavs and Russians suffered equally. It also is true that huge numbers of Jews were killed in Hitler’s concentration camps. The difference of opinion, however, is in the precise number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. It is the inhuman attitude underlying ethnic-cleansing that we are more concerned with than the actual number of victims.

We also are concerned by the new meaning anti-Semitism has been given. The term no longer describes hostile attitudes toward the Semitic people in general, including Arabs and several descendants of the Prophet Noah. The word now is monopolized by the Jews to mean sentiments or acts hostile to them. All other Semitic races are removed from the scope of the word. It was in fact in 1879, to be precise, that the Jewish German journalist Wilhelm Marr published “The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism” from a nonreligious perspective and employed the term anti-Semitism to mean exclusively anti-Jewish sentiments.

Israel’s first premier, Ben Gurion, reportedly, said that an anti-Jewish feeling should be generated among other people, if it didn’t already exist. The founding prime minister also said the most insignificant incident of Jewish hatred should be exaggerated to appear as part of an international conspiracy against Jews.

Why all these fabrications?

It is, in fact, in the interest of Israel to keep alive in the hearts of all Jews the fear of being hounded, persecuted and exterminated. The Jewish leadership also wanted to ensure that Jews did not mingle and merge with non-Jewish societies so that they preserved their ethnic purity. They should be convinced that their stay among other people was no more than a transit phase before their entry to the Promised Land (Palestine). This is the explanation for the reports of Israeli involvement in organizing Jewish persecution in various parts of the world apart from the Israeli collusion with Nazis or the ultra rightists elsewhere to terrify the local Jewish population so that they would flee to Palestine.

According to the records of a Jewish agency: “If we have to choose between saving 10,000 able-bodied people capable of contributing to our nation-building and saving a million Jews who would be a burden to us, it is our duty to save the 10,000 able-bodied.”

This leads us to another important cause of the forced immigration to Palestine. It is accepted that a good number of Jews comfortably settled in their own countries only decided to immigrate after intense anti-Semitism campaigns secretly sponsored by Israel. The founders of the State of Israel knew very well that the ties of a common religion would not guarantee a political entity of its own for the Jews, largely because of their diverse nationalities and places of origin. The Jewish leaders were looking for a powerful cultural identity to hold them together as a political entity. They found it in the image of a racially oppressed community that was being wrongly treated or expelled by the peoples and leaders of the world.

It is not difficult to understand that this was the strategy that underlined the exhortations of the former Israeli military chief Moshe Dayan and others like him to have the Israelis to rally together and take revenge upon neighboring nations.

Only the feeling of fear and tension that perpetually haunts their hearts would keep both Israeli civilians and soldiers ready for fighting, Dayan once said. Or in other words, keeping alive and cleverly playing the anti-Semitism card.

Nevertheless, one wonders why the issue of anti-Semitism was raked up prior to the US elections. Bush apparently was eager to please Israel and make sure that he got the maximum number of Jewish votes. It also is quite clear that Israel wants greater international sympathy by projecting it as the victim and all others as aggressors because the European countries are becoming increasingly bold to criticize Israel for its brazen violations of the international laws and human rights.

Israel also wants to guarantee the continuation of the Jewish immigration to Palestine against the rapid population growth of the Palestinians. On the other hand, it has been disconcerting to Israel to note that the Jews in other parts of the world are not very enthusiastic about the immigration to Israel.

Time and again the Israeli leaders have effectively used the anti-Semitism charges against people or leaders who did not agree with the Israeli policies and methods.

Even William Shakespeare and Mahatma Gandhi have not been spared by Israel or its friends. Former United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim and former Malaysian Prime Minister Mohamed Mahathir, French thinkers Roger Garudi and Pascal Boniface are only a few of the victims of the Jewish accusations of anti-Semitism. The Jews also demanded the closing of the Zaid Center for Coordination and Follow Up based in Abu Dhabi, UAE for hosting some people who expressed fears about the consequences of the new US regulations on anti-Semitism.

This is the method Israel employs to achieve its goals. While it achieves great progress we Arabs still remain at a lower level because of our own side wars. The solution is with us, that is, to continue the climb.


Good-bye UN, hello hoodlum ho haha of "James the Just" the so-called Brother of The IAM.

James freemason Jerusalem Council of Civilzations and his Noahide Laws (Act 15) in which Paul the Apostle was sent to prison for he refused to teach their law, and stood firm in preaching Jesus the Christ, Grace and Salvation.

U.S. senator wants Annan to resign as U.N. leader

Coleman looking into alleged fraud in oil-for-food program run by U.N.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004 Posted: 10:44 AM EST (1544 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. senator leading the investigation into allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the Iraq oil-for-food program is urging U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to resign

The "massive scope of this debacle demands nothing less," wrote Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minnesota, in an opinion piece published Wednesday in The Wall Street Journal


Treasonous Dog and his master

List of noted Jews

Norm Coleman, US Senator from Minnesota

Talmudic Enemy of the saints of Jesus the Christ

Rabbi Moshe Feller, Chabad-Lubavitch representative to the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the upper Midwest, was invited by Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota (R) as guest chaplain. In his prayer, Rabbi Feller enumerated each of the seven Noahide laws binding upon all people, with special emphasis, apropos of the Senate, on the law “to govern by just laws.”

back to the article of dismantling the UN for the Supra Bogey Government the "Jerusalem Council of the hoodlum hoo haha and their Noahide laws

"The decision to call for Mr. Annan's resignation does not come easily," Coleman wrote. "But I have arrived at this conclusion because the most extensive fraud in the history of the U.N. occurred on his watch.

"The world will never be able to learn the full extent of the bribes, kickbacks and under-the-table payments that occurred under the U.N.'s collective nose while Annan is in charge."

Coleman is chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which has been investigating the oil-for-food program for seven months.

a scum Treasonous blasphemous viper of the Chabad Lubavitch, son's of the shema-Gog of satan

Coleman said he was not accusing Kofi Annan of anything "other than incompetence and mismanagement."

The program, administered by the United Nations, was designed to allow Iraq, when it was under economic sanctions after the Persian Gulf War, to sell oil and use the proceeds to buy food and medicine to mitigate the sanctions' impact on the Iraqi people.

Coleman said the investigation cannot be completed with Annan at the helm of the world body.

"The bottom line is, one man was in charge and if we're going to get to the bottom of this, he's got to step back so that we can have trust and credibility and transparency in sorting out what happened," he said Wednesday in an interview on CNN's "American Morning."

What about you and your co-conspirers in Congress? Who can investigate your treachery against the US people MR. Coleman?

Coleman's committee has charged that Saddam Hussein was able to siphon off $6.7 billion in oil revenues from the program and made an additional $13.7 billion smuggling oil in contravention of international sanctions.

who is skimming now Mr. Coleman?

Annan has appointed former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to conduct an internal investigation into the allegations. 

Fox Guarding the henhouse

But Coleman, while calling Volcker a "good and honest man," said that the United Nations "simply cannot root out its own corruption while Mr. Annan is in charge."

"If we're to get to the bottom of this, if there's to be any credibility, the person that was at the helm during the course of this thing cannot be the guy that Paul Volcker reports to, cannot be the guy that we go asking for help and assistance in getting the people we need to talk to," Coleman told CNN. "He needs to step back, step down for the credibility of the organization itself."

Annan's son, Kojo, received money for consulting work done in Africa for the Swiss firm Cotecna, which inspected goods entering Iraq under the oil-for-food program. On Monday, the secretary-general said he was disappointed to learn in news reports that his son remained on the Cotecna payroll until earlier this year, despite earlier U.N. statements that he had stopped receiving money from the firm back in 1998.

No formal charges of wrongdoing have been made against Kojo Annan by any of at least six separate investigations under way into the oil-for-food program. But his father conceded Monday that the latest news creates the perception "of conflict of interests and wrongdoing" at the United Nations.

Kofi Annan also said he had no personal involvement in the granting of contracts to companies that participated in the oil-for-food program.


Thus comes their "Supra Bogey" Government

The Talmud also states the penalty for disobedience: "One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57A)"



... Protocols of Chabad Lubavitch. ... was the goal they set for Hitler, but it failed, yet
accomplished the plans Zion and their United Nations bogey supra government. ...

In every possible way we must develop the significance of our super-Government by representing it as the Protector and Benefactor of all those who voluntarily submit to us."


People...The Prophecy of the Spirit of all Prophecy, Jesus the Christ is unfolding rapidly. If you are going to get "secretly Raptured" you had better hurry, for things are unraveling fast. That Son of perdition is about to be "Revealed" in their secret Chamber in the desert @ Tiberias Israel, they have "Revived" the beast of zion that Sanhedrin of the ancients of the House of the Elders who Crucified Jesus the Lord, and slew his didciples. They are about to enforce their "Jerusalem Council of Civilizations, Universal Talmudic satanic Noahide Laws upon all mankind, and that son of Perdition they call Moshiach ben David that false Christ will overcome the saints in the flesh, yet they are Given Eternal Life. Are you truly ready in the Name above all names to stand Firm?


CS Lewis the proselyte of the shem sham of Talmud Bavli

A: Sigmund Freud does not believe that a universal moral law exists. Freud instead believes that we make up our moral code like we make up our traffic laws. C.S. Lewis disagrees. Lewis asserts that a universal moral law does exist, and that we discover this universal moral law much in the way we discover the laws of mathematics.


Their Vision shall fail. The Disciples and the saints of Jesus "Stood Firm" and did not flee in a "Secret Rapture"

The New Sanhedrin
Mel Gibson's PASSION Gives Rise to an Ancient Controversy
by Mark Glenn

"What are we to do with these men?" they asked among themselves. "We must warn them not to speak anymore in his name."

The problem for those who were debating this question of "what to do with these men" was that many miracles had been performed by them in the plain sight of the whole community, and there was no arguing against it. What was even more vexing to them was the boldness of these former fishermen in going forth fearlessly like first century renditions of William Wallace and his band of Scotsmen, refusing to knuckle under and abandon their War for Independence in the face of so many threats. And it was due to these reasons that their opponents were gathered that day, and understandably anxious about handling this problem without too much attention being drawn to it.

Those who were gathered together pondering this troubling question were the members of the Sanhedrin who had just recently put that ambitious and pesky carpenter from Nazareth to death, and who now were in the business of persecuting his followers, stoning them, having them thrown into prison, and in general bringing to bear all of the mechanisms of coercion which were available to them at the time. Clearly, the business of bringing to an end the boxing match that took place over the course of 3 years between the Nazarene and the most esteemed and honored members of the religious leadership was not as finalized as they had thought it was. In killing him, they had opened up a can of worms that appeared to be almost uncontainable, and now, in utter desperation, they were attempting to stop a fire that appeared to be unstoppable.

Thus were the events which gave birth to the Christian faith as recounted in the Book of Acts, a heart pounding, heroic tale in which a band of revolutionaries defies the powers that be in their desire to live as free men. As such, there are to be found in this story all the elements which have encompassed other tales of similar theme, including the evil tyrants who oppress and weigh down the people, and the heroes who, having been struck with the idea that it is better to perish as free men than to live as slaves, bravely go forth lighting the fires of revolution and justice in the process. Most of those who call themselves Christians today, while acknowledging their respect for these events, nevertheless seem to have little understanding as to where the importance of such events lie in the present. To those who pay some lip service to the freedom fighters, (Peter, Paul, et al) the events are simply occurrences of a bygone history, as was General Washington's crossing of the Delaware or Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia House of Burgesses. Little do they appear to realize that they are living in the midst of this event, an event which was only part one in the War of Independence which Christianity declared against Pharisaical Judaism in the tiny town of Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago. The danger to this inaccurate understanding of the event is lethal, both spiritually and physically, for in the process of getting bad intelligence reports (which appears to have become the "in" thing now) much of what calls itself Christianity has made fatal errors in terms of logistics and planning, and as such now stands poised to be overrun by the enemy, if indeed this has not already happened.

"What are we to do with these men?" they ask on a daily basis today, and have now, for at least one century, possibly two. Those who are gathered together today, pondering this troubling question are the modern day descendants of the same Sanhedrin who had put that ambitious and pesky carpenter from Nazareth to death, and who now are in the business of persecuting his followers, killing them, having them thrown into prison, and in general bringing to bear all the mechanisms of coercion which are available to them at this time. "We must warn them not to speak anymore in His name."

The average Christian contemplating who such persons might be today, (and inevitably falling back on the propaganda which has been poured into his or her consciousness by a Zionist media) would invariably arrive at the conclusion that what was being discussed was some form of religious extremism emanating from the Middle East, which would be partially correct. Where clarification is needed though, is in recognizing that in this case the real threat existing today to the religion of Christianity and its adherents is not posed by Islamic Extremism, but rather is to be found lying within the sentiments of Judaic Extremism, The New Sanhedrin, and never before has it been more apparent than now.

As much as the American media, (for decades now a mouthpiece for the interests of Marxist Zionism) has propagandized America since the fateful day in which the Twin Towers came down concerning the "hatred for Christianity" that it alleges is the defining characteristic of the Islamic religion, nevertheless from time to time the mask comes off the Beast and gives the observant spectator a glimpse of what better constitutes reality. 

Whether such sloppiness is the result of laziness on the part of those weaving the spell or whether it is the product of divine providence makes little difference in the fact that the world should be grateful that it happens, even if it is only too infrequent.

 In such instances, the act of the Beast in revealing itself allows truth, (if even only for a brief moment) to have an opportunity in dispelling the clouds of confusion under whose cover an agenda is permitted to operate. 

It is understandable how sloppiness like this can exist, since maintaining a deception is a full time job, much akin to keeping a dead corpse alive through artificial means.

 As such, from time to time the hypnotists managing the delusional state of American Christianity are not as diligent in covering all their tracks and tying up all the loose ends with respect to the propaganda they peddle which fuels American involvement in the Middle East. 

The double-sided justification for this involvement, after all the polemics and flowery arguments are removed can be reduced to two main ideas, the one being that Muslims hate Christians, and the other that Americans who consider themselves to be Judeo-Christian in their orientation owe their allegiance to the Marxist state of Israel.

 In furtherance of this agenda, Israel's propaganda infrastructure in America has hidden not only what are the easily verifiable sentiments of respect and veneration which Muslims maintain towards Christ and those who follow him, but as well have kept hidden the malicious sentiments held by adherents of Judaic extremism which can be verified with equal ease.

This cover-up has been accomplished by what has become a fast moving shell game in which the Muslims, who hold and always have held Christ in the highest regard, have been inaccurately portrayed as his enemies, while the real villains have gone unsuspected and unmentioned throughout the entirety of the discussion. 

This is tragic on several levels, not only in the fact that a decades-long war has now been launched against almost a billion people under completely false pretenses, but as well in the fact that it illustrates what has become the intellectual capacity of the average American Christian Zionist in his or her blind support for the interests of Marxist Zionism. 

The average American who has swallowed the bait put forth by a Zionist media that the religion of Islam is inherently anti-Christian in its foundations could have easily become better enlightened in an afternoon of reading, not The New Republic or other Zionist think-tank rags, but rather passages of the Koran, a process by which much if not all of the negative notions which have been put forth concerning the religion of Islam and its adherents would have been reduced to the meaningless dribble that they are. 

By doing so, the curious American would have found out that he or she has much more in common with the adherents of Islam than has been revealed, including a shared belief in Christ as the Messiah, his miraculous works, and that he is favored in the eyes of the creator. In addition to this, it would have been discovered as well that Christ's mother is revered as the highest woman ever to have walked the face of the earth, and that his Apostles are held in the same esteemed positions of honor that they occupy in the religion of Christianity.

By the same notion, the average Christian, spending an afternoon reading (instead of watching some foolishness designed to reduce his or her intellect to that of a drooling, sexualized adolescent) might find disquieting pieces of information concerning the religion of Judaism and its extremist elements in Israel whom Americans subsidize to the tune of over 6 billion dollars a year.

 In the great shell game of propaganda which has fueled American Christianity's support for the war in the Middle East at the behest of Israel, with deafening silence has been discussed how Christ and his followers (including his mother) are viewed by adherents of modern day Judaic extremism, the modern day members of the New Sanhedrin.

 Amidst all the programming which has appeared on mainstream television and radio, whether such programming has featured paid polemicists for the Zionist agenda like Daniel Pipes, Richard Pearle, Dari Gold, et al, or whether they are the Zionists wearing the garb of Christian sentimentality as personified by the likes of Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, Hannity, or Lindsay, not a mention has been made concerning what are the blatant anti-Christian tenants as practiced and preached by Talmudic Judaism or its extremist adherents.

 One would think that such items which include Christ being depicted as a sorcerer and a mamzer (bastard child) who suffers in Hell by being boiled in excrement would arouse some suspicion among a rightly (and hopefully, genuinely) outraged Christianity. 

One would hope that religious sentiments depicting his mother Mary as a prostitute who mated with carpenters and Roman soldiers would spark some sense of curiosity to find out more. 

And finally, in the interest of learning all there was to know concerning religious extremism and how it has played itself out in the events surrounding 9/11, one would expect that the average Christian in America would like to understand better who is and who is not the real enemy, particularly when his hard-earned livelihood is sent to prop up a nation which has been billed as the only ally to Christian America in the Middle East. 

Sadly, this has not taken place, even when there are glaringly obvious reasons to do so.

All this talk about religious extremism (particularly when it takes place within the context of an anti-Christian agenda) couldn't occur at a better time than the present.

 Besides the war taking place in the Middle East, (which Christians in America are told is a war fought between a religion of terror and a religion of freedom) the culture war in America is raging at full throttle, even if unbeknownst to many. 

The culture war, whose victims include the most basic precepts with regards to decency and morality have been and are being attacked by a Zionist agenda which never seems to pause for a breather. 

Pop idols who have more influence over America's youth than people would like to realize or admit are now publicly engaging in acts of lesbianism, simulated sex, and parading themselves nude on stage under the direction and protection of a media intent on destroying the moral underpinnings of an entire nation for the furtherance of the Israeli agenda. 

Unfortunately, Americans who have since 9/11 effected a sense of outrage over what were attacks against a Christian nation seem to be bothered more by the crumbling of America's concrete pillars than they are bothered by the crumbling of America's moral pillars which are of far more importance to her stability and survival.

 Even more so, those in America who boldly put themselves before America's television and radio programs and who earn a living by professing their Christianity, while showing outrage over such attacks against America's morals, nevertheless refuse to reveal that such attacks are the product of a Zionist agenda which rules America's airwaves and by default America's sentiments.

 And if there existed in the past a grey area in which Christianity in America could be excused for such shortsightedness in not recognizing what forces have been behind the destruction of America's moral foundations, there is no such grey area now, and particularly with regards to the current controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's movie The Passion.

Unfortunately for the bulk of American Christianity, the significance of the controversy surrounding the movie which depicts the murder of Christ at the hands of Jewish extremists 2,000 years ago has been lost. 

This is due in large part to the fact that American Christianity (like much of mainstream America) has been robbed of the ability to think for itself outside of the totalitarian box which has been fashioned for it by a Zionist propaganda infrastructure. 

What ability for independent thought which hasn't been torn to shreds by the Zionist agenda in mainstream media like some intellectual abortion has been accomplished by the seduction of Christian Zionism, whose false prophets are given all the leeway they need in manipulating what remains of independent thought. 

If the American intellect were in tact, able to think for itself critically about the current controversy surrounding the movie and its content, then what would inevitably result would be the dissonance and cacophony of the crashing together of contradictory statements, leading inevitably to a series of questions and debate.

 Tragically, the fact that organized Jewish groups, (most notably the ADL) are those who are spearheading the attack on Gibson's film has barely caused a blip in the American consciousness or curiosity, even though the relevance in this fact is of momentous importance.

 In an America which has been warned to "watch out for the adherents of Islam who are out to destroy Christianity and its followers" by the propaganda which it has been force-fed on a daily basis by a Jewish owned media to not take note of the importance of the current controversy only portends the worst. 

One can imagine the campaign that would be launched by a Zionist media upon a complacent and intellectually compliant American public if the opponents to the film were Muslims instead of Jews.

 Rather than getting the sanitized coverage that it has received up to now, such opposition to the film would make headline news every hour on the hour and would be the subject of talk-shows designed to raise the ire of American Christianity. 

Such coverage would without question incorporate in its content the message concerning the dangerous existence of religious extremism and how it threatens the American way of life, and used to bolster the Zionist agenda of wiping out Israeli's enemies in the process.

This event brings to clarity what is the unfortunate status of American intellectual decay which can only be accurately described as in an advanced and possibly irreversible stage. 

And despite the fact that Christian Zionists (not only the religious but irreligious as well) are making at least the pretense of defending the movie, nevertheless they are complicit in covering up what are the true roots of the peculiar brand of religious extremism which is driving the opposition to it.

 One must wonder whether or not their motives for defending the movie are rooted in general sentiments which are favorable to Christianity, or whether instead they find themselves in the frightful position of possibly having their carefully constructed masks ripped off, revealing them for the frauds that they are.

 Certainly, it has been a difficult juggling act for them, calling themselves Christian while at the same time supporting the most anti-Christian agenda which has ever been hatched in the last 2 millennia, that being the agenda of Marxist Zionism as managed by members of the New Sanhedrin.

"We gave you strict orders not to teach in his name, yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man's blood." Acts 5:28

The above quote, although 2,000 years old, nevertheless encompasses the agenda which has been feverishly and mercilessly enacted in America today against the religion of Christianity and its adherents.

 In the process, the Christian faith which is day by day assaulted and regulated by the legal process and made to be the butt of jokes on prime time television has been harrowed and hushed over the course of the last 30 years through the efforts of Zionist groups operating under orders from their corporate headquarters in Israel.

 Whether such an agenda has been realized through the dizzying number of lawsuits brought to silence and remove the effervescence of Christian sentimentality from American society or whether it has been accomplished through the efforts of a Zionist media and its immoral programming, nevertheless the message which has been imparted upon American Christianity has been a decisive warning "not to teach in His name." It is within this context that the lunacy and duplicity of Christian Zionism becomes all too apparent. 

For all the grandstanding that such groups do in challenging the secular attack on Christian sentimentality in America, nevertheless they refuse to reveal the identity of the groups orchestrating these attacks for the Israeli agenda, including the ADL, JDL, and others of similar stripe who collectively represent the membership of the New Sanhedrin.

The well-publicized argument being put before the consideration of Americans by the likes of Abe Foxman at the ADL and others concerning The Passion that the movie will create anti-Semitic reactions in American Christians is revealed as the falsehood it is when considered next to the mountains of contradictory evidence readily available to anyone with eyes to see. 

For groups such a the ADL, JDL, and all the other friends of Israel, anti-Semitism is as vital to their survival as lawsuits are vital to lawyers. 

They fear anti-Semitism the way that a dentist fears tooth decay, or the way in which an abortionist fears unwanted pregnancies.

These groups, all managing multi-million dollar budgets and enjoying the pretension of respectability and influence which has been conferred upon them by their siblings in the media would be out of business permanently were it not for the hysteria that they create over alleged acts of Jewish persecution.

 They were founded on such occurrences and need them to continue if they are to remain in the positions they now enjoy. Therefore, in considering the arguments which they put forward for their opposition to the movie, the world would have to conclude that such groups are either very honest or very duplicitous, and humanity would be wise to assume that it is the latter. 

They thrive on anti-Semitism the way that a weed thrives on manure, and like their Marxist cousins who in the past instigated acts of anti-Semitism for propaganda purposes in the early years of Israel's founding, it must be assumed that such groups today, if finding themselves without the necessary fuel for their machinery, would be willing to author or sponsor in some manner similar acts against their own Jewish constituency for the same purposes.

But what should be more revealing to American Christianity than this is the fact that the same Zionist groups who today are screaming passionately over The Passion and the anti-Jewish feelings which they claim it will produce are the same groups who are now and have been on the front lines championing every abomination that comes forth from the Zionist agenda which defames Christ, the religion of Christianity and its followers.

If ever there were items which such groups needed to worry about in terms of anti-Jewish backlash, then certainly there are none which would be more worrisome than those which a Jewish run media commits on an hourly basis in America.

It is reasonable to assume that if anti-Jewish feelings are going to erupt, that they will do so over the blatantly anti-Christian programming which the media under the direction of the New Sanhedrin vomits out on a daily basis. 

The thoughtful spectator witnessing the present circus and soap opera must ask at some point where the same concern for anti-Jewish backlash is to be found when movies such as The Last Temptation of Christ, Dogma, and Priest are made available for public viewing, in addition to all the daily assaults to Christian morality which are found on primetime television. 

Certainly, were the arms of the Zionist propaganda machine worried about anti-Jewish feelings, they would step away from supporting the regular attacks on Christ and his dignity, recognizing that in the process of associating themselves with such bigotry, they would cause the age old specter of anti-Semitism to flare up again.

 And yet, in perfect intellectual contradiction, they are to be found on the front lines of every instance in which the religion of Christianity is degraded and defiled, proudly asserting their Zionist sentiments in the process without fear of the same ensuing backlash which they predict will result from the release of a movie depicting Christ's dignity. 

Their fear that Christians will be angered over seeing a film concerning the murder of Christ is conspicuously absent when art exhibits go mainstream which depict a crucifix emersed in a jar of urine as well as those of Christ's mother covered with elephant dung.

 Such concerns over negative stereotyping of Jews, resulting in vindication of what have been age-old negative attributes unfairly applied to the entire group are not present whenever these same organizations publicly associate themselves with attacks on the family values which have formed the strength of American society for 200 years. 

In every instance wherein a radical program for elevating some form of degeneracy in American society makes the news, the members of the New Sanhedrin can be found offering their support both financially and philosophically without a trace of the same fear which they presume to possess now over the release of The Passion.

 In such a circumstance, American Christianity doesn't need to have a degree in Psychology to see that such contradictory reasoning is nothing more than a mountain sized sense of hypocrisy whose tip is barely visible above the water's edge. The trouble is that she doesn't see it, which truly portends a worse condition for her intellectually than was imagined.

A better understanding for the reasons behind all the growling and snarling which the Zionist groups have put forth concerning The Passion lies not in their fear of anti-Jewish backlash, but is to be found rather in the anti-Christian extremism which forms the philosophical underpinnings of their organizations.

 By definition, these groups are conglomerations whose members are devoted to religious extremism and who attempt to hide their particular brand of bigotry and racism behind noble sounding terms and titles.

In such a way, they attempt to cover the ugliness of their religious extremism in the same manner that an individual attempts to hide what is a hideously bad odor with perfume or some other device of distraction.

 In any case, the mixture of the two, nobility and duplicity, stench and perfume, is a nauseating combination which makes its presence known within the shape-shifting characteristics of their contradictory arguments. 

The Zionist groups who make the pretense of combating religious extremism are in reality there to combat only those sentiments which thwart or threaten the will of their parent organization which is the Marxist state of Israel. 

As such, they have done absolutely nothing in exposing or combating the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile sentiments which are the lifeblood of Talmudic Judaism, sentiments which are driving their opposition not only to The Passion, but indeed every instance which serves to reveal the dignity and worthiness of Christ and his message of liberation.

American Christianity would be wise to consider what is the real animus driving the opposition to this movie. In reading between the lines of their arguments, it is revealed that what the New Sanhedrin fears more than anything else is a reversal of fortune for their agenda. 

In truth, the reason for the current apoplexy over the release of The Passion is rooted in the fact that such a work threatens to undermine much of the success they have achieved in the last few decades in de-moralizing and de-Christianizing American society.

It is obvious to those who have not been lulled to sleep that there is and has been a concerted, in-your face effort over the last 30 years to bring low not only the personage of Christ and his followers, but the moral underpinnings of Western Civilization as well. 

The Zionist octopus, with all its tentacles spread across the avenues of influence and power has on a daily basis either through law, academia, or media, reduced the dignity of Christ and Christianity to a group of buffoons who should be shuffled off towards the hinterlands of societal organization and left to die.

 As such, the interests of Zionism stand to lose much if such a movie and its message succeeds in reawakening in a slumbering humanity what were at one time positive sentiments with regards to that pesky Carpenter who condemned the same race-conscious bigotry which the practitioners of Marxist Zionism embrace today. And with this in mind, it is therefore not difficult to understand why all this has taken place, as well as what is to come later.

An honest examination of the philosophical roots of Marxist Zionism reveals an unbroken chain of connecting sentiments hovering around the idolatry of race-worship and derision of outsiders.

 As much as detractors from this argument may try to deny the existence of such sentiments, nevertheless they are as easily verifiable as the phrase "We hold these truths" is visible in the American Declaration of Independence.

 In reading the Talmud, (considered to be the "holy of holies" in modern Rabbinic Judaism) one finds within its pages the blueprints for radical societal reorganization so as to benefit and elevate the practitioners of Judaic extremism, and in particular those enjoying the positions of leadership.

 This reorganization is achieved through the process of undermining by any means available the moral fiber and stability of all existing societies for the purpose of supplanting them with an oligarchy rooted in Jewish supremacy.

 As such, in assaulting Christian morals over the course of the last 3 decades, Israel and her infrastructure of propaganda have succeeded in reconfiguring and rearranging Western morality so as to put it in alignment with her policies in the Middle East that would otherwise result in moral condemnation. 

As a result of such a process, the objective laws of right and wrong as recognized by the adherents of Christianity have had an asterisk placed next to them, noting that certain exceptions to these laws exist when they apply to the machinations of the Zionist agenda. 

Therefore, murdering Palestinians and reducing their existence to that of concentration camp victims is no longer murder and genocide, but rather an exception to the rule. Imperialistic ambitions, revealed in the long dreamed of Zionist plan of creating a Greater Israel which would encompass the lands of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are given a pass as well. 

Modern day Christianity, (and in particular in America) has, through the Zionist agenda of obliterating the personage of Christ and his religion, suffered the obliteration of her moral compass as well.

 As a result, her morality remains in a state of flux, constantly changing to suit the needs of those who dictate what is considered to be of benefit or of liability to Israel's agenda in the Middle East.

 And it is for these reasons that American Christianity, having had its moral foundations made unstable through concerted attacks on its dogmas and sentiments can be seen embracing contradictory principles in today's age, and most notably in its support for the murderous and duplicitous state of Israel.

Christians around the world, but particularly those in America, would do well to take note of the current controversy surrounding The Passion and to consider it well. The fact that the Zionist organizations have revealed themselves for the hypocrites that they are in their arguments should induce what remains of Christianity to ponder what the real reason for such opposition is.

 The reality of the situation is that what is fueling this vitriolic opposition is nothing more than the same ugly, bigoted, religious extremism encompassed within the Pharisaical mindset which Christ himself condemned.

 The modern day remnants of Pharisaical Judaism, the New Sanhedrin, whose great great grandfathers waged a war of oppression against Christ and his band of freedom fighters have never forgiven them for having won their independence and as such are now in the process of undermining all that the war for liberation has produced. In the same manner that they plotted and schemed, bribed and threatened to erase from society the pesky and ambitious carpenter from Nazareth and his message of liberation, so too do they attempt today through the use of similar tactics.

As such, those who consider themselves Christians today and who are supporters of the Marxist state of Israel would to well for themselves by arriving at the inescapable conclusion that through their support they are helping to raise up a Beast which will at the most propitious moment devour them and their sentiments.

 Christianity today must, (if indeed it is not too late) wake itself from the delusion known as Christian Zionism, an unholy marriage which has been consummated in the wedding ceremony of two contradictory ideologies through an unnatural intellectual process. 

As such, let what remains of Christianity and its legacy of liberation from Pharisaical Judaism realize that despite all the flowery talk which the paid mouthpieces of Marxist Zionism preach with regards to the strength of the Judeo-Christian alliance, that no such alliance exists in reality. 

In truth it is nothing but a ploy, a Trojan Horse designed to penetrate Christianity and subvert it from within, using it as a mechanism for empowering the terrorist state of Israel while at the same time planting the seeds for Christianity's destruction, an event which will be realized when it is no longer of any use to the agenda of Zionist Marxism.

Americans who consider themselves Christian and who stand with Israel and the Mafia families which control her must at some time recognize that they cannot serve two masters.

 The Zionist infrastructure of propaganda in America, personified by groups such as the ADL, JDL, World Jewish Congress et al are, (if even only unofficially) arms of the same octopus of Zionist Marxism which Americans support with their tax dollars and now with the blood of their young men and women in the military.

 It is the same octopus which has been working diligently over the course of the last 3 decades to obliterate America's moral foundations, and is the fountain from which all the poison which presently infects her society has flowed. 

And finally, it must be recognized that this Beast which today enjoys the adulation of Christian Zionists is the same which is now attempting to prevent the release of what portends to be a spectacular film celebrating the dignity and divinity of the only King which America has had in her 200 year history, Jesus Christ. And let not American Christians be so naive as to try to separate the sentiments of the various Zionist groups in America from the Zionist agenda in the Middle East, for in reality they are both limbs of the same tree.

As such, let what remains of not only Christianity, but indeed the world at large, view with honest consideration what has been laid out before them and their future. Humanity is being marched into the gulag camps of apocalyptic suffering and despair, a feat accomplished only through what is willful ignorance and evasion of the truth.

For Christianity, this present circumstance holds particular relevance, as it is but the continuance of events which began in her War for Independence against the tyranny of Pharisaical Judaism 2,000 years ago.

 As such, let a slumbering world come to the inescapable conclusion that there is no beauty in the beast known as Marxist Zionism, and that if it is not slain it will succeed in devouring all of known creation.

 Let the revolution not begin, but rather continue as was intended by the Author of liberty who lit that fire 2,000 years ago in the town of Jerusalem. And in the process of awakening from the delusion, let what remains of humanity nod their heads reverently towards the precepts of justice and righteousness, and begin again the struggle to live as free men, taking the first step in this revolution by asking out loud that most important and desperate question as concerns today's members of the New Sanhedrin: "What are we to do with these men?"


"The New Sanhedrin" is an excerpt of the soon to be released book entitled "No Beauty in the Beast ... Israel Without Her Mascara." Mark Glenn is also the author of "Not My Words, But Theirs ... A Christian American's Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People. The website for the book may be accessed at

The author may be reached at

February 9, 2004


Qualifications for a Jewish judge and the operation of the Sanhedrin.

The coming of their false Christ whom they will accept, who will come in his own name, Moshaich ben Satan (David) the son of perdition

The Sanhedrin was the supreme council of Israel. As long as it stood, it was the supreme court and legislative body in all matters of Torah law. As such, the Sanhedrin was entrusted with keeping and interpreting the Oral Torah.

the tradition which makes the WORD of God of none effect unto them

It is a positive commandment to set up courts to interpret and decide questions of Torah law. It is thus written, "You shall appoint judges and officers in all your gates, which God is giving you" (Deut. 16:18).

they only Quote the Written Word when it is convenient to deceive the Goyim Judaeo-Churchinsanities

The commandment includes the communal responsibility to appoint a duly ordained Sanhedrin. This precedes the establishment of other courts.

Noahide courts of decapitation of any who stand firm in the testimony of him they Crucified by these very same courts of evil and satan worship

The Sanhedrin consisted of 71 judges. God thus commanded Moses, "Gather to Me 70 men of the elders of Israel... and bring them to the Tent of Meeting, so that they should stand there with you" (Numbers 11:16). This was the first Sanhedrin. Counting Moses himself, it consisted of 71 members.

Ezekiel 8:

6: He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should go far off from my sanctuary? but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations. 
7: And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall.
8: Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door.
9: And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.
10: So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, pourtrayed upon the wall round about.
11: And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up.
12: Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth.

Since the membership of the Sanhedrin is fixed by the Torah, its number cannot be changed.

and their satan worship cannot change

Nevertheless, it was permitted to allow outside sages to enter into the deliberations of the Sanhedrin without voting privileges. Cases are therefore sometimes found in which a greater number participate in a decision.

The Sanhedrin could not render judgment unless its entire membership was present. If a member was absent, however, a temporary substitute could be appointed.

and they all cried out "Let his Blood be on our hands and our children"

The leading sage of the Sanhedrin was appointed as its head, taking the place of Moses in the first Sanhedrin. His official title was "Head of the Sitting" (Rosh HaYeshiva). Later, however, he was referred to as the "President" (Nasi).

the SOS, Son's of Satan (SS) Nazi

Any judgment issued by the Sanhedrin in the absence of the Nasi was invalid.

The second-ranking sage of the Sanhedrin was appointed as assistant to the Nasi. He was known as the "Master of the Court" (Av Beit Din). Both he and the Nasi were voting members of the Sanhedrin.

The Sanhedrin would sit in a semicircle, so that all its members would be able to see each other. They would also have an equal view of all witnesses testifying.

the Bed of Shlomo the Giborim the offspring of the Nephilim

Out of respect for the Nasi, the Av Beit Din would sit at the extreme right. He would be followed by the Nasi, and then by the rest of the Sanhedrin in order of their capability.



The Sanhedrin of men possessed of demon spirits. The sons of satan's shema-GOG

in their own words

ben Miqra wrote : >and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah : >only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark. : : >Numbers 13:33 : >And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, : : >If everyone died except for those on the ark, where did these "giants : come" : >from? : : There are several possibilities. : (a) `Giborim` accompanied Noach on the "ark" [unlikely] : (b) a son of Noach had taken a `Gibor` woman [also unlikely] : (c) `Giborim` were reproduced after the flood in the same manner in : which they were reproduced prior to the flood. [most likely IMO] *What manner is that? : it is probable that the major purpose of the flood was to exterminate : the Nefilim's offspring, the Giborim. : Yisraelim calling the Anakim `Nefilim` is merely a euphemism for : `Giborim,` since the `Nefilim` are actually the "fallen ones" who : assume flesh form and mate with female humans to produce the : cross-species `Gibor.` : : Another explanation would be that there was a glandular disorder among : the "Anakim" and the Yisraelim were totally mistaken in their : observation, since none of them had ever seen Giborim before. But the : measurements of the bed of the Gibor king verify that these creatures : were at least 3 meters tall. : That's not human.

The Gemara cites the verse in Shir ha'Shirim (3:7-8) that states, "Behold, it is the bed of Shlomo, surrounded by sixty Giborim (mighty men) of the mighty men of Israel. They all grasp the sword and are trained in warfare; each man with his sword upon his thigh, [protecting] against the dread of the nights." The Chachamim derive from this verse that a Dayan, when issuing a ruling, should be as fearful as though a sword is placed beneath him between his legs and Gehinom is below him


THE VILNA GA'ON (ibid.) supports Rashi's interpretation. He explains that when Sanhedrin sat, ten (of the most important members) sat in the middle of the group, and they were surrounded by the other sixty. These are the "sixty mighty men *around* the bed of Shlomo. (The ten in the middle correspond to the seven "Ro'ei Pnei ha'Melech" and three "Shomrei ha'Saf," who are closest to the king, in a king's court -- and in the king of king's court -- see Megilah 23a. The verse in II Melachem 25:19, which associates these authoritative members of the king's court with sixty other men, is discussing the members of the Sanhedrin.

There are five types amongst the Erev Rav: Nefilim, Giborim, Anakim, Refaim, and Amalekim . . . The Amalekim remain from the time . . . of the Flood, and those of them who live in the fourth exile make themselves leaders by force . . . Regarding the Nefilim (fallen ones) it says, "and the sons of G-d saw the daughters of man, that they were fair" (Bereishis 6:4). These were [the angels] Uzza and Azael [who fell from their heavenly positions because of their desire for women]; from them the Erev Rav draw their souls . . . The Giborim are those of whom it says, "They are the mighty ones, men of name" (Bereishis 6:4). They come from the side of those who said, "Come, let us build a city and make a name for ourselves" (Bereishis 11:4). These men build synagogues and yeshivos and place Torah scrolls inside of them with rich ornaments, but they do not do it for the sake of G-d, but only to make a name for themselves. As a result, the powers of evil rule over Israel . .

and the Lust of their father the murderer since the beginning, they do


The demons of hell seek to mix the miry clay with iron, but the two shall not cleave as the day of Noe

Unfortunately, in subsequent generations, the giants (or at least their genetic strain) return again to plague mankind. Giants are mentioned in the Old Testament under various names in the original Hebrew: Nephilim, Giborim, Anakim. The children of Israel encounter them during the conquest of Canaan. According to the book of Judges, David, the shepherd boy, conquers Goliath, the giant, and later as the great Psalmist, he implores the Lord's protection against "the wicked and the ungodly," the names David apparently uses for the evil race of Watchers.

The existence of this evil race, known by various names, pervades the New Testament as well as the Old Testament. They are also called "children of the wicked one," vipers, workers of iniquity, heathens and evildoers. According to Enochian prophecy, however, the Watchers will hold power over man until the fallen angels are finally judged. The judgment of the fallen angels, the Watchers and their offspring, the evil spirits, is the main theme of the Book of Enoch. The salvation of the righteous, the coming of the Son of Man, the eventual renovation of the earth are corollary themes. What is most significant about the text is its insistence on the presence of "evil spirits" on earth in physical bodies moving among mankind. I quote a portion of the text:

For they are defeated since the beginning of the world and it is sealed at Calvary. Praise and Glory to the Lord the Most High. Let them tremble Lord, let them tremble.


They think their savior is satan, but they too are deceived and cast into the PIT along with death and hell with their false messiah and their false little wanna be god. But they cause the children in Israel to err, as in "Amaraka"


The Gemara in Shabbos (89a) relates that when Moshe left Har Sinai after receiving the Torah, the Angel of Death (who is the Satan, who is also the Yetzer ha'Ra, as the Gemara says in Bava Basra 16a) came to Hashem and asked, "Where did the Torah go?" TOSFOS there explains that the Satan did not know that the Torah had been given to the Jews. Tosfos cites the Midrash with explains that Hashem kept the Satan preoccupied with other matters at the time the Torah was given so that he should not say, "How can you give the Torah to the Jews when they will sin in only forty days by building a golden calf?" The Midrash explains that Hashem did not want the Satan to know about the giving of the Torah, so He arranged to have the Satan "miss" the event.



Giborim of Sanhedrin

They are those who: 1.) create strife and speak loshon hara; 2.) pursue their desires to extremes; 3.) swindle while pretending to be righteous and upright; 4.) pursue honor and build great synagogues to make a name for themselves; 5.) pursue money and strife. (Aderes Eliyahu)

The selection and purification of Israel will not be complete until the Erev Rav is separated from Israel completely, because they (the Erev Rav) is very attached to the Jews, who learn from their actions. (Evven Shlaimah)


On Wendsday October 14, 2004 a special ceremony was held in Teveria to celebrate the convening of the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin was disbanded when the Jews were sent into exile and previous attempts to reconvene it have failed. This bod,y the "Jewish Supreme Court" which has 71 members was planned in secret for over a year with rabbis receiving the special ordination necessary to serve on the the court. The 71 chosen to participate come from across the wide spectrum of Judaism today and plans to meet.

This is a significant development both in Jewish law and a major watershed event in the final redemption of the Jewish people.

Tradition holds that the Sanhedrin will be reconvened before the coming of the messiah (Moshaich)  and this court is necessary for many practices including sanctifying the new moon. It is a major step and a sign that Jews are finally "taking their destiny in their hands" to actively BRING the redemption. This parallels the recent trend of visiting the Temple mount and discussion of actively rebuilding the Temple and reinstating sacrifices. The Sanhedrin does not have the support of several leading rabbis and it is questionable whether or not it will be accepted by the majority of the Jewish people. It however is significant in that it will open a wave of discussion about the necessity of a Sanhedrin, what is halachiclly required to create one, who is eligible to serve, and will put those who oppose this
move on the defensive to explain themselves. May it be G-d's will that the step of reinstating the Sanhedrin will be a catalyst for the coming of the messiah and the final redemption.


False Christ

Motivating all the unique projects Rabbi Kramer enumerated, is the firm belief in the imminent Redemption, which will begin in Teveria. As Rabbi Kramer put it, “You know that the first place Eliyahu and Moshiach will appear will be in Teveria, where the Sanhedrin will be. Eliyahu will appear in Teveria in order to reestablish the Sanhedrin.”  



Will yet another Lubavitch viper Thug join Bushkevik and Company? Another Treasonous insider of the WTC Massacre of Mossad

Kerik tops list to be Homeland chief

Sources say New York City’s former police commissioner who also helped train police in Iraq may head federal Homeland Security agency


December 2, 2004

WASHINGTON -- Former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik is the likely choice to head the federal Homeland Security Department during President George W. Bush's second term, according to sources close to Homeland Security officials.

Kerik would replace Tom Ridge, the first head of the department, who on Tuesday announced his intention to resign once a successor is in place.

Kerik, 49, served as police commissioner for 16 months during 2000 and 2001 and gained national prominence during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He previously was city corrections commissioner.

After leaving the police post, he undertook a mission for the Bush administration to help train Iraqi police. He earned his spurs as a Bush political loyalist by delivering a prime-time speech praising the president during the Republican convention and campaigning for him in the fall.

Speculation about a move to Washington increased recently when Kerik sold $5-million worth of stock in Taser, the stun-gun manufacturer.

The White House declined to comment on the appointment last night.

Gov. George Pataki sang Kerik's praises during remarks delivered yesterday at the World Trade Center. "Look at his record," Pataki said. "Look at his experience. He knows this country. And not only does he have tremendous experience leading New York in one of our most difficult times, he's also been involved in Iraq and in other global issues. So I think he'd be terrific."

Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) also praised Kerik, saying he "would be a terrific choice, great for the country and great for New York. He has the organizational skills as commissioner of the largest police force in the country and the street smarts of a tough New York City cop."

King said New York might benefit from a Kerik appointment because Kerik would be attuned to the city's arguments that it should receive a greater share of federal anti-terrorism funds than it gets under current funding formulas.

If nominated to the post by Bush and confirmed by the Senate, Kerik would head a sprawling 2-year-old bureaucracy created after the Sept. 11 terror attacks to organize and lead the government's response to the prospect of domestic terrorism.

The department was born in contentiousness -- the Bush administration initially opposed creating it, then reversed course, then used the Senate vote as a political club against Democrats -- and remains the subject of controversy. Its color-coded terrorist alerts have been panned by everyone from local police chiefs to late night comics.



New York's top cop is heading for Israel to trade advice about NYPD anti-terrorism tactics in exchange for help in cutting off the Big Apple's supply of the club drug "ecstasy." The visit includes a state dinner with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The ecstasy issue is on the agenda because Israel is a major port of origin for huge shipments of the drug into the United States. In July, the NYPD busted two Israelis trying to deal $40 million worth of the drug. Never missing a beat, Israeli officials will take Kerik to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. This is revealing! So a top cop, whose police force represents more men than the armies of Switzerland or Denmark, has to wine and dine with the Prime Minister to stop Israel's illicit export of drugs? Do they fly to Colombia and do the same there with the prime minister - or do they go straight for the crooks? What does this story tell the world?


Rewarded for his Goyim Service, by a "rib-eye" of Chabad of course

Remarks, Guest of Honor:
Bernard B. Kerik,
New York City
Police Department

Leib Glanz

[Below is the Bernard B. Kerik bio text
from dedication's printed program]

From the United States Army to the New York City Police Department, Bernard B. Kerik has distinguished himself as a leader and innovator. His years of government service have been characterized by dedication, loyalty, success and courage under fire. Commissioner Kerik was appointed New York City's 40th Police Commissioner on August 21, 2000. Prior to his appointment, he served as Commissioner of the Department of Correction, a position to which he was appointed on January 1, 1998.


He previously served for three years as this Department's First Deputy Commissioner and the Director of the Investigations Division.


Commissioner Kerik began his professional career as a member of the U.S. Army's Military Police, serving in Korea and in the 18th Airborne Corps where he trained Special Forces personnel. Following his military service, Commissioner Kerik traveled to Saudi Arabia where he assumed various security assignments, including protection for members of the Saudi Royal Family.

Bush's payout Pals

Returning to the United States, Commissioner Kerik served as the Passaic County Sheriff's Office Training Officer, the Assistant Commander of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team, and the Commander of its Special Weapons and Operations Units. In December 1985, Commissioner Kerik was appointed the Warden of the Passaic County Jail.

In July of 1986, Commissioner Kerik left the Passaic County Jail to join the New York City Police Department. He served in a variety of assignments including undercover duties with anti-crime and narcotics units in various commands before being selected for the U.S. Department of Justice's New York Drug Enforcement Task Force. It was there that he helped direct a narcotics investigation that resulted in the conviction of more than sixty members of the Cali Cartel.


During his tenure with the NYPD, he was decorated on thirty separate occasions for meritorious and heroic service, receiving the Police Department's prestigious Medal of Valor.

In December 1997, he was appointed by Mayor Giuliani to the newly formed New York City Gambling Control Commission. Commissioner Kerik currently is president of the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement, and serves on the Terrorism Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He is also a member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Council of St. John's University and a former chairman of the Michael John Buczek Foundation's Annual Fundraiser, which honors law enforcement heroes across the nation.

Today's dedication serves as a permanent reminder of Commissioner Kerik's contributions to and impact on the City of New York

Talmudic Satanic shemgod rabid "Rib-eye" promoting Kerik


Loyalty to Treason pays big rewards


November 1, 2004 -- TOMORROW, America will decide who will lead our nation for the next four years. For the future of my family, my country and the principles I have based my life upon, I'm walking into the voting booth and pulling the lever for President Bush.

I am voting for George W. Bush because he has shown me that he has the resolve and the strength to fight and win the war against terrorism. In this year's presidential election, the first held since the attacks of 9/11, the most important election in our lifetime, these qualities have never been more critical.

I'm voting for President Bush because I was the commissioner of the New York City Police Department on 9/11 and I watched the planes crash into the World Trade Center, and take the lives of 23 of my cops, 37 Port Authority officers, 343 firefighters and almost 2,400 innocent civilians.

Watched? Did he watch the WTC-7 implode? Did he watch the Pods in a windowless plane shoot some type of Missle? Did he watch as the NY FBI released the 5 Mossad Israeli's who were taping the massacre and High Fiving each other in the World's most deadly Attack? Did he watch his appointed Schneerson president sit unmoved in the classroom in Florida, where he was reading about a goat? 

Of course he did


 And three days later, George Bush was at my side, and standing shoulder to shoulder with the grief stricken heroes still searching for survivors. He stood with us at the site of the worst attack in U.S. history and delivered a promise we desperately needed to hear — that the madmen responsible for this evil "would hear from us."

and Iraq who did nothing is hearing from the Talmudic Chasidid satanic Illuminated rabid rib-eyes well, aren't they Kerik?

I'm voting for President Bush because he fulfilled that promise in three months, breaking the Taliban and al Qaeda's hold on Afghanistan and turning a terrorist breeding ground, responsible for training more than 20,000 fanatics, into a democracy, where the first presidential vote in Afghan history was cast by a 19-year-old woman.

and where the poppy flows freely once more

I am voting for President Bush because he understands that there will be no easy victories in the war against terror.

Someone guided only by political winds, someone whose vision is narrowed by the fear of controversy and criticism — someone like John Kerry — might have closed the book with the fall of the Taliban. After all, Sen. Kerry has shown as much in his votes against liberating Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War, his vote to reduce our nation's intelligence budget one year after the first bombing of the World Trade Center, his repeated votes to slash our military and weapons systems.

Better to kill innocent Iraqi's then Kerry

But the president stood at the gravesite known as Ground Zero and saw with his own eyes the death and devastation that terrorism leaves in its wake, the children whose fathers and mothers would never come home, the parents that now had to bury their sons and daughters. 

The "Grave site" where the rubble of the WTC was hauled immediately to China to be rapidly disposed of, and No Investigation of the steel was allowed.


And in that moment he understood what John Kerry cannot grasp — that our nation cannot endure another 9/11, that we can't afford to be defensive in the War on Terror, that the next plot might not be against our skyscrapers but our schools, that the next Madrid could be Penn Station and the next Beslan, Russia could be Bayonne, New Jersey.

If we do not bend down in Treasonous Cowardice and appease the shemgod Hoodlum haha and enforce their Talmudic satanic so called Universal Noahide laws upon all the earths masses

I am voting for President Bush because he understands this threat, and he has responded, building from the ground up a Department of Homeland Security that links 22 agencies and 180,000 federal employees together into a single, unified effort, and an Information Network that puts them in direct contact with another 700,000 law enforcement officers nationwide.

He knows because he choked on the proverbial Jewish Pretzel

For the first time, these brave men and women were given a national strategy to follow, one that is focused on intelligence and warning, transportation security, and defending against catastrophic events. 

And stripping  "Amaraka" from it's freedon as to the Illuminated Protocols of the ancients of the House of Israel, who worship abominable things


And to make sure they had the tools to do the job, President Bush tripled the Homeland Security budget and delivered the Patriot Act, which allowed these officers to share information in a way they had never been able to before, to uncover terror cells in Lackawanna New York, and foil terrorist plots against the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Nazi (Nasi) of the generation Dan the Chasidic Chabad Serpent

I am voting for President Bush because he understands that if we don't fight the enemy at their source with soldiers and tanks we will end up fighting them in our cities with cops and firefighters.

referring to the saints of Jesus the Christ, when GOG of Shema-Gog begins slaying them, True Israel in Spirit


 John Kerry says wrong war, wrong time, but forgets to mention the thousands that Saddam Hussein murdered, the rewards he paid to the families of suicide bombers, the terrorists like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi he sponsored and harbored. 

Now do you see, how eloquently this VIPER SEED changed the face of Emmanuel Iraq the true enemy of the Hoodlum haha of the shemgod's, and Usama Ben Laden is still running Loose, that CIA Operative, Allied with the Bushkevik-Schneerson campaign of Terror


I spent four months in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein, I saw the brutality he left behind, the hatred for America he cultivated, the threat he was building. I know our world is safer now that he is gone.

Tell that to the Tens of Thousand, and thousands of Iraq Civilian "Collateral" dead. Tell that to the Mothers and the Fathers of Our dead Children you Viper from the Pit of Hell

When I cast my vote, I am going to remember these moments. I am going to remember what I lost on 9/11, and how I felt on that morning.

On the Lord's Great and Terrible Day of Wrath, I assure you serpent seed you will remember your murders well

 I'm going to reflect on what I would have thought on that day if I had heard someone like John Kerry speak to me about global tests, about nuisances, about how this day "didn't change me much at all."

And then I am going to vote for President George W. Bush.

Bernard B. Kerik served as the 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department and as Interim Minister of the Interior and Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Presidential Envoy in Iraq.


Couldn't find the "Terrorist" on the Flight Passenger List, Could not find the Black Boxes. Could not find his Treasonous butt with both hands in the dark, But abra kadabra....they found the ID of a "Terrorist" Blocks away, and totally damage free.....go figure


Flight 11/Flight 175 Hijacker Passport Found

We have just mentioned the distinct possibility that the masterminds of
Operation 911 will manufacture evidence. Well, here is a CNN story for
your consideration:

“In New York, several blocks from the ruins of the World Trade Center, a
passport authorities said belonged to one of the hijackers was discovered
a few days ago, according to city Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. That
has prompted the FBI and police to widen the search area beyond the
immediate crash site.”
(“Leaders urge ‘normal’ Monday after week of terror...,” September 16,
2001 Posted: 7:07p.m. EDT (2307 GMT)


Famine caused by the shemgods and their Proselytes

Bush to tap Nebraska governor for Cabinet

Gov. Mike Johanns to head Agriculture Department

Thursday, December 2, 2004 Posted: 11:50 AM EST (1650 GMT)


Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns

Obedient Goyim Catholicos

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush on Thursday chose Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns as secretary of agriculture to oversee the nation's farm and food programs, an administration official said.


In the Community

B'nai B'rith Breadbreakers

December 1: Governor Mike Johanns will be our guest; Special session at the Ironwood: Cost $10. (RSVP required)



and Don't Forget, Beltaine Day May 1, 2003...........Mission Accomplished

President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 with the banner in the background.

President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 with the banner in the background.


More Troops

Bush: Iraq vote shouldn't be delayed

Suspected insurgents kill 3 in separate attacks

Thursday, December 2, 2004 Posted: 11:24 AM EST (1624 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Thursday that elections in Iraq should go ahead as scheduled January 30.

the Deception set up

"The elections should not be postponed. It's time for the Iraqi citizens to go to the polls, and that's why we are very firm on the January 30 date," Bush said as he appeared before reporters with Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo at the White House. 

The elections are meant to elect a transitional parliament that will draft a new constitution, and the Pentagon has said that balloting will represent "the next step toward a more peaceful and stable environment" in the embattled country.

Noahide Enforcement

Seventeen secular, religious and regional groups have called for a delay to the elections, but a spokesman for interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi has said the leader is opposed to a postponement. 

The war is over

On Wednesday, the Pentagon said it was dispatching an additional 1,500 troops to Iraq and extending the stays of more than 10,000 others to bolster security ahead of the vote.

The moves will bring the number of American forces in Iraq from nearly 140,000 to an all-time high of about 150,000, the Pentagon said.

But the war is over

"I have always said that I will listen to the requests of our commanders on the ground, and our commanders requested some troops delay their departure home and the expedition of the other troops to help these elections go forward," Bush said. "And I honored their request."

the wars of the hashemites

Two battalions of the 82nd Airborne Division, based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, are being dispatched to Iraq for up to four months to provide security for Iraq's elections, the Pentagon said.

What about the "Amarakan Election Mr. Bushkevik?

In addition to the new troops, two Army brigades, a transportation company and a Marine unit scheduled to return home in January are being kept in Iraq until March.


Heating up "AMARAKA"

FBI searches pro-Israel group's office

Possible espionage probed; employees subpoenaed

Wednesday, December 1, 2004 Posted: 10:00 PM EST (0300 GMT)


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- FBI agents searched the offices of a pro-Israel lobbying group Wednesday as part of an espionage probe, two government sources told CNN

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, said the government also subpoenaed four senior staff members to appear before a federal grand jury.

The probe involves allegations that a Pentagon analyst passed classified information to Israel through two employees of the organization, the sources said.

Government officials previously told CNN the information that allegedly was passed included a draft presidential directive on U.S. policy toward Iran.

Government sources refused to give a reason for Wednesday's search -- the second of the AIPAC offices -- because the search warrant is under seal.

"It's just a normal investigative procedure," one official said.

The investigation of AIPAC, which became public in late August, has been going on for many months.

An FBI spokeswoman refused to comment on the search.

In a statement released late Wednesday afternoon, AIPAC said it "learned in August that the FBI was investigating two AIPAC employees when the authorities visited the AIPAC offices and requested and obtained computer files related to these two employees.

"Today, the FBI returned and requested and obtained additional files relating to the same two AIPAC staff members and delivered subpoenas requiring the appearance of four senior AIPAC staff before a grand jury."

The group said it has done nothing wrong.

"Neither AIPAC nor any member of our staff has broken any law," it said in the statement posted on its Web site. "We are fully cooperating with the governmental authorities. We believe any court of law or grand jury will conclude that AIPAC employees have always acted legally, properly and appropriately.

"Despite the false and baseless allegations that have been reported, AIPAC will not be distracted from our central mission of supporting America's interests in the Middle East and advocating for a strong relationship with Israel."

In August, AIPAC said it was assisting the government's investigation, including providing documents and information and making staff members available for interviews.

Sources have told CNN that two AIPAC employees were previously interviewed by the FBI.

The Pentagon analyst's lawyer told The Los Angeles Times his client did not engage in any espionage activities.

CBS News, which first reported the story in August, said the FBI had developed evidence that included photographs and conversations recorded through wiretaps. 

The network said the Pentagon analyst has ties to two senior Pentagon officials: Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith.

A spokesman at the Israeli embassy in Washington denied in August that the country had spied on the United States.

"I Pledge Allegience" to the Hoodlum haha of my shemgods whose god has no Only Begotten Son, my favorite Philosopher 


High Treason

The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson's revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin



President Bush’s Address to the AIPAC Policy Conference

(May 18, 2004)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Finally, AIPAC elected a President I can kiss. (Laughter and applause.)

I'm honored to be here at AIPAC, thank you for such a warm welcome. It's good to be with so many friends -- friends of mine and friends of Israel. (Applause.) For more than 50 years, the United States and Israel have been steadfast allies. AIPAC is one of the reasons why. (Applause.) You've worked tirelessly to strengthen the ties that bind our nations -- our shared values, our strong commitment to freedom. (Applause.)

Our strong commitment of TREASON and Blasphemy in our combined effort to create Our Vision where satan's son of perdition will be our Kingpin Thug in Jerusalem

By defending the freedom and prosperity and security of Israel, you're also serving the cause of America. (Applause.) Our nation is stronger and safer because we have a true and dependable ally in Israel. (Applause.) I appreciate -- (applause) -- I'm just getting warmed up. (Laughter and applause.)

He is just getting warmed up for that pit of Death and Hell where his carcase is to be cast on that Great and Terrible Day of the LORD'S Wrath

I want to thank Amy for her leadership. (Applause.) I appreciate you taking time to serve a cause that -- in which you believe deeply. I want to thank Bernice for her willingness to serve, as well. (Applause.) I've known Howard for a long time. He's effective. (Laughter and applause.) I want to thank the AIPAC board -- AIPAC board members for their friendship and leadership. I'm honored to be in the presence of my friend, the Ambassador from Israel, Danny Ayalon. I appreciate you being here, Danny. (Applause.)

Hysterical maniacle appause

Ehud Olmert is with us. Ehud, it's good to see you again. Thank you, sir. (Applause.) I remember the first time we visited in 1998. I had just been re-elected as the Governor of Texas. I went to Israel, and Ehud welcomed me and three other governors to, I guess, your office. You were the Mayor, if I'm not mistaken, at that point in time. And you were focused on filling potholes and emptying the garbage of the people -- (laughter.) But we struck up a good relationship then, and it's great to see you again.

I appreciate the other ministers who are here, some of whom I have met before, some of whom I have had not the honor of meeting. I know I met Tommy before. Appreciate you all being here. Welcome to America. Thank you, Tommy. (Applause.)

Read the entire Treasonous speech of Bush's TRUE Loyalty @



The four subpoenaed officials are Executive Director Howard Kohr, Managing Director Richard Fishman, Communications Director Renee Rothstein, and Research Director Rafi Danziger, a source familiar with the investigation told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday night.


Big Rewards

Jewish officials denounce Bush "endorsement"

11-02-2004 02:34:21 ET

Three top Jewish officials have blasted the Republican Party in the US state of New Jersey for using their comments as endorsements of incumbent president George Bush for today's presidential election. The Republican State Committee had distributed a flier to 60,000 Jewish households last week, featuring a photo of Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. On the reverse side were remarks praising Bush from former New York City mayor Ed Koch; Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League; Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism; and Howard Kohr, executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. While Koch has campaigned for Bush, the others expressed outrage that comments they had made unrelated to any political campaign were included in the endorsement. Republican party officials did not apologize, but promised not to use the comments again.


AIPAC Briefing with Rafi Danziger 
AIPAC'S NATIONAL FOREIGN POLICY DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH, Rafi Danziger, will be discussing US Foreign Policy: Issues Facing the Next Administration, Congress & Israel. ALL ARE WELCOME WITH RSVP.  

Hebrew Educational Alliance, 3600 S. Ivanhoe St. Denver 303-864-9464



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"All you ever need to know about their god and Qabalah"

Qabalah Part II

Qabalah Part III

National Identification Card

 ADDED Material 3-25-2004 Prophecy Unfolding

A Sincere Request to  "Rapture" Teachers

"Seventh Trumpet"

Compulsory Constitutional Cremation

Homeland Security, "The Police State"

"The Fourth Beast"

The Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah

The Scribes of Baal

How will they do it- " The false-christ"

False Christ Part II

The Word

Baal's food Tax

"The Changing of the Guards"

"Summation" The beginning of sorrows has begun

"Moshiach ben Lucifer"

Satan's Tales "Wagging the Global Dog"

"Satan's Plan", Protocols of Zion ( of course they will dispute it's authenticity)

I Witch, New One World Order Seal

Satan's Enforcers of Quaballah

Satan's Enforcers Part 2

Satan's Enforcers Part 3

Satan's Enforcers Part 4

The Seed of God or the Seed of Satan, Your choice by faith

Pledge of Allegiance Part Two

I AM, the Revelation of Jesus Christ

King of the Noachides

"Beware the Mark"

"Beware the Mark" part two

"Beware the Mark" Part 3

"Beware the Mark" Part Four

"Beware the Mark" Part Five

 Harvest of Fear

"Harvest of Fear" Part Two

"Harvest of Fear" Part Three

National Organization Against Hasidic International Talmudic Enforcement

Where's Da Plane Boss, wheres da plane?

The Tarot Card Killer of Olam Ha Ba

The "Lessor Jew"

Temporary Coup d' Etat

The Federal Reserve, Fed up with the Fed?

The Protocols Today. Dispute this, Liars !

Protocols Today Part Two

Letter to a friend "It's not the Jews Dummy"

Identity of the Illuminati

The "Son's of the Synagogue of Satan"Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Satan Part 1A

Chabad Satan Part 2

Chabad Satan Part 2A

Chabad Satan Part 2B

Chabad Satan Part 3

Chabad Satan Part 3A

Chabad Satan Part 4

Chabad Satan Part 4A

Chabad Satan Part 4B

Chabad Satan Part 4C

Chabad Satan Part 5

Chabad satan Part 5A

Chabad Satan Part 5B

Chabad Satan Part 5C

Chabad Satan Part 6

Chabad Satan Part 6B

Chabad Satan Part 6C

Chabad Satan Part 6D

Chabad Satan Part 7

Chabad Satan Part 7A

Chabad Satan Part 7B

Chabad Satan Part 7C

Chabad Satan Part 8

Chabad Satan Part 8A

Chabad Satan Part 8B

Chabad Satan Part 8C

Chabad Satan Part 8D

Chabad Satan Part 9

Chabad Satan Part 9A

Chabad Satan Part 9B

Chabad Satan Part 9C

Chabad Satan Part 9D

Chabad Satan Part 10

Chabad Satan Part 10A

Chabad Satan Part 10B

Chabad Satan Part 10C

Chabad Satan Part 10D

Chabad Satan Part 11

The Chabad Satan Wall of Destruction

Chabad Wall Part 2

Chabad Wall Part 3

Chabad Wall Part 4

The Chabad Phoenix is Rising

Columbia "The Queen of Heaven"

Patriot Akt II, Comrad 

The Infiltration of the leaven "Jerusalem Council"

Satan's One World Religion

OWR Part 2

OWR Part 3

OWR Part 4

One World Religion Part 5

One World Religion Part 6

One World Religion Part 7 Religion Part 7

Re the god of Talmud Bavli

Perpetual Purim

"The Raiser of Taxes"

Jewish Persecution

Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws

The Leaven of the Chabad Lubavitch Chassidim Pharisees

Exod-U.S the coming Geula 


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

Noahide News

Noahide News 2

Noahide News Part 3

Noahide News Part 4

Noahide News Part 5

Noahide News Part 6

Noahide News Part 7

Noahide News Part 8

Noahide News Part 9

Noahide News Part 10

Noahide News Part 11

Noahide News Part 12

Noahide News Part 13

Noahide News Part 14

Noahide News Part 15

Noahide News Part 16

Noahide News Part 17

Noahide News Part 18

Noahide News Part 19

Noahide News Part 20

Noahide News Part 21

Noahide News part 22

Noahide News Part 23

Noahide News part 24

Noahide News Part 25

Noahide News Part 26

Noahide News part 27

Noahide News Part 28

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Noahide News Part 30

Noahide News Part 31

Noahide News Part 32

Noahide News Part 33

Noahide News Part 34

Noahide News Part 35

Noahide News Part 36

Noahide News Part 37

Noahide News Part 38

Noahide News Part 39

Noahide News Part 40

Noahide News Part 41

Noahide News Part 42

Noahide News Part 43

Noahide News Part 44

Noahide News Part 45

Noahide News Part 46

Noahide News Part 47

Noahide News Part 48

Noahide News Part 49

Noahide News Part 50

Noahide News Part 51

Noahide News Part 52

Noahide News Part 53

Noahide News Part 54

Noahide News Part 55

Noahide NewsPart 56

Noahide News Part 57

Noahide News Part 58

Noahide News Part 59

Noahide News Part 60

Noahide News Part 61

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Noahide News Part 63

Noahide News Part 64 

Noahide News Part 65

Noahide News Part 66

Noahide News Part 67

Noahide News Part 68

Noahide News Part 69

Letter to Bob Jones and President Bush and all televangelist

Noahide News Part 70

Noahide News Part 71

Noahide News Part 72

Noahide News Part 73

Noahide News Part 74

Noahide News Part 75

Noahide News Part 76

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