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There are good loads with good reputations and then there are bad loads with bad reputations. Most liquidators are Hype & Bull artist, anything they have is the best, and anything other liquidators have is rotten merchandise. Have you noticed?

 There are however several good liquidators with impeccable reputations, who do not need to rely on the HYPE & BULL. If you have not noticed, they are all  "No. #1"," The nations #1 surplus connection", "The nations Largest department store returns supplier"," Your #1 returns source", "Triple your money", "America's closeout specialist"," The returns specialist", "America's closeout experts"," Contracted & Trusted Nationwide to move millions by contract", and," We are the contracted source for hundreds of loads a year".. "Buy Direct".......... and so on and on and on.....

These are just some of the HYPE & BULL! you may read in advertising or hear directly from them..

SAM has sold just about every type load of general merchandise salvage, that you can find.

We have found it pay's to stick with only the salvage loads that have consistently had good reputations.

You may also find other loads that may be good merchandise, but by the time you figure out the percentage cost required, you may as well buy new merchandise, because the cost eliminates the surplus concept. And are not such a "Blooming Deal."

Below you will find areas where loads are shipped from direct (FOB), with medium to high merchandise reputations, these are loads that SAM has to offer.

If you don't see a particular load it is because, sometime in the past, we decided that our customer's were not making enough profit, so we don't sell it. 

You can bet the liquidator's who do offer these loads are making the profits & not you. If a particular load of merchandise is not listed, then, SAM does not offer it. 

Separate the United States into 4 quarters

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                 Southwest                           Southeast







HOL New Christmas & Gift loads



Dealers  X-Tra New General Merchandise

Dealers Diversity loads



O'Sullivn New factory overstocks K.D

Home Decorators Collection New Furniture

Home Decorators Collection returns loads

JC Pnny Furniture returns loads

Service Merch.

Pallets available


Dealers X-Tra




Sportsman's Guide

Nike leather pro golf caps new

Hunters special thermal socks new

Newport News ladies fashions NEW

Lane Bryant Plus Sizes, New

HOL New Toys & Gifts




New Port News Ladies Shoes New



JC Pnny Furniture returns

Menards Home improvement loads returns

Riv-Twn Catalog Gift loads

Sportsman's Guide returns loads

HOL new Christmas & Gifts





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