section 3 "The Last Deception"

Why is it called Illuminati?


Illumination from the Angel of Light which becomes illuminated with your enlightenment.

The worship of the Bearer of Light (Horus)

Truly, Lucifer and his great worldwide deception!


Rothschild's are the financiers of the Rockefeller clan.


The Rothschilds, Astors, Greys and the Baileys were instrumental in the founding of the Councel of Foreign Relations. The group seeking world control.


The target of the Illuminati for hundreds of years has been to:



There are hundreds of documents that the reader should know of, but I believe you have the idea.


But if you are of understanding, this plan was given over to Satan, by God, for Satan to complete God's plan of salvation in the Lord, Jesus, forever.


Matt 10:16

Therefore I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.


How can you be as wise as a serpent when you have never seen a serpent? Know who the enemy is, where he is, why he is.




What is the Skull and Bones Society?


The Skull & Bones is a secret organization exclusively for the well heeled elite. This club is located only at Yale University. Nathan Hale was a Bonesman and was hanged. Yale is a breeding ground for the CIA. Samuel Russell of the reknowned Russell family opium ring was a bonesman.

Each year 15 members are given $15,000.00 and a Grandfather Clock to began their tenure in this Satanic clan.

Many of the nations elite were Yale Bonesmen, Whitney, Taft, Jay, Bundy, Weyerhauser, Harriman, Pinchot, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Sloane, Stimpson, Phelps, Perkins, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Vanderbilt, George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr.




Who will be the Next president of the United States of America?


In an article in July, 2000 by the associated press there was a suspicious picture of George W. Bush Jr. the gov. of TX. With Henry Kissinger, who it was reported to be advising Bush on Foreign Policy matters. Keep in mind that Henry Kissinger is one of the leading Illuminati members in the world today. He is a member of the Bilderbergers and many other organizations seeking a one world government and the destruction of American National sovereignty.

Henry Kissinger:

The Walking, Talking Conflict of Interest

On Sept. 13, 1989, the day Henry Kissinger ended his tenure as a paid analyst for ABC News, he became the newest member of CBS's board of directors. Kissinger's ties to the TV networks have always been close; no other "expert" is as ubiquitous on TV, commenting on what U.S. policy should be toward countries from Eastern Europe to the Middle East to Latin America.

In recent months, Kissinger has used his high media profile in a spirited defense of China. In a Washington Post/L.A. Times column ("The Caricature of Deng as a Tyrant Is Unfair", 8/1/89), Kissinger argued against sanctions: "China remains too important for America's national security to risk the relationship on the emotions of the moment." He asserted: "No government in the world would have tolerated having the main square of its capital occupied for eight weeks by tens of thousands of demonstrators."

Kissinger's defense of China and other repressive governments has sometimes raised eyebrows. What it has not raised is tough questions from TV interviewers about Kissinger's business ties to these same governments. In a column alluding to FAIR's study that found Kissinger to be Nightline's most frequent guest, the Washington Post's Richard Cohen (8/29/89) sounded an urgent appeal: "Will someone please ask Henry Kissinger the 'C' question?" The "C" stands for conflict of interest.

When he's not pontificating in the media about foreign affairs, he's engaging in foreign financial affairs through his secretive consulting firm, Kissinger & Associates. The firm, representing some 30 multinational companies -- including American Express, H.J. Heinz, ITT and Lockheed -- earns profits by "opening doors" for investors in China, Latin America and elsewhere (New York Times, 4/30/89).

A Wall Street Journal article by John Fialka ("Mr. Kissinger Has Opinions on China -- and Business Ties", 9/15/89) reported that Kissinger also heads China Ventures, a company engaged in joint ventures with China's state bank. As its brochure explains, China Ventures invests only in projects that "enjoy the unquestioned support of the People's Republic of China." The Journal article was unusual in exploring the private business interests behind U.S. foreign policy, not the media's strong suit -- even when, as in Kissinger's case, they are rolled into one person.

In a letter to network TV news programs, FAIR urged that guest analysts be questioned about their financial links to the subjects they are discussing, and that such links be disclosed on the air: "Our society demands financial disclosure of politicians and government officials; shouldn't we expect the news media to disclose the financial interests of their guest experts when such interests are related to the issues under discussion?"


The (unconstitutional)

Founding of the Federal Reserve


The entire money system of the United States belongs to the independent and privately held Federal Reserve Corporation.


Senator Nelson Aldrich supported the Federal Reserve System

Who is the grandfather to David Rockefeller? Paul Warburg was the genius behind the largest bank in Hamburg Germany and was the leading architect of the Federal Reserve Corporation. This deceptive plan to strip Americans from their wealth was part of the major world order plan to bankrupt America so that America would eventually welcome the relief of this world monetary system..


These men had ties with foreign powers such as Cecil Rhodes of the Rothschild financed Rhodes diamond mines of Africa. Rhodes also set up the scholarship program for Oxford, the Rhodes Scholarship Fund (Where Bill Clinton was prepped for his Illuminati backed world leadership role.)


The firms of J.P Morgan and Kuhn, Loeb were the primary firms, which set up the Jekyll Island meeting which the Federal Reserve Act was enacted. The Rothschilds and the Bank of England financed this meeting. The legislation was passed through congress on Dec. 23,1913. There were only three congressmen who were present while the rest of congress was home for the Christmas recess. President Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed was blackmailed and signed it into law.


Today the Federal Reserve cannot be audited like any other government organization or private firm.

Remember it was Lenin that ownership of a country lies with 90% ownership of a central bank. After this law was passed on March 1, 1914 the first ever national income tax was enacted and became law that the citizens of the United States would make our checks payable to none other than this Federal Reserve System which was financed by Satan and his subordinates to destroy the Christians of the United States.


The Internal Revenue Service is also an independent agency backed by these very same thieves.


Wake-Up! It is not coming it has been here quite a while.

We have been asleep because we have been taught this way. You have not been observing many of these things because, they just have not began killing Christians in American cities. How many? America. How many must they behead, before you are awake?


Pray for America; pray for your families.


What is money?


Today's money is not money, it is simply paper with whatever value the Feds put on it.

Money today is a payment transfer system or a checking system. The money of today is the Federal Reserve note. True money was Gold. Gold has retained its value for thousands of years. When money was backed by the gold standard and silver certificates it was worth that much face value in silver & gold. The same people backed by the Rothschilds who created the Federal Reserve by blackmail of our president of the United States eliminated the Gold system, which supported the actual value of your wealth. When the Federal Reserve was enacted the Rothschilds became the new heirs of your gold. They exchanged this with worthless paper. When they received the power over Americas money and created the Internal revenue service to collect your taxes which also went to their European banks, the government of the United States did not have any control or any money. Our government fell to the mercy of these world bankers who then controlled our government. Our government was forced to borrow with interest the very same money that these bankers had deceptively stolen from the American people. Since our Government is voted into office by deception of the media who is controlled by these same elite bankers, it did not take very long to secure 52% of the worlds gold and all of your actual value. Now you may think that you have money, you may drive a Lexus automobile, You may have just bought a $250,000.00 house, you may even have hundreds of thousands dollars worth of over inflated stocks. But since our government sold us out, they have been forced to borrow trillions of dollars from these same people just to run the very same greedy out of control government these very same bankers have created by their media propaganda. The only way that our government is going to pay us out of the debt is to.…. Raise taxes.


If Satan's plan (conceived by God) is to control the world, how better to beat the American people into submission than to demand payment on what is estimated to be over $14 trillion dollars in actual debt to these bankers. All Mr. Greenspan needs is that his bosses tell him everything is in place and down comes crashing the world's economy. What will you do with that Lexus? Will you sell the house? To who? What about those stocks?

Remember you will still owe your money to them. Where you going to get it?


During the Rothschild central bank- Wall Street backed crash people committed suicide and simply gave up in fear because of their loss in security of this world. If it happened today, people are much more accustomed to luxury they never dreamed of then, air conditioning, cablevision, fax machines, cellular phones, oversized luxury homes, vain automobiles, thousand of items that we believe we cannot do without. Our children were born taking these things for granted as thought they have always existed. We have allowed Satan to rule our lives, disrupt our families, and deceive us with alcohol & drugs, pornography, occultism, witchcraft. I assure you that it will be much more chaos than in 1929. I believe you will see mass executions enacted by the Reno bunch of the ATF and FEMA the new strong arm of world control. I believe you will see murder on every street corner, thievery, deception, rape, pillage and worse.


Then as you will see, I believe you will see the famous Mason, Illuminati, and Marxism, Luciferic motto of the antichrist


"Order out of Chaos"


Then I am more than certain that you will be given the opportunity to bail your self out of this mess. I believe it will become mandatory to institute a system of total control to stabilize and a temporary ration while the world order gets the cash-less system in place. I am certain they will offer an amnesty of debt until they give the green light to assume the re-paying of debt. I believe they will allow you to keep that beautiful overbuilt home and that fine Lexus automobile. I believe many will look at that Rolex watch and smile with relief that control has come out of all of that terrible chaos.


I believe they will simply exonerate your debt if only you will sign into submission and give up your birthright. That birthright is to be in fellowship for eternity with Jesus Christ, the Lord of all Lords.


Please read this and understand America. Read your Bibles and ask God for understanding for these things. Do not believe in that secret rapture that these Jews who called themselves Jews and dictated by the Babylonian Harlot, New Age worshippers have convinced many with great deception. Pray earnestly for unselfish understanding. Please pray so that you may help deliver many from Satan's clutches.


What is the Trilateral Commission?

This is the American group of the Illuminati.

The Trilateral commission began in 1973. It was formed by private citizens in Canada, United States, Europe & Japan, but now have most heads of government of the United States involved, off the record. The reason was to build a cooperation of democratic industrialized nations by means of leaders from an international system. Even though it was originally started for three years, it has grown to be reestablished every three years until the current term ends in the year 2000. And once again it continues.

This cooperation is and continues to be one of the main frame global systems of wealth elite businessmen and politicians, which make policies which usher toward a global



There are currently over 300 members from three regions who have various responsibilities.


Every three years meetings have been held to set world policy without input from the citizen's of the regions input or knowledge.


Members Past & Present

David Rockefeller: Chairman Emeritus

Peter Peterson: Chairman

Paul Volker: ex Federal Reserve & North American Chairman of Trilateral Commission

William Jefferson Clinton : President of the United States

Dick Thornburgh; Assistant Secretary of Administration United Nations

Anthony Lake: National Security Advisor, USA

Warren Christopher

Lee Aspen

AL Gore

Colin Powell

James Woosely

Lloyd Bensten

Bruce Babbit

Donna Shalala

Ruth Ginsburg

Henry Cisneros

Sandra Day O'Conner

Steve G. Bryer

Laurance H. Silberman


Many heads of multilateral corporations not included.


Why are they formed behind closed doors to make policy for the United States, but using the authority given them by the people of the United States?

What is the World Council of Churches?



The mission

To pray for and pursue the visible unity of Christ's Church.

" In one faith and in one Eucharistic fellowship, expressed in worship and common life in Christ, through witness and service to the world."


Now what could possibly be wrong with this?

" One human family in justice & peace"



The word "ecumenical" is derived from the Greek term oikoumene, which is translated as the whole inhabited world (One world religion)


At the WCC's website they continuously and with Italics, use United Nations Keywords, such as: interrelatedness, solidarity, seen together, globalization, collective, Theology of life study, alternative vision, global community, interdependence, transparency and many others to be looking for in the months ahead.


(They say the time to act is now. The world's people can wait no longer.

Who are they speaking for, is it you and your family?)


They go on to say: We address our concerns to delegates of member states, representatives of the UN family, as well as civil society as a whole.


Then they go on to the spill of worldwide economical finance, recommendations for currency taxation, global financial architecture, abolition of tax shelters, how to stem tax evasion, global redistribution of wealth,

They intend to stop tax shelters for non exempt church's.


They continue to say that ratification should be made by the UN to abolish Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and intolerance.


In a nutshell they are calling by force if necessary to establish laws preventing racism. This is ok with me, all are the children of God, but they have also thrown in an unused and unknowing term by most American people Xenophobia and intolerance.

Webster's dictionary:

Main Entry: xe·no·pho·bia
Pronunciation: "ze-n&-'fO-bE-&, "zE-
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin
Date: 1903
: fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign


Now they have included what they do not want you to speak freely of, such as homosexuality, abortion, sexual immorality, racial and or Jews who call themselves Jew but are liars and of the house of Satan and are about to enforce by force if necessary. Look out pastors!

Their major concern is that the Christian world not speak of the Jews who call themselves Jews, but are of the synagogue Satan.


The Clinton Administration (Rhodes Scholar) passed by legislation a federal Hate Crime Law.

In June 1993, the United States Supreme Court upheld a Wisconsin hate crime statute that was based on model legislation originally drafted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in 1981.1

The following year, ADL published a detailed report on hate crime laws,


This law seems good and directed for violent ethnic crime, but under ratification of the UN, the intention is to include Xenophobia & Intolerance to the hate crime federal law. And they plan to enforce by force.


One World Order, One World Government, One World Leader, (antichrist) One World Religion (Whore of Babylon).


One World religion

& The Whore of Babylon

We have just proven in the World Council of Church's very own words from their very own website what their true goals and intentions are. We have proven in their very own words that their main goals are not the spiritual salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ, but more of a geo-political economic socialist agenda. I am sure the next will not surprise the Christian who is watching and of scriptural understanding.

From The United Nations Corner

The Lifebridge Foundation


The Lifebridge Foundation is an affiliated Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations.

At their website: They quote:

" Lifebridge seeks to: Promote the concept of One Humanity and the interconnectedness of all life, foster a spirit of inclusiveness and global vision leading to TRANSFORMATIVE action.


They further quote:

"Bridging the chasm between the spiritual and the mundane. Facilitating the integration of an emerging holistic consciousness in to daily action."


The Mission


People all over the world, most especially in westernized industrial societies, are searching for meaning and asking the question- what is missing? In the current global structure, " what is missing" seems to be an ability to perceive our existence as part of the same life as the earth and the universe; as integral parts of an ever - evolving- co creation. The challenge then is to reawaken that knowledge within ourselves



Nothing but Satanic Baal man-god worship and the world's people are buying it lock, stock and barrel.


Good old Horus ( Lucifer)


According to the Book " The Last Dictator" written by Dwight Kinman, he quoted Dr. John Walvoord, president of the Dallas Theological Seminary from Dr. Waloord’s comment in Bible Knowledge.

" Crowns in the shape of fish heads were worn by the chief priest of the Babylonian cult to honor the fish god. The crown bore the words " Keeper of the Bridge" symbolic of the bridge between man and Satan. This was later adopted by the Roman Emperors who used the Latin Title, " Pontifex Maximus".


Is this their Life Bridge?



And Life Bridge Foundation Links to another Non Government Organization of the United Nations

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