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Dec. 22, 2004 

Day 35 of 1290 of 2300




of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.


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The hasidic Pharisaic Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet Talmudic hasidim, have planned well. To finish their Iniquity they needed to poison Arafat. Then to provide their Smokescreen of Bush the appointee of Schneerson the Head serpent promoter of their satanic Noahide Laws, to get a rift going with Aholibah, Judah, Sharon of secular zion....Increase the war level between DAN US and Ishmael........and bring in their Talmudic Sanhedrin Satanic Theocracy 

Daniel 11:

13: For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches.
14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Sudden Discord between Bush and Sharon

Israel’s prime minister Ariel Sharon was warned many a time to beware of placing all his major policy eggs in the George W. Bush basket. But from the time he first took office more than three years ago, he never wavered from his bond with the US president. Their friendship was often cited as one of Sharon’s prime assets. And until last week, the Bush administration stood behind the prime minister and heartily endorsed his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank in stages ending in September 2005.

But then the wind blowing in from Washington suddenly turned chill.

Chabad Lubavitch put a stop to their broken covenant land withdrawel

In the last week, according to DEBKAfile’s Washington sources, the White House suddenly spun its sympathies around from Ariel Sharon and his disengagement plan to Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Fatah frontrunner in the Palestinian January 9 election, and his sweeping demands for territorial concessions.

The prime minister’s office in Jerusalem has not acknowledged that a main prop has been knocked out from under his most fundamental policy positions. But it was suggested in Sharon’s “2005 –year of big opportunities” speech Thursday night, December 17, in Herzl-iya. He declared in ringing tones that recalled the way he laid down the law to Likud rebels: Disengagement will take place and it will proceed according to the format and time scale I laid down!

Bye-Bye Sheinerman the Butcher of Jenin

DEBKAfile’s Washington sources outline the new state of play.

Our sources in Washington believe that the determining factor in the US president’s turnabout was the message from Abbas that he will be in a position to announce a comprehensive ceasefire on or around January 1. He promises to bring all the Palestinian organizations including the radical Hamas and Jihad Islami into the truce.

Debka....a Hasidim organization

Bush decided that if Abu Mazen can pull this off, his demands deserve close attention.

Noahide laws....but Abu Mazen will never pull it off. Yeah sure the Two fold Covenant zionian crap will take place to fulfill the Zionist version of the Scripture....a temporary peace, But there shall be no Peace until that Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, Jesus the Christ........This will be done in accordance to the Talmudic Scofield version of the Prophets of Baa'l to confuse the masses. But them who know their Lord God know theirs is an eternal Covenant of the Promise which is Confirmed

They are, first, that Israel hold up its plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank by September 2005 and set a new timeline. Its execution must also be swift, no more than a few weeks. He thus rejects Sharon’s hard-and-fast timetable on which Israel’s security chiefs have based their 2005 planning.

The Bush administration may have bought another key Palestinian demand: Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank must be a lot deeper than the line marking off the northern tip with the four settlements that Sharon proposes to evacuate. That pullback too, according to the new US thinking, must take place in the space of weeks rather than the six months allotted by the Sharon government.

Bush is Playing exactly how the Hasidim Pharisees the Chabad Rabid Sofiet Lubavitch is directing him, to create even more tension between the two, for they will never Concede to the Plan. Bush has not changed anything, but is only causing tension, and they full well understand what it is they do. They are conspiring against secular zionism. Sharon will grow more un-popular every day and then the accusation that Sharon is a pawn of Bush will grow to tumultuous proportion until the people get Sharon out, and the Moshiach of Hell and death in............ 

These demands are not the sum total of Abu Mazen’s shopping list –just starters. But if confirmed by Washington, they will require Sharon to scrap his four key policy objectives.

1. The disengagement strategy born at the peak of Yasser Arafat’s campaign of terror as a unilateral exercise will be laid on a future negotiating table and subjected to tough Palestinian bargaining every inch off the way. Since last week, Washington looks like lining up behind Palestinian demands rather than Israel.

2. The proposition that the withdrawal from Gaza and northern West Bank will be Israeli’s last territorial concessions to the Palestinians, presented to the Israeli public as the crowning achievement of the Sharon-Bush friendship, will go by the board.

On April 14, President Bush received Sharon at the White House and endorsed his disengagement plan. (“I commend Prime Minister Sharon for his bold and courageous decision to withdraw from Gaza and part of the West Bank” – as did British premier Tony Blair later).

sending confusion to zion

The US president also said “in the light of new realities on the ground, including existing major population centers, it is unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status negotiations will be a complete and full return to 1949 armistice lines.”

3. Washington has said often that terrorism must stop as a prerequisite for political progress. But how serious is this assertion? Since last month, the Americans and Iraqi prime minister Iyad Awali have been in and out of Amman for secret meetings under Jordanian King Abdullah’s aegis to coax Iraqi Sunni leaders and Saddam loyalists to take part in Iraq’s new democratic enterprise.

Noahide Laws

 Some of the Iraqi interlocutors lead guerrilla operations against US forces in Iraq – either from inside the country or from outside bases, mainly in Syria. If Washington is willing to engage Iraqi terrorist leaders, why not open an indirect channel to Palestinian terror organizations too?

hahahahah.....stifle Sharon...then create Chaos in Syria and Iran to cover while they make their Transition to Sanhedrin

4. In his “Big Opportunities for 2005” speech Thursday, Sharon presented his Gaza pullback plan as the road to cure-alls for Israel’s economic woes, to new markets and to solutions for the extreme social and economic disparities between Israel’s rich and poor.

DEBKAfile’s Washington sources note that, while the Bush administration never promised US aid for the payout to evicted settlers or the Israeli army’s redeployment in the Negev, it was understood that Washington would be helpful to Israel on international and financial markets.

But of Course, for the Hasidic Chabad Lubavitch will soon inherit all the wealth, for they already control "Amaraka"

That too is in doubt.

The Bush administration is now focusing fully on raising $6-8 billion dollars from its own resources and those of other nations, including the Europeans, for Palestinian reconstruction and recovery projects over the next five years. Israel will not only miss out on funding for its peace efforts but its taxpayers will be asked to contribute to the Palestinians.

Not so, the Palestinians will become charitable Ger Toshav Goyim slaves to their shemgods or be slain

Former prime minister Ehud Barak has picked up the new winds blowing from Washington, for, speaking after Sharon, he called for the urgent completion of the defense barrier.

The WALL and the Military Street, Daniel 9

 Because of delays in its construction, he said: “…Israel may have already lost Ariel and he is not sure that Maaleh Adumim is not lost too and Gush Etzion at risk.”

Barak was nudging the prime minister to stop bandying words with the White House and instead to create facts on the ground without delay.

Too Late

Daniel 11:

15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.

Sharon is therefore in for some hard shoves to adapt to the Palestinian scenario. He is still clinging to his plan with all his strength. In his Herzl-iya speech, he noted bitterly: I cannot accept changes of plan after all my struggles, sacrifices and battles.

Daniel 11:

17: He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.

A month ago, he could have escaped the pressure by dissolving his minority government and calling an early election. But that door is closing fast. In the next few days a coalition agreement which he initiated is due to be signed for attaching dovish Labor and Oslo Accord architect Shimon Peres to his government. Sharon is careening very fast into a fix undreamt of two weeks ago; he is about to be dragged by the White House and pushed by his Labor partner away from his cherished disengagement plan and forced to kowtow to a US-backed Palestinian agenda.


You must come to Pharaoh, not to the Chancellor

Russian rabbi backs immigration law

One of Russia’s two chief rabbis has welcomed a pending German law that may slow down Russian Jewish immigration to Germany.

“Jewish emigration from Russia is understandable and logical only when the emigration destination is Israel,” Adolf Shayevich said in a statement Tuesday. But Shayevich acknowledged that “much has been done in Germany to revive and develop the infrastructure of the Jewish community.” In recent years, more Jews have moved from the former Soviet Union to Germany, which offers better social security to emigres, than to Israel. The new law, expected to take effect Jan. 1, will make it more difficult to immigrate to Germany.


They think the Third Time to be the charm, but it shall not be, for Strike three and you are out


The repatriation of the Jews under Ezra's inspired leadership, construction of the Second Temple on the site of the First Temple, refortification of the walls of Jerusalem and establishment of the Knesset Hagedolah (Great Assembly) as the supreme religious and judicial body of the Jewish people marked the beginning of the Second Temple period. Within the confines of the Persian Empire, Judah was a nation whose leadership was entrusted to the high priest and council of elders in Jerusalem.

James the Un-Just Freemason Viper of the Jerusalem Council and Noahide Laws

Dig into the wall Ezekiel


Ezra d. 3448 (313 BCE) He and his court, Men of the Great Assembly (Anshei Knesset HaGedola) received from Baruch ben Neriah and his court. (The Anshei Knesset HaGedola comprised 120 sages included Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Daniel, Chananya, Nehemiah ben Chachalya, Mordechai, Zerubavel and many others.


At the Knesset (left to right): General Director of the Rabbinical Courts Rabbi Eliahu Ben Dahan; Rabbi Shlomo Riskin; Rabbinical Court Justice Rabbi Shlomo Dichovsky; MK Gila Finkelstein (NRP) [Photo courtesy of MK Finkelstein’s office, the Knesset]

Make no Mistake, the Knesset is NOW Totally Controlled by the 71 ancients, the Gibborim of the House of Israel, and they will also do the Abominations as they did at the Time of Ezekiel, and Jesus the Christ.


The Sanhedrin

The citizens of the systems within the Union directly elect their representatives to the Sanhedrin, with elections being held at least every 7 years.  The number of seats a system has in the Sanhedrin is related to its population and its net contribution to the federal budget, but each system has at least 2 representatives.  The representatives are constituency based, with the top two candidates in an election going through to a second ballot.  If, for whatever reason, a seat becomes vacant, a bye-election will be held.


And they  wail for Tammuz, once more

About "Solomons Temple - was Ezekiel's Vision"

The journey to retrace the blueprints of Solomon’s Temple began by reading the great visions of Ezekiel. Upon the discovery of the death of Tammuz at the North Gate of the famous Temple, many more unanswered questions were spaded up. The road of this discovery had many forks along the way including the path of the power of mythology. Why would these ancient pagan rites and rituals end up being in the most famous vision of Ezekiel? Could the ancient Babylonian Mysteries and world mythology be linked to the Temple as Ezekiel claimed?


Could Ezekiel’s temple measurements be Solomon’s temple? In Ezekiel’s vision of the Temple could the death and resurrection of the god Tammuz be a signal that the rites of the pagan world have lived on until today in some form or fashion?


Are the original festival rites of Easter pagan? 


Could the waving of the palm branch in Ezekiel’s vision be a signal of the spring festival of the resurrection of the god on the hill? 


Such was the case in the superstitious mythological rite of the waving of the palm branch or other branches of trees around the world in the spring fertility festival. The fact that the green blade blooms yet again in spring brought forth by the sun was proof of the annual resurrection of the sun.


Who is Tammuz? What is Tammuz, the god of the underworld doing in God’s Temple in Jerusalem? 

being worshipped by Judaism's strange gods...she-kinah, She-MA the Queen of Heaven


Why are women weeping about his death? The main driving thought was; Could this god of the underworld die in this rebuilt temple? What significance does this all mean? Many seeds were planted and the long journey took years to grow into this living blueprint of the Temple of Solomon This was truly an independent study which continued through the months, the months turned into years, the years spawned beyond a decade.

Upon discovering that Solomon’s Temple had a gigantic winding staircase which linked three tall chambers a thought was born. What if no true Temple blueprint of Solomon’s Temple had ever been correctly made by using all the cubits of the Bible? Could it be that perhaps no one had really correctly finished a complete set of Solomon’s Temple blueprints?


The careful comparisons of scripture, the Mishna readings, Second Temple facts, Herod’s Temple, Josephus’s comments and the Talmud readings led to this final result. A full color CD is available for a person to fly through the complete Temple with scriptures accompanying him through the amazing journey.



Coming Soon

Is Iran next on Bush’s Gogumogog shopping list? What does it say in the Prophecies?


Murder by whoredom....."Purim"

She sits a queen, but says she is no widow

The Gemara in Megilla 13a posits that Esther and Mordechai were married. According to this opinion Esther's marriage to Achashverosh creates a number of halakhic problems. One of these problems, discussed in Tosfot on both Ketubot 3b and Sanhedrin 75b, is that a married woman who commits un-coerced adultery is forbidden to return to her husband.

Tosfot furthers this question by asking why Mordechai did not simply divorce Esther before she went to Achashverosh's palace (so that she could eventually return to him if circumstances allowed)? Tosfot answers that although Mordechai could have divorced Esther before she was taken to the king's chambers, he knew that a get (divorce document) would require eidim (witnesses), and did not want their marriage and subsequent divorce to be known to others. Thus, he chose not to give Esther a get in order to preserve the secrecy of their marriage


Yes the whore returned to her satanic husband

Although the Megilla never fully discloses whether or not Esther returns to Mordechai, the end (as explained by the Gemara in Megilla 15a) is a bittersweeet one. The Gemara, commenting on 4:16 "And if I am lost, I am lost," explains that Esther exclaimed "Just as I am lost to my father's house, so too I am lost to thee (to Mordechai's house)." After this statement of sadness and despair, Esther begins in the pasuk later in the events that lead to our national salvation.

Perpetual Purim, the murder of the Haman (Jesus the Christ) and his saints

With this new perspective in mind, the story of our salvation becomes slightly more complex and all the more courageous. Mordechai, a member of the Sanhedrin, knowing full well that he would be forbidden to his wife, nevertheless demanded of Esther to go to the king. Esther, aware of the hopelessness of her own personal situation, stepped up to the challenge and thus preserved our national existence.


Midrash Yalkut Shemoni on Mishlei 9 reads, "All the holidays will be nullified in future (in the days of Moshiach), but the days of Purim will remain forever…"


Oh what Joy the children who wail for Tammuz, Easter, Astarte, Ishatar, Venus, the Queen of Heaven, Esther has in their celebration of Perpetual Purim coming up by the hand of their Head Nasi (Nazi) of their Revived Beast the Sanhedrin of the son's of the Shema-GoG of Satan the hasidim Pharisees, Chabad Lubavitch, and their Hired hand Bushkevik II

Considering the nature of Purim, this seems to be a strange choice to preserve for eternity. It's a fun, almost frivolous holiday, contingent upon a specific time and place in history. Furthermore, the situation in which it took place was far from ideal: Jews, 70 years after Cyrus's decree that they could return to Eretz Yisrael, were still partying hard in the Diaspora. What element of this holiday would we want to preserve through Yemot HaMoshiach, a time when, as described by Isaiah in 65:16 "the former troubles are forgotten, because they are hidden from [God's] eyes".

their g-d  the murderer since the beginning and his lust, they do. 


Persecution of Christians 

Christians Christianity is a group of religious traditions that trace their origins to Jesus Christ, a member of the Tribe of Judah of the first century C.E., and assert that he is the son of God and the Lord and sole Saviour of all humanity as the messiah.

 Persecution may refer to unwarranted arrest, imprisonment, beating, torture, or execution. It also may refer to the confiscation or destruction of property, or incitement to hate Christians.

Persecutions in the New Testament

The New Testament The New Testament is the name given to the part of the Christian Bible that was written after the birth of Jesus Christ. The term new testament means a new covenant and was originally used by early Christians to describe their relationship with God (see 2 Corinthians 3:6-15; Hebrews 9:15-20) and later to designate a particular collection of 27 books.

Books of the New Testament

The 27 books of the New Testament were written by various authors at various times and places. Unlike the Old Testament, the New Testament was written in a narrow span of time, over the course of no more than a century. The following is a list of the New Testament books, followed by the author traditionally associated with that book.
..... Click the link for more information. reports that the earliest Christians suffered persecution at the hands of the
Jewish Jew is a term used to denote both followers of a religion and members of an ethnicity (adj. Jewish). In a religious sense, the term refers to followers of Judaism whether they are ethnically Jewish or not. In an ethnic sense, it refers to those who trace their ancestry from Jacob, the son of Issac, the son of the ancient patriarch Abraham and Sarah. Ethnic Jews include both Observant Jews and those who, while not practicing Judaism as a religion, still identify themselves as Jews in a cultural or ethnic sense.

According to those religions conventionally designated as "Christian", Jesus is the messiah and Son of God; who brought salvation to humanity through his death and resurrection. Jesus is also regarded as an ascetic prophet, by Muslims; as a false Messiah, by Judaism and Mandaeanism; as a manifestation of God, by the Baha'i; a manifestation of Maitreya by some Buddhists; as an avatar, by some Hindus; as the savior and bringer of gnosis by various Gnostic sects; and, as a guru by many New Ageists.

He was then arrested (Luke 22:54) and taken before the Sanhedrin Sanhedrin is the name given in the mishna to the body of seventy one sages who were the supreme court in ancient Israel.

The Sanhedrin can trace its lineage back to its formation in the time of Moses. Moses was the head of the first sanhedrin. The sanhedrin ceased to exist some time after the destruction of the Second Temple.

One of the requirements of being a member of the Sanhedrin is having received semicha. Semicha had to be transmitted in an unbroken line extending back to Moses. However, as part of their subjugation of the Jews, the authorities outlawed the transmission of semicha.

Pilate is famous primarily as a crucial character in the New Testament account of Jesus, but most of our knowledge of him comes from the account of the Romano-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.
 claiming that he was subverting Roman rule (Luke 23:2). According to the NT, Pilate did not want to give Jesus the death penalty, but Jewish crowds convinced him to have Jesus executed (Luke 23:13-24, 33). According to Matthew 27, Pilate's wife told him of a dream warning him against any dealings with Jesus, which may be supposed to have influenced his judgement.

According to the New Testament accounts, persecution of Jesus' followers continued after his death. Peter and John were imprisoned by the Jewish leadership, including high priest Annas, who however later released them (Acts 4:1-21). Another time, all the apostles were imprisoned by the high priest

 The apostles, after having escaped, were then taken before the Sanhedrin again, but this time Gamaliel (a Pharisee

The Pharisees were an ancient sect of Judaism; they existed during the time of rabbis Hillel the Elder and Shammai, and during the time of Jesus. They are the direct predecessor to what eventually became known as Rabbinic Judaism.

The New Testament recounts the stoning of Stephen (Acts 6:8-7:60) by the members of the Sanhedrin Sanhedrin is the name given in the mishna to the body of seventy one sages who were the supreme court in ancient Israel.

The Sanhedrin can trace its lineage back to its formation in the time of Moses. Moses was the head of the first sanhedrin. The sanhedrin ceased to exist some time after the destruction of the Second Temple.

But they are baaaaaaaaack to persecute the saints and the Elect in Judea

 Stephen is remembered in Christianity as the first martyr

Historically, a martyr (from Greek martys for "witness") was considered to be a person who died for their religious faith, typically by being tortured to death.

See Bushkevik Torture campaign

Christian martyrs in the first three centuries A.D. were crucified in the same manner as Roman political prisoners or eaten by lions as a circus spectacle. Many church historians claim that there were more Christian martyrs in the 20th century than in the first 19 centuries combined.

see 67 million Martyrs in the Talmudic Sofiet Hasidic satanic Trotsky "Revolution"

 Stephen's execution was followed by a major persecution of Christians (Acts 8:1-3), led by a Pharisee named
Paul of Tarsus

 Paul of Tarsus (originally Saul of Tarsus) is considered by many Christians to be the most important disciple of Jesus, and next to Jesus the most important figure in the development of Christianity.

Paul is recognized by many Christians as a Saint. Paul did much to advance Christianity among the gentiles, and is considered one of the primary sources of early Church doctrine. Some argue that it was he who first truly made Christianity a new religion, rather than a sect of Judaism.

See Pauls Imprisonment because he refused the letter of Noahide of the Jerusalem Council, Act 15


US Trying To Produce Fake
Nuclear Documents
Implicating Iran

Tehran Times
TEHRAN (MNA) -- Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi said here on Wednesday that Iran has arrested more than 10 nuclear spies who worked for the United States.
Some of the nuclear spies were members of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), but they were not able to transfer any important information, he added.
The information that the MKO members transferred was already common knowledge and by providing this information they claimed that Iran was seeking to produce nuclear weapons, the intelligence minister told reporters.
He said the U.S. intelligence service knew that the information the MKO provided was false but wanted the group to repeat these lies in order to prepare the ground for Washington to apply official pressure on Tehran.
Despite receiving false information, U.S. officials wanted the MKO to spy for them in order to divert attention from their main spies, and they thought that if the MKO made such a claim Iran would not notice the main spies.
"Neither the MKO nor the main spies succeeded in providing valuable information to the U.S. because we didn't have any secret information and nothing was in violation of the NPT," the intelligence minister added.
On the main mission of the spies, he said, "The spies wanted to disrupt nuclear activities and they wanted to prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear technology. "Three years ago, one of the project managers, who had been deceived by the CIA, informed the U.S. that Iran's progress was tangible and this was sad news for the U.S., and therefore he was given the mission to disrupt the work and the (Iranian) Intelligence Ministry arrested him."
Yunesi noted that the spy was an employee of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency and was the manager of one of the nuclear projects. The intelligence minister said that on another occasion the U.S. intelligence agency attempted to produce fake documents implicating Iran after Tehran agreed to suspend building centrifuges under a deal. For example, he said, "Some come to us and say that they can build equipment and we arrest them or somebody comes and announces that he sells uranium or a (nuclear) bomb like selling vegetables, and all these are guided by the intelligence services in order to create documents implicating Iran."
Contaminating the environment of areas used for nuclear activities in order to claim that nuclear contamination had been found was another ploy used by spies, he added.
He said there was also industrial espionage activity meant to glean information about Iran's nuclear expertise, but these efforts failed, too.
Yunesi went on to say that the United States has always been sensitive about Iran developing nuclear technology and has used all the means at its disposal to prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear technology.
First, the Bushehr nuclear power plant was launched with the agreement of the United States before the Islamic Revolution and in addition to the Bushehr plant there were also plans to build some more nuclear power plants, he said.
However, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Americans seriously objected to the continuation of the Bushehr project and barred some other countries like Germany, Japan, and China from finishing the project, he noted.
Also, during the war the U.S. gave the toppled Iraqi dictator a green light to bomb the Bushehr nuclear plant, he said.
Therefore, under U.S. pressure and sanctions, it was not possible for Iran to transfer nuclear technology from abroad and it had no alternative but to rely on its young scientists, Yunesi told reporters.
The intelligence minister said the U.S. monitored Iran's nuclear activities comprehensively through its satellites and with the help of its agents and knew that Iran's nuclear activities were not meant for military purposes.
For the past three years the U.S. has found out through its intelligence sources that Iran was on the verge of gaining access to nuclear technology, but it did not want to announce it, Yunesi said.
The U.S. employed its nuclear spies from some southern Persian Gulf Arab states, but they acted very unprofessionally, he added.


New Jersey court: Prosecutors can't bar religious jurors

setting up the Noahide Proselyte false witness program

Thursday, December 23, 2004 Posted: 9:09 AM EST (1409 GMT)

NEWARK, New Jersey (AP) -- The state's highest court ruled Wednesday that New Jersey prosecutors cannot bar overtly religious people from serving on juries.

The 6-0 ruling by the state Supreme Court overturned an appellate court decision and ordered a new trial for Lloyd Fuller, who was convicted in 2000 of armed robbery in Essex County and is serving a 14-year term.

The prosecutor during Fuller's trial, who was not identified in court documents, used two of his challenges to exclude a man who said he was a missionary and another man the attorney believed was Muslim.

The prosecutor argued that religious people would be too sympathetic to the defense. Fuller appealed, claiming that the juror removals violated his 14th Amendment right to equal protection.

Chief Justice Deborah T. (Tobias) Poritz, (Jew)  writing for the court, said Wednesday that the prosecutor's belief that "demonstrably religious persons are all alike in sharing defense-minded sympathies" is too broad.

Such a belief "suggests the very stereotypes that have been used to justify a blanket exclusion that the law condemns," she wrote.

Attorney Frank J. Pugliese, who represented Fuller, said the ruling was a blow against religious discrimination. "Obviously, the court has established for the first time that prospective jurors cannot be excluded based on their religion," he said.

During jury selection in Fuller's trial, the prosecutor excused a white man who said he was a missionary and a black man wearing a long black garment and a skull cap. Neither juror was asked about his religious beliefs.

State Attorney General Peter C. Harvey, whose office had defended the exclusion, said the ruling would be "very helpful to prosecutors."

"We now have clarity on how peremptory challenges can be used when people are wearing overt religious symbols," Harvey said.

Fuller was convicted of using a water pistol in the botched robbery of a Chinese restaurant. The Essex County prosecutor's office did not return a message seeking comment on whether it would try Fuller again.


Tetragrammaton, the YWVH gods of Judaism of Talmud. The new gods of Judaeo-Churchinsanity, Yaweh

The balance of the Sephiroth:
Kether (1) "Kether is in Malkuth, and Malkuth is in Kether, but after another manner."
Chokmah (2) is Yod of Tetragrammaton, and therefore also Unity.
Binah (3) is He of Tetragrammaton, and therefore "The Emperor."
Chesed (4) is Daleth, Venus the female.
Geburah (5) is the Sephira of Mars, the Male.
Tiphereth (6) is the Hexagram, harmonizing, and mediating between Kether and Malkuth. Also it reflects Kether. "That which is above, is like that which is below, and that which is below, is like that which is above."
Netzach (7) and Hod (8) balanced as in text.
Jesod (9) see text.
Malkuth (10) contains all the numbers.


Who hath bewitched you unbelievers?

The formula of Tetragrammaton is the most important for the practical magician. Here Yod = 2, He = 3, Vau = 4 to 9, He final = 10.

The sign of the Pentagram which is also known as the sign of the Microcosm, represents

that which the Cabbalists in the Book of Zohar call, the Microprosopio.


How to spot a Judaeo-Churchisatanist anti-Christ

If they wail for Tammuz....and use these names of the Talmudic Illuminated gods in the Place of the Creator Jesus the Christ.

YHVH YHWH tetragrammaton Yahweh Yahveh Jehova Yahoweh Yahuweh Iahueh Yahuwah Yah Jah Yahu Jahu Yahshua Yahshuah Jahshua Jahshuah Jashua Yashua Yashuah Yeshua Yeshuah Yehshua Yehshuah Jeshu Yeshu Yahoshua Yahushua Yehoshua Y'shua Y'shuah   Elohim Adonai Elohim el "El" "Elah" "elah" "Eloah" "eloah" 

then you had better run from them, for they lust of their father the murderer since the beginning. These are the bloodlusters of the shemgod wars against Ishmael, who act as though they Love the Lord Jesus the Christ, but do not, and they are Liars in unrighteousness, and now say their god is the god of the jews, this Illuminated Tetragrammaton that angel of darkness who has transformed himself into an angel of Light....Phosphorus Lucifer.

he commonest statements of all Jewish authorities attribute many customs and doctrines of “Judaism” to Persian, Babylonian, Assyrian sources. The leading paganisms of all the centuries have been gathered up and treasured by Pharisaic Talmudism. The long stay of Pythagoras in Babylon, his number and letter magic; the transmigration of souls out and back into the “En Sof;” procreation being the hub and center of the universe, a man’s first duty being to get souls out of “guf” and if this is impossible to keep on copulating in honor of the procreative powers; the selflessness of the universe; the multitude of spirits in charge of all functions; Sun-worship; veneration of the Moon; man as a spark of the divine capable of pushing the universe with his own illuminated inflated “knowing” self (Lucifer means “light-bearer”) — all this forms the old Nature religions of paganism, seeking power through abracadabra, invocations, fasting and ecstasies to attract the spirits of the unseen world. It is all as old as the Old Testament, and as current.

So-called “Judaism” is nothing but Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaism, which at base is crass paganism, pantheistic atheism, a conglomeration of all the forms of paganism concocted through the centuries. New descriptions concocted for this very old satanism, such as “immanence” (Spinoza); “emanation” (Talmudic Cabala); “dialectical materialism” (Marx) merely dress up old pagan concepts.


What the Cross means to Christianity, “Babylon the Great” means to the cult of Judaistic Pharasaism.

Babylon was the “Vatican,” center, and spiritual homeland of Pharasaic Babylonian Talmudism, as Chief Rabbi Hertz has put it, from 586 B.C. to 1040 A.D., when the last of the Talmud “academies” moved out into Europe, Asia and Africa from Babylonia.  The “glory” of Babylon is referred to in the Talmud. (Rodkinson introduction, 

And from Babylon, to Africa, Europe and all over the world, Pharisaism and its Traditions (Talmud) went, so that the Jew today repeats Pharisaic arguments when he studies Talmud, says Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, of the Jewish Theological Seminary, one of Jewry ‘s world top Jews. 

From Talmud “academies” in Babylon, at Sura, Hehardea, Nisibis, Pumbeditha, Talmudic ideas and decisions went out and were accepted by the “Jews” of the world. The Jewish Encyclopedia, considering “the general influence of Babylonia upon European Judaism,” states: “The West received both the written and the oral Law from Babylonia,” and even after the close of the Talmudic “glories” in Babylon (1040 A.D.): “Babylonia, however still continued to be regarded with reverence by the Jews in all parts … in the Ninth Century … Jews of Abyssinia placed ‘the sages of Babylon’ first in their prayers … a similar prayer, although it has quite lost its application, is extant today in many congregations. 

Rabbi Paltiel of Cairo contributed one thousand gold pieces to the schools of Babylonia … in accordance … with a custom prevalent in all places where Jews dwelt … . Toward the end of the Twelfth Century Benjamin of Tudela … relates that the nasi’ of Damascus received his ordination from the academic head of Babylonia so that this country was still predominant in the minds of the Jews of the Moslem world.” (Jewish Encyclopedia, “Babylonia,” 

Nasi (prince), is a head of the Sanhedrin, or ruler of temporal affairs of Jewry; the Ab Beth Din is the religious head and joint ruler with the Nasi in Pharisaism. There were five of these “pairs” before 70 A.D.

The Great harlot of Mystery Babylon has raised it's ugly head for these last days....Sanhedrin REVIVED Oct. 14, 2004

A Babylonian Talmud passage on Babylon, exalts it as the “centre of religion and learning.” (Kethuboth 11 1a, 

The complete devotion to Babylon of the Pharisee Jewish religion may be seen if only by reading the Jewish Encyclopedia. Reproduced herein are two pages of the Jewish Encyclopedia section on “Babylonia.”  These illustrate the proud and devoted attitude of Pharisaism toward Babylonia, which is the glory and source of their Pharisee tradition, the Talmud. Until 1040 A.D., we read, the Talmud-Cabala academies in Babylonia shone — then finally closed to spread Talmudic “learning” to the rest of the world, moving up through Spain and across Europe. 

We also read that “the Academy of Sura … reached a point of unprecedented splendor … Pumbedita … in 1040 also passed away after an existence of 800 years … Babylonian learning should be transplanted to Europe … This forms an appropriate point at which to consider the general influence of Babylonia upon European Judaism … the West received both the written and the Oral Law from Babylonia.”

The supreme place in Judaism given the Babylonian Talmud and the word Babylonian used on the title page of its every volume, are other indications of the Babylonian character of “Judaism” so-called.

The “Foreword” to the Soncino English translation of the Babylonian Talmud by the late Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, J.H. Hertz, is another indication.  Also consider the tribute paid to Babylon in the History of the Talmud accompanying the first (1903) English translation of the Babylonian Talmud by “Rodkinson” (M. Levi Frumkin). 

 Contrast the so-called Palestinian Talmud, which, says Chief Rabbi J.H. Hertz, one of “Jewry’s 120 world leading Jews,” was for many centuries almost forgotten by Jewry. Its legal decisions were at no time deemed to possess validity, if opposed by the Babylonian Talmud.” )

Babylon the Symbol

Babylon is the very symbol of moral filth in the whole Old Testament. But those who call themselves “People of the Book” exalt it in every way. Pharisaism today lives by the Babylonian calendar, keeps the Babylonian festivals and Fast of Tammuz, and enshrines its anti-Biblical immorality, including sodomy and burning children to Molech, necromancy, and other execrable practices.

The Talmud cites as the word of “the Masters” that, “All countries are like dough [inferior] toward the Land of Israel, and the Land of Israel is like dough toward Babylon.” 

and now they have their whoredom Babylon back, the whores, Pimp Dan is sending you young brave son's to die for satan, and they do not even know it, for the Judaeo-Jaysooose Judaizers have bewitched the church in "Amaraka" 

Continuing: “We have a tradition that Babel [Babylon] will not witness the suffering that will precede the coming of the Messiah.” A footnote states that a more correct reading of this is that the “suffering” frequent in modern Christian books is fictitious. These are the throes of mother Zion which is in labor to bring forth the Messiah — without metaphor the Jewish people.” 

Talmudic Jewish Months Are Babylonian

The lunar Babylonian calendar was adopted by the Judaites from the time of the deportation to Babylon of the Judah Kingdom (586 B.C.). Pharisaic Talmudists to this day have adopted the Babylonian calendar and the pagan names of the months, with rites to match. These month names coincide roughly with the signs of the Zodiac as follows: Nisan (Babylonian month) corresponds with Aries; Iyyar with Taurus; Siwan with Gemini; Tammuz with Cancer; Ab with Leo; Elul with Virgo; Tishri with Libra; Heshwan with Scorpio; Kislev with Sagitarius; Tebet with Capricorn; Shebat with Aquarius; Adar with Pisces.

Judaism — Tree Worship

Thus the Pagan Judaeo-Churchizionian "Christmas Tree"

Jeremiah 10:

1: Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:
2: Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
3: For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
4: They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.
5: They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.


Tree worship, one of the oldest forms of paganism, is based on the belief that trees are inhabited by spirits of fecundity.

Another of the regular Babylonian Talmudic synagogue festivals today is “New Year for Trees.” Its Talmudic name is “Hamishshah-‘asar bi-shevat,” under which title it is listed in the Babylonian, or synagogue calendar, given in the American Jewish Year Books. It fell, for example, on the 15th of Shevat, 1964, which in our calendar was January 29th.

In his work, The Golden Bough A Study in Magic and Religion, Sir James George Frazer devotes much space, even in the abridged edition (MacMillan, 1951), to “Tree Worship,” which he traces through different countries as a pagan observance. He says of Buddhist monks who, believing that trees have souls, “will not break a branch of a tree ‘as they will not break the arm of an innocent person.’ These monks are Buddhists. But Buddhist animism is not a philosophical theory. It is simply a common savage dogma incorporated in the system of an historical religion. To suppose, with Benfrey and others, that the theories of animism and transmigration current among rude peoples of Asia are derived from Buddhism, is to reverse the facts.”

What Frazer writes about the animistic, transmigration doctrines of Buddhism applies with equal force to so-called “Judaism,” which is poles apart from basic Bible beliefs.

Looking upon the individual tree as a soul, or merely the abode of a soul, says Frazer, marks the line between animism, the simplest nature-worship, and Polytheism, or tribute to many gods. He says: “When a tree comes to be viewed, no longer as the body of the Tree-Spirit, but simply as its abode which it can quit at pleasure, an important advance has been made in religious thought. Animism is passing into Polytheism. In other words, instead of regarding each tree as a living and conscious being, man now sees in it merely a lifeless, inert mass, tenanted for a longer or shorter time by a supernatural being … [who] enjoys a certain right of possession or lordship over the trees, and, ceasing to be a tree-soul, becomes a forest ‘god.’ “(pp. 129, 135)

The Christian reader may be perplexed at Biblical excoriations against trees. The fact was that owing to the fertility myth, individual and mass harlotry was carried on under trees, and these were planted for that purpose in groves.

and we put them in our living rooms to worship and adore

Two kings of Judah, Hezekiah and Josiah, were commended because they “cut down the groves.”  God promised Moses He would bless the people he was leading into Palestine providing they drove out the pagan abominators, the Canaanites, saying:

“Take heed lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants whither thou goest, lest it be for a snare … But ye shall destroy their altars … and cut down their groves.”  “Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods … under every green tree. And ye shall … burn their groves with fire.” , etc., repeat the same command. This was about 1450 B.C.

Read the varying, equivocating, hedging variety of reasons given by the Jewish authorities as to why some of their holidays are celebrated. “What goes on here?” is the natural reaction to all this evasiveness, or to direct contradictions by top sources.

Under “New Year for Trees” in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943) we are told that Shammai set this holiday for the 1st of Shebat (around February) and Hillel, the most popular of these two 1st Century Pharisees set it for the 15th of Shebat — and, of course, Hillel won. The “eating of many species of fruits” is cited for this occasion and: “No special liturgy … is prescribed for the day.”

Under “New Year for Trees” in the Jewish Encyclopedia, (1905), however, we read that “it is celebrated by eating various kinds of fruits and by a special liturgy arranged for the Day.” Take your choice. Then this older source cites that “the custom was to plant a cedar-tree for every new-born male and a cypress-tree for every female. When a marriage was about to take place the trees were cut down and used as posts for the nuptial canopy. 

The Gittin 57b passage of the Jewish Talmud referred to as the source of trees in connection with weddings, follows the Talmud [Gittin] 57a passage about Christians being in hell under boiling “excrement,” and every foul blasphemy of Christ. This followed by a “dainty” tale about David: “He went into a privy and a snake came, and he dropped his gut from fright and died.” (page 252 Soncino edition, not reproduced) Then, Gittin 57b:

“It was the custom when a boy was born to plant a cedar tree and when a girl was born to plant a pine tree, and when they married, the tree was cut down and a canopy made of the branches.”

The article in the Jewish Encyclopedia tells how the Cabalists, when they settled in Palestine in the 16th Century, instituted the custom of eating fruits on that day, instead of planting trees.

Zohar and Talmud readings about fruits are also mentioned, and customs in various countries such as Russia described. There “The children are granted absence from school and join in eating the fruits.”

That the trees around the Canaanite altars to the procreative powers and gods were not only symbols of fertility but were used as whoring places in their honor, is cited throughout the Old Testament. Each reform King cut down the “groves” which are denounced as a heathen abomination. Deuteronomy 12:2-3; 16:21; II Kings 18:4; 23:6, 15, are typical. Jeremiah, thundering at the Judaites, accuses them thus: “Under every green tree thou wanderest, playing the harlot.” (Jeremiah 2:20)

The posts, or “asherah,” marked “the high places” for sex degeneracy, in the name of “fruitfulness.” “Asherah” is defined as:

“a wooden post or tree-trunk with the branches lopped off … a seemingly indispensible part of the sanctuary in the ancient Canaanitish cult … a symbol of the fruitfulness of nature.” (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia)

“Tree Worship,” says the same source, is the belief “that trees are inhabited by spirits who exert good or evil influences and must therefore be revered … such a belief existed among the ancient Canaanites and … was adopted by the invading Israelites along with other elements of their religion and culture.” Referring to the “Sacred character of these trees:” “This corresponds to … the Asherah … and to what the prophets tell us of the worship ‘upon every high hill and under every leafy tree’ … . The Deuteronomic law prohibited the Asherah (Deuteronomy 16:21) and ordered the destruction of those already in existence. (Deuteronomy 12:3) But tree-worship was a custom difficult to eradicate and it has survived in many parts of the world down to the present day.”

This is followed by the typical cover-up that it disappeared after the Babylonian Exile “among the Israelites.” But the older source (Jewish Encyclopedia, 1905) states:

“The extent of its worship [the tree] is indicated also by the denunciations of the Prophets. A favorite phrase of theirs in describing idolatrous [sex] practices as ‘upon every hill and under every green tree’ (Deuteronomy 12:2, Jeremiah 1:20) … As has been pointed out, the Prophets were unable completely to suppress tree-worship, which has survived in Palestine through all religious changes to the present day.”

Trees Today

Since the Babylonian Talmudists acquired Palestine in 1948, formal tree planting has gone on at a feverish pace. Groves are being planted in “honor” of various people. President Kennedy is slated to have a grove of 50,000 trees in his honor, around Jerusalem. “Tree Planting to be a Holiday Event” headed the report:

“Jewish people the world over will celebrate the New Year for Trees, Tu B‘Shvat … As has been the custom for many years, the Jewish National Fund will observe the holiday by planting trees in Israel.” (California Jewish Press, 1/31/58)

In view of the millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money given to “Israel,” it is suitable that a forest in honor of the U.S.A. Government, “American Freedom Forest,” was proposed: “It is to serve as a living monument to the friendship and close cooperation existing between the citizens and governments of the United States and Israel.” (B’nai B’rith Messenger 7/8/60).

Now that the Anti-Christ Talmudists possess Palestine, as predicted by Scripture, there promises to be, if current reports are any indication, more groves in Palestine than Moses and the Prophets ever ordered to be cut down or burned.


Each year the old Babylonian Fast of Tammuz is celebrated by Jews from the 17th of Tammuz to the 9th of Ab. The Fast of Tammuz fell in 1963, for example, on July 9th and the 9th of Ab (or “Av”) on July 30th.

To cite again The Golden Bough A Study in Magic and Religion, by Sir James George Frazer:

“The worship of Adonis was practiced by the Semitic peoples of Babylonia and Syria, and the Greeks borrowed it from them as early as the 7th Century before Christ. The true name of the deity was Tammuz [Adonis was merely the Semitic word for “lord”].” … [I]n the religious literature of Babylonia Tammuz appears as the youthful spouse or lover of Ishtar, the great mother goddess, the embodiment of the reproductive energies of nature … every year Tammuz was believed to die … every year his divine mistress journeyed in quest of him … During her absence the passion of love ceased to operate; men and beasts alike forgot to reproduce their kinds: all life was threatened with extinction . . His death appears to have been annually mourned . . by men and women about midsummer in the month named after him, the month of Tammuz.

A Babylonian dirge of lament for Tammuz is quoted (pp.1179-80), one line after another starting with the words:

 “Her lament is for … [Reproductive proclivity is the object. Unnatural as well as “Sacred Prostitution” acts were part of the tribute to Tammuz.] So intimately bound up with the goddess were the sexual functions of the whole animal kingdom that without her presence they could not be discharged … His death appears to have been annually mourned, to the shrill music of flutes, by men and women about midsummer in the month named after him, the month of Tammuz. The dirges were seemingly changed over the effigy of the dead god.” (The Golden Bough, Frazer, pages 378-9).

Harvest time in Palestine is in the Summer, not the Fall. Frazer treats of the Tammuz rites in connection with the cutting of the harvest as symbolical of the wounding of the procreative god (by a wild boar, in one place), and the insuring of the harvests to come, by wailing over his demise. To quote him:

“Nowhere, apparently, have these rites been more widely and solemnly celebrated than in the lands which border the Eastern Mediterranean. Under the names of Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis, Attis, the peoples of Egypt and Western Asia represented the yearly decay of life, especially of vegetable life … The supposed death and resurrection of this oriental deity, a god of many names but of essentially one nature … We begin with Tammuz or Adonis.”

Female Procreative Goddess....Esther

“Istar,” or Astarte, writes another authority, was “the principal goddess of Mesopotamia and perhaps the most popular deity in the Babylonian pantheon … [she] so it was related in Nineveh and Babylon, had chosen Tammuz, ‘son of light’ (Dumuzu in Sumeria), to be the lover of her youth … He is wounded by a wild boar and she goes to the nether world in search of him. “In the meantime the world of the living is wearing mourning on account of Istar’s death. In the absence of the goddess the rites of love are no longer performed.” (Man and His Gods, H.W. Smith, page 84).

This mourning and the cessation of intercourse, the whole doctrine is right here today in honor of the procreative powers to which so much adoration is devoted in the Talmud. Explanations are profuse, and silly. In what is represented to Gentiles to be a “monotheistic” religion, there can be no reason to wail and mourn and keep a Fast of Tammuz today, or was there ever, for that matter.

Ezekiel on Jerusalem Abominations and Tammuz

Between the first and the last big deportation of Jews from Jerusalem to Babylonia (606-588 B.C.) — where the Jews were treated as colonists, Ezekiel the Prophet was carried away to Babylonia. Ezekiel, who with Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, is one of the four major prophets, and had been deported to Babylon with the faithless King Jehoachin in 597 B.C., in a vision of the Jerusalem Temple about 594 B.C., was told by an angel:

“Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here?

“Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here … Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the Lord’s house which was toward the North and behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz … And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house, and behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord … were about five and twenty men … their faces toward the East and they worshipped the sun toward the East. Then he said unto me; Hast thou seen this, 0 son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? For they filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me with anger.” (Ezekiel 8:9-17; 9:14-17)

Today, celebration of the Fast of Tammuz, together with Sun and Moon veneration, prevails in the Jewish “synagogue of Satan” (Rev. 2:9) just as in the time of Ezekiel.

With that awareness characteristic of Talmudism, the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia cites Ezekiel’s denunciation of the weepings for Tammuz who “was held to descend to the netherworld every year in the month of June or July and then, after lamentations and various offerings, to be restored to life through the intermediation of his wife or mother, Ishtar [Astarte]. This is a vegetation myth very similar to that of Adonis in Syria. The share of the women in the rite was due to the fact that the myth was connected with the idea of fertility … The fourth month of the Babylonian year (July-August) was named after Tammuz, and this has been taken over into the Jewish calendar.”

The authority for the fact of Tammuz in Judaism is Talmudic, and it is particularly observed by the Orthodox Jews (see Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, “Fasting”). It is one of two main fasts of the synagogue year. The other is in connection with the High Holidays when all vows and obligations to be made during the coming year are annulled in advance, through the “Kol Nidre.” During the three weeks between the Ninth of Ab and the preceding Fast of Tammuz no marriages may be performed.

Today’s “Wailings for Tammuz”

Satan placed into the Christian Church the day of Tammuz, December 25, as the birthday of Christ, and the Bishops of the church accepted it, with all its Christmas presents and celebrations and bondage and and revelry and drunkenness. The giving of the presents was a heathen custom. The Yule-tree and the Yule-log are remains of the old Teutonic nature worship Jer. (10:1-5).


In “The Code of Jewish Law” (Shulhan Aruch) we find, under “Laws Concerning the Interval Between the Seventeenth of Tammuz and the Ninth of Ab, Chapter CXXII:”

“… One should not cut his hair during these days, paring of the nails is forbidden only during the week in which the ninth of Ab occurs; … concerning the goblet of wine for Habdallah on the conclusion of the Sabbath, if there be a child who is able to drink the greater part of the goblet it should be given him …; it is permissible to have [new garments] made by a non-Jewish workman, but not by an Israelite; … it is the custom to call up to Maftir the Rabbi who knows how to lament …”

“Laws Concerning the Ninth of Ab … all enter the synagogue and take off their boots … but one light is lit in front of the Reader … prayers are said in a low voice, with a weeping intonation, mourning like … All should be seated on the ground … Lamentations and the special lamentations should be prolonged until close to noon … Bathing [page 42] is forbidden, whether in hot or in cold water, even to put one’s finger in water is forbidden … one may wash his hands in the morning, but should be careful not to wash more than the fingers, for this is what constitutes the main morning wash as an evil spirit rests on the fingers in the morning.

“Cohabitation is forbidden… It is proper not to have conjugal intercourse on the night of the tenth day, unless it be the night of the ritual immersion, or if he is about to go on a journey, or has come back from a journey.” (End of chapter CXXIV)

The “Sacred” Star of David

The Mark of the Name of Moshiach ben David the coming son of perdition the Sanhedrin is about to 'REVEAL"

Non-Jews have been drenched with propaganda that the six-pointed “Star of David” is a sacred symbol of Jewry, dating from David and Solomon, in Biblical times, and signifying the pure “monotheism” of the Jewish religion.

In actuality, the six-pointed star, called “David’s Shield,” or “Mogen David,” was only adopted as a Jewish device in 1873, by the American Jewish Publication Society, is not even being mentioned in rabbinical literature. 

However, the six-pointed star has been used for centuries for magic amulets and cabalistic sorcery. 

Judaism — Star Worship

Under “Star Worship” the Jewish Encyclopedia states:

“Star Worship … is perhaps the oldest form of idolatry practiced by the ancients. The observation of the stars in the East very early led the people to regard the planets and the fixed stars as gods. The religion of the ancient Egyptians is known to have consisted preeminently of Sun-worship. Moses sternly warned the Israelites against worshipping the Sun, Moon, stars, and all the hosts of heaven (Deuteronomy 4:19; 17:3) … 

The Israelites fell into this kind of idolatry and as early as the time of Amos they had the images of Siccuth and Chium, ‘the stars of their god’ (Amos 5:26); the latter name is generally supposed to denote the planet Saturn. That the Kingdom of Israel fell earlier than that of Judah is stated (II Kings 17:16) to have been due, among other causes, to its worshipping the host of heaven.

 But the Kingdom of Judah in its later period seems to have outdone the Northern Kingdom [Israel] (DAN) in star-worship.” Of Manasseh it is related that he built altars to all the hosts of heaven in the two courts of the house of YHWY, and it seems it was the practice of even Kings before him to appoint priests who offered sacrifices to the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and all the hosts of heaven. Altars for star-worship were built on the roofs of the houses, and horses and chariots were dedicated to the worship of the Sun. (II Kings 21:5; 23:4-5, 11-12) Star-worship continued in Judah until the 18th year of Josiah’s reign (621 B.C.) when the King took measures to abolish all kinds of idolatry.

 But although star-worship was then abolished as a public cult, it was practiced privately by individuals who worshipped the heavenly bodies, and poured out libations to them on the roofs of their houses (Zephaniah 1:5; Jeremiah 8:2; 19:13) … Jeremiah, who prophesied in the sixth year of the captivity of Jehoiachin (591 B.C.) describes the worship of the Sun as practiced in the court of the Temple (Ezekiel 8:16) and that even after the destruction of the Temple the women insisted on continuing to worship the Queen of Heaven …

“The ancient Hebrews, being nomads like the Arabs, favored the Moon, while the Babylonians, who were an agricultural nation, preferred the Sun. But, as appears from Ezekiel 20:7-8 the Moon-worship of the Israelites, even while they were still in Egypt was combined with Sun-worship.”

Stars in Talmudic Idolatry

The Zodiac is “an imaginary broad belt in the heavens, containing twelve constellations or signs which the Sun traverses annually.” And a “constellation” is a group or cluster of fixed stars designated by some name … (Webster)

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia (“Zodiac”) the findings of the ancient astronomer Hipparchus (160-125 B.C.) concerning the position of the constellations, in the cases of “those which bore the same name, coincided approximately with the signs according to Talmudic tradition.” In the case of the “choice of symbolic signs … All may be traced to Assyrian mythology and influence. The Jews during the Babylonian exile adopted … Assyrian names of the months and constellations.”

To continue this Jewish Encyclopedia account:

“Since each of the planets was supposed to rule a certain hour of the day, while every constellation governed a certain month of the year, the fate of an infant was predicted according to the heavenly bodies that presided over the hour and the month of its birth. The conjunction of the planets and constellations was accordingly manipulated to determine the fortunes of the person whose horoscope was thus drawn. A ‘good’ planet might synchronize with a ‘bad’ constellation to some extent. Both planets and constellations indicated certain characteristics in the person born at that time, and care had likewise to be taken to marry only such a mate as had been born under a harmonizing planet and constellation, since otherwise the marriage would be a failure.”

Supposedly, the sun enters the section called: Aries about March 21; Taurus, about April 21; Gemini, about May 22; Cancer, about June 22; Leo, about July 23; Virgo, about August 24; Libra, about September 24, Scorpio, about October 24, Sagitarius, about November 23; Capricorn, about December 22, Aquarius about January 20; Pices, about February 19.

Star-Worship in the Jewish Calendar

“During the Exile the Babylonian system was adopted, the names of the months being derived from the common Babylonian calendar … Thus Tammuz is the month dedicated to the worship of the fertility spirit of that name  [Note: the male sex-god] Elul is the month when he was bewailed [Here, ‘alal’ is given as the Hebrew for ‘wail’].”

But this does not explain why the current Code of Jewish Law (Shulhan Aruch) suggests lamenters, wailers for the current Fast of Tammuz which is in each yearly synagogue calendar!

“Tebeth is the month he sank into the Netherworld, and so forth … The following list gives the names of the Jewish months.

“Tishri (Sept.-Oct.) … The New Moon of Tishri is not blessed, as are those of other months … The zodiacal sign of Tishri is the Scales …”

“Marheshwan or Heshvan (Oct.-Nov) …New Moon is reckoned as two days … . The zodiacal sign is Scorpion …”

“Kislev (Nov -Dec.) … New Moon is irregular, being either one or two days … The zodiacal sign is the Archer …”

‘‘Tebeth (Dec.-Jan.) … It is customary to refrain from slaughtering geese during Tebeth … The zodiacal sign is Capricorn …”

“Shebat (Jan.-Feb.) … Thirty days. New Moon is reckoned as one day. 15: ‘New Year For Trees.’ It is believed that demons are abroad in this month. The zodiacal sign is the Waterman (Aquarius) …”

“Adar (Feb-Mar ) …The Zodiacal sign is Pisces (The Fishes).”

“Second Adar … Occurs only in leap year …”

“Nisan (March-April) … The entire month is regarded as a prolonged festival and one in which it is blessed to die. Every twenty-five years the sun is especially blessed in Nisan. The zodiacal sign is the Ram …”

“Iyar (April-May) … The zodiacal sign is the Bull …”

“Sivan (May-June) … The zodiacal sign is the Twins …”

“Tammuz … New Moon is two days. 17: Fast of Tammuz.”

Here two fictitious reasons for celebrating this fast are cited, followed by this admission:

“Actually the fast is a reinterpretation of a Babylonian festival. The zodiacal sign is the Crab.

“Ab (July-August) … 9: Fast of Ab” (with a fictitious reason) … The zodiacal sign is the Lion …

“Elul (Aug-Sept.) …The zodiacal sign is the Virgin …”

(Quotations are from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, under “Months.”)

Astrology and Moon-Worship

“Astrology … the belief that the Sun, planets and star-groups (constellations) possess an influence over human destiny and the attempt to discover and to predict the nature of such influence. There are two main schools of interpretation: one based on the day of the year on which the individual was born, and classifying him by one of the twelve signs of the zodiac; the other, deriving its conclusions from the exact time of day at which the birth took place and making use of the horoscope, or the study of the position of the sun and the planets in various heavenly ‘houses.’

“Babylonia and Egypt … were the centers of astrology in the ancient Orient. Hebrews shared such beliefs … . [The prophets,] believing as they did in an all-powerful God who ruled the world on a basis of just reward and punishment, they had no room for a sidereal fatalism which made human lives helplessly subject to the influence of the heavenly bodies. Hence their repeated insistence that God was supreme over the Sun, Moon and stars, and their scorn for those who attempted to predict human fate by such means.”

Note: Here Isaiah 44:24-5; Jeremiah 10:2; and Isaiah 47:13 are quoted, the latter quotation being attributed to an imaginary “Deutero-Isaiah.” All Scriptures with Messianic prophecies which Christ fulfilled, thus hard to explain away, are attributed to some nebulous late-comer.

Continuing: “The Talmudic Rabbis, however, found no difficulty in reconciling the belief in astrology with the principles of Judaism.” This is followed by a half-column of fine print citing the Talmudic Rabbinical pillars’ support of astrology, such as:

“Joshua ben Levi held that a man’s character was determined by the day of the week on which he was born … Rabba ben Joseph made the statement that a man’s fate, including the number of years he would live, the children he would have, and his fortune, was determined not by his piety, but by his horoscope … Rabbi Hanina …held the determining influence was the star under which one was born …… Those born under Venus will be rich …” and so on, and on.

“As a result of this widespread belief … The Hebrew term ‘mazal’ which originally meant ‘constellation,’ was given the additional meaning of ‘luck’ or ‘fortune’ … astrology made its way into the Cabala … Its sole survival is the congratulatory formula ‘mazal tob,’ which means literally, ‘may you have a fortunate constellation.’

Above quotations are from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, under “Astrology.”

Children of the moon

The statement in the above sentence about the current greeting of “Mazal Tob” being the “sole” survival is merely whitewash for the alien eye. One or two New Moon Days are actually kept monthly. And, under, “New Moon, Blessings of the,” the Jewish Encylopedia carries a full-page picture of a Street in 1748, full of Jews out paying their respects to the Moon. The text of the above article cites the custom of raising the “body on the tips of the toes three times addressing the moon with the ancient formula: ‘As I dance toward thee, but cannot touch thee, so shall none of my evil-inclined enemies be about to touch me.’ Then those assembled greet one another with ‘Shalom alekem’ (‘Peace be to you’) … and say: ‘Good luck to us and to all Israel.”’

“Father of Lies”

In looking into the mess of paganism and criminality which is whited over under the stolen name of “Judaism,” be prepared to first read one subterfuge, or one “red herring,” after another before truth even then shines through the cloud.

Under “Superstition, Jewish,” the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943) cites Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg, and his book, Jewish Magic and Superstition as authoritative. His sketch also appeared in the 1955 Who’s Who in World Jewry, with that work cited.

Typically, Trachtenberg first says concerning New Moon Day rites in the synagogue that “the pagan veneration of the New Moon’ is not directly connected with the Talmudic ceremony observed today;” then he goes on to admit:

“But certain superstitious practices have been associated with the rite, pointing to its continued occult importance in human affairs … [such as] addressing the Moon three times: ‘As I skip before you and do not reach you, so, if others jump before me may they not strike me,’ and then thrice bidding one’s neighbor ‘Peace be unto you.’ The ceremony as well as the three fold repetitions, are typical of magical acts … and the belief that one who has performed the full rite need not fear death during the ensuing month.” (page 256)

Invoking the Sun along with the Moon is cited on page 201 of the Trachtenberg book.

Isaiah and New Moon Days

Isaiah, the saintly prophet of Christ (760-698 B.C.), started right off in chapter 1 with his fulminations against Judah and Jerusalem:

‘Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity … children that are corrupters … Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom … like unto Gomorrah … Bring no more vain oblations … the New Moons and sabbaths … it is iniquity … Your New Moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth … I am weary to bear them.” (Isaiah 1:4, 1:9, 1:13-14)

They were given then, as their followers are now, a choice, and “if ye refuse and rebel [against the teachings of God] ye shall be devoured with the sword.” (Verse 20)

In the Cabala the Talmudists represent themselves as the Divine Presence, or Shekinah, and when the Female Shekinah is copulating with her male, then “Israel” will be ruling the world.

Says the Jewish Encyclopedia (under “Moon”):

“The reason why the Jews count the days of the year by the Moon is that, like the Moon, which reigns both in the daytime and night, the Jews have both this world and the future one … The Moon on account of its monthly reappearance is considered as the emblem of Israel … Therefore the reappearance of the Moon is sanctified … by the recitation of benedictions.

Blessing of the Sun

The Sun, universally, in paganism, represented the male procreative spirit, the Moon the female. The weeping for Tammuz, and his powers of human and agricultural fertility, was a Babylonian ceremonial. Tammuz was also called Adonis, and the female counterpart Astarte, Mylitta, or Venus, according to location.

Honoring all of these pagan idols has been incorporated into Judaism.

The Babylonian Talmudic ceremony of Blessing the Sun, says the Jewish Encyclopedia (1905) occurs “on the first Wednesday of Nisan every twenty-eight years … This is calculated by the calendar of Samuel Yarbina’ah, which allots to the solar year 365¼ days, and asserts that each of the seven planets rules over one hour of the day in the following sequence: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon … the blessing is concluded with ‘Alenu’ and ‘Kaddish Yatom.’ The Blessing of the Sun was celebrated by the Jews in New York City in 1897 in Tompkins Square.”

The completion of the cycle occurred during the 20th century on April 1, 1925 and March 18, 1953. April 8, 1981 is the date of the next observance.

“Once in 28 Years”
“Sun At Point of Creation This Year
Talmud Tells”

This appeared in the California Jewish Voice (October 24, 1952) over an article by Rabbi Samuel Rubin. A long-winded hairsplitting article uses the old number and letter juggling to make an appearance of “scholarship.” Leap years of 13 months fall on Wednesday in Nissan, the Rabbis add 19 and 28 making 47. Now rest your brain — you will need it. The Jewish Voice article continues:

“Our Rabbis told us that this total of 47 (19 plus 28) comes from the following passage: ‘And God saw that the light was good — ‘Ki Tov.’ For these Hebrew words in turn, amount to 47. Moreover, the Sun has three names, Shemesh, Chamah, Charas. If we take the last letter of these three names and sum them, we get 365 — the number of the days within the Sun year! … We say the following prayer: ‘The luminaries are good which our God has created; he: [Note: small “h”] formed them with knowledge, understanding, and discernment [Note: some soulful attributes for hunks of matter!]; he gave them power and might to rule in the midst of the world …’”

Actually, these paganists dumbly follow the laws of gravity, with one mass of matter pulling on the other in mathematical preciseness, they without any more “knowledge” or “understanding” than the dirt in your garden.

I well remember an exultant Jewish press report of a Sun blessing service conducted from a U.S. Government airplane when the great day came!

Vociferous chanting and carrying on is typical of the Chasidists, whose Baal Shems are supposed to be experts at summoning up spirits by voodoo combinations of the Tetragrammaton (or name of Jehova in skeleton, Y-H-W-H in 12,  42, 72 letter combinations known to the “elect”). This was described by the Brooklyn Jewish Examiner of May 1, 1953.

All of the tributes to the Moon, monthly, and to the Sun, are specifically forbidden by the Bible. Veneration of the Sun, Moon and Stars is the oldest idolatry.

That the ancients were condemned for the same things wrapped up in Judaism today, and practiced now, is seen in the Bible; Duet. 4:19; II Kings 17:16; 21:3, 5; II Chron. 33:3, 5; Punishments: Deut. 17:2-5; II Chron. 28:23; Job 31:26-8; Jer. 7:17-20; 8:2; Ezek. 8:15-6; Zeph. 1:4-5, Acts 7:42. For Warnings Against and Punishments: Deut. 17:2-5; II Chron. 28:23; Isa. 2:6-12; Jer. 8:1219; 19:13 (On star-worship and drink offerings, see “Habdalah”); Eze. 8:14-16; Micah 5:12 (on soothsayers, or astrologists, and witchcraft) — Plus the Bible from beginning to end — Zephaniah on the host of heaven, and so on. Jewish Encyclopedias will tell you that Astrology or star-worship, was so well entrenched in Talmudism that only Maimonides, of their “sages” ever opposed it.

“Other gods” is veritably the middle name of this Jewish religion based upon a non-anthropomorphic “god” and a pantheistic world of spirits. These are invoked virtually from the time of awakening to sleep at night.

Guests are people we invite, but uninvited, [we do not have to allow them to stay]. The same of the dark spirits in Talmudism.


Judaeo-Churchinsanity behold your gods....the satans whom you whore after


In this way, the gentiles play a crucial role in helping to bring Moshiach, but we must open our eyes and take advantage of this new opportunity. On the third of Tammuz, 5751, the Rebbe declared that "the world is ready and prepared [for Moshiach]! When a Jew goes about his Divine service properly, rising beyond all limitations and constraints, yet doing so in a way that [his service] can be enclothed in the vestments of nature, he will see how the world, nature, and gentiles, are indeed aiding him in his service" (Shabbos Parshas Korach



Shivah Asar B'Tammuz" - the seventeenth of the Month of Tammuz; the next-to-saddest day on the Hebrew Calendar, marked by several tragedies, including Moshe's breaking of the first tablets of the "Aseret HaDibrot."


They will force all mankind to worship and Wail for Tammuz very soon, saints. BEWARE and stand Firm in the Name of Jesus the Christ the Lord Iam that Iam

Note: Concerning making holidays for themselves, Noahides may participate in the celebration of certain Jewish holidays, such as Shavuot, celebrating the Giving of the Torah [ i.e. the day of the "10 Commandments" at Mt. Sinai ], since the Children of Noah received their commandments at the same time, or Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and Day of Judgment, since all mankind is judged by G-d on that day, so it should therefore be important to the Noahide as well as the Israelite. Rosh Hashanah is also the day that Adam, the First Man, was created by G-d, and all mankind is descended from Adam [ and Hava (Eve)! ] just as it is from Noah. 

Even these, however, the Noahide celebrates only in order to bring additional merit and reward to himself, and he may not rest [ in the traditional manner of a formal religious observance ] in the manner of the Jews. 

Moreover, the Noahide is strictly forbidden to create a new holiday that has religious significance and claim that it is part of his own religion, even if the religion is the observance of the Seven Noahide Laws. For example, it would be forbidden to make a holiday celebrating the subsiding of the waters of the Flood of Noah or anything of the like. And, all the more so, it would be forbidden to institute holidays that ascribe religious significance to events outside the purview of the Seven Noahide Commandments [ for example, Easter or the popular holiday on Dec. 25 ]. Celebrating secular activities and commemorating historical events, even if they involve a a festive meal, are permissible [ for example, U.S. Independence Day on July 4th ].


Iniquity abounds and the fallen away has happened

When gentile Americans, in exponentially growing numbers, will abandon their churches and their missionary efforts, when they will demand kosher meat (since treif meat in the stores often fails Noachide standards of ever min chai), when they will replace their old, pagan holidays with Rosh Hashanah, Sukkos, and Chanukah, when they will finance rabbis to teach them relevant parts of Torah, when they will actively defend the territorial integrity of Eretz Israel and proclaim the Rebbe to be Moshiach then no Jew, anywhere, will retain the slightest desire to remain in golus. Every single Jewish man, woman, and child will run to embrace the Torah, finally revealing their true underlying desire.

This is no fantasy; it is absolute reality, and it is easily attainable with modest effort and in an amazingly short time. It is not a matter of actually transforming the gentiles so much as merely revealing the changes that have already been accomplished. The gentiles themselves have no idea that they are ready, for they have never even heard of the concept of Seven Noachide Laws.

But every Jew, including every shliach of the Rebbe, must immediately invest a portion of his time and efforts in developing a local Noachide congregation. The gentiles need to learn Torah, and to implement it by building new foundations for the family, new schools, new holidays, and all other aspects of the Noachide way of life. In this area, even the slightest efforts of a Jew will soon pay off visibly.

Paid in full of eternal damnation by the Covenant with death and hell


Modern witches exalt the horn gods and the pagan goddesses such as the Egyptian pagan trinity Osiris, Isis, Horus, which originated in the worship of Nimrod (the Sun), his wife Semiramis (the moon), and Tammuz (the Morning Star).


The shemgods are now shutting up the anti-Shems

The persecution grows. The devil cries out while he is kicking you

Group wants correspondent out

A media watchdog group called on Canada’s public broadcaster to drop a journalist seen as anti-Israel. says Neil Macdonald had displayed pro-Palestinian bias when he was Mideast correspondent for CBC Television, and that the bias continues now that he’s Washington correspondent. In his new posting, Macdonald has continued to “indulge his apparent preoccupation with the Jewish state,” the group’s Dov Smith wrote in an editorial in the National Post newspaper this week, citing instances where Macdonald allegedly went out of his way to criticize Israel in stories where it had little apparent relevance.


Israel Project targets Israel

A pro-Israel advocacy group is launching a new project aimed at journalists in Israel.

A $100,000 grant from Philadelphia’s Jewish federation will help The Israel Project provide information and sources to foreign journalists in Israel, hoping that more context and familiarity with the Israeli narrative will affect their coverage.


Art by Eugenio Candia



Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount
Arutz Sheva Israel Broadcasting Network ^ | 12-9-04

Posted on 12/09/2004 1:36:47 AM PST by M. Espinola

23:26 Dec 08, '04 / 25 Kislev 5765

In a dramatic but unpublicized move Monday, members of the newly established Sanhedrin ascended the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site.

Close to fifty recently ordained “samuchim,” members of the Sanhedrin, lined up at the foot of the Temple Mount Monday morning. The men, many ascending the Temple Mount for the first time, had immersed in mikvaot (ritual baths) that morning and planned to ascend as a group. Despite prior approval from the Israeli police who oversee entry to the Mount, the officers barred the group from entering the Mount together, saying they could only ascend in groups of ten.

The Sanhedrin, a religious assembly of 71 sages that sat from the time of the Holy Temple through 425 CE, was the highest Jewish legal-judicial tribunal in the Land of Israel. The great court used to convene in one of the Temple’s chambers in Jerusalem. On October 14, the Sanhedrin was reestablished for the first time in 1,600 years, at the site of its last meeting in Tiberius.

“There is a special mitzvah, not connected to time, but tied to our presence in Israel, to establish a Sanhedrin,” Rabbi Meir HaLevi (no relation), one of the 71 members of the new Sanhedrin, told Israel National Radio’s Weekend Edition. “The Rambam [12th century Torah scholar Maimonides] describes the process exactly in [his seminal work codifying Jewish Law] the Mishna Torah. When he wrote it there was no Sanhedrin, and he therefore outlines the steps necessary to establish one. When there is a majority of rabbis, in Israel, who authorize one person to be a ‘samuch,’ an authority, he can then reestablish the Sanhedrin.”

Those behind the revival of the Sanhedrin stress that the revival of the legal body is not optional, but mandated by the Torah. “We don’t have a choice,” says Rabbi Richman, “it is a religious mandate for us to establish a Sanhedrin.”

The Sanhedrin was reestablished through the ordination of a rabbi agreed-upon by the majority of prominent rabbis in Israel and approved as “fitting to serve” by former Chief Sefardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and leading Ashkenazi Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv. That rabbi, who is then considered to have received authentic ordination as handed down from Moses, was then able to give ordination to 70 others, making up the quorum of 71 necessary for the Sanhedrin.

“Even Mordechai HaYehudi, from the Purim story, was only accepted, as it is written, ‘by the majority of his brethren,’ not by everybody, because anyone who deals with public issues can not be unanimously accepted,” HaLevi explained.

The rabbis behind the Sanhedrin’s reconstitution claim that, like the State of Israel, the old-new Sanhedrin is a work-in-progress. They see it as a vessel that, once established, will reach the stature and authority that it once had.

<'Samuchim' gathered in front of the entrance to the Temple Mount

The first members requested that their names not be published, so as to allow it to grow without public criticism of individuals,” HaLevi said. “We want to give it time to develop and strengthen the institution, giving a chance for more rabbis to join.” He added that each of the current members of the Sanhedrin has agreed to be a conditional member until a more knowledgeable rabbi joins, taking his place.

Rabbi Richman, also a member of the Sanhedrin, hopes the body will bring about a revolution in Jewish jurisprudence. Declining to discuss exactly what issues are on the Sanhedrin’s agenda, Richman said that one of the main long-term goals of the Sanhedrin, which includes members of Ashkenazi, Sefardi, Hasidic, National-Religious and Haredi communities, is to reunify Jewish observance in Israel.

“We Jews went into exiles all over the world,” HaLevi told INR’s Weekend Edition. “Every community established its own court. We are talking about more than 50 different legal systems developing apart from one another. Part of our return to Israel is the reunification of our Jewish practices.”

Members of the Sanhedrin enter the Temple Mount through the Mughrabi gate, above the Western Wall

There is a tradition (Tractate Megillah 17b, Rashi) that the Sanhedrin will be restored after a partial ingathering of the Jewish exiles, but before Jerusalem is completely rebuilt and restored. There is also a Talmudic tradition (Eruvin 43b; Maharatz Chajas ad loc; Rashash , Sanhedrin 13b) that Elijah the Prophet will present himself before a duly-ordained Sanhedrin when he announces the coming of the Messiah, meaning that – despite common misconceptions - a Sanhedrin is a pre-, not post-messianic institution.


That Son of perdition, understanding of the dark sentences of Mystery Babylon of sorcery will change the laws and the times in their little hoodlum haha

When Mashiach comes and there will  again be the Sanhedrin and our present Calendar will be obsolete and the Calendar will be once again determined as in the past  through
witnesses who saw the new  moon (as is the proper mitzvah of  the Torah) by the Sanhedrin in the  Beis HaMikdash HaShlishi - the Third Temple.


Perpetual Purim of the ten kings who are made kings one hour with the False Christ Beast of the Beast Sanhedrin and Perpetual saint purim

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF USING THREE, FIVE, AND SEVEN JUDGES FOR INSTITUTING A LEAP YEAR QUESTION: Rebbi Meir and Raban Shimon ben Gamliel argue in the Mishnah (2a) with regard to how many judges are required to institute a leap year (i.e. to add an extra month of Adar to the year). Rebbi Meir says that a Beis Din of three judges suffices, while Raban Shimon ben Gamliel says that the case begins with three judges, it is then discussed by five, and it is finalized by seven. The Gemara asks why Raban Shimon ben Gamliel specifically holds that a series of three, five, and seven judges is to judge a case of a leap year. One opinion says that it corresponds to the number of words in the three verses of Birkas Kohanim, which contain three, five, and seven words respectively. Another opinion says that it corresponds to the three royal guards at the gate ("Shomrei ha'Saf"), five of the royal servants who see the king ("Ro'ei P'nei ha'Melech"), and the seven royal servants who see the king ("Ro'ei P'nei ha'Melech"), as depicted in Sefer Melachim and Megilas Esther.


The chasidim are now adding to their sites of the Sanhedrin Vipers "ascending" up Mount zion (Jesus ascended to Sion, God's Holy Mountain in Heaven), ascending as gods, elohim, judges to their Temple Mount area of flesh of their whoredom, more information beginning to suggest the Moshiach their flesh mere man the final Despot the Final Sofiet Talmudic Nasi........... 

see what they are now adding to their report......

Sanhedrin Launched In Tiberias
12:42 Oct 14, '04 / 29 Tishrei 5765


A unique ceremony - probably only the 2nd of its kind in the past 1,600 years - took place in Tiberias today: The launching of a Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish-legal tribunal in the Land of Israel.

There is a tradition (from Megillah 17b, Rashi ad loc. s.v. VeKevan) that the Sanhedrin will be restored after a partial ingathering of the Jewish Exile, before Jerusalem is rebuilt and restored. There is also a tradition from the GAMARA that Elijah will present himself before a duly ordained Sanhedrin when he announces the coming of the Messiah. (Eruvin 43b; Maharatz Chajas ad loc; Rashash , Sanhedrin 13b)

"The Messiah (Moshiach) will be a king of Israel, and as such, he can only be recognized by a duly ordained Sanhedrin" (Tosefta, Sanhedrin 3:2; Yad, Sanhedrin 5:1)

They will be adding daily now to their reports, of their scribes of their Mishnah Torah of Talmud Bavli, and the Judaeo-Churchinsanities will began to be snared evr so more to the fables of the Jews........Watch on the, for the Lord comes as a thief in the night........



The Children of the Moon, and their pagan rituals to the gods, who are no God



We determine our Jewish calendar according to both the lunar and the solar cycles. Months are determined by the lunar cycle. Rosh Chodesh, the New Moon, is a monthly holiday which celebrates the beginning of the new month.

According to our tradition, when we still had a Jewish Supreme Court (the Sanhedrin), Rosh Chodesh was a major event with its own formal ritual. The declaration of that special day depended on eye witnesses who viewed the new moon. It was a great honor to be such a witness, and many people participated in the monthly ritual. Jews living outside the land of Israel depended on the Sanhedrin to declare the New Moon. Bonfires would be lit on the tops of mountains to carry the message to far-off communities, and riders would spread the word.

Because this confirmation took more than a day to reach them, Jews living outside of Israel celebrated the New Moon for two days. They also celebrated the first and last days of festivals for two days each.

Today, traditional Jews outside the Land of Israel continue to celebrate the New Moon for two days if the new month contains thirty days. They also celebrate the first and last days of festivals for two days. Now that we have set calendars, many Reform Jews no longer add the second day of celebration at the beginning and end of festivals.

Moreover, we are less aware of the natural lunar cycle, and Rosh Chodesh has lost much of its specialness. This decrease in importance is a loss because it removes us from the natural rhythm of time.

The correlation between the moon's monthly cycle and a woman's monthly cycle helped establish Rosh Chodesh as a women's holiday.

always pre-occupied with menstruation


 In the Talmud [Megillah 22b], we read that women are exempt from work on Rosh Chodesh. Why do women merit a special holiday once a month? In Midrash Pirkei DeRabbi Eliezer, chapter 45, we are told that in the incident of the Golden Calf, the women refused to relinquish their earrings to the men who were building the calf. As a reward, God gave them an extra holy day each month, free from work. This merit is additionally connected to the making of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle.

Rashi defines the activities from which women may refrain on Rosh Chodesh: spinning, weaving, and sewing, because these are the skills which women so enthusiastically contributed to the building of the Mishkan (Tabernacle).

It is customary to wear new clothing on Rosh Chodesh, in celebration of the day's special character.

Beggarly elements of rituals which gain them nothing

Traditionally, Rosh Chodesh is announced on the Shabbat prior with a special benediction recited during the Torah Service. Rosh Chodesh itself is celebrated with special psalms, an additional Standing Prayer ( Musaf in remembrance of the extra sacrifice brought on Rosh Chodesh), and special prayers added to the Standing Prayer and Blessing After Eating.

In addition, the Haftarah for Rosh Chodesh falling on Shabbat is from Isaiah 66, a passage which employs fertility imagery to describe God and Zion as life-bearers, providing nurturance to the people Israel; the passage further promises a special pilgrimage to Jerusalem on Rosh Chodesh in the future.

The Jewish months in order are Nisan, Iyar, Sivan, Tammuz, Av, Elul, Tishri, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet,Shvat, and Adar.


Good-bye zionism of Judah Aholibah, Sharon Government, for here come Dan the Hasidic Serpent by the wayside, Aholah of Chabad Lubavitch and their flesh mere man king that son of Perdition Moshiach ben David who is not the One seed, nor the root, nor the Offspring, but a false Christ of the fable of the jews


The very fact that after so many years of toil and fruitless attempts, this session was finally able to transpire, is itself a sign that reconvening the Sanhedrin is an idea whose time has come. 

The beast "revived" for Iniquity abounds

for the people of Israel have given birth to this idea, and if it has originated from their collective soul and desire, then it will succeed. 

Give us a king over us

And this - during the month of Cheshvan - is the perfect act of rectification for the mistake of Jeroboam's rebellion against David. If the people of Israel are disgusted with their immoral leadership and their sinful, rebellious disengagement plan, and seek to reinstate the sages of Israel as Israel's highest authority, this itself is a step towards the dedication ceremony of the Third Temple.

Then the slaying of all the saints in Jesus the Christ


Friday, December 24, 2004 23:06 IST


Bush: I will bring peace to Holy Land

By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

December 20th, 2004

JERUSALEM - Striking a messianic note, US President George W. Bush Sunday declared he would bring peace to the Holy Land during his second term.

Speaking to Israel’s Yediot Ahronot daily, Bush said he is “convinced that, during this term, I will manage to bring peace.”

Addressing Israelis in general, the president said, “I want you to know that I am going to invest a lot of time and a lot of creative thinking so that there will finally be peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Bush praised Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for understanding how achievable peace is and initiating his plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza and northern Samaria of their Jews.

Bushkevik's sick racial bigotry....just like Hitler

“It is very important that the Palestinians also understand that peace is not something that is arrived at through words, but through deeds,” the president noted.

Peace only comes by the WORD

But the vision of peace shared by Bush and Sharon may be more unattainable than they think.


Sharon's Disengagement Fraud
The Mountain And The Mouse
By Uri Avnery
Ariel Sharon's speech at the "Herzliya Conference", an annual gathering of Israel's financial, political and academic aristocracy, proved again his wondrous ability to conjure up an imaginary world and divert attention away from the real one. Like every successful con-man, he knows that the audience desperately wants to believe good tidings and will be happy to ignore bad ones.
It was an optimistic message, as the bewitched commentators proclaimed. According to him, we are on our way to paradise, 2005 will be a year of tremendous progress in all fields and all our problems will be solved.
Most of the speech was devoted to his fabulous achievements since he launched, at the same conference a year ago, the "Unilateral Disengagement Plan".
This (in my own free translation) is what he said: America is in our pocket. President Bush supports all of Sharon's positions, including those that are diametrically opposed to Bush's own former positions. Europe has resigned itself to him. The Great of the World are standing in line to visit us, starting with Tony Blair. Egypt and the other Arab states are cosying up to us. Our international position has improved beyond recognition. The economy is advancing by leaps and bounds, our society is flourishing. Apart from the right-wing lunatic fringe, there is no opposition left. The Labor Party is joining the government and will support all its steps. (He somehow forgot to mention Yossi Beilin's Yahad party, which, too, has promised him an "iron bridge".)
Sharon has achieved all this solely by talking. His words have not been accompanied, up to now, by even one single action on the ground. There is no certainty that Sharon really intends to implement the "disengagement" at all. His intentions can be defined as follows:
1. If it is possible to avoid the implementation of the plan altogether, especially the evacuation of settlements, without losing the sympathy of the world and the Israeli public, fine.
2. If there is no alternative and implementation must start - everything must be done to drag out the matter, and especially the evacuation of settlements, for as long as possible. Evacuate one settlement and rest. Evacuate another one and rest again. It should take years.
3. Either way, the disengagement should not change the plans concerning the West Bank.
And in the meantime: In the Gaza Strip, from which Sharon is supposed to "disengage", the Israeli army is in action every single day and night, killing from three to ten Palestinians every 24 hours. Houses are being destroyed wholesale. Some of the atrocities committed by the army have shocked the Israeli public. Not one single settler has been removed. On the contrary, new settlers have still been arriving.
All this does not point to any real determination to implement the promised disengagement. Sharon's actions on the West Bank, on the other hand, show a solid determination to implement his plan there.
In the West Bank, the occupation has intensified . The cruel checkpoints continue to prevent any possibility of normal life. The photo showing a Palestinian violinist compelled to play for the soldiers at a roadblock has evoked terrible memories in the minds of many Israelis. The building of the annexation-wall goes on, with a few changes of the route to placate the Israeli court, while disregarding the decision of the International Court. The settlers uproot Palestinian olive groves in order to build new neighborhoods in their place. Settlements are being expanded all over the West Bank, a network of "Jews Only" roads is being built, more "illegal" outposts come into being under army protection and with the tacit help of all relevant ministries. Plenty of money flows into these projects, while pensions are being cut and sick people lie around in the corridors of the hospitals.
Is this how a statesman with a vision of peace acts? He behaves more like a doctor who treats the hand of a patient while sticking a knife into his belly.
All this is happening while the world gives Sharon enthusiastic support, solely on the strength of his talking. As long as he holds forth on the "disengagement", he can pretty much do on the ground whatever he fancies.
David Ben-Gurion once said: "It is not important what the Gentiles say, what is important is what the Jews do." Sharon's version is: "It is not important what we say, what is important is what we do."
The most important part of the speech was the part that was not there. There was no peace offer to the Palestinians. He did not talk about peace at all.
Throughout the world, the conviction is spreading that there now exists a "window of opportunity", that this is the time for a new, redeeming peace initiative. Indeed, Sharon mentioned with great satisfaction that Yasser Arafat is dead and that there is now a chance for the emergence of a "moderate Palestinian leadership". So what did he offer this moderate leadership in his speech?
Not a thing.
He hinted vaguely at "long-term arrangements". Meaning: more interim agreements on top of the existing interim agreements, whose sole aim is to push a real peace agreement beyond the horizon. It emerges from his speech that Israel will retain forever not only the "large settlement blocks", but also "areas essential to our security". Which areas could he mean? This is well-known: the Jordan valley and the other territories designed in the Oslo agreements as "Area C". The final result of the "Disengagement Plan" will therefore be the annexation of 58% of the West Bank to Israel, as Sharon has wanted all along.
The Palestinians will retain, under this plan, 10-12% of pre-1948 Palestine, including the Gaza Strip (which is a mere 1.5% of the country). Sharon's "Palestinian State" will consist of a number of enclaves cut off from the world. That is what he means when he talks about "the end of the occupation", making "very painful concessions" and "our unwillingness to rule over another people", words that have attracted widespread admiration.
To rule out any doubt, Binyamin Netanyahu, too, outlined in his speech at the conference the future borders between us and the Palestinians: "Not the Green Line and not even close to the Green Line."
Nobody is offering the new Palestinian leadership peace negotiations. At most, some coordination of the steps leading to the withdrawal from Gaza. What else? The Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz, promised in his speech at the conference that the army would leave the Palestinian towns "for 72 hours" for the elections. Between roadblock and checkpoint, between one "targeted liquidation" and the next, Palestinian democracy will flourish for three days.
Sharon boasted that for all practical purposes the army has already vanquished terrorism. That was said a few days after the Palestinians, in a commando action that elicited some silent admiration even from the army, succeeded in destroying an entire army outpost on the "Philadelphi Axis" by detonating a huge amount of explosives in a tunnel dug beneath it and storming the remains. (This did not cause too much excitement in Israel, because all the five soldiers killed were Arabs, mostly Bedouin volunteers from among the state's Arab citizens.)
For the time being, the number of violent attacks on Israeli citizens has indeed fallen, but mainly because of Abu Mazen's efforts. This may well continue for some time, as long as the Palestinian public has some hope of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as they lose this hope, they will give the green light to a new wave of attacks.
Sharon promises Israelis a wonderful year, a year of security and tranquility, economic growth and social progress. There is no chance of this coming about as long as he is blocking the road to peace and keeps the peace process "in formalin", as described by his closest advisor.
European leaders talk about making a huge donation to the Palestinian authority after the election of Abu Mazen. This is an illusion as old as Zionism itself: that thPalestinian people - or any other people fighting for its freedom, for that matter - can be bought off and will give up its land and independence for a mess of pottage.
If the money is not accompanied by a massive European intervention for the speedy termination of the occupation and the attainment of a permanent Israeli-Palestinian solution, the mountain (as the ancient saying goes) will give birth to a mouse.


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