The Death of Liberty


The goddess Semiramis / Statute of Liberty/ Isis/ Columbia/ Queen of heaven

"One World Order"

Olam Ha Ba

Annuit Coeptis= Announcing Conception

Novus Ordo Seclorum= New Order (without God)

Ordo ab chao

Order out of the coming Chaos

Moshiach ben Satan

The son of perdition is soon to be revealed to them who have understanding.

STS-107 crew patch

The Destruction of Liberty/Columbia, the beginning of the Olam Ha Ba of the Talmudic Order of Babylon's Nimrodic mang-d. Who has exalted himself the beast above the heavens.


Yes from the sicko's

"Moshiach" refers to the Nassi of the generation. When the Nassi charges his emissaries with their mission they become his messengers and when they commit their ten soul-powers and dedicate themselves to fulfilling their mission, they effect the revelation of the sender, the Moshiach (358).

Consequently, when the Nassi appoints his envoys and they stand in his stead and carry out their mission with commitment, devotion and meticulous care, using their ten soul-powers, then the "Shaliach" (348) plus his ten powers becomes "Moshiach." In him the sender -- Moshiach -- is revealed and then the ultimate revelation of Moshiach will actually come.

Those who argue that they are incapable of grasping the profundity of this concept and are still grappling with the principle that the Nassi is Moshiach -- no matter -- let them simply carry out the directives of the Nassi by disseminating Torah, Yiddishkeit and the "wellsprings" to the outside. A timely expression of this outreach would be to go out to make Jews happy on Simchas Torah and to encourage them to increase all aspects of Yiddishkeit, Torah and mitzvos.

What is the special role of the Shaliach? We discussed the concept that the Nassi of the generation has the role of Moshiach of the generation. When the Nassi chooses someone and appoints him to the role of emissary, he stands in place of the sender. He goes to a spiritually distant place to spread Yiddishkeit and to make a dwelling for the Shechinah there. When the Shaliach does his mission with dedication and devotion, using his ten soul-powers, he then adds the number ten to the gematria of Shaliach -- 348. This is the revelation of Moshiach in that generation.


The wars of Hashem their g-d is about to begin

The Mission of the NASA


Code named Columbia? The Queen of Heaven, a star fell over Texas.

Israeli astronaut too busy in space to think about his place in history
Irene Brown
(Jan 27, 2003)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Israel's first astronaut has been too busy to observe Shabbat, though he did make a Tu B'Shevat pitch for planting trees in Israel.

Mostly though, Ilan Ramon, who was slated to return to terra firma on Friday after 16 days in orbit, has been a key member of the crew on the space shuttle Columbia, overseeing 80 experiments and working in split, 12-hour shifts.

"I didn't even have a chance to think about the Sabbath," said Ramon, a secular Jew who nonetheless ate kosher meals and carried a kiddush cup in an acknowledgment that he was flying in space on behalf of Jews around the world.

"I'm secular and I didn't get any special permission" to work on the Sabbath, he said during an in-flight interview. "I'm here with special teammates, crewmates, and I'm working every day."

A married father of four, Ramon, 48, is a former fighter pilot and weapons specialist who fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and in the 1982 Lebanon War.

Mossad Agent?

In 1981, he took part in the Israeli air raid that destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor at Osirak.

Stirring the anger of braindead Judeo-Churchi-zionian Americans for the upcoming wars of the god of the Talmudic Jews

Between operating an Israeli atmospheric experiment, serving as a subject for a variety of medical tests and keeping research projects going in the shuttle's laboratory, Ramon said he hasn't even had a chance to think about what it means to be the first Israeli in orbit, though he was hoping to do so before the end of the flight.

"I sure thought about it before getting to space," he said early in the flight. But the team has been "real busy - and I didn't have a chance to think about it up here."

Ramon did make time for a short radio call with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who invited the entire shuttle crew to come visit Israel after the mission.

"If all Israelis are as nice as Ilan and his family, then I know we can expect a very warm welcome," said Ramon's commander, Rick Husband.

During the half-hour televised talk, Ramon held a small Torah scroll that had been smuggled into the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II.

The scroll is owned by Yehoyachin Yosef, a Holocaust survivor and Israeli scientist who spearheaded the primary Israeli science experiment conducted aboard the shuttle.

Yosef was given the scroll by the chief rabbi of Holland at the time, who also was at Bergen-Belsen. Yosef used the scroll to prepare for his Bar Mitzvah at the concentration camp.

"This represents, more than anything, the ability of the Jewish people to survive, despite everything from horrible periods, black days, to reach periods of hope and belief in the future," said Ramon, the son of a Holocaust survivor.

In addition to the Torah scroll, Ramon carried a picture drawn by a child who died during the Holocaust and
a dollar bill from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, given to Ramon by a Florida rabbi from Chabad-Lubavitch.

In Jewish tradition, this is known as being a shaliach mitzvah. Upon departing on a journey, if one receives money to deposit to charity upon arrival, one becomes an emissary, or shaliach, for a good deed, or mitzvah, and is assured protection and success on the mission.

"Even when far from home, one should always think how I can help another person," said Rabbi Zvi Konikov of Satellite Beach, Fla., located near the NASA launch site at Cape Canaveral.

Ramon has been able to spot fleeting glimpses of Israel from orbit. He said he was struck, however, by how thin and fragile the planet's atmosphere looks from orbit.

"It's in need of protection," he said.


Chabad Rabid Rabbi Addresses NASA Memorial Ceremony All about ILan..... 

NASA LANDING FACILITY, FL--Rabbi Tzvi Konikov, one of nine distinguished guests invited to address NASA’s memorial ceremony Friday morning, brought tears to the faces of many in his words of solace, remembrance and courage.

Rabbi Konikov shared the podium with Florida’s Governor Jeb Bush, NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe, and other dignitaries, cajoling the community, in the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, to “turn pain into action, and tragedy into growth.” The following is the text of Rabbi Konikov’s remarks:

Governor Jeb Bush, Honorable Senators, Congressmen Dave Weldon, Honorable Sean O’Keefe, members of the clergy, distinguished NASA professionals, my fellow Americans:

Today, is a day of mourning and remembering. We are all pained to the core by the tragedy of Shuttle Columbia.
Today, we mourn the loss of seven special people, seven heroic human beings, Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Andersen, David Brown, Kaplana Chawla, Laura Clark and, my friend, Ilan Ramon. We pledge in the presence of almighty God that we will never forget you!

Today, we mourn as one family, just as these seven outstanding individuals who came from diverse backgrounds formed a team, united as one.

Last week I was honored to have been a friend of Ilan Ramon.

Today I am humbled to be part of his legacy.

As I think of my friend, Ilan, I recall the words of King David (in the book of Samuel), when told of the loss of his dear friend Jonathan, “I am pained and distressed over you my brother Ilan. You were so pleasant to me!”

At Chabad-Lubavitch, we daily live the motto of our Sages, “turn pain into action and tragedy into growth.” Every challenge, every obstacle, every set back, no matter how painful and difficult, must be channeled into greater activity, making the world a more G-dly and kinder place.

Ordo ab chao

For while Columbia is gone, our holy mission continues…
Columbia is gone; yet the astronauts’ souls are with G-d, praying for the well being of their families and for all of us!

Columbia is gone; yet the astronauts’ legacy lives on. They wished to serve and they did. Now it is our turn to serve!

Columbia is gone; yet we anticipate that NASA will redouble its space exploration with all the benefits for mankind. For your work furthers medical research and the development of defensive weapons, thus healing and protecting all G-d’s children.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn, would continuously remind us that our country, The United States of America, is a nation of deep faith and great kindness.

I would like to thank NASA for accepting with open arms an Israeli scientist, a child of Holocaust survivors.

I would like to thank NASA for accommodating, even encouraging, Ilan’s religious beliefs.

I would like to thank NASA for allowing Ilan to carry a Torah scroll, which miraculously survived the concentration camps!

In particular, I would like to thank NASA for allowing Ilan to make the Kiddush and keep his Shabbat.

Last year Ilan Ramon turned to me with a question:
How does one mark the Sabbath in Space - with every 90 minutes another sunset, every 10 ˝ hours is Sabbath and every 20 days is Rosh Hashana –
Jerusalem, we have a problem!

So I had my homework to do.

But Ilan taught us a powerful message:

No matter how fast we’re going, no matter how important our work, we must pause and think about why we’re here on this earth.

Today, let every one of us do one extra act of kindness in memory of Ilan, Rick, William, Michael, David, Kaplana and Laura. This will serve as a powerful expression of our unity and resolve.

This torch of unity will light up the darkness and usher in a new era, the long awaited era of which the bible (talmud) speaks of, the era of redemption. An era of G-dliness and goodness, an era of peace/Shalom.

May G-d bless America.


Jewish Astronuat Takes Mitzvah Into Space

SPACE COAST, FL.--The Shuttle Columbia launched successfully this morning January 16, to the lively singing, of "Oseh Shalom." Hundreds of proud Israelis swelled with joy, having arrived from Israel to witness firsthand the launch of the Shuttle, which carries the first Israeli Astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon.

On hand to serve the Israeli guests is Rabbi Tzvi Konikov, Chabad-Lubavitch representative to the Space Coast, who has arranged for the only simultaneous translation in Hebrew of the live countdown coverage of the Shuttle Columbia launch. Radio stations WMIE 91.5 FM and WFJP AM 1510 broadcast the direct feed from Mission Control, Johnson Space Center and was also made available to radio stations
throughout Israel. Coverage began 9 a.m. Thursday and lasted 45 minutes after the launch.

Col. Ramon, who consulted with Rabbi Konikov months ago (see archives how to mark Shabbat in space, had asked Rabbi Konikov for a dollar bill from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, which he carried with him on his mission. The dollar bill represents the mitzvah of tzedaka, charity-giving, which the Rebbe promoted by distributing dollars to all those who came to seek his blessing.

the Great Seal and seal used on the dollar bill, pyramid side

"In g-d Horus we Trust"

The dollar bill was meant to be given to charity, but most people cherish the particular bill that was held by the Rebbe, preferring to give another one or more, in its place to charity. The Rebbe campaigned fervently to promote the habit of daily charity giving. During his lifetime, the Rebbe stood for hours every Sunday, receiving people who came to seek his blessing and his counsel. His blessing always came with a dollar bill that be given to charity.

The eagle side of the seal shown on the dollar bill

Six pointed star of their g-d that they have made with their hands, the star of Solomon's Moloch, and the star of their coming new messiah who is no messiah, but the son of Perdition, Moshiach ben David of his Mark Magan David, which had nothing to do with King David, but is the symbol of Talmudic Judaism of their Olam Ha Ba, the "New World Order" And their order was lifted up to the heavens, "we can become little gods"

“So many journalists have called me to ask why Ramon took this dollar bill with him,” says Konikov. “It seems to me that Ramon wanted to hold on to the Rebbe’s idea of a mitzvah—in this case the mitzvah of tzedaka—(Law of the Tzadik) as a source of light that would dispel the darkness of our world. Ilan made the point that no matter where one is, even in outer space, traveling faster than the speed of sound, one must pause to consider their purpose and mission in life. Ramon did this in a very literal way, and in doing so he served as a truly illuminating example to millions, especially to Jewish children who see him as a Jewish hero.”

"Whenever someone told the Rebbe that they were traveling, the Rebbe blessed them with a safe, successful trip, and gave them a dollar to give to charity when they arrive at their destination," observed Rabbi Konikov.

The Pyramid is UN-capped, which may signify that our country was not yet finished. The unfinished state of the pyramid was intentional, and Charles Thompson, in his remarks to congress about the symbolism on the Great Seal, said the pyramid represented "Strength and Duration." Inside the capstone you have the all-seeing eye, and ancient symbol for divinity. Although Franklin's committee did not suggest a pyramid, it did originate the suggestion of the eye. However, the term "the all-seeing eye" was never officially used when describing it. The Franklin committee wanted the seal to include a reflection of divine providence and discussed a variety of themes including the Children of Israel in the Wilderness.

A mission to space fits the bill, and Rabbi Konikov is delighted that Col. Ramon, who appreciates his unique responsibility as a Jewish astronaut and the role model he serves for Jewish people, will be taking this mitzvah into space. “His mission is an inspiration,” he says. "He is in our hearts, and we pray for a smooth launch and successful mission."

Back in the geosphere, Chabad has been arranging for kosher lunches for many of the Israeli guests, and will be hosting all those who want to celebrate Shabbat, at the Chabad Jewish Community Center in Satellite Beach.

"That's what we are here for, " said Rabbi Zvi Konikov. "Chabad has 3,000 centers worldwide. It's like a home away from home for those traveling."

By Baila Olidort

Novus Ordo Seclorum, the New World Order, Olam ha ba,  has begun

Isis, in Egyptian religion


(´ss) (KEY) , nature goddess whose worship, originating in ancient Egypt, gradually extended throughout the lands of the Mediterranean world during the Hellenistic period and became one of the chief religions of the Roman Empire. The worship of Isis, combined with that of her brother and husband Osiris and their son Horus, was enormously resistant to the influence of early Christian teachings, and her mysteries, celebrating the death and resurrection of Osiris, were performed as late as the 6th cent. A.D. The functions of many goddesses were attributed to her, so that eventually she became the prototype of the beneficent mother goddess, the bringer of fertility and consolation to all. She was the daughter of the sky goddess Nut and the earth god Geb. Her symbol was a throne and later the cow, and she was frequently represented with a cow’s head or cow’s horns. During the Hellenistic period, her image outside Egypt became increasingly Hellenic, with ideal features and locks framing her face. Isis was also a goddess of magic, and legends tell of her ability to counteract evil by casting spells.


See R. E. Witt, Isis in the Greco-Roman World (1981).


The Apis bull, as depicted in this Egyptian statuette, is likely to be the pattern used for the golden calf the Israelites made at Mount Sinai (Exo. 32), since they were undoubtedly quite familiar with it as a result of their long captivity in Egypt. Note the sun disk on the head, and the serpent in front of the sun disk. In Scripture the serpent is symbolic of Satan. (Gen 3, Rev. 12:9)

The goddess Isis of Egypt, the sun disk above
her head, with the infant Horus.

The British Museum.

Our Lady of Fatima

A typical depiction of "The Blessed Virgin Mary", the "Queen of Heaven", with a quite sizeable sunburst behind her head and the children of Fatima kneeling at her feet. The sunburst has become quite pervasive in the various forms of Catholic religious imagery. The sunburst is also referred to as an aureole, nimbus, or halo, and is a very common device to designate divinity or holiness in various forms of religious art. A sun worshipping pagan entering a Catholic cathedral for the first time would immediately recognize his god, the sun, in virtually every painting or icon, and feel right at home.


Queen of Heaven, 

with the ancient Phśnicians, was Astart; Greeks, Hera; Romans, Juno; Trivia, Hecate, Diana, the Egyptian Isis, etc., were all so called; but with the Roman Catholics it is the Virgin Mary. 1

   In Jeremiah vii. 18: “The children gather wood, … and the women knead dough to make cakes to the queen of heaven,” i.e. probably to the Moon, to which the Jews, at the time, made drink-offerings and presented cakes. (Compare chapter xliv. 16–18.)


The Pontifex Maximus High Priesthood of Babylon, The Pharisees of the Sanhedrin sent out their mystical Talmudic sorcerer, Simon Magus to create the Papacy and the Talmudic Whore's daughter of Roman Cathaholicism. The code, this order is destroyed, for a new order, of the Olam ha ba and their new king, Moshiach ben Dovid, this man, the mere man who they will have as king over the throne of the world, temporary he be.......


Judg 2:13 

And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth.

Baal worship is sun worship, and Ashtoreth / Ishtar / Astarte is the queen of heaven. This is why there are so many sunburst images in Catholicism and why Mary is called the Queen of heaven. It is the apostasy of idol worship of Baal and Ashtaroth in the church

Centuries before Lady Freedom topped the U.S. Capitol or the Statue of Liberty dominated New York Harbor, images of women were already widely used to symbolize the traits, virtues and opportunities of the United States of America. Art historians have traced images of America's lady liberty back to the first years of European discovery and invasion, when America--the untamed New World--was symbolized as the Indian Queen, a voluptuous, but stern Native American woman dressed in little more than head feathers. Portrayed sitting astride a giant armadillo or sporting a tomahawk, the Indian Queen represented exoticism, danger and adventure: attributes that 16th- and 17th-century explorers most associated with their new land. By the age of late colonization, however, the Indian Queen came to be seen as perhaps too savage a symbol for the settlers' new home. She was soon replaced with a tamer, more anglicized American image: the Indian Princess, a tawny, barefoot beauty often guarded by a rattlesnake. In the years surrounding the American revolution, the image of the Indian Princess began to compete with emblems of the Greek goddess emerging from the European schools of classical art and architecture. "By the late 1790s," folk-art historian Nancy Jo Fox points out, "it was not clear whether a feathered Indian Princess had changed into a Greek goddess or whether a greek goddess had placed feathers or plumes in her hair" (Fox, 5). Alluding to the order and sovereignty of the antique democratic state, the Plumed Greek Goddess represented what the United States, an eager new country, wanted to be. Wrapped in a toga and wearing high-laced sandals, the Plumed Greek Goddess signified a merging of the neoclassical with the new iconography of America. She was sometimes depicted holding a liberty pole, propping up a shield of the United States, standing beside a bust or depiction of George Washington, or offering food to a bald eagle. In the United States' youngest years, images of the Plumed Greek Goddess or the Indian Princess soon shared space, and at times meshed with, slightly different versions of the female figure of freedom. Columbia, sometimes considered the feminine counterpart to Christopher Columbus, emerged as yet another icon for the United States. Dressed in classical robes, but with a kinder face than the Plumed Greek Goddess, Columbia did not appear with plumed ostrich feathers, nor bows and arrows. But the liberty cap and pole almost always accompanied her, and the stars and stripes of America could be found on her dress or cap.


The Worship of Ashestar was introduced by the Babylonian's and was the holiday of the Pharisees according to the Word of God the Father 

Acts 12:1-4

1: Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church.
2: And he killed James the brother of John with the sword.
3: And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)
4: And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.


Passover of our Lord has NOTHING at all to do with EVIL HAROD and the JEWS holiday of the worship of Ashestar



This nation was founded by Talmudic sages of Baal worship. Now this nation has returned unto Baal worship.


With so many varying forms of the lady liberty, it is no wonder that artists began to mix traits from the Indian Princess, the Plumed Greek Goddess and Columbia. Other figures merged with these images as well, especially the Greek representations of the Goddess of Wisdom (Minerva) and the Goddess of Liberty. The Goddess of Liberty, in fact, became "so intimately identified with the American cause as in effect to become Americanized.... we have either Liberty representing the United States or the United States interpreted as Liberty" (Fleming, 56). This Lady Liberty is, by many accounts, the most frequently portrayed of the four American personifications. With her hair flowing behind her, carrying the liberty pole or draped in classical garb, Lady Liberty became the emblem of choice for the U.S. cent and half- cent coins (Fleming, 56). A plaster statue of Liberty and the Eagle even stands above and behind the speaker's chair in the House of Representatives. Today, representations of lady liberty blend and borrow from each of these images. The Statue of Liberty has been described by historian Marvin Trachtenberg as a "synthomorphosis" of forms (65), a term that aptly describes the way both the New York statue and Lady Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol were formed. Both statues include variations of headdresses, props and clothing: The Statue of Liberty is crowned with a helmet of sun-ray spikes, an allusion to the headgear of the Colossus of Rhodes, a monument to the Sun-God Helios standing astride a Greek harbor, which is said to be one of the key influences on the New York statue. The Statue of Liberty's gown folds around her like a classical Greek toga; the torch in her hand gestures back to images of Liberty holding out an offering to the Bald Eagle. Lady Freedom wears a helmet of plumed feathers, and looks, from a distance, like an Indian warrior. A circle of stars, similar to Columbia's accessories, rings her head. She holds a laurel wreath and shield in her left hand, while carrying a sword with her right.

Secret American Space Planes
To Dominate Planet Earth

The USA has been working on secret, new-generation space planes In the beginning of the 1990s, Russian intelligence uncovered the fact that the USA was testing a super-secret plane at one of its airbases. Russian agents attempted to see the new object with their own eyes and take pictures of it, but all attempts failed. The Americans provided incredible security for their secret weapon, and they tested the plane only at night. However, Russian agents managed to get some information about the new plane, which the USA calls Aurora, in honor of the Goddess of the Dawn.
Were seven Astronauts aboard the spaceship Isis, Columbia, murdered, the death of lady liberty for the new Queen of Heaven, the Chabad Lubavitcher Talmudic order of Nimrod's bride, Semiramis=Isis=Ashtarte=Columbia? 
To usher in the new craft of the Olam Ha Ba, just before their wars of their g-d hashem? And the revealing of their messiah in the place of the Messiah the Prince, the Only Messiah the Only Prince, Christ Jesus. Yes the time is rapidly approaching that the saints will stand firm in the Only Everlasting Covenant, and yes the Lord Jesus is now confirming that Holy Covenant with his many, now even at this moment. There is no seven year peace treaty of an anti-Christ. There is the Holy Everlasting Covenant and their are them and their mere man g-d who is about to be revealed who will attempt to establish the vision of his godhood. 
Behold the false-Messiah Moshiach ben Perdition

NASA explores electromagnetic space launches

January 3, 2002 Posted: 2:22 PM EST (1922 GMT)

January 3, 2002 Posted: 2:22 PM EST (1922 GMT)

January 3, 2002 Posted: 2:22 PM EST (1922 GMT)

An artist's concept of a magnetic levitation system for space launch

An artist's concept of a magnetic levitation system for space launch  

By Fred Katayama
CNN Financial Correspondent

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (CNN) -- Researchers at NASA are looking into whether electromagnets can be used to send rockets into space, a technological leap that could dramatically cut launch costs.

Spacecraft burn hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel to reach orbit. But rocket engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center are investigating whether electromagnetic power can do the job.

It would be a much cleaner and safer method of launching vehicles, and much cheaper. NASA hopes to drive down the cost of rocket departures from $10,000 per pound to $1,000 per pound.

"Hopefully, we can reduce the weight of the fuel and oxidizer that's needed to be carried on board the vehicle and that will decrease the size of the vehicle," said NASA scientist Kenneth House. "So hopefully, we could get more payload into space with less of the fuel."

Magnetic levitation, or maglev for short, works by using opposing magnetic polarities to lift a metal sled carrying a plane off the tracks. For propulsion, the magnetic fields in the sled and in the rails repel each other, pushing the vehicle forward.

Last spring, NASA succeeded in magnetically launching a model plane, which accelerated to 60 miles an hour in less than half a second.

NASA researchers have set lofty goals for this project, but they face a major obstacle: the scarcity of funding. They have only $30,000 for the next phase of this project. NASA cannot move onto the next stage immediately, but welcomes competitors working on similar projects.

"This is research, so we're interested in anybody somewhere pursuing this," said John Cole, manager of space transportation research at Marshall.

The U.S. Navy is conducting maglev research. It plans to make its fleet largely electric, catapulting fighters from its carriers with magnetic propulsion instead of steam. Northrop Grumman and General Atomics of San Diego are the development contractors competing on the project.

"A very high power propulsion system is needed to give the energy to launch a large aircraft in the length of a football field. That will be demonstrated in about two years," said John Rawls, vice president of electromagnetic systems for General Atomics.

Rockets are a bigger challenge. NASA's next hurdle is launching a rocket at 150 mph on a track that can carry up to two tons.

Some NASA scientists think maglev launches may be 20 years away. But one of the agency's research partners is more optimistic.

"Within five years, you'll see aircraft being launched magnetically. Most of the technical challenges have been overcome. We are now in the scaling areas to match the aerodynamics of the launch with the spacecraft and the launcher," said George Scelzo of Chicago-based PRT Advanced Maglev Systems.

But to propel their research onto the next stage, NASA and its partners will need to land millions more in money.

Fear not, the Babylonian Order of Skull and Bonesman, the man of Dan, their King of the Noachides who is about to begin their wars of their g-d hashem, these Chabad Lubavitcher sons of the synagogues of Satan will get their money for their black project.

Bush seeks more money for NASA

WH: No connection to shuttle tragedy

Monday, February 3, 2003 Posted: 12:16 PM EST (1716 GMT)
Monday, February 3, 2003 Posted: 12:16 PM EST (1716 GMT)

President Bush sent his proposed 2004 budget to Congress on Monday.
President Bush sent his proposed 2004 budget to Congress on Monday.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- President Bush wants to boost funding for NASA by almost a half-billion dollars to modernize the space agency's aging shuttle fleet and develop a new space plane, an administration official said Sunday.

In the 2004 budget, a document outlining $2.2 trillion in proposed spending, Bush plans to bump NASA spending by nearly $500 million to $15.47 billion. The program has undergone cutbacks during the past decade.

White House officials disputed any suggestion that the disintegration Saturday of the space shuttle Columbia was in any way connected to past cutbacks in the shuttle program.


The budget is to be introduced Monday. In addition to hiking space funding, it also would slash taxes, pour money into defense at home and abroad and produce record deficits, setting the stage for a battle over tax and spending priorities in the run-up to the 2004 election.

Bush's budget blueprint will estimate the deficit for fiscal 2003 at $307 billion, surpassing a 1992 record of $290 billion. The shortfall in 2004 will ease to $304 billion and continue to improve, though the federal government will still rack up a cumulative deficit over the next five years, administration officials said.


Bush's deficit figures do not include the cost of a possible war with Iraq, which officials say could add at least $61 billion -- the amount expended on the 1991 Gulf War -- to the projected shortfall this year alone.

The Chabad Lubavitcher Sofiet Bolshevik sons of the synagogue of Satan and who are responsible for all...ALL slain upon the earth, the Pharisees of Babylon


Have they finally lifted up their g-d Baal attempting to set his throne above the heaven of God? Have the sons of the synagogues of Satan of the Babylonian Order of Nimrod sent their mission Isis and their new found son of Chabad to offer the mammon of Baal as an offering to their g-d? Was it the Creator who destroyed this abomination or was it part of the plan to usher in their wars of Hashem?



Chabad Rabbi Guides Astronaut in Keeping Shabbat in Space

SATELLITE BEACH, FLORIDA—An Israeli Jew scheduled to fly as a payload specialist on the shuttle Columbia is making headlines. First, Col. Ilan Ramon, 47, of Tel Aviv, asked NASA to provide him with kosher food. More recently, he turned to his Chabad-Lubavitch representative, Rabbi Tzvi Konikov of Satellite Beach, to consult on the logistics of marking Shabbat in outer space.

That sent Rabbi Konikov on a mission of his own, consulting with rabbinic experts worldwide. “On earth,” explained Rabbi Konikov, “we mark the Sabbath every 7th day.” But Col. Ramon will be orbiting earth every 90 minutes. Each orbit counts as one day, because for the astronauts, the sun will have risen and set in each orbit. Should Col. Ramon then observe the Sabbat every 7th orbit?

“This has been a theoretical question for some time,” says Rabbi Konikov. “But rabbinical scholars have now been confronted with this as a real life situation.” The rabbis have resolved it, says Rabbi Konikov, explaining that “Col. Ramon will mark the Sabbath according to Cape Canaveral time—the site of the launch.”

Recognizing the role model he serves being the first Israeli astronaut, Col. Ramon, formerly the head of weapons-system development acquisition for the Israeli air force says, 

“I feel I am representing all Jews and all Israelis.”

As director of Chabad of the Space Coast for the past ten years, Rabbi Konikov has been involved with space missions before. When Jeff Hoffman flew on the shuttle Columbia, in March of 1996, Rabbi Konikov helped arrange that Hoffman be able to celebrate Chanukah while in space. Subsequently Rabbi Konikov was invited to Washington DC to present Dr. Hoffman with a menorah upon his return.

Ilan’s’s decision has had larger implications than he had expected: Rabbi Konikov recently received a phone call from a top NASA engineer about koshering the Radisson Resort at the Port, a popular hotel in Port Canaveral, near the launching site, where many Israeli officials will be staying on the day of the launch.


"The identity of Nimrod, however, and the Egyptian, Osiris, having been established, we have thereby light as to Nimrod's death. Osiris met with a violent death, and that violent death of Osiris was the central theme of the whole idolatry of Egypt. If Osiris was Nimrod, as we have seen, that violent death which the Egyptians so pathetically deplored in their annual festivals was just the death of Nimrod. The accounts in regard to the death of the god worshipped in the several mysteries of the different countries are all to the same effect. A statement of Plato seems to show, that in his day the Egyptian Osiris was regarded as identical to Tammuz; and Tammuz is well known to have been the same as Adonis, the famous Huntsman, for whose death Venus is fabled to have made such bitter lamentations. As the women of Egypt wept for Osiris, as the Phenician and Assyrian women wept for Tammuz, so in Greece and Rome the women wept for Bacchus, whose name, as we have seen, means 'The bewailed,' or 'Lamented one.'" (p. 56)
Watching closely the developments in Egypt are many modern worshippers of Osiris, such as the Skull & Bones initiates of the George Bush family. George Bush, Jr., the Governor of Texas, coincidentally announced his candidacy for President the same day as the TV-staged discovery of the tomb of Osiris, while George Bush Sr. plans to be at the Egyptian pyramids on New Year's Eve 1999. William Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse, mentions this Millennial New Years Eve event on p. 73:


E-MAIL SENT TO ME 2-3-2003

"On CNN I heard that some debris dropped in "Palestine, Texas"--seperately, I will remind you of the "war of Gogamagog"--mentioned in the Hebrew Bible--a cataclysmic war--"

The wars of their g-d hashem will indeed begin, quickly.


Strange 'Electrical Flashes'
Photographed Near Shuttle
Astronomer Captures 'Electrical Phenomena' Near Columbia's Track
© 2003

An astronomer who regularly photographs space shuttles when they pass over the San Francisco Bay area has captured five "strange and provocative images" of Columbia as it was re-entering the atmosphere.
The San Francisco Chronicle reports the images "appear to be bright electrical phenomena flashing around the track of the shuttle's passage."
"They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly ... when the Columbia may have begun breaking up during re-entry," the photographer, who asked not to be identified, told the Chronicle.
The photos were snapped with a Nikon 8 camera using a tripod.
Though the space scientist is not making the pictures public immediately, he invited the newspaper to view the images on his home computer this weekend.
David Perlman, science editor for the Chronicle, calls the photos "indeed puzzling."
"They show a bright scraggly flash of orange light, tinged with pale purple, and shaped somewhat like a deformed L," Perlman writes. "The flash appears to cross the Columbia's dim [white trail formed in the wake of the craft], and at that precise point, the [white trail] abruptly brightens and appears thicker and somewhat twisted as if it were wobbling."
"I couldn't see the discharge with my own eyes, but it showed up clear and bright on the film when I developed it," the photographer said. "But I'm not going to speculate about what it might be."
Meanwhile, an Australian astronomer working in California says he saw what could be tiles falling off the orbiter as it flew over the Golden State.
"After the first few flashes I thought to myself that I knew the shuttle lost tiles as it re-entered and quite possibly that was what was going on," Anthony Beasley told ABC News.
Beasley was north of Los Angeles when he made his report, indicating the shuttle possibly began to disintegrate above California.
If Beasley is correct, it indicates the shuttle began to disintegrate on the West Coast above California.
The Australian reported how the astronomer witnessed "a couple of flashes" and "things clearly trailing" Columbia.
"I think that after the particularly bright event I started to wonder whether or not things were happening how they should," Beasley said.
Space experts said tiles falling off the shuttle would be too small to be detected by NASA radar.
"It leads in the direction that tile loss or some type of structural loss like that was likely to be a cause," former shuttle astronaut Norm Thagard told ABC. "But it still doesn't rule out other possibilities."


Was the weapon used on the Goddess Columbia a Tesla Electromagnetic Longitude Frequency Howitzer?

US May Use New EMP
Microwave Weapon On Iraq
By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It substitutes pure energy for munitions. It is designed to achieve military objectives without killing people or wrecking buildings.
And Saddam Hussein's armed forces may be chosen as the first target of the U.S. military's new secret weapon.
The U.S. Air Force is developing a high-power microwave, or HPM, weapon that generates a massive electromagnetic pulse capable of frying the insides of digital electronic systems, disabling enemy military equipment, analysts said.
While the weapon is top-secret and details about it are classified, analysts said its development is far enough along that they expect the U.S. military to use an HPM weapon for the first time in the possible war with Iraq.
"The virtue of high-power microwave weapons is that they can shut down virtually any military electronics system while producing no causalities and minimal physical damage," said military analyst Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute think tank. "There's always the possibility that you'll get the scant general with a pacemaker."
These weapons could be used to disable enemy command and control centers, communications facilities, air defense radars, chemical or biological weapons storage or production sites, and sophisticated vehicles, missiles and aircraft, analysts said.
"What that means is that the enemy can't see you coming, they can't hear themselves talking and they can't find their friendly forces. They are essentially deaf, dumb and blind. But they're alive," Thompson added.
Work on high-power microwave technology is being conducted at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.
HPM weapons, at least the rudimentary form that may be used in Iraq, are likely to be delivered to the target by cruise missiles or perhaps unmanned aircraft, analysts said. Delivery by manned aircraft poses problems because the electromagnetic pulse HPM weapons generate could ruin the electronic systems of the U.S. jet, possibly causing it to crash, analysts added.
Shielding U.S. military electronic systems from the effects of microwave weapons will be key in the future, analysts said.
The devices generate a momentary, intense energy pulse producing a gargantuan power surge -- millions of watts -- that would fry practically any modern electronic device within a modest range of hundreds of yards.
The weapon, of course, would not distinguish between electronics used by an enemy military or those used in, for example, a hospital. The surge itself would not harm people.
"The footprint of these is not all that big, which has both pros and cons depending on the issue you're looking at. If you want significant military effect, it may be limited. On the other hand, if you're worried about collateral impact, if you know where the hospital is, you can limit that effect as well," said military analyst Mike Vickers of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.
Vickers said use of them in an Iraq war is "quite likely."
"It's not really that high-tech," added retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Piers Wood of the think tank.
"You've got a microwave oven at home probably that generates a pulse of heat. But the point is that this is not such a ground-breaking paradigm shift as much as an engineering problem: getting the equipment small enough to carry around the battlefield in various platforms," Wood said.
High-power microwave could be useful against some of an enemy's most unreachable targets, analysts said.
"A fabulous target would be a deeply buried command bunker or chemical-biological weapons bunker that we weren't certain that we could dig out of the ground with conventional explosives but which would have to have communications and power lines going into and out of it. It's almost impossible to buffer those lines against a power surge," Thompson said.
Rich Garcia, director of public affairs for the Directed Energy Directorate, said the high-power microwave work at Kirtland is an offshoot of research done in the early 1980s.
"At that time, we were doing a lot of work in studying the effects of nuclear detonations, and so electromagnetic pulse is an offshoot of nuclear detonation. High-power microwave sort of grew out of that," Garcia added.
HPM weapons are categorized as directed-energy weapons.
Garcia said the directed-energy unit, which also is working on laser weapons, space-based optics and plasma projectiles some have likened to firing a bolt of lightning, has about 600 employees with an annual budget of about $120 million.
U.S. defense officials publicly have suggested that a high-power microwave weapon might be used in the near term.
"You never know," said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld when asked at a briefing about the promise of such weapons.
"The real world intervenes from time to time, and you reach in there and take something out that is still in a developmental stage, and you might use it," Rumsfeld added.
Analysts stressed that HPM weapons are a work in progress.
"The military likes to use wartime for experimentation," said Philip Coyle, assistant defense secretary and director of operational test and evaluation from 1994-2001. "And there's nothing wrong with that. So they might go out and try it once. But I wouldn't expect to see any kind of usage where the military really depended on it for its results."
Copyright © 2003 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.


Posted on Wed, Mar. 26, 2003


Tony Blair's Plane Hit by Lightning
Associated Press

The plane carrying British Prime Minister Tony Blair to a meeting with President Bush was struck by lightning as it approached the United States on Wednesday, a reporter on board said. No injuries or damage were reported.

Britain's Press Association news agency said Blair's chartered British Airways Boeing 777 was struck by a lightning bolt as it approached Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland at about 10,000 feet. It landed 20 minutes later, at 5:05 p.m.

Jon Smith, a Press Association reporter traveling with Blair, reported that the bolt hit the jet's left wing. The plane did not change course or descend and the pilot reassured passengers that "there's nothing to worry about."

Blair's 10 Downing Street office said it was not aware of the incident.

Blair flew on to the presidential retreat at Camp David for a working dinner with Bush. The two leaders will meet against Thursday to discuss the war in Iraq and plans for the country's future.





e-mail sent to me 3-2-2003

We have been getting alot of requests for these maps, apparently the other link goes to the current page of the radar map and this saved file is gone.  These links are permanent, however the original was in motion.

Todays paper showed a line, the path of the shuttle, and the line broke up exactly at Dallas/FtWorth where the shuttle broke up ....

See yellow streak anomoly


A voice for children rarely send out information from "confidential sources", but the credibility of the authority who  communicated this to us makes it  impossible not to share so that everyone is one up on these unthinkable potential plans being discussed in 'inner circles". 
The statement to us is that Russia and China are going to "pulse" the United States with a Particle Beam Weapon that will shut down all technology, internet and render the current administration incapable to attack Iraq on  February 15th, the date reported to be planned for the Bush administrations show of "awe and full force (nuclear)" to begin. 
Those countries will be HEROES, thought of as saving the world from WWIII in doing so.  Our confidential advisor told us clearly to have food supplies and gasoline, a week or so worth of water and basic necessities as the chaos would be unimaginable if this comes to pass.
This information was relayed to us last night, and this morning the Columbia disaster with a particle beam on the radar at the same is amazing, and makes the question more urgent if this is a sign of something much bigger.
The following link is to the radar map at the time the shuttle was breaking up, and clearly are seen moving laser like  beams shooting across the path.  We see an explosion at Dallas/Ft Worth on the radar and at the begining  the beam is present across texas and the path of the incoming shuttle, then we see the explosion grow and the beam stays present the whole time. 
We, along with  others on the web, have been following these radar anomalies for a few years now, and NEVER an explanation given for what we are seeing.  We have seen them on the weather and they pop up and the  announcer does not ever acknowledge seeing it....
Today this radar image has been on the television all day long, full public viewing..... Will we finally get an answer on what we are seeing with these laser like beams that cover three states and huge weather manipulating circles and pulses that are clearly seen every day all over the world now?
We cannot stand before the world and support the unconstitutional regime that is acting as an enemy combatant to the world in the name of the  corporate state.  It is RIGHT and TIME for the People to restore our lawful Authority along with a standard of morals and truth, by demanding full disclosure and prosecution of crimes equally without statutory immunities.   God does not give anyone immunity to commit any criminal act against his brother.  Our Rights come from God, not the Bush administration and congress.  WE are THEIR BOSS.  THEY are OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS with an OATH to uphold the Law.
Take this information as you will, we are thankful to God for all things He sets on our table and believe the Truth ultimately prevails.
We do not have anymore information than what we have presented here. 
pamela gaston
----- Original Message -----
From: Dr. Byron Weeks
To: Paranoid
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 2:18 PM
Subject: National Weather Service Radar Image - Short Range Composite Reflectivity - Dal

Watch yellow beam--HAARP  (Tesla) scalar weapon in Dallas at the time of the Columbia debacle?


Will Iraq Be World's First
Electromagnetic 'Scalar' War?

By Bill Morgan

Source material: Scientist Tom Bearden, Chenier.Org
Scalar Potential Interferometers
With the Bush people rushing us toward war it is important for everyone to realize the true and rather frightening possibility that this war will involve the use of scalar electromagnetic weapons, by any of a number of possessors of such weapons. They are called "Longitudinal Wave Interferometers," or "Tesla howitzers", and use longitudinal (LW) electromagnetic (EM) waves to accomplish true action-at-a-distance.
These are the weapons Khrushchev spoke of 40 years ago, when he declared:
"We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon." Khrushchev, to the Presidium, Jan. 1960

Keep in Mind that the US Government facility in San Fransisco which was Given to Gorbachev is now know as the Presidio or Presidium 


These are also the weapons referred to in 1997 by Defense Secretary William Cohen, when he said:
"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts." - Defense Secretary William Cohen, 1997
One of the leading experts in the new science of scalar electromagnetics is scientist Thomas E. Bearden, and he has published many papers at his website Cheniere.Org. In a letter to a writer named "Russell" (Correspondence section) Bearden says,
"In short, Russell, the Secretary of Defense of the United States confirmed that there are indeed novel kinds of EM weapons, right now and have been for some time, which have been and are being used to (1) initiate earthquakes, (2) engineer the weather and climate, and (3) initiate the eruption of volcanoes. We wrote about those exact uses of the weaponry decades ago. Several nations now have such weapons. Three of them (two on one side and the other on a hostile side) are even firing practice shots into Western Australia, as a convenient test range."
At one can find Bearden's 1990 paper Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons and see that certain possessors of these new superweapons have been developing them for several decades now. He traces the clandestine development through the sightings of anomalous phenomena all around the globe, by the statements Soviet leaders have made, and by the development of a new electromagnetic theory which restores certain "lost equations" which had been thrown out long ago in an attempt to "simplify things." Apparently the Russians were the first to restore the lost equations which uncover the domain of scalar electromagnetics.
The new Scalar Electromagnetic weapons utilize a new type of electromagnetic waves called "longitudinal waves" or "scalar waves." They are called by other names, as Bearden points out:
"We now visualize the formation of waves of pure stress in the spacetime medium (in the vacuum). These we call scalar EM waves, Tesla waves, electrogravitational waves, longitudinal EM waves, waves of pure potential, electrostatic/magnetostatic waves, and zero-vector EM waves. All these terms are synonymous. Each sheds its own particular light upon the nature of these waves or of their original discoverer, Nikola Tesla." Tom Bearden
So there are a number of names for these newly discovered waves.
The big Tesla howitzers are aimed at their targets by using a worldwide electromagnetic pattern called the "Woodpecker Grid," begun by the Russians in 1976. You can even "hear" the Woodpecker Grid at Bearden's website.
Several times during the Cold War the Russians tried to get an agreement on limiting the use of these weapons, which Brezhnev said were "more terrible than anything the world has known." And at that time, Bearden points out, nobody in the West even knew what they were talking about.
The "Fer de Lance" Briefing
In his briefing "Fer de Lance" Slides 66-71. Bearden describes what it would be like to operate one of these longitudinal wave interferometers and aim it at place on earth using the Woodpecker Grid. By placing a "marker beacon" at that target location (the glowing orbs of plasma that are being sighted all around the world) the system can "read" the location of the target area and obtain pin-point targeting. The "Fer de Lance" briefing is a must read for anyone wanting to know what is really going on in our world today. It is a set of graphics slides with Bearden's explanations.
Instantaneous effect
It is hard to imagine, but a strike with longitudinal wave weapon is instantaneous as the scalar waves do not go through our "3-space" world, but around it. As Bearden puts it:
"... it is possible to focus the potential for the effects of a weapon through spacetime itself, in a manner so that mass and energy do not "travel through space" from the transmitter to the target at all. Instead, ripples and patterns in the fabric of spacetime itself are manipulated to meet and interfere in and at the local spacetime of some distant target. There interference of these ripple patterns creates the desired energetic effect (hence the term energetics) directly in and through the target itself, emerging from the very spacetime (vacuum) in which the target is imbedded at its distant location." Bearden Fer-de-Lance
What Can These New Superweapons Do?
1. Exothermic mode
In what is called an "exothermic mode" the howitzers can cause a blast of heat at the interference zone, an explosion of near-nuclear proportions. It could topple buildings and cause other destruction. Or it could be set wide and heat the atmosphere in that region. Or it could be set to simply destroy all electronics in that interference (target) zone, or to destroy the hubs of the electric power grids of a very wide area. Although it seems unbelievable, the actual energy of the blast is not traveling through space to hit the target, but actually being made to emerge from the local vacuum in the interference (target) zone.
Using the exothermic mode it is possible to make any airplane drop from the sky, anywhere. It is possible to destroy any missile, in its flight path or in its silo. Bearden sites many instances of downed planes he believes were tests of the scalar weapons. (Gandor, Newfoundland)
"The Woodpecker grid/howitzer weapon system can be placed over the ocean and used against cruise missiles, naval surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, submarine-launched ballistic and cruise missiles, etc. Placed over a carrier task force, it can also take care of the aircraft launched by the carrier as fast as they are launched. It can also handily take care of the missiles launched by guided-missile cruisers of the accompanying task force."
(Bearden )
Here is a slide which shows the exothermic mode of action.
2. Endothermic mode
In a second howitzer mode called the "endothermic" mode, the howitzer sucks energy out of the target area, essentially creating a blast of cold at the distant target. It is even capable of freezing parts of the ocean. Bearden gives a number of cases where these "cold explosions" have been witnessed, mostly by airline pilots. April 9, 1984: 1 2 3 ) A huge mushroom cloud of mostly water is seen rising miles into the sky from out of the ocean, an awesome sight.
In the endothermic mode the sucked-out energy must go somewhere, so it is vented out at some other chosen spot on the earth. These endothermic plumes have been photographed by satellite.
Bearden envisions the use of cold explosions in a scalar war:
"Cold explosions can be used to freeze tanks, personnel, and equipment. The equipment and tanks thaw out. The personnel thaw out too, but they are dead when they do." Bearden, Fer-de-Lance
Starting with this slide from Fer de Lance you can see a number of sightings of giant mushroom clouds of water vapor which Bearden believes were created by the Russians testing the howitzers in endothermic ("cold explosion") mode. (Keep clicking "Next Slide").
In another slide the endothermic mode of operation is shown.
3. "Mindsnapper" mode
In a third and very terrifying mode the longitudinal wave patterns can be adjusted to affect the human mind. Bearden has dubbed this mode the "Mind-snapper" mode. Use of scalar waves in this mode is also called "psychoenergetics" or "psychotronics." At low power the mind-snapper causes everyone in the interference zone to fall unconscious. At high power the mind-body connection is "snapped" and instant death occurs. Bearden describes the manner of death:
"Those hit by the scalar EM weapon, however, have a most peculiar death mode.
"Death comes-instantly and totally. There is no convulsion, no response. The entire nervous system is destroyed instantly. Every living cell in the body is killed instantly, including all bacteria, germs, etc.
"A body hit with this thing falls like a limp rag and lies where it falls. It doesn't decay in even 30-45 days. In a macabre fashion, it's been reduced to something like food irradiated with nuclear radiation; everything is killed, so the material is preserved for an extended period before any decay can set in."
In psychoenergetics mode the weapons can also induce a kind of hypnogogic trance in the minds of anyone in the target zone. It this involuntary trance state one's mind would be completely open to suggestions and orders. Bearden believes that this is what happened in the case of one Captain Button who inexplicably flew his A-10 Warthog airplane into a mountain was a test of the scalar weapons, taking over a man's mind and controlling him from a distance.
"Remember Captain Button, flying his A-10 Warthog toward the range, suddenly peeled away from his companions and flew off cross country for over an hour? He ignored all radio messages, circled at one point (probably dropped his ordnance there), then flew until he crashed into the side of a mountain and was killed.
"That was a deliberate test in the mid-U.S. to demonstrate that a human could be controlled for one hour, while doing a technical set of tasks (flying an airplane), in a hypnogogic state, successfully. The test was a total success."
4. Earthquake/Weather mode
As Secretary of Defense William Cohen pointed out, these same longitudinal wave interferometers can be used to create earthquakes in the distant target zone, as well as tornados and other storms, and the precipitation of volcanic eruptions. Weather can be manipulated by using the exothermic mode to heat the atmosphere in one place, and using endothermic mode to cool the atmosphere in another place. Even the jet stream can be pulled this way and that by these actions.
Anyone one who keeps watch of the weather radar date from an unretouched source like weatherTAP will have seen many anomolies which MAY indicate hits by the howitzers. According to Bearden the Russians (KGB) have been manipulating weather over North America for decades. Cheniere.Org has a number of pictures of such radar anomolies, as well as some unusual cloud formations which, Bearden says, MAY be showing the effects of the scalar wave patterns traveling the channels of the Woodpecker Grid. Keep your eyes on the skies.
5. Death Ray
Nikola Tesla had envisioned a "Death Ray," and now it is a reality.
"Those hit by the scalar EM weapon, however, have a most peculiar deathmode.
"Death comes - instantly and totally. There is no convulsion, no response. The entire nervous system is destroyed instantly. Every living cell in the body is killed instantly, including all bacteria, germs, etc.
"A body hit with this thing falls like a limp rag and lies where it falls. It doesn't decay in even 30-45 days. In a macabre fashion, it's been reduced to something like food irradiated with nuclear radiation; everything is killed, so the material is preserved for an extended period before any decay can set in."
"Ordinary" Warfare Obsolete
Warfare has been changed forever by the development of these scalar energy longitudinal wave howitzers. Remember, the power for these weapons comes from the time domain, longitudinal EM waves in the vacuum of empty space, and the power is tremendous and mind-boggling. Being able to blast away at any target from a distant control booth is something that has never happened before. This is incredible power to be in control of and it divides the history of weaponry into "before" and "after." And the destructive power of these weapons is delivered instantaneously to the target from the local vacuum at the place of the target.
Bearden describes how the old-style machinery of war has been made obsolete. Planes can be dropped to the ground, tanks are obsolete. Bearden says of the whole "Star Wars" defense system (SDI) : "It's obsolete to Soviet scalar EM weapons that are already deployed and operationally tested in place!"
"Interference phenomena are key. One can get action at a distance -- even over hundreds of thousands of kilometers.
"One can engineer gravitational and inertial effects.
"One can engineer the nucleus, including transmute it, easily and cheaply. One could clean up all the nuclear wastes. Electromagnetic energy can be produced at a distant target, or extracted from a distant target. This is not energy transmission through space in the form of EM force fields. Instead, it is transmission through spacetime in the form of electrogravitational potentials. Conventional EM shielding is ineffective against scalar EM."
The fact that these weapons can transmute atoms means they can have a metal softening effect, leaving one to wonder if it were a clandestine use of a scalar interfermeter which brought down the Twin Towers. We may never know, since THAT evidence was so quickly destroyed without study.
Tesla Domes
The Tesla howitzers can be used in a nearly impregnable defensive mode whereby they throw up a dome (Tesla Dome) or a sphere (Tesla Globe) of highly powerful electromagnetic energy, enough to "dud" or destroy missiles which try to penetrate them. Once again, this energy is not going through space from the howitzer, but being made to emerge from the local vacuum at the location of the shell. KGB tests of these domes have been witnessed by airline pilots around the world. Bearden gives many examples of the Tesla domes being sighted around the world in his briefing paper "Fer-de-Lance." (Russian dome test, another globe incident, yet another globe test). These giant electromagnetic domes can be hundreds of miles across, or narrowed down more to total impermeability.
By using nested domes one can protect the domed area even against nuclear radiation itself. Tesla globes can be used to hit airborne targets by simply placing a globe of any chosen size in the flight path of the incoming missile. It does double duty because the missile hits it going in, and then the rubble hits it again going out the other side.
Bearden cites a number of examples of these domes being tested around the world:
March 20, 1969 | March 24, 1977 | August 17, 1980 | June 17, 1966 | June 18, 1982 June 22, 1976
So while the Russians have arrived at a near perfect missile defense, the West is still messing around trying to hit an incoming missile with another missile.
Bearden lists some of the vulnerabilities the new weapons create:
"Almost every weapon system we presently have -- or are developing -- is totally vulnerable to scalar EM weaponry.
This includes personnel, electronics (including fuzing and warhead), explosives, propellants, fuels, ordnance, ships, submarines, torpedoes, aircraft, helicopters, missiles, drones, rockets, tanks, armored vehicles, weapons carriers, self-propelled and towed artillery, communications, [see also] satellites, radars, command and control, directed energy weapon systems, surveillance and sensor systems, mines, artillery rounds and ammunition, nuclear warheads, etc.
We are in dire straits. We need a "Manhattan Project" of the highest priority. Now!
The Soviets have already had the equivalent of seven or eight Manhattan Projects in this area."
Crop circles, Glowing Orbs, and Scalar Interferometers
Scalar interferometry may explain many unusual phenomena that are being sighted. Two immediately come to mind, the glowing orbs that are being seen in the skies around the world, and the crop circles. Both phenomena could be easily accomplished with the new scalar superweapons. Balls of plasma flying through the sky at phenomenal speeds may well be the "marker beacons" of the scalar weapons. Marker beacons are created for fine tuning the aiming of the devices. Air Force jets were recently sent aloft from Edwards AFB to chase two just glowing orbs. After chasing them a while, the orbs simple vanished. That is to say, the scalar beams creating the orb were turned off.
By feeding a graphic pattern into the aiming software such a plasma ball could be made to trace out that pattern, at the distant interference zone (target zone), making the standing crops fall over, creating a crop circle. Remember there are many modes and effects of these weapons. They are really the engineering of reality itself.
If Tom Bearden's information is correct then we will have to reexamine world affairs in a new light, seeing the maneuvering of those forces who possess the new weapons. For one thing, there is no defense against such weapons other than having the weapons oneself. And it would appear that Russia (actually the KGB) is the most advanced in the development of these weapons, at least according to Tom Bearden, who has briefed the U.S. Military on these issues a number of times.
With the Bush cabal about to attack Iraq, against the objection of nearly the entire rest of the world, one has to wonder if we are about to see the world's first overt scalar war.
If the U.S. is to prevail in that attack, it can only be with the tacit permission of the Russian possessors of this technology, for they could easily cause any sky or land attack to fail. They could drop the warplanes out of the sky, cause tanks and all communications to fail, cause whole battallions to drop dead like limp rags. If they wanted to they could put up a Tesla dome over Baghdad that would be impenetrable to missiles, planes and bombs.
Won't it just be too tempting for some possessor of this technology to try turn the tide of the coming war with longitudinal wave interferometers? And will that lead to an all out war with these same weapons? The world's first scalar electromagnetic war? Or will restraint be shown, by all possesors of these weapons, allowing an old-fashioned war to proceed in the old-fashioned way?
The devices called "Tesla howitzers" can be put to a myriad of peaceful uses, including reversing global warming (vent the heat to outer space), and preparing a surefire means of preventing any asteroids from hitting the earth.
Bearden says that the Russian possessors of these devices must surely have understood that the devices could wipe out all life on earth, even upsetting the scalar balance of earth and sun resulting in large storms on the sun. They can also backfire on the user of them:
"Perhaps with the free and open release of Tesla's secret, the scientific and governmental bureaucracies will be shocked awake from their slumber, and we can develop defenses before Armageddon occurs. Perhaps there is hope after all -- for even Brezhnev, in his strange July, 1975 proposal to the SALT talks, seemed to reveal a perception that a turning point in war and weaponry may have been reached, and that human imagination is incapable of dealing with the ability to totally engineer reality itself.
"Having tested the weapons, the Soviets must be aware that the ill-provoked oscillation of timeflow affects the minds and thoughts -- and the very lifestreams and even the collective species unconsciousnesses -- of all lifeforms on earth. They must know that these weapons are two-edged swords, and that the backlash from their use can be far more terrible to the user than was the original effect to his victim.
"If we can avoid the Apocalypse, the fantastic secret of Nikola Tesla can be employed to cure and elevate man, not kill him. Tesla's discovery can eventually remove every conceivable external human limitation. If we humans ourselves can elevate our consciousness to properly utilize the Tesla electromagnetics, then Nikola Tesla -- who gave us the electrical twentieth century in the first place -- may yet give us a fantastic new future more shining and glorious than all the great scientists and sages have imagined."
The secrecy with which this technology has been held from the human race can only be called a crime again humanity. Instead of using these incredible new discoveries for good, for free energy, and for healing, shadowy groups around the world have used the technology to make terrible weapons of war such as the earth has never dreamed of.
A final word from Tom Bearden:
"The "terror" in the "balance of terror" between nations has just increased by many, many orders of magnitude.
"The biblical prophecy that the Earth will be wiped out by "fire and brimstone from heaven" is very near fulfillment now.
"Put another way, the pucker factor -- even on the Russians who may contemplate unleashing Armageddon -- is higher than any Western strategic analyst has ever imagined, even in his wildest nightmares.
"Truly these weapons are "more frightening than the mind of man has imagined," as Brezhnev put it in 1975.
"The frightening scalar EM weapons can be used, but only very, very gingerly indeed. If a slight mistake is made, everybody loses everything."



February 25, 2000/19 Adar I 5760, Vol. 52, No.25

Survey struggles with who is a Jew

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
NEW YORK -William Cohen's father was Jewish, but his mother was not. The young Cohen attended Hebrew school for years, but shortly before his bar mitzvah, the rabbi informed him he would have to undergo a conversion since he was not Jewish according to halacha ( Jewish law).

Offended, Cohen walked out of the synagogue, never to return. Now an adult - and the U.S. secretary of defense - Cohen is married to a Christian.


Are you ready for the Olam Ha Ba the "New World Order with Satan at the helm, or will you stand firm for the Written Word of God, Christ Jesus the Word?


Is Liberty destroyed in Canada too?


Avalanche kills seven high school students

By Rob Gillies in Toronto

03 February 2003


Seven skiers, all high school students, were killed when they were caught in an avalanche – the second fatal snow slide in two weeks in east-central British Columbia.

The dead were six boys and a girl, from Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, 12 miles south of Calgary, Alberta.

Tony Macoun, head of the school, said: "We are absolutely stricken with grief." The thoughts of the staff were with those who had lost a child in the accident.

There were 17 people in the group, three adults and 14 students in an outdoor education class, on their annual cross-country ski trip. The leaders were two male teachers and a male volunteer. All three leaders had certification and experience of remote country, Mr Macoun said.

The 10 survivors were taken to safety by helicopter. One was admitted to hospital and others suffered minor injuries.

Further details of the victims were not available until next of kin could be notified.

The avalanche began just before noon on Saturday and ran for about a mile in the Glacier National Park in western Canada. Some victims were buried under about nine feet (3m) of snow.

Avalanches are common in the region during the winter and the risk in the park at the time was listed as "considerable", although the area was not off-limits.

On 20 January an avalanche 19 miles away killed seven people – four Canadians and three Americans, including the snowboard pioneer Craig Kelly.(AP)



Skull and Bonesman Kerry finds his Jewish roots. Surprised?

Another Skull and Bones member who has been playing a prominent role in U.S. Establishment politics since the now-deceased McGeorge Bundy moved out of his Ford Foundation office in 1978 is U.S. Senator John Kerry--who has been mentioned as a possible Democratic Party presidential candidate in 2004

Surprise! Kerry's Czech Grandfather, Jewish Grandmother...



Take everyone's DNA fingerprint, says pioneer

By Steve Connor in Long Island, New York

03 February 2003

Everybody in Europe and the US should have their genetic fingerprints entered into an international database to enable law enforcement agencies to fight crime and terrorism in an unstable world, according to James Watson, the co-discoverer of the DNA double helix.


c.1997 N.Y. Times News Service<



MOSCOW—At a recent rally near Red Square to protest the Russian government's delays in paying salaries and pensions, people's rage quickly focused on a different culprit.

``Why are there no Russians in government?'' Zinaida Piskunova screeched. ``Why, why, why are there only Jews?'' She is 46, a rosy-cheeked collective farm worker from the city of Yaroslavl who wore a flowered kerchief and a sandwich board that read, ``Down With the Government, Zionist Know-It-Alls!''



The Overthrow Of The
American Republic
Part 26
Disasters of Convenience

by Sherman H. Skolnick

[1] On January 16, 2003, Space Shuttle "Columbia" lifted off into space. On that same day, the residence of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan was burglarized. As described by the Associated Press story, 1/22/2003, the maid had gone shopping. The residence had apparently been "cased" by the burglars for some time. According to AP, the thieves were looking for the jewelry of Greenspan's wife, Andrea Mitchell.[
[What they were really looking for is described in Part 25 of this series.]
[2] On February 1, 2003, Space shuttle "Columbia" exploded. Early reports, however, denied that it had exploded. On that afternoon, on network television, a person described as Andrea Mitchell told how the explosion of Space Shuttle "Challenger" on January 28, 1986, was a convenient disaster as to the then President Ronald Reagan. At the time, Reagan was being heckled with charges that he was implicated in the Iran-Contra situation. That funds secretly given to the Iranians were skimmed off to finance the counter-revolutionaries in Nicaragua, to evade the Boland Amendment, prohibiting the U.S. from financing the Contras as they were called.
At the time Daddy Bush, as Vice President, denied he knew anything about this. He said he was "out of the loop" and thus not told what was going on. Later facts brought out by the Independent Counsel showed otherwise. In later years, some Congressmen and other insiders admitted that they thought about impeaching President Reagan but thought it would be a bad thing for the nation. Working on a report on the Iran-Contra mess was a commission headed by Senator John Tower (R. Texas). For short, it was called the Tower Commission. In 1991, when he was unfairly defamed in being rejected by the Daddy Bush Administration for Secretary of Defense, Tower began grumbling he was going to bring out some dirty secrets of the elder Bush then President. Conveniently, Tower perished with his daughter in an apparent sabotaged plane crash in April, 1991. About the same time, Senator John Heinz (R., Penn.), heir to the Heinz Ketchup fortune was himself snuffed out when his airplane was hit from below by a helicopter. Although some believed it was foul play, others contended the helicopter pilot, examining whether the Heinz plane could not lower the landing wheels, slammed into the plane. Others raised  the sinister version that the whirlybird pilot wanted somehow to commit "suicide". Heinz' widow married Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.), long connected to the American CIA. Senator Kerry in investigating the dope traffic through his subcommittee, conveniently covered up the role of the espionage agency money laundry, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, that also financed the campaigns of a group of senators including Kerry.
[3] Those close to Greenspan, were in a position to know that he was getting tired of being ordered to do certain acts to unlawfully, in violation of Anti-Trust laws, force down the price of gold, among other things he was compelled by the aristocracy to do after being installed by them as head of their PRIVATE central bank. The "black bag" job on Greenspan's residence was the last straw. Despite negative acts Andrea Mitchell may have done prior to 2/1/2003, she did a brave and patriotic act, good for common Americans, to implicitly draw an analogy. That is, the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion was a Disaster of Convenience, just like that of "Challenger". It served to divert attention, for a period from the growing anti-war sentiment as to George W. Bush's plan to invade Iraq to remove his father's private business partner, from the 1980s, Saddam Hussein. Saddam and Daddy Bush shared billions of dollars from extortion practiced on the oil-rich weak sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. The secret partnership was the subject in 1990-91, of an unpublicized federal lawsuit in Chicago. I was the only journalist at the court hearing and in the back of the courtroom interviewed the participants. [Details in our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".] Like other once partnerships, these partners had a falling out.
As to how the Daddy Bush Whitehouse supplied the beginnings of Iraq's nuclear quest and that of bio-chemical weapons, see the heavily documented book "The Spider's Web" by Alan Friedman, investigative journalist for the Financial Times of London. How did Daddy Bush escape impeachment?
[4] On September 11, 2001, for some time after being informed one and then another plane slammed into the twin towers in lower Manhattan, George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House, described by some as a usurper of presidential powers, he continued to joke with school children about stories about goats. On Black Tuesday, Bush. He did not by phone, radio, or otherwise, immediately communicate with his Generals and Admirals. There was a strange stand-down of the military, described by some as part of a foreknowledge, deliberate plan.
On February 1, 2003, on the other hand, White House occupant Bush immediately was brought from Camp David to the White House where he began giving orders what was to be done.
[5] Astute commentators and investigators, such as Michael Ruppert, have raised the question that there was prior knowledge at the highest level of 9-11. The purpose, as described by Ruppert, and others, was to sidestep and head off, by the Black Tuesday disaster, the expected and impending financial meltdown of the United States.
By the disaster of convenience, the explosion of "Challenger", the Reagan/Elder Bush White House evaded the consequences of their treasonous acts and doings in the Iran-Contra Affair leading back to the treachery of the "October Surprise", where incumbent Jimmy Carter was shown to be a wimp because he could not get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by the Iranians. Daddy Bush, in a Paris suburb, secretly taped by the French CIA, paid off the Iranians to keep the hostages until the Reagan/Bush ticket won the election and were inaugurated. The hostages were released at the very moment Reagan was sworn in as the new President, January, 1981. By multiple gunmen shooting at him, however, a few weeks later, Reagan was warned he has to follow ORDERS. The failed assassination taught Reagan a lesson.
[6] A flood of misleading and contradictory reports by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press covered up any possible foul play in the disaster in 1986 of "Challenger". No official U.S. investigation was made of the high-tech Soviet ship located right near where "Challenger" lifted off and then very shortly thereafter exploded and the capsule fell into the ocean. The explosion was explained away, conveniently, by a possible failing of a retaining ring in the Space Shuttle, referred to as an "O ring". Naturally, the public beat on the brain repeatedly with that explanation, more or less accepted that. That was before widespread talk radio, before Internet, before more alternate ews reports now available.
[7] As to the explosion of "Columbia" Space Shuttle, Americans will no doubt be beat on the head again by the pressfakers. That some tiles came loose causing the disaster.
As to a split in the Aristocracy that would explain several strange events, the "Liars and Whores of the Press", as we see fit to call them, will not point to various happenings as possibly part of the same scenario. Black Tuesday and the growing understanding by careful investigators that there was prior knowledge. Such as counter-terror expert, FBI top official John P. O'Neill, who resigned just prior to 9-11, because the Bush White House ordered him to stop investigating Osama bin Laden. Why? Because of the Bush Crime Family being in partnership with the bin Laden Family that has NOT been on the outs with Osama. O'Neill became the new security chief of the World Trade Center, and although originally safe outside the buildings, was somehow lured inside to his death. [Visit earlier parts of this series for related details.]
Such as top officials of both the current Bush Administration being criminally implicated with the downfall of Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Andersen. Such as top officials of both the Republic National Committee and the Democrat National Committee being likewise criminally implicated.
Such as George W. Bush being blackmailed by the Red Chinese Secret Police to get U.S. military secrets out of him. Why? Because they and others, otherwise, may publicize the no longer secret cavorting of Bush with his male sex-mate. It is not, as we carefully have descibed, a PRIVATE matter, but a matter of national security. [See prior parts of this series.]
[8] Lawyers know how to split hairs to fudge on the truth. Bill Clinton's understanding of sex is when the male penetrates the female. Hence, Monica Lewinsky performing oral sex with him, was not, according to Clinton, "sex with that woman". In the "Columbia" disaster, NASA said it was too early to know what happened. Despite that, a spokesman for the newly created Homeland Security, boldly stated that no ground-to-air missile brought down the Space Shuttle at 207,000 feet above Earth. What about a Water-to-Air projectile? Conveniently left unsaid was any discussion of Star Wars, laser or particle beams possibly aimed at the Space Shuttle from satellite. Some reports contend a satellite mysteriously changed course just before the explosion of "Columbia".
And what about HAARP, the super-beam technology particularly good at putting many million watt scorching particularly at the level above earth that the "Columbia" was reportedly at when it exploded. The U.S. Military has bragged that they are always ten years ahead in technology where the ordinary people think the military is at. Savvy sorts contend particle beam technology is old hat. That there is a so far publicly un-named technology that can through electromagnetic or other pulsing, bring down airplanes (such as that of Wellstone where a witness said there was a strange flash near the plane's tail just as it dived into a crash).
[9] When there is a political assassination, the monopoly press NEVER raises the obvious question: WHO BENEFITS. If there is a disaster, and possible foul play is not ruled out, WHO BENEFITS.
Research note: In Part 25 of this series, I left out the fact that most all the details contained in that Part 25 story, were in a highly detailed petition, prepared by me, and submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, shortly after 1992. We asked that Channel 38 TV have its broadcast license revoked for having assisted in the coverup of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her business partners, including Diane Lewis, who was in September, 1992, arrested, of sending missile parts to known worldwide terrorists. And that the higher ups at Channel 38 aided and abetted these offenses in violation of federal criminal provisions as to exports. Highly political under the Clinton Administration, and long known as corrupt, the FCC refused us a hearing on our highly detailed petition asking for Channel 38 TV Chicago to be appropriately punished as a licensed tv broadcaster.
More coming....Stay tuned.
Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer and since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Since 1991, a regular panelist and since 1995, Moderator/Producer of "Broadsides", a weekly one hour taped public access Cable TV program, cablecast WITHIN CHICAGO, to upwards of 400,000 viewers each Monday evening, 9 p.m., Channel 21 Cable TV.
Office, 8 a.m. to midnight most 7 days (773) 375-5741 BUT DO NOT BOMBARD THIS LISTED PHONE, please, with "JUST ROUTINE" CALLS.
Updates of our work on a recorded phone message, NOT an expensive call (773) 731-1100.
WEBSITE: <> [NOTE "s" after name].
E-MAIL: <>
For a heavy packet of our printed stories send $5.00 [U.S. Funds] plus a stamped, self-addressed BUSINESS size envelope [ #10 envelope, 4-1/8 x 9-1/2 ] WITH THREE U.S. FIRST CLASS STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby, Chicago IL 60617-4870'.


And what ever you do, do NOT question a rogue government, or the Talmudic media will throw you to the sharks, the apostate naive apathetic pathetic sleeping masses, who hear no evil, see no evil nor do evil.

Hamza gloats over shuttle


and...but of course reported by the SUN

Me dost not know why the sun media did not put a patch over the left eye

HOOK-handed cleric Abu Hamza last night GLOATED over the shuttle disaster and rejoiced in the deaths of the seven astronauts.

The Muslim fanatic called the Columbia crew “thugs of space” who deserved to die.

He denounced the team — made up of Americans, an Israeli and an Indian-born Hindu — as a “trinity of evil” punished by Allah.

The 45-year-old cleric said they were “criminals” bent on boosting military satellite technology so America could dominate the world.

He claimed it was a sign from God that debris rained down on a Texas town named Palestine.

Hamza — banned from preaching his hate-filled sermons at London’s Finsbury Park mosque — said of the tragedy: “This was a divine act, a message for mankind.”

His rant caused outrage across Britain, in the grieving space communities of Houston and Cape Canaveral in the US and in Texan counties littered with wreckage.

Here, angry Muslims led renewed calls for Hamza, who lives in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, to be kicked out of the country.

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “He does not possess a scrap of human decency. How dare he gloat over a tragedy like this.”

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, said: “He continues to hurt the cause of Muslims.”

Shadow Home Secretary Oliver Letwin called Hamza’s remarks “monstrous, appalling, despicable and outrageous”.

He added: “All sensible people will be amazed someone can engage in such blatant incitement without anyone laying a finger on him.”

Labour MP Andrew Dismore branded the cleric sick and said: “The sooner we get rid of him the better.”

At Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, shocked Nasa spokeswoman Kandy Warren said: “Oh my God, that is horrible.”

Hamza was blasted by British tourists laying flowers there.

Jonathan Bancroft, 31, from Newport, South Wales, said: “I can’t believe our taxes are keeping this man. He is scum.”

Palestine’s mayor George Foss accused Hamza of spouting “horrific nonsense”.

And local café owner Judi Summerville said: “He is the monster, not the astronauts.”

Vinod Patel, leader of Houston’s Hindu community, said: “I would use his hook to attach him to the next shuttle and blast him into space.”

The American victims in Saturday’s disaster were Rick Husband, 45, William McCool, 41, Michael Anderson, 43, David Brown, 46, and Laurel Clark, 41.

Indian-born Kalpana Chawla, 41, and the first Israeli in space, Ilan Ramon, 48, also died.


Politicizing the Tradgedy for  their wars of hashem their g-d and their coming Moshiach, their false god


For Immediate Release  

Tribute to Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon with IDF Air Force Commander Ze’ev Raz on the Tovia Singer Show  

New York, NY - (February 4, 2003) IDF Air Force Commander Ze'ev Raz,who led the Israeli air strike against Iraq's nuclear facility in 1981 with Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon, on the Tovia Singer Show, Tuesday, February 4 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM New York time and 10:00 PM to Midnight Israeli time on Arutz-7 Israel National Radio and around the world on the Internet at  

Also featured is political commentator, David Zev Harris, of Media Line Services.  Mr. Harris covered news for the BBC before becoming the Knesset (Parliament) and Diplomatic correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. He became a world-wide broadcast figure when he was tapped by the Post to launch JPost Radio. Today, Mr. Harris serves as The Media Line's Bureau Chief for News Services.

The show will be broadcast live throughout Israel on 98.7 FM and 1539 AM, Arutz-7’s Foreign Language station.  Worldwide audiences need not worry about missing a single broadcast despite the distance to the Holy Land .  This provocative program is available via the Internet in English through on a live stream at 


You can also participate in this live program by calling into our on-air studio line toll-free from the US and Canada is (800) 315-JEWS, that's (800) 315-5397; Israel at 1-800-3-700-7000; England at 00 800 3-700-7000; and South Africa : 09 800 3-700-7000.  Or, participate live through the Internet on Paltalk Radio at 


That's right folks, the Talmudic Jews only mourn for Jews. Forget about the other six Goyim astronauts.



NY Times Editorial For Columbia Crew
From The Rip Post

This editorial contains the requisite statements you would
expect in describing an event of the tragedy and controvery of the Columbia
disaster---until you reach the last paragraph. There, the New York Times
indecently uses the forum to campaign on behalf of Israel. It exploits the
death of Israel's first astronaut, war hero Ilan Ramon, to make a point about
Israel's commitment to peace. In singling out Ramon, the editorial implies
that his death is more important than that of the other astronauts, because
of its symbolic importance pertaining to Israel. This turns what should be a
tribute to seven fine, courageous people into a cheap forum for politics. The
Rip Post finds this utterly disgusting.


E-mail received 2-8-2003


This is the fourth or fifth time in Oregon in the same area near Klamath
Falls/Medford in the last couple of years.  The other place it has happened
two or three times is in Pendleton and Umitalla, in the northeast corner of
the state.  Today also Texas shows a radar anomaly.

We dont know how these pieces come together, but straight out to  the west
40 miles from this anomaly center is an active volcano, recently
experiencing swarms of small earthquakes.   Also, on the ORBIT website there
are satellite pictures about 200 miles off the coast, of three ancient
pyramids on the sea floor, apparently man made.

Another thing we can attest is to heavy chemtrail in the skies the last few
days.  We have heard that the chemtrails lay down a covering that reacts to
the electromagnetic manipulating machines they are developing.  At the FLASH
RADAR site are archived maps with all kinds of radar impressions, no
explanations for what they are revealing or their  obviouusly unnatural
source.  Some show beams that go across three states..... look at the ones
of Brookhaven where the atom smasher machine is - sometimes it is lit like
neon hundreds of miles...... Like the fields Tesla was reported to have
generated in his experiments with electromagnetic energy.... only today it
goes into weapons .... Tesla said he wanted to END ALL WARS with this
technology .... they exploited his true intent and profitted  from his work.

We saw on television that the technology is to be able to translate
electicity digitally through satellite and "sell" it across the world, say
from United States, Alaska where the electricity is generated in the HAARP
arrays, then transmitted to China and "reconstituted" over there from the
digital form..... that was the picture shown anyway ... so again, all this
in the corporate interest/money????  Westinghouse  owns the Satellite they
showed on the film about the technology on PBS.....  Just like the "war",
all in the corporate interest.

We recently read about a secret communications system being built in America
with low wave frequencies, more of Tesla's work,  with connecting lines
every three hundred miles or so, waves that hug the ground as they travel
instead of airborne - also killing dolphins and whales, who knows what all
it is destroying.

We read that a NORAD part of the HAARP array was put in the ground some
years ago at Klamath also.  The Oregon Vortex, an anomaly in itself in the
earths magnetic field, is also in this area.  Have no idea if it effects
what we have been seeing flash on the radar once or twice a year in those
two areas of Oregon ....

We are all guinea pigs in an increasingly unknown environment, with people
who are acting in secret making decisions and refusing to disclose  to us
what they are doing.....TIME FOR FULL DISCLOSURE...... an end to the
games..... and equal prosecution... what are they DOING?????


pamela gaston


To usher in the Chabad Lubavitcher Babylonian Olam Ha Ba of their coming false-Christ, mere man god, Moshiach ben Satan, whom they already call Moshiach ben Dovid, they must have a global crisis, global Chaos, ordo ab chao "Order out of Chaos" Just as they had planned in the Kennedy Cuban Crisis, using the NASA space program. Babylonian Mystery of Iniquity, the whore who chose another, rejecting the cornerstone, Christ Jesus.





The Space Shuttle's
Secret Military Mission
Astronaut Ilan Ramon Spied On Iraq With A Multispectral Camera.
Were Spectral Emissions From The Shuttle Powered By Americium-242?

By Yoichi Clark Shimatsu
From <>The Laissez Faire Electronic Times

Night vision actively makes visible things hidden in darkness. It is a subliminal technology that projects an infrared beam onto obscure objects, which appear through digital lenses as phosphorescent ghost-like images. Conventional optical devices, in contrast, are passive, receiving light from external sources such as stars and street lamps or the sunlight reflected off surfaces. Telescopes, even powerful ones, become grainy in low-light, low-contrast situations.
This is why farmers and sawmills around the world burn their fields and scrap wood on damp days. Optical air-pollution monitors in nearby towns cannot detect the smoke plumes through the mist. Likewise, anyone trying to dispose of waste gases - from chemical-weapons laboratories, for instance - uses the same technique of releasing emissions under cloud cover or at nighttime to evade detection by spy satellites.
The only way to spot such "smoking-gun evidence," as in the case of Iraq's alleged chemical weapons program, is to mount a beam-generating technology, basically a souped-up version of night vision, on to a platform circling over the suspect territory.
Thus, for 16 days in orbit, Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon made earth observations with a cluster of instruments, which NASA called "a multi-spectral telescope." Designed to survey the air quality over the deserts of the Middle East, his "telescope" was built by a research team at Tel Aviv University and a U.S. company, Orbital Sciences Corp. His research project was called MEIDEX (Mediterranean-Israel dust experiment).[1]
According to Israel Line magazine, MEIDEX "called for Ramon to observe and take pictures of atmospheric aerosols in the Mediterranean area using ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared array-detector cameras." The acronym seems disingenuous because the letters ME are usually employed by Israeli research projects to stand for "Middle East."
The computer-controlled cameras were pointed earthward to detect desert dust and "pollution aerosols . . . to provide scientific information about atmospheric aerosols and the influence of global changes on the climate." The data was directly transmitted to Tel Aviv University and, according to investigative journalist Gordon Thomas, on to the Israeli Biological Institute, the hub of Israel's nerve-gas and bioweapons programs.[2]
With computer enhancement, the collected images reveal the chemical composition of the stew of gases and droplets swirling over the desert. The ultraviolet and visible rays, originating from the sun, showed the normal background of the atmosphere - mineral particles, methane, car exhaust fumes and oil well burn-off - during daylight hours when Saddam Hussein's laboratories don't dare release their toxic wastes (assuming if indeed these are being produced or destroyed). The important data, however, must be gathered during chemical releases at night or under clouds, and this is where infrared cameras come into play.
Infrared cameras pick up the heat waves generated by artificial sources such as power plants and oil refineries. What if, however, Saddam's chemists were to take the precaution of cooling toxic emissions before dispersing them into the air? To detect cooler gases, an effective night-shot camera needs to generate its own infrared beam. It would have to be an extraordinarily powerful beam to penetrate the clouds far below.
Night vision, as any special-forces soldier or video enthusiast learns, is limited by the infrared beam's range. More power means more range. A space shuttle, however, simply cannot generate the staggering amount of extra power that the MEIDEX telescope requires on the sun-blocked side of Earth. To eliminate the risk of a power shutdown to the other experiments and the spaceship itself, a multi-spectral telescope requires an independent source of power, and the obvious solution is nuclear power.
During the search for Columbia debris, one of the sheriffs in Texas told reporters about the danger posed by radioactive equipment from the shuttle. NASA repeatedly warned of hazardous substances without disclosing any specifics. Most media commentators assumed that the space agency issued the bogus warnings to discourage souvenir collectors. Maybe the sheriff wasn't lying.[3]
The Russians have been known to install nuclear reactors aboard their mammoth satellites. The shuttle, however, is a lighter craft with a human crew - not the place for a lead-lined thermonuclear chamber. It turns out, however, that Ben-Gurion University's nuclear physics department has produced an exotic type of fissionable fuel called americium-242.[4] According to a university news release, americium-242 "requires only 1 percent of the mass of uranium or plutonium to reach its critical state. It was found that this fuel could sustain fission in the form of extremely thin films of these elements, less than a thousandth of a millimeter thick. In this form, the exceedingly high-energy, high-temperature fission products can escape the fuel elements and be used for propulsion in space - either by heating a gas for propulsion, or by fueling a special generator that produces electricity."[5]
Searching for these radioactive wafers across the state of Texas goes one better than the proverbial needle in the haystack.
NASA is reportedly considering nuclear-fueled spacecraft for future missions, since an americium-242 engine is expected to 10 times faster than current rocket technology.[6] A more immediate application of this exotic nuclear fuel is to provide the kick for space-based weapons, including laser cannons and electromagnetic pulse weapons. (Not by coincidence perhaps, Ilan Ramon and Commander William McCool were both specialists in electromagnetic warfare.)[7]
Space weaponry mounted on orbiting platforms, however, is illegal under several United Nations treaties; international law is the major obstacle to their deployment. Therefore, the anti-missile missiles developed by the U.S. and Israeli militaries serve as a convenient ploy to sell the National Missile Defense program to a technology-illiterate public. The Arrow and Patriot series are hopelessly clumsy ground-based technologies.
How then can the Bush and Sharon administrations win public support for space-based weapons? A cynical solution is to make martyrs of an Israeli-American space shuttle crew. Show them to be victims of outmoded technology and, more important, obsolete thinking in NASA and in Congress about keeping space free of nuclear power and potential war-making technologies. Is it conceivable that an American president would deliberately sabotage the Columbia? If his agenda is to affect a shift of NASA from a hybrid civilian-military space agency to an arm of the Pentagon's ballistic missile defense program, then no sacrifice could be too great - especially if Ilan Ramon's telescope had failed to detect any smoking guns over Iraq. As for the Israeli leader, it must be recalled that the Likud movement is built on the cult of martyrdom - from ancient Masada and the Warsaw ghetto to the Irgun fighters killed in fratricidal violence by Haganah militiamen at the birth of Israel, from Yonathan Netanyahu's demise in Entebbe to - now - the death of Colonel Ilan Ramon, nonchalant bomber of Iraq's nuclear plant repackaged as a hero of science.
An Experiment Gone Awry?
Undoubtedly, the official investigation will determine the Columbia disaster was not an accident by design. Blue-ribbon committees will piously give their independent endorsements, even if martyrs were made to order. Instead of jumping to conspiracy theories, even a harsh critic of NMD must admit that the Columbia disaster could have been an accident - though not one caused by loose tiles but by an experiment gone awry.
Ilan Ramon's telescope was "multi-spectral." This is an interesting word because it could refer to either the electromagnetic spectrum or ghostly apparitions. Taking a cue from Derrida's "Specters," the mission may have been haunted, though not in the way those of apocalyptic mindset have linked the Columbia's destruction to the over-flight town of Palestine, Texas.
Naomi Elliman, in her article "Israel in Space" posted on the Israeli Ministry of Finance website, disclosed "Ramon also investigated sprites."[8] Sprites and Ramon! His was a fascination resembling Nabokov's obsession with butterflies. Sprites, like butterflies, fly but they are traditionally classified as UFOs or as avenging angels. These spectral lights composed of ionized plasma (gas atoms stripped of electrons) are, Elliman explains, "rare forms of lightning that occur above thunderstorms at heights of up to 90 kilometers," or 55 miles above sea level.
As Columbia swung down to 36 miles altitude, an amateur astronomer in California snapped five shots of the descending shuttle with his Nikon. The photographs, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, showed a mysterious orange aura tinged with purple hovering over the ship's left wing.[9] Was this phantom-flame merely a trick of light or was it the luminous sprite that pilot Ilan Ramon had been chasing for years?
If Ramon had switched on his multi-spectral cameras - probably with childlike delight - as Columbia traversed the Pacific, he did not foresee the fatal consequences. The negative charge of the high-energy electron pulse from the americium-242 would attract the positive charge of the gas plasma generated by sprites (lighting is positive in the upper elevations). The strange attraction - half natural, half artificial - would have been as powerful as a Star Trek traction beam reeling in a Klingon interceptor.
A lightning burst would account for the sudden surge in temperature, the immediate shutdown of heat sensors and communications systems (why the ghostly "last words" were never transmitted to NASA monitors), and for the tumbling that sent Columbia, a flaming chariot of the heavens, to her doom.
1. Does the ME in MEIDEX stand for Mediterranean? According to the Israel Space Agency: "In 1999, ISA and NASA established in Israel the 'Middle East Interactive Data Archive (ISA-MEIDA)' in order to create and maintain an Earth observing data center."
2. Gordon Thomas, Ireland-based intelligence expert.
3. Comments by Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss on the threat of radioactive cargo aboard the Columbia were reported on CNBC-TV on Feb. 3 and later on PBS.
4. Americium-242m or 242Amm: Americium is used in chemical-weapons detectors and superconducters. The Americium-242m isotope is described in: SpaceDaily 2001.01.06. Journal: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research No.455 pp. 442-451 December 2000 Yigal Ronen & Eugene Shwagerous
5. Ben-Gurion University (2001): "Space vehicles are about to receive a very large (and quite literal) boost from Israeli research, according to scientists at Ben-Gurion University. They have shown that a new type of nuclear fuel could cut the travel time from Earth to Mars from 10 months to only two weeks. 'It has long been known that the less the nuclear reactor which powers a space vehicle weighs, the more efficient space travel is,' says Prof. Yigal Ronen, of the university's Department of Nuclear Engineering. To meet the challenge of a light nuclear reactor, Ronen examined one element of reactor design - the fuel. The study focused on the nuclear fission fuel americium-242m, which requires only one percent of the mass of uranium or plutonium to reach its critical state. It was found that this fuel could sustain fission in the form of extremely thin films of these elements, less than a thousandth of a millimeter thick. In this form, the exceedingly high-energy, high-temperature fission products can escape the fuel elements and be used for propulsion in space - either by heating a gas for propulsion, or by fueling a special generator that produces electricity. There are still many hurdles to overcome before americium-242m can be used in space - examining reactor design, refueling, heat removal and safety provisions for manned vehicles - as well as the high cost of its manufacture. Americium-242m is already available in small quantities, and Ronen believes that the fuel will eventually be used for space travel."
6. NASA Nuclear-powered space vehicles: Los Angeles Times, 2002.01.17 article by Peter Pae "NASA 2004 budget to include funding for Nuclear Space Initiative" Also known as "Project Prometheus".
7. Electromagnetic warfare: Ilan Ramon was part of the 8-jet squadron that attacked the Iraqi nuclear power plant in 1981. His mission was to deceive the Iraqi radar by sending a false signal that made the jets appear to be a single commercial airliner.
Cmdr. William McCool (US Navy commander) trained on and flew Prowler electromagnetic warfare tactical aircraft at Whitbey Naval Station in Washington State.
NOTE: Kalpana Chawla (the Indian-American woman) was the only non-military crew member of the Columbia, but she was a defense-technology researcher.
NASA: EDUCATION: Graduated from Tagore School, Karnal, India, in 1976. Bachelor of science degree in aeronautical engineering from Punjab Engineering College, India, 1982. Master of science degree in aerospace engineering from University of Texas, 1984. Doctorate of philosophy in aerospace engineering from University of Colorado, 1988.
EXPERIENCE: In 1988, Kalpana Chawla started work at NASA Ames Research Center in the area of powered-lift computational fluid dynamics. Her research concentrated on simulation of complex airflows encountered around aircraft such as the Harrier (vertical takeoff assault jet) in "ground-effect." Following completion of this project she supported research in mapping of flow solvers to parallel computers, and testing of these solvers by carrying out powered lift computations. In 1993 Kalpana Chawla joined Overset Methods Inc., Los Altos, California, as Vice President and Research Scientist to form a team with other researchers specializing in simulation of moving multiple body problems. She was responsible for development and implementation of efficient techniques to perform aerodynamic optimization.
8. Sprites: Ilan Ramon's interest in sprites indicates that he may have been part of the Israeli Air Force team specializing in chasing UFOs.
9. San Francisco Chronicle 2003.2.2 David Perlman "Photos show odd images near shuttle"
[Secret Search Note: Encryption can be done with SOFTWARE. No need for a special piece of black hardware. They are looking for something else.]
Yahoo! News - Secret Shuttle Part Sought in Texas
Secret Shuttle Part Sought in Texas Search
Thu Feb 6, 4:00 PM ET Top Stories - Reuters
By Rick Wilking
BRONSON, Texas (Reuters) - Hundreds of National Guardsmen, federal agents, state troopers and volunteers closely searched this tiny Texas town on Thursday, looking for what was believed to be a top-secret device that fell from the shuttle Columbia when the spacecraft broke apart last week.
They formed long lines to walk through block-by-block and used machetes to hack their way through the thick woods that envelope the town, which is near the Texas-Louisiana border, 125 miles northeast of Houston.
The shuttle fell in thousands of pieces on Saturday, killing the seven astronauts on board. NASA is trying to recover shuttle parts from Louisiana to California in hopes of understanding why the disaster occurred.
Written instructions given to the searchers in Bronson showed a picture of a faceplate from the device, which in white letters on a black background spelled out "Secret Government Property."
People involved in the search told Reuters they had not been told what the device was, but said that they had found lots of shuttle debris in Bronson, including a high number of circuit boards and other electronic items.
A report in the Houston Chronicle on Thursday said searchers were looking for a communications device that handled encrypted messages between the shuttle and the ground.
It said the device was in a government "telecommunications security" category that normally allowed handling only under the tightest of restrictions.
Texas state troopers stood guard over the operation and told photographers to keep their distance. They said they would be asked to leave the area if searchers found something they did not want photographed.
Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss, asked about the item at a Thursday news conference in nearby Nacogdoches, would only say that he was aware of the search for it.
Searchers were hampered on Thursday by a cold, heavy rain that turned the east Texas forest into a muddy bog.
They said there was an urgency about the hunt for parts because the area was prone to flooding.
Yoichi Clark Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based journalist and former general editor of
The Japan Times Weekly in Tokyo. His email address is
from The Laissez Faire Electronic Times, Vol 2, No 7, February 17, 2003
Editor - Emile Zola     Publisher - Digital Monetary Trust
________ Columbia Investigation Controversies
Medium Rare
By Jim Rarey

If the conclusion in the Columbia tragedy is not controversial, the investigators themselves will more than make up for it. What with NASA spokespersons contradicting each other, theories being put forth, then dismissed only to be postulated again and finally admitting to the obvious, if the public isnât confused, they arenât paying attention. And this doesnât even involve the so-called ăindependent ă panel appointed by NASA Administrator Sean OâKeefe.

Early on the first hypothesis was that tiles had come off that were damaged on takeoff. Then, that was dismissed since that had been investigated a day or two after liftoff, using projections and simulations. A few days later that theory was put back on the table since no better theory arose. That is, no theory they were willing to consider.

Two photographs, one taken in California and the other in Nevada, showed the shuttle being hit by significant electrical discharges of some kind. NASAâs first reaction to the California picture was that something may have been wrong with the camera or it was jiggled (although on a tripod) when the photo was snapped accounting for the lightning-like streak that appeared to hit the Columbia.

However that theory died when the camera manufacturer tested 1.000 identical cameras (which were digital contrary to initial reports, thus not requiring film to be developed) and could not duplicate the phenomenon.

That was before the Nevada photograph surfaced. Then the theory was advanced that the bolt of electricity could have been a ăPixieä a fairly common phenomenon where, in certain weather conditions, electrical discharges jump from clouds to the Ionosphere and vice versa.

That was immediately discounted by outside scientists and meteorologists (who are also scientists, before I get any hate mail) pointing out that there were no clouds or adverse weather conditions at that time. NASA has on several occasions delayed shuttle re-entry to avoid storm conditions. Since then, NASA and the media have been doing their best to ignore both images. 

Then NASA officials pointed to the fact that, up until then, no debris had been found west of Texas, which didnât support the eyewitness who said he saw pieces breaking off the shuttle over California.

However, yesterday (Wednesday) NASA finally admitted the obvious. The shuttle started to break up over California. Of course any first year physics student, or even common sense, would tell one that pieces coming off an object traveling at 21 time the speed of sound at an altitude of more than 43 miles, would not touch down anywhere near where they came off. NASA also pledged that any further information would be released through the ăindependentä panel.

The NASA charter for the panel has already been revised three times in incremental efforts to give the perception of independence from NASA. NASA Administrator Sean OâKeefe has made all the appointments. In this writerâs article of Feb. 8, it was pretty much established that the panel, as it was constituted then, was loaded with military brass with connections to the Air Force directed energy weapons programs.

It has been acknowledged that one of the experiments carried out on the Columbia was the release of two miniature satellites into space from the shuttle. Called ăpicosatellitesä developed by defense contractor The Aerospace Corporation and funded by DARPA, they are the precursors of inspector satellites to spy on other full-size satellites.

A local sheriff in Texas has reported some of the shuttle debris recovered is radioactive. So far there has been no confirmation or denial from NASA. One science writer claims an experimental night vision multi-spectral telescope that was powered by a new isotope used in nuclear power named Americium ö242 was used in the Columbiaâs orbiting around the earth to evaluate vapors in Iraq evidencing night-time disposal of chemical weapons material.

The panel has a momentous task to sort everything out and didnât really need the unnecessary controversies it has brought on itself (or been visited on it by OâKeefeâs appointments).
For starters, a NASA spokesperson said OâKeefe appointed the panel the day after the Columbia crash. However, OâKeefe later told the press that the panel was in place before the Columbia tragedy as part of a contingency plan following the Challenger disaster.

Two appointments made over the weekend have stirred the pot. The first, Sheila E. Widnall, a MIT professor seemed innocuous enough although she is also a former Air Force Secretary in the Clinton administration. We now find that she also was a paid consultant to the Boeing Corporation. Boeing and its joint venture partner Lockheed Martin in United Space Alliance manage both the space station and shuttle programs. The joint venture is shielded from liability in the tragedy as NASA has indemnified it.

MIT and a spinoff (MITRE) are very much involved with the military space program. Widnall has been joined on the MIT faculty by John Deutch, former Director of the CIA and a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and CitiGroup.

In 1959, MIT spun off its Lincoln Laboratory as a private company and renamed it MITRE. Its first Chairman of the Board of Trustees was H. Rowan Gaither.

"In the fall of 1953, Norman Dodd, Director of Research for the Reece Committee, was invited to the headquarters of the Ford Foundation by its president, H. Rowan Gaither (CFR).

According to Dodd, Gaither told him: "Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience, either in O.S.S. or the European Economic Administration, with directives from the White House. We operate under those directives here. Would you like to know what those directives are?" Dodd replied that he would. Gaither said: "The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

MITRE has been involved in weapons development with the DOD since inception. Its first facility outside of Massachusetts was at the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, home of the Air Force Space Command. MITRE also developed the unmanned planes the CIA is now using for reconnaissance (and assassination).

Most of the DOD appropriations for directed energy weapons go to the Air Force. However, the Department of Energy has played a large role in the research and development of the weapons. At least four of the department's 10 secret laboratories are involved in the general category of "directed energy" weapons. All ten of the labs are "GOCO's" that is government owned, contractor operated.

For instance, DOE's Sandia lab located at Kirtland Air Force Base is in the forefront of directed energy research and experimentation. It has a 23000 square meter building that houses the world's most powerful gamma simulator. It is capable of generating extremely short bursts of an electron beam of 13 trillion watts. It is used primarily for simulating the effects of prompt radiation from a nuclear burst on electronics and complete military systems. The contractor managing the Sandia lab is Lockheed Martin.

The Air Force operates 14 space weapons programs in space, and at least two ground based platforms including Sandia and the HAARP installation in Alaska masquerading as a scientific examination into the effects of high auroral activity on the ionosphere.

OâKeefeâs second appointment over the weekend may be the most controversial. Roger Tetrault was supposed to quell criticism that the panelâs members are too close to NASA. However, the Orlando Sentinel disclosed the day after his appointment that Tetrault is former Chairman and CEO of McDermott, International at the same time that OâKeefe was a director and member of the audit committee on a subsidiary, J. Ray McDermott of which Tetrault was also the chairman of the board.

Before becoming CEO of McDermott International, Tetrault was vice president of a McDermott subsidiary, Babcock and Wilcox, which made parts for the shuttlesâ solid rocket boosters.

Another McDermott subsidiary, BWXT is the sole supplier of nuclear fuel for the U.S. Navy and for research and test reactor fuel for DOEâs national laboratories. It also processes enriched uranium. In partnership with Bechtel National, Inc. it manages the DOEâs Oak Ridge uranium enrichment operation. Another joint venture of McDermott International (DynMcDermott) with DynCorp has for the last nine years, and will for the next five years, manage the DOEâs U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

In 1999, during OâKeefe and Tetraultâs tenure at J. Ray McDermott, former vice-president Littleton Edwards Walker pled guilty to one felony count of bid rigging. On May 16, 2000, the former president of the company, Michael Harless Lam, was indicted on one count of conspiracy in bid rigging and two counts of mail fraud. As far as this writer can determine, the above is the first mention in the media of the guilty plea and indictment in relation to OâKeefe and Tetraultâs involvement with NASA or the Columbia investigation. But you can bet it wonât be the last.
(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)
Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.
The author is a freelance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a former newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs administrator and accountant, and a student of history and the U.S. Constitution.
If you would like to receive Medium Rare articles directly, please contact the author at

Hate Crimes of the Talmud Bavli of the Pharisaic Rabbi's of the Chabad Lubavitch of the synagogues of Satan and of the Judeo Churchizionist who long for the master race of the Olam Ha Ba, New World Order

The Talmud is Judaism's holiest book (actually a collection of books). Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in Judaism. Evidence of this may be found in the Talmud itself, Erubin 21b (Soncino edition): "My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of the Scribes than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament)."

The supremacy of the Talmud over the Bible in the Israeli state may also be seen in the case of the black Ethiopian Jews. Ethiopians are very knowledgeable of the Old Testament. However, their religion is so ancient it pre-dates the Scribes' Talmud, of which the Ethiopians have no knowledge. According to the N.Y. Times of Sept. 29, 1992, p.4:

"The problem is that Ethiopian Jewish tradition goes no further than the Bible or Torah; the later Talmud and other commentaries that form the basis of modern traditions never came their way."

Because they are not traffickers in Talmudic tradition, the black Ethiopian Jews are discriminated against and have been forbidden by the Zionists to perform marriages, funerals and other services in the Israeli state.

Rabbi Joseph D. Soloveitchik is regarded as one of the most influential rabbis of the 20th century, the "unchallenged leader" of Orthodox Judaism and the top international authority on halakha (Jewish religious law). Soloveitchik was responsible for instructing and ordaining more than 2,000 rabbis, "an entire generation" of Jewish leadership.

N.Y. Times religion reporter Ari Goldman described the basis of the rabbi's authority:

"Soloveitchik came from a long line of distinguished Talmudic scholars...Until his early 20s, he devoted himself almost exclusively to the study of the Talmud...He came to Yeshiva University's Elchanan Theological Seminary where he remained the pre-eminent teacher in the Talmud...He held the title of Leib Merkin professor of Talmud...sitting with his feet crossed in front of a table bearing an open volume of the Talmud." (N.Y. Times, April 10, 1993, p. 38).

Nowhere does Goldman refer to Soloveitchik's knowledge of the Bible as the basis for being one of the leading authorities on Jewish law.

The rabbi's credentials are all predicated upon his mastery of the Talmud. Other studies are clearly secondary. Britain's Jewish Chronicle of March 26, 1993 states that in religious school (yeshiva), Jews are "devoted to the Talmud to the exclusion of everything else."

The Talmud Nullifies the Bible

The Jewish Scribes claim the Talmud is partly a collection of traditions Moses gave them in oral form. These had not yet been written down in Jesus' time. Christ condemned the traditions of the Mishnah (early Talmud) and those who taught it (Scribes and Pharisees), because the Talmud nullifies the teachings of the Holy Bible.

Shmuel Safrai in The Literature of the Sages Part One (p.164), points out that in chapters 4 and 5 of the Talmud's Gittin Tractate, the Talmud nullifies the Biblical teaching concerning money-lending: "Hillel decreed the prozbul for the betterment of the world. The prozbul is a legal fiction which allows debts to be collected after the Sabbatical year and it was Hillel's intention thereby to overcome the fear that money-lenders had of losing their money."

The famous warning of Jesus Christ about the tradition of men that voids Scripture (Mark 7:1-13), is in fact, a direct reference to the Talmud, or more specifically, the forerunner of the first part of it, the Mishnah, which existed in oral form during Christ's lifetime, before being committed to writing. Mark chapter 7, from verse one through thirteen, represents Our Lord's pointed condemnation of the Mishnah.

Unfortunately, due to the abysmal ignorance of our day, the widespread "Judeo-Christian" notion is that the Old Testament is the supreme book of Judaism. But this is not so. The Pharisees teach for doctrine the commandments of rabbis, not God.

The Talmudic commentary on the Bible is their supreme law, and not the Bible itself. That commentary does indeed, as Jesus said, void the laws of God, not uphold them. As students of the Talmud, we know this to be true.

Jewish scholar Hyam Maccoby, in Judaism on Trial, quotes Rabbi Yehiel ben Joseph: "Further, without the Talmud, we would not be able to understand passages in the Bible...God has handed this authority to the sages and tradition is a necessity as well as scripture. The Sages also made enactments of their own...anyone who does not study the Talmud cannot understand Scripture."

There is a tiny Jewish sect which makes considerable effort to eschew Talmud and adhere to the Old Testament alone. These are the Karaites, a group which, historically, has been most hated and severely persecuted by orthodox Jewish rabbinate.

To the Mishnah the rabbis later added the Gemara (rabbinical commentaries). Together these comprise the Talmud. There are two versions, the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud.

The Babylonian Talmud is regarded as the authoritative version: "The authority of the Babylonian Talmud is also greater than that of the Jerusalem Talmud. In cases of doubt the former is decisive." (R.C. Musaph-Andriesse, From Torah to Kabbalah: A Basic Introduction to the Writings of Judaism, p. 40).

This study is based on the Jewish-authorized Babylonian Talmud. We have published herein the authenticated sayings of the Jewish Talmud. Look them up for yourself.

We publish the following irrefutable documentation in the hope of liberating all people, including Jewish people, from the corrosive delusions and racism of this Talmudic hate literature, which is the manual of Orthodox and Hasidic Jews the world over.

The implementation by Jewish supremacists of Talmudic hate literature has caused untold suffering throughout history and now, in occupied Palestine, it is used as a justification for the mass murder of Palestinian civilians. The Talmud specifically defines all who are not Jews as non-human animals.


And of course the Jahova's Witnesses, whose boss Charles Taze Russell was buried inder the all seeing eye of Horus and his mystical pyramid, are become obedient goy Noachides

* If you are a Y-E-H-O-V-A-H witness, and you read these verses in the translation that is made by your church, than it will not say that Jesus was worshipped. It says in your "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" that they did obeisance to him, where all other translations say that he was worshipped. Since you don't believe in a trinity, but only believe in the one true G.d (may his name be blessed), your translation had to be made in such a way that it would fit your religion. However, in Matthew 4:9-10, and in Luke 4:7-8, the devil tries to entice Jesus to worship him. Jesus answers upon this that G.d must be worshipped and Him alone must be rendered sacred service. The Greek word proskuneo, here correctly translated in your translation as "worship", is also used in these verses where it says that Jesus is worshipped. You can very easily verify this by means of "The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures", published by your own church. This is a Greek text of the New Testament, based upon the Greek text of Westcott and Hort, that has an English translation alongside and underneath each Greek word. Please ask your spiritual leaders why in one place the word proskuneo is translated as "to worship", and in another place as "to do obeisance." Since you already believe in the one true G.d, you are just one small step away from being a righteous Noachide. Open your eyes and realize the truth about him that you think is your Messiah and take upon you all the Noachide commandments.


Did the Sofiet Bolsheviks win the cold war?


=93Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform. ... Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary. Jewish courts will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha.... .... And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law.=94


Are the Sofiet Bolshevik Talmudic son's of the synagogue of Israel in control of the United States Government as well as all other Governments upon earth at this time?

We do find that the Israelites who left Egypt were taken through the same steps that a convert would take today: the men were obligated to circumcise themselves before leaving Egypt, they immersed themselves three days before the revelation, and they were formally asked if they would accept the yoke of observance the day before recieving the decalogue. The Talmud find allusions in the book of Ruth that indicate that she converted according to the current process. The same word, "geir", is used in the Torah to describe two kinds of people. As this causes confusion, the Talmud utilizes adjectives to distinguish the two. The "geir tzedek" (righteous convert) is what we usually think of when we say "geir". However, there is also the person who decides to observe the 7 categories of laws required by G-d's covenant with Noah. In modern parlance such a person is called a "Noachide" (or Noahide). How does this relate to "geir"? Here's how. A Noachide who agrees to live in a Jewish Israel, within a government run by Torah law (such as that of the 1st Temple period, or under the Sanhedrin, or after the messiah establishes a third commonwealth), but as a non-Jew is called a "geir toshav" (a resident alien). A geir toshav only goes to court (which can be any three observant Jewish men of sound mind) and proclaims his/her acceptance. Because of the ambiguity of the term "geir", people reject our beliefs about the origins of the Oral Torah assume the two, geir tzedek and geir toshav, are identical. This would make it seem that the text is only obligating a proclamation of acceptance. This, however, leads to inconsistancies. On the one hand, "one law shall you have for yourselves, for the geir and for the native of the land". Including rituals. This expression is used (amongst other places) in discussing fasting on Yom Kippur, where the punishment is phrased as "he will be cut off from amongst his people, Israel". So, this geir is a member of Israel. However, the word "geir" as used in a verse about working on the Sabbath does not assume that when G-d speaks to Israel, the geir is included. "Do not do any work, [neither] you, your son, your daughter, your servant, your maid-servant, your animal, and the geir who is within your gates." The geir isn't included amongst the "you". There are numerous examples of each side of this dilemma.


Noachide Courts of Justice, to be dispenced and enforced by the Apsotate sons of the synagogue of Solomon of Moloch, Freemasonry

Establishing Courts of Justice

No, this doesn't mean that you have to go out and set up your own court.

The rabbis believe that a judicial system which is not based on the seven universal commandments perverts HaShem's justice and gradually removes it from the world.

We are all lucky that in the western world, we live in within a judicial system based on the 10 commandments. Because of this, most of us would never find ourselves in conflict with the justice system if we live within the seven laws.

Many might argue that in that case, laws outside of the save, such as taxes, do not have to be recognised by B'nei Noah. Sadly, this is not true. We live above and beyond these laws and where the law generally falls within the guideline of making the world a better place (taxes do have a use and we don't need to explain that!) then they should be respected.

Where you would find yourself in conflict would be in a system which allowed rape to go unpunished then it would be a requirement on the B'nei Noach to establish a law to punish this.




In short, Ta ta ta da.........welcome to the Olam Ha Ba

The Last Deception

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