Universal Talmudic Noahide Pledge Part II


New Israeli Virus Bioweapon Targets Arabs Only

Nexus, an Australian magazine, has done terrific work in exposing yet another aspect of the use of vaccines for deadly purposes—the development of bioweapons designed to kill only designated races and ethnic groups. It was reported in the London Sunday Times in 1997 that Israel is working on a biological weapon which is genetically targeted against Arabs. The highly respected Foreign Report, a Jane's publication which monitors security and defense matters, also reported that Israeli scientists have used South African genetic warfare research in an attempt to develop an "ethnic bullet."

The same type people Hitler used, the Bushka and father and family Genectic projects advocate.

Israeli scientists at the super-secret Nes Tziyona biowarfare laboratory near Tel Aviv have engineered deadly microorganisms that only attack DNA within the cells of victims with distinctive Arab genes. Nes Tziyona produces a wide range of chemical and biological weapons and is reportedly larger than all Arab and Iranian biowarfare laboratories combined.

The Israeli research mirrors biological studies conducted by South African scientists during the apartheid era and disclosed in testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Daan Goosen, head of a South African chemical and biological warfare facility, said his team was ordered in the 1980s to develop a "pigmentation weapon" to target only black people.

The British Medical Association has become so concerned about the lethal potential of genetically based biological weapons that it has opened an investigation.

(Sources: Nexus, February-March 1999; The Sunday Times, London, 15 Nov. 1998; the Australian, 16 Nov. 1998).



Yes they know much more than they are telling the American Public via Propagandist News media

At least half a million Americans to get smallpox vaccine

July 8, 2002 Posted: 12:01 PM EDT (1601 GMT)

July 8, 2002 Posted: 12:01 PM EDT (1601 GMT)

July 8, 2002 Posted: 12:01 PM EDT (1601 GMT)

At least half a million Americans to get smallpox vaccine

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal health officials are preparing to endorse smallpox vaccinations for hundreds of thousands of emergency personnel and health care workers, going well beyond the limited immunizations recommended by an advisory committee, officials said Monday.

The total number of vaccinations offered this fall could surpass 500,000, said Jerome Hauer, acting assistant secretary for public health preparedness at the Department of Health and Human Services.

"What we're looking at is giving states flexibility in determining which medical personnel should be vaccinated," Hauer said.

A final decision by HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson is expected by the end of the month.

Last month, a committee of 15 experts proposed shots for an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 people, made up of special terms of people in each state designated as the first to respond in case of a bioterrorism attack. Those teams probably would include doctors, disease detectives, nurses, lab workers and law enforcement officers.

When are they to begin to innoculate the masses with diseases? What, you don't believe the Holy Word of God?

Rev 6:1-11

1: And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
2: And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
3: And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
4: And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
5: And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
6: And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
7: And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
8: And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
9: And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

 And Innoculate the masses, they are doing...


Where are you people at? Do you remember these things even five years ago?





 Baylor College Of Medicine Smallpox Vaccine Test Results


BSE Now Thought To Cause Cases Of CJD AND vCJD

 Mild To Fatal Smallpox Vaccine Dangers - See For Yourself

US Forced To OK Lawsuit Charging Lab Origin Of HIV-AIDS 

 Bush Expects Little Resistance To Smallpox Shots

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 Britain's Wild Ponies Slaughtered & Eaten As Mad Cow Alternative

  Beef Sales Fall 80% - German Consumers Spooked Over Mad Cow

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 French to Prosecute Britons Over BSE

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 Mad Cow Crisis Sends Blair Government Into Disarray

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  CJD/Outrageous - Not All Single-Use Medical Instruments Used Only Once

  Mad Cow Measures Fail To Cover Meat Pies And Hamburgers

  nvCJD - France Bans Blood From People Who Lived In UK 1980-96

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 Horse Meat Sales Soar Over German BSE/Mad Cow Crisis 

  Spiroplasmas As The Cause Of CJD

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  New Mad Cow Fears In Corned Beef & Other Meat Products

  Some French Mad Cows Got Into The Food Chain & Were Eaten

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 CJD Death Toll Being Played Down

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 Another American CJD Victim 

 Russian Man Dies Of CJD - First Russian Case Of Madcow Disease

 Mad Cow/CJD May Have Spread To Russia

 Mad Cow Cases In Europe - A Country-By-Country Breakdown

 Mad Cow Scare Spreading Beyond Europe

 The Safety Of Gelatin, Its Production, & Mad Cow/vCJD Prion Theory

 German Scientists First To Test Soil For Mad Cow Link

 Louisiana Man Exposed To Mad Cow During Surgery Sues Hospital

 Horses Not At All Happy About Mad Cow Disease

 EU Wants Slaughter Of 2 Millioin Cattle To Curb BSE

 Europe's Mad Cow Fight May Lead To New Food Scare

 Fear And Mystery Of BSE/Mad Cow Grows

 Breakthrough May Lead To CJD/BSE Tests

 UK Physicians Told Not To Tell Patients Of Possible CJD Blood Concerns

 Germany Finds Its First Two Home-Grown Cases Of Mad Cow

 Mad Cow Found In Spain - Fear Spreads Throughout Europe

 Mad Cow Panic Spills Into Spain

 Mad Cow Now Found In Azores - All Cattle There To Be Slaughtered




 Lion In British Zoo Had Form Of Mad Cow

 Dutch Discover Seventh Mad Cow/BSE Case

 Beef Sales Off 50% In France As Fear Of Mad Cow Deepens

  Mad Cow - France Bans Beef On Bone & Animal Meal In Livestock Feed

 Mad Cow Panic Spreading Throughout Europe

 Surgical Instruments Spread CJD

 Mad Cow In US Water Possible?

 Mad Cow - France Calls For 'Immediate Moratorium' On Bone Meal In Feed

  Half UK Tonsil Tools Could Carry Mad Cow/vCJD

 UK Won't Ban Surgical Instruments In Tonsil Removal - Despite vCJD

 CDC Says 'No Mad Cow Disease' In US...What About Deer/Elk?

  Barrels Of BSE Waste Float Away In Britain's Worst Floods

 BSE-Infected Chemicals May Be In UK Water Supply

 EU So Worried About CJD They Now Plan To Outlaw British Blood

  Mad Cow - UK Calls For Total Ban Feeding Animals To Animals

 Swiss To Ban All Animal Meal In Livestock Feed - BSE/Mad Cow Fears

 The Dentist's Tale

 UK Scientist Says Every British Person Has 'Eaten 50 BSE Meals'

 Anti-Aging Creams 'Exposed Women To Risk Of Mad Cow/BSE'

 Jeff Calls For New Dental/Medical BSE/Mad Cow Sterilization Policies

  8 Patients May Have CJD From Reused 'Sterile' Surgical Instruments

 Scientists Warn Mad Cow/CJD Spread In Dental And Surgical Procedures




 British Public Was Misled On Mad Cow Crisis For Years

 Horrific Death Of Girl With vCJD Videotaped In England

 Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease (CJD) Mystifies Doctors

 Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease (CJD) Mystifies Doctors

 CJD/Mad Cow Prions Survive Digestive Tract!

 1,000 Tons Possible Mad Cow Beef Get Into French Markets

 French Cows Eat Meat-Dosed Feed Linked To Mad Cow Disease

 Concern Over CJD Increases

 More New nvCJD Cases In UK Children

 British Government Handed Official Report On Mad Cow Crisis

 Another 'Cluster' Death Fifth From New Variant CJD (nvCJD)

 New, 'Simple Blood Test' For BSE/Mad Cow Said To Be A Fraud

  A New, Simple Test Could Detect CJD - The Human Form Of BSE/Mad Cow

 UK Cattle Still Being Fed Cannibal Diet! - New BSE Case Confirmed

 Connect The Prions - Dairy And Meat Industries In Grave Trouble

 Blood Donors Feared To Have Spread CJD To Many - Tip Of The Iceberg

 Scientists Shocked As CJD/Mad Cow Disease Reveals New, Deadly Traits

 Blood Donors With No Symptoms Can Pass CJD - Blood Supply Unsafe




 BSE Transmitted From Sheep To Sheep Via Blood Transfusion

 Strongest Evidence Yet CJD/Mad Cow Spread By Blood Transfusions

 Scientists Warn Mad Cow/CJD Spread In Dental And Surgical Procedures

 BSE Four Times Worse Than Believed In France

 'Whirling Disease' In Trout - Fish Version Of Mad Cow/Mad Deer Disease?

 Rising Death Toll From Human BSE

 Canada Fearing nvCJD Bars More Blood Donors

 Scientists Now Warn Of Mad Cow/CJD Risk In Dental Procedures

 Mad Cow And CJD May Be Transmitted Invisibly

 Mad Cow And Alzheimer's Proteins Are Similar

 New Fears Mad Cow And CJD May Be Spread By Pork, Lamb, And Poultry 

 Mad Cow - CJD Species-Jumping Revelation Confirms Worst Fears

 Humans May Be Secret 'Mad Cow' Carriers

 Mad Cow And Alzheimer's Proteins Are Similar

 Mad Cow/CJD Death Cluster Sparks New Fears In UK

 Is Mad Cow/BSE In Milk And Milk Products? - Study Ordered

 USDA's State Of Emergency Regarding Mad Cow In Vermont Sheep

 Human Mad Cow Deaths In UK Now Rising 33% Per Year

 Scientists Now Warn Of Mad Cow/CJD Risk In Dental Procedures

 How Mad Cow Prions Spread Disease




 Some 'Herbal' Supplements Contain Raw Animal Parts And Risk Of Mad Cow/CJD

 Nobel Scientist Says Mad Cow Disease May Infect Millions Of Sheep

 Nobel Scientist Says Mad Cow Disease May Infect Millions Of Sheep

 CJD Deaths Rising--Mad Cow Disease May Kill 500,000 Britons

 Mad Deer Disease Spreads To Wisconsin? - Infected Venison Can Be Fatal

 Young UK Woman's Death Blamed On Mad Cow - CJD

 Vermont Sheep Mad Cow 'No Threat' To Humans...But Don't Eat The Cheese!

 Plan Drawn Up To Avert Food Panic If BSE Found In Sheep

 UK's Human Mad Cow Cases Rise 20-30% In One Year

 US Orders Vermont Sheep Liquidated Over 'Mad Cow' Fears

 Renewed Fears BSE/Mad Cow Passes From One Generation To Another

 New Mad Cow Cases In France - Four Herds Killed

 Another Mad Cow Fatality - Fifteen Year Old Girl Dies From vCJD

 Mad Cow - EU To Ban Cattle Eyes, Spinal Cords, & Brain Tissue From Food

 Mad Cow-BSE-CJD Now Likely To Be A Global Infection

 Mad Cow, Scrapie, And CJD - Some Interesting References

 Mad Cow Risks First Reported...In 1976

 More Mad Cow In France - Two Herds Killed

 Human Growth Hormone May Be Linked To CJD Death

 US 'Mad Deer' Disease CAN Spread To Humans

 BSE/Mad Cow Disease Also 'Spread Through Cowpatties'

 Mad Cow Epidemic In Britain Said Will Die Out By 2007




 Mad Cow Cases Soar In France - New Means Of Transmission Feared

 CJD Said Linked To HGH Use In 70's

  CJD/Mad Cow Crisis Grows - UK Women Fear Infection By Unsterile Instruments 

 Ukraine Bans Danish Beef Over Mad Cow Fears

 British Doctors Fear Mother Passed CJD/Mad Cow To Her Baby 

 Scientists Now Able To Diagnose CJD In Living Victims Via Tonsil Biopsy 

 Scientists Now Able To Diagnose CJD In Living Victims Via Tonsil Biopsy 

  Brain Tissue In German Cooked Meats Raises Mad Cow/CJD Exposure Questions

  New Mad Cow Outbreaks In Denmark And France - Herd Destroyed

  Compound Might Slow CJD, Mad Cow, Scrapie Disease

  CJD/Mad Cow Crisis Grows - UK Women Fear Infection By Unsterile Instruments

  Baby Girl May Have Caught Mad Cow/CJD From Her Mother

  READ - Are Mad Cow-Like Diseases Developing in the USA?

  Mad Deer and Elk Disease Spooks Hunters and Health Officials

  US Sheep Quarantined In Mad Cow Scare

  British Medical Chief Says 'Hundreds Of Thousands' CJD Deaths Possible

  CJD And Mad Cow/BSE Shown To Be The SAME Infectious Protein 

  Breakthrough: US Scientists Invent Blood Test For CJD

  Mad Cow/BSE Deaths Could Be Just The Tip Of Iceberg 

  Confirmed - Definite Link Between Mad Cow Disease And CJD

  Report: To 400,000 People Could Get Mad Cow/CJD From A Single Cow




 Some Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetics Risk Mad Cow Disease

 Mad Cow/CJD Quietly Claiming More Americans

 Mad Cow Cases Mounting In Portugal

 Beef Stunning Methods Could Spread Mad Cow Prions

 Scientists Moving Closer To Mad Cow Test - USDA

 French Only Check 28 Of 700,000 Cattle For Mad Cow In 90's

 New Test Detects Mad Cow Protein In Blood

 Fear Of Spreading CJD Bans Repeat Use Of Opticians Equipment

  Some UK Cattlemen Hid Possible BSE-Risk Cattle With False IDs

  Prion Diseases Spreading Through Grains?

  Alert Sounded Over Super Bacteria In British Meat

  Brain Scans Might Diagnose Human Mad Cow (vCJD)

  Britain Probes Mad Cow Storage Risks

  Mad Cow - Attempts To Create 'Super Cattle' May Have Lead To BSE Disease

  Mad Cow - Beef Blood (!) Used In Some French Wine Process - China Bans Them

  Mad Cow -UK Scientists Hid BSE Threat In Vaccines Made With Beef Products

  Germany Refuses To Lift UK Beef Ban

  CJD - Opticians Ordered To Toss Contacts After Each Use

  British Fear Mad Cow Variant CJD In US Blood Imports

  AIDS On the Rise Among Over-50s In The Dating Game

  New Prion Disease? Fatal Insomnia Linked To Abnormal Brain Proteins

  UK Scientists Will Try To Prove 'Mad Cow' Comes From The Soil - Not Meat

  Mad Cow Fears Fuel Move To Ban Blood Donors

  Mad Cow - Copper Shown To Influence Prions - Major Implications

  EU Bans US Beef Over Fears Of Hormone-Fed CattleSerious

  CJD Deaths Could Be On The Rise - Death Rate Climbing

  Funeral Workers Live In Fear of CJD (Mad Cow) Prions In Corpses

  'Mad Cow' Prions Now In Birds? Bald Eagle Disease Now In Ducks

  Scientists Study First Human CJD Suspected 'Mad Deer' Death




 Mad Cow Disease Found In French Zoo Lemurs - Beef Diet Suspected

 Mad Cow - British CJD Deaths Rise In Last Quarter Of 1998

 More People Getting Mad Cow/CJD - Scientists Stumped As To How

 More People Getting Mad Cow/CJD - Scientists Stumped As To How

 Mad Cow/CJD Warning Over Routine Surgical Procedures

 Mad Cow - $600,000 Spent To Slaughter British Cattle

Mad Cow Nightmare - Meat Inspectors Terrorized By Slaughtermen

 Mad Cow - British Beef On Bone Ban Must Stay Says Health Chief

 Mad Cow/CJD Can Be Transmitted Through Surgery!

 Thousands Face New Tonsil Test For Mad Cow/CJD Infection

 UK Reports More Deaths Due To New Variant Of Mad Cow/CJD

 US Made Blood Products Quarantined Over Mad Cow Fears

 US May Block All British Blood Over Mad Cow Fear

 Mad Cow - Scientists Question OK To Export British Beef Again

 Deer Meat - Mad Cow - CJD - And the Survivalist/Hunter

 British Public Said Seriously Misled On Mad Cow Disease Danger

 Uh-Oh...Man And His Cat Both Develop CJD (Mad Cow) At Same Time




 Mad Cow Blood Spills On Highway In England - Several Splashed

 First Mad Cow Warning Came 7 Years Ago In England - It Was Ignored

 'Serious Danger' British Sheep Have Been Infected With Mad Cow Disease

 Human Mad Cow-CJD Judgment Day Five Years Away Says British Expert

 Britain to Test Appendix And Tonsil Specimens for Mad Cow - CJD

 Mad Elk Disease Spreading - Now Found In Nebraska

 France Finds New Mad Cow Case, Herd Slaughtered

 Cattle Stun Gun May Heighten "Madcow" Risk

Human "Mad Cow" Toll Higher Than Admitted

Mad Cow Hidden Horror - Infection Rate May Be 100 Times Higher

Mad Cow-Tainted Blood Injected Into 350 People

US Study Raises New Worries Over Mad Cow Disease

FDA Says Gelatin Free Of Mad Cow Risk...If

New CJD Exposure Risks Reported - Don't Eat Raw Meat Or Brains

Easy "Mad Sheep" Protein Test Found - "Mad Cow" Test Possible?

Mad Cow - CJD Spread "Far Wider Than Ever Imagined"?

Belgium Finds Second Mad Cow Case - Destroys Herd




A Really Sad Story About A BSE/CJD Victim

EU Being Pressured To Allow Hormone-Treated Beef

Miami Meat Worker Dies of Creutzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow)

Cheap Meat Said Cause Of Mad Cow in Humans

Mad Cow Concern Shifts To Blood Supply

Britain To Import Blood Plasma Because Of 'Mad Cow' Risk

Mad Cow Latest - Scientists Now Consider Gelatin Unsafe

Questions About New U.S. Meat Inspection Program

Deer Dropping Dead From Mad Cow In Colorado/Wyoming

Fast And Slow Variants Of Mad Cow Gene Found

Mad Cow & Kreutzfeld-Jacob Disease Prions Defined

Hong Kong Fears 111 Infected in 'Mad Cow' Scare

Mad Cow Impact Exploding In Europe

"UFO" Mutilations, Mad Cow Disease and the U.S. Government

Mad Cow In Medicine (and other) Gel Caps?

Mad Cow/CJD Spread Through Spinal Cord Nerves




Mad Cow/CJD In The Blood Supply

Mad Cow Panic! "What The Hell CAN We Eat?"

Mad Cow/CJD Tissue Transplanted To Three. Whoops...

Mad Cow (CJD) Disease Now In British Blood Supply?

Is Mad Cow Or CJD In Your Fridge Right Now?

European Parliament Battles Mad Cow

Mad Cows and Milk Gate: Meat Anyone?

Irish Firm Announces Mad Cow Test Breakthrough

Mad Cow/CJD Fears: U.S. Bans All European Meat Imports

Mad Cow/CJD Lawsuit In Japan Over Tainted Transplant

Mad Cow: EU Scientists Call For Increased Ban On Cattle Parts

Portugal First To Screen Mad Cow/CJD From Blood Supply

 Mad Cow: Britain To Consider Importing U.S. Blood

 U.S. Beef Stockmen Pay Little Attention To Mad Cow Rules

 Oprah Sued Over Right To Discuss Mad Cow On TV

 1997 Was The Hottest Year 'On Record'

Ebola 'could be spread by birds'...

 South Asia's Vultures Dying From Mystery Illness

 Texas In 'Oddest' Flu Season In Memory

 Fish Whirling Disease Found In Wyoming

 Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Hits Trout Farm

 Dogs Go Berserk, Attack Cars

 Superbug Breaks Out Of Hospitals - Hits Healthy People

 Congo's Ebola Outbreak Passes 100 Cases



Yes Big Birds, Yes Big Talmudic Babylonian American Birds

And doing.....

Chemtrails mass innoculation of diseases against a sleeping people

The war has begun




Passenger Jets, racing for the airport?




Report Chemtrails To ChemTrail Tracking USA

Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions

Chemtrails And 'Death By Barium'

Chemtrails - Erythrocytes Found Yet Again In HEPA Filter

West Nile Disease-like west nile of Moses?

Let my children go, saith the Robber of Zion


Rev. 6:1-9

1: And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
2: And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

George W. Bush and CFR Babylonian Talmudic Rothschild/Warburg/Schiff/ War of Terror upon the Goyim influenced by the Rabbis' of the synagogue of Satan of the Cahabad Lubavitch reign of Terrorist of the Sofiet Bolsheviks. Move over USSR.

3: And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
4: And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

War of Terrorism, wars and lies (Rumors) of War. The Reds of Esau, the Red Sheild, the Red star, the Bolshevik Babylonians of the Order of the red-man god Nimrod and his star of Molech.

5: And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
6: And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

Wall Street and Global economy destroyed for the Order out of Chaos "Ordo ab chao" Starvation and innoculation of disease and earthquakes (Haarp) all at the hands of Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis of the Moshiach ben Satan their man god whom they will usher in after the WWIII the wars of Hashem for their Olam Ha Ba the "New World Order" the false-Christ who they will set up for their vision in the Temple of the Messiah the Prince the Only Lord over all Jesus Christ God Almighty.

7: And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
8: And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

The Beast of the earth the kingdoms of Olam Ha Ba

9: And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

Those who stand in opposition against the Babylonian Tamudic Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet Bolshevik Olam Ha Ba "New World Order" and the enacted and enforced Sanhedrin of the Pharisees of the self chosen Master race the Talmudic Jews and their mere man god, that son of perdition, false-Christ their messiah Moshiach ben David, and they who oppose any of the Talmudic imposed Noachide Laws and worship Jesus Christ the ONLY LORD GOD AND HIS FATHER

10: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

The saints of the Lord Jesus Christ

Beheaded for the testimony that they held for Jesus

The Talmud also states the penalty for disobedience: "One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57A)"

11: And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.


Matthew 24:1-34

1: And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple.
2: And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

70 AD. No! wailing walls of their gods Jupiter left standing

3: And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
4: And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

Let no Judaic Talmudic Pharisees of the order of Babylonian Nimrod and their Judeo Churchizionist unto Baal deceive you

5: For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

For Hagee and Crouch and Copeland and Jakes and Schueller and Graham and Parsley and Hinn and the Pontifex Maximus Pope John Paul will say that Jesus is indeed Christ and they shall deliver you unto the false Zion and their false-Christ, Moshiach ben Dovid the son of perdition. They shall fool you that you are going to be rescued, but all others are to die in Great Tribulation which will purify the saints of the True Lord Jesus Christ.

6: And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.


Wars and Lies of Wars, War on Terrorism, war against All Quieta, etc....etc.....Homeland Security Terror by terror, he shall destroy wonderfully in the name of Peace.....

7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.


World War Three, earthquakes manufactured by Electromagnetic interference of the earth natural magnetic field, starvation manufactured by the Talmudic Pharisees with Alchemy and gold manipulation and pestilence of diseases they are innoculating the masses with.

8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Oh yes great sorrow is upon those of us who understand and stand firm for the testimony which we hold for the Only Lord God, Christ Jesus

9: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.

They, them, those, the invisible one of the Illuminated angel of darkness those Chabad Lubavitcher Talmudic sons of the synagogue of Satan and their obedient goyim the Freemasons of the apostate order of Solomon, the Noachida

10: And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

The Bushka-Ashcroft-Rumsfield Iron Triangle Homeland Security Babylonian Talmudic Bolshevik Sofiet informer TIPS Progrom in full swing, globally even as they arranged in Russia

11: And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

And the false prophets unto baal their god are deceiving the masses, Van Impe, Hagee, Lindsay, Crouch, the Rabbi's of Chabad all catering to Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet Babylonian Talmudic Olam Ha Ba, false Zionist propaganda

12: And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Iniquity=Satan worship, doth iniquity already abound

13: But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

He who stands firm for his testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord God the Alpha and the Omega the Only Lord thy God, the expressed image of God the Most High in Heaven, the Lamb of God who was slain since the foundation of the World, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Everlasting Covenant which he is confirming with his many, God and his Father who hath made us priest and Kings unto him by grace and the Blood of the LAST Sacrifice ever needed into which to enter into the Kingdom of God the Father.  He who is in opposition of the "New World Order" the Olam Ha Ba of the Moshiach ben false-god, their god who is not the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. For God can raise up rocks as the seed of Abraham, but by faith in Christ Jesus are you made the seed of Abraham, who believed the WORD of God, Jesus Christ the WORD. Opposed to the George H.W. BUsh-ka imposed Noachide Laws under the House Joint Resolution Public Law 102-14, in which their Talmud of Satan says that if you worship Jesus and not their Moshiach, their mere man god the imposter who will say that he is Christ, in the Temple of Christ showing himself to be God, you will be


These are the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ grafted into the vine for salvation through the blood, whereas they who were "Chosen" for salvation rejected it at the time of their visitation.

14: And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

the Gospel of Christ will then be preached unto the rest by the.......


 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

15: When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

And when you see this Babylonian Judaic Talmudic mere man, this Tzaddik, this final Tzaddik in the order of Nimrod and the man who is deeply understanding of Satans Mystical filthy books of mysticism and wizardry black magik of Qabalah and Zohar, the Mishnah of the Talmudic Sanhedrin oral tradition of the Pharisees of the Synagogue of Satan the Sanhedrin which make void the WORD of God Christ Jesus, this man who the ten men of the bed of Shlomo will anoint in the "Secret Chamber of Hewn Stone on the Temple Mount in the Temple, Let any understand who are a hunger and a thirst for the Righteousness of God who is the Only righteousness, Christ Jesus. 

16: Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

Then Let all them who see and who understand, all who are in Jerusalem the whore of Babylon, Judea, flea into the mountains, any mountains far away from that Great Whore, for Jesus Christ the Only Messiah the Prince will come with ALL of his saints who were beheaded for the testimony they held in opposition to the Babylonian Talmudic Noachide Laws and the worship of the son of perdition. Or any who accept his mark the star of Moloch. Or his number the number of a man, a Tzaddik, the Final Talmudic Tzaddik

Talmudic Gematria left to right


17: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

Just leave immediately, do not look back, remember Lot's wife, for this man and the ten who stand for him in one hour will seek to destroy you with a flood

18: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
19: And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
20: But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

Then the Great Tribulation, no seven years as the Liars and propagators of Satan have taught, not 3 1/2 years as the Rothschild/Untermyer/ Darby/ Scofield Dispen-Satan-Alist have deceived the world with in hopes of Peace, Peace when there shall be no peace, and when they shall say peace and safety and Homeland security and Olam Ha Ba and Moshiach ben David the son of Satan O'Lucifer....sudden destruction shall fall upon them.......

But Great Tribulation then such as this world has never seen, for Satan has now come down unto you with great wrath and anger for he knows that his time is short and he seeks any that he can devour.

They have indeed made him the temporary king of this world over them for they believed not in righteousness who is Jesus Christ the Only righteous, and no...no man is a righteous man save through the Blood of the Lamb of God.

21: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Behold you god ye men who did not believe the WORD OF GOD of Abraham

22: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

The Elect of Christ Jesus saved by the Blood of the Lamb, blessed are they who wait and come to the 1335 days

23: Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

For, every....EVERY EYE shall see the Lord coming in the Clouds, having Great Glory of God and ALL his Saints who were slain for their testimony and their witness of Him Christ shall come and EVERY KNEE shall bow before him and all rich men and bond men and slaves and freemen and all the Kings of the earth shall bow down before the Lord with sorrw and mourning, they shall all see the Lord Jesus and it shall be no Talmudic Untermyer Scofield Dispen-Satan-alist "Secret

24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

For the Prophets of Moshiach ben Baal shall deceive the World even the very elect if it were possible, and the Talmudic Jews of the Nimrodic Order think that they have acheived their god-hood and that they are indeed the master race who has reached their holistic consciousness....mangods

25: Behold, I have told you before.

Jesus the Lord God the Alpha and the Omega the Beginning and the ending the Redeemer the Savior, God and His Father, the Lamb Slain since the foundation of the World, The Father the Holy Spirit and the WORD are one, Jesus the Word of God, which created everything created, the Expressed image of himself in heaven

Has already told you since the beginning. He told his man Moses, but you deny him for the Babylonian the Assyrian and the fables of Talmud the oral tradition of the sages of Satan

26: Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

He is not Matraiya in the desert, he is not Moshiach ben Dovid in the "Secret Chamber of Hewn Stone in the Sanhedrin on the Temple mount in the Temple, do not believe it....do not be deceived.

27: For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Praise the Name above all names Jesus Christ the Lord God Almighty, he shall come across the entire sky and every eye will see his Glory and his Glory is the death of his saints who stood firm for the testimony they gave before the evil destroyer who they did not elect as their God the Most High and now the Lord has done what he has promised, the yoke of the Assyrian has been broken from the backs of men, that demon Satan the rebellous angel who would set up his lofty perches above that of God the Most High has been defeated since was since the foundation of the World, by the Blood of the Lamb of the saints who testified for him.

28: For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

The great gathering of the supper of the Lamb where the demons of hell and all who followed after them are devoured by the birds of the air. Blessed are they invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb

Rv:19:9: And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

Rv:19:17: And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

29: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

30: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
31: And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.
32: Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:
33: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
34: Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.


Traitors to the American People. Traitors to the ONLY LORD, Jesus Christ,  Murderers, theives, Liars, Whoremongers and Idolators


to US Code home

TITLE 21 > CHAPTER 7 > Sec. 209.

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Sec. 209. - Poisons; book entry of sale; labels

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation whose permanent allegiance is due to the United States to sell or deliver to any other person any of the following-described substances, or any poisonous compound, combination, or preparation thereof, to wit: The compounds of and salts of antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium, copper, gold, lead, mercury, silver, and zinc, the caustic hydrates of sodium and potassium, solution or water of ammonia, methyl alcohol, paregoric, the concentrated mineral acids, oxalic and hydrocyanic acids and their salts, yellow phosphorus, Paris green, carbolic acid, the essential oils of almonds, pennyroyal, tansy, rue, and savin; croton oil, creosote, chloroform, cantharides, or aconite, belladonna, bitter almonds, colchicum, cotton root, cocculus indicus, conium, cannabis indica, digitalis, ergot, hyoscyamus, ignatia, lobelia, nux vomica, physostigma, phytolacca, strophanthus, stramonium, veratrum viride, or any of the poisonous alkaloids or alkaloidal salts derived from the foregoing, or any other poisonous alkaloids or their salts, or any other virulent poison, except in the manner following, and, moreover, if the applicant be less than eighteen years of age, except upon the written order of a person known or believed to be an adult.


It shall first be learned, by due inquiry, that the person to whom delivery is about to be made is aware of the poisonous character of the substance and that it is desired for a lawful purpose, and the box, bottle, or other package shall be plainly labeled with the name of the substance, the word ''Poison'', the name of at least one suitable antidote, when practicable, and the name and address of the person, firm, or corporation dispensing the substance. And before delivery be made of any of the foregoing substances, excepting solution or water of ammonia and sulphate of copper, there shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose the name of the article, the quantity delivered, the purpose for which it is to be used, the date of delivery, the name and address of the person for whom it is procured, and the name of the individual personally dispensing the same; and said book shall be preserved by the owner thereof for at least three years after the date of the last entry therein. The foregoing provisions shall not apply to articles dispensed upon the order of persons believed by the dispenser to be recognized and reputable practitioners of medicine, dentistry, or veterinary surgery. When a physician writes upon his prescription a request that it be marked or labeled ''Poison'' the pharmacist shall, in the case of liquids, place the same in a colored glass, roughened bottle, of the kind commonly known in trade as a ''poison bottle'', and, in the case of dry substances, he shall place a poison label upon the container. The record of sale and delivery above mentioned shall not be required of manufacturers and wholesalers who shall sell any of the foregoing substances at wholesale to licensed pharmacists, but the box, bottle, or other package containing such substance, when sold at wholesale, shall be properly labeled with the name of the substance, the word ''poison'', and the name and address of the manufacturer or wholesaler. It shall not be necessary, in sales either at wholesale or at retail, to place a poison label upon, nor to record the delivery of, the sulphide of antimony, or the oxide or carbonate of zinc, or of colors ground in oil and intended for use as paints, or calomel; nor in the case of preparations containing any of the substances named in this section, when a single box, bottle, or other package, or when the bulk of one-half fluid ounce or the weight of one-half avoirdupois ounce does not contain more than an adult medicinal dose of such substance; nor in the case of liniments or ointments sold in good faith as such, when plainly labeled ''For external use only''; nor, in the case of preparations put up and sold in the form of pills, tablets, or lozenges, containing any of the substances enumerated in this section and intended for internal use, when the dose recommended does not contain more than one-fourth of an adult medicinal dose of such substance.


For the purpose of this and of every other section of this chapter no box, bottle, or other package shall be regarded as having been labeled ''Poison'' unless the word ''Poison'' appears conspicuously thereon, printed in plain, uncondensed gothic letters in red ink


Why, Bush is a man of God...in....a the name....ah ofa....Jay.........sus




Barium Carbonate

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, paresthesias, profound muscle weakness, hypokalemia, cardic dysrhythmias. Patients with profound hypokalemia with resultant muscle weakness may develop respiratory failure.


  1. Gastric lavage with magnesium sulphate
  2. IV furosemide to enhance barium elimination
  3. KCL IV



November 1 2000
Edited Dec 12 2000
Clifford E Carnicom

The unusual presence of the element barium in the atmosphere now appears to have been affirmed through the methods of spectroscopy. Spectroscopy is "the study of the absorption and emission of light and other radiation by matter, as related to the dependence of these processes on the wavelength of the radiation" (Enc. Brittanica). The results of the current research are now sufficient to establish an analytical basis for the formal investigation of radical atmospheric changes induced by relatively recent aircraft aerosol operations. This work further confirms the recent findings that have substantiated the unusual presence of an alkaline salt form in the atmosphere, as revealed through recent pH tests conducted across the country. Barium compounds, especially those of a soluble nature, are regarded as a serious health risk, and they are commonly associated with respiratory distress.

Research by this method will continue, but preliminary results are provided because of the importance of the findings and to support the claims that are made herein. It is recommended that other researchers across the country participate within this endeavor, in an effort to further refine the results of the study. Spectroscopy provides an analytic tool that can be used to establish the presence or absence of certain foreign elements in the atmosphere that have been under consideration for some time.

Clifford E Carnicom
November 1 2000



The Government of George W. Bush-ka and regime has declared war upon American Citizens.


Chemtrails over Baldwin County Alabama 2-13-2003

These chemtrails began at about 9:am over an area which has no normal air traffic. This has been going on routinely for quite some time. On or about 2-6-2003 several witnesses counted as many as 6-8 jets. Often times they fly in tandem. It does not matter if they, the Government of the People by the People and for the People are spraying cotton candy, it is no doubt harmful. This government has declared war on it's very on people. In my perfect opinion these illegal weapons of mass discussion should be shot down. If the Government denies and continues to deny their existence, then it stands to reason that this is enemy craft warring against America, and I say let's bring them down. Thank you, Robert Pickle



By 12:00 P.M. a complete haze of warfare against the People of Baldwin County, a "Possible War" Mr. Bush?

What Air War? "Possible" War with Iraq?

There all here, poisoning your families.

These people and the Government who controls them are Traitors and should be confined for High Treason. 





 Illustrated Croatian Chemtrails Diary






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Chemtrail Blitz Over London 

Mass Chemtrails Over Portland, OR - Photos

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Chemtrails Over Santa Fe - Blue Sky Painted White

Chemtrails Over Charleston, South Carolina

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 Are Chemtrails Causing Drought?

 Mind-Blowing Chemtrails' Over Pennsylvania

 Bakersfield, CA Buried In Chemtrails

 More Big, Fat Pacific NW Chemtrails

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 Chemtrails Over Virginia

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 Aluminum And Chemtrails

 Chemtails - Sick In Sprague River, Oregon

 Poisoned Skies Over Oregon - Another Outrageous Chemtrail Assault

 Air Traffic Controllers Concerned Over Chemtrails


 Chemtrail 'Spider Webs' Fall In Oregon - Three 'Military Jets' Blamed

 Chemtrails - Barium Identification Further Confirmed

 Chemtrails Reported In Texas Newspaper

 Chemtrail Spraying Over Newburgh, NY Area

 Chemtrail Spectroscopy Confirms Unusual Presence Of Barium

 DOD / DOE Announce Chemical Spraying - Salt Lake City!

 Chemtrail 'Art Show' Over Stark County, Ohio

 Scientist Warns Inquiry About Drinking Milk From GM-Fed Cows

 USAF Lt. Colonel (Ret) Photos Of Heavy Chemtrails Near Pittsburgh

 Chemtrails Over Green Bay Area On 10-9-00 Satellite Photo

 NOAA Satellite Photo Of Massive Chemtrails Over Pennsylvania And Maryland

 Angry Chemtrail Observers In CA, Portland OR, And Pittsburgh, PA

 Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions

 Latest Chemtrail Research - Atmospheric Salt Confirmed

 Very Strange, Low Chemclouds Photographed Over Austin On 10-3


West Nile Virus - End Of Year
Summary And Update
From Patricia A. Doyle, PhD

By Lois Levitan, PhD
Program Leader - Environmental Risk Analysis Program
Center for the Environment - Cornell University
The 2002 WNV epidemic in the US was the largest arboviral meningoencephalitis epidemic documented in the western hemisphere and the largest reported WNME epidemic. Epizootic and epidemic activity was most intense in the central US, especially in the Great Lakes region, and extended to the west coast... [indicating] complete transcontinental movement of WNV within 3 years." These are some of the key points made in the Dec 20 MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in summarizing information reported through Nov 30 2002 via ArboNET, a web-based data network through which 54 state and local public health departments report results of surveillance activities. Other information is incorporated into pertinent sections of ERAP's WNV summary pages.
Prepping the People for mass disease innoculations? Small Pox?
The New West Nile Virus Epidemic:
Bioterrorism? Or Mother Nature (Again)?
By Alan Cantwell, Jr., MD

Note - The latest research points to the US 'strain' of WNV being transmissible between humans by blood, body fluids and breast milk. -ed
West Nile Virus encephalitis is yet another new infectious disease that has mysteriously appeared in the U.S., seemingly out of the blue. Is this another disease, like AIDS, that poses a threat to certain "high risk" groups? Could the outbreak of WN virus be some sort of biologic "test" (like the anthrax mailings) to wake people up to the dangers of bioterrorism? Are all these new "emerging diseases" and "emerging viruses" merely continuing (and unprecedented) cruel acts of Mother Nature? Or could the "hand of man" in the form of crazy biological warfare scientists be causing these new outbreaks? Is it just a "coincidence" that all these weird bugs and illnesses have erupted in the past two decades? Or is all this just "paranoid" thinking?
On the first anniversary of the anthrax attacks, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg (who chairs the Federation of American Scientists Working Group on Biological Weapons) confirms that the strain and properties of the weaponized anthrax bacteria found in the letters originated within the U.S. biodefense program. "Government officials recognized that the anthrax source was domestic less than two weeks after they learned of the letters, and nothing in their investigation has led them to say otherwise," writes Rosenberg.
Rosenberg sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she concludes: "that given the origin of the anthrax and the warnings contained in the letters, the perpetrator's motive was not to kill but rather to raise public fear and thereby spur Congress to increase spending on biodefense. In this sense, the attacks have been phenomenally successful." ("Anthrax attacks pushed open an ominous door," Los Angeles Times, 9/22/02).
It is not a mosquito. It is the red blood cells in the Chem Spraying!


West Nile Virus Causing Serious Nervous System Problems 


A must website for clear understanding of Government innoculation of the useless Goyim eater masses



FAC 1: You paranoid chemtrail conspiratorialists are seeing normal sky spoor from a marked increase in commercial air traffic. Combined with changing atmospheric conditions, these wetter and denser air masses are leading to lingering contrails and the artificial formation of cirrus-type clouds from ice-crystal condensation left by "rush hour" jet traffic.

Ans: There is no question that air traffic is up sharply throughout the world. (See "Jets" under "Investigations" www.islandnet.com/wilco). Also that atmospheric changes (including increased moisture) are contributing to increased natural and artificial cloud formation.

But experienced pilots, military personnel and other qualified observers note that:

1. Normal contrails usually dissipate within a minute after formation. Many long-lingering "chemtrails" currently being reported across North America are being made at altitudes between 8,000 and 10,000 feet - well below the stratosphere where ice-crystal cloud condensation forms. Indeed, commercial aircraft entering spray zones often emit no contrails alongside "chemtrail" spraying aircraft. Commercial jets leaving fast-fading pencil-thin contrails are also being observed alongside fatter, billowing "chemtrails" that linger and spread out at the same altitude for hours, completely obscuring the sky.

2. Commercial aircraft do not cross each other's flight paths in Xs and grid-patterns at the same altitude. Nor do formations of two or more airliners fly back-and-forth in formation across the same patch of clear sky for hours at a time.

3. Commercial aircraft prominently display their airline logo, "colors" and registration numbers. Videotaped KC-135 and KC-10 spray aircraft are usually painted white and carry no identification markings.

4. Normal contrails come from the engines and wingtips of high-flying aircraft. They do not stream from the tails of airplanes equipped with wing-mounted engines. Chemtrails, on the other hand, have been observed through telescopes and binoculars to be streaming from tanker tailbooms pointing downward at a 60-degree angle. And from wings, where aerial tanker refueling probes are also deployed.

5. Contrails do not make people sick. Hundreds of eye-witnesses have become ill within hours of watching chemtrails woven over their heads. Many have tasted and smelled something metallic or corrosive in the air. Put the dates and locations of peak hospital admissions beside "spray days" - they match.

6. Contrails do no rain cobweb-like material and jello-like "goo" over porches, powerlines and police cruisers. Perhaps caused by misadjusted or malfunctioning spray nozzles, this material has been found to contain jet fuel and pathogens - including molds and bacteria and DNA-altering "restrictor enzymes" found only in research laboratories. Some of these pathogens can cause pneumonia and upper-respiratory distress.

FAC 2: You are unfairly casting aspersions on the US military, accusing them of poisoning their own people.

Ans: Two Senate investigations have documented "Open air" biowarfare testing by the Pentagon over hundreds of American cities since 1949. But because spray aircraft are unmarked, I cannot assert at this time that the US government and/or US military are responsible. These agencies are accountable, however, for allowing these overflights to continue.

FAC 3: You have absolutely no proof that these "contrails" are causing illness on the ground. Have you forgotten that it is the height of flu and asthma season?

Ans: Even at the height of the flu season, hospitals and doctors' offices across the USA, as well as in Canada and England are typically operating at twice their usual winter influx of respiratory patients, with Emergency Rooms jammed and some hospitals closed to new admissions. Why an epidemic of pneumonia, bronchitis and other upper respiratory illnesses continues to afflict so many North Americans is unknown at this time. It is suggestive that almost all outdoor observers of spraying have become sick with extreme respiratory symptoms within 48 hours of witnessing "contrails" unusual enough to excite comment and cause cameras and camcorders to be aimed skyward. Usually associated with damp, wet climates, outbreaks of bronchitis across the American southwest are unprecedented.

It is also suggestive that a nationwide 1-800-I-GOT-FLU tracking program is open only to participants who "qualify" by exhibiting specific symptoms after being exposed within a certain radius of known outbreaks - within a specified time period.

It is also disturbing that on each of the three occasions that Washington state resident William Wallace has complained to the media of spraying over his remote mountain cabin, he and his wife Ann have been attacked by jet and propeller aircraft diving in at treetop height to release spray over their property. William and Ann Wallace are now very sick - with William exhibiting several "marker" symptoms for infectious Mycoplasm Fermentans, the infamous Gulf War Illness.

After investigating GWI and exposing the origins of Gulf War Illness in my book, Bringing The War Home, it is my opinion of this writer that the outbreaks of Lupus, double-pneumonia, meningitis and Fibromyalgia following some spraying incidents could actually be the look-alike symptoms of Mycoplasma infection. The pneumonia outbreaks being reported across the USA may also be caused by Mycoplasm Pneumonia. Sputum and blood tests should be carried out to test this hypothesis.

Until the lab results are in, lack of "proof" should not obscure an overwhelming preponderance of pattern and precedent. If a thousand people crowded around a field are sprayed with an unknown substance by unidentified aircraft...and if many of those people fall sick enough to be rushed to hospital...what would you conclude?

William Thomas www.islandnet.com/~wilco



Our Government wouldn't dare harm us or our military heroes, would they?

Sailors: 'We were used'

Vets exposed to toxic agents want answers, justice

By Alan Snel

When Navy veteran Jim Brocklebank served as a radioman on the USS Power in the 1960s, he was intrigued by civilians in masks and body suits doing tests on his destroyer.

"We asked, 'We'd like to know what you're monitoring,' " recalled Brocklebank, now 61 and living in Palm Beach Gardens in north Palm Beach County. "They just told us, 'None of your business.' They never told us a thing for 37 years."

Brocklebank and the surviving members of the 250-man crew of the USS Power -- including John Luliak of Sebastian -- were used as human test subjects to see how vulnerable American ships were to war chemicals and biological agents. Eventually, sailors like Brocklebank and Luliak would learn of a dozen monitoring stations on their old World War II vessel.

It was part of a secret Cold War testing operation from 1962-1973. The U.S. Department of Defense has declassified records showing it sprayed naval ships and land sites, including one in Yeehaw Junction in Central Florida, with chemicals such as sarin nerve gas and tear gas; biological agents like bacteria; and simulants that would mimic the dispersion of substances like anthrax.

Some of those toxins have been linked to infections, cancer and heart and lung problems. Now, the Department of Veteran Affairs is trying to catch up with former servicemen who were exposed during the tests. In a November letter sent to 3,137 veterans, the VA said the military had declassified documents on the testing and is "offering a thorough clinical examination" to all exposed veterans.

In addition, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida plans to re-introduce a proposed veterans-right-to-know legislation in the spring in hopes of forcing the military to disclose the extent of all testing.

"We didn't know," Luliak said. "We were amazed they would use us as guinea pigs without any consultation. We were used."

Luliak says his health is OK. But another USS Power sailor, Jim Druckemiller of Topeka, Kansas, says he wasn't so lucky.

After Druckemiller was exposed to chemicals on the USS Power, the junior corpsman suffered lung and skin ailments. He said he also had growths on the instep of his foot and on the back of his head. Druckemiller, who was 21 at the time of the tests in 1965, also suffered a heart attack at 36.

He's among a group of veterans who have sued the federal government, alleging a military testing coverup and benefits denials.Project 112The military's secret tests came under the general name of Project 112, which included the testing of Navy ships such as Brocklebank's vessel and a test in Yeehaw Junction in 1968. The Project experiment in Yeehaw Junction tested biological weapon system chemicals on wheat crops from Oct. 31-Dec 1, 1968.

The Project 112 sea testing had its own name -- Project SHAD, which stood for Shipboard Hazard and Defense.

The testing on sailors and soldiers was publicly exposed for the first time in a CBS news investigation in 2000.

The Defense Department has identified 42 such Project 112 experiments and is investigating another 30 reports, DOD spokesman Austin Camacho said.

"We're having problems finding the records," Camacho said. "Finding the completion data is very challenging."

The 134 planned Project 112 tests included 37 planned Project SHAD tests. Of the 37 planned SHAD tests, 18 actually took place.

The names of the SHAD tests on the naval ships -- which involved spraying clouds of nerve gas, bacteria, decontaminants and simulants at sea -- included pleasant-sounding monikers such as Autumn Gold, Eager Belle, Shady Grove, Purple Sage, Copper Head and Fearless Johnny.

In the case of Brocklebank's ship, the USS Power, the chemicals -- bacillus globigii (a live bacteria) and zinc cadmium sulfide -- were sprayed near Newfoundland in early 1965. The vessel passed through the two clouds of chemicals, which were used because they're supposedly similar in size and has the same dispersal characteristics as anthrax.

Bacillus globigii bacteria has been associated with acute infections of the inner ear, urinary tract, lung, heart valve, and bloodstream in people whose health has already been compromised, Defense Department records on the tests show.

High concentrations and prolonged exposures to cadmium are associated with lung cancer.

'We were not told'Of the VA letters mailed in November, 204 were sent to veterans in Florida, VA spokesman Jim Benson said.

One of those vets was Luliak, 58, of Sebastian.

"We don't really know what they sprayed us with. I was talking to (former shipmates) and they had different problems. That raised my eyebrows quite a bit," he said. Luliak says his health is OK.

Luliak served on the USS Power and two other ships in the 1960s.

"We were not told about this. As a radiomen, we received all the messages, even the top-secret ones. So any communications came on board must have come encrypted," Luliak said. "In other words, it came in secret."

Besides spraying chemicals at sea as part of Project SHAD, the military also conducted tests at Florida sites in Boca Raton, Ocala and Panama City, Ret. Lt. Col. Bill Sutey said. Sutey is Sen. Nelson's staff military adviser.

"America needs to come clean with all chemical, biological and radiological testing to find out if veterans were exposed to these toxins, agents, and simulants," Sutey said.

A few weeks ago, former USS Power crewman Druckemiller met with Nelson's staff in efforts to put more teeth in the proposed legislation. He thinks an independent organization should audit the test documents. Today, the Defense Department is doing the audits.

"That's like the fox telling what he found in the henhouse. He won't tell you everything," said Druckemiller, now 58.

Plaintiffs file suitBrocklebank, Druckemiller and the Vietnam Veterans of America are three of the 22 plaintiffs in a lawsuit against officials of the Department of Defense and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

The lawsuit claims 5,000 to 10,000 military personnel were used as unwitting test subjects in biological and chemical warfare experiments. And it says the exposed veterans have been denied disability, medical treatment and other compensation because the "defendants illegally concealed, and continue to conceal, the medical records, and other relevant information necessary to obtain such compensation."

The plaintiffs' lawyer, Douglas Rosinski of Washington, D.C., argued for a law that would require the DOD and VA to tell all veterans whether they were exposed to biological or chemical agents.

"DOD has completely ignored previous congressional mandates to do so," said Rosinski, who grew up on Merritt Island.

Defense Department spokesman Camacho said the military would not respond in the news media to allegations in a lawsuit. He did note, "The Department of Defense needs to have better record-keeping if they do this again."

The experiences of one of the plaintiffs, former USS Navarro crew member Robert Bates of Vancouver, Wash., best exemplifies the military's misleading comments on the experiments, said Eric Longabardi, an independent news producer who exposed the testing for CBS in 2000.

Bates served during the Autumn Gold test of 1963. He made a VA benefits claim in 1980, asserting his health problems were caused by exposure to biological and chemical agents 17 years earlier. But the VA denied Bates' claim later in 1980 and denied the test ever happened.

In July 2000, Bates filed to reopen his compensation claim. But in August 2002, the VA rejected it, even though VA officials conceded that he suffered from "pneumonia and respiratory distress" during the Autumn Gold experiments, the lawsuit says.

And do not forget the Manhatten Project or the Philadelphia Experiment.


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Latest Spectacular Chemtrail Photos And Data

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Anthrax, West Nile, Small Pox, Mad Cow

 I thought this tid-bit of information my be useful. This Chab Lubavitcher Sofiet Babylonian Talmudic Jew seems to have it all figured out and has offered a coding to other Jews regarding what will take place simoultaneously at the start of the Wars of their Satanic Hashem their gog and magog which is not Armageddon of Christ Jesus the Lord.


How to Be an Anti-Semite in Three Easy Steps.

 What the Rabbi say's




Wild animals







First Born



It happens time and again.

They first feel nationalistic. That feeling of "us" vs. "them".

(Kind of like is happening in the world today)

Then, secondly, they feel that they are our masters and have the right to enslave us. After all, we have to pay for the fresh Egyptian/Spanish/German air that we breath.

Propaganda used for their Lessor Jews and the obedient Noachide Goyim who will ultimately reject Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords

Finally they torture us physically

It is the Zionist calling for the torture of the Goyim. In Israel Torture is legal.

Three stages in the Egyptian exile, mother to all other exiles. And the retribution came accordingly.

 Their manufactured retribution must come soon to this their considered fourth and final exile

The first plague in every group (see chart) was directed against Egypt's feelings of nationalism.

The blood struck the Nile, the "river god" the national symbol.

West Nile Virus? Manufactured Chabad Talmudic Retribution


And but of course it leads back to.............Horus the sun god RE who you see on your dollar bill.

Mosquito borne or Horus borne blood of the Nile disease, the retribution of the Talmudic controllers to the useless goyim eaters?



Biological components have now been identified in the two ground samples previously analyzed on www.carnicom.com. Numerous red blood cells, white blood cells, and unidentified cell types have been found within the sub-micron fiber sample previously presented and 

Babylonian Talmudic Magicians pull off the Red Blood West Nile trick

Nationwide, it has been a frightening summer for West Nile. The death toll stood at 89 today, with 1,852 verified cases. There are fears the blood supply may be tainted, with scientists confirming that the virus can be transmitted through blood transfusions. Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study on a rare form of the disease that paralyzes the limbs — "the polio of the 21st century," as one neurologist put it.



submitted on Jan 20 2000 to Carol M. Browner, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. To date, Ms. Browner has refused to identify the sample delivered to her by certified mail, and to disclose those results to the American public. A visual analysis has now been conducted with a professional quality microscope on May 7 2000 that reveals the important discovery above. More information and images from this analysis will be presented in the future. Depicted above is one of two remarkable discoveries of clustered red blood cells which become readily visible after being subjected to immersion oil. The cells appear to be of a freeze-dried or dessicated nature in their original form within the microscopic fibers. Isolated and individual blood cells are interspersed throughout both of the samples which have previously been described. The surface of the cells appear to be modified in some way, but electron microscopy will likely be required to establish further detail. Professional medical analysis of the images and chemical analysis of the fibers, and the subsequent disclosure of those results, now exists as a fundamental need.

The individual that provided the images herein and those that will follow shall remain anonymous. I was a witness to the events that have been recorded. The source material for the images presented herein has been duplicated and distributed to numerous locations across the United States, and it is secured by various methods.

The ramifications of this recent discovery establish sufficient cause for widespread involvement of the American people in this issue, and for subsequent criminal investigations and Congressional hearings.

Clifford E Carnicom
May 11 2000


Posted May 15 2000

Excerpt from the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

The Illuminati, Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet Talmudic Rabbis and their Cohorts, the minions of hell.

7. We appear on the scene as alleged saviours of the worker from this oppression when we propose to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces - Socialists, Anarchists, Communists - to whom we always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule (of the solidarity of all humanity) of our SOCIAL MASONRY. The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labor of the workers, was interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy, and strong. We are interested in just the opposite - in the diminution, the KILLING OUT OF THE GOYIM. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will, and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will. Hunger creates the right of capital to rule the worker more surely than it was given to the aristocracy by the legal authority of kings.

8. By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way.


Moshiach ben Dovid, O Lucifer son of the morning.



Red Blood Cells Identified in Ground Samples




Posted June26 2000

Several of the objects within the video stills from the microscopic session posted within this series remain unidentified. These include the double cells, as well as the blue and green materials shown above. The object in the upper left of this series has been tentatively identified as a white blood cell. Repeated observations of each cell type or object shown here occurred and were recorded within the microscopic video session.

Aircraft Contrails

NASA cover-up pic.



The Government of the United States of America "Above the Law" says research group on Chemtrail test results


You better hurry and get Mystically Secretly Babyloneously Raptured, for time is getting short. The nations are getting angry.

Tzars Diseases, upper respiratory, COPD



     The following excerpts are from the new picture book, Chemtrails of the World, by Mark Metcalf. (Some post-publication updates are also included.)
     Testing Begins
     I saw my first "chemtrail" in 1992 while driving on a remote stretch of highway near a high-security military base in Utah.1 Climbing up from the desert floor onto the spine of the mountain, I was surprised to see the long, white, contrail-like streak stretch from horizon to horizon. I wasn't sure what it meant, but it didn't look good. As I slowly made my way over the land like a bug trying to get away from a giant can of Raid, it seemed anything could happen next and a sense of panic swept over me.
     The Program Begins
     Initially, the chemtrail program manifested in a variety of ways. In some isolated cases, observers reported seeing clearly marked US military jet fighters flying at tree-top height dropping a spray that killed animals and sickened people. Some cases occurred in parts of Washington state near the Canadian border. But the overwhelming majority of sightings consisted of rows of clouds being emitted from white jets flying at high altitude. Where do these white jets come from and who is directing the chemtrail spraying program? It turns out that the United States Air Force has a fleet of approximately 550 KC-135 tanker jets many of which have been painted white to resemble civilian airliners.2 Air Force documents refer to the long white plumes of these aircraft as "aerial obscuration," ostensibly because the long trails can spread out over a period of hours to form an overcast sky.3 These artificial overcasts often have subtle parallel lines or striations running through them. When looking at the sun through these thin wispy clouds one can often observe a subtle, chemical, multi-colored halo, with colors similar to gasoline on water. The effect is more pronounced when viewed through polarized sunglasses. The jets can also be seen marking a large chemtrail "X" in the sky, indicating that satellites are directing jet flight paths and tracking the movement of the artificial clouds.
     HAARP, Chemtrails and Weather Control
     High Frequency Active Aural Research Project is a large-phase arrayed antenna system in Gakon, Alaska, jointly operated by the U.S. Air Force and Navy. Powered by more than a billion watts of energy, HAARP works by beaming tightly-focused radio waves into the upper atmosphere. These waves stretch the earth's ionosphere further out into space, causing a vacuum that pulls and alters global weather. Among many other capabilities, HAARP can heat and move sections of the upper atmosphere to create everything from super-storms to drought. Storm enhancement, storm modification and drought inducement are listed objectives of an Air Force research study entitled "Weather as a Force Multiplier." HAARP can also use plumes of atmospheric particles to heat the troposhere, the lowest part of our atmosphere where chemtrail spraying occurs. Satellites can then be used to co-ordinate HAARP energy beams with the continuously drifting chemtrail Xs.
     HAARP patent documents also discuss the injection of barium into the atmosphere and the role of photo-ionisation upon that element, using the magnetic field lines of the Earth as a conduit for energy transfer. HAARP can increase the build-up of energy in some locations by inducing cyclotron resonance. HAARP can also generate both extremely low frequency as well as VLF frequency for a broad array of applications. HAARP can even manipulate the geomagnetic field of the Earth to the point of creating a "heave weapon," similar to the electromagnetic pulse that nuclear detonations generate, except amplified to the point of lifting the entire magnetic field of the Earth.
     Enter the Black Lines
     Chemtrails contain many exotic mysteries. For example, I have noticed on numerous occasions that the KC-135's appear to be following a faint black line in the sky. At first I thought it was an optical illusion, but I later realized it must be real. In scanning the Internet I found that many others were also seeing the lines coincide with chemtrail spraying.4 One man from Sweden wrote, "On the day that this picture was taken (of the chemtrails), I found a strange dark shadow in front of the plane. First I thought that this was some kind of optical illusion. The aircraft followed the dark shadow-line in a perfect way, when it all of a sudden made a turn and moved away from it. I realized that this was some kind of line that the plane followed and not at all an illusion created by the plane." In another case, a woman driving from Des Moines to Shenandoah, Iowa, said, "I saw a black line extend out from a plane I was watching. The subsequent chemtrail followed the black line exactly."
     The most interesting report came from someone in the air. "I was flying to San Francisco from London Heathrow and we were over Greenland at the time when I looked out of the window and noticed a thick translucent black band in the sky. I stared at it for a while unable to work out what I was looking at. It was probably about a mile away from the plane and stretched as far as you could see in a perfectly straight line in both directions. Suddenly a black object appeared in the middle of the (black line) corridor and stopped, turned slightly towards the plane and then did the strangest thing: it elongated to about 10 times the original size until it was what I can only describe as a stretched-out triangle… then instantly accelerated away at a phenomenal speed down the (black line) corridor.
     "My two colleagues also witnessed this and were just as puzzled and amazed. Shortly after, just into Canada we noticed a very, very long perfectly straight road through literally nowhere just going on for miles. Suddenly we passed a huge pentagon-shaped complex that this road led to with nothing else around. Just this place with buildings and hangars and a runway absolutely in the middle of nowhere."
     One Country Tries to Stop the Spraying
     Chemtrail spraying had been reported in a number of other countries including Canada, England and Spain, which are closely allied with the US military. On April 28, 1997, Cuba filed a complaint before the United Nations General Assembly charging the U.S. was spraying biological warfare agents over Cuban soil.5 While Cuba has been unable to have the matter investigated by the UN, the US has also been unable to have the matter dropped.
     The official US responses are interesting. In one incident, the State Department admitted an S2R crop-dusting plane operated by the state department overflew Cuba, but said it "emitted only smoke." Washington Times 8/26/97
     In another incident, "a Cuban pilot reported seeing the release of unknown substances, in the form of a white or greyish mist on 10/21/96." (On 12/18/96, the first signs of thrips plague appeared in Matanzas province.) The official US response was that the US pilot had, during his flight, seen a Cuban commercial airplane flying below, and as he was not certain of having been seen, "following caution and safety procedures," and with the purpose of securing a positive visual contact, the pilot used the "smoke generator" of his aircraft, in order to "indicate its location," adding that "the smoke vanished and no fluid was poured from the airplane." However, the US SAR aircraft, register N3093M is officially used by the State Department against drug trafficking, to destroy crops. The aircraft utilizes two sprinkling systems: one for the use of aerosols and liquid particles and another for dropping solid particles. The SAR aircraft is not known to carry a smoke generator.
     The Cuban government has also filed a protest with the UN regarding the United States' refusal to adopt a draft protocol prohibiting plans and production of biological weapons for 30 years. In addition, on May 31, 1999, a lawsuit for $181 billion in wrongful death and personal injury was filed in Havana Provincial Civil Court in which the US was accused of genocide.
     But the bio-attack on Cuba has been unrelenting. In 2002, a Canadian tourist reported seeing what he assumed were regular rocket flights - possibly to avoid anti-aircraft fire - that penetrate Cuban airspace and leave long plumes of smoky white material. Cuban health officials were quoted as saying that the government is quietly working to control the spread of the biological agents from the US aerosol campaign.
     One Town Stands Up
     In 1999, 550 citizens of Espanola, Ontario, brought a petition before the Canadian Parliament asking the Canadian government to stop the U.S. military from spraying. Town residents said the spray appeared to be making people sick. At a public meeting on chemtrails, the Ontario Minister of Environment refused to release air quality findings for Espanola. Unlike our island neighbors to the south, no government has interceded to protect North Americans from the US military aerosol campaign.
     Some political leaders are no doubt being told that the artificial cloud spraying program is necessary to reverse global warming but must be kept secret so as not to panic the public. But if reflecting the sun's light and heat back into space is the purpose, why do the jets also spray at night? Why have they been seen spraying on naturally occurring overcast days? And why are they inundating the earth with a fungus genetically tailored to thrive on human blood?
     Fungi from the Crypt
     Award-winning Canadian journalist Will Thomas has reported that lab analysis showed spray samples contained over 360 different varieties of mold and fungi in addition to gene-splicing markers and extremely thin, red human blood cells.6 The chemtrail samples also contained a new breed of designer chemicals about which little is known in the public domain but which appear to be very dangerous, plus aluminum particulates approximately 1 micron in diameter. Chemtrail particles are carried by air currents, spreading a fine dust of pathogenic materials throughout the environment. The dust is nearly impossible to avoid since people can ingest it simply by breathing, eating and drinking. It is logical to assume that those who have initiated this spraying program are well aware of its inescapable properties. What is more disturbing is the ease with which a more deadly substance could be substituted for the current chemtrail mix. Should this happen, it seems likely that the chemtrail program could exterminate all above-ground human populations in North America in approximately one week.
     Medical doctors often misdiagnose fungal conditions because they are taught that fungi cannot live in the blood stream (become systemic), nor can the resolution of the microscopes (1,000 x magnification) commonly used by doctors reveal the presence of fungi in blood samples. However, there is a microscope (8,000 to 15,000 x magnification) that can, and does, reveal fungus in the blood. This microscope has a camera that can record the enlarged images on video, providing irrefutable documentation.
     The inventor of this microscope, Dr. Robert Bradford of American Biologics, was actually run out of the United States for his efforts to help mankind and now has an office in Tijuana, Mexico. Doctors possessing these super-microscopes are intensely "regulated" by the federal government, which closely monitors their research. Under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules, patients cannot be shown images or test results from the microscope. Research is also subject to inspection at any time of the day or night, and the FDA charges the targeted researchers $250 each time they show up.
     Designer Fungus and Cancer
     Dr. Marijah McCain, founder of the Herbal Healer Naturopathic Academy in Mountain View, Arkansas, (www.herbalhealer.com), has conducted extensive studies with her $40,000 super-microscope. In one study she discovered and documented a contagious leukemia virus. In another study, testing thirty patients, Dr. McCain found that eighty-three percent had systemic fungus in the blood. Her research also shows a direct link between the presence of fungus in the blood and the spread of cancer.7 Dr. McCain said, "Every single patient that I have seen that is terminal with cancer has the most incredible fungus overgrowth in the blood stream. Cancer is a slow-moving growth of mutating cells. The (allopathic) doctors will tell you it's fast moving and it's going to kill you very quickly. What can kill you is the fungus because the fungus moves very quickly and it's caused directly by the use of the chemotherapy. I have documented this in every instance."
     What Dr. McCain is saying is that fungus/yeast is a plant and the growth of plants is accelerated by some chemicals and by radiation. She has also discovered that many cases of arthritis are not arthritis, but systemic fungus/yeast in the blood that clogs the arteries, causing them to swell. cCain has been relentlessly hounded by the FDA. There is evidence that FDA activities are covertly directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) using executives from top-secret contractors like Monsanto Corporation who are appointed to high FDA policy-making positions despite obvious conflict of interest.8 Dr. McCain has also had numerous attempts on her life. In one case, a high-powered rifle fired through the walls of her home. In another case, an unmarked helicopter sprayed her with poison. (In 1997, an unmarked, white helicopter sprayed me with an unknown substance while hovering about sixty feet above my home in Los Angeles for approximately five minutes.)
     Barium Found in Chemtrails
     A Mr. Clifford Carnicom has cultured chemtrail spray samples in New Mexico and proven that barium is present.10 His test procedures and results are posted at www.carnicom.com. Barium suppresses human T-cell production, making the human body very susceptible to infectious agents. Barium also has electromagnetic properties and may be both amplifying and more evenly dispersing pulsed-energy waves first uncovered by a deceased University of Chapel Hill professor, Dr. David Fraser, in 1975. These waves are now most likely blanketing all cities and towns in North America for the purpose of mood and mind control. Carnicom has also confirmed the existence of the pulsed energy in every location he has tested and has created a method by which it can be measured and recorded that is posted on his website, www.carnicom.com.
     Pulsed-energy mind-control technology for mass populations was first tested on Medford, Oregon, making it the suicide capital of the nation overnight in the mid-seventies. See my article, "The Secret War Against Medford, Oregon," posted at www.silverprotects.com, under "Other Writings."
     The Spider's Web
     Carnicom also received two similar spray samples picked up by separate eyewitnesses wanting to know what the strange weblike material was. One of the samples was fifty feet long by a half-inch wide. A small portion was sent to a laboratory for detailed analysis, whereupon two PhD's steadfastly maintained that the material was either silk or wool fibers. However, these men abruptly broke off all communication once their conclusion was challenged by simple, ordinary facts.
     Human hair ranges from 60 to 100 microns thick. Wool fibers are 15 to 25 microns thick. Asbestos fibers are 2 to 3 microns thick. But the extremely adhesive, weblike fibers were essentially invisible to the human eye, measuring 0.2 to 0.3 microns in diameter. Under microscopic analysis they appeared wavy and of a synthetic nature. "Sufficiently unique to warrant further investigation," said Carnicom.
     EPA Says "Drop Dead."
     A sample was then sent to Carol M. Browner at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by certified mail.3 The EPA has since refused to acknowledge possession of the sample and has issued a statement saying they are "unaware" of any program to distribute materials over the population of the United States through the use of aircraft.
     Doctors Become Alarmed
     Eight doctors have come together to start the Morgellons Research Foundation, a grassroots organization, dedicated to finding the cause of an increasingly prevalent skin disease of unknown origin. Their website, www.morgellons.org, is a treasure-trove of medical documentation that includes photographs of the microfibers. The disease consists of skin lesions that contain "fiber-like objects as well as clear filament-like objects of unknown origin." "We are attempting to isolate this organism and determine how it is able to cause the intense itching, stinging and disfiguring skin lesions which are the main symptoms of this disease."
     At the moment, the doctors say most reports are coming from California, Texas and Florida. "The working hypothesis of this foundation is that an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease), may alter the individual's immune system and allow this unknown organism to become an opportunistic co-infection."11 So far, ninety-five percent of those afflicted with this skin disease who were tested for Bb have tested positive. The fibers have been analyzed by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and are composed of cellulose. A mystery fungus is also thought to play a role in the disease.
     Because the symptoms and physical findings are so unusual, most physicians just assume the patient is misinterpreting their condition. Many adults complaining of a hardening or thickening of the skin, hair loss, lymphedema, skin lesions, profound fatigue and joint pain, are receiving a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis. The Morgellons doctors added that, "Objects described as granules are often found associated with (the) skin lesions as well. Several people have had lymph nodes surgically removed due to obstruction." You can contact the doctors at Morgellons@aol.com or fax them at (760) 457-3441.
     The Coming Global Desert?
     If in an environment of 30% humidity you have what appears to be a cloud forming, it is logical to allow for the possibility of a foreign material or aerosol that is gathering what little moisture is available into that cloud formation. In this regard, Carnicom has developed a hypothesis that correlates well with the known facts. Since it is impossible for clouds to form under relative humidity conditions below 70% without the introduction of an aerosol of fine particles, then such particles must be present. Logically, these particles should contain nuclei with a water-loving nature, such as salt. Carnicom concludes that barium salts are the answer. When barium carbonate is burned it forms barium oxide. Among other properties it possesses, barium oxide absorbs moisture, absorbs CO2 and induces respiratory distress.
     It appears that the chemtrail aerosol is designed to function like a net, capturing moisture in the atmosphere on a planetary level, and then redirecting that moisture into space. Says Carnicom, "There is a case developing that moisture is actually being drawn out of the sky by this material and that the rainfall patterns are being altered."
     It seems to work like this: Chemtrail clouds draw moisture and carbon dioxide out of the surrounding air and the atmosphere gets dryer and thinner. As long as the chemtrail clouds are still present, they reflect the sun's heat back into space, making the reduction of sun-shielding atmosphere less noticeable. But as soon as the spraying stops over a given region for a number of days, the land and air become extremely dry and overheated. This occurred over Montana, Washington and British Columbia during the summer of 2003, causing massive forest fires. In British Columbia, the Nelson Daily News reported the driest conditions in fifty years. Anyone paying attention to the sky saw heavy spraying throughout the year over these forested regions, but by the end of July all spraying stopped.
     The same series of events triggered record temperatures and forest fires in Europe. "We've not seen such an extended period of dry weather and sunny days since records began (in about 1870)," said Michael Knobelsdorf, a meteorologist with the German weather service, referring to Europe as a whole.13
     This book, "Chemtrails of the World," documents heavy spraying over Europe with numerous color photographs taken during the preceding winter and spring that led up to the scorching summer of 2003.14 In addition, a severe drought was also experienced in South Central India where I had earlier photographed chemtrail spraying.
     If the chemtrails are being sprayed to protect mankind from a thinning atmosphere and the resulting rise in solar heat, why did they stop spraying in some areas during the hottest months of the summer in 2003? And more importantly, why didn't they resume the spraying to help control the widespread forest fires that began the following week in Europe and in North America?
     In 1991, a patent for stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming was filed by the Hughes aircraft company. Approximately one year later - just in time for my drive through the desert -- materials were apparently fabricated and a delivery system created with which tests could begin over Utah. The desert environment provided optimal conditions for measuring the capabilities of an atmospheric water-capturing mechanism to induce global climate change. Besides reflecting incoming sunlight, Welsbach materials convert heat trapped by greenhouse gasses near the surface of the earth into far-infrared wavelengths that radiate out into space. Can these far-infrared wavelengths transport moisture into space?
     NASA scientists say that even a small change in the earth's delicate cloud balance can either eliminate global warming, or greatly enhance it. Ken Caldera, a physicist with Edward Teller's climate modeling group at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, warned a conference of geophysicists that spraying chemicals to form a solar sunscreen could have the reverse effect and destroy the ozone layer, as well as trigger other devastating consequences.
     Refering to Dr. Teller's study and its recommendations for the release of particulates, Carnicom said, "They suggest three locations. First is the stratosphere. The stratosphere is roughly 40 miles above us. The troposphere is the lower level. Planes fly roughly seven miles high. The second (location) is 8,000 miles away from the Earth. And the third location is 400,000 miles away from Earth. Never does he say that it is desirable to introduce these materials into the lower atmosphere. And there is a very sensible, physical reason why you would never do such a thing. And that is that these particulates absorb heat. It is exactly the opposite of what is being claimed by those that use this as an argument, that it is somehow benevolent, that it is somehow helping us. Usually, if something is benevolent for you, you tell people about it. You don't hide it. And therefore the actual physical effect of these particulates is exactly as hundreds of thousands of people are observing, and that is: It's getting hotter."
     Today, hundreds of millions of people are suffering from the increasing heat and many are dying. Whether we understand it or not, the facts indicate that the human race. and our entire planet are under attack. Fifteen thousand dead in France, and the assault is just beginning.

     Mark Metcalf

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  11. "Lyme disease cases jumped 34% in Wisconsin last year, a near-record level that outpaced the nationwide incidence, which      increased 24%. Wisconsin has the seventh highest incidence of the disease. In 1998, the incidence was nearly 13 per 100,000      residents, which still pales alongside the 70 per 100,000 rate in Connecticut…" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 13, 1999
  12. I asked my attorney, Jonathan Emord - the number one regulatory law specialist in the United States - if I might incur any legal      problems with my assertion about the FDA. He responded, "Not at all. We can easily prove that in court."
  13. "What's remarkable is that these extremes of weather are happening at such short intervals which suggests the climate is      unbalanced. Last year in Germany, we were under water. Now we have one of the worst droughts in human memory," said Michael      Knobelsdorf. - http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/21700/story.htm
  14. France's blistering heat wave has killed some 3,000 people in three weeks, health officials said on Thursday, describing the death      rate as an epidemic. - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A57900-2003Aug14.html
  15. PARIS, France (AP) -- The death toll in France from August's blistering heat wave was nearly 15,000, according to a government      report released Thursday that exceeded prior official estimates by 3,000 victims. A study by scientists at INSERM, the National      Institute of Health and Medical Research, determined that 14,802 people had died in August. The prior government figure was      11,435, but that was based only on deaths in the first two weeks of the month. The new estimate includes deaths from the second      half of August, after the record-breaking temperatures of the first half of the month had abated. The bulk of the victims -- many of      them elderly -- died during the height of the heat wave, which brought suffocating temperatures of up to 104 degrees in a country      where air conditioning is rare. Other victims apparently were weakened during the peak temperatures but died later.
  16. Clifford Carnicom radio interview, Live on Coast to Coast, May 17, 2003.



American-Judeo weapons of mass population destruction

It is believed that a barium salt mixture, other chemicals, polymer fibers, and application of RF and other types of energy weapons in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that are either directly or indirectly, to some degree,  responsible for the following:

    1) Nose and lung bleeds (the latter including several reports from nursing homes of elderly dying from lung bleed outs, we believe being directly attributable to atmospheric aerosols);

    2) Asthma and allergies;

    3) Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) (fungus on the lungs in both infants and adults),

    4) Flu, Bronchitis and Pneumonia (in epidemic proportions, with doctors commenting to their patients on the many weeks it sometimes takes to improve and the lack of effective antibiotics to treat, including reports of pets having the flu, whole families being decimated), meningitis (inflammation/infection of the brain);

    5) Upper respiratory symptoms (wheezing, dry cough), including Pulmonary Distress Syndrome (PDS) (in newborns, infants and adults alike), Sudden Infant Death (SIDS), and increased nationwide reports of the sudden death of athletes (reported in the news media as having possibly been attributable directly to air particulates/pollution);

    6) Fever and/or night sweats;

    7) Deaths from black mold; black or red mold on food crops (farmers reporting pH changes of soil and water), in buildings and ventilation systems (including school buildings);

    8) Arthritis-like symptoms and muscular pain (young and old alike, sometimes crippling, and in pets);

    9) Gastrointestinal distress (young and old alike, and in pets);

    10) Bladder and yeast infections (includes bed wetting, not just in infants but adults);

    11) Extreme fatigue (young and old alike);

    12) Sudden loss of hearing/deafness; ringing of the ears, dizziness (increasingly reported immediately preceding or after a storm or weather system);

    13) Blurry vision / nervous tics after exposure to the air outdoors;

    14) Dry/cracking skin and lips, rashes, sores and fungal infections, aging of the skin;

    15) In women: heavy, prolonged menstrual bleeding;

    16) Mental confusion/slow thinking and/or the feeling of mentally "being in a fog" (young and old alike, increasingly reported after actually being in heavy mists and fog banks); and

    17) Autoimmune disorders (LUPUS, thyroid, Crohn's and Addison's Disease, Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis).

Chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere are producing atmospheric and ground conditions detrimental to human and animal health but favorable to the growth of harmful molds / fungus. These conditions are not conducive to good health. The soluble salts of barium, an earth metal, are toxic in mammalian systems. They are absorbed rapidly from the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the muscles, lungs, and bone. No case data is available from the medical community on the long term effects of barium in the human body.

The programs are secret because the Federal EPA and State Environmental Quality Agencies need to not know about what the by-products of the metabolites of biological, illegal and harmful agents are. It is for that reason the project has been declared secret from the citizens. It is all illegal under federal and state laws.


The Rabbi continues on with his code of notification

The Arov (wild animals) is called so because the animals came from the Arava (the desert). Egypt's national pride was of the fact that it's an oasis in the heart of the desert. Now they saw that if Hashem commands, it can all change. And like any other nation, Egypt's culture depended on its weather (can you imagine Switzerland without snow?), so when the hail came to sunny Egypt this aspect of nationalism was also shaken.

 Mad Cow-CJD

AIDS Pandemic


Swine Flue

Hoof and Mouth Disease

small pox


Quakes and floods bigger killers than terror...




Swine Flu Bacteria Stolen
From 'Secure' MSU Lab


Someone stole vials of bacteria from an MSU lab, and authorities don't know what they plan to do with it. The bacteria was being processed into a vaccine to fight Pneumonia in pigs when it was stolen late last week. Someone broke into a secure lab, took several vials of the bacteria, a note pad and a computer disk. And nobody seems to know why.
The bacteria was stolen from the Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building on campus sometime between last Thursday evening and Friday morning. The stolen material is called APP, it usually causes respiratory infection in young pigs. The bacteria could be deadly to swine, but veterinarian's say, not to humans.
Lonnie King, DVM, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine: "You can't be hurt by direct contact with the bacteria, or by eating meat from an infected animal."
MSU officials have already contacted local swine producers and state and federal authorities.
First posted 9-18-02 http://www.wlns.com/Global/story.asp?S=940240
And this from FreeRepublic.com -
Bacteriological Disease Alert (Swine)
Dr. John Schiltz John.Schiltz@idals.state.ia.us> State Veterinarian - Iowa 9-20-2
I have been informed that the infectious agent Actinobacillus (Hemophilus) pleuropneumoniae (APP) may have been acquired by unauthorized individuals from a laboratory in the United States. This particular strain causes encephalitis and rapid mortality in pigs. The bacteria is not known to cause a threat to human health.
Producers and veterinarians should pay specific attention to swine populations and be alert to any unusual symptoms in pigs such as encephalitis, acute pneumonia, and sudden death. Any APP diagnosis that causes unusual clinical conditions, encephalitis, and sudden death must be reported to the State Veterinarian.
The endemic strain of APP causes outbreaks of respiratory disease in grower and finishing pigs. Clinical signs of the endemic strain of APP are dyspnea, fever, reduced appetite, and rapidly occurring death, with an elevated mortality rate. Cough and, in some cases, frothy and blood-stained nasal discharge can also be seen.
APP can be treated with injectable antibiotics. Vaccines are also available for specific serotypes for use as tools in prevention.
Most cases of infection occur by nose-to-nose contact after the introduction of infected carrier pigs. APP can be found in the tonsil, necrotic tissue, and nasal cavity of recovered carriers or sub-clinical cases. Some reports concerning indirect transmission via contaminated clothing and airborne transmission do exist, but the major mode of transmission of APP infection is by the introduction of a carrier pig.
Please notify my office at (515) 281-8615 if you have any consideration that you may be suspecting the new strain of APP.
Thank you for your help and assistance.
John J. Schiltz, DVM State Veterinarian, Iowa


West Nile Virus Taking
Terrible Toll On Birds

By Karen Pierog

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Every morning Jill Anderson puts out a handful of peanuts for the birds in her backyard in River Forest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.
"The crows usually are there and get the first dibs on the peanuts," she said.
In early August, the crows disappeared. Then Anderson noticed the blue jays started looking sick, followed by house finches and goldfinches, chickadees, and most recently she found a dead mourning dove, all apparently victims of the West Nile virus.
"I loved the crow family that lived in my yard," Anderson said. "I think they're dead."
The virus, blamed for dozens of human deaths and more than 1,500 cases of illness, is also taking a toll on avian wildlife in a wide section of the country from Minnesota south to the Gulf of Mexico and from Nebraska east to Ohio, experts say.
A September survey by the National Audubon Society's Chicago region found that crows, which are normally noisy and visible birds, are almost completely absent from parts of the Chicago area. Audubon Monitors also reported unusual numbers of dead or ill birds of many species.
"For people who really love nature, this is really upsetting to them to see this," said Judy Pollock, the Audubon's bird conservation projects manager.
Birds serve as the host for the West Nile virus, which is spread by mosquitoes to other birds, as well as to humans, horses, squirrels and even canines. The virus, which causes encephalitis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, cannot be spread from person to person or from birds to humans.
Illinois has emerged as the epicenter so far this year for West Nile infections among humans with 424 cases reported as of Wednesday, 22 of them fatal, according to state officials. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the disease has been seen in most of the continental United States with 1,641 cases of human infection and 80 deaths.
West Nile, which was spotted on the East Coast three years ago, has taken an even bigger toll on birds, with more than 100 species known to be susceptible to the disease.
The virus, which was initially seen mostly in crows and blue jays, has spread to birds of prey or raptors, including hawks, owls and eagles.
An eagle raised in captivity for 12 years at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, succumbed to the virus about three weeks ago.
"It's hard to lose a bird that you've had so long," said Mike Reed, the sanctuary's curator.
Dr. Pat Redig, director of The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota, said the center got its first West Nile virus case on Aug. 23 in a great horned owl. Since then another 40 or so raptors, mostly great horned owls and red-tailed hawks, have come into the center with the disease. Most of the birds died or were euthanized, according to Redig.
Raptor deaths from the disease have also been reported in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska. In Ohio, the disease is suspected in the illness or death of 800 to 1,000 raptors.
"I've been doing this for 30 years and I've never seen anything like this before in wild birds," Redig said.
He said the birds first appear unaware of their surroundings, then lose their ability to stand and eat and finally begin to suffer from tremors and blindness and sometime seizures.
With no specific anti-viral treatment available, the center has been using intravenous fluids, stomach feeding tubes and anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs to treat birds in the first two stages of the disease.
Redig said the center was exploring whether the disease could infect raptors in ways other than through mosquitoes, including whether the virus could be transmitted through a digested meal, taking into account that great horned owls eat crows that might carry the disease.
Other areas being examined included if transmission could occur through parasitic flies and whether a vaccine specifically for birds can be developed.
Experts said while West Nile was here to stay in North America, common bird species would not be decimated and could develop immunities to the disease. Redig cautioned, however, there were theoretical concerns about birds with small populations in restricted geographical areas, such as the California condor.
Emi Saito, West Nile surveillance coordinator at the U.S. Geographical Survey's National Wildlife Health Service in Madison, Wisconsin, said there were also concerns the annual migration of birds south into Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America will spread the disease there.
In fact, Cuban authorities said last month they were on the alert for any signs of the disease on their island.
Copyright © 2002 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

 The Rabbid Rabbi for global conquest of their Olam Ha Ba and the invoking of their god the son of Perdition say's.......

The second plague in every group was directed against the feelings of supremacy felt by the so-called "masters".

The frog, by nature a very timid creature, has no fear during the plague of entering the dominator's most private domain. Who here is the boss?

The pestilence took care of their horses and bulls (i.e. their Cadillac and Chevrolets.) Their ancient Egyptian status symbols. 

Where else is Cadillax and Chevrolets made?

Hoof and mouth

mad cow

And the locust took care of the masters' estates – demolishing their prosperity. (Their companies/ firms/ factories are ruined).

Wall Street crumbling, They who are in control have destroyed wall street after robbing American Industry blind....Their manufactured locust...their retribution...


The third plague in every group was a physical punishment for the physical harassment the Jews had suffered.

Death by decapitation under imposed Noachide Law 102-14 for not worshipping Moshiach and standing firm for the testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord

Melakhim, ch. 9, 10). One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws

subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation (Sanh. 57a).


Lice, boils and the state of paralysis they suffered in darkness were the most physically direct plagues.

West Nile Appears Able to Paralyze
Six Patients With Virus Have Symptoms Mimicking Polio


By Marc Kaufman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 20, 2002; Page A01


West Nile virus apparently has caused six people in Mississippi and Louisiana to develop polio-like paralysis, heightening concern about the rapidly spreading virus, federal health officials reported yesterday.

While there have been some previous reports of muscle weakness and paralysis in people infected with the virus, the earlier cases were probably misdiagnosed as a different neurological disease, federal officials said.

Now they believe the polio-like syndrome, which has left several victims struggling for their lives on a respirator, may be a direct manifestation of West Nile infection, and they want to alert doctors so they do not misdiagnose patients and give them the wrong medications.

Health officials stressed that most people who become infected with West Nile virus do not get sick, or they experience relatively mild, flulike symptoms. In a small percentage of cases -- mostly among old or ill people -- infection can lead to encephalitis, a life-threatening brain inflammation.

In contrast, most of the new paralysis cases reported have occurred among people who were previously healthy and middle-aged. The extent of the paralysis varies widely: Some victims lost the use of an arm or a leg, while several others have needed ventilators to enable them to breathe, CDC officials said. Their likelihood of recovery remained unclear.

Experts from the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration also said yesterday that West Nile virus can survive in some blood products and can probably be passed through blood transfusions. As a result, federal officials said they were increasingly convinced that they needed to quickly develop a screening test to protect supplies in blood banks.

Taken together, the new developments underscored the increasing concern among health officials over West Nile virus, a mosquito-borne microbe that appeared in the United States three years ago in New York.

The number of cases has increased dramatically this year. According to CDC statistics as of yesterday, the number of reported West Nile virus cases has spiked to 1,745 nationwide, including 84 deaths, reported in 31 states and the District. Although much of the attention has been focused on outbreaks in the Deep South, the largest number of cases and deaths has been reported in Illinois. Michigan and Ohio have also recorded more than 100 new cases this month.

The Washington region has not been a center of the West Nile epidemic, although there have been five reported cases in Maryland, 11 in Virginia and three in the District. There have been no deaths reported in the area and no reports of polio-like paralysis.

The six patients who were paralyzed after becoming infected with the virus all got sick within the last two months, and none has shown signs of recovery, the officials said.

According to James J. Sejvar, a medical epidemiologist with the CDC, the agency is investigating other cases of "acute flaccid paralysis" in patients with West Nile virus.

In the lead article of the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a team including Sejvar urged doctors to be alert to polio-like symptoms, especially if West Nile virus is present in the area. The report said the symptoms can be confused with a condition known as Guillain-Barré syndrome, and warned doctors against quickly treating for that disease because it could jeopardize patients with the polio-like complications from West Nile virus.

Sejvar said the West Nile paralysis has generally occurred soon after the patient became sick, and that there is no known way to prevent it or to predict when it will appear. He said medical literature has reported cases of West Nile-related paralysis in the past in the United States and abroad, but that it was misunderstood as Guillain-Barré.

According to Sejvar's report, the polio-like syndrome has been found in primates and other animals infected with West Nile. The studies documented damage to cells known as anterior horn cells in the spinal cord, the same motor neurons that cause some of the disabling effects of polio.

As many as 200,000 Americans have been exposed to West Nile virus since 1999. The virus is common in the Middle East, parts of Africa and Eastern Europe.

The discovery earlier this month that the virus was apparently spread through an organ transplant was followed by the CDC's finding that a 24-year-old Mississippi woman became infected with West Nile after receiving blood transfusions from three infected donors. CDC doctors called that case "highly suspicious," although they said the woman also could have been bitten by an infected mosquito.

But because of that case and several others, the federal health officials concluded West Nile virus most likely can be spread by through blood transfusions and organ donations.

"Since this transmission by transfusion appears likely, it is likely also that we will need to move toward testing of donor blood," said Jesse Goodman of the FDA. "While the investigation is ongoing, we believe there's sufficient evidence when you put it all together that there likely is a risk."

Goodman couldn't predict when the tests would be available and how much they would cost. But he said intensive discussions are underway between government and industry on speeding the effort.

"What we're trying to do here is jump-start this process . . . so we can get a test as soon as possible," he said.

 Chemtrails - New Evidence Of Blood Cells In Atmosphere


Chemtrail Aerosol Polymers
You Are Breathing

From Larry Meyer

Chemtrail Aerosol Polymers You Are Breathing
The following microscope photos taken at 60 power clearly show the polymers in the in an air sample along the coast of Southern Oregon.
In addition to very high levels of barium and a form a aluminum (think Alzheimer's) discovered
by Clifford Carnicom, we have had numerous reports of these tiny polymers which saturate
the air during and after aerosol spraying operations.
Kim Weber brought these photos to our attention. They were posted by Mark Sky to ChemtrailCentral.com We believe the photographer is Larry Meyer. -- Jeff
From Micromike
Dear Jeff,
I try to never bother you unless something is important, but I was floored when I saw the pictures under your article: <http://www.rense.com/general39/chem.htm>http://www.rense.com/general39/chem.htm
No one will listen to me to date, but this is exactly what I've been seeing in the Frass Meteorite for all these years. I've watched these grow in Petri dishes, I've put them in the freezer for 6 months without harm and I've predicted they are all over Mars.
See: <http://www.marslife.com/predict.htm>http://www.marslife.com/predict.htm
and <http://www.marslife.com/glassies.htm>http://www.marslife.com/glassies.htm
and compare with the pictures from the above article.
I've also predicted that they travel around Mars via the wind and are probably in almost every surface rock. If NASA shows us the truth, I'm pretty sure at least one of their pictures will have these creatures in it. The Frass Meteorite clearly shows that these creatures can make the trip from Mars to Earth alive and NASA estimates 1000 pounds of Mars makes it to Earth every year, giving them ample time to arrive and begin to propagate. Also, I've found these same creatures growing inside the meteorite, apparently without light or liquid water.
I've also seen the little "Christmas Tree" objects, although I've never been sure they came with the meteorite. I've only found them in the outer vesicles and I've always worn a lot of down coats and they look very much like down, so I've never posted the pictures. If you want, I'll try to take a picture of one of my Christmas trees and you'll see it is exactly like the one in the above article.
Your friend,
Jeff - I've finally found the picture I was looking for:
You can see the Christmas tree with the glassy Martian rock fungus around it.



Chemtrails - Bio-Active
Crystalline Cationic Polymers

From Mike Castle

I read and observed with much interest the recent micro-photo's sent to me by Kim Weber of the Polymer filaments recovered off the South Oregon Coast. This same group of photo's and article appeared on your web-site.
You are accurate in the comments regarding Clifford Carnicom's study and investigation of these materials. I have also been looking at this strange aerosolized filament technology for about three years. What I have found, after receiving samples retrieved around Seattle, WA., is a cationic reaction polymer that has an unidentified bio-active material within it. My first opinion is that this is the biological control agents released by the Federal DEA to destroy and further control marijuana growing across the United States and certain portions of Canada. We have found that these bio-control agents are genetically mutated fungal forms that have been mutated with viruses and they purportedly find and kill any plants containing THC, the active ingredient.
However, this is a different story of how Big Gov can launch a control agent into the Environment and now the entire clandestine DEA technical effort to control certain substances and drugs,appears to be headed the same direction as that of Jurassic Park..The Movie..recall the ending? Out of control...they didn't expect these mutated monsters to reproduce! Trillions of Fussarium/virus mutated spores fill the air we breathe and secrete a powerful mico-toxin. Associative with Reactive Airway Disease?
The aerosol polymer filaments and webs are a different story, though, based on our limited research. We can never seem to collect enough samples to actually conduct thourough and complete organic/inorganic analyses and the assessment of thebiological section.
We do know that these polymers are of a crystalline morphology, are very friable and break into millions of small fragments in the atmosphere, are inhaled and in some cases are bio-active causing serious skin lesions and diseases when absorbed into the skin. The filaments are lyophillic or are oil soluble (upper epidermis oils melt the polymer fragments and are absorbed into the skin). We have clearly identified the US Air Forces polymer technology used in UV Radiation Mitigation strategies. The use of encapsulated Ultra-Violet Absorbers, Mannin and other organic compounds to absorb UV or reflect radiation have been found in US Patents.
These were provided to the writer by an associate whom was given the US Patent Numbers of the specific technology used, by individuals employed by the US Air Force National Atmospheric Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio (street slang "The Tesla Center") These individuals have been verified to exist. We have viewed the US Patents assigned to Mil Industrial Complex Corporations working as Federally approved Contractors. Hughes Aircraft Corporation is also very involved in the development and articulation, experimentation and deployments of some of these technologies.
Another example in the observation of polymers and filaments deployments are the ChemTrails that appear to be "dashes" in the jet-trails pattern. Much like lines-on-the-road, ticked. These are thought to be the separate, individual reaction-injections of a cationic polymer system that has been mixed in a cannister and immediately ejected into the atmosphere using a venture' eduction spinneret nozzle. The reaction occurs in-situ in the airborne phase. The "cloud-like" dashes are the spent reaction products, until the cannister is empty and then another cannister is prepared (this would be the clear-air space between the dashes). Many commercial US Patents are available for viewing this research.
An example is in California and the utilization of a cationic reaction polymer containing heavy-metal yellow-chromate for highway line-painting. I have actually seen this machine spray the lines. Uniquely, cationic polymers have an extremely high capacity for use of heavy -metals. They don't coagulate due to catalysis. This is fundamentally the opinion of many professional researchers in the ChemTrails debacle that Barium and Aluminum, Cadmium, Selenium and Thorium can be easily sprayed into the atmosphere, are chemically stable and reflect UV and may carry a specific electronic charge. This is the model aerosolized platform.
I could continue this review, however, I will allow you and possibly your readers to digest some this first.
I cannot comment on the Martian connection, however.
My background is that of a Professional Chemist, specifically a Polymer Chemist.
R. Mike Castle Columbus, Ohio





The Rabbid Rabbid of the Zionist Churchianity little god continues....


Last but not least came the first-born plague, encompassing all others.

(Sources: Rabbi S.R. Hirsch commentary on The parasha)

The Page is Dedicated LeIluy Nishmat the victims of yesterday's terrorist attack in the midst of a bat mitzvah celebration. May Hashem avenge their blood, and we shall see the redemption soon. Amen. 


Be assured the Wars of their god hashem will be instituted before or in October 2002.

The Nations of Syria, Lebannon, Egypt, Jordon, Iraq, Jordon and Saudi Arabia will certainly be inculcated for these are the lands that the LORD GOD told the tribes of Israel to take but not to intermingle. The Israelites did not do as God commanded and continued to worship after Baal. God warned that they would lose the heritage. They did. But now they who are liars and call themselves of the tribe of Judah, but are not, but are of the synagogues of Satan their father, the father of lies which Jesus spake to them when addressing the elders of Zion the Pharisees, once again are deceiving the World for their king despot, their mere man, their Moshiach ben Satan.

The son of Satan the son of perdition will soon come, for God, he who let has let him be concealed until he be revealed, he will be revealed soon at the time of the un-holy false war, Gog and Magog. The masses are being innoculated now, the starvation will soon start with pestilence and earthquakes.

Are you prepared? Have you accepted Christ Jesus as Lord God and His Father who is one God?

Now is the time to accept the Lord Jesus into your heart and put on the full armour of God. 

Yes, they held firm for the testimony of

Jesus Christ the ONLY

GOD and his Father. The cornerstone the builders rejected.

And they refused Moshiach ben Satan and his mark and refused to become obedient little Goyim Noachides under the "New World Order" Olam Ha Ba, ha! ha! 

From the Protocols of these Learned Elders of Talmudic Babylonian false-Zion of their g-d Satan

7. We appear on the scene as alleged saviours of the worker from this oppression when we propose to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces - Socialists, Anarchists, Communists - to whom we always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule (of the solidarity of all humanity) of our SOCIAL MASONRY. The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labor of the workers, was interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy, and strong. We are interested in just the opposite - in the diminution, the KILLING OUT OF THE GOYIM. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will, and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will. Hunger creates the right of capital to rule the worker more surely than it was given to the aristocracy by the legal authority of kings.


 Chemtrails Over Wisconsin

10: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
11: And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.


Texe Marrs

"Nanorobots small enough to easily navigate the human circulatory system are at hand." This was the message delivered in New York City on May 19th at an international nanotechnology conference chaired by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA).

The same traitor to America, the "Amerika's New Deal" the man who wore the t-shirt which verifies his alegiance to the Olam Ha Ba and read "Order out of Chaos" Like after a disaster such as the attack of Pearl Harbour....Order, after the Levon Affair.....Order.....after the well planned World Trade Center Attack.....Homeland Security order.

Ray Kurzweil, considered a genius and inventor of optical character reader software and other digital technology, addressed an audience of investors, scientists, and engineers.

"The rising science of nanotech is revolutionary. It will affect almost everything," said Kurzweil, "including the way humans think and act."

Nanorobots, Kurzweil revealed, will be programmed to understand the human brain. "The robots," he explained, "would enter the brain and replace the real world's sensory signals with complete virtual reality."

Shocking, isn't it? Here, at this premier conference of world experts in the fields of biology, robotics, computers and artificial intelligence, it is admitted that nanotechnology is remarkably designed to replace the "real world" of a human's brain with an artificial, contrived, man-created thought system! As Kurzweil puts it: "complete virtual reality."

In other words, the goal is to snuff out a person's reality and make that person a computer programmed clone.

In his remarks, Speaker Gingrich touted investment opportunities in nanotech. Gingrich noted that, "The Bush Administration's 2003 budget seeks more than $700 million for the National Nanotechnology Initiative."

The United States, Gingrich said, must stay at the forefront of this new technology if our nation is to maintain its world status and leadership.

News coverage of the nanotech conference in New York City was reported by Scott Burnell of United Press International (UPI) in "Science News" feature, May 20, 2002. Mr. Burnell's news report was headlined "Nanotech's Development Called Inevitable."

Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and Time magazine's 1995 Man of the Year, lent his clout and influence as Honorary Chairman of New York's recent nanotechnology conference. Gingrich, also an attendee at the annual Bohemian Grove conclave in California, is a heavy promotor of an Illuminati-led New World Order (see Texe Marrs' groundbreaking book, Circle of Intrigue for documentation.)

Newt Gingrich

Mason, member of both the World Future Society and the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote the forward to:

Creating a New Civilization by Alvin and Heidi Toffler

"Nationalism is... First wave. The globalization of business and finance by advancing Third Wave economies routinely punctures the national "sovereignty" the nationalists hold so dear..."

"The Third Wave... demassifies culture, values, and morality... There are more diverse religious belief systems."

"The Constitution of the United States needs to be reconsidered and altered... to create a whole new structure of government..."


Lucifer's Great Plan - Conspiracy Theory?

By William E. Blase

R.E. McMaster, Jr.

The Power of Total Perspective

"There are two views of history: (1) History happens by accident or (2) It is planned. The general public is taught that history happens by accident. However, the upper echelons... know that history is planned."


George Washington

The Writings of George Washington - 1798 letter

"It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread to the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am."


A.K. Chesterton

The New Unhappy Lords: An Exposure of Power Politics

"I claim... the existence of a conspiracy for the destruction of the Western World as the prelude for shepherding mankind into a sheep's pen run as a prelude to One World tyranny."


Benjamin Disraeli

Bristish Prime Minister

July 14, 1856 speech in the House of Commons

"There is... a power which we seldom mention in this House... I mean the secret societies... a great part of Europe--the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries--is covered with a network of these secret societies... They do not want constitutional government; they do not want ameliorated institutions... they want to change the tenure of land, to drive out the present owners of the soil and put an end to ecclesiastical establishments..."


Thomas Lawson

Everybody's Magazine

"Frenzied Finance" - 1904

There is a small circle of men who control the world's finance.

"Each member, before initiation, knows its religion to be reward for friends and extermination of enemies. Once a man is within the magic circle... punishment for disloyalty is sure and terrible, and in no corner of the Earth can he escape it, nor can any power on Earth protect him from it."

These men of the "magic circle" who "exterminate their enemies" are "at the receiving end of the greatest information bureau in the world."


Woodrow Wilson

The New Freedom - 1913

"...Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."


Walter Bernays

Propaganda - 1928

"Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. Our minds are molded, our tastes are formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."


Carrol J. Quigley

Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, Bill Clinton's mentor.

The Ango-American Establishment

"There is... an inner core of intimate associates who unquestionably knew that they were members of a group devoted to a common purpose and an outer circle of a larger number on whom the inner circle acted by personal pursuasion, patronage distribution, and social pressure. It is probable that most members of the outer circle were not conscious that they were being used by a secret society."

Tragedy and Hope - 1966

"Their aim is nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole."


David Meyer

Former occult astrologist, now a biblical Christian.

In 1994 visited Vanderbilt's Biltmore estate, where American forestry practices were developed under Vanderbilt patronage by the 1st head of the Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot.

The Last Trumpet newsletter

"I had known for a long time that this 250 room mansion was the world headquarters for Illuminism, and I finally found an opportunity to visit the place where the elite gather to rule the world... I also noticed something very unusual about the massive table centered in the room. On each side of this table were 13 chairs of ornately carved wood. These chairs had no arms on them, but the chair at each end of the table did. I know enough about witchcraft to know that this is a table of two covens with a High Priest on one end and a High Priestess on the other."


Christian G. Rakovsky

Bolshevik founder

Describes a Financial International based on money and banking, which founded and controls the Communist International.

Red Symphony

"Bear in mind, the five-pointed star, like the Soviet one, which shines all over Europe, the star composed of the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who possess colossal accumulations of wealth, the greatest ever known."


Manley P. Hall

33 degree Mason

The Secret Destiny of America

"There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has a secret Destiny..."

The outcome of this "secret destiny" is a World Order ruled by a king with supernatural powers.

Moshiach ben Satan

"This king was descended of a divine race; that is, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined; for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to a family of heroes-perfected human beings."


John Randolph Price

Founder of The Planetary Commission

Told by his "spirit guides" of a coming Utopia ushered in by "Illumined superbeings," who have guided man's progress toward an "Aquarian Age of Spirituality on Planet Earth."

"The revolution has begun... the pace is quickening. Throughout the world, men and women are joining in the uprising (and rising up) and are coming forward to be counted as part of a new race that will someday rule the universe..."


Taylor Caldwell

The Captains and the Kings - 1974

"Do not believe for an instant that the world's conspiring elite in every nation have so much as a serious quarrel among them. They have just one object: control through tribute. Your slavery, through tribute, and mine... Behind this attack are the self-styled elite, secure in their own power and riches...

"To be effective we must direct our attacks on the real criminals, the wealthy, and powerful and secret elite of all the world--the conspirators laboring day and night to enslave us."


Richard N. Gardner

Former deputy assistant Secretary of State

Foreign Affairs - April 1974

"In short, the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down... An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned assault..."


James Warburg

Son of CFR founder Paul Warburg, member of FDR's "brain trust,"

Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - February 17, 1950

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it - by conquest or consent."



New Age devotees use Keywords associated in human consciousness with Light and the imagination: appealing to our ego, getting us to "imagine" ourselves as "gods of our own destiny," and to imprint in us a familiarity for their god Lucifer, "the Light Bearer."

Words used over and over again in their Psycho-Babel are:

Vision - Clarify - and Imagine


Lucis Trust

NGO officially recognized by the UN, incorporated in 1924 as Lucifer Publishing, identifies Lucifer as the "Solar Logos" (logos - greek for "spirit")

World Goodwill

Sister organization of Lucis


Angela Harkavy

World Goodwill Bulletin

"The Earth Charter and the Clarification of the Plan"

"The message... should be concise, short, and clear to help us articulate the framework for behavior and action in the New Age... In the next nine months all the governments, organizations, institutions and peoples involved in this process will be envisioning and articulating the clarification of The Plan..."

The framework for My behavior has already been articulated for me, thank you, by God and our savior Jesus Christ... now, if I could just live up to it with my actions. But you see, that's exactly the trouble with the human heart, human intentions, human plans; even a Great Plan. Without the Spirit of God, a Heaven on Earth is impossible. You can only impose YOUR version of heaven on others, through FORCE.


Bill Clinton

Acceptance speech at Democratic Convention in New York - 1991

"As the Scripture says, our eyes have not yet seen, nor our ears heard, nor our minds imagined what we can build... We can do it." (emphasis added)

Not exactly what the scripture says... Slick has twisted it a bit.


1 Cor 2:9, Isaiah 64:4

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."


Genesis 11:4,6

"Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven..."

"And the LORD said, Behold the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do."

Also quoted by Clinton:


Proverbs 20:19

"Where there is no vision, the people perish:"

And what gives one vision? ... The second half of the verse, omitted by Clinton:

"but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."

"As a teenager I heard John Kennedy's summons to citizenship. And then, as a student at Georgetown, I heard that call clarified by a professor named Carroll Quigley..."


Tom Carney

Arcana Workshops Manhattan Beach CA

"Everyone has heard the quotation, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." ...That is the role the New Group of World Servers plays in relation to humanity... It is precisely this effort -- to move the outlines of the Plan into the range of the planetary intelligentsia -- that is the work of the New Group of World Servers."




Aleister Crowley

The Book of the Law

Told by his "spirit guide" Horus that the Great Work of the Illuminati, the transformation of mankind, would essentialy be accomplished by the decade of the 1990s.


Vera Stanley Alder

When Humanity Comes of Age

"There is actually a Plan and a purpose behind all creation... World Unity is the goal towards which evolution is moving. The World Plan includes: A World Organization... A World Economy... A World Religion."


Manly P. Hall

33 degree Mason

The Phoenix

"...at last a few in the vanguard of the great procession can now glimpse upon the heights... Only a few are able to define the impulse... For the rest the darkness is still impenetrable."

On that "Great Day" to come, humanity will become one and the "Lord of the World" will openly reign.

Until then, those who know "the purpose of the Universal Plan must dwell apart from the rest..." as keepers of the "Secret Doctrine."

Who is the "Lord of the World"?


2 Corinthians 4:4

"In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not..."


World Goodwill

"New Group of World Servers"

"Humanity is not following a haphazard or uncharted course -- there is a Plan."

Who are these "World Servers"?

"They provide the vision and mold public opinion... The New Group of World Servers has... servers of humanity in every country... They know exactly what they seek to do. They... emphasize the brotherhood of nations, the unity of faith, and economic interdependence... They can be regarded as the embodiment of the emerging kingdom of God on earth."

"This kingdom is not a Christian kingdom... it is a grouping of all those who -- belonging as they do to every world religion and every nation and race and type of political party -- are free from the spirit of hatred and separativeness."


C. William Smith

The New Age - Sept. 1950

Official journal of the Supreme Mother Council, 33 degree, of the Scottish Rite.

"God's Plan in America"

"God's plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions, and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new -- a new nation, a new race, a new civilization, and a new religion, a nonsectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of "The Great Light."

World leaders were working to lead humanity forward into the "New Age of the world--a Novus Ordo Seclorum." This was The Plan to "unfold the New Order of the world."


Alice Bailey

24 books published by Lucis Trust

The Beacon - Sept-Oct, 1975, pp. 145-148

"The Masters are working according to a Plan... which will demonstrate a large measure of world unity... marked by universality...

"The Plan is concerned with re-building mankind... As human beings begin to take the higher initiations... the true nature of the divine Will will be grasped..."


Carl H. Claudy

Masonic authority

Masonic Harvest

The Plan will result in the founding of Novus Ordo Seclorum.

"How will it end?... a vision of a universal religion, which will embrace all creeds; a universal government which will embrace all humanity; a universal knowledge which will make all mankind kin..."


Newt Gingrich

Mason, member of both the World Future Society and the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote the forward to:

Creating a New Civilization by Alvin and Heidi Toffler

"Nationalism is... First wave. The globalization of business and finance by advancing Third Wave economies routinely punctures the national "sovereignty" the nationalists hold so dear..."

"The Third Wave... demassifies culture, values, and morality... There are more diverse religious belief systems."

"The Constitution of the United States needs to be reconsidered and altered... to create a whole new structure of government..."

The Tofflers say fundamentalist, biblical Christianity is "both dangerous and regressive." Beliefs such as nationalism, patriotism, and an exclusive God, "give birth to violence or repression."

They say that only when these "Dark Age" menaces are swept away can "advanced wealth creation" by the elite be achieved.



Lucifer is rightly called the "Author of Confusion." Masonic "wisdom" teaches that out of Chaos shall come Order. PLANNED CHAOS leads to calls from the common people for more government control, more government programs, more and more government imposed ORDER. Hitler came to power in just this way, and history is now repeating itself throughout the world, as planned chaos is implemented. America is especially targeted, as the Land of Freedom, Free Speech, and Individualism. It is not so free any longer, as people are conditioned to have restrictions placed on their rights of speech, privacy, and self-defense.

We are all being conditioned by the controlled media and educational establishments. We are being "Hoodwinked."


Dr. Albert Mackey

33rd degree Mason, foremost Masonic historian of the nineteenth century.

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

"HOODWINK. (Definition.) A symbol of the secrecy, silence and darkness in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane."

Masonic initiates elevated to the 33 degree are given a "jewel" to wear - three interlocking triangles, with the Latin inscription "Ordo Ab Chao."

June, 1917 a World Masonic Congress was held in Paris. Out of it came the various International Parliamentarian Associations. The World Parliamentarians Association produced a new world map, showing America being policed by foreign troops, in connection with a new World Government.

The same Congress adopted general guidelines for a League of Nations, but that Beast was "wounded unto death" until reborn as the United Nations.


Alice Bailey

The New International Economic Order

"In the destruction of the old world order and in the chaos of these modern times, the work of the new creation is going forward; the task of reconstruction, leading to a complete reorganization of human living..."

Discipleship in the New Age

She says that the "universal creative aspect" has designed The Plan with a world "transition from chaos to ordered Beauty," which is the "politics of meaning."


John Randolph Price

Planetary Commission

"This New Age will be. A new heaven on Earth will be. Preparations are being made now, and out of chaos will come the beginning of peace on earth, a New Order for Mankind."



Defined as "the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, bureaucracies, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of the opposition as well as enemy nations through mental healing."


Laventi Beria

Stalin's chief of security

Speech at V. I. Lenin University

"Psychopolitics is an important if less known division of geo-politics. It is less known because it must necessarily deal with "mental healing."

"By Psychopolitics our chief goals are carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step.

"Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression, and scientific turmoil. At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State; at last only Communism can resolve the problem of the masses."

Babylonian Talmudic Judaism = Bolshevik Communism = Solomonic Free Masonry = Babylonian Pontifex Maximas = Pope John Paul 2 = One World Order = 

Olam Ha Ba, Ha! Ha! Ha!

Behold the Iluminati = Rabbis of Chabad Lubavitch of Nimrods order, unto Baal their god


McAlvany Intelligence Advisor - July 1997


"The New Left has adopted and is employing the strategy of Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party... Gramsci believed that before a capitalist nation could be converted to Communism it first had to have its heritage, its culture, its ideology, its morality, and its spiritual life undermined.

"... to control the American Middle Class, the New Left has initiated a policy of intimidation, censorship, and slander against anyone opposing their agenda for America. They have harnessed the universities, the media, the entertainment industry, and the courts..."

Senator Jesse Helms

Speech before the Senate - 15 December, 1987

"This campaign against the American people - against traditional American culture and values - is systematic psychological warfare. It is orchestrated by a vast array of interests comprising not only the Eastern establishment but also the radical left. Among this group we find the Department of State, the Department of Commerce, the money center banks and multinational coporations, the media, the educational establishment, the entertainment industry, and the large tax-exempt foundations."

The thoughts and loyalties of the masses are dominated through constant indoctrination to the "politically correct" viewpoint, beating down any dissenting voice as "hateful" - "radical" - "extremist" - "revisionist." The leading institutions of our society have been overthrown, and control of the mass media, education, foundations and government have passed to those who seek to destroy it, to make way for a New World Order. Their Plan has been in effect for decades, a true "conspiracy" to take control of our society, lead by the masters of psychopolitics, " The Prop Masters."



The Illuminati use the philosophy of Hegel - the Synthesis of Opposites - that out of Capitalism (thesis) and Communism (antithesis) will come a synthesis - the New World Order.

Senator Jesse Helms

Speech before the Senate - 15 December, 1987

"In this point of view, the activities of international financial and industrial forces should be oriented to bringing this one-world design - with a convergence of the Soviet and American systems as its centerpiece - into being. . . . All that matters to this club is the maximization of profits resulting from the practice of what can be described as finance capitalism, a system which rests upon the twin pillars of debt and monopoly. This isn't real capitalism. It is the road to economic concentration and to political slavery."

This New World Order, with an elite controlling all means of production, all property, industry, and commerce is the very definition of FASCISM. Today, the corporate elite ARE the state. They control everything - politics, education, media, and all private property through various regulations and environmental agreements they have forced upon us. The population is kept in a constant state of fear and uncertainty through a series of controlled and invented events - crisis after crisis.


The Environmental "Crisis"

Global Warming Hoax

Government "Recycling" Toxic Waste

Science or Fiction?

Environmental Lies

Environment News

Heads Up - Environmental Lies and Felonies


The Drug "Crisis"

Black Ops Reporter


The Crime "Crisis"

Bureau of Justice Statistics - "The violent crime rate declined 12%"


The Gun Control "Crisis"

Study Says "Concealed Carry" Saves Lives

JPFO Truth vs. ADL Lies


The AIDS "Crisis"

Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?

AIDS - U.S. Biowarfare Program

Deadly Diplomacy - Creating a New World Order


The Overpopulation "Crisis"

The Myth of Planetary Overpopulation

Population Control, Nazis, and the U.N!


The Healthcare "Crisis"


The Terrorist "Crisis"

Sons of the Gestapo


The Anti-Semitism "Crisis"

...Where Were They When The Torch Burned?

Satmar Faq


The Education "Crisis"


The Race "Crisis"

Read the quotes of these self-styled "elite," and see what they really think of Mankind - The new "Jews" - those who stand in their way, are "lower human creatures" - "inferior races" - who will "change or die" and be "swept away."

The new "Jews" targeted for extermination by the New World Order are those who speak out for the Truth, who believe in individual freedoms, in God-given Rights rather than government-granted privileges - Patriots, Nationalists, Christians and Individualists throughout the world. The "demonization" of them has already begun. They are listed as "Hate Groups" by internet sites such as Harvard's self-styled Hate Watch.

Paul Schenck

The Extermination of Christianity -- The Tyranny of the Consensus

"As conscientious Christians are increasingly treated as undesirables, and are forced out of mainstream America through the effective use of stereotypes, hyperbole, and misrepresentation, the consequence for millions of citizens who hold to traditional beliefs and practices will be defamation, discrimination and ostracism."

Elite-controlled media propaganda has programmed and conditioned the populace to associate them with evil, violence, and extremism... Soon it will be that "...whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service" (John 16:12)




José Argüelles

"Planetary whole systems anthropologist," mastermind of World Harmonic Convergence Day - August 16-17, 1987, to "invoke" the New Age.

Interview in Meditation

Said Harmonic Convergence Day began a five-year "plan" to purify the Earth and prepare for the coming New Age kingdom. Civilization must be "destructured."

"Helping to bring about the new day on earth, would be the establishment of an international `mediarchy'" promoted by globalist activists already in place in the news media - TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, computer networks, etc.

Says it is mankind's destiny to "surrender to the higher intelligence that rules the planet."

Crystal Earth Papers

Says that chaotic events will result in the replacement of current governmental and political structures. New values will be instituted for mankind, including cooperation, collaboration, and unification on behalf of the "Spirit of the Earth."

During 1997-2002 will be a time known as the "Era of Reseeding." Major population areas will be "thinned-out." "The human population will be resettled, while the care of the planet will be entrusted to shamanic exercises."

Industrial civilization will be done away with. UN personnel will develop plans for economic battalions to redistribute the wealth of the world.


Barbara Marx Hubbard

World peace and environmental movements. Said to be a top advisor to the U.S. military.

Worked closely with Ted Turner of CNN to develop news programs with an environmental and world peace "slant." ("propaganda" would be a more descriptive term. "... you got to believe that informed people will make the right choices, or else what's the point of being a journalist?" -- Ted Turner. Indeed, INFORMED people may make the "right choices," but it isn't likely regular viewers of CNN will have more than half the information needed to make an "informed choice.")

Hubbard has apparently been rebelling against God all her life.

The Hunger of Eve

"When I first read Genesis as a child, this God we called Jehovah seemed unfair. I was amazed that He would put the tree there, then forbid us to eat its fruit. Didn't he want us to grow? Weren't we created in the image of God and designed to be co-creators with God?..."

Where does she get the idea that we are "co-creators" with God? The Bible tells us that Christians are to be "inheritors of the promises" - but that the creation is finished. The only mention in the Bible of someone wanting to be "as God" is Lucifer, who was cast down for this sin.

The Book of Co-Creation

"No worldly peace can prevail until the self-centered members of the planetary body either change or die, that is the choice."

"We, the elders have been patiently waiting until the very last moment to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity..."

"We're in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse "Death." We come to bring death to those who are unable to know God."

Unable to know Moshiach ben Satan their god of this world, temporary and very unblessed, he be

Helena Blavatsky

The Secret Doctrine

"Mankind is obviously divided into god-informed men and lower human creatures... The sacred spark is missing in them and it is they who are the... inferior races on the globe..."

Many so-called "environmentalists" and "enlightened ones" have called for the "thinning out" of the human population - the extermination of billions of human beings. While we are constantly subjected to the "lessons of the Holocaust" through the mass media, and reminded that Hitler killed millions, these monsters are advocating a "Holocaust" of billions... and evidence exists that AIDS, wars, abortion, and the like are being used for just this purpose.

To some, abortion from a spiritual perspective is nothing less than child sacrifice to demons; blood sacrifice for personal gain, the same as it has always been throughout history.

This "Spirit of the Earth," this "higher intelligence which rules the planet," which these so-called "elders" of the planet serve, these "riders of the pale horse Death," is the same old spirit which has always ruled on Earth, and owns "...all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them...," and offers "...All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me." Matthew 4: 8-9

As for their willingness to commit mass murder - "God's selection process" - that is not surprising, considering the god they serve.


John 8:44

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."



"Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth
Let the Rider from the secret place come forth
And coming, save.
Come forth, O Mighty One

Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.
From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."

(Read from the podium at the Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992.)


Poem by Karl Marx

"With disdain I will throw my gauntlet
Full in the face of the world
And see the collapse of this pygmy giant
Whose fall I will not stifle my ardour.
Then will I wander godlike and victorious
Through the ruins of the world
And, giving my words an active force,
I will feel equal to the Creator

"Yet I have power within my youthful arms
To clench and crush you
[i.e., personified humanity]
With tempestuous force,
While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.
You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,
Whispering in your ears, 'Descend, come with me friend
." [Ibid.]

Marx was not an atheist, as is commonly believed, but a practicing satanist.

Marx was a Babylonian Talmudic Jew



Satanic Calendar of High Holy Days - April 19 inaugurates a period of blood sacrifice to the Beast, culminating in the Grand Climax on May 1st.


April 19, 1943

- Hitler's storm troopers use flame throwers to incinerate Jewish resistance fighters in the sewers of Warsaw.


April 19, 1992

- Federal storm troopers assault Randy Weaver, murdering his wife and son.


April 19, 1993

- Branch Davidians are incinerated in the "holocaust" ("burned sacrifice") at Waco, Texas, by government storm troopers.

Body like a leopard, feet which carries it as a bear and the voice as a lion seeking whom he may devour


April 19, 1995

- John Doe reveals government involvement at the "sacrifice" in Oklahoma City.



Before The Second Coming Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, there will be a "falling away" from the faith, with many Christians and other believers in God's laws giving heed to seducing spirits.

"In just the past five years, the end-time Apostasy announced in the Scriptures has come forcefully upon the Church. For the sake of global unity, doctrine is being set aside, and denominational walls continue to fall at a rapid rate."

"One might think the millions of Jews who lost their Faith is a just a result of a Jewish State" Said Grand Rabbi Chaim Soloveytzick, the world renown Brisker Ruv. "Rather, the establishment of Israel is a medium to get millions of Jews to publicly desecrate G-D's name, and rebel against his ruling and Kingship."


The Prophecy of Saint Nilus

1 Titus 4:1

"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;"


2nd Thess 2:3-4

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first..."


2 Corinthians 11:3

"...I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ..."




Bette Stockbauer

Share International Magazine


"As early as 1889 Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, had told certain of her students that the purpose of Theosophy was to prepare humanity for the coming of the Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher for the Aquarian Age."

Moshiach ben David (ben Satan the son of perdition)

Matreiya is a diversion

New Age fans believe they have found their savior on earth.

He says he is Christ - Now, doesn't that reassure you?

2 Corinthians 11:13,14

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."


Daniel 11:21

"And in his estate shall stand up a vile person... he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries."


2nd Thess 2:3-4

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

"Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. "


2nd Thess 2:8-11

"And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

"Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

"And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie..."

...in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof... Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2 Timothy 3:1-4, 7


for all of the diversion techniques of Satan, are you one of those who know of this cosmic conspiracy but you just could not put your finger on the identification of the so-called Iluminati?

Open the WORD of GOD, now and see what they have not been telling you. It is there but a veil has been placed in front of your eyes by the master of deception.

The truth, Jesus Christ the Lord God and his Father shall set you free, "Come and drink all ye who are athirst."

Satan, Olam Ha Ba, and Moshiach ben Satan, you can have my Bible, when you pry it from my cold dead beheaded hands.


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Prophecy Unfolding

A Sincere Request to  "Rapture" Teachers

"Seventh Trumpet"

Compulsory Constitutional Cremation

Homeland Security, "The Police State"

"The Fourth Beast"

The Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah

The Scribes of Baal

How will they do it- " The false-christ"

False Christ Part II

The Word

Baal's food Tax

"The Changing of the Guards"

"Summation" The beginning of sorrows has begun

"Moshiach ben Lucifer"

Satan's Tales "Wagging the Global Dog"

"Satan's Plan", Protocols of Zion ( of course they will dispute it's authenticity)

I Witch, New One World Order Seal

Satan's Enforcers of Quaballah

Satan's Enforcers Part 2

Satan's Enforcers Part 3

Satan's Enforcers Part 4

The Seed of God or the Seed of Satan, Your choice by faith

Pledge of Allegiance Part Two

I AM, the Revelation of Jesus Christ

King of the Noachides

"Beware the Mark"

"Beware the Mark" part two

"Beware the Mark" Part 3

"Beware the Mark" Part Four

"Beware the Mark" Part Five

 Harvest of Fear

"Harvest of Fear" Part Two

"Harvest of Fear" Part Three

National Organization Against Hasidic International Talmudic Enforcement

Where's Da Plane Boss, wheres da plane?

The Tarot Card Killer of Olam Ha Ba

The "Lessor Jew"

Temporary Coup d' Etat

The Federal Reserve, Fed up with the Fed?

The Protocols Today. Dispute this, Liars !

Protocols Today Part Two

Letter to a friend "It's not the Jews Dummy"

Identity of the Illuminati

The "Son's of the Synagogue of Satan"Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Satan Part 1A

Chabad Satan Part 2

Chabad Satan Part 2A

Chabad Satan Part 2B

Chabad Satan Part 3

Chabad Satan Part 3A

Chabad Satan Part 4

Chabad Satan Part 4A

Chabad Satan Part 4B

Chabad Satan Part 4C

Chabad Satan Part 5

Chabad satan Part 5A

Chabad Satan Part 5B

Chabad Satan Part 5C

Chabad Satan Part 6

Chabad Satan Part 6B

Chabad Satan Part 6C

Chabad Satan Part 6D

Chabad Satan Part 7

Chabad Satan Part 7A

Chabad Satan Part 7B

Chabad Satan Part 7C

Chabad Satan Part 8

Chabad Satan Part 8A

Chabad Satan Part 8B

Chabad Satan Part 8C

Chabad Satan Part 8D

Chabad Satan Part 9

Chabad Satan Part 9A

Chabad Satan Part 9B

Chabad Satan Part 9C

Chabad Satan Part 9D

Chabad Satan Part 10

Chabad Satan Part 10A

Chabad Satan Part 10B

Chabad Satan Part 10C

Chabad Satan Part 10D

The Chabad Satan Wall of Destruction

Chabad Wall Part 2

Chabad Wall Part 3

Chabad Wall Part 4

The Chabad Phoenix is Rising

Columbia "The Queen of Heaven"

Patriot Akt II, Comrad 

The Infiltration of the leaven "Jerusalem Council"

Satan's One World Religion

OWR Part 2

OWR Part 3

OWR Part 4

One World Religion Part 5

One World Religion Part 6

One World Religion Part 7

Re the god of Talmud Bavli

Perpetual Purim

"The Raiser of Taxes"

Jewish Persecution

Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

Noahide News

Noahide News 2