Section 18 "The Beast Has Risen"

Obsessed with the god of this world?


In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.



According to Egyptian, Salim George Khalaf of the Pagan

The system of gods and goddesses in Phoenician religion was influences and has influenced other cultures. As indicated below, there are too many similarities to be overlooked. In some instances the names of gods underwent very little change when they were borrowed. Even the legends maintained major similarities. For example, Ashtarte in Phoenician and Aphrodite in Greek or Adonis in both. Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian and others had their influences on the Phoenician faith system and borrowed from it.

What remains to be said is that Phoenician faith system evolved and changed as it was influenced by invader who brought along their own deities. Hence, Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman gods found their way to Phoenician temples. This is evident in the writing of Herodotus as well as in the archaeological records.


Baal (ba'al), plural Baalim (ba'allm) [Semitic,= possessor], name used throughout the Old Testament for the deity or deities of Canaan. The term was originally applied to various local gods, but by the time of the Ugarit tablets (14th cent. B.C.), Baal had become the ruler of the universe. Baal (Hadad) is regularly denominated "the son of Dagon," although Dagon (biblical Dagon) does not appear as an actor in the mythological texts. Baal also bears the titles "Rider of the Clouds," "Almighty," and "Lord of the Earth." He is the god of the thunderstorm, the most vigorous and aggressive of the gods.


We know him as Satan


The Ugarit tablets make him chief of the Canaanite pantheon. He is the source of life and fertility, the mightiest hero, and the lord of war. There were many temples of Baal in Canaan, and the name Baal was often added to that of a locality, e.g., Baal-peor, Baal-hazor, Baal-hermon. The Baal cult penetrated Israel and at times led to a syncretism. The practices of holy prostitution and child sacrifice were especially abhorrent to the Hebrew prophets, who denounced the cult and its "high places" (temples). This abhorrence probably explains the substitution of Ish-bosheth for Esh-baal, of Jerubbesheth for Jerubbaal (a name of Gideon), and of Mephibosheth for Merib-baal. The substituted term probably means "shame." The final detestation of the term is seen in the use of the name Beelzebub (see SATAN), probably the same as Baal-zebub. 1 Kings 11.4-8; 2 Kings 1. The Baal of 1 Chron. 4.33 is probably the same as RAMAH 3. As cognates of Baal in other Semitic languages there are Bel (in Babylonian religion) and the last elements in the Tyrian names Jezebel, Hasdrubal, and Hannibal.





The greatest triumph of the human intellect probably lies in the opening up of unlimited possibilities for the expression of abstract concepts in concrete form. This was achieved and brought to fruition in the East, where the Phoenicians discerned, through analysis, that a concept as abstract as thought expressed in the spoken word could ultimately be broken down into various elements. It could then be reconstituted and fixed by putting the elements together again, by virtue of the concrete images conveyed by written characters.

The reverberation of this triumphant achievement echoed as far as Carthage, where the priests took the lead over the scribes in producing the symbol erroneously known to us as the "sign of Tanit". That sign, which an entire civilization, abandoning its earthly preoccupations, used for more than a thousand years to express its hopes and beliefs.

It appears that the primitive form of this sign was a trapezium closed by a horizontal line at the top and surmounted in the middle by a circle. The horizontal arm was often terminated either by two short upright lines at right angles to it or by hooks. In the course of time the trapezium often became an isosceles triangle.


Pope John Paul II embraces the Mystical Kaballah
"Christians must therefore strive to acquire a better knowledge of the basic components of the religious tradition of Judaism; they must strive to learn by what essential traits the Jews define themselves in light of their own religious experience." (Documents of Vatican II, Austin P. Flannery, Ed., page 744.)


Revelation 17:5



Hebrew Book of the Dead -- The Hidden Book in the Bible
The Hebrew Book of the Dead is a literal translation of Ancient Hebrew Scripture that uncovers Qabalistic voyage of a soul after death. (Paul Crouch's Guide)




and their Real Cities Network







ServiceMaster Logo



French Transportation Company


Software Company









starofdavid1.jpg (14772 bytes)

Star of David Yoga Crystal Healing Configuration



Wink logo

America's top broadcasters, cable programmers, and satellite providers have chosen to enhance their programming with Wink. You can get Wink if your local cable operator or direct broadcast satellite provider has signed up with Wink, or if you've purchased a Wink-enabled television set manufactured by a Wink partner.







Books for a Brighter World? An Illuminated World?


The Upper Triad Association of Theosophy. Yes the same Theosophy which Hitler followed. Yes the same symbol of Baal ownership and shame is used and was used by Hitler. Yes this symbol has been around and used since the Babylonian Baal worship 


The Memphis Pyramid "Gracing the skyline of Memphis"



Would you like to have the financial might of the magic of Baal?


Two Babylonian Jewish Kaballa Pyramids intertwined with the Hexagram in the center. This symbol did not come from the chosen children of God of Deuteronomy, but goes back to the mystical teaching of the Qaballah in Babylon.


It was Hitler who branded the Jews ( Mark of ownership of Ba’ al) Shame

(Hitler was financed by Rothchild and others including Prescott Bush the Grandfather of George W. Bush)

Before he sacrificed them to Lucifer.

All Cabalist



It was the Man, Rothschild who derived his name from this symbol which was called the RED SHIELD and in the German Language The name means ROTHSCHILD.


Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – Cabalism Symbol

This symbol X 3= 666



The Mark

It was Rothschild with the Balfour Declaration of 1917 who put this symbol on the chosen children of God the Most High of Heaven.


It was Rothschild who financed Hitler in the 20’s


It was Prescott Bush who was also financing Hitler. Check your History through the library of Congress


It was George Bush Sr. Who conned the Phrase


"One World Order"



It was George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. who were members of the Babylonian Luciferian cult and elite Yale club of the " Skull and Bones"



Isaiah 2:8

Their land is also full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands; that which their fingers have made.



The military around the world November 2, 2000 has been put on Delta alert.

Of course Delta is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, a triangle……


It was Armand Hammer, the socialist communist who financed the Albert Gore family.


It is Al Gore who worships the goddess of the earth, Gaia (Guya). In his Book he has revealed that his belief is " Nature is god and the Mother Earth Goddess.






An Ellie Mae Mortgage Company


Trinity Investments


Trinity and Beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie)

Satan's best, Trinity


Credit Reporting agencies














Quality Cabinets




YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association, Now ask yourself, why the triangle pyramid in the Young Men's Christian Association?



The Fire Within
The Greek origin of the word "pyramid" derives from "fire" — especially "funeral pyre" — the flame that purifies. The King's Chamber is located at the energetic center of the Great Pyramid, whose shape has unique energy properties that seem to retard the process of decay.

Pyramid - "the fire within"




will your child grow accustomed to this mark and accept it? Graco Baby Products new Logo, and is that a little eye on the top right disguised as a copyright mark?

and then after they have started developing your child's mind to accept this mark...

Give them the "Power Rangers". And this company distributes school products and seasonal cards across the nation and the world.  

Of Course Fox Television owns the rights


Toymax Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Toymax International, Inc. is a children's consumer products company that creates, designs and markets innovative and technologically advanced toys and leisure products. Founded in 1990, Toymax products promote fun and creative play and are available under several brands:

Toymax® toys, such as R.A.D.™ Robot, Mighty Mo's™ vehicles, the award-winning Laser Challenge™ and Creepy Crawlers® brands and the award winning Dragonfly™ Radio Control Stunt Vehicle; Go Fly A Kite® kites, windsocks and banners; Candy Planet™ candy products; and Monogram® gift, novelty and souvenir products; Funnoodle® pool and backyard water recreational products; and a joint venture with Yaboom™, musical keychains, singing posters, and singing cartridge dolls.


Candy Planet

Toymax/ Candy Planet, a similarity to Saturn,  just a little sweetner to entice your child perhaps?






Compound Tama RE, Eatonton Georgia

Complete with RE Phallic Symbol



FEMA will insure of "One World Order"

The greatest of all Pyramid schemes.



International Court Of Justice Logo

This is a lady sitting in a chair with a pair of weight & balance with the SUN brilliantly behind her.

Bill Clinton signed an agreement in Jan. 2001  to insure the United States will be ruled by her. Thus further surrendering the sovereignty of America to the New world government.



The Church of Christ web-site






Or does it actually mean this…….


Could this Church of Christ symbol be two Pyramids?


"There is no earthly authority superior to the elders of the local church."



Quoted From United Methodist web-site

Think about the products that you use, see or hear about every day - food, clothes, home appliances, automobiles. Brand names, jingles and trademarks seem engraved on your memory. That's no coincidence. Industries are zealous in the protection of their brand names, jingles and trademarks. Each is valued highly.

The United Methodist church also has its mark. Each time you see the cross and flame emblem, you are looking at United Methodism's official symbol.

Known informally as the cross and flame logo but formally as the denomination's insignia, it has been in use nearly two decades. It is seen in cities, towns and rural areas at every point of the compass.

United Methodist Church

Who are located at the United Nations building of New York along side the United Nations beast.



Lutheran double Pyramids?


And the........



Among the Christian symbols we have already mentioned are the icons, the sign of the cross, and the vestments of liturgical celebration. In addition, we can mention the use of various colors which have their particular significance, as well as the use of light, normally the natural light of candles, which leads us to Christ, the Light of the world and of the Kingdom of God. Generally speaking, light is a universal symbol for the mystical presence of God as the True, the Beautiful and the Good. This is witnessed in almost all religions, philosophies, and artistic expressions.

The Orthodox Church follows the Bible in its use of incense (Ex 30:8, Ps 141:2; Lk 1:9; Rev 8:3). Incense is the symbol of the rising of prayers, of spiritual sacrifice and of the sweet-smelling fragrance of the Kingdom of God.

The Church also uses bread, wine, wheat, oil, water, flowers, and fruits as signs of God's love, mercy, goodness, life and the very presence given to man in creation and salvation. Indeed, all elements of creation find the "truth" of their very being and existence as expressions and manifestations of God, as "symbols" of his presence and action in the world for man. This is the reason for their use in this way in the Church.

Among the more graphic Christian symbols in the Church are the initials and letters of Christ's name; the triangle of the Trinity; the circle of eternity; the fish which stands for Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior; the eye of God's omnipresence; the anchor of hope; the rock of faith; the flame of God's consuming presence; the vine which Jesus named himself -- "I am the vine, you are the branches" (Jn 15:5); the alpha and the omega (Rev 1:8); the crown and staff of Christ's kingship; and many others -- all of which indicate some aspect of the saving presence and action of God in the world.

With observation and understanding and knowledge these would not have perished for rejecting the truth.

According to the Babylonian worship of the god these mystical worshippers have chosen, Alexander Hislop in his Book "The Two Babylons" found after many years of research the following:

After the deluge of Noah when the son of Cush began to be a mighty hunter before the Lord, Nimrod, who also became the first god-man of Babylon. This same god which later found his way into Egypt became known as Osiris Ra and or Horus the sun god. Accordingly the Pope (Pontiff) worshipped the god of the deluge which was revived from the Babylon worship system and know as Dagon. Keep in mind that even to this day the mitre the Pope wears is the fish head mitre of the Babylonian god Dagon as shown below.


The myth of the Fish as the symbol of Christianity was another great deception of Lucifer. It is legend that a century or several after the death of our Lord Jesus by crucifixion at the hands of the elders of the Great Sanhedrin and under the Rule of Rome (Where the Whore resides) the Christians, believers that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, incarnated as a man, were persecuted and used this symbol in the desert as a way of identifying a fellow believer. It is not fact, but another counterfeit of Lucifer to further drag those who reject knowledge into the abyss of the Whore of Babylon.

As for the Triangle symbol of the trinity, I believe there is no further explanation needed, and the same indeed goes for the Eye that the Orthodox Church attributes to God the Host of Heaven.

Also keep in mind that the illumination of the candles was and is and will continue to be tied into cultish Babylonian Ba'al worship as the days when these worshipped in the high places. 


The Last Deception

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