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It is said that the Plan for this particular cycle in human history has three objectives: to raise the level of human consciousness, to clarify the international situation by establishing right relations between the nations of the world, and to foster the growth of the group idea. We are working through this unit of service to unfold these worthy goals and expand consciousness within humanity. Through sharing of thought that causes awareness of our oneness with all others, we become one humanity. We do not have to think alike but rather we think together on issues of real value.

Alice A. Bailey describes the meanings of Esoteric and Light in the following quotes:

Esotericism is "occupied entirely with the soul aspect—the aspect of Savior, Redeemer and Interpreter—and with the mediating principle between life and substance. This mediating principle is the soul of the individual aspirant or disciple (if one may use such misleading wording); it is also the anima mundi in the world as a whole."

"Esotericism therefore involves a life lived in tune with the inner subjective realities; it is only possible when the student is intelligently polarized and mentally focused; it is only useful when the student can move among these inner realities with skill and understanding."

"Esotericism is the art of "bringing down to earth" those energies which emanate from the highest sources and there "grounding them" or anchoring them."

"All true esoteric activity produces light and illumination; it results in the inherited light of substance being intensified and qualified by the higher light of the soul—in the case of humanity consciously functioning. It is therefore possible to define esotericism and its activity in terms of light... If esotericists would accept, in its simplest form, the pronouncement of modern science that substance and light are synonymous terms, and would recognize also that the light which they can bring to bear on substance (the application of energy to force) is equally substantial in nature, a far more intelligent approach would be made. The esotericist does deal with light in its three aspects, but it is preferable today to attempt a different approach until—through development, trial and experiment—the esotericist knows these triple differentiations in a practical sense and not just theoretically and mystically."




And of course these folks are Illuminated



"Lead us from darkness to light" refers to the illumination of the mind by the light of the intuition, the goal of meditation work, which results in the personality becoming a light on the mental plane. Through illumination, humanity encounters the Plan and Those Who direct it. Illumined humanity then can respond to the energies projected towards it at the times of the full and new moons, producing a closer relationship between Hierarchy and humanity. This in turn changes the course of world conditions for the better. Another result of illumination is the establishing of right relations between all kingdoms in nature, also between individuals and groups. Then we adjust just the right use of energy between life and form to balance: selfishness in the physical world, cruelty in the animal kingdom, misuse of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Illumination is that universal consciousness concerned with all the kingdoms of nature and all planetary happenings.


And they all tie into the WCC


And the WCC boast that they represent over 300 mainstream religions with 400 million Christians.


And they All tie into the World Order




And National Education




"It is said that the Plan for this particular cycle in human history has three objectives: to raise the level of human consciousness, to clarify the international situation by establishing right relations between the nations of the world, and to foster the growth of the group idea." (1)

As we study and meditate, struggling to know ourselves to be the incarnating soul, and affirm ourselves disciples to the Hierarchy, we become aware of something called the Plan which will, through our efforts, further the manifestation of a new world order. This latter term, originally written down by Alice A Bailey, has been seized on by those who seek to maintain the status quo. A distorted version of this new order of things has caused much anxiety amongst those who think the old order is just fine and who desire to, as one politician recently proclaimed, build "bridges to the past."

There are those for whom the concept of building bridges to the future threatens loss of power, wealth and prestige. These people, greedy and unprincipled, seek out those human beings who have difficulty contemplating much more than where the next meal is coming from, and who will do almost anything to achieve the tiniest improvement in their living conditions. To these unfortunates, the concept of going "back" to some vague "better days," is preferable to the uncertainties of tomorrow, and so they follow those who seek to cast the future away for yesterday's pottage. Human polarization between the well-fed and the starving, the educated and the ignorant, the very wealthy and the ignominiously poor, is becoming disturbingly obvious. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, food, water, and shelter are the basic necessities and until those are met, there can be no recognition of any other possibilities. As we apply the three objectives of the Plan to the present world situation, we can see that this state of affairs must be remedied. It has been assessed and studied long enough, the time for action has come.

How do we sort all the problems, all the political and religious issues and agendas, how do we address the rights of all, bringing women and children into equal balance with the rest of humanity, how do we give as much weight and coverage to the drug addict as to the corporate CEO? On which side do the angels stand, and can we stand with them? I propose that rather than enumerate and thereby risk getting "stuck" in the bottomless pit of these issues, we begin at the top and reveal the beauty of the whole, the glory of the group, and further, I propose that we begin to live "as if" we are the group, "as if" we know ourselves to BE, not personality, but soul. Let us promote the health of the new era instead of trying to cure the ills of the old. Those ancient diseases are killing the patient, and we will all be better off when that age and its crystallized institutions are dead and the dross burnt away. Like the Phoenix, our future and our destiny lie in our own hands. We have built and ignited the funeral pyre, and after the last coal is black, we must dust the ashes off our own wings as we rise and fly with our eyes on the future.


The first goal of the Plan for this era is "to raise the level of human consciousness." How can this be done? DK makes it clear that the new world order will not impose a uniform type of government, a synthetic religion and a system of standardization upon the nations. The sovereign rights of each nation will be recognized and its peculiar genius, individual trends, and racial qualities will be permitted full expression. In one particular only should there be an attempt to produce unity, and that will be in the field of education." (2) A universal system of education indicates worldwide adherence to certain guidelines. How could this be done? There are no cut-and--dried answers to any of the questions asked in this essay, but that is not to say there are no answers at all. Each of us, as Soul, carries a larger and more expansive portion of the Plan with us into each succeeding incarnation, and we anchor those portions as we live, influence, and affect our environment. Thus, there can be no "standardization" since there are no standardized souls! Nevertheless, a unity of educational effort and purpose will be one of the first steps to be taken toward the fulfillment of the Plan. In the book, "Education in the New Age," pp. 92-93, DK gave a hint as to how this can be accomplished: "Educators therefore have three things to bear in mind during this present period of transition:" 1. "To reorient the knowledge, the consciousness aspect or the sense of awareness in the child in such a manner that he realizes from infancy that all that he has been taught or is being taught is with the view to the good of others more than of himself. He will therefore be trained to be definitely forward looking. Information as to the past history of the race will be given to him from the angle of the racial growth in consciousness and not so much from the angle of the facts of material or aggressive achievement as is now the case. As the past, in the child's mind, is correlated with the present, his capacity to correlate, unify and bridge, in the different aspects of his life and on various planes, will be developed."

Such an emphasis by educators and parents all over the world would, almost single-handedly, fulfill the other two goals: 2. To clarify the international situation by establishing right relations between the nations of the world. 3. To foster the growth of the group idea.

Once entire generations of children are taught according to the simple guidelines given above, the international situation will become one of acceptance and brotherhood, and the group idea will be anchored firmly in the human psyche. This form of education will not demand that students learn specific facts or dates, or that they have the same curriculum, obviously that will not be possible nor desirable. As the child is taught to care more "for the good of others than for himself," s/he will also be encouraged to develop his/her own abilities so as to become an effective server on the world stage. While there will certainly be "vocational" education, aimed at learning new skills while innate ones are unfolded, the purpose for such development will be to improve the welfare of the group and not for material gratification or the amassing of wealth. Moreover, the group will explore cultural outlets for talents and learned skills, and there will be spontaneous celebrations of life in art, dance, music, architecture, and truly a new renaissance. The sciences will be encouraged, and psychology will be recognized as the science of the soul and not the personality. Knowledge, per se, will be sought not as an end in itself but to be expressed in a loving way, and thus metamorphosed into wisdom. These may sound like radical and unachievable ideals, and yet several worldwide schools have already begun to teach in this manner, among them the Robert Muller Schools, the Montessori, and Waldorf schools. There are undoubtedly, thousands more "alternative" schools, each with its own approach to the unity proposed by DK. The curricula of these schools is aimed at bridging to the future and never, never to the past. DK speaks very clearly of producing unity, not uniformity, and since there are no future facts, we have before us the most fascinating and glorious possibilities, new discoveries to be made, new ways to teach and to learn, with the common goal of coming to a deeper understanding of and love and tender caring for each other.

We are not cock-eyed idealists nor do we irrationally seek pie-in-the-sky when we express these ideals and work toward their expression. The future is, after all, only a heartbeat away, and if we teach the children to strive toward that which is more loving, more caring, and more creative, we can anchor the Plan on Earth more firmly in the next decades and centuries than it has ever been before. Isn't this a New World Order worth working for?

Note: DK refers to the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul


"It is said that the Plan for this particular cycle in human history has three objectives; 1) to raise the level of human consciousness, 2) to clarify the international situation by establishing right relations between the nations of the world, and 3) to foster the growth of the group idea." These objectives are naturally interlinked, for they are not separated goals, but as interdependent as the three aspects of divinity, and that eternal interaction of Spirit and Matter, which creates consciousness/soul. Striving to fulfill any of these three goals will necessarily demand the intention to fulfill the others, as well.

It's a truism to say that wrong relations between the nations of the world are much more easily recognized that right relations. War, along with human and civil rights abuses are graphically described by the media; peace is momentarily achieved, then destroyed when ancient sectarian hatreds resurface, and the forces of materialism, through the exportation of western capitalism, promote a growing and increasingly selfish trend toward consumption. (Tuberculosis was once called consumption, an apt symbol for today's headlong rush toward possession of completely useless and spiritually suffocating things.) We know the right but we often do the wrong, as St. Paul lamented two thousand years ago. Even in the light of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, the future can look pretty dim and glum in light of today's headlines. How, then, can we maintain our optimism and encourage others to keep on striving toward goodwill and right human relations? An attempt to see even the more recent history of human trends from the broader and more inclusive viewpoint of the soul can demonstrate the soundness of humanity, and encourage us to continue moving toward our next higher possibilities. A short journey through the last twelve hundred years of Western civilization begins with Alfred the Great, king of England from 871-899. Alfred, who unified many of the petty kingdoms on his island, is renowned as an enlightened man who taught his daughters to read and began the coalition which became the world empire we know as Great Britain. This nation has left its mark on the entire planet, including the English language, that synthetic blend of many tongues, inarguably one of the most potent means through which right relations and international unity can be achieved. The reign of Alfred the Great was a pivotal point toward that end.

Yet, as we know, to cling to yesterday's good creates today's evil. As great as Alfred was, legacies are bound to become crystallized, and the time comes when the outgrown forms must be destroyed so new forms can be built. After 1066, when William the Conqueror invaded England, British monarchs tended toward the wielding of absolute power, with its inevitable absolute corruption. By 1215, the English Barons (many of them truly "robber barons") had enough, and forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. This document gave no powers to the common people, but it did set the stage for the evolution of parliament, composed today of the Houses of Lords and Commons, headed by the Prime Minister, diminishing the monarchy to a mere figurehead. In other nations, royalty is equally restrained, so those long-ago barons were a catalyst of enormous significance, taking the next step in an inexorable process.

There have been many attempts to bring people under one ruler; Genghis and Kublai Khan, the Ottoman Empire, the unification of the Italian states, the Soviet Union, etc., but these are examples of first ray dictatorships, on the Power side of that ray, and not true examples of right relations between nations, which would come under the first ray aspect of Synthesis. In the United States, the idea of rule "of, by and for the people" of separate states was startlingly new, and has been more or less achieved through a system of three branches of government. It's interesting to note that the socialist government of Great Britain and the republic of the U.S. are each composed of three bodies, just as divinity expresses itself through the three aspects of Will, Love-Wisdom, and Active Intelligence. This is not to say that these two types of government are the "right" kinds, for there are also true communism, benign dictatorships and other types which can serve the people well, depending on their ray and astrological makeup and their stage of evolution.

The American, French and Russian revolutions, along with the slow dissolution of the British Empire, have punctuated the last few hundred years, as humanity responded to the innate urge toward freedom, liberation and equality. Earlier in this century the League of Nations was formed through an interesting Hierarchical process. (See Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle pp.4/5)The Masters Serapis and Jesus, precipitated the idea into the "brain of Colonel House" and finally to the "sixth ray aspirant" Woodrow Wilson. It would not be true to say that this effort "failed", for it can now be seen that it was merely a first attempt which led to the formation of the United Nations. In the latter, Hierarchy was aided by the team of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

The United Nations is, at this time, the bright and shining hope for the achievement of right human relations between nations. Human rights can be taught and even legislated to some extent, and the UN, through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the more recent Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities, has consistently endeavoured to teach and encourage us in that direction. But while goodwill can be modeled, it cannot be legislated, and without goodwill, we degenerate into our lowest common denominator, aptly coined the "unholy trinity" of me-myself-and I. In the book, Esoteric Healing p.676, we read, "The will-to-good signifies the stable, immovable orientation of the initiated disciple whilst goodwill can be regarded as its expression in daily service." Further, the Tibetan wrote (Problems of Humanity, p.120):"Goodwill is far more widespread throughout the world than people think, it simply needs to be discovered, educated and set to work." Humanity is uniquely qualified for such a task, for it is only soul, manifested in these human forms, that can make daily contact with, and discover the light within our fellowmen and draw it forth through right education.

The United Nations is analogous to the "will-to-good", of divine purpose, while the Plan for Goodwill must be activated by dedicated disciples, coming under the auspices of Hierarchy and the energy of Love-Wisdom. The revolutions of the past, the gains at Runnymeade and Paris and Philadelphia, the dastardly deeds of slavery and genocide, were fought and won and committed by humanity, and now, as the nations of the world, it is only through human beings that right relations can be achieved and maintained. The Christ will not reappear until we have created a place for Him, for He will not, this time, allow us to bar him from the inn. He demands to be recognized by those who consider themselves His disciples, and if we refuse to do so we become a part of the separating wall, obstacles to the glorious renaissance of the new era. Such recognition carries with it a note of caution: if we include ourselves in the company of disciples of the Christ we commit ourselves to fulfill those tasks for which we are uniquely suited; we take on work that will be difficult and time-consuming. Those who have completed their personal karma, under the Law of Cause and Effect, can now shoulder group karma, and begin to work off the dire effects of the millennia of human existence. Even as we are fulfilling our personal debts we can take up this vastly important work of creating and maintaining right relations in every avenue of human endeavour.

We're told that peace is always an effect and never a cause. If this is true, there will be no peace for humanity unless and until we, ourselves, precipitate it through our identification with and as humanity, recognized as made up of a vast variety of nations, religions, and ethnicities, all differentiations of the One Life. In this identification lies the secret of brotherhood and goodwill, the assurance of right relations between the nations of the world.



Are you one of these Christians who have an ever-growing emerging holistic consciousness? Are you becoming holier with each passing day?

Or do you simply realize that All men fall short of the Glory of God and you have not fallen for the trap of Satan?


That’s right, take your money and feed the world’s impoverished. Sounds good don’t it? You get up early, work hard, have Christian Morals, so they can take your storehouse and give it to those who worship devils around the world. Under the name of Social Democracy. Soon you and your family will be equal to all of the worlds people all the while these elite will be secure in their luxuries. Can we not see through the deceptions?


The United Nations is sponsoring the World Peace 2001 " One day in Peace celebration on Jan. 1, 2001. Over 1000 organizations, 140 nations, 100 governments, 25 US Governors, hundreds of mayors around the world have pledged their support.


At their website they have geared up to gain the interest of children. Once again they use terms such as: unique turning point, awakening, collectively, a vision of perfection, our earth is our collective (similar to the Borg collective of the Star Trek fame). They quote here that the United Nations has shone as humanity's greatest hope. They also state: " So that the momentum which has been gathering force can push forward into the new millennium.


Will you and your family be assimilated?


The Borg ("Cyborg") are considered by Star Trek fans to be the greatest villains ever introduced to television audiences. The biological and technological terrors made their debut on May 8th, 1989 in the "Q, Who?" episode of The Next Generation. "This is the Borg Collective," they said menacingly. "Prepare to be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctive's to our own. You will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Viewers sat on edge as the cybernetically enhanced and immensely powerful humanoids overcame the USS Enterprise and her crew. Implanted with biometric devices connected to a sophisticated communications network known as "The Borg Collective," the superior beings moved without conscious to assimilate the Star Trek crew and to implant them with biometric devices designed to facilitate the needs of The Collective.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile! Unless your faith lies in only one name, Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords!


And once more, to the viewer; " Concepts of one humanity and the interconnectedness… of ALL LIFE. Will you and your family become like a Borg? Will you be assimilated!



The United Nations

The Life Bridge Foundation supports

What is the Group of New World Servers? Are they the new Cyborgs?


The United Nations Web-site is also linked to the:

"New Group of World Servers"



The New Group of World Servers is not bound by any of the usual frames one might expect to enclose a group such as class, race, political affiliation, religious preference or even occupation. People from all walks and all levels of the human panorama are members of this group. Members of this group are to be found literally everywhere on the planet, involved in literally every aspect of planetary life.

The boundary, which does frame this group, is a relatively new kind of consciousness, which is very much different from self consciousness, the dominant form of consciousness in the world now. This new consciousness which appears to be a growing evolutionary development in the Human family was discernable in the past in individuals and, from time to time, small groups. It is very evident in the world now and is growing every day.

The simplest way to describe this new kind of consciousness and to set it apart from self consciousness is to call it group consciousness. The people who live from this point of view are concerned with the welfare of wholes, with the long-range health of entire systems. They avoid systems that feed or sustain only a part of a structure or community at the expense of other parts of the community. Their group conscious point of view renders them acutely aware of the interrelatedness of all life and results in their efforts to build sustainable systems that nurture the whole.

Basically and most generally, this kind of consciousness characterizes a person who understands the fact of the one humanity, realizes the value of the individual and is endeavoring to live a life that has service to the common good of all life very high on his or her list of priorities. The service rendered by individuals of this kind of consciousness is thus practical, inclusive, and lovingly motivated. The service is both inner and outer. It consists of efforts and endeavors of all kinds and can be found in all areas of human endeavor from international finance to local kindergarten development. Whatever the level and whatever the project, the objective is the betterment of the common good of the community of the whole.

If this sounds like what you try to do in your daily life, no matter the level at which you are working, then you are quite probably developing a group conscious sense for life and are therefore a member of The New Group of World Servers, and you would probably find some friends among the members of the groups listed on this home page. So, one of the primary objectives of this home page being to put members of The New Group of World Servers into touch with each other, we invite your exploration of the groups listed here. Some of these groups have home pages too; however, we have provided contact information for all listed groups.


Are you a world server cyborg?


And the Life Bridge Foundation supports the self proclaimed Demon Guide…

Djwal Khul
My Brothers,
Of these difficult days burdened with the problems of others, of these hours spent to evacuate their weight and sorrow, of these moments compassion lives when you live the other because therein lies his needs. Of these physical difficulties that ensue, it is rather strange to bring so much calm joy so that the entire human community benefits from it. It is true that on the inner planes, the subtle planes in their light and shadow matter, these works undertaken by the initiates of the externalization, if they are not directed to anyone in particular, come in through the individual, in the collective egregor he bears as being included in it, he opens the energetic doors without extracting himself from it, towards the initiates working on all the planes of the externalization.
Thus you will maybe see a person or a family, in close contact whit an initiate beyond the fourth, and it is the case often before a severing of mental ties with the person, who only is used as a vector for the hierarchical energies to enter the said egregor, may it be medical, political or other.
The individual, if he/she has recognized the initiate, will believe that he/she is directly concerned and this is not true. He/she is but the means for the energies to enter the egregor. After the initiate has launched the energies, they will continue to work. There are egregors that are tougher than others, older, and some have years, even centuries of practice, whatever the domain.
In the most difficult cases, the initiate may socialize with the man, the woman, for a month, and this will be done with an open mind, the cooperation of the initiate, with regards to the life of the individual concerned. This cooperation will create creative energies whose forces of impact will be tremendous. It is but later that after meetings and/or works that can take months, years in the most difficult cases, that the break can lead with such an unavoidable strength that the individual or individuals in question will not have the choice: if they continue as usual after having realized, they will then slowly but surely travel the left path, they will be recuperated and manipulated and used to materialist ends and will deviate certain energies that were made available.
And I think more particularly about doctors that practice homeopathy, a practice that is essentially energetic, who will contaminate energetically their patients if they do not renounce after having realized, their practice which, in ignorance, leads them to assassinate energetically men and women, children whose torturer they have become. In France, two of these doctors, conscious of this ignorance, yet continue to practice, thus leading to heavy karmas.
Therein lies matter for reflection although not all interventions are that difficult and sad to assume for the initiates. There are groups of egregors, especially in politics, with which the coming energies are much more fluid and settle individually in a very encouraging manner for the rest of the proposals made within the Plan in its harmonizing collective project.
The current works are both concerned with preparation and diffusion, it is by the latter, making available qualities to include in specific domains we are concerned with in the incarnation of punctual moments of the work of initiates of the externalization with groups - and their respective egregors - linked to parts of the Plan, like the construction of Europe, that are indispensable to World harmony and that are close to our hearts in this immense collective project for a more justly relational humanity, with less separation and more mutual comprehension between citizens and peoples through which must now be forged the collective hinge opening for the door of the political World the path of the 21st century, democratically correct because it is spiritual.
To each conscience to decide for itself and its own country, its own relations, how to participate to such a project where each one is truly important for the entire universal community, humanity, linked through the inner planes with both the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, but also with other beings spiritually advanced enough to work with men and women having reached and taken the fourth. It is, you know it, through the open heart that are realized all the energetic exchanges that are effective and useful for the Plan and to the relations that lead to it and feed it by allowing it absolutely incarnated constructions.
In the medical World, many doctors are interested by the energetic - homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy - which is positive, but this can become dangerous when they start practicing homeopathy without knowing and following its rules. This makes them murder monsters on the energetic plane.
Homeopathy is a real discipline that is learned and must absolutely be practiced with knowledge of the etheric body and of the centers, and this implies the real reactions on this structure the patient does not feel most of the time and whose disorders he will experience will be organic, physical, energetic, thus dangerous on the long term, when he will not think at all about the prescriptions in question.
One more time, after "The Source and the Means", a book given for this phase of the Teaching, I want to guard you against the ignorance of those who practice the energetic, theses doctors you consult, who are often mediocre energeticists attracted by a path they do not know and do not master and with which they cannot work correctly.
I must stress that a competent orthodox doctor is better than an incompetent homeopath associated with a less than scrupulous orthodox doctor.
Homeopathy, practiced and applied incorrectly is extremely violent for the energetic body.
Only the Arhat of the fifth degree starts to live in the energy sensibly experienced by all his bodies and can find out the effects on him/herself. And this is currently a real problem for the initiates in incarnation at this level.
The sensitivity of the etheric body covers the entire planet, all the events linked to it and all the individuals whose energies pass one way or another towards the center and pivot that is the Hierarchy and Shamballa, the Arhat in incarnation, thanks to the externalization.
This is a way of living and working which is purely energetic, little understood because little lived, and so extraordinary fragile for the Arhat of the fifth, that it has become urgent to communicate in a natural way what he lives in order to take action in the domains of the home, health, relations, for these children that re being born at this time.
Humanity is concerned as it evolved in this direction. But, architects and all those who are interested in building and decorating materials for houses and hotels, in clothing, must engage and listen to these experts of the energies who are the members of the externalization, like Dyotanâ. They will be more and more available for scientists and their works to come in the 21st century where more and more people will start to live in the etheric body, both global and individual.
Furthermore, each initiate of the externalization, at this level, is a catalyst of energy, who make others more sensitive as the body of some initiates irradiates over the entire planet and not only over the region they reside in. This means that more and more individuals not having reached a certain initiatory level comparable to theirs, will live certain phenomenon without knowing that these are energetic manifestations linked to the etheric. Thus, it is becoming urgent to inform and to further such movements as organic food, healthy living and home and the unavoidable absence of emotional and mental pollution.
Scientists will undoubtedly be more open-minded as we are not concerned here with miracles or special powers but with different behaviors faced with new realities lived on the human and physical plane.
It is important to open the minds, and every one is concerned with these initiates in incarnation who have come as pioneers to help discover the divine potential of the human being whose physio-neurological processes they change at the cellular level. This is an opportunity that needs to be taken seriously as at the same time, these initiates can work with all to better the lives of children.
Many children will be confronted with these problems in daily living and if the parents are ignorant, they will have to be helped.
The principle I incarnate currently through several individuals and/or children who will have to work for the understanding of the etheric body and its management could not be incarnated in France where the child who was supposed to receive it was not prepared appropriately after his birth and up to the age of seven, making the incarnation of the principle with which I work form the center of consciousness of the hierarchy impossible. A principle that can incarnate itself in multiple ways in multiple countries of which the United States, while retaining the autonomy of conscience within which I am the server of all, linked to the work of the Plan since the second phase of the hierarchical Teaching with A.A.B, after H.P.B and today with L.C.
The principle I am talking about, linked to the second and in phase with the six and the twelve - I am here talking about the rays - could not incarnate in France in the body of the child concerned. This regrettable incident is due to the ignorance of a mother in spite of all the qualities she has for assuming this education. My Brother and Master Kut Hoomi intervened personally without being able to avoid it as every free will is respected as soon as the Hierarchy or Shamballa is concerned.
I am this, from the Hierarchy and the conscience of the global group - "The Master in incarnation, the groups and Shamballa" from the Novamuse collection - the Brother devoted to the etheric, working with my students to the scientific understanding of the etheric on all planes, for all, including of course in incarnation, where I work one foot on the ground with those who incarnate the principle and the other foot in the Hierarchy, the eyes turned towards Shamballa.
The handicaps to the Plan are legion, and they always are the result of human errors, errors that you generate unconsciously.
With more care, with more opening, and obeying to the inner Christ and to the Father, it is obvious that your steps would be firmer. But these are steps taken alone and I wish them firm for 1999, 2000 and beyond.
Never sad, We know that impermanence is the daughter of evolution and that nothing being frozen, everything can change. To find the right time to do so is the art of the disciple committed at Our sides.
Children are being born, do not murder them energetically by ignorance or lack of humility faced with what cannot be explained yet. If they have come for the externalization and through it, you will find the means that will become available to you to help them as the children of the Father, the servers of humanity in return. And if the Teaching is available to you, then the third phase is present for you and these children.
And if you find this means that leads to Us, to ignore them would be disastrous for these children and yourselves.
Knowing that you are capable to recognize the One nothing can be said about who sends - as Himself - these soldiers awakened in Christ, I assure you of my blessings and my inner support in the authenticity of any commitment of service towards Us, the Hierarchy, and my Brothers in Shamballa.
With serenity and Joy,
Linked to you in the etheric that is part of us and can carry even more subtly the vibratory keys between all of us,
I am your Brother




And this is his message direct from Jesus, with the blessings of the United Nations


Living light

Living light in shades so tonal with tonic and radiant colors that no word can qualify, where is you refined vibration, where does it spread and how can it rush out without loosing its mysterious sparkle in the poor clarity our physical eye is capable of receiving of such limited vision that alone it corrupts the immense infinity of which it is the clue.
Living light, where are your absences networked, whose aspiration is fed when with a lyrical flight it becomes poetry by refining itself to reach these thousand and one vertigo we can only confirm the essence by yielding the entire being.
Living light, when the total eclipse offers its black drapes to the sky that bears its color, the fleeting moment takes this disturbing shadow in which the sun places itself, in its planetary alignment, to a celestial project planned for a long time and that nothing delays and that all admire in this slow march we bear witness to with the very attention we bring to it.
Living light, that moves, goes away and comes back, clear transparence of these moments the sky pours the plethora over sails of spatial nature to withdraw from our lack of understanding to accept, simply, the cadence ignorance sometimes loves to be confirmed with with the occasional science…
Living light, intensity that denounces these light forms your shadows take to better become transformed in a shining brilliance and pay homage, from the Skies, to the Earth that looks at the dazzling mirage of the fleeting in action, where speed is but in the human eye wanting to prepare for the impossible: to keep this image which is but movement in space.
Living light that comes to tell us the beyond by promising us, in the moment, the severe improbability to not be a spectator anymore for an eclipse so complete for a long time… that could very well be counted in lives…
Living light of sun and moon, tuned by time in their valiant cohesion like complementary reunions where the one reunited to the other, announce us the impossible wedding, through the existing unity of their essential difference in the sky of our hopes.
Living light, here, now, and in the skies, for an end of millennium to which participate the stars that, since forever, follow the disturbing echo the Angels, mobilized for this important occurrence of meeting in the unity of the Worlds through the alignment of the planets, pour over Earth for us.
Living light, devotional magic in the peace of the heart found through its opening and illuminating the eyes who dare dive but in the imminence of the Reality in every moment, for that of the unreal to the real in the speed of light.
Living light that offers me, from the skies, the cascading vision of an astonishing interlude where, draped with blue, the sky offers itself one more mourning, in the particular intention of rebirth to our eyes in the extreme allegance to this very mystery of which we are the witnesses and the passive spectators, unless, only receiving this
Living light, we become the pennants, the torches, the lamps and the lightning of a storm, in several unknown dimensions, fertilizing with rain in the space we are invited in.
Living light, unique poles, unique pole in the intention of God who, thus, reunited with all of us, through the eyes and the soul, the revelation of Himself he works hard to bring to light.
Living light. Clear beauty and passing shadow revealing the light, the eclipse is a new world that acts in the former still, to redo in the skies the triumphant march that continues from each to all when the entire humanity being concerned, it goes forth through each with its global evolution.
Living light,
I await you, I love you,
And drinking from the source of your many stars, I travel with them the path that brings the sun to the earth, or is it the opposite? So that from an exceptional meeting be born down here the spring of all, in the poles assembled by these coupled stars, towards our yin and yang polarities for more creativity for the divine Plan they also continue, and it is our responsibility to read the messages thus delivered.
Living light towards which I bring my admiration and my enthusiasm to hem the future with the infinite festoon of the service to carry out.
Living light, we are ready to receive the Fire you will bring down like rain to us and in the Joy that inhabits us, the sky is the witness that no shadow will be admitted.
Living light, may the Holy Spirit be received as It deserves so.
Thank you.

And they will be chanting, Bring down the Fire, Jesus

Rev 13:13

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men


Many of the great Whore of Babylon Televangelist are now calling for the great miracle and "calling down the fire Lord"


And he brings the United Nations another message direct from Jesus…


December 25: the Renewal

There is in the dawn of December 25 a permanent renewal the date itself carries in its symbol if it is compared to the cards of the tarot.

25 are 2+5=7, the Chariot.
December is both the 12, the hanged man and 1+2=3, the Empress.

A meditative reflection over these three cards will indicate to you how much my birth, full of meaning with regards to the Christ incarnate in the human being, is gestative and ripe with knowledge as to the service in general, and to the energetic management of the divine qualities in incarnation.

The Chariot is a series of symbols that the number 7, the esoteric and occult number, as well as the number of wisdom and religious philosophies cover and sums up.

I will not say anymore, it is up to each one to call up his/her intuition in order to extricate from this card and this number everything that it represents in this Christmas day and for the spiritual year to come. Furthermore, with 25=2+5=7, in the 2, the High Priestess and the 5 the Hierophant, the couple of symbolic renewal which gives of the human being the occult power over matter through the powers of nature…

And I ask you to think about this, it will be positive for your year 1999, individual evolution being the occult key of the announced return of Christ that I here want to stress in each, through each.

Then the 12 for December. The hanged man. Here too, he is the one who serves, head down, on earth, the feet up in the sky, starting from there and following my incarnation 2000 years ago.
And the 1+2=3.
I leave you to examine the Magician and the High Priestess to again look at the 3, the Empress who comes to announce an unavoidable event through the force of life. Creativity is linked to her and it is through the birth of Christ in each, the ally upon which you must meditate and of which you must express the essence in incarnation, as the 3 is the number of expression.

The year 1999 is, symbolically synthesized by the Wheel of Fortune, the number 10 being its sum. No need to speak of this card which is always in movement towards something better and thus goes forth, something everyone must grasp.
10 being the number of the perfect man, I want to point your attention over the 1+9+9+9=10 which makes of this new year the platform of the return of Christ in incarnation by all of those who have understood and know that only the human being could and must incarnate him, as I did, in order to make him live.

It took time, much time.
And if I am again amongst you, in incarnation, me, Jesus, I am also through Christ, a server walking again the terrestrial ground within the externalization of the Hierarchy. And as such I call all to further the Law, not through the perverse and deviating paths of a retrograde occultism which only the egos benefit, but in a pragmatic way, without having any doubt and with enthusiasm as to Our presence among you, in order to recognize Us when you will meet Us, when We work together — anonymously - through the new energetic paths of this science of energies that We experiment with as pioneers within humanity.

Perfectibility, determination, devotion to the Father and the service to humanity are the keys of recognition.
Do not judge your neighbor, and without condemning him/her, know that her/she could be the Christ walking alongside you, far from the image you have of the Christ when you imagine his return…

This year 1999 is an opportunity for recognition. Be the first to grasp it.
From incarnation, alongside the members, in return, of Shamballa and of the Hierarchy,
I am and remain your
Beloved Brother