Section 19 " The Beast Has Risen"


Another Church has been destroyed for the rejection of Knowledge. Have they turned to that dead god Ba'al?



The Babylonian Network (TBN) the Satanic, Ordo Templi Orientis


The Pontifex Maximus, High Priesthood in the Order of Simon Magus of the Darkness and Mystery Babylon, their god the "Robber" they have "Chose"


Starbuck's coffee

The Passion of The Christ

The Passion, Mel's Cabalist Tale of the one eye g-d, a mystical Jesus, who levitates. Mary drinks his blood, little jewish children are turned demon, Jesus walks in the buff with his posterior exposed....In ah ha theya...ha ah ha of Jaysoose allelujah...ah ha so hep me gawd.......give me aen amean brothers aen sisters, foah only $19.95 you to can receive the exclusive word of gawd....amean

Jesus is one-eyed throughout the movie (due to his beating) and this too is an llluminati signal. The logo of Gibson's Icon production is a single eye as is the Satanic eye in the Freemason symbol which is on the U.S Great Seal. (Makow)

In NEWS1898, we noted the extremely unusual depiction of Jesus in "The Passion " as a Left-eyed, One-eyed Messiah. We also noted that the CFR/European Union depiction of their coming Antichrist was a naked, Left-eyed, One-eyed Messiah.

Moshiach ben satan?

"Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened." [Zech 11:17]

Therefore, this movie depicts a "Messiah" who is compatible with this Old Testament Antichrist prophecy and who is compatible with the One-eyed, Left-eyed CFR Antichrist! There now can be no doubt. "The Passion" depicts two solid symbols of Antichrist and casts this "Jesus" as the one whom the Bible foretells shall come "in the guise of Christ" -- Antichrist.

Kfar Chabad

Kfar Chabad | > Subjects
Articles related to Kfar Chabad, Showing results 1-1 of 1. The Rebbe Who Saved a Village, Translator's note: The following is a free ...
The Heroes of Zion - November 25, 2000
... I recently paid a visit to Kfar Chabad, the Lubavitch base in Israel. Kfar Chabad is a small settlement in the shadow of Ben Gurion International Airport. ...
The Chabad Galleries | 1956
... Terrorists kill six in Kfar Chabad. ... The Chassidim of Kfar Chabad now had a firm grasp on their future: they knew what they had to do. They must build!
... 5.6.2000 "The Rebbe shlit"a King Moshiach Moshaich Center, Kfar Chabad Russian. 17.4.2000 Mezuza Moshaich Center, Kfar Chabad Russian. up.
Beis Moshiach Magazine
... is something general, especially since Kfar Chabad is the ... the holy letters that through the Kfar, light spreads ... vessel for the revelation of light of Moshiach

CFR Chabad

Now, take a good look at this depiction of the Greek god, Bacchus. He is shown as having only one eye, and it is the left one! His right eye is totally gone! Bacchus is a god of sexual orgies, of ritual dance and occult sacred mysticism. Wiccans to this day revere Bacchus as the "Horned God".

He is the Greek god equivalent to the Egyptian Mysteries Osiris. Let us examine this fact:

"Osiris is known by many other names in other countries. In Thrace and Greece he is known as Dionysus, the god of pleasures and of partying and wine ... Festivals held in Dionysus' honor often resulted in HUMAN SACRIFICES AND ORGIASTIC (sexual rites). In Rome, Osiris is called Liber or Bacchus." [Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. 359; Emphasis was in the original]

In her chapter entitled, "Hand Signals", Dr. Burns traces the worship of Bacchus the Horned God to the coming Antichrist!

"In Satanism, that (hand) gesture is known as the sign of 'The Bowman'. It is the symbol of Antichrist. This Bowman/anti-Christ association IN THE OCCULT is because of the connection between the Horned God of witchcraft and the hunt." [Ibid., p. 233; Emphasis was in the original]

Therefore, we have another, even more secure tie-in between the Left-eyed Messiah and the coming Antichrist. Do not be deceived by "The Passion". It is not a Biblical or a Christian depiction of Jesus scourging and death; it is an occult, Roman Catholic depiction in which several symbols of Antichrist were strongly presented!

For further information on this subject, please read our NEWS1898, "Strong Symbolism of Antichrist In 'The Passion' "







The New Illuminati Talmudic Babylonian sponsored Bill Graham, Ta ta da......

TD JAKES Magik Money Kingdom and his g-d's pyramid pot of gold teardrop






The Star of Moloch the god of the sun, now intertwined into the cross of Salvation

Judeo Churchianity, contrary to all men.


livethecall logo

Trinity of sixes of their God Baal



Hard Rocker Payable on Death


triquetra, symbol 666 trinity of Baal



Gods of the Aztecs

gp2In the past most were "religious." To appease their gods, mankind built great stone altars. On these altars, sometimes located on high hills or pyramids, they built fires. In these fires some sacrificed their children and virgins. According to eyewitnesses with Cortez,  in the  Aztecs' barbaric culture, on top of the pyramid the high priest dressed in black would cut open a live human victim pull out the live, bloody and beating heart, extend his bloody hand to the heavens while squeezing out all the heart's blood. Then the victim was pushed down the pyramid, the heartless body would tumble over pointed and jagged rocks that ripped it all the time it fell to the ground where others would cut off the victims arms and legs, which were later eaten by the populace, and then the priests discarded the remaining flesh of the victim to the waiting half-starved animals, who were kept near the bottom of the pyramid, to eat the bloody remains that the populace would not or could not eat.

Have you made your covenant with death, today?


Triangle/Trefoil/Triquetra - In false Christianity, the equilateral triangle is the symbol of the Unholy Trinity, worshipping gods. Other geometric shapes representing the Holy Trinity are the trefoil, the triquetra, the circle within the triangle, the triangle in circle and the triquetra and circle. To the ancient Egyptians, the triangle was an emblem of Godhead (Baal); to the Pythagoreans, it symbolized wisdom. Another use of the triangle is in the symbol of the eye (eye of God) surrounded by a triangle.
Square - It represents the earth and earthly existence. Some monuments have a cube or square inverted to point the corners downward and upward. This illustrates earthly existence and the directions of earth and heaven.
The Eye of God surrounded by a triangle and a circle - symbolic of the eternity of the UnHoly Trinity.
Pentagram - This is a five-pointed, star-shaped figure made by extending the sides of a regular pentagon until they meet. This figure pre-dates Christianity and was first known to be used by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher. Later in the Middle Ages, the pentagram was used by magicians and sorcerers. It was believed that the pentagram offered protection against evil. false Christianity adopted the figure and the symbolism to suggest the five wounds suffered by Christ on the cross. It is interesting to note that the pentagram is used by both Christianity and Wicca (witchcraft).
Pyramid - Eternity. It was supposed that a pyramid-shaped tombstone prevented the devil from reclining on a grave.




Firstfruits RAPTURE

FirstFruits Rapture




A Trinity Broadcasting affiliate, who has a neat little trident symbol

Poseidon's Trident?


in Greek religion, god of the sea and of water generally; he is to be distinguished from Pontus, the personification of the sea and the oldest Greek divinity of the waters. The name Poseidon means either “husband of earth” or “lord of the earth.” Traditionally he was a son of Cronus, an ancient chief god, and Rhea, a fertility goddess, and was brother of Zeus, the chief god, and Hades, …

Trident Logo

Trident International a social club for all gay men and lesbians


Does it bother you that the trident is common with the pyramid?


TRIDENT Training Facility logo that fades from invisible to fully visible over three seconds.

United States Navsubase Training Facility Kings Bay, Georgia maintaining the "Trident Submarine"


Chief of Naval Education and training

Notice the three slashed flag, you will see a lot of this soon.



Naval Atlantic Meteorology and Oceanography Facility


Trident Medical Group


Trident logo

Trident Foundation

The Trident Foundation is a Canadian nonprofit organization covering the disciplines of Social Work, Psychology, Law, Conflict Resolution and Education. The Foundation focuses on policy and practice in social development, conflict resolution, restorative justice services and training services.

Understand Yet?


Miriam Webster Dictionary

Main Entry: 2trident
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin trident-, tridens, from trident-, tridens having three teeth, from tri- + dent-, dens tooth -- more at TOOTH
Date: 1599
1 : a 3-pronged spear serving in classical mythology as the attribute of a sea god (as Neptune)




A fallen angel who rode along with Satan, many think of as a god

Latin Neptunus, in Roman religion,  originally the god of freshwater; by 399 Bc he was identified with the Greek Poseidon and thus became a deity of the sea. His female counterpart, Salacia, was perhaps originally a goddess of leaping springwater, subsequently equated with the Greek Amphitrite.

aka: Nimrod & Semiramus, Osiris Ra & Isis, Lucifer, etc.




Another TBN affiliate

Touching Lives

and yet another TBN affiliate



LDS Gift Ideas



Home of

Cathedral at Chapel Hill TBN Affiliate

Brought to you by another TBN affiliate




of the the liberal and independent
Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, Malabar Rite

and they say....

Jesus was the host for the Christic Being to be eternally infused within the earth’s experience. As such, Jesus’ greatest service to the earth was to embody the Cosmic Christ. Our perception is that prior to Jesus’ time the Cosmic Christ had never actually been "embodied" before on earth. Other great beings of the earth prior to Jesus’ time had been "influenced" by this Christic Being. Jesus’ Ministry on the earth opened the path for ALL souls to be able to potentially embody the Cosmic Christ in the order of the ex catholic priest Matthew Fox.



All Saints Episcopal, Palo Alto CA. / Hexagram


Qabalah Magick Web-Site Talisman





Many are familiar with the images of the interlaced trines and recognize the ensemble as the "Star of David." Actually, the interlaced trines predate Judaism.

The Brotherhood of Light, traces its lineage as far back as Egypt, claiming the Hermetic tradition. It is from this same tradition that Moses, the great "law giver" of the Jewish tradition, received his Initiation and from whence the interlaced trines came to the Jewish tradition.



NetChurch - The World-Wide Directory of Christian Churches and Services

Compare The so-called Christian Net Church with the Order of Satan's Golden Dawn


AOS logo

The American Oriental Society looks strikingly similar to the Judaic Star of Molech (Baal)


But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.


And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.


All Saints Episcopal, Chevy Chase,  MD



Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

AESA main menu

Listed under American Bible Studies


Image: HermesTrismegistos

The Bush 33rd degree Official Episcopal Skull & Bones-man Ordination / Sanhedrin Sage in scarlet & Purple/ Bush in his Purple Priestly Robes

Babylon Mystical Judeo-Christian-Masonry Qabalah

3rd Degree Memphis and Misraim

4th Degree Memphis and Misraim

Eye of Horus, Petegram, Key to David, Menorah, Pyramid, Moses Tablets


9th Degree Apron Memphis and Misraim

Another Follower of Jesus the Lord bites the dust? Masonic. Note the symbolic 9. Remember 911? What a small price to pay for the coming Moshiach, the Illuminated one, and his global village.

18th Degree Memphis and Misraim

25th Degree Memphis and Misraim

27th Degree Memphis and Misraim

Ta-Ta-Da, Break out the shofar horns for this one. George W. H. Bush, Billy Graham, George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich wore the t-shirt in publis whic proclaimed "Ordo AB Chao" "Order from Chaos" and the list goes on and on like a Duracell Bunny.

George Bush made the speech after the World Trade Center Sabotage..

Out of Evil comes a great GOOD?

33rd Degree Memphis and Misraim

 The Light Bringer

Mason Eye of Horus Apron, and you thought that, that Laura (Ash) Croft movie tomb raiders was another harmless fantasy movie and safe for your children, all the while they are preparing the world for their despotic king. The King of the Jews, The Moshiach, that Illuminated one. The one who will go into the temple of God showing himself to be God. Lucifer, the son of perdition.


Old Nick


Mussolini- Hitler's Partner of the Jews along with the symbol of Baal of Memphis

blavatsky's brooch

Sublime Prince of the Royal Swastika

nato symbol

The New World Order 2000
NATO Headquarters Brussels, Belgium

nato flagnato symbol


We know who Cohen is for and who Cohen is against, don't we?

Masonic Degree Structure

secret ringssecret rings

Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah Masonic Ring


Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah Masonic sacred rite

 ritual grave

Masonic Burial ritual/ Remember George W. Bush member of Yales secret club, Skull & Bones?


Washington DC Corner Stone Laying

America's Talmudic Babylonian Mystical Founding Father, All fits Gods ultimate plan for the final return of Salvation.

Don't get mad at me, I love this country more than any living human that I know, I Love Jesus the Christ more.


kabbala alchemy 1

Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Masonic depiction, serpent on Babylonian Tau, that wretched tree.

The Three Pillars of Kabbalah

Mason Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Tree of Life of Lucifer

'A unique form of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols'
T.G.A.O.T.U., St. John the Baptist, and St. John the Evangelist The Third Degree, The Second Degree, and The First Degree The Blazing Star, the Crescent Moon, and the Scimitar
Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden The Keystone, the Priestly Pillar, and the Kingly Pillar The Third Step, the Second Step, and the First Step King Soloman, King Hiram of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff The Grim Reaper, the Goddess, the Resurrected Lodge Square, Jachin Pillar and Boaz Pillar The Steps, the Due Guards, and the Signs Master, Fellowcraft, and ApprenticeDeath, Birth, and Resurrection Old Age, Manhood, and Youth
Compass, G, and Square King, Queen, and Prince Saturn, Moon, and Sun
Horus, Isis, and Osiris.


mason seal



sr seal

Where the Eagle Soars


The Root Word of Kabbalah is Kabba.

In Aramaic Kabba means Illicit Sexual Activity.

In Hebrew Kabba means The Act of Murder.

Serpent Messiah

In the Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah

In the Gematria the word Messiah means Serpent
and the word Serpent means Messiah...So who is their coming Moshiach which America's Churchianity has embraced?


The Making of a Christ 7


33rd Degree Mason J. Edgar Hoover


33rd Degree Arlen "Spectre" Spector

666 encoded in U.S. Seal

Behold the coming Moschiach symbol


Let no man deceive you

'Isis' 'Mari' 'Kali' 'Ceres' 'Maria' 'Virgo' 'Lilith' 'Diana' 'Venus' 'Sophia' 'Ishtar' 'Hathor' 'Ostara' 'Lucifera' 'Astoreth' 'Angerona' 'Semiramis' 'The Widow' 'Baphomet' 'Head 58m' 'Stella Maris' 'CAPUT LVIIIm' 'Our Dear Lady' 'The Black Virgin ''The Illuminatrix' 'The Scarlet Woman' 'The Weeping Virgin' 'The Celestial Virgin' 'The Lady of the Lake' 'The Queen of Heaven' 'The Queen of the Sea' 'The Green Man's Bride' 'Notre Dame de Lumiére' 'The Queen of the World''The Queen of the Underworld'


'Mystery Babylon' is her name

Rainbow for Girls


The Daughters of Free Masons, Rainbow Girls



A George W. Bush proposed and instituted Faith Based Program


Volunteers of America Logo

The three slashed New Satanic Trinity symbol flag for the United States, my beloved country, who has turned away from the Most High God.








Disciple United Methodist Church

Morrisville Parkway, Cary, NC 27513 (919) 363-5700 or E-Mail: Reverend Stuart Milton

spiritual_pyramid_prayer.gif (3747 bytes)


Pyrlogo.GIF (92316 bytes)

Church  Events Light & Sound Company



Picture  Described by CaptionGlobal Ministries Photos


And you may purchase Photos of the Great Pyramid Cheop's, of Satan through the United Methodist




The Virtual Church- Pyramid- holding upa world- holding up a wretched tree or Tau?

According to...

By Dr. Lee E. Warren BA, DD

in the


Who used the pyramid as a symbol?

Many of the secret societies, such as the Rosticrucians, Masons, Jewish mystics, and others, have assigned importance to the Great Pyramid through mysticism. On the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States is the symbol of a Pyramid with a cap stone bearing the All-Seeing-Eye. The Great Seal's design was largely due to many of the founding fathers of the United States of America, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to name a few, being Masons. Space is not available in this article to discuss the Great Seal in detail.

Many secret schools taught the mysteries concerning the Great Pyramid. Max Toth in his book Pyramid writes about the base of the pyramid and its points. He states: "…the sides of the great Pyramid, facing the four cardinal points, signify extremities of dark and light (west and east) and the extremes of cold and heat (north and south). The base of the pyramid further represents to the student the four material elements of nature from which the body of man is formed: air, water, fire, soil. The face of the pyramid, being a triangle signifies the triune within every object in nature. The twelve signs of the zodiac appear also to be represented by the total number of lines and faces of the pyramid. The spiritual centers of man are represented by three main chambers of the pyramid as the heart, the brain, and the reproductive organ (p. 29)." The pyramid also resembles a man sitting in yoga or meditation. Many believed that the great pyramid was set as a temple representing sacred truths.

The web-site for Jewish Alchemy say's.....

Jewish Alchemy: the Kabbala


The Divine Origin of the Kabbala

By many centuries antedating the Christian era, and older than the Mosaic traditions, indeed, in its origin older than the Egyptian or any other system of religion or philosophy now known, the Kabbala has all the claims to respectful consideration that antiquity can confer. These claims are enhanced and intensified when we discover evidence, not merely of its early origin, but of its important influence, in their structure and teachings, upon the religions of all lands and ages. Yet but few, even of the modern mystical thinkers, know enough of the wondrous Kabbala to have the faintest conception of the vast debt the world of all ages has owed to that grand system of philosophy. Even while using the symbols, quoting the language, repeating the ideas, teaching and maintaining the doctrines of the Kabbala, writers of modern times are generally ignorant of the source of the symbols, language, ideas and doctrines, and hence, naturally, they fail to realize their beautiful significance, far-reaching scope, and more than marvelous harmony.


But how does Qabalah  tie in to the Pyramid- Judaeo-Christianity, Magick, Torah- Babylonian Talmude- Hindu- & Mark of the Beast, etc.?

Below is just an example of the worldwide embracing of the Sun God, Re


Do your own searches with Christian Qabalah- Hindu Qabalah, etc




Church Pyramid Logo by: Suzi Chandler - ""

Great Mystical Hindu Churches of India

The " Genesha Yantra/ Yantra
the tantric symbol of cosmic unity

The effect of meditation on Ganesha's yantra is to inspire the sadhak ( Hebrew Caballah equivilent of Zaddik) to create balance in himself or herself. 

The six-pointed star of light saffron color represents the balance created by the superimposition of one upward-pointing male triangle and one downward-pointing female triangle.

     The yellow upward-pointing triangle in the middle of the six-pointed star represents the male sap, the elixir of immortality. The color of this triangle is the same as Ganesha's skin color.



This yantra form is based on the one given in Shakta Pramod, a very popular Shakta scripture.

     The outside square, known as bhupur, the seat of the yantra, is the same as for any other yantra, with four gates at the east, west, north, and south, corresponding to the four cardinal points.

     The two lines around the bhupur and the gates-colored gold and chrome yellow-form the two layers, and the deep blue color of the bhupur forms the third. These three layers are the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gaseous. Each layer inside and outside the bhupur (seat) is marked by a gold line, which helps to maintain the geometrical structure of the diagram.

     Inside the bhupur and outside the circular pattern appears a triangle that is only partially visible at its base line and two corners outside the circular pattern. This triangle represents the Cosmic Mother (Tripuramba), inside of whom is the entire phenomenal world, represented by an eight-petaled lotus. This partially visible triangle is symbolic of the infinity of the Divine Mother, who is only partially manifested as Kali.



Durga Yantra

      Meditation on the saffron color of Durga's yantra produces a calming blue color, which fills the aspirant with serenity and purity. The nine- pointed star is spectacular and attractive, as in the Sri Yantra, and it is visually the most powerful yantra after the Sri Yantra.

     The bhupur is of the color of sunlight because Durga is the divine radiance unified in a female form. Meditation on this color produces the complementary color, blue, which brings peace and fills the meditator with magnetic energy.

     The eight-petaled lotus of the yantra represents the octave of existence.


Shri Yantra

     Shri Yantra is very eye-catching and powerful. It is constructed with an intersection of nine triangles. Four of these triangles are pointing upward and five downward. The four upward-pointing triangles are Shiva triangles, and the five downward-pointing triangles are Shakti triangles. A combination of these nine triangles makes Shri Yantra the most dynamic of all yantras. If we construct a similar figure by intersecting eight triangles - four pointing upward and four pointing downward-it becomes balanced and static. The imbalance created by the addition of one more triangle, which makes the yantra dynamic and powerful. Shri Yantra is the only asymmetrical diagram, and the beauty of it is that when you look at it, it appears symmetrical. For the purpose of worship, a Shri Yantra is engraved on copper, silver, and gold plates as a flat line drawing, or sculpted from stone and precious gems (quartz, crystals, etc.). This form of Shri Yantra looks like a pyramid, and there are many such yantras available from ancient times.

     Shri Yantra is very complicated when seen as a line drawing, but when it is colored, all the chakras become clear and it is a feast for the eyes. Shri Yantra is also known as the yantra of cosmos. In the Bhairavayamal Tantra it is clearly said that the Shri Yantra is of the shape of the cosmos. In Kamkalavilas, it is said that Shri Yantra is constructed on the same principles on which the human organism is constructed. Just as the body has nine chakras




All Saint Episcopal, Chicago, IL.




(Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum)(Rosicrucian Order, AMORC)


The Hermetic ObservaTory (THOTh)  is a service activity encompassed within the New Group of World Servers to promote Right Observation in the Light of the most modern expression of the Arcane Wisdom tradition. The New Group of World Servers (NGWS) is a subjective group of individuals pledged to serve the Good, the Beautiful and the True who, regardless of sex, race, religion or social class, are committed to aid in the foundation of a new civilization or New World during these turbulent times of transition.

One of the "seeds" to be nurtured by the NGWS during this transition period is the Science and Art of Right Observation. In the Alice A. Bailey's books this seed group is named the Group of Trained Observers and its mission is stated thus: "Later, when the new civilization is nearing appearance, these groups will have in them two key persons or points of energy through which the forces of HERMES and the will of the CHRIST will be focused (False Christ and his servant the False Prophet), and through which They will be enabled to work. When this takes place the task of dissipating world glamour will be much more rapid than it is today. In the meantime groups of disciples can 'NURTURE and CONCEAL,' thus protecting from trouble the germ or seed of the new Aquarian culture and civilization along this particular line of FREEDOM



The Jewish Traveler by Phyllis Ellen Funke

Jews have been drawn to the Far East since at least the seventh century, following the Silk Roads to sometimes extraordinary prosperity.

Is this is the reason that the Discovery Channel on satellite television is reporting the strangeness of Caucasian amidst the Chinese pyramids?

But Paul the Apostle warned in the letter to the Galatians.......





Triangle Press Christian book printing and publishing logo

Press of Gospel Chapel Ministries


Merkaba Meditation

Sacred Merkaba Techniques, the Sacred Merkaba Techniques’ Golden Flower of Life Spherical Healing Techniques and a Shamballa Multidimensional Healing



Triangle Lake Camp & Conference Center





Lectorium Rosicrucianum



It is not the I-central self, or personality, that profits from the process of transfiguration as meant here, but the inner, divine Self, which is awakened and enababled to become increasingly active. This has tremendous results for the personality: he or she becomes an instrument, a servant, of another Order, the Divine Order, the 'kingdom not of this world', and in that state is able to stand right in the midst of the world in the service of every human being.

Tradition of

The Lectorium Rosicrucianum is a modern organization in the sense that its message is adapted to the strongly individualized consciousness of twentieth and twenty-first century humanity. However, it has deep roots in the past, for it is part of the long and ancient tradition of Mystery Schools, and is a development of earlier impulses of spiritual awakening such as those of the gnostics, Albigenses, Cathars and classical Rosicrucians of the 17th century.


For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.




Metaphysical Mysticism Site


The Trinity Foundationname05.jpg (13847 bytes)The Templar

The Templar
An architectural monument for
humanity representing oneness
and unity among all people on Earth.

 Exactly what the United Nations Non Governmental Organizations are declaring

They continue..


Hanging Gardensgraphic

All Cultures
People of all religions, races, and cultures will come together in unity.

 Notice the familiar similarity of the new interconnectiveness and the rendition and widley accepted Tower of Babel and the headline of the propagandist machine media CNN on the subject of mad cow desease/ my opinion the signal to prepare to destroy the sheep of God.


shrine_emblem.gif (5508 bytes)

Masonic Egyptian Symbol





header.gif (11779 bytes)



And this church has the Christ Watch (The Cosmic Christ Watch)



And Look Who These world known Shepherds are associated with


Come To Church With Us Today


and I was wondering when they would declare the cosmic christ


They say.....The Holy Father and our High Priest


Star of Molech and the Mark of his name




A UN NGO States......

Yes this sound like Al Gores, Gorenet and his earth in the balance......

Neutopia is a millennium movement. Isn't it time, friends and lovers, that we come together? Please join me in this multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary adventure! Dance beside me as I guide the way into the divine trance of Gaia, the planetary superorganism, the Supreme Beings of the microcosm which dwell inside our bodies. Gaia is the alien force behind the Internet! I suspect this alien force communicates not only through technology, but through telepathy. So be prepared to explore the unknown, the transformative power of true love!

We shall move beyond the injustices of worldwide Greco-Christian dominance and global capitalism if we but dream and participate in the collective miracle of Neutopian evolution! Yes, the massgasm is about to climax! World-wide bliss is at our grasp! Comrades, come join the lovolution on Usenet alt.society.neutopia! Learn more about the struggle going on at alt.society.neutopia by reading The Neutopian FAQs Find your part in the Neutopian Transversity.

My dissertation,GAIA: The Planetary Religion, The Sacred Marriage of Art and Science is a feminist theory of architecture which builds a neu social architecture of love between the sexes. It is my most sincere belief that we must stop the present form of housing development and begin to build ecocities. There will be a period of transition before the neu soulization can be completely form, but what is important today is that we stop the environmental and emotional destruction of the inner and outer world. It is either evolve or perish. We will not evolve without a unified vision of what kind of world we need to build in order to survive.


To liberate us from the utter chaos of the car-crazy cities, will require a mass movement towards the direction of Neutopian Ways. Using the I-net for this noble purpose, I believe we can save us from extinction. This means that we need to start listening to the wisdom within and begin using our technology to create environments where everyone is loved, taken care of, and allowed to be creative. Please join me in helping to create this Neutopian dream of planetary harmony.



Note: Pontiff Maximas John Paul / Eye of Pyramid








Magi Philosophy=999 Trinity of the sun, what the fallen angels taught to man.



Indonesian Spiritual site

The purpose of the CHAAS FOUNDATION is to promote the old/new energies which GOD is sending to the earth. Through CHAAS, people can be connected to these energies.
Through these energies, the development of our consciousness will be accelerated so that soon we will be able to go a step further to the 4th dimension


Welcome to the "PRYAMID" Dating Service!

Jehovah Witness Dating Service on-line


N.M. Gave Birth to Atomic Bomb

By Larry Calloway
Of the Journal
Asked for his first thought when the Trinity bomb went off, J. Robert Oppenheimer said: "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."
He was quoting his beloved poem The Bhagavad-Gita, which also talks of a god appearing in "wondrous forms not seen before," and as "the light of a thousand suns" and as "time grown old, creating world destruction."
That's the way it was, for some, at Trinity Site in the New Mexico desert at 5:30 a.m. Mountain War Time, July 16, 1945. For those who understood what was happening, it was a cosmic revelation that would change the world forever. For those who didn't, it was still one hell of a big explosion.

Yep, Satan Soon to deceive all whose names are not written, the way the great falling away has snatching away, if you haven't noticed


Paul Solomon Jewish Pyramid Foundation





YWAM Tyler International Youth Ministries



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You may have heard the rumor regarding the worlds leaders converging at the great Pyramid Cheops in Giza, Egypt for the capping of their " Great Plan" . Symbolically, at least it is complete. Yes all is prepared for the "One World Government" the cap stone has been placed, the problem is that the cornerstone has been left out.





The Al-Ahram, the Cairo weekly on-line news source reports

Al-Ahram Weekly

Crowning the pyramid

By Nevine El-Aref



The masonic pyramid drawn on the dollar; the Great Pyramid of Khufu at the Giza Plateau

Against a backdrop of allegations of a Zionist link, the Giza plateau is a hive of activity, with the Ministry of Culture and the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) busy preparing for the millennium celebrations - the highlight of which will be the capping of the pyramid of Khufu. But, with the event lying just around the corner, some fundamental matters need addressing, not least of which is how to get the multitude of expected visitors onto the plateau and how to place the nine-metre-high, gold-plated capstone atop the lofty monument.


Let us hear what a Talmudic Mystical Qabbalah Rabbi has to say...

After the WTO: Beyond Seattle (Part 2 of a two-part series)

by Rabbi Arthur Waskow



The two aspects of the week of turmoil in Seattle must be brought into connection, to make real the Echad, the Unity, that Jews proclaim as the world's deepest truth in our prayer, the Shema.

Those two aspects are: the desire for fuller world trade that was represented inside the WTO, however flawed by its impulse for control rather than community; and the intertwining in unity of the diverse movements that came together in protest on the street.

Just as there needs to be different species that intertwine to make an ecosystem, a habitat, so in human society there needs to be different regional and local economies, cultures, communities -- and together these diversities, acting in concert, need to prevent the creation of a monolithic pyramid of power.

As we saw in Seattle, global institutions will not represent this diversity unless people at the grassroots are struggling for it. At the grassroots level, we need to take more steps toward creating a real transnational (not just international or intergovernmental) web of labor unions, environmentalists, religious communities, and the like, which are focused not on least common denominators and monolithic institutions, but on encouraging diversity.

First, we can draw not only on the Seattle experience itself, but also on Greenpeace and Amnesty International as transnational experiments. The labor movement is beginning to move in this direction. The religious groups that have called for a Jubilee 2000 annulment of Third World debt are themselves transnational bodies, and are now acting as transnational advocates.



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