Re the sun god of the Talmudic jews

Is Ra El ?


when he is strong, they are weak.

The legends of the Vampire. Compilation of research material.

Last evening, Wednesday October 28, 2003, while briefly changing channels on "Goy TV", Hoping to catch "Noahide News" about the raging fires, augmented by sun dried drought condition in California and the major Solar Flare's, tuned to a channel which was airing "Superman", here is what I noticed, and indeed it dawned on me the great connection. 

Clark kent temporarily lost his powers due to "Solar Flares" at the exact time Perry White was attempting to expose him, and became, simply a mortal mere man. So I wrote....hastely

 While watching Goy TV, I was hunting for Noahide News, about the SUN Dried Drought ridden Fires raging. I was also wondering if there had been any major disruption regarding the :"Solar Flares".
While scanning through he channels, brifly stopping at Haggee, listening and shouting in pitch to his wonderful sermon "Oom Gawa Gawa" until he got to the "Chosen People" part, I changed the channel to a more suitable show, "Super man". And Binga banga booma, what was it about?
Perry White was attempting to expose Clark Kent as superman. But at just about the time he schemed a plan which worked, there was strong "Solar Flares" and walah, he became just a mere mortal man and lost his godlike Power.
Then I recalled how the jews say that before the flood, the earth was enveloped in a shield of water, it never rained before the flood. This shield blocked all Ultra Violet rays, and they were as gods and lived hundreds of years.
Then I recalled the Messiah Neo-con in Matrix, the superman, Neo, how evertime they went among the people of the matrix, they had to have there "sun" glasses.
Then it dawned on me that the "Big Brother" surveillance sattelites were in jeopardy because of these flares.
Then I sought out the jewish adversity to "Sunlight" for when their god the "Sun" is strong then they are weak "Moloch" Re the god of the sun in flesh.
Our Lord the "Son" is strong in the spirit, we are weak.
Come to find out ashkenazi jews have diseases which are caused by the Sun. Gaucher Disease and Bloom Syndrome
It hit me then that, Aha,  they are spraying their sun block chem trails in preparation of their ushering of their High Priest of Darkness
Then I remembered Vlad of Translyvania.......
The Lord is Marvellous, we have a weapon, when they began their mass murders "Ultra Violet" radiation...............
They do not fear the SON or the cross
They fear the SUN rays
and in the last days the sun will scorch them.

The Lord Jesus is Marvellous in His Light. He has given me another task to expose the seed of the serpent.



Gaucher Disease consists of three distinct disorders. Type 1 is most frequent in Ashkenazi Jews. Gaucher disease is caused by an enzyme deficiency. Symptoms include bone and joint pain, fractures and other orthopedic problems as well as enlargement of the liver and spleen. This condition, including the age of onset, is characterized by marked variability. Some individuals are severely affected as teenagers, while others remain relatively asymptomatic until age 50 or 60. Enzyme replacement therapy for Type 1 is available and has been highly effective in both reducing the severity of some symptoms and reversing others.

The carrier rate in Askenzai Jews is about 1 in 10


BLOOM Syndrome
Bloom Syndrome includes poor growth in childhood, heightened sunlight sensitivity, and a predisposition to common cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer and leukemia. There are immune system abnormalities that lead to an increased risk of life-threatening infections. No treatment is available at this time. The average life expectancy is less than 20 years.

The carrier rate in Ashkenazi Jews is about 1 in 100.

Bloom's Syndrome

Bloom's Syndrome is an inherited condition, which means that it is passed from parents to children. Bloom’s is caused by a gene that does not function properly. Individuals with Bloom's Syndrome have an unusually high number of breaks along their chromosomes. (A chromosome is the structure in our body that contain DNA-genetic material.)

      · Bloom’s Syndrome Physical Characteristics
      · Treatment
      · Incidence Among People of Jewish Heritage
      · Screening and Other Resources

Affected Individuals, who have Bloom's Syndrome, typically have the following physical characteristics:
      · Short stature
      · A narrow face with prominent nose
      · Skin color changes in the face. Change more noticeable after sunlight exposure
      · Butterfly-shaped facial rash, similar to rash caused by Lupus Erythematosis
      · A high pitched voice
      · An increased susceptibility to infections and respiratory illness
      · An increased susceptibility to cancer and leukemia
      · Some may also have mental retardation

There is no treatment for the underlying cause of Bloom’s syndrome, and therefore medical intervention is primarily preventative. Adults with Bloom’s syndrome should be more attentive and cautious than others in their surveillance for cancer. It is recommended that people afflicted by this disease maintain close contact with a physician familiar with Bloom’s. This way, with the doctor’s assistance, pay attention to in case of an emergence of symptoms that may signal or indicate a treatable pre-cancerous condition.

Incidence Among People of Jewish Heritage
Though Bloom's Syndrome may occur in any nationality, it is most common in Jews of Eastern European descent (Ashkenazi Jews). At least one in one hundred Ashkenazi Jews is a carrier of Bloom's Syndrome.

Carriers do not have Bloom's Syndrome but are capable of passing it to their children if the other parent is also a carrier. Therefore two carriers have a 25% chance of having a child with Bloom Syndrome and 50% chance of having one that is a carrier of the syndrome.

Males with Bloom's Syndrome are usually infertile, and some women with Bloom’s Syndrome have fertility problems.

Screening and Other Resources
A carrier-screening requires a sample of blood. The tests can determine whether or not a gene change is present in the gene for Bloom's Syndrome. It is possible to detect the specific gene change that is seen in Ashkenazi Jews with Bloom Syndrome. The test is not as accurate for individuals who are from other ethnic background.



By Blair Kramer

As a popular means to express such American virtues as honesty, patriotism and chivalry, no medium can compete with the comic book. Since the 1930s, American comic books have been populated by heroes who save innocent victims, entire nations, even the world, from characters representing evil. Crime fighters like Dick Tracy and Batman, fighters against foreign espionage like the Green Lantern and that forerunner of modern feminism, the goddess-like Wonder Woman, are among the best-known comic book superheroes.

But no comic book hero embodies American ideals as does Superman. As everyone knows, the man with the “S” on his chest symbolizes “truth, justice and the American Way,” What fewer people know is that the creators and definers of Superman's Americanism were Jerry Siegel (1914-1996) and Joe Shuster (1914-1992), two Jewish teenagers from Cleveland.

Superman's early development was awkward. Siegel first used the name in 1933 for a science fiction story titled, “The Reign of Superman,” with illustrations by Schuster. Inspired by the German philosopher Nietzsche, Siegel's first Superman was an evil mastermind with advanced mental powers. Unfortunately, the text of this story has been lost to history.

After Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 and proceeded to distort Nietzsche's concept of Superman, Siegel and Shuster decided to rethink their own concept of Superman's character. They changed their Jewish-created Superman to a force for good. Their biggest challenge was finding a publisher interested in producing a Superman comic. It took five years to find one.

In 1938, just before the outbreak of war in Europe and at a low point in the Depression, Siegel and Shuster were working for Harry Donenfeld and Jack Liebowitz at D.C. Comics in New York. There, an editor finally agreed to let Superman appear in the first issue of Action Comics (volume #1, June, 1938). Possessing superhuman powers, Superman leaped tall buildings in a single bound and bullets bounced off his chest as he lifted automobiles and ripped steel doors from their hinges. In the first issue, Superman even rescued battered wives from abusive husbands.

When America entered World War 11 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Superman's character evolved into a combat hero. He destroyed Nazi armor, Japanese submarines and everything else that was thrown at the Allies. In fact, the cover of a 1944 issue of Superman featured the Man of Steel throttling Hitler and Tojo by the collar.

Despite his superhuman powers, Superman shared some characteristic traits with a majority of American Jews in the 1940s. Like them, he had arrived in America from a foreign world. His entire family—in fact his entire race—had been wiped out in a holocaust-like disaster on his home planet, Krypton. Like German Jewish parents who sent their children on the kindertransports, or the baby Moses set adrift in the bull rushes, Superman's parents launched him to Earth in hopes that he would survive. And while the mild-mannered Clark Kent held a white collar job as a reporter by day, the “real” man behind Kent's meek exterior was a virile, indestructible crusader for justice. This fantasy must have resonated among American Jews, who felt powerless to help their brethren in the death camps of Europe.

Superman obeys the Talmudic injunction to do good for its own sake and heal the world where he can. Siegel and Shuster had created a mythic character who reflected their own Jewish values.

By the 1950s, Siegel and Schuster grew dissatisfied with their personal financial return from D.C. Comics's exploitation of their character, and they sued the company for the ownership rights to Superman. Eventually, D.C. Comics agreed to pay them a modest royalty for the rest of their lives.

Today, Siegel and Shuster are largely forgotten. But the most influential individuals ever to work in the American comic book industry left an enormous mark on America's collective imagination with a little help from Superman.




Judeo-Churchizionity, now worship the same Sun God, their Tetragramatron

Do not be deceived by this faith breaking exposé. This has no bearing on Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the omega

STAR FIRE - The Gold of the Gods


The true Grail bloodline originated with the Anunnaki gods in southern Sumeria at least 6,000 years ago and was sustained by ingestion of an alchemical substance called 'Star Fire'.


Part 1 of 3



Extracted from NEXUS Magazine, Volume 5, Number 6 (October-November 1998).
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From a lecture presented by
Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm., KCD, KT St A.
at the 1998 NEXUS Conference held in Sydney, 25&endash;26 July
Transcript © Sir Laurence Gardner 1998


It is now nearly two years since my book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, was published, and for those of you who have not read this (or have not seen the serialised lecture transcript in NEXUS magazine), the investigation is essentially concerned with the Messianic Bloodline as it has descended through the family of Jesus Christ down to the present day. It is also concerned with comparing the New Testament Gospels with the first-hand historical accounts of the era, as related in both the Roman and Jewish archives. In this regard, it details how the eventual Christian High Church corrupted and manipulated the early records to suit its own political agenda.

Despite the contrived doctrine that Jesus was born of a virgin and was the 'one and only' son of God (definitions that did not feature in the original pre-Roman texts), the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and Luke actually give details of Jesus' descendant lineage from David of Israel and the Kings of Judah. This has led to the one question I have been asked more than any other during the past months. The question (in its various forms) asks quite simply: What was so special about this Bloodline in the first place?

Given that the dynastic succession from Jesus has been expressly prominent in sovereign and political affairs through 2,000 years - with the family constantly supporting constitutional democracy against control by the Church establishment - its status rests upon the fact that Jesus was a lineal descendant of King David.

But, what was it that made the line of David so important, and so different from any other? It was this very question which set me on the trail for my next book, Genesis of the Grail Kings, which tells the story of the Messianic line from the very beginning.

The Bible explains that the Bloodline story began with Adam and Eve, from whose third son, Seth, evolved a line which progressed through Methuselah and Noah, and eventually to Abraham who became the Great Patriarch of the Hebrew nation. It then relates that Abraham brought his family westwards out of Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) to the land of Canaan (or Palestine), from where some of his descendants moved into Egypt. After a few generations they moved back into Canaan where, in time, the eventual David of Bethlehem became King of the newly defined Kingdom of Israel.

If viewed as it is presented in the scriptures, this is a fascinating saga; but there is nothing anywhere to indicate why the ancestral line of David and his heirs was in any way special. In fact, quite the reverse is the case. His ancestors are portrayed as a succession of wandering territory-seekers who are seen to be of no particular significance until the time of King David. Their biblical history bears no comparison to, say, the contemporary Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Their significance, we are told, comes from the fact that (from the time of Abraham) they were designated as 'God's chosen people'. But even this leaves us wondering, because, according to the scriptures, their God led them through nothing but a succession of famines, wars and general hardship - and, on the face of it, these early Hebrews do not appear to have been too bright!

We are faced, therefore, with a couple of possibilities. Either David was not of this Abraham succession at all, and was simply grafted into the list by later writers. Or maybe we have been presented with a very corrupted version of the family's early history - a version that was specifically designed to uphold the emergent Jewish faith, rather than to represent historical fact.

In consideration of this, I was reminded of precisely what I had found with the New Testament. The Gospel texts that have been in the public domain for centuries bear little relation to the first-hand accounts of the era. The New Testament, as we know it, was compiled by the 4th-century bishops to support the newly contrived Christian belief. But, what if the Jewish scribes had previously done exactly the same thing?

Clearly, I had to get back to the more ancient writings in order to find any anomalies. The problem was that, even if this were possible, the earliest Hebrew writings (which were rehashed many centuries later) were themselves only written between the 6th and the 1st centuries BC, so they were not likely to be that authentic in their telling of history from thousands of years before. Indeed, it was plain that this would be the case, because when these books were first written their express purpose was to convey a history which upheld the principles of the Jewish faith - a faith that did not emerge until well into the ancestral story.

Given that the first group of these books was written while the Jews were held captive in Mesopotamian Babylon in the 6th century BC, it is apparent that Babylon was where the original records were then held. In fact, from the time of Adam, through some 19 said generations down to Abraham, the whole of Old Testament patriarchal history was Mesopotamian. More specifically, the history was from Sumer in southern Mesopotamia, where the ancient Sumerians did indeed refer to the grasslands of the Euphrates delta as the Eden.

When researching for Bloodline of the Holy Grail, I found that good sources for some background information were the various Gospels and texts that were not selected for inclusion in the canonical New Testament. Perhaps, I thought, the same might apply to the Old Testament. The books of Enoch and Jubilees, for example, were among those not included.

A further book, to which attention is specifically drawn in the Old Testament books of Joshua and Samuel, is the Book of Jasher. But despite its apparent importance to the Hebrew writers, it was not included in the final selection.

Two other works are also cited in the Bible. The Book of Numbers draws our attention to the Book of The Wars of Jehovah. And in the Book of Isaiah we are directed towards the Book of the Lord.

What are these books? Where are these books? They are all mentioned in the Bible (which means they all pre-date the Old Testament), and they are all cited as being important. So, why did the editors see fit to exclude them when the selection was made?

In pursuing an answer to this question and in studying the substance of the Old Testament prior to its corruption, one fact which becomes increasingly clear is that in English-language Bibles the definition 'Lord' is used in a general context, but in earlier texts a positive distinction is drawn between 'Jehovah' and 'the Lord'.

It has often been wondered why the biblical God of the Hebrews led them through trials and tribulations, floods and disasters, when (from time to time) he appears to have performed with a quite contrary and merciful personality. The answer is that, although now seemingly embraced as 'the One God' by the Jewish and Christian churches, there was originally a distinct difference between the figures of Jehovah and the Lord. They were, in fact, quite separate deities. The god referred to as 'Jehovah' was traditionally a storm god, a god of wrath and vengeance, whereas the god referred to as 'the Lord' was a god of fertility and wisdom.

So, what was the name given to the Lord in the early writings? It was, quite simply, the prevailing Hebrew word for 'Lord', and the word was 'Adon'. As for the apparent personal name of Jehovah, this was not used in the early days, and even the Bible tells that the God of Abraham was called 'El Shaddai', which means 'Lofty Mountain'.

The apparent name 'Jehovah' came from the original Hebrew stem YHWH, which meant 'I am that I am' - said to be a statement made by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, hundreds of years after the time of Abraham. 'Jehovah' was therefore not a name at all, and early texts refer simply to 'El Shaddai' and to his opposing counterpart, 'Adon'.

To the Canaanites, these gods were respectively called 'El Elyon' and 'Baal' - which meant precisely the same things ('Lofty Mountain' and 'Lord').

In our modern Bibles, the definitions 'God' and 'Lord' are used and intermixed throughout, as if they were one and the same character, but originally they were not. One was a vengeful god (a people-hater), and the other was a social god (a people-supporter), and they each had wives, sons and daughters.

The old writings tell us that throughout the patriarchal era the Israelites endeavoured to support Adon, the Lord, but at every turn El Shaddai (the storm god, Jehovah) retaliated with floods, tempests, famines and destruction. Even at the very last (around 600 BC), the Bible explains that Jerusalem was overthrown at Jehovah's bidding and tens of thousands of Jews were taken into Babylonian captivity simply because their King (a descendant of King David) had erected altars in veneration of Baal, the Adon.

It was during the course of this captivity that the Israelites weakened and finally conceded. They decided to succumb to the 'God of Wrath', and developed a new religion out of sheer fear of his retribution. It was at this time that the name of Jehovah first appeared - and this was only 500 years before the time of Jesus.

Subsequently, the Christian Church took Jehovah on board as well, calling him simply 'God' - and all the hitherto social concepts of the Adon were totally discarded. The two religions were henceforth both faiths of fear. Even today, their followers are classified as 'God-fearing'.

So, where does that leave us? It leaves us knowing that within an overall pantheon of gods and goddesses (many of whom are actually named in the Bible), there were two predominant and opposing gods. In different cultures they have been known as 'El Elyon' and 'Baal'; 'El Shaddai' and 'Adon'; 'Arhiman' and 'Mazda'; 'Jehovah' and 'Lord'; 'God' and 'Father'. But these styles are all titular; they are not personal names.

So who precisely were they? To find the answer we have to look no further than where these gods were actually operative, and the old Canaanite texts (discovered in Syria in the 1920s) tell us that their courts were in the Tigris-Euphrates valley in Mesopotamia, in the Sumerian Eden delta of the Persian Gulf.

But what did the ancient Sumerians call these two gods? What were their personal names? We can trace the Sumerian written records back to about 3700 BC, and they tell us that the gods in question were brothers. In Sumer, the storm god who eventually became known as Jehovah was called 'Enlil' or 'Ilu-kur-gal' (meaning 'Ruler of the Mountain'), and his brother, who became Adon, the Lord, was called 'Enki'. This name is really important to our story because 'Enki' means 'Archetype'.

The texts inform us that it was Enlil who brought the Flood; it was Enlil who destroyed Ur and Babylon, and it was Enlil who constantly opposed the education and enlightenment of humankind. Indeed, the early Syrian texts tell us that it was Enlil who obliterated the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Dead Sea - not because they were dens of wickedness, as we are taught, but because they were great centres of wisdom and learning.

It was Enki, on the other hand, who, despite the wrath of his brother, granted the Sumerians access to the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. It was Enki who set up the escape strategy during the Flood, and it was Enki who passed over the time-honoured Tables of Destiny - the tables of scientific law which became the bedrock of the early mystery schools in Egypt.

Many books talk about the hermetic school of Tuthmosis III of Egypt, who reigned about 1450 BC. But it is not generally known that the school he originally inherited was the Royal Court of the Dragon. This had been founded by the priests of Mendes in about 2200 BC and was subsequently ratified by the 12th dynasty Queen Sobeknefru.

This sovereign and priestly Order passed from Egypt to the Kings of Jerusalem; to the Black Sea Princes of Scythia and into the Balkans - notably to the Royal House of Hungary, whose King Sigismund reconstituted the Court just 600 years ago. Today it exists as the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty, and after some 4,000 years it is the oldest sovereign Court in the world.

But what were the earliest aims and ambitions of the Order back in Pharaonic times? They were to perpetuate and advance the alchemical strength of the Royal Bloodline from Lord Enki, the Archetype.

The kings of the early succession (who reigned in Sumer and Egypt before becoming Kings of Israel) were anointed upon coronation with the fat of the Dragon (the sacred crocodile). This noble beast was referred to in Egypt as the Messeh (from which derived the Hebrew verb 'to anoint'), and the kings of this dynastic succession were always referred to as 'Dragons', or 'Messiahs' (meaning 'Anointed Ones').

In times of battle, when the armies of different kingdoms were conjoined, an overall leader was chosen and he was called the 'Great Dragon' (the 'King of Kings') - or, as we better know the name in its old Celtic form, the 'Pendragon'.

One of the interesting items from the archives of the Dragon Court is the origin of the word 'kingship'. It derives from the very earliest of Sumerian culture, wherein 'kingship' was identical with 'kinship' - and 'kin' means 'blood relative'. In its original form, 'kinship' was 'kainship'. And the first King of the Messianic Dragon succession was the biblical Cain (Kain), head of the Sumerian House of Kish.

On recognising this, one can immediately see the first anomaly in the traditional Genesis story, for the historical line to David and Jesus was not from Adam and Eve's son Seth at all. It was from Eve's son Cain, whose recorded successors (although given little space in the Old Testament) were the first great Kings (or Kains) of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Two more important features then come to light when reading the Bible again with this knowledge in mind. We all tend to think of Cain as being the first son of Adam and Eve, but he was not. Even the Book of Genesis tells us that he was not, and it confirms how Eve told Adam that Cain's father was the Lord. Who was 'the Lord'? The Lord was Adon, and Adon was Enki. Even outside the Bible, the writings of the Hebrew Talmud and Midrash make it quite plain that Cain was not the son of Adam.

So what else have we been wrongly taught about this particular aspect of history? The Book of Genesis (in its English-translated form) tells us that Cain was 'a tiller of the ground'. But this is not what the original texts say at all. What they say is that Cain had 'dominion over the Earth' - which is a rather different matter when considering his kingly status.

In fact, the Bible translators appear to have had a constant problem with the word 'Earth', often translating it to 'ground', 'clay' or 'dust'. But the early texts actually referred to 'The Earth'. Even in the case of Adam and Eve, the translators got it wrong. The Bible says: 'Male and female he created them, and he called their name Adam.' The older writings use the more complete word 'Adama', which means 'of the Earth'. But this did not mean they were made of dirt; it means that they were 'of The Earth' - or, as the Anchor Hebrew Bible explains in absolutely precise terms, they were 'Earthlings'.

There is a lot to be said about the story of Adam and Eve and of how they were the result of clinical cloning. Writers such as Zechariah Sitchin have written at some length in this regard, and my new book delves far more deeply into the subject. I shall not dwell upon this particular aspect now because I want to move more directly into the alchemy of the Messianic Bloodline of the Earthly Dragon Kings. What I will say is that the Sumerian records state that around 6,000 years ago, Adam and Eve (known then as 'Atabba' and 'Ava', and jointly as the 'Adama') were purpose-bred for kingship at the House of Shimti by Enki and his sister-wife Nin-khursag. In Sumerian, the word Shi-im-ti meant 'breath-wind-life'.

Adam was certainly not the first man on Earth, but he was the first of the alchemically devised kingly succession. Nin-khursag was called 'Lady of the Embryo' or 'Lady of Life', and she was the surrogate mother for Atabba and Ava who were created from human ova fertilised by the Lord Enki.

It was because of Nin-khursag's title, Lady of Life, that Ava was later given the same title by the Hebrews. Indeed, the name Ava (or Eve) was subsequently said to mean 'Life'. And there is an interesting parallel here, because in Sumerian the distinction 'Lady of Life' was Nin-tî (Nin meaning 'Lady', and tî meaning 'Life'). However, another Sumerian word, ti (with the longer pronunciation, 'tee'), meant 'rib'; and it was by virtue of the Hebrews' misunderstanding of the two words, tî and ti, that Eve also became incorrectly associated with Adam's rib.

Both Enki and Nin-khursag (along with their brother Enlil, the later Jehovah) belonged to a pantheon of gods and goddesses referred to as the Anunnaki, meaning 'Heaven came to Earth'. In fact, the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki (later called the 'Court of the Elohim') is mentioned in Psalm 82 wherein Jehovah makes his bid for supreme power over the other gods.

According to the Dragon tradition, the importance of Cain was that he was directly produced by Enki and Ava, so his blood was three-quarters Anunnaki. His half-brothers Hevel and Satanael (better known as Abel and Seth) were less than half Anunnaki, being the offspring of Atabba and Ava (Adam and Eve).

Cain's Anunnaki blood was so advanced that it was said that his brother Abel's blood was 'Earthbound' by comparison. Cain, it was said in the scriptures, 'rose far above Abel', so that his brother's blood was swallowed into the ground. But this original description was thoroughly mistranslated for our modern Bible, and we are now told that 'Cain rose up against Abel and spilled his blood upon the ground'. This is not the same thing at all.

We can now progress our story by considering the oldest Grant of Arms in sovereign history - a Grant of Arms which denoted the Messianic Dragon Bloodline for all time. The Sumerians referred to this insignia as the Gra-al. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? From biblical history, however, we know it better as the 'Mark of Cain'.

This 'Mark' is portrayed to us by the Church as if it were some form of curse. But, knowing what we now know, the Bible does not actually say this. What it says is that, having got into an argument with Jehovah over a matter of sovereign observance, Cain feared for his life. We are then informed that the Lord placed a mark upon Cain, swearing sevenfold vengeance against his enemies.

No one has ever really understood why Jehovah should decide to protect Cain when it was he who held the grievance against him. But the fact is that Jehovah did not make this decision. Cain's protector was not Jehovah. As stated, the 'Mark' was settled upon Cain by the Lord - and the Lord (the Adon) was Cain's own Father, Enki.

Few people ever think to enquire about the supposed enemies of Cain as defined in Genesis. Who could they possibly have been? Where would they have come from? According to the Bible, only Adam and Eve, with their sons Cain and Abel, existed - and Cain had apparently killed Abel. If we are to accept the text as it stands, there was no one around to be his enemy!

So, what was this Sumerian Gra-al which the Bible calls 'the Mark of Cain'? It was an emblem dignified as the 'Cup of the Waters' or the Rosi-Crucis (the 'Dew Cup'), and it was identified in all records (including those of Egypt and Phoenicia and in the Hebrew annals) as being an upright, centred red cross within a circle. Throughout the ages it was developed and embellished, but it has always remained essentially the same and is recognised as being the original symbol of the Holy Grail.

Another anomaly is presented soon afterwards in Genesis when we are told that Cain found himself a wife. Who on Earth were her parents if Adam and Eve were the only couple alive? Without confronting this anomaly at all, Genesis then proceeds to list for us the names of Cain's descendants!

It becomes clear from all of this that some very important information has been edited from the Old Testament narrative. Clearly there were plenty of other people around at the time and it is not difficult to find their stories outside the Bible. Quite apart from the Sumerian annals, even old Hebrew and early Christian texts give us far more information in this regard.

In order to further enhance the succession from Cain, he was married to his half-sister - a pure-bred Anunnaki princess, Luluwa. Her father was Enki and her mother was Lilith, a granddaughter of Enlil. Although not giving the name of Cain's wife, the Bible does name their younger son Enoch, while the Sumerian records cite his elder son and kingly successor, Atûn, who is perhaps better known as King Etana of Kish.

Etana was said to have 'walked with the gods', and to have been fed from the 'Plant of Birth' (or the 'Tree of Life', as it is called in Genesis). Henceforth, the kings of the line were designated as being the twigs of the Tree - and the ancient word for 'twig' was klone (clone). In later times this 'Plant' or 'Tree' was redefined as a 'Vine', and so the Gra-al, the Vine and the Messianic Bloodline became conjoined as one in the literature of subsequent ages.

By virtue of their contrived breeding, this kingly succession was modelled specifically for leadership, and in all aspects of knowledge, culture, awareness, wisdom and intuition they were highly advanced against their mundane contemporaries. In order to keep their blood as pure as possible, they always married within a close kinship.

It was fully recognised that the prominent gene of the succession was carried within the blood of the mother. Today we call this the 'mitochondrial DNA'. And so was born a tradition inherited by their kingly descendants in Egypt and by the later Celtic rulers of Europe. True kingship, it was maintained, was transferred through the female, and so kingly marriages were strategically cemented with maternal half-sisters or first cousins.

Having reached the point where the Plant of Birth is first mentioned in the records, we are at about 3500 BC; and it is at this point that we begin to learn how the kingly succession was orally fed with bodily supplements from the early days. This practice continued for more than 1,000 years until the nourishment program became wholly scientific and alchemical.

Before getting into the detail of the kingly diet, it is worth considering why it was that the all-important Royal Bloodline which progressed from Cain and his sons was strategically ignored by the Hebrews and the Christian Church in favour of their promoting a parallel junior line from Adam's son Seth. Why was it that the immediate Cainite dynasty was eventually shunned by the fearful disciples of Enlil-Jehovah?

In the Old Testament Book of Genesis, the lines of descent are given from Cain and from his half-brother Seth, but it is of interest to note that through the early generations the names detailed in each list are pretty much the same, although given in a different order: Enoch, Yared, Mahalaleel, Methuselah and Lamech.

In view of this, it has often been suggested that the line from Seth down to Lamech's son Noah was (not very cleverly) contrived by the Bible compilers so as to avoid showing the true descent from Cain to the time of Noah. If this were the case, then something must have occurred during the lifetime of Noah to cause the ancestral story to be veiled by the later writers. The answer is to be found in the Bible itself.

At that stage in the family's history, the vengeful Jehovah apparently warned Noah and his sons against the ingestion of blood - an edict which became expressly important to the later Jewish way of life. It has long been a customary Jewish practice to hang meat for blood-letting before cooking and consumption.

But, in contrast, the Christian faith is especially concerned with the figurative ingestion of blood. In the Christian tradition it is customary to take the Communion sacrament (the Mass) wherein wine is drunk from the sacred chalice, symbolically representing the blood of Jesus, the lifeblood of the Messianic Vine.

Could it be, perhaps, that the modern Christian custom is an unwitting throw-back to some distant pre-Noah ritual which Jehovah opposed? If so, then since it is known that the chalice is a wholly female symbol which has been emblematic of the womb from the earliest times, might this even have been an extract of menstrual blood? The answer to these questions is 'Yes'. That was precisely the custom, but it was not so unsavoury as it might seem. Indeed, few of us think to enquire about the ultimate sources of many of today's ingested medicines and bodily supplements, and those in the know would often be reluctant to tell us. The Premarin hormone, for example, comes from the urine of pregnant mares, while certain growth hormones and insulin are manufactured from E. coli, a faecal bacterium.

The blood extract in question was, in the first instance, not human but from the sacred Anunnaki lunar essence - that of Enki's sister Nin-khursag, the designated Lady of Life. It was defined as the most potent of all life-forces and was venerated as being 'Star Fire'. It was from the womb of Nin-khursag that the kingly line was born, and it was with her blood, the divine Star Fire, that the Dragon succession was supplementally fed.

In ancient Egypt, Nin-khursag was called 'Isis', and by either name she was the ultimate Mother of the Messianic line, for hers was the matriarchal gene which constituted the 'Beginning', the 'Gene-Isis', or, as the Greeks identified it, the Genesis.

It is worth reminding ourselves, then, that the biblical edict to abstain from blood came not from Enki the Wise but from Enlil-Jehovah - the God of Wrath who had instigated the Flood, had wrought havoc in Ur and Babylon, and had endeavoured to deceive Adam by saying that he would die if he ate from the Tree of Knowledge. This was not a god who liked people, and the Sumerian records are very clear in this regard. Hence, if he forbade the taking of blood, this was not likely to have been an edict for the benefit of Noah and his descendants - it was most probably to their detriment.

In strict terms the original Star Fire was the lunar essence of the Goddess, but, even in an everyday mundane environment, menstruum contains the most valuable endocrinal secretions, especially those of the pineal and pituitary glands. The brain's pineal gland in particular was directly associated with the Tree of Life, for this tiny gland was said to secrete the very essence of active longevity, called soma, or, as the Greeks called it, ambrosia.

In mystic circles, the menstrual 'flow-er' ('she who flows') has long been the designated 'flower' and is represented as a lily or a lotus. Indeed, the definition 'flow-er' is the very root of our modern word 'flower'. In ancient Sumer, the key females of the Dragon succession were all venerated as lilies, having such names as Lili, Luluwa, Lilith, Lilutu and Lillette.

In pictorial representation, the Messianic Dragon bore little relation to the winged, fire-breathing beast of later Western mythology. It was, in essence, a large-jawed serpent with four legs, very much like a crocodile or a monitor. This was the sacred Messeh whose name was 'Draco'. Draco was a divine emblem of the Egyptian Pharaohs, a symbol of the Egyptian Therapeutate, of the Essenes at Qumran, and was the Bistea Neptunis (the sea serpent) of the descendant Merovingian Fisher-Kings in Europe.

In the old Hebrew Bibles, all references to serpents are made by use of the word nahash (from the stem NHSH); but this usage does not relate to serpents in the way that we would know them - that is, as venomous snakes. It relates to serpents in their traditional capacity as bringers of wisdom and enlightenment, for the word nahash actually means 'to decipher' or 'to find out'.

Serpents, in one form or another, were always associated with wisdom and healing, and the Trees of Life and Knowledge are customarily identified with serpents. Indeed, the insignia of many of today's medical associations is precisely this image of a serpent coiled around the Plant of Birth (Tree of Life) - a depiction shown in the clay reliefs of ancient Sumer to be Enki's personal emblem.

Interestingly, though, another common emblem for medical relief organisations depicts two coiled serpents, spiralling around the winged caduceus of Hermes the magician. In these instances the true symbolism of the Star Fire ritual is conveyed, and this symbol can be traced back to the very origins of the alchemical mystery schools and gnostic institutions.

The records explain that the central staff and entwined serpents represent the spinal cord and the sensory nervous system. The two uppermost wings signify the brain's lateral ventricular structures. Between these wings, above the spinal column, is shown the small central node of the pineal gland.

The combination of the central pineal and its lateral wings has long been referred to as the 'Swan', and in Grail lore (as in some yogic circles) the Swan is emblematic of the fully enlightened being. This is the ultimate realm of consciousness achieved by the mediaeval Knights of the Swan, as epitomised by such chivalric figures as Perceval and Lohengrin.

Most of you are probably quite familiar with the functions of the pineal and other glands of the endocrinal system. But for those who are perhaps not, the pineal is a very small gland, shaped like a pine cone and about the size of a grain of corn. It is centrally situated within the brain, although outside the ventricles and not forming a part of the brain-matter as such.

The pineal gland was thought by the 17th-century French optical scientist René Descartes to be the seat of the soul - the point at which the mind and body are conjoined. The ancient Greeks considered it likewise, and in the 4th century BC Herophilus described the pineal as an organ which regulated the flow of thought. This gland has long intrigued anatomists because, while the rest of the brain is 'double', the pineal has no counterpart.

In the days of ancient Sumer, the priests of Anu (the father of Enlil and Enki) perfected and elaborated a ramifying medical science of living substances, with menstrual Star Fire being an essential source component. In the first instance, this was pure Anunnaki lunar essence called 'Gold of the Gods', and it was fed only to the Kings and Queens of the Dragon succession. Later, however, in Egypt and Mediterranea, menstrual Star Fire was ritually collected from sacred virgin priestesses who were venerated as 'Scarlet Women'. Indeed, the very word 'ritual' stems from this practice, and from the word ritu - which defined the sacred ceremony of the 'Red Gold'.

Endocrinal supplements are, of course, still used by today's organotherapy establishment, but their inherent secretions (such as melatonin and serotonin) are obtained from the dessicated glands of dead animals and they lack the truly important elements which exist only in live human glandular manufacture.

In the fire symbolism of ancient alchemy, the colour 'red' is synonymous with the metal 'gold'. In some traditions (including the Indian tantras), 'red' is also identifiable with 'black'. Hence, the goddess Kali is said to be both 'red' and 'black'. The original heritage of Kali was, however, Sumerian, and she was said to be Kalimâth, the sister of Cain's wife Luluwa.

Kali was a primary princess of the Dragon House, and from her Star Fire association she became the goddess of time, seasons, periods and cycles. Because of this, her name was the root of the word 'calendar' (kalindar), which is concerned with the divisions of seasonal time.

In the early days, therefore, the metals of the alchemists were not common metals but living essences, and the ancient mysteries were of a physical, not a metaphysical, nature. Indeed, the very word 'secret' has its origin in the hidden knowledge of glandular secretions. Truth was the ritu (the 'redness' or 'blackness'), and from the word ritu stems not only ritual but also the words 'rite', 'root' and 'red'. The ritu, it was said, reveals itself as physical matter in the form of the purest and most noble of all metals: gold. Hence, gold was deemed an 'ultimate truth'.

Just as the word 'secret' has its origin in the translation of an ancient word, so too do other related words have their similar bases. In ancient Egypt, the word Amen was used to signify something hidden or concealed. The word 'occult' meant pretty much the same ('hidden from view'), and yet today we use 'Amen' to conclude hymns, while something 'occult' is deemed sinister. In real terms, however, they both relate to the word 'secret', and all three words were, at one time or another, connected with the mystic science of endocrinal secretions.

Since Kali was associated with 'black' (being 'black but beautiful'), the English word 'coal' (denoting 'that which is black') stems also from her name via the intermediate word kol. In the Hebrew tradition, Bath-Kol (a Kali counterpart) was called the 'Daughter of the Voice', and the voice was said to originate during a female's puberty. Hence, the womb was associated with the voice, and Star Fire was said to be the oracular 'Word of the Womb'. The womb was, therefore, itself the 'utterer', or the 'uterus'.

The 'Scarlet Women' were so called because of their being a direct source of the priestly Star Fire. They were known in Greek as the Hierodulai ('Sacred Women') - a word later transformed (via mediaeval French into English) to 'harlot'. In the early Germanic tongue, they were known as Horés - which was later Anglicised to 'whores'. However, the word originally meant, quite simply, 'Beloved Ones'. As pointed out in good etymological dictionaries, these words were descriptions of high veneration and were never interchangeable with such words as 'prostitute' or 'adulteress'. Their now common association was, in fact, a wholly contrived strategy of the mediaeval Roman Church in its bid to denigrate the noble status of the sacred priestess.

The withdrawal of knowledge of the genuine Star Fire tradition from the public domain occurred when the science of the early adepts and later Gnostics (the true pre-Christian Christians) was stifled by the forgers of historic Christianity. A certain amount of the original gnosis (or knowledge) is preserved in Talmudic and rabbinical lore, but, generally speaking, the mainstream Jews and Christians did all in their power to distort and destroy all traces of the ancient art.

In addition to being the 'Gold of the Gods', the Anunnaki menstruum was also called the 'Vehicle of Light', being the ultimate source of manifestation, and in this regard it was directly equated with the mystical 'Waters of Creation' - the flow of eternal wisdom. It was for this reason that the Rosi-Crucis (the Dew Cup, or Cup of the Waters identified as a red cross within a circle) became the Mark of Cain, and the subsequent emblem of the kingly succession.

It was said that the Light remained quite dormant in a spiritually unawakened person but that it could be awakened and motivated by the spiritual energy of self-will, and by constant self-enquiry. This is not an obvious mental process, but a truly thought-free consciousness - a formless plane of pure Being.


About the Speaker:
Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm., KCD, KT St A., is an internationally known sovereign and chivalric genealogist. He holds the position of Prior of the Celtic Church of the Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba, and is distinguished as Le Chevalier Labhràn de Saint Germain and Preceptor of the Knights Templars of Saint Anthony. Sir Laurence is also Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes (a constitutional advisory body established in 1946), and Chancellor of the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty. He is formally attached to the Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stewart, founded at St Germain-en-Laye in 1692, and is the Jacobite Historiographer Royal by Appointment.

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STAR FIRE - The Gold of the Gods


Once the Anunnaki departed Sumeria, the preselected Master Craftsmen developed a substitute for Star Fire: a mystical bread made from the alchemical white powder of gold.


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It was this very concept of 'being' or 'self-completeness' which posed the ultimate problem for Enlil-Jehovah. In contrast, his brother Enki knew that humans who partook of the Tree of Knowledge (the Anunnaki wisdom) and of the Plant of Birth (the Anunnaki Star Fire) could themselves become almost like gods. Even Jehovah was said to have recognised this, and Genesis states that when Adam had taken the fruit of the Tree, Jehovah said, "Behold, the man is become as one of Us".

Enki the Wise, Guardian of the Tree of Knowledge, also had another name in the Hebrew tradition. They called him Samael (Sama-El) because he was the designated Lord of Sama in northern Mesopotamia. The teachings of the early mystery-schools were very specific about the Trees of Life and Knowledge, and they emulated the very teachings of Enki himself. It was said: Nothing is obtained simply by wanting. And nothing is achieved by relinquishing responsibility to a higher authority. Belief is the act of 'beliving', for to 'be live' is to 'believe' - and Will is the ultimate medium of the Self.

The Sumerian records relate that Cain's son, King Etana, partook of the Plant of Birth in order to father his own son and heir, King Baali - and the Plant of Birth was directly associated with individual longevity and the office of Cainship, or Kingship. It was itself related to Star Fire and to pineal gland activity, and partaking of the Plant of Birth was the ritual of ingesting the Star Fire - the pure Anunnaki female essence, the Nectar of Supreme Excellence.

In this regard, the Anunnaki 'flow-er' (flower or lily) was held to be the Cup-bearer, the transmitter of the Rich Food of the Matrix. In this capacity, she was called the Rose of Sharon (from the word Sha, meaning 'Orbit', along with the words Ra and On, relating to the ultimate temple of 'Light'). The significance of this highly venerated station is actually made apparent in the Bible's esoteric Song of Solomon wherein the Messianic Bride proclaims to the King, "I am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valleys".

A Star Fire recipient King was considered to have become qualified for Kingship when he reached a pre-destined state of enlightened consciousness - a state when his aptitudes for wisdom and leadership had been enhanced to a realm of Kingship called the Malkû. It was from this Mesopotamian word Malkû that the Hebrews derived their words Malchus (King) and Malkhut (Kingdom).

Only in very recent times have medical scientists identified the hormonal secretion of the pineal gland, finally isolating it in 1968. The essence was called melatonin, which means 'night worker' (from the Greek, melos, meaning 'black', and tosos, meaning 'labour'). Those with a high melatonin output react strongly against sunlight because it affects their mental capability; they are essentially night operatives. Melatonin is called the 'hormone of darkness' as it is produced only at night or in the dark. Exposure to an excess of sunlight actually makes the pineal gland smaller and lessens spiritual awareness, whereas darkness and high pineal activity enhance the keen intuitive knowledge of the subtle mind while reducing the stress factor.

At this stage, it is of interest to note how it was that the Christian Church eventually demolished the true significance of the Star Fire ritual by manoeuvring it into the realm of sinister Gothic legend. In the old tradition, the ultimate holders of the Malkhut were known as Dragons or Pendragons, and the reigning head was always known as Draco.

By virtue of their bodily conditioning through supplementary melatonin and other hormonal secretions, they were in fact Princes of Darkness; and they gained their heightened awareness, above-normal powers and longevity from the Star Fire - the lunar blood of the Anunnaki Queens and the priestly Scarlet Women.

As detailed in Bloodline of the Holy Grail, the brutal Catholic Inquisitions of the Middle Ages were set against all the so-called heretics who in one way or another supported the Messianic Blood Royal (the Sangréal) of the Dragon Kings against the corrupted dogma of the bishops. Many of the victims were classified as occultists and witches, and they were charged with upholding the ancient and heretical cult of Draco, the Prince of Darkness. They were proclaimed by the Church authorities to be vampires!

I previously mentioned the significance of the ancient Egyptian Court of the Dragon, pointing out that after some 4,000 years this Sovereign Order is still operative today. Back in the 15th century, a prominent Chancellor of the Court was Prince Vlad III of Transylvania-Wallachia, who built the citadel of Bucharest. Vlad is perhaps better remembered, however, as Count Dracula, meaning 'son of Dracul' - a name by which his father was known within the Court from 1431.

Vlad was a prince of harsh disciplines, and his method of execution for crimes against the state was impalement upon wooden stakes. This was quite compatible with other hideous punishments of the time (boiling in oil, burning at the stake, drawing and quartering, etc.). But Vlad's particular method became reversed against him in a later Gothic-novel tradition which claimed that Dracula should be killed by impalement with a wooden stake.

The establishment's real fear of Dracula, however, was not his savage treatment of enemies (such things were commonplace in their day), but his in-depth knowledge of alchemy and the ancient Star Fire customs. Having attended the Austrian School of Solomon in Hermannstadt, he had an in-depth scientific understanding of the bodily effects of melatonin and serotonin which enhance longevity and increase consciousness.

Clearly, as the Romanian annals determine, he was a high melatonin producer, and, as we have seen, such people are adversely affected by sunlight. They are night workers (melos tosos). Consequently, the Transylvanian myth was born, and in Bram Stoker's novel (published in 1897, with its centenary last year) Vlad-Dracula was portrayed as a vampire - a Prince of Darkness who imbibed the blood of virgins!

Notwithstanding this, a good deal of truly early folklore was actually based upon the Grail and Dragon traditions. The very concept of 'fairies' ('fair folk') was born directly from this base, being a derivative of fée or 'fey' and relating especially to 'fate'. In the Celtic world, certain royal families were said to carry the 'fairy blood' - that is to say, the fate or destiny of the Grail Bloodline - while the Grail Princesses of romance and history were often called 'elf-maidens'. They were the designated guardians of the earth, starlight and forest, as beguilingly replicated by the elven race in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

In the old language of southern Europe, a female elf was an ylbi, and from this word derived the town name of Albi, the Languedoc centre of the Gnostic Cathars (the Pure Ones) in the Middle Ages. When Pope Innocent III launched his brutal thirty-five-year military assault upon the Cathars from 1208, his campaign was called the 'Albigensian' Crusade because it was set against the supporters of the albi-gens ('elven blood').

Melatonin enhances and boosts the body's immune system, and those with high pineal secretion are less likely to develop cancerous diseases. High melatonin production heightens energy, stamina and physical tolerance levels and it is directly related to sleep patterns, keeping the body temperately regulated with properties that operate through the cardiovascular system. It is, in fact, the body's most potent and effective antioxidant and it has positive mental and physical anti-ageing properties. It is manufactured by the pineal gland through the activation of a chemical messenger called serotonin. This transmits nerve impulses across chromosome pairs at a point when the cell nuclei are divided and the chromosomes are halved (a process called meiosis), eventually to be combined with other half-sets upon fertilisation.

Pine resin was long identified with pineal secretion and was used to make frankincense (the incense of priesthood). Gold, on the other hand, was a traditional symbol of kingship. Hence, gold and frankincense were the traditional substances of the Priest-Kings of the Messianic Bloodline, along with myrrh (a gum resin used as a medical sedative) which was symbolic of death.

In the ancient world, higher knowledge was identified as daäth (from which comes our word, 'death'). In fact, as we know very well, the New Testament describes that these three substances (gold, frankincense and myrrh) were presented to Jesus by the Magi, thereby identifying him beyond doubt as an hereditary Priest-King of the Dragon succession.

Yoga teachers suggest that the pineal gland (which they call the 'third eye' or 'eye of wisdom') is significant in the process of becoming 'aware', for it is the ultimate source of the Light. Illuminists and other Rosicrucian adepts have long referred to the pineal as the secret ayin - an ancient word for 'eye'. This spelling (a-y-i-n) is actually quite important because the original spelling of Cain (whether with a 'C', a 'K' or a 'Q') was not 'C-a-i-n' as we now know it, but 'C-a-y-i-n'. The name Cain, in its various forms, actually denoted One of the Inner Eye. Hence, from Kayin with a 'K' derived the word 'King', and from Qayin with a 'Q' derived the word 'Queen'. Indeed, Cain's father Enki-Samael was himself the Sumerians' designated Lord of the Sacred Eye.

It is said that a truly spiritual person can automatically perceive with the third eye (the subtle eye of insight), rather than be duped by mundane eyes which reveal only physical presences. Such presences are defined by their place within arbitrary time; but to pineal graduates there is no time to calculate, for they live in a dimension where time and space are of no consequence. This dimension is not a new discovery of modern science: it was known about thousands of years ago as the Plane of Sharon, the Plane of the Orbit of Light.

And so the Cainite Kings of Mesopotamia (the first Pendragons of the Messianic Bloodline) while already being of high Anunnaki substance were fed with further Anunnaki Star Fire to increase their perception, awareness and intuition so that they became masters of knowingness, almost like gods themselves. At the same time their stamina levels and immune systems were dramatically strengthened so that the anti-ageing properties of the regularly ingested Anunnaki melatonin and serotonin facilitated extraordinary life-spans. All records of the era confirm that this was the case, with those of the kingly line living for hundreds of years. And in this regard there is no reason to be over-sceptical about the great ages of the early patriarchs as given in the Book of Genesis.

In addition to the Star Fire ritual, the Bloodline Kings were also said to have been nourished with the Milk of the Goddess, and it would appear that this 'milk' contained an enzyme that was itself conducive to active longevity. Today's genetic researchers call this enzyme telomerase. As recently reported in the journal Science [vol. 279, 16 January 1998], corporate studies and those of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have determined that telomerase has unique anti-ageing properties.

Healthy body cells are programmed to divide many times during a lifetime, but this process of division and replication is finite, so that a non-dividing state is ultimately achieved. This is a crucial factor of ageing. The division potential is controlled by caps at the end of DNA strands (rather like the plastic tips on shoelaces). These caps are the telomeres. As each cell divides, a piece of telomere is lost, and the dividing process ceases when the telomeres have shortened to an optimum and critical length. There is then no new cell replication, and all that follows is deterioration.

Laboratory experiments with tissue samples have now shown that application of the genetic enzyme telomerase can prevent telomere shortening upon cell division and replication. Hence, body cells can continue to divide way beyond their naturally restricted programming (just as do cancer cells which can achieve immortality through being rich in telomerase). Telomerase is not usually expressed in normal body tissue; but apart from being present in malignant tumours, it is also apparent in reproductive cells. It seems, therefore, that somewhere within our DNA structure is the genetic ability to produce this anti-ageing enzyme, but that the potential has somehow been switched off and probably exists within those aspects of our DNA which scientists currently refer to as 'junk'.

In the canonical Bible we are told that, during the lifetimes of Noah and his sons, Jehovah issued the edict which forbade the ingesting of blood - at least this was the time-frame applied to the edict by the Old Testament compilers in the sixth century BC. It is unlikely, however, that this was the correct time-frame, for at that time Enlil-Jehovah would have had no such final authority over Enki and the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki.

Nevertheless it is apparent that, from that time, the given ages of the patriarchal strain begin to diminish quite considerably, so that from the days of Abraham and Isaac we are presented, in the main, with rather more normal life-spans. In contrast, though, the life-spans of the Sumerian Kings in descent from Cain and Etana continued at a generally high level.

What we do know beyond doubt is that whatever the realities of the edict and its chronology, a major change in the Star Fire practice became necessary in about 1960 BC. This was when the Bible tells us that Abraham and his family moved northward from Ur of the Chaldees (the capital of Sumer) to Haran before turning westward into Canaan.

Contemporary historical texts record that at that time Ur was sacked by the King of nearby Elam soon after 2000 BC and, although the city was rebuilt, the power centre moved north to Haran in the Kingdom of Mari. But Haran was not just the name of a flourishing city; it was the name of Abraham's brother (the father of Lot). Existing documents (discovered in 1934) also reveal that other cities in Mesopotamia were similarly named in accordance with Abraham's forebears - cities such as Terah (Abraham's father), Nahor (Terah's father), Serug (Nahor's father), and Peleg (Serug's grandfather).

Quite apparently, in line with all the Sumerian evidence which supports the kingly line from Cain, these lately discovered reports confirm that the immediate family of Abraham (in the succession after Noah) were also great commissioners of the region in general. Clearly, the Patriarchs represented no ordinary family but constituted a very powerful dynasty. But why would such a long-standing heritage of prominence and renown come to an abrupt end and force Abraham out of Mesopotamia into Canaan?

The answer is to be found in clay tablets which can be dated to about 1960 BC. They detail that, at that time, everything changed in the hitherto sacred land of Sumer when invaders came in from all sides: Akkadians from the north, Amorites from Syria, and Elamites from Persia. The text continues:

When they overthrew, when order they destroyed; Then like a deluge all things together consumed. Whereunto, oh Sumer! Did they change thee? The Sacred Dynasty from the Temple they exiled.

It was at this stage of Sumerian history that the empire fell and Abraham was forced to flee northward from the city of Ur. But what had happened to the Anunnaki, the Grand Assembly of Gods who had established everything? The text continues:

Ur is destroyed, bitter is its lament. The country's blood now fills its holes like hot bronze in a mould. Bodies dissolve like fat in the sun. Our temple is destroyed. Smoke lies on our cities like a shroud. The gods have abandoned us like migrating birds.

In historical terms, this total collapse of the Sumerian empire follows the founding of Babylon by King Ur-Baba in about 2000 BC. Indeed, the story of the Tower of Babel and the resultant wrath of Jehovah precisely fits the time-frame of the Sumerians' own abandonment by the Anunnaki.

The story in Genesis relates that the people, who were hitherto said by Jehovah to be "very good", were severely punished because of a strange transgression which had not previously been ruled upon. The apparent transgression was that they all spoke the same language, and the unique language which they all spoke was, of course, Sumerian - the first written language on Earth.

For a reason which is not made clear in the Bible, the Genesis text explains that Jehovah was not happy about the Tower of Babel and so he "did come down, and did confound the language of all the Earth".

The Sumerian historical documents tell much the same story, except that the confounding of language is far better explained by the hordes of foreign invaders who came into the region. It transpires that this invasion was the direct result of friction among the Anunnaki, for at Anu's retirement from the Grand Assembly his eldest son Enlil-Jehovah assumed the presidency. He proclaimed that he was master of all the Earth, although his brother Enki-Samael could retain sovereignty of the seas. Enki was not at all happy about his brother's claim because, although Enlil was the elder of the two, his mother, Ki, was their father Anu's junior sister, whereas Enki's mother, Antu, was the senior sister. True kingship, claimed Enki, progressed as a matrilinear institution through the female line, and by this right of descent Enki maintained that he was the first-born of the royal succession:

I am Enki...the great brother of the gods. I am he who has been born as the first son of the divine Anu.

As a result, the people of Babylon announced their allegiance to Enki and his son Marduk - but this was all too much for Enlil-Jehovah. Having lost his popularity, he opened the gates of Sumer to let in invaders from all sides. The scribes recorded that he, the vengeful Enlil-Jehovah, brought about the "great and terrible storm" which caused the annihilation of all the Sumerian culture so that their language was no longer predominant and there was a "great confusion of tongues".

All the work which had been accomplished in building up a unique civilisation over thousands of years was destroyed in one fell swoop by Enlil-Jehovah, simply because he would not share authority with his brother Enki. The records confirm that, at that moment in Sumerian history, the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki vacated their seats and departed "like migrating birds".

For all that had occurred up to that point, an urgent and significant change in kingly procedure was necessary because the Anunnaki Star Fire was no longer available. A substitute had to be found. As previously mentioned, the priestly Scarlet Women had been purpose-bred for this; but it was clear that, however carefully mated, their essence would weaken through the generations.

In the event, the creation of a more permanent and versatile substitute was not a problem, for this was the province of a group of previously trained metallurgists whom Enki had called the Master Craftsmen. The first of these great metallurgists to be trained was Tubal-cain the Vulcan - a sixth-generation descendant of Cain, who is remembered even today in modern Freemasonry.

In consideration of the Bible's New Testament symbology, it is of particular interest to note that Jesus' father Joseph was himself recorded in the early Gospels as being a Master Craftsman. In modern English-language Bibles, Joseph is described as a 'carpenter', but this is a blatant mistranslation. The word 'carpenter' was wrongly derived from the Greek ho-tekton which actually defined a Master of the Craft - not a woodworker, but a learned alchemical metallurgist in the manner of his ancestral forebears.

In the Old Testament Book of Exodus, at the time of Moses we are introduced to a certain Bezaleel (the son of Uri Ben Hur) who is said to have been filled with the spirit of the Elohim in wisdom, understanding and knowledge. We learn, furthermore, that Bezaleel was a skilled goldsmith and a Master Craftsman, and that he was placed in overall charge of building the Ark of the Covenant. In detailing how Bezaleel should manufacture various crowns, rings, bowls and a candlestick, all of pure gold, the Bible text adds to the list something called the Shewbread of the Covenant, and without further explanation the deed is seen to be done.

Although the word 'covenant' has come to be identified with contractual agreements, it originally meant 'to eat bread with', and it is pertinent to note that the Lord's Prayer (which was directly transposed from an Egyptian equivalent) specifies "Give us this day our daily bread". This is often taken to relate to sustenance in general terms, but in the original tradition the reference was more specifically directed to the enigmatic shewbread - the Golden Bread of Bezaleel.

The Book of Leviticus also refers to the shewbread: And thou shalt take fine flour and bake twelve cakes thereof... And thou shalt put pure frankincense upon each row.

The use of the word 'flour' in English translations is actually incorrect. The word 'powder' would be more accurate. The records of the mystery schools cite rather more precisely that shewbread was made with the white powder of gold, and this is particularly significant because in Exodus it is stated that Moses took the golden calf which the Israelites had made "and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to a white powder". In this instance, the correct word 'powder' is used, but firing gold does not, of course, produce powder - it simply produces molten gold.

So what was this magical white powder? Is there a way of using heat to transform metallic gold into a white powder which is ingestible and beneficial? Indeed there is, and it is here that the foremost alchemical principle of the Master Craftsmen was applied: "To make gold, you must take gold."

Gold is the most noble of metals, and gold was always representative of Truth. Through the regular use of Anunnaki Star Fire (the Gold of the Gods), the recipients were moved into realms of heightened awareness and consciousness because of its inherent melatonin and serotonin. This was the realm of advanced enlightenment - the Plane of Sharon - and the Star Fire gold was deemed to be the ultimate route to the Light. Hence, the heavy, mundane person (lead) could be elevated to a heightened state of awareness (perceived as gold). This was the root of all alchemical lore thereafter.

The shewbread (or, as the Egyptians called it, scheffa food) was a traditional entitlement of the Israelite and Egyptian Messiahs, for the early Pharaohs were themselves fully consecrated Priest-Kings of the Grail Bloodline, having descended through Nimrod in the Cainite succession.

In ancient Egypt, the scheffa food was always depicted as a conical cake. According to the records, this metallic bread was used to feed the Light-body, as against the physical body, and the Light-body was deemed to be the consciousness. As far back as 2200 BC, the Pharaohs were using this supplement to enhance their pituitary and pineal activity, thereby to heighten their perception, awareness and intuition, but only the metallurgical adepts of the mystery schools (the Master Craftsmen of the Dragon Court) knew the secret of its manufacture.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead (the oldest complete book in the world), the Pharaoh in search of the ultimate food of enlightenment asks, at every stage of his journey, the single overriding question, "What is it?" - a question which in the Hebrew language (as explained in The Antiquities of the Jews) was asked with the single word, "Manna?".

When the Ark of the Covenant was completed, Moses' brother Aaron was said to have placed an omer of manna into the Ark. This sacred manna was commonly associated with a mystical form of bread - the shewbread - or, as it was called in Tubal-Cain's Mesopotamia, the shem-an-na.

At this point, we come to a particularly important definition of the shem-an-na, for according to the Master Craftsmen this conically shaped (or shem-shaped) food was made of what the Sumerians called Highward Fire-stone.

In the New Testament Book of the Revelation it is said: To him that overcometh, I will give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone.

Before we look at the precise nature of the white stone of the shem-an-na - the bread made from the powder of alchemical gold - let us firstly consider the famous statue of Priest-King Melchizedek at Chartres Cathedral in France.

The statue portrays Melchizedek with a cup containing a stone in representation of the bread and wine which he apparently offered to Abraham, according to Genesis. The wine, as we know, was emblematic of the sacred Star Fire (just as Communion wine represents the Messianic Blood today), but the true importance of the imagery is that the bread-stone is held within the cup, thereby signifying that Star Fire was replaced by its substitute nourishment at the very time of Melchizedek and Abraham. This substitute was made from shem-an-na - the white powder of gold, the highward fire-stone.

The object of the substitute was very straightforward. Instead of feeding the recipient with a direct hormonal supplement, the powder had its effect on the endocrinal system (particularly the pineal gland), thereby causing the recipient to manufacture his own super-high levels of hormones such as melatonin.

In the famous Middle Ages Grail romance of Parzival, by Wolfram von Eschenbach, it is said of the Temple Knights of Grail Castle: They live by virtue of a stone most pure. If you do not know its name, now learn: it is called lapis exilis. By the power of the stone the phoenix is burned to ashes, but the ashes speedily restore it to life. The phoenix thus moults and thereupon gives out a bright light, so that it is as beautiful as before.

Many have wondered about the name lapis exilis because it appears to be a play on words, combining two elements. Firstly, it is lapis ex caelis, meaning 'stone from the heavens', and, secondly, it is lapis elixir, the Philosophers' Stone by which base elements are transformed to higher states of being. Either way, or both, it relates directly to the highward fire-stone - the shem-an-na of the exotic Star Fire substitute.

The key to the Parzival allegory lies in the description that the phoenix is "burned to ashes", but from those very ashes comes the Great Enlightenment. So, what exactly is a phoenix? It is a mythical bird, we might answer. But we would be quite wrong! The word 'phoenix' is far older than the Bennu bird mythology, and it is in fact ancient Graeco-Phoenician. 'Phoenix' means 'crimson' or 'red-gold'.

Even today, within the confines of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the ancient Mass of the Phoenix is performed as a symbolic Star Fire ritual. It is pertinent to note that Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was an officer of this Order - as a consequence of which, much of his novel is a coded representation of the secret knowledge. The two emblems of this ninth-degree ceremony are: the upright triangle of Gold and Light (representing spirit), and the downturned triangle of Blood and Water (representing matter). Interlocked, one upon the other, they form the familiar Seal of Solomon which contains the formula that is known as the Gem of Alchemy.

An old Alexandrian alchemical text makes particular mention of the weight of the Philosophers' Stone - which it calls the Stone of Paradise. It states that: When placed in the scales, the stone can outweigh its quantity of gold; but when it is transposed to dust, even a feather will tip the scales against it.

In terms of a mathematical formula, this relationship is written as: 0 = (+1) + (-1). This appears to be a very straightforward sum at first glance, because (+1) + (-1) does indeed equal zero. But when applied to physical matter it is actually an impossibility because it relies upon using a 'positive' and an equivalent 'negative' to produce 'nothing'. The moment one has a positive piece of something, it is not possible to add an equivalent negative of that something to produce nothing. At best, one could move the 'positive' something out of immediate sight - but it would still exist, and it would therefore not be nothing.

The only way to turn something into nothing, as far as the material field is concerned, is to translate that something into another dimension so that it physically disappears from the mundane environment. If that process is achieved, then the proof of achievement would lie in the fact that its weight also disappears.

What, then, is it that can outweigh itself but can also underweigh itself and become nothing? What, then, is it that can be gold, but can be fired and transposed to dust? It is the phoenix - the red-gold that will fire to ashes but will then be restored to enlightenment. It is the golden calf that Moses burned to a powder. It is the highward fire-stone of the shem-an-na. And we know from the Sumerian records that this was not made of stone at all, but of shining metal.

In the alchemical tradition, the Philosophers' Stone is said to be that which translates base elements into gold. This is deemed to be the case in both the metallurgical sense and in the spiritual sense of higher enlightenment. In the physical sense, however, we must return to the oldest of all alchemical rules of the earliest mystery school: "To make gold, you must take gold."

Hence, it is determined that there are two distinctly separate forms of physical gold: the straightforward metal as we know it, and a much 'higher' state of gold - that is, gold in a different dimension of perceived matter, and this is the white powder of gold, the hidden manna whose secret manufacture was known only by the Master Craftsmen.

So, what precisely is the 'highward' or 'high-spin' state which converts gold (and platinum-group metals) into a sweet-tasting, impalpable white powder?

A normal atom has around it a screening potential - a positive screening produced by the nucleus. The majority of electrons going round the nucleus are within this screening potential, except for the very outer electrons. However, the nucleus goes to the highward or high-spin state when the positive screening potential expands to bring all of the electrons under the control of the nucleus.

Electrons normally travel around the nucleus in pairs: a 'spin-forward' electron and a 'spin-reverse' electron. But when these come under the influence of a high-spin nucleus, all of the spin-forward electrons become correlated with the spin-reverse electrons. When perfectly correlated, the electrons turn to pure white light, and it is quite impossible for the individual atoms in the high-spin substance to link together. Hence they cannot reform as metal, and the whole remains simply an impalpable white powder.

The truly unusual thing about this white powder is that, through various applied processes, its weight will rise and fall to hundreds of per cent above its optimum weight, down to less than absolutely nothing. Moreover, its optimum weight is actually fifty-six per cent of the metal weight from which it was transmuted. So, where does the other forty-four per cent go? It becomes nothing but pure light, and translates to another dimension beyond the physical world. This conforms precisely with the ancient Alexandrian text - that the Paradise Stone, when placed in the scales, can outweigh its quantity of gold; but when transposed to dust, even a feather will tip the scales against it.

Some of you may recall the NEXUS publication of a lecture given by David Hudson of ORMES LLC, Arizona, in 1996 [see NEXUS 3/05, 3/06]. In this talk, David explained how he came upon the white powder production by pure chance when running laboratory tests on soil and ore samples.

During the course of his extensive research, he discovered that not only is the powder of the highward fire-stone capable of raising human consciousness, but it is also a monatomic superconductor with no gravitational attraction.

As a point of warning here, I should add that this particular powder of gold has absolutely no connection with the substances currently marketed under the labels of Etherium Gold, Isis Gold and Manatau Gold. Whatever their advertising material might suggest, none of these products contain chemically measurable gold in the highward state.

One of the great researchers into gravity from the 1960s period has been the Russian physicist Sakharov, and the mathematics for Sakharov's theory (based on gravity as a zero-point) were published by Hal Puthoff of the Institute of Advanced Studies in 1989 [Physical Review A, vol. 39, no. 5, 1 March 1989]. With regard to the monatomic white powder, Puthoff has made the point that because gravity determines space-time, then the powder is capable of bending space-time. It is "exotic matter", he explained, with a gravitational attraction of less than zero!

To put things into perspective, it is important to recognise that just about everything we now know about the life and civilisations of the distant BC years has been learned since the late 1800s. Prior to that, the Old Testament was one of very few documents of record. But the Old Testament was never intended to be an accurate reporting of history; it was actually a book of scripture designed to underpin a growing religious movement.

To some extent, just like the scriptures of other religions, the Hebrew writings were based on mythological tradition, but, since the inherent stories were never found until recently in any other documented form, the Old Testament has been treated for countless centuries as if it were an absolute, factual truth.

And so the mythology became designated as history by our governing and educational establishments, and it has been taught as such in our schools and churches for the longest time.

Now we have a vast amount of original literature enabling us to be far better informed, for a great number of ancient documents have been unearthed, many pre-dating the original writing of Genesis by up to 2,000 years.

One would expect such discoveries to be welcomed with enthusiasm. But this has not been the case. Instead, they have posed severe problems and are regarded not as beneficial revelations but as threats. What do they threaten? They threaten to undermine the one-time mythology that has been erroneously dubbed as history. How does the establishment cope with this threat? It clings on tightly to the contrived history, and declares that the first-hand documents of history are mythological!

Between the 1850s and the 1930s, records which had been hidden for countless lifetimes beneath the windswept desert sands suddenly appeared, bearing the names of such well-known characters as Abraham, Esau, Israel, Heber, Nahor, Terah and many others from the Bible. These were written during the lifetimes of these men by people who were associated with them, whereas the books of the Old Testament were compiled over 1,000 years later. But, one by one, these documents have been classified as mythology. Why? Because they tell a very different story to that which we are taught from the Bible.


About the Speaker:
Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm., KCD, KT St A., is an internationally known sovereign and chivalric genealogist. He holds the position of Prior of the Celtic Church of the Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba, and is distinguished as Le Chevalier Labhràn de Saint Germain and Preceptor of the Knights Templars of Saint Anthony. Sir Laurence is also Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes (a constitutional advisory body established in 1946), and Chancellor of the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty. He is formally attached to the Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stewart, founded at St Germain-en-Laye in 1692, and is the Jacobite Historiographer Royal by Appointment.

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STAR FIRE - The Gold of the Gods


Once the Anunnaki departed Sumeria, Master Craftsmen developed a substitute for Star Fire in the form of a mystical bread made from the alchemical white powder of gold.


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By the 1880s, the governing establishments of Christendom were dreading the very word 'archaeologist'. And so, archaeological digs were brought under strict control, and their funding and undertakings had to be approved by newly designated authorities.

One of these, the Egypt Exploration Fund, was established in Britain in 1891, and on the very first page of its Memorandum and Articles of Association it is stated that the Fund's objective is to promote excavation work "for the purpose of elucidating or illustrating the Old Testament narrative".

In short, this meant that if something was found which could be used to support the scriptural teaching, then we (the public) would be informed. Anything which did not support the Church interpretation of the Bible was not destined to see the light in the public domain.

Now we are going to take a look at one of the monumental finds from that era - a discovery about which very little is known to people at large. In fact, it is probably the most important biblical discovery ever made and it has stunning implications far beyond the discovery itself, for this is the ultimate story of the Phoenix and the Fire-stone.

Within the Book of Exodus, a significant biblical mountain is named. It sits in the extensive range of the Sinai Peninsula - the upturned triangular land-mass which lies above the Red Sea between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqabah. In the Old Testament, the mountain is firstly called 'Mount Horeb', then it is called 'Mount Sinai', and is subsequently called 'Horeb' again as the story progresses.

The story, of course, is that of Moses and the Israelite exodus from Egypt. This was the mountain upon which, according to Exodus, Moses saw the burning bush; the mountain where he talked with Jehovah; and the place where he received the Ten Commandments and the Tables of Testimony.

Something that we should recognise at this stage is that at the time of Moses (roughly 1350 BC) there was no mountain called 'Mount Sinai'. There was no mountain by that name even in the days of Jesus, nor even for another 300 years.

It should also be said that the Old Testament which is familiar to us today is a translation from a Hebrew text compiled only 1,000 years ago, and it is therefore a few centuries younger even than the canonical New Testament.

The mountain now generally known as Mount Sinai sits in the south of the peninsula, quite near to the bottom point of the upturned triangle. It was given its name in the 4th century AD by a mission of Greek Christian monks, 1,700 years after the time of Moses. It is now sometimes called 'Gebel Musa' (or 'Mount of Moses'), and a small Christian retreat, St Catherine's Monastery, still exists there. But, was this the Sinai mountain which the Bible calls 'Mount Horeb'? Well, it transpires that it was not.

The Book of Exodus goes into some detail to explain the route taken by Moses and the Israelites from the Nile Delta land of Goshen, down across Sinai, across the wilderness regions of Shur and Paran, to the land of Midian (which is to the north of present-day Jordan). From this route it becomes very easy to identify the location of Mount Horeb. It sits a good deal north of Gebel Musa.

The word horeb simply means 'desert', and the great desert mountain which soars to over 2,600 feet within a high stone plateau above the Plain of Paran is today called 'Serâbît' - or, to be more precise, Serâbît el-Khâdim (the Prominence of the Khâdim).

In the late 1890s, the British Egyptologist Sir William Flinders Petrie, a Professor at the University College, London, applied to the Egypt Exploration Fund to take an expedition into Sinai. By January l904, he and his team were in Sinai, and in March of that year they took their expedition to the heights of Mount Serâbît.

In the following year, Petrie published the detailed results of his findings, but added to his report the fact that this information would not be made available officially to the Egypt Exploration Fund subscribers; they would receive only maps and a general outline. Furthermore, Petrie explained that even though he had taken previously funded teams into Egypt, from the time of that Sinai expedition his sponsorship by the Fund had been terminated. Why? Had he perhaps broken the binding rule of the Articles by divulging something which was contrary to Bible teaching? He certainly had.

In fact, Petrie had discovered the great secret of the sacred mountain of Moses - a secret which not only made sense of the Exodus portrayals, but which (in so doing) blew the lid totally from their common scriptural interpretation.

What the Bible does not make clear is that Sinai was not a foreign land to the Egyptians. It was actually regarded as a part of Egypt and came under Pharaonic control. So Moses and the Israelites had not left Egypt once they were east of the Nile Delta; they were still in Egypt, having the whole Sinai Peninsula to cross before they entered the Palestinian land of Canaan.

During the time of Moses, Sinai came under the control of two Egyptian officials: the Royal Chancellor and the Royal Messenger. This was the era of Egypt's 18th Dynasty - the dynasty of the Tuthmosis and Amenhotep Pharaohs, along with Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. The Royal Messenger of those times was Neby, an official who was also the mayor and troop commander of Zaru in the Nile Delta region of Goshen, where the Israelites had lived before the exodus.

The position of Royal Chancellor was hereditary in the Hyksos family of Pa-Nehas, and Panahesy of this family was the official Governor of Sinai. We know him better from the Bible as Phinehas. He became one of the first priests of the new Mosaic structure, but previously he had been the Chief Priest at Pharaoh Akhenaten's temple at Amarna.

Before we get back to Sir William Flinders Petrie, and to understand the root significance of his discovery, it is worth making a necessary distinction between the Israelites and the Hebrews of the Mosaic era. At that time they were not one and the same, as Bible teaching seems to indicate. The Hebrews were the family and descendants of Abraham, and their place of residence was, in the main, Canaan (or Palestine). The Israelites, on the other hand, were the family and descendants of one of Abraham's grandsons, Jacob, whose name was changed to 'Israel'. It was Jacob's family alone who had moved into Egypt, and it was their descendants who eventually returned with Moses - to be reunited, after countless generations, with their fellow Hebrews.

The difference between the strains was, of course, that the Israelites had long been subjected to the laws and religions of Egypt and they knew very little about the customs of their cousins in Canaan. Through more than 400 years they had been in an environment with a whole pantheon of gods; and although they had developed a 'One God' concept within their own fraternity, that god was not the Jehovah of the Canaanite Hebrews.

The Israelites' god was a faceless entity whom they called, quite simply, 'the Lord'. In the Israelite language he was called 'Adon'. This is one of the reasons why the names 'Lord' and 'Jehovah' were always separately identified in early texts, although they were brought under the wrap of the single God in later times to suit the emergent Jewish and Christian faiths. To the Egyptians, the name of this Lord (Adon) was quite similar; they called him 'Aten'. From this derived the name of Pharaoh Akhenaten, meaning 'Servant of Aten'.

So, when Moses and the Israelites made their exodus into Sinai, they arrived not as worshippers of Jehovah but of Aten; and it was for this very reason that they were given a whole new set of laws and ordinances to bring them into line with the Hebrew culture of their prospective new homeland.

When Moses and the Israelites left the Nile Delta, their obvious route to Canaan (where they were eventually headed) would have been directly across the wilderness of northern Sinai. So, why did they push southward into the difficult high country to spend some time at the Horeb mountain of Serâbît? This was a question that had long puzzled Petrie and his team.


So, what precisely did they find high on the Bible's holy mountain? Well, to begin with, they found nothing very much. But on a wide plateau near the summit there were distinct signs of ancient habitation, and some pillars and standing-stones could be seen protruding above the ground-rubble. This rubble had been deposited, little by little, by wind and landslides over some 3,000 years. But when it was finally moved away, the truth of the Bible story emerged. Petrie wrote:

There is no other such monument which makes us regret that it is not in better preservation. The whole of it was buried, and no one had any knowledge of it until we cleared the site.

What they found was an enormous temple complex. Set within an enclosure wall was an outer temple, built over an expanse of 230 feet (approx. 70 metres). This extended outwards from an inner temple cut within a great cave in the mountainside. From the various cartouches, carvings and inscriptions it emerged that the temple had been in use from as far back as the time of Pharaoh Sneferu, who reigned about 2600 BC and whose immediate successors are reckoned to have built the pyramids of Gizeh.

The above-ground part of the temple was constructed from sandstone quarried from the mountain and it comprised a series of adjoined halls, shrines, courts, cubicles and chambers. Of these, the key features unearthed were the main Sanctuary, the Shrine of Kings, the Portico Court, and the Hall of the goddess Hathor (to whom the whole complex was dedicated).

All around were pillars and stelae denoting the Egyptian Kings through the ages, and certain Pharaohs such as Tuthmosis III (founder of the Rosicrucian movement in Egypt) were depicted many times on standing-stones and wall reliefs.

The adjoining Cave of Hathor was carved into the natural rock, with flat inner walls that had been carefully smoothed. In the centre (from about 1820 BC) stood a large upright pillar of Pharaoh Amenemhet III, the son-in-law of Esau. Also portrayed were his senior chamberlain and his seal-bearer.

Deep within the cave Petrie found a limestone stela of Pharaoh Ramesses I - a slab upon which Ramesses (who is traditionally reckoned by Egyptologists to have been an opposer of the Aten cult) surprisingly described himself as "The ruler of all that Aten embraces". Also found was an Amarna statue-head of Akhenaten's mother, Queen Tiye of Egypt, with her cartouche set in the crown.

In the courts and halls of the outer temple there were numerous stone-carved rectangular tanks and circular basins, along with a variety of curiously shaped benchtables with recessed fronts and split-level surfaces. There were also round tables, trays and saucers together with alabaster vases and containers, many of which were shaped like lotus flowers. In addition, the rooms housed a good collection of glazed plaques, cartouches, scarabs and sacred ornaments designed with spirals, diagonal squares and basketwork. There were magical wands of an unidentified hard material, and in the portico were two conical stones of about six inches and nine inches, respectively, in height.

The explorers were baffled enough by these finds, but they were further confounded by the discovery of a metallurgist's crucible. Ever since, Egyptologists have argued as to why crucibles would have been necessary in a temple - while at the same time debating a mysterious substance, called mfkzt, which seemed to be related to the crucible and the conical stones and which had dozens of mentions in wall and stelae inscriptions.

Some have suggested that mfkzt might have been copper; many have preferred the idea of turquoise; and others have supposed it was perhaps malachite. But these are all unsubstantiated guesses, and there were no traces of any of these materials at the site.

Sinai is noted for its turquoise mines, but if turquoise mining had been a primary function of the temple masters over so many centuries then one would expect to find turquoise stones in abundance within the tombs of Egypt. But such is not the case. Hardly any have been found.

Another cause of wonderment has been the innumerable inscribed references to 'bread', along with the prominent hieroglyph for 'Light' found in the Shrine of the Kings.

The discovery which caused the most bewilderment, however, was the unearthing of something which was identified as the enigmatic mfkzt to which the 'bread' symbolism seemed to be related. Laying some inches deep in a storeroom was a considerable supply of the finest, pure white, unadulterated powder.

At the time, some suggested that the powder could be a remnant of copper smelting, but, as was quickly pointed out, smelting does not produce white powder; it leaves a dense black slag. Moreover, there was no supply of copper ore within miles of the temple, and the old smelting works were in any event apparent in the distant valleys. Others guessed that the powder was ash from the burning of plants to produce alkali, but there was no trace whatever of any plant residue.

For want of any other explanation, it was determined that the white powder and the conical stones were probably associated with some form of sacrificial rite, but again it was pointed out that this was an Egyptian temple and animal sacrifice was not an Egyptian practice. Moreover, there were no remnants whatever of bones or any other foreign matter within the mfkzt, which appeared for all the world like a hoard of sacred talcum-powder.

Some of the mysterious powder was taken back to Britain for analysis and examination - but no results were ever published. The rest (opened to the elements after 3,000 years) was left to become a victim of the desert winds.


What has become apparent, however, is that this powder was seemingly identical to the ancient Mesopotamian fire-stone or shem-an-na - the substance that was made into bread-cakes and used to feed the Light-bodies of the Babylonian Kings and the Pharaohs of Egypt.

This, of course, explains the temple inscriptions denoting the importance of bread and light, and this white powder (the shem-an-na) was identified with the sacred manna that Aaron placed in the Ark of the Covenant. In Egypt, the cakes made from this powder were called 'scheffa food', while the Israelites called them 'shewbread'.

The Book of Exodus tells us that the Master Craftsman who made the original shewbread for Moses in Sinai was Bezaleel, the son of Uri Ben Hur. But Bezaleel was not a baker; he was a noted goldsmith - the very man who made the golden accoutrements for the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant.

This conforms precisely with the function of the priestly Master Craftsmen in Mesopotamia. They were the great Vulcans and metallurgists of Tubal-cain, who manufactured the valuable shem-an-na from pure gold.

As for the crucible, the conical stones and the great array of tanks, tables and equipment which made the Sinai temple appear more like a gigantic laboratory than a church, it emerges that this is precisely what it was.

What Petrie had actually found was the alchemical workshop of Akhenaten and of the 18 dynasties of Pharaohs before him - a temple-laboratory where the furnace would have roared and smoked in the production of the sacred fire-stone of the high-spin shem-an-na. Quite suddenly, the words of Exodus begin to make sense as we read them again with a wholly new insight:

And Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke because the Lord descended upon it in fire, and the smoke thereof

ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.

In Exodus we read that Moses took the golden calf which the Israelites had made, and then burnt it in the fire and ground it to a white powder. This is precisely the process of a shem-an-na furnace, and it is evident that the Egyptian priests of the goddess Hathor had been working their fire for countless generations before the priests of Aten became involved in the time of Moses.

It was in fact Pharaoh Tuthmosis III who had reorganised the ancient mystery-schools of Thoth and founded the Royal School of the Master Craftsmen at Karnak. They were called the 'Great White Brotherhood' because of their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder. A branch of this fraternity became especially concerned with medicines and healing, and they became known as the Egyptian 'Therapeutate'. In much later times, the Therapeutate extended its activities into Palestine, especially into the Judah settlement of Qumran where they flourished as the Essenes.

But what was so special about the goddess Hathor? Why was she the chosen deity of the Sinai priests? Hathor was a paramount nursing goddess, and as the daughter of Ra she was said to have given birth to the Sun. She was the originally defined 'Queen of the West' and 'Mistress of the Netherworld', to where she was said to carry those who knew the right spells. She was the revered protectress of womanhood, the 'Lady of the Sycamore', and the goddess of love, tombs and song. And it was from the milk of Hathor that the Pharaohs were said to gain their divinity, becoming gods in their own right.

On one of the rock tablets near to the Mount Serâbît cave entrance is a representation of Tuthmosis IV in the presence of Hathor. Before him are two offering-stands topped with lotus flowers, and behind him is a man bearing a conical cake of white bread. Another relief details the mason Ankhib offering two conical bread-cakes of shem-an-na to the king, and there are similar portrayals elsewhere in the temple complex. One of the most significant perhaps is a depiction of Hathor and Amenhotep III. The goddess holds a necklace in one hand, while offering the emblem of life and dominion to the Pharaoh with the other. Behind her is the treasurer Sobekhotep, who holds in readiness a conical cake of white bread. Sobekhotep is described as the "Overseer of the Secrets of the House of Gold, who brought the noble and precious stone to His Majesty".

I mentioned earlier that, upon coming out of Egypt into Sinai en route to Canaan, the Israelites would have expected to be made familiar with the laws and ordinances of their new homeland. However, although this appears to have been partially the case, the situation was largely reversed on the religious front, with the Egyptian customs being introduced to the native Hebrews.

It was upon the mountain at Sinai that Jehovah first announced his presence to Moses. Being an Aten supporter, Moses asked this new lord and master who he was, and the reply was "I am that I am", which in phonetic Hebrew became 'Jehovah'. However, for the longest time afterwards, the Israelites were not allowed to utter the name 'Jehovah' - with the exception of the High Priest who was allowed to whisper the name in private once a year. The problem was that prayers were supposed to be said to this new godhead - but how would he know the prayers were said to him if his name was not mentioned?

The Israelites knew that Jehovah was not the same as Aten (their traditional Adon or Lord), and so they presumed he must be the equivalent of the great State-god of Egypt, even if not one and the same. It was decided, therefore, to add the name of that State- god to all prayers thereafter, and the name of that god was 'Amen'. To this day, the name of 'Amen' is still recited at the end of prayers. Even the well-known Christian Lord's Prayer (as given in the Gospel of Matthew) was transposed from an Egyptian original which began, "Amen, Amen, who art in heaven..."

As for the famous Ten Commandments (said to have been conveyed to Moses by God upon the mountain), these too are of Egyptian origin and they derive directly from Spell Number 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. They were not new codes of conduct invented for the Israelites, but were simply newly stated versions of the ritual confessions of the Pharaohs. For example, the confession "I have not killed" was translated to the decree "Thou shalt not kill"; "I have not stolen" became "Thou shalt not steal"; "I have not told lies" became "Thou shalt not bear false witness"; and so on.

Not only were the Ten Commandments drawn from Egyptian ritual, but so too were the Psalms reworked from Egyptian hymns (though they are attributed to King David). Even the Old Testament Book of Proverbs - the so-called 'wise words of Solomon' - was translated almost verbatim into Hebrew from the writings of an Egyptian sage called Amenemope. These are now held at the British Museum, and verse after verse of the Book of Proverbs can be attributed to this Egyptian original. It has now been discovered that even the writings of Amenemope were extracted from a far older work called The Wisdom of Ptah-hotep, which comes from more than 2,000 years before the time of Solomon.

In addition to the Book of the Dead and the ancient Wisdom of Ptah-hotep, various other Egyptian texts were used in compiling the Old Testament. These include the Pyramid Texts and the Coffin Texts, from which references to the Egyptian gods were simply transposed to relate to the Hebrew god Jehovah.


In Bloodline of the Holy Grail I made the point that the modern style of Christianity, which evolved from the Roman Church in the 4th century AD, was actually a created 'hybrid' - a religion based on themes from numerous others, including, of course, Judaism.

Now it transpires that Judaism itself was no less of a hybrid in the early days, being a composite of Egyptian, Canaanite and Mesopotamian traditions, with the stories, hymns, prayers and rituals of the various and sundry gods brought together and related to a newly contrived 'One God' concept.

What is particularly interesting is that, historically, this was not fully contrived in the time of Abraham, nor even in the later time of Moses. It did not happen until the 6th century BC, when tens of thousands of Israelites were held captive by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Until that time, the Hebrew and Israelite records referred to any number of gods and goddesses by individual names, and under a general plural classification of 'the Elohim'.

Through some 500 years from the captivity, the scriptures existed only as a series of quite separate writings, and it was not until after the time of Jesus that these were collated into a single volume. Jesus himself would never have heard of the Old Testament or the Bible, but the scriptures to which he had access included many books that were not selected for the compilation that we know today.

Strangely, though, some of these books are still mentioned in the modern Bible text as being important to the original culture. They include the Book of the Lord, the Book of the Wars of Jehovah, and the Book of Jasher. Why were they not included? Quite simply because their content did not suit the new Jehovah-based religion that was being created. Jasher, for example, was the Egyptian-born son of Caleb; the brother-in-law to the first Israelite judge Othneil; and the appointed royal staff-bearer to Moses. It is generally reckoned that the Book of Jasher's position in the Bible should be between the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua, but it was sidestepped by the editors because it sheds a very different light on the sequence of events at Mount Horeb in Sinai.

The familiar Exodus account explains that Jehovah issued instructions to Moses concerning masters and servants, covetousness, neighbourly behaviour, crime, marriage, morality and many other issues including the all-important rule of the Sabbath, along with the Ten Commandments.

But, in Jasher (which pre-dates the Exodus writings), these laws and ordinances are not conveyed to Moses by Jehovah. In fact, Jehovah is not mentioned at all. The new laws, says the Book of Jasher, were communicated to Moses and the Israelites by Jethro, High Priest of Midian and Lord of the Mountain. In effect, Jethro was the overall governor of the Sinai temple.

In Hebrew, the title 'Lord (or Lofty One) of the Mountain' was translated as 'El Shaddai', and this is particularly significant for that was precisely the name related to Moses when he asked the Lord to reveal his identity. The Lord said, "I am that I am. I am he that Abraham called 'El Shaddai'". "I am that I am" eventually became transposed to the name 'Jehovah', but, as related in Jasher (and as confirmed in Exodus when correctly read), this Lord was not a deiform god at all. He was Jethro the El Shaddai, the great vulcan and Master Craftsman of the Hathor temple.

Apart from the fact that we are taught about certain aspects of the Bible text, I think it is fair to say that not too many of us actually study the books ourselves. As a result of this, our perceived images are generally those conjured by picture-books and films. Hollywood, of course, has done us proud with its portrayals of Moses on the mountain and God blasting the words of the Ten Commandments onto two great, barely portable, granite slabs. In Exodus, however, there is no such depiction, and the Commandments are said to have been written down by Moses himself (at the dictation of the Lord) after he had broken the first tablets that he was given.

As for the other part of the Sinai package, the Tables of Testimony, these are stated in the teachings of the Kabbala and the Midrash to have been held within a sacred gemstone which Moses placed "in the palm of his hand". This was the same Divine Stone of Wisdom said to have been inherited by King Solomon. In the earlier texts of Egypt it was called the 'Tablet of Hermes', which embodied the wisdom of Thoth.


According to the records of the ancient Dragon Court of Egypt (founded by Queen Sobeknefru in 1785 BC), an early guardian of the Table was Chem, the High Priest of Mendes. The word chem (or khame) means 'blackness', and from this root word derived the word 'alchemy' - the science of extracting light from the blackness. To us, Chem is perhaps better known as the biblical Ham, the grandfather of Nimrod, whose family was cursed by the Hebrews because his historical tradition was in conflict with the emergent Jehovah-based culture.

Readers of Gothic novels and books about sorcery will, of course, recognise the name Chem of Mendes. He is often symbolised by a goat, which was precisely the emblem of Ham in ancient Egypt. The only difference is that in latter-day Christian lore the goat is meant to be symbolic of the Devil. What we now discover, however, is that by following the story of Chem of Mendes we are led directly to the Sinai temple and to the white powder of gold.

Mendes was a major city of the Egyptian Delta, and Chem was the temple's designated Archon of the 10th Age of Capricorn. It was in this Capricorn regard that his symbol was a goat, generally depicted by an inverted pentagram. This five-pointed star has two uppermost points, which are the horns of the Goat of Mendes. The two downward-sloping side points represent the ears, and the single base-point is the chin and beard.

When a pentagram is seen in this inverted position, it is regarded as a male emblem, but the pentagram star is, of course, a female device (a Venus symbol) and is usually shown with the single point uppermost.

In the pentagram's male position, Chem is personally identified by an emerald jewel set centrally at the meeting of the horns. When turned about, the pentagram achieves its female status with the uppermost single point becoming the head of the goddess. The side points are now arms, while the twin points (once the horns) are now at the base, being the legs of the goddess, with the emerald jewel of Venus established in the vulval position.

Sometimes the inverted pentagram of Chem is shown with flames rising from the sacred jewel between the horns. These flames are traditionally referred to as 'Astral Light'. But when reversed into the Venus position, the uterine flames are identified as 'Star Fire', the lunar essence of the goddess.

From the earliest times, whether representing Astral Light or Star Fire, the pentagram was indicative of enlightenment. It was associated with the pre-Jewish Sabbath - a ritualistic period of reflection and experience outside of general toil. For this reason, Chem of Mendes was called the 'Sabbatical Goat' - from which derived today's use of the word 'sabbatical' in academic circles.

In view of this age-old tradition, it is hardly surprising that the pentagram and Sabbatical Goat became associated with heterodox Christians (like the Cathars of Languedoc) from medieval times. In contrast, the orthodox Christian Church endeavoured to overawe the old wisdom of the mystery schools by creating a hybrid religion based upon salvation from the unknown - a salvation that was only attained through people's subjugation to the authority of the bishops. As an outcome, the spiritually based doctrines of the Gnostic movement (which sought to 'discover' the unknown) were declared blasphemous by the Inquisition, while the pentagram and the goat were denounced as symbols of black magic and witchcraft.

From those times (even to the present day in some circles), personal attainment and learning which does not conform to the bishops' opinions has been considered heretical. And individually acquired wisdom became so feared that the Goat of Mendes has been decried as the epitome of the Devil himself. This is manifest in a wealth of trashy propagandist novels (by Dennis Wheatley and others) wherein crucifixes and holy water abound as the weapons used against the so-called emissary of Satan.

Ham (or Chem) is given in the Old Testament as a son of Noah, but in the oldest records he is correctly identified (along with Japhet) as being a son of the great Vulcan and goldsmith Tubal-cain who is better known to historians as King Meskalam-dug, the Hero of the Good Land.

In the early lore of Palestine, Chem was synonymous with a certain Azazel of Capricorn who (according to the Book of Enoch) made known to men "all the metals, and the art of working them, and the use of antimony". Antimony is the black element otherwise known as 'stibium'. This is an essential ingredient of the preparatory alchemical process when producing the Philosophers' Stone. In the ancient Arab world, antimony was called kohl, from which derives the word 'coal', meaning 'that which is black'. The related word 'alcohol' stems from the Arabic al-kohul - the highly refined 'philosophical mercury' prepared from spirits of wine rectified over antimony.

Azazel of Capricorn actually appears in the Bible, but not in the authorised English-language translation. In the Vulgate Book of Leviticus there is an early reference to the custom of Atonement, and it states that Aaron shall cast lots upon two goats, "one for the Lord, and the other for Azazel". That which fell to the lot of the Lord was to be sacrificed as a 'sin offering', and the other was to be sent into the wilderness as an 'atonement'.

The more familiar English translation is somewhat confusing, for the name 'Azazel' has been supplanted by the word 'scapegoat'. The reason for the substitution was simply that the original sequence made it quite clear that Hebrew offerings were made both to Jehovah and to Chem-Azazel, while the Book of Enoch (which was excluded from the Old Testament) drew readers' attention to the direct link between Azazel and hermetic alchemy.

In the tradition of the Rosicrucian mystery schools, the writings of Chem (the Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis) were recorded as "The most ancient monument of the Chaldeans concerning the Philosophers' Stone". Being associated with the wisdom of Thoth (or Hermes), they were defined as hermetic teachings, and they were directly linked to the fire alchemy of pyramid construction.

The very name 'Hermes' derives from the word herma, which means 'a pile of stones', and the Great Pyramid was called the 'Sanctuary of Thoth'. The word pyr, from which derive 'pyro-', 'pyre' and 'pyramid', actually means 'fire' - and the pyramids were so called because they were 'fire-begotten'.


This leads us to one of the great unanswered questions: How did they build the pyramids? Were the thousands of massive blocks raised to great heights with such accuracy by hundreds of thousands of slaves using nothing but ropes and ramps over an undefined period of time, as is the common speculation? Certainly not. To construct an inclined plane to the top of the Great Pyramid at a gradient of 1:10 would have required a ramp 4,800 feet (approx. 1,463 metres) long, with a volume three times greater than that of the Pyramid itself.

As we saw earlier, the powder of the highward fire-stone is a monatomic superconductor. It is exotic matter with a gravitational attraction of less than zero. Recent experiments with this amazing white powder of gold have proven that, under certain conditions, the substance can weigh less than nothing and can be made to disappear into an unknown dimension. The most interesting quality of the powder, however, is that it rides upon the Earth's magnetic field, so that when it is in a zero-gravity state it is capable of transposing its own weightlessness to its host, thereby facilitating levitational powers. This host might be a laboratory pan, a container, or a table - or it could just as easily be an enormous block of stone!

The age-old tradition relates that in the secret repository of the King's Chamber within the Great Pyramid the builders had placed "instruments of iron, and arms which rust not, and glass which might be bended and yet not broken, and strange spells". But what did the first explorers find, having tunnelled their way into the sealed chamber? The only furniture was a lidless, hollowed stone coffer, and it contained not a body but a layer of a mysterious powdery substance. This has been superficially determined to be grains of feldspar and mica, which are both minerals of the aluminium silicate group.

During the course of the recent white powder research, aluminium and silica were two of the constituent elements revealed by conventional analysis of a granular sample that was known to be a 100 per cent platinum-group compound.

Standard laboratory testing is done by striking a sample with a DC arc for 15 seconds at a Sun-surface heat of 5,500° Centigrade. However, with the white powder, a continuation of the burn-time way beyond the normal testing procedure revealed the noble platinum metals of which the substance truly consisted.

It is because of the limitations placed on the conventional testing sequence that five per cent by dry weight of our brain tissue is said to be carbon, whereas more rigorous analysis reveals it as the platinum metals iridium and rhodium in the high-spin state.

The King's Chamber was, in fact, contrived as a superconductor, capable of transporting the Pharaoh into another dimension of space-time. And it was here that the Pharaoh's Rite of Passage was administered in accordance with the Book of the Dead.

The key to this Rite of Passage is defined by a single conical inscription near the entrance to the Chamber. This hieroglyphic symbol - the only verifiable hieroglyph on the whole of the Gizeh Plateau, and the very same as appeared many times at the Sinai mountain temple - reads, quite simply, 'Bread'.


In the context of this talk, we have stepped beyond the bounds of the Bible to witness the alchemical and scientific process which facilitated the genesis of the Grail Kings. This line of succession from Cain, through Egypt to King David and onward to Jesus, was purpose-bred to be the earthly Purveyors of the Light. They were the true Sons of the Gods, who were fed firstly on Anunnaki Star Fire from about 3800 BC and, subsequently, on 'high-spin' metal supplements from about 2000 BC. In short, they were bred to be leaders of humankind, and they were both mentally and physically maintained in the 'highward' state: the ultimate dimension of the missing 44 per cent - the dimension of the Orbit of Light, or the Plane of Sharon.

Only during the past 150 years or so, and more specifically during the past 80 years, have the great storehouses of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Syrian and Canaanite record been unearthed from beneath the desert sands. First-hand documentary evidence from before Bible times has now emerged on stone, clay, parchment and papyrus, and these many tens of thousands of documents bear witness to a far more exciting history than we were ever told.

Had these records been available throughout the generations, the concept of a particular race enjoying a single Divine revelation would never have arisen, and the exclusivity of Jehovah - which has blinded us for the longest time, setting us in warlike fashion against those of other faiths who follow their own traditions - would never have taken such an arrogant hold.

Gradually, as new discoveries are made, it is evident that we are now emerging from the darkness of our preconceived but unfounded notions. Even so, our centuries of Church-led indoctrination make it very difficult to discard the restrictive dogma of inbred third-hand tradition in favour of a greater enlightenment from those who were there at the time.

The truly inspiring prospect is that the learning curve has still not ended. Just as a single glacier is but a continuation of age-old activity, so too are the ancient wisdoms that now fall to us one by one, with each new facet of learning ready to be stacked upon the former knowledge.

Fortunately, the dawn of consciousness is already behind us and, although some will choose to look backwards beyond its veil, many will step with vigour into the new millennium to witness a bright new sunrise - a revelation of unbounded possibility and a restoration of our true universal inheritance.


About the Speaker:
Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm., KCD, KT St A., is an internationally known sovereign and chivalric genealogist. He holds the position of Prior of the Celtic Church of the Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba, and is distinguished as Le Chevalier Labhràn de Saint Germain and Preceptor of the Knights Templars of Saint Anthony. Sir Laurence is also Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes (a constitutional advisory body established in 1946), and Chancellor of the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty. He is formally attached to the Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stewart, founded at St Germain-en-Laye in 1692, and is the Jacobite Historiographer Royal by Appointment.

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What a Lying son of the synagogue of Satan. But some good info to associate to Chabad Lubavitch


Saudi newspaper editor retracts 'Jewish vampire' article
By Anton La Guardia, Diplomatic Editor
(Filed: 22/03/2002)

A LEADING Saudi editor has repudiated a lurid article in his newspaper claiming that Jews drain the blood of Muslims and Christians to mix it with holiday pastries on one of the religious feast of Purim.

In an article published last week, Umayma al-Jalahma, a teacher at King Faisal University, claimed that "Jewish vampires" torment their victims by placing them in a barrel filled with needles.

The crude lie in a newspaper regarded as the mouthpiece of the ruling family is an acute embarrassment to the Saudi authorities at a time when they are promoting a new Middle East peace plan, to be approved next week by an Arab League summit.

"What has been mentioned by this writer is wrong. It neither reflects the opinion of Al-Riyadh newspaper nor the Saudi government.

We have full respect for all religions," said Turki al-Sudairi, editor-in-chief of Al-Riyadh daily. He took the unusual step of denouncing the article in an editorial, saying he had been out of the country when it was published.

He also said he had ended the contract with the offending "freelance" author. The article recycles the ancient Blood Libel against Jews which held that each Passover, Jews killed Gentiles to mix their blood with dough for unleavened bread.


e-mail fro: Kevin Brown

Morpheus tells Neo, many are so loyal and attached to the Matrix that they will probably turn on you or even kill you to maintain the Matrix........Jesus said in scripture that there will be some who will kill you and think that they do God a service.......


US5286979: Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin




 [Reference, MELATONIN] Anunnaki of Sumeria was the Pineal. The Pineal secretes melatonin. The word melatonin comes from the Greek melos which means black, and tosos which means labor. Melatonin actually means night worker. Melatonin is the Hormone of Darkness. Charon ferries us across the river to the House of Darkness being Hades or Pluto the distant dark planet. There is a very interesting resemblance, Sharon, Rose of Sharon, Meaning orbit of light and Charon. Taking us across the river past Hades or Pluto to Elysium. And right in the middle of it, will be Samael



By Israel Shamir

Folk stories about vampires provide readers with various remedies to the calamity of a ghoulish attack. A fistful of graveyard dirt is favored, garlic is beneficial, and the cross is most efficient. But these remedies don't always work. In Roman Polansky's hilarious horror comedy, The Fearless Vampire Killers, the hero tries to scare off a Jewish vampire by a sign of the cross. The Jew smiles at him with a kind understanding smile, straight from Fiddler on the Roof, and bares his fangs. The cross does not ward him off. Polansky's work comes to mind as I follow the new wave of Holocaust controversies.



Beware of the Kali-Ba'al-ist - Kaballah-ist of the False Christ

satans freemason obedient goy noahides


Jah Baal On
Jah (God) Baal (Shiva/Lucifer/Sun) Kali (Eve/Om/Mo/Moon/Moloch/Maat/Isis/Lilith/Ashtaroth-Shiva's diviner)


1: On or Om or Kali or Isis or Eve (Evil) or Moon or Mo or the first mother created by God, seduced by Lucifer

Moloch, Solomon's god

Moloch was the god of the Ammonites, portrayed as a bronze statue with a calf's head adorned with a royal crown and seated on a throne. His arms were extended to receive the child victims sacrificed to him. Milton wrote that Moloch was a frightening and terrible demon covered with mothers' tears and children's blood.

Rabbis claim that in the famous statue of Moloch, there were seven kinds of cabinets. The first was for flour, the second for turtle doves, the third for an ewe, the fourth for a ram, the fifth for a calf, the sixth for a beef, and the seventh for a child. It is because of this, Moloch is associated with Mithras and his seven mysterious gates with seven chambers. When a child was sacrificed to Moloch, a fire was lit inside the statue. The priests would then beat loudly on drums & other objects so that the cries would not be heard.

'God said to Moses 'Say to the people of Israel. Any man of the people of Isreal, or the strangers that sojurn in Israel, who gives any of his children to Moloch shall be put to death; the people of the land shall stone him with stones. I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people.....And if the people of the land do at all hide their eyes from that man, when he gives his children to Moloch and do not put him to death, then I will set my face against that man and his family, and will cut them off from among their people. Leviticus 20.

Moloch / Kali / Isis. Different names, different location, but the same female deity of molestation, torture and death.
By torturing the victim first, 'fear' filled their blood with chemicals that when drank, gave the cultists a 'rush.' The Cabbalist's developed a drug addiction to blood. This is the origin of the myths of pale skinned blood drinking vampires that slept in stone coffins during the day in a guarded underground location (to preserve their youth, lighten their skin and avoid the sun's radiation) and that would kidnap virgins and kill them. This is not a myth. This legacy bears fruit today in the New World Order, the prophecy of the Antichrist known by the 666 and Freemasonry (Cabbalism/Kali-Baal-ism). This is the cult of the 'Beast from the Earth.' The author of the Book of Revelations did not just think up the number '666;' this number was well known to be associated with Satanism long before Moses and Jesus


And Elijah said to them (to the people of Israel): 'Seize the (450) prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape.' And they seized them; and Elijah brought them down to the brook (of) Kishon and killed them there ( 1 Kings 18).'

.Jeremiah 19:5 They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal, which I commanded not, nor spake it, neither came it into my mind.

Above Left: Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order) From United States Currency. Note the common Cabbalistic theme of Circle, Pyramid, Hexagram (2 triangles / 666) and Horus's (Jupiter / Lucifer) all seeing Eye.
Other Images: Note the common Kabbalistic themes of Eagle, Triangle, Cross, Sun, Moon, Stars, All seeing Eye of Horus / Jupiter / Lucifer, Circle, Square, Key, Branches (Leaves around a circle representing levels of attainment in the mystery cult), Swastika (Vortex), Snake with it's tail in it's mouth around a circle, Crown on top of circles within of two squares with a Fortress within, golden Lampstand, etc., etc.

Obedient GOYIM FREEMASONS of the apostate Solomon of Moloch

"Then did Solomon build an high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon." (1 Kings 11:7)

Solomon built the then equivalent of California's Bohemian Grove (Baal Grove or Lucifer Grove) where children are burned as a sacrifice to Moloch (Eve).
King Jeremiah, defiled and destroyed such places, putting the preists to the sword on their own altars. We remember Jeremiah as a 'martyr' king, since when Pharaoh found out what he did, Pharoah executed Jeremiah.

"He (Jeremiah) also defiled (& destroyed) Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, that no man might make his son or his daughter pass through the fire for Molech." (2 Kings 23:10)

"For the sons of Judah have done that which is evil in My sight,' declares the LORD, "they have set their detestable things in the house which is called by My name, to defile it. They have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I did not command, and it did not come into My mind. Therefore, behold, days are coming,' declares the LORD, "when it will no longer be called Topheth, or the valley of the son of Hinnom, but the valley of the Slaughter; for they will bury in Topheth because there is no other place." (Jer 7: 30-32)

"CHEMTRAILS" Continue To Baffle, Sicken Americans...11/24/99

Exactly one year after Americans in 48 states began noticing an abrupt increase in unusual aerial activity and sickness on the ground, "flu-like" ailments are once again up sharply as eyewitnesses describe multiple broad white plumes being laid by tanker-type aircraft in Xs and grid patterns over the U.S. and central and western Canada.

Unlike normal contrails formed when icy water vapor condenses around hot engines at high altitudes, "chemtrails" do not dissipate quickly, but broaden for hours, turning clear blue skies into hazy overcast - even in areas remote from heavily trafficked air routes.

Thousands of photographs and hours of amateur videotape show dozens of criss-crossing chemtrails over small towns unused to jet traffic. Commercial jetliners flying above other lingering plumes often leave no contrails, or trail a characteristic pencil-thin scrawl that fades in less than a minute like the wake behind a boat. "The Air Force doesn't do anything that emits anything other than a normal contrail, which is vapor," U.S. Air Force spokeswoman Margaret Gidding told Spokane's from the Pentagon. But a lab test done in September, 1997 on a sample of JP-8 jet fuel by Aqua Tech Environmental Labs in Ohio found 51 toxic substances - including ethylene dibromide (EDB). Banned in 1983 by the Environmental Protection Agency in a rare emergency order, EDB is a potent pesticide, chemical irritant and known carcinogen.

Air Force planes routinely jettison JP-8 to lower aircraft weight for safe landings. A U.S. Air Force study - "Weather as A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather In 2025" - also describes how jet tankers are deployed to spray chemicals that form "cirrus shields" capable of hiding aerial activity from observers on the ground. Other USAF weather modification techniques spread carbon black to heat up the atmosphere.

On November 18, 1999 residents of Espanola, Ontario went before the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa to complain of widespread illness over a 50 mile area following months of spraying by KC-135 and C-130 aircraft. Tests conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment found carbon black in the fallout, as well as "chaff" used to jam radar signals - or track airborne dispersion patterns. But airborne pathogens are not used to modify the weather.

Two Congressional investigations and recently declassified British defense documents detail 50 years of "open air" testing that used ships and spray-equipped aircraft to spread biological warfare simulants on hundreds of cities across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Americans urged to call special 1-800 "flu" and "migraine" tracking numbers may be taking part in a biowarfare experiment. Tests done in 1998 and 1999 by government-licensed laboratories on cobweb-like filaments, gel-like material and a red powder dropped over porches, power lines and patrol cars in Washington state, California, Oklahoma, Idaho, Michigan, Espanola and Pennsylvania have identified various pathogens, including bacilli and toxic molds capable of producing acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.

Last winter, patients flooded emergency rooms across the U.S. at up to double the rates usually seen in peak flu season. Often degenerating into double-pneumonia or asthma, their severe "flu-like" symptoms lingered for months.

This November, Americans in heavily sprayed areas are also complaining of extremely severe headaches, stiff necks and joint pain. One mother whose white blood count is down by half says, "I live in a rural community and most of these people work outside and have their whole lives and have never experienced these kind of symptoms till the contrails started showing up last fall. We live in no flight area, yet it is not uncommon for us to see up to 50 contrails a day...flying the multiple line pattern and the X pattern." Referring to the resulting illness, she added, "Not just the usual sicknesses...ones that doctors have no idea what is causing them and have no cure for. We had two children die here from totally unexplained illnesses when the contrails were flying all the time. We have dead birds in our yards...we have dead animals. The livestock are sick. Suddenly last winter my nine year old daughter came down with an asthma problem out of the blue. My uncle died of respiratory problem, again, out of the blue."

On November 20, 1999, a nationwide Chemtrails Protest was held in Times Square and cities across America calling for an end to the aerial spraying and full disclosure by responsible government agencies.


Chemtrails Campaign Adds
To Air Force Woes

By William Thomas

The US Air Force is crying "uncle". After three consecutive hard-pressed years' flying a multitude of missions, the big jet tankers that spray chemtrails and refuel warplanes in flight can no longer complete their far-flung assignments.
Hundreds of ancient airplanes, a growing exodus of tanker crews, and additional refueling burdens brought on by 9.11 and an illegal president's declaration of "never-ending" war against 60 sovereign nations have pushed Congress into approving the costly lease of additional airliners for conversion to operational tanker status.
In July 1999, nearly 18 months after North American chemtrail operations kicked into high gear, the Air Force asked the Secretary of Defense for a "reprieve" in the number of missions they would have to fly "over the next six to eight months." Since then, this planet-wide geoengineering experiment over Canada, the USA and Europe in a is further stretching already overtaxed tankers and crews among more than 30 USAF refueling wings past the breaking point.
BOMBS AWAY More than a decade ago, Desert Storm demonstrated the limits of tanker time. During this one-sided contest - which saw one bomb run every minute round-the-clock for more than a month over a country the size of Texas - KC-10 and the KC-135 tankers conducted some 51,700 mid-air refuelings. Ironically in this conflict over oil, hard-pressed tanker crews exceeded Saudi refining capacity to pump 125 million gallons of fuel into tactical aircraft - and global warming. As a result of this extraordinary effort, as many as 500,000 terrified teenage conscripts, parents, grandparents and children under the age of 15 were killed in what later bombing assessments termed "the most intensive urban bombing campaign ever conducted."
Downsized 40% after a secret biowar that killed at least 12,000 US troops hit by chemical and biological agents (and sickened hundreds of thousands of service personnel, spouses and children with Gulf War Illness), the Air Force was next ordered to commit almost half of its remaining people and planes to bombing Kosovo.
The 1999 annual Readiness Review prepared by the House Committee on Armed Services found that the demands of refueling aircraft bombing Kosovo had once again taxed tanker squadrons to operational limits. Condemned by UN agencies for causing widespread civilian casualties and the ecological devastation of Kosovo - while leaving the army and armor of elected Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic virtually unscathed - the sustained attacks took a toll on tankers, too.
The congressional committee's "Strained to the Limit" report revealed that Operation Allied Force over Kosovo had "overextended" U.S. Air Force tanker wings, already tasked with enforcing No-Fly zones over Iraq and Bosnia. Such sustained refuelings, it read, "has taken its toll on personnel, equipment, and training."
Even with some 650 KC-135 Stratotankers and 50 KC-10 Extenders in the Air Force inventory, the congressional review committee concluded that the blue suiters' "call for a respite raises serious doubts about whether the Air Force has sufficient forces at proper readiness levels to execute the two major theater war requirement called for in the National Military Strategy."
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS CONCERNED OVER CHEMTRAILS Chemtrails were not mentioned among these strategic national missions nearby aimed at controlling the international oil and narco trades. But in late June, 2002, Air Traffic Controllers across the United States continue to report that they are being ordered to divert commercial jets beneath large formations of tanker planes spewing chemicals at airliner altitudes that degrade their radars. Given this operations tempo, it is uncertain how much longer the Air Force will be able to conduct what flight controllers are being told are "climate modification experiments".
Whether spreading dioxin-laden defoliants and rainmaking chemicals over the Ho Chi Minh trail, or creating sunlight-reflecting clouds over the US homeland, the attrition of planes and personnel in waging "eco war" has always been high. During the destruction of Kosovo, an acute pilot shortage forced President Clinton to authorize a "call-up" of some 33,102 National Guard and Reserve personnel.
It was not enough. Air Mobility Command - which provides airlift and air-to-air refueling for America's armed forces - continued to operate with a 15% shortage of crew chiefs, fuel handlers, jet mechanics, and other essential flight personnel. The crew crunch became so severe, key people whose "hitches" were up, were prevented from leaving the service before the bombing of Kosovo ended.
Today, the Armed Services Committee finds that the Air Force relies on National Guard and Reserve volunteers to meet over half of its daily aerial refueling commitments around the world.
At the same time, chemtrail laydowns continued to tax tankers across the United States and much of Canada - as well as over the UK, Australia and other countries of the expanded NATO alliance.
From full-power take-off at high gross-weight, through hot climbs to subfreezing altitudes, and the inevitable descent and jolt of reconnecting with concrete at more than 120 miles per hour - each "flight cycle" of a heavy aircraft places high stresses on the newest engines and airframes.
But the first KC-135 Stratotanker took to the air in August 1956! A modified version of the first jetliner to see widespread commercial use at the dawn of the jet age, each $52 million reconfigured Boeing 707 carries 150,000 pounds of transferable fuel, and costs $3,448/hour to operate.
Though able to fly at 530 miles per hour as high as 50,000 feet, tankers normally operate at much lower altitudes to rendezvous with fuel-hungry aircraft. This means that the broad white plumes seen streaming from photo-identified KC-135s over North American communities over the past three years cannot be contrails. As Major General Gregory P. Barlow, Office the Adjutant General at Camp Murray, Washington explains: "KC-135 jet aircraft operate at altitudes below 33,000 feet, which is typically the altitude where jet contrails form."
The last KC-135 was delivered to the Air Force in 1965. Today, the Air Mobility Command operates more than 442 Stratotankers. Just over half of these aircraft (268) are flown by the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard.
Almost 400 of these four-engine, 46 year-old airplanes have been refitted with new CFM engines. Born-again KC-135Rs and KC-135Ts can offload 225,000 pounds of fuel (or chemtrail cocktails). Costing 25 percent less than the original versions to operate, these remodeled KC-135s are seen but not often heard as they are nearly 100% quieter than the Boeing 707 (which is so loud, commercial 707s are now banned from taking off from US airports). Aging Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard KC-135s have also been re-engined with TF-33-PW-102 engines. Their crews fervently hope that new aluminum-alloy skin grafts will keep the wings attached to these old crates for another 27,000 flying hours.
The newer KC-10 is no spring chicken either. A modified Boeing DC-10 airliner, the KC-10A entered service in 1981. The three-engine KC-10 carries about 320,000 pounds of transferable liquids at speeds up to 619 mph and altitudes up to 42,000 feet. This long-legged workhorse can deliver chemtrails over 4,400 miles.
The KC-10A is operated by the 305th Air Mobility Wing, McGuire Air Force Base, N.J.; and the 60th Air Mobility Wing, Travis AFB, Calif. Despite these extensive retrofits, on March 22, 1999 the Associated Press reported that hundreds of KC-135 tankers were being grounded to fix problems in their tailfeathers. Within 24 hours of the Air Force announcement, Chemtrail Tracking Center reports of chemtrail spraying across the USA dropped from 24 to just two US cities. As the big Boeings were returned to the air over the following week, chemtrail sightings climbed back to previous levels.
Then came Sept. 11. Two months after a handful of fanatics armed with Exacto knives defeated trillion-dollar North American defenses, Aviation Week & Space Technology reported refueling tankers were "stretched thin after three weeks of intense operations."
Though kept on the ground during the main attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, from the evening of Sept. 11 through Sept. 13, aircraft from 26 Air Force units took to the skies, flying continuous circular orbits called Combat Air Patrols over 15 key areas within the United States. Armed F-15's and F-16's provided 24 hour a day CAP coverage in some areas. Along the way, Air Force units that normally flew 15-20 hour a day, five days a week began flying 45-60 hours a day, every day. Many of those fighters were refueled in the air.
Maj. Gen. Larry Arnold, commander of the Continental U.S. NORAD Region - one of three elements of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) - told reporters, "We live and die with tankers. They're heavily tasked inside and outside the U.S. borders."
Referring to the aging airframes of the KC-135s wings, Arnold added, "I'd be hesitant to predict how long they'll hold up."
The ongoing bombing of Canadian soldiers, wedding parties and other targets of overseas opportunity is being carried out by B-52s and smaller tactical aircraft flying from bases located outside the region. The strains on tanker crews tasked with refueling thirsty fighter-bombers to and from their targets have been further tweaked by assignments to lay down barium-iron stearate "chemtrails" in the Central Asian stratosphere.
In a peeping-Tom process called tomography, these aerial-sprayed "mobile antennas" could be used with more publicized HAARP missions, bouncing tightly-focused radio-frequency energy beamed from transmitters in Gakon, Alaska to "X-ray" Afghanistan cave complexes. According to MSNBC, HAARP was ordered to full-power transmission status one week before 9.11.
According to two scientists who worked on this project out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, the chemtrail antennas laid down over Afghanistan were definitely used to conduct radio signals to remotely-piloted drones flown by the CIA. At least 40 armed attacks by robot planes firing "Hellfire" missiles were made by American "pilots" sitting inside air-conditioned trailers in Uzbekistan.
In what could be the first cases of chemtrails being deliberately used to kill people on the ground, according to MSNBC, Predator drones "played a role in the attack that killed Mohammed Atef, one of bin Laden's closest aides."
Innocent shepherds and scrap-metal salvagers were also blown to pieces in the cowboy-style "shoot first, identify later" attacks that saw nearly one-third of the Predators crash as their operators grappled with the remote-controlled responses of distant drones.
While the tele-disconnected pilots of these demolished planes went for coffee, Air Force displeasure grew over the loss of so many $2.5 million robot planes. Bad inter-service vibes, and bad weather combined to cancel the CIA's drone strikes in October, 2001.
By then, the first $48 billion weapons windfall had been apportioned by President-select George Bush to the armed forces - and to corporations like the Bush and bin Laden's Carlyle Group that supply the enormously wasteful materials of war.
The December, 2001 Defense Appropriations bill required the tanker-challenged Air Force to lease and convert 100 Boeing 767 airliners for aerial refueling duties over a 10-year period. According to veteran investigators Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, "These are planes even the Air Force doesn't want, or least not enough to include in a list of its top 60 priorities."
Mokhiber and Weissman point out that it would be cheaper to buy the planes outright Instead, the Air Force is being ordered to lease 100 planes at $20 million per plane per year. Converting each plane to carry jet fuel will add about $30 million per plane. And like any leased Lexus, the Pentagon must return the planes to Boeing in the configuration and condition in which they were purchased - at another $30 million or so per plane.
"While the U.S. government will be spending more than $25 billion on planes even the Air Force does not want, it is refusing to spend more than a couple hundred million dollars a year on the Global Fund for AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. The money wasted on those planes could literally save millions of lives," these two watchdogs of corporate crime point out.
Even with 100 new tankers at its command, the US Air Force may still find it impossible to continue chemtrails missions, along with its perpetual wartime responsibilities. According to the Congressional readiness report, the percentage of Air Force pilots leaving the service is up 322% in the past five years. At least two pilots are quitting the Air Force every day - and they are not being replaced.
Next year, the active duty Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve are projected to be short a total of 3,200 pilots.
Many of tanker pilots are being joined in the exits by crewmembers and fuel handlers concerned over recent Air Force findings showing that constant exposure to jet fuel and fumes can cause extreme health problems. Among more than 40 potentially carcinogenic compounds found in the JP8 jet fuel used by the Air Force is Ethylene Dibromide. Used in leaded gasoline until 1983, the potent pesticide known as EDB was outlawed under a rare emergency order by the EPA.
But in 1991, military and commercial jet fuel was changed from JP4 to JP8, apparently to accommodate more efficient, hotter-burning engines.
According to the EPA's seven-page Ethylene Dibromide Hazardous Materials List, EDB "is a carcinogen and must be handled with extreme caution." EDB's DNA-binding molecules are also monstrous mutagens that can scramble the cellular blueprints of as-yet unborn generations.
In addition, EDB fumes can damage the liver, lungs, kidneys and skin. Cancer, pulmonary edema and asthma may result, as well as damage to pregnant crewmembers' developing fetus - and to the reproductive organs and abilities of women and men.
For the "it-can't-happen-to-me" crowd, the EPA cautions that chronic JP8-sniffers remain at risk from even low levels of EDB. "Exposure can irritate the lungs, repeated exposure may cause bronchitis, development of cough, and shortness of breath," warn the federal regulators. "It will damage the liver and kidneys."
Proctor and Hugh's 1991 Chemical Hazards of the Workplace Third Edition found that "accidental use" of JP8 resulted in: general weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pains, coughing, shortness of breath, cardiac insufficiency and uterine hemorrhaging.
Following death, 44 hours later, autopsies found: "upper respiratory tract irritation, swelling of the pulmonary lymph glands, advanced... deterioration of the heart, liver and kidneys, and hemorrhages in the respiratory tract."
JP8 also depresses the central nervous system. Tanker crews and fuel handlers could not have been reassured by an official Air Force study on "The Effects of Chronic JP8 Jet Fuel Exposure on the Lungs and Secondary Organs". Conducted by the University of Arizona at Tucson in the late 1990s, the tests found "that exposure to only 7 days of JP8 jet fuel for one hour/day at a concentration of 500 mg per cubic meter can produce lung injuries."
Since EDB becomes more toxic at higher temperatures, its dispersal from 1,200 degree jet exhausts spells exceptionally bad news for all "downwinders".
Jet fuel "rain" from what the Air Force terms "routine" fuel jettisoning to lower landing weights - and unburned fuel spewing from a constant stream of heavy aircraft straining to take off from airports and airbases - add to the daily toxic exposure of residents living close to busy airports and airbases.
Another threat for urban dwellers is presented by Panther Piss. This nickname identifies a fuel additive used by highly-classified high-performance Mach 3 aircraft to eliminate contrails.
"Think about it," emailed (an unverified) former Air Force line man. "You have an airframe flying over foreign land, they can't paint it with radar, they cant get an IR lock, but they look up and see a nice white line streaking across the sky. I think you just lost both stealth and your aircraft."
While this source would not confirm the presence of EDB, he stated that Panther Piss is "almost the same (chemically) as a popular pest- exterminating chemical. We all know the effects of those chemicals."
As chemtrail spraying continues drying the air over the drought-stricken USA, one big question remains for American taxpayers: Isn't it time to start spending the $500,000 a minute currently being devoted to destruction in their names by promotion-seeking military officers and profiteering corporations like the Carlyle Group - on the survival of their children, and a space colony called Earth?
Stay tuned.
And keep looking up. William Thomas


Very Weird Weather In Serbia -
What's Happening?

By Goran Pavlovic
Reporting from Serbia

During the NATO military operations in Serbia in 1998 witnesses reported weird phenomenon. Weather during the last and the worst bombing campaign around the Serbia was very strange. Huge black clouds materialised out of the blue sky, and stayed there until the end of the campaign which is couple of weeks. There was no rain falling from the clouds. What did fall on Belgrade was hailstone the size of eggs. You can still see the marks it left on houses. During that time witnesses describe strange "lighting" in the sky that lasted for hours that didnt look like anything anybody saw before. The "thunders" that accompanied the strange "lightning" were equally strange. They were hundreds of times stronger than any thunders anybody remembers. They were so loud that they were louder then the sound of bomb explosions. Couple of days before the capitulation of Serbian army was signed a very strong earthquake stroke Belgrade.
The weather cleared very soon after the bombing campaign was over.
Since then the climate in Serbia has changed considerably. Serbia experienced one of the worst draughts in its history. For last two years it looked as if the rain and snow were missing Serbia on purpose. This was before everywhere else around Serbia the climate is still the same as it ever was. So we can not talk about the global worming or natural climatic changes because the neighbouring countries to the west, east, north or south that are not affected. Last year Serbia had 8 months without a drop of rain. This continues even as we speak as Serbia didnt get any snow this year. Even worse the temperature at the moment is 19 degrees Celsius.
Last week scientists in Serbia released the report which states that the electromagnetic field over Serbia is punctured. The hole is almost the size of Serbia. it starts at the border between Kosovo and Albania in the south and ends near Yugoslav Hungarian border in the north. The reason for conducting the measuring was the strange behaviour of the cloud masses that twice a year come to Balkans from Libya. Normally they would unload their cargo of water over Balkans. In last two years however they would hit the southern border of Kosovo, and as the river flaws around the island in its current the cloud masses split and completely miss the Serbian territory leaving an empty hole visible in the satellite pictures. The first time the scientists noticed this phenomenon was at the December 28. 2000. The cloud masses divided into a stronger eastern and weaker western stream and went around the Serbian territory. The same happened on December 31 when the rain that would usually fall in Serbia went east and caused over 200 ml of rain per square meter in the territories east of Kosovo. All of this is about to cause the possibly the worst draught ever to hit Serbia and potentially a famine as the crops would be destroyed if rain or snow doesnt fall in Serbia soon.
Could somebody help me find out if there was anything unusual happening in the electromagnetic world during the final days of bombing of Serbia which is summer 1999. Also does anybody have any indication that anything unusual happened with earth electromagnetic field on 28.12.2000. or 31.12.2000.
Goran Pavlovic
Reporting from Serbia




Matrix III

But of course the "Neo" cons will rule from Zion, all the people of the Matrix will be freed via Universal Noahide laws enforced, By their Moshiach Neo of Zion, and they will again come under the sun of the Day

Global Ultra Violet screening for their coming Olam Ha Ba

Chem Trails

When was the last time you looked into the sky?

Discretion and opinions

- Before the flood the ball of the earth was surrounded by a layer of water which was stored behind what the scripture calls the "floodgates the ".

- That layer of water was protecting the ball of the earth (like a fetus in the womb) from the harsh universal climate.

- The climate of the earth has experienced enormous change since the "floodgates of the heavens" were opened and the earth was flooded. So for instance:

* The heat of the sun used to be spread evenly on every part of the earth

* There were no ice mountains in the poles nor the extreme heat at the Equator which we experience now

* If the ice mountains in the poles melted there would be another flood to cover the earth

* These ice mountains were formed when God gave the command for an eastern wind that went along the Equator like a speed jet that caused the waters to part and accumulate at the sides (the poles)

* The humidity used to increase at night, allowing the plants to grow in ideal conditions

* The surrounding environment before the flood allowed man to live hundreds of years instead of tens of years as is the case since the flood

* Man didn't eat animals before the flood. But after the flood he was told, "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you"



Thursday, September 18, 2003

OTTAWA - Rickets, a bone-crippling disease that leaves a baby's legs so bowed they waddle when they walk, appears to be on the rise in Canada, according to doctors who are tracking the disease across the country.

"We're seeing a lot of [rickets] in our clinical practice," says Leanne Ward, a pediatric endocrinologist at Ottawa's Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario who has treated seven children with rickets in the past two years alone.

"You become very concerned when you see that a preventable disease is on the rise when it should be stopped in its tracks before it even starts."

No one has hard numbers. But doctors in Hamilton also report they are seeing more children with rickets, a disease once so rare it was considered a "medical curiosity" three decades ago. Montreal's Shriners Hospital is seeing half a dozen cases of rickets a year, and rickets has been reported in Winnipeg and Toronto.

"It certainly is our sense that the number of children [in Canada] presenting with rickets is higher than it was the last couple of years," says Stanley Zlotkin of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

More than 2,300 pediatricians across Canada are now being asked to report each month every newly diagnosed case of vitamin D deficiency rickets. The survey is part of a nationwide surveillance to track for the first time the true incidence of rickets in Canada.

Rickets results when bones do not form properly, leaving them soft, frayed and weak. Nutritional rickets is caused by too little calcium or vitamin D. Children need vitamin D to absorb calcium to keep bones and the growth plate -- the end of the bones where bones grow -- healthy.

Symptoms include pain, fractures, delayed walking, delayed "dentition," meaning teeth do not come in when they should, bowed legs and even seizures in severe cases.

"The babies are irritable, they look unwell, they're not gaining weight, not growing in length and their legs aren't straight," Dr. Ward said.

Dr. Ward is heading a two-year study -- which is being partly funded by the Dairy Farmers of Canada -- to determine the incidence of rickets in Canada.

Rickets was once considered an "old disease" often seen in the 19th century, when children were malnourished or forced to work in dark mines and factories. Now, several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, are reporting a resurgence of rickets.

Caught early, the condition is easily treatable with high doses of vitamin D. But if left untreated, children can be left with permanently deformed limbs and stunted height.

In Canada, the most common cause of rickets is a lack of vitamin D supplementation in a breast-feeding infant and too little sun exposure, making children in Canada vulnerable because of our long winters.

The greatest risk is in medium and dark-skinned children whose skin pigment further blocks the ultraviolet B rays that produce vitamin D in the skin.

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends breast-fed babies receive a supplement of 400 international units of vitamin D daily. But Ward says not all doctors and parents may be aware that breast-feeding babies need supplements.

"There's no question that breast-feeding is the preferred fluid source for infants, and it should be encouraged. But breast-fed infants need to receive appropriate supplementation with vitamin D, and our study suggests that many in Canada do not."

Doctors are seeing rickets in infants from cultural groups where breast-feeding mothers are often shrouded or veiled, reducing their own sun exposure and further limiting how much vitamin D their babies may be getting from their breast milk, says Moyez Ladhani, a consulting pediatrician at McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton.

But some say the new emphasis on using sunblocks in babies older than six months and fears about skin cancer may be contributing to the problem. Sunscreens not only block the UV rays that cause sunburn, they block the rays that convert a form of cholesterol under the surface of the skin to vitamin D.

Others are worried decreased consumption of milk, which is fortified with vitamin D in Canada, may be putting older children at risk for rickets.

Francis Glorieux has seen rickets in eight, nine- and 10-year-olds. "They present with fatigue, slight deformities, loss of energy. When you look at their vitamin D levels you find they have active rickets," says the professor of surgery and pediatrics at McGill University in Montreal and director of research at the Shriners Hospital.

In addition, more parents are giving their children milk substitutes because of allergies or "because the parents believe in natural foods of all kinds" and don't want to give their children cow's milk, Mr. Glorieux says.

"So they give all kinds of replacements which are not milk and are not enriched with vitamin D." He once saw a large family who lived in a wooded area in northern Quebec that wasn't drinking milk. All four children had bone abnormalities and growth retardation "that were classic for rickets."

U.S. researchers speculated this week that decreased milk consumption and rising soft drink consumption, along with more injury prone sports such as rollerblading, may be behind a steep jump in the number of forearm fractures in teen boys and girls over the past 30 years.

Mr. Glorieux recommends orange juice enriched with calcium as a replacement for those who don't want to drink milk. Soy and rice milks should also be fortified.

© Copyright 2003 National Post




And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

Prepare for the next Pontifex Maximus (POPE)

 Giovanni Battista RE, the High Priest of the sun god.



And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD's house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.

US develops lethal new viruses


19:00 29 October 03 


A scientist funded by the US government has deliberately created an extremely deadly form of mousepox, a relative of the smallpox virus, through genetic engineering.

The new virus kills all mice even if they have been given antiviral drugs as well as a vaccine that would normally protect them.

The work has not stopped there. The cowpox virus, which infects a range of animals including humans, has been genetically altered in a similar way.

The new virus, which is about to be tested on animals, should be lethal only to mice, Mark Buller of the University of St Louis told New Scientist. He says his work is necessary to explore what bioterrorists might do.

But the research brings closer the prospect of pox viruses that cause only mild infections in humans being turned into diseases lethal even to people who have been vaccinated.

And vaccines are currently our main defence against smallpox and its relatives, such as the monkeypox that reached the US this year. Some researchers think the latest research is risky and unnecessary.

"I have great concern about doing this in a pox virus that can cross species," said Ian Ramshaw of the Australian National University in Canberra on being told of Buller's work.

Ramshaw was a member of the team that accidentally discovered how to make mousepox more deadly (New Scientist, 13 January 2001). But the modified mousepox his team created was not as deadly as Buller's.


December 25th was chosen by the Emperor Aurelian in AD 274 as Dies Naralis Invicti Solis, Birthday of the Unconquered Sun. It was the main festival of the Phrygian god Attis and of Mithras, whose worship was brought to Britain and other countries by the Roman army. The Egyptians held a winter festival that honored Isis, mother of the sun god Horus. However these festivals and celebrations were carried out, they hailed the victory of light and life over darkness.


The Star Of David

By Cohen G. Reckart

Light To The Nations

Choosing a symbol for the Jewish religion as such, was for them concealed by the magic nature of the sign which was familiar to them from numerous amulets.  All of the trust which the pious Jew has in the Shield of David rests on the feeling it give him of protection and security from hostile powers.  So the symbol is also of hope and redemption.

The Hex also appears on a coin of Herod the Great and on that coin it is poised over the dome of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Recent findings in Redpaths History of the world, shows several cuts taken from Babylonian engravings that pictures the hex used as a symbol of Nimrod. It appears the symbol was also used to represent Shemesh or the sun-god. If it can be drawn that Nimrod was represented as the son of Shemesh in the same manner that the Pharaohs were considered sons of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god, then the history of the hex back to Babylon and to ancient satanic pagan religions would be unrefutable. That the hex then came to Canaan via the dispersion of the races in the figure used for Baal and his consort goddess Ashtoreth as copies of Nimrod and Simeramus, makes the hex the symbol of the snake throne of Mystery Babylon.

It is no mystery that in all the occults, the hex plays a central role in satan worship and upon and within these covens, human sacrifices are offered to lucifer. To hex someone has long been understood to mark someone for an evil curse or for death. Something we dare not overlook in this expose of the use of the stars in Israel is that Stephen in Acts 7:43 preached that the *STAR* of their god Molech was also a symbol used in Remphan, a supposed Babylonian Chaldean city of iniquity.  Brother Stephen lost his life over that message.

And finally, we may find chiseled on Jewish Synagogues the Hexagram, the Pentagram, and the Swastika.  Those who study symbolism know that the Swastika and the Maltese Cross were adopted by Hitler because of their occult connection, and these led back to the Kabbalah.

Kabbalist have associated the Hex with Druid temple of the sun in Stonehenge as pictured to the left by Kabbalist Charles Ponce.  This is a satanic union that should not be ignored.  It is a confession in symbolism that they are both of the same religious antiquity.  The first use of the Hex in Babylon is found within the winged sun-disc.  The Hex then is an ancient pagan symbol having nothing to do with God.  By the Kabbalist superimposing the hex upon Stonehenge, they are confirming through symbolism that the six-pointed star is the *mark, seal, or symbol* of the sun god.  If this sun god *Shemesh* is found to be worshiped in the person of Baal or lucifer, the light bearer, and the one to enlighten mankind in the mystery of iniquity, then the hex becomes a symbol of the highest satanic religion upon the earth.  It is symbolic of the snake throne.  How then can Christians use it, and how can Jews adopt it for their national or messianic symbol and representative of their God?


With Friends Like These...
By Mark Glenn

They get together once or twice a year to smile and shake hands in front of the cameras in their desire to keep the outside world in its 50 year long state of delusion. The actors in question are the leaders of Israel and the United States, celebrating a friendship which has existed since the days of Harry Truman, a friendship which they extol as vitally important to the other's interests as well as to the safety of the free world. The truth is, though, that these exhibitions are nothing more than cheap perfume which are used to mask the stench of their combined hatred for America and for her people. These leaders, (Mafiosi whose hands drip with the blood of American patriots, patriots whose lives have been snuffed out in the service of Zionism) are nothing more than vampires who have profited off of the blood of innocent American citizens for 50 years. The obvious examples proving this hatred are so numerous as to be mind boggling, but empirical and undeniable facts of history they are. And now, as America and her people face the calm before the storm, a storm which threatens her possible annihilation, it should be recounted who has, time and again, put her head on the chopping block, and who has been engaged in a plan of systematic mass murder of the American people since her inception in 1948.
The recent news concerning President Lyndon Johnson's order to cover up the murder of 35 American sailors aboard the USS Liberty by the Israeli government should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the history of the American/Israeli relationship. The sailors whose lives were stolen by Israeli pilots that day, pilots who, (after noting to their command headquarters that the ship was American) bombed, machine-gunned and napalmed the ship for 90 minutes are, tragically, only a few of the thousands of Americans who have died and will continue to do so because of America's friendship with Israel. The history of Israel's relationship with America is replete with examples of similar incidents, up to an including the murder of over 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. And with this in mind, any level-headed and patriotic American must ask him or herself at some point the rhetorical yet prophetic question,"With friends like these, who needs enemies"
The Liberty incident, kept barely alive in public discourse by those who survived the 90 minute attack, is, (albeit one of the most glaring examples of Israeli duplicity and treachery against the people of the United States) nevertheless by no means an isolated event. The war waged by Israel against the American people, in military action, espionage, and erosion of freedoms and security is as ingrained in the decades-long relationship as the color red is ingrained in the American blood she has shed. The concerted effort by the long arm of Zionist power in media, government and finance to keep a lid on this easily verifiable history of treachery has succeeded to the point that to this day a thorough investigation of these events by Congress has yet to take place. The lies surrounding the murder of America's young men aboard the USS Liberty, as well as those Americans murdered on 9/11, are so thick and so brazen in their audacity that it has long since surpassed being surreal. And
as much a revelation as it may be concerning that murderous, duplicitous nation founded in 1948 by atheistic communists from what was then the Soviet Union, it also speaks volumes about who are the traitors occupying the seats of power in the US government, who for 35 years have not sought an ounce of justice for the American people out of their fear of Zionist power.
For those who now, wide-eyed and incredulous, ponder the ridiculous"how did this happen" question, consider this: It is only one instance in a mountain sized heap of similar instances. The Liberty, as awful as it is, is only one of many times in which the Israelis have deliberately harmed or put in harm's way the American people for their own benefit. And let the American people not fall victim to the propaganda surrounding what has been an acquittal of the Israelis in these situations. The evidence proving willful intent of malice is so prevalent that an individual whose only legal training was watching Judge Joe Brown on daily TV could put the pieces together with the competence of a trained lawyer.
Besides the acts of overt warfare against the people of the United States, (examples of which follow later herein) the Israelis have for generations now employed agencies such as the ADL, AIPAC, and the JDL as outlets in facilitating for their purposes the prosecutable acts of espionage, bribery and sometimes outright murder and terrorism. The ADL, which champions itself as a defender of those who suffer from racial persecution (except when it comes to Arab-Americans) has been on the front lines in deceiving Americans about what has been the parasitic relationship Israel has enjoyed with the US since its creation. The ADL has boldly lied about every instance of verifiable treachery in that history, maintaining in the process a network of spies and disinformation agents (who share files with the government of Israel) concerning Americans who dare to exercise their 1st Amendment right in criticizing this dangerous relationship. This has been validated recently in the fact that the ADL has been busted several times for illegally wiretapping the phones of American citizens, and for which has recently lost a $10,000,000.00 lawsuit brought by an American citizen in pursuance thereof. In addition, the ADL is and has been actively involved in de-Christianizing American society to the point that now the most successful actor in American society, Mel Gibson, cannot make a movie about the death of Christ without having the heat brought down upon him and upon his family by the Jewish lobby.
Besides the spying they have perpetrated, the ADL has labored without pause in its interest of destroying the protections that the American people have enjoyed under the US Constitution for 200 years. Just as Israel in 1967 attacked the USS Liberty in furtherance of her desires, in like manner today she (through her interlocking networks in the US) time and again attack US Liberty in her outright contempt for the freedom by which America has been made great. The Israeli spy network known as the Anti-Defamation League works night and day to erode the rights of gun owners, property owners, the rights of parents and homeschoolers, and has in effect used its very powerful influence in having police-state legislation introduced into the fabric of American life. It was the ADL who pushed for"Anti-Terrorist" legislation six months before the bombing in Oklahoma City, and who steered the US Justice Department into initiating the events which led to the murder of US citizens at Ruby

Ridge and Waco. And besides using their power to see to it that Americans are not afforded the right to express their religious sentiments, (as in the case of Mel Gibson and Judge Roy Moore) at the same time Israel's Spymaster Abe Foxman sees to it that public funding is used to denigrate and degrade every religious sentiment held dear by the same American people whose money has been the lifeblood of the Israeli state. It is no surprise therefore to see the ADL coming out and supporting the use of taxpayer dollars in promoting"art works" such as those depicting a crucifix emersed in a jar of urine and pictures of Christ's Holy Mother covered with elephant dung.
The JDL, the more"action-oriented" of Israel's defenders operating in the US, (and the more willing of her organizations to get its hands dirty) to this day continues to occupy its well-deserved place on the FBI's list of most dangerous terrorist organizations. In 2003, 2 of its members were convicted for attempting to blow up a Mosque in the state of Florida. Prior to this, the group's former leader, Irv Rubin, was"suicided" in prison the day before he was to go on trial for his role in the planned blowing up of the office of California Congressman Daryl Issa, an American of Middle Eastern descent. There are several other instances of violence in their history, including attempted arsons, bombings, bricks through windows, not to mention the obligatory death threats for which they claim credit, revealing a characteristic cleverly kept hidden from an American public who still believes that Israel is their best friend.
If the ADL and JDL attempt to hide their agenda of supporting Israel through their use of spying and threats, AIPAC, the American Israel Political Action Committee, makes no such attempt. It is the largest political action committee in the US, and literally decides who wins government offices at the State and Federal level. If an individual, (incumbent or not) is not looked upon favorably by this Israeli lobbying group, all the stops will be pulled out in making sure that he or she doesn't get into office, and along with a Zionist controlled media, this organization will make sure to run at break-neck speed and efficiency in sabotaging such a campaign. In this way, the nation of Israel, not the American people, decides who runs the nation.
In further consideration of this friendship under which Americans have suffered and continue to do so, perhaps a further review of that friendship's history is also in order.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who, in 1983, knew of the planned assault on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, an assault which resulted in the deaths of 241 Americans, and about which Israel refused to warn the US. Consider the words uttered by the same intelligence officers in the Israeli government who watched as the explosives-laden truck met its final destination with American lives:
"As far as the Yanks go, we are not here to protect them. They can do their own watching. They wanted to stick their nose into this thing, so let them pay the price."
Lest we forget, it was Israeli intelligence operatives, dressed as Arabs who blew up American buildings in Egypt, done for the purpose of blaming the Arabs in an event known as the Lavon Affair.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who sent a team of covert operatives into Libya, rented an apartment near Khaddafi's headquarters, and broadcast radio messages in Arabic to make it sound like terrorist cell planning in what was known as Operation Trojan Horse. As a result of this, air strikes were launched against the Libyans under completely false pretenses for Israel's benefit.
Lest we forget, it was Israeli intelligence who was handling the Monica Lewinsky affair for the purposes of blackmailing then president Bill Clinton. Having, as Clinton admitted, tapped his phone,"America's only ally" in the Middle East held a gun to the head of her leader and blackmailed him into dropping his support for a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.
Lest we forget, in a theme similar to that which involved Monica Lewinsky, the whole business involving Chandra Levy and Congressman Gary Condit was managed by Israeli Intelligence. It is now postulated by investigators that their affair and her subsequent disappearance were an attempt to blackmail him into revealing what information his Intelligence Committee had on the 9/11 attacks.
Lest we forget, Israel, now the headquarters of the Russian Mafia, is the biggest trafficker in the drug Ecstasy, which plagues American society and preys on American youth.
Lest we forget, Israel is now and for some time has been involved in the sex-slave business, as well as snuff-pornography involving children. Several Americans have been indicted for acting as"mules" for the Israelis in bringing these vices into American society and acting as marketing agents.
Lest we forget, in the days and weeks after 9/11 the largest spy ring in American history was busted up by the FBI. The events which led to this were the arrest of 5 Israeli intelligence agents who were seen videotaping the planes crashing into the Twin Towers while cheering in the process. Another team of intelligence operatives were arrested in New York while driving a van containing Palestinian-looking clothing, and who upon arrest were quoted as saying"We're not the enemies. Your enemies are the same as ours, the Palestinians!" Since that time, there have been several teams of Israeli operatives arrested carrying false passports, and within several of the vehicles they drove were found traces of explosives. All in all, over 100 intelligence agents have been deported back to Israel since 9/11. It is to be assumed then that upon this basis was the assertion by Senator Bob Graham of Florida made that a foreign government was involved with the attacks, as well as Fox News statement that "all material linking Israel to the events of 9/11 was classified."
Lest we forget, it was Israel who employed the American Naval Officer Jonathan Pollard to steal over 500,00 pages of ultra secret documentation concerning America's most high tech weapons, documentation which was then turned around and sold to America's enemies, including the Russians and the Chinese.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who in the year 2001 scoured the downed US Spy plane in China of all its technological secrets. It has been revealed that the reason the Chinese held the plane (as well as the American servicemen) for the duration of time that they did was to facilitate this scouring at the beheast of"America's only ally in the Middle East."
Lest we forget, it was Israel who stole American nuclear material and technological wherewithal from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation located in Apollo, Pennsylvania. FBI agents literally stood and watched, helpless to do their jobs under orders from their superiors, as nuclear material was packed in boxes marked"diplomatic" and loaded on a ship sailing for Haifa. The Israeli Embassy threatened to make trouble if the US Government interfered.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who sold the computer software known as Promis to the Chinese government, who then used that software to hack into the computers at Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, enabling the Chinese to advance their nuclear capability (and thus advance the danger posed to the American people) by a quarter century.
Lest we forget, Israel is the biggest violator of US Patent laws, particularly those which involve military technology and encryption. There are several recorded instances of Israel directly breaking into or penetrating sensitive American military installations in the interest of stealing such technology, and afterwards selling it off to America's enemies.
Lest we forget, the main suspect in the Anthrax attacks which occurred in the weeks following 9/11 is an ardent Zionist and political friend to Israel. It is alleged that his reason for doing this was to frame an Arab-American who worked in the Army Weapons Lab with him.
Lest we forget, Islamic Fundamentalism, which as been blamed for the 9/11 attacks and against which the war on terror is being fought, is the product of Israel's murderous policies against the peoples of the Middle East, and in particular Palestine. Her stated desire to rebuild Israel to its"biblical borders," encompassing all the lands within Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and the northern part of Saudi Arabia is the greatest source of the violence against her main supplier of weaponry and funding, the United States. Prior to her creation in 1948, Islamic Fundamentalism did not exist, and the countries of the Middle East were friends who wanted to emulate the United States.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who created Hamas, the organization blamed for terror attacks against her people. Hamas was created by Israeli intelligence for the purpose of drawing support away from the PLO and Yasser Arafat.
There are other disturbing pieces of information as well. For those who are still unconvinced of the danger which is posed to America and her people by her relationship with Israel, the following items should be considered also:
*At least one Congressman who has sat on several intelligence committees, Paul Findley, has voiced his suspicion of Israeli involvement in the death of President John F. Kennedy. It is a well known fact that David Ben Gurion, then Prime Minister of Israel, was infuriated with JFK for his refusal to allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons. A detailed account of the evidence supporting Congressman Findley's suspicion is outlined in a book by Michael Collins Piper entitled Final Judgment.
*Much evidence exists implicating Israel in the death of Clinton Administration Official Vince Foster. It is suspected that he may have been involved with passing on the launch codes of America's nuclear arsenal to Israel in return for monetary contributions to Clinton's presidential campaign. In the hours following his death, Mossad agents scoured his apartment in search of something which, in this light, was deemed of obvious importance.
*Within moments of TWA Flight 800 exploding over the Atlantic Ocean after leaving New York, the Israeli Government (through her agents in the US media) put the blame for the atrocity on Islamic Fundamentalists. This fact, coupled with the 100 or more persons who have sworn in public testimony that they witnessed a missile hitting the aircraft leaves troubling questions about who actually engineered this act of war against America. Given Israel's history of perpetrating similar atrocities, (known in Israeli Intelligence parlance as"false flag operations,") concerned Americans are left with troubling conclusions.
Based on this short list, it should be obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense that America's only ally in the Middle East is the kind of friend she would be better off not having. She has murdered American citizens, lied in every instance and occurrence, and deliberately placed America and her people in the gravest danger as it served her own purposes. And now, in the calm before the storm, she is preparing (facilitated by the Neocons in the Bush Administration and disinformation agents on the talk show circuit) the next event which will send American men and women off to the sands of the Middle East to fight and die for her. It is possible that it is too late for America to disentangle herself from such a bad friendship, as the inference has already been made that in the event that America puts the Jewish state in danger, she (Israel) would resort to the"Samson Option" which entails the use of nuclear weapons against anyone termed an"unfriendly."
It should be clear to all Americans who love their country that the"friendship" they enjoy with the terrorist state of Israel is the most perverse notion of an alliance that has yet occurred in the history of the United States. It has been a one-way friendship from the beginning, as is that enjoyed by some parasitic tick on the back of a dog. This tick, as it draws the life-blood out of its healthy host, at the same time introduces various diseases and maladies that will one day sicken that host. In like manner, the American body is beginning to show serious signs of such sickness and weakness, to the point that her very survival is threatened. And were she, America, fortunate enough to survive for a short time in this unenviable state, it would still be the slow, agonizing death of watching her freedoms torn asunder as a result of Israeli influence over the American legislation process, influence which has already brought forth such abominations as the Patriot Act and other
like minded assaults on US Liberty.

The time has come (much too late) for America, and for her freedom loving/justice hungry/ patriotic citizenry to take a good look at the Beast which masqerades itself as her friend, and at the same time eye with commensurate suspicion and anger those elected officials who have sold out America in what have been the greatest acts of treason and treachery in her history. Americans who truly love their country should feel the bile rising in their throats and view with nausea those leaders who make a mockery of their duty to protect America from her enemies, those self-serving traitors who heap derision upon the very nation and whose flag they dare to sport as lapel pins for all the world to see. A responsible America, desiring beyond hope to save the last vestiges of her Liberty must not lazily allow the interests of a terrorist nation such as Israel to do her thinking for her when it comes to meting out justice against her enemies, nor to allow her the power to decide who her enemies will be.
A new American Revolution is drastically needed, the origins of which must be born in that question which (with God's help) will burn in the hearts of an outraged American people who have considered such treachery in light of the danger which they now face. That question, simply put, is this:
"With friends like these, who needs enemies"

Note: All the information contained above may be referenced from the following sources:

1. By Way of Deception and The Other Side of Deception both by ex-Israeli intelligence officer Victor Ostrovsky
2. They Dare To Speak Out and Deliberate Deceptions both by ex-US Congressman Paul Findley
3. Assault on the USS Liberty by James Innis Jr.
4. Gideon's Spies and Seeds of Fire both by author Gordon Thomas
5. Dangerous Liaisons by investigative journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn
6. Final Judgment by investigative journalist Michael Collins Piper.
All the rest of the information concerning the Israeli Spy Ring, Israeli involvement in Drug trafficking, prostitution, child pornography, et al may be accessed with a Google search of the topic.

"With Friends Like These" a condensed essay of the theme covered in the soon to be released book entitled"With Friends Like These...The Danger Posed to America by the State of Israel." Mark Glenn is also the author of Not My Words, But Theirs: An American Christian's Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People." The Website for the book may be accessed at The author may be contacted at



Blood Rituals of the Schneerson Family

Planet Earth

the final drain of the Pharisee Chassidim

the blood ritual

House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14


J e w i s h  R i t u a l - M u r d e r :   a   H i s t o r i c a l   I n v e s t i g a t i o n
Der jüdische Ritualmord: Eine historische Untersuchung von Hellmut Schramm, Ph. D.

K i e v   1 9 1 1

Page 1
(p. 335)

Andrei Yustschinsky

On 20 March (!) 1911 the body of a boy was found on the border of the urban area of Kiev in a clay pit. It was found in a half-sitting position, the hands were tied together upon the back with a cord. The body was dressed merely with a shirt, underpants, and a single stocking. Behind the head, in a depression in the earthen wall, which according to the record of the then Kiev attorney and high school teacher Gregor Schwartz-Bostunitsch was inscribed with mystical signs, were found five rolled-together school exercise books which bore the name "property of the student of the fore-class, Andrei Yustschinsky, Sophia School"; because of this, the identification was made very shortly. It turned out to be the thirteen-year-old son of the middle-class woman Alexandra Prichodko of Kiev.

The Kievskaya Mysl (Kiev Thought) gave the following report at the time about the discovery of the body: "When the body of the unfortunate boy was carried out of the pit, the crowd shuddered, and sobbing could be heard. The aspect of the slain victim was terrible. His face was dark blue and covered with blood, and a several windings of a strong cord, which cut into the skin, were wrapped around the arms. There were three wounds on the head, which all came from some kind of piercing tool. The same wounds were also on the face and on both sides of the neck. When the boy's shirt was lifted up, the chest, back, and abdomen showed the same piercing wounds. There were two stab wounds in the region of the heart, three on the body and several on the sides. The entire body showed approximately twenty wounds. All of the wounds were apparently inflicted upon the naked body, since the shirt showed no tears. The exposure of these wounds excited the greatest outrage among the crowd."

The forensic medical autopsy found 47 piercing and cutting (336) wounds; the wounds on the head, left temple (1) and neck had produced the fatal exsanguination; the loss of blood had been so considerable that the body was close to being empty of blood.

The physicians rendering their expert opinions, the University professor, lecturer for forensic Medicine, Obolonski and the prosector at the same professorship, Tufanov, reached the following conclusions:
1. All of the wounds found on the body of Yustschinsky were produced while he was alive. Of these wounds, those on the head and neck were inflicted during full cardiac activity, while all other wounds were inflicted while cardiac activity was considerably reduced.
2. Likewise, the hands of the boy were bound and the mouth kept closed while he was living.
3. While these wounds were being inflicted upon him, he was in a vertical (that is, standing) position, with somewhat of an inclination toward the left.
4. A stabbing or piercing object served as the instrument which made the wounds. A portion of the wounds were executed by means of an instrument in the form of an awl or of a stiletto of flat, rectangular shape with an edge of two sides sharpened like a chisel. All other wounds could also have been produced by the same instrument. The first piercing wounds were inflicted upon the boy in the head and neck, and the final ones were inflicted in the heart. With one of the heart-stabs, the blade penetrated the body up to the grip, which left behind an impression on the skin.
5. There had to have been several persons who participated in this crime.
6. The type of the instrument and the multiplicity of the wounds suggest that one of the goals of the murderers was to cause as much agonizing pain to Yustschinsky as possible.(337)
7. There was not more than 1/3 of the entire amount of blood which remained in the body itself; the greatest portion of the blood escaped through the veins of the brain, the arteries at the left temple, and the neck veins.
8. The absence of traces of blood in the ditch where the body was discovered, its situation at the place of discovery, and other circumstances suggest that Yustschinsky was slain at another location and only afterwards dragged into the pit in a condition of rigor mortis and leaned up against its wall, and that therefore the place of discovery is not the scene of the crime. -- (We are reminded of Xanten, Skurz, Konitz, etc.)

Based upon these determinations, another expert, the psychiatrist Professor Sikorski, distinguished three peculiarities which preceded the murder: the gradual withdrawal of blood, the causing of special torments, and last of all the murder by a stab to the heart. The latter followed after the victim had served [his purpose] for the first two goals (withdrawal of blood, as an object for torturing) and when the nearness of death was recognized by the murderers. -- By the circumstance that all wounds were cold-bloodedly produced by a sure and calm hand, by a hand which was accustomed to the slaughtering of animals, Professor Sikorski saw in the technique of this murder an indication that

      the possibility of such an exact, emotionless and unhurried work was secured
      for the murderers in corresponding manner, and he came to the conclusion that
      the slaying of Yustschinsky represented an act which was carefully prepared
      and which was carried out according to plan under cautious supervision!

The murder excited the public attention of all of Russia -- all the more, when similar events were known from the past, which showed a striking conformity with the existing case.

On 13 May 1911, the Russian Duma was forced to occupy itself with an interpellation which concerned this murder of a boy and which contained the question as to whether the existence of a 'sect' which employed human blood was known to the government, and what it (338) was considering doing to suppress this 'sect.' The interpellations had enclosed a detailed autopsy report in the matter of the murder of the boy Emelyanov which occurred in 1893, from which it clearly emerged that this victim had been murdered according to every rule of ritual-slaughter. -- The reply of the Duma has not become known. At the last Russian trial concerning the attempted murder of the boy Vinzens Grudsinskoi, which had been committed on the night of 2 March (!) 1900, the Ministry of Justice had ordained that questions of ritual-murder were not to be raised! The people, in any case, were convinced that this most recent murder was also a link in the chain of crimes which were all carried out according to a definite system and for a particular purpose.

The Murderers

Mendel Beilis

Immediately after announcement of the crime, the Jewish press displayed an extremely suspicious activity; the Kiev Jewish paper Kievskaya Mysl never grew tired of continually labeling for the court new, naturally non-Jewish persons as the indubitable murderers. In fact, they managed, merely on the basis of information from a press-Jew, to accuse the mother of the murdered boy of the gruesome crime and to put her under lock and key -- she was not allowed to take part even in the burial of her child! We are reminded by this of the entirely similar kind of events in Polna! -- After some time the tormented mother was again set free, since not the slightest suspicion for her guilt had resulted. Then again, suspicion was directed upon the step-father, who was supposed to have committed the murder in order to free himself from his obligation to support [the child], and then, finally, upon other relatives of the murdered boy. This all happened at the instigation of the press-Jew Borchevsky, who had a compliant instrument in the corrupted police chief Mischtschuk. As then later emerged from the speech of the prosecutor, "Mischtschuk had been ordered to believe, and he did believe; he believed that the mother (339) inflicted 47 stab wounds on her child and got rid of him in a sack(2). . .

The inquiries were not made there, -- which would have been necessary -- at the place where the corpse had been discovered, but on the contrary, at a distance of a mile away from it! Mischtschuk was publicly accused of corruption -- he stepped down! As official of the investigation "a new power" appeared "from outside" -- the method is sufficiently familiar [to us]! -- the Commissar Kunzevitch; he preferred to stay in the Grand hotel of Kiev and to place his name merely among press reports. He too was bought! Then the "secret policeman" Krazovski entered the picture, "an able person, who not only was capable of exposing the crime, but also certainly did actually expose it, yet found advantage for himself in keeping to himself his knowledge of the decisive pieces [of evidence]"(3). . .With that, judgement is expressed concerning these kind of 'investigations,' which merely pursued the goal, in alliance with the Jewish press, of drawing away from the tracks of the actual murderers, of gaining time and hopelessly confusing the entire affair, so that even non-Jewish newspapers finally produced completely distorted reports.

But they had not reckoned with the youth of Kiev, "who, stirred within by the crime, held it to be his duty to help with the solution of the case. I am proud to name Golubov. He distinguished himself from the other parties by the fact that he really honorably, unselfishly dedicated himself to the mission, and had to put up with the mockery and the laughter, indeed, the danger to his life from the Jews. (4)"

The student Golubov, named in the speech of the prosecutor, acquired great merit in throwing light upon the crime by taking on the investigation of the case on his own initiative, and had discovered important facts. As a result, however, he exposed himself to the concentrated attacks of Jewish rats as an unintended recognition of his activity, an (340) activity which, to be sure, did not move along in the paths of the professional officials of the investigation prescribed by Jewry.

On the edge of the city of Kiev was located the brickyard of the Jew Zaitsev, with the clay quarry belonging to it. A Jewish hospital, whose dining hall had been converted into a 'prayer room' by getting around legal restrictions, was later erected on the property in 1910. Frequently rabbis were observed there, the whole place -- as the "religious center" of the Jews of Kiev -- was enveloped with a mystery, according to the words of the prosecutor. The Jew Mendel Beilis had been appointed as "guard and attendant." The inhabitants of the territory around the brickyard could be counted on the fingers; only two non-Jews lived at some distance from the kiln; in its vicinity lived a circle of seven Jewish families.

Although the property could have been cordoned off and searched very easily without a large police team immediately after the discovery of the body in the clay pit, nothing of the sort happened. It was striking that on the day of the murder, the 12th of March, no work was performed in the brickyard. The property there was deserted. Work was taken up again just afterwards. The inner walls of a shed of the brickyard were suddenly given a new coat of whitewash. . .

The people knew for a long time where the murderers were to be found -- in spite of the tactics of confusion of the Jewish press. Quite striking, if not to say incriminating, was the behavior of the baptized Jew Breitmann, the publisher of the Jewish paper Poslyednich novostyey, which sought to divert the ever thickening suspicion from the brickyard, to gypsies who were travelling nearby. In his nervous activity, one mistake slipped by him: he accused the gypsies of the blood-superstition! The populace had a sharp ear and asked ironically -- according to the words of the prosecutor -- "How can you believe in the use of blood by the Jews, while a former Jew points at the gypsies, among whom a blood-superstition is supposed to exist? Let one note: no Russian is pointing at them, but a baptized Jew!"

In July 1911 four months after the crime, the investigation official Krasovski now also casually got into the brickyard (341) of Zaitsev, spoke with the manager and held some sort of superficial search, only to appease public opinion or to warn the Jews. He also visited Mendel Beilis, at whose place he found nothing at all suspicious, however.

Now the local gendarmerie -- just as in the Polna case -- acted on their own initiative. On 22 July, (older calendar) [Note: The use of the Julian calendar persisted in some European countries for some time after the Gregorian calendar had been generally accepted and in use by most of the rest of the continent.] Beilis was arrested. Russian sources wrote the following: "The excitement of the populace of Kiev due to the mysterious slaying of the boy Yustschinsky is growing ever greater in extent, all the more, when it turned out that the judicial authorities had to release the relatives of the murdered boy from investigative custody again, who had been accused of being the actual murderers by several Jews, because not the slightest suspicion of guilt could be brought against them. On the contrary, they proceeded to the arrest of the Jew Beilis. . .The Jew Beilis received, shortly before the discovery of the murder, the visit of numerous Austrian(5) Jews. The points of suspicion against the Jews are so extraordinarily weighty, and the entire Christian press of Kiev and Petersburg, as of other large cities, urges that in this case complete clarity be procured, so that finally it can be absolutely determined whether there are really sects among the Jews which commit acts of murder from religious reasons. . ." Krasovski, who had for a long time complete and exact information about everything, now feared losing his criminalist laurels -- possibly he only wanted to extort larger sums from his Jewish wire-pullers -- and unexpectedly gave the explanation that the murder of the boy had occurred neither at the place where the body was found, nor in the presence of his accused mother, but that the boy probably had been dragged away onto the broken clay by the attendant Mendel Beilis! Actually, the Jews concluded a financial arrangement with Krasovski, the typically corrupt Tsar's official, after the arrest of Beilis. . ."They had not believed it possible that matters would be taken so far against them! I do not deny, the legal position of the Jews is a difficult one, their destiny (342) is to a certain extent a tragic one, yet we are all under the influence of Jewish ideas, of Jewish money, of the Jewish press. The press, ostensibly Russian, became the booty of the Jews. Any sort of steps [taken] against the Jews evokes the invectives: 'reactionary,' 'enemy of progress' ! The Jews are judicially without rights, but in reality they have all of Russia in their hands. The promise has come into its fulfillment. We all feel that we are under the yoke of all-powerful Jewry. We may be called enemies of progress and obstructionists, but we cannot close our eyes to the corpse of Yustschinsky! The Jews accuse us of inciting the people against them; but that they themselves want to keep the peace! They know that Beilis is guilty, and because of that they seek to confuse the case, to put it on a false track."(6) -- At Beilis's, notes were found which, among others, listed a Faivel Schneerson. Therewith surfaces behind the accused the fearful shape of the 'Zaddik': ("Saint") of the Hassidim, who is to be seen as spiritus rector [guiding spirit] also of this blood-murder! Schneerson out of Lubovitschy, "at whose name the accused Beilis constantly becomes uneasy and wipes the sweat from his brow, while his defense counsel also immediately display an increased activity" (7), comes from an old Hassidic family in Russia, from which come several schächter [ritual-slaughterers] and murderers; the 'Zaddik' is the "Übermensch [super-man] of Hassidism, who occupies almost the same position as Jesus Christ in Christianity," is "sanctified from his mother's womb," i.e., the secret of the ritual-slaughter is passed down from father to son(8). "He crawls out of his mother's womb as completed 'Zaddik'" (Bogrow).

(343) According to the information of Theodor Fritsch, a Salomon Schneerson was condemned to death in 1797 due to a blood-murder proven in all details, brought in chains to Petersburg, but here freed thanks to his influential tribal comrade Petretz. A grandson of Salomon Schneerson, Mendel Schneerson, was involved in a blood-murder trial in 1852 in Saratov. In December 1852, the boy Chestobitov, and in January 1853 likewise a youth, Masslov, both from the poorest classes of Russia, had been kidnapped in the government capital city of Saratov. Their bodies, with countless wounds, were later washed up on the banks of the Volga; both showed signs of circumcision. After proceedings had been tried, the trial had to be postponed for years, just in 1860 -- therefore after eight years (respectively, seven years), of four strongly incriminated Jews, among them Mendel Schneerson, three were supposed to be sent into exile to Siberia, from which their allegedly poor condition of health was spared, however. According to information in the Jewish Lexicon, the Alliance Israélite Universelle intervened with the Russian envoy in Paris in favor of the "unjustly condemned Jews"(9). The chief accused left prison already in 1867 at the instigation of the all too well known Crémieux, the specialist for that kind of trial, since merely "superstitious motives" were accepted! A son of this Mendel, Shalom-Bähr, was held to be a Hassidic 'prophet' to whom the Jews made pilgrimages, his brother Bunya filled the office of ritual-slaughterer. His nephew, finally, was that Faivel who, as was proven, stayed with Mendel Beilis, then mysteriously disappeared, but immediately surfaced again when the danger seemed eliminated for himself personally -- in order to present himself as a witness! "One (344) is allowed to assume that he knew more of the murder than all of those who escaped with their lives know in totality. But it is pure irony to question the man as a witness in this trial, instead of placing charges against him. His statements will most certainly not betray anything," wrote Theodor Fritsch in 1913 in the Hammer(10).

". . .Like all those witnesses who escaped with their lives" -- what does this mean?

We prod our memory, so poor in such matters, and find that in the Trent trial in the year 1475, poison played a large role, and then, for example, in the great Hilsner trial in Kuttenberg in Bohemia (1899) a witness (Marie Pernicek), who had given very essential evidence under oath to the protocol, perished a short time later under the most tortured symptoms of having been poisoned and thus had been rendered 'harmless' forever!

In Kiev these things were repeated, only with the difference that international Jewish criminality went to work still more thoroughly.

Next, a tribal comrade was gathered to his patriarchs -- a not entirely rare phenomenon (Moses Abu-el-Afieh, Damascus; Samuel Rosenthal from Kamin), how interesting and rewarding a task it would be for a criminalist to collect all those cases for once, in which Jews who were held to be not completely 'reliable,' were 'liquidated' by other Jews for reasons of caution! -- The old Jew Tartakovski, living as a sub-tenant with other Jews in the vicinity of the brickyard, is supposed to have loved Andrusha very much -- possibly (certain later statements indicate this) he warned the child, when the schächter Schneerson was staying with Mendel Beilis, which Tartakovski believed must be a sign of impending disaster; in any case, directly after the death of Andrusha, this Jew began to make confused speeches and very soon was found strangled!

The Cheberyakov family belonged to the few non-Jews who lived in the vicinity of this miserable property: the (345) husband, by trade a telegraph official, industrious, of unblemished reputation, as husband a pitiful figure -- his wife all the more resolute and dubious -- who also maintained close relations with the Jews. She invited her Jewish friends to small household entertainments, at which her husband was made drunk for the enjoyment of those present -- so much for this family Idyll! In any case, in their press, the Jews called this remarkable woman a "Lady MacBeth" but treated her otherwise very considerately, in conspicuous contrast to the other non-Jewish witnesses. One got the impression as if they were not entirely certain whether it might not finally occur to Mrs. Cheberyakov to say what she knew.

This woman was the mother of three children, a young boy (Zhenya) and two girls (Valya and Ludmilla); early on the day of the murder, these three were awakened in the absence of their mother by Andrusha; they should go play with him in the clay pit. Having arrived there, they were approached from behind by the attendant Mendel Beilis. He seized the small Zhenya, who was able to tear himself loose, however, and Andrusha. Meanwhile, two more Jews, among them the young Beilis, were added to the group -- they had been stalking the children according to a plan! The little Valya still saw how Andrusha was dragged to the brickyard. This happened on the day of the murder, the 20th of March. These statements of the children leaked out, although press and commissars had made an effort to take no notice of this! The student Golubov had then questioned the children once again and recorded their statements. On 22 July (old calendar) Beilis was finally arrested together with Mrs. Cheberkov; her children were from that time on for the most part entrusted to the care of strange people. After one week the little ones fell critically ill with symptoms of poisoning, after the "secret commissar" Krasovski had "visited" them and brought them "pies"! Two children, Zhenya and Valya, died in quick succession, while Ludmilla slowly recovered only after many weeks -- according to reports by the press, the children died of "dysentery"!

Now the mother could be set free again -- the most important witnesses had been eliminated, the surviving child, (346) not able to be questioned for a long time, was besides under the influence of the dubious subject Krasovski.

The mother, for the sake of caution, was next "ordered" at once to Kharkov, in fact this Jewish-owned creature went there -- to where the Jewish 'General Staff" had cautiously retreated(11) -- she was royally received by a "distinguished" society -- naturally exclusively Jewish -- in the chief hotel of the city; one can thoroughly imagine that they expressed their "profound sympathy" to the mother, only to become more clear then: The Jew Margolin, the later defense counsel of Mendel Beilis -- he had omitted for reasons of caution to properly register himself in Kharkov -- introduced himself (according to the prosecutor) to Cheberyakova as "Member of the Reichsrat" [Council of the Reich] and offered her the round sum of 40,000 Rubles, so that she might voluntarily accept the guilt herself for the murder of Andrusha. In front of the court, Margolin later in no way denied this monstrous proposal, but cynically explained that "every job must be paid for"!

From the speech of the prosecutor, we wish to excerpt the following passage for a closer illumination: ". . .There in Kharkov, in the salon of the great hotel, the clinking of gold sounded, and under the sound of silver coins, the entire investigation was running. This company [of people] which the journalists of a Jewish paper have trained, who write so clairvoyantly about this trial, this society wanted that Cheberyakova, after [drinking] champagne, should sign a blank piece of paper which would then have contained her confession as murderess. Cheberyakova turned down the proposal, despite having been assured of a defense by the best advocates and a safe-conduct into foreign lands. And thus this version, too -- how many is it now? -- has collapsed. . . "(12)

Cheberyakova therefore returned to Kiev and immediately had to watch her step, although, as mentioned, she was treated with a certain respect. Characteristically, (347) she broke off from her earlier Jewish dealings, she seemed at last cured by the terrible events! Shortly after the death of both of Cheberyakova's children, a stop was put to the plans of investigation official Mischtschuk, who had conducted the trial five months long in entirely the wrong direction. After his dismissal, he joined -- this may be taken as the conclusive assessment of his person -- that circle of press-Jews who had made a well-planned and expert investigation impossible from the beginning onwards. Mischtschuk now declared publicly that there could no longer be ritual-murder in the 20th century(!). He appeared before the court with new 'research,' from which the perfect innocence of the Jews was supposed to follow; nonetheless, it soon emerged that the former Commissar wished to lead the court astray with the most crude distortions. It succeeded in making short work of him and his accomplices in Kharkov. But only Mischtschuk himself was put in prison; with him, one exponent of Jewry had left the stage!

The Beilis 'Trial' and the 'Intelligentsia of Europe'

At the beginning of 1912, charges were finally filed against Beilis. According to the Nordlivländischen Zeitung [North Livonian Times], in the documents charging Belis it reads: "Beilis is accused, according to arrangement with other still not discovered persons, with forethought, on the basis of religious superstition for ritual purposes, of having seized the boy Yustschinsky, who was playing with other children, and of having dragged him into a factory building. Here his accomplices bound Yustschinsky's hands and stuffed his mouth and killed him by 47 stab wounds in the head, neck, and body. These woundings caused long and severe suffering and brought about a complete exsanguination."

In this critical situation, the Kiev press-Jews indicated three non-Jews who were supposed to have committed the murder, of which all details were given with exactitude. Witnesses were also found who were prepared, after a substantial fee, to swear to anything. But this diversionary maneuver was (348) so stupidly contrived that these new Jewish machinations were soon seen through.

The proceedings against Beilis were not set for 29 May 1912. But once again Jewry stepped in with a new, the seventh announcement, by which suspicion was supposed to be directed toward a crime brotherhood. But with this, such considerable "irregularities" were found on the side of even the new investigation official, that he likewise had to be dismissed from the service and the trial placed in other hands. These intrigues had at least the result that the proceedings against Mendel Beilis were again postponed for about a full year!

These maneuvers literally cost Jewry massive sums. Naturally, the German intelligentsia was also mobilized -- when had it not been misused! -- On 23 March 1912 there appeared a "Declaration" in the notorious Berliner Tageblatt [Berlin Daily] -- in the parlance of the people called "Jerusalemer Straßenblatt" [Jerusalem Street Sheet], signed by perhaps 200 personalities completely unfit to render an expert opinion on the question of ritual-murder, in which a sharply-worded position was taken "against an insane belief, which attributes to the Jews the use of human blood for ritual purposes." At the beginning, it sounds at first almost completely rational: "Whether this Jew (Mendel Beilis) is the murderer, concerning that we cannot judge. It would be illegitimate to anticipate a legal proceeding still pending, and besides that, one pending in a foreign state." In taking up the murder of Andrei Yustschinsky, however, it continues on then with the well-known tirade: "The agitation of the streets (13) has greedily snatched at this event and brazenly claimed that the boy Yustschinsky was slaughtered by Jews, in order to tap off his blood and to use this blood for ritual purposes, in accordance with an allegedly Jewish religious law. This madness, carried unscrupulously to the people, has again and again called forth terrible consequences from the Middle Ages right down to the most recent times. It has seduced the uneducated mass of the people [into committing] gruesome massacres of the Jews, and crowds, led astray by this madness, have (349) befouled themselves with the innocent blood of their fellow-man. And yet never has the mere shadow of a proof for the justification of this insane belief been produced. The most respected Christians knowledgeable about Jewish scripture have shown absolutely, that at no time were the Jews ever incited to the murder of their fellow-man by their religion.

We hold it to be the duty of everyone who has the moral progress of Man close to his heart, to raise his voice against such pathetic craziness. We conclude with a cry of warning to the most respected Russian (?) scholars, writers, and artists, in the awareness that such a warning knows no boundary posts. It must be a matter for the heart of the entire world of culture."

This article could just as well have had a Paul Nathan or a "famous writer" of the same race, as clerical authors -- but it was signed by, besides a half-hundred Christian theologians of all ranks, privy councillors, etc., among others by Prince Heinrich of Schönaich-Carolath, Count Posadovsky, the Reichstag President Kaempf, the Chief Reichstag Vice-President Paasche, who stated at a military council in the Reichstag: "Things would go to the devil if Jews could not be officers" -- moreover, he had a Jewish daughter-in-law -- , the second Vice-President Dove, numerous members of the Reichstag, among them we note the leader of the National Liberals, Bassermann, married to a Jewess, and the "Royal Teacher and City School Councillor of Munich," Georg Kerschensteiner. Many University professors came to help; thus we also find Werner Sombart, "Professor at the Commercial College of Berlin," who besides saw to it that his letter appeared in the same year (1912): The Future of the Jews, in which he first takes on the causes of the hostile-to-Jews mood of this year in Russia and reaches the remarkable determination that the mental and economic life of Germany is already Jewish-permeated to a considerable degree. Although Sombart now even admits, in further developing his theme, that the differences of blood between Jews and Aryans are too great, he (350) nevertheless saw "in the Jewish people, if we regard it as a whole, one of the most valuable types which humankind has ever produced". . ."Which would have to give rise to powerful gaps in the human world, if the Jewish type should disappear. . .We never want to lose the deep, sad Jewish eyes (p. 57)." -- Without Jews, collapse of the economy of the people! "We owe gratitude to Providence, for the not so sparse proportion of Jewish elements. . .Especially since there, where we are most purely German, is the Oriental part which with the Jews intrudes into our gray Northland world, a true restorative. For we might perish, in the end, from pure blondness. Regarded from the purely bodily aspect: what colorfulness the dark Oriental type brings into our Northern environment! How should we want do without the race of Judith and of Miriam" (p. 72 - oy veh, Herr Professor!). "Also in the spiritual realm we might run the danger of suffocating from our blondness, if we did not feel between us the hot Oriental souls of our fellow-citizens." -- When Sombart now determines, that without a doubt there exists a racial distinction between Aryans and Jews, and that on the other hand the "Jewish people represents one of the most valuable types," then the only logical conclusion which remains is that the Aryan part is the less valuable. Actually, Sombart designates (p. 82) the non-Jewish of two competitors (for professorships) as the stupider: "Since the Jews, on the average, are so much more clever and industrious than we are." -- At the time of Sombart the "cleverer" third of the teaching body of Breslau University already consisted of -- Jews! This result, then, also means that "living together with the Jews is rich in blessings for all"!

These are merely some informative samples from one letter of one of the leading German national economists, which he -- probably by no means by accident, let appear still, during the events in Kiev, and by no means as a parody but rather, as Sombart himself emphasized, wished to have understood as an apologia, with which he intended to step out of the reserve which he had imposed upon himself in his book: Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben (1911) [The Jews and Economic Life].

(351)The "living together rife with blessings for all segments [of the populace]" was experienced in the following decades not by the representatives of this intellectual direction, but by the non-Jewish corpus of the people in probably the most horrible way, in their own bodies(14).

The Christian Theology Professor and Privy Church Councillor Dr. D. Rudolf Kittel in Leipzig, Rosenthalgasse 13, likewise one of the subscribers, in his letter originating in these years, Judenfeindschaft oder Gotteslästerung [Hostility to the Jews or Blasphemy] (Leipzig, 1914), in which he took a position as exponent of Judaism with extreme severity against Theodor Fritsch, expressed, like Sombart, his "gratitude for that which we owe Israel." -- "This gratitude will be powerful enough in any friend of the truth, to protect him from this danger (i.e., of 'throwing a stone upon Israel')." In his concluding remarks, Kittel blubbers on that "for their part, the German Jews are also happily prepared to offer that upon the altar of the Fatherland, which Germany demands from each of its citizens, and that the German Jews have rallied to the flag in great numbers. . ." -- So it seemed in the head of that German intelligentsia, who believed that they had to jump into the breach even for the "Russian Jews"!

It was signed by -- to mention only a few more names -- furthermore, the actor Albert Bassermann, Richard Dehmel, Rudolf Eucken, Jena, writer Herbert Eulenberg, Berlin, Gerhart Hauptmann, Agnetendorf, Thomas Mann, Munich, Hermann Sudermann, Berlin -- he had formerly been tutor in Jewish families and journalistic colleague of the "estimable General of the Jewish Colonial Troops," Rickert, (see Sudermann's Bilderbuch meiner Jugend [Picture Book of My Youth], 1922), Ludwig Thoma, Munich, authoress Clara Viebig, and last but not least -- the "Christian" Talmud translator and senior master at a girls' school, Professor Dr. August Wünsche of Dresden, who on the occasion of the Tisza-Eszlár ritual-murder trial of 1882 (352) had once already given testimony(15) against the "blood-accusation of the Jews," just as the Privy Councillor Friedrich Delitzsche, University professor, Berlin, whose father Franz Delitzsche (1890) had likewise rendered an 'expert opinion' against the blood-accusation!(16)

The stereotypical phrases contained in this "Declaration" of a Jewish loaf-about, like "Medieval madness," "leading astray," "craziness," "insane belief," "moral progress," "persecution of the Jews," "innocent Jewish blood," "most respected scholars," "Christian scholars," "cultural world," and so forth, have become wearisome for us -- nevertheless, their longevity seems to be boundless, for the same old chestnuts, only a little up-dated, still adorn today, in well-paid reanimation, the part of the world controlled by Jews -- and that is not inconsiderable!

"Christians knowledgeable about the Jewish scriptures. . ." -- this is naturally first and foremost meant to suggest August Wünsche and both Delitzsches; but we already have gotten to know, among the 'experts' in Tisza-Eszlár, still one other 'authority,' the Berlin University Professor Dr. Hermann Strack! This man now added a "scientific expert opinion" concerning the ritual-murder question to that declaration published in the Berlin Tageblatt, and then also sent to the Russian authorities. -- In 1893, already Strack, who conducted a "Jewish mission" as a specialty and from upon this sloping platform had already sunk to the level of masterly advocate of Judaism, although allegedly Gentile himself, had published a brochure: Die Juden, dürfen sie Verbrecher von Religions wegen genannt werden? [The Jews, are they to be called criminals because of religion?]; this letter is an exposition -- collected with highly suspicious zeal -- of those kinds of petitions with which Strack had showered the courts with the goal of making the blood-accusations raised against the Jews impossible in the future by means of judicial decision, on account of insult to the Jewish religious community -- which did not succeed, however! In 1900, the treatise Das Blut im Glauben und Aberglauben der Menschheit(17) [Blood in the Faith and Superstition of Humanity] followed, in a reworking of a letter in defense of his beloved Judaism which had appeared in 1891.(17)

(353)The composition of the title already betrays the direction in which the case is to be steered. "When the horrible human butcherings of Skurz, Xanten, Polna and Konitz cried ever louder to Heaven, and no one whose eyes were open was able any longer to doubt where the guilty were to be sought, there Strack wrote a book to order, which was supposed to prove to the world the innocence of the Jews in respect to all blood-murders."(18)

"Toward the completion of this work," (among others) the Jews Hirschfeld, Preuß, Moritz Stern -- the 'revisor' of the Trent trial documents! -- and the Rabbi Hoffmann, gave their suggestions so that the book, to which we shall have to return once more in a special chapter, could then finally be found suitable by the "Herr Professor Th. G. Masaryk in Prag" to be translated into Czechoslovakian for getting the ritual-murderer Hilsner released! But the craziest thing Strack himself did, when, for the convincing conclusion of his work, he paraded a list several pages long of "pious" Jews as chief witnesses of Jewish innocence, in addition to numerous Jewish "scholars," -- among whose fine society Paul Nathan and the "missionary" Pieritz were to be found. (19)

Small wonder, that such a commissioned Christian Theology professor was then able to act in times to follow as "expert witness" of the "Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith" in numerous criminal trials against brave German men, who had attempted to expose the teachings of the Talmud and thereby suggest to the German people the inference to be drawn from these monstrosities, as to the true character of the people belonging to it [i.e., the religion of the Talmud]. Small wonder, also, that Strack then received his alloted place in the "Hall of Honor" of the Jewish Philo-Lexikon (Handbuch des jüdischen Wissens [Handbook of Jewish Knowledge], still in the year 1935 (!), as the "scientific defender of Judaism"!

The court in Kiev was also supposed to be forced by Jewry to accept Professor Strack as "expert witness," without an application for this having been made at all by the Russian authorities! (354) The Hammer wrote this prophetic sentence in response to these machinations(20): "Yet should the Russian court allow itself to be coerced into accepting these expert witnesses, it will be very ill-advised!"

In the summer of 1912, the Jewish intrigues in Russia had reached an unbearable pitch, so that the Minister of Justice saw himself forced to take sharp measures in order to put an end to the cunning subversions which were staged for the benefit of the accused.

Thus, for example, a vast quantity of Jewish pamphlets of inflammatory content, composed in Ghetto argot, were circulated in the country, in order to inform the uneducated people, the rabble, the agitation of the streets, that Jewish "fellow-citizens" were innocent and holy, while the enemies of progress, who dared to "slander" those saviors so basely, were to be exterminated as quickly as possible from the earth, after which the "Kingdom of God" would appear! -- Six years later, in 1918, and in repetition in our day, the German people were also promised the "Golden Age," if it should resolve to destroy its "enemies of progress". . .

The Gouverneur of Kiev summoned to him some editors of "progressive" papers and urgently suggested to them that they refrain from their attempts at provocation. The authorities [he said] would not allow themselves to be diverted by anything. The Prosecutor Chaplinsky was ordered to Petersburg to make a detailed report to the Minister of Justice.

Since these interviews had remained unsuccessful, the Russian government saw itself forced, on account of incendiary articles in the following days, to arrest several "editors" and to confiscate 24 newspapers and four brochures. Two papers had to stop publication. Finally, 34 (!) Jewish papers were sentenced to pay a total of 10,250 Rubles in fines for falsifications, slanders and lies!(21)

K i e v   1 9 1 1

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(p. 354)

In Fall of 1913, thus after a two-year span of investigation, the proceedings against Beilis were supposed to be opened. On 1 October 1913, (22) Theodor (355) Fritsch addressed himself to this point: "In Kiev there sits a man, in investigative custody for two years due to suspicion of having murdered a twelve-year-old boy. There would be nothing special about this, since murders happen in all times and in all countries. But this time there has to be something special going on, because the entire cultural world has been stirred into an uproar over the fate of this man. . .what could have awakened so much sympathy for this ordinary human being? And how were the wise men in Germany, England, and America -- without a closer knowledge of the situation -- able to judge whether the man was guilty or not?. . .So there has to be a special circumstance having to do with Beilis and his crime of murder, and in fact: Beilis is no ordinary mortal, for he belongs to the 'Chosen People'. And his crime of murder is also of a special type; there's no question of either a robbery- or of a lust- murder. Therefore, because a Jew was accused of a serious crime, for that reason the Jewry of the entire world exerts itself in order to bring criminal justice to a standstill. " -- What had happened in the Kiev of the 20th century was merely what the Jew Maier Balaban(23) described quite frankly as already existing as the rule for relations in Lublin of the 16th century: ". . .When that sort (i.e., ritual-murder) of trial was held in the tribunal, the families of the accused, the seniors of the Jewish community, all came to Lublin to assist their nearest and dearest. The seniors of the Lublin community were first of all bombarded, . . in order to procure for (the accused) at least the smaller comforts. (356) Patronages for the Schöffen [type of lay judges, somewhat like American justices of the peace], for the executioners, for the wardens, had to be gotten. They ran from judge to judge, they sought Jews at the market who were acquainted with the judges, had business relationships with them, were their lease-holders or creditors (!), and an effort was made, through their mediation, to convince the judges of the innocence of the accused." -- But the bribery money was raised by ruthless "contributions"!

The final attempt of Jewry to have Beilis declared ill and to get him out of investigative custody, misfired because the physicians had determined that Beilis was enjoying the best of health!

The Main Trial

The trial was now finally set, for 8 October 1913.

Jewry thereupon undertook a new "offensive," to hinder jurisdiction. In the Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums, [General Times of Jewry](24) the Rabbi Ziegler in Karlsbad issued the following "flaming appeal": "On the day of the opening of the Beilis trial in Kiev, protest meetings should be held by the most respected Jews and Christians in all cities and all communities of the world, to lodge a protest against the affront which was done to Jewry, to the truth, and to justice with this trial. Jews of all states, of all nations, get ready to protest! Let no city, let no town be absent! Gather your best [people] around me, ask noble, truth-loving Christians, theologians (!) as well as laity, to stand beside you; this concerns the honor of that religion which Jesus, too, loved with every fiber of his heart (!). The entire cultural world is united to wash the shame of the Beilis trial from itself!" -- Who does not recall the "appeal" of the chief Rabbi Güdemann in Vienna on the occasion of the Hilsner trial in Kuttenberg in 1899, which likewise beseeched the non-Jews "in the names of Christ and the Virgin Mary," to help an "honest, innocent" little Jew; an appeal which was framed in total similarity in its content, and equally scornful. (357)

Judah always knew how to begin -- some representatives of the "mobilized cultural world" we have already introduced by their signatures [i.e., those mentioned on p. 353]!

In response, the President of the Kiev Court of Justice, Senator Meißner, stated to a correspondent that the Prosecutor, Fischer, would emphatically seek to prove the facts of the case, that ritual motives were the basis for the murder which was perpetrated upon the boy Yustschinsky.

Rabbi Ziegler knew where things were going, he became noticeably nervous: "Given that the State's Attorney makes the claim that Jews require the blood of Christians only against a dark, hidden sect of Jews -- must not the State do all that it can to discover this sect, in order to root it out, branch and trunk? Not a third [of the Jewish population] remains in Russia. It [the State] either declares, with the condemnation of the accused, that the Jewish religion requires Christian blood, -- then it must proceed with every power against the adherents of this religion -- or the Russian government desires to take measures against only some secret sect or other of the Jews -- then it must seek to find the latter, to seize [its members]. In both cases the Jews of Russia are standing on the verge of a catastrophe without peer. . .We declare ourselves to be in unreserved solidarity in this matter with our Russian brothers in the faith."(25)

But the President of the Reich Union of German Jews had become stupid from the loud protests, and had the carelessness to state at a meeting: "As a consequence of this accusation, not only Beilis, but all of the world's Jewry sits in the dock. If Beilis is guilty, then we are all guilty."(26) Out of fear of ensuing difficulties, perhaps, numerous Russian Jews let themselves be baptized. The Lutheran pastor Pir in Helsingfors conducted a land office business, by making out a baptismal certificate for anyone for a fee. The Russian government saw itself forced to warn the police officials (358) against admission of these "Geschwindigkeitschristen" ["speeded-up Christians"] -- as the Hammer (27) named them -- into forbidden areas!

Not fewer than 219 witnesses were available during the 20 days of the trial. Baldgrov had the presidency of the court, while Prosecutor Fischer acted for the State. Unfortunately, detailed reports like those that exist for other ritual-murder trials, are missing; Jewry, for obvious reasons, had hindered an informative, objective coverage. Among the 44 representatives of the press who were admitted, only a few non-Jews were to be found, according to statements of one of the few Jew-free papers, the Petersburg Zemschina! Not only the entire press outside of Russia, but with few exceptions, even the majority of Russian papers had been 'served' by Jewish correspondents. -- In Kiev there was only a single paper whose publishers weren't Jews!

The Hammer, as the single German paper, was able to publish fragments from reliable Russian sources at the end of the year 1913; the outbreak of the World War prevented a detailed account of the trial from the protocols and stenographic records, and after the war Judah 'liquidated' documents and witnesses which had become dangerous for it. The Jewish terror during the trial in Kiev is supposed to have overshadowed everything prior to it -- even the events in Nyiregyháza in Hungary! Thus, witness testimony which was unfavorable to the Jews was simply made unintelligible by means of continuous noise from the galleries; it appeared that the court President did not work up the courage to have these young Jews thrown out. When one of the chief witnesses, the student Golubov, wanted to communicate to the court the statements made to him by the little Zhenya Cheberyakov, who later succumbed to the murderous attack by poison, at first a hushed silence prevailed in the hall; but when the expositions of Golubov took an incriminating shape, they were soon drowned out by the galleries of the correspondents by means of riotous noise, moving around, the overturning of seats, the dumping out of coins, knocking with canes, and so forth, so that (359) the the presiding judge finally decided to send up bailiffs, to make continuation of the trial possible!

As we recall, Golubov had been been made to look like a true scoundrel in the Jewish press, while a non-Jewish voice (Novoya Vremya) described his appearance before the court in the following manner: "A hushed silence descended upon the courtroom when the witness Golubov appeared on the witness stand in his white student smock, a tall, gaunt figure with a youthfully fresh and peaceful, almost child-like facial expression, a youngster whom the leftist (read: Jewish!) press had described as an agitator, almost as a footpad [archaic term for a mugger], whereas he presented a thoroughly sympathetic appearance. Golubov delivered his testimony with great unbiased calmness and clarity. . ."

The high point of these 20 days of testimony, however, was shaped by the questioning of the little ten-year-old Ludmilla Cheberyakov, whose younger sister had succumbed to the murder attack of the Jewish Feme [The Feme court was a type of unofficial, secret tribunal held in Westphalia during the 14th and 15th centuries, and the analogy is a fitting one, although rabbinical courts -- particularly the Hassidic variety -- were and are potentially far more sinister.]. She was the single witness who was able to tell about something [she had] observed about the disappearance of her companion at play, Andrusha. Her testimony shall be reproduced here verbatim:

"Tell me, my child" -- so inquired the presiding judge Baldgrov -- "what you know of the case!" And the girl related in the hushed courtroom: "Mama went out up to the market. We were sleeping, Zhenya was sleeping, I was sleeping, and Valya was sleeping. Then we heard someone call from the street: 'Zhenya, Zhenya!' It was Andrusha, he was calling Zhenya, [telling him that] he should go with him. Zhenya wanted to go and said I was supposed to look after the room, but I said [that] Valya would cry. Then we all got dressed, locked the room, and went playing on the broken clay. There were still other children there. Then Mendel Beilis came running up behind us; we ran away from [him]. Mendel caught Zhenya and Andrusha; Zhenya tore and tore, and tore himself loose, but Andrusha didn't; Mendel and one other Jew held him by the hands. Also, the young Mendel was there. Valya was scared and didn't run with us, but toward the other side; she saw how they were dragging Andrusha to the kiln. I didn't see that, I saw how they were dragging him off; that they were dragging him to the kiln, Valya told me that."

(360)The Prosecutor: "Do you remember how Andrusha was found?" -- "I remember." Prosecutor: "Why didn't you tell right away, what you are saying now?" -- "I was at my grandma's, and later on they didn't ask me." Prosecutor: "How did you get into the quarry?" -- "There was a hole in the fence." -- Prosecutor: "Were you chased away from there sometimes?" -- "They chased us away because we did damage; sometimes we ran through the bricks." Prosecutor: "Was Andrusha always along?" -- "May God keep him, but this time he did come along." Prosecutor: "And where was your father?" -- "He had to work." Prosecutor: "Were you [children] in the habit of sometimes going to Beilis? " -- "We went with Zhenya after milk. There were Jews there who were praying, or were doing some such thing -- I don't know." The defense counsel for Beilis, Grusenberg, asked: "When Mama returned, did you tell her what had happened?" -- "Yes, I told her." -- Karabatschevski asked: "Did somebody give you a pie?" -- "Yes!" -- "And did you become sick from it?" -- "We all became sick." -- "When did Valya die?" -- "One week after my brother."

Ludmilla screwed her face up, tears were in her eyes. The presiding judge: "Why are you crying?" -- "I'm scared," replied the girl!

The representative of the civil plaintiff: "Who brought you the pies?" -- "Vygranov and Krasovski." -- "Do you know them both?" -- "I know them." -- "Who threatened you?" -- Poleschtschuk."(28) -- "And what did Krasnovski say?" -- "He said that I was supposed to say only two or three words!" -- "Turn around and say whether you don't see Poleschtschuk?" -- "Yes, Poleschtschuk is here!" -- "Point him out to me!" -- The girl walks up to Poleschtschuk, points at him, he gazes at her threateningly, and she begins to cry. "Why are you crying?" asks the presiding judge, "no one will do anything to harm you here!" The girl cannot calm down and replies: "I'm afraid, I'm scared. . .They threatened, (361) if we would testify, then the same thing would happen to us as with Yustschinsky. . ."

According to the testimony of this child, Andrusha had not been involved in the tours of the children through the property of the brick works up till then. Now, how did the -- according to the inquiries of the court -- painfully conscientious, almost shy boy, who was at one time supposed to become a clergyman, come to play hookey from his classes at the Sophie School and tramp about on that fatal 20th of March, 1911?

According to the exposition of the State's Attorney, Fischer, a few days before his death, the youngster had received a shotgun as a gift from the Jew Arendar, who lived in the vicinity of the Cheberyakov family, and who had taken in the Jew Tartakovski, who died suddenly under mysterious circumstances; beaming with happiness, he had shown it to his siblings -- all that was missing was the gunpowder, and that was the cleverly laid snare! A day before his death, Andrusha told his mother that "good people" would buy him the gunpowder, on the next day, he forgot about going to school because of it, in order to go to these "good people". . .

A Jew with fox-red hair, who has remained unidentified, had observed every step of the boy in his final hours; after the murder, he vanished without a trace; the page in the list of houses where he would have had to be entered, was torn out! Just as numerous foreign Jews, who -- according to the inquiries of the State's Attorney -- had stopped on the day before the crime at the estate of Zaitsev, were "as if blown away" again. The shed which had conspicuously been suddenly whitewashed, was burned down three days before its appointed judicial inspection! Fischer remarked at this: "This fire is one of the many Jewish advantages we are up against in this trial; it is of help to them. . ."

The expert Dr. Sikorski once again threw light upon the murder from all sides and came to the conclusion that religious insanity was as work here. He stated that the murder of Yustschinsky was distinguished by numerous characteristic signs, that it appears as a striking crime of definite type and evokes by its (362) accompanying circumstances a terrifying impression. [That] its interpretation is not based upon prejudice or fantasy, it is a matter of a genuine event of the 20th century. [He stated that] murders, tied in with the drawing off of blood, have been committed by fanatics, but persons who are healthy and act with deliberation. [That] such murders occur everywhere where Jews and Christians live together, yet Jewish children are never victims of such murders; sometimes, the victims are circumcised beforehand, as the Zaratov trial has shown. The suspicion is confirmed by the Jews themselves, who immediately take in hand defensive measures at the discovery [of such a crime]. -- Repeatedly, stormy scenes resulted during the questioning of this expert, who participated in the judicial proceedings in spite of a serious heart condition; he was persistently interrupted by the attorneys of the Jewish party in a shameless manner, and his giving of evidence made more difficult in every way. Thus, the defender of the Jews Zarudny thought it necessary to take away his notes and pages from the expert witness, so that Sikorski was obliged to give oral testimony! "How much filth this man was pelted with. . .Other scholars whom we have heard, have been more cautious; one of them, an attorney (!) of surgery, compromised himself for the Jews. For this man, the puncture [wounds] were inflicted upon Yustschinsky -- according to his opinion -- 'only as a jest,' and [the rest of the testimony] of this expert could be filled in according to his views: they [the wounds] have provided endless amusement for him. This expert. . .differed from all other expert witnesses on a total of 25 points. Not only I, but all of Russian society, knows what to think of this man." (29)

Against the psychiatrist Professor Sikorski were also arrayed the Professors of the religious academy in Kiev and Petersburg, Hlogelev and Troizki (baptized Jews?), who, on the basis of Bible and Talmud denied categorically the possibility of the use of human, and in particular Christian blood, by the Jews! -- We thereby brush up against, once again, the 'Intelligentsia' of Europe: "Almost no day goes by, without some sort or other of 'highly significant (363) statement' not only of diplomats, men of science, etc., but also from bishops (even from the 'reformed,' for example Dr. Desidor Baltazzar), cardinals, nuncios, the generals of [monastic] orders, and the like. . . (30) In the overcrowded Russian churches, however, "entire populations [i.e., of towns and villages, etc.] prayed in common for the repayment of the murderers; a profound stirring went through the Russian folk-soul."(31)

But Jewish megalomania had taken on unbearable proportions! The Russian paper Druglavny orel copied the following excerpts from Jewish papers: "The fate of the Russian people -- its future -- not merely in Russia, but in the entire world -- now finds itself in the hands of twelve unenlightened Russian peasants. These have challenged the great Jewish people. With a feeling of disgust, gnashing our teeth with pain and humiliation, we take off the glove which has been stained with our sacred blood (32)."

Gradually, the line was crossed into blunt threats: "The Russian government has resolved to deliver up the Jewish people in Kiev to a general slaughter. Upon the outcome of this titanic struggle depends the fate -- you believe, of the Jewish people -- oh, no! -- the Jewish people is unconquerable -- the fate of the Russian State is at stake: To be or not to be? That is the question for it. The victory of the Russian government is the beginning of its end. There is no way out for it. Take note of it!. . ."

Or: "In Kiev, we will show before the eyes of the entire world, that the Jews cannot be trifled with." -- "If Jewry, up until now, has for tactical reasons concealed the fact that it has held the leadership of the Russian Revolution, so now, after the staging of the Kiev trial, an end must come to that. Let the outcome of this trial be what it will, for the Russian government there is no (364) salvation. So Jewry has decided, and thus will it happen. . ."

And thus will it happen: Five years later, the Romanovs met their end in the Ipatyev House at Ekaterinburg by the hands of their Jewish executioners -- their ashes were scattered to the winds! [Not literally true of all the remains; forensic anthropologists identified the skulls of several members of the Romanov family, some seventy years after their slaughter by the Jews. But these remains were obscurely buried under rubble and might well have been lost to posterity, had it not been for a combination of pure chance and the persistence of those who cherished the memories of the Romanov family as symbolic of the Old Russia which Jewish Bolshevism had murdered along with the Tsar and his family.] The Elders of Zion had already decided upon this -- according to the excerpted press citations -- in 1913, in the year of the Beilis trial!

Another Jewish paper called upon the Jews of all nations to boycott the Russian state bonds on all the stock exchanges, to depress the currency, in order to intimidate in this way the Russian government!(33) In Berlin, the Jew Oppenheim, by profession a college teacher in the capital city of the Reich, raged that Mendelssohn must stop all credit for Russia. . .It's unnecessary to go into the role of the Rothschilds again! It would still be, at best, a curious circumstance, to relate that the London Rothschild (Lionel Walter, a 'Lord') turned to the then State Secretary of the Pope, Merry del Val, with the "very humble request for merciful protection for my persecuted comrade in the faith, for the defense of the truth and justice." In his humble petition, he enclosed a certified copy of the papal brief of Innocent IV which dealt with protection of the Jews!(34) It is known by far too few that the "Miracle Monk," Rasputin, this demonic instrument in Jewish hands, also took a direct influence upon the course and outcome of this trial. According to the words of his Jewish "secretary," Aron Simanovitch, Rasputin declared categorically to the Justice Minister Cheglovitov: "You will surely lose the trial. Nothing will come of it!" -- Even before the trial, Rasputin had prophesied the acquittal of the Jew, but Cheglovitov was "dismissed"!(35)

(365) The Beilis trial is supposed to have cost the Jews 17 million Rubles. "Some kind of invisible power directs these machinations, an invisible hand disperses money to cover up the murder. . ."(36) -- But to the dubious Vyera Cheberyakova in Kharkov, 40,000 Rubles were "offered" for her signing a blank sheet of paper. The Rubles rolled -- "the golden bullets had shot the truth":

Beilis was acquitted!

Theodor Fritsch Theodor Fritsch commented upon this news in the December issue (1913) of the Hammer as follows: "After all the peculiarities which distinguished this amazing trial, nothing other than this was to be expected. This time, also, much has occurred which was able to contribute to the finding of not guilty, just as in the trials of Skurz, Xanten, Konitz! Throughout five months the investigation was led in a false direction in accordance with a plan; two examining judges, one after the other, proved to have been bribed, had to be relieved of their office and charged. When the third finally took up the sure trail and proceeded to the arrest of Beilis, remarkable things happened: two chief witnesses against Beilis (both the children of Cheberyakova) died a sudden (366) death, and when the examining judge was on the verge of inspecting a shed in the brick yard of Zaitsev, in which according to all probability the murder of the boy took place, this shed suddenly burned down. . .In the trial it has been shown that several witnesses, intimidated by threats, did not dare to directly testify; with others, the ringing of gold demonstrably played its role.

Thus a mysterious power has so strangely led by the nose the Russian court of justice, whose honest intentions are otherwise by no means to be doubted, that one hole remained for the caught fox through which he could slip away. Should the consequences of a sentence of condemnation really have been feared?"

They were feared! The State's Attorney, who, in contrast to his foreign colleagues, had not appeared for Jewry, had quite clearly recognized its machinations in this giant trial -- how else is this passage from his address to the jury to be explained: "You should not allow yourselves to fear [anything that could happen] with the condemnation of Beilis, may the image of the martyr Andrusha Yustschinsky step before your inner eyes; Beilis may be a saint for others, for us he is not. The Russian people will extinguish his name from its memory, his name will not be allowed to beshadow that of Andrei Yustschinsky; for the latter is the name of a martyr. . .We do not fear the consequences of the matter in which we have ventured ourselves, however difficult and serious they might be. . ."

In his analysis of the motives of the crime, State's Attorney Fischer arrived at the conviction, similar to that of the Czech attorney Dr. Baxa (37) in the Hilsner trial at Kuttenberg, that Jewry had imposed once again a blood toll upon non-Jewish humanity -- the Jews have not forgotten it! Fischer explained: ". . . People call the Beilis case an outrageous case; we have experienced days of revolution, in which officials (367) were killed, bombs were thrown at the representatives of power, the people were shot at. . .but even out of this bloody past the murder of Andrusha Yustschinsky stands out by its terrifying character! On a bright day they slay an innocent boy, who never did anyone harm, whom everyone loved; they murder him under unbelievable tortures, they loot his blood. . .But this atrocity becomes a world event, because judgement is supposed to be passed on a [certain] Beilis, because we possessed the impertinence to put a Jew on the dock! If only we had been trying a case concerning Russians, . . .then we would have seen at the defense table neither the cream of the legal profession, nor famous scholars as expert witnesses. . .Who had need of his blood? You have heard the definitive remarks of the expert witnesses, that the crime could not have been committed by madmen or psychopaths. . .what interest had they in the murder? Who are the murderers? One of them sits in the dock. . .With what [crime] is the accused charged? It is determined that two thirds of the boy's blood was removed, that he was tortured. . .Are there sects which use blood? There is an entire series of trials which indicate this: One of these trials has taken place in Austria in the case of Polna. . .These trials extend back through all times. . .In all cases, the Jews have made the greatest efforts to shelter their fanatics. . .They are unusual human beings, these Jews. . .The Bible speaks of bloody sacrifices. . .From the Talmud, one could infer what one wishes. We have the Zohar. The Hassidim appear on the scene, at their head the famous (read: notorious!) Schneerson. . .It is a single current of religious superstition. The use of the blood of Christians by the Jews is beyond any question. Jewry feels the burden of the blood secret, but does not dare lay it aside. . ." -- "We will remain pariahs, as long as it remains," a Jewess had written in 1900, who was complicit in the blood-murder of Konitz. . .

Beilis had been acquitted on [the strength of] Jewish-international pressure -- not, however, by the Russian people! "Believe us, (368) o child, the Russian Mother Earth will open itself and spit from out its depths the miserable wretch who has shed your innocent blood. 'Twelve unenlightened peasants' -- may this conscience of the Russian people stand as surety for you."(38) The files concerning the "Beilis case" had thereby concluded. The outbreak of the World War prevented their systematic revision, and after the collapse of Russia they were likewise disposed of like those in Paris which concerned the "Damascus case" after the take-over of the Ministry of Justice by the "attorney" Crémieux-Smeerkopp in 1870!


Beilis was "compensated" in princely fashion. The "Israelite Committee" in New York had arranged a collection of about 400,000 Gold Marks, in order to be able to offer their "innocent, persecuted" racial comrade a large farm as a present upon his arrival in the Land of Freedom, after a large number of Jews had already emigrated to America already, during the trial -- in a similar manner, of course, the ritual-slaughterer and "martyr" Buschhoff in Xanten had also been "compensated."

Nevertheless, Beilis seemed to have developed no inclination toward agriculture. According to a report in the Hammer of May 1914 (39), Beilis surfaced suddenly in the land of his patriarchs. In Alexandria he was received like a king at his disembarkation, especially for this purpose a "reception committee" had been formed, at whose head stood a certain Isaac Piccioto. -- This name also seems known to us: Two Jews of the same name had, if we rightly recall, played a role in the ritual-murder trial of Damascus in 1840 -- just as it is a striking phenomenon in general, that at Jewish blood-murder trials names surface over and over again which have been previously mentioned for the same reason (Schneerson!). Orient and Occident reached out their hands to each other once again: the circle was closed! In Palestine Beilis was able to await in peace the coming ruin (369) of the State over which the death sentence had already been pronounced by Jewry, in order to return there, if needed, as an expert in the slaughtering of human beings. . .

The men who had exerted themselves for Right and Justice fared otherwise, however. The shocking scenes and abuses to which, for example, the student Golubov and the psychiatrist Sikorski had been exposed through Jewish sub humanity, still continued on after the conclusion of the trial.

So [it was for] Professor Kossorotov; he had belonged to the scientific experts in Kiev, after the sudden demise -- which remained unsolved -- murder by poison was spoken of here, too -- of the University Professor Obolonski. He had presented his opinion before the court to the best of his knowledge, in full scientific agreement with the other experts, which did not at all please the Jews! A terrible campaign ensued against him in the following period, which continued to his lecture hall in Petersburg University, without his having been protected from these Jewish impertinences by his authority. There were tumultuous scenes in his college. He even wrote about it in the Novoye vremya: "If I had been told earlier about student nonsense, I would not have believed it; but on 23 October (1913), I had to change my opinion. I saw human beings who behaved like beasts, made ear-splitting noise, and were not receptive to a single rational word. I had to believe in that which had formerly seemed incompatible with the concept of [what] a student [is]. . ."(40)

Unfortunately, it isn't clear from the report, whether Kossorotov had clearly recognized the racial membership of his audience who were "behaving like beasts"!

The Beilis trial also lapsed into oblivion; but in the same measure as the memory of non-Jewish humanity failed, Jewish memory retained its liveliness!

In 1917, armed with enormous financial resources, Trotsky was ordered to Russia, in order to create a terra deserta, a desert, out of this land. In a (370) bloodshed which was unprecedented in history up until then, next to which even the bloody slaughters of the Old Testament pale, he fulfilled his instructions to the fullest satisfaction of his secret Jewish task-masters. "The Jewish people is unconquerable -- at stake is the fate of the Russian State," thus was World Jewry able to cry out already, in 1913, in the certainty of its imminent victory!

After the collapse of Russia, there began a genuine round-up against, first and foremost, those persons who somehow or other stood suspected of harboring anti-Jewish tendencies; it is now very instructive to discover that nearly all accusers, witnesses and expert witnesses, who during the Beilis trial in Kiev had spoken out against Jewry, fell as victims to the Jewish-Bolshevist Terror. Thus, in 1919, the Professor of Psychiatry, J. Sikorski, was shot under martial law in Kiev, together with a series of nationally-minded professors, while one of his chief opponents in the Kiev trial, Bechterev, who appeared at the request of the defense in the trial with a denial of the possibility of ritual-murder, received a leading scientific administrative post, thanks to Jewish protection.(41) Naturally, the Kiev judges also bled to death under their Jewish executioners; but even the Russian Justice Minister Cheglovitov, who remained completely indifferent during the trial, whose single "crime" had consisted of having finally, after a period of a year (in the middle of 1912), taken the trial -- which was threatening to become disastrously entangled in Jewish snares, away from the authority of corrupt local officials and getting it underway. . .even he went the same way [as the judges, etc.]. . .

"The murder of the boy Yustschinsky provided the occasion for the Minister Cheglovitov and other enemies of the Jews, to initiate the famous ritual-murder trial against Beilis. But this trial did not have the expected result, its ramifications were, rather, very unpleasant for its originators," confirmed a knowing Jew. . .(42)

(371)"Thus has Jewry decided, and thus had it happened!" But in one of the Hammer issues of 1913 (Nr. 275) there are also these prophetic words: ". . .Once again the Jewish party has triumphed; but -- some more such victories, and it will lose without hope of recovery!"

The final monstrous victory of Jewry was the Jewish-Bolshevist massacre and the sacrifice of racially flawless, and for that reason consciously or unconsciously anti-Jewish classes of the people in numerous nations of the Old World. It was the last victory. Aryan humanity attained consciousness. It won its way to the conviction that it has a common enemy: the Jews

Recognizing the enemy, however, means: taking up the struggle. A new world order is in the process of arising, after unspeakably difficult birth pangs, an order in which the Jew has nothing more to seek and -- to murder!

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You have been deceived "Goyim" by the fables of them who "SAY" they are the seed of Abraham but do lie and are not in faith of Christ Jesus according to the Promise. They are Liars and are anti-Christ and are the seed of their father, satan.


 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.

Jewry is not Israel

the jews constantly fought against Israel

Jewry is Judah and Benjamine of the king of the south

Dig into the wall Ezekiel and see the abominations they do.

The eye of their god is upon them, and they are not the eyes of the Lord.

The Compilation Of Jewish Ritual Murders From Before The Time Of Christ Until 1932
"The Jew is not a born soldier; he is a born sadist and murderer. [From Der Stürmer, May, 1934. Originally published in German.]

The Jews are under a terrible suspicion the world over. Who does not know this, does not understand the Jewish problem. Anyone who merely sees the Jews, as Heinrich Heine (Chaim Bueckberg) described them, "a tribe which secures its existence with exchange and old trousers, and whose uniforms are the long noses," is being misled. But anyone who knows the monstrous accusation that has been raised against the Jews since the beginning of time, will view these people in a different light. He will begin to see not only a peculiar, strangely fascinating nation; but criminals, murderers, and devils in human form. He will be filled with holy anger and hatred against these people. The suspicion under which the Jews are held is murder. They are charged with enticing Gentile children and Gentile adults, butchering them, and draining their blood. They are charged with mixing this blood into their masses (unleavened bread) and using it to practice superstitious magic. They are charged with torturing their victims, especially the children; and during this torture they shout threats, curses, and cast spells against the Gentiles. This systematic murder has a special name. It is called RITUAL MURDER

The knowledge of Jewish ritual murder is thousands of years old. It is as old as the Jews themselves. The Gentiles have passed the knowledge of it from generation to generation, and it has been passed down to us through writings.      It is known of throughout the nation. Knowledge of ritual murder can be found in even the most secluded rural village. The grandfather told his grandchildren, who passed it on to his children, and his children's children, until we have inherited the knowledge today.

It has also befallen other nations. The accusation is loudly raised immediately, anywhere in the world, where a body is found which bears the marks of ritual murder. This accusation is raised only against the Jews. Hundreds and hundreds of nations, tribes, and races live on this earth, but no one ever thought to accuse them of the planned murder of children, or to call them murderers. All nations have hurled this accusation ONLY against the Jews. And many great men have raised such an accusation. Dr. Martin Luther writes in his book 'Of the Jews and Their Lies': "They stabbed and pierced the body of the young boy Simon of Trent. They have also murdered other children...The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they, who imagine to be the people of God, and who desire to and think they must murder and crush the heathen. Jesus Christ, the Almighty Preacher from Nazareth, spoke to the Jews: 'Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning.'"

The only newspaper in Germany, yes, in the whole world, which often screams the accusation of ritual murder into the Jewish face, is Der Stürmer. For more than ten years Der Stürmer has led a gigantic battle against Judaism. This has caused Der Stürmer to be under constant attack by the Jews. Dozens of times it has been confiscated and prohibited. Its workers and, most of all, its editor, Julius Streicher, have been dragged into court hundreds of times. They were convicted, punished and locked into prisons. Der Stürmer has come to know the Jew from the confession which Dr. Conrad Alberti-Sittenfeld, a Jew, wrote in 1899 in No. 12 of the magazine Gesellschaft:

"One of the most dangerous Jewish qualities is the brutal, direct barbaric intolerance. A worse tyranny cannot be practiced than that which the Jewish clique practices. If you try to move against this Jewish clique, they will, without hesitating, use brutal methods to overcome you. Mainly the Jew tries to destroy his enemy in the mental area, by which he takes his material gain away, and undermines his civil existence. The vilest of all forms of retaliation, the boycott, is characteristically Jewish."

Der Stürmer has not been stopped. Just in Nuremberg alone there have been fought dozens of Talmudic and ritual murder cases in the courts. Because of the Jewish protests the attention of the whole world was focused on these cases. Thereafter heavy convictions followed. At first no judge had the guts to expose the Jewish problem. Finally, in 1931 (a court case lasting from Oct. 30th to Nov. 4th) Der Stürmer won its first victory. The jury found the following:

1. Der Stürmer is not fighting against the Jewish religion; but against the Jewish race.

2. The Talmud and Schulchan Aruch are not religious books. They have no right to be protected under the religious statutes.

3. The laws of the Talmud, which are quoted and published in Der Stürmer are exact quotations from the Talmud.

4. The laws of the Talmud are in harsh contradiction to German morals.

5. The Jews of today are being taught from the Talmud.

With this verdict Der Stürmer brought about the first big breech in the Jewish-Roman Administration of justice, which was given the job before the National Socialist Revolution to protect Judaism and its government. The Jews, of course, became greatly agitated about it all. But for Der Stürmer this success was an omen of the victory yet to come. Of course, Der Stürmer does not stop half way. It knows what must be done. It is our duty to frustrate the gigantic murder plot of Judaism against humanity! It is our duty to brand this nation before the whole world, to uncover its crimes and to render it harmless! It is our duty to free the world from this national pest and parasitic race!

Der Stürmer will fulfill its mission. It will light up the darkness with the truth that shall rule the world. And it will always direct itself according to the following proverb: "He who knows the truth and does not speak it truly is a miserable creature."

If you want to learn and understand why the Jews can commit such insane crimes as ritual murder, you must know the secret Jewish teachings. You must know the teachings of the Torah, the Talmud and the Schulchan Aruch. These laws and teachings are proof that the Jews feel themselves superior to all nations, that it has declared war on all other races, and that it is the sworn enemy of the whole of non-Jewish humanity. Even Tacitus, the Roman historian who lived shortly after Christ (55-120 A.D.) writes:

"The Jews are a race that hate the gods and mankind. Their laws are in opposition to those of all mortals. They despise what is to us holy. Their laws condone them in committing acts which horrify us." (Historian V.3-8)

The Jew knows that when the non-Jewish world knows his laws and sees through his plans that he is lost. Therefore, by threat of death he forbids their translation and publication. A well-known Jewish scholar (Dibre David) writes:

"If the Gentiles knew what we are teaching against them, they would kill us."

The Jewish secret laws are based on the fundamental principle that states:

Only the Jew is human. In contrast, all non-Jews are animals. They are beasts in human form. Anything is permitted against them. The Jew may lie to, cheat and steal from them. He may even rape and murder them. There are hundreds of passages in the Talmud in which the non-Jews are described as animals. Some of them are:

1. "The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts." (Talmud: Baba mezia 114b)

2. "The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the non-Jew." (Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30)

3. "Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form." (Midrasch Talpioth p. 255, Warsaw 1855)

4. "A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal." (Coschen hamischpat)

5. "The souls of non-Jews come from impure spirits and are called pigs." (Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12 b)

6. "Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human." (Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b)

So that the Jew will never forget that he is dealing with animals, he is reminded by eating, by death, and even by sexual intercourse constantly. The Talmud teaches:

"If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog." (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

"If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell to the Jew: 'God will replace "your loss," just as if one of his oxen or asses had died." (Jore dea 377)

"Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals."(Talmud Sanhedrin 74b)

It is written in the Talmud about the murder of the Gentiles:

1. "It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile." (Sepher ikkarim IIIc 25)

2. "It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah." (Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5)

3. "Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews) is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God." (Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772)

These laws of the Talmud and the Torah were given to the Jews over 3000 years ago. They are just as valid today as they were back then. This is how the Jews are taught from childhood. The result of this stands before us. It is Jewish ritual murder.

The Jew is not only the murderer of the Gentile in theory. His history proves that he practices what he preaches. The history of the Jewish people is an unbroken chain of mass-murders and bloodbaths. It started before Christ and has continued with Trotsky and Zinoviev.

1. In Egypt the Jews rejoiced that their death angel had slaughtered all the first-born of man and beast.

2. The extremes to which the Jews will go was shown in Persia where the Jew Mordecai and the Jewess Esther had 75,800 anti-Semitic Persians murdered. They hanged the Persian King Xerxes' anti-semitic minister Haman along with his ten sons. They celebrated this bloody victory and to this day still celebrate it during the Feast of Purim. (Esther 9, 6ff)

3. After Christ, in the years 115-117, on the island of Cyrene, the Jews revolted under their leader Bar-Kochba. They murdered 220,000 (!!) non-Jews, sawed and chopped them, drank their blood, and ate their raw flesh. (Cassisus Dio: Roemische Jeschische XVIII, 32)

4. The Jews revolted in Russia in 1917 and established Bolshevism under the leadership of Trotsky, Zinoviev and other Jews, a total of 35 million (!!) people were shot, tortured and starved.

5. In Hungary, under the leadership of Bela Kuhn, a horrible massacre was prepared in which tens of thousands of non-Jews were murdered.

6. In Jewish-Bolshevik Soviet Russia mass-murders are being carried out even today. The executioners are mostly Jewish men and women. In inventing new methods of torture the Jews are masters. To let Gentiles die under torture gives them the greatest pleasure. English reporters write that the Chinese executioners frequently could not carry out their tortures and executions; they shuddered and could not continue. Undoubtedly the Jews and Jewesses have taken their place.

The history of the Jews is written with blood, the blood of non-Jews. It proves that the Jew is extremely cruel and at the same time is a big coward. The Jew is not a born soldier; he is a born sadist and murderer.

For a long time Der Stürmer has endeavoured to find the actual law of ritual murder, the law of human sacrifice. It finally succeeded in doing so. In a trial in which Julius Streicher and Karl Holz were being tried (because of:

"offending the Jewish Religious Society") it was proposed that they call as a witness Dr. Erich Bischoff. Dr. Bischoff appeared. He is the leading German expert on the laws of the Talmud. He has dedicated his entire life to the study of the Jewish law books. Dr. Bischoff brought with him a translation of a secret Jewish law, which clarified with one stroke the question of ritual murder. It comes from the book of Zohar. this book is considered to be holy by the Jews. The eastern Jews especially conform to its laws. In the book of Zohar (a companion of the Talmud) it is written:


Dr Erich Bischoff declared himself ready to offer an opinion on this expressed law of ritual murder. However he was rejected. The court, "for fear of bias," did not admit him.

The Catholic priest Dr. Gottsberger took his place. The defendants handed him the above-mentioned law in Hebrew and German. Dr. Gottsberger was embarrassed and confused. After a long consideration he stated that he would not be able to deliver an opinion on the law of human sacrifice. Due to this Julius Streicher and Karl Holz were sentenced to several months imprisonment. Later on, however, Dr. Bischoff (in the trial of 30th Oct. - 4th Nov. 1931) established the correct translation of this law.



The earliest of historians, Herodotus, informs us about the Hebrew cult of human sacrifice. He writes: "The Hebrews sacrificed humans to their God Moloch." (Herodotus, Vol. II, p. 45) Christ said to the Jews: "Your father was a murderer from the beginning." (John 8:44) By this he meant Moloch-Yahweh, the supreme Jewish Devil-God. Also, the prophets Isaiah (57:5), Jeremiah (7:30- 31), Ezekiel (26:26-30), and Micah (6:7) reproached the Jews for their abominable offerings. Isaiah said:

"You enflame yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the cliffs of the rocks!"

The ritual murders that have been passed down through writings since before the time of Christ until today are:

169 B.C. -- "King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, during the plundering of the Temple of Jerusalem, found a Greek lying on a bed in a secret chamber. He begged the King to rescue him. When he began to beg, the attendants told him that a secret law commanded the Jews to sacrifice human beings at a certain time annually. They therefore searched for a stranger which they could get in their power. They fattened him, led him into the woods, sacrificed him, ate some of his flesh, drank some of his blood, and threw the remains of his body into a ditch." (Josephus, Jewish historian, Contra Apionem)

418 A.D. -- Baronius reports the crucifixion of a boy by the Jews at Imm, between Aleppo and Antioch.

419 A.D. -- In the Syrian district of Imnestar, between Chalcis and Antioch, the Jews tied a Christian boy to a cross on a holiday and flogged him to death. (Socrat)

425 A.D. -- Baronius reports the crucifixion of a boy.

614 A.D. -- After the conquest of Jerusalem, the Jews purchased, for a small amount of money, 90,000 prisoners from the Persian King Chosros II and murdered them all in the most disgusting ways. (Cluverius, Epitome his. p. 386)

1071 A.D. -- Several Jews from Blois crucified a child during the Easter celebration, put his body into a sack and threw it into the Loire. Count Theobald had the guilty ones burned alive. (Robert of Mons, Mon. Germ. hist. Script VI 520)

1144 A.D. -- In Norwich, during Passover, 12-year-old St. William was tied by the local Jews, hanged from a cross, and his blood drained from a wound in his side. The Jews hid the corpse in the nearby woods. They were surprised by a local citizen, Eilverdus, who was bribed with money to keep quiet. Despite this the crime still became notorious. (Acta sancta, III March, Vol., p. 590)

1160 A.D. -- The Jews of Gloucester crucified a child (Mons Germ. hist. Script 520)

1179 A.D. -- In Pontoise, on March 25th before Passover, the Jews butchered and drained St. Richard's body of blood. Due to this, the Jews were expelled from France. (Rob. of Turn., Rig.u.Guillel. Amor.)

1181 A.D. -- In London, around Easter, near the church of St. Edmund, the Jews murdered a child by the name of Roertus. (Acta sanct, III March Vol., 591)

1181 A.D. -- In Saragossa, the Jews murdered a child named Dominico. (Blanca Hispania illustrata, tom. III, p. 657)

1191 A.D. -- The Jews of Braisme crucified a Christian who had accused them of robbery and murder, after they had previously dragged him through the town. Due to this King Philip Augustus, who had personally come to Braisme, burned eighty of them. (rigordus, Hist. Gall.)

1220 A.D. -- In Weissenburg, in Alsace, on the 29th of June, the Jews murdered a boy, St. Heinrich. (Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

1225 A.D. -- In Munich a woman, enticed by Jewish gold, stole a small child from her neighbor. The Jews drained the blood from the child. Caught in her second attempt, the criminal was handed over to the courts. (Meichelbeck, Hist. Bavariae II. 94)

1235 A.D. -- the Jews committed the same crime on December 1st in Erfut. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang, 66)

1236 A.D. -- In Hagenau in Alsace, three Christian boys from the region of Fulda were attacked by the Jews in a mill during the night and killed in order to obtain their blood. (Trithemius; Chronicle of Albert of Strassburg)

1239 A.D. -- A general uprising in London because of a murder committed secretly by the Jews. (Matthew v. Paris, Grande Chron.)

1240 A.D. -- In Norwich the Jews circumcised a Christian child and kept him hidden in the ghetto in order to crucify him later. After a long search, the father found his child and reported it to the Bishop Wilhelm of Rete. (Matthew v. Paris, op. cit. V. 39)

1244 A.D. -- In St. Benedict's churchyard in London, the corpse of a boy was found which bore cuts and scratches and, in several places, Hebrew characters. He had been tortured and killed; and his blood had been drained. Baptized Jews, forced to interpret the Hebrew signs, found the name of the child's parents and read that the child had been sold to the Jews when it was very young. Distinguished Jews left the city in secret. The Catholic Church venerated the Martyr under the name of St. Paul.

1250 A.D. -- The Jews of Saragossa adopted the horrible dogma that everyone who deliverd a Christian child for sacrifice would be freed from all taxes and debts. In June, 1250, Moses Albay-Huzet (Also called Albajucetto) delivered the 7-year-old Dominico del Val to the Jews for crucifixion. (Johan. a Lent, Schedias, hist. de pseudomes, judæorum, p. 33)

1255 A.D. -- At Lincoln, in England, on Peter and Paul's Day, 8-year-old St. Hugh was stolen by the local Jews, hidden, and later crucified. The Jews beat him with rods for so long that he almost lost all his blood. (Acta santa 6 July 494)

1257 A.D. --So that they could commit their annual sacrifice, the Jews of London butchered a Christian child. (Cluvirius, epitome historiarum, p. 541. col I)

1260 A.D. -- The Jews of Weissenburg killed a child (Annal. Colmariens)1261 A.D. --In Pforzheim a 7-year-old girl who had been delivered to the Jews, was laid on a linen cloth and stabbed on her limbs in order to soak the cloth with blood. Afterwards the corpse was thrown into the river. (Thomas, Cantipratanus, de ratione Vitæ.)

1279 A.D. --The most respectable Jews of London crucified a Christian child on April 2nd. (Florent de Worcester, Chron. 222)

1279 A.D. -- The crucifixion of a Christian child at Northampton after unheard-of tortures. (Henri Desportes Le mystere du sang, 67)

1282 A.D. -- In Munich the Jews purchased a small boy and stabbed him all over his body. (Rader., Bavar. sancta I. Bd. p. 315)

1283 A.D. -- A child was sold by his nurse to the Jews of Mainz , who killed it. (Baroerus ad annum No. 61. Annalen von Colmar)

1286 A.D. -- In Munich the Jews martyred two boys. The wooden synagogue was encircled with fire and 180 Jews burnt to death. (Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

1286 A.D. -- In April, at Oberwesel on the Rhine, 14-year-old St. Werner was slowly tortured to death by the Jews over a period of 3 days. (Act. sct. II. Bd. b. Apr. p. 697 bis 740.)

1287 A.D. -- The Jews in Bern kidnapped St. Rudolf at the Passover, horribly tortured the child and finally slit his throat. (Hein, Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

1292 A.D. -- In Colmar, the Jews killed a boy. (Ann. Colm., II, 30)

1293 A.D. -- In Krems, the Jews sacrificed a child. Two of the murderers were punished; the others saved themselves through the power of gold. (Monum. XI, 658)

1294 A.D. --In Bern, the Jews murdered a child again. (Ann Colm., II, 32; Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang, p. 70)

1302 A.D. -- In Reneken the same crime. (Ann. Colm. II, 32)

1303 A.D. -- At Weissensee in Thuringen the young student Conrad, the son of a soldier, was killed at Easter. His muscles were cut to pieces and his veins were opened in order to drain all his blood.

1305 A.D. -- In Prague, around Easter, a Christian, who was forced by poverty to work for the Jews, was nailed to a cross; while naked, he was beaten with rods and spat on in the face. (Tentzel)

1320 A.D. -- In Puy, a choirboy of the local church was sacrificed.

1321 A.D. --In Annecy a young priest was killed. The Jews were expelled from the town by a decree of King Phillip V. (Denis de Saint-Mart.)

1331 A.D. -- At Uberlingen in present-day Baden the Jews threw the son of a citizen named Frey into a well. The incisions found later on the body proved that previous to this his blood had been drained. (Joh. Vitoduran, Chronik.)

1338 A.D. - The Jews butchered a noble from Franconia in Munich. His brother prepared a veritable bloodbath for the Jews. (Henri Desport)

1345 A.D. -- In Munich, the Jews opened the veins of a little boy Heinrich, and stabbed him more than 60 times. The church canonized Heinrich. (Rad. Bav. sct. II p. 333)

1347 A.D. -- In Messina a child was crucified on Good Friday. (Henri Desport)

1349 A.D. --The Jews wanted to attack and kill Christians assembled in their church at Rothenburg. A Jew's maidservant exposed the Jewish murder plot, and the Christians stormed out of their church and killed all the Jews. (Ziegler, Schauplatz p. 396 col. 1,2. Eisenmenger, entdecktes Judentum II, p. 219)

1350 A.D. --The boy Johannes, a student of the monastic school of St. Sigbert in Cologne, drew his last breath after being stabbed by local Jews. (Acta sancta., aus den Kirchenakten v. Koln.)

1380 A.D. -- At Hagenbach in Swabia several Jews were surprised while butchering a Christian child. (Martin Crusius, Yearbook of Swabia, Part III, Book V)

1401 A.D. --At Diessenhofen in Switzerland (near Schaffhausen), 4-year-old Conrad Lory was murdered. His blood was said to have been sold by the groom Johann Zahn for 3 florins to the Jew Michael Vitelman. (Acta sancta.)

1407 A.D. --The Jews were expelled from Switzerland because of a similar crime in the same region. (ibid.)

1410 A.D. -- In Thuringia the Jews were driven out because of ritual murder that was discovered. (Boll. II, April 838. Baronius 31)

1429 A.D. -- At Ravensburg in Wurttemberg, Ludwig van Bruck, a Christian boy from Switzerland who was studying in the town and living among the Jews, was martyred by 3 Jews amid numerous tortures and sexual violations. This happened during a big Jewish festival (Passover) between Easter and Whitsun. (Baron. 31, Acta sancta. III. Bd. des April p. 978)

1440 A.D. -- A Jewish doctor in Pavia, Simon of Ancona, beheaded a four- year-old child which was stolen and brought to him by a degenerate Christian. The crime became notorious when a dog jumped out of a window into the street with the child's head. The murderer escaped. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judæorum lib. III. confid. 7.)

1452 A.D. -- In Savona, several Jews killed a 2-year-old Christian child. They pierced his whole body and collected the blood in the vessel they used for the circumcision of their children. the Jews dripped small pieces of sliced fruit into the blood and enjoyed a meal of them. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judæorum lib. III, confid. 7.)

1453 A.D. -- In Breslau, the Jews stole a child, fattened him and put him in a barrel lined with nails, which they rolled back and forth in order to draw the child's blood. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang, 75)

1454 A.D. -- On the estates of Louis of Almanza in Castile, two Jews killed a Christian boy. They tore out his heart and burned it; threw the ashes into wine which they drank with their co-religionists. By spending considerable sums they succeeded in delaying the trial, since two of the three lawyers were of Jewish descent. Thereafter the Jews were banished from Spain. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judæorum)

1462 A.D. -- In a birchwood at Rinn near Innsbruck the boy Andreas Oxner was sold to the Jews and sacrificed. The church canonized him. A chapel called "Zum Judenstein" ('To the Jews' Rock') was built. (Acta sancta., III. July Vol I. 472)

1468 A.D. -- At Sepulveda, in Old Castile, the Jews crucified a Christian woman on Good Friday upon the order of the Rabbi Solomon Pecho. (Did. de Colm. Gesch. v. Seg.)

1470 A.D. --In Baden the Jews were convicted of the murder of a Christian child. (Tho. Patr. Barbar.)

1475 A.D. -- In Trent on March 23rd (Maundy Thursday) before Passover, the Jews sacrificed a 29-month-old baby, St. Simon.

1476 A.D. -- The Jews in Regensburg murdered six children. The judge, in the underground vault of a Jew named Josfol, found the remains of the murdered victims as well as a stone bowl speckled with blood on a kind of altar. (Raderus Bavaria sancta Band III, 174)

1480 A.D. -- In Treviso, a crime similar to the one in Trent was committed: the murder of the canonized Sebastiano of Porto-Buffole from Bergamo. The Jews drained his blood. (H. Desportes, Le mystere du sang 80)

1480 A.D. -- At Motta in Venice the Jews killed a child at Easter. (Acta sancta I. Bd d. April 3)

1485 A.D. -- In Vecenza, the Jews butchered St. Laurentius. (Pope Benedict XIV Bull. Beatus Andreas)

1490 A.D. -- At Guardia, near Toledo, the Jews crucified a child. (Acta sancta I. Bd. d. April 3)

1494 A.D. -- At Tyrnau in Hungary, 12 Jews seized a Christian boy, opened his veins, and carefully collected his blood. They drank some of it and preserved the rest for their co-religionists. (Banfin Fasti, ungar. br. III. Dec. 5)

1503 A.D. -- In Langendenzlingen a father handed his 4-year-old child over to two Jews from Waldkirchen in Baden for 10 florins under the condition that he would be returned alive after a small amount of blood had been drained. However, they drained so much blood from the child that it died. (Acta sancta. II Bd. des April p. 839: Dr. Joh. Eck, Judebbuchlien)

1505 A.D. -- A crime, similar to the one in Langendenzlingen in 1503, was attempted at Budweis in Bohemia. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang. 81)

1509 A.D -- Several Jews profaned the host brought from a sanctuary dealer and murdered several Christian children. (Cluverius, Epitome hist. etc. p. 579)

1509 A.D. --The Jews in Bosingen (Hungary) kidnapped the child of a wheelwright, dragged him to the cellar, tortured him horribly, opened all his veins and sucked out the blood with quills. Afterwards they threw his body in a hedge, which the Jews admitted after repeated denials. (Ziegler Schonplatz p. 588, col. 1,2)

1510 A.D. -- In Berlin, the Jews Salomon, Jacob, Aaron, Levi Isaac, Rabbi Mosch and the butcher Jacob were accused of buying a three- or four-year-old Christian boy for 10 florins from a stranger, laying him on a table in a cellar, and puncturing him with needles in the large blood-rich veins until he was finally slaughtered by the butcher Jacob. An enormous trial began, and eventually a hundred Jews were locked in the Berlin prison. They partially admitted to having bought Christian children from strangers, stabbing them, draining their blood, and drinking the blood in case of illness or preserving it with tomatoes, ginger, and honey. No fewer than 41 of the accused Jews were sentenced to death-by-burning after their confession. All the other Jews were banished from the Mark of Brandenburg. (Richard Mun: 'The Jews in Berlin')

1520 A.D. -- The Jews in Hungary repeated the crime of 1494 by murdering a Christian child in Tyrnau and Biring, and draining its blood. (Acta sancta II. Bd. d. April p. 839)

1525 A.D. -- A ritual murder in Budapest caused a widespread anti-Semitic movement among the population. In this year the Jews were expelled from Hungary (Henry Desportes, Le mystere du sang 81)

1540 A.D. -- At Sappenfeld in Bavaria, 4-year-old michael Pisenharter was kidnapped from his father before Easter and taken to Titting (North of Ingolstadt), where he suffered the most horrible tortures for three days, his veins were opened and his blood drained. The corpse showed signs of a crucifixion. The blood was found in Posingen. (Raderus, Bavaria sancta. III. Bd. 176f)

1547 A.D. -- At Rava in Poland 2 Jews stole a tailor's boy named Michael and crucified him. (Acta sancta II. Bd. April p. 839)

1569 A.D. --In Vitov (Poland) Johann, the 2-year-old son of the widow Kozmianina, was savagely murdered by Jacob, a Jew of Leipzig. (Acta sancta ebenda.)

1571 A.D. -- M.A. Bradaginus was butchered by the Jews. (Seb. Munster, Cosmographia)

1571 A.D. -- Joachim II, Elector of Brandenburg, was poisoned by a Jew with whom he had a trusting association. (Scheidanus X. Buch. seiner Hist. pag. 60)

1573 A.D. -- In Berlin a child who had been purchased from a beggar was tortured to death by a Jew. (Sartorious p. 53)

1574 A.D. -- At Punia in Latvia, the Jew Joachim Smierlowitz killed a 7- year-old girl called Elizabeth shortly before Passover. An inscription and a painting in the Chapel of the Holy Cross at Wilna proves that the child's blood was mixed with flour which was used in the preparation of Easter cakes. At about this time a Christian boy in Zglobice was stolen and taken to Tarnow, where another Christian boy was found in the hands of the Jews under suspicious circumstances: both were freed in time. (Act. sancta II. Bd. d. April p. 839)

1575 A.D. --The Jews killed a child, Michael of Jacobi. (Desportes) 1586 A.D. --In a series of cases Christian children were snatched away from their parents and killed; by breaking down these crimes, Rupert traced them back to the Jews. (Brouver Trier'schen Ann. v. J. 1856)

1592 A.D. -- At Wilna, a 7-year-old Christian boy, Simon, was horribly tortured to death by the Jews. More than 170 wounds, made by knives and scissors, were found on his body, besides the numerous cuts under his finger- and toe-nails. (Acta sancta III. Bd. des Juli)

1595 A.D. -- At Costyn in Posen a child was tortured to death by the Jews. (Acta sancta 389)

1597 A.D. -- In Szydlov the blood of a child was used in the consecration of a new synagogue. They eyelids, neck, veins, limbs, and even the sexual organs of the child showed countless punctures. (Acta sancta, II Bd. des April)

1598 A.D. -- In the village of Wodznick, in the Polish province of Podolia, the 4-year-old Roman Catholic son of a farmer was stolen by two young Jews and butchered four days before the Jewish Passover by the most horrible tortures in which the most respected Jews of the community took part. (Acta sancta, II Band des April 835)

1650 A.D. -- At Kaaden in Steiermark, 5½-year-old Mathias Tillich was butchered by a Jew on March 11th. (Tentzel)

1655 A.D. -- At Tunguch in Lower Germany the Jews murdered a Christian child for their Easter celebration. (Tentzel, monatl. Unterred. v. Juli 1693 p. 553)

1665 A.D. --In Vienna the Jews butchered a woman on the 12th of May in the most dreadful way. The corpse was found in a pond in a sack weighted with stones. It was completely covered with wounds, decapitated and the legs were cut off below the knees. (H.A. von Ziegler, Tagl. Schaupl. p. 553)

1669 A.D. -- On the way from Metz to Boulay, near the village of Glatigny, on Sept. 22nd, a 3-year-old child was stolen from his mother by the Jew Raphael Levy. He was horribly butchered. His body was found viciously mutilated. The murderer was burned alive on Jan. 17th in 1670. (Abrege du proces fait aux Juifs de Metz, ebd. 1670)

1675 A.D. -- At Miess in Bohemia a 4-year-old Christian child was murdered by the Jews on March 12th. (Acta sancta II. Bd. des April)

1684 A.D. -- In the village of Grodno, Minsk government in Russia, the Jew Schulka stole the 6-year-old Christian boy Gabriel and carried him to Bialystock where, in the presence of several Jews, he was tortured to death and his blood drained. (Records of the magistrate at Zabludvo)

1753 A.D. -- On Good Friday, the 20th of April, in a village near Kiev (Russia), the 3½-year-old son of the nobleman Studzinski was kidnapped by the Jews, hidden in a tavern until the end of the Sabbath, and then monstrously sacrificed with the help of the Rabbi Schmaja. The blood was poured into several bottles. (Criminal Register of the City Court of Kiev)

1764 A.D. --The 10-year-old son of Johann Balla, who had disappeared on the 19th of June from Orkul (Hungary), was found in a neighboring wood covered with many wounds. (Tisza-Eslar, von einem ungarischen Ubgeordneten 108)

1791 A.D. -- On the 21st of February, the corpse of 13-year-old Andreas Takals, who lived with a Jew named Abraham, was found outside a village near Tasnad (Siebenburgen). The blood had been drained from him by severing his jugular vein. (Ger.-Akt i.d. Archiv. v. Zilah.)

1791 A.D. -- At the same time two blood murders were reported at Holleschau (Moravia) and at Woplawicz in the District of Duplin. (Tisza-Eslar, v.e. ungar. Abgeord.)

1791 A.D. -- During the reign of Sultan Selim III, the Jews in Pera killed a young Greek by hanging him from a tree by his legs. (Henri Desportes)

1803 A.D. -- On March 10th, the 72-year-old Jew Hirsch from Sugenheim seized a 2-year-old child between Ullstadt and Lengenfeld in Buchof near Nuremberg. Several days later the Jew denied having been in Buchhof at all on March 10th. The father of the child, who wanted to prove the contrary with witnesses, was rebuffed in court with threats and insults. On the 12th day the child was found dead, his tongue sliced and his mouth full of blood. The Jews besieged the district governor of Newstadt at that time until the matter turned out to their satisfaction. The father was forced under threats to sign a protocol, to which it attested that the child, still warm when he was found, had frozen to death. (Friedr. Oertel, "Was glauben die Juden?" Bamberg, 1823)

1804 A.D. -- In Grafenberg near Nuremberg a 2 to 3-year-old boy was kidnapped by an old Jew from Ermreuth by the name of Bausoh. Soldiers hurried to prevent the crime after hearing the child's scream. (Dr. J. W. Chillany)

1810 A.D. -- Among the records of the Damascus trial a letter exists from John Barker, ex-consul of Aleppo, which speaks of a poor Christian who suddenly disappeared from Aleppo. The Hebrew Raphael of Ancona was charged with having butchered her and draining all of her blood. (A. Laurent. Affaires de Syrie)

1812 A.D. --On the island Corfu in October three Jews who had strangled a child were condemned to death. Some time later, the child of a Greek, called Riga, was stolen and killed by the Jews. (Achille Laurent, Affaires de Syrie)

1817 A.D. -- The Indictment of the murder committed in this year against the little girl Marianna Adamoviez, was quashed due to a lapse of time.

1823 A.D. -- On the 22nd of April, at Velisch in the Russian government of Vitebsk, the 3½- year-old son of the invalid Jemelian Ivanov was stolen, tortured to death, and his blood drained. Despite a great deal of statements by witnesses charging the Jews, the trial was suddenly stopped. (Pavlikovsky, ebenda.)

1824 A.D. -- In Beirut the interpreter Fatch-allah-Seyegh was murdered by his Jewish landlord, as the investigation established, for ritual purposes.

1826 A.D. -- In Warsaw a murdered 5-year-old boy was found whose body had more than a hundred wounds showing that his blood had been drained. The whole of Warsaw was in a state of insurrection; everywhere the Jews protested their innocence without having been accused. The depositions made to the courts, together with the medical evidence, were removed from the documents. (Pavlikovski, wie oben p. 282)

1827 A.D. -- At Vilna in Russia the stabbed corpse of a farmer's child, Ossib Petrovicz, was found. According to the testimony of the 16-year-old shepherd Zulovski, he was kidnapped by the Jews. (Nach einer Mitteilung des gouvernement Vilna.)

1829 A.D. -- In Turin the wife of the merchant Antoine Gervalon was kidnapped from her husband. In the cellar she was prepared for her sacrifice by two rabbis. With her last bit of strength she answered her husband who was going through the Jewish quarter with several soldiers, calling her name aloud. Thus, she was freed. However, the Jews managed to hush up the incident with money. (Auszug aus einem Briefe des Barons von Kalte )

1831 A.D. -- Killing of the daughter of a corporal of the Guard in St. Petersburg. Four judges recognized it as a blood murder, while a fifth doubted it. (Desportes)

1834 A.D. -- According to the Testimony of Jewess Ben Nound who converted to Christianity, an old Gentile man in Tripoli was tied up by 4 or 5 Jews and hanged from an orange tree by his toes. At the moment when the old man was close to death the Jews cut his throat with a butcher knife and let the body hang until all the blood had been collected into a bowl. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang. 91)

1839 A.D. -- On the Island of Rhodes, and 8-year-old merchant's boy, who was delivering eggs to some Jews, did not return. Jewish money power took effect, and the court proceedings were delayed and finally suppressed. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang. 92)

1839 A.D. -- In Damascus the customs office discovered a Jew carrying a bottle of blood. The Jew offered 10,000 piastres in order to hush up the affair. (cf. Prozess bei A. Laurent, op. cit. S. 301)

1843 A.D. -- Murders of Christian children by the Jews on Rhodes, Corfu and elsewhere. (Famont L'Egypte sous Mehemet Ali, Paris, 1843)

1875 A.D. -- At Zboro, in the county of Saros in Hungary, several Jews attacked the 16-year-old servant girl Anna Zampa in the house of her master, Horowitz. The knife was already raised above her when a coachman accidentally intervened, thus saving her. The court President, Bartholomaus Winkler, who was in debt to the Jews, was afraid to bring the criminals to justice.

1877 A.D. -- In the village of Szalaacs, in the country of Bihar (Hungary), Josef Klee's 6-year-old niece, Theresia Szaabo, and his 9-year-old nephew, Peter Szaabo, were murdered by the Jews. However, a Jewish doctor held the inquest, who declared the children were not murdered, thus ending the affair. (M. Onody, ebenda.)

1879 A.D. -- In Budapest, before the Purim feast, a young servant girl in the Jewish Quarter was put to sleep with a drink. 24 hours after the feast, she woke up so weak she could hardly walk. On her right forearm, her left thigh, and her body below the navel she discovered red circular wounds like spots of blood, with small openings in the center. Blood had been drained from her. (M. Onody, ebenda.)

1879 A.D. -- At Kutais in the Caucasus, 4 Jewish image sellers killed a 6- year-old girl. Between her fingers had been cut with a knife; on her legs, a little above the calf, horizontal incisions had been made, and there was not one drop of blood in her veins. With the aid of the powerful Jews of Russia the guilty ones escaped punishment. (Univers.)

1881 A.D. --At Kaschau in Hungary the daughter of a certain Josef Koczis disappeared. Two weeks later the body was found in a well completely emptied of blood. (M. Onody, Tisza-Eszlar)

1881 A.D. -- In Steinamanger the 8-year-old granddaughter of a coachman who worked for the Jews disappeared. (M. Onody, evenda.)

1881 A.D. -- In Alexandria the Jews again killed a Christian child called Evangelio Fornoraki. The parents of the strangled child, discovered on the sea- shore, allowed a post-mortem examination which lasted several days and was the cause of riots against the Jews. The Baruch family, prime suspects in the murder, were arrested, but later released. (Civita cattolica, von des. 1881)

1881 A.D. -- In the Galician town of Lutscha, the Polish maid servant Franziska Muich, who worked for the Jewish tavern-keeper Moses Ritter, and had been raped by him, was murdered by Moses and his wife, Gittel Ritter, according to the testimony of the farmer Mariell Stochlinski. (Otto Glogau, der Kulturk. Heft. 128. 15. Febr. 1886)

1882 A.D. -- At Tisza-Eszlar, shortly before the Jewish Passover, the 14- year-old Christian girl Esther Solymosi disappeared. Since the girl was last seen nearby the synagogue, suspicion was directed immediately on the Jews. The two sons of the temple-servant Josef Scharf, 5-year-old Samuel and the 14-year- old Moritz, accused their father and stated that Esther was led into the Temple and butchered there. The corpse of the girl was never found.

1882 A.D. -- At Galata, the ghetto of Constantinople, a child was enticed into a Jewish house where more than 20 people saw her go in. On the following day a corpse was found in the Golden Horn causing a great agitation among the Christian and Moslem population.

1882 A.D. -- A short time later another very similar case transpired in Galata. Serious, a distinguished lawyer of the Greek community, sent a petition to the representatives of all the Christian European powers at Constantinople so that justice might be done: but the Jews bribed the Turkish police, who allowed certain documents in the case to disappear. Bribed doctors declared the mother of the kidnapped and murdered child to be mentally deranged.

1883 A.D. -- Once more a ritual murder occurred in Galata. The police, bribed with Jewish money, prevented an investigation. The newspaper Der Stamboul, which strongly spoke out against the guilty ones, was suppressed. This suppression cost the Jews 140,000 francs.

1884 A.D. -- At Sturz (West Prussia) the dismembered body of 14-year-old Onophrius Cybulla was found one January morning under a bridge. According to the doctor's opinion, the dismemberments showed great expertise and dexterity in the use of the knife. Although the murdered boy had been strong and plethoric, the dead body was completely bloodless. Immediately suspicion fell on various Jews, and during the investigation some very troublesome facts emerged. These, however, were not considered sufficient and the arrested Jews were released. (Otto Glagau, der Kulturki, Heft 119. 15. Mai 1885)

1885 A.D. -- At Mit-Kamar in Egypt a young Copt was butchered for the Easter celebrations.

1888 A.D. -- At Breslau in July, a crime was committed by Max Bernstein, a 24-year-old Rabbinical candidate at the Talmudic college, against a 7-year-old boy, Severin Hacke, whom Bernstein had enticed into his room. Bernstein withdrew blood from the boy's sex organ. After the judge's verdict Bernstein confessed: "The Bible and the Talmud teach that the gravest of sins can only be atoned for through innocent blood." Therefore, he had withdrawn blood from the boy. The Jews recognized the danger and declared Bernstein to be a 'religious maniac.'

1891 A.D. -- Murder of a boy at Xanten, on the Rhine. The 5-year-old robust boy of the Catholic cabinet-maker, Hegemann, was found in the evening at 6 o'clock on June 29th, by the maid Dora Moll, in the cow shed of the town councilor Kuppers, with his legs spread apart, laying on his side with a circular formed ritual cut, carried out by a skilled hand, and bled white. The boy was already missed at 10:30 in the morning. He was seen by 3 witnesses being pulled into the house of the Jewish butcher Buschoff.

1899 A.D. -- On March 26th the single 19-year-old seamstress, Agnes Kurza, was slaughtered by the hand of the Jewish butcher Leopold Hilsner. The corpse was found bloodless. The murderer was sentenced to death by the court of Kuttenberg.

1900 A.D. -- At Konitz (West Prussia) on the 11th of March 1900, the 18- year-old college freshman, Ernst Winter, was bestially murdered. Two days later pieces of his dismembered body were fished out of the Monschsee; almost five days later, on April 15th, the first Easter holy day, his head was found by children playing in the bushes. The corpse was completely bloodless. Winter was ritually murdered. The murder was carried out in the cellar of the Jewish Butcher, Moritz Levi, after the victim had been lured there by a young Jewess. On the day of the murder, a large number of foreign Jews were in Konitz who departed the next day without any plausible reason being given for their visit. Among them were the butchers Haller from Tuchel, Hamburger from Schlochau, Eisenstedt from Prechlau and Rosenbaum from Ezersk. The Konitz butcher Heimann disappeared shortly after the murder.

1911 A.D. -- The 13-year-old schoolboy, Andrei Youshchinsky was murdered in Kiev on March 12th. After eight days, his corpse was found in a brickyard completely slashed to pieces and bloodless. Suspicion fell on the Jewish manager of the brickyard, Mendel Beiliss. The case did not come to trial until two and a half years later (Sept. 29th to Oct. 28th, 1913). In the intervening period numerous attempts were made to lead the investigating officers on to the wrong track. Meanwhile a large number of incriminating witnesses suffered sudden and unnatural deaths; false accusations and confessions followed one after another due to huge money bribes. Behind the accused lurking in the shadows, was the figure of Faivel Schneerson of the Lubavitchers, leader of the 'Zadiks' ('Saints') of the Chassidim sect, who was the spiritual director of the murder. The trial ended with the release of Beiliss, but at the same time the court established that the murder had taken place inside the Jewish brickyard, which was the religious center of the Kiev Jews, for the purpose of obtaining blood. Almost all the prosecutors, witnesses, and authorities who had spoken out against Judaism, later fell victim to the Bolshevik Terror. (Ausfuhrliche Darstellungen des Prozeßes enthalten 'Hammer' Nr. 271, 273, 274, 275; Oktober bis Dezember 1913)

1926 A.D. -- The bodily remains of the children Hans and Erika Fehse were found in a parcel on the public square in Breslau. The children had been butchered. The corpses were bloodless. The genitals were missing. The Jewish butcher was believed the culprit. He disappeared without a trace.

1928 A.D. -- The college sophomore Helmut Daube was butchered on the night of the 22nd-23rd of March, 1928. In the morning, the blood-drained corpse lay in front of his parents home. (cf. 'Der Sturmer')

1929 A.D. -- The murder at Manau. The boy Karl Kessler was found butchered and bloodless on March 17th, 1929, several days before Passover. (cf. 'Der Sturmer')

1932 A.D.-- Martha Kaspar was butchered and dismembered at Paderhorn on March 18th, 1932. The pieces of the corpse were drained of blood. The Jew, Moritz Meyer, was convicted and received 15 years in prison. (cf. 'Der Sturmer')

These are the 131 ritual murders which are known and have been passed down to posterity in writing. [LSN: There are actually some others, particularly in the ancient period, which are not listed here.] How many have occurred and nobody today knows about them! How many thousands, yes, perhaps HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS have remained undiscovered! To torture young, innocent human beings, to kill and drink their blood, this is the greatest and most terrible aspect of all the crimes which International Jewry has taken upon itself!

Aug. 19 of this year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Crown Heights riots, three days of violence sparked after a 7-year-old black boy, Gavin Cato, was killed by a car that was part of an entourage transporting the Lubavitchers' grand rabbi, Menachem Schneerson. The accident sparked rioting in which a Hasidic man, Yankel Rosenbaum, was murdered.


The Right Vampire?

In that 1967 film classic "the Fearless Vampire Killers," there is a memorable scene in which a lady tries in vain to fend off the vampire Shagal by waving a cross at him. The creature of the night, with an unmistakable Yiddish intonation, retorts "Boy have you got the wrong vampire!"

Indeed, the literary and cinematic depiction of vampires, from Dracula onwards, has been so strongly imbued with Christian symbolism that the very idea of a Jewish vampire makes an easy target for such comedic moments; notwithstanding the tragic medieval blood libels that charged Jews with using Christian blood in the preparation of Passover matzah.

Nevertheless, the study of medieval Jewish texts teaches us that a belief in vampire-like creatures was very intense in certain Jewish communities. Not surprisingly, this belief tended to surface in settings where it was also prevalent among their non-Jewish neighbours. That the concept was of foreign origin is also indicated by the non-Hebrew names by which the fearsome creatures were designated.

Most of the Jewish references to vampires are contained in the writings of the Hasidei Ashkenaz, a mystical pietistic movement that flourished in thirteenth-century Germany. The monsters were usually female, and were referred to as estries. The term is French, and derives from strix, a Latin word for a night-owl. The ancient Romans believed that the owls consume human blood, and Petronius tells a scary tale about a certain Cappadocian who was snatched away by a strix, and later found dead. The striges were said to be terrible women who could turn themselves into dreadful birds of prey, with huge talons, misshapen heads and breasts full of poisonous milk. In medieval folklore, they continued to be associated with screech owls

Cannibalistic behaviour typified the medieval German estries, who were believed to have a special fondness for the flesh of children. During the Middle Ages, the striges were given a Christian interpretation, and they were perceived as servants of Satan and his demons. They were usually portrayed as witches who practiced sorcery and flew through the air.

Several chilling stories about them were preserved by the Hasidei Ashkenaz, especially in the most important collection of the group's lore, Rabbi Judah the Pious's Sefer Hasidim.

According to Sefer Hasidim, the Talmud was referring to estries when it spoke about beings who were created at twilight on the first Friday, and whose bodies were not completed when God ceased working at the onset of the Sabbath.

A different theory was proposed by the fifteenth-century commentator Rabbi Menahem Zioni. Basing himself on midrashic sources, he claimed that it was the builders of the Tower of Babel who were transformed into vampires, werewolves, wood- and water-spirits, and sundry monsters.

The same author speaks of men and women who, by anointing their bodies with special oils, are able to fly. They must, however, return home before the break of dawn.

The sixteenth-century exegete Rabbi Obadiah Sforno speculated that supernatural beings like demons could not consume normal food. It follows, therefore, that their diet consists of the most subtle and spiritual substance, and this must be blood, which the Torah Talmud equates with the power of life. By extension, humans who desire to befriend the spirits will offer them blood; while those who aspire to partake of supernatural powers are likely to consume blood themselves.

In one story that appears in Sefer Hasidim, a woman who was an estrie fell ill, and was watched over during the night by two unsuspecting ladies. When one of the guardians dozed off, the patient suddenly stood up and began to unravel her hair. In true Dracula-like style, the estrie tried to fly off and to suck out the blood of the slumbering lady. Fortunately, her alert companion managed to cry out and wakened her, and the two of them were able to seize the estrie and prevent her from carrying out her nefarious scheme.

The Sefer Hasidim had no doubt that the estrie's survival depended on her success in slaying her victim. If prevented from doing so, the estrie perished. "This is because a being who was created from blood needs to swallow blood from flesh."

The medieval texts prescribe several different ways to restrain the estries--none of which involve crosses, holy water or wooden stakes. They could be controlled by the imposing of an oath upon them. Furthermore, since their powers were somehow dependent on the loosening of their hair, they could be rendered harmless if the hair was somehow held in check. And if a known estrie was included in the prayer for the sick that is recited in the synagogue, then the congregation was cautioned not to respond "Amen"!

Although an estrie could be injured by a physical blow, the effect of the blow could be undone if she was allowed to eat bread and salt belonging to her assailant. Conversely, bread and salt also worked as an antidote to injuries inflicted by the estrie.

At first glance, it is hard to imagine how anyone would be stupid enough to offer bread and water to an estrie after taking the trouble to attack her. However, we must bear in mind that the creatures were capable of morphing themselves into different forms, and therefore were not easy to recognize. Rabbi Zioni described this ability in detail, and noted that they had a special propensity for turning into cats.

Sefer Hasidim records a case of a suspected estrie who had assumed feline form. However, a certain Jew recognized her true identity (the source does not indicate how), and struck her. On the following day, a lady asked him for some bread and salt, and the imprudent Jew would have complied, had it not been for an old man who appeared on the scene and warned him of his folly.

As with our familiar vampires, the malevolent power of the estries did not cease with their deaths. For this reason, it was important to examine their corpses very carefully. Rabbi Eliezer Rokeah states that if the estrie has her mouth open when she is buried, you may be certain that she will continue to devour children for a year after her death. In order to curtail such anti-social behaviour, it is crucial to stuff her mouth with earth.

Most of the Hebrew descriptions of estries seem to assume that the creatures were not Jewish. However, at least one story implies otherwise.

Thus, we read in in Sefer Hasidim about some students who wanted to inflict capital punishment on women who were accused of baby-eating. The rabbi reminded them that, while in exile, Jewish courts did not have such authority. He did, however, suggest that an announcement be issued in the synagogue, in the presence of the suspects, that if any harm should befall the children, then they would have their teeth filed on the stones surrounding the well. If the accused were in fact guilty, then the ordeal would result in their inevitable deaths.

Of course, the fact that the estries in this story attended synagogue proves that they were Jews--and observant Jews at that!

To the best of my knowledge, Jewish sources have not recorded any vampire sightings for several centuries now. Nor is there any truth to the widespread rumours that the blood-suckers have been recruited as fundraisers for the United Jewish Appeal.

Nevertheless--purely as a precaution--parents are advised take some precautions the next time a sweet old bubbeh tells them that their precious infant looks "sweet enough to eat."


A Saudi's 'Blood Libel' 

 In an article published by the Saudi government daily Al-Riyadh, columnist Dr. Umayma Ahmad Al-Jalahma of King Faysal University in Al-Dammam, wrote on "The Jewish Holiday of Purim." Following are excerpts of the article: Special Ingredient for Jewish Holidays Is Human Blood from Non-Jewish Youth - "I chose to [speak] about the Jewish holiday of Purim because it is connected to the month of March. This holiday has some dangerous customs that will no doubt horrify you and I apologize if any reader if harmed because of this. "During this holiday, the Jew must prepare very special pastries, the filling of which is not only costly and rare - it cannot be found at all on the local and international markets.

 "Unfortunately, this filling cannot be left out, or substituted with any alternative serving the same purpose. For this holiday, the Jewish people must obtain human blood so that their clerics can prepare the holiday pastries. In other words, the practice cannot be carried out as required if human blood is not spilled!!

 "Before I go into the details, I would like to clarify that the Jews' spilling human blood to prepare pastry for their holidays is a well-established fact, historically and legally, all throughout history. This was one of the main reasons for the persecution and exile that were their lot in Europe and Asia at various times.

 "This holiday [Purim] begins with a fast, on Adar 13, like the Jewess Esther who vowed to fast. The holiday continues on Adar 14: during the holiday, the Jews wear carnival-style masks and costumes and overindulge in drinking alcohol, prostitution, and adultery. This holiday has become known among Muslim historians as the 'Holiday of the Masks.'

 How the Jews Drain the Blood From Their Young Victims - "Who was Esther, and why the Jews sanctify her and act as she did. I will clarify in my next article, Allah willing. Today I would like to tell you how human blood is spilled so it can be used for their holiday pastries. The blood is spilled in a special way. How is it done?

 "For this holiday, the victim must be a mature adolescent who is, of course, a non-Jew - that is, a Christian or a Muslim. His blood is taken and dried into granules. The cleric blends these granules into the pastry dough; they can also be saved for the next holiday. In contrast, for the Passover slaughtering, about which I intend to write one of these days, the blood of Christian and Muslim children under the age of 10 must be used, and the cleric can mix the blood [into the dough] before or after dehydration. The Actions of the Jewish Vampires Cause Them Pleasure - "Let us now examine how the victims' blood is spilled. For this, a needle-studded barrel is used; this is a kind of barrel, about the size of the human body, with extremely sharp needles set in it on all sides. [These needles] pierce the victim's body, from the moment he is placed in the barrel.

 "These needles do the job, and the victim's blood drips from him very slowly. Thus, the victim suffers dreadful torment - torment that affords the Jewish vampires great delight as they carefully monitor every detail of the blood-shedding with pleasure and love that are difficult to comprehend.

 "After this barbaric display, the Jews take the spilled blood, in the bottle set in the bottom [of the needle-studded barrel], and the Jewish cleric makes his co-religionists completely happy on their holiday when he serves them the pastries in which human blood is mixed.

 "There is another way to spill the blood: the victim can be slaughtered and his blood collected in a container. Or, the victim's veins can be slit in several places, letting his blood drain from his body. "This blood is very carefully collected - as I have already noted - by the 'rabbi,' the Jewish cleric, the chef who specializes in preparing these kinds of pastries.

 "The human race refuses even to look at the Jewish pastries, let alone prepare them or consume them!" Source: MEMRI, Tel: 202-955-9070


Superman Ha Moshiach ben Satan

The Man of Steel:
Who Is Superman Really?

From CE

In this time of ever-deepening turmoil in the world, as unseen forces conspire to perpetrate harm--setting one nation against another--there is a growing sense of need for someone to save us from the doom that now seems to face the world. When I was a kid, if anyone had asked who the person might have been who could do that, I would have told them Superman. This was the man you wanted if you needed to battle injustice and tyranny and bring down the "bad guys." But today in America, where our Constitution sees daily threats to the vitality of its religious foundations, and often our own leaders have become the bad guys, what could Superman even do? Against daily fraud in politics and religion, against the scourge of sexual liberties on the net, in magazines, and on TV; against the growing deficit (the moral one as well as the financial one), and the sense that our government is not telling us the truth about anything anymore, not even the Man of Steel has the nerves of steel to handle such a mess.
In many ways, Superman still stands for the ideals America has begun to forget: truth and justice. And just what is the American Way? Truth and justice were the American way . . . once. But with Judas-style lawyers "selling out the truth" every day for their thirty pieces of silver; and with the recent strides towards making America more like Sodom and Gomorrah--thus knocking the wind out of the Christian basis of our Republic--the truth has begun to become a scarce commodity. Where there is no truth, justice must then inalterably fail.
A Republic like America, unlike true democracy, is founded on unalterable Truth, an unwavering high standard of governance for mankind, which in our case was the Bible. But when we start anesthetizing the Bible out of our schools, media, social gatherings, and daily life, then our legs are cut out from under us; with no legs, how can we stand? When even our own former President is caught "lying down" on the job, what can his Nation stand for? America is falling, and there is only one man who can catch us now, and that man is Jesus, God in the flesh, our Saviour and Redeemer. If we as a Nation humbled ourselves and repented, turning aside from recent ways, then this doom could be avoided. Will it? It's doubtful. The machinery of the System which Satan has orchestrated will not easily let go of what 'he" has worked so hard to get to this point. I fear it is impossible, for even in the Bible it says all these things must come to pass before the Time of the End comes and Jesus returns. I say only this: the Truth cannot be accepted when it will not be heard by the masses; simultaneously, "the Lie" is embraced, for it is the way of man, the default we are all born into. Soon thereafter, God's judgments will begin to present themselves upon a falling Nation.
Seventy years ago, an unlikely man named Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany. He built his evil Empire (or "Reich") on lies and deceit, and in just six short years, changed the laws of his country to allow him to legally commit genocide and various other human rights atrocities. Hitler's own doctors believed they were doing the right thing,, the moral thing, given their belief (handed down from Hitler's regime) that Jewish people were somehow inferior to their Aryan neighbors. Any Christian knows we are all of us equally inferior without Christ as our covering! Upon Hitler's foundation of lies and perversions, he administered the most unjust tyranny and evil upon humanity that has ever been seen, thus far. One more such regime remains before Christ's return, and its time is near. In order to prepare the masses to accept a man of the Antichrist's qualities, they must first be pre-introduced to him in various guises and forms until they are comfortable with him.
1934. Enter in the first superhero with "magical" powers: Superman. (Actually, the Phantom was the first superhero but he was just an above-average human: no powers.)
It was during the rising persecution of Jews in 1934 that two Jews themselves, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, created Superman, a man (they called their "Super Jew") of moral integrity who used his "gifts" only for the good of humanity. There are few other superheroes as loved and admired as Superman, who has inspired millions of fans throughout the years with his moral strength and "supernatural" abilities. Although Superman's fantastic powers themselves change"according to Bob Hughes of Amazing Heroes #96, June 1, 1986, he states that "it becomes clear that there is approximately one substantially different version of the Man of Steel for each decade of his existence""the moral dignity and character of Superman has remained the same. Without doubt, then, Superman is known to be trustworthy and reliable, in contrast with our leaders today who--as the movie The American President so eloquently puts its--[seem to want to change their identity] "with each new poll found in the morning's paper."
But who is Superman, really? What is the secret of his staying power in our media, and in our hearts and minds? For the last 11 years, there has been at least one TV show dedicated to some aspect of his life, from kids, cartoons to a romantic-style show for adults in Lois and Clark, to his exciting antics (a show for the whole family) as a teen on a farm in the town of Smallville; before that, 3 major films; before that, TV shows all the way back into the 50's, and comic books since 1933! All media forms are saturated with him, there is something of Superman for all ages and inclinations of interest, and even a new feature film scheduled in the next few years. Listen, when you see this much presentation of any character or personae on TV or movies, it's usually for other reasons in addition to mere ratings or box-office numbers. This goes way beyond that! Television and movies are the great conditioners of the minds of the masses. So if we love Superman, then Superman is what we will watch. And if we will watch him, he is also the perfect instrument to carry with him subtle messages and agendas to condition us to the coming New World Order we will soon face.
Seeing this, you have to begin to ask a question: why would the entertainment industry"which is owned by rich and powerful entities and members in the Freemasons and Illuminati who in varying ways now control our country (and world)"want to condition us to acceptance of one man with god-like powers who promises to use them only for good? We see this exact same theme happening all too often now, and in greater perversity than ever before. In 2003's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a 6-member team of former historic evildoers and villains are recruited to save the world from . . um. . (you guessed it!): even greater evildoers and villains! It's not about the evil powers they wield, it's about how they use those powers for good, right? In 2004, we will see another movie called Hellboy, in which a demonic being"and his dark cohorts"use their own evil and demonic "gifts" to fight off . . . even more sinister demons and beasts in order to save the world. Yeah, didn't see that one coming! Also in 2004, we see a movie called Van Helsing about a man with special [occultic] abilities who enlists the help of other people with fantastic powers to take down all of the classic horror monsters such as Dracula, the Mummy, and the Werewolf, using "magical" gifts to help save the world. The theme is recycled at every venue in today's media: a being with extraordinary powers uses his gifts to save the world, despite the fact that the gifts he uses are born from below, of Satan, who seduces us daily with dreams that we can be the masters of our own destiny, that we can be our own gods.
But Superman is a really good guy, you say, how do you figure he's bad for us, like in obvious stories where "good" demons fight off "bad" demons in order to "save the world"? Superman's not like them, you say, he's a hero, a national treasure who's been with us from the beginning of media itself! Well, maybe, but someone you like gets a lot closer to you and deeper into your life than someone you know to avoid, doesn't he? Once he's got a door into your heart, its easy visit you with each new hidden agenda, to confuse you, to slowly change your loyalties without your awareness. So let's take a deeper look at Superman, and see if we can't find some surprising twists in this story.
In the beginning, in 1933, Siegel and Shuster wrote Superman as a bald villain, and while liking the story, decided Superman would be better as a good guy. (Young Lex Luthor in TV's Smallville is now the bald villain-to-be.) According to Noell Wolfgram Evans, "It's comic book legend that during one fitfully hot summer night in 1934, Joe Siegel had a vision,. It was on this night that he conceived of the Superman character as we know him." Instead of a villain, he was now a hero. Again, the evildoers we know of are the ones we can avoid, but those we believe to be our friends can actually do the most harm if their intentions aren't innocent. I doubt that Siegel and Shuster wrote Superman with anything but the best of intentions, in fact they even re-designed the story during the making of the Superman 1 with Christopher Reeves to make him more like Christ. (If you have time, this link: shows how the story in Superman 1 closely mirrors, with subtle and hidden references, Biblical history of the Christ Event.) But as with anything good in this world, if Satan can warp it to his advantage, he certainly will. And over time, the story of Superman has changed subtly to reflect agendas and attitudes needed to condition minds towards acceptance of the Antichrist. So where did Superman come in and open the door to change, to an acceptance of the occult?
During the era Superman was born in, conservatism was at an all time high and his wholesome values were fairly well accepted parents and their children. Due to his good nature and the morals he represented, parents were okay with their children reading it, often reading it themselves. Flying is one of man's most basic dreams, most deeply-rooted desires, to fly unaided and never need fear falling. It was the easiest power to give Superman that people would accept because they so greatly desired it, and yet it did not seem inherently evil. Believe it or not, this was a major victory for the evil one. Tying occult powers to a good figure opened a door for elements of the occult to begin to creep in to people's lives. Believing in occultic supernatural powers was then okay because it was no longer recognized in that form. It was okay to root for our hero, given the context that his evil-based powers were only to be used in the pursuit of "good". Then, whatever fantastic powers someone might possess was okay as long as they were used for good. This is considered "white magic," known by Christians as merely another form of Satanism, giving man his "own power" for use in good works for the benefit of humanity. But Ephesians 2:8 states"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--9not by works, so that no one can boast."
According to the Bible, you can't earn salvation, it is a gift, rendering useless all the good deeds of mankind (toward the goal of attaining Heaven, they are still beneficial to Man, however!) You can't win Heaven by being a "good" witch against evil ones; all magic is forbidden by God, it is a tool of the Devil. White magic is just as evil, in fact it is a greater disservice because people consider it harmless and learn to accept it, whereas they fear black magic and avoid those who practice it. Whether you choose to see this or not, the door the occult was opened when"as a Nation"we embraced Superman's fantastic powers. Unbolted by a man of peace,, this Trojan horse was accepted, and henceforth never again shut out of our hearts and minds.
Soon, all manners of superheroes and villains flooded out like demons from a portal out of Hell, saturating our minds, making all of these fantasy elements perfectly okay and even normal due to their increasing quantity. Today, the line between fantasy and reality is so marred it's unrecognizable anymore, with many movies including real history in their fantastic storyline to blur the line between fiction and fantasy. Roland and Emmerich do this to great effect in their movies, such as Independence Day. Also, their Godzilla fused events such as the World Trade Center bombing with Godzilla's own terrible devastation. Real-life talk show hosts like Jay Leno often appear in movies pretending to make jokes about the events happening in the movies as if they were really happening in our world, too. Their upcoming movie "The Day After" will reveal the devastation that will soon come due to the Biblical Judgments, such as earthquakes, floods, and natural disasters, followed by a call to Martial Law in America, but will attribute these events to environmental poisoning and global warming, further blurring the line between reality and future promised events spoken of in Revelation. Few children seeing all of these muddied pictures can make sense of anything, and those of the new generations are so overwhelmed they don't even want to try anymore. Everything is confusing and jumbled, why not just go have "fun" and forget about learning Truth?
To continue, Superman was given a new name, his "birth" name, Kal-El. In Hebrew, the word "El" means "God." For example, a common word such as angel, (ang el) means "messenger of God" while "Immanuel" means "God with us." Thus, Kal-El ("Kal" short for the Germanic name Karl, which was derived from a Germanic word meaning "man") means Man-God. There has only ever been one person who has been both a man and God at the same time, and that was Jesus Christ. Is there a connection here in their choice to use this name? Let's recap to this point, and see.
The idea for Superman was conceived in a vision, and visions can be arranged by Satan just as easily as those from God. Then this story, once merely about a powerful [alien] being who uses his powers for good to help all of humanity, it is adapted for the big screen to present Superman as a Christ-like figure, with the events of his life mirroring the Christ Event. Before we continue, here are some selected examples (selected for brevity) of this, as quoted from Text by Anton Karl Kozlovic:
2: Divine Diaspora: Superman was an alien immigrant who was forced to leave his starry home (i.e., a threatened Krypton) to find a new life amongst strangers in a strange land (i.e., Earth). Likewise, Jesus left his celestial home in the heavens to come to the Earth realm to live claiming: "I am the living bread which came down from heaven" (John 6:51).
4: Divine Signature Signs: After his starship crash-landed in a field, baby Kal-El (Aaron Sholinski) emerged totally naked (symbolic of birth and purity) from its womb-like cave within a rural setting (analogous to Jesus, manger and stable birthplace). At one point his small arms were outstretched in a cruciform posture. This is the unmistakable signature sign of Jesus Christ, the crucified Messiah.
8: The Mystical Age: Jesus was thirty when he started his messianic mission on Earth (Luke 3:23), having previously lived a low-key life in relative rural obscurity in Nazareth. Similarly, Clark Kent left his rural low-key life in Smallville and walked into the Fortress of Solitude as a troubled eighteen-year-old teenager. Twelve years later, at age thirty, he flew out of his protective isolation as Superman.
9: Shared Life Patterns: Both Superman and Jesus had earthly family ties, both had heavenly origins, both heroes were raised incognito on Earth, both were of "royal" blood, both righted wrongs, both acted as saviours, both displayed incredible powers, both performed miracles, both had normal lives and mundane day jobs.
12: Divine Mission: Jor-El told Superman that his job was to help right the wrongs of a troubled Earth and in effect assist their evolution as a species. Similarly, Jesus was an off-world visitor who came to Earth to right cosmic wrongs with a God-inspired message of love that we should all emulate (Eph. 5:2) so that humanity could also evolve as God's chosen people.
14: Evil Tempting Good: Like the biblical Satan did to Jesus (Matt. 4:8-9), Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman) in S1 tempted Superman with an (indirect) offer of a worldly kingdom. Superman refused, just as Jesus refused the Devil's offer (Matthew 4:10).
To add to the last point here, David Bruce of claims more so that, "Lex Luthor, ([which] sounds like: Lucifer) lives underground"the mistaken traditional location of Satan." So, if Lex Luthor is supposed to represent Satan, shouldn't Superman then represent Christ after all? Not necessarily. The reason is complex, and requires me introduce some apparent irrelevancy into the Superman discussion, but in the end you should see that it is in fact very relevant. David Bay and Pastor Ronald Riffe of"who write about time-of-the-end prophecy concerning the rise of the Antichrist and related topics"write the following important observations:
". . . We are going to show you that this country has really had only a one-party system for most of the 20th century and that this one-party system has been masquerading as a two-party system, Republican and Democrat. This massive, and most clever deception, has been worked out to achieve two major goals:
1. To make it seem to people that we are really free and that our vote does count;
2. To actually move the entire country gradually into the socialist, globalist, government and Fascist economy called the New World Order.
To begin demonstrating this fact to you, we want to introduce you to an Illuminist German professor by the name of Hegel. In 1823, Hegel proposed a formula by which values and attitudes of a person or a nation could be gradually, almost invisibly changed, without that person or nation having any idea what was happening. When Hegel proposed this system, the concept took hold within the Academic circles of Europe, Great Britain, and the United States. And, it has been the guiding principle of our top leaders of most of the 20th Century history.
Hegel's concept has become known as Hegelian Doctrine, also known as the Dialectic Process. Briefly, this doctrine states the occult belief that all of nature is either positive or negative. Hegel postulated that when a Thesis force comes into existence, an opposite system called Antithesis is soon aroused into existence. Since these systems are opposite, they will not see eye-to-eye, so they will begin to battle one another. If this battling does not result in the destruction of one side or the other, soon the constant battling will result in a different system that is neither Thesis nor Antithesis, but is a brand new system altogether, Synthesis.
"The argument I would then propose from this "THESIS X ANTITHESIS = SYNTHESIS" theory is that the Antichrist must then be the synthesis of both Christ (thesis) and Satan (antithesis). This is the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing, a hybrid of seeming godliness and morality mixed with a monstrous inner evil. To understand why Satan would desire to blend himself with God to create this synthesized false shell, one need only remember the lesson of the Trojan horse. If it appears good on the outside, we accept it into ourselves. But who knows what devious intent lies within, waiting to emerge when we are defenseless in order to conquer us? To grasp this concept even further, let's take a quick look at the characteristics of the Antichrist. According to Thomas Road Baptist Church's website, in an article entitled "Satan's Superman" they write:
"From the very beginning of the Christian era, believers [have been] convinced that a world ruler would eventually come on the scene who was the embodiment of Satan. The book of Revelation (chapters 12-13) presents an "unholy trinity" that aligns Satan (vs. Father), Antichrist (vs. Son), and False Prophet (vs. Holy Spirit). [Superman 1 starts out with an unholy trinity being imprisoned for their crimes and cast out of heaven, or Krypton, as Satan and his minions were.] Thus, the real power behind the Antichrist is Satan. The "father of lies" is the perpetrator of the human manifestation of the world's greatest liar and the source of the lie that will condemn multitudes under divine judgment (II Thessalonians 2:11).
. . . "Perhaps the most telling of his [the Antichrist's] characteristics is depicted in Daniel 11:21, which tells us that he will come to power and "seize it through intrigue" (flatteries," KJV). Here is a master of deception, empowered by the "father of lies"[or Satan]. Many believe he will be Satan incarnate-thus his miraculous recovery in Revelation 13:3. [He will be killed, but will rise from death again, like Christ. Likewise, Superman was killed in January of 1993 and later resurrected in October of 1993, which led to rebirth of his popularity from then until the present].A simple survey of the characteristics of the Antichrist confirms the idea that he is both a false Christ (pseudo-christos) and against Christ (antichristos). He masquerades as an angel of light only to plunge the world into spiritual darkness. Like Satan, he is a destroyer, not a builder. Promising peace, he pushes the world into war. In every conceivable way, he is just like Satan who indwells and empowers him."
It is the Antichrist (a synthesis of God and Satan) who pretends to uphold morality and goodness while simultaneously plotting on the inside--like Satan--its total enslavement and subjucation to his will. Isn't a little interesting that when Friederich Nietzsche composed his most counter-Christian theory about what a supposedly free-willed human is supposed to be like, he named it the "Superman?" Read here Anna Knowles' description of Nietzsche's depiction of that Superman, which is probably the most actual depiction of what the Antichrist will actually be like as a person:
"Superman, according to Nietzsche has reached a state of being where he is no longer affected by 'pity, suffering, tolerence of the weak, the power of the soul over the body, the belief in an afterlife, the corruption of modern values ( )Nietzsche's Overman: Blueprint for the Antichrist Superstar**).' Superman is constantly changing and in a state of rebirth and growth. He determines what is good and what is evil, not allowing religion or society to determine these things for him. The Superman finds his happiness in this way. He uses a reason that is independent of the modern values of society or religion. He determines his own values. This creation of his own values gives him joy, and in order for the Superman to cope with a changing world, the Superman must constantly change. This constant state of change is a constant source of joy, leaving little or no room for suffering. The Superman does not believe in an afterlife or the power of the soul over the body because he does not believe in religion and has no proof of an afterlife or a God. Therefore, he makes the most out of this life, not depending on a reward in Heaven or a punishment in Hell for what he has done on Earth. The Superman does not pity or tolerate the weak. He feels that human compassion is the greatest weakness of all because it allows the weak to restrict the growth of the strong."
These characteristics are exactly what Hitler followed in his own quest for world domination. He often quoted Nietzsche in his speeches, teaching the masses to live by these flawed beliefs, conforming their minds towards obedience to a hidden agenda of euthenasia, or "ethnic cleansing" as it's called today. Meanings are disguised beneath pretty words, and labels are changed secretely to mold old laws to new standards without the people even being aware that it is happening, as it is happening again today under the Bush regime (see the for more on this if you don't believe me, go to the New Articles section.) In Superman, I've found that this desire to embed meanings and change labels is no different. Two notable things have come to my attention regarding these:
1) First, Superman's real (alien) father is named Jor-El. "Jor" comes from the Greek name Georgios which was derived from the Greek word georgos meaning "farmer, earthworker", itself derived from the elements "ge" or "earth" Thus, Jor-El literally means Earth-God.
2) Second, in the new TV series Smallville, the storyline has once again changed concerning Superman's destiny. In this new version, more modernized for the coming New World Order, Jor-El tells Clark Kent that his destiny is to "rule the world" and "conquer the human race," which is a direct 180-degree turn from Siegel and Shuster's original storyline! His real alien father, who is now long dead, has passed on the destiny written in his namesake (Earth-God) to his only begotten son (Man-God). His new destiny: to conquer and rule the Earth. Of course for now in the show, Clark refused that calling, trusting in the moral uprightness of his foster parent's teachings and did the right thing, preserving for the moment Superman's original image, but with a subtext of real concern for the future.
Why do the media attempt to dangle their agendas out in front of our eyes like vain children as if all of us were all asleep? This is about conditioning minds. People don't always accept what they haven't first been pre-introduced to! The first time something is heard, it is rejected until it can be scrutinized. In order for an idea to be accepted, it first has to be heard many times until we,re sick of hearing it, or until it almost feels as if we,re making the decision to believe something of our own free will. Agenda elements of the coming New World Order are frequently presented in today's media.
For a great example of this, you could fast forward through most of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones to the council scene where an unwitting, half-asleep, brain-dead Gungen named Jar-Jar Binks stands before the Council of the Republic, a meeting very similar to one at the United Nations building. Left in this foolish creature's charge is the sovereignty of an entire planet's political clout, and he has just been convinced by Senator Palpatine to vote "no contest" in regards to a charge of failed leadership of the current Chancellor of the Republic (or U.N.) Immediately after the decision to impeach the current Chancellor is reached, a new Chancellor is needed, and Palpatine is surprised (yeah, right) to be nominated, accepting the position post-haste. He then promises "to lay down the powers" he has been given "once the threat to the Republic has been abated." The threat is a group of separatists (those who won't join the Republic's United-Nations style government) because they don't like some of its shady financial practices.
Wait a minute, you say, isn't America a Republic? And didn't the Republic in Star Wars later become the "Empire" (called a "Reich" in German.)? And wasn't a man named Hitler crowned Chancellor of Germany's 3rd Reich, much like Palpatine was named Chancellor of the Republic? And didn't Hitler name his most elite and loyal troops "Storm Troopers?" Wait a minute, weren't there also Storm Troopers in the Star Wars movies used as the evil military force of the Empire? And didn't this Chancellor in Star Wars, who always seemed kind and helpful on the surface, then take on enormous powers as he embraced the dark side and began hunting down rebels and separatists who were the heroes of movies 4, 5, and 6? And isn't this almost exactly how the Antichrist gains control of the world in Revelation, through peace. . . until halfway through a period known as the Tribulation where he goes evil and begins killing Christians and Jews? So if America is a Republic, will it too become an Empire? It seems to be reaching that way now, at times. Will it later fall to the dark side and begin hunting down rebels and "separatists" such as those in the Christian faith who refuse to take the Mark of the Beast and join the New World Order? Could these movies be in some way based on prophecy and used to prepare our minds to a possible future that awaits us? Why would those orchestrating what we see want to give away the real-world plot before we,ve even gotten there? The answer is conditioning. We have to hear it first, and many times, before our resistance to it is destroyed and we finally accept "our fate."
Here are some observations I find interesting:
Richard Donner, the director of Superman 1, had just completed filming The Omen (1976) which was a dark movie about the Antichrist. Just a coincidence they chose him?
According to an article in Plume, 2001, p. 2, "Donner initially disowned Superman's religious origins. Presumably because of duress: I had life threats, because people accused me of approaching Brando as God and his son was Jesus...we had Scotland Yard, the FBI, and the LAPD looking in to them. I literally had people saying that my blood would run in the streets for doing that,."
Supposition: Any time you have a Superhero, you must have villains to challenge him. You cannot have a Superhero who has no way to be super, or you have a dead story. Thus it can be argued
that with the good guys come the bad ones, too. The good guys may defeat their villains, but the evil ones are allowed to roam around in our minds, seducing the innocent with their bad ways and tempting others to follow. Moreover, the job of every new artist is to try and outdo whatever has come before him. The door then creeps open ever more, in slow degrees, until it's all the way open. Those of us who are not paying attention become the proverbial frog in the water that is cooked by slowly turning up the temperature.
On the surface, Superman is a hero and a friend to the just and the weak. If there were no heaven or hell, no Jesus or Satan, Superman would be the man we all would need to defeat the enemies of tyranny, truth, and justice, and protect and defend liberty. That is why Satan has worked so hard to convince you he doesn't exist, that there is no heaven or hell. Superman is the man Satan wants you to be ready to accept when the world goes into the state of planned crisis he's pre-orchestrated so that we'll all need a Saviour. Satan's Superman, the Antichrist, will arise to answer that need. Superman's moral side masked his occult powers and we foolishly accepted him. He is the image of a future "man of peace," a man that will arise to save us all from impending doom, and will appear to do so successfully, in the guise of a friend to those who accept him. The Antichrist is the synthesis of both God and Satan, combined with the best bits of each (as Man would reckon it) to fool the world and to allow Satan one moment in all of time to pretend he is God.
If there are ten paths, and only one leads to Heaven (that way is Christ), then Satan has spent all his time convincing you that only the other nine are true and that this one is the only one that's false. Why wouldn't all ways be true, in such a misguided tolerance-based/acceptance belief system? And as for Truth, how can nine different ways be true, unless all the Truth is whittled down to fit the needs of each person? If you take anything away from perfect Truth, it ceases to be perfect. Anything that has to be molded to fit your irregularities is neither rigid nor unyielding, as is God's unchanging Word. A system that embraces any belief makes each person their own god, which is precisely what Satanism advocates: "Do whatever thou will do." The best answer is whatever you choose ("as long as it's not Christianity," he'd sneer). But best for whom: you or Satan?)
Superman, then, is ultimately a stepping stone for the long, slow, gradual introduction of the Antichrist. Behind his great smile and his morals, Superman long ago unwittingly opened the door to occult superhuman power into our daily lives and began making it acceptable. Remember, once the door is open a little, over time, the door is flung wide open. The Antichrist will possess many superhuman powers. He will claim to want to use them to benefit mankind. With technology, he may even claim to possess the secrets to great health and immortality and be willing to share them with those who willingly join him. He will be able to call down fire in full view of men. He will die and be resurrected. He will be able to skillfully negotiate any political circumstance to his benefit, being the first man in the history of the Middle East to conclude a true and semi-lasting peace settlement with Israel (3.5 years out of a promised 7.) He will be high in the Freemasonry order, and a "white magic" user of highest expertise. He will claim to want to use his gifts for the good of all mankind; he will eschew peace, and pretend to be extremely conservative and moral, much like Superman. And, very importantly, he will seem likeable on the surface, too, like Clark Kent.
Because so many shows will have, by then, conditioned us to this being a reliable and true experience in life, that those who practice magic for the side of "good" will use it for the benefit of all, we will readily accept this man. He will claim to be God, and the masses will obey him as if he were.
Once long ago, the Jews were looking for a political leader in Jesus, who then instead confessed that His "kingdom is not of this world." Because He did not appear to them to be the heroic conqueror and King of Jews they had been prophesied in the Old Testament, they refused to accept Him. He was not the warrior king they wanted, but a man of peace. The irony is they will soon accept a false Christ who will pretend to be a man of peace, but in truth will be a warrior king, bent on Earthly enslavement and destruction. This isn't a guess, it's prophesied in Revelation!
If you love Superman as much as I did growing up, then it will be hard to hear what this article is saying about the way he has been, is being, used. I loved Superman growing up, and reveled in his fantastic powers myself. As a story for entertainment value, it is as vastly imaginative as it is fun to contemplate. But . . . we can't let our enjoyment of something overwhelm our understanding of real Truth or we risk embracing The Lie. God is the only real Superhero, for He came to Earth on our behalf and used His powers never to help himself, but only others, and ultimately refrained from using His powers even to save Himself torture on the cross. In a blink of an eye, He could have rescued Himself, but he practiced the same self disclipine He's asked us to exhibit ourselves.
Before I wrap things up, let me pose a conundrum to you. So far, Superman has always stood for: "Truth, Justice, and the American Way." Well, what exactly is the American Way, any more? This is a vastly different society than it was in 1933, where conservatism and moral duty was held in high regard and Jesus was still esteemed in schools and in daily public life; before the rebellion of the rock era, or the promiscuous "free love" era of the 60's and 70's, before the rise of occult film, before the Internet and anything they can imagine but we wish they hadn't pornography; before the dawn of the general malaise and apathy of the majority of Americans anesthetized by the evils of modern-day society, and the perverted uses of time gathered from God's untold blessings for our nation. So . . . what will happen to Superman if the American Way"due to this new casting off, of the cords between Man and God spoken of in Psalm 2"soon becomes a place of no truth and no justice, as it is slowly moving towards today? America might once have had the free will to lay claim to even having a "way," but today "our" way is the way our leaders have now trained us to follow; bearing a dumbed-down obedience our government's compulsory schools have purposely manufactured in us; with a blind allegience which focuses more on feelings and emotions than real intellect and reasoning.
My guess is that the real, and moral, Superman of 1933 will soon have to relocate to somewhere . . . more appropriate, if any such place exists. For Superman these days, America just won't cut it anymore. However, for Satan's Superman, the new version re-written with a destiny to conquer the human race, America the Empire is--today--rapidly becoming just the right place to foment such a nightmare.
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In the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord, amen

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Chabad Satan Part 7

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The Chabad Satan Wall of Destruction

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The Chabad Phoenix is Rising

Columbia "The Queen of Heaven"

Patriot Akt II, Comrad 

The Infiltration of the leaven "Jerusalem Council"

Satan's One World Religion

OWR Part 2

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Re the god of Talmud Bavli

Perpetual Purim

"The Raiser of Taxes"

Jewish Persecution

Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

Noahide News

Noahide News 2