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3-22-2010- 2007 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

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their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5769

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The Noahide Mafia Boss, Voight leads the little Goyims in Washington DC

Beware all you stupid Gullible dumbmasses Maraka

The two whore's use you to their own Talmudic Hasidic anti-Christ ends. John Voight is an anti-Christ Noahide of the Chabad, stooge and shill of Satan's ShemmyGOG

Netanyahu To The West–Destroy Iran Before Israel Destroys You

What would serve the Jew-hating world better as repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”

–Professor David Perlmutter, writing in the Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2002 

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”–Martin Van Creveld, Israeli Historian

In early February 2009, a mere few days before the elections in Israel that delivered into Benjamin Netanyahu’s hands the launch codes to several hundred nuclear weapons aimed at every major capital in the Western world, former U.S. Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller predicted that upon assuming the seat of power Netanyahu’s (Aholah)  first priority would be “strategic conversation” with America’s new president, Barack Obama.(Aholibah)  Miller further predicted that the aim of this “very serious” conversation would be to “scare the daylights out of the president”, the ultimate objective of which would be mobilizing–not only the United States, but indeed the entire “international community”–into addressing the Iranian situation in a manner deemed “acceptable” to the Jewish state and her agenda.

More Purim MURDERS of the GOYIM for the master race chews of Satan

Now, almost as if Miller were some wizard with a magic crystal ball, indeed Netanyahu (the same former Israeli commando-turned politician who gloated over the deaths of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 saying the event was “good” because it would generate “immediate sympathy” for Israel) has made good on the former diplomat’s predictions and delivered his threats, and not only to America but as well to the entire Western world. Rather than do it face to face with the US President however, he chose instead to use his own personal emissary, none other than writer Jeffrey Goldberg, pro-Zionist fanatic, propagandist, de-facto disinformation agent for a foreign power and more-than-willing accomplice to Israel’s war crimes, both in the Middle East and beyond.

Appearing in last month’s Atlantic magazine, Goldberg’s piece entitled “Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will” features newly-made capo di tutti capi “Bibi” dishing up a whole smorgasbord of goodies for a world sick to death of Israel’s nauseating wars. With all the grace of an overweight mob boss sticking a gun in the face of one of his would-be extortion victims, Netanyahu makes it clear in the interview he views the American president as his boy out to do the bidding of the Jewish state and little more.

According to Netanyahu, the “two great missions” facing President Obama are–(1) fixing the economy, and (2) that he “must” stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and “quickly”. As if he were a cub scout den leader telling scary stories to a group of boys seated around a campfire he theatricizes the urgency of it all by saying “You don’t want a messianic, apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs…When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying, and that is what is happening in Iran.” He then one step further in saying the Iranian nuclear challenge represents a “hinge of history” and that Western civilization “will have failed” if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

For the West is under full control of the Chews of Satan and their two fold children of Hell, Noahide proselytes and freemasonry

This is by no means the first time “Bibi” has been found talking like some mad, incoherent armageddonist out of some Stephen King novel. In Paris recently he was quoted saying “We have never had a situation in the history of the world in which a radical regime with a retrograde ideology and apparently known ambitions on the use of force will get access to the weapons of mass death” adding that “a terribly dangerous threshold will be crossed” if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, while urging world leaders to make sure it does not happen.

But Winston, I thought the global enemy was uh...Saddam......Oh, meant I, Chavez...Assad?...O my.......who is the enemy today?

Nor is the frantic tone of Netanyahu’s “Bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran” ditty anything new. Since stumping to become the Jewish state’s newest incarnation of King David several years ago, he has shock-and-awed (Shekinah) audiences the world over with dire predictions of what Iran (a nation that has not attacked anyone in a thousand years) not only might do, but will do if not holocausted by the US. From his “It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany“ 

The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany: The Economic ...

The headline read "Judea Declares War on Germany - Jews of All the World Unite - Boycott of German Goods - Mass Demonstrations." The article described a ...


to his “Ahmadinejhad is preparing another Holocaust for the Jewish state” to his “Iran poses the greatest threat to our existence since the war of independence”, like some crazy street preacher wandering up and down the sidewalks of a major metropolitan city waving placards reading “the end is near” and handing out tracts to passersby, “Bibi” has used the most effective weapon in his arsenal in corralling supporters to his side–terror.

Not that this should be in the least bit surprising. Given his established devotion for the teachings of Vladimir Jabotinsky (one of the godfathers of Israeli terrorism who always advocated using the gun first in settling any disputes and then diplomacy if anyone remained alive) Netanyahu understands the value of terror. Although using fancy, coded language (as any gangster would) nevertheless none should make the mistake of thinking that just because he comports himself in expensive suits and meticulously-manicured nails that somehow he is above resorting to the tactics of professional criminals, meaning terror and violence, including on a mass scale.

Netanyahu is the TERROR of Sanhedrin, anti-Christ and contrary unto all mankind

1 Thes. 2:14: For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, 

even as they have of the Jews Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:

16: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.

Of course, fixing the economy is certainly something of supreme importance to Israel. Being the largest foreign welfare program in the yearly federal budget, the money she receives from America–anywhere from 15-30 million dollars a day–represents something in the neighborhood of 25% of her total net worth. Without American money and arms, God’s chosen people would be reduced to slinging stones like the young lad David, leaving the Jewish state to whither and die like a strand of poison ivy yanked from the ground by its roots.

His 2nd assertion though that “Western civilization” will have failed if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons is interesting and important for 2 reasons.

In the first case, it demonstrates the raw, ugly, elitism permeating Zionist (TALMUDIC ) thinking, and all the byproduct of a backwards, predatory mindset disguising itself as the religion known as Judaism. Although carefully-worded and masked in what appear to be deeply-philosophical musings, what Netanyahu really means in his statement is that the Western world, with its thousands of years of history and achievements–exists for one purpose and one purpose only–to suckle the Jewish state and protect it from all enemies (including those of her own, deliberate making) and that all other accomplishments up to this point are secondary in importance. An idea appearing first in the Old Testament Torah(where those conquered by the Israelites were reduced to becoming “hewers of wood” and “carriers of water”) and then later distilled and made even uglier in the Talmud, it is a dogma that Netanyahu and his fellow citizens (both in Israel and beyond) have adopted as an article of faith–that Gentiles are beasts in human form created by God to serve the Jews in a Judeo-centric universe where everything orbits around Israel and her people.

Those who assume this is some weird, aberrant idea espoused by only a few nutcases should allow such pleasant fiction to die the death it deserves. The term “God’s chosen people” is the bedrock of Jewish thinking and of the Jewish religion and the aforementioned “center of the universe” thinking is as intrinsic to what being “Jewish” is as tomatoes are to tomato sauce. In a very telling statement, well-known Israeli journalist Yossi Klein Halevi once wrote that his “view of history” was that “billions of people who lived and suffered and died were no more than “extras” in a big Jewish drama,” and that “human experience” was really just “Jewish experience.”

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed" (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Ma'ariv, October 6, 2004).

As much as his comments concerning Western civilization “failing” appear to be the mere ramblings of someone with an overblown sense of his own people’s importance however, it is wise for rational persons to assume that the latest version of Herod the Great was in actuality choreographing something much more dire in its nature to the Western world–meaning a threat.

Israel–through her leaders and various spokesmen over the years, has made it clear she is not like other nations. Indeed, much like Jim Jones and his infamous “People’s Temple” the Jewish state is cut from the same cloth as other cults envisioning themselves as being divine in nature, who are unable to function in the real world in a rational way and determined to go out in a blaze of glory

contrary unto all mankind 

From Ariel Sharon’s infamous “Let them tremble, let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a wild country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go crazy, that we might go wild and burn all the oil fields in the Middle East, or that we might start World War Three just like that” to Moshe Dayan’s “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother” to Prime Minister Golda Meir’s “This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself…It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy”, one thing the Jewish state has made clear since her inception is that she is not playing with a full deck, and the few cards she does possess are jokers.

This being the case, concerned, rational people have every reason to assume Netanyahu’s remarks concerning the “failure” of Western civilization is not as much a comment as it is a veiled threat, similar in its style to the famous line from the Godfather “I‘ll make him an offer he can’t refuse“. It is the language of professional terrorists who for reasons of liability know they cannot be clear on certain matters except when speaking with each other. In an age when information circumnavigates the globe literally in a matter of seconds and when quotes and sound bites are grabbed and permanently plastered on thousands or even hundreds of thousands of websites in all four corners of the world, criminals these days know they must mind their ‘p’s and ‘q’s lest their “frankness” come back to haunt them.

Nor is the idea of Israel destroying Europe, the epicenter of Western civilization, some mad, conspiracy theory rabbit pulled out of some anti-Semitic black hat. Besides Judaism’s organic hatred for all things Christian (as demonstrated not only by the sham trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago but as well the by-now incalculably high number of attacks on Christian institutions throughout the West by for-the-most-part organized Jewish groups) there are the remarks of Martin Van Creveld, Israel’s most respected military historian to consider–

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

To this day, not one person of note within the Zionist community, be they Prime Minister, propagandist, pundit, professional loudmouth or otherwise–has refuted Creveld’s statement. Rather, much like the “ambiguity” Israel maintains with regards to her status as a nuclear power, neither admitting nor denying such, she simply allows the idea of destroying the world with atomic weapons to remain “out there” as a warning to all.

This being the case then, the fact that the present Prime Minister of Israel has gone on record saying “It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany“ and that “Ahmadinejhad is preparing another Holocaust for the Jewish state” and “Iran poses the greatest threat to our existence since the war of independence” means he views it as highly likely that Israel will indeed “go under” in the event Iran is not stopped.

However, the “dangerous threshold” the wide-eyed believer Netanyahu (as well as others in Israel) fear is not annihilation at the hands of an Iranian nuclear weapon, but rather disintegration of the Jewish state resulting from her people being forced to live by the Golden Rule lest “unfortunate” repercussions ensue from her organically-murderous/religiously-inspired activities. Like a deeply-entrenched crime family who fears the likely-election of a particular prosecuting attorney well-known for his honesty as well as being immune to bribes, bullying, and blackmail, so too is Israel terrified that Iran joining the nuclear family will result in an evening-out of the odds in the Middle East where the Jewish state will no longer be free to murder indigenous Semites in Gaza, the West Bank or Lebanon (as commanded of them by their Old Testament god Yahweh) without fear of blowback.

YVWH that Talmudic Tetragrammaton, Illuminated angel of light from Darkness.........SATAN the ASSYRIAN

No, what those who fancy themselves as the progeny of Torah-inspired war criminals such as Moses, Joshua, Saul, David et al fear more than anything else in a nuclear Iran is what all professional thugs fear–that their victims are not left defenseless in the face of an aggressor. It is a well-established rule of history that all slaves are disarmed by overlords who have obvious much to fear if the oppressed are given the means of fighting back. 


Not only would a nuclear-armed Iran never go the way of Iraq (a country completely decimated at the behest of the Jewish state) but as well she would serve as a rallying point (despite it being Shia) for all Arab countries, something Israel fears more than anything else. Israel knows full well that puppet states such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia–all kept subservient by American money and fear of what the Jews would do to them militarily–would see better fortunes by cozying up to an oil-rich, nuclear-armed nation with strong ties to Russia and China, a fact Netanyahu himself admitted in the article when he stated that a direct result of a nuclear Iran would be that “Washington’s Arab allies would drift into Iran’s orbit.”

And with this in mind therefore, why then would Netanyahu not threaten “Western civilization” and all the “European capitals” with Israel’s “several hundred atomic warheads and rockets” in what is referred to as Israel’s Samson Option? Given the fact that worldwide Jewry sees Europe as the headquarters for their greatest period of suffering–the Holocaust–added to the fact that the Twin Towers of Jewish thinking is “never forget” and “never again”, why then would they not see things in the same light as Jewish writer David Perlmutter when he wrote in the Los Angeles Times-

“What would serve the Jew-hating world better than repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”

of the UNGLORIOUS Bastards of Chewry

Readers will recall that back in May 2008 when George Bush made his first trip to the Jewish state in helping celebrate 60 years of uninterrupted, good, old fashioned Torah-type (Talmudic)  butchery of the non-Israelite peoples living in the Holy Land that he was met at Ben Gurion airport by a delegation of Orthodox Rabbis (Chabad Hasidim)  closely affiliated and aligned with Netanyahu and his party. After thanking Bush for decimating Iraq at the behest of the Jewish state, the men in black then handed him a scroll that–in addition to referring to Israel as the “joy of the entire earth”–also made clear that it is the God-ordained role of the Gentile nations “to strengthen the nation of Israel”, to “remove from her any threat” by going to war against “Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon”, that the refusal to do such would result in “certain doom” and that the fate of the United States (and all those associated with her) “hangs in the balance” of Israel’s well-being.

Sanhedrin emmissaries

The final indicator that indeed the maddest of the mad have ascended to the most important and dangerous positions in what is undoubtedly the maddest and most dangerous political creation in history–Israel–lies in the aforementioned comments by the new Prime Minister with regards to Iran. As the old saying goes, “even a broken clock is right twice a day“ and in this case “Bibi“ is correct, even if accidentally, for indeed “You don’t want a messianic, apocalyptic cult (the Jews) controlling atomic bombs…When the wide-eyed believer (Netanyahu and others like him) gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying…We have never had a situation in the history of the world in which a radical regime (the Jewish state)with a retrograde ideology (Judaism) and apparently known ambitions on the use of force (Israel and her various wars of aggression and genocide) will get access to the weapons of mass death…”

Indeed, just as Netanyahu said, the world does have much to fear these days, not simply in the possibility that a “messianic, apocalyptic cult” of “wide-eyed believers” tied to a “radical regime with a retrograde ideology” and historically-proven ambitions on the use of force “might” get hold of “weapons of mass death”, but rather that it already has.

However, in this case the country in question, whose name begins with the letter “I” and which should cause humanity to lie awake at nights in terror is not Iran, but rather Israel, the name also given–coincidentally or not–to the angel of death.

(c) 2009 Mark Glenn


And to mention, Itsreallyhells Talmudic Tinky Winky Televangelist Noahides of SATAN, Judeo Talmudic Noahide Churchinsanity, also think to do their god (SATAN) a service, and they are fallen away from the TRUTH, and they too are in BED with DAN. All the earth is now in complete control of the MURDERER from the beginning, save the few, the elect of Christ, the seed of Abraham who are by faith in his Salvation of GOD. Think not to yourselves that you are righteous, But pray that you be counted to enter into Sion, God's Holy Mountain in Heaven, Unto Jesus and a company of innumerable angels.


Spiritual SODOM and EGYPT.......jerusalem, the WHORE of the EARTH of the Chews who deny Christ Jesus the LORD GOD

ADL’s Attempt To Sodomize America


REVEREND TED PIKE, DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, is the publisher of the world-renowned Web Site, Truth Tellers.

Reverend Pike, often featured on the Rense Radio Program, has played a key role in opposing and exposing the Anti Defamation League’s Hate Crimes Legislations.


Brother Nathanael Kapner: Can you give us some background information on the Anti Defamation League’s Hate Crimes Legislations?

Reverend Ted Pike: The ADL, like all powerful Jewish lobbies, can make or break an incumbent congressman or senator.

Coupled with their access to billions of Jewish dollars and their connections with the Jewish owned media, the ADL intimidates politicians with the threat of losing their seats and being smeared in the press if they do not agree to their drafted-legislations which they promote as “model legislations.”

They are all cowardly dogs and Treasonous anti-Christ Vipers of HELL. ALL, not one of them in Washington DC is exempt. Not even One.

In other words, Jewish supremacists are making the laws of our nation, not our elected officials. Any dissent means political ruin by the vengeful, all-powerful Jewish lobby.

see HJR 104, PL 102-14, NOAHIDE SLAVERY for ALL GOYIM of the earth to serve their masters

One of the ADL-drafted-legislations is the Federal Hate Crimes Bill known as the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The bill was passed by Congress on October 22, 2009. Abraham Foxman, ADL’s director, hailed the passage as “a great day for America.”

Made by them who hate GOD

Sadly, our elected officials are pressured by the ADL to continue these “great days for America.” The fact is, secular Jewish supremacy — led by the Anti Defamation League — is deeply entrenched in Washington, promoting its anti-Christian, anti-freedom, un-American agenda. Democrats especially are overtly complicit with the Zionist Occupied Government.

BEWARE, for though TED Pike earnestly believes this, the TALMUDIC Tribe of DAN lead by Sanhedrin and propagated by the REPUGS have complete control, though the TWO Whores wage and rage in their wars for the seat of their prized flesh throne that Whore city jerusalem, spiritual SODOM and EGYPT


Br Nathanael: What is the import of the Federal Hate Crimes Law?

Ted Pike: The new Hate Crimes Law builds upon the Hate Crimes Law of 1968, inspired by civil rights legislation. This law criminalizes a violent action against a federally protected group. However, the law could not be enforced due to State & Local prerogatives which created barriers against federal intrusion.

However, the new law removes all barriers against federal intrusion of State & Local law enforcement rights. The Federal government can now go after anyone they want to for “hate” towards homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders as specified in the bill — despite State & Local protection.


A Federal police state with absolute power has thus been created. Herein lies the attack on freedom of speech with a special bias against Christians who affirm the Biblical prohibitions against sexual perversion. The ultimate agenda of the ADL is to break down Christian conservative values in America.


Br Nathanael: What is the ADL’s latest effort in expanding their Federal Hate Crimes Law?

Ted Pike: The ADL’s latest legislative poison is called The Student Nondiscrimination Act of 2010. This law, HR 4530, gives grade and high school homosexual students special rights and protection over the majority.

It claims to protect students who feel harassed because of their homosexual orientation or desire to be perceived as the opposite gender. If they feel pressured to the point that they don’t want to participate in a school activity, the bill says these students deserve the same federal advocacy given blacks under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Br Nathanael: Is there an indirect targeting of Christians who might affirm the Biblical prohibition against depraved sexuality in their dealings with fellow homosexual students?

Ted Pike: Yes. The bill includes special protection to heterosexual students who feel intimidated to not associate with homosexuals. These students may also invite federal prosecution of their “homophobic,” that is, CHRISTIAN, fellow students, teachers or parents.

HR 4530 says if school officials do nothing when they know a student is being harassed because of their homosexuality or heavily pressured not to associate with a homosexual student, these authorities face federal indictment.

State and local governments which do not educate and punish those who intimidate pro-gay students will lose federal funding. Thus Christian students, teachers or parents will be persecuted, their voice suppressed, then imprisoned if the offense continues.


Br Nathanael: Does the bill define “harassment” and “intimidation?”

Ted Pike: With malicious intent, The Student Nondiscrimination Act does not adequately define “harassment” or “intimidation.” If this bill passes, these ambiguous terms will be enshrined in federal law providing a pretext for persecution of Christian students and faculty.

Thus, under this act, homosexual students will decide when they’ve been sufficiently “harassed” or “intimidated.”

Rv:11:8: And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified

Br Nathanael: Does this mean that 6 year old students can initiate prosecution against a Christian who “harasses” or “intimidates” them?

Ted Pike: A grade school boy or girl who thinks they are victimized can persuade their local liberal, feminist or gay district attorney and summon the force of federal intervention.

If such “victimized” children want to launch civil lawsuits against students, parents or Church leaders, this bill makes it clear nothing will prevent them. This is exactly what the ADL is after - persecution of Christians.

Br Nathanael: Are homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders actually being harassed in public schools?

Ted Pike: There is no evidence that widespread harassment of homosexuals in our public schools is an “especially severe problem” as the bill alleges—not with ADL-sponsored tolerance education abounding on campuses.

The Anti Defamation League is exaggerating an “epidemic of hate” in public schools, dramatizing rare abuses to justify massive federal jurisdiction.

Br Nathanael: Having grown up in Judaism, it is considered a disgrace to the Jewish family if a son or daughter identifies as a homosexual or lesbian. What then is the ADL’s ultimate goal with this new legislation?

Ted Pike: The aim of the Anti Defamation League is to establish the federal government as the pro-homosexual educator and punisher of Christian opponents of homosexuality at every level of public schooling. HR 4530 amounts to federal endorsement of adolescent homosexuality as a legitimate, normal alternative.

The bill will flood government-sponsored educational programs into public schools to promote homosexual self-esteem. Its encouragement of homosexuality on the grade school level will destroy young consciences even before they have been formed. Indeed, the ADL will gain more ground in their attempt to sodomize America…



Absolute INSANITY of the Master Race chews of the house of SATAN, the anti-CHRIST

Anti-Semitism – What is it?

March 15, 2010 by Jeff Gates ·

Several of us among the incurably curious asked ourselves a simple question: what is anti-Semitism? That it must be written with a capital “S” says a lot.

Then we realized it also morphs. To that feature I can attest. In November 2002, I met a “John Doe” in London who proposed a research challenge. While meeting that challenge, I encountered various versions of anti-Semitism.

A colleague advised against this challenge. First he fretted at the criminal nature of what the research has since confirmed. Then he inquired about my safety. That said a lot.

The colleague was M.I.T. Professor Noam Chomsky. For his criticism of Israeli policy, he was attacked as a self-hating Jew. Were he not Jewish, doubtless he would have been an anti-Semite. For critics of Israel, those are the only two options. He cautioned me:

You’ll get the same thing: anti-Semitic, Holocaust denier, want to kill all the Jews, etc. It doesn’t matter what the facts are. Bear in mind that you are dealing with intellectuals, that is, what we call ‘commissars’ and ‘apparatchiks’ in enemy states.

Is anti-Semitism a geopolitical strategy? If so, for what purpose? Character assassination?

Ten months ago, I met with Professor William Robinson on the University of California Santa Barbara campus. We met soon after he was attacked by the Anti-Defamation League and its network.

Robinson had read Guilt By Association, the first release based on this research. His question mirrored Prof. Chomsky’s concern: “Are they going to kill me?” he asked. Who are They? Those who attack anyone critical of Israeli policy.

Anti-Semitism—A License to Kill?

For his class on globalization, Robinson provided an email link to a photo essay critical of Israeli policy. The essay had been circulating online for weeks. When two students complained to the ADL, its attack troops insisted on Robinson’s removal while its national network urged alumni to threaten the withholding of gifts and bequests to the university.

Word quickly spread among academics nationwide. That time-critical ADL strategy silenced on-campus criticism of the Israeli assault on Gaza. Is it anti-Semitic to suggest that’s how anti-Semitism works?

When the Anti-Defamation League intimidates on a national scale, does anti-Semitism morph into something even more sinister? The Gaza assault killed 1,400, including 400 Palestinian children. That slaughter was scheduled during America’s political and media “down time”—between Christmas 2008 and the January 2009 inaugural of Barack Obama.

Is it anti-Semitic to suggest a strategic motive behind the timing of Israel’s latest savagery?

Then there’s the motive for 911. Is it anti-Semitic to raise that taboo subject? Ask those members of the 911 Commission who objected—successfully—when the chair and vice-chair proposed hearings on the motivation for that high-profile provocation.

Instead, Americans were left to cope with the results of an overwrought reaction to an unexplained mass murder too quickly blamed on “Islamo” fascism. Only now can we see the full costs in blood and treasure of a war waged on fixed intelligence and false pretenses.

The fiscal tab alone is projected to total $3 Trillion. That includes the future costs of military pensions, disabilities, record-level post-traumatic stress, suicides and so forth.

All that money is borrowed, a first for an American war. The interest cost could reach $700 billion. Is it anti-Semitic to mention here that debt is always the prize?

At the end of WWII, the victorious U.S. was home to 50% of the world’s productive power. Our bonds were gilt-edged and remained so for two generations. Now we are widely hated, our credibility is shot, our credit rating is slipping and our economy teeters on a meltdown.

Is it anti-Semitic to ask, “What happened?”

Is it anti-Semitic to report that the so-called “mastermind” behind 911 cited as his motive the U.S.-Israeli relationship?

Would it be anti-Semitic to ask for an accounting of the “but for” costs of this relationship?

But for this “special relationship” what would be the current condition of the U.S.—financially, militarily, diplomatically, geopolitically? Would the computation of those costs be an exercise in anti-Semitism? How about future costs?

Is it Anti-Semitic to call for a New 911 Commission?

America was misled to wage war in Iraq. Who had a relationship with us privileged enough to succeed with such duplicity in plain sight?

Who had the means, motive, opportunity and—importantly—the stable nation state intelligence to deceive us from inside our own government? Is that question anti-Semitic?

We were betrayed. Does that betrayal trace to those who befriended us?

We were defrauded. Does that treason trace to those we were induced to trust?

As counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee (1980-87), I crafted federal tax law governing funds under management. Those funds surged from $800 billion in 1980 to more than $17,000 billion by the spring of 2007.

Those tax policies created a vast pool of “money-on-autopilot.” Today’s consensus belief can be simply put: money should be allowed to pursue more of itself—freely.

The unspoken assumption is that money is smarter than people. That’s the generally accepted truth behind the finance-fixated obsession we now know as “economics.”

Legions of consensus-touting consultants insist that this One True Faith guide lawmaking worldwide. By law, financial freedom became a proxy for personal freedom. Tribunals under the World Trade Organization may yet enforce that worldview globally.

How did such a narrow perspective become a widely agreed-to mindset? How were we induced to set America’s course by those values peculiar to money?

Rather than the civil rights refrain, “Let my people go,” the consensus refrain is “Let my money go.” Were we induced by a subculture within a subculture…within a subculture to freely embrace the very money myopic mindset that now endangers our freedom?

This mindset first surfaced as the “Chicago model” before morphing over decades into the “Washington” consensus.

How were we as a nation induced to brand democracy with a point of view that, by law, displaces those values not denominated in money? Is that an anti-Semitic question?

Shutting Down Debate

Early on in this challenge, I included the noun “Jew” in a Google search. I received in return an automated response from the Anti-Defamation League implying I was an anti-Semite.


More importantly, how did a Google response appear in my email inbox—automatically—from the Anti-Defamation League?

The ADL network conducts trainings for law enforcement under recently enacted federal hate crimes legislation. By my use of a common noun in an online search, am I now identified in a database as wanting to kill all the Jews?

Mark Yudoff, president of the University of California, could have intervened in the on-campus events that caused Professor Robinson to fear for his life. He declined. Richard Blum, chair of the state’s Board of Regents, could have intervened. He too declined.

Judith Yudoff is the immediate past international president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism representing 760 synagogues. Blum’s wife, U. S. Senator Diane Feinstein, chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Is it anti-Semitic to report these facts?

My apologies. Clearly I don’t yet grasp what anti-Semitism is. Thus I throw the challenge to you the reader: what is it? Together perhaps we can sort this out.

It is opposition to the anti-Christ, simple.


The Love affair of Two whores

Hillary, AIPAC leaders: Making the hurt plain—but the love, too

WASHINGTON (JTA) – It was like one of those “good” family fights the shrinks on TV urge in marital spats: Make the hurt plain, but make the love plain, too.

The leaders of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton did not back down from their bottom lines when Clinton spoke Monday morning at the annual AIPAC policy conference: The Obama administration will make its unhappiness clear and public when it regards an Israeli action as undermining the peace process; AIPAC would prefer such talks take place behind closed doors.

Bwah haw haw haw,,,,sure

For AIPAC, Jerusalem is off the table; for Clinton it's very much part of the discussion.

Yet Clinton and the speakers before her -- AIPAC President Lee Rosenberg and Executive Director Howard Kohr -- made it emphatically clear that they not only remembered the “good times,” they are trying to bridge the gaps as well.

Clinton’s speech culminated two weeks of tensions sparked when Israel announced a major housing start in eastern Jerusalem during a visit to Israel by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden that had been aimed at underscoring the close U.S.-Israel friendship and restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Keep in mind that the Harlot city of all the earth have full control of both Talmudic anti-Christ blasphemous Treasonous Parties

“It is our devotion to this outcome -- two states for two peoples, secure and at peace -- that led us to condemn the announcement of plans for new construction in East Jerusalem,” Clinton said Monday. “This was not about wounded pride. Nor is it a judgment on the final status of Jerusalem, which is an issue to be settled at the negotiating table. This is about getting to the table, creating and protecting an atmosphere of trust around it, and staying there until the job is finally done.”

Clinton’s mild rebuke brought surprising, if light, applause. It was a mark of the success of repeated pleas from AIPAC’s leadership to the 7,500 activists in attendance to keep things civil. Clinton earned standing ovations coming in and out, and there was no audible booing.

Kohr and Rosenberg were equally as determined to make Israel’s point.

“Jerusalem is not a settlement,” Kohr said in the line of the morning that brought the greatest cheering. “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

Spiritual SODOM and EGYPT

Kohr also made the case for keeping such disputes out of public view.

Dont want to taint the Judeo Churchinsanities who support that great Harlot city

“When disagreements inevitably arise, they must be resolved privately as is befitting close allies,” he said.

That’s been the mantra of AIPAC, along with the center and right in the pro-Israel community -- and Clinton turned it around.

The announcement of new construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, she said, “exposes daylight between Israel and the United States that others in the region hope to exploit. And it undermines America's unique ability to play a role -- an essential role, I might add -- in the peace process. Our credibility in this process depends in part on our willingness to praise both sides when they are courageous, and when we don't agree, to say so, and say so unequivocally.”

It was clear, though, that Clinton was sensitive to Israeli and pro-Israel complaints that the opprobrium she had heaped onto Israel -- she called the announcement an “insult” -- was one-sided and that she had ignored Palestinian violations.

In fact, her spokesmen have condemned Palestinian incitement. And Monday, Clinton picked up the two signal issues that have exercised Israel’s advocates: the naming of a public square in Ramallah for a terrorist who led a deadly 1978 attack, and Palestinian rioting greeting the rededication of an Old City synagogue destroyed during the 1948 Independence War.

“These provocations are wrong and must be condemned for needlessly inflaming tensions and imperiling prospects for a comprehensive peace,” Clinton said to applause.

Chews love to applause themselves, after all they are "Chosen"

AIPAC and the Obama administration have differences on Iran as well: AIPAC activists will push hard for enhanced Iran sanctions when they lobby Tuesday afternoon on Capitol Hill, while the administration wants time to exhaust the prospect of multilateral sanctions.

Here, though, Clinton was able to throw the crowd some meat, (Red raw meat to the hungry wolves)  saying that whatever sanctions emerged, they would not be glancing.

“Our aim is not incremental sanctions but sanctions that will bite,” she said. “It is taking time to produce these sanctions, and we believe that time is a worthwhile investment for winning the broadest possible support for our efforts. But we will not compromise our commitment to preventing Iran from acquiring these nuclear weapons.”

Rosenberg, just inaugurated as AIPAC’s president and a key fund-raiser in candidate Barack Obama’s presidential run, also made sure to hit affectionate notes, noting Clinton’s pronounced pro-Israel record in her eight years as a U.S. senator from New York. Among other things, she led the successful effort to force the International Committee of the Red Cross to recognize Israel’s Magen David Adom.

Molechs 6 pointed star

Kohr, the longtime AIPAC director, used the policy conference to outline the group’s priorities. He focused on gaining Israel its deserved entry into the international community through membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which coordinates economic policy in the developed world; getting Israel a seat on the U.N. Security Council; and forging a closer relationship between Israel and NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

All have been Israeli priorities for years, but throughout the Bush administration and the prevalence of neoconservatism in its foreign policy, AIPAC’s embrace of these issues was low-grade. In fact, in making the case for advancing Israel in the United Nations, Kohr even asked: “Now, some of you may be asking, why does it matter?”

He ran through an explanation of the U.N. Security Council’s powers, but left unsaid why else it matters: The Obama administration’s emphasis on multilateralism and on working out differences in international forums. Kohr was telling his activists that this was the new Obama order.

Perhaps most telling was where Clinton ad-libbed away from her prepared remarks and revealed a soft affection for Israel and its friends.

She delivered a prepared line about “pioneers who found a desert and made it bloom,” then paused and said, “There were people who were thinking, how could that ever happen? Ahh, but it did.”

She amended a line about warriors offering peace to describe them as “so gallant in battle.” Clinton asked the crowd if they thought she thought it necessary to speak “because AIPAC can get 7,500 people in a convention center? I don’t think so.”

In her lengthiest unscripted passage, Clinton recalled traveling the world during the 1990s, the heyday of Arab-Israeli peace talks, and never hearing anyone mention the conflict outside the confines of the Middle East. These days, she said, its periodic explosions into war is often the first item, however far-flung her travels.

It was a gentle unsettling of the belief that the Israel-U.S. relationship exists in a bubble unaffected by outside realities.

“We cannot escape the impact of mass communications,” Clinton said. “We can only change the facts on the ground.”


It is all about the Chews choose

Jewish groups praising health care reform bill’s passage

NEW YORK (JTA) -- Jewish groups are lauding the U.S. Congress' passage of a health care reform bill.

On Monday, the morning after the House of Representatives passed a measure that would create sweeping change in the way health care is provided in the United States, a slew of Jewish groups issued statements in support and looking forward to its signature into law by President Obama.

B’nai B’rith International was among the groups hailing the bill's passage.

“As the leading Jewish sponsor of supportive housing for seniors over the last 40 years, we have seen the impact the lack of life-time access to health care has on people as they age," the group said in a statement. "It is for that reason that we believe expanding access to health care for people of all ages is fundamental to achieving healthy aging for each generation.”

of choose at the cost of the taxpaying "Goyims"

The statement went on to say that "Life-long access to quality health care, which should include prevention, diagnostic, and maintenance of chronic conditions, will ensure everyone (Choose) can age in good health.”

Voting along party lines, House members passed the bill, 219-212, late Sunday night.

Rabbi David Saperstein, the executive director of the Religious Action Committee, the political lobby of the Reform movement, said in a statement that the adopted bill "is not perfect. But it is necessary."

"This is a unique and urgent moment in history; a moment of great promise and great challenge as Congress works together with doctors, hospitals, labor unions, businesses, insurers, drug companies and people of faith to ensure fundamental and comprehensive health insurance reform that provides for a healthy future for millions of (Chooish) Americans,” his statement said.

In a news release Monday, the National Jewish Democratic Council said, "We are confident that when (Talmudic) historians look back on this day, they will equate the passage of this bill with such monumental legislative achievements as the passage of Social Security in the 1930’s. This bill also reflects the clear groundswell of support in the American Jewish community -- both among individuals and organizations -- for the change in our health care system that’s so desperately needed today."

One of the few Jewish groups not enthusiastic about the health care reform bill is the Republican Jewish Coalition, which had yet to comment early Monday but as recently as last week called the proposal “deeply flawed.”

“Substantively, the Obama plan is wrong for America," RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said in a statement. "It will worsen our already dire fiscal situation. It will cause even more job losses -- at a time when we desperately need to be creating jobs. It will cause millions of Americans to lose health-care arrangements they are satisfied with. And it will not address the health-care cost problem that Americans are most concerned about.”


Foxman that global whiner and LIAR. Satan kicks mankind while he is down and cries out like the victim

ADL blasts recent Farrakhan speeches

NGO calls addresses "virulently anti-Semitic rhetoric."

direct from the Sodomite anti-Christ

A recent spate of speeches delivered by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan have drawn angry condemnation from the Anti-Defamation League.

Farrakhan has “returned again to his old bigotry, and ramped up his virulently anti-Semitic rhetoric,” the ADL said, in a statement released over the weekend in response to speeches in Chicago’s Mosque Maryam during the past two weeks.

“The Federal Reserve is the synagogue of Satan. The Rockefellers, the DuPonts, the House of Rothschild, these are the people that have corrupted the entire world,” he said in a March 14 speech at the mosque, according to the ADL.

Bawh haw haw, so what is new about this "honest Abe" ?

A week earlier, Farrakhan told his followers at the mosque that “the Black man and woman have always been looked upon as the ‘property’ of White America; and particularly, members of the Jewish community. They’ve always looked at you as ‘belonging’ to them.”

During that speech, he also said, “The Jewish people have said that Hollywood is theirs. Can any of you deny that they are the masters of Hollywood, where sex, lesbianism, homosexuality and violence are promoted?”

But of course this is indeed anti-Chewry

The ADL has compiled a report on Farrakhan’s speeches, which it says accuse Jews of exploiting black performers in the entertainment industry and being “disproportionately involved in the transatlantic slave trade.”

Bwah haw haw haw, and this is new Abey?

“There is no doubt that anti-Semitism and racism remain a central part of Farrakhan’s message, as well as that of the Nation of Islam,” according to ADL national director Abe Foxman.

Of course Abe never mentions.......

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed" (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Ma'ariv, October 6, 2004).

“The large crowds he attracts demonstrate that his bigotry and hate continue to be embraced. Clearly, Minister Farrakhan has returned again to his old bigotry, and ramped up his virulently anti-Semitic rhetoric,” Foxman added.

while Abe opens the Satanic anti-Christ spicket of Hatred of the "Goyims"

On February 28, the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day, Farrakhan told some 20,000 followers in Chicago’s United Center that US President Barack Obama’s political difficulties came after he stood up to the Jewish lobby at an Oval Office meeting last summer.

“When they left the White House, his problems began,” the Chicago Sun-Times quoted Farrakhan as saying.

Obama’s meeting last summer with leaders of Jewish groups was mostly friendly, but there were differences over his administration’s tone in dealing with the Netanyahu government in Israel.

“The Zionists are in control of Congress,”
(Talmudicicst of Satan)
Farrakhan said in the 3.5-hour speech, listing a slew of Jewish economic advisers and adding that the “bloodsuckers of the poor” were rewarded with a bailout.

In the same speech, Farrakhan said “the white Right
(Judeo Churchinsanity Chabad Noahides) is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated,
” and reiterated his conviction that 9/11 was an “inside job.”(Mossad) 

He also said the February 27 earthquake in Chile, which came a day before his speech, was “not an accident. It was a precipitate of
what I have to tell you today of what’s coming to America. You will not escape.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, he went on to describe a 1985 encounter with a flying saucer, from which he heard the voice of deceased Nation of Islam spiritual leader Elijah Muhammad.

Bwah haw haw haw they had to throw that in there, now didn't they?

He went on to offer an apocalyptic warning to the world.

“I will speak to the kings and rulers of the world. I will speak to the pope and the religious leaders because you have to know that your time has come,” he said. “I desire to guide you and warn you of things that are coming that you must try to prepare yourselves for because we are absolutely living in the change of worlds.”

During the presidential campaign, Obama distanced himself from Farrakhan for his history of anti-Semitism.

for the fear of the Jews was upon him


The Gloating of whoredom

Netanyahu boasts of success in US row

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, boasted that he had faced down American demands to halt Jewish construction in East Jerusalem, raising the stakes in a diplomatic row with Washington.

Mr Netanyahu avoided a much feared snub after he was formally invited to hold talks with President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday despite the worst crisis in US-Israeli relations for more than a decade.

All staged theatrics

The invitation represented a victory Mr Netanyahu a two-week standoff with the United States triggered after Israel unveiled plans to expand a Jewish settlement in occupied East Jerusalem.

Despite intense pressure demands from Hillary Clinton, the US secretary, to reverse the expansion and refrain from all further building in East Jerusalem, which Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day war, has so far been resisted. .

see broken elbow

Mr Netanyahu appeared emboldened at a cabinet where he proclaimed he had forced the United States to accept that East Jerusalem, seen by the Palestinians as the capital of a future state, was as Jewish as the rest of Israel.


"As far as we are concerned, building in Jerusalem is the same as building in Tel Aviv," he said. "I wrote a letter, at my own initiative, to the secretary of state so that things would be crystal clear."

Mr Netanyahu was given additional encouragement after George Mitchell, Mr Obama's special envoy to the Middle East, arrived in Jerusalem and hailed ties between Israel and the United States as "unshakeable".

Yet Mr Netanyahu has been forced to make some concessions.

He has agreed to make "confidence building" concessions to the Palestinians that include easing a three-year Israel blockade of Gaza.

Some observers have warned that Mr Netanyahu's confidence may be misplaced, predicting that President Obama could renew his demand for a settlement freeze in East Jerusalem when the two men meet.

deceiving one another at one table

But Mr Obama could be left open to potentially embarrassing accusations that he has twice backed down in confrontations with Israel.

Last year he reluctantly accepted a proposal from Mr Netanyahu for a partial slowdown of Jewish construction in the West Bank despite having previously demanded a total settlement freeze.

Mr Obama's efforts to revive the Middle East peace process have also foundered.

Highlighting the volatility that has arisen in the wake of row, Israeli troops shot dead four Palestinians in the West Bank over the weekend.

Israel also came under pressure from Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations secretary general, who used a visit to Gaza to warn that Israel's blockade was "empowering extremists".


Because "ALL" of the kings of the earth are drunken with the Cup of the Whores wine

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ahmadinejad becoming a Noahide

Are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranians interested in becoming Noahides?

Rav Yoel Schwartz, along with all the great work he does in various realms, is also seriously involved in the Noahide community.

Rav Schwartz was contacted via some Turks who were interested in the concept of the Noahide Laws. After he spoke with them, they got in touch with the Iranians and asked Rav Schwartz if he would meet and present these concepts to Ahamdinejad.

It seems that these Turks think that the reason Ahamdinejad is so vocal against Israel is because he sees Israel as the center of heresy against God in the world. Therefore it must be destroyed.

The Turks think that if Ahmadinejad would be made aware of the fact that most Israelis are traditional and keep the basics of the Torah, such as bris milah, along with the fact that there is an established beis din in Jerusalem that deals exclusively with the laws of bnei noah, he would lower his tone and not be so anti-Israel. (source: Kikar Shabbos)

Is Ahmadinejad planning on becoming a Noahide? Why else would knowledge of Israel's involvement with Noahides change his attitude?


And the Sanhedrin seeks to Partner with the Moslems to destroy Christianity

Joint Halachic-Shariah Court

From The Sanhedrin - en

A joint "Bnei Noah" court between a Jewish Rabbinical Court and an Islamic Shaaria Court to allow an opportunity for Israeli-Palestinian grievances to be verified and ruled upon according to religious law. This idea is only in its initial stages, and not well understood. We said in a previous statement[1], "lies and misinformation" are a key part in the campaign against Israel, and we feel this is due in significant part because there is no credible court that Muslims and Jews can turn to, the secular courts having failed us in resolving Palestinian-Israeli grievances.

Do not be deceived, Satan's Sinhedrin seek to enslave Persia by fake peace, and If they reject, they shall also be annihilated in PURIM MURDER

Lets see what they have in mind for Haman Amadinejad, just like Purim Schechem and the deception and MURDERS

Chooish REDRUM

absolute insane sickness of Talmudic Jewry

A Time to Kill

Simeon and Levi—Paradigms for a Bar Mitzvah Boy?

A Jewish boy celebrates his bar mitzvah, (Marakan Bar Association Law Degree) his Jewish "coming of age," when he turns thirteen.

What is the biblical source for the age of bar mitzvah?

"And it came to pass on the third day, when [the people of Shechem] were in pain [following their circumcision] that two of Jacob's sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brothers, each man took his sword and they came upon the city confidently, and killed every male."1

Yep, that bout figures it completely

Simeon and Levi are called men. Our sages calculate2 that the two were thirteen at the time. Thus it's clear that at thirteen years old boys are already considered men.3

what the heck, a Talmudic perverted anti-God, satanic rib-eye could have sex with boys at nine years and a day

While the Torah's (Talmud Bavli, Mishnah Torah, Not the WORD of GOD) use of the word "man" is necessary in order to inform us the age at which Jewish boys become responsible for mitzvot, (NOAHIDE MURDER for their Talmudic wannabe Gawd, who is Satan of Talmud Bavli)  the choice of placement is seemingly disturbing.

What are we to answer our children when they ask us about the very first bar mitzvah boys?In what context do we learn of our children's moral and religious maturation, accountability, and responsibility? From an episode in which two thirteen year olds apparently behaved with none. What are we to answer our children when they ask us about the very first bar mitzvah boys?

"Keel em all" Keel all em Goyims"

We know the story; hopefully we have struggled with it.

Two young men out for revenge.

Unglorious little Chewish Bastards

The target is a Hivite prince named Shechem and his people.

Extrajudicial MURDERS, Itsreally has always been famous for this

 Cunningly, Shechem is offered an alliance on behalf of Jacob's family, hinged on the circumcision of all Shechemite males. The condition is accepted; the stage now set for a massacre. Come the third day, the newly circumcised Hivites are at the peak of their pain, and Simeon and Levi renege on their word and spoil the good faith placed in them. The outcome is unrestrained carnage.

Are these the type of people we want our children to emulate? 

Well Yeah ! It is the Chooish way !


Are these the greatest examples our tradition has to offer our budding teens? Does their behavior in any way reflect the loving religion they belonged to, and the proper response it calls for?

Bwah haw haw haw haw haw haw haw

The Crime of Silence

"He who allows oppression, shares the crime."—Charles Darwin

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."—Dante Alighieri

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."—Albert Einstein

"It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare."—Mark Twain

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."—Abraham Lincoln

"I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."—Elie Weisel

"The evils of government are directly proportional to the tolerance of the people."—Frank Kent

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."—Edward R. Murrow

"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.""Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience."—Howard Zinn

"Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of the colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, (s)he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."—Robert F. Kennedy

In the Beginning…

Have you ever start reading a book from the middle?

Here's the beginning of our story:

"Now Dinah – the daughter of Leah whom she had borne to Jacob – went out to see the daughters of the land. Shechem, son of Hamor the Hivite, the prince of the land saw her, and he lay with her, and he violated her… Jacob's sons arrived from the field when they heard; the men were distressed."4

she was a typical Chewish Mensch

Imagine a person coming home from work to find out that his sister was abducted and violated; her young life destroyed; forever scarred.

where the hell did abducted come from....Oh the usual Chewish deductive reasoning and psycho babble

Words could not describe the grief, the anguish, the humiliation…

thats why it was not written...of course

Worse, if at all possible, in Dinah's instance she had been kidnapped in broad daylight! An entire population was complicit. 

There you have it the birth of Collective Punishment, and ITSREALLYHELL is the Master of Mass MURDERS, see all wars of the Chews

Many Hivites had aided and abetted5; the others stood by and watched. Some from street corners, others from behind drawn window shades; either way, they had all kept their silence.

so say the Talmudic Chews of their master the Murderer from the beginning...the Father of Chewry

Shechem was a man of nobility, the prince of an empire. News traveled fast, and before long Dinah's continued abduction and violation was the talk of that region and beyond.

Still no response, still no justice, still only thunderous silence.

The world looked on quietly.

as they do now while ITSREALLY MURDERS and RAPES and Destroys the Palestinians and the IRAQI's and Afghanistan and soon again PERSIA

Teen Models

The moral truths expressed by the notable personalities quoted above were first conceived and acted upon by Simeon and Levi.

13 year old in puberty wannabe "Great Master Murderers" War by deception

We must dream of – not dread – raising children with moral courage and the preparedness to sacrifice Simeon and Levi are the perfect paradigm, and Shechem the perfect setting, to teach us about religious and moral responsibility.

Of their Global Noahide MURDER for their god wannabe Satan of Talmud Bavli, that "Robber" that these Hasidic Vermin choose

The word responsibility has been said to be made of two: response-ability. This description couldn't better portray Jacob's teenage boys; young men who exercised their ability to respond in full.

They saw a horrendous wrong being perpetrated, they were disturbed to the core of their souls, and they took action—despite the mortal risk involved.

So they Mass MURDERED as many GOYIM as their Gawd of Talmud Bavli, Satan....would allow....such Talmudic Chewish Moral Courage these puberistic little Talmudic Murdering Vipers hold

Thus, it is apropos that that age of bar mitzvah be derived from Simeon and Levi's selfless stand.

Nine years and a day, and a rib-eye priest of Qabalah and Talmud

We must dream of – not dread – raising children with moral courage and the preparedness to sacrifice.6

For the coming global Mass Murders PURIM Perpetual Al Lah......ZE GOYIMS of Jesus Christ

Stepping Up to the Plate

slopping pigs

Using some poetic license, I would like to present my version of the Shechem episode, along with the thoughts, feelings and conversations that were behind it.7

Talmudic filthy perverted narrations and Lies, always direct from the lowestrooms

"Did you see hear the news?" Simeon's voice trembled.

"What is it now?" Levi asked.

"They're holding Dinah captive, and now Shechem, may he die a hundred deaths, (such chewish niceties) wants to marry her. They say they won't let her go until we've come to an 'agreement.'"

so goes the fables of the Jews

Levi's heart stopped. Numb from shock, he stood rooted to his spot. Only as the information began to register did he begin to shake with rage. He had never felt this angry before.

Another Chooish whore had been conquered, See Ishatar, Astarte, Esther and Monikar Lewinsky

"The absolute nerve of that rotten lowlife! First he violates her and then he wants her love!"

See, Aholah and Aholibah and their doting to the Assyrian

"We must act now!" said Simeon urgently.

Having somewhat regained his composure, Levi, usually the calmer of the two, said, "Look, let's think about this for a second before we do anything rash.

see mass murder of Palestinians

"What about going to the authorities for help?"

Maybe Bushwhacker or Obama?

Simeon stopped him short. "Shechem is the authority."

"But there must be some sort of law in this land!"

Nope, they have not yet ratified by 2/3 the majority vote to introduce HJR 104, PL 102-14 Noahide Laws unto Satan....yet

"Shechem is the law."8

Simeon stopped him short. "Shechem is the authority..." "But what about the neighboring nations, won't they intervene on our behalf?" Levi pressed on. "How could they possibly let this go? There must be some type of international law."

Yep, indeedy doo, the Chews have been at this for Millennia....................for all the Kings of the earth sleep with the Talmudic Whore

"Stop being so naïve," Simeon impatiently responded. "No one could care less about us, end of story. Besides…"

Simeon drifted off mid-sentence; Judah was bolting toward them. He was stammering uncontrollably. They shuddered at the sight. Judah was normally the most articulate of the brothers, always calm and collected; a real leader.

a real Chew

When he was calm enough to be coherent, he gave them the morbid update. "A rumor has been spread by the palace that Dinah is a common harlot who willingly serviced the prince."9

see all other Jewish Fables direct from Talmud Bavli of the sick perversion of the Talmudic anti-God rib-eyes of ITSREALLYHELL

Simeon's face went ashen. 

Well, almost white

"There's no chance in the world we'll get any help now. 

We must tell the stupid "Goy" world they are throwing babies from incubators.....or something

Worse, if that rumor gets around, and we do take action, we'll be labeled the aggressors10 and be accused of libeling Shechem in order to start a war. If that happens, the surrounding nations will surely join Shechem to fight us!"

Bwah haw haw haw haw...........and the story goes.............

Levi, forever optimistic, said, "What about Shechem's government? There must be someone there who's sympathetic to us, and if not, certainly there are those who would be willing to accept money in exchange for their help."


Judah had thought of that already. "All political avenues – both direct and indirect – are sealed tight. In fact, many of the officials were themselves personally involved in the kidnapping, and those who were not have sworn to back Shechem to the death.11 I'm afraid we're in this alone.

then there is Amadinejad

"Just so you know, we have strong reason to believe that Shechem kidnapped Dinah in the hope that we would fight back and get killed in action, so that he could add our family fortune to his personal treasury."12

See weapons of Mass Destruction deceptions

This was too much for Simeon. He jumped up and yelled, "Enough is enough! We're left with no choice but to fight the Hivites. That's the only way we'll ever see Dinah alive again. Who even knows how they're treating her as we speak…"

While she lavishes in luxuries and slips clusters of Grapes between her sensuous harlot lips

Judah, back to his coolheaded self, interjected with some logic. "Although it seems that war is our only option, it's not really an alternative. We'll be killed before we could count to ten... I'm going to talk to the others. There must be another way out of this." With that he hurried off.

So Judah calls on the great PIMP in the Whitehouse and Congress

When the two were again alone, Simeon grabbed hold of Levi's shoulders, "Join me in combat. We can do it together. If not I fight myself!"

BWAH HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW........yep.....right....One Lilly Livered, limp wristed, yellow bellied, panty waisted Talmudic Chew.........hahahahahhahahahahah....UH HUH

Moved by Simeon's sacrifice he replied, "I would, but it's suicidal and therefore pointless. Of what use are we to Dinah if dead?"

His eyes smoldering, Simeon exclaimed, "Enough with the calculations! I'd rather die trying to save Dinah than live knowing that I did nothing to help rescue her from those animals.

"I'd rather die trying to save Dinah than live knowing that I did nothing to help her...""Listen carefully. If you think this was a random act of terror, you are dead wrong. 


Shechem only did what he did because he knows we are Hebrews13 

Because they hate Freedom

and that we have a lot of enemies who want us dead. 

reckon why?

He thinks that Jewish blood is cheap. And judging by the "overwhelming" reaction he received, his sentiment is confirmed. No one is ready to stand by us in our time of need. If we don't act now, there will be no end to the attacks on our people. 

Thus the Talmudic Global war on Terror by the WORLDS TERRORIST themselves

If we don't put an end to these crimes of hate – yes, of hate – 

Thus the "Hate Crimes" Act of the ADL against the Christ Believers

then our future generations will continuously be hounded by those who realize that they can get away with spilling our blood…"

SO, KEEL all the GOYIMS who oppose us FIRST......and so it is to this day

Levi understood that Simeon's assessment was on target. "I'm in," he passionately exclaimed. "Even if it means sacrificing my life. There comes a time when we must stop thinking about ourselves and do for others, whatever the price. Who knows what difference our act of standing up to evil will have on the entire world! Let's work out a plan…"

So Shems sham of Shame began at Schechem

What's in It for Me?

AS good as it gets for you all upon the earth who lust after your own flesh


That pretty much sums up the Global anti-Christ Talmudic Satanic Noahide shem sham of shame, folks


For you chews, look around you, there are Jews of different colors and blood. But how did this become and be? You may ask.

It is very easy, Jewry is a religion unto Satan. There is no such thing as a secular Jew, that is the greatest Perpetuated Hoax on Mankind, that Jewry is a race of beings

Even as your masters have for millennia, today they deceive you all. It is Satan of Babylon they serve. They slew the Messengers of GOD, so GOD sent his only Begotten SON, they the rib-eyes the Pharisees and their offspring today the Chabad Lubavitchers and their sick little satanic SinHedrin seek to inherit the earth, and they TAKE you ALL to the PITS of HELL with them into eternal Damnation.

Time is Now, for you to REPENT of your Blood Libel against Jesus Christ the Only Messiah, that ONLY Moshiach, the Atonement for the sins of the earth.

Won't you hear?

Romans 10:

1: Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.
2: For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
3: For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.
4: For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
5: For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.
6: But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:)
7: Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)
8: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
13: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
14: How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
15: And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
16: But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?
17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
18: But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.
19: But I say, Did not Israel know? First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.
20: But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me.
21: But to Israel he saith, All day long I have stretched forth my hands unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.



of the Choosenites

‘Lost’ and ‘The Chosen’

The greatest of "Lost" bloggers, Jeff "Doc" Jensen of Entertainment Weekly, suggests that Chaim Potok's "The Chosen" might be the key to understanding and resolving the final season's much-talked about dual time lines:

Anyway, all of this is a very looooong build up to the other book that we saw in Sawyer's tent/library, the one that may really zero in on the true nature of the split world paradigm: The Chosen by Chaim Potok, a classic novel about two Jewish boys struggling with identity, faith, familial and cultural obligations, and personal destiny. It's interesting that Lost should drop this book into the seventh hour of the season — because in Chapter 7 of The Chosen

The Noahide Chapter, of the Chews and the proselytes, see Kate

see out of their evil they seek good

you get a meaty passage that connects with so much Lost stuff, it surely can't be coincidence. You get talk of birth and rebirth. You get talk of a ''master of the universe'' and ''dust.'' (Think: Jacob.) You get talk of free will, following the will of God, and what human beings get out of the bargain. (Think: Jacob and Smokey.) You get talk of a world with God (a world with the Island) and a world without a God (the Sideways World, sans Island) and what needs to be done to keep the presence of God alive in our hearts, our communities, our world. (I'm not sure of the connection to Lost; I just liked writing the sentence.) And you get this:

''It is written, 'This world is like a vestibule before the world-to-come; prepare thyself in the vestibule, that thou mayest enter the hall.' The meaning is clear: The vestibule is this world, and the hall is the world to come.''

The Talmudic Hoodlum haha that they call their flesh Olam haba

Now, that sounds a lot like the reincarnation/''Epilogue World'' theory I crapped on earlier in this column, right? But let's keep reading. As the passage continues, the rabbi mentions Gematriya, which assigns numerical values to words. The word chai, or life, has the value of 18. The rabbi notes that the phrase ''this world'' has the value of 163 and the phrase ''the world to come'' has the value of 154. The difference between the two numbers: 9. The rabbi says:

''Nine is half of 18. Eighteen is chai, life. In this world there is only half of chai. We are only half alive in this world! Only half alive!''

Interesting. Here in season 6 of Lost, which will run for 18 hours, we have two seemingly parallel yet peculiar worlds. Both seem to have integrity, but I contend that both are flawed by themselves and need to be recombined. The World As It Should Be is chai (18); the Island World and the Sideways Worlds are half-life worlds split from the greater whole. (Then again, I could be totally wrong. As you read the rest of Chapter 7, you realize that this meaty passage contains some deliberate errors, and was, in fact, presented to the book's young protagonists as a test to see if they could catch them. But then again, that's Lost 6.0, too, isn't it? Spot the flaws -- the nicks in Jack's neck -- and maybe, just maybe, you can glean the true purpose of the story. Or maybe Lost was just having a funny on anyone who claims they can take its random data and add the whole thing up properly. You know: people like me.)

Oh, and this, from Jensen's take on last week's episode:

There, Sawyer played nurse to wounded Jin, who winced as they waited for Crazy Rabbi Locke to come back from Temple.

Is he saying Evil Locke (Caine? Esau?) is a Reform Jew!?!

Moshiach ben Zero....that black cloud of deception


Purim Palestine

For the weak and faint hearted hypocrites of Hell, Beware of the Graphic pictures of ITSREALLYHELL PURIM

Disturbing findings of toxic uranium levels in Gaza

Middle East Monitor


March 22, 2010

Studies conducted by a group of Italian researchers have revealed the presence of dangerous levels of toxins in the bodies of Palestinian victims of Israeli bombings during operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009. The results of tests conducted on a sample of 15 dead and wounded victims of the war on Gaza, in addition to another sample of 95 citizens, showed the presence of 30 toxic components, notably high levels of uranium. A senior Ministry of Health official in Gaza, Medhat Abbas, confirmed the findings during a press conference last Thursday.

According to Mr. Abbas, the study showed the presence of dangerous substances toxic to human embryos which distort and threaten infertility in men and women and affect genes. It was absorbed through the skin or the mouth during eating.

Perfect for Palestinian reduction of Population of Project Purim Palestinian

In a previous study, the same researchers emphasized that the soil of the Gaza Strip now contains toxic metals and carcinogens harmful to embryos. This was due, they claimed, to the absorption of materials used in the recent Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

Schechem II

Gaza’s Health Minister, Dr Bassem Naim, said the study of the biological samples proved that the Israelis used internationally proscribed weapons against the Palestinians. He warned that the large percentage of toxic uranium in the territory would pose a real threat to future generations. Dr Naim added that his department will send the research findings to the relevant human rights authorities which are documenting Israeli war crimes in the territory.

Maraka you have given yourselves over to DEATH and to HELL the Covenant you have made unto yourselves and your chosen of Satan. May Gawd Blith ya Maraka! REPENT ! TO the LIFE GIVER, Jesus the Christ the KING or Perish forevermore.


BECAUSE they KNOW they are the Global TERRORIST

Indian official: Chabad house targeted

(JTA) -- Chabad House was the target of last month's bomb attack on a bakery in India, a government official said.

The Indian state of Maharashtra's Chief Minister Ashok Chavan told the Indian Legislative Assembly Monday that the target of the attackers was the Pune Chabad House, located several yards from the German Bakery.

Chavan said the bakery was targeted after the attackers discovered that Chabad was well protected by state police, according to the Press Trust of India.

"There was adequate security near the Chabad House," he told the Assembly. "Since the attackers could not break the security, they targeted the German Bakery.

“We have increased our police force and also purchased sophisticated weapons to deal with such attacks. We are taking all the necessary security measures based on intelligence reports.”

Seventeen people were killed and others injured in the bomb attack in Pune on Feb. 13.

Following the attack, the Pune police asked the Chabad House to update its security system at a cost of $20,000.


jerusalem to become that Great Harlot City of the Earth

Rv:11:8: And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the 

great city, 


which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Jer:22:8: And many nations shall pass by this city, and they shall say every man to his neighbour, Wherefore hath the LORD done thus unto this 

great city

Rv:14:8: And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that 

great city

because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

Rv:16:19: And the 

great city 

was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

Rv:17:18: And the woman which thou sawest is that 

great city

, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Rv:18:10: Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that 

great city 

Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

Rv:18:16: And saying, Alas, alas, that 

great city

, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!

Rv:18:18: And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this 

great city!

Rv:18:19: And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that 

great city

, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.

Rv:18:21: And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that 

great city 

Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

Rv:21:10: And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that 

great city


, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,

'United J'lem should be at world's center'

In London, Barkat says capital should return to the role it played in history.

LONDON – Jerusalem should return to the role it played in history, when it was the center of the world and a major destination for tourists and pilgrims from all religions, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat told an audience at the prestigious London think-tank Chatham House on Monday evening.

“I want to return the role Jerusalem played 2,000-3,000 years ago to the front of the table, when it was the center of the world, where modern civilization started, a destination for tourists, for pilgrims from all religions. Jerusalem has that potential today,” he said.

“The challenge we have is to open up Jerusalem for the benefit of the world, open up its economy, to expand freedom of religion,” he said.

Today around 2 million tourists visit the Israeli capital each year. Barkat said he wanted to reach 10 million tourists in the next decade, adding that this would lead to 140,000 new jobs that would benefit all of Jerusalem’s residents.

“When people understand it’s boosting the economy, they play ball,” he said. “Carrots [incentives] and economy is the best way to promote the city of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

“Where there is economic growth, people become calmer,” he went on. “When the economy is poor, people become more radical. So part of the solution and vision I have is to make Jerusalem a better place to live, to visit and to open a business.”

“There is not one instance in history in which a city has split that ever worked,” he said. “Understanding the needs of the different sectors of the city and the role that Jerusalem must play, it has to stay united and we have to focus; rather than the division, we must focus on the whole.”

Barkat declared that “if there is one city in the world that has to work as a whole, it is Jerusalem. If there is one city in the world that making it work better, for the benefit of all its residents, can make an impact on the world, that is the city of Jerusalem.”

Anticipating that the population of Jerusalem would grow to 1 million by 2030, the mayor said he faced severe challenges in the planning process and needed to build 50,000 apartments to meet the demand for housing.

The mayor admitted that there were planning gaps in all parts of the city.

“One of the reasons Jews have migrated from the city is a lack of affordable housing. In east Jerusalem, some of the neighborhoods were not planned properly, and there is a big gap in the plan and the reality which forces us to re-plan some areas for the benefit of Arab residents,” he explained.

“We understand those gaps, and I’m committed to focusing on closing the gaps and turning Jerusalem into a place that is better for tourists, investors and residents,” he said.

Speaking about the peace process, Barkat said that during all previous negotiations, building in the city continued for the benefit of all residents, he said.

“Demanding a freeze in the city is an obstacle and undermines peace,” he said.


The Telly Tubby Tinky Winky Talmudic Televangelist Favorite anti-Christ son of the Judeo Churchinsanity crowd

U.S. era of Jewish and Evangelist pressure is over

By Tzvia Greenfield

A little more than a year ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed the largest, most wasteful and extreme coalition in Israeli history. Tzipi Livni and Kadima may have won the most votes, but Netanyahu chose to bond with the wackiest, most extreme elements in Israeli society - to ensure Israel's continued hold on the territories and keep a two-state solution at bay.

Netanyahu's belief that occupation and messianism would serve Israel better than rational pragmatism is worrying, but not surprising.

Netanyahu's ideological preferences are known. It is still surprising, however, that once again he has emerged as a failing schlemiel of a politician. He cannot read the new global map and is incapable of evaluating his real chances of surviving as prime minister of a radical right-wing cabinet opposite the new administration in Washington.

In opting against a centrist-pragmatist coalition with Livni, Netanyahu kept moderate people out of his government who could speak in a language acceptable to Barack Obama. This would have saved Netanyahu's cabinet from moments of tension and disagreement with the Americans.

It is clear that to do so he would have had to agree to Livni's demand to reach a final decision regarding the peace process, in order to ensure Israel's legitimate existence as a democratic Jewish state. He would also have had to agree to a rotating premiership with Livni - which would have spared him the shameful surrender to Yisrael Beiteinu and the ultra-Orthodox parties.

But Netanyahu did not accept Livni's terms to join the government and instead got himself into an impossible situation.Now he has thrown Israel into a dangerous, insufferable collision course with the United States and will apparently have to pay for it with his post.

Netanyahu could have been expected to understand the meaning of Obama's election as U.S. president and to prepare accordingly. Obama was elected without really needing the Jewish vote. He came to power on the back of a clear, enthusiastic agenda to make a fundamental break with all the previous administration's principles.

The era of Jewish and evangelist pressure in America is over, and a renowned Americanologist like Netanyahu should have seen that his lunatic politics would raise strong objections in the United States and endanger Israel and its future.

The writing was on the wall. Livni, who represents the Israeli center, could have conducted a friendly, more moderate dialogue with the Americans, thanks to her credibility and clear support for the two-state principle, unlike Netanyahu's lack of credibility in this arena.

Had Netanyahu really been an adroit statesman, he would have understood immediately that Livni was actually offering him the only way of running Israel in a new world. But Netanyahu did not understand. In his blindness he assumed that in the worst case he could trust the faded magic tricks of Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres. In view of the storm coming from Obama's direction, it is clear that these two cannot divert the lightning.

Washington wants unequivocal progress toward an agreement, and only Livni can do that. Anyone who doesn't see that has failed in a pathetic, worrisome way.

Netanyahu's wretched entanglement with the U.S. administration proves again that his judgment is fundamentally flawed and his political assessments are not merely invalid, but put Israel at risk.

Anyone who can't understand that we will end up bruised in a collision with a tough U.S. administration isn't capable of the simplest reality check and cannot be entrusted with fateful decisions of war. Bibi is dangerous to the Jews.

The writer was a Meretz MK in the 17th Knesset


Two Whores

repugs and Demoncrats

Communism and capitalism

North and south

East and west

Aholah and Aholibah

Judah and Samaria

Is Obama's problem that Netanyahu is a Republican at heart?

Full disclosure: The writer was invited to Washington by AIPAC to speak in front of the lobby's members.)

WASHINGTON - Perhaps the tension between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama isn't personal but partisan, in the words of a member of Bill Clinton's White House administration. He suggests that the problem isn't that Netanyahu is a "Likudnik," but that, at his core, he is a Republican.

Half-joking and half-serious, the official explained to me that when one hears Netanyahu's creed about economic affairs, it's like listening to a conservative (Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic Talmudic anti-Christ Freemason) Republican senator. That - maybe - explains the tension between the two leaders. Perhaps now that Obama has succeeded in passing his health care reform bill, his attitude toward the conservative Republican from the State of Israel might be more forgiving.

Or the REPUG from ITSREALLYHELL may forgive the PIMP DEMONCRAT at the Whorehouse of Maraka

There were about 8,000 people at the festive AIPAC banquet hall on Monday night - the largest-ever audience to attend the lobby's annual policy conference. 

For ITSREALLYHELL makes the policy over the shechemites of Maraka

Some even say that Washington's basketball team, the Wizards, draws a smaller crowd. But we aren't talking about a right-wing or Republican audience, as it is painted by many, but a diverse group with varied views. Some are diehard fans of the Obama administration, while others are fierce opponents; the same can be said for audience members' views on Israel's settlement policy.

In recent days, another several hundred people signed up for the AIPAC conference; the large number of attendees could be due to the recent feeling of a crisis between Israel and the U.S., or down to the fact that left-wing
lobby J Street has closed ranks and is actively urging people to attend. The probable cause for the increased attendance is the growing concern over the fact that Iranian nuclear project is likely to reach the point of no return by the end of this year or early 2011. 


These concerns were expressed in two of the speeches on Monday night, those of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (Aholah Dan Freemason Noahide) of South Carolina and his Democratic colleague Charles Schumer (Aholibah Whore of Judah)  from New York. Both effectively adopted the Israeli narrative that the Iranian nuclear threat could lead to a second Holocaust, and both ended their speeches with an emotive "never again."

except on that Day of the LORDS Wrath, then all Satan worshipping Chews and their Noahide Proselytes will see only darkness forever. By their criteria, these anti-Christ, Jesus is cornerstone to anti-Shematism

And then
"senator" Bibi arrived on the scene. Unsurprisingly, his speech included every possible cliche: Death camps, his military service in an elite IDF combat unit, the relentless persecution the Jewish people have suffered throughout history, the powerful bond between the Jews and the land of Israel and, of course, Jerusalem.

His great City of Harlotry of the earth

On the eve of his White House meeting with Obama, Netanyahu chose to follow in the footsteps of his historian father by giving the U.S. administration a modest lesson ("just a five-minute drive from the Knesset"...) in the history and geography of the Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

Far from being a conciliatory effort, Netanyahu's speech was riddled with borderline provocation. The problem here is not Netanyahu's statements on the East Jerusalem neighborhoods - even the senior Palestinian Authority leadership understand that these areas will remain under Israeli sovereignty in the future - but the fact that he did not present a real vision for peace or compromise.

There will be no Peace

To demand Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state while stating that any future peace accord will include an Israeli military presence along the eastern border is not much of a vision.

Although the fact that he did not go beyond the mention of a "military presence" is a novelty in itself, there was still something missing from the speech, particularly its uninspiring conclusion, which left the audience rather unmoved.

NOPE, no Moshiach here

And while our prime minister is reminiscent of a Republican, the manner in which the White House is conducting its Middle East policy suggests that it too has been "Israelized." More than a few U.S. analysts and former government officials - and not just from the Bush era - share the opinion that the Obama administration has no clear policy and strategy for tackling the Israeli-Arab conflict. The administration adopts an unrealistic policy (the settlement freeze) and drops it after a few months only to return to it later (demanding the construction freeze in East Jerusalem).

like dogs returning to their vomit

There doesn't appear to be anyone in charge. It's true that George Mitchell leads many parts of the process, but the return of Dennis Ross to the mix testifies to the administration perception of its envoy's work thus far. Ross and Netanyahu adviser Yitzhak Molcho are actually the ones to ease the tensions between Washington and Jerusalem last week. There are also more than a few others who are responsible for Washington's aggressive stance toward Israel, among them National Security Council member and Mitchell aide Mara Rudman (who some in Washington call "our Avigdor Lieberman") and Obama's National Security Council Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

bye bye Mara and Denis

The harsher tone, analysts say, stems not from the decision to build in Ramat Shlomo, but because Netanyahu broke an earlier pledge to improve governmental oversight in order to prevent the Interior Ministry coming out with announcements of the kind that sparked this crisis.

Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that even a hawkish Republican like Benjamin Netanyahu can be repeatedly be guilty of the sin of "Israeliness."


Noahide News Part 935


look Back


Romans 10:4: For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

5: For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.
6: But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:) Romans 10:4: For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

Hasidim and their Moshiach, that son of Perdition

7: Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)
8: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Not maybe

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
11: For the scripture saith, 

Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
13: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
14: How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? 

and how shall they hear without a preacher?

15: And how shall they preach, except they be sent? 

not ordained by a state sanctioned 501 C3 institution of Satan's religion, BUT SENT BY THE FATHER

as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
16: But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?
17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
18: But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.
19: But I say, 

Did not Israel know? 

First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.
20: But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me.
21: But to Israel he saith, 

All day long I have stretched forth my hands 

unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.

Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

The Last Deception

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"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Saints of the Living God

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Jesus said No to Noahide

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Noahide News Part 823

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Noahide News Part 825

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Noahide News Part 828

Noahide News Part 829

Noahide News Part 830

Noahide News Part 831

Noahide News Part 832

Noahide News Part 833

Noahide News Part 834

Noahide News Part 835

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Noahide News Part 837

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A look Back

Noahide News Part 895   The Mark of the Beast, It is here !

Noahide News Part 896

Looking Back to 2004, Prophecy unfolding

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Noahide News Part 898

Noahide News Part 899 antichrist

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Noahide News Part 903

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